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Kootenay Mail Feb 13, 1897

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Full Text

<s*J    be?.
'        IV-- .       **^
-^H V.l2r*r
^#0%^.%^ ^K>%/ f l|'%^ JUP
-?i>      &   it?    ^-- ;.:;      r-i   i?3
H? y Cf      h?-I       (<-��        1     1 l~'-,      !"-
.-* J   U--JI-I
'i--'   '    itrl
1   ���\
^  y
Vol. 3.-Ho. 48. u<
$2.00,. a Year.
Big Bend this season--A new Jncoipo-
' ration -The Great Noithorn shin-
ping--Work on r Silver Cup and
Bacishot-The Hunter and Trapper
bended- Laui'i-s concent"ator.��
That, I lie I3i'tc 'l>nd ilistiict, so Ion-,'
Oiiiion.s'.is- a gr-ai pl.uer and' recently
:is   ,1   livili.-iulic   ciiup   ssill   scon     be
V) tons, to the Landing ;*ijcl base k.id
off for sumif>ei in* to form beiore
hi-itiging it <is 1*1 to Anosshoad. (The
cost of m*ltin;j Gii'.iJ Noitb:in ore*
doss n i'i oin l!i>* mine to the '1 hsii! ib
about Sj-'Io ;i ton jn.il Iroin ihoio to
Nol-mi Ij&.oO. When tin- cost of niin-
i;if,-.s,ii ki;,tf and ti eatnioul is. added to
this .in iilc-i oj ss lint t Iu-  grade  ol   (hi*
(ili'lllll-t   111'  Id sl.uii! -IK-!) ch,llgfs   111,1V
l.i* li.-.il.
On till- .""'ils.er Cup. foi'cma.i Miuu'ne
lias jrot ihe ('.ni':.'! in,2(l2 J'cct ,in.l ha-,
yl 1 li) fct tndilve tii t.ip llio lead.
l!c ii-. now 14,.'! tiin<< t !noiif>|. 2 fi-.'t ti day
ss ill) I li'c" sliifls- sviii king.
The osvni'is of ' llu* H.nlsinit intend
next 'Vi'i'i. logo back lo I lii'ir |ii oji"i ty.
oouullv svell-kiiosvn as .1   ki.mI   quatr/. '     ,   '.   ,    , ,v,,     .              ,        -
'���              .                ,       ,,..., I liov n.ivc lint 'J> Ici't uioio to  inn  on
.lln(hll���-,s,,oss.  i,.',,!"-f   ,."11"'"'   ,A" llK'"t���-,n<.l   bcf,.,,.  t,pr:,lf;   l!,.-   win.
<mly.-uc  tho  ,;r<,i,,,.s  mmcin's  tln-ic Th(, I>,liN|l(!| ...  ;l  ul(;1(      . (       ,..  iiM|]
in gic.it iin.-uHitii's 111  .-itcli   i.iinp^ , a-
<\'i:-i!i's Cf.'i'k.  .Oosvnic f'i.'i'l:,   Gi.umil
Hoi; .li.i-in/ nnil  Tvi's-'-to.ic  iiionnl.iin,
lint   ��-.l'.tl    ih   cfin.iliy   i.iijM.rt.ini,   in-
dis-'uln ���.'-.  svndii'.ili's   .-oiil   1 oni]).inii-s
���u-.' pii'ji.ii'ini; in Hn' ci-nm-o; s.'.-t-on   !..
.-iiliscly ssoi'i tin'in.   !'-(.'. id l.ilob. of
London,, ss I. o its.-. 111:01 oir i.ood   (in.in-
cihJ .-t.-tndiii-r svitli   nl h<-is\is   -oinl   .-i-:
himself ssill c-.itly !n t he   s(.,i^.)n   tl.or-
on^hlv i*>:pIoU flii'ii ' oii.Ti-1  ci.-iini'-   in
Giouiid Unix,   tin-  01.1   Hull,   V. O. D.,
mill   otlici-s.     Tiif   Oft.'i.i-!" Boy   Co.,
svl.ich   h.'.-i  hern huul .it ssorlc .ill ssin-
Um' ss ill li.-ivi' 111   Jii'ii'  t'ni'i'- -0   striu.ii
tnill 11 nshinu: f>if in   lin*   s.nni*   f.sinii:
;, 11. I.Mr.  J.   Cooled.ill,   icpii-si'i t.ilivc(
Qif ,i posverfiil   U'el-i'   coniji.uiy'  siliieh
h.ivo iKindi'd (.l.imi.s .11! osi',1- thi;  on;i:-[
trv ssill .-ilso in Giouiid   Hi> do  mini)
ssill -non he Ii";iii! ii'iijul. Jt i- owned
by Fied .i:.d Ys'ill .Johnson ,111.1 Fi ed
C.-i'oj lii'l!.,    (
The 'r.i.id in 'rcl irii-ou is h!oi'cl'.'l
liniiiii,'!' tilt'I.ile stoi.iisV but Cr.iiyf ifr
Milini.iii isi:! cp.'ii it if (in-.e i-'ti.irjlc
enony;li foi Ihe jnii nose. v
Tliere i> .ibiici (iiree f"et of s;.(,is on
the s.-.i^-on 1 o.iil dis ide.
,   J.AKtM.-A'J. ,
The IJiinte!';ind  Tr.ipper ,i?ionp,   on
Pool Ciee!.-, sv.is lion-.l-cl'l.ist   ss -.   for
it " is. s.iid :-jiJ5,(K�� by J. 10. fJo-.. of
.Sjiokiuii'. Mi. Boss oxpei-t- to sp-'iu:
the i-inn:ii.'i-in he;,., ,uni pi.-l, 1. .1
^r-\ifs e.ii for Tiii'it Like ,in, l^-'u de.ii-
in '07.
! Local and Personal Biic-fs.
Tsvo sv��ic!Jinsfs, in the ii?jr futfic.
Jiev. F. Yoli.ini] left for Vancouser
An c.xti.i ol:icc is beiu^ put in at
the mill.        '   '    ���
A. X. Smith h-is. ooiinii^ncfid' on his
new" oven.
.1, j1j. H'iss of iS]iok;nie 1 (-tin nod
V/i'flnesfl.iv. ;,    '
Uuil'j.'in .luck c.iiiio up Siindiiv from
Cody Cie.'lc.   ' '      "
Olt- .S.in.lhert; left IC unl'i'ijis for Ht.
Paul on Tuoid.iy.
Jim Wnodriiss iiiiide a (rip to L.iuric
and Jllocillcss.iei, Mon.-Lis.
(Jeoi^ro O'nuin ;\.<,dr ('. ]). i��ru'-(', of
C.il^-irs. svcie in losvn  h'tifi.u.
C. j! .Mt-Lc ui's cott.-ir," ,-esid^nce is
l.inio'iy .tpjitis.ioliiMir Oinpiction.
The Queens speech���Mr. Helmcken's
awkward queries ��� Mr. Keliie--
The railway policy���To make tax
on miners optional- Private l��:l!$,
introduced ���Interesting' session.
be   ssi.mj^   to" build   one   svitbout   tin
othei, dud I I1.1t it Is impossible to bin id
both.    Uithet ssiil lighl   the south road
and its-upportei s will fiiifhl him, while
Air. Tin ner >iijil(���1 bei sveen. >   ..
.Mr. Stodd.111 ssas even more ciupli.il ic
than the 1110s ei iu deuoiiiK ing I he land
lionusiiijr   of    1 ,iil\�� as's,    and   seseiely
scoiched ch.trter spccul.itoii-, nnd 'pci-
hajis c,is-| some ���1114li 1 1 elicctioii on p.i-t
li'gi-l.itKin by .saying : "The time is, in
my opinion, jrouo ss hen Gos,criuneiits
-liiiii'd p;is i* < h.ii lei -, money  and land
Ki'.mis   to   (ouipany, or   chiirler   pio-
nioters ,ss lio   have  neither ,-i doll u- of
I heir osvu i'ls'e-led  nor a   dollai'ln in-
v.'.-l.   j\!v s'li'W i - lhal 'the t'111 ei union!.
, iu.:':cilhcsi-ai:t.
The   cnnceiliii'itor   .it   L nn ie ' is i(',is<,
Tlicie is- about ,111 inch a-id a   ii,i!f��� of
svork this -iinuuer.   Th ��� C.u no- Creek    u,,(er on 1 ii-ice in the Ai m  ai'd   it   is,
-yndiiate.   composed ol   loi-.il m.'ii, 1,1- , n|)l S|1.()I^, ,.lufn&h n��� lllltliVt
tend to d" a i^reat auiouiit of   work   on-[ 	
th"ir,' ahe-nly' svei!  nponed   propi;!-! ies
the  Hosc'bei-y, Ar-ji'im, S'lisbiiry  and
i.ther-;   and   auothei    loi al   -yudi. al .��� . ,
., 1      .   ��� u  ,...,,, ,,' U'-'iii!'!^ ^'I'lpl.-t'.oi. imdi r the,1.1,m.ioi'-
svith   =:esei.i!    ciai'iih    on     Met .1111111 li 1    .,,-.,    ,. , .        , "
.... ,         , ... , uienl 01  Jlr. Abeiiujr, ,in(   ,t sv,      he   in
creek    svih   also   no   svoi ^     on     l.ieir > .,. ,    "'
v. . goad 1 iiiiniiu-- omei  hvA] 'I   1-t.
��� jiropt'i ties.     On (Ki*y-liiu"   moiint.-itn, ��� ���      '
''tlieroiniu'rivui',   M-  mi, Abi ah Mil' o i        The sci ond ci!.|.. ot (he'vile 11 am  to
-Brc-s,".Mc-lnt(i-h   ,iml iu'wr haa! "ineu    t lie L.in.-n k niino is'now r.in iip. _  ,   -
svill put in t,<i;d   '������'> elopmei't and it   i -       HuiMuil, i1-ii. pi o^res-on tin- Lauiie    .^^ (j.lv!s sf0 I
1 said 35. N. lji.iiehe, of R'<���land, ss ho   -. ' lo'vnsite. ���
t as-ociate,l tluuo "n the P do  Alto   and
lU'S'l.iy '.n nl-. sv iv to i\a:ul-i,jp;.
- Mi-is Aiklif JJ"osvi, c.iii!.!,b.!C'ii'   from
tlie L"oii -Sjiii(i;;s V\'eJiir*s,'J iy.
' P��to   A.'1-pii 1   c.iiu"    up   fiom   .and
sic.-it hack lo .si rosvhead tins sveek.     '
TJ10 ss-ifc ai'.i f..Hilly 01   Hunt,   fj'oe-
don ai-iivccl on   Bundiy   from   JJonnld.
Andy   Ciaiy   ci.ua    up    ft 0111    the
'L.'.nciin^ Sun,! iy and lettirned  Fi iday.
,?i["ssrs  Cun'i'dJ and   ],) i^c'iouaj-,   C.
