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The Orchard City Record Apr 27, 1911

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b Printing
Special Facilities for
£ xecutin.g High-
Class Half-Tone and
General Letterpress
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of City Council
Council to Engage Engineer to Report on Sewage System
it        Land Offered for Sewage Farm - Night Watchman
Asked For by Business Men
A meeting of the city council was
(held last Saturday evening as usual,
rith a full attendance. The minutes
Fof last meeting were read and the
[following accounts referred to the
[finance committee for payment;
H. Parkinson, survey of park.....<$25 00
[H. W. Raymer, rent of meeting hall   5 00
fC. P. R., freight on packing         1 57
do.        do. -wire     147
| Northern Electric Co., wire  49 13
A petition was read from W.
^ Haug, The Kelowna Farmers' Exchange and the Kelowna Canning
'Co., requesting the city to place a
i hydrant midway between the railway track and the Farmers'
Aid.. Leckie pointed out that the
city had   at   present   no   spare
[hydrants on hand, and that to send
fpr single   hydrants xas   required
/Would make them   come   pretty
expensive —- about  30   per   cent,
more than if ordered in quantities.
After some   discussion   it   was
decided that the Water and Light
Committee be authorized to procure  a stock of hydrants to   be
■'placed as required.
The inipoitant question, a sewage
system for the city, was broached
when the following letter from the
Kelowna Land and Orchard Co.
was read:
To the .Mayor and Aldermen ofthe;
City of Kelowna,
I agj directed by the board of directors to offer to the city for the purposes."
of a sewage farm from 100 to 200
acres of land at the price of $200 per
acre. This land is comprised in lots
34. 35, 36; 37. 38, 39, plan 186; and
adjoins the land at present leased to
the corporation.
This company contemplates- spending considerable sums in improving
this property, and should   the work
be  commenced,  the price per Acre
jnust be   greatly   augmented.    The
Members of the Board, however, are
-  desirous that the city should be offered
.   this land in the first place, and at a
reasonable figure, so that the corporation should have the chance of securing land suitable for a sewage   farm
in close proximity to the city boundaries.
I am turther to state that the offer
will be left open for a period of three
- months from the date of this letter.
1 am, gentlemen,
Yours obediently,
-       Kelowna Laad & Orchard Co., Ltd.
Some little discussion followed
on the desirability of the city going
.into the question of a proper sewage system, and a 'motion was
passed that steps betaken to secure
the services of a cbmpeteht engineer to report on a sewage system
for the city.
Mr. R. B. Kerr, who was present
said he was representing Dr. Moore
on of the'largest property owners
on St. Paul street, and requested
that immediate steps be taken to
open up the street through to Bernard avenue. An expression of
opinion had been received from
Mr. L. G. McPhilips, K. C. who
had been consulted on the matter.
He had Mated that the council
could expropriate the land necessary to open, up the street, and
could assess the cost of the extension, including the cost of expropriation against all the property
owners benefitted. The owner of
the land expropriated could also
be assessed, and required to assist
in paying for the improvements.
The mayor assured Mr. Kerr that
now the legal points respecting the
city'8 position had been cleared up
they would at once proceed to
make arrangements for the opening up of the street. Aid. Jones
was requested to take the matter
up with Mr. Weddell.
Aid. Dalgleish referred to a number of applications for sidewalks
which had been sent in to the
council. He spoke strongly against
the council constructing any more
plank walks. Cement walks, he
said, could be constructed for Ihe
same expense to the ratepayers as
plank walks, and should last for.
twenty years. Aid. Cox agreed
with Aid. Dalgleish.
The mayor pointed out that the
petitions which had been presented
were for plank walks, and they
could not vt-ry well change without consulting the petitioners. He
suggested that Aid. Dalgleish see
those who had signed their names
to the petitions, and get them, if
possible, to change their request to
cement walks. This Aid. Dalgleish
undertook-tb do.
A formal motion was passed
giving by-law 89, to regulate street
sprinkling a first reading.
Aid. Dalgleidh asked if it was
not possible to avoid making pools
of water and mudholes in filling
the water tank. Some better way
was needed. He had noticed that
other cities had special contrivances erected for the purpose.
It was left for the committee to
look into the matter and devise
some better scheme.
The mayor mentioned that some
of the business men had been asking for a nightwatchman, to be
appointed, oir account of a suspicion they had, that there was some
person in_town who was responsible for the frequent fires which
started up. .He had asked for the
total assessment comprised within
the fire limits, in order that a special
levy might be made for the purpose of supporting a watchman.
Before this could be done, however
it was necessary that a petition- be
presented to the council representing not less than two-thirds of the
assessed value. The council would
then be able to proceed with the
consideration of ways and means
of hiakihg the appointment. It
would need, he said, quite an addition to the taxes. Ori the present assessment of the citv, one mill
produced about $300. To keep a
watchman would need at least
three additional mills.
Aid. Leckie pointed out that the
two. worst fires we had experienced
had taken place -while there was
an efficient night watchman employed. He did not cast any reflection upon the watchman but
the circumstance went to show that
the fact of having a watchman did
not necessarily constitute a guarantee that fires would be prevented.
Aid. Copeland thought there was
need for the services of a good
detective. The business men might
do well to get together and engage
the services of a good man for a
The meeting then adjourned until Saturday next. _ ._.__,,.. _ _   	
Royal Bank Building
New Premise!
Operations were commenced
this week on the handsome new
block which the Royal Bank are
to erect on main street to the west
of the Rowcliffe block. The
structure, which is to be of brick,
two storeys in height, will be
entirely modern in construction,
and judging from the blue prints,
will be a considerable addition to
the architectural features of the city.
Mr. McLennan, of the firm of Coffin
& McLennan, of Vancouver, who
hold the contract, has been in town
for some days, and already has a
gang of men digging out the
• Rev. and Mrs. Hi P. Thorpe, who
for the past ten months have been
residents of Revelstokes, left this
week for Victoria, where Mr.
Thorpe has been called to * act as
assistant pastor of the first Baptist
church. Mr. Thorpe explains that
he had intended becoming a permanent resident of the city, but
could not turn down such an
excellent offer when presented to
him. Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe leave
behind them a host of good friend*;
—Revelstoke Mail-Herald.
Mr. McWilliams, of Summerland,
was a visitor in town this week.
Public Meeting on
Irrigation Problem
Another attempt to straighten
out the difficulties and vexations of
irrigation within the area covered
by the city was made on Friday
evening last, at a meeting called
by the council at the request of a
deputation which waited upon
them at a recent session. The
deputation had desired the council
to assume control of the irrigation
system within the city, and as tlife
could not be done without the
consent of all the land owners, it
had been decided to call the
interested parties together to find
out, if possible, their wishes.
Mayor Sutherland, who presided,
said he was interested personally
not as a representative of the
council, but as the owner of land
in the city which required irrigating.
He thought something should be
done to relieve the difficulties of
the present situation. The people
on the outskirts of the city were
paying large taxes because'thev
happened to be in the city limits,
and getting very little benefit from
them, ft was only right when an
opportunity presented itself that
the city should do something for
them. They had contributed largely
to the installation of the city's
electric light and water plant, iii
which the outskirts were not much
interested. The present meeting
should make strong representation
to the council for a grant to assist
in working the irrigation scheme.
The council would take no action
themselves, but would be guided
by the wishes of the people. . He
then declared the meeting open for
A long discussion of the problem
ensued in which the already too
well known difficulties of obtaining
a satisfactory water service were
reiterated. It was the unanimous
opinion that something should be
done, and that for the council to
assume control was the most likely
solution, but how this latter was to
be accomplished, was a problem
the meeting did not solve. It was
pointed out that the city could not
take over the system unless each
individual owner of land in the
city would assign his right in the
water record to the council. Until
this was accomplished the city was
powerless to act. *
A question was asked as to what
the council proposed to do in the
event of the city.taking over the
system- In reply the mayor stated
that that was a question with which
the present council could not deal.
He doubted if any considerable
expenditure on the irrigation system
would be wise, as with the rapidly
increasing population of the city,
and'the subdivision of the land
into small lots, the necessity for
irrigation would tend to diminish.
For the present he advised that a
committee be farmed to take charge
of the scheme, and make application to the council for a grant to
assist in putting the ditches into
spape for the present year and to'
pay the expenses of a bailiff.
Eventually a motion was carried
that the city be asked to make separate grants of money for the upkeep of the system on each side
of the creek.
A committee consisting of Messrs
Crowley, Copeland, and McLennan
were appointed by the mayor to go
over the system and estimate if
possible the amount of money required to ptft the ditches and flumes
into shape, and report to the city
District W.C.T.U.
Successful   Assembly   of
Women Workers  in
Mr. Jas. Harvey, sr., left for
California Wednesday morning on
business, and will be absent two or
three weeks.
