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Kelowna Record Feb 26, 1914

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 1  VOL. VI.  NO. 14.  i   i       ���       i    -  ���V  *A, BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26. 1914.  *T  $130 Per  Offer, to Supply City  Willi Electric Current  DfiLGO-CANADIAN CO. HAVE PRO-  POSAL BE  HYDRO-ELECTRIC SCHEME  A somewhat startling proposal, but  one of considerable importance not  only to the oily but to the district  surrounding, was laid before the council at laat Friday's meeting, in a letter from the manager of the Delgo-  Canadian Fruitlanda Co. Tbe letter  in brief asked the council to postpone  any further purchases of power house  machinery or extensions to the eleotrio  plant for a short time, until the company could lay before the council a  definite scheme for supplying the city  with eleotrio light and power. To thia  end they proposed to develop their hydro-electric scheme for which they held  records on Mission creek. It seemed  quite probable that the company would  be able to finanoe the undertaking in  V the near future, but it was pointed out  that this could only be done by including the city in the scheme, as it  would not pay at the present lime to  develop electricity for the country  alone without the city. The company's  consulting engineers had expressed the  belief that it would be possible to install the complete plant in six to eight  months.  The clerk was instructed to inform  the company that the counoil would  be pleased to have the proposal formally submitted to them.  A letter was read from Superintendent McKay of the C.P.R., stating that  the company wished to instal toilet  lavatory facilities at the depot and  Baking that particulars be given as  to the location and depth of the nearest sewer and water mains.  Included in the correspondence were  several letters relating to the city's  debentures. A local concern, The Okanagan Loan & Investment Co., asked  for the privilege of tendering on the  unsold debentures in case the present  option was allowed to drop.  .  .. ABUSE OF THE SEWERS  Taylor reported several  cases of negligence in using the city  sewers. He said that the grease trap  in tha Caaorso block had been neglected, and oonaideroble trouble waa being  unused at the disposal plant by the  grease which was allowed to get in.  He had instructed the clerk to inform  Messrs. Caaorso by letter that in the  event of the sewer connection to their  block being again abused it would be  out off. For the information of the  council the letter was read and the  aotion ol the Health oommittee    waa  It waa reported too, that the sewer  connecting the McKeniie Co.'s promisee  had been blocked up with bananas and  oranges.  There was some little discussion on  these matters, aad it was decided to  authorize the Health committee to  have cards printed and placed in all  places where the sewers were in use,  instructing the publio in the use of  the sewers.  Alderman Sutherland reported that  an application bad been received for  818 from the city as remuneration for  the care of a child which had bean de-  eerted by its .parents. The child had  sinoe died. The amount waa ordered  to be paid.  Alderman Sutherland reported that  Messrs. Caaorso Bros., had applied to  the Light and Water oommittee lor a  apodal power rate. It was their intention to instal a live horse power motor for tbe purposo of o;:-urating .heir  refrigerating plant. They expected to  run the motor about eighteen hours a  day, and would be willing to enter  into an agreement with the city not to  operate the motor during the hours  when it had to bear the heaviest load  of the day in consideration of a reduced power rate. They claimed that  it would take about four horse power  to drive the plant, and suggested a  flat rate of 1100 per month.  There was general opposition among  the members ol the oounoil to a flat  rate. Alderman Sutherland pointed  ont that most motors could be run at  a very considerable over load, and as  the greater the load placed upon a  motor, the greater wbb the ourrent  consumed, a flat rate would be unsatisfactory so far as the oity waa  concerned. The only fair way would be  to fix a rate per kllowat hour and  meter the consumption.  It was finally decided to allow Messrs. Oasorso the following special rate  provided the total monthly consumption exceeded 1K00 Idlowate.  For the first 1500 k.w., S e/ per k.w.  Over 1500 k.w.me. perJ  This rate waaljrranW'��in0oonsidefa-  tion that no "urrVfWH used  during  the peak load in  The details of the  left with the Light oommittee  YOUTHFUL HOOLIGANS  Alderman Taylor suggested that the.  council take tome aotion to check tho  behaviour ol school children on the  streets, which he characterized as disgraceful. He had frequently heard the  young children making use of the most  | abominable language and the conduct of some of these young nooli/uns  was such that very young children  were afraid to walk down the streets  from tear ol being molested. Recently  he had been informed that Mrs. Craw-  lord's little girl had been struck in  the faoe with a snowball with a stone  in the, centre of it, thrown by a boy  over ten years old,  In this Alderman Taylor was supported by other members of the oounoil and the following resolution was  passed: "That the attention ol the  Sohool Trustees be drawn to the disgraceful conduct of certain children attending the publio schools, namely in  '.molesting small children on their way  home, said children being afraid to  walk home alone."  Alderman Rattenbary asked what redress owners of property had when  tenants left the city.' without paying  their monthly light and water rates,  which were then oharged to the owner. He instanced the case of Mr. T.  Murray, 'whose tenant, C. F. Forsythe,  had left owing three months rates  which Mr. Murray had had to pay. He  considered that the oity ahould be  more prompt in cutting off the service  where rates were not paid.  The city clerk replied that under the  present regulations the service could  be out off where the rates were one  month in arrears, but it waa customary to take no action until the fifteenth of the following month, when  the final wdming was mailed to the  consumer giving one week's notice that  the service would be discontinued if  the rates were not paid! He had no-  tioed that when consumers of light,  ! water and power did not pay the  i rates in time to obtain the discount,  the rates were seldoa\ paid before the  fifteenth of the following month.  Alderman Sutherland explained that  all municipal rates were'a charge  charge against the property,, and own-  era should make the necessary arrange  ments with their tenants, whereby they  they would be protected.  Alderman Taylor submitted a form  of contract between the city and Mr.  A. R. Davy, covering scavenging for a  period of twelve months, ending March  1st, mi.", which the mayor and clerk  wore authorized to sign.  Alderman Sutherland reported having arranged with the Bank of Montreal for a further loan of five thousand dollars, of whioh thirty-five hundred would be required to meet payments due on the new sohool. He remarked that hereafter it would be  necessary to sell debentures before doing the work authorized by them' aB  the banks had decided to curtail their  loans on'unsold debentures.  In reply to a question by Acting  Mayor Sutherland, the clerk said the  assessor expected to have the assessment roll complete by the end ol  March.  The meeting then adjourned.  The Church of England services will  be held in the Glenmore school house  on Sunday morning next at " a.m.  The local branch of the I.O.G.T., ere  having a social evening next Tuesday  with a view to making the lodge more  popular, Ths Good Templars ot Kelowna nre going strong considering  the short time they have been In existence.  At Monday evening's meeting of the  Young People's Society of the Baptist  Churoh Miss Louie Evans gave' an In-  |tereeting account ol Adoniram Judson,  the first Missionary (rom America to  the far east. A short address and a  solo were given by Mr. A. E. Still-  |man of Calgary. Neat week the Bev.  J. C. Switzer is to give   a   lecture on  "The Brotherhaod ol Man."  A' highly successful concert was given  last Thursday evening in the Presbyterian church, the proceeds of- which  were to provide funds towards the purchase of a new pipe organ.'The musio  was of an unusually high class and  enjoyable character, the artiste Including Miss. Hogarth, Miss Duthie, Mr,  Drury Pryce and Mr, D. McFarlsae,  with an augmented choir. The concert was under the direction ol Mr. |H.  Tod Boyd.  >mier Says C.N.R. Will Start  Contraction in Spring  Definite Assurance Given in Interview With  . Mayor Jones  The announcement that the Canadian Northern Railway would commence the construction of their line to Kelowna this year haa juet received  definite comfirmalion from Sir Richard McBride himaalf.  Mayor Jones has just returned from Victoria where he had an interview with the Premier on the subject of the CNR. Co.'.plan, with regard  to Kelowna. The laterview was arranged by the Hon. Price Ellison, who  is himself keenly interested ia the matter. During the course of the  interview. Sir Richard said: "Tell the people of Kelowna from me that  the immediate construction of the Kamloope-Kelowna branch of the  Canadian Northern Railway will .commence with the opening of Spring."  $1,200 Campaign a  Remarkable Success  MILLIONS OF VOTES POURED IN LAST NIGHT MISS FLEMING WON  1850.00 STANLEY PLAYEB PIANO MISS B. RAYMER  IS SECOND���CANDIDATES HIGHLY   PLEASED  New GanDery to lie  Built Id Kelowna  CALGARY COMPANY   MAKING. ARRANGEMENTS TO LOCATE HEBE  flaymen's Hflssionary  Movement Id Canada  The Record's 11200 Subscription Campaign is at<an end. It was a short  race for long prizes and came to an end Wednesday evening at eight o'clock  At u.30 the announcement was made from the screen at the opera house,  where the contestants had gathered to hear the results. When the first  result was flashed on the screen, showing Miss Fleming at the top, the applause that greeted the announcement, demonstrated that one and all were  good losers, ready and willing to give credit where credit was due, and  all the time Miss Fleming remained in the audience, smiling a smile that  was a personification of happiness. She had triumphed and the hour ol victor}- was at hand.  '   INTERESTING CONTEST  During its entire period the contest was a most interesting one. The finish of each period formed an anti-climax���every once in a while some oandidate would spurt desperately to catch up,' make the campaign at all times  strenuous. Miss Fleming triumphed after a hard struggle and after a very  thrilling fight, but she triumphed over opponents who proved themselves  worthy of antagonism. The organising ol her campaign proved to be the key  note of her success. Two million, eight hundred and eighty-two thousand  votes means a lot of work,-and Miss Fleming and - her co-workers are deserving of the congratulation now being leaped upon them.  MISS BAYMER SECOND  Perhaps the surprise of the final result was the announcement of Miss  Raymer's name as winner of the One hundred dollars in gold. Miss Raymer  did not get started'until late in the contes-t, but during her term of work,  she made ample nee of every moment. She made a grand race lor top. honors, and there is little doubt that had she been active throughout the contest, she would have been knocking at the door of victory.  EXTRA AWABDS i  ' That the Record is truly appreciative of the work accomplished by each  and even- oandidate, to those who were not as fortunate aa some, announcement is made that the prise schedule will be increased. The Record feels that  there are a few who are deserving of more than the prize schedule has allowed them, and aa a token ol appreciation The Record is making it a point  to increase their prize appropriation.  PRAISE FOR THE RECORD  in conducting the contest upon bound, o lean lines which have prevailed  throughout, the Record has met with nothing but praise from all quarters,  candidates and readers alike coming forward with expressions of appreciation. As matters stand at the present time there is not one candidate who  ia not perfectly satisfied with the treatment acoorded them.  Ihe circulation ol the Record has gone up in leaps and bounds and that  s where the Record benefits by the contest. It wasn't in tbe money that  came in for subscriptions, that she Record saw its reward, but the' large  number of new readers. Advertisers have the satisfaction of knowing that their  advertisements are being read by hundreds of new readers, end whioh makes  a big asset to the business fraternity.  SENSATIONAL FINISH  While the contest was keen at all times and the enthusiasm which initiated it, lasted until the had, the rinsing was sensational. As was expected  many oi the candidates held out as many subscriptions as they could until  the last minute, then they swooped down upon the contest offioe with an  avalanche of votes, the winners of the beet prises turning m millions of  votes the last night. The contest was a success from every point o f vfev���  every candidate had done her pirt well. THE RECORD IS MOST GRATEFUL FOB THE REMARKABLE CO-OPERATION AND LOYAL VStJNT-  ANCE IT HAS RECEIVED AT 1 HE HANDS OF THE CANDIDATES AND  THEIR FBIENDS.  NEW SUBSCRIBERS  The last day developed many surprises, not the least of whioh was ths  large number ol new subscriptions recorded. It will be impossible to have  these names on the list in time for this weeks copy and the Record would  ask indulgence of the subscribers at this time.  Those who subscribed for the Canada Monthly will not receive the first  copy until the April number, which number is printed in the middle of  March. The subscription will date from the first copy. Complaints and any  changes of address should be made direct to the Canada Monthly, Mail and  Empire Bldg., Toronto, Ont.  The Record campaign was under the direction of Mr. P, T. Carre, Canadian Circulation Co., 14 Temperance street, Toronto, Ont.  LIST OF PRIZE WINNERS  We, the undersigned judges ol the Record's tisoo Subscription Campaign  after auditing the returns of the contest, find the following young radios to  be the winners ol the various prizes:  Miss J. Fleming (1890.00 Player Piano)   1,889,000 Votes  Miss R. Raymer (lion in Gold) '.        2,149,000 Votes  Misa M. Wilson (Solitaire Diamond Ring)     l,tM,ato Votes  Mrs. B. Pettigrew (Gold Wateh)  '<....';...'  '   1,��28,200 Votes  Miss A. Byrns (Gold Watch) ....;        1,898,000 Votes  Miss Perry (Gold Watch) .-.    1,499,280 ,Votes  Miss Berard (Gold Watch)    1,108,000 Votes  Miss Thompaon {Gold Watch)'        980,080 Votee  Miss French (Gold Wateh)'.....'        ��'8,500 Votes  Signed.     D. H. BATTBNBUBY.  