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Kootenay Mail Nov 6, 1897

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 '     /
7\    tWV ,
'fa i   fy
SW* sW
/%/ if-
J< M      !i:*l     J
Vol. 4.���No. 29.
iJPir^TOmAi'r     "W T^C^P    "^ ^ H^ri T,"* V" * V      1> T'I        \T/Wr��;vr. jdiM)1     /''     1 OA'Y
lib V iii LOI (J JYjit.    \Vbbl    iVV/l) I JjA-tLJ ,    Jib.,   jSK)\ HjJ3LUJitJ\j    (>.   loJ/.
$2.00 a Year.
It is Most Important thero Should be a
Good Meeting- Next Fridny���Ail
Interested Should Attend���-A Full
and Free Discussion Desirable.
El.-cw Iron* in ihis i-.Mii* wi'l la* soon n
not ice clling a  public meeting   lo, re-
(five I lie  lepnit   ol'   lire   iliciil'pni .Ition
ciiirirnil jci*.      Tliis'( ( uminit 11*  w.i*. appointed .it ii pulilii- irrcci inu held in lire
Kindorgaiten building  en   Aug   -!Oih.
It, ciui-sixti'i] 'of Me���r-.   Haig,   \Vcll>,
Ahrahamsoii (J), Cragc. (ir-.lll.i'lll (T. J.),
Kibb.iM ;rn<l IJiown (W. M.),'' nnil   they
wcic i-c(|noted to lohk inlo in.liters of
i egisl ���'.11i<111 .-ind .ill (lilier.M.bjci-Ls hearing onincm porat ion and to  report  on
tll<-ir lidding:-, lor-oi- agailisi nl ri   meeting (ii be t ailed by the (-Ii.iii ni.tn ol llie
connnittee.    Tlie ( oininit lee h.-ive been
givinij-  i onsidoi al.lc< attention   lo   toe
subject in,nil iis- !>t��.u iiiijf^ .uid   will   be
lea'dy on Ki iday of next   week   to   sol;.
mil t neii-r-ej or!.    ll i- inn-*! impori.-iiit
.    foi the subject I*-: of  gieat    iriturrelil   lo
tho tow n, Lh.Uthero   --luu,Id   be  ,i   full
tin niiui at ,Lhis meeting.    Jt is ,i  dirty
every  property  owner   ,ind   rntepavor
1    ' ov\ i'.*. the low n rind it   L-   highly   ncces-
'   s;ii*y  that   i-vel voire   interested  should
lie tliei e lo expr. s^ ,ui   opinion.      Il   i-
not .i stcphnl'.-i ,-ti ide, Ih.-.t UcvelMofce
i-taking if it  decide-  to   ii-.t-oi-por.il",
.-ind siifiicis. nt pitblio inifi (.->( should be
manife-ti d as in <;oL togcl her  on   I^i j-
ii.-iy n'e\l  tlie  ii'ut-l  thoi otnjily   icpr-c-
-*<'nlcd met I nig yet held   in   the   town.
j be MAIL, !d.e, u.osi._.jijM_iple   in   town,
ha- i:-s opinions on (he-uhjocl oL'nicoi-
p.i', .il ion' l.i:l  it* i.i i ns i'i .ui i giv ing I iii-iii
public-it \" a- iL la lioVcs i he I ej oi't oft ll"
( ouilllit tec s':.(iiilil he disi-.i.-M'd vililiiu!
pi epidic e and no it- met'.!- Milely.
The Gran:! Master Danquetted.
The Hon.  X.   Clark   Wallace, Crand
Master'of the  Oi.-nu.--e   A>->n( i.il ion ��� of
'Uril i-h Nnrt h 'America, v. .,*��� '.Mi'tjirci t( d
l.-isi.   night,   .-it   Salmon   Aim,   by   lire
brethren of   L.   0.   L.  No.l 1012. '   The
usii.il patriotic arid .-rppi opi-i.-tLe  toasts
�� i-i-i given :,ll<l -uitnhly're>pni,dod   to.
..���"Rmr(-M��*rk ��*\\'��l1at-r  made  a  splendid
..speech .-did w.-is loudly, nnd ��-l��tlitis-i;i-lI-
tally cheeied. A most enjoyable d.-iii( t>
wound up the pioceedit,g-.  rIIon. Mr.
',   Wallace loft for Ivanrloops  again  and
he will be hai.quelled there  this   ovoh-
ilite hv t he iucmber> nt the older there.
Hrel hi en of I be local lodge  No.   J(jj8
iire thinking oi making nrrangi-'ment.s
to eiilei-taiii   the  disiinguisl ed   vi.siloi,
.-hould cir t iiiri.st.-iiii-i> allow.
Two Bonanzas.
To Be Heard Here,In Future.-
T   r-
Courdy Court Judge Foi in, it is understood has nidi led t! (>' legist r.,r .'t,
Donald to .-end furu.nd bis cases foi
trial lo Kciol-loko and he would 11 >���'
I heln here. Tin* cases al Donald i! .seems,
ai e '"ei-y lew and ol petty chai.ii ti i a ml
.Judge Fat in probably 1 hirik- therefore
thai, il. would be ea.si' r* and ('-he.-iper' lo
try these cases loi- t t-ia 1 at eRc-vei-loke'
Ih.-tri In have lawyers ar.d hiin-elf
hi (infill Ui Donald al great expense to
litigant**..        , ��� '
ll would riot be at all siupti-iug if
thei-e wa's sitme change in assize com I
si! lings too. Sis'w li.-il the last, -e-*-icin
nt, Donald rn-( t he country, a ml if the
Mail remember*; i ight. one m.-in got a
nn ml li as ,-i result. Justice must be
open and fi ee t<i all to obtain, In:I t her e
is no reason why it shouldn't he-rdinin-
istei-ed as ct-nu;iuiie;i]!y as iire^-ibili! v
will allow. " "
���   The Fifth of November.
Yeslr.'id.iv   v, ,'s   ,i     uieiiHir.ihio   tli
Templeman is the Appointee���Maj be
r a' Cabinet Minister.
Wi! )> the lie**, s (if I In' appoint nielli
of Si-uaLor 3Jcliines to the Jjicnt. O'ov-
einor.ship comes word f hal' Mr. Win.
Tenipleriiiin ln.i-= got the v aeanliscna'tor-
-hip This-new s-will be gladly i?*ceived
by Mr. Teiriplenian's lrier':(NalI over
I he pi o\ ince, and Ihey ar e many. He
will he an ndniii ablf lepre-^enlaLivc of
Ihis country al Oliawa and will no
doubt make siH-h a roar k Ihat, a "���liorl
tir'iie vvill see him o. .Miiii.s(i-r if Jjriiisii
(.'olumbiii is accor-ded r epr-eseirlitl ion in
the cabinet. Al Viiloria, retenlly,
lion. .Mr., Sillon expiessed the hope
ihat 15. ('. might -ii-m have a (.-tliiuet
place .iiid it iiiiol unlikely I hat in .Mr.
Teniplein.in t he man w ill be tumid.
���Senator TViiiplciu.in was born in Fa-
kenhani, l.aii.n-k i oiiniy, Ontario and
leained the ail pi e-e: vaLive of ,-u-t s -cm
the old Oaiclton L'lace Herald. He
est.ihlihhed    the    Ahrrnnl e fia/.i-l.le' in
from a loeal a.. vveil as nalio-ial lnsteri-'l ISO? and cor.du'c it drit for  17 years,
ca.I point rn" view.  Jt u.is jiist I'liiii-ti'f-n LlS84 hecame'lo Dr-iti-h Columbia   ami
yeai-.s ago    vesleld.n since   .,1 r    Tiuteh    {.Jnt-i* I hen has'beyi connc-cletl .vil h 111
(now   iSir   Joseph)^    iheo   �� Lcmiiiiori
gt'-nt in dJ.C , notificrl   iio   pio-.iiic-i.il
gov ct nmeiit, le." oi do,- o!-'
��� loll': 'A.
.Mac-doii.-ild, thai I In;'!<o!ti:iii("i goveru-
iiient'' had linallv drier iiiinc.'l ,ro iirloj'i.
die iJoiy Hivei, lii'M-.s I'ays, J.lfiillc-
waet, .oni liaglc I'.tss loute to IC.'in-
ioop.s for tho'U l\ ll.'r-ii.lv.av. ttncl asking thai .deserve he.'pin on tin; land-,
twenty miles on each' sid6 of tire pio-;
pooed hue. Sniiiewi.oie .-ihunL lliis
lime, too, A. S. ,F.ri v. ell was aijpKing
for-and slaking oi} the. l,17n acicsto
vvlucii he later got a Clown giant.
Then began llio contention for possession ami validity of I rile which is now,
happily for ev eii body, draw ing l\> a
eouchision. 11 ,is an riiteri siing sturv
iind will so in'I (l,i\  he viiitti'n up.
Time-, litfw-j'.rnei- of Victoria. i\l(.sl
men who h.iv" faced d"!cai it-^yolteii as
,?ilr. Tern pi email ,-u " sou red and era hired
aird look ou matter.-, with, jaundiced
views, hut. llu* new --renalor pre-sei ve-s
slid .*i most happy dispn'^iiinn Lh.it
niake-x, friend-- v< her ev er he goes.
Wavcilcy Mine Ore to be Sent There
This Winter!
Tie* wagtron load   (o   the   Win ei ley
mine flour Alb-'i-t, ('anyon is now completed .-ind on .Monday the  large   number of men employed b} the conLi.k I ors
' weie all paid ulT.    The   Waverly   .Mine
Ltd.   will   '���otui   begin   to  gel   on!   oie.
They   haie   made  ai raiigeiuenls   wilh
W. lieiison, o! Iievelstoke, to haul out
800 Ions   this    wilder and   be  is  now
wail ing only for bis animals   to  come
dow'n fi orn Uig iicrrd.    Thi.s   oie   is   lo
be shipped to t he old count i j  and   will
serve ,is a very  good  ohjw L  lesson   to
the people I here ol lire mineral  wealth
of >?i-i'l,li Kootenay.    W'iLh.   say  eight
sleighs running, taking a (wo (on haul
and   allowing   three   (leys   foi   a   ti !p,
Benson shonld'be able to have  all   this
oie out in t wo ii ion I lis, but giv ing him
lime allowance, well within liuee.
That Dumping- GrouncL       ' ���
r> The M.M!.   is   pVased   to  1ip.ii-  that,
tlie    i.o.iid   of   Tiade    has '   piolesied
iigainst the i idic-uloits  sanitary regulation which ic.prired a dumping ground
to he Incited on    (In;    Big   Mend   road.
Tt is not    so icry long   ago   sitlcc;   (he
C'llotii',/ d i ew public   attention   to the
cuff nl   and   ellioieul'  way   ollkials   in
government,   employ   did   their  duty.
The   heillh   oflicer's, solicit.-rt ion    and
erne for the wishes of   Kevelstoke  are
iery nicely   shown   in   the   Ijoard   of
Tiade's   reiriif'st ' to   the  aiilhoi ities to
cirringe (lie   location   of   this (lumping
ground.     Wliv didn't, t.he  government
ollieials   consult   the   public   fnsl,'an<I
why   iv.t-5   llio   expense of a survey in-
ON MONDAY. ��      ��
-\t the icgul.ii' meeting of the, direc-
tors of the. Lr> lioi ���Mining Ca., held at
1 Spokane on Tuesday evening, tlio 21 st.
dividend was dec-larud. Thfi "di*. iili-ml
was SyU.OOO, m.-ikiug a total of !?07.J,-
.000. It was stated by some of' the
pa puis thal.'M he. Lo Hoi company was,
1 i!:���*.!y to skip ji.aing the dividend' foi
ISov ein'oci ovvirie to I he heav y evpenscs
entailed by the const i notion of the
.-.inciter   at   Xoillipoit,   but.   the  mine
- so.n eel}" feels ihe draft that tliu sinel-
(er c-allii'lipor: its resour-ces-. 'J'lre ore
from the mine continues to hoof ,-i hi^h
giade, and t he: e is plenty of it iir si'gllr"
��� Kossland Miner.
The last iSlocan .Star dividend (loci, ued, made the total .*?100.000. Iu a
leceut inlerv iew Mr White said: "We
have tapped i lie oio in Llru Ci Ft I ��� oi
lowei tunnel and are now , d iwn 000
feet. The last letlee js -jiiongci- than
theotheis but the v .-dues ai e nhmil llie
same. We expect lo put in new rolls
at the concent 1'atni- soon, to incieiise
thecapacitv by iihoiit five tons dailv.
The cajjacity of the concentrator at
pii'scnt is buI wee11 '2o and ,'50  Ions."
Explosion at Vancouver.
A (errilic boiler explosion lo plat e a I
Viincoiiver, on Wednesday, in I Ire engine loom of the Kov.-il Cily .Mills.' The
power had been Itu-ned olf for Icn inin-
utes lo iidjii-l some portion of the
uiai-hineiy when lire boiler exploded
and in (wo seconds, (he engine loom
w.-is ,i heap of ruin-.. It I'm ( una lei v
occiu-ied a! dinner time nnd In.t Ihree
men w i'I-c burr ied in the Wieik, thev
were, (ieorge .Sullv. f! '.ir-ife Kor-bes a ltd
(icoi ire ('��� i illil li. The i aiise of Ihe e\-
plo-iou I-,-i my-iei y as (he boilei' vva-
ne.v and bill a ino.lei lie head ol sl"iim
Ma- on .il I he 1 inn1. Tin ugh I he i in-iii1
ol lire vvoimdid men was veiy prompl
I wo of ( hem have ah en i|v died a ml t he
iinpiesl   was opened v (--) el da v.
In" Their New Building.
The new building of ,J. K. JIuil (A: Co.
is now (oiiijiieted and in use. Ir is a
hands.iiuc and coiirp.ici little liuiklmg
and a gre'al improvement ou iho <>i<J
picnnses. ll is a one storey bunding
occupy in.* .i cm net-dud lire shop windows aie large ifiitl give good ir'eht.
Tho li out'shop is a fine'r (Mim '!'.) x ''21,
linished - in v ai rushed �� cedrti;, nnd it
has a meat hanging c-ipiicity of twenty
beef uul casus. Oir'tlifs-.sliop is<an ice
chamber 10x17, which is well built
for tho purpose it is intended to serve.
