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The Ledge Jun 23, 1921

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Array u
iProvincial Library
Vol. -XXVII. -
No. 50^
House Furnishings.  Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils. Etc,
��� -**
" r \
atmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm
Large Assortment of
Christie's Biscuits
Salmon and Halibut
Arriving Fresh Every - Thursday
Order Your Preserving Strawberries  Now
All Steps Lead Tp: V. '     ���
LEE & BRyIm       Phone 46
sftuuiiiuuuuu uuuutumuuuuuuuuuuuuiuauuiuiiuK-
Fishing Season Is Now On
.   Everything in Fishing Tackle.
��       REAL VALUE
Buy a
Made to Measure Suit
Quite a  substantial  reduction in prices
Your measure- taken   b)-   one
who learned the business
No Guessing
W. Elson 6 Co
Real Estate & Insurance
L Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in   the .World  J
Enquire as to Rates
-   Ranches For Sale
Call And See
��� ?W   " >._~~ '���'.
4 .'.latrfe..
' We-have~ just unloaded a car of y-'
1 ' j* t. - > '
Flour and.Cereals
Order your supplies from our new stock
-   The WINDSOR  HOTEL   is   heated  with   steam
'    -and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.     A comtort- *
���     able home for tourists  and travellers.     Touch the 5
wire  if you  wane rooms reserved.     The buffet is
replete  with  cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttenailk and ice-cream.
i ���
Shamrock Facts!
TEN  THOUSAND  HOGS each year are not sufficient to meet the
4    growing demand for
foT only selected cuts of selected hogs are good enongh for ][f
Calgary       Edmonton      Regina       Prince Albert
Vancouver   $
There's No Guess Work About Long
Distance Telephoning
When yon finish your conversation yon know yonr message has been
received.   In addition, yoa have yonr answer.
Remember also, you do not pay for messages- not delivered���No talk,
All the company's telephones are available for service day and night.
Special rates between "2 p.m. and 8 a.ni.
Spectacles of All Kinds
For Sale, and Repaired
Ask-.forv Prices ptjji .Compare; with Mail
"~~        -   -   Order House - '
, McELMON, Greenwood ',
Dealer in Farm' Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. 1/ist jour .lands
with me,    Have-a buyer for good "ranch
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail- your watch for Repair and 1 will
mail it back.   Charges are moderate.
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf, Prous.
Commencing at 8j1S p.m.
An All Star Cast In
"The   Westerners"
The photoplay of the novel by   Stuart
Edward White
A story of the pioneers who blazed the
trail- to the west
Seven Reels
Also One Reel Christie Comedy
"Her Slumbering Hero"
-    .    For Sale
Team of horses, 2850 lbs. Set
of harness goes with team.
Heavy wagon 4# in tires, used
only a few months. Light Democrat wagon, large - heavy sleigh
and a light sleigh. Chains and
cant-hooks for logging, Apply to
Baled Hay For Sale
Baled, hay for sale. Extra good
quality, mixed timothy and
alsyke. ""
Fhitz Haussener
Box 364 Greenwood, B.C.
I Around Home
G. A. Rendell' motored to Pen-
ticton on Tuesday.
���   Liquor    may: now    be    sent
through the mails in B.C.
~G. J.   McArtbur,   of  Butte,   is
visiting his family in Trail.
Born���To Mrrand Mrs. John
Hallstrom on June IS. a son.
��� Miss ' Ruby  Smith,   of  Grand
Forks, is visiting ia the city.
Dr. Archibald";' of Vancouyer,
was here on  business this week.
The parcel post rates haye
been increased one cent a pound.
W. II. Docksteader -has purchased a large new McLiughlin
car.   -*
George   Rogers,   of
Idaho, was'in ttfwn
The Bank of, Montreal
shortly open a  branch  at
meos.      ^        ,, ���   -
on Wednes-
Card of Thanks
The sisters and brothers of the
late editor, R. T, Lowery, desire
to thank all who so kindly" sent
flowers to h'is funeral; also all
who attended to do him honor.
(Marks obtainable, 1000)
Jenks, Robert
Mellrud, Harold Edward
Keir, Nellie Frances    -
McLeod, Roderick
Kempston, Vera Agnes
^Williamson Thomas
Greenwood1 Public School
June, 1921 ':.
Benson, Selma Elizabeth - 654
lMcIutosh, Irene Stewart ��� 594
Axaui, Daieie - �� - - 538
^Failed in Algebra. Ia eligible
for supplemental examination.
H. M, Stramberg,    -
Principal High School.
Mr. and Mrs.VJ. M, Ryan, of
Rossland, are visiting friends in
'town. ';
J._ E. Hoy has'iabout 50 crates
of strawberries on his ranch-No.
7 road. ii
-Art.-Murray, ";pf Princeton, is
visiting his mother, Mrs, ^ H.
Murray. '7
Creigh*on McCutcheon, of Cascade, was in town for a few hours
on Sunday.        7
Isaac Crawford, of Carmi, was
the guest of- his daughter at
Trail last week. -.
4 ���
Mrs. Silas T. Smith, of Alien-
by, spent a few "days in town this
week' visiting friends,
.   Mike VPlecash, *  of" "Copper
'Mountain, is renewing1 acquaint?'
ances in town this week.
Chas, Oliver "who is now iu"
Cornwail, JEug., is expected, to
returnjo Greenwood shortiy.
Mrs. J. Butcher, Constance
and Joseph Butcher are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. R, Blundell.
Emile Clerf brought a car from
Vancouver for J.- E. Hoy. He
was accompanied by Sam Wick-
wire,  7
Ice cream will be served in the
refreshment rooms, Copper-St-,,
every Saturday afternoon after 3
Mrs.' Swayne has returned from
a motor trip to Kamloops. Capt.
Swayue~will remain a t~ Kami oops
for the summer.
Chas. Hamarstadt and daughter, Nellie, left on Friday morn-
iug-for Penticton where they will
spend a month.
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Plommer
and son,' Billy, of Allenby, are
on a motor trip to Yellowstone
Park, Wyoming.   '
Miss Bessie Johns returned to
her home,in Rock Creek on Friday after being the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Sater for a week.
Ice cream sundaes, ice cream
sodas, all kinds of soft drinks,
orange crush, lemon crush, lime
crush, cocoa cola at the Windsor,
Sing, the Chinaman, was taken
by his nephew to Midway "and
from there he will shortly proceed to China to spend the rest of
his days. .
Roy "Spencer, teller in the
Bank of Montreal, has returned
to his duties after spending a
couple ot' weeks at Chilliwack
and Portland.
Lost.���Fountain pen, self-filler, without clip cap, made by
Moore Pen Company. Finder
will be rewarded. Return to
Pacific Hotel.
Frank Peterson who has been
on an eleven months trip to
Sweden and other countries returned tp Greenwood last Thursday. Mr. Peterson is glad to get
back and says that " there is no
place like Canada.''
R. O. Fisher, accountant of the
local branch of Commerce left on
Wednesday last on a two weeks
vacation -to be spent at Nelson
and Vancouver,
Jno, McKellar left on Tuesday
morning for Vancouver where he
will be one of the principal witnesses in the Barrett vs Crane-
Lachmund trial.
Rev. J. R, Munro, of Vancouver, formerly of Greenwood, will
"haye charge of the Presbyterian
churches of Nicola and Merritt
during the summer months.
The Independent Meat Market
is now open all the.-time. We
carry only the-best stock procurable in fresh meats, hams and
bacon, lard, sausages, head
cheese, etc,
Mr. and Mrs. T. Jenkin, left on
Monday morning for Victoria,
where Mr. Jenkin will attend the
annual communication of the
Grand Lodge of British Columbia
A.F, & A.M. -
Mrs. T. C. Stone, of Klamath
Falls, and Joe Skelton, of Portland, who haye been the guests
of Mr. and'Mrs. I. Skelton, have
leftfor-A4berta where they- will
visit Mr. Skelton's brother.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Finlay, of
Lister, formerly of this place,
passed through Greenwood on
Saturday on their way to the
coast. On their return in about
two weeks they will stop here for
a few days.
Last week a cow belonging to
Sam Bombini fell in the cess
pool behind the Pacific. A block
and tackle had to be used in
rescuing the unfortunate animal,
which   seemed to   be none the
worse for its experience,
"John Desrosiers' restaurant is
now open and is quite an acquisition to Osoyoos. Tourists will
find both Mr. and Mrs. Desrosiers
ready and willing- to "supply "all
requirements in the refreshment
The tenders for the C. P,-R.
mail contract will be "opened in
Ottawa on June 24th. There
seems to be much speculation as
to who will be the fortunate or
unfortunate individual, as getting
up every morning at 4 o'clock,
rain or shine, cold or blustery, is
no joke. -
Now that the schools are closed
this is the period when the boys
in the town and country are busy
acquiring more than a usual
amount of knowledge learned
outside of school. Characters
are being largely developed in
the boys spare time, and it is important that the recreations and
advantages should surround him
with an environment making for
higher citizenship. Boys, like
men, must have their clubs.
There is no finer boy club system
iu the world than the Scouts.
The organization puts a boy on
his honor. The judges of honor
arellie boys themselves. Everywhere throughout Canada, and
over the whole continent, these
boys' clubs, surrounded by clean,
constructive enyironment, have
been a great influence against
juvenile delinquency. Some citizens, looking for something to
do along public service lines, yet
inactive because they do not hear
a call, might turn ia and help
spread the boy organization
movement. Work among the
boys is rejuvenating, and better
still, it is helpful in turning out
law-abiding, industrious citizens.
V. Edward. Tripp,  Principal.
No. enrolled -        -     s -  ,23.
