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The Ledge Jul 3, 1924

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'*,   -
ii -
ry I
Vol..  XXX.
Now, is the time to Brighten up your Home
We have just received an assortment of
..'���.���-' ... . .^.   ,   .
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
Fresh Salmon and Halibut
* Every Thursday
: Cherries and Apricots
Fbr Preserving.
Order Now
For Quality and Value Order Frdm
Phone 46
Just In A Big Line Of
Box, Bulk and Bars
Buy a box of these extra fine fresh Chocolates
\ NOTICE is hereby given that the Partnership lately subsisting
between the undersigned George Birkett Taylor, and Thomas
Jenkin, carrying ou businessat Greenwood, B.C., under the firm
name of "Taylor & Jenkin"-'.was on this 31st day of May, 1924,.
dissolved by mutual consent; and that {he business in future will be.
carried on by the said George Birkett Taylor and his son Richard
C. Taylor.under the firm name of "Taylor & Son," who-will pay and.
discharge all debts and liabilities, and receive all moneys payable
to the said-late firm.        /   , . ...-.'-,--.'-    ""[        "'
Greenwood, B.C., May 31st 1924. -"-'     '   7" ���   ��� ->.'���-
"-"'".'���'"       7     G. B. TAYLOR,
'.������'���   -./-��� : T.JENKIN.' ,
. ��S*K��S��5S����e��K3S��	
17 W_ ____^WV____i_^W^
:i ������-���������
i 7
.} --���.-'':'   "' - ���    ���"
7.   -We carry .only the best, stock procurable in. .'--XX.
Beef, Veal;''Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you       -
).yx XX' X-XX-' yy' Xy^r_.'x.    ��� X-XXX'zXy
. A signal showsoii the switchboard,;a. telephone number, is asked. for,
and a %vire.liighway is created over which two persons may send their words;
and thoughts, one to, the other. Thousands of these messages pass oyer the
wiresof the B.C. Telephone Company iii a day.    f.f    7,7
The telephone operator.cannot follow lier work to its results, but. she
can appreciate its'-importance;   In her keeping is part of a great mechanism ���
of inter-coumiuiiicatiori, but those .whom she serves and,the benefits of her ���'
service remains unknown.'  Each summons for her co-operation is of equal
urgency, for each helps to further the progress pf the. community : and the ]
province.-   .'-,-   ���- - '.V -' -' V   V  ' "" - --:.'- ,'  :���..[
ik Gonsolidatetl Minigi Sieliini
of Canada, Limited
." -  7 " v ��� 7 ��� -. ��� ' -'    :     "'     >   .
Office, Smelting and Refining Department '
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Ziac Ores
Producers ot   Goldf.   Silver,  Copper,   Pig  Lead   and Zine
y;xz.y    Real Estate.
Fire, Life Insurance    y
Licensed by B. C. Government
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Auction off your surplus Stock
Call 'at my Oflice and see me in
reference to any of above
Now on
50c. a Grab
Articles valued from $1 to $6.50
Gents prizes: Pair.of-Cuflf Links,-
Signet Ring and Pair Silk Socks ..
Ladies   prizes:     #4.00,. Turquoisef
Ring ancl Jr.50 Pair Silk Stockings,
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15  p.m.
Wesley Barry
in    -
"The Country Kid"
From the Original Story, by J"._ Jdsepbson
See Wesley BarryJn a - picture .where he
has his hands full; as father.'arid- mbther
to..his younger brothers whoarfe playful as
kittens, tricksy,'; frisky and rollicking.
The story is packed with such exhilarating fresh faction. as will drive Old- Man
Care to-the.bottoin-of-the-oceaur-.- 1------
rn the Matter of the Estate of Albert Maurer
of Bridesville. In the County of Yale.
-������'.��� In tfie  Province of British CoIiimfcJa.
deceased, who died.on the. 11th day of
" May; 1924.
...NOIICE is hereby B-ivcit.tiiat.b;' -an order
of His Honor JolinR. Brd/n-ti, Local' Judge,
dated-'the 23rd day." of May;-" A.D. 19M. the un-.
(l��rs!if'iied was appointed Admiiifstratot of the
estate, of the - above, 'aimed deceased. .'And
notice is hereby-further (riven .that all persons'
liavliiit . claims. against the ; said" estate are
required to file such claims' duly verified- under
oath, with me-on,or before'--the Wit "day of
Auf?ust/192-.. after whicUdate-iyinproceed" to
distribute the anse'K of the'said'estate among-
the"personsentitled theretoSlaving,regard-only'
to the claims ui which I shall then l._iv����� notice,
aud I win not "be 'liable" for said-assets, qr'any-
jurt'thereof,.-to any- person of whose "-claim I-
shaii not then, have received notice. . -���
"'-'���. Dated ih i* 26th day/of June, A.D. 1W4..
���" X. - ' -CHARLES KINO. : X' X -X
'_  . Official Adtsiln iterator,
- .Greenwood, B.C.
Minister,iu charge", ���.-:���--'
-')' Rev. Wi ft/ Walkinshaw. B. A. y'
Sunday, July 6th.   V
'>-:.'.'"���'���..- \Alyncaster'H arm.-.,..;   V
Greenwood 7.30.D.m.)'
Remember the
Community Picnic
Friday, 4th July
Under auspices of Sunday School and
Yo��s2 Peosle
RACES 2 s, dt. School Grounds
LUNCHEOS oii Hcnfc GrouB4-$erve3
~ to Lciies Aid Society
BjrlBff Yoar 'as^kits   ���
A. W. Francis
for a three
months trip 4o
Thos. Jenkin left on Tuesday
for Trail where he will seek employment. ��
Since taking the Ford agency
D._ McPherson has received his
third car load.
C. H. Brownlee, surveyor, of
Rossland,-was a visitor to Dead-
wood on Wednesday.
Miss Ruby Goodeve left Sunday morning to visit her ..sister,
Stella, at Coalmont. .
Johnson Beattie, of Penticton,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D.
McLaren, Deadwood.
J. C. Dale, of Carmi, is the
West Fork's latest resident to
purchase a Ford roadster.
Local gardens aire all doing
well. Home grown lettuce and
radishes are in common use.
Robt. Forshaw has bought a
Ford touring car from McPher*
son's Garage, Grand Forks.
C. H. Cruse is relieving at the
C. P. R. Depot while Agent W.
Walmsley is on his vacation.
. Mr. aud Mrs. W. Walmsley left
on Monday evening by motor to
attend the Round-up in Calgary.
There are more crows' than
usual this year. The flocks are
large enough to destroy grain
Lewis Keir shot a yougg golden
eagle at the Keir ranch last Friday. It measured-6 ft. 8 in. from
tip to tip.
A shipment of about 30 tons of
high grade -ore is being made
from the Providence mine to the
Trail smelter.
. . The absentee, vole . for. the
Grand Forks-Greenwood riding
will be counted in Greenwood on
Monday, July 14th..
Mr.,and Mrs. E. H. Corpe and
daughter, Betty, of Nelson, are
the guests of Mr. and. Mrs. J.
E. Hoy, Mountainview.
The Government thermometer
touched'106 degrees in the shade
on Wednesday, the hottest ever
registered iu Greenwood.  7 V
Clinton Garris -'and Wendell
Olson, of. Spokane, are spending,
the week in town the. guests of
Mr; and Mrs.C. R; Garris. '     V
Parents:and others7 please take
note that-dufing-July7 and- until
further notice Greenwood.Sunday.
School will not be in. session,.  ,< .
". Axel; Gustafson, is:..improving,
rapidly from, injuries received in;
a recent motor- accident and is
now visiting his . family in .Pen-
'ticton. V7V     ���-" ;",-���'.    .  W Vf\
...Miss M.._.AVMcLoughry left on,
Tuesday for .Rossland, thence to
Calgary.... accompanied by her
sister, where .they.'will spend-the
holidays.,:;   7 -]'}���'  -������
.-. .Mr. and'.-MrsV-W.-,Nichols, Miss
Madison., and. Miss, Manly, of
Spokane/spent the week-end in
town the guests of Mr." and Mrs,-
7 "In spite of the cats there are
many yo.ung robins id all :=of the
gardens.!; They.are innocent little, fellows- but they give, their
parents an anxious time.;
.: .Mrs.. John.Dpcksteader a'ndftwb
children, . Cynthia . and : Beity)
left, on Sunday to spend the hbli*
days' . with Mrs.:. Dbcksteader's
parents ait.Colbqrne,,Ont. f ';'  'Xx''
Mrs. A." J. Morrison and three
children and Neil and, George
Morrison left. Saturday, morning
by -motor for fa two weeks visit
with relatives at Vale, Oregon. V
v Capt. . and Mrs. Reid and
daughter,,and Miss Ruby Smith
thotored through Greenwood at
noon today from Vernoa enroute
to Grand Forks and Slocan City.
A quiet wedding, took place
Monday afternoon, 30 June, at
the home of the Presbyterian
minister, when Miss Lillian
Strong and Mr. Frank For.villy,
both of Curlew, Wash,, ' were
united in the 'ootids of holy
matrimony. Mrs. Karl Spence
and Mrs* JW. S. Waikmshaw
were the witnesses. V  f
Double Drowning
An unfortunate double drowning
accident; occurred on febe Kettle
river near James Lake last Sanday
afternoon about 4 o'clock, when
Frank Maida, agod 19 years, eon
of Mr. and Mrs* M. Maida, of
Fife and E. W. Simpson, aged 37
years,, of Grand Forks, were
They had been hauling ties from
the camp at James Lake to the
river and after unloading decided
to have a swim, and went into a
shallow place. Frank Maida waded
in first but went beyond his depth,
the river being about 40 ieefc deep
at this place. He could not swim
and he was seen to flounder by his
brother Rocco, who was present,
and* called to Simpson who. immediately went in after the drowning man. Simpson only made
three or four strokes when he
threw up his hands and sank.
Rocco ran to Howard Smith's and
gave the alarm. Mr. Smith and
G. S. Walters ran to the river but
���could, not see anything of the
drowned men. Mr. Walters went
to Rock Creek and notified the
Provincial Police.   -
A raft was made and a number
of men got on ib and floated over
the eddy. John1 Walsh saw
Simpson's body and dived, for it
bring it to the surface. Constable
Stewart had some men with a drag
neb and Dan Rose and Arthur
Mellor found the body of Maida
the next morning. Dr. W. H.
