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The Orchard City Record Mar 30, 1911

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 Job Printing
Special Facilities for
Executing High-
Class Half-Tone and
General Letterpress
VOL. III.   NO   18
$1.50 Per Annum.
Meeting of
City Council
* m   i _.— ■ ■     . -
Pool Room By-law Still Under
in a
There was a full attendance at
the council meeting Saturday night
last. After the minutes had been
read the following accounts were
referred to the finance committee
for payment:
G. Monford, refund of city's portion of Pound fees charged on
,      10 cows. Dec. 10, 1910 $  10 00
C. P. R. Express..       100
Consol. Rubber Co., 9 respirators     18 00
J. W. Sanders, water connections      6 60
Pay  sheet  for  work  on Bernard
ave., Pandozi and Water streets   385 10
Aid. Dalgleish  announced  that
work on the Richter street side
walk would be commenced
few days.
Reference was also made to the
proposed sidewalk on Harvey
avenue, the mayor stating that the
council generally seemed to be ih
favour of its construction, and in
- all probability the matter would be
• proceeded with.
Mr..R.B. Kerr waited  on the
council, he said, on behalf of Mr.
J.  B.  Whitehead,   who  was   also
present.   The Pool Room by-law,
he noticed,  had  passed  its third
reading/and  the  time  of  closing
had been fixed at 11:30.   He would
like to  have exemption  made in
this clause for public holidays and
the evening preceding such holidays.   The stores, he said, although
closing, other nights, were always
kept open before a holiday.    It
was just at these times that there
waai: anything for Mr. Whitehead
in the billiard room.   The objection
to keeping open late should  not
apply to public holidays.    People
often stayed up late on a holiday
to go to dances, etc., and if it was
right to do that, he did not see why
they should not play billiards.   .
.    There was also another matter.
People    had    often   expressed
pleasure at the way Mr. Whitehead
was running the Pool Room.   He
had tried to run the business in as
straight a  way as possible.   One
result of this was that he was making very little money.   If anyone
else took  it  up they would make
more money, but might not run it
.   as well.   It was not policy,  therefore, for the council to squeeze Mr.
Whitehead in the matter of taxes
so as to make him sell:   Mr. Whitehead was paying $60 a year for his
license, $10 each   for six tables.
-It was not necessary that he should
be taxed in that way.   It was right
enough in towns where each hotel
had say one table each, and made
money from drinks, to charge $10
each.    Mr. Whitehead,, however,
had concentrated ail the' billiards
in the city into one place, and the
City   still .charged  him $10 per
table.   This was unjust.   Considering /hat the Pool Room was run in
a very repectable way, he would
like to ask them to alter the charge
so that Mr. Whitehead could pay
•s other business men paid.
Mayor Sutherland replied that
the license by-law would be taken
up in a week or two. There were
several small amendments to make,
and the couricil would then deal
with the arguments advanced by
Mr. Kerr.
A formal motion was passed
that the assessment of the city be
completed and the roll be returned
on the 15th of April next. Also
that a court of revision to consider
(and adjust if found necessary) any
appeal against .the assessment be
held in the. Council Chamber on
May 17th, at 10 o'clock ih the
The following mo tion was also
carried on the proposal of Aid.
Leckie: "That Mr. Teal be engaged at the rate of $100 per
month as foreman of the water
>. works, on streets and also for any
other work where required by the
city. The engagement to terminate
at any time on notice of the
Aid. Cox then brought up the
case of a sick man who had been
receiving aid from the city. The
advisability of sending him to the
Tranquille Sanitaiium had been
considered, and he would like the
council to decide what was to be
done. The council would be responsible for $ I per day maintenance for any case sent to that institution.
The case, which was a very hard
one was discussed at some length,
and the following resolution passed:
"That the clerk be instructed to
make application at the Tranquille
Sanitarium for the admission of
Nicholas Kremer, and that the city
guarantee cost r>{ maintenance."
Aid. Copeland reported on behalf of the Park Committee that
they had been going into the question of improvement for this year,
and would like to get, if possible,
$ 1000 for the purpose.
Mayor Sutherland suggested that
it would perhaps be better for the
committee to first submit a written
report to the council.
The Pool Room By-law was then
taken up for re-consideration. The
mayor opened the discussion by
asking what the council would like
to do with respect to Mr. Kerr's'
proposal that clause 1 . relating to
the time of closing be amended to
exempt holidays and the evenings
Mr. Kerr here interposed. He
said that on any holiday there was
almost sure to be a dance, which
would be continued all night. If
some of these dancers wished to
go across to the pool room there
should be no restrictions placed
upon them. Of course there were
certain holidays when the pool
room would be closed any way.
For instance, Mr. Whitehead's
religious beliefs would not permit
him to keep open Good Friday.
Aid. Jones: Is that the only
holiday Mr. Whitehead would wish
to keep?
; ^ Mr. Kerr, after a hasty consultation with his client, replied that
Mr. Whitehead might consider
Christmas day.
Some people, said Aid. Jones,
thought that Thanksgiving Day
should be regarded as sacred.
That, declared Mr. Kerr; was a
matter x>f opinion, and depended
upon what church one had been
brought up in. He himself had
been brought up in the Presbyterian church, where no day was
was considered sacred.
The amusement which had been
spreading in broad smiles over the
faces of the aldermen here became
The discussion continued for
some time in a more or less serious
tone. mr. Kerr's proposal, observed Aid. Leckie, was " so sudden."
They had had no time to think
about it.
Aid. Jones agreed that it probably would be better to give the
question a little more consideration
and the matter was eventually laid
aside until the next meeting.
The Cemetery By-law No. 88
was then read a third time.
^ The mayor mentioned that it was
time the applications for sipewalks
and water extensions were coming
in, and suggesied a notice in the
papers to that effect.
The question providing several
new hydrants was left with the
The meeting then adjourned
until Saturday evening next, April
Distinguished Chinese
Kelowna and the
Vancouver Market
The local Chinese entertained a
distinguished visitor last weekend
in the person of Dr. Yip Sun Sin,
head of the Chinese Freemasons.
Handbills were out last Friday
announcing his arrival, and an unusually large crowd, both yellow
and white, assembled on the wharf
out of respect and curiosity.
On the arrival of the boat the
learned Celestial was received by
some cf the leading lights of Chinatown, and escorted to the automobile which was waiting at the
gate. A procession was then
formed which passed up Main
street. A second automobile accompanied the party containing a
fearsome Chinese band, the melodious strains of which caused
even such hardened equines as
those attached to the butchers' carts
to make a wild burst for freedom—
and solitude.
Strange, by the way, that the
horses of all three butchers should
bolt at once. Looks as though the
trade union principle was spreading downwards.