No.-with perfect attendance - 12
Percent of attendance    -   -  1��.79
Perfect attendance:
Emmet Anderson, Annnd Anderson, Mabel Axam, Gertrude Dixon,
Sam Eaatis, Ethel Fras3r, Dolly
Granberg, Gordon Jenks, Silvia
Price, Estella Storer, Edna Williamson, Maria Williamson.
Senior IV, Entrance: Ethel
Fraser, Gordon Jenks, Edna Williamson, Russell Eustis, - Emmot
Anderson, Mabel Axam, Harold
Folvik, Estella Storer, Johnson
Beattie, Jack Anderson, Lilly
(All bat last two are enrolled as
examination candidates.)
Junior    IV, Promotions:
Passed, Mildred McLaren 63,
George Morrison 58.1, Anund
Anderson 55, Mary Kerr 52.
Passed conditionally: Samuel
Eustis 49, (Spelling, Composition
arid Grammar)."" Silvia Price 50.4
(Geography, ' Canadian History).
Gertrude Dixon 51:7 (British History).  "     -
-" Remaining in Class: Margaret
Edd[e 40, John Kerr 42.7} Dolly.
Granberg 45.7, Joe Putzel.
Rolls of Honour.
Punctuality:   George Morrison.
Deportment:   Edna Williamson.
Proficiency:    Mildred McLaren.
Cecilia M. Mcintosh, Teacher
Number on,roll -        -        29
No. in perfect attendance - 23
Average daily attendance       27.50
Promotions and percentages.
From Sr. II to Jr. Ill: George
Bryan 81, John Putzel 71, Irene
Inglis.70, Percy-,Fraser 65,- Helen
"Kerr (on term's work). V    V '" V
From Jr. in to Int. Ill: Myrtle
Dixon 69, Frank Campolieto 67;
Kathleen McLeod 55, Tillie McDonell 55.
- From Int. Ill to Sr. Ill: Bessie
Bidder 93, Doris Kinsman 83,
Edward Johnson 81, Edward Wilson 76.
FromSr. III to Jr. IV: Allan
Fraser 91, John Wyder 90, Ruby
Goodeve 83,- Mary Klinosky 74,
Ethel Benson ,70, Cecilia Hallstrom 68, Ernest Wyder 67, John
McDonell 65, Eraine DnHamel 63
(on trial); Annie Thorslund 60,
William McLeod 59.
Rolls of Honour:
Regularity and Punctuality:
Doris Kinsman; _
Deportment:   Horace DuHamel.
Proficiency:   Bessie Bidder.
J. M. McKee, Teacher.
No. enrolled       -       -       -       25
Perfect attendance - 13
Perfect attendance:
Eileen Bryan, Roy Bakke,
Violet Benson, Meredith Fenner,
Robert Forshawj Albert Kinsman,
Lewis Mitchell, Robert Mitchell,
Malcolm McLeod, Allan McCurrach, Bertram Price, Mary Putzel,
Edward Parry.
Promotion List.
Promoted from I Reader to II
Reader: Edward Parry, Robert
Mitchell, Margaret Royce, Laurence Folvik, Lewis Mitchell.
Promoted from II Primer to I
Reader: Allan McCurrach, Arthur Cox, Helen Bakke.
Promoted from I Primer to II
Primer: Mary Putzel, Laura
Mills, Roy Hallstrom, Alice
Ritchie, Lewis Clerf, Roy Bakke.
Failed���Violet Benson.
Promoted from Receiving Class
to I Primer: Robert Forshaw,
Charlie Royce, Albert   Kinemaa.
Rolls of Honour.
Proficiency:   Meredith   Fenner.
Deportment:   Mary Pntzel.
Regularity and Punctuality:
Robert Mitchell.
^Mining News   *v",
a The Providence mine,' Greenwood, shipped a car of ore to'the
smelter at Tadanac this.. week.
There are 28 men employed at'this
mine and regular shipments will be
made from now on.
The following is a list of the
ore received at the Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Co.'s smelter,
at Tadanac. for the week ending
June 14: Florence mine, Princess
Creek, 93 tons. Knob Hill, Republic, 162 tons. Company mines,
7540 tons.
Bert Powell has bought ont his
partners interests, the^ Condit
brothers, in the Horn Silver mine
in the Lower Similkameen valley.
It is understood that it is Mr.
Powell's intention to try and
secure capital to install a mill and
treat the ore on the ground instead
of shipping direct to the .smeller .as
formerly. _    \
British Columbia's gold output,
is expected to reach a total value
of m. 500,000 in 1921, an Increase
of $1,000,000 over the 1920 output,
according to estimates compiled
in Vancouver.
" The Rossland ' mines, which
yielded $600,000 in 1920 are expected to produce 81,500,000. this
year mining-men 'estimated and
the Surf Inlet mine on Princess Royal -island, approximately
$1,000,000. The Premier mine on
Salmon river will be operated at
full capacity soon, according to a
recent announcement. Other im-
portant mines are expected to operate at full capacity this year. -
At the Court of Revision in the
Court House, Greenwood, on
Monday 22 voters were re-instated
who neglected to vote at the last
election; 13 names were added to
the list
Fall Session-of Legislature
Premier Oliver has issued^ a
statement- feo~; the ..'effect'.- that - the
next session of the Provincial Legr
islatnre will- commence _ not later
than November 1 and will- end" by
Christmas. No session will' .be
held next spring. The object is to
have the House endorse a system
of municipal taxation which will
be evolved by the administration
this summer. It is also' expected
that after the new liqnor control
act has been in force for a few
months needed amendments may
be passed. Hon. John Hart, min- -
ister of finance, states he will be
able to, fnrnifib'fuller reports-on
provincial revenue and thus assist
'themjunieipalifo'es.^ .The move will-
also enable the government to
float its bond issue at a more favorable season.
Examination Candidates
Of Greenwood Centre
High School Entrance Examina-
lions are being held at the Greenwood Public School this week.
Twenty-one candidates are trying
and a list of them  are as  follows:
Greenwood Public School.
Emmet R. Andersosi, Mabel Axam,
Johnson H. Beattie, Russell G.
Eustis, Harold Foivik,_ Ethel M.
Fraser, W. Gordon Jenks, Stella.
P. Storer. Maria 1. Williamson,
Ml Edna Williamson.
Bridesville School,���Iris M."
Christian Valley School.���Guner
N. Lindgren, Sten G. O. Petterson,
Coltern School���Juan L. Paddy.
Eholt School.���Hattie H. Auger,
J, Herbert Anger, Nellie P. Frelz.
Kettle Valley School.���Je&sie
Caldwell, Mary R. Caldwell.
Midway School.���Robert W,
Brown, Carl L. Thomet.
A farmer writing to & friend to
whom he felt nnder obligation for
introducing a variety of swine,
thus unbosomed himself: "Re-'
spected sir, I went to the fair at
Monsoa, I fonnd several pigs of
our species. There was s great
variety of beaste, and I was astonished at not seeing you there"
I   ��
1 V*'!
' i
t TILE    LEDGE,     GREENWOOD.    B.     0.
Canada's Huge Wheat Area
Prairie Provinces   Have  More  Than
Ninety Per Cent, pf the" Wheat
Thc total area sown to wheat this
season in the Dominion of Canada is
estimated at 18,654,100 acres, an increase of half'a million acres over the
1920 area, constituting a new record
for this grain. Seven hundred and
nine thousand one hundred acres of
this is seeded to fall wheat, leaving
17,945,000 to be sown this spring.
The prairie provincesf have more
than ninety per cent, of the Dominion's wheat acreage, with 17,418,900
acres.. This shows an increase of
577,000 acres over" the previous year.
Man s Greatest Asset
The universal membership enrolment campaign recently conducted" by
tho Red Cross Society throughout Canada had for its object the arousing
of the people to the vital need oT greater personal interest in the matter of
health. It was not a campaign lo raise money, but a Dominion-wide and
well organized effort to secure an active and intelligent public interest in
measures for. the prevention oi disease, it being realized that an .ounce of
prevention is worth many pounds of cure. The average man, woman and
child gives little heed to their physical well-being until thcy arc afflicted
with some ailment, and then there is a hurry-up call for a doctor.
That there is need for a great awakening on the part of the public in
regard to matters of personal hygiene and public health-was demonstrated
by thc enforced medical examination of men for military services during the
war years, but, startling as were the disclosures from those examinations,
even more staggering are some recent figures and opinion contained in an
article iu The Journal of Health aud Sanitation, written_by Dr. J, II. Kellogg, superintendent,of the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium.
Races of men have sometimes died out and utterly disappeared and Dr.
Kellogg is of the opinion that this may happen to thc whole human family
if wc continue to live under what he considers present unnatural conditions.
Man, says Dr. Kellogg, is a very old-fashioned animal trying to live in a
new-fangled way, iu a manner that no animal ever before adventured, and
so unnatural and so ill-adapted to liU constitution and his requirements as
to render li is ultimate undoing inevitable. Man is by nature an open-air-
d.vcllcr. Dm the business "and professional men, incarcerated behind llic
doors of their office":, with their assistants, die years before thcir time, and,
on the average, twenty years sooner than the farmer whose vacation keeps
htm. in the open.
Prcscnt-da'y habits and methods of living are held accountable for the
physical deterioration of the race, and for the prevalence of diseases which
are carrying off people by thc million. According to Dr. Kellogg, thc
United States "loses from its population of 106,000,000 by death 1,500,000
people every year, while 3,000,000 people are sick all the time. In other
words, one-fifth of the population arc inefficient or lost. He estimates that
an average of seven days are lost from labor by sickness every year.
Tuberculosis is gaining ground, and kills one out of every ten of thc population. Cancer kills one in twenty. Other maladies arc rapidly gaining
ground. In England and Wales the insane are increasing twice as fast as
the sane, and in France ten times as fast. Coupled with these alarming
symptoms, there is the serious fact that the birth rate in nearly all civilized
countries is rapidly declining.
