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Kootenay Mail May 16, 1896

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 >- if 1 c is   11
y   n&   ?�� . It*, yifef .   Ib?    -o
VoL 3.���No. 4.
$2.00 a Year,
Chamberlain on South African  Policy.
Union and Concord Desired���Press
Opinions-^Leaders^of the Revolt
, Let Down Easy by Oom Paul.
The Madrid correspondent of the
London Sfnttditrd say.".: 'On'Monday
Spain and th<�� United Slates arrivi-il
at an amiealile understanding, .-iiul I lie
Competitor prisoners will be ;iUnwed
a fresh (rial lief (in- (lie iiidinary cuiirl,
under the existing*; treaties lietwecir
Spain and the United Slates.    '
Ciipt.-Gi��iici al Wcyler has prolonged
indefinitely l-lu: period of surrender,to
the Gillian rebels.
were afterwards commuted, have been
fixed at imprisonment l'or five years.
The sentences of the 51) other iiiemlieis
of the Reform Committee, which were
fixed 1 iy the court at Iwo years imprisonment and ii fine of $10,000, have
lieen coiiiiiiuted tn one years imprisonment.    '
A motion in   favor of revoking  the
charter of   the   British   South   Africa
company has   lieen   introduced   in   the
Cape House of Assembly.
An engagement was fought with the
The South African mi.ftei is the one    M.-it-ilii-li-*. nt. Novena on Satuiday last,
of greatest moment,   in    England   just    CVt'il   1{!><^"s   ��""   well" to   the   front
now.    In the deliaU- in  the Commons,    The natives-dispersed in lo minut-s
Mr. Chamberlain ruinTirked, during the
course of his speech, tii.U receiitevents
re-ojiened ��� the   whole   South   African
question which had been the grave of
ninny reputations.    Sir   William   H.-ir-
foiu '., lie iidde.d,   dealt  with  only  one
phase of, the question.    His speech was
a power fill indictmehl not, only of the
Chart ei ed     Company,      lint     of     the
prisoner's   nt   Pretoria   and   tho   men
undergoing trial iii.Enidand.    He, Mr.
Chamberlain,   could   not. discuss  that
part of the aff.-tii.    He could   only  say
lie   believed   that,  tliere  win' but one
feeling iu the House,   namely,  a   cmi-
denin.itiou of the "cryptogram" policy,
aud this could lie obtained withoutany
niore discussion.  'But  many  interests
were at stake, ami developments   wore
being anxiously carefully   watched   by
foreign nations..  Under these   eirruin-
��� st'ince-s, and in view  also  of  the situ-
' ntion  'of'the   prisoners   ,-it    Pretoria,
theie were many things which  it   was
undesirable   to   mention    at - present,
which might   be   said   in   the   future.
'The speaker  added:    "The object of
our policy in Mouth Africa   is   to   preserve our  position  as  the   paramount
state; secondly..to engender union and
, cohcord between the two   races   there.
The recent  raid  jeopardised; the  lirst
and   delayed   the   second.    The   prosperity and happiness of South  Alric.'i
is dependent   ill.on   thir realisation   of
the same state of things a.s weattaihed
in Canada where two races less closely
allied   than   the   English and   Dutch,
work,,fight aud  live,   .silio   by  side,   in
perfect peace and goodwill."
Important weekly papers  here,   like
Un*������-Spectator,"o" National Observer,"
-anil    J" Saturday     Kcvie'w,"     protest
-.against    theu   Govei mueiit's     leaning
toward the Chartered  Conipany  after
the hitter's complicity in t'he   Jameson I d.-nd of $50.lKX).Tiie.s'diiy evening,   .May
The Original"Locater Thinks it W.ill bs
Finally Sealed in the Near Future.
A. S. F.irwell, well-known as the
original owner of Kevelstoke townsite,
siiid iu an interview with a representative of tin- Mail yesterday, that the
iii'itter of title to this laud would ' probably lie settled by June or July next.
The method of settlement was: He
relinquished to the Dominion Uovern-
'inenl, iiifd, they would reconvey back
to him in part. So that title would Invested part, in (lie gov eminent and
,part in him, but 'just  what,  portion of
the townsite would lie returned id him
he did not, know. He would get, what
t'he Government,, had not grunted,
about two-1 birds, and euch party paid
their own cost-. When,this wan done
the   town   would   glow,   by   leaps  and
bounds.'1 It  would   not   he long before , 	
the river was opeiied to the north  and-     ��� liumux.'
I he (-aui,.s around be developed. "Then j  , Ml.. Hnstock ,1(.1(l  .,   u.eeting   in
you will havea town ll.afwill compare \ A,(JX;m(1(.,.   ���   Hi ,Thm.,(1..i y   ',.,������.���
Local  Happenings   Recorded   by  Our
Own Correspondents.
���    t DONALD.
I    A public meeting was held in Donald
.1 last Saturday,  Mav-.Oth,   to  hear ,the
i \ iews of Mr. linstock   and   supporters.
| Mr. Pitts took the. chair,  and.   w il li a
I few,   timely  reiii.nl'-..   introduced   the
candid.it'e, who was well re.-eived.   -Mr.
Bostock   i eviewed   national   and   local
issues,   lariiT and   lemedi.d   ine.isiues,
,i:id concluding .iskijil [or suppoit   free
fiom dictation,   jlr. A. ii. W. Spr.igge
icplied for Mi. .Mara and   tho   Govern-
nent.      Mr.    Carney   followed,    and.
figuratively     speakini;,    knocked   the
lawyer into ii rucked hat.   Spiuggo got
m.-id,   aud   C.irii'-y   concluded   amidst
applause.  The meeting closed with the
National Anl hem.
,A special dispatch' from Shanghai
says that the Russians, through an
Ameiiciin agent named Smith,' have
taken possession of the disputed lei-
ritoiy at C,hefoo, over wliich the
British claim rights. Six Russia:i and
,four. U.S. Will-ships are there. The dispatch adds that great excitement pro-
vails in Chefoo, though , the mailer is
not likely lo occasion'lrouhle.
Italy has uojdea of abandoning Mas-
sowah or Kassala aud   will   holdihem
' t
as long as tie- interests nf the Anglo-
Egyptian advance requires it. The
Minister of War asked for $200,000,000
lo prosecute the w,-u.
(ren. Shcvendorff, head of the R;is.
siii'n Red Cross Society,' t he leader of
the expedition to Ahy.--si.iia, teleg ,-iphs
s,n ing dial, he and his paity have been
received with open arms.
General   Jouberl.   has   been   elected"
vice-president of the Transvaal.(
wilh any   to  the'.south   of,you.
have .been   heavily   handicapped
(lie outgoing mail sack with a cow-bell
aud put the lock on ;i .suck of potatoes
lor Mineial Cieck.
�� Pete .McDonald and the oilier owners
lire arranging to do a lot of work on
the B. C. and Nellie D.
Three men are working on the Ruby,
on M ineiid Greek.
Win. Douglas is expecting ]fi   horses
ill shortly.
, A gang of men aic clearing streets
at Bin-Ion.
Very cold in the hills and show going
ofTslowlv.     ' '
M.iv 7th. There was.a large a (.tendance.
ctlle  expl.-iiuci
bv- this  townsite  dispute, but it won't ���, ��� ���    .    , ���',
' against   linn
sonic, slanders  directed
,.^, t,���        .Mr.   Gin new   of  Kaslo,
be so any more, and you deserve  great j fnllmV(.(1<    A 1,.;ohlti(���i en'doi.sing  Mr.
credit, for sticking on as you have.',    . \ lUy{[K.k   W<|S    (,,n.i(J(l     unanimously,
with the exception of two.
���   Mcssps. Barber & Cirlin.are  rushing
work at the lumber - mill.,   It   is   now
��� North Kootenay Mining1 Notes.
The bVidge o\ er  the   lllecillew.-iet at
Albert .C.uiyo'u lias been completed, aiid ' running full lime and a quarter,
woi ke 1 co-iiine.iced on the set ond one
on the' North l-'ork. This camp^ will
s ion he lieu d from. .     " '
A transfer of a onc-eip-ht'i inteiest is
recorded in the Morning Stir claim,
C.ii-hes Greek, iim.ii R. Joselyn Lo J. N.'
-'Harry P.ir-ons left on Tuesday's
No. 2 for Banff for the rbenetit "of his
hc.-d'ih.      ' "      --
" From morning until night Betsy and
her   ynuiig   unci     monopolize     Fifth
The  Sir.   Duchess,   Captain   B.-u-on,
There are  good reasons   li)   believe i le.iv-s (jclden every Tuesdiiv   morning
A Mine That -Any Country 'Might" Be
i     . .Proud 'Of..:-- -----
The Le Roi company declared a divi-
(hat another large company is preparing to operate, on a large scale, hydraulic piopcrties iu the Big Bend.
Full p.u-lii-iii,us are not "as yet to'hand.
Raymond Allen ha- made applies-,
lion to lease WI acres of laud on Uqld
St renin for hydraulic purposes. He
al.Mi asks for a water light of 2,00ti
inches. ' '
The snow is off',it   Trout   Lake City,
but lies to a depth of   Iwo   feci about, a
for the .South.
Jenny iWell-* is around,aixuin after a
'.short but severe attack of influenza. ,'
" Go (m .Stephen P.ir.son at the big
j store for the worth of your lii'vnev. ���
Mr. Vr.irn-ii is e'xhibll ing a l.iigcand
varied .i-s.sfirti'.ieiiL of foot wear.
Mi-.s. J. il.-edersiiii and.chilili-en lea\ e
I hi- 'week for Sl'Ot.hl'.ld.
From Down  River Points.   .,
Four men are developing the Cru-
Fiiieeu 'men are working the Two
Friends claim on Spi iuger Creek.
The. Noblo'Fivc deal isoif. Too much
cash is said to have been tin; reason.
A deal is in progress for the Tiger,
and M.ittavwi to Walsh,' ol Golden, for
.*i!2l),(!!W. ��� -
Cii.is Ivetit, has sold Jack Thompson
an eighth interest iii Chambers group
for $1,0(10.   ' '
Bob Jackson has sold  the.  Northern
.Belle'group for $00,000 to George. Alex-
'.inder. ��� ,
- Tin- Humboldt, Excelsior and Nancy
Hanks',   on   Springer   Crt-'k,   arc,  all
shewing up well. ' ,'
The lower tunnel on the Mountain
Chief is iu 200 feet, and will require
IU') more feel to tap the ledge.
.Judge Ivingsiuill is iiegnliiiting- with'
Me.s"-r.s. Bi uner & Schmidt for.it he
Biieiia Vista, a claim on the North1
Fork of Carpenter Creek.
." i(io:ls are
t nt*
iiiih- froni   I iu-i ���
verv b.ickv.'iird.
^ lie   sense.n
I alily follow elecL:o is.
-' Tin- bicycles  ha .'e
'the l.luohiei-.srr""- ;
' laid has been established beyond lhe
possibility of fhe fainte.-t doubt. The
"Satiiiiiuy Jteview," for instance,
published six pages devoted to exposing
flu-plot against the Transvaal and  as
.- furtherwideuce of the guilt of Cecil
Rhodes, declares that President Kruger
has proofs that Dr. Jameson, under
Rhodes' orders, intended to march on
Pretoria after the capture of Jolianues-
i burg aiid overturn the Cfovernuient.
It is reported in London that1 the
sentences of Francis Rhodes," Lionel
Phillips, .1. H. H.-iiniuond and George
Farrer,   the   four   members     of    the
.- Jnhanne.-burg Heform Ciunniittee con-
deinued to death, and whose sentences
r - Dissolution of Paptnership.
rnAICE N'OTK'E tlml Jurciiiluh J. Kulcv anil
u   J     l'otcr Arumi.   Uotulkccpors.   Arrowhoiul.
H.C.. Imvts tin- U'th day of May. ISSHi. -Unsolved
All debts of siiid Ann will bo settled by
Jcruiiiiali J. Koley and all monies duo s.ime will
iMMiaicI to liim.       (Signed)   .1. J. KOLKY.
I'KTKlt AllKS'A.
-\rrowliead. lL'tli day of May, Ih'.Xi.
Witno-s:   OKO. 1. XKW.MAN'. Ml,
Application for Liquor License.
-VfOTrCK I.S HKUKHY OIVKN Unit we. the
i.1 nndei-siffiicd, will in thirty days from
<late. apply w�� tlie Stipendiai-y Magistrate of
West kooteiiavfoi-ulieen.se to sell liquors at
ItevelMoke. FltASK VAS'IlAbl..
Itcvflstoke. May 8, ty.Hi.       ��� H-4L
0. 'ibis. in.ikes, a loiid of jj-Job,! do in
dividends ftpm this mine in less than a
year. Tliere is reason to believe the
mint'can easily pay .$."���(.),<)()( I-a' month
after this. The' recent dividend has
been earned under the most adverse
condition.s.ii It has been almost impossible to ship ore owing to the l..ck
of 'means of transportation and the
company has thousands of tons on the
dump. The output has been greatly"
curtailed, because of a lack of room tor
storing the ore. , In ii'i-U her in-in". ii (he
company's new skip and double compart ment shaft will he ready for
business and the Trail narrow g.nnre
will be ready to take all the shipments
'offered. Then look out for an output
that will astonish the world.���.loss-
land Miner.
New C.P.R. Freight Rates.
The new freight Inriff ,froin Winnipeg to point , iu Wesl'Xoiileiiay. which
went, into ell'ect. yesl'-rd.iy, advances
the rate about 10 cent" per ill!) pounds
over the old sehedule. Tin-y are, as
follows:        To   Nelson   and   conmnm
v.l, .hut
points-clu-.s  1,   !j"2.H2 :
clas- .),
i. $1.H(): diss I, .$]..->!)
$I.iS. To Saudi"!) and common poi.ils -
class I. $2 77: class 2. .--i2.,H : class S,
.^2.10: class l.'$I.fi2: class.-), $1.1:)/
UATK.sU'-HOM   RirviCr.-'TOK.I* TO
On Cla-.-es���1      2     W      I      5
Id   HO   27
Robson  Tt\ :i2\ 2!��A'27A 25
Trail and W.iueta.. .").")   ."50    17    1.")   -IS
P'Us on N. &S. Hv. 80   OS   r-7'   IS   -II
Nelson .,
71.', fi'J'. (il)'. ,">2
���VrOTK'rc I.S IIKItKliY GIVKN tlml IWiluys
Xl uflor dale I will apply to tlie Hon. Chief
('uiiunlssioiier of l^indsiind Works foru .sjiecial
tieense M eiit timiier on a one lhoie-jLiid m-re
bloek of land sitnuied on east side of Sloean
Iliver. Kootenay OisLricl. t'uniiiiciiciiiK al a
post at norlh-easi eoi-ner about 10 miles noulli
Irom Sluv.ui t'ity niniiin^ west 01 clniins. .south
Ilideliiiins, ea-t (i'i clmlns, north to initial po-t
1IKI chains, coiitainiuK l'*��< acres more or less.
Nakusp, May fiili. ItiKJ. 4-lt
Polling Stations'iii this Constitirincy.,
The following i.s a complete li-t of
the polling .stations in the electoral
di.str'ct of Yale-Kooteiiiiv-Ciriboo :
alter date 1 will apply to the Hon. Chief
i'oinnussioner of I.,inds and Works for a special
���-license t'o uut^ limber on- u one thoii.sHud aero
, -liloek'of land Hltuate.1 ��ni wvsb side'-ol' HIik-iiii
Itivur. Kooteimy llistricl. Coniniein-intr aL a
Jiost at nortli-i'iiHt corner where the l.itlle Hlo-
can Itivcr empties inlo tin;Sloean riiiiuiiiK wi-bt
Ml chains, sotilh l-H eliaiiis. un-l Sn cbniii.s, uoil.h
to iiutal post 120 elinin.s. iiml.uniiiK- HMXr acres
tnore or less."        ���   - ' *
XukiMi-. May lith. I.-1HJ. I-II
XTO'l'irK IS HKUKHY UIVKN tli.il Il'l days
i\| fnnn d.ili'I inli-nd npplyin^ Lo lhe (.'liiof
djiimiissioiiur of L-tmln and Worts lor a lirciis/j
Jto fill and cut}' away liiuher fiv.ni lhe follow-
iiiKiltacrihuil lands, siliiitlcd on Kisli Creek.
1,-ii-ileaii County. West ICoolcnny :
CoiiiiiiciiiiiiiK 1 mill-.south ol Mile I'osI, iul-
joiuliiK (ico. I��. Scot I'm cl.iiin on I lie w est: I lie tire
lloi-lll 1'(if a lilllu: (lit-ni-c iMi-l i mile; llii-neu
Miulli \i of u nille; Lhuiiui: iusl 1 mile, cunljiiii-
inif li<ill iieri'H.
AIhii ,;.ininien.-liitf one quiiiLcr of a mile, iiorlli
<if II Mile l'..sl,. mtjnliilii'^ ICali; Sign's rliilin on
the west; l.hi-nee iini-lli II inilcn: (heii.ri! west 4
inlle: (.liiiiioi! ri.iiil.il II .nllim: l.iienee en..s|. .} inlii-.
cniilti-itiiii..: Inn aeri'S. In nil Ifi'1 m-i-'s iiihiv? o:-
Irs... IIUIIT. (iliAXT.
Viiii ���omer. II. ('.. April is, ls'jii, 1 -1f
Af;n.ssiz ' -
Hope.   i
Nortli Hend
by Lion  '
Spence's Hridgo
Xieolii Ijike
Quilchena ,
.Salmon Arm
(ii-.unl I'niirio
Kettle Uivor
Gold Creek    -
Uonors 1'iis ���
Trout bake City
Galon.i Cily
Kiru Valley
New Denver
A ins worth
Itykei-L's        ' v
Ko.-t rileele
Loiii- Creek
Darken ille
(-iiesnelie Mnnlli
Keithly Creek
Williams- Like
Lac i.a H.iciiu
Alkali Lake
UK' H.ir
Kuipirc Vnlk-y
l'emherton Meadows
ICiio!en.-iy]..ike P'ts N(H 7.j]!it!')i OH M\
How the Provinces will be Represented.
