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Kootenay Mail Oct 23, 1897

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 ,.v  Jb  /v^-  f'--������     j        lr*3 ^jj  Vol. 4.���������No. 27.  KEfELSTOKR  WEST KOOTEXAY.  J3.G, OCTOBER 23, 1807.  $2.00 a Year.  ��������� .SETTLERS CONFERENCE  COMMISSIONER McKENNA DISCUSSES  RAILWAY BELT LAtfDS   "  With Them���������Settlers Inside Farwell's  Grant Must Negotiate With Him ���������  Department Will Protect Them- -  End'of the Dispute in Sight.    '  '   The meeting  of   Rcvcl'stokc   railway  bell- settlers  with   Commissioner  JJc-  '      Kcnna   of   the    Inlet-uy-   Department  took  place, a> .'innounc-cd l>y (ho -Mail,  in Tapping's Theal re on  Monday afler-  ,110011.    The    .-it tendance   was  all   that  could be desiied and keen   inteiestw.is  manifested.    Alt.   Bostock.   JI.P.. who  personally  Ji.-ts' been   giving  much attention   to   Ihe  inquiry, was moved |o  tin1 chair.    In opening tin-   nicel ing he  expressed the li.oiJct.-nri-aiigciiioi]|s now  being ,m.-i(l.'   toy   settle    the   townsite  .    affairs,  .supplemented' by the persona!  visit of Commissioner .WcKemia, would  result    in     satisfactorily    settling    the'  li������.;:il_ii(|es   quest ion   and   help   ltovel-  " stoke  to,go forward   by strides'in tin  way it had started this year.  IWr. .McKcnna staled (ho object ol  his visit. Having' id'ei-red 'to' the  .settlement of townsite affairs ,-iikI entered into a short hisfoiyof the, Far-  well grant and-ctllcnient,    he invited  riiH'.stions.  , i      * i  W. G. P.ixton cnqiuicd   what  rights  .settlers had tioilh o!   the i,-ii!way Mack  on Fai-well's grant.  The  Commissi,.per   s,-ml   tho.so   who  had', settled     within   Fai-well's   grant  would, under the .settlement  that. It,id  liei-it   made,   h.ive'lto   .seitk-   with   Far-  well   him.seti';,'and <thot.e  onlMile.   on  ���������Dominion l.-tnd.s, would   bo able I'd pur-  1 cliaM' as il, would b.- put.in the market.'  Asked if I ho Depart meiit would  t-on-  tnil the prices of sale between   F.irwell  and   settlers-on   bis-  giant.   befoi o' the  ���������settlement.    ,y,v. .Alt ivenna   lepiiodjic  i-onlilii'l.  say   il.at.   bill    in-   wotthl   say  that settlors would in-  protected to i he  fullest' extent.     t'ntt -idetal ion   of  the  |>oi>(nin!   claims .of   settlers    in    llial  neighborhood   vv.t.s.lhen     invited    ;t >i������t  Messrs.   Allen,    ILel'iicKttglon,   Betuiit  n.id   others  siilin.it te.l   I heir  eases  m  , which   nolo-   were   taken.     A  special  in i.i e was m.-ide  ot 'air. Hothoi-inglo'ii's  ease   which,   .Mr.   .YlciCcuna   s,-tj<|,   w;is  ��������� -.oemingly apniiicuhu-Iy hard one.  Fin-set tiers l.tulhof the track, neni  Long's brev'verv. J. El hong, Oils Gran-  net t, C. Tui'-nruss, T. 'Righton, Mrs.  Warring, and Ii. Tapping appealed.  .Messrs.   Fi-;is-ei-,    Alackie'and  Dolan  came   foivvti-d   for   the   settlers,  acio.-.s.  (.he  rivt;r: anil   lor   (Ix.-c   east  of   the  station,  NeN   Anderson.   Mi.s. Watson  and Mis JjMmnincr.  Fur tiie lllc-cillevvaet, settlement.  Messrs. McCartv and Crow  it the -VIail Inis nothing hut. kind  words and good wishe.s. The pul-li-heiis  are lo be eongtat til.-tted on their entei-  pri'.e in establishing' themselv..^ >0  early in such a pi (uniting held.  Tinut Lake is.-tKo to be eongi-al nlated  al    having   a   newspaper    esi.-ililit.lied  then*. There is no greater, mure useful,  factor in   building  up  a. new  country  than  Ihe   piv.-s.    It   takes   upon   itself  (and   the   buiden  is  novel-  lightj   the  grievances-   of   (In-    eotumiiiiity    and  voices them loudly, persist em ly, in the  ears  of  those  in   atilhoi it y   till   they  redress (Item.   It keeps pal ienllv. ploddingly,   week   hy  week,   building  the  lahrje   of   development,   ami   ptogies.s  and  lii-ing.s  its  i-ommuuit v    from   the  chrysalis of obscurity   to   the  da/.'/ling  winged , beatify   of   ,-Hlvaneemenl. .-fud  notoriety.    For all of   this   it,  th-ci-vos  praise, but   too   often    its   labors' are  ignored   and    its   usefulness  despised.  Trout   Lake   Cily   has   now   got   the  greatest, aid to pi-ogress it everh;id jind  the Mail will   be disappointed,/if  the  Topic, is not. fully iqu.-il to its task.  MONDAY MORNING'S BLAZE.  Two Hoi^es Devoured  in Short Order  ' ���������Particulars of the.,Loss.  Al. about 3:30 Monday morning the  piercing sound'' of the locomotive  whistle awakened several citizens to  an alarm of fire at the station and  .shortly afterward t he'-- bell'' t-alled the  A LAUDABLE PROJECT.  r  Patronize the Concert In Aid of Ceme  tery Improvement.  ' The    Jii-i  Our Federal  Member.  The recent v i-it, of Hewitt linstock,  M.P., to Bevel-toko was seized by the  Mail to point, out (he present position  of .-lir.-iit-s regarding the river bank.  Mr. Hostoek bioki d at the bank and  observed the gu.-it en'i-ion that had  taken place, and expressed regret lliaL  it should have been allowed logo sd fat-.  As to the possibility of pi otecting it  IVnin fm-lher damage hv said, '���������! f I iie  provincial trnveniiiient is pn-p.-tie'd to  do its share, 1 .iin piep.-ueil to. again  urge the matter .on the Mini-ter ol  Public; Works; but'the initiative should  now be taken by the provincial government."  The  opening   of    Dig    Bi'nd  was  brought to his notice and his help  solicited for grants to improve navigation on llie liver above the canyon. Il  was pointed out, (hat itl the pioeut  system of appoi 1 inning .small -sun-seaeli  year there v as .note or less waste',.and  that if'a linn i sum could b" got, it,  would bo more tisei'ti! and, in the end,  mine economical. He was gratified at  the gieat ,development  of Revelstoke  ���������d  to   be   back  this   suiiKuetv and  Mere again in  Mr. SifUin.      '  i few  week.,   \v it li   Hon.  ippeared,  f \Y. Dickey  and, ill   town','' the  case  i was- considered.  Messrs.     Green      and      Skogsti-om  brought   forwaid   their   grievances  ,-tl  Albeit   C'.iuyon, and   having  discus-sod  lliem  for\-i  short,  while   th"   Cominis-  -sioner decided   U\  peootially visit   the  gi-ound.  ,r      The   Commissions's   attention_' wan  then diteeted   to   the   fact,   that   in the  distribution   of'  Hevelsioko    really lo  companies anil   other-   little  care   had  been given to the in eds  of  (he  publn  .I'td now  the towns   piogicss   nqtuied  ,i   publn    p.nk        Jfis   assistance   w.is  asked to si < in e to the people,!, block ol  JO.icicshu pi-bin. paik  puiposis.    Mi.  McKenna     said     the     idta    h.ttl    his  synipalhv   and     he   would "see   what  .   < ould lie done.  F. Fiasei niov( d a vote ol thanks to  Messrs.. Hostoi k and Mi Jvciin.i Im men  itlleiest in the setlUmi'iit ol these long-  <lel.i\ed Doubles nui s.iel iflollovvid  by a speicly settlement they would  tU'seive Lhe enduiuig thanks ol the  people. \\". JJickey hadmiK h pleasme  in seconding the motion.  Mi. JJosto. k said vv lulu' nine li indebted loi the Iif.tt i\ vote ol thanks, he  did not desei ve it as he was but It j ing  ti.-cnny out the pledges given to the  people at the last election ; and it would  lie-his constant client to do lh.it  and I'u'ij thing foi the hincbtol his  Clllistlltllents, lo Hi,. |u -,t o| bis alnhi v.  lie was glad t(, see Mi MeKeiitia heie  making a poison tl iiijiiny into these  in.itleis .ind had little doubt the settlement vv ould he s,i) isi.u (in \.  The (JommissiuiK i (b utked Iheinci I  ing'loi its kindness. He wasa public  <ifliii.il ind was but endeavoi ing lo do  his dulv. Hi s\mp,iilii/,oc| vvilh the  -i (Lit Is' gt li v.iiu i s im(l Ihoiign then  in.iv be clifTh nllt.'s |K. v.oulil do his  >ilj h( st In settle the whole (Jili'siioti  s il I-.I ii im dv. Ilo i All. .Stlto-i is dning  all In (an, -inn Mi. Jjoaioi k fust  jiic-si d this in ltd i on (In ih p.u (un nl.  to g( f II s( (11, ,| ,|||(| ||( , NJH( (, ,| L|, ,,  \v ould now  suiii' In  The Conservative Leader.  ���������Sir' (Jinnies   Topper,   leadei   of   the  CJonset vative"parly, was iu  Reve|s|(ike  -last .Sunday.    We is veiy inueh jile.-ised  with the ptogress of Kootenay and lii.s  L-omp.-tiiies   are    becoming    inteicled  theie.    Interview ed  in  A'ancouvei-   lie  denied the   report,   that   he   had   advocated (lie   introduction   of party  lines  into British   Columbia   politics  at  tlie  next elections. ' lie said,   -'I   have   not  in.icic a remark on the subject  since   I  c.iiue into Hritislt Coliuubia, ]   am   not.  here foi'I he purpose  ()1   interfering   in  the    Pirn incial   elect ions   in   any   vvav  vv ha (ever."    Asked   as   to   th.'    leport  ahum, his son   mining   out   to   pr.ic.ti.se  law- in  (bis   Ptov ine'e,   Sir   C'iiai b-s   replied:    '��������� I   believe   that   he  and   Hon.  Mi. Peters, Premier of  Prince Hdu.trd  Island, have decided to I'm ma j>.irl:i"i-  .-jhip.ind practise at'Victoria.    '  On the mineral outlook he .-aid:  "Theie 'is a .strong- disposition in  England, ] think, to look for sound  invest incuts in connection with the  mi'tieral developments uf' Cai\acI i, ind  the gieat mini i.il dinner n s tint have '  (ak'ti place vv .lliu, the last L.\ o_\i ais  have clitic li il the itli ntem of the tinning vvoild lo (he Don iiuon "  lire   brigade   uoul  oiiginaled in A bey's drug -slor e ��������� had  got such way that, when Ihn brigade  in lived tiie walls had I'alltin in. and  Pet ret la's, .slicje shoj.w.is also nearly  demolished. Allontion was at, once  directed to saving A. N. Sinith's  bakery, est."ihlislimeitt and with good  ! ell'ecl. for though ,it ' got" ' set iotisly  -scorched no Damage was done. Willing  hands also tried to save the , burning  houses but. the fii-e was too strong and -  so quickly did the buildings go (hat  the inmates lost much pci.sonal e/lVcls.  J)wight. .Ross showed considerable  pluck in climbing ,up to tho, window  thinking that one of Alley's 'children  vvas inside, hut happily everyone was  saved. {'\ a  How the fire originated is a mystery.  Mr. Abey says jj was not througli c-o.il  oil explosion as leported, but "it must  have been soiffe exl.rani-din.-u-y ('.-atiseas  there ivas nothing in the simple .-let1 of  making a fire to cause tue sudden   t   fl.-igi.-il ion which followed.  Inquiiy of the sufferers elicited tin-'  following i.iformalioii. The building  occupied by F. A bey's drug , store was  moi tg.tged by l\h-<. Ko.s.s for $3<!()'tci Ii.  .1. ,Bourne, anil the.-e \v,ts an iu-Jtu .-nice  on it"of SjilOf). .She ,-iud bet -on, Dwight  also lust about ,$70 iu bills and silver.  