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The Miner Nov 12, 1892

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Array ���������*J  Tlie Mines in  Kootenay are Among  '   tBie Richest in  America.  The Ores are.  Higii-4*rade in Gold,  Silver, Copper,  and lead.  1 tfUMBEE 123.  NELSON,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   SATUEDAY,   NOVEMBEE   12,   1892.  U A YEAE  JOHN   HOUSTON    IS   X������T   IN   IT.  Angus McGillivray met  us  on   the  street the  'other day and asked us where we got. our infor-  , ma tion that John Houston was interested in his  " claim #o the  New  Denver townsite.    We ex-  .; plained that we had got  it from   Mr.   Houston  -himself in   this  way,  that   when   negotiations  .; were pending for The  Miner deal,   which, as  'V we have already informed our readers, did not  '; go through, Mr. Houston let it be understood  i. he might have to go down to the Coast on busily ness connected with the New Denver townsite.  5������ He did not go, and his explanation was that the  '. other party had gone. The natural inference  was that he had an interest. Mr. McGillivray  then showed us how the mistake had arisen.  When he came into Nelson after the reserve  was lifted, he offered Mr. F. Teetzel an interest  in his claim if he would contribute the expense  of surveying the ground and prosecuting the  claim before the Land Office in Victoria. Mr.  Teetzel then offered Mr. Houston a share in his  share if he would stand half the expense and  help them out. To this Mr. Houston agreed.  But when it came to putting up the cash for rh.e  survey, he could not, or woi.ld not, or, at any  rate, did not put up the necessary dollars.  And so he lost his chance of an interest. Mr.  McGillivray does not wish his claim to be  identified in any way with the name or interest  of Mr. Houston, and requested us to give this  explanation publicity. He and Mr. Teetzel are  sole owners of the McGillivray claim and Mr.  Houston is not in it.  .'RAILWAY    DEVELOPMENT < OF   WEST    KOOTEXAY  In our last article on this subject we came to  the conclusion   that  this  country  must   be developed   withm itself, that is, must haveainar-  ket   within   itself   for    everything   except   its  finished  products* or else its ores will find their  wav across the line;    We must  not  be  under-  stood to say that it will not beagood thingfor the  country if the pre does  find   its  market   in the  States.     The   Slocan   Examiner,   we   observe,  characterizes an  article   in   which   we pointed  out how  much of Siocan's wealth had been acquired by Americans, as a "wail."    We are not  wailing over the  presence of Americans   here,  far from it: we might have good reason to wail  if they were not here.    What we are  trying to  do is to arouse Canadians to their duty towards  this country, and to the losses they have already  sustained, and are courting by their apathy and  indifference, and we are surely entitled to make  use of the facts  and  arguments most likely to  appeal to our fellow-countrymen. And similarly  in this present article, while we admit that this  country is vastly benefited  by its easy outlet to  the south, we are endeavoring to make clear the  policy which the railway  enterprise of Canada  should adopt in its own interest as well as ours.  We should imagine  that it  would  appeal to  most people of intelligence as a simple axiomatic  fact that no northern outlet  could  for one instant compete with southern lines. But, strange  to say, there is talk of a road direct from Revelstoke to the Slocan   mines   by  way  of Nakusp  and the head of Slocan lake, by means of which  the C. P. R.   would  be able to  ship  Ore  from  Slocan to Tacomafor $7 a ton.    That is a  very  good rate: it sounds magnificent in comparison  with any means of shipment at present in operation.    But there are certain practical difficulties  in the way of such a road.    In <the first place, it  wottld tap no centres of population except those  which it made.    It would have little or nothing  to depend oh except the traffic  in ore, and the  rates quoted are those which admittedly would  but  barely  pay  the cost of operating the road.  A vast,   and   expensive   undertaking, this  road  would   be   operated    at    cost!    Had    we   the  slightest expectation  that anything would be  done to build this road, we would  not say  one  word against it, but the sooner people in   this  country give up banking on magnificent���������but  fictitious���������railway systems, and the sooner railway companies set themselves to find out the  actual needs of the country and satisfy them  without any further considerations, the better.  Had we only a man in charge, the problem  would be settled within three months; but instead of men we have officials, instead of brains,  a department. The rates given \>y this road,  when the whole of the system is in working  order, are compared with the present rates  when there are next to no facilities at all, an<d  the result is most satisfactory. But while the  C. P. R. is building such a road as this are other  companies agoing to be idle ? And suppose the  Nelson and Fort Sheppard were extended into  the Slocan country by way of Kaslo and the  smelter at Spokane blown in, neither of which  things are nearly so shadowy as the Revelstoke-  Slocan chimera, which line, the one from the  north or the one from the south, would be in  the best position to compete for the traffic in  ore. The discussion of such a scheme only  makes it more clear that the country must have  a centre that smelting must be carried on in  West Kootenav, that the C. P. R. must content  itself with developing a local trade, to be connected in the fullness of time with their main  system, or else the ore of this country must be  hauled over the divide, from the summit of  which Cottonwood Creek now takes its rise,  and down the Columbia into the great silver  mart of the world.  EAST   KOOTENAY.  W. N.   Rolfe   and R.   Cavill have  returned  from their trip to Fort Steele.    Going in by the  Moyie trail, they came back by Goat River.   On  the former trail travelling it easy, but the latter,  not having been  much used of late, is in a far  worse condition,   fallen   timber rendering progress slow and difficult.    Owing to  a  slightly  longer-stay being made at Fort Steele than was  originally intended, the Indian who had acted  as  guide   on   the  way  up, left with his horses,  without haying taken the precaution-;.to  collect  any of the  money coming to  him.    Between  Cran brook and FortjSteeleiMr. Rolfe was lost for  several hours.    Attempting to reach Fort St eele  by a short cut, he became   niixed  up  in  cattle  trails, and was  making preparations  to  spend  the night,   as- best he  could,   without   food or  blankets, .when" he  ran across an  Indian, who  for $5, afterwards raised to $10,  agreed  to take  Mr. Rolfe to his destination'.  East Kootenay is confidently expecting a rush  to Wild Horse Creek and vicinity next year,  and, from all accounts, recent discoveries and  developments justify them in believing that  more interest will be taken in this country than  has for- the past 20 or thirty years been the case;  Of course, it is not expected that the scenes of  1860-64, when flour was $100 a sack and no One  cared to work for much less than $100 a day,  will be re-enacted, but certainly it "would seem  that gold washing by hydraulics will be carried  on to a considerable extent during the coming  year, as we understand that a syndicate has  bought, from Dave Griffiths, his placer claim on  Wild Horse Creek for $100,000, and intend to  start taking out the gold as soon as the weather  will permit. That they will be successful in  their operations may be inferred from the fact  that five Chinamen, working close to this claim,  in four months cleaned up $2,000 each.  A strike of galena has recently been made,  the discoverer claiming (and his claims seem to  be borne out out by expert evidence) to have 22  feet solid ore, running 40 oz. silver to the ton,  arid 60% lead, the total width of the lead is 32  feet, and the true walls have not yet been found.  The ore is a tine grain galena, and the formation is gritty limestone. Woods brothers of  Winnipeg, have bonded this claim for $40,000  and are now sinking a shaft in the carbonates  alongside the ore. The mine is in a most favorable position, looked at from a working point of  view, as it is possible to drive from Fort Steele  to within three miles of the lead, and it is estimated that it would cost about $500 to build a  wagon road from the mine to a shipping point  on the Kootenay River. Eighteen prospectors  have been in the district during the past summer, and every one of them has made a location  and intends to return next year.* There can be  no doubt that, had it not been for the fact that  the attention of mining men has been given  almost exclusively to the Slocan, ^the vVild  Horse district would have attracted/this year,  that interest from which it hopes to derive considerable benefit in the near future.  (  WAS   IT   A   STEAL?  The following is the text of. an affidavit made  in Kaslo by F. M. Wilson, which throws a new  light on the circumstances of the Blue Bird  deal. It seems that by the terms of the agreement with Thompson & Whittier, Mr. Coy was  to have, as his commission for making the deal,  one-eighth of the property, and was to purchase  an additional one-eighth : "  "On or about the 8th day of August I was  employed as a miner, working for the Blue  Bird Mining Company, Slocan district, B. C,  the owners of which were Mr. E. E. Coy, J. M.  