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Kootenay Mail Apr 24, 1897

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 '-1  if, /  ,    -r.  Ac<--{  y ...  la  Vol. 4.���������No. 1.  REVELSTOKE," WEST KOOTEXAY, -B.C., APRIL, 24, J 897.  $2.00 a Year.  THE ORPHAN BOY SOLD  BY   THE.. SHERIFF    TO    SATISFY  '   HASKINS' judgment:  It is bought' by a Vancouver man for  $6,200���������Company makes no efFort  to' protect shareholders���������The end  not yet.  A climax in the affairs eif the1 now  notorious Orphan Hoy Gold Mining  Company oc-curri'il Wednesday, when  .Sheriff Redgrave knocked the claim'  down, holus-bolus, Ui O. N. Davidson.  ��������� of Vancouver, for $f),200. >  '   , " THE  SAI.K  drew ii large crowd of interested  spectators including, several people  from Vancouver, .noticeably D. G.  Miicdoniic'll, ������������������ OhasV| Coulson, A. Bcn-  vvdl, R. Piiliiier and \V. Cowan, .-ill of  Vancouver. The sheriff r cad the vvrit'  .-ind invite-el bids. They began with'  $2,iXX) by Macclonnell, vvhich was im-  ineeli.-itedy hei tercel' hy lJ.-ivid.-on.' Jn  small stages it, went without.'a liite-h to  $1,(100. Then a niilcl sensation was  caused hy K. L. Kinman, a local man,  stopping in and, hefoi e* tin; word thrice  could he snid. oH'cring-$-1,-100. lien;  Macdnnncll, w hose last hid was $3,!)."0,  dropped out, of sight, and hy hounds  the bids run up, to *$f*,000. the running  being lietweeii Kiiiiri.-in find Davidson.  The price hoveled a lil.tlt* at this figure,  and went on once more, hy hundreds,  lo fi.(KM),  when   the  shei-ifl'  was again  given time1 to say once,   twice, and  away it. went, again to come to a stop  at $(>,2U0. Here, Kinman ' fell ouL.-md  O. N. Davidson, of Davidson Bros.,  jewel ler-s, Vancouver, was declared the*  winner  of  what  many  people  in  the  participates���������it, makes each share  worth about A of a cent; if treasury  slock only parlicipiites it is worth S 4-5  cents per share. In view of the peculiar issuance of stock* it. is a  tpre.stiem for- lawyers 'Ici' decide  which stock participates in tin-* profits  of the sale. It is clear that if the  present' pin-chasers had '.had to pay  more for the property the'Shareholders  would have had more1'; hut. as far as  the. company was concerned the  Side, like (he judgment, was let, go hy  default, and those who bought stock in  good faith have hud no protection  from their directors as, far as can he  seen.       " :    ��������� .     '  ,(-.-111111 consider a snap for- the money.  SHAltkllOI.DKUSo.VOT IN IT.  1 nterviewed after the sale by a Mail  reporter Mr. Davidson 'said he did not.  buy for Ha.-kius, or- the old company,  t>t\l,hc shareholders,,' en-" any of I hem,  hut. purely as a spe-e-iij.-itioi) feu- himself  and two friends. Asked-if he considered the shareholders had any claim on  him liivs.-iid. no! that it was not his iu-  'toiilion to re-rncoi-jior.-ile (he properly'1  hut  to  develop  it.   individually'to   hi.-  L ' ' -  own pieitit, a-: he bougliL it, feir.luniM-if  .-ind h.'id no connection with others in  t.hc'niiil tei- out-ide of hi- two friends.  Me also stated that, he was prepared to  hid mtie-li higher, if it had been necessary, lo acquire' the property.  D.   G.   Mae-dotineil,   another   of   the.  hidelors. said he did   not represent. M r.  Haskins or the- company hut was there  for- certain   shareholders   and   was iu-  tcreste'el   in   see-ing  that,  the   property  fetched tlm   price of  the judgment at.  h'.-isl.    lie  told ;ui    interesting  slcry.  He -aid Haskins   had  arranged   to dispose of his jiiclgntent  to a   party  who  would   liny   up  tlie claim  ut a certain  , figuie,   put., up ii certain   sum   for   development, and make good shareholders  stock.'   Three, iln'vs  after   agreements  ,   had been made, Haskins withdrew and  .-viid he  was  going  to epiit.  the whole-  thing, being only   interested   in seeing  the judgment   obtained   to   protect his  wife, who had advahe-eel money.   Then  Cowan,, barrister,    wa.-   employed   by  . Haskins  and   he'1 arranged   in   time to  look after- the judgment  interest,.-it. the  , sale, and he under-stood that Mr.-, iFas-  kins had now received a cheque1 for lhe.'  amount of her claim.    He said the property ive'nt cheap and the surplus over  the   judgment,     weiuld      he       divided  amongst., the  shareholders.     As  lo  it,  heing divided amongst, all slock   issued  <n-���������oiily  treasury stock.' he   would   not  yet say. hut  he  was   inclined   to think  on all disposed  .stock   nf the company.  E. I j. Kimiian said he did not represent (hejudgment, holder or  lhe;  company   .'Uiel   had   no    connection   with  them,   lie was hidding'.-is a speculation  and went a.-high ashc was, under the  ciifinnsl.-iiifcs, pri'pared logo.  Cll.VII'ANY   .M.VDM N������J KI'J'OKT.  These weie the only bidders (Ceuilson  made one small hid) and it. is very  notici'.-ihh; t.hal on behalf of I he company not a hid was made even In the  oxloiil of seeing I.hat t he amount, of the  jiidgiiii>nt w.-is icalizcd. If lhe directors considered the1 claim what, Ihey  have represeiite'el it to he1, they could  .surely have trot, someone1 who would  ha ve given Davidson a wrestle for it.  Indeed, Davidson is reported to have;  saiel lhal, hi1 was pie-pared lo go $20,000  for the pi-opei ly, hut no one pti-hed  hiui .-incl he got. it instead for $0,200.  So the shareholders instead of having  nearly JjihJ.IXK) lo divide will have hut,  .some $2,200.  The   ciipit.ii I i/.a I ion   of  lhe   company  was  $700,0,')l)   in    700,01)11   shares   of $1  each ; of I his, oOO.OOO shares was promol.-  ��������� crs'  stock    and .2lX),(/00   treasury.    In  ;.'l recent letter to-I.he. Rnssland   Miner.  Ilu'.sk.ins said i,h< re were IT.yb.lO shares  of l.it'iisiii y  slock   slill   mis,,1(1, . which  ������������������would, leave,   all    fold,   fj2ii,000   share.*!  issued.    The ankMini of  the Judgment,  .l)l>iui Jidi: claims, sheriff's.fee*, elc,,'ivill  make  about  $1,(10(1, ��������� anil   flu: property  .sold .for $0,200. so. that--if all the .-lock  HASKINS KILLED HIS OWN CO.MIWNY.  It, i-, too, a matter,of astonishment  to'-Tnost' people  why Haskins, the man  who   floated   this   company and   who  held (it is said   he transferred hi.- holding shortly before, the sale) the  largest  holding- in it, should  seek oto cm harass  it by. getting a judgment, against it. and  finally kill it hy letting it go .into the  hands of a  strange  proprietor.    Thus  hi1 spoils.his own chances of success in a  venture vyhere he holds a twenty limes  larger slake   than   the aineiunt of his  judgment, injure.- his   business reputation w'ith the public, and  leaves sliaie-  heildei-s to their fa'le'lo .satisfy a paltry  judgment of $'i\21').19.    One  could   nuclei stand a'lniin who floated',-! company  like'this, anei whose  reputation  would  largely depend upon  its .success, doing  everything  irr   his   povvet   even   to the  iexl(int of suffering a1 trifling pecuniary  loss to plae-ii   it, out  of elifliculties.    It  could b������- understood, too, had a private,  party a  judgment   against > the   company, if Haskins had come' to'its relief  or money  raised  on   the  value of  the  claim to release it.    Nothing like  this  is done, however, hut.  we  see Haskins  voluntarily  distressing  his own   company and letting il go out of his hands  ,;witliout.   an   effort   to   save  it or the'  people who bought from him.  It.scetns lis if the" whole matter was  what the Rosslaud Miner has duhbedr  il, a swindle. Anyway,' the Orphan  Hoy Gold Mining Co. st.-incls now corr-  fe-sed as a notable and long-lo-he-re-  meinbei ed example of how nul to do il.'  WHAT WILL 1JH .THK OUTCO.UK ?   ' '  v ...   .1  .Some interest eel parlies are now disposed, to question the validity of the  sale, and say the enel is not yet. . It is  a query, too,'Willi -them whether���������as  the proper l.v (nought more than the  judgment auel costs���������the shareholders  must, lake the 2-5 of a cent their shares  ���������ne now worth, or may hold the inter-  e.-l iu the property represented in value  by the balance left ovei such judgment  and co-ts. There are numerous reports  afloat which may ot may not. lake  shape, but if there is anything in tliein  the sooner they are. put in public evidence, the belter for ev;eryliody.  In this co'nneclion, (here are those  who regret to hear IhaL Hawkins���������now  (hat  Ihe  mischief  has  fairly  begun���������  linds  it, convenient  to   want  lo go to  r- ���������-���������  the Yukon. Without riuestinning his  individual right lo go, they think il  would be: better, lest il he necessary Jo  give testimony or answer any public  enquiry, to delay, his visit to a later  date. ' ' '   "     '  SOUTHERN' KOOTENAY.    '     ,  Happenings of Interest  Amongst its  Various Camps.  TRAIL CREEK.  The tunnel on the Red Point is in M10  feet and a new contract for 200 feet has  been. let.  Work has been resumed on the Morning .St.-ir mine and a shaft is being  .sunk. ,  The; ore; dumps ou the Columbia &  Kootenav are all full and the face of  the tunnel continues to he of vvondei-  ful extent.   . u   , ,,i  The strike on the Pug continues to  improve and resembles Le Roi ore very  much.  ( ���������  The tunnel on the St. Elmo is neiw in  ore which assays $12 per ton.  The Elba is showing a -f0-fe"ie.t ledge  with 7 inches' of ore.  "'  Both shafts of the Trilby shew strong  vein's carrying plenty of $1(5 gold.  The While; Cloud claim in Salmon  River camp< has at a depth of only G  feet got 20 inches of $35 ore.   .    '        '  ,'  STRIKE CLEAN ORE. ,.  Three Feet Of It In the" Silver  * ,      tunnel.  