A cot r idot loads back from the coirtic-
of the shop to the icai of the building
wheie is a l.uge sausage loonr fully
equipped. On the rii-lii of the com
dot is ,i coiiifui table ollice foi- the manager and a piivato sleeping loom be
It is a well designer) building and
I hough not vci'3 |ai��c is sullici"iit for
Mi-. Hull's growing tiade'foi some* time
to conic. Ijis lit'sincss III*-, giuvvii so
much lately that, it now l orpin e,s four
men to handle ii,'while a littic ovei a
year ago it was almost all done i-y one.
Miicririndeed all, the credit for ihis
expansion belongs to tho popula; niau-
agoi. The si.iii' now omploved consists of .tames 1. Woodnivv, manager ;
(Jeoigo .Johnson. c-iitU'i : Oeorg'; L**w-
is, driver; and P. yciiuin.icliot, -.nisai;e
OctobcirOrc Shipments.
'<t\j    _ _
Oie shipnieiiis lioni Lhe soiith iia
Uevi-l.-loke vv ot e. as l,ii as I he records
of lhe local crrr-lotus of/no -.*���(,, very
liirhl for tire monlh ol Octobei as they
aie iiovv being checked at X.-ti.usp.
Those i eeoi ded here vv ei e :
M. While A: Co     "(iO.t)OO lb-., (slS.I)'tl
Ui'io  f>0.(HH)    '���     ' 1(1,2)0
Idaho Ia2,(!<)0    " 7, l.'ti
I.amiVk      llO.tHX)    " o,77S
'The New  Lieutenant-Governor.
�� ��� ,
r ���- m 'i
An Cdlaw.-i despalih .'.nnnmH-es tiiat
Ihe Dominioti'giiver'nme.it ha-, decided
to appoint Seilali-i T. il.'Mt Iniics as
Lieuleii.il.t-Gov er -ini' ol Kr-'i i-h Colmlibra in lhe plate cf the 'fori. Edgar
Dew (li'e.v -uh.'-e teiiir is now .-il an end.
The oOJcial ann.itmcenieiil is. expecled
immediately. ,-, '
This report u'ray be correct, very
likely i-, and Menatoi .Mi frru*'s m.-ry be
(he next Lieutenant Oovernoi. ( "w'iio-
i'vei he i> it is,*,ini*.*i ely . hoped .he will,
.is ( he i ej)] e-ent.-tli ve of Her .Majesty,
have .i higher scum* of lhe dignity of
his'posit ion lli,in his predes(*-,^oi, and
not lay c o.iner s'ones for In ick hole!-.
Tt is. hoped, ton. that he will be a check
oti( tire i'idi-( r iii.ina!.' Use of t he order-
in-cotincil sysl-un of government so
much practised in Ihe p.isi in this
Resigned tlio'Reeordership.
i   *- ,
Vni y Menhenii k. I lie recoi del- al, Lai -
clean, for- a numb *r of year-, resigned his posit inn on the lii-st of the
month. M''. Menbeniek ha- been most
zealous in bringing his t'i-i.sioii inlo
public nolii >��� and few i ecoi ders, have
dniie mure Ihaif lie'i.i' this way. Ills
resignntion will be icgr-etled by his
ru.iiry 1; iends .ind those irll ei*es| ed in
Laitleaii geneially. The books and
recoiclsof (he Ijiideau division have
bee'i pi,ncd in j'Jr. \V. 11. Vicker-'s
h.iiids at Tiout Lake, a ml. reeoids will
be made I .'ro: e nut il a siicci'ssoi to Mr.
.Meiihc'lick is iiiuioiuletl.   , ���    X
Rossland's Realty.-
The  revised   .-ts--o.s-.monl    rolls  show
thai I he oil y of Ho-slaiid contains   leal,
(���stale to   the   value   of   ijil.OJ(),!)!(>  .-rrid
impi'iveineut.S to the value of $I1.~>,-V>1.
rJ'his uiiike.s I In- ( ot .il municipal   assr*-,-,-
nieiil $1,120,100 but as only one-half of
Ihe assc-,-ed v.iliu* of impr-ov enrenls can
b." ta-v'ed'the, cil v's   valonlion   for  l.ix-
iition i.s $1.21G,��:.l.."i').     ,
First for the Season���Eight Carloads
More to Follow --Average Value of
the Ore���Progress of Development
at the Mine.
"��2.0i)(llbs.. ,sii..-ji.-)
Had His Hand Hurt.
On Widiiesd.-iy w'hile.Mr. Tims. Kil-
piillitk, bridge .stipetentendeiil. was
alleirdirig to dirt v . 11 ihe Ihii'n ,'iuh
crossing *,lr in inn. hi- {land w.i- b.-idly
-(ptee-/t-d by a bar of hon lu-iiiLr low er ed
into pirn e. My some ini-lake it injnicd
his foot al.so and iillogei her ii rj,i
--The Playhouse.     '  ' ' ^
To-ay that l.ho.-e who at tended the
pei forma nee.-,of tlie A us| rail.in V.-u iet y
Ooncei L C'ciinjiiiny (vv hich, by the w.-ty,
coilsislsn of two Indies,, and one very
small boy) vvei e disappointed would be
lo put mildly I he ci itici'sms p.,-sed upon thenieiits of the show'. '���What a
load that boy crir-i ies,-' said om; parly
at the performance. ''Whal'do jou
mean?" -'Why, he (,-ariies the whole
show,'and in Mi-s Mar .ick'-case(physi-
(.illy speaking) ii j>. no small load,"'
The iiisi riinreiital music was good,
but the vocal was not, and showed, in
one or two pieces, entire absence of
preparation. The dancing Unmix i s of
Miss Harry Watson, who was boomed
hi a certain paper as, "Lore Fuller's
only rival." vv ere hi eat hlessiy awail ed,
but tinned out to l-e���well. Line Fuller's i epul.ition is licit in danger. Miss
Watson's- entrances and exit- were
ninth* ungracefully be-iJ��'s being aiiia-
teui ish.
Public School Report for Oetobjr.
The following is the In.noi roll i f the
public si hool for October :
.  (-1,,^ V.���W. LV.no.
CLi-,-,   1V.--M.   Adair.    IJ.- "le(,Ts.   li.
Cl.i-- HI. {:ir.)-F. Hanson, C. Vyood,
K. Ijo|s\ old. ( -���
Cl.-^s    III.    (.Jr.)--E.    Hamilton,    A.
Hillier, F.  iJer-e-ei-.
Ulas-ll.-l).   Allen,    C.,Foi-k-(,   E.
Si-. 11.' Primer.-.-'Maud    Hyatt, ' Bea-
I rice I>laiul, John F,a^"r.
.if  ii. Ft i.rrei-.���itobeil Caiiiie, Percy.
Midlcry, Winnie Wood.
I. Primer.���A.'Hanson,   A. .Sarionni,
J. Slitmpci.      - *-
A Class.��� M. Andeison, Albert Anderson, .Iiile.- Pei rill.
13 Gl;i-s.- Holier I      Lawieiue,    iCIdge
Moigau, Jennie Hyatt.
O Class..'��� 1 i.n old    Bui ridge,   Bennie
Dickey, Willie O^g.
Custom's Duties in Kootenay.
DelaiN of (lie amimnt of the customs
duties paid al ihe Rev elstoke  ollice   in
October aie a.s   follows;   Weekending
Oct. Sth, %',)]()Ai'I: ,l.jlh,   ijV.io'l T.I-  22nd
ySj'-jO: :30th. y202 7S.    Total. JjtfoSf).:��>.
'J'hc codec lion.s ,*(t (he d.d'ereiil out-
ports of West Kootenay aie thus
staled: '
Nelson $0.12:101.
Kaslo <i".Im7.27.
Rossliind     ."j,.'!20. IS.
Re\el.-toke 2,."iS(),:��).
Trail i.yiS.SI.
Wa net a      .SS.i.O.'J.
*  X.-ik lisp            7.-ij,(W.
livkelts       lli.ill.
Total       .*-i27,:.i."'l.(..">.
Revel-toke liguies, when the connect ion of the ollu 1 place- wilh American   compel il iv o  mads  j-   talseii   into
,     ,,      .  . ., \e bun    consideratiiin. aie most (icdiiable, am
a b.-ld bllii-llig.   Hi   was  illeiided to  by
Dnc-toi Mt Lean -hoi llv afiei wauls ni.d
Operations of II,til Mines Sinultt1
The Hall iMines. limiled, sinellei I e-
-itiiie of lhe o| cral ions lor the loin
weeks endi'iL*- Oi I. .'JO i*. ns lollows: (i,
Ifil Ion- ol ore vv ic -nulled, vii-'d'ny
aC) ton , ol uialle. < obtaining (appi m i
..'lil.-ll.ely) 2i>/ loris clipper, \"iii,'.l'tiy oniu-e.-
uf silver iiiiil f>H ouiii'c.-i' of.-gold.
is get ting on nicely.
Withdrawn There   Coming H.-re
Dining the carnp..i!_'!i   la-t   _ve,u.the
most distinct pledges were ^i
en borli  coiiiiccted u ill, the repn'ohi an
cum pa 1 e lav urahlv vv il h Lire be-I, on I lie
J.   A..   Magee,   lhe   rii-llnm:   snpeiin-
tfndei'1, of the Kiioleriay Liiinbei   Co.,
.-it Con aplix, was in   Revel-toke Tnes-
1!    '*��� l'x~    day.    He is   u 1 y   .-aiiginne   alotit   Ihe
ftitiu e of Com.ipli*: as a   low risiic  .md
w a v .
phoi.e   as   well   ,1-
l.-legi aph i on 11 ei 11.'in- and a!-o a daii \
mail.     '1 l.e    leiepho'ie   hue    is    being
-tl till J- fl 0111  I 'olil.l'.ll.S.
pirt\   lira!   ll"   the   peop c>    won,      "'eel ,, . .    .
'*..    |"-*   , 111 ,   . -'>"-���    Ibirrtr-   .-lie   coming    lli'-n-
McKinlei  and pi no the .epul, nan-   n    -;*,     .      .    1 ,   1     .
���    ,- 1 , ,   ' ,  Hi'v null   have   Ic). phone   as   -,,
power   conudenie    vvonid    he  ii'-iuie.l. "
piospei it',     would    l"|,!,n,   ,ind     ev er v-
l ll 111 Li    Ulllli'i   go   Oil   -'.V 111,11.ilt'.rK \l<i\\
has this p!oflL,c It.'i'ii l'lilfilled '    I'uriiiL'
the les- ill in eieli!    months nf   M.*Km
lei s iiiiuiiiii-'iat i.ii< nene foreign   i aiii-
Inl has   been  rwitirdi iv 11    fmui inv (-I-
lll(*llt   in   Ana I ii  ill  sec 1 11( u
whole   of
iuiiounts to
'ini     1 iiiuu'iiM     vv heat
.'  A'i ,'���   (,',/.    ;. .'.
��� .11   lire
J.  M.  Id
Ire.i'i   horn    at
.*.    M      P     1'.,    Ira-   lieeii
t     New     N'ol 1..       lie   ii is
!c 1 ioii   iii.it-
leisanlhis   oppnu.iU   will   rie\t  tunc
liav e lo mi, d bi- ji's and ij's.
I       Tli     Can.nil..n     Home    Joiiiiiil     is
n       ,,      ,,      ,        ~ ,     , |'*l"-0   l-'I'ing   l*m!.'    "Illong    (lie    best
, , ���������* :vi,Il!,."71 ,U111 '���'��� .'" i'^l''"!.,.- ,������.,/���������, ,��� tl,,. ,1,,*,. \\",;,,o
deritidoll,,:,., R,.v-eirink,.'^!;ltii;,!,: from .hVCariadian, Home Journal, McK in-'
Novenibe,- I ���,,.-m Lnir. .',���������   Unildin-  To.-o���l���. ���
Taiiiinany on Top Again.
Taiiiman^'.s victory iu llie elections
of (i rent ei New York on Tuesday is a
s.vecpine- one. Iu- entire I ickel is
carried by big figure.-. Van Wyck
polled a vote w hich is bill 21,000 under
the combined votes of Ti,icy (Republican) and Low (Citi/en^ Union)1: 'Tlie
tol.il nuinbei of voles ;,is< was neai li ,
half a million. \',u\ V.'yrk re. oived
abonL 2.50,000; Low, Io2,000; T1.1t y,
10').000;  Heniy Ceoige, Jr., la.OOO.
Wlraii'-ver might havo been the
it-Mill had Hen 1 \ (-ic oige, Si.. in ed nnd
gone lo Ihe poll*- the miIi-1 1! ul ion of
(he son in his plac e ' jn oved a lailur-e.
The Repul '..-.mis are lomplelely de-
anoai lized, and their ipiaiicr-s are in
marked contrast to t he joy e\hibi(ecl
;il Tammany Hall. PL-ill icl'iise- |() be
seen bill Cicil.er is public ly celebi ating
his v iclory.
The polling came vv it bin aO.OOO of (he
entire regi-lry, which was a vei y
heavy vole considering t he weal her.
Steamers for Trout Lake.
Tiout Lake i-to be no longer without a steamer, pel Irap.s stoamei s. It is
.MeiiheuicU Jii'o-. and others intention
to ill once begin the couslr uclion ol a
00 font'I10.1t of siil'licient capacity and
accommodiit ion to ( otnineiic o and cope
Willi lhe trade Ihat is expected to develop on I he lake next  ��� oason,
Capl. ICsl-ihi-ooks, ol Ihe famou-; "W
II tinier,''on Slocan lake, has al-o e.\.
pn���edto Un* .Mail his iiiieiiiioii to
early commence v.oiL on a boat for
Trout Lake. Thei e is no tpiesl 1011 bill
thu I Tt-oiil Laki; Cn y i*. going lo bo a
verv I.- -y |ilaee in s*t ye,11 and bo.its
on t in i ike vv ih open a loi ol conl 1 ibti-
l.n-y I i-ade lo it. ' Should p'ojecli d railway 1 liter pi i-( - al-o go I hi (aie !i il w i!|
be one of i'ni.' bu-ie-i places in thr-
disl 1 ic t.
Local and Personal Briefs.   ,    '
Ci-age .t Wells have .sonic splendid
looking oro fi 0111 the  KlonkyK-e   claim.
If urn want .1 go *iI piano soo (il. N.
Coursicr agent for the HoiiitKimin.    (f.'
'I'lriity om*. mineral assossinenls have
boon if* 1.)' (Jed in the   Revelsloke, oliice
siiiie last of Octolrer.
