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The Ledge Sep 18, 1919

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 L       X       J      S "    ^
'*>    .
Vol.   XXVI.
Come In And See Our
Large And Well Assorted Stodk Of
Carpets/ Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,  Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Before buying see ine about
Motor tractors and complete line
,of Farm implements
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
|   : Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     |
H Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c |f
��= Deki Julia 65(T =2
��___! --���
S�� EMPRESS.   MALKIN'S   BEST,   NABOB   70c or 2Its for $1.35 ~3
g -       .BRAIDS BEST at 65c 3
��E BLUE RIBBON 1 21bskee   35c.      BLUE RIBBON lib pkee  65c 3
|~ BLUE RIBBON 31b tins  $185.   " BLUE RIBBON 51b tins $3.00 3
��    Choice Bulk Tea 60c per lb.      Choice Spider Lee Tea 70c    ~5
| Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      |
S~ Canada Fool Board License No. 8,-6251 3
l 09000000000000000000000COOO<KV>000000<}0000000000000 5
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5        -       JOHN MEYER,      -  ���   -      Proprietor.
> 0000000<XX><>0000000000<XKOOOOO<>0<>000000<}000<>000000<> (
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each,
100 Watt Lamps���$L25 each*
NITROGEN       f^Wa��s ; \ \ *gg��y*
LAMPS 200   ��     /   -   /    3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Go.
MEAGHER & Co., 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We .Always Show The Newest First,
_ MAIL  ORDERS A SPECIALTY    . " "'���'*'
- For over fifty years The Canadian
Bank of Commerce has been serving'
the people of Canada in increasingly large measure, nntil at the present time we have over 470 branches
catering to the needsof the Country.
Wool Sweaters
Wool Underwear, 2 piece suits
Wool Combinations
Fleece Shirts and Drawers
Fleece Top Shirts
Work Shirts and Overalls
Lumbermans Socks & Rubbers
Mens and Boys Storm Rubbers
Leckie's Shoes for Boys
Strong and Servicable
W. Elson 8 Co
P. O. Box 1102      -   '  Nelsoii, B.O
Best prices paid for raw furs
.> ���.  -    v Manufacturing Eurrier,.,.    ;
-\^  Guaranteed High Class Fdrs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins -
Customer's furs'made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at
'   reasonable prices   -
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals^ Sacks,'
Horses, Cattle, Etc.
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block       -      ���     Nelson
421 Baker Street-
Stocks, Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG   -   - Proprietor-
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
" day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson
Should Live North
Mrs. Daniel Natza, of Canton,
O., asking for divorce, alleges her
husband said he "needed no wife
in the summer time while the
weather was warm." -
I Around Home f
McSwat is breathing the pure
ozone of Allenby.
There is a boom in farm lands
around Grand Forks.
E. Pierce recently returned to
Nelson from overseas.
Mayor Gulley returned from
Vancouver bn Tuesday.
At     McElmon's.       Waltham
Watches.   Boys Watches.
v H.  R.   Van   Wagenen   was a
visitor to Banff last week.
A young team for sale. Apply
Hugh McKee, Greenwood.
Mickey MacKay, the hockey
player, is ranching in Alberta.
Oscar Lachmund was in town
yesterday on his way to Beaverdell.
Frank Buckless and his son
Charles, were in Vancouver last
week. D
Mrs. G. A. Rendell is rapidly;
recovering from her recent accident.
J: C. Cruse is now night clerk
and ticket seller at the C.P R,
Jack Ryan is braking on the
fast train between Midway and
Mrs. Ashby left on Wednesday
for South Slocan where she will
. There was a very enjoyable
dance in Phoenix last Friday
A. N. Mowat has bought Mrs.
Ashby's house on Kimberly
The potato crop'was a partial
failure this year in the Grand
Forks valley.,  . :
Apricots and peaches for preserving. Place your orders with
G. A. Rendell.
Mrs. A. Pontesso and son, of
Grand Forks, have taken up their
residence in town.
Mrs. Chas. Tye and daughter,
Evelyn, left for Vancouver on
Monday morning.
C. B. Peterson is walking boss
at Camp 10. on the' railway to
Copper Mountain.    ���
A modern line of cigars, cigarettes, pipes, etc., at the Windsor
Hotel Cigar Stand.
Mrs. W. H. Wood and Mrs: A.
F. H. Meyer, spent View days in
Penticton last week.'
Dancing every Wednesday evening at Christina Lake Pavilion.
Refreshments served, ....
Jud Faulds came over from
Nelson this week to run a machine ihHhe Providence.
This year the Sunnyside ranch
near Grand Forks, produced about
12000 crates of prunes.
Mrs. J. H. Goodeve -was in
Princeton last week, visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Sid Storer.
Bill Harriett is running an
engine out of Gerrard. His'wife
is visiting friends in the east.
Creighton McCutcheon has
gone to Vancouver, where he
will attend the University of B.C.
Clean vour chimneys before
you light your winter fires. It
may save a run for the fire brigade.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Mills and
family and Mrs. G. B. Taylor,
are on a motor tour of the Okanagan.
This vear the Doukhobors at
Grand Forks raised 33,000 boxes
of prunes and.20 carloads of
Full line of school books,
scribblers, slates, pencils and
other school supplies at Goodeye's
Drug Store,
Miss McBride, of Rossland, is
on a holiday in Greenwood, and
is the guest of Mr, and Mrs. D.
Harry Clark' and George Clerf,
each had a finger damaged recently while working at the
Providence. ^
Wesley Owen has gone to
Rossland to cut meat for P.
Burns & Co The local solo club
is wearing crepe.   .
Hank Leonard will spend a few
weeks at St. Thomas and other
Ontario towns, before he begins
to assist the C. P. R. to pay bigger dividends.
Greenwood Branch     L. E. Brawders? Manager
Two Hoars Of Solid Fan- Don't Miss It.
Popular Prices. Performance Commences at 8 p.m.
Around Princeton
B. S. Lennie has gone east, to
see what arrangements can be
made to bnild four miles of railway, from Coalmont to the coal
mine near that town. The coal
company says that they have a
million tonp of coal in eight. If so
the railway should be built at once.
Ballasting began last week on
the railway between Princeton and
Allenby. Between Allenby and
Copper Mountain 500 men are
working on the railway grade.
The grading will be completed by
Christmas, bat it is not likely that
the track will' be laid to Copper
Mountain until next April. The
minimum rate of wages on this
road is 45 cents an hour for nine
hours work. The men pay $1.20
a day for board.
"Sir, I came to ask you to give
me your daughter's hand."
"All right, young man; if you're
looking for it, you can generally
find it in my pocket."���Baltimore
American. ('
At the Suunvside ranch near
Grand Forks, the Bank of Commerce has 50 Doukhobor women
picking prunes at $3 a da jr.
J. E. Thompson, M. L. A., is
spending some weeks in Grand
Forks, trying to make moisture
for the farmers in the hot summer lime.
 ���- < John Blomberg has kept hotel
Greenwood Rebekah Lodge will in Nelson,   longer  than  anyone
hold a Card Party,  in the LO. else-   9ia New Grand is a credit
O. F.  Hall,  Friday,  Sept. 19th; *n *n" """
it being their 68th  Anniversary.
Admission 25c.
Johnnie Huff still weighs 250
pounds, and is busy every day in
Princeton handing out buttermilk to the thirsty bunch in front
of the bar at the Hotel Princetonf
Phyllis, the four year old
daughter.-of _C._ P. C. Rock, of
Midway, recently broke her right
arm above the elbow by falling
from" a horse. Her injury was
attended to by Dr. Wood.
The Burns' Minstrel show will
play in the Greenwood Theatre,
Friday evening, September 19,
The troupe has 10 people, and has
its own Jazz orchestra. Two
hours of solid fun beginning at 8
Ed Brown is hauling lumber
from Allenby to Copper Mountain. He has not seen aa ace in
the hole for more than a year,
and his bank roll cannot be
crowded into an ordinary pocket
We have just received another
carload of flour and feed from
the Oglivie Flour Mills Company,
Now on hand a full stock of
Royal Household Flour, wheat,
shorts,- Chick-Food,-etc.- G.-A;
Lloyd Norman, Midway, fire
patrol for the K. V. has .recovered from his recent accident.
He received a severe cut on his
leg from an ax, when he was
thrown from his speeder while
following a train,
J. Peck McSwain is 54 years
old. and has his home in Princeton, where he is atoning for the
past, by reading Sunday School
tracts, chewing tobacco, and
shooting literary bombs at the
imps in Merritt."
Archie Mills has sold his ranch
at Ferry to a Montana man. The
sold his herd of 57 Holsteins to a
Seattle firm, and they were ship-'
ped this week. It is rumored
that tbis valuable herd of cattle
will be shipped from Seattle to
John Meyer is doing* a large
and increasing business, at. tbe
Independent Meat Market on
Government street. He buys for
cash and nothing hut the best
cattle obtainable. He has contracted ahead for enough of beef
cattle to supply his customers until next summer- He receives
fresh and salt water fish bv express. His prices are an effective
weapon against the high cost of
Wm. McKelvie recently returned from overseas, and Miss
Jeanne Saunier, were married at
Westbridge on Sept 10 by Father
dressed in a gown of white silk
crepe 'de chine, trimmed with
white silk Persian lamb^and seed
pearls. She wore a veil and carried a beautiful boquet of orange
blossoms. The happy couple are
spending    their   honeymoon  in
will reside in Carmi,
Western Float
H. F. Anderson of Sandon has
gone to Stewart.
_ Penticon needs more hotels and
dwelling houses.
Bill Beach may open a summer
resort at Otter lake.
Sam Gibbe of Lillooet haB been
appointed a coroner.
For more than a mouth no calamity has befallen Fernie.
PapaPhair has left Nelson to
make his home in Vancouver.
John Bergman is drilling holes
at the Queen mine near Salmo.
J. W. North of Vancouver is
opening a law office in Merritt.  .
This fall 2,500 tons of hay will
be cat on the flats near Creston.
Physical culture is being taught
in Kamloops without the aid of a
There was a nea/ riot in Kaslo
laBt week. There was a baby show
at the Fair.
It is to -be. regretted, that the
Prince of Wales will nofe have time
to visit Slocan lake.
