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The Miner Aug 29, 1898

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Daily Edition No."9*5.
WITH $5.00
Nelson, British Columbia. Monday Morning, August 29, 1898.
Ninth Year
In your pocket. We'll ;,rive you $5.00 worth
of Shoes, or your $5.00 back, Is that plain ?
No there's a hole to wriggle out of, if we
wanted to wrig-gle. We'll make it plainer
yet; you shall be the jitclye of the $5's worth.
We want the job of covering- the feet of all those young men (or old men)
we see who pay enough for iheir shoes to be well shod.
We have a Beautiful Line of Shoes at this
price. Yoii should see them. Lower priced
ones too, $1 00 to $5.50
X Latest Novelty, I
t,     VEILINOSand      X
���6 * KID OLOVES. * f
��� *������*�����������������-���> aaX
��� BLACK   &   FANCY A
X     PARASOLS at      I
I Reduced Prices, X
The Admiral   Receives
Rousing Reception.
President Thanks Hiin oa Behalf of the
Nation���Crowds of Admirers���The
Porto Eican Commission.
We will offer for the next ten days all of our entire stock
at reduced   prices   with   Special   Reductions   on    the
Summer Dress Goods,
Warm Weather Fabrics.
Ladies Shirt Waists.
Ladies' I) it A Corsets.
Ladies' and Children's  CJtidervestf
Ladies' Silk and Kid Gloves.
Ladies' Silk and Alpaca Skirls.
Sailor Hals, Hnlf Price.
Men's Underwear,
Men's Washington Tics.
Men's Negligee Shirts.
Men's Fancy Cambric Shirts,
Men's Hlnck Sal ecu Shirts.
.Men's Duck and Flannel Suits.
Men's Straw Hats.
Men's Pants and Overalls.
I Our Stock is Compfete in House Furnisfiinos. j
mm ai china
Relations Between the Two
Powers Are Strained.
succoeded in rescuing them and escorting tlii-iii from Nodea to Hoi-How.
Violent  Soenea Between  McDonald and
1'avloif -Naval aad Military Preparations -Americana Threatened
Advnnco of tlm Troops���The  Khalifa
Will Fight.
Wady Humid, Aug, 21.���The Anglo-
Egyptian forces began to advance yesterday, moving in live parallel columns
at deploying distances. Tbey were led
by the Jaaliu guards and bands of
piuers, who   kept playing.   It was an
imposing    spot
London, Aug. 27.��� The. Pekin correspondent of tin: Daily Mail says:
The situation has become acute. The
relations between the Tsung Li Yamen
aud Sir Claude MoDonald, the British
minister are strained to the point of
rupture, Sir Claude McDonald bas intimated that any failure by China to
observe Great Britain's wishes will
be accepted as a casus belli.
In support of Sir Claude McDonald
the fleet bas been concentrated at Wei -
Tliti-Wci and Hankow and all the
warships under 5000 tons havo boon
mobilized in the Yang Tse river.
Tbe naval demonstration is solely directed against China, as it is semiofficially stated that the existing relations with Russia are cordial.
natives ou the opposite bank of the
Nile indulged in delighted war dances.
The camp is now a wilderness of
broken biscuit boxes and other rubbish. The Dervish scouts are active
and it is rumored there is a Dervish
force on the left bank of the Emirszkoi
and Wadbilshara. It is reported that
the Khalifa is preparing to mako a
stand at Kerreri, seven miles north of
Omdurman and will defend the
Miihdi's tomb to the last.
Wady Humid, Aug. 27.���Yesterday
the gunboats with the Anglo-Egyptian
expedition seized the island of Bib-El
Royan, opposite El Hajir, about 40
miles north of Omdurman, the capital
of the Khalifa. The island will bo
used as an advance depot for stores.
London, Aug. 27.���A special from
Shanghai says:
Violent scenes are reported to havo
occurred between Sir Claude McDonald, tbo British minister, and M.
l'avloll', the Kussian charge d'affaires,
owing to lhe latter's commanding the
Tseng Li Ynnien lo revoke ils agreement With the Hong Kong bunk under
pain of tho czar's strong displeasure,
The Chinese ure inclined to obey M.
l'avloll' seeing thatJtheJjJBritish confine
themselves to verbal protests.
Tbo position i.s now worse Ihan
ever. All the Kussian ships have returned to Port Arthur, while the British vessels are assembling at Wci-Hai-
Wei and Cbeo Foo. Extreme activity
prevails ashore at Port Arthur.
London. Aug. 27.���The Daily Mail's
Hong Kong correspondent telegraphs :
The British cousulato at Kimmg
Chau Heinan bits asked the American
consul at Canton to urge tho viceroy
to send soldiers to Nodea, near Hoi-
How, to protect the lives and property
of Amerioan missionaries there, who
have been obliged to flee for their lives
from Nodea, and seek protection of
the British consul at Hoi-How. The
British consul appealed lo tho Tiao
Tai to protect the threatened Americans and soldiers wero dispatched who
The  TTnited   Typothetae Adopt*   Noncommittal   Resolutions
Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 27.���After
struggling through three long executive sessions, during which the nine-
hour working day was the subject of a
warm debate, tho United Typothetae
of America, today disposed of the
question fur tho present, at least, by
the passage of the following resolutions :
Whereas, The question of establishing a nine-hour workday in the printing business was brought to the ntten-
tin ot the convention liy Ihe committee
appointed by the International Printing Pressmen's and Assistant's Union
and the International Typographical
Union, and
Whereas, This convention has given
the question careful and earnest deliberation in all its bearings, therefore,
be it
Resolved, by tbo United Typothetae
of America that this body does not
deem it practicable at the present time
to recommend to its members any
change in lhe hours of labor whioh
constitute a day's work,
Resolved, Tliat a committee of five
be appointed by tbo convention, to
whom shall be referred the question
as to what measure, if any, can be
adopted by tbo employing printers
wliich will make a shorter work day
practicable without endangering a loss
to tho employers, and that this committee bo authorized to confer with
tho representatives of tho International Printing Pressmen's & Assistants', and International Typographical
unions, and such other similar organizations as it may deem proper.
Washington, Aug. 27.���Rear Admiral
Winfiold S. Schley reached Washington at 4:10 this afternoon over the
Pennsylvania railroad. He was quickly
noticed at all the stations along the
lino and throughout the trip was
greeted by cheers with the crowds.
When the train pulled into the depot
here he found a compact mass of spectators wliich filled the depot and overflowed out into the traiii shed. The
admiral and Mrs. Schley when they
appeared were greeted with cheers and
shouts of "Hurrah for Schley. " Everybody joined in the shouting and the
depot attaches crowded about the admiral and insisted on a hand shake.
At the gates the crowd increased and
amid deafening cheers the admiral and
his wife the former with his bat oil',
passed through two solid lines of people. A lieutenant and squad of police
with difficulty cleared a passageway to
the carriage, which was in waiting.
Through a mass of vehicles that had
been drawn up by curious drivers, the
hansom pulled into Pennsylvania avenue and proceeded directly to tho
Shoreham hotel. There were groups of
oheerers all the way and a cavalcade
of cyclists formed a voluntary escort.
The admiral stayed only a few minutes at the hotel and then drovo over
to the navy departrment, where without any preliminaries, he reported directly to Acting Secretary Alleu. Tbe
latter accompanied him over to the
White Houso, reaching there at 4:50.
Tbe president gave him a cordial reception. The president thanked the
admiral, as he had Admiral Sampson,
for the success of that memorable engagement of July 11 and took occasion
to say tbat it was that battlo whieh
brought about the surrender of Santiago. The president thanked him on
behalf of himself and the nation for
his brilliant services on that day and
asked him to describe the battle, which
the admiral did at length.
Tho president then entered into a
discussion of the work of the Porto
Rican commission, to which the admiral has been appointed. He went
over with him the general instructions which will guide that body in
arranging for the evacuation of the
Spanish from tho island and other
work. During most of the conference,
which occupied about an hour, Assistant Secretary of Stato Moore, was
On leaving the president Admiral
Schley drovo to bis hotel. Ho said
his health had improved greatly. Ho
will havo another conference with
Acting Sooretary Allen of the navy tomorrow morning.