Burke and O. D. Garrison. Mr. Coy had bonded  the mine from Jack Thompson and Jack Whittier and sold or rebonded three-quarters of the  same to Burke and Garrison. I was the first  man to begin work oh the claim, and while the  showing at the surface was very good, at this  time it had apparently pinched out. There was  a payment of $4,000 to.be made on August 28.  By the terms of the bonds all former payments  were to be forfeited if not paid on that date.  Burke and Garrison did not feel like paying their  part of the money with the then showing of the  mine.'   \<- ���������. ; ���������,; ' * .  "I was workingon the night shift, and while  lying in my tent, in the daytime, and as they  supposed me asleep, I heard J. M. Burke, O. D.  Garrison, Jack Whittier ahd Jack Thompson  deliberately concoct a scneme to defraud Mr.  Coy of his interest in the mining claim and all  payments he had made thereon, and it goes  without saying that the would-be governor of  Idaho was the arch conspirator.  "Burke and Garrison arranged with Thompson and Whittier, and placed rhe agreement in  writing, for an extension of time to 90 days (the  former agreement was for 40 daj's) to make the  payment of $4,000 due August 28, and all  solemnly agreed to keep the matter a profound  secret, and furt her agr eed tthat they would not  go to Nelson, where the money was to be paid,  until after the time had expired, and thus defraud Mr. Coy of his interest. For-this Messrs.  Thompson and Whittier were to receive an additional $5,000. But it appears they reckoned  without their host, as I have since learned from  Mr. Coy that he waited in Nelson until five  minutes  before  the  time expired for   making  Eayment, and thinking some accident might  ave befallen them, notified Mr. Buchanan,  manager of the Bank of Montreal, that he was  ready to pay his $1,000, and thus blocked the  nefarious game. F. M. Wilson.  '* Subscribed and sworn to before me in Kaslo  City, B. C, this 5th day of October, A. D. 1892."  [Seal] D. Giles, Notary Public,  The publication of this affidavit at this particular time leads to the opinion that there is  more in the matter than at first meets the eye.  We do not know whether Mr. Coy is a Republican or no, but it is certain that John M. Burke  is the Democratic nominee for governor for  Idaho, and that his being accused of having attempted to make such a deal as is set forth in  the above document will be very likely to affect  a certain number of voters, amongst mining  men especially. No doubt Mr. Coy feels hurt  about the way in which he has been treated,  and has taken steps to obtain justice for himself, and, at the same time, to get back at the  man whom, he alleges, has done Mm the injury-  1   i-.,  ���������A ill        '    '��������� ���������    if- ���������>-" -Ii (������*���������  1^JTTT= 11?8  Ifc  ������1  -���������A  it  it!  ���������ii  ;f  ii  ill  ��������� if  It  I  1  ft'  I  I  I!  w  I  Pi  ,^1 1  ifo*  $  has  III  m  i  &l  If  H^ -si  Iff  1  1  1  THE  MINEE:   NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATUEDAY, 1T0VEMBEE 12,  1892.  T-HIIEi   JNT^^TTTI^^^IL   STTIFIPIIL.^  POIITT  The above townsite has two never failing  streams of pure mountain water running  through it, affording sufficient  water power  FOR   CONCENTRATING   WORKS  and city purposes.  Is beautifully located near the centre of the  Principal Mines.  s������  IS NEARLY   COMPLETED,  And will be Ready to receive guests by the  20th of this month.  Joining the  Only 350 feet from the Famous  And only 1200 feet from the  BUSINESS and RESIDENCE  LOTS  ARE NOW ON THE MARKET  AT    PRICES  RANGING   FROM   SfOO   TO   $200.  Terms���������One-third cash, one-third 6 months,  and the balance 1 year, after which prices will  be greatly advanced.  For further particulars enquire of   A������  HOTEL, FREDERICTON.  !LLY, General Agent, found at the office of F. M. McLBOD, NELSON, or GRAND VIEW  THE   KASLO    WAGOSI   ROAD.  The committee appointed to look after this  road seems to have, from the start, had an idea  that they were going to get a road such as  would cost $1,400 or $1,600 a mile, paying therefor the sum of $1,100. And they are now beginning to find out their mistake. If any serious trouble results from  the present difficulty,  the-committee has itself only, to blame.    The  whole thing seems to have been muddled.    The  specifications were loosely drawn up, and, most  fatal error of all, the contract was let  before an  engineer   had   been   over ' the   ground.     As  a  natural  result, the engineer in  charge has refused 10 take off the   contractor's  hands   the  second   section of the road.    Messrs.  Lane &  Marks claim that the second  payment is now  due; the engineer, or the  committee, or  both,  assert that the work is by no  means  complete ;  that it is unsatisfactory, and that it is not what  the  contract calls for.    The contention  of the  committee is  most likely just enough ; be that  as it amy, however, the fact  remains that were  the contractors never so conscientious the road,  when   completed,   could   never    be    used   for  freight ing ore by wagons, unless a considerable  sum were first spent on  it for improvements.  Where   a  cutting is  made,   for instance,   the  banks  are  not  sloped, and, of course, the first  ���������rain that comes along will sweep them  into the  ioad, and, no  doubt, in  some  cases, will so undermine the banks that a small landslide will  result, and will carry away portions of the road  down the hill.    This  is,   however,   we  believe,  not a fault of the contractor, as it is not specified in the contract that the   banks  of cuttings  shall be left in any condition other than perpendicular.    It is always an  unwise thing to put  the  cart  before the horse, and the road committee must, by this time, realize the  mistake  they made in not employing an engineer before  calling for tenders for the road.    The long and  short of it is that instead of possessing a wagon  road that could truly be called a wagon  road,  Kaslo will own a means of reaching the  Slocan  country which can be  made  use  of  by sleighs  for  transporting ore,  and   which  will form  a  good .foundation   on   which   the   Government  may, in the spring, build a thoroughly efficient  and solid road.  NOTES   FKOM   GOIMX.  Messrs. Wells <fc Pollock, of the Vermont  Greek mine, have shipped 20 tons of galena to  the Tacoma smelter, which is expected to run  well over 100 oz. silver.  This shipment was taken out while running  the 40-foot tunnel on one of the upper veins.  The tunnel on the adjoining vein is in 20 feet,  and between 5 and 10 tons of ore are on the  dump, assays upon which have run as high as  217 oz. silver.  The work upon these two veins has greatly  encouraged owners, who talk of taking put 100  tons for shipment next summer. At present  heavy packing charges are against the profitable  handling of any but exceptionally high grade  ores in the McMurdo district, and until the Government or private enterprise undertakes the  construction of a road into this district, very  few present holders of ground can, afford to  market their ores.  On November 3rd a meeting of miners was  held at Golden to consider the present mining  law and what changes it would be advisable to  have made in it.  The meeting appeared very. we[l satisfied with  the 1,500 feet square claims, but dissatisfied  with present mode of staking. After "some discussion the meeting appointed Mr. S. S. Fowler  to draw up a petition to the Hon. the Minister  of Mines, which petition has been signed by all  the accessible miners in East Kootenay:  Petition :���������We the undersigned free miners  in East Kootenav, respectfully petition you and  ask that you use your valuable influence prior  to and during the approaching sitting of the  Provincial Parliament, to the end that the provisions of the existing mining statutes, so far as  they prescribe that quartz claims shall be 1,500  feet square and bounded by vertical planes, shall  remain as they now are, as best promoting the  legitimate interests of mining prospectors and  capitalists.  We further ask that such changes in the  mining statutes be made as will tend to simplify  and perfect the method Of staking now prescribed. For this purpose, we beg to suggest  the adoption of some such plan as is set forth  in the following example:  The prospector having discovered a lode,  places two posts, 1 and 2, on the outcrop 1,500  feet apart, thus denoting at once the direction  and length of claim. . Supposing the lode to dip  to the east, the following notice is posted on  No. 1 post: "I...'.. claim 1,500 feet on this lode,  running north to No. 2 stake. I claim 200 feet  (for example) to the left (west) of stake line and  1,300 feet to the right (east) of stake line.  And your petitioners will ever pray.  Late of Swansea.  ASSAT     OZFIFIOE.  Mining properties reported on.  Mines bonded and developed.  OFFBCES:   Room 4, Spencer's Arcade, Government  street, Victoria. Opposite Hotel Phair, Nelson.  J. LAINSOF WILLS, M.E., FCS.  Member of the Institution,.of Mining: and Metallurgy, Eng., and of the  American Institute of Mining Engineers, &c.  , .' (206 Alfoeri; St., Ottawa.)  Eeports on Mines and Mineral Properties.  uds  : DEALERS  IN   LlOUOi  AMD  Highest Cash Prices Paid for Furs.  BAKER STREET,  NELSON, B. C.  ^^nsriD  ALL KINDS OF GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS AND  MINERS', SUPPLIES KEPT IN STOCK.  