A. M. DALGLEISH  That a prominent and wealthy canning eompanv, with head-quarters In  Calgary, would start within a *���**or  'two the construction of a larre canning factory in Kelowna, was the important announo. ment made at Tuee-  | day's meeting of the Board ol  Trade  .by the publicity commissioner, Mr. W.  Beaver-Jones.  | Mr. Beaver-Jones said he had been  in communication with the firm in  question for some considerable time,  and had finally induced them to visit  Kelowna and look over the prospects  for the establishment of a branch factory. The principals of the firm had  been here during the past week, and  had decided, to proceed at once -with  the erection of a building, and had already secured options on two suitable  [sites,  j It was not their intention continued  Mr. Jones to come in as competitors  .of the existing cannery, aa their business    was    really in a different line,  j more of the nature ot the firm of  Heinz, of "fifty-seven varieties" fame.  j The advantage to Kelowna in this was  I  INTERESTING     MEETING    LAST  NIGHT   IN THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  that their work people, of whom they  expected to need at least 100, would  I lie employed all the year round, which  was muoh more satisfactory than mere  .ly findim; work for a large number  during a short i season of the year.  The arrangement was so far advanced that contracts had already been  made with growers in the district for  sufficient tomatoes to cover the n...t  season's output, and in all probabiK-  tv the erection ol their factory would  be started inside of three weeks.  In reply to questions Mr. Jones said  the firm was already well established,  and in command "of large capital. They  were not merely coming to start a  speculative venture, as they had already an established trade, which  would take care of all which could be  turned out here.  Mr. M. Hereron said he had had the  pleasure of accompanying the visitors  in a motor ride around tbe country  and he.had been very favorably impressed. He considered they were  straight business men who were quite  capable and willing to carry out their  intentione. They had declared that  they were quito ready to pay the farm  er $14 per top for tomatoes; whioh, sait'  Mr. Hereron, was as small a prioe as  the farmer could accept and make any  thing out of it. They had considered  the advisability of building out in  the country on the proposed line of the  C.N.R., so ns to trive the farmers a  shorter haul to their cannery, but  there had been obstacles in tho way  of this and it was probable that the  site would be in town.  The announcement was received with  considerable enthusiasm1 by most of the  members of the Board of Trade and  the development of this new industry  will be watched with interest.  FREIGHT RATES ON IMPORTED  CATTLE  An item of correspondence which was  read at the meeting o'-d caused some  discussion waa the following resolution  sent by the Armstrong Board of Trade  | who asked the Kelowna board to lend  their support to the proposed  "That Dr. Rutherford, superintendent  ol the agricultural and animal husbandry branch of the C.P.R., at Calgary  be requested to carefully consider at  onoo the lowering of the present freight  'rates on Tade cows, also nigs from  the eastern provinces to British Col-  'umbia as farmers have found    it    is  disastrous to their own interests and  the interests of the province not to  keep more oows and pigs on their  farms, but with the present price of  live stock at the soured ot supply,  which is the eastern provinces, together-with the present freight rates, the  small farmers' especially find themselves in a very serious predicament  which can be greatly   eliminated    by  (Continued on Page Two.*  Two properties have changed hands  at Rutland during the last few days.  Mr. Norman Burrows sold his orchard  to Mr. Fitzpatrick of Rouleau, Saek.,  who with his family will take possession In a lew weeks.  Mr, E. Mugford of Vancouver has  bought HCr. C. H  Tne Presbyterian ohuroh was watt  filled laat evening when a meeting waa  hold under the auspices ol tba Laymen's Missionary Movement. Mayor  Jones presided, and In hia law Introductory remarks spoke ol meetings  that had been held in Vancouver and  Victoria recently. The subject ol missions, he said, waa certainly engaging  the attention of the people of this  'province.  I Mr. D. M. Rose of Toronto, secretary  of the Laymen's Missionary Movement  in the English Church, was the first  speaker, and in the course pi a etir  ring address said that meeting was  only one of a series that was gradually covering the whole of tbe Dominion  of Canada. In November last the Laymen's Missionary Movement held a aeries of 36 county conferences in a�� many  counties in Ontario in the space ot  some two weeks and a half, nnd they  were able to reach between 12,000 to  10,1100 men. It was a very striking  piece ot work, and it was a striking  fact in these days that men were becoming not merely interested but more  active in the work of the churcht particularly in the primary work of making Jesus Christ known, loved und  obeyed throughout the entire inhabited earth. He believed that when the  history af the Christian church of our  day came to be written large mention  would be made of this awakening of  the laymen of the church, the new real  ization that if the world was ever to  be won to Jeans Christ the men must  bear the brunt of the battle and must  do the lion's share of the work, tor  H was upon the men ol the church  that that problem primarily rested.  The laymen's missionary movement  was new, and it was just entering its  seventh year. It was not an organization lor raising money, as it raised  no money whatever. It sent out no  missionaries; it was simply a movement to bring the men ol the churoh  to a realization oi their plain duty  and high privilege, and great results  had already been obtained. Mr. Rose  proceeded to describe meetings that  had been held across Canada from Victoria on the west to Sidney, S.S., on  the east, and said the movement had  been instrumental in enlisting the services of thousands of laymen up and  down the country, and aoorea upon  scores of these churches had been re- /  generated. The movement was endeavoring to get the layman, the buei-  men of the ohuroh, to look at  that divine enterprise through business eyes, and to bring upon it those  splendid business capacities and capabilities with which God endowed them.  Missions must be looked as a business  enterprise. After speaking of the task  before them and the resources in ir.on .  ey, Mr. Rose claimed they had the  Honey, and the Christians ol Canada -  ought to be giving at least five inii'ion  dollars a year lor missionary work  within their their borders and in the  realms beyond. There were more than  a million communicants in 'the churches of Canada, and if each one gave  five dollars per year they could get  the money. Mr. Rose spoke of the importance at the organization in connection with missionary work in the  churches and of what could be done.  He concluded by saying that the so'  ution of the raiseinnnrv problem was ,  to be found not merely in the supply  of money, ol men or information, but  in the spiritual resources, which came  from God: tn other words, they could  do the largest work for the church as  they prayed.       <  Tho Bev. Bobt. Laird, secretary ol  the Board of Finance of. the Presbyterian church, followed with a stirring  address, his subject being personal  canvass, end individual effort. He  emphasized the remarks ol the previous speaker and claimed that the  members ot the various churches were  neglecting the obligations they hod  taken upon themselves when they joined thin    ohuroh.    The time   had now  (Continued on Page Ten)  The    Sheriff's   sale of the B.N.A.T.  Co.'s effects at the Mission Ranch, to  satisfy several judgments taken     out  against the company, and which    waa  Leathley'e orchard, announced lor Tuesday noxt, has been  n  M  i  m  adjoining the Bcalc property.  postponed to Tuesday, March, nth. ���J?  - "��� ��'-'������'.  m  ^=  '! '  I  =S==  �����  M  M  ���� �����  ��*  *��*�����# M ���� ��*  a�� ee  ��    PROFESSION AL AND   **  �����    Busirasa carSs   *  *��� ����  �� h �� �� �� �� ���� ��# ���� e* ���� �����  BURNE & TEMPLE  Solicitor!,  Notnriea Public,  Conveyancers, etc  KELOWNA, B.C.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notnry Public.  KELOWNA.  B.C  WEDDELL & GRIBBLE  BARRISTER, SOLICITORS, and  NOTARIES PUBLIC  9, Willit's Bloch   -   Keloiona, B.C.  p. EDMUND CORBY  Architect  Hsweteon Block, Kelowna   -   'Phone 206  P.O. Bo*, 509  C. Harvey. B.A., Sc��� C.E., D.L.S., B.C.L,S���  CHARLES   HARVEY,  CIVIL ENGINEER and   LAND  "SURVEYOR.  Kelowna,   B. C.  Phone 147. P.O. Boa 231  PIANOFORTE  MR. HAROLD  TOD BOYD  Exhibitioner Royal College  of  Munc. and laiel;  with Kanonak Pytic, Mua. Doc., Organist of tht  Cathedral, Manchester, Enf���  RECEIVES  PUPILS  At lb. Studio, Trench Block, Kelowna.  Muaie  af eery  daacription  supplied.  P.O. Box 437  RICHARD H. PARKINSON  BRITISH COLUMBIA LAND  SURVEYOR,  CIVIL ENGINEER  #**=  KRLOWNA  RECOUD  KELOWNH RECORD  Published every Thursday a* Kelowna,  .   Briti* Columbia  JOHN LEATHLEY  Editor and Proprietor  Subscription Bates:  SI.SO   par rears   7��o��� sis   swath.     Da  tain to outs addltioeal.  all sehwrlatloin narabU ia advanco.  Advertising Rates:  LOOga NOTICBS. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. I  ETC., M earls far senna laeb per week.  LAND AMD TlMBfi NOT1CB8-80 davl. IS;  60 dan. W.  WATD NOTICES-** lor five laHrtioni.  LKOaX ADVBRTISINI  ���sale asr Uan aaae  telephone facilities lor Okanagan Mission. He said hia company were at  present negotiating with different property owners at the Mission with a  view to extending their line in that  direction. There were also a number  qf extensions in view in the city of  Kelowna and he hoped before the ntxt  meeting of the Board to have some  pleasing announcement to make.  Mr. G. C. K. Harvey stated that he  had met the local manager that day  and had been assured that construction on a line to the Mission was to  be started at once. ^  The chairman, Mr. S. T. Elliott mentioned tho visit to the city of C.P.B.,  Superintendent McKay on the question  of tho removal of the Sunday boat  service. Mr. McKay while being unable to give any definito promises had  ORANGE GRAND LODGE AT  ,     NELSON  IO-Fir.��   UuKtion.    13  aubMqojnt huerlion. 8  CLASSIFIED ADTSETISEMENTS-2 cat. pw  ward Hnt laaartloa, 1 ent per word on,.  aabMQuaat iBMrtion.  display  advertisements-Two   Mm  aad aadar.fO weta ear look lint Inaertion  one tee Uafce 40 oaata am tea. tint ia  ���artlea: SO ��mU per Inch   auk auuaeuo.nl  be la  .vaalag  ieau*.  la aoatreri advertUem.mtH niun  '  ol tin. mat* br   "  Tuwdu  Mature publication ia tk.    ant  stated that if posaiblo an endeavor  would be made to havo the service  resumed by April.  Alderman F. A. Taylor, who was present mentioned the fact that the C.P.  R. had been malting enquiry of the  council with a view to installing lavatory accommodation nt the wharf.  The secretary read a list of the  standing committees which had been  appointed by the executive. These were  as follows:  FINANCE.-Messrs W. G. Benson, H.  G. Pangman and W. E. Adams.  TRANSPORTATION .-Mayor Jones,  Messrs. D. Leckie and D, W. Sutherland.  HIGHWAYS.- Messrs R. F. Morrison^ R. S. Hall, M. Hereron and C. 0.  Prowse.  . CIVIC.-Messrs. F. R. E. DeHart, P.  I)uMoulin and J, B. Knowles.  SPECIAL.���Messrs. H. G. Pangman,  H. F. Roes, Geo. McKenzie and L. E.  Taylor.  ADVISORY.-Messrs. W. E. Adams,  W. G. Benson and R. F. Morrison.  Mr. Hereron said he would like    to  see a oommittee appointed on the Mie-  aion Creek question.   He did not    see  drop after so  this .natter, , ,"-"J"�� T"  j�� W      ****  but he had not been able to como   tu!0M of a deputation which had  the meeting. ��  Mr. M. Hereron said he agreed  some respects with the resolution, but, ,    ,  there wero features about it he    did ���J"' nad not .��* *��� ^ *** *"  , ... ., ,, , ,.      ,.    ,,    I did not agree with Una.   He was high-  not like.     At the present time the Do-1     .   ..     e ,, ,    ",  .  [(. | y mohgntint about the apparent breach  Sabaoribeta at ta. nealar rate can aav.  aitta paper, a.iled to Wend, at a distance  at HALF BATH. 1.... 75 MnU per year.  Tail .racial privikw. I> traatad lor th.  purpoM pi ednrtlalaf tb. cltv and diatrict.  BOARD OF TRADE  REGULAR MEETING  (Continued from Page One.)  the C.P.R., reducing their present rates  'even lor a short'period." ,  I   The secretary said that Mr. Casorso wh* * 8 '^ ' j* Iet  I much had been done.  i had something to  Total exclusion of Orientals from Canada was urged in a resolution passed  by the Grand Orange Lodge ol British  Columbia, which brought its annual!  convention to a conclusion last Thursday. Another resolution asks the Dominion and provincial government* to  employ British subjects only on all  I public works, and to insert a clause  in all contracts let by either government to the effect that British subjects  shall be given the preference. The  Grand Lodge also passed resolutions  condemning the extension ol French  as on official language, and the Home  Rule Bill. The report of the finance  committee making allocations lb* the  work of the year, was passed and a  number of amendments to the constitution and laws were passed. Mr. J.  W. Whiteley was unanimously reelected provincial organizer. The  election of officers resulted aa follows:  Grand Master, J. H. Armstrong,  Revolstoke; deputy grand master W.  G. Gamble, Matsqui; junior deputy  grand master, H. Birmingham, Vancouver; grand chaplain, Rev. C. W.  Corey, Nelson; grand secretary, William H. Brett, Collingwood East;  grand treasurer, W. T. Jago, Coquit-  lam; grand lecturer. R. N. Hopkins,  Vancouver; grand director of ceremonies, D. M. Tattrie, Sandon; auditors, Geo. Schofield, Vancouver, and  H. T. Thrift, White Rock; deputy  grand secretary, L. G. Raymer, Port  Hammond; deputy grand lecturer to  the Grand Lodge of British America,  J. C. Soott, Victoria'; deputy irrand  chaplains, Rev. William Boulton,  Vancouver; Rev. C. W. Whittaker, Lad-  ner. Rev. T. A. Osborne, Princeton,  Rov. R. J, Mclntyre, Nelson, Xdjt. G.  H. Dowell, Victoria, Rev. Wm. Govier,  Port Hammond.  Chilliwack was chosen for the next  Grand Lodge meeting.  PNfi  TR1  =���*=  THUItSDAT, FBBRUABY 26, 1914  SALT  gone  I down to Victoria and obtained grant  'of ��woo to be spent immediately on  | the creek bed.    For some reason that  P.O. BOX 137  KELOWNA  Dr. J. W. Nelson Shepherd  DENTIST  Corner Peneozi Street and  Lawrence Avenue.  Mr. B. G. MEYRICK  gives lessons in  PIANOFORTE, VIOLIN and ORGAN  also  French Lessons  Conversational or otherwise  minion government    was paying  rate in B. C. lor pure bred, registered  stock.  