Trail opposition may be the
reason why that auto road is not
built from Nelson to Salmo.
Dr. Bruner, formerly of Three
Forks, is now a railway promoter
in the Portland Canal district.
D. H. Robertson died in Vancouver last month. At one time
he waB C.P.R. agent at Savona.
In Canada last year it took
12,000 barrels of flour, to make the
ice cream cones sold in the Dominion.
to any city.
Ife was on June 3, 1894, thafe the
big cyclone wrecked so many
buildings in Kaslo and other Kootenay points. ^
After keeping the 12-Mile Houae
near Ashcroft, for 25 years, Mrs.
C. F. McDonald and family have
moved to Viotoria.
The.Hon. John Keen of Kaslo
recently had two successful surgical
operations performed on him at
Hamilton, Ontario. ,
.. In Princeton, Billy Hazzard
never sleeps at night, and he helps
many people to get oufe af that
town before daylight.
The reataurants in Vanconver
ration sugar to their customers.
They haye been doing this wifeh
butter for-many years.
The cifeizens of New Denver gave
a public farewell reception to Mrs.
J. C. Bolander, upon the eve of
her departure for California.
Several business men in NelBon
keep a bottle of whiskey in the
safe. This item may cause a rush'
of safe crackers feo that city.
J. W. Qreenless of Vancouver
has received fehe contract for the
new bridge over the Thompson
riveratPritchard, fo_r_827,375.	
Good peaches were grown at
Rossland thiB summer. Perhaps
some day cotton will be grown on
Cottonwood creek, near Nelson.
Probably 300 carloads of cattle
will be shipped to the coast this
fall from the Nicola lake ranches.
The beef cattle of thafe district are
fn fine condition.
There were nine casea in the
police courfe afe Merrifefe last month.
Judge Jimmy Ellis extracted 8200
in fines from the bunch without
heaving a sigh or taking a chew of
The laws against gambling and
selling liquor are somewhat of a
price is said to be $21,000.   He. joke in B. C.   Victoria and Van
couver are wide-open practically
and the same condition in many
parts of the interior. - Evidently
fehe authorities do not wish theee
evils suppressed, aud the minority
of the people are of the same opinion.
The high cost of living has
reached some of fehe poker games
in B.C. A Slocan Cifey eporfc tapped a game in Nelson the other
night for $1,100 while Bohunk
Charley is reported to have won
810,000 in Sandon in August. A
Rossland sport life into Princeton
lasfe week and in less than three
days he was richer by $1,700. The
government should put a tax on
poker games.
This month the Steamer B X
was wrecked at Woodpecker Island
half way between Prince George
and Quesnel, on the Fraser river,
The bride was elegantly The boat struck a rock, and was
���       _       . _  . .       ^.�� ��    . *        _���!< 1_ ���_�� _t.___J    t _���.%  *      * a   ��* .��
beached by fehe captain. After the
crew and passengers got ashore (he
steamer drifted into deep water
and sank. The cargo will likely
be a total loss The BX was the
largest steamer ever used ou fehe
upper Fraser,    and  going down
Mining News
Leasers are working the Utica
in the Slocan.
In the Klondike one company
controls 100 milea of placer ground.
If gold Bhould rise in price there
would be a great boom in Greenwood.
J. McPhail has found some rich
capper ere on hie ranch, fonr miles
from Nelson.
Up to date the copper mines of
Whitehorse have prodaced 82,-
000,000 worth of ore.
Rich tungsten ore haB been
found on Dublin creek in the Mayo
district of the Yukon.
The Bell at Beaverdell shipped
79 tons to Trail last week. The
Revenge shipped 34 tons.
A Keystone drill owned by the
government, will do some drilling
at Harpers Camp this fall.
The Klondike has produced
8200,000,000 in gold since it was
discovered on August 17, 1896.
In a short time operations will
begin on the Goldfinch at Greenwood. It is not far from the
At the Providence, Greenwood,
there ia ore in every face. The
force will shortly be increased to
50 men.
Work is to be resumed on the
Bullion in the Ca&uboo. It is" a
hydraulic mine and has 20 miles
of Canals.
Seattle.   Upon their retura they stream could make a speed of 30
miles an hour.
A Toronto company iB working
some gold quartz claims on Proserpine mountain near Barkerville.
R. A. Bryce is in charge.
There are millions of dollars
worfeh of ore in the hills around
Greenwood, awaiting fehe industry
of man to make ife leave home.,'-   '
M. G. and J. W. Purcell were
in the Yukon last month. They
obtained many samples from conglomerate properties on Indian
river. """*
At the Exhibition in Dawson on
Discovery Day, $40,000 wprth of
virgin gold was shown by one exhibitor. Ife was guarded by fehe
- Excavafeiona are being made for
the new 75-ton mill at the Carmi
mine. The base of the ore iu this
mine is copper. H. H. Sawyer ia
The Sfe John Del Key mine in
Brazil, ie the oldest and deepest
gold mine in the world. It is 88
years old, and G326 feet deep. A fc
thafe depth the temperature is 116
degrees Fahrenheit.
In the Mayo district of the
Yukon, several rich silver claims
have been located this summer.
Silver has now been found in a
wide area of the Yukon, and the
mining of the white metal will
soon be an important industry in
the north.
The C. C. Co. will finish its big
mill at Allenby in aboufe six weeks,
all fehe machinery having arrived.
After thafe there will nofe
be much doing afe Allenby, until
fehe railway and power line are
finished to Copper Mountain, which
will probably be in a year.
Returns received recently from
a number of teats made-of iron
ore8 from this district proved eminently satisfactory to the inter- ���
e8ted parties and it is anticipated
that an engineer will visit the district afe an early date to make a
Btudy of the deposits from which
fehe samples were taken. Several
properties were included in the
shipment of samples, an attempt
having been made to secure a fair
average of the iron ore showing in
each. Samples were taken from-
lion Mountain properties, from
the Titanic group, from the Porter
claims and from Nicola. Most of
the analysis show a large percentage of metal (hemifeite iron) with
small percentages of other minerals, principally lime and carbonic
acid. The ores could be roughly
classed as "mic&sious," ���'specular" and "brown," Some were
very heavy, in metallic content,
one sample showing 66 per cent,
metal, while none showed less than
48 per cent.���Merritt Herald.
'    A?!
< i *I
-    *l
��� ii
I t*n
������', w
t      _
���,  ^^l
Offe-4 1���JHlj.l."^
THE.   LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,   *B.     C.
Very Itchy and Burned.
"Our daughter's face came out in
a rash that we were told was eczema.
Her cheeks got Sore
nnd she rubbed causing loss of sleep. The
breaking out was very
itchy and burned so
that 1 had to tia gloves
on her hands to keep
her from scratching.
"This trouble lasted about six
weeks before I used Cuticura. I used
one large box of Cuticura Ointment
with two cakes of Cuticura Soap
when shewas healed." (Signed) Mrs.
H. Stares, Blenheim Rd., Gait, Ont.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum are ideal for daily toilet uses.
For free sample ench of Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum urjilrcsu post-car.1: "Ontlccra.
Dept. A, Beaton, U. S. A."   Sold everywhere.
Good Roads And Education
In a report made lo the Minister
ol Education ior Saskatchewan, Mr.
D. S. McCanncl, chief attendance
officer iu tlie province, to whom is
entrusted the administration of tlic
Compulsory School Attendance Act,
s>ays, in part, as among the reasons
assigned for thc absence of children
from rural schools: "Impassable
roads, but this is a condition which
will improve as the province grows
In previous issues, the writer of
this column has dwelt upon thc importance and necessity of good roads
in these western provinces, and also
upon thc absolute necessity that
farm boys and giils should be given
the best possible education and kept
in school as long ~as possible. In
this article wc hope to make clcai
thc bearing which the provision of
good roads has upon the succcssf.:l
carrying out of a better schools policy and a higher average attendance
at school.
There are four main groups tinder
which evcry problem treated as \>c-
culiar to rural communities! are or
can bc properly grouped:
First: Greater production or moie
intensive farming, which is priniaiily
a question of more population on tli:
Second: Proper educational facil'.
tics for the boys and girls, or provision for a high school education
without forcing parents to lea\ e w^
farm at the period of thcir greatest
production in order to give their
children an even start with the town
boy and girl in educational equipment.
Third: Proper social and amusement facilities for" the entire family
as a primar.v nn_,ms of keeping thcm
contented with lifc on  the farm.
Fourth: Thc development of a
community spirit, hearty co-operation in a social and economic way,
as the best means for guaranteeing
the prosperity and contentment of
Thus, roughly, do we group ' thc
various topics which concern tiie relations of the people one with another, as distinguished from those
which deal wilh those things that
concern the individual farmer, such
rs better crops and improved" live-
.Now analyse this proposition: The
{dilution of all these problems, thc
���*nc final answer to them, thc one
thing that will lay thc foundation that
.will make them possible, and' leaves
but details in connection .with each
to be arranged, but without which
success cannot bc achieved, is.a'pass-
able, system of all-thc-ycar s good
In some of our more thickly populated districts in thc West,- a consolidated school would-mean a vast
improvement over several small district schools. > It would bc a better
school in every way, .and provision
for- high school training would be
- possible. But without .,--.. roads for
thc conveyance of pupils liic consolidated school and rural high school is
impracticable, and many of such"
schools established in thc -United
Slates have been abandoned solely
because of the impossibility of-transporting the school" children .over the
existing roads.
But, it is said, it will take money
to build roads. Certainly it will, and
Jots of it. But the city dweller cannot- live jn an eight or ten-room
house with "electric lights, hot water
and   other  modern   conveniences   for
the same outlay that hc can live in
a cave. Hc pays for those conveniences and he finds that it pays him
to pay for them. So with good
roads���thcy will more lhan pay for
Here in Western Canada we arc
soi..��..��vnat inclined to look upon thc
Province of Quebec as backward and
slow because we arc not fully informed of what is transpiring there.
Within the past fifteen years Quebec
has been forging ahead in general
agriculture, dairying and livestock
raising faster than Ontario, and in
some respects more rapidly and substantially than these Western Provinces. Industrially and commercially it is going ahead by leaps and
bounds, and a complete transformation is  taking place educationally.