JAMS   AND   JELLIES   A  SPECIALTY  Large stock just arrived.  ALDOUS   BEOTHEBS,   PEOS.  Uu7/it& Dover,  JEWELERS  AND   WATCHMAKERS.  NELSON, B.C.     .  Plasterer,  Bricklayer and  Stone-Mason  Contracts  taken  for work  at all   points   in  West Kootenay.  liZC-A-ZEST     LEAN"  Plasterer and Bricklayer  Will contract for all kinds of work.   Materials furnished  and estimates given for work in any town in  Kootenay Lake Country.  MME   FOR   SAJLE  At Nelson and Pilot Bay or delivered at any point on  the lake in any quantity;   Address P.O. box i7, Nelson.  muiiLyimg������������������ii*������������������������������������'M''������'  aB������itwmmaemtwsffiimBMa^^  r! B  ���������I  ������e  i,  THE MINEK: KELSON,  B.  0.,   SATUEDAY,  NOVEMBEB 12,  1892.  i  KTNING   NOTES.  The Toad Mountain mining company will put  two shifts to work on the Goldenda'le within  two weeks.  The great Western will also be worked all  winter, and it- is probable that in January a  much larger force will be put on.  The owners of the Washington have packed  in several tons of supplies, and intend to work  25 men on their property all winter.  Messrs Jowett and Chad bourne have had to  abandon all idea of doing any development  work on the Reid and Robinson group of claims  until next spring.  Silver remains at 85^. The composition of the  International Conference is monometallist.  There is no chance of its deliberations having  more, than an educative effect.  T. C. Collins has just returnedfrom a trip into  the Slocan country, where tie located a claim  called the Southern Beauty, on a showing he  discovered while prospecting there this summer.  We did not allow Mr. Fletcher to be long in  Nelson without interviewing him on the subject  of the rumour to which his letters gave rise  concerning the Silver King sale. He said there  was no doubt among the knowing ones at the  coast that the deal had gone through all right.  Most satisfactory cables had been received by  correspondents of Mr. Croasedaile, and the en- .  quiry for Nelson property wTas beginning  to revive.  The press is full of West Kootenay just now ;  the Coast papers are having a sweet little  wrangle over the Nakusp wagon road. The  British Columbia public will argue over the expenditure of government money with great  zest, but the Americans get in and make their  own money talk, and their press is full of  the actual progress and achievement in this  . country. If people ^U the Coast: could only  realize how their attitude of patronage to this  "promising young country" is looked on here,  they would either get out and do something or  else for ever hold their peace about it.  From our Kaslo  Notes   it will  be seen  that  there are 17 mines  going to be  worked  in the  SlOcan district all winter.    Suppose those mines  employ 6 men each, on an average, this means  102 men at work, and a payroll behind Kaslo of  over $10,000 a  month. "This estimate  is,  from  the nature of things, rough, but it   is certainly  not   overstated.     Several    deductions  may  be  made from it whicn will help to bring the wealth  of   the  Slocan   before  outsiders.    Suppose  the  camp remains stationary for six months, or 150  working days.and that each man is responsible  for ha.lf a ton of ore averaging nett profit of $100  per * ton,   that    represents   7650  tons   of   ore;  say that shipping expenses and nett profit come  come   together  to  $175,   the   result   would   be  $1,338,850 for the  six   months'  work,   of  which  $765,000 would represent the profit to the mine-  owners.  Or take another way of looking at it.    Let us  say 17 mines include all the  good  properties  in  the Slocan.    If, while doing development work  and employing six men each on an average, they  are capable of producing $1,300,000 in 6 months  what will be their output when fully opened up   :  and employing from 20 to60 or 100 men apiece?  .  Having worked out this little sum in proportion,   ;  let the outsider consider what part of the avail-  ;  able wealth of Slocan is represented by 17 claims,  and then let him figure the whole thing out on   .  the same basis, and he will have some  conception of the future which every inhabitant sees  sticking out big before this country.  The following is a table of heights and distances, compiled from notes of Messrs. Perry &  Davys, during their work in the Slocan this  summer:  DISTANCES.  miles  Kaslo to Bear Lake 19f  Bear Lake to Forks (Carpenter's)  4������  Forks to Denver  5  Total Kaslo to Denver 29J  HEIGHTS.  Kootenay Lake 1,750 feet above the sea  Bear Lake 3,545   ."       "       "    "  Three Forks .......2,620   "        "        "    "  New Denver 1,865   "       "       ���������'    ';  Cody Creek terminus of wagon road : Distance "from Kaslo, 29f miles ; height above the  sea, 3,945 feet.  a  a  General   Founders,   Engineers,   Boiler   Makers,   and   Manufacturers   of   All  Classes of Machinery;     Sawmill and Marine Work a Specialty.  SOfcE   MANUFACTURERS   OF   THE  Kendall Band Mill, B. 0. Shingle Machines, Steam  Log Hauling Machines.  We keep in stock a full supply of Engineer and Mill Supplies, such as Pipe and Fittings, Brass Goods, Sheet and other  Packing Rubber Valves, Rubber and Leather Belting, Oils, and Lubricants, etc.  HOISTING ENGINES AND SINKING PUMPS FOR MINES.  Corner Alexander Street and Westminster Ave., VAJ^COTJTEK, B. 0.  J, W. 0AMPI0E", J. E. W. IV1ACFARLANE,  Manager  Agent West Kootenay.  Secretary-Treasurer.  The Canadian Mining Review has an article  on West Kootenay from the pen of Mr. Lainson  Wills, in which there is a praiseworthy absence  of mineralogical humbug. It is not the great  discovery of " nodules of tetrahedrite" in what  Mr. Walter Davidson pronounced at first to be  " very ordinary galena" or the knotty question  of intrusive masses of porphyritic granite or the  vexed question of whether a certain substance  is gray copper, or antimonial silver, or the presence of sporadic endemic or epidemic plumbaginous slate, which are difficulties in the way of  this country, hut questions of communication,  smelting and markets, and to those Mr. Wills  addresses himself. He is Jed to the conclusion  that gold properties form, a better investment  in this country than silver lead ones. In that  we agree with* Mr. Wills. A gold property, is  all right when you get it, but you have to get it  first.  Corner West Vernon and Stanley Streets, NELSON, B. C.  Telephone 43.  PIEST-0LASS   IN   EVEKY   EESPEOT.  The International has a comfortably furnished parlor for  ladies, and the rooms are large, and.furnished  newly throughout.  by any hotel in the Kootenay Lake country.  A share of transient trade solicited.  THE SAMPLE-ROOM IS STOCKED WITH CHOICE CIGARS  AND THE FINEST BRANDS OF LIQUORS.  PROPRIETORS  Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 6:30 a. m., daily,  Sunday excepted) calling at Ainsworth, Pilot  Bay and Balfour.  RETURNING  Leaves Nelson at 1 p. rn., calling at way ports.  AINSWORTH, It. C.  PACK AND SADDLE HORSES  on tracts taken for hauling supplies, machinery, ore, etc.,  to and from mines in Hot Springs district.  ALL  TEAMING   WORK   UNDERTAKEN.  Telephone 96.  R. C. Campbell-Johnston  (of Swansea, India, and the United States.)  METALLURGIST,   ASSAYERr  AND   MINING   ENGINEER.  Properties reported on. All assajrs undertaken. Furnaces and concentrating plants planned and erected.  Treatment for ores given. Ores bought and sold. Box  731, Vancouver, B. C.   Terms cash.  &  ASSAYEE and CHEMIST,  AINSWORTH, B. C.  Is prepared to assay all kinds of ore.   Copper assay by electrolysis.   All orders will receive prompt attention.  Next door to Ainsworth hotel.  J.  A.  KIRK  J.  F. RITCHIE  KIEK & RITCHIE,  Dominion    and    Provincial    Land  Surveyors.  Office  over  Bank    of   British   Columbia,   Nelson,   B.C.  East Raker Street, Nelson,  Is one of the best hotels in Toad Mountain district,  and is the headquarters for prospectors and  working miners.  The Table is not Surpassed by that of any Hotel  in the Kootenay Lake country.  At the Bar is Dispensed Pine Liquors and Cigars,  and the bed-rooms are newly furnished.  MA&ONE   ������&  TREGIIJLUS , PlfcOPKIETOKS  fass^^ 3*  4m  ���������tml-  ��������� s fee'  \W'  " "3p?-"  :������f ���������  w  ������������������i?|i;  ������  "til  m  '������������������'iffl'-  ���������>;my  tfP  'w'fil:'"'  IIS"  1'  I'  I  1:  i  s.,  4  THE  MINEE:  NELSON,  B.  0.,   SATUEDAY,  NOVEMBER 12,   1892.  The Miner is printed on Saturdays, and will be  mailed to subscribers at the following cash-in-advance  rates: Three months $1.50, six months $2.50, one year $4.  Contract Advertisements will be inserted at the  rate of $3 an inch (down the column) per month. A  special rate for advertisements of over 2 inches.  Transient Advertisements will be inserted for  15 cents a line for the first insertion and 7 cents a line  for each additional insertion. Twelve lines of 9, words  each make an inch. All advertisements printed for  a less period than 3 months considered transient and  must be paid for in advance. Advertisements of less  than 12 lines will be counted as 12 lines.  Birth Notices free if weight of child is given; if  weight is not given $1 will be charged. Marriage  announcements will be charged from $1 to $10���������according to the social standing of the bridegroom.  ETTE RS TO THE EDITOR WILL ONLY APPEAR OVER THE  writer's name. Communications with such signatures  as "Old Subscriber," "Veritas," "Citizen," etc., etc.,  will not be printed on any consideration.  