Dr. MacNeil!, superintendent of thc Mental Hospital at Baltlcford,
Sask., matte the statement recently in a "public address* at Regina that at
the present rate of increase of mentally deficient people there would not be
enough mentally efficient people to look after them fifty years hence.
N Iu support of his contention that present habits and methods of living
are responsible for existing conditions, Dr. Kellogg draws attention lo one
of the interesting lessons from thc- war, namely, the notable lowering of
the death rate in several countries. In Denmark the death rate fell 35 per
cent., clue in the opinion of Dr. Hindhcde, the'Danish food controller, to
simpler habits of living, and especially the low-prolein diet and the use
'of coarse bread. In Germany, too, diabetes has practically disappeared
from thc same cause, and gout, formerly very common, is now unknown.
Good health is the greatest asset any person can possess. Wealth is
of little value to a man if he does not possess good health so that he may
enjoy ic. Without health no one can get much pleasure out of life. Lacking health no person can be wholly efficient. Ill-health is waste. Yet the
best medical experts agree that, by taking proper precautions there is little
reason for sickness, and that main- diseases which now number thcir victims
by thc millions could be readily stamped out.
Health studies and health conditions must bc given first place and foremost attention in our public schools. People must be made to understand
that soundness of body is fundamentally essential in business, art, literature,
politics and religion, as well as in warfare, sports and industry. By creating an enthusiasm for health promotion and physical perfection a long step
forward will ,be taken towards, the realization of that better state for all
people towards which the world is blindly groping. A popular, nationwide Crusade for Good' Health is imperative. . Governments can do much,
but the main essential is an aroused and active interest on the part of every
individual citizen. The promotion bf health is thc only real,- lasting and
basic national policy for any country.
For Stiff Neck
And Sore Throat
Immediate relief comes from rubbing Nerviline over the chest and
lower part of thc neck. Rub in deeply���lots of rubbing helps. Nerviline
reaches thc congested parts at once,
relieves tightness, takes out thc soreness. A bottle qf Nerviline'in the
home relieves a hundred ills, internal
and external. UsctWor nearly half
a century, as n general household
remedy. Large bottles 35c at all
Sims Spent Younger
Days in Toronto
Father Was Superintendent of Toronto and Nipissing Railway.
Rear-Admiral William Sowden
Sims, whose pro-ally speeches in
Great Britain havc resulted in his recall to Washington by the secrctaTy
of thc United States navy, lived in
Toronto with his father and mother
when he was fifteen years of age. His
father, who went from Philadelphia
to Port Hope about 1854 as civil engineer on tlie construction of the railway from that town to-Lindsay, moved with his Canadian wife and two
children ro Toronto in 1873 and became superintendent of the old Toronto and Nipissing Railway which ran
from Toronto up through Beavertori
and Cannington "to Coboconk where
it now ends.
In an old city directory of that
year thc future admiral's father is listed as an official of the railway board-
inig at thc Queen's Hotel, Front
Catairli is a local disease greatly influenced
by      constitutional      conditions. HALL'S
Blood Purifier. By cleansing the blood and
buildinc up-the System, HALL'S CATARRH
MKD1CINK restores normal conditions and
,��llows Nature to do its -work.
All Druggists.      Circulars free.
K. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Lightning Sets Fire
To Gasoline Tank
Many Killed at Plant of Utah Oil Re;,
fining Co.
Two known dead, the probability ot
at east.six others dead in the debris,
more than 25 injured, .many .others
unaccounted for, and a property joss
of nearly $1,000,000,'was the toll of
thc fire which started at the plant of
the Utah Oil Refining Company,
wh~n a bolt of lightning struck a tank
containing one million gallons 'of
gasoline distillate.
The loss.of life came when the tank;
wliich had been burning fiercely, burst
scattering its content^ with deadly ic-
S'jltS.    '' '
New Camera's Great Range
It pays to patfoni/e home indiolry.
R:'V from '.he-merchant-; in your own
Can Photograph FromHeight- Where
-.-    Airplane Is Invisible.
Scientists of the United States
Bureau.of Standards revealed thc details of a new photographic process
but recently perfected. Thc discovery is expected to be of tremendous
military value to thc air service, as
well as to have incalculable scientific
and-commercial application. It-will
give to thc eye of the.camera power
which nature has never endowed to
thc human eye, for it will bc possible'
for airplanes to make photographs
from'iielgiils so great that thc planes
fjiem>elvcs will bc invisible from the
earth, and'to pcnctratc'.haze that the
human eye cannot pierce. v"--
Big Berthas
Have Been.Destroyed
.Last of the Seven Was Scrapped in
Replying to the intcr-allicd military
control commission's note regarding
thc location of the "Big Berthas"
used by thc Germans during thc war
the German government said there
were seven such long-range guns, of
which four were destroyed before the
armistice; the fifth was scrapped Kt
Essen in April, 1919; the sixth .was
scrapped at Meppen, and the seventh
at Magdeburg in November, 1919.,
Look for weakness or ill-health.
Sec if there is not a side ache, headache, restlessness and the "blues."'
The symptoms indicate that you need
thc gentle assistance of Dr. Hamilton's Pills. This soothing medicine
is a great friend to womankind. They
are a wonderful'relief to constipation,
they clear up sick headache, remove
wastes and poisons from the system.
Girls and women can Jisc Dr. Hamilton's Pills with great success. Thousands use no other medicine and rely
solely upon Dr. Hamilton's Pills to.
regulate the system and keep .it in
smooth running order, 25c all dealers
or The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
; Your Teetn
By   Rea   Proctor   McGee,   M.D.,
D.D.S., Editor of Oral Hygiene.
Copyright,   1921, by   Rea  Proctor
Habits formed in childhood are
very difficult to break. Thc younger
the child, the more quickly a habit is
formed. -
Thcir experience having been so
limited, thcy very quickly become accustomed to almost any new diversion
that may come thcir way. Many
little thingsv that, at the time, seem
trivial, will have a severe cflec-t-in after years.     ���       - ,
One of tlie ."worst habits that a
young child forms is that of thumb
sucking. -Many mothers would rather
havc the baby quiet than dissatisfied
with life in general and raising Cain.
But thc pacifying of the youngster by
this method will cause a great deal
of difficulty.
When a child sucks its thumb it
pushes the roof of tl^c mouth upward
so that it makes a/very high arch; and
as thc roof of the mouth is -thc floor
of the nose, the nasal space is reduced and thc" septum of thc nose-is
pushed over cither to life right or to
the left���usually to thc left.
Tlie upper "teeth in front, along"
with thc bone in which thcy are imbedded, are pushed forward and upward, and thc lower front teeth and
the surrounding bone are pushed inward and downward.
Medicated dentifrices should not bc
used by children. __ What thcy need
is just thorough scrubbing of the
teeth twice each da}' with clean water
and a "mild, pleasant tooth paste or
powder. -
Japs Plan To Raft
Timber From B. C.
New York city has a new seventeen
story hotel for'the exclusive use of
bachelors. -' V
Mrs. W. Becsley, Mille Roche, Ont.,
writes "I have used Baby's Own
Tablets for the past eight months
arid "would not~~be_without them. I
used them for indigestion and teething and my baby is cutting his teeth,
without any trouble whatever. I can
highly recommend the Tablets to
other mothers." -What Mrs. Becsley
says thousand of other mothers
.say. Thc Tablets arc a mild but
thorough laxative which regulate* thc
bowels and sweeten _ the stomach,
tints driving out constipation arid indigestion and making teething easy.
They arc sold by medicine dealers or
by" mail at 25 cents a box from Thc
Dr.'.Williams Medicine Co., Brock-
ville, Ont.    '- '   -
Think   Davis   Structure   Will   Stand
Trans-Pacific Passage
'A Japanese firm proposes to make
another attempt to raft timber,from
British Columbia to Japan."- Thcy believe that thc Davis raft structure, of
which the outside rows bf logs are
laced with cable, can be made to stand
thc trans-Pacific passage. The first
raft will leave this coast about
August. It will have' a sitp>cr-struc-
ture of piled logs, strongly laced.
Hitherto rafted logs have not withstood long sea journeys, except one
which. was taken from San Francisco to China about- twenty years
ago. Favored by calm seas the raft
was safely landed. The Chinese,
however, unused to 'big logs, took ten
years to cut up this boom, itsing
long, hand rip saws to make the
boards. ,   ���-
Revelation 21;1-14 is the passage of
Scripture selected for devotional
reading. Instead of, attempting<to
review the lessons of the quarter it
would bc of great interest and profit
to enter into a detailed .study of this
Scripture. The following outline
may be helpful/ I. The New Heaven
and the New Earth, (vv. 1, 2);,IL The
New People (vv. 3-8); III. The New
Jerusalem (vv. 9-14). ""
Another way would be to assign,
the Golden Texts to different members of the class'asking them to give
the part of the particular lesson which
illustrates the teachings of the text.
Still another way would- bcto summarize the different Scripture passages, giving the leading " lessons, of
each. The following is given by way
of suggeslion: ^"^
I. The believer's supreme obligation
is to present himself as a living sacrifice to God. The grand reason for
so doing is that he has received the
mercies 6f:God. Thc one so yielded
will lovc his fellow .believer sincerely.
II. The believer's body is God's
property���-the temple of the, Holy
Ghost; therefore we arc under solemn
obligation to use it for'His glory.
III. Since God the Father and Jesus
Christ work^it is incumbent.upon.all
to work, ami the man,,who will not
work should'not-eat.   :���'������">��� V : --    .
IV. God hates the grecd-that moves
men to dishonest, methods in ofder
to get rich. His judgment shall fall
upon such.-
V. True education will lead one to
Christ. The one only book which
tells about Him is the Biblc^ No one
can call himself educated who is ignorant of the Bible. s-
VI. God rested when His work of
creation was done. On this basis He
has established thc law of labor and
rest." The obligation to cease from
labor is that one may remember"God.