Thia waB for the purpose of encouraging farmers to keep a better class  of stock, and this end would be defeated if grade cattle had to be included in this concession. He had no  objection to a lower rate for beef cat  tle as it  would be a <?..o<l thing  the   valley    il   they    could get  for  STUDIO-Morri.on-Thomp.on Block  JOHN CURTS  CONTRACTOR & BUILDER  Plnns and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  ings.Tov.-n and Country Reaidences  JOHN CURTS. KELOWNA  PHONE No. 93  8. W. THAYER, D.V.S.  VETERINARY SURGEON  (Gradual. McCill Uni.erak,)  Retidence : GLENN AVENUE  Messages may be left at the office of  Messrs. Kattenbury St William.  FEE TOO SMALL  Mr. W. H. PARKER, A.H.C.O.  (Anodat. Ron! Coll... ol Ors.ni.ta  London, England)  Organist ol St. Michael tt All Angels'  Church, receives Pupils for  Organ, Pianoforte, Violin, Singing,  Theory, &c.  at his own or pupils' residence.  Sp.ci.l attention to children  P.O. Box 641. Telephone 120  Address Abbott Street  CHINESE CONTRACTOR  MEE WAH LUNG CO.  Chin*** Merchant! and Employment Office  Contract* of every kind undei  Stitimctory work cur  ���wSSflSttr'  P.O. Bosi &  ���i��!  Dr. MATHISON  Deutist ,  KELOWNA    :    B.C.  cheaper. Hut ns for iluiry cows, they  wanted nothing but the best. There  was a large number of grade cows com  'ing into the valley now which wero  'simply culled out by eastern farmers,  who were going in for IfTttcr stock,  and many of these were not worth calling cows.  The sooner the Okanagan did the  'same thing as the eastern farmers, he  'said, nnd went in for registered stock,  the better, nnd if they asked for concessions on anything lot it be only  on the best. He did not think they  should meddle with sihe issues.  This view received general support  and the secretary was instructed to  acknowledge the resolution and to  state that the Kelowna Board of  Trade could not support same as it  .was Kelowna's desire to have better  atock and not inferior grades.  The secretary read two letters from  :Mr. Hamilton Lang, superintendent of  roads for the valley. The first was in  reply to a request that Mr. Lang  | would instruct the looal foreman t0  fill up the "chuok holes" In the portion ol road between Hawhinney's cor-  'ner and the Black Mountain road. Six.  | Lang said that as soon as the new  funds were available a special trouble  crew would be organized t<> make  spring repairs on all suburban; roods.  The other lotter replied to a request of the Board for a statement of  the amount expended on r<Mds from  Duck Lake to South Okanogan, and in  various parts ol the dijtriot. Information as to ths expenditure on tho  bridges was also askerj for,  Mr. Lang replied tkAt ao far the preparation of estimates and special reports from the gc/vernraent had prevented him from furnishing the desired  information, but. that as soon as the  estimates wero -.,a,ed by the leglsla  ture he wouJti be visiting Kelowna to  consider the program for the coming  eeason, and would then, do his best  to give all  information.  Replies were read from -the provincial  secretary rospeoting the resolutions  forwarded to the government, dealing  with the necessity for a' two years'  close season. on dose, and. the prohibiting of the sale ol veninon in conse-  quenoe ol the wholesale slaughter of  deer, and also tbe requekt that the  government amend the game act to  give ���farmers permission to trap vermin on their own premiees without' a  Hccnce. These matters, 'laid Br. Young  Would be brought to tl te notice of the  government.  A letter was also rerjd from Mr. 0,  P. Dohie, district man eager of the Okanagan Telephone Co.  Mr. Dobie had been asked io meet  the Board to discuss th �� need of better  of faith with the government.  The chairman pointed out that the  old committee, consisting of Mesers.  Elliott, Hall and Hereron still stood  and a proposal was made that their  appointmont be confirmed for another  term. Mr. Hereron however, steadfastly refused to serve again, because, he  disagreed with the aotion of the eom-  nittee in allowing the work to be de-  oyed.  It was pointed out that the spending  of the siooo was not in the hands of  he Board of Trade oommittee but  of a committee appointed by the land  owners themselves. The reason for the  delay, Mr. Hewetsooa stated was that  their engineer, Mr. Groves had made  careful examination of the portion  of the creek mouth whioh it had been  proposed to clear and had reported  that owing to the frozen condition of  the ground the oost would be too  great. Mr. Casorso had alao refused  to put his team in as he said he could  not do more, than two or three hours  worka day-  Mr. Hereron however, stuok to his  opinion that the work could have been  done (letter then than any other time,  and persisted in hie refusal to act on  the committee. Mr. Hewetson was  thwefora elected to take his place.  A protest was raised by Mr. Bell  against tho adjournment of the 'meetings of the Board of Trade without  giving sufficient notice to the members  and as the outcome of a discussion' on  the mattes- the following resolution  was passed. "That in case af the adjournment of any meeting notification  to be sent, to member** to reach them  if possible before the date of the said  adjourned meeting."  A question was raised as to whether  Tuesday was Ihe most suitable night  to hold tho moetings, and Mr. R. B.  Kerr gave notioe of a motion to  change the day of meeting to the third  Monday in eaoh month.  Queen Mary, walking near Windsor  Castle, snw a roughly clad man painting the portrait of a laborer's child.  Admiring it, and supposing the painter to be a tramp artist the queen  bade him come to the castle to paint  Princess Mary's pioture.   He did;  The queen much pleased, sent the  princely sum of 85 to him by a lady-  in-waiting. Only then the painter  revealed himself as a rising young  painter and demanded his usual fee,  9526, whioh her majesty paid most  reluctantly.  Nature's Purifier   m  EVERYONEJ. ��t thus nUmd to A.   11  : amxukr ol brwuhine bad air. eilho. ia v   ,1  JSJ"' k"    ,l,*e, j*��� or ���'",���'",'*���  , pO^sfitsiTSsn^BSm  ImpoiUnc* of e ttfaand aHKttve purifyim *ceat i*  ���pnteiit,  .JeQ> "Fiak 3.  nm.bjryonnsoro  aad tha pn  emlnn.  Oria. a ban). TO-DAY from sea  Prtpartd only bjf        ,    ,,  J. C. ENO, Ltd., "Fruit Salt"  Worftt, London, England  kmMlmC.aUm Harold F. RltaUe A  1  tV,LW��M.10alaCaalBt,Ti  lit  m^SeSS^B   '  WE HAVE ON HAND A' SPLENDID STOCK OF  Brick, Hollow Brick, Building Blocks,  Agricultural Drain Tile  in Various sizes  SAND FbR SALE  THE CLEMENT - RIGGS. Limited  PHONE  -   104  First-class Fruit Lands  For Sale on the Hepburn Hats  A  large  acreage will  be planted this  spring   with  standard varieties  Lots from Five Acres and Up.  Easy Terms: One-Fifth Cash, oalance to suit purchaser  Absolutely  pure water.   Domestic supply piped to every lot  The Belgo-Canadian Fruitlands,  LIMITED  ViVTUIUT'^URJiUfvYUTVY^^fJi^^^ I  ^^^^KJ^^^!^^.^^r\^^^^^!r^^/\R^^jT\^rTC^m^m^^r\J^K?r\7i^  A NOTED PIANIST  Speaking of Mr. Herbert Fryer the  celebrated English pianist the "Bir-  miugaam Weekly Mercury" eays. "He  is one of the few pianists whom one  cannot hear too often for to an exotr-  lent technique he adds a delioate touch  pianistlc grace and an intellectual  equipment which is as rare ae ltj Is  desirable. In other respeots too ������'he  fulfills every condition."  In reference to a recent Queen's  Hall, London concert the "Pall Hall  Gasetto" says: "His brilliant tone was  not only completely'appropriate, but1  gave unusual effect to the ornamental  passages that are scattered so lavishly  through the work���Liszt's Second Con-  eerto.  Mr. Fryer's Kelowna Recital will  take place, in the Opera House on  Tuesday, March loth, and no lover of  good music ahould miss this opportunity to hear one of the world'e greatest |  living pianists.  U  w  '{TH the end of this month we  shall have completed the first  year of   business in  Kelowna,  having opened the present store about  Mcrch 1st, 1913.  Looking back over the year we feel we  cannot let the occasion go by without  expressing our appreciation of the support  which has been given us by Kelowna  people, making the venture a most successful one.  It has always been our endeavour to  carry the very beat goods at the lowest  prices, and to give satisfactory service all  round, and this will be our constant  endeavor in the future.  Our new Spring Gc. >ds are  now arriving, and We invite  you to call and see our stock.  W. E. TAIT & COMPY.  jjjjjyjj. THURSDAY, FEBEUAHY 28, 1911  KELOWHA  RECORD  Awav to a Good Start  at Dalgleish & Harding's Great Sale  THE  "1 Will" Man  Known through Canada as the World's  Greatest Price Cutter throws open the  $40,000 stock of Furnituie and Hardware owned by Dalgleish & Harding.  The entire stock on sale at sale prices.  No half measures to this sale. We  will offer you the most astounding  offerings ever issued by any establish-  ment under any circumstances whatsoever. Remember we intend to turn  the stock into cash no matter what the  sacrifice. Greatest price wrecking  Catastrophe Kelowna has ever known.  EVELY.  Price Demolishing Hair Raisers  Straight From the Shoulder  A few Specials in  DRESSERS  Surface Oak, Golden finish 13  x_22 British plate glass mirror for  $9.50  Princess Dresser, Quarter Cut  Oak, large oval British plate  glass mirror. Regular $32.00  for $26.50  Mahogany Dresser 16 x 28 British plate glass mirror. A regular snap at $24.00, But out ft  goes for  $19.50  Diners & Dining  Table  One special set of Diners 5  chairs and arm, chair. Satin  finish Walnut, upholstered in  solid   leather.   Regular value  S26.00. On sale for $19.75  Six foot Round Pedestal table  Surface Oak, would be cheap  at the regular price of $15.50  But out it goes for-... $13.75  See the "Must Go  ����  Tables of the " I WILL''Man  See what 5c will buy!  Witness the wonderful purchasing  power of 10c ��� just a dime!  The untold wonders a quarter 25c,  will make is something you'll  have to come and see for yourself.  Assortments of Kitchen Utensils at 50c  BEYOND COMPARISON  Purchasers will like these tables. Competitors Don't  I'm on the Job handing out the goods that  people want at prices they want to pay.  Working like a nailer. EVELY  ONE ONLY  A magnificent Mahogany  parlor suite upholstered in  No. i. Spanish leather. Set  comprises Rocker, Arm, Chair  and Settee. A really magnificent suite, massive design  would be a credit to any  home. Regular value is $151.50  Sale price only  $119.50  Two Specials  in Lounges  One Velour Couch full spiral  springs, upholstered in either  green or a red velour. Regular $8.00 for   $6.95  A special value in a Couch  is this full spiral spring, upholstered in American leather  Regular $11.00 for     $9.00  An Extra  Special Offer  Complete White Enamel Bed  springs and mattress, all good  quality for  $8.85  Window Shades  Regulation  size in   a good  No. 1.   oil shade.      Regular  50c, for  35c  each.  JAP MATTING  20c per yard  Rugs, Carpets  and Linoleums  all at a fraction of their real  value  Everything in the store has been given a Terrific Price  Reduction. No attention paid to first cost. Sell it for what it will bring.  PRICE WRECKING  Refrigerators  Warm weather will soon be here and you will  need a good refrigerator. Why not buy now  when you can'make such stupendous savings.  Regular $14.50 refrigerators for       $11.00  Regular $17.50 refrigerators for ...... .        13.00  Regular $18.56 refrigerators for        14.00  Regular $22.50 refrigerators for  17.00  Lawn Mowers  There will soon be grass to cut and lawns to  be kept in trim. Save money and buy yours  now. We have them at $4.85, $5.65 and $5.75  It's a saving you'll appreciate when you see the  new spring prices.  Special for the Ladies  A large assortment of Brown Stone Teapots,  medium and large sizes, just the thing to make  a delicious cup of tea and the price is oily   ���!.,<:���  25c  BENEFITS EVERYBODY  Stoves and Heaters  Air tight heaters at the price of the material.  Regular $2.50 for ,  Regular $2.75 for   Regular $3.00 for   Regular $3.75 for     Regular $.v.,o for   Large Heaters, Regular $15.00 for .  Box Stoves, Regular $7.00 for   Box Stoves, Regular $12.00 for ....  $1.95  2.20  145  2.75  2.15  110$  5.95  9.50  $15.95  $14.25  Fireplaces  Regular $20.00 for  Regular $17.50 for.  Enamelware  See the wonderful reductions in every day use  kitchen utensils, the best values ever offered in  high grade enamelware, the tables priced from  5c to $1.00 tell the story of never-to-be-forgotten values.  Special offerings through  the entire  Sale. Watch  onr windows  they foretell  savings simply phei  al. Get wise  Extra! Extra!  Extra!  Toilet Paper - 4 for 25c  Electric Lamps - 20c  Liquid Veneer - 20c  KtttUKaoltt  - 3for5c  Hardware and Furniture  KELOWNA  Evely.the"! WILL" MAN in charge  WE PAY  YOUR FARE  AND FREIGHT  On ell out of town shipment!  we will pay yout freight.  On all orders over 025 we  wilt pay yew boat fan, eleo  freight on yout purchases.  cvH-r ������  ������������wamm.  yRLOWNA   RECORD  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 39, 1914  Kelowna Land & Orchard Co.  LIMITED  Nursery Stock for  Spring Planting  (One year budded on imported French seedlings, three-year  roots)  APPLES  Northern Spy Winesap Newtown Pippin  Mcintosh    Delicuus    Spitzenberg    Wealthy  Jonathan    King David    Grimes Golden  And other varieties  CRAB APPLES  PEARS  Flemish Beauty Bartlett Du Cornice  PLUMS  Bradshaw       Italian Prunes  CHERRIES  *  Olivette       English Morello  Our Stock has Won  Its  Own  Reputation  Price List on Application  OFFICES :  Belgo-Canadian Building.   'Phone 5  P.O. Box 274  Pruning & Spraying  We have a Large Stock of the  Leading Lines of Pruning Tools   and Spray Pumps   INCLUDING  Reiser Pruning Shears  Bishop      ,, Saws  Spray Pumps and Nozzles  Morrison-Thompson  Hardware Co., Ltd.  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  ���  ' Mr. F. It.   E. DeHart left tor     the  coast Monday morning.      ����5*  . . . . m  Mr. Aloe Mrfjuurrie was a passenger  by the boat Monday, bound for Victoria,  ....  Mr. H. H. Millie returned Monday  from Nelson where he had been attending Grand Lodge of the Orange Order.  i��  ��� . ���  Br. Dickson returned this week from  the coast, where he has been residing  for some months past.   He intends to  stay in Kelowna for some time.  ....  The Horn of England society held a  whist drive last Thursday evening in  their room in the Keller block, some  eighty people taking part.  ��� ��� t  ���  After March 1st the law offices of the  city will olose their doors on Saturday  day afternoon instead of Thursday as  formerly, remaining open Thursday afternoon.  ��� . �� .  Next Sunday morning Bev. D. J.  Welsh will speak on "The Great Confession of Faith in Relation to Conduct." The    evening subject will     be  "The Leadership of Jesus."  ��� ���  .  ��  In the Methodist church on Sabbath  evening the pastor will preach the  third of his series of sermons on  "Death and the Hereafter," taking as  hia subject, "After Death, What)" His  morning topic is "The World's Supreme Ideal."  ��� ��� t  ���  The concert and dance given in the  Ellison school house last Friday evening, under the auspices of the Ellison  baseball club was attended by one of  the largest crowds ever g&vthered together in that place and developed into one of the most enjoyable evenings  of the season.    Quite a  number went  out from town.  ....  Kchoarsala for "Patience", which is  the next production of the Dramatic  Sooiety aro being hold regularly every  Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the  Board of Trade roomB, and any others  wishing to join in the production can  oonsidor this a sufficient invitation.  The society arc also busy arranging  for e miscellaneous concert to take  place the last Thursday in March.  ....  Mr. J. E. Kellenberger, otherwise  known as "Kelly'" who had oharge of  the automobile repairs for the Kelowna Machine Shops last year is returning to Kelowna at the end of this  month and will renew his connection  with the firm. Mr. and Mrs. Kollen-  berger have bfjen spending the winter  at Long Hone's, California.  ......  Over two liundred people were jsres-  ent last Thu jaday evening at an "A.t  Home" and dance given by Mrs. Stirling and M re. L. IS. Taylor in the  Morrison Hall, to their numerous  friends, aviA which proved an exceedingly ploa sant funotion. Music was  provided 'by Mr. J. Smith, and later  in the evening by Mr. Boyd and  Mr. Drury Prvce. An excellent supper  was servrjd by 1 liases Mearns and Smith  of tha Green 7fea rooms.   Mr. L. Richmond left Friday last on  a business trip east.  Mr.  from  Geo.    Meikle  a trip east.  returned Monday  The Rev. D. J. Welsh spent last week,  end in Enderbv returning by Tuesday's  boat.  .      ....  Mr. R. J. Lund has, we hear sold  out his place at Benvoulin to Mr. Kin-  near.  ....  Mr. Lionel Mahood, well known   to  many people in Kelowna aB the    advance agent for the Allen Players died  this week in Moose Jaw.  ....  Mr. Thos. Lawson, who had been  visiting in town for a few days left  Tuesday morning for his home in Victoria.  ���  .  .  ���  A surprise party was hold Tuesday  evening at the home of Mrs     Curts,  the occasion    being the birthday     of  Miss Duthie of the public school staff.  ....  An important real estate deal. has  been concluded this week by which Mr.  Humbler Paul becomes the possessor  of what is generally known as the Elliott block, comprising the present  promises of Dalgleish & Harding and  the J. L. Morrison Co., plumbers. The  price it is understood was $25,000, tbe  sale being put through by Mr. D. H.  Rattenbury.  ....  ltev. G. W. Wilkinson, General Secretary of the B. C. Sunday School Association, accompanied by Miss S. E.  Spencer, of Victoria, elementary superintendent and Miss G. K. MaoLennan,  of Nanaimo, missionary superintendent  will be in Kelowna on Friday, March  6th and wish to meet all interested in  Sunday school work at 3.80 p.m., in  the Methodist church, when Miss Spencer will teach a sample elementary lesson and Miss MacLennan will tell a  model missiongry story. In the evening at 8 p.m., in Methodist church Mr.  Williamson will give an address on the  wonderful worldjs convention, held in  Zurich, Switzerland last June. Miss  Spencer and Miss MacLennan will also  speak at the close of the evening meet  ing a collection will be taken. A oor-  dial invitation is extended to all. Come  It will do you good.  HOSPITAL DONATIONS  The secretary of the local hospital  acknowledges with thanks the following donations for January:  Mrs. Kincaid, bread weekly; Watson  Bros., four chiokens; J. B. Fisher,  quart cream; J. McPhcrson meet to  value of 17.50 and box of Jap oranges.  Cash contributions.���W. B. t ease $M,  I). Dandy Si, Rev. F. Verbeke *5, Collection box, Kelowna Club 112.60 J.  RowclilTe ��s, R. Sweenuy �����*, Friend 91,  Collection box, Rank of Montreal, II.-  20, H. Q. Panijman ��.��, W.O.T.U. S12.no  0. A. Tense. $5.  KELOWNA-WEST BANK  STEAM FERRY  Lmtm Kelowna 9 i.m., 3.30 p.m  Lew* Weitbank 9.30 a.m., 4 p.m.  Extra Service on,  Wednesdays fit Saturdays  Letv��i Kslswni 11a.m.  Leavet Wattbank 11.30 a.m.  TERMS CASH  JAMES I. CAMPBELL  Phon. N.. 106  ^'���^���^���NkJE  CONCRETE  WORK  1' have �� complete plant ..f power  minora and all appliance, to* concrete  cona>. ruction of every kind, sad am  devoting all my attention to this, 'work,  in. which I b>va had many year.'  experience.  All Kinds of Cemei it Work,  Concrete Build-in gs,  Foundations and Si d ewalke.  Excavating Con tr acts  ~~    H. WITTEft-  OFFICE: tPt  JEENCE'.  ���CI.oi��m ft Rima'ofic,        ��� '. ��M��rAv.  ��� (taxnurBWk (Wit.rStrwl  I        IPHONEIM 'PHC'r   K'OM  "��� ,mmm' tPMsssssssMsVMssMMs] P      fjMHMHWN  Your Eyes  are Bread Winners  If you cannot tee to Read, or if .UJB!  your Eyes causa yon any dis-JE^'  comfort at all,  consult  us���  KNOWLES, the Optician  1KELOWNA  ! 1  MllfllllS  ���  P. BURNS & Co., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail  MEAT MERCHANTS  Fresh Meat  Daily  Full  supply of Hams and Bacon  Fresh Fish in season  *  W. LUDLOW, Manager  KELOWNA  Phone 135  GLENMORE FRUIT LANDS  Situated within one half mile of town, and being  about loo feet above the lake, it commend��� a beautiful view of the town, lake and surrounding country.  Ideal Fruit Soil. Abundance of Water.  Close to Town and Market  There ie only one GLENMORE. Don't mi�� the opportunity of selecting a few acres of thia desirable  property.  aaaaa > i  The Central Okanagan Lands, Ltd.  KELOWNA. IX.  OK.LUMBER CO.,Ltd.  Axe now  completely cc)nipped to supply all   your  lumt:r needs.  V'e have now a l.tr-a stuck of local and coast  ROUGH AND FINISHING LUMBER  i.f   hiuli   crude   q;in.!:iv a:-', in splendid condition.  A complete line of  DOORS AND WINDOWS  LATH AND SHINGLES  HERBERT   FRYER  Oldwatad Engtok Kaniat, at th�� Ofsra Housa, Ttwaday, Hatoh loth,  Phone 154 P.O. Box 19  /. A BIGGER  Contractor and Builder  LAWRENCE AVENUE  Estimates Furnished on all kinds of buildings.      Re.id.nce. and Modern  Bungalows a Specialty.  Interior Finishing, House Painting, &  Decorating by Contract  I have a full line of interior decorations, consisting of the latest and most up-  to-date wall hangings.    Call and inspect my stock of Wallpaper, and gat my  estimate oa your spring painting and decorating.  City and country patronage solicited THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 36, 1914  KSljOWKrV RECORD  COAL  COAL  I..* i ii     ri ������  Famous Taber Smokeless Lump and  Pensylvattia' Hard  In Nut, Stove and Egg sizes  W. HAUG  _aat_^ai_��aaak.  'Photic ������ 66  First Year's Work of  Water Rights Branch  Much Good Investigation Work  Accomplished  Tho first year's working of the  Water Rights Branch of the Department of Lands is summarized in the  report of the Hohl.W. R. Ross, Minis-ground  ���M��M.      ||>M^<jMMMMMtM-  Lime-Sulphur Spray  No Sludge  No Salt  No Impurities  23 CENTS PER GALLON  F.o.b. Factory  Guaranteed 30�� Beaume Reading  j NO CHARGE FOR BARREL  Order at once.   Our output is nearly  sold, and time is short  Okanagan Spray Factory  MOON BROS.-  Phone 249  Ellis St., Kelowna  mil  lllli   tint  Phsna 257  P.O. Box 191  J  . A. MORRISON & CO.  [SucMUora to th. Morrison-Thompson Co.]  Plumbing, Steam sad. Hot Water Heating,  Ventilating Systems, Pumps, Etc.  Pipe Fittings oi all kinds.  Offioe and Shop t  Coates, Edwards & Gowen Garage  KELOWNA, B.C.  Continues  ���sa  Our Men's and Boys' Clothing is moving at  GIVE AWAY PRICES. Come and get your  ���hare of the bargains.'  Boots and Shoes  are going laat It will pay you td lay in a stock  at our prices. Solid Leather Shoes- for muddy  weather.  Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear.  We have some big bargains in this department,  Come and see them, the benefit will be your*.  ter of lands, just presented to the legislature.  The first work, of the organization  was the division of the province into  main water districts and the appointment of engineers. The boundaries of  these districts are governed by transportation facilities, and altogether  there are eight districts, divided as  follows; Victoria, Kamloops, Nicola,  Okanagan, Kettle Valley, Nelson  Southeast Kootrn >��� <��� no* North Koote-  nay. The district of Victoria is practically the iwhole of the province north  of the railway belt, including Vancouver Island, as it was considered inadvisable to have divisions in this district at present.  A definite order of work was adopted and followed throughout the season  in all districts on the following basis:  Engineering investigations of old records; systematic and continuous work  in stream measurements, a study of  the proper duty of water; tho prevention of wasteful use of water' the policing of streams; the economic distribution and delivery of water;, the inspection of cisterns to determine their  efficiency and safety; the determination  of storage possibilities, and the investigation of water powers.  "Of this work the first has taken  up" by far the major portion af the  season." says Mr. William Young, tho  Comptroller of Water Rights, in his  report. "In many sections successful  Water administration is dependent nn  the determination by the board of investigation of rights under the old  records, and it was therefore ol primary importance that their engineering corps should co-operate with the  board."  The board of investigation held 27  meetings during the year in various  parts of the province, and up to the  present time they have investigated  two thousand, four hundred and forty-  six water records, out of a total of  seven thousand, two hundred and fifty  known to the board. Of the records  investigated one thousand, and thirty-  one were confirmed, four hundred and  eighty-three were cancelled and nine  hundred and thirty-two have not yet  been determined, At the present rate  of progress the board ��� expects to have  the pending examinations complete by  March 1, and will prepare for resuming hearings in April.  Down in a Submarine  '"Close hatches, prepare to dive!" .All  the openings in the deck and tower are  closed down add made fast. Ere    tllo  last screw is wrenched home we    ere  sinking preoaptibly. The oommandor is  now standing inside the conning tower  whence   he can    obtain an all-round  view of the surface through the thick  (j plate glass.   Soon, however, the tower  j will be submerged, and then the peris-  (cope becomes the only means of vision,  i .The interior of the boat is now humming like a hive of bees. Every   man  is at his station, and performing his  particular task. The oil-motors    hare  ceased their deafening clamor, to    bo  succeeded by the more gently running  electro motors. The horizontal rudders  and the forward diving planes are adjusted.  The chief engineer passes the word tb  the commander, "All Clear!" Now ws  are in for it. In a small compart'  ment near the bow, a second and  smaller periscope is raised. From, time  to time we examine the mirror which  gives us a camera-obscura view of  what is passing on the surface. The  picture is rather cloudy, and we notice that there is an edge of color  every object reflected in'   the  mirror. Otherwise the view is much  the game as that obtained, with the  naked eye. We notioe that the exhaust  pipe and the small signal and wireless  mast have disappeared from the deck.  They have been telescoped and stowed  away in slots specially provided on tho  deck., On every side there is an unmistakable sound of gurgling water.  The sea cocks in the wing diving tanks  have been opened to admit the water,  in order to increase the specific gravity of our boat beyond that of tho  The greatest care must be taken  to ensure that the water flows into never be[ore has the daylight seemed  each tank in equal quantity, far if thtf'ao welcome. The lungs take in deep  trim were suddenly^iltered we should draughts of fresh air instead of tho  simply turn turtle. i "tinned"    atmosphere    we   have beon  The sea is calm. Our hull is bow (breathing since we went below, and  completely submerged, and the water whioh, in epite of the oxygen and pur-  is lapping over the deck. Another- few. ifying apparatus, still leaves much to  feet and the conning tower is covered, jbe desired. The electric lamps are  Only the slim periscope betrays our | burning dimly, and give but a pale  position to the watchers on the sur- lirrht in comparison with the sunshine  face. "Five metres" (IS feet) annouac- which now floods the sea. It is good  the man at the depth indicator, and  PLENTY OF THRILLS IN  "THROUGH THE CLOUDS"  One oan -hardly complain that then  is not sufficient thrill in "Through tbe  Clouds," a three-part drama of the  air to be shown at the Opera House  on Wednesday afternoon nnd evening.  Tne production is essentially Eaglish, and although distinctly inclining  towards the memdrarnatio, is sure to  prove popular with the Opera House  patrons, for then Is any amount of  that stirring incident which they love.  As will be gathered from the title certain of ths scenes occur in mid air,  and tot the purpose a couple of balloons and an aeroplane an used. The  most sensational incident in the story  shows one of the aotors hanging by  one arm from the balloon basket and  this, it is said, was taken at an altitude of 8,800 feet (rom another balloon  which contained the producer and operator who filmed the pioture.  An article entitled "Realism in tbe  Motion Pioture Drama" whioh appeared in the January issue of Popular Mer  laaios Magaslne refers to the above  iotiire" is on the regular film service  itiire is. on the regular film service  t positively can only be shown    one  day-Wlnesday.  ���   . ��� ii -pni '" ���-.  ' Teacheri���I am going to send for  your mother, .Johnny, and show her  what a     shocking   oompoaitiflh     you  t' brought in, today.  n Jommy.���All right. Send for her-- I  don't cars. 8h�� wrote It, anyway.  already been charged with the compressed fir which propels its engines.  From the* conning tower comes repeated orders to the men in charge of the  motors, pumps and other appliances.  Suddenly the motors stop. "Stand  by!" shouts the man at the voice pipe  For one moment a deadly silence  reigns, broken only by the gentle hiss  of the oxvgen apparatus. Then the  motors start again, this time going  full speed astern. We are probably de-  termining the range of the target.  What would bo happening if this were  war? Supposing the enemy's ship had  escaped our torpedo and discovered our  position by the wash of our sorews,  whioh even at some depth still make  a slight disturbance on the surface.  and what if he were pursuing us, ready  to drive his ram through our thin  plating or to overwhelm us with a  storm of bursting shell? At this moment there is a dull thud from ths  bow, and the boat quivers slightly.  The torpedo has been discharged, and  is now speeding towards the target at  a velocity of 40 knots. We shall not  know till later whether we have made  a hit or a miss.  