Many of the friends of Admiral and
Mrs. Schley learned of their presence
at tho hotel and called during the
evening. Although considerably better
he is not well, and said tonight that
ho expected tn leave here tomorrow to
visit relatives in Maryland, which
probably will consume several days,
after which he will go to Connecticut
to remain until about to start for Porto
Tbo admiral during the evening
talked briefly of some of the incidents
of the fight which led to tlie destruction of Cervera's squadron.    Ho said :
"It is my opinion that the Spanish
admiral might have escaped wilh possibly one or two of bis ships had he
adopted different tactics in coming out
of the harbor. Had he diverted the
course of his ships, sending some of
them east and others to tbo west, it is
my belief that he might have escaped
with one or possibly two of his vessels.
Such a course would naturally compel us to separate our fleet and some of
Cervera's squadron might have reached
tbe California coast and taking UO
skins, the schooner anchored on February 12 in Warmea bay in the Sand-
which islands. After replenishing her
water and stores, she sailed from there
to Hakodate, which port was reached
on May 22. Then the cruise along the
Japanese coast in search of seals began.
Shortly after leaving Hakodate a
Japanese fell overboard while reefing
the mainsail. He was picked up by
the boats crew none the worse for bis
bath. After about a months hunting
along the Japanese const,during whioh
time 3(10 skins were taken, Oapt, Gilbert watered at. Atu Island and headed
for the Copper Islands. In those waters
00 skins were taken. Then about the
beginning of July she sailed for the
Bebring sea and came through tin-
misty seas homeward. She entered the
sea on July 14 and left on August ti.
No attempts were made Capt. Gilbert
says, to take seal in the sea. Capt.
Gilbert is indignant consequent upon
the statements made by sonic of tho
hunters that they were short of food
and lived on bread and water and salt
Atu mackerel since leaving Japan.
Tho schooner was never short of provisions, tbe master said:
"As a matter of fact the men aro
down on me because I  told them what
1 thought of them. I had a very poor
lot of hunters, for they seemed as if
they couldn't hit a balloon. Seal after
seal was seen but the lead went away
wide every timo the men shot at
them. If Id had a fairly decent crowd
of hunters I'd have brought at least
1000 skins homo." Grant, who was
the top-liner, had only % skins.
Cant. Gilbert says the weather has
been very rough on the, Japan coast,
hut tho seal seem to be as plentiful as
in past seasons. Thirteen Japanese
schooners wont out this season and 11
returned with small catches. Two
were lost in March last (hiring a hurricane with all hands just outside of
Yokohama, and the only American
schooner out, Capt. Kerney's, Silver
Fleece, sailing out of Yokohama under
the American flag, was lost in June,
off Muorarau,
When passing homeward through the
Bebring sea, the Director sighted four
schooners but they were too far away
to make out their names. The weather-
was bad at the opening of the season.
No warships were sighted during the
Victoria Times Prints Some
Sensational Letters.
They Tried to Bulldoze ths Governor Into
Signing Warrants���flow Turner
Waa Dismiss.;.]'
Interviews With Some of tho Lucky
Ones Who Have Claims.
Further reports from Rover crock
shovv that the excitement is spreading
rather than abating, and that the staking of claims is being vigorously
prosecuted. It i.s stated that 100 claims
have so far been staked. A representative of The Miner yesterday evening
interviewed Messrs. Wright and Doyle
who had just returned from Rover
creek. They say that the published reports had not exaggerated matters in
the least. They went seven miles up
the creek yesterday morning to stake a
claim and said that the trail was thick
with people eagerly searching for a
piece of unsraked ground. They were
ouly able to secure a fractional claim
as tho ground seemed all taken up.
Work is being pushed vigorously on
the diseovory claim with encouraging
results, while the whole length of the
creek teemed with eager prospectors
busily engaged in testing the surface
values of their claims.
Mr. Prosser of the Hotel Humo is
ono of those who got in on tho ground
floor. In the course of conversation he
informed a Miner reporter that ho had
succeeded in acquiring 7 claims, one
of which he had already disposed of
for $500. He also asserted that on one
of nis claims the gravel panned as
high as $1 a pan. While it is impossible to speak positively liefore. bedrock
is reached, there seems to be little
doubt that there is rich gravel on
Rover creek,and the citizens of Nelson
should think themselves greatly favored   now   that   in  addition  to their
Now   York,   Aug.   27.-
00^'; Mexican dollars, 46)
-Bar  silver,
Director   Returns   to   Victoria   From
Japan With 440 Skins.
Victoria, Aug. 27.���The cruise of the
sealing schooner Director, Capt*. Gilbert, which closed last evening, when
the little vessel lowered her sails and
dropped her anchors in James Bay,
was not as monotonous as aro the usual
cruises of "Windjammers, Tho voyage was replete With adventure, incident following closely upon incident
sinco sbe sailed southward from this
port 011 January 8. After sailing along
other advantages  u  little Klondik
of their own is added unto them.
The appointment of the Hon. ,1.
Fred Hume as minister of mines will
meet with approbation of the miners
und mine owners throughout tbe
province. Mr. Hume is a resident of
ono of our busiest mining centers, and
has an opportunity of seeing daily the
actual workings of our present mining laws and Hears the talk for and
against, and suggestions for their im-
provment, by men who aro actually,
and not theoretically, following tho
vocation of mining under our present
system. Thus Mr. Hume is in a position to study tbe wants of the miners
and mining industry as a whole.���
Victoria, Aug. 27.���Tho Times publishes tonight the whole of tbo correspondence betweeu Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes and ex-Premier Turner,
contained in the special issuo of tlie
British Columbia Gazette, which has
caused a sensation. It discloses the
governor's objections, commencing
July III, four days after the goneral
elections, to tbe appointments recommended by the government to tho
change ot date of polling of Cassiar
district to September 1, to tho placing
at the disposal of thu government
agent in Cassiar $ij,0C0 for the relief
of men in that district in employing
theni 011 the trails, and other sums
asked to be placed at the immediate
disposal of other agents in various
parts of the province. The lieutenant-
governor also refers to unpleasant interviews bail with him by the premier
aud other members of tho government, and quotes instances of warrants
which be bad previously intimated
be would no approve "thrust in again
among others on routine matters in
such a way that in some instances I
was nearly led inadvertently to sign
tbem, and in oue instance, the placing
of |3600 at the disposal of the chief
commissioner for the construction of
country school houses. I dyi Man the
warrant having previously refused to
do so.'' Tho governor instances a case
in which a batch of warrants Weie
sent him for signature fastened together in such a way that his signature would have indicated approval to
all, but he. inspected them all before
signing tho last sheet. "To my surprise I found inserted therein, in
different places, six or seven warrants
in blank. As I did not propose to approve of blank warrants, I cut them
out. This was about July 9, last. I
have since waited for somo information
in regard to, or some inquiry for,
those warrants in blank, but none -bavo
been forthcoming."
Tho governor's letter of August 8,
which Turner said was not a dismissal, concludes as follows:
"For as I would not feel justified in
grouting you another   dissolution   and
appeal to the electorate,and as by careful study of   the situation   I am   con-
j vinced   that  you   cannot  command a
I majority in the assembly, I   shall   not
j put the province to tho delay or to thc
; expense   of   a   special   session of   the
, legislature, merely for   tho  purpose of
j formally   demonstrating what   has al-
[ ready been sufficiently demonstrated to
1110 by tbe   general elections.    I   doom
it my duty, therefore, to ask, and I do
hereby ask, that yourself and your colleagues hand in   your   resignations   as
advisors to me and as   members of my
executive council."
