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The Miner Sep 3, 1898

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 Daily Edition No. 100.
WITH $5.00
In your pocket. We'll give you $5.00 worth
of Shoes, or your $5.00 back, Is that plain ?
No there's a hole to wriggle out of, if we
wanted to wriggle. We'll make it plainer
yet; you shall be the judge ofthe $5's worth.
1 ani the job of covering the feet of all those young men (or old men)
wc see who pay enough for their shoes to be well shod.
Wc have a Beautiful Line of Shoes at this
price. You should see them. Lower priced
ones too, $1 00 to $5.50
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday Morning, September 3, 1898.
Ninth Year
He is Regarded by Some as
a Political Martyr.
The Cariboo Mine Has Been
require. Such assessments will not exceed half a cent u share per sliaro per
It is computed that this will provide
n capital of $80,000 during the life of
the bond, and as Mr. Finch is ready to
take the placo of any stockholder that
falls out. the sneeess of the plan is
considered practically assured. Mr.
Sydney Norman will have charge of
the property with headquarters at Sandon, Mr. George Aylard of New Denver acting os consulting engineer.
A Eich  Strike-News From  the Slocan
District   Development   of   tho
Noble Eve*
The Cariboo Mining, Milling nnd
Smelting company receutly held tlieir
annual meeting at tlie company's office
in Spokane.
Tlie. financial report for Ihe year
ending July 1, 1SIIS, wliich was presented liy John Mouaghan, tho president of (lie company, contained figures
whioh niust have been very satisfactory to tlie shareholders. During
the past year ti770 tons of ortJ'Wflre
crushed   by    the    mill   whieh   yielded
*1J1. x>7<) in bullion and $17,948.04 in
concentrates. A cash balance in hand
of (38,500 was also reported. A dividend of two per cent, amounting to
$16,000 was then declared, whieh
brings up the grand total of tho dividends of the fiscal year to $0*1,000.
A.'resolution was I lieu   unanimously
adopted tliat   the   proposition   of  the
Cariboo Consolidated Mining and Milling company of 1!. ('., In purchase the
nropei'ties of the oompany be aeeepted.
Eaoh shareholder will receive an equal
number of shares in the  new company
ill exchange for liis holdings in the old
1 one.    A formal meeting will   l.e   held
1 at Camp   MeKinney   on   September 21
for tlie purpose nl' authorizing llie sale
. in compliance with   the   laws of tliis
Considerable excitement prevails in
1 Camp MeKinney over an extremely
I rieh strike that has heen made on the
1 Waterloo mineral claim on the Cariboo
f ledge.   Samples of tlie new strike liave
tho appearance of a glittering mass of
I free gold. The Waterloo people are
[ sacking ore which is slated to he fully
I one-eighth    gold.     The     ledge    runs
through several properties.
The. extensive excavations necessary
Ifor the Whitewater mill, says the
I Kootouaian, has held back construction
! to some extent, but the buildings are
j now nearly ready for the machinery
laud October I will probably see tho
I plant, whieh is designed to be ono of
J the very best in tlie country, in full
kopcration. Extensive development has
Ibeen going on in the mine all the
[summer and simultaneously witli the
starling of the mill, heavy ore ship-
I ments will probably begin.
Two new tunnels have been started
Ion the Maud E. and World's Fair of
[ t he Noble Five group. The new work
is on the main lead, which this year
Ilias been uncovered a distance of
I about 800 feet, on tho west, side of tho
I mountain. It is warranted by excel-
jlem'V.iowings. When the crosscut from
[No. 4, in whieh the Burleigh is holing operated, cuts tlie leild, a depth of
ISOO feet will   be   obtained.    A   second
��� machino will bo ready for a crew be-
Ifore the end of this week.
Tho history of the St. Keverne mine
[has, from   a financial   point of   viow,
Ibeen a'rather cheqnered.ouo.   A|schenie
lof   reorganization  has, however, beon
��� practically adopted which will ensure
Itho proper development of tho prop-
Icrty. The arrangement briefly is that
|Mr. John A. Finch of Spokane will
���tako ajboud ou tho property for $80,000
���for 18 months, aud will operate tho
���property continuously free of expenso
Ito the company. Mr. Finch will also
Jiffor each stockholder an interest iu
Itho bond proportionate to his holdings
���in tho company's stock, tho assignee
���agreeing to pay such assessment for
���working  purposos as Mr. Finch  may
Brief Mention   of   Happenings   in tho
Eastern Provinces.
Tlie supreme court of the I. O, F.,
which has been in session at Deser-
onto, combined business with pleasure
liy holding a session at tho I. O. F.
park, of mixed lodges, as a result of a
decision to admit women into full relationship with the order.
The. Stratford city council will exempt tlie White. Packing company, of
Mitchell, from taxes for 80 years and
will guarantee tlieir debentures as an
inducement for thc tinn to locate in
this city.
Jimmy Drury and Henry Coustiat.
of Montreal, and bicycle club provincial
champions, have left for Winnipeg to
compete at tlie championship meet on
Labor day. Both men arc in excellent
Mrs. Cassel, aged 72 years, was killed
on the Pink and Island rail any between Montreal and Sault. au Recollect, Saturday night. She had wandered away from her home and was
walking along thc track.
Diuidas has granted a bouus of
$13,000 to John Bertram & Sons, Canada tool works, to open a factory thoro.
An alleged priest named Sangnane
has been arrested at St. Marys charged
wilh swindling a clergyman.
Theodore Poirier, accused of murdering Jerome Martin, of St. Louis
De Metepedia, Quebec, lias beeu declared not guilty.
Warden James H. Metcalfe, of tho
Kingston penitentiary, i.s not so bad in
health as reported and expects to be
nlil right after a month's holiday.
The store rooms and oflice of the
Parmenter & Bullock Co., manufacturers of rivets, nails, etc., with a few
outer buildings at Qauauoque, havo
been burned.
A fatal accident occurred Thursday
at Owen Sound. The victim was Mrs.
Bye of Sydenham township. The horse
become frightened as she was driving
to town and Mrs. Bye was thrown out
and received injuries, causing death
instantly. A curious fact is that the
husband of the deceased died in a runaway a few years ago.
Powderly   Says  Canada   Should Hnvo
Stricter Regulations.
Buffalo, Sept. 2. ���United Statos
Commissioner General of Immigration
T, V. Powderly took a flying trip to
Hamilton, Out, to look iuto n case
tbat had attracted his attention whilo
in Montreal recently. He had read in
a Montreal paper an item to the effect
that 40 Americans liad been imported
by Hamilton contractors to work 011 a
street railway near there. Ho said that
he found lhe men all right. The Canadian authorities, he understood, are
going to try and get theni sent back to
the United States. When asked what
he thought of the present Canadian
regulations concerning alien labor,
Mr. Powderly said:
"If Canada would adopt laws as
rigid as ours and would exclude the
same class as we do, there would be
less friction between this two countries
in the matter of immigration, "
Tho Yellow Men of  Central  America
Always Turbulent.
Tapachua, Mexico, Sept. 2.���Many
outrages have been perpetrated 011
Moxicans by Guatemalan ollicers. The
worst case is that of Tina Yoga, an
honest fanner who was told by Guatemalans that they wanted to buy horses
and ho accordingly crossed tho line
with a large number of horses to meet
General Barrilas, who seized the animals and had him beaten. This outrage has caused much indignation and
due information will be given to the
government of this republic. The
Guatemalans appear to bo actuated by
au intense hatred of tho Mexicans,
taking every opportunity to insult and
rob tho humblest people.
