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The Miner Jul 7, 1898

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 Daily   Edition, No.  50.
Kelson,  British Columbia.  Thursday Morning, July 7,   i8q8.
highth Vear
"  \m nS".-
A shipment of the famous
irly anil Secure a Pair.
3 e
X  Latest   Nnwpfhl   tn��/v4 B,����,2^^ O   ^ ^t.    -f BLACK  &  PANCY X
tovcltij. X
* K'll) OLOVES.  * f
I ulBUdUllCLl&C19 US
��� Reduced Prices, <j
^4 -si ���
We w ill offer for the next ten days ull of our cut ire slock
tit  reduced   price;   with  Special   Reductions  on   the
.   .   .   following lines .  .  .
Summer I in - i (li mils.
Warm Weill ber Fain iei
I indies Sliirl Waists.
Dailies' 11 A- S t'01 ��>l -*
I .allies' .-inil i Iiii'l: en' -
1,-idies' Silk .md Kill (iii
Ladies' Silk nnd Alpaca
Sailor lints, Llnlf Price.
Men's I 'ntlorwcni-.
Men's Washington Ties.
lien's Negligee Shirts.
Mi n's Fancy ('.ni, I uie  Shirts.
Men's Hlnck Sateen Shi
.'l'i 's I link nml l-'l.-innei Suits.
Men's si raw Hats.
.Men's Pants .'ind Overalls.
Our StocR Ls Complete in House Furnisfiinos,
A Trims-A1 lnntie  Steamer (Iocs Down
���Hundreds of Lives Lost,
Bulletin per  Associated   Press, July
0.���La    Bourgoyno,   of   the    French
Trims-Atlantic company.has foundered
in a collision. Four hundred people
were drowned.
Paris, July 0.���Tbe news of the
catastrophe to LaBurgoyue has thrown
the oity into consternation. Special
editions of the newspapers giving details are selling liko wildfire. The
police are eout rollin;,' tlie large crowds
beseiging the offices of the steamship
company,who aie still without news as
to the passengers who were saved. The
company has only received a despatch
describing the collision and the number
of the saved.
President Faure sent the following
telegram to tho company :
"1 am grieviously distressed ovor
the terrible news ami feel very keenly
the disaster that has plunged so many
French and American families into
mourning. "
New York, July 0. ��� The   officials of
the Oompanie Generale Trans-Atlau-
tique tonight gavo out the following
list of passengers saved from the Da
Burgoyne wreck:
Second class���Albert Gaidot, Mine.
A. I). Lacasse, Autoine Orchard, Os-
wold Kirncr, Charles Lebre, Jacques
Baccarat, Otto Seage, Lucien Verland,
Patrick McKinnon, Brother Germain.
Third class���Nicholas Comment!,
Antoine Stiffano, Susie Combatodic,
Autoine Munich, Ijouis Goau, Antioue
Giopoula, Neglia Matlcvoich, Jacob I
Stok, .lois Kieniany, Joseph Borrato,
Eugene Burroli, Eugono Pinoeotte,
Christopher Bruniu, Antoine Kuoko, ,
Ernest Delmotte, Joseph Bollier.Ponui
Graff, Thonias Monatestini, Isaac I
Sarguis, Edouord George, August
Boss, Bergnin llyll'eler, Gerri Fred,
Henri Adriano, Clement Berthouiori,
Franz Satorio, August Gasparino,
Charles Antonio,Carlos Kessel, Mathes
Jurish, John Nichols, (Justine Biaguo,
Domiuico, Painponi, Pellegriuo Elk-
hoon, Alias Kallal, Adolph Ebraham,
John Michel,   Bnohelcl,   Baion, Mileu,
Demos, Bougttdo, Anne (iriinauld,
Gustavo Lucia, Fronnel Hectoinivieh,
John Kourio.
The Wreck of   the Iskoot   Sold by Auction  for $1600.
Victoria, July (I.���Mrs. Pichou,
mother of O. Pichou, a gunmoker of
this city, is suposed to have been a passenger on La Bourgoyne. Mrs. Pichou
left Victoria Cor New York via tne
Canadian Paciiic railway on the 18th
of June and intended sailing from New
York on Saturday on La Bourgoyne,
her destination being Paris. Mrs.
Piohon was to liave none second cabin.
The wreck of the river steamer
Iskoot, wliich was piled up on the
rocks ou Kuiii Lion passage below the
mouth of the Skeena, about the beginning of last month,wns sold at auction
today us she lies for $1600. A.S. Reed,
the owner of a river steamer now in
courso of construction on the upper
Cariboo, was the purchaser, and his
intention is to ,���"������ tb *. Ii'yh r and o,-
gines for his vessol. The Iskoot was
buill in Vancouver two mouths into at
il cost of $27,000 and was insured for
$20,000, Local wreckors nro willing
to undertake to raise her ami bring
her to this noil from where sin* lies
for $2500. The report of the submarine
divers states lhat the vessel is resting
lightly ni tho rocks and is not badly
damngod, < ine of her boilers has
shoved np the top timbers ami left an
opening of three in-hes amidships,
anil cue of inr transom planks shows a
fracture. Ninteeu frames are broken
on the starboard side and the deck has
forced ihe floor up three feet, and one
point of the wreck has ^onc through
the Hour two inches.
The Eastern   Lines  Have  Joined  the
Western in   the Fight,
Chicago, July ii. ���Tho eastern trunk
lines have decided to meet the competition of the Canadian Pacific on tho
immigrant business. Tliey have agreed
upon a uniform plan of action and
will act as a unit against the foreign
road. CJp to this time the trunk lines
generally have kept out of the fight.
The change in affairs may help the
western lines iu their light against the
Canadian Pacific. Several western
passonger men will leave here on Sunday night for Washington to attend
the conference witli the interstate commerce commission on Tuesday with
regard to tlie rate war.
Headquarters on tlie Field, Near
Santiago dc Cuba, July 5, per Associated Press Despatch Boat Dauntless.���
Seven Spanish guerillas who have lieen
shooting from trees into passing
ambulances tind nick trains, have lieen
captured and are under   a heavy guard
at General Wheeler's headquarters.
They have killed two doctors, and are
now being held as prisoners of war.
Il    has   not   been   decided what   lo do
wiih them, hut ii is thought likely
thoy will be executed.
American Soldiers Baffin liis From i.ttrii
nl' siipjiiii... Naval nud Military
Ollicers uim-r.���Wulion Mill Go,trier
Camara lo tlio Philippines.
Vienna, July   (i.���The   chess players
met today   for  the twenty-fifth   round
of   the   International   chess   masters'
tournament with the following results :
Burn defeated Bnird, Pillsbury defeated Steinitz, Janowski and Maroczy
drew, Marco, Wahlbrodt and Schiffers
beat Blackburne, Caro and Halprin respectively; Alapin drew with Lipke,
and Schowalter drew with Schlechter.
Pillsbury now leads with 111 games
won, to Tarrasch with 19.
London, July li.���The admiralty lias
granted an annual subsidy to equip
the Calliope dock at Auckland, one nf
the largest dry docks in the world.
The government owns a largo area of
laud adjoining which will be used for
coal ami naval depots.
The Daily Telegraph commenting
on the announcement says that it
means a second naval station for the
south Pacific.
Washington, July 0,���By comparison
with what has gone before today was
very quiet at tlm war and navy departments. There were bulletins posted in
the former iu the afternoon, hut they
were not of more recent dale than yesterday, ill .-ti concern is felt here tit
thc privations and sufferings of our
troopslying in the trenches aud held hospitals surrounding Santngo, ami there
is everywhere a disposition to insist
that horoaftor tin* equipment of our
soldii l-s,tin ir commissary ami quarti remaster supplies, their ammunition and
thi ir hospital stores shall I o compli te
in overy n speet bi 'Si;-'- '��� bey a Ivauco
further. This is liki ly to be the rule
even at the expense of lii. c ami in the
fneo of the criticisms   an   element that
insists on rushing tho campaign without n "ani to ci   t  in blood and nam"-.-.
I '* nfideni n is fell Unit tin ro will bo
no tricl ion between the n   uy and ua   *
(���omnia   *'  i ;   i  ;**   i lull   ': nfereuc i
! et ,vi en 1 hi in \ il1 re mil iu an i grce-
mi ::; upon   a joint   : la.ii for Hie prose-
eul   in nf i he * iu ip i gn.     In   ;' vent
that ihis belief should nol bo wi 11
founded, iho presidi nr Ls prepared to
nol himself, by orders from firsl baud.
There i.s much force in the nasal argument that if Sampson hi obliged to
enter Santiago harbor 1 "fore the forts
are  captured  he  will   jeopardize  the
.safety of tto wh- >������ at th"    I fe ��� ��
under his command, aiuci by the sinking of one of   the    ihi]    i     narrow
channel through n Si mui ;li m * ne, or
shell, the lli el would 11- lefl In lpless
and exposed to (Instruct i n under the
guns of tho forts, to which thoy could
make no reply, owing to tho elevation
of the latter.' (in the other baud, the
army ollicers seem to bo justilied in
avoiding the tremendous sacrifice of
life that would bo involved in again
throwing the American soldiers upon
thc Spanish defense until they have
been materially reinforced in numbers
and strengthened by artillery.
Sampson did not report today at the
navy department, bul the war department sent over n very agroeablo message from Shafter announcing the
readiness of the Spaniards to exchange
Hobson and his men.
