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The Orchard City Record Jul 20, 1911

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And   the   world
with you;  Quit and
you stand alone.
"Circulation Highest-;
Rates Lowest.
TfieOrctard Cirty  ©f-
Job Printing
Special Facilities for
Executing High-
Class Half-Tone and
General  Letterpress i
VOL.111.   NO 34.
$1.50 Per Annum.
[eetings of
City Council
tates as Fixed Show a Slight
Increase Over Last Year
, A meeting of the council was
held Saturday last, the mayor and
Aid. Leckie, Copeland and Cox
being present.
After the usual minutes had been
lead and  adopted  the  following
Recounts   were   referred   to   the
•finance committee for payment :—
Dr. W. J. Knox, examination of
|a     patient"-       -       -       -       -       5.00
gft.C. Anti - Tuberculosis Society,
■^     care of  N. Kremer, May 31st
to June 30th - - - - 30.00
A.S. Chamberlin, supplies for June 26.30
R. Minns, repairs to furniture - 7.30
"Orchard' City Record," printing 64.20
W. R. Glenn, hauling shale rock
: for streets - - - - 6.00
PaySheet on Streets t« July 14   -    159.00
By-law No. 94, for the opening
|»p of St. Paul Street was read a
\second and third time.
By law No. 93, for the fixing of
the rate of taxation at 23$ mills, an
increase of half a mill on last year
was finally passed.
Mayor Sutherland stated that Mr.
E. Weddell, the owner of the land
required for the opening of St.
Paul Street through to Bernard
Avenue, had had-a deed prepared
and wished to be paid as soon as
possible, as he -was leaving the
city. Some doubt was expressed
as to the advisability of paying for
the land before the Court of
Revision had been held. The extension had been advertised and
no objection had been raised to
the work as a local improvement.
It'was decided to consult the city
solicitor in the matter. iV      ''
The meeting was then adjourned
until Wednesday morning at
10 a.m..
H The council met again Wednesday morning. The only business
was the introducing of By-laws 95.
and 96, which were local improvement by-laws for the construction
of the cement and wooden sidewalks. These were given a first
.and second'reading. _
•The   meeting   then   adjourned
until Saturday morning next.
Weed Seeds in
Imported Hay
■, A representative of the Record
had a conversation the other day
with Mr. C. E. Lawrence, of Kamloops, who is collecting data for
the Commission of Conservation
of the Dominion Government
conserve, said Mr. Lawrence,
until it knew what needed conserving, and so the work has been
divided under seven heads, Agri-
>. culture being the one in which he
was concerned.
"I am after information direct
from the agriculturalist himself.
He has the opportunity of telling
me all about his weeds, noxious
insects, want of water, want of
transpottation facilities, his own
and hia neighbours' misdeeds, and
anything else he considers a griev-
' ance and detrimental to his branch
of the industry. I am happy to
say complaints are a minimum, the
importation of weeds being the
greatest.   -
"I have to set before the Commission the opinion of the majority of
agriculturalists that grain should be
cleaned of all weed seeds by the
grower before shipping. The same
complaint is made of imporred hay
which comes to the livery barns
and is distributed thence in the
"This complaint seems to be
< well founded, as many weeds quite
new to the district are now flourishing finely in this genial climate.
"1 had no idea," added Mr.
Lawrence; " there was such a fine
country between the lake and the
mountains, and I enjoyed my drive
on Tuesday immerisely. I used to
think the Okanagan was boomed
too much. I think if I lived here
I might say as much as any of you,
even if having no real estate to
Canadian Northern
7000  Men  Required for Big
Within three months seven thousand men will be at work between
Hope and Kamloops, contractors
now being busy getting outfits on
the ground.    ■»
The big task about to be undertaken will prove the largest since
the construction of the' Canadian
Pacific Railway, and will involve
an expenditure of from $15,000,-
000, to $ 18,000,000. The proximity of the existing railway on the
opposite bank of the Fraser will
be a great factor in enabling the
various sub-contractors to ship in
men, supplies,, horses, and outfits
including derricks,'steam shovels
and tunnel boring plants.
Within less than three months
seven thousand men will be required as it is proposed to finish
the entire contract within two
In all, tunnels aggregating 'over
three miles in length will: have to
be driven. The two longest will
be one of 2000 feet,near Yale arid
another of 2,400 feet through Battle Bluff, Kamloops Lake. There
will be many other tunnels ranging
in length from 200 to 700 feet.
• - The big tunnels will be driven
by machinery, the plants working
from both portals. The smaller
tunnels will be drived by hand. It
is expectdd that two years at least
will be occupied iu completing the
big bore at Batile bluff, in fact, the
date of the completion of the entire division will hinge upon the
driving! of the two long tunnels.
It is noteworthy that all the subcontractors own their own outfits
showing their capacity for handling
big contracts. They will also operate their own commissary stores.
The heavy character ofthe work is
said tb offer exceptional opportunities to station men, individual small
contractors who take sub-contracts
from tlie sub-contractors for small
sections of rock work rarigng from
one to three hundred feet. It is the
intention of the various contractors
to farm out a good deal of work in
that wajv
Great Loss of Life
in Ontario Fires
The terrible bush fires which
have wrought destruction and death
in the Porcupine District of north-
em Ontario have sent a thrill"of
horror throughout the entire Dominion. The exact extent of the
damage can only yet be roughly
estimated, but it is certain that
between 100 and 200 people have
lost their lives. Several .towns and
settlements have been completely
wiped off the map. The district
was a heavily-timbered mining
country, and the flames once
started, and fanned by a strong
wind, spread with astonishing
rapidity, enveloping the miners
before warning could be given;
Stories of the disaster are full of
the most harrowing details of the
struggles of unfortunate people to
escape from the heat and smoke.
Many rushed into the Porcupine
lake and stood up to their necks
in the water; but even there the
heat was so intense that scores
were overcome and drowned.
Others fled into the wilderness to
the northward, there to perish of
Millions of dollars worth of property has gone up in smoke and
thousands of people ate rendered
homeless. Relief funds are being
organized for the benefit of the
sufferers and supplies are being
rushed to the scene.
The Royal Lilliputian Opera Co.
are booked at the Opera House
Monday and Tuesday, July 31st
and August 1st,
New Maps Issued
for Preemptors
In* accordance with the promise
made by Hon. William R. Ross
upon his acceptance of the administration of the Department df
Lands, there are now almost ready
for issue in the department the
first four of a series of pre-emptors'
maps bf available lands, surveyed,
which await colonization and development by new agricultural
settlers. These maps are based
very largely upon the results of the
activities oi the corps of surveyors
who have been employed in opening up the north of British Columbia, where the' field forces have
largely been concentrated of late
years in consequence of the assurance of early facilities of communication for. these areas through
Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian
Northern Pacific construction. The
mapping of these districts had
necessarily to await the con.pletion
of surveys and this explains the
non-appearance earlier of these
eagerly-awaited documents.
Of the maps now in hand, sheet
one deals' with the localities ~ in
Nechaco Township, and contiguous
to the Stuart River; sheet two
covers and delineates the locality
of the; Blackwater. Both of these
are now in the hands of the
printers and shortly to be issued.
Sheet three of rhe Fort George
locality is almost complete, and
sheet four, the Stuart Lake section,
is well under way.
The necessity for re-rrganization
of the system of land surveys and
classifications has long been recognized by the government. The
obviously desirable changes require,
time, but a beginning has been
made by the revision of the' instructions'this season issued to the
surveyors taking the field and. by
the appointment of an inspector of
surveys, in the;'person of Mr. W. S.
Drewry, at "present engaged on
a first official tour through. the
Mosquitoes   Bad   Near   the
Accordingto a New Westminster
report the FraserRiverValley is having a busy time with the mosquitoes
just now. '■ A plague of these
pests is interfering with haymaking.
Berry-picking is much impeded
through the same cause. Smudges
ate smoking in Mission every
dozen yards in the main street,
while in the depot waiting-room
two pails are burning green stuff
continuously. Two cows were
found dead in a field, blistered and
disfigured to such an extent that it
lo *«««■»* a * m_rl frhjhir «A_r*i*A ahina mon
se  ows sssswv^s — »«a**jr --—*»*_>»■%#—  *»»«■*•« q   ■••*■*«■•
and fatally injured themselves. An
old settler in Hatzic declares the
pest the worst he has seen for
twenty years.
Kelowna to Have Squadron
of B.C Horse.
A meeting was held last Thursday evening in the offices of the
Okanagan Loan and Investment
Co. for the purpose of considering the organizing of a squadron
of the B.C. Horse at Kelowna. It
was decided to form a squadron
tor the district with a total strength
of about 74 men. Capt. G. H.