Mr. Turner, replying to the letter,
says, amongst other things, that ou
June IK, T. R. Mclnnes,the governor's
son and private secretary, told him
that the way out of tho difficulty was
to give W. W. B. Mclnnes, M. P., a
cabinet position and the latter would
resign from thn Dominion parliament
and bring over one or two opposition
members to join Mr. Turner's party.
Ho adds that W. W. B. Mclnnes subsequently confirmed the propsition.
Tho governor in a subsequent letter
characterizes lhe suggestion us impertinent. The whole correspondence
ocoupies eight columns.
American lumber men affeoted by
the action of tho Ontario government
in prohibiting tbe export* of sawlogs
aro endeavoring to make an international question of the matter and it
will probably figure at the Quebec conference.
News has lieen received of lhe death
at Fort McPherson of a well known
North Wester named Frank Mellor
from typhoid fever, who was arrested
nt Tampa, Florida, several months ago
for fraudulent enlistment and suspicious actions and was in the guard houso
awaiting trial. A number of documents and telegrams found on his person indicated that he acted as agent
for A. Siddell, Montreal.
Mellor was well known around
Regina and Moosejaw, N. W. T. having at the latter place run a gun repairing and sale storo for several years
and having been game guardian for
tho district. His wife, who is an
estimable ladj* and well connected,
lives at Moosejaw, with a family of
two small children.
Wheat harvesting is in full blast
throughout Manitoba and the North
Wost Territories.
Wxt Jtthur.
Published Dally except Sunday.
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Insure  change.
ing its powers of sophistry. The Victoria Times has published tho whole
of the correspondence botween tlio
governor and the ex-premier, and,
whilo the full text is uot yet to hand,
(he cabled extracts are sufficient* to
show that the governor was amply
justified in his action. It is also apparent what Mr. Beaven meant when
he spoke of the governor being aclu-
ted by "cumulative" reasons. It
would apear that repeated aud systematic attempts wero made to induce
the governor to sign objectionable warrants, and the means omplDyod seem
to be little short of fraudulent. The
$16,000 to lie expended in Cassiar is
especially significant, and British
Columbia is to be congratulated that
the governor hud the backbone to refuse to permit such abuse of tho public
funds. A corner of the curtain of
secrecy that has hidden the schemes of
the late government has been momentarily drawn aside, and by the light
thus afforded, the people of British
Columbia may partially gauge the extent of the danger Ihey so narrowly
escaped at the recent* general election.
:isr:E"w~ * g-ooids
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
Jftto���   a's0 Oood Value in gp""r"^     mi-rttfl
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
Speaking of the reports that have
been current of late in regard to another general election, the Victoria i
Times says: "Wo are in a position to j
stato upon the highest authority that
another general election will bo held
in British Columhia, and that it will
tako plaoe some time in the summer
of 1002, wheu Premier Semlin and his
cabinet will submit themselves to the
people for re-election." The Victoria
Times may be considered to
with authority iu such matters, but if
further confirmation were needed it
could be obtained from no less a
source than Premier Semlin himself,
who has put himself on record as saying, in answer to a statement in tho
Colonist that a dissolution was imminent, that thero was no foundation
whatever for such a rumor aad that
the matter had not oven been discussed by the cabinet.
The different members of the cabinet
are rapidly becoming acquainted with
their several departments, and as soou
as the departmental affairs of tho province aro placed on a business basis,
tbe writs for the by-elections of tbe
cabinet "*"*ministers will bo issued.
Should au effort be made to opposo Mr.
Hume's return, there seems very little
likelihood of its being successful. His
old supporters will stand by him
again, and many of those wbo voted
for Mr. Farwell in the last election,
will, for reasons previously pointed
out in these columns, cast their votes
this time for Mr. Hume.
There has been some criticism of the
delay in issuing the, writs for tho by-
elections. The explanation, however,
is simple and obvious. Apart from
tho fact that tho outgoing ministers
left the departmental affairs in a
muddle, there was a period of several
days during which the various departments were without heads, and tho
Consequent accumulation of routine
work makes it desirable everything
should be straightened out by the now
ministers beforo their enforced leave
of absence for the purpose of ii. loting
their constituents is taken.
We obscrvo that many of our oon-
tomporarics in speaking of the probabilities of another appeal to the
country, urge that tho election should
be fought on party lines. Whilo such
a COlltingenoy is probably inevitable
sooner or later, any immediate actiou
of tbat kind is to be depreciated in
the best interests of the province. The
province has hitherto beeu governed���
and wo will confess, badly governed���
outside of party lines. The result
has been that tho best men of tho
provinco have, irrespective of party
politics, joined together in au endeavor
to oust the incapable occupants of
office. They have succeeded and aro
now installed in their place. Should
the party cry bo raised now, those who
aro at present working amicably together for the good of the province
could no longer so work, and the process of regeneration would bo interrupted. Later on, when tho important
reforms, promised by the present administration, have been granted, by
all means let party lines be drawn and
tho liberal party achieve another triumph. At present tho provinco is not
ripe for it. It cannot yet afford tho
luxury of politics.
Editor Miner:
It seems to inc. that Ihe authorities
arc very negligent in the fulfillment of
their duties in allowing what certainly
is a constant source of annoyance to
the residents of the eastern portion of
i\Tclson, namely, tho persistent pounding away at pianos, all night long, iu
thc disreputable houses ou East Baker
street. About a year ago Mayor
Houston put a stop to this temporarily,
and less than two months ago Ohief of
Police McKinnon did tho same thing.
Nov,-, however, there arc more piano
speak 'players at work making life miserable
for the respectable residents of the district in question than ever before.
This nuisance must be stopped entirely, no half-way measures will do;
nud unless the chief of police fakes (he
matter in hand forthwith tho case will
go beforo the police commissioners.
The writer has no desire to interfere
with the unfortunate women in any
way, merely to request that what has
grown to be an unmitigated nuisance
bo at once abated. Yours truly,
Nelson, Aug. 28,   1898,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Eossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo, |
Sandon, Three Forks. New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Official Directory.
Governor-General        - Karl of Aberdeen
Premier - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member Houso ot Common*, Dominion Parliament, Wost Kootenny Ik-will Ilu.-Uuk
LIout.-Govornor ��� Hon T R Mclnnes
Premier - Hon Chas Semlin
Attorney-General - Hon Joseph Martin
Minister Mines and Education lion J IT Hume
Pres Kxooutive Council Hon Dr McKechnic
Members Legislative Assembly lor West Kootenay���North Hilling J M Kellie
South Riding                 - J F Hume
and ill those wbo are trying lo avoid the bent of tbo cook stove these  warm days
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HnrdincH in MiiHlnrd, via* B-Yei also s.-mces, Plclclcs, CntHiips, Dress*
11'(IS.  S'dllllK.   ��� lc,   I IC.
Have you tried tite Geneva Sausage in Tins, very tine.
Prompt delivery In all psrlaot the city and special iiltenliou to Mail Orders.
Brisav & Co., r
Inspector of  Coaling Stations Talks of
Improvements to be Made.
Colonel *Edmoud Collister, wbo is
said to be on an inspection tour of the
coaling stations of Great Britain in
tlie Paciiic, visited Esquimalt on Tuesday, says thc Victoria Times. While
here Colonel Collister said in conversation with a friend that he. was bound
for Sydney, N. S. W. Ho has just
visited Halifax and will report on the
conditions he found thero. Talking of
Esquimalt, ho said if the plans for its
Strengthening are endorsed it will be
greatly improved and many extensions
will bc made. The naval station, tho
colonel said, would then bc enclosed
by a lo-foot stone wall extending from
tho harbor of Esquimalt to a point
near whero tho Coach and Horses
saloon now stands.
New wharves will be built, in fact
everything will bo dono to make Esquimalt a first class naval station in
every particular. Another significant
statement* made by tho inspector nf
coaling stations to his friend was that
the Imperial government intended to
seize an island in the Southern Pacific, not* far from Honolulu, as a base
of supplies and coaling station. The
government already has tho Fiji and
Gilbert groups in Southern Paciiic
waters. Colonel Edinond Collister is
a son of Admiral Collister, of the British navy,
Our exchanges show tbat the Colonist has uot got over the habit of printing interminable editorials to prove by
means of irrelavcnt quotations that
Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes acted
unconstitutionally in dismissing the
Turner ministry. Tho disappointed
organ now, however, will iiavo a
more important opportunity of display-1 miscellaneous mining.