F. Alley's stock he vain, d at $14{K) or  ijiloOO. ��������� Ther-e was a mortgage 'of $S(J()  on this lo Dr. McLean on'v, hich about  $(500 had been paid, the balance not,  being due (ill December 7th, 1S97. .Tin-  stock wasiiistued fo'r$(>00 in f.-tvcr of  Dr. McLean as his interest may appear.  Mi. Ahey, while somewhat crippled in  pocket, is not at all in Ihe very  desperate condition fi.'iat.'eiaUy which  has been made i.ul. '  The shoe store belonged to Allgelo  C.ipiinegio, was valued at .-tbottl $10(1,  and was instiled for if;2')!l. J_. Pel ret tn  wlio i eiiled (be building lost aliout  JjiLOO iu clothes-and tools.    * '-  The Mail sees  with  much0 ph-.isme  the effoit now being made to   impiovc  the lievelstoke ci'inelery  grounds  and  gives it its hen ly suppoi t.    ISailio'r  in  the year the .Maji. tiied hard to arous,;  which j public- interest in (his matter devoting  'much space  to   it,   .-mil   it,   still   feels  w.trnily (ci any good sch"me  to  secure  tho necf'ssiii'v inipr(ivi''iii('iit. .    ���������  ....'   ��������� ,      . ' f . '  llie idea is now to give a   concert,   a  really gooc^ concert, and the matter  has been heartily taken up. The following have vt'iy kindly offered to  assist in making the affair the great  success ii, pi omises to be: Mcsdames  H.tig, llearn and .Melville; Misses Lesa  and Jin id Martin;' Messrs. Iloai-n,  Melville, Huberts. Barber and L.ivv.son.  The-concert will he held at Tapping's  Theatre on October 23th., Tickets will  bo dis| ribtifed for sale aiiiongst the d<--  'nominations "JoraJIy i'"pie.s-en((,-<! and  plans of the hall uul be placed at,  Mcssis. F. B. Wells and Bourne Bios,  stores.' Free.'liiiaso-i will be run and in  every particular c-ate is being taken   to  give the public a plras.-ml, and com-  foi-lahl(������ evening.    It is a most, wortlu  object and deserve-s iiearty snpjioit.  It is not taking money out of the town  like "patronizing   second-rate   visiting  shows, hut is directly of local   benefit..  Help the projector) and secure   tickets  eailyaslhe house, is  sui-e'to   be  well  filled  Local and Personal Briefs.  eaves   for   her   eastern  Je'i'lV  "' Fire Brigade Nor 2.'  One.of the most, unanimous and  bilsniL'ss-like 'meetings held in Hevelsioko   tool:   place   Monday   evening at  Tapping's  hail  Sgeing by the  a laith  ing example of that'morning^ that, il.  was neie.ssary lo have something iu  Hit-nature of local fire protect ion, t he  citizens of jlj,. station wei e very ready  to take the matter up and for this I he  meet ing w;is called.  Mrs.  v isil on .Monday.  Mark I [yait. is laiildin^ a big house  on Second Street.  ^ Rev.   J.   A.   Wood, returned   from  K.tinloops yeste.tday. ','  It vou vvaiit a ^ood piano see  II. N.  Ciiursier,a^ent foi  the J leintznian.    tf.  There will be special musical serv ices  at the   .Methodist   chuioli   on   Sunday  evening.  -Mr. and Mis. W. B. Tc-ase arrived  from Victi ri.i on Wednesday morning.  Coiigiut.ul.tiiuii.s. ' '  "'J3. MuMan-is, of -Kanil'oups,' but  lately of t.'iis place, paid us- a flying  visit"!his vvei '  stable. Pige took lu'm to Kainloops  tiiat evening and letuiued next uiorn-  ing.  J. i. l,angsfair, editor of tlie Trout,  Lak's y'oj/ir is in town.  Chas. H. Ilosuier, .superintendent of  C.P.K. felegr-apli system, ariived from  the east ami went south Thursday.  Lieut.-Covei-nor .Macintosh of tlie  N. W. I1. was in town last night.' Jle  lias juat (loal1e'J_^_liyt!JP'"'.y in England  with a large cujiital. Jt is .strange  hovv all these, politicians aie becoming  mining ope.ralois. t  'J'he, Australian V.ariely and Concert  Co. will appear here on Novembeiy^nd  and .'5id. ���������, Press clifipings speak ver-y  favorably of the troupe ;ind if tliey ;tre  nearly as good as ��������� is said x should be  well worth seeing.  Geo. T. Newman is one. of the best  rustk-is iu the country and is duiii" a  lo.iring hu'siness ;it his store in Arrowhead. His prices' are' moderate and  his goods well assorted. < See him for  business.  Auction Sai,k.���������Clothing, hoots and  shoes, gents furnishing goods, blanket's,  Will Ins .sold'at, publie auction without  reserve. Your price is ours. Commencing to-nighl at 7 p. m:, at Peterson's Hall, for three days only     .   '    *  , The. 'M.vir, ,'acknowledges with  pleasme tlie leceipt of tlie Diamond  Jubilee number illustrative of 'Hat  Portage. It is a splendid piece of  work. The initials O.D.H. did not.  escape us and O. I). Hoar has our best  thanks. '   .  F. 2srorbery, of Fort .Steele, passed  tinough Wednesday, lie vvas a 'delegate to the Liberal,convention and litis  been visiting Lieut.-Governor JDewdney  since.. There is no ��������� good reason why  politics' should i interfere with tlie  amenities of good society.  MAY BUILD TO HOPE  SIR WILLIAM   VAN  HORNE ' TALKS,  , BUSINESS AT VANCOUVER.  He Describes the Attitude of the C.P.  R.���������Ag'ainst Allowing the Road to  Hope to Go Into, Other Hands  Than His���������A- Bonus Wanted.  Coal Borons Worsted  The Duiisihiiiis h,i\e h.'tl if.nl The\  listed ihe coiisi mil lonahuv ol thei  Coal AIn.es Regulation Act, which t\ I  dudes Uiine-i lion vvoiking utitlei-j  Hioiinil, in Ihe Supiirue Co.nl at!  Oil.iv,a on   Tiasdn.and   then   appeal  A.   Ci.   .M.   f-J.oi'.igge-   was    appointed  c-h.-.iruian.    a.nd     A.    J{.     11.     IJeai-n,  s.'crelaiy.    M r. .Spraggc, i-i .-tddi-essittg  the ineeiing, alliided  to .the  morning's  file lo show the   nece.ssiiy   foi . !i)e p.-o-  tec-tiun.     lie   epioted   frotii   pioviucial  estimates the various  giants  given   to  pioviucial   towns   which   showed   (hat  IJ.irkerv i!!e  ,-uni    Kamloops    had   $.">0'J  e.n-h    while   Revel.stoke    teceivetl    but  ."���������i^Oy.    He did not think t he: e would i,e  any  difficulty   in   gelling  one or  two  vacant lots fio,n   the  CMMl/io build a  Hi dial I   thereon.        Referring    lo   the  foi uialion of the proposed   fire hl-ig-ide  he said he h id lac 1 oi cjii.i ing into i iie  tub's,     fii^iit'iiliiip      .nd    equipment  (it t.n  itevel-to've In'g nit  .Hal  tin idi a  W.IS    to    to up, ,   ,|e    j,,,     ,,,,,(��������� ,j   pn.terc-  lion. mil ( iii ii .-pa ui I,, ,_. ,de T.n 1  and ih,it to be burned Nn 2 A div id-  inirliiu betweinihe I w o i nil, nl (own  t < :h! be (Mablislud, at tl tl I, ,. \ltl, (m  i.1st side fit it t ipl.iui wiiitld be in  (h itge.tnd Xi I blig.ulet ipt nn he.is.  si-1,1 lit. it on ( I <W st side, V !( e \ e] s l  The   uncling   nadrh    ,i(ie|ile(l    tin  Dr. R. M.tliiis'iii will bo at his  dental ollice, Revelstoke. Station, from  November' 1st, to 15th. ���������' -- *  The lievelstoke Quadrille Club 'held  itsfitsi meeting in Tapping's Jla.ll last  evening Next d.nice will be' Tuesday  pvcuing.  Miss Jvyda Edwards is, we tire glad  to see,- able to be out again. She had  a very long illness but is now netting  on nicely.  Tom    Downs   litis  brick 3 aids across iJit  Smelter ^ Company,  ���������speculation.  John Cram, of (lie Waverley Mine,  vvas in town this week, and went up lo  Albeit Canyon with Messis. Boslock  and MeKouii.i. ' a  Aliraham.soii JVos. fine new hotel   is  neaily leady, tlio top storey   being   al-  tnd the front piesenbs a  purchased  liver,   from  J t   is   a  the  the  rood  Col. and Mrs. Domville, of Kothesay,  N. Ii., accoi'ii])anied by Messrs. Smith  and Mortimer, < of J,ondon, , J^iigland,  vv'eie in town Monday. Colonel JAim-  ville is . managing diteelor of an  English concern which will exploit the  Yukon next season.  -, Messrs.'Hewitt Bostock, M. P., and  J. A. MeK'onna, of the Interior De"  p.trtiuent^arrived here. Monday. They  left for Lauiie Tuesday and from theie  took band ear to'Alhert Canyon. .'JMiey  got back on ii freight about 7 a. in.  Wednesday morning. ' ���������   *  'J'he brethien of Ivootenay ]jod"-e,  No. ].">, A. F. ifc A: M. and' visiting  members vvill march to St. Peters  chii'-ch next Sunday evening. ]{ev.  Mr. Ford will preach an ."ippropriafce.  sorinoii lind special 'services vvill bo  held.       ' .  ' '  We aie headquarters for combs,  blushes and toilet supplies. We keep  a few drugs too.���������The McDowell,  Atkins,*Watson Co., The Druggists.  *  The conceit for the, cemetery improvement fund will not be a grave  afl'airj'on the contrary it. will lie one of  tiie most pleasant, and entertaining  .-iflaiis yet held in town. Mr. J-lerbert  Mart in. deserves great piaise for his  oflorbs in this matl< r and the conceit  deserv es jjat ronagt-.  Interviewed !>y the VancouverBiuiii]  of   Trade,   Tuesday,   Sir    Win.'  Van-  Home, President, of  the  0. P. R. Co.,  'said regarding the propo.sed  line  from  Rohson tojlupe:    "I would like to tell  youj-imply  what   the  position  of the.  0. 1\ It.   is  with   I'egaid   to  Southern  liiiiish Colutiibi.i.    The company   pro-,  jected a line fiom t he Crow's Nest Pass  by way of dSVIsou and   Jtobson   to  the  vicinity of Fentic-ton   to connect  with  itsauain line at. Hope.    This was seven ,  or eight ye.tKs agii.    For several   yean,-  the   company   had   engineers   in   the  field;"  indeed,   all    through    southern.  British   Columbia.   By the end of next ���������  year the company's  line  vvill   be  built'  subslantially   fiom   its   main   line" at  Dunmore to Rohson, on the Columbia, '  and no  doubt before  that  time .steps'  vvill have been taken and  considerable'  of the road   built   from   the  Columbia  River westward.    Yon can readily  see '  thai with   the. vast amount, of  money  '  that the C.P.R. has invested in various  lines in British Columbia, and with the  large sum invested in the Crow's  Nest ',  P.uss  line,   i(. cannot   reasonably    he  expected to allow some other- company  to occupy, the  territory   between   the^  Columbia River and till* Frazei- Valley.  Of cour.se if anybody else  has  money '  to build there on their own, hook,  and    '  take chances of business-,  as we  have  to takethem, we have no objections at  all.    J3ut   any  line  in  such   territory,   '  other than theC, P. R., must, you will  readily see,'necessarily ally itself  with  the   American 'system - south    of'the  bnundaiy, and Unit un.st take business ���������  .away from British Columbia and frtwn '  Vancouver.    Such a'line   is  not. to'lie-  permitted.    I only mention' it  hecause-  .in  the' near   future   you   will   oh   ap-  jn (.ached   for >y handsome " bonus   for  such a line." The Hoe the C. P. R. pro- '  pose to build by way of Penticton  and      ,'  Hope gives   to  Vancouver eveiything  that Pan he desired in southern British  Columbia on the Coast."  f-  Trout Lake City.'  most iiuislied  splendid appearance.  We only wish t'o icuiiud you (hat  wc have a full Mock l ui patent  modii mis-_TiV MiDowell, Atkins,  Watson Co, The JJiuggMs *  Ceo    .1    Atki.is,   picsident   of    the  FienJi    Cieik    Co,     i etui ued     fiom  Clin igo on  Moiidiv       lie was   aciom  pa-lid bv   Mi    Milligau win,   Idt  ue\l  (L\.