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The Ledge Apr 10, 1919

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'���   x---x---f^yxi^is��
Vol.   XXV.
GREENWOOD, B. C, THURSDAY, ���. APRIL,. 10, 1919
No. 39
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,   Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        3C       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Gloves, Mitts, Socks,
Boots, Shoes and
AT ;~
MIDWAY    " -     -     B. C.
1      Stock Reducing Sale :of Teas      I
S��    Choice Bulk Tea 60c per lb.      Choice Setter Lee Tea 70c    ^
I Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      I
�������� _..   "CS
S~ Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 zz
Mazda Tungsten Lamps
15 to 40 Watt Lamps���50c each,
60 Watt Lamps���75c each.
100 Watt'Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts   > - �� ��� $1,25 each
100    ������'     <���< ��� ' -   2.00  "
200 -" ���' '#��� ��� *   *    3,50 ������
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
.."__'.       of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department   ,,   ,   *
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers  of Gold,�� Silver,' Copper,   Blueslone,  Pig Lead and "Spelter
���-- ��� .".tAdanac*' brand ���. -iX-ix !-'" -Xixi"iX
r'iSSS2S����iS��!^ ^^r^^i
On display commencing
Tuesday, March 25th
You  Are   Cordially   Invited
Easy Terms .
Mason & Risen Pianos
Victor Gramophones
and Records
Mail orders promptly attended to
The Singer Stare
H. WEBER, ner.
P.O. Box 152, Grand Forks, B.C.
Christian Science service will be held
in the MELLOR BLOCK on Sunday at ti
a. m. All welcome. Every Wednesday
at 8 p. m., testimonial meetings will be
held in the same block. ' Sunday . School
every Sunday.morning. -
Agents for. Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers; Cadillnc cars, and Republic
truck motors.    -��� ' Garage in c&nnection.
For SALE.���Yoiitig pigs. Apply to Wm. Jenks, Greenwood.. .."
Wanted.���For small family
good housekeeper, cook, food of
children middle age preferred.
Thirty dollars per month.. Apply
Mrs. R. W., Diamond, Trail, B.C.
X-: Dealers in Fresh and Salt'Meats, Fish'"���.'./.
. and Poultry.���." Shops in nearly all the
X towns,,of-the Boundary and Kootenay. ',
Baukitig Service
Y^UR banking requirements may
* be entrusted to this Bank with
every confidence that. careful and
efficient service will be rendered.
Our facilities are entirely at your
i'-'X- v. disposal.ix:.;���. :;\, -;.���'. .>yXy.,--; ' y.,iy^xXxx':
Greenwood % Farmers*
One Dollar per hundred tails, will be
: paid up to Saturday, June 7th, -
and Seventy-Five Cents per    y
. ;liundred;t6  the end, of
;'���.-''. tue season ;.
All gophers must be" killed in the district
Brine tans to the Farmers' Institute
Ale etingr, held the f i rst Saturday
->."���>���   ^    in every month..
When.in Grand Forks, stay at
the Province Hotel,, a large brick
and marble building, fine rooms,
tasty iheals, bar with all first-
class refreshments, pool room,
billiard parlor, barber, shop and
sample rooms.
Greenwood: Branch     L^EBracers, Manager
T. A. Abbott of Omaha, Neb.,
is endeaypring to, buy.at -least 15,-
.000."-acres: of unbroken . Canadian
prairie lands and has arranged with
the C. yP; S.: to;: operate a special
train;yfrein. Sfcy Paul for XT.; 8. iarm-
ers who wish to see,;thelahd.: c He
hasydeposifeed.810,000- with a trust,
company vat"WinnipegasyVVfirst
payment.^xXXX.'x-y-Xyiy-y X'yX
George S. Walters is' in the
city from Allenby.
At McElmon?s. Wallham
Watches.   Boys Watches.
Dr. W- H. Pickering is practicing dentistery in Fernie.
Pte. Ernest Bidder has returned
to Marysville from overseas.
jack Ryan is a brakeman with
the C. P. R. at Grand Forks.
Mrs. John Simpson, of Allenby,
is the guest of Mrs.  G.   Swayne.
J. H. Goodeye returned from a
trip to the coast oh  Wednesday.
Wagner apples. The last shipment for the season. G. A. Rendell.        '    -    ���������
Get your job printing at The
Ledge, before the paper is all
gone.   " 'X;X,��� x
��� X. The auto season opened between Greenwood ; and Phoenix
last week.
"Lewis Bryant and Dick Eustis
of Allenby, are spending a few
days in town.
Full line of fresh bulk, pure
sugar chocolates just in. At
Goodeve's Drug store. :
Pte. Henry Tanner of Rock
Creek arrived in Greenwood on
Tuesday frcm overseas.
* -. .
Mrs. Grey Pond and family
left on Friday for,Trail, where
they will reside in future.
Mrs. Jack Ryan returned on
Tuesday from a visit with Mrs.
George Allen at Grand Forks.
Jack McDonald, of Phoenix,
intends to spend the summer
prospecting in the Lightning
Peak district. *���
Just iu, a shipment of prints,
lawns, nainsooks. White cottons
for underwear, etc. G.. A. Rendell, Greenwood.
��� Pte. Monty Mudge, Pte. A.
Galipeau, ahd Staff Sergt. Robert
Campbell returned to; Grand
Forks this week  from  over sea's.
The Ledge is ��2 a year in
advance. When . not paid for
three months it is. $2.50,. and
when paid at end of year it is $3,
Customs collections during the
month of March in .Princeton
amounted to '$27,086.07. This is
an. increase of $8,000 over February. .
"David Manchester, well-known
in Greenwood,'died near Spokane^
Wash., on March 12, from double
pneumonia following influenza.
He was buried on March 14.. iiy-
Try Aunt Jemina's Buckwheat
Cakes for breakfast, with either
honey or syrup. . We have a good
varietyXto. choose . from G.. A.
Rendell: ,\   '/-'���".
, AsT am movingy myr business
from Greenwood to. Merritt, B;Ci,
I-.would request a settlement ..of
all put standing accounts before"
15th pf April.   Jno. L. Coles. . yi.
M. W.Ludlow of Coltern, ywas
the first auto driver ..toytake a car
over the Grand Forks-Greenwood
road this _ spring.. He; made- the
trip from Grand Forks, on. Monday. '.''���.-.
H.: A: C. Baker, who has been
for several years past, manager of
the Sunnyside Fruit Farm near
Grand Forks, has resigned, and
left for the Okanagan where he
will locate.
On. sale this week, Ladies
Whitewear, consisting of our
stock of night dresses, Princess
slips, brassieres,: drawers, etc.
G. A. Rendell. ���
; The gophers have dug. themselves out. andxare startingi .on
their, spring . drive against the
farmer. They will.', meet .with
reverse, when tbey enter the traps
of ythe boys who will: try-.to ex;terminate -.this; pest from the'.districV
The X Greenwood Farmers' lusti--
tute."-,will give $1.00.Vfor;:.every
100 tails brought in by June 7th,
and 75c:per. 100.during.the-rest of
the season^ .' ",
Farmers' Institute Meets
Afe a meeting of the Greenwood
Farmers Institute on April 5th,
the following were present: W,
Lakeland, president; W. Jenks, R.
Folvik, J.- Benson. W. Clark, D.
J. McDonald, S. Fretz,D. D. McLaren, D. G. Smith, J. Boltz, G.
Stucki, G.   Graser,  C.   King, sec.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were read and adopted.
Committees report. The chairman stated thafe Seed Oats, No. 1.
Banner Seed oatfe, Government
cleaned; could be purchased at Lee
& Bryans. Seed Wheat Bine Stem
could be purchased at W. Clark's
afcS8O.O0 a ton.
R. Folvik, chairman of the Seed
Potato,, committee reported that
the committee had arranged to experiment with the following varieties:   Netted Gem and Bar bank.
In the discussion of the Gopher
Killing. Competition, W. Jenks
proposed that 81.00 per hundred
be paid for all tails brought to the
Farmers' Institute up ..to June 7th,
and 75 cents per hundred for the
rest; of the season.
The secretary was instructed to
write to the minister of agriculture,
requesting that a lecturer be sent
'to Greenwood, to demonstrate Co-
operatiye Organization.
Western News
The Scholarly Cut
"You did not speak to him?"
"No." replied the scholarly girl.
"When I passed him  I  gave him
the geological survey."
"The geological survey?"
- "Yes. What is commonly known
as fehe sfeony stare."���Lehigh3urr.
Clever Bobby
Father (at table)��� Well, son,
how did you get along at school
B��hby;���Pa, my physiology book
says conversation at meals should
be of a pleasant character. Let's
talk aboufe something else.���Ex.
The. citizens of Grand Forks
are, making a great effort: to
eliminate the Doukhobor from
that section. It is repprted that
the Independent Douks are mak-
ing.ready to leave that vicinity.
A: musical sketch and concert
.will be given by local talent from
Grand Forks,. in the Greenwood
Theatre, oh Wednesday, April 30,
under .the auspices of.St. Jude's
Guild of this city. Dance to. follow entertainment.      ������"/;'���..'""'-."
'Last Tuesday 300 railway .laborers employed on;the construction jof.. the Copper. Mouutaiin
branch, near Allenby,-laid flown
their tools and quit work. V The
walk-ibut was caused; through
having their :.working hours.:increased from .nine to ten hours
with no.increase in.wages. -;���''.
ThePythian Sisters will hold
a Sale, of. Home ;Cpokihg,! serve
Afterho.on,. Tea, and sell. Ice
Cream; in the Red Cross Room,
between two and six o'clock oh
Saturday afternoon, April 12.
In the evening a card party will
beheld, commencing at 8 o'clock
sharp. Admission 25c. Refreshments willbe served.
There is a considerable number
of holes around idle mineral
claims in this section, which are
death traps to the animals that
roam the hills.; This week adog
was found;. in. one these places
near the Bay mine, having.fallen
in j being unable,to get out. This
is. onlj one. ifistance" of :where.a
dog;had; disappeared, ;but ia.the
past;other ammalsyhave been,lost
>nd it; is likely, that; they .haye
;met'a similiar<,de.ath.y y Owners ;.6f
such places should be'compelled
to keep them covered up, making
it safe.;for a 11 who happen-"to., go
near, them.;
The wave of hold-upa is still
evident in Vancouver.     8
The Bank of Montreal has a
capitalization of $20,000,000.
Tobacco growing is again coming into favor in the Kelowna district.
During 1918 the Creston Valley
exported $425,000 worth of produce.
The Great War Veterans association have 43 branches in this province,
One of the latest inventions is a
sawdusfe stove, which will b'nm for
24 hours on 30 pounds of thie fuel.
After doing service for some 23
years or more, a new floor was put
in P. Burns shop in Trail last
week.      .
"Sandy" Innis, one of the best
known pioneers on the Cariboo
road, died in Ashcroft on March
A thousand employees of the
Manitoba government are taking
steps to form a civil servants association.
It is estimated that Cranbrook
has about 400,000 acres of good
agricultural land within a radius
of 25 miles.
According to Hon. E. D. Barrow, minister of agriculture,
B.C. has 1,000,000 hens, half of
which are laying.
Sam Joy, a Vernon Ohinaman,
who cultivates aboufe 600 acres of
fruit and garden areas in that section, died recently. _
Fernie customs officials recently
apprenended a shipment of 220
gallons of squirrel whiskey that
was being smuggled into thafe city.
Last month the old Clinton jail,
built thirty-six years ago, and the
scene of many trials of the early
days, was burned to the ground.
. Nearly $80,000 has been appropriated, by the government of
B. C. for the maintenance ofem^-
ployment bureaus in various cities
throughout the province. .
Allan Fraser, chief engineer of
fehe Canadian National Railways,
was killed last week at . Mount
Rbbson by a heavy slide that engulfed him and six other men.
Cranbrook musicians are kicking
like by steers because it-is proposed
to bring in a.jaz band from Spo.-.
ake at an expense of $175 to pro-,
vide the music .for_theThospifeal. ballon Easter Monday.
