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The Miner Jul 25, 1898

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 Daily Kdition,  No.66.
Nelson,   British Columbia.  Monday, July 25,   i8qS
Eighth Year
O' A Shop unequalled anywhere.    A  Pat- '���'LJ
I | tern after which all  others  model.    Em- '
( j ploying   experienced  workmen  who   are ( ')
f 1 specialists.    Make u shoe complete.     Re- fK*
y-, place any worn oui   part.    N'o delay nor ,
.' long waiting',     livery job satistactory  or A
} \ no pay,     Haff soling  ami   heeling   from '   -
(Q lies!    Leather  at   Lowesl   Prices,     five ( ;')
{1. ) Laces.      Free    Patenl    Buttons.      Free j  )
Ai Button Hooks. p*j
2 * KID OLOVES. * ��
�������� BLACK
PARASOLS at      .^.
t Reduced Prices. ^
We w ill oiler for I lie next ten days all of our en lire stock
at  reduced   prices   with  Special   Reductions  on   the
.  .  .   following1 lines .  .  .
Summer Dress Goods.
Warm Weather Fabrics.
Ladies Shirt. Waists.
Ladies' 1 > <V A Corsets.
Ladies' and Children's   [Jndervei
Ladies' Sil!.. ainl Kid Gloves,
Ladies' Silk and Alpaca Skills.
Sailor Hals, Hall' Price.
Men's Underwear.
Men's Washington Ties,
"lien's Negligee Shirts.
Men'-; Fancy Cambric Shirts.
Men's Blnck Sateen Shirts,
Men's I luck and Flannel Suits.
Men's Straw Hals.
.Men's Pants and Overalls.
I Our Stock is Complete in House P
��� ���������'^���������������^���������������-iP ��� �����������*>��������� ���*>-iS**+**��**>K-i;H<-M>i5'r'>'H'>
S1KAM0 ra II
vs. Schowalter, Baird vs. Blackburne,
Trenchard vb. Pillsbury,Burn vs.Jano-
wski, Wnli'lbrMI vs. Schiffers. YTapTf!
t b. ,;': - ��� cb, :rar< czy vs. Tschigorin,
and Mai'cu n bye. Al Ihe lime of the
flra< adjournment, nl 2 o'clock, Lipke
and Schlechter Had drawn, Raird lost
to Blackhurno, Wahlbrodt lost to
Schiffers, Schowalter had tho better position againsl Caro, but tho other
games woro all loft iu even positions.
ni<- e:\iu-i Lnnilluii Place in Wllhbelil.���
Colonel An)or i:viii'c(i'ii Willi ii-vi sr
Hie Capitulation*. Resolution oi*
ili-oil,-. Bcnl l�� Dcwej .
Siiiiiiiiuil'i <;!iiil in Surrender.���They lire
Slmrl of 1'rOTlllOIM.���All Olliri-l- Sl'lil
to llie Other Towns.-There ivnI bc
���.".'.uoi) I'rlaoucm.
Washington, July 28.���Tho war do
partment tonight received the following from General Shafter:
"Santiago do Cuba, July 23 ���Headquarters Fifth Army Corps to the
Adjutant (Ieneral, Washington: The
Colonel of engineers of tho Spanish
army has just arrived from Guantanamo. He has heard that Santiago surrendered ami thai ihey had heen in-
cluileil. He was seul here to verify the
fact. They will bo glad to accept the
terins of surrender. They are very
short of rations and I shall have to he-
gin feeding them at once. He lells
me there are 0000 at that place. I am
now feeding 1000 prisoners hero and
there are 1(100 sick in the hospital. 1
expect. 3000 men in tomorrow from
San Luis and Palma. J will send an
officer tomorrow or next day with one
of (Ieneral Toral'a to receive their surrender there. I. think the number of
prisoners will bo fully up to tho estimate of 22,000 or 28,000.
(Signed) "SHAFTER.
"Major (Ieneral Commanding."
Lauds  Surgt sal  Siboney  and   lh-
turns With Sick and Wounded,
New York, July ���;::.���Tlie Unitod
Slates hospital ship Relief arrived al
quarantine ihis afternoon from Sib-
oney with 123 sick ad wounded ollicers
and snliliers from Santiago. The Relief left New York on July 12, just 12
days ago, fully equipped with a skilled
corps of nurses and all modern surgical
appliances and instruments for the
treatment of sick and wounded soldiers
in charge of Major Torney, a surgeon
of the United States army. During the
12 days that the Relief was in commission she has ^received on hoard -.'li*"!
sick and wounded soldiers. Of this
number 18 have died and a large number have been transferred to tho Senium, Solace and Boston.
Of the 125 men now on board the
Relief there are ouly ahout live
dangerously wounded.
With Lnrgo Quantities of Gold���Object
to Mini-ug Laws.
Vieloria, July 22.���Early this morning lhe  steamer Garonne, tho largest
of lhe ,i ukoil fleet of vessels, tied up at
the outer wharf. She brought down a
number of miners and treasure estimated at from $50,000 to $1,500,000.
The general run of her passengers were
very secretive as to iheir earnings,
and, therefore, itis most difficult lo
correctly ascertain the amount of bullion brought down.
A number of the miner.-', wero most
hit ter in their denunciations against the
inining laws in forco in the Yukon,
claiming that with the present laws in
force, scores of miners would be
ruined. The percentage claimed by
lhe Dominion government is, iu their
opinion, far too high. Two more river
boats were expected at St. Michaels
within is hours niter the Garonne left
and they were reported to have a large,
amount of bullion on hoard. It* is
likely Ihey will reach St. Michaels in
time lu catch the Danube hound
Washington, July 28.��� (iioneral Miles'
expedition in all probability is now in
the Mona passage hetween Hayti and
Porto Rico and will be iu sight of tho
landing point in the morning. While
this is the expectation of Secretary
Alger, for prudential reasons the war
department declines to make any comment as to the accuracy of the various
guesses that have heen mado in the
eli'i rt lo ascertain just what part has
been selected for a landing place.
There is likely to he a lapse of a day
or two hetwen the arrival of the expedition and the notification of the
fact to the department unless some
merchant vessel crossing lo St.Thomas
should sight the American flotilla.
Sehwnn's troops got away only today
from Tampa, while tlie most numerous detachment of Ihe expedition,
the first division under (ieneral Brooke
will not he able to clear from Newport
News boforo Monday.
Still it is believed thoy wiil arrive
at Porto Rico in good season, ami will
certainly facilitate tho orderly landing
of ilie troops to have them land iu detachments, instead of one vast army,
as in tbe case of Shaftor's army.
It was reported today thai Colonel
J. J. A slur of Shaftor's staff was due
in Washington, bringing rhe full capitulations signed by the commanders,
and it was expected thai" Shatter's preceding reports would accompany tbem.
Howevwup to the close of offloa hours
he did not appear, and tho department
does not  know where he is.
The stale department has completed
the engrossment of the joint resolution
adopted by congress extending tiie
thanks of 'lhal branch of the government lo Admiral iDewey for his notable achievement in the Philippines.
These were transmitted (o the navy
department, which will forward them
oi ihe admiral, along wiib the degree
of Ll,. D. conferred on him hy the
University of Pennsylvania.
Mieh.ael   Redeems Himself���Considerable Jockey ing in lhe Race.
Xew York. July 21),���Jimmy Michaels mot Tom Linton at the. Manhattan
Beach cycle track this afternoon in a
'..'.'i-mile paced race tind redeemed himself for his defeat last Saturday by
beating his opponent in the presence of
more Ihan 100,000 peoplo. Michaels
was the favorite al odds of 100 lo 80.
There was very little won and many
lookod for records lo he established.
The record", however, were never in
danger, as holh riders indulged in a
good deal of jockeying in the early
part of Ihe race. Some of the individual miles were covered iti excellent
time. {he ninth being made iu
1 sis -.].:,.