\  loi (begun  Ti  10  R������V(|stoke    l!i ass  liand  ., , ������������������ than man's   ideas,    anil    F    W    I  mi"  was (hiovv n  out, the   Court   holding tl I ,,���������,v   ,, ..   ,,   .....'. J'    U,'   l'"1'h  i. ..i     ,    . .... . ^      I niovi cl I bat       \\ hi ie is  n   iM|,su M,),.  and nectss n \  ||M|   ( he e.isi"i n poi tain  of this low ii h ive hie   piniiclion or  Ks  I  own a In.   In ig ,(],. siKuild  he known a-  lii ig ui<    ,������<i  Z  lor on d to  Cu tied  R. Tipping moved   th it a (omuulli e  be loiimd to g(, mt,,  the  dt(,nK ,��������� (|u  matt- i, and   lb.    lollotvi ig   were    ip-  _     lioint.cl.      Mi-s,s    Spragge,    Jjouim.  ''(   > [ CIi ipm in.    Hug.      L.nng,    M((;utv.  Tio.it L.'ikci, lust Nt\vs|).i|)er  Tin liisi ii ii ii i Iu i o|   | h.-  Tioul   Lake  7Viy)/<    is   lo   bind   (his   vvi.k      ll    is  pllllll   'li '1     .It       J I r   .If       '    i!  ,        (   ,i s        |, ,  .Mi ssi      I, mil;sI ill   ind  (  in i ,, ]   j, |  had no puisclii I inn.    'J'he at (   is   tin ,,  loie sustain, d and icni mis m foil c  Hi lllg lav.iiable   to   ( h.ll.'se   |abi,|   ,���������  Unit   minis   th,.   JJi.iisinuns   (md   ihe  lone ol (he  Ait,   I imI  wen-   oppcised b\  ollni con.panics ind I |,e miners' u.iiiin   I  Christoplur Robinson, QC, bu thej  New V.iniouver (oil (o, mo\ i 1 t,i I  quash  the  appeal,    D'Allo.i   M<_(  .ippe.tiiil   lo.   Hi" -Ulmiiev-fiineralulj Hl(V       ][m!       M   j  this provinii',  md   W   \\    B   Mill.ins    ,     ,.       , .-(-((iv.    ii vv is .iciueii  /.i     . Jiiii.uis    (() [1)(J  du tes   ol   the   (oMimiifee   .h.l  (theboy ,���������atot)l,���������  (������,. Mim , s' Croon   ',|u.,,  ,���������..,���������   ,.,   ,,��������� ""       ,1"'   __^ |in<\   apply   lo   the   pr opt i   .lulliontics  A Yakoners Tale I '"' '"' ",( '~t'"1 tht ' " "',l''"' ������'-"'i    I      The   thanks    (,|    t he   muting   vveie  A Miitng ICnglisbin in was   m   Ri\el-j tindind those who help,d   s(l.,' a   \  slol.e Wdlrn-dav fiom tin Yukon. ||,. , ^niitli's pi���������| , ilv .   to Mi   J\ipp,,ig  ),,,  ml he got as |,ii    is   the   stiiiiinl   but! n^e of tlu   h.i'l. and   to   the   i ban man  wheiilhire   hi    found   th.ie   wis   nut foi  his i noi _'\  in   otgaiu/ing t he moi l-  enotigh piov isions to | (^|   |,,,   p ,t j lU.|, t -ng a.id |iii>liing it   to a suit t ssf ui   con-  tnd bitiisi |f      |fe (ui in d b ii k and  vv ill { < Iiismn  ii sign   his   i h UK, -    ut   g, mug   |���������   t|���������  I ind ol ^old nil   in \l   -i i    u hen  be  VV ill   I I   (Mill   Ills   jl II ( III   is  I'1 - '\ - th it thotinl' n i, l no v n  (In t. vvi it i CiX) h us, . ���������.),,, |��������� d ,1,,,,  the i (illllll v   {lie ii      ue   i (,\v    not    moi,  th in ."(Jl) <>| (In in  ilivi      j b    i, ni*  .n<.  lu'l of di id  ind dv ing .inn i i|s .md thi  gll.lll st ( I til Jlj    |  |.  V,Ills  will  opi n the setson with i splendid lull  in Pile i son's Hall on \V( dnesdav,  Oo(ol)"i 27 Secure vour tickets  w hu Ii ,ik> now  hn  sile  See the liupenal Bank ad this  vvtek 'J'he Impel lal is one of the  sti otig fin incial lust il minus <ii Canad i  ���������md clients ahvavs spt.de of the  tout I eons Heal un ut of its ollueis  Tlicic's s ttiti iction tlcitltng al a  it'll ilile di ug stoic, ew n if pi u i s ail  Ingliei Bui when ilie^'ie lovvii- go  to the Mc Dovvell, Atkins, Wilson Co,  The Di uggists *  Chis F landm.uk ntd A .Johnson  of   tin     lievelstoke    l/nuUI   vveie  p's  and  (' P R    ll.lfbt   III* ]| Is    1(11    V.( ( k ( nd-  ingOilobci   Uthv.iK  bbl|,0(J0.  Im the  s Illle     VV( i k     I.ls|      \t   II      |i ( ( |j,(.,     U(.| ,.  hH(),<KK)  V '   'hi   in in   in enilv    injur i il  it  1   "    H ill  Mini       b is _,,{   , 1111������ i i     il   I. i  ���������7 I.i In I (' oi   i^i s    ,^ lift ��������� ,    , Nl    , (1J| (   tIi^  'Ha ( low's N, ^t ( ,,d Co is now  "I" 'im.,' up "- piopcttv J'ne m'iiii is  -in feel thick ind fn-t-i | iss.iiilhi.il ite.  B\   llleliiiii    the   Ciow's   ;Ses|    lailvv/j  mil   it is  , \|���������.i 1,1   il,,/   ,|1(,  nn'ie  i    pit dot live    i i|> k ii v    ol  'i   i' onl  <()<  iijo ids j , i d iv  Is  I  1  vv ul    I, ivi  !  J 0U' I. r.s  sengcis    rroiii    Viituiii   TtKsdav  legisleied   al    (ho    Hotel     \,tiiunivei  ���������\ii   Jolins'iii icttii net! Tlnnsii tv  The collettmn of uiuiei.ils liom I Ins  disti ict got one of lluce gold niul.ils  |ii(senled In (he Spokane Kan lot  goo<I cnIiiIiiis Ol the oilier tvwi 10 tst  Kooten.i) got one and Bound.uv Cntk  (lie olliei  II J'iiii, the ^e.u ll piovrnci tl  nun igei of (Ik Cnudiati Cinei.d  KlectlK Co. wis in Hi velsloke Tl ( s  "M Mi Pun timv iiji In sec lusimii'  -|)i cial ( leitui fiuun s foi tin ||ot( |  Piovelstoke  ()n the mfoi m tiion .f Const ible  Page, Ben Biuke was tliuigul tli s  week Willi (hi (left of stindi v n,i,,ds  fiom tin Hod I 1!( velsloke He was  lllld Tuisd ,\ I ( loie .JustKc- of tl e  P< i" I i >��������� i mrl 11 ng md si nil ni ( d  i'    ("in   month,   inipi i-ojinu nt      (\in-  What may prove lo be a ��������� very  fortunate find was made liy Albert  iSandoii on the head waters of Canyon  Cieek last week Three ' claims vveie  st iked on the had 'J'he pay stieak  wliuh has be(ii (rated the lull length  of the lluce' claims is liom 11 to '22  un lies wide composed of (pint/, jriay  ( oppei vv ith some galena ,.ss,lying 1 GG  oiinus in silvei 'J he Incli ion is not  ol tin lust, bet wlieie tin ie is oie a  vv.13  will be found to get it out  .Mi Alojer hi ought down some  splendid s iinples of ( oppei and galena  fiom the Hthel The woik lecently  done h is greatly impiovid this prop,  ei tv.  'J'he Badshot will woik all wintci  md piobablv, ship oie Willi picsenl  lieighiing lacilitus onl\ high gi ide  oie will p ty Tlio owueis have good  slicing ipialitiis and will make the  Badshot oik of the leading shipping  minis of tin   colinti v.  The \\ uicKor Hotel had ,i giand  opening on the 1 1 th 'Iheie was a  sph ndul ball and suppei.  Tin tontiactois on the Sdvci Queen  finished then bundled and fiftv, foot  tuiiiii I 1 his vvetk .Manigei Dixon  vv nils to let a conti id lor an addition tl lid \  hei  The .Silvei Cliff has dosed down foi  lln vvinlei M in.igei Sic wail lus left  lot   Pin tl 111(1  A   Mu.iio left f������n  the to 1st JmmIiv.  F A Monie ll..s gone to Biandon  toi thevviiiUi He will tike a side  li ip to ltossl md  Canada's New Loan.   -  According to t he stillist icul year hook  just published tlie last Canadian loan.  Moated in 1S01, for $2,500,000, had an  actual interest, payable on it of 3.1(3 per  eenl. The difference,in the rate of interest between this and tlie proM-nt  loan (at 2.73 pei cent.) in the short term  of tinee years is truly remarkable. It  is a difference of .43 of one per editor practically one-half percent. This  is a wonderful decrease aiid exceedingly gratifying to Canadian-of nil shades  of political opinion. It is open <o  doubt if any other country in the  world could borrow on better terms  than those of the new loan.-which was  subscribed twice over. In view of om-  new found position, it is a pity that,  the great pat t of Canada's! public debt  pays Mich ;l high rat.- of interests, viz.,  I pei cent.  A Great Editor Dead.  Ch is. A. Dana,  editor of    the   New-  York Sun, died on  Sunday.    The  deceased   was a   man   of   gieat   literary  ability   and    det uled   thaiattei.      He  took up the Stiii  in  J.iuu.iiy, IStiS, and  suite that tune has  been   continuously  emplovul   in  tond.11 ting that successful papoi, .mil bj his one! gyand ability  has   made   it   one   of    the     foremost  jouin lis of the United States.    He had  his view-, and one of the most m irked  was his dishke of things  British.    He  was   hoi 11  in   lMf),  and   might   be  close 1 ibi d as the best-know 11 of Anier iian  ulilois. In (his icgard he was, goneially -peaking, the 1 e<, pient of of Bonne  (iieelv's jomiialistiL   mantle and made  neaily,is  deep  an   iinpieb-ion   on   the  minds   ol    many of   his   ion.ittyinen.  The Sim (.1111.ol 1 ��������� p!.i( e him.  Our Paternal Government  \l Ihe toe, ti 1^ (,- th ��������� s| u kh ildeis  of lln (joldtj. Id, et liiiii.ii Columbia  (' ' . 01 b. 111 Loud.11., .Mi. Giant-Oman,  I   11   id.  1^  lo 1 I'i   (able lepoit, slid  lll.lt  I'ii   hgi-lit.i    of Ihilish Columbia v\a������  I i.e   to.. 1    gi tieimis   m   ih,.    vM,,|d    i,,'  II 1 on '   <���������i   ip tons   loi  it 1, lu-t-s iIomu  11.-I iing  The Ministerial Lamb  The Oiplians Cared For.  C. IS Dividson iiiloimis lln Y.nt-  uiiivii Woild thai tin siu( o| sh lie-  hold cis ot t he Oi ph in Itov Co. against  H.iskins and li 1111 -i II is off A new  unipinv w'll be foimed ind the old  shai ( boldei s who bought then sto( k  in good bill h will be iu oup( d 111 c isb  01 il - ( tpuv ah nl \iii,llui (lain, will  be di v dopi d I v  tin   new ( oiujianv.  The K..,iteii iv s an just now tieated  to the s|��������� ( |.M 1,. of ,1 |,K.d luiujstei of  tin fto 11 dls< J..iiging (he duties of  ei 1 11 >i bo\ I,, im |,,,| 1 \ ,,| (��������� ]> 11  oIIk 1 lis iic.v vis|(ing tint '.eiiuni. .\  private (lis.,id J, ,|.s, Us th,,| eve|\-  wluii Sii Willi nn \an Hoi lie gifi-s(  Cob' Biker, like Jl nj's little l.|ii|b, is  sill e to go.  It   T    Jyoweiv  town to 1] iv  of   the   Ichir   js  in PAGE V.
Uhe 1fcootena\> fiftaU
- Al ���
I,i;iii.i.-iii:i{s .1X1) I'HOi'iiiK'i'on.s.
Subscription   Price,   S2.00   Per    Annum
' XS' STKIl-ri.Y IX advaxci: "i>j.
CON'TItAirr ADVKKTISIiMKN'Tri inserted til
the rate (if SI..TO jier column inch per nioiitii.
Kor-spaws nf six eoliiinii niclief- or over 61
i pur incli per inontli.
line lirsl insertion, ,">c. per line cicli snljse-
qticnl, insertion. The. miiiil-.cT uf lines
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J OH PRINTING of every kind ill most reasun-
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.ACCOUNTS for jolt  printing  or  advertisitiK
p.ivable on the lirsl, of ovi'i-v moiilli.
jCOItlt'JCril'ONDKNC-K on .-ill iniiltei-s of local
or puMic interest invileil und carefully considered.    All uoiniiiiiiiiciLliiiiir. to the  10<1 il or
,liin.st he ticcoiniiiinicd  hy  the iianie of  the
writer, not necessarily for publication,  but
,       /is mi evidence of good faith. '
. The'Kootisxay Mail.
Bevcl.stoke, B.C. '
I'i" bus been said that our   language
> about the river   bank 'last   week   vvas
jTioro forcible   than , elegant.     P'jrli.-i]).s
so, but we  must   urge   iu   excuse   the
extreme s'eiioubne.ss ' of   the, situation.