It is believed that this was accomplished some time during the day,
though notice of it has not been received. The fact that several of the
vessels selected for Watson's fleet were
in the thick of the engagement of
July :i promises to somewhat delay the
departure of the eastern squadron for
the shores of Spain. The vessels have
consumed a good deal of coal, and
without doulit liave expended a large
quantity of their highest grade ammunition in the furious attack on the
steel warships of the Spanish, It
would be necessary to replenish the
stores before the long European voyage
is begun. However, Secretary Long
has given rush orders for the preparation of his squadron and it will certainly be off in the course of a few
The movements of the Cadiz squadron ore very puzzling to the experts
here. Weakened as it is by sending
back the torpedo boat destroyers, the
Spanish squadron seems destined to go
to assured destruction, as did Cevera's
j unlucky ships when they headed westward from the Cape Verde islands.
The Spanish, without doubt, nre fully
aware of tho inferiority of their fleet.
The navy department was advised
today that the squadron was passing
through the Suez canal, and as the
vessels must have paid the heavy toll
required in advance, the indications
arc now regarded as conclusive that
i llie ships are actually hound for tho
Philippines. This belief stimulates the
preparations hero for Watson sailing
lb- will slrike straight lifter Camara,
who in the end is doomed to be caught
between Watson and Dewey,
The report thnl tho flue ship Yankee,
'lying at Tompkiiisville just back from
| Cuba, has yellow fever aboard caused a
great deal of worry at the department
! until Captain Brownson telegraphed
(luring the day thatj there was absolutely no fever on the ship, and that
she was not in quarantine.
Secretary Long regarded the report
that tho Alphonso XIII had been destroyed while trying to run the Havana
blockade as Ihe best news of Ihe day.
It has not conic to him in any direct
official way. but through a report from
General Greeley, who had received a
cipher message slating briefly that the
Spanish ship had been overliauied near
Marie], while trying to get through
the blockade, and was a total loss as a
result of   the fire upon her.    Botli   the
socrotnry and General Greeley regarded
the report as authentic, but thoro has
boon a desire to got more details as
this has beon something of a spectral
ship. Tbo Alphonso XIII is an iron
gunboat of 8800 tons. Her officers and
crew number 870.
Secretary Long is quite hopeful that-
several of the Spanish ships of the
Cervera squadron cau bo saved. Information has reached the department
that the hulls of the Cristobal Colon.
Vicayaand the Almirante Oquendo are
not badly damaged. Tbo contract with
the Merritt Wrecking company is by
the day and may be cancelled at any
time if tlie government finds the salvage, i.s not progressing satisfactorily.
Two large wrecking vessels left Norfolk today lo begin tho work of rescuing theso ships.
Tho Spanish Soldiers  Who  Were Captured Revolt and Are  Fired On.
Washington, July (1.���A special despatch to the Evening Star, dated off
Santiago via Port Antonio, July li,
After the destruction of the Spanish
fleet some 4a!) of the men on the Maria
Teresa were placed as prisoners on the
Harvard. For some reason not yet ascertained these mon mutinied. The
officers and crew of tho Harvard were
not unprepared, however, and the
mutinous men were tired on. Six
Spanish sailors were killed outright
and 12 were wounded. Tins taught
tho Spaniards a lesson and restored
Headquarters of General Shafter.
Tuseday, July 5, per Associated Press
Despatch Boat Dandy, via Port Antonio
and Kingston, Jamaica. July 0, 5 p.
m.���About 50 of tbo -100 Spanish prisoners on board the i'nited States
auxiliary cruiser Harvard attempted
to escape last night. In some way a
numbor of them secured guns and then
mado a wild dash for liberty from the
steerage where they were confined.
Their rush was met by the deadly
bullets of guards, and six were killed
und lo wounded. The firing ended the
mutiny.    No Americans wero hurt.
Refuse   to   Hi-lp���tlarcia   Lets   i'anclo
Enter   Santiago.
Camp Siboney. Jaragua Province of
Santiago do Cuba, July 5, per Associated Press Despatch Boat Dauntless.���
General Young, commanding the First
brigade of the cavalry division, left
here al noon today for Key Wesl. in
bad health, on board the Cherokee.
The general has been suffering lately
from fever, and the doctor advised him
io leave. Brigadier General Duffleld
succeeds to his command.
General Young yesterday refused to
issue further rations to the Cubans
until advices aro received from Washington in answer to his expose of tbo
situation here. The Cubans refused to
assist in the hospital and commissary
departments, claiming the}- are soldiers and not laborers. Tho same
answer was given by thom to General
Baker when he asked them to help to
keep the roads open for transportation
of supplies to the front. This, together
with Garcia not preventing tho entrance into Santiago de Cuba of General Pando's reinforcements,has caused
discontent among tho Amerioan
officers and troops.
Groat   Feeling   Against   the   Spanish
Government in  Madrid.
Madrid. July li.��� Tho authorities
kept the disaster to Admiral Cervera's
squadron a secret as long as possible
and even suppressed the extra editions
of the newspapers giving the facts.
Tho official confirmation, therefore,
caused a tremendous impression, particularly in naval and military circles,
where the government is accused of
ordering Admiral Cervera to mako a
sortie, despite the known opposition of
several naval experts. The troops aro
carefully confined to barracks, and disorders are'feared, but up to the present
hour there has been no disturbances.
Madrid, July 6.���The Queen Regent
has signed a decree promoting Colonel
Oriene/, and Colonel Escarios to the
rank of major general.
Whilst Endeavoring to Run the Blockade at Havana.
Washington, July (I. ��� Secretary Long
has received word through General
Greeley, signal officer, wliich is accepted as confirming the report that
the Spanish ship Alfonso XIII was destroyed while trying to run the Havana* blockade. General Greeley's information came in a cipher message,
and he considers the report reliable.
Tbe ship is said to he a total loss.
The S(
. 'entile Withdraws Its   Opposition
to the International Commission.
Washington, July 6,���The  action of
io senate in restoring the   item in relation to the  commission to  settle the
| controversies    between    the    United
Stales and Canada has cleared the way
for tlio meeting of the commission  tit
Quebec during the latter  part of   this
Exhorting Theni fo K'auso In Hi** Hour of
Victory,���And ICctuni tIihiiIch E-'nr
Iklvtno i-i,* i, id Tliem i.t ilie Present
Washington, July (I.���President McKinley at 11 :J.0 tonight issued   tbo following proclamation to the   American
"To the People of the United States of
''At this time, when to the. yet fresh
remembrance of the unprecedented
success which attended the operations
of the United States fleet in the bay of
Manila, on the first day of May. are
added thc tidings of the no loss glorious achievements of the naval and
military arms of our beloved country
tit Santiago do Cul i, it is fitting that
wo should pause and stay the feeling
of exultation that in':::."-My attends
grout deeds wrought by our countrymen in our country's cause, should
reverently bow befori tne throne of
Divine Grace and give devout praise
to God, who holdeth the nations in the
hollow of His irinds,and worketh upon
them the marvels of His high will,and
who has thus far vouchsafed to use
the light of His face and led our bravo
soldiers and seamen to victory.."
End of tbo Reina Mercedes���Tne Indiana's  Luck.
Headquarters of General Shafter,
July f>, per Associated Pr*" ������ Despatch
Ff,,.':'- Dr-.uV., via Poi-I .'. .ioni.i and
Kingston, Jamaica, 6 p. m., July 6.���
The destruction of the Spanish cruiser
Reina Mercedes last night (Monday)
accounts for the last ship of A Lmiral
Cervera's once splendid squadron. Sho
lies today in plain view, her bow resting on the base of the beach under El
Morro. Part of the hull is above the
water, and ber masts and stacks are
entirely out of water. It is not yet
known whether she attempted to escape from tho harbor or whether tho
Spaniards tried to sink hor near the
hull of the Merrimac and thus block
the. entrance to prevent the American
fleet from getting in. Just boforo
midnight she was seen drifting slowly
out of the narrow entrance hy ono of
the American scout ships. In a
moment the fleet was ablaze with signals and almost instantly an awful
hail of shells was hammering down
upon her. It is not known whether
she returned the Are, but tho shore
batteries opened lire and one six-inch
shell fell on the Indiana's deck.cxplod
ing below. The oxploison occurred in
tbe men's sleeping rooms, but a1! wore
at quarters and none woro hurt. No
other American ship was hit during
tbe engagement or incident, which
lasted only a few minutes.
Straits   of   Gibraltar   111   Defended���
Couta Has Four Modern Guns.
London, July 0.���The Gibraltar correspondent of ihe Daily News says:
Admiral Camara has been ordered to
return to Spain immediately to protect
the costs in view of the Amerioan
threats. The Spanish attempts to place
batteries in position so as to seal the
straits of Gibraltar are an illusion, as
Centa possesses only four modern
so far
for ll
utions   Passed   the Senate  by
Docisive Majority.
hington,   July  (1.���The    annex-
of Hawaii now  is accomplished
as the legislative branch of tbo
nnient is concerned. Quite nu-
ledly the resolutions providing
ie annexation of the islands were
[ht to a vote in the senate, lato
ifteriioon. and they passed hy tho
ive vote of -1:.' to 81.
New York, July li.���Dar silvor,
all 1-8.    Mexican dollars, -I.V.,.
Tin, quiet. Straits, $15.75; plates,
Head, firmer. Prokers, $8.80; exchange, $4.02^ lo $4.07>��.
Copper, quiet. Brokers, $11.75; exchange, $11.75 to $] l.s7'o.
