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The Miner Jul 29, 1898

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 Daily Edition No. 70.
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, July 29, 1898.
Eighth Year.
A Shop unequalled anywhere. A Pattern after which all others model. Employing experienced workmen who are
specialists. Make a shoe complete. Replace any worn oui pari. No delay nor
long waiting, Every job satisfactory or
110 pay. Half soling and heeling from
Best Leather at Lowest Prices. Free
Laces. Free Patent Buttons. Free
Hutton Hooks.
T IP.*.^ A  H ���. .!��� ~  O   **��� ~     ��� BLACK   &   FANCY ���
PARASOLS at      I
<f * kid gloves. * I DRY goods. X Reduced
���������������������� �������������*����������� ������4.4^4.4
! Grand July Clearance Sale!
Prices, t
We will offer for the next ten days all of our entire stock
at reduced   prices   with   Special   Reductions   on   the
.  .  .  following' lines .   .   .
4 Summer Dress Goods.
��� "Warm Weather Fabrics.
T Ladies Shirt Waists.
m Ladies' 1) & A Corsets.
(J Ladies' and Children's  Undervests.
T Ladies' Silk and Kid Gloves,
4 Ladies' Silk and Alpaca Skirts.
��� Sailor Hats, Half Price.
Men's Underwear.
Men's Washington Ties.
Men's Negligee Shirts.
Men's Fancy Oamhric Shirts.
Men's Black Sateen Shirts.
Men's Duck and Flannel Suits.
Men's Straw Hats.
Men's Pants and Overalls.
! Our Stock is (ompfete in House Fumisfiings. 1
Baganli-i Iluiii-riil or un 1 ml, r,nm.Iini;���
Tlir Publli- In Calm.-Proponed Dip-
luninllr Mi-pi.���Revival or t'urllitt
Agllttllou In Nnvnrir.
Loudon, July 28.���A special despatch from Madrid says:
The government does not conceal
that it hesitated for some days to go
beyond an official exploration at Wash-
iutou, because the diplomatic agents
employed to mako the soundings gave
conflicting accounts of President Mc-
Kinloy's disposition. One represented
him as eager to terminate the war on
moderate conditions, the other that the
most onorous conditions would be im-
posed.so much so that the Madrid government thought it useless to sue officially.
When, however, it, was seen that the
American war preparations eontinu 'tl
Duke Alniodovar do Rio, minister of
foreign affairs, was instructed to
sond the note. Tlie cbainet met on
Woduosday evening to deliberate as to
the best means and ehannel ot negotia
tions. Paris Fund London were, both
diaoussed, No decision was arrived
at, but a majority favored sending
Senor Moret, former minister of tho
colonies, on a special mission to London to negotiate the treaty ot peace
with Ambassador Hay.
Official fooling favors direct* negotiations without interference from outsiders. Thero is little doubt (hat if
President McKinley's reply proves an
aoCeptable basis, the negotiations will
not be protracted,since Spain for many
reasons is desirous of speedy settlement, and uot. least* so because at the
present moment public opinion is
calm. After today's cabinet council
Senor Sagasta, the premier, said he
had grounds for hoping that an understanding would bo arrived at, but could
say nothing definite.
El Imparcial says that tho Carlist
agitation whieh at lirst appeared to
be tramped out has recommenced in
tho provinco of Cuenca and in parts of
Will Not Permit the United  States to
Havo a Weather Station.
Washington, July 28.���The govern-
i ment of Hayti has declined to permit
, the United States to establish a
weather station ou its domain. Its
J action follows a roquost for this privi-
I lego made by the secretary of ^stato at
1 the instance of the secretary of agri-
I culturo,   with an  express explanation
of its purposes, and the Haytinu government would bavo got ib,, benefit
of the United States weather service.
All of the other governments ap-
proaohed for authority to establish
weather stations have agreed, including San Domingo.
Spain     Will     Probably     Receive   an
Answer ou Friday or Saturday.
Washington, July 28.���Secretary of
State Day was eloseted with President
McKinley for less than half an hour
this afternoon over the. response to
Spain's note suing for peace. When he
left the White house Mr. Day announced that the reply of this government would be given'to Spain on Friday or Saturday Meantime its tenor,
so far as the administration is ablo to
do so, is to be closely guarded from
the public.
Toronto, July 28.���Horse dealers report a great scarcity of first-class coach
and draught horses. It is with difficulty that a decent shipment can bo
collected in the province, although
prices of first-class animals are quite
satisfactory. The demand for high
elass horses is as great as it has ovor
been, and prices are just as high.
Ottawa, July 28.���Washington and
New York despatches have given
August 10 as the dato of the Quebec
conference. The Canadian government has fixed no time definitely for
the event, but if August 10 suits the
convenience of Lord Herschell and the
American commissioners thoy will acquiesce. Herschell left New'York yesterday for Ottawa, but has not yet
Toronto, July 28.���Grand Chief
Sargent of tho order of Locomotive
Engineers and Fireman Clark of the
Conductors havo been conferring with
President Hays of lhe Grand Trunk
here for the past two days on matters
affecting internal relations Tho conference broke up today without result.
Hays went to New York to meet- President Rivers-Wilson, tind (lie visiting
delegates went home.
July 28.���At Buffalo���Buffalo 5,
Syracuse 1.
At Louisville���Louisville (I, Now
York 4.
At Cincinnati���Cincinnati T, Brooklyn 1-
At Pittsburg���Pittsburg 0, Philadelphia 7.
At St. Louis���St. Louis 2, Boston 0.
Toronto, July 28.���Ingersoll town
council has requested Chief of Police
Skewing*' resignation on account of
friction with the police committee,
His dismissal will bo threshed at a
public meeting Friday night.
Tbo Philippine*  um   Probably  be Len
wiib   Rpalu.���Strong   Opi>o.iltlom  to
i els simiiisti prru Approve*.��� Spun
i ii Account or <���������' itiiiiii' <>r vntum-ii.
Washington, July 82.���The terms
which the United States will find ac
oeptable as a basis of peace are being
reduced to form by Secretary Day, the
president having reached a conclusion
on their outlines. The terms wero the
formal subject of interest and discus
sion in official circles today. There is
the best reason to believe after the full
conferences the president has had individually with the members of his
cabinet that ho has already mado up
his mind, aud that Secretary Day has
even now practically reduced to form
the reply the United States will make
to tho Spanish government's overture
through Ambassador Cambon.
The point that seems to be opon to
au amendment of an extensivo character is the disposition of the Philippines. While the administration has
not failed to take notice of the extent
of the demand for their acquisition by
the United States exhibited in certain
sections of the country,it can bo stated
that the conclusion has beeu reached
to abide by its first decision on this
point, namely, to relinquish the
islands, retaining a coaling station
there surrounded by a sufficient zono
of land to make it self supporting. It
is possible, though not probable, that
its decision may be again changed before the cabinet disposes of the matter
tomorrow, us strong influences are at
work to inducjjthe pr-esidont to insist
upou the substitution of, at leaBt, an
independent government over tho Philippines, for Spanish rule.
If this |point^ should be difficult of
settlement the answer to Spain may
not bo rendered, but may have to wait
upon another cabinet meeting next
week. Tho report from Madrid toward
the close of tho day that the newspapers there had given their approval
to the terms of peace described by the
president went toward relieving a certain feeling of discouragement tbat
was manifested at the opening of the
day, for it was patent that members of
the administration apprehended a rejection of their demands by Spain at
the beginning.