What is the basis for ihis development in Quebec? F.vcryonc who has
studied il has but one answer: Good
roads. 'The IYo\iuce of Quebec has
now thc hest roads in thc Dominion,
as far as it has gone, ami il means to
continue iinlil every farmer can get
his goods to market, his children to
school, and his family to church,
uilhout a breakdown or being mived.
Some ycars ago thc Provincial
Government asked for authority lo
spend $20,000,000 on roads. Some
people who think thc French-Canadian habitant is penuuous and un-
progrcssive mif.t give some thought
to lhc fact lhat thcy enthusiastically
gave thc necessary authority. That
$20,000,000 has been spent, and Quebec now leads the Dominion in good
roads. Two or three months ago the
Government appealed to the people
for a ncw mandate to keep on spending millions on good roads, the result being that a majoiny of Government siipporieis were lclurncd by
(Note.���Further   considci.-.tlon
this  important    subject  will    be
served for next week.)
Finding1 Another Pompeii
Newly Discovered City Will Eventually Prove Actually Richer
During thc war, archaeological excavations wcrc continued al thc Italian colony of Cyrenaica, on the north
African coast, and now comes thc
news that what has been found already promise? the uncovering of another ancient city as important as
Pompeii. Once upon a timc thc spot
was a Greek C0I0113', with the civilization of Greece transplanted lo the
soil of Africa. The work has been
carried on during the war under the
supervision of Prof. Lucio Mariani,
director of the archaeological services
of the Ministry of thc Colonies, aud
thc prediction is now made that the
newly discovered city" will eventually
prove actually richer than Pompeii in
its evidences of a past civilization.
Here havc been found already statues
of the Graces, a Hermes, an" Eros, an
Alexander thc Great, and most impressive of all, thc Aphrodite of
Cyrcne, which is said by certain connoisseurs to bc a fair rival in beauty
lo thc Venus of Milo ancl thc Venus
of Cnidus. The discoveries havc cx-
Icndcd* over a good many ycars. It
may bc. added,-however, as an illustration of the modified joys of archaeology, and thc introduction of a ncw
mystery into thc history of art, that
the Aphrodite of Cyrenc lacks both
head and arms. Thc world may wonder what she looked like as well as
what she' was supposed lo bc doing.
The Prince Invests In
War Savings Stamps
Delighted   to Find   Stamps on Sale
Same as in England . j
Not the least amongst the many
gracious acts performed by the
Prince of Wales during his brief stay
in Ottawa was to invest in a complete certificate of War 'Savings
Stamps. His Royal Highness was
delighted to find that in Canada War
Savings Stamps are on sale similar
to those, that arc so popular in England, ll was his intention lo call at
mc post office and make his purchase
of thc SL1.....3 in the rcgi....' manner,
dining his stroll around Ottawa incognito, but pressure of other engagements prevented this being done.
Thc stamps wcrc therefore sent to
hiin at Government House, aud the
sale, duly made in cash by the secretary of thc National War Savings
Committee. The Prince was quite
���willing lhat his investment should bc
madc known, ami kindly sent the following letter, with permission lo publish it, lo Sir Herbert 13. Ames, chairman of the. National War Savings
Government   House, "Ottawa.
1st  September,  1919.
"Dear   Sir   Ilcrbcit,
"1 am pleased lo bc the holder of
a  Canadian  War  Savings  Certificate.
"I am delighted to find that in
Canada you have War Savings
Stamps on sale similar lo those we
have in  England.
"I wish the War Savings campaign
every success.���I remain, yours sincerely, (Signed)' "Edward P."
Great Silver Deposits
Located In Burma
Ratify Peace September 20
Paris.���According lo thc Echo dc
Paris, thc Chamber will ratify the
peace treaty on September 10, and
the Senate will take similar action on
September 20.
Make This Beauty Lotion for a Few
Cents and See ior Yourself
What girl or woman hasn't heard
of lemon juice to remove complexion
blemishes; lo whiten thc skin and to
bring out thc roses, thc freshness and
the hidden beauty? But lemon juice
alone is acid, therefore irritating, and
should bc mixed with orchard while
this way: Strain through a fine cloth
the juice of two fresh lemons into a
bottle containing about three ounces
of orchard white, then shake well, and
you havc a whole quarter pint of skin
and complexion lotion at about the
cost one usually pays for a small jar
of ordinary cold cream. Bc sure to
strain the lemon juice so no pulp gets
into thc- bottle, then this lotion will
remain pure and fresh for months.
When applied daily to the face, neck,
arms and hands it should help to
bleach, clear, smooth en and beautify
the skin.
, Any druggist will supply three ounces of orchard while at very little cost
and lhc grocer has the "lemons.
A Sympathetic Link
Chinese Worked It '.Until"Crude' Appliances Failed -
London.���At a time so long ago
that the very memory of it has faded
Chinese prospectors, wandering over
Burma,-found a silver-bearing deposit
and worked it until their crude appliances failed them. Then they left
For centuries the workings lay
abandoned and unheeded. __Not many
years ago the deposit wa: rediscovered and floated as the Burma Corporation, whose shares ~ knocked
about an uninterested market at rubbish prices.
Development and assay have now
revealed the interesting fact that
those long-departed yellow men left
behind thcm one hundred million
ounces of silver, one million tons of
lead, 750,000 tons of zinc, 30,000 tons
of copper, the whole valued at present prices at between eighty and
ninety million pounds sterling.
Pound shares have now risen to
nearly ten, and a ncw company is
to bc. formed in India with a_ capital
equivalent lo fifty million dollars.
There is no radical cure for laziness, bul starvation will comc the
nearest lo il.
Miller's Worm Powders work so
effectively tliat no traces of worms
can be found. Thc pests arc macerated in the stomach and pass away
in the stools without being perceptible. They make an entire and clean
sweep of the intestines, and nothing
in thc shape of a worm can find
lodgement there when these powders
are in operation. Nothing could bc
more thorough or desirable than their
Alberta Coal Discovery
Germany Needs More Troops
Copenhagen.���A dispatch ��� from
Berlin says Marshal Foch has notified the ' German armistice commission that the_ supreme council has
consented to a provisional increase
of the German gendarmerie troops in
the-,neutral zone beyond the Rhine
for "three months aflcr the . peace
treaty comes into effect, as the force
provided for in the treaty is considered inadequate lo-maintain order.
1 Liman Von, Sanders In Germany
Berlin, Germany.���Lillian von. San
dcrs has reached-."Germany from
Malta, w hence Jic was conveyed in a
British ship to Venice. In a statement-to,a. newspapci representative,
he denied any responsibility for the
Armenian massacres.
Common Bond of Sympathy
Russia Is Music
In spile of the wide gap between
the radicalism of the "left wing" and
the ullia-conscrvatism of the "right
wing," there is one common '^oiid of
sympathy in Russia, and that is in
music. In Kussia everybody sings,
and the songs of the simplest peasant are dear to the tu ^,
est official as well. Thc officer who
was in Vladivostok at lhe lieigl.it of
thc revolutionary movement saw a
troop of Kolchak's men who were
singing a Russian song as thcy
marched down a mountain pass, being passed by a band of Bolshcviki,
who took up the air ~and" carried it
along enthusiastically as they proceeded in the opposite direction. Tlic
Bolshcviki felt that the song belonged to thcm quite as much as to the
conservatives.   -
It Is Possible That Anthracite v-oal
Also Exists In
Twclvc or more scams of high-
grade bituminous coal, all of great
thickness and workable, are repotted
lo exist at the junction of thc Smoky
and Muskeg rivers, located norlh of
the Canadian Northern'Railway, west
of Edmonton. b.O. S. Finnic, inspecting engineer of llie mining lands
branch of llic department of the interior,- has just returned following a
month of close exploration work on
behalf of the department. In addition to this high-grade bituminous
fuel, it is possible, according to Mr.
Finnic; that anthracite coal also exists in quantities. Samples of thc
product will hc taken to the laboratories by Mr. Finnic, and will undergo Vfcsls for later reports to governmental authorities. There is much
evidence that coal exists in great
seams, and investigation proves lhat
not only is the quantity largc but thc.
quality is also good.
There is more energy
in a. pound Aof good
bread made in the
home with Royal Yeast
Cakes than in a pound
of meat. Bread making
is a simple operation
and requires no previous experience. Full
instructions in Royal
Yeast Bake Book,
mailed free on request.
Six Killed On Ship
Vancouver.���S. McRae, of Vancouver, second engineer, and five Chinese firemen were killed on thc
steamship Melville Dollar, of Vancouver. The nature of the accident
which caused lhc deaths of the six
men is not known here. Thc steamer
was^off thc China coast at the time,
having left this port some weeks ago
for the Orient.
Britain Needs
More Modern Navy
United    Kingdom    And    Dominions
Must Furnish The
Vancouver, B.C. ��� A special cab'c
from Sydney, N.S.W., to the Vancouver World says:
"Unless the United Kingdom ai^d
the Dominions are prepared to put
their hands in thcir pockets It will
not be possible to retain ior the empire that sea supremacy which everv
citizen of the empire knows in his
heart is vital to its existence,' said
Admiral Lord Jellicoc in a forceful
speech delivered to a large and influential audience here.
-"Lord Jellicoc went on to say that
after reading thc cabled report of a
letter written to the London^Timcs
by Lord Fisher, he was of the opin-
nion that underlying Lord Fisher's
demand for the scrapping of the
present British navy was the idea that
a bigger and more modern navy
should bc built."
Men listen when money talks. Probably that is why wc sometimes hear
of hush  money.
Some things arc just automatically
funny; for instance, a frog, duck and
a  man  in  a  bathing  suit.
"1-Ic made violent love to
didn't he?" asked thc summer
pictured iu Life.
"Dear mc, no!    He only
lo marrv hiin."
Would -Aid  France
Berlin. ���  Four  hundred   thousand
German    workers    have  volunteered
for  work of  restoration  in  northern
Franco, accoiding to  the.  Vorwaerts.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
A Sure Sign That The Blood Is
Watery And Impure
People wilh thin blood arc much
more subject to headaches than full-
blooded persons, ancl the form of
anaemia that afflicts growing girls is
almost always accompanied by headaches, together wilh disturbance of
ihc digestive organs.