Feeling is Still Strong Against Dreyfus,
Who May Not be Permitted to
Go at Large-
Paris, Sept. 2.���Speculation is keenest over the motives for Colonel
Henry's suicide. Looking to tho viow
the whole nation has adopted regarding the guilt of Dreyfus, it is argued
that Henry may have thought, he was
acting in the country's interests in
forging the letter which would satisfy
the nation of tho justice of the sentence without the production of the
real evidence, wliich would be undesirable on the highest political
grounds. In that case Henry might
have posed as a martyr to misguided
The tradition of the intelligence department, which at the time of the
condemnation of Dreyfus was under a
conspicuous anti-seiiiite movement led
by Colonel Sandherr, would probably
have led a blunt mind liko Colonel
Henry's to construe the slightest hint
from the above toward killing off the
anti-Dreyfus agitation into au order to
do so by any means.
Colonel Sandherr, who was thon
suffering from an incipient paralysis,
seems to have been the head of a general conspiracy to hunt Jewish officers
out of the French army. Dreyfus, a
man of haughty demeanor, but of vast
strategic kuowledgo, would naturally
bo selected as a victim of these
machinations. It is asserted that Colonel Sandherr's last days were haunted
liy a fear, amounting to terror, lest*
tho illegal and flippant nature of the
evidence upon which Dreyfus was
condemned should be revealed and
weaken the prestige of the intelligence
department and that he enjoined upon
Henry, his subordinate, to guard the
department's traditions at all costs.
The carelessness of the authorities in
allowing Henry to have a razor and in
uot watching him is generally interpreted as connivance and perhaps as
persuasion since ollicers under arrest
likely to he condemned, should according to military regulations bo constantly watched,while Lieutouaut Colonel Henry was left hours alono and
allowed to lock the door on each side.
If there wero persuasion it is not
likely to have been difficult. Had
Henry been expelled from tlie army
both hiin and his wife, would have lost
ull pension rights. It is expected tho
widow now becomes entitled to n
handsome pension.
This seems a more likely motive
than the alleged incoherent letter he
left behind, statiug he has lost his
reason. Tho government's position is
most unhappy, Notices of iuter-
pellation in the chamber of deputies
multiply. President Fauro is censured
for leaving Paris at such a critical
moment. Great efforts are being made
to get tho signatures of a majority of
the deputies wliich is a necessary preliminary to a convocation of tho
chamber. The movement in favor of
a revision in the Dreyfus case is growing by leaps and bounds.
The minister for war this afternoon
received in audience General Reu-
ouard, director of tlio military college,
who has accepted the office of chief of
the general staff, vacant owing to the
resignation of General De Boisdefvro.
The latter hid farewell to the officials
of his bureau this morning,
Lieutenant Colonel Henry left letters
addressed to the minister of war und
General De Boisdefvro in wliich ho
protested that he had not realized the
gravity of the aet which he committed
"solely for the good of the cause."
Final Encounter With the  Rebels Expected at   Any Momeut.
London. Sept. 2.���Great Britain was
beginning to be alarmed lest tho fato
of Hicks Pasha has betallen tho Anglo-
Egyptian army under General Sir
Herbert Kitohoner. News was telegraphed from the front on Monday-
night. Tho army was thou 25! miles
from Omdurman, tho Dervish camp
near Khartoum, whero the khalifa
was reported to bo waiting with 100,-
000 warriors well equipped witli field
guns. General Kitchener's forces consisted of 10,000 British troops und
15,000 Egyptian blacks, the most perfectly equipped foreo the government
has over put iu the field,haviug plenty
of horse artillery and Maxim gnus.
It was planned to keep iu constant
communication with tho base by field
telegraph, hence the fears that in spito
of the superiority of morale and accoutrements tlie Anglo-Egyptain force
might have been overwhelmed by
numbers." The government officers announce confidence in the outcome of
tho engagement but privately they do
not conceal their nervousness at the
lack of tidings from the front.
Tho war office was relieved this
morning by the receipt of a despatch
from Cairo explaining the sudden interruption of news from the Soudan,
which gave rise to some uneasiness yesterday as to tho movements of tho
Anglo-Egyptian column now advancing toward Oiiidnrmnii - under Sir
Herbert Kitchener. It appeared that*
telegraphic communication was inter-
raped because of the wire beyond
Nanzey island, about midway between
Metemmoh and the sixth cataract of
the Nile.hadbeen damaged by a severe
storm. Shortly after the arrival of
this intelligence came the following
despatch to the News Association from
Nazey island, dated August 80,andjfor-
warded by messenger from the camp
at the front to Nazey :
"There have been glimpses of the
euomy during the last few days aud
the first skirmish took placo today,
wheu an advance guard of cavalry located a large body of Dervishes at a
supposed outpost near Kerreri, about
eight miles north of Omdurman. The
enemy showed disposition to fight,
beating with their drums aud displayed battle bunting. The Montmorency troop emptied a few Dervish
saddles aud three gunbaots steamed up
iu front of the town and shelled the
Dervishes' position. The enemy's loss
could not be ascertained, as the
Dervishes were in a hollow, but fleeing
troops could be distinctly seen.
"The army is moving slowly. Yesterday it advanced four miles in closo
Ho Has Nothing to Say of   the Miles-
Alger Controversy.
New York, Sept. 2.���Tho transport
Mexico with General Shatter and staff
was sighted off Montauk Point at 0:40
a. ni. yostorday and au hour later
dropped anchor in Fort Pond bay.
General Shafter is now strictly
speaking, by reason of his rank, in
command at Camp Wikoff, but be will
not assume the reins of control until
his term iu tho detention camp is finished. In an interievw this afternoon General Shafter said:
"I enjoyed my trip north on the
Mexico greatly, but more so on account of the ship being a prize. From
a casual observation I like Camp
Wikoff. It seems just such a place as I
should havo selected. I shall acquaint
myself thoroughly with all tlie details
of the camp.
"I knew nothing of tho Miles-Alger
controversy until I was shown a paper
on my arrival hero. I will uot discuss it, now that I am unfamiliar
with tho phases of the case, nor will I
enter the controversy at auy timo. Secretary Alger and General Miles can
take care of themselovs aud so cau I.
"Tho Rod Cross aud other nurses did
good work at Santiago, but tho front
is hardly the place for women. There
was never any real scarcity of food in
Cuba, but* there wero no transportation facilities to get supplies to the
front other than pack trains.
"The army and sick in hospitals
clown there fared as well as possible
in such a climate. "
Toronto, Sept. 2.���A fire broke out
in Bertram's shipyard at 11 o'clock
yesterday morning. The docks of the
compauy aud tho large carpenter shop
and some small buildings together
with a barge and a quantity of lumber
wero burned. The new steamer Toronto of the Riohelieu Navigation
company is threatened and will probably be destroyed. The total loss is
about $200,000.
Toronto, Sept. 2.���M. Cambon,
French ambassador at Washington, who
has represented Spain in the negotiations for peace with the United States,
spent Saturday at* Niagara Falls and
came here for a couple of hours last
night, on his way through for a brief
visit to Ottawa and Montreal. He
naturally refused to discus the important   diplomatic   interests   he   has   in
Halifax, Sept. 2.���The military
authorities here havo been notified
that the Barracks garrison is to bo
strengthened by an additional regiment and several batteries of field
artillery. Two infantry regiments
and some batteries of field artillery are
to be sent to Vancouver, and three additional regiments will be stationed at
Philadelphia. Sept. 2.���The United
States mint has received here from
Seattle 111 tho last two weeks $1,477.-
271 of Yukon gold. A single shipment
was received yesterday of $877,000.
The gold is brighter in color thau that
received from Colorado, containing
more silver and less copper. Tho Yukon
gold assays 7!)0 parts of gold, 204 parts
of silver and six parts of baser metals.
For the Re-election of Cabinet Ministers.
Those Who Will Go to tha  People are
Messrs- Soiulin,   Martin,  Cotton
and   Hume.
Victoria, Sept. 2.���The cabinet ministers chosen by Hon. C. A. Semlin to
carry on the government of this province will return to the people for reelection almost immediately. Tho
writs have gone out to the different returning officers and are returnable on
October 15, on which dato tho new
government will be firmly seated, as it
is unlikely that* any opposition will be
offered to the return of tho ministers.
Those who will seek the endorsement
of their constituents are Messrs. Semlin, West Yale; Joseph Martin and F.