It may be pointed out in this connection that if we really aro as near to
peace as many people believe, it will
become necessary to issue a call for an
extra session of the senate to act
promptly upon the peace treaty. No
word camo from General Miles today,
and the war department assumes that
he is pursuing his advaiico across the
island of Porto Rico towards San Juau.
They attach little credence to the
Spanish account of tho battle of
Yacuaco, resting confident in the belief
that when the facts are known it will
bo found that this victory is of the
Spanish type, resulting m the complete
success of tho American commander.
Reinforcements are now arriving to
support Miles, and before this week is
over the campaign will bo in full
A Carlist  Rising Would  Probably  Be
Unsuccessful���Press  Opinions,
London, July 28.���Tho Madrid correspondent of tho Daily Mail remarking" the feelings of satisfaction and relief that peaco overtures have produced, '' says:
'' There is littlo probability of popular discontent and none at all if Spain
is allowed to retain the Philippines
and is not compelled to pay indemnity.
Tho attitude of the poople makes the
chances of Don Carlos small. Moreover, the Carlists are said to diasgree
about the advisability of rising, tho
Marquis do Corrablo and others opposing the step. Nevertheless, it is feared
that Don Carlos will insist upou it. "
Tho Madrid correspondent of tho Daily
Telegraph says : '' However unpalatable
the terms of waco may be, thoy will
uot provoke tlie slightest disturbance
in Spain, where listless indifference is
The Berlin correspondent of the
Times says: "Tho terms of peace
which America has imposed occasions
surprise here as much too hard. "
Tho National Gazette remarks that
the United Slates havo not won a victory signal enough to warrant such
hard terms, and expresses the opinion
that the prospects of peace aro consequently gloomy.
The Times, commenting upon thc
suggestion of the National Gazette,
"This suggestion from a .would-be
friend of Spain shows that theso critics
entirely fail to grasp tho military
significance of  America's sea  power.
Only by prompt and straightforward
dealings with President McKinley can
Spain urevent the advance of the
American army."
The Vienna correspondent of the
Daily Telegraph says the projoct of a
European conference regarding the
Philippines was brought forward long
ago, aud there is every prospect tbat
tlie conference will meet in Paris.
Captain Smith  Publishes  His   Report
of the Collision.
Halifax, N. S., July 28.���Captain
Smith, R. N. R., government wreck
commissioner, made public today his
report on the result of tho inquiry into
the causes of the collision betweeu the
French steamer La Bourgoyne uud the
British ship Cromartyshire, whioh resulted in the loss of the former vessel
with over 500 on board. Captain
Henderson and the officers of the
Cromartyshire were declared free from
responsibility for the disaster and their
conduct after the collision was pronounced to have been praiseworthy.
As for the La Bourgoyne, the evidence, it is asserted, is clear that instead of endeavoring to avoid the
Cromartyshire, she made no effort to
do so. She was running, too, at a veiy
high rate of speed when she should
have only maintained a moderate rate
on account of the thick fog which prevailed. Besides she was a long distance out of the course laid dowu in
the Atlantic pilot chart.
Captain Smith expresses the opinion
that it is desirable that new routes be
selected for passenger steamers to aud
from American ports. These routes,
he says, should be established by law
aud adopted by the governments of
various nationalities and should be
laid down where the least amount of
fog would be met.
Sterling Exchange Sells Freely Owing
to the Absence of War Tax.
London, July 28.���Considerable interest was taken today in foreign exchange banking circles in the sale of
Canadian-London sterling exchange in
thia city by .the agents and representatives of the Canadian U��uks at lens
than the ordinary market rates for
sterling exchange by reason of its not
being subject to the United States in
ternal revenue duties of four cents for
each $100, which is equivalent to a tax
of $2 ou $1000.
Foreign bankers said they were satisfied from their own knowledge that,
since the tax went into force at least
three or four times as much Canadian
sterling exchange had been sold in this
city compared to the amount usually
sold beforo the first of July, the date
on which the law became operative.
They did not believe, however, that it
was sold by or for the agents of the
four Canadian banks doing business
here regularly, but was sold by brokers
representing several Canadian banks
that have no regular agencies here.
Chamberlain Replies to Questions on
the Newfoundland Difficulty.
London, July 28.���Replying in the
house of commons today to Sir Charles
Dilke, who asked what answer the
French commodore gave to the British
protest against the tearing down of
huts at Flat bay, Newfoundland, by
the crews of warships for illicitly
packing lobsters, the secretary of state
for the colonies, Joseph Chamberlain,
said the commodore had not admitted
it was au infringement of the treaty
of Utrecht. Her Majesty's government,
Mr. Chamberlain added, was considering the appointment of a commission
to inquire into the shore question.
He   Sends  a  Jocular  Message to  the
Foreign Athletes.
Hamburg, July 28.���The Hamburger
Nachrichten says: Priuce Bismarck's
condition still gives employment to his
physicians, but there is no ground for
anxiety. The pain from which ho has
beeu suffering continues, but the last
two nights have been comparatively
good. His appetite begins to improve
and his spirits are good.
Wheu told yesterday that tho foreign
athletes had called at the castle to pay
their respects, ho said: 'Toll them I
myself have been standing ou my
head for a week.''
M. Lockroy Will Legislate for the Safeguarding of Ocean Navigation.
Paris, July 28 ���M. Edouard^Lock-
roy, minister of marine, has decided
to order a fresh inquiry into the loss
of La Bourgoyne. If, as it is feared,
any of the "crew failed to do thoir
duty, they will be punished. M.
Lockroy has also decidod to submit to
the chamber of deputies a bill providing means for the better safeguarding
of ocean navigation.
Port Arthur, July 28.���D. D. Mann,
of Messrs. Mackenzie & Mann, arrived
by tho steamer Alberta this morning.
He will be bere for three or four days
to look after the Rainy River railway.
The Italian (.oiiriiiiniil Point*', Uut She
Hud Dae Notlee.-The Italian Ail-
miral'l III lui 11 inn. Villon Fever In
Washington, July 28.���The demand
of Italy upon Columbia for tho settlement of the Cerotti claim has not yet
been complied with, and although
some progress has been made towards
au adjustment there is still a possibility that the case may assume a grav e
aspect through the action of the Italian
fleet sent to demand a settlement some
days ago.
Colombia made an offer to settle if
the Italian fleet left Colombian waters,
thus relieving the republic from tho
humiliation of acting under pressure,
but it is understood that tho Italiau
government pointed out that Colombia
had been informed of the proposed arrival of the squadron and therefore had
time for the execution of tho award
and thus to eliminate every appearance
of coercion.
It appears, however, that the instructions to the Italian admiral gave
him discretion as to his mode of proceeding, and allowed him to give due
courtesy to Colombia should time be
asked. For that reason the admiral
fixed a period of 20 days within which
the claim should be paid. Whether the
ultimatum was accepted or not is not
clear, but in view of Italy's position,
the action of the admiral appears to be
very near an ultimatum to Colombia.
Colon, Colombia, July 28.���It is reported from Cartagena that four eases
of Sporadic yellow f��ver brve been discovered among American's who recently arrived there. Future arrivals
���will be subjeot to strict quarantine.
The Italian squadron was still there
Berlin, July 28.���The Loudon correspondent of the Cologne Gazette says :"
"I learn that the ��� United States recently requested Italy to abstain from
forcible measures to compel Colombia
into oompliance with Mr. Cleveland's
award in the Cerutti caso, promising
American influence te secure the payment, "
Italy replied that her patience was
exhausted aud that she would abide by
the ultimatum of Admiral Gambiani.