Brush, of Kelowna, consented to
take command. A further meeting
is to be held to-night to arrange
Seen the coronation ? No ? Then
you didn't go to the Opera House
last night when some good films
showing the procession and the
ceremony were thrown on the
screen. The show is to be back
again Saturday night. Better take
your only chance of seeing the
crowning of King George.
Rev. O. E.Mathieu, father superior of Quebec University, Quebec,
has been has been appointed by
His Holiness the Pope to be bishop of the Regina diocese, which
also embraces Southern Saskatchewan.
.C. Baptists and
Educational Work
Many matters of importance not
only to the denomination, but to
the social, political and economic
life of the province were discussed
at the Baptist Convention which
Race Meeting
The race meeting which took
place last Thursday under the auspices of the new Racing and Athletic Club, although'drawing a large
crowd of spectators, was a  little
has just closed its sessions at Van- disappointing in  some    respects.
The meeting  was arranged  very
A large number of delegates
were present, including the Rev.
D. J. Welsh, who represented the
Kelowna church.
The educational work begun by
the Baptists of British Columbia
will not only be maintained, it was
decided, but will be greatly
Okanagan College is to be maintained and enlarged according to
the actionof the session, and is to
get $30,000 within the next three
years, receiving $10,000 on the
first of each year. To forward
this work a committee of seven
were appointed to arrive at definite
ways and means of procuring the
funds. The committee named is as
follows: G. J. Denriess, E. B. Morgan, Dr. L. M. McKecknie, C. M.
Woodworth, Rev. D. J. Welsh, Dr.
Sawyer and D. G. Williams.
It was also agreed Saturday afternoon that the educational question
pf the Baptist church 6f British
Columbia will not be adequately
settled until there is an institutiou
established, especially for theological work. This institution, it was
suggested, should be a theological
seminary set up in the provincal
university soon to be established.
The convention expressed the
hope of having the Okanagan
College at Summerland recognized
by the provincial university and
have it made a fully accredited in-j,
stitution. This was thought advisable because it is very centrally
located for the west.and will be
made one of the strongest of die
colleges in this territory.
Rev. D. J. Welsh, B.A., read the
report of the committee of the
Baptist Young People's Union
session, in which he pointed put
the wonderful progress made in the
work, with the reasons why it
should be maintained and carried
on with added enthusiasm and
Errors   and  Omissions
Taking Census.
The census bureau has issued a
statement which tends to show
that the department is anxious to
correct errors and omissions made
by the enumerators. After explaining how mistakes are almost unavoidable in a work of such magnitude, the bureau invites the cooperation of the public in the
matter, it asks that persons who
believe or suspect that they are
not included in the census to
notify the chief officer of the
census at Ottawa, giving their
names and post-office addresses.
Such letters to the department
will be post free, and if it is found
that the persons who write are not
included steps will be immediately
taken through the local officer to
rectify the omission.
Contractors Lose Money
Coronation Stands.
En°rmou* sutnto of money were
lost on spectarow stands built for
the recent coronation processions.
Vlthough exact figures are difficult
to obtain, it is known that the
losses practically spelled complete
ruin for many builders of the more
expensive stands. On coronation
Day itself the stand owners did
not do badly, as the main procession wasja better drawing card than
the secondary one, and the route
was barely a mile and a half long
On'the day of the " Royal Progress," however, the route was
nearly seven miles in length and
seats lined practically its whole
distance, Those for which five to
six guineas ($25.20 to $30.24)
apiece was originally asked, were
sold generally at the last rnoment
for three shillings (72 cents). It is
estimated {hat the owners could
not take less that $2.20 per seat
without losing money.
hurriedly, and very little notice
given. In consequence, the entries
were small and only a few races
were run at all.
The match race, the leading
event of the day, was delayed for
nearly two hours until some difficulty was adjusted as to the proper
weight of Casorso's rider. Dr.
Knox , and Messrs. Barlee and
Lambley were selected as judges,
and Mr. Cross, who is an experienced race man consented to act as
official starter.
Royal King, owned by Casorso
Bros, proved too much for his
jockey, .Walter Haynes, arid ran
away a half .mile. Doi} E.. Fuller's
horse, ridden by young Thompson
was exceptionally aood at the start
After some more delay the horses
were off, Don E. gaining the lead
at the first eighth of a mile, and
won easily.
The' pony race was a contest all
the way, Haynes winning first
The harness race between Mr.
J. Cameron's favorite and Gillis
Hunjford's Bob Casey was easy for
The quarter-mile race between
Pinkie, A. Albers* sorrel horse, and
another good runner, was a close
contest, Pinkie winning by half a
length under the expert piloting of
Alwyn Weddell.
y The second heat, of thej^rtatch
racks; was disappointing; The starter
was instructed by Felix Casorso to
let them off first chance even if
Royal King was behind, fearing
another runaway. Don E. leading
at the start quickly increased his
lead and again won. easily. The
poor start caused considerable
uproar amongst the spectators.
Mr. Lambley who rode Royal
King at Pentictpn wanted to call it
no race. Mr. Barlee agreed with
him, but Dr. Knox felt that he was
duty bound to give the race to the
horse that came in first, after receiving an official start and concluding the heat with no faults.
The total receipts from the meet-
were about fifty dollars, half of
which will go to the up-keep of
the track and the rest to expenses
arid prize money.
Owing to some apparent dis-
contint with the judges* dicision
in the second heat of the match race
Dr. Richards wrote, after the races
to Mr. Wellman, the principal
judge at the Minora Park racecourse, Vancouver, and explained
the circumstances. The answer
was wired back last night and read
"Don E. the winner; no doubt
about decision."
Election Rumors.
The Dominion Parliament resumed work on Tuesday after the
adjournment taken to enable Sir
Wilfrid Laurier tp attend the
Imperial Conference and Coronation ceremonies. The belief ia
expressed in both parties that a
general election is probable within
six weeks at die latest after the
session opens. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
states that he would welcome an
appeal to the people on the reciprocity pact and is sure that it
will pass.
The impression is that the general elections will be held during
the last week in September. Parliament will sit for three or four
weeks, dissolving about the middle
of August. The date of voting
will then be fixed for the interval
between the end of harvest and
the arrival of the Duke of Connau-
ght as governor general. His Royal
Highness will reach Montreal on
October 12th and the government
wants to have the business well
over, and things running smoothly
by that time. The signing of the
dissolution order is likely
Earl Grey's last important
act in Canada.
to  be
Rutland News.
From our own corretpondent.   .
Mr. H. E. J. Amyot has engaged
N. Rogers to assist him in his
orchard work.
The concert organised by the
Baptist congregation last Thursday
for the purpose of raising funds for*
the purchase of an organ proved a
big success. The schoolroom was
crowded to its fulll;apacity. Several
rigs full of Kelowna people drove
out in the afternoon and evening,
the fine weather making their trip
a most enjoyable one.
Ice-cream and strawberries were
served in the afternoon under the
shade of the pine trees, a large
number of people being, present
to share in the fun. .
The evening concert should have
been presided over by Mr. A. W.
Dalgleish, but in his unavoidable
absence Mr. J. B. Knowles took
the chair. The following programme was rendered:—
Part 1
1. Pianpand Violin. Grand march:
Misses Laidlaw and Jones. '
2. Song......'.a.'."..;;v7^Mr. jDavies.
3. Quartette:   " O Hush Thee, my
Babe." Misses A.& M. Duggan,
Messrs Good and Wade.'
4. Duet ......."Gipsy":
Mrs. P. Brooks and Mr. Davies.
5. Song....." Come Birdie, Come":
Miss Dorothy Evans.
6. Duet "The Battle Eve":
Messrs. S. Weeks & F. Pedlar.
7. Violin Solo Miss Laidlaw.
8. Duet "Maying":
Miss M. Duggan & Mr.S. Good.
9. Song Mrs. P. Brooks.
Part 2 /    t^i\
1 ^Pianoforte Solo. Miss Jones A&-,
2., Quartette. "A Regular RoyaT^*
Queen'*: Misses A. &M. Duggan, Messrs. Good and Wade.
3. Song Mrs. P. Brooks.'
4. Duet " Two Vagabonds ":
Messrs. S. Weeks & F. Pedlar.
6. Violin Solo.... Miss Laidlaw.
.7. Djjifet..." Life's Dream U O'er ":
/Miss A. Duggan & Mr. S. Good.
" God Save the King."
Financially also the affair was.
successful, a sum of. between sixty
and seventy dollara being raised.
The Rudand Baptists are making .
great strides in the organizing of
their branch churchr and some
day we shall be hearing of a new
building going up to'accommodate
them.- '■-*•'
A lecture and demonstration was
held last Thursday afternoon in
connection with the Farmers' In- .
stitute, The demonstration by
Prof. Allen on "Practical Irrigation '* was given in the afternoon
in Mr. H. E. J. Amyot's fine orchard
which he recently pinchased'-from^^^
Mr. S. Sproul. A large party
turned out and some instructive
and entertaining facts were gleaned
from the Professor's remarks. In
the evening a lecture on the same
subject was given, illustrated by a
large number of lantern slides.