With the firing of the torpedo our  exercise is practically over, and pie  parations are now made to return to  the surface. The bilge pumps are wf  in motion to clear the diving t* nks  and restore our buoyancy. The horizontal and vertical rudders and tho  diving planes are readjusted, and we  begin to ascend. Very soon a faint  green light pervades the Interior, und  grows stronger. Tho conning tower  emerges, and in an instant later we  are on the surface, while the internal-  combustion motors come into action,  and propel us through the water at  increased speed.  At last comes, the welcome order,  "Open hatches!" Ours is the first head  to be thrust through the opening and  a moment later "six metres" (19 feet)  Deeper and deeper we sink, and, it begins to grow chilly. The steel hull is  very sensitive to changes of tempera*  ture, and down in the dep>ths it i��  cold enough. Without delay the electric heater is turned on, and gives  forth welcome warmth. Sixty-five feet  is the depth now recorded on the dial.  I learn that we are to enga-f-e in torpedo practice at a target towed along  the surface by a steam pinns.ee. In tha  bow compartment which usually serves  as living and sleeping accommodation  the chairs and tables have been stowed away, and the torpedo gunners are  busy at the bow tube.  A torpedo is taken from' its rack,  placed in the slings, and swung Into  the breech of the tube. Thia is a difficult operation considering the weight  and length of the torpedo antd the narrow space in which the work ihas to be  dono and it is further complicated by  tho gentle rolling of "the boat.. But the  tube is loaded and the breeoti swung  homo, A pump fills the air chamber  at the breech of the tube witih compressed air, which is to drive the torpedo out, while the missile itiielf   has  sky  to bo alive and under the open  again. -  The submarine is now heading toward Kiel harbor. The voyage is over.  It has been an instructive and not altogether unpleasant experience, but  there is, nevertheless, at least 'one individual on board who will heave a  profound sigh of relief when he stepi  on dry land again!  The above is a free translation of  an interesting article which appeared  in a German paper from the pen of a  wireless operator who accompanied one  of the latest German submarines on a  short run from Kiel harbor.���The Navy  -��-  British Columbia lumber must be  used in the construction of the provincial' building in London.  Judea is being commercialized along  modern lines. A canning factory is  established to can sardines on the Sea  of Galilee.  No one Can have too much  Silverware  Thar, is no gift that fits <o  well with anjr occasion a.  piece at sihrerwar*. Of.  court, th. tllverwara must  b. right.  WE GUARANTEE OURS  Th* d.sign. an right-  new and artistic.  The Plate it Right too���  Wear, for an age.  ��� and ���  THE PRICE IS RIGHT  Call in and m. torn, of  our new prices.  W.M.Parker��C:.  THE QUALITY JEWELERS  Crowley Block Kelowna. B;C.  Telephone 270  Afternoon Teas  Served with dainty cakes,  Crumpets & Cream Puffs.  15c.  Ice Cream  For  Public   or   Privet.. Functions  MADE TO YOUR ORDER  Orders mutt be received  not later  than on.  day previous to day of  delivery  For the Best go to  Alsgard's  High Class Confectionery  Auction Sale  of Household Furniture & Effects  removed from residence of Mr. A. Deng's  Saturday, March 7th, 1914  at 2 o'clock p.m.,  at Stockwell's Auction Fccirs  Clot, by K.lowni Sawmill Office  FIBST AVIATOR. TO FLY HEAD DOWNWARD  Since aviation became possible, aviators have been vioing with each other  in their flirtations with death. Tha main object has been to see how nearly  they could approach death without, actually embracing it. Some time ago  the president of the "Safe and Sane Aviators Society" took what he termed  a night "joy ride" which proved fatal. Others havo done the spiral, the  loop-the-loop, the tango, and other sensational aerial manoeuvres; some  successfully, and some unsuccessfully. The above photograph shows Charles  F. Niles, of New York, who, at Meadow Brook, Long Island, startled the  spectator's and achieved a new feat inaviation by flying more than half a  mile in 'a Hdiasant monoplano head downward. Nile's daring deed had never  before been aooornprtshed,' or ever attempted, by any aviator. He waa  strapped (irmly to his seat only hia  arms being free.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL. .MINING  REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of tba Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tha North-  watt Territories, and in a portion ol  tha Province of British Columbia, may  bs ' leased for a term of twenty-one  years at an annual rental of   $1   an  .. >. Not more than 2,500 acres  will be leased to one applicant.  Application for tha lease must be  made by the applicant in person to  ths Agent or Sub-Agent of the district  in which the rights applied for are  Situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-  ed territory . the tract applied for  shall bs staked ont by the applicant  himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fat of *5 whioh will W  refunded if tha rights applisd for  are not available, but aot otherwise.  A royalty shall be paid on tha merchantable output oi the mine at th.  rate of five oents per ton.  Ths person operating the mine shall  furnish the ags>t with sworn returns  accounting for ths full quantity of  merchantable opal mined and pay the  royalty thereon, If the coal mining  rights ar* not being operated, suoh  returns should bs furnished at least  once a year.  Tbe |eaae will include tha eoal mining rights only, but the leasee may  be permitted to purchase whatavar  available surface rights may bo considered necessary >ior the woraiaj of  tbe mine at the rate of 110 an aore.  For (nil information application  should be mads to the secretary oi  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Ajmnt  ot Dominion lands.  W. W. COOT.  Deputy MinisMr of the Interior.  N.B.- Unauthorised publication of  this edvertlesmsnt will not be paid  tor. Kx?I��OWNA RBCOBJ)  THURSDAY, FEBKUABY 28, 1914  City of Kelowna  BY.LAW NO. 154  A By-law for raising tho sum of $8,-  000.00 for ihe purpose of extending the  Water System oi ihe City oi Kelowna.  MAGIC ��P'THt  NOBAKIN&LABEL  JS- POWDER  WHEREAS it has been found necessary to' raise sufficient money for the  purpose of extending tho Water System of the City of Eolowna.  AND WHEREAS it is necessary 'oi  the said purpose to raise by way of  loan upon the credit of 'the said City  the sum of Eight Thousand Dollars,  payable on the Timlli duy of March,  A. 1)., lillili, bearing interest in tho  meantime, payable half-yearly, at the  rate of six (6) per cent., per annum,  the principal of such loan when, raised  to be applied for thu purpose aforesaid.  AND WHEREAS for the payment of  the said principal and interest it is  necessary to raise the sum of 8672.10  in eaoh and every year.  AND WHEREAS the whole rateable  land or improvements o'r real property  of the City of Kelowna, according to  the last revised assessment roll is  .1,013,930.  AND WHEREAS the amount of tho  existing debenture debt of the said  City is *395,f>n0.  NOW THEKjih'OitE, the Atuyor and  Counoil of the City of Kelowna, in  open meeting assembled, enact as follows:  1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor  and Council of the City of Kelowna to  raise by way of loan from any person  or persons, body or bodies corporato,  who may be willing to advance tho  same upon the credit of the said City,  by way of the debentures hereinafter  mentioned, a sum of money not exceed  ing in the whole the sum of Eight  Thousand Dollars, and to cauBe all  such sums so raised and received to b.  paid into the hands of the Treasurer  of the said City for the purpose and  with the objects hereinbefore recited.  2. It shall be lawful for the said  Mayor to cause any number of the  said debentures to bo made for the  sum of One Thousand Dollars, bearing  interest at the rate of six (G) per cent,  per annum, not exceeding in the whole  the sum of Eight Thousand Dollars,  and all such debentures shall be sealed  with the Seal of the City of Kelowna,  signed by the Mayor und countersigned by the Treasurer of the said City.  3. The said debentures shall bear  date the Tenth day of March, A. D.,  1914, and shall be payable in twenty-  five (25) years from the date hereinafter named for this by-law to take  effect, at tho Bank of Montreal, in the  City ot Kelowna.  4. The said debentures shall have  toupons attached for the payment of  interest at the rate of six (6) per cent,  per annum on the amount of the said  debentures, and such interest shall be  payabls half-yearly on the Tenth day  of March and September in eaoh and  every year, and the signatures to suoh  coupons may be either stamped, written, printed or lithographed.  5. A rats on the dollar shall be levied, and shall be raised annually in  addition to all other rates, on the  rateable lands or improvements or real  property of tho said City, sufficient to  pay interest on the debt hereby created during the currency of the said debentures and to provide for the payment of such debt when due.  6. The sum of $480.00 shall be raised and levied annually by a rate on all  the rateable lands or improvements or  real property in the City of Kelowna,  in addition to all other rates, for tho  purpose of paying the interest on thu  Bald debentures.  7. The sum of 3192.10 shall be raised and levied annually by a rate on a"  the rateable lands or improvements or  real property in the City of Kelowna,  in addition to all other rates, for tbo  payment ot the debt hereby created  when due.  8. It shall be lawful for the City of  Kelowna from time to time to repurchase any of the said debentures at  suoh price or prieea aB may be mutually agreed upon, and all such debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be  cancelled and no reissuo of any such  debenture or debentures shall be made  in consequence of such repurchase.  9. This bylaw shall, before the final  passage thereof, receive the assent of  the electors of the City of Kelowna in  the manner provided for in the Munioipal Aot, 1911, ami amending Acts.  10. This by-law shall come into force  and take effect on the Tonth day of  March, 1914,  11.,' This by-law may be cited for aH  purposes as the City of Kelowna Water System Extonsion by-law, 1914.  Read a first time by the Munioipal  Council this 7th day of February,  1914.  Read a second time by the Municipal  Counoil this 13th day of February,  1914.  Read a third time by the Municipal  Council this 13th day of February,  1914.  Received ths assent of the electors ol  the Oity of Kelowna this day  of 191 .  Reconsidered, adopted and finally  passed by the   Municipal Counoil    of  SECOND HAND  = STORE ���  A. E. COX  Successor to H. Harrocks  Water Street, near Opera House  P.O. Box 671 Phone 65  We Buy Everything Used i.i the House  Call and inspect our stock of  STOVES, BEDS, TABLES,  &c.  Singer Sewing  Machines  1913 Model, Rotary Hook  on E.\sy Terms, $3 per  month.  Liberal Discount fur Cash.  Parts (or all kinds- of Machines  Supplied.  SPECIAL:  I Mahogany Ot'eauer ar.,d Commode  ] Qr. Oak Buffet    I Qr. oak Ex. Table  6 oak Diners      2 oak Ann Chairs  I Mission Arm Chair  I Kitchen Cabinet I Library Table  I Steel Range Water Front  These articles are as good as new  City of Kelowna  Notipe is hereby given that the Municipal council of tbe City of Kelowna  will require the following supplies   in  the nenr future,  and  all  persons     interested aro invited to submit    prir��s  on samo:  Fire Hydrants.  Water meters    and couplings     with  straight   reading    dials  indicating  IT. S. Gallons.  Water Meter Dial  Extensions, length  2 ft. 6 in.  Curb boxes.  G. H. DUNN,  City Clerk.  Kclowna, R. C.  January 28th,  1014.  A. LANCE  "PHONE  THE  A. L. L DAIRY  MILK, BUTTER, EGGS, &c.  Special Cow. for Infant.  Two   Deliveries Daily  TERMS CASII HELOWNA  W.f.AlTKEN  BUILDER & CONTRACTOR  Plans and Estimates  Finishing  work a specially  Office : N^. 6, Crowley Block, Kelowna  P.O. Box 511  Mrs. M. E. Farrell  FASHIONABLE  DRESSMAKER  Elli. Street KELOWNA, B.C.  Evening Gown* a Specialty  Fall Suits and Coats  And is now ready to take orders for  msde.to.measure garment, for the Crown  Tailoring Co.  he City of Kclowna this1  >f 191 .  day  Mayor.  Clerk.  Taki. notice that the above is a  ruo copy of the proposed by-law upon  vhich the vote of Ihe Municipality will  he taken at the Council Chamber, tn  Kelowna, on Wednesday, the Fourth  day of March, IBM, between the hours  of 8 a.m., and 7 p.m  O. H. DUNN,  City Clerk,  Prices Realized by  B.C. Growers, Ltd.  Average    Prices    and    Schedule  ' Handling Charge��  The following is a complete schedule  of handling charges adopted at last  week's general meeting of the, Okanagan United tt rowers' Ltd. As stated  in last issue tho charges on soft fruits  stone fruits and boxed vegetables are  only 50 per cent what they were last  year.  Apples at 10 oents per box.  Apples ut ��5.00 per car.  .Pears at 10 cents per box.  Crabanples at 10 cents per box.  Prunes at 2A oents per box.  Plums at 3�� cents per box.  Cherries at 5 cents per orate.  Peaches at 2$ cents por box,  Nectarines at 2i cents per crate.  Apricots at 3�� cents per crate.  Strawberries at 5 cents per orate.  Raspberries nt 5 cents per crate.  Haspborries at k cent per pound.  Gooseberries at 5 cents per crate.  Loganberries at 5 cents per crate.  Black Currants at 5 cents per crate.  Red Currants at 5 cents per crate.  White Currants at .*j cents per crate.  Blackberries at 5 centa per crate.  Grapes ��at 5 cents per crate.  Tomatoes at 3�� cents per box.  Tomatoes at 5 cents per crate.  Qunices al 2-.J cents per crate.  Wax  Beans at 5 cents per box.  String'Beans at 5 cents per box.  Beets at 75 cents per ton.  Cabbage at 75 cents per ton.  Parrots al 75 cents per ton.  Celery at   I cent per pound.  Cauliflower at 5 cents per crate.  Citron at 75 cents per ton.  Corn at 5 cents per box.  Cucumbers at 5 cents per box,  ISgg Plant at 8 cents per orate.  Cunteloupo at Scents per crate.  Musk Mollons at 5 cents per crate.  Water Motions at 75 cents per ton.  Onions at 75 cents per ton.  Parsnips at 75 cents per ton.  Green  Peas at 5 cents per box.  Potatoes al 75 cents per~ton.  Peppers ut 5 cents per box.  Pumpkins at 75 cents per ton.  Pumpkins at 5 cents per orate.  Rhubarb at 7B cents per ton.  Rhubarb at 5 contB per orate.  Squash at 75 cents per ton.  Squash at 5 cents per crate.  Turnips at 75 cents por ton.  Vegetable Marrow at 75 cents per ton  Marrow at 5 cents per crate.  Hay at 75 cents per ton.  AVERAGE PRICKS  The following paragraphs give the  number of packages and average price,  net to the central, of the fruit and  produce bundled during 1013. The  first group of figures is the number of  packages and price of No. 1. i;.*;ulethe  second and No. 2, nnd tho third No.  3:  Apples.