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The Kootenay Mail Feb 2, 1895

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���//''���     - -'        ,.r'V
.     "<   jyy.'i      1 f, lit      .*���* -     '
.: -..-   Ot?:^   tit .��-: -
l2.    4
-OR MEN���
Kiiii'-t Ci.-hmcrc Sucks
Extra hftivy woo) do	
Bc-t quality   Shetland   wool
Underwear, per euit	
Finest uat. wool   "       	
Unices, per pair, 30c. and 40c.
o co
0 JO
i S3
i 00
The English Trading Co.
II��\y wool '."ticler-V-irls.  ,   ..  1 tO
Kxtrah'vy(.'a^liuicrcStoul'iJiia* 0 7*
Ileaij J,a.l_ wool l*u<lerve->"..-a.. 0 75
T.un o'Sliantcri-, .jflc. aitd 75c J
Lined Kid Gloves, fur cuffs... I "����
Unlinod do., 75o. aud ��1.00.
The English Trading Co.
Vol. 1.���No. 43.
$2.00 a Year:
jas. McMillan & co., pmF'Kffes���. Minneapolis, minn.
,   INCORPORATED.     ' ' ���
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices.' ���       Fair selection';, immediate returns.
Make us a Trial Shipment.
At ^Reasonable Prices.
Lots Gaiub8 Bough't upon Exceptionally Liberal Building Conditions.
For further information, terms, maps, etc., apply to
Agent for C.P.R. hinds
it Revelstoke.
"'      ,       ,       BATES 5 PER, .CENT.
T$2?  ���
Analytical Chemist and Assayer,"
 ^^^  $
)     c
Aeeurate assays made of all kinds of .minerals, water, milk, etc.
Kootenay Lodge
No. 1^A.F.&A.M.
arc held in the Mus-
^s=.ir.\ll,��oiil the   third
*-**-= Monday   in    each
' month   at   S   p.  in.'
Visitiiiff   brethren
cordially welcomed.
K. Cn.VGE. Seckctaky.
a. McNeil,
Front Street, llevelstoke.
Ucmil.ir mectines are hold
in Oddfellows' Hall every
Thursday night at cij^lit
o'clock. jVi.si(,injf brothers
cordially welcomed. '
, W.'j'. LEE, X.G.   '  J. I. WOOimOW. Sec.
..Repairing Neatly fit Promptly Executed.
Doors,.Sashes & Blinds.
General Blacksmith.
-=-       llEVELHTOKE, B.C.
Repairs to Wagons, &c.
Shooing a Spociiill-y.
Haircut, 25c;  Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
Tickets for $1.00.
,.,    ' .BUILDER.    ��
Will figure on all kinds of
Buildings ; all kinds of House,
lStore^hltd"-Offi.ce Furniture repaired or made to order; all
kinds of Shopxvork in my i line
neatly and promptly executed by
skilled aud experienced hand.
Norwegian1 Snowshoes,
Toboggans & Sleighs.
Manufacturer of all kinds of
Old Furniture Renewed
In First-class Style.
E. PICARD, Revelstoke, B.C.
'Wait for (.ho notice, icgarding the now
.(Circulating,Library, at ��� '.".,     ,.
All Eastern Points.
��� Through KirHtCla'<.srilec]>inf: Oars awl Tourist
flloopinff Cars; |o rit. Paul, Monlrcaiand Toronto
without change.
Atlantic r'xpri-ss arrives   '.1:15 dailv.
J'uclHe " "        ir.:i>   "
Knr full
apply lo
informal Ion as to rale*, time, etc.,
I.  T.   Hrcwslcr,
Agent, Kev��T-lstoke.
GIsO. Mob. IinOWN,
Jtkli'h't. Passiiiijji'r Atcent.
Revelstoke, Station.
First-class Material kept in stock and
First-class Workmen employed.
"All placer claims in this District
legally held mav he laid over from the
15th October, ISO I, to the 1st June, 1895.
N. PITZSTUBBS, .   ' '
��� ��� Gold Commissioner. ���
Dated 'at Nelson,- B.C.,,
4th October, 18tM.
Annie Rooney's Dog.
Annie had a little dog, his hair was white as
fcnow, ,   '
Ho ran away' one Rummer's day where dogs
r should never go.   ,
Then Annie sat her down and wept, the tears
streamed from her eyes.
She never found that little do��.    She didn't
.,      '       advertise.
' i
Now Annie hod a brother Tim, who kept a
country store.
Ho eat him down and smoked his pipe and
watched the open door.
And as tho people' paired alonK tlioy did not
'       stop to buy,
Tim still sat down aud smoked his pipe and
blinked his sleepy eye.
And so the sheriff closed him out, but still ho
lingered near, u >    ,
And Annie came to drop with him a syinpa-
1  , thetie tear.
" How is it sister dear," said he, " the other merchants here,
"Sell all their 'goods and pay their bills' and'
thrive from year to year}"
Remembering well her own bad luck, tho little
maid replies":
" The other merchants get there, Tim, because
they advertise."���Ex.
A Wonderful Invention.
revelstoke division, district
,:   of west .kootenay:  .
accordance with the Statutes,
that Provincial Revenue Tax andall
tuxes levied under the "Assessment Act"
are now due for the year 1S95. All of
the above-named taxes,, collectible
within the Revelstoke Division of the
District of West Kootenay, are now
payable ac"my office. ,
Assessed Taxes are collectible at the
following rates, viz:��� ;
If paid on or before June 30th, 1805��� "-
One-half of one per cent.' on  real
property". ��� ,,.;"''���
Two per cent, on the assessed value
of wild land.   .- ?        '"-  "'
One^third of one per cent, on personal
property. - \        <'
One-half of one per cent, on income.
If paid after June 80th,' 1805-^   '- , , ~
Two-thirds of one - per cent, on^real
Two and  one-half per cent, on the
assessed value of wild land.
One-half of one per cent, on personal
property. "
Three-fourths of one per cent, on income.
Provincial revenue tax, $3 for eveiy
male person over IS years.
Acting Assessor and Collector.
���Revelstoke, January 15th, 1805.
J_M application will be made ,to the
Parliament of Canada, at the next session thereof, for an Act to-incorporate
a Company for the purpose of constructing, equipping, maintaining and
operating a line of railway to run from
a point at or near the miiies known as
the "Trail Creek mines," in the District-
of Kootenay, in the Province of British
Columbia, to some .point as near as
procticahle. to the junction of Trail
Creek and the Columbia River, iii the
said District of Kootenay, with oower
to construct, equip, maintain and operate branch lines ; and also to construct
and operate telegraph and telephone
lines in connection with the said railway, together with the usual powers to
acquire lands, privileges, bonuses, or
aids from the Dominion or Provincial
Governments, and to make traffic and
other arrangements with railway,
steamboat and other companies, and
for nil other usual and necessary
powers, rights and privileges.
Dated at Vancouver, this 11th day of
January, A.D. 1S05.
Solicitors for Applicants.   ���
A most inteiesting experiment took
place simultaneously in London and
Paris recently. It was the long-expected test of Gray's telautograph over
the telephone Jline, 312i miles long,
connecting'those two cities: ' It was
agreed by cill present that the test was
entirely successful, and that'it was a
wonderful .spectacle to watch the instantaneous reproduction of the movements of a pen in the hands of a' man
writing 312J miles away. Twenty-three
miles is submarine cable and 5i miles
consists of buried conductors in, Paris,
while all the English line, is overhead.
Some delay at the outset was caus-ed
by a'broken wire at the Pat-is end, but
after this was remedied the telautograph representatives wrote back and
forth for an hour and a half without
any trouble. The actual counted speed
of transmission was 18 words inr 36
seconds at one time, and 22 words in
40 seconds in 'another, the average
number of letters in a word being five.
The writing ,,was perfectly legible, hut-
somewhat ragged at very high speed.
Current, was supplied, at the London'
end, by a battery of bichromate cells,
two rows in parallel, the voltage being
57, while at Paris there were storage
batteries and a Calland cell, the latter
being arranged four rows in parallel,
the .potential being. 03 volts. The invention is a wonderful stride iu the
sdience of' transmitting over loug or
short distances." -------   -, .
Four New Millionaires in Canada.
J. D. Luttrell, of Spokane, Wash.,
has received the welcome news that he
is one of the four heirs to an estate in
Ireland valued at $S,000,000. The information reached him through a letter
from his brother, Alex. Luttrell, of
Kincardine, Out., and was accompanied
by indisputable proof that he was a
millionaire in reality. The estate,
which consists'of $5,000,000 in cash and
$3,000,000 in real estate, was, left by J.
Luttrell, of Ireland, who died some
years ago, a.widower without children.
His will left the entire estate to his
brother; David Luttrell, who came to
Canada half a century ago. Several
years were spent in tracing David
Luttrell's wheicabouts, and when he
was finally located iu Queen's county,
Out., it was found that he was'also
dead. He left a nwidow with three
children, the two sons above mentioned
arid a daughter, Mrs. Mary Dunlap, of
Goderich, Ont.,all of whom are.-alive.
The four ate the only heirs to the vast
estate. 'J. D. Luttrell is employed as a
oigarmaker. and plays in the Spokane
Auditorium orchestra.
[ADDliESSKD   TO   THE     EDITOIt.] '
The Editor cannot be responsible for the opinions
expressed by correspondent*,.
Cruelty to Animals.
Dkar Sir,���In your last issue there
appears an apology for a letter signed
"Crib." It is really worthy of some
attention, because, it is seldom one
conies in contact with' an individual
who has the cheek to inilictsuch a.
string of crass ignorance on a modest
aud unassuming public.
Were the Society for tho Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals to establish a
branch here, surely"Crib" would be
the first to come within tho bounds of
its jurisdiction., lam myself the owner
of the clog train which conveyed the
mail to the Big Bend, and I consider
myself perfectly well qualified to judge
of the amount my dogs can comfortably
carry. . ���       ,
The round trip'is about 170 miles and
we made it in 10 days, which is proof
positive that my team' was not overloaded, and if Mr.," Crib" will take the
trouble to inspect them he will- find
that'they are in'perfect condition. I
will not take any particular point in
this'letter for tho subject of my remarks, for the very simple reason that
it' is altogether, without point and
totally uncalled for. There is, however,
one sentence I should like an explanation of, and that is :���"To remonstrate,
with the driver was useless." The
person who conceals his lamentable
lack of common sense1 behind ' the'
noni-de-plunie of " Crib " certainly did
not attempt tx)," remonstrate with the
driver," and it Is just as well for him
that he did not, Or he might have been
confined, to his cognomen, for somo
time to tome.���Yours truly,
Revelstoke, Jan. -24, 1895. ���
town. Mr. Tapping says, "get the
C.P.R. to put in ,a culvert," but it is a
certainty thatrthe C.P.R. wiirnofrpiit
in a'culvert for the down town' n-ople.
They would have to do it them i 'Ives.
As to the cost of the undertaking Mr.
Tapping advocates a Oin. by Oin pipe
and a ridiculously small bulkhead, at
one end'only.' A 5ft. -Jin. by 5ft. -lin.
13ft. high would not supply Ballegard's
team with water, let alone putting out
a fire. ��� The. cftst of lumber, according
to'Mr. Tapping's plans, would amount,
to at least $300. What would be left
for nails drainage, bossing and labor?
Think it over a little bit longer, Mr.'
Tapping.���Yours truly,
TILBURY" No. 8a '
Revelstoke, Jan. 20, 1805.
,    Proponed Sailings from Montreal.     .
Xumidiax Nov.   'A
Parisian* Nov. 10
Mongolian* No v.' 17
TOKONTO Oct.   27
Vanoouvkk Nov.   3
Okiioon Nov. 10
Lake IIuison Oct.  ?l
'jAKbOxtakio Oct.   :il
Laki: Nr.riooN Nov.  7
Cabin ��15, $30. SIM, ��70. **0 and up�� urds.   i
(     Intermediate ��30: Ptec-ruge $20. '
Pa-~S"!)-.*ers ticketed thronf-h  lo all part-* of
Grenl Itriuiiu and Ireland, and at specially low
rato-- to all parts of the Km-opi-un continent.
Apply to nearest '���teanmhipor rail way aKont.t o
I. T. 333.EWSTEB, Agent, Rcvolstolto,
or to IloiiKUT ICi:i;k, Gen.  1'u.s.sciiKor AKt-nt
hnvo been of-
foctod by roy
i�������������������onuuaaagta     TrUSSCB, -With
perfect cnuo to wociror tbnn by all other
<I<Y ><-r��ir<iiiiliin<-d. Thuy rotftin larKcat
ftupturo ii rider nnvorosi strain. A ay��-
tein of nttinKftae been porfoctod tho
ln��t9.*i yearn, fully oaual tqporsonal
examination hr mull.   S7 putontH
134 King St-W./JTorouto.
How a Great Story was Written!
The history of any great and1 successful undertaking is always interesting, thciefore at the risk of being
accused of violating personal confidence
we tell our readers of the origin of a
famous sl-ory of the civil war. The
Chicago Ledger wanted a story which,
besides being'a love story of merit,
should vividly describe the thrilling
events of the battle of Gettysburg and
the. siege of Richmond. One author
after anoiher failed in the work., and
at last St. George Rathbiirne was approached on the subject. Hodom.-mdcd
a fabulous price, for the work, but it
was paid, and the story was written to
order. ' It is printed under the pen
name of " Hugh Allen,"and is declared
by critics, who have been shown the
advance sheets, to be the best story of
the war ever written. The first instalment of it appeared in No. 3, Vol. xxiii
of the Ledger, but, in order to reach all
classes of' the people, the publishers
will moil the opening chapters of the
story free of charge to all who fieud in
their names at once. Address the
ChU-ago Ledger, Chicago, Illinois.
A Rancher's Grievances.
' Sir,���I would like to draw attention'
to the fact' that while there' are hundreds of, acres of excellent ranching
land oh the opposite side of the river
from Revelstoke, it is of no earthlj* use
for farming purposes on account of the
absence of a foot-bridge across the
river. , I took up laud (here ten years
ago, and have stayed by it ever since,
hoping some daytosee a proper means
of access to it. When the-AP.R. Co.'
built the present bridge there was a
passage-way left' underneath for foot
and vehicular traffic, but two years
afterwards it was removed, and ever
since then I have been compelled to
cross on the,-, trestle-work, which, is
dangerous at the best of'times, but.
especially so on dark wintry nigbts
when the cross-pieces are covered with
snow and ice. About two months ago,
owing to loose, ties on this trestle, 1 fell
through to the ground���a distance of
So feet���and was seriously hurt. I have
not been able to do any work since. It
is a great hardship on a poor man like
myself, and I should think it was in
the power of the Government to order
the C.P.R. to provide a safer moans of
crossing than at present in use. Every
time I come to town I do so at risk
of life and limb, to say nothing of the
uncomfortableness of meeting or being
ovettiiken by a train on a trestle bridge
thien-quarters of n^milo long. The rich
land, which is now covered with raspberry bushes and rotting cedar logs,
���should bo dotted c with prosperous
farms, and no doubt would' be' if it
were made acccssihlo.froin the1 town.���
Yours truly, JOSEPH DOLAN.
Revelstoke, Jan 25th, 1805.'