Wood, coroner, viewed the bodies
and decided that an inquest was
neb necessary as the drowning was
purely accidental. The bodie3
were removed to Grand Forks for
There were a lot of people in
town on Saturday evening, but
not many dixring the day. Many
came in for the picture show, and
as a rule people like the evening
trading. It is at night that a
great many people do their shopping.   '
Robt C. Murray, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Murray, of this
place, was-ftrarried at Cranbrook
on June 28th. to Miss Pearl
Barkley, of Kimberley. Mr. and
Mrs. Murray are spending about
ten days in town and Bob is receiving congratulations from a
host of friends. -..,���. W
Mrs. H. R. Bidder and daughter, Bessie, left Sunday morning
to reside in Vancouver where Mr.
Bidder is nowflbcated.. Mr, and
Mrs. Bidder have been residents
of Greenwood for.about ,20 years
and in their removal;to the,coast
Greenwood-has -.lost a. highly _re��
specte&iamily.', ',; ���
V.Harold Stringer, school teacher
at Westbridge, left:last week-end
tospend his vacation.in : Vancouver and Seattle.."After, the hbii-.
days;he has ��� 'accepted."- a ������ position
on the staff.of the Nelson, schools..
Iu. the.departure of Mr. Stringer
Westbridge. has' lost .a. capable
anil popular .teacher, while The
Ledge is minus a realf'live-wire
correspondent."" '}'.'.-;
. The funeral'of the late. Mrs. J.
E. Benson was held on Sa.tutday
afternoon. June 28, service being
coriducted; .in the. Presbyterian
Church by Rev. W.\R. Walkinshaw. .Therefwas a very larg-e
attendance -"..and;, many - floral
tributes. Interment took place
in.the..local cetnetery. The pallbearers.were: Ed. -Madge, Chas.
Weed; Ernie Berg, Eric Berg, L.
Sortome and. G.fCarlsbad
United Farmers Picnic
Dominion Day was fittingly
celebrated at Ingram Bridge
when a most successful Picnic
was held under the auspices of
the Greenwood District United
Farmers. There was a large attendance, every section of the
district being represented. The
sports were keenly contested considering the warm weather. The
refreshment stall did a big business, ice cream, fruit and soft
drinks being in great demand.
The day's enjoyment came to a
close with a Dance in the Co-
Operative Hall, Rock Creek, in
the evening. A large crowd at-'
tended and Bush's orchestra supplied excellent music for the
The committees in charge
worked hard and it was mainly
due to their efforts that they
accomplished gvhat they intended.
A partial- list of.the sports
follow: ���:-
Potato Race, (men)���1st Frank
Richter, 2nd Charlie Clark.
Potato Race���1st Edgar Walker,
2ndL. Walsh.
100 yds (men)���1st Frank
Richter, 2nd Charlie Walsh. '���
Three-Legged Race (men)���
1st Ted Pittendrigh and Edgar
Walker, 2nd Douglas and Steavy.
100 yds (boys)���1st D. McMynn, 2nd Edgar Walker.^   -
Relay Race���Rock Creek.
Tug-of-War���Rock Creek.
Boys Pie Eating Contest���1st
Edgar Walker, 2nd S. Pittendrigh.
Motor Car Race���1st Midway
man, 2nd A. Rusch.
Rock Creek Notes
(Too late for last issue)
On the evening of Tuesday,
June 23rd, a most enjoyable .time
was held at Rock. Creek under
ihe auspices ot the Somen's Co-
Operative. A. M. Stephen, Canadian Poet and Public Reader,
with Thos, McLean, baritone, presented a splendid programme of
readings and music. An .interesting feature is the fact that Mr.
Stephen who is now one of Canada's
foremost poets, at one time, back
in 1905, taught the. Rock Creek
school. Mr. McLean who is Wesfe-'
ern Canada's foremost baritone,
pleased his audience by his selection of stirring numbers while Mr,
Stephen's poems, many of which
deal with characters familiar in
the pioneer life of British Columbia, were highly appreciated. Mrs,.
Arthur J. Foxall of Vancouver
was a7 perfect accompaniste and
added greatly-to the effec��-of Mr.-
MaeLean'a^numbers., 7
Mies Miriam Gabel motored from
Spokane, Wash, Friday,-'. to spend
the week* end with her uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs.v.Geo7 Lord at
Rock Creek.. She was accompanied
by her father and mother, Mr. and
Mrs. J., A. ��� Abraham and : Miss';
Martha. Abraham.  X ;-'���:
V Community Picnic Xy])
���7A. Community fPicnic is. being
afrapged byVho Presbyterian Sun-.
day;. School   and:. young  .people. -;���
Th�� .date   is   Friday;. 4th 'July.;;
Races,will be held .on the School
-Grounds.commencing at. 2 q-clock
prompt,;; wjth ..Lanchfion   on .' the.7
Picnic; Ground  in  the;; afternoon.
Ladies Aid will serve. . .Bring your
baskets.and 'alLcome;,- Make: its
real Community Rally. : ,7     . #
Grind Forks-Greenwood Riding Final Plebiscite Returns
. .    The recount of tiie Liquor Control Plebiscite and Absentee votes werc-.niajlc'oii
Mo'tulay, June-joth, by. Returning. Officer Geo. H. Gray,'.J.D7 McCreath aiid"J-._ A.-.
Fraser. ;.-.The result follows:. ' - V' ',--"��� _...-'   ,, ���       .. 7 '-..;""" "'."-."_'���. -
Poll " V "   -"Div."  ]
Beaverdell " 1   -
Boundary' Halls XX,XX   2
Briclcsville ���';_.."..',..��� - 3"" /.. '���-'
Brown Creek.-. '...."..."..'   '4''���-"������;,-
Carmi' ;'... -....-..��- 5
Cascade,.-.....- ������ .".;   6   ,
Christian Valley School    7
Eholt.    Si
^:ife    9
Grand Forks -. _....' 10
Greenwood..; ������  .11
Midway -.-.  12
Paulson........ ..." -13'
Riverside  14
Rock Creek.................. 15
Westbridge.  16
.    Absentee:.,    ���  '-,;
W.V.YW .-Totals   WW 7
Yes." '
"" /'No',. -'
'  *3
:". 20'
.  ,; '������ .-'-- -2 ;-���
. 16 ' ,-
-. -'���'- ' ���, -.6
. -��� x.s
-38.' -"���
,'..,".; ao"- y.
, 3 - - -
"���'������ f 8 ."���
-'  . 0 \
.VV: / S
; s
"' ���-*'
0 . "
~- '- ,-'-'2
0 ���
- ' '" s
- -.-. ���:' 1
. ��� -- 2
-���'���J   "',-'49
i3t -
5 ".-���
.   9
. 0
���-X ���   - 2-
S  .
.  22
-   5
' s
'--' - 3
��� 5
*Mft_aicWK-<g*wt|*��''^*j*'' #**" * '*:,*l THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   Hii
Tttt obitr uxtpptr
ihajjind rtJirif
. 4nd trjtie .turn ���v��
tin foil
m xm
���The /iejvy
' B!j/ii//j fjppr ���
to bring you the full richness
and mellow sweetness of this���;
Tobacco oi Quality'
���    Manufactured by
Northland Trader Made
Navigation Record
Steamer Arrived at Fort Resolution on
June Eighth
"This is the earliest spring that the
north' has ever lniovn so far as navigation in the Slave' River is concerned," writes A. L. Sawle, secretary-
treasurer or the Northern Trading Co.,
to the head oflice of the firm at Ed-,
monlon. Mr. Sawle is on his'annual
visit to the posts ol' the company
strung all along the north flowing
waters, and at the time the letter was
mailed was at��Fort Smith, making
preparations for the trip to the Arc-
He says tlii^l the trees and gardens
are two weeks"earlier than usual, and
the steamer Northland Trader made a
navigalion record in arriving at Fort
Resolution on June S. The vessel took
down freight antl passengers I'or the
Great Slave Lake post, returning again
to Fort Smith to take on her cargo and
passengers for th'e far north. She
was to> leave Fort Smith outward
hound on June 20, and was to be preceded several days by the company's
auxiliary schooner, which it is expected will bo the first vessel to arrive at
the delta of the Mackenzie River.
The motor vessel Pioneer will make
a voyage to Fort Norman with cargo,
on the return of the Northland Trader
to Fort Smith, at the end of her first
Arctic voy_i>_p.
A Brighter, More Hopeful Outlook
So much lias been -hi-nrd daring the past two or three years about hard
limes in Canada, witli reports of unemployment., emigration to the United
States, etc.. etc., that ii ls a welcome change to now read from week to week
of steadily improving conditions and to note the more lufpeful tone prevailing:
It is undeniably true thai during recent years times have been exceedingly
trying and difllculc for'many people, and that heavy responsibilities have been
fa ivied by bm-inoss men gen tint lly' during the prevailing period of depression.
l'7iI .ificr all, the number who ..ngaged in downright blue ruin talk was sniall,
a-'beit. at times rather noisy.
'the tide has changed and is growing stronger, with the result that thous-'
auds who emigrated to tlie United Stales are now coming back while the immigration of new people is increasing. Unemployment, has lessened and
coni in lie.-; to grow smaller, and mercantile business, wholesale and retail,
shows" Jtaady improvement., llavint- heard so much that was discouraging
a mi incltifi\ e 'of despondency "in pa's;-, "mon t.hs.flet -us-record fa' few facts revealing the is_-<'->-e>.l bettt rtnent'wiih all Mich: significance-for"continued progress.
Tlie number "(if .business: failures.-iri ..Canada-during tiie.- first- three, months
of .this year \vas-7Sfir.cimipH_red"wijlKl,0?.2 during the, s;uno'.quarter.'of--T 923," and
lia'Jili.ieij-were more ihan-one/rotliibri dollars less. - 7-''.--"".V'-. .'���'���".'  yZX'.   '���-".