Job Printing in good style at fair rates. Cards,  envelopes, arid letter, note, arid account papers kept  in stock. '  The following agents have been appointed and  are authorized to collect money, to receive advertisements and transact all business, in their respective localities, connected with The Miner and Hot Springs  News: Ainsworth, Bremner & Watson; Pilot Bay, C.  B. Howell; Kaslo, B. H. Lee &, Co; Carpenter Creek,  E. C. Carpenter. - :   ' \ ������.���������''���������  Address all Letters : The Miner, Nelson, B. C.  EDITORIAL   REMARKS.  The Victoria Times and the Colonist  are, as  usual,  at daggers drawn.   This  time the tight  is ahout that vexed question, the Nakusp wagon  road.    Living, as we do, right on the spot, and  being deeply affected,  as  we are, by the outcome of this matter, it cannot he expected that  we should know anything at all about the subject, but none the less we have a right  to an  opinion, and it seems to us that the Colonist is,  in the main, right in its contentions. The Times  utters a sweeping condemnation of the Government's action.    The   Colonist urges  that" the  applicants for the building of the Nakusp and  New Denver roads are not the only persons who  are mining in   that region^   There  are  others  who want roads quite as much as they do, and  have quite as  strong   claims  on   the   men   in  power.    If the government gives to one set of  set of men, we cannot see how it can refuse to  give   to  other sets.    Besides  it  is  not known  whether the road, if built, would be of much use  after it is made.    If the mines are as productive  and as rich as they promise to be,   they cannot  be developed without a railroad."   The Times,  in reply, argues that the government could very  easily spend  the amount of money wanted to  put this road through, and looks upon its having  called for tenders as a practical promise to do so.  This was certainly the inference drawn by people in this district,   but looking at the matter  now that the general feeling of indignation has  to some extent calmed down,  we  can  see the  worldly, wiley, wisdom of the government in  finding out the amount which it would be called  upon   to   pay    before    making    any    definite  promises.    In a recent issue of the Vancouver Telegram  appears a most pertinent letter over the signature of Mr. J. Burns, pointing out that the  meeting of the Vancouver Board of Trade, and  the action it took, was altogether brought about  by private individuals, with a view to bluffing  the government into taking steps, not to do  that which would most benefit West Kootenay,  but that which would put most money into the  pockets of the wirepullers. We should like to  give the letter at length, but the space at command will only allow of very short extracts.  Mr. Burns considers "that the people of Kootenay in the past have been treated by the Government of the Dominion in a most shameful  manner. The cruel delays which from year to  year have takeu place in granting the requests  ������>f the people of Kootenay to be allowed to build  railways for themselves (such, for instance, as  the Nelson and Fort Sheppard railway) is an  outrage upon the liberties of the British subject.  He further points out the inconsistency of the  Board of Trade in first helping to secure $300-  000 to bring the Northern Pacific into Vancouver, and raising a howl because we are doing  our utmost to secure cheaper freight rates and  better shipping facilities. The final paragraphs  of Mr. Burns' letter sum up the whole thing as  fairly as can be. ... ,,,,^,, ���������������������������..���������  ._���������'���������'���������  "Let the mines  of Kootenay  be developed,  and if the ores be worth anything  they won't  be transported  at all,  but  will  be  smelted at  home, because it will pay better.    And as to the  trade of West Kootenay���������that is, the trade in  supplies and goods of all kinds���������there is not the  remotest   danger of   it being diverted  to  the  south.    The tariff forces our retail merchants to  buy in Canada���������and they  will   buy  in Canada  hecause the tariff makes it dearer for them to  buy in the States."  Speaking of railroads reminds us that the  Kamloops Sentinel seems to have been wasting  a lot Of unneccessary sympathy on Nelson for  "being confronted with the loss of the trade  and minerals of Toad Mountain." It appears  that the Sentinel is under the impression that  the terminus of the Nelson & Fort Sheppard  railway is on the top of Toad Mountain, whereas everybody, who knows knows anything at  all, is fully aware that the depot of this railway  is to be right in our midst. It is most certainly  not true that we shall "lose both the ore and  the business." __________  The information, which induced the Sentinel  to publish such nonsense as this, was most  frightfully inaccurate.  C&EVELAN������,  GOES   TO    TIBE   WMMTSB   HOUSE.  The elections have resulted in the overwhelming defeat of the Republicans. McKinleyisrn is  dead and can never be revived unless free trade  turns out to be a ghastly failure. This is the  biggest victory for free trade since the Corn  Laws were repealed in Great Britain, and the  wail of American protectionists is exactly  similar to the wail of British protectionists  then. And yet it is a historical fact that after-  free trade was established, Great Britain set off  on a course of high wages and prosperity unequalled before or since. Free trade may or  may not have been the cause, but if the same  thing happens in America, the presumptive evidence that it was, will be strengthened. It will  be a year before the Democratic policy can become law.  C. E. Perry, M. S. Davys,  Mem. Inst. C.E., P.L.S.        M.E.  J."H. Gray,  C.E., P.L.S.  PERRY, GfRAY & DAVYS  ENGINEERS,  provincial land surveyors,  notary public, conveyancing.  To Insurance Agents.  A responsible and careful Life Assurance Agent in Nelson and surrounding districts, to represent one of the  largest and most progressive Canadian Life Companies,  issuing all the modern plans of assurance. In applying,  state experience etc. and address  RESIDENT   MANAGER, Box 374, Vancouver, B.C.  ,_L'J������3LJ__i'  Will be Rimning aoout August 1st  at Kaslo  and will be the largest and best equipped Sawmill in 4  Kootenay. Large stocks of lumber now on hand at Kaslo, |  at the old mill site and. at Nelson.  A carload of Sash and Doors for sale.  ������.  O.  BUCHANAN."  P.O. address, Nelson or Kaslo.  S   SPACE   NEXT  WEE  TIME  CARD   FOR   TRAVELERS.  The Columbia & Kootenay  Steam Navigation Co. Ld.  Operating the fast and elegant steamers  COLUMBIA, NELSON, LYTTON & KOOTENAI  REVELSTOKE    ROUTE: ^  One of the above steamers will leave REVELSTOKE  for Nakusp and Robson at 4 a.m. on MONDAYS and  THURSDAYS, arriving at Robson at 6 p.m., where connection is made with the C. & K. Railway for Nelson and  all Kootenay Lake points. RETURNING, leaves ROBSON for Nakusp and Revelstoke at 9 p.m. on TUESDAYS  and FRIDAYS, arriving at Revelstoke at 3 p.m. on  Wednesdays and Saturdays, where connection is made  with the C. P. R. for all points.  MTTJLE   DALLES   ROUTE:  The same steamer will leave ROBSON for Trail Creek  and Little Dalles at 5 a.m. on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS,  arriving at Little Dalles at 9 a.m., where close connection  is made with the S. F. & N. Railway for Spokane. RETURNING, leaves LITTLE DALLES same day, on arrival of S. F. & N. Railway Company's train at 12:30 p.m.,  for Trail Creek and Robson, arriving at Robson at 6:20  p.m., where close connection is made with the C. & K.  Railway for Nelson and lake points; and continues on to  Revelstoke as per above schedule.  K.OOTENAY LAKE ANI������   ISOMER'S  FERRY   ROUTE:  STEAMER NELSON leaves NELSON for Pilot  Bay, Ainsworth, and Kaslo at 8 a.m. on TUESDAYS and  FRIDAYS, returning via these ports same day; leaves  Nelson for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, Kaslo, and BONNER'S  FERRY at 3 a.m. on SUNDAYS and WEDNESDAYS.  RETURNING, leaves BONNER'S FERRY for Pilot Bay,  Ainsworth and Nelson at 3 a.m. on MONDAYS and  THURSDAYS.  Regular Passenger Service has been inaugurated on the  Great Northern Railway, and in order to make close connection \yith trains the above card has been adopted. Passengers for all Kootenay points leave Spokane at 7:30 p.m.  on Sundays and Wednesdays.  BBSBMiatWilHMMMita^^  &������saM������������M������������^ TEE MINER: NELSON, B. 0., SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1892.  . ���������* i  *&&&  ������M  *  P__?  he Natural Gentre and Distributing Depot of the  I  /Everybody knows Watson's Stopping  Place at Bear Lake, where Prospectors and Miners have made their headquarters since the beginning of the  Slocan Excitement.  >&  This beautifully situated pre-emption has now been platted and surveyed by J. A. Kirk, Esq., P.L.S. The  Kaslo wagon road forming one of the  Principal Streets.  er  As a number of Lots  re now o  ? sale at)  een cusposei  Apply Early and avail yourselves of the present Low Prices  FOR   FURTHER   PARTICULARS   -A.  to  i'ii ���������\:m  ��������� tm  'S' >:i?*.'  '���������Fit  Iff  ;. If pv -  ill-  Ill.  '���������-{few  VMS.  ������������������A  #  :i/$f':  ���������������a&4".  it  w  m  KIT  P.  m  IS -'  IS:.  o  rTEE  MINES: NELSON,  B.  0.,   SATURDAY,   NOVEMEEB  12,  1892.  ULAIDsTID     ZD^EUP-A-IR,  EjISTT  This Company now Offers for Sale a  es on ������;asy Terms  er of  uoice  Given for Good Build  FOE PARTICULARS APPLY  ss or iteside  ungs on  LETCHER,  LAM). COMMISSIONER, JFELSOF, B. 0.  