Escaped From New Westminster.   ���
Sir,���I am  very much surprised to -
learn,   from   the  articles   and' tatters
which have appeared in the MaiX, (hut
anyone should think of sending away
for supplies, as the town contains within itself all the. necessaries of life and
more, tool   If one is hungry, shonid he
Need ham or bread, what's the nintter.
with Lunching' at the Chinese store? ,
If one  is thirsty have >werfriot Wells,'
besides a big Pool and two Marshes,'
to say nothing of an (Jf)oJditeh?' For
vegetables there are plenty oi Swedes,
and an Orange is not, lacking for dessert.     To   obtain  milk   we   have.  Edwards' cuimpled  Homo  Cow an   the'
'Field  up" the Glenn.    Should  we re--
quire'summer clothing   have,wo not
Cotton? 'On Sundays wo can go to the
Kirk up at the Touch's end, which could'
have been built' of Stone - and Granafc, '
and   listen   to   n. "Long   discourse   on
Noah,  David rthe  Harper,  and other'
ancient characters,  or  their descendants���Abraham's son. John's son aud
Peter's son.   While we canuot boast of
a circus we have a capital Arena.    Wa
have all suits and conditions of men,
from  the Noble  to the Cad man,' and
cannot lack relatives while wo have a
Kin(s)uian  left/.     We have a Barber,
several Smiths, and to > keep our books
more, than ono Clark.    If we wish  to'
build houses of stone there is no.need
to Pack',stone on horses, as we liave a
Carr'and Steeds  to draw it.     -With
several C6urs(i)ers, we should  have a
race track.     F,or rivers- oa_which..we
Wood row or float biir Hulls^ve'have'
tlie Columbia, and several,F.rasers.   If-
we ar"\I3urke(d) in  our  desire to ""go
West"  what is to prevent our going
North, ey ? ,,, We   have  some  natural
curiosities, such as a Living stone and
a Scott who is English."   Of colors we''
have quite, a selection in Brown, Dunu
and Green.    Only when the end comes
do wc.need to be carried to the station
to find "that Bourne ^whence no traveller ever returns," and where the last
services can be held in the Temple ou
the. hill.���Yours truly,
Revelstoke, Jan. 29th, 1S05.
Will Probably Suspend Pelagic Scaling.
Assistant Secretary Hamlin, who
made an investigation of the whole
sealing question during a visit to the
Pribyloll' Islands lust summer, has
about completed hisCroport, which, it
is understood, will show that the
greatest menace to the life of the,seal
is pelagic sealing. It is believed at
Washington that on the basis of this
report steps are about to be taken to
secure Great Britain's consent lo a
modification of the Paris award, having
for its object the total suspension for a
specified number of yearn of pelagic
sealing within the B/.'lwing sea.
Mr. Picard's Scheme.
Sir,���In your last issue Sir. Picard
replies to my letter. Now I shall begin
with Mr. Picard by saying that I have
forgotten more about hydraulic engineering than he has ever learned yet.
He might learn a little experience if
some person would risk $.'500 on his
scheme. By the tone of Mr. Picard's
letter it would seem that he has already
changed his mind with regard to getting water from the river, and now
seeks to repudiate that idea. He has
probably seen that his original sclienu:
would be like his perpetual motion
scheme���a complete failure. My plan
to supply the town with water is Nature's own.o As for my credit, I will
challenge Mr. Picard to balance his
books a nd let us compute. Perhaps lie is
right about the flood fever. ' ! lost considerably by tbeflood.aud would notcare
to Sfto the town deluged, even with Mr.
Picard's impossible puinpiiigappar.il us.
Please forgive me. Air. Editor, for thus
waiting your- valuable space.���Yours
truly, .MACARONI.
Rerolstoke, Jan. 2f)lh, 1S!).1
Tenders for two fire engines for, the
City of Toronto have been'opened and
referred'to a committee ,of experts for
report.     �� <��� '
, Richard Ardagh, chief of the Toronto
fire department, died from the effects
of injuiies received at the Globe fin*
on January Gth, when he was compelled
to jump forty feet to escape cremation.
The chief of the Winnipeg fire department estimates the losses by fire
in that city during IS94 at 8*200,000
a large portion of winch was the result
of one niglit'tv fires. , The showing is u.
very good ono.
* o
There' were 3,062 cases and 1,020
'deaths from small-pox,, in Chicago last
year, and of ,(he number only 127
had been vaccinated. This is good
evidence of the virtue of vaccination.
says the Northwestern Farmer.
The provincial board of health is ad-'
vised by several State boards of health
on the other side of the line that consumption is considered to*lie a dangerous, communicable disease most destructive to life. The number of persons (lyiiig'aiiiiually from this cause in
the State of Michigan is stated to be
Mr. Tapping-'s Proposal.
Snt,���Mr. Tapping must think tho
down town people chumps that he
should commence his letter in your
last issue by telling us wb.it to do (o
get water,' Why, all the. preliminaries
were ''arranged in a l)iisine=;-like. nj.-irmcr
long before Air. Tapping reached the
lligbost   iluniiis���World's   Fair
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
f < ���>.-,
!J~     ->-~-	
Hbe IRootena? flRaxl
One Year .  $2 00
Six Months  1 00
Three Months  0 50
One Inch, -icr month  1 50
Two Inches, per month  2 00
si* ��� ::     "     "   ..&���.���������������������&��� ��U0
-...f"-i- ^i^'Wi;N5R-ifWE'f>i:'   k
����� ���?'���rt --l^.-Vo ���^riftia'R.-A-^.fty'i^'.oBrii'.
COMING AC-T-SVfctek.INf 13I&L.?
Statkmentts are being circul.ate'l th.-tt
there  will   be :i Meuniur on tlio upper
out saying, and tfie miiiiber o��,s(,l.tler.i
will be greatly incr'iiiaed us it becomes
more widely known Unit large, level
tructa, of liiml���known as beuver mipji-
dows/iuul riolily pifflil^ctiye-^n' o^eii I
to .settlement. This "aiid-is'lo Miivsur";
veyed during tlie-'sdJnme'iy.aiid the
', Dominion ' toposrirjUiical survey party
under Mr. DrewryVili'most, lilcely-be
��wm^Q^4^Ms^^<<^?��" --*���?������
are in a position to 'sUiXgIUmC a syndicate has already been formed to, build
and opei-^to'--ffl-'.sniaU^stjaaiiiboafc(to run
between Ile%elatoke'andJDeath Rapids.
More ���thi-.n this we arc",not'at liberty
' to j,Sa*y*/j'QSfc.yet. '-Wo 'think.--that it
will, be a paying venture'3 from the
start, and if a l tramway were laid
around Death Rapids,-so'as to connect
���with the open wate** abdv'e, Another
steamer to ply between,, thfit point and
Canoe River would serve "the richest'
gold;'region-in. Kootenay apd render
the iin'i-i-ige of- supplies- and, material
fxotp., Revelstoke an easy matter..,This
will  probably   be  cWfied' out by'-'the
. syndicate we have mentioned, and it
behooves our citizens to give.-oVeryj.as-
sistanco to the enterprise, as-feliebeAflfiii
which would be derived from the ^successful accomplishment of such'Aifi'. undertaking would be too great-" to -be'
enumerated.     '    '
'    '" BAKER'S NEW BILLS.      "
The Legislature has this week been
mending up the Mineral Act of 1S91.
Some alterations are important.,   Sei>
tion 9 says no person or*-*joint. stock"
company shall be recognized "as having
any right or interest in a mineral claim
ui"4e,w,'lMj40r itJiold>i,,a';"free...miner'3;'ceV-
tj-Ecate^'sMJd on 4he expiration of 'such
^er^^pcitS^'e^'osfc-feike rWt"'d iiewone
���^���y^j^forfeit-hjJLjights and interests
In an*f"*aTia *e vctjtto rnerat' claim; "but
this will.not necessitate the abandonment .of" the cjfaim, as the:defaulting
party's ""mfei-ests"' iii "the-eliiiim will !be
vested in the remaining co-owners who
have complied with this section.    It. is
provided that- this shall not apply to
placer mines for which a Crown grant
has been issued.     Section  23 reads:
'- Every-'C^wtn"'gt-*r*fc:!hereafter issued
shall convey only the right to use <the
, timber  necessary   for developing and
���working the claim and such of the surface as is required  for the operations
connected with mining the ore.    Alb
other timber and - surface  rights to'be*!
vested in'* the -jCiaown." \Seetion 24 is
PcutWt-feffec^ -fljfftlt, ���m'stearf-Sof  dofeg?
KJW&y&ti&dlh^^nt "M^prk o,rt a,"
claim the owners may pay ��100 to the
mining recorder.    We fail to see any
benefit to the working'., mirier in' this
amendment.     The Governlngrit" alone
'would   benefit   by getting the money
iJitTiei'to p^icUttie-jiiijAer^' for doing'the
ussedsment; \york on .cVilins owrte3-,b,y
���i partifce^-jsho CcoaW  J^ofc ���' do the, work-
themselves,   and   we   should   he  very
sorry to see it bqcoine law.   Section 2G
���",No free mipiier pliaH ,be entitled to
���j4)9Uiii^b^��wi-^nj-.me, .op.jji- the name
of  any other   person, more than one
Diiuer^l.tclaim von.,the,.same   vein  or
lod<j,!T-jrr^pt*b-y pu-rciiasej biit-such" free���
miner  may hold   by   location a claim
upon each separate vein or lode."   The
mine-owner or contractor on a mine.is
bound, under a penalty of 6100, to give
the mining recorder or collector a list
-.''of thq men employed oti the mine, and
aj_sb rp pay tJie iiiuiuab fee   for, a free
irfiflijr'rf ieVtfHiciit* for ^vflry-such work-
man, the amount to \>o. deiluctcd from
their wages.    Mines  and   irion'-ys' invested   therein   .shall    not   bo   exempt
from taxation, but shall bear such rate
as may be imposed by any law in force
in the province.
In the Placer  Mining Act, Section
111  says   the  person making application for a lease shall deposit a- plan of
"    the grpund"in'duplicate and   the sum
of. S.-JO.     If the  application is granted
..th&^&O w.jll,.bo, applied   towards the
-^payment   of   the first year's rent, and
tne'nalancc  of   the   first   year's   rent
shall   bo paid-within-sixty, days -aft-iir-
the gold dotrimw-rioner give* him-notice
of the execution of- the lease.    Section
:, ,-J[16'Ls afi.follo-wsj ," Applications slw]]
'.'.not.be for 'gvq&ter fchare the-following
<��� \Aire.is iiid di<ttanioe�����j"n. dry'digging!-;,
ten acres.    In bar diggings  which  aie
unworked or abandoned, half a mile in
length along the higli water mark.     I,n.
creek   diggings   on   abandoned or un-
worked--creeks,- half .a mile.in length.
InHjtinch lands adjoining unworkcrl or
abandoned  rivers, for hydraulic workings, eighty acres;  but in such   lands
the length shall in no case exceed 500
.    yards." There are many other change's,
but these  are  probably the most important.
- THE WORK:  '���'-"' '
- fe seeins^rom^ telegi-iims and other
cominuiucations"placed at'��>ur"peruS(i3,>
sthat'-fhe delay inTconimo'ncing.the protective work on the river bank here
has been the .failure to settle the .land
^rsrrflt-fc-'w.hjL'Jh the Dominion Govern-
nujtnt.ikiadc 'jone of the conditions to
their "donating   the   -f;-:3,000   for   this
r.wyj*k,4,he other condition beinij thut
tfie' British (3oiumbia Ooverni'nent
shouRl ..contribute ar-'* eipial amount.,
Tii' the'Dominion'ts.stirriaU-s foi-the current year thero is the following item :
Columbia  River.���Protection   of
bank tit, lJevi-ls(��ok{-anil vicinity       '
tn  previ-nt Oi-o-iioii ;   the  local
Oov-'riiineiit of,Bi'Lti-sli dolum-  ,
'lijit ,, c'onlribntiiip: -ail    efiuai
" ..-liiiouuti     J^q'icmiitiiri',. to   Ix.-
liiMtcloon sottK'ineiit oC title.-...ijio.WX)
Mr. "Mara has" done all that it is"
possible for a nieinber to do, having
continually kept'tfie niatCer before the
Departments ol the'Tiit'erior and Public Works, both by letter and tcle^
gi-iiinV"'ever''suK-c'l'thc'"'wiae>-.> f'.'IMi'w
enough jFor the,,work tivbccom'mer.ced.
."Oti"'Decoiober 11th' Mr. Mara was
informed* from' the -Public Works Do;
���piwtn)cnt^.Qi(jivwst,_that |j neither of the
condition's Had been' complied-wft'i,"
and"referred him to Hon. Then. Davie
for .the reason,1 who.,,on December
-loth' replied,to Mr. Mara thatrhe " was
awaiting Sir, John'Thompson's return
for drawing, up formal ininute' .settlement. '"' It was, generally understood
in, Revelstoke,, long before that date,
that everything.was settled and the
'money'put up.-- '"���      --���(.'
. Under date of January' 29th Mr.
-Kellie writes from Victoria that he
had just seen Engineer p-amble on the
matter,'and had been informed that no
'instructions, had Been received from
the Dominion Government. Mr. Kellie
iidds :, ". If tlip Dominion Government
dej- uotvtako,-prompt ".action to protect'
tlieVLp'roperty-'alc)'ug the- river bank 1
km satisfied that the Provincial Government will' do so within a few days."
In a communication under date of
January 24th, 1S95, -Minister of Public Works Ouiniet," after 'reciting the
fact that the grant was conditional on
the settlement of the title, to the laud,
says in part: '"
." It is absolutely out of my power* to
proceed with the performance of the
work and theexjicitditiu-e ot the money
unless' siich .-settleint'iit'-be'' effected.
The .cpati'iw-y- would be a direct'viola-],
tion of the orders of ParlianVent. "*~ *'
Otherwise, I'��iin absolutely prepared
arulrdesirous o.f < going on with the
This explains why Mr. Gamble,'who is
an officer of , this department, has not
received"any 'in��tfuettH>rl8.'-'" ���* *������***'.���- - ��� -
��� Oii'January 31st the Minister of the'
Interior telegraphed :0       . ': " ?\
' ''.Revelstoke question not disposed of
on account of delay in settlement of
land matter. * . * * It it. iiecessary
for OuiiTie.t to.satisfy Aunitoi-General
hv letter from me that title is -settled,
r'cannot do this yet. .Matter before
Justice Departtnent.",
Our readers will see for themselves,
where the-matter stands," and where
the fault���if fault there be���lies. We
hope .to enlarge on this report next
week. i   ���
:'^VbR'bk-ir^f'eb. - 2nd; 3.30 p.m.���
We" "have-justr**received the following
telegram /from Mr. Mara :���" Am ad-
.vised that. Gamble has received, instructions to proceed with the work."
We wish to state that there are already more? than 'enough" iole men in i
town to do "the worlc, and m'-n coining..!
Amendments to the Mining and License
In the Legislative- Assembly, . on'
Tuesday, the lion. Col.-Baker moved
the second "reading of the Miiuhg'Bill.-
The amendments had nearly all been
recommended by the Mining Com-
'jiiittt'e. The present law of assessment
"was that $100 worth of work must he
done upon a mineral claim every year.