Vienna, July 28.���This morning the
thirty-seventh round of the international tournament was begun at the
local chess club, when the pairing was
.arranged as follows: Halprin vs.
Steinitz,   Lipke  vs.   Schlechter, Caro
July 28.���At New York-New York
8, Baltimore 0,
At Philadelphia���Philadelphia (I,
Washington '.'.
At Cleveland���Cleveland  -I, Chicago
At Pittsburg���Pittsburg   2,   Cincinnati 8.
At Brooklyn���Brooklyn   8, Boston 4,
San Francisco, July 28.���The transport, steamer Bio Janeiro, hearing two
battalions of South Dakota volunteers,
recruits for the Utah artillery, and a
detachment of the signal corps, sailed
today for Manila.
He Resigns iu Consequence of Alleged
Bl Treatment by Shafter.
New York, July 2'S.��� A despatch
from Santiago gives the following as a
letter sent by (Ieneral Garcia to General Shafter:
"Sir���On .May I'l tlie government of
the republic of Cuba ordered me, as
commander of the Cuban army in the
east, lo co-operate with the American
army, following the plans and obeying
the ordors of its commander. I have
done my bost to fulfill the will of my
government and I have been, until
now, one of your most faithful subordinates, honoring myself in carrying
lout your orders sii far as my powers
have allowed me to do it.
"The city of Santiago surrendered to
the American army and news of that
important event was given to me by
persons entirely foreign to your stall's.
[ have, not been honored with a single
word from yourself, informing me
about the negotiations for peace or the
terms of the capitulation by the Spaniards. Tlie important ceremony of the
surrender of the Spanish army nnd the
faking possession of the city by yourself took place later, and I only know
of both events by public reports.
" 1 was nol honored, sir, with a kind
word from yon inviting myself or any
officer of my staff to represent I ue
Cuban army on that memorable occasion
"Finally, I know that you have left
in power at Santiago the same Span
ish authorities thnt   for  three years I
have fought as Ihe enemies of the independence of Cuba. I beg to say lhat
these authorities have never been
elected at Santiago by the residents of
the city, but were appointed by royal
decrees ofjtho Qnoen of Spain.
"I would agree that your army
should have taken possession of the
city and llie garrison aud the forts. I
would give my warm co-operation to
any meosnro yen may have deemed
best under American military law. to
hold lhe cily for your army and to
preserve pubiic order until the time
comes for you lo fulfill lhe solemn
pledge to establish in Cuba a free and
independent government made by the
people of the United Slates.
"But when llie (piestion arises of
appointing ollicers in Santiago de
Cuba, undor the peculiar circumstances
of our 1,0 years' strife against Spanish
rule, I cannot see hut with Ihe deepest
regret lhat: such authorities are uot
elected hy the Cuban peoplo but are
tbe same ones selected by the Queen of
Spain, and hence are ministers   to de
fend against   the   Cubans the Spanish
'' A rumor too absurd to believe, general, ascribes the reason of your measure and of your order forbidding my
army to go into Santiago to be fear of
massacre and revenge against the
Spaniards. Allow me, sir, to protest
against the shadow of such an idea.
We are no! savages, ignoring the rules
of civilized warfare. We are a poor,
ragged army, as ragged and as poor as
were your ancestors forefathers in
their noble war for independence, but
as did the heroes of Saratoga and
Yorktown, we respect too deeply our
cause to disgrace it with barbarism
and cowardice. In view of all these |
reasons,Insincerely regret to he unable to
fulfill any longer the orders of my gov
eminent, and therefor" I have today
tendered to the commander-in-chief of
the Cuban arm}', Major (Ieneral Maximo Grane7, iny resignation as commander of this section of his army.
"Awaiting   bis  resolution, I   withdraw my forces to the interior.
'' Verv respectfully.
Kalamazoo Is the Second Steamer Lost
After Shooting White Horse Rapids.
Seattle,Wash., July Iiii.���The steamer
Kalamazoo, built liy a party from
Michigan on Lake Bennett last winter,
was totally wrecked on Thirty Mile
river. The wreck was passed by the
party which has arrived bere. Only
the upper works of the vessel could he
seen above the water. The pilot ran
her on a rock and a great hole was torn
in her bottom. The steamer and outfit
on hoard will prove n total loss. This
is tlie second steamer to come to grief
on Thirty Mile river after successfully
running White Horse rapids.
Kalamazoo, Mich., July 28.���Twelve
men from tbis eity and from Pawpaw
were aboard tho steamer Kalamazoo
which is reported wrecked on Thirty
Mile river in the Klondike region.
When last beard from the party had
shot the While Horse rapids and expected to reach Dawson City in five
Ottawa. July 23.���Hon. George E.
Poster, who arrrived in Ottawa last
night from New Brunswick, will address a number of meetings in the
course of a tour which he will make
out to the Pacific, coast.
Cypress River, Man., July 28.���
James Noble's residence, with contents, was todny destroyed by lire. The
house was insured in the Phoenix Fire
Insurance compnny for $600, and tbe
loss is ijUaOO. The origin of tho fire is
Captain Taylor Tells of a   Shell Striking the Indiana.
Washington, July 22.���The following letter bas been received from
Captain Taylor of the Indiana:
Battleship Indiana, Off Santiago,
July 5, 1H1IH.���About 12 midnight the
ship was struck by a shell, apparently
an is*., mortar, wliich pierced the deck
at tbe flashplate between beams Nos. ?ti
and 77���four inches from the starboard
rail. The shell exploded in tlio compartment known as B-100, just* forward
of the cabin door, fragments piercing
the cabin water pipe, breaking in two
places near tbe starboard cabin door.
Large fragments pierced tbo watertight berth deck in two places, entering tlie paymaster's state room. Large
fragments also pierced and completely
wrecked the water-tight* batch plate
leading to the Orlop top deck. Tho
rooms in the vicinity on both sides
were badly wrecked, considerable damage being done to the furniture and
corrugated bulkheads, the bookcase
knocked over nnd mnny books injured.
A leak was started in the lire main by
a small fragment ancl the whole coin-
pnrtcnt was so tilled with smoke that
il necessitated taking up the battle
hatches on the main deck.
Only a few sparks of lire were observed, which were quickly put out,
as a stream of water was playing into
the comportment immediately after
the shell struck.
Captain Taylor ends with the statement lhat no one was injured and
that the ship wns in perfect condition
for hattie.
The sheriff of Yale, A. G. Pcmber-
(on, received a telegram on Wednesday
from Ottawa slating that Samieii, the
Indian sentenced to death at Clinton
assizes for the murder of a young Englishman named Elkins, bad been respited until October 'Jil The grounds
set forth iu the petition sent to Ottawa
asking for a respite wero that no counsel was asked to defend him until the
dny of the trial; that Samieii is illiterate and unable to understand English
and consequently the defense was impeded; that he had no money or friends
and could not call witnesses; that it is
alleged Elkins debauched bis little sister, and that it is reported nt the time
of the murder two drunken Indians
were in the vicinity of the murdered
man's home.
I s,
Germany ibhs Uxprcused Xo WUbca Kclu-
llve lo Obtaining nny Siiauiwli Colony.
���EniDeror Interested In llu- work.���
Papers More Amicable.
Berlin, July :>:*;.��� "So far as the
United States embassy is concerned,
nothing is known of any negotiations
or communications whatever between
the United States aud the German
governments relative to any Spanish
colonies," said Mr. Andrew D. White,
the United States ambassador in an interview with the correspondent of the
Associated Press. "Besides," continued Mr. White, "there hns been no
question at any time between this embassy and the German foreign office
relative to the German desire for a
coaling station in the Philippines, nor
for any possession of any of the Islands
thereof. Neither has there been any
discussion of Germany's wishes to secure any other Spanish colonies. To
express such wishes, which we are unaware of, would be, at the present
moment above all, too premature.