July (I.���At Baltimore���First game,
Baltimoro ��, Philadelphia 8 j second
game, Baltimore 15. Philadelphia 0.
At- New York���Brooklyn :s,   Boston
At. Chicago���Chicago ii, Cleveland 5.
At Pittsburg���Pittsburg 8, St. Louis THE   MINER, THURSDAY, JULY 7,  1898
Wxz Jfihter.
Published Dally except Mondny.
Tiik  Mi.veh  Pkintino   ;���:  Puiimshini
Limited Liwiutv.
ALL COMMUNICATIONS to tho Editor must
be.accompanied by tho namo and address
of the wrltor, not nocosaarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Subscription Bates,
Daily, per month by carrier S 1 mi
pec month by mail     1 00
per half yoar by mail    5 00
per year   10 00
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Weekly Mineu.
Weekly, por halt year $ 125
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'���       por yeur, foreign    300
Subscription Invariably in advance.
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The NUner Printing & Publishing Co.
i hearer of the opposition   in Kootenay.
i Thero is  just this  difference  between
iile supporters of th" independent ean-
d dale ( Farwell) and the supporters of
tho opposition candidate (Hume): The
J latter arc backed up by a party organization that must   recognize party ser
i vices; the former are hoping that
lightning may striKe thoir man.
There is ono thing the. opposition are
not attempting to do in this riding,
that is, they are not attempting to
bribe voters. They tire not building
useless trails ovor to Idaho with money
contributed by taxpayers in British
Columbia. Mr. Farwell, the independent candidate, has now the say as to
where money shall be spoilt in this
riding on trails, and his henchmen
and supporters are taking advantage of
the opportunity by going over into
Idaho and building trails. Tliis is so
satisfactory lo Canadians that they
will probably show their satisfaction
by voting that the independent candidate Mr, Farwell, will stay at homo
aud attend strictly to disbursing his
own money for the next four years.
io uniuiGsiits.
*'�����.,}��� I'm- fiiiiugcs of -Irivcrli-HcmcTtt mii-l
Ite In Hie (tilled by I o'clock p.m. lo
Insure change.
f the most objectionable results
Our Arctic Soda Fountain
is the centre of attraction these hot days.
tf-^rfc      Try our ke Cream Sodas, Made
with Hazelwood Ice Cream,
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
All kinds of Fresh and Salted Meats wholesale and retail. Fresh Fish received daily.
Mail orders receive careful and prompt attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
of tin- chiss legislation nm! over-taxation of the Turner government is the
way certain section: of the community
are singlet! ont fo bear tbo greater
part of the burdens. The taxation of
the. mining' industry ii ;i glaring instance of this unfairness.
Th" men engaged in mining In British Oolur.ibn may i**- ��� ':', *. :*!* d into Iln  ������ i
classes���lliu quartz or reef  miners, the
conl mini *.���- and the   livdrnulii    .iin. ;-.
Attention  is drawn   to a paragraph
in the iioics from onr Ottawa correspondent  in which   he   states that    the
| gouernl elections   now   in   progress in
j British   Columbia   arc  creating great
| interest in eastern Canada. At the
��� I last provincial elections four years ago
very    few    people    iu   eastern   Canada
i took enough interest in tho province
to even care to Iiud out on what date
tho elections wero to   bo  held, but thej
reci'ut development.,f the mines oi the i Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Kootenay   has   brought this   province  ���  ,
,.,,.,,,*.        ,, ,       ..   ,,    i Orders by mail to any branch will have caretul and prompt attention.
] ��� em month before   the people  ol   the!
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Official Directory.
Governor-General Karl of Aboi'dcen
Premier Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Common?, Dominion Parliament, West Kootenay        Howitt Bostock
Lieut.-Governor - Hon T It Mclnnes
Premiej - - Hon J H Turner
Attorney-General - Hon 1111 Eberts
Coin of Lands and Works Hon G li Martin
Minister Mines and KduoatlOD Hon Jas linker
President Fxeculivo Council Hon (! E Pooley
Members Legislative Assembly tor West Kooienay Xorth Hiding J M Kellie
South Riding                - .1 FHumo
Mayor John Houston
Aldermon���Chas Hillyer, W F Teetzel, J A
(iilkcr,.] j Malone, K P Whalloy, Thos Madden.
Cily Clerk
Police Magistrate
Chief of Pollco
chief of Flro Dopartmonl
Water Commissioner
Hoalth Officer
City council meets every  Monday, il p.m., at
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
J IC Strachan
E A ('reuse
A   V McKinnon
W J Thompson
John Hamilton
T M Ward
Ur. Lallan
solium. TRUSTEES.
Hi'. EC Arthur. Dr. G A 11 Hall. Geo John.
slum-.   Prlnolpa]   J 1! Qroon.
Pi'csidoiit j Roderick Robertson.
V'ieo Presldont James Lawrence.
Seey-Treas. John A Turner.
Presldont John A. Turner
Vico-Pres. w. a. Jowett.
Secretary D. MoArthur
A II elements
Modicnl SupL
lir. (i. ah iiaii
Of thee*   tiie
while ll e o lirs , on; i
Be'ore bein ���;   tillowi S
canting a living the q
pay tin* ",i". i rnmcnl
miner [jays nothing.
Again, the outp tt
mines i-- taxed at tic*
cent, while the oil-.'
tlie industry are   me
tax has been placed
\ '".*��� re absurd statement could not be !
ado   Ihan   the   one. " Vote for A. !?.
iirwell end prosperity for Kootenay. " i
is   so  absurd  that lie voters in the
������a!    Rivi r     minin;;*     division    liave
nugi 1 ii to. "Vote for A. S. Farwell
id roll Kootenay. "
5, whilo the con!
of metallifi rous
rate  of one  pei
; v' o branches of
[t is   true that
i"'.  certain  cool
Duusinuirs, who
coal pn dm * * in
xempf, this tax
in? Dunsmuirs
without    remov-
arwell done
iriug prosp
have   a   eh;
in      i i ot
Ol   Illl
���rity to ;
nee   to
some   w:
induce every man, *u >
child in the country who bii)'S in Nelson to come ancl in
stock and   prices.      Wc   would  have s'ott t\o this for wi
man nntl
tpeci our
i.l I
8.0(1 |
mil jUnited Stntcs, Ontario, Quo-
llicctind Eiistei-n  Provinces
ll'eiiil- mi N.  \  F, s. line.
[Victoria nnd Ko-wlnnd,
5.16 p.m.
um. Vi w Henvor, Sandon and
'.'.:)() p.m.
*locnii Luke Points.
kn In and kootenay Lake
7.1.1 a.in.
tosslimd.   Trail,    Nakusp
inbsoil, poilltson Illlllll Iin,
*  P.  ll.,   Vancouvor and
���i iiunii* ..-
nunc.;,    bnt   as
mine nearly all   Un
iho   proviu ��� ���.   are
merely    confirms
in   their   monopoly
ing' the injustice.
The removal of Ihis trado I .\ ',
of tlie reforms the people of Koo
intend to have, and to assist in i
moral thev intend to choose a representative whose staunchness has already been provetl i.'i Victoria, and
whose interests coincide with Ihoso of
liis constituents,
., one
ts ro-
The results of the action of the Hall
Mines l'o. in cutting down wnges are
already beginning to show. Some of
the best mon are leaving town to go
elsewhere, where tliey can work for a
decent! remuneration. The working-
men of Nelson should notice the tendency of thet" things. Exporionco has
shown that one successful cut in wages
always brings another before loug.
This means in time tho'driving out of
white labor. The poople who have
made the first cut are supporters of a
government who favor the immigration of the Chinese.
The workingmen of Kootenay recognize that their interest lies in supporting those who are opposing thc introduction of cheap labor. A government
who favors the Chinese immigrant
cannot grhap the conditions essential
to th.e prosperity of the provinco, or
expect to get the suffragos of the electors.
One of the arguments used by the
supporters of A. ;'. Farwell is that the
Turner govormnout is .-nre lo bo returned, and thai Kootenay would ho
best served by having a frit nd, like
Mr. Farwell, at court. The opposition
in Kootenay have never been time-
servers, and thev are not tiino-servors
now. Thoy believe tlmt tho Turner
government should be defonted, and
they arc going to do their utmost to
defeat it at this election. They defeated Mr. Farwell in 1800; thoy defeated Mr. Buchanan in 1894, ar.d they
will defeat Mr. Farwell and the whole
Turner outfit next Saturday. Tho next
government of British Columbia will
have for its promier Charlos A. Somlin
nf Yale, nov ,T. II. Turner of Viotoria.
The next commissioner of lands and
works will not ke G. B. Martin of
Kamloops i r James Hunter of Victoria
or A, S. Farwell. but that position
Will   be filled   by   the senior Standard
"S::* from (ladiz to Manila, Cn-
:.! ,* hits ''.'.'2ii miles to make. At his
i . 'sent leisun ly pace���if lie really is
headed for ihe Philippines���ho will
nol nc in Asiatic, waters until aftor tho
clo-;*.' of hostilities, unless thc wav lasts
a good ihal longer than it ought to. If
he follows the program under which
lu- started out, he will linger at Aden.