Mr. John Giant is spe.ikingof going
on a visit lo England this winter. lie
m-ii  leaie about tlio   lOlli.      ft    (
Tin eo new uienilioia were .iidded, lo
,llro   lte.velsloko   Fii'e    Hrig.ldd   al   the
meeting j'1! iday night.     (
Uisiiop Dart,.of New Wesl ininstei,
passed through on his way 0 ..st this
inclining. Ho was met by Rev, Mr.-
Lost- -between the, station and the
railway Mossing, an Iceland Lamb
Jiul). Fmdei vvill please, lctuin to the
Mall. ofli'.*e. *
Tiie Oiatigenien hid a very .enjoyri
ble meeting last night and did justice
to the excellent ' supper ' provided Iiv
Mrs. \V. II. Lee.
The"J-N.'V(*,lj*,i(.|{{' Firo Brigade, decided last iiight to hold their L annuiil1'Al
Homo on Christinas Eve. Don't fail
to 1 emt'inber thi.s engagement.'
N. Clink Wallace, M. P., Grand
M.-istei 'of the Change older in JJiitish
Noilh Ainoiic.-i, is in Knniloops, where
he is intciosted in mining propei ties.
The C. P. R. .up calling for lenders
for construction of a fi .line coinnrissru-y
store bttiiding at Hevel-toko. Thev3
are not ad vei tising il in (he .JVIaii..
Ah. MuAi thin, the" Dominion Snr-
ve\or who was hei o List summer, nnd
who this season was up hi the" Yukon
L-ouutii, p.-isscri through this morning
f.-i Ottawa.
A good' tooth Inusli is h.-ii< 1 to got.
Eveiy one that we sell at .jri, .)0 or 50
cenls we guarantee, and our guarantee
is good. The McDowell, Atkins. Watson  Co. ,      >. "j
KoUNH'r-ljptwoen Methodist cliuich
and Samson's residence, it hunch of
keys. Owner can hav o'sanie by piov-
ing piopi'i'ly and p.iiing cost of this
notice     Inijiiiie .-it Mail ollice.
Set* (he cud of A. II. Holdich, of
Nelson, in ihis papoi. Mr. Holdich
i-. a most coin potent .e.s.iier arrd de.-
siies \011r patroi'iage. He is ahendv
(loine ;i goo'^ business with ihis placo.
After rill otheis have been tried, in
vain, foi- llrit i.ire fling or iinooiniuon
patent riiedic-ino, try The McDowell,
Atkins, Wnisoii Co., if its to bo hiicl~
they have it. *
The iliriiiitgement of tho eeiuetorv
conceil, wish to thank" those who assisted in making il a success viz., the
a rt isles, 11,e audience, Messrs. Wei Is and
Iioiii ne, hotel 'Inisst's and local papeis.     1 lungs-tund now no real and  siibstiiii-
N11. 1 on Thursday cloning had] li"1 1 ""��"������-���- ""' *���<������ ''>���">'' i"1"'! Lht*,
cpilte a chiiiik of snowon Hie cowcal ^ 'ldTi. nil v is over come. Thei e 111 e I wo.
cher. I'iisseiigers sits it began lo snow j " ays of get I ing al t bis-,'ction-one by
12 mile*. Ihis side ol Donald and kept ' "���<>' "' L.-ndeau Hiver fiour Kootenay
t   il  till they   git  out  of  the   pass   at
'On Tuesday of   thi--  we.*k  the  tiivt
shipment, of Silver  Cup  (Trout, .Lake)
ore for thi.s season   w.i-s cleared   from
Iievelstoke forr-hipmrnt to the smelter.
The shipment was per-onally looked
after* by IJ. G.,.McNeil, the foreman of *
the mine. It con-isLecl of--oo.'���c*t: !<,*;jfis=
and was, consigned to the , s-melting
works nt Ai gent tne, Ivan-as-. The
freight rate on this, long travel is ��10
pet ton and the treatment $1 per ton.
The average value of the cue is alx'utt
$210 silvei, .*jil.") gold and '.IS per cent,
lead. .Allow ing fot cost, of miniuir ,-iiid
haudlhric, thi- will leave a handsome
mar gin of profit.
Mr-. .McNeil says   that  he  has'eight
more < arloads 1 eady at the mine which
vvill be shipped this winter-.    Indeed, it
i- now being hauled down lo  ihe lhnd-
ing aud,from there will be shipped via.
lievel-tnke. ��� The development  of  the
Silver Cup undo!   Mr.  .McNeil   is  pro-*
(���ceding on piopcr- mining  lines.     The?
pioceeds of development are put   back
into impi ovenients which Lhcypayand
leave a lit I le over  bo.sjcle-..   The  mine
is kept orr a paying hasi- and it  is now
aiilfic ii'iiily proved to show il, to  be  ;i
properly   which   will   answer  lo  calls
mnde upon it.    The win Lev supplies for   -
the Cup are now all up iiLthc mine and,
ijver y( lung i.s  iu   readiness  fyii   future',
operations,    'i'liir ty men aie t niployecl
and are conifi)i-t.-ibly established.     Mr*.  ,
.McNeil thinks very highly of the Silver
Cup and say's he believes  it. will   be  a
good mine."      (/
'Asked about (he Scm-hino he said he
didn't think the Sunshine had the Cup   .
lend 01 tho Cup the* Sunshine.    lie*   believed they were parallel leads .-ind   he-
thought by'driving the crosscut tunnel
some distance further he would belike-.^ *
ly, from t.he indications of the leads, to.
run into the Sunshine lend with good
depth.    It is to be V"*3ivd Mr.,McNeil's
theory is right and .-ls*he is*n  practical
m.in from Colorado, with .-i good  deal
of   mining'   expetieiico   he   probably ,
knows whereof Iio.spoiiks".
Troift Lake City Notes.
������',_R. S,  (ii'iihiiin  left   fin  Tuesday for
Itos-l.-tnd   where   he   will  winter.     Il��;   ,
will begin   extensive  developments on
hi-Tr-ciul Luke properties, in thespring.  c
F. Mc(!.-irty   brought  in  a carload of
beef M eels, and Il.ib   iihlio.st   completed
in i-nngcinents  to    have   a   lingo   cold
storage building.
The family of D. L. Clink arrived in
town on Satuiday  la;-!, from   Calgary.
W. Cowan, of Ileveltttike. is here -
this week. He will > extend his telephone line lo Ti out Luke City. It will
be a toll -ysli'in thi.s winter, and ."ir-
iniigemonts have* been made with the
C.IMv. ollice nt Conraplix to li .*insmitr
messages a]] oier.lho cnuntiy. (
The  dance at   the   Lakoview '(E. N.v '
L.-iy'n I1011.se) 011   Thin-day was  n gre.-it
The opening of a school in Trout
Lake City is a nio-d hnpoilant step in
t he advancement of the dist 1 iet. Miss
McDowell, the teacher, vvill give an excellent account of I he school committed
to her fill e.
The Sum-hiiio will be worked this
winter. '   ,
IJ. G. McNeill, foreman   of the Silver.
Cup,    is   going   to   lake  a holiday   in
About the most irripor inrit. thing to
the Tiout Luke district to-day is the
establishment of lailvvay comiuiinic-.-i-
l ion w it h .some of the   main   lines.    A.s
The Rp^l;ind Times.
The fi; -I nu.uhci ol Ihe liossLirrd
"'inif*- i- In ha ml I hi - i*'"ol.. The c dil 01,
llev el-loke pec pie Will lie mloleslod   lo
know , i-. an old 1 n !/".-, of 1,11- to,-, n, It
W. Noi I lic.i. The paper l\po'>:aphi
calli 1 .1- would be e.sjiiili'd Iioiii a
join 11.1 i iiiie-c j 111 bhrat ion w a . 1 c(pii] ed
lo n 1.11'.I 1 in a ml v iiinn-.i 1 e 1 he  dig nil \
liov elstoke
The Mail had a visit this week" fiom
Thus. McN.-iught, ed.Loi- of the Kast
lioolcii.iy Minoi. .Mr .McNauglil is
inLoi est ed in the llalcvori I lot Sjii mgs
which.no now being built up on a
iii.ignilioeiil   scale.
I-'. .1. Diischeiiay, ('. 1'. II. Siipeiin-
lendi-iil, leluined flii- 1001 nine lioni
^r| I '<( 111 hue sin \ (W nig (lip lie looks
noire I he vvoi ie for I i'l lui'l dip, rind
:;i i-s 011 I 1 Moiilreal lo put his jilaris
ht'foi e I he  1 ]*,(���( or 1 . c.
The   in,my    ilic-ids   of    Pete,-    11..in
liaidt, lhe  1 (uiii'mi loi,  will    In-   plea-t ii
lo le II a t h il  lie il   ,    .'.-lid    I he    Helle
View   In lei, ,.l    Mis-loll.       .Mi.    li.un-
li..!(!l, , , (|e ei 1 eo'lv    p..pl!lal     wit h    I he
1 ,
Lake to loot ofTiouI  Lake: the   othei
lioni   A 1 n v ia ,-.d. .11 otiud   the   Aini'to
Thoiii-or        .' . 1 (':. ^     -Mid     ll.eruc    to
Trout    1     v   .1.     ( I   tin-i*   two   tilt's
loi 11 ii*i    v 1 1 '.I   I "     j 1 ( fi i.ii ic. - Ticilrt.
L.-i.e To 1   1 .-' /
..\-' Lii'.i. iii;..ii ;;. l!.'in:!ocpsTb-i!r.y..
,      '!  ki   i-.e    M   . Silioii, Minislei o;   j he
i   1 ,. :, -lnj-oli   at   Kiirnlcnips to--|.ii ,
,1   .!   -    .- ti-.:  icceiviil   a nil. bainprell ed
11   -iii    11 um i! and In 1.(1 d ol   trade.
.���  v..     11.1 hm iv e.-i-t. In t  1 In* invit.i-
, linn v   .- -11 1 ie���tug   in-  (ould   not,  r*e-
1 I o-e i:
��� \ 2 ii> Tn.ii 0:1 Frici.t)
SI,1,    .'1
1 V
M : J
of I'n ri >n 11. b.ir. 11 s 11 .idiii'j 111 1111 1 11 1 11.1 '��� i'i bi,.; p,ii ill ,.,- 1 ..
I** iiuiii'i ('--.if, I o "a I i< e. a- .ill w ho ,.r e hoi; e will be m"i I" be p 1 ..-.ml.
.ic(fuaiul('tl with Air. iN'oi 1 hey, will
know his gracel.il and pointed -lyle of
vviiling. ll is a inosl ci ( (lilable candidate foi joiii-iiiili.-T'l ic .hoiiiirs ,-iud the
.M.AIL wishes il a hcai-ty. Success.
vv, i -,
'..   i'i ���  ��� ��� -��������� .'    .'h ���:. 'mi.!
in . . 1 ' ' ! 1 . ��� ev * ... p .1 in
!'��� 11 III Uill, 11 id 1 ii.i! go oi 11." I'n st. pas- hi- C! 1 ami he -pi lit It. He wa- con.-
���eneei Ii.jii which pulltd inlo Van imttedlortii.il ,niij hav ing elec led to
(otivei  on. (lie -_'iid of M iv,   IfcilST, and     bellied nuclei  the Speedy   'i'linls   Act,
be will come bcl'oi e ('oiinl y Conr-t .Judyo
tint ll ii.li'v,- weeks ago wiis'in   tlio.   cm--
jiloy of the Company. \
lr'()i-iii an l-'riday ilex J.. Pa ���;!���;���>
i 11 ji i\OU ; vj.\ A x  ,M All j.
- AT- -
' SBVEliiTOKB. 3.C.,
-   ��� ��v-
HiUHji-ni-jts ami I'noi-iti^-ror:-:.
Subscription   Price,   S2.C3   Per    Annum
'i      Z-lt STIUCTi.V IN"   AI>VAN-Oi: "K*
.-,-:S'.h'i,."*(i(; in ]*-',s:> 'in ���jiti, ICO,70S in )S,)(i.
'i'he pioce-s of iuciei-e v-.ii.s gi-;idir.il
until IK'M.'iiiien il   w.i-  $^.!01,S07.   but
'JOXTJt.U'T AllVKin'ISK.AlKNTS in,i*r ice] .0
tin* r.ilo (if .*=1 "Ai p'-rc-oliniia im-li ]iei- iiumlli.
a Kor.s]iriccs cii six column iiii-in1- or over ol
in r inch i>er mciulli.
ri:AN'.sn-:\"r ai)vei:tikk.\ii*:nt.s hk*.  per
line tli'-L insui Lion, ."c-. pf-i* line c-iu-h -trlj-e-
iincnt   in-'jition.     Thu   uiii:rb.*r   of    lini-
l-cckciiml by s].,ict! occiipiecl, I'i line:* ro tin*
-    ��� inch.
J'l'IADI.VO NOTICKH K'c. lie- luu- r.i'-ii in-
si'rLion, unless collinicled for by tin* Kill
,J0i5 l'lilXTINt; cif ui cry kind nl i'iio-t n-.i-on-
iihle r.tlus nnd shuilcnt noticu.
ACl'Ol'NT.S fur job printim," of, nd voili-iii'i
p.v.'iililu (.n tlits lir-1 of every nioplli.
COItKK.Sl'ONJlKNCE on all niiitliTs of Icx-.-il
or public ini crest, inv ltrd and c.ij-efull.v i-on-
siclcrcd. All eniiiiiiiitiic-atiotis to the Kclitur
iinisl In* iiciionipiiincd by lhe name of llu;
wriUsr, nut nrcij*>s.u*ily for publication, bill
il- nn cvidenee ot Kuod fnit.li.
Tin*: Kot'rru.vAY Mail,
Kevelstoke, B.C.
RHVULSTOKE, NOV. (i,  1807.
Till': jiossliiuf] Tlomx (-.peaks of our
contemporary as a .-.trttitjht Conservative. The Times we must explain
is a new-come*!-, linnet* the mistake.
'���   It is said that  100,000  people   will
tome to  British   Columbia   next   vear
'- * <
from   .Great   Britain.      Attracted,   no
doubt,   hy   the   glamor    of   Klondyke
finds,   most   of   them   will   have   that
, i        .
country in view- as their destination;
but it is safe to say that the- majority
of them would be content lo stay with
t'lu* opportunities of home and wealth
���making which Kootenay oilers, if the
facts c-oujd be puL to them.