Mr. C. A., Crosby, general supervisor of the British Columbia
branches of the Royal Bank was in
town this week on business. He
was accompanied by Mrs. Crosby.
Mr. C.K.L. Pyman has purchased
from Mi. D. Lloyd-Jones and Mr.
A. Day a large block of land on
the benches. The pioperty consists
of some 1,200 acres of fine
agricultural land about 8 miles up
Mission Creek.
The annual convention of the
Women's Christian Temperance
Union took place Tuesday and
Wednesday of this week. A large
number of delegates from both up
and down the lake came in by the
boat on Tuesday.
The meetings, which were held
in the Presbyterian church, opened
Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Lipsett, of
Summerland, presiding.
Reports from local unions were
received, and a paper on " Local
Option" was read by Mrs.
Wanless, of Summerland.
On Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
a mass meeting was held in the
church'. An address of welcome
to the delegates was delivered by
.Mayor Sutherland. On behalf of
the churches, the Rev. J. W. Davidson also welcomed the visitors.
There was, he said, a magnificent
inspiration behind the W. C. T. U.
movement and its motto: " For
God, and Home, and Country."
There was a similarity of aim between the movement and the
church. They stood side bv side
in their labours, and hence were
doubly welcomed by the churches.
The church, he said, in the course
of his remarks, were at the present
time giving more and more attention to the children of the
nation. Like the •W.'C.-T. U., the
church was seeking to make .it
easier for boys and girls to grow up
healthy, strong and noble. The
church believed in the total prohibition of liquor traffic for the
good of the nation. Womanhood,
he said, seemed to have more backbone than manhood, employing, as
it;'did, a brighter method in its
Mrs. Welsh, in an able and well
prepared address, welcomed the
delegates on behalf of the Kelowna
branch. Mrs. Cox brought greetings from the Missionary Societies
of the Methodist Church, while
Miss Reekie brought similar words
of encouragement from the Baptist
Missionary Society.
Mrs. Watson, of Summerland replied on behalf of the W.C. T. U.
Glimpses of the world's W. C.
T. U., was the title of an address
given by Mrs. Hood of Summer-
land, who "briefly outlined the history of the organization since 1873
and pointed out what was being
accomplished jn the protection of
the home and the higher type of
A lecture was to have been delivered by the Rev.G. O. Fallis, of
Penticton, but owing to some misunderstanding, he did not arrive
until the following day.
Solos were given by Mr. Harvey
and Mrs. Thompson, and a reading
by Mrs, Lipsett.
The sessions were continued on
Wednesday morning, whejn a
paper, was read on "Women's
Franchise" by Mrs. Doherty, of
Vernon,.also a paper on " Social
Purity" by Mrs. Chambers, of
At noon the delegates were
entertained at luncheon in the
Sunday School Hall.
A brief session was held in the
afternoon before boat time, when
the officers for the ensuing year
were elected as follows:
President—Mrs. Wanless, Penticton.
Vice-Pres.—Mrs. Chambers, of
Corres.-Sec. — Mrs. Fenner, of
Rec-Sec.—Mrs. D. H. Watson,
Treas.—Mrs. Ball, Armstrong.
A paper oh " Juvenile Work"
was also read by Mrs. Fenner of
The convention was attended by
some eighteen or twenty delegates
from outside points, . and the
meetings well attended throughout.
Regular Meeting of
Board of Trade
The Board of Trade held its monthly meeting last night, the president, Mr. J. W. Jones in the chair.
After the minutes had been read
and adopted the usual batch of
correspondence was dealt with.
Mayor Sutherland introduced a
motion that the government be
asked to establish a customs office
at Kelowna. There were some
4,000 people in the Kelowna district which was quite sufficient to
warrant the placing of an office
here. He did not, in fact, know of
any district with the same number
of people which had not got one.
Mr. R. B. Kerr also spoke on the
matter, pointing out that it meant a
good deal of loss and delay to the
people of Kelowna to have to deal
with a customs office in Vernon.
The motion was carried
Keep Monday evening, May 8th,
open for the McDonald Concert
Company in Knox Church.
It was also resolved to approach
the provincial government to build
a court-house here. The president
mentioned that Judge Swanson had
paid several visits to Kelowna and
had always complained of the lack
of accomodation here for the holding of a court.
Mr. Kerr recommended that government be advised not to build on
the site of the present lock-up
which was in a valuable business
block, to which the presence of a
lock-up would be a decided harm
and hindrance. The government
could sell the present site for a
good sum, which would go a long
way towards the expence of a new
A friotion of Mr. McDonald's
was also adopted, that the G. P. R.
,be.askeel: to provide an unloading
platform near their tracks, also a
stock slip and more trackage, and
better facilities for handling the
increasing freight traffic.
Mr.-Jones also drew attention to
the inconvenience connected with
the height of the-C. P. R. wharf. It
was difficult fbr passengers to pass
to and from the boat without
knocking their heads against the
top of the entrance. Tfte C. P. R.
should be asked to lower the
Mr. Haug thought it was not
necessary to lower the whole wharf
if some kind of a slope was made
down to the boat.
The extension of Ricter street to
the K. L. O. road was introduced,
and a motion passed that the
government be asked to build
about a mile of road necessary to
make the. connection.
It was resolved that a strong
representation should be made to
the Irrigation Convention which
meets in Calgary in August to have,
the 1912 meeting in Kelowna, It
was pointed out that the development of irrigation in the district
was now away ahead of any other
part of the province, and with four
big systems under construction, we
should have something to show
the delegates that they could not
see elsewhere.
A motion by Mr. C. G. Rose that
the banks in the city be asked to
close Thursday afternoon along
with the rest of the stores was
objected to by Mr. Kerr, and Mr.
F. R. Rees as inpracticable owing
to" difficulties connected with' the
Bills of Exchgnge Act and some
other considerations.
Mr. L. Hayman proposed that
the city be asked to complete their
wharf near the power house, and
to make an approach to it, in order
that it might be used for the loading and unloading of cement pipe,
bricks and wood, which weie
carried on the lake. The ferry
wharf was altogether inadequate
for this purpose. Hundreds of
cards of wood were also brought
across the lake and no proper
place could be found to land it.
The meeting then adjourned.
Dr. Richards left this week for
Nanton, Alberta, for the purpose
of buying horses for Messrs Coptf-
land and Richards' sales stable. A
car of heavy team horses will be
sliipped to arrive hfere about the
middle of next week.
Teachers Convention
at Vernon
The Okanagan and North
Kootenay Teachers' Institute was
held in Vernon April 18th, 19th
and 20th. There was a large and
enthusiastic delegation, about 1 15
teachers being enrolled as members. The first session was held
Tuesday afternoon, when the
president, Mr. J. Forsyth Smith,
principal of Vernon Public School,
gave his address. The educational
value of such an institute was
emphasized and the hope expressed that in every way this gathering
would prove interesting and profitable.
Then followed in each of the
sessions the reading of carefully
prepared papers on vital subjects
of teaching. In the discussions
which followed the reading of
these papers, Inspectors Miller and
Pollock with others offered many
valuable suggestions.
. Mr. JL Barker, of Peachland, gave
an excellent address on- "The
English School System," in wh.th,
by comparison, some defects of
our B. C schools were pointed out,
and a~strongplea was made for the
teaching of classics, v Miss McNaughton read a very carefully
prepared paper on "The Teaching
of First Year Latin," in which the
essential principles of teaching the-
subject were clearly set forth. This
paper commanded much hearty
appreciation. Another paper deserving of special mention was that
of Miss; Yirill, principal of the
Penticton public school, on the
'Educational value of th? Study of
English Literature/" By resolution
it was requested that this paper be
printed, i^ order that the teachers
of7the Iitstitute have the; oppor-
iutnt^fSr a: closer stfidy^ of7_ta7
salient points.
At the public meeting Wednesday
evening Rev. Mr. Welsh of Kelovvna
gave an address on "Educational'
Ideals and Citizenship," in which
was strongly asserted the unexcelled
opportunities of bur public educational system to reach its highest
ideal iii the production of character
and the attainment of social
efficiency.  ■
On the- whole, the Association
was a splendid success. The stay
of the teachers in Vernon'
rendered very pleasant by
cofdialitv of the citizens of
town. On Friday morning
Board of Trade entertained
teachers  to a  drive  through
beautiful  valleys of   the   Vernon
Quite a large number of the
teachers who had never been in
the Okanagan valley before took
advantage of the opportunity to
make Jthe trip down__ihe. lake io-
Penticton, returning Saturday to
their respective schools.
Sports to be Held.
 May 24th
With the object of making arrangements for the usual Victoria
Day sports on the 24th of May, a
public meeting was called last
night in the sample room of the
Lake View Hotel. It was decided
that the sports should take the
same form as last year, that is, foot
races in the morning, horse races
and a lacrosse match in the afternoon. The officers elected were:
Chairman, F. S, Coates; secretary,
P. Brooke; treasurer, J. Pettigrew%H
Committees were formed to look
after the various events, with Mr.
