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 s, -  V.'^JV  r*lia^  1^  IT  ^Ai^  Vol. 4.���������No. 46.  REVELSTOKE,-WEST KOOTENAY.   B.C., .MARCH 5, J808.  $2.00 a Year.  r-***-.  UPON REDISTRIBUTION  COLONIST ANXIOUS TO ACCUSE OPPOSITION OF OBSTRUCTION.  This Measure  is Most Important and  Should be .Full unci Immediate���������  The People are With the'-.Opposi-  '    tion in Demanding it.  20. 'tli;it ' ol' Dnwnie Creek railway.  They find that (In- petition lia> nat  complied with the standing orders inasmuch as the petition exceeds the  notice (lilted Nov. ]7lli. '97, and iir-t  published in the B.C. Gazette on Nov.  2(ith, '07, in so far as (he petition asks | .  for the construction of that pail of the  line down ( he Columbia River to Kevelstoke, and your commit tee recommend  llial. leave be granted lo introduce a  bill in conformity with the said notiie  first published. This likely means a  bill covering; the route fiom Albeit  Canyon to head of Dim nie Ci eek where  the Wiiverley piop'erties are and fiom  I here down Downie Creek tn its mouth.  This, porsuni.ilily, leave.-- the charter  from   ]{('��������� vei Moke    northwards  in   lhe  ip-,  In its Wednesday issiio the  Victoria  Colonial questions the  inli'i'est   of  the  public in the  matt i-r of  redistribution  ill id   because   an    opposition     p.ipci ���������  Xewri-Advrrlittcr ��������� ,t~ks      tliat,      this  question take precedence of* others   in j hands of (lie   Revelstoke &  tho House says ���������.nth a crcque������t,  is   the I plicants.  hollowest kiud-nf pretence for factious  opposition.    This pui blind organ  of ;i  dissolving   go vei nnieiil   is  anxious  to  make it,   ,-ippear   that   the   opposition  request for 11 just, measure of i (-presentation is not particularly sinooie  so  that when its immediate  inti oduction  is urged it, may ti y to blame   them   for  obstruction and delay.  ' The opposit ion  must not. Iv (Limited  by  such   tactics,  they have the ciuintry, at least all  thi������  gieat Interior, behind them in demanding that this question should   be  fully.  fairly tne^and al, the vei y front,  of  all  other questions.  'It   i->  gcneially   con-'  ceded to be the mosl preying (pio.stinn  < of the I ime, aud the pies-, both government and opposition, liuve demanded  i ' ' it ,  its introduction. A full inctiiiiiv, a  fail measure, i'-s what, is wanted and.  \ylCit t hat mean-, no better, definition  can lie readily given than t hal recently  stilted by Mr. Kellie'.,: A 'measure  which will make a man in West, Kootenay (which pays a third of the noil."  revenue of the pi evince) equal to,a  man in Mr. Hoot h'si-oiistituonev wliich  pays a paltry $7,OtK). Such a demand  ��������� is not nioie than a Biiti-h subject  should a-k. It is not. a privilege to he  deiih-d as except ion. tl that tho people  of this section should ha\i; an equal  voice'in affair- of the country as those  of Oilier-. Feyliiig as the pinplenf the  upper country ilo about thi-  question  of   represent.1! I ion    and     its     incident  ' ,*-  taxation it is not obstruction for their  represent.-it ives ttudeirand ihaf'ils re-  ;id justmeiit be cHisidet ed above aud  before other mat lei -. Tt is one of the  most primal and basal factors of  popular government, the very key-tone  of liberty: and (ho opposition' will not  'lie doing all their duty if "t hev do not  do all in their powei in demanding ii--  iminedi.itc and equitable adjits'inient.  The only excuse (and   it,  is   indeed  a  flimsy one) so far against  int t odiicing  ji thorough redistribution mc.-isine is l]u.., mni] 4]i^ni(ivi  heard from (he government benches.  It, is that the country i.s unsettled and  the centres of population vary and  change'. There is nothing in such an  argument- to pi ov cu,t. just ice being done  and it. certainly does not excuse a  continuation of ihepiosoul iniquitous  ineasiue. The country is not so unsettled that a basis of equality cannot  lie struck and ion apportioned to correspond witli population and wealth.'  'Probably the most unsettled portion  of the c on it L i y fi om (he Turner government and Colonist point of \ iew is l his  great Interior,'vet as a matter of fact,  it is in a sense as settled and perhaps  more so than any portion, of  it.'   Thai,  Rare Mineral Discovered.  A. II. Hoklicli, analytical chemist  and ,iss*i\-er, writes to the- Nelson  Tribune that "it may interest some.'of  'your roadots to know that the,nil her  i.ue mineral tungsten exists in this  neighborhood. A sample of rock left  with ni(K last suinmei, which ca.ricd  no \nlikj in piecious metals, and *\et  was peculiar, 1 have 'proved to lie  sclieelitc,' which is a well known tungsten mi'neial, though, to the best of my  knowledge, liitlieit, i undiscovered in  this province. 1 u ��������� England there is  usually a Kin close intiniacv between  iung.sten# and tin, and when tlie snow-  goes it will he. interesting to see. if that  intimacy exists heie."  Played in Hard Luck.  Felix Hughes always believed he had  a good thing in the Mnllie Hughes  gioup adjoining the town (if New Denver, yet he ever played in hard link  savs 1 he Nelson Triliiiiie. After veais  of labor, lii igalion and ill health, and  .despite'numerous oppoi tunities to sell  at good figuti.'S, Hughes disposed of (he  group for a trifle o\or ts2,()0(J some  weeks ago to Messrs.Jiragdim. Cleve;,  Slioiian ar.d A \ i-on, of ,>.ew Den\ or.  These pai tie- ga\eaeontinctfoi tunnelling, lhe work to bo done below the  i.iilway. About half the coiili.ict. was  finished when ihe'lodge v..i- cut, showing a tool i fore, tunning iiinh in gold  and silver. Uughe.s' 'llu.-,, Jieci*>  deiuon.stfatod. but   till loo late for him.  Suih is the perver.-ily ot  milling.  i  His Peculiar Opinions.  Ennoi: Kooticxay M.ut.:  Your contemporary call- my opinions  THE ONTARIO ELECTIONS.  The Liberals are Returned by Three  .Majority. = ���������.���������  rJ'he lesiilt of the Ontario elections  is disappointing to the Liberals who  anticipated winning it but not so  cjps(ily as latest letui'ns allow. The  latest figures   obtained   by   llie   Mail  are Liberals,   48 :   Conservatives,    11 :  ��������� ti j  Patron. 1. The. Russell election to  take place next week. , Roth of the  Algomas aie1 conceded to the Libetals,  and Realty independent of Pat ry  Bound i.s counted with the Conservatives. ���������  There was no veiy great, question al  stake in the election, it was a party  fight mainly. 'The absence of Sir  Oliver M t. Ontario's 'grand old  man, was a severe, handicap to the  Liberals and this is genoi all\ admitted  to h-ive much to do with llie to them  unsatisfactory result. Another factor1  beaiing an important purl in llie,  cm it est, was that, the Liberal patty had  been iu power since ,1871 and many  people thought it was time for a  /,cliange. /fin's is probably, the most  gene'al and unpi ejudiced view taken  of the matter and it wiil piobably be  again in evidence in the. defeat waiting for the I),ivie-Tui ner ministry in  British Columbia.  Amongst the many suipiisos of the  Ontario elections ��������� are the defeats of  such men *7is lion. Messts. Gibson and  Di yden and tiie total extinguishment  of the Put run party only one���������Tucker  of A Vest Wellington liein'g elected.  The Liberals still remain in powei but  with a piecaiions majoiity which .the  sure crop of live elections and protests  niayupset or s( lengthen, most piobably the latter.  TAYL0R--CA0.'  'Marriage of Two Well Known  Young  People.  Fuller p.ti t icul,tfs of the   marriage of  Ad liana   Christie  (Nana)  Cao   to  out-  esteemed   townsman  Thompson  1-5.   L.  Taylor     have   been    received.      They  were married  on   Tuesday. Feb. 22nd,  by Hev. IT. Gj F. Clinton, at, Vancouve'-.  The In idesmaids were .Misses Iiala and  Kilty  Cao ;   tho  best   man,   Henry  J.  Pnrliani: the bride, who looked charming,  was  given'away  by Rev. F. Tolland.    The happy pair left    Vancouver  shortly  aft or  the  ceremony   on   (heir  honeymoon tiip which   includes n visil  to  all'the   principal  (nasi   and  sound  cities,   ihc chief   tourist  and   vi-iiing  spots in beautiful   California, and a return   in   about  tlnee    weeks   time   to  Hevefsloke where  they will  in   dilute  reside.   The bride and groom are Iiot h  known   to   the  people  of   Kevelstoke:  Mrs. Taylor was on ;i visit   hero  about  the summer  of IS!).*} to her .-istor Mrs.  Yolland,   and   Mr.   Taylor   is  (lie well  known  secrct-ii y of   (he    Uevelstoke,  Water, Ligb't and Power Co. in which,  and other home en lei prises he is heavi-  lyint eiested.    The Maii., is glad to add  it.s    heartiest   congratulations   to    llie  number of .similar Uevelstoke messages  received, by   Mr. and  Mrs. Taylor, aud  in w i.shing them  ;i happy honeymoon,  a sjdo return hoine.' 'and- an ' iinlu okeii  experience of conjugal joy through life  it will be   joined  by all   the  people of  Hovelstoki;.  Public School Honor Roll for February.  -\V. Moayo, F. Dent.  --E.   Lang,    M.   Adair,   E.  Class V.-  Class IV  Fraser.   ,  Seuioi   III.���������10.   Lofsvnld.   (T.~\Vood,  (ft  F. Hanson.    ' "  III.  the    river   bank    peculiar.    M,i> I������������������  is, it, is becoming more rapidly populated, pi ospcriuis, wealth productive  and permanent than any portion of  tlie province and it offers every reasonable indication uf 'stability and  pet uianonf success. There is no  quest ion if given its just proportion of  representatives in 'ilSon any fair basis  of distribution thai at- the end of another four or eight years it would be  entitled to any >|e*-s. The uuoei tain  country is not in the Interior, the uti-  i-epre.sent''d Intel ioi : if it exists at all,  it is much nearer the minister's '/ken"  .