Cannot   concerted    action   put   the
' -t.-utli about tlio', opportunities oll'ured
,in Kootonny ,for men of fair means so
early before this rush that the desir-
jiblo pint of it may stop oil" at Iievelstoke and look about them.    They carr
, ^go norlh or south, but heie,-in this.
���vicinity,-1 wheie   promising    properties
have not been   all   secured   as further
r     i ,
.south, they can find plenty of openings
for investment and   permanent   profit.
Consistkn'CV   and    earnestness   <c;f
principle   (steadfastness    of    purpose)
���men always admit o in one of their own
i       .race, .even   'if   the   view   held    is .not
.theirs, and.thoir  admiration   increases
in proportion   to' the   unselfishness  of
the vicw,\o��--llie   disinterestedness   of
,thc   purpose.   ' Henry   Ceoi-ge   labored
for the lots of others, his life work was
0   - for them;' his   death   while'  trying   lo
lift New York from its slough of'civic;
.coiruption   and   misrule   removes   iu
tragic manner one of  socialisms   rno-,1
lyw'llish   ;ind    staunchest   siipportoi s.
With   all    his   tenets    we    may'   nol,
perhaps, agree, but. fiom   his   life   and
Iis Touching Sympathy.
J'\n-  complete   igno'.-inei*  of  ari'l   in-
thenc,!  vein  il let .1 up to .&. i'.'.'.CS-i. i abiiily lo -late the .iiT:iii-s of (hi-* upper
The Dominion u.ov,-< im-ei'l d.-bl allow- | ����'iinlry comiii'*nd u- to tho Vancouver
ante has iu, r. .,-.-,1 Imm ypr,. H iii] IForl.t. How the Turner govern merit
IriSilo.**!r,S:S.��i21 1.1*1 leal; ins!-, cd.'.l Las \ l"'11- !,-'l��"k <M> such a vlu'et is a.'oiii'.h
liC""l llu- li'.ltel   ligui e -ince   ]'���'.* i'i.     VI
other n���"Is of, the pi o*. ince, .-i re | nt
down iii iJ��l,70S, lad for 1 *-,!'(>, noi including public lmildings' lhe value of
which js dec hired at Sj?l,(i7.">,()-"0. 'Sl.it-e
1871 I lie'oi diiiiii-y leven.ie oi Liuish
Columbia has lotiilled .Sil l,fr,S,70... and
the expendil.uc **;:-2(),.5SiV(;7. In IS72
the revenue was :>327.21(i. and the expense*-, ijTl.fc!,0.3.1. These ligures irrcr eased
in ISOii to, respectively, .'SOS''),To.") iind
Sjil.til 1,72:'. There were, of course, no
railways iu this ]iiovince in 1M17, ! ul
las) year I here wore .Slid mile.-* of (rack
laid, the, siiiiille.st, for any piovince
except Prince i'-'dwiiid's Island, winch
has only 210. ��� ���'
As to li.sherio***, the last'figures available ai e for- lSh.l, irucl ! hen the Hriti-h
Columbia ealch  was   woith   $1,101,^5-1.
Biilish   Columbia   iii-odnced    in     lS-i(>
fi c - '
aboul    one-third    of   the  coal ��� out put.
giving l,0(��2.2tiS   (ons against 2..")00,000
for Nova Scotia,   and  a  tolnl   for 'the
Dominion'of ;i,7IH,2.'-JI   tons.    The  pr-o-
'iliiction, of gold   in   (lie   Dominion   in
lSOO was #2,SI0,(X)O, of which  #1.7S8,20(j
has to be credited to British Columbia.
This year Brili-h   Columbia  will   still
further obtain I he lead, but the Norlh-
vy,est Ter-riloric s may close up  the  gap
next vear hi cause of Ivlorrdvke.
iiig. Kciid lire following mixed, involved iind completely miiutelligible
��� ittempt to deal witii the river bank
mat ter iind say if anyone could make
a worse inc-ris of .-ill  tin* facts :
J^eVelstoRc - fjospital.
-M.tl ernil v iv.n d in conned ion.
Vaccine kept on hand   ....
��-rs. Sltvfcctmia aiid Jens,   -   Attoniluz:i3.
The  n*-vel.s|oke  Mai;,   is    bubbling | Repairinfr; Neat!/ &. Promptly Executed,
over   wilh (delight  at    the   prospect of ' a
uniti-d action being taken hy I he federal
arid proviui ini   jjovci nifienl - irr icgi-id
' r  A New Premier.
(      - ������ ,
Hon. A. ' B. Warburton, who has-
been selected as' , pi emier , of Prince
Kdwartl Island in succe.���ion to lion.
Mr. I'rlers, removed to Brili-h Cobun-
biii, isii'.-onof I Ion. .lames Wa.i burton,
who was a member of the lir.-t .-idinin-
i-ti-.-ilion established in t.he i*-Ianil after
the gran I of lespoiisible govei-iinienl.
1 le w,-is a member of successive Liberal
adinini.st rat ions. The new ]ii-erniei
w;is born at Cbai loll clown, April 5,
1S.")2, antl educated at Windsor, N. S.,
college,, .-uul the University of halin-
burgh. Ho, is ,-i loading barrister, iind
was Iii si relni-necljo t,hc assembly six
yea i-s ago.    He i.s a Liberal.'
, ���     Noble Five .Mine Closed.
The .Moble Five mine at N.mdon,' its'
I i-.-inr.Viiy and concent i aim" has closed
down, throw-in;.-- 7."i en- SO men out of
employment. Tho it-port come.- from
a source t ti.-it is considered thoroughly
reliable thai on October 20 the M.iudou
branch of Ihe Ihnik "of Ihilish Norlh
America lel'n.-ed lo htinoi any more
chocks, of the company,0 and sei vc-d rt
summons on I ho local iiiaiinger which
resulted in' the immediate suspension
of t he work. It i.s said thai the dob!
lo fhe bank is $^."i,()00, and the company is elide,i vol ing to negotiate a
loan of $K>0,(H)0. The initio has the"
host equipped fiainvvny in the .Slocan,
erected at a cost of $.".0,(100, and the
(-diicculrator plant t est $.V).0lX).        0
l(- the erosion-, c-.-nr-ed lo the banks by
the Columbia l ii or. Thai lhe mail.er-
i- a K'l ions or.e tor Kevel-toke all will
ail mil, .11 it) thai steps nui-t betaken,
and ihat al once, lo preielrt if possible
I'm I her depi edal ion.s by 1 li.it omit rest ie.-tm istquitlly adiiiisMible.' Our con-
t enl ion 1 irr ought.nt in this mallei* is
that the responsibility nsi-. enliiely
with the federal aut lu.iit ies. ��� 'If tin*
provincial ad mini.-1 ial ion est a hi i-lies a
precedent in Ibis ea-c il will as-mcdly
lead to its being n-cd as it lever iiv coin-
pel ling a el ion by the pi oviiicinl government iu regaid lo(,ll-.e (banks of (he
Fraser river nnd ot her s | reams l h roil ir limit till*- Province. We sympathize
willi the people of Itevi-lstoke and
trust that some,, arrangement .will ho
devised whereby l,he washing away of
the bank of the sti ea in at that, point
on the Columbia river will be obviated.
��� Vancouver AVoi Id.
Bappistep-at-Law; Solicitor
������ and.Jolapy Public.
.TiTOJ-'t'lCIO:   Itoom 2, I'ool  Hlot;k, Ucvc;l-loko.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
Oflico' in Sniilh block, J'.italic Avcnno.
iiKvubsroici-: s'Patiox, u. c.
Canada Drug & Book Co8 Limited,
We have llu* ln(i-t c-uiii|-]ctu "sLn -k of Sl-il ioiK-i-v
nnil l-'iincy (J'irjiK in itevclsliikc.
\\"c* liavc it coiniilcle stock of I'ttio Driitjs and
l'.ilcni. Mcdiunu*!.
W��; have; a c-onililc-le linu of Musical Tn-trii-
liicnls, .sin li us Violins, llanjos, Accord cons,
Mo-.rtli (li*f,Mii.s, (iiiit-ir*. iiiid'.Vnloli.ii-ii-.
We arc- adonis for 1'iiiucis, Oi-ffims, and T}]iO-
/tzrVJe cl!sp2]iS3 prescriptions day or night. ,
IjOWAld) WlvST.
i" L (As-ioci.ilc of lfiiy.il School (if Alines
London, Kiu^iaixl.)
���-.lining   Engineer,    Analytical    Chemist
run  A'icsaycr.    .
Pl-DllCl-lil'l.CMIIIlillVlI .111(1 lV|)OI*Lcd (ill.
\\f   FlilAAiW IIAUVKY, F.O.H.
_ VV   .       (Mcnil). X. Kuk. bist., M.&JI.I-:.)
Mininij /'Jiiijimvr anil AnHiij/vr.
' Vanc-ouvisk. B. 0.
i t>
Checking Smelter Pulp a. Specialty.
r>midP F. .MATI1IAS    '
X "
Book-keeper,  Accountanl  and
Comiiiis.sion Agent,
"'   ��� niJVKLSTOKE. 13. O.
Tlie Aiui-Chinese Mining' Ace.
'     T. MATHEWS,,
Rea! Estate a'ncl Milling Broker
319 Cordova St.,
.Minima stocks nnfi projii'i-l los hiui-^lil-
;iml,.sdiil 'ir. i-oiiiriiit'.sion. Vox i-ospoircl-
onci* -olioitorl.     ,
���Mining Brokers,     ,    ��
" ' VICTORIA, b. c.
.    Mines and Mining Stocks.
Iiv iin-.iiih-omc-nls vvitli Kiiroiicin -incltci-s,
iidviiiicc-s will hu iii.ulc. mi cmisitjiiiiiijiils of
or-c;-nnd iii.iltcs, iijilo nny vnlitc.
Cau.itliii.il Aj.'0iil :   Tho Ciis-cl Cold   l-Xti-.tcting
Co.,    Ltd..    (llii^tnv,    MiioArllnn--l',oi-ieijl'
Cyanide  1 -mc-c.-*.
X. H.-Coiniielcnt' men cniploycd.   No pupils.
-���^[?Jr.[?;..!y?.-..\VE.Ll-G!.MlNE Examiner.
A   '.CJ1.  HOI.DiCIl,
Analytical Ofesmist and Assayer;
'   NELSON,   B.C.
Assay- of ci very variety of iiiiiwi-.il.
Analysis  of- tnill,-,   will or, of olhcr- in.i((>i-���.l-
used for food. .
Proidiit ll'osults. Prompt Ci-s'.i.
              . I
Plans and specifications prepared.
, in India Ink or Blue-print'
���    Drawing's. ib ;
If you desire an artistic home .with all modern conveniences
'call and ..ee .Maclean \\,ho can design.you one 'in any
style: Queen Anne, Colonial, Swiss, or any other style
vou prefer. -
��� -       *��� ��i, -' - ,
,��� - . ��
Interiors'and, interior decorations are his specialties. Store
Decorations,- Bank Fixtures, Hotel Fixtures ; Hall
shewing pannclled ' dadoes, frescoes, etc.; ���Artistic
Screens, Verandahs, Stairways, etc. can be got,out to
suit the market. , -        ���" '        \        . ' '
ff    tot
fj   H. HEAPS &. CO.,
''   Machinery Brokers,
* i '
oDil Cordova Slir-l,
VANCOUVI-.!;, i:.C.
FOF1 SAl 'C.---A i;ii.iiil,;'.yo! Hk!iI, *m.��ii.! h.'inl
Steel llnils.   ' -    '
iL.,��iki^^   V   IWY      MJ'JICI^^    Proprietor
This hole! has been re-built  and greatly enlarged.     It is newly
furnished ihroughotit   and  affords   every convenience
to tniests.     It   is   bemiiifully sitUrited   over-'"
1 r    { ��� r  i *
, ,*   looking IJpper Arrow Lake, ancl is  \        ,   ,
lociletl most convep.ie'nliy to railway (depot'ancl steaiher Ianding-
 Fi.'.lp;. T' I'-i S2 per-day	
Best $2.00 ;i il.-iy lliinsc in tin* ('ily.,.
��� VANCOUVER,   -   -    O. C.
Tin'   .Mining  t'i it it-   ii-iii.uks:     **.\1-
lluiiiuii tin-   cll'oi-l.-   nf   .AIi'--i.-.   Diiii.s-
vvoi-l;s    wi*    iinisl,    believe,    him     am-    miiit's ,u s,.t  .,���-,,,.  ils  ���,,, ,,���_,, -,,,,',,,,,.,[
-sirieiitiniii.lv.    In mt ii ii I il v-    desirtnis     cf
the Cllitiese   I'uclei l;i-ii'iii(]   Mirii'i.-.' F.\-
'      BASSE?. S23P ANI> 3ATZI KOOr-,1,
Front Street. liovoKtnko.
Hair-cut, 2."3c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
Tic's-cls-for SI.0(1.
��=c-^3^y CoiTifortable Parlors.
Opposite I5rug Store.
1    Jii*ii>lit(*niiijf    this   lit'ii   to   llie   huiii.iii    titisiori Ael el'tlu- 1). l". l"L;i-l;min-. Ii.i-j ___     _ ,..0
fru.rilv, to n.nke il  more   ��i��rtl.   liVII1!j j ^ilt'il��.�� i.-t-liHit.iIities. .1,.* At t . t .H.-iii.--    f^   '- JOniMoCv,
.' , ��� ,      ���   ,o ;i (le.ic! let I'���!-. h<i\ iiivr lm pi'iKillv -.-'..itise i i>,., ,.,   ...,-.- si,,,....,,^   nt
Jiy     llliprovc'llic'lll    ot     IH-t*selit       sot-l.-il ��� ,. ' " . lil.v U.siCM. M\\ Ht'.\.   I-..C
y ' ' i .mil   ln-ed'iii;     itieii-loi      i��*.i'i,.ii (irn-iit
,c-,.ii(litio.is.     U is.-, noble .--.im   mirl   by    wM,      .im,.1.(Ilm.l���,      u..Kl      ,.,���,,���., ' '     '"���
���    /, *. i i      c        i , , ., ,,. .,, ,   ,     .   . . Haircut and shave oue. ^Staaao^
it.ucn-ge it   vv.-i.s   liulily   itiuulit,   cm*ii    lo ��� (Junes,  c.illi'-r - v. ill   m>* iiiwhil.* ti..in>l-(
tlie vei-v last.     TliDU^iriipw   tin*   i,'i im ! h'ss be eiiir.iireil   by the   I lusr.-rrn.ir .is.tl I
Reaper has with   no.-ist   of   the   sickle j <,!l'*J' f.iiiipj.iiio ..* h.,r-toroi-e.    Il-rw, 	
,         \ . .                     ,    ,. ,, ' lhe deei-ioii I'-in.iiri- ,tt   jut'-cin nnlv .i '
iratliered linu in, we   believe   nirinv or i                               . .                 ',              ,....' rpij
��� ' 'nioi-.-il victo-\   lot-   ills*   w.'iii.*   co;l:-r. ;
his principles   will   Jive   iifiPi;  him to ^ w��� uu,,K,   ,;���.-,,;  vl���V ,.,.���-..,���,.,., ,. ; \          ��� TirzW"*^-
t hi-    improvement     ami      benefit     of ' tb.u th ��� linm, Mm.   ..-i:ii. .,i!   ciii.-p,.'- "   ^^j.. ,-,,.,., .-]:,   p.'-ii- |,,)m-:x. '"
posti'iiiy.  ,                        s                            I \k1i--. peii.iitv f..i Hii* .l-,-i>'.i-c!;.'i.. ������!.! Si., i l.-.'in.l   ii,i-,i-i.ii'!iii'nt   fn.-iii*.  sent,
"��� ���-���-                              any Act. -,-iy-   lb'-   Si'i.tirn-l.    Tn-i*-   i- ,    ^ .. .ipp!i> .it i>>;.