, --., "Loadings of freight ea'iV.'oh Canada's vnilways "during the first-five mcftuhs
ol'llie' year :wenj nearly _lf��0, o6o'great��:r,.lhan during the same '.months a, year'
ago." and'rail way. "earnings exceed, ".those of a~.yeai:,stgo-by-over' lhreeinidion
dollars. _, V   , -;.-:'      ��� V Vf    ������'::':  '"  "..'���..  -"* .'  '. >---'"��� '-" ���'���-  '".   "'-���":   ,.":
... :." \Vhik:f building .pennils'in the larger 'Eastern' ci.t ies, ,'no.tably Montreal and
;.ToiroiT!"b,. sliotv; decreases, "the .reverse is true .it7l lie West, .'   .Western permits
'ard'm'dre ibfitu "?.2,()00,0()l> greater iharTat. this same period a year agof  - "    "
'������}"-. "..More than -lGO.iOOO.UoO. bushels of "Canada's", win. at. crop Vf 43>25. was-met���.
eha'niablc -;is  co'inpiu-eil   with''3811,000,000  bushels-the  previous "y(.ar,.-"   Last
' year's'inerxrhtmiabti! yield, of oats .was f*:iu-.000,00f0 bushels'against.-.. 152.000,00.0"
-.in _il)22.    'According- to -data given- out ai:-\Vinnipeg.'.'.i__e;"nei= value -io "fanners
."of" lust---year's wheat crop.-in 'the AVesl- alone,- between .September  I and April'
-oOf is. niore than $1 -1,000.001.'greater than the-.value of tlie-.previbus crop.""-  .On
the.other fisand.'crop conditions in the United Sui'tesare less favorable than
, for tweive'.years past', and wheat prices'are 6n:.an tip ward" trend. ���-.'  It isfcon-
. iidehi'.ly  predicted  th.ii." the .United. States -will-be obiiged.-to "import,  larger
..'nuaniitiesfol' Canndian.-\vl'.eal'' i"iil.s_"year'., --.  - '_  .        .-; ".'.-' .;- '---'V f .- '--'-X. ��� ���- .
.7 .'" Despite .the 6u"tci;y'.;niadii by-some' niTinufacttirers-over the/recent'"tariff
ch'aii&e's," the- industrial "si!iiaiion ,i.s-rlil.owiso.-.improving: ���   .The.  Ford  Motor
.-Oom'pany'.fof "Canada is..man.ufuplurhig. 4.r>._O0O more ears- this-.yea'r-'.than,.iu- any
."prevloiis-'year. ."  The." Canadian-..General..Electric -Co.  is erecting a  $350,000
���Vuid'i I ion''to.-its'-, plant'ai   Peterborough-,     -Even  shipbuilding ���-firm's", are"-, now'
"-���adding to iheir staffs.,- '���;-. ���;-���_ ���'...���       '���-''���'    .-'-'' ���'..- '. f   '"     v,-' -'.'." .-='   '������-'.
'-���--.Xx; A. indsi.isignitH'ant- sta'tpmenUwas-rocently.^"niiide%by.ran''on,iciaU-of 'as.blg.
���Uastern- mauufac.Uiring .concern when iie'-.said that in any, -sect ion "of -Canada.
..tyhere.iho'riatiiral resources of the country are being d.evelbped, business is -ex-
crpliotially g(>od.- . This bears out the'-contention made" over .and oyer again
in-this 'column tliat what", ihe manufacturers of Canada'require is.'hot more
-."to riff protection, but  more energetic action by. themselves in .developing for
-'use' the'-great' weiiliir of-natural resources .in. Canada.      A. lit tie'more faith'- in
"themselves and in Canada,, a. IHtle-.more eourage-and initiative. a_"willingn.ess
.'to risk" a lit tie in development 'enterprises, instead of'relying so .largely on
' spoon-fed, assistance through"lite erection of tariff, walls" to- shut' out."compe'M-
���' t!.(in..-\v-ould..tiuickly;revo!u'.iqni7.i_; lid.' niaiiii fact uring". industries" of. the! Ppiiiii!'--'
��� ion', 'put ..new  lifeline diem".-, and-through' tlw; devekipnient-'ol.o'tii  resources
increase employment; and create^U'W business! in'ail-directions. '-.'"���/ ;'   -
i ������' -Many ins'taiiees Could hi ".'cited -of itiiprpVentenis' recorded ie. -oilier. depa rt-
'.'iPents -oi'- business act i: ity 7 such, .for". n"s_im pio ,'��������.�� one tr-a; distributing, firm -
-whose.'volume of business ]���-. 20, per ceil if.grea ter than'a year'ago; -or--a not "hei-"
."firm" ehgnged in lhe satiie..bu~;ine'__s-whoseincreasi^ .is vOfpi.'r eon.l.';'or of a-, firm*.,
v preiducing grit pi- juice whose- 1S23 Hab's/were'.-io :rr.ef cent: larger .than '.inf IS 2 2
and whose.business this.'>'������{!r 'is increasing-over thaii'o't- last- yenr, -.:" ., .7.
'('.iiere )���;-' no'-ground -foi'' pesMiiiisni in  Caiiail;*.,' either ..-cast; o.r. wesi.-- "In
���this" Mominion'-'we do.not, its a' rule. jiimp;f.F;om'proi'oiinii depression into f.ever-
isli ".-activity as they'. Iryqinnily-- do.in'the  Iftiited': Stales",'-,. 'liusinf��ss' in..this
country;lakes "a,sl.ump--.more. gr;i'<!ii";iU.y ��� antlf recoyi.'rs.in -much the. si.ale way.
-Th'.- fae-i.s'above- recordcd/siiow iliat the-"bright Spots" are growing larger and
'-- increasing; iii- number..  .'���Thj)' busini^'_s.recovery .-'seems .assur.etl.-and. if ihe peo"-.
-��� i��|e of Canada-will; retaifn aiconfniVnl^ attitude and gov<;riv themsi'lvesaccofbi'
;_��� ingly. pcrniatit'iilly better times'are'ahead;   .'���-'    ���"������-   ": .'   .'     - ''      .   "=.'���'"/?��������� ���
A negkcled cold
ls the open gateway
to Consumption.
To quickly stop a
cold, thc* best way is
t'o clear the air passages   of   tlie   nose
a n d     throat;     free
them of germs, "and
let. the healing vapor
of      CATARRHOZONE do the rest.
One      breath - of
brings    Instant. ��rclief.      Your suffering stops..     Hoarseness   is    relieved,
throat     and     nose   arc cleared,   inflamed  bronchial  uibes " are    healed,
all danger of Catarrh is prevented.
'Carry...'CATARRHOZONE Inhaler In
your purse,fin j our = vest'pocket, and
use it-when the first.-shiver or sneeze
comes'. '. Complete '-outfit; One, Dollar,
small size 50c, At all druggists. Refuse a stibstitute. - By'mail from.The
���CalaiThoEone" Co."; Montreal.'- 7.
Hydroplane To Patrol
Northern  Manitoba
Country Will Be  Mapped  For Use Of
Survey Parties
. A fleet of seven. hydroplanes, stationed at Victoria Beach' air station
will be thrust into varied and Import-,
ant service during the summer season.
According to Major B. N. Hobbs, commander of the squadron, the planes
will bo used for detection of forest
fires, but of greater significance will
be the successful programme of mapping out of the entire north_counli.y
stretching from the Lake of the
AVoods lo beyond the western boundary of Mauitoba.
Photographs from tho air will bo
taken of the country almost as far as
the Hudson Bay and down the Nelson,
the Churchill and the North Saskatchewan Rivers. The region north of
Thc Pas will be paid particular attention as far as Stanley Mission and
Renlson Lake. This topographical
survey will be very useful to survey
���parties sent out by the Federal Government.
The squadron will also assist In
lhe paymeift of treaty monies and will
convey the afents lo Island Lake,
God's Lake and Cross Lake reserves,
saving tl>e agents many long and tedious journeys by canoe and portage.
All the planes . are equipped- with
Rolls-RoyC2 engines and are fitted up
witli the latest devices for work from
the air, making tho station better able
.lo take care of their duties than last
Stomach Trouble Vanishes
And Montreal Man Gains
14 Lbs. On Four Bottles.
Compete With Radio
Ne,w\Gcrm"a'ji. invention is Tested Out
-' . ���-    ;.. "',"   . In Berlin--.. - '""  : :'"
��� An .'invention, ih-itrma'y ye I prove.'a
great .competitor with'' "radip .wasgiv-.
en- a trial. In.'Munich by..ihe Bavarian
postal "authorities.in -the- presence of
representatives',of .newspapers, all :bf
whom, declared the 'performance-;- was
'very_."'succ.e'ssi.ur. --''   '���; ��� ".��'.".
Vrhef'inyent'or "is-'l)r. SteidieVwhoso
name has been repeatedly,mentioned
in.'-, connection ,.with very-successful'
telephonic'.improvements/'. He atta'cli
ed microphone receivers   to' .aii--.the
music- racks'"of -the ,orcli"estra: at   the
Stale opera  house,."-which."were  then
at.central .telephone oflice,.-where the
postal authuriiies and .invited, journalists -were.treated -to: a perldrmahce of
'"Die Walluire"'tlial far surpassed anything radio could,  "offer. ������ eliminating
all  annoying -noises -and " reproducing
eacli instrument with  surprising dis-
tiiiciness _and purl y of:��� timbre. - . Tlie
ordinary telepiione-coiH'ni'nni'ciitionwas-
nol" disturbed' at. .all  by the [operatic
performance,- because" any; call- would"
automatically interrupt the connection
with  the opera  house and "restore ii
as -soon," an "the.-conversation ceased. '���-
Making Business Good
Country   Needs   Man   Who   Goes   Out
���   After His Share
Business is a great deal better than
the random talking of a lot* of people
would make it appear.
The ntan who says that business.is
rotten merely because that expression
is the briefest one with which to answer an idle question, is about as reprehensible in his course as is the man
who makes the same answer in order
to cover up his personal failure to get
out.and get business, that can be had
by .those "who enterprisingly, go after
it..V'- ""    .   .;
.There is iols of business doing in
spile of 'tiie parrot, talk of persons who
do: not-reflect upon what they say.