There bave been important negotiations begun between the United States
and Germany, but it is too early to
talk about that now. "
From another source the correspondent of the Associated Press heard that
the negotiations to which Mr. Whito
refers relate to the tariff, but he has
beeu unable to obtain an official continuation of this at tbe German foreign
Emperor William is kept continually
informed of all events connected with
tho war between Spain and* tbe United
States and the developments at Washington, Madrid and Berlin. Regular
reports are sent to bin. t , points on the
Norwegian coast, where ne makes stops
while on his tour of Norway. A large
batch of despatches containing the latest news of the war was sent this week
by special courier to Diergumullen.
The tone of the German press is less
friendly to the United States than the
week bofore, and tho latest developments of the war have been commented
upon in rather a sarcastic spirit. Tbe
liberal press, though., has adopted,
generally speaking, a fair and more
neutral comment. The Vossiehe Zeit-
ung printed an editorial in which it
freely admitted that it wished the
United States speedy success, and referred ro the unbroken friendship existing for so many years between tho
two countries.
John Oliver Overcome by Fumes From
a Blast���Remains Sent East.
The remains of the late John Oliver,
a miner who was killed on Friday
evening in an accident at the Silver
King mine, were escorted to the C. P.
R. depot yesterday evening by the
mem tiers of tho Nelson lodge of Odd
Fellows, and were shipped to his
former home in Iron Mountain, Michigan. The unfortunate miner was a
member of the Odd Fellows order, and
leaves a wife and family to mourn his
untimely deatb. The details of tho
accident are as follows:
Oliver ami his mate, Harris, had set
oil' a blast, and being in a hurry to
finish up their work on the shift, returned too soon to find the result of
the shot. Finding the gas from the
discharge too strong they attempted to
retrace their steps, but both fell in the
tunnel overcome liy the fumes. When
lie fell, Oliver's candle did not go out,
hut fell on his body, setting lire to his
clothing. When i'ound shortly afterwards by the next shift going to work
his body was frightfully burned, and
he only lived a short time after being
taken out. Dr. Forin wns nt once
summoned from Nelson, but before
reaching the mine llie unfortunate
man bad expired. Harris is also badly
burned, but will recover.
D. O. McGregor of Vancouver, proj
vincial manager of the Union Fire Insurance company for British Columbia
and vice president of tbe British Columbia board of underwriters, arrived
in the city last night on business connected with his company. While here
Mr. McGregor will interview tho city
council regarding file imposition of th
$200 license fee on insurance companies
doing business in tho city. To a
Miner reporter he stated that tho companies interested wero greatly annoyed
at the action of the Nelson city council
but had not yet decided What action
tbey should take in the matter. At
any rate, said Mr. McGregor, tho insurer will havo to pay the license fee.
He further stated that the rates of insurance in Nelson are lower than those
of any other town in tho interior of
the province. f HE  MINER,  MONDAY, JULY 25, 1898
%\u gXmzx.
Published Uuily except Sunday.
*& PUDLISllINa   Co.,
interesting   article
ihe Loudon   Stock
British   Columbian
In this   connection
011   the attitude of
Exchange   towards
mining ventures.
il   is   noted   that
Thk  Miner  Pmntinci
Limited Liability'.
to tho Kililnr 11111 1
be accompanied by tlio name and address
of lhe writer, not necossarily for publlca
tion, but us evidenco of good faith.
Subscription Paths.
Dally, per month by carrier,
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* oil', tm- Changes of Advertisement
he ill llie Olllii' liy 4 o'clock p.
ciivuir change.
Hitherto the Americans liave had
plain sailing in their contest with
Spain. The attitude of England has
warded off diplomatic troubles with
the great powers of Europe, while,
with the exception of the battle ef
Santiago, the resistonce of the Spaniards has been tlio reverse of effective,
Now,however, trouble is brewing with
their somewhat dubious allies both in
tho Pacific and Atlantic, in tlie Philippines Aguinaldo has declared himself
dictator and president of tho Philippine republic, and in Cuba (Ieneral
Calixto (farcin, probably the most influential aud determined of the Cuban
generals, lias resigned his command
and in the meantime has withdrawn
into the interior with all bis forces.
In an eloquent letter, whichjwe publish in another column,General Garcia
details his grievances and gives the
reasons which havo induced him to re
though a spocial section of the mining
j market has heen set aside for Canadian
'milling   securities, still   the   long es-
pocted "B. 0. boom" has not yet come
nil. and lhe English investors have not
'displayed that feverish interest in this
district which   was   exhibited   in  tho
Kaffir ami Westralian "booms. "
The lion-occurrence of   tbo   expected
boom may he attributed to a variety of
causes, but it is by    no   means   necessarily to be regretted.     Iu   boom times
13 00 I a large number of worthless properties
j are invariably floated to   the   ultimate
I detriment of the country, while a great
proportion  of  the   money   subscribed
finds ils way  into   the  pockets of the
promoters and does   not   contribute   to
ihe development of ibe country.
Notwithstanding ibe absence of any
extraordinary excitement, a very considerable amount of English capital
bas already been brought into Canada,
ll is difficult to ascertain exactly how
much money has actually been subscribed towards milling and exploration
companies in this country, bul the
amount lies probably between $10,000,
000 and $16,000,000, while the nominal sum subscribed is about three
times that amount. The Mining Record further adds tba if tlie capital of
the many companies lhat have been
registered, but which have not yet
materialized owing to the unfavorable
state of the stock market be added, the
total would be swelled to nearly If SO, -
ermir I lenora)
ii.   lo
ZDsTIE^W""   *   GrOOIDS      Official Directory.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
/i%n���   also flood Value in Sponges.^
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Karl of Abordoon
imicr sir Wilfrid Laurier
mber Houau of Comnionr>, Dominion Parliament, "Wesl ICootonny Ho will BokLocU
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Ilun T li Molnnen
Hon .1 II Turner
Hon I) JI Kberts
Coin or Lands and Works Hon ll H Martin
Minister Mines and Eduoallon Hon Jus Bake*
Prcsldenl Exooulivo Council HonCE Pooley
Members LoglElativo Assembly tor West Kootenay North Hiding J M Kolllo
Sonlh ltiilina -I f Ilium*
Mayor John Houston
.Aldermen Chas Hillyer, VV P TooUol, ���! A
Gilker, J .1 Mnlono, I! I' VVhalloy, Thos Madden,
City Clerk
Police Magistrate
Ohiefof Polioo
Chief ot Flro Doparlmonl
Water Commissioner
llm lib onieor
City ICnglnoor
City council moota ovory
The output of the Klondike for 1898
is estimated at from $10,000,0011 to
$16,000,000. This, though undoubtedly a vory large .sum of money, is considerably below the most conservative
estimates made last year, and the predicted recurrence of last year's rusJJ
seems morn and morn unlikely, notwithstanding the arrival of the stoani-
i'1's with their quota of successful miners. How much gold hns lieen actually brought down up to date is uncertain owing to the extreme reticence of
the fortunate miners. It seems probable however, that dust, nuggets und
drafts to the amount of nearly $4,000,-
sign  his   command.     He   seouts   ^e 1000 have already been shipped
is another side to   this golden picture,
a stern ami gloomy sido.and one whieh
statements, whieh hav;' beeu widely
circulated, that* his troops have refused
to work and are prone to plunder and
massacre. He also complains that he
has been personally slighted, that lie
received no official notice of the
negotiations whieh preceded tho surrender of Santiago, nor even of tho
capitulation itself. He likewise resents not having received on invitation
to witness the ceremony of unfurling
the American flag over Santiago, and
the faot that the former Spanish civil
officials are provisionally retained.
Tho general's letter is eloquent and
manly in tone nnd to all appearances
bears the utanip of truth upon it. but
if it bc true, the cable reports from the
front have been one tissue of falsehoods.