Tn the pending election the Redistribution Act of 1S32 comes into, force.
Under' this Act the tepresentnt ion is
changed ov\ ing to the .strength of the
population of the various provinces)
relative to Quebec; which is lhe basis
of (-idciil.il inn. The mcmhcr.ship of the
next'.'parliament, by provinces, will be
.-lb loi lows :
A    dance, was, held in   ihe old .Merchants'   Hotel   on  .Thursday  evening.
About 20  toiiple  attended  and a good
t hue was enjoyed,
tins  Aiider-~on   and    Peter  Johnson
1 have foYgolloii lhe i udiuieiils. of frecze-
i mil   and   fell   an   (iisv   i.iev  to a pariv
j .i.i.
fiom Revelstoke this weeU.
Unve NYolseley is si iii carrying on
the government work at Albert Canyon
Alining prospects ;i;iJ n()otl for the
coining summer., ,
Kennedy and Sandberg have qui! at
the Lanark, and .intend improving
their valuable piopertien on the North
A. F. -Mckinnon, former owner of the
Maple Leaf, i.s iibout to stait a new
general store.
...   (i.-)
. ().")
Nova ist-oli.i'.	
..    21
New Rruuswick ..
..    l(j
Prince F.dvv .ml I si.-1
ut     0
British Columbia .
..      (i
Noi t iivvcsl Territor
es       1
2 b")
New Station Building's.
Mr. Mara was expected
ing.hut he did not eventua'c
people weie.disappointed.
Neil Jhiilon, the impersonator, v\ill
appear heie for one night ' onlv, at
Uotirne's llidl 'on M.iy ' 2'Jt!i. Se.ils
.00 and 2"> ccnls.
'J'iie Vernon .\"/--r.s- is being sent fnv
for the next two months (election
term) to people ill this section. liow
kind !
Over   the   local   Coiiscrv aiiv ���   cm
in it Lot* rooms   is   a   hannci     vmi'ii   i!us
A force of six men under.I. Clements,
are now engaged in   building additions
to the  present   C.P.li.   depot.    At the
j east end   of  the  building, wl.ei e u ork
lis  now   in   piogress,  a   huge    icfresh-
meiit  and   dining   room, with sleeping
I rooms above,'will be put in.    This will
I be connected by a covered   plallorm SO
_ j feet long, to the present .sial'.on.    'J'wo
1 exnrii wait ing   rooms,   coiulni to'-s' and
this   I"'""'!- j express   rooul.s   will    be   added to llu
riev 'i.d'i
���   aildeo
j old .stl net ore, and the.present baggage
I room will be inci eased p^i feel.   Aicom-
, n.oiliilioii   vi, ill   also   be  p!-o\'ided   lor a
1 mineral exhibit.
! When complele, ihe length ol'lhe,
st Minn building- will ! e 1 f) feel Irom 1
cud iiM-iiil. ,\;n) I u o t-ti irev s high I hi o- |
ughohl. .Mr. Clemi'ijts expects the
pl..stei ei s heie next Week and will |
linish I he w ork b\ Jul v I si. '
ni.a.'i: pajik.
The lownsite of Deer Park issituated
.ibout' 7)1) miles Irom Trail upon it
beautiful plateau on the east side of
Lower Arrow Lake. Thei e is a fine
sl ream of v\ nter i-uuning through one
corner of it, called Deer Creek, which
has sullicienl full to supply lhe town
aud run machinery besides.' The lown-
sile is conl rolled'by jMessi-s. Topping ��t
Pe.er-i m," of Trail, iiu.l .sii.-.-eyor.s are
now engage 1 in laying out lois. Alining
.men ol ability are visiting the place
daily, .iltrncled by its beauty and the
excellence of lis niiiie-.il. The "Vega'
and "Wild Morse " are I he only claims
yet being worked, though many others
in lhe nriglihoi hood are commencing
Tbe Wild Horse, running pni-all'-l
with the Vega has- a^liinne! in about
10 feel nnd work is progres.singsteadily.
The owners expect lo cro-.s-cut the
iiiniii "lead" in iihoiil 10 days. The
more work the heller'l he indie,tl ions
on t he Wild  iJei se.
The Vega has a shaft of foillleen
feel, wil h in er (! feel, ol a vein in w idth.
It show-* e\ cry indication of improvement wil h depth.
.Mm e home olher time.
ItOSSLANU.   .      . ,       y>
,    Aii oil'erof $St!0,0(,H)  has'.been   made
for the War I'Jagle.'-'._   .   ..',.'    '-''
High grade' shipping ore. lias been
..struck on tin- t'c.itie .Star.
���'L'he shewing on the Fool Hen continues to improve. , A ��� i
' All tin ee claims; in the Iron Horse
group are now owned.in Spokane.
The record^ otlice , receipts   at   ltoss-
laiid'ortVce1 for lir.-'t four ni'iuiihi, 'of' IttH},'
were .$ h'.!22.7n.*-   '  -������-   --- -   ���    - ��� -
-The final p.-iyment, $1."),()!)(),'��� on the
(Ji-oi-gia was made l.uit jMonday. The
mine is looking well.
ojrhe Kansas Cily Smelling Comiiany
are reconsidering the  ide.i of a   li. Ci.
lot-atlon - i
, , ([
Con.sideralile aelivit.v is expected at
B.-ar Creek, on t he east .side of the Columbia River, this summer.
A locution on lhe C. P. R. branch
from Robson lo Trail has been oll't-red
to the War Kagle people.
The Le Hoi declared another dividend of yr-tMM'J on M ty 0th. This
makes $ir-0,0'J0 in dividends iu less than
il vear.
Ainsworth people are iill   rebuilding.
Naklisp had two narrow escapes from
���lire 1,-i.st week.
Holland Urn-. have optuied <i cigar
fad oi y at Kaslo.
[Phi- K.-is-lo Kooleiutiitii is niuch improved this week.
The Conservatives ure organizing 'in
Naku.sp has organized a base-ball
tiething it Ilendcrso.i intend lo rebuild their hotel at Now  Den.-er.
Kaslo is organizing ii base-bull team.
Kaslo will celebrate the 211.i.
The, Salvation Army has put in an
appearance at Rossland.
Western lead men aie li ying to cooperate lo raise I he price of lead.
The price paid lor I he Deei Park
esliite was $1,8: >, or $1 per acre.
He Will  Not   be Coerced���Engineers
.- Convene at Ottawa���The Episcopal
Mandament���Political   Doings at
the Coast.
.Moil. N. Clarke Widlace, at Weston,
Out., luid-* ,a straight . defiance last'
week to this Tupj/er party and announced Ins, resolution of exercising
absolute freedom of action during the
campaign." '' f .shall not lift, coerced''
s;iid Mr. Wallace, -'I siiaJJ iS.it when; .I
please through this broad Dominion
and I shall expiess where I c]'<��ose the
views' I enter tain on this school
' The Privy Council has handed (fowii
its decision in the appeal of tin: Pr����v-
ince'of Ontario against the; Dominion,
raising the (jil'e.stion of the power of
IVovineial Legislatures It) make pro-,
dilatory laws. The judgment neither
dismissed or upheld the appeal.
��� The? World'.* -Montreal corrcsrHmdent
says the long talked , of Episcopal
iii.indaine'nt signed hy all the prelates
iu7 J'Yeiich Canada will see ,the. lijjht
on Sunday next.'        ������- ,    . ���
Mxcitemeiit I'uns.very high .-it ;\Vui-
nipeg; both pioties ari-^wtirkiii" ' tooth
and nail. .Hets ouboth sides^aie'-being
epuckly covered. Winch' ever side,
'wins,, the' hat-stores'* will   do*, im  Tin-,
inensi; business.    -. ,���      .., .,-, .
'     ._'    J" A '_ i     "
The ' upnuid convention of v. tlie
.Jiro.therlfoofl.of. 'Ijticoni.otive. Engineers '
opened at .,OttiLw'ii, M.-iy'l'*}; ,fDelegates
iiio arriving.frojii.-idl dvei'-'th'fc: wofld
and ^ every tiling, points to tho. grand ,'
rc-iiiiion lieinj'; a pionounced success.
Grand J^ngiuecr-in-chief 'Arthur1- has
.irnviid    ,   -i -      . >    .
A   Toronto  dispatch  of   the.    lltlr
ssays : > Tht-   wife'of "-ii- fiirifi'plv called
Heinsuit piesented him with sixdudiies
at one   hirih ;-.thrOi'v.lioys   an;I, .three',
girls.,.  Tltn>%wbrHan is.27 yejii-s-old, ipid
,the-.cliildl'.PU���idl Jic.ilthy.  - ������
- -Tlie   KortiierYi" "Pncitic".' 1l>iU-\     ivt,
WiLwanesa. vvii's" tofiiliy'"de'stroyed" "by
lire on-the   J2th.  " f^'iss  .���? 10,000;'' in-
'sur.uice So,000. ' .    ,     c
, Canon Duinoulin, of -St. .Taines
Cathedi-id. Toronto, has been    selected
;is Bishop of Hamilton. , .",'-,
.-���  J-Ai
A welcome was given t��   Coh.cPrior,   '
on his re.turn  home,   by   the   Victoria
Conservative Club. -   ������' - i
���Tliere are now two Conservative
c.uididates in the race for lhn card; .W.
J, Dowser and (1.---IC Cowan: 'Tf one
does not drop out ' Max well, -the
laberal, is a sure winner.
Mr. James llaggart h.-is bepnciisked
and consented'to .stand in the Conservative, inteiest, for, Vancouver
district.     Senator. Mclnnis] sou, is . Ids
Liberal oiipouent. '.  ���   -       ->   ,
1 - '-t.
ilr. Atkinson, the -Conservative1
candid,do for Westminster," lias withdrawn. Mr. JLutclior.soii takes'iip the
light. Aula)- .Morrison,- the-'- Jjiberal
candidate, is generally conceded the
seat. "" ".I*.-,,   .���'���
VfOTlCK I.S HKUKHY (J1VKN tli.it :��(lnyi-
l\   .iiu-r linn. I  will .ijiiily rii-ilifillim. ifio
I'liujf ('oiiiiiiissiijiuM- Ijiiiiils mill Works tot- ;i
siiuui.il licoiisi- in cut tiniljor on a one t.liou.s.-iii(l
.luiv lihmk nt linid situuiud on rust sjdo of Slo-
fiin I!i\or. ICooLt-ii.i} llistricl,- aUuit U -uiilcs
iKulli-wuM trtmi when: lliu t'u!iiiribi.i.ic Ivoototi-
.iy ICiiilroad ci-ossos tlio .Slofmi'-Ktvoi'.'' lloni-
inuiu-iii^iit ii post nl imvtli-wcsl corni"." running
i-.isi I'i chains, -outli r.'O clniins, Wcst-HJUclmiiis.
noi-lli (niiikiiiK river llio lioiuiilury) 120 ohniii.s to
mil nil post, uonl.iininK UKK) .-u-i-rs moro or less.
Il.V.N'IKb -\l. (JKNKU.K.
N*.ilvii.s|i, Muyljtli, IMU ' t-ll
iie   C. A:
iieiV   btiiit  " Kok.iiiee
Tiie ('ohimbiii   Wesiein   IJ.iiUvav  is
slraiii-e    device:        ������Miri's      I)istn.t     foilliwitb    in   be   buiii    lo   ()'i..iiiair.ui
Coininittee   lhn msP'      A'llioiitih Mi', pi Lake.1   Connection'-will be   ui.i.l.' '..with
al., it'  ,.'is-"!;n!  | lb,. Sliuswiii'i ic OkaMatrali lt-iibvaV��� . by
ir-   owns   the j boa is.    This,, if ir.ie. no. .1 si'. !'. I!.'and
Mara hits -acted us if he'd
���tfi-iierully conceded I hii
di-Jt ricl.     Maril's disi i u i.
po..i -��� .
einze iui ci i- l s, iJ(J (Juiilij.
\ .      uincrox ci'i'Y.
|     Our   le.-idliitr   hotel,   under the  able
| iiiiin.i^eieeul of Lou Sheri-in, is  doiuK
I II j-iHi'l   business,     They   (-.ive llu;   be.sl
I in.-ills iii \\"e.st Kool eiiay,
Several ca pil.ilisi s, amoi)^ lhem
.la lues A iidi'i "fin, 1' lossland, an- h.-
s.ice! int; properties iu I he c.inip.
.John V.illiinrc has a j;.uii; ol' men
woi kin^ ,,:i the Kentucky (tills, lie
ll,i - -I" era I oilier ,is  essmelils In do.
W. P.oris l.i'j I bu \ packiiit; sii|i-
plies u,i I he ( 'l eek.
',llii;;h   Miiddeii   is   l.uil'iiiiy   a,-fin-'
hotel, al  l.he miiut.ii nf .Miieual Cieek.
lbi the I2l.ii, i in'. pi..-|.-:r,,-isler. ,ilurin|i'
1J)J' bustle ip.ii c.'i,in..i.i.i.   I,...l.ei'icd    uj)
made, on her Iri,il trip,  \'2 miles  in
mi ii 1111 ���
I'l-i'sident Corliiii has onlered lh:-ee
ten-wheel loco.natives l'or L.ie new
K"d .Moiiulain ll.ll.
The Halls .Mjue.s smeller is running
Mplendidly, and tinned oul four .shiji-
ments of matte la "t week.
Ore trial te and bullion shipments
from West Kootenay l'or INKS to (late
are 1I,.~.V> Ions, value $1,21 i,7.'jv'.
Tlie snow is seven 'leel, deep IU the
mouiiti dn.s of Slo ��� in, iiiid peopie \\:iv a
repel i I ion of the llood " of 1'wt.
About 2!iC men iii'e i le.n iiij; rij;ht ol
way on Ihe !!ed "ilo.itil ,iin railway
bel ween Morlhporl and lhe   lioinuiary.
I lei I or Sprdal has been a ,-, .irde.l tlie
Ivoyul lluiu-iie Miiiely uied il I'o;-
s'iv im; I'u- life ol il. Itubi-rtson las(
(). lober.
Om .Mondays. We.lne-diiys aud I**i-i-
d.iys l wo i r.i ins a   d.i\    vv.ll   nm    from
V,,V   ,,.,,,   ...    ,,    />,', .1., (|..,,,i i ('"nu.us-i inei-iif l..\'i,lsuu.'| AVnrl... I,ii ii.sjii...'.U
.\"ls,ui lo ,, . i-.i i.   On ��� Ie,iies:il Jll.liul j |j.1.11sUIl).iil   tim'oi   oi.  h   oi,   .-!���m,s���i���J a. :���<���
VOTK.'K IS IIKItKliY CIV|-:,\* llmt ��n!n.\>
x\ , iilli-i'iliUe 1 vi ill apply lo jlio Hon. Cluof
('iiiiiiiussiuiior ol Liuuts unit VVoi-k's for n spociiU
liooiiso to cut tim'irr on a uni; Uionsuiid .lore
block of land siuiulod on cast" sidi-'oC.Slocmi
Itivur, Kootcnny I Ji-t ru-t. cuiiiitU'llouiyiit u |Kis(.
hi noi-tli-uosi L-iiriieriiljoiit Uaniitv. north-wost,
li.mi wlioi-e rlut Coliiniliiu \- Jvn.il. 11-iy l'uilway
eiusst's the Stocuii i hor ruiiiniit; novtli 'A
i hniiis. oust Uli limns, mii'ili ll'l c'.i.liiis/v-tisL.Vi
i liiiiiis, s-iuth lliH ch,tins, west fill chains to initinl
post, i unl.iiniiit- lt*v} litres nmi-o or lc��s:,;;
ST.WbKY Mc!'HAI>I>fcS\
Nnkiisp May lith, iMki..     -      ������������������:.-   . -,.    t-il
V-OTICK I.S NKUK1IY CIV-KN fliief!":*! d.ijs
IN .iftoi* diiti' I will .ipjily, to.thf Hon. Chief
I'ouuliis-ioiioi- of l-uiils and ^Vo'^ks fiVr a-spot-ial
li.s nso-to our tinibt'f on a ono thoii^unl liloi k
in l.iixl s.Lu.ili-.l im cast sid.. n; siociiil Jtivor,
Koi|t.'iiii\ bisli-i.-t. I'iMiutifiii-iii;.' .it :i po-i ut.
im, t li-wc-l cni'ii'ji'iiliom !l iiiiI'-s-no-,-lh-��i\st i.-oiu
��In re II. e Oolainhi.i \* Komin.ij Kail'i.iy
i-'iii-.^-. Un; SIiiimii i;i\( r i:iiiniii^ ea l -Jii i-h.oiis.
soul h .1: h.i lis. e.isj 'III. o'iiiiii,-,^,i"iillL ,"i��.. liiis.
e.ist li I I'h.iins. siijito IM e!i.isii;."y esr Ui" incr
lunik I I'I i'i mills, t 'ii n> i' liorl li Ciin't'in,' ri-er I he
lentil l,n \ I In cii.iiiis io  in 1 .il ,,r<sf, tool.linn-*;
lljiHI ll.'l-i s IllulV Of ll ss.
- j. k. I'lii-i'oi:!-;.
N.ikllsji, Jl.ij   lit Ii, 1 !��. ., l-tt,
\To'iici-: is HiOiria-Y civics* ihntai cin\>
. \     n Hi-d.ili. I Miil.ipel)   lo She Hon.   Cincf
l he ol her al  1 / o.-'occ.      .