This was to ensure the proper development of the claim, hut was found to be
very inconvenient, and the miners
would in many causes willingly pay !t*100
tp-t.he Government in lieu of the assessment work r.equired. , The Bill, therefore, contained 'a section making the
matter optional. A'tax of $100 might
be paid to, tho Government, oi the
niinoi might pi-iform $100 worth' of
work. Another amciiduiout was in
regard to jninei-.'il.lii-eiise--. It was frequently impossible for the employees
of a-mining coinp.Hny to pay their $5
-license fee at tho time- tho collector applied for it, and the Hill made the company themselves liable for the collection of the license. -
L_Mr. Semlin said that the Bill had only
been placed on members' desks that
afternoon and they we're accordingly
"unfamiliar with its provisions. The
amejidnient, referred to by the mover,
to vary the assessment so as to include
a direct-tax of $100 w-is mi-important
change. The Bill likewise proposed to
tax simple, mine .laborers. Ke moved
thJBadjniirniiit-iib of the debate, which
was agreed to.   ,
With respect to the License Bill,'
Hon. Col." Baker said in up country
localities on the boundry line between
British Goluinbl-a and Alberta, peddlers
were in the habit" of coming into the
Province by train and peddling their
wares without'�� license. Owing to
this' practice resident store-keepers
were placed at a disadvantage and the
Bill made the present Act applicable
east of Cascade range as well as west
of it.,.-  -���-  .,
��� Mr. Somlin contended that a Bill of
this chiiracter should have been brought
down by me 'sage.       i   ,,      , .
The Speaker, however, ruled that
the Bill merely i(-quired to be reported
to,, the House from Committee of the
The Bill was referred to such Committee with Mr. Booth in the���chair,
reported to" the House, the report
adopted, the Bill lead a first and second
time, again coiliinitti'd.with Mr. Booth
in the chair, and afterwards�� read a
third time.
SPwo *Woat Virginl?i I.��>-rpr�� -""vn-lo an Ob-
- cl urate I*r;rc"t.    ,
���Last Thurvl--y morning a young
"couple appeared in the city. They wero
Mir3- Carrie Coats, a pretty,'peachy-
chccke'l country damsel of 17. and Sandy
'Jolmsou, >a-tall," stalwart, goodlookinc-
��� coui.tryiaan of 22 years. They had
traveled all ni^bt from the bride's homo
op Gioand Hog Creek in order to elude
,the obdurate father of the girl. The
girl was riding' on tho hack of'a dignified spotted steer, and Sam1}* was walking, by her side. 'The unusual sight
soon drew a crowd of people, and, as
everybody loves a lover, half,a dozen
hiiriiuJ Oil afte-r a ma;;isT'-".ito or a
preacher. Unluckily for toe lovers no
official could be found who -.voiiM'tnarry
them, on account' of the girl's ago.
"When tho conphi heard of tlii" thoy both
broke down mid cued, tho girl bobbing
an if no'irly heartbroken.
Tlio rear:-fof tho pretty young girl
broiiiriit about a determination ou tho
part of tho 'spectators to sou them
through in mine way, and one suggested
Jtli.it they.tiko tho train, then nearly
'dm- fur "Niagara Failf*. N. Y., where
tliey'would :in'd no V.il.'cnlty in got ting
���married. This proposition cliituyed the
,ter.rsro:' the bride into smiles of joy and
;S".iiT'ly's loss r.pp-trciit grief into open-
inoutlni'i delight for a mainour, until ho
thought of tho exponse. Souieou'o in
the crowd, however, imuci-i.-ited tho
younyiiiiii an I propose! the c:\nvd pay
all expenses, and in less'1 time than it
takes to wiite it pocltet-books were out
nu-.l enough money was eontriiiuted to
car'rj* tho couple through, wiLh a souvenir lett over for the bride.
The spoiled steor was Kt.dled in front
of a pile of oats mid corn In ruminate in
pence and plenty , until the return "of
tbe couple, a:'d the procesiinn headed
for the pl'itfonn. Neither of t'lecouple
had eyet much a train befor". and w en'
it pniit-d i:i ihey got on the p'la'fi.rm be
tween t'.io en-:ine and !tl:c ha :gage car.
Their spon-ors soon romctie.! this mis-
s-t.".Vo and hr.-l them comlnci t-.l into a
ladies' car, whore the conductor was expressly chr.rt-od ' to see them wifely
tjn-oti^li. Tho lw-t- Been of (J.irrio and
Sandy as'the'train was whirling out of
sight they were folded in each other's
arms, laughing aiul'straining their eyes
as thoy linked out of the window. ���
 .,    ��� o
y       Nonvegians For Kootenay.
A London cable states' that three
Norwegian delegates of high repute-
are being sent to the Kootenay district
of British Columbia to inspect the
country with a'view to sending" out a
large Nouyvogian .immigration.     . .'.
.,' .Knocks Out the' C.P'R; ^Already.
The'Pall Mali Gazette says that the
recent fall in^ the Canadian Pacific
shares is due to the selling of large
blocks of stock because of the negotiation for the issue of twenty millions of
stock with which a new line is to be.
built parallel to part of the Canadian
Pacific road. This means the British
.Pacific Railway.
' r,  *  ,
C.J^.R. Annual Returns.
The December, 1S9+, C.P.R,. net pro-
tits were $580,896. For the 12 months
ending December 31,, 1894, the profits
were $0,423,309, as compared with
ST,741,410���the net profits for 1893. The
decrease in profits for 1894 amounting
to $318,107. ',
Great Decrease in Emigration.
There has been an astounding drop
in   emigration   to Canada during  the
, . -. ,   .      .     t.      , . . paht vear.   The-total  number of emi-
here from other places in   the hope ot : ',rall^s  which"went
a  job   would  only meet
Jon, a*,���MuIvj	
"    29 -Slocah Star .      . 3
"    '.��Q.���Minnesota Silver
.Icat-H I20,WiOpohii<1i-
If*went out to Canada in
with i i��ij was only 23.731, against 50,341 in
l^K-J. This is much the worst lecord
of any emigrant receiving country.
KrniK.rat.ioii to the United Suites,
hov. e\er, during the same period
declined twenty-live per eent. as com-
Oo     .. . 1
"    20,���1/U't Chnnri- ...  1
:���   'JS.��� IdiChi) '. .. ..        1
"    :*rt.-���-rtocrin Star       .   2
���'    *!<-).- Idaho ���!'
"    :iI.-rH!fii an .-l.ir
"    :il.-tilalin .
"    :<!.���CiimlM'rl.ind
Kqb.   1. "     .
,   "      li-Xoblc KIvo..     ,
- Tin-  wholfl of  i-.t-f'  .tfjo-v
Omuli.i, '-virpt the'.oiisi^iiiin nl from  il
Cli.inr.i-, ivhic'i ���*'< nl, lo iitisuX. >'iil!-i
v/ifM    ,'
T-Pj.-j.jm--   ���'
7:i,'��j ;:.;;���'
:,\,tnt ������'
';'A',,n-Jt) ���' .'
ICI.'ifJ'l' '������   '
.'/il.lK/l     :?'
n%M)    \
iXl.ti'W': ���     '
I   slllpfK:'!
The sleigh road is in splendid condition, and there are about 120 bi,i'-.i-s
in service now hauling between 70 and
7."5 ton1* a'd.iy. The stnall steamers- are
doing good work on the ],ik��", (letiellc's
tug handling the <j. ft K. N'.iv. Co."'
large sr:ow and   bringing 7." Ions ci-'h
pared   with  1893.   Tri  Australia   emigration has hfen about stationary.
Private and Sergeant.
I     A peculiar instance of  tJn-'incooiri-ii-
j itb's perijutiiiii<-  to  inilMjiiy law in (Ii.-
lAiiuiicaii   miJiti.t   i-<     i-cport'-d    ft oin
i *
i- Ib-iAjklyii. Joliri Ij.uiiclt-, tin- tnilli<j)i-
I ,-iir-i-drygoofls imichant of Broadway
I find highLh street, is a priv-iti* in the
I X"W Yoi k S'-venth Rfgiisient,, ;i |,af-
i tjilinti of which is now on duty at the
1 i ardepotsnl Gates,and Myitte avenues,
| BrnnUyn, and one of hi-i clei-ko j.s a
! sergeant in th<- n.'im'- batt.ilion. I^ist
| w.-ek Private I),tnie|.H iiad some diill-
i culty with the- sergeant of the-gu.vd,
who. by a strange iionv of fat.', hap-
i pencil In be his clerk. Dai'iejs attempted to leave th" depot for some puiposi-
I'uturo of I'ti'ltM   Soclrly.f |
���jDr. Lyman Abbott, in, a lute paper,
thinks that polite society, in tho exclusive sense, is hardly destined to sustain
itself.' Ills reason is that wealth is
supeisoiling birth as its basis. In
'tliis reppect, however, his inference
in doubtlul, while tho factj are true.
II<- says that "souio coimnni'itios, like
B/Jhton/ Now  York' and Philadelphia,
, make a brave attempt to maintain a re-
spt-ct for old families; hut this i�� :**a in-
bvrn .nee fi'oui,culouii��J.d:iys amlyisihly
���.wanes." 'He might havo gouo farther
and have said that in only one of these
throe, - cick's���Philadelphia���has      the
'���"'stimrt E-ot" -any particidur coanection
- "with old" families or gives it.-,elf any
t-oiicern about them. The utmost that
it dues is to dr,-.w a feeblo'lino at
t|io recognized occupations of fathers,
whilo tho occupation or social position
of, the grandfather is pretty thoroughly
ignored. 'Given n fortune, with a rea-
Bonnhle amount of tact, and one generation, or at must ,two, can nccomplish
tho rest. There is a lingering rumor
that at Newport a rich dealer in patent
medicines was for years successfully
fc'ept from buying land cm th----f.---.hio*-.-
able avenue; but if so,' the exclusion
was in itself an absurdity, like those attempted distinctions between wholesale
and retail,trade. Surely it is absurd to
ttgsuuie it Od plehian to sell tape by
the. piece, and not plebeian to sell it by
tjie tnou-iaiid-pteces; to call it discredit
able wiiou a fortune is made by a modi-
,cine, anfl "riot when it is made by hotel-
keeping or laying water pipes or carrying o;i the express business.   ��� All these
-'vocations, and a thousand others equally modest aud respectable, have contributed to the gliding of our jeunese
dorcc and no one need be ashamed of
any one of them, except when it tompts
him to sneorat soino other.
trip.    Since the cnmiuenrenient of -.., u , , .
weather  the   mouth  of, the  river has- i or- other and was halt**!   by the gn.trd. |
shown   signs-nl* opening up, and  it, is i The sergeant ordered^ him to return to '
not improbable that tho str. Knot i-iiai
which wo reported  last week as hemg
frozen in at Hall's Landing, will h<
clear again in a few day-. It i-. wi'lint
the range of possibilities thut the river
might-open nearly to the Wigwam, in
which case there would be little fear of
its becoming closed again during the
short period of winter remaining.
the depot, Mr. Datiiel.s refused to do
so, and was reported for iriMiboidirm-
tion bv th'- ���.orgeant. Mibti.urien in
i�� it h cities di--<:u-s the incident, wf-rid'-r-
ing what will
strike is over.
lie the   result,  after the
The Latest Strike.
A gang of seven men employed cutting' leif for Mr. John Stone, o? the
Stockholm House, struck work at noon
yesterday for higher wages. They were
receiving .*ji2.."V) a, day, but wanted $1.
This was refused, arid under the leadership of George Spinks (he men quit
work. There is no prospect of this
strike, reaching the proportions'(if the
'-fJrooklyn'strike,',now nearing its and,'
and it is expected that the matter in
dispute, will be.amicably settled to-day
anu the ice-cutting proceed.
The   iicav   Cunard   freight,
Hylvauia,   10,000   tons,  wm
last,   Friday on    the , Clyde,
boilt. for the   [J-v-tori   service,
will   enter    in    April.    Thr;
steamer C'vre.uth.i, a similar
.uineJied |
ft    was !
which it j
, Curiard !
vcsuel for
the: same service, will be ready in dune.
J'higlish railway exfircss trains last
year did not, cause the death of a single
pas'ongcr; the record has no pre edent,
but is said to be merely the natural
result'of the extraordinary precautions
taken with tho equipment and running'
arrangements of these fast trainssug-
gcstctl by long sxporienco,
, Stoirt tlio "-llllllliill.lit.      '
According to tho   Natal Times,   the
monumeut sent out by Queen Victoria
to Zululand as i*. token of her.sympathy
with the  bereaved   mother of tho late
Prini e Louis Napoleon has been, stolon.
A i eward of ��o0 bus been oitured.    Tho
monument took the form ot a memorial
cross uf pi .in marble, and   wn.s  oruciud
on iiw exacr spot njion which the Prince
fell wh.-n-nirprisod and  aitael'i'd   by a
parry ot 'Zulus  who  had been  lying in
am bush.   Thu meinoiiid b, -re the follow-
"in^t iu'ier.piion :    "This cross is erected
by tjue. n  Victoria   in   r.Ilivliotiatij ro
nieinbr.'uice of Nap'dooit lMigono Louis
Joan Jof/ph, Prince liiipennl. lo mark
the npot where her wnili, iiM-iotmg in u
recoiiii:o-s:ini-e with the Hilllsh   troops,
on the I-.t uf June,   187'J,   was uttauiced
by a j.arty of //iilns, and fell   widi  face
to the   foe."    It  -mis   Mii'iouii,-<-d by a
dwarf wall of rough stories,  which   aNo
enrloni-d t.'io graves (jf tin; tv u  troopers
who were killed   nt   tho   wmio timo as
tho   Prince     Slirnbs'   mid   violets   (tho
Najjoleomc emblem; were planted nl>oiit
the pui' e, winch tli iu) hi'-.one a kind   of
rniiii.'.lure cenie-ory.    It i., intert .-ding to
recall   thut   afLo-r   tlio  unctinu  of   tho
cio-ift tr.e Zulu  chief  Oeln.odo fin-1 the
chief men (J   )iM  tribe.'Ui   which tho
puny v.'ho a' tucked the Prince   belonged, ori--c.ii' 1��-1 at tlio  phico,  and, otand-
ing   with    t!i<:ir  right   hand   tijilifte'l,
nol-Moidy   di*i lured that the   intMi.urial
anil   tho   graves  should   never be .lese-
cineil.      Tne   st"nbiig of   t.'ifc i-i-o.ss is,
then fore,    all    tho  moro   reuiiukablo.
ospcoir.ily   as    the    Zulus   eut-'rtairi  a
deeply i-.-it   nupcnititioa  regarding tho
Bpiritw of the dead.
i Very SIlBhtlJN'crHCo.
"Her> here," (-aid tho lawyer' "i*m't it a
fact that you were once lontr.uced to a
term in j ,il for st-aliug ho-,^.''
"I giie.-s ii \f." Hiilloiily i.s.sented iho
.'witnci'H, ."but, by goo. I' Iroio out tho
sume nig..t'l w'u, put in.''.  ,
' j -' *
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in  ��� Bhb ���
H A !   G
Mining and Real Estate, Broker and General.^Commission Agent.' , ���''���!���>���'%
Representative of the Kootenay Smelting & Trading Syndicate.   ;*-;p ";^
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Stockholm House.