VII. The church is an organism as
the human body. In order that there
may be real-helpful co-operation there
must bc membership in that body.
~ VIII. Testis-shoukl.bc welcomedias"
.1 guest into every home.. He-is an"'
example, of an ...obedient son in the
home.       - ������     ' ���
IX. The most important question is
not "Who is my neighbor?" but "To
whom can I- be a neighbor,?" Being
a neighbor is seeing those about who
nccd help and rendering such help in
loving sympathy. 7-.    ,
X. The Christian is a citizen as well
as a church member. Intelligent
Christians will show proper' loyalty
to the state. -���
"XL When Christ shall reign as
King there shall be pease all over the
world between animals and men. Thc
supreme business of thc believer in
this dispensation is to'preach the gospel to all thc world as a witness.
XII. Jesus came and preached the
gospel to the poor, but shall come
again to judge the world and reign as
Since thc whole of' man's duty is'}'
summed up by Christ in duty to God
and duty to.man (Matt. 22:36-40), it
would be profitable to go through
the, quarter's lesson and "set down thc
teachings under
I. Duties to God; IT..Duties to.
Man.        ��� .    '
Swiss Doctor \
Walks Around World
Trip Took Seven Years and
Forty Thousand Dollars.
;'--. Dr. Massimo Armando Leuret, aged
36, a Swiss physician, has arrived in
Milan "after walking 35,000 miles in
both old and new worlds^ He asserts that his tour took him around
the globe commencing on January A,
1914 and cost him $40,000.     ~'"-j
Hc says he left Switzerland going
north to Germany, Poland and Russia. He was in thc last named
country when thc war began and
continued the journey across Russia
to Siberia. -He .then vtsited_ China
and Japan_and later crossed the Pacific to America. 'He claims to have
traversed both North and South America on foot. His trip from the
Pacific Coast to New York was made
alternately in Canada and thc United
States. ---
,, When liegot to Switzerland, he decided that he had not yet seen Italy
nor Africa and has now commenced
his journeys through them.
���*>���    (l
"Equinoctial" a Myth.
That the equinoctial storm/is a
myth is demonstrated >by- iahVa'stufe*
co-operative observer of the United
States Weather Bureau, says the
Scientific American. This popular;
belief,is probably the result of teach-,
ing.handed down from father to^aon.-
Old -weather" saws are very hard to
: Chinese District Overcrowded.
, The-Chinese population of London
is increasing rapidly and the district^
which has been appropriated by^ the
celestials is becoming overcrowded so
that thcy are encroaching on thc
neighboring districts._
_Record Crop Fpr Canada
Bountiful Harvest Assured If-Good
"> Weather Continues.
Unless extraordinary and sustained
bad weather intervenes, one. of the
best crops in the history of Canada
is assured this year. This statement
was made by, Dr. H. J.':{ Grisdale,
deputy minister of agriculture, Ottawa.., .From ; coast. to coast,- Dr.
Grisdale7said," a .bountiful' harvest' is
assured, although, the conditions in
.Qntario, ,,Quebec - and the Maritime
Provinces'are slightly better than in
the west;: V;
A century ago 300 species of orchids "were known, and"tho~sc very
imperfectly. Now the- latest authority gives the number of known
species as. 10,000. ���
Most of the cats in Liberia are of a
bright red tint, and they are very
conspicuous in the moonlight.
���5 If you desire to enter a profession you'should consider what the g
s - new field oP-Veterinary Science has to offer. Graduates have __ E
s      splendid opportunities for a successful career.   You should inquire.      5
Write   for* Bulletin   and '  s
Calendar to C'D.-McGil-    ^nder   *? <?ntM"�� v H
-  1ln..      -, .    .    .      *Dept. of Agriculture       ���
���            vr^y,   M.D.V.,   Principal. _       s
= -  < . TORONTO, .ONTARIO. ' =
Affiliated'With  Unl
versity   of   Toronto,
the whole I
family in
New Yorker Has
Skyscraper Home
3ji3ti     who   paddles   hi*'own]
mav some  day  sail-his  steam!
London-  consumes   abotufoiirtcen
million, tons of coaTvcarlv.
Friend or Foe?
i*iany people find that
tea and coffee are foes
.to their health, but that [
Instant Postum is a
friendly table drink..   -,
This pure cereal beverage
is rich in aroma and Ha-!
vot ���fully satisfying���and
contains no element of barm
for nerves or digestion.
A ��f VBBttfS
! >*!��!*�� C��M��i &>��*
1- y��y r^in^a���.
"There's a. Reason
Financier's Luxurious Quarters Have
\   Unobstructed ��� View of Harbor.
���Henry L: Dohcrty, the New York
financier who has" long enjoyed thc
distinction of being thc only millionaire who lived south of^U'all-Street,
is soon to leave his tenement apartment for his new skyscraper home,
which has just been completed. This
new home, which is - a two-story
structure on thc roof of thc big Battery Park-skyscraper at 721 State
Street, directly behind- the Customs
House and facing Battery Park, will
probably become famous as one of
the show places"of New' York. For
in addition to being the most' complete and luxurious bachelor, establishment in lower Xew York it occupies one of'the finest sites.     '
High above, the roar of the -city,
with an.unobstructed view of the entire harbor, Mr. Doherty will have a
luxurious-home within a few-blocks
of his Wall Street office���the only
millionaire, in that advantageous
position in all'New York.   . --
f      . :	
Phosphorus Discovered,
As. Long Ago as 1670
��� -/	
Chemist-Prepared It- In-Srnali-Quan?
tities From Bones.
What we now call phosphorus <vas
discovered' by a chemist called Brand
in 1670, who prepared it' in .small
quantities from bones. In those days
of mysticism a substance that burned
and emitted light without being itr-
nited was hailed as a discovery, of
the principle of life. . Thc sensation
was just like what was' made 250
years later by the discovery of-radium.
Prince Visits Wales
L'nfold agony is
can't repeal.
secret woman
Keep Minard's Liniment ia the house
W.    ST.    U,   1373
One of thc most effective vermifuges on the market is Miller's Worm
Powders. Thcy will not only clear
thc stomach and bowels of worms,
but will prove a very,considerable
medicine for children in regulating
the infantile system and maintaining
it'in a healthy conditiotf. There is
nothing in their composition that will
injure ahe most delicate stomach
when directions arc. followed, "and
thcy can bc given to "children vin thc
full assurance that they will utterly
destroy all wotons.
Crossing Stock With An Automobile.
If a motorist runs down a pig it is
sure, to bc a blooded Berkshire, remarks the Boston " correspondent.
Every chicken slaughtered is a pedigreed bird-worth $40 to $50. A yellow barnyard cur is a wire-haired fox
terrier." A caif is always of Alder-
ney or Guernsey blood���in fact, nothing seems to improve stock like crossing it with an automobile.
- Not a Match, Either. ,
A pompous manufacturer "of machinery was. showing-a stranger over
his factory.      ���      '
1   "Fine piece of  work, .isn't it?" he
said, indicating one machine.
^ 'JYes," said the visitor,'   "but   yon
cannot   hold   a   candle to the goods
we are turning oift."
"Indeed!    And what is your"  liner
Given   a   Royal   Welcome
__-_ __   Delighted People -_  _-.._
The Prince of Wales has been given a really royal reception throughout
Addressing ex-service men at Bristol as comrades, hc said:
"I know in Bristol many of you
went into thc navy during the war.
I could not^makc up my mind what
uniform-to put on. If I had put on
a sort, of combination, it perhaps
would havc been better. I anrafraid
many of you arc having a bad time
just now. It distresses mc very
much,-but I would like to congratulate you ou the wonderful way yoti
arc facing these present very baa
times. - You arc facing them in the
same way you faced the front for
five lpng'years. I hope that better
times arc on hand."
. n
8 .VThere are heavy,FLEET FOOT.shoes for work
���     in fields, garcien and barn.
��� a
ENJOY the comfort and economy of. FLEET
FOOT shoes right through the summer.
There are FLEET FOOT white shoes, pumps
and.oxfords to wear when work is done-fin
styles for men, women and children. . Genuine
FLEET FOOT^ shoes haye the name,
stamped.on them.- Look.for it. '
Ask your Shoe. Dealer for Fleet Foot
and make sure you get Fleet Foot
Manitcba Free Press Crop Report.*
The- Manitoba Free Press crop report, published June 7th, states that
crop conditions arc. If anything, more
favorable than at May 17th. "It would
be difficult to think of a more generally satisfactory report of conditions
spread over so wide a territory," says
the Free Press. . ���
>3 ^?Ce/ &&d*ril&/ <&v. <U*tl4&cO*
' . _ Goose's Appetite.
How .many grains- of corn can , a
hungry, goose cat in two boars? Experts guessed anywhere, from 2,000
to 3,000. Then a hungry goose was
produced and the grains were counted. The goose ate exactly 431 grains
in two hours.
"Fiction is less strange    than    the
truth because we mi�� it oftener.
-Innocent Tots.
Two children were standing before
the Venus de Milo.
"Wonder if she was married," said
"'Coarse not," said the other. "Na.
one could ask for her hand, "cos'she
didn't have any."���Bostoa Transcript.
TO ���v
antmals    turn white every
SASKATCHEWAN and from all stations CALGARY and EDMONTON
(inclusive) in ALBERTA, (Via
Liberal Stopovers
Final Return Limit October'-3i; 1921.
��� ""�� i ���-      i n i   ii  ���     i 1 r\ i iii     i i, ii J
THE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD,    B.     CL
RED ROBERTS, of Vancouver, B.C., says he
knows what it is to enjoy good
health for the first time in six
years���Rheumatism is relieved
and has gained ten pounds.