I;c will give his marines an (xtra
amount of time ashoro at Ceylon, he
will take in. on the way. all tlie sights
of Singapore. Camara sailed from
Cadi/ .Tunc 15 This day in July finds
him practically at the Sue?.���the distil nee j covered is 1900 miles. From
Aden, at lhe other end of the Ked sea,
to Ceylon is 2100 miles ; from Ceylon
to Singapore is 2100 j from Singapore
to Manila is 1500. It is a good guess
that Camara will be five weeks about
Lucky if is that the Spaniards are
laggards : if Camara bad hastened his
nace, after Dewey's Mayday victory,
he would have been iu the Philippines
to give our relief expeditions a light
in which tbey would be no match for
him ; he could have made this couutry
anxious for Dewey's life. As for the
situation that now obtains���let Camara
sail on; he is fatally lute.
The best Camara can do is to all the
minds of timid people on the Pacific
coast with fear Hint, evading Manila,
he will head for Hawaii and for our
coast. To begin wi'li, there is the
coal problem for this Spaniard' to
solve. That insures the safety of our
shores.���Anaconda Standard.
that you would become our customer und friei
largest uiul best selected stock ol Groceries
famous products of every country in our line a.
our sheh es.
EVERYTHING   FIRST  CLASS.    Never behind the times
here. Our business i.s ni'i to serve its [nitrons to I
as widl as om- own, a ml you can always depend up
being afforded you.
The  fairness of oui-  prices  throughout our entire lino al ;
grasp iilion lhe market.     CAN'T III-: BEAT   \T Al
We have
thc city,
repi esentec
li IV
i* i inti
I* III Sl   E
������' ned loan 7a.m. lo 10 p.m.; General
S n.m, to s p.m.;   IteRistraUon, 8.30
'''���: Monej Onion and Savings Itank
' p.m.; Sunday l hour(10 lo ll a.m).
���I. A   OILICKU, Postnuutor.
I.:   Tl!
shows onr
& Co., Nelson*
"East Lynne" was produced successfully to a large and select audience last
night. Miss Clara Mathes as Lady
Isabel and Madame Vino was the star
of the evening and gave evidence of
great emotional nowers. Her death
scene was especially fine. Mr. Chapman again showed his versatility by
playing the villainous Sir Francis in
an artistic manner. While the play is
rather a somber one the careful halidl
ing it received from the company kept
the audience interested to the end.
Miss Luella Beck in the role of Miss
Corner   provided    the   comedy of   the
play. Miss II. Leonard gave an earnest
performance of Barbara Have, the
Messrs. Lewis as Archibald and John
Hill were also deserving of praise.
Valentine Love's comedy, "The Mail
Girl" is thc bill for tonight, with the
entire company in the cast and Harry
Lindley iu one of his funniest roles.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber al regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling', Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shing-lcs and Lath, Sasii and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully (riven.
^ .*.*-
Ont Tin ; Inspector ut A|
I'm ii- W .1 Goepel
*.'..' ni,ni,i sionor
ii. (1. Dennis
Mil  *���-!". n-d ���* Tax t'ni
It l-'Tolmic
Coll       ��� , ; i iu loms
(len. JohtlSlODC
! 'voi Ineial   \  * * -- or
John Keen,
i ��� 'a*1;. ('ourl Judgo
���I A Forin.
ii .    triir
i: 'I' 11 Simpkins,
lirtEl TOUY.
War                                 (
a].I, N Fitzstubbs,
Vim Jailer
it l.iddeil.
Si ��� ���..**.���! .1 illor
Geo Partrldgo,
Third Jailer
John McLaren
-   nl    ' lunr.l
K Inee.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R.  STATION.    .    .    .
A.    E.    YOUNG,   AGENT.
* A spocial meeting of the city council
was held yesterday afternoon to consider a protest from the secretary of
the hoard of underwriters for Britisn
Columbia ngainsl the enforcement of
thc by-law taxing all insurance companies doing business in Nelson the
sum of $200 per year. Mr. A. W.
Ross, secretary of the board, addressed
the council in Opposition to the bylaw, but the aldermen present refused
to interfere with it, and decided that
the by-law should be enforced.
Wall Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
timber should apply to
Xhe Nelson Planing Mill
In stock,l,()00,000ft.of Flooring,Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery.
TO OEtlllii:.
Cm ia il i : li.M.i ami Matin 11 a.in.; K\ en
Song, 7.i(i p.m. every Sunday, llnlv Commun-
n.n en Isi and 3rd Sundays in iln- month aftor
.il.eins: en '.'nd and Ith Sundays, at 8 am
Sunday School nl2.30 p.m. Lev. II. H. Ako:
hiii--l. Rector.   Cm- Ward ami Silica street*,
l'in:*-u\Ti*:i;i.iN Clll'ltcil Servlcesal 11 a in
nnd 7.iin |iin. Sundny School at '.'.tin n m'
Prayormocling Thursday evening al s nm"
I'lnisiian Kndoavor Society meets ovory Sinii-
day ovening at s o'clock, Rev. 1{. Frew
Mki um.ist Cin-ucii ��� Corner Silica and
Josephine Stroets. Services at 11 a.m. ami 7.;to
p. in. ; Sablialh School, 2,aop.m.: Prayer mooting on Friday ovening id s o'clock; Kpworth
LoaguoO, IS., Tuesday at 8a.m. Hev. Goo. 11
[vloi'doii, Paslor,
Human Catholic Church���Mass nt Xelson
every Sunday at Sand 10.80 a.m.; llenedielion
at, id In S p.m.   Hev. Kutlier l-'erland. Priest.
Baptist church - Sorvlcos morning and
evoiiingai tl a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor meet-
lng Wednesday evening al 8 p.m.; Meetings
aro held m the school house. Slrangors cordi-
nlly welcomed.   Hev. ll. it. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Army���Services everv ovonlng
at 8 polook in liarraeks on Viotoria street'.
AiliiuanI .\1 inner in charge.
Your TobaccGs^*K>
��� AT THE ���
Post Office
��^-^Cigar Store
Where  you  will   iilwajs  find a well
assorted   stock of  Imported   and
DouiesticOlgars, Cigarettes Tobaccos and a full stock of
Pipes at reasonable
Brewers of Pine Lnger
lieer and Porter.
Drop   in   and   see    us.
Sealed lenders addressed to the undersigned
will he received up lo Saturday Dtll .lulv
for the building of nn addition to the Nelson
Court House.
Plans and specifications can he seen nt tho
ollice of lha architeoti Mr. A. E. Hodgins,
linker street.
The lowest or any tender not. necessarrily
o. ct. Dennis.
(JO-l'l (told Commissioner
A    NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. & A.
ki   yM. meets second Wednesday in each
viiionlh.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. LENNOX, Secretary.
j^ma^..      '���   ��-  ��-   '''���     Kootenay Lodge
:-i**>Spvr No- 1(i' n,oc,s every Monday night,
'..frm-*    nt   |i)eir   qall|   Kootenay street.
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially invited.
WM. HODSON, Secretary.
NELSON   LODGE No. 24, K. of P_
\i\im'ets in Casile hall,  McDonald block
jaqvpry   I uosday ovening at s o'clock,
"/All visiting knights cordially invited,
J. .1. Malone, O.O.
(8201 Geo. Partridge, ic. of n.and s.
NKI.SOS LODGE, I. O. O. T. Meets ln
Castle Hall, .McDonald Hlnck, every Monday
i veninn nt 8 o'clock. Visiting Templars cor
dinlly invited, John Tkli'ORD,
Chief Templar.
Georuo Xiuin    Sec'y
^.      NELSONS   QUEEN   NO. 211
^   SONS     OF     K.\(il,ANI),   inceti
Cft Fill!   second and  fourth Wednesday of
aw c-     oaoh i iii .UK. of p. iiaii, Mac-
�� III   Donald  lllock,   cor. Vernon   and
^S^���*^    Josephine slrcols.   Visiting broth-
;-n cordially inviicd.        Krnest Kino,
CHAS. 11. FARROW, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO.3188fflebtS
lsl and 3rd Wednesday in ouoh month in tho
K of P Hall. F W Swanell, O. D. S, C. B.j J It
Green, C.K.: .1. Piirkiss. Secy.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
cvu-y Thursday In the l.o.O.F. ball. F W
Swanell, M.W.: W Hodson. Kee.-Sec; J. J.
Driscoll, l-'inaneicr F. J Siniirc. Receiver and
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No, 1683 meets in the McDonald block every Thursday evening at 8
oeioek. vMtlng members cordially invited,
.lohn Toyo, W.M.; V, J. Uradley, U.S. THE MINER,   THURSDAY, JULY 7, 1898
Itiii-r    Mention    of    Happenings   In   llie
District During (he rail
Few Days.
L. A. Campbell and M. Anderson of
Rossland are in tho oity.
Kdilor 0. 0. Cliffo of the Sandon
Mining Review spent yesterday in tin*
F. (*. Inniti, presidout of the Kern
mine, near Nelsou, lias reached San
Alex Sprout, gold commissioner at
New Denver, registered at the Phair
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman of MacLeod,
Allicrla, arrived in Nelson last night
and are al the Phair,
11. (I. McOullooh has returned from
11 couple of weeks' visit tothe Trout
Lake mining district.
Mrs. 11. McKay of Brandon, Manitoba, is visiting her niece, -Mrs.
Charles D. ,1. Christie.
T. W. Gray's sawmill has resinned
operations, tin* water having subsided
sulliciently for the mill to He started.
William Braden, JHoleua, Montana,
mid E. .1. Mathews of tlie Pilot Bay
.smelter,   spent yesterday   in  ihe city.