i  WiL;  PROPRIETOR.  M A   Y  AND  GRAIN FOR SALE,  Omnibus and carriages to and from all trains and steamboat wharves. Saddle and pack animals for hire. Freight  hauled and all kinds of job teaming attended to.  Stable on Baker Street,   Office with Wilson & Perdue.  (Of Swansea and Wigan.)  Analytical Chemists and As?  bo  ayers,  Mr.  P.   O.   STOESS, Nelson, will receive samples from  Kootenay Lake District.  Nelson -Music   Emporium.  Dealers in Pianos, Organs, Sewing Machines (Improved  Singer) Staple and Fancy Stationery, Books, School  Supplies, all kinds of Musical Merchandise.  Csiia    aawl    see    us    in   our   lacw   standi   MOUSTOK'  ISIiO'CK,   Biilces*.  Street.  !  "Prevention is better than cure."   Every business man  should have a copy of "The Customs Tariff."  HPC   ������   i*3! 1 J INv IfL W C J l_J ft ���������3B B o%@ 5***  i! Vi   a   a   a 'oe^' Ha fesaH       H  l Msb^ bss^ %g?i a 3 >a ^fh  (A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.)  CIVIL EffGINEEfi AND AE0HITE0T,  YietoE'ia St., Next Boor to Motel -Pliair, Nelson, B. C  O.  Assoc. M. Inst. C. E., M. Can. Soc. C. E.  PROVINCIAL -:- LAND -:- SURVEYOR,  BALPOUR,   IB.    O.  Telephone Connection.  KOOTENAY  LODGE,  No. 16,  I. 0. 0. F.  Meets every Monday night at 8 o'clock in Hume's Hall,  Vernon St.   Visiting members cordially invited to attend  G. W. Aldous, N. G., Wm. Hodson, Recording Secretary.  FOR   SALE. "  Tenders are invited for the purchase of the following  two lots of property: (a) An undivided one-tenth of lot  96, group 1, Kootenay district, British Columbia, (except  lots 31 and 32, block 2; lot 5, block 3; lot 35, block 4, and  lots 27 and 28, block 9, and acre lots in blocks 16 to 25, both  inclusive.) (b) Another undivided one-tenth of the said  lot 96, except as aforesaid. Tenders for each lot of property must be sent before the 13th day of November, 1892,  to the undersigned, from whom further particulars may  be obtained. The highest, or any tender, will not necessarily be accepted.  Dated, October 13th, 1892.    CHARLES E. POOEEY,  47 Langley St., Victoria, vendor's solicitor.  MIMING ���������.'WISWS   Off- THE.'- WOSfcLD,.  Mr. R. S. Sherman, who has returned from  surveying timber limits near Harrison Lake,  reports that Mr. Tallyard, the -mining "ngineer  of the Anglo-American Company, has discovered  some wonderful hue gold bearing - .quartz veins  at the head of Harrison Lake, and is confident  that that part of the Province will turn out a  ' valuable aiining region, as platinum and mag  neric iron ore have also been found there. The  company is preparing to begin development  work at once, and as they" have abundant  capital, the enterprise will be of great benefit  to that part of the district.  The days of rich pockets and nuggets  are by  no means over in  California.    For .instance; a  few days ago they got $10,OCX) out of a pocket in  the Staw mine,,Forbestown, Butte county, and  thei mine s-inee made a cleanup of $20,000. Henry  Miller, of Magalia, in the same  county^ found a  pocket in his claim, from which;he took out in a  few   minutes  $580.    Ed. .Gilbert found in   his  drift mine, near Butcher  ranch, Placer connty,  a nugget worth $2,300.    It was about ten inches  the long way,  from   three  to  seven   inches in  width, and from an inch to an inch  and a   half  in thickness.    Louis Page and  partners at Bald  Mountain, Tuolumne  county,   after   working a  tunnel for 19 months, have  struck several very  rich pockets  where  they have  found  nuggets  worth $40, $80 and $140, and lots more in sight.  The   northern  counties  are only   partly prospected, and even in older mining  regions theie  is room for discovery.  The past week has been a surprising one in  the Cripple Creek gold camp and at least one  big discovery has been made. The camp is all  excitement over the wonderful strike made in  the Eclipse mine. The Eclipse is located in  Requa Gulch and has been a regular shipper for  two months past. The returns from the shipments have averaged over $100 a ton. At a  depth of 95 feet, a vein of white talc (chrystal-  ized quartz) was encountered, the vein being  apparently about four feet in width. The ore  is full of rusty gold, some of it being irft large  cubes which even old miners pronounce the  most wonderful display of free gold that they  have ever seen. One of the biggest strikes in  the history of Creed camp was made in the  Holy Moses, the original mine of Creed. It is a  four-foot vein of good ore, with an 18-inch,  streak running $1,000 to the ton. The Moses  will at once become one of the big shippers of  the camp. The Mollie Gibson mine at Aspen is  displayingdier marvellous capacity again this  month and is marketing some of the richest ore  ever taken from a silver mine in the world. It  is as possible for the mine to produce $500,000  per mouth as $100,000. The owners, however, seem satisfied to pay a regular monthly  dividend of $150,000.  **&*  Hot  and  cold water;  electric bells; billiard and club  rooms; baths.   All appointments first-class.  E. E. PHAIR, proprietor.  Mil  (Notary Public.)  CP.      Q71H   .     KgQj  itctt6  ������"D  '������Lli  FTTD  JULJLJ  ?  Auctioneer and Commission Agent,  REPRESENTING  The Confederation Life Association, the Phoenix Fire  Insurance Company, and the Provident Fund Accident  Society; also the Sandy Croft Foundry Company, near  Chester, England, makers' of all kinds of mining machinery, air compressors, rock breakers, stamps, etc.  No.   1,   JOSEPHINE  STREET,   NELSON,  B. 0."  Lots for Sale in, v  S3K   .H  Adjoining the government townsite of Nelson  AT $125  AND UPWAEDS  With a rebate for buildings erected.   The best residential   J  property in Nelson, values sure to increase.   Apply  VvT.  A.  Jo welt,  agent  for Nelson and district,  or-limes & Richards, Vancouver, B.C.  -    W.  A. JOWETT,  Mining & Eeal Estate Brokers, Auctioneers & Commission Agents.  JOSEPHINE STREETS,  NELSON, B.C.  "RE-r  ,r^  I 53  i  jJA. jlJ JL <U  Baker street, Nelson, B. C  HAS ON DISPLAY A FULL RANGE  OF  Plain and Fancy Worsted Suitings and Scotch and  Irish Tweeds and Serges.  .   Spring goods now on hand.  PRICES TO SUIT TZETIH! TXlVC^iS  -���������.   0  ft ai}^1  r  Jas. McDonald & Go.  Nelson a-iwl Kevclsiolse,  carry full lines of all kinds of furniture for residence-.  hotels, and offices.   Mattresses made to order, and  at prices lower than eastern and coast.  They are also agents for  Evans Pianos and Doherty Organs,  NELSON   STORE:  No. 4 MoiEstoii *& Iitili. fiSuiltfliitg;, efoseplaliae Street.  Physi  ncian, Siu'geon, and Accoucheur,  Telephone 45. Office:   Stanley and Victoria Street- 'fe$ vx  ������������������ww������������l  THE  MINEE:  NELSON,  B.  0.,   SATUEDAY,  tfOVEMBEB  12,  1892.  KASLO.   NOTES.  E. E. Coy has gone out to Tacoma.  Mrs. Giles died on Monday last.  Mr. Garrison L   . brought iu about 30 horses.  It is understood that Perry, Gray & Davys,  of Nelson, mean to open an office here.  John F. Piggott means, to have a stage running between Kaslo and Bear Lake within a  week or two.   .  The owners of the Ainsworth have decided to  lower the wheel and to narrow the buckets by  18 inches, with a view to increasing the number  of revolutions and giving more life to the  engines.        <  George   Hughes   has   contracted   with   Jim.  Wardner to bring down from  the  Freddie  Lee  '  some unknown   quantity  (not less   than   1,000  tons) of ore.    He proposes to do so by  means of  sleighs, drawn by a single mule.       ,  The Blue Bird, Washington, Freddie Lee,  Dardanelles, Dublin Maid, Wellington, Best,  Noble Five and Idaho mines will ship ore this  winter, whilst the Great Western, Porcupine,  Lucky .'Jim, Whitewater, Reko, Slocan Star,  Payne and Montezuma will be worked during  the winter months.  It is more than probable that Watson will,  before long, have a postoffice. A petition was  circulated and freely signed in thatl|town, and  duly forwarded to Mr. Mara, M. P. A reply  has been received from him- to the effect that  he has forwarded the petition to the Postmaster  General, with a recommendation that the request therein be granted.  Kaslo, at present,   has  a pressing need of a  suitable wharf and a lock-up.    The  amount of  freight   landed  and the numbers  of steamers  making   stoppages   here,   render the former a  necessity, while the latter is to be wished for as  much by ihe police and  the public at  large as  by the few sportive spirits  who have  "looked  upon the winei.wb en it was red, "and are suffering  from alcoholic spasms.    As matters  at, present-  stand, the man who has sold a claim, who has a  wad, and who goes On a toot, is left lying around  the streets, with his  money  at  the  disposal of  the first unscrupulous  gentlettmi^who . (metaphorically) falls acrpss him.    It is an  unfortunate fact that gentlemen in the condition referred  to  above, do  not  always know what is best for  them, and are liable.to resent  being  locked up,  and, when confined in a building not more burglar proof than the Kaslo fire-hall,   their efforts  to escape must often proyasuccessf ul.  Vernon Street, near Josephine, opposite wharf,  NELSON. B. C.  A������i  PROPRIETOR.  THE HOTEL OVERLOOKS THE KOOTENAY  its guests thus obtaining splendid views  of both mountain and river.  THE   ROOMS  THE  T  LE  are comfortable in size and       is acknowledged   the best  newly furnished. in the mountains.  NEW BED-ROOMS.  BAR JUST ADDED.  