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The Orchard City Record Jan 7, 1909

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/o& Printing  \
Special- Facilities, for
s Executing High-
Class -Half-Tone and
General  Letterpress
* ft     ft- t*    •* V    r *
2. VOL. I.   NO. 6.
Andt the J ^world- is
with, you;  Quit and
you stand alone.
Circulatipn Highest,
Rates Lowest.     ' '
'3VS   .J,S
Hotel Early Closing By-law Is
Passed—Two  New   By-laws
; Introduced.
The City Council met in chant.
■   bers on   Tuesday   morning,   His
Worship the Mayor in  the chair.
Present, Aldermen Buckland, Gaddes, Curts, and DeHart.
]••'       A delegation consisting of Messrs.
Kerr and  Mantle waited on the
Council in regard to an extension
of the arc lamp system on the corner of Park avenue to Abbot street
\-,and Abbot street to Lake avenue.
This matter was left over in order
that the Fire and Light Commtttee
■' might obtain an estimate of cost,
the matter to be considered again
at the next meeting. ■
The  minutes of the preceding
meeting were read and adopted.
The' following communications'
-weW received:—-    '
A letter from' the   Cantshone-
' Thompson* Pipe and Foundy Co.
crediting the City with some short-
' age of water pipes.
From Mr. W:T. Ashbridge, City
Engineer, relating to certain expenditures in the Electric Light and
Water Works Departments, for the
.information of the City Clerk,
From the Edmonds Electric Light
and Power Co., stating that they
were looking for an opportunity to
instal an electric light and power
plant, and asking for information
about Kelowna as a prospective
opening. •
From Mr. R. H. Parkinson, relating to  the proposed purchase of
the Agricultural and Trades Association grounds,  w Mr. Parkinson
urged very strongly that the city
should   accept   Mr.   Lloyd-Jones'
. offer of the  park at a price of
. $29,000.   He stated that the area
•of Mr. Lloyd-Jones-property was
36 acres, and asthepark need not
- contain more than about-16 acres,
it would  be'quite possible to lay
lout.about   100  town lots on the
remainder,'-and 'sell them at an
' average.price of. $300.00' each, or
more, and thus acquire a park for
r practically nothing.
From Mr. H. O. Har pin relative
to taking charge  of the city's ac-
'cowuVin connection with the light
and water works plant.
.   From the Land and Works Department;'acknowledging application of the'city for a portion of the
foreshore fronting Kelowna.
" From Mr. D. Leckie,-compIainihg
that the scavenger's services were
inadequate,  and  asking  that the
same might be remedied.
From Mr. A.S. Cox, asking Council to remove from their present
premises. , ■
From J. N. Cameron, re taxes.
With regard to an all-night service of the electric light, Aid. Gaddes, as chairman of the Fire and
Light Committee.submittcd a report
Russel, the engineer in
$1.50 Per Annum.
diction in Kelowna, be fined an
amount not exceeding $ 100.00 and
costs. This by-law is now passed
and become law, and will be in
force as soon as registered at
By-law* No. 52, known as a
" Traders' License Amendment
By-law," was read for the first time,
amending Sec. 23 of By-law No. 2
of the City of Kelowna, which section enacts that trade licences
granted under that by-law shall
terminate on the 30th day of Jurie
in each year, and such enactment
is contrary to the Municipal
Clauses" Act. The amendment
enacts that such licences shall terminate on the 15th day of January
and the 15th day of July in each
year, and no proportionate reduction shall be made for persons
beginnig business.
By-law No. 53 was brought up
and read for the first time. It's
purpose is to obtain the opinion of
the electors of Kelowna municipality'at the time of holding the annual elections, 1909, as to the advisability of taking over blocks 44 and
45, known as the Exhibition
Grounds of the Agricultural and
Trades Association, on the follow-
concitions:— .
Management Of Gity ^Affairs Discussed-Some Pertinent
Remarks Are Made.
1. That the city pay off .the in-
, debtedness of the the Association,
amounting to about $25,000.
2. That the city remove the
remove the buildings off the
street on to the said lands, and
paint and" keep same in good
3. That the city enlarge the
grounds to the necessary size,
and build a fence of'sufficient
height to prevent people from
witnessing sports from without.
4._ That the city allow the
Agriculturaland Trades Associ-
ciation the full use and control
of the grounds for one week in
each year for" the purpose of
holding their annual fair, free of
rent'      - '     -
This, offer "will be accepted by
the City Council conditionally upon
it being confirmed by a vote-of the
electors of the city, the vote to be
taken at the time of holding the
annual elections.
from Mr.
charge of the city plant, in which
Mr. . Russel stated that an all-
night service could be maintained
at an extra cost of $1.36 per day.
Instructions for an all-night service
were given by the Light Committee
and the Council was asked to endorse this action.
By-law No.-51, was brought up,
re-considered, and finally passed
without any dispute. This by-law
is the result of considerable agita
tion to effect stringent regulations
regarding the liscensed hotels, and
the lid is now certainly screwed
down tight Under this new bylaw all licensed hotels are compelled- to close their bars at 7
o'clock on Saturdays and 11 o'clock
other weeknights.'save only in cases
.where a certificate signed by a
medical practitioner is presented,
authorizing' the "sale - of liquor.
Neither    shall   anyone,   whether
- liquor is sold or not, frequent any
bar rooms during prohibited hours.
- Also all bar rooms shall be > so
arranged diat no blinds or shutters
.shall interfere with a clear view
into the interior during prohibited
"hours. Card playing for money,
or dice throwing for money or
drinks are also prohibited in all the
bars, or on any licensed 'premises.
No child-under 18 will be allowed
, to frequent the bartor rooms where
liquor is sold. In case of any infraction of thia by-law, the offender
shall,    on ,  summary   conviction
"before any -magistrate with juris-
Buckland—Gaddes:     That   the
following accounts be referred to
the Finance   Committee,  and,   if
found correct, paid:—
Wm. Haug :.., $50.35
Waterworks paysheet to Jan.... 297.40
•A. S. Cox      10.00
Canadian Fairbanks Co. (water
works)..'      17.00
J.' A.   Bigger (extra work on
Power House)    83.60
J. A. Bigger (balance of contract
price for Power House  180.90
Canadian General Electric Co.
(gate valve)      9.82
Hinton Electric Co., Ltd 1221,48"
W. T. Ashbridge (allowance on
.    engineering light and water
works) 1100.00
T. Lawson (water works sup.).    13.05
—• Oie une coiiatt uciion pay sneer	
to Jan.2  174.75
E. W. Hall (salary to Jan. 2 and
expense ace.)	
Hinton Electric Co. (supplies).
Canadian' Foundry Co. (waterworks supplies)]  450.65
R. B. Kerr (re J. A. Clarke case)    10.00
Canadian Fairbanks    24.63
Gaddes—Curts: That the pole
line be extended on Park avenue
and -Abbot street, and that the
Council recommend connecting
Mr. Hall's house with the service
at a cost of $30.—Carried.
Buckland—Curts: That the report of Mr. Russel be adopted,
and that the Council recommend
an all-night service.—Carried.
Gurts—Buckland : That we rent
a room from Dr. Keller for City
Clerk's Office, at a rent of $15.00
per month.—Carried.
Curts—Gaddes: That By - law
No. 51 be reconsidered and finally
Gaddes—Buckland: That Bylaws No. 52 and 53 be read for the
first time.—Carried.
The Council decided to" adjourn
until Saturday, Jan. 9th, at 9 af.m.
The small hall in the Raymer
block was filled with 'ratepayers
and others interested in i( civic affairs on Tuesday night, to listen to
the outgoing Council give. ari account of the work done during the
past year. Mr. J. W. "Jones was
asked to take the chair, which he
filled very ably.
■ In his opening remarks he. said
it was a pleasure to see the interest
displayed in the affairs of the~city.
and thought it was only right' that
the members'of the council should
lay before the ratepayers,. matters
of importance that have been done
during last year." The Chairman
also invited questions from the,~dif-
ferent electors, on points of general interest
At   the    outset,   His" Worship,
Mayor Sutherland, spoke in a few
words on the object of  the  meeting, i. e., to give the old council a
chance to tell the ratepayers what
has beenvdone in the  city,  during
the fime that they  have been in
office.  * In well chosen words, the
Mayor gave a lucid account of improvements in the  way' of roads,
bridges,   electric   lighting, - waterworks, etc., just touching "slightly
on each department leaving .it for
the chairman of the different committees to go into details.     When
the present council  took office, it
laid out a programme for the year,
and-among other things it decided
to instal electric lights, water works,
to lay out and  improve  necessary
roads,  without unnecessary ^testation, to maintain  law and  order,
and to keep out vice  and ' immorality.   Shortly after taking office in
1907 the' ratepayers endorsed a
scheme of borrowing $40,000  to
instal  electric   lights   and   waterworks.     Unfortunately hard times
came in, and the council were unable to place the debentures.  During   the ' time  that elapsed,    the
council     investigated      different
schemes of electric lighting  and
water installing,  paying every attention to the details of costs  and
profits, and'so by the time the  debentures were sold, they were in*a
position to give the purchase of the
present plant, the benefit of mature
deliberations.   Mr. Sutherland here
described the plant in detail, stating that the electric current is  distributed over 7 1-2 miles of pole
line,    The system has proven larger than they expected to put in at
first and the cost a' little more
than they anticipated.    The efficiency of the  plant,  however, way
demonstrated   in   a- few   words.
The DeHart presentation meeting, will be held in Raymer's Hall
on Wednesday, 13th inat. ' Particulars of receipts and disbursements
at Spokane Show will1 be given.
supplying   the   city   arc
lighting system, it will supply from
2,500 to 3,000, 16 candle,  incandescent lights, and will serve the
city   for  some   years   to    come.
Running at its normal  capacity, it
has an earning power of $15.00
per hour'   An agreement has been
made with the Kelowna Saw Mill,
by which the city can obtain free
fuel for a number of yean.    But,
as his Worship said, what is best
about this system, it is owned and
operated by the city, and is a valuable assset.  A great deal of time
and   labour  were   spent  by the
council in the matter of waterworks.
Thev went carefully into  different
schemes, finally adopting the present pumping system  as the  most
economical and at the  same  time
efficient ' In considering the purity
of the water, the council had  samples taken from  different sources
of supply analysed, and found the
purest and best was to be obtained
from the lake, at a depth of 50  ft.