Tiie sl.eauii'!-Trail,   buhl,  al,   i\
bio. I. ol   i.,u I   -���! i"ii11 r| on   (J;1   side ii* ""locni
, !!Ii.;r.   ,v .nl.ni i.i    U..^,.i,. t.,   ('.*'iiiii.;!i.;iiii;   iii. ;i
������pkilSji,  j iHi.fl.il in,! | ,,-..n.st.  i;..ii'|i ���!��� aiintitPT  u'tiios soulli
wan biiin.'iic.l dn.Hi'o   iiiiniii.i.v   ,,|-    \l-ie ! 'i-inii  si,,,;;,,)   City, viiiiilhi^ P-iiiiLh ', Ilia "ehuin.s.
,\.,is i.mil, in ,i ( ii in.   hi.iinin^   oi   .nay j u. s(. <;(, .-h.-.j,,^. ,,(m-i.]i |i;.i cliaiti-pc.-ist (;. .-li.iin...
7l li, ai id iu ide her lirst I ,-io t.o j'r.iil  on i '������' initinl ;io.st,'ciiiii:iiiiii,' p/ua nvs m.i.VorUf^.
I Ij:.> j JI..J, ' \.i!.i.-;i. .M.iv lljh. l^i. i-jj. ,  PAGE 2.
Zbe Ifcootenav flpail
��� vi  -
- "v���
I'CllLlsHlilts  AND   l'lSOI'limi'OKS.
Subscription   Price,   $2.00   Per    Annan.
3s}' sruicTi.v rx aiivivc-  o-i
the rate ot $I..tO per column inch poi nunitli
Kor sj).ii.i"�� of si\ coliiinn itu he's in over s!
per ineh per iiionLh.
line liist itisui'Liun. 5e. per line c.idi -nli-i:
qui lit insertion. The iiiinihci- of lines
reckoned by space occupied. U lines (u tho
ItKAl'lNG XOTICK.S li'e. i.ci- line e.uh insertion, unless eontiueltil for h.v r,e l,,(!
JOB PUr.VTING of every kind at mo-l reason
ahle r.Ui �� and shortest not ic e.
ACCOUS'TS for joh piiiiinif,' or ,i Is ei-li .im,-
Ii.ivable on the lii-st ot cvci-v in mill.
COItUKril-ONDKNCK on all in.nteis of .local
or public InU-usi to itol and eare'-iilly eon
sidered. All eoininiiiiicilioiis to the i'.diloi
must, he iieeouip.imed hy the tunic of the
writer, in it necessarily lor publication, hut
jus an evidence ot tfooil faith.
1 Addi-csrt
���   The Kooti-:n*ay Mail.
llevelstoke, H.C.
MflTIPC is hereby irivcn that .ilt.iccoiiuts,' m
nil I lur. whole or in part, ulicllici lor ailier,
tiwiitf or job uorl*. due ,.1011 oiling lo I lie
IvooriiXAV Mail miioo Maicli lltli, Isldi, .ue
p.iy.-ible to the [ireseiiL propnelois.      ,
,, A-j-ici.ss.V: Smith.
RKVI3LSTOKE,   MAY 10. 1800.
'   So gr'ent has hecoine the  in.nket' in
South Kootenay, that   railways   north
and south aie,competing for its   trade.
People are going into it   by   hunch oris
arid   all   is   hopefulness  and   activitv.
The C. P. P. have now,   to" meet   the
new schedule* on   the "Nelson   &,   Foil,
Sheppard, decided to run ;i daily train
south to Arrowhead   where   they   will
he   met    hy -the   C. it K. S. N. Cu.'s
boats.    All of this points   a   moral   to
the people here.'    We must, to   obtain
notice, proclaim our*   own   natural   advantages,   develop   oui    inineial,    and
advertise our resources.    Thus we can
establish a local trade  and   ��� ejiutation
that   will   some   day    briny   us    men
money and rnavhe rail wav competition,
and put us  in   tlie   enviable   position
��� enjoyed by the country to the south.
An Ingrate S:ored.
.Mr. ."il iwvell. ol  Vancouver, a  c.-iiiili-
i la I e ill  I he elei 1 ions now neiiiliti". two
V< ai s ,iiro v, as ij.sl i umenial in eleel inif
.Mr. Cotton, oi t he A'/ ici-Adn rti-,rr, as
neniher   lor   V.-iik ouver   io    the    I'ro-
viiniiil    ilouse.      Now,    Cotton    turns
i omul and i cuds liis'fi iend.   i lis ,-icl ion
is powerfully dealt uiihiuthe   lollow-
ini. e\t i .-it I irom JMi. .Ma.wv ell's s|��� e< li:
���'No lar as i he  aiticle   ifins,"   he  said,
"it   is  ,-in\ tiling  lint  friendly.    1   will
not disseet  il   iu   lhe meant in,e;   but,
i-viillcnien, I   will  ;isk   vou,   Was   Mr.
i'ollon the inan to deal thus  with   me.
(i'iii;Mit "no, no.")    Some oi*  you will
r en i em her that two yen sn^o, w hen lie
was lielj less, and could do nothiag  l'or
hiuiself-; when he   vv.-ts   uuiler  a   cloud
such as \'f\v men p-i, jnlo' .-(Laughter.)
This i-, not, a ni.-ilter for levity,' geiil.l.'-
meii, 1 .-on staling 1,-u Is���] join.'d   with
many ot you iu putting him wheie   he
is to-day.   Vou leinemherhow I fnujdd,
impel i'liiig my own position,  my  own
living.     You   i enieinlier   how    J    was
aliti��od, and yet, gentlemen,   I hitman
turns ixiiiikI   ;il   a    moment   when    he
might iliijn inc, what I did to him, and
-eizes upon a  mutter ivhiih   was   none
ol his 1 usinc.ss, and tries ihrough   that
to ht.ih me  who   had   lieen   one  of  his
t ruest Irieiuls.    Gi-ntleinen, I say with
I hale ingratitude more in man
Tn.'iu lying, vainness, babbling   diuuk-
Or any taint of vie e, whose strong ( or-
Inhabits oin\ frail blood.
Th3 C P.R. airl Rossland���A Call Down
foi* the Tiser -A Forecast of the
Result of Elections in B.C. Som.-
Remarks RcgiTding Our Late
Representative at Ottawa. -
\y   B. McKECHNIE,
IlKVHLSTOIvK^ ._. . B.C.
WFICK in I." Sinison'-* house (ni"ct l"rrs|ij v.'r-
i.m C.ui.-i'il. C.iiK lij Til.-'iliuiu- o.- Ti.l(-
yiaph i,ioin)ii'..- .lL!.. 1111 e 1 to.
A'HUMOR is   current that Mr. iJiira
will not himself address the clectois on,
Cramp in the Leg-.
Miinv   persons' of   hoth   sexes    are
trouhled vvilli cr.iiup in one or, holh   of
the legs.    U usually comes on  suddenly, {ind while it lasts the pain is  aiute.
.Most   people   junip   out   of    lied���the
cramp nc-arly   always   conies   on   pist
iifler going lo lied or while , undiosMiig
���anil either ruh their leg nr  gel   sonic
one Io do it for lh"in. Theie is nothing
easier than to oven nine t he spasm, and
the   method   suggested   i.s  .-is   follows:
Piovide  a   good,   strong  (old���a   long
g,-ti (er vv ill do if nothing else i-,  handy.
When the  cramp conies on   take  Uncord, wind it around the   leg  ovei   the
place in which the pain i.s fell, nnd take
one end in   each   hand,   and   irtve  it .-.
sharp pull, one thai will hurt a   Iii lie.
The  i lump   will   ccits,.   instant Iy,  and
the sufferer i an go to bed, assured that
Hosslan 1 M-rn-r:- The Canadian
Pari lie i a llu ay will make a giav e mistake, in our opinion, if it fads to huild
to Kossland this year. Uy huilding to
Itossl.ind we niLMii not meiely a line
from Jtohson lo i'i a 1. Iii.t what is an
oipialiy ni'ccss.ii y(pai I of the s\\.,)e!ii, a
line fiom ltosehery to Sl.ic.in crossing.
One of these links in lhe e Mill of eoni-
uuiliieat ion hel iVee.i Jteveistoke and
Kossland will lie ci; nparatis els* valueless wil llout I he other. Itudihe listless foi the (I. P. K. tn.huild any inoiv
hranche.s which ,m' not connected up
w ii h its main line. , 11, u fil'iio! oe ,il>h-
lo do lhe husiiiess of the country until
il is in a position to run.sU-mdard gauge
ears through fiom eastern points lo
'((.island without a change. The gap
hel ween Arrowhead and Nakusp can
he lillcil very satisfactorily hv a large
transfer sleiimer which need not cost
more than two or tin ee miles of rail-,
r nil. Tiie C. R It. is (he uuttii.-i! trade
arterv of the Kootenuv countrv and
notnmg hut mismanagement urn pie-
venl it from doing (he hulk of the
husiuess. .
General Blacksmith & Woadwopkep
lit-paiis to Wagons.    Tools h5haijiened.
SlfOKINC    A   H   KC'JAI.TV.
���Sevelstoke, B.O.-���-��� -
Front Ml reel, Revelstokc.
Haircut, 25c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
Tickets for $1.00.
'     GUY   BARBER,
Repairing Ne.V.ly & Promptly Executed.
���  :o-	
Largest Hotel in Town,
Centrally Located. Bsst Aeoommodationv
fm Bus,, Bales $1 per- day.
BROWN & CLARK.  Proprietors.
Choice Wines, Liquors .-ind Cigars.   Dr.iugliL B ee hai ways oiv'-tap.
1M P Q   Upper Arrow Laker- B.C.
Under same  Man-'ofement.
Contractor  and Builder
I".*- I'UKI'AIIKDTO KSTIM \TKnn linildiiif-s
I Plans anl s-n'ciMcilinns inni'sliuil on <i]i-
piic.llinn.    Uualur in Hash anil Duors
Boats for Sale ami Mrulo to Order.
Arrow   Lake.
T.S mi'v    open    al   llicsc   Culjliratod    Ho'
"    lias
*. 4.        .1
Sin-lues for t!iu accuiiiiii0(l.itl(iii ��f ;,'ii''sl -
ltai.es J1..-.0 fo C2 50 n rt-iy. n.,tllf. ':.'> c^r.fs
or.ch ov live for $1. Vp ���c'.il lutes In l.imilic-
or lij l.ic i.ioutii i.i.i iio.i.-i.ui^ i'..
> D:.;vsoii, Oi AddocI*: & Co.
Xcison Miner:���Wc cxti-.u-l. Lhe   f..l-
lliwill^ p.l IMLClMJi'ls    1j .1111    l!j(;   L-ohlllllT-
ol" llit- Ni'\\-5-A(h*('i-Liscr,   iiicr'cly   snp-
prcssiiip- tin. ii,unc-,.   (i" *   *    v
lieen .ippoiisLcd .'uji'iiLi*<is��� tin1 *
Mining  ('".    Tuis cutup.-tny  li.uo  tin
l.ii'Ki'.il Iiiuiy of ore in West Kooli'ii.'iy, i
lk-iiit? 70 fci'l .irrobs .til |i;iy oii>.  Sii.-iics
will s(i(iii hv. thmlilr ;i^   they   w ill 'soon
liriM-tn.my Limes I he |i:ii'\,line  of llu-
stock in MJVil.    Tlicy   c.in   lie   li;id   for
tlie lifxl few .l.iys ,a   s;1.10.    Only III,-
00) ri'io.iiii ,il, tli.il, iif-urc.    Itis.i^ -,i|c
ii'  GoM'riiiiicnt   lionds.     Ji'xpi'i'ls   s,iy
llii'si'  sh.-.ri's   will   ic.cli   sill). '    in   .-ill
pi oh.iliil'ty   i(,   i~,    ,i.i     .-iil.ci (isciii'iit
t.lioii^li flicrc is ikiiIiui;; to indicate  ii.
llnl tn li,i\c such ;1|i item in ilscdiini-al    ,��� _ -,   , . o
ciih.mns .-,���i ,ipp.���-..,iiij express!,^ ,-,���   ' O' Laclalcd Food tor tne nabier
. .z-i.-.vSJ
Patronise Youi��.iIbmesiBi?ewiE
Union Hotel
'-\.:..���- i
. -,..'"
-, eir
H..A.   BROV/X.  PkoiHiKrok. i
Kevelstoke Ciatioii' '��.��X^^
, ;. .i.^i-r.''i-|
(111   (I   ()   ()   ll  (I   O  (I 11  |l   u.U   (.   ll   II   O   ll (I (I   11   II   (I   I)   o
.��,.'l Vi.
fH��   BEVELS rOXE   PHAflMAflY.
m the Spring Cleaning
Fresh Insect' Powder
. Chloride of Limo
Etc., Etc.      ,   ���
iristly, FiPst-CIass, and 6oavemantjywi--Si&uSyA^;
r.   -ill I.
the questions ut issue; kit,   will    Lo io- I""*-��������-�����������' '"" 8"'"������mimni.,.i    c..iii.iiiis :���,.,. apwarenlK express,,,.^ an | ������
,   . . ���,      ,,        it, will not, come on again that   njyl.1,.���     e.iitunal. opisiiu.i    is    disi'iacefal.       \i ���
presented   liv   men   Irom   outside   tlie    ��. ..,,.., .,., /.���.,.,.!/ ,, , ,.
r       _ fi-_     _ . Pliiladelplna Accord.        �� | p i,ier ilia   .-ounienaiK is sucj,  a   tiling ' ,-q     q
'  sl'iks Id the low est  ra.ilv of ��� jln.r i.il.s.n i S       CY,
nn I joins ihe-.w.iii iii t ue irre.il   .sea   of
district. This, if ti ue, is very unfoi
'r ' tunatc. ' We want, no oarpeL-liai-^cis
_to Lell us who ti?i support., and we can-'
not discuss w'ali them Mr. Clara's
views, or ipieslion tlienf on matters lie
nil me can answer.,, It i.s to lie hoped.
Iiotli for Mr. , M.ira's sake .md t,he
electors, that tlie lepoit, is false and
tlmL lie, himself will speak Lo us.
A Largs Tunnel.
The largest (mi el e.er Imili--the
tindei water seition if the Bl.ickw.di
ttinnel, in,He,- the Thames lias jast
lieen finished. It, is t w enl\-se\ en lcoi
in diaiiieler and   one   mile   in   len^lh.
Best,Table in. the Interior.   Coinm'erciai Sample.--.-
Rooms.,    Fireproof'Safe.-.-.'Free* Bus. \'"" ,?'"';;
TE-^MS:    S2 and S1.50 pcr,(day.
A-    .   ��� i '
p-i io III.lis (lint  it's; (.< t,.!,l|.   (M'(itU''dn
not i are to i ea...
r-Tel.s i-i     Tribtt ic:��� Admit I in^-     l!,i
t��� nth of the  a��sei i inn   thai.  .Mr.   M.iia
_,    FOR j^-^^
RfcVSLSlta   P^'AnlVIAOY.
, ,    u     i i i     ���, N. & S. and A.ru.v  Lake Itail ,-,-ivs,   al,
.ind connects Pnplar on the  no, th sici ��� I , , ,. ,,     ,     ,,   ,.        , .   *, .,    .
....       . ��� i    ,. , I nr.iiichcs ui Hie (,. P. U . vvliv is ii |,h���t
ot   tneiivei    viitl,   (iK-envv ich   on    Inc
had seemed suhsidi,.^   to   lhe  O. it IC, j      J.   K.   MULL  OC   U,U.
south. Ne.uly.1003 I'eet of this tunnel
h.idito lie diiven hy (.oinpiessed air.
The iicein acv   of   tlie   stn.vev    and    the
i Mr. .Ma,a did not sei i.re suiis-id*. s i,.r i "Wholesale    and   Retail
the   Xel-on   it   i'\iit   Sheppard,     and
Kaslo-.Sli.i an   Railways.     Were   lie   an      '    -"DTTrTiptTq���p"��"p^ C^<
The   publicity   of   the   cipher    des
patches   which   passed   hetvv ecu    Cecil \ iUn���(.r oi , h\. Wl��� ,.   m;u    ,,;   im  .,.,���.,]    -'h'-mlial man he would !,.,v e sec, e,l
Rhodes .and   Dr.   Jameson   nWuclin�� . f, ,������ , he  s,a..'ment   ot   the   en-.necM   X "  "",* ��� "'   \ 'UlilL   ''" ! PurVCVOI'S of H io-h-cL'LSS lMcuLS.
.-,���. t'
wi/olesal: DEALT-Blili^ X .:.-���
...���  < i
atti'iided to
j-i     l   .i ��� i     ���   ^       .i        im i l ,i    ��      i -i      i i        i iii Ivoolenav      He    I,is   iiiflncilce   enuimli !
the hitters   raid    into    the    J iansva.il    that vv lule dnv mi,' under the i nn hv d - ���   ,. ,., "    I
i.i .. . . i    .     ���        .-        ' to -ecui e a lew soil-,   ike ap   rooria t inns I
Drove a most compete v   .Mi     Hhoc es ' llieie was at   one   tmi",   Init   inc.   tee.    ,       . ' <','      '
pioM. aimosi, compu u i v    .n i.    ivnouis ,, .     , . i im,   imiirovm^  .siieams  ahe.iuv   n.iv -
complicity in tlie allair.   That ho bcin-    iind l.w" "u���|���, s rt  ' * 'lh,   U lw��'- "   lh ! - .JtU.   ��� ul ������!* .mk.ii^Ii   ev ,-n   lo' m-, ,-,.,.     .,,       ,       ��� ,- -��� .