Police Commissioner M. B. Martinson, of North Vancouver, was
found guiltyiin the. police court of
that city, for having had liquor in
his possession in a place other, than
a private,dwelling-house.;'.,',''
A news item, in "one of bur American exchanges, runs y. this way:
"James Rose, while walking : leisurely on:Sunday afternoon, was
hit ih; the cemetery by" any automobile.'? ; Now, what part, of a
man's anatomy isyfehe cemetery?;.;-.
Mining News
It is reported that the Northport
lead smelter will resume operations during the summer.
For the first three months of
1919 ore and concentrates to the
weight of 96,542 gross tons were
received ��� at the Consolidated
smelter in Trail. This compares
with 103,118 for fehe corresponding
period in 1918, and with 120,486
tonB in the first; quarter of 1917.
Granby Consolidated Mining
company -pn April 6th resumed
work at Anyox and smelter, which
has been chilled for nearly a
month, wj��s blown in and production started. All branches of the
company's plant, including the
mine, are at work. The men returned to work under the sliding
scale of wages, which makes them
participants in profits as the price
of copper increases The plant
employs 1500 men, many of whom
are returned soldiers.
Extensive development of the
Nugget and Mother Lode gold
mines at Sheep creek in Kootenay,
has- been started, according to a
Nelson report. The development
undertaken by the Nugget Gold
Mines, a recently formed corporation, contemplates pushing the
tunnel in the1 Mother Lode for
1200 feefe and a comprehensive development of the veins encountered. The work is being directed by
R. H. Stewart, formerly general
manager of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting company. The
Mother Lode tunnel opens on a
tramway that connects with the
Mother Lode mill; a plant of 20Q
tons daily capacity, built by the
late John McMartin of Cobalt fame
at a cost of $200,000. The mill is
ranked among the best of the
northwest. The combined yield .of
fehe Nugget and Mother Lode
mines is placed afe $1,000,000.
. The concentrating plant undergoing construction on the Idaho-
Alamo mining property, near
Sandon, is Bearing "completion. It
will be ready. for the preliminary
tests before the completion of a
tramway with which 'it ie to be"
served, according to estimates.
This will be some time in May, ife
is believed. The plant covers
about an acre of ground. Aboufe
$200,0,00 is fehe.cosfe of the mill
which has a capacity of 300 tons.
Its equipment is exceptional in
diversity, having been designed to
concentrate ores from several'
mines, and the" workmanship is
superior throughout. Construction of the plant was performed on
plans indicated by; Clarence Cunningham, its owner.: The mill was
builtto dress ores, from fehe Sov-
erign, Wonderful, Queen Bess and
Idaho-Alamo mines,, all of which
are o wned..; by Mr.: Cu nn ingham
and partners, and all of which
have been; developed to a point
that.guarantees'a large tonnage.
free Lecture
iaii Science
W.   Greene,  G. S.
Of Louisville, Kentucky
Member of tlie Board of Lectureship of :-the: Mbtiier Churcli, .the -First
Church of Christ -Scientist, yin''Bostori, -Massachusetts.
Christian Science Hall
���, ^j^f M 11,: at Si o'clock
- -  L^ ^. I> gm  ledjgjEi  mEwyiooiik .. St.Jk
War Memorial Museum    j Marquis Wheat for Australia
Cuticura Helps Clear Away
Dandruff and Irritation
On retiring, comb the Iiair out straight",
then make a parting. Really rubbing in
Cuticura Ointment with the end ot the
finger. Anoint additional partings until
the whole scalp has been treated. Place
a light covering over the hair to protect
the pillow from possible stain. The next
morning shampoo with Cuticura Soap
and hot water. usir.s plenty of soap, best
applied with the hands. Rinse in tepid
water. Repeat in two weeks if needed.
Cuticurn Soap. Ointment and Talcum
25c. each plus Canadian dutk'3.
Saskatchewan provincial     gov-j     Marquis   wheal,  grown   In     Saskat-
in  will invite competitive plans j   .      , .,, ,     i   , , ,   .. , ,    ,,,
. ,    ., , jchewaii, will be introduced lo tlie    -tr
ill ers  of Australia  by  the   ���' ������-'raliati
""  Vjsh-
i lie
e in uie
in connection  wilh  thc proposed  war
memorial  museum. To this end, Pro
lessor Ramsay Tni(|iiair, professor ol | government this spring���10,000
architecture at '.M'etiill university ititdjclit of this variety having I>~-m> order
a native of Kdinhtirt;lj, Scotland, has! CJ from tlic Dominion seed piiivlu.r,
been oiiiratrod hy the government l<
take chnrtte of the competition. JI'
is now iu Reftina and has had con
fei'ences     with    lion.  A.
The Reai Test
Of Our Loyalty
minister of public works. The memorial will he located ou Albert street,
Reyina, llie site having been selected
durintj the wee!;, and it will group
with thc legislative block, inu this does
not necessarily mean that it will be
of the same type of construction or
of design.'* The building will contain
a la rye hall for trophies of the war,
with accommodation for natural history and .scientific collections relating to the province in smaller galleries. The entrance hall will be more
of a monumental nature treated in a
diit'iiiiied way with space for bronze
tablets in contain the names of those
who   fell   in   the.  war.       The   scheme
ing commission, says a dispatch from
Regina, Saskatchewan. The order
has been filled and the shipment will
leave Regina in a few days for Vancouver for transportation to \tislra-
The commission has also forwarded 75,000 bushels of wheat to France,
Armistice Terms
For Holland
Sufferer   Shows   How    Complete
-.     Relief Was Obtained
Dual Purpose Shorthorns
.Scotch Blood in the Canadian ...��'cci .1
of Performance
The breeder of.dual purpose. Shorthorns is often puztded to know where
to look for a suitable sire. It Is in-
lerrslirijf, therefore, lo investigate the
blood   lines   of  the   noted   Shorthorn
> include a group of statuary |
Our Paramount Duty is lo Defend
True Democracy at Home
Our loyalty has stood the severe
test of war. Now it is called upon to
stand the more, severe Ust of peace.'
War demanded our allegiance lo but
one flag���the Union Jack,
i'eace gives anarchy���very thinly
disguised as democracy���an opportunity to place another flag- above the
Union jack���the Red.. Flag of class
haired; of auloesalic brutality; of utter selfishness; of out-lnmncd fright-
fulness; of extreme inequality; of
supreme  unfairncs?.
Up to Xovembii- 11, 1918, we freely
o fie red all that we had���onr treasure,
our labor, our lives���to the bannered
symbol of our democracy. Are we to
be less loyal to our flag, to our democracy, now thai the stern discipline  of war is  relaxed?
Is that part of thc Canadian's
creed���".I therefore: believe, it is my
duty to my country to love it; to support its constitution; to obey its laws;
to respect its flag; and to defend it.
against, all enemies"���so earnestly
voiced by millions of Canadians while
our boys died on thc battlefields of
France, to mean less to us now that
thc.  fighting has  ceased?
Arc the, will ,the unity, the devotion,
the sacrifice that marshalled this nation   in   a   solid   and   invincible  front
... against tlie. ���fQg-s.-p.C. ..dciiios.t:;r.(!v\: a.e.t'.qss.
.^C'ana'tfca"'?y.; 'XXXXX XXX-r        X. ~Xixx;x_
'XXXicrci;. !.i c s/:;t 11 e.. aii id 'yics^oPour'ylo^.
:"alty;.:-'yif ;yw.^
.S.tnvllag; siia'Tl'/-^
���;ji ti yQvmLd irr; yryrXxXyr. '<} is loiyixl X ������ X XX[ Xixi ;"���
'L'-'-.'-.V;If:'^C::'^.lte\Vva:IW':Qi'i.C^ Itt.Tljisi-lfem^.lO-
���. put,-_ a'jv&f It'crr:: fiag;; aboyi? .vj !.i Xy- Unto n
:;^;fck^?iH!fi;r';:��ciij.an.y; ;Oryfigui,atryei?i;:-V
���yiXlvXyc :-ai^y.le^ydarirest;yylES's;'yS&tiS:e,���
yji V:.:dcf ra iHh'irg': tru ^
���- ��ui;e.;.i] QmdySXcyX XXXXXXXiXXXXXXXX.
;,; 1 c asyi t <p cl y^u^^ii.v^^yyyfy ? :"yy::5. ^ -;.;? v^ i- -\':��|y'.^i >^ --
x. XT1 rc-rcal jlcsty '��� o y i> n^Xpy^iyXiolXQur
y Gsiti/adiauiiiin;' yiysyXXX.XXXXyXyXXXXXiXiyiX;
r. hoi? d; \n oyvyos '-;iifc; tfiilviTi'^^
~::i&f-Q \y\yilfe;XXyii^&XW^X^XiXiXXXXy-X:X[X
���V nieftii.yj ns tksfc yun^
^rl^nV^^^'^^^^^yH^ ixx XyXXr
Rheumatism is a trouble extremely
dil'licult to get rid of. If a tendency
to rheumatism is established iu thc
system it makes itself manifest by a
return  of the acute pains  with every     , , .
spell of bad weather. This is why so  s"^ :l,1<1 l;��'tr<' producing cows whose
many people think the trouble is dm? names  appear  in  the   record  of  per-
to cold or damp,    The fact is known;   formauee'.    The record sn   ���        . ...;y
rout   oi  the  building,    typical  of i however,   lo  medical  men,   that   with
the appearance of rheumatism there
is a rapid thinning of the blood, and
that tho rheumatic poisons arc only
expelled from the system when the
blood is restored to its normal condition. This means that lo drive rheumatism from the system it must be
treated through the blood, and for
this purpose no olhcr medicine has
been so successful as Dr. Williams'
Pink I'ills. These pills renew and j;
enrich the blood, thus driving out the
i may aKi
victory, or freedom or some suitable
design in harmony with the purpose
of the  building.
Neutral  State
Around  Danzig1
Allies  Determined  to  Land Poles at
Baltic Port
Paris. ��� Thc Temps says that the
allied and associated powers ��ocin to
have decided to disregard thc German objections concerning Daiv/ij
and to laud, by force if necessary,
Polish  troops at this Baltic  seaport.
Knt this move, says the. Temps,
would not necessarily imply to thc
mind of tlie allies, the union of Danzig to Poland. The newspaper adds
that concerning thc question of thc
Polish frontier, the allied governments seem inclined to create about
Danzig a neutral state, in order to
avoid attaching this part of thc oast
ehher to  Germany o- '-:'- "-'������- '
Permits for. two garages were taken out in Calgary during the week,
and worlc is being started c.t them at
once.    Thcy will  both be  erected  in
the. same   ncipriiiK ,..���:,   x-l ��� ..;.
! west and Fifth avenue. One will cost
approximately $27,000 and thc other
$20,000, while between the Empress
hotel aud thc Impcriol Oil Company's ncw warehouse on Sixth avenue the Diamond Motor company is
putting up a similar building, costing
Minard's' Liniment Cure's Dandruff.' ..
:"y.,:-.Sei._6ttLi4t;S��;tcll;! fts'-\tiVo.\hi'glv;ery.'.vvc3;^'jgQ.
the'��� coid^feyit :y;g(it5v.::. ������ 'Fc rh"ap"s; "th a t-'js
:fliijy-XeaS'diiM��;o.^ UoVistrUggle:
to.-.--'t_et��: 1 iy .dli'p-'y t op.; x;X ;- XT ��� xXXiXXXX.
������#-������..�����*..��..*., ���������*>.*.. ��.������*.��.*�� ^.
rneumatic poison, easing the aching,
painful, swollen joints, aud restoring
the victim to general good health.
Among thc rheumatic sufferers who
have been cured hy the usc of this-
medicine is Mrs. Wm. Johnston,
Chatham, Out., who says: "Some
ycars ago, while living in Mount Forest, I was stricken with inflammatory
rheumatism, from which I suffered
terrible agony. Neither the doctor
who attended me, nor thc remedies I
tried gave more than a little relief
for a time, and as a .consequence, I
grew very weak and was on thc
verge of nervous prostration. At this
sta.ee an uncle advised me to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, as they had
cured him of a severe, attack of rheumatism. I took his advice and faithfully used the pills for several
months,1 when I found myself fully
restored to health with every vestige of thc rheumatism, and every
symptom of the nerve trouble gone.,
[ have had no return of either trouble |
since, and feel very Grateful for. what
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills did for mc.'i
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can be obtained lln-onoh any medicine dealer,
or may be had by mail at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for $2.50 from The
Dr. 'Williams' Medicine Co.. Brockviile, Ont.