K. II. Bourne, Nakusp; .1. W. Stewart, W. (i. Duttou, Spokane; H. .1.
Hamilton, Brooklyn, are at the Hume.
Mrs. Niven. wife of I\ ('. Niven. (if
the tirm of Niven & Hell. Whitewater,
is visiting Mrs. ,1. 1'. Ritchio of Ross-
Mayor ('. W. McAnn of Kaslo sent
yesterday in the oity. Messrs. Henry
and Forde, of the firm of Henry,
Forde &Oo., leave this morning forn
couple of days' business at [tosslaud.
livery visitor who arrives iu Nelson
at once grows enthusiastic over the
magnificent foliage of the trees and
the many well kept and beautiful
grounds. The roses in the flower
gardens are an especial delight.
A little grandchild of Mr. 0. Lund,
proprietor of the Klondike hotel, was
bitten on the hand by a dog yesterday
evening. The wound was dressed by
Dr. Forin. nnd il; i.s hoped no serious
results will follow.
The   Dominion   government has de
cided upon a very   natty   uniform    for
the British Columbia rifle   companies.
The tunic is of soft brown Halifax
tweed, with bright, green facings and
shoulder traps and brass but Ions. The
hat is soft felt with a turn-up on one
side ami ihe buckle bears the British
coat of arms.
Mr. ami Mrs. Janes and Miss Janes
of Calgnry left for Kaslo on the Kokanee yesterday aftor spending a pleasant
day in Nelson, from Kaslo Mrs. and
Miss Janes will proceed to'.'aii forn ia
on a holiday trip. Mi', .lanes will return to Nelson on   Sunday evening for
n lew days' trip. While hen- ihe visitors were greatly impressed by the
general air of activity to be seen on
ihe streets and with the many beautiful homos in lhe cily.
Provincial Funds Being Used to Build
Trails iu the I'nited Slates.
A    nice little    lii"    is    being   cooked
down in ihe seitth of British Columbia
on tho international boundary not far
from Rykerts. It appeal's that when
Captain Fitzstubbs was gold commissioner lc was approached by the
Rykerts pooplo, win wanted to got
money I'm- a t rail. ()n iuvesl igal nm
Captain Fitzstubbs discovered that lhe
proposed trail lay entirely within the
state of Idaho. I'. S. A., and he prop- "'wV/mlcrb
ci'ly declined lo subsidize an American  Water  ndi
I   I-*. 1  1 '..''���'
,/rsi--*-���__ TOITIGHEIT    ~.ai>gf\
IwHarry Lindley Comedy^-
A new, original and laughable comedy-drama
"The Mail Girl"
The Best Comedies. The Newest Songs. Artistic Dancing.
Tickets on Sale at The Canada Drug & Book Co.
A meeting of the South Koolcna,-
Hoard of Trade will be held in the
board rooms on Monday afternoon at :l
A.   E.    Fauquier,   William
R.  II.    Kerr  and   .1.  I!. Strickland
New Donvor registered   at   ilie   Hume
Tin* water in tin- lake has fallen
about eight !', et since July I. and a
considerable portion oi' lhe wharf is
now uncovered.
t laptain Fitzstubbhs is no Iougi rgold
commissioner, and the Rykerts people
ar** more successful and have got the
appropriation they wanted. The result is ihat the trail is Doing built,and
there arc seven men nu\v worl ing on
Glynn,   it,    The   trail   runs   from   a point ou
t   Kootenny river in Idaho lo   a   mining  a(jj jj0
camp lhal   lies   mi   both sides of   tho
line, ih.* trail running through American li i t'itory to inn a Bril ish (Inlumhin
minin-,'  camp, and   thereby  diverting
i the   trado   to   t'n*   United   States, tho
Turner government   thus  doing   with
I tin-   people's   money wliii!   they   poti-
Work on tin* new   Baptist   ehureh is tioned the   Dominion   government not
being pushed   rapidly   ahead, and   tho  to allow   Mr.   Corbin   to  do with his
handsome structure will   be completed own.
in ii few weeks. \nother interesting fael   that might
head of   u fk of  Wild   Horse  ck,   adj j Pherson, 0. Brown, J. Shaffer, 2 mi n
Duniiis. i of Robson,
Unix���A.    McDonald, on vi-   side   of      Galena   Galore���I. 0. Gagnou,   ami
Eagle  ek.   adj  Josie.   formorly 0. C.  up Sheep ck.
Hill. Hot Number���E.Broadfoot,on Beaver
Companion���W.    Riley,   -1   mi   s  of j lake, 2 mi s of Erie.
Erie,    adj   Northern   Box   No.    2���3. !    Cardwell���T. Nicholson,jj:y mi from
Reilcy,   imi   s  of   Erio, adj Just  in Ymir, on Bear ok,
Time. Standard���(I.     Morris,    w   side   of
Sampson���M,    .1.   Chestnut, al head Porcupine ck, near Jubilee.
of Whisky ck,  I'..mi u of Erie,formerly      Monterey���L,   R.    Mosher,     H.    J.
Lillian Kay. Story, ou Wild  Hirsy  ck, 8  mi   from
Relief  Fraction���R.   K. Neill, ou  e   Vmir.
side of n fk of   Salmon river,  la mi   n      Selmo���B. R. Raymond, E. F. Robot Erie, ujd Big Bump. '������''��� '��� side Porcupine ck, adj Echo.
Takolo���J. O'Neill, at head of  n fk      Bysmit    No.   1���F.   Glencross,   on
Salmon     river,    formerly     American j Hidden ck,  I '._, mi e of N & F S ry,
Eagle. Leading No. 2���A. E. Lott, same.
Onyora���Same, Same formerly  Iron  June 28���
Can. North Star���F, Heslewood, 1'.j mi w
Canadian���N.  Dohai'iiais,   G. Halle,   of Creighton, adj Leer Trail.
.1.  Boyer, hot Hear  and  Porcupine ck,      Mac G���A. Kane,   K. G. Reaves, G.
adj Colville. A. Page. 5 mi u of Erie.
Telephone  Girl���T. 0. Words,  lli mi i     Red   Crown���J.   L.   Kane,   n fk   of
up Porcupine ck, adj Black Pine. Salmon river, adj Big Lump.
Vulcan���II   Todd    same    adj   Big  * Monarch���F.   \v    Crawford, 20   mi
Patch. down Kootenay   river, from   Nelson, 2
Black Pine���,1. (lodilard,   same,   adj ' mi s of river.
Telephone Girl, Viking���J.    McLellan.   J.   Mannou,
Mollio Gibson���S. Gibson, lh,   mis  W. B. Brown, 2 mi up Hidden ck.
of Vmir.                                                          Happy Thought���Same,(i mi up Hid-
ill���H.    Bell,    u     fk   Clear, den ,*k.
Minnie. '	
Emerson���.1. Loraing,   on  same, adj  '
Wiiiderbill .tor  Member ofthe  Legislative Assembly
Bridgevi'ew���.1. Levy, W. H. Davey, j
'., mi n of Kootenav rivi r,
Rainy Day���L, Levy, bet Clearwater
and", Wild Horso ck, 12 mi from k
Lola���.1.  Goddnrd, Ymir   mountain.
lur   the    NclSOtt   Uiiliic.* al'   West
Kootenay District.
Judgo Forin will opon a sittiwr of
the county court today iu   lia    Nelson
courl hou.-i'.    Th** li,-!  of   cum*.-,   is   an
unusually long ouo.
Messrs. .lames and Gllllllior hll yr-s-
torday for  the Whito   Grouse  country
to dn asses.-meni  worl,   on some claims
belonging to Mr. Meldrum,
Tin- Iron Musk < '.iii*. r Star injunction caso will come up before the
supremo coun uf British Columbia
next Wednesday at Victoria.
I c ment ionnd in this conn ''lien is. that
there has beeu placi tl on the voters'
lisl the names of two American farmers " '; o have farm ���; mi the Idaho .iih
oi' th" line. Thev will presumnl lv
show thoir gratitude ly roting !'*���;��� the
government. A morn scandalous state
of alTairs could hardly exist, and the
intention of voters is drawn to ii.
i,i IAK
('oiisider I
h ei lc.     i
!).     A.
PLATFORM   01'   l'l!3M'!ri.[:s.
11 side
Ul'ijtled   by   Delegates  In  finsveutlnu on
The Uts! Day el' June, 1893.
"Whereas,   The  Turnor government
by its  elass   legislation, (1) by impos-
*nde   fk   of   ;,,.,. ;,, tax upon the output   of   metalliferous   mines   not   imposed  upon   the
1111   up  output of coal   mines; (3) by refusing
io  remove   tiie   lax   imposed   on men
who has
Jackson   of   Regina, Assa.
been   visiting   her   sons  am!
Qui ������: ion of   Fire Insurance   Rates in the City.
A special meeting of   the  council of
(laughter in Nelson for lhe past wick. ,1"' South Kootenav Hoard of Trade
left yesterday to visit her son in San- was held yesterday to consider the lire
ilon, ' insurance situation and   tho recent by
law passed bv the cil v council.
D. J. Dewar, principal of   tho  Trail ;     .\. W. Ross, secrettiry of   the   board
i'hools, and the Messrs.  Scale of   Lon-I of underwriters for   British Columbia.
don, England, loft last night for a few
days' fishing in the streams in the
vicinity of Nelson.
A. M. Stark. Donald; William
Cooney, Deer Park; I). D, McPhnil
and James Waugh, Kaslo, and .1. M,
Callahan, Slocau Oity, were al the
Queen's last night.
