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Mining Review Aug 20, 1898

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Array ^.. >  ���������., \>  '.    -,-~ .-'    <"'    .   -  -'        '   "    \     ���������'*     t   f   '  VOL. 2.    NO. 11.  SANDON, B. C, SATURDAY, AUG-UST 20, 1898.  PRICE FIYE CENTS.  Description of Spanish Rule in  the Philippines.  strap is a rope passed through a pulley  in the ceiling. The unfortunate prisoner is hauled up and if he do'es not  confess is let go with a run and is  dashed on the stone floor, and if he is  not fortunately killed is maimed for  life.  Perhaps at this time when puMic  interest is so much centred upon Manilla and the Philippines generally, it  would not be out of place for rao to  describe a few of the incidents of the  Philippines.  The   insurrection   of  189G-7 during  which years I was on the islands, and  what I have to Hay, will not, I nm sure,  tend to heighten the puhlie opinion of  the Spaniards.   How, ver. there arc* exceptions even in Spaniards, and I must  say  that Blanco,   who was governor-  general of the islands at that time,  was one.   It may  also be said to his  ercdit that during his administration  the Phillinpines, generally, made more  advancement than they had ever been  known to do before under .my other of  the previous governors.   Nearly everyone has a  fair conception of butcher  Weyler's character, Blanco's predecessor.   Count Polevieja,  who succeeded  Blanco,     was   a    repetition   of   the  butcher.   The fact of the matter was,  Blanco was  too   fair  minded and  in  some cases strove too much foe educational   advancement    and   reforms  among the natives to suit the Franciscan friars,  who with  the archbishop  of Manilla at their head, opposed such  advancement.     It,   was   not   by   any  means     desirable   to' them   for   the  native to  have   any more enlightenment or education  than he had previous to Blanco's reign  for the natives  would then see through   their flimsy  mockeries for extorting and squeezing  in   every way possible   money   from  them   who   could   barely   afford   the  necessities to keep  body and soul, together, under the guise of religion.  Blanco did not suit tho priests', or  rather monks', idea of what a governor  should be.   So in a  very   mysterious  manner   news   reached   Blanco   from  Madrid  to return  as his successor had  been appointed, namely, Count Polevieja.   But I may add that the Spanish  government did, at least, show some  gratitude and appreciation of his able  administration   by subsequently   appointing him to the governor-generalship of Cuba.  While. Blanco would-give a man n  '  fair trial,   and  if he could  prove   an  alibi, release him.     Polevieja on the  other hand  would condemn upon  evidence thrust upon him.   If a native or  half caste were brought, up before him  suspected of being implicnted directly  or indirectly, in the rebellion, and certain questions,  which if not answered  to the entire satisfaction of Polevieja,  the unfortunate native or  hall" caste  was immediately taken  to the_ torture  chamber where he  was subjected to  the most fearful tortures imaginable,  and the agony thus indicted   was so  great that in most cases  the poor tortured native would cry out and confess  to  things  he had not committed, for  the sake of saving himself temporarily  from further torture.  An instance of pure Spanish brutality will be shown in tho following :  An old man, nearly  GO years of age,  named ambrosio Figaras, who was not  himself connected with  the insurrection, but   had three sons  lighting for  Filipinni Libre, in Aquinaldo's insurgent arm.v, was arrested on a trumped  up charge, the Spanish authorities at  Manilla thinking to obtain some information   from him   as to  his'sons  whereabouts.     His arrest   was   sv/ift  and he was  immediately brought before the acting military, governor of  0',he island.   The governor finding he  could or would not furnish the desired  infoimat.ion was  at once taken  to the  torture chamber, a dark, stone-flagged  dungeon in the walls of the city fortifications.   At first he was subjected to  beating on  the soles of the feet with  . stout rattans, this being an old Chinese  custom,   but used,  by that   so-called  Christian nation Spain.   This mode of  torture   proving   ineffectual,   the   old  fashioned thuni screws were applied,  and   one can readily   conceivs   what  .agony these litt'e instruments of torture can produce.   They were actually  the same   that have   been preserved  since the Inquisition  in  the old Manilla monastry  of St. Augustine.    He,  poor wretch, already   half dead  with  his heathenish treatment but still rpr  solved not   to betray  his sons, whereabouts, is tied onto a seat, a tap placed  over his head and water is permitted  to slowly drop uponhis head. : This is  the worst, torture imaginable, and after  the poor old man had been driven to  the brink of insanity, but btill obdurate, is released and taken to his cell to  recover, the authorities intending to  subject him to fresh tortures, but he  managed to escape by one of the sons  whom he  had suffered- so much for,  bribing the lieutenant in charge.  The final torture, which generally  means confess, is a strap passed around  the victim's body, anil attached to the  Mining Experience.  Experience is a good educator in  mining as well as other branches of  business. The diatribes of former  years against the assessment principle  have almost ceased, and in some states,  notably Washington, the treasury  stock plan is giving way to the assessment idea. While much that has  been urged against the plan of assessing mining stock is so, and while  nothing can be said too condemnatory  of its abuse, yet the fact remains that  no other device hns ever been found to  satisfactorily secure the working of a  mine where unanimity did not prevail among the stockholders. Spokane  mining companies are among the latest to see plainly that assessable stock  is the kind that best insures the development of a mining property, and  while new co,npanicp  in   that section  The  Dominion Is Destined to  the World's Gre'atest Silver Producer.  nre adopting that plan in .incorporating, old companies are reorganizing  and amending their by-laws "So as to  authorize the levy of assessments on  the capital stock of the company from  time to lime, as the business of the  company may require."���������Mining and  Scientific Press.  The Terms of Peace.  The protocol provides.:  1. That Spain will relinquish all  claim of sovereignty over and title to  Cuba.  2. That Porto Rico and other Spanish islands in the West Indies, and an  island in the Ladroncs, to be selected  by the United States, shall be ceded lo  the latter.  3. That tho United States will occupy  and hold the city, bay and harbor of  Manila, pending the conclusion of a  treaty of peace, which shall di'termine  the control, disposition and government of the Philhppines.  4. That Cuba, Porto Rico and the  other Spanish islands in- the "West  Indies shall be immediately evacuated  and that commissioners, to be ap  pointed within ten d.iys shall, within  thirty days from the signing of the  protocol meet at Havana and San Juan  respectively to arrange and execute  lho details of the evacuation.  5. That the United'States and Spain  will each appoint not more than five  commissioners to negotiate and conclude a treaty of peace. The commissioners are to meet at Paris, not later  than the 1st of October.  0. On the signing of the protocol,  hostilities will be suspended, and  notice to that effect will be given ns  soon as possible by each government  to the commanders of its military and  nnval forces.  A BRAVE RESCUE.  R, L, Short and  R.   Hamilton  Save ,thc  Lives of Two Men.  Nakusp, B. C, Aug. 11���������R. L. Short  and Robert Hamilton saved Mr. Gray  and Mr. McKenzie from drowning a  few days since. A crowd of young  people went up to a creek just above  here to spend the day and in the afternoon went in bathing in the lake just  at the mouth ofthe creek.  Mr. McKonzse or Mr. Gray could not  swim and started out to wade, out to a  snag just beyond the "pitch ofi','' thinking it was shal ow enough to wade all  the way. When they waded over the  "pitch oil" they went down. R. L.  Short was about 30 feet off, and being  a good swimmer covered the distance  before tbe two' came up. Win n.' Gru'y  and McKenzie came to the surface,thr-y  had a hold on each other and Short  succeeded in getting a hold on Gray's  hand and slurted for the shore. Tlie  load was too heavy and nil of them  were carried to the bottom. He pulled  them along, however, till he uainc; to  the "pitch off." Then; he.--(Short)  managed to just get on the brink.of il,  still holding to Gray's hand, while  Mckenzie had death grip on G'ay also.  Robt. Hamilton came to'Short's rescue  and they succeeded in getting the two  nearly drowned men on their feet and  helped them ashore. '���������  It was a heroic deed on the part of  R.L.Short, and he deserves great credit  forit. "He is well known throughout the  ���������country as well as in Washington' and  Oregon as a brave lad,of about twenty  years." -; .-".������������������'������������������''���������"     '  Canada will one day be one of the  greatest silver-producing countries in  the world. The mineral wealth of  British Columbia alone is sufficient to  attract the attention of mining men  from every quarter of the (.'lobe. And  the half has not yet been told. When  the mining industry becomes thoroughly active, and the groat silver producing miiws of B. C. nre opened up,  Canada will, if her interests are properly guarded, have the opportunity, of  stepping out among the nations pf the  world as a nation among nations.  But Canada can never hope to be  anvthing more than a heavily indebted  dependency of England, until hor people, and her statesman awalcen to tho  fact-that she was destined to be something creator, and take steps to remove  the impediments that have for years  blocked herprogrcss.  The greatest of these is the principle  that Canada must a;o abroad for helmet allic money, and depend entrety  upon the banks for her mvdinm of exchange���������a paper currency. Canada  probably has the smallest amount of  metallic money in circulation, and the  greatest paper money inflation, of any  country in the civilized world; with  equal resources and liabilities. She is  reported fo have fourteen millions of  ,������old, every dollar of which has the fiat  of some foreign nation stamped, upon.  None of it is Canadian ��������� money ; all of  it, has been borrowed. In addition to  this gold, Canada Ins five millions of  silver money. This is stanined with  the Hat of the - Canadian government,  but every piece of it was coined in the  mints of England, of enormous loss to  Canada. The only medium answering  for money that Canada has in circulation that is of home production arc the  promises to'pay issued by the banks.  There is upwards"of fifty millions of  this mon<*y in circulation, nearly three  times the total amount of all hormetal-  lic money..  Paper currency, because lacking an  intrinsic, metallic value, is not real  money,but only represents such money-  Tt is unimpeachable only in so far as it  can be redeemed by real money. And  yet it is upon this kind of money that  all business in Canada is transacted.  Canada is, and hns always been, a rich  producer of the money metals, gold  and silver.Milhons have'gone from hor  mineral belts to pnrich" foreign countries who have no other interest in  Canada than to make to her annual  loans of her own metals coined into  money at the usual rate of interest.  The logical position for Canada to assume is to reduce the amount of paper  currency in circulation, in which there  is no real value, and replace it with  home minted metal money, that will  go abroad and into the money marts, a  money that would be respected in any  land.  