"For the first lime in six years I
know what it is to enjoy good health,
and since it was Tanlac that got rid
of my troubles and put me into such
fine shape, I think it-is up to me to
state the facts for_ the benefit of"
others," _ said Fred Roberts,' 1624
Georgia St., East,. Vancouver. B.C.
"I -suffered for, years from biliousness and my appetite varied a lot.
Sometimes I would hardly touch a
bite aud other times/ I would eat a
liearty meal, but, as sure as fate, if I
did eat'asvything-, I had to suffer for it
afterwards.     I -would get nauseated
- and bloat up with gas so bad I'd have
palpitation of the heart and almost
choke for breath. -1 had violent
headaches that left nie weak and" lifeless aiid suffered with such "awful
pains in the back that it was agony
to stoop over. I also had rheumatism in 'my right leg which, gave mc
a lot of trouble and which kept me
awake so much at night" that I was
���  tired most of the time.-.
"I've  ��� only    taken four bottles of
Tanlac so far, but already I have gotten   wonderful   results   from   it.    ,1
have a good appetite, can eat anything
Infancy and never have a sign of bili-
. ousness od gas or pain afterwards.
Mv food seems to do me good too,
for  I feel much  stronger and have
" gained ten-pounds in weight. I'm
not bothered with pains in thc back
any more and.the rheumatism has entirely disappeared. Ijiow' sleep well
at night and get' up feeling fine. My
���wife also'has been taking Tanlac with
wonderful- results-and--she-joins -me
in expressing our thanks'for the great
good we have gotten from it.''
Tanlac is sold "by leading druggists
everywhere,.    '    ">
Fringe Invades The
Realm Of Pyjamas
.  ,'    Where the Paper Goes.
In order to provide the, paper' for
onlyxone issue of a big daiiy newspaper fifty acres of forest must be
��� cleared of its trees.-; Great Britain
alone uses something like five million
tons of paper every year. This
sounds���and is���a lot; but it is small
in comparison with the United States
whose average ^consumption is nearly
forty million tons per annum. Canada and Newfoundland supply much
of the timber consumed in the paper
mills.. Jtussia^used to sell large quantities, but this source'of supply is now
cut off.
By Marie Belmont.
' Fringe is"in high favor at the present time for adorning the varied garb
of lovely woman. These pyjamas inspired by the'cowboy's picturesque
attire7 show how effective fringe really is. . They are made of pale blue
crepe d^ chine and the fringe is of
blue and pink silk. The shirt-is cut
generously long,, so that it" may bc
bloused about the figure. A.sofrfold
of the -crepe, de chine is draped
around_JJie waist-line and knotted, af
the side. The collar duplicates the
'gay handkerchief of the cowboy, and
is cut from blue crepe de chine. The
turnbacfycuffs arc also made of blue
crepe de chine.- x ' N    -  ^"
Minard's Liniment used by Physicians
Canada's Exports       ,
V       To Germany
Great Increase In 1920 Oyer Pre-War
*    T.. Years.
- That France is Canada's chief=cus-s
tomer among European continental
nations at present, and -that Canada's
exports to Germany during the'past
fiscal/year exceeded those of the. prewar year, 1913-1914,-are two .points
.trough t_ but in the bulletin of the Department of Trade and Commerce.
Exports last" year showed an increase
also to Sweden, ^ Norway, Turkey,
Spain','and' Portugal. Export^ to
Italy, mostly wheat, rose to, 57,750,-
000, from $17,000,000 in- thc previous
year. _
Minard's      Liniment
Friend. -
-Poison *Fish In South Seas.
' There is-"a fish which lies- buried
in the coral sand of the South Seas
thc spines of -whose dorsal fin " are
hollow like the fangs "5f a rattlesnake. When stepped on it ejects a
poison which kills or cripples the
victim. '. ���  . - .
^ Men fight with their fists, women
"with-tltcir "tears."^
5wk's Cotton Roof Compos
A ��aft, rtUailt regulating
;, mvilctne. Sold ia tUre�� if
rtsas oi ���fcrength���Ne. J, tlj
No. 3, $3; No. S. S3 par bos.
- Bald by nil dniftUfcs, or tent
prepaid oa receipt of prlc����
Fra*    pamphlet.      Addreatt
-Tno��T��.��NT. tr������rfr WiitM.)
Aconite and camphor are the principal chemicals used in'the manufacture of joss sticks. The aconite
serves to--prevcnt~ravages'"by~rats_a"nd
mice", and the camphor "ensures a
steadv fire when the sticks are burn-
ed. The aroma'is supplied by many
odoriferous' drugs in the"maiiufacture.
Saskatoon Public Utilities Profit.
Saskatoon^ public utilities show_a L-
net profit of 317146 since -the first off.
the vcar.
| The Endurance of Your     :|
| Automobile, Truck, or Tractor        I
only   upon   the   time' of Lubrication, but the kind of   ~
5     Depends   not
S     Lubrication
| Whitmore's Protective Composition |
Adds 500% to Gear Life. Thousands j��
of tests have becn conducted" by S
Lubricating experts to demonstrate S
' thc relative efficiency of various lubri- S
cants. The result of *these tests"" is
conducted over years, has fixed the !S
choice of sixteen leading nianufac- =
turers. These manufacturers in- 5
elude:��� 55
The largest builder of fine cars in tire   ~
world; S
-    The -largest builder of trucks in  the  S
world; j -' Sj
The   largest   builder   of axles in the   s
world; '_      5
Thc largest builder of worm gears in  s
the world. V s
Many Lubricants contain acid. Th*y 3
not onjjfrfail to counteract friction, 3
but are themselves harmful and corro- EE
sive to gear and. bearing surfaces.        E;
Whitmore's Compositions Contain No Acids      ��
���������  ���-    |       |     |   ||, .mi ,1, ���, n
They are proof against heat and cannot break down os squeeze out. 3
I$l tha Panama Canal Emergency Dams, six million pounds rest on 3
an unbroken film of WHITMORE'S. =
After an exhaustive test the U.S. Army contracted for its exciusire 3
use. y " / g
Manufactured by��� ����
Eagfoaers, Cleveland, Ohio. . |
M&E&fd, Winnipeg, Regius, Casadias Selling Agents.       |
Ukrainians Learn
Poultry Business
Successful Work Done by Dominion
Poultry Branch.
Teaching ten thousand Ukrainian
farmers the "why and how" of the
poultry industry, improving the conditions in the poultry industry generally, increasing thc size of the flocks,
replacing scrub stock with better
bred stock, and lastly, but not least,
organizing some system, of co-operative marketing of the eggs after they
havc been produced. This is thc
work that was started las't vMarcli'by
the Alberta representatives of the
poultry division of. thc Dominion livestock branch in the Ukrainian settlements of Alberta, and judging from
thc Jesuits that havc been obtained
already, thc ten thousand farms, situ-
atcd���in the poorest and roughest sections of Alberta, will eventually bc
the heaviest egg producing section
of thc west.
��� A Byway Parable.
A small boy was ^laboriously pushing a heavy hand-carl up a steep hill,
and stopping every few minutes Ho"
wipe the perspiration from his face.
A clergyman who was Avatching the
boy, thinking ��.o help him, calcd out:
"Push it up if ,'-zag, my- lad, and"you
will find if much eas'icr." "Not so
.much, o' ycr bloomin' advice,' retorted
the boy. " "Conic and give mc a
-Taller   (London).
- -   s.
Corns, Warts, Bunions
Don't-limp" any longer, don't suffer
another hour from corns. The oldest remedy and thc best, thc one that
for fifty "years has proved a true success, will lift out your corns in a
hurry. __ Putnam's Painless Corn and
Wart F.xtractor is the one remedy to
use. Refuse a substitute, 25c everywhere. -
'    *N- ��� J     ���        ��
Italian Cab Driver Scored
Gets Better of Boasting Contest With
Yankee Visitor. ���
Thcy are telling a story in the
Roman cafes of how an American
visitor to Rome came' off second best
in a' boasting contest' with a Roman
cab driver.
The American undertook to see
Rome in ajday* and used the cab
driver as a guide. Thc American
was driven to all tlie great Roman
monuments and took-great interest in
the buildings, always asking how. long
each took to build.
At "St. Peter's the cab driver confessed that it took 50 years to'com-
plctc that structure. Thc American
did not think that that���was such a
great feat, for he -was certain that
such- a -buildingi .could be built in
America in two years. . Other large
churches, like St; John Lateran, the
visitor sartf, could bc built in a year
or even six months. ''v
Finally, they were passing the new
massive buildings- occupying several
city blocks containing the Italian
law courts. , ' "\
"What's that?" inquired'thc Ameri-
"I don't know," retorted the driver.
"It wasn't there last night."
A Celestial Racer.
Thc fastest"" star travels through
space at a speed of about three hundred miles" per second. This celestial
racer is invisible fo the naked'eye,
but has a number of other means of,
identification for the convenience of
astronomers. -    '    ���
Michigan now "ranks fourth among
thc States in the production of paper.
More than $150,000,000 is invested in
the industry in that State and the
paper mills employ more than 11,000
men and women .whose, wages total
in cxcesjVof $18,000,000 a year.
He.���"What did your father'say
when you told him that my love for
you is like a gushing brook?"
She.���"Hc said,'dam it!"'
It is always sale -to send a  Dominion Express Money Order,  five dollars .costs thre��
g   jfm^   \
i  4rrnk   1
and How to Feed
Mailed    Free    to    ��ar
Address  fcjr   th*
* iwf *y
CO.. vsc.
Amities s Pioneer
118    West    Slst-street,
Doc RetneditK
New York. U.S.A. -
Only "Bayer" is Genuine^
Warning! Take no chances with
substitutes for genuine "Bayer Tab-
Ietes of Aspirin. .Unless you see the
name "Bayer" on package or on tablets you are not getting Aspirin at all.