2Sro mutter what some people   say,   we
..-ire not remiss,  nor   intend   to   be,   in
our duty  in   this   matter.    It-   is   the
most  serious   subject  concerning- our
,"town at, the present, time and   we. can-
,110b understand the   indifletencc   with
-which some people treat it.   A further
.erosion of, say, twenty feet, will ut.tcr-<
Jy disfigure the town and   cause   it   to,
".be shunned hy intending settlers.
^'e have long maintained that it
-was the duty of the Provinciargovern-
,nienl to assist in this matter.- and   we
, ' il o. ' '.      . .
Jiave now; ,no   leason,   since  ,J retnicr
'Tui ner has admitted  il,   to   alter   our
.opinion.     We cannot undei stand   why
"ilie did not. accept tins view eai lier,' and
"'regret that,   his   refusal   to ' co operate
witji Hon? Mr/Tarle   has   led   -to, tiie
ydixipping of the Federal appropriation.
J t, "must, be secured again, ffif   possible,
and without delay,   lint   the'  responsi-
, bility of iloing so, must,  primarily   rest
\with lion. -Mr. Turner,   himself,   who,
,>vas the chief cause of   its being   dropped.      Nothing   will   satisfy    us    but,
. actual" work at-the earliest opportunity,
and,1 if   the   honorable   gentleman    is
'sincere in his dc.siie lo help in?, he vvill
' ,1,-ike the   iniiiative   tit   once.,   So  far,
��� wo have been alone in publicly dealing
with the-subject,, but   no   matter   who
"is silent we vvill not.
utmost to sati-f.i<-tinily adjust f-vety
complaint and piotect setlleis as much
as possible.
, .Ttu: attention and energy that .Mr.
BnsUick. M. P.. is giving to the wants
of his large constituency is attracting
favorable mention and expression iioni
his const it uents. He is diligent 1\ and
patiently co\ei ing it, all and m.iking
himself familiar with all its dilli-reut
needs., Jt was he, urged the inquiry
into the railway belt settlei.s grievance
and he has given it since a, great deal
of personal attention. J le is a h.nd
wot king representative and his means
render him thoroughly independent.
It was very refreshing toseediim *.he
other day with a 10 cent rebate railway ticket like any other ordinary
traveller but so very unlike other
politicians which we have been accustomed to.   -
Canada Drug & Book Co. Lira
T.inc Jidaiul Sisntini'l answering a
ch.-ngo of the. Vancouver World about
something or the other, says "it vvas a
.ya'i-ii inaiiufactuied from whole cloth."
This reverses the usual older of'things
whole cloth being inaiiufactuied from
yarns.    - i     s
Approving The Liberal Convention.
Xcl.son 7W6ic/ic((?onM'rvative): "The
Liberal convention .it New Westminster
gave a good account of itself. It de-
iioiuio<;d the ,'J'tn-nei government 'and
record en. itself as being of the-opinion
that the continuance of .such,a government, in oflice would be detrimental to
the general welfare of the province. ,It.
did not make the mistake of deciding
to force the issue in the. next general
election upon straight Liberal lines.
A more sensible course was adopted.
A plat foVni will be drafted by a special
coiiimilloe, and any candidate who
will stib.scribe to the platform will be,
entitled lo I he Mippoi I of the Liberal
pail.V. There need he iTo fear but that
the plat form will be geneious enough
(o'cnahle the Conservative ppposil ion-
isls to fight side by side with their
Liberal colleagues. It is a noteworthy
cii (���um.siance that ev cry member of the
legislature present  at  the  tonveniion
- . '     i *
spoke against tlie inti eduction of party,.
lines.    Invents are beginning   to  shape
well for the cause of good government
in Bi itish Columbia."      ' ��� o
Wo Imve tho most complete stock of Stationery
���  an 1 F.iticv Goods in Itevelsloke.
Wo have ��� i complete slock of Pure Drugs and
J'atent Medicines.
We have <i complete line of MnMml !n=lru-
ni( i.ls. mm Ji ,!������ Violins. ]!,m jos, Ai ..u]-deo:i-,
Zlloiitli OrK.ui--. Guitars .ind'Aiitoharps.
Wo niv .ajicnth for pianos, ijry.uis, .mil Typewriters.
fcTWc dispense prescriptions clay or night.'        ' r
ifjn  /% I     P    H fl    V
A &i��
Jas. -MeMa'hon^
-I General Blacksmith y
Wagons,   heavy   or   ligbt,    built   and
Horseshoeing ti specialty.   t     -e
Prospector's Picks.     Miner's Tools.'   , r'
Largp.'supyilyTif'inin, '.steelTThd shoes.
Ordeis  in   any   branch   of   tlio   trade
executed in a woi kinanlikti manner.
QHAS.  R. JaRLYON,       ,
Bappister-at-Law, Solicitor
-  ���'      and Notary. Public.
'jT2T0KK1CE:   Itoom 2, Pool   Mlock���l:ovolstoke.
A rthu'r g. m. spragge,
^Bappister, Solicitor, Etc.
��' ',  .   Notary Public.   ' ���
Ollli-ojii.Sinith JJlock, Pacific Avenue,
ReVclstoke -, -H<>spitcil.
Maternity ward in connection.
Vaccine kept on hand .    .
Drs. IVIcKcchnic nnd Jeffs,   -   Attendants.
. Local Merchant Tailor.
�� iP "^H v7 :f\h r" i
in inaia
Order, and He.tdy-JMade,
w    To Miil lij.ftu-e or purse.
Revelstoke Station,' B.C.
rp I IO.MAS liROS. & G 1LVNT, __
 TAILORS --=-=-_!.
Suits from $12,  Tants from .$:-!.
Sample a'nd   measui-einent forms' .-.enI
on applii ;il ion. ' ,
92 Government St.,
White labor only. '     VICTORIA,   B.C.
Repairing Neatly &. Promptly Executed.
lt i
Jf you  desire" un  artistic  home with  all  modern   conveniences
call and see Mac lean who cm dc'siim you one in any
'    """style: Ouecn Anne, Colonial, Swiss, or any other:style
you prefer.   ������'''<,
Interiors and , interior decorations1 are his specialties.' Store
Decorations, Bank Fixtures, 'Hotel I'ixlures ; Hall
shewing- pannelled dadoes, frescoes, etc.; .Artistic
Screens, Verandahs, Stairways, etc. can be ci'Ot out to
suit the market.        ,
I    <^|^/V-VI"^W      Hfaifit    J-vJ; FOLEY,
���rJ*jln meeting of  .seulets with   Coin-
.tnissioiier .McKenna on Mcnd.iy vv.-is a
groat success in point,   of   view   of   ui-
"���tendance.,   spirit,   and   i-onduct.    tJ*laeh
. .settler present had an' oppoi t.unity   of
.descriiiing his grievance and the general
.opinion seemed   to   be 'that   Mr    Mc-
���Kiiiina      understood'    the      question
thoroughly.;-   Hirf  assurance   that   the
vSdt.tlers inside   Farwell's   grant   would
be protected to   the   '-fullest   extent"
' Another World's Fair.  .
Cla'sgow! the second lilv in, Ureal
Ih'it.-iin. having decided .to hold an
international exhihil ion in 10'Ji. the
cili/.i'tis h.iv e alre.idv r.(.t1111.1 titeliui-
inai-y operations and avow their
intention of beating Chicago's reeoid.
The guarantee fund, though still in its
infancy, amounts to jjiT.jO.OOO. It. i--
e.\"|.ectc(l th.it the total $."),l'��).00l) vvill
he i.-tiM'd within ->i.\" nioii'lhs.
, '  T. MATHEWS,
Real Estate and Mihiny; Brokcr
o 319 Cordova St.,
''   , .VANCOUVER, B.C.
Mining stocks and properties bnnght
ant'sold on coinniission. Ooirespond-
ence -solicited. '��� , <
_y , a ;	
Mining Brokers,
fZ   H. .HEAPS &. CO.,  ,
Machi'iici-y   'Brokers,
"iliii Cordova :->tri i-l.i
VANCOU'VKIt,   \1.C.
FOR SALE���A qitiuitilj of iiglil, second li.ind
Sluel It.iiN.
J. R. HULL & CO.
Mines and Mining Stocks.
New Zealand Enterprise.
'Front Street, Hov6l.stoke.   _
A new indiiftiy io in contemplation
by New Zeal.inil dairy farnieis. The
imtrkel^is loo f.n avvay to   eoinpete   on \
tail- terms vvhli1 their butter,   mid   il   is I Haircut,  25c;   Bath,  50c; Six Shaving
now proposed lo  send   lo,  London   the!     ' '    Tickets for SI. 00.
cii'atiMi) a frozen stale, to  he   ehurned i -' ���	
into  flesh   litirtet   on   iis   atrival.    In j rj     L.JOHNSON
fact .-in experiment -shipment has   bc'ii ' I    ��� ���
made,   and. the   ii-ult   has   been'   >o j Revi:l,-tokk .Station", li.C,
>>ni-c.issfnl ih.i'r it :.- thought a lompauy |  "	
was   very   reassuring   and   seemed   to j wiH (i(. funned to cat ry out the sy-tem ��� Haircut and shave 50c. .^ary-a^.���
.content thu meeting.    On the (luestiuii ' on a large seal".    Tlu-iv i- umni in   the [  ������w^mv Comfortable Parlor's.
Wholesale    and , "R-eteS
��� B-rjTOi.IEES_
Purveyors of Hio-h-class Meats.
All orders in our line will be prnmpMy
at (.ended to.
J; Htttehispn &;'Co.,
(Opposite (Jovernineni. Oflico.)
Groceries, Feed, Fruit, always
fresh and full stock.
This hotel has been re-built  and greatly enlarged. ' ,It is newly
furnished Lhrouy"hout   and   affords   every convenience
It   is   beautifully situated' over- ,   ���
looking- Upper Arrow Lake, and is  ,
located most conveniently to railway depot aiid steamer landing
 Rates, $i to 852>per da/	
to yuests.
i A
^��� "'-"ii't v tS-x ���� vxJ axO,    1.3?. V-/.J
. is
-    Shopt
Accounts. -
liwiar-f.t W^K'R- liinr^s* gnd Oiw,' -'
Li �� Ui i 'jn'.:,i��.t   L��i):. .^Jt-s)    xiz'fjij  UiUisJ.O*
j^'per clSiV". Kamloops'Iieer on Draught
Stoekholm -Houj
U/Q'     Z*--...:^ ,
,  AA^A^kA
,1. AIAM'IWT ��TONK, I'lioi-KiHToii.
The, Dining Room is.-ftiPDishod- with ilie best :the
_ ^Market aWs;        ' -
Old (,'nimtrv ni.irket for all, but   if   ihe
.of .seeming a piece of ground for public i
, ,' ,it- .   ,i      i Not tliwe-i shrill   find  it-.-if pn-heil   t<?    	
ntii-K use lie  expressed   his  .svinp.-uhv, ; .... ���. . . 	
1 ,-   , " ��� "    , Uie wall   with   its   butter   it    will    trv'
and we are sure his hearty co-operation j W(,n C|,.<lt|i r���(). "
jn tin's mutter iniiy be   counted   upon, i     - -. ������  ,
,,On the general subject of acquiring j Wide-a'.vafce Fanners. ' T-T
land iii the neighboiliooci of  the town-       , ,       ,"777, - ��� i
, �� I     St.ites.   and   provinces   .n-qince  ^r.od
.site, it seeui.s ciiiar tlmt tlio , first -in- j business methods, .md oUm-i- b.ui one:",
portant thing to do is to have a s>ur\��y j jnst the -ame n.-s ir.div idii-tK. Missimn
,of townsite'boundaries ;i��d of sections j ������> ""��' <��f the nmst pf'-P1'''""- ,ai;i i-
of   surrounding   lands,   and   thN,    we ; '-"Jtural   St.-,|ps   in    the    L'niot,.    The
-   , .    , , r ,"7   ,. .,',     , I  1-e.ls.nn of tin,-, i-s   bet-,il|s.(>   she   t,.;|*,   ),i.|.
fciink,    Mr.   -MeKenna   will   ha\e "at- .    .     .     ..   . ,    ,        ,
- . .i jjr.nn in the linis-hed proil'iel,   und   in.I
tended to   on   his   return-  to   Ottawa, i |t ,.[W f()(lfl_    ri���tM,lri ,.,���,,  |,l4 ,,,,���.
'The Hon. Clifford   Siftoti ' will   letutn j w.is   17(i.l)')'),ijmi   bn-he)-..    Hi^l  ,.f  ibis,
liere with    Mr.    McKenna. in   a   few j ennnnon.s     <]ti;itifity    sb>.    h.-nil.-d   to
weeks   and   the   matter   will   be   still j ������.' *'* ""'>' O.'^MX/I l..,s.|,eK  -caueiy
j a nineteenlh p.U't.      Ilie   I->-st   s.)ie   kepi
furtlier dealt with.    Ft is the intention j in hi-r own i ribs to le.-d |,..-i- !i\,- s,(,���.^.