'. *    ..  , , " | top nf the Ullinel and    tlie    uatei.     .S1;,���,,       ' nou^n   inn   lo   m , ,.,,. , A,i (1|.il(, ,.s |n ,,���,. ll|u, W]��� ,((1  ,���.,,���,1)(,]y
co^nisantot Jameson-sdipt u i e,   must , ,r|W|j   Uil,   ,hc   (|am,a-r   ot   the   water , lm ''" t!'~U Wh ,"'nl '-"-''"'^ L('   wi"^ ."'-������
and trial,   should   leinain   silent    and , hurstinj: liuou-n that !ai ue i|u..nutics '��� ll '^ ,,lllllk'(l-       	
allow  the   scape-^roat   ho   .sacrificed   i.    of < niv   wen    dumped   into   the    ir.ei'i     ���,-, ,,   r-,,.. '   ������ .-,, ,,
to s > . ,. ( I      Iva-lo   A oo/ -it tutu :- -1- rom   all    ov er
fiomething foreign to notions of i.onesly ,' tnt'1" llie tI1!1-|1-��- SP"^-                     , j y.de-K.-ot.-nav i omes the . hecm-  in-
or fair play.    Mi. llhodes lias hy   this '   -c                            ���-��� fiuin,i: n,, ihat M-. li isiocl- i,  iraimiu
action  merited   much   of   the   censufe            A  House Of  MOillir-Ot'-Pear!. L'leii l.ivm   with   the  voi;i-,   and   his
directed at him'and his fellow dn-ecioi;                                    "- h.,s. of f: .ends hope  ,],.,!   his , 1,-,-t p,,,
Odd h.niit.il'.i'iis   are   to 1 e found ail '"  ���rul"'   u''"   'ollovv.     I le, e   in    Ka-lo,
Uy Luhouchere ainJ ofcheis ia tho 131 irish
House of Common's and in   the   niihlic
ov ej- C 'llfo'-lli.l
U'�� id  ie;is(,i|   f.i[
���-"ill '-..iiivn men- is a
ii,   Ai'isvyoith   .anl     I hiMii^'liinii
i i'i J   in,-    S[.>. an a _ri".-it   t,do 'has  set. in   iu   his
f.l.oi.     .Mr. lids)
= WhJlssala and Hstail ���!
i . . BUICHER . . j
Revelstoke-Station, B.C.
press.    Andyet.it  is   impossible   not'   ().'l(,tl ,t is   ;),,,   :,^i!j;   ,,;   ^, m,,   ,,,,,��� t-i.oi.    .Mr. ��� sosifii k's ev cry jnieiesi   is
to feel   with   lion.   Mr.   Chamherlain    idea      '>n    Pie    i.-e-li    -i..-ir    C\].it-~ i.h-nMlied w .lh Bi iii-h   (.olimiliia.    lie
who, while adnnttin-   his   culpahilit v. ' P"'"u. -Mi.i.:-im    Ci'ii.iy. lli-i"  >�������� i^>'�� ����� pi^It'ei m he i. a l.n.inos   uia,^
.,        ,.rr- ir ' iii     "    ' that ( anno:  loiin   r.f/li'r   1 !n- iii-T  head, w'io-i.    pmj;i(-sive    nlci.-   ehoid   with
>s.Hid :    "His publje serviees should not , ,      ,, .        ,      , .. . ,, , ,,    ,        .
r , and Imrdiv  und'-r   ll���   ia-t      Jl.'-u-s tMo-i; <,'. t.'.e pe ��pK.
he foiyutten; hut for En��hsjime-i, iikv   ,��,.�����. i���.|,"li;:.   ��.,.���<;},.���,..,.   fi-ie.ma;,.
Rhodes,    English    histoiy    would    lie   and is put nat .i.d an.i   pair -.-i,   ���... j k        .Seisin    Trilm i >   :-U     now      looks
���niuch poorvi'j and   English   dominioiis ; >���( hi- u�� n h imi-    'J'ne !i,.i'.t,d j.oi ri'<n ���'���      '���'���     '''"      " i"' "���������ui n i < ��� i '���  t from
much smaller/*    Tmeitis!  but   it   is ' ",f ,he h"11^ !> ' -"���'"'   " *vt' -���-,' ���''���" ": ]i (''   '"   li'.<'   "' %!    u"""1'   ul"111,1   '"'
,      .ii      t ��� ���    i    ., i,  ���    ���    ' th'1 in.inv  toiAs that   <t;ik   on ail ovei font "<i,  r*      to   iim    " Tones."    The
also to be kept in mind   tli.it.    l-iitaui      i     i      "i       -i i       . i . /     , i. i      ���,-        , ��.   .    ���
1      ,    , t lie Iic.k li        I lie ollii-r ji W t '^ a  -oi t oj ���'   ']s   will    oe    I i mpli mm ii,    Vutoiia;
lias prided itself upon  its  justice   and ' u ,������,.,, .h..(]   , L;,.b , -N   ;J(., ���   ,..,llt  ,n Maxell,  V. vr:  Mm ������.���,.   >��� .w     ^(���':ci; h rrKHKUY (MV,:v p,���i ai ,i���vs
love of fail  pl.iy ; aii(i   all   things   con-    fnm;   of   thi\   uin^nv      'ihe   |i.imI<(i '.l.'(-iiiin-,iM ;    Bo-i      V..'e.     'i'he    - ^    ,'""1 lilUl' ' '��!<'ii'l npji'.x in���' In t'lt- t'lui-
,.,,'. ,        i i 'i ''iii , ,���      . ,,     i , .. ,      ��"c.iiitiii-.-.   n.rel  |..i!i ���     in,(<\\ ,nl.'. lor iilii'l'll-
pected with this   inatter  ��hi,uiii   lulls    i.scil js m   r,ie   n.u^nertt   kind. Im'   tii.- lone-   will   I-    ;;,,n.    Suimii     .oul    ���ixnit in 11 i ���. s .nv.is imi., >i i,mih iin- foiinu-
xee the li-hr.    The   British   i.i,m��.ence , ;,-^:H", n,m'"" "'   <��"" \�� ��   :...s ....  ��� uh-wv..,-   ,!...    i;i,.,.m.���.,     t.,s���,     i-,    i;1^ ; J'l^X ^ii:^;!.'''-"   l'",<*1"
- -ii leilloii   liS   ' iis i I II'U I ll'     i\ j;o!e    oul.li.c N, in. i  nn/. ('i.iium in in,, ; mill  M.Mtli hi      .Slili   l'u-1,   ad
Ot arlS'    attempt    tO     illd     J.lllje'.ol)     nl      '   ., ,,      i   ',    ,  ,, khphi - i;. .,   ll   -'nilI'-claim ihiL'!,'\m   Ullirnc.
...      ,"      . .. ,.       .. ,        ..      U'th    'dial' ee    s,,e|,s    t|���.    I'MU'V      ^'|e, i u. le l..,'���i ���;'1(ii.      ue- il, ,   I'km, o
Khodes in surprising the P,oeis  should    l,,,;,,^   inine.l   ,,i,r       T.i.-     ( !i,|.aii.au        Kami'o,.s y, ���/,'���//-    j;..   m,   Mu.A   - ""' i" ���>' a i ���"��� , t'.'-u . enst  1 i ul.-, u.iu n-
he. flllly  s indicated at   the   twin-m--.    r;f    evidei.llv     liul    'I,at     mans     u-.iis   auo. l-olii'e in ,u I  pi.ml'Hv  and    lidie'lnii"     "\|",,  ,  in i  ���    i,t   a-i|iiul   ���. of a nille mi I
anv individual or,....rporaii,,,,'him'.-ve, ! ��!.'���" il"   -heli- �� /���, e pi., i ,f,j; ,n,d I,..! i��   Hi"  iiMtii-.-   ><:   ;-.   i-.i-.c.   ..i   tm    '{\A^A  r^ilAXuv In^^lulliA^lT'
K.eat, RluxM Mum   nearls euih,.,iled n""'-!-     ������"���    ��> >r'~>"-     ^due       Ks.-.v vol,,s- |..:. ,.,���| ...,.���.,. r,.l���...;,i   . 1   ...      ;,al,   ,-,,,,_. ..������., |, ������f.,, ....j,..,., ,s,   ���   miiI...
,.  .     .     . ...   " ,        shed  u-<ij   has    l.e(.i    de ll-ovirl. .,s on' '���" a .-- I,. s o) j u-   ,i,   lh,.   ,,),...(.      ^m-iiimu i   i,. i.       i , ,i m iy a    . - (... a.   ..
i.uta.i, in v.ir. One,  wluch    under   lhe.(||   ,���,���,. ,,,,'H, },.i .e h. en dn-im |].m��i.-I. tn1!^,   " i-h .ll   ,'li-   ��,i...l:��.'i!   h.|h.   .,!        Van .mw,. It  c , ,\,.n| | . ,l .Ki ,.������
cjircu instances    would    nor,   have   sh.-(J:tl���, u < oirjinu to then si/e     S,,,;,,. ,,t V. |. -( at il��.e l���i. <��� n en di-o.u d.li ���.!.      i .   ~    '���
any lustre   on   its   name.     If   ii   is   ,�� ' i he shelU aie in iuirii< cut   in (oii.i ,nu\ ��-  X'iTOjlIOS.
ipiestkm of British or    Dutch   rule   ,',, ! e:io: moils in -i/e    There is one ,,r least
South Africa, and pro-i ess and desl i���v  ���' ' *"J ��,. he-. U,   diameter  and   , du,,!!. ate .
,    ,      .     , , , -   ; in uood (ondltion (ould   no)  he l,.,u"l;t M m\  !'.������-< n- w
lieljr the former, let   Inc   uiiMer   uonn
Stockholm Ilouse. MM
J. AJdJKKT SSTOKIti; Pit ��i'i:ii:tok.    '   _ .
Tii3 Dining Room is MMi:i with��� thi^lpsi- thr
' ��� "   'Market'affords.    : ���   '"���:.'.;'
'   WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS. ,- ������     .".
First-class Table   -f   GdocI 3eds -1   Fire-proof Safe a h
Telephone   -f   'Bus ��� Meets aH Trains*-'���
Jii ���   '.i. , ~p
.:   -Cl'-l',      ' ��� '���;
,���'. ,-������
AUKAIIAMSON   I1UDS.,- I-iVo^TikYo.-h. '  *
i -
lihout hy wayn of tail' (h-alnej; arid
justice nnd tiie two (Copies in.iy dwell
in peace. Mv. Cham'oerLu'n'w handiine
/if the affair is mejHina -vr. 11-11 general
apjirohattoo, nnd it is lo l.e hoped thai
he mav Im; met half was- hv the liuteh
in San  I'i an' is".. |Va-   iiev  [.rue      ,\f. ^t     ' ""   "'''''���   "'    *'''"", 1 l! ���'
of the    l.mrei     djeils   V      le    weie   i,,,t    �� 'h'"" '-" '"'    f"'\"
To K.;mov'c Tattoo Marks, ., ..... ,  ,   ,.,,,���-
\-<>i u i. is i.ri,'.i.i.y r,!\-i,\- ,:,ii| ,n iims
. , .     .   . >     a'li i <!.iii   ! .i.Ii ml iip|i]\ mj.  |u  ijic  Cliu-l
I ���''-     lool:-ii(��    in    i 'iiiiini,- idiii i .a I. nxl- an | \\'i,i l,., fm. n In" ii ���
'��.-d.,v ,.f -.nn Mi.'iHii.d ,!..,���   ^AAA^yAuuliX-ATNArliir
i,',    "j '.i       1.1   '  an ' mail .. '.. ,' I  \   n|i il n : I
('���, i.im r��� iii���' >ui ,,i.,  ;,,���;   ,���,,. |l(1||  i,i,i,    -r-rirc"
Everything new and Firsi-class in all Respects^.'.r i .i.."
The II.3US3 isstoaksJ with tho Finest Winos"an1 Cijapj-in. tli^Mapkef s
v*    ��� "... ' ���    '
piilietliied   >s ilh liailln.lfs,   vvi.n'd  lead.- ,  "'Hi ii to li" I id of'   ;; t.   m nJ m,'      Jt    ,       ,. aili'df 1 i .ihlc I'ii-iI I,,.���', i-'i,r,', p, ,���,(���  nlil,'
ivseiifoi ivnist !,. .--,.,,   ...   ::���,. pnp.,i...i> ...-I., v. .i ���., d ,i ���..,.,,��� .. ;    !;;;;;;;,;;!:,;,/������,;';, ������,',;'; ���;;,;; r^"Mr "",1,
tlli'l   aI -e ( ,'i.ni 'I   . e li."l  ,'i
j I he   i o- I, ,    di,    ,iji\   p,
I i il *et
ml a Vn nn i j- >
novv     * i j ��� I  sv ��� i   n!  A<   ,|i,li' ii!'    lo      i .    >ii
o!     I lie    i ii ist,     ���''
',(,.,     ...en
the -".ii - !. ib's it a!   I lie   j
is    d.iy/, ���'i-'
ss ha !��� 't lm
' .'    ���!. ,'i-    .   i.i   ( '-',  i .   ,
1' ' C".        ,\      |,��� -,'l      (||i        -, ,|,  r    ,,,
'., Kiinie ti ii -��� i  in |i    i.,..:',   ,h   ii   mii
1   '   >."  ��� i    ������ ��� imi I.' ii, di.Ii : ' ia in (
< > in       ���     "     ���- "I,'i wn   id I, , j ,  a, e  ( , t
i   (.ill' .   ' ' IllHllllll '    ' 'J<   II     I - I
, , i.ii .      . ''���  1''   <'��� aim-"    ii      a   imi lh w,|    in.iii'i    nl
-a)|(V(j|i   ,!fi.<{   ,    ,,  .'jd'i'ini'i-i    appi,   <!     <)���<,,   U.     "ill      ilnin    tl, .mi 'i   i,(  pi,ii|   ('nil,.  '
ihKklv N. ihe  -: or   io   i,.-   in   (..,..    a    ;[A1-i],���'������':',}' !' ' '',' ' l!' " ' ,1/,''llrl  '' ,""1'
��� . '*    i'i'ii     (,��� : ij. ue - im. ii    - mi I, i, nil., ih	
..    ^ j In       pn'i  h.'fl,     peai I',     eoilil 11'~-   i��-   J I i' ��� (I   '.j i,,i   .1.   ,i nj   | ,,i. ' ' ( .1 l- iiiiI'^. ' "a1 nn i r ''/i a ,   ,    pi ,il|   i.jiii
Whkx will .Mr. Miiiw,  (;.1:f   the   op- J KN( Fil, _, s .,,���,, :j,,  w.,|,   ,ls.   ��� |(|mi, |.|.,i     whole thi:,-  n.-|,,,-i    .!|i,   ,   ,,;,,,,,      "'''""	
portunitv that   \n   in   hix   hands,   and    I a m v, .Did ll.'.-h s< ii h all   llu   (   1  nm     \ I'I   ' �� >veek i; I, taken nil. an I ���;   nj,|       I." ,. .,     '-M'l'M :,:i '11,'A ."I
.   .      ,". , . i i , ,      . i.i     .,i , '. ,ni".iiw.'. I!  ('     \ ,,:ij i  ||,   |-:r, lit
explnin his past, t'ondliet in parhau.enl ] the    i���iiii��iu,       ll,   is    i   p'easi ,-,<  and ' '''��� toiii.J , leu  H," , p, |,.,  ,,,    ., ,    ,,���),,!
/ind his j.resent view*.     U in   mi,   hai, ! "��|""'*"U' ^-':"., -''l   ll'"   ",l.    ���, t\  * y>tt.    TUU  11 ��� ,H ��..m.i   i* ,; ,\������.  ���' ���   ���.
.        , ,, , , ,       ,,        'led    *o    in., li.     hea.itiliil    shi   !       sseie     pcided t III ee ,.|  i'oiii I one-, I in   !,,iiii,ii|
to the oleciois. to he iihuwl   io   111111ri s     .    , , , , ,    .      , ,      , '
drsi/ovc/i io pj.. Jiji e il (ie-l-rii liecoinli)/ fai'ili', e,(i li I !',,<���       I|
���    I r ��,
.f'V.   ��� Ph':''��$$��'���
... j...
���'���   '.
\tf< '���;
I f ������ ������ ���-��� -
"���  ,i.
3 h- -���-
:���".' : 1
M VJ-iC ,-!
. :.���!-:���'
ttsc suj ^ra^rscr.
������ilmTt l^t'XcL   ' iv��m.���     ,'".�����      *t   . ^1
L'-l   . '
Ajjplic.'tinn foi' lirjinr Liccse.
follow a iiirui for paity   sake,   without
lie.-iriii" his t'U'ivs. and vviihont     as   in , , ,      ,      .
. An   w    In h. se ,in .   kind   or   . p.n I,
Mr. Mara sense, havjny an (.j.porl.t,nity M)P1   ,]���,   ^ ���,,.���'��   l.iH.hda.v.     W'.'iy   nor
tl) (JUKNtioi- hilll,    ', I ll.Ul'. a tV,iit.ii.'i,il  )i|.d.(;!i f. '; ,   i-     '   ���
VOTII'I',  t-'  I IK (1 V,   (,|V r.V ili.il   ��.. Ill,
, >      nil I   "il' ���i il,    " 'll    in    Pun v   il u,   ii  ,ni
(Hi-Ill   lo  (li-ap| i',ii    .'iihrelt'   ,\1:,-\ f,,,
lliird    or   foml'i     ippln al i'.>t    ot n,, ���   ���        ,,,    , .,-      ,,      -     -,   	
11 (I'll!.    -III''.     'I I'M'       "i'MIihh Ml    l-l,,lll'(|f
paste       ( a, e    niii ,1     'ie    i t, en     ,., | h, >s, m|    l.'n '. nn r .' ,- In   i ^,   n, -  ||  ||i|n,,. - ,t|
dpin-.'il ion ill ils i,n-iv.i!i|i. ;l \\<'V all'e. I ���   i '  i.'i w'lMl.nUn. I'l.'V.XK V.S V!i.\ l,l���   .'
,1 inm-.i'ons             '          ���                            i'i' -A.\tii..'.S HKATON. '
(lall^i    ii is,..                                             p   . I.'(;v<d---[ok<.-,' Al.-iy 8. ..    ;ml
Agent for Revelstoke and,r��i-strict TIIE KOOTENAY 31 AIL.