But Canada has no mint,it is argued,  and could not support one. It is true,  sadly true, ihat Canada has not a  mint, but it is folly to say that this  country, so vastly rich in gold and silver, could not keep up a mint. It is  one of !hose colonial ideas that should  be done away with like the excessive  use of paper money. If Canada is ever  to be anything more than what sho is,  she must push ahead and grnsp the op  portunity now presenting itself. She  needs above everything else a mint.  rock of ��������� he latter claims  is of a   free- !  11     I  nulling kind,  and assays of it are being  obtained.       They   believe    they   have  struck it rich, but won't know until they  get returns from   the specimens sent to )  the   assayers.     There is no  doubt but  that   in  time the  Tooyea country  will  contribute its   share  of wealth to   the  coders of   the  world,   but   at   present  writing it costs so much  to get supplies  into   that country   that a man  cannot  afford to work ground that will pay him  less thau $20 a day for his labor.    Up to  the present no such ground   has been  discovered.  Sandon to the  Front' With a  List of Sports and Prizes.  Whitewater Motes.  At prosent Whitewater is one of the  best mining camps in British Columbia as is evidenced b} the number of  men who arrive daily and succeed in  getting work in the vicinity. About  100 men are employed at the Whitewater mine, 40 'by the Whitewater  Deep, 20 at the Northern Belle, and 12  by-the Charleston. The wages paid  nre scarcely to be excelled in any part  of the.world, Klondyke excepted, being  S3 to ������3.50 per day in all the mines.  The location of the town is not just  what one would desire on account of  the dried trunks of fallen timber and  the stumps which are around ' and  within the town, rendering it more or  less in danger of fire in'such a season  of heat as the present.  There arc no.v two general stores  each of which is doing a splendid business ; and the hotels, of which the  Whitewater is the principal, under the  proprietorship of Mr. Martin, are always crowded.  The splendid  new building on  Avenue C is being fitted up  in  two divis.  ions, one as a drug store by  J. S. Pat-  l������raon of Kuskonook and the other by  the general store man, J. J. Ullman.  Pleased   With   Sandon.  As the citizens of Sstndon"allowed the  24th of May and 1st of July to go by default out of deference to the wishes and  enterprise of the townspeople of other  places, thoy expect the residents of the  surrounding hills for a radius of 100  miles to join them on the 5th to give  vim and /.est to Labor Day. On the  previous holidays of the year our town  became depopulated���������everyone . going  abroad to exhibit his" loyalty where loyalty was observed. Under tho circumstances, now that we are the iir������t, and  doubtless the only people in tho country  about, to lay hands on Labor Day, wo  expect the community around to join us  in making the hills resound with the war  whoopt, of joy.  A very large purse has been put together and, bills are being printed ior  general distribution, announcing the  full programme, which will simply bo  most exhaustive., There will be a wide  scope far everyone so that any man,  woman or child who can distinguish  himself, herself or itself in any channel  will have open opportunity to load  themselves down with prize money. As  none of our citizens are experts in any  line, the wider will be the field tor visitors. Complete arrangements will be  made with the railways for low rates,  and a full day at the sports. Hunt up  the bills ; remember the 5th of .September, and bear in mind.that our streets  assay in minerals as high a3 some of the  mines that are being worked in different  parts of the country.      iinm  _  .  An Enquiry Fronf the East.  ore runs exceedingly high. Mr. Roberts  states that much of the'crude ore of  the Silver Bell runs higher tlrin the  concentrates of many other Slocan  properties more often spoken of. It  appears probable that before snow HieB  the Silver Bell will be classed among  the great mines ofthe Silvery Slocan.  MINING BRIEFS.  With Scissors and Pen.  MINING RECORDS.  Recorded  at  New Denver.  LOCATIONS.  Aug 10���������Slrnngcr, Scaton creek, ZU (' liy.-in,  If Str.-mgeway, Win liyan.M' X (joilfrey  Jiinplrc. Hoar lnko, .Ins WiUon  SI Lawrence, Cody creek,Donald Mclionald  I Iai>py Delivery,SI lvuriiioiiiitmn.TI.onf'gan  Missing Link  Fraction, Alpha mountain,  .In* Ward  Ainf 12���������Virgin a. Ilowson crock,.! \\r Lowes  .llakifln F, adjoining Peoria, J FyJe  Olno. Hcuton creek,31 O liyan, \V l'yan, W  (lodlrey, H Htraiigcn-ay.  New Era Fraction,Fennel creek,!���������' II Hnrtlcli  Arcade. (Jarpenter, F JI Baulutx, Jl Good-  r.-iiow  Imperial, Houtli fork Carpenter,.1 II Clllle  Auc l.'l���������Havana, norlh fork Carpenter, Geo  Henderson  .Vugl.';���������Captive,  head Sandon creek,   WE  Noble  MnrvT Fraction, Almn basin,O II Roshdall  Now Comet. ICleht mile, John T Vlck  Nancy Lee, (lOlil Hill, M K Brandon  Protection, Dolly Varden   mountain, K .1  Jlathews  Jehovah Fraction, same, John U Martin  .Snowbird.same, K.T Mathews  St Peter's Hoy, on Kaslo toad, ielocution of  Ohio, Douulas- Andrews  Grand View, Kouth fork Cody B (.', Rlblet    ,  Tiger, Sandon creek, Ivan K Ward  Silver Tip, south iork Carpenter,   \V Cunn-  ntlham  Aug 10���������Good Jlay, Payne mountain, John  Hough   .  ASSKSSMKNTS.  The Emily Edith,  now a shipper.  of Silverton, ia  Oaklaiui.SilverBell, irni.tler.Umted  Fedora, White ITorhe, Black Horse  ���������Bell Fraction, Bonnie Jean, High-  Mr. Adams, of Montreal, owner of  the Adams group of mines here, and  father of Mr. W. C. Adams, who is  managing this group, arr.vcd in the  city a few days ago, and is remaining  for some time.looking after the property. Ho hns several properties in the  Boundary country and other parts of  the province, and he does not hesitate  to say that this is pre-eminently- the  most promising c.imp he knows of in  the country. That is in 'prospect for  prospect, there arc fewer chances cf  losing and correspondingly more  chances of succeeding here. He is  well plea--ed with the prospects of tho  Adams group here. ,  CHURCH    NOTES.  Methodist, Rev. A.M. Sanford, A.B.,  pastor.���������Regular services will be held  to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.  Morning subject, "The Chief Work of  the Church." Evening, "The Triumphs  of Goodness."  Presbyterian.���������Rev. J. Clelland will  preach" ns usual in the Virginia hall,  to-morrow at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p. m.  Union Sabbath School in the Methodist church at 3 p. m. Everybody  welcome.  A   correspondent'   from   Milbrook,  Ont., writes us   enquiring   about the  Sandon   Mining &, Milling  Co.,  Limited,  anel the Mother Lode Mining &  Milling Co., Limited.   We can find no  trace of the latter and conclude that it  must belong  to  Rossland, Revelstoke  or some other camp.   The former wa*  incorporated  by   A. D. Williams and  kindred spirits.   We believe ?t did  at  'one time hold some good propprty, but  as  the law relating  to suoh  matters  was  never complied  with the whole  business has fallen through; and shareholders  will lose all they put into it.  The laws of   the  country are not encouraging straw ventures, but they are  unable   to  fully suppress  them.   Wc  would advise no one to purchase stock  simply because it is offered and cheap,  without first, satisfying themselves by  full enqusry as to the reliability of the  men connected with  the institution1!.  We have plenty of good properties and  reliable men connected with them, so  there is'no necessity  for being either  duped or hoaxed,   if the  public  will  only mp' D. proper enquiry before parting with their money.  Aug 10-  Aus 11-  Aug 12-  land  Aug 13���������Tronelad. Chctopa.Opa'unka  Aug 15���������Eclipse.Kric.SiIvcrCord,Tom Horn-  ling, lilcKonewliH.Tninsit, rialt.ie H, fit An-  toine. Belfast. Ottawa Boy, Good Hope Fraction, Omega,Vulture, Brun.sv.vlck, Faringdon,  Illinois. Hub  Aug 1G���������Edith,MacKenham,Thursday Fraction  TRANSFERS.  ,e'  Au,'9���������Hint Traction i-^, Nonnnii MtMill n to -S T W.ilker,  Anita J4=?o  Bird I'r.-ictiou ift, ST V.ill.< r lo 1 SJicnn m, Alt,; o, S15 63  Ilhck- Grousy. north fori. Av lion. N-uIhtiH bio in, I}.i\nt  blo.ni .liui J 1) Ky.111 to Joseph rnrlon.,', option  Clmiav 1-8. Otto Hcpor to II S Gill. tie. jnl> 2X S; 50.  Su in^o 10, sinio to sun.", lull 2?, Si.ctxj  Polly Vnr.Ion. l"iisiKni, Arclno. il' i^k I o\. noiii.0 of mtvrcst  ���������iu -lrtlc.l liv cot.rt to Geo I" P.13 ne i,-.ii.ist Alfru.I liobinson ind  A McWrylil.  Aiiet 10���������Iron mount nn Silver Cup Vo 2, Sirnii, Mmilllim  Clnof No -j, Uoin,'!.ls \ ..11 Pom I.v bllonlT 10 Josvph Stur^coi.,  Anq-S. $=So.  Av lion, A C Mien n Pivid SI0111 ind f.is P Rv in, July 2=,  Ssoo  AllI,' It���������Polly V.irden, Archie order of court .ldlnsttn���������'  uiterebt between Geo W Inne^ tin! Jai, H bt.irtsiiien .Mid L Mellon lid  Alirf j2���������Furlong I-*r iction. l'.u Moouev 10 Jos I'lidon.'. bill ( f  s lie in escrow  r^ocklmd, interest of Geo I.e Puke cl limed by Wm *,V-ud  Rpinks 15���������I'ouerwner  A.]^i5���������Power of .ittonev. b W l.ijlor iu \V DMite'iell.  Aus' 11.  McGuigan Items.  McG-uigan, August IS The Surprise  mine in the Surprise basin has re-opened  with a few men.  The Antome mine shipped one car of  ore this week. Mr. Eytjn says many  more aro to fellow, as the mine is looking remarkably well.  The new pipo for tho Dardanelles  company has not yet arrived. It bhould  have been hero by the 1st of the month,  and is anxiously looked for every day  now.  Club Meeting,  The Silver Bell Mine.  A   Fierce   Tornado.  PERSONAL   MENTION.  Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 15 A Can-  by, Minn., special ��������� to the Journal says.���������  A tornado last night struck 12 miles  northwest of this place, 'killed'-seven  people, destroyed many buildings and  did great damage to the crops. - The entire family of Joseph Hutchison, ii.eluding his wife and four, children, were  killed,.' also Peter Juglin. The storm  was not wide in extent but very violent.  Seven_ people are missing and some of  theih iiiay be killed. ' The storm : was on  the border between southwestern Minnesota and South Dakota.  TOOYEA   FINDS.  GAJSTANOQUE'S POPULAR BAKER.  Mr. Lawrenoe O'Neill the well-  known dispenser of the "stuff of life,"  Gananoque, Ont., says :. "Ijhave used  Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills and  can highlj'. recommend them for heart  troubles and i.ervousness."  Men    Returning    to    Glenora    After    a  .  .Futile Trip,   j  The men who left Glenora for the  Tooyea district have nearly all returned.  One party states that the only nuggets  they ; found were ice. nuggets ��������� hailstones. They claim to have expariehced  many, hard hailstorms. Another party  has recorded 15 claims in the Tooyea  country, 13 plaoer and  2 quartz.   The  M. A. Buck, M.E., of Kaslo. was in  the city this week.  D. S. Forbes and J B. Cliffe went  prospecting on Arrow lake on Monday  last.  John Bull, of Slocan City, was a  pleasant calier on The Review, this  week.*?.':  Mr. Vallance went cast Thursday  morning. He is not expected to return alone.  Miss TNellie Beamis and her. sister,  May Lyons, spent a few days this week  visiting in .Whitewater.  J. A. McFarlanc," representing Mc-  Earlanc & Co, druggist' and assayers'  supplies, was in town Monday.  Mr. Waugh, editor of the Farmers'  Advocate, Winnipeg, was in th������ city  this week. He says he would' hardly  know where to start a plow here.  ���������Mr. J. G. Main' has gone to. Ontario  where his wife is very ill. She went  to visit her parents, north of Torouto,  some weeks ago and was taken ill  while there.        