1-1  13. Osi.uk, .M. P., of Toronto, is a    ���-<,*   -j,,.  .-ii_rins:   e:if'u-i.   ;, r  fh.-'i-ii- 92 Govcrr.rnont of.,
lii'-in   of    irre.-it    business    abilii v ��� ami ' ent'oi '-'."n.-iit ��� I  I In* ('...d Mo ���- !<--/..'i.-! ^'t- .i"j<,*- on',-                VICTOR-A,  B. C.
J. R. HULL & CO. .
i-c'liutatioil and liis words alvv.ivs  car rv ; lion Acr. lot even n on, .,,i.t.,in, "i.,r>
Wholesale    a^iid   Retail
Purveyors of H igli-class Meats.
All (ir.-ler.s in (,ur line will be  promptly
.-illended Lo.
l'RANK VANDALL./Pkoprh-tor." ' ���
BesiTaM8\in Town, We!! Furnished 'Booms,
Choioest1 Wines, Liquors, and Cigars, *
Everything Strleily First-Class. ';
. c i 'in Iu-ini'- wi r i* -tiirri'l. in   v re >v o!  Me - t>
Cei'iifissio of ImuravflflioiioS.
c-apilnl  iristcrad of   liori-nsviiij.'   firoli),  an
,fiul-*iil<*    S'riirt-e.     Jdoine   capital   i\    is        Thi-     Uti-k      lv,iiiiti>i.     i,iiiiu*!    vv.;
G-s     ii-ii��jvail3t;il    '&     Uiic,
(Ojipo^ile (lm (-rn men I OJIii-e.)
Cirocories, I'ccd. P'ruit, always
frf:sh and full stock.
*)m STORE.    "      NHW STOCK.
Short   Acoounts.
Terms 32 per day.
Kamloops" Beer on Draught
I. A1J5H15T iSTONIi, Pi:oi>nii.;roi{.       '     ������
The 'Binins Room is, taishet with the best the
Market affords. '"
vvvjiirliD in C.uiridi.ui coiniiici-c-i.ii eircles.     , ..... . ,
���    , iind irrif nl I ll'*   Si i m i-iiii'   ( i ui I. r li>- A
lie denouiiL-ed (J.-iliridiaii b.inks rei-ent-    ..,..,,..,,���.,,,. ,i   ,,',, r r   , i   .���,,,.. ,
,                                     ti.ine\-ln;iir I  it    (1)1.1)1    pioc I.'^.il.i-t |   \ |{ K   V I r: v*.   .\f I  . J*)!' .\ I. ('!���M M.
Iv'foi   -sll bsv-n 111 11,1,' to llll- L.llirnll.ril liirill ;  ,h,.  [Lrl'-rr.-.i!' ��� l'\   inj.imli  , ..* , ���  -j   ,���   ;;,   |..n't, ,m    Mien.^  |).v,-!.,ii nf
"������,i" '"-"te -"��� ������'���"     x BX^ZXXi,Xii xXXpyxxyyy
'j* .ici. .iii'n-i- is.i' i. v.11' '.(,i,i.   ,_-...i , Wir l>;iVc 'i
i   t., ii.*  :-,'>i-'. ��� 'iIlim i.i -im itii'j .ii,��t    \V *- ir<|>i-si
!-.    oiri;' ( ..rii.iuv   i.f   'I ��� i.l   !' i ' . '��� i   k   \I:in  -s i
lilted sliould be used   tor   more  specu-    .ilM��il"ii.-d   l.y   (In-  <..int,u!o   .Mr.linrd i(.- I mi. ���i.-  \..  ;���- '.   ui-lA.-^.A  ���- hnii ' (;()()(]  S^PI^'V  <>''  ���   ���   ���
htive purposes in development   or    the' ",a'1    l',sl   M"1"l',y'      Tl"~ ��" ' :''   ""1' ' ���.'(������" \ "'{'���'}    ���' "'.^ ..;.',\..".". ...V'. I" ' V.','".'.'.'
' Itte lllll.'s  loin.',   pi.'lu- i||.     III. llll   ( h 'III      I'l'l"'*'    '"    ���"'���'I ",-.*'     ������   '   1.   -'". ,-    -i,'   I'n       _,...-_...' Tfrr   i   ���r-r*.-.�����,��'i   -ir
���C"ll"lr-V" of    the   HocUv   iriomil.ii,,-   .������!   , o-t.   ���      "v,'l',���'���"',.,-o     ,     *.   ...,.��� ���    J\ JT Jll\] ftfrj}   "  M A 'Vj\)}} I A  f,
This C.imidi.in Ion., isclisiinclv    tor    ������,,���,��� ,������, ���   ,,��� ,   n!- ',,������.,, ..     v|j     *...���.-,     ,.'",.,.,   ;   -.r  y-,.,   o . DUxlJUlHO      mALMlUlU
i                                               ' -i   ii,   i   "i   -i     l   '    -     lli .i   i   t.      i'i'<    e* Mr- ,i
jilirposr.s of (leVH-lopment rind C.in.idi.tii ! Uiiin-o.i  ill-   1 "oloi .ttln   Midi.uid   b'M- liii-.loi   I ." ilu- .ii    ��-�����! - r , ,- ���. 1 -��� f 7      _i'n                     .  -nTi-.        e "TTtrYi S~riVi
li'trrk*- in subs.-iibiri',' to it, in   our poor i -di''!  "ill (,'" ov er- r In* 11 iri^.'i rn.m P., --. -j               Al\il      JjU 111 fjrilit
.opinion,    nre  dob".,'    p.rt, lo, icdlv   ..nd     Tin- I ������,���'l ,-or���p..���v ,-his, ,1 ,,,.���,( e,u ,   CCPUfiCaiC   OT  J IH fj TO VOf!} 0 (US.        ''
.      ,                    .              mi                           i               "                        I III* ol'i'l' ill      111"    ! col 'Ml!l/.<'d     ('oliil ,l()|i ,t           {).,.   ,    (,        c*         ,    /.         ,
vWlsely,  ns    it     vvrll    open     I lie    f;oiint IV,      .,,,,,,,                                              ,    ,, .���..,.    -,-.,,,,      ,      .,,,                        till   KatCS     01"  Sl)0l   CaSll.
-                                  '                                   ���        .Midi.mil    ll.uhv.iy    (onip.iny    ,ind   tin- IIOi'K MiM.'t > i   '.   MM                                                     -          ���
>.iise its fliiiinc-i.il pii*iti>*. Jtbrorid.    .ind    l.m,.,.   )1;i-   (.i.uM'ipii'hiiv    hmil   a   l,i_-li ""'",,,';",',",','/',''���'"',' ',",.'," ".'.'���, /',',""   '���'
.t.li(;ir lire* seuiiiily   is   .splendid.     Ap.ul \ line over-1 In- ihiii-ei man p.ts-.. i ,���' i'|,,'mV \^X ''l/d,''.'.'..-, ',..1 '.',,',', i',!it',!-    Call till (I SCO !!S, V/fi CcWl   IIX J'Oll.
from lhisltjc.il view tnke  tin-   rmliomd;                   " "~~      '!?            "     *           - 'it\k'l' snTn'j *!:',t   I, -|.���*c, i.f,,.  .    - ,,���
North Riding Keprf-sentat.on. 1 _ ,�����, y,  ��..,,,,, ��'���;���....;.;: -.��;���. >Vi....-i ���     REVELSTOKE   SAWMILL.
Rnvfjtstfilif   Stnllon,    B.C.
/jiic      11 Iins alw.iv.s been   i e^iu d'-d   .is
ne  ol    llu:    in.lin    n-rc
Kiiliiii.'sc'.iiiiiiOM.-i'il strei.-tli tli.it   Ire.  i '���"'��'     '"  P'-'1m|'s K"-!,, ���d ., Iui    I'i,,,' . . '..*    t ^r*-r.   ..   X   I,,.. ., ��� j ������ . ���     i,
/ 111 ITli* ,t t.   * I ���. lll'iiW'l^t JlliJJt'llll'll i I.        '      t   ' f   1       t i T'lLliJ(J ,���
,     , -,   | uill be enl oil   t i-i tin I l.t*   \oith   K.'iiri'.'    ,,i,r,,    , i,,,,.,
i:;M;:^:;l:i:?''.;:;; FLEMING kHAMILTON
Pp;v,Uj Hill Notice.       '      - -.- ���
;uic nf   ihe   in.lin    icasi.ns   of   (licit i     li is Kcncr.illv i;ii(i"i-to,,d rii.ii i.'u---   lil;',;',1;,',",', ,'!!'������ "������V,.!t.;i"'l-'..''i1 "V;'.t i?l'i-. f .1'.'!'
I'litniii's (-(iiinriaiciid sti-en^'tli ll
/lr;bl   wns  to Ip'i-ovvri  Ijeoplc,  bc.-.illsi' it, , \i,['ei<.      \.C <    -v,   ,     '(.if    i. ic
1       ' .U li I  iii.nl i* .1 sep.il ;il i- i |i-( loi ,i!   d,   I I ,< I , vn i  . 1.1. ��� .   .-i  .     c.   <       i..u       . v,
gives    I.e.-  'coriimeK.-iid    fiwl.,m    andj'Ml,    Kl.]U,^     ,,���,.     |MilsllI���      ���.,.,,.,���._    ���'���.
inter e.st s lier subjects   in    tlie.   sl.ibilily ' I,, ,1(ll. i, ( i hi-, ni.il t er * ln-lor i*   ihe   li..ii-<-       '
/if ^over-iiiiieiil.
Provincial Statistics.
Tin- St nl is| ic-.-rl Yen- Mook just i-,-,ued
^jives -.(line inter est in(^ iiiform.-i I ion
with    respect    lo   (liis   pi-ovincc.    .Vol
AI'.HAflA.MSONT  IMIOS., I'lHii'iiiKTOifs.
First-class Table   >   G-ood Beds   ���  Fire-proof Safe
Telephone   ���   'Bus Meets all Trains, i
I.I..I    -cssion   .ind   ,1-ked   lit it    ,1    I'-pr'-
������(-liliil iv (��� ini^rht  Ix- .([ipi ii n I >���(! loi   It" s- r
(....ii. inn ,.s ii.e -,*H-ior, vv.i-s, .m ������-'.-.,,���,���.,,.,,,,.,.,.���, ,.,������,��� .'���.������.������   j jwppy   i-ypDnqolxG  i if"- /f%. e  rr"ip���^aj<^       b  h s*\ ��"r" rr" 3
llli.ll  inccliii'.f ol  the  I .(���;_'I -1 it   .11 .    ihci-       ,i    ��� ( .,     ,,,��� f,���   ,,, ,., i -,, ,,,, ,��� ,, ,   ,,,  .. ,  ,���,   ,                        ���                                                                       '            9      K      I   Lj              ^ ^  -*=:*'  tcu EL��=a B    Sj     Vl^                 0      I  V      1      E��-- B���
i-<   in.   cl,,���lil.    wii.,1",-,',      ..,,.,     i.A:,    ly-o    -Mi',    ,",'.���'       n tr.i'i    -.,.���.,,��� AMD     H R A Y1 I\i O
, .,    . ,.     , , ," ''   ''     '���'' "' |l","', s ii.'. I.--. r\\\LJ   Ur\r\ I II^U.
liioiil.ion   oi    iiii i cilr-i 11 l.i.i |. i'i.   Un--     r ".ii i |iini   ii  i.f  ii   .i  .\ i-,... iii -ni    \in,
/���eekoiiiii!-'Hie I'-i-i-iloiie-,    l-.'ilislr   Col-I |,lll(| uj|, i,,,,,. ���.,���,,.,,,,,   ,,.!���,..,. .,,,,,,,.,     ;,	
ptiiliia is the Ini-u'i'.sl,  tif   lhe   pi evince-, j ,,, (||(.       s, p,..fl ,|,,; ,\,, ,\*-e,i,i,l v.     Mr.,   ��� " I'o-.ii i."l ���   ".'"I'.i'i i.'.n'.i .',> r I,. ",
' A    .. . - . ' (   . I 1 .   .      I (   ,       . .      .    V 1 I    I       . ,   .   . I     1 1    I .  I .  I   I <     .
ill  's!    (!n ��� i I    ;t l MI    h
'ryx .
Tl>"re;���-e'!!).)  coin,,,..,,   nnd   4i  Kr.i.lrdj   Ki-llieun    i.orv. I,  d,*,,,!,,,    ���d   , ��� , j''  vi',' 'H. I' '.i,   ' "! ���'   ",' n'','   , .T".,'1",! "'���. .V ���     JI., ���.������ ���,.������ .      (���,���      t|nv���       wnv[    ''
m-1ioo|s in Ib-ili-li Coliini' i-i:  Ib.-ic  .nc ' m.ikin-    r,,,*     ,|,,,|;e,il r,,,,.    ., .    ,,,,    o..el 'I "H  "        - 'I      "'"I  Ili'fHJI 11 \h{)\ .)      I()l       SIOV0       WOOfi.