Whenever you havc constant or
recurring headaches nnd pallor of the
face, they show that thc blood is thin
and your efforts should bc directed
toward building up your blood. A
fair treatment with _Dr. -Williams'
Pink Pills will do this effectively, and
thc rich, red blood madc by these
pills will tcinove the headache.'
More disturbances to .the health
are caused by the blood than most
people havc any idea of. When your
blood is impoverished, thc nerves
suffer from lack of nourishment, and
you "may bc troubled with insomnia,
neuritis, neuralgia or sciatica. Muscles subject to strain arc undernourished and you may havc muscular rheumatism or lumbago. lf
your blood is thin and you begin to
show symptoms of any of these disorders, try building up thc blood with
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and as the
blood is restored to its normal condition evcry symptom of the"'trouble
will disappear. There are more people who owe thcir present stale of
good health lo Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills than to any other medicine, and
most of them do not hesitate to say
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer in "medicine
or by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
It is not thc clock that strike's thc
loudest that always keegs thc -best
Pain Flees Before It. ��� There is
more virtue in a bottle of Dr. Thorn;
as' Eclcclric Oil as a subdticr of pain
than in gallons of other medicine.
Thc public know this and there are
few households throughout the country where it cannot be found. Thirty
years of use has familiarized the people wilh it, and madc it a-household
medicine throughout the western
Japan Violates  Agreement
Is Now Placing Morphia On Sale In
-Grccncastle, Ind. ��� "Japan is how
violating the international agreement
on the sale of morphia by sending
the drug inlo China and placing it
on sale there through strictly Japanese channels," declares William W.
Lockwood of this city, who has spent
16 ycars in Young Men's Christian
Association work in China, and who
has been director in charge of this
work at  Shanghai.
"Following the shutting off of thc
production of opium in China,." Mr.
Lockwood said, "thc trade for morphia wilh. Japan grew rapidly. In
thc provinces or cities dominated by
the Japanese thc sale is heaviest.
Tlicrc the Japanese have established
thcir own post office and lhe garccls
of thc morphia arc sent through the
Japanese mails to China and are then
distributed to the consumer through
Japanese druggists. The price is exceedingly high, due to Hie fact that
the Chinese government forbids its
manufacture, and thc fact that it is
a more powerful drug" than opium.
"A newspaper in Tientsin madc an
investigation of the sale of morphia
by the Japanese. In the capital of
the Province of Shantung representatives of the newspaper purchased
morphia  in  200  places."
He's starting right
Dad is happy to find
that his boy won't have
to put up with what he
went through ��� dull
blades, tingling face,
half-removed, stubble.
Instead the lad will -experi- ���
ence only the cleanliness and���"<-���
comfort, the sense of physical
well being that follow a cool;      ���.
clean, satiny shave such as . _V;
. only an AutoStrop Razor can
give.    This  and .the  fact
that the  AutoStrop  Razor
sharpens" its own blades, and
is not taken apart for stropping or cleaning, has led thou- ; -
sands of dads everywhere to
recommend   the  "AutoStrop
Razor to their sons.      *���
Razor ��� Strop
12 blades ��� $5
AutoStrop Building, Toronto, Canada
��� 3
No other remedy will so
surely and quickly correct
stomach ailments, regulate
the liver and improve the
general health as a dose of
British Forces Evacuating Archangel
London:���Evacuation of Archangel
by thc British expeditionary.forces ij
in progress, it was officially announced  here.
If you once get into the habit oL
telling the truth you will find it much
easier than lying/
Humor' and Cash
Which humorous artist makes thc
most money? Is it Bruce Bainis-
fathcr, or 'Heath, Robinson, or Bert
Thomas, or who? The question was
recently "raised, and as though in answer 1 have-just heard mat the v.... -
American - cartoonist, Mr. "Bud"
Fisher, earns about $350,000 a ycar
out of his 'pen-and-ink- drawings.  He
owes In -.-..cc-largely fo his two
comic characters "Mutt* .and Jeff,"
whose doings run through a hundred
papers every day, and-are followed
by sonic- 10,000,000 readers.
Caiilaux Out of Prison
Paris,���Joseph Caiilaux, the former
premier, who has.been in prison for
more than a ycar, charged with having had treasonable dealings with
the enemy, will-be-permitted -to enter a sanatorium, the Temps says.
Counsel for Caiilaux requested recently thar hc bc removed from prison on the ground that his health had
been so weakened as to cause anxiety.
Peevish, pale, restless, aud sickly
children owe llfcir condition to
worms. Mother Graves' Worm, Exterminator will relieve thcm and restore health.
British   Airship   Plans
s   -
A Saver to pocket
book7 and;Kealth, and
a delight,to the* palate,
D��^ asTyouR neiqhboi*\is
doingrand cut'.tne: ,hiaH
cost of 'living?by drink-
ing' ���
Instead ottea^and coffee.
���    Ex-Kaiser Goes Calling
The Hague. ���' Former , Emperor
William of Germany, for thc first
time-since he took refuge in Holland,
was a guest outside Bcntinck Castle.
Accompanied by his wife, who made
a previous visit there, and by Count
and Countess Bcntinck, William Ho-
hcnzollern motored to Belmont
Castle, 10 miles from Amcrongen, and
took tea with the Countess Constant.
The once imperial couple returned
late in the evening to Amcrongen in
a -closed   automobile.
British Girls for Domestic Service
London.���It is understood that official efforts are being made to encourage unskilled girl workers now
being rapidly demobilized from government offices to enter domestic
service. A refusal to be trained may
involve, thc stoppage of unemployment pay.' Really skilled stenographers arc unlikely to have much difficulty - in securing employment.
Let Private Finns Have Advantages
With Rigid Airship
. London.���Thc  government has  decided  lo  retain only two airships   A
Ticked   Off.
Cuthbert.; Do you sell dog biscuits
in Ihis dirty .little shop,?
Offended Shopkeeper: Yes, sir; will
you take thcm away or will you cal
them   here? "���
Largut Sale of any Medicine in the World,
-   Sold everywhere. In bose*, 25c
-   \\
Reducing   Fleet .;
To   Peace
An old offender , that hung on'for
years: Nothing "touched"his "stony
heart but Putnam's Corn Extractor,
and out he came., root, stem -and
branch. All corns cured just as
quickly when Putnam*s"~is used; try
it, 25c at all dealers.    -
Conditions   In   Syria
British Leader Says He Agreed With
Representative of France on
All Points
Paris. ��� l-'icld-Marslial ' Allenby,
commander 'of thc allied forces in
Asia Minor, talked on conditions in
Syria in an interview given at Marseilles on his arrival there. Uc declared that hc has been in agreement
Trips of Large German Airship
London, England.���According to
Warsaw dispatches, a large German
airship which carries 30 people and is
fitted with-wireless apparatus is now
making regular journeys between
Brcslau and one or more towns in
Soviet Russia. The vessel has been
frequently observed over Leobcrg,
and is stated tb bc used for the conveyance of Bolshevist agitators.     t
Britain and-U.S. to-Protect Belgium
London.���Thc Evening Standard
says it learns on the highest authority -that Belgium's security in thc
future is lo bc guaranteed against thc
German aggression by Great Britain
and the L'nited Stales. ,
British Admiralty  Orders  Reduction
",    of Flotillas Attached to ,
Home Fleet
London.���The Admiralty has given
orders that the home fleet of battleships stationed at Portland^ and thc
fourth and fifth destroyer flotillas b��-
rcduccd to reserve basis ou October
1st. The twentieth flotilla will likewise be reduced owing to the com<
plclion of its service in the Baltic.
Thc reconstructed fourth destroyer flotilla and the Second light
cruiser squadron, fully manned, will
join the Atlantic fleet. The submarine flotillas attached to the Atlantic
fleet will be reduced to three, namely, seven each of the "K," "L" and
"H" classes. - "  -
Liniment    Relieves    Neu-
Try This Recipe
"To give thc face a good color,"
says an exchange, "get a pot of rouge
and a rabbit's foot. Bury them two
miles from home and walk out and
back once a day 'to sec if they are
still there."
the rigid- type and dispose of thc[o�� all points with the representative
others to a well-organized concern
that would undertake to establish a
commercial airship service. This
announcement was made by Air Commissioner-Sccley at a conference of
representatives of aeronautical and
engineering firms.
Hc added ~ that the decision waj
based upon tlic necessity of cutting
down expenses' and in the belief th:.
the best results in thc future' were
likely to bc attained by-the'cntxr-
agenicnt of private enterprise.
No" woman objects to embarking in
a courtship." ..     v .
German Gold Hoard Surrendered
After the conclusion of thc armistice at Spa, it was .decided that Germany, ' before being, rc-victuallcd,
must deposit with the National Bank
of Brussels as guarantee 370,000,000
marks (normally $92,500,000).
Part of this gold was placed at the
disposal of thc. Bank of England in
Ncw York. It is now being taken
from Brussels to London, whence it
will be conveyed to New York in
consignments of $4,000,000 and $8,-
000,000, guarded by escorts of' Belgian soldiers.
of France in Syria, and hc justified
the arrest of Kmir Said at Beirut recently.
The field-marshal declared he was
willing to have thc Emir released if
thc French government decided ^o
have him expelled from Syria, where
liis behavior"! thc field-marshal declared, could only tend to induce disorder.
Field-Marshal ' Allenby asserted
that he had always done his " very
best to facilitate thc task of France
in Svria.
Always Serviceable. ��� Most pills
lose thcir properties with age. Not
so with Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.
Thc pill mass is so compounded that
their strength and effectiveness is
preserved and the pills can be carried anywhere ^without fear of1 losing
their potency. This is a quality that
few-pills-possess.���Some pills lose-
thcir power, but" not so with Parmelce's. Thcy will maintain their freshness and potency for a long time.
Australia Seeks Real Democracy
Melbourne.���Premier  Hughes, in a
speech,   said  Australia   must  havc  a
government tliat had a clear and direct mandate from thc people.      Rc-.
fcrring  to  the  general  political  outlook, hc  declared  lhat  whatever be- ���
came of thc other League of Nations
thc league    of  thc    British    Empire
would never perish.