Another amusing part of the
spectacle was the sight of our
worthy.citizen, Lum Lock, mounted
on a white charger, riding at the
head of the procession.
Dr. Yip Sun Sin was advertised
to lecture in the -evening in Raymer's hall on "Conditions in China"
but owing to fatigue of traveling
did not put in an appearance. . Hie
however, addressed his countrymen the next day, and held a
lodge meeting on Sunday evening.
The Dr. left by the boat Moiu
day to continue his visits to the
Chinamen of the interior.
New Boat-building Firm
City Of Kelowna
Notice is hereby given that applications
for the construction of sidewalks under
the Local Improvement By-law, also for
extensions of th\o Water service mains,
must be filed with the City Cterk on or
before April 15th. 1911.
City Clerk.
Kelowna, B. C,
March. 1911.
Messrs. Newby and Jones, who
took over the boat-building business
formerly run by Mr. L. C. Aviss,
have now practically finished their
large new workshop, which has
been built on piles near the boat
shed. The building is roomy and
well lighted and eminently suited
to the purpose. Machinery and
all necessary plant is being installed
to carry on the business on a far
more ambitious scale than has been
hitherto attempted in Kelowna,
and contracts are already in hand
which will occupy the new firm
for a considerable part of the
A fine new launch was built for
Mr. Newby in the workshop at the
rear of his house during the winter
months. This he intends using to
convey pleasure parties up and
down the lake at a moderate fee
during the season, A large stock
is also to kept of all .boat fittings
and general supplies.
With the fine water front and
facilities for aquatic sports such as
Kelowna possesses, there should
be no difficulty in making this the
centre of a. prosperous industry,
and no efforts will be spared by
the new firm to achieve that end.
A project which should prove of
no little interest to the farmers and
fruit-growers of this district was
that outlined the other day by Mr.
J. McMillan, who was visiting the
city on behalf of the Vancouver
City Market. This was no less than
a sheme for affording facilities for
the placing of Okanagan products
on to the Vancouver market.
That thia valley can produce the
very best of fruit, vegetables, poultry
and other product, has been repeatedly demonstrated, and the
wonder of it is that these products
have up to the present been almost
unknown on the Vancouver market.
Vancouver is our nearest large city,
and its consumption of such goods
as.we produce here in abundance
and quality is increasing every year.
It has been asserted that the handicap under which we have suffered
was due to concerted action on
the part of the coast commission
men. Be that as it may, the Vancouver council, who have taken
control of the city market are, determined to: remedy this state of
Mr. J. McMillan, a Scotsman
with wide experience in the conducting of public li.arkets in the
Old Country, has been engaged,
and as a preliminary he has been
travelling through the valley with a
view to interesting growers in his
Briefly the plan is that the market
should be opened and operated'by
the City, of Vancouver, sales being
conducted daily by: private treaty.
Friday is tp be special market day,
wlienall sales will be conducted
by auction (on the same principle
as Covent Garden Market, London,
England.) Immediately produce
is sold account sales will be posted
thus doing away with the long
waiting for returns which characterizes so many commission houses.
In this way it is hoped farmers will
be encouraged to become regular
senders. Cheques will be posted
every Monday, and as smart returns and prompt settlements are
the special aims of the committee,
it is hoped this will inspire confidence in the business. A
uniform commission of 10 per cent,
will be charged, and as there is
now a railway switch leading on
to the. market'platform, this should
be all the charges to meet. The
prodnce handled includes fruit,
vegetables, poultry, eggs, butter,
meat, pork, live stock, horses and
feed. It is well to note that all
transactions - and cheques are
guaranteed by the City of Vancouver. Mr. McMillan will be pleased
to give any further information by
addressing Manager City Market,
Annual Convention
of Sunday Schools
Okanagan Association  Meets
at Penticton
For season of 1911, a water Bailiff, ex-
penanced, to commence work about the
middle of April. Particulars for duties
can be had from the secrerary to whom
sealed tenders, stating salary required.
Must be sent on or before April 12th.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
accepted. Rutland Estate Irrigation Co.
F. W. Sutcliffe, Secretary.
The friends of Miss Jeanne Russell will be pleased to learn of her
recovery from recent serious illness, and that she has returned to
Kelowna to spend the spring and
summer months in the sunny Okanagan valley. Miss Russell is
very grateful to her many friends
in Kelowna for their kind expressions of sympathy and declares
she is very happy to be among
them once more. She will not appear on the stage during the present seasort, but will try the effect
of a thorough rest in the refreshing summer air of Kelowna.
The old building on Water street
until lately used as offices for the
"Belgian Syndicate," is being
moved this week to make room
for a large new warehouse which
is to be erected for Messrs. Thos.
Lawson, Ltd.
Mr. G. F. James is moving his
stock of electrical goods, etc., from
the store on Bernard avenue back
to his Workshop on Pendozi St.
The secretary of the Hospital
Society begs acknowledge receipt
of the following subesriptions to
the Hospital: Previously acknowledged from C. E. Downing,
$5. This should have been $ 10.
Morrison-Thompson Co., $25 ; Jos.
Ball, $5.
Miss Verna Felton and the Allen
Players made a good beginning to
their eight days' engagement at the
Opera House last night in the
production of ' Zaza." The com
pany is a strong one and well up
to their work, and the repertiore as
advertised for the next week
promises to be one of the most
attractive which has yet visited the
city. The list of plays to be presented contains some established
successes, and there seems every
reason to expect they will be well
Mr. Robt. Munson, his many
friends will be pleased to learn,
is greatly improved after his long
illness, and expects to be around
in a few days.
The Funeral took place Monday
pf Mrs. Newman. Mr. and Mrs.
Newman, who were newcomers to
the district were engaged on Mr.
Childer8* place at Bear Creek.
A little girl arrived at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. B. McDonald
The Seventh Annual Convention
of the Okanagan District Sunday
School Association was held at
Penticton on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, March 21st and
22nd, and was attended by a
goodly number of Kelowna people
as over thirty went down on
Tuesday's boat, and a iew more
followed on Wednesday.
There were four sessions held,
viz : Tuesday evening, Wednesday
morning, afternoon and evening.
At each and all of these sessions
splendid addresses were given, and
much discussion of the work took
place. The first session opened
with devotional exercises by Revs.
Cleland and Fallis, followed by
address of welcome couched in a
few well chosen words by Mr. A.
S. Miller, of Penticton, to which
Mayor Sutherland, of Kelowna,
replied, paying a tribute to the
Penticton people for their enthusiasm, assuring them of good
will of the delegates to the convention.
The Provincial Secretary, the
Rev. J. W. Williamson, gave a very
interesting opening address, laying
great stress on the character of the
work to be done in the Sunday
Schools. He said : " We have the
child; we have the teacher; we have
the Book, but the problem is how
to get them all to work together."