.-   .i,L   h,������.,���������i   .      ,.i ,,-,   .(,;   ��� in   Ih"    -s,!!!!'-   O'.ir  li'-t-  l.ii'iiti'i -.  -old
ot   thelJepartme.it   to   de.o   up   ^y L(mm   h...ul V.f c-aiil,. ...,<l :*.M-J.ii7t
/li-pub-d    land    question      and      theii : hu<;-.
/���Units to do so will   be   well   -ci-oiidi-d ;----- - u-
and a-sist'.-d by tin; settlers of Ilevel-
st'jke, a place which h.is -ulleied ni'icli
tiiini governinental neglect (a studied
/icglect in,my call it) in the past.
Opposite Drug Store
>.\ ��� oi;:.i!i- "f iti.i.il ���'"-< 'ifiul <>f Mini--.
],..ii>I<iii, !mi:?1,iii'I.)
Mining   Engineer,    Analytical    Chemist
and  As��ayer.
l'r'niCTli'"s ck.iiiunci! anil reported on.
,  NK'.V ilKN'VKIl, ]{. (I.
i.MvtnW X. .Kn-,'. Iti-t.. M. .V V.M.i
ll'min'l l;'iif/hi''i r a nil Ax':ni/<i
V.\.scot"VK>!, I>. <!.
Ch"rUinK Srri^'l' r Pulp a Sp 'Cia ty
Headquarters  for  stove  wood.
Revelstoke Suttion, H.C.    ,
Private Bill Notice;
���V'OTH'K I-; HKlMOlV t.IVKX t!ul iij.pl.i .i-
A1 I inn w ill lie in.nil- lo the l.< i(i-l.!ti\" A-
1 -einlilj ut" lh(; I'ruv im e of I'rlt.'-li i f,lnii|ln.i ,it
, its ne\t si ���i.->ri (nr ni .l. ! to ip. oi';io:-,i;( .i (,,m-
1 |i.niy uilli |in-\-ei- to I'on-lrni'l. (,jtii;i mil
1 n|ii r,ii|. ,i   ~l,iii(|.ii'il   or niriou   t,'.iii'/(   i ulw.u
)'.', in it'.-, om ii'- ��i'li win',j.' ,ii, -ni' lU'r-
.i ii .in. i s mil i.i n..i'l( ot, iv,ti-[-'nn.' nl- of
(.I. -   iiei ie.e '��� -, 'ip '"i .ii'J  '-���iiii.
(.ini.litt.   '-..-in!       Tin   ' .1- ' I'.'il.I   K   t im. iiii;;
i it      J.i.j ,    f-: i ,'.." ,     ��l.i> ,\i-ti ni
( (..imiii    I'ro, . --
-s". ."..   < mi.;, ti ���!' in. ', i ii ;���'. ij ('i     -"|.ii|iil-
,, -i
SSo   ELrn
A P.IJAHAMSO.N'  i!i:<)H.. Pi.-oi-itiiyrotts.
Firsfc-cl?oSS Table   ���' Good Beds   +  Fire-proof Safe
Telephone  ������'  'Bug Meets all Trains.
I'l" ii nle.isill''    to   .see    lli.it,    I lie   op- i f1""'  ���'   l"i'"t   .u   nr  in.ir  Ari'i��ln'.ul    .Srnei
' 3 - ' _i  Ijii."''.   KiKilcn.ij    I >:-t i-ii-l.    Jinti-li    ( o!.iiii'h,i.
��� Kilt unity ot tidjtistin^ tlic l.tnrt
.<HK:-.tioii in the tail\Niiy licit, is hf-m^
.eiirneUtly and c.irly seized hv the, ncv
M ini-ti-r of the I titct ior; und we im-
^'ic.itly mist.ikeit if the
will not he
Illl'tlC.    Ill   tlie   inlii-l    (lllecl    .111(1    fi.lsll.li    1   .l|t< ,
i i.i Ti-uill  I���ike   In -oiiK, p.iii.l ,it [lie   mi-Hi i nil
of   Knot,'liny   r.,ike   in   tli"   -.ml   (I -j 11> t , u It h
tiuHf r lo . fin-ti-ii. I, ((|iii|>,   m I   Mpimi'   hr e el.
line-,   .inrl ,ill   hi <-i���.ti-,.    f-o.nl-.    Iirul���'( s-,   n,iy,,
I f< ii ii-, .mil othi r Mm !ss: f<ii'l in .(> riiiii-i   in I i-  -
!��� ' pi->ipi-inii lieid-u.r tin |i'ii p'wi -fn":ln     ni' in-.
i .in>l fin  rill   rjllinr   n-ii.i]   ,iii>|   ii(.i--irs   ;.<l'l-,
SCI tlerilf-nts I  po.i-i'i-. rir prii iletfi-j
. i i ��� i      i      I'.Ueil ,il   Vidfiri.i   lln-   Hill,  ,lnv   ���t ri( |n>i"r.
as  fur as pnssilile,   in   the. j ii'i:. M.UCl'l-.'.v HViii.lit'
,    ,, ,,, ,,,, ] -"'',1 S'iIii iliir-for I l,e .\ppi;. un-.
;iiteicsts or   the settl'-rs.      I huse    neat  I _ .
licvel.sluke Inut: stifj'i'tcd innr-h (lis
a|i|>oinlii)enti, loss, inion\ eiiience ani!
delav, and the liiiyno mimlier that a[;
jKMied al .Monday's incclin
^'(ind imlical ion tif i lie extent nf thr-n
���,'1 iei antes. Jl i- lale in thi-(|.i\ now
Jo deal uilh their coiujil.iiiils and
/���)i-!a\ has I Clidct cd scl I li'IiK'nl-, liinll
.dliiiilllt of ���- il isf.n-loi \ ( mi' ll. sjon
lilii   ��e  lnic    eoiifi,li-li ���(���    lliil     lip-    ill
i.i! ii �������� 111  means u e,l  ,in<l    \. i I    i(.i    n
FRED. M. WELLS, M-nf E/am
Wholesale and Retail
. ,  UUiWlMi . o
I<1.Al.I-It  is.
Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,
Driving and Draught
,1 a
id   Lo^w��
���s^V Vj^- &J=1, Ua t \i  kiv? a   & W   I   S=��u L���
AI'.IIAIrA.MSON    [:IU�����',.. TiioiMiiiA'uiis.
Everything new niu] F.rst=eiass in ail Respects.
The House is stocked with tho Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market
Certificate of Improvements.
I i
I rfii'M vrvKif \r. ( [.aim.
1 .s>il iiiiIki   in   Vie   [,.-nv!eiiu    initiiiii;   'I 11- o.i   of
nas    il ' U'i -I   K'nol, n.ii    ili-lml      U In I-    In, ili-.|
,1,1 s, ,      ||       ,,||j,      .
'i I
On ( |i;�� i-   An i.h    Lake,
nho\ e   \u kllsp.  I !.f'.
fllAICI-: VO! ,'( I   li.,il   I.   -I..'ii   I    I.. ,      i
1      for   I In    I'l.ti-'i   ( o'. i.i'iin   -iie li i _'
llelln'n.f ( i,in' ���ii. <,( ',' ,,i '. |',.(   . l i   ,     ',),.
I'i -li!;, ,il     'so    I , HA, iim   ii I.   ,   |     ����� i   -   r,
I lie d.lle In i , ii . |.. ,i ;i,.| ,   |o I in    i|   n i
"I  f'.t   ,i ( .- : fl   il'    .,1   Ini'.i .' .        i '
,'l'l' |1' O,     ,,I|   ,-   |,||,  '    ,|     I   i      un      I    ,     1
.1 'l l\ t       IIII
', . I .       ��� '��� I 11'.I
Certificate of Improvements.
i, \ki- vn:\v \;r ki- w. > \, mm
.-it   I  it'll     ill     III."     I  >.r'|l    1   I       Mllilie'     ll       ,    |.   1.      ���!
Wi -|    Koi I'll   i',    li.-i ii, l.     \\ I,, i     liii.it, ||
On   I |,i.i i    V 11 ., u  I ,t Vi   ,'��� I,,, 11     i [ ii   n ij,
,.li'i,i   \,il;n-ii. H <'
rj1 \k*i; "-O'l /.'  [���"   Iim   [    'Ion,   (    I. ,,    ,, , ,,;
1 foi      I In      III II 1,1.     (   ..|lli,ilil,l      -III,  lo,,  '    .in. I
Id ("mi" (',.   i|. ii ,   of   I i i i   I". i       i i   .   M,i,  i -
Revelstoke Station, B.C.1    trout jL^-jzuh city, b_c.
*���"'���'       ���P��"     ��~M"W^f�����^rTM��~g.^^>T.T
v'o'iitf. I   M):i:i,m i,/vi-:\ t,.,; cm ,\^
,   1       ff"|i,i|il<    | I,..   l|l|i|ei-,,-[,i ,|      >       .,    f,. ni.-i
I l,H  ,, .    I'  i     ill1' l.il-   ,o lll.l! ,     .1   ,, il   i.li    (,. I In
I   ,  ii l    (   riiililil       ..li. I    1  t   I    I'.'l -     i   "I     'A ' I 1       f'l,-
Of 'fill-    I .,i     lo    |il,- f ti I   ' 'f       , ' I '���'        I 'nil
I ii   I  l.il     on I , i , moi  (    ,    ',,ii,i      '' <     [ i, I, . o|
I'Oll!   I      ill'1   (    I,  '  \        I       I '|i      'I     ..III      I    ���     ���     I I' v    MOii
01. li    1   III   ' I ,   I       I'll.' i    I,'.   '
ii   M I , .1 .1    11    .i V.   '     ,,   i   , ��� ,    ,     ,
lull ( i   ��� I    i imiii i    iii     i -I. i 1,0     ;'     ,      . .
I'i ' i' i i      I 'i, n           .1,' li   -ii  ,, ....     I, .
