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Kootenay Mail May 7, 1898

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 .u  If  . S '-  -���������>.,  - ���������, .  '.IC'      '    ���������  ^7*-  t v*  1%*'  :i5  -:,-U|L'lU^     -\    ^       'ft I  /(  Vol. 5.���������No. 3.  UEYELSTOKE. "WEST KOOTENAY.  I  ii  j O'JO.  $2.00 a Year.  ONLY  FIVE  MILLIONS  ; IS WHAT'THE GOVERNMENT WtJULD  BORROW  NOW.        ,   ,  Mackenzie & Mann and other railroads  ���������The Pentieton route also���������Not  i i  a   bill   lor  general   good���������Only  eight days to discuss it in.  ft  r-t*i ���������  vL  h'-  l A  If i 6  1  I)}  li,  '���������A  In  n "What language is -Ii uiig .'Hough lo  ������-*���������*in denouncing the Hill ju*-t hi ought  down (IL C. Public- Winks Lo.in Act,  ltv)7j svhieh .uitbori/.e-. the Lieiilon.int-  Oovei nor-in-Councii in inn rosv or imi*-o  ���������my stun (il inoney not. ctieodi'ig live  million dollats. (Jut (tl" tbe money  l-.ii-od by this Acl the government,  propose.-, to p.iv .fJlJ-lXJ per mile to tho  ,  iojjovv ing mill oads :  Fur.,i standard gauge l.iilvsay lioi'n  'Ponlieloir lo thi' Hound.trv t.'ieek  disliirl, appioxinuitely ]()0 miles m  length at i-i 1,000 per mile = y 100,(K)0.  For standard gauge railway. Hob-i'i)  to Dound.irv Creek, to connect, svilh  the above eighty miles, ab ol.OOO per  |-fjih* = i|i������20,(X)0.  , For $ta*ii((.iid gauge ro.-id, English  Bluif via Olnllivvuck to' Penticlnn, 2'10  miles at $1,000 per mile = $020,000,  Foi- not moie than -100 judos of  nahkow n.vt't.i: i.iilsv.iy fiom Tcshn  L.ike to���������t --apoit in B. C. at i-i 1,000 per  |iiile=Sl,(.00,000. 8 .   ,  Tot.il .nd to i*,iiliv.tv-=-$J,3170,000,  leaving .*fS'-M,000 to meet deficits.  .Space fail a the il.sir, to slate at,  length its objettions to this bill. It i-  a monitions. '-.njuslh'i' this hugh pnt-  latchiuu; of public funds (���������specially to  institutions IV>i development of1 other  i oiiniiies than oip-oisn, a-. Llie Teshn  Like l.uho.ui. It l- \iitb all ils  " <*enei.>sity a .measure , not. best (.ileu-  1 iled to irne beneficial' re-ailt- lo ihe  whole Piovmeo, but i- mn-t noticeably  seclion-ai. Look .it the" .>1.()0,).Q0() and  tb'.) $R20,('On bonus tor the Timlin Lake  ..ind.BriyO inb't-Q.ne-nellc ;o..ils both  running io Uu* se.i. - Anyone .svho h.is  .it. .ill studied the situation will .-,...-  tb.it Orii-ibno noil Lillooet and Cassia i  even-Tan be mutt- gciioi.iliy benefit I. d  by building itoiu -My Ashci-ott to,,ll e  iioi-Cb.*. vrhrt'honits(..s-.f(nyHbe-.e lnq  Vu.ul-s added t(.gelher snake y2.520,0HO  siliiii) -hould i-iu- Cafiboc, (.'is-i.u  and Lii.ooet eiin.ieitiou sv'.m a li.uis  fontiuental io.nl instead of uilb (he  sea.' Why i������ lhis.;d0ni-, 'but t()  seem e the riacle'for Victoria e^peil.ll-  , y.    Is it unjikely?  Heie then i-? over half Lho liie piil-  lion������ q-i anled for .sectional benefit not  forgeneiul benefit. (Jan the Vutoria  people obj"it then if people in the  |nieiior pi (ites'L au.iinst stub m������lI ion.il-  isin   But th.'t is not all,' the other and u>-  tiianuii'j; Sl,t!."30,UIK) i^ also basal o)>  Jnide .ids-.-intage to the coast. The  idea of building iioiu itossland lo  Boundary. HoundaVy to Peiu'uton, and  Peiititlon to tlie toast is Lo give a  coast eoiiiH-itii'ui' to Koolenay via  l-Vntuton, nol by lt-'i elsloke .*s at  pii'sent. Tha-P-MiLu ton ly.iiuh i^ is'  noticeable Has to be bey in lioin (lie  Pentieton end lii-t; sshai. is tn-il lot  but In open the liade iioiu the west  'iind so'establish it. Tlipie can be no  better ant lion ty (jnoted to Mippoi t I his  \ jess- than Mi. K. Pi..HU.betv-1i!.P.B., ol  Vielot i.i cits* svbo'staled it to be (he  'j me Lest ss.ty to siiuii' the tiade ol  Koolenay. to the c-oasi in a speech  made Fi-bi u.ttd '07. So piacinally the  whole bill i1.'based on a principle 'ol  sectioriiilisiiir of-a. ti ado cluuacLei -at,  inueh it nob iiioL'e tba:i, anyibing ebe.  Kootenay inu������t not grnuible, ,il. i.in  iiunish the milk (revenue), anc] the  ilislrihution - ciin be made, ssLiu*, ioi  some and ereiiin tor otlieis.  dbonld Revelstoke 'people be blamed  for pointing ouo what j\lt. Hitiieb said  in Victoria about Ihe Bound.try neek  -'xteiisii.ii to U\i' eo.isli" lie asked lli.it  nieeting ii il iv.is piudeiil lo-,pei>.d  Jjil.OoO.OOO banns ivben bbere ss.-is ime  i o.ul already,!nsweriug tbepiii pose. I'e  poir. I ed out that Hevelsloke. ii;t. ob-  ,-ji ctive jioin( of I he C. P. Ii. in lyiiil-j  inlay, svas  hub  1!)  hours  distant   limn |  Vaneoiii er,   bv    llie   nesv   rnute  Hoss-  ii . " ,i        .       ..       a,    e.iiiiu'etioii  loud eaiinoi be   i cat lied   in los-5 than 10  bonis. Itosdiind, s.tul be, is now a  (ciitie. but is Im knoss s bub it in.\y not  be Revelstoke sluii lly. 'J'lieic is mxid  i c.lsoil t(. oi)|cct lo a scheme by Revel stoke people ii I iu 11 oi\Iv makes a s,tv-  ���������|iig in lime of tlnee hours ovci iheir  i (nit ���������* and v. hit 1) cosls tlie (ountiy  .-^1.0.7,1.000. BuLit, hi e.,-ll other loids.  leads In Route, so I bo Kins- iiiu-,1 ion-  sen I to another milking.  And in (Miitlnsion it should be i c-  meinbei ei^ tl,'.-bill isas himighl d,.nvn  on ihe I'll ol  Alay.   cinhl   ;las-   b' Ioi e  ibrongh. 11 should nuyer be bropghb  tloivn at siith a lime, bub the public  slionld be given an opportunity lo in-  lelligciidy pionoupce upiiii it. The  governnieiil must'be al'iaid of tho  people's views upon il or if, svould  libver be brought in at the t.'.il end ot"  tho last.-ession eight days only hefoie  .-idjoutnnient. Rcvelsioke svill make  no mistake in denouncing ihi^s bill m  most vigorous ici ins nnd it mil honor  il-elf iii doing so as it <liil pn the Rc-  disii'ibiilion Bill svhieh it was tins wry  Iii st to pi ot-'-t agaiusl. J i, is, time'5 ion  :v tli.iugc!  GOIN  n  IT  DT T  DLL  isoti a  nd.M  CSjiU'gOl-,  A BILL TO   ACCELERATE   THE  INCORPORATION.'  Turnei-Mclnnes,  Thi> icpoit is iiiirenl ,-iml Pieiuier  Tin n.'i-has verified it Iba! .Mr. W. B.  Mi I mil's, JI. P., a most gritty young  Gi itnii'inbei Of the llou^coi Commons,  Canada, is lo entef local polil its in Mip-  pol t of the present govel nnient.  'Will II*,c If.-rald plisusc explain rhovv  it, lec-oiu iles siith an iillianc svilh the  aiifiinionl '1 ii-l'd Ioi flopping lo  Tin uer; il'.ib the Ci its were Living lo  capture the Provinte ?  Your smoke is ^'otil, Hei.ild, and it  svill t'lioke you yet. *���������'  Timo For,A Change,, '  ^l, is dear that justice cannot be .*>.-  peeled fiom the men now at the head  of ail'airs. Disci iinin'al ion in f.isorof  the !s'.)s ei mnoul's liicnd-, the coal  mine! *. as against the quartz; niinei-*,  has laid on Ibis dislriel tlie burden of  the scry he ivy (1.im-s noss levied: I.litre  though the public debt is they aie  eager !o increase il lo beiicfit Victoria,'  weHKnoivingth.it thai city will bear  but a slight poil ion oi the inci eased  t.i>ati<>ii, and they do nob .stop,rat injustice . and even insult, in .giving to  nocki't bo. ihij-liT'like Sstpiiuiault .tad  Cissinr undue lepiesenlation that,  their gang may contiol llu- next  i-laUuo���������Rosslandi r.        ,, '���������  leg  sl CREDITABLE REPORT.  Great Western Minos, Limited, Holds'  Its Annual .Meeting,  '   , _. i_     ',* '   ���������  Tlio annual iiu'cimg of the shareholders oi the Cii_e.it YYos'trrn. ?>lines,  Linplt'd, look place .1$ ���������,iuinifunuK.1 .at  'bhe eonipany!^ oliiees, .Revelstoke,' on  rfuc-,day, May 3td. Tho follossiug  s\6i*e elected olliieis for the eusuinir  jo.ii: W. i', Pool, PifsiileiH: F. \\"  Uodo.il, Viu'-Piesidcntj d. D. Giali.un,  Heei el ai s -Ti oastii ei. , The. iib.iv dii ect-  ois tVulHflS ine Messrs.- J.'J. Young,'  W. K. Yukeis, A 13. Kiue.iide and  Thos. Kilpatnck Mi. J.uiies lluiphy,  B. A. is the, company s sohuitoi, ^iiid  theit bankers, the Tinpeiial Uciuk'ot'  Canada.        - ' ���������    '   -    -  Tlie   tcporb   foi' the   year   sjiosscd  most    satlsfaetois     pioUiess   and   pi 0-  acp.t.s one oi  tsvo VcaluK"* ivhich should  yo far Lo  lecoinnu'iul   tlie   eoiup.ins  to  imhhu f.isor.    