'JL'-EjL H i      ft-~S A   hV,  is stocked with all brands of liquors and cigars.  of San Francisco.  ASSAYERS, JOSEPHINE STREET  Are prepared to assay all kinds of ore.   Mines examined  and reported on.   Orders will receive prompt attention.  ^/^J^^:^���������^^'^^���������"!^^^7^I���������^^?���������^^^^^^^. ���������:���������&. ���������"���������: ^ ?t'.?;,'^:lv-V:'.|t"j:.pr?=^.^ ��������� ttfi ..rr*.^"'1.:1''������������������'.,���������*',"~  i  MERCHANT MILLERS, M0QS0MN, Assa.  ii  BRANDS:  Hungarian ^)ateIlt,,,  ^Strong Bakers,"  " Straight Bakers."  Dealers in all kinds of  Chopped Peed, Oats,  Bran, Shorts,  Chicken Peed, Etc.  Prices given Sacked or in Bulk.    The finest quality of OATMEAL and GORNMEAL can be  obtained in any sized sacks.    Quotations cheerfully furnished oh application.  SPECIAL   ATTENTION   GIVEN   TO   THE   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  TRADE.  OFFICES:  Moosomin, l&W.T.', and 25 Park Street, Ottawa, Ont.  M. MACDONALD, Agent for N.W.T. and Kootenay District, B.C.  PostfoHice Store,  Nelson,  K. C.  AND CENTS' PUEIHSHINQ GOODS.  ALSO,  FULL LINES OF  Toilet Articles and Stationery.  The boy stood on the burning deck,  When all but,he had fell:;  He sold his peanuts by the peck  And hurrahed for the Dardanell.  . ���������   *  And it all happened a long- time ago,  In the beautiful bay at the City of Kaslo.  If you wish to sleep well, and be free.from all noise,  Go to the Dardanell, kept by the Coys  At Kaslo.  This Space Eeserved for  W. 0. PHILLIPS.  (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1862.)  CAPITAL (paid up), ������600,000   .    $3,000,000.  (With power to increase.)  KESB3B&VE FttJNSV ������220,000     .    .        1,100,000*  zeiR^iisrojHciES =  Victoria, B. C, San Francisco, California,  Vancouver, B. C, Portland, Oregon,  NewWestminster,B.C,   Seattle, Washington,  Nanaimo, B. C, Tacoma, Washington.  Kainloops, B. C.  HEAD OFFICE: 60 Lombard street, LONDON, England.  AGENTS AND C0EEESP0NDENTS :  CANADA���������Bank of Montreal and branches;  Canadian Bank of Commerce and branches  Imperial Bank of Canada and branches;  Commercial Bank of Manitoba ; and  Bank of Nova Scotia.  UNITED STATES���������Agents Bank of Montreal, New YorK;  Bank of Montreal, Chicago.  SAYINGS DEPAETMENT.  Interest at the rate of 4 per cent per annum will be allowed  on all.time deposits at present.  CAPITAL' (all paid up), $12,000,000  Sir DONALD A; SMITH,.....  Hon.  GEO. A. DRUMMOND,..'.  E. S. CLOUSTON,..."'...........:.���������:.  6,000,000  ......... President  .���������';���������.. .Vice-President  ..... General Manager  Nelson Branch:   N. W. Cor.Baker and Stanley Sts.  Branches in London (England), New York and   Chicago  and in the principal cities in Canada;  .      Buy and sell sterling exchange and cable tranfers;  Grant commercial and travelers'credits, available in any  part of the world;  ^ Drafts issued; Collections made; Etc.  v <W  Rate of interest at present four per cent.  J. Hoover, President.  E. J. Dyer, Cashier,  THE  EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK  OF  SPOKANE,  STATE  OF  WASHINGTON.  Capital. $250,000  Surplus  $ 30.000  FOREIGN AND  DOMESTIC EXCHANGES  BOUGHT AND  SOLD.  ACCOUNTS  OF MINERS AND MERCHANTS  SOLICITED.  Cable Transfers Made.  P. O. box 69.  Telephone 24.  Edward Applewhaite & Co.  S. E. corner Baker and Josephine streets,  NELSON, B. C.  I       Jl Jl /K^/   JL  X   JL   A.   XJI  FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE AGENTS,  Loans negotiated on Nelson property.   Collections made.  Conveyancing documents drawn up.  Town  Lots  Lands  and   Mining Claims   Handled  on Commission.  %  ^T^:gf^i^������^>:.^ --V  7^\\vi?!^>7-^.r-iF^TT^fc-777^^TO.T?c7Jw|: *r*.. :i..wvm^m!m ft  THE  MINEE:  KELSON,  B.   0.,  SATUEDAY,   tfOVEMBEE  12,   1892.  WINTEK   COMMUNICATIONS.  It was on the 16th of November last year that  communication finally closed oh the Upper Columbia.    The chances are that the river may be  kept open much  later this  year.    During the  whole of October of 1891 the Lytton was carrying light loads, while up to the present time this  year the Columbia is making the trip with full  cargoes.    On   last Monday's  trip she   brought  150 tons at the lovvest estimate.    Some day soon  however, she will go down the Kootenay rapids  and will not come up them again, and then the  Upper   Columbia will  rest  in. peace   till   next  spring.    A steam scow has been  built in Revelstoke  this 'year which  may  be able to make a  few ���������more-trips, but there is no prospect of keeping  the  upper  river  open  all  winter, and the  steam scow may be very  happy  if the weather  permits her to ply between Nakusp and Robson  all winter. With regard to the Lower Columbia,  Captain  Troup thinks it can; be  kept open all  winter'If. there is   traffic  enough   to justify it.  That   there   will  be  traffic  enough   we   do;i't  doubt, but whether the boat can run all winter  we greatly doubt.    It is true the Lytton began  her trips this spring when  the   water   was two  feet lower than  when she left oil' last winter,  but even at  that,   the  water  was  considerably  above  low water  mark.    Just   so  long as   the  boat   continues   runn ing,   the   Columbia   and  Kootenay railway  wi 11  be  kept   in   operation,  and an attempt is being made to equip the Nelson by in eahs of .shea t h ing her w it h iron plates  to break any ice that may be in the outlet, and  so   keep   the  route  to  Kaslo  open.    A strong  effort should be made to get the railway company to keep their toad open all winter whether  the Lower Colum bia is  open   or  not.    The  advantages to the Lake country w:ould   be numerous.    It would cut off 28 miles of t he worst part  of the  trail   between ourselves  and   the outer  world.    It would also be of immense service in  keeping up  com municatiqnwitli  Slocan Lake  and New Denver'.    During the   winter  a; great  part of the traffic to and from Slocan Lake niust  go by the way of the Slocan River trail.    And a  ���������fourteen-mile    walk    over    snow-covered   and  slippery ties is a serious consideration.    To keep  their road open would cost but very little to the  company.    The  major part of their staff has to  be kept on and paid during the winter anyway,  and,the extra cost   of  running  say.v one train a  week wouid be more  than   counterbalanced by  the winter traffic.    We have no  hope  the company will do this ; by the time an idea, practical  and   profitable  though   it   be,    has  permeated  through the labyrinth  of the Pacific Coast department the  opportunity, for  putting  it into  practice has generally departed.  TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  Take Notice that I, Joseph Edward Boss, of the City of  Spokane, United States of America, (free miner's certificate No. 41642) being the lawful holder of the mineral claim  Young" Dominion, recorded by H. Howson, on the 10th  day of June, 1892, in the recorder's office, New Denver,  intend applying at the end of sixty days for a certificate of  improvements on the said claim for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant therefor. And further take notice  that adverse claims, if any, must be sent to the Gold Commissioner at Nelson, and action commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  J. E. BOSS.  Dated this 28th day of October, 1892.  NOTICE.  Slocan Boy Mineral Claim, Slogan District, West  Kootenay, B. C.  Take notice that we, E. J. M. Hale, free miner No. 40257;  Jno. W. Goss. free miner, No. 42784; S. K. Green, free  miner No. 40277; S.'J. Silverman, free miner No. 42490; intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Gold  Commissioner for a certificate of improvements for the  purpose of obtaining1 a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims must be sent  to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvements..  N. E. LINSLEY, Agent for the Above.  Dated this 30th day of October, A. D. 1892.  NOTICE.  Blue Bird Mineral Claim.  J. Thompson (Certificate 41879) and John A. Whittier (Certificate 41796) owners.  Sixty days after date we intend to apply for certificate  of improvement for the purpose of  obtaining a crown  grant. J. THOMPSON.  JOHN A. WHITTIER.  Slocan Mining District, September 10th, 1892.  An assayer's outfit and laboratory, complete in all its details with office fittings.   Price, $400.  Apply Miner office.  In  SHERIFF'S   SALE.  the County Court of Kootenay, holden at Nelson, between J. Fred Hume & Co. of Nelson, merchants,  Plaintiffs, and Charles Randall, miner, Defendant,  . Nelson, District of West Kootenay, to wit :���������  In obedience to a warrant of execution issued out of the  county court of Nelson on the 22nd day of October, 1892,  and to me directed in the above named suit for the sum of  $162.72, besides sheriff's fees, poundage, and all other expenses of this execution. I have seized and will sell at the  Court House, Nelson, on Saturday, the 12th day of November, 1892, at two o'clock in the afternoon, all the right,  title and interest of the said Charles Randall in a certain  mine, said mine being known as the Hidden Treasure, and  being situated on Toad Mountain, in the said District of  West Kootenay.   Terms Cash.  WILLIAM P. ROBINSON,  Deputy Sheriff, Nelson, B. C.  Dated at Nelson, in the District of Kootenay, this 4th  day of November, 1892. .  .*���������  NOTICE. ������������������  WASHINGTON   MINERAL   CLAIM,   IN   SLOCAN   MINING   SUB-  ,;--���������'.'.....'..    .-.:.-'   .DIVISION.    ���������  Takenotice that we, the undersigned, Tom Edgar Jefferson, free miner's certificate No. 41,870, Samuel Kinsley  Green, free miner's certificate No, 40,277, and William ���������  Lynch, free miner's certificate No. 39,754, intend, 60 days  from the date hereofi to apply to the gold commissioner  for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim. And, further,  take notice, that adverse claims must be sent to the gold  commissioner and action commenced before the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated, 18th of October, 1892. T, E. JEFFERSON,  ������������������.������������������-. S. K. GREEN,  Wm. LYNCH.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 60 days from date I intend to  apply for a crown grant to the mineral claim known as  the Minnie,,situate to the south of the Kootenay Bonanza  claim, Toad Mountain. Copies of the field notes and plat  can be seen at the government agent's office, Nelson.  August 29, 1892. JOHN McDONALD.  Notice is hereby given that W. J. Goepel has filed the  necessary papers and made application for a crown grant  in favor of the mineral claim Whitewater, situate in the  Toad Mountain mining division, We*t Kootenay district.  Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections  within 60 days of publication.        N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., October 3d, 1892. Gold Commissioner.  :     .,Y    - -''",-'    ,-���������;    ;������������������  NOTICE.   .     ���������     /.    ', '.- "  '", ������������������  SLOGAN STAR, SLOCAN KING, JENNIE, MINERAL CLAIMS.  Take notice that I, Byron N. White, free miner certificate No. 40226, intend 60 days from date hereof to apply to  the gold commissioner for a certificate of improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claims. And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the gold commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated, this 26th day of September, 1892.  ���������       ��������� ..    "    ��������� _ ~~  NOTICE^        ~~  Great Western Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, Thomas McGovera, owner, free  miner's certificate No. 41,782, intend 60 days from the date  hereof, to apply to the gold commissioner for a certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant of the above claim. And further take, notice that  adverse claims must be sent to the gold commisjiioner and  action commenced before the issuance of such "certificate  of improvements. THOMAS   McGOVERN.  Dated this 13th day of September, A. D. 1892.  CROWN   GRANT  APPLICATION.  To All Whom it May Concern :  Be it known that we, James Richey, (free miner's certificate 41,883) Matthew Guthrie, (free miner's certificate  42,677) Jno. Fitzgerald, (free miner's certificate 41,73S) and  John King, (free miner's certificate 40,954) being the lawful ' holders of the claims Antelope, recorded by James  Richey aforesaid, on the 15th day of June, 1892, in the office of A. Sproat, mining recorder, Slocan; and Dardanelles, recorded by Jno. Fitzgerald aforesaid, in the said  mining and recorder's office on the loth day of June, 1892,  intend applying for a certificate of improvements on the  said claims at the end of 60 days for the purpose of obtaining crown grants therefor.        J AS. RICHEY,  M. GUTHRIE,  NOTICE   OF   DISSOLUTION.  The partnership (unregistered) heretofore existing between Noel Sicotte and Louis Levesque, under the firm  name of Sicotte & Levesque, doing business at the Robson  hotel, has been this day dissolved by mutual consent. All  moneys due the above firm must be paid to Louis Levesque who assumes all liabilities and carries on the business under the old name. NOEL SICOTT,  LOUIS LEVESQUE.  Sept. 5th, 1892.  JNO.    FITZGERALD,  JNO.   KING.  GROWN   GRANT   APPLICATION.  To All Whom it May Concern:  Be it known that we, James Richey, (free miner's certificate 41,883) Matthew Guthrie, (free miner's certificate  42,677) Jno. Fitzgerald, (free miners certificate 41,73S) and  John King, (free miner's certificate 40,954) being the lawful holders of the mineral claim Okanagan, recorded by  Matthew Guthrie aforesaid, on the 2nd day of June, 1892,  in the oflice of A. Sproat, mining recorder, Slocan, intend  appplying for a crown grant of the same by purchase, as  provided in section 35 of the Mineral act, 1891, as amended  in 1892. J AS. RICHEY,  M. GUTHRIE,  JNO.    FITZGERALD,  September 5th, 1892. JNO. KING.  NOTICE.  Maid of Erin,  Payne,   Mountain  Chief,   and  Two  Jacks Mineral Claims.  S. S. Bailey owner (No. of License 39798.)  Sixty days after date I intend to apply for certificate of  improvement on the above-named mineral claims, vis..  Maid of Erin, Payne, Mountain Chief, and Two Jacks, for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant for each claim.  Dated this 5th day of September, 1892.  S. S. BAILEY.  SUMMONS.  In the supreme court of  British   Columbia,   between  John A. Mara, plaintiff, and Yee Tong, defendant.  Whereas, John A.  Mara of Kamloops, B.C., has commenced an action against Yee Tong of Nelson, B.C., in the  supreme court of British Columbia, by writ of that court  dated the 11th day of January,  1892,   which writ is. in-  ;  dorsed with a claim for $94.87 for debt and interest.  And   whereas, an order was made in this court on th&  31st day of August, 1892, for substituted service on the said .  Yee Tong by advertisement in The Miner newspaper for  3 successive weeks.  Notice is hereby given that the said defendant, Yee  Tong, is required to appear in this action within 8 days,  otherwise the action will proceed against him, and judgment may be given in his absence. The said defendant,  Yee Tong, may appear to the said writ by entering an appearance personally, or by his solicitor, at the office of the  district registrar of the supreme court at Kamloops, B. C.  FRED'K J. FULTON, of Kamloops, B. C, .  Solicitor for the plaintiff, John A. Mara.  Kamloops, B.C., 3rd September, 1S92.  CROWN   GRANT  APPLICATIONS.  Notice is hereby given that M. S. Davys, as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited, has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the "Golden  King," situate in the Nelson mining division of West,  Kootenay district. Adverse-claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 days from date of publication. ������������������.. o        N. FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.       Gold commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that M. Si Davys, as manager for  the Cottonwood Gold Mining Company, limited, has filed  the necessary papers and made application for a crown  grant in favor of the mineral claim known as the " Golden  Wreath," situate in the Nelson mining division of West  Kootenay district. Adverse claimants, if any, will forward their objections within 60 davs from date of publication. N.  FITZSTUBBS,  Nelson, B.C., August 22nd, 1892.       Gold commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that H. Anderson, as agent for  Irwin, Hopper & Co., has filed the necessary papers and  made application for a crown grant in favor of the mineral  claim known as the " Tarn O'Shanter," situate on the east  side of Kootenay lake in the Hendryx camp, West Kootenay district. Adverse claimants will forward their ob-  iections within 60 davs of this publication.  .    Nelson, B.C.,-August 24th, 1892.     N.   FITZSTUBBS,  Gold commissioner.  Notice is hereby given that Henry Anderson, as agent  for John" N. Squire, has tiled the necessary papers, and  made application for a crown grant in favor of the mineral  claim known as the Tiger, situate in the Ainsworth min:  ing division of West Kootenay. Adverse claimants, if  any, will forward their objections within 60 days from  date of publication.' N. FITZSTUBBS,  Gold Commissioner.  Nelson, B. C, 7th October, 1892.  NOTICE.  Mineral Claim Best, Slocan District.  ���������!Take notice that we, E. H. Hughes, of the city o������ Spokane, United States of America, free miner's certificate  No. 41858; David Porter of the same place, free miner's  certificate No. 39666; and George W. Hughes of the same  place, free miner's certificate No. 41800, all lawful owners  of the said claim, intend, 60 days from the date hereof, to  apply to the gold commissioner for. a certificate of im:  provements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that adverse claims  must be  sent to the gold commissioner, and action commenced be=  fore the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated, this 28th day of August, A. D. 1892, at Nelson.  E.  H.  HUGHES,  DAVID  PORTER,  GEORGE  W.  HL-GHES.  By Joseph Hethington Bowes,  Agent for said applicants.  NOTICE.  CENTRAL city mineral claim.  Take notice that I, John A. Watson, free miner's certifi1  cate No. 44214, intend, 60 days from the date hereof, to apply to the gold commissioner for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant for the  above claim. And further take notice that adverse claims  must be sent to the-gold commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such certificate of im:  provements.  Dated this 10th day of October, A.D., 1892,  JOHN  A.  WATSON,  Per his agent J. L. Retailaek-.  WARNING   NOTICE.  To Whom it May Concern :  John Lane and W. C. McLean have, without any authority from the undersigned, obtained a certificate .of purchase in our names, for building condition, lot 14, block 14$  in town of Nelson. The only party to whom we have  made a transfer of our interest in said lot is mrs. Jennie1  Muir, who holds the purchase receipt issued by the assist=  ant commissioner of lands and works at the time of the  sale of said lot, on October 15th, 1890. Intending purehas:  ers are therefore warned not to purchase said lot fronl  John Lane or W. C. McLean, or their assignee.  