One  of- Tobacco's Victims
;Tireyrty Cam^ls^Resttniey Journey-After I
iXX-i i". ;Hayingya;.Stiiokey\VV;- yy-yiX
5'.'^;.jSol.il"i"eVs -ifijo"jij7"ytjTe""-i-c"d-5t.-Sacc--" :.tc JI i'ug.
-:s.o'iiic.,;cii riplis ���'.s t pri;6s; %j,f, ;caiiiels' 'Ipvc-
.for iobcvetiS;y'Dr6:ni^l:irics.yahd ,G:art.iels
;aV e.-p as s io na t ely-a d d tc;tc;d'.-1 o ' t lie:wctd-
::au-d.,':e;ahCli&vnt^ ���xX-AilyX:
itlii11g1;;jiiitl&T77'ts-\iiifliioiii;rrt;;; :y;y:y'vv . -": !
rpicec yto^wopdyyiduchy-^
^iie.^oiuC.iJilfc-'ya.i/Ei'g'.ivf; Holder;-;". tTlii'S'.
:iS^;iitsept:c^l-i-yiu.-itlie jlic:ast_S'':ivipiit!y- life.
cigjVrytrthiiJ; :;:t 1 i;ei \y li foau'd-'- p res s:<J'd; iiiii t o'.
yeif ti ceij:^;eKJi s u fit ;^tl;. X-li [ scv. ui s ��� Lo_vtli.o r-y
?c'rffilc'&y;s;U^Whit t ngyviicfefefre'shiiiijiyefi,
Ntrcigt-ftif igiri ifylieT oijev jt S;y;s.niO:kif Ji fe'^l'jt
:p IdSl'-yS iXS-6 yyi na-i iyy' i ii6'r^'a-ni|ifVii;4'^fefe
iyyXXXXii0;0 iXXr'ttix
X^0^.'thii&ik Qt-tlfft;,4^��'Wt^Tif'''S'ttiTijji'^I'f
y>paiIwJ;virs:.;J;i;t' t^ii';i^'<yC Vi's^o'rg WiiuJuV
���:.^egv:.S^:^'^t',--ite^ -are a    fafiuTrctt
; ;;th^5;ijj;dv'fa^'ijj'i^;0 -fl^.tcyrf hory.
:i)��0-$&.yX ;itf^UJca^i;,^.--^Qt}N^l;ifij*
;_;'4sEaa>sT^'.Wtti:^hftiT);i:' 4i,;ji'0'.":afe.' Xki\i-
X:0iip(hvU .l:.bi'..4ji'afe ' rit:ftvl 'Cai-mtbt rtt\0v
Jiavei. at;-.l;ea^t_y_incaia^
ay\vfftiy^leaj-felrd^Vl d o r ��� V:l) J|optf;
���Rois.0 fi^are:ynd:w,:-|6ld�� b}i_; #:_Cincinhyati'
���Sf &ySp pj i ed'. \XXyX\ XiS9v.,V?^iifes.<sMwss
XiXtii iXXXji X' si iek.yyyyy^ t|icyi^ j.; y't^tti^SiiStl;'
'\vftilteji ti*j:iifl;is;i|ij ji^QWyeye ij^ttfyiia.�� g?
lytiiS-ySfirro^y di n^i. t is syyXof ->s WiXyxi. Xt K-'-iS!
���G \itfm 'e<X sth ri:i; -^i iXi u nyii B-yof-r^iiMtfrie^ffi
i i; d bzdyi:! $ ^\y iM!y^
SE4:itXXXXyi.Sy siyoigrj jy^u^-lslsilificienj itifti
      "  ~   "'       wk.!y��du'i}rti:4igiii;ff��yv;th^
fltyej'i'jy.1 ijs: -,\wvr cyp tv.si>.lit iy;;JT'hfeu:%6iia;y
:i|oyXXwGi'-cyylriter un^Vfert:: M'p^S/^ j y^v ;:= "tiliie
V olB hy;9y 1 <|gy:tes;y; iimii 'yyixe&tiXiiiXiX'tiiXX
yF-ctili'bfrtfer i.3'i:ri''jtdpe'.tjr'a,;.n��.sv: rn;-
tWriviy pfitato Iteur ;rud ���otJ.ifr:r--|.HHjrra-I-f ��� ���..,�����*. .*-r������>'.*���'*���*������.���
tlniffs'' f;i;&nv.\j-i?J'tai-&tys;;
T^cyjife'i^-ytdii^yif^;^^                  gut
: 0T t i 1 Ji&ry^y jiiyr i \i;^^^ A! ^ ^ V? ^KW .^?^li^ ri. SvivjiiH oi
4tyi i jC^ iic iit >^ iy^SfyLrsi^t y: yi ^>irf C=i"ycxii t?icji;y j L;eljcj ;;ff iy oil
'>"'"'"      ""  . ������ ���  	
yy^i-So jy h'Myigifep^
said versiiyiji ��� yyt|i;ciijd'^
I iiys}'i.0.riyi't'��-;..u^ . XiXX
ionnauee,    J lie rceor
live   Shorthorn  bull.-i    "   <-avn  two
or more daughters iu thc Canadian
record of performance. Of these
bulls, nineteen are of straight Scotch
breeding, and the other., six are
Scotch topped. lt would seem,
therefore, that straight Scotch and
Scotch topped sires may be used successfully in dual purpose herds, which
is a fact of great importance, because
it is only by the use of sires'or more
or less approved beef type that we
can hope to maintain tlic dual- purpose rnudiiie.s  in  tlie 'Shorthorn.
Coming lo thc largc pro'ducing
cows, we find twenty cows three
ycars old and over with records of
over .400 lbs. of. hulterfat. One of
these cows is straight Scotch, one is
straight English, mostly ISates, and
the remainder are of mixed breeding.
Nine of these cows arc by straight
Scotch sires, eight are by Scotch topped sires, and fifteen out of the twenty possess one or more straight
Scotch crosses.
Among the two ycar olds wc find
nine which-have records of over 300
lbs. of buttcrfat. -One of these heifers is straight Scotch, and another
one is nearly straight Scotch. Three
out of thc: nine arc by straight Scotch
bulls, and the remaining pi.\ are. by
Scotch topped bulls. Kight ou! nf 'l'o
nine havc one or more' straight
Scotch cross in  their pedigree.
The fact that these large producing
females carry so much Scotch blood
should .be y encouraging; ���.- to.. y... those
iwho /areSanxioii'sy.to^'r.cilaiii/'bcc.f,..\vit'li'
���SJJ_^?.^^f":i vV^^^v::---^^'^.^-''^^^':
Confine Imports from Germany
to Ravf Materials
The Hague. ��� Although in formulating the armistice terms, the associated powers reserved to themselves
tlie riglit io seixe nil neutral ships'
trading with Germany, they do not, it
is staled, propose to place any impediments in the way of Dutch ships
engaged in such traffic, Subject to
the approval of 'tlie inter-allied commission at The Hague. Holland must,
however, limit her exports to iiome
products, in accordance ' with the
agreement entered into between tho
associated governments and herself,
and confine her imports from Germany to certnin raw materials, such
as coal, coke, and salti
End Your
wlii;ch.i cdiiicy .oyer-- sdmie^people ifrouiv
nptiygpi-liiihecdedyA-i;'.;iXyi X XXXX XyXX.
��� ir They- yiiican'i.a iiiy_c>i.tr t'ii'i c jyy'Nyeakined
cdiiditiori :of ���' itli ;c-;lfcar t-.-anid- .'a." diseftd:
fauit;iti^.yspeli,.jrvay Uyi r'fdovcidclyifrtjiii
"jLiiayr.yj)ii|isi;:.qlil,': birC>i:tltSvV:iiCNt^ nVayy-ybtf
i��df:eyisicrious;io?';yiy;yv--;*.y;    iXXXXXX'XX,
^T-lfose- yvyljoValyc.ii'iylseiiA^ijIiiSlarit'iit'akr
Irfg. Milbiirn'sVIyf^aii-t-yaji'fe WHs,
beif ore.'thieir ;ytasdi:,lrec'Qn
���iXyXibXy; iyiiUXiMXi&X^XiyX<^\ yytlicyiclisr
,s \es t cm y iu i^yi^^j^l^yi^tili'Gfl]:; ft'yt^yyy'if ujl
���st.r'(jiigthi'aCndy^i;^6ri Xx:yyy.yyx:. XXyxXfXx,
iSAli'}^'!: jfe?. i~i'-'iiyX^.�� ^'a wiullyi. jfrdiibl-i
t;7me--- ayyl^pxii 'dfrf ^ii 113 ti. xfi'&.^caxjfciiian'di
i^:e n-^iP II K.yi'y.!!1!! tt^
' tiivil ^^^iii :iyt1 Jait Jcjii jS^: i3? xt- lVi s::: pfciiftcivfrfeyti
^iWl 3^1 '-iaii xiy - io;fi=yvi) p ^ c? s i^ljii^ ~ :yi^yW6 ts lxl-
:'nci t ilKiX'-ist ft hidhit? V^Qtf r-yipili s X fpiriyyi-:^X\ i'i.
f ji d it ey^ha jbyiiii-caiiii'l^^
tJidhty^ti'bvitihy ;airc."rXXxiyry -x;yxxyr-y:.yy;
gy.||i��)ii:t:s'fe?^?iiy�� ;iaij<jy;-y;^s^fc-yp;i.tfe
aird;;50ci/ia;:;ilk) s'.".-* ��:i^l:kydcaie rS;Cye ijiyiriivil-
ie'd^'diregt-ydii "Vd<;tHiVty;Q^pJi1'^:^l'>^^;/^!Ve
H0MXX 'ix i i.. ix-.X   .X:XxXxXyyxyXiy:iiX
Culiirrh fufforcrjt, ntcanlng those
with eolda, soro throat, bronchial
trouble, etc., can' all bo cured right
at home by Inhaling "Catarrhozone."
In using Catarrhozono you don't
take medicine into the stomach���you
just breathc.a healing plncy vapor
direct to thc lungs and air passages,
The purest balsams and the greatest antiseptics aro thus sent to every
spot where cntharrhal trouble exists
���germs are killed, foul secretions are
destroyed, nature is given a chance
and cure comes  quickly.
Colds and throat troubles can't last
if the pure healing vapor of Catarrhozone Is. .breathed���sneezing and
coughing cease: at once, because irritation is removed.
Usc Catarrhozone to prevent���use
it to cure your winter ills���it's pleasant, safe and guaranteed in every
Thomas Reynolds, manager of thc
Quaker .Oats company, Saskatoon,
states that the company has decided
to double thc capacity of the feed
plant, and to place an additional story
on one of the warehouses.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with LOCAL' API'J.ICATTONS, as they
cannot reach the scat ot the disease. Catarrh
U'a.local disease, greatly influenced by constitutional conditions, mid. in order to cure it
you must tal;e an internal remedy. Hall's
Catarrh Cure" i.s taken internally and acts
thru the blood on the mucous surfaces ot
the system. Hall's Catarrh Cure was prescribed by one of the best physicians in this
country for years. It is composed of some
of the best tonics kuown combined with some
of the best blood purifiers. The perfect combination of the-ingredients in- flail's Catarrh
Cure; is what produce's' such wonderful results
in catarrhal conditions..--.ijciid 'lor testimonials,
l'Xj;i.'CUR'X%\X&XCO:'; .Props., : Tokckv iQi
-���".-All-.IJi;ii(fifists;..7Jc:-.���: -..-''. .-_���-' "���.-
���'-..Hall's. I''auuly:' i'ills. for constipation.- .'���>
Range Cattle in      :
Excellent Condition
The.JJe'e'd. Conditions This:.Season ar<i
,XTltatifhe/catlle-7'oif;iti.'��y.rarigis ioi the
pt-pyijice)arer-c'6ii'ni'ngi tHrougli-thc .\yiii-:
���tct^scasb.ii. tlivs.y'Car--ih'iexc'eileiit.-'shape
iS--il!ye\a:'s_5Cirtipn.,pf;- caVtic'.n'vdh..;th'rpugh
oyt-Aib'criai-v'ii.i;/ /��� X-XXX Xy Xyx. XXX
y: i|;^lVeyyfced:. condiUons;1 tiHsy^^scasbtv
aireiybett eri, iUiauvibr; .hi.ahiyi;-ycars;'^
|; q kti: cydi; J t ��� JyX53 pi\v Ig ni;:o\yne:n-ofy.s'evertt.l:
piyit h c-":iyf> Xx s ty c a tf. j q \i i cr d siy^'fy;' t It .e.iy.jir p'���
rvjii'cey'.jVjfi-^sBlti.j^f:-, thi Tacts; that i'thcjfei
::sithtMeK;:;.y:Thcf ��� mt^&iiythere'y'isy ii>l<:n".(y.!
ibce^yya t \cX;i. p ix. - s^liit-y yip Xx tilt fe i jva:i i ges'- al \
;wiii'ter^.aiHl-;;tli,ei^Svhci^:: ^itrcyuot- eptii^,
yp e 1 Ie dy to ;y%xhit yis;.fci ;.:f 11 ^jr-Vs uppj j yX>-. i.:- 6f...