The man'.who sails in. and sees to it
that''he gels his share of available
business 'will-find, that theie is'a decided pi tile-up in nearly "every line of
trade, but that birds'more enterprising-than parrots are gfcting'most of it.
"- The "man -who sails in and .makes
.business good is the kind of man "lhe
city rind -coun try "needs.���Toronto. Star.
' "Since I began taking this wonderful Tanlac I seem to be getting younger every day. [ I have gained 14
pounds on four b'otTles, and everybody
speaks.about how well I look."
The above statement was made, recently, by Eugene Lepage, proprietor
Prince of "Wales "Hotel barber shop,
Montreal, Canada, one of the most exclusive tonsorial parlors in thi3 city.
Mr. Lepage further said:
"Stomach trouble had almost completely wrecked my lwallli. I was a
mere shadow of my.former self and so
run-doswn arid nervotts I thought I
would have to* give up my work.   ,
"Tanlac soon had me. eating everything, sleeping like a loj afc night arid
feeling as fine as one could aslcTo feelf
My only regret is thdt.r.di'd not learn
about Tanlac long before I did."
Tanlac is for sale by all good druggists. '. Accept, no .substitute. Over
���10 million bottles sold.
Tanlac Vtgotablo*Pills   --
For Constipation.
.Made    and 7 Recommended    by    t!w
Manufacturers of 'Taulac    -
Had A Weak Heart
For Three Years
.'.��������� -Still -Waiting
_��� -Chairman "lillioll,  of   tht*   Norllterri
Pacific i't'Viti*?:'    ;,..���
'.. """J.Iy grand pa'nole.-j. llie world's worn
cogs, aiid Says we'iv goiri.g-.iof the.dogs.
Ilia griinil-dad _i'i his'-'iious^'of' lngsf
fwoiv.. things we''!.1 going to the dogs.,
Ilis.dadiimotJg the* Flemish bogs, vow-'
cd things were going to the dogs. The
_ave man in--his queer skin "logs, said
-things v.-orc gcing to tin-' dogs:-'. 15m
liiis is what I wish-to .-tai.e-: "The dogs
have aii awfnl wa't.'-', ���.     .-, -���  ���_  '
Electric Light "For. Bees."
U-oridcr.l'i.il-  electric, beelti.ves   were,
lately, described' at; a'tueeiing of. the
(.rloucesier Chamber of.-Agriculture.
The, bees are -provided, with electric.
i light and:ele:-ttic heat during the win-
!.jeT-""mdnths;;.brdiif of "wliich .-'they.-seem'
jio weleoin**, as strong broods.of bees
'. are- ready to��gd out in search' of honey
directly the" lTuitlvees blossom.
.7 This--means   that1 a   great   deal   of
early, hone'."  is gathered  in  which -is
usually lost. ,.     ....
1 Wise and experienced mothers know
w'heitftheir children are troubled with
worms and" lose no. Unit.-in applying
Miiler.'s Worm Powders, a tnost- effee.-.
live ;vermifuge.- -.It is absolute iri
clearing the system of-voVnis arid re-'
storing those'itealthy -conditions without which Ihe.rt! tiari bt.* no comfort
for'tlK-eliiiil.'or., hope of robust growth.
It is fa. most trustworthy ;\vonn oxter-1,
'.ininalor::;.   ' " -   f   "   ,,7      . :; ":.
- Miss.-Jessie-fPeterson, .Zealandla,
Sask.,'writes-:'���'-'I wlsh= .to. let' -you
'know, how much good ^Milburn's Heart
aad-Nerve.Pillshave done for me.'.' -
,-Fqr nearly'three years -I -was'--very
badly ..run 'down, Jihd .a'.'weak -heart:'
and was" so-n.ervous-that, sometimes I
would almost,faint away.'.-.-.,
"fi-heard of iriariy people who had,'re-,
commended yotrr-Heart f and; -Nerve
Pilis, so I decided to give theriv a trial.
After I had used two.boxe.V I found
tliey had "ddnemo gppd,rand after having taken five -boxes T was completely
relieved.'     .���-.,   --.      ���: f.       ,.r-'
- .I.-, cannot- rcommend" your;-��Piii3
eriottgh, ' arid',-1- would adyise-.ariyone
having a weak heart or troubled with
nervousness'to use them."
" Milburn's U[ &'. N.,"Piils"are" 50c a
box tit all dealers,, or mailed direct on
receipt, of. price by The T. -Milburn
Co., LlmUed, Toronto, Ont..; ,7.;-    .
Wireless For People
Of McKenzie  River
Men Have Gone North to Erect
Government Plants
Lieutenant H." A. Young,.of tlie Signal Corp3> with :flve men, is enroute
for Fori Simpson'and Herschel Island,
where he will superintend the erection
of the Federal Government's wireless
plants at these points. Lieutenant
Galbrailh has already gone north arid
will select the site for the wireless
towers at Fort Simpson.
, The officers tind men -will winter in
the north, supplies of all kinds having
gone down for them by the river service of the Alberta and Arctic Transportation. Thc equipment includes
furniture, stoves, groceries and everything calculated as. necessary to a year
ln the fur country, and it is'expected
tliat sometime this "winter the resi-.
dents of the Mackenzie River will be
connected -daily .with .the outside
world. .���''..
Chinese Compelled To
Execute  Murderer*
Makes Food Taste Better
No ' matter how. good  your fish  or
meal, may be,' whether a roast, a chop,
a  steak,  poultry  or  game.    ��� Clark's
Tomato. Ketchup improves its taste. .
:"Let the Clark Kitchens help you."
Commander      of ,    British      Gunboat
Avenged AmericanCitizen
Under threat that:he would bombard the-'city of Wanshien, on tha
Vangtse River, ir. Czech wan province.,
the commander of lhe British gunboat
Cockchafer' compelled the highest
military leaders there to walk "to 'tlta
cemetery in full uniform behind tins
casket containing the body of Edwin
C. Hawley, a-.United7States citizen;
killed there by Chinese junk-men, and
to attend the burial service for him.
After tha-.Chinose leaders had mad��'
Iheir compulsory demonstration of
respect io llie murdered America:*,
they carried out lhe orders of tha
commander of the 'Cockchafer ���io arrest the'two leading ntenibt rs ffjt t.tuj
Junkmen's Guild in Wauhsicn, convey
them' to the spot on the beach v/hera
Hawley.wits beaten, and execute tlieta
by shooting. '    ' ".
Russia J[s Having Relapse
Soviets Have Become Arrogant Since
"Death Of Lenine
Various signs and-portents indicate
Soviet Russia" is trying    to    end    tlie
swing."tQwardVhf. "lUglit,". tliat set up
the.New Economic,-Policy bf'a limited "capitalism some -mouths..ago.' The.
.political, heirs, of' Lenine  are. raj)idly,
stamping' "oui' the " reviving ,. middle
class".   - There are"!fewer shops "and.
-private -b'jislnossesf-thiin- there- were-a
few. monllis' ago..     There,is another
sjiy-iuiriton Sovietdatid.- 'Peojile who
were not.hunted before'the death-of
Lehinc-uVe^now being,sought-out and
ja'iled." - Executi-jris-appear.to be multiplying. .   ' In  their" foreign : relations'
the -Soviet1, are becoming as. much of! Look'.'for hiiri
the arrogant- beggar..on,horseback'as J-.
they were.two .and, three, years, ago', f
The-'changi-   threatened", before    the -
death ;ol'_-that Ited saint;-Lenine, has
moved .--"rapidly-   sirici. his passlng.���
Phil'adelphia Letliier.:-   -. -f
-Banff-Winder.-nere Road Open3
���i'he   new   Banff-Wir.derrnere   road ���
over the crasi of the Canadian Rockies from Banff westward,'which'waa
first opened last year,   lias   been   reopened for traflic, and a large numbt-r
of: tourists are  using  the road  from
Canada and United*- States "points." Tha
nalional  park'resorts" in Alberta ara"
now   open   pt - Waferi.an, BantT,-���Lako
Louise and Jasper, smd tire looking for
a. very heavy tourist season..
Especially. Prepared for infants, and(Chjfdreri. of..: Aii 'Ages
Mother!' Fietchei-'s Ca.stprla has
beea in Ofe for over SO years as a
pleasant, - harmless " substitute . for
Castor Oil! Paregoric. Teething Drops
iad Soothing Syrups. Contains no
narcotics. ���-'.-'-Proven directions are na
��eh   ��sckaEe.'7    JPhysIciaas    eyery-
where- reeornme.nd !t..'f-; The &!nd yoa
have,always bought bears.signature of
7 7'f . '' Not Caught Yet 7" ���'. [���";
-' A. negro bo>'. a regular vjsiior". to a
:cr;rtiiin library, was noticed 5>y-lhef_at-
te'nda'nt always tb.-take the same book-,
open'it eagtvly. at .the same "place and
then -laugh ..heartily X-'X" V
-The- attendant's emlosity being
aroused, lie . followed,the negro boy'
onc.day. .atid;sawr,hii�� opea-!lhe book.
Glandngf!6ver'his shoulder, he notic-
the picture of a small, boy being chased by a snot iing bull. The attendant
was about to ask what I here was" io-
laugh at when the negro ehu'ckl*>d;
"Golly, 'e ain't caught 'im yet I"
: Propogation.of'Salmon-'Trout- ''������'-
-" A -".total !"oi''!'iO,000;OOO.f'salmon irotst
eggs has. been coilectedduringtlie last
season by. lhe- Liepartmenf.or. Marine
atid. "Fisheries iri..Lake 'lluron, Georgian"Buy and Lake- Superior.-' The total
number'obtained compared/favdrably
with the aVeruKe- collections of receiu
years and is 'suillci'ent to. Jill the hatcheries-on-the Great Lake'sf-engaged
in'the pjroposkMoii .;of. salmon trout.
���i-Unless,'Worms be expclV.d from the
system, 11 o child can be hoalthy.
MotherfGraves' Worm Exlermi.11ator.is
an . 'excellent . medicine to destroy
.worms. ' :.     '   ,-" '   -"
.Tliere Is a. dealer handling" Newcastle
j coal in every town in.Western .Canada.'