JOHN STONE, Pkopiuetob.
fm Dining Room is furnished with the )MMt
Market alllirils.^'';1''.'-^"
���A ,-1:
t ���
Si '
-   ��� i��-^���
-    -*- *-"- *   ,   -    s   - -
Fif ty-eight-^ersotis'- met death l��y��� the
explosioi$- -if^Butbe, $fwftt.   �������
, The man wfir��-htrys'1540litT��pi^,lusaiyes
on general proceries, by paying cash,
$48 iV-year.
MrV''^';-ltP:tfefa '���Js5 -Tlac-ft ~f i-onnth'e
Wigwam, where he has been .'insisting
theblacksniith foracfoW'-iiVkMi'sC-i "������*>   ;
Rev. E. Sniitl-,.will conduct, service
in th<4-F<-��jbv:U'r-i-iJ.Uchurch to-morrow
o veil ii.g'-it-7.80; r'rfupdfiv-scb'ool al/2.30.'
The Bgllliighaih Say Hydraulic-Miti-*
i'ng Co.*advertise their cortific.-ite of
registration in this issue .of the mail.
' Wah Cluing', Chinese "storekeeper,-
has just-p-lrcliast-di-the corner,house.
and lofal.lh'e north end of Fi null street."
Tsti^'-ArpU-jfct-Wjiiftrj--��.of.Russell, McDonald & Co., of' Vancouver" and
Victoria, has assignedjtoThos. T.,I,lull,
of yickiruv, . M \
��� Jo^in%?rf��i\ ii'IlvX-Ssuikian Wiro-h.-U'
been residing in Nukm-p tor more than
a year past, ,returned bere Ihiu week
to reside p-4t-j-ji^.uiUv. y ".;; ^ .-������;. , ^    \
Services at the Methodist ciiurcli to-,'
rnori-ow at 10.30 a.m.  and   7.80   p.m.
Rev. C. A. Procunier pastor,. -Sunday
school at 2.U0. o ,
EiLtwAti-iis ojLyreJi-jjn thiRecHi tnim-',
si&K& �����&-&$ ����*<&��� C*piKr<&
'coiitainedl5;(XX)o/.s. <_>�� silver���IIXX) ozs.
per ton., ��� <��VC<L\. riv^,-, '������
Rev: Mr. Calvi-rl,*"m 'Salih'inV'Arm;
who has been here in connection with
the revival "sei vices and touiperunco
work. returned home last week.     "    ''
A hoax \",*ivs attempted at the station
ii few daysligo by which a citize-i was
udvisJPilrto hoft,t his, flag at half mast
"beijtj.use.the Queen'was dead',"' but it.
dt<4n"$wor-k. ' ��..,*?',      -���
In'an  editorial'-last' week" wo stated
that Mr.-Tapping would put in a water
system fo*v.$5W..' /Hhis w;is au error.
Mr. Tapping ha��-not nfentioued   his,"
price. r
Edward Adair went down to his
ranch at Hall's'Landing on Thursday lo
gefoirt-*Cr��Xb)?r-iorJ,fem-iH^, a-s--��lM-is.
fences were washed aiyay during the
June floods. .��'  "'������     ;   c ,
Marshall, McRae,&-Co.'; printers and
stationers, of Vancouver, have assigned
to J. W-JucFarland, ���of.that,city.. The
failure-was-'caviSeet".b'y.'hnvering jn-ices
to meet competition
Thos. Lewi**, jun., who works in the
CP-R'shopM at Donald, met with an
unfortunate accident about 11 o'clock
on Tuesday night. An engine was
standing 'in .the roundhouse ready to
go out, and Lewis went in front to see
that the blocks had been removed. He
slipped in the darkness, as his torch
had. gone outJ. His head came in con-
���iHiCi With the oil box-of the. engine and
his left hand lay across the ra.ls. lie
;ha.tl.purtjajly wfthdiYtwn'.his hand when
the wheels of the engine came down on
it, crushing two of the lingers and
.forcing., the nails' to fcoijie' uff-tahce;
-where they were afterwards picked up.
He came'home to his father s house at
Revelstoke on Wednesday, where Dr.
McLean is attending him. It is not
known 'whether amputation will be
Skating on the Columbia.'
Never before in  tho history of this
town has there been such .good skating
as has been  enjoyed  bete during the
past three  weeks.   Last winter there
Wits a lot of snow, ami tobogganing
'Itooahre--jfashumuble.    Tins  year   the
snowfall has ,liren ,very  light, and no
attempt has   been ' made   to   get. the
toboggans, ready, or clear out thu slide.
The river hasiiionopolized the attention
of the majority of our population, and
* every* day,    has., ^vitires.sed, a-lively
NrW-tiiftRigeof-akVtfv.r.s, a'large percent*-,
.age being of, the fain sex.    The wonder
'wan, vvhoro'all' the-"skates came i'roiih
'II was"* tliought that' hai dly a score of
skates could be raked up  in the whole
town, hut the number actually in use
soon dispelled  th.it illusion, and those
who  had   none   patiently  waited  till
someone got I ired and then hoi rowed.
But the-stock had run out, and one of
'our enterprising merchants, wiied  to
Calgary.'for a  supply,  which arrived
promptly,  to  (We great joy of many
> who had" managed to learn on borrowed
skates.    Probably no better rink is to
be. foiuid,wcbt of'Winnipeg, and it will
lie kept clear-as long as the thermometer    stays    below   freezing   point.
Plenty of willing hands were outlast
niglit sweeping oil* the snow as  it fell,
���"and this   evening   a  large   gathering
maybe looked for���if the rink can be
cleared in time.
oyi-^est thi
savs tnulls Is "riot
same evening.    lj(e_
booming in I-CooU-na*.;jict:-,y". .r.-,,,    -.._ ��� :
A party of about twenty young people '��� surprised.". Mr. and.Mrs. Coursier
on Thursday night., A plosaiit time
was spent and ,it was after midnigh.t
wbe�� tshe.party broke up.
The Y".P.S*.C:ri, in connection with
t!re'Fresrryt^MfrW-<'hm'ch, will ho&Hhwr,
meeting-,on Mondav evening next at
7-30. Subject���" Advanced-Endeavor."
All are welcome.   ?! /i     i"'n     ���   '  f
W. R. Hull. oiC-iTgsjrvi iiwivexl herd,
on No. 1 last evening on 'his annual
visit of inspection to Hull Bros.' various
branch establishments. lie will leave
this evening for Kamloops and-' flu-
con st.
The   "professional    prize    poultry
Monthly Mail ,to Trout Lake.
Postmaster Wells has received acom-
feeds them right away.   The machine
' can be seen in operation at his place.
Dave Hall, of. -Hall's-" ;L;a'ndmg;' came
up on Sunday anTTIeft again foT home
, on Tuesday  evening.      He   says  the
traffic over the sleigh  road, on  which
there are.-'twenty teams balding ore,
makes things quite lively down  there.
*/-. "j^Ywifl5iiiOTn,',vffi-e" WGrM-niixKdu
1 the..wing,'.'-alighted here for a day's
l<"��ok around .on** Monday, and wended
: Ids way eastward; on  Tuesday morn-
-*rffg'-s'ex"pressi.  'His' flight -.wilte-bo Jong.
and far, beiiig a trip to Ontario and
Mr. H. J. Woodside, who visited
West Kootenay Vlh.e" snmiiiOr before
last, securing a number of 'pliotographs
&P& ajctfe^wf iBterestijjg information.
-s-q^xgrtglr-le pPC&J(i?-&ti| in the Noc&K-
���west." in the February num hereof
Last week Messrs. Mesley-aJnd'-Olsen,'.
of Hall's Landinpc. discovered the tracks"
of a large bejir *af/ Galena* Bay, at the
' *-lV?-id- of- At-roNY- Lake, .and. following
' '"""tliem Up; they-cainie'across a huge black
fellow, which they; succeeded in dispatching. Bear's meat is something' bf
a luKuryjE) f&? Hjudrs-Jjinders.
^j^aJtfW. Thomson, of .Thomson's Land-'
, -������"Ih^wlTo^s-sfiSu'uttg^lfe" -.w"iitu-r"'in
7 Revelstoke, hat*..been appointed post-
i DiHster-iit.-Thciiiison's Lauding,, wdiii-h
' place has- recently been', made.a post
"'   Ornee tdw-u'.'   Thi"- will  e.nsure. belter
handling of the Lardeau mails than has
hitherto" prevailed.   ' *
A concert was,held in the,'Methodist
church on Wednesday evening hub was
thinly attended,' presuinably because,
of the co*utU>r attractions) clsew-here.
A very good programme was presented,"
and among the performots were Mis.ses
Lee, Valentine (3>,"'-Artair,: .Nnrthey,
Edwards and Mi-s. Coip-sjor, and Messrs.
Procunier, Barlil-r/'Ciiriiiiitiigs' 'and
Sykes. Mrs. Haig and Mr.-Ahlin ac-
The monthly meeting  of   the Fire
Brigade was held  iu  the Fireball last
night, Chief W. M. Brown presiding,
.    and there was a large attendance ot*
memlicrs.   Two new hooks have been
purchased during the past mouth, and
two   new   ladders  ordered. '   As  the
Government appropi-iatioti cannot ho
^-"'.received liefore July lst,.it was'decided
.-���' to solicit iuitjlie'.-Hibseripttons ,to nu'et
"������-���-���������the'fiBalWHlv . ���  "... .   !../i. ���-,
Miss Edith   Fraser's   birthday was
celebrated on Thursday, last,"Jan. 29lh,
by a very pleasant gathering'of young
.'-j-.-spJeriple-at her faither'j- resideticp> There
w;ere .about twenty-live  present, arid
.-  ���   most of them preseiited the young lady
���'.   ^wiOi*-au' appropriate souvenir oilier
t\ ^^\th'Z\nitidhiy:.'   rThe > guests    \v*cre
"" enterfcamed'in ii royal manner, i(nd all
kinds of amusements wore indulged in
,     during the evening.  -.  . ���>
Billy McCulloch had-a narrow escape
s, from drowning on _ Wednesday.     He
J?-C>\ wiftf dowi^.-f.he riVe,r,-iu company wit-h
��n*-} A/Ilautsort,,t<i seo iif in iy heaver w.jrp
to begot, and while walking aloii'g 'he
went through a hole in  the ice.   Ilan-
son ran  for.vard  t,o help'hnii.out, but
McCulloch warned hliir"*brtck;"and .^nc-'
ceeded in climbing out alo.ie.   He then
cut a long rod with a'ci-oftk at' the'end
n-e- nH-j-djct-awlwl to-the.hole to. fish up his
*��� "-"'V-fHwi, -wliich   lay .'luidor''-li'veu,'feet/ of
water.    After a long spell ol' fishing he
brought \p?'Ui surface hooked by the
trigger gi*��-.Mf ���. ; .   ���        .��� .,
to promote ;i mail service between here
and Trout Lake, for January, February
any March. - This oiler is made on the
iiudorstanding that the residents then1
Will also contribute to the same end,
thus making It worth a man's while
to undeitake the work. . Mr. Wells
will be pleased to furnish any further
iuform.it.tin required. '        ,
\ A Correction.
c Mr. Tapping writes as follows: "Dear
Sir,���In an article in the Mail last
-'Week'yiiu say I-have offered to put in
the water works' for $5U0. My price L
have not made public as yet. It is time
to :rii e thu price when it is asked for."
at the residence
of lllecille-
waet, B.C.   The remains were taken
to Ottawa, Out., and interred in  the
'family plot at Beech wood, on Sim-
���" day, *.)aii. (5th. ". ���"    -
[The deceased came to  British Columbia in  18S4,and apenvt, the' last ten
vears   prospecting    and   mining   in
��� kootenay.    lie   was   generous to  a
faultandhad many sterling qualities,
and was, universally liked by all who
knew him.]
\ Calgary as a Smelting Centre.   ���
'The idea of making Calgary a great
smelting centre, which is being advocated by the Tribune of that city, is a
feasible one, and' if the mining towns
-pf.jB6j4j-flstQke.jind--Golden do not in-
���^effd Ho \voric-^the' smelters.- already
erected-within their confines, there
certainly-' can he no objection to Calgary
tiiking tho matter "up and carrying it to successful accomplishment.
Although the Alberta town can never
hope to compete with, Revelstoke as a
smelting town, should the latter place
really mean .business, it cannot be gainsaid that it has advantages'equal to
'those "of "Omaha,-Great Falls, Everett
or-'Tacoma.- The   distance from   the
1 ���* } l
Kootenay mines is very much less than
to either of those places, and yet ore
is nearly every day passing over the
C.P.R. in large quantities to one or
-other of those smelters. As the Revelstoke Smelting Co. seems to have retired from-the smelting business, it
would be well for Kootenay miners if
the C.P.R.- would quote such a low-
price for coal and ores to Calgary as to
make the building of a smelter there
not only a scheme to be advocated, biifc
an actual fact.   The Tribune f>;iy.s :
"As soon as the Arrow Lake line is
completed, as it wili be thin summer,
the facilities of transportation from
tlie Sloc.-tii country to the C.P.R. will
be complete, and with the proper coal
and other necessary maleriah- for
smelting at our very doors, a smelter
here ought to he able to compete with
thos-e at Omaha, Great Falls, Everett
and. Tacoma for this trade, which
would al-so doubtless lead to a lar��e_extension of business lelations with the
Kootenay districts in other branches
of commerce. The smeltii-g industry
has this also in its favor, that it is riot
likely to lie swamped in its struggling
infancy by. the competition of eastern
manufacturers, which in these days of
increased facilities of communication
and vast combinations of capital
renders the ostahli-dnuent of local
iiidus-l riet, more and more incro.iiiiigly
��lifiiciilt. evi-rv decade."
Waiting for the British Pacific Ry. Boom
Begg's History of-the Northwest.
The second volume of Alex. BeggV
" History of the Northwest." publ s'ied
by1 Hunter, Rose <fc t'n. Toronto, is, in w
out. This, volume deals with the
hi-.lur.i- of the country I'uuii tho Kiel
iiisiu . t-et ion !<> the period of the boom,
ami is a valu-il'le book of reference.
The full work, when complete, will
form a most invaluable addition to
Canadian hit-U'ricil publication.'..
The Victoria correspondent of the
Winnipeg Commercial, who is generally well posted as to affairs at the
capital, writes: -'Merchants in Victoria
U\lk of little else in trade than the prospective British Pacific Railway, which
they say will surely be buiit, and which
will give a trc-ineiiilous impetus to the
trade of the province and Victoria in
particular. Business is fair at the
capital, in fact it seldom varies, as the
wealth of the pi evince has been centred
there since federation, and there is
more money per pocket than in any
city in the province, with the exception
perhaps of Nanaimo, which has a
decided boom at present, owing to the
large increase in the coal trade since
the change in tariff." a
There are in the United States at
present 6,000,000 farms. About one-
half the population of the sepviblic, or
over 30,000,000 people, live on them,
and these farm dwellers furnish more
than 71 per cent, of the total value of
the exports of tho country.
Let no man be discouraged because
he is maligned and misrepresented.
,Let him remember that men do not
fling stones at a, dead ' cat. ,Ko one
passes resolutions against a graveyard.