The Washington government thereupon applied unofficially to Great
Britain asking ber to use her influonco
at Rome in support of the American
request. Euglaud's reply is not divulged.
Mr. Ashcroft Would  Have Thom Protected by  Legislation.
London, July 28.���In the houso of
commons tomorrow Mr. Robert Ashcroft, conservative member for Oldham, will ask the government leader,
Mr. A. J. Balfour, the first lord of the
treasury, whether iu view of the revelations made by Mr. Ernest Terah
Hooley, the company promoter, in tho
bankruptcy court as to the payments
made to peers and others, the government at the next session of parliament will appoint a committee to consider means for protecting company
Cervera Sends His   Roport of  His Defeat Through   M. Cambou.
Washington, July 28.���Admiral Cervera has forwarded to tho Spanish
government his full report of the naval
engagement which resulted in the annihilation of the Spanish fleet. The
report is very long, covering many
pages of the admirals handwriting.
After a formal inspection it was then
sent to Ambassador Cambon to bo forwarded to the Spanish admiralty.
Washington, July 28.���Tho war department tonight received tho following:
"Tho conditions for tho 27th inst.
are: Sick, 4122; total number of cases
of fever, 11118. Thero aro 822 new
cases of fever, and 549 cases of fever
have returned to duty. There havo
been three deaths.
(Signed) "SHAFTER,
'' Major General.''
"banker deadT
Now York, July 28.���John Black
Harris, jr., died of tuberculosis in
Brooklyn today. Ho was tho New
York manager of tho Merchants' National Bnnk of Canada, having been
connected with that institution for
many years. He was born in St.
Johns, Newfoundland, 49 years ago. THE MINER, FRIDAY,  JULY 29, 1898.
Wxt JKitter.
Published Daily except Sunday.
The Mixer Pmntinu  & Publisuiko Ci
Limited Liability.
ALL COMMUNICATIONS to tho Kdltor must
bo accompanied by tlie name and addross
of tbo writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Subscription Rates.
Daily, per monlh by carrier �� 100
per month by niiiii    1 (III
per half year by mail    5 00
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Webkia' Miner.
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Subscriptions invariably in advance.
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The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
Copy for Changes or Advertisement nmst
he Iii the Ollice hy 1 o'clock p.m. to
insure change,
Havre   bad   not   only   acquitted    the
Austrian   sailors,   but had  announced
that some of   the  French   crew  were
deserving of   rewards  for  their   bra-
very, a thrill of  surprise and indignation went through Ihose who had read
the published accounts of  the disaster.
Moro   mindful   of   the   honor  of  the
French   nation, M. Edouard  Lockray,
l the  Frencli   minister   of   marine, has
announced his intention to hold an in-
i quiry into the  circumstances,   so that
1 the   guilty   may, if   possible, be pun-
I ished.    It would have been   a disgrace
to civilization had such an  occurrence
j been allowed to pass without a search ���
{ing investigation.   The report of Captain Smith on the  technical  causes of
! tho collision will also  be fouud in another column.
DSTIE'W   *   G-OOIDS     ^Official Directory.
Two years ago, when it was found
that the Laurier government had been
successful at the polls, the defeated
party predicted a contraction of business and financial embarrassment
bordering on ruin as the necessary result
of tho advent of tho new administration lo powor. Sir Wilfred Laurier
has now held the reins of office for a.
little over two years, and Canada from
tho Atlantic to the Paciiic is enjoying
a measure of prosperity hitherto unequalled. It is not contended, of
course, that the liberal government
can elaim exclusive credit for the
present prosperous condition of Canada, but that meed of praise wliich is
undoubtedly due to the wise and
prescient statesmanship that lakes advantage of and fosters improved conditions of trade may be certainly
claimed by Sir Wilfred Laurier and
Tho bunk .statements for June recently published show an increase in
the uote circulation of the chartered
banks for the last two years of over
H6,000,000, while the bank deposits
during the same month exceed those
in June last year by no less than $'2(>, -
000,000. Thero has been au increase in
current loans of ijl 4.000,000 us compared with last year, and there has
been a large increase in bank clearings
in all the leading centers of tlie
The wheat crop prospects aro also
good, for while damage has been dono
in places by drouth and hail, yet there
is an increased area under cultivation
and a largo yield is expected. It is
unii cessary to dilate here on the
strides being taken by the mining industry in the Kootenays. Uur readers
have daily and ocular evidence of tho
success which is increasingly attendant on mining in British Columbia.
With her population and stock of
money in circulation daily increasing,
and with all her industries iu a prosperous condition Canada is rapidly
taking her rightful place iu tho forefront of the nations. Nowhere have
tho changes and improvements beeu
more striking than in western Canada,
and wero any visitor to return hero
again in ten years time it is safe to
say that ho will lind tlie old landmarks improved and altered beyond
Business  men will  look with "satin
fact ion at the substantial reductions in
��� telegraph rates which, as   recently an-
; uounoed in The Miner, will come into
force on August 1 next.    The  cut will
; ull'ect   messages   scut  from   Kootenay
points lo any of the coast offices of the
| O. P. R. Telegraph Co.   The day rates
| arc reduced from 110 cents per despatch
of ten words to 00 cents, and the night
' rate from 00 cents to 40. It is officially
i stilted   that   this  reduction  has  beou
made owing to the  increased facilities
now onjoydd hy the companv,and their
action should very favorably affect the
volume of business.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
also Good Value in Sponges
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
I Governor General - Earl of Aberdeen
Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Common.--, llominion Parliament, Wesl ICoolenny Hewitt Rostock
Although no official announcement
has yet been made, it would appear
that the American demands will not
bo so great as has been hitherto anticipated. The cession of Porto Rico and
Cuba seems lo le liuitly accepted by
both sides as a condition precedent to
peace, but Spain seems likely to retain
the Philippines, though a coaling
station will probably be ceded. There
has been no mention, either, of a war
indemnity,and if Spain manages to retain the Philippines and has no indemnity-to pay sho will escape much
moro cheaply than seemed likely from
tho temper of the American people.
.Such an ending to the war, too, would
go far to substantiate the original
American declaration that thc war was
waged in the interests of humanity
and not for tho sake of territorial
It* appears from our despatches this
morning that the circumstances attending the terriblo loss of lifo after
the collision between Lu Bourgoyne
and tho Cromartyshire will, after all,
bo thoroughly sifted. When tho news
camo   that  tbo  public   prosecutor at
Large Amount of Gold From the, Cariboo Hydraulic Mine.
Last Tuesday's stago brought down
in all 178,700 in gold of which $(W,r>00
was from the Cariboo hydraulic mine,
the result of tho first* run this season
at thnt famous mine. Tho result was
better by some thousands than was expected. The next wash-up,if the water
holds out, will be very large. In any
case, there will be good re I urns, for
there is water enough to justify three
predictions. But for the great results
we must wait until next year, when
the Morehead ditch will be completed
and the immense reservoirs filled at
Moorheitd lake, two sets of giants working a mile apart on different parts of
the great mine, and tho returns will
assuredly convince any and all that the
greatest gravel mine on earth is tho
one at Quesnelle Forks known us the
Cariboo hydraulic.
Of the balance of the gold brought
down, one lot was $8800, one $1000 and
one if 11)00. Theso lots were from Horsefly and Barkerville, the results of the
mill run ou cement.