���������imong-t already nvcr-r.*|ii escnl ed  disti ict- the population and revenue of  which have been standing si ill. Il'j  justice was dune it is nol [he unseliled '  country as the Ttirueiili'.s call it that J  would suffer, il is the ami |  ovei-represented district < per-onated  im government benches.  The "disturbance <if ihe populal ion "  if il goes to piove anything at all, isal]  against a continual inn of the present  system and demands thai the. Interior  which is being ������������������distui bed" by a steady  giow tli of population and wealth producing activity hi given lhal over  i ('presentation which thn.-e coin,dose  and li-th.iigic distiicis cro.-ilod iu '!)|  now enjoy and which tliey aie not  entitled to. Theie is no need ol pal( h-  ing or put I ing in of new piet es into  '     *���������*.  ID'  they are, but why not controvert llieni  ihem in toto: mere  swagger assertion and if this, or if that.  kind of talk does not help Ibis atgti-  meiil, lo a clear conclusion, and that's Kevelstoke people want bctoio  they go very nniih I'm I her. I have  shewn precedent! for Pi ov ineial govern-  men I holding tnunici pal i ties responsible  fortius kind of woik:,md J see by Mr.  T.nte's letiei, which presumablyo-lie  did not wi ite without advice, that the  Dnninioii goveriiment, will not lie  responsible. J sincerely maintain! sir,  I here is (lo call it what your coiiteui-  por.u v iloes) a ���������'.shadow*' of gi oiiiid- for i  my contention that it we incorporate  Ibis enormous burden and responsibility will be shouldei ed if not in whole  in great part, upon our weak back:  which would without it have all it  could carry in .sewerage --yili'iii, road  making and other matter*-. As long as  I hi- poi teuton- and ominous shnlovv  hovers about tbis question, L hold incorporation should be delayed till lb'1  truth of vv hal it portends  is  definitely  slated.  Am I unnecessarily alarmed 1-* Prove  it and I will subside. 1 have i.iisOd  mv   voice   as   an   earnest    vv,lining   to  A. ���������I!iHi(-r,   N.  Lei  A.  Benson, P. R<  Rnbi.   Caillie, \A  J ii11ii it  Allen.   ��������� ,  Junior 11.  M. Hyatt.  I i.' I'i iinei  Annie Hanson. ' ,  I. Primer���������Harold   Tooinb--,  Ogir. Harold Bmiidgc.  ,    li. Class���������Edgar     Motgan,  noolli. Charlie Cordon.      a  AOlass.���������Ifay   Frasei-,   .lack  Etn n,i Allan.  T.  ibiuson,  .'Ckitk,  Willie  Willie  Fiasei,  The Football Challenge Cup.  The Kamloops SfKiidard say's*- in  relation to the ".Maitin'* Challenge  Football Cup,that il will no doubt be  fought, foi tins \ear, under ion  rules. 'Nicola, Ashcroft, .Mara, Kn-  dei by, Vernon and Kelowna have, it  .states, al' declared for the Association  game while Revelstoke stands out for  Rugby lilies. Wheie is Kan'iloops it-  si\lf on the point, and ,Golden and  ,Dun,dd too aie thinking of going in.,  Couldn't a council of the Interim Football League lie foi nied and each club  offering to compete for the cup send  one delegate to a central place (it he  cm:t ci nie, to send a pioxy) to deter  mine rules and .conditions governing  the tup matches, date of fixluies. place's  where matches should ome oil', diavv.s,  lies) aiid so on. The cup is a good one  and there aie nuiubeis of footballei s*  in the count iv so let all the. inleiest  nnssibie be aroused   iu   lhe   grand'old  The I.O.O.F. At-Home.       ,   ���������,  The Oddfellows' at-home Wednesda'y  night was well alt,'tided���������about, -10  being present. (Haines of cards were  enjoyed till about !) p.m., and on Mr.  McLaughlin taking the chair I he pro-  gramme was imniedi Uely taken up.  Il opened with a violin duet, by Mr. and  Miss Savage, and was followed by a  musical selection by Messi,s. ji.-ii-hor,  Kincaid and FlP.iso. which drew an  encore.', Mr. Pat I'-i'son next, load a  capital I'ssjiy a'ii t he piinciples of Odd-  jellovvship. and Mr. Lee followed with  one of tin,ie songs which always draws-  ,-iu encore. Mi. Webb gave a violin  solo, and "Mes-rs/nj-ii-bei, Kincaid and  EIFaso anot tier sele( (ion : they and  Mr' Lee again teceived encores -md responded. Rev. Mr. d of Trail  spoke of I he merits of lhe Order and  brolhei hood generally, and t he0 programme ended with anot hei selection  by Mosst-. IJai Per, Kincaid and ElP.iso.  Uefi e-hments weie then -served by the  brothien and a very enjoyable evening  terminated.  Compound  Syrup   of   White.   Pine,   it  will iclieve   you   al   once   -McDowell.  Atkins   it    Watson,    The. Druggists.  Revelstoke Station. ' o  i  J.   A.**Kl(*ne   started   on    his    new  building this vvotk-.     It  will   be   sixty  feel, long,'tvvo stoieys   hi������h   and   have  extensive and elegant   accommodation.  When fm uished up t he new Stockholm  J Louse will  be second to none in town.  To-day- the Loid JBishop of New  Westminster is holding a "(,}uiet Day''  for his cleigy here, the address beginning .-it 11 o'clock. His Loidship, is  the guest of -Mr. and'-Airs W. F. Crage,  and Archdeacon Small is slaving with  Hev. F. A. Foid.  See Dr. Alallocli's card , this week.  'He'takes J^r. Cross's placi as. C. P. IL  doct.(ir for the next two or tlnee  mouths aud this will leijuiie hi.s,attendance at Donald seveial days' in a  week. lie will lie at his ollice heie on  Fiiday. Saturday and Sunday.  ���������I. J-lerclimer, C. P. IL freight conductor, lias ret urned from a visit lo  .Minneapolis, .Mis. Jleichmer .will  return shot tly. Con. I leichmer goes  to Level-Moke in a few days lo lOsiune  his "urn "'on the C. P." 11. lie will  icside in Revelstoke. - Kamloops  'Sentinel.  The amount of lolling-stock teported,  by the Canadian ' Pacific Railway at  tiie end of December, 1897, .was as follows : iJox cars, 12,G00 ; stock cats,  10(io; refrigerators,.-ISSJO; oil tanks, G;  conductor's iuns,,.'51S; ventilator cars,  ���������IG ; passenger coaches, 7GG ; boaiding  ui living cars, 107; locomotives, GI9;  general ear*-?, "J70;, the grand total  being"20,G00.  ' Janics Russell,, the popular Kamloops hoi, aided a m,in some time  ago to no to ��������� the Klondike. A few  days since he got a loiter purporting  io bo from him and stating that- he  wii"- foi'waiding to iNI r. Russell a g'old  biiek, which he was to turn into cash  'and, after recouping himself anfl "doi'lg  the fair (King by tlie boys,'" he was to  bank tlie balance. The. brick came lo  hand \ est onlay iiioining, via Seattle,  and .J im cheerfully paid' is] f) express  charges on it. ' Ami now he is on the  war-path after somebody because the  brick assayed principally brick.���������Vancouver World.  POLITICAL PARAGRAPH  INTERESTING    ITEMS    FROM    THE  '     LOCAL HURLY-BURLY*  Mr.  Kellie Asks More Questions���������The  Usual Crop  of  Charter Applica-  f tions���������What the Coming  Redistribution Bill is Like.        '  i g.aiio.  The Meeting' of Presbytpry.  pause in time and 1 sh,<]| eontinue to  do so (wi i h your kind permission) with  no bias aud Ife from political or  municipal cnloi of any kind till -ome  action is taken. OnsEKViiH.  March ���������')(!), *!)���������*.  Trout Lake Notes  VV(,| k    in  of a few  ild  Fifteen men will b" MM to  the Sunshine in the c"iir*-e  davs.  11 is now t h< ai ght liom the f.u r thai  no second vein was eiicounteied in the  crosscut t hat t he Silv er t'up leads ran  toget her and ft oin t he sinirh' big lead  of 20 leet shown up in ! lie Free Coinage  tunnel.  1). M. Crowley, the fitinituie man.  proposes tn vi������ii Trout Lake Cily.  The head  and   limn,  of   the   caiiboui  0|. f,,|tv   miniili  shot    by    Hugh     McPliei s[in     aiiivedl  nl'.    A   eoinpi'eheiishe   and    ''<��������������� ently fi mu Hev "IsUike.    11 i-superb-     ,|i(,   j  an  am  ��������� sclieuie of reproseiilaiiini based on  (���������(piality of yoloi'M -one man as good as  iinolher��������� is demanded by the people  and t hey vv ill hold lhe opposition t e-  miss.'ind del eliet of I heii duty if iliev  do not iii-sistou its taking precedouee  of even such iinportaul logishilion as |  boil Using I be M.-iekell/.ie-Maun I aib i'.id !  o.* other "pol latching" legis|,(| ion.  Local Railway Charters.  *'' j  .The Committee, nil   -nival,*  bills ba\ e  reporte,!! i o I he j louse  on   petit ion No.  ly nioiiiiied and i.s with httle doubt the  line-1 111'piiy of il s kind in the pi ov im e.  Ti out Like and pio-pect*-  ha \ e a gi eat ,ul v,mi i  silver lead piopeittes in the roiuitiy  from the fact thai I he ore of I hO-e pi n-  P"lties all .-o'll.iiu mule ni' le.-s gnj,l,  Then, I mi. the pi eeeuittgi- ol bail l-  vet v high and I liis   i oinbm.-.l  with lhe  high gl .llie ol t lie sj)\ ,.|     ,,,,.    , ,|,|������e.  i ;���������,.  lolal value pet* 'reach a  very Heal  Tho Pi'oshyi"ry of Kamloops mot in  til.1 Picshyteiian churcii. H.-velstoke,  on Wednesday aud Thursday of this  week.  Among ot her business wa- the application of the Pi o.sby Leriaiis ol lievel-  sloke lo have their thin eh raised from  the .status of a Mission Station to that,  I of an Augmented   Congcg.ition.    The  1 Picshvterv  received   Iheir  application  i .  I with much plc.isiii e  and   will   Han-lcr  it   to   tiie   Synod's   committee,  which  meets    next     week      in      Vancouver,  together   witli    their    In-aily     hioiii-  inendation    that     Iheir     loijuest     be  i gi tinted.  The Wednesday evening session w as  l   attended    by    a   large   numbei1   of  the  in1, mbers and adherents of t he t bin ch.  i  I  The reports cm   "Life   aud   Work'"   on  " Sundav S( liools "'���������nd  on   '��������� Chi istian  I   Endeavor   Soiietios"   were  good   and  ;  made   interesting by   short   speeches  j  delivei od by vai ions membei s of   1'ios-  I  hytery.    