Tt is he who has force and power who .
is envied'by little souls. ���   .-,, /
No.'in.   ' ;
Certiflcate of tho Registration of a
Foreign Company., 0
Bellinghaiii Bay Hydraulic Mining Co-
(Foreign).    ' ;"  ''
Registered the 11 th daj- of January, '
T HEREBY CERTIKY lliat I have this day
J- registered the J3elungiiam Hay Hybbauijc
Mixing Company (I'ohkigx), under the "Com-
jianieo Act, P.irt IV.,-Ho-jistralion o��,.Foreign
Companies," ana the " CompauicsVAcG'Ainciiil-
iiiont Act, 1SS9."   , .'!"."
The Ile.id'Office of the said Company is-situated at the City of Fairhaven, Whatcom County,
Washington, U.S.A. ��� "��� *
The objects for which the said Company is
cstablibhed aro: To conduct a general mining
business in the State of Washington and in the
Province of British Columbia; to .buy,"soil,
lease and own mining.claims and mines in the
State of Washington and in the Province^ of
British Columbia; to buy, sell, lease and own oil
machinery necessary and proper for operating
and working said mining property ; to buy, soil
and own all necessary supplies and equip'iuq'nt
necessary and propor to conduct a general mining business;' to buy.^scll, own and operate
waggons, teams' and all, necessary iucans'for
tran-'.porliiig its', supplies and equipment loir-id
fioin said mining property wherever -thoistdnc
may be,situate;,to'buy, sell, own and operftto
an electric plant for the purpose of lighting or
operating the machinery of --aid mines-; to y-cct
buildings, aud to carry on-a general.'merijjHin-
dising"business iu connection with said mii-es;
to'own and conduct a boarding-housoin cornice--
tion with the said mines; to -mortgage its .property and raise money thereon for the piuTJqies
ot facilitating the operation of said property"; to
borrow money tor tho same, purpose and'to do
any and all things requisite, ncces%iry1*and
proper for conducting a general mining business,
and to facilitate the general objects and'pur-
poscs of said Company.     " L  ,
The Capital Stock of the said Company is
thirty thousand dollars, divided into six hundred
shares of fifty dollars each. ^
Given ��� under my hand and- seal of ofttpe, at
Victoria, Province of British ColumbU/this
eleventh day o�� January, one thousand (Sight
hundred and ninety-five.
[l.8.1 ' *"���*--��� sJrYr-WOOTOM'i-       ��"
-   Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
-   - '-    - ARROW LAKE,..' .'7o ���
IS now open, at these* celebrated'hob
springs, for the accommodation of
guests. Rates $1.50 tcr$2.50.pe<r-day.
Baths 25c. each, or five for $1. - Special
rates to families or by the month,can
be arranged.
Inland Construction & Development
Company, Ltd. ..-.'.���..
Hii-A-D OffiCK : 52I-52(j Cordova Street,
Vancouver. B.C.
23th January, 1893.
rpAKB NOTICE, that all accounts
JL outstanding against the Inland
Construction and Development," Company, Limited, nui&t be rendered ItS mo
in lull detail at, the head ofllce df! the
Company, in Vancouver as above, on
or belore the 13l.li day, of February,
l!s!>3, or in default the' Companyi Will
not be liable for payment of same.
Secretjiry-Treasuror. ,
Lardeau 6c Sloean Prospects Wanted,
Srompt answer and an hane��t opinion,-u-rito to
IUNN & CO., who have had Dearly Hfty yciirs'
experience In the p-itont bUHlncss. Communications (strictly confidential. A ILandliook of Information concerning Patent-- and bow to obtain them pent free. Al��o a catalogue) of mecliun-
ioil and scientific booku t-cnt free.
Patents tafcen tbrout'h ' Miinn & 'Co. receive
special notice In UioSrtcut* fie Anicricn n, and
thus nro brouitht widely before the publlcwitli-
out cost to the inventor. This snlcntlld paper,
issued weekly, clcirantlf illustrated, bus byiar the
largest circulation of any scientific" work In tbo
���tvorld.   S;l a rear.   Sample copies sent free.
Biiild'rjr Edition,miinihiy, f2.f>0 a year. Slnclf
copies, ti."> cents, l'.very iiumlier contAlni beautiful platen, in colorB, and pliotORraplii of new
houses, with plans, eiiiiblmK builders to show the
latest rtesljms and secure contncls.   Ad-'-.ris
MUNN i CO^ JNtW Voiuc, :tGt  u-'j-^./"   '
i i , '.���-������_
ers' Supplies,
AND  '  . ���
j ft -"��� i ���
IS AT "'.* -.���".."'..
i" '���---.    ., -' ; ' ' '"   ''"' 'i '
��� i   < ���        <
:-''���  --' .] ii,
''.'I   *
���  -���'���.-' . -I-    '.:-
u  '; '   - clij "111."  -.- -i'
���-���.,..r iii  "-s; ..'������'.'
Aid TOILET ARTICLES of every distriplioL
Specialty :   : SHIRTS and-SHOES,
_*���*���������-0 -J  /\ f
If you want to reaeh the People in the North-Riding of West:Kdotenay.'���
' ' !       ���     '
/"i e    ,.' -7 -.:!��' i��.
vertise m
O  O   O  O  O  O  O-O  o-o  o  o  o   o  o
You can get it done at the " Mail" Office
o o o o o o o o' O O O O O O 0 o o o o o o o. o p o o o o o o o o ^���Q;<^J0__Q-
REVELSTOKE, WEST KOOTENAY, B.C.   -' ���      ������':.'';
^^^^^^^^^^m^mmimm^^^�� -'PAGE1-
A Great. Kcoii<>mT<:ii'l   It-.t jn-ovomont About
'';);     ''���.;:���:    ;'-   ...���..'.' '��� '   :���   ���;, vi'to l*.t ,';"i!,a.lo. ';^' .' ^:;;',';" ";V',f   'v-;;
.:"hiv:''.:''. ' One   <jf: ihonioKt -iiiiiioitnnt';! improved
:. ;:",-7ty.m('n't8'j.:i-ijnoih;ri|'dent.'iil ���.p't-i'i'e-iui; is '���y.iV-iii��.'
':���(':,':',. point of beihy lU-o.'.iiipiislit)!. '."It v.-ilpcpii-,'���������
'..'.:,\;y ''Hist;^ in tiie', >ui;KUt"ui.i6n (if: j fi> foel *i J I'C f ���''�����"..-
':'.'���'���'���'������'i.'.' g''!'V;'hi;, ilie illlbigrof .i<-��;I h;';'especially y'in',',
.';���;:,;:.-:.]! ��� rie'^irt, AY.hen- r.-yainV/ire. iikejy. ; 10v'-mo.*,���'
���VW\-';.Ji.���:;.; FN���r'tli'is', purtK'isir'si.pii-ii.: of.'���.'11 iiii��� p.laiiin.'iii ;���
.������{;:'/;:tf;'V fuiijs iiiirt'.t'jiei-tl iiiti) tbt>- ���.~,'c.-ivii.-r,,!',;.';.i'iii'(l':;
;;'.:-.;."-;>"-.> B-.>:iii��:iJiVijIat;-d as tp;,tnko, the 'exact ffbi iii V
:;\^',   .: (>f.:tlie';liule^ "riM .ifU,t..'..';Ay,iM-e.-^in'i(in;.'e;l,;>.\4i's,.''a'..
!!;.;'::�����. .':;:.so J'S apt^oVdiistitrbiitsi'shauV.;;. jTlMis'-'ii^
':-,;:'j)*}'ot)t:tiiioit;H' lieu-id,-from.- \y iiifcli" ���i",j)ti��-c��hiii'i /
;"''������;;'./'':'.cast! may be'.iiiti'd)^ t<>.,h.U"tli��'"'eii.v.iiy: cxi'ic.- ,
.,,.,(...  ';'.jy, ^:'*i-),jg ; is 'pbeui-trii: ii) i>l*��o'e 'Ly.,c'-eni9Jit: '
;;'-���.'������';;..''hj.Tlu.i  trouble  i��'- tliut'. no cement as yottiu- '���;
:'';:A.;iv.yeritoil'J;is- .{proof^.-i^iiiiiHt,   1110;dirisolvisitr
i;1*;:;?   .���'jjdwfr 'Ijf tHotiu'jils'iti -ii'p'litiiirithi ��� ���: \r:���'���''���[.''���>"
'.'.r.y.i. '//���'..:''���.���Uy:,'.,i!iv'.*'ii>,o,'.of. mi !t-K-ciii'.* i.iH'it in cpu-;;
i I;,',.:::.;; nociioViiiviih''i.lio:--li.:,t;le,,'.!iiii'i'l;--or.'��� iiurodjie.;ii:;
������/"l^,'....' -iiitii tlii-; iiitiiitli,^ tii'u.':^;(!j'jitiriiid..ii|\i-ii!iir.'i'i:ii;;
I'!'-. ':'.���i:c<'Hst>rf urehnjiiat'iily f j him hiat.d-h-jiIV ivii-
���',;?;,;.;'; ^'det'i'drti-ai.BiiieViit.';;.; Thus ilh'y'rim.ig/wfoh-j'
v ";T.','���:���"���' about;the,, teethinny-:;by:.vqi;it-ki\v. tiiri'eiVv'i'rr-i--
'';���);  .  ,,;^dj V'":l,,rrh)IJrH'''.t-,i>5lxlOnil' il^.t.h
.tv'iv^rd'eh.-i'tt j^ 'eri'ipt-;
'���'-.-���''.','i;."���. -.-otlv 'mi'd';.ii��.V.y.'Jnivo;.l>��"e'ii -'tlilV,?"��iiiKCHro,.::c*ilists":
���'T't ".'���;,..',:.', at 6n<iii:r-rPi:iivid<!iii o. JoitrnaL'.V.v.V:- ''��������������������,'���:,
'���ft'ji y ���]'������"'!������!'���%:&
';*V\y':-'Vbbbdieiw^ your.
r>:;;;U>;-'.hTRli>si'^ Ilpt'lliniy, tllilt'lhiii^Hv
K/^. ���''���<; lifo^o������������' glorious,;; as ft',-.'Thy' will ,'bV dbiio",.''
K'-J>,M wriJuglit'iutodaily vlife^AuthpiryvCom-';
^''*::i:i.B'oek.;^I^}.^1^{��'J;. ).!]��� yliid-\;-^K^-^\^xfp}:
;;"',;;;"^%yi���'*i"Jio'- solemn '.'and';', blessed   truth' tB'--tfifttV'
-;r;;,;'p: sighing ea^^
i.iL.',.:..:,;;,; diocese^
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"i,iBut theyaiianifeM
';(, vpry��� irioralityjb'*! .wbieh -theyi boiist.-���-Car,-;-'
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Hgo (jTily tvlien' pushed.>��: Don't.bo Christians'���';
"���'.''like the Aretie rivorri^frozun.at Uio lioutii.:
^,+ryJ.,"'T^lio��kli?y;:;D.D.; ;;' ^i;vKt'iK^::-"-!^!:'';^,
;Oars>ot;M!kd��CWitl.t 50,00O,OOO;StltcVicfc ":
\r-/!A ���.���/���'i;.Tli'bao:r:' who ':hav^j;.treceiitly;:'i-aiiSed^ithe.:
���!:::;��!'/'qnbstipn'-��b,f (tlie ;import|;'^of"YJiri8un-mlido'-
::��� iv;:.S'gp^ds; ,from;.aVroud :i.vv'ill, j{' jwrli.aptf,    rend ;
���'..V.'-'i: "with; surpriK0,.tllat the Jqiil-pii",' will ^.shortly';
Vi'^jp��,rnarkablb ai-i.ii;les:over'iiiiide;. iti'-'ii';'.; priiiuii.";
'-���; '''ia ,���Tho'jBii'ptiriiitendeiit'i;'.-" of:%Agravjnil :j6iiiiii.4
*���";:/' m
������'S';;.-.v carjiotip^Kiiueialv deBiyli;'fpr'v. |ji.r.':,Majia.-i;l!y,/-c.
i;;>!;'.;,'me.iit h'Kv.b'',.bebiv'eu*ingad^-iind.1:tliQ':.\te'i:^
~ii'-"*K rrioiiBUres,'seveiny-Keyb'if-;feot byVfortyi-f.-'it/?;
f ys;;- and;;iB ,esUniated;:.tp.contmii;; ny'^fev^ei^iimi:;'
;.- '1'. as tli'S
H .ydarlCiground,; upoii'wliiuh^tlie'^deyico, un!.j^
.* ';', bprdbr. are Executed-in ''delipate' shades :'t>/;
,:;>!��5 ' vpgtitable-dyed;vS tilnoKi^yellows^'browiia
; r'>''ir��hd greens.,,; The carpet,1;wliieii is of.gi-e'.-it
;'.'''���,'"������'.yalu'e'/ wilfcbV'usedfjii'll'ier,MHJPBty'H^hdian
','';;'���?;::; ���rpbm;;nt-0''b'orue> ���. The Agra:-jail; coilviot^"
':... are. also .makiug .ienrpot for ������thbJ-'Ger'iuuu!
���V.. .'.I'em^'rbr.^M.aiibhbijter/'Exiimiiief..1''"'.!.;.:,.;';..
; The'Soulaiid the Heiirtl. .���',.,���.,' '''.V.':'
','.;,.' :.':��� Iu Russia:it was;tho,.coinmot'i  .'Ijelief 'np
'.'������������ i ,;to;theiimeof Peter^tlio Great that: boanlv,
'���'���:lb8D.uien; were aldo'spullesa and that a nutn!
���.'���'.;.''���,:'.\rho': pur'iipsi'ly.- admitted ;pf . 'haviii^r'/iii--;
:,-,:    beard :inarryd eonld 'never :.enter c lie:, von. I
;..';,.,The.'���,'ri*ntl,Polier;8ibt",v6"i-eferred-: tq/oniei'cd'
���;,. ,: - his heatlieiis to '.'shave 'u[i";bo .as to ��|>i'i��ii.r.
\i���'.���'���'' taort-c.vilized,' and >hen;UVeyvi'yfiisti.l' to,
'!.'.,  comply -.villi, his fdiet.i'ie'.fi'nedV t-iie Wtiaftliy::
V:��' and.uvil.ldlb^t-lafirfus': 100 Mrtibjeei   fpr'v.'V-iiljih'-'
;���,';';,board':'di'jit"^tyas permitted .ti>,'grtiwaii-d t'ii'ch
-': '���', if.pViwaii^rtiid laborer apopeck'-ftir'tiit- ~����V��tiio-;-
. ;|;,.;'tprivi'ege.:; 'v.-Eiiiiiily :lhe priest^ wt-roaiitr-alf
���;.:.;..ed;tp;iitHl_they ���iuforitipd tlieir iKtrishioiiK-s;
::';' that unless they Hubmittedtb hayini: '.theit
:: :;'. ;b;.-ards' shaved r.li'ey need: not.'expebt iiifit ���
�� , St; Kiehulas,  the . gatekeeper --bf' - h>iiyi-n;;^
���. ,;:   would, be ablo-to'dUtinjinisn thbin.troiu thev
������.';.!" bbarded TurkH.;��.Tliat had tlio' dtsired;.^'- ,
v-fecw-rrSi'���Li"uis.!'Renubiio.';..--' '. . .;.:':',:.'