Mr. Ben Hoy, the assistant horti-
culturrist to the Department of
Agriculture also spoke on several
matters of importance to the fruitgrower at the present season.
Mr. H. E. J. Amyot has rented
his house to Mr. S. Sproul for the   >
Oats seven feet high I Fact!
We had a sample right here in the
office yesterday cut this week on
Mr. A. W. Dalgleish'* place at
Rudand. And they were only -a
general typical specimen of the
crop. Things certainly grow out
On   Sunday   evening n xt, the
23rd inst., Mr. G. Whitaker will
give an organ recital in the Mount
View Methodist Church, from 7.30.- -•
to 8 p.m.   Mr. J. Hall will also *
render vocal solos.   The following
programme has been arranged .—*'■
March,,........."Coronation""..... Brown
Seng Without Word* Mendeleaohn
Song "The Homeland"
Sir. A, Sullivan
Organ Solo..De_ Wawermana und die Nine
•v Howath
March ."Silver JBand" Clark,
Song......" One Svfeethr Solemn Thought"
Organ Sob....."BeMct_cbu " Mofcart
* ''A
' i    <
v> S|4_
. ■
,. A^
11 -7&
<     fit
~m        f 'I" '.
. .i-ibf - 4-^ '.A._i_ft&M_iHte;
A      „
is-" ri^iinS^vi^KiiSfC^uai^ i
The Orchard City Record.
Thuradaq, July ?0
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
EB'     "' f      I ■■ I       Ml. ■ ■■■!■■ —    —_—■!■»! ■■        ■!■■■■ II ■ ■
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
Kills instantly, Green and  Black ^4 phis,
Thrip, Caterpillars, Bark  Lice  and .Scales.
Put  up in   lib.  tins,  all  ready for  use.. No   trouble
to prepare.
Sold  by
A Piano as an Investment.
The value of an investment is not what it costs, but what you get
out of it. A lot of money, you say, to put into a luxury I But have
you figured out what a Piano would mean in your own home ?
The Piano is no Longer a Luxury.
The possession of a Piano has ceased to be a luxury for the rich-
It is a necessity for any home with a growing family and any
aspirations towards refinement and culture ; keeps the young
at home and encourages the bebt kind of social intercourse.
Brighten Your Home with a Good Piano
and you will never regret it, and when you have decided to
take the step come in and talk to us about it.
We Handle Only the Higher Grade Instruments.
The names of
Are •ynonymoui with all that is be* in Piano manufacture.   We can, however,
get you any make and can
Sell Cheaper than the Travelling Agent.
Town and Country
Miss Mawhinney is visiting
friends at Summerland thia week.
Mrs.. Henry Burtch went to
Summerland last week on a visit to
her sister.
The weigh scales have been
moved this week from their old
position on main street. Cal.
Blackwood, who is the purchaser,
is having them placed outside his
A large party of visitors were in
town Tuesday from Enderby, the
occasion being their annual Sunday
school excursion. The weather
was gloriously fine and both parents and youngsters most thoroughly enjoyed their day's Outing.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McLean
returned Tuesday from the coast
where they have been spending a
short holiday.
To Miss Jessie Cottingham falls
the honour of being the first lady
resident of Kelowna to swim across
the Okanagan lake. The feat was
accomplished Tuesday afternoon
and took one hour.
Some trouble has been caused
residents on Bernard Avenue by
the discovery, when the line was
being laid for the new cement sidewalk, that their fences had been
placed from six to nine inches on
the street. Some soreness was felt
about having to move them, — but
what's the use ?    It's the law.
The Rev. A. W. K. Herdman
returned Monday from Vernon.
The winning of the half - mile
race at Penticton on July 1st should
should have been credited to G. E.
Fuller's horse, "Don E.," he having
won the second and third heats.
Eating ice cream, imbibing soft
drinks and going for a dip in the
lake have been the principal occupations for the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse of
Vernon are visiting in town this
The Kelowna Racing and Athletic Association public meeting
will be held on Friday evening,
July 21 st in Raymer's Hall at 8 p.
m. All interested, in the sports and
races of the town are cordially invited to attend.
The Rev. D. J. Welsh returned
Tuesday from the coast where he
has been attending the Baptist convention.
Mr. F. Armstrong returned last
Thursday from his trip east.
Mrs. P. Brooke is visiting Mrs.
Shaw on the K. L. O. Bench.
The Armstrong Sunday School
union will hold their annual picnic
at Kelowna next Wednesday.
Next Sunday morning at the
Baptist church, Rev. D. J. Welsh
will speak on the subject, " The
Church and the Child." Any interested especially in religious education are invited to be present.
The evening subject will be, "From
doubt to belief."
Mr. C. E. Lawrence, field commissioner for the Dominion Government Commission of Conservation was in town this week. The
commission is gradually accumulating a mass of valuable information in respect to the natural resources of the Dominion, its forests
mines and agricultural possibilities
which will prove of enormous
value to future legislators anxious
to make the most of their country.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C. Harvey, B. A. Moorhouse,
B.A.. Sc, C.E., D.L.S.. B.C.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147.
P.O. Box 231
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
f. 0. Box me
'Phone 66
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Mrs. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nurse,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C.
Phone 134
Horses bought and sold on commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings.Ton and   Country Residences
PHONE No. 93
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
Crawford and Co. are offering
some special inducements just now
in the way of ," bargain counters."
Goods have been reduced and
placed in tempting array, from 5
cents up.
No more will the man of tender
feet defile the air with profanity as
he painfully picks his way amongst the stones from one side of main
street to tha other. Surprising
what a little sand will do.
Aitoc. Mem. Can. Soe. C. E       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Syateme, Pumping and
Lishtint Planta, Concrete Con.
•truction, etc.
Architectural Work, Designing, Estimating and
P. 0. Box 817 Kelotona.
Never leave home on a journey without
a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. It is almost certain to
be needed and cannot be obtained when on
board the cars or steamships. For sale by
all dealers.
Be in style and purchase
one  oi our new German
Silver or Sterling   MESH
BAGS while they last.
Jeweler and Optician,
KELOWNA   .   B.C.
Wishes to announce that his Car is at the
disposal of the public   reasonable rates per
*     hour or per frip.
Auditor and Accountant
Books written up and examined.
Balance Sheets, Trading, and Profit
and Loss Statements prepared.
Systems installed.
Kelowna, B.C.
note receioe8 Pianoforte Pupils
the Studio, Trench Block
(front room).
Address      -      •      P.O. Box 374
Crowned with Success
It has always been bur aim to offer our customers ''goods of undeniably
satisfactory quality, at prices a little lower than the same cofcld be bought
for elsewhere.
Further, to give a prompt and courteous service tp everyone and to pay
just as much attention to the small orders as the large ones; in fact, shutting
our eyes to every consideration except the satisfaction of our customers.
That our policy has been appreciated and our efforts crowned with
success is proved by our steadily growing business.
The more business we do the better selection of goods and better value
we are able to offer our customers, and from now onward we shall be able to
surpass  our previous  records.   We intend to extend our business and carry
a full and complete line of
which stock will be complete by August 15, -
During the balance of  this month we are making  special   discount, and
offering exceptional bargains in our China and Glassware department, m we
require the shelf room for our stock of new goods that are on the way.   Thia
tale will include our entire stock of
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Breakfast Sets, Water Sets,
in fact everything, in the China and Glassware line.
Do not miss this chance to replace your China and Glassware.
See our Bernard Avenue window and see our stock inside, and be
convinced that when we put a clearance sale ori we mean to clear our stock
out, not at cost or below cost, but at a small margin over cost, although we
have a few lines that we are willing to get cost out of; and you will agree
with us that our stock is fresh and new and of the iateat designs.
Remember we appreciate your trade and will leave no stone unturned to
prove to you that we are worthy of your confidence.
Successors to E. C. Scott and Co.
Keller Block, Bernard Avenue
Kelowna Livery
A good supply of work
horses, driving and saddle
horses always on hand for
We guarantee every horse
. sold as represented.
We are prepared to pay
cash prices for good sound
young stock.
Our Livery is complete.
Good horses and equipment.
Phone 25. . Leon Avenue, Kelowna.
Large Quantity of
In ten cord lots or over.
W. HAUG - Kelowna, B.C.
 :    'Phone 66   —*-—————
We have clients who will be interested in your
property. If you want to sell, write full description
and particulars, giving lowest cash prices, also terms
We will list your property with
our Montreal and Ottawa offices
if attractive.    -   -   -   -   -    -   -
Address: v
C. A. &H. H. MacLeay,
Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.,
Kelowna, B.C. %
fhurrf&q.ijttiij 20
The Orekard £foq. geserd
Anything you can do to
keep flies,, mosquitos," and
ither insects away from your
sattle    or    horses,   means
loney in your pocket.