C. Cotton, Vancouver; uud Hume,
Nelson. Mr. McKechnie, president of
tho council, being without portfolio
will not bo required to seek reelection.
The above despatch again brings
into prominence the question of Mr.
Hume's re-election, ami of the rumored opposition to it. But little has
been heard of late in the town of those
rumors, and it seems to be tacitly accepted that Mr Hume will be olected
by acclamation. Tlie reasons for such
a course are obvious and convincing.
The chances of the opposition candidate would be nil. and in tho present
disorganized condition of the Turner
party no funds would be forthcoming
from headquarters. In the present
condition of things nobody is likely to
be foolish enough to lead a forlorn
hopo at his own expense, which could
only result in the further strengthening of Mr. Hume's already firm hold
upon tho electorate. Courtesy too,
would suggest the unobstructed return
of Mr. Hume, in whose appointment
to a responsible office this district has
been honored.
The   Explorer   and   His   Party   Have
Been Landed  in  Greenland.
St. John's, Nfld., Sept. 2.���Tho
steamer Hope has arrived here from
Greenland, having left the Peary expedition at Foulkeflord. After leaving
Sydney, their first landing was at
Cape York, where the natives were
expected to be found. The party was
disappointed, however, all the natives
having left. Without any delay the
expedition then sailed for Snow Pocket
bay, but hero again they were disappointed. They then proceeded to
Saunder's island, finding tho natives
there in poor condition, they having
had au exceptionally bad winter, snow
falls lasting for weeks forcing thom to
quit their old haunts in quest of fcod.
The natives were delighted to see
Capt. Peary, and swarmed all over the
ship. Tlie Hope took on board a number of Esquimaux and sailed for tho
Whale sound, but owiug to tho heavy
ice pack, was unable to get in. Sho
came out all right although she received some bad scrapes.
The party then decided to return to
Saunder's island, and spent a fortnight thero during which timo 00
walrus and a quantity of seals wero
obtained. Then the Hopo proceeded
for Foulkeflord. She met tho Windward on her way. Tho latter is a poor
ship for this work, being unable to
steam to any advantage, the Hope
leaving her far behind on every ocas-
ion when Ihey left port together. At
Foulkeflord the Hope parted with
Lieut. Peary aud sailed south on tho
18th inst, the Windward leaving at
the same time for Sheard Osbourno
Fiord, whero Peary will mako his
headquarters during the. winter. Besides sixty walrus, sixty dogs and ten
Esquimaux men and women woro
taken north. Capt. Bartlett reports
all well.
Hon. Joseph Chamberlain  to Visit the
United States.
London, Sept. 2.���Tho Speaker says
tbat. Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state for tho colonies, will visit
the United States in thc autumn.
Victoria, Sept. 2.���T. R. E. Mclnnes, the governor's private secretary,
has auother lotter in tho Times which
adds littlo or nothing to the information now beforo the public. THE MINER   SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1898.
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���  I
The writs for the ministerial elec- |
tions havo lieen issued and the Colon- |
ist and other opposition papers will
have to cast about for another subject
upou which to base editorial strictures. Of course, their alarm that
Hon. Mr. Semlin would shatter the
unwritten constitution by not seeking
public endorsement of his government
was absurd, bat so have most of their
comments been since Hon. Mr. Semlin accepted the responsibility which
the lieutenant governor east upon him.
These papors wished to create the impression that tho honorable leader of the
government was about to wrench custom and the law by repudiating public
ratification of himself aud liis cabinet
aud governing according to liis own
sweet will. Such talk was pure fool-
ishnes and is now silenced. It is
hoped that the ministers will be allowed to return without opposition,
wliich in any case would be factious.
dustrial states of the Union manufacturing eentries, the products of i
whieh sought even the British
markets. The same conditions exist j
here. There are unlimited areas, it |
mny be said, of coal, and iron and j
other economic minerals, as dis- J
tinguished from the precious miner- i
ais, exist in vast deposits, waiting the. | j
energetic hands that will shape them
to the needs of meu. Across the, ocean,
two weeks sail from this coast, lies a I
market with millions of people eager!
to trade, aud in this market British
Columbia will find profitable sale for
the articles she can supply. It 111113- uu
soon, it may be late, but there aro
those living who will see British Columbia the greatest manufacturing
region in Canada, if not on this continent. Everything points that way.
Five years have seen a wonderful expansion, and if development continues
as it has begun, the next two decades
will find this province a much busier
hive of industry than it is todny. The
"tall ohimneys which used to bo so
inspiring a sight to the protectionists,
will mark the existence of manufacturing communities from mountain sides
to sea, filled with prosperous and contented workers, from whose efforts the
whole country wi.'l profit.
Si Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 13
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Money to Loan.
Rents Collected.
The Americans are the sharpest
bargainers in the world, but at tho
Quebec conference they will meet men
who have learned the lesson that Canadian sacrifices made to the United
States in the past by British diplomacy
fell short of the object aimed at���the
placating of a presumably hostile people, and these men will make no concessions for which something substantial is not got in return. In the
early days and up to a few years ago
it was tho fashion with the lords of
the British foreign ollice to view with
indifference the possessions of the
crowu in British America. It was this
indifference tliat lost to Canada the
control of the Mississippi valley, i, was
this indifference that lost lu Canada
that portion of her eastern seaboard
now comprised iu the state of Maine
nnd it was that indifference that fixed
the boundary at tho 4!)th parallel and
deprived Canada of the valley of the
Columbia, which river undoubtedly
formed tho natural boundary between
Cauada and the United States in tho
For many years England was prepared to sacrifice her relatives in this
oolouy to please the Uuited States.
But of recent years British statesman
havo had thoir eyes opened to the great
value of Canada, not as a dependency,
but as au ally; as a country certain to
become powerful among the nations of
the, earth, and now thoy respect her
wishes as they never did bofore.
Accordingly Canada has the handling
of hor own affairs at the Quebec conference aud that she will handle them
wisoly there is every reason to believe. We havo learned the lesson of
self dependence and no more sops will
be thrown to hostile interests "to
smothe their ruffled fronts." Therefore reports that the Americans ut the
conforouce will insist upou the rescinding of tho preferential tariff on
British'goods, before they will discuss
a reciprocity treaty for Canada, need
not cause alarm. Canada is amply
ablo to take care of herself.
It doos not require a high development of prescience to discern that
British Columbia must play a most
important part in the progress of Canada. The sinews of strength are in
this province as in no other. Coal and
iron lying sido by sido, with the intelligence to bring them together
profitably, made Great Britain the
greatest manufacturing nation ou earth.
Coal and iron lying side by side made
Pennsylvania and the other great  in-
American miners who complain
about the royalty collected in the
Yukon seem to forget thnt it is a privilege for tliem to be allowed'to owu
claims in that country. British subjects eujoy no suoh concessions in
Alaska or in any of the milling states
of the Union, and if Amerioans have
to pay a precentage of the product of
thoir claims to tho government to defray the cost of the Yukon administration, they lire not discriminated
against. Canadians and all others, no
matter what their nationality, are under tho same regulations. The royalty
has been wisely imposed. Only those
who have very rich claims are called
upon to pay, the small claini owner,
who can clean up oompaartively but a
few dollars, being exempt.
It might be asked the men who complain if the protection given thein by
the government is not more than
sufficient return for the outlay they
may be put to? Would they uot bo
willing lo pay a much larger sum for
the security to life and property which
the presence of even the Mounted Police
insures? Yet the Dominion government at* a largo expenditure of public
mooney scut in a military force to
keep in chock the lawless element al
ways found in the crowds that flock to
gold diggings whenever found. It is
right that the Yukon should render
somo compensation for the precautions
taken to make it a safe region for the
honest miuer, and they that take a
scnsiblo view of tho matter must admit that the royalty is just and fair.
Probably if tho truth could be known
it would be found that those who aio
making tho greatest outcry about this
royalty havo nothing upon which the
tax could be levied.