"Never Fire First"
Man"    V.....'.
by :-JAMES,
author 'of
'Get    Your
...'The orange, original.!}, was' a pear-,
shaped fruit' about'.the. size pi 7a
cherry. Its- eyoielion is.due to" 1200
vea'r's of-cultivation."-���     - .--���'-.
FbrfCatarrh.���It is owe of the chief
recommendations, of -Dr.--.Thomas.' Kc-
lectric Oil that it-can bensed Internally- wills as. .much success" as St can'out-!^
.wardly..-"f Sufferers froui catarrh will I"
llnd tliat,the Oi". when used 'according j
to. directions .will give prompt relief:.;
Many "sufferers from this.ailment htue-j
found relief in the Oil and have sent-
testimonials."'1 ���'-.-f        ' "        ���    .      .    ,'j
' No Hat Factories In Panama;     . J
Hundreds of Panama'-tourists return [\
home  and  suddenly, realize -.that" al-7
though they "trayeised the country they I
did-not see a hat faeiory-.'   Thyre.are.
two' excelleril/rcasons- for. this: -PanT
ama'liats ai:e..nol madl* ii? Panamafand
they are':nowhere'madttiri -facto ries.-:-
The word-Panama as applied to fiats
is si trade .name,arising from the fact
that- the-'cHy'of .Panama.was ^the first
to" establish ��� itself as." a.  distributing
centre .for this, head-gear. -. '   '.'-���"'"' -'-   "
$2.00 j
^ "The Normal Child: lis Care]
l ��� ���   '-j c_.��"J:__._>i' -���'-'-    . .  . '   .-;-���
and Feeding
A Guide for Mother, .Nurse-,-ind atad- t-'
ent by-.ALAN BftOWN, M.'B... ��J gj|J <'"'.
"Blood Pressure: its Caiise>!
x ������  - I   "
Effect and Remedy." V        7
-and. NORMAN-   8.'-.'COLE, ,=M.O., ��� o'f C".
Johns Hopklnj University  ..,,. g 1  Crt <
- .-       -.-     ....  ,     - v      *    ���i -
Froni  Yoiir- Book Dealer :
'   '"'      "        -Or.'   '   .
Beri'uty riiay be only shin deep but
it-la nearly always-effective.
.- To End Vi/hite Plague
Ttibe'rculo^i-. .- will be A negligible
factor in America within l-vo decades,
according .to f'r, Livingston Ferrand,
president "of the XafSoha! .Tuberculosis.-Association. ' Hemarltahle.. progress has .been" made Jn fighting the
disease, - he tbld an audience .at the
20tli" annual; convention of the association at Atlanta, Ga.     - '. -.   .
Minard's    Ltritnn*nt
.-'. ���'... Pain**--
fer ..Aches   ana
Spread liniment on brown paper
and. apply to throat, also inhale.
F. D, GOOpCHiLD CO.; PaYiiskis l
"268-8 .'Kino-sSt,..'-W.  -   '-.-'. ;Ti>;:on��..j V
Pawning Is Popular"
Many London society vrom'eu.habitually, pawn their "jewels'and other,
precious., possessions when they are.
RQtng on a trip. Xol wishing to leave
their valuables in an - eriipt> house,
they, put them in a pawnshop, .where-;
they are assured of good care.
Amoiig early races the -cross: was
the usual forni of military punishment. '      '
Croquet Is -.a revival of the old game i
of Pall Mall, whicli "gives lis same to]
the well knoTrra Jjoadas. strtei. , I
W. -N.   -U-   .1531 ���{���
* f
and Wonderful to Taste
The blended essence
of choice good things
grown in the tropic
sunshine of far-away
course!���sealed in a
sterilized glass package that protects
its goodness .and
Delicious and Refreshing
The Coca-Cola Company of Canada* Ltd*   '
Head Office: Toronto
Britain's Sea' Power
Admiral.Stresses Need of Maintaining
Strength of Empires Fleet
A warning to Canadians not to forget the value of sea power was voiced
by Vice-Admiral Sir FYetkriclt Field,
of His Mnjeslj's sppci.il service squadron, during "an address, at it banquet
given in hi.? honot at Vicloi ia!
Tiie people weie rick oi spending
moncj. he admitted: sick of hi5.l1
taxation and dehl; -and in thinking
of these thing., ofien forgot .he gro.it
truth aboul sea pouer whicli applied
to the Ornish Km;.ire and its integrity
more Mian to an; other power 1:1 the
world "Il would be impertinence on
my pari lo al tempi to influenqp this
Dominion," Hii- Frederick said; "bul I
feel justified in asking Canada il" she
thinks, she is-safe, if her overseas
'trade is sa>'e, and wiil he s:if<' in war
Oldest Holder Of
Victoria Cross Dead
Sir Dightor. Probyn Won Decoration
During Indian Mutiny
Sir Uighlon Probyn, friend and personal friend of Queen Alexandra, who
held tlio distinction of being the oldest holdei of ilie Victoria Cross, died
June 20, at the age of 91.     ��� - ,
tfii Dighlon won the V.C. during
tht- Indian Mutiny and entered the
service 01' the royal lamllj in 1872.
when he- became equerry to King Edward, then 1'iince of Wales. On King
Kdwatil's ascension 'to (he throne he
was nuule keeper of lhe piuse. On
hi'-< death bed. King Edward made Sir
Dighton promise lie would continue to
serve Queen Alexandra, a promise thai
was. lulfllled.
British Columbia's stone fruit crop
this year will be only about half ot
last -year's crop, according to estimates issued by the department of agriculture.
Frederick Whelen, touring Canada
bn behalf of the League of Nations,
addressed some 3,000 people at an open
air meeting in Stanley Park, Vancouver. ~'" ���%
Sadl    Lecointe,    flying   at   Isleres,
France, established a newf world's flying record for 500 kilometres (about
300 miles). Leeointe's." time was 1
hour, 37 minutes, 49 seconds.
Rumania at lhe present lime owes
Canada $23,969,720; Greece owes Canada $S,174,2 74, Hon. J. A. Robb, acting
minister   of   finance,   informed    the
���    ���������������' ������>
House, recently.
,. General James Barry Hertzog, leader of the Nationalist party, which was
victorious in the. recent Federal elec-
lions, has accepted the premiership of
South Africa, succeeding General Jan
Smuts. - ,
ThousanJs of railway workers were
treated to_the spectacle of the King of
England running his own train at
Swindon recently, and while the King
was playing engineer, tlie Queen was
on duty as lookout.
Caught between the steamer Midland Prince and the dock as she was
lashed to her moorings al '���("' elevator, at tho C.P.R. elevators, Fort "William,-Michael Fuchok. 11 years old,
was crushed to do.ilh.
U.S. Government receipts lor lhc
fiscal year ending June 30 exceeded
expenses by more than .five hundred
million dollars, Secretary Mellon announced. The tax reduction programme submitted by Mr. Mellon was
based on an estimated surplus of
Women you envy    y
have only this secret
You, too, may employ it to keep the
radiance and bloom of youthful skin
Radiant, with the charm f-of.
youth still theirs, millions' of
clever women arc admired���and
envied 1���today.'
Yet thcy have, no difficult, hidden secret���no great gift.
Only this simple method���-
���which is for you, too.   To give
-you, as \vclI7Ehc charm yoirenvy
in them. -.-'.���
For one week do this
Cleanse thc skin regularly, att-
Volumt and
produce 25c
quality for
thoritics say, to keep your complexion lovely, radiant, youthful.
But beware of harsh cleansing
methods. Thcy injure skin.
Wash thoroughly with
Palmolive' Soap���each night before retiring. .Rub the creamy,
foamy lather well into the tiny
pores.; Rinse ��� and repeat the
washing. Then rinse again.   ���
Then���if skin is dry���apply a
little,, cold cream. That is all.
Skin so cared for is not injured
V by cosmetics, by wind
and sun, or by dirt.
Ths simple, correct way
You cannot find a more effective beauty treatment. Because
Palmoiivc Soap is blended of
rare palm and olive oils���famous
for mild but thorough cleansing
qualities since the days of Cleopatra. And it is inexpensive, so
that t h'o u s a n d s n o \v use
Palmolive for the bath.
Make sure that yo'u get
Palmolive ���which is never sold
unwrapped. All dealers havc it,
���Get.it, and try for one week this
simplest of all. treatments; See
how delightfully and how*quiekly
it benefits vour skin.',.
' '        .LIMITED
Winnipeg Toronto Montreal
- ' i_ ; ��� ���      -
Palm and olive oils���nothing else���give
Nature's green .-.olor to Palmolive Soap
MADE.. IN CANADA "..-��".       ���   .   ,, 2405
Sour Stomach Risings
Subdued by "Nerviline" \
A Few Drops Bring Relief
An Attraction At Wembley
Visitors Can See Many Articles' Made
From Milk
One ol the at tract ions at Wembley
ia   a. dairy -mail'" who  shows  women
visitors  how., to  transform -miilc  InLo
umbrella, handles,   unbreakable   buttons,' arlisti'j. combs,  --.bowls, f- and - n
- score ;of;oi iter" articres~whicir~resv'peo"
pie-suspect could  come, from a  eotv.
. The niili-: has firs'i-10 go ^througli'a"'process." whereby; the   casein   LsVexInict-
ed- and- dried.-;   ;CaV.eS.r is' the .basic
product   of. - mills.-.   Some-, remarkable
".-lit Uo maeliines''v,h"iql_ effect Ibis "magic
-"transformation ol'.jii'ii.k are dunvti,'and
���.'visitors'are aiih- to-see'-a cow milked,
aiid". Jat����r.;ii"' ihey desire,- handle."llie
' buttbiis that a'-shnri- time pt-fore.".w'tTo"
.."warm milk.      \  . VV   "���    '".-'.-.    ~
Wretched from Asthma. Strength
of both yml vigor of mind are'inevitably impaired b>\ the visitations of
asthma. Who ca'n live under the
cloud of recuri'ii'g ai lacks and keep
body and mind al their lull efficiency?