P.  H.   engineer:,,   svuic   in   town   this
P.  K.Mined-, and   his   do,; 'Fidi   ai h
���if,'iin   0:1'night   duty   afc    Jt.i'iiiis.iii's
1 1
jUi. Ahee tlie ncsv dr.n^.;ist, i~ <re{.-
tin<^ in shape to bid for the 'trade of
the tosvn. ';
A crossd of N. Folk luiss aie, t.ikin";
in tiiotosvn this svCs'k,Jiid aie scry
jsclcoine. ' '  , "
��� W. McLoiiiian. svlio svas driscr.of
tht^Victo'ia bus is nosv cn^ineer'at
the saw mil!. ,    ".-, 1       ,
'The atei;l laiil^e .-it the liith cioss-
in<i svas putvin  Taoiclay' find    dolayod'
VrcnutiA, ]!.(;., Kd). Sih.
, The I bird sessjun of 1 he si v.'iu ii Pi o
vi.u i.il Pailia,ueiit op-neil in Valuiki |'-.|.,,u|,| i,'",'aid il.e buildiuir "I  i.iil.vuy
on .Monday v.ilh the  11-u.iJ i.-ivuiiuiie-. ),,, ,t   |,.ls,,���.s. ,,(.',),',,-:(ion, ai.d  if ihey
The Qiiee.,'-Spec!) s'.a-, read, ;ind it is I ,u.(.   u-,,,,,,,.,]   |{, ,i-,:.-l   should   hase-i
sui In: lajiienlably >seak  ml sir  that  il jdiied   iate..--!   and rowners|iip'in llu
is 11:11,eces-ary lo trouble  sent   leaderi-
svllli.it.    fl alludes  to   llio iut.-e.ise in
mini.i^, ,-i nd expa es-e- '-.u i-,f,icl am lm-ii-
erally ss:il h the coudit i'111 ot  the oihrr
retoin <���<>,',if the cotiiiI ry.
The  iis'piv.s.sion' is jreneial  lhal  ihe
Spect-'n (loc, not   lulls explain th..' JiJin-
isiij's  inlenlion-, 'nnd    ii   is   thoujchl
'they arc hut IV.-IIus thoii ivav, as they
are eonipas-vd about svith iiiit.i'jonis|s.
1 ieiive il   to  sou and  void ieade;s lo
judce svhe(,!ier lii.'v n'i-ce  not   houcjit
dis,-i,|ei <)n (.heir o-.sn he,ids.' No better'
tesiimony tu tiie state of tui'Jii-ion in
.svhich   (he  Goverini.e.!!   and   ils  hiip-
portci's, aie apparently in could be had
lli.-i'i   (he   ,'erj'   assksvatd    notiics   of
motion put  on   tin* older panel liyJk,
Ifehm ken on Mondav.    .M:. ffclnicken
was a supporter of Hon. Mr. Tni-nei,
hiit is  now a   sateihie of Mi. Rithei'-,
and,! Vidoi i.ui. ^ Ife is 01P  foi -calp-,
������ind v(���y justly too, and v, il' on Friday
Hon.  Mr.  Turner loth to co-operate
���willi the federal authorities���The
matter before arranged now unsettled -- Immediate   action    is
necessary to get work done.
r.iil.ss a v to t he extent ol I he assistance
His en.''1    Nn   bet'.ei    viudical ion ol  t he
pulley   of   the   Oppo-iliun    1 -,   .ind
p'ublic could be ij.s'i'ii I ban i!:i", and
' lie (Jovei iinieut slmuKl h-i ve found il
fiu(  oel'ic...
^ir. Heuiliii i"cpi"s-���'il apjiiovalol the
speeches, bnl ,svas -on y lhe,Tlnon'e
speech (out.lined no refeience to 1 e-
dit-tribniion. lion. Mr. Turner said
the population ssai urrdsviiifj; mi t.-ipidly
that it svas svise to keep back a 1 (-distribution mea-iuc till the very last
nionii'-it. Cljiit if !..e Gos-ernmeiit
should dissolve I his session, what
svould be (ho t(>,iso<pi>.||(V:j Mr. S"iii-
lin i.s ii''1!!'.    Th.!.1  hlioulil  base'been
difV'erent pi-.;j er! ies svith Lieut. Gi.v.
'Dess-duey  ;iiiil   ol lier pi onnneiit "-"'leen
sviii iu ihe sa-ae Limp do .-.'se-'a!
,tiio:i--.-i!id doll.us s\".ntli nt  ssrL.irk.'s
Work on the X'-'ol-ley claim   bonded
l.i't si.i.ui'euto'-.Mes.rs, Mi P|.,.| ,0:1,.ml
! ol In 1 - h.is, In i-:i   (loved   dossil,    .'i  2tiil-
'-"(     ���    - To rbe   toiej-.-lt.-  li'l   ot   those   ^u. I j,,,,. . UiUlr\   |, ,^   p,,,,..   ,i, jV ,.���...,,lt!   j |���,
./JZCa, " -will   thw'-yiMi  op.;ii 11.��� the, ]ii:>d. it :��� J }t.,\(} ;,, ,-Ks- uel!. . [( is no; f,.r fioni  the
'' jile.-iMU-.ible lo   noli:" .i'.ie   ailihllon   <���!" | .���>.> ill l.i .lilf i>p   t lie , N011 h ^01 k   and   .1
( 11  ne\siy   inun jioiatedcfoini-auv . ss hi), j i,.,,';) |,, iln'.uiiiuM.peiis on   to   it.    The
,'*      <���    '  ssill  ;a!.-o   ceo    tins" js.ir . the     field , VW!, |v- Uil^ (!,,!,,. (mcler 1 be ��� tipei hit end.
#     wliere  mi   m."iV   ssill   nep   a  golden    ence of Loui.--Tbouip-'ou.
h.-tise-t. tbi.s   is   th't't IJ'-r   I5i'i:d   Gild
^llninu; Co , ol V.iik mi' -i.    ilsiapi.nl
:       i ,     stock.il   is   nolii eal'le., .-    no   mill.on
I       -'^oll.ir   notation   bra   ,s ""'yvW ,Iapocnings   Q?   M    ^   Amo]^;t   [{,
a*''    divid(d into,1 inillion-Haie-ol the par 1       '- <��� <���
I     '       xalueof^ceni-  .-..( li.    Fix oe lims.li. il ;   . VariOUS  C.impS.
thoira'-d sbau-s   ssill   be   put   on    the
v j,,, j,   j., I  ' A Kt-issland -vi'diLMle has i-ou^bl up
pi H-e  of
��� ���       ��� ��� . j^.\ *\.,/,
il     i-     mule' Mood,    !,.ve    (onli'lent
euou^di   .1    iheii-'i i.-|i it ������ . which I ;r ' ,  Th".Mio'  ,-C:ii,iiV'i laud   and I 1 dm
market !.u ssm k\\\g i.'pit.i
{.*���������. iJ'ii 1. d  ]�� opi r.   .uid't'.is'   ])iom\.teis, \ ^ '>��^   .���i.lli.il    tewn   ;;l,
Mr. Hill,   the   Sluciin   l.ils.-*   sasvniii!
���_!!i-1" ss cut tliriniif'.i tu.I lie cast   to   bus
iiiachinei.y Tiuirs'l is. 1     ' '-    (
The link s,-,u op.-li   T'lar-.! iv   ni-.'tt.
lor the    liist    ti'iie    -aiioe    Ll;.'    tii i.sv.
Wli tL about ,t he c.a ni uil.
Mi~ JiVaofl'iii,1 j-"u.;iH;7T_7��r"���th'o "i'T,-i:T
of that. name, at   the   foot    nf    Si'.ic.oi
Lake sve'nt east Tliti'-s,l :y.   ,       ' c
,' K. P Pettipiece, one1 of ''the puli-
fishei.s of tho ilorald. left J i)iii.��!.;y to
oausass the coas" cities.
J. 3!. Kellie did not svi-.ii tli.'j , aI.ml
sticiess   ber'oi-e ' !".is in��i   for
/iCl'll 1,!,    I   . ,-. ,a>    ,     ,
, , .      ,       ,        . . in., i-duiiMU. ������ iiitcie-l'w bil>. (jsie.isil.lv
out then siicci'i- is aueun aclues ij.l.
&oine measure tor ?��� 1 v 111 tf repi es.'iila-
tio'i to ia-l-^i oss iiu^ sei tion.s m,-,v 1111-
ic^a i-sep.ted, iu (li" Speech from the
richi-oi'.e.      _
lu sieu- of Mi. Tut'lei's remarks 1
svo'itli'i if Mr. ICellie svill ,isk lor (and
.isk leave to introduce a Bdl \v.\ Ich-d j^a) the piotui-ed nu-i'ibei for Ko-s-
'���AnAct todeciieefoifeiimeof eeilaih I \,u\(\. As in the bonu-ing of railways
lands |.r,iniod lo aid Ihe corl--ti-ucrion 1 j.0 j., ,iJ(1 m;M(.^' Ux (|nesti,���i- the
of the B.-itisliCnliiiiilii.. Southern Rail- I Gove, ,in.*nt hive at, last i.u^ra dully
ss .v." These kinds amount loi-i-rhte-en ! viehied.L'. tii" d":.ia:id - 01 public opiii-
inillinii acies.��a:id Colieiel B.d,cr. a ' -,.,.,_ .,^ LllL. {[,���,.(;. ij. p..,,',.,. ^,;,| ih,,
Minislei. hein-.' or liasi.u; h-ci aler- {Jusvi-inieul intended in ileal ss itii 'the
csied in ihe cbai lei, 'thi- isik-aiis-a
blosval tbe M-ni- ti s, and pa: tu'isl.-uly
(he linn, colonel. ' ,   ,
1D11I Mr. Il.'h.ieken is not done with
the colonel ibeie, no; "ov ans- mean-'-
Oiit.Mu,iil.i> next he ssill ..s'^ that .1:1 j del tv \h ,t!u.' set ileinent of the Ilesi 1-
I'ddl es-, |... |ii-..s ,-;jl ed,' e-t ���'.,- iji",i;.'ll.iiil j Stoke toss u-iu* . >l \;\ .l;v d betsseen the
(io> "i :ic'- pi >) i.,j; f.il  1 e" .u "... ��� 1  .d! e\- ' t uu Go. 1 : no,eel ^   ' ^ ,"ft
^i">-rpVs-x-n.;ry,'"'Ti'i--ii'n---Giivi .'n.iienl i-f j Tife pilnlit. a-.ioiflits ,11 e out, J^itel
coiiiid ;;o-i >., iih1 ::i ��� re. .-.ii, tun of \ be 1 haven't liu:.' lo ^ojiilu Ihetn no,*.
Hon. Coionei Hakei.'I', .e.-i'mi r| :!ec: ������-| The'olio \ in.u; piivaie bills of intere-t
t.ir.v. to and,!': o-'- Oi la w :i. foi 0:1:0 and j to \-oiu Jown ssele |resenled by Mr.
Mueli.i'..]. This. 111 sie.v of tiie 1 umor
--1.oss-s,( 11 founded !tssii! no' ,i'len|t
to t.av���(hat (,'o|. ]->ake-- ,w I li." on his
1 ip (!ii! s'lini   ue'j.itiaii'j'^ bi hi- own or
.ni'ieis' fix and ictieve  (he win ker in
a mine   fiom b -in^ coiupeil'-il  to take
out a license.   , ��� !