At the Horsefly all is said to tie
vory satisfactory and that the cemented
gravel has yielded on an average more
than twice as high as last year. This
is only rumor, but it is. now generally
believed that the property is ou a paying basis and that the work will be
continued from now on. Mr. Ward
brought down also $5000 in dust* as the
result of three days' run in oue part of
tlio mine where they hnd to wash up
on account of moving boxes. Mr,
Ward states that the ground is showing up well. Mr. Ward's boy, a lad of
1-t, who has spent four weeks at
Horsefly, panned four pans one night
after supper tind tho next evening four
more pans, from a six-inch streak of
gravel in which .you can plainly see
the gold. The result in each case was
about $80, or $5 per pan. The showing
is, all in all, very satisfactory and all
goes to show that with depth coarse
gold will be fouud. Mr. Ward having
pieces weighing from $2 to $4, the
heaviest ever found iu the Horsefly,
because taken out from a deeper part
of the channel.���B.C. Mining Journal,
Editor of The Miner:
Dear Sir���Will you kindly allow me
the uso of your columns to express my
thanks to the peoplo of Nelson in subscribing the money to enable my
brother to bo decently buried, and to
Mrs. B.'aney's sons aud Mr. Hoover for
their efforts in continually trying to
recover his body, to Mrs. Blaney for
her many kindnesses to him and to
the Rev. Akehurst for officiating at
the funeral. To all I am most sin-
eerelv grateful.
Church Lane,   New  Hiuksey, Oxford,
England, Jiily 1, 18IIS.
Cairo received its name from an accidental settling of a crow upon a certain string. Tlie naming of the place
dales from Ihe year Dd9, when (loher,
a Tunis general, invaded Egypt* and
prepared to found a new city there.
The curious circumstances under
which if received its title aro thus related by Curzon in his Visits to Monasteries on the Levant: The architect
having made arrangemeuts for laying
Ihe first stone of tho new wall, waited
for the fortunate moment, which was
to bo shown by the astrologers pulling
;������ chord extending to a considerable
distance from the spot. A certain
crow, however, who had not been taken
into the counsel of the wise men,
perched on the chord, which was
shaken by its weight, and tho architect
supposing that the appointed signal
had been given, commenced his work
accordingly. From this unlucky
omen, and the vexation felt by those
concerned, the epithet of Kahira (the
vexatious unlucky) was added to the
name of Iho city. Mars cl Kahira,
meaning! (he unlucky (city of Egypt).
Kahira, in the Italian pronunciation
has been softened into Cairo.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful nnd prompt attention.
Lieut.-Governor Hon T 11 Mclnnes
Premlei - Hon JII Tumor
Attorney-General        - Hon D M Eberts
Com of Lands and Works Hon G 11 Martin
Minister Mines and Education Hon Jas Maker
President Exocutivc Council Hon C K Pooley
Members Legislative Assembly tor West Ko it-
onay- North Riding J M Kellie
Bonth Riding - .IF Hume
Mayor - - Jolm Houston
Aldormon���Cbu Hillyer, vv F Teetzel, J A
Gilker, J J Malouo, E P Whalloy. Thou Madden.
Cily Clerk - - JK Strachan
1 Police Magistrate E A Crease
Chief of Police . A   F McKlnnon
Chief of Flro Department . XV J Thompson
Auditor - John Hamilton
Wator Commissioner ��� T M Ward
Health Oflleer - Dr. Lallan
Cily Englnoor - A. L. M'Culloch
Cily oounoil meets every Monday, 11 p.m., ut
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
sellout. TRUSTEES.
Dr. KC Arthur. Dr. GAB Hall, Geo Johnstone.   Principal* J II Groen.
President, J Itoderick ltobertson.
Vice-President - James Lawrence.
] Secy-Troos. - John A Tumor.
Our Grocery Business has grown so rapidly dining tho
past few mouths we are compelled to make room somehow.
In order to do this we have fully decided to dispose of our
Entire Stock of Crockery and Glassware at Prices which
have never been heard of in the District of Kootenay.
Ladies don't miss this golden opportunity, ("nil and look
through, There is stlre to ho something you will require before the wai is over.
When you come to look through the Bargains don't, forget
your Grocery List also, for us you well know, our stock is well
assorted and Prices Right.
Ludies come curly before your neighbor gets ahead of you
and picks oui, the best Bargains. All goods delivered promptly
free of charge to any part of the city.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson,
We arc prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Roug+i and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring' and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R.  STATION     .    .    .
A.   E.   YOUNG,  AGENT.
3 ft
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.
Wall Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
timber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
In stock,l,000,C(K)ft.of Flooring.Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery,
TO OltDIdt.
Your Tobaccos
AT THK ���
Post Office
Xigar Store
Where   you  will  alwiijs find a well
assorted stock of Imported   and
I )oniestic('igars, Cigarettes Tobaccos and a full stock of
Pipes at reasonable
S. J. MIGHTON. d191
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 GAL. SIZE $30. 3 GAL-SIZE $15.
including Supply of Chemical Charges
with each.
Dollvorod F. O. I), m Portland, Ore.
The Babcock is the recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Department service. Each
tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure 100 pounds per
inch. Thc Babcock has stood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and  Department  Supplies.
I71 4th St. Portland, Ore.
Presldont John A. Turner
Vlco-Pros, VV. A. Jowett.
Soorotary 1). MoArthur
Treas. A lt Clements
Modioal Supt. . Ur. O. A U Hull
8.00 p.m.
8.30 a.m.
I.oo p.m.
(1.110 p.m.
United States, Ontario, Quo-
'oonnd Eastern Provinces
.'oinls on N. & F. S. lino.
I Vk-toriii. and Elossland.
Vow llonvnr, Sandon and
llocan Lake Points,
Ivnslo and Kootenay Lake
Hossland. Trail, Nakusp,
'tolison. points on main Iim
I. P. It.. Vancouver and
A'I iini peg
5.15 p.m.
7.15 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General
Deliver), 8 a,ni,  to 8 p.m.;   Registration, 8.30
a.in. to 7 p.tu.; Money Orders and Savings Hank
!l 11.111. to 1 p.m.; Sunday 1 honr Illl to 11 a.m).
J. A. QILKKIt, Postmaster.
(loveriinicnt Inspector of AgonolOB W J Goepel
Oold Comou-*-%m:r
Mining Rceoi^/r-Tax Col
Collector of Custom
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judge
Inspector of Schools
O.O. Dennis
R F Tolmie
Geo. Johnstone
John Kern,
J A Forin
E T H Stmpkina
William Hums
Warden Capt, N Fitzstubbs.
First Jailer - R LIddell.
Second Jailer Goo Partridge.
Third Jailer ��� John MoLaroii
Senior Guard It Ince,
ClIUKCIIOF ENOLAND���Matin ll a.m.; Kvon
Song. 7.^(1 p.m. every Sundny. Holy Communion ou 1st. and llrd Sundays in Iho month aftor
Matins; on 2nd and 11 h Sundays, at 8 a.m.
Sunday School at 2,30 p.m. Hev. II. S. Ako-
liursl. ltei'lor.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
PuKsnvTKitiAN- Chuboh���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.Illl p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society moots overy Monday ovening at 8 o'clock. Rev. It. Frow,
Methodist Ciiuhcii���Corner silica and
Josephine Streets, Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. 111. ; Sabbath School, '2.30 p.m.; Prayer mooting nn Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League C, IC, Tuesday al 8 a.m. Hev. Goo. H,
Morden, Pastor.