Dr il. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
dlsiipa.es the cloud of removing the
ciuioc. It does I'clirve. tl does restore tiie sufferer tp. normal bodily
I rim and mental 'happiness.!,' f
. Consuls TV Retire   f
..-'Fine":  tissti*'  .paper-- is'   about
J2C.0thViar'. o'f:"a 11 melVlhidlc.   . ;--
Twelve U.S.. Consuls Iti Canadian
... .Cities to Retire'-''
Twelve.��� United States consuls in
Canadian "cities, .including'',' John; [��� G.
Postt;r; fronsti!-general fit. - Ol l.avva, fand
Joseph.,.I.' lir.iltain,-.ol";.Winnipeg, will,
retire .from' -.tlie., coasiil.iV service v'lu
July"; tinder';, re-organization brought"
into'effect by an -executive order, of
President.Coplid'ge. .7 7 '..'.. .'. - -;-. *.
" Mr. Foster, wlio is OS-years -o!d,""ha"s
been. 27' years' in. ilie 'service" "of the"
United -States .Ooyeniiiient. -Mr. Brit-.
tain.wi.o.is'GCi yeiirs old, lias also had
27-years service.'_  ".'��� '���--."���       ''���-''  .:
The wonderful relief you gel from
twenty .drops ol Nerviline will surprise
you. Take il in sweetened water,
tind almost Immediately you feel better. Nerviline brings up the ".gas
caused by fermenting food, and relieves that distressed lecling in the
stomach. "When colic or ��� cramps
strike you at night, Nerviline is a sure
relief, For general use in the family,
for emergent ills, always keep trusty
Nerviline on hand.     35c at al! dealers.
You will see this siueld-sliape trade, marie
ih hardware stores" everywhere. 'You'won't
see it-:qn cheap, inferior goods. It jroca
.only on household nteneils of-tlie .-highest'
quality, .yst selling at", moderate prices,
because of the tremendous QuantitiesTs^ld
.... eaeh year.; .:-       --VV    .':.-'���.'-"'   .7 -."''���������
Choose cooking and baking: utensils tliat
carry; this   trade' mark.'".  Choose   SMI* ' .
EnameledWare/with its very; hard, smooth
surface.' -Heats faster, deans easier,-im- ',
parts wo,metallic flavor, causes rid danger-    :
fdus"acid reactions,   .Ask for . ,
Three, finishes!   Pearl Ware, two-coats of
pcarly-j,rey enamel inside and <*#t._ Diamond
Ware, three-coats, light blue and white out- '
side, white lining.     Crystal Ware,   three-
casts, pure while inside and out, wish Royal"-
Blue edging;"
Boys' and Girls' Swine Clubs
C.P.R. to   Donati Championship  Cup,
Medals and a  Free Trip to
The Provincial and Dominion-Gov-.
<a*nineiils have co-operatively organized Boys' and Girls' Swine Clubs
Jjhroughout Ihe three prairie provinces
to- stimulate, interest- in.fraising marketing hogs aiid . teaching .the ".-.boys
and girls howf.to market, flheir produce:'-. The Canadian" Pacific Railway,
atindtiiices^iharro-stidjin-tlii.s~wp?k il"
wiil give., a - clianipjonship cup'.io each
of"- the three,' clubs winning- -these
Hoys', and Giris'.vSwiue"Club.compeii-
lions.in--7_\Ianftoba. Saskatchewan'and
Alberta; ant! these.trophies will be lor
.annual, competition'..,'��� 'The, individual,
members-ot. the winning .-learns, how.-'
ever.'- will.'b\-.' 'given; medals -as; (heir
own property.      ;-;--'    ','-.���     ''- .'--
.The. trophies and the medals'will.lie
given irrespective of. whether the winning teams live on C.P.R'. lines or.not,-
but :any'"winiiing team .f hat is "resident
011 a CP.lt'. line wi!l; haye. ifh'e-addi-
lioual Ueal of-s l.iip.to the. great .'Royal
"show; at Toronto,[-':\!i2-i, at:the- co'ns-
iuiny's expense. ;. . -." ,_.,_..--- ;';''��� '
. .If, any club" should' win ..one- of.the
U-'ophies'.t!.reo_\y'ears. in' succesalon' U-
becomes the peri-ianent "projicrly of
theciub". "Ka<-''* team.shall cohsjsl.of
two boys, or a'brother and lister,, or
of'two girls/.hefty'oeir'the-��k:?s of Id
and'Jlby-SepU-mb t i, 1'J.LM.   .
All the rules" and regulation?*_covi.*r-
f.ug the ;sw$ne- club's,as- oi;jrani?.ed by
tl'i<> extension set vice "in -each" prov-'
i_Jce..uiusil be observed., and. all teaihs
eompetiug must "take part iri a'judging
conipelitionfi:nd";.sive a demonstration'
at a central'point-, or,poihss "its"decided by the. cb.i*Viii(*,o��*-in charge-in each
."province; and - these- competitions "will
be held at 7>i-. ne.ir.ht> lime the carr
loads.of hogs-.raised by die.clubs-are
niarkyted. .   : , -
Tlie following is the score on which
clubs will  h''. tfsled.      Thiriy  points
for   general   proficiency o'f the whole
eJub-in  swine  raising;   20 points for
the team's hog judging: 30.points for
i the. quality-o.f th<? two hogs raised by
I-members, off the Uain': and 20 points
! for  a" 20-mihute     demonstrauon    in
' Wiltshire bacon. '. V
Sunlight and Health
Statistics Show That-Tco Much^Sun-
> light Is Conducive to High
Mortality Rate
The prevalent, idea lhat we cannot
have too much sunshine for health is
challenged by W. 11. Dines, F.R.S.,
who points oui in Nature that many
well-known statistical facts are opposed to this belief. In European
countries the death-rale is "highest
in the south and lowest in tlie north,
and the British Isles and the Scandinavian countries are especially favored. Though llie duration of possible sunshine is nearly the same in
hot hpails, the intensity is far greater in the south. English records Cor
1881 lo '1912 being at hand, comparison was made 'ot the summer sunshine and summer death-rale of the
different yea'is, and this showed that
the iota- most sunless summers (1SSS,
1S91. J!)10 and 1912) all had an.exceptionally low death-rate, .while tin*
sunniest summers (1S77, 1S99 and
19 U) had moio Ihan the average number of deaths. It is contended that
the lacl thai ultra-violet rays aro help-
1 nl iu certain diseases does not prove
that an excess of sunlight is generally beneficial, it is thought to be hardly credible that sunlight alone'Should
be prejudicial to health and the explanation is suggested that it is the
heat, with which sunshine is usually
associated, that io harmful.
Golden Text.���Tliere is born to. you
this day in the City of David a Savior,
who is Christ the Lord.     Luke 2.11.
Lesson.���Luke 2.7-20      -
Devotional Heading: Isaiah 11.1-5.
Reference Material:' Luke 1.5 to
2.39; John 1.1-14. '
-***She��t Metal Products Co.
���   AM Straight
Doctor.���Did that medicine -straighten your "mi..band out all right?"
"Ves, we.buried hiro yesterday."
Minard's      Liniment,   tha
Thinks Swearing All Right
!Yes," -providing- the- provocation'
on;Smilh's-.'sore corns. ��� .'��� .Fai;..better to
use .'"Putnam's" -Painless Corn Ex'trae-.
'tatv'it does'"lift out .corns, in.a-hurry.
No corn'can-last if- "Pulnam's" is'ap-'
jdi"ed..--_Rc'fii.se;a substitute,' 25c .everywhere.'.    ."'... 7    ."..."���""'     "'       ;:"-
'���': \ ..-Pacific.Coast- Fisheries.-. :;',���
ilJuripg the" firs'! three.mohllis of i.his
year the Canadian fisheries -on the
Pacific; ",; coast f .produced': '73.352,000.
pounds-of.:hsh. food, valued at iJ,7.95,-
.000..' In-quaniJiie's,.the. largest catch
was herrlnR.f. -Six hundred and fifty-
seven thousand pounds of these fish
were. neUed.dijrlng the"period.. .    "..
Soft corns.ah.';-dlfiicul_f-Id;eradlcale,.
but- Hotioway's -.Corn' iienibver Vvlll
draw tiieuif" out painlessly.'- 7  '    . f-V
'Tiie.. ratio..-of. -males to f'eniales is
higher'. Tor "lhe - farm population than
|i Is i'or, Shu-total population except-
in three slates Jn America.  '.   -���'���<.
7 Inflamed and Itched
Badly. Cuticura Healed.
"' "_���' My trouble"began.with �� breaking'out o�� 'ptinples-at-the ;dge of
ray hair which soon
spread .to.my fore-
hsad." .At, first.the
piiiipks, \yeie ' very,
'small but became
larger and were- inr
flamed. They itched
badly for a while and
were so embarrassing that I hated
to go out. "My h��ir .fell out. ' .
"-Iread an advertisement forCu
ticura Soap and pintmenV'and sent
for a' free sarniplef X purchased
rnore.-and in two or three weeks 1
was healed." (Signed) Miss" Georgia McMillan, 1913 Summit Blvd..
Spolatie, Wash.,.July 10,.1323.
Use Cuticura for all toilet parpbse*
fry ��car s��w Sfe��TOt(t Stic3c
The Text Explained and Illumined
I." The Census Brings Mary and
Joseph to-Bethlehem, verses !L5. ..For
the purpose of a census, ordered by
the Emperor Augustus while Quirinius
was governor of Syria, all the people
were obliged lo go their "own city,"
Ihe city of. their birth; thus it. came
about that Mary and Joseph left their
home in Nazareth, sixty-six miles
north of Jerusalem, aud came to Bethlehem. /  ���
H.   The   Birth   of Jesus, verse G.7.
Jesus^   entered   our   human life as a
helpless Babe.     Nothing,   could   have
been  humbler  than   lhe  place of..his
birth.'    There was no room I'or Mary
in lhe inn, and the Babe was.wrapped
in bandages'  fswaddling clothes)  and
laid in a manger.
"Why must he lay his infant-head     '
In the mang��r where the beasts were
red?' .   .-......,
So that the 'poorest here might cry.
'My  Lord   was  as  lowly' born as  !'"
-    - -   - (Phoebe Carey).
"Christ '.was merely crowded'out.
It Is literally a fact'.that, there was
no room in the inn.-- And wilh.out;any
doubt it-is just'the very same today.