7 '' .  S. G. Faulkner, manager for the  North American Life in B. C. was in  the city the past week working up a  good business for the old reliable insurance company.  Mr. McGregor, inspector of mines for  the province is 'in the city and spending several days inspecting the surrounding mines to collect material for  his annual report.  D. Coulson, the manager of the Bank  of Toronto, and W. G. Smith, manager  ofthe Bank of Ontario, accompanied  by Mrs. Coulson, Frank and Harry  Coulson, have been in the city seme  days looking over the mining field.  They speak very highlj of it.  One of the future bonanzas of the.  Slocan country is the Silver Bell, located about four miles from McGuigan  station on the Kaslo & Slocan railway.  Surrounded by such rich and well-  known properties as the Rainbow, Cariboo, Surprise, Antoine, Red Fox etc.,  it is not surprising that the Silver Bell  should be prsving to be even more  than its owners anticipated as development continues..  L. S. Roberts, of Spokane, ono of the  owners of this high grade galena producers, returned the oti.er dny from a  visit of inspection to the property and  expresses himself as more than satis-  lied with the appearance of the mine.  There is a good-sized force of men at  work under Foreman Mike Sweeney,  working double shifts, and every day's  work blocks out moro and better ore  bodies. A tunnel was run to crosscut  the ledge, which was reached at a distance* from the portal of about 140  feet. The drifting was done on the ore  body each way for some forty feet.  The result of this work hns been most  satisfactory to the owners, so much so  in fact that the force of men '.at work  will be largely increased at an early  date, and the development of ore  blocking pushed as fast as possible to  further demonstrate values and quantities.'  The Silver Bell group, comprising  about 75 acres of ground, is owned by  the Native Silver Bell Mining Company, composed largely of Spokane  men, including F. Lewis Clark,Charles  Sweenev, W. B. Roberts, L. S. Roberts  and others. It is a close corporation  and but little is heard of its stock in  the market, as the gentlemen inter-.  e:.ted are well known to be amply able  to do whatever development may be  neccss������ry to put the mine on a paying-  basis. There are several strong leads  on the property and the grade   of   the  The annual meeting of the Sandon  Club was held in the club rooms on  the Sth inst. The meeting was largely  nttended. Reports for the year made  satisfactory and election of officers followed : President, F. T. Kelly ; vice-  president, Bruce White : J. D. Gicge-  rich, Dr. Young, T. II. Paterson, Frank  Woods, James Vallance, J. M. Harris.  F. L. Christie, committee; E. M.  Sandilands, s������*c-treas.; M. L. Grimmett,  C. D. Hunter and Dr. Young, trustees.  Tho club has a membership of about  109, and as the rooms arc the most  comfortable and the best equipped in  (he country, the members aud visitors  always feel at homo there in their  leisure hours.  Hugh Sutherland is putting 20 men  at work on the Evening Star.  The Payne shipped 240 tone of ore  over the C. P'. R. the past week.  11. F. Butcher from South Africa ia  the new manager of the Queen Bess.  Tho Alamo concentrator bins that  were broken are being replaced by  new ones.  Tne L. H., a gold property near Sil- i  verton, assays $25 to the ton and hns a  60 feet ledge.  It is said that Scott McDonald has  paid ?10,000 cash for two-thirds of the  Fidelity mine.  The Centre Star, at Rossland, has  been sold to the Blaokstock syndicate  at Toronto for $2,000,000.  The Canadian group, near here, is  showing up remarkably well. Eighteen inches of clean ore would make  any miner's eyes water.  A ������trike of Sft.solid ore in the Miller  Creek mine, near the Wonderful, has  been encountered���������all proving the fact  that the hills around Sandon are everywhere loaded with ore. ..,  It is reported that there is a sale  about made of the Southern Chief/  lying close to the Howard Fraction on  Gold Hill. Messrs. Gross and Foley  are the owners and have been working  it since early in the spring.  Mr. Adams reports much ��������� progress  on the Adams group. In both that  group and the Canadian group adjoin- '���������  ing, ore has been found for some time  in paying quantities. The Canadian  group is now a < regular shipper and  the Adams will follow in a very short  time.  Messrs.   Mulvey and Clements   are  pushing work   ou   the   Calumet and ,  Hecla, in   the   Dayton  basin.     This  -  claim has a very large ledge, carrying  galena which appears well adapted for ���������  concentration.   The owners are 'driving   a tunnel   to tap   the ledge at a  greater depth.  W. Thomlinson and others have a 60  days option on the Arden and Kelvin  claims, adjoining tho California, on  Silver mountain. The claims are.  being closely prospected, and consid-'  arable work is being done on a promising lead which runs through the both  properties.  f  A deal was consummated Wednesday whereby the two-third interest in  the Fidelity mine, owned by L. F.  Holtz and A. S. Williamson, was sold  lor a cash consideration, said to be  $10,000. Scott McDonald was the  buyer. The property will now go into  the hands of a company financially  able to work it.  Messrs. Hicks and Barber, owners of  the Transfer mine in Dayton basin,  have opened up a four-foot ledge of  ore, carrying galena, black sulphides  and native silver. The owners feel  considerably elated over their find, and  with good reason as it bids fair to become a valuable producer from the  grass roots.  Does Adyertisinf  The Chicago correspondent of the  Montre.il Herald writing about the  newspaper strike in Chicago says: "Chicago has probably ais greafc,il'not greater,  advertisers than any city on the contin-'  cut. They have found that it.-pays  ihein, and in-a judicious and very clever  manner they lose, no opportunity to an-'  nounce their wares through the columns  of the newspapers. People, get in the  habit of watching tlie papers for certain  lines,'particularly when prices ars given.  1 speak, of course, ol Chicago, though it  may apply; equally well to Montreal.  Now comes the interesting fact.  The manager of one of the largest departments of. Seigel & Copper, who employ . no less than 3,000 hands, told me  that their business felloft t vo-thirds  through being unable to advertise. . I  never was cut out for an advertising  agent, but it seems to 'me that, with  such a statement, coming Irom such an  authority, I could fill the columns of  every paper i:i Montreal. The manager  of Frank's Boot Department, another  immense establishment, declared that  their business was cut in half, and it  would be a happy day for him when the  newspapers resumed publication."  Sandon Ore Shipments.  The following is a list of ore shipments over the K. & S. from Sandon  for the week ending August 19 :  MINE. TONS.  Payne 100  Slocan Star  60  Ruth   S5  Total 245  A Golden  Island.  Ore running $300 to the ton, free milling, has been struck on a Queen Charlotte island, by a man named McMillan.  He brought half a ton of samples from  the north to Vancouver, among the richest seen here. McMillan has been prospecting on the islands. for two years entirely alone with Indians.  DREADFULLY NERVOUS.  Gents:!���������I was dreadfully nervous,  and for relief took your Karl's Clover  Root Tea. It quieted m'y nerves and  strengthened my whole nervou* system. I was troubled with constipation, kidney and bowel trouble. Your  Tea soon cleansed my system so  thoroughly that I rapidly regained  health and strength. Mrs. S. A. Sweet,  Hartford, Conn. Sold at McQueen's  Drug Store.  A CLEAR SKIN.  No one can have a skin clear and free  from blemish whose blood is impure.  Rurdock Blood Bitters purifies the  blood and removes , pimples and all  kinds of eruptions, leaving the skin  clear and smooth.  >  '>'  ^i . J-'  ������    n   l       'r  t    -1      '  ������,                  r<  kfr>r  ?"��������� '  ESS  w**V'*.������Je'.'*. ���������*���������'  ���������li,1 -i  ���������  -    c* ���������       ���������  .      * ri" THE MINING- REVIEW.  SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 1898.  ZEbeflMninQ IRevxew  SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY AUGUST 20, 1898  Subscription $2.00 Per Year  Strictly in Advnace.  GETTING IT   SOUNDLY.  Lieut-Governor Mclnnes appears to  be getting it soundly on all hands, and  most deservedly so. for his two most  unjustifiable acts���������the dismissal oi  Premier Turner and the calling in of  Mr. .Beaven. Here is what the Toronto Globe   has to say on the matter:  "The reasons for the action of the  lieut.-govemor in dismissing one ministry and sending for a defeated candidate to form another may possibly  be revealed later on, but at present it  is difficult to explain or to justify it, or  to compare it with anything in the  political- history of the Dominion.  The dismissal of a ministry by a lieut.--  governor has been defended on the  ground of corruption, rendering the  continuance of the ministry in office a  public danger, but Mr. Mclnnes does  not assign this as one of his reasons.  He simply declares that Premier Turner does not enjoy the confidence, of  the people.  The ordinary course is to send ior  the leader of the opposition, but Mr.  Mclnnes says that he cannot decide  whether the opposition would prefer  Joseph Martin or Mr. Semlin to form  a government. Therefore he solves  the problem by sending for a gentleman of whom, so far as is revealed at'  present, the opposition- were not  thinking at all. He says to the legislature and people in effect: 'As I am  not quite sure whom you want I shall  please myself.'  "If the lieut.-governor was in a  state of uncertainty as to the result of  fhe election surely the proper place  for discussion of that question was in  the newly elected legislature. If he  was right in his belief that Premier  Turner was in a minority, Mr. Turner  would have been defeated and it  ' would very soon have appeared who  was the choice of the newly elected  representatives of the people. If he  believed that Mr. Turner ought not to  hold office for a long period while the  question was undecided he could have  ensured a speedy decision by summoning the legislature at once.  "The lieutenant-governor's action  in passing over the recognized political leaders and sending for a rejected  candidate is simply a denial of popular government."  The Globe's contentions ar.e identical with ours from the start, and they  certainly are the proper ones. Turner had at least fifteen solid supporters at the start. The fact that the  opposition candidate was snowed un-  d������r in Cassiar is proof that the two  men elected are Turnerites, and the  further fact that the opposition are  protesting the seats of the independents is proof that Turner could depend on them also. He then, on the  surface,'had half the House with the  ofler of two vacant portfolios and a  speakership to strengthen his position ;  and in the face of this his honor  brought himself down to the level of  an opposition newspaper and alleged  that Turner had not the confidence of  the legislature. Were there no constitutional means open  to him  to get  foresight then would have suggested a  consideration of forces before he  jumped at conclusions. As in his  leap, however, like His honor, he  jumped into the brambles, he must be  prepared to bear the scratches which  will mark both'effectually during'their  natural lives.  