Cup  A. JMunroe, until recently foreman  of tlie Si Ivor C,uji mine, was in town'  yesterday. ]fe icports cut ting thie-e;  feet of clean'ore in tlie funnel vvhich is  heing run,to tap the lead and are now"  within ;t few feet of it. Progress lias  heen slow with the: work e.n this t iinncl  as, owing to had air, they could only  woik one shift. Mr. Muni-or- goes .to  the; Slcicaii to take charge. Of a ininc-  tliere. Notwithstanding tlie fact lhat  he i.s severing his connection' with the  campI'Mr. Muuroe. is a firm believer in  its great possihiliiie-s and as a piact.ical  ininei of long experience his opinion  that it i.s one of the very host camps in  Kootenav is gratifying.  si.oc;an. <  The Bunker Hill 'and Thete.sa' M  claims have been sold.  The Twin mineral claim at Ainsw.,1 Hi  ,vvas bonded for $33,0CU lhe' other day.  A small shipment of ore from South  Fork of Kaslo was recently brought in  to Ka.-lo.  . Six feet, of galena has been struck at  the 175 foot'level iu the Galena Farm  propert y'.',  It, is reported that a smeller- may be  established at. New Denver.-  Work is to.be starteei ''ignt away on  the Arlington. ��������� , ,  'The Bondholder,tunnel .has cut one  lead and is Hearing (he main lead.',  ,The Charleston will ship another car-  of high grade ore this'week. .  The,' Humming Birel,- Robin and  White Swan claims on Mm Whitewater  have been sold .to' J./J'. Wilkinson, of  the World, for a coast-yndie.-ate at a  good price.' ,  They Use Revelstoke. '  Messr--.' Pa liner and Clonic1' representatives of the ' Toronto - Type-  Foundry, who arrived here hist vveek  from the south iind who have been  lookingyivei the towns of Kootenay  for ii suitable location to make headquarters, have been so much, st.i tick  with the cenli-alily ancl useful location  of Revelstoke lhat they have arranged  so far (o rent a portion of Hume's  warehouse1 as a store room to contain it  lot of machinery. 'This is in its way a  large compliment to the place and it is  lo be hoped that 'the Foundry m.-iv  find it se> suital le to Iheir purposes  thiif, they may be moved'to make it  their permanent' headquarter*. At  present Vancouver i-3 headeprartcis  and .1. Ci. Croine, late of (he American  Foundry Co., has been appointed pio-  yiiicial agent. A full line of printeis'  supplies and machinery will be k>*pl iu  the Province which should be a great  boon to the trade aud 311: Croine should  elo a growing business.  t.ial silence gives  consent;   (hat  llie  ell'ee-t   of   his   not, voting  at I he public  minting  is as  if  he  had   voted in the  allirniiltive.    This is so well known and  common a rule  of  procedure  that   bis  ignorance ol it is, to  say the   least, not  compliineiitai-y  to   hiiii. ( However-^ he  claims   lo   have   acted   in   thi.-   mailer  with Ihe be-t of faith euif of pure solici-  tude for  the  country's  good,   and vve  >-        -       '      i  vvill take his word for it.,  Bui when he  met so many who   refn-ed   lo sign his  pel it ion hecau.se it vvas direct ly opposed  to Ihe  resolution   he  and   they had so  recently adopted, and contrary lo what  they  considered   the   be.-I,   inteiestsol  the country, and he bad -o often to I ry  to ju-tily his evident incoiisi.-lcney and  sudden  change of  front,,   did   nol   his  conscience prick him al all.  ,   Again, Mi. Shaw says he hawked his  p'etilioti around   on   the   basis lhal the  .Vet w.-is certain to pa-s aud if railways  were to be   honused   Mara & Barnn'rd's  road   should   have   its   share.    ,'A-   ,-i  mailer of   fact,  lie   had   that' petition  printed      and    circulated    before   the  fall1 of Ihe bill could possibly be known  ��������� really before  the   vote   vv.-i-iViken on  its second  reading.'   The   public ,iiieef-  ing was called on rcepiosi, of  the niein-  bei, yet   hefoic   Mr. ICellie's   vole*   was  recorded on the measure, lhis  pel it ion  was  in  circulation.    Is , that acting in  the be.-t of fail h   with   the   people "and  with  our   member.    It'looks   as  if it'  wasn't. ';is   if���������  No, vve  vvill   lake  Mr.  Shaw's  word ill its' present worth and  try to believe  he  acted   in   good fail h.  His let I e'-r (which   i-  ..li-ong���������in "quotation marks) and actions in   I his mailer  -how  as  di'ti-e   an     ignorance   of  the  country's   real interest,.-* as of ordinary  rules of procedure. -  ,  GREECE AND  TURKEY  DECLARE   AVAR'  AND    ARE    NOW  '   ,       FIGHTING   FURIOUSLY. '  '  sanguinary   contest���������-The . Liberals  make  a' clean   sweep   in   Nova  Scotia���������Globe advocates a jnaxi-'i  mum price for Crows Nest coaL  The    war   cloud    vvhich    has   d-ecm'  threatening Eastern Kuropefbr.su long  has at-last lin'ken aiiu*   the   immediate  result is a deehiraiioii of  vvai   between  Turkey and'Greece.     The',unlj.issaelois  'of boih count lies have been given their  'p is-sjioi ts   ,-inel , ihcie   has   bc-cu   fierce  lighting along the fromiei   during ��������� the  week.    The fighting   on   .Sunday   and  .Monday seems lo have, resulted in favor '  of the Turk, but. since, llien,   according  I > some eorfcspeinelenls.   the   tide   has  been (iirning in favor of Greece., ,\Thf:, ''  men on either-side seem  nut   lo   know '  what fear is and   it' is ,said   that   the  fighting is too bloody lu last lonw.  lho provincial elections in Nova  Scotia has resulted in a clean sweep  for the Liberals. Out of a house of,38  they have enplaned" 3yy seats, only  .*> Cunsei vatives being returned!' '  ..  Local and Personal Briefs.  U. S. Tariff On Mining Products.  .      .    The following is the tariff rale on  mining products in the new McKinley  bill: Lead In-a ring ��������� ores, 1 cent per  pound on the lead contained.* Load  duties are lo he' estimated at port of  entry, bonds given in double the  amount and (he'duties liquidated -in  the end after government assay. Lead  dross and refuse lead, 2 cents per  pound: sheet, pipe', shot, etc.', 2\ cents;  metallic mineral-, emtio, including  mon.-i/.ite .-and. 20 per cent: mica 'A  cents per pound and 15 per cent.;  nickel. (1 cents per pound; quick-ilvcr,  10 cents per poiiyd.  Clias. Olson came up from Trout  Luke yesterday.  Louis Thompson went west to Harrison Lake, Wednesday.  Mrs, J. W. Haslciiis arrived from  Vancouver iMonelay niorning. She  was a deeply in I crested listener to the  sale and expressed her satisfaction nt  seeing the- property go to Davidson.  ���������S. U. Reid is in town. He is on  the road for the Winnipeg Nor-Wfxlur  and is also cluing business for P.ulniiiri  Bros., lithographers and engineers, of  Winnipeg. .Mr. Reid is well and  favorably known tluoirgli Kootenay.  Mr. McKenzie, a friend of Hugh  McPhersori's, iiriivcd with his family  from Amicoiirla, Montana, on Monday.  They have gone to live at Trout Lake  Oily which is fast growing city waul-.  Then; vvill soon be several families in  Trout Lake Oily.  'The1.. Oddfellows will 'parade, to lhe  lOiigli.sli'church Stindayevcnjiigiit 7:.'I0  where ii special sermon vvill lie preached. [It is ii peculiar coincidence- of  this occasion that the. first and last  ���������sc'rnioiisTfev. Yol.land .preached in the  Knglish church was to lhe Oddfellows  iis after this SundaY he. retires from  charge of iJlis church.  GENERAL.  Rosslaud mine owners have- expressed sympathy with lhe object.-'of the  Kootenay Mining Association.  A machine drill cimtesL has been arranged for in^Ros.sl.tnil.  Officer- Pyper, of Rosslaud had a  hard fight Io arr.i-t a tough last, Wednesday but got him in after a tremendous struggle.  ������ *-* -  Snow-slides are very frequent in the  Slocan and full of danger.  The bodies of the three men killed  near Three-'Foi ks have been recovered  after a long search.  A baseball league for South Kootenay and Spokane was formed at a  recent meeting. Spokane, Ros-land,  Nelson and Kaslo weie r-epi e.-ented  and laws wi-rv drawn, up.  Kaslo River is rising very rapidly  and thc.Coluuibia at Trail is exciting  much anxiety it is so swiftly i ising.  The season is late in the South Slocan  and prospecting is not yet under weigh.  The-, rush of people, to the Slocan  Lake country is very heavy ancl the  trains, boats, hotels and everything is  hard pressed for nccnmuiodalion.  The Steamer Ainswortli, the old  reliable, sunk la.-t Sunday in front of  the lauding at Kaslo. She lies submerged and seveial efforts have''been  made to raise her.    No one vvas lost.  Nelson will borrow $i"0,(XX)al once, if  it can get it, to start business.  The procession at Ne'lson after the  victoiy of John llouslnn was one long  to he renieinhcrcd. I'lie whole city  wns in fete.  0Ro.ssland  has   organized   a   laciosse  club.  'J'he Vancouver group, near 1-Mile,  in lhe Slocan has been flcwitcd in  Loudon.  Two lots on coi-uerof Columbia Ave.  and St. Paul St., Ro���������land, fetched,  Friday last, $10,000.  Summoned While Sleeping.  At'2:80   o'e-lock   Tuesday     niorning  while a gang of wood   laborers on' the  .Hod   Mountain   i ail way  lay" a sleep   in |  their tent a huge slide came clown   and I  overwhelmed    lliem.      'J'he    tent,    w.-i-  pilched on a gentle slope and the   slide  vfas   totally   unexpected. . One of., the,  llien vvas a wakened by a i.oise[f-ind  got ]  up to investigate and had  gone  but  a  few feet when t he   tent,   was   suddenly  covered by the rolling slide which  killed six of  the slee|'iiiig,occupanls.    One  iiiiin is reportc-d'dying and another   injur i'd .hut vvith hopes of recovery.  There was some snow in the1 slide but  it was mainly rock, dirt and timber.  The work of digging the bodies out i.-  a hard one, and but tvvo were reebvei-  ed ill the* time of this report.  Why'he Circulated thai Bonus Petition.  Dave Cowan is in (own.  .-   See E. \\. Heaps ml. this issue.  Andy Parks is down from the I'eifd.  .Jim lid wards was iu town all" week.  