The mode of conveying the water
was then discribed,  and  showed
careful attention paid to fire protection facilities.   The pump has a
capacity of 750 gallons per minute, and figuring on the amount of
water used in the city  of Vancouver, 60 gallons per capita per day,
this city has a plant that will serve
a population of 16,000 souls, and
will do the city for many years to
come.     The 'debentures  for the
electric light   and   water  system
were sold'at a- discount of about
$4,000, so that next year it will be
necessary to borrow about another
$8,000.00.   Another matter of importance was touched upon,  relating to street improvements. About
sixteen thousand feet wooden sidewalks had been constructed, mainly  under the local  improvement
system, at a cost to the city of only
7c per lineal foot.    Then 600 feet
of   granolithic   sidewalk,   10  feet
wide,   was   constructed     without
costing the city one cent, this also
being done under local improvement      In  speaking  of finances,
His  Worship  said.     "I  am very
sorry indeed that Alderman Stirling
is not present in order to touch on
finances.    First of all the matter of
taxes.    We had three  assessments
made, one in 1905; one  in   1906
and one in 1908,  and  a  rate  arrived'at   The first year you paid
18 mills, the second year you paid
16 1-5 mills, and last year (1908)
you paid I 7 mills, so that you see
we have not been increasing  the
load. of taxation".    It was explained
that the taxes in 1908 were 2 mills
higher than they should have been
on account of the debentures.   Instances were given,  to  show that
assessment had not been raised in
proportion to the increase of land
value.   In the matter of law  and
order, His Worship was very explicit.   The council, he  said,   had
been   very   severely  criticized  in
this connection, and-, as a rule,  by
people   who   were   misinformed.
Mr. Sutherland.said that as Mayor,
he had'to attend, to  this department and any fault  to  be  found
with the constabulary was to  be
laid  to his charge,   not   on   the
Council.   Mr. Hidson, he found  a
very efficient officer,  diligent and
tactful   in   the   discharge   of   his
duties.     At the time that Mr. Hidson took charge, the town was infested   with   store  breakers,  safe
crackers and toughs of many  descriptions.   The recent hard times,
caused many undesirables to cross
the border from the States,  and
some found their way here.   Chief
Hidson   ridded   out town of all
these, and we have  been entirely
free since.   A great deal of this
criticism was not deserved, and to
quote an instance, the Mayor said,
'Two weeks ago last Sunday I had
to jump out of bed to  answer the
telephone, (a good thing in a way
as it got me up in time for church)
and was told  that a person was
freezing in the jail.   I immediately
'phoned to Hidson and found that
he had put thia rnan_in_at_two_m
morning, and that there was the
bedding of three beds at his disposal, and fire wood for three days.
Next morning  I   heard that this
poor old man was in jail all day
without any food, but on enquiring
from the people who supply the
prisoners I found that he had had
three good meals".    Other instances of a similar nature were given,
and proved to have no foundation.
The charge of mis-appropriating
money that had been taken from a
prisoner, had been investigated by
a   commission and found' to be
without foundation.     The  money
had certainly been taken from the
prisoner,   but     die    investigation
showed   that   the' money    went
through the  police books in the
proper-way,  and  the  cash  itself
was in  charge of the 'city clerk.
Mr. Sutherland said  he was not
there to give Chief Hidson a character, but it was not right to allow
these reports to float around, when
there were no foundations.   Turning again to  general  matters,  the
Mayor - modestly   disclaimed    all
credit for .what had been done in
the   way of improvements, commanding highly his wise and faithful council, all members of which
had worked well for the public
good.   He wished in particulor to
mention Aid. Buckland - who had
worked with him for for the last
three years, discharging his duties
in tHe niost important department
of, civic affairs, in a very able manner,   In closing he thanked the
electors for the honor done him,
in electing him to the chief office
in the city, and intimated that he
would be glad to answer any questions that might be asked.
The invitation to ask   questions
was taken advantage of by a number present,   and   matters   made
clear to the apparent satisfaction of
those present.     The  question  of
why   no  financial  statement had
yet been  rendered,  was  satisfied
by the fact that there had  as  yet
been no   time   since  closing  the
books for the year,  to complete
one, but the city clerk and auditor
were busy getting same ready, and
it would be published later on. The
matter of the pnrchase of the park
was brought up, and a motion put
and carried  that a plebiscite  be
taken, approving of the  purchase.
Aid. Buckland, chairman of the
Board of Works, was next called upon, and
gave in detail an account of street improvements in grading, sidewalks, etc,   and   in-
cidentally aroused • Aid.  DeHart's  ire  by
referring to that $7.00 item,   which  was
brought up at a  recent  council  meeting.
After dealing briefly with  matters  referring to bridge work during the past year,
Mr. Buckland mentioned that he had been
asked to stand for the  mayorality of  the
city, he had been before the  public  eye
now for the past three years, as alderman,
and if elected, would work along  a  conservative line as  far as   expenditure was
concerned.   That he was in favour of constructing water and  light  installations as
far  as  the   state .of  the city exchequer
would  allow,   and   that  he  favored  the
establishing of a fire brigade.
Dr. Gaddess for the fire and light department, opened with a few humorous
remarks.'saying that the others had told
the audience what had been done, and he
could tell them where the money went
Giving a description of the electric light
plant, he read an itemized account of, different expenditure, making a grand total
of $29,296 in that department In the
waFerworks department $12,000 had been
expended, ' and the installation effected
chiefly with an eye to good fire protection.
It was not the idea of the council to install
an elaborate water' system for domestic
use at present.. A proposed scheme for
laying on water for domestic use was laid
before the meeting, involving the building
of a reservoir on high ground like Bank-
head, was suggested, which would provide
a supply during a derangement or failure
of the pumping plant.
Tlie next to take the platform was Aldr
Curts, who very briefly mentioned a few
matters in connection with the health department, of which he is chairman.
Last of all, but by no means least, came
Aid. DeHart, who mounted the platform
with a pugi listic air, and straightway started throwing bomshells at the rest of the
council, and Aid, Buckland in particular.
He went carefully over the grounds of
that troublesome $7.00, and showed that
the mistake, if any was a technical one. It
was "in fact, "much ado about nothing".
His remarks on the way some of the civic
works was done, and the money appropriated therefore, were little less than direct
Interesting   Ceremony   Takes
Place Afr Methodist Church.
The service last Sunday evening took the
form of a platform meeting, at which   the
morgtage which had. been .hanging over
the church  for  some  time  was  burned.
The Rev. Mr. Wright took the chair, while
addresses were delivered by the Trustees,
Messrs. J. W. Jones, Hunter, Bigger,' Cox,
and Curts.   Mr. Curts spoke on the history'
of the church, since its beginning some 16
years ago, when they held their first meeting   in   Lequimeo  Hall.   , Services were
continued in this  building  until  about  a
year later,   when  the  first  school  house
was built, and services were then held   in
it for a short.time.   More space being required,   Raymer's  Hall  was  rented- and
services and Sunday School were  held  in
this building (with the  exception  of  two
years when  they  had  no  pastor),   until
about .4 years ago when  they  decided, to
build the present church.     This   building
also had to be enlarged'twelve months ago
to accommodate  the  congregation  which
was continually increasing.    The Sunday
School had been  in  existence  since  the
church was first instituted, and the ' attendance was good.
In Mr."Jones address he outlined 'the
work of the church in the next few years,
and stated that he expected'to see this the
mother church of the section, as the'place
develoyed.'"-.-> 1 -\~'    /
Mr. Hunter dwelt on' die progress of
the church since the time he  came; here,
comparing"the size  of the  building'and
society at that time, with today. -  -    ''
' An account of how the 'mortgage  had
been lifted was given by Mr. Bigger, who
said  that  he  never  found' the"'-work  of  5.
collecting'so easy, as during the last effort  ,
he' made to raise $700.00" on* the -'church'
debt   This gentleman commended "-on the
generosity of Mr. Price-Ellison.^ M.P.P.?-in -,
his gift of $100.00, to cover the last'of the
debtC Mr. Price-EllUoirhad been -invited J-,
to the meeting by jhe pastor,'but was^unT""
able to be present     "'-''   ' '•<■'fV 1 T,
Mr. Cox, as one of the new-comers,, .
spoke of the self-sacrifice of" those'who /
started the church in Kelowna, there being , „',
at that time so few to . help, and ' as .'a '
matter of course, only a few to, finance -"l
affairs. -' s„ - .V ■.„ ..-.-
At the close of the addresses, Mr. Fuller*^;?
brought forward the mortgage  and  other" i&l
papers on a  tray,; which  waa placed  ini
front of thealtar. - The five trustees'- were '    „.
then handed a match each by - the -pastor, ; \A
and whilst the congregation sang the Dox-
ology, the papers were burned. -'- ' i t
Special music was rendered by
choir, under the leadership of Mr. M.
Skating Rink Opened.
. „f "-i.:~k. «t 1 i" i- j l-
 o~- *.»— «\.«g.«* *>. «»«uM4—vrumroitu niv
insinuations  were  very  plain.     Charged
that an appropriation of money was made
for work on Bernard Avenue,   which was
never carried  out.    "With regard to the
streets that were graded up to the north of
the town,"said Mr.DeHart,"! may say there
was never an appropriation made to do so.
Mr. Buckland took it entirely   upon   himself to do  this."     Commenting on  some
gravel that was ordered to be hauled for
street purposes. Mr. DeHart said that the
city was paying for stones and  boulders
hauled off the Kerr and Cameron property instead.   The   meeting  took  a  very
lively turn during Mr. DeHart's speech
and he was applauded several times with
spirit.   At the close of this, address,   the
chairman invited any candidates for office
at the next election, to come forward and
address the meeting, calling on Mr. Ray.
mer by name.   At this,  Mr.  Raymer replied that he came to  listen,'' not to  give
his platform, and that he thought it better
for the people to   know  what  had  been
done by the  present council  first.     Another interesting skirmish took place when
Mr. Raymer went after the  Mayor and
Aid. Buckland   over   the   Hidson 'case,
where chief Hidson  was charged with
letting a man out of jail  for $5.00.   The
speaker had an affidavit from   no  less  an
authority than the prisoner himself to this
effect. uMr. Sutherland disputed ahd said
that the case waa just as he stated.    The
money had been paid into  Court in   the
regular manner as the police books showed.   "1 do not blame  Mr. Raymer", said
the Mayor For believing as he doe*.  '' He
Had heard aa others had heard,, that the
money was paid on condition that the man
-waa let go."   Mr. Raymer:   "1 don't. see
The Skating rink opened  up on' New
Years night with a large attendance.'-The „
ice was in good condition for skating, and
Messrs. Kirkby & McMillan exerted diem- '
•elves to provide every comfort •■ and con-
room is warm and comfortable, and coats.
etc., may be checked by the good looking
attendant who also  dispenses" hot coffee *'
and other refreshments.   The rink is" elec-.
trically lighted and promises to be a" pop-"*
ular resort for all suffering from "skatitis."
The proprietors ' expect soon to hold a..
carnival which will be announced later.    -«
A letter from Mr. R. H. Parkinson to"the
Gty Council, which we proposed publish. ?„ iifj
ing and commenting upon is unavoidably/;.; *,
crowded out this week.   The matter being  '\
of the utmost importance, we did not .wish  . j
to curtail it any, and will publish in full v: *'
next week. , .   ;"*'_'
Navy Yard, Puget Sound. Jan. 6,-..With  v
Miss Myrtle Jones of Seattle  manipulating V.^
the levers, the first shoveful of' earth , on\; *-'
the site of what is to be  the largest''dry->>' V
dock in the United States, costing $2,000,-","
000, was removed today. ::    *    ' • ".'o',,   ." .>„ £
        '    '■*.->   1  ' '  * 5     "V
how you can,  Mr.  Sutherland. <\ lt,1wa>'   v/
never paid into court until the charge' was 'sV c;
brought."   Mr. Raymer was. very^hotv in4-1 v""
his  charges,   and'Mr.   Sutherlahd. was •/£'*
equally firm iii asserting ^at the investiga-v'f*|
tion proved  conclusively- that- everything"" ^.J
had been done in a proper'and .'lawful "<Al,
manner; and for that reason the'/case 'was. ^h
dropped.'      ' <"'      ■   ,'^v »;-1» _ ,V/4V&
"' The meeting' waa^fdlownd^wim^eeh'';^
interest, j»a»d  w&a^vrell   -ordered/''inch'' ,-1 (j
speaker being paid dose attehtidh."* \^   ir ,-,,^.