The Canadian Mining Annual, 181)8,
i.s the title of a 600 page volume published by B. T. A. Bell, Ottawa,
editor of the Canadian Mining Re-
viow, secretary of thc Mining Association of Que boo, and honorary secretary of the Milling Sooiety of Nova
Scotia. Tho book is a digest of information relating the history, organization and operations of all Canadian
collieries, metal mines, blast furnaces
and smelting works, compiled from
Iho most authentic sources, with introductory notes and official statistics
This is the eighth year of publication.
The aim of tho work is to present in
handy form serviceable information
respecting our mineral resources and
mines, and in Ihis Ihe author has suc-
ccded, as he gives full information regarding all the mines ill Canada, and
in many instances interesting views.
The books shows that the mining enterprise in Canada is on the increase.
The geological survey places the total
output for 1807 in excess of $28,000,-
000, or tin increase of 88,000,000 over
tho previous year. The output is
divided as follows by the principal
mining provinces; British Columbia,
$10,455,2681 Nova Scotia, $6,000,000;
Ontario, $5,000,000; Quebec, $3,068,-
266; North West Territories and
Yukon, $8,000,000. Tho following
heads of chapters will give an idea of
the value of the contents of this volume : Index to companies, list of
stamp batteries in Canada, Provincial
statistical summaries, Dominion statistical summaries, coal inining and
trade, iron and steel, chromite, manganese, copper, nickel and pyrites,
gold mining, silver and load, gas and
oil,   asbestos,    mica,   corundum   and
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at rc-gulat
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Const
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND/ YARD C.  P.  R.  STATION     .    .    .
A.    E.     YOUNG,   AGENT.
(AIMH. liriME., M Kin. As.:oo. Corawa;i I
Opposite Phair Hotol,
NELSON, B.C. P.O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in Chile iuul Gorman
South Africa, Assays nnd analysis of ores.
Iloports nml valuations*; on mineral properties
Underground sm-voying and mine plans kept
up by contract;
First Class in Every Respect.
Thc best place in lhe City
to get a good meal from 25
cents up.
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
timber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
In stock,!,000,001)ft.of Flooring.Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery.
TM OltltEK.
Froperty Owners.
Experienced  White   Waitresses Employed.
V. H08HI,        -        Prop,
thing to do during llie hot
weather is to keep your
system from running down
arc among the best Summer Tonics.
Our Diarrhoea Specific
is a sure euro for Summer
Do you want thc rocks, stumps
or rubbish removed from your
yards, or your lawns levelled
down? If so wc can do it for
you. Will work either by day
or hy contract.
Address T. W.
Care "Miner" ollice
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 GAL. SIZE $30. 3  GAL- SIZE $15,
Including Supply of Chemical Charges
with each.
Delivered P. O. II. nl Port land. Ore.
The Babcock is the recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Department service. Each
tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure 100 pounds per
inch. The Babcock has stood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and   Department   Supplies.
I71 4th St Portland, Ore.
Muyor - - John Houston
Aldermen--Chas Hillyer, W F Teetzel, .1 A
Gilker, J J Mnloiio, E P Whalley, Thos Mad-
City Clerk
Police Magistrate
Chief of Police .
chief of Firo Department
Wiiier Commissioner
Health Offioer
City Engineer
Cily counoil meets every Monday, II p.m
eity hall, eor Viotoria nnd Josephine st
Dr. KC Arthur. Dr. G A II Hall, Geo ,1
stone.   Principal   J It (Jrocn.
J K Strachan
K A Crease
A  IT McKinnon
W .1 Thompson
John Hamilton
T M Ward
Dr. I/illini
A. I,. M'Cullooli
President J Roderick Robertson.
Vice-President, . James Lawrence.
Secy-Troas, ��� John A Turner.
Medical Supt.
John A. Turner
W. A. Jowett.
D. Mo Arthur
A II Clements
Dr. O. A 1)11,11
s.ihi p.m.
8.30 n.111
Lull [..in
li.ou p.m,
United States, Ontario, Quo
iieoand Knstorn Provinces
'I'ints on N. -fc F. S. line.
Victoria and Rossland.
Sew Donvor, Sandon nnd
-Uoenii Lake Poinls.
Kaslo and Kootenny Lake
EtORsland.  Trail,    Nakusp,
ilolison, points on main line
". P. P.,  Vancouver and
5.15 p.m.
8.30 p.m.
7.45 a.m.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Gonoral
Delivery, 8 a,111,  to S p.m.;   Registration, 8.30
R.ni. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Bank
On.m. to 4 p.m.; Sunday 1 hoiirlllllo II a.m).
J. A. GILKER, Postmaster.
Government Inspector of Agonoloa W J Goepel
Gold Commissioner - O. O. Dennis
Mining Recorder-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Courl Judgo
Inspector of Schools
RF Tolmie
Geo. Johnstone
John Keen
J A Forin
E T II Slmpkiits
William Burns
Warden Capt, N. Fitzstubbs
First Jailer ��� it. Liddell
Second Jailer Geo. Partridge
Third Jailer . John McLaren
Senior Guard R, inco
Cnuncn of England���MaUn 11 n.ni.; icvon
Song. 7.: 11 p.m. every Sundny. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month aflor
Mnl Ins; en 2nd and lib Sundays, nt, 8 a.m.
Sunday School at 2.30 p,m, Uev. II. s. Akehurst. Rector,   Cor Ward nnd Silica streets.
PrEBBVTERIAN CHURCH���Services nt 11 0,111
and  7.80   pin.     Sunday School nt, 2,30 p.m
Prayor meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.:
Christian Endeavor Society moets overy Mon-'
dny  evening   nt 8   o'clock.     Hev. It. Frew
Methodist Churoh���Corner Silica nml
Josephine SI reels. Services at 11 a in. nnd 1.3.)
p. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.:to p.m.: Prayor mooting on Friday ovonlng nl. S o'clock; Kpworlh
Longuo C IC, Tuesday at 8 n.ni. Itev. John
Itobson, Pastor.
Roman Cathouo CnoRcn���Mass at Xelson
every Sunday at 8 and 10.30 a.m.: Henedicliou
ni 7.:��i to 8 p.m.   Rev. Father Ferland, Priest,
BAPTIST Cm-lieu - Services morning and
cveniiiKutllii.m.and7.30 p.ni.; Prayor meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p.ni.; Meetings
are held in the school bouse. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Rov. G, R. Welch, Pastor,
Salvation Army���Services every evening
ut 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street.
Adjutant Millner In charge.
NELSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F. &A.
JL meets second Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. LENNOX, Secretary.
I.   O. O.   F.     Kooienay Lodge
No. in, meets every Monday night,
at  Iheii  Hall,   Kootenny street*.
Sojourning Odd fellows cordially invited.
WM. HUDSON, Secretary.
NELSON LODGK No. 25, K, of P.,
..Aniecls in Cnslle hull, McDonald block
yflevery second and ton rib Tuesday even-
fining at 8 o'clock. All visiting Knights
iv cordially invited,
It. G. Jay, C. C.
(8201 GEO. Ross K. of It. and S.
NKLSON   LODGK,   I. O. G. T.      Meets in
Cnstlo Hull, McDonald Hlock, every Monday
evening  nt 8 o'cloek.   Visiting Templars cordially inviied, John TELFORD.
chief Templar.