F. W. Bolt, of the lirm of Roll &
Grogan, mining brokers, Rossland,
arrived in the city   hist    night, and in
was present and addressed the mom-
1 its, pointing out that if the license
were charged lhe companies the insurers will in tho end havo to pay it,
either hy having the present rates increased or bv uot having them lowered
when the time comes for a reduction.
An informal discussion took placo as
to the (piestion of rates, tho council
holding that the present rates were
very much too high, considering the
efficiency of the fire  appliance  of   the
ck. adj Montague.
Weyier���-T.    Sevcrson,
same formerly Fortuin .
I'i'iuci ��� A. Jackson. ,1.
Bear ck,   I mi from Vmi
(inturio���Same, same.
.Iun** 25���
Friday���F,     Bergo,    '
Wild Horse ck, formorly .\nsti
Buckeye���W.   R.   Bayers,
Whit,*-.vai> r. fk.
g Maud���P. McLaren,!! mi up Six Mile! yorking in metalliferous"mines;(8) by
ck. denying   the   people of   tin1   provinco
Nellie���J. McLaren, samo. equitablo representation in the legisla-
Cubu���A.    Piper,   /..en   s   of Fern tivo assembly, has   provon   itself   un-
minc. worthy of  further confidence  or con-
Dahlia���L.   Ottosin.   V.'.   S    Doyle,   tjnuance in oifioo; and,
l*��� mi i j. Hid!   ck, formerly Simpson.      "Whereas, The railway policy of the
Copper Mountain���C.Monroe, 1% mi   present administration 'is  inimical to
u Kootenay river, formerly Blue Bird,   the host welfare of   the   province  as a
oro   Fino���T.   Livingstone   i-:.   G. Uvholo therefore be it
Parnsworth, R. Hunter, 2 mi  so  Hall      "Resolved,  That the interests of the
Siding. Nelson riding  of   West   Kootenay dis-
Lady Franklin���Same,  I1...  mi   u  of  trict demand that   tho   electors return
Hall Siding. tlg   their   representative   in  the  next
Sir John Franklin���Same, 2 mi n of ! provincial legislature a man who  will
Hall Siding. not onlv   strongly   advocate   but   will
Benjamin   Franklin���Same,    ne    of  also uso his influence with   lhe   mem-
Gentlemen,���I offer myself us an independent candidate to represent you
in the next ProvincialJParliamenfc.
Should I lie fortunate enough to secure your support 1 shall endeavor to
bring about the following reforms:
(1) A change in the Mineral Act to
compel all partners in a mining claim
to bear their share of the assessment
work or forfeit their interest.
(2) An amendment to cause litigants
to put up reasonable security for costs
before adversing applications for certilicates of improvements,
(3) Regular promotion in the Civil
Service, avoiding lhe injustice of tlio
appointnient of outsiders over the
heads of men already in Ibe service,
all vacancies being tilled by our own
(I) The removal from (be Statute
book of the discriminatory tax of ��5.IX)
per annum on mechanics, miners and
others employed in our metalliferous
If returned I pledge myself to work
to the best of my ability to secure a
local expenditure of public ninnies
in proportion lo the revenue collected
in the district, and lo ensure such expenditure being laid out to the best
possible advantage.
The inining interests of British Columbia have now reached such proportions thai ii is desirable they should
be administrated by a separate department under the charge of a minister
who would devote his undivided attention to the subject.
I shall endeavor lo rescind the legislation of 'llli. by whieh inining suits
were taken on: of ,'ne jurisdiction of
the County Court and relegated to the
Supreme Court, thereby entailing increased costs and interminable delays.
During the past eight years Kootenay has been represented bv straight
government supporters tind by an out
and out oppositionist, the result in
neither cose has been satisfactory. I
consider the lime has arrived when all
the Kootenay members should join in
advocating measures for the benefit of
this district as a whole and for its
special industry, without regard to
| DO
f For One Cent a Word? t
Hall Sidiiif.
June 27-
adj Lady Franklin.
hers of the. legislative assembly opposed
to the present administration to secure
company with J. Fred Ritchie will go citv and'  the  number of fin
out   today   to  examine   some
properties at Slocau Junction.
walls in
a lot of
lhe business portion of the city
A resolution was passed on motion
of H. E ^Croasdaiie, seconded bv (1. Y.
Holt, to the effect lhat the council of
the South Kootenay Board of Trade
consider the present rates of insurance
in Nelson to high, and would recommend that tlui eity council would take
into consideration tlu. recomendations
j of Mr. Ross regarding the improvement
of the (ire department; further, that
the imposition of the $200 tax ou insurance  companies would   be   simply
. ^�� ���. | suiiiuce    companies    would     I'C     S(inpi\
rp( rpRm rrpp7pr,s sten^oth81,ohai'8eoutheiusurors
<UU VI UUI Illl UOLUI O     Tho  1.,,solnHou  wns ord01,ecl t0 ,���,
which no well appointed
home should he without
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of .  .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are ofTer-
i ngat very low prices.
sent to the city council.
A puhlie meeting
held  in
111   ne
o 13
Vancouver & Nelson, B. 0.
A car load of machinery for the mill
at the Athabasca mine litis arrived and
is being hauled    to the site.    A wagon
road has been completed to the mine
| with an easy grade from the Silver
I King road, and a tramway is being
! built from the, mill to the mino. The
j company   intend   taking     the    wator
from (iive Out creek by  a   Hume  2400
feet   long   to   supply   power   for   the
works.    The mine has ceased shipping
for   the  present, the   oro being stored j
awaiting   the completion of   the. mill.
Development*   work   is   being   pushed,   -ii
ahead, and several new lodges of   good  Wl11 address the  meeting    and
ore are   being opened  up on the prop- l
June 28���
Monterey���R. M. Reeves, at head of
s Ik of Wild Horse ck, }., mi from
Monitor���P. II. Peterson, on s fk of
Wild Horse ck, },, mi from Wren.
Figaro���E. Orotean,    I.   l'ellcnt,   at;
Clipper Shade���M. McAuley, at head i tho following reforms
of Clear ok, adj Morjorio. I "First���An equitable plan of represen-
Glon���T. II. Oddie,   J.   Cosgrove, 1   ration in the legislative assembly on a
im s of Hall Siding. I basis that will recognize   that an elec-
Empire���T. H. Oddie. same. tor in one portion   of   the  province is
Cosmopolitan���W. N. Mack, 2 mi up  the  equal   of an  elector in any other
Quart/, ck. j portion where like   circumstances pre-
Big   Four���J.   i).   Sanders, .1.    Mc-jvail.
"Second���Equalization in taxation
with respect to mines, so that if the
output of tlie metalliferous mines bc
taxed, the output of all coal mines
shall be treated in the same manner.
"Third���Repeal of the special tax
imposed upon working miners in the
metalliferous mines, which partakes
of the nature of a trade tax and is an
unjust exaction.
"Fourth���An amendment to the assessment act which permits what is
virtually dual taxation, under the indefensible mortgage tax, or lax upon
"Fifth���The.   passage   of   a general
railway   act,   which   will   allow   the
building of railways by  bona fide railway men without cost   to the province
either in cash subsidies or land grants.
"Sixth���The starving out of railway
charter mongers by   refusing   to grant
auy further land subsidies   in   aid   of
railway construction, and by insisting
wherever   cash   subsidies   are granted
that such subsidies shall be  by way of
I loan secured by a lien upon lhe railways
j when built,
in    . , ,    ,     n       ,   ,- "Seventh���The absolute   prohibition
rriCiay, JUly8, at 8 p.!!!*  of the immigration of Chinese into the
provinco, and the exclusion of I'hiuese
from employment by any company receiving any concession whatever from
the crown.
"Eighth���That in employing labor on
public   works  preference  be given to
ci tizens of the province, and   also that
j all  government  offices    be  filled   by
ca sable bona tide residents of   the dis-
! tri et where the vacancies exist.
"Ninth���Due recognition of the fact
that, the inining industry is the chief
attraction for  outside   capital   to   the
population ; tliat tins industry may be vitally atfected by legislation, and its importance demands
that we should have in the cabinet a
practical rather than a theoretical
"And with a view to   securing   the
above reforms, we pledge   ourselves to
' support by our votes  and influence the
Secretary*! 'nominee of this convention."
You can finda hn yer for "Any
Old Thing" if you advertise,
C'laiwltii-d I,*'-.'*l lisciMcrO-,.
��� All advertiffcmonla in ihis column arc   V
a 1 real a word each insertion.   No ad-   T
-* voruecment taken for losslhan 2."> c-.:i-.t**.   -^
X t
Old piipers at TilK  MlXlClt oflice.   25 eenW
por hundred.
FOUND.���A small kev. National Cosh  Kokih-
tor.   App'y ''Miner"onico.
^II'HIC: !,ESSON8,- On piano orj*nn or
Kuitar, by "Mrs. W. .1. Astlev. Kobson streut,
two doors west of Stanley.   1'. 0. Hox ISO.
i.lllJ   :ii,ili;ii    nu     oiiiunii       ' ii|iiini      in      in
Mr   A    ***    PyirwPlI   ic   Itlm province, and is responsible for the ii
IHI. ft.  3.   r-illWem   IS   in-|^,eaBein'its  population; that this i,
vited to attend-
Fifty dollars will be paid by nie for the arrest
and conviction of unv person for poisoning or
attempting to poison dogs,
t will sell at cost, for the bal-
nncc'of the season all trimmed
millinery, children's hats and
bonnets, sailors and shirtwaists.