the facts, he might have some excuse  for operating on the fancies. If he  found the Turner party were elected  corruptly, or were acting corruptly  after election, he would have strong  ground in dismissal for corruption ���������  but corruption has never been whispered. In his course, he was then influenced either by gossip in his minority conclusion or by a still more indefensible motive���������the advancement  of the interests of his son. As, however, there was an undisputed constitutional course open to settle his doubt  as to strengthen him, the adoption of  which would have been disapproved of  by no one���������he should have taken it,  and insisted on an early session of parliament. This would have disposed  of the matter effectually and without  hardship on any one. It atso would  have afforded him conviction on the  opposition leadership, on which he  says he was in doubt. In that early  session who was to be the leader of  the opposition would also be fully disposed of, as he would have seen that  fuctionary in his place in the parliament.  .'������������������:..  Mr. Beaven can never make an explanation to justify his haste, any more  than His honor can to defend his  aat, and both must bear the effectual  mark of public disapproval together.  Even though ambitious Mr. Beaven  should have ascertained his following  before accepting the responsibility^of  attempting cabinet making though  forced upon him. He knew there  were two well-defined parties in the  parliament in a. tug of war for office,  and, even though he formed his cabinet from without the House, without  one entire party or a majority from  both, heicould do nothing.    Ordinary  ,     "JOE" NOT IN IT.  From an article in Saturday's Province, it is evident   that the  provincial  cabinet trouble does not end with the  resignation   of   Mr.    Beaven.       Mr.  Semlin   has undertaken   cabinet making.     "Joe" Martin has refused to enter it on the ground that Semlin is not  the leader of the opposition, and that  no   leader will be selected   until the  20th.      The  Province   suggests   that  Semlin should have advised the lieut -  governor to hold   the whole matt=r in  abeyance till after  the 26th, which, of  course, he could not h-i ve done.     Under our constitution, the country cannot   be   left  without  a   government.  Turner  has been  dismissed,   Beaven  has failed   to   form a'   ministry, and  Semlin, when called on, had a peffect  right  to go on  cabinet making.    If,  after   the 26th, it  is   found  the   new  government want some one other than  Semlin   for leader,   the change,   even  after the cabinet is sworn in, is easily  made.     Mr. Semlin is now the   recognized leader of the party, and he is  perfectly justified in exercising all the  functions of leader, even to forming a  cabinet,   until   he  is deposed by  his  party.  The fact of the matter is Joe  Martin has "a far away hope" that he  may be chosen leader by his parly;  but even if he was, it would avail him  nothing, as on the first opportunity he  would be rejected by the country, and  he ought to know 'it���������in short his  whole party would suffer through his  promotion: As a matter of right the  Liberals should have three members  in the cahinet, with Martin as attorney-general, and the Conservatives  three. If Joe-Martin and bis friends  will not be satisfied with this, the only  thing is to let them go, and hoe the  row without them.  Since the,foregoing was put in type,  Joe reconsidered his refusal and  accepted office under Mr. Semlin.  When he found that a cabinet could  be formed as well without as with him,  he capitulated, and is now Attorney-  General, Mr. Cotton taking Finance  and Premier Semlin Land and Public  Works. The other ministers will be  aamed shortly. -���������  The new government after re-election should pass a proper redistribution measure, and then go to the  country, in which case they would  come back two to one. In the present House they cannot have a strong  government.  There are many  thousands of wise women in this country  who, when they found  that they were suffering: from, weakness or disease of  their distinctly  womanly organisms, promptly  wrote to an eminent and skillful  physician, with a  world-wide reputation, instead of  trusting- their  cases to some ob-  scure physician  with but limited  practice and experience. There  are many reasons why a wise woman follows tlii", course. The chances arethatan  obscuie physician of small piactice will  not diagnose troubles of this nature proper^'. If he does, he will insist on the  obnoxious examinations and local treatment from which every sensitive, modest  woman shrinks.  The specialist referred to is Dr. R. V.  Pierce, for thirty years chief consulting  physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical'Institute, at Buffalo, N. Y. Thirty years  ago he discovered a wonderful medicine  for diseases peculiar to women, that maybe  used effectively in the privacy of the home,  and does away with an necessity for examinations and local treatment.,. This medicine is known as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It acts directly o������ the d.ficate  and important organs concerned in wifehood and motherhood. It makes them  stronfr, healthy and vigorous. It allays inflammation, heals ulceration, soothes pain  and tones and builds up the nerves. Taken  during the period of piospeclive maternity,  it banishes the usual discomforts and  makes baby's coming easy and almost painless. It insures the little new-comer's  health and an ample supply of nourishment. Over ninety thousand women have  testified to its marvelous men'ts. Medicine  dealeis sell it.  It is a druggist's business to give ybu, not  to tell you, what you want.  Any ailing woman may write to Dr?R. V.  Pierce. Iluffalo, N. Y., and get free advice.  By inclosing 31 one-cent stamps in her  letter, lo cover cost of customs and mailing  only, she may secure a paper-covered copy  of the ''People's Common Sense Medical  A^Viser."    Cloth bound, so stauiDS.  A KIDNEY BLOCKADE  Is a serious thing for the whole hody  and call fur speedy relief. Doan's  Kidney Pills break up any kidney  blockade and cure Baok.-icht*, Dropsy,  Diabftes, Bright'* Disease, Urinary  troubles and Bladder weakness.  TO CUKE COLD IN ONE DAY.  Take LaxativeBromo Quinine Tablets.  All druggists refund the money if it  fails to cure.   25 cents.  THE  LETTER.  Pecksniff, ofthe Winnipeg Tribune,  says Mclnnes did right in dismissing  Turner j but this is so like Pecksniff.  The Globe on the other hand says he  did wrong, because outside of newspaper report and party gossip, the  governor had no means of knowing  how the parties stood. It is a great  pity governors do not always take the  advice of papers like the Tribune, that  can never see an inch beyond their  political spectacles. Fair play never  troubles their conscience.  H LGYARD'S PECTORAL'BALSAM  has no superior for Coughs, Colds,  throat and lung troubles of young or  old.    Pleasant to take.   Price 25c.  ADVERTISE.  It may not appear the best thing to  some people, but, none the less, we  believe it 10 be the fact, that if the  owners of some of our stand-bys of  mines such as the Payne, the Star, the  Reco, the Ruth and others were to  sell some of their stock in the eastern  cities of Canada, the dividends the  purchasers would receive would at  once bring the Sandon camp to the  front with a ruch the like of which has  never before,been experienced in this  country. Go where you will in the  east, and all that is heard of is Rossland, and yet there are but two mines  there that have paid dividends, the  Payne here paying much more than  both combined. /The truth is theout-  side world has no knowledge of the  success of our dividend paying properties pr of the new ones unfolding  that are fast creeping on to the record  ofthe old established ones. If, as we  have said, capitalists abroad only  knew what is being earned by our dividend paying properties, and the little  expenditure required here compared  with what is required in gold propositions, to bring our newer ones into  dividend payers,. there ; would be an  unprecedented rush for the Sandon  section of the Slocan.  If this cannot be accomplished, the  next best thing to.do is for the city  council, and the owners of properties  most interested, to advertise the facts.  Go outside of British Columbia anywhere, and you will find but few, who  are in a position to invest, who have  heard; of the Slocan, and fewer still  who know that we have dividend paying properties; and that is what capital is in search of. We repeat it  again, those who have properties or  stock to dispose of are standing in  their own light very seriously in not  exerting themselves to ha've the facts  fully placed before the capitalists, not  only of Canada, but of the world at  large. - .  How a person can gain a  pound a day by taking an  ounce of Scott's Emulsiom  is hard to explain, but it  certainly happens.  It seems to start���������the digestive machinery working  properly. You obtain a  greater benefit from your  food.  The oil being predigested,  and combined with, the hy-  pophosphites, makes a food  tonic of wonderful flesh-  forming power.  All physicians know this  to to be a fact.  All druggists; 50c. and $1.00.  SCOTT &  BOWNE,     Chemists. Toronto  A  artyr to  Diarrhoea.  Tells of relief from suffering by  Dr. Fowler's Ext. of Wild Strawberry.  XSa^/i  There are many people martyrs to  bowel complaintB who would find Dr.  l'owler's Extract of Wild Strawberry a  wonderful blessing to s.hem. It not only  checks the dianhuia but soothes and heals  tht* inflamed and irritated bowel, so that  permanent relief is obtained.  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If she looks  about her, she eeos bis huts and coats  banging on tho hooks, aud the hats invariably wear tho same expression  John'8 face woro when ho left iu the  morning���������a jolly, good humored look if  ho went away pleasant; if angry, a  gruff, defiant, attend to your own business air takes the place of tbe fo lately  gentle pliable shapes in felt and fairly  bristle with'wrath over somo trifle, but  still enough to obscure tho sun in tho  little world for many a weary day, perchance, ere it is seoniingly forgotten.  "There is no true woman but will repay her husband ovor and over again  for kind, thoughtful treatment. Ho is  ready to cull her childish, aud she may  seem so to him ; but one thing is sure���������  a woman never forgets.  "All little deeds of love or thought-  fnluess sown by his hand yield a certain  and abundant harvest. She may lovn  her home better than any other spot on  eaith, yot she- sometimes gots so weary  of tho daily routine of never ending  duties that fall to her lot that sho cannot help an occasional feeling"of envy  for those who havo more time for recreation, for going abroad, for all the little  things dear to tho heart of every woman,  but which the stern hand of duty most  effectually debars her from enjoying.  Still, for all that, she would not for the  whole world exchange places, even if  sho could, with any other woman, leaving home and John���������dear old John���������as  the prico of her freedom from care.  "If your wife has been a faithful and  true wife to yon, tell her so. Do not  think it lowers your manliness any to  let her know that sho still has a place  in your affections. Sho has toiled early  and late for you and your children,  through sickness and health, and self  denial has grown to be her motto. "It  takes but little from her loved ones to  mako htr happy, so do not begrudgo her  a word of praise, now and then as her  just reward, and of far more value to  her starving heart than gold. There are  some things which money can nover  buy, and wounds whioh it cannot heal,  but love levels all obstacles, overcomes  all difficulties and immeasurably sweetens life." ���������  The letter my lady wrote to mo  I would you could seo the lines!  There's a flavor of orango blossoms  And a tangle of jessamine vines.  Oh, tho letter ray lady wrote to mel  I sit in my room and seo  The sails on the ships and' her red, sweet  lips  In the letter she wrote to me.  