Coates as chairman of the horse
racing committee, P. Brooke of tho.
foot racing and E. R. Bailey, jr„- bt\
the lacrosse committee.
The sports will of course be held
at the Exhibition . grounds and
further details will be announced
as soon as definite arrangement*
have been made.
mm      .'.M
-~ Am
_*     ^'5^.
k 7fil
D. E. McDonald's delivery te*»rt
had an exciting run last Saturday
while Mr. Blenkarn was delivering
goods; the bolt of the wagon drop,-
ped put, so did Blenkarn! who l*h
suffering from bruises and a stiff "
knee, when <he horses were stopped they were found to be all right
[but the harness wa» badly mixed.
i,'__vJ *.**•-**■ J*'.- ».—^..
.\    'A; V%jPJ
-   .   , k        *    lit   j        J&.i>.^r*f_3i_ffK«E.WRi. . ■■yt^.v'* nK-ttu-U-W-jiui • WB1» n^k^'/Vrfiaajmrii &IM* .:il»aift.m«tfW=f__.»_l
This Orchard Citg Record.
*Thursdaij, April 27
,&3_g__^r.arnsi?FCT^^;re^jre^^ >
eiotona ba
and Orchard Co.,
7ott?n and Country
Avenue        Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K.L. (..■Co.'s Office, Keller Blk.
The Best Paint is the paint for you.      When you buy
you want a paint that will give you the greatest covering capacity  per  gallon, the  greatest durability, and
the best protective qualities.
That is the paint we are offering you, and it is combined
with beauty and permanency of color.
Use Stephens' Paint and save money.
Stephens' Shingle Stain's.
Stephens' Floor Paint and Stains.
" PEJROLIN " Sweeping Compound, the enemy of
=   dust.    In packages or bulk. .
Capt. H. J. Robie of Calgary has
been revisiting the valley, after an
absence of 9 years.
Ex-Alderman White, formerly of
Calgary, now of Vancouver, spent
last week in town.
Mr. E. Davis C. E. of Rutland
arrived from Victoria last Friday
en route for the Kootenay, where
he will spend the summer on Government survey.
The Aquatic Association held
their opening dance of the season
last night.
Ihe baseball match between the
Benvoulin and Kelowna boys
resulted in a win for Benvoulin by
16 to 9.
The annual Presbyterian Synod
of the province of B. C. meets on
Wednesday next, May 3rd, in, St.
Andrew's church at Vancouver,
and will continue for a week.
Ministers and elders from various
points in the valley will be present.
Mr. S. T. Elliott, in order to try
out some of his new stock of
automobiles, ran a big free (rip to
Vernon last Sunday, in which five
of his latest new cars took part.
The journey was thoroughly enjoyed by the party, who were
entertained at luncheon in Vernon
before starting on the return trip.
The cars, which include some
splendid models, were greatly
Mr. J. J. Campbell and family
returned last week from Enderby,
and will take up residence for the
future in town.
Communion wi!H>e dispensed in
the Benvoulin Presbyterian church
next Sunday afternoon, April 30th,
and a preparatory service will be
held this (Thursday) evening.
Mr. H. H. McLeay, the Central
Okanagan Co.'s Montreal agent,
returned Monday.
The following is solemnly related
as having been actually heard at
the Opera House, Saturday night
last, where John Griffith was playing "Othello." A young man left
his seat between the acts, and
entered into conversation with the
door-keeper:- "So that,s Shakespeare, eh ?" he observed. " I have
heard lots about him but I never
saw him before. He's a pretty
good actor, all right."
Aid. Dalgleish was a visitor to
Penticton and Summerland last
W. Kirkby returned this week
from California, where he has been
staying during the past winter.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce opened for business yesterday.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C. Harvey, B. A. Moorhouse,
B.A., Sc, C.E., D.L.S.. B.C.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 23!
Afioc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E^       Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage System., Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
KELOWNA, ::. B. C.
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box I!1S
'Phono 06
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Mr.. LAWRENCE. Graduate Nurse,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C..
Phone 134
La, '*
The Cleaning Device for Every Home.
DICC17I  1 *Q      " Cyco" Ball Bearing
Weighs   but  5J   pounds,  operates   by   a   mere   touch,
thoroughly without injury  to  carpets  or  rugs,  leises  no  dust,
always ready, no burden to carry from room to room, and is the
only efficient cleaning apparatus that is offered at a price  within
the purchasing power of everyone.
BISSELL'S Ball* Bearing Sweeper excels all other cleaning
devices in the work it does in the sewing room, dining room, or
wherever there is a miscellaneous lot of litter to gather up.
The "Bissell" picks up without effort what other
cleaners cannot gather, such as lint, large crumbs,
matches, threads' ravelling*, scraps of paper and cloth,
etc., etc.
The "Bissell" gives the  maximum sweeping efficiency al the minimum cost
" "Cyco" Ball Bearing "American Queen,"
„ „ „   Grand Rapids, nickel
„ „ ,,        ,. m      .jnp«n
Cyco Bearing, Universal     »    -    -   -   -
An important business change
was finally settled this week by the
sale of that portion of Mr. S. T.
Elliott's business comprising his
agricultural implements, buggies,
wagons etc. The purchasers are
Mr. Coates, proprietor of the Lake
View Hotel, A. Edwards, and _C.
Gowan, who will carry on the
business under the title of Coates,
Edwards, & Gowan. They have
rented for a term of five years a
portion of Mr. Elliott's fine cement
block. Mr. Elliott still retains the
automobile and motor boat section
of the business and will devote his
attention solely to the development
of that branch.
The local Oddfellows are having
their annual service in the Presby-
terianxhurch next Sunday morning.
The offering taken will be for the
hospital. All Oddfellows in the
city, whether members of the local
lodge or not. are invited to assemble
in the lodge room in the Raymer
block, at 10 a.m., and join in the
procession to the church. Last
Sunday several members of the
lodge took a trip by motor launch
down to Summerland to attend
service there.
Horses bought and sold oh commission. Dray meets all C.P.R.
boats. All kinds of heavy team
work. 'Phone 20.
Plans and-Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Town and Country Residences
PHONE No. 93  A
,On improved property also other securities
G. A
, VM	
and Accident
T _C_.
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
Lame shoulder is nearly always dile to
rheumatism of the mutcleo, and quickly
yields to the free application of Chamber.
Iain's Liniment.   For sale by all dealers.
- $4.25
- $3.75
- $3.25 ^
- $3.00 H%£
„•     Studio    open
Thursday, Friday, and
"PEERLESS" Steel Range, with warming
closet and reservoir,
. FERN, ALBERTA, wood or coal.
B.C. with cast front and heavy sheet steel body.
Two and three burners arid ovens for same.
Agents for Parky le Sanitary Closet, and Rowe Sanitary Lavatory.
Get our prices on the above before purchasing elsewhere.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back is our motto.
e. c. scon & Co.
For Sale by
W. HAUG .Kelowna, B.C.
"Phone 66    ^ ■—,
Kelowna Livery
A good supply of work
horses, driving and saddle
horses always on hand for
We guarantee every horse
sold as represented.
We are prepared to pay.
cash.prices, for goqd.gound^
young stock.
Our Livery is complete.
Good horses and equipment. '
Phone 25.
Leon Avenue, Kelowna.
' It does not pay to use inferior fencing material.
The GREAT, WEST is unequalled for quality and strength, and has no
superior on the market.   Made in heavy and medium weights and any height.
Prices given Ur Fences Erected Complete.
7  I
«._-•> - v k
.r^RMjS     '■
Rowcliffe Block
Have you tried the now Prepared.Roofing?.   "DUKSBAK" ROOFING
Makes a permanent and efficient job.       it is made from the fi
Trinidad Lake Asphalt, and is bound to give satisfaction
A7E. CLARKE. Rudand.
tamous TtT:
A77 7$fHi .|S«i
Thursday, April 27
The Orchard Cifet) Becord
Sponge Fishing being a
dangerous business, arid
the product limited, the
constant tendency is towards 'scarcity and high
This makes care in buying necessary.
We make a specialty of
Sponges, which means
that we use special care
in selecting them.
We have a large
assortment of all grades
for all purposes.
Also all sizes of
Russian Rubber
P. B. Willits J Co.
Kelowna,     B. C.
j. A. Bigger
Plant and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
Ladies' and
Gents' Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
V««>«>kW» M.ft.1**      nJ.i._M«_J_K.J       J—.
The Patrioiisn   of      e Irishman Turr.
ed   to   Agricultural   Improvement.