:������;;:;;;;:.;,;...:; ���!/'.] Mlssinff Xliilci ��� .'������   ���.',': ���,''"��� ''.,'.���"!.-.��
, .',. Two 'centuries have itiereastd England's,
.wpalth forty, fold,, " ,;';.:  ���',;';, ���- ;'���;'��� --^ -. ..������';}
-T.hr rt'-.'iiK;,nb'ons.l,50^,. theatrea'la^ E*arop��/
I('ol*,-;'.utj--iC-rf~es inost.,.'1'        ; '���..'���',"','''-" ''
"���'.- .A sistur;-t'��r. the,late Mr,;Spurgeon,'recent-,
:'ly .pn.-aiiiit-d in.Loudon,''������';:,    ;';       ���'..'>. ';'[.:/.,
f'.''A. e��3rtaiii.forert��� jil-isit; In Japan Rrows'to
be ntiu'tit wi.t fft-t hitrli iirtlirc-e :wt>-,-ki.     ,'J v
.I'Vi;:/i!',! .buitblaoks  'urc. rt-po.-U\d   !p: b�� .
rhultiulviriij'   lu  Paris   aud;other, FroiKJii'
'���cities..'"-;   -..���'. :,\,'���'':[ ''.���'; '.���'���/���'.,::"���".. ��� -,;;''   ���'.'���������.-''.
Jitrnsaleinhfis lS.^pliio.'-H.wher'J i'qnor' is
Bolll.   the llcvtino    feoj    yolllg,; to    C'uli.itlalitl.
IRipla,      .";'���'���.' :
'���'���  Id-'-stli-'t.'-'-'iri:-
]')t'I-S..!ll;!     ��*-()<,)   prof
dt-nyfiic f.'.yistfincp  of ir..tt.-.r-i,:I. ti
��iud.e;,t!iti .tluit- idea.1'.' ��� bi-M. iV at;M
liff'iiil .that'there it;;.: in ';'���'��� vv,?:! ],'���
;:,.X!i;ij,.e;, t.v.'- nr-i never i'h'��� ���.'.-,.,)]-'.]
/tr. i"M.:v.-- ,t:r;��:r.'ive.are,.' ,,l.f".ve   j;.', :'
ii'-;iti'.,,!i,t':i: we'\ver>-;;\V"ll. ;>\y,r   .v.'nu
fj'>    .Tiu-re is'.i/H.'i'-jtlii'ii-r'i-i tru- i.'),.,j
i-vf-vy ,.:!e ' kjio.ws   tVi.Lt   theH-i.,;|
.'������!|;r :i ui <].:��� with the .- <.<>:i,>ir.-
.:'.���'��� i.;-.*:'   it;' y,   bniirciy   t;,i-:.-i:;
,*;oirie ('li.-fca.-es by '.���'.eriasleu.Jy 'i,i.:lie
.that lhViy do iiot'e.vi.-r. Jind'ae'tintf.-icf
jnt-ly. .But all mahtf'i'tM'will u.'ji'y:^
Eiuch tn.'.'UiiiV.'iit.,.-, ���':, .''..'-'
Wlien itomhlc .Uvofl' Sl.OOO n W��ok "Whii
''.-.������ Reijulrod to UiiiiDrurr Lane���The Siiluiy
1 i'liid t<�� the Stars of Lone A-f-o���A 1'roUt-
r:';:aI>Ie Investin'ont.      ''"���/��� (
:   Ifohej were 'asked- off handpd, to ox-
���;]iretjS;au opinion.���iiv.'i'eK.jnl to  the   r>;la-
,'tive/cost^if, :;ruiinii)^ k  theatre   dui i:ig
the cjn'lyybarsoi': this  century  aud  lo
/(biyjitiasafe to predict  tint,   unless he
Miail.'.iuHtloylcedup the matter, oven an
',^x)',)eribi'fe'6'ilv'mai'i'aKer'*yvonld say ,.t once
tliattiibariiouiitof  nioiicy  cpe. t   and
hinijljpd in afirst-chtss pl.iyhou=o to day
���.vonId far. exceed; that',' bpont 'a  century
'ago:-' tJi'/st :v;iis,;'iha7'y;' studei.t i   of   thu
'p!iiylid|,iHo':iiiid that; each  iige  has  seen
'its 'i>1;iyh'OTiisea'-"in'o&��"fth spt'C-al   leiniiic-
i'lii'e'iits,..i'uiti ;that:^:pacb   tfyiiui.i.iou   had
JiiUii;,;tli^;.;'yamo,i';'eii'ihiibi.i-itii1   the f-aine
f.-iiiU.s to iiiid,,the saiiio depone, a tnii ol
tlie'thealrptodcploro; bo Ir hi-ei.i�� th it,
,aft^r,;al!J,:ll'i,e;';exi)uiiso.;pf rutiuiij!,'  i :.i(.,a-(
fi'6."iliclirs tho; saiiie'; relative  ]i;<<i o:tion
;;:to";th(*;',co:i'i'i'uuhity.:in each   aye.    A very
���.excellent pnopf' ,pf 'this was   fi'und the
other diiy'in  a; book publi.she i   half a
c:eiituiw.:ago, 'long ;'since  out  of  print,
audi 'never; f very-/, widely circulate 1, on
v. tl i *i .'"jf ,*���": Iji fb\-.? bf-���-:���; ..'ti i q" r.-^:]5 uc 11 cs   ot    St
vAlhans.'': iAyhose; jfirst   hti.sbm I     was
';,Tl!oiiiAs;Cpu^ts/:ih'e,.;rich banker.   There
ii,fnll:liMt,: of; tlio.v.expciif-e!'   it   invii'iix
i;'E)'cu'ry:.Lii:iu,htLl8p2,:;,\yiii.iJi  Jo <;\   i'miiji
���''K��}hiblt!,.\yiWM'.he/iti:i!inager1 i?  pu!il'*!ieti
..'.���;A-Ii-j*^KlBit.ibl.vj��.!��� i.(s -leading actor   of   the
^���coinpa'ny.drevv a salary of '-i!),i wee*,
;;,with;aiivaddii,iqh;iK'j!70.asf:t,ig('.'i .n.i-rer.
5'rhe,latter;wi��'Pi!id.;alt tie' yeiriound,
: the;.f oniierduring^thp ;thc. 11 ical se.isou ;
it hiu'tic'an ''average,iueomu during hi.s
'fcoiitrol-'tliero^ofr^lO^hO   a   yesir.    Mvi
^Sictthih^lrcceiycd^^SyO   a  week during
;ithe:';:&pa'sbii,;;:;pr;:i;abput; 56.000   a   year.
(te:idi:ig i'i)endikC;:Bii.hister   "Handsome
;;tfack;A'p!ilil*e';devoted;; to CJamck'and to
;Ef,lu)u:idIvu,aUi; drew| '-ii   btl.ny   of ;'*J"i ;���
;;;yycek;-;(,,ThphiaS;;Rihg,;-tiie  on   hi..! Si;-
|./l?e.teri;";.TpMzie;J Alexander
^Popei'wlioSbiirst'Wife-.was the i>e,.*itirul
irMis:siypU!igenahd;w,hoVis better k:iu-.\n
:"as a gbuiiiiaudihan ail actoi*, 1'ot.eivc-d
; !ifj5.;;;;;Wrb.ugiiton,:;:;'who w<is tor voirs
; proprietor^ Theatre,'
;;had',?75;;>Charles.;';Kethblo, ^/il), I-Jyni'j
'-. the; bt{i]et;;,nuwter,;;'f40; Joim I'ahner
���theorigit!aI;Jpseph Surfaco, !j-t5; Powell,
';the^vpron|iitpr,;;,;hiid'* ��30, with many
-piuolii.-uo-iii ;;,thc;fatupU3 Gnuialdi .had
; ,but,$30^V^ivJv^:-^;S;iJSi ;;V.j
5JTheTifury.L vtds  quite
;lar{*e^itiiuii-berpd'"f6rty five people he
:'Sidp~Ohe',exfr^ the  h.ibtry  list
��� i'opted ,up lotheAyeeklv* anion lit  of SJ2.-
���; cyp!;;ful!y equartoithe-liirgetit salary lists
of^to d,;ty.',;J;Thei;extrii' people   rocoivud
^frpiu:$0;25'tp;:$lOJ;a;:; w'pek,   which  com
pares wolfJy>*ith'the.;'dirica   paid'  to day.
liideediyt^^'aboybjiigurpd couipire more
tiiaii*;f!ivbrably;w*itiiJthe .sai.-u u-o Ui ?jng-
Slaud-tp;d;i\*;v'Ehglishelea<Iing   men in
r.ihOifprovfnces^rccpiye^'sai.Lriea    to day
.; rn luring ;rrom >j n.i-oto rl.i. *>U, the figures
Vl)fii\ig;hirgeri"bf,;cpurse, in Lo-ulon. and
;;;;iit;thiscouiitry;the, price range-- nil the
.vViiiy,'frp.ui^��riO';tb,!$3pOl' .with notabie ex-
��� i ceptions.;.us'Uiilly:pain to EiigliMi actor*..
^like the;$75ii;thiit':.wiis paul Uh irl. h (.^>l,i
lau'wheu he ���cambjhero,  to   hU.r   uii.-r
;-John   ,Sto^.soii's, manageuieiit  and   the
; ���S5Q0;that; was paid Leonard Boyne  last
.year;.;; when;' he' staged- "The  Prodigal
���Daughter,''   ,-.-and' 'jdayed  ' the     her.-.
.���;Bt,y,.!,Hf\-i'"salary   in"���: ;L6ii'lo*i   was   $!2."i
l'ajj-Miiii:g'wpareii;iiiv.'���Englarui   get   troin
;":CsSO',t.i.i ;'��M   in; the-,prbyi!:eea,   nioro   in j
'.'""Lpri'iion.-": 'Etiglishcornerliau,   tft't  from i
-^i,"i' tor$o');a':vv*.eek.���'s'^ubreitc-s fio:u JL'2    i
:50;to sSJO.; Iieayv;; men  about   the   �����.���.:up
: ngn-aas'so'abrertesH.but heavy  woiiitn I
"receive'fi*pni,'i*;.20 to ^.40 :,a ween,    ifjny i
!; ri^pt\n^ibii;.;ui.i,iity,;pe^nlf' in 1'igl.itjil t��j
t'day\;d:6 ppt;grt;byer. ^i>s2A to '
���\tits Vh.au'.;>yas .ipa'id. tn* K-n
;.5:;TbA;:;tpLi;l';r'exj;<;ii5e:; of ,r;:-.;n:,g  x..,<
,;.Dr,ury'L;ine,ThW-tre;:-in-- Ketu ij.e'j-  riiuti
:'was'"^fr^H.-<i':VvCeki;;;;It  l, d-.* ":, :";i} if
,,a'ny,;cbani-e'in;":!,;ii*: co*:r,try  :o d.-.y co-ta
'uibrs.;..'vit;,ii-dijScnit.io'co. .;, lc t"^- ex
:.j.-&iisea TO'day'.'with those uf Drnry Line
���at .':t.>;.,;."tiu';e mentioned;,���;aa   -.. f.-v.- j"
ulay; "isiaipiy; becarise   sol ir.< -     tt.vt.^h
... large, are 'Znvr. in. uiiuilier,   it***:!" i}.��> -,-x
ubii.s.es,of ,a��� ^e.Il .kriov/ij','tTn. inc  a Uj*v .
..of a' positioii .'rknkiiig , u-jtn L>rnry L.t!,.-,
,-im. put,si,:e,  of ,the   salr^-ii       ', - o; .>   ,v
week. ���'Si.iri;.:. years > ago;. w :>��� '. t  - 1. >;
ton' Thti'ar.re, liad- a  ,otf>ek'(-o.;.p i-.y, lie
exp'^it-eri-X'terp'^.iXKi' av.day, -u    iaLJii.i, a
���jj>erfi">ri*'iiflic'>; ,or'."^.'p'OO a. '*��� ��� k
,It'ik iutei't-s-tihg Us note that   the .*nl
��� hitrion'-pi, the'-Drury  Lrmc   [,,���.,;..-. ty ��-w
vOuo.OOO.'-tirid ���''that.; it .was ,t j-rojlt-ud--
;!i)n woeh
oie's   t.in
Tho   Folly   i.T   n   .lo.h-y 'TIu-cw   Away   a
I-'-ortiitK. :tl tin- Ifctt^t.
A number of r.i<iug men vwm clnit-
ting in an(nptown hoti i on 13ni t-iway a
few evenings since, says the lu-w York
Sun, find one of the parry, who had
been abio.id in company with Walton,
the famous plunger,'when that heavy
spec-ilator nude iii-; second trip to England, told how near tin American came
to creating a bensatiou which would
have made tho country ring from one
end to the other.
"The vanity of' a   jockey,"   said this
man, "cost Walton and his friends $1,-
000,000 aud this is' how it all happened:
Walton had in his  stable among   other
horses Mr'. Pickwick, Sutler faud tho 3
year old Hopeful, which bo still   owns
and has in  the   stud   somewhere   near
New York.     We had been winning our
share of tho money,  both   on   our own
horses and bu those of other owners and
the sens'-ii had oriciiud  up   in ' the most
propitious fashion.    'All of tho American continge'b.t took advice from 'Potie.'
as we   called   Walton,    and   wo   had
made    tho    ring    wince   several times
on    Bottling     day.      Sherwood,     who
trained   for   Walton. , had a very high
opinion of Hopeful, and wanted   to run -
him in a stake race, but wo begircd him
to hold olf and pick out a   selling event
instead, and prepared  to   make  a coup
that would be talked about fur  mouths
to como.     Alter seeing   the   City and
Suburban run we ran back to London,
and from there "took the train fio Epoom.
where our   horses   were  quartered.    It
was our purpose  to  deceive  everybody
as to our intentions,   and that  morning
the" horses were brought out. trotted and'
centered,   and  carefully   put away, as
though they had had all their work for
that day.    ]u the   afternoon,   when the
Downs   were    deserted,     Hopeful   aud
So !er   were   brought   out   i.i company
with Riciuuo.id, a i.igh-cla:-,.-, hoive," tlien
tinii-od  by   Sherwood   but   afterw.-u-dg
bought by Walton, and brought  to this
country, rtii;niiigsthird iii'Pontiac's  Suburban.    The trial was a great  success
and showed us'that Hopeful was a grand
three year old,   of   quality    siitneieiitly
high to wiii'inany slakes for race hordes
of hi:, age.    Richmond beat  him   about;
a  let:^lh,    and   the  three year old   beat-
Sutler, away off;'in fact we were,in high-?
feather and  consideicd' the ' money wo
intended to   place   on , Hopeful  in   tho
coming race as good as won   ��� '
'���Racing in' England is vastly different
from the sport in this country, a'nd tho
great public knows far loss about the
merits of the horses than they do in
America,' ��� Horses run fewer races, are
trained privately, < and sometimes are
not beeniu public for ^months together.
As a consequence form is much harder
to follow, and thooo.vvho ha\e a bot'tled-
up.good thing and know how to guard
their secret get a .price that is at limes
ftsto:iishi..t:ly goo 1. We were amazed
to get as good a�� W to 1 against Hopeful, and, the strangest part of it all was,,
that the more wo but the more the ring
seemed capable of absorbing.    Wo told
Jiiir jockey (1 won't mention Ins name,
but he was a good one in .his day, and
modt of you know.him) that we stood to
win a fortune and to take no cuances.