J. !���'. Jucobson   Sec'y
:s^,       NKLSON S   QUEEN   NO.  211
SONS    OF    ENGLAND,  meets
second and fourth Wednesday of
each monlh at K. of P. Hull, Mac
l-A Jj)   Donald lllock,   cor. Vernon   and
^^~^y    Josephine streets.   Visitingbreth-
rn cordially invited. ERNEST Kind,
Ciias. H. Farrow, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meet*
lst and 3rd Wednesday in each month in tin)
K of P Hall. F W Swanell, O. D. S. C. R.j J lt
Green, C.R.: J. Purkiss. Secy.
every Thursday in the l.O.O.F. hall. G C!
Williams. M.W.: W S Smith, Hce.-Sec; J. J.
Driscoll, Financier F, J Squire. Receiver and
P. M. XV.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 101)2 meets in the McDonald block every Thursday evening nt 8
o'clock. Visiting members cordially Invitod.
John Toyc W.M.; F. J. Bradley, R,S.
tuft THE MINER   MONDAY,   AUGUST 29,  1898.
.nil'   Vcniinn   <>|-   Happenings
liislrli'l Irsii in;; I III- I'nsl
r. m Bays.
Louis Blue ui' Rossland, returned
|tonie yesterday evening.
Frank Weslern, Vancouver, auditor
If tlu- 0, ]'. K.. is registered at tho
J.   A.   McLean,   Winnipeg;
[Mood of Cascade Oity, registered
ruecn.s lust night.
Assessor  and   Collector John   Keen
-ill hold a sale of hinds fur provinoial
ixes, today in Rossland,
(ico. S. McOartoi', acting I'm- the
Ion. Charles H. Maokintosli has pur-
lhasod tho Arrowhead saw mills.
Tho dull- of tho opening of (In- Rossland public schools has lien postponed
"ntil Soptembor ii, on accounl   of  iho
A large addition is being built lo (ho
!. P. R.   freight  depol   in  accommo-
late tho largely  increased  business in
liut department.
David Henderson of Calgary is in
Iho city aftor delivering a carload of
���little at Brooklyn fnnn iho Alberta
fnnges fur tho railway camps.
d. .). Ryan, Montreal; T.J. Spencer,
Itriokiuie; T. A. Gregg, Vanoouver; W.
Deeds,   Montreal; I).   Todd  Loos,
|egistered at tlio Hume lasl night.
Rev. John Robson, 11. A.,   pastor of
10 Methodist church, was sufficiently
locovered   from   his  recent illness, to
lake his regular services yesterday.
Vi. L. Bowers, Helena; Cyrus Vi.
Ili-Arlhur, Ymir; F, Thatcher, Spnk-
jno IX Rabbeth, Armstrong, registered
It the Hume, on Saturday evening.
Clayton    Miller.     Spokane;    ('live
I-illgle, Kossland ;(Iio. II. Warr, Day-
loll, Ohio; R. Bowman, Vancouver,
jigislered at the Phair on Saturday.
A new paper to be called tho Colum-
|ia   Valley   Courant   will   lie   started
rly next month at Kettle Fall, by
A. Batterson, formerly of Ellons-
|ur*K, Wash.
The body of 11 man named Scott who
���as drowned near RobsOn a few days
|Jo wus found floating in tho Oolum-
1 river and was interred at Robson
M Saturday.
A large number of
ent down to Slocau
[av lo enjoy a day'
'i'lied 011'lhe   10:20
ed baskets.
T.   D.    DosBrisny,   provincial   con-
ablo at* Robson, arrived   in   the   city
���1 Saturday evening having in charge
I'Veral prisoners sentenced to various
prms for vagrancy.
[A bulletin issued last week l.y the
[anitoba    provincial   department  of
I riculture estimates   the   cereal   pro-
l.cls of thc prairie province (his   year
50,(100,(11)0 bushels.
���jD. McLeod of Brooklyn, purchasing
tent for Maun, Foley Bros., & Lar-
|n, contractors on the Kolisnn-Peiitie-
[11 branch, spent Saturday in the
Ity procuring supplies.
[Ross Thompson, lhe original  owner
Iho town site of Kossland arrived in
city 011 Saturday morning and left
j the same day for the Slocan to examine
j some miuir.g properties.
The moonlight excursion to he held
tonight to Balfour under the auspices
of the Indies of the Roman Catholic
ehtirob, promises to bo very well attended and a  pleasant time is assured.
Married, ut fhe Methodist parsonage
by Kev. John Robson, B. A., on Snturday afternoon, John Kaskela to Olgu
Sipp.'tla, both of Kaslo. Tlie contracting parties returned on thc steamer
A meeting of the Literal Conservatives of tho city will bo held tonight
in tho Board of Trado rooms, at K :!!0
o'clock, for further organization and
election of officers. All conservatives
nre. invited.
An Ottawa despatch says that Chief
Justice McColl of British Columhia,
will be judge of Iho admiralty court* as
well as chief justice. Mr. Archer
Martin of Vanoouver is spoken of as
tho puisne judge,
Mr. II. (r. Teohnor, engineer of tho
strainer Kaslo, died .suddenly at* Pilot
Bay on Saturday evening. The funeral
will take placo here this afternoon at
4:80, tho ceremony to he conducted
by the Nelson Masonic lodge.
The Canada Gazette contains an
order-in-council amending the regulations respecting vacant* lands in the
railway belt of British Columbia. The
new regulations permit tin- lands to bo
laid out in townships and sections.
Many people seem In be under Ihe
impression lhat pheasants may be shot
after Iho 1st of September. This is
not correct. Pheasants cannot be shot
at any time, unless an open season i.s
declared by the govcrnor-general-in-
Short Sketch of the Career of  Hon. J.
A. McColl.
Hon. John Angus McColl, judge
and jurist, wbo has been promoted to
the chief justiceship of British Columbia, is the third son of Rev. Angus
McColl, D. D., of Chatbain, Out., a
retired clergyman of the Presbyterian
church, by his wife, Alice, daughter
of John Ross, lato of Toronto. Born
in IHii-t, ho was educated at the high
school Chatham, and by private
tutors, and was called to tho Ontario
bar in 1879. After practicing at Brussels and'Goderieh, he removed to Winnipeg, where ho became member of the
firm of Bain, Bhinchard & McColl.
He subsequently in 1882, removed to
British Columbia, taking up his residence at New Westminster, where he
almost at once secured n large practice.
He was elected a bencher of the law
society, and in 1802 was created a y.
C. by the Earl of Derby. At the time
of his appointment as judge of the
supremo court of British Columbia,
October Hi. I8!l(i, he was regarded as
one of the leaders of the bar in British
Columbia. He is nn adherent of the
Presbyterian church, and in 1884
married Helen Janet, daughter of the
late John V. Barlow, formerly of Toronto.
The name of Leigh ton McCarthy,
barrister of Toronto, and nephew of
the late D'Alton McCarthy, is prominently mentioned in connection with
the vacancy in the representation of
North Simcoe in the Dominion parliament.
Nelson's citi/.ens
junction yesler-
s   fishing and retrain   with   well
Nelson Lodge I. (). (!. T., ere making arrangements for a public meeting
to be held in the near future in ono of
the city churches to discuss the prohibition question in view of the plebiscite tn be held throughout Canada on
September 131).
On Friday evening Mr. F. Couruyt
of Trail was united in marriage to
Miss Doctoria Bertrond of the cily of
Montreal. The wedding took placo in
the Methodist parsonage, Kev. John
Robson officiating. The happy couple
intend milking their home in Nelson
for some time.
The Baltimore Cold Mining company
are pushing development work on their
claim at the head of Give Out* creek,
which is showing np well. A tunnel
is being driven on tho lend, which is
about four feot wide, and which shows
a largo amount of copper and is expected to run high in silver and gold.
Horace D. Hume, manager of tho
Hotel Home, received by telegram yesterday the sad intelligence of the death
of his mother, which occurred at
Fredericton, N. B., yesterday morning. Hon. J. Fred Hume, minister of
mines,and his brother Horace D., have
the synipnlhy of the community in
their bereavement.
Mr. Cooto, of McLeod & Coote, Vanoouver, who has just returned from a
trip to the east, says that the wholesale merchants of Toronto and other
places are delighted at the defeat of
the Turner party and think that tho
change in government is Iho best thing
that has happened to British Columbia
in many a long day.