There is a movement in Ireland
that is attracting a? much interest m
the raral districts a? the political
question and is more piacticable at
thia hour. It is a co-operative or-'
ganization among the fanner? known
as the Irish Agricultural Society.
headed by Sir Horace Plunkett, devoid of political significance and de.
voted to the improvement of the iiv-i
Ing conditions of the Irish farmer as
well as the improvement of his. land
and methods.
The country people of Ireland have
lived in a state ;>f abject and help,
less poverty for so many generations
that it requir-- more thau the oppor.
tunity to encourage a countryman to
attempt any reforms in his home or
his methods of working the soil. It is
not sufficient to tell him that he now
has the right to own his land and
build himself a comfortable cottage
and barn; he must be encouraged to
do it. Ireland is a land of ideals,
the Irishman is always striving toward something, nnd until the improvement of hi? life and estate is
incorporated in tlie rank of his ideals
they mean nothing to him.
These local co-operative organizations have established creameries,
credit banks, poultry societies, and
agricultural societies. The co-operation not only mukes the individual
farmer wealthier but arouses interest
in rural questions of all sorts and affords a medium through which the
individual farmer may be reached by
♦hose who have something to contribute toward his education. The effort is to make men in Inland rather
than money, but Ireland has been
so impoverished that mouey and prosperity are essential to development
and the Lc»l co-operative societies
do manage to buy the farmers' supplies cheaper than he could and sell
them to better advantage, so the
Irish farmer is a more prosperous man
because he has his co-operetive society.
The tremendous importance of
building up the rurnl districts of a
country can scarcely be realized. How
much the financial standing and
prosperity of a nation depend upon
the happiness, comfort, and content
ment of the country people it is impossible to estimate. No nation cati
be great while the peasantry starve.-,
bo if Ireland is to stand upon her
own feet all the ardor of Irish patriotism should be brought into play in
th« development of the soil and the
people who work it.
An auxiliary organization, the
United Irishwomen, has been gain
ing in numbers recently. Its purpose
is more particularly tin improve
ment of home life and the thing-
pertaining to women in the country
districts of the island. Those things
of a more or less intangi'.le character
which cannrt be deliberately prompt
ed like. a business proposition but
which make the social life of a peop.e
are in the women's hand3.
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers     *
Kelowna. Greenhouse.
The Fearsome Triceratops.
A terrible looking beast, but interesting, as it was the last of the great
land reptiles, is the triceratops. It
had a head like a rhinoceros; but, un
like the rhinoceros of to-day, it carried
three formidable horns upon its face
and a collar of spikes or spines around
its neck. Skulls of this creature
which have been unearthed measure
seven feet and more in length. The
animal had a total length of some
twenty-five feet. It is the opinion of
Prof. Marsh, a great authority on pre
historic beasts, that we have here a
dinosaur trying to become a mammal.
It is the opinion of this expert, too,
that the creature got too "specialized," and therefore died out—the usual end of a too great ambition!—
London Mail.
A "Want" ad. in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
D. W. Crowley Co.
Kelswna Ltd«
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the Gity
We give our  prompt  attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
Sour Milk.
Milk is composed of solids and water. Coagulated milk, which is called
curd in the country, is rich in casein.
It contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen,
nitrogen and sulphur, a combination
of animal chemicals of great value.
Whey is the watery part of miik. It
contains a natural sugar. Many people throw sour milk away. Wise-ones
utilize it. By draining off the water
curd remains a; a solid. Put a cupful
of curd irra cheesecloth and twist the
loose ends together and hang it where
it will drain overnight. In the morning place it in'a dish and flake it with
a fork and salt. Give it to tho children and tell them it is the same
thing that Miss Muffit was eating
when along came tho spider."
Marshmallow Fudge.
For mar.hmnllow fudge cook two
cupfula of granulated sugar, a cupful
of rich milk or cream and two squares
of cooking chocolate until the sirup
spin* a substantial thread when dropped from the tip of a spoon. Just before this stage is reached add half a
pound of marshmallows that have
been freed from the cornstarch covering them, putting them in one by ono
and stirring each and crushing it with
the spoon. Continue to add the
marshmallows after the candy comes
from tbe fire. Turn into shallow buttered pans and cut in squares wheu
cool enough.
Jones (who has brought heme i
friend to spend the night)—Do you
think it necessary for me to ask him
if he wants to take a bath?
Mrs. Jones—Now, you know I don't
want that bathroom upset if possible.
Why uot ask him if he really needs
Mary   Creatures     ct    Lower     Order
Which Sleep Through the Winter.
That certain ;.nimals retire to a
C/neealed place and remain dormant
or in a state cf greater or Jess lethargy during the winter months is a
well knov n tact. That during this
time they take neither food, nor
drink is likewise known, but/ just
how life is sustained under these conditions no one knows.
A number of hibernating animals
acquire a great amount of fat, usually just under the skin, and during
the dormant period, as the naturalist
theorizes on the subject, this is consumed by its possessors by absorption, and they come out of the sleep
in the spring much attenuated, but
in the case of serpents, frogs, toads
and bats no such accumulation has
been noticed. In order that a certain
amount of heat may be maintained it
is the habit of these creatures to con*
ceal themselves in warm places or to
congregate in secluded quarters.
Bears, hedgehogs, raacoons, opossums
and such animals go into holes in
' trees, hollow thumps, crevices in tbe
rocks or beneath the roots of- fallen
trees. WocJ7_.ucks and their kind
retreat to the depths of burrows made
by themselves, in which they live in
the summer and deepen for greater
warmth and ..rotection during the.
winter sleep.
Fro*s and toads sink into the mud,
so do alligators, crocodiles and all
lizards. Shell's!, dig down into the
soft bottoms of their water holes and
the catfish and the big mouth or
Oswego ba33 forget their summer
cares and go to sleep when winter
The best example of perfect winter
sleep is seen in bats. At the beginning of cold weather these creatures
huddle together in-bundles, become
comatose and do not stir until warm
weather comes again. An old hollow
tree, or best of all a cave, affords the
bats their winter protection.
Four  Great   Musician*. ^
Palestrina- was a revolutionist ia
his day, but is now virtually obsolete
even for the severest classicists.
Gluck was as radical an innovator
as Wagner, yet it is only occasionally and with difficulty that one of his
v.orks can now be briefly resuscitated.
Beethoven was a madman even to
many of the best musicians as late
as 1805, when, as that musical veteran, Prof. Haupt, himself said the
"Fifth Symphony" was rehearsed in
Berlin for the first time and the orchestra dashed the music from the
racks, v'.aclaring it was crazy and
could never be played. Now this same
"Fifth Symphony" is considered a
model of form, and its composer is
the cherished idol of conservatives
and classicists.
Two Sunsets Per Day.
There is one place in the world
where tha sun sets twice daily, and
that is at Leek, in Staffordshire, England. The reason of .this is that a
jagged mountain is situated to the
west of the town, and in the evening
the sun sets behind it and darkness
comes on. Then the first sunset occurs, the gsus lamps are lit, and appar-
. ently night has set in. But it has
not, for in the space of an hour or so
the sun reappears again through tba
opening at the side of the mountain,
and daylight again appears. Artificial
lights are extinguished, and daylight
again prevails until the sun descends
below the opening and the second
sunset occurrs and night comes to
Berlioz, the famous Fren:h composer .was made miserable by his wife.
Hs married Miss Smithson,. an ao-
tress, many years younger than himself. She had prolonged its of jealousy and ill temper, ruined him by
her theatrical ventures and finally fell
from a carriage and broke her leg,
tl..: ending her artistic career. Berlioz bore with her in patience until,
she finally felt him. He was a tall
man, of stern aspect and very dignified. In spite of his immense musical abilities as a composer he could
play no instrument except the guitar,
and that very badly.
Rene's Seat Girt Tomb.
Francois Rene, Vicomte de Chateaubriand, some twenty years before
his death, writing to the mayor of St.
Malo, his native town, made the request that the town would grant him
on the west point bf the rock of
Grand bay a space sufficient for' his1
burial. To this island rock, accessible
only nt low tide, the Lody of tbo
i/reut French littcrnteur was brought
at his death. A granite cross marks
the sj>ot. At liisrh tide the rock becomes an island, and the waves of
the Atlantic beat against this lonely
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men may obtain a Hospital insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or lor further information should be made to the secretary, Room I. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275, Kelowna, B.C.
your business is
not worth advertising,
advertise it for sale.
Good meals to be had.
Closes Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9 p.m.
Misses Laidlaw.
Corner Water St. and
..   ■Jiii'JM™ !■"   ■■■—   ■■■■■' i'P^iii    .iiiwi    i ■ i ■_■■ i—        —— — !■■■■    ii   ■ ■■■■"'■ ■U«_.f.i*^H^ft^M_rt___M
Capital Paid Up ■
Reserve Fund
Total Assets
- $6,200,000
- $7,000,000
- $95,000,000
Savings Bank Department.
Interest allowed on Deposits.