The meeting dispersed al^tat.^O^rn.,^-/';*-
with the innging of tfM%N|sJB^iAudie».'^; \\\t
■           -^1
'I 1,VT    \   N       1"  ^ "rt i< "r   1.'Wl!<*   \ The Orchard Citu Record.
<!>. "W*
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last week,' and are sending the
Record away to friends.
The cold weather has caused us
a lot of- trouble, with our engine
and machinery,: and is responsible
for the little delay in publication.
It has been suggested to us that
Kelowna should be represented In
the Okanagan Mounted Rifles, a
squadron of which is in Vernon.
In a town of this size there are
surely a number-of young men who
would gladly help in forming a detachment, and amongst the numerous South African veterans in our
midst we certainly ought to find one
capable of taking command. The
Vernon squadron seems to be
well supported, and we understand
that, a second squadron is to be
formed there shortly. A thing of
this kind is. very different from an
ordinary civilian, rifle association.
It is under military discipline, and
each recruit is kept up to the mark.
No one wants to see Kelowna lacking in patriotism, and a .volunteer
corps is the one thing that will keep
our zeal.for flag and country,up to
the right pitch. We would invite
communications! rom anyinterested
in trying to,organize a corps; in
Kelowna, giving information and
suggestions.        '. ',
The Mayor of Chilliwack on
Relating to an editorial appearing in the
Penticton Press two or three weeks ago,
reflecting severely upon the Chilliwack
Liscense Board, as well as upon Kelowna's
liscense officials, Mayor S. A. Cawley, of
Chilliwack, wrote-a letter to the Saturday
Sunset showing how the facts had been
distorted. - :
The editorial said that because Chilliwack
had elected a- mayor who was favourable
to license, "commissioners also 5 favourable
had been appointed, resulting in Chilliwack
now having two liscensed hotels,-in the
face of a '.'petition signe^ by,71 ratepayers
as against a petition of 218 ratepayers submitted by-the temperance element."
This Mayor Cawley absolutely denies,
and gives facts. When application had
been made to the Liscense Board, the
commissioners, in view of the fact that the
city had. previously been "dry," took the
course of submitting matter to the people
_resulting_in_7.Lfor theJiscenae and,pnlyj9
.against it. In the face of that the mayor
felt that the board was justified in issuing
them. , A petition signed by 118 ratepayers
(not 218, as stated in the Press) was certainly presented, but the commission asked for
a plebiscite, and the plebiscite showed the
true feeling of the ratepayers.
In.his comment upon the misstatements
of the Press,' Mayor Cawley observes:
"The writer is infavour of Local Option,
and if the temperance people of this Dominion would be a little more careful in the
statements 'they make; be a little more
reasonable'in their conduct and expressions
towards those who differ from' them,'and
desist from using such gross misrepresentations as are contained- in the' article referred to, it would be very much better for
the cause-they espouse."    -
Reasons   For  Believing  That  It   Is  an
Easy  Matter.
Tho mere ultimate process of (l>iuj;
mm be a relatively easy matter    Am
pcson who lias, been long ill piob.iL.
sulieis moie on any given day of h^
life than he will suffer In the !ic-t o.
departing iroro his body.    It Is |,robi
bk> that a broken bone, a delirious U-
vui    a   di&oidored   vital   organ,   uu\
,t\irise   uioie   anguish   than   the   ti.i I
htruggle     1  have my doubts whetl't'i
the last pang is as Jjad as It seems, Oe
dares Elizabeth Stua/t Phelps in Il.ir
pei's, Bazar.   We are told by sui, 'i»n-
that chloroformed patients may gi\»
appaient   ewdeiKe   of   acute   a„oiiies
\\\udi they do not feel.    Death ilso'i
is   ol ten   an   anaesthetic  so   meitili'l
that  what people call "living trouble'
is obwouslj a woise matter.
1, for instance, who have never fainted and never been anaesthetized in mj
life, have twice become from senous
causes unconscious for a short time
and I have often wished that I could
make over to some recoiling soul whose
name has been heard ringing upon tlio
last roll, call; the. unspeakable comfort
which that brief experience has given
me. There was no pang, no terror, no
time, no chauco, for cither. One seemed to glide gently and swiftly down a
warm abyss, flower scented, grass
grown, safe and beneficent, into unutterable couleut. One melted into
peace. One drifted Into ecstasy beside
which the. deepest joys of consciousness are poor, pale things.
rf one in truth should evade the body
in such a moment, death /would stand
chosen as the supreme delight of living.      '"      y      ' ■      ■'    •' -       ",'■'...
They   Were   All   In   One   Picture,, but
Did Not Stay There.     .
Allan Cunningham in his "Lives of
British Painters" tells a story of Cop:
ley. the father of Lord Chancellor
Lyndhurst, which' reveals what a por.
trait painter endures from the vanity
and eccentricity of his sitters.
A certain man had himself, his wife
and seven children painted by Copley
in a family piece.
-. "It wants but one thing," said the
man on seeing the finished pictuiv
"and that is the portrait of my first
wife.   This one is my second."
"But," replied the artist, "she is
dead;' What/can I do? She must,
come in as an angel."
"Oh, no; no angels for me. She
must come in as a woman."
The portrait was added, but several
months elapsed before the man again
called at Copley's studio, and when lie
did a strange lady held on to his arm.
"I must have another sketch from
your'hand, Copley," said he. "An ac--.
cideut' befell my second wife. Thin
lady is my third, and she has come to
have ber likeness Included In the family : picture." r' ■■■'-•'.'   '.  ,
The painter introduced the likeness
of wife: No.-3,.and the m«n expressed
himself satisfied with the portraits of
his three spouses. But the lady remonstrated. Never was such a thing
heard of. Her predecessors must ,r>
The artist painted them out. Their
the' man disputed the price. Copley
sued him, and his son, the future Lor 1
Lyndhurst. signalized, his call to tin-
bar by gaiuiug his father's cause
A Bad Dream.       v
It Is not likely that anj English
speaking people understand so keen
and punctilious a devotion to the nice
tics of language ns that which^characterizes the French grammarians. Wo
may help! ourselves to understand it
perhaps by reading a story told ofM
One night he awoke and spraug out
of bed with a wild cry. His wife came
running. He was in alarm and despair. ■-..•■■.
"Why. what is the matter?" she
"1 dreamed," said the professor
"Oh, I had n horrible, a heartremlin.-i
"What was it 7"
tinctly heard myself utter a sentence
which had a grammatical error In It!"
' t Grenfell Notes.
We regret to announce the death of one
,of our old and most respected citizens. On
'<lw.Tuesday,<Dec. 29th,-Mr. John Laidlaw,
', who has for a long tim£ been practically an
-t    invalid, passed away at the age of seventy.
' three. The funeral takes place today,
i •*; (Thursday)' from the home. Our deepest
.' ~.sympathy-goes out to Mrs. Laidlaw and
',;' '* herlbereaved. family.  '•'
.w ,' A^ery, nasty accident pecurred on Tues-
- day,'Pec.'128th,, south , of Grenfell. Mr.
' .,} Douce,., who is employed by  Mr. Charles
.   Piebel received an ugly kick./rom a mare,
.,' and sustained severe .injury to, the mouth.
'"' The upper jaw being badly split. A plate
\ , >jras, irUtde to-Jseep the-jaw fc-place. ,Mr.
► > :(pouce,",was unfortunately alone at, the time
', "of the-accjdenr,;and  much  inconvenience
f&fk:£yf*a\'caused thereby.:   A,.,friendj
$(';/'J\r fbriughtihjm ipto>Jw^i. N .^w mtt <
in,' \s. ,.-f \ «      >j '', i       ' i  »    '. - -
Couldn't Miss the Chance.
One seaivt'ly looks for humor In an
undertaker, but that this, 11U:* ni<)<t
rules, has Its exceptions was pvoved
recently In Sc-olltmd. A tract distributer had itII!xed Mils text to a tree mi
the highroad. 'It Is appointed to mm
once to die." This was too good an
opportunity to lie iiiIhkciI by, the local
purveyor tif ciitiliis, who pronipil.
added the following announcement:
"Funerals economically furnished by
"'.'•.-        Honor.
"What they, call 'honor' Is a mighty
curloiw thing.", observed Uncle .lorry
Peebles. "I know a man who would
cheerfully stnho himself to pay a,
gnmblln' dpbt. and ho stll} owes the
preacher that married him twenty
seven years ago "
Art In the Soup.
The artist's wife leaned over and
looked nt her husband's soup after she
had handed It to lilm.
"Oh," s'ip ciie.l, "look at the scioll
the fat has nude In your soup ,Isn't
It artistic? Don't eat It It Is so beautiful/;       	
Forced  Economy.
"Poor Tom, It cost lilm u terrible lot |
to glra up his sweetheart." j
"Then why,did he?" ,   .     -J
'"BopniispJI wutjld have cost lilm a
„great doal more h' ln> hti'ln'l."-London
You have o»!r got to mve a innu money'to nppri'pli.'" -I'l't a stnall plnce,
the world Ib,'  l.io;.d.«'\Veok|v.i
IS**1     \»*    .-1
Christmas Festivities
Will test the completeness of your House
Furnishing. Do not mar your enjoyment by
an incomplete house    ...   A walk round
The Kelowna Furnishing Co.'s
store will give you new ideas and tasty
Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
■•■■'■"•.• Dealers in all kinds of
Orders filled in Short notice
s,.. Manufacturers of ,
Builders' Brick, Drain
Tile and Hollow Brick
ew Store,! P
Everything Fresh and New. ^
Figs, Dates and Candies of all kinds
Nuts pi all kinds, Table Raisins,„Bon-Bons,V
Bananas, Grapes, Jap Oranges, Naval Oranges, Lemons,
Cranberries, Sweet Potatoes, Christmas Cake, etc. ',
Car Lake of Woods Flour early next mobth
-     ■  i        /,   . ' I       o I*
Telephone No. 39 and we will;;be, pleased to,   "'
send your .order up.  ,„  ,    -,. .,,..",_  v
i j
Your Face is a Sight
of pleasure to someone. Send
them your photo this Christmas
Portrait Wo i is Our Special Line
We have also in stock views from
all parts of the Valley and shall
have a full line of post cards for
the holiday season.
The 20th Century Boot
and Shoe Repair Shop
We do not cobble Boots, ice repair them and make them better
than neto.•-..< Do not fail to gioe us a trial.    All. workmanship
"3uaratit8ed_aiid prices are reasonable;—Mail and express-orders-
receice careful attention.