Josephine st,, Xelson.
Application!! for the position nf Secrolnry to
llie llriiisli Columbia Chamber ot .Mines will
he received up to and Including .IIIl.v ISth., lH'JS.
Applicants will plooso Btate qualifications, remuneration oxpentcd, references, etc.
Kee. protom,
Vanoouver, ll. 0.
For the next Thirty Days
. . Also . . .
and  Hair Goods.
Room (I,   Tui'iiei'-Iloeckh   block.   Entrance Baker street.   Open from
8 a. in. to I.Illl p. in. THE MINER, THURSDAY, JULY 7,  1898.
Members of Parliament are Eligible r��r
l*olliienl Appolnliuenl.��� ('nnnilliiii
Trade iMcrcadlug.���llrlllab I'oiniiibla
Elections  Exciting   Intercut In  EiiKt-
em 4'nnaila.
minister of publio works felt warranted
in prophesying a total of 100,000,000
bushels of wheat per annum when the
improvements are finished and the
canals are deepened,
The prominence which some papers
are. giving to the reported failure of
the Peterson-Ynto company to carry
out their fast Atlantic steamboat service contract is liable to give rise to a
suspicion that such failure would not
bo a cause of unalloyed grief to them.
Surely the sterling und almost exclusive patriotism of the conservative
press would prevent their rejoicing
over such an incident. The true
pal riot would never allow a party advantage to supersede the national
The local election now in progress
in British Columbia is of greater import ance und is creating more interest
in eastern Canada than nny of its predecessors. The great Pacific province
has forged into a front position in the
confederation during the past three or
four years, and the Dominion as a
whole is deeply interested in their
welfare and prosperity. These depend
on ihe government being in the hands
of sale though progressive men and the
issues awaiting treatment at the hands
ol'   tin- new parliament nro momentous
Whore no eonsi.loratlnn Is named in transfers
the  liomiiutl Mlln of 81   i.*, to he umh ,1-slood,
Ottawa, July 2 (Special Correspondence).���The announcement recently
made of the appointment of Mr. M. (I.
Cameron to the lieutenant governor-
shipof the territories and of Mr. .1. '������'.
Lister to a judgeship has produced considerable adverse criticism iu tlie con
servativo pross, and the old (piestion of
the principle of political appointments
is    again    bein:;     actively   canvassed.
Very little exception   is   taken   to   theland   far-reaching.    While  it i.s not nl-
wisdoin of  the selectb*u or the  fitness ways   wise   to   prophecy   before   you
,. ,, i    .   i   i-   . ,i -,;  . , I know, tin  indications do not appear at
ot    he   men   selected   lor the posi ions     , .      .. "      .,        ,      ",,     ,
1 this   distance   altogether   favorable  to
t icy hav.* been chosen   io   till, save m j ,|,(, Turnor-Pooley administration.
the case of one or two   utterly in in- I
cilablo   partisan   papers, to  whom   no! ANNEXATIONISTS.
liberal act can   be rich I : but the curi-   T       ,,    ,.      _  ,.     ,   ,    _,,
ous claim   is  advanced  by  some that Joe   Mm'""   Dotonrled���Tho   Premier
theso inen.emini ullv iimiliiied iu every Gets Another Nasty   Knock.
other respect, should nol be eligilli
for any other posit ion iu the m rvico of
their count i".' beeau to i lie; are mi in-
bers of parlinini ut al i lie tinn I heir
iieceptauc ��� of  ullli e.    '��� if  ci ni*.:"   wil h
that th ��� appoint leul . * . cot;,' inn ��� I'
it intiui ii ** i 111   ��� r-l on of tiie n,*...*���
At a recent meeting held in Victoria
Mr. Archer Martin mnde a very telling
speech on the accusations levelled at
Mr. .loi ph Martin, of bein;; an annex-
tioni '��� nnd being in sympathy with
aliens. Wr. Mtirliu read two affidavits
of Mr. Pile-Phillips, the editor of the
I !oli ','i *f in w Inch the latter allirmed
tivo appointee and   lend*    h in   to up-  hi��� .,.,,,.,   tl>   ������.   KOVermueut of   ������,
nrove and sup]    * he *"*������' i mm nt in u* i-r*l   ,   .
i"'!i,->- Jjhich.otherwise   he    light op-    ' j     (,���1)ot.rim!     with   ii:l;;,.,;,;;,���,ist
1  loaning: on the pnrl of prominent gov-
|eminent members, lie following taken
from the   Daily   Columbians'report of
; he *.::-:i" nieetins, may he of interest:!
".Tournul i,     I egisln'tive    Assembly,
I.'ri lv!   t'o lu inbia.
'' i'ic���������-���I-i-*-. ?8d I 'ebrnnry,  1888.
of   tho   i
*   ;.
id lovalh
this i* in i-iii ii n mi;; lit lie ai
wli *��� il at i   ���.*������.*.
crnn:     ; it; ���:   *'
ent.un I to men   .'ho have s
by their part r   iiii'ougb   ion
npp ���*���'*'; ly hopeli -���!   and   endless oppo
sition, i he co ilenl ion   losi *���   v lutte . e
force   il   i therv ise   inighl   have.    Ku
far   from   depn cal ng   such   appoint
mi nis as  (hi si    hi ro   rci'i rred   to, th
\ e I son .
June  14���
Hone���A. M. Bouillon to Samuel
Brisbois, 1-8.
Simcoe Hop���Samuel Brisbois to
Germain Ratte, 1-3, $200.
Gladstone���W.   P.   Baker  to N. O.
Rivers, $100.
June 15���
Wellington���Charles Northridge to
Fred Richardson.
Red Seal���J. R. Wize to A. E.
Rand, %.
Brandon, New   York, Red  Seal���A.
E. Rand to Emma A. Rand.
Free Silver, Standard, Norah���Fred
Boyer, S. Richard and O. Boyer to
Napoleon Dehaniais.
Dodo���John Chestnut to   F. L. Mercer.
June 10���
Brum, Mayblossom���William Birmingham to A. W. Tideiiinrsh.
Big Duluth���J. Shank to H. B.
Spokane  Bell���B. W.   Brewer to Eli
F, Pick. l-s.
Pav Roll���W. S. Flemming to Annie
M. Shaw. 1-8.
June I i���
Myrtle���Nelson Ilrown to John If.
R. Pool.
Dollie Vai'den���A. W.  Blanev   to W.
Allen, $3.
June is���
Sierra���P. H. Peterson to R. M.
Silver Tip, Golden dale���Newton
llartman to M. 15. Bridgeport, 1-8.
Little Leo���Frank  Gleneross   to R.
.lime 22���
Annie Faxon���I, Modigh to J, C.
Spellman,   '....
Trail Light���John McLiunr to A.
Mcllillvary.  ',..
Dewey���Charles Northridge and F.
T. Medium to 'J'. Kichardson. ��� ,,
Dewey��� i'. Kichardson to 11. .1.
Evans, \,. $100,
Kirkpatrick h Wilson
t t
arc receiving Seasonable  Goods
for lhe best  trade   of  Nelson   in
the lines of
The quality is the best and prices
right.      As always, our stock of
is full and being; added to as needed.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson, ^^
���    ���    ���
for Nobbiest and besl and Save KASH.
"To :; ������ '.*'.���. rs of Civil ami Religi-
��� ns '��� i i. ������:.  *, ,i Amerien :
"The hearer, Mr. William Duncan,
for thirty years a devoted missionary
of religion an.l civilization in British
North Aineriea. and during the whole
of the period well known to the uuder-
.   signed,   is on his way   to Washington,
country,s   tn^lii    cougratuhited.lhat | dopnt(J|1   ,,,.     ���,���      ���.���;,.���     (.,n.is)iall
New York, July B.���From   nil   that
could be learned tonight Vousoiii'. the
wrestler, and known ns the Terrible
Turk, went down on the Ul P.otiv-
Arc Saving  Money every day
on     their     i [ardware   Bills   by
allowing us to figure with  them.
���" 7 ;'--'��� ';-���
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel. Mo. 21.
the calibre * I' Messrs. Ciuni rou
,   ,   *   , , .. *,        .,,. , i i -i in i ii i i   .i.i i j.i i*. ,i i in    11 -    i i ui, ii    *>*, i i ii
and Lister are to be found willing to t]lc UnitPd sta(cs ,uUhorities ()]1 ,���.���.
continue in the public service. It will L .ltv,,.tin, (lluil, interests nnd de-
be a sorry day for < anada when servn e   ���:,,  .
in pnrlinnieut will distiunlify her puli-      ''.^b. ���,,,   pil   t      Fathers of  old,
lie men fromi devoting   thoir talents to tbis  .,mi,.���,1, ljut prospei.ons,   thrifty,
her service elsewhere. *���,,,.,.   S1,,,.   .,    ,.,,,,,}      ',-,,������   grievous
Indications ���[ the most per.?istent v,,���,,.. ;nl,u���.r���. ���,' Und it under the ,
and permanent prosperity continue to kmmimn ��� Th,.v prefer abandon-
chum public attention through, nt our . ,,���, bome8of ������;���_,.'f.ltll,,rs ,.ml |h(,
young Dominion. Hiere is an upward ,,,,,inl,s fnlils ()f ������,*,. indt,Btry to
movement in every direction, and no- \lmhmn to tho violent seizure of their
Where ou the page IS there even 11 tiny ]aud .,���,, ,,,��� iutolerable stings ()f ���..
blot to mar the beauty nnd  symetry of H ioll8 d  nnd   interference.    We.
the alluring narrative. therefore, most respectfully conimned
Drop prospects ore excellent from Ml., Duucail md hi* misB{on to su,.],
coast to coast, with ii promise oi great krothprs i(U(1 friGudg iu ���1U. gister
increase in he surplus wheat supply. c0liutry_the ]���,���,���(��� tbo free-as may
Mining development goes,,,, apace, the kfi (li,,'���is,,(l ���, use their influence in
lishing industry is nt leas! on au aver- , .^ ,,,- ������. opprossed.
age. lumber is holding us ov. ���. ith i (gi d ai,',l,.,,:sf othorsl
the  agricultural   end   mining outlook ;.--  h   rj'i;]{"\;i,-i*>
so promising an.l (lie population stead- MMombor of p^/inchi'l Parliament,
ily growing it is not surprising lo
learn that trade continues brisk. In
fact, the wholesalers are saving that
there will !����� no dull season
Ihis year at all. The '.lav hank statement shows a very   healthy   oxpausion
"Victoria, li. 0,
������ imi, November, 1890. "
It was   a   significant   fact, said Mr.