Although the despatches have bien
frequently contradictory and inaccurate, aud emanate entirely from American (and therefore interested) sources,
yet this is very hard to believe. Readers of The Miner will remember the
circumstantial reports of the plunder
and sack of El Caney by the Cubans,
of their massacre of -10 Spanish prisoners committed to their charge and tho
way they fired upon the defenseless
seamen of Cervera's ships, who after
striking their colors left the burning
vessels and endeavored to make thoir
way on shore. It was explicitly
stated, too, that Garcia was asked to
attend the ceremony at* Santiago, and
the words in which he couched his refusal were, literally given. In Ihe face
of all this it will require more than
General Garoia's unsupported eloquence to convince disinterested persons that the Cubans have been gross
may well make the more inexperienced of the fortune hunters halt and
turn. If the tales of treasure are numerous, the stories of death and disaster
are still more numerous. White Pass,
Chilooot pass, Lake Linderman, Thirty
Mile river, all contribute to the list of
lhe dead and missing. In our columns today is chronicled the return of
the Garonne with her precious freight,
and in another column will be found
the story of the lost steamer Kalamazoo. The few win, the many lose ;
the few find fortune, the many ruin
aim often death.
Our Grocery Business has grown so rapidly during the
past few months we are compelled t" make room somehow.
In order to do (his we have tully decided to dispose of our
Entire Stock of Crockery and Glassware al Prices whieh
have never been heard of in the District of Kootenay.
Ladies don't miss this golden opportunity. Call and look
through. There is sure to be something you will require before the wai is over.
When you como to look through the Bargains don't forget
vour Grocery List also, for as you well know, our slock is well
assorted and Prices Right.
I,allies come eui'ly before your neighbor gets ahead of you
and picks out the besl, Bargains. All goods delivered promptly
free of charge to any pari of Uio city.
Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
.1 K Straohan
E A 1 Ireasc
A   I-' McKinnon
SV .1 Thompson
John Hamilton
T M Ward
In*. La Dim
A.I,. M'Culloch
Monday, 11 p.m., at
ily hall, oor Victoria and Josephine st
In-. KC Arthur. Dr. 0 A 13 Hall, lico John-
tone.   Principal   ,1 K Groon.
J Roderick Robertson,
James Lawrence.
John A Turner.
Medical S'ipt.
John A. Tumor
W. a. Jowett.
li. MoArthur
A II Clements
Dr. 11. \ HIiuII
8.0U 11.111,
United States, Ontario, Quo
bccantl Kastoru Province!
Points on N. & F, S, lino
Vit torla and Ko-tslnnd.
S,.".ii ti,ni.|>row Donvor, Sandon uiul
Slocan Lake I 'oluts,
I.ii'i ]' m.|ICasio and ICootonny Lake
iuul p.m iRosKlnnd. Trail. Nakusp,
Itobson, points on main lint
'. I*. It.. Vancouver umi
A itiiupcg
6.15 p.m.
2,30 p.m.
7.1.', a.m.
7.00 a.m.
ire prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber i.l 1
Flooring' and Ceiling:,
Shingles ami Lath,
Cheerfully given.
and   Dressed
urned  Work
I.umbel', Coast
uul Mouldings,
It would appear now that the government was not quite so smart* as it
thought it was when it got tho nomination day for the Cassiar elections announced iu a hurry in tlie hope of
shutting out* the opposition candidates.
If is true that Mr. Callbreath, who
was at Telegraph Creek, was prevented
by lack of notice from getting his
nominal ion paper in in time, but Mr.
McTavish, one of the nominees, has
announced himself an oppositionist,
while Mr, Clifford has declared himself uu independent, though it is understood that he will support the winning side. The only remaining candidate"; is Captain Irving, who is au
avowed supporter of the Turner government. Will informed persons declare lhal Captain Irving's chances of
election are but slim, so the machinations of thc government seem likely
lo be of no avail, and Premier Turner
will probably afford another instance
,    I of the old story about* the "biter'' who
R.  STATION.    .    .    .
A.  E.  YOUNG,
Lobby opon nd from 7 n.m. to ki p.m.; Gonoral
Delivery,8 u,m, io 8 p.m.;  KcglatraMon, 8.30
a.m, in 7 p.m.; Monoy Orders and Havings Bank
i) a.in. in I p.m.; Sunday 1 hour(10 to 11 a.m).
.!. A. GILKER, Postmaster.
Qovornmonl Inspector of Agoncloa W J Goepel
Gold UominisHtonor <>. (J. DrnnL
Mining Recorder-Tax Col
Collector of CustoniH
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judgo
Inspector of Schools
0. li.
lt K Tolmie
GoOi Johnstone
John Keen,
.1 A Forin
E T n Slmpkins
William Burns
When requiring  thoroughly  seasoned
Umber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
T. \V. GRAY.
Capt, N l'iiz.-tubli.i.
R Llddell.
iico Partridge.
John McLaren
R liu'i',
First Jailor
Socond Jailor
Third Jailor
Senior Guard
CllUHl ii OK Kxm.ami Matin II n.iii.: Evon
Song, 7.80 i' in. ovory Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in tho month aftor
Matins; on 2nd and Itli Sundays, at S n.ni.
Sunday School nt 2.30 p.m. Itev. II. s. Akehurst, Kcctor.   Cor Ward and Silica streets,
PltKBHYTKHIAN I'miUi:     Servieesnl   11 a.in.
mul 7.30 p.m. Sunday school nt 2.30 p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday ovoning at 8 p.m.;
Christian hlndoavor Socloty moots ovory Monday ovoning nt 8 o'clock. Iter. It, Frew,
and systematically maligned through-
out the campaign,
��� The whole business is probably |
much more serious than tliis, Apparently the Cubans think thai the Americans have eome to Cuba to stay, and
onoe thej' are confirmed in thai conviction they will be as fiercely hostile
to thoir former allies as Ihey originally
wero friendly. This would double the
difficulty of subduing Cuba, as the
Americans would have to perform the
task in the face of a hostile instead of
a friendly population. The Spaniards,
too, would not bo slow to take Jadvan-
ago of such a state, of affairs, und unless some understanding is speedily
come to, grave complications seem
likely to await the American army in
There was a somewhat interesting
point to inining men argued before
Mr. Justice Drake in chambers at Victoria on Wednesday lust, when on behalf of ihe liquidator, <J. T. Stone, C
11. Barnard applied to have \V. ,1.
Trethaway, I). W. King and P. M.
O'Brien of Knslo added as contributors
to lhe Ibex Minin;; company. Mr.
Cassidy appeared for the gentlemen
named, who hold 150,000 shares in the
company, They claim that they gave
one-sixth of the mine for the shares
and that consequently they were fully
paid up, Mr. Juslieo Drake held that
us the books of the company failed to
show that the shares were paid up the
mimes must be put upon the list of
In thu   current,   issue of   the British
Columbia Mining Record  there
As will be seen by advertisement in
anothor column, the sacred cantata
"Under the Palms," 'which was successfully given in the Presbyterian
church last week, will, by special re-
quest, be repeated in the same place
is un [ on Wednesday evening, July 27.
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads lt.
The Largest Circulation.
���^        Best Advertising Medium.
Wall Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes und
every description of Joinery,
( IIDUcn -Corner Silica nnd
I Joscphlno Streets. Servlcos at 11 a.m. nnd
p. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.90 p.m.: Prayor moot-
lng on Krlday ovoning al s o'clock; Kpwortli
Longuo V. I-l., Tuesday ul S n.ni. Kev. Goo, H,
Moraon, Pastor.
Roman catholic Church���Mass nt Nelson
uvery Sunday at 8 and 10.80 n.ni.; Benediction
nt7.H0 to 8p.m.   Uev. Kulher I'Vrlnud, Priest.
Baptist Church -- Services morning and
ovoningat 11 a.m.and7.30 p.m.; Prayer moot.
I Ing Wednesday ovonlng al s p.m.;   Mootlngu
��� are held in t lie school house.   Strangers coral-
ally welcomed.    Kev. (i. It. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Akmy���Services every cvonlug
al 8 o'clock lu barraoks on Viotoria su-eet.