In every Bayer package are directions
for Colds, Headache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache, Lumbago and for Pain. Handy tin boxes
of twelve tablets cost few cents.
Druggists also sell larger packages.
Made in Canada. Aspirin is the
trade mark (registered in Canada), of
Bayer Manufacture' of Monoaceric-
acidester cf Salicylicacid.
W.   N.   U.   1373
Removed by Lydia E. Pink-
BiamWegetable Compound.
Meaford, Ont. ���"I took Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound vfor
backache, and I also
had a female weakness. I felt dizzy
and nervous, and
was without energy.
I had to force myself
to do my work, and
was always tired.
Saw a Pinkham advertisement which
induced me to take
the Vegetable Compound, and my back
 gradually stopped
aching and I felt lighter in spirits. I
am recommending the Vegetable Compound with pleasure to all I meet who
complain as I did."���Mildred Brook,
Meaford, Ont.
Woman's Precious Gift
The one which she should most zealously guard is her health, but she often
neglects to do so in season until some
allment"peculiar to her sex has fastened
itself upon her. When so affected
women may rely upon Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, a remedy
that has been wonderfully successful in
restoring health to suffering women.
If you have the slightest doubt that
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will help you; write to Lydia" E.
Pmkham -Medicine Co. (confidential),
Lynn, Mass., for advice. Your letter
will be opened, read and answered by ��
Hronian, and held in strict confidence
He, Changed the Place.
A Chicago banker was dictating a
letter. "Tell Mr. Williams," he said,
"that I will meet him in Schenectady,"
"How do you spell Schenectady?"
asked the stenographer.
"S-c, S-c���cr���er���er      Oh, tell
him I'll meet him in Albany."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Act On the
'   Blood and Nerves.
Food is, as important, to thc sick
person as medicine, more so in many
cases: A badly "chosen diet may retard recovery. In health the natural
appetite is the best guide to follow;
in sickness the appetite is often
fickle and depraved. ,
Proper food and a" good tonic -\fill
keep most people in good health. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills arc a fine tonic
medicine, harmless and certain in
their action, which is_to build up the
blood and -restore vitality to the rundown, system. For growing girls
who' are thin and pale, for pale, tired
women,,and for old people who fail
'in strength, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
are an ideal tonic. -Thousands have
testified to the benefit derived from
the use of this medicine, among them
is Mrs. William Gallic, Hantsport,
N.S., who says: "Before I began the
use of Dr. ^Williams' 'Pink Pills I was
so weak and run down that I could
hardly do my own work. I often
suffered' 'from headaches - and -'was
very nervous. I then began the use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and I can
truthfully say I have founds them the
best medicine I have ever taken. You
may depend" upon it I will advise
other sufferers to take these pills."
You can get. Dr. 'Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer in medicine
or by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.^S0 froin The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Admiral Sims Has \
~    British Sympathy
Post  Says  He  Spoke
���    *     Exact T^uth.
The ��� Yorkshire Post, commenting
on thc Sims incident says: "There will
be general syinpathy'in this country
for Admiral Sims, that breezy sailor
and inveterate "friend "of "Great Britain,
who once more has goHnto hot water
in the United States for his plain
speaking about Anglo-American relations.,,- It would bc unfortunate if the
action taken regarding Admiral Sims
were construed into evidence of a
definite attitude on the part of the
United States Government towaras
the "Irish question.
Commenting on -the efi$e, Che London Morning Post says:
"Everybody in the United States
and everybody in this country knows
that Admiral Sims spoke the exact
truth." -    ;
She Landed Him,
Thc Countess of Rocksavagc, in
opening a sale of work at Folkestone,
said a j-oung man-was passing a stall
at a bazaar, obviously with no intention of buying anything. Thc stallholder aslted him to buy^ a cigarette
holder. "No, thank you, I don't
France Grateful To Canada
Special .Mission   Bringing   Gift   As
Appreciation For Aid In War..
The new French liner Paris, Bailing for New York, on her maiden
voyage, will take a special mission,
headed by Marshal Fayolle, elected
by - the Exanco-American Society,
which is coming to Canada to thank
tliSs country for her aidv to France
during thc war.
The mission will open a Franco-
Canadian exposition, train at Montreal. It is bringing for presentation
to the Canadian Government, a bust
by Rodin, symbolizing France after
her.victory, bearing the French inscription: "To Canada, who has poured out tfie blood of her sons for thc
liberty^ of thc-world; from grateful
Tailors of Future
To Use Camera
Tape Measure -Fitted to Customer
Will Be Photographed.
The tailor of thc future will take
his measurements for a suit of clothes
with the camera. A special tape
measure marked with big figures is
fitted from the neck to thc feet, and
three others around lhc back, waist
and hips. A photograph is then
taken of the customer from the front,
side and back. The tailor thus obtains a permanent record with all the
necessary measurements.
Method of Weed Control
Seeds  Should Be Allowed to Grow
^ * Before Ploughing.    .
The -Field Crops Branch of the
Provincial Department of Agriculture,
through the local weed inspectors, are
endeavoring to impress upon farmers
the importance of allowing weed
seeds now on'thc ground to grow before being turned under by the plough
when summerfallowing. The best
farmers either disc or cultivate about'
two weeks before starting to plough.
In this way not only are the^weeds
certain to be destroyed, but tlie soil is
opened up to admit the May "and June
How To Pack Eggs
Saskatchewan Markets Branch Issues^
Instructive Poster.
Graphically illustrating the manner
in which large quantities of- eggs are
annually lost as the result of careless packing, a poster has becn issued
by thc Co-operation" and Markets
Branch of the Saskatchewan department of-agriculture.
-"Are these your eggs?" is the title
of thc bulletin poster which has-been
distributed to the banks t6 be hung
in a conspicuous place at country
points. One of the pictures shows
the arrival of badly packed eggs at
a railway depot with the legend appended: "One shipment of eggs just
reported contained 290 do^cn cracked
and broken eggs in SO cases." Below
are shown pictures of eggs packed
in such - manner that loss, is, almost
Unbearable in Zurich
University Students  Obliged  to  do
Work for Private Households.
Not only do Zurich University professors find difficulty in making hoth
ends meet, but university"xstudents are
oblige'd to do charwomen's work for
private���households,��� help-in -restaurants or playjn bands in cafes. Some
of them cannot afford to pay for lodging and consequently sleep .in furniture vans or disused railway trucks.
Some have to exist on $14 a month or
less. It nowTippcars that the women
who look after the public lavatories
in Zurich arc paid at the same rate as
the university professors. The lavatory attendants have this advantage
over thc professors that they receive
tips in addition. In fact, the struggle
for existence among the professional
classes is becoming almost unbearable
on the'eontiuent of Europe.        ^
World Happenings
Briefly Told
A new.wing to St. Joseph's Hospital, Sudbury, will be -built, costing
about $4,000.   i
Colonel Robert Olds, European
commissioner of the Red Cross, has
announced his resignation.
One man was killed and his brother
badly injured at the Mclntyre Mine,
Timmons, ,when they hit an old
dynamite charge while drilling.
" Immigrants held in Neiy York and
Boston for several days under the
immigration restriction law, have
been ordered released.
At the age of 107, Henry Jones,
Cumberland county's oldest citizen,
and possibly the oldest Nova Scotian,
died at Brookdale, N.S.
Donald Maclean, barrister, of Saskatoon, has becn appointed a judge of
the court of king's beach for Saskatchewan, it is officially announced.
The southward migration of thc
Mennonitcs to the United States will
not take place until cbe fall, according to railway'officials
Fifteen job printers employed by
the Herald Press, Montreal, went on
strike when given work*to~do which
came from a Toronto shop, where thc
men were on strike.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dill, who have
"just stepped over" from Halifax, are
thesecond pair of trans-Canada hikers
to finish the Halifax to Vancouver
journey on foot.
Two aerial police will be added to
the Chicago force to Regulate aerial
traffic, 'assist in hunting bank, and
auto bandits, and patrol theV-lake
front for persons and vessels' in distress.
At a military^ track meet in San
Francisco, twin, brothers who look
and run alike, so confused the judges
that they gave them first and second
place alternately in the" six events
they won.
Six firemen were killed and ten
others injured when a fire truck crashed into the tender of the Barnegat
Express at the Market Street crossing of the Central ^Railroad o'f New
Enquirers havc been referred to the
Board of Trade by the department of
niarinc at Victoria from J. M. Caine,
of Edmonton, who asks about facilities at Prince Rupert for the loading
of deep sea steamers with lumber. -
A Chicago Y.W.C.A. discovered a
15-year-ofd girl member living only
nine blocks from the heart of the
city, who has never seen a railroad
train, and has ridded on a street car
but once. " ' ,
Make Shaving a Pleasure
With Cuticura Talcum
After shaving with Cuticura Soap the
Cuticura war. Cuticura Talcum is an indispensable adjunct. -�� Antiseptic and prophylactic, it ia soothing and refreshing to
the most tender skin.
S*t>2Sc. OtatMHt2Saif39c TskuiZSc. Sold
throughout theDomlnion. Canadian Depot:
Lyany. Umltti, M4 St Fail St.. W.. Maetnal.
���flVCuticuia Soap sImtm witkaot mat.
Blind Men at Work
Dread of Asthma makes countless
thousands miserable." Night after
night the attacks return and yeven
when brief respite is given, the mind
is still in torment from continual anticipation. Dr. J. D." Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy changes all this. Relief comes, and at once, while future
attacks are warded oft, leaving the
afflicted one in a state,of peace and
happiness 5te once believed he could
never enjoy. Inexpensive and sold
almost, everywhere.
England has reduced her war debt
to Canada by one hundred million dollars during the last year. '
-2 _. ,- .j
O.   McPlierson,
Furniture i)ealer, Undertaker,
Armstrong, B. C,
Minards Liniment Co., 'Ltd.,
Yarmouth, N. S.