Don't forget the place, in Lang's Boot and Shoe
Kelotona, B. C.
J. BRODIE, Proprietor
iarness   Emporium
Horse Clothiers this wag for all kinds of
Orchard City. Realty Mart
2 Snaps for the quick Buyer \
Two Corner Lots, about 5 minutes walk from Post' Office,
Each  Lot .contains   125  ft.  frontage,  on "good   streets
Price $1,100, for -both, Easy^Terms ~]
A Cottage and one acre, 8 minutes walk from. Post Office
Price, $2,100, Easy Terms
7i"A"Ercr"Eruir rii7~j?lanager
Light and Heavy
Harness, Bits,
Spurs, Whips, *
Robes & Blankets
" We also handle a line of Liniment for sore Shoulders
• and cuts of all' hinds, also Harness Oil & Axle Grease
S. C. KING, Proprietor
Empty Your Lamps
Put' in, New 'Wicks;'- and fill !up  '
with the  New? High'Testh Coal
Oil.     This"■ will vastly lmrjroYe „,
'       the - light, a
'  '»      <':'
Hardware; Stpre
!    t
I .ii'      s,' in><
'I  '■    >
mi minim ft   Y
Thursdau, Jan 2
.'["P ijz-<
j:  J*
*. i
■ j,
-J- r    > '
y        '   * ■ <       ,     " *     '  -
T,he:. Orchard ;Citu^Recor<j ,   '•
*\ 4
tarts Wednesday, 13 th, closes Saturday, 23rd
This,sale will smash all. previous records in sale making.    Our whole Big Stock of Dry Goods,
Clothing,. Furnishings, Delph Chiriaware, Boots and Shoes will be placed on Sale at prices that must
make this sale the event of a lifetime.
Our many customers at our last big sale know of the values then offeied, and will find this Sale
eclipses all past price slaughtering.    All Winter goods.will be cleared regardless of cost, as we must
make room for our new spring goods.
Savings from 25 to 50 per cent.
Space  won't allow  or a  detailed v;a^cbunt'of all  the wonderful values offered.
"     Here are/a few *6fc |he/many/staging, bargains: ./•"--"/
4^ v.4,Vir,
i?ea d
v       I ,     - ""
Dress Goods
'Scotch Tweed      .50 for .30
"    , .65 "   .40
Tartan ..     ,75  "   .50
Wrapperette-   ;  .20 "- .15
Stockings, \35  "   .20
" .•/ .50  "   .35
Corsets .      , -$1.25 "   .85
:   /:.   \ .      ...M0.M 1.00^
Ladies'Sweaters 2.25  " 1.45
, Fascinators       .   .90 "   .55
Vests & Drawers 35  "   .20
to match     "    .5.0 '*   .35
■ ir   ~    >  . ;■>
1.00 "   .65
'-Waists; white    3.00 " 1.25
V   silk '   V    5.00 "3.25
"Fancy delaine.   3.25  " 2.50   I
.35 for'.'25
"        : .50 " .35,
42" Pillow Cottbn.25 " .20
44" "        .30 " .25
Bleached Cottons .10" :7*
;     " -.15  ".12*
Fancy Shirtings . .35 " .25!
•". '.-.' ..' AY1' \30
Cretonnes   ■■•;   ;:15 " .10
. " '-'■    .25 " .15
Towels       pair. .30 " .20
Furnishings and
Shirts, Negligee     1.25 for   .85
1.50   "  1.00
Lined Gloves, 1.25
Sweaters,        1.25
Socks, .25
V     -       . .50
Scarfs, * .50
Four-fold Linen Collars,
20th Century Suits,
15.00 for 9.75
Boys' Suits,   3.50 for 2.25
5.00    ' 3.25
Men 8 Trousers,
*    2.25 for 1.65
Read; ~%:
Boots and Shoes
Men's Box Calf Bals.<    v:
3.50 for 2.00 :'  ■-.,- '\
*~       >
Men s Heavy. Bals.
*"*.'«' .4.00 for 2.75:;
Ladies' Vici Bluchers,;5
. 3.75. for 2.65,
Blankets, 4.00 for 2.75
5.50  "  3.75
Flannellette. Sheets,
1.00 for .65 pair
^ 1.85  ,,1.30   "-   -
Cotton Sheets  1.50 for 1.00 L
2.75 "  2.00
Pillow Cases,' .50 for .40 pair: t
1.00 "   .70 " '  J:;
Bedspreads, 2.00 for 1.40
.4.50 "   3.25
.1,2*" ,10.
.20 >  .15
Table Linen        .85 " ,65
One-third ofT Laces, Embroideries, Ribbons, Belts, Combs,^ Ladies' and Children's Coats.
Half-off Ladies' Fancy Collars, Ladies' Purses, AH Fancy "Goods, Fancy Chinaware.    t
Gent's Underwear, $ 1.25 for 50c«» $1.50 for 95c»        Odd.Garments at half*price;' ;,. . ,.
1 '      ■'■■■'■■■■■   ■■    ' 1    1 ■«   <iit     1     1 ,.i   .^     ■  1' ,.i    1.        -    ...   tlj.,r 1 , .1 ■■ —.  '■  1    1 	
The quicker you"ifiicty ihe better yaliieg, ypii will be able to select.
Remember Sale starts 13th, closes 23rd.
J i    . \*
Strictly Cash.
n V-
7 ^
No Goods Otf Approbabtiorfc
f   -i t
i ,'>
"l    CI  I
V    "    r-
*' '        * h I
« JVjf *tI
!S?!?!r^"''7r'T''!TTTrrrrT7 ■. mm..   ■. iin„ MWin-^ < c,,*14
,-. y■ -
«i\' *
; V]i«>iiv'^'ll .>..-t,tjti^ '~hn!' ',V/^ .vrvtV.'' ^^ 'jJL!^ yif'-ff y ar ff v'iii ilwliiMiliifill'i'iiiiii ii ii
'   ^ll   V-'-Y The Orchard City Record.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, etc.
Ellison School District
and Solicitor,
Notary Public.
B. A. Sc, C E., D. L. S., B. C. L. S.
Kelowna,    B. C.
Amoc. Mem. Can. Soc. C. E        Graduate Toronto
Waterworks and Sewerage Systems, Pumping and
Lighting Plants, Concrete Construction, etc.
Office:    Keller Block
and Dentist
Office at Residence: 2nd House
East of the Club
Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd
P. 0. Box ma 'Phone 56
Office in Dr. Boyce's Building.
Barnard Ave.
Horses bought and sold on commission.     Dray meets   all  C.P.R
boats.    All kinds   of heavy  team
work. 'Phone 20
Orchard Work
Pruning, Planting, etc.
P.O., Kelowna.  A;
(Late with F. R. E. DeHart)
Undertakes   Winter   Prunipg. ;, Will  also
arrange for Thinning, Budding, etc.,
season   of. 1909.
Plans and Specifications Prepared
and estimates given for publicBuild-
ings,Town and Country Residences
~~ Rowcliffe Block
3 One-acre Lots Good Fruit
Lands, within city limits
For terms, etc., apply P.O
Box 175, Kelowna.
On Thursday, Dec. 29th, a bright
and cheerful gathering with. the
cheer of Christmas still encircling
them came from far and near to
spend a few pleasant hours in our
hospitable schoolroom, ajnd certain-
  ly none left disappointed,   as  the
entertainment was one of the best
ever held. The meeting was called
to order at 8 p.m. by an-address
from the chairman, who afterwards
explained the subject of debate of
the evening,which was: "Resolved,
that Irrigation should be Under
Government Control." The leader
of the affirmative side was Mr.
John Conroy, who said the
Government should have complete
control of the water for. irrigation
purposes, it being always ready to
listen to the needs of the people
and to redress them. Had we not
a member to lay our wants before
the House and to have them redressed ? We should be sure to
have a member capable of looking
after our water rights. Besides, our
Government would be more lenient
in taxation than a company which
thought only of its own interests.
Mr. R. Wilcock, leader for the negative, pointed out that a company
knew better how to handle the
water than the Government possibly
could. Besides, a company was
more interested, and there was
competition, and that only those
who used the water paid for, it.
Mr, Thos.- Hereron, for the affirmative, said the Government was the
only proper guardian of the water
question, and they only could settle
it satisfactorily, and declared that
there was water enough in Mission
Creek to irrigate all the valley if
properly used. Mr. E. B. McRory,
for the negative, said he was not in
favour of Government control of
water, as not a member in the
House had ever turned a drop of
water for irrigation purposes.where-
as a company thoroughly knew
the business, besides being more
interested. Likely the Government
would keep a large gang of men
employed to look after the water,
and tax the people accordingly.
Mr. A. Wilcock took up the argument for the affirmative with the
remark that Oregon, Washington,
and California were now under
Government irrigation systems
which were quite satisfactory. Mr.
M. Hereron made a few humorous
remarks on the mistakes likely to
be made under Government control, also on the wonders likely to
be accomplished by the company's
system of - irrigation, but it was
plainly seen he was speaking
against his convictions. Messrs.
McArthur and Hall were appointed
judges, and decided in favour of
the affirmative.
The   following   programme   of
songs followed, and was much appreciated. '     '  '   .'
Song: " Two Eyes of Grey," Miss McGarity,
Mrs.' and the Misses Hereron
Song : " Seventy-two," Mr. McGrory
Song: "Garden of Life," Mr. McKay
Song : " Red Wing," The Misses Berade
Song: "Ten Thousand Miles Away,"..
.Miss Conroy     ■''.".■'
Song": "A Long Way to Go," Mr. Hall
Song: "How Paddy Stole the Rope,"
.      r.' Mr.' Davis  .;■;':. y. ~
Song: "Automobile," Mr, McRory -
Song:'"Nellie Gray." Miss Berarde
Song.: ■'■■ Bridget Donohue," Mr. M. Hereron
(who in response to an encore gave
,     "Barney McKoy")
Recitation:    Mr. McRory
Recitation : " The Dutchman's Dog,"    .
<    Mr. McKay
Recitation: "Street Cars, "Mr. Wilcock
Recitation : " Two Accidents,
News of the Churches \
The regular meetings during the week,
in the above church, will be given up
during the Evangelist services held by
Rev. Mr. Russel, excepting the Mission
Band, which meets every Wednesday at
Mr. Thomas Wilson, of Vernon, assisted
at the morning service in Kelowna Methodist Chuice, and officiated at the afternoon services at Whelans and Mountain
Evangelist Russel preached in the Baptist Church*last Sunday morning to a fair
size congregation. The Rev. Russel will
also preach in the above church next Sunday evening, and each evening of next
Evangelist Russel, preached to a very
crowded church last Sunday evening,
chairs being placed in the aisle to accomodate listeners, and when all available
seats were taken, some had even then to
stand. The lack of sitting room in this
Church sometimes, would show the necessity of a larger building in the near
future. Miss Eva Reekie, sang a solo during the evening, on Sunday. All those, interested were invited to remain to a short
after-service, and a good number of
people remained in response to the invitation.
11 a.m., Mr. Russell will speak in the
Presbyterian Church on "Divine Dynamics".
3.30 p.m., Great Mass Meeting of Young
People and Adults, Methodtst Church.