He also said the Child is jthe most
important factor in the community.
A^ye choirs of Penticton gave
sever&l musical selections during
the session, which were well received. .
The appointment of committees
brought this first session to a close.
The Wednesday morning session
was opened with devotional exercises by Rev. Auvache and Mr.
Loomis, of Penticton. The president Mr. J. R. Brown, was to have
given his address at this time, but
in his absence Rev. G. O. Fallis
read a/splendid address.
After the reports of the District
Secretary, Mr. J..C. Robson, and of
the heads of departments all of
which were decidedly encouraging.
Mayor Sutherland and Mr. M.J.
Curts extended va heart}' invitation
to the convention to meet
Kelowna in 1912, which
heartily accepted.
"The Problems of the Intermediate Teacher " were next dealt
with by Rev. Mr. Williamson, who
opened the subject after which
follpwed a very earnest discussion
of this most difficult problem.
After lunch, which was served
in Steward's Hall, the delegates
were" taken for a drive to various
points of interest by the Board of
Trade, which proved a decided
pleasure and a pleasant diversion
to all who accepted the invitation.
The afternoon session was called
to order by Rev. Mr. Robson and
Mr. J. G. Wanless leading in devotional exercises.
Rev. John Robson, of Vernon,
then spoke on " The best, methods
to develop the Missionary Spirit in
the Sunday School." He held the
view that no cniid is too small to
learn something of missionary
movements, and that this spirit can
best be developed by making the
children feel their responsibility to
some specific missionary work.
The subject of ' Graded Lessons,'
as dealt with by Rev. Mr. Williamson, proved very interesting, and
the delegates all felt they had a
better idea of this method of teaching after the discussion which
followed his remarks.
Mrs. J. G. Wanless in her treatment of " Primary Work," showed
that she was at home in this department, which is the most important of all, in that the Primary
Worker is laying the foundation
for the child's future character.
After the close of this session a
banquet was tendered in Steward's
Hall at which it is safe to risk a
venture that all the delegates and
all visitors to the convention were
A song service under the direc-
thion of Mr. A. S. Miller, opened
the last session of the convention.
after which Rev. J. D. P. Knox and
Mr. O. E. Etter led in reading and
Mr. Carter, of Victoria, then addressed the convention on " The
Adult Bible Class Movement,"- and,
coming from a man who has spent
years in this kind of work, his remarks carried a great deal of
weight After Mr. Carter's splendid
address, a discussion of the subject
took place, led by the Provincial
Secretary, in which many questions
were asked and answered.
Rev. F. W. Hardy, of Summer-
land, gave the last address at the
convention on "Signs of Promise,"
handling his subject in a masterly
manner. The spirit of optimism
breathed throughout his whole address, and, in fact, throughout the
whole convention.
During this last session Mrs.
Pelton, of Penticton, and Mr. Geo.
McKenzie, of Kelowna, contributed
solos, thus supplementing the choir
The President. Mr. J. W. Jones,
of Kelowna, then closed the Seventh
Annual Okanagan Sunday School
The officers for 1911 are as
follows: .
Hon. President—Mr. A. L. Foruner
of Enderby.
President—Mr. J.  W. Jones,   of
Vice-Pres.—Mrs. J. G. Wanless. of
Sec-Treas. — Mr. Geo. McKenzie,
Primary Work—Mrs. Strout, Vernon/   .
Adult  Dept.—Mr.  C.  S.
Education — Rev.   D. J.
Extension-^Mra. Staipton,
Moral  Reform—Rev. J.
Missions—Mrs. J. M. Elliot Peachland.
Representative to B. C. Association
—Mr. J. Ball, Kelowna.
was as
The Late W. C. Clement
Another of Kelowna's old timers
whose recollections went back
almost to the city's beginnings passed away passed away last Saturday, in the person of Mr."W. C.
Clement It is thirteen years since
Mr. Clement left his farm at ^Tre-
herne.-Man. and came, with his
family to Kelowna. During all'
those years he has been closely
connected with the progress of the
town, and its religious life.
For some time past Mr. Clement
who was in his seventy-third year
had not been well, and on Friday
morning last, was laid low with an
apoplectic seizure, death taking
place the following afternoon.
The funeral took place on -Sun=-
day at the Kelowna cemetery,
service being held in the Methodist
church of which Mr. Clement and
his family had been prominent
The deceased leaves a widow
and family of six who were all present at the funeVal, except W. J.
Clement, formerly of Penticton,
who is now in Ontario, and unable
to reach Kelowna in time.     •
A daughter, Mrs. W. J. Derking,
resides at Summerland. J. P.
Clement, now in business in Vancouver, was at one time owner of
what is now Crawford's stationary
store. The rest of the family are
resident in Kelowna.
The funeral was attended by' a
large number of friends.
At a meeting of the Young Peoples Society of the Presbyterian
church next Monday' Miss Harding
formerly a missionary in Syria will
give an address.
The Opera House has been undergoing a general spring cleanup.
The whole interior has been' in
the hands of the decorator, for the
past few days.
The Ladies' Aid of Knox Church
are arranging for a social evening
on Easter Monday, April 17th.
Mr. Tom. Morrison, of Glenmore
district was operated upon this
morning for appendicitis. We are
glad to learn he is doing well.
i *_.
>    M
J r
w Aw. .-,
AmuM The Orchard City Record.
Thursday, Mar. 30
The Kelotona Land
and Orchard Co.,
Cadder Avenue       Abbott Street
Willow Avenue
On Easy Terms
Under Irrigation and Domestic Systems
K. L. 0. Co.'8 Office, Keller Blk.
Read what the Deputy Minister of Agriculture has to say
about Pendray's Lime and Sulphur Solution:—
Office of the Department of Agriculture,
May 6th, 1910.
This is to certify that Messrs. Pendray & Sons' Lime
and Sulphur Solution has, whensver tested by Officials
of the Horticultural Branch of the Department of Agriculture, conformed to the standard strength of 32
degrees Beaume or over.
(signed)   Wm. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
Town and Country
Mrs. Ashbridge will not .receive
on Monday next.
The monthly meeting of the
Ladies' Hospital Aid is on Saturday
April 1, at 3:30 in the old school
Some further important sales of
land in the district were put through
this week. The fine ten acre bearing orchard of the Rev. E. B. Glass
about one and a half miles out of
the city on the Vernon road has
changed hands at the price of about
$9,000. The purchaser, Mr. W. H.
Cleveland, of Saskatoon, will not,
however take position until the
first of November, next. The deal
was made through the agency of
Mr. D. H. Rattenbury.