% The Birkbeck Investment,  Security %
E and Savings Co. H
WW =3
^z   advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and ^3
fc: 8 years by monthly  instalments. ^
The land of Manyaua is again
troubled. The pestilential little yellow
fellows of Central America, who recently formed themselves iuto a confederacy, are looking for war. War is
their pastime in their off season,when
tho crop is in, and as they cannot very
well fight among themselves for fear
of breaking the confederacy, they aro
goading Mexico to resistence. These
peoples aro not fit for self-government
any moro than tho Cubans are and the
soouor their possessions are taken in
hand by Great Britain or the United
States, tho better for humanity.
Mr. Terence Y. Powderly's advice on
any subject is not of much value, but
he would have shown sense if, instead
of advising Canada to adopt the obnoxious alien labor act of the United
States, had he denounced all such legislation, when applied to white labor,
as tyrannical. What would the thousands of American workingmen coming
and going in this province think if
Canada should act so meanly as to ap
ply an alien labor aet to them. Yet
this is tho inference to bo derived
from Mr. Powderly's utterances.
Arc Saving Money every day
on their Hardware Bills by
allowing us to figure with them.
Get Our Prices
Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel. No. 21.
The writs having been issued, the
organs of the opposition, which have
been supplyiug most doleful music of
late, will now bo able to manipulate
the keyboard to the tune of "a uew general election bye aud bye. " But Hon.
Mr. Semlin is not likely to give up
for a song.
To bear the chill blasts of defeat is
bad enough for Hou. Mr. Turner, but
to ho coldly kicked wheu he is down
by Mr. Secretary Mclnnes, a callow
youth, must freezo tho feeliugs of the
good old man who went wrong.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
p. burns & co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Eranch Mai kets in Eossland. Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to uny branch will have caretul und prompt attention.
11111I idl those who are trying to avoid the bent of llie c 10k  stove  these  winin  days
dnys by using something tasty in iiie line of Corned Meats, Fish and Poultry
will be greatly relieved and wonderfully benefitted by looking uv, r the
following list.    We mention n few of the most  popular  lines
nil in tins ready for use.
Cornell i:-< r, Ritual Beef, Chipped Dried liter, itiiiini Million. Itonst
Million (.iii'i-l Tongue*. I.jitiisr- Tongue, llolleil Itnlihli, Chicken l*ofr.
Partridge B'ule, Wild Duck Pale, ISoiii'd I'hiclicii. IHick ami I nr-
ki'.V. Morion's liippel'i'.l llerrlii'i, "llt-ukl'll llalllllll, Hai'tlla I l'i
**. ui-rii Herring nud l-'inmni IIikIHit"-. Lobuler, feportMlltcil Sardines,
Snnlliics In Miislnrd. 1'lgs Feci also Sauces, Pickles,Catsups* l>i-<*s--
Ings, Soups, lie, I ir.
Haye you tried the Geneva Sausage in Tins, very tine.
Prompt delivery lo nil parts of the city nnd special attention to Mail Orders.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
We nre prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough ami Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling', Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R.  STATION     .    .    .
A.    E.    YOUNG,   AGENT.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
.. FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice und Lowest Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh nnd wholesome incuts and supplies
kept in stoek.
Markets nt Nelson nnd Ymir,
Official Directory.
Governor-General - Karl of Aberdeen
Premier - : Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Mombor House of Common?, Dominion Parliament, Wesl Kootenny Hewitt linstock
Lieut.-Governor - Hon T R Mclnnes
Premior - Hon Chas Semlin
Attorney-General - Hon Joseph Martin
Minister of Finance - Hon PC Cotton
Minister Mines and Education Hon J P Hume
Pres Executive Council Hon Dr MoKocbnie
Member Legislative Assembly tor Nelson Riding Hon .1 V Hume
Mayor - John Houston
Aldermen���Chas Hillyer, W IT Teetzel, J a
Gilker, .1 J Malone, E P Whalley, Thos Madden.
Cily Clerk - ��� JK Strachan
Police Magistrate K A Crease
Chief of Police . A   F McKinnon
Chlof of Fire Department . W ,1 Thompson
Auditor - John Hamilton
Wator Commissioner - TMWnni
Health OfDoer - - Dr. Lallan
City Engineer - A.L.M'CuUooh
Cily council meets every Monday * p.m., al.
city hall, cor Viotoria and Josephine st
Dr. EO Arthur. Dr. G A H Hall, Geo John
stone.   Principal   J R Green.
President - J ltoderick Robertson.
Vice-President - James Lawrence.
Sccy-Treas. - John A Turner.
President John A. Tumor
Vico-Pres. W. A. Jowett.
Secretary D. McArthur
Treas. AH Clements
Medionl Supt, .              Dr. G. A 11 Hall
Victoria Street = NELSON, B.
United States, Ontario. Que
n'o Mini Kasieru Provinces
Points on N. & Y. S. line.
Viotoria and Rossland.
N'ew Denver. Sandon anil
Slocun Lake Poinls.
Kaslo and Kooienay Lake
Kossland. Trail. Nakusp.
Itobson, points on main line
*,'. P. It.. Vancouver and
\N Innlpog
.l.lfi p.m.
2.3(1 p.m
7.lii a.m.
7.00 a.m.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery, s 11,111, lo 8 p.m.;  Registration, 8.3u
a.m. In 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank
!la.111. lo I p.m.; Sunday 1 hour (II) In 11 n.m).
J. A. GILKKII, 1'oslmuster.
Govemmont Inspector of Agencies W J Goepel
Gold Commissioner - O. G. Dennis
Mining Recorder-Tax Col        -        UK Tolmie
Collector of Customs       - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial. Assessor John Keen
County Court Judgo - J A Forin
Hegislrnr KT HSimpkins
Inspector of Schools        - William Hums
Wardon Capt, N. Fitzstubbs
First Jailer            - R, Liddell
Second Jailer Geo. Partridge
Third Jailer              - John McLaren
Senior Guard   It. Ince
Ciicncn of Kmii.ami Matin II a.m.; Even
Song. 7 :np m. everv Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in llie month after
Matins; oil '-'n,l and Uh Sundays, at. 8 11 111
Sundny School ut'.'.mi p.m. Rev. U.S. Akehurst. Rector.    Cor Ward and Silica streets.
Pbkbbvtbhian Church- Sorvloesat 11 a.m
anil 7.80 pin. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m
Prayer meeting Thursday  evening at 8
Christian Knd	
day   evening
Mktiioiiist CHUKOn���Comer Silica and
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 am. and 7..'li)
p. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30p.m.; Prayer mooting on Friday evening al. 8 o'clock; Epworth
League c. K.. Tuesday al, 8 a.m. Rev. John
Robson, Pastor.
Roman Catholic CHURCH���Mass nt Nelson
every Sunday at Sand 10.80 a.m.; Benediction
at. 7.30 lo 8 p.m.   Rev. Father Ferland, Priest,.
BAPTIST CHURCH ��� Services morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.ni.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; Meetings
are held in the school house. Si rangers cordially welcomed.   Rev. G. R. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation ARMY���Services every evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street.
Adiutant Millner in charge.
M���i   i.,n,   pin.     ouuuny ocnooj ai, 2..10 p.m
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at 8 p.m ���
Christian Endeavor Socloty meets every Mon-
lay   evening   at  8   o'clock.     Rev. R.  Frew
M. moots second Wednesday In each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lknkox, Secretary.
I.   O.  O.   F.     Kootenay Lodgo
g No. 1(1, moels every Monday night,
at   their   'lull,   Kooienay afoot.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invitod.
A. H. Clements, N. G.       Fred J Squires, Secy
, NELSON    LODGE   No. 25, K. of   P..
viynccls in Castle hall,  McDonald block
���'""cry second and fourlh Tuesday even-
g at  8 o'clock.   All visiting knights
cordially Invited,
R. G. Joy, C c.
(8201 Gko. RossK.of R.andS.