H. F. REES, Manager.
Constipation brings many ailments in its
train and is the primary cause of much
sickness. Keep your bowels regular madam, and you will escape many of the ailments to which women are subject Constipation is a very simple thing, but like
many simple things, it may lead to serious
consequences. Nature often needs a little
assistance and when Cnamberlain's Tablets
are given at the first indication,'much distress and suffering may be avoided. ' Sold
by all dealers.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135
We have just received a car of the famous
Anncurtced  Himself.
While locking for straggler? just as
a Welsh regiment was about to sail
from Cape Town for England an of-'
fieer fennd n private standing at attention in a shed. "What are you
doing ..pre." he was asked. "Please,
sir," was the reply. "I am a lunatic,
and I nm waiting for the corporal's
guaid." He was right; he was a
lunatic, and his guard had forgotten
Their Mistake.
"I rather life the motif of that picture," said Mrs. Oldcnstle aftir she
had carefully inspected the new work
of art.
"Yes, so do 1," replied her hostess
as they were passing frcm the miliary,
"only b'-th m^ ni;d .los:nh ttvu^it 'Iw
artist meant it hi' n c.:w."
Modorn Drama.
"Yes,- indeed," we sny, speaking of
the  celebrity,  "Lis  career  has  been
most dn.mhti?."
'   "P..i uitl'  Uu.ura the lady.  "No-
thiujj so acauda.oufljs§Jhatj''	
'«     Whora  He  Made  It.
"Hello, Minks!" said Wobbles. "I
hear you've been in the chicken business."
"Yep," said Binks.
"Made nnything out of itP" asked
"Yep," said Binks. "Tin thousand
"Ten thousand dollars in t'.ie chicken business?" demanded Wobbles.
/'Nope. Out of it." said Binks.
Would "Cook Whol. Ox.
A South African baker haa perfected a baking process by which steak
is grilled nt a temperature of 1,000
degrees. Steam at 220 decrees ia
i- -.stormed through pipes ftnJ a sup-
er-henter Into the grilling air. Tha
hot air will cock thoroughly a whol*
•MW'I    »«L»      l» 'Ml*.. «
-The models are technically correct, skillfully designed  by a designer of well
deserved prominence, to give the best efficiency, proper trim, balance of weights,
maximum speed, and attractive appearance.
Retain their finish, and attractive appearance for years after the average boat is
discarded, and when needed can be re-finished to look li're new. The material
and workmanship is about as near perfect as-it is possible to get, and the power,
fittings, and accessories are of the highest grade.   They are built for reputation
also, not merely for profit.
These Boats represent the latest development
in Motor Boat building.
n We have also put in a stock of
Peterborough Canoes and Skiffs
The quality of which is too well known to need comment.
Come in and look these over—they need only to be seen to be appreciated—
and be ready for the boating season, so close at hand now.
S.   T.   ELLIOTT    -    Kelowna, B. C. r
Tfe« Orchard Gifc^j Record.
Tharadag, April 27
When and How to Combat the
Pests of the Orchard
The following concise instructions
have prepared by Mr. R. M. Winslow, the provincial horticulturist:
Scab or black spot on fruit, leaf spot,
caterpillars and all biting insects, scale
insects, aphids.
First Application
Spray shortly before the buds burst. Use
lime-sulphur A, winter strength.
Second Application
Ju3t before the blossoms open,
lime-sulphur 0, with arsenate of
Unnecessary in Dry Belt.
Third Application
Immediately   after   all    blossoms
fallen.    Use lime-sulphur B  with  arsenate
of lead.    Unnecessary in Dry Belt.
Do winter pruning before the first application. In moist climates or if we»tl;er
be unusually damp, give a fourth application of lime-sulphur B two or three weeks
;>fler third spraying. For aphids, watch
very carefully to detect first ones, just  be-
If  so, spray with
leaf   buds   burst,
black leaf, diluted 1-60
cracking,   blight,   blister   mite.
Scab or
First Application
Spray shortly before buds burst.
Iime-3ulphur A.
Second Application
Just   before   the   blossoms   open,
lime-sulphur   B.     Second   and   third
plications  unnecessary with  non-scabbing
varieties or in the Dry Belt.
Third Application
Just after blossoms fall. Use lime-
sulphur B.
Note—Cut out and burn blight as soon
as seen, cutting one foot below diseased
nrea. Disinfect tools. In unusnally damp
weathear. give fourth spraying, lime-
sulphur B, two or three weeks after third
Brown   rot,    shot-hole,    fungus,    slugs,
aphis, gummosis.
First Jipplicalinn
Shortly before  buds  burst.     Use lime-
sulphur A.
Second application
Just after fruit is set. Use lime-sulphur C.
Third Application
In   early   June,   arsenate   of lead,   one
pound to forty gallons, for slugs.
Where brown rot is   prevalent,   destroy
all mummied fruit in the autumn ;   prune
the tree to admit 3un!ight, and thin fruit
so that no fruits touch each other. Look
for aphids just before buds burst, and if
found, spray with btack leaf at 1-60.
Spray for slug on cherry as on the pear.
For gummosis, cut out gum-pockets, disinfect and paint the wounds. Prune
bearing cherry-trees lightly after fruit has
been picked. Discourage heavy growth
of young trees.
Leaf curl, twig-borer, mildew.
First application
Shortly before buds burst. Use lime-
sulphur A.
For mildew, cut off and burn all affected
twigs at winter pruning. No. satisfactory
summer spray for mildew has been yet
secured. Lime-sulphur at 1-60 is worthy
of further trial.
First Application
Before growth Legins. Use Bordeaux
Spraying hardly pays for anthracnose.
Cut out and burn old canes as soon as fruit
is picked. Keep plantations well cultivated
and fertilized. Set out new plantation
about fifth year.
Preparation of Sprays
Lime-sulphur A, winter strength. Dilute
the commercial preparation, I gallon to 9
of water.
Lime-sulphur B, summer strength, for
apples and pears. Dilute the commercial
preparation, I gallon to 35 or 40 of water.
Lime-sulphur C, summer strength for
plums, cherries, etc. Dilute the commercial preparation, I gallon to 55 or 60 of
water. Experimental as yet, try a few
trees first.
Arsenate of Lead, use 2 lbs. of the commercial paste to 40 gallons of water. For
slugs I lb. to 40 gallons.
Black Leaf Nicotine Extract. Dilute
1-60 for woolly aphis, mealy plum aphis,
1-70 for black aphis, and 1-80 for summer
spraying on apple aphis.
Bordeaux Mixture, 4, 4, 40 formula. See
Formula. For Insecticides
/.   Internal Poisons (for  Biting Insects).
(1.) Arsenate of Lead—used almost exclusively in British Columbia. Use only
paste form, do not accept powdered.
Ordinarily, us* 2 lbs. to 40 gals. (Imperial).
For pear slug, use I lb. to 40 gals. Caterpillars, when plentiful, 3 lbs. to 40 gals.
(2.) Paris green for cut worms, mix I
lb. Paris green with 50 lbs. bran moistened
with sweetened water. Scatter in evening
on soil by plants.
(3.) White Hellebore, I oz. to 2 gals,
water for spraying. For dusting on plants,
use undiluted. For root maggot, dust
close to plants.
2.    Contact Poisons (for Sucking Insects).
(1.) Black Leaf Tobacco Extract. Ddute
the commercial article with water as
follows: 1-60 for early spraying, or for
wooly aphis or mealy plum aphis in summer; 1-70 for black aphis on cherry; 1-80
for green apple aphi3 in summer.
(2.) Whale-oil 5oap, 7 lbs., Quassia
chips, 8 lbs. to 100 gals,  water.    Boil the
chips in about 8 gals, water for I hour.
Dissolve the soap in hot water, strain, nnd
mix both solution;) together, add water to
make 100 gals. This is an old and efficient
remedy for aphis.
(4.) Lime-sulphur wash. See under
/. Bordeaux Mixture.
Copper Sulphate (Bluestone)        4 lbs
Unslacked Lime 4 lbs
Water 40 gals.
Dissolve the Copper Sulphate in a wooden vessel with hot water, pour it into n
barrel, and add cold water to make 20 gn!s
slake the lime with hot water, and add
water to make 20 gals., stir both well, and
pour the lime into the crppei" sulphate
barrel. Observe these directions very
For Fall spraying, for black spot   canker
on the apple-tree, use double quantities of
lime and copper sulphate.
2, Lime-sulpher.
The commercial article is used in British
Columbia almost altogether. When bought
it should be of a strength to register 32.5.
when tested with a Baume Hydrometer, or
a specific gravity of 1.28 on the specific
gravity hydrometer.