These   Ec.ituies aie,   as  shosvu in the folloisui"   statenivsut, tlie  ahsv'ucc of any ilenis   tin   oilicois   sal  .it io-, the seiy huge   peicentagt1,   os?i  7.J per cei'l.,   ot    the  expendiMire  ap  plied dncctly to no'i/, iind   suppiie-- on,  the 1111110. and llie  sigmfnaui c.ish hal-  .iiHc ..L   tin-*   bank   to'  continue,   uper  ations this year:  TN't'OM;;.  Sale of li.eosui-y smck.  .r..'ll)0 sbaics  at 111 cents j.er sii ue ?\L'.'. C(\  SuiiihiLs . . .1 -0 il-'  What svill nbe the responsibility  about the river bank���������Are sve  prepared to accept it���������It should  have full discussion and no huny.  'J'he Hon. Attoi ney-Oenei'.il has in-  tinduced a bill lo ".���������teeeler.ite " the in-  corpoiation of tlie town oi Rev-cl-toke.  While it, value-, the advantages- con-  ieiied by im oi-poraUon a-- much ils  anyone the M.s.11, sees* nu iimmmi' I'm  ���������'.Kccleiation " till lis.b vital matter  aitectiiig the vei y lociUon ot tin* town  ���������thepe. inanenbpiotettiou of the i ivei  bank -i^ settled, [b has slu-svu that  is ill) broken negotiations bf-tiveen the  two governments liotli i of use. rcspoiiii-  bililv diiettly. It has pointed (nil  t'.nil liual inunicipalilie-! in this Pun-  ince having their lauds prnlecled by  gov eminent aie held so diiccbly re���������  IKiusiiile foi that proli-clion that  theii jiropeity is made ii'fiisb charge  tor the lepaymenb of bhc money ad-  y.uiLcd. ,\s t.n as can be seen, -I hi-te-  fcue, b'neie feeuis no (Che;* opinion to  lO'u'e to bo! lh.it Revelstoke lfiiuoipo-  rated must, face thi-, u*-pon*-ibilily.  Whabdocs thai i esponsibdity tiie.iii?  Theie is iinlj a man in Revel-toke  piepaied to say that t he vsoik none on  ibis liver bank N a permanent, pio-  tcetion. Mi. Gamble, the eiigineei of  bhai wot k, says inv his i cpoi b that to  undertake to thoioughly pioleib lhc  'livei' bank isouid involve the outlay ol  .l large sum of money. Is Res elstoke  prejiaicd lo face llli1- expense, and also  meet llie demands neces-.ary for scii-  (Sge system. s|_ieot imp! oveiiienls and  the like? It, is all vets-nice to have a  mayor and aldi-i men; a city -olit-ilor,  iKiik.mil   tlie   ie-l   oicthc   "officials,"  - -7,  bf-b mtiiiov in lli.s toil!) is needed' foi  something ebe than " otijter.s."' The  iiver bank will l;i,kc some! !   ,  n  The il.sii. subii'ils bli-il. t,he qoe-don  lt,.ss not. been gis-.cn bin' attention oi  con.-ldci lilion it t',o-ci i es. Jth.in been  dismissed, w.th .i " beiicf" v,th.ib Ihe  town svould nob be i e-.poiit.ible 'il m-,  eorpoiatvd yet nob a ,nicc>-(leiH nor-a  line I'loii'.inyone m auLhoiitv has been  o'foicd to piove that belief s.'ell toiind-'  ed. Jntleed the evidence oli'eicd is all  the ol hei" , svay and points clearly to  Ibis fe<ii fill burden being pub diiettly  upon liie people, and as t.n as tan be  le.u ued uol a single cli'orb has been  niade-to find oul il that burden svill be  taken off or not.  lb.seen is to the Mail in vicsv ()f these  factstliat 'ue .nc'��������� going it blind" .ij.,  ���������'accelei/itcd" speed and dcclaie our  anxiety to atn-pb thi- resjion-ibility  vs-hith   should   be   phi' ed   upon   oilier  is back in tosvn  fro-n.,, Di'u,r Pni k. no intends viilh  some Other fiieuds going up the Can(;C*  iind P;u siiij) riscis on a , p. o-j ectmg  tiip.  Large .selection of p.itonb goods^  ctdidensed nullcs, etc.���������Tlie McDowell^  Abkiii*-, AVa-.son'Co., MdJ.uty's Block.  Rosels'oke Station. o  The local Cliinese, coniingcnt, ha-.t-  underliilcen to Inu-v tin; remains fojmd  on tlie hill last neck, svhicli i,b is  gcueiallv c(>ncedcd aie tlioso of '-Sain''  ulio d'siijjpeaioi] so suddenly "-onii*  >iim*r;'i;o. -~^=r���������  Sides of Konteiiiiy Siucltiilt; .i:  Ti.sditig C'n.'s propeili, this wijfk iveto  15. Tapping, l.ots'7 nnd S. Ilioelc G; W.  F. Ciitge, Lots Hi, 1/ aud J S, llli.ek  37.,  This ptoporiy is a  splendid   buy.  PiPgict. svill be- gt'iioi.d at hem ing  that S. BalletMaide is'.-igain laid up  tliron^h the svlieelof Ins ii.iggon roll  ing osei his anxle. Mr, Ballcgaaide  had but just recovered fiom a prolonged illness.  Foni pi netisod hydraulic Illinois  arrived Wednosd-.y from OiosiIU*,  California, 'l'hey are engaged by tho  I'lcnch Cteek ^lining Co. who ato  now getting cieiylliing teady for a  big stni t.     (,  , Mr. Petingell of (he Canada lb tig  &. Book Co.'s biancli aC Xolsun will  tak? eh'aige here tenipoi-.irily in the  ab*eiice of Mi. McDonald, the lotal  manage i, svho go"s, B^ the kelson  branch for a svhile.  The Str. Lytton svill arrive to-night.o  uo up to the iiead of b!ie Cans on* on  Sunday and continue the trip on Mon-  d.is. She is charteied oy t,!ic Fiencli  Cioelc Co svho h'ise a lot"of plant, and  piovisions (o go up on her  Geo  T.   ISrfvvman,   tho   onteipi isinp-  niereliiinb of Ai rovi head, was  ii:   ton n  UNGRACIOUSLY  GIVEN  ANOTHER MEMBER GIVEN TO WEST  -   KOOTENAY.  Secured by a hard battle���������The Government Iind to give in for .shaijie's  jako Never had been but for  protests -Revelstoke Riding.  On Tuesday, May Hid, the govcrn-  uu'iil hi ought in an amendment l i the  iidisl ribulion bill giving West Ivoot-  (-l)ii.S an e.slia membii. making the  loiiil menibei ship of lh'- iuu-c linr:y-  I'ight. 'J'he way this .neinber w  gianled. by adding bo an alu-ady over-  l:u ge house i (>pi c-cnl ing const ii uencies  I hat as c in some i ase-> even uoncies-  '..uy, isas iiugi.ieiou--, almost, as tile  ni.inner by which it vsa-. sceiued,  namely, pi otesl, ?t)iidy ..'.^i.t.iti"!). argument, and oppos.iion. ��������� Th  eininenl's    nieastiu-  vva -  gov-  ol    sntli   a  ami  ful     ihaiaeU'i',     especially    Lo-  Tolal ' .' .     .<���������  .  JCXPBNmTURi:.  SS'asjes  li.i.iKiiii-; lam j suppl.es .  -Slineif' sii|j])1ils      . . .  Csuip c |ii-pin- :it .      .  Hankchaiges ���������    ... ,.-.���������   lijolceia' conunis^ioiirt on -vile of tieaa-  my sliaio-     ......  J'linliiiKanil itiiiiontrj       , ._   l-'ioiy;lit charges   Ciuioi niiiciit lets .    , .    . v '..  1'0-tnKC ..,.',... ':' :..\  ..  ban charges    Ollice o\j.enses (  Total .  t'.i-l. b.iluice In b.iiib  tI0.'n 01"  ?;21l '25  -7 bS  Jib H  ,17 -M  .    U M  shouldcis than our on n. It thepubl,ic  say they vvi������h to tabe the responsibility,  to hiui-v to do to, the M-Viir, will accept  then voice and ..lo its duty u.idei lh'  iuiiiiicip.il debt is Inch iL .ii inly belies es  the tow n i^ uiincces--.ii iiy a^sminng. lb  has done H--duty in nn c of tlie cxptc-^-  cdsvishot Miiiie citizens foi incoipiv  mtion iu pointing out, Llus niattei  fully and asking it.- coii-idi'iaLion, aud  ib leaves the matter at i hat.    Il  u-   not  n    ,  anauist mtm poiation. it it was i(  would havo Liken giound long ei c tills,  hut it is nob coi-.UJub to t iiteelciabi it,  till it '���������ees ihe pioteiiio.) of ihe loss-,!  definitely sec-uitd. Tin: moi.  the less speed [  IiasU  Local and Personal Briefs.  ���������_' A  :. (iii  b  I"iott Edg.n is hack in town.  A  E. Jackson   i*.   back   at   Smith's  kery  sew ni'  cl'.Vi <0  \Ve>l  ���������fails-.  Toial  The propci lies of bho Gic.it  ci-n Mines aie the (Jr.icl-ei  Young CaiuicA- and Gieat Wftslcin  iiiineia! claims on lho ea-i, a. in of A i  i on lake, about si\ mile, noli, i.ulw iv  at Ai loivhcad 'i he dt-  lectoia iiK<) icporb th u h>i "200.000  [iiunsotcr-i sh.ue- thev haw,' atijuued  without cost to lhc lli'.l-stl'S sll.ue-  holdei, 5 the Nettie L niu.fi.il claim  ninth is a gold, sdsei, cupj c-r and  leu; 'iiopnsuinu, about one ,v.\d a li,.li  inile-s fioin Jrei'guM,ii, !\;ii__ clo-e in a  i-ood wagon load. On the Co eat  West'-m jooup the   eompauv   liai.-iun  277 (0  17 ."-'.  Jfi jd ,  lii'j 7j !       B.lsy liuining. ll.UM'les  1 Ul I (bines at t'oiil'sier's.  T.J. Lendium, of   Ain--.iv.iith,  ui tow n 'i'huisday and Fiida\.  -\le\    Cuiiiiuins   and     Dai win  Il itoil v,(-ie in   tow ii    ttiiis    sveek  J'VlgllSOU.  W. G. liirncs is doiiu a lino job of  painting ou A. G. M. Spiagyc s n*si-  deuce.  Hei. Jr. A.  V\,id  t-'ji.i I  l-l^.,  iii,,-  o  was  G  fiolli  earls this week.     Mi. Newman is  trying to get up a, celebration   at    Airow  head    fo'-    tho   "21th.    The   Foi ester's  hall comes oil' that, niglit   in   the   ne,sv  Anowhe.id pailiiic lull  Tho. P.fvolstol-r- biass hand is gobbing dosv.n to really good, hard svtu-k  and svilh sonie praetui' wiil be iu  Bplenrfid condition for the coiiiing sea-  sou. The   thn-e   Sawsei    I roi.heis   ai-ft  '  id] musicians and- will  be ;i-  great    ac'y  qnisition foi the hand.  '"Mi. Kellie's'J'iuok Act h.W finalls  passed in its amended foi in. Till.  Kellie dest'isr5.s th? thanks of overs  svorking man in tlie con nit v foi driving tin ough this measure. Actions  speak louder than sijoids and this act,  of ,Mr. Kelhe's vi.ll make linn 'many  fi iends * '  A special tneoting of Boaid of Tiade  held jesteiday sugnesled hy ssiie tliab  the hill ineoi p(,)i at-in" llevelsio'i't; le  held over bill discussed hs public meal  ing Saturday osening The Jio.ud  Council ap/.tid that, the (pialifitabiou for  nviyoi he assessed piopei Is- of 1^1.000  not registered ; alderinen (jiialificalioi s  foOO assessed instead of legisteiod.  Tho body of Thomes Tlendei ton,  who who was lost on tho 3Sroi*i!i Jrork  mad ,.houb Decenihei :23.d. '07, svas  on Monday discoveicd hy Dais GillesJ  pic and J, T.iyloi, u ho weie on tlieii  was up to their iniiioial juopei tic-s.  Gillespie came hack at, onie ami n.id-  fied the anthoiities, and he U.is gono  li.i.ik again with the cotonoi. jdendei-  son le.ues a widow and cluld, at  Calg.u-v.  nipils  M  is   e.Npccteo  had  Jie is icjjoi ted   id   bo   much  a lob-fool tunnel on   t!  le  ltd.  ii hi el  i.uirs tiom Livo lo eighb ted m wu.th.  and assays htve hu-u ..blamed sl.ovi-  mg (;.0 to 80 o/ nl' sil vei, i t'..t-i to  *?! 0 in u'old and SU pel  tent  lead      (Jn  pe  no  foot tiinni 1 have hi en run 'lhc  Vie I. lidge is Iioiu.   Lw.i to ���������*: n ei  s'.i  the   premier   hoped   lhc   hou-e   wotihi . the Nettie Jj a 20 foot  ���������idjoiiin.     Kighi   (javs   lo I innk oi, cii  ingasvas hie   millions;   .-ip;lii   d.^vs   lo  (bind of   inkling   five   millions   io oui  debt.     'J'licrc   is   nolliiug   small   .iliout  [ his lull ni ii- I he Li \.  |ii  will  i < (|iiii(   l<.  mccl   il ; Ihci e is uol hiug  -.i��������� 1.111 a'oiiiil  il  |  fjill  bhc lime L-iii-n In (lis( i|s^ it.  halt  and ay-.n.s as lu  04 "-ilier,  I  pei     tent.  The Uie.u  lepo s is a  is  N'el  11 id'  2l! in i;nld .."..">  ;' per ecu I. inptn-r ind 10  I'M,,! \\ .ve hei ii oh ni i )  W 1 st.-i a Ainu s due tots  noil ( 't- -un it;! "'  a -d is 1   !  Tin-  UI(lC((t  '1 ailio.nluig     ,1   It,  ltabl  shot ilv  l.Cllei.  Aiaiy P.uks v lnl-;   on   Lis   M';is   by  - boat to Smith Cieek   got   upset   at  ii  Mile iiHif; and lost al! Ills supplies  Chas.   S    Jio.ue,    manager   'of    tin  Winnipeg    blanch    of    the     linp.jti.il  I) ink. wits licit; on business   Satutdav  '       A snow slide on  Wednesday    can led  !.iwa_v .i.boui 100 f ei of   No.   20   mh.������  -bed.      One    plior    section   hand   v as .  'i-ilied !  1 Apian i'n: i ciin*. ..ling and iniptos-  1 ing the !J "-bile.'.111 chinch building  1 has la mi .nc-plcd   and   .-   considei ilil.  sum    ictcncd    tow aids    the     anioniu  , in (i-s-ars.  Mt I'os.eli'.s    Coi'ipoitud    Svnip    or  ' "\\ hue Pine  f������n    ti.ut.dis   and   tolds  The  Mf 1'on rll.   .'slkilis.    Wat-.111   Go.  M> C ills s Ihotl.  Hei elitol e I'-.tation  (J   C   ?��������� I f 1' 1 f /oi, on.' oi  liie j  nlnei  in tli(   I oc 1 .11 in iMnp fn in or   J lnl. h  ReveUtoke Public SchooU  Following is (lie  standing   ol  for month ol April.  Glass V.���������W n.'iivo, K i.bsn'l-  Glass    LV.1���������IS    Lang,   10    Fi.v^ei,  Adair.  Sr. III.���������M   Lolsvohl,   M   ib iison.  Hanson.  Jr. III.  Lee.  Cliss II  llanklay.  II.    Pi inii-i      - Walls  C-oi don, Annie 1 lansou.  I. I'limer - lv.ithle- n   Ki.iser,  Ogg, Nellie Main. o  IJCliss    ,lub". I'ei iiii, lOinnia   Allan  .iael.y Silih.ild.  A  Class - Willie    Kcr,i,i;;hau,  '?ol)ii)son, ii.uold ?i:(Ginm-.  L Foriesl,   M   Hamilton,   X  -i- Kobin-.,.ii,  M   M>v,lt,   li  waids West ivool.enay, thai, oil, svas  met wilb��������� indignant, protests by the  people, boards ol tiade and cityioim-  ,cils all over ihe tlisbrh t. and by per  sisienb   opposition   in   the house,itselt.  J'*or \eiy shame --.ike bhey had bo ice  ognize the t'lslucL but Lo a meagie  extent only, and 111 a in.innei thai, still  leaves the iii'M-uic lull ol iinongiu-  ilics and, anomalies iii repiescnt.ition  Irom the poinbs of view both of 1 ep-  lcsentaiion and tavaiion.  Ibtanbe jiislly pointed out that if  the geneial public and the pios= ol this  district had all -u'Dstiihcil lo t liCiyiesv  of this lcdisli lb'ulion (?) bill taken by  the Daily Hei.dd, "thab the bill is ai  satisfactory as <<in he e::peeted although ib may nob quite (onie up Io  0111 Ideas in Koolenay," and vv.-i c con-  benb lo mal.e no more comment aud  piote-l       than     that,       this veiy  ^U'Mgi e I'.'togn'i.bion of one additional  V.iein her, would pi ob.ibly nevt'i* have  been made and the bill would have remained ns ori'-dnallv mil odut ed.  It inighbalso be pointed out thai the  l.oimdaties ol llie Kevelstoke tiding  have ag iiii been changed ( the Duncan  1 ivei tounbi-, htiving been taken oil,'  pniKipallv on the suggestion ul ill.  Kellie, 3\l.P P) and as ib now evsisls  this     (on-bllueucy     i-    dcstrib(;d    us  billows: ,, '*6  "1! liV liLSTOK E HID LXG  i' "Shall compiise all bh.it portion of  the ,s,iiY! disiiict of West, Koolenay  which lies lo the north of a line commencing at. llie point 11'hete the svest-  01 ly boundary of the said distiicb 111-  loiseclsthe height of ^and lying to  the south ol Inonoakfu cieek audits  ti ib'.il.u ies; ihctue along the said  height ot land, lollossinv. down the  said tieek, lo Ijiivser At row Lake and  blie tentie line Lheieol; I hence liotth-  oily along the tentie line ol Lowei  A11011 Lake to a point opposite ihe  height ol l.-,",!fl south ot (f.iriboo 11 eek:  tnence along the height ol land to ihe  south ni Cuihoo cieek and tis liib-  iit.u ies, and following the said creek  lo its head;' thence following ihe  height, of laud hebsscet* llie vvaiei-  .lowii'f' into Siocati Lake and those  Miming into Loner Anosv Lake, and  bhc h.'ight ol land bet 11 ecu Poplar  tieek and Cas( uie cieek, to the Lardo  iivei Ml a point h.ill-ssay bebsiei-.i  Ti out Lake and Koolenay Lake;  llience noilh-e.lsteily to the height ol  land between Hunt.in 1 ivei and Tionl  La be; I hem e 11011 h-ss estei ly to I he  iieadvialei -. ot (Jaini'-i on or I hill ti eek;  Iheiii C dow u the Slid Hall 01 Gameion  cicekitolhe nunc.in tisei; llience lo  bh>' mouth, ol L.isb ci eek: thence up  s.ii.l La-l cieek to its he.ulss,it"i s, and  j llience due easi in tin- e.i-t.'ii bound-  iry ol \'',"< st Koolenay di-trii I.  The nee. m.-mi.er uoes to the "SIo-  i:i.l.  tin    Ro���������land   iiding  Tipping has (he -ai!).������ iueNi and i-at-tr  ing on \'. -litlioul delay. K.nly thi-  sveek he pui'cha-i-d fiom the Kootenay  Smt-lt ing and 'J'r.ifliiig Company tsvo  lots on the uitiiei of Ci.udcn avenue  and Seioijtc itieet and has already  liis luinher 0,1, the ground &< a coi 11-  uieui 1 mi r.t. In conversation Mr.  Tapping s.ud: he ]n������"ndcd to etcct a  1 ".o-s|01 e\-building ItixOKLi'l inside,  liaving lh-' li ill on ihe gi onud floor  and ciunfoi lahie bi-igi- sonms ou the.  -1 1 ono. J ie propo-e-to e-^-iip his ha'i ,  Ioi lhc aei ouui.odation of fir.-L-clas������  the.it 11c.1l and opet.i (omjianies and  ha- hope- of induting th'.'-e troupes' to  inciiu'e Revei-loke in their itineraries.  ,; r  o      Fire at Sicair-ous.  On Thui-day mornitsc,' a fin1 took  pl.u e abSicauions sv hicii enth'ely con-  siuued bhc hotel kepi at the dvpol hy  .Mi-!. Cartel togetbei vvith the station  house .-.nd ���������a ponton of the plaifu'rin.  'Lb-' tau-e is con-ideied to have been  pin ely accidenl.t). Veiy litlli-'of Lho  fiunitiue vvas lemovcd.  .������ r  Just a Mistake.  *  ' *���������      v  One ..liter ur-uthet the Rooteniiy-  po]ie!-,ai'e launcning into the sea. of  daily joui-uahstn. Tlie Revelstoke.  Mail began and the Kooienaian follosv-  edv -ind nowvthe Nei-ou. 3J[iuer intends  to follow isiu'l.--Standaid.  'J'h'1 Standard evidently doesn't knosvn  that the Mail i- a slicing anti-gqivein-  ment paper.  ��������� ������������������������������������ ���������    - - ��������� ���������> ������i^������ r 1  Presuming on Friendship.  Editoh Msil:        -    .  ,    During iccoss,   before   Mr.   