The Evangelist will give an aedress on
"The Palm Tree Christian".
7.30 p.m., In the Baptist Church Evangelist Russel will speak in "The Tripod of
Mayor, Aldermen &
one School Trustee.
.    MissCarney
Master Charlie Hereron
Master James Carney
After singing the national anthem
a very well-pleased audience left
for their homes.
Public notice is hereby given to the
electors of the municipality of Kelowna,
that I require the presence of the said
electors at the Council Chamber, Bernard
Avenue, on the eleventh day of* January,
1909, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose
of electing persons to represent them in
the Municipal Council as Mayor and Aldermen, and on the Board of school Trustees as a School Trustee.
The mode of nomination of candidates
shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated in
writing: the writing shall be subscribed
by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder and shall be delivered
to the Returning Officer at any time between the date of the notice and 2 p.m. of
the nomination, and in the event of a poll
being necessary, such poll will be opened
on the fourteenth day af January, at the
Council Chambers, Bernard Avenue, of
which every person is hereby required to
take notice an govern himself accordingly.
" * ■    Qualification for Mayor
—.TK#» r>»rm»na qu&lined_to be ^nominated
for and elected as Mayor shall be such
persons as are Male British subjects of the
full age of twenty-one years, and are not
disqualified under any law, and have been
for six months next preceding the day of
nomination the registered owner, in the
Land Registry Office, of land or real property in the City of Kelowna of the assessed
value,' on the last municipal assessment
roll, of one thousand dollars or more, over
and* above any' registered judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise qualified as
municipal voters.
, ' Qualification' for Aldermen
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as Aldermen shall be such
persons as are male British subjects of the
full aire of twenty-one years, arid are not
disqualified under any. law, and have been
for, the six month's . next proceeding the
day of nomination the registered owner, in
the Land Registry, Office,' of.-land" or real
property in the' Gity^of*,"Kelc;wna, on the
last municipal assessment'roll, of five hundred dollarsor more, over fend above^ any
"registered judgement or charge, and who
are otherwise qualified 'as municipal
"' t Qualification for School Trustee
> The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as School Trustee shall be
such persons as are male', British -subjects
of the full age pi twenty<-one years, and
otherwise qualified to vote at an election
of School Trustees in the Kelowna School
Given under my hand at Kelowna, B.C.,
the thirty-first day of December, 1908.
,     .-.    ,G. H- DUNN,
*■ '        x       Returning Officer.
ew I ear we
ave l
Bargains!   Bargains!   Bargains!
3 lb. pkts. Currants
3 lb. pkts. Raisins
4 lbs. White Beans
4 lbs; Barley
3 lbs. (delicious Tea
1 lb. Pure Coffee
2 lbs. New Dates
:    25c
- 25c
- 25c
*   25c
- $ i .do
-, 25c
- 25c
Shredded Wheat Biscuits 15c
2 pkts.-Malta Vita
2 pkts. Corn Flakes
1 pkt. Buckwheat
3 pkts. Corn.Starch
3 lb. Tins Tomatoes
7 tins for $1.00
en Syrup
25c and 45c per tin
7 lb. Tins Marmalade $1.00
Wagstaff's New Jam
5. lb. Tins, 90c
Bananas        -    35c per dozv
Delicious Hams" 20c per lb.
Delicious Baconsy20c£per;lb.
Toilet Soap:.*"' *25(fper;box
(usual* price 45c) -_
6 bars Laundry Soap - •„ 25c
Washing Powder >
< 3 lb. pk%,.25c
Gold Dust, Swan, Golden West   \
2 tins Corn -        -     25c
2 tins Peas- - -, 25c
2 tins Beans r ^-. 25c
2 lb. tins Blueberries -    15c
2 lb. tins Raspberries/Straw-,
berries, or Peaches -*   25c
Huntley and  Palmer's  Biscuits, large assortment 25c
3 pkts. Jelly Powder - 25c
Flavouring Essence    - ; 20c
No. \ Apples, $1.50-per box
A little money'goes a long way at
the Store of. Plenty   .
$2.50 Dolls reduced! to $1.00 tp clear
V   >
A    A
V i
& H
/ r"
;» »-.v Thursday,'Jan
A good fountain
pen saves the writer
much trouble. There
is no dipping of the
pen with the risk of
upsetting a bottle .of
ink. Instead there
is a steady flow of
just the right amount
of ink at all times to
meet the requirements of slow or
rapid writing.
Come in and test
them, make a selection and if not satisfied we will exchange
it or refund your
Prices range from
$1.50 to $5.00
The Orchard City Record/
,   t.J.    U.*J-»rtJl^««-v'Jr^>iV('*w-.'*-**  **»1W
•   -
& Co.
Kelowna, -   B. C.
Cunning   and   Ingenuity < Displayed
the Insane.'' "
Some of the inventions of the insane
are of scientific value. A patient at
Villejuif invented a "paniflcatibn machine" by combining^ bottle, a plank
and small metallic tubes, to which he
had fitted faucets. Having set up his
machine, he produced loaves of bread
the size of a man's head. The bread
was good—so good that it was decided
to make the machine known. One day
wheu it was in action the doctor suggested taking a photograph of it. The
inventor watcfied him ag-^lf petrified
for a moment; then he fell upon the
machine, wrenched it apart and trampled it underfoot. The invention, an
exceedingly useful one, was lost, because'no one had seen him make it,
and no one dares speak of it to him.
To allude to It is to bring on a furious
Most lunatics, no matter how contented they may be, generally cherish a
furtive longing to escape. They collect wax from the polished floors, take
the impressions of locks and make keys
'from empty sardine boxes, spoon handles or anything to be found. Dr. Marie's museum Includes a collection of
knives of stivinge and unheard of
nh.ipos. Some of them have blades
made 'from pieces of glass or slate and
set In bundle"; of corset steels Objects
harmless In themselves become dangerous weapons through the ingenuity
of madmen.
Insane sculptors are as common as
Insane painters. The insane sculptor
hews out coarse statuettes, fantastic
animals, ferocious little horned and
grimacing devils. An ex-mechanic
carves all his soup bones. That bis old
trade Is still In his memory is showu
by the little screws that he makes out
of the smaller pieces of bone. He
works all day at vhls senseless and
ridiculous task. Anotherlunatic, "who
believes he is the Incarnation of the
soul of Beelzebub, passes his time
carving toy men ont of wood. Each
pair of his creations are joined together, now at the necks, now at the
shoulders.—Helen" EL Meyer in Harper's Weekly.
Social arid Personal
Mr. Clarence Messenger B. A. left for
Eburn, B.C. on Saturday, having accepted
the position of principal of Eburn  school.
Mr. T. W. Stirling left for Victoria for a
few days, on Saturday.
Mr. John McLellan, of Vancouver, and
an old resident of Kelowna, has been
visiting in Kelowna this past week.
The Rev. Mr. Logan, of Vancouver
Presbyterian College, paid Kelowna a visit
on Wednesday.
Joe Dilworth returned to Vancouver on
Saturday, after having spent his Christmas
holidays here. ■
. Mr. Thos. Lawson entertained the staff
of Lawsons Ltd., tp dinner on New Year's
day. A thoroughly enjoyable evening
was spent, during which Mr. Lawson was
presented with a china cabinet by the
Principal Brown returned  from Vernon
on Saturday's boat.
v ©
Evangelist   Russel  arrived   on   Friday's
boat, and is staying at Mrs. Chas. Wilson's
A most enjoyable progressive whist
party was given at the'home of Mr. and
Mrs. Knowles on Tuesday night. A good
number/of friends attended and the game
was indulged in^with' enthusiasm, until
"the enemy" gave signs that next day was
A social was given on New Year's Eve
at the home of Mrs. John Curts, by the
members of the W.C.T.U., and a good
number attended. The evening was spent
pleasantly in different games, and on the
approach of 12 o'clock, as the old year
merged into the new, the company sang
the Doxology.
Town and Country
's a  ?  v ' y  '<
>      •     >    />',
.*«.<--y \--t-M* - *^-,~*k $b»z.&
Wholesale  and  Retail.
Cattle, Sheep and Horse]
Ladies' and
Gents' Tailors
Repairing and-Pressing
promptly attended.to.
They Succeeded tho System of Nomination by Caucus. , '
Conventions have not always noml.
natedour presidents^ and.. vice  presidents.'   For   more than  thirty  years
presidential candidates were named by
si canon* made up of members of the
hoilse.and  the  senate.    This  system
.died when in 1824 the caucus insisted
upon by Martin Van Buren and other
friends  of   William ,H.  Crawford v of
Oeorgia    defeated    Crawford,    which
tlirew the election Into the house on
acconnt of the scattering electoral vote
-caused by the entrance of Clay. Cal
boun, Jackson and John Qufhcy Adams
In the race. This fracas elected Adams.
The campaign of 1828 in consequence
'\va<;   somewhat   demoralized,   and   in
•1831 the Republicans ."followed the example the, unti-Masonlc^ party had set
the year  before "and  met In  conven
tion In  Baltimore to nominate Henry
.Clay.    The Democrats held their ii:"<t
national ^convention In the same city
tho following year, nominating Martin
Van  Buren  for  vice ' president     The
dominating'figure of the party. Andrew
Jackson, needed no indorsement of, his
candldac.v for the presidency.
The   Democrats   in   1835   and   184(1
nominated   Van   Buren  for the presi
Vlency   in   Baltimore/,, and  the  Whigs
nomlnat<:d Clay In the same place In
1844, when the 'Democrats named 'Prill;,
la 1835 Romulus M   Saunders Intro
duced tho two-thirds rule to the Denni
cratlc;convention.'and It was adopted
The customs town I led hat thetfe e.irlici
conventions which succeeded the tyranny of the caucus chamber have been
continued-and added to from time to
time,  and  the  conventions today  are
merely the descendants of those.-that
nominated,'Clay   and   Van   Buren.-
Charles   Wndswo'rtb  Camp  in   Metro
politan Magazine
Royal; Hotel
Facing, the Wharfe.
>    " r"       ' -       '- '
Rates $1 Per day.
J. E; WHEELER, l>rop.
A man calls It the horizon where the
earth rtnd the sl:.v seem to meet, but a
woman's notion of the horizon Is the
families she can see moving In from
behind her front window curtains If.
further,^they h.ing out their wnslilm;
in a spirit of candor, (buy are. nt
course, all the more so. The horizon
Is mined In a number of things, chief
among tliein the gregarious Instinct
Only, for this ne\i door would menu ns
little an*Iniin icrlslon or pure food or
intenmtionnl arbitration. It takes u
star ni' si)inet|ilng of that sort to rise
above the horizon.'but a very ordinary
womau may feel above It—Life.
The Cult of the Hotel.
"Holer -Is ii I-'rench word, out a
thoroughly British Institution. If Its
great, lioteN were suppressed London
would,no longer lie London—that Is to
nay, tho London of society, the theater,
literature, politics, urt and. fashion.
The Hotel Is one of the essential factors
of London, Jlfe--.MIian, Corrlere Delia
Serra.     '   {''    '• , .'
A Comparison.