Adiutanl Millner In ohargo.
Brewers of Pine La
Beer and Porter.
Drop   in   and   see
B. C.
Your Tobaccos
Post Office
^Cigar Store
.  alwojs  lind  a  well
of Imported   and
irs, Cigarettes Toil lull stock of
Pipes at reasonable
S. J. MIGHTON. "!"
JL    citsuaUN l.tlDUK, No, 28, A, V, Sc
'AT ^^M. meets second Wednesday in each
' %j/\ iiionlh.   Visitin
ting hielhi-en invited.
L. Licnnox, Soorotary.
Where   you  wil
assorted  stool-;
Domestic Oig
baccos and
.   jm-zis.-       *������  O. I).   V,     Kootenny Lodge
. Cr^t)*S^ - ^'o- I*', meets every Mondny night,
at   their   Mall,   Kooienay sti-cel.
Sojourning Odd fellows cordially invited.
WM. HODSON, Secretary.
NKLSON    LODGK   No. iS,  IC. of   P..
anccis in Cnstlo hall, MoDonald blook
ivory  Tuosday  evening nt* 8 o'clock,
Ull visiting knights cordially invited,
,i. ,l. Malone, 0.0.
p-Ciin BKO, I'Aimuiiiii*:, K.of It. nml S.
NKLSON   LODGK,   I. 0, II. 'I'.      Meets in
I Castle Hall,  Mellon.ilil  Bloolt, every .Monday
cvonlng  ni 8 o'clock,   Visiting Templars cor-
I dially inviied, John Tki.kiiiui,
Chlof Tomplor.
George .Nunn    Sec'y
SUNS    OK     KN 11 LAN I),   moots
second ami fourth Wednesday of
each month at K. of P. HaU,Moo-
Donald  lllock,   cor. Vernon   and
���<Ss=-=:5!S/   Josophlno stroots.  Visit ing broth-
rn cordially Invited.        Kknkst Kino,
Ciiab. H. Farrow, Worthy President
I will sell at cost for the balance of the season all trimmed
millinery, children's hats and
bonnets, sailors and shirt waists.
Josephine st., Nelson,
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.K., NO. 8188meets
1st and8rd Wodnesday ln eaoh month in the
K of P Hull. K W Swanell. G. I). S. C.B.I J K
Groen, O.K.: J. Purkiss, Seoy.
NKLSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Thursday In the LO.O.K, hall. K W
Swanell, M.W.: W Hodson. Itoo.-Soo.; J. .1.
Driscoll, Kinnncier K, J Squire. Iteeeiver and
P. M. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. N'o. II1II2 meets in the McDonald hlock every Thursday evening nl 8
o'clock. Visiting mombors cordially inviied.
John Toys, W.M,; K. J. Uradley, U.S. -,M,VS*S-  -    * ������
the MiNfiR, Monday, july 25, 1898
EVENTS   01'    INTEREST   111   AND
itrii-r   Mention   ol'   iiniipi uno   lu   Die
Dislilil lulling llii' 1'iisl
1'i'iv lln.vs.
S. A. Jackson of Brookville, Out., is
in tke city.
Leslie Hill, C   V.,  is   ill    the city oil
mining business.
Extensive strcol improvoinouts ure
being made al Trail.
His Honor Judge Forin leaves this
evening to hold court at  Revelstoke.
J. A. Kirkpatrick, of Kirkpatrick &
Wilson, spent yesterday in Brooklyn.
James Bevoridgo and -I. II. Howard
of Vancouver are registered at the
1 funic.
J, L.  Ketallack   spent   yesterday   in
lhe   city   ami leaves   Ihis morn ini; for
Frank Britton oi' Viuir passed
through the cily on Saturday onroute
to Kossland.
0. II. Morse, engineer of the Crow's
Nest Pass construction, spent yesterday in the city.
Contractor ,1. K. line has secured the
contract for the construction of the
Athabasca tramway,
A. H. Wallridgo, Vancouver; 'I'. I',
Devauey, Toronto, and W. S. Norman,
Spokane, ure al the Phair.'
Born,���In Nelson, ou Saturday, to
the wife of I''. Hodge, twins, boys.
Mother and babies are doing well.
il. A. Mltcholl of ihe Northern Pacific railway, with hea'3quarters at
Portland, Oregon, is in the city.
Mrs. William Braden of Helena.
Mont., wife of William Braden of
Pilot Bay smelter, is al the Phair.
Miss Mary Byauof Winnipeg arrived
in the city on Friday nighl on a visit
to her cousins, Miss Minnie. Tom and
W. (1. Lillio.
y The cily council of Grand Forks lias
granted a free righl of way through
the town to the Vernon & Nelson " lii-
plione company.
E, P. Davis. Q, 0., of Vancouver,
accompanied by Mrs. Davis, left on
Thursday for a few mouths' visit in
England and the Continent.
Pred W. While. Ottawa; T, Tim-
nions, Macleod; G. C. Lougstreet,
Toronto; Robert Reed, Lardeau, registered yesterday at the Queen's.
The resignation of Arthur M. Wilson
of Rosebery US ll .'justice of lhe peace
within and for the West Kootenay
electoral division lias been gazetted.
The Duncan Minos, Limited, are
having the machinery for the new
mill on the Granite hauled up to tin'
mine from Slocan Crossing, a distance
of three miles.
K. S. Davis and R. Eughes, two
mning men from England, are at the
Phair,and[before Iheir return will examine mining properties in this district in which tiny are interested
J. li. Parker and Charles Parker,
mining engineers of Kossland, passed
through Uu-city on Saturday evening
enroute home after examining Ymir
mining properties.
Kev. K. Frew went lo Ymir ou Saturday nnd held communion services ai
I'the Presbyterian church there yesterday. His pulpit in Nelson was occupied by Mr. A. W, Sheppard, missionary nl Ymir.
a lot of
Ice Cream freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during the warm weather.
We liave also  constantly
on hand a full line of . .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat verylowprices.
Rev. Prof. Sipporee, B. D., of New
Westminster, will lecture in the Mctho-
' ilisl church here some ovouing towards
ll nd of the week on "The Worth of
a Man."
Major Blackmer,editor ol lhe Brooklyn News, returned home ou Saturday
evening. Ho reports thai thonow town
is humming and that town lois are
selling like nol cakes.
At a meeting of lhe directors of the
Le Roi company held in Spokane on
Friday evening it was decided to reduce tlie daily output of the miue to
Kill tons and ' to devote more of lhe
working to needed development.
R. W. Brock ami W. W. Leach, who
tire connected with tin* Dominion gov-
erumcnl seojogical survey, are in Iho
city. They iiave lien engaged iii making a topographical Burvoy of tho
country m ihe vicinity of Deer Pari;.
a number of ashing panics went
down the river yesterday, and in
nearly every caso returned in ihe evon-
ing wiih good strings. The favorite
fishing around is at the mouth of
Johnson creek, at wliich poinl some
"beauties'' were caught yesterday,
II. W. Simpson returned yesterday
eveniug to Waterloo. His linn liave
about Kin men at work clearing lhe
right ol' way for ihe West Kootouay
| Power & Light company ut Bonnington falls. Thc brush ami timber is
being piled iu heaps to lie burned iu
lhe fall.
James McGregor of Nanaimo, the
recently appointed inspector of metalliferous mines in llrilish* Columbia, in
succession to I). ,1. Macdonald, is inspecting the mines of the Trail Creek
camp, uud will be in Nelson towards
the end oi' the present  week.
Pedestrians passing along Silica
sneer wonld liko lo know wlio is responsible for the present condioiou of
the bridge on that street. Yesterday
several accidents to parties going to
church were narrowly averted, and if
il is not soon repaired Ihe city may
liave a bill of damages to meet.
.1. II. Love, A. II. Kelly and K. S.
Lennie visited the Red Rock mineral
claim, situated on Toad mountain
three miles from lhe Silver K ig
wagon road, anil bronghl back home
line speeiineus of highly mineralized
rod;, from which they feel confident
good assays will be secured.