Mr- ICellie moved lo-daj- that on Fri-
! day be ssill a-1. :   What   is causinii;, the
si ,t.i   lie    i l.i e,
im.. I,-  com en
the   s\u.v  aie���the   V.iiieoiis ei,  '(!loi.-j lid ie
eesier,   Vidian*   KcssSo.e   ami    Cuion I (i.ilor ,-iiid 11 ,tiiiss��aj , <n e 1 ej oiled  s(,
.lack, a!: 11. Gioui 1. ibu ! .u.jj-, a    -I ' lor $.7i.),(),'L; cash
{���lonil-ii.i? ai.d cei tain i.wii|i  noied   fi.r J*    "i (_.,. J ndepcndi'iit Oi del   ol   Foie-tois
'its   1 it'll   irol.-i -liMiii1;,'    mi e.ui's���,11
> o
cidVicienl*!ir.],es(y   ol   jv.I, i-.-e loss ,11 ds
the ;,11 bin. b> piot^Sf tuo pi iu- in.  fh'-ii
tio.iMii-y slock  ',".-,}. ol.1.e,   tlu-iiV,   .\\\d
keeping I h'-m   t>ii   '>������:���   learkit    lei'   .'
<yi.',\v.    The pi os i'-n i',d (in ec:fa - ( 1' tl."
c-on-ianv   .".ic   .Jon. tli.in   .Mill.11,   po-t-
iii.i-tei,  D10.    Wil-i-n.   Cnas.   Kiimsou,
<j��)���s. Cool.soi., Chas. s, Leu, J. 10. V\\
M.u r.vil.'ne,   M^r.   M. C.   lion   Woiki.
C. S   Douglas, F-\ 'ii. ^'iiunjf. ii'iuc bant.;
J. M. Floaie,   all '-f \".iu< oirsor, Slid C
Osborne    W^ii k.'iuh n   nl    Tiad.      The
bankiii.tr; nisi il ul ion of ll.e compans"  is
the Ikii.k of H. N. -\. .-i!i;,l ii-  -oliutoi",
.Messrs iiarrh, MacNeill and Deacon of
Vancouver.    Tlie ( onij ill's' piopose   to
act is els'des eiop I he:.   |,io|ei(ie,   liom
I he s cry sliii t atid fioiawhal i-known
ol    I hem     llicy'   shoiilii      will)     Kind
h:ai..i>.''eiilclil s  nn jia.v j;.,oil ilis ideinl-.
Nose  all   of   these   (encerns    done.;
svork and added 'to il   tlie-   business   of
���the   bundled.-   of   pro'.pei loi.s    which
ss ill coin.' i'lto the  disiiicl    svill    main
Slid, a vol 11 me of tlade I hat thei e 11111-I
he 'ome   impi os eiia id   made   in    ihe
unit t< r of h.'iiKi'iue, i(.    s's'hile   a   i.dl-
svn.v is sshatis alt :n alely lie. dad. il   is
pel haps unlikely 111.1 :i 1 in 1 e is a   |,u |>c
0111 put of me, an e-t,'1 b|i-lied 11 ,)<;(��� and '
des eloped mine.- t liat II  ss-ill   be   built
Iileanss bile thei e is the  ii\ei-  and    tin
ha��?' i siaMi-l.en   -eseial   loeit-  in  iiie
."null. 'i ��
An 01 >_7,iiiiy.'il ion of n im. ov. 1 01.-. ssas
ai < onij li-iu 1! 111 Soiiib", n K'l.oieu.i s
last svei'lv lo i>..: t i 1 -lie ii'��hl,il'n:i n|
the si's-mimi" il- I 1 a1 n:;; 1 n mi,���.!,���;..
Thcstartliiij,' ie.,01 ( <h ii \} C. C01 bin
had been iittei ed a lai^e |'��ri�� e !oi the
i-i. l'\ ���'���: IT. if, I,', bs- I !,e No. I hern j'acilie
or Gi ��il-jm" t hoi 11 is denied l,\ luni.
IJs- an e\|.io-io!i at tln^Hed !',.ijx].>
iniiie, !i'ii->!.iiid. a,uiinei named ao-epii
U. Niil!.u!-oii i.'ieised liijmle-/ lo Ihe
head fiom ss hii h he di. d -.lim tly after-
ss 'oils if ( he hospital.
Goode; h.'i'i''-. 'j'l.ul Cieek ,il; nl has
mine en-l to co!isi;ll v.'ith liieni aho.ii
! he lie ss  . ui('it"l .
The Tiaiil. nl li. >,'. A. has oiiem-J in
isa-lo. and  ils   Hi -si   1 lin 1.   (-.���!> ,,  .1   \,.|s
On W( line-day Tlios i^>ch-io'-en
and Sandy OsL 11 ie, h.,th of illeuii"-
ssaet, ssi-nt   tliru'.i<di   to  -the   rjpiings.
J.    P.    Keiinodj',    Tuiu" ,   Marshall,
i IIu<fh Ross   .ui'.l   Jl.p.s    Jlin-.i.ii.    all
knusvu here aie afc   pii-.sPiit    in     K1111-
loi.p-.      _    '
ill-, and Mis. Nettle had'an "at,
Iidhk; TeiMsd ��� s .it1 svii:eh sen*ial of
lhcii f. i ndi wee pi-ii-ent. A*- i,'oiid
t inie vvhs ii.'d.
.11 ]''. Tobuie 1,1 ihe land :o'isl,s
U'lice, Vi'ituiii, il.ib be," 1 a;��p iliued to
the vaiancy ca j ,e-l !,-. to.; d. <i'.!i of
Hot.... (lei   ll ,sii !.,!,' at  Nels ��� )
IlllL    o'!euii.iL,-ins   seieied    ills    Cull-
iK'oiioii' ss ith  F.   .\I. C.niliy    nn<l    w.\]
fio'ii unsv on push    111-,   o.vii     bu-mcss.
l-iiily is a iiisti.'i' ..iii! -.v.ii ;/et. I lice.
���I. W. and Mis. llashins  unised   iii
lieihe ^lo-fav :- Kcseksieke Watet .tin
In   an   interviesv   svilh   Mr.   Bo-tuck
icteutlv In; lold a M.Stl, repoi n-i-���svlio
sv!iiiledrli'i kuosv \s hat   ss.as   b.jin^donc
about I he river hank and   land  titles-
Ilia! li- had -een  Hon. Mr. Turtii'r, tj^r
f'roviiicial f-'ri'iiiiei", .-bout the former,
but, did   mil   find  llim  ivi y williiip lo
enter  inlo  co-operation  svilh   the Dominion dep.n I incut in the matter.   Mr.
B.istocl:   -aid   hi" stioiljrly   r.rtjed   the
Pieuiier to a.ssisi, as the Feileral appro- ^
piiation svas i:i���ilse]f insurficient to do
the ss'01 k properly.    He explained that
arran^eiiieiils   had,   previous    lo    his
election, been made for co-operation of
the  tsvo  Government-  in thisunutter,
and   did  not luideisland ss'liy Mr. Turner, unless lie svished to harass him 01'
his  party,   did   not   nosv   take  up   the
mat tor as befoi e.   He expected lo be in
Wes-el-loke about'the' 18th,'and would
'place   the   situation   fully   before   the
people. <' ft r
With regard to land titles he said lie
had been eriven to understand that verv
fesv parlies had soni, in their es idene'es
of tit ie as ie(pie��,ted, and this svas very
UH'ci'M&ii'y to  settle  the   niatU'r.     The'
maps .sh'isving- the^linnts of the railsvay   ,
bell svould soon be read.v. thus settling
theVeneral   title.    He, hosvevei, uracil    '
those   who   held  evidences   of  title to
send them in  in response lo the invitation   of  the  Deputy At lorin*\'-Gcnerul   J
at  Victoria,   svhich, would,   be  understood, hasten I he fit-tiloment and give
security to individual  holders  of dis-i
puted lots-.        '
The protection of tho liver bank is a
most important matter to the people of"-'"
Revelstoke, and should not for jiarty
ends be shj-jhted or nogleclod. The
pi inci pie of co-opera lion in these river
,bank piotectinn mutters i�� svell knosvn
to"1 be' a^Piovineiarpolicy, and all the"
preoedent.s have been established 1>J"
the Piovince. They sought th^assist-
am o of the Dominion heie before, and
they base asked itjirain on thoFrasor    ,
Kl-cH^.TXlil. ('��.; i'tesels-Joke, T.out    RWvv-   Thoy,'nioreove.-;oss ea houndo'n
r���,ke  and   I,'^ >W Teleplfone K.~ Ll,l,Lv 4" lIu' ��w"l,,t" U) l:!t,(et'L th'" h"'0!""
( urs,
a       CaUUKIIY   WlCST.
'ii.-; u'-s, a-kinif
Vancousei   * 1 ��� nn    F11-C0   011
last.     .Mi.   ll.tskiiih    ssi'l    be   tip   heVe
next     wool:    .ucoinpaiiioi!   hy    F.   C.
That old   time    icsideul   of   lies el
sto!;t>,    Thus.    Calm.in,    ssas   1 us! inis
aiotuid ivis'.n this iseek I inking 11,1   old
fl icnds and    oiij.i) intj  ji    ssei!    e.uned
IL"wi:i   V. .-,t .'k,   M.  p., lei'i   V.ui-
rj ill sei   toi    Ho,,I.mil    s ia    Sj.'i,, ijio   0:1
for .-il !,uM) :>i j ,;,,ue,,i  oh a -m ���!: s(ll|1. J Smu.'as.     I Ie s> ,11 l���. li, \[���\ elst'.kc on
lu.i'lil ol  ore 110111 I lie Go'id''i,o,'"h.
TlleTiail -Jheltei people aie l.iy 11,;
plans I'.ii'a lelii,cry. || >.\ iii he |,,. i:iM
in I he Domiuiou.
ii ���*
attent ion ot t lie fe.'leial membei A[r.
Bosiock is e,iri:e.-:ly called to Ihe
net essil y of a id 11.j.; I he deveiopmi nt ot
this camp and h.e-l en^u/^Sil he d,\y (l|
l.'nl-anii ei jjines by'aodiii.y lo Ihe
��ord svo! k he ii.' - so ssVll be^un in j^el-.
tiu;j;! :e i.i!..V"ii appiopiial leu-, and bj-
Ui'tt i|.^ son e lUi I h'^l .siaiis a!ln\., ( (I fm*
( pi'iiUijr 1,'ie : iK'i to the fool of D.'.ulf'
h'apids. Tell I iitiu-.'ind doll.ils ssould
fix lin1 mal let. f^real Is aal (i.e openiiu;
ol the camp and hem 111 ihe ti,.di* ot
the lossu.
The old ICiiiiiliinp.. I'li-i trie h^lit pi mi
as   h< oil   boil^hl     by   Junes   j)-!i'iey
,lfl|d ss ill b" install, il at ���\'esv J)ea\ ei .