See the latest at the Central, ��������� a  thumb sponge for vvhisL players.  Work has started on the new bo.-utl  ing house on the hill.' .        '      <  'J'he river bank keeps losing ground  everyday.  Jim Hutchison done the excavation  woik'at the C.P.K.  I [uiel.  I>. JL Atkins went .south' on a  business trip yesterday.  Pete Leve.sque .c.-inie in from Uig  JJend, Sriuu clay last.  r Shake;! *���������'  The base-ball players are out and in  the held with their bats and spheres.  Geo. Alexander, , of Calgary and  Kaslo,   went,   through   Monday   going  The (,'lolxi discussing tlie Crows  In est Pass road .says : 'livery possible,  caic should be taken hod to create ;t  monopoly of Kudl'cnay coal lands and.  one of the; conditions of Dominion,'aid  should be (lie fixing of the . maximum  price for coal at, the pit's mouth or, in,  open n't.-irkel, iind a definite, maximum  of freiglit i,ite, so that il would be laid  down in Nelson, Trail, or,Ross-land, at  say Jsl or -^5 a ion. '  ,  e;.ist.  ���������The ground for tlie;  cleared oil  and work  soon.  hospital  is being  will   bo   si ai ted  0 ' Notice of Question.  Mr.   Kellie asked   in ,f.hc, Hou-i;, on  Wednesday by what  right and  aulh--  oi-ily  docs } he  government agent at.  Hevelsloke collect  taxes  on   land   the  1 ille lo which i- in dispute between the  government of the Province and that  "of the Dominion, and which same land.  Ihe 'l-cgistr.-n-general' h.ls refused -(������>  .register-J", Why h;is tlie mailer iii*'dispute hot been adjusted ? Is the Provincial or the D miinion government  responsible for the delay? Is there  ^any possibility of the matter being  'Settled before the ycai 1S!)0?.  week  W  iv-  tilt!     excitement     iibout  Recovered From the River.  On Meynelay morning the body of a  inaii was seen floating down the river  above the town. Il vvas immediately  .-ecured ami brought lo shore; below  the bridge. Jt, was e lot heel iu shirt and  overalls and the features were very  much bleached and generally unrecog-  liix.able. From certain marks however'  the body was identified ns that of W.  J. McArthur who with Roheit Dcyell  was accidentally drowned off Horn's  boaU-on (he 17lh of Oclobei last neat  12-Mile bar-.;  The Ikidy was buried ininiedialely  after being vievved by the- jury which  brought in a' verdict of accidental,  death. Rev. J. A. Wood ofliciatcd at  lhe funeral.  .. .McArthur came. here, in September  last. -Nothing vvas found on his person  bid a pipe aiid knife,  .  The soe-r clary of (.he boa id of trade  has favored us wilh the following reply to our eiueries r.-gariling his connection with the petition asking for  a bonus of $l,(.'.')0 a mile for Messrs.  Mara & Barnard's Gab mi Bay road :  JSnrroit Kootenay Mail :  , Jn reply to the savage at tuck made  upon ine in vour last is.su>', I beg to  slate "frankly" that. I.did not "hawk"  the petition ���������'around" in iny "public  capacity" as .Secretary of the Board of  Trade, and I challenge you or any one-  else lo say that I did; nor did I ''hawk"  it around as a (ownsite boomer, or as a  toiiter for bonus hunters. I flid it  voluntarily because I thought (and-I ill  think) (hat il is to the interests ol" Ihe  L-irde.-iii district, (and Revelstoke in  particular) thai if any railways are to"  be bonussed iu B. C-. a -hare of the  bonus should be allot led to tin's di,s| riel,  as it, reepiires transport.-!! ion facilil ies  so badly. I may add (li.it I had bad'  no couiinmiicatioii.'either directly e>r  i indii eclly, wilh lhe> proiiiiilcr.s of the  Lardeau' Uaihvny on Ibis subject. I  did nol, vole al lhe public meeting,  either for or against lhe Hail way Grant, j  Act; J was merely present in ' " iny  ollicial eapacily as Serrelnry of the  Board of Trade." There isno pari iculai  necessity for nn- lo stale whether I  consider the railways inclil ioiied in lhe  Act worl hy of assistance fiom I he (Im--  fi li 11 ici 11; ii, is siinieient lhal, lhe Acl  was certain to pass, ami (hat nowhere  is railway const ruction more needed  than in ihe Lardeau dislricl. Oilier  copies of 1 his petit ion have been in circulation, and have been niiinc'ioii-ly  signed by rc-pon-ible ai Iciulaiiis al I he  public: ineeling lo which you ri-l'i-r.  C>. K. Shaw*.  Revelsloke, B.C., April 2'<, 1.SD7.  Mi. Sh.-ivv disclaims having circul.-il-  eel lhis pet ition in his public eapacily,  neither did he do' il as a (outer for ,  bonus huiilers or lownsilo boomer : he  was-so he says���������acliiiiled solely by a  desire Io hem-lit ( he country. He was  present at lhat public meeting merely  in his "ollicial capacity a*������ sccrelary of  the hoard of Initio." and did nol vote  either for or against (he rc.-olul ion  condemning the railway loan hill. I  Mr. Shavv evident ly relies upon lhis  Inst���������thai he voleif neither foi or  against (he resolution in ��������� epicstion  (which .was  carried   iinni.iinioiisly)--|p  ���������exculpate him. Now,, ,Mr. Shavv has.  re-nlly, if iiotappai-eiill.v, e-oine lo years  .of discretion.-niid as' secretary of'(he  hem id of trade 'he is, or should be, acquainted   vvilh ill  least (lie riidiinei.ls  ���������of'procedure,' vol. be .si-'ems nol. Io k.uoiv  C.iursiei'.s pnisptv'tors boots!  ,Mr.    and     Mrs.   .Q.uiiphel  cinie'iip I'l-oin New    Denver,'  flay."  -Johnson  Weclncs-  G. V. Holt, i  ii.-iiuiijor o  f tl  ie ban  k of  ip   Wednesday  J5. 0. at Nelson, came   up  going west.  J. C Cronic has been appoint id  provincial agent for the Tomnlo Type  J-'oundry.    See' his'card.  The. inspector for .Molson's Bank  was in hero Wednesday on a visit of  inspee'-tion.  ���������John Sanderson, the foreman of lhe  McCulloeli Creek- Tunnel Co., came in  Saturday fiom the propijrtv*.  The bridge across the lllecilh w.-iet  is being built on the no stay no pay  basis.  S.'Il.illegnaid has sold his "farm"  on the oilier side of the bridge for a  fair price.  Bishop Dart came up froni IWsland  Wednesday ami went east lo attend  the Pail-Anglican conl'i;ieiice.  -A new line of Indies' goods for every  clay in the week at. Coiirsiei's.  I). (>'. M.tedoiiuell, c.v.M.P. for  Lanark, Out., was in town this week  iind at tended llie Orphan Hoy sale.  Buildings are, going up   around   lhe  Kiilisrpri.se    Brewery   viiih   mm pi ising.  epiickiie.ss.mil   llii.s   vvill   soon   be   the  suburbs. j  ��������� I. Cibblcdick,   who  cv: Tovviilev,'s  claim <   in  Tom Rae  vvas   in clown   this  looking well and feeling better.  .Miss Valentine came up from Arrowhead on Sunday returning Wednes  cliiv.  Tom Horne will have charge of the''  boat taking up Durham's crew to the'  canyon. He will1 probably work oil-  the job also.  Js it, too soon to determine  whether ���������  we shall celebrate May  2 lib" or   June  22nd in Revelstoke, Ihis-^eai*.'   There;  i.s not much time to lose.  A shipment of .stall-fed Cattle for J.  R. Hull iv.* Co. came iu this week  from  c  Manitoba.    This i.s said to be the  first,  of the kind for the local market.    '   ,  Jack Sweeney, the genial Jack  Sweeney of the Consolation placer'got  down hist. Saturday fiom French Creek  vvilh ;i good .seasons' takings, and his  usual gooel iiatured. sinile.  , Work on the river bank vvith the  .surplus of the old appiopriation is  finished and Sid Durham will proceed  to do the canyon work at once.' 'Oh!  let. it be soon.  Mr.,Moore iind family have gone  into Trout Lake City from Arrowhead  aiid will reside there0 for the future;.  They could not, get a better place.  - -. Cow.-m, btrrister, of  Vancouver,  the* man who ran on the   Conservative  ticket, at  Vancouver  last  election,   at  tended ihe Orphan Boy -ale on   behalf  of ,M r. I laskins.  , Mi', Myers, iepie-enl ing the  laud li'i'i-onl, passed through  Wednesday en lotite to the (  centres on bu-iiiess for his paper  Anely Craig was in town   thi-   week  from    Thomson's    Landing.     He   and  j Hillm.-iu will inu   a   daily   foiir   hor.-e  lioncleil    Mason j s*'''g'* -seivice ou I he waggon road from  Thomson's   to   Trout    Lake   Citv   this  R cohere  '.���������isicrii  bent.  (1  initial  II  og.!  season.  i i  The Kit emeu's Ball held Wedne-d.-iv  i-Kiwhcad List i niglii ���������1-t Bourne's "I l/tii was a most  1*20 or two months ' en jovable e-vening and v. as veiy well  allended. The niinibei- weie good so  was the mil iic. ami indeed everv thing  in connection with the afl'.iir was first  i ale.     The- b'isses of  the   Central   aud  and  for  Vi( (iiria Holds look   people   nee  was in town Sunel.iv, going tiirougli.  The.   ,,Chin,nu,in     who     clubbed  Irrolher   celestial    al.   A  ���������iiiml.-iy was fiiiei  in cliokee.  J. (.'. Montgomery expeils I o do con  side ruble woi I: on his Keystone piopel--j  tics and he will leave in a few d.i\s t'oi  I  I his put pose. , !  Xoah   Abrahiiiiisoii    wont    down    lo  the Hot Springs   on    Wednesday   ,-uid'  from theie will <r,, b.-ic-l; lo Trout   Lake!  City.    ,.. , ' . ,  .Who .would expoi'l Id see outside eif i  iilargi.-cily, so large and, firet'iy ii dis-!  play, of iiu'H.incry, eln'sj-f and fancy j  goods. ' ,* I  A ti.-lcgi-iiin was rei.-(.*iv-t'd W'eilnesday  by the Covernnient. Agi'iit fiom -K. ��������� C ,  Whitney proicsl iiigagi.ii.ij.sl, I lie (.Jrjilian't compiiny's ��������� 'sf;cretarv,    to  ���������".)'  ���������''''M1-'.-  wli-'ii then- ir.i'n thing   was   (Join  I heir enjoyment.     About  foi t y   people  atlendi"!.  ,. W, Mel lean goes up vvith: w boat  load e'*f...supplied for the" C-iriies ..Creek.  coiii)).-iu.v ������������������and. J. ,C jiloiitgiiiiiery this,  week. The Carnes Cieek Co'., vvil]  steae|ily.;i������ro.secute developnient work  this-season, .rind in a little while ;t gang,  will go up headed l,y Tom���������''''Bain and ���������  accouipaiiied   by   J.   'Pf Brewster;   the  coiiiiiien't-e  .won $^$$;&.