Roman Catiioi.ii' Ciiukcii���Mass at Nelson
overy Sunday at 8 and 10.30 a.m.; Bonodiction
nt 7.30 to 8 11.111.   Hev. Father Ferland, Priest.
BAPTIST Ouunou ��� Services morning and
evening at 11 o.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; Meetings
are held in the school house. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Hev. G. R. Welch, Pastor.
salvation Army���Servlcos evory evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street.
Adiutant Millnor in charge
NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. &A.
M. moots second Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lennox, Secretary.
(jt    I.   O.  O.   F.     Kootenay  Lodge
No. Hi, moots every Monday night,
nt   their   Hall,   Kootenay street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
WM. HODSON, Secretary.
~~     NKLSON   LODGE   No. 2*\ K. of   P.,
^tneots in Cnstlo hall, McDonald block
L'vory   Tuesday  evening  at 8 o'clock,
All visiting knights cordially invited,
J. J. Malone, CC.
(8201 Geo. PARTRIDGE, K. of R. and S.   f
NELSON LODGE, I. O, G. T. Meets in
Castlo Hall, McDonald lllock, ovcry Monday
evening al, 8 o'clock. Visiting Templars col*
dinlly invited, John Telford,
Chief Templar.
Georgo Nunn    Soe'y
SONS    OF     KNGLAND,   meeU
second nud fourth Wednesday of
each month at, K. of P. Hall, Moo-
1*. Jil   Donald Hlock,   cor. Vernon   ond
^%^^   Josephine streets.   Visiting broth-
rn cordially invited.        Ernest Kino,
Chas. II. Farrow, Worthy President
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 moots
lst and 3rd Wednesday in each month in tho
K of P Hall. F W Swanell, O. I). S. 0. R.l J R
Green, C.R.: J. Purktss, Secy.
NKLSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., rnoetn
ovory Thursday in tho I.O.O.F. hall. F W
Swanell, M,W.: W Hodson, Reo.-Sec.; J. J.
Driscoll, Financier F. J Squire. Receiver ond
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1GII2 meets in the Mc- !
Donald  block  every Thursday  evening at 8
o'clock.  Visiting members cordially invited.
John Toyo, W.M.; F. J. Uradley, RS. THE MINER, FRIDAY,'JULY 29, 1898.
Brief    Mention    or    liiipixitliixx   in   llie
Uisiilei Iturlng the Past
1'iiv Hays.
S.. J. Migbtoil left yesterday evening
for Brooklyn.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Oisna of Spokane are at the Hume.
Fred Irvine returned yesterday evening from a visit to Revelstoke.
R. S. Davis and R. Hughes of London, Kngland, are at the Phair.
Dr. Forin left yesterday evening for
a professional visit to Rossland.
L. M. Livingstone,merchant, Brooklyn, arrived in tlie city last night.
The Kaslo board of trade will meet
on Monday evening to elect officers.
F. M. Chadboume has returned to
Nelson from u visit to East Kootenay
on inining business.
F. W. Anderson, district passenger
agent of tho C. F. R., left yesterday
evening for Rossland.
The Pilot Bay smelter will be blown
in agaiu when (he Crow's Nest railway reaches Kootenay lake.
Thomas Shore, of Carson & Shore,
wholesale saddlers of Cnlgary, Alberta,
arrived in the city last night.
Premier Laurier and Hon. Messrs.
Tarte and Fielding will probnbly visit
the Kootenay during the summer.
T. G. Proctor has gone to East Kootenay to look atter the new townsite of
Elko, in which he is largely interested.
There is considerable activity along
Lemon ereek, and several strikes are
reported by parties doing assessment
Work on tho foundation of the Beer
block ou Baker street on the next lot
to Des Brisay's store is progressing
Vi. Homfrey has arrived in the city
from Ymir enroute to Brooklyn, where
he has been appointed tothe provincial
police force.
Cyrus McArthur, Ymir; J. R. Mc-
Mullen, Winnipeg; Miss H. Lambert,
Slocan Junction; Vi. O. Button, Spokane, are at tho Hume.
E. L. H. Harris, Victoria; W. E.
Boome, Brooklyn; T. D. Des Brisay
and John Collottu of Brooklyn registered ut tho Queen's last night.
\V. A. Whiting, Berlin, Ont. ; J. F.
Beatty, Winnipeg; J. A. Thomson,
Vancouver; H. A. Jucksou, Spokane,
registered at the Phair yesterday.
Every evening the C. P. R. train
carries a large number of laborers
going from the Crow's Nest Pass construction to work on the Robson-Pen-
tieton brunch.
The Loudon Chamber of Mines has
on foot a scheme for holding a great
imperial mining exhibition in the
British metropolis in 1891), and British
Columbia mines are expected to occupy
a prominent place in tlie exhibit.
It is said there are 17 liberals and 111
cousorvatives iu the new provincial
house. Fifteen of the opposition members elected are said to be liberals and
tho remaining four���Messrs. Tisdale,
Cotton, Semlin and Green, conservatives.
George Ramsay, representing Ramsay  Bros. &   Co., Limited, wholesale
a lot of
Ice Cream freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of .  .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very low prices.
man faotur ing confec timers, Vancouver.
did business in the city yesterday, aud
reports Nelsou as the,  best town in the !
Kootenay for business in his line. itvinon
Tho Fort Steele Prospector says that j July J;2-_
a  new   manager for  the  North  Star |    Payne��� Vv7. P.   Gunnix,   on  Granite
mine is expected to  arrive (here soon. I ck,   ':', mi w of and n of  Salmon river,
and that reports ure circulated   to  the formerly Last Chance,
elfeet that additional machinery  is  to     Sydney���W. G. Swiger, at head of s
be   installed   with   the   intention    of  ft- of Clearwater ek, adj Vomont.
doubling the output  of   lhe   mine.    A I    (.told Star���J. Ste.irle  and W. Grieb,
10 per cent, dividend  was declared  on  $ mi s of Porcupine ck, adj Santiago.
June 28.
A meeting of those interested in the
formation of a Rifle association to act
iu conjunction with the. Kootenay
Rifles was held at the offlco of Dr.
Hull on Tuesday evening, at whieh it
was decided to organize, and the secretary was authorized to correspond
with the militia department regarding
the loan of rifles for the association
Another meeting will be held shortly
to elect ollicers.
A meeting of the Church of England clergy was held in Nelsou on
Wednesday afternoon, at whieh most
important business was taken up, consist ing of the drawing np of a memorial in favor of having church affairs in
the Kootenays in the hands of a local
synod. The population of these elec
toral districts shows such an increase
that the action will be no surprise to
those who live here and know the
facts. The population of Nelson and
Kossland alone is enough to account
for such a step being taken.
British Columbia trade unions will
be more strongly represented than heretofore at the convention of the. Trades
and Labor Congress of Canada, to bo
held at Winnipeg in September. There
will be delegates from Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Rossland
and Nelson. Tlie executive for British
Columbia of the congress comprises
Tully Boyce, Nanaimo; W. Mackay,
Victoria, and George Bartlcy, Vancouver, and all are sanguine that a
good delegation from the const will go
to  Winnipeg.