I"    Isi i,    I . -,li	
������  - . v  ii ' -,'; r-i i.-i
..'!,'.; ��� i ���     ���   . ,    i i
f"()!"iH',r nf I l.isiin^s ;inci Cam bio Streets,
va:\''J()i;\'I':k, n. c
^��1 'J'HE KOOTENAI' 3IAIL.  .PAGE 3.  Our Trade with  Britain.  JM'i-  practical   purposes   i'itn.id.i   liu-.  t ivo cu-stoiiii'is,   .-md   only   two, of tiny  import-tinee; Oni- in CO cut   Britain turn  the oilierIs I Iu1 United .SL.-iles say.-. Liny  Traui-   Reviev,-.    Tho  volume   (if   tr.-ulc  which she ilni'1- willi i'.-i(-l) is viM-y nearly  idi'iilic.-il     in     tola!    amotint,     hub    i-  .--Ijanttdy (lilii-rciiL  in   it.-- iliMi ilmtion.  ��������� Thi' lot.-tl  ,'tiiiiiiiiils  mi   i-tMiiid  ntiinh.'rs  ftiind thus:    Willi   ilit-   United Hi.-tics  Cinad.-i did a lotal Iradu of $ 1 (������,()!.'.I,OC'J  in ISi;0.    With   Great   Britain   (.'.-ui.-idti  ti si 11 -a it I'd a Itit.-il   (r.idc  of .-j>'.i!J,n'7(>,U0(������.  It   mi.icht,  therefore, lie* expected   that  we     should      lie ,    equally      anxious,  to cultivate   t.lie   ffoml-will   of   liiilh   of  tlie.-e   inipoi t.liit,    c,u-lomers.       When  llie. figures til e examined a little furl her  and divided into imports  ai'd  r.\|ioil.s,  it. will   l.e   found, that,'tliej"   show   (he  following  dili'erf uces :     Canada    liny,-*  fi tun the United States   in  t he I'm m of  impoits  .$5S,571 0D0.   ."ind   s<']]stn   l.'.ie  United States in   the   form   of export.-.  $li,lKS,()0t), while in the  c;i.-.e  of (��������� real  Britain .-he--ells ,$0(!.(i!)0,lKlU  as  exports  and huys $;S.!JT!J.(..K) as iuipurl.s..  Iuihii  t he point of view of  out    ex poll  tiyule  the market., nf (n-e.-it   Hi-ilain   already  takes   upw.-iids  of   $i'w,UI}0,f.(iO   of   oiir  pioducc, "while   (.he    market'  of . ihe  'United   .Suites  takes   only   ijil l,5(/),0(Kl.  Hence, ay a cn^tomei, nnt.vvit lisl.-indin;_c  t he ohr,t,;icles w hich' have   hitherto existed-to inlei'i-li.-nifji-of j,'iu>i!.-.' bet ween  the 'Canadian   and    I^iilish-  li'i.ttkels,  Great l>ritaiu N alijtMily in the position  .of   beiiifj   twice   Us   unpen taub a-' Ihe  United .Stat."-".  .-ind iimnit iiial employee^: at the same  lime, av.-i^i'-- had not tor-overed iiom  the heavy fall in J^'lf, and \n-re --litjhl-  Iv   lower   in   ibUi than   in   lSii^.    It    is  i������.-(d lo w.ike up and slept foi 3d hours.  She   MillVreil    I'l'i.in     s.uue     kind    .of  ljv.-tet-i.l.  SirCha=. Tuppi'i's company. th<;New  notewoii,hy th.-ii with the upward , Gold' Fit-Id- at'11.(2.. litis bought the  te.id"ncy of v..-i.res then- wyis also a ' Poi 'land claim at Rn-.-lancl for $10,000.  siiorl e:iiiig of i he hours of labor, the-e'j The steamer Xtikn.sp will,soon h(;ie-  changes   alfectiuij    iiinii-   ih.-tn   lOt^OOf) I launched.  individual-.    The reduction   amounted!     Tin- Nelson Tril tmc s.tvs  .Toe Mai tin  i. ! -  in lhil aprfi! cjrate to 75J:.Pj hour- a week, j will soon be ur politics and be cabinet  this low average heinV due to the fait mini-ter for .British Columbia,  that in souieeahi-s. of read.jii-tment the  hours wcie lengthened -lightly. While  the indu-( t ial changes were iifit very  marked, aJtVcliug !e-s than one-tenth  (>f ihe total number of individuals. ye(  they were al! in the direction of the  ends, for' which (he workingmen are  .seeking���������higher wages anil shorter  hours. , The indu-( ri.-tl condition in  Great , Britain, and Ih.' relations  heiwe('|ii .-apitrii and l.tbot. ai"- on tl-.e  vv bole qui!'' a- satisfactory as in any  of her count rv.  A' Valuable Metal  Uranium is one of the   inor-l. valuable  .     ,i '      <-  iiii'lals known to mankind, being worth  .-, JjillO.ui ounce, or $1,080 a pound, nearly  live times ;is precious   as  gold.    Il  has  v I-  1 hei etofore been   found   only in   depths  of froin 500 to 1.000 feet. This product  i-a light foliated metal, like mica, with  a specific gravity ol lroni 0:1 to (>:S.  The <ire is termed tiranile .-ind comes in,  the form of hi awn-, oxide. It was [h-.st  discovered in 17S.1 by 'Kiapmth. and is  mined principally in' TJohenii.-i and in  some part.- of l-mgl.-ttid. A live foot  . ledge' of lliisi oie has been 'disco vered0 in the Negro Creek district,  "Washington. ' '  Politicians Flocking" Here.   -  British Cohui'ibj.-i is ' worse than a  slippery-elm poultice, says the Winnipeg Free ,Pi-e-.-. it. il:.-iu< everybody  1 hat tret-- vv ithiii ,-itrht of it. Within a  year it has taken from Manitoba an  ox-.Mini-ter of tlio iv.t.'tiot, an ex-  Alton!.-v-denci-al, aial .in ex-Ieai'ier uf  the iiic.t! O)i|'.o-ii inn. he-ides :t niiiiiiii'i:  of minor, individuals. And now'we  ii.tvi' wind ll-.ai a Maritime Province  |irei!i:ei, Mr. Peter-, is about lo throw  .up hi.- po.-iltoi) and remove lii, tin.-  othi-i favoied (,'o.-isr. to li������' shortly  joined by an ex-Mini.-ter ol Ju-l.icc in  ihe pel.-on of Sir 'ilil.heri , Tapper.  A t t hi- ,i;.ile il will require hula few  year- lo have all the prominent, nie/i of,  the ,count t y gai hereil in the j1.u-ific  l-'rov'ince. Kven Sit Mackenzie Howell  is   lioveiinir  around, a.-if loluclant   lo  '      c ' '  cleave.    It mti:,|-he the ii.-h.  Taiiiuiany   ligures  on   being sjiccess  fill in Ihe coming eleclions   foi Ci'-aler i  New "S'ork.  , ./J'he Marquis of 'S.-ilir-bury, is not  resigning nor in had health as reported  leceittly.  r  The town of Witid.-or, X.S.. ,wa-  ahttost totally di^troyed bv ti'-e on  Sunday. Tl-.e Ins-, is estimated at  $2.OIK).000, with insurance of about.  $.7J'0,(,( 0.''_' ���������     ���������     ��������� ,  , Sir 1-alwin Arnold, the author, and a  part owner of Ihe London Daily Telegraph, .married t' ,],-tpan<���������-���������(��������� lady in,  ���������London on S.il erdav. '   .  Sir Wtn. V.uilloi-ni' says ' .-th.-U,  ,<,ho C.P.I{.. will put a palace .-learner on  Ihe    Vaiic-ouver-lvlondyiso .|-m  rwiisoil. '  Scai-lel. fever is leported rii'e iu Ivani-  lo'ops and thotitrh the epidemic is said  to have been checked careful precautions are still being taken.  An Indian on the reserve at fvam-  Inops, Frank August,'is reported to he  holding lhi> police al bay. lie recently escaped from a chain   gang  ."ind  life  ofliccrs tu e seeking to reeapture him.  ,  ���������i '  'Kditoi Grimier ha.- been sentenced lo  si\-"iiiiiiiths' iinpri-otinient   for libelling  ilon. .1. I. Tarte. ,  *  The total value of, \\'est., Kool eiuiy's  mineral export-.-o far for 1SS7 amounts  l-)$0,:W!.517. ������������������(.    ,  L.-ist week, en the steamer Intel nu-  I ional on Kootentiv   Lake a woman nj-  next  Cripple Creek' Gold.      . '  A novel scheme for handling the gold  ouiput. of the Ci ipple Cieek mines, will  be put into u-e by the opera toi s of that  di-trict. The plan is to r-etti^ide the  output for one month, lake tjn; bullion  therefrom and ship it to the United  States-mini at. Philadelphia in a single  cnii.-ifintneiit. A special train will be  .-eci.red for the purpo-eof Iran-port,ing  it. life bullion uil| be placed in the  'charge of some ex pic.-- company which  can' gitaiantee its safetv, and ;iil  iieces-ary precautious taken to pi event  accident oi theft, while the consignment'is in transit. As the present output o'f Cripple Creek is over $1,000,000  per, monllr this will be one of the"'  largest shipment- of gold bljllion .Jjjat.  ever ct os-cd 1 he cunliiK'nt.''  We.L^iVe a  Good supply pf ��������� ��������� r  'J '  BUILDING MATERIAl'  ryy-~  LIMITED  LIABILITY.  . ___OOMAPLIX, B.G:  all kinds of   -   -   ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER.  At the Company's Store is carried a Full Stock'of General -,  Merchandise :    Miners' Supplies and Outfits aldose rates.  P.O. AiiiiinviiKAO.  Tklkciraph to Comapux.  ���������': - ATi  TMT1  1  idE  Cut Rates for Spot Cash.      .  Call and see us, We, can fix you.  The Company's S.S. ^ LARDEAU" connects vvilh all CF.lt. trains and steameis, and makes daily  trips between Arrowhead and Comaplix and Thomson's Landing. Communication is thus e_-,t.ihli*he(l with  all points in the L.-irdeau, Trout, Lake and Kish Creek di.-li ids. ,    , ��������� ,-.  '     The Company's tug -'ARCHER" is ready to enter iulo lowing and freighting cuntr.-icls.      '.  The Townsite of COMAPLIX is being surveyed and will shortly be placed on the market.    Comaplix  is (he out lifting point, and head([ti,triers for t he La idea u ami Fish Creek districts now being opened up.     Il  occupies a beautiful situation, high and dry, on the X. 10. arm of Upper Anow Lake, eight   miles  from   At--,  rowhead.    Deep water for ve������.->cls all tin; year round,    (jood hotel accommodation.  R. TAPPING, Agent for Revelstoke. .  COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  .     KAMLOOPS, B.C.������  Best of everything" goiny.  REVELSTOKE   SAWMILL,  Revelstoke   Station,   B.C.  PI CARD,  Contractor   and' Builder.  Plans and   Specifications  prepared   on  short notice.  cbbv-^st-ji  Dfll"  New Style of Check.  A new-system  of  checking   baggage  .\v;t.->    inaugurali'd    on   "  the   - weMeiu  divi^iuti of the (.'. P. l\. on Monday,  by  which the   In ass  check   new   given   to  ' |ia*\-eiigci -> .is a token of I heir, Itiggage  will    he   tlia])eii-i'd    vvilh.      The-   new  iii"lhod    has . Iieen    adopted     on     the  east en i division fur some tin u-,1 and  in ���������  eludes a tmifoni! ho" ye brass   check,   to  which   is   att.-ulied". a   numbored   tiig.  designating    points   of    dispatch   and  destination,   a   duplicate     of     which.  t hough in another color, is handed  tlie  passenger as a pledge  for   recovery   of  bairirage. ..   .  RUSSELL   &.   HEROD,   Prop's.  IMPERIAL   BANK  OF  CANADA.  Capital Authorized,    -   S2,000,000  Capital Paid-up, -   -  -      1,963,600 ,  ��������� Rest, .----:.-       1,156,800   *  DIRECTORS:  H. S. HOWLAND,        -      ,-      .President.  T. R. MERRITT,    -    -     Vice-President.  William Ramsay.' Hugh Ryan. Robert  " Jaff ray.   T. Sutherland Stayner.  The WI. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd.  MANUFACTURIOR.S OF       < ,      "  THE " RELIANCE" MINING, MILLING AND SMELTING MACHINERY  FOR THE DOMINION OF CANADA ; '���������  (Under License from THE E. P. ALLIS CO., Milwaukee, Wis.)',  Crushe'is, Rolls,   Jigs',   Concentrators,   Screens',   .Stamps. iPump's.   Compressors,  "Hoists, Boilers, Engines, Water Wheels, Ktc.' ''  Sole Agents for B.C. for JOHN,BERTRAM & SONS Machinists' Tools.  vanbccuv������eTb.c. ���������.       ;���������'; PETELiBOiiOUGir, Oi\T.  Head Office,    -    -    TORONTO.  D. R. WILK1E, General Manager. '   ,,  The   present   centre   and future  headquarters for , '      .   ',  'mm������ OPERATIONS IN BRITISH-COLUMBIA.  J n  i"������ff  *?^&.  KJ %J  f !?  /' ���������3"-}\    ������������������  ?*%*~\r\  Oin  AUV Mil lilt ���������*���������  y L U  It is the centre of the Lar  d-eau  iiining district.  