Mr. Rattenburv has also just disposed of some 57 acres of upper
bench land at Rutland, formerly
belonging to R. J. Baldock to H
A. Liddle, of Edmonton. The price
named is about $8,000.
The Talent Tea of the Ladies'
Hospital Aid, on Saturday last,
resulted in $47.20 addition to the
Messrs. Bnrne and Temple solicitors, are opening a branch office
in Penticton, which will be in
charge of Mr. Temple.
Mr. J. Bouch, of Kelowna, is opening up a barber shop in Enderby.
The W. C. T. U. are holding a
a social tonight at the home of
Mrs. M. J. Curts. An interesting
item of the programme will be a
paper by the Rev. D. J. Welsh on
"The Moral Conquest of Society."
A good selection of music is to add
to the evening's enjoyment. A
collection will be taken.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Stirling returned Monday from the Old Country.
A meeting is to be held tomorrow night (Friday) at 8 o'clock in
the Fire Hall, for the purpose of
organizing a crew to run the war
Canoe for the coming season. The
canoe was recently purchased by
the Fire Brigade boys. All interested are asked to attend.
Brandon Bros. Lease
Vancouver Opera House
■ Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C. Harvey, B. A. Moorhouse,
B.A.. Sc. C.E.. D.L.S., B.C.L.S.,
and B.C.L.S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Phone 147. P.O. Box 231
Amoc. Mem. Con. Soc. C. E        Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
P.O. BOX 137
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
v. o. Box me
Thone 5(1
Corner Peneozi Street and
Lawrence Avenue.
Mrs. LAWRENCE, Graduate Nurse,
Glenn Ave., Kelowna, B.C.
Phone 134
Mr. Ray F. Brandon who has
just returned from the coast announces that while away he has
completed arrangements with Mr.
Rickette, of Vancouver, and the
Northwestern Theatrical Association, of Seattle, whereby the Brandon Brothers will have a lease of
the Vancouver Opera house during the coming summer. Mr. Brandon also was successful in booking a number of attractions of the
better class for his territory through
the Okanagan Valley. The first
of the series of syndicate attractions
will be Max Dill of the renowned
firm of Kolh and Dill in that most
delightful of musical comedies,
" Lonesome Town." Through the
management of the Vancouver
Opera House this summer, the
Brandon Brothers expect to be able
to induce many of the high class
companies to visit the Okanagan
and feel safe in promising their
patrons some remarkable productions next season.
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PHONE No. 93
On improved property also other securities
Fire, Life, and Accident
Planting, Pruning, Spraying
P.O. Box 174, Kelotona.
are bread winners
We test by the most
modern methods.
Jeweler and Optician,
KELOWNA   -   B.C.
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Varnishes, Floor Stains, Carriage
raints,  etc.
BJffirTBt «ii_fa-taif_i1_;_ni,_i.iv
In the days of the tallow candle prepared his
paint by rubbing between two stones his I„ead
and Oil and color, the next step to perfection
enabled him to purchase his Lead in one
package, his color in another, his oil iu another
and his Turpentine and Drier in still another
with no guarantee of purity. The finishing touch
was made with the appearance on the market of
The Martin-Senour Paint
100% Pure
It contains the same materials minus the
"Wrriag stick" and plus modern and up to date
machinery and the supervision of paint experts.
The result is "Old Daddy Time" has a big job
on hia hands trying to. wear it oS.
See  the  Fine  display of above
and  many other lines at the
E. C. Scott & Cow
We own the most beautiful site for.surburban
residence around Vancouver, cleared and ready for
building, etc. We desire an investment for our
capital which will bring us fair interest. We will
build you a house according to your own plans and
let you pay for house and lot for rent you are paying now, or we will sell you a lot now at about half
its real value, and let you build at your convenience.
To carpenters and other building mechanics we
wiii furnish ail building material atcost for a home"
and you build your house and pay for it op small
monthly payments.
Mr. W. C. BLACKWOOD, of Kelowna, has
thoroughly inspected this property, and has purchased four lots of 45 feet frontage, and we take pleasure
in referring any prospective buyers in Kelowna to
Mr. Blackwood, as to the value of the investment
You will never have as good an opportunity to own
your own home with as little effort.
Electric trams run though
the property.
Hundreds will answer this, and the fisst will secure
big advantages, as the prices, terms and locations
'are changing every week by week.
Phone or Address
1108, Dominion Trust Building,
Phone 8365 or 614, Columbia St.
New Westminster, Phone 687
Open evenings until 9 oclock. ^^^^-^^i>'^^i^v^^^.^^^^jp^^w^^l^
Thursday, Mar. 30
The Orchard City Record
A Tonic that
Tastes Good
and Does
You get all the remarkable
tonic and strength building
qualities of Cod Liver Oil
with ' the bad taste and
digestive difficulties left
out when you take
Cod Liver Oil
It builds up the tissues of
the body, restores energy,
and cures chronic throat,
lung, and bronchial
Very pleasant to lake, and
helps almost from the first
Large bottle, $ I.
Roosevelt Dam Opened
by Ex-President
The Greatest Irrigation Scheme
in America
P. B. Willits I Co.
Kelowna.     B. C.
J. A. Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,   10 Lawrence Ave.
The Roosevelt dam, the great
engineering work in connection
with the Salt River irrigation project, in Arizona, just completed by
the United States government at
an expense of more than $8,000,-
000, was formally dedicated last
weelf by ex-President Roosevelt,
after whom it was named.
The waters held back by the
dam will be used foe irrigation of
ii.ore than 250,000 acres of land
in the Salt River valley, and the
power created at the dam will be
transmitted electrically for more
than a hundred miles down the
valley to operate pumps. These
pumps will rise underground water
to supplement the surface supply
and will thus increase the irrigable
acreage. It, is estimated by the
Reclamation Service that about
60,000 acres will be irrigated by
subterranean waters, available for
for irrigation purposes only through
tbe operation of such pumps". The
big power house erected by the
government at the base of the dam
is completed and ready to supply
electric power at any time. It is
expected that the power generated
at the pumps will be sufficient, not
only supply all the power required-
for the working of pumps in the
valley within a distance of 100
miles, but also to furnish light and
power to the settlers in that territory
and to supply Phoenix with light
and power for running street cars,
mills and factories.
The dam is declared to be the
largest storage dam of its kind in
the United. States, and with one
exception, the largest in the world.
It is exceeded in size only by the
Assouan dam on the River Nile.
in the'eourss of his speech Colonel Roosevelt said: "Thanks to
the admirable work of the reclamation service, under the direction
of Mr. Newell, Western senators
and representatives in Congress
were already fully" awake to the
needs of the adoption of a national policy for the development of
of the arid and semi-arid west
through irrigation."