Mrs. Giles (anxiously asking after
rector's hen It In Well, sir, I be glad
you snyn you he well, but there—you
be"one of these "bad doers," as I calls
'em (gle 'em ihc liest o' vlttels, and M
don't do 'em no good)—there bo pig*
like that!-Loudon Punch. - „-•
* •        -
First Necessity. '
"How   would  yon  dellne  a  'crying
'need'/'"   asked    I he   teacher   of   tot
rhetoric class
"A handkerchief." replied the solemn
young nuin wlt'.i the wicked eye."
" The.grcii
of each oili.-i
t !♦
nil  the little
'The New Year came in with
quite a heavy fall of show.        .   '
The City started an all night
electrical-service on Monday. .
A petition, in the interests of
local option, is being circulated
around town. '     " -'-   *
A vagrancy case was tried before
Magistrate Burne last Thursday.
$50 or thirty days. - - .
The skating rink will be open
every night from 7.30 to 10 o'clock,
and on Saturday' afternoons for
children from 3 to 5^o'clock. ''
Lequime8 -Bros, delivery horse
celebrated NeV CYear's Eve by
runnning away from Parkdale to
the Saw Mill, upsetting H. J. Prior
who was in charge, and splitting
his lip, necessitating two or three
' Saturday the 26th Dec. and Saturday 2nd January, were both proclaimed public holidays by the
Lieutenant-Governor. T The news
came.to Kelowna too late, to be
acted upon generally, though the
banks closed on the 27th inst.  -
Mr. Woods of Notch Hillra late
resident in this city, visited Kelowna .on Saturday. Although Mr4i
Woods only left Kelowna four
months ago, he was struck by the
many improvements, civic and
otherwise, to be seen" here.
Mr. Robt Pearson paid us a visit
last Saturday, and we had a long
chat on early days. ' Mr. Pearson is
an enthusiastic Orangeman,. and
extols his crderfwith great-fervour.
Every success to you in your lodge,
Bob.     -     "
Willie Copeland succumbed to
the illness which laid him aside for
for some time past, on Saturday
morning. He had taken a turn for
the better and hopes were high for
his ultimate recovery, but a relapse
set in on Saturday, ending fatally.
On Monday the.city was plunged
into darkness -on account of the
cold snap of" the last few days
freezing up the water pipe leading
from the lake. A fresh covering has
been laid over the pipe and it is
expected that this will prevent a
similar recurrence.
- Mr. George Hinton, of the Hinton
Electrical Works, who has been in
town this past week, assures us
that the city plant ifc .'getting down
to business in good shape. With
every new' plant it takes a little
time for the gear to -work smoothly, but the Kelowna plant is making
a very' satisfactory beginning, in
spite..of# the lights going,"put now
and again.
%. A pretty cold snap'started in
with the lS[ew Year,' 'and:one of
local business men claims 'that he
froze his feet on Friday evening
when skating, and had to thaw
them out through' a hole in the ice
on the creek—We understand
your finding yourself in the creek A.
E. A lot of these things happen
at holiday time.
W7ITH - Kelowna winning the highest awards at the different Fruit \
Exhibitions, this district will receive,considerable attention from;•']       i
homeseekers and investors in the Prairie Provinces, United States and
Great Britain.        .        .       '.        .        .       .      -..-.,.,,.-    y~':',y-\l
Come and get our list of 10 and 20 acre Fruit Lots, ready for planting
next spring, in the centre, of a beautiful valley.    ~1*\     ;   .
In our Woodlawn Sub-division, between Richter,; i
and Ethel Streets.   Prices,  $250 and upwards,
on easy terms	
Time For
Winter Spraying
-> _
-Do it Better
Do it Easier
,'■        More Economically
•\ GET A
Power Sprayer
For practical demonstration see
E. NEWBY, Kelowna
agent for
Canadian Fairbanks Co.
Vancouver, B.C.
The Great Majestic Range
McClarys Famous Sask-Alta Range
McClarys Famous Kootenay Range
Buck's Criterion Range .';
All these leading Ranges solflby
Morrison- Thompson
 ^Hardware Co.   • -     -
^' **■ /ft.!
C. Blackwood
Livery, Feed an^
Sale Stables   :   :
Commercial Driving a
Draying and Freighting
Sole Agents iof Kelowna and District
'Phone 25
Importer atid> Dealer in alt kinds of   .»       .
Agricultural Implements, Wagons, and
Carriages   -
Headquarters for
Horse Blankets & Robes
Also Poultry Supplies including Beef
Scraps, Dried Green Bone, Sea Shell ,;..!
Warehouse on BarnardTAuenue, Kelowna, B. C.
uwum ■
" *m
ni\   >"-I
" V.t   refill
^ MM
,v-.,j'. }&
'.* ~iX, ■
< t h '
Hi'.*'". "
.-* v V- -*  ^ ''   ^
'■* * Av.'»'wv*J 6
The Orchard City Record.
: Thursday, Jan. 7 \. -
kelotona Land
and Orchard Co..
Haoe for sale the following carieties:
Northern Spy,
Mcintosh Red,
Yelloto Netoton,
Spitzenberg, Duchess,
Yearling Trees,
Clean, Well-groton Stock
Buy at Home and Saoe Money.
Order at once as the stock is going fast.
K;L.p.:#ffiice, Leon St., or
Manager's Office, at Orchard.
J. A- Bigger
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Residence,    10  Lawrence Ave,
Electric Light Notice
Applications for connection with the Electric Lighting and Power Service Mains
and for the inspection of the interior wiring will be received at the City Offices on
and after Nov. 20th.
2-tf ' City Clerk.
Ladies and Gentlemen: .,   '
In response to the solicitations
of a large number of the Electors
asking me to become a candidate
for the office of Mayor of'the City
of Kelowna for the year 1909. I
have decided to stand for the po-(
sition and now solicit your support
and votes.
I am not the candidate of any
clique or corporation, and if elected will endeavour to administer
the affairs of the City economically
and without fear or favour to anyone but fair play and justice" to all.
I am
Yours respectfully,
I VJ—~•■
; if *
Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe of finest flavor and
rulr Bc^jT^^cl^tren^Ix    Cannot  be beaten~foT
quality.   This tea, being of great strength, a small
quantity only should be used.
I ■ | —    ■ ■—I .   II ■!■■ I   —I-      ■   ■■■■      ■■-   ■ ■■ ■        —    !■   — —    .   , ■■       I. I ■    ■       ■■■
This is a1 blend of finest Indian and Ceylon
Orange Pekoe, specially selected and blend-
,.•   ed to suit local water. Qualithy always same.
*V l
\'     45c. SPECIAL.
Good flavor, clear, bright,, coloured liquor, in the
cup. A nice   clean tea,  of good strength.
■50c. Jcivaarid Mocha Blend Coffee
This blend is of rich flavor and good strength.
The  best that can be  equalled 'at the price.
(We also hpveTpp and Coffee at 25c. a lb. up according
'r   :   M  ..\<    .       , •    '  to quality. .^
Under this heading communications toill
'be receioed upoli any subject oi Interest
Letteis must be signed,be brief, acoid
personalities. The Editor does not nee-
essanllij endorse oolnlons gloen beloic
Jan, 5. 1909.
To Editor Orchard City Record.
Dear Sir:
In your last issue a letter appeared under the nom-de-plume of "Haggai"', an individual who has undertaken to sit in
judgement upon the professing Christians
of our little community. There is something to admire in his blunt way of putting
forward his complaint on the , face of
things, but when we stop to consider for a
moment the class of people against which
his attack is directed, and the date of his
correspondence (Dec. 26th) we are rather
apt to question his responsibility, for- most
of us, in all probability, suffered from a
discontented spirit, (he result no doubt, of
having fed, too well, but not too wisely, on
the previous day. If "Haggai's" digestive
organs were in such a condition after a
little festivity, as to engender an article
such as the one to which he signed his
name, then I would advise i»m to wait until he regains his normal condition, before he rushes to print again, or else give
up this sort of thing altogether. "If he
were called to the ministry", as he puts it,
and the spirit with which his particle is
pregnant, were his natural condition, neither I, or any other person would doubt his
ability to consecrate the churches from his
point of view, and the memorable words
of that great British statesman 'Lord Rose-
berry" would be a fitting description of
his condition, for he would, undoubtedly
soon be "ploughing his furrow alone."
His reason, he states for the adoption of
his attitude, is because the free churches
of our little city have been holding special
prayer meetings for several weeks, in the
endeavour to deepen the religious life of
the people. Then after his adoption of
this attitude, we conclude from his effusion
that he took some trouble to arrive at an
estimate of the membership of the combined free churches. And one cannot
help but marvel at his ability in this direction, the definiteness of the .result attained, somewhere; he says, between '200
or 300. Of course in a matter like that difficulty of arriving at this result must have
been so great, that a 100 more or less
really can't make much difference. And
after he takes his census, or shall. we say
estimate, he points out that there were not
more than 25 to 35 at any of these prayer-
.  Now we know that this is not  as   satisfactory a result as  might  have   been  expected, but it certainly does not justify the
text of his argument in his next paragraph,
and as'one whojwishes him no  ill,   I   can
but hope that he doesn't speak in the first
person,   and   associate  himself with   the
heretic who asks  the  irrelevant  question
which opens it   up.     With "this  and   the
rest of his article space will not permit me
to treat, but his insinuation   that  infidelity
and agnosticism is dragging the  name  of
Jesus into disrepute  in   the   present  day,
must be- founded  on  the  most  absolute
ignorance of these individuals.    I have met
many of these people, and instead of finding them anxious to defame the   character
of the "Prince of Peace,"   I   have   always
found them profound in their  regard  for
his ideal   life.-    There  are   those  among
them,   no   doubt,   who  answer  to   your
correspondents description,  but  are   they
worthy'even of the title which he bestows
upon them ?   For, after all, these are more
than.empty terms, and no man-is  entitled
to be called 'such, unless as  the  result "of
his own private reasoning and convictions.
"Haggai" should  remember,   or  better
perhaps, enquire a little more into the  religious question, then perhaps his attitude
towards   the   Churches    expression     of
Christianity   would   undergo    a    change.
Personally,   I   believe  that' religion,   like
eyery'thing el8e._is_8ubject tojhe  "Law  of,
Evolution" and that  it  has -to   go  much
further in its progressive march, before we
can hope to see its culmination in the ideal
teachings of Christianity.   Sects and   dogmas must be swept away   to -make   room'
for a broader and more,   modern  interpretation of the ethics of Jesus,     The religion
of the old dispensation could ' no  more fit
in with modern conditions than could the
religion  of  the    Caesars. - Religion   must
take different forms  under  different conditions, until mankind will  have  attained
that stage,-when laws in matters of religion
will have become a thing of the past, and
while I believe this, I cannot help but  admire the effort of the "insignificant few" of
your correspondent, in 'the  endeavour  to
make still purer the  moral  and  religious
life of trie "Orchard City".     Let them not
be discouraged by lack of numbers or adverse criticism,  but always  keep  before
them the encouraging fact that'thc world's
greatest and most progressive movements
have been the result of  the  deliberations
and workings of , the  smallest  mirioraties.