Oh, the letter my lady wrote to mel  Here is the -word she missed,  And here ii the word that was never heard  On tbo line her lips have kissed.  And the letter my lady vroto to me  Close to my heart shall bo  Till tho judgment day, ivliun I drift away,  Life of my life, from thee!  ���������Atlanta Constitution.  BURNS AND  SCALDS.  The Basis of Credit.  A man's past record, with but few  exceptions, should detormino the question of his eligibility for credit in the  future. If he has oaon slow pay in the  past, he will probably be slow pay in  his next purchases. If he has been  prompt and satisfactory, he will likely  be the same again. As an instance I  might mention a case -which recently  camo under my notice. A trader who  had gradually got to bo slow and unsatisfactory was compelled to assign. .His  failure was not duo to any misfortune,  such as fire or flood, but seemed the  natural consoquenco of his incompetence  and lack of management. A wholesale  house which had beon supplying him  lost heavily, but compromised, and aa  he continued they still sold him, but on  80 days' time. For awhile he promptly  attended to his payments, but after a  time he got slower and slower, and as  he was a liberal buyer and his purchases  "were allowed to accumulate ho soon  owed a bill far larger than bis means  would warrant. As this dragged along  for some years a compromise was granted upon this indebtedness also. Still he  clung to his old creditor and again ordered goods, promising to send the  money within SO days. But his past  record was too much even for 60 lonient  a creditor. Ho was told plainly that ho  would got no more goods on credit and  that if be ordered anything cash must  accompany the order in every case.  Now, a man of this stamp is a positive  detriment to a man who pays his bills.  After thus ; being refused credit by tho  old house he will try and get it elsewhere and no doubt will succeed. But  if his record is known it should be a  final answer to tbe question of granting  him oredit.���������Hardware.  Remedies That Should Bo Used Before the  Doctor Arrives. ^t  A burn may result from excessive  heat applied in any way���������hot air or hot  water, steam, flamo or electricity���������or  even from oxtreme cold.' The injury resulting from contact with hot water or  iteam is usually called a scald, but is  practically the same in its rosults as a  burn.  Surgeons speak of different degroes  of a burn, according to .the amount of  tissuu destroyed by it. Thus a burn of  the first degree is one that simply rod-  dens and . irritates tho skin; a burn of  tho second degree* is ono that causes  actual inflammation of the skiu with  the formation of blistors, whilo a burn  of the third degree destroys tho , skin  and moro or less of tho flesh beuoatb. it,  or even chars and kills all the tissues,  including the'bono itself.  The effects of a burn depend partly  upon its degree, but not entirely, for a  burn even of the first degree may oause  death if it involves a very largo portion  of tho surface of the body. This it does  ^by interfering with the necessary excretion of waste matter which is constantly taking place through tho skin.  A curious effect of a severe bum in  any part of the body is ulceration of  the bowels following very intense congestion of the entire digestive canal.  The bronchial tubes and the lungs are  somotimes injured by tho inhalation of  steam or very hot air, but even apart  from such an accident a person who has  been burned about the chost or back is  very liable to havo an attack of brou-  ohitis or pneumonia in consequence.  Tho first thing to be done in the oase  ot a burn of any degree is to stop the  pain. This should be done not only from  the natural impulse to relievo suffering,  but because .the shock 'resulting from  the injury may be so greatly increased  by the agony as to cause the death of  the patient, even when the burns in  themselves would not do so.  Covering tho part with any bland  Bubstance, such as olive 'oil, vaseline,  aweet butter or flour paste, to keop off  the air will, often afford great relief,  and in burns of the first degree nothing  more may bo needed. Carron oil, the  name given to a mixture of equal quantities of linseed oil and liruewator, was  formerly aud is still in many workshops  the favorite application for a burn.  Better still is bicarbonate of soda (oook-  ing soda) or calcined magnesia, made  into an ointment with vaseline or lard  or dusted thickly over the skin.  Another application which is ofton  exceedingly grateful is a solution of  nitrate of potash (nitre). Hunters often  make a paste of gunpowder for this purpose. Ono or other of those applications  will usually suffico in mild cases, and  in severe burns will help to reduce tho  pain for the time until the doctor comes.  ���������Youth's Companion".  san  A Great IPoIycIot..  Solomon Cassar ��������� Malan habitually  conversed with his children in Latin,  but on his. deathbed, when Solomon,  his son, begin.to.recite a psalm in the  familiar Vulgate of his youth, the dying man, scholar to the last, muttered,  "Non ita, nonita! Hebraicej" so'the1  son repeated it in Hebrew.  He could, for that matter, just. as  ���������well have said it in Coptic or, Chinese,  for to him all tongues came naturally.  At 18 he could write in ��������� 18 languages,  oriental and European, and among his  published works we find translations  from tho Arabio, Persian, Syriac, Ethi-  opic, Hebrew, Coptio, Armenian, Georgian, Mongol, Chinese, Korean, Japa-!  nese, Greek, Russian, Welsh and Gothic He is said'to have learned to speak  Armenian fluently in a fortnight, and  he preached in Georgian to a Georgian  congregation in the cathedral of Kutais.  ���������Saturday Review.  ,'    An Undesirable Dog".  MWhatdo you think of the dog?"  Basked the owner.7"   7  The dog fauoier merely glanced at  him and then shook his head. '   7  "He; migut do r pretty well in the  country somewhere or pretty far out in  the suburbs," he said, "but, he isn't  homely enough to ever bring much of a  price among the. dog owners of the  Eaehionable world. "���������Chicago Post,  An llonest Man.  "Now look here, Thompson," remarked Brown. "Jc has been six mouths  since you borrowed that ������5 from me."  "Seven," corrected Thompson grave-  ly.  "Well, then, seven months," snorted  Brown, "and yon promised to give it  back to me in a week���������promised faithfully, you did, to return me it in seven  days instead of months. "   ,  "I know it," -answered Thompson  sadly, drawing a .memorandum book  from his pocket. "That bill was series  F, No. 672,929, issue of 1887. I made  the note, and then I spent tho money.  Since then I've boon trying to recover  it."  "But," howled Brown, "any other  Would do as well."  "No," responded Thompson, shaking  hia head. "I'm a man of my word.  When you gave me the bill, I said 'I  will return this to you,' and I meant it.  Brown, old man, just as soon as I come  across No. 672.929, series F, issue of  1887, I'll see that yougot it, for I am  not the one to go back on my promise."  ���������"Editor's Drawer" in Harper's Magazine. "  No Reason to Hurry.  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"Gun cotton," sold on ordcanoe offic?r  a few days ago, "is by far tho safest of any  of tho high'explosives. That is tho rp.-ison  ft is choson instead of tho nitroglycerin  preparations, which, olthougli they will  products moro powerful effects, aro \ery  Sangcrous things to have on shipboard,  l'hoy can bo exploded too onsily by tho application of heat, by a shock and under  rarao conditions by spontaneous combu:;-  tion. But the gun cotton, so long us it, is  kept wet, is absolutely safo, and thero is  no trouble, about preserving tho necuisary  degree of moisturo."  Precisely tho B.iino opinion regarding  gun cotton as r.n explosive for naval warfare was expressed   by the superintendent;  of one of tho largest powder manufacturing firms.  "Sot only is gun cotton absolutely inert  '    nnd  harmless so long as  it is wet," he  said, 'but  it docs  not necessarily follow  that it will  oxplodo even when dry.    Of  oourse it is thon  much more liable to do  to, but if it is undisturbed in  any way a  considerable quantity of it might remain  dry without any nccidont.    In our works  wo aro extremely careful about tho way in  which  wo   handle  dry  gun  cotton,   but  ,   thero is no need of any precautions when  ,  It is wet.    On shipboard tho disks of dry  cotton which  aro  used ns primors to do-  .   tonato tho wet aro always kept away from  tho nuiynzlno, cither on deck or in ono of  tho cabins.    '  "Tho only danger from thom would bo  In caso thoy woro dropped whilo being handled. The result then would not always���������  perhaps not usually���������be an explosion, but  you nover can tell with cortainty. Ono of  the disks might bo dropped hulf a dozen  tlinos and not explode, aud the next tlmo  undor apparently tho same conditions it  would go off. As fur as boat is concerned,  If tho dry gun ootton is oxposod to a continued high temperaturo for a, long time,  It 'Is likely to decompose, undergoing  chemical ohangos whioh gonorato heat and  may go fair enough to cause spontaneous  combustion. But no such oondition is  possible) on a ship, because the gun cotton  Is always carried in tho torpedo heads and  Inspected regularly to seo thut it remains  wet. Tho heads aro praotieally airtight,  but if any cvuporntion'is noticed the cotton can bo dampened again by a regular  means urrangod for that purpose."  Tho proooss  by which  so common and  barmloss n substance as ootton is converted into a high explosivo is a comparatively  simple one.,   Puro raw cotton or ordinary  ootton wasto is stooped in a solution of ono  part of nitrio acid und  throe purts of sulphuric acid.    Tbo  nitrio aoid is tbe ono  which "renders the. cotton  explosivo, the  prosonco of  tho sulpburlo  boing required  only to absorb  tho water, thus allowing  the other ucid  to comblno  more readily  with  the  nearly puro oellulosobf  which  cotton   consists.    Aftor   the   cotton   has  conked in the aoids for several hours it is  taken from tbo pots and squoezed through  heavy rollors to oxtruct all tho superfluous  acid which it hns  not absorbed.    Thon it  is washed  carefully, and thoroughly, still  with tho same object of removing tho free  acid. If any of this remained, its tendoncy  would bo to cause chemical changes in the  gun cotton and decompose it.    Foriuorly  this washing wus tho last process resorted  to for tho-romovol of  tho frei'ncid,c'but a  few, years ago Sir Fredoriok Abul  fouud  that tho cells in tho cotton fiber so absorbed and rotainod tho noid  by capillary  attraction that tho washing failed  to extract it entirely. To romedy this nnd make  tho gun cotton more puro, it is now aftor  being washed  passed through a machine  similar to that which  grindss up tho rags  in a paper mill.    Ilore it is crushed thor-  pughly and afterward washed again until  tbo last trace of free aoid  disappears aud  tbo cotton com09 out in the form of a soft  Whito pulp, olosoly rosombling tho pulp of  Which paper is mado.  This conoludes the   process of  aotual  manufacture, and it now remains only to  convert tho gun ootton into tho most convenient form for tho uso to which it is to  be put.   If it is to bo employed in making  powder, it Is dried  and  stored away in  pulverlzod form, but if It Is designed for  filling torpedoes it must be compressed to  a certain  donsity and <- moldod into the  Bhnpes which  will  best enable it  to be  packed   into' tbo   torpedo heads.    Thoso  shapes vary according la the design of tho  torpedoos   and  tbe  method  of  paoking.  