You are proroceupled.:.-' Every. chamber .'of the soul is" so filled with human -interests'."ihi.if -"there.,;Js. rlittlo
room-*for Christ.-'; There Is little,. if'
any,.time for. hiiri.'-- ;And this is so;
simply.because, your'time -1s domand-
ed^by- jr'thousniid'othtn*" 'th.ln'gsT" your"
interest-is (Iritwiv off in a thousand
other - directions, and your - life" 'ts
crowded" to the 'full..with, possessions'
and pleasures".- until, -strange -' though
it- seems,, there - is - no f-room fotj,the
Savior except, in v the''stable" (J.'
Stuart Holden).. ",���'.'���  --     ..- -..-";",:'
Big" Building Programme
Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevatot
Co. Plan a Busy Season
If present plans are carried out thli
year will be one oT the biggest building years for the Saskatchewan Cooperative Elevator Company since -tin
pre-war period. An unofficial esll
mate of the proposed building programme ls $500,000. ''Work on-."hew
elevalors has been started in eight
points in the province, and organization is under way. at various other
places. If the"buildi'ig programme Is
completed the company will own and
operate four hundred aud thirty elevators.- The capacity will bt increased
by 1.200.000 bushels.
Minard's Liniment for Distemper
Export of Motor'Cars
��� Canada exported 70,000 motor cars
In 1923, almost/double lhe> total reached in any. previous, year, and almost
half thei total of car shipments, from
the United Stales. Total automobile
shipments- from the two countries
reached 221,S16 cars; which was an increase of,305,025 cars over the previous year's record.        . ' .'     '
Keeps EYES
Clear, Bright and Beautiful
'. Vny your oul-of-tou-'i. account's,.'t>y Do-
niinioa Express.Money Orders'.    .'.   -. .
"GERMAN MONEY- for' .sale.���190.000
marks.-" ..">0e. -fUMJ.'OOO .mark.i.'-tlOc; cuo itiil-
lio'n n'l'arks. $l.2ii:-.len million marks. $i..f.l),
Specialty import Co.," (Dept. '1)3 "W. Oua-
da's".St., -Toronto", Out.--   .-.-';.;.     ,
Time .has .Tested 'It.-^-Dr.','Thomas'
Eclectric Oil-has-been on the market
upwards, of fifty years and .iii that time"
it- has proved "a blessing to thousands.
It-is-in..high.favor.-'throughout Cunathi-
and its-excellence" hits-carried its fame
beyond .the-se'as; '-��� If It'were doublo'
the" price it would be a fchen,p .liniment.; ���'."-'���       ���.���������''-.'.-.���..-"
I   CigarettePapersi
' Lar^e Double-Book   '..-' '-^jiffr1^'
X I  120 Leaves.   '"     ' ��� ;-'.'(*��   ��JB_aS
Finest you Can Buy/ ^W.:
'-. IvAVO'tDIMtT'
RJnis For the Future
Recent '- Invention      Will- ' Preserve
,"   Modern^Pictures -For'Centuries.
People who-inhabit the earth five
-thousand.-years from now may have-a
chance to'look baclf through the cen":
tnries? and sea just.- how" we'ran our industries .and .manufactured -our' pro--
dticts ln; the year li?2t.".. .Tliey will'see
us. in lhe;' moylesV .The-'- jiossibilily
that motion.pictures of 1324.workmati-
ship ..can. be. handed d..")wn'-. Ihroughout-
tlie, ages conies, thrpuglr the, worlc of. a
hiah In Chicago,.who has-developed a
preserving"' process- to .the point, at
which he.is rcaVly.-to, store's,"collection
of iilm,s 5n the Snil'thjonlan Institution
at"' Washington,:'D.cW The''films w.Itl
be 'sealed.'in a.TJres.ervihg'vault, with
'a.stipulation .that. it..remain sealed for
.five"' thousand- years.r -'Scenes from,
rolling-mills.f&tee! mills/engine facfor--
les- anil machine" shops -w!il be. included 'ih'the ooiiection. -.:.,    '
Golden  eagle-j-; eat iuany small  rodents and larger    animals    such' as-
fawns and Iambi." ��
Asbestos has bt'era found ia^Hungary. Russia, N��w- Soith Wales, New
Zeaiasd and Cap-?-Colony.  ���
The Great Pyramid  In  Egypt  was
built 4,700 years before Chafet.
Minard's Liniment for Failing Out o*
;.-'��� --'".';"Hair ���   '-. .--- -,   - '-'-'X.'  ::��� 'X'.-x
'w>i��KKii>'.e.s'Jt!>i.Ai>n;:it.(':_>>VKi .H>tK��i-iiK.au
SalJ-bv t��a I:.-.; ."ii-tnlst*. l'in:y_�� i'i .I-.n^laiul 3>.
I) (. LK'Cl.K c \Ii,1,(:<i. 11 ,��tr::T X.. H.l. V ,\v i I xn.inn
erMmllSI. 1 Olrn ���.���:'. Vr.nv i S ���-.h..T.-1'tiaiP.Oiit
ori�� Stii'iM.i-Si.'nETiStv, V��!i:Cin.
*Jlftcr every meal
A pleasaat
and agreeable
. saveet fandl a
benefit as
well. ,-'     '-7..-*.
Good   for
teeth.   brealJs
aad digestion.
'Makes fibc.
next cigar
taste better.
'mx m
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
J2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Rstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    -i.oo
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than oue claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, ' nonpariel
Transcieut display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
Facts About Canada
Canada has the most extensive
sea fisheries in the world.
Canada possesses the world's
largest pulpwood resources.
Canada has the largest inland
port in the world���Montreal.
The Chicoutimi Pulp Co. produces more ground wood pulp than
any other mill in the world.
Canada has 121 dailies and 1,006
weeklies���66 in French and 30 in
13 foreign languages.-'. .
Canada has, the largest combination .elevator .in the world, at. Port
Arthur which has a capacity . of.
nearly lOJOOOJGOOfbushels... .
.Canada produced in 1923 a .crop
: of lO.SOO.OOO.bbls. of apples'worth
��21,000,(300 oiwhich-NavaXScotia
produced -half*, f -���-: ������'-���]     ;'}���[: ;," '-},.
:'"' ^Canadian" newsprint .mills; have
have a capacity of- over";50OO. tons
daily. 7- She is tlie second- largest
producer of newsprint paper, and
well,oh the  way  to...becoming.[the
- firatW 77- V ;'-"   f "���'-""-/: V  r -,]������.;.'
.Canada has the: third largest forest', resources in the world;^(approximately. 900,000 fs'qcare- miles) being exceeded, only by ,fRu.ssia,and
United States,'. arid could truthfully
be called -"The  Empire's   Wood
.���Yard."   -/WW   ' W WWW }}
,.-���.; Canada-has .-ope offtbe7: world's
'-leading'.".producing; gold 'mines in
.the Hollin'ger.':, - .Canada, is also
-particularly fortunate in her-other
mineral wealth���for she has"90 per
.'"cent. pf.tBfl:,."wpria'B'Cobalt,-- 85:per
-cent, of.the world'aTnickel and 88
" per-cent, .of the;, world's, asbestos.
Over 90 per. cenfe.of Canada is rich.
in minerals .ranging*", from .gold,
silver and'': platinum' to coal, salt
and;dil,;     .' -���".���-,
Midway School
Report for June
M. I. Keir, Teacher
No. enrolled - ��� ��� - 27
Attendance -���        - 25,55
Promotion List in order of merit:
Grade 7 to Grade S: Alice McMynn, Ruth Carr, Joy Sharp,
Leslie Salmon.
Grade G to Grade 7: Roy Sharp,
Kathken  Salmon, Rosalie Brown.
Grade 4 to Grade 5: Kenneth
Stewart, May Sharp, Mayneen
Bush, Johnny McMyun, Verna
Grade 3 to Grade 4: Gladwin
Sharp, Jimmy Brown, Olwen Mair.
Grade 2 to Grade 3: Bema'di'ne
Brown, Alice Mair, Gladys
Mitchell, Gordon Roberts.
Grade 1 to Grade 2: Edythe
Griffin and Marion Mair, "Jack
Brown, Lucile Evans, Mae
Rolls of Honour:
Proficiency���Alice McMynn.
Deportment���Nellie Brown.
Regularity and Punctuality���
Lucile Evans, Verna Evans, Olwen
Mair, Marion Mair, Gladwin
Sharp, Joy Sharp, Roy Sharp.  /
Perfect attendance:
Jimmy Brown, Rosalie Brown,
Mayneen Bush, Lucile Evans,
Verna Evans, Edythe Griffin,
Gordon Roberts, Alice McMynn,
Johnny McMynn, Gladys Mitchell,
Alice Mair, Marion Mair, Olwen
Mair, Kathleen Salmon, Leslie
Salmon, Gladwin Sharp, Joy Sharp,
May Sharp, Roy Sharp, Kenneth
Stewart, Annie Thomet.
"The Country Kid"
Fast Worker
"Now tell me. did you ever get
pinched for going too fast?"
"Nope, ,but I've been slapped."
Christian Valley Notes
V   Miss S. Burns left.for the. coast
', ori Saturday  morning   train  from
Westbridge.,  ' V-    ���' V -��� ,'-..
"Mr.-atid Slierwin . Warnoek;and
��� .iitfclefBpn,;6f/RbcfcfCreefe,   were up
. for the week-end: visiting ;Mr. and
Mrs.;WV.SVAbelW'X .'-������ ,y})y:)X
'_- Gnner'Lindgren' went down to
Grand. Forks last" Saturday."'. V
Holiday are oh. : The-torn cloth-
. ing'. term began last Friday. -77
,"V/.W.' Jones.. was up on .fire patrol
this week."', . V, '.7' -.���'."���.
V       School Recast for June -w   f;
-.Teacher, Miss Sarah Burns    '*.
''.'.. Promotions: 7 - '}.[ -'-���   ', f.'   ���'_, ���:"[}
-Grade If���Arnold Noren, Flynn
.Cochrane. ���:'f --��� 7 -.,X -���}'-' '   . . '- --
.. ; Grade IV���Gilbert Noren, Betty
.' de Lautdur, Frances drts.Lautour,
Ellen .Lindgren.   .