Vancouver & Nelson, B. 0,
The recent growth of the British
Columbia iron works is very noteworthy. Besides building steamboats
and steam engines, witli which its
hands tire full, it is making arrangements lo make all kinds of mining
machinery, hydraulic, motors, air compressors, stump mills, pumps and hoisting machinery. Seven steamers for
the Yukon or Stikine trade, as we
have already noticed, have been built
at these works, and it* has equipped
with engines and boilers four other
boats, 150 feet long. There is now
building in its premises a gold
dredger, for working on the Fraser
river gold sands, also a guano plant for
utilising the offal from Salmon canneries hclow Westminister. The manager is now John U. Norbom, M. E.,
formerly with the Joshua Heady Machine Oo. of San Francisco, and recently in charge of the mining machinery department of the British Columbia works. He is a man of experience
and known ability as a mechanical engineer.���Monetary Times, Toronto.
What  the   B. 0.   Review  of  Loudon
Foresees for the Province.
As for Westralia, says the B. C. Review, London, the mines will have to
accomplish much more in the way of
gold production before they ean again
become attractive as a form of investment. The political disquiet in the
country and the futility of|trving tore-
generate Mr. Kruger is a disagreeable
combination which must havo its reflex in tho restriction of business iu
Kaffirs. For the South American
magnates to expect* by the subtle de-
vico of branding themselves as per-
verters of the truth to restore confidence is fatuous in the extreme. In
fine, the mining market cannot bo
moulded to suit the interests of certain
groups exercising palpable sway over
it. The investor yearns for a change.
His affections for well known mining
countries has faded with the disappearance of the real speculative element. It is a change of diet ho now
requires, and in British Columbia and
the Northwest. Territories of Canada
he sees the possibilities of gratifying
the need.
From time immemorial it has invariably occurred that the limn of a
settled and permanent mining industry
loses its charm as a medium of investment. So it is with South Africa and
Westralia. Wherefore, British Columbia is now destined to supply the
prinoipal incentive to activity in the
mining market. Already about 120
companies have been formed to exploit
the natural resources of Ihis portion of
North America. But the proved richness of (he fields is a subject which is
widely occupying the, attention of capitalists, and there are not wanting indications of coining brisk business in
the B. C. market. Because dealings
on a large scale in these descriptions
are highly probable, investors must
not recklessly subscribe for or buy
shares in undertakings of which they
wholly ignorant. Their failure to use
discrimination can only lead to ultimate disappointment and loss. Wo
have heretofore uttered a warning to
this effect, and its repetition is rendered urgent in view of the broadening out and possibilities of the B. C.
Vienna, July 28.���Today the second
game of the chess match between
Pillsbury and Tarrasch was played at
tho local chess ciub and Pillsbury won.
Each player has won a game.
New York, July 28.-Bar
liB?,,. Mexican dollars, 45) o.
certificates, 58% to 59}-^.
Big Tunnel���W. Rippiu. on s sido of
Bulldog mountain, 2 mi from Lower
Arrow lake.
Alma���J. Brown and J. C. McDonald, .bet river and 49 cks, 4 mi se of
Kootenay river.
Bluo Berry���G. Matheson. ou Morning mountain, 2 mi sw of Hull Mines
Daylight���W. H. Seaman und A.
Kennedy, on s side of Hall ck. 2^ mi
w of Fern mine, formerly Victoria.
lOquefa���T.  M.   Beamish,   0  mi  up
Nine Mile ek, adj Ruwdon.
July 211���
Reco���W. R. Braden, on Clearwater
ek, adj Montana King.
Santiago���F. D. Le Mieux, on Porcupine ck, fi mi se of Ymir.
Alice���H. B. Campbell, on Big
Shepeck near Bear ek.
Onogona���M. R. Beamish, on Granite ck, 7 mi s of w arm of Kootenay
Miser's Dream���T. M. Beamish, ou
same, adj Onogona.
Edith���T. Steele, on Cayuse ck, \)/���
mi e of Lower Arrow lake, below Deer
Santiago���A. L. Davidsou, iyx mi se
from head of Nine Mile ck, formerly
Manila���A. L. Davidson, same
Mountain Meadow���A. F. McDonald,
on vv side of N & F S ry, % mi se of
Cottonwood lake.
Alto���G. P. Steele, W. O. Steele, ou
divide   bet  Cottonwood  and  Roaring
cks, formerly Bald mountain.
Julv 25���
Jay Bird���W. F. Hull, on divide bet
Clearwater and Whitewater cks, adj
Golden Rod.
Caledonia���W. Brown, J. Maiison
and J. McLellan, on divide bet Hidden
and Porcupine cks, adj Happy
Klondyke���W. Schmatzrid, 4 mi up
o fk of n fk of Salmon river.
Big Six���G. S. Muber, % mi e of
,T. I. O.��� D. Booth, on Hall ck, 2%
mi se, of Silver King mine, formerly
Pendoray���S. Marshall, J. Trambly,
on n side of and 7 mi up Wild Horse
ck, adj Black Island.
Lady Aberdeen���D. T. Morvat, on
Morning mountain, };-, mi sw of Juno,
formerly Capitalist.
Merrimac���H. G. Neelands.on Morning moiHituiu, formerly Hope.
Hobson���R. II. Bradley, on Morning
mountain, formerly T  & P
Kingston���S. M. Brydges, on Morning mountain, formerly Minnehaha.
July 20���
Moonshine���J. Campbell, ou o sido
of n fk of Salmon river, adj Sunshine.
Montana Boy���H. O. Scovell, 12 mi
up Porcupine ck.
Loudon���J. Tyuer, on n side of Bear
ck, 4}.$ mi e of Ymir.
Oregon���F. M. Bowman, at head of
w fk of Salmon river,!! mi w of Craig-
Bettiua���Same, same, adj Orogon.
Rainy Day���B. O. Cote, on no side
of Little Deer ck, 10 mi from Salmo.
Crow's Nest���C. Whitter, ou divide
bet Anderson and e fk of Cottonwood
cks, adj Mary.
Iono���H. Rippin, 1 mi s of Kootenay
river, y, mi o of Sandy ck.
July 27���
Justice���M. McDonald, on n fk of
Hall ck, adj Zoena.
Minto���W. O. Steele, li mi from
Porto Rioo siding, adj Black Sheep,
formerly Webster.
Isabel���W. R. MaoLean, on Sproule
ck, formerly Horso Shoe.
Property Owners.
Do you want the rocks, stumps
or rubbish removed Irom your
yards, or your lawns levelled
down? If so we can do it for
you. Will work either by day
or by contract.
Address T. W.
Care "Miner" oflice
Tim building committee of tho Roman Catholic ohuroh nro asking for Mils for tlio purchase
of Iwo lots anil ii house,  hlthortO used uh tho
illinium embolic ohuroh. The lots are situated
on tlio cornero( Josophlno and Silica street*,
opposite Iho MothouiHt church. Bids for tho
propel v must bo addressed to II. J. Williams.
1'. 0. box ill, mul must bo in on or beforo 111
o'clock noon August 8, Tho conunlttoo reserve
the eight to refuse any or nil bill". 71
has taken over tlie practice of
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and   is   prepared to clo all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods.  .  .
Broken Hill lliu. k Rnker HI.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
Perhaps during the
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has been
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for you.
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads, Envelopes,
Posters. Dodgers,
Shipping   Tags,   Etc..
are right in our
line of business
and while we do
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
Good Work
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
The Daify Miner
is meeting with good
success and if not on
our list you should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Can We do
with You ?
Zhc   flttner
pto. & pub. ao.