Speaker  too/i- tbe eli.in- ab S.30 p   in.,   a   chinaman tooA; tbe spou/.-er's chair yvhile the'  'mate   sva.-,   015, 'the    table.       Pieuiiei-  Turner   and   SpeaX-ec   Booib   caiue iu  and b.'ughed ai the unusual   spectacle.  Thoy    went  -tail   into   the. lobby and  the sei-gp.iiit-at-aims   came   in   and ordered dolni Cliin.un.in out.      Many of  -  the inemheis weie iu their   places and  weie highly amused  ac   the   spectacle..  Victoria., J. M'. K.'  May 5.     ';' ���������  The Daily Outbreak.  Tlie Iva.-lo Kootenaian (recently-  ilopped) has cc-Ure' out as a daily, and  it, must he said in all fail ue-s that it is r  a sets* creditable production for a  placed Ka=lo*-si/,c. The daily paper  habit seems to Iiave a good many vie-,  tinis in tbe province at the present  lime." JSubthe thance.s are that when,  the elections ate over theie. will not be  the same keei*! demand for. yp-sss thar  theti' is now.���������Province.  Our Captain.  A public meeting, called by W. G.  J^i^L.m, took place Thui-*dt������y evening  in Cue 1 oui b house 10 e!"cb a capLiin  ioi the pioposed militia company. G.  13. Gtogan was appointed chairman,  and hasing stated the object of the  meeting, ihe sec 1 elaty read h.is, letter  to Lieut.-Col. Petei-, ii. Os C.h rel.uing  the les-ult oC llie previous uieeting on  ihe -aine mattei and then read the  rcpl y- -askiiur for the noinin.uion'of  some suitable person to act as captain.  On million of J. D.' Grhhatn, seconded  by 0. R. Shaw. Thomji-on E. L. Taylor vva- uoniiiiated, movei and sec-  ondei making very suitable speeches.  This iiiMiiin it ion met with geneial appi.>vil and the ehairni.in d.etl.ned Mr.  Taylor un.inimoti-.ly t ko-en lu fill ibis,  veiy 1 e-ponsihly position. Mr. Tasini  icspniulcd .-p|>' opt ia'.ely iirid names  having been added to th" roll of tho-e  wishing to -piin tiie company, the.  mt't'tuig aci jotu nod.  CI,111;  Giace  Willie  Leah  can 1 uliii--,    ,  I'eniaiii-, unchanged 11 mn   that   funned  hv llie 01 iitiu.d hill.  A New industry.  The Sivvyer I'm-. ^), lioin < 'old-  water, Out., an ived Tuesday and in  p.n luoi diip uilb l',ie.l il.ium.iu,. ul  Itevi-lsloke, will ab o;,i,- ( omineni e lhc  ei et lion and opei.il <on ol -i -a-h and  1I001 lac lo*i \- The new fi ��������� 111 i- made  1 1 ni'.icl iial 1111 n 1 i>! i' 1,-sshoknovs  ihe.1 liusini'ss, and I'.s expel icik ������������������  con,' 1 1 "I .il(li I lie .' !..Ullage (,j pos-  sessin., '! . - v 1 1 ,��������� ' itcst and mod.-in  lli.U hlil.' \ ,1 ill '. si II in Ihe I 111 .ll'l1.'  out "(,f ai. mate 1 ,1 111 the very I,, sl  sis le and .pi.'ilits In I c h 1 1 any 11 heie.  The licis Lu lui, ui'l b- located- on  TK.id St'cet iie.n- .1 Si.n llonnld i^..  Co.'-uai'cbous,. i,(|-i,;i   be  all   u.w'v  [     Tin  Msil  hi-  ou   s. 1,-. .1   ,,.(a-.i.p.  Ioi    oj>eial.ou    bv      .!oii"     lir-t.       The |  |>"inl ed   u..  lue    d   ol   a 11 alls  i u ire  inaclim, 1 v ,iit,.e.l 11 -lei day and u���������ii. | ,| ''"'"  "a'I, -ml mi" lei   ���������'.���������'!-.   '������������������������''���������'-  on   '.lie   hu.h'.iu:   betdus   niimedia' .-I v   ,|a     loliei  . nl, , ..i.iiiii'ul   , -I i-  Political Rumors.  Ml kinds ol I'ohlii ai 1 1111101- ,*ue flying .-111(1111. Pi opb a-!- why -hould  iL Inn.- ic-iun  in*.   M. P.   slop   to   liL-  COIlie ,M. i'. P. Ul''] elv . H ��������� IIIU-,1  esp.cbuioie than ,1 pin.lie in-inln-i-  slnpan.i 1 hi-, gut's lobu' to the idea  thai .'vl 101 ney-Ceii.-ral KbeiU m.u be  shehed. linn. Col. Label* loo is 1 c-  pm led In be win I S III1-: .('"'lib the Inline,  and as 101 ' niel Ciiiii.iI'---i-i.ici* .M.u tin  il 1-. I '.i.uiLrlit lis' in.nii I hat the  giit-ei uiiiiMii si siiil.i di op him in us. tt-i  sum. olhei 1:1 ill 1)111 I ll.lt IL 'Sotlld  aiiiagoni/" ii.11nlo.1p- Th"ie 1- .1111-  sidci.il.le I ioh.lt -d 1 1 ouble bn w n,g. fie  i'l' I- ( hai^.-.l ,i'i 1 I in- st a 111 iv II 1. . -I  in a vers lew d IS -. It is (] ill' 1 ���������- M  t ll.lb ihe go' I .in 1 'I' " 'S '' ' ''.'-l  beloi (    ( he  I ioil-e 111 ol .- ' il"1-.  The Taylor Block.  Th'.' conn at tor the eiettiun of the,  Tav lot block on ilacken/.i" avenue  ssii- let Tblll sd'iy. May .ith. J. Ivei-  n.igh.iji was the -licet���������ful tenderer.  Seven t.-tldel- weie put ill. four of  tlit-ill, lb si a- Km 1 lied, i.eiug very clo-e-  tog'th.t. The block wdl co-t .ibout  .���������-i;,!)1;!*, ,n)d tlie plan- tall for a tsv o-  si.ny building. .7I\''>'I on the giound  fl'iui, and }"i\ti'l un (lie -i (,-oUd iluor.  It will be.1 !'n-!-(lis- iiniidii'4>in eveiy  le-peit. 11 .'.11 eve:v iiiotlein con-  V .'111"! t.-. Th.- Pi His .mil -pecilit.Uion-  Weie load" bv Ml. K - I I'.,It,'!).Ill, and he  ( ..iniiietK ed wu'k ve-leulay dmging  ihe fell.traiisige; 1 mtr I'uelier hauled on  thegi ojin.l. Tee li.tll.llllg will have to  I..- t oinph'teil Lj June 10th. ;is ioi.ru in  it h.i > nhi.uis b"ci) secured, Messrs.  j'.i.ii. .(Iiii i"\ Co. intending in open  I ii." e .a. J'ltn* 1-t wit h a big dry goods  st 11 U. Tii" uocii'id lloor will'be used  ,,., ^1.,...-. (_li._. -eiun.j ,>.s oilices, ot  w    i< K ! in I '��������� w ill   be (iii'.:.  u  T'm  Nrv,  Opei.1 House.  ir  ."See I lit  is-UC.  t he firm'- net-   .id    in   t his   sv.-. ,^  . n  in  1  1.  qui  Mi  ii  Or* Arrow L?..l-;e.  ine 1.iii ���������1 ...'..'iii 1.ci to ii'..- Ouiadian  I'.ic ib- Huiwai I!.-.-;, if. ihe Arrovv  i.-\(s 1- t'.." : "w -".(Mi.!.-)- }io--!andN  S:,c i- i.a-.s (.-:..pi.-le .\.d m.tdi  lei lii-t h!|i.i,i M .;id iy. The Kout-  ell is V.'.II !u up Ioi ..ii.ut two vieeka  i..i the j.upi-e 0! b'-mcr ihuMiughly  .>, - 1 haiilc". ..v-.l p.int.-U ( apt.iius  .NfsliUb .iu(i Slnut ai" ^;oiie to i ike*  (ii.tlt;e of *-l t.. :n .-I - 011 : ���������>.��������� S|M( kino.  \V. Dvson, Iii >  nn -;   popiik.i   -tew ud  .ill til" I ike-, i- b .- k    on   I "!" Knot "I av'  iltt 1 alonr:si-it  c.-i.   vvhi> ���������  S'.twaid  !ino\ i-gone to 1 he  (oa-I.      A   heavv  p I--., nr.-i    tiMl'li.,    1-     e\p.'it--d      thi-^  -limine^ ��������� 1! I'-iai'd 'I 11. ������������������ THE KOOTENAY MATE.  *a  be 1fcootcna\* '!&aU  I'UHUSIIKIi KVi:itY SATrilDAV  --AT ��������� ,  RBVELSTOEE. B.C.,  ,     ���������UY-- ,   ,  A TIC IKS Sr'<-\A"Mrj'.>:!ib,  Penj.iriiSKiis a.N'ii J^aoi'uiirror.s.  ���������Subscription   Price,   S2.00 ,Per    Asuiuvn  ii" JiXItlCTtV IN  advanci: 'V3.  ADVERTISING RATES.'  ^ONTHAl.T AliVKII'J'ISHJIKN'I'S iiiscitcd al,  llie i-iitu of ?1..VI i������(;r coliiiiin inch !>'T iirn-in li.  Kor.spacisnf .six column inclios .a- over  :1  t.ci- ini-li nor nitrnth.' ,  -fU.SN.SIKNT   AI'VKI'Tl.SKMKVI:-"  l<ic.    1'fi*  Hub first in-.i rtimi. .*5u. liei* line ciiOi   ���������"ill'--..'  (Uiciil,   iiwrJion.     Tho   inmilit'i;   ������1    li-"-  ' reckoned I.y-iiaceocetiiiicd, 1.2 In"'- !���������> Hie  ItKAD'.N'd   NOTICKS,, l(lu.  ncr bin* eiidi  j;i-  .soni.ai.   units,  contr.u'twl   tor by tin-  Jim  li'ii-s.  ,JOU I-I'INTIN'I of every kind nl mosl, rciisiai-  itble i*.'.U"J mid-lioi'K'-st milieu. - . .  M'COUNTK fur ir.b  printing  or  .ulvertisiiiK  imviilib- on Hid Ilrst ol every nioutli.  ItitKSI'ONHKN'IK on  a'l  i.miters ol   lue.'i  COI  .   or public, iuK-re-*! invited nnd (-.irefullv >.;i.n-  si.lcn-d.    .Sll'oi.miiiiinif.itioiis lo tin-   Kiiiinr  -   imiut l)c-.i<-(;oiii|i!tiiicd by I lie name of Hi'-  writer, not uecc-Mitiily for ���������jiiibliciii.ion.  but  iisim evidenvoof-,'0(1.1 fiiitli.    ,.  Address  Thk Kootksay il.sin.  Kevelsloke, B.C.  THAT YUKON SUBSIDY.  THE KOOTENAY PRESS   UPON THE  SCHEME.  Their many good and valid reasons for  -opposing it���������-Kootenay svould return a solid Opposition delegation  '   -MVliere is the Daily Dodger?  -    ItKVKLSTOKE, MAY 7, I.S'JS.  "sVi*\visli theabtenbion of our esteemed contciiipoyary, the Daily Dodger, to  the article in this issue clipped from  the Victoria'., Colonist, the,, 'Turner  - government's -chief- (apologies to tin;  ^ Vancouver World) organ., That  article states parly lines unnecessary  ;md declares the government's, intention of appealing to the 'voters of  the Province on the merits of I heir'  administration and general'policy. It  is only a few days since our con temporary took occasion tu say the Mail  svas an igruyanius ou the political  situation from its own side, bub svhile  not, using such vigorous language we  ���������would ask the Dodger to 'explain to  our curious niind hosv ib can, if this is  the position 'voluntarily assumed .by  jbhegover.nneiit���������sveaskyour vote, stile  )y on our record���������justify the ^statement made so often that;' the issue is,  not Turner and anti-Turner hut a  " wider " one. The government is on  its trial and has the. choice of how ib  ���������will plead, has the making of the issue,  iind this it- declares is its own ' record,  solely. . The Mail has repeatedly  ss-arueci'bhe public against, the. "JKb-ald's  cry of Wolf (it spells ib Grit) and hits  aptly described it as smoke,- which it  should nob be, necessary to- longer do.  There is nosv no doubt.'on the. subject,  the government- record, may be. g<iod  enough in its pet constituencies hub it  isn't good enough for the. whole Province, and tho duty of the, country is  .clear���������turn bhen'i out forever. All  ������ilung the line comes bhc cheering news  -iind in a few more weeks such a' blow  for good government will he struck in  this Province as svill, send the discredited Turner government, svith alj  its iniquities thick, upon ib reeling out  of   the political   arena   into   the   very  commonplace where it belongs.  _ ^ ���������  r Is our contemporary unwilling 'or  unable to stand svith the majority of  the papeis in ihis'districb on matters  viitd'to its interest, . lb was nob. svith  them in denouncing the outrageaiis,  redistribution bill svhieh keeps us i:*  bundage for another four years,and' it  is again almost alone in its silence on  1 the proposal to bonus the IVsiii* Lake  railroad. If this is what'it means' io  he ii government org-ui the Mail has  nothing but pity and contempt for  -uicb slavery,'  V    ____��������� -���������-- -     ���������  Oo.SbT merchants would do well to  read a recent editorial in the - X"ivs-  Adveriiser entitled Vancoiner's Cot,!  uiereial- Hinterland, Il gave them  ,-idviesi which ledueed can hiM- be put  ,-ts ib.-. old pro verb puts it: "A bird  in tin- hand is worth two in the bush.'  (No Party Politics.  Tiie lo'.l.aviiig i- from a prov'iui'1  cm i letup nary '.  A meeting of the Fort Steel" Lib  rr.il Association was held l-iit night to  cousin-:- a communication i*c.-ei vei' by  V. !'. .N'oi'hury, the. Liberal president,  from T. T. McVitn'o on behalf of Ihe  J'oli .Sn-ele Con-'-i i a' i ve- The ci.ii,-  mui.i.'-iii'.n propo���������d a confeicii'-c wiiii  :,he Liiii'ial parly legu-ding the prcsi'ii'  T.i'oyuici.d c-.iiii|i;iigi:.  Tin   piojiosd  was di-'-ii-s.-d,   ;md  ihe  Liberal- u'a'-e their icpls   bv  ll.e   adop  tion of tiie followint.' resolution :  '��������� TlniU   the     Liheial    Ass.,(;i,,t ioi)    of  i-'.n t Steele deeming it uiiwi-e and con  11 an f. the |.ubiie good that. Dominiou  parti   pu.ilics should in ans  nimi.ei   .a-,  j-'oini be mixed up wit'n  thn   pMcum ' !  i^sue. in llm iijipi.iacle.ng g'-neiiil   eb-e  ,  ���������.in)!, ju  this pioviuf', li'-reby   de.-l,ire< I  ils detci-iniiiuiion to abstain fn.in   In!--   |  in-,' any fi.i11  whatever'in the --aid dec   |  finn-;���������'-,  ,.,i   association,   leaving   nidi-;  vidiiil ui"nilei- of th'   association fif" t  to I..Mow the   (oiir-e    they    niiis    think  b. a ni :ii ��������� iiileie-lx ot   Ms'*   ]uos nice." ,  * {/'acried. -      ' ���������. ''.���������,-'!  Tiiei-e is no uncertain, .sound   ���������in. '..the j  (i.l.ove.   The c.nlest. is ii.-ib to i-'" fought  /j!)   I )o!(,iiliio|i ]i;l|*t V  Mll'-'-i. i  HENDERSON   BROS.  SUCCESSORS TO  LANG LEY & HENDERSON BROS.  Wholesale   Druggists,     , ,  ("Established 185S.)  ' >-������naBzz2z^- Victoria   and.   Vancouver,    B. C.  \\V cany the largest stock of Chemicals, Drugs, Patent. Medicines, Toilet  Article-:. I-:tc��������� in Hi iti-h Columliia. , [ .       .  I';ulie-in, or conbempl.itiiig opening in business, will Iind it to tlieir au-  'vjintiiue to pl.ice their orders with us. ',   "-  A- on icdisl'iihution, so on tlie  Vlikcui subsidy, scheme, the pre-s of  ICootcn.-iv is almost ii unit in ils opposition, as N shown by the following  select ions from ils columns:  ItDSSLANJJ  "MINKK.  Jf the World and the Colonist'succeed in,persuading the government- to  lake up ibis subsidy scheme ib is safe  to say. limb the Turner government  .w-iil he lui'ed to,cei tain political ruin,  for lhc up-counlry districts wiM not  tab-rate'such a palpable scheme to raid  the public treasury.    "   "  ')  '���������   NKI.SON Tit 1 BUNK.  ' Jlolstered up and ssvayed by the  loud cliimorings of avaricious mer-  chiints .-ind , speculative transport ion  comp;inies, a the Tllfiiei govcrnmenb  piopo-e'sto keep alive Ihe Klondyke  boom by' granting to McKeiiKie i^  ir.-uui $1,000 per mile' for l.heic'pib-  pos-ed niu*i*osv-gnage r.ailsvii'y. 'This  will amount to a round million and a  half of dollars.. ;��������� When completed,'  this railsvay. taking present speculative iitrures as a basis, will prove  one of ihe biggest ho'nan/.iis ' in  America; and this provincial subsidy  will inoan.so much more profit for the  builder.-.  IIOSSLANDEU.  Communication with the northwest  gnldiiclds is a Dominion' m.-ibter, nob  provincial; it, i.s a' question ,oi tiade,  nob of "local resources. The piovincial  govei'iuiienb has nothing to do with it  .-ind j)ublic opinion svill not approve  any'lionus tosvard the scheme,, and if  the legislature is asked to'grant money  lor this purpose it can rely upon a  solid opposition, being returned from  An-assi'/. bo the tRockies- ab the approaching elections, ��������� t  ,      , ������   THE bKDOE,  The latest proposition coining from  thc'cK.ist'-is to grant to ilessrs Mackenzie and iliiiin $1,000 per mile for a railway to'Teslin Lake. Thus we see, the  Twin Cities would eagerly fpiee tho  govcrnmenb to expend thousand- on .-i  very, f|uestioniihle undertaking, yet  vvould oppose a legitimate scheme  (Kettle Iiiver Ruiiway) to open un ami  develop a vast districb of wealth and  promise. A' railroad to - the Vukon  would help on the Klondyke boom and  and enable (ho coast cities to prolong  their harvest reaped from unsophisticated suckers. A railroad into the  Boundary country, such as proposed  iu the JCettle River railsvay hill, would  force the C. L\ R. to push, its \'nn-  fonver-Vieloiiii branch, long <-ihco  ch.iiiti'i etl, inlo bliiib .-ection :il-o, tiien*-  bv eiving Kootenav comiietitiye rail-  road facilities.  f    HOSSLAND  TIMES3.  If the government, svill he warned .in  lime it svill say nothing more ahoub  pulling up the inoney to build thai,,  tailway to the Yukon: it svill also di op  the idea ot bonussiug Mackenzie A:  .Mann   or   anv   other  contractor.--that  .SONS   BANK,  Incorpor.iled'by act of Pailinmunt. J855. o  .HEAD .OFFICE-,fl -, -   ���������      '   MONTREAL  Wsr! MOI.SON ilACi'HEHSON. Pivs. -    ,S. II. Ewino, Vice-Pies.       c  I'\ WuLKKitsTAN Thomas, Generabilaiiiiger  PAID- UP CAPITAL     " - , "- $2,000,000  RESERVE        .'  -" '    '- " 1,500,000  A Beiiei-al biinkiiiB lmsiiit-ss iMii-aelcd.   Interest alio wed on deposils at. ciirnmt rates.  J. S.MOLSON, Manager,  S, B. C,  ,f   Groceries, Provisions,   Dry Goods and  .  Clothing, Cigars and Tobaccos.  Importers   of   Scandinavian   Produce.  OUR SPECIALTIES���������Norsvay KKK Salt, Hei ring', Anchovies, Gothenburg  Sausage, iind Eskilst una' Razors. , * ' ..    '  Wi-ite for iM'ice.s. Mail orders promptly attended to. Goods, delivered lree  to any.piirt of tosvn.  First Street, Revelstoke Station.  \ 1    ' f ...  ���������.. Crescent Bicycles.  These ate a first-class wheel, fitted with Dunlop tiros, flush points and padded  saddled They area strong and handsome wheel, and most suited for the  mountain roads. We'have these wheels on exhibition at our store and cim  give the best of' prices. '  The Canada Drug and, Book Co., Limited,  REVELSTOKE, STATION,' B.C.  THE CENTRAL HOTEL  '  ABRAUAMSON BROS., Pkopuibtohb.  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Tin- people of tin; Island "will protest  vie-orou-ly, ,(>!' course, if any ' such |  course of'iii-tiun comes" to a limning  que-tion, hut, eleventh hour protests  will he of no avail against, the 1 i-ing  tide of indignation at the continued  ill treatment. 