Sir Ohvar Mowat, Ontario's Veteran
Premier, in the'Fight. His Letter
to Laurier -Sir Charles Tuppor
Opens His Campaign at" Winnjpag.
Mv d'.-ir Mr. Lain ier, ��� Wlu-.i fiisl,
the application vv.is made to n>" mmic
\s ee|*-,,a��**i > to tfivt? up my posili in a-
Piemiei- of Ontario and heiome a ( an-
didate for .-eat in "the lion-" ot Coi:i-n
iiions, with a view to ,u ceptinix <i posi
tion in the D .minimi Ri-i'oini. Oiiviii-
ment, .vliii-li is confidenllv expected to
follow'the f^eneial clettion-, Hie proposal seemed to me to In* out of Ihe
qiiestitm, there heing in pai hameitt
under vour leadership mai y alile men,
nnd the Ki'iiei.il eli ctioiis lieine; 1 k.dy
Ui add to then- niiudi",. 1 di-hked
what  w.-l-s   piopo-ed.   loiail-e,   lirst   ol
'nil, il involved severing my lo-iuci tion
with North Oxford,'ss hirh'ha--loud hv
lilenl. so iii.mv elections, a-id   when-   I
��� havesoiiiany esteemed pei'-ntial f, iend-.
Then, .main,-no position which pr.it-
tieally could be a���ttcncil to me in I he
Dominion (iiiver.niie.il would h ��� eipiil
iu popular e.stiui ilion o, in my own to
that, of Premier of Canada's ^teal,e-l
Province, .and t'.ieu- weie olh'"i
reason-, iuiporl.int to myself and ms
family, which appealed   to   loi hid   ins
-making the < hany;e sti^-i'sLed. One ot
these.w.is that t h" as-imi; tion ol iu'.v
duties in.a new field would i: \ol\e an
increase, of woi'-. and v.01 ry, , v. hde a
public.'man neailv ei sia's ot" rd.-;o.
liovvevel-fel! of he di l", ��� d-I.e.mill 'n
*   iii.iv lie, iiiisi'ii   re.isn. .ilils   he   loo.,..i-
I unite see, .-.!-��>, that tlie  diflicultv   of | feret.ee- he p.efnced hy a ih.-illen-.fe   t<
U-.rM.niun is -rreatlv enhanced   hv   the    any man  to point tn.niv pledge,  made ;
eimrmous del.l  which lliepiesent (J��v-    to hi* emit ryu.en   in   111-   D   year-   ot
ernuielil   lm-  t,eat'd   .luring   the   last    puhlic life lie had not fulfilled.
eighteen year-, and lhe   Urge   revenue | THK r. v. n.'g nHsr K1UHn-��.
vvhicli is needed for the payment of the
.laniial charges  incident   to   the  debt, j s,Li,' bad found   it.,  gu-ateat  iiiend   in ^o-   HASTING-.  SI'.,
AI1110-.I every year miliums have   l>-e.i ; , inj .j:kj ;,s >uyA i,.^..^ |���.   ,-onl.l   point, ,MvrA,nn'I)      P   r
r���   th,   fact that,  -non   the   Canadian | VAMOLVIik.    1>. 0.
T.i ci fir would lie helpless to handle the | o
v-.u-t, grain pr.i In  ti >n of the {.' 1 1 11. in    All assays and an.ils tied vs01k dune in
duplicde  wilh        .
J. A. MaeFarLane, F.C.S.,
��a'"aaav::a'z:ia. ...���'! im�� ��* ��m mm,
added loom hab'Iit'.-.-, wh.le I11.11J1 t'<l-
of t,hoiis?ind-of dollais of th.; peop'o'-
ni'inev have heen g )ing into  tlie  elec
tion i ui id-, of the p.ut y; and still moi (
heen wasted hy extt.io ami hy iuddfvr-
cikv, incompetency, or worse.
31A.VJ full V -*_'I 11)1. (JUlSsI'li'N. -.
The   Manitoba   -cliool   (piestiou   svdl
occupy a good deal of .itlention (luting
the   ele( tioiis.    In    lhe   light   of   p;is(
event 1 1 should not despair ot the (piestiou being settled in a   manner  aucpl-
ahle to the ic.isonahie iieople of  .Manitoba    aihl      lhe      reasonable      Uo.iiuu
Catliuht.-ui the Dominion.    My   opinion in   leg.lid   to   it,   and   thai   of  tne [
labeials  "ot    the   Ontario   Legislature, '
was e\pi e.ssed in th" 11���olul 1011   pass,.,!
on tin- subjei I din ing o.ir last    session.
\Ve h iv e had in   Onl.uio  ipic-l ions  ot
various kinds which seemed u-3 diilL-ulb
' '��� - " rs*  ..  .  1
west.    He could-e.'ihe Uu Una's   J} iy
11 iii v iv sv.i-npi li..  le 11 1 l.leig.i ueces- (   scrajalo-as person U cars and dis jatch
at v  attention a ..I ue pledged his Gov- | J-i\-Uii\
pr.)iiii-*ed  '
Hi' HEAP3 &. CO.,
Q I) i'a ilov .1 *n , .tint ! *iiw 11! Si .
���  Vancouver, r.c.
for   less   vv.oi k   and
1    I
sv 11. ,'S'
vvonlildo   the   p.iilv    and   lue   ton.iliy
I   v ti.it lire   In 'e.J.u til
than volunt.-u d.v he fak.n., upon huu-e'i
more. W'nile I am i.o.v labunibinlls
equal lo m\ present duties, aud eiv
inedicafadvi-er tells 'me that if 1 d<
not take too much upon me I mat- look
forward I o Near--, yet ot ai I i\ e hie, it '
M-emed to iiw that, I could 'i.ot (.mint
;is nnthinV the .iddiliiiupvM.i cunto-ici*
election 111 a new loiiatiliiem y, a'ld al-
1 v 1 vvMids aiinu.ri sessions ol* Pai li.ime il
'twice iis?lo'ng .1-9 in Ontaiio, and wilh
l.illirh later houj'-v. To lemove to so.m
ixleut thif ol.j.-i-lion, il has* been -it;,*-
gestt'd that T uiiir' t t.i e 1 sear, in (,'n
Senate instead 01 llieili'.'-e of t'o.ii
Iiions. 1 peieeise the idspautages o1
. '.is, hoi.., a- 1 .-iMi d- mv-   li   pel-o.all
allien    l,o.il.
LikiI opinion.
For myself, iu lhe ''ltoreV. of Canada
1 de-ii i',rr"ily lo -ee ;i Goveiu.u-.it.
liip.o.vei U.iili'i ^tiill le itlei-.hip, 'ie.n���
1 0U1lde.1t I .1.11 11 .totikl inMU'i'ii Gos-
1-1 iiinenl, .hiiu-sL, aud cm mm.1 .d,
Uioil.uil^lill "I'll lespeit t 1 iVt-i; I'lTi-
\ UK e a.al lo all cla-si's ol l,a- ,, ), le,
_,iv ing 10 ail lm 11 |a--L 1 lulus. a��id pi 1-
.iioi on; 11.11 iiio.1 v i.id siiiiil v. ill e iis-
.V.K-ie Il^svoiiiil be an ho.101 to a��i.isl
s 011 oi lots patriotic ss in U, and, I uei e-
io-le, III .le.e .t nee lo .SolU' opinio.1. and
tli.ii oi so ,,i,, ,, oLuCr 1 epi e.-eni-'iti t e
'tjl'.eials. 1 ha e .ll.lile I'P ins* 111.al lo
Ion .-..i ail eoiisiili'i al 10,.s ol a pei-oiio
iiiiiti to I. 10 t .1 1tr.11 .t .iiitl |tuu sou 11
tSti.it s\ id t.elne s, eood Hi loi 111 line
ei nuieiio .-llu e Conicdeiauon, il such
siioiial einiliuue to lie ,.0,11 wi-li.
Jjv e. v one 1 eiogui'/.i's I lie mei il- ol me
lil-sLiilt form Goverainelit, of vt l,l< 11 I be
pill e-'ni'ldi-d Alt .a.nh 1 .Si u ^( i/.ievi.'t.
I.e-.i.lei1, ami Willi i, il.lioiljlual.lv loi
tlie (mi v, 1 !.e liaiu Limes o iiimew
ip 1 la iJl 1 mil me lo sav liial, ei i-.oi-
i.its -uiii.'i ais   tu
thev had
jhi;i) a  (iituiv.wfi-:
of solution as llns,pU-i������n is.autl mey j the Catholics the p.tvilege ot their
have been dealt Willi by the O..l..rio , ow 11 -chools a1 d lhe Act, oi 1S!)(I liad
l.eg'.sl.U un- satislaitoi ily.    ���  0 i laUen thi- pi ivili'ge.fiom   Iliein.    That
(jo these (p,i'-i urns and on most1
other.- uilelli^e'if Cnnsei vatis. s misv
.tvji ee ssitli Heloc.nei s, Svliet.u.- i.iev
ss .11 s oL'- loi Melon 11 (.uididau s ,.1 not.
11 ilieMiPuiii pl.ilioii.i weie le-,s ac-
cepta.iif t'.ia.. It is to inlclilge.n. ,l.u!
in<lepeiiiienl-iiund,'d non-lieioi mi-i--,
Llie si ,1,1(1,1 Is ,v mi li nave come in hgni
alloi.l mine lll.li. siillleienl 410.1 1 l lot
. all mi 11 It. 1 oiuie nn .1,111 lojol.i i-> d's-
pl.u Dig .'(II illt'il .VilOt, .V"ie ,1.1 He- to
the sea.id.il-, sv.iatevii tin y imt-e
In. 11. in v lew of .ill n-.lt .1 l.u.s, It Is
(jiai., lo iii.-ii.V v'onsei s ,tl 1. es i..at tne
use! ul'ies.s ol a Cai ersause unui'ii-
ineiil 11 .il.'i il - pi est. ill. l.-.l n'l-s .- 140,ie,
intl l.i.it, a It sv jcin ol Uppns.iioii
'       'I *.      '   .      1    1 . ..        , .  1 I t V
eill-nelil to aid   it.     lie   alsi
tonnpiove   Lhe, Red   river  n iv ig.ilion i XZ.
and   detl.lied   the   Gov ei i.inenl.  would
h.r.e made a grant lo.   it  last  session, mTJ-rYmTW   Minos.,,,1  Minim;
hut lor opposition.    The  fast   Atlantic     PS A f) U |W h) 1} V Jl-,h,;,r).     ,
.- ��� 1    ���   11..    .,,,,..i,..,l : Jll/VUill Ll ijJLL 1     I'limiis     llainoii'l
steamship-civile was hiielly    touc.ied j UillUiiill jJiii     I'msiin-ti'i - !>��� ills.
upon and endoi seil   l.vSri   'Charles  as 1 -.,����   Mill   Ma, liim-iy   a-i '   .-.ivt'��.      F-i-oi"-
' , ,   ' ,     Jl.nlt.rs,   \\ att.1-   V\ liL-ols.  (to. i-.l-.im
was al-o the ))loposit inn   lur   uepvoved
defence-.      On   the   (pie-lion   of    the
.Manitoba -( hool, Sir Chaile-  declared
he sva- prepared to -peak on Ibis as on
all   oilier l(pie-lions,    Jeurlcssly^    and
hone-tlv.    The act   ul   lhTl   li.urgiven
Thi "Cyanide Proecss;.
TrJ"co'l .and n.^;7orto'Ion
By Th3 MacArihj'-Fcn-cst
(IM.-K..  I's.u-i.l.U'i.li I
'       By Tic  ivLvjAidhur-Yaies
(Am i'-,-,uii il' .11 an 1 (.'.,.in.ila'.i'.i )
���   ��� ���-.: pa :t:cc..\,:s -
i��� ,his rep,,, was un.iouhied.  The Tho Cassel Gold Extracting Co.,
i'livv    Ci id   ol    lOugl.iud   diil.ued      ,,'���_.,       u^X'r'r c    Qlmt
,hev-had.,��.,evance,   and   this   ^liev-       W.   PoheW-HaPVej, T CS    S     t.
- ��.-   ��."!   .-<-'   -'��;��'<' !iirA ilKi���anI.-.t,a,^!C0UVel'   IL
li.'   icuiedied.      Uiiiler   the   Canadian.         _     	
Coe.stituliou   the   Galholiis   had     the ! ���_ _,_r^���ivt-j y   r     --
li-ht to (lain, 11 die-s.    They had   this | J.jyLX* ��hjLL>X.JL'j>,lJl
(laiiuundei a 1 l.uise  wliiih   had   heen, '&~J3 ITiTT/' T'lT? "V
X3>.J*-\iSJJl   W tf   ^UflAti J.
���S'��,mIoop3, B.C.���
Export Lager Ccerm bottles and kegs.
All orders promptly irllt-d. _
13. Wr.iii'i'Kir/. .   .    l^roprictor
til,iced i.i tiie coiKstilulion at ,1   request
hoiua   Piotcslan.   -iiiuiT   loi   i-'iotes-
I     !.,.,   ,.,,.1  uis   ii'ihns-.^u.eiais   Liu ...t-iii-
jind .1* ie"'.nd- th    Coli-ideialioii ol   lu- | mil  1 "a. 1.1 J 1, ami in 1 nioiuoil, al-o. u o 1)
t .cn-tilutuii'il      cluii-es      wine'   ! m       >  <  t.Uid Coo-ert a 11. es. I  ,. 1   e tne
,       ,, , ,   . f   .1     ,     -a ne (oulidei.ee in yuu   as    .v e   all   ...u
would add   lo   lhe   u-erulu.-s  of   thai , m  >.,,. iV|lU ul M/l.., ,,.^1   ,���
b.i.ly, a isipiiinir rhat ,1 se. ond v'ha.libei  j ,,_  lliC   |lnl���ll;
.loi   the   On iiiliio.-i    "-    to    be    r.-t lined    j li 1 . e a nuii li   M|i-,n    ui."   i.L p-iln I , U
J low.a second C'hiu.he.,   .mumV ing   m,; |��-��|.|  l..i   L'"'-;;>';1   .'"    Vir .'ri'!"  i'i"
1    ���i i.ula than l.-n io L nj   l"L  ol   tun    la-
\*e._,   1.mill,.lis  V11UI-,
I.nits   ]iioL' (.tion.      " U( (ai.se   v e
ho-liins   ioil( sepaiale si hool  system
we lou.d uol s,i\   v e     oi.ldt.ai  up the
leaf in llu- ion- nil,la-., sv hit 1. gave the
C ithohis the iig'it lo   claim    icdics-."
.lad lie-   l-,oli' I mis  oL   line hi 1    been
neat    i   ;is   v.   . ���    I ne     Gnlnohe.-*     ol
1 M.i.nlo'.i.l lo-day,   lf'   would   base   bee.
ineoihei o.\ lh.it was ^01 ed aim   es ei v
Piote-lant   pul| il.   m   11.e   i,ini\   would
li i\ c 1 ung w i!i.  deiit.ni-i.il ion.    While
vv.is theie .1 man   Willi   a   he, d   on   ins
shouklei-s and bi'ain in that  head   who
would   say   that   in   the   inteie.sls   nl
tn . .
national  -t liools   it   was   wise   to   1 urn
��� nit lhe 1 > t < -i'i 1L   Goveinmint   and   ."u!<-
1,1 [kiss e 1 a M una u c/a. nolle ami J' 1 e.ic ll-
nian as Piemn-i.     Ilea;', calcd   to   lilt
nco| le ol   M iii.toba in   e'.\ei(l-e   Loleia-
tio.i   ami   a    -pi: it  -   I    Ju-la e    111    l.il-
-ehool i|iic-l 1011.     Iteeal st.lv   di-  .n-i
Us si tllemeiit lm ll vv.|sedui.ig the
(oiintiv iiiiaU i.l.d le hai m and giving
envoiis en mas ol tue lJoinii..oii lu
nihei lands a weapon in ,~U i.,e 1 blo.v*
iL l .III.ma'- |Uoul(ss. l.e ssoidd lil-si'l
\oiisi-.il lo un ,r.\ v pi-lite lo any or
Ills ,1 llotv  cill'/ens, be llu v   Calholic ml
,  . i i'i ote-taut.    Thelienle   Ciluolic   n.111-
t".,d   111   Liie   1 uei   si|,,,uyo|    .Slanuo'oa   vveie'..s   miiih   ei -
The attention of prospectors and miners i.s called to the
merits of a new improved apparatus, for testing* 'and smelling
various kinds of ores and minerals, also separating and  refining
base bullion, etc.
Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist, who thoroughly understands the wants of the assayer,' the prospector, the
miner, the chemist for laboratory lest.' for all furnace work, such
as melting, scorifying, coupling, fusing in platinum crucib.es,
testing   of  sampling  charges,  roasting,  enameling, etc.    (Any
kind of fuel.) ',
This furnace'is built in two halves for easy transportation,-^
is complete in itself, made of sheet steel with cast iron slag and
metal spouts, wind supply pipe and knock-down bottom.
'This Handy Prospect Furnace is of the Cupola type, with
extention'for smelting ores, capacity 100010,5000 pounds per
he.it, according to the character of ores. No prospecting out-
nf'is complete'without it.
A-;^n c W.'.nlcd.   For  Pries  r.ivi)   F*art'ior  Tr. *orir.atlon.  Address
. National Ore and Reduction Co.
415 Locust Street, .      St. Louis, Mo.'
.   ��� ���~��^~.r����.-.
LAll ciA.y:a.!rii iu., Lit1.
Wholesale   Pai er   Dealers   ar>c.
. . Stationers . .