'The sKainer Iilie: i'i, 11 :ia| is no-.s on
Ihe ii. kaiiee'., inn, ,uu\ makes ion.
ni'ilion nidi Hi,'Nei-uii tv r'.n t ���>>hep-
p.nd Paiiwayat h'r. e Aide i'oniL. 'i'iii-
is on acfouni oi tl:u-c,y nif?e ol owm-i-
ship iu the C. i'i  !v.' .'-,. N. (\,.'s boats.
Th ��� Lfitoi Co., it is*".lid. has 1 f-iu-,.-tl
an* oi'Ter ol.^'!.*(}i).l)!J!) I of (he mine. '
**   Kashi';, s\ .iter .101 ks ,i:e nosvieopi-
lalion. W
A .nailts,ick was su.ieii !a-i wiek a!
Imu I .'-Hi t':e.-
i.",s  11.1 n.'..-.- a!   the  Hatl'Mii ,s iv ill
be iu u-'i   in 1 hi ee ss e.-k-.
Mi. Hein/.e is s.i,d lo   he ��inakme: ai -
rnii^cii , nt.s bu bu.idni.'-as f,.     ,s p,.|,'
111 loins.
nt.'U-'i  I. SKI'.- ..,, v    ,
I ne  1 ill,.! 11- .it   .N.'ls,,,    aie.tin.nl   in
J,ii.;���aM.I l.iiM.ii    ,1     (l,e    C'n.il     aiplvlorinio:,,,, ,,i,.���.
fsoilheiu isslea.hls .w,,,,,.,,.  ,    ���,,(|..        ���,,,/,,.,;.,,, (!llll(|1(h(h(,ills  ���1  \���-l..
'���'�� '"'���   ���""l""'1     L"'l'  ��"   -l'i|i|.i.iL'*��.,i|   :,,(   end, .1   is -aid, si.u'n r.i ;, ,.,!
��while.assbiMi',, h-(s.    C. ,,..,.,,allhll-    ,,,.,   ,-,������..   .W|    A|,, ls ,,,.���   ���, ^
-^,m    wboj   iv,-    the   ,,.,     ,;.   ,,,     Uis|, lM��  |%   M(>; ,������,_,   ri|_
Iii ijS.'.'liUK .'Us <ue base now .^ol al oil!     ,| ., , ,
a-ah nit tlie !'"'lii   and   i-,   mim.iiI-
meet !:is con -i.1 .u-ui s ne, e.
Cliff Glceu hi. -'I'lViiled the snusv
from 1I10 liie hall eniiaii'e as now the
I'/ids. aie .;'illiu^ su cleai- of snoss
that il ^ ini^i.t no possiuic lo pull
the eh, uiirltl i'U<.'liic usei   till ill,
Vi'm. \'n.!iois ss...|i to l-i-iidoii to
citiii(-i- suiiieoije on I'i id iy .aid j>ut
hack \\"f*djio-,d i_). (jii iIn-, occasi'u
Bills failed !o uniiiect, sf'iiieli is mi
iiolic'cablo thai il de-oi ,e- a local.
A 11-sv jMssou^oi 1,ue botsseen loon!
points in Kootec fv svonl, i'lito opoia-
lirtifWui ll*-<J. P. 1!. -ci.-;CC' ,,|, t|K.
Isi inst. A uniloiiii late of 1 cents a
inilo is nosv cli.n^od on tht*   eoiiipaiis's
hitMIUCI s.*     ��" 4')    .
.   lUi's.   j k    \".i f,.;(-,is   ssiil    loii'oi'ioss
lU'f-i . li in tl." Miihodisi cliyieli   mom
iuy  iini osiuiiitr,   ..lid j.111_  the    1 ,csb\-
ti'ii 1, i,i.i,ii: ,a.   !   oi'oi!:.     Jje   mas
st.is ie. < ,��� for ,1   ������ I,do   and    m\(    Mime
1     .'-. 1 "    v
���J.   M.    (;,.il)!e    loft      \\ wtliesflas       toi
Vielfina. ile-,i i-i i.'s pi m, ,j, .is tl.eic
Col. iSiiiiisi-n and otbeis, #aid then
fill's to tee Pe ice i{;'er ai d Omiticr.'
i iiunt 110. on an f\|i ni.'ed pi osjiect il't;
ami e\pioill,t( ll'p jb -.sill <fo 111
fif..11 Asiw loll
on the Gos ei iimoiit'-
C(,i-f)peiarion i'i the Fia-ei Ilivor -��,-
si-y, is a ha:d I hi u'-(���svhii h fl e valiant
lobmol suli, 1 Ii.Tpo, be sallsi.u (oiily
able to ti'iii e.
ll show-, boss os or, tlvf t he Minis) 1 y
sviii !i,r, e lo deal'siilh Mr. lleiuaken,
as, iiiiked, I hey niii-t v\ ��T ] 1 M:. IJithe1
and his lollosser-, as ani.-'.aonis:-. [f
Hi" Tin,Ki (iiivoi nitiout u-fiisc (0 en-
ti-itain iMr. KitheCs IJiiiish Pacdie
s( heme, and t bos' hai dly ilarc do ot hei-
si isi-, it. is ! i,e i ru\ ot (ho situation to
Maw to ss h.il, o.\h'iit Ml.llluii'i and
his iollosvi s s\ ill ;co in I ho i>,iyi,r 10-
vonyu. ]i tbej (l.iow i,, their 1< t ss ith
1 he Oppo-K ion 011 son.e i : il ii ,d -.ubjei t
I he I rick is doii'*, and liie 1 nun Irs- ss-otild
pi'.lb.ililv lias e ,(in,! he!   eleitliiil.
It i". loo soon in say svh.'l ssill happen, bu! (ho fiisl ,-u I 1:1 LlV' ill,una is
-me to be the in I lo.tiici ion ol the Bi it-
i dl P.iiiiie s( heme, lor M r. itu net, has
declaiedil ss ill hie ,,s lonp; as bo does,
and lie is a man alss ays up (o Ins, upi (j.
Voi:r 11 eiiibor, Mi. Kellie, \\||i  he an
iuloies|iiif*1   ijer.son.iKty    tbi-   sos.iou,
and,   (inii| Is-iiij;  -isith   join    leiiuesl,   I
iiilend lo ki ep s'ou  sstli   po.d'd on all
he does and says,     iii- i 1. ���-1   act ions ,11 o
lo nioie lor a I'l'liuu of no 1 oinpaiiii".,
their iiipilnl   .lock, oil., whl(l)  lb'',ills.
I    Slipjiii-e,    I I:,'I    be    SS|||    lake   ||;i    Ilic
uii'-sl inn 01 i, -! 1 Ii 1 int; I lie  ! eiidein \- lo
1 Q ���
os er (I'ipilali/.aliou  o<   ciioiimiiics,     Hi
has 11I..0  asked   lor  1 e! urns lo be laid
li.'loi e l ho iloic.e 01  all i or: o-pouih'iii e
betsseen i he 1 ss o (bu ei niiieuls 11 lai u:e;
Io I ho |iio| 1.-ed 1: ad 111; 111 I he Coast lo
llio   Cohiiiibii,'   iiisei.    He ai.-n ssisbes
to know I |,e 1 i,!.i I a 1 n< 11 ii a   and s,'i hie 01
( he ot iput of I in- io;io's 111  L.G. lo Jan.
I-I. J.ViT.
II   I  am   11 < 11   ssione,, Mr. Iva-llie ssili
lake  ,1   moie   iniiej e idi i:l    slam]   Ibis
sosmoii 111,111 In icloloita, and I look for-
ssaid vuh  inleie-.l   to the   utlbii.lo  ll"
SVllI      btliC     il      ills     I I  (Jill���-l      fl.l    lilkOXtlll
nieinbei   tor   Itossland  is not (omplH-d
'1 luii-d iy, Vi li 1 ith.
The Spei 1 li fro;,1 I lo'Tin one sv.is-debated sisiciday, 'J'l.a inn. or ssa-IMr.
iluiitii 01 Co,oo\, (he -leo.idor Mv.
Sloddatl, ol Fa-! i.liooel. Mi Ilimler
laid s'i".s on I he pal a^l.Vph lei il ine |o
a 1 ailw as- 1 olies . lie ���.aid Ihepiesenl
pohi \ s as no loiigei pi 1. able, and did
not -I 1 \,j|., ,1 nad to [���. oolena v s'ia
Hoot ili'iild be liel; 1 1! and 110I one lo
' 'a 1 iboo (1 he \>.]J ), w ha Ii s-.a-.e. licll.
I'l-.is i-, to iiiy.iiuiid, an iiis|iiiii| ullei-
.1 !' < , .ili.l ,1  - In  ., -   boss   ilon. Mi. Tu 1 -
-The lmp3ritH*'Bank..-    .      (
Mr. A. Jukes   .niatiauror of  the 1m-
* ^- > Ml
pi'iia! JJa'.k at V.ii.nu'iivi'i, svas ,111
Tui���d-i.s uitei viess ed \K ,\l 1 epi e.sonta-
tise of the Ma:i, .ts."io (h!> iuiontjun ot
ilis tft.i.d a, lo��ai!i:e; a! Ilevelstfiko.
Ts!:-. Jiiki^ said be tiad on lii-,jL i-it here
1 h.i.ou^i.ly s.itis.'ieil himself thai tlieio
s-as a 1 i'i y yood. openin-; fin1 a bank,
and that hi-, board thought tho same
svas evidenced by .the T.iel% that J. D.
Sibbald of Kovel.-itoko bad bei5n\:is'ked
to en^a^e leinpimu V (jnai 1'ei.-. Till.
Sibtiald hajs .11 lauded lor tin-, and the
bank ssiil be op. :i lor busiiJu'.ss fin a
sseek or li-ii das s. A-k. ii as lo svbeihj.'i-
il svas liie intention of-the bank to
build and locate in its osvn promises,
Mi. Ji.ke. si,id,' '��� No, Ihoy expelled io
lease j,; (' n.itti": lor a less- y< ar-tyi-oni a
pai tyss ho had oll'ereii lo electa suil.i-
bio lullliilll^." This pas I s- is .mkI to*he
O. 1) Hoar, anii the loiation near the
Union 1 Intel.    ,
\i lib releienoe to the posjiiou ol the
I111pe11.il ll.uik it iliaj' be hit   lesliii^lo
kiiusvtli.il for (ho p.ist   lifteen s'eaisit
has neser paid h���s  than !) per tent, in
ill'idi n,"ls, and in saluo of  its slock-it
stand- I'ouilh in Caiiad.i.    ll is Issenty.
o ie yi'iiis in 1 lie ii.'lii, lias .11, alii'hori '.ed
eapiial ol ^L',,'Ji,1!),'.,i!'I,mi| w inch .��il,i'("J.t;(|ti
is jia:d up, ,ii)d il  laid a ie I   uiounl on
.May   lilllii,   Ih' (I,  of  i-il.lali.iSUO.    It   has
bank 1.oles iu  ( 11 filiation  lo   liie  sable
of ifU.LJ.U.T.W, and should   the)1   be pre-
"onleil   1�� ji-  ro'ioiopl ion   ai   any  e;isen
inn,1,ei:l   il   ha-. 111 ^rold and sils er 1 oil,
and   Imiiiiiiihii  Govoruiui'iit   imlos ,'jil,-
l~j(),l<ISI   svilh   svliiih   lo   reiieem   then.