.\n etlort is being mail" to bring tlie
different labor organizations in tho
city and vicinity together lo arrangu
for a fitting celebration of Labor dav,
which will be on Monday, September
5. A meeting will I"1 held at au early
dale to arrange details aud form of
celebration of which notice will be
given later.
J Pred Hume, M, i'. P. for Nelsou
riding, wlio is in llie eity, confirms
the report of the strike ou the Nelson
Poorman property, Mr. Hume stati s
that Nelson is progressing rapidly.
Thero arc six new brick blooks going
up there. Mr. Hume sec*- many improvements in Vancouver since he was
hore lasi spring.���News-Advertiser.
A 1111111!' named 11. M. Dahl, a native of Wisconsin, aged lis years, died
at tin* Kooienay Lake (ieneral Hospital on Saturday aftornoon of typhoid
lever. The deceased bail only been in
the hospital a couple of days, and bad
no relatives in lhe Kootenay. The remains will be interred   this   afternoon
ai ibe Nelson cemotery.
Upon I heir return to Spokane 0. (i.
Dixon and C. Shields, two railway
men connected wilh the Great Northern, who visitod Nelson hist week, ox-
pressed themselves as being greatly
pleased, wilh lhe evidences of prosperity apparent in lhe Kooienay and the
rapid development of the mining industry.
Sir Roderick Cameron, banker, of
New York, who is also interested in
the ranching business near the mouth
of lhe Little How, spent a week in
town, the guest of Mr. K. T. Halt.
He drove down to his ranch on Thursday last and inspected lhe stock there,
lie left in company with Captain
Deane for Macleod this morning, and
from (here will go to Nelson, 1>. C.���
Lethbridge News.
The Ladies' Guild of St. Saviour's
Cliureh will hold their annual sale of
work on lhe public scliool grounds on
Tuesday next, July 26,in the afternoon
and evening. A large amount of useful and fancy work will be offered for
sale, and there will be a Japanese tea
stall, where refreshments anil ice cream
will be served. The Nelson brass band
have very kindly offered their services
and will he in attendance in tlie evening.
Vancouver & Nelson, B. C.
operation of a smelter or matting on   a
largo scale.
Grand Porks buses its hopes of be
coming lhe future substantial city of
the Boundary country, not only upon
the vast bodies cf minerals in lhe
hills surrounding it, but upou ils position as a farming center as well.
Strotching up (lie valley for several
miles lo ijio westward of Grand Porks
is a ship of as line agricultural land as
ever gladdened the eyes of man, while
down Kettle river to the eastward is
an unbroken line of farms as far as
Cascade City, IT miles.���Miner.
To Ihe Editor of The Miner:
Dear Sir���I observe that a statement
appears in ihe Spokesman-Review of
July 32 to the effect that the Whitc-
wator Mines, Limited, have acquired
a bond on the Slocan Doy elaim in
Slocan and that this item lias boon reproduced in tl.e Nelson Miner of ihis
1 have been raquested to ask you
kindlyjto give publicity to the'fact that
no bond has been taken up on the
Slocan Poy eilher by lhe Whitewater
Mines, Limited, or any other company
in which 1 am acting as representative, nor have we had that property
examined bv engineers.    Yours truly,
Manager   for   the   Whitewater Mines,
Nelson, P. 0., July 28, 1898.
has  taken  over lhe practice oi
Dr.    11.    E.   Hal! and   i.s   prepared to clo all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods,  .  .
Broken nm Block Bilker si.
: iiiiiiii 11114. ii 11 uiiiiii
It Is Ibe .Most Modern ln Equipment.
It Is tite Heaviest Knileil Line.
It hns 11 Itiiih Itnllusl liiniiiiii'ii.
It Crosses NoSnntl llcsserls.
II Is  Hie Only Line   UniiniiiK   Luxurious
('lud   Itoom  , *.lf..
It Is .'inliil I'm- tlie t.'ourtesy writs Employe*.
It is lhe duly Line Serving Meiils   on the
a In Carte  J'lnn.
Perhaps during thc
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has heen
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for you.
and  SOO--PACIFIC 1.1 ME
To all Eastern ami European
To Paciiic Coast and Transpacific Points.
To thc Rich and active Mining
Districts of Klondike and the
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily lo St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to  Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points.
Tickets issued through and Baggage checked lo destination.
To  Bossland  and  Main   I,ine  points
0,40 p.m.-Lcaves���NELSON���ArrlveB-10.30p,in
Kooienay Lake   Kaslo ICoute.
Stb. Kokanee
ICxcopt Sunday. Except Sunday.
I   p.m.���Loavos���NELSON���Arrives���11  a.m.
Collingat wayports In both directions.
('. A. Mooring, of ihe well known
London financial and ruining llrm of
Bowicko, Mooring ct Co.. arrived from
China last nighl by the Einpross, He
has been in the Orient traveling for
some lime in connection wilh business
mailers and wilh Ihe company's l'opi'O-
si'iilative, Mr. Kendall, of I liis eity,
will shorlly leave on a trip for tite
Kootenay. He will visit various mining properties, including some already
owned by his company. A.inoug the
latter is the Whitewater mine in the
Sloean. ���Vancouver World.
Within a radius of '.'."i miles 0!' this
city are lo be found almost every
grade, character and variety of ore produced, Here are sulnhide ores, pyritio
ores, telluride ores, carbonates of all
kinds, dry ores, high ami low grado,
silicious and uon-silioious ores, and all
tbe varieties of slates, shales ami
schists; silver lead-ooppergold, copper-lead, antimony, bismuth, nickel,
cobalt and iron ores and ores containing all of the. above in combinations,
and all kinds and characters of formation, ln fact we bavo overy ore which
by any possibility of a chance might
become requisite   for   the successful
Kootenny IMvcv Uoutc.
Str, Nklson.
Mon. Weil. Pri. Mon, Weil. Fri.
7 11. in.���Leaves���NELSON��� Arrives--8.110 p. in.
Runs in Kuskanook (formerly Armstrong's
Lnndingl calling at way ports making cIuhc
connections at I'ilot Bay with Stoamo Kokanee. steamer makes additional trips when
vidoil business warrants.
Trains  In nml from  Silicon Illy. Saiuliin
ami Sloean   l.alii-   I'olllls.
iSundays Exooptod)
iia. m.���Leavos���NELSON���Arrives���2.20p.m.
Ascertain Pbesent
Reduced Rates East
and full information by addrosslng nearest
local agent, or GEO, s. I3KKH, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
Trav. Pass, Agent,      Hist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver.
Write for Klondike folder and Map.
Spokane  Falls  &,
Northern R'y.
kelson   &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without change
of cars betweeu Nelsou and Eouslaud and
Spokane and Eossland.
Letter Heads, ^
Bill Heads,  Envelopes,
f Circulars, \
Posters. Dodgers,
Shipping   Tags,    Etc..
are right in our
line of business
and while wc do
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
Good Work
Fair Price
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
Attractive Tours iliiiinir Benson n
Navigation on Great Lakes via Duluth in
connection with Mnguilloent Passenfrti
Steamers Northwest anil Northland.
For maps, tickets and complete lntoimatlon
call on or address Agents, K. & S. Ky., C Sc K
S. Nav. Co., N & F. S. Ky., or
���. <;. m\o.\, General Agen
.Spokane, Wiivk.
I-'. 1. WHITM'Y, ll. V. A T. A.,
51 fan.',  111,111.
International Navigation k Trailing Company.
Summer Card. Effective June 20,1898.
Subject to change without notice.
(Daily Except Sunday)
Leavo 6-20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
''    12:05 "   ROSSL'D    "   11:20   "
"    8-30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    3.10p.m,
The Daify Miner
is meeting with good
success and if not on
our list you should
be. Wc deliver it to
your home for one
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Can  We  do  Business
with You ?