NELSON   LODGE.   I. O. G. T.      Meets in
Castlo Hall, McDonald  lllock, ovcry Mo"9ny
evening  nl 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templarllcor'
dially inviied, John TELFORD,
Chief Templar.
J. !���'. Jacobson   Sec'y
SONS    OF    ENGLAND,  meets
second and fourth Wednesday of
each month nt K. of P. Hall, Mao
Donald Hlock,   cor. Vernon   and
~*^^0y    Josephine streets.   Visiting broth-
i cordially invited.        ERNEST King,
Chas. H. Farrow, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 mcctf
lst nnd 3rd Wednesday In each month in tho
K of P Hall. F \V Swanell, C. D. S. C. R.; J R
Green, O.R.I J. Purklss, Secy.
NKLSON LODGK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meet
every Thursday in the I.O.O.F. hall. Q C
Williams. M.W.: W S Smith, Rec-Soc; J. J.
Driscoll, Financier F. J Sqnire. Receiver and
P. M. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 1G92 meets in tho McDonald block every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invitod,
John Toyo XVM.; Y. J. Bradley, R.8. THE MINER   SATURDAY,  SEPTEMBER 3, 1898.
���trier    Mention    of    Happenings   In   llie
District Daring llie fast
Few llnys.
ager of tho Nelson branch of Burns &
Go's wholesale meat business, left for
Brooklyn yesterday evening.
The baseball match between tho
boarders and employes of the Hume
and Queen's hotels will be played on
the recreation grounds at ii p. in., on
Sunday next. As previously announced
in these columns, Ihe losing team will
put up a dinner for both teams at the
hotel of the victorious parties.
The Harry Lindley company is playing in Rossland.
Vi. (I. Mackenzine has arrived in
Nelson on his way east.
.lames McDonald, the contractor, has
arrived in the cily from Brooklyn.
W. Honil'rey.of the provincial police,
is in the city from Brooklyn, on sick
Howard      Chapman,    representing
Anns, Holden   &   Co., of   Victoria, is
in tojgn.
10. H. Fletcher, provincial post ollice
'inspector, is in   Nelson   on   a   tour of
The Knsslauilers have to pay niuiii-
I cipal taxes to the amount of nearly
I fill, 000 annually.
It is stated that the Bank of Toronto
will locate   a branch   in   Hossland   ns
: well as in Nelson.
Allan   Forrester, of   tho   provincial
I police, has come in from Brooklyn,and
is registered at the Queens.
The regular meeting of tlie hospital
aid society will meet in the Methodist
church on Monday, September the oth,
1 at II p. 111.
Among those registered at the Hume
are   <*. P. Hill, Port   Hill,   Idaho; R.
,1. Hamilton, Nakusp; 11. \V. Simpson,
; China Creek.
Among those registered at the
IQueens are E. 0. Nelson, Silverton;
11). R. Young, Slocan Oity J L. M. Livingstone,  Brooklyn.
Among those registered at  the Phair
e Fred. Jones,   Spokane;   L. 1).  Mc-
IDonald,  Rossland;   T.    H.   Earl, Tor-
|onto; It. Taylor, Winnipeg.
H. E. T. Haultain, mining engineer
if Rossland, has arrived   in   the  oity
ll'rimi Salmo, where   he   has   been   inspecting some inining property.
Mrs. Jaoksou, of Regina, who has
lneen visiting her sons in Nelson left
"for   home   on   Tuesday   morning   via
Spokane, aoeompanied  by  Miss Jack-
The Rev. O. W. (.'onion, li. A., of
(Winnipeg, will deliver a lecture at
The Presbyterian church next Thursday
,'Veiling, entitled 'Across   the Alps on
|i Wheel."
It   is   stated   in connection with the
Jfje  Roi   complications,   tlint   the   expenses of the receivership and the liti-
;ation in the case just decided will be
lint less Ihan $85,000.
The working stall' of the Spokane
palls and Northern lias not been materially altered with llie change of
t'Wnership, the majority of the old employes being retained.
W. White, malinger ol' Ihe C. P. R.
tno west of Lake Superior who is now
In his annual tour of inspection,luvoni-
lanied by (Ieneral Superintendent R.
Marpole,is expected in Nelson on Mou-
lay next.
{���The attention of practical min-
|-s is drawn to tlie announcement in
Jiother column   that   tenders for inin-
ig work are wanted. The property is
Ltuated at Frederick Ann, and full
lirticulars will be found in (lie notice
'I'erred to.
; There has been considerable typhoid
wer in Brooklyn of late. Aniong the
litest sufferers are two men in the ein-
oy of P. Burns & Oo. As a conse-
kience of their illness W. Grant, man-
Next   Monday,   September  5, being
labor day, will   be   generally observed
throughout this country as  a holiday.
There are uo special arrangements here
for a celebration but  in Sandon everything has been made ready to give peo-
j pie a good time.    Those who   can   get
! away will do well   to   make   the trip.
I They are sure to enjoy themselves.
Aug. 81���
Gladys���E. .1. Miller on e fork of n
fork of Salmon river, adj Golden May.
Iron Crown���G. N. Weekes, between
���)!) and Rover cks, formerly Last Bean.
Sept. 1 ���
Rushel���D. Gillies.on head of Kokanee ck, adj Hiawatha.
Kittie���T. Laoomb, same, adj
Oomancie���A. Stewart, same ndj
Palouse���R. M. Mndgett, 2 mi w of
Deer ck, and 8 mi n of Deer Park, adj
White Rose���E. Taylor, on Sheep
ck, G nil n of Salmon river.
Qeneral Roberts���,T. Chambers, on
Big Sheep ck, adj Sitting Bull and
Alexander���Same, same.
Florence���Vi. R. Beamish on Porcupine ck, 2,'.j liii s e of Ymir, adj McKinley.
Listowel���W. Dougherty, on e sido
of Granite ck, li mi s of w arm of
Kooienay lake.
Guelph���,1. T. McKinzie, same,
formerly Beaver.
Truro���E, ,1. Wheelden, on e  side of
Clear  ck, SI mi n e of N. & F. S. railway, formerly Yellow Bird.
Sept. 2���
Morning Sari���J. Anderson, 12 mi
up n fork of Salmon river from Erie,
formerly Irish Relief.
Ridgway���N. K. Franklin, on w
ide of head of Kokanoo ck, adj Lowell
on east.
Manila���L. Larsen, on n side of nnd
Il'.j mi up Hidden ck, adj Hazel R.
A Chicago   Man  Turns  Foot-Pad and
Kills a Man.
Chicago, Sept 2.���A robber entered
the saloon of Joseph Kerande and
pointing a revolver at* Ward Fish, the
manager of the place, demanded the
contents of the cash drawer. Fish
showed light and was shot twice. His
| wounds will prove fatal.
The robber ran from the place but
was captured. Ho was identified as
James Caldwell, who about two weeks
ago was in the employ of a wholesale
drug house in this city. He was discharged on account of the dull trade
anil turned highwayman, because, as
he expresed it, "I could get no work
and iny family had to live." He
confessed to several robberies committed during the last week.
a lot of
;e Cream Freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of .  .
(lumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very lowprices.
Vancouver & Nelson, B. 0.
Report   That   They   Are   Boomed   by
Transportation Companies.
Victoria, Sept. 2.���P. C. Reilly and
S. Munek.of Deadwood, South Dakota,
have returned from Atlin lake gold
fields. They both concur in the view
that Pine creek is being unduly
boomed in the interests of transportation companies. They say the bench
deposits are shallow and the ore values
are so light as to scarcely repay working. The only method in tlieir opinion, to be successfully followed would
be hydraulicizing, which involves tho
investment of considerable capital.
They say there are more people coming
out than going iuto the Atlin eountry.
Those who took in large supplies are
attempting to get rid of them. The result, is that food and equipments are
Seattle, Sept. 2.���Dr. E. F. Adams,
of New York, who arrived here Tuesday from Alaska on the steamer
Roanoke was declared insane yesterday.