The Kelowna Ginning Co., Ltd., having
'made arrangements for the installation of
an up-to-date Corn Plant, are now open to
contract for at least 50 acres of corn for the
season of 1911.
Intending growers are invited to
secure their contracts as early as possible,
as, in view of the cobs only being required
for canning purposes, the stalk will find a
ready market for stock feed, and in consequence this crop will prove most lucrative.   Lose no time.   Apply early.
Planting Fruit Trees
A large percentage of the fruit
trees planted each year never lives
to bear fruit. Generally the loss
is due solely to wrong planting
and subsequent neglect.
Plan to have the trees shipped
to arrive when the soil is just right
for working.
When the trees arrive, if you are
not ready to plant at once, unpack
them and "heel in," keeping  roots
moist  until   permanently  planted.
This-merely means that the trench
is opened, the  roots  put  in  and
loosely covered with earth.    When
ready for planting take a few trees
from the trench and keep the roots
covered as much as possible while
planting.   First   root-prune--it  is
generally best to cut back the longest roots at least one-third  with  a
clean slanting cut from below  upward and outward, so that the exposed surface easily  gets  in  contact with the soil.   Also cut off all
broken roots.   Spade out the hole
a little larger than the diameter of
the roots and scatter a few spadefuls of fine, rich surface soil in the
bottom of the hole.    Place the tree
in the hole, scatter more of the fine
surface soil over the roots, working
it around them with the hand, and
lifting the tree a  little to   get  the
soil all around the fine roots. When
the hole is partly filled  press   the
soil down over the roots with   the
feet.   If the soil is dry. pour a few
quarts of water  very  slowly  into
the hole, and shovel in soil around
the tree so that it is planted a little
deeper than it itood  in  the nursery, or just above the place where
the tree  was  budded.    Press  the
soil again around the tree with the
feet and place over it a  mulch  of
straw or something that  will   hold
the moisture, perhaps a foot  deep
and three  feet  in  diameter,  and
hold in  place  with  stones.   The
last thing to do is to head the tree
back to the  shape  desired.    One
must be governed in  this,  somewhat,  by  the  shape  of the  tree
when received from  the  nursery.
Two to four feet is thd best  height
for the  low headed  tree  in  the
family orchard, for it is more  easily pruned, sprayed and  the picking is facilitated.
During the first summer keep
watch to see if the mulch stays in
place around the tree, and if the
summer is very dry, pour a little
water on the mulch occasionally.
It is much better to grow some
crop between the trees the first
year or two, the cultivation and
fertilizing required by the crop'
putting the soil in good condition
for the root growth of the trees in
succeeding years. It is always
safer to protect young trees with a
good fence.—Garden Magazine.
When you have rheumatism in your foot
or inslep apply Chamberlain's Liniment
and you will get quick relief. It costs but
a quarter. Why suffer) Sold by all
Capital Paid Up-
Reserve Fund ••
Total Assets
Ladies' and
Gents* Tailors
Repairing and Pressing
promptly attended to.
Sutton's Seeds
Cut Flowers
Under New Management.
The Blackwood Livery Stables, recently
carried on by A. R. Davy,  is now
under new management.
New Rigs and Teams have been
added, and everything conducted
in first-class city style.
Prompt and careful attention to all
orders for livery or express.
•   mW ___
A "Want" ad. in the Record
is a sure dividend-paying
D. W. Crowley Co.
Kelswaa Ltd-
Wholesale & Retail Butchers
Goods delivered to any part of
the City
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders
Phone 12
From   the   Hawkesdale Ranch  may be
obtained in any quantity from
Messrs. Thos. Lawsop, Ltd.,
or K. F. Oxley.
No more trouble to supply your homes
or parties.
Donations of vegetables, fruit, dairy produce, eggs etc. will be gratefully received
at the' Kelowna Hospital. If more convenient same may be left at the shop of Messrs.
Crowley Co ; Ltd.
The Kelowna Hospital Society have an
Insurance in force which they wish to
bring before the notice of the public.
For the sum of $10 bachelors or married
men ■ may obtain a Hospital Insurance
Ticket which entitles the holder to Free
Hospital Attendance for one year from
date of issue for any sickness or accidents
except contageous or infectious diseases,
which are not be admitted to the hospital.
Applications for tickets or for further information should be made to the secretary, Room 1. Keller Block, or P.O. Box
275, Kelowiia, B.C.
Savings Bank Department.
Interest allowed on Deposits.
H. F. REES, Manager.
If your business is
not worth advertising,'
advertise it for sale.
Good rtieals to be had.
Closes Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9 p.m.
Misses Laidlaw.
Corner Water St. and
P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meat
Full supply of Hams and Bacon
Fresh Fish in season
W. LUDLOW, Manager
Phone 135
We have just received a car of the famous
The models are technically correct, skillfully designed by a designer of well
deserved prominence, to givethe best efficiency, proper trim., balance of weights*
maximum speed, and attractive appearance.
Retain their finish, and attractive appearance for years after the average boat is
discarded, and when needed can be re-finished to look li'ze new. The material
and workmanship is about as near perfect as it is possible to get, and the power,
fittings, and accessories are of the highest grade.   They are built for reputation
also, not merely for profit.
These Boats represent the latest development
in Motor Boat building.
We have also put in a stock of
Peterborough Canoes and Skiffs
The quality of which is too well known to need comment.
Come in and look these over—they need only to be seen to be appreciated—
and be ready for the boating season, so close at hand now.
S.   T.   ELLIOTT    -    Kelowna, B. C.
s -^
-*«*.. <-___f___iM____i„
Tfoa Orchard City Record.
Tftarodag, Mar. 30
Miss Verna Felton
_t~\l _1__.J_____.L ^
Will present the Great Comedy Success
of two continents,
"The Heir to iheHoorah"
Engagement extended to Eight Nights
With a Repertoire as follows:
" The House of a
Thousand Candles."
"Out of the Fold.
Matinee prices, 15c, 25c.    Reserved seats, 35c.
Miss Verna Felton, of the Allen Players.
The late Count Tolstoi's World Famed  Drama,
"The Resurrection."
A Complete Scenic Production.
Monday : "Merely Mary Ann."
Eleanor Robson's Great Success.
Wednesday: "Hello Bill." Nothing but laughs.
Tuesday: "The Second Mrs. Tanqueray."
A Heavy Emotional Drama.
Thursday: "Camille." Alexander Dumas'world famed drama.
Prices, 50c,  75c,  $1.00.     Seats on Sale at Crawford's Store.
■a-- i .^ ^ sx*i*n.\^.
Children's Spring Dresses
A nice range of colors and sizes, as Blue and White,
Pink and White, Blue and White Check, Tans and
Plain Blues, at $1.00 and $1.50.