..Grade. V-���Robers Cochrane.
G ra de Vi���;C.harlia Cocbrahe,
Nora Christian.       .
GradeVllf-^Johii; Noren.
The'pupils bpgan the MacLean
Methdd of Mnscnlar , Movement
Writing mat September and several
eebfe iii .examinations and were successful is receiving grade certificates. Among those. are���John
Noren, Charlie Cochrane,; fNora
Christian, Gilbert: If ores.
. K!^*����'Mm'^>BS'ffis'_:tt;f��___iSL_
-  '^esJet/3ar^'feZwnir\i Kid?*
.. ��� fr\J*Ku*fr'&HQiir..QG$s[gj��theScr<^
X. An uproarious mirthful, comedy
of a.trio, of unmanageable kids with
no one., to. ."manage .th.fem, J is the
theme of. the picture, announced
by\the.:.Greenwopd.Theatre management. for Saturday,"July .Sth.
Ifc-.is "th.e. '/Country' -Kid,". Wesley
Barry's ..latest picture,Va-"-Warner
Brothers . Classic of.. the . Screen..
The'.parts of the. other, two kids are-
played by "Baby".. Bruce. Guerin,
four years old and. a. .wonder; and
."Spec'-7 O'Donnell...'.������- f .'��� '.' . -;
. Th'e story; was specially. written
around "Freckles";Barry, by Jiilieh
Josephson; the direction is"by, Wm.-.
Beaudine..7    ,V ---
.'-Fishing ia.Boundary   Creek .is
not as.good as it; was  last  year.
ere an
Although it is only 18 years ago
that Alberta became a province, its
population fths increased fourfold,
while the grain yield has increased
twentyfold. Ev��n at the present low
prices, the total agricultural products of Alberta in 1923 were worth
Reports concerning the apple
crop in the Annapolis Valley show
that the entire crop, including the
estimated local consumption, was
1,816,000 barrels. It is reported
that 70,000 apple trees and '3,000
plum trees will 'be set out in the
valley this spring.
The railways of Canada up to
the end of last April earned ?6,000,-
000 more than they did for the
corresponding period in 1923. This
favorable result is due entirely to
the fact that the people hav_> been
doing more business. All' authorities are agreed that such a condition  means   growing  trade.   ^
Card of Thanks
John E. Benson and family desire to express their sincere fcbanUs
to the many friends 'for kindness
and sympathy in their bereavement
and to those who sent floral
The clover fields are in bloom
and the perfume is delicious.
NOTICE is hereby given that tlie statements
made tiy Mr. James Kerr tliat he lias purchased
tlie "Providence" Mineral Claim are not correct
and if Mr. James Kerr'or anyone represcutitifr
him "is found on the-"Providence" Mineral
Claim,. Lot 618, of the Greenwood Mining
Division they will be prosecuted for trespass. _
'.- DATED at Greenwood, B.C., this 3rd day of
April, 1924.- ...--.
''-"~ X'X) --.) -Send Your -.'
V" -' V 7=- . ;"".:'To;v ������'"��� W X}y
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and' material guaranteed;- - We
���'. pay postage one.way.-   Tertns.Cash7 \
fV;-V:     DENTIST '-7:V -���-'/.-
? Has opened an office . above Chas.
���v; : f"   ���;���-'    King's office;   -_
V VPpen.. 9,3q_��i.in; _to s^p.m. ,"Xy
Grand Forks Tire Hospital
7 (Successor, to W. H. Dinsmore)  V
Modern methods means cheaper
",;���[���:-;������}������-- 7 service V'W V 'X"���.
Send your old tires.to the Hospital.,
.'  for treatment  ���.,
.   Work.Guaranteed v
:'"'7f.W. IE "'MASTER'.
"Manasrer       Graail Forks, B.C.
i t's pure.
TO mm A t because it
* 11* 15 ��� comes to
you in light - excluding,
sterilized bottles from the
most perfectly equipped
brewery in the west, where
"purity" is the password.
INSIST on" Cascade"
at the Govt. Liquor Store
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor ControPEoard or by the
Government of British Columbia.
Queen Helena and Queen Mary were escorted through the Canadian
Pacific Pavilion at Wembley by I,Kj?d Stevenson, with whom tliey are
seen leaving the building. The poHeesafta. are members oi the Canadian
Pacific detachment from various pa?ta of Csnatis.
Excursion Fares
To Eastern Destinations
LIMIT OCTOBER 31 .   ��� >
Winnipeg _���.
 ...$ 72.00
Fort William	
..$ S6.30
Toronto ..............
..:...... .113*75.'.,
Niagara Falls .....:...',..
��� 120.62
Hamilton.'.. '..'.
 -..- ^13.75
. Ottawa .,...,;..,....
.. X27.9.*i
.:...,...: 113.75
Montreal .........
������ r32.75
......... 141.80   X
/' Moncton .-���.".....;..';....':.
.. 147.90
St; John'.;..,;...;...
...:'...;. 147.90"-"
. f; Halifax-'.���..-.	
.7 1534s ������
St. Paul.;...'..,::.:.
:.,......  72.00 f
..  86.00
Minneapolis ......."
.;..;,....; 72.00 '"���'>. :'"' New York ..................
... 147.40
:........  72.00 :���
'Boston' ...-...;......
.   Route via Port  Arthur  or -via Soo:Line,   through
^Winnipeg or Portal, theace via Chicago or Sault .Sle.^Marie.
via Great Lakes; or via California at additional ffare; or good
: t.o.go via one of the.abpye routes, return another.'
See Local; Agent or Write ffpr. Details
J; SvCAJRfTER,: District Passenger Agent, Nelson7
Tailored Clothes
Special Display of
New Patterns
The Seasons Latest Styles
For Men
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood. B. C.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring: intention
to become British subjects, . conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for . agricultural
. Pull information concerning regulations . regarding pro-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies o��
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing tha Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent. ...
Records will be . granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural ��
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet^ per acre east of that
Range. "
Applications for pre-emptions aro
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of tha Land Recording 1)1- __,
vision, in which tho land applied for .""
is situated, and aro made on printod
forms, copies' of which can be obtained from 'the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be ocoupiiid for
five years and improvements made
to value of $10 ]>,ei* acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For moro detailed information see .
tlif)     Bulletin     "How ' to     Pre-empt
-   PURCHASE      *
Applications are received for purchase of-" vacant and unreserved'
Crown lands, not being timbtrland,
for agricultural purposes.; minimum
price of first-class (arable) land is $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
Iandq}2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease -
of Crown lands Is given ln Bulletin
No. 10, JLand Se.rles, "Purchase and
Lease of. Crown Lands."
/Mill,, factory, or'industrial sites on
timber land,: not exceeding 40 acres, .
may be purchased or leased, the conditions ;: "including payment of
stumpage;  ...
.���-���.,    HOMESITE   LEASES" r7
��� Unsurveycd areas; not exceeding .20 .-.
acres; may  bo  leased  as .homesites, Z
conditional .upon   a   dwelling- being   "���'
erected In the .first-year, title being,
obtainable'.-after  residence, and .tin-.
. provein.ent   conditions-., are' - fulfilled ��� ."-
and; land has-been surveyed."   ..'.���,   -.."
X. Xy ���'V7;.;i_EASEsV ) ):::[[,-y
'' ''.For "grazing" and  "industrial v pur- '_
poso3 areas not exceeding 640 acred'
__may_.b��-Lleased ^by.-one-psrson- or- a ��� -
.company..!.  --'��� '-"..���'".."_--.'   ["'-
'..���'..7.7W GRAZING' -V- '"---"''��� '''���
: . Under-Atha. Grazing Act .thV-'Prov-:''
inc�� is divided ir,to:grazing districts   "���
/and the range administered, under a" .
Grazing \. ".Commissioner.._���.   Annual'
-grazing permits aro issued based, ori'-
"numbers''ranged,-priority being "given " .
to. established.: owners.'- Stock-ownera -
may-., form. ���-. associations -���: for  '.range,
management..' -Free,, or partially-' free/'
'-permits.--aro -available".' for"", settlers,-'-  '
campers, arid   travellers,   up- t'o -ten
. hend   .   - '- '        -7    ''���'���"      .'. ���
:*^w_jy;""-;Tlife.:'Mihejral-^ Province; of Western Canada  -:'y:
���   :: V T0 END m DECEMBER^.1923-' ."    ���
^as   produced   Minerals as   follows:   Placer. _0qld,\  $7(5,062,203;   Lode .
. ,'-:_     ���_'Gold, $113,352,655; Silver, $63,532,655; Lead $58,132,6<>1; tiopper, glT&^dC.oOS;. :". V.-
Zinc, ;$27,904,756;:: MJgcellaaebas .Minerals, $1,408,257; Opal-,and.Coke,fS250,- '-'.:'
-".   -.7   968,113; Building.Stone, Brick, CemanVetc., 839,415,234, making* i*k Mineral 7
..;   Prodncfeion to-fehia"end of'!923 Bhow-an ' .7 X        ��� [[ --; ���- -V"'     -';';-.,- ' X .  ..) ._,/.-
i^roduttiori for the Year Endingr DeceinKeiv 192$, |41;SO02O
f The .Mining   Laws;of this Province are'more liberal,, .antl the fees lower, 7 >
. (ban.those of any other' Prpvincefln flhe^Bominion, or any Colony in the  Brifeieh .   'r'V-
.        ... 7 Empire,   "V':   -"  ~-*   '.       ''        ' >-7   ��� -.;.''-"'���".-"." ;   XXXXXXyy: z y''xXyxX':'x:xXXxxi:y ���,
Mfineral locationa are. granted 66 discoverers for nominat-IeesWf-:
Absolafea   Titles are. obtained   by developing -snch��� gropeirSiSsj;-ih^f7s^urityV:'V^.'-"'
o'�� which ia guaranteed by. Grown Griante^   -
Fall information, together with Minibg Seporte and Miips;;.;may -be;-'qBt|i?|ed'- f;
gratis by addressing��� ^ '"     ' WW V. r ������:-'
^ ' -,-':-' '\y   -���* ....._
"    THE'HON/THE #1^


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