Cattle do not do as well
}/hile they ate using their
Vitality to fight flies.  Horses
so lose flesh for the same
irtfason.   Use
[A Kafmtesr pr^pamtion to
takin and hair, and the flies,
[•Mosquitos, etc., will cease to
Italke their living:fromryouf
[stock. Try it. The cost is
jsmall compared with what it
C Viuacoiiver Prices for
Tfaps That Await English Speak'
ing Tourists in Portugal.
K&o^na.    EC.
1DNE 19
). A. Bigger
WmfflER and eONTRAt?rOR
LP&m tad Estinutes FirwUied
-  y}\iA .   - ._ ._
siHence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
p,JUdWa&fl     :
^GerrtaVTeilbra. .
Repairing and Pressing
promSly~altefide<lT6^ ~
f Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
'"* Carnation*
* - '"* ■■
fcrt. Than, Ono Has Twenty Fingers
to Make Up the Lost, Fingers of the
Hand and Fingers of the Foot—Oddities of the Verb "to Walk."
The Englishman or American lo
Portugal who thinks In his own l*_n<
goafs and tries to speak In tbe language of the country he Is visiting is
"a igreat' smile producer.
For Instance, you never marry any*
body In Portugal unless—strange parados—yon happen to be a priest You
scarry "with" your beloved Maria, and
bie priest •mnrrlp you both. In the
same way you never dream about anybody,-but always "with" them.
Whenthe landlady at your boarding
bouse Is ladling out your soup you
Call Mt? "Arrive." You ere telling
her to arrive at tbe stopping point—ln
other words, that you don't want more
than she has put out. When, you see
a child that you want to fondle at the
ether side of the room you say to her,
-••Arrive.here." And the.child promptly "arrives."
In England when w^ speak of walking we refer to a certain use of the
legs. But the Portuguese verb "to
Walk" has many more significations.
In Portugal not only do the people
walk, but also the carts and cars walk,
the trains walk! a balloon walks, and
a boaf walks. Stranger still, the
hands of a clock walk round the" facet
A'clock, by'the way7 never goes; it
Unless you are v^ry Intimate or very
rude you never say to your fair partner at dinner, "Will you have some
bread?" etc You inquire, "Will your
excellency.uave soma bread?" or, "Will
' the lady have some bread?" the "lady"
., m'eaMng'rtbt'some other lady, but your
fair partner herself. '
In spite af winter you are never cold
In Portugal unless you are a corpse.
You are "with" cold In the same
way you are occasionally "with" heat,
"with" headache, "with" hunger or
••with" thirst When you have occa-
alon to discuss tbe weather you say,
"It 'makes' cold." "It 'makes' fog."
etc. On your way borne fron*. an entertainment* you tell 'your companion
that It 'lakes'" 'dark. v
If speaking of her husband a wife
says he is a "tame" man She merely
means that he Is n man of peace and
Justice- _, .
The word "house" means more than
with us. Your buttons share your own
-privilege of living In a bousa The
, buttonholes are, .called^ ^ouggs^(o£
tbe buttons." Tbe squares on"a chess?
board are ateo "houses." You .don't
my,'. "I'm going to shave." You say.
*l'm going to ldo" the beard." ' Neltflfei;
b$r'8,-'Tm jpng to get my bafeflt,"
bdt-yofi 'Say"; "I'm' going to cut my
httlr." -    \
When, you are In Portugal you have
twenty tinges, but a^-toe."?,, , If you,
want t to . mht«v \a   distinfctiort  you^
■of" "ftagfcrs  'of    the * _fihaV-'©r
"fingers   or   the   foot"     Instead   of
telling the servant to set tbe table
you tell her to "put" it    Stfhen you
go to .the 'the-her you J'ssslst".. You
don't "mean by rtKtf tttarSyoV "come
on" nor e?en that yon do'4 little scene-
Wt&agf'Jfeu ri&_b"t|at ygtUre tKS£
JReeldents in .flats who meditate tak-
. fog a. holiday, In, Portugal will J» M-
4fe*&vt£ bear' tbWno'ohe fttafttSif
Tpiano there.   They merely "touch" it
Neither  do  they   ring bells.    Tbey
•touch" them also.   But tbey "play"
stones,   meaning   tbat   they   throw
them. an<| afchlp at sea "plays" when
_ll Ditches ^j(wb?a:_ilW   _,^   »_i__
Be careful bow you tell your landlady that you Intend to dlna Jtffltr grx
tU may think, wltb a ihrujftoJ-Ufir
shoulders,   that   yon   Intend   dining
- "outside"-!, e., In the garden.   In an-
•pwter. to tbe kind Inquiries of yonr
fijen&s don't Bay tbat you are well;
say fyat you are "good."   Be careful
iu yonr use pf. words., Some^worfa,.
similar In form fere widely jJUtsr^nt^i
meanjfng, as feu Amertcah talsstonafir
snee '.discovered   to   his  cost   when
gabbing In Bmxll. ones a Portuguese
«.lot&   6tejsubject tafflfM^
guLSon." 'tftid'h^^kveVtafoVnTsd Ws
;_Wi.rers tbpt when the young man ff
made a mistake in ope solitary to;
A ^leepfl^fWge jnettiBja;/"
The following were the prices
realized in market for week ending
July 8th, 191!:-
Strawberries..$2:50 to $3 per crate.
Raspberries.. $2 to $2.50 per crate.
Cherries (preserving)... 12c. per lb.
Cherries (table).. 10c. to 20c. per lb.
Cabbage * 4c. per lb.
New Potatoes 4c. per lb.
Totriatoe8 $4 per crate.
Eggs (strictly fresh)
30c. to 33c. per dozen.
Spring Chickens (live weight)
26c. per lb.
Spring Ducklings 24c. rjer lb.
Old Fowl 18c. to 20c. 0er lb.
Veal Dressed 13&c. per lb.
Pork       I2ic.perlb.
Mbtton   i 12$c. per lb.
Spring Lamb 17c. per lb.
Young Pigs $5 to $6.50 each.
St. Michael and All Angel*' Church.
Holy Communion, first and third Sunday* in dx
month at 8 a.m.; mcW and fourth Sunday*, after
Momins Pmyar.
Litanjr on tha first and third Sunday*.
"Morning Pmy«r«J 11 o'clock; Evanins Piajrar al
7:30. -
REV. THOS. CREfetiE. B. A., factor.
Mr. Jas. Bowes. has purchased
twenty head of puVe Clydesdale
mares from Humphrey Baynes, of
Knox Protbyterian Church, Kelowna.
Morning ScnricM at 11 a.m/,*r«MM»«wIceai»7:J0
^m.  Sunday Seho«l «t 2d0 djn,
ayar Maatiae an Wadnaoday* at • p.m
BenvouKa PiMbyterian Church. ~
Aftarnaaa aanrica at 3 p.m. Sunday School al 2 p.m
REV. A. W. K. HERDMAN, P«tor.
The July "Rod and Gun/'
"Following the Fur Trail*" a rtory of the
for north, of interest to every GjnadiAn,
open* the July nuhiher of ROD AND GUM
IN CANADA, published by W. J. Taylor
Woodstock, Ont. Iii this story Mr. R. j.
Fraser, who is etjgagec} on th? 'Hydrogra-
phic survey, relates interesting incidents of
tKe'eight months' stay of the party engaged
in Survey work 'in the* neigKborhood of
Hudson's Bay and tells of an attack .upon
the camp of Polar bears. He gives par-
titulars of the fine trapping in jwhich the
party ehga&»a '£.i the excellent'results of
this portion of their work. The strenuous
outward journey from Fort Nelson to win*
nipeg supplies excellent reading. ^ Th*1*
is much variety in,the other stones, both
fishermen and hunters receiving due attention. Stories and experiences from the
far East *s well a* from the far, West are
included," JRey bunt 'oh horseback in
BritUh'ColutoW-ihowHig the difference
in the conditions between those prevwhng
in this province and those existing in Eastern and Central Canada. _ Thefe is much
more of interest to Weiy 'sportsmen in
this number. It should be found in every
summer camp, no pfeltfinteV companion
for whiling away a pleasant hour is need*
ed. ,        "
Kelowna Methodist Church.
Sabbath Sarvjc* at 11 a.m. and 7>30 p.a.
Sunday School at 2:36 p.m.
Midwaek assvic* Wadneadny at 6 p.m.
REV. J. W. DAVIDSON. B.A., B.D., Pi*».
Kelowna Baptist Church, EUtce St.
Sabbath Safricaa at 11 a.m. and 7t30 pMX.
Sabbath School at 10 a.m.  AIIWcosm.
Wed . 730. Rev.D. J. Welsh. Pastor.