'' l.tlll-l.l.il'.i.i.,.' .il|lt,.L         I. " '
know.    I.i;|.lei     I.Ii.iii    I -,*||     I ,,,il     l.r
. }'i nil ' bijj;li   schiiols,   i.uid    llie   l.olnl   expend it lil-e I iris inci-(''i.-*ed I'r urn iji 10,: !.">(( In
���ifai u, s*u,:m in is::!):, 'n.e^i-ossdeiii ., ,   .  fiiiii.	
/i'i   lli)-'   pi-oviiici'!  h.-is.   iiiel-c.-tscd   fl'iini ��� his'con -I il nei.cy.     i i.ti-.-l.-ind  VV.-'.'/���,,--.     '   ... :';'i,i
ll I M  '- .1  I I (ll ' il  i-
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... ,,.. |H'ii|il-liiW.' i.i.ij-Ih l"(ii- l.lii* inii'iiim.-.'.iif llie .  	
ch.-llicv.    ol     oelllK.   l-e-elcl-lcl     l.'i-     III':!  idul I'm- nil   mliei-   i;.,i,;,|   ,n,it  iiri. > ; uy  -i-ifvlii'.;,'
Nil lil    liMilile-;    -.Vollld-   li-    i-;< -ei'diliv/lv  ,   I'i'.vvci.-:*: nr/|ii-'|.v ilc.{;-..        .
Hi i ni Willi   I;.,- -lor.d   sl.ill.i.-'i iir'i el,,'  ol' |-...,i,"','lKl Vi'l:.XXX: ifi' >.' /';���.::-. "!" '.>.(..!.".-.
,\l.\li'|-|;.' ,v  i,A\(|,.i;v.
ri'-'l v fin- I iiv .,'. J'l'M' -ini
'is'ltrkt'   SUlli'.iIl,    !'.(.,'
AI!HA1IA:iIS0j\   UliOS.,   Pifoi'Kii:-i-(n:.s.
fivcrylhing new and Firsl=c!ass in all Respects.
���.The Hoiiso-is s'uosked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in tho'Market
iout!l.ae:e. CITT, B.O..
MWimtMMtoMM THE KOOTEXAY MAIL.  PAGE \  ,   ' A Great Man ,Gone.  Henry CJoor-ge, candidaee ftit- the  mayoralty of Gi enter New York ,-ind  noted single lux .���������tdvocale, died at  Union Square Hotel l.-i.st Fritlay inor-n-  \w^J He bad l-etuined to bis loom  after- s.;eakirif? .-it several ineeLiniLCS  throughout tlie evening and ate a light  snpp"2 then reliving i"or- the night. He  complained of severe pains early in  the intirinim- and   rapidly   becam6   tin-  , const-ion-; he never rallied. The doi-Loi-  states   death    to     he     from'    cereliral  ; apoplexy with asphyxia contr ilinlor-y.  Thc-ievvas a very 'touching si-eru* on  the arrival of Father Mi Glynn his old  campaign liieird.    *  "Henry George was born' on Sept,. 2.  lfvjO. J le'received a (-0111111011 schuo]  education and then went into a counting room. He,1 was nl-o a sailor and  afterwaids learned th" printer's trade.  In 1S.VJ lie reached California, where  he worked at the prill lei's cum' , until  ISOfi, when lie becami a reporter and  iifl.i'1 wards editor, win king at.diil'erent  (  t imes 011 the S.iir Fr.-inc-ist o rrime.s and  PnM. He retiirnod tr. 'New York in  ISSO.'aiul went to Kiigl.ind and Ireland  'the following year. . Mr. (lemge is bc's(  known to the world at large through  his writings 1.jioii economic epics! ions,  notahh hi.s work entitled " Pr-ogr-css  and Poverty,-' piililished in lSSi). ilis  other work.-aie ������������������ Our Land and Laud  Policy," lftTl: ," lrjsh' Land Qiiesiion,"  ]&S1: :'Social ProVi'lems.", ISS-i;' "Pi op-,,  city in Land, a cout itivc'1-.-.y with the  Duke of Argyll*." 1S.S1: '���������The Condition  of Labor." an open letter to Pope Leo  XI11, lS'.n : nnd "A perplexed Phil-  .fisopher, Herbert Spem-cr," 1802. In  ]SS<> Mr. George was nominated by (hi'  united lahoi parly for mayor of New  Yni*k.1V"Hi������.i-r(>^U<)(������.vl������ll's aa-iiiLsl !}(),-  (XX) for Ahrain S.   Hewitt,   Deinbci a! ie  n inee,   and    OO.UOO    foi- o Thi'tulon*'  Itoosevelt, now a-.si.sl.-tnt.' seet efary  of  the navy, li.f-piililic.-iii.   .  Rossland C. tt V.*. wiies will be used.  Thi* connection will, next October, be  increased hy tin* ne.wlim* of wires from  McLeod, N.'w.T., to Kos-l.ind via. the  Crtivv'.- N'-s-l Pas-.s.  Speaking al, Yancouve of wiles lo  Ivloiidyke, .Mr*. Hosnrer thought a line  connecting Qriesnelle (Cnrjlitio), the  liresent tiii-minus of the government  line, vvilh Dawson ("ily, if decided  upon 'within the ncvl few months,  might easily he in opera lion Iiv this  time next year-. Tlie present lint-  bet ween Ashcrofl and Que-neUe is  easily maintained, and as somewhat  similar .condiiioiis prevailed lieyi....'1  t here is no' reason w hy, in his opinion,  corisl.-yit. and reliable coiniirirnication  couldciiol be kept, up along (he cut ire  inttte. Telegraph .-tat ions could be  established aboul every 10 miles, t lit*  saint* as at present exists between A-li-  c-iol'l. and' Quesnelle. This telegtaph  lint* would he" the ln������.| police .system  the country c-otthl have, to say nothing  of a vat iety of r;il hi'i- u.ses that the telegraph oflict's might be put to.  A Million Pounds.  Vice-Pie.-ident Shauglmessy says  Ihat tlie Canadian Pro ific Kail way has  mad'-* arrangement'; to issue a million  pounds .-.telling picfeired stock at 4  per cent, in London to cover the cost  of building the (.'row's Nest Pass Railway through the Jiocky .Moutrt.-iiiis.    -.*  Is It Selfish ? <, '  Winnipeg Fiee Press- A Toronto  inember of parliament, Mr. Osier, regrets thai so much' of lhe rei-ent  Canadian loan , has been taken up by  Ca'nadi.-in harrks. '��������� Tie* c-Ilc-cI of tin-,"  be says "vvili be disat-ler-otis, to the  ' country, for im-icad of borrowing from  .-in outside'som ee at low, rates of interest.- and iheieby int-rea-siiig, the  'floating money in the country, we are1*  ��������� actually drawing on our own capit.i'l."  it will not. be tli--.st eroirs. but itvva.s a  mistake -ni-vort hi-lc*---. Wo complain  of 'lack of capital to ' develop our  1n1uer.1l arid other resources, 'and heie  are bur I auks tying up millions in a  loan In l lie . Guv e; I'nrent at a low rate  of ini crest, 'j'lic banks .voidd have  ser-v eel (he.i-omii ry better- if ( hey had  employed it to encourage our,industrial  development, even il they had to lake  risks now and then. It,will lake ages  to build up'the country if Canadian  capital is always to be a.s selli-sh.  To- Revive Its Lost Greatness.  Two centuries ago IJr-isLol w.-ks the  greatest port on the west cn.tst of  England, and many a Puritan ship  'sailed from its dock-;. A special agent,  is now in the United Staler-, negotiating  for a .steamship line between Huston  and Bristol, and the mmiicipalily of  Mi istol has veiled t o expend a sum of a  million antl a half st'-rling in Hie con-  s'(ruction of a dock to nccoiiimndalcj  the I urges I vessel.-, at theiiuiuth of the  river Severn.     , ,  ' i  The Vernon News office was completely destroyed by (ire Tluir*sd,*ty of  last week., The loss on plant and slock  will be .$5,(_.()<); insured in the Royal  for- $.'},()U0.' The building was owned  by't be town-die company and the loss  on it is about $1,000. ' .     <;  Six Millions In Nine'Months:  Canadian Pacific Railway company's  earnings foi September, 1897, were:'  Gross    earnings    ,s2.oi1,.j2D;     working  xpciises $1,231,CW, net profits $1,051),-  fi'.'l. Foi the nine monlhs ending the  'iirth September, 1S07, the ligure*. arc* as  follow--: Gro-s earnings $]<j,.-}C'G,3tO:  working (jxpcnse.s $0,7,"50.4CO; net pro i'i Lb  $(>,() 13,SjO.  1  .���������.���������v  '  The federal government Iraspiactical-  ly accomplish' d w hat it has set out to  do in the matter of'lhe Atlantic,mail'  service. There will lie a weekly mail  service from the Canadian porLs of St.  .Join) and I lalifax on alniost thepreci.se  lilies laid down in tire recent, call for  Lenders. JL will he supplied by Llie  Reaver line which act-ordingly draw--,  the $120,000 subsidy formerly held by  Allans and Dominion  people.  E KOOTENAY LU  LIMITED LIABILITY.  COMAPLIX, B.C.  ^Mraaa  ���������AyjaNKW_JL_.   ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER.  ���������-  '   .At the Company's Store is carried a Full Stock of General',  Merchandise :    Miners' Supplies and Outfits at.clo.se rates.  P.O.   AltROWIlEAIJ.  TKI.KGIIA PH TO COMAPLIX.  NOTICE.  N'  ..TOTK'K THAT lil days from date I will  iipjily to 1 lie Chief Coiiinii���������inner*cif Luud-  ;iii(l Worlcn for ]>t--i tiiis-iuii In -iiiivliasc;:!_'<) acres  cif lurid sil 11.1tott nn l/olcl-li-c-.iiii'nc-.ir-.MoCtillouli  Creek in U\k l*ernl, W'e-i KooU-nay District,  bi'^innint; nl. 11 po-l ni.trked Gils l.uncl X. 10.  eornor, lliem-e niiiiiinx norlli JI) cli.iin*-, thence  u*e-L SO cli.-iin**:, llicnoo-ouih I'l clmiiis-, tlionce  0.1st SO chains in plac-cj (if commencement.  Located Ocl (/tier 1(1, 1S!)7.  29-S1L ' GUS tUN'I).  NOTICE.  >J0TICE I.S IfEUKBY GIVEN that (50days  L\ after datc.1 the; imdersiKiieil do intend lo  ripply lo I he Chicl Corn 111 is^ionur (if .Land-, and  Works for pi-nni-sion lo pnn-liasc lhe following  land beirij'-situated on Oiiynor Crc-ck , near the  inoulli ol Ijiinkcrliill Creek in the Ti'oiu Lake  Disiricl, West Kciott'ii.iy. (-(iniitic-iiciiiK at .a post  iir.irkcd'K. W. 'ioiilli-vvu-i. cornel', iht-nce rini-  niiiK norlh S(l cli.tins lheuce III chains east,  I hence Ml chain*- lonth, tlionce J'J chains vvc<l  to the pluco of commencement, bom;,*- U2il acres  tno-.'e or los-. ,       - ,  ,      ERNEST WHITAICKIt.  ' ,     por.JAMKS UIXON.  Trout Lake. Oct. 20, li>07. ' Lt)-'JL  Tho Company's S.S. " LARDEAU" connects wilh .-ill C.P.R. trains and steninc-is, and makes daily  trips lietweerr Ai-rowliead and Comaplix and I'litimstin's Lrindiiifi:. Communication is thus, e.,tal)lis!ied with  all points iir tire Lardeau, Trout. Lake and Pish Creek distiicts. , '        '  ,Thei Company's tug "ARCHER" is ready to enter into towing and freight ing contracts. >  The Townsite of COMAPLIX i.s lieiirg surveyed and will shortly he placed on the market. Ccirnaplix  is the uul fitting point and headquarter- I'or I he Lardeau ,-ind Fish Creek districls rrow fieing opened up. It  occupies- ;i lie.-intifnl sil nation, high and dry, on (he N.li. arm of-Upper An ow Lake, eight miles from Arrowhead;    Deep wafer for vessels all the vear round.    Good hotel accommodation. ,.  " ,  " " > . o f     ���������  R., TAPPING, Agent for Revelstoke.  COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  KAMLOOPS, B.C. ,,  Best of everything going._  RUSSELL   &.   HEROD,', Prop's.  IIB-I^U'L-AQUII  Wholesale   Druggists,  (Kstaljlislietl KSSS)  '<~���������aas732Z&>- Victoria  arid    Vancouver,    B. C.  We curry the largest si tick cf Chemicals, Drugs, Patent ."Medicines, Toilet  Article.-, I'-tt-T, in Mrili.-h C'olniiihi.-i. .  Pin lies in, or contemplating opening in, lmsine-,*; will find it lo their ad-  v,ml age t*i place their orders with us. , ���������  sa^ a.1 u^^_hts-.-^il *l* ua*i.~.u..'. n������.--sa-re**a38ftn������.i;^ '.^^-.jucp^  V  Export Ore Shipments.  According t.o the most.' reliable -data  .-ivailahle, llieO.P.R. and the American  roads doiiiLT Inisiness in this districl  have hauled lOS.SlJl , ti'irs of ere out  of Kootenay in the past six years.  