To all Eastern and European
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To the Rich and active Mining
Districts of Klondike and the
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points.
Tickets   issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Rossland and Main   Line points
6.10 p.m. -Leaves-NELSON-Arrives-10.30p,m
hiHili'iiiiv Luke���Kaslo ttoute.
Stk. Kokanee
Except Sunday. Except Sunday.
4   p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.m.
Calling at way ports in bothdirectlonH.
Kmili'iiiij Illver ICoule.
Str. Nelson.
Mon. Wed. Fri. Mon, Wed. Fri.
7 a. m.���Leaven���NELSON -Arn ves���8.3(1 p. in.
Uuhb to Kuskanook (formerly Armstrong's
Landing* calling at way ports making close
connections nt Pilot Bay with Steamer Kokanee. Steamer makes additional trips when
vided business warrants.
Trains  In nml from  Mui-iin lily, Bimdou
and   SllRllll   I.llllC   l'uillls.
(Sundays Excepted)
8 a. m.-Lcavos-NELSON-ArriveB-2.20 p. ni.
Reduced Rates East
and full Information    by   addressing nearest
local agent, or GEO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
Trav. Pass. Ajont,
Dist. Pass. Agent,
Write for Klondike folder and Map.
Spokane Fails &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only aU rail route without change
of oars between Nelson and Bossland and
Spokane and Rossland.
(Daily Exoept Sunday)
Leave 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5-35 p.m
"   12:05 "  BOSSL'D    "  11:20   "
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   3.10 p-m
Train that leaves Nelson at 6:20 a.m.
makes close connections at Spokane for
all Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, connect at Marous withStaga
For One Cent a Word?
You can find a buyer for "Any
Old Thing " if you advertise,
< Insulin il Ailt ���'I'lloi'ini'iili.
All advertisement* In tnis column arc
1 ocnt a word oach Insertion. No advertisement taken for less thnn 25 cents.
A    i oc
I   verl
+++++++*++*++++++ ��� ������������
Old papers at The Min eh office.   25 cenU
per huiuUvil.
FOUNR-A small key, National Cash Register.   Apply "Minor" onlce.
MUSIC LESSONS.-On piano, organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W. J. Astloy, Hobson street,
two doors wost of Stanley.   P. O. Box 180.
WANTED.-Girl  for general  house work.
Kasy place.   Good wages.   Must sleep at home.
Apply Mrs. J. W. Slownrt.
It. B, Lemon's cotlaRo
WANTED.���TwentylaborersatErie. Wages
$2.50 per day.   Hoard. SU per woek.
Apply W.D. BLAZE. THE MINER,   FRIDAY, JULY 29, 1898.
tf the amount ef mail matter exceeds
this amount so as to necessitate it, extra trips will be in; iU at thu regular
rate. The question uf this mall eorvice
is 0110 which has long heen pending
aud is une of vast* importance to those
interested in the development of the
Big lieiiil country���Kootenay Mail.
Slic!lla<i U Iu .Her Toner lii
Flslicrlei Agreement.-
Slates Recognize This
All Tbelr Trade ... llie
.ViilllO Any
-Tlie United
��� Could Give
1 niii ii States.
St. Johns, Newfoundland, July 28.���
Receiver General Merino, commenting
on the expressions of some Canadian
papers that Newfoundland ivill not be
allowed representation at the international commission to meel shortly at
Quebec for n settlement of the questions at issue betwoen the United
States and Canada, points out thai
Newfoundland practically controls the
supply of bait for tho whole north Atlantic fisheries. Ho suggests thai if
Oanda sbould bo selfish enough to
ignore Newfoundland in the negotiations, that colony could refuse to assent to any agreement concluded at
Quebec The effect of Ihis would be
to prevent American fishermen from
procuring bait in Newfoundland
waters, thus destroying the fishery on
the hanks.
In Mr. Merino's opinion, the States
are not likely to consent to any convention on the fishery question unless
satisfied that Newfoundland concurs..
Canada's trade with Newfoundland
now equals that of the United States,
with tho colony, but slight changes or
tariff could throw the main volume of
trade again into American hands.
Further, Mr. Merino contends that the
fishery convention which Newfoundland has already negotiated with the
United States shows that the Americans regard Newfoundland concessions
as of great value, and better terms
would be obtainable from the Americans if Canada and Newfoundland
were united on the commission. Mr.
Merino, however, believes that the
Canadian members will not refuse to allow Newfoundland membership on thej
London, July 28.���Tho Berlin correspondent of tho Times says:
Iu spite of tho optimistic reports it
seems certain that Prince Bismarck's
condition is critical, and Baron Grals-
heim, the Bavarian minister, who arrived today (Thursday) at Frcderichs-
rub was not permitted to seo the
Berlin, July 29. ���The despatches to
the morning papers agree, that Prince
Bismarck is steadily improving.
nelson cafe. Kirkpatrick fe Wilson t
Y. MOSIII, Proprietor
The Best Meals In the City
from 25 cents up.
Paris, July 28.���At the cabinet council today M. Dclucassc, minister of
foreign affairs, submitted to his colleagues certain questions arising out of
Spain's overtures for peace. It is believed that, the decision turned mainly
on the critical situation of Frenchmen
in Cuba, arising out of the stagnation
ot business since thc war began.
St. Thomas, July 28.���James Dorsey, ,1. H. Stevens and John Moneluui
have beeu sentenced by Judge Hughes
to seven years imprisonment in Kingston penitentiary for burglarizing
BluCkmore's hardware store.
Says   His    Eleven   Will   Be
;er Than That of  Last Year.
New York, July 28. ���P. F. Warner,
who is the captain of thc English team
of cricketers that will play here in the
fall, has written a letter a letter to a
prominent criokotor in tbla ��111j- Riving the final selection of his team. He
says that, it* will be stronger than the
eleven which played here last year, the
batting especially being good all
llirough, with every man on the side
capable, of making runs. The team
will consist of thirteen men, as follows :
P. F. Warner, Middlesex; (4. R.
Bardswell, Lancashire; 0. 0. H.
Sewell, Gloucestershire; C. J. Bur-
imp, Cambridge university and Kent;
E. H. Bray, Middlesex; S. M. J.
Woods, Somerset; F. Mitchell, Yorkshire ; E. C. Lee, Oxford university
and Hampshire; B. J. T. Bosanquet,
Oxford university; L. J. Ainsworth.
Old Marlburians; R. Berens,- Oxford
Authentics, and 0. E. M. Wilson,
Cambridge university and Yorkshire.
Mr.Warner says in his letter: "Bray
will be the wicket keeper and Berens
reserve. The bowling of Jessup and
Bull will be missed, but this time'WO
have more of it, and greater variety to
it. It will be in the hands of Woods,
Ainsworth (left hand), Lee, Wilson,
Bosanquet and Winter."
It will be noticed that F. G. J.
Ford, the great hitter who was announced to como. is not to be on tho
team. Neither are P. S. Jackson and
N. F. Draco. Their places are taken
by S. M. J.Woods and Frank Mitchell,
both of whom are well known in tho
United States���Woods as a member of
Lord Hawke's team and Mitchell as
captain of the Oxford and Cambridge
team whieh played here some years
ago. 0. E. M. Wilson will also be remembered as a member of Mitchell's
team. He played an innings of 116 in
the Oxford-Cambridge match on the
first two days of this month Lee took
fivo wickets for lii runs in the same
game, and Bosanquet scored 54 not*
The team will leave Liverpool for
Montreal on August 2? on the Gallia,
of the Beaver line, and will piny two
days in Montreal and three days in
Toronto before reaching the United
States. The lirst game in this eountry
is scheduled for September ii at Philadelphia, Mr. Warner is particularly
desirous of playing in Now York, and
he wants a match arranged here to
take plane between the Philadelphia
games. The league lure, however,
will hardly lake nn a game unless it
gets a Saturday, as mid-week cricket-
never draws sufficiently to come anywhere near the expenses of an international match.