,..,.,,���,      'vancouver, b.c
'J.uj^i-ly nf llu- iu.miiii'i'- nl" "in' |..iit\
���1-tin-.Sr-rwit*' nun ilor-, c.lll In'' ju-��l Id
ji new G(.wiiiiii',ilt[ ut .llliMln'1 p.nl.y,
leijiiiin-r<�� lie st'i'ii, is ii; 1 tin- ii('cc-.-..ty
of i-.-u-ly ((in-titiitidii.il i-'ii.uiyi's ni.i\
di'ix'iid on thi-r.
c.havitt cf iir: CKr^rs.
(lll'llU'tl  tl'lt
O. Mu�� u'
i'!u- Hon. V.'ili'tid Lniia-i, .M.LJ., ilc
Tupper Appeals to V. himpeg-^.rs.
At Winiiijicg on the evci.i.ig of jl.i>
Ull.     .I.iipv...;..     1 ... .
IL    yull    w ill I ullcil I.i ju-lii f .li'il    |H   lUi-lld I1 .is   III''
.1,1111,_;   ti.fi.\   .1*.    in.;   P   ,i!    ��. uiti.i
, H IIV .1  ill .1- .1 -I.I 11 ^.iMil  il.- W (1 ltd    ' t
in   * - II I II \   til   Illlll-l'li  did     If     IK.I     t-t.l' It
liitnlyli.i <���<j 11.11 jii-luc id .ill ( l.i-.-i'->
lci imi' nr >. n.ill Tlif r.iin .iiij.iiii 1 i'iidi-1--
d 11 iiiipii.s-ilili-tm-j, .Sir t'li.ii l<---> in lie
uciiid. ISi' (li>M-d \\ itli ,1 pi 1 diction nt
- lit ������-���> .1 nd .111 f\ i'ii liir-,1 1 in.. |ni ii \ 1 oi
111c Ci'ii^t 1 s.iIn t- I .111 \  .it .lie cii 111111..
Pom-iioiHlem-..    ��iUi,l ��Lli Lwo thiuw.iiicl pci.pl^.i^nil.lo'l ^ in
CfMlJl'S     HIV      I'l'l I t--.jii'inii:iit 1        iiiuim,
M,i.i-i-li. linn' 1 iv   ici-.ni.il   inti'isicss ' the iiifj skill ing rink Imdding  to  IUI011
w-i.liyou. 1 has.-  duini-   the   l.i-t   lL'��-| U'Sir CIwi--. TuppiT (lelivi'i-  tlio i.pon-
s.c.-k'-. U.11I iii.ii!> co 11n111m11.1tit.il'- riDin ! i"!,' '"-pin-c-h   id   tho    c.iinpaigii.     Tho
��iiul (uiiviTNitimis with ntlicr if|)ic-
MMit.il ivi-   L1l.or.1l-,   .ind   il    h.i-   Iit-i-n
JI1.HU* pLlJIl  til  III" tll:lt  It  If. till'   L'CIUM.ll
opinion nt the p.ii'ty to ss host.- Usui
;ind (unlidoiico .u-o (using my 2 J \o.ir-
of tlio Pr(*iiisoi--lrii. of Oiitnri" Ili.-il. tho
(Ci-i-i- i- .-(> gi'.-ivt'  that i-utv  pi'r-on.il
liinldinii, ss.-, cl.ilioi.iioly (leooi.itcd
ssilli Illy.-, hmiliiijf .ind mottoes-. A
'ir.i��� li.ind pi.iveil p.iliinlit -t'lt i tion-.
At K:::(! S i- C\ .n-'i's   .md    'Ion.    If.   J.
M.icdoil.tld   ,111'ixt'd   and    tlicil    .i||e,ll-
.mccss.i- leieised svith cheering, lion
If. J. .M.K-i.oii.iIil lir.-fc-poke expie.���ing
(l-l-i-l- l- --<���  jii.ivt.'   itiat^  fit ii      hi^.'.i..., iii
Lrillc h'-Lo he ,���.,��., .md   ove, s    in- i ����� jlidenc n, �������� Oh.irK-S   .ind  df.i.ng
HdoiiUil ri-k n.n if'lhe ,o������trv U U. ho    ��.ih '.�����,'-. ion- <d . ho d.-,y.    -Si. Ui.ul
n*.,.ed from tlu-niL-g.u e, ninent ss.i.ch | u.i- the,, pro-entod ��.Ll. .... *--'����'-"
InsuPuiir, anJ j'liaing Broker.
15 r.   jr.i'ii<t,i    I. it 1<>1)   5:   I-uiL.i-liuo   I.  c
A-*ni.ini,u Ci.      M.in-i^oi-   V,iMct.MM.r Itni'i K
l!n.t..iii.   otooii iu -lit ^'-oluiivie Co.jp.aa ^
ior 3a,lo. ,  /  J-.l-U
305 Cor'ova St,    Vc>. couver, B.C.
Estabishsd 1C77.
capital, ssgo.ooo.
-suip'IIq your-
Incorporated 1893,
i*-;v>Ia -A^zxy": ���:;'<, itl3&\ pit... v.   f->   ���   -
:,-'jC' "^  -   - ' i-'    .'  '"' -l '���"'��� s'      '
Jasa HGHfillfian <& 'Ci
MAIN HOUSE: 200-212 Tirst Ave. North, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.     ���
KEIZ-b*  kont.        I      CKlC-vGO, ILL. '   I     VICTOR.A, B. C-    I WINNIPEG, MAM.
Coo'l.e&Boa.tnanSt-.   I ' I "H WIm. f RI. I     ^ I-King St.
���AT0T1CE1 IS HEREHV 31VKX-:tlial.'''.30.'days;
PuN "���'-��� iil'lui- date I; will, ujiply pto Pliiiup.l lull.' tho
'.Uliiufl'iCoiiiiiiiWiiuiiui- ��� Uanils iiiid'c^'oi-ksvior a,
.aero, block-of.laii'l's'iiitil'wl ��� oiipVc.-iiriL~iSii.lc of-Slo--
caii.'Jl-i.vur.'-PICopuc-imy Oistrict, abuiitpll ,-iiiiiv*>!
'luii-tli-sVusL from svliuro tlio Culunibiii ." ivootoh-;
.,-t'y���:iiaili'o';U'l-'.ui-6sit.-!--,'.i-iic-p,SIticiiii   llivcr.'Pl'um-;
.iiiuiioiii^ aLii'-ij.isLafc-i'itjV,t.li->s-t;st curlier i-iimiing
ca.-il id ciiains, soul Ii .l-iO'bli'iiii.ii-, tvest lL'O ciiains,
li.irLii (liiaUiiii,' riycr t-lm boiiii(lury) lin pliiiins Lti
initial |i ..-i'i. coiilain'uii, Klii'j a^r.n liiu'ris'iil'-li-'-w.- 7
.'���'.:-��� -���>;.���;-.,.; ������'-..-:' .l.iA'Xlli^ MVanXKbLivv ��� 7
the Dominion h.i- m> long heen snJlVi
ing from. From tho io,i--oiis laid Iio-
fore inoLpoLCoivp- tli.-it my long ox-
pi-i.i- .( o and my .-iki-os-fr in olh\ i<d lue
in thN Piosinco .no thought to b<-' <r
gnnr.inlt-p Mint 1 'could rondo-.' ul-e!*!:l
M-rvii e   in   tlio   noss   Govoi iinient   .un
sselioiiic tioin (Jon-el \.iti\i'r. ol' the
W'et-t .mil in l'-lllg to leply'l-eoeised .1
(���(ird'..d greeting.
He 1'iitoi od upon ,111 eulogy ol' the
pol.iy of Pioieitiu.i ,-uid ilil.itoil upon
the heni'fi.- t'.i i.ul.i   h.ld   le.ipid   lioni
t III'   1V.I-  111   t llC   Mll.llill    (if    ill.-   \S .It'll
Sel'VlCO ���;    11' ���-.'HI-.    llc->\ ..-.v .'.�����(.���:>. i'."��-.".i,-..".".������..I".      ���     :. V P ;-   ..    ,^p.    ���       ������-���-. ,' ������  i ���: ��� ���' ���-.-���   PV
t Ii.it I  !..! - e to i ii'l-idel    tlie   Illi.tloi    1!
the htdit of thi'.-e opinion-.
1 .un h.-ippy to know that yon .md I
ill e, .-imiVI bellies o, h.is e .ilss.iv- hee.i,
in -nh-t.u:ti.il .icco'd a�� ie^,uiN Do-
minion (jiie-tion-'1. Oin n'tion.il oi igm
i- not tho -Mine, our "leliginu- ci eed-
;uo dllTeront, hut sve.ue, hotk.ot (!.i. -
iidian l.iith, ss.i hoth love Cili.id.i .md
the eiiipii'o, and we l.nth ii'it.K.o in oiu
Brili-li ('olinoet i()ti, w-eiM.tliilo.-iio the
pro-jicrity of Canada and the well-being of all el,i��� t -, conditions and i i oed-
i.i il- po| in,tl ,.i. . .till! I In-hot o (hat, we
ngi eo ii- to the In -t men a- of -ei inn g
I he-o (tlijoi I-.
'1A1U1T J.I5li!-5I.A I \')S.
We .n-i', I 'ln-ni'Vo, al one s\ it h ii'spci
to llio l.irilf.  _I think,  wit 'I   Von,   lhat
the introduction of tne pi'uLeelis e   ,-y
(em ss as a mi-t:ike on t he   pai t  ol   on
people.    So,   yon,   like   iny-ell,   aie   a
Ilcfoi in.'i .'ind not a i e\'olutiiini-l,   a>u
you i oei.giiizo t he ndcessits    lu   logi. !.,-
tioi.-i.i    no  t.udl*  heui'; gsiulual  nnd
s I'Uimi".    Adopting l!..it policy. I   tt"
glad tliitt y"i '.("��� yoiu way    nu-.i,��� Iit:u
to ( hainre- ss hit li 's ill lie a u-ijel |o out
1   ..uei-   nnl.il .   c s 111 it- lame  will   .u
il Jlil 1<>I1-1\    ,-ltl'i l I     bill     I   illj'l      be ii-lil
in.I'uiiai iinoi-a'ld ilion ifu, kiiicn. A
Coveriioienl. nssiv-ji d..^ lo ..I! i l.tn.-t--
of the peopli*.
1 quite -oo I lt.it one ijjlfh ult.s iu |c^;is-
l.ilioii on llu' sttbjiM'L j�� the lael that
con-idorabl.'capilal luis l.eeit invested
in maniifaotorios <>ll tlie faith lhat a
-.y-teni s\ hii It our people un loi tuna I els
, ,. ^      . nl   b le   l ink   luiil ung   io ..It
,'s \    [',��� ' "audi 'le a i.i no \s.u- in iipi'l-
c I
led    lo    r.'-ii no    hi-    -oat      ,Tiie    li-n
i'ii iyed foi   a   qui   Lei'   oi   ai    lii.it.    a u.
I hen Sir {.'hat le- sva- ah!     lo   p o. ��� ed.
wllil   1'ivtill,'   1'i.al.l'-      pilgtl-,.     SSlllr
that  if   oilier  iiat  m-;   he  dot laud    t
: e n.n 1 il'ile and llio iii.iiiiici'   in   wiiki   |
'li, in ida had pa���oil ihiough t h ��� in'i-iod
/VfOTlCK -IS. niciIKHY'1 GI-s'kS Uint'strdays
i_:\ -. ailcrdiitc 1 tvill-ii'[i|ily lorllici-.Hoiu. .C'li.ot
Conniiisisiuiici- tifLaiuts aml-.W'orlii* I'oi-.a.siiocial
licc-iLSCito .ci'.t.l.iinburoii a one tlimii-iiiitl. aire
block of lan-:l .sil.iiatoiloiiv easivsi(lo7of.7Slocaii.
Uisx-r, KciOD nay ni.st.'.-iulvircdiiiiiieiicin^'at a,']io.st
lit noi-.tliT's'.'c-st'.coi-n.'.-i- about It iiiilc' ������.iiorili-s\-i-.s'.,'
!fi-oi'ii wlici-u-tlio Columbia ":'iv6ot7''iiiiy.:lliiilss-iiy.
crosdes ."thbV-Slo'iiii'.' 7,ivci-: -. l-uniiiti;**noi-l.li;. -M
tiilililis, cast.Ul oliii:ii.s.:iiiirtl'V.lil|.';iJ.i'aiiir>.' cait oi|
cll'iiiiii-,;,6.ioi'.ii ici"olia'ais,^^ ivcsuW-'cintiiis'Lo initial
I'osiv OoiiUiii'iaiij'ltiUu .ici-cs ui'.i-c oi- less.'V���"���-.'-"'.':'���'���''
'Xakusp Jiay r.uV, ;.:��:.'  ;���    77pPv:     p- P' -l-lt
>���, irEiikuY.ci'i'v.'... ....-,. ..,.  ..
late tsviii- ii.ii]jiy .I.; tbu ' -i-loii.- ���.(.���','!1
von r. i? Tn:;:i:i.\ t.:vr-x iii.n n <'a.s
7>     aitt'i (la
LDL'C'A l*10\  01 F\C,Fi.
!  ,(���"���/���/'/, .1 (('/ '/th. I Mi
V"OI KT" I);. iil'IIinJ-i, CUVKN that
J_S liii'iiiiiin il I'Siiuiiii I ion of t andi-
u Ios toi ( "i r.li' ale- ot . it.iblii atioii ti'
toit-li hi die I'.ii.Ik S iiHim.I tlie I'n-
s iii( e ss ill be held i- !<���' ow -, (���ouriieili -
ing on Fndiy, J tils Si il, "* lS'.Ki, at!,
a in : - '
ViUoi..'        I" St.itllt Park S^liool lluiklnij,'.
V,uii...nscr    In H'j,'i   -cbuol Jiii.ldint-
K un  n.|i-     In ''nblic Ht-bool Ilttiklitit;.
K.u liappli a il .un-! In ssaida notii",
tl.iitv d.t's ii. fun' lhe oxauiinatioti,
-I ti in<r I 1km la-���uid ura.le of certlfi :lt
iiirwhuh lie ssill ho a t .inclid.it e, the
o, lional -iibjei 1- -i-leoiod ai.d at w Inch
oi tbe .muse u...inil , ."l^O.-i ho Will
Every -nitico of intontioil to bean ap-
plu ant, ntu-t beaccoaii tided ssith -al t--
lactoi y li���tii-io 'tal ot moral i Ii.ii-.lc (oi
ClUi!' i.tle-^ite itoiilioi that all of tin
above 1 eqilii o neiit- ll ll-l betnltilled
I lei i ii" I hen  ap| heat'oi s can be lili'd.
All i.indidatos l-'i K.i-I ('lass, Grade
\, (Je. lilii ate , n eluding (itadtiato--.
ii'ti<*{ alio ul in V'lltiia to take the
-llbjoi ts jiiesitibed b" Julv'l-ltll ,md
lath ili-l nit-, and lo ttndelgo theto-
(iiiuoil oial cxaininati' n-.
s n. i'opi'].
'All Superintendent of Education.
igr-^rtf r������*' -^"n=-
.-^A    ���
AdaiinistPatjp's Notice.
Tuv t.lie.-C'iiiiiit.v X'liitft'-. of*  ICiioiiOiiay liolilon.iii
':.-:   :].),iniikl.    N(i..'.:i (it-.I.VlK.:.-, 7p7    7
���y. dyci'iisetl; aii(
ICuJuii.tv   UUM-ict;  comnivliciiiK atvii   p.KlPal v   Act:dat,--,l,lt,;u-t-   day ..: ".lay.A,11. .1.-!):....-
iioi-lli-u-cst col-nil- iibout 11 ui :l..-siitii-fli-\v'c.-*t fi'-otti. 'T JI'dN rciuliii;; iii(7iilii'.la.vil.-i Uf 'I'liomaS ICi
tViiurc   tlio .('ohniiiiia.v-c , Koiil.anu.v ' iiiiilway U- 7 patrick: and.Janu-s   i-'. ,A i-ii>'ti-imtf; ��� it.,' is-
'.jVo-is-j's (.lie yiooasi liivcr i-iimiiiljr ,:ast..'JO cbaiii.-i. ui'ilcivd. l.lint .lauvs I-'1' i-.riift..i)  A !-iii.s|,i'ijii:;. Oil-
s'SailbPicbiviii-;  ui.-it- 1'J chain.-!,  i.oaiii .VciailiS;" iiiii.1 A-liiiiliisli-.ui.i-, t'di-tli'   ('"iiiiiy .llo.iu-l,'. Hist'
, ��� .-tisr, 0.1 cliiiinsPAiiilli llfl yiiiiiiis.PtvcsL t,u  i-ivci- ,i-ii:t,t.if ICuuliuiay. W.uCl be ..A-hiriiisti-Hlur nl'iit
-.!���'���',           . !��� "���������������������. ,.i ���'������   i '-"���-.'.     i.  ������'���:           ,. I .^aiik ll'y o.i.t'ais, l/ii.-iit.-t'. iiiiitii'liiialciii^ rit-'.ir tlici i.'nd   'iiiKiilui- tlui. ii:i h ��I ^'.. ���:' nil- l.-'iind credit si >.
il:: .depi,. hMi.i)    .sMliell ..������.swjopt   ii.\'l'   -u,   i Iiouii-lauyl 7ii ciiaii-spti. iiia'al tins!; ,-untaijiiii;; .lulin '.MuSoiu-ley dec ;-iis.:n. uiilv.l lait tliirt owlui
( oiuit i ic-li mi it...leiiL,od I head,m atioi   !
ot t be world. ���
(_'A>a,-a r.M)i:ii u)Xiii-Rv.vnv;:n;i,!:
i.id niucli !o -!ios\- lor il> sa-t expend.-
line      il  had at i-imipl i-hed va-L  publu
stiiLs. yet    It   ss.i-   a    I en! t i-i.,. Iiio   t.i( I
, bat   lhe   d  li!   | or i-.ipti.i   s.'a-   ind.
le.- lh in ss, e i t .e   Lib r d-   we it   o   I
luiiii iivi-cs niofO or Ic.-s.