As for the majority, who seem to have
offended "Haggai" by staying away from
these prayer meetings, or shall we sny, affording him material with which to rush to
print, they, or as'ono  of the offenders, I
had .better^, sjiy-^e, > belong  to  that vast
crowd pfmewocrlty who form the bulk of
humanity, and are content to  sit- still and
watch the enthusiasts do the work.
Trusting that "Haggai" belongs not to
that category.
I am   ■
Yours truly - ";
A purchaser of one of these lots at $1500 reported i
■  his returns this summer as Hollows:    s-sY
" -   "   APPLES (Mcintosh Red), $275 00    -
VEGETABLES     $40> 0Q  \     \
Total, $315 00   .   '"   \
We' can furnish ^particulars -to/.any .'enquirer ,
-    ' at our,officle. '       '-*'* '<'-> 'f  '-■
There are. eleoen for sale at■ thesame priced
$1500, and as the' terms are only one-third cash;,
you can make a good' proportion of the second (
payment from next summer's, crop. , .
Where can you equal this for an inoeettnent?
SOLE AGENTS. -    , .   >,
The Kelowna Manufacturing Co.
Pendozi  Street -
Watch our ad', next
Days    of   the* "Whipping
„  Stocks and Branding Irons
Up until the end* of the, war "and a
little while'after the whipping posthnd
stocks stood not far from the northwest corner of the courthouse and between that building and the present
pdstoflice, and there the' last whippiug
took" place, though! as It began it waa
sought to be shopped, by a federal officer.' The sheriff was, however, simply-
carrying out the mandate ,of the old
court of pleas and quarter sessions *   '
In- those days' the stocks and the
whipping post, too7 were special attrac-.
(Ions, notably to boys.1- Tie latter wore
allowed to ridicule people who sat In
.the stocks, which held their bauds and
feet, but not to throw anything., at
thorn. _' .   ,       " r'
08 course this deprived'.t"$e:'boys of
some degree of pleasure, yet they contrived to get a-good deal of fun ou\of
the thing anyway. It seems oddiiiow-
oven to think of such scenes as- those
must have been. Figure to yourself
passlug by the courthouse green - at
Charlotte or Raleigh and seeing.a gentleman held by the ankles and wrists
■by—wooden-bars,^ si.tting-there-in-thc -
Minshlne for all the world to look at.
Those were the days of the branding
Iron too. A set of gyves of Iron. In use
for holding the ankles or wrists, are oa
(>\hIbltIon here, but of branding irons
there are none. These were used hoie
In January, 18C5, for the last time.—
Raleigh Cor. Charlotte Observer.
It Will-Pay Yoti
To have T«. H. VELTA do your
Painting or Kalsomining
Paperhanging a Specialty
i    -        * y
,<t      . ,\
Prices   reasonable   and , satisfaction gnaranteed . -  ( v
Address, Lake View Hotel
The Way .Some Men 8pruoe Up In the
"The vainest lot of men I evoi did
know are behind these walls," rem irked a convict in the penitentiary. -Tor
fastidious dressing and cleanliness I
have never seen anything Uko It. Those
who have been accustomed to Bloi'!.I:ig
up on the outside grow much wori-e lir
here, and those who never even combed
fhclr'halr on the outside have It. (is
cleanly parted as they .can. v I krib.\vof
« hundred- Instances where /.-ouv'ieis
have risked being paddled -br bavin?
D; W.. Growley & Co.
;   Kelowna-and Penticton- ~j\
Wholesale &•' Retail - Batchers
Goods delivered to any part: of
^he City       -'  -"*'
We give our prompt attention
to mail orders"
.  . ,'Phone J 2-.     ,., ^.
*. ^** ■)« -*1™*.*- ** -
time taken away Just 'for the' sake
shaving. .They get hold of o^vnzoror
Improvise one and keep.it in their cells.
They all have mirrors In their cells
along with the calendars.
"I know of one instance of a, trusted
prisoner who begged for weeks to, lia
Allowed to wear a'hat instead of'the
prison cap because he thought he did
"not look well In it ' Whenever they get
iln'"opportuulty ,'they press their t.ou-
sers.' They save collars vtor Suiiiln.\4
'arid appear very clean and neat mid
nice in c'hnpel. I guess It is nil because thpy' have time to think n'miit'
themselves'more than ever. If n ikiii
has nothing but himself "to think n'.out
ho takes more pride Iii.himself" Or
mnybe,thcy wnut iioineUiIng wllli wlik-li
to pass away the lime la their celte."—
Columbus Dispatch.'
Kelowna Shaving
Parlor    <^
1    irt    1    *-
HXi'R-CUT.-'   :: "  ::-      ::
Belleoue Hotel
Rates,  two dollars  per ' day.
Beautiful situation on the lake
front, close to the new "wharf.',
, Fishing, shooting and boating.
Boats for hire.
Gilbert Hassell, Prop;
i.* ■
■&y *t A_«iff* \
, *■»
■h . y
) i '•,
; ^
, r,: The Kelowna Electric Light and Bicycle Supply Co.
■' ''    '    All,kinds/of , •    ■    '
i * k v " J - Y
Bicycle and Motor Repair Work
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Electric Wiring a Specialty
- »-
;; f/Thei Orchard ;C*fcij* Refcord
.   We, are the pioneers of Kelowna in this work.    Safety and satisfaction guaranteed.
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J   The New Edison Phonographs  -
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an old machine can have this done Free of Charge.
Also Agents for the Columbia and all other Disc
Machines-     '    -
Subscriptions taken for all Magazines
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The New 1909 Diaries can now be had in all sizes
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Are You Looking for a Building Site?
> '>   If-so why not get the best? .""'
I have a number of half acre lots all set out to fruit
tree, Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries and Peaches,
some in bearing. -
Two ten acre lots planted out to choice fruit that
will bear next year.     il. '
' '■ o' '   : < ' .If , .)'
One fine new brick house Corner Ethel and
Laurier Avenue.
One fine new brick Cottage, corner Ethel 'and
Sutherland Avenue.
Also a few choice'lake*shore lots and a quarter
Section of heavy timber close to the City?
Will sell'any"bf the' above on good terms.
I carry the, largest atock.of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs in the Valley.
*'" i     Call and 'see; them   ,
Fruit Trees, Ornamental Roses, etc.
All stock- strictly
first-class and home
Catalogue Free
A. E. Bouer
You will have no time to think |
of it in the Spring
Estimate* given on (arm and lawn
fencing—erected complete with posts
included. ,
-.     Agent.
Town and Country
Certain parties.'with"'~bigger'feet'thaA
brains thought it a huge joke to kick in
the panels of Mr. J. Wilk's office door on
Tuesday night, as well as to disturb ,some
of the neighbours.     .        «-.'„-       . ',
Mr. Hall, who has been superintending
the installation of Kelowna's electric light,
left for Vernon oh ^Wednesday,' where he
will install 16 fire alarm boxes, with indicator and gong at the fire hall, for his firm,
the Hinton Electrical Co.
We understand that Dr. Knox has again
consented to stand for school trustee. This
will be good news to many, as his services
have been highly'appreciated in the past.
A change has been made in the order of
services held by evangelist Russell next
Sunday. He will preach in the morning at
the Methodist Church, and at the fresby'-
terian Church in the afternoon,
The Church of England Sunday School
Entertainment was given in Raymer's'Hall
on Wednesday evening. The scholars were
treated to a supper, followed by an entertainment.
It is reported that Mr. Hall, of Mcjannett,
Marsden, and Hall, was seen taking a dip
in the Okanagan Lake on Tuesday, Jan. 5th.
How is that for the Okanagan climate?
Another firm is starting up in Kelowna.
Messrs. Henry, Rowe, and Anderson have,
formed a company, known as the Okanagan
dumber Company, and. have purchased
four acres and two lake shore Iota from
Messrs. Boyce and Hinkson on which to
erect a large and complete plant. Work
will start right away in the erection of a
sawmill and box factory.
The ,. confectionery and restaurant business owned by Mr. Howe has now changed
hands, having been taken over by Mr. J.
A. McLellan, who will continue it along
the same lines, short order restaurant, high-
class candies, etc. Mr. McLellan needs no
introduction in Kelowna, his long residence
here making him familiar to all, and he has
the best wishes of all in his new venture.
The pokey little pen, hitherto rejoicing
in the name of "The City Clerk's Office
and Council Chamber," is, we are glad to
say, a thing of the past, and in future the
city fathers will meet'in the large comfortable quarters taken in the Keller block.
The furniture is how all moved over, and
Mr. Dunn sits in state to receive all comers.
Mr. J. T. McLellan, of Vancouver, who is'
visiting here, and is known to most Kel-
ownians, has brought with him a novelty
in sugar bowls, an invention of his own,
and protected in Canada by patent. It is
designed like' a goblet'with a cut glass
bowl, and silver-plated handles, lid, and
stem." By pressing a small button in the
stem a teaspoonful of sugar is released,
running out? of the bowl into the cup or
other receptacle placed beneath. It makes
a very useful as well aa an ornamental
article. .
Man Burned at Weyburn. -
W. M. Kellock, of Weyburn was burned
to death in a fire which destroyed, his
'house-rand"furniture Thursday vi last. ' The
Weyburn-Herald, speaking of the catastrophe says;
^Services werelield iri  the- Presbyterian
church on Saturday, at 6.30, ^under' the
auspices of  the   I.O.O.F.,   of which   Mi.
*<   '       ' 5
Kelloch-'wasf a  member^" A "veryY large
number were present at the service.'-' The"
services were "conducted , by~ Rev. R. S.
Leslie, his pastor, assisted "by Rev. J. A
Haw. Rev. J. M. Kellock, brother of the
deceased, spoke' very tenderly, arid1 expressed his high appreciation of the' kind-~
ness and sympathy shown on this occasion.
W. M. Kellock was the son of Dr.* Kel-
dock, whose home is iin t Kinnear's Mills,"
Que.; Mr..Kellotk was a youngjman, .still
under 35 years, a man of keen intellect, a
lawyer of repute. His sister,," Miss Jean,
was sor some time superintendent of Victoria Hospital, Montreal. She came west
and had charge of the Eagleham Hospital
of this town. -- *     , *J.', \ £ .
She had just left for a trip eastward on
the morning* of the day on which this
tragedy occured. ~ '
' His brother, Rev. J. M. Kellock,' is pas|
tor at Elva, Man. Another sister, -Mrs.
Mitchell, lives at Minneapolis, but at pres-
ent is in Weyburn.
The sympathy of the entire/ community
go out to all the.bereaved in this sad hour. I
"The Standard of Empire';,',} vtS] speaking
of the B.C, Fruit exhibited at the Imperial<   '
Institute says:' "The fruit consisting x>f a    »>
consignment o£ apple? shipped py Mr. R. .