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.''   re'|ii;e-*eiil iug'.'Ji'feeph I.' l.llll!lllll,-,Sl. I'atil,
'���.���. .Xevv ; V .'irk,-. ancl.    London,;. Kngland,:
''g.Iv-cs   it   fair, .-uid   .si(jti,i,i-('. 'assortment,
��� ii.iid ?iilbivvy, full 'ynliii-   for   all ' kinds iif
��� '(vi. vv; fin-:-:..''���Sii,i'|)iiieiils sol ici led;  I'ronijil,
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Everything new ana: First'-ciass'.in all Respects, i y
rii'j Hoiiso is stocked wii!i(M Finest Wines' aiid Cigars in the Market
TBOIJT ; J^-AAEZEl   OIT^',\B_:C-f
cervaeaa Mi;u.raj=rra-jL:-v>a.^^a^t3^zi��:
fi'"-. ;'    E.  J.   K1IRK, . Proiprictoi'.
> -'.';..'./'. Choice: Wines,': Liquorsy and:Gigars
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-.. tiriple: ks compel.ll l.ye'r.-il.es'ai. .        ,./(,
.respect. V'.-i llcouvi.-l' yi-; :'o"!l:-l-   "if   !.li;in
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aAa^a A^'. T'-'i'n/rn .! Rates :$l:*..ancL. $.2 per day. ..--.: . '..'  ff. '������,'..'''���
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A.1.' .-ijipliciii ion   for a.'yli'jii'>.r''h--"-!!--'.^.'.',' Vioico-.i-.-rr..   ,- ���
at Laurie i.s being ,made:   by one O. A. '-,.���'.
1'.rook'e..'.   This'is also   lhe name
Joc.il    iiiiiii'ager-,  ill,   that   -point/-of   ihe
.1 ������Ionic-Payne Co., and  .if lliey aie   one
.;iud The sumo. ,ib;il  is   if   I 111-   ip; !i- n���:>'���
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y    duplicate   will, ''���'!. KEVF.LSTOKE STATION, B. C,
By;riO>iiloiiKp:i:f'r>:��>; cr-rc- ,���.��ul rtlfiimtei!!. f A,ai, ,���.,-,.,.,< ,,,.,���!,,,, | r ailemb-d lio.
Comiiierclai Priiitliif���
'KopfenaB flDail - - * IRepelstoIie, yfS.CT.
^bt THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  PAGE 3:  THE CROW'S NEST ROAD.'  The C-P.R. give up   their Monopoly  Privileges to Get It.    ���������  ��������� ���������  Although the federal government  lias, air yet, made no oflicial declaration  to parliament rt'tf.-mlirij-; the Cio-.v's  Nest road, ii- policy upon thin important muli'ilakiiiK M'l'uis. lo be'set tied.  The Ottawa correspoin]cnt of llie  .Globe, which is pcrsumably in the eon-  * fidence of the j-overnment, says :  "The government have decided upon  a definite pm^ranime to ptovide for  the construe I ion of the Crow's Xe-sl  railway. This prograniine involve-, a  frraiitof $10,00!) per mile to the O.P.K.  for, 5115 miles, over which the ('row's  Ke-( e>:l elision vvill i mi, in re-l urn for  the 'i-urn-nder of certain monopoly  ��������� clause- in the original fr,iuchi-e, the  reduction of freight rate- on all i'dt't-*  of the (.'. I'- K. vve-l of Pm'l. Arthur,  .-ind (he \ pi-e-erv.rtio'n, of running  - powers for all other railway** that may  want to use the pa���������.. The western  ineinbeis, who. when the proposals of  a. rate red uel ion and control were1 lir.l  made, expri'.-.-ed the belief thai lhe  O.LMi. would not .ici epl ihcmj bill  prefei to build t he Crow'- Ne*-t -ox I elision without ifoveriiment aid, are said  to be very well plea-eel with I he I o-ult  of the , nccrolialton.*-. , It/ is understood  the i-overnineut used every le;;il imate  iiclvantitge at their dispo.-.tl to reach a  conclusion in the public inteiesl.  "It vvill b" ren'ieiubere-d   that   in the  ��������� early part of M.-inh tlie C.P.K. filed  ]il,-ins for .-'in extension through the  pass.. According to't he original 'eh.yrler  the filing of lhe.*-e plan* gave the company the right to con-liiiet' the line  and iim; any litml, belonging lo 'the  Dominion on tbe route nociss.iry for*'  the right-of-way. It is now .-.luted the  ollicial- of the  railway departinenl did  '.not admit the company's right to pro-  ceeil -imply upon the filing of I best1  plans, and tli.tt. the govcrnment's-posi-  l,ion in e-iirrying on negotiations was'  sti-cnuthencd by tJiej-e'fi-.Mil to concede  that the filing of plans in itself gave'1  .���������i'iiv right lo occupy lhe(.pass.  "The movement for government  con-trnclion of t'he road, which at one  time threatem-il lo become loi lilidilble.  has complelijly flalfeneil. The Ontario  members ,vere against it almost, to a  man'.-mil it b;tel alisuluioly no support  iu   Quebec.      The   Westerners   them-  ' selves were not united iip.-n it, some of  them conceding it would he altogether  ,,'too much to expect the govcrnnieiil to  sjiend so very large a stun ;i- was ic-  epitreil to build a line of -.iiiVieient  lemrtii to be ' of any u-e in cfi'ecliv.;  competition against tin- O.IJ.K. The  enel of the exti-mely bit lei agilat ion  has been :in .iccrpt'L.ce of the princi-1  jile.*. that' rv.-is.'liable govei ninent control of Kites i.s preferable to making  .-iny attempt "to .secure competition by  the construction of new lines where  the traflie will not vv.u-i ant ihe oui lay."'  THE  C P.M.  ACCEPTS.  It was repoitcil Unit the company  had lef'u.-ed tlu-.government's proposition, accompanied as it was with a  stipulation (ii.rt. the company slio.ilil  forego cei lain" clauses ol its charier,  viz., one vvhich exempts the ctiinpan'y's  i.-itcs front govei nnieiil supervision until the earnings reach 10% of the capital,  the other which allows I he company to  claim tin- right, to branch lines by  meiely.filing the local ion of the plans.  In answer to Ihi** repoi t the (!lubc\-t  Ottawa cor respondent says: ������������������The  matte.- is at piosent under net-nt iation,  but it i> known lhe company's ollicei-a  have incepted the pi incijib; of making  concessions to secure the subsidy and  that nothing nn*:v leiiiaius but to arrange all details, jleinbers fiom .Manitoba and the Noi-t'nvvc'.st .ire well satisfied will) the prospect of a material  reduction in rale--, .uiel the probability  of some cfVeclivc ge-vernmeiit eouliol  iu the ful uie.  VVn.V'r Tl'I'I'Kl! Or'I'iCItKll.  Tbe late goveriinient *hail pi'tnnised  lhe granting of a charter to the C.l'.lt.  for this link togethu- wilh a subsidy  and guarantee and wilhoiil anyconce���������  Minis whatever. The entire us-islaiice  promised was eepial lo .*2.">,IKK) ii mile  and i oiisisled of a I nun- of ''p.VKiO a  mile together with ,-i loan ol '.W),()(!(I  per mile, reiiiiyable ill 20 y.u-s ill 51 per  cent, iii tei'. ���������.-(.' The government thus  lot mill the inael ami give il to Ih"  company.  until a then ough istudy of the district I Watered Capital in Stocks.  has been made.    The indication of   the}    pieseuceof gold bearing is found in j The gre,-it problem now fating the  Hie strongly de-fined and.highlycry.Mal- [ people of ,this couutiy is what lo do  ized porj hyry dyke*- that, like a net- j wilh the "water" or fictitious capital  work, tiavei.-e this mineral belt in all ' i" frocks, says the- Wc.ti'-m Mi.iiiifj  diicctioii-, as a nib-., maintaining a | World: The por.r man who pays his  course; about 20 degrees north and west j nickel to ride on the -tieet car gives  of -oiitli. Great porphyry blow'-outs ' half of it for service and half of it for  .ue e'veiywheie  m;cii.    'J he   piev.iiling, ficticious capital, sometimes the greaiei  I share of it goe.-* f .r " water.*' On some  lailwavs thi-ce-feuirf hs of the eai nings  'go tei p.-iv inte-K-sl on a c-ipilai lhat has  no tiingib1.'1 (-xistence. and il is doubtful if the whole invesiim-nf under  corporate crnijtroi i:i this c-ounliy'is  worth l-.alf ihe,ruled capital. All this i  niu**! be paid for1 by hone-t productive  indu-liv.    