^���'S^I^P^Pfei1^!-as'ftrt:sii?\y;ere::at. -iiriyy
'^J'^woW'WjP'! ^^S^rtfijse^ytltei'if'i.li^i^
^^l^s^^fei^p.r,^iui t4p| yf ce;d;ft
1.    Wiio  .lesus  1$   (John  l:-35-5l).
It is absolutely indispensable that
every pupil fegardless &f itg�� should
know clearly vho Jesus Is and what
he came into !Jie work! for* Jt should
be the ardent desire of 6Tcfy teacher
to make so clear the person fend work
of Christ that the pupils inny ftccept
liim &s their Saviour, Nothing short
of his Ddty. find vicr.rioua btoncment
will avail for salvation, W'iiat he is
set forth to t��e fs through personal
testimony, I'of tlio inof,t psrt that
which ha was found to ho is through
personal Investigation,
1, Tha Lamb of God (v, 36), John
tefltlrtod that .he- ia tho Lamb" of God
���tho''world's sin benrciv Thc word
used and-tho Idea conveyed carry ua
back lo IbuIkIi 53 und forward to
Jesus Oil tho cross, bearing our sins
in hlit own hotly, Christ: had been
definitely pointed out to John by the
Holy Spirit (v, 33,.34),
2, The.Messiah (v, 41), At the. invitation of Jesus, the disciples went
and uhodo with 1dm for a clay, As a
result of that day with Jesus they
testified that ha Is tho Messiah. He
Is that one whom God had anointed
to bo the Saviour of men,
3, The Son of God (v, 49), Nathan-
ael wus Interested through the testimony of a friend. Philip told him that
he had found Jesus of "Nazareth, of
whom.Moses had written. Ha .knew
that Xazareth was not the birthplace
of the Messiah, therefore he inquired:
"Can any good thing; come- out of
Nazareth?" At the invitation of
Philip he made a personal investigation', ��� As��� a-result he testified thai
Jesus was the Son of God, the ICi.i'^
of Israel,
4, The Son of Man (v, 51). This is
Christ's own testimony. It shows that
hc Is the Messiah who, according to
Daniel's prediction (Dan, 7;13) would
appear in divine glory and establish a
universal and eternal kingdom. In
this testimony of Jesus is foreshadowed thc union of man and God, and
through him thc establishment-of a
medium of communication- between
earth and heaven. This Is the reality
of Jacob's vision at" Bethel (Gen. 28:
2. His Mission in the World (Matt.
20:27, 28j John 3:16).
Hc came to give his life a ransom
for many. The world was lost iu sin
���about to perish. Christ voluntarily
gave his life���-died instead of the sinner.
1, Thc world is dying like the Israelites, because bitten by the serpent
of sin.
'' 2. Christ, like the brazen serpent,
has been lifted up upon the cross as
the remedy for sin (John 3:14, 15).
3. As the Israelites must look up to
the uplifted" serpent, so those who
would be saved must believe on Jesus
Christ (Jphn3:16). - While looking
by' faith to the crucified Christ saves
froni thc death-alin'g of the serpent, a
neglect or refusal .to-.believe .on him
means to perish,.- "���' - - - -',
4. This provision was made by God,
It-enianated front his Jove (John-3:
16). ."For God so loved the \vorld
that' he gave his only .begotten .Son."
3.: What.He Gives (Rom.'8:31; 32)
'.God gayc his Son to save a .dying
.world. Those who accept his Son' have
God on their side^ He -tliat spared his
.-Son.will .fre.cly'g.ive all things to those
who receive him.. He even, makes all
things work together' for- good ' to
thcm who love hiin (Rom. 8:28).'
'Wood's Phogpho&ins.1
The - Great English Remedy.
Tones and invigorates tho -whole ���
I ncrvou? system, makes new Blood
In old veins, Ourca Nervous
Vebility.iUntal and Jirain Worn/, Despondency, Lour cf Knergy, Palpitation of tht
Heart, Failing Memory. Prico JI per box, si*
for S3. One will plcoee, six will cute. Sold by nil
drtigeuts or mulled in pltuu pkg. on receipt of
Rrico. Nfwpomphletmailed/ree. THE WOOD
1EDHCINE CO..T0COKIO. OHT. CftnsufrWifcirJ
Peatiuccen, cuius chromic wkaxness. lost viook
fouo.mto. write for free book to dr. le clem
Med Co.HaverstoceRd. Hampstbad. Lohdok. Smb.
trymewdraoscltastelesslforuor  easy to tah
Send  n  Dominion   Kxpress   Money   Order.
Tlicy  are  payable everywhere.
Will Erect Elevator and Mill
Red Deer, Alta. ��� H. F. Kenny
has .purchased property; and.will erect
thereon a 25,000 bushel grain elevator,
n fifty-barrel flour mill, with a chopper and a cleaner in connection, and
the stalls and weigh house for a
Cascarets Best
Family Laxative
Harmless to keep liver, bowels
and stomach  clean, and
cost only 10 cents
-Tonigtn sure! .Take Cascarets..and.
enjoy the nicest, gentlest liver and
bowel cleansing you. ever experienced.
Cascarets will liven your liver and
clean your. thirty feet of bowels
without griping. You will ^-ake trp
feeling grand. Your head will be
clear, breath right, tongue clean,
stomach sweet���Get a 10-cent box
now at any drug store... Best cathartic
for children ns well as grown-ups.
Taste.like candy and never, fail. They
work while you sleep.
"��� A school boy's essay, on rain'read:
"Rain comes down-from heaven on'
the . just nnd' unjust, , but mostly
upon. thc, just, because the ��� unjust
have borrowed, thc umbrellas'of the
just ' and' have " forgotten to' return'
them."���London Ideas.
. _No'-,Rcst. With Asthma. Asthma- usually attacks'at night,'"the one time
.when rest is needed most. /-Hence the
loss .of'strength, thc, nervous debility,"
the .loss of flesh and-.other- "evils
whi,ch must- be expected-unless relief
is secured.' 'Fortunately relief is pos
-W'.- IT.' Cii/tislvJiea'd. of- the- Curtis j.sibjc;���,. Dr.. T, D.-KcVloggls'^Astliriia
Remedy has. proved its ".merit through-
years, of. service.'-A -l'ria"l"'will -. con-
;'vincc'you. ���"    '���"  ���"    "- . :'   '"".   / ���  ���. X
yPays to,Be Civil '
iVis.-duu'e -in- #i.l&rwi:ii%3fc^bliifcl li<��|
.;/ii-rasA.it:p.j>fovcoK :m.d:lta(t'-C;is-:; :(�����:��� :-..-p.6.p.:
XX XX i^XXiX'XlX~XX   ;XXixX,xXy:&<XrXX<jr-m w'Ufeaitwwa's'Caw.'lvxi
���Sa^tetteiffl).. S:ii*k.-4-'! he. .priisicfi-jitpf; t-j-<t:^j:uT^'ttOrn,S'"'lWp voiyt-- ifSr "feSv Xn<X
���Eut'r.;ctT..'ti.'0iA6i?at).(! ���\v1.i:<fl.-h(we't.:!wMi;' rpss^^^^'ft^wfeij'; 5s-;U-Jo:"tiSfJ' :R;iffWTfj:*' Mm- .sijiy..oH-^&- ul^it^W^^ife^'s'M
mXcmiXimXxw&vmtk; j^ovloc.^'. ��� iA-^eti'.' tke ^r<:itea<S;Hfcrt0iitfi7-i:teiyyr>��^:"'fs/^ rmtviy
;��gry---_,_  ,_ ;���:.;���..    ;^%i* ,jma#i^thnt'the roatf i^^^X'^jr^^^y   ;   :,  ���...
��� .y'ffeijyiijt-,. :'Sas^,.'t���TJi-,ip=.tli^gi-jiiS.."t'i^tl"^._.:
;u;!X>il*i':vt. :lodi;e  hStij,:;^ii:7.f&:Kiii;l;iJ'|;;'��t;;:
: t.iii'i-t.hv.'..'������'���-y       ' ��� ������ XyX-Xf-XX. ��� XiX;xr
Prize Chickens Bring Eig Price
���7;'4W:nshH);po.n:,'��� -Gmztxii  -V'va^nXiUyK^y-t.iv 1'T'HirtboItli ��� vv&nhl. \yc   cfmi"
:;rcp6?;iXr tiry Sy��  w-;;f itej.i^rt;-r.<'nt    "ffla* fpfc.tj"d  tltfs-.yp:tr. llifi 'nifc  wovifd  h'' ���      y^xriiwXXr   P,   t" ������ *���' -\   iu-iv c��f ' %
Jythere mil are %m sfficur.s aad ;ftai[hirf iyr~W mikK oil  ih.������ V^u^'siH^r!,-,^,'^^,^ 6^
vof'-t;hs esiKiaWmvnry wrcc^��� hVtel. as  trj��'arvfe; M.<-ITof';t nortlfw^tnl ��� 'nrfo'. '!.b'4'.'pu^,.fi a^'\Vhon'Hock. ^-..     '      '
��� tiifesfag..   Thi^'-tiitat. cXnipnrty    vvii'i' Ctimrf. Ivhciv firsfrie-t.,7 frosi. ,3&. Hv .-!li'"'	
ih'ejarttu^t.efeirtK.'fig-tif.rsi-of- j,��;i;S00  talks- wotthl  he' ^f:i(lyd ;te .l��';'n^dy
ftilsslttg a��4.,t'h^Frert;'h;*f'^U/IO(t;;-.   for'stee^n��t-j'ft��t , '"���.."  '.'���'
���;lX<f\'yy fKU'-' tlao %i^n;.y^iiyvm?s "ytyliti;;'/[j,es-.
sitiiiSc:t.   .iccuteuik'S" ��� EiiilSf:ll   :.\vi.>'fi"'   tho
���.   ,,-- -,-     4,        r x\    An pld woman .was severely,   rc-
. prosperity    than -for-- ��� .-, ���   -   - .   . ���       -     ���,-���..     .. '.
.-,-   ',     '. " "   ...,.  ���... I proved by her clergyman torbowmg
~.Xx ' __V X'":  --'-'.',' "Uier licadc'ach .tiinc thc-naind of Satati
' j'was "meutioiicd.-;   Asked her  reason
i.for. this,, she. replied: . ,"-."-   ������
j." y"-\Vcll,'' civility   costs .nothing, "/you
know;  -and", you iicy'cr:.-caii'Vcll wliat
Xy. XXxr ^XM^^X^XyiXy. iXLsXKiXXyXXX
"SU^yyt j:t o syj>s: Sp ^:_t t jM.ryvtyiyiQSX^ .yi^[f^:yy^i ^..eytly; yjs,^;
.".fip'n.i;! fit?.) iu
UHghf'.- htvppjl' XiiXXi"&rio'n^iiXVyiyklfXX
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;.'��� -.'   ������ :���;���>':��� x xX.r ���     ��������� ".<tOT.-. -si^iiatu^c.-.Qf ���B;i;::U'; A6RO.VvE;\--;tiiriSs.:-a',
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\% Xzx iii -tin.: i-'cix-js't'ly eonclatlej ]>ro��'!