���00787,  $1,281:    f.R098,    $1,073;  :i07i)0, Mo: a total average of ��l.09J  Crabs.���12115,  $1.21;  10322, 95��c., 340,  52J; a total average of 91.08).  Prunes.���44130, 1!>}c.; fi22, 48)0,; a  total average of 49^0,  Plums.���10083, 7.?o.: 10512, sue.; n  lotal average of 05)0.  Peaches.���60578, 47fo,j 5183, 42|c;  total average o :47jo.  Apricots.���3924, 544c; 3820^ 47o.;.  total average of 51c.  Cherries.���4409 packages at 9k��8��.  Pears.���2303,   $1,803;   418,  11.62};.    6B,  $1.37, a total average of 11.75}.  Tomatoes in crates.���13430 at JSjo,  Tomatoes in peaoji boxes.���-7712     at  48��o.  Tomatoes, iu apple boxes ���3896     at  C5|o.  Tomatoes in pear boxes.���3064 at 60c  Potatoes.���526084-1  pounds,  at $16.70  a ton.  Onions.���2601 loi pounds, at $26.10  ton.  Cabbage.���1002839    pounds, at $20.9i)  a ton.  Carrots.���372430 pouhds, at $18.00  ton.  Celery in l,! !'\ bi\T. -K0*02 poinds  at 85.il5 per loo tys.  Celery    in California  'cr.:toB.���120789  pounds at $4.26 per 100 lbs.  Total average price for celery, $4.97  por loo lbs.  Parsnips.���12.M08 pounds at $22,00   a  ton.  Turnips.���180977 pounds, nt   $16.15 a  ton.   .  TOTAL SHIPMENTS  The total shipments, handled up to  the end of December lust, follow:  FRUIT  Apples,  (boxes) ....'..��,..,,..  169,508  Pears (boxes)   "2,789    22,816   ��� rf,&2  Orabapples   (boxes)  Prunes (.boxes)    '. ^  Plums  (crates)   Cherries (crates)    Peaches   (boxes)      Nectarines  (boxes)     Apricots  (crateB)      Strawberries (crates)    Raspberries (crates)    Raspberries   (Cannery) pounds  Gooseberries   (crates)      Logan Berries (crates)    Black  Currants  (crates)      Ited Currants (crates)    j White Currants  (crates)      ! Blackberries:  (crates)     I Grapes   (crates)        |Tomatoes (crateB1,     Quinces   (crates)      VEGETABLES  Wuh Beans (boxes)    String Beans (boxes)     Beets  (pounds)     Cabbage (pounds)  ...  Carrots (pounds') ....  Celery (pounds)    Cauliflower (erates)  Citron (pounds)     Cucumbers (crates) .  Corn  (boxes)    Pw Plant (crates) ..  Lettuce  (crates)     Melon Cerates)    Onions (pounds)    68,7h.  63  7,244  u8  946  7,984  68  231  18  14  108  .,092  18  ��� 492  170  230,088  1,002,889  872,480  260,791  77  13,608  1,277  480  64  19  68  2,601,161  Green Onions (bunches)        30 doz.  142  Potatoes  (pounds)         5,260,884  Pepiwrs (boxes)                  150  I'umpliins (pounds;     24,059  Uhubtirh (pound")    1,413  Turnips fnounds)           160,977  Pqurtsh (t.rvincls.)    ���a ...        16,875  Vegetable Mnrrovv Ifoiini  lis)  .        16,945  HmlHi (bows)    I  Ghtokritq (cruttv)    1  Hhv (po'iniN)    ......   1 ,:lll 1,789  KELOWNA WILL AGAIN BE  REPRESENTED IN B.C/  INTERIOR LEAGUE  Ths basebuJa meeting which took  place in the Board of Trade room" on  Friday evening last was attended by  a very large and enthusiastic crowd  some seventy or eighty persons being  present when the meeting was opened  with . Mr. T. Cooper, occupying the  ohair.  The first business to be discussed by  the meeting was the question as to  whether or not Kelowna should have  a baseball team this season. This  question was settled by a unanimous  vote in favor of again putting a team  in the Interior League. Messrs Leslie  Goates aid A. Ht fining were elected  the Kelowna delegates to attend the  B. C. I. League meeting at Sioamous  in the near future, when a onnstitution  governing the league will' be drawn up  and the playing schedule adopted.  The following officers were then eleot-  |ed for ths coming season:  President.���J. W. Jones.  Vice President.���T. E. Cooper.,  Manager.���L. Coatee.  Seoy-Treas. ���L. W. Colvin.  Executive committee to consist of  the four officers and Messrs F. B. E.  DeHart, 8. T. Elliott, Dr. Huyoke, K.  F. Oxley, A. McQuarrie and D. H. fiat-  tenbury. Five members to constitute a  quorum.  Ways and means for supporting the  club then became the subject of discussion. This important matter was  settled in a manner satisfactory to  everyone present and on principles  that will doubtless meet with the approval of all, that of selling membership tickets. Both family and individual admission tickets will also be sold  at reasonable prices and there will be  no charge tor. automobile* entering the  grounds this, fieason, the meeting deeming that the passengers admission was  sufficient.  On motion of Mr. B. A. Copeland a  unanimous vote of thanks], for the  support given the club last year was  tendered Mr. A. Henning.  Other matters of minor importance  were disposed of and the meeting adjourned, after which the owecutivo hold  a brief session.   jQ j,'  HALF MILLION MOBE MEN THAN  WOMEN  There are a half million more men  in Canada than women. According to  statistics issued by the census department. This is largely due to immigration, more males coming into the country than females. For the population  under fifteen years of age tiie proportion is fairly even. At the af?o of 70  the ratio of males to female* assumes  again its normal proportions.  The greatest longevity is seen in  Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia,  and New Brunswick. From 80 years  and upwards the female population  shows a greater tenacity to life than  does the male.  Of the total male population 02 per  cent are single and of the total female  population 57 per cent ore single. The  percentage of the widowed is greater  for females at every age period. In all  1 eastern cities the female population  outnumbers the males and the opposite is tho ease, in the west.  When the census was taken in 1911,  ll.ere were 120 parsons over the age  '.; riuo hundred y.sars, 62 of these were  tuiIos and 58 females. There were  I..5I3 persons ovor the aee of 90. There  '(te '.tt fi.ntennrimiB in Ontario and 31  u 'iifphec.  ���������*-o ,  Graustark  You should read the  book as you will not  be able to see the play  the company having  cancelled' their engagement.  We also have  l  Beverly of Graustark  and  Truxton King  both stories of the same setting, and several hundred other  titles of the very best fiction at  if. OF It. I.. STEVENSON DEAD  5ll��. Jiobirt Louis Stevenson, widow  'p( i bo fiinious novelist, died of appo-  11, xv nt her home at Monticello, Col-  iloru'.., lint week. Mr. Lloyd Osborne  Ii' r. .on, who is himself a novelist and  .ftr.ii wus tvcoiitly divorced by his  y j<\ win iu Vow York, and on being  ii.ar.fif.1 mnrlni for California. Mr��,  l.iiln'l Verona, daughter of the dsoeas-  ���������I v us mmmuiicnted with at Honolulu.  75  c per copy  P. B. Willits & Co.  Kelowna,     B. C.  DRUGGISTS and STATIONERS  PHONE 19  ���JiiiMi: lwmusiNO in Canada  COMPLETING THE MOST POWERFUL AMERICAN DBEADNATJGHT  The V. S. Dreadnaught New Vork, now aemring completion at the Brooklyn navy yard. Only the finishing touches remain before placing the New  York on the list of American battleships ready for "fight or frolic" The  New York, a. sister ship of th* Battleship Texas, will be the biggest and  most powerful battleship afloat when she is finally reported for duly, to the  navy.department. Tke New York will not occupy that honor long, however  for England, Germany and Japan nre busily engaged canstructing warships  that will exceed her in tonage and armament. By that time Battleship No.  39, plans for which have been drawn, will be under way, and when Battleship No. 39, ns yet unnamed is finished', about live years from now, she wilt  exceed anything ae yet dreamed of In the way of flouting forts. Plans for  No. 39 have already been approved by th* U. S. navy department.  The increase in crime during the past  jliiai' wus remarkably high as shown.  by tho nimual bluo book on criminal  statistic* laid on the table ol thai  House last week. The increase in Nova.  Scotia was 90.84 per oent., Alberts.  65.50 per oent., in Britisn Columbia.  j43.86 per cent., Saskatchewan 24.57  ifsr oent., Manitoba 34.26 per oenti,,  Quebec 34.04 per cent, and Ontario  9.08 per oent. Prince Edwasd Island  and New Brunswick are the only provinces to show a decrease In crime.  . Lord Strathoona left a fortune of  I more than thirty millions. When he  . was a youth, there was probably no  J individual in the world woirhh, in his  own right, such an amount ,af moofiiy.  Firewood  $2.25 c. o. a.  Per Rick, by the Load  Whitehead & Co.  Office: Leon Ave".  Phone 307  G. H. | HUDSON  Landscape and  Portrait  Photographer  Largest Studio, in the Interior  Portrait* by' appointment  Clifton Boarding House  QLENN AVENUE  Open December 1st, 1913  FIRST OLA8S BOARD  WELL FURNISHED BOOMS  BATES MODEBATE  eras on Application  Box >M, Kelowna, B. C.  P.O. Box 12  E.ENGLAND  BUILDER k CONTRACTOR  Plans,  Specifications   and   Estimate*  Furnished  l|M* WW*" THUBSDAT, FEBBUABY 3d, UM  KS^WMA  KECQRfl  CAR LOAD OF  Cutters & Sleighs  Sleighs in 2in. 2�� and 3 in. runners.  Cutters in many different styles  ALSO  '   Rubber Lined Rugs  Horse Blankets,    Fur Robes,  r Wool Rugs,  Water Proof Blankets.  We Always Carry a Splendid Stock of  TRUNK"     SUIT CASES     CLUB BAGS     TELESCOPES  Baled Hay and Feed of all Kinds  W. R. GLENN & SON  Dealer, in  Farm and Orchard Implements \  Pendozi street & Lawrence Avenue     -     KELOWNA  'Pfcoae 150.  Kelowna Furniture Co.  STORE TO RENT  ON  BERNARD AVENUE  HEWETSON and MANTLE, Ltd.  Three Men Shot  in Train Hold-Up  ABMED  BANDITS HOLD   UP PASSENGERS ON GBEAT NORTHERN RAILWAY TRAIN  up  Wall Paper  First shi]  pment of  ���58 rolls to hand  IT INCLUDES  EVERYTHING NEW ���  EVERY NOVELTY  EVERY FAD  '  Please examine our stock  Our I  But  JnoUumRen  Sale is on  Inlaid Linoleum at 70c. per >  printed       ���      at 40c  ���  inant  ard  t'  Three men, H. R. Adkison, of the  B. C. Tire and Rubber Compaay,  Thomas F. Wadsworth, a. C. P. R.  official, of South Vancouver and B. L.  Lees of Bremerton, Wash., were shot  to death last Friday night in a desperate fight with two armed bandits,  who held up the passengers on a Great  Northern train en route from Seattle  to Vancouver.  The triple murder was committed  near Sarnish, Wash., a small station  twelve miles north of Burlington and  a short distance south of Bellingham,  at 7.28 p.m. The bandits, after shooting down those who mposed them,  collected about 1100 in oash and a  few valuables from the1 passengers and  made good their escape to the woods.  Sheriff's posses from Bellingham, Burlington and Mount Vernon are soour-  infc the country in search of the men,  for whose eapture the railway ��� company has offered a reward of thirty  thousand dollars.  The bandits boarded the train as it  waa pulling out of Burlington, and  after passing Sarnish, two of the men  went out to tho platform and there  tied white handkerchiefs over their  'faces. One of then waltted into the  day coach and .in a loud voice commanded the passengers to hold  'their hands. The passengers  somewhat bewildered by this sudden  'and surprising outrage, were Blow in  responding, and the bandit thereupon  brandishing his gun in a highly threatening manner. Mr. Wadsworth and Mr  Lee wero the nearest to the bandit and  I they decided to grapple with him and  and to endeavor to gain possession of  the pistol. . Wadsworth had almost  succeeded in getting hold of this when  {the bandit sent a bullet through his  heart, and the automatic then continued to pour out a deadly hail of  'shots, the second or third of which  I killed Lee, who waa right, behind  Wadsworth in the dash made upon  | the bandit. A thirdpassenger, Mr.  IH. R. Adkinson, was a short distance  down the aisle of the carriage, and he  'also attempted to reach the armed  miscreant, at whom he sprang just as  Lee fell. He also received a bullet  through the bjeart, from the gun of  .the robber,- whose aim was deadly.  The desperadoes were evidently carrying out a carefully arranged plan,  for the bandit who did the killing,  ran to the rear door, and when he  had reached this the second bandit,  who had stood on guard there while  the shooting was in progress, proceeded to shoot out the electric  lights in the coach With a skilful precision whioh showed him to be a vecy  eapert marksman. Meanwhile the  first robber was also firing a fusilade  of shots, over the heads of the passengers bo as to awe them. Both were  evidently well provided with ammunition as several empty cartridge  clips for use with automatic pistols  were afterwards found on the platform of the car. The roof and sides  of the coach were badly riddled with  bullets, and it was nothing less than  miracle that not more than three <  of the passengers were killed.  No farther resistance being met with  and the passengers being stunned by  the tragic occurrence and thoroughly  cowed, the robbers calmly went about  the task of rifling the effects of   those  Items from Ellison  (tnm esc asm Oaussusiwl.l  On Friday, the aoth inst., the boys  of the baseball club held a eoncert and  danoe in the school house in aid of  the club's finances. A large crowd resembled to enjoy the program arranged, and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was, spent. We understand the  club benefitted by about' Stt.oo which,  considering the hard times, is extremely good.  On Monday the 16th inst., a masquerade ball was held in the Ellison,  sohool houss to celebrate the 28th  natal day of John Morrison, Jr. A  large number of friends gathered, most  of whom were in fancy dress and many  were the guesses as to whole features  were hidden behind the covering masks.  The costumes wen many and varied  and made a pleasant change to tke  gatherings usually held here. The best  part of the program, we are told was  Sam's cat!  On Saturday the 21st inst., a  ing of the Ellison branch of the B. .0.  Fruit Growers Association was held in  the school house, to receive the report  of the delegates to the convention held  Victoria last month. A lucid aad interesting report of the convention was  given by Secretary delegate, Mr. G.M.  Watt, who with his colleague, Mr. T.  Bulman was accorded a hearty vote  of thanks for their efforts on behalf  oi the society. A resolution was passed by the assembled members, regretting that the nominee suggested by  this branch to aot on the executive  on their behalf, should have been turned down, in favor of an outsider whose  interests and sympathies are entirely  out of. this district.  mmam  .11.,',,.'  By a considerable majority the German Imperial Parliament adopted a  motion providing for an appropriation  of 850,000 for the Olympic games which  are to be held in Berlin in the year.  1916.  on board the train. Passing along the  oar, the robbers kept repeating warnings to the passengers to keep their  hands is the air. There were only  about twenty passengers in the coach,  and the robbers secured about fifty  dollars in cash and some jewelry. One  woman saved her valuable diamond  rings by dropping them on the floor  where they were afterwards found.  