A golden hook in the sea of matrimony needs no bait
Your secret is your servant,    but
give it liberty and it becomes    your
j master ... -      -,
Settling of Ex-Service Men ���
Wellington,- N.Z.���The House of
Representatives has -authorized thc
government to borrow 16# million
pounds sterling to be used for the
settlement of ex:servicc men in New
Zealand." The. interest on thc loan
will bc free from income tax.
"If I'm disturbing you, father, I'll
stop. I'm only practicing to kill
timc," said thc young girl, pictured in
"Better stop, rny dear, I think
you've killed him."
Save on meat bills by serving *'ClarkV*
Pork and Beans.   More
strengthening than most
meats, ��� cost  less, �����
enjoyed by all.
Save work,fuel& worry.
Parity gaoTitrdeed hy the Goce/n-
mer.l Legend on   eoeiy can.
Trauto, CtsSi er Pi&ia S&see.
�� CUE*. iislUt
22*1 '&$&yyyiXr,
Sunken Eyes
Brighten Quickly,
s   Health Returns
-   In
a Message to Ailing Women*. Doctor
Hamilton Tells How It Is Done
��� -*,.
In speaking of the ills from whicli
women suffer, Dr. Hamilton points
out that nine out of evcry ten women are  by nature inclined  to  hab-
' itual constipation. Harsh-purgatives
arc resorted to, which only intensify
thc trouble. Although_not generally
known, it is a constipated condition
of the bowels that,causes half the
sickness and tired weariness with
which all womankind is so familiar.
It was aftcr long years of study that
Dr. Hamilton - perfected the . pills
which have been of such .marvellous
benefit to women .the world over. In
his pills of Mandrake and Butternut
every sufferer will find an absolute
specific for constipation, sick headache and biliousness. It is safe to
"""say..that Dr. Hamilton's Pills bring
. better health and keep the system in
a~ more vigorous condition than any
other medicine ever discovered. At
all dealers, in 25c boxes. ���
under ordinary circumstances, but
all the spring appeared to have gone
out of his knees, and on arriving opposite the Cafe Harcourt he slid in
behind a table with his back tp the
wall and ordered, coffee?
Repose and -the inky mixture of
chicory and some few beans of- the
order Rubiaccoc contributed to clear
Ruggles's bewildered brain. With
clearer thought came also a certain
amount of better cheer, for RugglcS,
as has, been' several times said, was a
born optimist. Aftcr all, the situation was not so hopeless. Darthea
was an artisl and very young, and
for both reasons-infused with more
than her due allowance of romance.
He had conic spinning into her life
like a plumed knight-errant and shc
had endowed him with a station
whicli hc did not possess.,
Although conscious of a certain
tender sentiment for Darthea, Ruggles was by no mcans in love with
her, nor did he deceive himself in
this respect. But shc was thc first
girl friend of her class  that thc boy
and Rugglcs wondered whether perhaps he should have given him a
tip. Soniev minutes passed, and thcy
were not restful ones -to Rugglcs,
who was beginning to repent him of
his temerity. Then the door to an
adjoining"room opened, and Ruth
entered. Ruggles could not have told
to his dying day what she wore. If
it had been a bathing peignoir, it is
probable that he would not havc observed the fact.
It may have been that Ruth had
second sight and divined that Ruggles had,some real and pressing need
of her, or perhaps it was merely her
natural graciousness of- manner. At
any rate, thc instant she entered, all
of Ruggles's embarrassment vanished, and as thcir eyes met, he fell that
he had made no mistake in coining
to her.. x . V.
"How do you do, Mr. Rugglcs?"
said Ruth, and offered him her firm
little hand. "I'm very glad to sec
you.   Won't you sit down?"
Ruth was her father's own daughter, her brother's own sister, and no
had, ever possessed, and this  friend-j employee of the Walkeasy Company
Filling His
Own Shoes
Copyrighted. Printed by. special
arrangement with Thos.���Allen,
Rugglcs had no desire tocrowd his
wares on" Darthea.* "For the sake of
thc Walkeasy Company he might
have made thc effort to hold her. But
for his own sake hc would not. So,
. with his heart like lead in ils mourning for thc death of her sympathy,
and his eyes as hungry as those of a
dog for a slight hint of kindness, he
"All right. Then I suppose there's
no need for mc to bother you any
longer. Maybe you're right. After
all, I'm not in thc same class with
you, I guess. 1 might havc known
it���if I hadn't���if I hadn't���" His
voice caught in his^ throat and hc
walked toward the door, which was
rather blurred and indistinct. Darthca followed him, straight and still
and white as an Easter lily.
Hc opened thc, door of the ante
chamber, went out���and turned.
"Good-bye," hc said.
"Good-bye," Darthea answered,
her hand on the knob to close thc
door behind him.
-   "Good-bye," Ruggles repeated.    "I
won't bother you again."
A sudden mania seized him. He
took Darthea's hand, as it rested on
lhe knob of the door, and raised it to
his lips. Darthea was loo startled
to withdraw it. v
"Good-bye,"     Rugglcs      muttered.
"  "Good-bye,  Darthca���-"    It  was   the
first lime that he had ever called her
"Miss Wcstbrooke,    please,"    said
^Darthca, snatching away her hand.
-.   "Sure," Rugglcs replied.   "I forgot.
.Good-bye, Miss    Westbrookc.    And
say, "Darthca," hc added desperately,
for  shc  had  stepped  back and was
closing    the- door, "there's just one
thing morc'I want to tell you���" He
tried to get a farewell glimpse of her,
but  Darthea  was  a shimmering,  uncertain vision.
"' - -You'll prob.ably-mc.et lots of-richer
men than mc," said Rugglcs, speaking fast and rather thickly, "but
you'll never meet one that thinks
more of you. than I do. "I don't ask
anything of you, but if ever you need
a good friend���-
"Thank you, Mr. Rugglcs," said
Darthea, in her most limpid ���v6icc.
"You're awfully kind, I'm sure. Goodbye."
.And    the door    closed gently
Ruggles's face.
Rugglcs went out into thc street
hot of heart and blurred as to his
eyes. But these conditions wcrc as
nothing compared to _thc mysfifica
tion .of his mind. . No doubt he felt
rather like a dog whieh has been
caught and whipped without in-the
least - Understanding why (perhaps
because the cat had misbehaved during the wight). Rugglcs had no
knowledge of any .cat, nor did he,1 as
many men might havc done, consider
Darthea as of this class of supreme
egoists. He did not blame Darthca;
he did not blame anybody. Hc was
merely very puzzled and very sad.
.Wandering aimlessly, he crossed
thc Gardens and came out on the
Boulevard Saint-Michel, then turned
in the direction of thc river, prob
ably following the line of least rc
sistance and because it was easier to
walk downhill than on the level. Men
are apt to feel that -way aftcr such
au experience as that of Ruggles. He
was tired, too, having walked several
miles in the course of the morning,
which would not havc mattered much
Vauam fSrasciaiei Eyelids*
3   UILbH   Eyet inflamed by expo-
E'mr^Xte crafckljrrelieyed by Simla*
JM fi3gS Ejsfcmdj. No Smarting
& ***T Jurt Eye Comfort. At
��oo; IJiragsSsta er by mail 60c pcr Bottle.
For Seek �� fiw Eft free write &a
HsFiae ��ym 8��iB��djr Co., Cblcsg*.
ship had been very sweet and dear
to him; more so, perhaps, than if it
had been colored with passion. Hc
was very""fond of her, and deeply, admired and respected her, and it cut
him deeply, not only in his pride, but
in his heart, that she could think him
capable of cheap deception. He hoped, however, that on reflection she
would relent, in which case hc was
quite ready and willing to iorgive her
and bc readmitted lo her friendship.
There was much that was doglike in
Ruggles's devotion.
Meanwhile, however, hc was cheered by thc reflection that there still
remained to him two stable" quantities on which to nail his worldly
faith���the Downings and thc Walk-
easy Shoe Company. Hc worshipped both and felt that neither could
ever betray his confidence. Had Dick
Downing been accessible, the chances arc that Ruggles would have
found the courage do go straight lo
him in his perplexity, for hc felt a
dire need of friendly counsel after
Darthea's apostasy. But hc had
heard that Dick had returned to
America,'while _Mr. Downing, senior,
who was not in the best of health,
had remained in Switzerland wilh his
It was still, however, with a very
heavy heart that Ruggles crossed the
river and started to-walk up the
Champs Elysccs on his way back to
the little room in Passy where Jic
purposed to spend thc rest of the
sunny afternoon in thc sum/ of German verbs. Hc had nearly reached
the Carlton when he saw a big limousine draw up before the door ancl
an exquisitely gowned girl, followed
by an. elderly woman, descend and
enter the hotel. Though still at some
distance, Ruggles's quick eyes had
recognized the girl at the very fii jt
glance. 11 was none other than Ruth
A -sudden icsolulion, the daring or
which caused Ruggles's healthy
young heart to whirr like a starling
taxicab, fetched him up "all standing," as sailors say. Here, sent perhaps by Providence, was his friend in
need. Less than an hour ago lie had
been vaunting thc loyalty of the
Downing family to their great army
of vassals. Hc would put this loyally to the lest. He would call upon
Ruth, explain his trouble���which was
aftcr all more or less her own doing
in having fired his heart with ambition���and demand her sympathy and
advice. -   _ ���
There was nothing, presumptuous
about this swift decision on thc boy's
part. Hc felt honestly that it was
right, and there was about it somc-
thing-rathcr fine and "belonging'to a
feudal age. His mother and father
before him had lived and labored and
died in thc service of the company,
which is to say, in thc service of the
Downing family. He himself was
giving the best of his brain and body,
the best of his youth, to thc same service. Now, as a result of this fidelity, he was more unhappy than -he
could remember ever to havc been,
and he' could sec no reason why he
should not turn to a Downing for
aid in his perplexity. Thc responsibilities of licgedom .should work both
Glancing at thc reflection of himself in the plate-glass window of an
automobile agency, Rugglcs was
quite satisfied with his prcscntabil-
ity. As always, hc was nicely and
becomingly drc=--d, and hc reflected
with a certain amount of professional
pride that certainly no man in Paris
was better shod or stockinged. It is
probable that there was not at that
moment a better looking young fellow between thc Louvte-and thc^gatcs
of thc Bois de Boulogne than our
modest shoe clerk. Hc entered the
fashionable hotel with an air of assurance which he was far from feeling, and sent up his. card to Miss
Downing���his social card, which was
inscribed simply "Mr. Richard P.