Too   Imperial   i-  a   si 1011^  and  i-ouud
h ink,   and  its  advent   ssili   be  id-ull.s
,s eicoiijei1, by Ihe pi-oj le o!  ihwol.sl oke.
eriy   t he.v tin iyew(axes   fiom,   and   if   a
(lies-  do  iiulf Judp  liVs'eK-ioke^ii], this
inaltei;  the   fault ss ill   ho  etitirels- the      *
Pros incial Gomi iiinont's.*' ^h\ IJostock
should   piolosl,  in   the House of Woni-      '
irons af>aiiis.l  gismj; assistance  in the      '
Fiaser Kiver niatlor if  the Piovijicial
Gosi'Viimeiit does  not  assist    herje as
'sse'll as there.    I{eveis(oko piopoitj- is    . ���
jijs.1 as valuable lo its pooj)Ie asaio the
Frftser   Is'iver  lands  to Mho-people  of 0
that salles-, and ,sshat-is .-oduty iiiort i.s   ��
a duls- hero.    '
jMr. linstock said he pointed out to
Hon. jn-. Turner that theio svould be
110 Bevolstoko lelt if the bank ssas
nine h lons^ei noti;!etHed ;u.and saj'S as it
is t hi'Doniiiiion's duly to keep open all
nasii^able siieatns. the people of Revo]-0*
stcfiie* aiid Bis; Bond svill oxpocl the
Donii'iioii lo ap]ji(ipi'ialo 11101 <* nionej'-
to open the Ct.hiiubia to the noitfi and ,
peiiiaps to (ho soulh. I ho Pinvinoial
Gjoa"1,'! iinienl^should do*i(s duly in_pio-
I"cliutC  taic  taxable  proper!\'^on   Ihtt
banks of that river.
Dostock In Lardeau.
IK'I   SSlli lis   l.i p,el   1 ill I   ol   Ills dlljii nil v.
ii 1   oivk   lo   yon I  Ho ssill s( 1   th,.   |j   j*   oil   afj.ihi-t   (he
) pM,j used   Co.isi   ie,ok -as-in1., il ssi.iJd
Imorporatad In London.
The Ben l-ioke Mining (,'w. has been
bu mod in London, Fnj.'., lalels  in laki
over I h ��� business oi   |J,e   old  co,iipans.
lis  i.i|ilal   is  IMtJ.MH! iu .tJ7 ,".-. shines
This"  i>    cxaeilv    ihe    mikuuiI     '.sh"-h,
1 ll.tuir has ii, ssas asked   |\ja   the lealls
*ri:   I he Siiiollo,  t^o.   iieie,  and   ii-uliiin
(he   o|,|iiiOil    lhal    a    Hess    (i-ncein   ssi!'
I il- e hold of I ht*  I os' 1 i-i I e.     11   is io  Ik
hoped I ben  put. Ii.i-e ss ill   I e e\l 1 mil ���'
so as lo ( os er I be op.-raI ion oj 1 be old
smeller;  ,! not, 01   11   syo;,h I hnic.  i- ni>t
dull', ll   siili   -nun  be jn  f ho Columbia
\\ is fi .       The    pen; Ie    ii r e    mlii'i!     ij
evetyo'ie   1 o,iii"i I eil   Willi    the   ius|;|||.
(ion   lo  do  -oil eibiii^ ss nil ,1 ssilboul
as a d, and no 01 >��� ss .11   lioss   - bed   ,1   11 ,, 1
l!     II     fill's   (111    I'll,        1,11       ll-      JII  f .1    ,|(      (ll,"
dil ion" 11  1. an es i ��� ii, e ,| :k| ,\ di aw irr, k
|o-(lii   lossn.
Me.-si'-. Hesvitt Bosiock, M.P., Archer
Martin   and   Ian   Collar!, of  Vii loria,
have   ort,',ini-/.ed   and   incor|)or.ited  Hie'
Kootenay Lumber Co., Ltd., ssilh head
olTlces in Vliloiiaand (apital sim-i; ,,{'
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JI.   JJawko    ,'.\ C. T., It. \Y. Godded
I Ll/  i ii ji. x\ <;(> s Jiijt\ A i  ^ i ^\ u a  J  AUlJ   ���������;.  How Old is Niagara.  A Brave Deed.  i  i m.uninery  purcha-ed  adds  in a  very j   g TV^^'jO^'ip5 5   3- T <  ; siii'-dl   p;-oniiUi..:i   lo   the   value of Mil- | ���������^-^���������'^-^  ^JL.i/.'~.A,.---.a-S  The Niagara   Rive;   svhich   had   first       ,Jjm  H,..n.W01. ;,,  v,]ui v,()1 k, .,,,  tht. | ,>l.,iU..   Tho life of a   mine i-.hort.at 2>J&J������s W Mj������i $L  been a st rai'j;ht  ioinin^   Lake   Fne  lu    y,,,,,,^, j. |IU,, ;> _,  ���������.;,���������_  ]>n, ���������]���������.���������}, ,iju a 1 '������������������"sl ':nr ov"'' ������������������f'-oii   yo.i:.-. i|nd in the  i",   l;iih* value.  the Onl ii'ian did',', gradually becaisie a  svid.-.'.-lialloss-, rapid sirea-n, and (lien,  as tiie water... of the lower likes, subsided, it- bed nairo-.V'-d iinti ils fall increased tn J20 feet. But, the i ivi-r svas  >oon gieatly eulaigod. The l.uVdi s������ as  rising to the noith of Gnlaiio as 'well,  and ultimately ther outlet from Lake  Iiuioiir to the Ottawa Valley 'was  blocked, and tho s'urplu,-. water.s of  the  brave  at  tl  b  lion  on 'Sunday.    He svas at ' '"-'i Hie   punt   i^   oi  I-Ia,mIc-o"ps, B.O.���������  the wii'dla-s iusuliiv up  ore from the | Voiy often svorki v4-oo-ts a; e ;ih-e.i not    -xjjort Ligar user!:, bottles and kegs.  hiiit.i.n.iriho-liafl.Ml.h-liis j,.,,,. W, | iiHud-i.tr   the   ge.,e,al    inam.goment. All orders proinplly^illcd. _  feel deep.   Hi* tsvo conn ado-. h,,.d IJll-d | '"'-"'l exj.en-"-, ami i-peci-dl v cnsl ,-uc-     b.   W i:iIKKKI 1'/   .     .     1 rOpnetOl"  thehucket  afthe bottom  and   If-iii-- { ri" .ice-omits.   A mine which pro luce.  smith had hoisted it to svilhiu tsve'nt y j ������!.������'*">,!-.J0 per ye u- in bullion and pays- S^fr *������ ���������$-a ������T������j  'feet, of the surface who.) the oi u k I S������W.'W in dividend-, with an anna d ^^['\^ '^  hi oko  off   at th"  elb.iiv   and   he ,svas    investment of $10 I.') IJ in  n"iv machin-  kuocued down.  The cogs failed to hold  the   load  and   the   bucket ssa- rapldh  fry tl'iiinaj it.- ca:ee;-  i.s not so g< oil a  hie as one wjdch pi iduccs ijrioO.OO'i in  three   greate-i   lakes flowed   by  t heir ] aest-ouding on the he ad- of the uncoil  present com.se to Lake Flic, audi hence ,S(.inu��������� ,���������;,���������.,.,., v,.],',.,. Uem.,wo, I h lliresv"; ultlieugh It-een.s to  b.- popularly con-  to   the   Niagara     River.      }Vith     lb"    jjim,(1|,   ���������.,   tl,(;   , w!   ,u|(1   j^ucke.-l   1 he ! --idol ert -���������<���������������- -Mi.-h^j S: ^���������h::itijh l>. <",';.  -y^f^*,  I'. P.' a/.riA".   1'1'f-sl.  '���������^-'jo-. :.ri.xxiM.,si.c.  KsUi',li-]ic(I       Q-,-5. <?/=ifr T^l A rfn gy  I'll). ;-s.^������.*j JJSji^jPjLiJiapi  A i>iusr<i] me jii.ii-I'.cI.   "?"''"'/������ .-^".'.-.11  Lnr,w-t.v.fii!isi'i CoIm-.h'o      *..".$ {fg S"? 'itf-i*  THE KOOTENAY LUMBER CO.  , LARDEAU, B.C.  Manufacturers of  Shin'gies, Rough paid Dressed  Fine, Gedar and Fir Lumber.  ,.. ,, . _,s    - , -     i-   - i      i        .si'i-lciii ni'lisiui   r.i.uliin-  nullion and !?lo >,-lr).: year in dividends,    <���������., .,,,],,.���������,..,._ iiWio.^ii'Iii-i-s. .u.rtlli.ii.1,. JI.isvl-.  Ore calti 'in cM.iiJ3tiUva "oi-^3. \>'i\.(e i'������,i- oui  i- fi I'-ii.-u ijiji,!.. Ail-b-.-ss ttiaia Cro Sa^iylmg  Co., jDi.'3i7o:, v!oJ.   f;<ilil ll.ilhoiji IjhokI'!.  continued i i.-e of ihe land, espciiaily ,,,,, f.],i, lf.,. v hy th: u-ting his ,n ;n iu th  toward the east of Ontario, the sval-er wll0(,lti> r, ���������..,., t,.n.iblv laceralOd and I  level rice until it attained it-- piv.-ent ..,���������,,���������,,...;<���������, ���������,.,.,. be i,.",-,.s���������irv, but t b(  elevation, and the fall of the -isor, ' ,���������;.,,...j. ;., j!,,. sh&ft svere saved. The  hot ween Iho'lwol.ike- sva- reduced to J j-,,,.,.,,,,,,,^.,,^ ������������������ the-snot and leh-a-.-d  the present :',C,')'feet. Can dale- be as- ' ,](,1|1>iW!| (ll ;,, ,, n.rt moment,. Whan  signed In these events-'   The fii.-l   o-li- j ,,-k(,() .,._,.,, w.|s u!lu!) !mlt| j1(1 ,.,.,,1,-,.^ .  'mafe of'I he.igt'of NiaL-..ra   River   ss.i-, ..p (|,e di!? .roni-e-o. long.i& I saved  'gisen liy.Klliodll osera cent nry ago at    (,]u. i,uv.ii/'  ���������     :")."),!())) years;  BlakeweH,   in   Ih-'l,  gave  12.<,i">: Lyells osjiinato of ::."),(,0U ssa'. a<--  cejued fm-m.u.y veai-s after isii. inn J Progress in the Reduction of Gol'l O.es  recent writer-, using liie mi an i.iios of ' '(       'lecossion dining   loily-ii^ht   years a,s |   ,] .npi-ovemenis in mining and .i.illk--,!^  del orniinod by survey-, make i he viilue    g.>ld   ores  are   in   no  hitler ssa v  i uii-  11.00/) year-:.  ' Dr. Spenoei    h.i--   n,,i'le  .' , t-aled 1 ban in Iho^ l-.-diii t ion oi ss-,.i king  ,   nosv   and   t-iiieful   i oinpa.tai ion  ot   the ' (.llsj. p(.,, tim.    This progiess   tosvanls  age  of   Niiig.-u.i   liis-or  and   falls. 'He    (; ,ea; e;-pi Oiba-tiou has made ;n o.ii ible  .sbeiss thai Ihe   recent   estimate-,   have > t he \s o: king of iosver grade or ��������� and a  not   taken    into 'a-cou:'t.   ihe   sal ion =.,, <_. u^eipcnt . svid-ning  of   th.e   lb 1.1   of  -   cli.-mgesrtliat has i* .id ur--ed in Ihe   fall I mining oporat ions.    Properties cm-id-,  and  solium-  of   the   riyer.    Iii-  c.ucn- ' ered oi"J:io y-duo t svenl-y yivir,  ago aie  i  p-ilions resiill in a s-.-.i'.-e-m ar!y iliat   ' f   .nosv  pi i'lucing ,good   dividends   upon  ������ L.s-ell's.       ' u, j ������u es <>l ui) belter grade I li.in' svei ������������������ t hen  Dr.    Sponter   believes' the   Nlagaia ��������� ,,,   -,;<_ihi.'    Siioonl   tins   progiess   < os:-  llive'r'ssms foi me,i ',12.'.VY) vea: s'ago, and , funic, ore   now'of   too   losv a  gride tp  that 1,Oil') veils i ;le.-Ihe falls   svei.'   in    work at a pi ofi: w'll l.ocoi.e* of s ..luc  Tit For Tat.  F. S. F'.ans, goiier.il manager of the  C.uia liaii Typographic C!o.. svh.i-.--e  jsl.ml, ;.s in Win.isor.aO'U., has notified  (hose among his j'lnployee, who av  Aiucricaii-- that in the event ol liie  Alien Libor Hill ��������� becoming law. they  niiisl at oiiie iiiosv to Wind-oi or forfeit tlieir'positions.  ��������� (Ja'nl.age,    for   sale,    ss hole .do    and  retail.-     I'i ices 'right    for   ,1,-asli.���������3'.  oxi-tence. For 17.20! years their hof.'it  svas a'.),.ut 200 ,fee: : (heieaiter the  sva lor fell 120 f������>o|. Seven (hou-and  eight l:iiuihed years -igo fhe' drainage  of Lakes'Sni'ierui:-, M:o!iig.in and ILiion  fi'l-st. ilosved nirough ' beNia'-ra'.-a, gorge,  aiul 3.tiXl yeai.-ago tin' s\liter ro-e in  L'ke Ontario nidil'the ies el ,riMo!ie!l  thai, nf'tii-day. The falls, l'non.".-iH-::i,-  (XH) year-s old. T!:e e-tlma'te, calculated  from the rate of eio-ion, is confirmed  bv another made   from   the   tone-ti ial  YITAX'WD AT ONC!':.--/-.C":iVF  \ V' Agents for eat b' ci.u-itv. No  risk. (Jleai-:il]2-U lo!s-2.y).r.-i yoa'r. Kn-  c-lose siauip for full pal licular-, or 2V.  for Si wimple.���������JJisr H-ipids' .Mineral  Water Co., Dig K.ipiiK Aiich.  tr,*i ������   ��������� ,t^rryuT1       T  ,,   'Requiring wood.  Iu   onuij ai'uig   ssoiking  co-a-,   -igln,  must  not   be !(-( (,|- the difVeieni con-! Can P>uy it Choaper from  (liliofis  uiiiii-!- ss'niili   dilfi ronti   uiiui"-  operale.    Hediiciion of oi e for .^(1 a ton i  in one mine mas- indicate moie lurei'id ;  iianage,,em!,  than   at  $!   a   Ion   in  Us    'pi,^.   Lj,^y ,.���������R    -.s^j-J   Lo    slcix\  it and iake>ihe ch-'u^ccs of  W 'PI PMINfl  ue.\v neighbor.     j):lloi eVce of  ,- o-i   in  di'I'ere it iniiios i.iuuot bo i-niiij aretl to  as iiiik h adviinlage as the n mi'i! of  one individuai miiio over so-.-eia! cou-  -secuG . o j-ear-.  The   ''.'tii'iai   loiidenov   of   svorking  movements.    Two deductions   may' be ' ((, ;-, is, to ii.cio.s-e with the life of the j  beiny; cau������j"hi.  iJV.iV lin',    tl    D.-iiui-JitV  U sJ '  giv'eii��������� one a- to the past, tho oilier  (���������ont'ei-l.ing Ik.- futuie. T'he lakes (Mini  into existeiise nfler tiie glacial .epoch,  and Niagara .ift-'r ihe lake--, an/j c.-den-  lai inns based on I he moan'rate of ; ise  of the beaches in the earlier peiiod of  Hi" lal:i"������  historv -I'.ow-'that the i lose,  mine, if no impros o'liouls i i  iiiethods !  or Ilia-Iii in ���������! y ;i"e i,il lodui ft1, f"l   lloi-l- I'  illU must I'Oiloiii'  fiom   greater depths.j ���������  or loii'ri-r'��������� uiiiii k-  run,'a greale: depth i   ������  ol opi niiigs kept, in ropair, moie svater  pumped   anil   more t mlbei-ing n- .n-ti d  l.i.    So I bat a decrease in  i o.st  : or ton  L-p.iu  tJj   ikj\vJoL   ilil'Ss*.  of the ice aue may-if.-l .- be   t laced  iat     me.ui'- ! h.it i.. eatei   "kill and improve- ' j. \    tc nia.lo to il.o t'.i.li.i . tut nf t'miiii:.}. nt  ',"..,.. i������, , ', . ,     ,   \       ,        it- mxb st-simi.  lo    nn Ail   uti jin.-)ri.cii-.i!a a  o'k'KlO   years ago.e As   to   t ue   iiiinie:| |ISliji(   ,ase   uw ii    n, si, lined   ti.an   the    coiiip.ai.,- t-j tou-l a 1.1 i|i'ip, ij]M.:rc raid ran n-  1       -  ' i t'tii) a -.L.inilai-d 1.1'  iM|..ii ,v-i;,ui^c, 1,ills.iiv |;-D 11  ! a ;'i, .li; ai, Oi'iK'iu'i!i<- luC'l oi G.ii'.n.i ni' lliui'lb  fi.Viijti   iili   i'i'v'Lis.'bi  J 0TICK is l.ci-Miy nis'i n ,tlmt :i;);ilicatio:i svill  1 :  1 "With;" the pre--ui rati-,of calculated I (h an'i ial  .tei'-I-i'sliial uplift. i.i the' Niatt'll.i  district, an'dol-ie 1.1I0 of reie-sion oi'  the fall- i-oiiiinui-ik o>-.'even duuhled,  befoie the cataract -bail hise reached  111- Devonian e-earpmelit at HtUVaio,  th.il liaii'slone bai i iei -ball -i.i'e been'  rai-.-'l -o h'adi as m 1 m -i t'u,' svater- of  the, upper I.1..0 i-ilo the Mississippi  diainage bs- ������ny ,������! Chic igo. An  elesation Of (! feel at I be outlet of L.-'ke  Fric svould bring the io(i;y floor of the  channel as l.ig: 1 as the Chicago (lis hie,  and an elevation of 70 f< et svould   uiiii-  ail,-. 'sh,';\s-,   ioi-   the%-  au  made   in   the   I'.-i.-i-  of" increasing difli- i Il.is-, on rnu Umiu-An-ois X..i':i. ���������:> .!..- l:l.ii'.. 1,  11 _  ,' , ol'i'i'isi iC-ic.t< i���������ii, \]\  Hit" i''.M. ai.,1-(.t   'i:'il:s,'i  f;,"'1 U's. 1   (V,l ,,,, ,-,,, ;,, ,t |,(, iit.lt   )1' II   ���������' ��������� t'lC .Hill s 11J t.iO  In'general   il   may b" said  thai   the . >''-��������� ''^ ( r^ '  '\\ V'"1 :i^!^',"'m'.P,;^^  Ui hiii i- .1 niMi'jii l.i'i-t'l'inii .1 iiii-n: er iiciriai  I'll 10  BEST AMD CMEAPESTROUTE  to ask  ri:oM  .fs jl, "'"Tf> V j- --,-t>   "!?    : it i- 3   ,  i~Li.      S.-1A  ' if   .'1   i.     A   .iullJl'  Tiirti'igii I'"!?.! ('!,',, s^li-('[iia4 ('.11 .s.iml 'I'mn-isi  .-^lu- inn.'j v'.r.-i I'i f-'l. P.i'.il. MolilK.ibmil 'i'lininn,  svitliorl ch.'ia'.ji'.'  F!EV'nLSTOKE TIME TABLE'.  .Ul.intic. K\-;)i-Co' .-liiivf.   il.fi daily.   '  .    P.t. i.'ic ���������' "        Hi ii   ������������������  o     i. t  Aiuiosv l,s::i-; Pn-.xcii 'I'ii.si.ns  - '   "  ,.\ :-i: 10' l.;.-31,.Tii..- i-.l.ij-s, 'J'Ji 11 i-s.'l.ij s, .'���������'ai in (!.i,'--  i.ciso   ll!-",1,  Shii.I.ij .,  Tue.ilay-, I'liur-ilsiy-..  1 Trains on Anon i.,,',11;, JawiKli  uuniiuct  An nsv!icii.-l ss il h V. fc JC. Go's ri ri:,s-" 1:11 N'.sif i,m-  ''' CLOSE    CONNECTIONS  1 ���������To ar.tl iT.-ciii   Ros'filancl, Trail Creek, Nelson,  ������������������Casio, AinssvorLh.-l'ilot Bay,  Nakr.sp,   New _ Denver,'  '''Three Forks, Sar.don'  ���������p.nd��������� o  ALL P0IHT8 R SOOTH KOOTENAY  GRADED STOCK:   ,  ���������  Well seasoned    -'   -    -    Clear Cedar. ���������  Wide,  Clear Cedar and  Pine for liar', and Counter Tops.  Extra long dimensions a specialty.  ������ P.O. ARROWHEAD, B.C.  -CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC 00.  (LIMITKO.)  Capita!. SI,500.000. '' Head Offices, Toronto, Ont.  ' Manufacturers of Elecfcric Mining,Apparatus, ,   '  Lnc-onioiis'os, Coal (Jultorn, Keoiproeatin^ Drills,  Hol-try Drills, licductiiin ajkI  ,  Li^lilin^ AuparaLii.'i.  7< fi^''"''!"���������!~\?^>C'    Hither of Direct Ciirient. or Three Phase Types, Suitable  IVJ-s.^  I VjTlO   i'ln-iiny inako, of I^an, Pump, Hoist, or Crusher.  Eloi-li-ie.il Ti.-insinis'ioii of Posver, by our Three  Phase, Svslem, successfullv  i - ��������� *������ ( *  oper.tWsu up to 50 miles.      (       , * ;; ,  '     '       ������������������11 C. BRANCH OFFICES   For full iril'ort'nation as to,rates, ^u-.,  apply to  1        l.'l\   -hrsv-tcr,  i       ' Agent. 1st vqlstoko.  GKO. V.cA,. V.l'.OWS, ",  D.slnoL I'assoi),joi- A',-ont, Vivnoouscr, Ji. ('.  Granville Street���������VANCOUVER ' Kootenay District���������NELSON  ��������������������������� SKTElJirn'El    XT������     ���������        2-5i-6������.i  Establish Y"ourself in  P55^    F33SB-1   hi  m  k.i^; ( us) ^ (,|   ii:i'> niii." iiuli. at.' Ll-  plotely     divert,    the   i!rnin.-i'������o.     Tblsj (he   oily   leal   indication   lie.s   iu   the  svould rei-.uire u.OOi! I > {;,<!'J! y ar.snt th  C I in into i ale ( 1' ten e.si rial eles-alion.  l,.i(i nT -lit I l i >, '.>'   1 in-:,   I'I ,.i,i,> , r.    ,    , , .,     . , i        ���������   ,    ��������� J-.i. In Tr.uit .���������.r.-e. .Mnl tu   x!iai-lct!:o s.i ii ��������� .v������l-  oos! l,h:-o:i^.l')i!i Ihe.in n.-at.ite .us. I l.-l, : v.n.-nr b.iii.l t.r.uiu'i lines Hior.-ii-"' un nLlu'i or  I'o.-   ih-   (ombLh.u.s are locllv s'itnil.-ir. ! I',,t'1 t,l,0TV1- ":1 S ,'',ith ''-mucIk - ol  Li.o i ai-  , Oj n,i ( ivi'W tor a dista.iu ; in1 l> n miles on cillisi-  Hut Ihe r.'eoid oi'.some inihvidiia! .n;i.e j l).il!u:i. .hi ! r.!..i l.i I.iuM ii invai^li i:-u:.i n jr.i'iL  ,.     ' ,      .     r   . , ���������   .    :      '������������������ i on Llijiiniii iaiu oi ..nil  rails.,iy a..i"it,S in..cs  oi ol ses."ial mines.'i i  one u-gion   is ol | f.���������m o.non.i JJiy lor.i disMiu-o i.i  2,i m-les r.|)  more vniiie th.in..ny uii.iiboroi -renoral ; !'':-li His fi-:  .inn ssn'i  im-iiia iir.."iv i.i l,i,il1,  | (..t|iu;i. 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K/l'.liH  per  / i-a)iit.ii���������     . '���������'������������������'    ���������./. . '    ������������������':  .I.'.l').'MI,'A!|'A.Vr.'   '���������'.���������'  y'.   'A.S;-o:-isoi' a i'i el (atMoel or,  .laiuiary I."il'h. Jl.SiiV.       y    '   '' . :i',i-l.|..  'O'E0.;*.^COirt; 'V       ".a:.'..'  .''"." ";.'���������.:- fn sTi.5*������! h u6- v'aiulr '-Ti I'I js rr; gt- "S role c r-.-.  ..���������''       '���������'���������!���������     ' ''        ��������� ..,....,,, ''     '    |  .' Ii!.', A3Ym t-: 1.-.-.M-' 1,'fiiifk.n" fr : l.anf.'ii.'vih-;.' 'I.ifi:|  ,V:i/nr,'l.ai''.''/i. ' i.'-irur.).'/'.'!- S.'n 10r>il > <-:" Ml.tiiiitr !  lini'i'.'iii.   Ht.O'jI. i.i :'iM Koilaiilo  Coi!ip."iiii-.ci  .tViv,a~io. ���������/ .��������� '.    . _  ���������'_    .;..  ;.'���������., K-'/'l-'r  1 30fi Conlnvii St..   : V,T.'nco!iv.eiV'B.C.:  '.-. %���������  y/-.;;     "���������'��������� T-'E.,J;. dvRRRv':l?roprietT)t;.''7  A![#e]assTa!3l^;f--;'.::";  '- ./��������� :���������. Clwice- Wines, Lisuors and Gigai  , .      >��������� '       ' ���������   * ���������''',.��������� A  B.fltes $1 ana $2 per tiay. . /  ':'.'  GLOSl^ TO DEPOT AND BO,  i->C  5f*  yy  ���������!-".i.yj''jjje'jt/fli  53T5*S  g-Jcg-rr.'BBaiiiSia. w'j  r.nswjirc .te'v- is1.-" v?to. i-"*3ssws?:  ���������^rrT������!!Sr!T7raKr![T������3i-  ;s".v "i������ *-<i-__���������*!  !".f   ��������� !T i  ���������  i i i h i\UO i I'jAxV I   ail Ai L.  ! 'A  JCcoi* nr.y LndfTc  v*"=ft    ^������=t-    s  rj      * fl      i. f;  ..- '.    I f    * a e       -,     i  ���������**?'   &      i '-'-rf ?  S   Da-,-,, o      t  ���������;  K3YEI.ST0.Z3 iOI>G>?, 7. G. O. 5\, ICc. 2.:.  ^jS^si^T; f      b--s"l..r :n^.-tint's ,u-'_- li.-la  S^TgSjM^'jP^f    !i) ').l,ih:iloss-s-' IU1J evji-i -,  ?&>5������-?SvvJ^t 'r.m:-s,l<a.v i.ii^lii  ���������l   r i^Lr  ?r*?r&:0$i2-?'''<^ o'c'fi'-l:.   Visit Inj; In t,l lid s  ���������"���������'--s.'i'-'f ���������   A'      (.r.'i.all.v is.,-Ic(in:cil.   ��������� __  J. .V. STOKK. N\G. T. .1. (JltAIJlIM, S:7~  ������3 *"������       '������r'1:i������e A'OCSS So. J1653.  KttStriJ- IlfKiil.i'' ni"uiii]|;s   arc liulfl   in  '(&������&* tii"'   O'l.l    ;>,ull,)s'.s- ifall en ih,  /^f^Zf&yi "-...nil an 1 foiiilli As'cihiesil.is's  fAv&sP'ol '-''   ''���������'',' !,,<-p-tl1 ���������'" '''M :������������������'������'.  ."P������ ������L    .c'* Visiting bi-cilncii arc cui-ibalb  S&J3������*fify mi-;t"(i.  ^i-? Y. riVKEi'. "J. 1. WOOI-ROW,  /    ?    SA fV v fe$     fey  w   U ft   ^    k   ^    6    '^ ^^  TUH'^rSlX.^'TOjK  i-   JC  B"*V.  p      E Is   K        K*=������5i   pit������=r prr-^-.  /S"~h, 5 ,1      g     ,-,     :?--*--.  is**.   ;.    a    r.    r*     i*"-"-^   r-*a������,     e  ,U���������ilvb*'  W..M.  ! Iff. Si >j.s.  BORN.  SuiONC--At Ht'W'l'.liikc,   oil   Tuesday.  Feb. !), ihe svife oi'.iohn Simons, o;  lingers Pas,, of a .son.  J'icahi).��������� AL l.esolstoke,  on   'Vednos-  day, Feb. 1<\ (ho svii'e of Ed. Pirard  of a sou.  , {j.uximii���������'Ai. Revei~t,,|;p, on Thin sday,  '    Feb. il, (ho ssife of f|J. F. YY. (iainel  of a daughter. '    ,      '  ���������  Tr li ? 1 i  1 81.^1 f.  We carry a eosuplete stock of the above : .  Locks, Knobs, Dodrbolts, Shelf-bra,ckets, Butts,  Hing-es,' Cupboard Gatc-IisB, Sasli-fasteners, Latches,  1?i~li * "3    *t * ���������V*Si '      ,.**s'~< t ' f '  V/INDOW GLASS, ALL SIZES. '  Complete line . of Paints,  dry, and ground; White   Lead,"Raw and Boiled'  0. s        "*- ���������- .       ^ ���������.^V i ' " ''  I,       V roti-i-.r.h.sa       H   if������ ,,  Jllj    V tji tilO^iVJiCsj  in liO. ' ' , , '  GABPBHTBRS' TOOLS:   Dlsston Saws; Bailey Planes, iron and wood, Etc. -  ALL   G-OODS   ^AJ-T?  LO"W"EST   JPS,XOJSS_  ' ;/  , .      'POST^QFFIOE ' STORe,- ''     ' '  cra"5*^  j jl js. jl  m/B ^/~?  ���������OT.1 tdblALi. j������Tl &A.2. AO =������. v^U^it...'^c?isis f  fe--"ClT^p,   -C7\.--vj,,    T",'?-'������'3iC.H    V" n"5 O T"-'-    e  ";r",s  REVELSTOKE IRON WORKS  LOCAL AND PB8S8SAL.B3IEFS  t  Calico lnll iSiareh'lT.  Sou card of A. K. Smith.  See IJ. N. Cou't'sior's nosv ad this  ������veelc.  Sam Hill uaine up ye.-tor.'!ay from  Galena JJ.iy.  J. ALkiiison of Trout Lake came uj)  from Sancton on  Wednesday.  See P'ourtie J)ios. new ad this sveek,  for any thing in-tlie builders hardsvare  you sviint..  W. ^Viekers svent on to Tiout lake  P'liday and svill gel back again early  next svo.el'. > r ^  Look out for Tlios. Dunn ������t Cu"  next sveek. Their ad svill appear in  the Mail. '  Ivev. Father Poytiiviu svill celebrate.  ,<jn iss in the Catholic church at 10:.'J0  ���������a.m. to morrosv. ^  Cahbage for sale, svholesale and  retail. Prices' right for cash.'���������Jl.  Tapping.'       ^       \   ' ��������� ���������*  ' McLennan McFeoly, svliolesalo, is a  svell knosvn house and oiu-o de.Jl > svith  svill be died again.     See their ad.  Angus McDonald came in Tuesday  friiin the N.'Fork eamp ' h.ivinir cein-  jiieted his contracts,on (Ji-int's elaiiii������>.  It is learned (hat thoC. p. IL ssiil  build a .$2u,000 hotel at the station in  a fesv months. This time the report  is O K. '  On tho second page; svill bo seen  .several nosv ads. Th"y aie every one  reliable business men and svill pay sou  to deal svith.  The anti-.Mong'ilian mooting at Van-  cousei  iast sveek,.ssas a   gio.it   surecss.  The    Mail's    petition     cai riod    ."JOG ) %T--i"fy\~z-. 'J"T,~l "-~i        ' s.^ri?'1*  name... . *  Jack Sands is alsv,us prenaied to do '  lociiuing and hauling of all kinds, at 1  .shortest notice. See tii 111 about s-oor |  svinter syood.    ' v  Presbyterian eliureh : Sorvioe to j  itioitosv e-sening at 7:M0 : M.r.,(!e,ldes. ,  B. A., missionary. Bible classes at [  2:-'30 p.m. to svhich all aie sst-le.iiin'.  Ji. V>. Pi ior it Co., thi'j sse'l I.iiu'vij '  ileaie'S in svagons and agricultural i  implements intend lo push bu-mes., io <l  ]\ese!stoke.     