I'-v-uiciul"."i?<.iv\.-f"nluti-iit egg krym;:'.   ten'-.I S^a'tikujg'doesil't'e-iire'b.ed-AVgtliiigf
'^���'M'f^.'St'Kixl -tw X<;.!;��� :itr+ef.-bi.<',pi.H?.,?
.|.1C.iv.d:'vSv'fl:t' .fit'  tS.i.ivn.i   ti;fi:   J:heCil%
fttlis' SiiitHiKT.-
iy. c<:j;*;
Corns are caused by-the pressure
of tight boots, but no one. need'   be
troubled with thcm   long - when    so -
simple a. remedy iis- Holioway's  Corn
Cure is available.  -
Lumber Trade' Active .-..'���"
' Vancouver,:-13. C. ���^ The" lumber
tra"<le-to""Australia" Is. showing- a tendency'to get.back'-to the.normal traffic of prcrwar.times, and it is ."expected, will, exceed, the demand of
those-days. The initial-cargoes this,
year" arc being carried. _by^ -;.th.rcc
steamers handled by.the Canadian-
Australasian, royal'.mail' line. It.'-is
believed an .active demand-.fpr lumber
from this-province will soon, arise, in
New,-Zealand also."' ...."". ./:  .".
'��� TJie'ljiovenient of. settlers.from the
United.-States.'is .now, fairly. well under, .'way. Tliirly-lhrcc .cars -of. effect!,
wcrc-clcared.at the- North Portal, cits-,.
tpms./port on' ilarch   L.    .'"- .���.-''   - :
-the trouble is -due to weakness
| test at-"' Vi-rtorki, .wnsisolsi .'last. week".
'to- ;d .'O'mano. poultry;::hvccAcr..   X&r xal\.heim^n^GF^mm'%^y:pic&&S'S.-
!$3!fflra.v$3|yKi?r. piillei/;'? '    >; """ 	
Indian Soldiers-Saved Armeniah'BoysL-
J.oiij.lo'n.. ��� Intelligence received',by
'    ���-     "  ! tiit: Annvniaii bureau from  Port- S;iid'
Cultivated Area Increasing Rapidly   | hhws that Indian soltlicrsVliavc'sav-1
if yth-t
Eizberg-er Will
XXsrriti;iiiy*s'-Jiii;>te XXlite.yyatibji.-ci,..;'
:XojXXXynvriiyXi. M;|rMiiily~y.te��Ky':'h'aSi-y
j Rieai p0 4fi i-iarylif ?i;l&Scmp;9^'f^;:
:^dt t^2|['��i'dS^ywiHuift
XTliypr; ScirmMJ-gd^pfSjejitj XXziiXi
%. i^dth^-OiSJ'- :yfiiqrfiiiy: '^.ittctSi'*" ji a %i-
;i^&XX��0i"^-;i^il$. jsH&iiiX. XEpgXy
yJ3���i^ty.: '��� ii#$X o:'^cnij7^t:#t'ia;i|^ ��� \^.i
;.:inicet yS^ygi^vii 1?;"E^i^ii y:'   ;; y:^;:.;;;:;';' ������'
ful boine treaiiucnt will be found
lielpiul. . Sc;iid no money., but
write me today! My" treaUneut
is cqnnlly successful for adults,
troubled will urinary difficulties.
HRS.M SUMMERS, Box-42 Windsor.Ont.
A'iiieit* ininrs'ter|.ud. ih&^ty^S^i^ixi&r^^^g^m
... Tl-re TK^^rt
of. agrfctrfc'ftisi^W��tjjj 'rtutf ..��� XWW)$M1 &xyjXcslxiXxtm^i&xiy^^Xivi:%{%.
ae:vs ofykntd..fctd bfim' ���b.-okpnC:.)^
is: ctbowfy'tsight: ps-r' cent",'..ef W-q: %t;;rl;:,oth:cr: d%':1i#;^.i-p!tans;'^.if^;iyw^^'
iH'tfii. ��f- .agriculttiFri'l :lm(l -iu ���tii.cy'iwo-;:iny ;ti'iE''dde5t.&Si^
'^jicc!. ' i'i. rcp.rpS(ftiis-t:!i.oWeV5'r',,a fiuffr-sKt ^^Tiiii^inttW'-lrati 1jWi't":citr6\vh ;
:ol'.' over . iw-o  ufft'Uruiy"acre's '������ over ".th* \uXq- XliXXyXXXy hyi-tljevTork^ ;Xrf<f vX*i
jpwviofe yciiiy, a^f'ri* u.i.orc;liiatf cig'hcvr^cH'rci 9X itfe Itillliiiks^lfe''whcryisl
w;.. n; -_-u. = 1258
Electric Light at Home, $2.00 in Carafa
The ;la��c-;.t  .clcctriu-  li.s'ht   di^covciv.     No
I'riitcncs  to.yi'iiy  or...electric   t>ilU  to.  pay.
Tlibi&'aiHls.'. f.>{.,.hoiocs'"'an'<t-..fariivs -lia:ye, iu-
;ar&;;Stittyai^m}r5v.'l:y_f(tiWi_.> syi-GJiiafatttetjiy 16
;:cajiiv' 1 nstill-Sit.?; ujlTijiS/iin itlgitiyeltctriiiili^ity
rljr^li ;^f'!;Tc vbj a (fnyrt��; 5^
ttry^. j>r'di:ccyj.o?,yyyEQci>cf^
'fpplV ;UrifeJ!i?d;;;y:i4!3^y^(i::;^b:b6i;v;ifoa
^;fi{:i^ait:3..^ttyt6ty'' :c^^p.OiinH.^yluth.;^j;U^^;ifJi^;^
M :'afS:S iS ii" 'yo'ar'i-1 ?;��� Vt!ji.i Sijy;^y3JHftjit;.:;&V)efj*p;;;
:aBii '^o.u., io- fmrii; yXX&ii&rltgMzrznyv^ieX
SMjjfjS; /FiKii3&&X.:. XX>'XyXiXXxX'X' ;..f
'..:. i%^xiX^;00iW��^iG^
i. .iY'oBig&'i -St;v' 'Arci'de;-':-B*uUding";.:. .. ���'"..:.
tfrtttrs: its. uu-K-h.'.'-i.*' tit*.;
mii9W,..Xi_'/ixX '..x'-
.:i.rc.ti"- ti ri i !,!._��� r exo'if.
AMiXXii- -citTc t>f -Ivi'iti.y'
a /-<  '    r     -hi. ��� ��� ��� Assistance to Russian Army-
A Cure for Rheumatism.���A painful.'     t.-"^-     . -��� - ,   /     ,
and.pwsib1s.u-form wt'.fhcumaiism is j C:^U^!.!"" " ^'[li:CUS ��'   ��,n*k>
xcsulty gftd^fectiveyactldii7. of ,tfic;' Kv.cr
an'dlSid:rt^yi_;%o:'^h.id';v hlpod'^lsec^iftcs^
tissues ;^ni.Jiiythe- -.iolrtis^ ���V_j*ai!ibftlc���^".;
XXiyXy.ixXfixbX'-'" ���'"���������'*������������''-''-::-������-���?*���* -���������---���-��;
'���X, iWim gsy Xfim '��� yififSii^ly&f
|^:r-$Xpi"-. 4'ho'til;Xs ;&#c:ky^l-fe^^gti
;N;'t3ic_i;'.___B;;;:fiiBl: ^S ^3p$t!i'MXSii:iiXXriXXXX
Siberbvyliayeybrganizcd ic:oniteittc&s-.t0';
assist .''���th'e.'.Rits&ta'ii :.arhjy ��� audyym ytwo,
7d ays; ysitBic'r ipi;$J^^ %tX
i^itXMX^'xiy^^Xi: ^^^*:!Spjvspap:?r|.
|i.i?;;:;as;v&i-^^v^f'j^��'ai.'iC-gci S'4ii^cfe\v^Jrfc^' Sf;
^^tl:yt:^^sq_m^;yi^^:;J_^;;io!yy_!.n*fe��;,;_i srot;e;:jy ���':���., ��� '.-''. '.y-'-.-m-t
<o u
You don't have to rub it in
to get ..quick, comfort-'
ing relief
Once you've tried it on that stiff
joint,; sore muscle, sciatic pain, rheumatic twinge, lame back, you'll find
a warm, soothing reiicf you never
thought a liniment could produce,
Won't- stain' the skin, leaves no
muss;wastes no time in applying, sure
to give quick results. A large bottle
.means economy.." Your own or any
other druggist'has it. Made in Canada.   Get it today.
30c!1   60c.   $1.20.
Submarine Losses Compared
Neutrals and Small Entente Nations
Suffered More Than U.S.   -
Washington; ��� American shipping
suffered comparatively little at thc
hands of German submarines during
the war, according to complete figures on allied and neutral ship losses,
made, available recently. Only 12b
American vessels were lost, as compared to 3,147 British. In tonnage
figures, the United Slates^ lost 385,-
967 tons, against .Britain's 7,818,870,
navy department figures show.
Neutrals and X some of the smaller
entente nations suffered more than
the United States. Greece lost 162
vessels and Norway, 781.
Helping Farmers
To Prosperity
Rural Credits . Scheme   Proving    of
Great Benefit
More than"$215,0.00 was "lent lo 368
farmers, more " than 10,000 acres ot
virgin prairie was put under cultivation and at least five carlo, 'a of livestock were purchased wlit e'no purchases would have been possible, as,a
result of opera.'ous, of thc Manitoba
rural credits scheme, according to
details, contained in the first annual
report of this branch of governmental
activity.;! The full value of the work
of these societies will not be sccn-ior
a few years. Some of them did not
begin lending until the spring season-
had passed so that their respective
credits do not represent the total
which it is anticipated a normal season would show. There is every indication that some of these societies
granting limited lines of credit will
require much greater ones the coming
year. Twenty new charters have been
granted in all of which "districts it is
expected lending will begin in thc
spring. ���   .  -
In assisting individual farmers to
increase thc production of their land,
these societies are increasing the general prosperity of the province. The
loans made have enabled many farmers to extend their operations in a
manner'otherwise impossible, and tlic
effect of their-work wilh bc cumulative. ���*;���'���
Mother and Son
Are Both Grateful
A Ranchman's Success
For the Good Dodd's Kidney Pills
Did   Them
Cured Mrs. Larson's Sore Back, ana
Put an End to Her Son's Sleepless
Bcrgland, Ont., April 7. n(Special).
���"I am glad to have an opportunity
to give fair credit to Dodd's Kidney
Pills, for the good they did me, and
also my family.". Says Mrs. John
S. Larson, a well-known'and highly
respected resident of this place. "YVe
have been using them as a Camily
remedy for sore back:
"At thc time . I ordered 'Dodd's
Kidney Pills I did it more for a faacy
than"from any belief in their curing
"But I was all in from an aching
back. I caught a bad cold and that
settled on my Kidneys so bad that I
could not sleep, and 1 could not work.
''When I stooped forward my back
was so sore that I had to brace up my
body by putting my elbows on my
'knees ancl I could hardly rise up
again.  .'���������.
"After taking two "boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills tlic pain decreased son.e
and my back'is fairly'good'unless I
"Also one of my young sons had
diseased kidneys, so that he had to
get up every half hour during the
night... Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
him and now he can sleep all night,
"I am very grateful to Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Dodd's Kidney Pills havc been curing kidney ills for over twenty-hve
ycars. Ask your neighbors about
Alberta Rancher Disposes of Holdings for Half a Million Dollars
The purchase of a cattle ranch of
11,500 acres, near High River, Alberta, together with three thousand head
of stock for- half a million dollars a
few days ago was interesting, not because of the maynuLi.lv. of the transaction alone, but because it brought
the purchaser into the'foreground.
This was Roderick R. Maclcay,
who ' has long been -. a prominent
rancher in the province.
Twenty years ago, ;withoitt "capital,
he came to Alberta, and by his energy and/ability, has succeeded in buiTt-
ing up a great beef producing ranch
in the meantime.. During thc war his
beef .turn-off ran into millions of
pounds. Thc acquirement of thc
above described property will place
Mr. Maclcay first among thc great
ranchers of Alberta."      ��� ..