1 lint, the inainlandeis  hiive heel 1 reciiving at the hands of the  Turner government. It'is.nni, vet. boo  late Io .-nip the coming lireach: hub un-  'h-.-s tin- government 1 ecogni/.es the situation liankly and doe- lh" fair tiling  all round, ihe Mainland and the Island  wilLhave to part company.���������Prov.iiiee.  JAMES MURPHY, B.A.;  ,  "  1 1 1   "��������� -  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  Okkicb Cosvan Blocic,;  -      " REVELSTOKE, B.C.  P.O.'BoxlOS.  ARTHUR G. M. SPRAGGE,   ,  '.Bamstep, Solicitor, Etc' ,  :������ Notary Public.  Oflice hi Smith Hlook.'Paclflc Avenue,  IlKVELSTOKK STATION, ������. U.  wotil.l    undertake     tiie   work.  Th-  election is clo-e at hand, and if th--  ��������� roverniiifni ha< not yet under-mod  iho'temper of the people ,in the inior-  ii.r with legard to the further honu.s-  ing ot railway schemes, either with  hind or money, 11. is tint" noss tha! '���������'<  did.  NELSON   MINER.'  C  11' this scheme (T.-lin Lake railway)  deserves support, the Dominion ti ea ���������  ury i-^ rhe proper sou ice, -from v- In-'h  to draw it. and, the. ritaniiiion h.t-ie-  fll���������sl lo do -o, Th-le l'snoieason  why bin- province should' .-lep in and  Jiive aid out ot it- poverti- vvh'-n Oti.i-  ss.tliii-* refii-ed lo'do so 'int. ol m-i  ahund.-ince.  Preparing* for High Water. ���������  The Spokane, Falls & Northern is  preparing for high water'this season.  The ntaiu lineal Nort hpoit and vicinity k- 'oeing rai.-ed and strengthened, a  large force of men oheing employed,  the .-.ppn.ache- t,o the Coluinhia river  br'dge .ire heing raised foui feet and  the hutlr-s-es strengthened. Jt is not  r-xpei'ted Ih.at with these and other  preparations that any serious delays  will take p!nee.  The Improving Outlook.  La-, year tlie 'immigran*- ai riving  li) Canada for I1011.1 lldi- -enieineui  numlieied 103101, as ag.dn-C- ln,^.''j  foi- the previous twelve month-. Tii"-,--  fi'fiii'i-s ai e, exci'1-ii-.' ot arris.'iL lr-.ii'  ihe Lulled "-States.     For l-^Os tin-   in.-  Milgl al toil depai I merit ,if Ott-'ina  e.\peel- ,-l lllll.'li larger ineie.i-e, .is the  .ilea of tuificCUpled laud- ill the s'n'f-s  is l.i'comiiig rest lifted. Mai.it'.1,-> i-  -ciiiing iifi lapidly, and the ini>,ei,il  il.-iel.ipiin-iii in nortl.ive-Jietn Ont.n.-o  a 1,.I I'liiti-ih Columhia is ]>i'ovini; a  -ti ing i"'ictor in diaiving .���������etbler'. So  r' ti- th" imniigi-iinls arriving have i.c-N  of ;i flosii aide class.'  Their Way of Doing It. *  .A n"ui the inilii.iacorps for Kooten;iy  the Rossland Tine's sav< of the coin-  p;im  toi iin'd 111 1 hat city:  ii .���������l.iifd h;is .1 full-si/.edMiiiipaiiy iil-  i-.-ii.lv; formed, hub the modus- operandi  was v'.-iy dilVer-enl' lo that, taken ,at  R-veisloke. ,        Thete    was    no1  pulilic  11 ling,, no call   for   s oliiiiteer's.     The  ciiplain. svho   i-   a   l.iwj    -imply, oh-  tiiiii'd     the    names    nf     ;i     IiiiOlhi'l-    of  hisvv ".<. doctor-, d-mli-iis hr'-ker- and  (l.-il--- and th" thing vva-cloii". N'n  -.-.ni king ni-'ii vi."!-.- asked, hut it i- nt-  ni<i!'-<l thai another enlnpiuy will h"  i.ii-e.l heie. ;tn.I v\ ;.i kiiigmeii are lo he  go. en   1 ( h.uice !-" j"in.  FRED. M. WELLS, Mine Examiner  AH. HOLDiCII,  '      ' ' '        " '   '  Analytical Chemist and Assayer,  NELSON,   B. C.  A-i.sH.v* of every variety of mineral.  Aimly.sis  of  milk,   ivnlt-r. or other materials  used for fond.  Prompt Results. Prompt Cash.  p   H. HEAPS & CO.,  Machinery Brokers, '   r  '   - Uld Cordova Street,  ' \ANCOUVEH, JJ.C.  FOR SALE���������A quantity of light, hccoiuI liauil  Steel ItaiN.  BICYCLES.  ! Main In nd and Island.  1 . .  I     Coi.   Vv'.iiT'-u   i-   right,.     Th" tune 1-  ,' i.pp.iieiitly rapidly   appro.-u-hiiig ivh"ii  I  (he Mainland, in   older   to   get-  jii-tiec -  j  for il-cif,   will   Le   forced   to   lui'ii   the '  I  Mauri adrift:    Th" tail has   neei.   aag-1  ' .fii.g the d"g in Ihilish   Coluuihia foi-a  , ir.,i 1] mans- vein--     That   il should cr.n- ,  I in ue lo do si.inilefinilely is not, among j  '  ||,.. |, ..-il.'iilics.     If  Ihe Mainland can-  i."l g.-l 1,111 play in any ol 1 et v\,.;,, ii  I .will i.e to:, ed into getting it hj l.ik-  j ing ils destinies in. its osvn hands. j  I      'I'iiat any u;nye iii this   di|vo'ieu svill j  j lr,- m!i(le'Vc.|i|claiill,v is .������-  fiir-b  luo oh- j  M-i.; ir-Gener.il Gascoi^ne'-s Career.  M 1 jol-(r.-|i"'.ll Ca -- ojglle, lit" corn-  Ill I!).!'-! of tin- f tii I ii i-i foiees of Can-,  ad 1, lia- had ���������'   di-liegui-hed c.neer in  iheaM.iV.        H"    et>| fl    the ���������"I-vieo  Ul  I -ii-: and tear le-'i lh" rank of ii"itt,-'���������')!-  nii.-l in I'���������'">. Iii 1^2 he ���������-K-rwi'd hi  |-'.gV|>l ,1- COIi.U..Mi'lllig ofVldT of the  l,'".fi,i-' Cu-ird-, and >s.>- pi"i-iitnf  I I,., i.a'.ii" of Te|-e! K"l.ir, ic-"iving  ll... r 1 -'Lil, da -p and Klndival Star  \\ |t,h    llie    -.-((.nd    hat f.illion    of     the  sui giun-nl    I.e   vv.-nt   through I he  Solid,ni campaign in 1'���������<���������������">, arid look  pari in the halt1"- of .Vasheen and  Tent,11, foi whi( h lie ho]d-m cla-p. Nis  aduiou-n.ilioii in Ciiiiada has l.ccn  no'.ilil", ( liielly for Ihe inti orliiction  1,,i-i. i- I lu defense measure adopleil  ..111 1 I i.e V.-ney.licIa incident of I lie  n- v. I,"( Melloid iii.iga'/.inc rifle for  1 he militia iiifanfry, and. of 'new  l.ivecleloiidiiig field, guiis for' the arid-  l-i-y.3      '��������� *���������-    ' '-.      ���������'    ;, '  If you want your bicycles repaired bring them to the Kootenay Mail old stand, opposite  Courier's, where they will be  put in first-class shape.  COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  KAMLOOPS, B.C.  Best of everything jH'oin-Lr.  RUSSELL   &   HEROD,   Prop's.  Raw Fur Notice.  T tflE IJND.I^KSKIM';!),  ��������������� rf:presentin^' Joseph LJII-  nian. of St. f';ml, New York  *,ind London, Kn^l'iiul. wish to  inform mv ikii'.xi'^ und the  public ;.reiH*r;iliy l-hnt I don't  intend to travel as heretofore.  Those favoring me svith ship  incuts of l\;isv l;urs cm rely on  fair treatment and prompt returns assured.     Write for price  list to c; W. llA EDWIN,  Winnipeg, Man.  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The idea  '    has met svith   no favor from  the pro-  vincial   administration,    and   sve' are  -glad   to   knosv-   that-the   recognized  leadeis   of   the opposition    have, "discountenanced  it. '"   A suggestion   hits  ,; also been made that an avosvedly 'coalition     party    be    formed,    in    the  province, but this is scarcely less objectionable,'     A  coalition   is merely,a  , (, temporary    expedient   to     meet    an  emergency.    It presupposes that party  lines may be taken into account in the  local field, and that  svhen either parly  n   feels able to take  the  reins  in its own  ^=hands:-rjiprofiler' svill be cast out, and  thereafter strict, party lines be diasvu.  no     such   emergency     exists   in   this  province, nor can'it exist for the very  good reason, if for no other, that there  .. are  no   local 'issues  upon    svhicli' the  people    are    divided    according     to  ��������� Dominion lines.  *    -     A  There may svell be,  and   sve are glad  to believe there is. ii unity of intention  among the majority of the  supporters  of both the great, Dominion  parties to  secure  good   government  for British  ��������� Columbia by bringing about the rutin n  of Hon. Mr. Turner' to power; but (his,  union is not a-coalition  of   lepresent-  atives    of     tsvo"    opposing ( political  ..'parties lint an alliance betsveen nieu  svho,'differing on federal 'issues, see  alike as to  svhat is  necessary for the  best interests of   the  pros-ince in the  ->  conduct of its local alfairs. The distinction- is a leal one and if it is kept  iu mind the svork of the coming cam-  . paigif svill be greatly simplified. We  repeat that, to talk of a coalition of'  federal parties in provincial politics is~'  to admit that federal politics have, a  place in   provincial  affairs���������a position  svhieh   sve   think, no    svell-svisher   of  c- * ���������        u  - British Columbia ought to assume.  