Tho model a tor allowed thil t y  intei mission   for   re-  fieshnients   whiih   woi o   piovidid   by  the   ladies.    *j'he   loutiue   of  was   aNo   lightened    by   solos   and   a  i ccu.iiidii :      the     former     by      Jli>,  Lavv i ence and Mr. Muir. Ihe   latter   by  over   olhei   i   Hcvd. Ml. Classl'i.ld.     The   Piesbvleiy  uio\ ed a Ileal ty vole of | hanks   to   I hi  ladles vvhiib w,*'s responilt d to by .Mrs.  L,iu~oti on boh,ill ol the Ladies' Aid.  Tin   Septennial    meeting  of   Pi esby  t"; y is li   be held in Xrl   Local and Personal Briefs.  Oscu Jacobson,  of  Trout    Lake,   is  in town.  The, passenger train ran into a slide  Thursday ov ening.  Fred .Mesley and wife got back- from  the, east on .Saturday.  ISasy running, noiseless sewing-  machines at Cinii-sier's. , o  XV. White, Q. C, inovcil, into hi.s  new ollice on .Monday.  Mr. OTvoil!y,rMr. Cimble's partner  fioni Nelson, is heie.  Dr.'l'l. Mathison will beat his dental  ollice until..Match  1 Jlh. a ()  Mr. and .Mis. "Tom" Madden went  through hero Wednesday night going  west.  Ft od 13. Wrong arrived tip From  Ferguson on Tuosdav. Ilo has boon  away since ���������) line last.  See' the'I lon'olulu letter on page 3  this week. It is by an old Hoveistoker  and, is very inlcresliui*.  lias the Ili'ndd slock of personal  yiiakespeai ian p.nody nin out or is it  just scared to try its wit and cleverness again.'  Victor Citiillaiiino. a pioneer of the  Kamloops county died suddenly this  week.     Jle  had   l-eon   in    P. (J.   since  Ordinations at St. Peter's To-morrow.  'The IJishiip of ^Tew Westminster  will hold an m dinal ion service in St.  Pefei's church to-morrow at 11 a.m.,  when thi1 Kev. II. 1!. Turner of Donald  and Golden, and the Jie.v. O. F. Yates  of New Denver, will he raised to the  priesthood. The sermon will be  preached by Veil. IL Small. Aichdea-  rnn of Yale. As lhe (ynimunion service forms pari of the oi dination  service the ( ongi egat ion aie icij nested  not lo leave until the IjiJiop ]iro-  iiuimces the blessing.  Al the, evening service at 7.^0 the  Mi-hop will pioach, an'il after lhe  service the "Story of the Cross'' will be  sung.  Too late to make any extended r-;foi-  encelo it comes vvoi'd to tho,M.UT. fl Dill  a private -(mire, thtit the (-(-.miiig* t e-  (lis| i ibutioii measure'is mu a. nii-a-m-i'  al all but a poor apology. Jt leaves a]]  Ihe ailificial over represented sections  untouched, except, Fsipiiiiiatilt (.vliicli  Spa-aker Higgins represents with lion.  Mr. Pooiev). and it give-, Yam ouver  City, Vale, F.n-l and West, Kootenay-  one extra member each. The lepolt,  aNo siates'ihat il will likely rcsuli iu  an allciation of jhe. boundaries and  scope of Xort h Kootenay Riding. *Tis  to be hojied the measure is no patch-  woik but, a thorough reform of tho,  inequality now 'existing. There is no  necessity to increase Lhe number of  seals in lhe House* while there .are so  so many constituencies now ovei-  r,'presenter].  ��������� + ��������� ,  From the n.imber of railway charters-  applied for, and the 'generous manner  which the government has heretofore  treated these railway opt i.uhrs it is  is safe to say that the people of this  countrj .will see an imuieiis,,. crop of'  speculative charters issued and large  sums and acreage given for building.  The people's money has been already  given away too freely ami iheir hetit-  sipiandered ljivishlv. It is limefora  halt, and the Opposition wil', do the  countty a service if they will obstruct  such legislation." Bring down a' re-'  distribution bill first, make provision  for running the business att'aiis of the'  country, and-go tojthe people early.  That's tho proper prngtammo but a  machine majority will' probably spoil'  the people's wishes ,md the railway  operator and scheme! will once ���������'uioie  get in his cunning work.   ,  * * ,     < "'  ' Mr. Kellie asked on Wednesday:  , Has the government in the ht>tsix  nionllis luirchased, agree'd to purchase,  or doe:*! it contemplate purchasing or  assist i.ig io publish in any way'whatever, any book, periodical, magazine or  newspaper edition dealing with North  Koatenay? If so, what book, periodical, inagazine oi newspaper edition to  what extent purchased or assisted, and  atwhatpiice per number or issue?  lias any con espondeiiCe passed on this  subject in the hist "six months, and  between whom?  Dying at the Extremities.  , The beginning of lho> end of the  Klondike boom has come. It is dying  al, its oxl i emit ics first. Finni I-aigland  comes Ihe news that theie is nocapiral  there available for Alaskan enterpt is.'s.  and the few idinls who come out,  equipped wilh champagne and eyeglasses do not keep up a boom.  11 mull cil- nf deluded people almost  entirely fi on i the western slates ,il*o  pouring north, but they aie already  meet ing people coining out who loporl  ti,ivellmg at 1 his .se.-ison' as an impossibility.-   Mv    lhe    time   the   trails  aie  Arrowhead Pointers.  The weather has been beautiful for  the past week, lint it is lurning soft at  the lime of writing. ��������� '  Our Hall, of which we are ;lH justly  pioud, is going to be a splendid  Strueluio and is nearly finished.  A dance was given by 'mine host  Foley, of the' Lake View Hotel, oiC  Monday. It was* complimentary'r-> the  ��������� ofliceisaif, the steamer Koolenay and  was ,-i complete bticee-**-. about 2o  couples held the floor m-til J a.m". when  all letired well s.uisfjed with the oven-'  ing's entertainment.  Capt. Shmt. has returned from his  vacation and is again in command of  the Kootenav.  1-SGl  and was iu  Mil  he!  ligiire indeed. -��������� Troti'l   Lakiv/J'i'  ] IlileliiSiill    A"    Co. ,;il(.'    iniikill^  pri.iveini'iit*-: t(i their-store  huildim  lend in fi(i-Ci7.  Five Mrigade No. 1 gives a ball on  St. P.itiick's13 Day. Don't, make any  other ongageineiiis and arrangi1 lo  attend this ball. Sec aiiiiniiiieeiueul  next issue.  McDowell's Coui]iullii(l Syiii|i> of  White Pino is put up in oOc. bottles.  ,\ splonil il thing foi coughs and colds  - -McDow.-II, Atkins ,V- Watson, Tho  Druggists,  nevelstoke Station. o  Miss M. v'oi bed's musical talent is  becoming'widely l.'iiovvn and the infill illation that, she vv ill consider taking  a few good earnest pupils is good news  for those dosiiing competent, in  sti net ion.  A fieighl, train was ditched fiot far  out from I tevolstoke to the. vwsl on  Mondav -d'tei noon. The engine and  one car weie damaged. A uieckiiig  ciovv soon cleaied the line and let  Xo.  1  through.  ��������� lol i ii Di ink vv at or ������ ,'w given a dinner  b\ I he delighted mli.iliilants of Tumi  Lake City beiatiso he biought th"in  woi d that i ci j noi.ess,uy woik would  be done on the waggon road. (Jieal  is .John I h ink water.  ,    I'f \*un -have 'a-emtgh you   cannot,   di'.i  I have not had an opportunity to  passable again, il is nol, Miilikely that-j gather much news this week but Will  the boom will have burst.  L'nder these , probably have ,t budget next is^-ue.  circiimslaiicis is it. justilied   in   giving  'o Messrs. Mi Ken/ie iV   Maun  (or any  one else) large   grants  uf   public   lands  and money tn make a railway to TV-din  L.ike.    Would il not be wiser in wail a  httle   and   see   if   (heie   is  any   io.i-dii ' i-vviutiir ;i n ,-il.nm d!" fiit-at tlio lu (>\vt-i-y  why the railway should ho built .-it   all.    Ull<    ,.',���������,   j���������      pnunptly    calling   out  - Nelson Minet. i       ; brigade No. 1.    They thought it meant  A P. HOW HEAD.   "  The Fire Alarm.  Shortly   after    dinnei     Wednesday  Kootenay Petroleum.  , the lCnieipi iac biew cry and away they  ' started with th" hose reel  ie.u hing the  s,        ,-,, i ,>  *,    i      top of the hill ina bieathle.ssi (indition,  Oneoi the many resources ot Lntish ,,- , '  pulling such a load   on   wheels   v.ilh  Columbia whiih will l.o extensively  developed iu the near fuliiie ami winch  pioinises to bo a gieat uidiisliv. is the  pet rolelliii liel'lsof the Fiallnad V.illev  iii Soul heist ei ii Ko'ileiiav. This is a  seel ion of coiintiv but iittlu known,  and is sepai,id d liom the I emaiuder of  the (lis! I ict by -i Iliill lailge of  iiinv ut.Hi's The n,ilui,il nutlet of the  i.dlev Is (iouu the I'"|a| hen I Rivet  into .M ai la 11,i,. but. vv it li I he (.emp'cl imi  nl the Ci"\\'s Nest Pass I!.iil way,  theie is I'li-n ptoliabililv that Canadian (,'ipilal v'. ill shoitlv be invested  in mat kei ing this nil. Accniditig to a  ictcut issue ol' the Foil Stee'e 1'ics-  pectoi, those (ield's fovci a l.uge ,t|ea  of lei I* tut V, pleiltll'lll llidli atiolis of  llie existenre ol | etiolenm b'-iog i'-miikI  on t lie o.istei ii s|o|ie ot the IiiaKte-,. in  Albeit.i Sample, of oil fiom the  Flathead Valley have been |e-ted 1>_\  the 1/i i liiiii.ii iiinent aud found  In lie iiuici and "f lilghei giade than  lin'y'poti.oreiiin hit l.ierto  discuvered   (in  as pumng sucn a load on vv f.eeis v,  tin- condition I he in.-ids w ei-e in was mi  fun. Theie tln-y weie met Iiv th'-  Mining li'-ontoi. i,i an eqii.div biealh-  los- cnnditiuii. who gts(ed out "'Pis.  .Mien's In evvei y." Tlie ie ig.ule letm tied'v.ilh all p 'ssibb-di^p.iicii a.i I knowing I li" hn-e w as   no   use   tlieie   it   was  h.his,>,i. .ii-d ,i'r! bauds -t.nti-d for the  -(������������������in el III'1 fin*. -Me.iuw bile. I lie e.ii|st.  of --H   this ,d.urn.   whiih  ('(cuiied   in  Ml. Hell lil!gl"l('s Lnti-i' below .Mien's  on tin- rtvei-id,-, had b'-'-n >-xt ioguished  by JI.