1 Adams was one of tlie parties that
had a large amount of gold stolon at
St. Michaels and it is thought that
brooding over it unhinged his mind,
lt is stated that Adams represented a
Chicago syndicate in Alaska.
New York, Sept. 2.���At a meeting
of tho directors of tho Pacific Cable
conipany held at the office of J. P.
Morgan & Co.,plans were discussed for
establishing cable collection with tho
Philippines, the Asiatic coast, Japan
and Australia via Hawaii. Surveys
for a duplioate cable via Sitka and tlie
Aleutian islands were ordered. James
A. Scnnser, president of tlie Paciiic
Cablo company will sail from Vancouver for Japan on September 12.
London, Sept. 2.���The suspension of
the banking department of Low's exchange in London has created con
sternation among many United States
visitors here, some of whom are consequently left without a penny. Ladies
are continually applying to tho exchange for money and at tho United
States embassy for advice.
Mount   Sishalin   Now in   a   State  of
Active Eruption.
San Francisco, Sept. 2.���Captain
Bowes of the barkentine Fremont,
which has returned from Behring sea,
reports that a hurricane has been
blowing inside Unaniak island since
July 14.
When the Fremont sailed south
Mouiid Sishalin was very active and
the burning lava was running in
streams 4000 feet long down its sides.
The schooner Winchester lost one of
her crew, William Shroed, by drowning.
Captain Carson of the schooner
Mary and Ida is making a good
Tlie crew of tho schooner Uranus
found on Unaniak island a wrecked
barge, evidently lost by a Yukon
steamer. On the bow was the word
"General" but nothing more. The
barge was laden with valuable stores.
Kingston, Jamaica, Sept. 2.-���The
case of the notorious Cuban filibuster
steamer B rem uda has been closed with
the sale of that vessel intact* as sho is
lying at Port Antonio for $12,500 to
a shipping firm of this city on behalf
of her Boston owners.
WANTED���Tenders for driving a
crosscut tunnel, 7 feet high by 5 feet
wide at the bottom ; the total length
of the orosscut may be about 150 feet,
and will be lot in sections of 50 feet
each or losn���tho present tenders being
called for the first section of 50 feet-
it starts from the surface. The work
to be driven by six men working three
Tools, steel, powder, coal, and material for the work will bc supplied to
thc men at cost price. Thero is a good
camp, and a good British cook on the
One dollar per day will be charged
each man for board���not less than six
men to be kept constantly at work at
the face.
The tunnel is dry, the ground breaks
well, and is moderately easy to drill.
None but practical miners need send
tenders or apply.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Twenty-live per cent of the measured
value of the work done, to be kept in
hand until the completion of the 50
feet. Steamer runs twice a week from
Vancouver to Frederick Ann, distance
115 miles.
Apply with tenders to
Badminton hotel, Vancouver, B. C.
Or at the mine to
Foreman, Frederick Arm,
Vancouver, B. C.
Dated, Vancouver, August 29th, 1HI1H.
li" Vou Have a lliililiy for some particular
Medioine or Drug and ilont like to bo offered a
subi-titute,come hero when you need a new
supply. We are preltv sure to liavcit. Every*
thins that a well stocked Drug .Store usually
carries, ami a l-lrcut Many Things lleslricii,
ean bc found on our shelves
The purity of tho Drugs sold by ua nnd llie
accuracy oi our prescription department insures to our customers just " What the Doctor
Canada Drug & Book Co.
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Ccrnwail 1
Opposite Phair Hotel,
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
It in llu- .Host iliuiii ii in Equipment.
II is Ihe Heaviest Balled Line.
It lias a KiK'Ii Hal lasl   lliillllhril.
It Crosses Ko Hand llcssrrls.
It Is  the Only Line   Running   Luxurious
(lull  Ituoni Curs.
It Is >iinil Tor llie Courtesy writs Employes.
It Is the Only Llue Serving Minis  on tlie
11 la  Carle   Clan.
Attractive Toure during Season of
Navigation on Great Lakes via Duluth in
connection with Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For maps, tickets and complete Infoimation
call on or address Agents, K. Sc S. Ity., C, & K
S. Nav. Co., N Sc F. S. Ky., or
C. ti. lll.VON, General Agen
Spokane, Wash.
F. I.   IVIIITMV, G.  P. A T. A.,
61 I'aul. Ulan.
Steamship Lines
From Montreal orQuobcc
Beaver Line-Lake Huron Oct,  5
Beaver Line���Lake Superior Oct. 12
Dominion Line���Vancouver Kept 17
Dominion Line���Scotsman Sopt io
Allan Lino-Oallfornian Scpt22
Allan Line���Numidian Oct. l
From New York
WhitelStar Lino���Teutonic Sept 28
White Star Line���Britannia Oct. f
Cunard Lino���Lucnnia Oct.   1
Cunard Line���Ktruria Oct..  8
Allan Stato Lino���Stato of Nebraska Oct. 21
Allan State Line���Mongolian Oct.  7
Anchor Line���Furnessia Sept 24
Anchor Line���Anchoria Oct. 22
Cabin, $15.00, $50. $(i0, $70. $80 nnd upwards.
Intermediate, $.'11.00 nnd upwards
Steerage. $22.50 and upwards.
Passengers ticketed through to all points In
Great Britain or Ireland, and at. specially low
rates to all parts of thc European conti icnt.
Prepaid passages arranged from all point;
Apply  to GKO.   S.  BKKR,   C.P.K.  T eke.
Agent. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM STIT'I
554)   Genoral Agent, C.P.H. Offices, Winnipeg.
Extended experience in Chile and German
South Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contract.
Iiitmiiitional Navigation k Trailing Company.
Summer Card. Effective June 20, 1808.
Subject to change without notice.
South b'nd.   S. S. Inleriialloiiul.   North b'ml
Head down Head up
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   8.46   "     Knslo     8 00   "        "     Lv
Boat Lvs. 3.30a.m.  Kaslo    8.30p.m. BoatAr
"    4.30   " Ainsworth 7.30	
"    5 00   " Pilot Bay 6.45	
"    5 30   "    Balfour   (UO	
"     Ar   0.40   " 5MilePt. 5.25    " ������     "
"      "     7.15   "    Nelson    4.45    " '���   Lv
Train "   10.05 p.m. NThport 1.55    "  Train   "
"     "   11.20   " Kossland 12.05 a.m.   "
"     "    3.10   "  Spokano   8.30    "
Sandon-Kaslo  train daily.   Boat and   Spokano train daily except Sunday.
8. *. Alberta.
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Traiii Ar
'���    Ar   3.45   "     Kaslo     8.00   " "    Lv
Boat Lvs  5.00   "     Kaslo     1.00   "      BoatAr
"     0.20  "Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.     "
"     7.00   " Pilot Bay 11.00   " "       "
"   10.00   " Kuskon'k 8.00	
"   12.00 m. Goat HivcrBOO	
"     1.00 a.m. Bonndary 5.00	
" Ar      8.00  " B'rs Ferry 2.00   "        "     Lv
Train Lv 11.40   " B'rs Ferry 1.15   "     Train Ar
"   Ar 2.15 p.m. Spokane 7.50 a.m.     "     Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaslo
for  above  points  Tuesdays  and   Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Kootenny Lake Service.
Commencing 20 June, 1808.
On Monday, Thursday nnd Friday S. S
Alberta will leave Kaslo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay nnd Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for Pilot Boy, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling at all wny points.
(All limes nre subject to change without notice.
Meals and berths not included.
Passengers on S. S. International from Nel
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Bay, will connect at that
point with theS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Bay, can, by arrangement
with purser, have stop-over at, Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. S. International
at Kaslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
I,iil;e and Slocan points with all points in the
United States ann Canada; by way of Spokano
and Kootenay Hivcr.
Tickets sold and baggage checked to all
points by pursers on steamers or at our olllco.
P. O. Box 122. Kaslo, B.C
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Drop  in   and  seo   us.
iiih'ikim: no. iii.
Manufacrurcrs of
To Eastern and European Points.