When the train commenced to slow  down the bandits took warning and  saw1 fit to make .their escape. Hearing  shots and suspecting the cause the  train cook gave the alarm to the  conductor who signalled to the engineer to stop. When the oonductar  reaohed the day coach the robbers left  and hurried along the tracks to the  engine, but the engineer suspected a  holdup, and turned his flashlight upon  them as they were olimbing aboard  the tender and also took a couple af  shots at them With his revolver. The  bandits then left the train and ran into the woods, and they are believed to  have been heading for the tide flat*,  where they probably had a boat in  whioh to make their escape to the  gulf islands.  The whole country is aroused, and  scores of special police .are guarding  every road, and trail and patrolling  the coast.  NEW YORKERS STRUGGLING THROUGH THE STORM  Scenes not witnessed in New York sinoe the great bHnard of 1818 were  preeeoted during the recent heavy snow storm which tied up traffic in tha  Metropolis and caused intense suffering among the poor. Besides the blinding snow there was a driving wind. The photograph taken at the height  of the storm shows how women were blown over and how others clung to  lamp posts, water hydrants and buildings to keep their del.  WE HAVE:  A limited supply of Early Rose and Dakota  Red Seed Potatoes si $3540 per ton.  Place your order now.  And will receive in a few day*  NO. I WHEAT of tbe famous MARQUIS  variety.   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Burtch, of Kelowna, B.'C,', Fanner,  intend to apply for a lieenoe to prospect for coal and petroleum over the  following described lands:���Commencing at a post planted 80 ohains north  of the north-west corner of Lot No.  4231; thenoe north 80 chains; thence  east 80 chains; thence south 80 chains;  Record Progress  in Land Surveying  Over    Million    Acres   of Crown Land  Surveyed by Govt. During Year.  A FARMING COMPANY  z A number of farmers in Southern  Alberta are undertaking a nsw venture in the way of organizing to secure greater efficiency in their business. It is an application of the company idea with franchise covering a  much wider scope   than has    hereto-  The progress made in the surveying' fore been introduced, John Nelson Co.,  of the province during the past year [Ltd., with headquarters at Cardaton,  has established a record, according to is the first company of this character  the report of    tho Surveyor General, I formed,  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1014  which is included in the annual report  of the Minister of Lauds, presented to  the legislature.  One million acres of crown lands  have been surveyed by the government,  and the greater part of this vast area  has been subdivided into lots varying  from forty to one hundred and sixty  acres in extent; four hundred miles of  district boundaries have been run;  ex-  I  The oompany'B ohartcr, granted under the companies act, besides giving  the right to carry on general farm'  ing and ranching busineea, gives other rights rather unique when considered from a purely farming standpoint. The concern may buy, sell,  leane and operate lunch counters  eating houses or restaurants, buitd,  construct and operate dams and sell  or    lease    mechanical     or     electrical  and thence west 80 chains to the point j {]  plorations    have    been carried out in  CasBiar and Peace liiver districts, and j power, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  a commencement has been mado on the I', may even take a hund in the  do-limitation of the eastern boundary '.manufacturing business, for not only  of tho province in conjunct ion with the rnny it operate flour miMs and feed  governments of the Dominion and oi mills, construct and operate oleva-  he province of Alberta. tors, but it may also construct     and  Seventy-five surveyors have been   in operate stockyards, slaughter    houses,  the employ of the government for vary and    factories.    In    fact, the things  of commencement: containing 640 acres  more or less.  Dated 23rd January, 1914.  HENRY B. BURTCH.  11-18 J. H. Christie, Agent  YALE LAND DISTRICT  OSOYOOS DIVISION  ing periods during the year.    In   tho that the concern    can do are summed  Notice is hereby given that 1, Alexander McQuarrie, of Kelowna, B. C,  Merchant, intend to apply for a licence  to prospeot for coal and petroleum  over the following described lends:���  Commencing at a post planted 2 miles  north of tho north east corner af Lot  No. 4222; thence north 80 chains;  thence west 80 chains; thence south  80 chains; and thenco    east 80 chains  o the point of commoncoment;    containing 610 acres, more or less.  Dated 22nd January, 1914.  ALEXANDER McCJUARRIE  11-15 J. H. ChriBtie, Agent  YALE LAND DISTRICT  OSOYOOS DIVISION  Xotice is .hereby given that I, Henry  H. Millie, ol Kelowna. B.C., Gentleman, intend to apply for a licence to  prospect for coal and petroleum over  the following described lands:��� Com*  mencing at a post planted 80 chains  north of the north-east corner of ijot  No. 4222; thonce north 80 chains;  thence west 80 chains: thence south  80 chains; and thence east 80 chains  to the point of commencement!: containing 640 acres, more or less.  Dated 23rd January, 1914.  7TENRY H. MILLIE.  11-15 J. H. Christie, Agent  matter of private surveys the out- up in the broad clause, "to earry on  standing feature of the year ie the any business, whether manufaotur-  quantity of timber lands surveyed. It >ng or otherwise, capable of being  is probable that when all returns are carried on in connection with its  received it will be found that one mil- , business, or calculated directly or  lion, five hundred thousand acres of. indirectly to enhance tho value of,  land hold under special timber license j or render profitable any of the oom-  have been surveyed, whioh equals the j pany's property or rights". And then  surveyed in 1011  combined area surveyed in 1011 nnd  1012, and amounts to, practically, 30  per cent of 'tho timber land hold under  license and unsurveyed at the begin  ning of the year.   On the other  hand,  to cap it all , it may construct and  operate a tramway on its own land.  It iB the object, when those companies are formed amoni tho farmerB  in the different districts to build    up  the area of land surveyed privately is I little business centres. Here, tho farm-  under six hundred thousand acres,   or'ors    will havo    their farmB connected  only about W per cent of that surveyed in the preceding year, the shrinkage  being due to the decrease in the area  of unsurvoyed land held under application to purchase.  There is a decrease in the area     of  by an electric railway, flour mills of  their own will grind thoir grain, they  vill generate their own power, furnish  heir farmB and buildings with their  oarding houses for thirty men and  supply a large central warehouse with  preemptions surveyed privately which I the necessary machinery to look after  is due to    tho activity of tho govern- their harvesting.  ment during the past year in the sur- The companies will hire men who  vey of lands held by pre-emptors. ip- will work on all the farms in tho  proximately eighty-nine thousand acres | company's district, and these men  were so surveyed, which makes n total, will bo employed all the yoar round  aren ol land held under pre-emption [and will be paid by the company in-  rccords suivoycd last year one hundred ,stead of by  each  individual    farmer.  YALE LAND DISTRICT  OSOYOOS DIVISION  Notice is hereby given that 1i, Simon  T, Elliott, o' Kelowna, B. O.,   Baal  Estate Agent, intend to. apply for    a  [licence    to prospect for coat and   petroleum over ths    following described  ands:��� Commencing at a post planted 80 chains north of tha north-west  corner of Lot No. 4221; t'iience   south  80 chains; thence east 80 ohains; > iience  north 80 chains; and thence west    SO  ohains to the point ol commencement,  containing 640 acres, raore or less.  Dated 23rd January, 1914.  S. T. RLLIOTT.  IMS J. H. Christie  Agent  YALE LAND DISTRICT  OSOYOOS DIVISION  Notios is hereby given that I, Rob-  rt A. Copeland, of Kelowna, B, C,  Real Estate Agent, intend to apply  for a lieenoe to prospect for ooal and  petroleum over the following described  lands:���Commencing at a post planted  160 chains north ot the north-wast cor-  ot Lot No. 4271; thenoe north 80  ohains; thenoe east 80 chains; thenoe  south 80 chains; and thence west 80  chains ta the point of commencement;  containing 640 acres, more or less.  Dated 22nd January, 1914.  B. A. COPELAND.  11-16 J. H. ChriBtie, Agent  and forty-four thousand acres, which  is beyond question the greatest area  of pre-empk>d land ever surveyed in  one year.  The area of land under application  to purchase is only half that of last  year, on account of the fact that for  some vent's past land has not been  open to purchase over a large section  of the province, and shows conclusively  that the survey of land being taken  by purchase is approaching completion. The area of mineral claims surveyed is well above the average.  The increased area of timber surveyed is the outstanding feature of the  year, and it is estimated that the total area surveyed will prove to be not  lesB than one million, five hundred  thousand acres, which equals the combined area of the two pervious years.  The area of survoyed coal licenses and  leases in general is about the average.  The area of land surveyed by the  government is practically double that  in moo, notwithstanding the fact that  tho expenditure of this year represents  survev of land in all parts of the province, including tho most difficult and  dangerous sections. '  With rognrd to the general work of  tho oil ice the report .shows that fifteen  housand three, hundred and forty-seven  blue prints were made ns against four  thousand, five hundred made in 1912  and twelve thousand letters were received, an increase of nearly three  thousand over the previous year.  The, bulk yield of oil tho farmers  the company will be marketed by the  sellers employed by the company  and, in fact, tho entire business will  be run from the head offieoB of tho  company and better and more far-  reaching result, it is thought, will  be the result.  It is said that, if the experiment  proves a success, many companies of  their character will be formed in Alberta.  YALE LAND DISTRICT  OSOYOOS DIVISION  Notios is hereby given that I, Rob- j  it   McDonnell,    of Kelowna,    B. C,  Minor, intend to apply for s lieenoe to  >rospeot for coal end petroleum over  he following described lands:��� Com-  nenoing at a poat planted S miles  lorth of the north-east corner ol Lot  Vo. 4222; thenoe north 80 chains;  hence west 80 chains; thenoe south 80  chains; thence east 80 chains to   the  point o(    coiaunencement;    containing  640 aores, more or less.  Dated 22nd* January, 1914.  ROBERT XoDOKNELL.  U-l* J. S. Christie, Agent  DESTRUCTION OF DANGEROUS  ANIMALS     AND    BIRDS  An interesting section ol the annual  report of the provincial game warden  deals with the destruction of danger,  ous animals and birds, and in this  connection it is stated that bounties  have been paid during the year .on 232  cougars 277 wolves, 68 golden eagles  and 1,(118 coyutos. Mr. Bryan Williams, tho game warden, regrets that  there has not been any diminution in  tho number of cougars. There Is a  decrease, however, on Vancouver Island, tho bounties showing 116 this  year, as against 136 last year. In regard to wolves and coyotes there has  been a considerable reduction, the com  parative figures for wolves being 277  against 467 last year, and in regard  to coyotes 1,618 as against 3,017,  SOME  NOTED PLAYERS IN THIS  WEEK'S PICTURES  It iB very gratifying to note the  increasing interest being shown by  many moving pioture fans in the per:  sonality of the players, and the management of,the Opera House desires to  call attention to some notable players  who are to appear on the screen during the coming week. Warren Kerrigan, a great favorite, will appear in  "The PasBerby" on Friday. Edwin  August, one of the strongest character men appearing in pictures, plays  the leading role in "The Barriers of  Fire," (Bison) on Saturday. Ki  Baggot, who is probably the moat  popular male photo-play aotor today  appears in tho "Child Stealers of Paris," on Tuesday. Matinees are now  being run every afternoon at 3.15, the  programs being exactly the same and  in every respect equal to the night  performance.  A portion of the herd of wapiti,  which the government proposes to  breed in the province, which arrived  from Wyoming, and is now busily engaged in munching the grass on the  government farm at Coquitlam. The  four cows, which have been the firat  to arrive, are in splendid condition,  and stood the railway journey well.  They are young animals and show  every sign of readily adapting themselves to conditions here.  COST OF LIVING COMMISSION  The Cost of Living Commission haa  decided to visit Western Canada and  aro now in Winnipeg, where they will  investigate a number of peculiarities In  ths western problems and will enquire  into the problems of the oost of living as they affect Western Canada.  The plans after the Winnipeg sittings have been ' completed have not  yet matured, but it is probable that  the commission will divide, part of the  board will go further west and will  visit Begins, Calgary, Edmonton,  Vancouver and Victoria, the other  members will visit the Maritime provinces.  The report will very probably be in  presentable shape by the end ot'April.  The forest revenue for the province  will this year reach a total of nearly  three millions of dollars according to  a report of the forest branch submitted in the legislature. In view ol the  financial stringency this revenue, whioh  surpasses all previous records, proves  in a most effective manner the extreme  importance of the timber industry In  British Columbia,  THERE is big money in chicken  raising if you want to go into  it for profit. But there is also a lot of money in it if  you desire to raise them (or your own table or to sell them  to your neighbours. You can have a chicken dinner every  day (or 'next to nothing' if you will take our advice.  We have much land suitable for chicken  raising from a back yard space to a large  tract. Call and see our list and let us also  give you some Money-Making Pointers  E. W. WILKINSON & CO.  Our representative it now in London, Eng.   Send in your  list and get in touch with English buyers  Wheat, Oats, Bran, Shorts, Flat Oats  Middlings, Barley Chop  Crushed Shell, &c.  PANTRY QUEEN FLOUR  Sold under a "money back'" guarantee.  Agent (or  WISCONSIN  INCUBATORS  130 Egg Incubator  130 Chick Brooder  BOTH FOR.  $13.90  Sold under a guarantee to please you  GOODS DELIVERED FREE ANYWHERE IN THE CITY  J. C. STOCKWELL  KELOWNA, B.C.  TH5 GREENHOUSES, Richter Street  (Between Presbyterian nnd new English Churches)  CUT FLOWERSc,m vis.SwSPeM  POT PLANTS  CARTERS TESTED SEEDS  Phone 88  PALMER & ROGERSON      po. b.