Dear Sirs.���Since the start ol the Baseball
season ?.*�� hare-been Hindered-with-sore muscles, sprained ankles, etc., but just as soon as
we    started    using    Minard's  Liniment  our
troubles ended.     Every baseball player should
keep a bottle of your linimeat_handy.   n    ,
Yours  truly, ~* . '
w. e. Mcpherson-,
Secretary Armstrong High  School,
Baseball Teara.
Health of Animals
No need to suffer with corns, or to
run the risk of Paring them. Remove them surely and painlessly with
llolloway's Corn Remover.
Pleads For Unity
Duke of Devonshire Speaks on Unity
oi the Empire.
.    In a farevfell speech at Hamilton,
"Then will you buy this pen-wiper;   Qnt f    Hjs    ExceliencVf the Du^ of
I made it mysch      . . Devonshire,   Governor-General,  after
I never use them/ he answered. | expressiug his regrct at }eaving Can-
Ihen   do   have   tins   nice  box   of j ada; dcctared thai hc could tike back
"I don't cat sweets." s
Thc lady was not beaten.      "Sir,"
shc  said firmly,  "will  you  buy  this
cake of soap?'*
He bought it.
-Moose Visits Port Arthur. *
A bull moose came into Port Arthur, from the wolds and near one of
the main streets became entangled ia
a wire fence where, before being released after an hour's effort by police
and others, hc was an object of interest to many- citizens. On getting
free the animal scampered over the
hills and disappeared.
Our   slogan   for   the coming year
should be, "Say at Koine."     Add Jo
yoiir own and your neighbor's prosperity by keeping the money circnlat-
i ing in oar own district.
with him to the throne and the person
of His Majesty many expressions of
loyalty from Canada.
"Never in thc history of thethrone
did it rest on,a firmer or "more secure
basis than today," he said. "That
throne represents British institutions.
Wc understand now how great was
the menace and how serious" the attack made upon us by the enemy; but
we were united and victorious." - ~
He pleaded for the same unity and
co-operation in the peace to come.
No War Time Binli.
"When I order poultry from you
again," said the man who quarrels
with his tradesman, "I do not want
yoa to send me any  more  of   those
airplane chickens.���
"What kind do you mean?"
"The sort that are all wings and
machinery aad no meat!"
Provincial Veterinarian Says Condition of Stock Improving.
Dr. M. _ [P. McCIellan, provincial
veterinarian for Saskatchewan, states
that one of the best ways of judging
how cattle came through the winter
is by observing the condition of animals at thc spring sales. By this
test, their condition is incomparably
better than a year ago. At the present time the general health of animals
was never better." "The steadily increasing demand," says Dr. McCIellan, "for blackleg filtrate and vaccine,
which is handled by the livestock
branch for the convenience of veterinarians and stockmen, amply testifies
to the intelligent attitude adopted by
the stockmen of the province toward
preventive animal medicine."
Report of St. Dunstan's Shows Sol-
���^ diers and Sailors Busy.
Blind sailors and soldiers ready and
willing to do thcir share in building
the new world are to be kept busy.
Sir Arthur Pearson states, in the
sixth annual report of St. Dunstan's
Hostel, that increasing schemes are
in formation to create activities ' for
blind sailors and soldiers. "We are
still hard at it with the aftermath
of the war," writes Sir Arthur. There
are now 1,772 names on the books~|pf
St. Dunstan's, and more than 1,200
men arc already "at work.
An Oil that is Famous.���Though'
Canada was not the birthplace of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric" Oil, it is the homc
of that famous compound. From
here its good name was spread lo
Central and South America, the West
Indies, Australia and New Zealand.
That is far afield ^enough to attest its
excellence, for In' all these countries
it is on sale and in demand.
Famine is Expected
People of Caucasus Region Dancing
On Edge of a Volcano.
Although gay night life prevails in
nearly all the cities of the Caucasus
region the people are said in advices
received at Constantinople to be litci-
ally dancing on the- edge of  a vol- ���
cano. /' Famine is expected.soon, and
under the surface there is a deadly^.
fear of a reign of terror.     Theatres,
concerts, lectures, dancing parlors and ,
other places of amusement are wide
open everywhere, but bread is costing
5,000 rubles per pound, while 12,000
rubles   it   required   to   purchase   a ,
pound of sugar,    M. Pankrakov, who
was installed as commissary at Baku
by the Bolshevik and who is alleged
to have been responsible for a veritable reign of. terror there, has becn
transferred to Batum.
New Winter Fair Building.
At a joint meeting of the Brandon
winter fair board, the livestock breeders^ association and the city council,
plans were'discussed for the proposed
new Winter Fair Building,-' to take the
place of the one destroyed by fire.
The building will probably be of fireproof construction and cost approximately $125,000.    ���
Moving Slowly.
Washington is moving for a repeas
of the utterly illogical and irritating
$8 head tax on Canadians- native Can-
adians,~who "want-t~o "c6nTe_dver���ouF
border on business or pleasure. Some
immigration laws jjet pretty close to
the climax of legislative absurdity.���
Brooklyn Eagle. '
Not For Hiin.
"Here, boy," said the man to the
boy who was helping him drive a
bunch of cattle, "hold this bull a minute, will you?"
"No," answered the boy, "I don't
mind, beift' a director in this company, but I'm darned if I want tq be
a stockholder."���Cartoons Magazine.
Clerk.���Do you want a room for SQ
or 75 cents?
Stranger.���What's the difference between them
Clerk.���In the 75-ceat rooms we yut
& rat-trap.
Nature has equipped % man for $&?-
piness, but he gets strenuous cica-
sionally and slips a cog.   .
Ask f ot Minard's and ftfeg ��$ 8&5f
' ir
- * .
Pains About
the Heart
A NX ddirangement of tha
heart's action is alanxiinsr.
Frequently pains about the
heart are caused-by the formation of gas arising from indigestion.
Belief from this condition is
obtained by the use of Dr.
Chase's Kidnsy-Liver Pills.
^Chronic  indigestion  results
'from sluggish Ht��t action, constipation of the bowels  and
inactive kidneys. '    ' -
B*c*oo* Pr. CtuuMi'c Kidney-Liver
Jp-UJtf arees^ &&�� 9*s&ac ��o *etlvtty
$fctf *����e�� testis* ����3��t !��r isdta*-
jUoa. im$-ff&fttx��$ &$ 2��ay Ranoy-
��� x
-Is $2.50 a year strictly,in advance, or $3
when not paidfor three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance,
t��� ~ ~ ���
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices...;..". $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
EBtray Notices ....3.00
Cards of Thanks .'..; ,    r.oo
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where] more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a Hue for
each subsequent insertion," nonpariel
Transcieut display "advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a line-each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, aud
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
City Council
The City Council held a'lengthy
meeting 011 Monday night at which
much important business was transacted. Mayor Gulley presided
and Aldermen Taylor, Mowat,
Kerr aud <King were present.
The government is to find a solution of the financial difficulties
confronting the municipalities, according to a letter read to the City
Council, in which the Hon. John
Hart, minister of finance, stated
that the promises made by Premier
Oliver and himself in the past, that
the financial position of the B. C.
municipalities would be fully investigated, would be carried-, out.
To aid the government in securing
the necessary information a ques-
tionaire was enclosed which it wap
requested should be filled up and
^returned not later than June 30th,
showing the financial position of
the city. The document is a very
lengthy one, the questions asked
going back to 1911, but the city
clerk stated that an effort would be
made to [complete the return by
June 30.
The firm of McDiarmid and Shoe-
bottom, of Vancouver, legal representatives for the city, reported
that the letiou brought by the
holders of overdue debentures had
been deferred until September.
The Provincial Secretary's Department suggested that all the details of the recent action by the
city against the Canadian Mortgage Investment Co., be forwarded
to Victoria.  .
The question of Secondary Highways was np for discussion and it
was decided totnake application to
the Public Works Department for
Greenwood St. to be classified as a
secondary highway.
The Streets Committee" reported
damage to the foundation of the
; skating rink caused by high water
this spring and a committee was
appointed to make recommendations iii "connection" ""with.. 7this
. The Clerk was instructed to obtain particulars from Victoria of
the necessary procedure for obtaining Government assistance for the
hospital. -. ,   ' '--.
Cattle owners reported having
made tho necessary daytime arrangements for keeping the cattle
of the City streets, and the clerk
was instructed to notify them that
their stock must not. be. at large
during the night.
Next meeting of Council July
4th."-'  -       '       :Xr:r'X"-r- '-';>
Fatal Accident at Midway
In a logging accident at ,Teil
McA.rthur|s sawmill near Midway
Ben Sweezy was fatally injured by
having a log roll on him, last Wed:
nesday afternoon. Mr.., Sweezy
was trying to turn : a log over .on .'a
Bkidway when the accident occurred
,the piie of logs giving' way and deceased being carried under " '
" . The late Mr. Sweezp; was born at
Pembroke, Ont., and was/in his
45th year. He came to Grand
Forks 25 years ago7 and was -well
known and respected throughout
the district. ' He leaves a wife and
" 2 little daughters, residing in Grand
Forks. Mrs. ChaeVKirk" of Grand
Forks, ��nd 3fr��. R. J'. Wellington,
' of Fallis, Aita..   are   sisters,   and
-James Sweezy of   Midway,   Ernest;
Sweezy, of Penneyjvania. are bib?
fchers. ���':.""'������.-
The    remains   were    taken   to j
Grand   Forks   where   interament
took place 00 Sandfly.
e Home Circle
When you-hear this question asked by a man or woman,
with lips curved downward and voice attuned to discontent, you may set that person down as supremely selfish.
He or she asks practically,, "Is life worth living for me?"