For   winter   application   dilute   with   9
times its volume of   water.    For   summer j
application dilute 35 to 40 times,   und   for ,
summer use on plums and   cherries   with
55 to'60.    Summer   applications,   even   at
these dilutions may cause more or less injury   to   foliage.    Experiment   on   a    few |
trees first. j
(For Wounds on trees, pm >ing-loo!s used for
Corrosive sublimate, I part to 1000 of
water. Best to get tlie drug-store tablets
use one tablet to a pint of vvnter. Apply
with brush or swab.
Corrosive sublimate is highly poisonous
if taken internally. It also outrides metals
and must be used in wooden or glas3
Hints on Successful Spraying
1. Get pruning done before doing winter spraying.
2. Know what you are spraying for.
3. Get a good pump, and take care
of it.
4. Spray with at least ICO lbs. pressure
us<ng a large circular nozzle of the Friend
type. If you can use 150 lbs. or over, the
Bordeaux no/zel gives a batter driving
spray for winter spraying of old trees.
Use an Angle nozzle.
5. Spray thoroughly. Get every spot
covered. There is no injury from over
spraying. Half-hearted spraying is useless
for the trees, and costly for the owner.
You can get further information on this
sub/ect by addressing the Horticulturist,
Department of Agriculture, Victoria.
City of Kelowna
Notice is hereby given that the Council
of the City of Kelowna have appointed
Wednesday, the 17th day of May/1911, at
the hour of 10 o clock in the 'forenoon, at
the Council Chamber, Kelowna, B. C, as
the time and place for hearing complaints
against the assessment for the year 1911 as
made by the Assessor.
Any   person   complaining  against    the
i assessment must give notice in  writing   to
the Assessor of the ground of his complaint
at least ten days bef6re   the   date   of  the
first sitting of the Court of Revision.
G. I.. DUNN,
City Clerk
Dated nt   Kelowna,   B.   C,   April   8th
IH^SajT -A' ;r'->' t~f":
Trade: Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anvone sending af.ke.cli and description mny
. ... ... ...   _, jj,,..	
.ulcl.lf ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention Is pruhnblsr patentable.. Coinniuiileu-
tloiiBBtrlctlyconilcloiitral. HARIBOOK on Patents
sunt free. Oldest naoncy for oecunnifpntontn
ralants taken turoiicli Munn & C».
tpecialnotice, without cbnrge, lathe
, reculvo
When a medicine must be given to young
children it should be pleasant to take.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is made
from loaf sugar, and the roots used in its
preparation give it a flavor similar to
maple syrup, making it pleasant to" take. It
has no superior for colds, croup and
whooping cough. For sale by all dealers.
A liaroJsomely illnttratsd weokly. Lfiw»t circulation of any Sitit.nti.lo journal. Terms for
Canada, 83.75 a year, postnjo prepaid. Sold by
all newsdealers.
. _ s« & Co.36SSroa<,w^- New Yorli
Branch Office. 025 F St. Washington, D, C.
In cases of rheumatism relief from pain
makes sleep and rest possible. This may
be obtained by applying Chamberlain's
Liniment.    For sale by all dealers.
Will be at Summerland until
about May 1st.
The Kelowna Canning Co., Ltd., having
made arrangements for the installation of
an up-to-date Corn Plant, are now open to
contract for at least 50 acres of corn for the
season of 1911.
Intending    growers    are     invited    to
secure their contracts as early as   possible
as, in view of the cobs only being require
for canning purposes, the stalk will find
ready   market   for stock feed, and in con- j
sequence this crop will prove most   lucra
tive.    Lose no time.    Apply early.
Holstein Friesian Bull
Homestead Colantha   '
Sir Paul
No. 8593
Stands for service at the Hawkesdale  Ranch (R. E.
Harriss, prop).
Official Butter Record Dam, at 2 years old,    15.65 in   7 days
62.77     30 days
„ „ „   Sire's Dam 31.83        7 days
122.77    30 days
Average for 7 days of dam, (at 2 years old), and Sire's  dam,   23.74 lbs butter
30 92 lbs. butter
Great grand dam of this bull was the famous Colantha"4th, Johanna, holding1
the world's highest official butter record, irrespective of breeds.
The Merchants and Businej
Men of Kelowna have agree!
to close their places of businel
every Thursday, at 12.30  p.r|
From April  6th to Octobs
26th, 1911,
Both Days Inclusive.
Provided    that    no   weekly  half-holic
shall be held in any   week  during  whid
a statutory holiday shall be observed, or]
civic holiday proclaimed.
Provided also :  that this agreement shtfj
be binding on the parties thereto   only
long, as its conditions are observed   by
the business firms concerned.
«__a.»yir»i_.----:_N._»..^»..ii._i i_ui.-i. ___«_■__.
Ladies  White Underskirts.
And here is where you will find Bargains.    Quality and Quantity.
A big range to select from.'y     Prices from $1 to the Finest Quality at $5.50
All sizes from 38 to 42.        Here is a chance to fit yourself up with some lovely
Whitewear for your Holiday Trip.
Gowns and Corset Covers.
From, the pretty Lace Trimmed Cambric Corset Cover to the Fine all-over
Embroidered Muslin Cover, have found their way in the
Ten-day Whitewear Sale.
Children's Dresses
50 Little Tots' Dresses, values, $1.10 and $1.50
Special to clear, 75c
Hosiery     Three Specials
Best wearing stocking for the boys, 3 pairs for $ 1.00
Ladies' stockings, 2 pairs, 35c
Men's special, 2 pairs, 25c
Special sale of 1000 yards of imported Gingham
Special values, 12^c per yard
See our big BOOT and SHOE SALE
It's Man's Turn
to be Well Dressed
Ever since Eve chose the prettiest and most becoming fig-leaf in the garden the eternal feminine haa dressed more
richly than the male. It is characteristic of the sex that woman had an intuitive understanding of the economic value of
good clothes long before the idea penetrated the reasoning head of man. Always she has wanted them for herself (and
usually she gets them). The small boy lifting his voice against the maternal application of soap suds and scrubbing
brush is the early masculine protest against the doctrine of the value of appearance which met the usual and most deserved
fate of masculine protest.
It is one of the unending struggles of feminine intelligence to instil the truth of the doctrine in the dull male mind.
But the dull male mind is beginning to understand and appreciate.—He is beginning to demand finer raihment with
the result that the demand for
20th Century Brand Garments
keeps the big tailor shops in Toronto working overtime.    O, you Adam, come look at these fine clothes!
Phone 22
Established 1850.
Phone 22
1-H.wiih urn ii .!■"■■
*■■*■■-;, i,^^...^^^^^^^^, jLtftt^Jt.., mm
Thursday, April
The car with the get-there-and-back
wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds these two special facts:
Robin  Hood Flour must satisfy you in two
fair trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour.
Robin  Hood  Flour absorbs .''.more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf. J
The provincial government has
purchased a steam launch for the
purpose of patrolling the coast to
prevent depredations on crown
timber lands.
, Provincial and General News - fl|    LAYRITZ NURSERIES,
Oats, BranrlMieat,
Barley andOdtChop
Fresh Clean Stock, just In.
_Buggies, Cutters, Wagons,
Bob-Sleighs, etc.
Do your own and other spraying rapidly, cheaper, and
more effectively.   Do all kinds off odd jobs  with the
engine—pumping, sawing wood, feed grinding, etc.
Dealers in Farm and -
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St. and Lawrence Avenue.
.   PHONE 150
The committee of the " made in
Canada" fair to be held in Vancouver are endeavouring to arrange
a novel scheme for the erection of
the fair building. The idea is to
have the structure built in a single
day, the carpenters of the city to
the number of a hundred, a thousand, or eighteen hundred aa many
as necessary to give their services
on some public holiday.
An Australian carpenter has laid
claim to the earldom and estates of
the Earl of Dudley, governor-
general of the Commonwealth.
A  blind  horse  the   other   day
kicked his way through two   big
plate, glass  windows  of a jewelry
store in New York and sent $200,-
000   worth  of   diamonds   in   the
window  flying    into    the    street.
Policemen stationed at this, one of
the busiest corners in down-town
New  York,  had all they could do
to control the crowds which watched  the  proprietors  and  clerks of
the establishment pick up the gems.
The jewelers said that an inventory
would be necessary before it would
be  known  if anybody   had   got
away with any of the diamonds.
" The following rider was attached
to the verdict of accidental death
given at the inquest on four loggers
killed by the explosion of dynamite
at Pitt Lake : "This jury is of the
opinion that owing to the number
of accidents that have occurred by
the careless -use of dynamite none
should be allowed to use explosives
for blasting:ptirposes but properly
qualified men and in cities or
municipalities those men should be
appointed by the qity or municipal
authorities."    7J
Reynold's  Newspaper   says    a
good deal of amusement is  being
caused on the  big  Atlantic  liners
by the extent of the  retinues  of
employes which some families find
it necessary to take on the voyage
across the  herring pond to  minister to their comfort  arid  sense  of
importance.  In one recent instance
the father had his valet, the mother
her maid as well as a special stewardess,  the   elder   daughter   her
maid, the younger daughter her
governess, and  each  of the two
sons their nurse—or a  retinue  of
seven persons.   In another instance
the father had his chauffeur as well
as a man-servant, the  mother  her
maid, the son  his  tutor,  and  the
two daughters their governess and
nurse  respectively.     Those . who
make this display are in most cases
it must be said, not subjects of this
effete old monarcy at all,  but  citizens of the great, free, go-as-ydu-
like American republic.