It has been said' that'in most of the  older c-provinees   party   lines   are. foi-  losved iu the local houses     We do not  i know that this proves anything, and it  remains to  be demonstrated  that the  piovinces'svhere this  rule  prevails are  any hettpr off   than .Nesv   Brunssvick  and British 'Columbia   svhere. it is not  observed.    It might also  be observed  that in the United .States the rule is to  'carry federal politics down even to the  goyernment of the  smallest township.  , So completely is this   done that the  svhole   political    organization   of    the  country, from the president dosvn, is a  ' huge patty machine,   or iather tsvo or  three huge party  machines, which are  as  remorseless in   tbeii   operation   as  any other machinery.   Public interests  of the most vital character-are crushed  out of life by the  Juggernaut of party  exigency.   We do not >vant that sort  of thing in  British   Columbia,   but. sve  could not avoid having it if sve  deliberately   lecognized    federal   party-dis  tinctions as  entitled   to   consideration  in    provincial    alfaiis. '     The     older  provinces do not .present   similar conditions   to   ours,   but in none nf them  were local politics deliberately divided  on federal lines-   In Ontario   aud Quebec we have simply a continuation of  svhat existed   prior to confederation,  and sve are not   prepared   to   concede  thnt its continuance  has been   beneficial.    It,   cut t.-i inly   lias   not been so in  Quebec,   svhieh province   has suffered  severely in  credit and  admini.stration  because it has been   the  battleground  of forces contending for- supiemacy in  tbe Dominion.   The result of   the recent elections in Ontario, taken in connection svith the icpealed conservative  majorities  in   the   commons   contemporaneous  svith  liberal  majorities   in  the provincial   legislature,   .show   that  party lines did not reach  as deeply be-  losr the surface in local matters in that  province, as   svas 'generally  .supposed.  In   Nova   Scotia,   parly    lines    svere  drawn   at   the   time of confederation  and   have   remained   the    same   ever  since.   The case of New Brunssvick is  ��������� cited as that of  a   province svhere the  local government is a coalition.     This  is a mistake.     To apply  the  woi d coalition to Nesv Brunswick   is a   complete   misnomer.     The  fir.-t svas  the  confederation   issue;  the   second   svas  the si'.hooLqiiestion.     The lines  upon  which the politics of that province a reconducted      svere   drasvn   during   the  premiership of Georgri   10.    King,   nosv  Mr. Justice King of the supreme court  of canada.   The movement, svhieh culminated in the  change of government  in  188.'-!,   svas started   by  some of the  younger men svho thought that, it svas  time they had something  to say in affairs,  aud  when   victory   svas at   last  won the new government  svas formed  out  of   the   house   svilhimt   leSpectlo  Dominion   lines,   liie selection  of Ihe  cabinet   being governed   by   two  considerations,, the fltne.ss of the men and  their strengthin   their  respective co.i-  Htil.iiencies.      There   svas,   nnvci   iiiiy-  . thing   reseinbliiig.il   coalition.      ,\Vc  clii'iiji  sshli ll Milioidin.ilcs tne huuiii  to the latter is , indefensible on the  ground of public polity. The issues  svith which parliament deals are very  di.-tiuct from those that come within  the purviesv of the local house, and to  attempt to manage, them as one would  inevitably lead to the provincial gov-  have gone a little ijito particulars, on  this point, because we knosv that  some people iu this province , talk  about a coalition in after what they  call the Nesv Brunssvick pattern. . The  fact of the matter is that, if one looks  below the surface, he svill see that  each province has been in these matters a Jasv unto itself, svhieh must necessarily be the case, 'because the conditions existing in the'different provinces are diverse.  Referring particularly , to our osvn  province, sve desire to' point out that  there are no lines of cleavage in affairs svhieh will be parallel to those iu  the Dominion arena, and therefore any  eminent becoming only an appendage  to one or the other of the federal  parties. We need hardly say that the  interests of British Columbia are great  enough, varied enough and call for  sufficient ability to properly safeguard  them, to make it undesirable, from  any point of view, that their treatment should be hampered by the. exigencies of Dominion politics. In the  other province.*' these exigencies have  lead to tbe sacrifice of piovincial interests on more than one occasion, and  sve protest that this province cannot  afford at such a critical period of its  history as is nosv at hand' to have its  future jeopardised by confusing matters so distinct in their nature as are  the issues in the federal and local  arenas.  - Moreover from time to time ques-  tions svill arise between the province  and the Dominion. It might be of advantage to have on such-occasions a  local ministry in sympathy svith, that  at Ottasva, but this is doubtful, for  svhile such friendship might incline  the federal authorities to assent to the  viesvs   of , the   local    government   to  strengthen their hands, it might also  'lead the piovincial executive to yield  Ui the wishe.- of the Ottawa ministry,  ft. ir, certainly not desirable that the  government of tliis province should be  avowedly hostile to any federal ministry. British Columbia is a growing  province. No matter what party be in  posver at Ottasva there svill be many  things to he adjusted ' betsveen the  Dominion and the province, many concessions to. be sought, many things in  svhieh concerted action is necessary.  Jt. has been so throughout the. quarter  of a century and more in svhieh the  province has been in 'confederation,  and as during that long period it svas  never felt to be desirable, to set up a  federal line of demarcation, so sve do  not think it desirable nosv. Progiess  and good government are-a sufficient  platform for any, party in < British  Columbia* politics, aud the loyalty of  no man" to bis federal leader svill be  the least impaired by his taking his  stand upon it'. ' ,   -  We think the soundness * of the  above position svill be conceded by the  very great majority of the people of  British Columbia, and that the determination of the government to ignore  federal party lines wholly iu the forthcoming elections; and to base its appeal-to the voters upon its record of,  administration and general policy svill  command all but universal'approval.  Mr. Turner and his associates realize  that to do their duty by-the province  the management of whose affairs has  been committed to their hands, is a  svork calling for a 11 the eneigy and administrative skill at their command,  and they have no 'desire or intention  to subordinate their trust or permit it'  to be subordinated to the sv el fa re of  either pat ty at Otta >va'. ' If this determination means political defeat, they  svill havethe satisfaction of knowing  they svill have done their duty in keep-  ing'the province free from political entanglements, resulting from1' thel  adoption of a policy that is indefens-*"  ible in principal and mischievous in'  practice.���������Colonist.   ''      ,     '  L.L.  Fred Robinson, Proprietor.  An item  of interest   to   the   residents   of  'Kevelstoke   and    vicinity.    On  ' ^ i s    > ' i *  JUNE 1ST, 1898,  QUgi  Dress  Lath, Shingles, Mouldings, Finishings  Application for - Liquor License.  "VrOTICE.TS iriCKEHY G1VKX Unit, thirty  i> days after (lute I, lli(; undcrM^ned, intend  to apply to the Stipendiary MnKistr.it i- for  North Killing of SS'c.-t Koolenay fur n license  to sell liquor by rulnil at. my hotel situated nt.  "The Kami, In miles from Albert, Canyon, li. C.  DAVII i WOObSKY.  Uleuillowaot. Aprilll. 181IS.      ' ffi-ll  , Dissolution'-of Partnership.  N'OTICK   IS   Hl-'RKHY ,GIVKX  parliiorship heretofore existinj  .... (l,-   '    '������������������   ���������������������������       ���������- - ���������  that, Ihe  _ between  I*. R. 'Atkins and .7. A. Smith, under the ilrm  name of Atkins & Smith, us pnblish6rs of the  Kootenay Mail newspaper, was dissolved  March 31, 1S9S.  Signed |j_ A   SM1Ti-.  