It is hoped that the city board of
works and the contractors will not ill-
low the sound stringers on the Victoria street bridge to decay before they
have the structure replanked. Tho
covering has now been off Ihe bridge
several days greatly to the annoyance
of pedestrians and others having busi
ness in tlmt port of Ihe city.
Perhaps during the
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has heen
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for vou.
An emergent meeting of Nelson
Lodge, A. F. & A. M.. No. 23, G R.
B. O., will be held tliis afternoon at
4 :80 in the lodge room to attend the
funeral of Bro. H. G Teohnor of King
Solomon lodge, New Westminster.
Members and visiting brethren urg-
entlv requested to attend.
G. L. LEMON, Soc.
Corporation   of  the
City of Nelson.
I Letter Heads,
A  Bill Heads, Envelopes,
y Circulars,
Posters. Dodgers,
Shipping   Tags,    Etc..
To Eastern and European Points.
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To Rich and active Mining- Districts   of Klondike  and Yukon.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets   issued through and iiog-
gitge checked to destination.
To Rossland
li.lOp in.-Leaves-
ind  Main   Line point*
Kootenny Luke���Kaslo Itoutc.
Stk. Kokankic
Except Sunday. Except Sunday
I   p.m.���Loaves���NKLSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Calling at way ports in both direction!!.
Mon. Fri.
7 a. ra.���Loaves��� NFI
.lot of
;e Cream Freezers
which no well  appointed
home should be   without
[during the warm weather.
;We have
ion hand *
i fill
line of .  .
lumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very low prices.
Ymir, Aug.27.���(Spocial correspondence)���Work on tho buildings for tho
Porto Rico is going ahead rapidly.
Most of tho lumber is now on tho
ground, and a goodly portion of tho
machinery has arrived at* the siding.
Tho torc-o of men working m the mino
itself has lieen cut down,only two now
being employed on the day shite Tho
hardness of iho rock is such, that satisfactory work ennnot really bo dono
until tho machine drill i.s put into
persons using Electric Light in the cily
anil not paying, nn "nil night " rule therefor,
will lie charged nn additional nionlhly rato for
BUoh light unless the same is turned oil' nfter
business hours in places of business and by 12
o'clock midnight in private residences.
Ily order, J. Iv. STRACHAN,
(17 City Clerk
Nelson, Ii. 0��� August 211, 18118.
Iii Carload Lots
Blocan Hi ver Mills, Slocan City, B. O.
.Sawmill for sale, Correspondence Solicited.
International Navigation & Trading Compauy.
Summer Curd. Effective Juno 20,1853.
Subject to change without notice.
are right in our
line of business
and while we clo
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
wedo claim to clo
kiiiilriiny Stiver Itoule.
Stu. Nelson.
Mon. F
ON���Arrives���8.00 p. m
Tiles. Will. Thurs. Sill*.
7. a m���Leaves���NJiXSON���Arrives���10.30 p.ni
Outward connection Pilot liny wilh Str. Kokanee, tint inward such conneclion made Mondays and Fridays onlv.
Str. calls way ports in both directions wh
Trains   In ami   rrom   Slocan t ily. Sanilnii
nnd Slocan  l.nkc   I'ulnta.
(Sundays Excepted)
0 a. in.-Leaves���NELSON���Arrives-2.20 p. nl.
Ascertain Phesent
Reduced Rates East
and full information
local agent, or OEO.
Agent, Nelson,
Trav. l'ass. Agent.
by   addressing nearest,
S. BEEU, City Ticket
Dist. Pass. Agent,
Good Work
Fair Price
Vancouver & Nelson, B. C.
A cur load (if oro from tlio Emily
Edith mino wus loaded Friday evening, und billed to tho Aurora Snu-lt*
inn and Refilling Co., 111. This is tlio
first oarload of oro shipped from thn
Slocun Unit contained tho four minerals, in comniorciiil quantities, gold,
silver, copper and load. This ore is
valued ot 1-5000.
Messrs. TinliuR, Webb and Brant,
have gone over into Coffey oreok to put
ii trail into the Sellers group, in which
thoy are interested. Thoy havo had an
offer to soil this property, but concluded to further develop it bofore trying to dispose of it.
A sample, taken by parties who ox-
(iniiiied the Sellers group with a viow
of purchasing the property, gave ro-
turiis of 1017 ounces in silver and $JI0
in gold per ton. It is needless to say
they mado un offer for tho property,
wliich so far has been rejected by the
Talk of the re-opening of the Mountain Chief mine is again heard in
Now Denver. This properly once paid
to work when the ore had to bn packed
to Kaslo for shipment, and it appears
strange that a paying basis cannot bo
reached now with the improved shipping facilities on thc lake.��� Silverton-
South b'nd.  8. 8. International.  North b'nd
Road down Head up
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.nO n.m. Train Ar
'���   Ar   :U5   "     Kaslo     8 00   "        "     Lv
Hoat Lvb. 3.30a.m.  Kaslo    8.30 p.m. BoatAr
"    1.30   " Ainsworlli 7.30 '
"    5 (Ml   " Pilot Hay 0.1*5	
" 5 30 " Balfour 0.10 " " "
(I.JO " 5 Mile I'l. 5.2.1 " " "
7.15   "    Nelson    4.15    " '���   Lv
Traiii "   10.05 p.m. N'thport 1,68    " Train   "
"     "   11.20   " Hossland 12.05 a.m.   "
"     "    3.10   "  Spokano   8.30    "      "
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Hoat nnd   Spokano traiii daily except Sunday.
8. 8. Alberta.
Traiii Lvsl.tKlp.ni. Sandon 10.5(1 a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.15   "     Knslo    8.00   " "    Lv
Hoat Lvs  fi.00   "      Kaslo     1.00   "      Hoat Ar
"     0.20  "AinsworlhlI.lllp.nl.     "      "
"    7.0(1   " I'ilot Huy 11.00   '���        "
������   10.00   " Kuskon'k 8.00	
"  12,00 in. Ooat River0,00	
"    I.OOa.ra.Bonndaryfi.OO  "      "
" Ar      8.00  " B'rs Kerry 2.(10   "        "     Lv
Train Lv 11.10  " B'rs Kerry I.l.'i   "    Train Ar
"   Ar 2.15 p.m. Spokano 7.50 a.in.     "      Lv j
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Honl. leaves Kaslo
for  above  points  Tuesdays  anil    Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
Special Kootenny Lake Service.
Commencing 20 June, 1808.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday S. S
Alberta will leave Kaslo 5 p.m., (or Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.in., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for I'ilot Bay, Ainsworlli and Kaslo,
calling nt all way points.
(All times are subject lo change without notice.
is meeting with good
success ahd if not on
our list you should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
month for one do"
or six months
five dollars.
The Manila cable has been repaired
and is being operated by the signal
corps of tho United States army.
Meals and berths not included.
Passengers OD S. S. International from Nel
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Hay. will connect at llmi
point, with thoS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Hay, can, by arrangement
with purser, hnvo stopover nt Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. S. International
' at Knslo.
Tho company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lako nnd Slocan points with nil points in Iho
United States anil Canada; hy way of Spokano
and Kootenav River.
Tickets sold and hnggngo checked to nil
points by pursers on steamers or at. our olllco.
We  do
with You ?
Tenders for tlu: purchase of the property
knownas the Methodi.-t Parsonage, beinu; lots
15 and l(i. block 1(1, with tlie house thereon, ans
Invited by the trustees of the Methodist ehureh.
Sealed tenders addressed to the secretary of the
board, F. W. iSwonnell, llox 74, must be in by
August 31st.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily ac
The owner of the Free Gold, Forty Nine
creek, wants shaft now down '_'"> feet to be continued from 20 to 60 feet deeper, work to bo
done as soon as possible, Tenders to bc mailed
by September l>t. A proposition to purchase
or develop the prospect for a part interest
would be considered.