Ksfimaling this output as woi-Mi .$70  )H'i- ton. a conservative ( ali-idal ion, ils  total value amounts iji7.27:2,S70.  Del .-tiN tif tlii' nl love, shipments are as  follows;:  JSfiO to .lime l>ini (estimated)  I.IKIO Ions  fi    js li  ti--^:Xi,  ���������p*^.  !  I  ?J.  PI CARD,  Contractor, and ^Builder,  1   0  ���������^k-   SPECIALTY.  Ifcootena^ flDail = = = 'IRcvelstbfte, JB,C.  Plans--md  Specilieations  |)rep.-ired  on  short notice.       ~ ,  REVELSTOKE, B.C.  JL. < a  \l  Wholesale and Retail f  /T%  Ui  f \f ��������� r^e presen*  v:  1  he ado nar t er s-  centre  for  uid future  \im OPERATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ri  Slot an v ia Kaslo   Slocan via Xaknsp? '.  Kossland via Xorl hport.   .  Aiiisvvoitli via K.-i.-lo   iNclson via X. cV F. S. Iiv..  .U9,SH2,i  ..21.7SI.?  .o(i,rd'.)  . :iMi')\  . -2,rm  Tolal - KM. SO I tons  Il is 'pctfeitly sale tosay that the  f'-eiglit cliaigi'S on this output vv.is'aL  least s;l() pei ten. or a total of $7-_>7,2.')7.  The* mine ow I'crs of Kootenay. titer <���������-  fore, have heen compelled to pay t-iili-  t-ider.-ihlv moie' tharr half :i million  ciollar.s which .might have heen -clear  pn'ilit to (hem if adequate .smelling  i.-teililies had existed in the. di.slrkl.  ��������� Ro-sland .Miner. .   -  01  Ontario Mineral Report.  The total value of all the' niineials  produced in the pi ovilice of Ontat io for  isrti was .$.:>,:-y:..or().     rJhe.   .sum   of  $I..">21.(Kill was paid out in  Wage.-.  The total value of the gold produced  iliiiinir lire year was $121, SIS. the, number of mines worked was eight, lhe  number of men employed LSD, and lhe  a mount of ore treated w.-r.s i:j,2!''2 tons.  The Mini paid out in wages-was,$01,210.  The nickel and copper mines and  works turned 0111 about as much me  as in the pievious y< ai. During IfciXJ,  I()'.).(.'.)7 tons of oie were raised and  7H,."jO.") Ions were smelted. The value of  lhe nickel obtained was Jji.'i7:>,<JU(), rind  of the copper %\'.l ),{>').  It is the cen bre of the Lar-  dea.u mining district.  It will imve railways to  .the north and south.  >  Its climate is superb.  it liaa plenty of building  timber and a sawmill  in operation providing  - lumber at reasonable  prices on the spot.  lake affords exceptionally good trout  fishing.  m-  OUT LAKE CITY  is reached by rail from  Revelsloke- to Arrowhead, 28 miles ; thence  by steamer, io miles, to Thomson's Landing; and ' a short  stage of 12 miles; the entire  journey occupying" only 6 hours  through magnificent mountain  and lake scenery.  , Well-known mining promoters and capitalists already  have their representatives on  the" ground, and it is no  boomer's dream to sav that be-  fore another six months"TkOUT  Lakk Citv will be a bustling-  centre of_bu.sine.ss and the principal town in this ireasure-lr'tclen  Lardeau, the new centre of attraction for the best mining  enterprise, skill and capital  which British"*. Columbia has  magnetized within her borders.  The climate and soil of the  district are al! that could be  desired by the rancher, gardener  or fruit grower for whose  products a profitable and rapidly  inereasing    market   exists ;  ( -     DEALER IX  Milk Oows; Saddle, Pack,  Driving,and Draught  Horses.  Revelstoke Station, B.C.  The Kootenay Smelting  ".-.& Trading. Co. Ltd  o  HAVE,' FOR SALE'  A number of lots centrally located  *      i't       l ' t i * ^  0  in their Townsite  The central point of  Tirrc  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  FROM REVELSTOKE  To all Points East and West.  ���������   Telegraphic 'Connections.  ('Ii.i*.. I'. ILi-ini'i-, ,m'iiiT.-il in.-uiiif^'i-  nf (l.l'.R. |i-Ii'i;iM|ili lirn-s u-.i-in Itiun  1.-I-.I u I'fk. 111' i*. iiiircii iilt'.i-i'd \\ 11 li I lie  ,*i ji|i('.-ii-,iiici'nf ��������� snlnlii v nf lin- cmnil r-y  .-llltl SMIl-^llilli' nl ils*. sir,idy pi i)Hi <���������-.*-.  lie   *-,i\-*-   lin1   |)i-'--vi-nl   sy.-lf'in   nl    Ifli'-  J.; IIII | ills   III   I 111' si IU I ll   W'ill si 1(111   111*   lf| |,,|| \y  irn|ii nM-il. I n ,-nlilil iuu In I hi* f>t I'scnl  line I nun \ii-\ .-l-lnki* i\n\\ n Am w l.rrki*  I ii ,\ iknsji, I hi'ii iiciiis-. Ilii' Slue.ui In  K.i-!.i inil tii'U'ii Knili-n.iN I ..tki'. :ni(l  li-inn lln-ii" \i i l.'nli-iiii li. I !ii-sl.u,il, \.i'  \\. ill sunn h. i -.(-, .nol hi'i- Inn' i-Nl t'l.tliiiH  I'lmni I'.tili.'iini tip Sliir.-iii [j.-il:i- in Ni-.\v  1 >i'li.v.t'i- w I ii'i-.' il, will ji'jll III'" .lurlilr  wii'i*'In 'ii'i'vi'Jsinl.c ,  I-'ri'in   Ki'li-i.'i   in  whilst to the sportsmen the  neighborhood affords game in  plenty.  The accommodation includes  It has a crown grant, pur- jgood hotels, stores, post office,  chasers of lots tlmsob-Mrw:ordintf officc- butcher shop  taininsr an   absolutely! ;antm;L,ny priv'lLC r.csid������������c<JS-.  |j     Building  operations  are   in  i jf'il! progress, and the establish-  ' ment of the sawmill will tend  j still more to enhance the im-  i I mediate growth  of this  rising  clear title.  i  town.  PBIOES   OJJ1   LOTS.  Inside, $ioo; payable $33*33 d.own, $33.33 in  ^ months, $33.33  in 6 months.  Corners, $150: payable $50 down, $50 in 3 m >:uhs.   $50   in   6  months.  (These prices are for a short true only.)  T. L. IIA1C;.Kkyklstokk. .(,'ieneral. Agent.     ..  'I rt.'f-:'|.'il M.;:l;M.i.i:;SC)\. -Tuoi T: l,A!;j::,(.'rfv, Resident Agent.  THROUGH TICKETS TO  Vam-oiivi'i-. Winnipeg, St.. Paul,   Oliit--  ri.r^n, Mont real,' Tni-onl".. Nt'wVor-k.  /'Yrsl-c/ass dining and sleeping-  cars on all trains.  TliroiiKh Toui-isl <;.un Lo St. I'ti'il daily, uml  Li)  -       Toronto every Jltirul.-iy, and   Monlfciil iind  Hoslon every Tluirsiln.y.  Pttreliitso tiulccLs Lo youi* desLinal.ioti  nnd  have  your hiiKtpii;!! elmeked LIii-oukIi.  Koi- full inroriiiat.ioii as lo nil ok. I ime, t-le., u)i-  ply to neuu'sl, C.l'.lt. AKent, lo  T. W. UUADSIIAW, A(,'cnl. ItrvelhLoUe.  Or lo    K. A. COVI.K, ���������  * DisLrii-l I'risseiiKor- Akj-hI. V.meouvei'.  The - Canadian'.- Pacific  Steamship Co/s  -STEAHERS--  NAKUSP   and    KOOTENAY  Leave  A rrow In.', id  every  (Iny,  c-xc:i*|il. Siiiiilny  for-    nil    imiiils     in    1-CooLeiiny,      initkliiK'  eonneelion    nL    Niikiihp     for    nil    |ioint-  011 Nakn,p and Slocan l.'y. nnd .Slocan Liilsc*.  Close eoniiceLioii aL Kolison  for  Nelson,  ICnslo,  llnlloni-, Pilot Hay.  Cl.ise c iiinui-Lioii ,il, Trail for   Uo-islanil,   Norlli*  pul'l and all pniiils suulli.  Kor full  inroi-inalioii, tickets,  inajis,  elc, mil  on or iitldre.ss  iT. W. BRADS HAW,  AkciH. ItevuNloUe.  Orlo  II. MAftiltKOOK. K. .1. COYI.I':,,  '  'I'riiv. Pass. AkciiI. DisL. Pass. Ai*-cnt,  Ncl.soii. Ii.i!. VancoiiVLi*. H.('.  TH  KOOTENAY.  ������7   TIEIRZMIS.  T. L HAIG,  1 .Resident Agent,  RKVKLSTOKE, B.C.  T. J. LENDRUM,  Trustee,  AINSWORTH, B.C.  Owing to the erosion of the river   bank   the  company   find   it  necessary to dispose of  their smelting buildings,   furnaces,  go h.p. engine and boiler, and 30 h.p.   boiler.   cThe  whole  Inquire of above.  vvill be .sold in part or en bloc.  Columbia & Western Ry.  Time Table No. li.  'I'n lake cU'e.oi July:..  IMI7.  Daily Del ween Trail and l.o*.-.Iiiii<l.  No. (i ���������iii'-i-cliKCi- leini s lio-sliilitl    -    -    7:MI 11.111.  (���������oniicels willi s|.-a ��������� nt Tinil.  N<<**:( imss-ciiKi-i' Ic.'iM's T-.irl   -   -   -   K:l.">-1.111.  Coiinci-Ls t\illi lied Moiriilain for* S|iokaiic.  N'u. "-'l'l's-i iitfor-leaves i.'<i-s!(iiiil    .   -     ||   n m.  eoniiecl-. willi e.P.lt. -le.iiners for noilli.  - I^'::ill p.111.  from norlli,  - |:;r i'i pan.  No. 1 pass: li{,'(r l"iive-Tiai!  ('ill,IK Ut'i V. llll ('.P.!!. sll'.-l.'lll  No. I pa-',,' iii'.it li in i-s li'iis'dan-  C't>nneel*i wil.li l.ed iMouiilain r.ii- .l^,'.i.J..i  Nd. ii jiaHseil-.;er leaven Trii.fl*.   -   ���������   ���������   i'iiI.'i p.in  CiiiineelM wilh Kleaniei- I..VI leu al, Trail.   - ,  (.im-.--.-il Ollli-.'n: I-'. P. <���������' I'TKIiiliS. ���������.,'  ,  .    Ti-nil, li/C. 'Hi inn.l Si.p .  ���������jnBKaasanmm'j.^awwimwiii*'������ u  JEPZRZEjIE!  ABSOLUTELY FREE'! !  OIVE/i AWAY MONTHLY ,  As a pi-i'iiiiiriii tti nsi'i-- of nii'i-   ^^aeesmt.   ii"jC_)-^i_-Jbr'S_  |{i'l rir-ri I lie t inipoti" nt I In* eiiil of i-at-ii  riioirl Ir anil staiitl a fliaiii-f of \iiiin!li,^  1,11 i.s lie,nil il'nl iii.'it-liiiii'.  Each   25c.  Bar   cntit.es  you to one coupon.  Anv of our varituis brand:; count  in this ompetition.  No beiler SOAP or. ihe market.  FIND-LEY :& CO.,   STANDARD   SOAP   WORKS,  '        '���������������������������    ���������i.33.M.v:::i:ig.-;-:.i.t,l VA^Cbl'VIiR.; B.C.' \ ���������:-'��������� PAG'S, \.  THE KOOTENAY .MAIL.  . Kootenay Lcc'fi-r  -TS������  '^Pt    /si.   i^rfC*   NO.10A.F.&A.K  /^/ *    *    Tin* Mtfiil..i-3ii'. eJjr  ^CftlT-'y        aivli'ld  in llie .tf.i  ���������>>.������l % -������"-  o-n   TiSrapl'-.l'i'i'* m  =S4ji������S,)!)-!)rO, Ntjfe=:J .M , * nd a;     5 :i    , .-. e I  ���������J^^y^^XSsi^���������    \ js.i ns.;    Iirtlln-ei  "^s������ai-^=^*-=^ onlialb iicici'iiK i!.  1!. K. SMYTHK. ������>r Ci:..t.\i:y.  $���������}$ ' XXXxX^x I .y  ��������� KSTAliLlSHRD Jr(>2 ���������  VICTORIA. H.'C.  RSVEL3TOHS IsODCr, ?. C. O. X*., Ko. 23.  ���������������*,���������._ ���������' ': -X\\.\ ��������� in eliinr. .lie held  Ct0=?^ir:p&>s.    i*, ()| Me'.lir**-' Ii.i" . v.*f  ^^^ey/i-^M-   Vi'.-sl.ti   nul.l   at   ii.il.:  U--^-^r%V,^..'������,V'   in-lo.l.     ViO'ii-i-li.MllK!-  -   ���������^���������yyj'^' *'���������*"    ;J    uidi.i'ly iv.'!i-:,i.!i.i.  .1. ,\. STOXX. N.G. T. .1. GI!.\!I.\M. Si c  SisQC^ Complete House Furnishings  Win t^-  V-v       '.A\    i*-:^'.Sf?-^?^-      L.:r^'':st    stocK   w.V*.   01    ioror.lo.  11     s. 13 ���������"���������K'-^tr fiZ*. ^. . '*  VA-llB  to   v.s   for   P--;crs  assl   Zll'jsrra^xr-ns  ECIGKHI-OL^SS. tools  For  Miners,   Contractors,   Carpenters   and   Agriculturists. ������  T.   L.  11 Aid,  No'i.M.'V  Vi'iAu:     ' ��������� >  REVELSTOKE, 3. C.  \v. F.'ciiAdj-:.  -_^       Lately they  Or t' have  had   a j ~ ,.   . ,    ,,  ��������� ,    r, ,,    ',   i , '       ... .    .  'z&tir- .    r.   , MiP.ir.L!' and  'Rem    Lstate   brola'r.s   antl   Lr,.*;K'i\il   X<���������mmission  wav  ol   dis- | ^ ��������� ���������->     ���������  cv.s'siiv    the!' :A--ents.       hire,    Life: .and - AccideMit    Insurance.  iMlie Ft'CHCl)     Iiepieserrl aiM-s of (lit; i\.onlcn,\  Sincii 1',-j; ami Tr.i.'linji Si n,!u-.ile.   '  Picks, .siiDvels,   spades,'  fork.s,   hoes,   axes, , w edges,   crowbars;   hammers  and   tools   of  every  description.       ' .. '-._,-  Oriji steel; round, ilal, band and Norway iron; .saws, lilies, rasps, etc.  -4-)ynaniile caps, fuse. ���������    ��������� '  Doors.--windows, building paper, paints and varnishes.'  Double oven LYench ranges for hotels, conking and heaiing stoves, <Vranite and'tinware.  bOUKNb    L5KOS.,   , ���������  ' ���������     ",  ' ' , Hardware l&erchants,  ��������� ��������� , "     Revelstoke Station,  B. C.  es     at    our  store that are  so   handsome, so   lasting,   and  . that give such a lustrous clean-  <��������� liness'to the .hair.  ,  ' They do not forget  to mention the very reasonable prices.  Ayt'lils fill', li.'Mi'stoici',-t,ni 'i'i oil I.   ".Ac (Jill- 'i'.u ll'sitcs  _.    i  THE  rDOWELL-ATKIHS-WATSOH GO.  (Limited)  - ftbc - IDmooists���������  -Sls0.-.rty'3" QIod::/ RsvolsSeio    StaMon.  Giro. T    M.-.r.r.ilii'v.   M*-"1"*  LOCAL -AMD- PERSONAL' BRIEFS  i    .Jml^C' l'Vn in'' w.-is in I own Tu.cstl.iy.  W. Cowriii icturiif'i!  sL'sU-itlny 1'ioin  ���������Trout Likf.  I'].' L. Iv.;iiiii.-in is workini; for   F.   11  ���������Wells, .it. (Ih'.jioM. olliwt .store.  ,J.   (.).   Piper-   L-.inie   up   Wctlires.l.ry  . fiom TrouI   Lnke.   .     -<  Tin: .snow liiis^.illen ������l  .Vili'M't   (J.m  ���������'vou riliendy.  The fife M.-irdi'iis liru'e '"ecu out on  their i-o'llifls (his week.  ' H.u-t'iltl     I>!Oaii   iv.is   in   town   thi.s  .week from Allien Cuiytni.  |>ol) Williams is lint-k fnin Ivi.Ljlrt  Mile. , '  Antltew Alif'-ili.-uiisi'ii'wenl Imck this  wcirlc to TtoilL  Lnke.  Jack Knowles wn'siii t,u\i n this week  uiul,left fiii-.Oalifoi nia.  Peiey.Lc-iki!, M. K.,-t^ol in from A'-  l')iii-t Cniiyt.iir Tliursdiiy'e.veiiiiii^  Fr-rink y.iinrlnH" gut. briuko 'J'uesdiiy  friiiii jii^f'.sii. to.Uig lli'i'd.  Cory Menhetiick camo up Tuosdiiy  ii'iid took in the show.  "William Kir-kup is si������.-iiii in town  after ,-i pr-olonged nliscnew.    .  \V. S. dure, is down from lire galena  /ind at Lafornii: Creek.  Tom' Mrrloney who has, been fori-  mnn up at .French Creek, is now dnwn  for the winter.  \V. A. Jowott, of Nekon, wns in  -jtuwii last week and 'playd'the oijjhu  at Rt. Peters.  The Rev. .Mr  Foitl   will   pivaeli ��������� t n  ,eU'i-ii.-il piuiishiiieiit next Suiiilay eu-ti- '  ���������".U*        . ,       ' !  The McDowi;ll, Alkin.N W.its.n, C  k-2     M'-T^A/Q/? '%$��������� :\   A"7 .fev   ''if ^     '  t J i ^ ���������      (  Furniture Doners qs Undertakers.,  Upholstering'and Picturo Framings Specialty. ->  Agents foi' J>i:y\ moml Hi'\'.iiii,r ?)Jneliiiie, .Marrnl'.-H-tiii ecs Life Jiisin;'ijico .S.vjiet v.  Union    Fire   Insiiianee   Co,   Pro*, incial   IJiiilriiii-j; ;mtJ  Loan Asss'ociation,  ii . ' ��������� ~ ���������  ���������    '   (������i:f.-.\.va anil Pianos.        ' ,       " '    ' X  '    '     (IdMiTIOD.)  Capital, ������1.5C0,00~:. ���������     - Head OITices, To'-on to', Oni.  'ManufaeiiT.u'ers of Eieotrio Mlirlng ixppnrfitn^p' -x  Hoists, i'uinps,  niowers.  i',;ins. ilLisiiiiu; App.n-.iti.s, i)\ ii.ut'ios 'for fJiditing ami  Power-, Motors foi-'.-.11  Pu* }io.--cs.  !'"!ecLric:il'u'.in'iinission of,puw.ir'.succussruHyoptinited up io   ~,o  ���������mile-; hy our  Hililu: $\\i\bc  il&r���������?.'<!:.'AL->. ZVoilk.  NELSOT-I   '    " . Tii'.i'icli oilii-.--iii ili-iii-'i Ci lirintii.i'.       - ���������     VANCOUVT-T?  ' McLennan, ��������� McFeely ��������� k Co. lid.  ���������' -    ... __ V.-JIOLKSALK        , '      '   ���������  i i ' / ' t *  Iron, Steel, "Miners', Mill and-Blacksmith Supr>lie<  \. i  Hardware! -'  m OSBHOVA SIEET,  Stoves  Enainel, Ware.  -   -' VA;:C0yVER, B.'C.  [Vo������ M     B t='Dc iX   h ������   ,  Lx\,  ���������a m  *Q'  -.'��������� Wholesale'Boots and-GHoe  ' "    13 & 15 Cordova St., "VANCOUVER, 3:0.  Carries the best line of   miner':; am! prospector's  Hoots  in  the  Province.     Write for simples.    ' . , ,  yjacs^,?"^,gcrsLT5>oqE.Mat���������; i=z-*jvv.  swai������rrj=cssjTO>.i������T=rir'c^tra  Prospers and' fevete   Call'- aiid' See  .NEWMABf  GEO,  .1. JO. \V. ?.i U'i'V.'.CMNK. <li n-.-i.il .U.-.i.,ii,'(;r.       .   .lOiJN tl. Nt.'iiHOjI. i:.M��������� ������M!'t. MmiiiK JJj;it. .1. W. t:.\.AI I'lp.W .SOijrel'.ir.v-Tfc.wmvi-  s nt.D; Cv ^-l^/j^" l(\/Ortrvo uu.it/rh/\N T LTD.  *'   ��������� ^ ^ix<)!'alx������\ulhli,\U%  milnlijQt^ ���������tiJlii^iiidkulti   ciliy���������-  M a r*.tn'a..-> (ui'^.-!." o''���������  IMcirine; ��������� Sav.-mill,  Can:ier\ and Hydraulic jMacfiinery, River  ant! i-fai'L-or i )rec!;:;';'s,f'  i">it.,cliiii;-;" Machinery,  Water Wheels.  , Keep,m -stocka fu'l  suoply of ]'.r.g'ir.eer.-;'  and Mill - Supplier  Pipe anc'l ' Fittings.  J^rass C'oods, Steam-  .f .ittino's,.. Ii!t.c.  I   teries^   Ore?   Crushers,  3   Ore Conceiujators, Ore  '������!?^^fe������H    Feeders,. Air  Comprcs-  KKSaf^SSpai Reeves''Wood   Split  whetmmm   Puiicys. _ ���������    ' ;  orrespondence  soli- ,  cited. Estimates furnished.        ' ��������� ��������� -.:  Well   assorted   stock, of   Miners  ��������� Supplies,' Provisions,. Furnishings &e.     ; -  Full Line  of Boots��������� and Shoes  always oh  band.  ���������'ARROWHEAD. B.C..  The ^icDowdi, Aiidr,.s.w.its',n,cr. i-^e-noji-rn j i'.'rnu rr?"n p ^���������?-3 r otsqb f&  ate.showin. twelvo dillere,,,.   o.ateius      J ^ H^sl ������ ^HV      M"T &   MW   f   li      flrfj   t^l  pf ehorry .st'.litl h.K-Uetl hair Inches.   ���������     ;*    3 J K-k-L ! M-, V,.-S S  ."  j  .   4-U.b   U   ^1 i L= L-   U fi rt H L^U  ' *  .     LMr'.L'LnU   nr-JiJ     1 rV-^U J     t���������Hs\C  Ii. K. Ciiinpliell  w ns cotiMnetl to   hih j  room purt ul' this week  with   n   m*m*ic {���������  .Cold. ��������� _ ' "J  (.1. Me. L. Ilrowii,   pioviiK-i'il  cmh-i - ���������  ti\e ollieei-. fin the 'C.   P.   1! I   \>us   in j -p. /irT'y p-rp *, n.TP T,TKfFf ' 'Th .~<r-* ann-'c T,- -,-> -"iirip- S-.n T-i-^.Tit  town  .MoikIi-lv trom the west. I . * ,t      t rt'. z, -n '  ,,   ,, ... ��������� ���������.-.iii! i_-a������"e Oity ana jc! erg'iirjon.  .Mr. uodtrev, in.-iii.i^er ot   the   li.ink '                , , . .,  pf   !'..   N.   A.*,   VriiK.ou-.ei-,   was   J,,.,*,. ' M,.u'e '-Me-,'i'l...iii-o.y-....,'.  ,..,,������������������,..,���������   .: 7 "'���������'..':.: .���������   T ."it   l.iio:   (,'it.y   rind  Wednesday. ' !'V| -"'   "���������< . ������ ���������'._���������. '��������� ������* ������������������- _.s. ��������� } '������������������'' - ������������������'  ^ ,'������������������<���������  liobt.  Samson 'and   In-ide   ie! in n.-.l j                      *                    FRElfcrHTi'-JG   Af-.'D   f'EAIvllK'G.  ' '   '   .  this   ������i'i-k   and    uere   sl*. ..-..."deil^ .i:   ������;,;,���������.,,,.,,.;���������;,.   Allf)  ���������,,.!   ���������     j   ,...>,.   ,,       ,,      ,-. |, .*���������, ���������,.., ���������,��������� ^i,,,,,,   Irar1s.  ni-Utei- or   cour<e   bv   the   li.n iiitnu*j. I ,' '  .    . - *" ti  .���������issoei.-iti'ni.  T.   'J'.    UrcwsU'i-,   s(>, i i'i ii iv    ot   t|,i.  P.a Drawer. 754   " \T-A-N C OTJ"V J������! 13,, B - O ,, ^g J2T  I  Vv.'M. LAwhtNuL  Hardware  Sto"^*2  "vres   -   Tinware    -   -Tinsmithing,  Paints   -   Oils   - ��������� Glass.  KricaT-~-������j.J3r-,ii_*_-jtrT^*.--  Special attention given'mail orders.     . ' ". '  ���������    REVELSTOKE STATION,1 B. C.  ;nu 1 ,i,t ii'li  > 'I   ii nl lilt lf I-.   i*.   '   i '   'i  .' 11 1  'l I"','    '., I k-   VI1   '���������  CRAIG- & HlLLK/iH,  ;     .   ni.  II. UUUhoitH,  G- IE 3'T.IEO DEI -A. Xj    .'IIMIJI] EGHAiN"T,  ��������� '���������    ' PF������PI STOsKiF EC       ���������   ���������-'  ii'iin-'oi'-. I.;ii:(iiii''.  .').(,.  c:i  \A/  ' .C*irues Creek Co.,   went    tiji   lhe   ti-ulj  /his nioi-iiihg iin<l will st.iy (ill the luu   j    nel is i;oiiipleied.' ,       j  I Jr. Vroctor, of |)oiin]il, w.i- in tov n  ih-i;,-irlv [)-irr. of tlii������  ui--K.     Then-   is'f  .���������Milne talk of the   I ><ii tut*   uoiiiiii-.'   I.i-io'  '''r'oti.isd ,, t,,,,;, Lk,SiMsp8hant Tailor, C?o(Ii:bi; m \������mm\ MUU  .sirpei-inlenfjiiii,' tin- cvrrsi rrn t imi   of lli- '  loni,' disrari'-i: li'lepliorre liire. j  ������      . , ���������   ..', :'i (,!'.{   , _L tf,    J  ������������������ ,* -.-....  -!    _  AM k^dis^f iron si^ud sfeeet Ds!0tai[ '^ork.  ���������===: Misoslsag' work am  ^I'JYBLoT05C-i! STATION, B. 0. i P������p������i.tfeg- a^d F Zdflng<  ���������'���������%i.vi tir-um  CITY  BAKERY   i  Bread and Confectionery.'  Free Delivery Every Day.  McCAG-UE BROS.  pgars,       Tobaccos,    % IJooks,  Photographs at  A MAX'S   - STONK,.  Neni' loiilu-fiy l)-|iot.   .  ~" INCORPORATION!  ���������.ii!   .i'iiI   u ini' i'  ������������������ li .1  i iii.ii,--  ���������, i.    ( hi "< -Mtl:.  C /��������� < \ |- ir iti* ���������-  ,i,  ' nn  ft     ' I .    f i.i  ,.  ROET. "ci0.1;DON, Eevektoke Station, B. 0,  m  /Auun.  :s, ETC.  GTTJ3U   r_L'I=L"jfI]   GOODS.  -��������� v-"r- n J.;- n r ?  ri-  <���������-���������-.  i   ,���������r���������.,,...,,.... ,.?rtfi..,r~. i;^-fe' bo W A IN -n UL I iiJN -JJu W IN b  I  3 r- A "'v     ^'-i)"i'",f . r _ r-r\X.f*~   ' 'i'/'\ /v"*-.^ ������/���������' rn'k c fli n 0 f r1'    "^ ii ^ < i' ������, !X<   TP -/r>rA  i    .n  U.S.   HU.V'-A'I j,   lJ,-    .r I.   .'. 7    H    ;iLf;f,-jrr,   V.r.r   (Jr..,,:!,,  D.   ,:      /.I-'--".,  <".'��������� i -i i!   ,'/!,., ,r, . i  o  4^    TCULIC .Ml'Ii'/riXt; uill   he   h'-ld  j, \     iii I'l-h-i -"ii's   II.ill.   l-'i-id-iy. ^o -.  I^i h. al "..1" |i.in.. lo   i-i'i-i-iw   ii'|.oil   ol  ���������llio   ('oiiiiiiil I c-   .-i|ipoinl"il   In   i'i.i|nii'-  ���������'il<!o     llie,    i|ll'-'s| iori.s     nl     I 111 o I | K.I . 11 i'ii I  ;md liei'is'l I'll I ion of Tilli-s.'  I ,-\   '>(���������;)��������� i',' I I) i 'i1 i;i'.' I-ii   . i  i\,,i|.ii)!"  i'i  ,-.!i  p :. I  j 1111 ( I r i' ' f I  I I I'i"-  ���������'I   IM!'  '.  ' ������i ,i I  'I   i 'i'  I     ii* r i  i'n I    |-t| .' ��������� i, i   ,  i t\ in ��������� .     I -   ; ��������� 'i i iii' ' :       I ni * . i   i      i' " ��������� '  I      ' i ,  i  A. i-i. C, HEARN, Muniigcr Rr;voislokc Bi anch..,]  i  . ! ���������:���������  nl < ��������� (    i  ALF.S, WIMES, SPIRITS'AND CIGARS  -���������pyt.\-=r'-y~~yr>'\-   -:;y?'i   u���������\~rX        5":"!       "\~'i   (T"*  JL. X.I-L.U    V    JL..'..'JL-������?^TJ -.2- v_-Ll.>. .L^5..    _ F >��������� ^ / _  'J  ' ^f


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