Zhc   ifHMner
ptcj. & pub. Co.
Train that leaves Nelson nt C:'20 a.m.
makes clone connections at* Spokane tor
nil 1'neilio Count Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary Creek, connect at Marcus with Stage
South b'nd.   S. 8, International.   North b'nd
Read down Head up
Train Lvs 1.00p.m. Sandon 10.60 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   8.46   "     Kaslo     8 00   "        "    Lv
Hoat Lvs. 3.30 a.in.  Kaslo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
"    1.311   " Ainsworth 7.30	
"    .100   " I'iloi, Hay IU.)	
"     .130   "   Balfour   li.lil    "        "     -
"     Ar   (1.4(1   " 5 Mile I'l. .1.2.1	
7.1.1   "    Nelson    *l.lj    " '���   Lv
Train "   10.05 p.m. N'thport 1,65    "  Traiii   "
"     "   11.20   " Kossland 12.05 a.m.   "
"     "    3.10   "  Spokano   8.30    "      "       "
Sandon-Kaslo  train daily.   Boat and   Spokane traiii daily except Sunday.
a. 8. Alberta.
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.1.1   "     Kaslo    8.110   " "    Lv
Boat Lva  5.00   "     Kaslo    1.00   "      BoatAr
"     li.'JII  "Ainsworth 11.10 p.m.     "      "
"    7.011   " I'ilot. Buy 11.00   "        "   *   "
"   livm   "   KusUon'k 8.IHI   "        "      "
"   12.00 m. Goat River 0.00  "
"     1.00a.in. Honndary .1.00	
" Ar      8.00  " B'rs Kerry 2.00   "        "     Lv
Train Lv 11.40  " B'rs Kerry 1.1.1   "     Train Ar
"  Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokane 7.60 a.m.    "    Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat loavos Kaslo
for  above  points  Tuesdays  and   Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Kootenay lake Service.
Commencing 20 Juno, 1808.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday S. S
Albert a will leave Kaslo 5 p.m., for Ainswort h
Pilot Buy and .Nelson.
Leaving Xelson Sa.ni., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for Pilot Hay, Ainsworth nnd Knslo,
calling ut all way points.
I All times are subject to change without notic e
Mcnls and berths not included.
Passengers on 8. S. International from Nel
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Hav, will connect at Unit
point, wilh theS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. Alborla. from
points south of Pilot Hay. ean, by arrangement
with pur.-er. have slop-over at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. S. International
at Kaslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenny
Lake and Sloean points with all points in tho
I'nited States iuul Canada; by way of Spokano
and Kootenav Hlver.
Tickets sold and baggage checked to all
points by pursers on steamers or at our olllco.
G. ALEXANDER, (inn. Mgr.
P. O. Box 122. Knslo. B.C
| DO
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J All advertisements in this column are
1 cent a word each insertion, No advertisement taken for less than 2,1 cents.
Old papers nt Thk Minsk orticc.  25 oonU
per hunarod.
FOUND.-A small key, National Cash Register.   Apply "Miner ollice.
MUSIC LESSONS.-On piano, organ or
guitar, by Sirs. W, ,1. Aslley, Hobson utree'.,
two doors west, of Stanley.   P. O. Hox 18(1.
TO LET���Two rooms well furnished, lighted
by electric Ight, wilh private family. Victoria
St. next to \ ictoria Hotel. (ifl
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 BY MAIL OR  CAPUn-u ��� THE MINER. MONDAY,   [ULY 2<j,  1898.
Full Particulars  of   tlio   Drowning of
Allii'i'l McCargor.
l-'ullor purl iculiirs In  baud regarding
Immense Concourse nl Spcelntors,���Argonauts Capture tlie tour Oared Cbaiu
plonslitp.���Second in llie ElgiilH.���
ISelHils or Hie Events.
Philadelphia, July 2".��� Senior eight
oared shells, Pennsylvania Barge club,
Philadelphia, won; Argonauts, R. C,
Toronto, second; Worcester High
School,Worcester, Muss., third. Time,
7 1*43.
Intermediate singles, Amos Kingle,
Springfield R. 0.,won : Mare C. Davis,
Haai'lemR.0., second.   Timo, m ���:���*'���,.
The second and lasl day of the annual regattaof the National association
of amateur oarsmen producod some of
the finest racing ever seen in a national regatta. In throe of the events
only a few feet separated the first and
second crews. The most sensational
event of the day was tho eight-oared
shell raee, which the Pennsylvania
Barge club's champion eight captured
from the Argonauts of Toronto by a
few feet alter a grand struggle.
The weather was perfeot. Between
110,000 and 40,000 persons congregated
along the banks to watch the races,
and all sorts of craft were strung both
sides of the river. Two of the championships wero captured liy Philadelphia crews. Ten Eyclc won the senior
single championship.
The Western Rowing club of St.
Louis carried off the honors in the intermediate four-oared shell race. The
Argonauts captured the senior international fottr-oared championship. In
tho intermediate four-oai'od shell race
the Seawanhaka crew of Xew York
was ruled out for improperly turning
the three-quarter ling. James McCartney of the Union Boal club. New
York, was the umpire uf today's races,
and Tames Pilkington nf lhe Haarlem
Bowing chili. New Xork, acted as
The first race of lhe day was the
senior single championship of the
United States. The starters were O.
H. Lewis and E. II. Ten Eyck of Worcester, Mass. O. S. Til us of Now
Orleans and C. P, A. Goldman of
Toronto. Goldman caught the water
first, followed by Ten Eyck, Lewis and
Titus iu the order name:!. The Henley
champion forged io lhe front at lhe
quarter mil
...Hag, and was the first to
reach the turning point, On tlie homestretch Goldman Bpurted and passed
Lewis aud went after Ten Eyck, It
was a killing race from here Ic. finish,
but Ten Eyck held the Canadian safe,
winning by two lengths. Goldman
was a length and a half in front of
(July two crews started in the senior
international 1'our-nared shell race, the
Argonauts of Toronto and the Ariels
of Baltimore. This race was a mile
ami a half straightaway. The Argonauts were the first to get away,bul at
the three-quarter flag llie Ariels were
leading by a small margin, The pace
was set* by the Ariels and was terrific.
Slowly but surely, however, the Canadians crawled up. In the hist hundred yards the crews rowed abreast,
and the Canadians won hy three feel.
Five crews lined up in Ihe intermediate double sculls, the Bachelors of
Philadelphia, the Nonpareils, Metropolitan and Haarlem, of Kev: York,
and the Argonauts of Toronto. Tlie
Bachelors look the lead at the start,
wero the first at turning the stake and
crossed tlie line thn e lengths in llie
The last event of the day was the
eight-oared shell race. Jt was the
most sensational race that was ever
rowed on lite international course,
The crews Unit faced the starter were
Worcester High School of Worcester,
the Pairmounts and Pennsylvania of
Philadelphia, and the Argonauts of
Toronto. Not one of these eight had
ever heen defeated. It was (i :08
o'clock when Ibe slarier sent theni
away. Fairiuoun'i first caught the
water, Imt on their third stroke ilie
blade of number six snapped in two.
Worcester was second tu catch the
water and Pennsylvania third. When
the   crews   appoached    tin*    half   mile
mark Pennsylvania was in the lead,
ihhe Canadians second  and Worcester
third. Prom the turn to lhe finishing
point* it was a magnificent struggle hetween lhe Philadelphia champions and
the Argonauts, l'v a grand spurt Ihe
Pennsylvania men crossed the Iiii" a
length ahead in front of thoJOanadiaus.
Time,. 7:42)6, which is"' the best*
ever made over this course under similar conditions, Worcester was three
lengths behind the Canadians,
The Summaries are as follows:
Senior single sculls, final���K.  II. Ten
Eyck,    Waychusett*   11.    (.!., Worcester,
first; C. A. Goldman, Argonaut R. O.,
Toronto, second.    Time. 9:50.