But who will say that the opportunities for success in Alberta today
for the man with energy and ability
arc not-so-good ns thcy were twenty
years' ago?
Hungary Anxious for Peace
New Army Not for Purpose of
Paris. ��� Reports ��� received from
Budapest by the American peace delegation indicate that the ncw rulers
of Hungary arc giving assurances
that thcy arc anxious for peace on
all fronts, and that the new army
they afc creating is directed toward
the maintenance of order and not for
the purpose of aggrtision.
-The ncw Hungarian officials arc attempting tS*draw a distinction between communism, which thcy say
thcy are trying to practice, and Bolshevism. Tlicy declare that thcy are
not copying the Russian program, but
arc forming distinct", foreign "policies.
Unless you have faith iii your effort
it will-be a failure
Miller's Worm Powders are complete in themselves.' They, not only
drive worms from thc system, but repair the damage that worms cause
and so invigorate the constitution
that it speedily recovers from the disorders of the digestion that are the
result of the -work of these parasitic
intruders. Thcy do their work thoroughly and strength and soundness
follow their use. " "
-For Sale by all Dealers ~
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Oni.
Value of Canadian Farms
' The annual report of the Dominion
bureau of statistics shows the average
value of farm land, including improved
and non-improved farms, to be $46
au acre as compared, with $44 an acre
in 1917 and $41 in 191G. By provinces
thc value is highest in British Columbia, where it averages $149 an -acre,
this being exactly, the same figure as
in 1917. The value of farm Ian-1 in
Manitoba averages-��32^ as.compared
to $31 in 1917; iu .Saskatchewan $29,
against $26, and in Alberta $28,
against $27 iu 1917.
Queen Operated On
Madrid. ��� Queen Victoria recently
underwent a slight operation. An announcement said that the operation
was successful.
Oil at Peace River
. Peace River, Alta. ��� Tne.'Tar' Island Oil and Gas company, at its annual meeting, reported a successful
year, and that a flow of gas.was secured at a depth of 854 feet, while a
strong showing of oil was observed
on the horing reaching a depth of 970
feet.  ' ���".;.���-
Minard's   Liniment
for  Sale   Every-
Must Demobilize Rhine Forts
Paris. ��� An agreement on at least
one point seems to have been reached in the peace conference discussions, according-.to thc Temps. Germany is not to bc permitted to keep
garrisons, fortifications or war factories, not only on thc left bank of
thc Rhine, but also along a strip of
at least thirty miles on thc right
To' Survey Oil Bearing Fields
Edmonton, Alta.��� The Imperial
Oil company., is intending to make a
thorough investigate vo the Alberta oil fields, it is reported by C. E.
Taylor, western -manager-of the company., A rumor has been current foi;
some time past-that it was looking
towards the.Mackenzie river ���cOiiiiiry
as..-well, but. beyond the fact that
drilling and surveying are to be com
men'ced! in different parts of .the Alberta field, nothing more definite is
available. The company has already
two drilling outfits iu operation, a
powerful oil drilling;'; Tig has ��� just
reached Edmonton, and three oth-rs
arc en route, thus making a total of
six that will be utilized. In addition
five parlies will be sent out to make
a geological survey,of the oil bearing
fields. ���* .-
Chinese Trade Will Benefit Canada
Victoria, B.C. ��� "Canada does not
realize the possibilities of thc Chinese
trade. Canadian business men havc
not awakened to lhcir oppo'.luuitics
in the republic of China," said Dr. J.
VV. Ross, Canadian trade commissioner to China. Dr. Ross was a passenger on the liner Empress of Russia,
which docked here. He expressed
himself as hopeful that an early settlement of China's internal troubles
would be achieved, and that as a result of the commerce of the Dominion would benefit largely..
One of the commonest complaints
of infants is worms,'and thc most effective application for them is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
.It may be hard for some people
to he poor, but for others it is the
0"-' <-t  thing in  the world.
'<? Huns Pay Gold for Food
Paris. ��� The French foreign office
was advised that $55,000,000 in gold
was deposited by thc Germans in the
Belgian National bank at Brussels.
The gold is collateral for thc payment
of foodstuffs which thc allies are permitting to  enter Germany.
Allied Raising Blockade
Paris. ��� It has been . decided to
raise the blockade of Poland, Es-
thonia,'German Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czcchc-Slovakia, jtnd the territories occupied by Rumania and
Serbia. With respect to German Austria, prohibition is maintained against
trade in a few articles, chiefly of a
military  nature.
The international trade commission
sitting at Vienna will exercise supervision to prevent re-exportation to
In all the inroads of disease and contagion on the health of >ouf
liorse, SPOHN'S is the champion of hi3 cause���whether stallion,
brood mare, or colt. Its long-standing success as a. prcvcntiTe
COUGHS and COLDS has proven it to be absolute protection
in tlie stable.
Voc     f\iif- ��� ���   What are pancakes worth with&Jt
* ��������   aJUl syrup? .It is the sytup that gtvej the
flavour; and there i�� no other tyrup thai taste* just as good as
Not to Use U.S. Troops
London. ��� President Wilson has
informed other members of thc United States delegation -to the peace
conference that no United States soldiers should be used in any trouble
in eastern or southeastern Europe, a
News   dispatch   from     Paris
For hot pancakes, hot biscuit* and muffins and_ a dozen other
Table and Kitchen mes, housewives with the w:dc��t experience
use Crown Brand every time-thc golden syrup with the
cwie flavor.
For Marmalade  and  other  preserves, we
recommend out LILY WHITE Com Syrup
The Spring is'a time of anxiety to
mothers who Jiavc little ones in the
home: Conditions make it necessary
tp'-keep thc baby indoors. He is often
confined to overheated badly ventilated rooms and catches colds which
rack his vyhole system. To guard
against this a box of Baby's Own
Tablets should be kept in the house
and an occasional dose given the baby
to keep his stomach and bowels working regularly. This will prevent colds;
constipation or colic and keep baby
well. The Tablets are sold by medicine'dealers or by mail at 25 cents a
box from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.," Brockviile, Ont.
Mine Sweeping Off New Zealand  ,
Wellington, N. Z. ��� 'New Zealand
is still searching carefully, assisted by
floats to test the currents, for thc
crop of mines sown round her sho.'ts
by the German raider WoliT. Trailers, under the supervision of Commander Kiely of the cruiser Philomel,
have alrcadv recovered 35 mines.
Will Build Convention Hall
Saskatoon,  Sask. ��� At a    special
meeting of thc city council it was de
cided to include in thc estimates the
sum of ��50,000 for the purpose of a
convention hall   to  be builL    on  thc
site    of    thc    old    skating
Fourth avenue.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
(Tablets). It stopa the Cough and Headache and works oS the Cold. E. \Y.
GItOVE'S signature on each  box.    30c.
^y!;?f|$.HIS;pe^ ;gi_ves/:isu:chvy a !fiiie wlea; 'pf;^��l)^*'aIue;-c)if:!!Dr, {Suistfsl'
���:x;JN_!;3fted^H#y^ ttet'w-eMtall paMish it- w!iifcMoa:t:^ii(;ii(?r .epiitm&nt;.
XxxXXx-: 'XXx'i0B^Wli^!0Xi^^^$XMi^^Q&^ ���&#&, Halifax N!'S!>.Writes ������: '���  '.' ���!       -..:;���'.
���'��� ���-I leel!ifc;a:j|iessur&Ms ivell ;Ss ray &ixiy to racoiMKii^fe (Phase's- $ferv��;'xX;';
,.^l#ih,^ '���':.
.'""My yawake.tumble taysleep. . Nothing dirl;me:an^;:gQOdyimiH. one oi myixiej0i-y Xy.
XXX :fo$rs-y:Ncom^�� yniedl^ i i -��� .'"=
XX:M0iXx&'iil]k ^se&I&lCha^ idy&rX^XX
i. % '������against:Hwitation
Getting Ready for Seeding
Calgary Alta. ��� Farmers throughout the south are busily preparing for
spring seeding, and all reports indicate, that the .acreage, will ,bc ... 'the
d:5teuHy;itVvSeciiring-'sce.d' graih.^ouc
p f-^the-7'-f armers/^
'crc^yyarei-yto !-aiiy3
ibey/tack of/^yfixe;^
ycars'ypa'Bt'v,' :��ast;;yea!r.-.;76tiy tjievLctli J
;iiy-likelyS.|o: :|i C;-;>vciiQy!:y 'o yt-yXX^^O^f
yia i n ��� ��� .dis t ri ct S> �� suite tl 74 ii ^ laud;: XUch ig:
p r'fi pa iri;d.yca'_'ly!for;it;ii is* year's!; ^see'd ing!
Give "California Syrup   of   Figs"   if
cross, sick, peevish, constipated
Look -back at your childhood days.
Remember the "dose"! mother insisted on���castor oil, calomel, cathartics.
How you hatecUthem, how you fought
against taking thetm -
Wilh our children it's different.
Mothers who cling to the old form
of physic siniply donU realize what
they do. . Thc children's revolt is
well founded. ��� Their tender little
"insides'-'are injured by thcm.
lf your "child's stomach, liver and
bowels need cleansing, give only delicious "California Syrup of Figs.'^ Its
action is positive, but gentle. Millions
of mothers keep this harmless "fruit
laxative" handy; they know children
love lo take it; that it never fails to
clean thc liver and bowels and
rink on'sweeten thc stomach, and"that a teaspoonful given today saves a sick
child tomorrow.
Ask your druggist for a bottle of
"'California Syrup of Figs," which has
full directions for babies, children of
all ages and for grown-ups plainly on
each bottle. Beware of counterfeits
sold here. - Sec that it is made - by
"California Fig Syrup Company." Refuse any other kind with contempt.���
Allied Airmen Mobbed ��
Cairo. ��� Communication with As-
stiit, reported in recent dispatches as
isolated by the revolutionists, has
been established by flying boat. The
occupants were compelled to make a
false landing and were; surrounded
by a mob having recourse to their
revolvers, but Avere eventually overpowered. They fought their way out
however, and to.ok refuge in a friendly sheik's house, subsequently reaching the railway, boarded a goods
train and escaped.
Pungent South
Proposal From Russia
London. ��� According to the
Labor paper, the Daily Herald,
allies havc received a proposal for a i
understanding with the present rulers of Russia, "making possible a
just peace, which wouid immediately
bring'Russia into the league c? nations."
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
African Comment;
:- -STo ;^who nfyyity i my;] v'tra iVccinivwTJu s
is ,;fogc:e;riifytetha'l;_4^
^^S^^IXSE^PI iii^cllras^BM!
.^yylin jnvc nfe y^syi/re^
ixM xiMXixM. &iM^ii^Mxxi;
A!Australja;^H;u:e.e ...Merchants yV6ss��i.!i
^.yyKitl.bptiru.cC ."-^- 'Tlifiy.vn^fcj^ifotisaMtt
;t'0ity}t.!i5j'tl___5.irt: vci:K^yy'^$m}g_ya:-/.!h!t<;:
lyfeii-Jamtcft^d'- at \\%l5h:f;I's]:ili-d^.'Tli;i5:
'is:4iiie. 'fi.!^t'-'yyss��t;!.io?y_!^'!^^
b'yptlife"'''^^ tniiic-ni 'un d��:r:;'-tk*J- xXoi&X
fif6'ii:w��a'1th 4lripbiijiding-'"seivemc7! X--y.:
Fprme.i.-'���Xipremier.-"-'"Thinks". :::Pf.esideht.
.(Ec>tvd dn/Ti titc's -Pub} ic-^Led^ery-Ctthlc;;
.;;-!!Capci!owticf-fti!'.-tlic.. coittisc X!of��� y!tjic
ti ltd g q ty d ijbatti ,-i ti\ I h'c' "h o tt s &yo ffas sidvq-.
lilyj': Tolih.!-M!&rrmia:i^!oiYc;^
;t lvej; iiiaiidaio ry; f li cciry '.'.-���' r' XyX-Sy^iiyyi;-
XXIiliS^qtujs iiSiv!^sy1&|k?dJt'' Ho W y cl Id:
i-HcXgoV0rhniciVty^prcsp6sti."to -jdeaiy-Aviili;"
���<Jxy riii a ii'SS o Uth? West! !A frt e.ay'i.n :!t lie! :ftr-:
'ilajc'|jpf.''' the.-;fqag|tic;!.of .= na tK5|VsK Jt"<;l 1 i n g";
fiSp it t hy;!Af i-ica!!was-'
icyyX. iXiciiyfliyiyr :ot>y ioti'shry-tot'sgetvcral
Xyy^yx ���VMc f f_ iju at tX|eiilicdKy;!y|;f;!^dGii|i;
ymiia^ixsidc nia!3yilso��^!'y>U: fcy|\Mlsph:
^yy^JWj mat k!thltf;3:iia i if: :b ri��if u'ly yo^iql ty!