•  Lodge meetings held in the old School*
house 1st and 3rd MonOay'in aach month
P. BROOKE. Clerk.
It is _wo£e' than,: useless ,te take any
medicine* "internally for muscular or
chronic rheumatism. .All that u needed.t*
a free application of Chafiberlain'* Liniment
For sale by all dealers.
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy pro*
duce. egg* etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna HospitaL If,mote convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs
Crowley Co; Ltd.
. The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they wish to
bring before the notice of the public..
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital Insurance.
Ticket which entitle* the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one y«ar from
dafo'oHaaue fbr any *ickness.or-accid*ot»
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Application* for ticket*, or for further information should be made to tba, aacra-
Ury. Room I, Keller Block, or P.O. Box
27$, Kelowka; B.C
A "Want* ad. m the Record
■ is a turn dividend-paying
StftnJ«tf«l Brid hciDg Stallion No; 36^33.
RECORD   -   2.071-4   ,
The Pedigree of Capt  Brino has ieen^dm^'Tiy Ihe
'Department of Agricb\twe$Mh&mfifcii
< -   fhVstUlion to be of pure breeding.
m Stead Daring Ae Seafto tt Bdarekes* ftvefyl
T&RMS i   $30, ta ihsme, $15 payable a? USe bff aimw, ^ithN
re^rn ifcttl&e if mare proves not in foal; $25 for the
season, payable July 1st; iingle service, $15.
future t&'wu& at $2 per>ontb.   All mares at owners risk.
ELI JOHNSON, Owner, Kelowna, B. C.
Capital Paid Up- - $6,200,000
Reserve Fund - - $7,000,000
Total Assets     -   - $95,0G0;000
Savings Bank Department.
Intere*ralt4#ed on Deposits.
bank by Mail
H. F. REES, Manager.
<D. W. Crowley Co.
-Wboletele 4r Rttail Botchers
(Soods delivered to any part of
We gWe our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
»*Mfa_rt*—>_i| mil nA^il
4 "sleepy ppnge J»W
that Tb immovable mot a drtfw     __
Stagnant water also "Bleeps."-  So do
,tmck8 or trains th^tfH^^heW
* during the night.   When tbey laugh to
Portugal  they  "untie  themselves to
. JangtV' and when.thW crv tftj\*W--j[
.^akestbemselvef fe^p£:f   *Vpe*fl?t«?
ently unfortunate man says, MI am so
.unlucky that,l| I fglj PJMBJLM^J^
should break ray no8e!"-Lol*ao*- Answers. ,- plj'   ;
Hopeful Nam**.
Two bright looklug colored boyi
about seven .veura of. age laughingly
accosted a lawyer on the street Xhs
man stopped and asked the boys tbelr
"Johnslng." was the reply.'" *Ws's«
twlUB." ^ ^ ■>
"Well, what nre youf fiftit nsjotsr
lAslstod the uniuHed questtonsft..-
"Mah nnmo." nnswered one, "la Boda,
and his name." pointing to the ©the*
"Is Salerahisi    Maw done lose all 4«
othern. and she ulre ub names she Had
' successful In ralslnV'-Newartc Star.
^mmtim W Itt »*S MrWWtMBBSe-
. lew PiW*." ',..^v.^ _____LKjsafcfc.il -
t*»»p*»Hw>' -ifmil *i<mV aimmlwtwiwuiiiawr anaji—i fH
•-'**    K
Come to us
e Save You Dollars
No. i baleI) w/mm
Five tons at $26.50 per tori
One ton at $27 per ton v
Half ton at $27.50 per ton
Less tKan ton lots ai $28
Tobacco Building, n^ar Rfececourse
<» <rt    f, j." \*  iik    V    .
P. BURNS & Co., Iii
• Wholesale and Retail
/-u ) )    It   > ■<■  t\f
Fresh Meat Daily
Full supply of Halms and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phorie 135
*. -.•&{
yys I
/ • <-;y
*i^. jE.-*^u_*
If it is An order fbr Prinfing you can h»ke no mistake
in sending it to the
J.J*. ..Wf.7^
backed W a reput&rfoVwiich u ihe" envy of the tirade.
'.7-v t?
* tL
"" *•!
*! (,i?«_Lvf«
,..i      ii.-**'
Woven Fence
Price* $v*n tot fence* erected complete
A. £. CLARKE, Rutland.
Agent aho for the faoioua
a durable and efficient covering.
affj-yfniiT'iu'iri nunliili HiMiHW II  Mil* liMHiaii 111
AU kinds of Repairs
w* *wm*i+m***-imL.*t*-.i*Jr*.ii*«#i
im^i iinw^immi 'y*ie_hftjj^ij^P<Hn|yiyrtp^
r.i»i. t 1 ft 1 111 f frp   .m
>    1. >.'"i.li>i."ii7l''«8SlVi   ,->'y"*.-      im
)**"_ n»lt.'il."l'Jwj!Tl'wi"il*-',^""r,>'>li* "''' '^^feW^CT-P'1*"" '!.'TI'.*'!."aite!3. iiii... :n.L3-;i_KiiiVs wiiti-jn;
a Bam, ids vuMfteascstsei
fk» Orchard City Record.
Tiutgrsdsij. julij 80
Published every Thursday at the Office,
Kelowna. B.C.
Subscription $1.50 per annum.
To United States $2.00 per annum.
Advertising tales upon application.
Items from Ellison
(From our own correspondent.)
Mrs. Bulman and daughters are
going to Winnipeg for the summer.
People are looking round our
benches for improved farms, and
big prices are being refused.
The experts say that if they had
land like ours in the fruit-growing
districts of America it would be
$2,000 per acre instead of $1,000,
yet the best land here can be
bought for half that price.
Our Mr. Whitaker is taking
charge of the organ at the Methodist Church at Rutland during the
absence of Mr. Clarke who has
gone to the coast to recuperate.
Now a certain man had a drove
of pigs, and one of them said unto
his mother, " Behold, this valley
wherein we live is dry, and the
herbage is scant, therefore will 1
hike out and rustle for myself, lest
the herdman, even he that is called
Jack, sticketh me with a knife and
so cause thee, my dear mother,
much sorrow ; " and he departed
during the silence of the night
watches into a far country.
And a certain man named
" Mikus " had a ranch on the road
that leads from Kel-ow-na to Vernon, in the north country; and the
land of that ranch exceeded in
fatness, so that the porcine prodigal said unto himself," Ha ! Ha !!
here will I dwell and grow fat, and
pass away my life in ease and good
Now " Mikus " spread the news
around that a strange porker had
joined his drove in the meadow of
clover; and the word coming
unto Jack in the valley called
" Dry," he went over and said : " 1
think the pig is mine; yes. I'm
sure  the  pig is  mine;   therefore
will 1 cut it and put my mark on
his ear. And he did so, but he
left the quadruped to feed on the
fat lands of his neighbour" Mikus,"
which was a rich thing to do.
Now when the harvest days
came, "Mikus," who doeth all
things generously, said unto his
household and menservants : "Verily, after the hay is safely gathered
in I will make unto you a feast,
and there shall be much meat,
Irish lemons, pies, cakes ar.d fruits
of the earlh that may be in season,
and lots of good stuff to wash it
Then spake up one of his hired
servants, even he that bloweth into
a bag and hollow sticks, thereby
making the sweet sounds so dearly
loved by the hardy men men who
weareth the kilt instead of pants,
" Let us kill the fatted pig, even
the stranger pig, for he is fat and
juicy and we, the servants of the
household, like lucious pork better
than tough beef. And " Mikus"
said " Yea, it shall even so be."
And the final scenes in the life of
the prodigal are now close at hand.
The Coming Regatta
A meeting of the management
of the Aauatic Association was
held Tuesday evening last to make
final arrangements for the forthcoming Regatta which is to be
held on Wednesday and Thursday
August 9th and 10th. The programme as arranged shows many
improvements and additions over
last year. Excursions will be run
from outside points both days of
the Regatta. On Wednesday a
train will leave Enderby at 7 a. m.
bringing visitors from that place
and Armstrong and Vernon, etc,,
who will return from Kelowna
about 8 o'clock in the evening. On
Thursday there will be a similar
excursion from Penticton and
points down the lake. A great
convenience will be found in the
fact that the fare and a third will
be good for five days.
Happiest Girl in Lincoln
A Lincoln, Neb., girl writes, "1 had been
ailing for some time with cronic constipation and stomach trouble. I began taking
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
and in three days I wets able to be up and
got better right along. I am the proudest
girl in Lincoln to iind such a good medicine."   For sale by all dealers.