Intermediate double sculls, final���
Bachelors' Barge club, Philadelphia,
P. Smith, bow, James Bond, stroke,
first; Haarlem ii. O., New York, second; Toronto, third.    Time, 6:42.
Senior international four-oared
shells, final���Argonaut It. O., Toronto,
flrst; Ariel R. C., Baltimore, second.
Time, 8 ���S,i.
Intermediate four-oared shells, final
���Western R. C., St. Louis, first;
Argonaut R. C., Toronto, second;
Seawanhaka R. C., Brooklyn, led out.
Time, '.):2()i,.
Intermediate single shells, final-
Springfield R. 0., firs I.
tho drowning of   Albert*  McCarger  at
Waterloo last week ar.i as follows:
Ir was shortly liefore 10 o'clock thai
a boatload of men in tlie employ of 11.
W, Simpson & Co. of Nelson, who
have a contract for clearing the West
Kootenay Light & Power right of way,
crossed the river tu Waterloo. Mr.
Simpson himself was in the first boat.
In the second boat were eight men,
among whom was Albert McCarger.
lie stood in the stern and was paddling. In crossing the stream against
lhe curreul it was necessary to put
great force tu the oars, and in the
darkness ihe boal reached the shure
sooner than was expected. The bow
struck a rock, causing the boat to rebound. It shol um the length of the
craft, (he collision oausin'g McCarger
tu lose his balance and fall overboard.
The boat capsized with him and all
hands went over. These on shure
gave what assistance they could, but
when lhe men were being accounted
fur McCarger was missing. The next
day Messrs. Simpson, Baillie and
Ferguson came down the river and
made a careful search fur the missing
man, but nu trace of him or bis beat
could be found, (in Tuesday Captain
Devil! in company wilh Bev. Mr. Calvert of Trail, went lu Waterloo tind did
everything possible tu raise the body,
but without avail. Dynamite was exploded in the river and eddies bnt if
was useless. The supposition is that
the body was in some uf (he eddies
farther down lhe stream, and lhal Ihe
boat being waterlogged kept the curront and went dnwu the river during
the night.
There is yet a startling story to be
told of the Jamioson raid, if the little
group of men who know ever receive
sufficient inducement to tell it. Last
weel-: another little corner of (he veil
was drawn aside by the report of the
house of commons committee on public
accounts, The report conveys the surprising information that although the
British ollicers taking part wore struck
off lhe army list ihey have been
awarded substantial allowances,
namely, $1500 annually retired pay to
Colonel Rhodes, and gratuities of $6000
lu Captain While, $8000 tu Captain
Raleigh Grey, $8750 In Major While,
$5665 tu Major Willoughby. These
items promoted a healed battle between lhe commons committee and the
ministry, which believers in tbo colonial office's complicity in lhe raid
find most suggestive. The committo
helil that the misconduct wiped out
lhe claims.
The secretary of war politely told
the cummill,"' to mini! Iheir own business Ue meant iu deal with lhe
affair. Sn the committee awards the
payments, but lhe public protests
against the "dangerous precedent and
Iho straining of the royal warrant to
meet an exceptional case."
V. IIOSH1, Proprietor
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from 25 cents up.
Tables   supplied   wilh    all
the  delicacies of thc season
Special attention paid lo auditing
Company's books. Business accounts balanced aud set in order.
For terms apply
iatrlck b Wilson t
are receiving Seasonable   Goods
for the best   track'   of  Nelson   in
the lines of
The quality is the best and prices
right.      As always, our stock of
is full and being1 added to as needed.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson, --���
see ui.Ljvn
lor Nobbiest and best and Save KA
Great Britain has -10 colonies.
There are 280 British millionaires.
The British have 889 ships of war.
They could tire off 7580 guns at
There aro 100 miles of tramways in
the British isles.
British manufactures aro now valued
ai $4,000,000,000 a year. Two-thirds
nf ihe ship-building of tho world is
now done by lhe British.
The. annual revenue of tho British
government is now $480,000,000.
The British empire, if cut into a
strip a mile wide, would reach round
the world 450 times.
Half the exports from lhe United
.States of America are brought tn England, and for all this food $456,000,000
is paid yearly.
Three-fourths nf all the letters which
are posted in the world are written in
English and sent to persons who speak
None of the ancient empires, like
that of Persia, Greece or Rome, were
equal in size or wealth to the British
empire today.
Groat stress is laid in some goveru-
nicni organs upon flic fact that Ihe
opposition meetings held recently in
Vancouver took place with "closed
doors, " Of course Ihey did; the meetings were private, tind it was not intended that Ihe World, Ihe flesh and
McLngan should poke their noses info
what was nunc nf their business."With
just as much reason the opposition
parties might rail at the government
caucuses being held With "closed
duurs. "���Kamloops Sentinel.
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 GAL. SIZE $30. 3 GAL- SIZE $1U.
Including Supply of Chemical Chnrgos
willi eaeb,
Delivered F. (>��� B.al Portland, Oro,
The Babcock is lhe recognized
standard, universally used in the
hire Department service. Each
tested to 300 pounds per ineh;
working' pressure 100 pounds per
inch. Thc Babcock has stood Ihe
lesi of time. Full line of Tire Apparatus ancl   Department   Supplies.
I71 4th St. Portland, Ore.
(AIMM.  HFIMlb, M Min. Asi;uc. Cornwall I
Opposite rimii- Hotel,
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Extondod oxporlonco in Chile mnl German
South Africa. Assaya nml analysis of ores.
Iloporta nml valuations on minora! properties
Underground survoylng nml mini' plans kopl
1111 by contract,
For thc next Thirty Days
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ami "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
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nnd Dyed by the Nnw PllOOESS nt
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STEVENS,  The Taiujh.^^ar
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P, S.���Ladies Wool Dress Goods Spongod
beforo Making Up.
Steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quobec
Doavot Line���Lako Huron Auk. -i
Beaver Line -Lake Superior Aug, in
Dominion Lino- -"Vancouver Aug, a
Dominion Lino -Scotsman Auk, 13
Allan Lino���California!!...    July ys
Allii n Lino   Numidian Aug. J
From New Vork
White Star Line���Teutonic.. Auk.  !t
Whito Star Line���Britannic Auk. lo
Cunard Lino���Lucania Auk- (1
Cunrrd Lino���Etruvia Aug. lil
Allan State Line���State of NobrasUu���Aug,20
Allan si ale J jinn- Mongolian ..Aug, 12
Anchor Line���Furnessia Auk. t-'O
Anchor Line���An cho rin Aug. 13
(labin, $45.00, $50, SbU, 870 SSU and upwards.
Intormodlato, 331,00 and upwards
Steerage $22.50 and upwards,
Passengers ticketed through to all points In
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rates lo all parts of the European continent,
Propaid passages arranged from all point*.
Applv  lo GEO.   S,  BEER,   C.P.K.  'I uke.
Agent. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM STJT'I
554)  Gonoral Agent, C.P.K. Offices. Winnipeg,
will be presented in the
Wetlnesday Ev'j:, July 27th.
<'lllllllll'lll'l' s  pill.
Ailiiilsslim 85c.
Waff Paper,      Sporting Goods
��   Hammocks,    @
Cameras, Kodaks,
Photographic Supplies,
Thomson Stationery Co.
i.i si men (d22)
11 & BRlTISn uuuuiuDia umauiwm
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia busj
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C
J. Roderick Robertson, ���-.
Genera] Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. I\i., f
Mining Engineer I
Houses In lent al SI I. $15, and SHO.     INSURANCE
FOR SALE ���^ M0NEV ' �� L0AN'
Two Lots, garden anil fenced,  Victoria street, f000, A   lii.-i-eliiss Stenographer,
Alli'i ied Furnished   House, well writer  mid   Accountant   ulwajj
finished, on fenced lot, 8700, ' lumil.
���       on
A Trial will com'
that the World's Leaf
Beer loses none of ils t
qualities by being boj
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
... ���=^A
Victoria Street


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