--I-, Wiight Krugei. Lamhis  and ol lieis. li began mi t b" i not' o...-  side, n ii j n-ci'Hi d liy Mi. Helm iiiglon his di'.iiot, ai.ii was well  ������l.ti ted beb'i'- i ne neigh bin-* ,ii.t out ton  vva-, di, ei I I'd to it.    Tiieinoi   was   (on-  -i'l'- iv     i i.i, <d.    Mi.    Heihiiiiglon  sutleieii a sevie f I .gut. a nd the bil-  gade -    -  The L  ���������*h  ,'iie  Aid    ut    the    Methodist  1     etti.ii* (hair get  a liottle-of   .McDoweli's I 1 l.c A iih-i ji an cpnl itieiit.  church, is preparing' for -a good tine1 i,|j  Kii'ftt'oi' .Monday, A j*; il* 1 1: !i.    ��������� $'!0M������&&  ���������Mm  "���������ly //?.��������� ,':'';'������������������ run'j.isn kiV kv i-:it Yj^A^nin^Y^A  ,;A:A; 'A ' :'V(...':'A'J:'Av A.,'A -���������.���������AiA?,.,5 .*���������' j��������� ���������'..' ������������������-,':���������'���������' .";'.';!: 1 yy.  yy.y'l ';A;AA.A;A!;il3V3L5*i'QKE*.'3:C.,vAs' A/'/;/  :AA: A;' 'A;'A. ���������' ''���������;,."*���������'������������������;:���������'      '-' ;,"'������������������-'--HV���������',;;*Af .,  ��������� ���������'���������.. aA-A/'A!  ���������a zy.yy^yyyy'iATy^y^ *y.yii/yyy,:.:/y-.  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In ineia-i'OKiU! a*' (.Joiniyuiy witli  liruve*,' I'i i.*i!iisir:icl.��������� .mniiiltiiii iiiul (i;n^*ale ,iy  .iuv iiiiitivu.i'iev.'ora'Ptiiiiiliinl (iriuirviev .pingrc  rui'lv. avTi'iiin sin ii * .pijliit. at ii',* iiriirArrovvliciKi,'  . ,\ I-,.:, y ,|,;i'!c'*, I'.fit'is'.i*-l.Mlaiiiliin. by* tlie hum!*  re;e*,;ii!i; null'.' via Tniiit l.iiUe'ui'Duneaii Kivei  tn Ki.inu i iiiiii. nl. at-1 neai' llie nui'tli end of  'tvni-ti'iia'-v, ��������� ���������|'.a'.:i:",.iii l-'.e' Kunt.-uav l.list.nct  with l,i*iui:-:i(,s. '" any''l.'iist'n :'���������'-.'.'ii-ii l������o-.vcr  als" In. c'iisl "--K-l.. inaral.iii'.i aa-.l*: '*:> y^.' ���������'���������������'|  'ncces-n.**,* ".#--.��������������� I-*���������*-s-t ovei* .liaviK'i'il'l.e riveiv,,. iilli.l-  'm*.*esJ:u:y vvn vs.* I'i:i;rics. mails and'ji' vvorU.s..  'iWi'ti'il iil''Ot'l.'iWii l.his'JIIli day* of lleeeinlier,.  IWI7. .'���������������������������' *..  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N. _I,'avi(lson  '!:  Private Eill -Notice.  7>.TOtK:i'] is hereby ki veil Unit nlililieation will  ry li(i liiade tn llie UKi-diitivo .Asstiiiibly lotv      /.  t.i'n- l'roviiieeot' Uril.i.sli   INilninbm, ut its next ��������� .  'soKsion  foi-a'lirivate liill t'o'iiie!,i;*liiii*atu a coin-  nuiiv to build. cf|iiili.' iiisiiiilain and djienite a.      -..'.,.  line or.lines of-railvviiy, t'l-nin a ut or ii������u*  Albert Canvon:'tlienee up llie  valley of .tins.. "���������  N'ortli  Koi-k" of tbe  llleeillevvaOt,.river to tlio    ���������,, ..���������'������������������  beii-1-w-iitei-s of the Dounie creek; tlieiiee down  llie vn.Ilev of the Diivvnie creek to tliu .���������junction    ."-".  of Unit stream with the Columhia river;;t.liciico.i  down'tlicC'olimiliia river, to Jlcyelstoket/vvith  the   cq.uip,"' coiisitruct  and inaii.itsi.iii.  hruneh lilies to any niiiio oriiiines.iind all neees-  siirv  bridges,   road  ways and  ferries, and to      .-���������������������������-.  imi'lil  own iu id maintain wharves and docks: in    ������������������'���������,.  ciiiiiKtetion tlicrev.-itli; nail with power to build,  own e('|iii|ifi.iid inaiiitaiii tilcain and other ves- ������������������;-...   ���������������������������  's������1k and biiat.i;.  and oiiernte. tlio same on', ajiy   .  ilaviiiable vvatcrs-'Vithin the I'l'i'viiieo: and witli  'piivvci- to Iniild, Vfiuip. operate and  iiiivintai.n    ,  U'lc'rapll   and   telephone   lines in cniiiieetion    ,  wilh   tbe  --aid   railwav and   br.uielies.  and  to  iri-iierat-.'. eleclrieily roivtlie'supiJly of light, liesit; ,       ,  and power: and with power fo exp-.-oprial.o lands if:  for'llie piiriiiiscs of* theeoinjiaiiy. i'uid fo aequire,.        ..    /  liiiiils. bn'iiii.-ius. privileges,or ol.lier aids from   .  .    ���������������������������(  .'..1  ,>;���������ia,i1 i.iil'lwx'nlinil    A   (ll* ���������  !ijy/JyyilUm? \tiwv<  i  '  'A      A ���������     ���������  .. ' A'  i.','i;i"..'Sii:'l;:,/l;c.;"i'-ler  f  C'^'il ?'���������!���������(. sc:';Uis, Wc can ux you. .'���������i.!-,v.'.!.'.*i..t*' oy w^cm  ��������� ������������������" i . .      .��������� i.';���������,,.��������� n u'i-ini iif.ij.!,1 i.i.'*  ���������     .......    ,;*.,.    ,..'���������' I 1:  lands, bouii.-ws. p  .v  (iiiv   goveiniiic'iiU. iiiiinicipiil , eorpdration.   or  oilier'lersaus ur bodies, nnd l.o.lcvy and  collect,  ,        ���������������������������     (iills'fi'oin all parties using, and  on sill   freight.  ,,.'. 'nii'ii"!''" .'������������������(������������������i-iiiii-iilii  V". '!I.-!I71'.., i-.-'ii'*d   '.���������1ij,s'u!n^ over si'ny of such ruiids. niihvays. t.rnni-  ���������.,.!:.'...A|,';|;,   e.'i;   .���������.   \-,,u-   We-ilniiie-ii i*.   in- i, ^viivs-  ferriis. "������������������.���������linrVL'S iiml vi'sseliibiiilt. b.v the  .  ,. ,���������V'/'/,. diiv:; iViini the dale lier-of. to apply I ���������jhii'i|im'iivmiikI  vviih  powei-'I.n  make  l.riillie or*.  ,.,', ,,*",. ���������\|*"1--,..*-'i;e,;,,Her  f.-i-u f.'erlili'.-ate of Itn- : ,,l he.i- nrr.'iUs'Ciueiits with railway.:stesiinl.iontor  ���������'���������"''������������������-   "      -������������������ :;,.   ,,;*��������� ebiiiiniiig   a.! other (������������������..nipanic.**. and for all. ofber neeeswu-y or  fern. ���������' i inridi ntal rights, powers and pri vileges in t -hat  III'     ��������� ���������.; ���������"':  ���������ir   ,*,'.   !',,'''   ,*i  * I ,**il)   ;'i l*    "I  ..   i i   ,|   'I 'Viel'Ti-i   I'.v I 'ir-il'l  W. I -i>,\ '  I ;;('.,  I'Vb.  i.'.'l -li-:  .. .r-iEVELSTCKE* SAWMILL, ..  ���������. h'sivutatoS'.o   Station,   B.C  Me!  *''i;i.  i.i ',i  in-ti.**'i'.lli(it   iii*t*,'ili.:"i'','*r     .   . . niiiiM'eiiei-'l ..l-ii-'fii!*'.*,  Ill'-'* i'-'-  i.,;''-.1.,. I, (.''���������'���������t'i'!l''*ii!.,*-'of !:ivi:;-iiV',:iii"iil-.  ���������i,l ie  \*ii :i--i -i'i *.'.*'.' lii:.- ;i;:!i day <>'-   Nov','!!i-  \.t,.L i . ������������������    ���������       :;ai:ii  l'������.\::'d at V.iiiei.'iiv'er. H. (.',.  this 17th  (bi.V  of  NovciuiiC'i1. 'A!'". .... ., ,,,, .  ��������� '  WILSON oc SKNICLKK.  -.Id-Ot .-.*   .Solicitors fiii; the Applicants.  mmmmmmmmisim v-amM^odte
His;��� Voyage; aind;Trst.'Impressions-S
a:a ^Hawaii :*; residences^ Railroads,; In ,..���..,,.....,,_._......���...,....,. ������..,,������ ,.i,.-~..,.     .      ,���.��..,,,..,.. .,,.,..���...,.
���'    ������'....', ,  n *���   ..,-_.     -**!.���-,  n���->..f!���.     .      ���������.     ���    AA^.y.-i^j, ;.::j,y^ 1-s
rooms iiijiiAddd^piaitei^
restaui-aiil'inj tliVJcitAVl'^iiiji^'-f S'l;-^ l''er     ' '    '
(Special Corre^lX'hdetice.);
, ..A/'IldNqi.yi.iujjHawaiy^
'Ajpi-dVinsedJgive lieiW:'ithj;ijl'eW::inii)r(:s-i
j j:sirnis,;of;tliis::''p;ii adis-A; pfj.thejPaciliC'," ;
;!A:Atdjretheivvvith such fiictsasd^aiijgather.
jrctoticerhiti^ .tho/jspy^
'/. "(iutiAof/Xlio^GMiV
JAAiiooiiA-diii-'Jcdiirse:. vyasj:;;>;th(iuj.;,si:it: Jorj
.-'���"���: a. f i i V^V*"1".1''".^-* 17*'-'-".' V*1"^ <'^���?si���:������:,'���.'i���^J|-, -? V5 v'!-?1 .^"? ^"^ VV %'-'��� *^ ''i'^*'5-i:
1/outAwere i*(>ii��h,A; at"y leaslAtbe/: SO P-^V
ly ;i'i )d;i< idkeiljaV j tjl't el t/il^'aiid aho.stjVil':
y/ 11 v- t-jtVA s iiif i k '��'I'ij'jjo ocl 1 c 1 Wi r ��� jj AVjS li.ij'l 'jn JA*
j A^: 1111; - \y i i i tl /'o 11 jjjt 1 i e 111 i id ji 1; i y i 111 ^J" >V ���-' -r1:s' *'11 ^}
jjAf \-essel';diyVnw
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AfAjOn A the:nibi;ni iigA (-jf.jjthii/^eVijiithjilav:,
; :A:vvJeAp;iss(>iLii.oliikiiii.j^syivvviija^AtJi'^jHm^'j''
AjAaiong'the; iieacliAAoiijjw
r A. A ':''(-;;".-1-, a; j'V-; '   ''.-.;��� y'��� *' "A''-|'A' ��� '���- i'���'������'���- .:*:*v��1 '--.'i-i 'i ���'.'�����* ���**'"'���'f~�� t ii'i
/s'i'ltli'tljA; by'; jdMiiiitid'^Ajji'iid:
, ^..Diii'ihond ;^
AA.the^inid'un'trcif ^tvi lipi ils^i^'-y.l'K A^JlMl
A:Ajyidii:i;''y vvejyeufi;^
'A-ed ��� b'yA llie/: cuMii-jiiisA securijciAiArijoiiuijatA;
iS "in"si^'*fT>'r.*;*ji-l'1'tv-.'j 11���t*1!iii-vj.Sv>tsj^V?y?."-.'\^y-!i?S-fi���'"���-:?.!H"-11!M^
'i'At!ii1i I Ar'jvv;is!j*]cc*u'^
JAAandATrimt'jLaKe.^*''-''''-:;' 'aA:AAA.;Aa''' aaaa
If A:
Aa'!/Af ,,'Tliti' tii s^th 1 iiAjJlhayiilViilist'r^J'sj^is.j'piji;-;
:;^;:?v f-^j'ii jipisr^i K^nusKV*AUT^;M^5^^^t-"X*)^i? ^i^A?-
AAJj A ? pa 11 li'Acociiiin u t j;i iid'-jij ii"iu'i'i?< jji':�� �����( A*1' '' ��� !ljj
/AA/A-deli'lAyAdt*:t iuiKt(VJili^:*it^i.i^^*^��l*^!)^*:i5
A'A 'j;-AA.'<X;ji e;ivr 1 i c7i i sit'iVjAa l;,*^;';A1 c > :.ij^,':;j. 11 >.\y V j;;jt-i 11 n;M.t i n ^j
aa. j-.' ^ -a i-iti f^i ^ct: ��� ji ii-.a ti t !><-�� *t-rnt^:: j'v- iji i"< *si-; j j ja-^T 1 V'A ''rVA -^ '������-1 i"*-*";'
'-.'"' ���' :^*-(::f L*r^<i����V R.A'^'o'-'.'y '"'V? *-:�� ?*i> ���L'Av.-^t-t-ii.V t'��'������.^���s-;; A:i1,^> l*sV-1?? >r ���
AAA A :jrihujltl1^
��� Ajjj-fjbjtri'ackjforj th^soldicrv?oi.the i^hiiHlsj
:'AjA:A;Aj:aiKl:j'evv-.;regiineiitsic;in hoasl.siich royal
j e  A^A^QJIp,:;,;'jiiuinthj'splendid :/piai. tjei-s, a:
A Ar'A-JVoyaf'p;irlc^dtAai(*;iiiipu^;AiiHij.siIisoltite-
Aj'>Aly.r1]otJiiiiAr:td,(ld. 1 hit;-(.;fiit, <l'j'i>^.;)'(-/- .l!*r
'AAAA';nierry;i-;i^  iviilikK: thc-jA judiu^itio-ii's, ��� u*
jj, A j liai>iiy < Ijtie. AJjAj'j.Ajjf;' ������y/yy/y/'li^y
j;v;r:',jjj:Al*J(jii(iinlu is thi'-pnejsre^il. j conimerci-
:,AAJA/; 'centrejofj the  repnlilic  of, Havvaii,j
A Jj-AjjijjidJiijis. 'ju.'jpopii.lii t-it>.i.i.i:''*".(i >r.j" -f.tli<iiiii_;j*^T,t).0i);-'
AAA j';.: iiK>stly,:iiatiyes,.J';i|.isj7iiHl;j.p
'JA AjjA'is 't;>,iji\^ iv^j'.st'Vif tl'tiwJL^:of: 'it l>..i;', i��!rLMidi*s,j;.l>'n^.J*>-ii?