See their noss   ad. '  The B. C. Don \York.s are still svith !  tlie .M.SIL and  aie   peiiecily    s,-nisi",od. ���������  The Iron   \Yorks   u,   a   credit,   to'  the1   ( ^  country and i������ doing splendid i)usinoss.     *. rteifiTJT'.   rjjl    |4-A1m    Orffi   'SJs'V^P'  Tne lii.ipacc-otnji.ins ing Mr. Cu-iylo s    Ji- "*-*~o>  , tl' I   V.'JiOLlCSALE '-      -   ,.  Iron, Steel. Miners', Mill and,Blacksmith Supplies.  /s    ',/ ������, . '  T' ' c ~ --sF^vtlr  I'i^f 31 ri-,     - ��������� ���������~fhf -^IL-<d  -" J . ��������� .si V u-'F J-^>j.Ci('  Hardware _'- "  Enamel Ware. ���������  -'. -   VANCOUVER, B. G.  i '  C0WAN.H0LTEN-D0WNS- CO  ���������   TiiiGraithlhg and Siiest Iron work"  J^fACihir.sry .Ilepaired.    '    - ----'v  ^NING^WORK OF _ALL _ffNDS   Aj ^ECSAjLI^-^-riSS^--  .   Robt. Gordon1=������rp������j:ietor,     ������     =     Revelstoke Station.  5' 1 K       e       si  A      C  u -ijia-3 tuJiU  ' ��������� ^fe^ Wiioiesale ooeiers' m-^i^  w^l v "si.si, -.-.'b-^^^j   V4U.--' &     t! fi   ld,a   S   ^>   at  4 5   siiL/,  ^  <��������� <��������� ���������   , 1. *  ' r , ' - I |  , - ' , .' I ,  a ' ,i< J  p  'Sis  fi  .J     NY.   OA MPfOM, ,sV,.,.,v���������  ,w tttrar.  fc"!,  t  ^*v  .<"~*\    En  ^^  -'a 1  A..r ^, Cxij-S-j ii, i.iz.  sv. ������-���������������  C- -", >���������- .".I  IvJ--i.a.CA'.i.tJ:-J-  ;!, ,1��������� -y-. ,-< /-i;  i,   - - 5 ;* 1 p j1 , -^  -���������-������������.������ s-^-.\.rf  7: .���������";'   e, J O; "*! "il R  Agents foi" li.isnu.nil Sf-.\ini: ?-I.'.'jlii:.o. .M:iii.:r'-icti:tPis Life Insurance Society,  'Anion Fire I iisuianc' Co. Provincial Building and Loan Asssoci.ition.  Ou������iA>"s and Pi.sxos'y  ^���������w*-  L.  ,    <���������.  J   ��������� s S_  ..5 -  _iJ,  HI  ��������� .Mining Engineer and Metallurgist  REVELSTOKE AND GOLDEN B.C.  C er.cral    foujiclcrs,  engineers, 'ooiler-  m.iisfcr's and nianufnc-  uircrs -oi nil cL'isses  of iViaciiinerv.  '.7.   K.   )V.   TsiACIAABLA^J.:, J.',n.ri,tr.  wr"o'ieiii:.s -go: ltid.  v^^V^m&yW T7"KK-P IN STOCK  Csprop of��������� Aioxaitfcp St' aM Wsstisiastor Ave3 Vaaseavep, B.C.  P.O. Drawer 754.  0:-tblc address "Cove  iHfc OKFHAw iiyf oiIlij mmmi nM9mi. LiMifED.  report on the   Sioc.iu   and A\ In .mn th ' A v. ,-.|tt.-- <r-   ���������-������?   M-   Mcfo-f    "."n -tf- '-   el    \rw--r-.-,    rjr������4 n^i  camps   is 'the  'l^.i.E   tie,   dMu-X' ,        jfi [Ifiij'bib  Ol  Ail ItldtStb   Jiidilt?  51  ivVV'.iOt;   ?CJLJJ&. I  ifonerallv sot   milled   our   bv   il.e   do-1 ,          .     ,          .,,       ���������,-.'.     1      n         .       '   -                               1   r it--     rr   i"'--r,\r<:' ,n        ���������/     y             /   ,-. r          '  Piiitmeur..*   It gets Lip.,He well abose ' pn;n ;,!  :iU(1   [,'-!:":   l.e-u.-v f,!.M.m.. .���������������!.    !'r^������"-"���������l������"!'''"^;/ // .   !fA>^!\ JA>S, I resident,������and Manager,  incorporated tiiirier the Laws of the Province of British Columbia.  /-:  McCARTY,   Vice-Presiden.  Death   Kapids.  . A c-fipv of a letter fn-m Lieut,   (fo������.  Dosvdnev asking r'.u- ,-nsi',t,iiiee( to   ihe  Indian f.unino fund   md   adi'i i"--,( d   in  .-I-  ,.!'" 1:  LJr' 1- .  CCJS^tr-w*  /7. A.  BROWN, Secretary-Treasurer.  _������-������..^L_LC..;:;K  the i'i.ui.u:'-r 01  ill.'   !  I   If IK    <l!  S< )T.\KV   I'i  i������  ) 1  \<  I  ��������� .' ,'y i  ���������1  been fm'.v.. 1 deii tu tin M'.ri, thi-ss-.���������!.. ,    ,.   _,       _       -, ,    ,., ,   ._  S'ibseiipii'uis ssiii i,.- <,:\-\d\\  i,.������������������������������������.(���������!  Mining a::u j-ioai jLi.cit,-'At.'3 j^roicm iVjVi ^..-ii'jr;^- Uorn-  bv this ban'-: at any or Us i,i on In-.       ' IllioSiOIi  ii-STcint.  F. C. ������������������.uiiijio. Dd'.'inioii fii-^iiK ei. i  ;s in loss n !f,o|:ilU: os i I lie , i . e, ^  Hei.iVs !���������'��������� (..'.iiliot   -as     uli ,r      \sili     hi- i  F.Rt-   :.ii-".-: a:<u A'.XSKjV ���������; r l".Si-'PAr:c-:.  ;, ;!'.��������� ",-1.i,���������!'.������������������ ������������������!  f!"' h >r-.   ,1,' ,' '~-: '   ''./."o.   !'!,'(!!>���������". SVi'.filt.ltf:.  L> ���������' !'i������i: r('i.<)C i' L.\Ki: Ci'l V   KV.\.\V!",':1T 'K.\M,b,- A  .'Ui s Os.      Mr. 'laiiiiile m' ���������_' i i!  iniee III:.,-   -elf and make  i he   ii. ���������    iiiien;    i(.-,''e.      - __  1 In-  , is -I   b :,,k   ' ...li.ul   M ,.M   ....     | p < ?l    Ui $s  ' U X; / ,;   Jj r-7  , -, r^   ,  iik,;M..':ambie. ii.e d.,-..!.!,!.-!.!  ..I m-a       .^,.     ii/ Mh'*vjE;qi|^   Plan of Organization   To L>.;y, d.:veio:;, ef|tii|) and operate The Orph.'in Boy Minentl Claim as^situated  aL'uu iivi: uiiie-; i''"(>!:i C-olct Sireain up ?.IcCul!och Creek on the West Jrork, or-com-  nii/:i!) known as !'������:-./rftt Crci-k, and ahoul 65 rnije:; north rrom Kevcl-aoke. H.C., in  tlv (Dunfry known ;-.s ill'* i>i^-'jiend of the Columbia Riverc; with power to do all  ibiin'^s usual!}- within the sn,-pe i if, in in in;.;' companies.  Capital Stool: m-vi-i hundred thousand (700,000) shares, par value of one dollar  ($1) i."ich, fiillv paid -md non-a;;sessable.  /ly-ck,   i\iY)   huiiflred  thoiisand  (200,000)   shares, to  be sold to pay for  1 reaMirv ."  /T-i. ���������?-'<  f'f  HI) vo  ne fl-  li;;'  must   in- :i\. d at,   e  NOTICE  ~m.  ^1- ��������� -i. -c���������.* '^./^ -a. t ������  1 r! ~--T.7    -J*/':r..'     I-A'"'-'    '1 *. v\.'������/,'���������  ^ i.i. i'i-:'!.-'!!.'-.'.-;. ������ii.ic<ir in ii-iii--i 10 nn.,-.ri ��������� IlOV/   i-JJl'vl/'ii   OtiOti iii a i V -J., j  ^V     iL-f|ii(;sti fl I-i  Ifiki   11.i' 1'   I .*...;   .1-   I   .1111 1  ������-01111, I1.1I <>' li'lslni'���������1 I n i.nii-i all tii, I, il'-liN |r,  In: iiaid on or U-foro .M.'tixli Isi.  vs-. ,'.-r,;-;Mfvc;.  l.i vtl-toXf. U. O., I'Vli. lilii, 1W7.  1  fhe S)tatt of Lirej  Is Bread,     "\  rhe !)eiter the bread the belter j  the staff.  "1       t\ 5      C-Te1 T'' i  ���������V.   ^    ^ -  ?  '/"   ;   '1 t      / if  r'^  ->'s   v\vA '^^������    it--,  VICTORIA. VAMCOUVEK, KAr-/!!_OCP.c;.    ���������  !J.  fleveloj-inei'!! purj-o es or.i\.  ���������    'I his Compan} will do  ;i  thorough, strictly   legitimate mining rbusiness, and will  pi!sli,dev-,-!oj;;nf-ni of ;iu- Orphan 15oy with all possible dispatch.  Tiie Orphan ooy bciiu; a b'ree Milling and Cyanide property it. does away with  all expensf ()!" shipjjin.", ore to be tre.-ited or smelted outside. The surface showings  r-o'.v preseiii, b'-iu;; <-,! such a hi^h i^rade, guarantee excellent results and steadily  mere p.in:>   ,i<-;( k v.i!iic:s as development progresses.  , I I .s  'l ru'i'-c as'iay . from surface returns were respectively $6.50. $ro.oo and $140.00.  A  mi!! '.e-.[ recejiily made show^ $30.20.  /\ limited numb'T ol Ti":M'-:ury .Shares will be disposed ol at 15 cents per share  for ,'irsi cash requirements, subject to advance without notice. '  V^s>jii*V\*������3  ���������^  Lkdccr and CojiiecJiosier,  : ,\H Ici-id , of '\'.;i icirltui il i n,p!' \-.v nl-.. ['!(;.  ( an,id; '.-1  a, d   .'nieii'i-ui   Wagons.  '���������'>. (' ,  ,11   orii os lo --nil   tlie  iinv"-.  I arrow,, .ir'-'U r ,,  1 .art'i" ;l   'iiofk   ui  Km.Kr.' ro;A: S; \ j-io:c. : A^enl'j for 2-i.as^o;/-.^.:-,: TiU Bic-yoie-  ���������!'.  SUGSCSIPTICKS FOR STOCK WILL 3E RECEIVED BY  Jo W. HASKINS, or H. A, BROWN,  BEVELSTOKE, B.C.  ���������'.. RfM)f,|-i sent on application to Secretary-Trea.surer or Manager  eius .mi  P"!;.


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