Somotimoa thoy arc disks and sometimes  cylinders, flat squaros or cubes. ,If uncompressed and dry, tho gun ootton would be  extremely light, woifj-hing no more than  ordinary cotton  batting, but whon  made  into the above formo it is compressed to  the densiDy of an  equal amount of water.    Tho percentage of moisture remaining in tho gun cotton when  it is packod  into torpedoes varies  between 15 and 80.  So safo from explosion, unloss detonated,  is n brick of wot gun ootton  that it may  be placed upon hot coals. As tho moisture  dries off from tha outside the ootton flakes  off and burns vip* quietly.    Porfootly dry  gun .cotton, whon   confined, in a strong  paso, will oxplodo with great violence if  exposed to a temperature of about 820 degrees P. ,  Detonation, or tho firing of explosives by  Intense shook, is a modorn mothod, for  until 80 years ago tbe application of hoat  was always used to bring about an explosion. It has now boon discovorod that detonation produces a more powerful offeot  than oxploston by moans of heat. In detonating tho wot gun cotton inthetorpodo  heads- the primor of dry gun ootton which  Is used weighs only a pound or thereabout.  It is placed in oontact with the wet mass,  which in a Whitehead torpedo consists  usually of about 250 pounds. Then, by  moans of a fuso and fulminate of mercury  cap, a flame is shot through tho disk of  dry gun ootton. This explodos instantly,  and with it tho entire muss of the wot cotton, producing tremendous results.���������New  "York Tribune.  50C. 50C.  GOLD-WATCH  FREE.  These watches are solid 14-carat  gold, and our usual list price for  them.here in England is ������5 ($25)  each, but to introduce our enormous Catalogue, we will send you  this watch free if you take advantage of our marvellous offer. If  you -rant one, write us without  dc-liy. With your letter send us  50 cents,. 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All ore and matter for  , ^ shipment from Nelson, Trail Creek and the Slocan '  must, and is now passing out this way to the main  line of the C. P. R., as well as all goods coming  . in from Revelstoke to the Kootenay country.  NOTE. To substantiate'this: The C. P. R.  are now putting in track weigh scales at Rosebery,  the first and only scales that has been put in on any  of the C. P. R. branches in Kootenay���������which  goes to show the importanc; of this point by the ^  Canadian Pacific Railway Company's actions.  Its Advantages as a Steamboat Point.  Rosebery claims, without opposition, of being  ��������� the only junction on the lake, unlike' Slocan City,  where you can step ofl the steamer to a waiting  train and continue your journey. ��������� You can take  either a north or south train at this terminus ��������� consequently Rosebery is the best transient town in  the race. Nevertheless we claim Slocan City  second in importance, and would say watch the  head and foot of Slocan Lake, viz.���������  ROSEBERY AND SLOCAN CITY.  Its Advantages as a Manufacturing  Center.  As a manufacturing center Rosebery claims to  have demonstrated the fact that after the careful  observation of the Denver (Colorado) Ore Coy's  manager, as the natural advantages of all points in  Kootenay for the treatment of ores the cheapest,  Rosebery was selected, and they now are erecting '  works, with a capacity of 250 tons per day, which  will be in operation within 90 days j and it is their  intention to pay out monthly in the vicinity of  $100,000. I might also add Rosebery has the  largest water power from' Wilson river flowing into  Slocan Lake.  AS TO GLIM ATE.  Rosebery claims the mildest climate on Slocan  Lake, from its admirable southern exposure and  absolute shelter from the north; snow always  leaves the place about the 15th of March.  AS A TOWNSITE.  As a townsite, Rosebery is without a peer. It  is possessed of all the flat land available at the  , mouth of the Wilson river leading to the valley���������  mining region���������consequently there is no danger of  any contagion. The title is a Crown Grant and  is perfect. All purchasers'of lots are safe in this  respect. The only safe speculative townsite in the  Slocan is Rosebery.  Why should I say the only safe speculative town-  site in the Slocan ? Because Rosebery business  lots to-day are only $150 to $200 each and are  bound to increase rapidly this summer. These  figures can, and will, double befor������. long. The  time to buy is now. Don't wait till they arc from  $700 to$i,ooo, asyou did in Slocan City last May,  go in on the ground "floor and make a few dollars  in speculation; if you want to invest go to Van-  couver or Winnipeg; if you want to speculate and  and clean up money go quick to Rosebery before  lots are out of sight.  "-v.  "1'"   "J'"''I  4        '  'til  keep it in  your mind  and when you ask  for "Athlete V  See that this is  what you get.  HP*.  4.  HP  4*1  What's Wanted in Rosebery.  We want a restaurant.   .       '  We want a good hotel right away.  We want a first-class general store.  We want a butcher shop. '  Anyone  looking for an  opening .spy out this  place at once. ���������'*/'���������  Maps and price-lists on application; prices run  from $75 to $200.  TERMS:    One-third   cash,  balance, 3  and 6  months.     For actual builders special terms can be   1  arranged for a few lots by applying to  A. M. BEATTIE, Genera! Agent; Rosebery.  4������  0^  ������������������*f������  M  fjv.   "      A.  p-tt*-.^.  f������ iV".������ ii  ���������"iSr*  4*$4^$n$4? ���������$������������������$> 4* ������$������ 4* 4,4,4.4,4,4,  r ? ^\*������'  1 >Vt-ij  II  , lr-.M*~ 1."  ,.-     *   v-i ���������. r-������      m -���������������      .        .1^������*1     ',   ,     |     T       ��������� J. ���������. -   -.r ������  , m   r       ������������������������     ^ ���������,  -  .��������� -'.   *���������. ���������   -*v_ r . - * -.  .it."   .     - ���������  -     \- i*-,t -.  ������        ���������_     -       i.li w-^  - -  -     , j -   . ,      . ..      *���������,  . .      i'Vi,      .    41   n  ������������������.    . v    1   ���������    a r ,  ,- ���������   -..*���������-   .      *.*,!       ������     f        iv    .   ..., rr-   .-,     .,- .- *.   -.      , ."ft   ������*������������������       ������������������ ���������������       ,l~ ���������,������.,*'   . ,    "       "     .. ' * '   v i������-f.������        ���������.���������      ,r H .     -      ,       ...     ->    -pi, ,       4 i ���������  .���������������.*%���������.  I-*.   -i. Jf*r. ������..���������������' 0    i   v,-lir_ *'.\'   ��������� i.-1 i. ���������    ���������",���������  ���������        r   ������������������ ������������������        *!i.-* ��������� ������������������ ������,     .   t'.1'������������������������<��������� ������  n.V i."''.'i   -,.*��������� - S5i>.*������������������. -V ..���������  - , j-   ��������� ���������   *.. J1*-.     ������������������.,..   '4 ,' ii --1 ���������'"��������� i ��������� -i������.;   -h.   -i* ��������� '��������� ���������>  * i i"   !*������������������'��������� *>r *,���������  ;  "^,    ,\J,     ���������."..   -���������   * . -������������������f-\ ��������� ,ivnk.", ���������     :^t e    ... i ���������>.'.  -    -. "l. ������    .   ������������������*   ������������������".   -'������ v.   * :   ���������! ��������� \        "~u   ,iK^.>  H<* ������������������ ��������� '���������    ���������'.     :"���������       ������������������������������������������������.*-. -  .���������������������������������  nc-f. rry f���������*������ ^ t-it.<**;���������; THE MINING REVIEW  SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 1898.  MOUNTAIN ECHOES.  Tommy Ryan wants to fight McCoy.  Bar silver is up to COc. and lead to  $3.S0.  Tha Spanish government is like that  , of B. C���������'"busted."  The hot weather appears to have  taken a slight tumble.  Two men fighting on, Reco Ave. on  Saturday and 200 spectators.  The rich strike reported around  Burton City is not panning out.  For cruelty to animals a Three  Forks man was fined $10 by the Beak  the past week.  Mr. Spencer will give a grand ball in  his hall the night of Sandoa'a big cel-  ;   ebration, Sept. 5.  Some ladies and gentlemen in a  canoe party got drenched ' in the lake  at New Denver the other day.  Antoino Brino is now in gaol at Nelson for, murdering another Italian  named Pneiro at Moyie City, on Sunday last.  Joseph Mi-Bride, a native of New  Castle, Eng., but a miner at the Queen  Bess.died this week of inflammation of  the bowels, and was buried at Isew  Denver.  Mrs. A. Sproat, New Denver, gave a  lawn partv in support of the brass  band. We will s>������on have a band here,  but e wdon't know so much about the  lawn party.  Be not deceived! A cough, hoarseness or croup are not to be trifllcd with.  A close in time of Shiloh's Cure will  save you much trouble. Sold at McQueen's Drug Store.  Cure that cough with Shiloh's Cure.  The best cough cure. Relieves croup  promptly. One million bottles sold  last year. 40 doses for 25 cts. Sold at  McQueen's Drug Store.  Dyspepsia cured.   Shiloh's Vitalize!-  immediately   relieves  sour   stomach,  earning up of food distress,  and is the  great kidney and liver remedy.   Sold  i    at McQueen's Drug Store.  The Payne 'is a heavy shipper, but  the types m..de us credit her with f extraordinary shipments last week. The  shipment via C. P. R. was 4S0 tons.  It is not the Kaslo Sun but the B. C.  News, of that place, that recently gave  up the ghost. The Sun is shining on  even more brightly than ever since  the funeral of its elder brother.  Even Joe Martin denounces f the  lieut.-governor for dismissing Mr. Turner. The Vancouver Province and the  Winnipeg Tribune are about the only  wester., papers that justify the dismissal.  A Revelstoke man was before the  Beak here this week as .a little demented. Closer investigation showed  that it was only the "usual weakness,"  and ho was given into the charge oi  his friends.  The Press Association of Spokane  are offering an outing to their brethren, including those of this province,  on the 25th. We will be there in  spirit���������we cannot spare dough enough  to go in the flesh.  Mr. McGregor, inspector,, says that  the mine owners of this camp, for the  most part, are taking every precaution  to prevent accidents and injuries to  their operatives. 7H>. has had to ofi'er  suggestions in but very few cases.,          .-���������....',      .'���������_���������..'��������� o  Some of our confreres talk of Sandon asi the '"Sunless City." ���������; Well,, we  don't require as much sun as the open-  faced towns on the lakes���������our streets  cover all shortage. The ordinary  gravelling Assays 75,oz. in silver and  55 per cent. lead..  Hazlewood Dairy ice-cream may be  '"the cream" but it 'aint in it with that  made at the Sandon dairy. So ������������������ say  those who invaded Mr. Tattrie's home  on Ti.ursday evening. What with ice  cream; cake(?), buttermilk, sweet milk  etc. the bachelors had quite' a lay-out  for their visitors.  Something unusual' for Cody���������A  wedding took place on Monday-;last  when Miss Nettie E. Hoerle' (Dryclen)  was married to CD. Blackwood, of  Toronto, the Rev. J. A. Cleland officiating. The invited guests were limited to the immediate friends of the  contracting parties.���������Com.  Tuesday, September 29th, is. the day  set by the government for the vote to  be taken on the plebiscite. On that  day the question of the liquor traffic  will be settled, and it depends on the  voters of the Dominion whether Canada is to become a prohibition country  or not. ..-'���������.  "Joe" Martin took the temperance  side, for which from habits he is preeminently well fitted, of a iiquor case  at Stevesou 'the'other day.'' During the  trial the contesting'lawyers got as far  as "liar, skunk, etc." in the legal vocabulary. All such, and these men  aim at becoming provincial premiers.  What next? . :������������������'...  