When hard limes come and  e-ounliy rock is mie-aceous .-cbi-t,   that j share of il goes f ,i  at lhe,time of the dyke mo'vement was  lilted ill an angle of about  25  degrees,  forming fissures of gi eal'wielt h in sonic  iiisi.iinc.s  and men I basins under ot her  o  condil ions, which are fill, d wilh ore of  various v alues     'J'he character' of  the.  ,    i  cjuai l'/. is highly   siliciotis  and   is  free-  milling.    In many of the   I.iiimr  veins  .JLl  IMPSBIA1  ���������BREWERY  ���������Kamloops, B.C.���������  Export Lager Beer in bottles and kegs.  All orders promptly filled.  B. Wkiikkritx .   .    Proprietor  KPPTFNP MI1PER  ���������J  I  |_BV.  ,<f>-<:  W-i1 ff������ <&��������� q.   lAf-^C^i I'- s. uvll.v.  r-i-cst.  e3 ������/������&!>��������� to  *!>'.������. v3 .ii)s.j,<,v.\-iMJ,-.cc.  K-liiiili-liml        SS^; -rv-so -pr-% 5 -* -&-������ ������5*  A  j;eiie:\i!  on; market'. ���������  L.UVCI"-1 v. oi-ks-.n ('oloi.'.(li'l  Modern mills.in ' m.uliui-  erv .it I)env\:r,'Jd.ili(> Hpriny;-. and J" ul; lliivvlc.  Gre sold on oounviotitiva O'.tTs. V.'i ilu Ior our  r^'vi-e-ui i-, li.'iiik; Aildrt-, iilii;; Ore Sa.r-iplir.f-  Co., Xrsnver, Coi.   (3->lJ ISiilliun Doii^bt.  w  it i.s mixed with   sdji^t,  am]   much   of | merchandise   sinks  value  t hese  the highest grade ore, running up wauls  of $100 per Ion, looks to I he un pi act iced  eye lo be entirely worihle.ss. Thi.s  -chisto.-e qii.-iiti'. is evidenlly ,1 he re-Milt  of disinte.gi-iil ion of the overhanging  schi'-i, ami of its mixing with the.-ilica  during the slow foi ming of the vein-  filling of these fls-ures. ���������I'Jx.  Hon. Mi\ Martin's riedg'e.,  l-'DITOIt, Kootkx.w ."\1.VII. :  Al ,lhe iiieeliiig' at Kaniloops to  which reference was made yesteiday  ir. the i louse by Air,. Semlin, jM r. .Martin  pledged himself to resign his ptnlfolio  should any measure for a money bonus  or giiiir.inlee iu aid of lhe British  Pacific scheme be In ought dovvn'hy lhe  goyeriiin"iil, reserving ,to himself Ihe  light lo ae-(]iiic-c(> in any further'bind  grant. We inttdca memorandum in  vv riling erf'I he tcrnis of JMi-. i\I.-n tin's  pledge on the'.same . day. All. Martin  lias evidently no writfen meinoraniliini  lo lefresh his inenioi-y,' and bis slide-'  ini'iil, last night that he was only  pledgeil'.-ig.iiusl supporting ,-i grant of,  annual 'int'ire.sl to ihe ipnoimb of.!-i2IO.-  000,is not correct. There were other  gentlemen present, pergonal fi-it-nd-* of  Mr. iMarl in, and politically, opposed lo  iim-M-lves. 'whose recoiled ion of what  Mr. .Mill tin did pledge himself tei, is  likely'to be' less hias.sed than hi-.  O. A. SlC.MUX,  -' -       (J. il. Kwoiid.  Vie loria, April io.  Willeied '���������ecuritics do not dec-lin" but.  kee]i ii)i their nominal value. This is  the incubus that is (rushing tin1 life  out of (.-in iigricult oral and other in-  iliisti ies; it is what is called financiering. Tin1 man.with a plow, plane or  hammer cannot keep up with llie man  who has a vvil sharpened pencil and  no conscience.      '   .  Provincial Railway Policy.  The more the- provincial iaihvay  .policy is discussed the less vve like it.  Premie.*" 'LVrner made several points  plain in his speech'or. the second loading of the railway l.'i.-iii bill.- In the  liri-l place I'. * primary object, in, encouraging the propose! rail .v.-iys is not  so much, to.develop anil open up the  ill-tr'.ls through vvhich the liiilvy.-iys  .-! i> Lo i mi is to ,render those districts  tlilin a iv lo the (o.-:*.|, eitiiv. This  point is.m.-ide 'plain in Iv. o instances,  and indeed l5;ci e is no cl!'oi t. n.mii- to  disgui.'.e il.  As Mr. .Semlin hits pointed out, Cariboo'can be more ehc-nplv and e.isilv  iv.iche'd by ,,-i railway from Ashe-iofi  than I'ri.nriiutte Inlet, yet the latter  line is preb'i-red,because it would Lend  to draw the business eif tbe norlh to  Vicloriii. M i. Turner himself hi'-isi.ed  thill the first section of the (Joasl-Ivool-  enay liiilvvay sbonid be not from the  CVd'mnhiq Riyeiylii Boundary, but. from  Houiiil.try to Pent ictou. Why. is thisc  .section, which is' much the largest,  considered of most importance 'i -Simply  bi'-cause I he c oast cities alie.-uly irave  tolei iibly good c oiiuectiou.s to J'enlic-  lon.  Premier Tin ne-r is palp.-ibly ' offering  the I'o.i.sl-ICoolenay railway as ,a sop  lo Vancouver to enable him to.get the  Jji il ish P.u-iiie hchein:1 through.���������lios.--  liiiid Miner.  '    They Are  '.'In1 On It."  The al torney-gonei-al'-. denial of, (he  cliargi1 that, his firm was counsel for  the Columbia it Western���������a beneficial y  of the* piovince���������is accept ed as sat isfac-  toi y.lo his friends, Mr. 'Rberts;' partner had acted for (he 'Union Ttust  Company in filing the mortgage given  by the Columbia Ic V/esiorn, and had  acleel as coimserfor .Mr. Hoiu'/.e'ssiiielt-  ing company in s(>ypral triflingactieins,  but'that was the ex tent of, the altorney-  'gi.-nerar- olVending. As be* will |irob-  ably be moi t1 careful in tin*-ful lire, very  little need be said against the attorney-  general Tor what does nol appcar/lo  have 111*1*1) more than an indiscretion.  iMr. Poolcv did not deny anything. lie  is the paid conns-el of the M. it N; railway, while Col. Baker's wriggling only  flistened,the charge of chin tei'-monger-  ing mote strongly upon him. Mr.,For-  ster mad'.- gooel his point, vvhich was  that m cm hers of the government being  personally interested in the Miree'ss of  private railway schemes -would conse-  cpu'lHly be opposed' to the policy of  goveriinient control or ownership of  railways.���������Victoria Tinted.  THE  If i t  BEST AND CHEAPEST ROUTE  ���������i*o AKi' rimvi  Ail Eastern Pcint3.������ ���������  TlirnuKli l-"Ii���������������t Cl.i-sSlci'iiinKCars.mil Toiiri-I  Sleo|iniK Car- to SI. Paul, Moiitnal.inel 'l'oi-onto  vvilli(Hil,(;b.iiigi-'. -       ,  LARDEAU, B.O.    '  Manufacturers of   ' ������  SMnRle-B, Boixs;ii and Dressed'  '���������er>-  lilt  '4      ������M  dar and Fir  Lumber.  GRADED STOCI  xr  REVELSTOKET1ME TABLE.  .NOTICE  ,A Ll, PKItSON'S ovviii-jrdr iii'lebto'l to moavu  A\ requested to take notice tlinl n*, I inn  noinecoui of business I re- jitire all.sujli debts to  lie ii.iitl on or befurc M.irub 1st.  W". L-'IiKAIlNTJ.  HcvuUleiko. H. C, Ke'i. lMli, lt'!>7.  -    NOTIOS.   '       -  VTO'i'ieiO !S UiCliKi'.Y CIVKS".that m*:iv  1 V dn.v.s alter el.ue 1 intend io apply lo tlio  Chief Coiiiinis-iiciiici- of bands im.l \v oi-Us for  liiii-iiiissiciii to iiurc-liiise one luineli-td and si:\ty  iici-es nioro or los- of liuvd simatcd abmil eleven  mile*! above Carnes Creek ou the ea-t 1-iiiik'of  llie Cobinib:.t ltivui-iuiil iidjoininic on tlie e;el  -ide llie pre-emption of A. W". Molntosli,  ��������� .v. \v. Mcintosh.  Jl.ireli L'iird, li*!)7. ' l!)-lt  Atlantic K\pi;ess iinive-  1 Pacilio '*,    ,    "  0 I,', daily.  1(1:-.',)   '*  A miovv, b.vici;. Hji vxuii  Tit.vixs ������������������  Arrive I'.3:.*n. 'rii"sil.i.vs,"riiiu-.-'bij--. S.i ttirdays  Leave   Ui:K.i,' .Suiidn.v-i,  Tiii'-sd.i.vs, Tliiusd.tys.  Trains on  Arrow Lake Hraneli  eciinei-L  Arrovvheiid vvitli'C. &K. Co*- ^-i-i-;.vmi:u N.vicesi'  making '   ,  ,. CLOSE 'CONNECTIONS   To and from ���������  Ro'ssland, Trail Creek, Nelson,  Kaslo, Ainsworih, Pilot Hay,'  Nakusp,  New1 Qcriver,  Three Forks, Sandon  -r-and���������;  ALL P0I8TS*IH SOUTH KOOTEKAY  i.   