A A A': jAtiyiW'possfestvs.d he ���'��� (mly/-t'Vv^>:g(>od bar-:
AAAJj: li,,t-s:ji"n tlWjwholc'Ai^i-oiiiivit/i is* tdie.j-tini^t
'������':/'\.'/ important,. AMi(ijjii.-(.)nMii('i-ci;dl>\ jAThe.'
j;/AAA cliii'f' ind'uiti'iesj.;orij
A A.   A sugar and fruit: raising,'". iiovvcc;ver,'some
jj":;A:i;A;ji-oiree;aii(l:::rici*:'aie/ gi*ovvii.JAThiM'e.;ii*e,
A'A.'.' ,33 niiles of railway; iiiibpi'!'lati(Vii on' ihc
/���; A-S:Aislai)d,'Ayv-illiAlieaufifiiljjsc
'������'A.*.'..AuVe'roiiu?.-;'j)Leiiyiiig , r[ouidi.ilii,>by.this:
1 JA:;;-plnViges iiitpAiitrppi(:alA'.groivthvof;bai!i-
: "S: .^ paVia^jcocdanulsAjuidA-dligtitot-:-|>e;irs.
A' ���"',*.' j theiiA throiigh,jihiles/:of /riceAMeUls', to
A   V'Al\''(iiuiaJ'uaA;theiij'
���.'��� ��� (the proposed -U.'S. naval ���.���{ind  coaling
! A j.'; stviith>i)is).::VHi;hiav'iiig,/vvrhich; one, passes
a''"'./;" 'thriiiigh neklafter. li.'kl of sugar .Cane
j';A  jtilijthe great ilivva niill-^-on "the  largest
". ���;.*'     s'iigaiA.pIantalion -on j'thi:   'island,���is
���..AAjyaclied.  It is truly si yrand. sight here,'
6J(MJ0 acres' "jnf  sugar jcau-;: of dilVeruiit:
':���/���'���/ irrovvtlis. . TlieJiiriiducbaVei-siges'jiliiiul,
j '. j  A niiiiAtons of sugar to .'.the* acie. , There,
'"���''!',   AJareHaartesian vvells and three puniping.
'':     A   'statipnk' for .ii;rig-il.iiinA'piirpi.>*e^   iiiul
A' .   al)out20 miles oH-ail way with a .rolling
������A. ������'.'��� ��� .'stock of three hicotiiiit.ives and 100 cane
'..' ''    A cars-    Thed-]vva:u'iill-*lhA largestjin the
,-���" .   conn I ry��� has a' capacity' of  110 idiis a.
;;     day'-ind is run.for.seye'n."niisiiths cil' the
''������ '  year, so ii, is soinethiiig'of a,])lantatioii
and ,-in industry, isn't, it.!-',.
A Lt^iviiig ��� li.vvii  for   Waianai,,t.he. ter-
:,  ihiiiii'sUf   the., road,������groves, of   keaiie
,., ���  c,     li-neS'iiriA jiassed   tiirotigh; these   trees
j ;'j jfiirliish the  niiisljva I liable wood on the
;'jA:   . .islands. AVvaianai' is ,-i jij uocr old  tmvn
���:    ' A  and is said   lo   b(.;Athe.. boflA'st., place iii-
.. 1    j the coiiiiti-y ; jaboiit. seven .miles from it.
.     is a.large ci'ill'i'c plantation in-.go.odcon
dilioii.      ���:.:
KverS-vvhere the roads'.'ire  good   ,-uid
as   the   vol-
,'s'tiioiig,'ji?otliAllien ;ind .Ayoiiieii.jsiiidAirc:
A'ntireAj'diiip ^iisanairea iiijli.^t/l sijiiare
us black;'t-iis.j't.he.*u'i'^ijo^ ^Th,':AslaiHl; ,i>f /jilawsiii. lAJ':1'*:
���in ha 1 'itis iiii tl' ii i-<* 7 tro ii^iVl ^ t-<*il Ci. 1 i VV 't'u>^i::,'|'Ali ^i y-.^Aiiot-; vo t. .liTwtJvi.ii M.*! l������i'���!.v^���^l���'���i, V'^^M.^ Vi1'
t-d"i&;;MMV:; i.--|-i<!'^
cdyitriu-t.'Y(ii-'$12.50 oij; tljlibxtheimo^
:AJThisjis, .iilso'^Aiiiiriull^AfoiiAsnKik'i'ijs,.Jj;A;iinex:ai joivijseeiu;;!^.lieAtliifyilost, i",1^1':
���' 0yI'ii'v:,.i'��iiif, ii;i��Vi*L/:ini11:11":;usei,';fi'?I���j/'.-i'iii;/:,<*>i"."
! t(Misi>-ii,/vvai*drpbi' as't^iei^ is- huj,'-little:
jcii'aiigejiiicliti'Viil.^alldlie/ veilr jai''(:ivnidj:
"SinceAlji"ai;i'-"':d j'th'.(Aih'ei;m'binet^er'.liagi
i-ange(iAbel,yv|iie;n: dOjiVbd'TO^iiegri'i'SJ jthej
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Ii'Vi"*!.-^! <ji'-v'-' .fi'ii'-i'?*-;-. j - Ll * ti i" i;-ilV.-"i-K*-*-*iii-.��*'��' '/'-vi--'|''''*i;J*--7'*""-f'J,''L.:*l -t*-^..'.!'
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electing pffieei-rf fdrilie eusnini; year and foriilb'
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������Sl-iOPt-A Accounts.
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t ��:'eeil^i*e;A!aird;i ifiiture
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-'������������ d^a/ii' jmiiiihg ,ciifetric'&.A; a
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a a tlie :'nbr tb.; aiid s outh: %
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3iti.m_.ui       i -i    111 ii'��� *> .,     .t'*���v   ,>f"-".v.: ... ���,.'.���  .. ���������������. . ������ .:���������   ;��� ��� ������.- "..',.���..������;���.,.   ��� ������ >   -   >    A ���    ��� ,!
J      ,...;:..     -/.*-,-���,;,-���   'y; 1 ;'������ ^--^j'    *p /."A ''    ,**..-._   ,i1*, *���  >������     ���:���:���_���.-.[ .  j. '. '���    ';.;*'   ''���������'. ,.������' 'A.- '���'���;"" **'. *  ���*���:���-    r l'-'*'-"l:"  1.1    \'i    .'"-      * '  i    A- A     ',���'"..'-      ���  i"    *
It jliaS" plentjrAof: .feiiilclmg
i i timber ��� '��� ancl. <*;a '���' ;(sa wjznili
jAiii pperatipri jprbviding
j? ;Iuni'b3��,Avajb;: reasonabls
?:A prices'on thfif'sp.ot.;     ���/
Its   ' lake' a affords j i es:-
? ��� ce^tionally good trout j
Ajishing-A ���':;'a,j i'-/i,y\iy'y--
It has a-crown grant, pnr-
"'���* chasers of lots' thiis 6b
: il-ds-a paradise I'm cyclist.:
caiiic  ash   packs    as   hai;i!   'a|iii.(;sl..- as
:'a'nd/ilake 'sce.heij��.::'jj-ji-^i:aaa.;.yy/yy?
'motfers and "'capitalistsAAalr&u:!^
���-.iia v e j ��� tli ^ii-'i Areprese-iitat i \--CSy p n i
',th-e'A: a- groundAjjjm^
jlDopi'iief 'sA'jdriealii A W\ sji}^:$hati/i)|A
��� JjardeaiiJA .tliie?' npxyA^en t rejpf? ."jai t-j
traction A.foirjA the . bestjjijjn-iining/
ieiu.erpi"ise,AA:skiil A:;and. /'capital
'\\?li;ich j .British 1 i -Go'l.uinbici A :'hasi
���Pd'i s t ri ct;:-''a i-e: V Jill' ';.'������ t lirit:';. :cp vilcl ''"Vlii'e
LdcBirecrbSAtHe rancherj^
rpi-j./frtiiitJA'gt'A*^^ ,jf<ii>V'jj ��� :\vb��r'cj-
���.product^ a/|irdfitable;and:rapid-'
; ly/ increai*;iii^*An-iftrketa ex.ifjt.s ;j
���i whilstAto the :jsportsmeiij-Jethe
['iveighborhood, afibrdsi game in
"{'plenty.' .a ,* Aa-. ,...: :���.., ...a...'-..a ������.���������
i A The accbiTimpdatipn inclutles
j good, stores, ,'post office,
!:recorcling c'ftice; butcher sliop
a a#. :^;i:ty;iA&^.0
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"AlJripsJliid.vVi'iWi.Aiii-i'ivvheiid aii(lj.(:'(iin ���!J^u^*:l"?Vi>.l,M^!>V*l.^!.!?-:?A^
'A'idl j)oint^;iirt!ii,v:iJ;ard(;/Vii,.;'rr^
Aj^AjJAThe'jCom^ i'i'|<'r'��<^V.''''|?'4i-,(|i;,?!;,;j^!^
A?AJi:.iA,;i ATheAToWnsi'tii; of^'^
'" fit:i/iii''Ai;(iiniAa,ii(i h'l'a'ilijiiiirters forAUie d^iidCaiiriiiil: Kish ���rei,'l<Adist riet.sinw *' Vic/Mi ij>'*.c;ip-t'*iyi-tl.- i>i >.:*-.::.'' .jl i.-.. c ��-.t-i i pU^*;ji'.'A:;.:L;
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l??A',j ��� a i'Aj:A'AiA:i: y yy im lyyyy'y-'iyyyyy
��� 3 ESTj^Tv D' j^A-iB'gjP tST'ripjUT^,
A .Aa^fA:Mcini:.i'(:';ileToi:p:jit(i, Ncw^yrl*:'.'