The Black wall Tunnel.  The completion of   the  great   Illack-  w.-lll   tunnel   under   the    Th.tine.-.    lit,  London   and   it-t   opening    to    public  . transit are events of no   small   importance   iu    the   history    of     thai,    vast  metropolis.     The   revised   anil   nl'iicial {  da I a   of    l-his-    immense     etigint'i'i-iii^- j  slructtire  aie   as   follows:    The   total  length of the liliiin'l and its approaches ]'  is (1.2011 feet. .-ind  iL  is   lighted    liy   71.0 j  lamps of &'{ candle power, no gas heiug i  ailmit led to-any portion of   tin- tunnel, j  The nituilier of men employed was S!),i,  ,-iiid 17,1)1111 ions uf ca.st iron vvi'i'i;   used.  7.('-<KUJ0l) hric-ks.   I,()!)((,{)')!)   tons   of  con-  It will have railways to  the north and south.  Its cliiiiate is superb.  it has plenty of building-  timber and a sawmill  in operation providing  lumber at reasonable  prices on the spot.  lake    affords    exceptionally good trout | j  cr  ^���������-^���������ROUT 'LAKE   CITY  is reached  by rail   from  Revchuoke   to    Arrow-;  head, 28'miles; thence  by steamer^ 10 miles, to Thomson's- Landing;   and  -a    short  stage'of   12 ini'es:   the   entire  journey occupying- only 6 hours  through  magnificent mountain  and lake scenery.  Well-known     mining     promoters and   capitalists , already  have their   representatives   on  the    ground,    and   '"it    is     no  boomer's drwin to say that before another si:, months Tkout  Lakh Ci i"\\ wi'i  be a bustling-  centre of bus".jess and the principal town in this treasure-laden  L'ardeau, the new centre-of attraction    for   the   best   mining  einei'p.'se.    ski",   and    capital  wh'ch'  British    Columbia    has  m: ^'neii>.ed'within her borders.  The climate and soil of the  district are all   that   could   be  j' desired bv the rancher,''"ardener  ;,or    fruit    grower    for    whose  1 products a profitable and rapid-  'ly   increasing   market   exists;  I whilst to   the   sportsmen    the  ne-.ghboi hood affords game in  i plenty.  ! 1     The accommodation includes  BRA SCIIES IN ONTA RIO:  Ksscx, Kovkus flalt, IiirupsoII. Xiiiu'iu-a1 Fulls.  I'ot-t Cnlboi-iii!. Hat ]J(it-Lau'c. Si. e.ithiirinus,  Simlt Sic Jlai-ic. St. Tliom.w, Wclliinil,  ^^rooll stock.  f Cor. Wolliiifiton St. anil Li'iidcrLatie  ToilOXTO-j Yoiiko mid (^ncoii Sts. Jir.uiuh.  V Yontji! und Jlloor Sis. Ki-.incli.'  BRA A'CHESJN NOR TH- WEST:  Hniiidon. Jriin.' PorhiKO Lu Prairie, Mn.i..  CulKiirv, Albiii-ta. Prince Albert, S.isk.  Kditionton, Altu.   Winiiiiict:. Man.  BRITISH COL UVBIA :  Vancouver.       -   '   ���������        -        ���������        Ucvelsloko.  i AGENTS: -  JjOxnox. Eve, LlovdS Jliuik, Ltd. N'kvv Vokk,  Hank of Monli-i-al.  A gcnorcl *Di2nlc!.iisr business transacted.  Son-Is and defccntux-osUousntaa'I sold.  A. R. b! HEARN, Manager, Revelstoke.  AND  n\  1 w u  The Kootenay Smelting  t ' K I ������  & Tpading Co. Ltd.  R SALE  A number of lots centrally located  in their Townsite  TKK  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  FROM REVELSTOKE  To all Points  Kast and  West.  civil1, live ,-ici-i's uf ,ts>)!inlt, Mild I-ittilcs , ... 1  1 1  of electric li-ht cthie^.     Tlie (..Ii.i liuie ! It .11 AS ft d'OWn gYBbT,Z. pUr-I IJ^OOCl  hotels.   StOfCS,   ]X)Sl (>fflCC,  occupied in t lie uoi-k h.-ts  lieen   ,-i   liit'e ���������  liiore ili.-m live yciir.-., vvliile tile  s|iiJcin] j  |-.ortioti miller  the  '!'h.tines  covered   ,-t I  ,,C       .1 I I..      1 -.>..,,.,.(..,      ' nl/Mill   +i-;ir, I  full progress, ar.d the'establish-  mcni of the sawmill will tent  still more to enhance the immediate Lfrowth   of  this   rising  pi'rimi of .tliinisi cx.-iilly 1^ uioiiiit-',  which is,-ni ,-i ver.-iiff r.-ili'of 100 f���������������< ��������� I ;i  Itioiitll. 'i'he (-(iiiLl.icL lor llie const rui-t i-iti of t he luiiiiel vv.-ts taken ,i|  .SI.lil.'-.fJ'K),  lull',   I lie'  ,-u-lu.il   cost,   ei'   the  Chasers Of lots thus 0b-! recording office,  butcher   shop  tainiDg an  absolutelvi,''1"1,1'1?;1,^' l5riv;Uc residences._  ���������j ,.-i " '       nuildmn-  openitions   are   in  clear tiLie.  \\ hole Ii.-is hi  &7.:MAm.  British Labor.  The IBi-It.I���������11 Ho.irdof Tinile keeps ;i  recoil! nf (he wo.!, .mil vv.-ii^e.- ol .soine-  lliiiijL^ liUe oij;h( ,:;id ,-i h.-tlf millions nf  1 he popul.-il ion nl (ii",-it fhil.-iiii. ,-inil  is.sie-s ,-iiinii.il tcj.orls- showinir | )ie  ch.-i ut;es .ti itl cotidil ions ol' I he i ��������� i������I ��������� i���������i i i.i I  wot Id. The 1,-isl icjioi"' shiivv--. Ih.it, in  |S!'(! tin- L;eiiei,i| I |...;i|i-iii v ol' w.in,-.  VV'.ts up ,\ ,-i i d It. I In- e\ I cut nl ,, n  ;i\ ol .I!.;'- I I-.' ol :!liil.|..i iv. eel-., .illiil-  i.i^.';;-2,M.)5 |iei-.-.iiiisv The rules of'iii-,  ���������cri.-.-i-'e v.-irh.'il. fi niii ;",11 cevls ;i ,���������week", in  ihe lillililin;;  I r.-iili-s,-I m oO ii moil};. Sl.nle  town.  .   ,        PBICES  o:f lots.  Inside-, $)QO; payable $5^.33 down, $33.33 in  ^ months, $33.33  in 5 months.  Corners. $150: payable $50 down. $50 in 3 months,   $50   in   6  months.  (These prices are foi* a short time only.)  T. L. I I A 1(T. .'Ri-:v,i-:i;'sTf)K'K. (leneral Ag-ent.  1 UKi 11  Mt'l'li lykSON. Tkol-t :'I-AKi-'Qirv, Resident Agent.  ,  THROUGH TICKETS TO  V.-iticouvcr, Winnipeg, Si. Pittil,   Clhic"-  .-iKi), jMoiitretil, toron'to, New York.  First-class dining- and sleeping-  cars on all trains. iiV  Tln-oiiKli Toiifisl cms In Si. I'.inl (hiil.v, .'ind to  Toronto uvcry Monil.iy, sinil Montreal timl  IIii.sLon every Tlmi'sduy. '    ^  Piii-clniso i,ii;Uut,s to your ilishkiii.it.inii  :inri  h.-ivr  your lmf,'i,'iij,-o chruku'l llii'ou^li.  Imii- full infoi-innkion its to i-nlcs, tiinc. i'K;., ap-  lih lo iiuiu-csk C.IJ.ll. Af,"-nt. to  T. W. Hl:AI������.SllAW���������.\t,'i'iil. l.-i'Vi-KKiko,  Or In    K. .I. COY hi'],  Ilish-ict. I'tissciiKcr Ani-nl. V.-uii-'ouvur.  Tfas - Canadian - Paeifle  Steamship Co.'s  -STEAMERE-  NAKUSP   and   KOOTENAY  l.ccvc  Ari-owlicul  (ivci-y  diiy, cxcvpl. Snml.iy  fiii-    nil    iioints     in    ICnotcn.iy,      limkiiiK  coiincclion    .it,    Xtilotsp    I'm;    nil    points  on X.-iknsp niid Slocuti Ity. und Sliwiln I.11U0.  Close oiiiiiicckion a( Itolison   for Nelson,   ICus-ln,  H.ill'oin-. I'ilot liny.  Close c ,:inei;tion nk 'I'rnil for  Kosslund,  Norkli-  poi-t oiid nil points smtlli.  Kor full   iiifoi-niiition, lli;k(-l-t,   iiiii]ii-,  i.le.,  call  011 or address  T. Vi/. BRADSHAV/,  Ai:cnt, liovol.stokc.  Ot-lo  If. .M.vcCltKCOlt. K. .I.COYIil?,.  'I'r.iv. 1'ii.sf. A^i'til, Hist. I'.i;-- AkoiI.  Nelson. l'..C. Vaituniivci-, ll.C.  The central point of  NORTH  KOOTENAY.  E^S"X~   TEEMS.  T..L HAIG,  Resident A^ent,  RRVKLSTO'KIi:  B.C.  T. J. LENDRUM,      "  Trustee,  '    AINSWORTH, B.C.-  Columbia & Western Ry.  Time Talitc No. (������.  To lake isdiM-l, .1 illy H. 1WI7.  Unity lli'l.vvi-eii Ti-nil mill Kossl.-mil,  No. (! p.iwnirci lcuvcs Kossland    -   - . 7:00 11,111.  ('oiiiii'cts iv-ilb sltainci'iil Trail.  No. U p.i ���������>��������� i)j,'cr li.ivcs  Tiail    -   -    -   H:!.! ii.m.  Cniin.'cls ivilh Itcil Mount.iiii for Spol.iine.  No.'J p.-i'sscii|,'ci-li-.'ivcs Kossiniid    -    -      II   n in.  Cniini'cts vvilh C.i'.l!. sli-.unei-s fur norlli.  No. I |i.iss(.|iKc������ lciivcsTi-.-iil     -    -.   - l-'::������i p.ni.  Cotiiiivls Willi Cl'.!.'. s!ciiiiii-i-s from nortn.  No. I |iiis....|i;rcr lcuvcs :.'(.s..]:in,l    -    -    lli'Kl p.m.  (.'oiiniKil!! witl.i lied.Mntmlaiti for ripol.-iine.   .  No. .'i pns.-iciifjer lciivl.s Truir    ������������������,.���������'���������   -r':l"> P-'n-  ('otitic els vvi 111 slciniicr l.yUi.n nl.Ti-iiil.  (i.nci-.-.icili.���������(-.<:��������� ���������!'���������. I'. (IK'I'KI.H';  Trail, H. C.  Owint;" to the erosion of lthe river bank the company find it  necessary'to dispose of their smelting" buildings, furnaces,  go h.p. engine and boiler, and 30'h.p. boiler. The whole  will be sold in part or en bloc'    Inquire of above.  A.-  (.iunei-iil .Snpl.r  1BCOLUTBLY FREE ! !  CIVtH AWAY MONTHLY  ireiiiiiitn lo users of our  : t.������������, soaps.  Kc( Ul-li 1 he ( oupotis nl the end of e.-tcli  month .-ind sI.-iikI ;i ch.-iiice of wimiiii-:  I,his lie.-iul il'ul lil.-icliine.  Each   25c.  Bar   entitles  you to one coupon.  A11 v of our various brands cour.t  in this competition.  No better SC AP on the market.  FINDLEY ���������;&������������������ CO., -���������STANDARD"::SOAP  WORKS,  :    (        133 ila:jiing;������ St., VANCOUVICR, U.Ca, ; ���������"���������. .-,.��������� ^  ������SBFR!������e9a������]KSR^^  *������$������  .&&  9nsg^������sa J!    - v  v   J   J  j     -,-.
'I'i  f   j.'      ��.' /   ', l   '.' -. ' [ * -.    '  \    "v '       \ ��     ��     ;   -
lliii   i\\ H ; j h.\ A \    MA I iM
^T.TT<vTT    JO       ii.
# Kootenay Lodge
8 r^Xb     No. 15 A.P. 6c A.M.
r   * 	
*    *    Tlic iviftilar iiiretini;
an, held in (lie JI.is-
cjfcic--'._\   ,  jC\       onii 'i'untilr, Hi.in ii"'-
����?^VS& W1-^ 1J'ili    ll,('   (lli"
F^^*lh^J^Jz.y\ii\u\Ay    in    cicii
^=-i^v^:"^T*s^\,-i.C�� iti'inlli   at    h   v.   in.
fc=^SS?-':-- O'^O ~     Visiting    lirilliri'ii
-=-^��-"'-'-=��� conliallj wuli-djilul.
ii. j:. sjmytiih. si.cju.j-.vKi.
��� EST.MiLISIiKI) ]��t;2 -
j^V^jj Uvjctilar incctiii^s ;li-(. held
'fiJ��� KJs5yJ?sM��-''   '" Od'lfullowh' JI.ill cvci-j
Tvs5*s_^K��v^ Tluu-sdtty  niijlil   at   ci^'li't
'^sS^SR��^?^ o'clock.    Visit intf lirol lici -
^^i���:""vt���>t*^  ordially vvuk-uincil.
���I.".\. .STON'K. S.C..
t. j. gi:aii.\m. sr.c.
Book-keeper,  Accountant  and
''    Commission Airerit,
,    ' kevelstoke, b. c.
-,^rt   ^^g^g^--      Lar-rcst   stock   west   of   loronto.
iror  Miners,'--Contractors,   Carpenters ��� and  Agri-
Sj C4.JL Ato ��Jn3��
"Wrile  to   us   isr  Pricos   anil   Illustrations
T.  L.  IIAIO, JTotaiiy Puia.ic:
W.  F. CJiAGE.
^      ir
1bere are two
jfor ^ou^33^^
Pointer No. I. ��� Consider.your
health   when  you buy chain's
or have a prescription to fill,
and   buy   only] those   you're
sure are pure and -fresh.
' Pointer No. 2.���Consider your
��� purse rand   buy only  where'
you get  the  best  value  lor
���   your     money���-an     inferior
'.aitide is dear at any price.,
(Limited) ,
 Ubc   ��niflflists-���
will give' you a great many
pointers about these things if
you call at their drug store in
.the McCarty Block.
(   Geo.'T. Mallery, Mgr., Revelstoke Branch.
.     ,     '    MARRIED/
PtCASK-.Svv.vx'JO.w���AL CiLliccIi-.il. Victoria. H.
O., on Tliin-.sd.iy, lltli inst., by Kov. Canon
Hi-anlands; W. I!. I'e.-iso, son of'Thomas
l'oase, Ksi|.. WosLbiii-yon 'I'ryin, (flom-i'stcr-,
.sln'i-e, ICiikIiukI. to >\nniu .M. llttti liinsun
Svvanton, datiijlitisr of Rolictt Itululiiiisoii
Swanton, .1. J'.. Jiallylmvvn llon.si;, County
Cork, .':.-;and.' ,. ,
Mining and   Real   Instate   Brokers   and   general'  Commission
Agents.       Fire.   Life   and   Accident   Insurance.'