Rugglcs." Ruggles was proud of
that card, because two-thirds of it
were identical with Richard P. Downing, junior and senior.
The boy returned presently to say
that Miss Downing would receive
Mr. Rugglcs in the salon of her suite.
Rugglcs mounted in thc lift, glancing
at himself in thc mirror and pushing back a long lock of wavy yellow
hair, which was slightly damp. He
was ushered into a salon prettily
furnished in Louis XV. style, and
perched himself on a chair a good
deal as a bird reposes itself for a
brief instant on  a swaying twig.
Thc    bell-boy bowed    and retired.
Germans Oppose
Extraditional Plan
was in-any danger of being snubbed
at her hands. Shc would have rc-l question is simply one of law.
ceived the door-boy of the Paris
store if she had known that he was
in the service of thc company. Thc
Ncw York Slate manager, whom her
father had asked to dine with them
at their hotel in Ncw Y���ork City before thcy had sailed for Europe, had
told her that hc had worked hiif way
up through factory and salesroom,
and Ruth had no contempt for lhc
humble clerk. In lhc present case,
she thought it probable that Ruggles
had-actcd on her advice lo ask for a
promotion and had comc to thank
her and tell her of his success.
(To ,Bc Continued.)
Province Seeks Own Powers
British Columbia Wants Jurisdiction
to  Deal     With Profiteering v
Vancouver. ��� Thc mayors and
reeves of 27 British Columbia municipalities met here, wilh Hon. J. W.
DcB. Farris, attorney-general, lo discuss mcasuics for relieving thc cost
of living, and adopted a resolution
suggesting thc appointment of a provincial board of commerce for British
Columbia, with full judiciary and administrative powers, lo'bc appointed
and administered by the fcdcral government.
It was argued that the , existing
board of commerce, working from
Ottawa, was too distant lo bc fully,
effective on thc Pacific Coast, and the
feeling ^was , lhat _this federal board
should bc supplcmcncd by a~-body
with provincial jurisdiction, but with
equal powers. Thc gathering askeci
thc board of commerce to eslablish
a legal business profit "spread" as
an initial basis upon which profits
could be figured wheic - essential
commodities   wcrc   concerned.
Would Be Grateful to Holland if She
Refuses Extradition  of the
Former Kaiser
The Hague, Holland. ��� Thc
Deutsche Allgemeihc Zcitung some
timc ago wrote lhat the German
people would be grateful to Holland
if she adhered to the policy,of refusing the extradition of the former
Kaiser. A union of German officers,
the league of German sergeants, various women's leagues, and so foith,
asked the Dutch Government to refuse extradition, expressing much
gratitude if their request were conceded.
All. these movements give better
proof of sentiment than of tact, and,
as the llandclsblad points out, show
a misapprehension of the situation.
There can be no question of gchei-
osity or of thanks in this matter. If
Germany had reason to thank Holland, the entente would have reason
to reproach her with not having fulfilled  their wishes.-      But  the  whole
Holland adheres to right as she did during the whole war. At most Germany
may thank the Dutch law for being
what it is, and the entente may regret that it is not different.   -
The Nicuwc Rot'lcrchinischc. Cour-
anl, discussing the extradition question, points out that,-if thc court that
is to judge him is to bc formed by
the entente from- amongst their own
men, whatever guarantees lhc former
Kaiser is given, thc proceedings can
only end in his 'being found guilty.
If il could bc proved that those in
St. Petersburg or Paris who in 1914
had to decide for war were as guilty
as the defendant, and the London
judge recognized this, thc whole basis
for the peace treaty would lapse and
the peace treaty itself bc automatically condemned. Thc guilt of the
former Kaiser cannot bc judged
without fixing the responsibility for
the wai.
Breathe Deeply,
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That Bronchial Wheeze
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Odd Museum
In Switzerland
Open* Northern
Lands To Ranchmen
"Finest Act In The  War"
Marshal Foch Pays Tribute to Valor
of the Canadians
Marshal Foch never forgets, says
the London Evening News. Some
timc ago hc was presenting��� French
decorations to Canadian officcis of
thc famous First Canadian Division.
Hc discussed with them the second
Battle of \piLa,-.uia especially thc
Battle of St, Julian, where the Hun
first used gas, and where the Canadians held the line after thc troops
on thcir flanks had been suffocated
or retired.
Foch was in command of that por-.
tion of the front.at the lime. Hc told
the Canadian officers 'that had their
troops given way-nothing could have
stopped ~tirc~~Gcrniaris " ihafchihg"tb
Calais, and added: "I think the finest
act in thc war was the counter-attack
of thc 10th and 16th Battalions of
Canadians after thcir division had
been frightfully punished by thc German gas." This counter-attack so
amazed thc enemy, who counted jti
their gas demoralizing or 'killing thi"
Canadians, that thcy slowed down
thcir advance to the coast and Calais
was saved. That was in thc fateful
spring of 1915, but the great Marshal
of France remembered every detail of
thc long battle ancl thc actual Canadian battalions.
A Chemical Entente
At thc recent annual meeting of
thc Association of British Chemical
Mamifaclmers it was announced that
a fnenuly understanding had 'been
comc to between the British and
French chemical industries for cooperation in international development. Thc British association now
represents ��70,000,000 of-capital invested, and continued rapid growth
in thc department of dycslufts and
fine chemicals is assured. The importance of chemical progress in its
relation lo industrial efficiency and
thc lifc'of a nation cannot be overestimated, and everything possible
will bc done to hold and extend thc
amazing advance madc in Great Britain in response to the necessity for
sudden development during war time.
' - Order Farms Seized
Berlin.���The Prussian minister of
agriculture has empowered the local
communities to seize farms whose
owners refuse to enter labor contracts with their employee?, or who
fail to live up to the wage scales and
where terms ended by contracts. Thc
lands to be seized are to be administered by thc respective communities
for the eommon good.
W.       N.
- Mothers should look well aftcr
their children during the hot summer
months, as this is the lime of ycar
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kinds of bowel complaints.
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ncw and untried remedies. Get one
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Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawbcrry
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74 ycars. Don't accept a^subs'itutc
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Mrs. Willis Coupland, Sundiidc*.
Ont., writes: "About four ycars asro
my little girl, then a baby two monlK
old, took diarrhoea. I took" her to
the doctor, but to no avail. Aflcr he
had given her up, I read of Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry and
immediately got a bottle. Within
two days shc was improving fast. 1
cannot ever praise it enough. I hope
some poor sufferers will sec this letter and lead ihem to a friend indeed."
Price 35 cents. Put up only by The
T. Milburn Co., Limited, To- r>nro,
Composed of Unpatented Inventions
for Use of Smugglers
An odd .'.'museum accumulated iri
Switzeikuul during the war was composed of unpatented- inventions for
thc use of smugglers in p,is:-ing lhe
- . l tier into .'Germany. Here 'arrived
in due sc.ison, though after nobody
knows how many trips- across tlic
border, the double i ^ I of waterproof cloth in winch the ���-��� --
could cany alcohol or othci h nu,
and many oilier ingenious concealments devised for the same piu^^
An innocent-looking bundle of newspapers might bc holl'.i.ed out to hold
a metal container; an ordinary-looking trough for mixing mortar or cement might havc a false boltoi l under which was concealed ils liquid
cargo of contraband; and in'one case
an old-fashioned carriage was discovered whose" scat and lloor wcrc
both hollow and loaded with supplies
for tlie. ���German's.'''' Rubber was'-.-^rie
up in rolls of-cloth, and nicker and
other metals were deposited in the
hollow sections of coirugated card-
jboard wrapped aiound sonic innocent
article which could bc sent through
thc post office. But piobably the
most successful method of smuggling,
within its liquid limits, was the triple
line of pipes unearthed by the Swiss
authorities leading downhill from a
frontier cottage and over the line
into Germany. In" the great total,
however, all this ingenuity was more ,
profitable to the smugglers than to
thc blockaded nation, for it had no
practical effect in i educing thc effectiveness with which Germany -had
been cut off from  thc outside world,
Ontario To Vote
On Prohibition
Date Fixed and Referendum Will Be
Taken on October 20
Toronto.���The referendum on the
prohibition question will be taken on
Monday, October 20. Sir William
Hearst, premier of Ontario, made this
announcement. He did not state
when the provincialgencral elections
would take place, but it seems to bc
generally believed that thc members
of the government desire to havc
the double event on the one day.
However, there arc conflicting interests, one of which is that the majority,
of temperance workers wish to keep
the referendum vote separate from
politics. Farmers arc said to prefer
to havc thc referendum and election
on thc same   day.
Premier Hearst handed out the following statement on thc matter:
"There has been sonic unexpected
delay in thc preparation of thc voters' lists, but thc woik has progressed sufficiently lo enable the government to fix thc date for thc vole on
the referendum, and this will take
place on   Monday, October 20.
"Tlicrc has been no consideration
yet of the date for thc provincial
Mounted Police Strength
For First Time in History Now in
Excess of Sixteen Hundred
Regina, Sask.���For thc first timc in
the hislorj of thc force, the strength
of thc R.N.W.M.P. is in excess of
1,600 all ranks. Shortly after the
outbreak of the war 500 men .were
taken on for a period of one year,
bringing thc strength to more than
At the expiration of thc year these
men enlisted in various units - when
thcy learned there was no chance
of thc force going overseas as a unit.
Continued enlistments and drafts
brought thc force to low ebb about a
ycar ago.
Two hundred and fifty miles of
British war medal ribbon arc to bc
issued to men and women entitled to
these decorations,through the recent
edicts of the King.
Grazing Laws to Be Changed, According to Interior Department News
Ottawa. ��� The Department of the
Interior has announced important
changes in the regulations regarding
grazing leases which arc of particular interest to, the West The drought
conditions which havc prevailed in
the southern portion of the prairie
provinces havc resulted in representations beiny madc to the department
by thc possessors of small herds of
from 50 to 500 cattle, for permission
to '''move to lands farther north where
better grazing facilities offer.