The size you want to-day may be gone to-morrow
Take a look through this rainge
Miisliii Wear for Easter
Corset Covers
Of fine Nainsook, soft finish cotton, and fine all-over embroidery
Price $1.25 to $6.00
DrawSfis md Night Gownfe
Pretty cambric Night Gowns,
embroidery and hemstitched,
Price $1.00 to $3.50
Hose for Men     Hose for Women   Hose for Children
Silk Lisle, All Silk,
and Fine Cashmere
T7$c per pair
Ribbed Cashmere, Lisle,
and Fine Cotton
~       Tan and Black
" Hercules Hose '* for. the Boys, a brand with a reputation
:.',,;;. u r. •/■•,• m  __,.•_ _m.
New Spring
Whether you buy your clothes from us or not
we would be pleased to show you our New
Spring Styles in
"Century" Brand
They are admittedly the leaders in style, and
an inspection of them will put you right on the
style question. A style for every size and
Phone 22
Established 1850.
KHpw.-i.Hi. .AA-
Thursday, Mar. 30
Orchard Gity Record
"The Mighty Reo."
The car with the get-there-and-back
wait until you have seen a Reo
before buying your automobile.
Impress upon your minds these two special facts:
Robin  Hood Flour must satisfy you in two
fair,trials, or you can have your money back.
It is the guaranteed flour.
Robin  Hood Flour absorbs  more moisture
than other flours, therefore add more water
-   when you use it, and get a larger whiter loaf.
Oats, Bf<myW
Barley aM^^O
Fresh. Clean Stock, Just In.
Buggies, Cutters, Wagons,
Bob-Sleighs, etc.
Do your own and other spraying rapidly, cheaper, and
more effectively.   Do all kinds off odd jobs  with the
engine— pumping, sawing wood, feed grinding, etc.
-   Dealers in Farm and
Orchard Implements
Pendozi St and Lawrence Avenue;
% Bootmaker^
AU kinds of Repairs
Prices Quoted to Any Point
A;^7^on the Lake ;_. ..
Ferry to Bear Creek every Friday.
Box 66 Kelowna, B>..
Phone 120
Kelownar ivm^^
Funeral Directors and Embalmers.
We haoe a lar6e conaignment of the latest lines of
Pieture Moudings JUST IN.    :
Notp is gour time to get all your Picture Framing
done/at prices that DEFY COMPETITION.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Office Phone, 86
trustee*: Rev. T. Greene*, C. S. Smith, M. G. Gorrie, E. R. Bailey.   ,
Librarian : J. B. Whitehead..'♦'•
Subscription : $2 per year, with deposit of 75c returnable upon withdrawal.
Couatry members allowed 30 days, town members 14 days fer reading.
The books are placed just inside the door of the Billiard Hall, and can be obtained between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Bonrowenr wishing to do so may leave books for exchange with  Mr. J.  M.
Croft, shoemaker, Bernard avenue, giving librarian choice of three books.
J. B. WHITEHEAD, Billiard Hall, Kelowna.
Fire destroyed Sawyer Bros.' sash
and door factory at Revelstoke last
.week, doing damage to the extent
of $5,000.
The Hon. R. L. Borden, leader
of the opposition at Ottawa, is to
tour the West during the coming
The Vancouvei Province states
that among the improvements
which the C. P. R. will carry out
this season is a new brick find
stone station for Vernon at a cost
of $30,000.-
it is said that 5,000 negroes in
Oklahoma are desirous of settling
in the Canadian west.
~* The Winnipeg Electric Railway
is endeavouring to secure a new
clause in its charter which will give
the company absolute control of
the light, heat and power of the
city. ■ "
A bust of Simon Fraser will be
placed on top of the pedestal already erected on Albert Crescent,
New Westminster, at a cost of
$800. It. will be delivered some
time in September.
.Rabbits' furs stand for many
things, but it was not known: till
now that they could be passed Tpjff
as seal skins, accompanied by
fanciful epithets. Light has been
thrown on this wonderful question
in a lawsuit, . in. which several
Parisian furriers' gave evidence,
and saia that coats of electric seal,
Columbian otter and other fanciful
creatures were nothing else than
rabbit skins.     .
The city of Revelstoke has determined to consolidate its debenture debt under the authority given
in amendments of last session to
the Municipal Clauses Act.
All the designs for the. new Kin^
George V. postage stamps have
now been finally approved by' the
King, and the work of engraving
the plates for the printing of the
stamps is being rapidly carried out
at the Royal Mint. The King bas
throughout been extremely interested in the preparations for the issue
of his stamps. He has seen designs, sample engravings/and
proof stamps, and has kept in touch,
with every stage of the work.
Successful experiments are reported by a young inventor in New
South Wales with a system of wireless communication under the
earth. The-inventor ■ (who does
not wish to disclose his identity at
present) claims that he has received
a message through 92 miles of the
earth's, surface Tby means of a
transmitting and receivingapparatus
that he has devised.
A party, of British financiers departed for Western Canada last
week after a banquet at the York
Club. Many millions of dollars of
British capital were represented in
the party, who will inspect the
Canadian Northern lines in the
West, and visit all the principal
points en route. On their return
to England a report will be presented to the various interests
concerned. A :■: 7;    -	
*\    .   '   *; >'*7. '   -■
Rear Admiral Henderson, the
naval expert who inquired into
the question of Australia's sea
defences, recommends a fleet of
52 warships, naval bases and a
naval training college, the total
amount involved being £88,000,-
Extraordinary sums are being
asked for the rents of flats and
houses in the west end of London
for the forthcoming Coronation
season, and as an indication of the
high prices likely to be obtained
for good views of the procession,
the occupier of. a house in St.
James's Street has let it to a wealthy
American, who has contracted to
pay £1,000 for the day.
The Grand Trunk Pacific last
Friday awarded contracts for work
amounting to $ 17,000,000. According to Mr. E. J. Chamberlain, vice-
president of the company, this
year's work will include the construction of 645 miles of branch
lines and 265 miles of.the main
line. In addition two hundred
miles of grading will be done on
branch lines. Arrangements are
also being made for the erection of
140 station buildings and 100
Evidently in an attempt to
emulate the feat of Bill Miner in
escaping from the New Westminster penitentiary, a determined
effort was made by nine of the
long term prisoners last week.
Armed with scissors, with finely
ground poinfe, lead slings, hammers,
and other prison topis, the desperate men were to make the attempt
after the church service, when but
half of the staff of warders was on
duty. Their purpose was nipped
in the bud.
Since Jan. ! nearly two million
acres of land have been sold in the
Peace River district, over 500,000
of which have changed hands
through Winnipeg real estate
The Saskatchewan legislature
prorogued last Thursday after passing a resolution endorsing the proposed Anglo-American arbitration
The Manitoba legislature's 13th
session was prorogued Friday
Shrubs, Shade Trees, Roses, Ornamentals, and   /
general Nursery Stock.