..,-   . .a yy.,,. -j -a ���*..'      ���������,������    ���.      1.1 ..builclmyj' oper;itio.ns ./aie ���in
Ciear tl'GiO. .:.*��� ���.* y... y      ��� ;* j ] ful];pro^re^s, and the establish
ment of the, sawmill ���"-���will .'.'tend
''SuH'more' to';enh;tnce'; the im-
| mediate. gro \ ; .
A:'Vl'oroiito cvery.Moi^
--,���/ tion A (iveryA ThursdayA-jand sJ>i:otil.rcai jj iuiO..
'/:���:���,���:���!. AycHu* bii^sasij cheeked��� tiirojtifeli..*' Aja:,/
A I'^or fiiii hi forniii Li im 'a �� torsit cs, .t,i in'c, i^l/c-:- "PA:
lily'fb nearest (AIM!. 'Af?oiit-, t'n: .���: ; a ,;;,���:.*" ,
������' ,���������.-��� "' W. 111!, A US HAW : Ae;'.>nt.AUevelst>.iUe,,
;"':���/,/';.:'��� ���': :.a; Or lA',1*". .), CO.Yhl'';. ..:.:;/���������:
���:'��� ������/������:���. I'lisfrietv !.'asseni,'0r Agent. Viuicouver,,   ,
��� ;;jj y a?:i_aA;K;Lg'n pi ke'^;j?a:a;AA/
,jTiivoii^hitieUotKJtiij^'vaifee!, .1 uiieiuiv Sitkn,
,SkaAway;.J").veiv,,i'.vranii i iliii'lii.irM.ondink', and,:
;H*i;iiies Jlission.A li'lil). iiiforniiitioa ' ns Ui; rates
ilnd routes furnisliejl. aiid. herthi*. i-eserved/eiill:
oh oradllress"       '���:���'     ''  .:���-���:.���.,:' '-'   ���',.'' /   \,.; .'.'
JA AA;, ' ,,v *A���;j.,.v,\y. I'ltAnsuAW.;:  /Aj.;'.'*./....
���A,    :;���/���;';' j   ���".;   A  AjA^em., Kev;olstol>e, or/
A :'."-\vA'K;c'Aii;,spN.AA AjAj.A-' ���/! ;y.;\.y/y
jjj? /'' j A;;A'l'rii\-ul!inK'l.'a'sseiigeiA\genti':Xe!son,''
,K',I.'C(>;y.i,lC,'j;. ,A"*!A;A A; ;.' ���:,\j.'AJA':f;"A''-''''
AV.*:/. *...*..:-' - -r'j.i*iVt"i."i-"fo-t-'f:��iLKS,��/|-lK'Ol"AAKV>��'i'-. -yfill.e��>il.vor:.
'I'no,-yVdVidmaiiy"' iauillu
l��psn^li^rf fin 'V" a:.
,tUCiliU^by..,'*,.y.*Ji/.K3       /;,
��� ���'//>)'���'��� ;fcn
:I'f Aiy b u* cl e si'r ti:';i;a
;j f / aj'jj-ijAj j.A'cal 1 ja h d'j ,'s
;;Ja.:AA Ag]p |eoi'"atibn:^,j ��� iji cb
.Jii/;Af *:|i*'g^
://js i
3    %:0~K'.y:;h^*...,Uy%^ &-^y   %^i:.A:L^L==
]���-.'.. ;ti-/EfcS
SKf i ceiitif aI::pdiHt ��f;-
wth  of this  rising
Inside, $ioo: payable $33.33, ch.)wn;$
in .3 -iponths, $33.3;
in 6n"ibnl,is.
nsphalb     I'lllicliliowl    lies   jiisi.  I>a.'(.-k of j
'lhe city ..iiid ' is  i'ons*idiA|*��'il   mu-   ' h. Ih"|
*'sij?hl''i     I-Ji'ii'ikin.L-- down I'n-iiY it.'llie'riiy j
looks a (leiisc mass of I'olia.'ji'i'. wilh  Iini. I
licit- .1 ll< 1 UnTi' ,*l   I'ool' slliv.viii-' I hloi-|;,'i|.  i
Tlie   natives    are     mostly .lii^*   ami
i Corner^
$ i 50: '|';-a\".'il iii
;$5o''down'.:'$pO'in* 3'rnniHiis.   $50   in   6
niciiuh-s. '.���.'���'��� ' '    ������' .' ���. ,    : '...   a    a A.   ��� ./: ���
I;Iiese prices, are for a sliort time only.)' "���'
Al i'i.', R A'A'a:; stA;'aa I'-enera! Agenl;.'' ,'.'   ,  , ��� ���'"���
\\rV\ lliy^lyXyTyi/v' LakiVChIIv. k,f:sid. nt Ag<-nt.
A 1     ������.'���'-iS'S'EAIla^'iiXi*.
���:.l,(!jiyu  Arfovvheadihiily for nil lioiids in lyniit-;
jjeiiiiy,   iiiiikii.iVi ciiiuiijetiiin  nt   Xalf ns;i/for
."all iininis nn. jNiilntsp jniid Shiean  l!.v. nnd
.' fsjneaii hake.      ;.'���-. *���.'/*     '       j    A    ���; ������'.
i lose (���(liine'-f.ion.:il- ltoln-ion ���I'm1 Nelson,;  Kaslo,
j      l(a]fo.i::\ i'iiot-I'iiy. jt'riiil,  lioSslaiid.North-
j **pi.i-.l. si:ui i:l!;l'dinJsso(illi.    j j   .   /
t'or full  iiiforninlion,,- l.iekefs.  limps,, etc... call
���   on or address ���.,    '      ,*, '*.���'���. ;������
A -    -j-'." W. BRADSHAV*/,
A ,'A' *��� '' A .    A   AKenl, KeVelslokc.
,6i'io ' '���' A-'   i,;       " "       ���   A '.'��� ,-   v ��� '���
���XV. i'\ ('Alt^OX. A '        ���'������ .lACOVI.K.,:     ".'.,.'
'1'ntv. Pass.' A'kciiI.,'*. Dist,,-Puns. AkciiI...
'.'.' 'Nelson,1 l.t.O. j*. .-������'< . Viiiieoiiv'ci;', 11.1.'.
m^MMm im-m^yms/y
y if|T|'p ti ' *S   f:I IaI-IaI 5;V  (il-\r \:i."ky' thAttAalli part;e.s ihdebtec
f^|l Oiib'to' The A Kootenay Bri.ii'.slv,Goli.'-riil*via;* 'Smelting- anc
'!"'.... :1:.:,..   C ;'.:..., A.;., ,'.   '.:*; ...'.'.-. w.,-1"  .,1*  i IA. '. ,, ,,-,-i-, ��� ; /'.      /-ii"     l-,.i-i,-lc:     iii      t lv,
]'��� tlie-piurchal-e   of  lands;,in   tbe
... ^..v.,���.... ;ReveisLpke3ire i rexjui red \vi thin. 6otiays; Ijoin.'ihe; date'
hereof tb niakeipay inetit u> ine'or -to -the I nrperial -Ban'b at Rtiv-j
elstoi<e''ofaliAni^ when'.' deeds
"li*'''' '      '
���'. ��� '-.i'l
"fading. Svi'dicate 'uv respect. ,u
will��� be.'is^ned.''''    Unless said payine:-.!'** are m'a'de within' the time
!:h'ereinl:)(Aroa';'hiehti/ilK:d..i,i'ie wi'li be deemed '10  be   ih'
' 'lime'I'alile Nil. li;; 'i'o ehVet ��� ��� (i i ���.".' '���"'��� ' I *������!'."'��� "
*        Dailv  I*('.fv.*i.',"ii Trail.sind 'iinsslnial..
Trail. nan.
.No.,,(l piisKi:!)!*.!'!* leave.,! Ilnssiiir.d
A' 'vyil.h i':l. nnier a
No. M"passen*j:oi*  leaves' Trail    - .--','-' S: I "> ��."('.
���Connect-: with !,'ed Spol:nne.    ,
No. ii pnAAn-ei* leaves IM.vliind-   -   - /.'Itnail,
.' ('iiiinei In vvil.h I'.l'.i,'. sl/aniers tor noilli.
'>.'o.'l-|iii.,:Wn;(:i' I'Anvi-'.iTra.;!     -     -..   -"I^tm pan."
���('oiineii^wilirC.I'.K'. .-iTeiitii'.-rs from north. ,
ii: I |ii:-;;i ii?:!' h-'iivi' ���' ' 'os-dand - -.' :"���'"> l'.'n.
('iihii-cets'v'vit ii I.' i.,1'."vine 11 tail i for Sp'okn fie... ,.
i, /, I'lii-.-:,���!!*/. r !��� n*v.-S'''i'riiil      -    - ' .-    ."i:l.'i'
('���'I'li'lieels -.viLli'sii'iin:'.*!' i-yllon i>' Trail.
i;,l,,-,*ai (lltiAe..:    "��� V, P. Ct'Tt.'lill'S.
,   Tra'il. i;.V. A    , ,    (;, n,:i*.,l Sept.
'fa'ult'.and t.he';i.<iji'ccinent.s''for.s;i1e'v, i.i 'beAJAnce'ied.
i.) r
ciiiiv 1). G. Hnii:
' ������I::)a'tedjat''Ain:
Agent and: Attorney in Tact for the'Koot-
Itmg ancl
;wortir; list:
'rading Syndicate. '
AStii ita\'*(T.i,)i
��� d/'ilb.;
k.i it''Agent
jV ;������ i:jS*T|
Jl ,1
J: 'LkNDRUM,  ;'  ]
..X.itcirneyjin lact.     A*
; 'A.1XS\\:0RTM, IbG, p^<m;4.
'TIIBa KOOtt-EN'A ��.::^rA,i'U
Kbptehay LiOdg*e
No:i5JA..F.& A.M.
*��� ������������'.'.*':.;- Tlie resfiilavineetinK.
Aire held/in t:li6/"\I*is-';
' aAsaA ''': iinieTenijile. Hijiiriie'.--'.
A':'A^p;5^:"J1:'��:i;-^^;:-'.:A:',Hiill.'/<.inist:lH; Uhi'rd.
'J^'^^^m^m. AjaA. -M ojiilay ,iii >ai*li'
���.-,- ��� ���. ^S^JS-^-'S'^AxSA^l'inijiitli-': at;.:>i'::p.An.