.\yiuvty yyfe^^yyymid ;yi��SM:e^t:hSv!.flan|Kfc>
:fiu j!XixyX\ vi \ 1 ��� ;n 0 tiS;ti_K-;fefntSy^ V; ;h.i:iii&if!;';;
i^>i:QJvt rt al;.yS ta ?_:XX- ��� XXX-'fX:yxyjX:r;rXry
Alberta's Dairy Industry Growing
Despite the adverse   labor    conditions ruling last ycar, there    was a
fair increase,in Alberta's dairy business over that of the previous ycar,
thc total production of creamery butter . bcing.; 9,ipp,P0arppunds .;..iii, -|51S
ycomparcd^Avith' ���3,W4,00^y;ppttndsy^:iiv
-19 ife-, !:Tdtv!;;y eitrs77 yiag^^.^je! jtitii}; ipipX
;2,55p,OQ0y poiindsV';ys'Q:y th;vti::;j'a-'.;'^uii.y;:i)f
.'in^y-'illic'.'sa^ne, tiiiVc '.lhe-^'reduction :;c_f-
'rxic -yavt^agt'ynu'mH^r!:. of ;=y niillcy ;c'oWf
;pcr!'.fiiyni\-in- AlLidrtii '.is"��� !ho:w: XyJXXXx.".
Prizes Will Be Large
Want to Bring Winter Fair to Higher
Regina, Sask. ��� Prizes for live
stock and poultry at the winter fair
here will total $16,000, or $4,000 more
than offered at any previous -winter
fair in thc province, according to recommendations made by thc live
stock committee to the amalgamated
fair board. Thc increase in the prize
list is due to the desire of thc amalgamated board to enlarge thc winter
fair in proportion to thc Regina summer fair.
According to the tentative prue
list, -which was drafted recently,
thc prize money will be divided as
follows: Horses, ��7,000; cattle'$4,-
000; sheep, $1,000; swine, ?1,200; poultry, $2,000.
Competitions "for Clydesdales, Percherons and Belgians will each carry
$1,345 in prizes.
A ncw departure in the cattle department will provide a competition
for breeding classes of prime beef
breeds. Four new classeh will be added in each breed, two for males and
two for females. Only animals calved
in 1917 and 1918 will bc eligible in
these, breed, classes.., .
!y>.'!Ther:y.!prizc_ .4isJ:y::-.ipr.y:_Llie poultry
;hranc!i7-yhas: u6t;'yci!.h'ccn revised.
y!!;!EcOTahent;,Wary,Staff Opposed
!y"Ea'ris!;^y!It!^^ that     the
ameWdniciit^fo\!f:h;c.i?:a^'ic:y of nations
.cpyeitanl'nrnje^^ Bourgeois,
]5rpyi(ii!iif-;:fpr.yya .p'c.rivianc'ut    military
;atidyyiva\:al;:..st^^y;!f^^ ���has
.beci.i;-rej.^tcd::,byy :'tlicyi:l.<jaguc   of   na-
tipusv-conliiiissioiiJ.;y.;V^V!:!: !^
'! ^Th'^QiKofJPlt'w^
. ed:.feryiDfc^Vpni'a^yEiel eejt'rii:cQij!''lh''atS
.1.1. wii t- icfi;ei!!r:y:ffryr. !ill,y;bjrtyjts:'vsesyyarie5
���as & igpiTjcrttf ipffin 'fvillfer. /i't:;Ji^/ri'clii'ey^
;ftcj!!(h\it' gittiatVrcJS^yfri'r\yfl.seif;yfl'tKl.;^!aH!
_ attewvpts ��� to !s tfiypa-ss- it" .htfteyyf ail&d! '-j tsy
y^eisllcii:c'C;;.is,lyti.S\\-ny:io _;i"lV- -wltp/jiaiASi'
!:(fetj_'(7r:iVs ..vfEtufc? aiid. Iftayi'trt. by',' exy.
peiwyxeyy.-:.. - ''ii'XXX'i:'i
yyy.'J;l#\q'iife'panvfe'd' _i;Keir ypififpi^'^yiii^
th'q ^.yCii'rJjiSivs    tvfc^/tiryin'gy t_ci>p:a:s:s- -at'-
.p;tt. .for   a'pface dove!>'at ;fji'je- ���.eoufcr-.i;
cimy,' X\s\X XX' 'k&c;ps!-G'tiy^fl%'.::for'['. japan; War ife CWsVa;''-'f   :y'-'
<yKi:d<ci'!?r~^ln^agti'K^W?>..'      '���������""���    ���������>���   Lotiuwu..- -^���.T1:ic..yJaprtKcse.hiints.l!eiy
;,!:: ������������'���  -���.:-..-.���'    ���-'...::.:. ...'...���..���.������.��� ���..��� .....'I: to Chifta -ivaracct the Ch:m��sd: .'govern:-;;
XXr.-XXXX x;x>. .Xxyi..." ~~~!! '7--'-7!!7'!!~!y-J matit tluvt ,i��- the- cv'entrp-ty' y[.apdiv.&e-
coiivmcrcial'      lutcfcsts .-' .' suffc;rtt1s3,���
tltrottglt' UVe ilisd:c>surc '-.   o.f ������. sfrcrcj
JagftCfiKriitsy Chrud:;Wdiiidy he :ttc'hl--ts--
i - ip q a ii-b f ii > f o;r ���". tli;e l�� s$, i ricm rd-fris;. -h��
j ri;;pe\\&-:iHjti;'tcy'..-dfepritciv'-ftfeiiu -Pekiiif
general;Paii   ���"'. ���- ������'���
' .KeMKeS" Paris
^;!y Piiriii!!::���-.pcuiirfft Ixixxy 'hiiiiir-i
'���yX(i\X0Xibr :XXqKX$X)s .'rciurfi' f rotsi
.'CaviadExfttiidl^fe^^' -saidythat'
,'the /yrciyagc!7- W3'syg-Mi!f*gc4^^;!
X'FkXi'^P^c^afTOtiJiifeis yeg&dj
yidX joitv.;:'!!!'i&. !Ve'c^te^\!ifi:^ytt'e^!
:-S:y#.if iMji!ts^ff!;i^^^ff3j "tlgfe
i!iSjssi^i?s ,!voS^t^.^-^i@^?_tr^
/^eiiVSp^ytp! XX rif3XX$X.i$iX&X
riJSpSiXsXiyriiX -ih'f^V'cdaK'th^uglj'*:
;.Jttfe&#tiXXitXXXyy'X '..XyUyxyy X :yr:
.Min^d'syLinimcht-.C^ris^^r^s,-. etc.
',;vI^ingij;l��riiSA l^;;y^;S*7v'cii{sSnyyfttfi
ylii'ccrf /^Iti'pp y:ii yH&Wji! ;Hp��i;yi'_j^ylpy.'li.i^/3.'!
iUltfs^v&'^t. ��s y_^^nt:;|S'ia^;?!i:i; ^iiiyftiifc^y;'1
���MB tiy;-i^c_v k iXXy iXsf- X:XXiX0&Sy^XiixXWi3myi
'.���   ��� ��q\\x needs hasc hcettJorese.eii^yy^^l&^yMiy^ar
'������!'-. wer^liidrfiopdhave'hcc'u'ysitj^icd
��� ���yyS^iioiiiyyl'in.S! ������.;A??dyyy'0u^dt:tvve:!.pnlyyff&; naul.c yttttf
��!!?Paiotfev&0H!tots4t^ fille'd!"- ���";.:'
'/ :-'\^ftri'.y.p;-_ftt;��Xsftfa-S?n^ Pa.!nt.-^Kctp-'   ^tKe.
y:ty.:^'iietf������SijiiSoJ\il:o��.^";tfKtM�� .���syagoa's:.acii Sools
��� i-i;'fpfea<T&.CeisUji^cSvcfs.^iijofel^iS^Mct^thtfKi' a:gainit; T.cfi- Slid:
;Xx 'XXiXlXXiXh XXXXX XiXXXXiXXX-XXsXX^^^^iXP-'^iX.^t^^
Kh'i^xj$^ii&^^ v.' xi
'^^Xxtdyyi,XXriXM'XXiA ;hi;tvcSy
{ 0 ''.iyifesJ yfctyfj'oiif|!3t. wuf|!':
Is $2 a year strictly in  advance,  or ��2.50
when'not paid for three months.    If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always J2.50 a year to the United
States iu advance.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     700
Sstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and S cents a line for
each subsequent' insertion, nonpariel
The  blue cross means that
.. your subscription  is due, and
that the editor would he'pleascd
to have more money.
Go To Sunday School Day
April 13th, 1919
The great interest now being
taken in the work of Religious
Education is a sign that a new day
has come. The Government of
British Columbia has proclaimed
April 13th as a special "Go to Sunday School Day" to be observed by
all creeds and classes. Leaders in
church and state realize that there
can be no satisfactory Reconstruction in community and national
lift?, which is not accompanied by
a moral and religious development
of the people, especially among the
young. "Under the caption "Tbe
Snnday School aud the New Day"
an interesting program has been
arranged by the Provincial Cooperative Committee of Religious
Education. A direct challenge
will be given to the "Home," to
the "Boys and Girls" and to the
"Leaders." Tt -is expected' that
each."school -will aim toliave acom;
' plefce attendance of regular members,, and also secure many who do
3iot,afc"presenfe attend. '    "
Senior II: Eraine Duhamel,
Mary Klinosky.
Junior III B. John Wyder,
Ernest Wyder.
Junior III A. Cyril Robinson,
Ethel Fraser.
Senior III. David Wheeler,
Gabrielle Legault.
Junior IV. Gordon Jenks, Russell Eustis.
Perfect attendance: Ethel Benson, Bessie Bidder, Doris Dixon,
Lawrence Duhamel, Percy Fraser,
Edward Johnson, Jack Jory,
Helen Kerr, Kathleen McLeod,
Leona Hopkin3, John Putzel,
Rickard Morrison, Clarence Johnson, Melba Wheeler, George Bryan,
Eileen Bryan, Mary Skelton.
Proficiency list.
Jr. Second Reader: 1, Ethel
Benson, 2, Tillie McDonell.
First Reader: 1, Edward John-
eon, Bessie Bidder, (equal) 2, Gertrude Nelson, 3, Lawrence Duhamel.
Second Primer: Melba Wheeler;
Stanley Rudkiu and N"ick Plecash,
First Primer A.: Doris Dixon,
and Leona Hopkins, (equal).
First Primer B.: 1, Irene Inglis;
2, John Putzel and Helen Kerr,
equal; Percy Fraser and BerG Lane
Receiving Class: Mary Skelton,
John Plecash.
Culatneen Rofel
One of the largest hotels In
the city. Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON      -      PROP.
Greenwood Central School
[X March, 1919.Report.
���_- .   DIVISION  I -.. ..    '
No. actually attending ';;   "-'-���;- 32
Perfect- attendance:';Emmet .An-
- dereoii;'. - Daisie Axam,, '��� . Mabel
"Axam,!Johnson Beattie,;.SeIma Ben--
son," Gari Intilla, 'Robert Jenks,,
Roderick Mcintosh, Frank . Maslonka, -Harold y Mellrud, 'Roderick
, McLeod," Ivor  Potts,...Ena' Potts,;
���'���-Thomas/'-WiHiamsoiv Lottie .Tan?
-* - ner,. Job n vKrbaton, " Harry"; Jones.
"= "Highest;" ..standing: ' Senior.- IV.