HOUSTuN & INK,  Nelson, B.C., Sept. 28th, 1892. per John Houston.  III! i'-i  Ay  THE  MIHEE:   NELSON,   B.   0.,  SATUEDAY, NOYEMBEE  12,   1892.  in Jaryis' Land, Between Kaslo and New Denver.  Have acquired the above Townsite, and will offer Lots, to district investors,-during  November, at $75 for insides and $100 for corners. Terms: One-Third down, one-  third at 6 months, one-third at 12 months. There are few Townsites in the Slocan country, and I think, after exhaustive explorations, that  BE.AR      L^IKZEI      OITT  is the Best. It will probably be a postoffice, administrative and judicial centre. I expect  that next summer stages will be run to Kaslo, New Denver and Oody Creek, and that here  the 0. P. E. and Kaslo-Slooan railroads will join. Its location, in relation to the mines,  needs no recommendation. Bear Lake City glitters in the reflection of innumerable surrounding silver lodes. Inspection Invited. I am going to the coast soon with my tov.n-  site wallet. Do not miss the opportunity of a first hand buy. It will not surprise me if a  Bear Lake City lot is worth $5000 within 5 years.  t������&a  October 22,1892.  TOLSON BUILDING, NELSON.  HOTEL  r^  JL  "<-wrfi  U-  SIX   WEK&S   HARD    JLABOR.  ' ' VI���������TORSA������������������STREB3T,. XELSOST,   3S.���������.  Pleasant Rooms.   Well Appointed-Bar..   Terms Moderate.  MILLS  &  REVSBECH, Proprietors.'-  ���������.E  L  7TTP  in  HOTEL,  ��������� 9  a       m  MULVEY   &   CLEMENT,  PROPRIETORS.  WINES,  LIQUOKS  and  CIGARS.  Best Accommodation for Travellers.  Regular Connection by Boat with New Denver.  -1        u ^  ������2233 B  u   &  For the combined offences of2.-making, a  gun  play in Carney ���������& Barrett's store, assaulting Mr.  Barrett with a  knife  and  stabbing the  Kaslo  night watchman in   the  thigh, Jack  Beaudoin  has received a sentence of six weeks hard laboiv  It appears there was no -information laid or evidence brought forward to justify more than a  conviction for -'common assault. We have  always understood that in such cases it was the  Crown's business to institute and prepare the  case. It is. of course, a good thing to see justice  tempered^with mercy. But when we see justice  alloyed with carelessness, and discharging her  functions in a haphazard go-as-you-please manner, we are apt to think that the safety of  citizens is not quite so secure as it might be and ;  the guarantee of good order rather weak.  T\  rji  ft  JOHN JOHNSON,   Proprietor.  rapgoaan^* jggg&.������ laffii-gava.L*'!^* ������������.j j.i^  Finest Accommodations in the Lake Country.   Elegant  table.   Best of Liquors and Cigars at the Bar.  ARCIfillE  F&ETCMER, Proprietor and Manager.  NOTSGE.  Thursday, the 10th day of November, instant, having  been set apart and appointed by His Excellency the Governor-General in Council as a day of Genera] Thanksgiving throughout the Dominion, the Public Olfices will be  closed on that day.  By Command, JAMES BAKER,  Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Office, 2nd November, 1892.  D  Extensive Improvements now  Completed.  All   Rooms   Refitted and Furnished.  House unequalled for comfort and elegance  by any in the city.  Finest wines, Liquors and Cigars in the Market at the Bar  THE DINING   ROOM   IS    UNDER   THE   SUPERVISION    OF AN  EXPERIENCED   CHEF  Special Attention to  Miners.  Rooms First-Class. Rates Moderate:  TO   LOAN   ON  The Balfour Trading Go.  BALFOUR;    B.C.  Merchants, Mining and  Eeal  Estate  Agents.  A complete Stock of Merchandise and Miners' Supplies  Constantly on Hand.   We make a Specialty of  English Goods of  direct importation.  We have several very desirable lots in Balfour for sale  ea.  Apply to  RICHARDSOISS,     NELSON, B.C.  ���������= BLUE RIDGE HOUSE  Ten miles from Kaslo on the trail to Slocan mines.  Pii-st  Glass  Accommodations for Travelers.     Best  Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  PRICES   MODERATE.  McDonald Bros.  Proprietors.  Prospectors'location notices for sale at The Miner office  y-m ii   ������������������������������������ ��������� of^a,*  ���������~*rrT*nrrr'  '���������FTT m  JJ.fK  OS  I WW  m  ill  ' 'J5������  ������1  ill  trim  tip  if  KB* "  _^^-i.,>���������.11-    if   if      ilfn-tu.-^.^^n.^  m-r-*- ���������--������������������ rrr"-������^.*'r'^-frafrEaatt������aiapm  sss3������aa-^������MEsa������>^^  L'riyaKrfceSKiarft**^ 2i^iaa-asEa������-----3s------s^  wrrg<frw;jaMC3Bca������T!  Jtipft  Spiff  m  ������|  to  life-  lip"  if-:;  :^-"������������������������������������.  ���������Ttt?v.-.-  H1vs v,:' , n  1*13  Ji'p -:,  li������f?'v  10  THE  MltfEK:    NELSON,  B.  0.,  SATUEDAY, NOVEMBEK  12,  1892.  OF  Beady-Made Clothing, Dry G-oods, Boots and Shoes.   I am leaving this line of trade and all goods in these  will be sold out at Cost.   Terms, Cash Only,   Now is the time for Bargains in Winter Woollen Goods.   Pome  ' * r? # ,  Early and Inspect my Stock.  LOCAli   AND   PERSONAL.  J. S. Olute, customs inspector, is in Nelson.  O. Hugonin    left for the  Coast on Thursday.  C. E. Perry is on his way in to the Duncan  River conntry.  T. O. Atkinson of Westminster came in by,  last night's trpin.  Mrs. A. H. Clement arrived from Creemore,  Ont., by Monday's train,  Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher returned from their  visit to the Coast on Monday.  Messrs. G. and A. Kennedy of the New Westminster Columbian are in town.  M. S. Davys is now doing the assaying for  Messrs. Perry, Gray and Davys.  The Nelson Social Club spent a very pleasant  /evening last night in their rooms.  The plant for the Nelson Tribune has arrived  and is being got into working order.  An Indian shot a grizzly bear some four miles  down the railway track on Thursday.  Hugh Mann is calling for 50 men, at wages of-  ^ to $3*50 per day, to work on the Nakusp  road.  We have received for Jack Evans' memorial  the following additional subscriptions: M. S.  Davys $1, C. Hamber $1.  Among the latest arrivals are R. H. Kemp  and wife, Captain Troup and wife, Gr. M. Irishman, and G. A. Campbell.  On Saturday evening last Messrs. Coplen and  Fry passed through on their way to Bonner's  Ferry. On their return they will rnake a trip  up to the Slocan country.  We understand that W. Pellew Harvey has  coralled the job of assaying all the samples of  ore which are to be sent from B. C. to the  World's Fair. How did he get the job, and  what will his bill amount to ?  H. A. Galbraith, representing Messrs. Taylor,  the safe makers, is in town and tried to sell us  a safe. As we own nothing of any value, with  the exception of our exchanges, for the first  time on record he failed to make a deal.  Horace J. Carman, of the firm of Owen &  Cannan, of Golden, is collecting information  about this country in order that, through the  London Mining Journal, the English capitalist  may get some idea of what he is missing by not  investing in this country.  Men who have been working on the Kaslo  wagon road are loud in the expression of their  discontent at having to. discount their time  checks. While, at first sight, the system of paying a man for his labor by this means seems unfair, as one would say that if a man has done  $2J worth of work he ought to be paid that  .*'-$2|������ yet there is some reason in what the con-  cractors urge in justification of this practice.  They say that if a man could draw his pay  whenever he felt like it, it would be impossible  for them to keep a force of men at work all the  time; that for one small excuse or another a  *iian would quit .'work just when his presence  'r'was, perhaps, most needed by his employer.  For this reason a man who wants to leave before the term of his (it may be, understood)  agreement expires, is paid by a time check,  which is  redeemable at face  value  on certain  dates.  The Davies-Sayward  PILOT BAT,  KOOTENAY LAKE.  THE LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF  IN THE KOOTENAY LAKE DISTRICT.  HAVE ON HAND READY FOR DELIVERY A FULL  ASSORTMENT OF ALL KINDS OF  -IggBBPEMUJMU  NOTICE.  This is to certify|that Nelson W. Aldous and George W.  Aidous, both of the town of Nelson, in Kootenay District,  British Columbia, merchants, doing business under the  name, style and firm of Aldous Bros., have assigned in  trust, for the benefit of their creditors, to William P.  Robinson, of the said town of Nelson, deputy sheriff, by  deed of assignment, dated November 10th, A. D. 1892. All  accounts due or against said estate shall be sent to the  undersigned. ���������  F. M. McLEOD.  Solicitor for^Trustee, Nelson, B.  ELL-SEASON ED  ROUGH   AMD  FINlSHiNG   LUIVSBER,  Vertical Grain Shingles,  Lath; Moldings, etc.  Stocks are held at E"ELS0S", G-eo. H. Keefer, Agent,  and at ADTSWOETH, S. Fawcett, ������gent.  ing, - manager.  Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of London;  Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.  Corner Silica and Ward Streets, Nelson.  Telephone 40.  1  Dealers in Dry G-oods, Groceries, Provisions, Canned Goods, Hardware, Etc.   Miners' Supplies a Specialty.  The stock is full and complete in every Department, and the nublic will find it to their advantage to call and insuect G-oods  and compare Prices.  Telephone 27.  7, 9, and 11 East Vernon Street, NELSON, B. 0,  CSV.  i  :.l.*iiP4,i  - -   1


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