An Equal Chance
One of the features of the. Canadian Government Annuities system which highly commends itself
to every person, is that a man who
is middle aged enjovs equal advantages with the man who starts at a
younger age, for he may; by the
payment of a lump sum equivalent
to the total amounts which hewould
have paid had he entered at the
earlier age, go on from his present
age at the same rate as if he had
begun at an earlier age. For example, a man of 40 who has decided to purchase an annuity of
$500 pays $1,593.25, which is the
equivalent of what he would have
paid during the years from 20 to
40. He will now continue to pay
$50.05 each year until he is 60,
instead of $167.10, which is the
rate which a man entering at 40
would have to pay for an annuity
of $500 to begin at 60.
A school teacher who has just
called in a twenty year endowment
policy has made the application of
this amount on a $500 annuity
contract,' a most provident dispos-1
ition of a portion of his money. If
he dies before he is sixty, the total
amount which he pays up to the
time of hi3 death with 3 per cent,
compound interest will be returned
to his legal representatives.
A supply of interesting literature
concerning the Annuities Scheme
mav be had on application to the
Superintendant of Government
Annuities, Ottawa to whom letters
go free of postage.
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
P.-O. Box 70.
Phone No. 108.    Resid. 'Phone, 105.
Builders and
Plans & Estimates Furnished
Residence, Park Ave.
P.O. Box 75.
Whooping cough is not dangerous when
the cough is kept loose and expectoration
easy by giving Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. It has been used in many
epidemics of this disease with perfect
success. . For sale by all dealers.
Good meals to be had.
Closes Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9 p.m.
Misses Laidlaw.
Corner Water St. and
Kelowna Aquatic Association, Ltd.
Prices of Season Tickets:
Single Lady... ....A........ ..$4 00
•'    '-   Single Gentleman ..7....,......77......  6 00
Double, to include husband and wife and children
under 14 years of age, when  latter  are  accom- -
panied by an adult ticket holder  7 50
Double, to iuclude any two specified   members  of
a family residing together    7 50
Additional members of a family holding a  double
ticket  3 00
Any non resident desiring to become a ticket holder for a period less than the
full season, may become such by being introduced and nominated by a season
ticket holder and paying the sum of $2 per month.
Bathing Scale of Fees:
Use of Dressing room only  10 cent*
Hire of Costume .; 10   „
Hire of Towels, each  5   „
Hire of Boats:
RATES i 25c. per hour oi the first two hours;  15c. per  hour for each
subsequent houi.   Maximum charge for one day, $1.50..
Landscape and
Largest Studios in the Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street
Smith Street
Delivered anywhere in 'town
1 c. per lb.
A. R. Davy,
Phone 137
Call and See
-   Five Cents up
Your Vacation
The pleasure you will get AFTER you have left
your " home town " will, depend to a great extent upon
the amount of thoughtful planning you do before you
leave it. . ~
Vacation time puts greater demands upon your
feet than any other season of the year. If your
shoes are. not- comfortable; and durable you aie sure
to have a miserable time. ;   ':  .
amies' Summer Suitsi
_..:_o_.    ~n
wiui    an
uikuci canity
_r>_r-l /■»
Vs vixi x x xv^x IV.V
your journey in " WALK-OVER " Shoes.
Shoe Bargains this Week
25 pairs   Men's   Oxfords (air sizes),
Regular $5.00
To clear at $3.50
Men's White Canvas Oxfords        3Q od(j     •
,,   .     .   Bals "    '
Going while they last at Half-Price.
You will be delighted wi^
and workmanship of the Summer Dresses
which we have put on our Bargain Counter
for this week.
of any at exactly
i our cnoice or an
We have a large assortment
of White Wash Waists in all
sizes which we offer at substantial reductions.
$1.25, $1.50,$1.75 values. Your choice $1.
MEN'S BATHING SUITS, all varieties, at all prices.
i      j
. & Co.
Established 1850,
Phone 22
. il
*K^»W. ••—•••'• WM»»i
a^B^Mad_______*te____«______ri_______ ilHl
Thuradstj, July _20_
Orchard Olfcq Record
We carry only the best lines of these goods, which will give
you satisfaction every time.
Buggies,    Wagons,   Democrats,   &c,
to suit all purchasers.
"The Mighty Reo
has demonatrated its reliability and general efficiency times
. without number,  and  you  cannot go  wrong in  investing
in this make.
The l.H.C. Roadster
is without doubt the  car for the farmer.   Easy to handle
and always ready.    The price, too, is moderate.
Come and let us show you.
:;    FEED   ::
Hay,   Oats,  Bran, Wheat,  Barley,  and Oat  Chop.
Dealers in Farm and
Orch&rd Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
# c. REED
Phone 118
Phone 120
Kelowna Man^
Funeral Directors and Embalmcrs.
tf* hao« alar6e coniignmenlfof the latest line§ of
Picture Moudinas JUST IN.
Note ia uour time to aetall gour Picture Framing
done, at prices that DEFY C^MPCTITION.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Office Phone, 85
Situated within one half mile of town, and being
about loo feet above the lake, it command* a beautiful view of the town, l»ke and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.
Close to Town and Market.
There is only one GLENMORE. Don't hum the op*
portunity of selecting a few acre* of this desirable
If you with a.cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and w* will.
. show you our sub-division
g   WOODLAWN   «3
Just four blocks from the centre of the town.    Prices low.   Terms easy,
• monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent'only the best board companies.
The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.
The Czar's dominion extends
over one-seventh part of the land
surface of the earth, and more than
100,000.000 of people are under
his absolute government.
The CP.R. has granted the ten
per cent, increase in wages and a
nine-hour day on its lines between
Fort William and the Atlantic
coast to all blacksmiths, moulders,
machinists, patternmakers, carmen,
sheet metal workers, shopfitters,
boilermakers in its employ. This
includes all shopmen in Toronto
and Montreal.
More than 1,200 horses died
from the heat in New York City
during the hot days of last week.
One packing concern suffered a
loss of $70,000 in horseflesh, and
another corporation met with a loss
of $40,000.
With a war fund of $6,000,000,
raised by the Portuguese in Brazil,
already available, a call to arms to
all Portuguese monarchists has
been issued jointly by ex-King
Manuel, of Portugal, and Don
Miguel, the Pretender, according
to an Exchange telegraph despatch
recently received from Bada-
jose. It is reported that Capt.
Couceiro, leader of the Royalist
movement for the .restoration of
the monarchy, is now in England
endeavouring .to effect the purchase of a British warship.
A wondersul voyage has been
made by three British submarines
which left Portsmouth on February
6th and arrived safely at Hongkong
on April 20,' after a voyage of
9,000 miks7 .
The colony of Doukhobors on
the Lower Arrow Lakes has refused to submit to the counting
process of the census" man. The
authorities are in a quandary.
They are supposed to arrest all
who.refuse to answer questions,
but to hold 1,000 prisoners, when
they have only accommodation for
two or three is a problem for them.
to solve.
<r. '
Floating docks for the warships
on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
are to be constructed at Montreal
and Vancouver.
The acting.... chief of police at
Grand Forks last Saturday shot a
Russian bn the streets, fafally
wounding him in the head. The
man had become possessed of a
revolver with which he was parading the street.
One million dollars a day is the
record that will soon be established
in the United States as the expenditure for improving and maintaining public roads, according to
Logan Walter Page, director of the
United States office of public roads.
.This year will see the spending of
$140,000,000, which, exclusive of
Sundays and legal holidays, means
a daily outlay of $1,000,000 during die road-building season.
A terriffic wind and electric storm
hit Hamilton the other day. It unroofed the hospital, blew down the
athletic club's stand, destrowed a
wing of the boys' home, and blew
in plate glass, windows in many
stores. A man was killed by falling electric wires.
This year, for the first time, rneh
will be brought from the Pacific
Coast to assist in harvesting operations of the central west. It is
estimated there are between seven
and ten thousand men available in
British Columbia who might be
engaged if a sufficiently low rate is
guaranteed by the railway company and other necessary arrangements made. The commissioner
of. immigration has taken this
matter up with Sir William Whyte,
and has urged that all that is
possible in the interests of the
grain growers be done.
Representations are being made
to the government by the people
and interests of Barkerville, B. C.
with a view to securing the removal
of that historic townsite to some
adjacent district in which it will
be less liable to overflow by flood.
This action is ih consequence of
the reputed failure of the bulkhead
which has been under construction
and repair during five years past,
to retain the turbid waters of Williams creek when, as at this season
of the year, they are swollen by the
contributions of the melting snows
on the mountains. A fortnight ago
Barkerville was thoroughly washed
out by such a flood, several children
narrowly escaping being carried
away and considerable inconvenience together with much excitement being caused.
. An echo of the famous Dr. Crippen murder case was heard last
week: when Arthur Newton
was found guilty of professional
misconduct in the defence of the
wife murderer, by a committee of
the law society. He was suspended from the practise for one year
and has to pay the costs of the enquiry. Newton was alleged to
have abused the privilege of a lawyer by aiding and abetting Horatio
Bottomley, editor of a weekly
paper, and member of parliament
for the south division of Hackney,
to publish false statements regarding the case and also to have aided
the Daily Chronicle to give publicity to similar untruths.. The case
had been conducted largely for the
purpose of making copy for the
newspapers, which subscribed
mdney for the defence.