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To Rich and active Mining Districts   of Klondike  and Yukon.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets   issued through and Bag-
gugc checked to destination.
To RosBland and  Main   Line points
Hooli'iiay Luke���Knslo Boiile.
Stb, kokankk
Except Sunday. Except Sunday
I   p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Calling nt way porls in both directions.
Kootenny Itiver iconic.
Stu. Nelsox.
lion. Pri, Mon. F
7 a. m.���Leaves���NKLSON���Arrives���8.00 p. m
Tues. Wed. Thurs. Sat.
7. a m���Leaves���NELSOX���Arrives���10.30 p.m
Out ward connection Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee, but inward such connection made Mondays and Fridays onlv.
Str. calls way por's in both directions wh
Trains   lo ami front   Klncun * Ily. Siintlnii
anil Slocan   I like   l'oliils.
(Sundays  Excepted!
9 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Present
Reduced Rates East
and full information by addressing nearest,
local agent, or GKO. S. BEER, City Ticket,
Agent, Nelson,
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver.
In Carload Lots
Slocan Itiver Mills, Slocan City, B. C.
Sawmill tor sale, Correspondence Solicited.
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, Pressed
unci Dyed by lhe New Process at
Reasonable Prices,
STEVENS,  The Tailok.
Room 0. IIili.ykh Bi.k.,  NELSON.
P. S.���Ladies Wool Dress Goods Sponged
before Making Up.
Halcyon   Hot Spring*   Water   United   anil
Supplied to tlir I null'.
For One Cent a Word?
You can findalniyeifor "Any
Old Thing " if you advertise.
riii���.ined Advertisements.
All advertisements in     is column are
1 cent a word each Insertion,   No ad-
eruscincnt taken for less than 25 conts.
������������������������������������������������ ������������������������     ������������
Old pancrs at THB   MlNEIt'offlce.   25 cents
per hundred.
FOUND.���A small key, National Cash   licgis
ter.   Apply "Minor" offlco,
MUSIC LESSONS.-On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. XV. J. Astley, Robson street,
two doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Box 180,
Baker Street.
Wanted���Furnished House.
2 Chambermaids
4 Girls for House Work.
10 Men, 18.25 per day.
J. H. Love.
The    Continential   Powers
Wanted to Interfere
But Britain Kepliei That, in That Event,
She Would Put Her Fleet at Mc-
Kinley's Service.
London. Sept. 2.���The Spectator
says it has reliable information that
Hauotaux, late French minister of
foroign affairs, had designed a plan of
intervention between Spain and the
United States which he in turn pro
posed to the continental powers. Tho
latter agreed to the proposal and it
was presumed that Great Britain
would also assent. The French government heard with the most unfeigned
surprise, however, that tho only intervention that England would participate in would bo that of placing her
fleet at the disposal of the president of
the United States.
Commenting ou the above Mr. Ford
in his cable letter to the New York
Tribune today says : "The optimistic
Spectator is not satisfied with explaining today that the British government,
wheu approached early iu the spring
by M. Hauotaux ou the subject of
European intervention iu the Cuban
affair, gave warning that it would
place its fleet at the disposal of President McKinley. It also goes to the
length of advocating in the leading
article the abrogation of the Clayton-
Bulwer treaty, and the substitution of
it for another treaty bv which America
shall mutually bind themselves and allow no government, except that- of the
United States to make or control any
canal across the isthmus between
North and South America. This
artiole even goes beyond Mr. Blaine's
famous letters to Mr. Lowell on the
canal question, over wliich Lord Granville quibbled and the English press
raged, aud imagined vain things 17
years ago. The Spectator's article
which deserves to be printed in large
letters iu every American newspaper,
if acted upon by tho foreign office
here, would remove the only serious
question remaining unsettled betweeu
the two countries. It would leave the
Suez aud Nicaragua canals subject to
the same general principles of regulation in peace and war, with one under
the control of England and the other
under the charge of the United Stales.
That would be an ideal Anglo-Saxon
Shepherd's Star���Jennie Robillard
to Barnet MacLareu.
Lena���Duncan   Darough   to   A.   K.
Zimmerman, 1.4, $45.
Aug.  ,iU���
Norway���E. Nelson to Andrew
Iron Chief���K. M. Reeves to B. F.
Embree, H, $50.
Pirate, Lady Washington���Jack Wilson to B. F. Embree, J��.
Slippery Bill-E. J. Mills to W. H.
May Flower���Oscar Johnson to John
Bloniberg, }.:,.
Aug.  ill-
Snohomish���T. B. Pitchford to John
Darrogh, 1 -ti.
Same���Same to Mrs. L. Reynolds,
Snohomish���John Darragh to Mrs.
L. Reynolds, 1 Ki, $100.
Same���T. Flynn lo same, }(s, $500.
Ohamplain���L. Taillefor to Ned,
Roy and Ernest Latulipp, %.
Joint Fraction, Snow Boy���Ned Roy
aud Louis Taillifer to Ernest Latulipp, '3.
Mountain   Chief���Marion   Sewell to
J. T. Payne, ^, $200.
Sept. a���
Butte���H. McAlpin to Lewis Can-
onica, '.,', $300.
Luise���Fran'/. Unifried to Lewis
Canonica, W, $800.
Boston���R. W. Craig to Thomas
Kane, }*.,.
St. Louis M. Horn   to   Alex Cor
diner, %, $100.
Morning Star���M. Horn to Alex Oor-
diner. \i, $100.
Maginty���John Moon to E. B. Irving. H*
Nugget���E. G. Beer to G. F. While-
'i aii ing Effect I lOO o'clock ii. ui., September
��� st,   1898.    I'ni'lllr or  niiiii  Meridian
Wkst Bound
First Class
Leaves Daily
8.30 a.m.
S.ft'i a. ni.
9.15 a. in.
Kl.no a. m.
10.08 a. m.
10.20 a. in.
10:31 a. m.
10.35 a. ni.
10.13 a. m.
Arrive Dally
Leaves Daily
11:00 a. ni.
11:10   "
11:23  "
Arrive Daily
Httl li. F. & 1
Runs  Amuck   in Portland   and   Then
Commits   Suicide.
A triple attempt at murder occurred
at Port Townsend on Monday, iii which
one Iudian woman was killed, another
probably fatally shot through the head,
while a third dropped to the floor just
as the shot was tired. Andrew Plur-
sen, a sailor on the tug, Wanderer,
while under tho influence of liquor,
visited the house occupied by these
women, aud, without warning, opened
fire on the party.
It may he here mentioned that a
previous despatch announced there
were only two victims. Ho then visited a saloon aud told the barkeeper
what had occurred. The chief of
police was then called and Plarsen took
refugo on tho sawmill wharf, and
brandishing a gun, threatened to kill
the first one that approached. A
largo crowd assembled, wliich excited
the already crazed sailor, and it was
decided to send for a shot gun and kill
him before further damage was done.
When he got sight of the gun ho
turned the pistol on himself and sent a
bullet through his head in the presence
of several hundred poople. Uu examination of the body it was found that
Plarsen was alive and he was removed
to the United States Marine hospital,
but it is thought he will dio. Ho is a
member of the coast Seaman's Union.
The Indian women killed arrived from
Victoria on the Kingston.
Moutroal, Sept. 2.���Fifteen thousand
dollars' worth of bonds of the town of
Outroinent have mysteriously disappeared. The mayor and the secretary-
treasurer received the bonds in a
parcel at tho head office of the Moi*
son's bank on Monday and then crossett
to the St. John's office of Messrs. Hanson Bros. When the bundle was opened
tho bonds were missing.
Tlmo Card No 2
Sept. lst, 1808.
South Yovk
Hear Lake
Paj nc Tram
Cody Junction
Kast Hocn
First Class
Arrive Daily
3.30 p.m.
3.05 p.m.
2.10 p.m.
1.5(1 p.m.
1.38 pm.
1:23 p.m.
1.22 p.m.
1.15 p.m.