While it is true that "A thing of  beauty is a joy forever," there would  be more general joy if our city fire bell  were put to some general use. It  would meet with general approval if it  rang at .7 and 12 a.m., and 1 and 6  p.m. Even if it were rung at 10:45  a.m. and 7:25 p. m. on Sundays, there  would be no ong to raise an objection.  The Hon. Geo. E. Foster on his visit  Saturday told a Review, reporter that  capital would rush to this camp at an  unprecedented rate, if the capitalists  of the world only knew what the established mines were doing aiid the  facility with which prospects can be  developed; and yet our city council  arc doing nothing to advertise tbe  facts.   :   '  The readiness with which some peo-  plcbite at anything new is astonishing. For instance, if a transient dealer  of any kind comes to town,paysa heavy  license hotel bill, travelling expenses  and rents, there are some who think  he can still offer bargains. ' Summed  up these exp nses may be 25 per cent.:  on his aggregate business, and 25 per  cent,on any eastern rates makes prices  much higher than local charges in  their normal way. There is no man  who can give lower prices than the  local dealer, well established in a regular trade.  Mr. Grimmett's cosy little cottage is  about nearing completion.  Mr. Smith has a letter from Mr.  Harris which says that gentleman will  likely reach home by the 15th of next  month.  The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist  church will serve lunch also refreshments, including ice-cream, soft drinks  etc., on Labor Day,  Ladies, take the best. If you are  troubled wii.li constipation, sallow  skin, and a tired feeling, takf* Karl's  Clover Tea. It is pleasant to take.  Sold at McQueen's Drug Store.  ,Karl's Clover Root Tea is a pleasant  laxative. Regulates the bowels, purifies the blood. Clours the complexion.  Easy to take and pleasant to take. 25  cts.   Sold at McQueen's Drug Store.  , Special music will be rendered in  the Methodist church to-morrow evening as follows: "Lead me gently  home," duett by Mesd.unes Nicholls  and Sanford and chorus by the choir.  Ant lem, "Sing of Salvation," bj the  choir.  Mr.'McCluskey, an old-time Sandon-  ite, has sold out his business here, and  left with hi.s family to-day ior Victoria  where he has bought out a business.  It is not. ini|.rob.ible that when all  their affairs are closed up that Mr.  Switzer may follow.  And so John L. Retall.ick lias gone  to Spokane to reside permanently.  Would not representing the Slocan by  way of Spokane be a nice thing'? The  fact of the matter is Mr. Retallack  nover cared a straw about the representation of the Slocan, and all he  wanted was M. P. P. after his name to  enable him to sell mining properties  in the east or elsewhere; but "he  cawn't due it ye kneow."  Up to writing, the new government  had not filled its three vacant portfolios ; but hope is expressed from ail  sides that the Dept. of Mines may be  given to Mr. Green. From business  and public experience he is, at least,  as qualified as any representative  looking for it, and our constituency  has claims altogether overshadowing  those of any other division, as to the  number of miners at work, the number  of dividend payers and shipping properties, the money invested etc., etc. It  is generally understood that the late  government acknowledged the superior  claims of the Slocan, in promising the  portfolio to Mr. Retallack.  ft TIRED ftPPE^'^  JUL  flPPirCflTlOH FOR REUEI1 OF LICENSES.  is as bad as a tired head or tired limbs. There comes a time  when you really don't know what you want, and that is the time  when you really want a cup o'f  to impart the necessary nourishment to the "run down" system  without overloading itj and giving the digestive organs more  work than they possibly can do.  BOVRIL  docs for the,system what nothing else will do.  It restores vigour, maintains health, and repels the attack, of  disease.  Suitable for young or old, the invalid and the athlete.  BOVR1L, Limited  Notice Is hereby given that at tha next  meeting ofthe Board of License Commissioners for the City of Sandon, I shall apply for a  renewal of my liquor license for'the Filbert  Hotel, situate on Keco Avenue. In the City ol  Sandon.  Sandon. June lGth. 1S!)S.  AV.M. SUDHOW.  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  O IS HONOUR the Lu*utenant-Gov-  ���������*-���������*��������� crnor Has been pleased to make  the following appointments:  30th June, 1S9S.  Alexander Sproat, of the Town of  New Denver, Esquire, to be a Gold  Commissioner at New Denver,a Stipendiary Magistrate within and for the  County of Kootenay, and a Deputy  Registrar or the Comity Court ol  Kootenay, holdcn at New Denver.  of Spex.  o Farringdon Street,  London, England.  ANIMALS AS MODELS.  Some of tho Experience* of an Artist In  Sketching From Life.  "Leaves  From  tho Skotchbook  of nn  'Animal Artist' " Is an article by Meredith  Nugent in St. Nloholas. Mr. Nugent says:  Thoro was an elophunt in tho Jurdin , dei-  Pluntcs  that would  not pose  unless  h<.  wore  paid  for  it, and  paid  in  advance  Then ho  took payment in buns  and pir  but it those were not forthcoming lio won)  deliboratoly walk to the farther end of th'  inclosuro  und  turn  his  back.    Tho only  way to got  a drawing of  this  bifi l'ellov.  was to ongago somoono to feed him mean  whilo.  In tho same gardens I saw an unusu.ill;  interesting sight ono morning. A liiiil  sun bear with a largo marrow bone in In-  shaggy pnws was resorting to all sorts o'  bear (U'viuos to got tho sweet marrow.  Suddenly he lay down on his back, placed  one end of thu bono in his jaws and wit!  his hind paws tippod tho othor ond of iii;  bono so high up that tho ohoico morsel  slipped into his mouth. If tho animal could  only havo understood the shouts of upprov  al that greoted this performance, I think  it would havo turned his head.  As n rule, I find tho models very good  natured. Truo, thoy keep.a sharp oyo on  xne for the first few days, but after that  are generally quite friendly. Of courso  there aro somo parts of the business they  do not liko. The oriole never was happy  whon I held him in my hand for close inspection, but a beautiful oat which rebelled when I first placed her in a birdcage, to keep her in front of mo, grew so  fond of hoing thero that after I finished  my drawings she cried and oried to be put  baok into tho cage. ,     '  Intense curiosity is the great characteristic of animals when in the studio. Thoy  are as muoh Interested in you and the surroundings as you are in them. This is  especially the case with birds. Leave tho  studio but a fow minutes, and those two  legged fellows are hopping into everything. Of courso thoy inspeot the papor  on which you have boon drawing, and the  paints, and the-.brushes' and occasionally  vary those proceedings by taking a bath  in tho water bowl.  25 and 27 St. PeLer Street,  Montreal, Canada.  Nine-tenths of nil  the snfferi* 3 and  disease in tho world  comes from the kidneys. "Yet. liow'few  people there aro who  take nny care of those  delicate littleorgans  Backache, lame  back.headaches, li-,t-  lessness, all signs of  kidney trouble, aro  almost universal.  Doan's Kidney PI!Is  Tone and regulate the kidneys and help  them to throw off tho poisons from tho  system. '  Mrs. A. Hi-own, 1'. O. Box 200, Diestlcn,  Out., hays: "Kor yours I sulTored from  dropsical trouble which eiuisca" mc nmclr  clititi'ass. I hoard of Donu's Kidney X'ills  and got a box of them at Swiixcr's Drug  Btoro. Boforo commencing to tako them  I was umiblo to button my shoos on  account of my swollen condition', but by  tho time I had finished tho fust box I could  do this without incouvci/ionce. J have now  taken a beeoml box and havo no hesitancy  in recommending Doan's Kidney Pills for  any Kiduoy or Dro|isiciil trouble."  Prico .lOc. a box, 3 for -31.23, all Drupgists.  The Doan Kidney Pill Co., Toronto, Out.  Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE.  Victoria Xo.fi Mineral Claim situate in the  Sloran .Mining Division ol West Kootenay District, about one-half mile from  Sandon nnd northeast of the Argo Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I. .J. 51. If. Fnlrbairn, act-  inna<5agont for O. I). Mellariln, F. M. C,  Sflill A; T.l*. Dili ham, 1OJ.0., 20(1 IS A; Thomas  Milne, l'\M.C.,!)iri A; Thomas Irwin. K.M.C.,  111 17 A; G- D. Scott. F.M.C..S505 A; A. R. Johnston,KG. :\l.,rvJ!U^ Iv.Luli-mon, ,.\:*,I.C..'131 A,  intend, sixty dajs Irom the date hereof lo apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  ot Improvements, ior the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant ol the above claim"  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must, be commenced before tho  issuance ol such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this lllhduy of Juno, 1S0S.  HOME RULE MINERAL CLAIM.  AT THE   HOTELS.  Reco���������S. S. Arnold, S. Caulson, V. L.  Oaulson, XV. M. Sir.ith, A. E. Kennedy,  J. D. Parker, Toronto; J. A. Lcschcn,  St. Louis; N. Kwong, Whitewater; L.  Pelker, Dawson; Judge Spink, D. E.  Gellattley, Vernon; W. S. Drewry, H.  B. Seholey, C. R. Mack. J. Lucas, M. A.  Buck, E. J. Field, A. Lucas, Kaslo; W.  I-I. Keany, New Westminster; G.Dunn,  B.'Irundell, Montreal; E. T. Husscy,  Everett; H. H. Wells, J. E. Vic is, Victoria; G. Weils, San Francisco; T. C.  Gray, Banthrane, L. Hill, J. Jonr-s, H.  Cepcrley, Vancouver; H. E. Beasley,  W. V. Robertson, T. R. Tutcher, 1\  Burns, Nelson; M Downey, Troy; J. S.  Lawrence. Nakusp; L. J. Hamilton,  AloGnigan; A. R.Jorand, F.J. Finni-  cane, W. A. E. Koch, G. HnyJnrd, H.T.  Twifrg, New Denver; W. Iiiltsburn, R.  E.Brown, Dr. H. B. Luhn, ,W. .11.  Young, Mrs. H.B. Luhn. Miss Higgins,  Miss E. Luhn, C. Stratton, J'. A. Finch,  Spokane; W. H. Eord, A.C-. McDonald,  Kamloops; E. Holt, London.  Goodenough���������J. E. Jackson, Aurora;  ���������K. C. Jennings and wife, Victoria;- E.J.  Mathews, Pilot Bay; F. C. Wilmer,  Silver Hustler; Frank White, Toronto.  Hotel Sandon ���������N. Gething, Slocan  City ; N. Darling, A. E, Frelman, Vancouver ; W..S. Jones, ReveJstokc; R.  Gordon, Rosebery.  Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of  "WcstKootnna*, District. Where located:  About two miles above Cody and adjoining the Greenhorn Mineral Claim on the  north east.  TAKE XOTICK that, T, Martin L. Grimmett  as 'agent lor Michael McAndrews.Krce Miner's  Certificate, Xo, 23(19 A, Intend sixty days Irom  date hereof, to apply to tho Mining Recorder  for a Certificate .of Improvements lor the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Gront on the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  Section ;17, must bo commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate ol Improvements.  Dated this 13t,h day of.July, ISfJS.     ,  M. L. GRIMMETT.  GREAT MUSIC OFFER.  Send us the names and addresses of  three or more performers on the piano  or organ, together with ten cents in  silver or postage, and we will mail you  five pieces full sheet music size, consisting of popular songs, waltzes,  marches, etc., arranged for the piano  and organ.    Address,  Chicago Book & News Co ,  215-221 Wabnsh Ave.,    Chicago, 111.  M. L. Grimmett, ll. b.  BARRISTER,      SOLICITOR,      NOTARY  PUMilC,  E'lO.  Sandon,    B. C.  in*ri������*M.*,i*n.ruM.*i,rtl-i**ui,M  THE....  SANDON, B. C.  STlirCTJjY  Fl IvST-CLASS.  Furnished Rooms.  Bruce White.  N. J. Cavanaugh.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  She Believed In Presents.  An old woman in Orkney was noted for  selling whisky on tho sly. Her.houso v>as  a few milos from the town, and thu exei e  officers had often tried, but in vain, to get  her'.convicted.- A young. officer'was 'appointed to the place, who said, on being  told about hor, that he would' soon, sccurb  licr'conviction.' 