- A Dutch band is to be established in Calgary, Alta.
The report of the chairman of
the Conciliation Board dealing
with the Crow's Nest Pass Mining
strike has just been made public.
It blames tyrannical pit bosses and
meddlesome union secretaries for
the trouble in the mines. The
conditions under which the miners
lived were sharply criticized. The
Board recommended largeincreases
in day wages with reductions for
pillar workers. . The- changes
would cost the operators, over
$300,000 annually.
Patrick Burns, of Calgary.million-
aire meat packer, 'and associates,
have just sold the First Thought
Mine at Orient, Wash., for
The 38th Annual Prize Meeting
of the B.C. Rifle Association is
taking place this week, at Vancouver.
Next door to Crowley's Butcher Shop
Bring your old comforts and
have them fixed up as good
as new.
Agent for Okanagan
News ofthe Valley
Over two thousand people visited Salmon Arm last weekend for
the Orange celebration.
Ex-Mayor, Geo. Bell, Mrs. Bell
and family, bf Enderby, have left
that town to take up residence at
the coast. Mr. Bell has been one
ofthe foremost citizens of Enderby
for a uumber of years, and received
farewell addresses from the council and other bodies.
The Armstrong and Vernon
Orangemen have a kick against
the CP.R in connection with the
excursion to Penticton on the 12th.
The train left an hour before the
advertised time-and only a small
number who happened to hear of
the change in time-were able to
make the trip.
A company to be known as the
Western Press is being organized
to print and publish papers in various parts of B. C. Papers will he
Rubliahed at Vernon, Revelstoke,
lakusp, Phoenix and several other
Right in your busiest season when you
have the least time to spare you are most
likely to take diarrhoea and lose several
day* time, unless you have Chamberlain a
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy at
hand and take a dose at first appearance
of the disease.   For sale by all dealers.
Kelowna,    -   -   -   -    B.C.
If You are Looking
for a good, reliable watch, something that will always
be a pleasant reminder of money well spent, come in
and let us show you our 17-Jewelled Watch. It is a
sure timekeeper and we know of one we sold in this
locality that is a regulator to that neighbourhood. This
is not mere newspaper talk, we can prove it. Come in
and let us tell you more about it.
W. M. PARKER & Co.,
Watchmakers and Jewelers,
P.O. Box 316 Spedding Block.
All work absolutely guaranteed.
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
In Marty Subdivison on Pendozi Street, with building
restrictions, size 68x121,
Prices from $350 to $650, easy terms.
Building Loan arranged for purchaser.
We have funds available for Mortgage Loans, and the
purchase of Agreements of Sale.
• ■^-wa»_MW__iaMM^»______M___w_^i ■■■ ■■ —
COUNTRY or in  the TOWN
. THE  .
are prepared to undertake your
and give you Satisfaction.
Painting, Paperhanging,
Kalsomining.   Hardwood   Finishing,
and Interior Decorating.
We can do your work with neatness and dispatch.
Send a postal card and let us figure on your work.
If you appreciate
Close Figuring and Prompt Service
give us a trial order—we know it will
lead to more business.
Residence: Lawson Avenue
P.O. Box 473        -       Kelowna
*   «-." v7_?«
-s-> *^ 'l\y'Ahk:^M The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, July 20
A  Cooling Drink
for  the Hot   Weather
There are many lemonade preparations on the market
but    none   we   can   recommend   more   highly    than
Dalton*s  Concentrated    emonade
A pure product containing no other acid.
Each bottle will make 12 glasses.
Regular 20c. bottle Special for Friday and Saturday,
15 cents per Bottle
Order a dozen.
Now is the time to order your
Raspberries and Cherries
We have a fresh stock every day.
Brockfield Creamery Butter
FirccL on  the market.
Each pound done up in a carton.
For everything that is good to eat, Reasonable Prices and
Clean Swe
- SALE -
No need to explain that this
lias been a very backward
season, that because of the
very cool weather. Business
has suffered unforseen injury.
We are over-stocked in our
ready- to - wear department,
a   but    we    do   not   intend  to
i   be so very long.
Phone 35
Phone 35 '
Store open every evening for Ice
Cream only
Notice   the   Reductions
Here Quoted.
Ladies' Tan Duck Suits, regular $11, cut to $8.85 ; Ladies'
White Duck Suits, regular
$9, cut to $7.15; Ladies'
White Duck Suits, coloured
stripes, regular $9.50, cut to
$7.75 ; Ladies' Natural Linen
Suits, regular $9.50, cut to
$7.75 ; Ladies, Coloured Duck
Skirts, regular $4.75, cut to
$3.60 ; Ladies' Coloured Duck
Skirts, regular $4.50, cut to
I only Ladies' Long Cream
Serge Coats, Silk Braided,
regular $16.50, cut to $12.95.
1 only Ladies' Natural Shantung- Silk  Suit, regular  $25,
cut to $19.65.
We have a few L adies' Princess Dresses in White and
Coloured Mulls, also Ducks,
which we are offering at
Un-Heard of Prices.
The Kelotona
A Coronation Honour.
We have just received the following letter from the
Ogilvie Flour Mills Company, Limited, the products of
whose mills we have sold for many years with the
utmost satisfaction to ourselves and our customers:
Thomas Lawson, Limited,
'Kelowna, B.C»
Dear Sirs,- • '
This Company, having recently had conferred upon it the
very high honor of appointment as Millers to His Majesty
King George V«, has been commanded to make certain changes
in its brands to conform to the requirements of the Royal
Warrant, and in future the words
will appear upon our brands instead of the Prince of Wales'
feathers and the former wording.
This distinction is the highest tribute that could
possibly be- paid to the integrity of the Company and the
excellence of its products and a warrant to you and your
customers that our products will be maintained at the
highest possible standard.
We also beg to assure you that it is the unalterable   0
policy of the Directors, and Management of the Company to'use
nothing but the very best grade of our North-Western hard
wheats and to maintain its various plants at the very
highest state of efficiency necessary to insure the manufacture  of nothing but the best and most uniforn flour.
Thanking you for past favours, We remain,
Yours truly,
(Signed) F. W. Thompson,
Vice-President and Managing Director.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
'iHtil !IH"f T .'WH1WBWI
Wonderful   Shooting   of   Captain   Be-
gardus and Dr. Carver.
Old gui-lleuK!.] of the period just after tlio war will tell you sadly that
there are uo such shots as there used
to be. In this connection It is Interesting lo note that $1,000 was wagered
against $100 tbat the champion of the
world could uot hit a hundred eousec-
ulive birds. Many amateurs, uot to
speaU of professionals, frequently
make such a score without arousing
(omtueut in these days. Captain Bo-
Kiirdus was to be allowed, three'trials.
If he lost the first two aud made the
third the money was his, and, by the
way, be used a twelve gauge, full
clioko, ten pound gun, and his load
w;is five drams of black powder with
No. !) shot, lie loaded his own sheila
or bad tbem loaded according to his
Wblle shooting In England his load
was challenged by oue of his defeated
rivals, who asserted that the chum-
piou's phenomenal scores were Ihe resit!! of bis superior shells. The cap-
tiiin suggested that ln their next match
botli contestants should use his ammunition, to which the Englishman
eagerly consented. The captain was
di lighted, for well he knew what would
happen to (he action of the light aud
delicate English gun under sucb a
charge. Before the match bad proceeded very far tbe Britisher withdrew—for massage.
.nth the invention and success of
tbe ball tossing machine n craze for
ridii ulously high scores swept the
country. Five thousand balls in 500
minutes. 5.194 out of 5.500. iu seven
hours and twenty minutes—these were
some of the stunts that delighted the
hearts of the gun people of that day
One man. the English crack. Dr. Carver, shot for si.% consecutive days,
breaking 60.000 balls .out of a possible
04.881. Tbe wonder Is that there re
maincd of his shoulder anything more
than pulp. True, it is on record that
after the three-thousandth shot at such
an exhibition in GIImore's Garden, New
York city, the contestant had to pry
open his trigger fingers by main force
and only succeeded ln continuing in
the match by frequent Immersions of
arm and shoulder ln hot water.—Out
Ing.  "
Strenuous Times In Getting Out an
Early French Work.
Many adventures befell the French
eighteenth century encyclopedia. Moiv
than oueo the production of that work,
regarded by 'authority as revolutionary, had beeu stopped, eight days of
imprisonment in the Bastille for the
printer being one incident. At the
very last inomei/t, after Diderot had
corrected the Until proofs, the printer
aud his foreman secretly slashed the
articles right and left, cutting out
everything tbat seemed even possibly
dangerous, and burned the manuscript Diderot discovered the atrocity too late when referring to oue of
his own mutilated articles. But the
uiost remarkable point is that for
years very few persons knew of what
had happened, even tbe contributors
remaining in Ignorance. They hud
had enough of their own articles wheu
writing them.