Ken- full iuforniation as to rates, etc.,  apply to '.        "  1.  T.   KK'VVsler,  Agent, licvclsloko.  0K0. .*\IuL. HltOWN". '  , ])istrieLl'.is-,eni;ui- Akci'iI. Viinco'-iver, P-. C.  b 1 hAaisilx - hKhUhku  riosts All Trains at   ���������  ���������A R RO W H E A D--  Golr.s ��������� iroct To (  Lardoau and:'  'riioitis-ons Landing   FOR   Fish Greek and   ,    ���������  Trput Lake.  For fui-llior information| as Io freitcht r.'.te.-,  etc.. apply t'>  HSKHiNICII BROS.. Lardoau City  NOTICE.  -VTOTICKISHEUKHVOIVKX tliat. 1. Cory  1> Menhiiii'ck. intend (Kl days alter date to  make i-.pplieiition to (lie Chief CeimiiiNsioiiui-of.  Land-, and Work*; for pci-mis-ioii to inuelui-e'  CIO iieres of land siliintcd on l'i-,li lliver, Liir-  (le.iu. W'e-t Knotsn.'.y. and eoniiiieneinj- nt a  pri-t placed ,iu-d above the canyon on I'Y-h  Itiver and runnine; nortli one mile, tlienee e.t-l  ono mile, thence .-.outIi one mile, tlienco wo-L  one mile to piaec of uomnu-nut'iiit'iil.  COitV ���������MKNIirXlCIC.  Dated Miiveh i"il.h, 1*1)7. M-'.)l  NOTICE.  Cftlifornia's New Ciimji.  Hiiudsbtirg. the ialest, .Mecca of  fortune Jim'lers, lies cosily neslled iu  (he foothills conligions to lhe grand  .Sierras, vv hei c Ihey bre ak lo the great  JMoi'.-ive desei l to lhe east of the  Telia eh i pi. Here al ,m allil uih-of about  ���������I,(!(!(! feet above t he sea level si(-; Hands,  lung, the latcsl link iu Cahfoi ui.i'.--  goldei, chain, nnd bidding fair lo oul-  .-.! rip all her -i-!er c-.iiiip.-s iu her product ion of the yellow in.dal. | lore rl I!  is    vim,   life  and   cxcil emeiil.    Sloies.  I loi el-- ;ind gaming bo ires I hriv e;i[i.i( e.  I-'iv-e daily singes from iWojavo and  Iv. einer- i ome |o,m|im| vv il ii en I hu.* i.-i ^1 ic  i live-1 ig.-il ne.-., all eager I,, *ee lor I he nisi Ives ;inel liy Iheir foiliuie- in Ibis  newesl lield ol gold, l.'.ii.dsbmg is a  practical ceiiler of a grci! uiiiici.il licit  II ia I    reaches   many   iniies   norlh   aud  south fiom  iMojave   lo   the   J'eu.'iiuilil. I vvniiieii. an  The geiiei al condil ion--of  lhe  iniuer.il j niaiiu.ii Ial  deposit's here' are vv  I hose observed ill o.l  ties p|" I he stale,-a n'i|i lot be.  iio:-| hei'-ii'.   .--ll'. res Veiy un:---���������!  I'iiIifor11iit'i  iniiier lire., nil her  pm'./lin  ' Price of Powder.  The liossl.iud Miner sjiy.s tluie-is a  lliovemenl. on foot for the esl.-lbll.sh-  nit-iii ol ,-i powder fai lory in thai  vicinity. Mining men of the i.-unp  are'uiii(l) dis-ati-fird over the recent  iidva n e of I brce cenls a pound iu the  price of pew iler. It appears t here h- a  .sort of | owdcr trm.t and when one  company advanced I he pi ice Ihey all  advauci d il io ; he same figure.  7 In spe-iking of the in.liter S.d in-day  a pi-oiuiiie'iil mine manager iind owner  said"': '���������There is no valid reason for  the ailv.-iiK e of the price of'powder.  The Ilossh-iiid camp uses about .SIO.lXj'J  won h of powder a month, or JjilrJO.-'IK)  worlhii year. The advance of ihne  cenls a pound means an incrci-e i f  about $1 a fool in d"v elupiiieni work.  Owing lo the haid chai.-ictei- if the  ���������-,ick here the cost of development  win k was already very high. In view  of thi.s and of I lu-further f.-u I th.-it llie  opening of this ramp ha ��������� made a largely increased demand foi powder. I  think I he adva i ice in price i- nol ju-l '-  liable, and I for one am i i-.ic.lv lo put  Mime money into a local fae-lorv."  XTOTICK IS IIKItKUVdlVKN' that ������J da.v.-  _L> nfter dale 1 intend to apply lo theChieC  Comini���������i(,ner oM.and- and work*- for a -pi'ci.il  lieen-e io eut and c.u-r.v iivvny Limber Irom llie  lollovvinir land situate on the X.K. Annul'  Ari-ovv Luke, comiiieneiiiK at n -post, .ihoul one  mile north ol W'hi-key point, liieiicc vvt-1 Ji  eb.-iin-. thence noit'.i S'l chain.-, tlienee ens'., 1(1  chains inure nr le��������� lo I.iiO lake, dhonee follovv-  ini,- .-'.iijre of 1 ike to htarliii'C point.  .1. 10. II.WXKS.  Comaplix. I'.f'., April l-'lli, 1&!!7. ,   ifd-ll  Us.    .  BOARD OF HEALTH   NOTICE-.  The attenl ion of lioii.si'heildcr.s is directed I o t he following :  (1) No per.-on shall siill'e:- lhe accumulation upon his premises, or deposii.  or permit ihe deposit, upon any land  belonging to him or under hi- control  of any 11 ling so as to endanger I he public In-all h, or -ball depo-it or -ulfer to  be deposited in. upon, or into, any  sliced, -epiare. hum. bv-wiiy, wharf,  dock.-lip. lake, pond, bank, harbour,  liver, siream or water, any manure or  other refuse,. or- vegetable1 Ol' itllilll.'ll  matter or filth of any kind.  (2) Hei ween Mie loll) day of .March  and Ihe fir.-l d.iy of November, no hog  shall be kept exeonl iu pens seventy  feel from any house, wilh floors kept  frei> liom standing vva I er a nd regularly  cleansed and di-infl-clcd.  [���������I] .\ll privies tiiit.-t be cleaned oui  at Icist twi'-c a year, and garbage  must uot be dumped ou i iver bank bill  be i cinoved or burned.  Columbia & Kootenay _  Steam Navigation Oo.tit  PASSENGERS FOR    ,  Hall's .Landing",  Hoi Sprino'S,  Nakusp, Three' Forks  Nelson, and Slocan Points,  Kootenay Lake Points,  Trail  Creek,  Rossland,  Northport and Spokane  --SIIOITI,!) TAKIi Tlllvr-  STEAMER  NAKUSP  Le.vvc-i Arrowhead  for Naloi-p  and   Kohson.  'Mondays, Weilne^iUi.vs,inil Ki-iilay--.it 7 p.m.  Leaves  liobson  lor Nakusp,  Arrow bend   and  Canadian r.ieille Kaihvay points   (ea-t   nnd  west) on  Tuesday.-,,  Tlmr-day- ;u,d,-Siilur-  ,   days at S:1W p.m. '  Conned ion i- in.-ide nl. 'Iteili-mi  vvith  C. & K.  'l!'v for Xelsoii and :ill point,- on [Cooteititiy  lake  iin'd   with   steamer, " bjtton"  lor  Trail    anil  Niii-llipoi-t.  l'*or local lime eiii'd of lhe Compnr.y's -learner- on KuoL-niiy Luke apply to tin- pin-oron  hoard. '  Kin-full inforiiuilioii as It, tiekets, rales, etc.,  apply to T. Allan,   Secretary, N'el-on.   lit'.  ,      , ,       .     ��������� 1. I)- OKA HAM,  Several otner.imne owners  spoke   in j Hoard ���������f I leall h. fh.vt. Agent  ,-t isimilar strain, and a   movement   wiil' if evelstoke Division.  probably be set em foot in   a   fow  days'   for llie building ol" tbe new   f.-iclnrv.     ll a-a^www.  is   ((,ute:i,l"il    that    theie   is     enough ' C ^JA^^l' "li '&*'&$'  *     -    'A'd'A- -.-r.4.A.A?^r  1  powder nm-iiliini lie  ing camp*- l" 11s.iU��������� ���������  lot ai I'.K loi's   pi' .iltal  i e and in neijhJ.oi - ' > ,M~Xs4������!^f^J������^r^m <>  "��������� i,,,^,,-s-,,f n i \������WMm^^^0h  ile. < ''-::-'J*. >i*k.i?-Aiu--Hl-'/l.-..:���������j:.������/-���������g-^.-.-rvff*---.! S   rr.  ������-,  |  I  The 1 lilies of K isp-i ii (.'������ii i J.i have |  oi g.in :,'.c i a woiii.u'.s mimng 11 iiip.ur>. j  I t     v\ i i '      '    ' ' '       '  ���������   <-   ���������<-<  \ THIRTY-0F.VCMTH VF.AR.  > +   -t>   VV O P. LD-VV I ID E CIR C 'J LAT10 N.  he      man .41-1    einnciv     hy , > TweQ{y pa?es; WcCklyJIIIUScratei!. \  I men will   be eiiipiuv. d   tor    S ���������^- C  ��������� H <>.nl.v.    i:.v .i n.l.'fd" the, \      .!������2i^EIi2::IlLiX2Jil^L'i^^r      {  iilllv liill'e'i'i-u'l  fiom I ������������������< 'in pa ny.-h'ovvi.M. fy.il   if' .������������������Ihcveil   Mi;it'| \ THSEE GOEIaI-.'S ?SR; YEAR,' JPOSTPAID. I  I her ������������������ n'liiiiin.'-   b.c.-di- ' men iua v Imv .