[''���;/.'���''���.:," A"fe=&^jjo2-.rA:-:f:S/^ A; Vi^iuaiA: Iirc.ihxeii
:.���",..- A/'A ���, ; /"A'^-tA/"-;''/':/. A - eordialty/weleonieil. '
'/''A':"/ AA:,' : A j ' ���������'���j''AVAJ'V*CJt,AO W-i' S'ijo'Kicf A'iiyj'A
''.'"���' j'JRi^VEiSTOKE 'iODGE, I. O. O. F., Kb. 25l
���A: -:A: ii'*:.:!/' /^A^'-*^.'1 '^''' ite^iilar ineefinirs'art* lield
A.:, ���;'A'^A;f^ft.v'rAj^<A iii 0-ldfello\ys''.Tla"I.eVery
.:.:���:'���' ���:V*r^x-v^^ifi-iv'yp.;v,'-*l''iriiilsilsVv: 'niii-ht- fit/-';'ciKli|-.:
A// ;v AT.fSAi'-AAA^"'''/": i)i-jlia!ly:weIcijiiK!d.:'���: ,-.:*. ;.
.; ���, mi/L^t:%/y\ymm:,.//������������ as; possimraiiti'';ehjoylIile.:A;A'.Yob
AA;'J^4/*,^fc'A*: |,\^.;|:��'';>Xt iA-'aA'.A/.aAajAj/.Tj;-,;-;:,";.',.:;,,,::::,,
��� A>"-'T //-A ;,.A"A^fe>^A:i[ <:,,'/ ���:,,��� can Ado this bv seJectintr/irom our
���'������'������'������:.     A/]. fiOw^j-J Jc^^liL^ ;u:j;-': ���" A ���/���'"'   .A:'.'A  .*' ,.   .'��� A'- ������'.*. * ���. ���',...  ���,-; "," "-a-1: ���":.��� A; .A:A':A
AH iand son^e .cabtloyue;;.. con tain iri'oj
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a ���/. free: b n ;app1 i cat ip iiv ���;
���A-iiA'i:.''AaAjAJ' ������ G
aa AA a -H ���aTa ptiii'e; A bal-sanis^jus^asAjthcy''
.'iA'AAiAA jj- jj :������ AA." 'jppfj-gv'frbm
r.Aj AA; /ly a AAA" is tore; "���' 0iiiclj;jfi'certaiiij.'A;herlj)S,:-.
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y yfyyyy A'aAIA cftnj;f1jeijiTeliecbAupPiijAiin'-j,
jj-A a-/, jAg? jjAj: aAa;;^ j i'*-^ q) j a'i-j c*l j-i-ecr't-t 3 af"i y.A; to.AA]5'i*t:-;
'���avA>j.: A;A aA^Aj *;;/ ^^]jcls;;j .��^o.Aj jj(i> f AAi"hii5 re ;.A ��� seri o li sj
I Ia; ylyfy/fy g AJiqum s.^iidMipjithei-ictvA/Ai-N^o;:
'""'' 'Agji'f^jwell^
���>���/~^\*- >y*/^r ������ ?''���'' A ,jA: A:;:-?-V'.(3SistaWis'Uc'd'.jise'2.'i:':-.'.'/V,:  ���%������ .-j:.
A'';i Earg��s t ���. s t dek^eist' of -ToroiitoJy^i'^/''^
^'���"S'*;*, K^.^:������Aaa'A-j^a-vA-i.-aa:^!^^ .jI*/.icks;'->sHdveIs'i' ^pades,,,:''fbrkg'A'h^
,u"���lllUStl at lOllS,'.. mailed Ap' ;:,:,.'.:.. /' /A,,': ��� .,������ .- : jy  ���,   -:,   ���',-��� '������, ���      '������...-i..-' .'.'.::" y'���/'���: ���   AA,,'    A a '"/P.    .;':'���-'':;--.,',-.-." :."- ..... AA AAA AA.;-: AA,,A ���'���,':/ / :':,r,;:A/'::.::::,'v:i:'.:A,:,'?': A'" A':
Drift Asteel ;.-ii i:)u r^
'';L)yn;��nvi;te[i:ca]3s,;:.'fLise ''���'A.;'Ai'AA;;jAg/ijA:,tA,A::^
'Double oyehiFrencli ranges Tbr-hotels,- cobUinsx'andheatih^jstovesAo-ranite and tinware, a jAvAjajaj^;^^^;
'  11'If.     ''���   y. Ui '1 ���&;���/���'"' '���''���''   ";i ' A";      1 /.-,.���:��� ���*^1.    -���   ���;.     ������-.   . . :.'.".-. j1-.-.     '    .? ---, "A*    ',   - .   ������   ���'':'���    ������������;��� ,,*���;,* ��� '"*��' -y- f  r y    ,-y '������;'���<' O ........       -...,���',,   ���*,*' ��� a* -, j' '��� . ;> ���,- - ' ,   :' ,,'-������ '. ',,���'��� ':>��� ,-'  ;. ��� ��� :'�����.'.,- :,j
"���''' * ' V : '*lj;   ���������' "  '       ,:'.''���' ���'-':.',:'   ' '1*,'   *   V*\.'' ^"t.    ��� '! *   t    ff���V  'f.     'fc    ������������ ��� '    '     f*"V    L    'V     **^i ���   ^*W     ������',-���''     .'(,,,' , .ti ��� .',
J";i j'jO q^ACTi
A;jA:AH'.AS./;HOWLAND,/President;: j   Tj. ���R:AMERRITf,AVice-Presiclent.
A A A j'bu r ch ased: *^jS a
'���'- J\*A-
A;-A'''AAjAjjj;j:jg;/,:;'.A:'j. A(Lzmited) ,;A'A',/.-'./A:7; yyy.yy.,..
AiMcCaijty's BlocJi,/Kcvclstoko Station./B.C./
1/ current/irate.
'������ il.'i--
AA'Airi te;'xisA fbK:l i ilibgr|i]3liedj/jih |i|y A cbn tai.iii n g^vfu 11 jAf iifptjMtti on fA* <3 ppd^iA bpugli tAvhiAjJ^
* '������- c'ri   '.'"'/������ ",-'���'���   ' a- .../.���.,'���;���,'.-:���. ���'.' i;/A- .',; -   'V.ii. A^'- ;i'* ���,��� a =|j ���-;���- -,-(' ,,���������..-,  ���    ,.:';..,.-.. C5 a   :���'��� A >.'-,,,,-- ;;-���.' .,,.. ..:.'.; ..., ..*,-:'.*.' ���,���.������,   ;.���**���������������/���, ,���..'.:���./������  --- '(A'.V>,.'*    *":Ifj.- j1.'.    �����-r*A a'AA', ���-..'::���'.��� / --.tif'������"'''' ])' '���-'��� i-.-'.'"'/"..-���;.'������   c'���'������' -A *,-'���' '<".
IA   '.,,/      ;      "
:;A*rnaii,*: Er,
��':'A^/AA:A :A'f'-:.'.:':.:,'':���
JjjA A:;/ Aj���'/ jp i- .rt-ft 1 a \ 1 ii si.) 11j j-i srjj 1 lucl-cJ^fi-tiiVi"-jK'iiiiiA:
Aj AA yy %: jj AI (> n (lii^ :������" ;j /y. l; j aa j a;. ��� y 'yyyyyyyiyyy'yyyyyyyy
AA;;*:;.::j;ii:;i"'A:\yas.; i i'i;.*..ti) vv ii j,tl i i -i j.we.elc,jj;:j;AAjAA;jjAv/jAjA.':
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I A/::':AA:A;;AA Aaij A���J:Q1 i ii. ^Jlcj(>As t:jr(Yni"5;. \y;is;jg ii*ij:' tci -vy"ti A jtli is j;
I ���� JiT'A AAffiifi Ia ^
A A/ A-A- jJA,jC)lviii)a^iiiji a't;jH81tcliis<iii'ife,'0''i.'sA;/; ''A:;:'(:i
A'Aa a'a'A _:ii\A''A jA ^
fy/iyy/.fy/Ohe liiaiiAvorldiig at't.l.ii^'Jto'i'i.tiiiiiy'e"-'
yy/--yy ? ��.protectioii/vvpi'l^-weiiLLliriiugh Atlie ��� ic-g
:A'iAA;A,i?;A.';iliis'''vve(;lc.'j^jJA.-.; A ."'���/���. /Aj /.jj///,'���:���'��� .,,A,'j;*'."
.A; A'"'a gAifCR; (j).:' ITcCi iii no 11 jiins ; iet!i'i ii pp(>b'--'/d
; ;jA' Ag   jsMr/jCarlyle's^sticcessiiri ;isvAPi-ovinitial
AAg .'jA://vj/'A^i ineriilogistAjAA ���-;���,���. y^ ���:..y-yyyyy----r,yy ���
j.AA -.vgA/'^ jand
��� -<;. A/Airs. Al'vjE. "1/AlVivl'iiri;sai(rAtlii>vvvv*ei*e'i!i
���A- ���������/ ����� J.'lg: J:tu1i 'it Go. liajvejirotv ���jt'.l.ioir.' ice
.'jjAall pi: t.ii)y ancl. tlieirsi-('frii;ei:iitor rea'dy
AAfdr/spi-iny 'vveat:hei-.j; A'
'"fil 1 R rS'1 W^^iA'i^FJ'^'AvA
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'a       ���'���������''<'; ���"��� '���/��� ���'���'. '/-. '','���'.."���. *J"���.','"/ -A'/'. ������'��� "'���'..'":   Ai'/"yy fV '.':'���-
iif\Vj& A Ul> |6n j'Seei-etiiry-i'i'restsiiii-ei-''
rK;^r=giuj?.r* -
jNotAries Tublic. .iN'liihi
Aa^jA j^Qniiniissipiy. Ageivts^ i ^-^
AllejMiekeiH/itiVe^/ot'fclie Ki eii;i\" ^5iii(-l t i hlt; jinlT jljrft-f] i'iij:A-s)\(irHe;it b.j, jjj'A',; A /��� ,.,A
AAA-a A:;/A'A '/*;:';��� j./'/,;. a ; ' _���'.'-. Aigefi't's ���'������i/i'ir';! !;ev;el*.-ti ik'e jn u (1 T n >u t IU;i k e i Ci t y j 10 vv i i sites
d;tiiglitei.AMi-��.;,TA \>r.'JB.i;;ijdsli;;iw^ Aj. '/-A*-''^;^-^'jy^*��� .v;.A-^.V^jg;-;;Vj/*--^-?.'jA-H:A-A-a'aT:a*A^.A-jj-AA'^g^;^:.--\
'''������i):ReV';AAMiv:.':Hut'l()hA''A\-ill:' pveacli' ;oii,|.A** '/:;/.,: .^^'/' ?..-..��� ::���:'"..:':/;,;...  ..,���,���, A.:..:.- /..::.'..;,;:/'    :za/ aa ,:,:, -,;,*,- ��, ������������..','//,    A a....A. yyy.y :
."^;. ;ind   .nssi.-jt. / at;   .cnnuriuiii.aAJ..  -,'/,.. * A/��� ' .AAA '.  ���'���' 'A. ..A-   ;*���':,���.' '>������'���. ������-���:;"'. :<;��� a  ������"���'.; ������a ;. ���������:/..   ������". A:'' 'j: ������':..