Archer Martin, that even   at   such   an
early   dale   Mr. Turner  had  acquired
ment shows a very   licaltliv   oxpausion   ,, ,, *���.,, lf ( ,-   usi      his offloiQ]   tif](, f0
of business and bank clearings, always | ]lilr1 ���,,, oountry & NVlii,-li he lived.Mr
an excellent barometer, aro  going   up  >.   ,1
ountry m w
in's   cominents   on   Mr. Turner's
, . ., , ��� >  ,   .nun in   .^      , iiiniiu  tno     *i in     mi.     i in in i    n
by leaps and bounds, the percentage of ���lepnldooumeut" alternately oonvulsod
increases over the corresponding week ;, . h(,.uvl,s ilh laugbter ���.ul(1 indig.
of  last  yoar  m   Cauadus   principal uatjotJ
cities being:    Montreal.    -IS   percent:
Toronto, "o per cent; Hamilton. 88 per
cent;  Winnipeg, til percent; Halifax.
14 per cent, and so on.    Business  fail- I     If Germany, France and   Russia get
ures are   more   than   60   per cent less   too fresh, it may be our manifest duty
than thev were a   year  ago.   and  the as well as our manifest   destiny  after
general feeling   in   the retail trade   is  licking   Spain   to   put    them   in   the
one of buoyancy aud satisfaction.
Not   the   least   important   incident
during the last  session  of  parliament , , ,    ,
was ihe granting of   a   $3,000,000 loan      No matter  how   things   come out at
' me too" elas
Thc fireworks at Santiago this
Fourth of July come pretty near being
the whole works.
Santiago, Senor Cervera's squdron will
nol be one of them,
If Emperor William's nose insists on
poking itself into the Philippine business, it need not he surprised if America and Englnnd unite in a long pull,
a strong pull and a pull altogether.���
Anaconda Standard.
to Ihe Montreal harbor commissioners
for tho purpose of improvini thn accommodation of Canada's great ocean
pnrt. and making the facilities of tho
harbor adequate to the rapidly increasing requirements of our fast developing trade. Many proposals and plans
have been mad'' from I Line to time
with   this  object   in view, and   much I '
careful consideration has been given to KASLO  &  SLOCAN  RAILWAY
this   complirnted question,    The work
to be eo';, pn'hen'.ive iind effective musi
necessarily  be costly,    tu 1890 tho lute
government approved of  a partial plan   ,,
..    , , .,.ii , DnlMlU KST
ot development.but this has never bi en
carried out. though .just bofore the last
general election a 13,000,000 lean was
granted for ihe purpose by parliament. Moro than half Ibis money has
been used to pav oil' all old indebtedness of the harbor boards, and now lhe
commissioners have applied for furthor
The condition today, howover, shows | AiTlrelliSO
tliat   the   work   contemplated by   ihe
scheme of IS!)0 was totally   inadequate
to the greatly  enlarged  needs the pro-
I Ilil} (JOIN.! KjlHT.
I.iiiivi* s.iiii ii. im. Ku-lo           Arrive 8.60p.m,
".:iil ii. in. sin,i h Pork      " 11,14 p.m.
"    ti.'��(ii. in. Sim-iiiiIi-'k          " 2.15p.m,
H.81 a, m, Whitewater    " 3,00 p.m.
"    10.08a. in. Boar Luke        " LIS iun.
"   ln.isii. in. Mi-tiiiik'nii        " 1.33pm.
"    IO.3Sa.rn. Only .Inaction   " 1,12p.m.
Aro.   lo.."*o a. m. SandOD         l.onvo 1.00 p.m.
Loave 11:00a. in.   Sandon
.'illi O, l'\ & P. \. Siiporiiitundunt,.
Arrive  11:1.1 a, in,
Loavo  11:28  "
gross of intervening years had brought   -r,,c- Me. oom^.^,
llbont     aud   a    change   of   plan   was    ' HE NELSON^VJ
therefore ueeosaary
Tlie present scheme, accepted by the
government provides for the building
of additional wharves with basins of
sufficient capacity to take lhe largest
merchantman afloat and tho construction of n drydock largo enough to accommodate any vessel trading to the
port These improvements will place |
Montreal in the front rank of tlie bar-', Hox 232
bor-t ou this continent   and   enable her        ... ,    .
tohJStothe  Sowing trade to whichI    All orders promptly attended  to
Snob impetus will be given that  the! Leave orders at M. DesBnsay s.
Scavengering   Co.
Do ull kinds of Scavan^er Work,
Chimney Sweeping and anything to
earn an honest dollar.
Ol llie   SlllClin   Hnl fn;-.   ol'  West   Ikiioli nuv
Klpclorul IMsirii-i,
Gentlemen:���At ihe request of a
huge proportion of the community
representing every section of the
Hiding. I beg to announce myself as 11
candidate lo- your suffrages in the
coining eleel ions
In respectfully soliciting your voles
and snpporl I declare myself a supporter and follower ofthe Hon. .I. II.
'1 iirner as the Leader of the only Party
in this Province with a defined Policy
and coherent existence.
Hilling my eight years residence in
this District 1 have been a consistent
supporter of his Party in recognition
of their attitude in meeting, and in
cases anticipating the requirements
and expansion of this great inining
region. I am in favor of the following reforms:���
(1| The abolition of the Tax upon
wo-king miners.
(2) The abolition of the Mortgage
t'.i) The distribution of seats in the
Legislature in direct proportion to
111 I do not approve of the Policy of
the late Legislative Assembly in using
their influence to exclude foreign railroads, such as the proposed railroad
to Boundary Creek.
(5) I favor certain revisions in the
Mineial nnd Land Acts, particularly
some easy plan by which the holders
nf claims call advertise out their defaulting co-oivnei's.
((I) In filling all Government appointments 1 am in favor of appointing
bona fide residents of the District in
all cases where such can be found
competent to act.
(7) I believe that, the Provincial
Legislature should bring all the aid
and influence ut its command to
the assistance of the lead mining industry, especially iu the direction of
obtaining stronger recognition from
the Federal Government at Ottawa of
the importance of this industry and
the disadvantages under which it now
If you do me tho honor to elect me
as your representative 1 will at* all
times endeavor lo protect nnd further
the interests, not only of the prospector  hut, also of all  those   employed
in and around our mines, recognizing
that, our entire community is dependant upon the mining industry.
I am. Gentleman,
Your obedient, servant,
Waif Paper,      Sportino Goods,
���   Hammocks,    ��
Cameras, Kodaks,
Photographic Supplies.
Thomson Stationery Co.
awrence Hardware
Gamble S O'R
Ciiiii Enoineers,
Provincial' Land Surveyors
Real Lstute und General Agents
Financial ami Insurance Agents
Notaries   Public,   Etc.
e have for sale the   following
Valuable Property.
Corner lot  on   Vernon   Street    with
Lois for Sah- in all parts ol'  the  City.
Call and see  List.
Call and sec our full list of property for sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,  B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to 1'. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson, -,
General  Manag'er I    .lr(.   ^^.���9,    --��    -.
S. S. Fowler, E. M., ,   NELSON,   B. C.
Mining- Engineer
Charles D. J. Christie
Houses to rent nt $15, $20, Silo, nnd t INSURANCE,
A two lot corner close in $025. A   Brsl-clnsa  Stenographer)   Typo-
A 0 roomed   House, good garden, j writer  and   Accountant always   on
$2(1(10.    Also ol hers.
I hand.
Repaired, Altored, Cleaned, Prosaofl
iiiid Dyi-il by lhe N'kw Pkoouss hi
Heasoniililc Prices,
Hoom ll. Hn.i.Tiai Hi.k ,  NELSON.
P. S.���Ladies Wool Droi-n Hoods Sponged
before Making Up.
I      lAIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall)
Opposlto Phair Hotel,
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
. ..^mSUKAKCE and ...
* oinnssiov AUENT.
lOxielided oxporionoe Iii Chile and Oerman
I R011II1   Africa.   Assays  and analysis of oren.
Heports and valuations on mineral properties
I Underground aurvoying and mino plans kept
1 up hy contract.
Twenty years' experience In mining.
Thorough  knowledge of mines of rtriUsh'
Columbia.  Terms Reasonable.
"8 NELSON, B. O.


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