From the start Hopeful was in a good
position, and after making a splendid
turn at Tottenham Corner we began to
cheer, for our chestnut beauty. was
striding along in front and moving over
the turf in magnificent style., A hundred yards from tho finish we were
exulting in our triumph, and fifty
yards from the 'line nothing but
a miracle could keep us from
getting the money:' Whips wero
flying behind us and|our colt was still in
hand. When I think of what happened
then I grow faint and want to swo.-'.r.
Our jockey, witti the insane desire of
������bowing what a good thing it was, took
a pull at Hop'-f ul's head," the great, long-
Etndmg colt became tangled and was
thrown otT his. stride. Webb was on
the :ieare.s! of his. competitors,   and he
Tho   H��.fc����iil���>"*<���*   Jiifi-i iiiarrici!    Vith
.   ft���*..��fM-iiii   H��.l^ii:-t^ J/ni.iili* r..
It v-.iiii i be surprising hi i ��������� \ if tV
no��- i-uiiiii-fllor wex'o not free -ioui pr -
^orttc.'R iif r.ice, for, accosting to the
N��w York Tribune, there is nof.mi'v
in Eu -"ii- thy international rei-t;i.'iiji'iip
hat of
j< wh
t*-oi '
ii is more extensive than
Janice   iioheulohe.      Queen    '. u lo.i.Vs
step .sister,~iii.lined a Prince Il.iie-i.lo.'ie,
iin.i it was her  Britannic iii.-ije.-iy  who.
on the premature death   of the Piiru-e.ss
Feodore, assumed charge of lior children,
one of whom. Princess Adelaide jjohen
lohe, married to(lthe  Into   Duke of Aug-
'iiBlenhurg, is tho mother  of ilie present
-Eiiipre.sfi of Germany.    The llohenlohos
are, therefore, treated as cou.sius by the
reigning family   of   England,   -r*.   the>
are   also     by     tho     royal    house   of"
Prussia,    and     there    was    no ' more
popular molnibor   of   tho British court
than    the    late    Priuco Victor llohuii-
lolie, who for so   many years liliod   the
oliico of constable of  Windi-or   Castle',
and who,,'nftor   distinguishing hiim-clf
in tlii) Biitish navy.,in wuic. h.> attain
el t.ie ra-iu' of admiral, ininii-1 iulo tin*
!-Jia*hsii iiristoeracy imd spent ihe major
part of his life in his   adopted   coiicitry.
j'riiice IlohculoJic i.siiiiirricil'ioPrinees-t
' Leopoldi'ue,   of   Baden,   while   another
iiH-mbei- of the Hohenlohe family'is m.i
friii'ioiiiiilJy''allied to tho reigning hoiiso
of   Wurtembcrg.    Prince   Coustautiiie.
;is arrand master of tho household of the
fiiiiperor ot Austria  aud   controller   of
iiis court, may bo regarded as standing
at the'head , of   the  AuM.ro Hungarian
aristocracy.    Prince   Kraft   Hoiieulone
is married to tho daughter of the   Marquise d'imecourt. one ot tho mo^t inJlu-
enliai and   grandest   members   of   the
aristocracy,'and sister   of   the   popular
cavalry general, tho   Marquis de Galli-
il'et, while one of th'o sons   of   the new
c, iiucellor ha-" sought a briile iu Greece,
in   tho   person ��ot   Princess   Ciniriciee0
Ypsihiuti.'a naiuo than which   thu.'u   is
none'more illustrious iu  the unuals   oi
modern Greece.
There are Ilohoulobes who, are mar
rind'to Sp-tuiaii grandees, and'there aro
oti'.ors who aro wedded to patricians of
RoiaMuul Naples; while the chancellor
ami his brother, Constantino at Vienna,
are .married , to Princesses Sayn-Wiit
gcnsTc-in. a Iiotxs<i which may 'be cou
bidercd its f.-a* more Russi.-ui Jian Gorman. It' was the Ruwian motiior of
uPriucfsf Hoiwnloho. by the way, whoc
Wii-i the principal ,c-*.nso oi tho famous
composer, Liszt, becoming a priest.
Infatuated with Liszt, she went to the
longtn of securing a divorce irom her
hiisjiiiid. Piince'Nichfila-i Wittgenstein,
in ori.er to marry liim. ' By the time
she hat! secured,her freedom, however,
the heart of the fickle composer was
itii.Ti-'stod iu another (iin-ctiu'i to nttci.
' an^extejit as to render it impossible for
him lo marry.'Princess Whu.en.tieiii
without provoking not only m ><vi:iit.-tl
but eveij iucurringi>ersonal danger at
the' hands of tho relatives of
his new inamorata. boi eiy' per
plexed. and ' disinclined, ' moreover,
to  bind,.himself   vith   tho   i^convs-ni
ent chains of matrimony., Liszt
appealed in his difficulty .* to ins irioud
and chief patron, Cardinal Hohenlohe.
The latter, being desirous of aw.i.dngi
the terrible .ifesul.i;Micoaof a lady (if his
family with a man of such humble
birth as the pianist,' induced him to be
come a priest and thus to, 'create an un-
Mirmotiutable bar to any nniLiimouiul
prujtf-cts, on tho part of the princLs.s.
Altiion*,ii bitterly disappoiotod, siie re
iniiine''. Liszt's frieud to the .a.st, and it
was at her palnco at Rou.e that he whs
accu-to,nod to reside wiien "in the
eteri.ai eity. Her salon there used to
be crow de-i with   authors,  arti:ts cliplo
Prof. Henry T>rumnifiii(I GItcb  the Scientific Uiieii and Value or tho Unman, Ilnnd .
mid the Various  Movement* KeoeMttr-r
to Its I'crfuct Action.
One of tho most perfect pieces of me-
ohani?tn in the human' body la the hand.'
How long it has taken to develop may bo
dimly seen by a glance nt the long urray
1 of less acciiiate lustrumentt- of preheiision
which shndo away with ever decreasing
dolieucy and perfuetness as we descend the
8cnlo of animal life. At tho bottom of %
Unit Benin ip tho aniccb-a. It is a speck of
protophisinic jelly, 'headless, footless and
arrak'Bd. ,
When it wishes to seize mlcroscoplo particles of feod on which it lives,  a  portion
of it�� body It n^ilit'iis out,   and, moving towards ilm object, flows over it, engulfs it,
and uieltK back ro-aiu into the   bod}.   This
is its hand.    At any, place, at any moment,
it m-i-at-'s a hand.     Eneh   hand   itT'eXiem-
por zed as it is needed ;   when   not noudt-d
it in not.    Past a little   higher up the hc-aIo
and  observe the  hea-anemone.    Tli�� h.tnd
iB no longer extemporized   as  occi-uion requires,    but .lengthened  portions   t��r   tho
body are set apai t  and   kept permanently
in i-hapo for tho  purpose  of  seizing food.
"Watch,       in     tho   , next     pla-.-i��,       tho
hand   of   nn   African uioiikey.    Nt>to the
groat increate in usefulness duo to tho nius-
cularurin upon wliicli tho hand is now toc-
teuded, and th-j extr.ioidinary capacity for
vnrit-d motion afforded by   the   threefold*
srbtem of jointing at shoulder,   tdbow antl
wrist.     The hand itself is ahu'o��t the   human hand; tlu-reaie palm and nail ilikI ar-
^tictilated fingers. , But observe    how   ono
circumstance hinders tho possessor    from
taking full advantage of these    gieat    im-
provt'inenis���(his hand has no thumb,  or,
'it it ha*, it in but a l-udiinan*-,.    To   e-tiiu-
ate the impb; t.-.lice ot tliis   npji n-ei.tly  in-
siguific-mt Tii-^.-in, try for a moment   without lining   thqj  tiir.uib    to hold  a btiok or
write a letter,   or   do   any single piece of
manual work.     A thumb is, not merely an
additional lingor, but a finger ho   arranged
an to bo opposable to the other fi'ngorn, and
thus  pobsehRfs n piactlcnl   efficacy greater
than all tho'fingers put together.     It is this
which given tho organ of power to seize, to
hold, to manipulate,   to do,, higher   work;
this i-iiiiplo mechanical   dovio��,   In" short,
endows tint hand of iutclli-'eiico with nil its
capacity and skill.    Now thero are animals,
hko the ciolobi, which havo mo   thumb at
all;   thoto1 are , others, like the'mniuioBOt,
which pon-iess the thumb,' but m which   it
is not opp sable; and there >-.ro others, the
chmipiinzi-.,  for instance,   in r which    the
hand  is ui   all   t-ast-ntiuls   identieal    with
unn'a,     In the hnui.in form tho, thumb   is,
a lit tie lunger, and thu whole invinber'nioro.
delicato anil shupi-ly, but even for IIm>   n*e
of hor higher product, Nature h.is not barn
able to make,anything much moro   pur/o'ot
than the hand of 'thin anthropoid  ap*>.
Is the lituid tiion hnished? ^ Can Nntnr��
tjtko out no new puttmt in thii dirv-ciion?
Ib the fact that no novelty is tutroduoed Ui
'houses, have a sw^'klcbi-ip.i.av, bt:; ^2,'"^
'will coyj-r' ipost:':Of'.. the. <-i!;.rr )i-ts is.
[ ��� jfc'ii.
Stil,'.rt;Atllili   J-'.Viicr'ImHilt.
The: if-
rror  and' Farmer  r-::ivr-
?.?. v>- :":TI , -
.-���;v>-.-ritii':ri!-. ii; ;:i-.'i-.'r;-::.-���-. <.?<
;.���'-������ :/���. i.y,;
'. li-.:iit;rsiar.t i.---.i.':-g. {������'., .���>
,':������ ..- o ��� ';i
!i; ili.-rs arai   o.v's   ;..r..,  ;;
'or ��� >,'-���'!'.-
. t.iiu entire tilt- e;i 'ii!:.-,'|
:.���:��� ������-.,   {.:-.-
v.i'.-ii) .'i..:oI   raided: o:i .;..:'.
.; :���..'!������.' 1..1-;.
o iiy . tli-':' .iiiime-. l.-uii; v.
;a.'.:ie kind   of ccrw.-;..   ���.'.'.
,:- oi ..>;' 'ti.i
.-,..'��� .'.'periiue-it i.-,-. to  .Ii;-,.
S.1--.I.    e.tilv
���tie..-   'j..St f.f pr.-vj.-e.-iij-'
'.;-el.-ir liii
j.-i ':���;)-,,:;ti..iUH, I.-ii^ ;h;.- o
t.ii ti'ie b'v.
f. ������������������: Wi!l.
ti���.:,.* .*( ;'i����   Su'Jrti'. <,'ii��i-tn:. ���
i.:'r��r!:i;r liVlicivostl:,.^ hv;
V/i'l !l;>vt
';-a \\ir'\iHn*\iit\(-:>z ic !.-. cv
;i to
��t     my
'.*> per C'-iit on th-.-invostnici,*,   :*j >t--ad of
lu:p.--r1:e0iJt. r.j-   l's   dono' in   tn, ��� duvn
-Ti,u- s'-'iisiii: war,  'only   :>2 "h  ,s   *., tt..a
��� the i'enwl W/Cs riboiit ���${'')!m a 't ', ���"
���������'f'.)f ;:oi'n;se'i.t i-u i>iily,'.fuir   to   <
'th>*-r!,s'w'.is:'brsi!,onij oth'jr ii..- -i ,, ,',
1!..'ovoiit.(lirl:''n. .. fit : t'ho- tin .-   -
otVotitt'e.' ratlter.oyorb'a!;,-!!        r
'mc.king co'.'iiparijs.-.aiK.of. r.io- - ,,-
it tnay'wtirprv.: niany fo-li.i ) t,.
IU     ,i.)
A.nd so, bei��tlinj'i,'ivv'iiv,
i'til,-.: one's. coiii;ii.'-. .-,���;:,;
..-'.'i..;.S of > green  ,pa:;.���:,>���. .
���s 'until' tho ��� Iii':'.-.:. ���> e
tiieif  [lOapet'uliy'iu.Co lie.
; 'an ���
tiieatre i.{) eoncorne!. .we in     rn
va'a.C''of���'our- great-grandT.o-e
.eiriily'-,vh(-;> it; is   coiiSid,::,  !
���.,lo;-K,i-.ot:h;icIu,d'*r any'iiiouet  f ���)��� -  ���   .
.or.tbe ;;uti:(,r'.! fee:-,   ohieii   !���    ii     ��,
pretty   ct/ii-i ^-ri.i.b-; at   f.'i   '   '.    >,
���iiany. I'liiLd.i.-ii.phiys were ;.   .    ,, .  :
. ".The'e.xiw'-.iso.of .'Ijy'nliiii:    ,     ;' , , ; r(
'���caniihi's .'weVe ii.<;.i7d'--.iif hfi.-ii.   .  ,;   o; -,
Visits jiiel .0? ptththf.g'the.'i .i"   |)  ���
Ij.-i:-'.:.   w.vt '.'f'rAl.    'If ���.vpi.'.hi ���  .-,  l
tertsl.iiiiJT   to    iiot.0 ' tiitj . <^,,.',i   r     i   -,-.
-.ioi.-t,-,, "���:> coniparo  it.  with   r    -   <  . r
i;i"-i.r.:ri!y..-;".Uoot if.Oo a w( ( .      , i t    .
������':i,-;.:i:i:":lV':ly, noirificord of th   r  '     . .- ,
s;,];":i:\     Bwb'arkable .-,s  *    -��� ���    <i.-i.,
i:my r.-eeirj ,'ta .many, it iriiiwt )���������    < i. j,
uiind fii'.f '-b'-ry. are  tho   ex*,.  >   n   o-i
r��ry ' profit4iblo    iiivd-suijit.-iii - t^hic i,
hM .ill but given   up   ri'lin-^.    but,  like
the jteat horseman   th.it he is-, he gathered \w< tiu'v-, mi-i, by one of the trrand-
> e-t   efforts  I've ever seen, nailed Hopeful an 1 i' --it him on  the post.      I went
broke over the race,  but nothing could
stay V/alt'-n's luck that day, for despite
1   b:s low-- on the race  he  quit   the   day
{���'i'ViOO i.. th- gool.      What  would-he
���   have wo,: if our jockey hadn't  blunder-
1   ed1'  t Fuily *l.(>-i0,0./i. and  the entire
'   story of his life mfgi.t have been ch.ing-
'v<l        Had  he'jri-t that mii'-n money to
grtiicr tii'-.y re-ytr e.inld hai*u ma-le hnn
Mirreu '.'-v.    I'll never forget what W.-Lb
paid hfji-r tin-race     fr  was  lni<-      -Th'-
ia'it v-ig.'it 'I'jiit j en '"  poiiitiiifr   to his
njip-r lip. which, <)>"������ all   c��f   England's
),,fki'\s. w.ii. ( i>-.-iii   i.'javi-d.      Our   man
hinlit IJI.-'l.st.e-i.f " '
Klltltl Mtt.r..   i,r  Jiirn.tK   It tcrtnt-rM. ,
-An lieli .a hna bei u known to carry a
lett' r from Gun/.a-iarei to Cbihu lima
flh'l I )H V. .vg.i.n );. i.vi- days,, the 'lls-
ta'if e iifi'.u in aily '-i/i i:i*'-s In .sniu��
pa' t-j 'vie r- tin- T.ira
M�� >"ii,.iM. ti..-y fir-
wild h, -r-''-., t'rjv.ii;
reay t \\i :;.>-i.i tw,
ir <!!���. -.*.-.g nt ;.;g!
th j. nn." rie-y ,
I'loron.'.iiv e*-:n iu--
f-< i V- s ill*,   -tiii ires,.
air hor.-. if ytai gjv��; thetii tijueeii mgh
Ihe,' w.il pars'le de��T :n the mow, or
v-irii du.'-. ,'.': rie,- rain. ;or <)���.',������, are]
da;,'i u.*i:i! r.i bus i:i'- ,-.h.mai ..-j oortier
fcd and rdiot wi^ii anow- or faflrj an
eft>-y prev fro.M .sle-.r < xlnn-ition, i!v.
hoofs dropping off -���-.S';."ii/iier'd.
rve the
run in the
/ --.
rrai ; 11
>r   t(
's to fif)
i! V
g '
>n ;>. J it,
h ,rv?