Changes havc been made in the grazing regulations to permit of this.
There arc largc aicas of land in these
nprtherl; prairie districts ; which, because of remoteness from settlement,
liability to frost, or swampy or gravelly character of the soil, arc not
adapted to agricultural production,
but which aic, nevertheless, ' quite
suitable for grazing purposes. The
Minister of thc Interior, Hon. Arthur
-.leighen, after careful consideration
oi'llic .representations made, decided
it would be prompting the best interests of this icgion as a whole if
ranchers .who wished to establish
themselves permanently upon such
areas and who have the proper qualifications, wcrc permitted to migrate
and settle there. In no case, -however, will this''arrangement lie allowed to li'tciieie with anj' promising
movement to settle farmers on lands
suitable  for agricultural purposes.
Under 'the present grazing regulations leases are limited to a term
not exceeding ten' years, and lo aii
area not largci than 12,000 acres and
in no case may"a^leasc be issued lo
other lhan a .-atish subject. With
these conditions in force it was demonstrated i;ua ranchers of the kind
desired would not move llich-^hcrds
and establish their homes in thc more
northern country, where climatic conditions '."we're 'such that they would' be
compelled to provide fodder for llic
winter mouths and to eiect corrals
and sheds for.: the protection of-tlicir
stock, unk...: ...rrealer permanency "of
tenure "were offered" and in some
cases, owing J.o sparsity of vegetation, a larger area per head of stock.
Paper Specialties
HTHE makers of
���*��� the famous Eddy
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Washtubs, Paila, etc.
A "Kaiser Window'
Bolshevik   Brutes
Unbelievable Stories of Cruelty
Come From  Russia
London. ��� Advices from Odessa
state that Gencial Smirnoff, of Fort
Arthur fame, was among the rescued
hostages thcic. The majority of thc
victims of thc Bolsheviki wcic shot
in a couilyard. Thc headquarters was
a garage and the buildings around it
were pitted with bullet  holes.
One .hundred empty vodka bottles
wcrc found in one cellar, showing
lhat the executioners were stimulated befotc lhcir ghastly work. One
open cellar, twenty feet deep and
overlooked by a window from which
thc Bolsheviki had fired upon the
helpless hostages with rifles, was
packed with bodies, including several
girls in thcir 'teens.
Airship Program Reduction
London, England.���In accordance
with thc government's policy of economy, it has been decided to reduce
the airship program, and work on
several   jiiiships    of the R-34    class
which were  nsg completion   "has
been stopped. Certain airships and
airship stauuus are to be placed at
thc disposal of commercial firms for
the purpose of thc development of
commercial flying.
Saskatoon Buys Stock
Regina, Sask.���The government of
Saskatchewan will send out buyers at
once into drought-stricken areas to
save slaughter by thc farmers of
high-grade breeding stock for h.v.K.
of feed. Thc government will buy al!
good stock and resell it to those who
are able to feed it.
To Remain Until Another as . Good
Is'1 Presented to the Church
"What is lo bc done with the
stained glass window presented lo
Dovcrcourt Parish Church by thc
cx-Kaiscr 20 years ago," is a question which has been perplexing thc
vicar, the Rev. T. Grey Collier, and
churchwardens. Thcy havc decided,
says "Diarist" in thc -Westminster
Gazette,   that  it  is  "to   remain  until
another as good or better, is present
cd to the church," whicli is, perhaps,
thc best way of stimulating local
generosity. Thc body of Captain
Fryatt lies near "thc Kaiser window," as it is called, which was erected by the ex-Emperor in memory of
the "German Legion" who died from
disease during the Walcheron Expedition in 1810, and were buried with
Britisii soldiers in the adjoining
churchyard. It forms thc large west
window of thc church, and the subject of the design is thc healing of
thc centurion's servant.
Do Not Want Canadians to Remain
in England
London.���The proposal to establish a permanent hostel for the bene
fit of Canadian soldiers who have ta-
ken thcir discharge in England_does
not meet with much approval from
thc Canadian authorities here. Thc
opinion is prevalent that many of
these men and thcir wives who have
decided to remain in England will in
a couple of ycars or so be equally
anxious to return to ^Canada. One
authority says that at thc present
timc a certain class of demobilized
soldiers, who have been in England
during the past five ycais arc a bit
dazzled at the wages now being ���paid,
forgetting that thc cost of living is
steadily mounting. It is expected that
joint Britisii and Canadian government action will eventually have to
be  taken  ovci   this  mailer.
If all the churches were taken
away and the Sunday schools closed,
how much would your property he
Dismantling Of
German Airships
Some Were Destroyed During Last
Weeks Of War
Berlin, Germany.���Neither thc Imperial Air Office nor thc War Office
havc vouchsafed any comment as 3'ct
upon the allied press report of the
destruction of Germany's remaining
Zeppelins. The -former department
has denied any knowledge of thc
matter, but the Berlin papers state
ou its authority that some of the
German airships whicli wcrc to be
handed to the Allies wcrc dismantled
during thc last weeks of thc war an
being of no further use for military
purposes. Also that seven others
were destroyed by thcir own crcw =
about thc time of the sinking of thc
German fleet at Scapa Flow, although
nothing was published in the press
at the time.
Sure! High Heels
Cause. Corns But
Who Cares Now!
Because style decrees that women
crowd and buckle up their te-adcr toes
in high heel footwear thcy suffer from
corns, then thcy cut and trim at these
painfui'pests, which merely makes the
corn grow hard. ��� This suicidal habit
may cause lockjaw, and women are
warned to stop it.
A few drops of a ..drug called freezone applied directly upon a sore corn
gives quick relief, and soon the entire
corn, root and all, lifts out without
pain. Ask the drug store man for a
quarter of an ounce of freezone,
which costs very little, but is sufficient
to remove, cvery hard or soft corn
or callus from one's feet.
This drug is an ether compound and
dries in a moment and simply shrivels
up the corn without inflaming or even
irritating the surrounding tissue or
skin. Clip this out and pin on your
wife's dresser.
Canada's Wheat Place
In average yield in bushels pcr
acre of wheat in Jhc great wheat-
growing countries of the world, Canada is -fourth among eleven countries.
The United Kingdom is first with
31.9 bushels, Germany next with 31.8
bushels, Austria third with 20.2 bushels, and Canada fourth with 20.0 bushels per acre, according to statistics
compiled by the Department of the
Interior. *
* -M
Tapping Saskatchewan .River
- Regina;- Sask.���The "local" Board~of~
Trade will consult thc provincial
government on a prospect to lap the
Saskatchewan river at thc elbow to
procure a water supply for Moose
Jaw and Regina. Regina feels the
need ot an abundant and better supply. Thc cost per capita is estimated
at less than that necessary in Greater
If you would havc a peaceful home
all you have to do is to pay the
freight and let your wife run it.
Do not suffer
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Itching Bleed-
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wandered down the hill, past our
office in search of crated berries or
other luxuries. While smelling
around a Copper street atore some
dogs chased him out of town.
This reminds us of the early days
in New Denver,* when the Porcupines chewed the bark off our
woodpile at night. Being knlghtB
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these nocturnal visits. At that
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It is better to give a man work
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Even a wise man gets batty
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While reason sits in the back
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We have noticed that the chap
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the mails.
It is not likely that the Prince
of Wales plays poker, although
during the past month heOhas held
more hands than any other man
in Canada.-
This British Columbia ia a glorious country. We have the moonshine all day as well as night,
when the shadow of a polieeman
does not shut it out.  -
-There are GO, 000,000 caribou in
Canada. If half of them were put
on themarket, the price of meat
would fall to a stage whisper.
Johnny get your gunl
We have heard that the inhabitants of Phoenix have received instructions to keep away from th8
Eoyal train. As tbey are short of
flying machines the order is sure
to be obeyed.
The Canadian grip made the
Prince of Wales throw up his
hands. When he leaves the shores
of the Maple Leaf, it ie not likely
thafe he will sigh for the touch of a
vanished hand.
- At some of the border towns in
Mexico, whiskey afe the bars is the
same price that ife is in Cranbrook
���50, cents a drink. Litfcle wonder
lhat H. C. L. is able feo stick his
feet out of the top storey window.
Ix industry the closed shop is
the same thing as autocracy in the
government of a country. The
closed shop denies a workman the
right to labor unless he has paid
for and owns a union card which
represents the price of his political
birth right. The closed shop pro-
duces^parasites on Labor, lowers
production, destroys efficiency,
creates autocratic rulers in industry, and finally is the stepping
stone that destroys both law, order
and property. "Under the closed
shop men are coerced into the
organization, whereas if the same
tactics were applied to religious or
political parties, the adherents of
closed shop would revolt at such
interference with their freedom.
Our Returned Soldiers
Major F. A. Robertson addressed
a meeting in the Greenwood
Theatre on Thursday night explaining the work and scope of the
B. C. Returned Soldiers Commission. In the absence of Mayor
Gulley, Alderman Chas King took
the chair and stated that Major
Robertson was formerly with the
47th Battalion and fought in all
the battles of tbe Somme where he
lost an eye at the taking of Regina
Trench and afterwards had his leg
blown away at Passchendaele
Ridge. The chairman asked Major
Robertson to explain tho gratuity
question which seemed to be creating a great deal of misunderstanding. Major Robertson stated that
the G. W. V. A. were not asking
for an out and out gratuity of
82,000, but merely asked the government to appoint a commission
to see if a further gratuity could
not be given the returned soldiers
with a $2,000 basis on which to
work upon. All the G. W. V. A.
ask is for the government, to appoint a -commission to talk the
matter over, but this request having been refused the G. W. V. A.
are now going to assert themselves.
Dealing with the scope of the
B. C. Returned Soldiers Commission, Major Robertson said that if
there were any real cases of distress caused by sickness or fire or
other unavoidable accidents it was
the citizens duty to inform G. B.
Taylor, who is the agent for the
commission in this district, and he
would notify the head office and
assistance would immediately be
granted. -      -
The Major grew quite eloquent
when telling of the deeds
of the Canadian Corps in
France. He showed how the Canadians saved the coast town? at the
second battle .of Ypres when the
French army turned and fled but
the Canadian army stood firm
without any supports or reserves
to fall back upon. Then again it
was the Canadians who took the
highest point on the Somme after
it had been taken and loaFsevon
times by other of the allied armies.