Sakns;i.7Muy (itlipi ��;
Columliia k Kootenay - __
Staan Navigatlen Oo.M
Hall's  Landing,
Hot  Springs.
Nakusp, Three Forks
Nelson, and Slocan Points,
Kootenay Lake Points,
Trail   Creek,   Rossland,
Northport and Spokane
���STj'irr.T) ta'ch Ti:r.���
'.case-   \i-i-(i��ni-.i !   lm   N'.iku-].   and   Kuli-i.ti.
Sand is-. 'I'M' -1 is- 'Old Tliuisilass .it b ji in
'.c.isrs   linl.M '���   1'      \'ikn-l'.   Ain.sslK.itl   .md
fan id.an I'aoilis l.'.iutuis lxnnl-  ('���>-'   -unl
wi-ll  ai .Mond.i.s-, sWdiR-das-aiid 1 i d.i.s-
.il. I 13 in
Cii'im-c lion l-iii.nlo.it   '!(>li-i.n   ssilb   C. & lv.
If\ lm- Nt,lsi.M .uul all liuiiil- mi Ivu.iti nas   lake
and   ssitb   -ic.unci-   ' lytton '  tor  'Ji.ul   and
-."(iiLiipint ,
'10   AMI   FUOM ,   ,
All Eastern Pcints.
Thi-ougb Knst C'l.is-sSlcoi.iiiK C'ar-uiul Touri-a
tiloci.ni^Cai- in ^1  l'.iul. Montrc.ii.nul Toronto
\Mtll0llt  cll.lllBC.
Atlantic Kvino��� .a i ivo-   !l.l."i daily.
IMcillc " "' l,iJ''-   "'
l-'or lot il 11 mo tar 1 of t,bo f'irnp.liiys steamer- on Ivo it'Mi.ij Lake a;i;>!yn> the ptirsur on
tio.ud i
I'm-lull iiiroiiu.il urn as lotiikits, i.ili-. etc-.,
aiipl.s to T. Allan.   Scciclai \. Vclsi.n.   II ('.
M l!n-3 of Ladies' & Gentlemen's
\uis t
A.tiii.s   I.s-;.   llKSveu Tuiiss %
n.ii).  'r.iu-.l ���.>-. Tluii-das-. S.itunln>K
Hi U,   rtnnlas-.   Tuc-du..  Tlmr-dii)-.
T.-iin- on A i ri) ss Like iKinc-li c"��incct at
Atii.ssliciil ssilli C.& lv- I'ii-*- ri svi-k Nsict Sf
making , ,'
 Tj and ��"ro-.:i	
^Rossl;ind, Trail Creek. Nelson,
Kaslo, Ainsworth. Pilot Bay,
Nakusp,  New   Denver,
Three I;orks. Sandon
- and- ���
be piibli-lii 1   n Hi  #iCi. .1'  .���>.'.sr
.1.  H. i'Ofl'OIM". loi tin |ii nnd ii. Uii I.s ���'��� ��� *-
 [^ '     (-J|j;ii .1)   (".i:?.ir.NI ���'��� '-''��''���'' W'AhL. C.C.I.
VO'iK i: ].- I!i:UI HV GlVi:.s'  '.bit  M days.
.N   ,t n i ii iie t .till ,i|i|ii\ io tin-linn  ciiiii
. tjiiiim- i iiili ol I. in U.md \\ oiKi Un a -i> i a'
I i cn-i in u.it  tun ic    m.   i mi.   ili.i-iiid.ni
i    ilm k  ul   land   s i -talt-d on   (,i~l   Mm ul .-sin. an
I  !!is*i.i.   K ml'n is   O-'u. l     I'i   n    n,'  al a
,,. ..... . i'o��t at ii.<iiii-i .ist   c> n r a'liinL .   in i m n
"I  oliii M.      1  iklt!^    up    i Me   (p c-l,on    ii.  . lluin  Mm an  (.-jit.   -. vi-.n n^   -oiltli   l,il   t.i  i ll .
I.npe.i.il    JtVileiallo,.,    Si    (.'h.illl--   do-     ."',-.! J^'a !'.;"!"* ",','i \''\  !'" ,U!',1 '""i ' ���"���* "''' ":"" *
1 OJ III.U.ll IM.-t, l-'lllt 1   ll  ll '  I   l) I.I    .'C-I1IU       tl.   I   -
el.U'iiil lli.it  the .l.li.Mliiiiiti, iiii'it ioiitl.ll J-:i!AS't'i:i.   UKNIIUji:
, .ci .1  N'.ik'isi". Mas (ill . l-li. l-lt
tr.uu- svn-not ol les- (uilheqiti'ilec to
the people it Can id a titan own lhe
niUional policy of Pinleitim. Too
(,h "eat of war by Aaitiiea ssottld i^ise
an impetus to iiupeiia! Kedci alien and
had shown (Ji-.'.u, 12i'iiii-'�� -late-.n'-.i
the uer.eHsity nt; <��� i��� iiic��� 11S,11jl^ -the uiiio
between 'bilai.iV (oiuia-. lm,' iia.
I"*.'dei ill imi and pi i- i ii in i.i! tliiie-
ss'oulii -i-trle iip M .iiildiit   ,noie   r.ip.tl-
1}   t'iiUl I'liyi  Ml  I'-id I'U'l     !a>; eii    .1.^
,ii e.uned of. I'o I'.ie v. e-t pi ob-i en! \.u
It.die svas n! sii.il iuipoil. UiitiK "
about and the des ciopiuent of the
Canadian s\ est s\ou!d be -o i apnl lhat
the ss-oi Id ssould be   astonished.    Then
pp:;'/ :p NO^IOB.;; ^A^.X
("li.iiiiiiis-'ioiic-r of Lands and Works for a,.s|.iccial
license lo out iiinlici- on a oiiu l,bon.-ie>'.; 'ic.ro
li-..i.-k of iand Kit.iiiil--.iLf.il cast, .siiln oi -.-sloiaui-
l:is-oi-. lC'"i: nay i.ii-i ricl. Uiiiiiinoirpiii:.;" id- j1
i'ustal iiol-i:.'tilst,,:..rln.-l- r.br.ut. Ill in'iV.-* ���-���"'t!'
iroiii -JI....-II11 City ������iiiiifiiiK vvesniili.-!..(. if-;. *���<>��' ���������
t(*-P liiii'n-. -ml tl-l obidH.-s :i'-.rt;:i I ��� vniiUii. I""-'
it-o ciiai!).-;..coiitaiiiinj- IiWi-ii.-'.-i->: inure '.';���':"-��� v.
Nakn.s-'.MayC.Ui. lfciKI.1 ��7  ,.  7      '-'���
- TlioP.o'Vditors. of- .luliil ,M.::-:-iti-loy 'laten'
it/'\-(;lstok.! in tin: illsf.-icf of \. i.vi. Kootonuyp
.bi-iilK-i'lau-jiulitui-. iii-cp (; l.nirci' svil.liin tliirt.y
davs o1- Hits .ate |,ol'.i-tv.-i."d by ej-'islurod lc-tt,-.;i
addi-.s.-i.id t'n -t.'ius iindi.:i��i;-|iiv(l '' 11 |nil-|ieii!ai-.s ol
llioi'.'.cliiifns an tut' l.bo ��Pcni-i.ics (il'nny) bold
iiyPL'i-ni. Al.f'r l.lii'. c:\oivsition of Ibo'siiid
Mii'.-Ls-dat.s IbcAliniiilsti-nliii sv .. p. ccot-tl wit li
Un- ilisti-ilnit.ii.in ol' Llio i-.4tnU.-, I.its'ii jr reu'ied
t.i'i.'Uiiin'c cla'iii'ix.only nl -.flibdi befiliiill I as'o I ad
'������-���lllitoil at, Donald.,!VC.;i.!ii>: Ttil  day, or >In.y,
.ism.--     ���-. ���    J. I-*; Ai!.:us7;;('i.\'(i, ���   ..'
������- OiU..-..ii A IiuiiilstTi lo;-,   .
vl-lt '    .'  "      ������   ���'    .   ������������'������ PP'Hiti d/ILf. .'
Cat   ihl'-;   <-ut.
.���'..-,' pt'AIV   I,
Hast Hound (Ne. -) a ���
West. :'���.' ���    (No-U
; tt.ily..
���"VrOTirK IS -HKIIKtlYClVI-iN. ibi)1-''"'-,1;-.?
iN after dale I will apply to llio Hon. f -bi'J
(.'oinini.-siiinci- of Lands and Wi.i-ks for n *\"'M���>.
liocii.-'.s to cut r.niiiC-r on il unctiiiins-i/"'.''���;'..
b!o-k of land .sitnal.-.-d on u-cst side ol lsii��ai
Lis-cr. it' lutciiny District. Cut-uiir"''-'."'* 'Ay
imstat. iiot'lii-c-ii.st. oonicr  svIk-i-o l��i�� J''.,L'-' ���?'".
, Sir Charles look   up   lhe  i-iii-ium-   of    (i ^ _it
'j.avo   sanctioned    f.,.     oi^hlcn   j eats , the Hudson's \i ,s   Kb.ilss ay and lhe mi-    uiilluo, J,;";'/-/'';;'<;^yr���^ lb
would    nol    b"   llbl'i.gatod    liri-tily    oi  ' pros etnont ui    Hod    1'uei    n.n I',m. ion ^ lo j,,,,.^ ^^ .j,, ,.',.x.���.,   .oi,t umi.^ ' ll-'c',
witlioul. (iiti;.*. ro^ai'ds  to   the   hUorc-L- [ and arotiwxj ��.ve,il  yiilliiisi.i-in   by   hi- ' ".oicor Ics.. .),.)-;:;-:: I'.WNi:.    _
wliic-li hasMMitirft't) under   that   ijyslen). | |-.:feridii-i;s ii-t hew jjja! ter-,   syljini   r.'- j Kakiisii, Miy-ab. Io.lV     ' ��� -1*'1
,:....!l:K. nan
.......-i:i-i pan
<    '.-.     Au-intf t.Aici-; :i::.svni,-i-!:.siNf-.  .
,),:;.iu-t r-.iluiays. T;:::^.\y-. 'i'aiu-siluys-. .���''�����i |>.li.i
7MAILS.   7 '    ll'
p i(i'.s-..i.i��Ti.iv;p, iv.. ���
jinso foi- tbo ss-��st..:....V ������:...���;.,..'..���.;.."::���:' p."'
������    .'���"".   .   ciimI-..-..;...-.!���...........-,"��� ���:; ui.ni
soiil.lr. Wiui.. i'i'.'-'.  ' lm-. - .u:.;! l>.io.
         i;,".-. .-ilaliii-.i.. ..->::t'iii.iii-.7i::i" I'.n-
'Duo f ro:n 'tlie ��������.--���: ... ��� 7 '....... i ��� l'-l'" I1-."!
..'.�� "        sr.-iLVi/ "*i"'.i'��;.. Timri-.. Siil.'. .J*.:lii |i.n.
���'������   ,   .  ������     :   'l;'v!'.-..-3l��il,ion.- Iiln.in.. opl'i par
itiis-Kbi-'i'O'CM s-r vi-MiN'i-.ii.
Closor(.ri.bou-."il.: '.-'.-. ���;,....-..-,..,...��:l��llu"
- - ���������        casi.: ' ....'. ..IM; fi-"-
"   .     siv.itli. 'i'iij.,'Tbnrs. Mil. ,-Mlila.ii'.
������ ���������    !.'.���.!���,- : ; ;;���.....-... u.-uiii. ti,11 p :
��� )'!(��� -fi'oin tbo -vvs!...........';.V  i:A- ll'!!!
-    ',.-.'.'   ri-,".ii'.V':.\V.ii:.':-vi....\!i.ii.  �����,.'>������'"
������        HcvolsL<iko:;.,.:.y::ill'i.,ii... J:J.'j.a.
F<>] lull iiii'orniation .-us to rates, i'tc^,
ippls   to
I.  T.   iJri'.wsJ.e.r. ,
,   'Agent, Kevelstoke.
.,.: i mcl in:own.
�� si  u L l\i-cn0'or A���-out. Vancouser. l'-.tl
USA-pSSTroute .o the OiD COUNTRY.
Al/. W   I.JMC
Psn's, sv. i'   :n II Jr.iv
Mi)\ .i.l.i s.\.   '   .Mi.nt -c-nl
-en-si in. i-o i ii dil i\
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I land -t.itta'd-.    Itiliitncdi.itu $J>).
M-or i.,.-.it, lot*, t-l t.ito-.
Pa���i-n cm-,  u Mini  I'lrinndi to all pai t-of
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Apnl.s loiiiMrc-lstoaiii-liiiKii railssas nKunt.to
I...T.- BaEV/aTEIt, Agent, Rovelstoko,
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Nan.-titno        Ttie-t'.ay.    ."���lhMa\.
Ness   ,Ve-tiniu-ter     .Tue.sday
V,moons or Tilt" das
Clinton . Mondas
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ICaniloops Alondas
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1 Nelson    "Mondyv
"Donald       ..Moudjt.v
"Special As.sj^i-s^
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���^p* copyrights.
(TAW T  OUTATN  A   PATENT?     For a
prompf. imssvcr nnd an boiicst opinion, write to
11 INN tV ('<}.. tjbo hnvo line! nearly Hfly yenra'
e-.poiicnco In tlio p-ttoiit bu-mess.   Communlci-
tlons atilctly contldentlnl.".   A Ilandlmiik of In-
, ,. ,    1    form itlon coii'ir-iiiic I'ifcntt and liots* to or^
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ic.-il and .sclontirio liooks .<eat free.
I'nteiitjt taken'tliroiiKh'. Mmra & Co. receive
I    B'lL-tilnl -notice in tbe Sri'mi'tillc Aiiici'icnii. and
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,    -.ir^ent circnUlion of any scientific tvork in the
1    vrorld.   9.'{ a s car.   SiiapK   copies sent free.