../■r.V' i^va'i ... .-W.-e.Ji. ' . Jj
M. Palmer, Deputy  Minister of AgrJcuI-_
ture, made  a  splendid   display,   andJ the w '{,"
. wealth .of colour and  size   of  the aprples
literally made the mouth water.    The 'gor-    ' .
geoua-hued Blue Pairmain vied   with ", the .   '•
golden   russet,   the, Spitzenberg  and / the
Jonathan apples.'1 NoJ wonder that  at 3 the     "i
30 sh6w8"and'm'ore" where these  splendid    j*.
splendid specimens have'" been   displayed''
they   have   always   done  credit  to  their
growers and country by  taking  the chief
prizes, including "the  goldl medal  of; the''
Royal HorticuIturarSo&ety.* ^To English   vU
growers the apples have been a revelation ' J '
in flavour and beauty of  size  and colour. <•
The watchful^energy  of  the  Hon.   ).} H.
Turner, the .British Columbian Agent-Gen-        \
eral, has had much' to do with the success
■of the exhibition".   , \
Night School for Armstrong.
Night School started at the High School     ^'J
rooms at Armstrong on Monday,     There
will be two 'sessions  of  one "hour  each s   ■
week,.Mpnday8  and  Thursdays,,-and   to-
start   with,   bookkeeping    and    practical
geometry -will' be"i taught,-though   other    i,
subjects   may  bei taken  up  if  required.
This is a good incentive to   other  districts,    ,
to "go and do  likewise",   and   so  that  it   • „
will be .within the  reach   of  everyone,'no
charge will bV^made ^beyond  an  assess-^
ment for. thetelectric-Jight bill. *
20th Century
Barber Shop
Bernard Ave.
Hair-cutting.Shaving orShampoo
ing. Facial Massage a Specialty
Everything disinfected.
Married.  " On Wednesday, 6th January,
John Brent of Benvoulin to Edith Dickson.
Send me your tree bill for'rhy estimate."
KELO&NH, B.C. ;iP.b: BOX 364 ,
I furnish the oeru finest grade of GENUINE
responsible firms, furnish ' inferior  grades.
Yearling Apples on 3 Year-Qld>Ropfe \
.PIPPIN, Etc.:>;
All First-class Trees, 3ft. to 'MX,. Grade.'
Price, |22.501 per 100, 500, 19c. each.
R. T.-HESELW00D„-Agent for f„
~ ns*'*.'-   .j-.
Ladies' Aid Will Work For
£ At a meeting of the Ladies' Hospital Aid Society, held on Saturday
Jan. 2nd, it was decided to ask all
the members to use their talents in
earning some money for the Hos=
All the money raised by the Society during the year is to be donated towards the completion of
the basement of the Hospital, and
every member is asked to  earn
some sum, however small for this
worthy object.
The results<of the effort will be
declared at a Social Tea to be held
the first Saturday in February,
when the ladies will tell how they
fcave earned the money donated.
Non-members are cordially invited to this tea on payment of the
small sumof 25 cents.
Come, everybody, and hear how
the talented women of Kelowna
can work for the Hospital.
Billiard Handicap.
Second Round.
A. L. Meugens lost to N. Smith by 83 pts.
R.'Reed "     Butt " 65 "
C. A. Marshall " . E. Taller •' 31 "
E W.Dunn " J.W.Wilks" 48."
H. Munroe " D.Barnes " 42 "
R. G. Smelhurst " .E-Snowsell" 8."
H.France " N. Ellison " 14 "
H. Rose, " Butler snr. " default
S A' -'         Third Round.
Butt lost to A. Smith   by 12 pts.
J.W.Wilks "     E.Tatler    "  «  "
E.Snowtell "     D.Barnes " 87 "
N. Ellison "     Butler snr. "  56 "
,   v Semi-Final.
E. Tatler lost to A. Smidj   by 46 pts.
D. Barnes "    R.W.Butler" 36 "
i Final.       , *        *
Butler lost to Smith by 77 pts.
A WANT AD. in the
Record' will' bring speedy
Is not only an art, it is also |
a business, which to ex~ L
ecute~ promptly and at a J
reasonable,price, requires I
a complete modern1 plant, .■"
handledVexperts! [
All this is at your service, and we can promise
you  a pleasant  surprise s
when you place your next
order with us.
: Ssj-31
1 '   >"?
■ *i
s '
T *"P i
'PHONE 941
■ y
, :m
>«-r** i*tyv>yr/*W-'
>- 8
The Orchard' City Record.
- /Thursday, Jan v7.
P. O. Box 90
On Call at all Hours
'Phone 84
The Okanagan Electrical Supply and Machinery Co.
Electric Light and Power Engineers
12 Years Experience in Electric Light, Power & Mechanical Engineering
You are cordially invited to inspect our stock of
Electric Light - Fittings,* Shades, Lamps and
all necessary Supplies  for lighting your house
Our prices are right and
we will guarantee satisfaction and good workmanship
We will duplicate the prices
of any responsible firm; and if
possible, do better. Give us a
trial and be convinced.
Remember, 'The Cheapest' is not the best, and
we do not wish for that
Our Slogan :    Quality, Durability, Square Dealing,
Fair  Prices  and prompt attention to  all orders.
Full line of Launch Supplies and Accesories, Batteries,  Spark Coils,  Spark Plugs,  Oil,
v     Grease, etc., etc.,
Bicycles, Parts and Repairs, Bells, Lamps, Repair Kits.    If you have an  old  machine,
we will buy it or allow a fair price on cost of new one.
Agents for The Packard Incandescent Lamps
The Caille Perfection Marine Engines
Fleur de Lis dry Batteries
The most durable Ignition Battery on the
market.     Once used always used.
Panoivc o QnA^ialfv Our: repair Department is qualified to handle any
RepairS tt OpeCiaiiy class of work and is equipped for repairs of all descriptions. Marine Motors, Gasoline Engines, Steam Engines and Boilers, Motors,
Dynamos, Meters, Bicycles, Guns, Rifles, etc., etc.    All work done by experienced men.
2 Cents per word, four insertions for
the  price  of  three..
FOR SALE," or trnde for Kelowna property
a modern seven room house at Mount
Pleasant, Vancouver. Address, Box
D, Record Office.
FOR SALE.—Heavy draft team. Will
sacrifice for cash. Address, Box O,
Record Office. 3-6p
WANTED to purchase South African scrip.
Address Box A, Record Office. " 3-6p
WANTED—One good newly-calved or
about to calve Jersey cow, age from 3
to 5 years. Must be gentle and give a
good flow of milk. No other wanted.
Apply to Geo. Whelan, West Holm
Farm, Vernon Road, Kelowna.       3-tf
FOR SALE.—Thoroughbred Jersey bull
calf, three months old. Apply Dan
McLean, 3 miles East, on Vernon road
HOUSE TO  RENT in Park Dale, furnished or unfurnised, or for sale, containing 7 rooms a large basement.
P. O., Box 17.
WANTED— By young lady, experienced
shorthand and typewriting, situation in
Kelowna.      Apply " J." Record Office.
WANTED—Girl  for general house work.
Apply, Mrs. Curts, Kelowna. 6tf.
Mr. and Mis. Ernest Copeland wish to
tender their sincere thanks to the many
friends for kindness shown during the illness of their son Willie, and also for the
many expressions of sympathy in their sad
You will have no time to think
of it in the Spring
Estimates given on farm and lawn
fencing—erected   complete  with posts
A. McGEE "
Mattress Maker.
All kinds of Furniture
Address, Lakeuieto Hotel.
Nearsighted   Man   Wears   Glasses   In
Talking, but Not In Reading.
•'Here's a sort of queer thing." said
ii nearsighted man "I am veiy nearsighted ^Strong glasses are indispensable to me for oidiuary, general seeing In my goings about,, but when I
sit down to read I take off my glasses
and' bring the print up to within "the'
natural'focus of the eye ' Iffeeenfs tor*
me that reading w ith the natural eye"
I read with a mi>rt\ Intimate and a
deaier undeistanding
"So much foi my reading without
bpectacles and now here is the thing
that is. quoui to me If when Vain
leading thus with my glasses off.
somebody conn's along Io speak to me,
why, then, to get a cleni undei standing
of that i|i'<"-tion i must hn\e on my
spectacles ,
"So 1 wij oi I wt.uld suj if this happened at home v !>i re 1 know the peo
pie. 'Wait a mi i ■ til! 1 get on my
spectacles' and I would put (hem on
and then a.\ \o\\ go ahead' and
really, with m.v -spectacles on. with
my power of sot;.,.; at its best, with
the sharpest il<'"niition of things in
general to tho'-ej'e. l'_-got the clearest -
apprehension of iliings said to me.
"So in reading 1 do best with my
glasses off.'>)iii in imderstauding things
said to me. in listening. I do best with
my glasses on T'lore is one-modification to this—where there is no light,
as in a dark room, where I can't see,
I can under-;;,i!:u "(jually well with or;
without glasses "
Bestowed on His Favorites"by an Emperor of Haiti.
Among the whimsical titles which
appear on the pages'of national history-
few are more apparently frivolous than
the Duke of Mar: salade, the Count ot
Lemonade and the Earl of Brandy.
They are or wen-, however, real lilies
bestowed by a genuine monarch on
three of his- fa\orites, and that, too,
during the last ici'tury
in 1811 a ro\ nlution occurred -in
Haiti, and Christophe, a negro, declared
himself emperor. Through* conspiracy
and plot, his life often attempted, he
retained power till 1820. preserving to
the last the pageantry of a royal court
and creating a numerous nobility
Among them were the "three already
mentioned, and the oddity of the lilies
has suggested to many writers the
frivolou.iiiess of the African character.
In fact, however, all three names-
were those of. places, the first two being originally plantations, but latterly-1
towns of some importance. This not
being generally known, a misapprehension has arisen with regard to tliet
titles themselves, which, however absurd, were scan ely more so than some
which were be.-!- wed in France and
Germany duriug the middle- ages.—
Pearson's Weekly       ,    -.   . -
Thousands of Dollars worth!
j of Seasonable Goods must he [
sold during our
Ladies* Mantles
Ladies'Golf Jackets
Ladies' Skirts
Ladies' Blouses
Ladies' Underskirts
Children's Jerseys,
and Sweaters
Men's Suits
Men's Overcoats
Men s Odd Vests;
Men's Sweaters  ';,
Boys'Suits    _
'25 percent. Off
Boots and Shoes
20 percent. Off
Dress Goods arid Silks      $
Sheetings and Pillow Cottons
Towels and Towellings
Flannels and Flannelettes
Table Linen and Napkins :
Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves
AH Men's Furnishings
Flannel  Shirts, Sox, Braces,
Underwear.   Mitts, ' Gloves,
Etc., Etc.
The Kelotona      \-
Outfitting Store    :
W. B. M. Calder, prop.
for 15 Days only
As we must move from our present premises on Jan. 18th, before doing so we wish to reduce our present large
stock as much as possible.     Therefore, from Jan. 2nd to Jan. 15th inclusive, we will put on the largest Sale ever held .
in Kelowna.       Terms Spot   Cash.
All Dry Goods, Gent's Furnishings, Clothing, Boots arid Shoes,
■   "':;.,;; and ChinaWare '
will be slaughtered regardless of cost as we must reduce,our stock.
^     ^ full particulars.
^■K"-.'  '■/■■■'.'y':L\'-;y~'::^i'-C^:: ' ■'•'- -     '        ■''
Watch for our handbills giving you
' :-
..- ».',;-   A,v,'.''


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