Tbe Canadians were then moved
to the supposed impregnable Vimy
Ridge, where the French lost over
75,000 killed and more than 200,-
000 wounded, but the Canadians
took it at a jump and went five
miles beyond. He then explained
the taking of Passchendaele Ridge,
���the moBt bloody battle of the
whole war���but it was J^arshal!
Haig who commanded General
Currie to take the Ridge at all
costs. By this time the Corps had
won the admiration of all tho
allied armies and in -captured
documents the Germans had said
fehat the Canadians were the storm
troops. The battle of Hill 70 was
explained and of how the, Canadians were the spearhead in the
battle .of Amiens with the Australians on the left and French on
the' right. How the Canadians
fought almost . continuously for
three months afe ' Arras, Canal du
Nord, Cambrai-and firing the last
shot of. the war at "Mons. The
Canadians hold the proud distinction of never having IoBfc a position
once it had taken or of ever having
failed to take an objective.
A vote of thanks was tendered
Major Robertson for his very able
and instructive address.
In   Spokane fehe ofeher day the
people made President Wilson be-
*   lieve that for real enthusiasm and
;    ehoofeing tbe bull there is no place
equal feo a live western dSy.   No
���vv doubt Wilson will never forget hia
visit; lo the cifey by the Fills.
You Can Save
/ in your baking by using
Baking Powder
In many recipes only half as many
eggs are required, in some none at
all, if an additional quantity of Dr.
Price's Baking Powder is used���
about a teaspoon, in place of each-
egg omitted.
Try this method with all your baking recipes. Thousands of women
are using it with great success.
Contains No Alum���Leaves No Bitter Taste
TAKE NOTICE that Charles Noble Bubar
of Beaverdell, B. C, Farmer, intends to apply
for permission to purchase tlie following described lands: Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner *f Block A Lot 1441,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 20 chains,
thence north 40 chains, thence east 20 chains,
to point of commencement, and containing
eighty acies more or less.
Dated 28th August, 1919.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is lieated with steatn
aud electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists aud travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Corporation of the City of
At CITY HALL, PHOENIX, SEPT., 30th,  1919, at
10 a. m., a Tax Sale will be held of all property on
which taxes are delinquent
Many improved and unimproved lots will be offered
c for sale by auction
Further particulars may be had by applying to
City Clerk, Phoenix
    ..    _MONUMENTAL-CO., LTD.
FRONT ST.,      NELSON.     BOX 865
How to Tell Age
Another Dry Vote
" 'A burnt child dreadB fihe
fire',", announced the.teacher during ihe lesson in proverbs. ''Now,
give me a sentence differing in
wording but meaning the same
thing." * ���       .
A grimy band - shot np from the
back of the claps, -
'.'"Please, teacher," came a email
\oice.   "A, washed  child:dreads
the water."-^Blighty. V
Among many ingenious schemes
for telling a persons age this is oho
of the easiest and best. Let the
person whose age is to be discovered do the figuring. Suppose, for
example, if it; ia a girl, that her
age is 15, and that she was born
in August. Let her put down the
number of tbe month in which she
was born and proceed as follows:"
Number of month - - _ 8
Multiply by 2    ' -     -:    - 10
Add 5 .   "   -   . -  '_--<,-   21
Multiply by 50 'y - '- . 1,050
Then add her age - - 1,065
Then snbstract 365, leaving 700
Then add 115 - ��� - 815
. She then announces the result,
815, , whereupon she may be informed that, her. age is 15, and
August, or tbe eighth month, is
the month of her birth.
Tbe two figures to the right in
the result will always indicate the
age, and the remaining figure or
figures the month the birthday
comes in.
This rale never fails for all ages
op to 100. For ages nnder 10 a
cipher will appear profixed in the
result, bnt no account is taken of
���Try it on yonr friendB.
A sure sign that yon don't know
much is to think that you know it
alL        \
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Pool Room and First-Class
Barber Shop
Cigars. Tobaccos, Soft Drinks.
Ice-Cream Parlor in Connection
Order Now
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview: and situate North of
and adjoining Lot 2502s.
TAKE NOTICE that Cyril Radan of
Boundary Falls in said District, occupation
Rancher, intends to appljr for permission to purchase the following'described lands:
Lot 2317s, containing 80 acres more or less.
Dated August 25th, 1919, at Boundary Falls.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer.and
Chemis*. Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper,
f i each. Gold-Silver $1.50, "Silver-Lead
$2.00 Silver-Lead-Zinc ��3.00. Charges
for other tnetals, etc., on application."
Returned Soldiers.
DR. WOOD, of Greenwood, B.C
has been appointed by the Depart'
ment of Soldiers' Civil Re-Establishment as Medical Representative
whose duties are to- attend to all
returned men who may be taken
ill any time within one year of discharge, whether the cause be from
war service or not, and to men who
are suffering a recurrence of disability caused by War service, at
any time. '   ,
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillnc cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Antos sold and repaired. Agent for
Chevrolet^ Dodge and Stndebaker cars;
also Republic and National tracks.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to |5 an acre; second-class to
12.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to aur-
veyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
And which ls non-timber land.
- Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ��� *.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
be��?we rece'ving Crown Grant.
i��� wtitn PJ"e-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, be-
���5? of ill-health, or other cause,"be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.  '.
Records without permanent resi- "
dence may be issued, provided appli-
S?��J majtes Improvements to extent of
��300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
��_?.�������� Tr,tle wnot be obtained in
!#��,��)?? 6 years. and improvements
of 110.00 per acre, including 6 acres
"" X6*!*1"*���"cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
��n?�����C0,rd Sn?ther Pre-emption, ifhe
5SSi,p*,8��,?nd1 In conjunction with his
SiSSi wi^��"t actual occupation, pro-
����d/d,Js��tutory improvements made
X.��d u��T B,a,ntalned ��� Crown
o_,Vjl,surveye<t areas- not exceeding 20
StR^n SfXhrt 1Saaed M homesites;
ri��iV.v=t_?b.ta,ned after fulfilling resl-
T&lal an1 ln>provement conditions,
cl?! *ra2ilnf, *nd industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
,eMi��d *f ��.ne person or ��ompan��.y **
ti��h���; fi?V,ry .or industrial sites on
r ���J?����jan<1 J*ot- exceeding 40 acres
SLvm��^P��fro��hasea: conditions include
payment of stumpage.
by IS.*11 rL i2eld0W8v inaccessible
y j..r      .* roads may be purchased
toth��SnB*!X0? C0?8tr��ctioriToi'aS
to them.   Rebate of one-half of cost of
jSSSt. ffUST1* haU 0t PUrchaS^
����� Ji��2_.BC_.��l?e of thls Act 'a enlarged to
��2?H��?.i.TrPM??,!l9 Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces     Th��
ofn|1dI^_,r_,hlch the'*������� %d4visTeel
for mS^S? Pre-emptor may apply
from for ��Sf8r thIS Act lB extended
such perr����onn: Wr^Vn^on*
tractive     pr,v,le��e ,s also made re-
No fees relating to pre-emDtiona uro
due or payable V soldierS on    m
emptions recorded after June 26   191R
Taxes are remitted for five y<��_���
Provision tor return of mont^ac
or &��2n'23XI2Lvt Paints, f����
or laxes on soldiers  pre-ercmtions
,_,����e���Bt ��on ��*"��m��rt.T toP purehase
AUiea forces, or dependents  araiit,-^
��� ?i^���^n&lrec�� .^StttSr&SS1^
, uatment to March IX, 1920.
r^S_TlB����fin��d" ��"��� issuance of
Crown grants to aub-purchasera of
Crown Lands, acquirlii rlihtj. f,^���
, purchasers who filled * to ^mD~S
purchase, tnvolv ng forfeiture m *f,i >
Sllment of conditions^ pSMLfta:
terte anfl taxee. Where eS^uSjSl
era do not claim whole of orMnauS?!
eel, Pwehiue price due and SS m��
be   dlatrlbuted   proportionately   2ra
tt^j?f��rt*m rau8t���
Grasing Act, 1��X��.-for ��T��t��natI<s
development o? livestock InaSsSrbTO?
VtZJSrSS?** ��"trleu wa>��Se
iSSSwSi?? ttnder. CommlMtonw!
Annual graainu parmita issued baaed
on numbers ranged; priority for ��tab-
Uahed    owners.     Stock-o^new   mS
mtnL   IVm, or partially free, p��rSte
Your Cutting Machinery  -   Binders
and Rakes .
We handle the McCortnick and -Peering   Line
- and will be pleased to'order'repairs
for all makes of Machines'.
Get our prices on'Barb Wire and   Nails.     We can
save you money on large or small lots.
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remit promptly.
Midway, B. C.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining'Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copr/er and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
There was a picture in the papers recently of Enid Bennett,
- movie star, using the telephone. Miss Bennett is'afine actress,
and she surely knows how to use a telephone, but in this illustration she had her face., turned away from the transmitter.
Perhaps she was posing," but it might, have suggested to some
that her method was the proper one when telephoning.
When you telephone, talk directly into the instrument,
with your lips an inch or more from the transmitter. Then
you will have to talk in an ordinary tone and the person at
the other end Tyill be able to hear you distinctly.
******'4<<4��**4'4��* * * 4. * 4.4.4*
Cbe Rume fiotel
nelson, B*e��
The only up'to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respects
Hot and Cold,Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and np; European Plani
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
a*****'*********'** ���ft*******!"!**
+ '
P.T Burns & Co^ t-^d'
Home of Shamrock Bacon, ; Ham  and Lard
Eggs,   Cheese   and   Fish   of   all   Varieties
Culameeti fiotel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms ancTtasty meals.
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.   Meals served afe any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.   8of6 drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool hall in connection.   '
W. D. SU8K    -    -    .    PBOPEIETOB
oooooooooooooooooooooooooo 0000000000000000000000000 <
I Autos of all   kinds   repaired.    Tire   vulcanizing  a   specialty.
j Shock absorbers, oils, and all kinds of anto supplies for sale.        !
' ':
' .  t


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