- (aggregate !bri four .examinations)"
"Robert Jenks! 3S3;;Lottie- Tanner,
��� ���383-;.; Harold; Mellrud, '381;Irene
. y S: Meintosh',' ;373;;. -Mary,"- Gibson,
. 371; 'Ena-Potts',. 369; - 'Roderick- lie-.
:';Lcod; 325;:ivor'.Pbfcts, 310; Ethel
Lah_e,. 310;"'Phyllis Spooner, '296;
.Wilfrid. Docksteader,   295,   Ethel
��� Pond,. . 260;. Harry Jones, 250;
Daisie Axam, .235; Roderick M'ac-
kinpsth, -220; Ruth Anderson, 215;,
y James. Lane,   195; Ethel  Parker,-'
.120. . JTames Hallett  (not present
. yfor all examinations.)
Junior Reader IV: Frank Mae-
lonka,.. 3.98; Selma Benson, 358;
Mabel Axam, 328; John Krouten,
316, Emmet Anderson, 314; Gari
Intilla, 313; Johnston Beattie,.270;
Muriel Wolverson;' 238; Wendell
Swanson and Joe Klinosky (not
present for all examinations.)
Perfect attendance: Agda Carl;
...eon!,. -Gertrude Dixon, ��� Eraine
. Duhamel, Horace .Duhamelj.-jRub*.
: .eell. Eustis;'.) Gordon, Jenks, ..-John
-Kerr, ..Lloyd !Lane7y! Gabrielle Le- j
;-gault, W'iJl.iarh MeLebd,:! John.'Mc-
.Donellj: Alfred 'Oliver. Sylvia Price,
/ Cyril! Robinson; Stella Storer,; John
��� -Wyder, ;-'��� John Sater,- Jack! .Bryan,
: Phyllis! Eaip?.   -Donald   Johnson,
Louise^ Johnson,'.!Dayid  Wheeler, "j
."'Ed^ina'- 'Smith,   ;" AHan .-  Fraser,,
."Sjdhey.Jones.-  '
"';'". 'Proficiency List; ..."
Like One of the Family
"I don't go to the Greens' any
"No? I thought you need to say
they treated you as one of the
"So they did. Everytime they
invited us to dinner they expected
me to help with the dishes.���
The Family
The family is like a book��� . y
Thc'children arc the leaves,
The parents are thc covers
-That protecting beauty, gives.
At first-the pages of the book     -   .
.'Are blank ancl.purely fair,
But Tinie soon writeth.memories
-. And painte'th pictures there..
Love is like the golden clasp.
;'.That bindcth" up the trust;    '
Oh, brcak'itupt, Iestall the leaves.
Should scatter and be.lost! '-.   )'
xi Items of Interest
-Among recommendations brought
before;the Federal ..Goveriiment! by
a. delegation of-retail! merchants, is'
a. suggestion tbat's'teps be- taken-:by
the authori ties. to .preventydish oneBt
advertising.'-^ ';/ \; _Xxx-.xXiX...Xr:
. Joe Hall, right/defence man .of.
the Canadieih.hockey club of. .Mori-,
treal; died- in.Seattle/ on Saturday'
from, pn.euinonia. ��� ...joe. was born
in.England 38,'years ago,! and.was
"fehey yeteraib'star-of' the great wififcer
.game.;-'.   i'.'-,'.  X - ix - ,-V'.!.'- i'i
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
..MINING.: -
. '.-BROKER-..-" ���.������','   ���.,';
All-'the- latest  methods/in ' high-class
-.,.-.".! ..Dentistry.. ... ������������.ix.. .'���'  X
.Corner Ab.bott &.JcIastiogs'Streeta.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemis's Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Leacl or Copper.
$i each. Gold-Silver, (single assay)
#i.oo. Goid-Silver (duplicate assay)
Jr.50. Silver-Lead $1.50 Silver-Lead-
Zinc J3.00. Charges for othT metals etc
ou application.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos Tor Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts  in  the Boundary,
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Leading Tailor of the KootenayB.
Pre-emption now confined to surve. ""
lands only.
Records will be granted em'ering only
land suitable for agricultu. il purposes
and which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with
joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.
Pre-emptors must' occupy C.*iims for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing
and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, lie may, because
of ill-health or other cause, be granted
intermediate certificate of improvement
and transfer his claim. v
Records without permanent residence
may bo issued provided applicant malces
improvements to extent of $300 per annum and records same each yoar. Failure to make improvements or record
same will operate as forfeiture. Title
cannot be obtained on these claims in
less than 5 ycars, with improvements of
$10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared
and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 ycars.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may
record another pre-emption, if he requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and
residence maintained on Crown granted
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may bo leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes,
areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased
by one j.-erson or company.
The scope of this Act ls enlarged to
Include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
within which the heirs or devisees of a
deceased pre-omptor may apply for
title under this Act Is extended from
one ycar from the death of such person,
as formerly, until ono year after tha
conclusion of the present war. This
privilege Is also made retroactive.
Provision ls made for the grant to
persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of
such proportion of the land, lf divisible,
as the payments already made will
cover In proportion to the sale price of
the whole parcel. Two or more persons
holding such Agreements may group
their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. If It Is not
considered advisable to divide the land
covered by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land
of equal value selected from available
Crown lands In the locality may be
made. These allotments are conditional
upon payment of all taxes due the
Crown or to any municipality. The
rights of persons to whom the purchaser from tho Crown has agreed to
sell are also protected. The decision of
the Minister of JLands in respect to the
adjustment of a proportionate allotment
Is final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to
the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be
considered. These allotments apply to
town lots and lands of the Crown sold
��t_jpu'bH5_ auqypn %. v x��
_ For information apply to any Provincial Government Agent or to
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.
Optometrist and Graduate  Optician, certified by Provincial Board of Examiners,
Peace Is Here
. Everybody will want to celebrate arid unless .
. you haye the Fly you can't do it in the old fashioned
way. But we can all. celebrate with a good
New Year and anticipating this we will haye a ship'
ment arrive iri a few. day$ pi Everything thats good
.; all the trimmings for a good old holiday feed,
- If an increase in Business of more than Double
:! is a sign of Square Deals and . reasonable prices we
; are all there.   Come over and see for yourself.
The Myncaster Mercantile Company
Hohjl Building  .      -;xX���.!ixy-i:       "Myncaster, B.C.
The only up^O'date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot-and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone fn
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
.   RATES 31.00 per day and up; European Plan.
'.  Bos fleets all Trains and Boats.
# ���?��� ��$��� *?�� $* ��f�� ��$�� <%> 4�� ��t* '4* *f* ���!* *$* *$* *$��� ��l�� ^ ��$��� '.���$���%> ��$\ ���$�� ���& ���$* *5
Why; Telephone Numbers Should Be Given Slowly,
. yWithin.reacli of each operatpr-are rows, of; small hole's called.-".:"clcs."!.
'.jThrough these the connections .are . made with." flexible- cprds,:'theVtipsy.'pf
ywhich are inserted, in 'the ���'.'jack's" cbrrespoding^to -numbers called!-;" X XX - ;"
; - Here a connection-is being' made-with 1-2-243:"- The operator, must work;
';:wi.th' 'care ;and precision'-. 5Iost-: important' of-.all is that- she" shall under-'
' stand correctly the conoectioii!'desired.", Numbers rattled of hurriedly, are",
. often.incorrectly given.. ���   ' -.  , .      .     " ,-.".!:'-���"'    .'"-
It wiil help greatly if you will give:tiie number in this-'way:,. One-two^
two-three, speaking slowly and distinctly. . '.-,"
Has the Acreage of Kingdoms and the Most Fovorable Geographic
Location for Trade���Has Yielded Fortunes in Precious Minerals
and Still Possesses Untold Wealth in These Minerals-
Prediction Made That the Province Will Be Greatest as a
Manufacturing Centre���Favorable Conditions for Textile
Work���Is Shortest Route to Asia.
SAYS an Eastern writer: "The Province of British
Columbia is the wonderland of Canada." It is a country in
itself, almost a nation. Extending- from the western plains of
Canada to the Pacific Ocean, and from the International Boundary to the 60th Northern Parallel of Latitude, it has an area of
355,-855 square miles. It has thirty^seven more square miles than
the combined area pf the coast States of California, Washington
and Oregon, It is larger than the total acreage of the United
Kingdom, Trance, Belgium and Holland. If the Yukon ^Territory is included it has an area of 562,931 square miles, equal to
the combined areas of the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium,
Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. These latter
countries have a total population of over 135,000,000 people,
British Columbia has a scant 400,000. So there is a future in
this province.
Geographically Situation Favorable
Watson Griffin, in a valuable, work recently jmblished on'
Canada for the Dominion Government, says that the geographical
situation of British Columbia is most favorable for all trade with
the countries of the Pacific and Indian oceans. "A British manufacturing establishment with large trade in the East by"establish-
ing a branch at Vancouver could save over 6800 miles of carriage
in shipping goods to Japan or Siberia, over 5000 miles in shipping
to Shanghai, 4000 miles in shipping to Hong Kong, 4900 miles in
shipping to New Zealand, over 4600 miles injshipping'to Sydney,
Australia, and nearly a thousand miles to Singapore, "he states..
Millions of Acres of Arable Land
"- There.are^in British Columbia:mil.lions~of acres of arable land.
The pasturage area is immense. British Columbia undoubtedly
has the largests forests of first-class timber on the North American continent. Almost every known mineral has been discovered.
Millions of dollars'value in gold has been' washed or. quarried
from the rivers and sands and mountains. [There.are wonderful
deposits of silver, copper, lead. Coal of high, quality- is .widely
distributed oh mainland and islands; and. important-deposits of,
iron ore[has been discovered, The wealth of the British Columbia
fisheries cannot be estimated. ..\,
Real Future Manufacturing
X-- In touching on.these well-known facts regarding.this Province
Mr.= Griffin admits their, existence and: their. importance but con- .
tends that the real .future of the? province is manufacturing..",'
... 4 'Thei^-'farm's,!. the"f 6 rests; the/mines and fisheries..of British Co-
\lumbia1 will .^iye employment!, to..a ,large-population,/' he states,-
-''but. one of the most important, industries of the future will be
..manufacturing,.  With numerous .water-powers," great supplies'-of
, coal, all imetalhc ^minerals; and immense forests of finest timber, no
country is better .suited for irotirmakiug and wood-working industries,-while the climate is especially adapted, to the manufacture
��� of textiles.   ;It"js .well known that jTmoist climate*[is most; fayor-
. able.to the successful maniifacture of "the. .finest. grades'!qf cotton",
and woollenvgopds,"and^heir.^^^^ .:.points ;.along-the.British
.Columbia, coast 'admirably ; suited to. textile ihanufac'tii.re,    Raw
cotton can be imported from! the Southern'^ States,, from" Brazil j;-
.Australia,;6r India or China.-. Wool; can be. obtained  from .New
Zealahdypr: the^Canadiah:prairies.".,      V-:-��� ;��� /;���' .'      "���'.'-':������,;;.-.,.���'
: ..Vancouver; arid Asiatic Ports 'ii-~"xx';'
Ocean" vessels in "the harbor! of '.Vaticdiiiver. are 2895,2, niilel by.
the Canadian Pacific Railway from, ocean vessels in the harbor at
Montreal,   and 3376,8 miles faom  the harbor of St. Jphnis, the
Atlantic port during the winter months., when navigation,, on the;
St, Lawrence is closed.    The distance from  New .York. to Van-;
couver is just 48 miles longer than from.New Yprk.to San Eran-
cisco by the shortest route, and the .eleyations and grades on the
Canadian route compare favorably with those on the American
routes.   The traveller bound for A^ia is 286. miles nearer to Yok.
ohama, 265 miles  nearer Vladivostock,   and 409  miles-, nearer to
Hong-Kong when he reaches Vancouver than he would be at San.
EralnciscQi! "The y: port pi Prince Rupert, the   termluus   of   the
-G.T.Pi., is .500i miles riprth. of, Vancouver,!Cis in ay /latitude :spme-y
what south of that of. Belfast,. Ireland, and is even, nearer Asiatic
ports.thanlVanGpuver= is, though somewhat -further by rail/from .
the !grea;t.ihterior centres of the .Dominion..!: y;!;-!/ ;./ -X-xyXX-. '��� x .!
.;/'i^d. th^ ;f uture^f Br^


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