A football association has been
formed in Toronto to control the
"soccer" game throughout the
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses/Ornamentals, and
general Nursery Stock.
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and all the
standard varieties.
H.   E.   BOYER,   Manager.
Fire in the Lake of the Woods
Milling company's warehouse at
Winnipeg last Thursday resulted
in the destruction of 4,000 bags of
Rough and Dressed Lumber.
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc.
Kelowna Saw-Mil! Company, Limited
All kinds of Repairs
Fines aggregating $1,800 were
collected at Hazelton last week as
the result of a raid on a blind pig
operating in that locality.
A number of counterfeit Bank of
Montreal-notes4or five dollars are
in circulation. They "bear #the
number 229707, series B, of Jan. 2,
.1904. They are lithographed but
the work is clumsy. The bank is
sending out a.warning to its west
ern; branches7
The isolation hospital at New
Westminster was destroyed by fire
last Saturday, and some sixteen
patients have had to be housed in
tents and out building.
B. S. Jenkins, western superintendent of the Canadian Pacific
telegraph system, states that during
the present year no less than 7000
miles of copper, wire will be
strung in British Columbia.
Commencing last Friday the
curfew by-law is being enforced in
Prices Quoted to Any Point
on the Lake
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66
Kelowna, B.C.
New C; P^R. Tug
Phone 11    .
Phone 120
Kelowna Manufacturing
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
W« haoe a lar6e consignment of the latest lines of
Piature Moudings JUST IN.
Note ia your time to get all your Picture Framing
done, at prices that DEFY COMPETITION.
Satisfaction Guaranteed, Office Phone, 85
Trustees. Rev. T. Greene, C. S. Smith, M. G. Gorrie, E. R. Bailey. *
'      Librarian : J. B. Whitehead.
Subscription i $2 per year, with deposit of 75c. returnable upon withdrawal.
Country members allowed 30 days, town members 14 days far reading.
The books are placed just inside the door of the Billiard Hall, and can he ob.
tainod between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Borrowers wishing to do so may leave books for ertchanee with   Mr. J.  M,
Croft, shoemaker, Bernard avenue, giving librarian choice of three books.
J. B. WHITEHEAD, Billiard Hall, Kelowna.
A development of the greatest
importance to; the whole of the
Okanagan, and one that will revolutionize : the handling   of  freight
in this district was perfected last
Wednesday when the tug, Castle-
gar, was launched from the ways
at Okanagan Landing.   Early last
year her keel was laid,  and from
then until now, under the supervision of Mr.  Stobo,  skilled  men
have toiled day in and day outun-.
til the last touch was put to her
name.   To Mrs. Captain Reid  fell
the honor of christening*.   Just a1
few minutes after  3  p.  in.  when
Mr. Bulgar gave the command   to
J1dut" and asTtfie tug slowly  glided
down the ways gaining speed  as
she went sweeping past the spectators into the deep: waters of the
Okanagan Lake,,Mrs. Reed broke
the bottle of sparkling liquid across
her bows.   There was little demonstration attending the  launch, but
a large number, of residents and
others, including the school children, were present to watch   the
ceremony.   From the bow of the
boat floated a pennant with the
name Castlegar;  on the mast was
the Canadian  Pacific   Company's
house flag, and. from   the   stern
waved the red  ensign.   This tug
has been built for heavy duty. Her
length over all is 96 feet, moulded
beam 18 feet.   She is fitted  with
compound engines,  has a screw
6 feet 9 inches, draft 7 feet 10 in.
and will develop a speed of about
11 knots per hour.   Her w<jrk will
mainly consist in towing car barges
on the lake, two of which have recently been constructed, After the
launch she was berthed at the new
dock and coaled, and on Saturday
made her first cruise in the lake.
Capt. Weeks will shortly take command and the Steamer Aberdeen
will be taken up for repairs. While
the ■ Aberdeen is undergoing  repairs the Steamer ' York   (Copt.
Reid) will take her trips.—Vernon
.'.■' Adjutant    Blackburn     of    the
Salvation   Army   at   Vernon   has
been  in  town  during   the   week
collecting funds  for   their  ; wqrk.
The    following    latest   facts and
figures which he gives showing the
work of the Army and the enormous
worfd-wide scope of;the movement,
may be of interest:
J Corps and outposts ...^..... ..........
Officers, cadets and employees..:..
Local officers.'.	
Services held annually	
Weekly attendance at same..
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Plate Glass.
New and commodious house and lot sn Lake Shore,
For Sale' '
City water, Electric light, and all modern conveniences.
Price $3,000.     $600 cash, balance in two equal annual
payments, purchaser to assume mortgage.
Owner might consider monthly payments.
.i1        *>_'■
Persons annually professing Conversion	
Countries and Colonies operated..
Weekly and monthly periodicals^
Languages in which printed	
Circulation per issue....;	
Rescue hemes..........................
Slum posts   	
Food and shelter depots	
Labour Bureaux'........	
Labour Factories 	
Farm Colonies
Children's homes
To(aI  social institutions iqr men
and women     _,
Officers  and  others  entirely employed in same
Accommodation in same
Poor persons daily assisted -
.....   60.260)
.....   -22,9841
_ Situated within one half mile of town, and being
about loo feet above the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the town, lpko and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water*
Close to Town and Market.
There is only one GLENMORE.   Don't miss the opportunity of  selecting  a few acres of this desirable .
If you wish a.cheap building lot or an acre of land call on us and we will
show you our sub-division
Just four block, from je centre of the town.     Prices low.   Term. easy.
monthly payments if so desired.
Reciprocity Bill Passes
At Washington
The Canadian reciprocity agree
ment, supported by ail but a handful of Democrats, and opposed by
a majority of the Republicans,
passed the House of Representatives last Friday, by a vote of 265 to
89. With nearly 200 Democrats in
control and their action endorsed
by many Republicans, the bill was
adopted with no amendments, and
in almost identically the form in
which it passed the house last
< >J
"Our baby cries for Chambcrlnio's
Cough Remedy,'' writes Mrs. T. B.
Kendrick, R&saca, Ga. "It is the bust
cough remedy on the market for coughs,
colds and croup."   For sale by all dealers.
Asparagus Roots, 2 yrs. old
Rhubarb Roots
Strawberry Plants
Blackcurrant Bushes, 2 yrs
Raspberry Canes
Pendozi Street.
Under New Management.
TheBlackwood LiveryStables, recently
carried 01^^ is now
under new management. '
New nave been
added, arid Everything conducted
in first-class; city style.
Prompt and carefiil attention to all
orders for livery or express.
> .*. * **
^  '\tfa
"*>n/wv%i+m*q*iffk Th
- *V y
:l\ W>.
«t«, The Orchard Gity Record
Thursday, April 127
ie Most Goods
The Greatest Values Always
Saturday is Bargain Day!
Do not overlook this, it is of interest to
Good Laundry Soap 7 bars - 25c
Laundry Starch 1 lb. bulk - 1 Oc
Japan Rice, special value 5 lbs. 25c
Kelowna Canned Peaches 20c per tin
Domestic Sardines 4 tins - - 25c
10 lb. sack of salt - - - - 20c
Highest Quality Greatest Quantity
Lowest Prices
We have again  secured  the  agency
for the famous O.V.C. Ice Cream.
Watch for our Opening Day.
Phone 35
Phone 35
Every season finds
more women seeking
the protection that
comes with the trademark of  the  famous
The number of
"Queen Quality"
Customers is now up
in the millions.
But  this   is   nothing
surprising to  those
who know the Shoe.
|   The only  wonder  is
| that any woman  can
be induced  to wear
anything else.
The Kelotona
tf. B. M. CALDER
N.B. 5 per cent, off
on all cash purchases
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods* 314     Office, 143
French Sprats  in Peanut Oil
This is something new and nice in the Sardine line,
and is particularly appetizing at this time of the year.
We dislike giving you a price on this article
for fear you may think the quality is inferior,
but we wish to assure you that the  quality
is fine, simply fine.
Get a tin with your next order, and try them with a
little lemon juice.
The price is only ten cents per tin.
Just now any thing fresh and green tastes especially good
and, realizing that fact, we try to always have on hand
Asparagus, Lettuce, Cucumbers,
and Rhubarb.