^..serv.ceA/v-g..,,;:;-/. ^
,. A'/'yArthtu-'dJick'Aand. ;U; di. 'avIiVi >y ,/> ���-....: ���:.:':: ,//., ������;.; :,*'���;.���.. ������//,,*'.',';.. , a/;:;A AA ;,a yy.y.yy j- yy:  ... .A a' ';���������.  /  .,;/
Av��cd-"'h.^ fi-eiditj'g;u*(-hAi.ri*ses,';HKi j|!dc
j>:* 1 Vtf t-'e j'.S "ii j 11.1 i'i y' t '-u-: ij'' vi" r'V^ .j i -* .s u'.r-J>' o y'l par- ��.:y- *" ''i;iib'.-.TA'H^t*?i^
A ,;':;'. ': :,'//;���;'��� /yyyy A ;g A A'AA'A AAAj A . 'fi A;>rn Ao'lTs' I/iriYltd i lir'-jA/H. (;jg :
Manufacturers/ cf--yyyy'//:
/ :1M a ri n e,A'A'AjSa win ii l?'i ���.;
;;Ca ii n e ryAan cIjaH iy cl raA
ti 1 i clNi ach i ii er yA l>.'i x'.c.ry[
':: AAKeej^'ilTM��c]c a:'fu 11 ii,
ancl A .j Mil] jj'SuppliesAA;
'iKiDCi AandviAFittiiiAsjA.
.Brass ;.<5JjC|.bdH,j ASteam ,i
'Fiteihirs, AEtcX.AA;jij,i/ ,Aj ���
' A:Aj;A/'A 11 tktsses'pniiachihe-Ajj'Aj
|: ij^res/GbiiceiitratorsA;Oreo*.A
|AA Feeders, AAir; AGonipires-A: j
J-veev,esA;Wbbd:';iSplit A
:A;A A'(26rrespbndeiiceAsoli-/j:;
'AiciteclAAEstiniates'furnish:-; a.
���/TT?^  Ac.ible Address: ''Cove"   ^
.V���/ -:A;:l::A..H.CAeq(te:i%(l:jA'/ A
join1.a survey p
:'.'j;-,';A;.i,lit*'AAivkoiA;'A,: ���.: ���':/;,;'   .A::'-,  A ;.AA':;'; A
'/ ���' : A . .*.i .'.*rhe's(v;i; the iil'ethodist'.' parsi-ii-.j
' A/AA.J^Anexi Friday 'even iiiir. M;.i a-lij jljlt h,y.
y.-y.'.'.���'.* jii'iaiiiscs to/lie.ii: very iiit (ii;esi'i'iliL;,aitaiiA
A A j.Con'ie 'iiucl- h.i-iii^voiii- friend.-    ���'."...,��� '��� A
........ ,:���.���:������'        ::   ..-.���.��� ,   ���*.,_ _,.���������*���    _  .,���.:,  .,    j
li-'lnCO;!*.  . iias-:
'F"h'A  A;*
A:/!/. 0.������jlli.-ii.vvii, tC.AP, jl-!. Aeii^iin-'-i,.^ jj^-s���:.,      /Ty
/I i'takeiiAlibJA' i^-vliead Awnclri-uiAA.i:!, A;/ ������'". & '��y.(pL 'itftV. ^^h'/Cl^Y^^'^-'li   "   1^*^^'^^flTl^Ar
vvf'i-k.' vvhere they vviil reside in . j-'n-t, ii'f.i-1... I" y, ������/:a  '     ..-.��� j''//    '���'?"���",���������-  . ���','. ,j ������ '��� ������'  ,j'i ' A ' -.- .;..��� ���' ,-���:. '* - ,,"  ���".���'
"A "���'���nili'Ue li" Ifle I'S Ot sll'>Vi'ls   ll.'i'd '.lieit'A* !' '��� ��� ':* :   v*:. ", . A    .    A    * j,   '..Aa ':���'���.-"'���    '���.���-.'���   //'������'A'A''   :''    ';*.''
.takeii advaiit,-'iL.rC' ot , hy*/ those   in   tin-.; j;'' ���       j    A A-'J . "':':-'    ,, 'j,.'.1:     ���'���':'��.������������,.'. 'A. i.  "
:, ,'���.''' ���, know-' and   'the-  a,i<ain ;'le-.-.A., j/.    A'jj ,A j: ���       AAA:, ..A-A.A 'j(...... ���.,'.'..,..'/ .*...... ::      ,.,/. \....,!.;,_'
.'���     A iiiui-aii/edA j'.;..;. '., .;-.'".; a--.. "   '-'���. -y-  ��������  ���:.'.'���    ��� ; ...     /  ���:��� ',������../,    i'-, .;,/,,.'A   .,'��� a , ������..���   .. ���' -.:������   ..*���,���..,.*. .;.
��� ;,.  :*-('. jcun  . *:..A.- .',,     '   ..''        ,w. ^i-*r. .. ��� x      ,.   ^    ��'  -     \,      ,������ ������ 'v   -,      -  ^-^ ���',
Airs ���
;RGBT.AaOSDON/ ReyelstokeAStation, B^G.a
Full.���Prices.   Oorvcc"; RcJcci:-?*,*1..
'.A,.'.J.  1). fir.-.diajn   ^il.   hack/  from ..* \jii.*   i'.>y. j- ji,  '���'���'   ���'', A -A.',      ^A- ���������' >v A - "..^        :/'���/   '".'.   ' '.',. // :' ' \y^ j ^    \
������'���'��� y '..���" Usa/^pAia^c') assstfjixxi s^Tpjaa ar*o.*=*=a^va>^     jc/xxxz^n . -(
Kcjice and Tngs Fai;n!sho(l Free.
nitiiors in'e-.t hick niVall viil'-s- and. .I'veii
ilil,(-re>L,lii*Hlt;',tiik(-iii/ on'yl.lie ',��� issii'-   iiV j
-i .'.tjl.ft ^I'iiet'idjtillhli". A        'A.       /''j   j   /' ,  A
.. ���������'������ Xovv's tlie .time t:i,i Jsccj.i  aj'-l'iftt t I.e. nty
^IcLl'ivv'elljs.C/'iiiip'iUiiii ,Syi iip.ur AV'liiie ;
,"   d.'iiif* iiv vou. il' Will stov tliat  c('iti'.��li.
'n S' Al 3 'V?- g"*A A:
McLlovii-ll,:   Atl/insJ' it    'Wat.-oii',,'..-Tl
'���pr'djXL'ists,  Hevc'isijoki-^ ion.'.
Physician and Surgeon.
,.,'t.Capital, S1-,5C.0,Q00.
��� ryrD'it,''Ei rpf rtrp- f-W:y'-^M^Xi
Jt*~iink.��� "'LiLiu.ijt.-j. IsL'jU .(iu.     "     ��*'���--����-*�����.-
(l.t^!rt'l';"u.A       --.     ',���'-.    :-A��� aa .,'-���'  '���'������  ,-
��� A .    ' ���'. *    ' Koad',Qfftces',\'*''i.o'ronto,AOat.
a   'Manufacturers of '.Electric*. *Mim ,    , .     ..,..- ......
Moists,   Pniu^fPU'i/cy.   lAns.   iAikHlinAAjiiKHi^AA.   'IHA':-:,':.:-, r'iii   '! ,y^-/y: iA i ������IMMBIJIATS: R,Bltt#TTANOas.;:    'A     A    A   ;A   :'.    ,'   V .  ,.'. j j"
,ah*'"; """""'rA';11 ,i;':'-AA-'A.iA.:i, ..Aj-;A A-i:.; -aaaa A;: AJASA MoJWfLLAN :;& -CO. Ii.j.
IUectrical :[;n'i.i.isnv).ssio;i tif ,"| a i,v ���������.;" sueee-ss-'l'i .illy Oiie.ivtte.''h  la A*">      '."" ���   ���'"���-.' -A ������������ .   ",���,������-.-. ..'���'���    "  '>...'���'���:  ������..
::.'- -. a ;-niHi:>::i^-o�� .'r" THREE- PH-ASE''IRA?iSiV13SS!9lSY3Th!V]." /" a ���  -    ' "'��� *    ;* : ^:    "v ���;������    "'a''""1 7:""":tt
Write Ibi1'' Cii'Gii!^' giving- Lafest Market Prices.
200-212   FIRST  'Ave.   north,
At oliice.,iii hniidiny; formerly ('.iccii.jiii ii l.MELSON
'    ;    "  h'y.-"Dr. iMclieanjoii'  Kriihiy,   .SAil..*-'!.������������������
,  -   tirda v aiid.Simdnv.      ��� i,
i'.rviiu'-ii li.'ii, ."��� iii i iril.i-', ( ' - A11-11,
r.\ X'n<;i;  -A   \v'ijiiii,-.iii .ci,ok.    .Mid- I'
die    'a'.'cd      \'.*(>i.ii.i11'",'   |ucf'1! n'd. ,j
Apiil.v In Gold Mill   Ifoli-I. 'IJin-i.'IsliVko. j
A"7";r"A ^^OTios/jTr^'^AJ
...,'..'..' .'���'���'���
���\'t)Tl','K  l.-iJIKI.'KtlV   lilViCN'lhal   i:,l:-.!*A
,,>     rl.i vs ;i���'!(���:- di-t. ' I ��*iil h-i;i!,v to I In: Si.i ;,i ii-
. diirv .Mii'.^!.'; (if llie   Nortli   Iti-laijC of   \V':-i
���l.. f\: fl M
-^a=��i-^--;Wh oiesale :..'DBai8PS;'"=ih
A       ���-   V
-.i..7f-^��V;^& ..,;������' '*';,;. '���'���;:   ..* ".������-���."���;.
W Ii'lJI.'.,/Ocl.L.��'   }yj>\J'-A L'iO   'S1j.1J.UJ.    O.AJ.O��-..';,   . ! a*    ��      .-���)'---<������ >t����\   i  ��   ft   a j) r, ��� �� or==' /*"*v        /?=����>. c���r> p g->. n ���T" 'fr%^       A'   fr-\  R f
'. ���    -13 & 15 Cordova St., TANCOi:TV��B',;B.G,| AL, tb, ,W j N LeK ,:0 PI K11 ^ Mil
/li.r.:.-.\!a*,d?t.-.'i.!.'M.f lliii  Noi-t.l. Itiya^ ..I     . .A .. f   ., ,-,-j,..-  t |v ,- |,,,,.,,   |i,K;.0|*    m | ii'c.r ���--.   :|||(      j ���|;f..s| i(:(;l (..!":;      J( ,< i|:,' i 11    11 |i;
j.'ioti.nav to:- a  Ii"l(;i  .ic.-ii---: lor i.Iik   Io.mi nl -             '.                 .                                                                               II,
fi, -ini-iliv-. I i.f.    ..'           ���' \\'., I'IMf K.     j                .    .,,:,,,,'.,���
f i.'-i'.-.i-i .!ixr'..M.ivr:. 1.--I.. t-::i . !��:-i,l            I i ovi-ticc.
WA-JL'.- (Ar >ai i ii j ���!"' ���:>.


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