HiiiU'ine l'ti-tlon, mnntlilv, f j JOa year    Slnrb
.coplesi. 'i't cunts,   l-'very number contains beau-
.   .tliul plates, in cotors, and pliotncrupbs of nu��
|    bouses. iTlt.li plans, enabling bulldem to show U\e
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mm > ���������.  Ui Vj -i.  T> ��������� f; lK( V ,,r,,!-'v--' *s v-'   V '��������� f J-  IjiIj   j\������/V/  *_..-, /,   l      Jiii lij  ' 'L .   '     Kootenay Lodfie '       ,j    (,���������,.,���������.]*,., ���������( Ku.ilt   mills, is in lo'-vi,  <*"V&    k    ������/?C     No-'15 A-F- ^ A. M. ! t,,.(J a v.  XA^'X^i      ' ^"*   Tin- i-oj-ularnii'clin- |       -J. -M (-.Million's boy vwts run <u et    hy  pisC- v*       "v7-       un-liirlil in tlio M.i-- j a bike \ esterdas'.  sK^r^".^." *"������\       (iiiioToiiiplclioiirno'- I  ^/-JS?3^7rV S-v^ fc"5^��������� Hall,   on   tlio   third  '  -s^^^i^S^V-~iiiionlli   :il    ,-i   )i.   in.  >t^^yS^,'.'ilr-^-i\yr~    Vi.-,ilin^   l.rct iin-n  ���������*~������-i"-t}==-- cordially sselcoiiiul.'  IL K. .SM Vni K. .Suoiu.t.sks*.  ^*       cvfi  X\       oiiio loiiipii'.iioiirno - I       rp    pi���������,.i. ���������,,   ���������i     .,r   as-;   ..-   , ,,     ���������      ��������� .  ���������n*fy-��������� llall,   on   tlio   third 1 .  ldacL wood,   of    >\ uinipe^,    is   in  "<>������pSJi-11 tllldil.S     in  i\-'~i inonlli    ill    ,-!    p.   in.  ,   -REVELSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  .tt&x&^i&r.  ^s-o^-s-w-/!        .Itv.il.iriu Jc-liinjs.ire licid  i^*H^SSt"R&5    in (> 1 Ifoliosss' Il.iU uvi-i-v  WjA^^i&y&>_ Tliiirsdiiy ni-^lil  at   ci^lil  licit -  triS^y&z^'iys .fiSi.   ' lUIfs.lliy   lll'^lll   .11    CILC  ''      *<^fe2S!P^G-^S o'clock.  'VisiLiiii,' l.i-.>t,lio  rA-.-j.*''fJAon***-"    cordially svolooincd.  C. LINDMAJllC. X.C.     K. O. LIS WIS. Si:c.  Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1658.  KuKiil.u* iiiooliiiK-. mo held in  llio Odd Kuiloss-s* Mall mi l.hc  second an I fourth W'dliu'-d.is'-  of t'ii"li nii.nl li nl 7:,li) p. ni.'  Vi-.it in;; liri-llirt-ii an- < unluilly  ins il ed. ' .  T. S'l'KKD.   .1. I. WOODItOW,  U'.M. I Ice. Hue*,.  . LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  t>  Airosvlioad is now a billing  .station.  Tlie'hCason ojx-ncd at    IJninT  \-ester-'  ' <hiy.  Charlie Norleins   lias   left   tlit;   J Jig  JJcnrl for Alaska. ,  ' Quite.-i  good   deal   of   building   is  ifoing on in town.  '       Col. Prior- sve.nfc tbrotigli Monday   ti.  "Viutoi in.       , ,i  1 jaw's now slioj.   building   is   nearly  ;    ready for occupancy.  Inspection of sanitary arrangements  is now the order of tlie day.    ; i  ��������� . Smoke a  good   home'  made   cigar.  A-il' for 'in Interior.      ��������� ,'      . ,  ,   J. M. Kellie svent down to T.ai'de.ui  City-Thursday afternoon.  It.   Tapping   is   building .a   fence,  urotind lit'A'. Yolland's house.   '  '"A. S.   Farsvell  arrived   Friday   and  .goes doss'ti to' Nelson Sunday.  Koluy' and    Arena , have   dissolved  partnership.    J. Foley continues.  F. Gi'Col ton lias   gone, down   river  i o to join tlie Steamer Lytton as    Two    animals    were    run    over- at;  Julian's ranch by the train last   night.  "Fred    Wrong     and     Fete , Arena,  both   old / timers   in    Kevelstoke,   are  visiting tosvn.  XV. Urosvn aud   0.   H.   Alien   have.  . returned from a trip to the   Leon -J lot  "Springs.  Jolinso'n,' the barber,- is building a  new shop near,' IJowson'.s1} < furniture  store. - ���������"        i  A large miinber of men are working  'on tlie station.    A  new   eating ' liou.se  i.s to be erected. ��������� ������  ' The jST.lMt. and C.P.R. base given  notice of ;i change iu fi eight   rates   to  West Kootenav points.  ,i  " Wings "' flew thiough to the   coast  '   Wednesday.    ] le had been as fur Ivtst  as New York and Halifax.  Foil sale.���������An S room house, well  finished, close to i;ailsv.iv .station.  Apply at this oilice.  -A tcrand ball is to be iris en in Ivain-  loops on the 22nd instant, under the  auspices of the. Fire IJrigade.  Prizes to the   aniotint   of   Sl'oo   aie  tosvn again.  The   train   sersiee   on   the   ft.  A: O.  branch is nosv dailv, Sundavs i-Mo-nte,):  Or.- Clef's (-clinic's olliee huui-sv aie  9:*>0 to 11 a.m.; 1:'J0 to I p.m.' and 7  to 8 p.m.  The .Mail colors ' tho   ss-hole   North  >���������??*,   ������-VS"-.   N--v  tr^v-s?*;,* /-.' i /���������-.-/,'.v  Administrator's Notice.  In'llic f...mis* Court 'ol' ICouto'i.tv holden al ;  Jin'.aid.    Nn. I'I ol !M-.j.  In tin- iiialfji-iif .inlin Jlc���������urn I.-.-, di c .<-, 1, and '  In llio  in it let- ir   Pie  (HI.  i,il   ,\ lneii.sir.ti-.i--s I  Act : (L.i-jl fn n-l'i d-.y nl .May, A.I). L'.i;.       j  if flVlX '.-ctdinu tin- iiln.I.i, its of 'riioin.i-. Kil-  ('     palriik .in-1  .lames   F.   .ti-in-lnini?.   it   is  orili-n d, t'l.il .l.nnc- rcr^ii-i'ti   Aiin-tnin,.'. (illi  ^&5g  d p hj c p a i      Mi cp r*  Hiding of   Kooteii.-iv.    .Subscribe   and i n.tl Adiiiini.t.'at.i- i..r ihe c..ii.-r..\ c.iiri lii-t-  . ������      ���������                        - mi t ol Kti'ttt-ii iv, i h.i r lit-   A   in iii-liillor of I'll  get   the news. ,                         '      '       and .-.invrol n- th'.> uootl-.. c-li.-itl-l- and ci-tdii-iif  ,,      ���������,.   ^       , ���������    ,.       ,       ,                .Inlin Ali ���������'oir.-iCf di'c-a-;-(i. an I  lliil   t.'ii- onlc-r  ii.   AlcOtitcjieon, ot   Jiosslaud,    ;ir-    ilo pnhi^liui nnh '��������� !<o'ij-:.x.-.v M su, nets--pain.-  rived iu town   to e'ay   on   his   svay   to  Kainlt.ops:'  All ssho wish   to   subset ibe    nn-   (he  Kootknav .Mail should   come  in   and  get  a I'eceipt for &2.  for lac pi'i-iod ol I In: ly u.e -.  (Hi-nt'd)    I'J.LJMCNTJ. COIt.VWA LL, C.O..I.  I li," I'li'-triliiilinii oi  llii' ct.ue, I a villi; ii'K'aid  in tlio-c i-jiiinis (nils ol ssiiiili In--hall have liail  Tin-  ( icdit'.i'-   of .Inlin   Alo'-oin-loy   .l.ilu   of  l!"wl-,loltO in  liie il.-li-ii-i, (.;   W'.-I ICootcnay,  liridui.' i-.i:-|iLii'.cr,    are i(-|iiii(il   uilliin  tliirly  ilay-. ni' tlii-   ate lu I or ward hy ������������������c^isli-ri it lei t-.-r  ��������� pi ������,, , . addi-osscd to the iindci -i^iud I nil pai-lii ilia:--of  1 ue    Station    tennis    players      .-no i tlauii-cl.csin-, and (,r the -."ctu-itii -. (it anyl ln-ld  getting reads- for the fra\   and   expect  i ''���������'���������'. "'"��������� ' ,,lu'lll'"   '���������^'i'""11.1  ������������'  die -aid  " n       ,.-,      . ,-. ' , Ihn-it d.is- tin- Ailin.n -li-.it-.r svi i pn.vi'rd Willi  In c-airy oil the Illinois tins season. '     ' '  IO. C*. Davidson, leprcseiit ing Weiir- j n.iij,.;,  frilz biesvory and    Hortliss ick*s   cigars,,! ^X^'".LKA^&ruu-X   "f ^"^  both of Kainioops, svent    tlllollgil    tltisj \ilili-i.i! A.dniini-t-iiiur.  , -'  ' ^      ,       :i-n, nuiiahi, h.c.  sveer.     ' _ I      f_      _   ,   Lioutenant-('osoni'ir nAvduev p.as--  ed tbniiigh this morning for (loldeii.  He svill relurn and go down n'vei lo-  in'.rrow. '  NOTICE.  VOTICK IS HKIIKir.' (IIVKX tli.-u thirty  1< day-lifter date I inliitd to apply to the  I!.inula1.h: the  Chic'   Ciiiiiini��������� .iniici-'ot   Lain!-  (Established 1887)      '.'    .     -'   Wholesale and Retail Dealers ---..'   -  In Crroceriss, Dry G-oods, Boots and Slioes, Carpets, Stoves, Hardware, Paints,  Oils, Glass, Doors, Windows, Miners Supplies.  l^VVe carry the largest .���������in(("mof*t com])lctc stock in,this section.   " ,  '   ��������� BRANCH KS at NI-W DRNVER and NAKUSP.  IEKEE   &c;     yy   ELLS,  ^  ilrssis.  .M.iv.Il rilld Tssi.inlev, of   tlie ' -utd Wmk-, lur .i-jp- c- al  lie -n-e  tn inn   liiiiber  . .   .r - ��������� '.       ,  I un a dik; lliuii. md ncru  lia.-t   (il   land  -.ilu.itdt  tioJ,(i   J .-uncoil   Carnc-i    (Jreulc,    ,u rived | nn i-n-l ,1.1c oi At-nisv Lalteal (l.il'.ii.i l-s.i.s..il.otil  in    tui'i,    r.i.l.i-      Tin...   ���������...���������,.���������(    ,.,,.,,���������" li mii'.'.-.'.nlii  I'ruiii  An tu lir-a.l.   i'inn niciu-iiiir  111   tossn    to-d,i\.      Ihoy   10|)(ilt    sv.uoi   . 1(, |l(lM :ll  v)���������1,,.v,vM, t���������..,���������...  ,,,;���������,,,   .,.  eh.iiiK.  S'ei'S-  losv. / c.-1 n-uin Inkc ->hin-i'. i-i.iitiinir m.tll: l-.'ll chain--.  ���������Jon Jliinii arrived back from,'Tlle-  cilk'svaet last esoning. He ropi.rts a  lari-e iiiiinbor of ineii in the eatnj. who  look forward to a wod sc-ison.  <  - ''.Vroiind tjio "World" i-, the title of  a leettiK! illu^t r.-ited by 1:10 iime liylit  viow.s, which Jlr. D. M. Crowley,'now  oik- of our local ui.-iimf.tciiitnr.'-, t-.-i'. (;��������� in  the \riiiieot.ivor opera hotw in Septeiii-  bor last. 'lie lias been iei|uestcil to  <;isc it'heie and the  nl.ice ;tn<l date <>fi  i.iM SO (li.iin-i, sn nil Uil c'l.iinx,  ssi-^Lto initial  pnM 'ill (jhains UKitl in re- inniv in- lo���������-. ���������  ADKI.iN'K i'OLI'OlMO.  N.iktis]!. April L'lli'd. Icilli. 1-Jt  HOTIOS.  IlKItKliV   CIIVI  ���������d.-.t" I   inli-ii.I   I  Ciiii-i" ('(iiiu.ii-������i  and Wi.rki tin-a'spec-ia!  lii-i-nse  t'. cut  liinl.'ir  <m :i line ln'iot.-uinil .1! i": I rail   i.t"  land  sii'iatcil  JOTICK I*-   IlKitKliV   CIVK.V  lhat, (hiriy  1    das'--���������l'ler d.-.t" I   inl.-iid   (1 apply I'u.tii'j  liniiiiiahlc  llio  Ciiii-i"  (,(iiiu.ii-"������iii|i(,i- i.i   Ijin.N  nn c.i-,1 ������!(!(> <>r I'l.i.ei- .\ri,i.sv Laku al, (!al. 11.1  I'.ij .iliuiit' (i indu-, van li fi-.iin Arrnsviicail.  (���������'iinni'Jtic-'n-,' at a pitsl iit vni(li-si*c-.i ooi-iii-r.  ahoiit Kill c-l.ii'.ii-. ca-l li-mn l.iko siini-.', ninieii^  11(11 III Hi' ull.l'lis, l',l-', li ' l-h.lill-,, M.lilll KVIcliaui >  , .   , -ii   1        - -     o a"'' u'1-'  ti"-inili'il   po-'tidJ  uiiniiis I'/'J'I  i-.u-.i-.  the entertainment svill  he "lion 111 0111  1 ni'.i-i; or Ic----.   ��������� 1 '  ���������,,.( ;TO,|, ' JIA'i'ILIlA i'AVXI':.'  ll(.\l issue. Xakiis]., 1*. i .. Aiii-.l-_-.-ird, I'l'.lij. l-li,  ents r upiiisnings,  Jjpugs,  ���������."  Goods, Tobaeeoes and ...Cigars.: ,  . is. tduji-ifl^ \3X   a/*r*iim ���������j   whcn 11 is papered with artistic  ' wall paper.     J-'trltc'st and'freshest line in tfnvn at Cilker & Wells, ���������  '��������� '  POST .OFFICE"STORE-     ���������-'   REVELSTOKE, B.C:  ...=    .. V-/' v u ^������������������'V.-" is \i   '-\_skj    ������������������-.-->  '<*.-> o  ' yl}<  ir. ]^7-fi   -jii  Tit'ilY*Y\ijm.iT'Y"^      Tlo-^"''-:'1 ''  R-c? c.-l'. z"'.*���������,      "V-A^ii'iAl'j.  CIiJ-jl'^   -L-'J.-li.iiO.     . 1  Agents fc.r Ii'-imd md Sowing .M.ieliine, .M.iiiuf.ic-tiiiois f;.;''iJ Insur.iiKe Soeic(t v.  -Union    Five.   Iii.sur.uic--   Co.,   Provincial' Mtiiidiiit;' and  LVi.-m A's^oeial ion,  OltCAN'S 1111(1   Pl.SNOS. " , ���������  num-icc j. .TaLuu^niTOcr:  IgLUBJW^J  ������������������-VKlt.UJU^xV. ^^CCfcHir^M - ^.a.>w.-^gWKwwr^.-^  1 Olli.DOiXs,.  IsKO'b:  Consignments snlicked of 'Produce, Pi*ovi'sions,  'Butter, Cheese. K''<'"s, 'etc., etc.  our, feed,  ���������    If you want to' reach the Peoplc;in the North Riding- of Wces't Kootenay  ���������       i * , (j    i ,  ,       YOU SHOULD ,.  Q ' ( 1 1 ( ' _ .    ]  Advertise in M The ���������Kodteriay  trrrz���������~zr  K ,- /  I '.I  --Retail   Dealers,' - "  In    I'lour.    Feed   ancl'  Ve^x-nhle1;, of -ail  kind1?.    All Fruirs in [  Season.'  'Xtii.s, Candies, Tobicco, Cigars, etc., etc. I  BED-ROCK PRiCZS.      '  :      '      Q00D8 PWOiVIPTLV DELIVERED, i  Give us a sample order and you will ne\ er go back on us. !  %������ '>W  -������  M  o_  J9���������P. }  D_O__0_  o__o__p_  0 ,0 c  000  IF   Y(  DU "WANT  '  ���������  TO  l ���������  oO^'ied ro c-(|iii|x;t,itor.s atathleLie ���������.jiort-i '  in Kamloops o'n 51av "iotli. . 1  ips  Tho front in   .McCVirty"-.   nesv   build- |  ing is being put in,.-ind it nosv present-, j  11 most metropolitan appearaneo.    '  \  . opeii'to   tins   fir.st   .stetimboat - for   VAii ,  Jiond.  - A daily'train   sen ice   is   to   be   in l  Jiugurated on the Arrow Lake 1 F5r.nit.-ll  in iil-nut t.svo sveeUs.     Juiats svill   meet j  ..all br.-iins at Artosvliead. j  Tlie Columbia House lno- imported 11 ',  new bus.     It is of (-"tirnev   .shape   and .  'Ton can get it done at the'"Mail" Office ���������. ���������;.,.  EQUAL IN STYLE AND AS "tQW IN PRICE AS' IN ANY OFFICE  laSOfl,  THE LEADING TAILOR: . .   ;  JS^^^wV'^^.ivljSpringTSloek Just Arrived.-  ' -  '      j  Call Early and Avoid Rush.!  PBTltfl  o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o. o o o o o. o o o o o oo o o o o o o o o o o o  '" , - '��������� !     i, : 11  RE\ ELSTOKE, WEST -KOOTENAY, B.C.  SIBBALD  3  Wholesale   Commission Merchants. ' C* ?,  1 ,^l"   Revelstoke    Station- ���������  NOW IN STOCK  was once the i.toperrv of Jii'l<^������  Coin- , TTT__���������_ _��������� .'    ���������       s~i ~ft.iT i   /~*Q ������  W!lii. ��������� ; Wholesale   Commission Merchants. wt^^  (i. I3ortlisviclc is' Co., K.-uiilooj.s, ���������'  in.'inufac'urii th������ lit'sf '(.���������iiC.ii' in the 1  liouie niarkot. 'J'rv ilieir Interior. Lai  Murium or Vi ido of Kaniluo])s ciic.ji--.     I      ��������� -     ' ���������:' _       ' . >_ 1 ' 1 7 ��������� ^   *i^\^ ?'^IavcXirZ WButter.   Egg-g,' -Vegetables,. Kay.'A Splendid line of Carpets in Brussels, Tapestry  c-llVcts of his fall. ', ��������� ���������"'   't"i'r- ��������� 1 ft ���������J-   f>1       --  '----    "*��������� "���������'���������'��������� ���������      *  Ask for Inteiiot, Li Morcna or 1  Pride of Ivainlooji.s  ciicar and   take   no,  other.  v       , 1  1  .Messrs. Crauo and Cosd-i ton, a^'i'iits  of tho leliabln Sun  Life Iiisiiiuriee (Ai . '  weie   in    tossn    this   .ssci-k. ' Tln-v   .m-  iCoiiii.' on   an   extensive    tout     of    tin-  ���������district.  ���������An   encrine    on    the    Arrow    Like |  Tii'.-inr-h svent  ol:' the   rail-   and    lulled I  /lov, 11   the   bank    last    vseek.      No   oie-  Jiurt    but     the      eiiiciii'-      sva-      badls  ���������damtiici'd.  A^rf'.X'l S   }-()H  and Wool.   Art Squares in Larg-e Variety  Of Patterns and Sizes.  A. MacDonald & Co.,  ��������� I Cm  who*--**. g,oc,,, ESPECIAL ATTENTION  CANADIAN GENERAL ELEUTRIC 00.  c  \AJ ������������������  i LI.MM i  i>  Capital,  51,500,000. Hi-ad Office:,, Toronlo. Ont.  w. (;. r.ixion h.-.s aeicp.ed   ii,,.-      Manufacturers of Eloctri3 Miluug App/ii-^tu.*;,  .'lirenev of  lhe.Sun  Life  ru-uiam-e   Co. '  l.of-omot is i-s, (Jn.-tl ('iittci-   l|c< ii" oc.t i,..^ hi il',*    I'vii,,." ���������  ,],.  .   It.���������.,'���������/t ii,(l ,n ij  ~\Vc hope he vsiil do a lit st-i ate biisim-s- Liic'itiiif.' Anjiar .11 ���������  =-a- Ins h.is   a   I'u.st-rnte   i-ouij.aiiv.     See     jt/iriTARO     l'"-'  !''( ! "���������   I1!'"'   <   ���������������������������   . ". " 'i     ,       -,.'.,  ] il in for insiiraiic-e. ;  l������l*^-^    '   v-'I   ���������-*���������>    tm   -h_\  ii.iI.i-o!   i'.im.   I'i.-', -.   !i ,'. ���������        ( ,   ������  liil|irovi;iiienH me l..'iiiK r-fli-eled   on! 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Revelstoke Station  rr= vn (r-*���������''  r  ������&������--  ")ir{-  - ��������� to"**  ���������������������������<:>    ������   |;  BV  r*<r\T  \j>  y [  ' >  J-Ias just opened up a beautiful lot of " ���������/������������������'.,  ���������pring Dress Goods and Trioiniings, - ' :i:'  MillSnery and Fancy Goods.  Aud also a K-jlendid range of the famous  Slater Boots and,Shoes.  .' Mens OlotMiig- and Furnlshiiig'S.


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