Madrid, July 28.���Miss Jennie
Schley, who came here in the hope of
an interview with Sagasta on behalf
of peace, started for Paris this ovening.	
Madrid, July 28.���Captain Aunon,
minister of marine, has received a
despatch from Admiral Camara announcing that his fleet has cast anchor
at Cadiz.
'Loudon, July 28.���The Daily Mail
says that tho British transport Jou-
langa. carrying grenadiers to Gibraltar,
was stopped in the bay of Biscay by
uu American cruiser.
A New York despatch says: The
passenger rate situation could be
settled in a few minutes by the presidents of the Great Northern and Canadian Pacific roads, should they get together. The ill effects of recent cuts
in rates have been largely overestimated.
The board of managers of the Joint
Traffic association adjournod for about
three weeks after discussing the matter, without arriving at any definite
plan of action. It* was thought best to
give the Great Northern and Canadian
Pacific further time iu which to settle
their differences.
Vancover news item states that it
been  decided  to take   the Tartar
'A'themart off the   northern route.
iction   has  given   cause for thc
report to again become current that
the two liners have, been sold to the
United States government. No official
confirmation could be ascertained, but
for several reasons the rumor seems to
have some truth iu it. Offers have
been made by tho government. Another and very palpable reason for
their withdrawal from tho northern
routo is that they have not paid expenses during the months they havo
been in service.
Tables  supplied   with   all
the delicacies ot" the season
are receiving' Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of
The quality is thc best and prices
right.      As always, our stock of
is full and being added to as needed.
Special attention paid to auditing
Company's books. Business accounts balanced aud set in order.
For terms apply
lAIMM.  MI'IMl. , M Mill. Assoc Cornwall)
Opposite Phair Hotol,
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
KxteniU'il oxporieuoo in riiilo nud German
South Africa. .Assays and analysis of ores.
Uoports nml valuations on mineral properties
Underground survoylng and mine plans kept
up by contract
For the next Thirty Days
. . . Also . . .
Flowers and  Hair Goods.
Room 6,   Titi'iii'i-Hiicckh   block. Entrance Baker street,    Open Irom
6 u. in. lo 4.110 p. in.
Repaired, Allured, Clciuicil, Pri'HBCil
nnd Dyed by Iho Nkw PROCESS ot
Reasonable Prices,
STEVENS, Thk Tailor.    -���g
Room 9. Hii.i.VKit But.,   NELSON.
P. 8,���Ladles Wool Drcsn Uoods Sponged
before Making Up.
Waff Paper,      Sporting Goods
A large party of English emigrants
enrouto to Vancouver passed through
the city on Saturday night, says the
Ottawa Journal of the 18th inst. They
came principally from Cornwall. The
men were all tine specimens of the best
class of immigrants, Many of them
have been fishermen and several had
held land in the old country. Speaking
to a Journal reporter they ail expressed
great faith in the new land they had
come to. On being asked if they intended going to tho gold holds of
Alaksa they invariably replied that
they would sooner starve first than endure the hardships they had heard one
met ou the way to Dawson City.
Many of the men said that Iheir attention had been first been attracted to
('anada as a home by the lectures they
had heard on Canadian topics. The
lectures spoken are arranged by the
Dominion government l<> encourage
immigration, and Ihe testimony of
these men is valuable showing that the
lectures which cost the country a oon-
Milerable sum each year are really
profitable, and productive of a good
class of imigration. The party numbered about 240. There were many
women aboard and several young girls
accompanied by their brothers. The
Iparty was sent out through the high
' commissioner's oflice, London.
Photographic Suppfies,
Thomson Stationery Co.
Subscribe for The Miner
One Year
Half Year
One rionth
As   the  result  of  P.   0.   Inspector
Fletcher's visit to Big Bend last week
arranegments have been made for a
regular mail service. .Tolm D. Boyd
has taken a two years contract lo deliver 12 mails a year (one of whieh
has already been taken) at the rate of
$40 for the round trip, leaving Revelstoke on the following dates: July 30,
August 5 and 20, September, October,
December, February, April and May,
each one trip on 15th of month; Juno
Io have two trips on 5th and 20th.
Tho weight of mail to be carried each
trip is limited (o 100 pounds for summer and 00 pounds for winter months.
Tenders for a lease of the Smelter
boarding house and for tho purchase
of the furniture, etc., will be reoeived
nnlil Monday, August 1, at il p. m.
Informal ion can be obtained at the
general ollice of
The Hall Mines, Ltd,
Steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quobec
Heaver Line���Lake Huron Aug.  3
Beaver Line���bake Superior Aug. 1(1
Dominion Line���Vanronver Aug.  (i
Dominion Lino-Scotsman Aug, 18
Allan Lino���Callfornlan July 28
Allan Line���Numidian Aug.   1
li'rom New York
White Star Lino-Teutonic. Aug.  H
White Star Lino���Britannic Aug. lli
Cunard Lino���Luoania Aug. (i
Ciinrrd Line���Etrurla Aug. 13
Allan State Lino���State of Nebraska... Aug. 28
Allan State Line���Mongolian ..Aug. 12
Anchor Line*���FurneuHla Aug. 20
Anchor Line���Anchoriii Aug. 13
Cabin, $4,'i.0O, JuO. $l>o, $70 $80 and upwards.
Intermediate, sni.ooand upwards
Steerage. 922.611 and upwards,
Passengers ticketed through to all poIiuj. I>i
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rales to all parts of tho European eqntl lent.
Prepaid passages arranged from all point! .
Apply   to GEO.   S. BEER,   C.P.K.  1 cltt.
Agent. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM BTIT'I
554)   General Agent, C.P.K. Offlces, Winnipeg.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson,
for Nobbiest and best and Save KASH.
Are Saving Money every day
on their Hardware Bills by
allowing us to figure with them.
Get Our Prices
Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel. No. 21.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Bstato and Cleneral Agents, Tire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
FOR SALE __���Wvv������!*.
Corner Lot on Vernon St., with Building. 12 Lots in Block
���IIF���Cheap.   2 Lets Oor. Josephine nnd Robson,
FOR RENT _����v��vv����x%.
2 Lots mul Dwelling near Cor Stanley St, on Observatory
St., $12 per month. Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedar St.,
$2(1 per iiionlh.    House-and 2 Lots, Houston St.  ijil") month.
Call and see our full list of" property for sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,  B.C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Charles D. J. Christie
Houses to Rent at $14, $15 and $25.
Iwo Lots, garden and fenced, Victoria street, #(HX).
A 8 roomed Furnished House, well finished, on fenced lot, $71)0.
A new House, first story stone, 2ml rough cast, 7 rooms, Electric Lights, Bath,
hot and cold water.   Finished In first class manner, ready about
Kith August.   Three minutes from post ollice.   Prices
quoted at my ollice.
PABST : : :
A Trial will convince
that the World's Leading
Beer loses none of its good
qualities by being bottled
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B. C.


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