'Early one, morning he  left .homo and nrrfvecl at the old w'oiuniils  house' at seven .o'clook. Walking in, lio  saw norma Noticing a bull oh the table,  ho rang it. Tho old woman hpponred, nnd  ho asked for a glass of milk. After a little  lie rang aynin, and thu old woman up-  'pen'rud. lie asked if sho had any whisky.'  '���������'Aye, sir,"-stii) said, "wo aye have sonic  in thu bot.tlo,"' sotting it down boforo him.  '���������'���������it, tlKiiikhig liur, ho laid down n sov-  ....!. !), wl'.ieli shu took and walked out  7i:.r���������liolj.'in'u- liitiisclf ho rang and asked  iji" thu bliiingu. "(.'luinge, sir," said th,--  old woman; " tiiure's-iiii'o change. We ha-  -.���������'ill* Iii.-ii.'.-:u. l''ati wu gie we giu in iirosimis;  ���������at we ink' v."U ������ak. .in -presents.     So   good  FOR OVER FlI'Tv. VKAliS. :     :.'  ,  Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been  used by millions of mothers for thoir children  while teething. If disturbed at night and  broken of your rest by a sick child, suffering  and crying with pain of cutting teeth. Send  at'once and get a bottle of "Mrs. Winslow's  Soothing Syrup" for children teething. It  will relievo the poor little sufferer immedial-  ly. Depend upon it, mothers, there is ho  mistake about It It cures diarrhoea, regulates  the stomach and bowels, cures Wind Colic,  softens theguins and reduces Inflammation,  and gives tone aud energy to the system.  "Mrs.Winslow'sSoothing Syrup" for children  teething is pleasant to the taste and Is the  prescription of one of the oldest and best  femalephyslc.ians and nurses in tne United  States. Price twentv-live cents a bottle.  Sold by all druggists throughout the world.  Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing  Syrup."  Deloraine and Boulder No. 2 Mineral Claims  situate in the Slocan  Mining Division ol  West Kootenay District.    Where located:  On west fork of Cody crook, onu-hall mile  from Noonday Mine.  Take notice that  I, J. M. It.  Fairbalrn, ol  Kaslo,   D. a,  acting as agent for  P.   Hums  J'ree Miner's Certificate Xo.KJOSA.intend sixty  dars from the date  hereof,  to  apply  to   the  Mining Recorder lor a Certificate ot Improvements, ror the purpose ol obtaining n Crown  Grant, of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,.must be commenced before tho  issuance o! suehCertllicate of 1 mprovemenls.  Dated this 11th day of August, lflilS.  J.-JIi-R, FAIRBAIRX. 1>. L. S.  WHITE & CAYANAUGH  Manufacturers of and dealers  in Rough and Dressed Lumber a specialty.  Estimates furnished.  Contractors and Builders.  OFFICE AND MILL, CODY, B.C.  Certificate of Improvements.  sir."  il'.ii.-r  ...:i:iu.  The excise man' loft tho '-lior.'s-;  but- wiser,   personage.���������-Strand  ' Liiic'iln'M  Kiiidiie.Sr; to TCirriH.  , Tin--Ifiilbv. i.'i.g i.ii i:!i'iit is related hy one,  .vliij know jjim'-ulii and whu-nt tliii time oi  ...io iiiciviitnt was his fclluvv l-rnvulur:  "Wo piii-setl7through a,  thicket of   will*  iltim nnd'. urabappln  trees and   sto|;piil U  ��������� iii' our Iii.-rsu.-s.     One of thu puny cami  . ,-Iijiki and we inquired, "'Wliuru is Lin-  ;-jlh?-'  " 'ph.,' he replied, 'when I saw him lust  ho had caught two young birds which thi  wlrul had blown nut of their nest, and hi  wus hunting for the nest, time lie miylit  puttlium back i.u it.' "���������Woman's Journal  An Easy One.  Another problem has boon handed iii fot  mathematicians to struggle with. No  answers are wanted in this ailice. We  have problems of our own. Toll tho answer to the policeman. ���������"A man owed ������1  and had but 75 cunts; Ho wont to the  pawnshop and pawned the 75 confcs for 50  cents. Hornet a-friend and sold him the  pawnticket calling for 75 cents for 50  cents. IIo thus had two 50 cent piocus���������  $1, iu fact���������with which ho paid his debt.  Was anybody out, and how muchf"���������  Minneapolis Journal.,  Tho smallest- horse in the world is a  -l;<:tlii!id pony owned by the Marchoso  ".���������ircano, in JMilun. It is 24 inches high,  i....! win*!', standing boside its owner the  ...j'a baok is only an inch above his knee.  "For over eleven years I suffered  terribly with' Dyspepsia and tried everything .1 could think of, but got no relief  until I started using Burdock Blood  Bitters. I had only taken one bottle  when I commenced to feel better, and  after taking five or six bottles was  entirely well, and have been, so ever  since. I feel as if B. B. B. had saved  my life."   Mrs. T. G. Joyce, Stanhope,.  Que- ''���������'��������� ���������-���������.'���������   ,  B. B. B. cures Biliousness, Sick  Headache, Sour Stomach, Dyspepsia, Constipation, Coated Tongue,  Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Kidney  Disease, and makes the blood  rich, red and pure. It is a highly  concentrated vegetable compound.  One teaspoonful is  the dose for adults;  io to 30 drops for  children. Add the  water yourself.  _,''!���������������'��������� 77'  ....-   .NOTICE.-' '��������� ;������������������'  'Elvira Mineral Claim silua'lo in the Slocan  Mining Division ofAVest Kootenay District. ' Where located ." ' On Hayne- T-Iill,  northwest of Rulo about,. 2,000 foot above  Carpenter. Creek. '  Take notice that I..T.:M. R. Fairbalrn. act-  ng as agent for G. D. McMartin and T. P.  Durham. Kree Miner's Certificates, NTos. 5ti91A  nnd 2001S A. intend, sixty days Irom lhe date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder lor a  Certificate of-Improvements, for the purpose  orotitainlng a Crow*-'Grant of the above  claim.. .        < ���������������������������'���������.������������������ 1'   ������������������. 1   .���������  And further,take notice that action, under  Section 37, must  be  commenced   belore   the  Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements  Dated this Uth uay or June, 18US.  ACJENTS.���������Book business is better than for  years past; also have better and faster sell-,  lug books. Agents clearing from $10,000 to  S 10,000 week 1 v. A few leaders aro: "Queen  Victoria," "Life of Mr. Gladstone," "My  Mother's Bible Stories," 'Progressive Speaker," "Klondyke Gold Fields," "Woman,"  "Glimpses ofthe Unseen," Breakfast, Dinner  aud Supper," "Canada: an .Encyclopedia."  Books on time. .Outfits free to canvassers.  THE BRADLEY-GARItETSON" CO.. Limited,  Toronto. . .   ,,,  P  1  ^0  HOME WORK ?iMiLiES.  A\re want a number of families to do  work for us nt home, whole or spare  tline. The work, we send our workers  is quickly and easily done, and returned by parcel post as finished.. Good  money made at home. For particulars  ready to commence send name and  address. TUB STANDARD SUPPLY  CO., Dept. B., London, Ont.  W.  McCabe, Esq., Managing Director  North American Life Assurance Co., Toronto, Ont.  Dear Sir :  Of the three options at my disposal in regard to my matured 15-year investment policy for -fS.SOO, viz :  Jst, Cash "r3,79S 88  2nd, Paid-up Insurance  '.1,295.00  3rd, Life Annuity      259 50  t. I. have decided to take the first, and hand you my.discharge in exchange  ior your check, In terminating the contract'! which has given mo reliable Life  Insurance-for fifteen'years'for. $2,500, and in addition returns me all my payments with compound interest added, at a rate within a very small fraction ol  5 per cent. I can only remark that my expectations have btien more than  realized, and that tlie whole transaction from beginning to end has been of tlin  most satisfactory character. Yours truly,    ���������"'.''  li. A. Pvnk, Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, Toronto.  For rates and full particulars apply to ���������"'.." ' 4.      ���������  S. G. FAULKNER, Provincial Manager, Vancouver:  B  Having opened business in the  premises opposite the Clifton house, I  am prepared to do all kinds of Boot  and Shoe Making and Repairing in the  latest and neatest style.  A trial order solicited. Sitisfaction  guaranteed.  NO ORDER TOO SMALL  AND NONE TOO LARGE.  LOUIS, THE SHOEMAKER.  Louis Hupperten.  YOUNG  OR OLD  Suflciing from DRAINS, LOSSES, WEAK' BACK,  IMPOTENCY, VARICOCELE, etc., I say to you man  to man, as physician to patient, DRUGS NEVER CURE;  Why not use nature's- own 'remedy���������  <P  With my Electric Belt and  Supporting  Suspensory, I cured  5,000  last  year.    Book, "THREE   CLASSES   OF  MEN," explaining all, sent sealed  free upon request.    Or, if you do ri'of live near by,  drop in and. consult me  free of charge., .      ' :'   ' .'���������'?���������'  (There is but one genuine Electric Belt, and that is the Sanden.   Don't be  V   .,      . ���������������, ,...... .._:,._,.���������___     T ,._..��������� i.���������,i 9������ .���������>��������� ������^������������������;������������/.o   and  deceived by cheap, worthless imitations.    I have  control patents covering, overy part of my belt,  had 30 year's experience,  DR. R. SAPEN, 106 St, James Street, Montreal, fine,  Do your Eyes tire easily ?        If So, You Need Glasses.  Do your Eyes burn ?        If So, You Need Glasses.  Does the type become blurred in reading?   ,    If So, You Need Glasses.'  Do you suffer from frontal headache ?        If So, Glasses Will Help You.  Do you know if you have normal vision ?       Jf Not "We Can Inform You.  IT WILL COST YOU NOTHINQ���������-<-  Q. W. QRinflETT,  JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN.  Sandon.  AND OTHER INVESTMENTS.  Every Representation Guaranteed.  SANDON, B. C.  I. O. O. F.  Silver City Lodge, No. 39. meets every Friday evening.nt 7.30 o'clock,In Crawford's hall.  Jl. h. GTUMMKTT, N. G.  X. J. GARBUTT, V. G.  A. HAW.mV, Hec. Sec.  All sojourning brothers cordially Invited  to attend.  . AG 11NTS.���������"The best hlle ol Her Majesty, I  have seen," writes Lord Lome about /'Queen  Victoria." Agents make live dollars dally.  Outfit iron. BKAWjEY-GAIIIUSON CO..  Limited, Toronto.  7,7*2  I do not writ^fo ��������� ���������   W   i;  I am no idlQ railer 1    v  But I write to tell the stor^      -  Qf tlie 'lambnKl^  We're making clothes for the very fees<  A nice Tweed Suit or a j^ne^r^est;;;:  We have clothing for every taste>v  '   7  Grive lis a call; 7jour time we> don't, waste.  4 fFIT   WE'GUARANTEE.  Just come and have a^ trial, 7   -,  And then my friend you'll see,      ^  We make clothes to fit all shapes  At prices to^ suit the brave and free^  K00TEN/?T'5 TAILORS.  WHEN IW SANDON STOP AT THE  ���������>   -S  -��������� :t5aa xiuiN p tsr V.  Headquarters for Mining  and Commercial Men.  Bates $2.50 to $4.00 per day.  . *** .  -.. ��������� ,���������;  E. CUNNING, Proprietor.  I  t  |  tflflaWl^iit^^  M Sandon, Rossland, Kelson, Kaslo, Pilot Bay and Three FopIs.  SasdOB. Slecai City,  ."H  k   Uf.  1-     t  --���������,-. .-������������������ ^rm-r    ...... -~r ,���������.    ������������������������ -nril-i tfrV "' -pir-^-^ . J,~i^��������� ���������I, ���������, I V ��������� ' ��������� ������������������- r���������1 ���������f-l   TT~i -I���������������-T "' -T-���������F VT ,1���������, ��������� ���������. ��������� ���������,   t ^ rTP'"-'"-*!'   ."?"*"������"    1     l������ ���������  l   ������������������    f-^-f    TT*"      r       Bl-11.���������iwi-J,"   11     '���������        ���������      i   ������\ ��������� ���������������������������������������������������������-- |-11 V���������*������������������1^-1      r-1 -������'; * -   j f l"-*r" nr       "] S"   ���������" iTpTT"! ^TT"* ���������   .M ,���������,-������-���������,.,���������.  T* ���������      , - *    - f' I i J ���������,.���������"������������������      ,   . ���������' II, ������       ���������    f r       ���������     i^. ���������������       '       il    ,.��������� , '      ���������   '*7i   ."    '   ,      lT.      '" T       l >      ** ������ l'.j   ���������      r".       I     ���������**        ������ ' j     -, f       'V    .  *"������ j '   .   "i* ���������  . ���������"        ' .* ������       s 'J


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