Leave Daily
Arrive Daily
11:59 n.ni.
11:30   "
11:35   "
Leave Daily
\ Superintendent.
Cody Junction
NOTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN tlmt implication will bo made to Iho Legislative
Assembly of the Province of British Columbia
at the next session thereof for an Aet to incorporate a Company with power to construct,
equip, operate by any kind or kinds of motive
power, and maintain either a Standard or Narrow Gauge Uailway for the purpose of conveying passengers and freight, including all kinds
of merchandise from a point at. or near tbe
Town of Trail in the District of West Kootenay, Hritish Columbia, to the Town of Say
ward on the Columbia Hivcr thence to Salmo,
and from that point following the Salmon
Uivor to its junction with the Pen d'Oieille
Kiver by the most direct and feasible route,
with power to construct, equip, operate ami
maintain branch lines and all necessary roads,
bridges, ways, ferries, wharvcr, docks and coal
bunkerHaml with power to build, own, equip,
operate and maintain telegraph and te ephone
lines in connection with said railway and
branches, and to carry on a gencml express
business, and to build and operate all kinds of
plant for the purpose of supplying light, heat,
electricity or any kind of motive power and
and with power to expropriate lands for the
purposes of tho company, and to acquire lands,
bonuses, privileges or other aids from any government, municipality or other persons or
bodies corporate, nnd to make traffic or other
arrangements with railway, steamboat or other
companies, nnd with power to build wagon
roads to bo usod in tho construction of such
Railway and in advance of tho same, and to
levy and collect tolls from all parties using and
on all freight p issing over any of such roads
built by the company whether built before or
after the construction of the railway and with
all other usual, necessary or incidental rights,
powers or privileges as may bo necessary or incidental or conductive to the at t ainment of the
above objects or any of them.
Dated at the City of Nelson, the 2Jth day of
August, A. I).. 1893.
9:>5 Solicitors for Applicants.
< i:ktii h vti: of i.ui'itn?hhi.yis.
1898      PROVINCIAL      1898
iinilcr the direction uf
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of British Columbia. <A
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive! | |
-AT- j
New Westminster!
���**���&? fiSS9-S9S9*SS696S8SS9��SS969SS*$9��*S��S69<��S*S3��S*��S*S9S9SS
of our Clothing is generally sutticient to
make a life long customer.
We don't ofFer our goods below co��t,
because we havo no desire to loso
money. We sell at prices which aro
sulllclonl topay for good material and
good workmanship* The size and variety of our slock enables us to plcsise a
customer both as to style and lit. Indeed wo are particular on these points,   flj
7  I
V *
/4>  WM
IM   ���!
in eonjuction witb tho
Citizen6'<3rand Yearly Celebration
e prizes ��
The Premium List is tlio Largest
ever offered West of Toronto.
Pyro-Spectacular Bombardment "I  i-'unlluKo
de Cuba and Blowing up ol the "Halnc."
Followed by an up-to-datq Firo Works Dlnplay,
which has been speolally scoured for Four
Nights nt an onorinouB oxponae
Lacrosse and Baseball Alatches, Bicycle rteet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
Dog Show.   Open to the World.
The Finest Bunds in tlio Province
will provide Music.
Special rntes over all Railway and
Steamboat Lines.
No entrance fees charged for Exhibits.
Premium lasts, Entry Forms, and
full information on application to
Chairman Cel. Com.
Socy. Cel. Com.
l'rcs. H. A. & I. Poo,      Secy. R. A. & I. Soc.
\V. II. KKA11Y,
Exhibition Commissioner.
| * NELSON CAFE  # |
i 1
���f- First Class In every respect ���
Do you want fl good Squint' mail for
���������   ���
��� T
I First Class Cook Employed ���
��� ������ ���
��� t
!������������������"�� ����������.4-��4*��f*����*>'* �����������������!
I Y. HOSHI - Proprietor. 1
��� f
A Large  Variety   below  the
Ordinary Price.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
New York, Sept. 2. ���A cable from
9ioiiim says it is believed in* Catholic
circles that the chiuices of the noniin-
.���i,tiiin of Archbishop Ireland of St.
^aul, as cardinal at tho next papal
consistory havo greatly increased, in
coiisoquenco of his services in the interests of peaco dfcring the Spanish-
American war.
Whero no confllioratlon is namod in transfers
the nominal num of II Is to bo understood.
Aug. 20���
,  Leadville���John
Chesuutt  to M. D.
Situate in thi; Nelson and Slocan Mining
Divisions ov West Kootenav District���
WinjRH Located:-On the Divide Uk-
tween Slocan and Kootenay Lakes,
East ov Summic Pass.
���-pAKB NOTICE that 1, J. MurrnyMoQrogor,
1 noting ns agont for ClniH. Funs, K. M. I),
11781a, Henry Stone 70117, Herman Clever
10070a, W. 11. Crawford 4180A, nnd Mux llcck-
imiiui 1271a, Intend.sixty days from date hi reo(
to apply to Iho Mining Recorder for u Cenill-
ctitcof Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining a Crown Urnnt of th'J nbovo claims,
And further t-nlto notice that action,  under
section 3~, must be commenced before tho issuance of such Certifloate of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of August, 1808.
103') J. M. McGREQOP.
Notice is hereby civcu that* sixty 1110* days
aftei date 1 Intend to apply to ibe Chief Commissioner of Land und Works for permission to
purchase three hundred -find twenty (320) acres
unreserve crown land, more or loss:
Commencing at n stake marked "B. W.'s N.
K, north-east corner", thence eighty (SO) chains
>outh; thence forty (I'll chains west; thenco
cighly (80) chains norlh; i.henco forty (40)
chains eait to point of coiiimencemcntjsituatcd
near tho head of Kokanee Creok about ten
miles from Kootoray Lake, Nelson Mining
Division, West Kootenay District.
Dated this 2nd August 1808.
Nelson, B. C, Aug. 2,1808.
Thomson Stationery Co.
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
Umber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery.
M'iti:i;\   uooits ami   iviMimis   nun:
We rather lose a sale than permit unsatisfactory   garments   to    leave   tho
These values cannot be surpassed.
��� J. A. GILKER ���
Pints, Quarts ancl Half Gallons.
Tea Pots all Sizes
Putter Crocks
Milk Pitchers ���
Bowls X
Pie and Pudding Dishes. X
and a Full Line of CHINA & GLASSWARE.
Complete Supply of ... .
Groceries, Summer Beverages, Etc.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Kvery Morning.
Special attention to Mail orders.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson,
Baker St.      Tel. 10.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
also Good Value in Sponges.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
FOR SALE         �������*-*
Cornei' Lot on Vernon St., witli Building. 12 Lots in Hlock
44F��� Cheap.   2, Li ts Oor. Josephine nnd Robson,
FOR ���^��'A/r_^__v��VNV��voMk.
2 Lots and Dwelling near Cor Stanley Si, on Observntory
St., 812 per month. Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedar St.,
$2<l per monlh.    House and 2 Lois, Houston St.   $15 monlh.
Call and see our full list of property for sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,  B.C;
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Charles D. J. Christie
FOR RENT���Furnished House and 2 lots, Cor. Cedar and Victoria, $20.01
4 roomed House, $14.00. t roomed House, $15. IS roomed llouj
Cor. Stanley and Victoria, $20.01).   A large Boarding House, $35.
FOR SALE���5 roomed Cottage, 2 lots, Cor Kootenay and Ohservatory, hail
finish, painted, good fence, $1260.   2 good Lots, Addition "A" $40l
��nil it miti.i;i, nelson, n.<:. OPPOSITE post oifh]
Call and see our Wallace Acetylene Gas Machine.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and  is   prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Broken mil lllock ��� Baker St.
St. Alice Natural Mineral Water
���FROM THE���
whoRe curative qualities Bre known all over Canada. Many Mineral Waters ccj
tain valuable mineral ingredients, but probably none in America, having 1|
same medical value, make snob a fine palatable beverage when bottled.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.


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