All from the local market, as well as
Cabbage, Celery, Oranges, Lemons,
Grapefruit, and Bananas,
from outside markets.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
His Studio Would  Prove r^scinating
to   the  Ordinary Woman,
Plain, pverydwy little wortien who
t-ikf pride in their one best frock
mi.de by the home dressmaker
"whose work is n-ally beautiful, my
<!enr. and so reasonable, too," have
but a verv vacue idea as to just what
the workrooms of a srreat Paris dress-
maker are like There every one has
his own specialty-how these Paris
erirU wruild smile over the efforts of
ihe neishl.orhood sewing woman who
can turn out a very neat tittle sown,
or =o it seems to us. in three days,
putting everv stitch into it herself! —
ami the work is most cleverly and
carefully divided. There are girls
who never handle anything but
bodices; others who only deal with
.leeves; and for skirts, furs, cloaks,
embroideries, lingerie, etc., there are
special departments of workers.
\uain. in each atelier the workers!
have various ranks. There is the
premiere, the seconds, the first;
"hands," the spwing machine girls,
the stnnll "hands." the apprentices,
and finallv the "arpettes," that is
t!ie little (.'iris who do the errands and
ni-!)  from floor to floor.
One of the ino»t important work-
room* is, of course, thnt of the
drauuhtsmpn. where new models are,
• i-iric invented and where models
that have b n created are "fixed."
For among leading coutouriers there
are some who work like architects
•md others like florists.
The "architect.." before handlim?
the material with -which the crown is
to be made, draw sketches and meditate over them. Pencil or brush in
hand they look for tone, shape, line,
li.-.-.uo. and it is only when every detail has been settled that the model
is can ind out according to the drawing and the various notes which ac
company it.
After everything is "established,'
so that all there remains to do is to
sew it together, the draughtsmen
comes in and copies the model, which
is pinned on to the mannequin.
King as a Fire Fighter.
The idea of a real live king aetinu
as ,a fire chief is rather novel. Such
was the case recently in Saxony when
King Frederick rushed about directing the firemen, who were endeavor
ing to quell the flames that ravished
a portion of the palace. Princess
Matilda, a sister of the king, gave >i
hridge party in her apartments and.
while the noble players were in the
midst of their game the wires on h
Christmas tree still standing .in the
apartments short-circuited and in a
second the room was a mass of
flames. The party scattered in con
fusion, but King Frederick rushed
upon the scene and took an active
part in extinguishing the blaz«j.
When the fire apparatus arrived he
took the firemen in hand and directed them with all the ability of in
expert  and   experienced   fire  chief.
Foiled the MatcVi Scraper.
Tbe new boarder stepped into the
ro'>m and closed the door. The landlady stood in the hall until she heard
him exclaim, "Hang it all!" Then
she chuckled softly and went downstairs.
"Saved, and by vaseline." she said.
"My detective instinct told me t-htit
that man is the kind that scratches
matches on the woodwork. Many a
door jam and mantelpieces in the
vicinity of gas jets has been scratched past redemption by matcii fiends
who had no' respect for the furniture.
But 1 have got the best of them. 1
simply smear with vaseline the woodwork that is convenient for scritehiri.1
matches; then the matches won't
light. The man C esn't know why,
but he never tries it again."   ,
The Arabic  Day.
The Arabic day begins at sunset,
and the particular one which begins
any month is that ou which tlie new
moon is first seen after sunset. Apart
trom the cloudiness of the sky, there
may be and generally is considerable
difficulty in seeing the crescent, lost,
as it must always be, in the radiance
of the sea sun, and consequently
there is always uncertainty for some
time after sunset whether the day
that has just begun is to be reckoned
with the last month or ts the first of
a new month.
Baby carriage, good  condition.   Apply
P. O. Box 360.
Modern, hot water heating,  electric   light,
city water.     Apply   Morrison   Thompson
Hardware Co.
Magnet Cream Separator nearly new, also
20(Xegg Chatham   Incubator.    I. Duggan,
Rutland. x
1 Pedigreed Jersey cow,  and a few other
cows, all in milk, also   I   Pedigreed Berkshire  brood  sow,   and   1   boar.      Apply
Hawksdale Dairy. 20tf
Sorrel mare, about 6 years old, little white
on all four feet, white face, branded Q on
left shoulder, pieces out of both ears. If
not claimed before Saturday, April 29th,
will be sold.   C. Blackwood,
Pound-keeper. 21-2
Length 33ft., beam 9ft. First-
class high-pressure engine,
nearly new safety water tube
boiler, all in good running
order. Will be sold cheap for
cash.   Apply P.O. Box 160.
Cr?-im of Celery Coup.
Cook me head of celery stalks and
light leaves in a pint .of water for forty-five minutes; mash the celery and
put through a puree strainer; add a
pint of scalded milk and thicken with
a teaspoontul of flour mixed with a
little of the cold milk; add two tablespoonfuls of butter, salt and pepper
to season . r.J simmer ten minutes.
Just before serving add a cupful cf
whipped cream with tiny pieces of
browned croutons.
Having received instructions
from Mr. H. W. Hardman of
"The Pines" Rutland, the un-
dersighed will sell by public
auction on
Thursday, May 11
in the Afternoon at
2 p.m. v  '
On the Premises at
(near McDonald's Store)
the following goods, viz.:
16 Well-bred
Broken and unbroken,
and Effects
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 Cent per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Mr. Harold Tod Boyd now receives pianoforte  pupils  at  the studio, Trench Block
(Front room). Address box 374, Post office
All kinds broken to drive.   Also all kinds
for  sale.     Horses  clipped.     Apply E. J.
Pettigrew. I3tf
160 acres of good fruit land, 2J miles
from Kelowna and J mile from school.
20 acres cleared, the rest is free from
stones and easily cleared. Small house,
stabling for 6 horses also chicken house
and other outbuildings.- For further
particulars apply to P. O. Box 448 Kel-
owna. 10-tf
Experienced,   moderate   terms.    Address,
Mrs. C. Pitt, Rutland. x
For sal*. Choice Early  Rose  $2.50  per
sack.   Apply, V. E. Dilworth, Rutland.
. . ■ t TO RENT
Morden's house, six rooms, with or without land.    Apply G. E. Boyer. 16tf
Above Trench's Store, also  double  room
for light  housekeeping.   Rents  moderate.
Apply P.O. Box 257; or to W. Parker. I6tf
Three Buff Orpington cockerels,  $2 each.
Apply Mrs. S. Sproul, Rutland.
On  to  my  place,  about  Sept. I st, sorrel
filley, branded CB, white   face, and   white
hind legs.   If not claimed within'  30  days
will be sold to defray expenses.
Joseph Christian, Vernon Rd., Kelowna.
Mr. Boyer Snr. has 5 or 6 small, but very
desirable Properties for  sale,   situated   in
and just outside the city limits. 17tf
For sale, apply Mrs. J. Collins, Burne Ave.
By week or month.   Apply Box W,  Record Office. x
Barred Rock Eggs
From healthy, vigorous, bred-to-lay stock,
kept-in open front houses, summer and
winter. Eggs per setting, $2,3 settings for
$5. C. E. Weeks, Benvoulin.   19
Woman, two or three days a week: for
general housework. Mrs. Ashbridge Glenn
Avenue. 22-23
Right in this Column
is a good place to let people know
if you have anything to buy, sell,
or exchange.
All goods to be sold
Without Reserve and
for Cash Only
< .n Excess of Nerve.
"I like to see a young man energetic and able to push himself," said
the old banker sadly. "Bat when he
borrowed money from.me to buy an
automobile in which to elope with
my daughter it was carrying things
a little too far."
Her Object.
Mr. Snoodles—Good afternoon, Miss
Annex. Goitig tor a walk? I hope I
may  aTJconipany  you.
Miss Annex—Yes. Dr. Sargeant says
we must always walk with some object, and I suppose you will answer
the purpose.
Rapid Heartbeats.
It ia believed by scientists that the
smaller the nninial the more rapid ia
its heartbeats. Thirty pulsations a
minute have been recorded in the elephant, 40 in the horse, 70 in man and
200 in the rnbbit. The heart of a
mouse bents 500 to 780 times a minute.
Hi» Touchy Way.
"He's awful touchy, isn't he?" ,
"I should sny he was. A man who
had a grudge against him defied him
to come out and fight, and he got so
mad a*t the fellow that he locked him-
sell in his office and stayed there two
Cabinetmaker and
Certified Embalmer.
On call night and day.
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
Removal Sale
From now till May 1 st I will sell
off my stock of Jewelery,
Watches, and Silverware, at a
25 per cent, discount, as I am
opening up a large and up-to-
date stock of Jewelry, Silverware,
Cut Glass, etc., in the store just
vacated by G. James, electrician,
in the Spedding block.
Call and get a genuine bargain. Watch for further particulars.
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed
Studio     open
Thursday, Friday, and
Rowcliffe Block


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