Voltaire tells a pleasing story of
Louis XV.'s conversion to the merits of tbe encyclopedia, according to
the Loudon Chronicle. The talk one
iiight at a Trianon supper turned" ou
sport and theuce to gunpowder, as to
the composition of whlcb the party
could not agree. Mine, de Pompadour
lamented their all round Ignorance.
For Instance, she herself did uot know
what her rouge was made of or how
her' silk hose were manufactured.
" 'Tls a pity," said the Due de la Val-
Here, "that his majesty confiscated our
encyclopedias, which cost us 100 pistoles."
The king recalled that be had a
copy, and three valets were sent for
the tweuty-oue volumes and staggered
back with seven each. Gunpowder,
rouge, silk stockings, were all found
there. Some found answers to legal
problems that' troubled them. Thf
king discovered the rights of his
crown set forth, and ln bis satisfaction
be allowed tbe confiscated copies to be
Bearded Women.
Tbe bearded woman Is not a Action.
A bearded woman was taken by tbo
[tusslans tit the battle of Poltavn and
presented to tbe czar. Iler beard
measured over u yard. Tbe great Margaret, governess of the Netherlands,
had a very long, stiff beard. Mile.
Boes de Chenc, born at Geneva lr
1834. was exhibited In London In 1853
In ber eighteenth year. She had a
profuse head of hair, a large mustache
and a strong black beard. There are
other Instances of bearded women
about the authenticity of whom tbere
Is no room for doubt — New York
Women Without Names.
"Womankind In Korea," says 0. G.
Kemp In IThi. Face of Mauchnrla,"
"suffers from u strange lack—the absence of names. A woman may possess a pet name; otherwise she has
none. Frequently she does uot even
know her husband's name. If she becomes a Christian and receives baptism she acquires a wyne, and this
mnst give ber quite a new sense of
dignity."    ■
Nothing to Do but Loaf.
i     The  most   unfortunate man  Is tbr
one who gets lip In the morning wltl1
notblng to do and all day to devote tc
It.—Chicago Record'Herald.
French Coach Horse
Tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase of the French
Coach Horse, D'Artagnan.
Tfle following is the certificate issued
by the Dept. of Agriculture :
Horse Breeders' Lien Act, Form A.
Government of British Columbia,
Department of Agriculture.
Certificate of Pure Bred Stallion No.'4156.
The Pedigree of the Stallion, D'Artagnan,
described as follows:_ Colour, Bay; star,
snip, left front, and both hind feet white;
foaled April 20th, 1903; bred by M.
Alphonse Hays, Department of LaManche.
1st dam Quenoulie,  by Harley; 2nd  dam,
by Cascade by Lavater; 3rd dam, by
Heir of Linne; has been examined by the
Department, and I hereby certify that the
stallion is of pure breeding, and is registered in stud book recognised by the Department. J. R. Anderson,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
Victoria, B.C., March 27, 1908.
The French Coach Horse cannot be excelled for combination of speed, power,
elegance and endurance; of a mild disposition, and the most prepotent and impressive of all breeds, the pedigree extending back over 200 years.
The horse carries insurance to the amount of $1000, which has about one year
to run.
Tenders will be received until July 15th,
at noon. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
D'Artagnan's colts are giving entire
satisfaction. Intending purchasers can satisfy themselves on this matter by inspecting his stock at Mr. W. R. Barlee's, D. W.
Crowley's. John Conroy's, J. H. Bailie's,
and several others.
Address tenders to E. W. Wilkinson,
Sec. Mission Valley French Coach
Horse Association.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Experienced,   moderate   terms., Address,
Mrs. C. Pitt, Rutland. x
Morden's house, six rooms, with or  without land.   Apply G. E. Boyer. 16tf
Mr. Boyer Snr. has 5 or 6 small, but very
desirable Properties for  sale,   situated   in
and just outside the city limits. I7tf
By week or month.   Apply Box W,  Record Office. x
Modern, hot water heating, electric   light,
city water.     Apply  Morrison Thompson
Hardware Co.
A Rider-Ericson Pumping Engine, safe,
simple, easily-managed, economical pumping outfit. Price $65. Apply Box B, Record
Oflice, or to J. Ball, Kelowna. 32-34
From pasture at Glenmore Ranch, one
White Mare branded K on left front
shoulder and one Bay 15 Horse branded
S and a spade on left stifle. Reward will
be given for information as to whereabouts.
D. H. Jamieson, Box 195, Kelowna. 32tf
The uniform success that has .attended
the use of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy has made it a
favourite everywhere. It can alwaysbe-
depended upon.   For sale by all dealers.
Osoyoos Division, Yale District
Sincerity is the way to heaven.   Tt
think how to be sincere Is the wrj ol
, nttH.~Meu.ciU8.        __  _
Notice is hereby given that an application
will be made under Part V. of the " Water
Act, 1909," to obtain a licence in the
Osoyoos Division of Yale District.
a. The name, address and occupation
of the applicant—S. Sproul, Rutland, B.C.,
h. The name of the lake, stream or
source—Spring in Gulch on S. J of S.W.,
Quarter Sec. 25, Township 26, Osoyoos
c. The point of diversion—50 yards
from North Boundary, Sec. 24, Township
26, Osoyoos Division.
d. The quantity of water applied for
—1*4 cubic feet per second.
e. The character of the proposed
/. The premises on which the water
is to be used-W. 1 of S. i of S.W.,
Quarter Sec. 25, Township 26, Osoyoos
g. The purposee for which the water
is to be used— Domestic.
;'. Area of Crown land intended to be
occupied by the proposed works—None.
k- Tiiis notice was posted on the 29th
day of June, 1911, and application will be
made to the Commissioner on the 7th day
of August, 1911.
/. Give the' names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees who
or whose lands are likely to be affected by
the proposed works, either above or below
the outlet—None.
Rutland, B.C.
■    Very quiet young cow, due to calf in
September.   Good milker.   Price reasonable.   A.M. Cowan, P.-O. Box 20.
Early-hatched chickens. Apply E. Saunders, P.-O. Box 139. 33-34
Situation   by Lady  as  Housekeeper or
Mother's  Help.   Apply  Box  A., Record
Strongly built of Cedar throughout, with
zinc nails;   iron-strapped, flat bottom, with
keel; hold6 (double rowlocks; length I5|,
beam 4Jft.   $45.   Apply H. Bartholomew.
Lady wishes to recommend good English
Servant. Apply Box X., Record Office.  34
Piano,  excellent tone.    Half   price  for
cash'; Two-seated Democrat, cheap; also
number  of  Chickens.   Apply A. S. Cox.
Tenders for the clearing of 200 acres
(more or less) of light bush on the bench
will be received by the undersigned up to
30th July. Work to be completed by 30th
April, 1912. Full particulars at the Office
of the Company. Lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
South Kelowna. Orchard Co., Ltd;
G. L. Allan, Manager.'
W. J. Mantle, Secretary.
Five-roomed Cottage in Glen
Avenue.   Apply
J. Leathley, " Record " Office.
Studio    open
Thursday, Friday, and
Rowcliffe Block
Double Your Money
Buy a Lot in Coronation Square. 'It is
sure to double in value in leu than a year.'
In fact we are selling lots for less than
half what is now being asked for adjacent
property. How can we do it ? Simply
this, we bought this excellent piece of land
(8J acres, block 40) at a reasonable figure,
and are now giving our patrons the benefit
We do not want to get rich all at once, and
we want every man in Kelowna, no matter
how small his means, to own a homesite.
We are going to sell a limited number of
these lots at one hundred dollars each ;
one quarter cash and three, six and nine
months for the balance, There is now
absolutely1'no occasion for people to complain about high prices. Look at this property and you will buy. It is about the
same distance from the business section
as the public school.  Clement Bros. 31-34
i i ■
Notice is hereby given that all Public
Highways in unorganized Districts, and all
Main Trunk Roads in organized Districts
are sixty-six (66) feet wide, and have a
width of thirty-three (33) feet on each side
of the mean straight centre line of the
traveled road.
Minister of Public Works.
Department of Public Works!
Victoria. B. C. July 7th, I9I I.
Bouvette's Livery
Carefeul and prampt attention
to all orders for
Rigs for Hire turned out in
good style.
Sprains require careful treatment. Keep
quiet and apply Chamberlain's Liniment
freely.   It will remove the  soreness and
Quickly restore the parts to a healthy con-
ition.   For sale by all dealers.
For summer diarrhoea in children always
give Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and eastor oil, and a
speedy cure is certain. For' sale by all


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