!. wr
" t.e-.i-j-
mitts .iiivl church dignitaries, Car.iina
iloheulohe among1 tho nu'moer, and
while di inking hor caravan tea and puf-
lint; nw.vy at her largo Havana cigars,
which ,hhe was accustomed to smoke,
s'- e would ohattor- at ease in Polish,
German, Russian, French, English,
Italian or Spanish. She survived Liszt
��� for, several years, and it was to her that
ho   heqivathed .the   major part of his
A hit: to TrmiHfor   l.umicy.
A series   bf  very   wonderful experiments which havo just been  concluded
by Dr  Luvs, of Paris,   whose   observations and discoveries in connection with
magnetism   L-.id electricity   iu   relation
to hypnotism modo a   profound impression upon the scientific world somo time
aw.   has   led to  a   remarkable  ror>nh.'
'! ho latest dif-oovery,   says   the  Loudon
'f��-i.-graph,' establishes    tho   fwt   ilia*,
cerebral activity can  Uj tr.-umi'i rred   to
in-rnv.-n of magnetized iron,   in  which
th" ,-ie:ivity can be retained and subsequently paused, on to a second   person
Incredible    as    this    nuiy    M-ein,     Dr.
Leys has    proved    its    ��� osi.ilnlity   by
lie' ojcpV-rimt-ntH  just   referred to.    He
pl,i'-<;.|    the   crown,    which   in   reality
ii only a circular   band ol   magnetized
l/*'-'i. on   til's    head ��� of a f'-uuiii- patient
��..li'ering   fi'oin     melancholia,    with    a
in tula   for  self-destriictioii,   a,id    with
i>,,ch t.in.fi-is wits the "vpi'iiinent atteiei-
eltnat within   a   lort.ii-.dit  the   path".I,
t.i.nl-'i   be   allow, d    Ui   go   free wit!,om
danger, the crow ii   having   ah-* irbed nil
her   jn;ir!ie.I    lt-nde:jcieft       A boat    two
weeks ,A\' .-,',��� ii ! ho put thoMiiiiecrowii,
vhich i..''.'..'.-.'!,lie   had , I>��� on   car. f nil v
k'-fit ir.���<- fr--in contract   with   any tluut:
oo t,if""iie��id of  a
mal" j aliei
f-ring irf/.ij :.ynU na. coeijj.ic.t.
fi-.jii'-iii rceiirifiil perioih. o.'' in,
'!lei p/iti '.'it wiw limn byimou/,..
i:.-i;iii'di.i.-"iy    '���ori',iii''ted   l.lrusrlr
I sul
.1   by
i and
th" ):��.*��� :ini-r of the woman  who had pro
ui ->i;'..
.s"i..' Kt-pt 'i l.ftit
("'Id--' i>j(l yon kee],
i of miii,i at your ���we.i.uiug'/
I ���1 kept ..ii l.'ie pfi,jonw.
Till,   .\(ltlr,"<�� .stfiiit-.l   Sjit tJn^riifiu^.
j      Shooting and  Fis.'jiug' lately told tho
I   following -r .ry
j Oil'} of tho fuuierrnen, when ho left,
| homo for the- fian, leys, said he would
1 go by way of Lr>:'n:T Dam, l.e might
stop at middle Oam. or go on to r,'pp"r
Dam His daughter wished to wril" to
him, but, not knowing where tho letter
would find him, addressed it thus:
'"Rev. ���-������, ,     ;
"Somewhere in the'Dam Region,
,   "HangeU-y, Mnin'o, ','���  ,1
, And l.io received the 'letter.
viv-.i <;*.
trie   rr:,-/. ii
pr tCfiC/illy >ei:iiiii"d hor jit-r'.oii-tii! v mul
u'l'jn.d o/,v;!ir th" i-'iino ctilupl.iisit'f as
j|.e ,-i.id oO.-ie. Htmibir p)iei,o,-ne;i,i neve,
ll m reo'/Tl'i !, l��;en obsi.'ri'ei! in I lie case
of r:'vi-vy pnliont expeiii.e���-nted ujvjm
A noth'-r etper'tinei-.t sho,ved that the
crown retained tho iuipr-.-ssion a/;quirod
until it was mode red hot.
IMtrOic tint Oiif.^n'* l.lfn.
The Queen of England,, in her.57 years
,,of powtji*. has ������.-"eon. over;;  throne   in the
world vae.ited' at least once,   and   some
of (I.em several tiuios..-���Chicago Times.
the case of man n proof that the ultimate
hand has appeared? By no mt-nni. Aud
yet it is probable for other reasons that
tho ultimate hand hai appeared ; that there
will never bo a more perfectly hiind--d
animal than man. And why? Because
tho causes which np to the point have
furthered the evolution of the hand have
begun to cease to net. Iu the perfecting
of tho bodily organs, as of all other devices, necessity is the mother of invention. '   , i
Ab tho hand was given  moro and more
to do, it became mote and more   adapted
to its work.      Up   to a point it responded
directly to each new duty   laid   upon   it.
But only up to  a   point.'     There  camo a
time   when   tho   necessities   became   too' -
numerous and too varied for adaptation to
keop paco with them.     And  the fatal day
O'ime, tho fatal day for tho hand, when ho
who bore it mado a new dit.oovery.of tools.
Henceforth what tho hand used to do, aud
was slowly becoming adapted to,do better,
was to bo dono by extoru.il appliances. ' So
that it anything new arose to bo  done,    to
be bettor done, it wits  not a better  hand
that   was   now   made,   but  a hotter tool.
Tools are external hands.     Lovoro aro tho
extensions of tho bones of tun arm.    Hammers aro callous substitute-) for   tho   fist.
Knives do tie- work of  nails.,  ' Tho   vice'
and piece��� roplaoo tho fingers.      The day
that cave m-.n first split the  marrow-Lous
of a bear, thrusting a   utick   into   it and
Btriki'ug it home with  a   atone���that   day
the doom of tho band wiw si-aled.
But'has not man to make his tools, and
will not that induce ,the development of
.the hand to an aa yet unknown perfection?
No. Beciuisu tools aro not mado with tho
hand. Thoy are made with tho brain.
For a time, cortaiuly, man hud to inako
his toolH, antl for a tlmo tliis work roccin-
poiiBi.'d him physically, and tho arm became elustio and the fingers dexterous and
wtroiiH. But soon ho made tools to make
tliCKo tools. In plaoo of (limping things
with-the* hand, he invented the turning-
lathe; to nave his fingers he requisitioned
the loom; instead of working his nmsch's
ho gavo out tho contract to electricity and
steam. Man, therefore, from ihi* timo
forward will ecus- to dovelop materially
these organs of his body. If ho develops
them (iiitiud.i his body, filling tho world
everywhere with ortifioial hands, supplying the workshops with fict-ors more in-
tricflle n'ld deft than orgtnlo evolution
i could make in a millennium, nod loosing
uliergiod upon them inlinitely more gigantic than his muscles oould over generate
iu a, whole lifetime, it is enough.
Evolution after oil is a slow proccus. Ita
great labor i�� to work1 up to a point, where
invent ion shall bo possible, and wher��, by
tin" powr-r-4 of the human mind, and by the
mechanical utilization of the energies of
th�� univewi', the resultp of og��a of de-
Yelopmetit may be anticipate.!. Further
ahnii|/t-s, therefore, within tho body itself
are miwle unnocesnary. Evolution baa
tnkor. a new doptrture. For the arrost of
the hand is not the cessation of evolutioo,
hut.its 'immense acceleration, and tho re-
duction of its' eiier/iun into higher ohan- '
nV.s,���Prof. Henry Druifliaoud, iu The
Ascent o: ilitu. ' ��� i:
An  Idea Th��t Will  Dorelop  a* tJieVenn
, Jofr  Alonp.
, The   superiority of , refrigeration obtained by mechanical processes, as compared with   that  obtained   by melting
ice, appears in tho facts that bj* it more
intense cold  may bo  Becured, that  any
desired degree of   cold   may be maintained with perfeot uniformity, thut &
dryer   atmosphere - is   secured   iu   tbe
refrigerating box or room, that the m-
convenience of frequently replenishing
ice bunkers   and   the   slop and dirt attendant upon   this  work are avoided,
that the   annoying   uncertainty of   ico
supply and variability in ,its price aro
avoided,   thut  space   in ,tho   rooms or
boxes  to bo cooled is economized', by
substitution of a coil of pipe on walls oc
ceiling for tho  oulky ico   bunker, ami
that this refrigeration  con bo em ployed
for many purposes and places where ico
cannot be used at all.    Add^d to all this
is the  fact, of paramount importance,
that  whore  much   refrigeration  is re
quired tho  cost of a machine and its
operation is far less than the cost of ico
suuiciont to   do   an   equal   amount   of
These   ndvaiitagea   have   proved   bo
' groat in   practice   that every brewery,
packing house, cold ' storage  warehouse
or other establishment requiring a largo
amount   of   refrigeration   contains   iia
individual refrigerating   plant.    Where
consumption   amounts   to ten tons   or
more of ice daily, tho question  of  economy will bo   almost, invariably decided
in favor of the machine; if le->s than tan '
tons bo required, tho  cost of a machine
mid its operation   may ��� exceed tho cost
of ice sullicient to do ft similar amount
of   work:     In   many   such   esses   tho
nitperior   quality 'of   tho   rol'rigeiation
obtained, its cleanlino98,"'roliability and
'convenience, or,the requirement of moro
intense cold than   ice  will produce, so-
, cures   the   adoption   of   tho   machine.
Therefore,     small   machines fnro    frequently found on   shipboard,  in  hotels
und   apartment,   housed ' and   in 'many
manufactories.    But   most  of   the   ico
gathered from rivers and lakes, or made
in factories, is'uot consumed liy the fow
who   require largo .quantities,   but by
the many  who,   sovorally,   requiro lees
than ton fcon3 a day. >
'"Tho effort to .bring this superior ro-
frigoratiou ��� within to*),roach of small
consumers has tokeo two directions���
the production of small and inexprinsivo
automatic machines, and a" system fit
supply of the refrigerant from central
stittious. Tho first lias failed' hitherto,
o because the balance of com.la!illy varying pressures, tomporatures, stiength of ���
solution, etc., is too complex,a mattt-r
for purely automatic regulation. Without constant'skilled "attention tho iiiii-,
chines work unsatisfactorily, while'I ho
.relatively high cost! of plant.'sfuel and
-cooling water, in operating on n'sm-.ll
scalo. defeats economy.���Cassicr's Magazine.    ' '
<   ���        Iltilrotli.-tt liefuru I'.ii th.
During the  Middle   Ages it was ons-
tomaiy for princes and princesses to bo-
6onio betrothed and   married in child-,
hood   to' iusuro succession  or political
advantages.    But it  was only in exceptional oases that unborn  children woro'
disposed of in tho   samo   way.    Such a
case, however,' is on rocord.    If, occurred in lUGS, when 'Prince Siguiund, son
of the Eiaporor Charles   IV.   was liorn.
On his bantismal day  ho was betrothed
to Katherhio, daughter  of tho Cou.-t of
Nuremberg.    On   that   occasion it wad
agreed that a daughter   of Charles IV., .
with which   ho  expected   to be blessed
within five yearsrshould bo married to a
son of Count Frederick, of whom it was
also hoped that he should  so 'bo provided.    This is tho youngest bridal   conulo
on  record.      Tho   hoped-for   daughter
came in 1373, the last year of the allotted
period, and she in timo became tho wife
of Johann HI.,   tho  son   of tho Count,
who also justified the expectations of his
An Old Custom.
The ancient English custom of giving
lovo to.:ens on tho 20th of August died
' not many yours  ago.    Tho  custom was
for   "onaiuourod   maydes and   gentlewomen" to givo to their favorite swains
as tokens of love, .little  handkerchiefs,
three or four inches square, with a but-'
ton or tass'el at oachcorner and a  small
ono in the centre.    The  fiue.it  of- these
tavors  were, edged  with  narro,-   gold
lac'eor twist; and then, being folded up
'in four   moss   folds i"0   that the, middle
might be seen, thoy wero  worn   by   the
fortunate hv ibis in their  hats 'or on t ho
breast.   The.se favors were gem-rail., t.io
handiwork-of the fairo   mnyde   ,'iorself,
and well  she  liked  to  work  tno    lost
lionutiful figures she could for her favorite suitor; l,nit they became so much in
voguo in  Queon  Elizabeth's  time  that
thoy wero sold ready-made in tho shops.
This, of course, destroyed  the romance
of tho custom aud honco its death.
I'lirnln^H of Hie II nii��"   ol   I.'.iiIk.
"Whatever may be tho shoitcomings
of the house of Lords as a political institution, it pays its way. In ( he last,
financial your it earned over .���L'S'.'i.OOO'in
fees on privato bills and judical proceedings. There is also an item of ��i-i(J
l.'i shilling-! being foes paid ou the introduction o? peers. Against lliis slnnds
a charge of t.W 10 shillings, fees due to
garter king of arms. It itinlerc-ting to
note that before the sum was pai I over,
income tax amounting to 1H shillings 1.1
pence was rigorously subtracted.���Loudon Dailv News.
.Aiithletti f��n-( i'1-iii.sW; A"hl iJ'oJMiuin'?.
A Hungarian chemist. Dr. Johann
Antal,i��ahvndy honorably known for hi--
leseache? in toxicology, has repoited to
the Hungarian Soci"ty of phv-ie'-ui.-
that ho has discovered a uri��- c���������������<-.*.��:*l
oom-Kvaud, the uit'.'.-iie of ro-ult. ���������l-ic.h,
ho ����p.ys, is a most efricaciou* an:wot�� to
poiiouing by cyanide of po-..-.-.'.urn of
ptu.v.ic aci.l. He tried thcanii'lotr :b*B
on HTiiirials and afcerward on for-*, liv.
ing porsoi-.s who intd been ,u;< i leiu-eh-
poisdi.e.l v.-ith. jirussic aci '��� In i,o .!,
single case'uid the antidote prove ti tail-


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