J. FOLINSBBB, Strathroy, Ont.
Having bought the Kootenay Cigar Factory
from Klirlieh nnd Neelands, we lierebj give
notice that wo will be responsible for all debts
of the late (inn anil Hint all accounts arc- payable to us. All claims ngainst said factory
must bo presented by the lirst of September.
Nelson, B. O., August 21, 18118.
��� ���
I D0
I For One Cent a Word?
X      Yon can (ind a bit yer for "Any
Old Thing " if yon advertise,
Classified Advertisements.
All advertisements in     Is column nre
1 cent a word each inserlion.   No nd-
Usemeiil taken for lcssihan 2", cents.
���������������������������f ��������������������� ������������������     AAAA
Old pancrs at The MINER "oflice.   36 centa
>er hundred.
G. ALEXANDER, den. Mgr.
T. O. Box 122. Knslo, B.C
ftbe   Ainer
ptfl. 8* fl>ub. Co.
FOUND.���A small key, National Cash Regis-
Apply "Miner" oflice.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ oi
guitar, by Mrs, W. J, Aslley, Rohsou street,
two doors west of Stanley.   P. 0, Box 180,
Position wanted by competent lady as assist
ant in gonoral olllco, clerking, copying, or assistant in photo gallery cily or country.
Address N.. Miner nllico
Baker Street.
J. H. Love. THE MINER   MONDAY, AUGUST 29,  1898.
Diii OUT
Bad Luck Haunts a Midway
Lumber Man.
Powers and Lequiune Lose 300,000 Feot of
Lumber���Has Had Bad Luck Prom the
Start- Very Little Savod.
A despatch from Midway dated
August 25, states that the Midway
lumber mill owned by William Powers
and Bernard Lequiune, was utterly
destroyed by fire last night. The lire
evidently started near the boiler furnace, hut was not the result of any
carelessness. Mr. Powers himself fully
realizing the danger he was exposed
to, carefully raked out the lire from
under the boiler, cleaned away all the
litter and saturated the floor of the
boiler houso with water after work
was stopped last evening. He supposes
some loose cinders ecasped his notice,
but it is singular that they should have
smouldered until 0 o'cloek, about
which hour the fire broke out.
He had until two ov threo days ago
employed a night watchman, but finding the man asleep one morning he
had discharged him. After supper
last night he looked towards the mill
from the boarding house and all then
appeared safe. At II o'cloek a roaring
sound was beard and a bright glare
seen at the mill. Ho quickly did the
flames take possession of the entire
mill and nearly all of tho lumber piles
that practically nothing was saved
other than the boarding and bunk
house, the. horses and about $1000
worth of lumber. The plant had lately
been added to and thoro wus between
800,000and 400,000 feet of lumber piled
in tho yard. As llu- mill was situated
up Boundary creek about a mile and a
half away, the residents iu the town
for some time thought that another
brush fire had started up so did not* at
once go tu tlie scene of the disaster.
However, Mr. Powers says that had
thero been plenty of help immediately
available little more could have been
saved since there was for some time
after the fire broke out a strong broeze
blowing from the mill right over the
lumber piles, so that these were all
burning almost, immediately. When
the lire had been effectually cut off
the Midway company's irrigation
ditch, which flows through the mill
yard was dammed and thc lower part
of tho yard flooded to prevent the sawdust and refuse there from conl inning
to burn, and so endangering tlie
rescued lumber.
Mr. Powers has had a particularly
disastrous experience in conneotion
with his lumber mill operations.
For three years his mill was located
in the town of Midway on the main
Kettlo river. He erected piers each
yoar but the early summer freshets
carried his logs down river. Finding
that he could not hold the logs in (he
river ho last fall removed his mill In
Boundary ereek, but when this year's
floods came his dam went out and once
more his logs were gone. Nothing
dauntod he started to haul in more
logs, when fire burned 100,000 i'eet of
them as they lay piled in a draw abovo
the mill. Now an almost clean sweep
has been made and the hitherto plucky
mill owner begins to think very seriously that the fates are against hint
and that ho cannot possibly suet-cod
with a lumber mill no matter how he
trios. Only three or four weeks ago,
when his partner, Mr. Lequinne,
who runs a sawmill at Kelowna,Okanagan, B. 0., was over here, Mr. Powers suggested to him that he tako over
the whole business as luck seemed to
be against himself, but Lequinne encouraged him to stick to it, as there is
now a good local demand for lumber.
one.    Tho story goes on as follows :
"At this timo a runnin' boac from
the Johnny Bull was hiyin' there too,
with a little middy, no bigger'n an
Irish fairy, in the stum sheets. And,
as we was layin' about us, we heered
that there middy pipe out, in a voice
like a penny trumpet���
" 'Say, you fellars, our ship was in
China when your man Tatnall came in
and cut us out, don't ye know? We're
ready to help. If yoir'll let your mon
go in, wo will, and d���n consequences !'
" 'Let 'em go!' says a voice in onr
boar, and in they come like a torpedo-
boat, full speed ahead.���The middy
was fust, bangiu' away wilh a telescope, which them infant mariners
allers carried, and I b'licvc. took to
bed with 'em. 'Twas fists and oars
aud boat-hooks agin knives and bay-
uits; and 'twas all over afore you could
spit. They piled them Dagoes up like
eordwood on the old Powhatan, and
cheered each other tnd nut oil', fur the
hull town was comin' down to murder
"Trouble? Lord, yes! There was
trouble enough. But it didn't amount
to nothin'. Our crew and that British
crow weren't there when the port captain came oil'. We was up the coast
in a sailin' cutter, and uo one couldn't
bo indentitied, ami everyone aboard
had alleybys: and iln- ships was
stripped for action, anyhow, and e< uld
have laid that there town in ruins in
four minnits by the watch.
"Wot's that? Can't see no point iu
this yarn, eh? Well, jist you go up
into tbe tighting'-top o' the foremast
tomorrer mornin' and clean tlie ma-
sheen gnu, and think orer tin- beauty
o' bavin' your fanibly stand with you
when you're fightin' strangers. And
mayhap, while, you're eleanin' and
thinkin', a light']] break in dn your
intelleok 'lougside o' which a sarch-
light won't seem liko a taller candle. "
Pints, Quarts and Half Gallons.
under llie direction nt
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of British Columbia.
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive
Tea Pots all Siz^s
Putter Crocks
Milk Pitchers ���
Bowls t
Pie ancl Pudding Dishes. j
and a Full Line of CHINA & GLASSWARE.
Complete Supply of .  .  .
i��� eonjuetioi, wim mo Groceries, Summer Beverages, Etc.
Citizen&'GrandYearfuCelebration;quality   nequaled prices rigit
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables every morning.
$18 000 �� ****** �� $18,000; Special attention to Mail Orders.
The Premium List is Hie Largos!
over offorod Wesl of Toronto.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson, 5��si
[ Py.-o-SpectacuIar Bombardment of  Santiago; rw.r\    cr^r*
de Cuba and Blowing up ol the "Hainc."      j ASK     I O     SEE
Followed liy on up-to-dato I* Ire u orks Hisnluy
'  r !���'
If the Gooderham  syndicate repeats
j wilh the Centre Star the success made
j with tho 'War  Eaglo, it will he a very
profitable    venture,   The  Wav  Eagle
was bought for $700,000, trat other expenses brought the  cost   np   to  about
$750,000.    The   property was   steadily
| developed, a corn pany with authorized
capita]   of   2,000,000  ;?1    shares    was
formed,   of   which   860,000 shares remain unissued.    The   1,660,000   issued
shares   are   worth ut   present   market
! prico   about  $4,500,000.    Thc   present
dividend is $397,000 yearly, and   it  is
* believed that this will   before   long be
1 iliml'led.
The total production of gold in British Columbia* from ISoS to 1807 inclusive was $68,618,108. -*,r)0,iilT,*l?); of
that was taken from the plaoor mines,
and the balance $4,800,689 from the
lodes of this province.
will be given at
Thursdau   Evening   Sent,   1st.
which has boon specially Accural for Pour
Nights nt an enormous expense
Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Bicycle Jleet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
Dog Show.   Open to tlie World.