The said business will be continued and conducted by 13. K. Atkins and R. It. Campbell,  us Atkins & Campbell, Lo whom all accounts ot  the old firm .are payable and by whom all debts  of the Ann Svill be paid.  , ������ Tntend opening iu one of the store-sin the  *? - , , *  Taylor Block, Mackenzie Avenue,  ������������������   With a first-class stock of . <���������  DRY GOODS & CENTS FURNISHINGS  furnishings,   complete in every'detail,  buys   and   children, hats and caps for  ' Their stock svill consist of gent's  ready-to wear clothing for men,   youths,  men, youths, boysand,children, boots and ' slmes for men; svoincn and children  iu every variety of style, quality and size. .Prospectors' and miners' outfits a'  distinct feature. Dry goods, all the latest designs in,dress goods, etc., blankets,  carpets, oilcloths, curtains and windosi- blinds.  The eastern markets will be visited , by Mi*. James Gill whose thorough  .knowledge of the business svill enable him to buy goods (if the right sort and  at the right prices. -As nearly all of Messrs. Gill it Co.'s stock svill be bought,  direct from the manufacturer and the cash paid for it, they svill be able to  offer to the public  goods of exceptional value at reasonable rates.  oi���������,,,,,! (li. n. ATKINS.  Signed | j}_ R  OAju.bK;  I,L.  6  Wholesale and Retail  .",. BUTCHER-. ���������.'���������  DEALER IX  Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,  .Driving and Draught  Horses. .*       ���������  Revelstoke Station, B.C.  CENTRAL, DRY, LEVEL,  i ' i , s  VALUABLE��������� -  Ri'H. TFLUEMAft   & CO.;  , o PHOTOGRAPHERS,  Vancouver. - - B. C.  As in the past S years'we will continue lo  make Revelstoke one of our principal eallin-;  points. Lookout for our arrival noliees and  secure (food work. 0. .7. Am.ui is ii-jenl for our  C. P. It. and general li. C. views. -J-ait  \j >r,   . >J^i.l;   \V  Buy lots from us,  ootenay  ,meltifig  rading Company  We have  the   finest  property���������business  ancl  residential��������� in  REVELSTOKE,  o  one of the most  solid,   progressive and  prosperous towns in West Kootenay.  ������  tt  ��������� AND-���������   ,  S00 PACIFIC LIN  Shortest and quickest, l oute  To Yukon and Klondike  Goldfields  Eastern and  European Points  Pacific Coast, China;  Japan and Australia  ,Tourist cars run'daily and are inodkls of eoni-  forr. MiiffiiillepiitslceiiiiiK and diniiig'ciu'K on  nil trains. Tickets issued through and burgage checked to desiinat ion.  Daily trains from Kevelstoke ���������Kiwlboiind,  -7.-10ii.iii.   Weslbounil, n/Jll p.m.  Connections with Kootenay points���������I.enS'o  Revelstoke 8.00 a.m. Arrive Revelstoke at  4.'i(' p. in.  Kor infonniilion, time cards, maps and  tickets apply In  T. "W'.HI.-.SDSIIAW,  Agent, RovoisLoke, or  '"SV'. ]-'. ANDERSON'.  Travelling I'as-ienger Agonl, XcNou,  K. .1. COYl,K,  District I'as-scngcr Agenl, Vancouver.  The - Canadian - Pacific  Steamship Co.'s  We give you  and  qoocI  EASY   TERMS  treatment.   ,    Call '  on    us  early.  T.  Apply  Resident Agent,  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  T. J". XjE3sriDE;TJ3VC.  Attorney in Fact..  * , ���������        ���������  ' ;    ��������� -   . - >��������� I ���������  AIXS WORTH, B.C.  -STEAMERS-  NAKUSP   and   KOOTENAY  Leave Arrowhead daily for all puiuls in K'not-  emiy. making conned ion at Nulowp for  all points on Xnknsp and Sloc.in l.'y. und  Slocan Lake,  lotc connection al Robson lor XeNiui. Kitslo,  Ualfour, Pilot Hay, Tr.iii. Ro-.s1.-hmI, Norlh-  port anil all point-- smith.  Kor full informn'iou, licUels,  maps, clc. call  on or address  T. W. BRADSHAW,  Ageill, licvoMnko.  Or to  \V. K. ANDKItSOX, K .1. t'OYI.I-',.  Truv. Pass. Agenl, Disl. Pass. Agent,  Xel.son, UXi. Vancouver, li.C.  Columbia & Western "Ry!  Time Table Xo. I!.  Tn lake ell'ecl .July:*, 1MI7.  Daily j'l-lwcui Trail and l.'osslnnd.  No. C passenger Iciivim lionslnnd   -i - . I'M n.ni.  Conni'i/th with slcmnerril. Trail.  No. 8 passenger li-m-i. Ti.i'l   -   -   -   8:1,0 a.m.  Connects svilh l.';:d M-.-.j-.i.-ini lor Spokane.  Xo. 2 pahienger lenvc!. !:(i--:'.i'iiii   -   -     II   a.m.  Connects with <*,!' I!   sliMiucricfor porlli.  Xo, 1 passenger leaves Ti.ul    -    -    - l'2:'.Vl p.m.  Connects with C.P.If. si. .unci's from ninth.  No. 4 passenger leaves    (inland   -   -  .8H.ni p.m.  Connects w'ilh Hod Mountain for Spokn.nu.  No. ajxtssenger lea ves Trail'   -   -   -   a:J*">'l,.iii.-  (joniieotiwil.h steaiiior-I.yt.ton al Trail.  Plans and specifications prepared  in India Ink or BIue������print  ;;"   'Drawings.    ";.���������',.  If you desire an  artistic home with all modern  conveniences  call and sec Maclean who can design you one, in -any  style: Queen Anne, Colonial, Swiss, or any other style  ,   you prefer.    , , - -  Interiors  and   interior decorations are his specialties. , Store-  ' Decorations, Bank  Fixture's,   Hotel   Fixtures ;'   Hall  shewing   pannelled* dadoes,c, frescoes,   etc.;   Artistic0",  Screens, Verandahs, Stairwavs, etc. can be o'ot out'to~  ,-    suit the market.   ���������' ,,   '   ,     - ,   ,-  -  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  < Boatrjarari  The  present   centre   and future,  headquarters'for , ,'  NO OPERATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.  TROUT  It is the centre.of the Lardeau mining district.  It will have railways to  the north and south.  Its.climate is superb.  It has plenty of building  timber and a sawmili  in operation providing  ROUT   LAKE   CITY  is reached  by rail  from  Revelstoke   to   Arrowhead, 28  miles ;( thence  by steamer, 10 miles, to Thomson's   Landiriy;   and   a   short  staofe o!  Landing  ���������"   12 miles:   the  entire  !!  lumber��������� at  reasonable!  prices on the spot.  journey occupying' only 6 hours  through magnificent mountain  and lake scenery.  c Well-known" mining promoters and -capitalists already  have their representatives or  the ground,' 'and* it is- no.  boomer's dream to say that before another six months Tkout  Laici-: Citv svill *be a bustling  centre of business and the principal tosvn in this treasure-laden  Lardeau, the new centre of attraction for the best mininp*  enterprise, skill and capital  which British Columbia has  magnetized svith in' her borders.  The climate and soil of the  district are all that could be  desired bv the rancher, o'ardener  or  fruit    grower    for    whose  products a profitable and rapid-  | j ly , increasing   market   exists;  Its     lake      aftords      ex-| i whilst to   the   sportsmen    the  ceptionally good trout"; neighborhood affords game in  r..  1 ��������� ��������� ' 11 plenty.  ������' [      The accommodation includes  It has a crown grant, pur-!-good hotels, stores, post office,  Chasers ofiots thus ob-i'''(-cording office, butcher shop  taming an   absolutely! I;m\l "}jl">" l}rlvill<: residences. _  '       building  operations   are   111    ,  full progress, and the establishment of the sawmill will tend  siiil more   to enhance   the   im-'  mi  tosvn.  clear title.  ���������cliate ���������'Toss-th   of* this   risin1'"  'J*JJ  in   6  Geneml Offices ;  Trail. ������. '>���������  V. V. C-iUTKMUS.  Ouuuri-1 Hi)|)l,  PBICES   OJd1   LOTS.  Inside. $100; payable $33.33 down, $33.33 in - nv:i:uhs. $;  in 6 months.  Corners, $150; payable $50 dosvn, $50 in 3 month-;.   $;  months.  (These prices are for a short time only.)    .  T. L. HAIG, Rkvklstoki-3. General Ageut. \ |  H'UGH-MclM-I E-RSON, Trout Lake Citv, Resident Agent.. ,v:,   ,0: ;:���������  :  7hA#&  -���������3:''---'t ������������������������"���������<"[ "8  " "���������;''". * /" <'i' *iit'i'isV'("3i ������������������^v.--'--''::vis-:^,,yyi ���������'}���������"-.���������.' *  ������������������'���������-*i ���������,;-.  .,V-  .-' ��������� '3'K4>otc(ri's!,y -Lc'ti&'e'  *,-'��������� '���������--���������������������������   ��������� ��������� ���������  33:" 33-':?:'3-;%3'^"'"'7*/f33''-I-tc^iS'A.Fy&.'A.Iv:.-.  3'.y.-'.3^n-S'^--/*vyyy .*Vy>-'' '."!'";- ���������''. Y'-'f~'yy. .*.- 3;  yysV'.'' 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Cleveland and ;^raii'  ��������� ���������/Bicycles;'��������� ��������� ���������'.���������  Office, Cowan Block  'i  Revelstoke.


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