Re.inescnt.it.iviK, of tlic Kooton.iy Siiiultiinf iiihI Ti-afliu.y Syndicate.
'        ' ' !
A.fronts fc��r I{ovolstnl��(�� ancl-'l'ioiit, L-tl:e Citv idvvnsitos.
Picks, shovels,  spades,   forks,   hoqs,   axes,,  wedges,   crowbars;   hammers and  tools  of every
description. o       ��� ' ' '
Drill steel;'round, fiat, band and Norway iron; saws, files, rasps.^etc.
Dynamite caps, fuse.        ��� ��� '
Doors, windows, building paper, paints and varnishes.    ''',.'       ���  . '        *, ���
Double oven French ranges for hotels, cOoking and'heating stoves,'granite and tinware. ,t,
'    BOURNE    BROS.,,",":
Hardware Merchants,
��*      ' Revelstoke Station, B. C.
r\ ���
vsjo,/ ,
Furniture Dealers &. Undertakers.
t ' r
Upholsfcsririg and Picture Framing a Specialty. .
Agents for Haunfind .Sov/inipMac-limo, .Sl.tiuifact.iiie'i.s Life fnsuraiicc Society,
IJiiin!) 'Firo Insuriuico. Co., Viovinciul ]3ui!<lin^ tuid IjOjui Asssoc-iation,
OiiCi.vx.s .-md Pi amis. .' -  '
McLennan, McFeeSy' &:-C6, Ltd,
���     ���wiroLrCNALi-; ���
Iron, Steel, Miners', Mill and Blacksmith Supplies.
'   '/-v.'.- --.-   '-^f^Bi ^_^_-^~.������ l<sSPM
. UhEiHiJIAII   yLNEhl-iL  LLLUfiLliu mL ���
Capital, S3,500,000. Head Offices, Toronto, Or.t.
Manufacturers of Electric Mining 'Apparatus,  '
( i . "7 ', "
Hoists, Pumps Iilowers, T'^itis.  I*l:isliiiir_ Aiip.-trtitUs,  '0\ titimo-. r'oi   Iji^litiiii^.-tiKi
-'    Power, Motois for nil ]>tirnosc,s. ,-���. '    ,
t ''i
Rlectrical transmissionof power successfully ojjerated up ,t'o  5c
' miles by our THHErVpASE TRAHS^SSSIO^ SYSTEM.     r
' Hardware   -   -   Stoves
122.CORDOVA STREET,   ���   -"'-���:-
i!inpumel; ��/are. <
-   -'���'VANCOUVER, B. C.
j. i-:. w. j;ackai;i..\nic, (.'ciiei-.ii rii.-ui.t^M-.
.JOHN* O. NOKHO.M, IOI., StiiiL. Jlitiiiijf Dcpt.
.1. W. CASIPIOX. .Suoi'oliu-.v-TreJsiii-iT
.''-^���Beissrsl FciinleFg,;. Eiiffiiioers; Bolieiiiakeps and������   ���'���
, iVIanutactupors of��� '
lir.iiiuli Ollice.s in Iiritisli (luhiinbi.i.
- LOCAL And personal briefs
HP   f  If?       ^-rW^..
Wliolesale Boats and Bhoes.
3 & 15 Gordovr-St., VA2TOOUV30S, E.G.
Carries the best'line of 'miner's and  nrc^spector's 'Ho'ots  iii  the
Province.,,    Write for samples:
ti. r-'    ? 1
llii-t-Vii-Jku VUi.?        f-'-'n
,. A     ������?*
ri \l ^
Sir iW.-ickoiizio liowell went. . cast'
'TiicsiJjiy moi iiHiif.
J/.'^v'. Coiii.sior left for his Trail
.store 011 S.it tit day l.-isl.     ���   ������
Oolfl   yCoiiiiiiissioncr     (ti iiiit lis,   , nf
Jzonald; was in town AYediH'sd.iv.
,���     '   J. IJ. Hctiillnck, (jf   Kii.slo,   w;is   up
licre W��;rliH'S(l.-iy to nice! viii'e fiicitils.
Sir Kdwiii' Arimld's .f.-ipanc-si: wife
will he to liini a new " Tji^ht of Asia.-''
Iicv. Mr.. Ladner vvas met at,; the
stiition on Wednesday liy a mmibor of
friends.       ' ' ,
Fred Alilin ir<it the sad nous .Mmi
day nitrlit of the death of his father in
\V. F. Cr.-igc on Monday rereivod]
his commission as   Notary   Public   for |    -'   ---     ""     "-    ""���""������ -~-     	
l!,e Mail!l',,ld' -      ' -        'Full Line  of "Boots and Shoes  always on  hand
Well   assorted   stock   of   Mkers
MiinuCa-ctupcr^i of���
Marine, Sawmill,
Cannery and Hvdra-
li lie Machinery, River
and Harbor Dredges,
!)ii.ch!r.<>' Ti'lachinerv,
Water Wheels.
r Keej) in stocl-; a full
st'ijiply of I'.ng'ineers'
and Mill Supplies.
Pipe and " Fitiinu\s,
]5ra:..s Goods, Steam.
j-"itiinti's. iCtc.
---- _-== - -^^--.t.--^ =-i--������'-----��� Ti. - ^w^^^s^ "^      ' A11 classes of machinc-
^ ^ j 1>���
ry. ,<, Mining-,      Milling,
Hoisting and   Pumping
Machinery, Stamp, Hat-'
$< terics,ac Ore'1    Crushers,
.Ore Concentrators, Ore
f'   Feeders, ,Air .Comprcs- ���
J    sors:    r  , ,	
Reeves' Wood   Split'
Pulleys. _,, '"   '
Correspondence- solicited.' Estimates furnished.-  '   % - -     ��� '
��� _   ,^      ^       ~���.,~���       ^     . ���j��  ���_,     f-<^ y���~^���1       ;r"""\  *~f    '"yT": " '.     "5        "T    ?     rf-"^       Cable Address: "Cove"    i.
P.O. Drawer,  ,{,*       \/     _M^__��^4    ^ %^J    U>       V     ~Oj JuTU j   JETS - O -        A..i.G. code used. .. ,
JJ.-tii; A- Ci'ittrc liitvo'^ol a splendid
/ire chart of lii:\ elstok'e, showing all
.the buildings, spaces, etc.    <   <     '
Ihiirli SuthetJ.tnd, ox-.M. T., w.is
Jiriro several days this week. lie has
j.  ^_
��� *     . 1 ��
2ardwaF8   ���
Special attention given mail orders.
et. doiny the lower count,-v. ' "! HI 0 M T rD  H C*T HW    FTTH    Q     ^S f�� i   T ��� OTfi ^ ?   T^
JoeAdL,s,ex-8upt.of   the   S������,t ! ^| (j tf fc �� fi   LlVtKj.fttU   ��   6flLt"&lABLtd
 FOR   .      '
passed Lhrouifh here \v mIiiu-cI.iv  t;ven-; ��� ^ -���
in�� -,'niiii,' west. " 1 Sr;1"1' l''^f'-^iIior.,s��..l . .-v-;;,  n,. ;tnn��  .-it 7 oilof-k. ro;  '| ...ut   L.
""','""       '" ,, I Kocc'llsiii)    let in miiir. ii'im-s  fli'isf ii!,i.(s,,i.  0 pin
miiie":i(. Hossl md,'was in   town   'J'ues. j
d iy.     He sold out of the .Sunset. '
Geo.   M.   Pullman,    the    ureat    car '
���huilder, left $",0,000,000   l.ehind   him.'i
Car building boats nevvspttpei   work.      ,  ^-^-������-, ,���������,,,. =-^J_a^,���^ ,U
m. .j. nancy. .Supe.-ii.to.ident of the | DAILT STAGE LINE \ Thomson's Lai-ding'to Trout
,c.-(.w'.s .Nest- Pass road const.-udion.!    ��� Lake City g.nd Ferguson
.ike   Citv,    ant
Anew   riist tut i ant    was   openerl , up |, - '
Wednesday       night,. Theie        atej^ i FREIGHTING  AND  TEAMING.
numerous      boarding      houses        and \ (;,)0f] frr,i,_,|lt ... .trel,.,,,^, ,t, ..| .,���; I: vi-> .���!- '..     I'or.il! i-if- i m it ire about  lians
lest.iuratits here now, .j p.,rt aion or li.i.d.ny i'.'I..,r J.-tii',m J Ttont  r..ik<   wii'e
The. .McDowell,  Atkins,  Watson   Co. j .      ��� ,,_   .  T/...     ���      -ry-rr T 'T / TT
will   iii   futtite .keep   all   the   leadiit,' ! L/rCiix'cr  <%   Hijui-iiUAXl,
papeis for sale tit   their   stand   in   the | Thoin ,oil's  J .andill'j. ' li.C. i
McCarty block. .  . . . '""'"!
^\Ir. Morton, of Londoti. was in Revelstoke Monday htivitiL,' taken ,-i trip
lhrotii;h South Kootenay. He likes
thccounliv .md will visit it ,ig.iin.
Disl iilLfllislicil       flavellets      aie,    so
(jabiind.-tilt i)(.w that   tiack   e.'.n   hanllv
be   kept   of   theii'   iimv enn-nt s.     'I'liev i
C-.ilinot   |iass   I lev elstoke eilhi'i-   wilholl!  .
expiessini^ ^ood opiiiioiis of it. 1
K.    C.    Davidson,    travellei    for    C   '.   I'mH    and     \\ IIIH T    .suiting,      ( ) \ < -vi <, 1 [ 1 ;;���_.��� ,, ' ,.,',.
I'.ot thwick's finals was in   town    Wed-; 1;   1 . ,       , ���
, 11     ���        .1 1 ,    ,-        ' st\ lis.'i niril;/-. 1 ;,-d' i' iii-t'     - -���; '    ;   ri ���.  n:
liesdav.      IU'   S/US    the     sialic!     lever' '
v'.-ue'in    Kau.loops   is   -reatlv     i-v,,��. I SEE     THE     GOODS
gerated theie being onlv six t-,-ins. j
J I.     McCtilcheoti    ihe    well    known j
founder of the Koal/'iiai/   Slur   win   in ���
town Mi'nid.iy froiti ihe west.     Mac. i.s
��� thinkinif of, going again into the news
paper business.
GRAXD   BAfrf;,
Peterson's. Hall,    October   27.
Tickets, iiielndiiii; **up[)'*r, .*>!.���">';.
��� ei��'elstoe:e station, b. o. ������
C4- TH 1ST Wj 'E, ^l. Ij    MBEO 'SI -^_'isr,T;
V_-4    -JL^J
, All kinds ��f iron a,sad sheet metal Tarork.
pchant Tailor, Clofhlsr ana General Oiilfitlop, -        c     ^^s^eeh^e^^=^ misimg-, work an
revelstoke station, b. c.     s      ��� Fipefittiag1 and roofing1! E^EE^^^^:r^^i:^^:������",^"
ROBT. GORDON, Revelstoke Station, B. C.
lllyiji IcAjiLfCuiir^xJi KjOjIicUac',
Capital (^aid ud) 5-2,000,000.
, Rest       -      ���       $1,200,000.
HEAD  OFFICE.     -     -    -
the COW A1n-H0lTE
-\rOTIfI-: IS TIKUKHY (IIV'k'N' llml sKty
N (l.ivs fi-diii il.it - I itili'liil I'i .ipplj t" I Ik
,-^ll|i( inl..if.v Jl.i^i'lniti f'H llie N'Klli lit tin ' i>.
Wi ��I Km !i n.-i.i lo: i'i I'm.- -ii ii In 11.in-r. I i i;
)i(|H(ii- lii-fii-    I'i tin: .M.--'���-. I'.il'(-.-im \   Is',,i_'.
(^i:'ii,-.l.l       .I'HIV *>:i()(l>'l IIO.M.
_MIictl f'aiij. ii. -���(���;>l. '-'"��. I ''"
H. S. HOW_AND, Pr,',: (.'.it.        T.  R. ri��FJf{|TT, Wv: Pi--ii./Jont.
D.   P,    v/iJCt.,   OtiiT.iI   iVi.ir.rigfjr.
A ^cii.t.lI !) inking b.i i'v--,1,11.in-.,i< (cl.     I .'-tier-, < >f (i wiii iv .���>< ���]  '
;iv;iilnl)!f :n ;ill p ifis nf l!v- wnrlfl    - ilolri c|n-,t -nxl oin-il^.-im j
Jll'l Cl|.'-C'l.
)'��� ji.iiMiiu-nl,      I til'-'V  ,l
I'i-..' ')     ,ii
&&,-- Wholesale Dealers in^*^
nr^ '~m ~\"y���rn -t- cn r~n ,f~>. ~n?���m     "D f~**
A. i-t. ;3. HIAri'N, i-'i-uiay,-.-! ^.jvoisio':'; ,'.'������ ,i,k.|,.  i


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