The Finest  Bands  in  the  Province
will provide Music.
Special villi's over ail  Railway and
Steamboat Lines.
No   entrance   fees charged I'm- Ex-
Premium Lisls,  Entry Forms,  am
full information on application to
Chairman Col. Com. Secy. Cel. Com.
I'rcs. It. A. & I. goo.      Secy. It. A. Sc I. Hoc.
\V. 11. KKAHY,
Exhibition Commissioner,
Repaired, Altored, Cleaned, Pressed
unci Dyed by the New TitocKes at
Reasonable) [Mcos,
STEVENS.   Tuk  Tailor..
Q&t The KING Hat &��
Something1 Dressy and Up-to-Date
Quality Guaranteed.
Are Saving Money every day
on tlieir Hardware Bills by
allowing us to figure with them.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Giveij
'I'el. No.  21.
liooM !l, llni.via; But.,   NELSON.
1*. S.- Ladies Wool Dress tloods Sponged '
hefore MokiiiK Up.
are Co'w
A Large   Variety   below   the
Ordinary Priee.
Civil Rngineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real K-state and (ieneral Agents, '*ire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Puhlie,  Etc...
FOR SALE  ^..mmmva,
Comer Lot on Vernon SI., with Building.    12 Lois in  Bli
���III'' -Cheap,   - Li Is Cor. Josephine anil Rohson,
Satchels,Grips, Valises:
Thomson Stationery Co.
2 Lois anil Dwolliug near ('or Stanley  St, on CMisei-val
St., 812 per month.   Dwolliug on Silica. St,, near Cedar Si
$20 per month.   Houso and 2 Lota, Houston St. $15 uioutl
all and see our full list of property for sale   in   "Humtl
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
All are Cordially Invited,
Miinufacriirers of
Halcyon  Hot Springs   Wnli'r Aerated mill
mi;>;>iii ii lo iin* Trade.
has taken over the practice of
Dr. II. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   hy latesl methods. .  .
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NKLSON, B.
Itl'okcn IE J11 llldi'l.
Italic:' SI.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and  see   tis.
Whioh Sets Forth the Advantages of
an Anglo-American Alliance.
The United Service Magazine publishes a yarn which appears to be
flotiou, but which is vouched for by
the editor as genuine���"almost verbatim et literal im an aetual yarn told
on an American warship by an old
sailor, and taken down by a lieutenant
of marines, who was iimeh amused
by it. The middy mentioned is now
an officer of hif-th rank in the British
navy. " It is entitled "As Told to the
'Prentices," and it is said to be contributed by Charles Sydney Clark,
manager of the Mars and Neptune, of
New York.
The story in brief describes how
nearly 40 years ago an American
frigate upon whieh the narrator was
serving was lying off Valparaiso iu
the immediate neighborhood of a British man-of-war, which ho calls Ihe
Johnny Bull frigate." A small landing party of American officers and
sailors had been allowed on shore, and
they were returning to the boat laden
with cigars and brandy which they
were taking back to their messmates,
when (he Chilian sentry stopped them,
The American sailors knocked the man
down and tried to get on board their
boat. The cry of the sentry however,
however, brought a do/en Chilians of
the night watch to the rescue, and a
free fight ensued, in which the Americans   were  outnumbered by three  to
' i
I    NOTICK is hereby tflvcn tlint thopartnership j
hei'eliifiire existing be! ween .1.   S.  MoOlolland
nml II.  I). Ashcroft under llu: (Inn inline of
Ashcroft & MoOlolland Is this dny dissolved
by mutual consent..   J. 8. MoOlolland retiring;, i
II. II. Asherot'l.still continues llie business nnd I
is liable for nil indebtedness from Aug. I.   All
outstanding account? niust be pnid lo ibe linn
, of Ashcroft Sc McClelland on or before Auk.
! l'i.   And nil accounts against Ibe llrm must be
presented hv that date.
NuUon, li. ('., Any. IiIh, 1898.
B. C.
All   Communications relating" to British Columbia busiin
to bc addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager ^ir^i   ,* s^**.t     r>
S. S. Fowler, E. M., |   NELSON,   B.
Minine Engineer J ��r<
Going West. Huilj-          ciiiinii Bast.
heave 8,00 a. m, Kuslo          Arrive 8.A0 p.m,
"    8,86a.m. smith Fork      "     H. 15p.m.
"   ft.miH. in. Spi-oule's         ���'     -j.i.'i ji.iu
9.61a, ni, Whitewater     "     H.00p.m,
"   10.0:1.1.111. Bear Lake       "     1.4Sp.m,
"   10.I811. in. MoGulgan        "     1.83 p in,
"    10.38a.m. ('oilyJunction   "     1.12p.in.
10.50a. Ttt. Sandon           Leave    l.OO p.m.
Leave lhljfln. 111.   Sandon
Arrive 11:30  "       Cody
Arrive  lliifi n.i:i.
Leavo   11:2.1   "
2611 tl. I-'. & P. Y Superintendent.
Steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quebec
Heaver Ltno���Lako Huron (let. .1
Ilenver Line���Luke Superior del. 12
1 loin in ion Line -Vancouvor Sopt 17
1 lominlon Lino  Scotsman Sept 10
Allan  Line���Ciiliforniiin Sopt22
Allan Liiie-Ninnidiiui (let.   1
From New York !
WhlteJStnr Lino���Teutonic Sepl 28
Whlto Star Lino���Britannic Oot. c
Cunard Line���Lucanla Oct.  1
Cunard Lino   Ktruria Oct, s
Allan Stato Line- Stato of Nebraska... .(lei. 21
Allan Stale Line   Mongolia] Oct.  7
Anchor Line -Furiiesala Sopt2*1
Anchor Line���Anelinriii Oct. 22
('nbiii, 143.00, W0, &*>, S70 S80 nnd upwards.
Intoi-mcdiatOi SKM.COand upwards
Stoornge. $22.60 and upw arils,
Passengers ticketed through to all point* in
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rales lo all parts of tho Kuropenu conti lent,
Propald tuissagos arrangpd from all polntt
Apply  lo  GEO.  s.  BEER,   C.P.R.  'I eke, I
Agont. Xelson, or lo.     WILLIAM STIT'I
55-tl   General Agont. C.P.R. unices. Winnipeg, :
Cterles D. J. Christie
M01NI-Y TO l.Cl
FORSRENT- Furnished House and 2 lots, Oor. Cedar and Viotoria, $21]
���I roomed House, $14,00, I roomed House, $15. 8 roomed Hnl
Cur. Stiinlcy mul Viotoria, 120,00,   A large Boarding House, .-fi.J
FOR SALE   i"> roomed Cottage, 2 lots, Cor Kootenav and Observatory,
finish, painted, good fence, $1250.   2 good Luis, Addition "A" ifl
Cull and sec our Wallace Aci'tyli'iic Gas Machine,
A Trial will convii
that the World's Lead!
Beer loses none of its g*a
qualities by being bot'J
in our own country.
Subscribe for The Miner
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
One Year
Waif Year
One floiitli
Notico is horoby iflvcu thnt sixty (801 dnys
aftei date I intend to apply lolhe Ohlef Commissioner of Land and Works for permission to
purohose throo hundred and twenl-y(820) acres
unreserve crown land, more or less:
Commencing at. a slake marked "B, W.'s N,
:���:. north-east corner", Ihenco eighty (SO) chains
"OUtli; (hence forty ll��i chains west: thence ,
eighty 'SOI chains north; ihence forty (40) j
chains ea*t to point of commencement; situated
lien- tbe head of lvokanee Creek about ten
miles from Kootenay Luke. Nelson Mining
Division, West Kooienay District.
Hated this 2nd August 1898.
Nelson, D. 0��� Aug. 2,1808.
Victoria Street =��� NELSON, B.l


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