-'.'Oik and I In-i f';,i--'.*ouie ��������� J    .  ',' i-A--A���������  "'"' '  ll-.l-CS VVI.IIU:.,'!,!.     Ih.vM  |,;..|iiel.rlhi.s, i.{ . MlNIllG.AHD-SGl^TIFIC PRESS,*     '  c.itcn'ai our o'wn g.-iiiic|'.;, ^220 Market St.,;. San Francisco, Cal,  , OCEAN STEAMSHIPS.  ROYAL MAIL LINES.  CHEAPEST route to the OLD COUKTK1'.  DOMINION   LINK.  V.\Nrni-vi:i-, rrinii lliilifioi. . ..Miu-cli -.'n  c    ScOTsVl.lN,        "   . "     \prii:i  L.vl'.lt.vnoii        *' "    \pril 17  ALLAN  LINK,  (j.'rom llulil'iiv.)  L.vt'iiU.vi'Lv.v  Miin-li Ti  P.vmsiAN....,' April lu  MONliOI.I.VN        "   "il  HK.W'KI,'   LINK.  (l'*ioin ril. .lolin, N.K.)  L.vtcr. W'iN.'-ni'i.o' .Miu-cli 17  L.vicr liriiiix        "    '-'I  Lak i*. i-'riTiuoic        "    :tl  L.vici: O.vr.imo     April 11  Cnbin *?!'),mil upwards.    Inlerinediiile S'.Vl.  Slcer.iKii.a lov,e-l i .id s.  I'li-scntcer-  lickeled  tln-inii;li   lo all   p.ulsol  (Irenl. Uritiiiii .-uid In-liiinl, nnd nl specially low  l-iile- lo nil purl * of llie Kurnp-aii colli incnl.  Apply lonc.iresl -le.uii-Iiipdi-i-iiilvvii} n^ciil.lo  I.' T. BiiE W;>TER, Ascat, Kcvclstolcc,  Oi-    lo    WI I.I.I AM     Sl'iTI',    lie 111. nil      AKC1  ���������  Winnipeg.  !!:!.', n.m  I:J.I ji.ni  Cut   This   Out.  MAIN I,INI! -IIIAI.NS.  I'liisl Pound (No. 'II ni-rlvi's daily.  We*I,    -       (No. I)       *' "    .  .  AIIUO'.V  I.AICi:  lll!.V..,'ll  -I'lt.VINs.  Arrive Tiie-s(liiys.'l'liiii-sd,i,v*,S,i! iinl.tj -..*'.::in p.m  l)ep;ii-| SiiikIiij-s,'I'liesdiiys,'I'linisilajs    l-lin p.m  AI Al I.S.  , iii-v-.-i -ioki: IM).  Close for lhe vve-l       :i:"'l p.m  " e,,s|        .. , S-H .i.'ii  -iiittli. .Sun., 'I't.e , 'I liur.   '.'���������:'.'.'' pan  lil'V. Sllltllltl   .   .s:.*r:i .1 in.. .'I:;in pan  Due from lhe .ve.i .       . .      IH:<il) a.in  " "        c,i*l    . .',:I.-| pan  soiilli. 'I'm .,'rhiir-. !-.il    .Via p.ri  " "        b'ev. Shil inn in .oui., .Via pan  Khvri.sTo.ri.si nn,.. r.o.  Cliw for the we-l .      , LU'1 p in  ���������'    ���������     "      ..���������i.'ii.st .!>:t)(i it.in  ".      ' ���������(���������villi li. Tti'i*.,.TIiiir.s;, Silt, .icnti n.in-  "'     ,' " l',:-.'(-l>;'nl,-i-7 ,7  .y, !l ii.iil.. I.:lin p.'m  Dae from.I lu- vvi-i.l.... - '���������.: ,'.i-'.Vi a.in  ,, " " !->.     en-i ; '.. 1:1'i p'.iii ���������  1   *'          '*;...     siiiilli.Wed., I'i'i.,  Moil..M:',i'l ii.lh'  "      ��������� .      Itevelstoke !):*Iii..iii., 1:10 pan  Well  seasoned     -"   -    -    Clear Cedar,  Wide,   Clear Cedar and   Pine; for  liar and  Counter Tops.  'Kxtra Iohl;' dinimisions a specialty. , '   ,  '    P.O.ARROWHEAD.'B.C.  REVELSTOKE.'IRON WORKST.7  Blacksmithing and Jobbing  Plumbing and Pipe-Fitting  Tinsmithing and Sheet Iron work  Machinery Repaired..,       . "  Revelstoke Slaiion.  MINING"WORK. OF  ALL  Robt. Gordon, Proprietor,  Establish Yourself ��������� in  >:&Ai      A'^   i*D t  Va   tii,  yi  i'ii  r  L-iS3 OT&a t^^  5^ EggpS  g?fiSI  I rl    t f       ,  The fast growing centre of North  UY LOTS AT. ONCE  If you intend to purchase, as your  field of choice diminishes daily.  For Lots Apply, to  T  ta^Sp  K&AU2itj$>  ^-auilfi  Sole Agent.  ^���������ZJZffZZ������3Z^'XZXK?%^r<MVZ*-*^JGCiZStt%IXt^  jjw������cwia  A f<  ������3151 "Sa^S TsT^ /fib, S'--i  9 fllCCi  TO  ^j v=/1^\  OK   W'il.L   PRO.MOTI-; A COMPANY  *~AO  *(L  Will  1 lorst  Work  UiKicrl'il-'c  ;i-  landle   Pond  Car   K'lilvi;iv.s. or  Municipal  Address lull pariicvil.ir**  o,  ICK:ciric. Steam or  and   Huild   Water  ]W^-'h2ii<"iT f^^/ocilorrC! oiiH���������^.C'pnpli'iAo P.nmnQnv lid  mii-iildtiaii lii.YOO,l01.b. and uubuliwub U'jm^dlij. .JJlti,,.  19 ��������� ,P> road way, .'New York Citv.       '    '���������������������������'.,'  ana 1'AUVj J.  THE KOOTENAY MALL.  t Kootenay Lods'e  i/^ *  No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  .y^, '   " ���������   *    *    The .regular nice lin;{  ������������������-y       iii-e. he'd in the Zlh'i-  '*   &A       eiiiicTi-iiijile.Iriiiiriie*-  j  ���������c?S^p������7>*--"-'^Ni\'-'5������ 1"'-,|i|11   ���������*���������   s   i'-  "'-  ta:Sr*rgP'.~">'.;Jv��������� j ~    Visit .'ni;    brethren  - "������������������' --"-��������� eordiallv vM-Ieomid.  IL li. .s'.MVTIlI--. Niciii.t-.i-v.  HEVELSTOKE LODGE, J. O. O. 3"., Ko, 25.  ./^sjlAy~l Itcirnliii-in ���������elinifs are held  cfi^Sf^K^'M^    In Odd fellows' Hall evei.v  E^^'>^^**^''Trftily T'l'ii'sdiiy  niioil   ill   eitthl  ,'^S5&-?i-?*iS>������i������ o'cloek.   Visit in-' bnithcr-  c     J-.v-O-"-  4;---- **      ordiallj weleonied.  .1. A. ST0N1-:. N.C  T. .1. f.'KAJIII.M. Hi:c.  Loyal Orange, I'.odge Ko. 1G3S.  ��������� KSTABLISriED TSG2 ���������  WEILER BROS.,  VICTORIA. B.C.  Complete House Furnishings  Largest  stock   west   of Toronto.'  cV/ritc  to   us   for  Prices  and   Illustrations.  k&Ci l'i'iriil.u- inee-linir- 'ii'-r held   in  Sjig-P the   Odd    Krlluw.s*  I1..1I On the  /36/^H*'i''C -'-���������������������������mn! and linirtli Wcdiic-day'-  M.Yf^Sr^Y\ '"'   e"'*'1   ni'.iitli   nl   7::w>   t>. in.  W/f/ry    iyy V'i-lliii^'lirilliren aie eoidi.-ill.v  ������s&?axfegx ii.vii.-.i.'  W.M. 1,-ec Secy.  LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  Still tin- people* collie- !  J. A. M-ir.i wns iii t iwn yostcrdiiy.  Animus Jl.-iinilloii, nf Trout, Lake,  is in town. , , (   '  Jjrouerv Cree-U is running wildly all  ovor the- place: n.s if iiitoxic:i!(*el.  Missos V/alkcr and ll.-uiiillon re  tiiriic-fl j������stf-i(l.iy fiom tho hospital in  Vict en ia. "  J. A. Currie1, late,- e-orre'.spontltmt' of  tlie Ma'rfi-l'Jinp'mi ane] now of the firm  Campbell ^ (Jin rie, of P>ossl,-inel, was  iu town yesterday'.    ���������  117 N. Coursier lias now ������ot two  Jiii-iro windows in Ins harelvyaie- .store,  and lias jjot in iin inmitmsc stock' of  iiaiflwaie' "nods.  11  I  NOTARY   PUBLIC  -   REVELSTOKE,  B.C.  Mining and Real Estate Broker and General Commission Agent.-  ,FIRE,  LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANciT   .  Representative of tlie Kootenay Smelting* & Trading*-Syndicate.  AdtfNT FOH TKOUT LAIC IS CITY'kvAKRPOKT, KASLO'if NAKUSP  We carry a complete stock of the above ;  Locks, Knobs, Boorfoolts, Shelf-brackets, Butts,  Hinges, Cupboard Catches, Sash-fasteners, Latches,  Building* Paper, Etc.  WINDOW GLASS, ALL SIZES/  Complete line of Paints,  dry and ground; White , Lead, Raw and Boiled  Oil, Varnishes, Etc.   CARPENTERS' TOOLS:   Disston Saws; Bailey Planes, iron and wood, Etc.,  ALL   GOODS   AT'LOWEST   PRICES,  REVELSTOKE  ���������? STATION,   B; C.  Oddfellows, Attention.   \  "    ���������<  MM IK .VlKMHIi! S of licvel-lol-e' LndKe 1. 11.  .{ O. l'\ No. -Jo vvill inee'l nt their hull Sunday  ev Liiinc al '"-SO o'elnck to nil end I he anniversary  N*rviei s vvhieli Hill he eeiniliieleil liy Itev. V.  .Yol'nnd nl lhe ('hiirch nf KiikIiiikI. \'ii-iliii(,'  brethren are eordiallv invited.  T, .1. ft UAH AM.  ' , IteeordniK rfio.-etiiiy.  ��������� '        Wholesale ancl Retail Dealers in   '  Miners',   Contractors', , Blacksmith   and  .    .    ��������� ������ ,r.    Ship- Chandlery Supplies.   Also a complete line* of   Shelf   and   -Heavy ��������� HARDWARE,       '   ������ '"/     '"'"  ^-=^SS^>-       '^Carpenters'   'Pools,    &c.  Jessop's Stec:ls,  Ore Cars,  Ore "Sacks', 'Etc. ''  rLAT.I0 CLASS A SLM2CIALTY.   ''  Write fo/lniormation. VANCOUVER.,  B.C.  ' McLennan, McFeelj/- &��������� Co.' Ltd.  WHOLES A LK  Iron, Steel, Miners', Mill and. Blacksmith Supplies:  FOR SALE  A    QUANTITY of 'iTu'Iit secernd-hand  J\     sloel.r.iiN.  ' LO. II. IIKAPS A-CO.,    '  Mac-hinei y .Brokers.  ,     ,")()() tfu-eliiv.-i St reel,  Vancouver, H.G.  NOTICE.  -\T0T1CK IS 1IKHKHY, CIV UN that thirty  i!*i days lifter dale I vvill .-i|iply tu the Mini,  c'hief Coinn'iissioiier nf Lands iind W'oil;-. fen* a  Hlieeial license to out timber nn the follow in1;  de^erihed land siln.ited on the uiLst, side of the  Columbia Itiver between b'pper and Lower  Arrow Lakes, Kootenay Disti-iel, coinnieneiiiK  lit ii0*>t(iU(i at the suiitli-vvest, edrner, nlinut* I  miles north from Unrlein City, riuiiiiu-; e.isL u'll  i:liiiiii.-j, norlh -J,jn chains, west 2(1 eliaiiis- io river  liiiiik, tlicnee south, iiiiiUiiif,rriveri,he boundary,  ii.'ill eliitins to ini|,inl po--t, eontiiniiit,' CVKl aeres  more or less.  JIAIiTI<: CK.N'ICLLI-:.  XiikuHl*. II.C ."March '.'J. I������I7. ,    l-ll,  o  Furniture De'alers & Undertakers.  Upholstering 'and Picture Framing a Specialty.   \.  Agents.for lt.-ivmond SeivvimjyMacliine*, ^ianiit'act,ure5rs IaIv- Insurance Sooiet,yj  'Union    Firo   1 nsiiranci*   Co.,' Provincial   JJuileling anei Luan A.sssociiition,  OncAN's'iind Pianos.  /Hare ware   -  122 CORDOVA STREET,  Stoves  Enamel Ware.  ; -   VANCOUVER, B. Ci.  iANA  \hi ELECTRIC CO,  NOTICE.  7J"OTIC:K IK mjURltV rilVKN'tti.il vve lhe  JLN iiudersi^ned intend sixiy da\s after dale  tn uiiike lipidieation lo (lie Chief (!'i*iii]iiissiniici-  of Lands and Works fur iierniission to purchase  one hundred and sixty nfres ol land situated  iihenit eif^lil miles ii]i creek known as Iliilf-uiij  Creek em the e.isi .shore of Upper Arrow Lake.  AVcst ICooleiiny. eoiiiiiienciiiLr al post marked  Initial I'list. K. Ait.ur A. Clark. mhuIi-vv est  post, l-iiiiiiini; llluhtiiits north, thence: 111 chains  east, thenue 10 eliaiiis soiilli, thence In chains  west, to place of eoiiiinoneeinenl. '  KI). ADA I It.  ������ A. CLAKl-C'.  April-.'I. 1MI-. '   1-flt    (LI.MITI'JD.) , ���������    ,,      '  Capital, 81,500,000.   ��������� ..    ,   Head Offices, Toronto, Ont.  Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,',  I,i"iei������iii(itiv(is, Coal Cutlers, liot-ipi-oc.-itims.nrills.  liotarv J^rills, l-teductioiij.-itiid  ( ' \^-/ I.I -r  Liirlitintr Appiuviliis. '   -  Mn^ADO     Hither of Diieict, Curiunt or. Tlnet-. Plinso Types, Suitable  iViU''  I  VJ'hlO    for ,-niv m.-iko'of Fan, Pump, Hoist, or Crusher.  IOIe'ct.ricnl TiaiiKmi^snn of 1'ovver, liy our Three'Phase System, successfully  iijiei-ated up to nO m'ile-s.    ' ,    .   15. C. HRANCH  OFFICES -���������  Granville Street--VANCOUVER  ���������"w:r,jlt:e  ./.��������� W.  CAMPTON, S'veretnrif-rrcdiitm-e ',  MINING MACHINERY  SAWMILL IMGIiiKERY'  MARINE ENGINES      c  .General founders,  engineers, "' boiler-  makers ancl. manufacr  turers of all "classes  of machinery.  ���������7. Mi. W.  M AC FA H LAN 70, Jfauar/er.  OO   LTD.  EEP IN STOCK  ,a  full   supply of ���������  .engineers'     ancl  mill supplies,   pipe   and ���������  a   fittings, "' brass     goods,  ^' steam    fittinirs,     wood1 .  O     ' --i  split pulleys, oak tanned  leather bckino-, etc.  Estimates for boilers  and engines on application. '      "'  Kootenay District���������NELSON  2-51 -Gm  XTS  Corner of Alexander St. and Westminster Ave. Vancouver, B.C.  P.O. Drawer 754. ' : ",,'���������.-   Cable address " Cove."  H. N. OOURSIER  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S  OFFICE  'NOTICE.     '  To Pnovi.Nei.vi. Land Si-kviiyohp.  I  :e:  fa]  1  T  EETELSTOKE, B_C.  \\A^im IIXaaa : The WM. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd.  .    , .MANUI-'ACTI'HKKS OF  THE "RELIANCE'1 MINING, MILLING AHD SMELTING MACHINERY  ; FOR THE DOMINION "OF CANADA ���������   *  (Under Licens-iVro-ri THE E. P. ALLIS CO., Milwaukee, Wis.)  f.,,1!-.  .1 iifs, ' f (,|.( rtil r; 1 tJ'!--.   S(i(-,.i:s,   Si.nniis,   Pumps,   t"eiiii|irc*is(ir.s,  IImi-I--. f;,ii!'-i-,  l-Inuim s.  \\'.i|,.|- \\'hc.-l-, Ivlr.  Sole Ager?t-i for B.C. for JOHN BERTRAM &. SONS Machinists' Tools.  IM'/rKRHOHOroil. OXT.  IP  ��������� Viz?  l.-uimis with r-i't'ci cne-i'In the sin v i-y  m  Provinriiil l.niil* -ind miner.!!'-!.aims :  1. All surveys , .stiiill !>,- pcrsun.illy  in.teli' liy duly (|U.-ililie(l Piovim-i.i! (..inil  .Sm-vi'vurs.  ������ All Sin vcyiH s sliall u*>' the depart- ,  iiienliil liek!   Iiddk   mill   piipm,   ,-iiri  .11 ',  ,t lie hoi torn of   imc'I) pairi'  nf   Iin1   lield-  11 olcs shall he cut creel the tl.ite iind si^r. i  lint in e of Surv'ev or. 1 <'i"is|i"i  .'I. Tin-original firlil-neilcs .h.,i! hi-,K . 1  (���������(iiiip.-iuicil hy-aii ,1 flkiiiv il in lhe -uh- 1  joined foi in. ' * I  I.   All Si.ri-eynrs nni-I piompt ly e.n 1 v Br.mcl) o*1^"  mil llm iu-ii m-tions nl iin-|)i>|i.n 1 tnriil     VANCOUVEF?. B.C.  in 1 i's'iiti in I he 1 h.ir.iclcr .ind .11111 i'im     ���������;   of iiifiiriii.it inn lo he tin-nislied m tin-  liclel-nntc-. ami .it all tin (��������������������������� he re.idv tn  niiiUe such [-(.rn., tiiui- .-in,I siipplv -ii( h  nddii t<nisi! il.ii.i .(- s,.,.iu, i'\-|.i-(lii'ut I'ni  I he i-ninplele cheek iuir nf Iheii vv m k in  lheli"|.l. ' '  .1. Tin* Depfirlm.-nt vvill inv .11 i.ihly ' f\ T &S |- jTi 3  exen i*e the 1 ii<lil nl* icl*iisiii._r m ,ir,-(.|u ' t , ^ !u S- 5-5 \\  .sin v evs not made in ,111 inil.im e vviili tJ c 8 y IL, B'.'j i  1 lie iiliov >-   1 cj.'iil.i! inn.-.,   a ml    a|sn    will ��������� ..... ..,,..  i;SS Full line of prospector's and  nt I lu- pi ecediutr 1 11I1 ���������.  a. n. MAiiTi.v.  Cliie-f Coni'i nf LamN ,i,.(|  Works.  J���������i ml'- anil Wm ks Dcp'l,  Vii inri.i, IJ.C., l."it!i' Api i). 1<-'.)1,  Srii\i;v ol-' I'i.-eivi.\e*i.vi. I,amis.  AJJiiloril.  I nl ii    duly  ;iu! Imri-rd I'i ovinci.il Land Sinveyoi  loi I In- I'i nviin-e 'nl l!iili-h f 'iilnmhi.i  111.1 ke oiit h rind ri\y ,is fn|low s :  (1.)  I Inlve sin veved   . ..E..GITY  The centre of  s and  Newman,  MERCHANT AHO  DEALER.  RAILWAYS WILL CONVERGE.  Por prices and particulars apply to  T. L HAIG,      o  Real Estate Agent,  Revelstoke, B.C.  ! miner's supplies always in stock  at moderate prices. Groceries,  Provisions, etc.  ,       ARROWHEAD, B.C.  ���������������������������^rJW--JT^..|.:  s!M.jr���������w > ���������'   . .  9\m. J.JUI.M���������mjtn^ju*-.  (2.1  I ( omnu-iie ed llics.iid  survey on  the    (I,iv- /1 f IM)    , ami e (ini-  jileted it  on the (lay nf IS!)   .  (.'!,) I pcr-oiuilly run idl l lie lines ol'  the said sill-vcy ini (lie; dales Xcl mil ill  I hi,- annexed field-honk marked A.  y (II) The notes ciinl/iineil in the Held-  hook -iirc.il rnlTcel I'eprei-i'iitiil ion of  llie work done nn I Im ground hy nie-.  Sworn hcl'ore. .: , i -  ���������;;;; :-;���������;:::."; .".������������������.".���������'."//.." /���������" *"' K'us.  ^/i.  u  TD.  the G0WAN-H0LTEN-D0WNS CO.  VICTORIA, VANCOUVER,  KAMLOOPS.  A.M.kinds of. Agricultural Implements, .Plows, -Harrows, Seeders,  f Canadian.'and   American   Wagons.''      Largest stock  in  Pf C:,  al prices.'to suit theflime's.' . ���������  .-������������������'' '   '      ���������'-. ���������! y'   ���������'���������'���������'���������   -.  Agents for Massey-Harris Bicycles, ,  ta^. Wholesale Dealers in.  ALES.W


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