Book your orders at once for spring planting.
The highest class of stock, true to name, and all the
standard varieties.
K.   E.   BOYER,   Manager.
The moat common causes of insomnia is
disorders of the stomach. Chamberlain a
Stomach and Liver Tablets correct these
disorders and enable you - to sleep. For
sale by all dealers.
Landscape and
Largest Studios in ihe Interior
Portraits by appointment.
Pendozi Street
Smith Street
Ail clocks in France-were stopped for nine minutes and twenty-
one seconds, starting exactly midnight, March 10th, in order to
comply with the Jaw, making the
time the same as in all places within
a radius of fifteen degrees, and in
which the time is regulated from
Greenwich, England.
The report is again current that
David, Lloyd George' will be compelled by ill-health to resign /from
his post as chancellor of the
Vancouver men have approached the Exhibition Association with
an offer to put on airship flights at
this year's fair. They declare they
are in a position to give altitude
flights, bomb . dropping contests
and races. The machine in which
they propose to carry out their programme is a monoplane of "the
Bleriot type.
Dr. C. W. Duval, the head of the
department of pathology of Tulane
University, announces that immune
serum has been developed as the
result of experiments that have
been made by himself and assistants
with the bacillus of leprocy during
the past twelve months.
The commission form of government for. the city of Ottawa was
defeated by a majoriry of 81. -
A special schoolhouse for the
accommodation of Chinese children
of die district is being erected at
Nanaimo. Sojpe fifty pupils are
to be provided for.       ?■
a .7a.r_._.t_. _____ j.7,1   •
■   r-v new ivicmocust enurcn is now
in     course    of    construction   at
Naramata,  the   foundation   stone
having been  laid last week with
appropriate   ceremonies   by  Mrs.
John Niblock.   The Rev. G.   O.
Fallis, of Penticton, lead the service
and Mr. J. M. Robinson delivered
an. address.     There was a large
gathering of people from various
parts bf the valley.   In the evening
a concert was given, the hall being
An unfortunate disaster occurred
last Friday off Vancouver Island in
the sinking, of the Sechelt, a small
coasting steamer, carrying crew
and passengers to their death. The
passtngers,, who numbered 13,
were mainly labourers bound for
Peddar Bay to engage in construction work on the new Canadian
Northern railway, the remainder
being residents of Sooke. The
crew of four were under the command of Capt H. B. James, manager
of James & Jarvis, the company
owning the vessel.
Asparagus Roots, 2 yrs. old
Rhubarb Roots
Strawberry Plants
Blackcurrant Bushes, 2 yrs.
Raspberry Canes
h   BIRCH,
Pendozi Street.
Rough and Dressed Lumber,
Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Etc,
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability.
MORTGAGES negociated.   AGREEMENTS OF SALE pnrckased.
Pleasantly situated at South Okanagan.. Convenient six-roomed
house, stable, and usual out-buildings. Good water. 10 acres
of excellent pasture for cows, horses, etc.   2 min7from school.
$10 per month.
" v.   :-y:yi
-..  '■ ■:''---y.Us?M
Situated within one half mile  of  town,  and   being
about loo feet above the lake, it commands a beauti;    '
ful view of the town, Wee and surrounding country.
Ideal Fruit SbiL Abundance of Water.
•*>$'$     :  Glo«? to Town and Market.
There is only one (GLENMORE. Don't mis. the opportunity of selecting a few acres of this desirable
If you wish a cheap building lot or an acre of land Call on us and we will
•  7    ;:   show you.our sub-division
Just four blocks from tlie centre of the town.    Prices low.   Terms easy,
monthly payments if so desired.
Fire Insurance
We represent only the best boardrcompaniee.
*: }.
rA«K.ni _ni,~~~_ i j- i.i
wuucu vrivaiiagrtu JUclllUS, JLIU.
Adds Humus to the soil, furnishes plant  food to  both young
and old orchards, increases the yields of your berries and gives
them better flavor; adds to the richness of your apple crop
also increases the yield of your potatoes, and gives them a well
matured, mealy body.
Remember Swift's Animal Fertilizer in addition to  increasing
your yields and profits, also strengthens and gives new life to
your land.   Extensive tests have proved this.
For further information and prices, write or call on
WM. HAUGH Phone 66 Kelowna.
If you Want Your Jams to keep, they
should be put up with
',t < yy x.
i      .
All 3. C. Sugar Refining Company's Products
Consist Solely of Pure CANE SUGAR.
™e British Columbia Sugar Refining
Company, Limited.
1     :-A A /V-* M4yH» )U«,Wbaa*KMt"^JirtiM.i-cJ&ri=-.«T
The Orchard Gity Record
Thitfadey, Mar. 30
In Endless Variety.
Now  is  the  time to buy your Seeds
when you have a large assortment to
choose frorn.
McKenzie s Gold Standard
Seeds are specially selected for
the  West,  and are unrivalled
for purity.    Buy to-day.
Saturday is Bargain Day.
See our display, read our Price Tickets
Compare   our   prices /with
others, and you will see  for
yourself what it means to you.
Choice Fruits and Vegetables, Oranges
Lemons,   Bananas,   Lettuce,   Celery,
Carrots, Parsnips, and Beets.
_■■ I    ______^. M ■■_■■■      ———I     ■    I —^—I— I _^——_________—______■
Bring or send your orders to
Phone 35
Phone 35
If you want to be sure
you are stylishly, correctly, and becomingly attired for Easter
or any other time,
don't fail to come
here and select your
apparel, then you'll
I ,know that you have [
the Best Goods at
the least possible cost
to you ; not forgetting
of course that
Good Goods
(the only kind we
carry), are the least
If you haven't already purchased your
Spring Suit or Coat,
its high time you did.
Why not have them |
for Easter ?
We're showing
styles and values that
will open your purse
if you see them..
Better drop in right
away to-day.
Inspection Invited.
N. B.—5 per  cent,  discount on all  cash  purchases
The Kelotona
The People's Store
Phones:  Grocery, 214    Dry Goods, 314     Office, 143
Have you tried the
i mil
In Cans?
Good Fruit in Sanitary
Cans, with a full
Rich Syrup.
Cherries, Strawberries,
Raspberries, Pears,
and Peaches.
30c. per can.
Try them.
Onion Seeds, in
quantities, $1.25 per lb.
Timothy, Red Clover,
Alfalfa, Alsike,
and   all other Garden
and Field Seeds.
All special  orders
prompdy attended to.
Headquarters for the Economical Buyer
! S
Auction Sale
Saturday,   April 8th,
at 2 o clock,
Davy Livery Barn.