Worth living? .Of course it is, so long as there is one
single other soul in the. world, If the querist were the
last of his race, then indeed the answer might well be
"no;" but while there is another human being for whom
we can do a favor, or whose interests we may -advance,
life is indeed worth living.
Friend, when you find yoorself depressed and inclined to
think that life holds nothing for you, look around you (not
very>far away), and do the very first favor for another
that comes to your hand. It may be a very small one, but
do it; and keep on, day by day, hour by hour and minute
by minute, working for others, for truly' this along makes
life worth livinor.
7 o
There is no good reason why a man should needlessly
put his own wife to the trouble of wiping up the tracks,
when he takes great pains to clean his feet before crossing
his neighbor's threshold; neither is it consistent that women should be too severe on the husband and son for a
little carelessness, when callers are assured, with the most
gracious of smiles, "that it isn't ofJ the slightest conse-
An All-Star Assembly
Seldom are picture patrons given
the opportunity to enjoy the screen
appearances of so many favorite
players at - one time as will be
afforded in the great photoplay of
Stewart Edward White's powerful
novel, "The Westerners," to be
seen at the Greenwood Theatre, on
Saturday, June 25. In the cast
are Roy Stewart, Wilfrid Lucas,
Robert McKim, Mildred Manning,
Graham Pefctie, Mary Jane Irving,
Frankie Lee and others of almost
equal prestage..
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
More Assistance to Settlers
Victoria, June 22.���Following
the visit of Hon. E. D. Barrow,
minister of agriculture,- to Central
British Columbia, comes the announcement that- fuller assistance
for settlers will he-provided by the
provincial government. The minister is working out a plan whereby
it is hoped to furnish settlers with
improved machinery and ' 'progress
loans," in cases where sufficient
progress has been made to warrant
the expenditure. The fullest encouragement is to be given to the
formation of "cattle clubs"
throuroughout the province. Government creameries will be established at points where the settlers
have sufficient cows to support
such an establishment.
Music Hath Charms
Two women were married to
musicians. The one," a bride, of a
year j was pushing.. a baby carriage
in which were three fine babies���
triplets,' all girls. .The other
woman had been in the bonds of
matrimon3' a couple oLweeks.* . _���
,. "What beautiful children!", exclaimed, the.newly married one. '
.: <fYes,"'.. replied theV.- proud
mother; Viet me teli you.. the fun-
niest coiiicidenceV At1 our.wedding
supper the boys who., played ...with
my husband in the^orchestra.serenaded him arid they, played. 'Three
Little Maids'; .from 'The- Mikado.'
Isn't, that.funny..?'.'. V
V At this the. other bride turned
pale.; '.'Mercy!"-she gasped. "At
our,wedding supper; Tom's friends
serenaded him; too, and they rendered 'The Sextet' from .'Lucia'.'?
Mlnlmun;*prlc�� of flrst-class tend
reduced to ?5 an acre; second-claai to
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.     "
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
tnd which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than'four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but eaoh making
��� necessary Improvements on respective
claims. '���*-..      m
. Pre-empton must oocupy claims for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of J10 per acre,- including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he "may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate oertiflcate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
- Records without permanent rest-
dence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
MOO per annum and records same each
year. Failure to maKe improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
'���/8.Ahr7P -*- >"��W���� and improvements
or I10.00 per acr*. Including 5 acres
cleared and "ouitlvated, and residence
of at least 2 years ar�� required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
r**m> without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. A
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 2Q
acres, may .be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling resi-
d*2��al and improvement conditions.
For grajsing and industrial purposes
?rea*. �����s��s<ling- 640 acres may-be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites "on
timber land not .exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding Jialf of purchase
prioe, is made. r' ���,
-v ACT,
1 Xh2 Bccy?* of thI* *���<!*��� lM enlarged to
include1 all persons joining and serving with His Majesty's-Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devlf&ea
��L&4..,*0*a*Sd Pre-'emptor may apply
.Jo?_titl*_under..th^-Aet 1* ��t��mded
from (or one year from the death of
--����,?�����*?S!?' M sporty, until one
rear after the oonolimlon of the present
trowjttv       ��*Ml*** ** �����*���� midrre-
rt,����i?*l!.^},ntt0 WSrwnptions are.
z��i*?r P***"; >X Wtelers on    preemption* recorded after June 26, 1��I8
Wastes are remitted for five yeaVs
-   rSvlflon toI return of moneys ac-
: fiUk^S "-n<a bo? W* e!nc�� August
��, l��M,. on account of payments, feei
�� taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
�����Sr!��!,iiS?.*F^,9fn^' t0 Purchase
V^E^U^ l0& i*��M $y members of
AJIied *wc*��. or dependents, acquired
direot ��r Indirect, remitted from enlistment to Marsh ��, im. #
*U*-PUR0HA|^��P *ROWN  f
XJSZ?*!?* ,*��*����� fc* Iwuance of
uwwn franU to aub-purohasers of
._- Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchaser, who ����?* to,Sn&Eu
purchase. Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of eoadiuonj of ��u��sW, fi.
teresl aad tuea. m*re Ittb-purohS-
ere do not oUlm wtoTo of orlgfnal par-
miia fcf
erasing Act, 1*19l for s��t��maUo
development of Uv����toclt IndusUTPro-
. video for grasicg districts and range
admlniatratton under Commissioner.
Annual graslng permits Issued based
on aumbers ranged! priority for estab*
iished own��rs, , fcfock-owneri may
form Associations for-range management free, or.partially fr^ permits
for settler*, campers er taawtUen, 119
vf50 to $5,000
. V7-VV:ayear;;-for;"lifev ������/
+ ���
.; '���^No better.life.iavoteentavaaaMe;
7 ���No better security obtaia��i��fc...     .... """
���Cannot, be-seized or levied upeo For' any cuosc
-   -^Will be replaced, if lost, stoltti ar dattroyeel
:���^Not affected by trade depreaasai
..--!.- ,-r-Free from Dominion lacasse Tas   ..
',-' -r~Mo stedlcal- examinatioa. required -
Anytsne ��ver the age of S years resident ��r Asmklted in Smtmbt
may purchase. ���"
_'-'��� Any two peraonas may purchase joiatly.
.:: Employers may purchase, for fecir eaapfaycea   ��cfeool h&tti* f��f
their teachers^-corigregatioas for thsif ministers.
.    Ap&y to your prwtmsrtcr; or wnts, pewtage free, to S- T. Bestot^o, Scpss-
' rpteodent-ef Anrraitiss. Ottavs, fije- ��ev boekitst ��ad o��Ser iafocastica dgsind.
State ����� ead age Ust birtMny.
To Put Out YOUR Fires in 1920
e Sure Your Fire
Is Out
Auto Stage twice daily  to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatcheo and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1.50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free.    Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayine.        -        Auto's for hire Day or Night.
We carry Tires, Oils, Greases. Hay.and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
Nicely iurnisbed rooms, by the
day, week or month        ' .
P. Nilson
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building aud finely furnished rooms
JOHN BL0MBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers Cadillac cars, ' Garage *, in
4? ���$��� 4* * * 4* 4? 4* ���** 4��'+ 4* ��f
* ������ 1 I *
trlutti t
�����������.������>****** 11"feft��.����������*����t4����f ������#��#��**��
JJ LOAT is not a periodic-
"��� al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations ail
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the Bash days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah waa
dead; bow a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
esrly days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
6f the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 50 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
The Ledge *
��|��~    GREENWOOD, B. O     <|��
FR0HT ST.,     NELSOS,    BOX 865
Physician and Surgeon ~
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
E. W.^WIDDOWSOJS, Assayer aiid
Chemist, Box B1108', Nelson, B. C.
Charges:~Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each-. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges, for other metals, etc.", on ap-'
plication. " " ��-,   ���, t
All   the   latest  methods   iu   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets,   r
VANCOUVER.' <.- '-   B.C.
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block    .    -
~ Dealer~hf Second-hand "Furniture"
���    and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle,  Etc.
When jou puy of your home
merchants you are helping the
town and thereby sharing in the
profits of your own purchase.
Tie Consolidated lining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices,' Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    ot    Gold','   Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,-Pijf-Lead   and Zinc
"TADANAC" BRAND   ��� ���.. '���'.-���-     '   -
- fl
I Ore Rumc Rotcl i
X llelsotit BX* +
The only up"to��iate Hotel in the interior,
in every "respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in'
each room.      ���" ]���"
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop " "'
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan..
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
*+ + + + + + +++ + +$ + ++_ +++ + + + + ++X
���Economy and Satisfaction =|
combined with Promptness I
are the features which go to .g
make up the Service we give 3
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? 1
Letterheads. Noteheads,       3
(Ruled or Plain)   % ~ . - -   ~._     ^3
Envelopes, Billheads,
(AH Sizes) _,	
g Statements, Business C ards, Is
|...      Po,.^ Dod^E^.. Etc! J
| The Ledge      PHONE 29     1
'���^lH^I��^fcC> Ifclt^lj
g(   .GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department    g
3    V\
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valaed 88 follows:. Placer Gold, $75,722,603; Lode
Gold, 8100,272,431; Silver, $50,432,304; Lead $43,821,106; Copper, 8153,680,965?      '
Other  Mefeals  (Zinc,  Iron,  etc.), $10,818,487;  CoaLand Coke,   $199,123,323;
Building Stone,  Brick.  Cement, etc.,  $29,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc.,   '  -
$785,918; making its Mineral Production to the end qf 1919 show an     ".-
.   ��� Aggregate Value of $670,649,894 :        "_ -
Production for Year Ending December, 1919, $33,296,313
The Mining Laws ol this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than thoBe of any other Province m the Dominion, or any colony in tho British
Empire.       ., " " . '
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are   obtained   by developing such properties, the security
of which ia guaranteed by Crown Grants.     ���
Foil information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia,


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