Drive and Work Harness, Democrat Wagon, Planet Jr.
Cultivator, 35 Hens, Kitchen Range, Dining Table,
Drop Leaf Table, Bedroom Table, 6 Dining-room Chairs
6\Kitchen Chairs, Bed Lounge, Linoleum, Iron Bedstead,
2 Rocking Chairs, Stone Churn, Washing Machine, Gasoline Stove, 2 Washtubs, Wringer, Cross-cut Saw, Bicycle
and Agricultural Implements.
At the  rear of   Cameron's
Blacksmith Shop.
Holstein Friesian Bull
Homestead Colantha
Sir Paul
No. 8593
Stands for service at the Hawkesdale  Ranch (R. E.
Harriss, prop).
Official Butter Record Dam, at 2 years old,    15.65 in   7 days
62.77     30 days
 Sire's Dam 31.83       7 days
122.77     30 days
Average for 7 days of dam, (at 2 years old), and Sire's  dam,  23.74 lbs butter
30 92 lbs. butter
Great grand dam of this bull was the famous Colantha 4th, Johanna, holding
the world's highest official butter record, irrespective of breeds.
Now is the time to get your
Buggy Painted or Varnished
AndEuller is the hoy who can do
it in first-class style,
And at   Reasonable Prices.
We have the Finest Wallpaper patterns in Canada to
select from.   A post card will bring the samples
for inspection.
Also agent Jor The Woman's Household Friend,
The Up-to-date
. \r _r«i„	
v dcuuni VsictuiGr,
The cheapest and most sanitary machine made.
Does away with sweeping and pounding carpets
and rugs.    Only $10 each, with wood floor attachment
Every house should have one.
W. S. FULLER,     Kelowna.
Cabinetmaker and
Certified Emhalmer.
On call night and day.
James Bros. Block.
Phone 88.
2 Cents per word, first insertion and
1 CeqJ per word each subsequent
insertion, minimum 25 Cents.
Mr. Harold Tod Boyd now receives piano- yl
forte pupils at the-studio, Trench Block's"
(Front room).' Address box 374, Post office:
All kinds broken to drive.   Also all kinds
for sale.     Horses  clipped.     Apply E. J.
Pettigrew. 13tf,
160 acres of good fruit land, 2} miles
from Kelowna and J mile from school.
20 acres  cleared,  the  rest  is  free  from .
stones and easify cleared,
stabling for 6 horses also
and other outbuildings,
particulars apply to P. O.
Small  house,
chicken  house
For    further!
Box 448 Kel.
Wanted by practical farmer, position ef \
trust   Married man.   Apply to P. O. Box,
406 Kelowna. 18
Daily.   A. R. Davy, Phone 25.
For sals. Choice Early Rose $2.50 per
sack.   Apply, V..E. Dilworth, Rutland.
Morden's house, six rooms, with or with-
out land.   'Apply G. E. Boyer. I6tf
The  Westbank  Trading  Co., Ltd,,
Westbank. B.C. .
Under a Chattel  Mortgage  to  the  Royal:
Bank of Canada for the sum of $7,094.00,
Lien contract  to The W. H. Petrie-B.C.,-
Limited, and by virtue of a writ of  Fi Fa
issued out of the Supreme Court of British ]
CoInmbia,-n Woodman's Lien-for the  sum
of $2,316.35 besides Sheriff's fees and other ']
legal expenses, and  tp  me   directed   and.
delivered,   and   I   have  duly  seized  and
levied upon the following property, to wit:
1st Saw Mill, Buildings and Machinery,
situated on Lot 24 according to plan of-1
suddivision of Lots 486, 805, and 806, ,|
Osooys Division of Yale district, B.Q.,-
known as Westbank,-together with lease
of said lot for three years, subject to ' renewal.
2nd  700,000 feet of saw logs,  more or
3rd   200.000  feet  of  lumber,  more or
less, in mill yard.
4th  Portable Engines and Sundries.
Notice is given that on Tuesday, the 4th "
day of April, at the hour of 11 o'clock of
said day. at the Saw Mill, Westbank, I will
aeh. by public auction the above described
property or so much thereof as will satisfy
the claims and costs. l|
• Mill and property can be seen on apply-.
ing to John Robinson, bailiff in charge at
the Mill. Westbank.
Dated this second day of Macch, 1911.
^_ale County.
Laying  hens
Kelowna Greenhouses.
and  pullets.
Double set of work harness, in good  eon-;
dition.     FOR SALE, smart driver  and
saddle horse, quiet and well broken.
Write or phone C. W. Dickson.    I6tf
Above Trench's Store, also double room
for light housekeeping.   Rents  moderate.'
Apply P.O. Box 257, or to W. Parker. 16tf j
FOR SALE     -
Three Buff Orpington cockerels, $2 each.
Apply Mrs. S. Sproul, Rutland.
STRAYED       *
On to my place, about Sept let, sorrel
filley, branded CB, white  face, and  white
hind legs.   If not claimed within 30 days
will be told to defray expenses.
Joseph Christian, Vernon Rd., Kelowna.
For Sale, Early Ashcroft.   Apply R. E.'
Harriss. 17-8
Do yo'ur watch, clock, and jewelery
repairing. I guarantee to do it thorougly
quickly, and at reasonable price. Clocks
called for and delivered. Bring me
your jewelery and have it cleaned and
brightened up. No charge for that.
No job too large, No job too small.
Prompt attention given to all alike.   .
Bernard Avenue.
All work absolutely guaranteed
One sorrel horse, about 8 years old, a
little white on forehead, a little  white  on
all four leps, branded 5 with bar over, on j|
left shouider. ii
One sorrel horse about ten years old, )\
white face, two white  hind  legs, branded
D on left hip, T on right shoulder,  and
circle S on right hip, saddle marks.
If not claimed before Saturday, April 1st.
will be sold to defray expenses.
C. Blackwood, Pound-keeper.
Mr. Boyelr Snr. haa 5 or 6 small, but very
desirable Properties for sale, situated  in '\
and just outside the city limits. I7tf.
For strictly private Dancing Class a limited number of pupils to make up small
class.   Apply P. O. Box 183.
Strong two wheel cart, cheap.   Apply.
E. A. Clark, Rutland or Record Office
The Merchants and Business
Men of Kelowna have agreed
to close their places of business
every Thursday, at 12.30 .p.m.~
From April 6th to October
26th, 1911,
Both Days Inclusive.
Provided   that   no  weekly half-holiday
shall be held in any week, during which
a statutory holiday shall be observed, or a
civic holiday proclaimed.
Provided also: that this agreement shall
be binding on the parties thereto only at
long as iu conditions are observed by all
the business firm* concerned.


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