< im  Bankhead Orchard Co., Ltd.  ICE  Send your orders in early (or ice to be delivered and packed  in your ice-house.  Farmers in the country may obtain ice ready cut on the pond.  It will cost you ten times more to have ice delivered in the  summer so if you have not already got an ice-house consider  if it would not be an economy to build one.  FIRE WOOD  Dry fire-wood (or sale in sit tick lots, $2.50 per lick. Cash only.  BACON AND HAM  Next month we can supply home cured, home smoked bacon  and hams (rom grain (ed pig. of our own growing.  APPLES  Yellow Newton and Spitzenberg culls at $1,25 per box.  GRINDING  Oats, wheat and rye ground while you wait.    Get this done  and save 25 per cent, on your (eed bill.  WINTER FEED  We still have room for a few head of horses.  Bankhead Orchard Co., Ltd.  PHONE 8 mmMmm*mmsm.m<n.\.���>.!.>>  j. .. i.�� . ijum.pjupHH  TH0B8DAY, FBBBUABY 36, 1914  s��*  KELOWNA   RECORD  Ellison Fruitgrowers  Discuss Water Problem  A meeting of ihe Ellison Fruit Growers' Association *as held on Saturday  afternoon last "in the, Ellison school  house. In spite of the inolemonoy of  the weather all the members, except  three or four were present, a�� well as  a few who were not actual members.  By notices' posted in the district it  was intimated that all property own-  i ere were welcome to come and discuss  ths water problem of the Scotty Creek  precinct.  The President, Mr. T. Bulman called  the meeting to order at 8 p.m. The  minutes of tbe previous and organization meeting were read and adopted.  Then followed a discussion upon th.  constitution and by-law., several  amendments-being suggested, and, put  in the form of motions, carried. The  whole as Amended was finally adopted  and became the' constitution and bylaws of the association.  The report upon the presentation of  the water petition to the Hon. W. B.  Boss, Minister of Lands, was read by  the secretary, who as delegate to the  Convention of the B. 0, Fruit Grow.  era' Association herd in Victoria on  the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of January,  took "down the water petition as representative of the affected owners of  land in the Ellison district.  It was gratifying to those present to  hear that their petition had received  favor at the hands of the Minister of  Lands, and also at the hands of the  Hon. Price Ellison, Minister af Agriculture. It was placed in the care of  Mr. Wm. Young, Comptroller of Water  Bights, who gave assurance that it  would be acted upon as soon as survey work could be carried on effectually at the headwaters of Scotty Creek,  which would possibly be about the  first oi May.  Mr. Yonng stated that the water  branch had made definite plans for  reservoir investigation on those creeks  surrounding Okanogan Lake that at  present are apparently not yielding  enough water for the lands that are  under cultivation, and appurtenant  thereto, that it was proposed to investigate the creeks right to their  sources, contouring any possible reservoir sites that may be discovered  and taking cross sections at probable  dam sites so that the farmers, who  may be particularly interested will  have the neosssary engineering data  to enable them to arrive at some idea  of the oost. It is proposed also to do  considerable work in and around Kelowna in bringing together all existing  data in suoh a form as will enable  one to readily graap the situation ���� a  whole.  Mr. Young also pointed out that it  was in the power of the Water  Branch to appoint water - masters in  contentious districts where than is  shortage of water who will we to it  that a system of rotation is introduced and beneficial use made of the  water. Under the Act as amended, this  covers seepage losses, and when such  are shown to be excessive, the owner  or occupier will have to flume or pipe.  Considerable discussion followed thu  reading of the report, a keen interest  being shown in the actions oi tke government along the Una of bettering tha  water conditions. Several oopiss of  the Public Irrigation Corporation Bill  were given to those, who bad not already received one.  As the Bill is acoompanied by a particularly clear and lucid explanation of  the whole bill by, H. W. Grunsky, it  makes it a gnat deal easier tor the  lay mind to grasp its purport and significance.  Following the discussion of ths water petition report cam. tbe report of  tho Association's delegate to the Annual Convention in Victoria. This report oovered, in brief the -who), proceedings ol the convention snd was  listened to with manifest interest. Particular emphasis was placed upon the  addresses of Mr. Wm. P. Sawyer and  Mr. H. C. Sampson. Mr. Sawyer', address was practical indeed aa he had  been in the actual fruit growing business for a numbsr of years. He dwelt  more particularly upon the growing ot  the Bartlett pear, and stated (hatha  had found the growing of alfalfa between the trees ths greatest suoosss  and preferred it to clean cultivation.  Mr. Sampson dwelt upon the power of  organization to accomplish result, for  the farmer and fruit-grower, and spoke  of the power that had over suoh large  transcontinental lines as the Great  .Northern and the Northern Pacific. Organization was the keynote of suooesu  of the North Pacific Fruit Distributors  fully bore out.  In the report the Asiatic problem as  it had come before the convention was  dealt with and it was pointed out that  it is the Asiatics standard ot living  that mitigates'so strong!v against the  white grower, loir until the white grower is prepared to live like the Asiatic  he cannot hope to compete with them.  What is a handsome profit to the  Asiatic but covers the expenses ot the  white grower. As a contribution to  the labor market the Asiatio tills a  need, but as owner or lessee of rand  he causes trouble.  I'pem the reference to the election of  directors in the report it needed no  second glanoe to see the disappointment when it was brought to the attention of the meeting that the man  chosen by the Association to represent  them on the Board of Directors of the  parent, association nnd for the district  of North Kelowna and Okanagan Centre had not been sleoted then, snd  that no alternative nominee had been  vouchsafed th. association but an outsider placed on the directorate to represent them. It was unanimously felt  that a dangerous preoedent was being  established and that this should not  be.  At the conclusion ol a most interest-  big meeting lasting three hour, and a  half, hearty votes af thanks wen tendered to Mr. Watt and Mr. Bulman  for their reports and services rendered  in the furtherance of the interests .of  of the district, particularly with regard to irrigation matters, while in  Viotoria.  Another meeting is to be called in  the near future at which several important matters will come up lor consideration.  NATUBAL GAS AT EDMONTON  Forty-one thousand dollars has been  subscribed by Edmonton people toward  the }fiO,000 fund to be raised by ths  Edmonton Industrial Association to  eisploro the natural gas fields at Veg-  reville. H. H. Hull, treasurer of the  fund, reports that sufficient money  has been paid in to begin work. Contract, for boring will be awarded  within 10 days. Experts, formerly  in the employ of the government, oi  Mexico und China, report that commercial ga> .should be reached in the  first well at lea. than two thousand  feet, in which event it will not be necessary to sink more than one thousand  three hundred leet on the other two.  If the exploration work is suoosssful,  the industrial association, which is  headed by W. J. Magrath, a millionaire real estate owner, will turn the  fields over to the municipality nt actual east. The oity of Edmonton owns  ail the public utilities, including street  railway, telephone., light and power,  and paving plant..  NEW RAILWAY MAPS OF B.O.  A new edition of a map oi the Dominion Bailway Best in British Columbia, has recently been issued from the  Bailway Lands Branch of the Department of the Interior at Ottawa. This  publication, consisting of two duets,  shows topographical and special detail  ed information with reapeot to the  land situation throughout the belt,  aad th. standing ol each quarter section according to the records oi the  Department.  Tne sheet, have been issued on a  large scale, ngmely 7.8u miles to the  inch, whioh combined with the comparatively simple system of colouring  that has besn adhered to in the preparation of the map, enables a person  to procure at a glanoe the information  desired.  In addition to the detailed information with respect to the disposition of  land., etc, throughout the belt, the  location and boundaries of Dominion  timber berths, forest reserves, Indian  reserves, grating leases, etc., are all  dearly shown, also post offioe, aad  genual railway information.  Copies of the map may be obtained  upon application to F. C. 0. Lynch,  superintendent of the Bailway Lands  Branch, Department oi the Interior,  Ottawa.  The appointment of an official oensor  to look after the moving pioture theatres of the provinos which was made  hut year, is confirmed in a bill whloh  was introduced in the legislature by  the Attorney-General and designated,  "~ and   ^^     An Aot to Bagulate Theatres  without a doubt as the present status Cinematographs."  If Its Made of Leather  {;.';:', WE CAN REPAIR IT  See our etock of Mew snd Swond -Hand Hanses.   8p��isl S^lisry Swsst  P. ia aad Back Pads.        Thar cam be washed.  THOMLINSON  WATER STRFXT Haines. Maker KEIOWNA  Store adjoining the 25c store      '���;������������ '  (jMlJ  i -'.  ...  ���  ��� r  ilhftl  ...<nfn  I/O   *j  in           ��<               /*���  0  ��  ' u   .  ���  '  ��W mm        J'Wmm\ '  ii t/^f  r  f  "1  *  w  ru  h  LICI  I  1  I  lllti-"  f  .;-,  llfl  -���-'  /r i  ...  is the keynote of modern business  methods. To let the people know  just what you have and what you  can do for them is one of the first  essentials of a successful business today. Boldness and originality in advertising, backed up by a genuine  endeavor to give good service has  built up most of the successful business  houses of the last twenty-five years  Whether you are running  a Department Store or  the Smallest usihess you  have something to tell the  people most of the time  Tell it in the easiest and cheapest  way���through the columns of a newspaper, which reaches the home or  the^people.  Corftmerciaf, Society, and all  other kinds of Book Printing TSS  ( WANTED! 1  Prepaid Bates: 2 oents per word  first insertion and 1 oent per word for  each subsequent insertion. No ad., inserted for less than 26 cents.  All classified advertisement, most be  paid for in advance owing to the oost  attending th. booking and charging of  small items.  Cepy may be received for these ads  ap to 10 a.m., Thursday morning.  PBOPEBTY FOE SALE  FOB SALE- 20 acres fine fruit and  hay land, six miles from Kelowna on  Vtrnon road; alno 7-roomed house  and two fin. building lot. onWllson  avenue. All at very attraetive figure.. Inquire F. S. Coates, Lalte-  vlsw hotel. 23t[.  GOODS FOB SALE  FOB SALE - Alfalfa, Timothy and  Clover, land second out Clover. Do-  livsred or in staok. Apply Central  Okanagan Land.. Co., or Glenmore  44 tt.  HAT FOB SALE - 118.00 psr ton  in th. staok. 0. A. Pearse, Creak  ���ids. 46tf.  FOB SALE.���Dry cord wood, pine and  fir, guaranteed dry, 12.60 per riok  delivered. P. 0. Box 449. 'Phone  2108. 3tf.  FOB SALE.���Oat hay in good sondi  tion, also timothy hay. Apply A. W.  Cooke, Benvoulin, Box 633.      12-15  FOK SALE���Pekin Drakes for breeding  Also small separator, capacity two  cows, Danish make. Apply C. E.  Wesks, Benvoulin. 13-15  COW FOK SALE-Young Jersey, freeh  Also heifer calf. W. J. Peterman,  Benvoulin. 13-14  FOK SALE.���Fifty tons of Oat and  wheat hay, first class. Also few tons  second-cut hay. Apply B. J. Lund,  Benvoulin. 13tf.  FOR SALE.-Lady's desk, Buffet, Medi  cine Cabinet, two Ocoasional tables,  Plant stand, and pictures. VII new.  Apply P. 0. Box S45, or at Mrs.  Askew's. Glenn avenue. 14-15p  SITUATIONS WANTED  WANTED.-Work on fruit ranoh, by  experienced gardener. Married, house  to himself. Apply J. Baylis, Simpson  Bench, Mission Rood. 13-16  WANTED.���Situation on ranch for two  boys, fifteen and soventeen years old.  (Scotch). Apply IJ. M. Croft, Kelowna. 14p.  WANTED.���By Lady, position as house  keeper. Good capable cook. Apply  Box "W" Kelowna Record. 14-16  BOARD AND BOOHS  WANTKD TO RENT. -Two or three  room shack, preferably furnished,  central location. Terms strictly moderate. Apply Box "D" Record,    14p  Layman's Missionary Movement  (Continued from Fan 1.)  come and waa more than ripe when  the men ol brains, of versatility, of  resourcefulness, who were carving out  fortunes for themselvc9 in this province should line up behind the biggest proposition ever laid upon any  branches ol the church of Christ. The  kind of proposition they put before  them today was that every member canvass. Mr. Laird then went into details, showed by means of diagrams  placed on the walls of ths churoh the  striking results that had been accomplished by this canvass in other plaoes  and spoke ol different methods that  could be adopted by the men of tho  local church to accomplish the same  thing.  Bev, C. E. Manning, home mission,  secretary of the Methodist church, gave  the concluding address, which dealt  with the spiritual side of the question.  During the evening Mr. A. E. Still-  Doxology.  ohuroh in Calgary, sang,"Then wore  Ninety and Nine," and tho meeting  concluded with the singing of tho  Daxology.  TO RENT.- Seven room house on  Wilson avenue. Rent iis.ro per mo  Apply W. H. Fleming, Kelowna. 14tl  MISCELLANEOUS  MMSHAKING and plain sowing orders taken, or work by day. Apply  bee "C" Beeord offss, or   UUphon.  a*. 13-u  FOB ���ALB-Thn. horses, buggy, and  ���art.   Oskar Tries, Kelowna.     12tf.  FINE NEEDLE WORK AND EMBBOl-  dcry. Apply Miss M. Ford, Sutherland avenue. Phone "201 13-16  WANTBD.-About 10 acres young or  shard within 5 miles of Kelowna on  Vsrnon Bond. Apply Box. "K" Beeord ofBee. 13-15  FOUND-Ob the Blaek Mountain range  in poof eondltien, two colts, one  spot near hoof on left hind foot, also star in forehead; ths other a bay  rising 2-year-old, dark drown, whit,  rising 1-y.sr-old, two white hind feet,  star in forehead and spot on nose.  iNo visible brands. Owner may have  asms by proving property aad paying expanses. Apply John Conroy,  Vernon Road. 18-10  WANTED.���Second hand single horse  plow, spring tooth and drag harrow,  hand seeder. Apply, giving prices to  B. G. Bury, Rutland. 14-lsp  NOTICE  "' Aay person found cutting saw logs  ���r boom sticks en tha shore ol Okanagan Lake will bs prosecuted.  0. X. LUMBER CO.  FA, 3�� LIMITED.  IN THE COUNTY COURT OF YALK  1T0I.DF.X AT VERNON  In the matter of the estate of John  Smith, deceased,  and  In tho matter of the "Administration Act"  Dated the eleventh day of February.  A. D. 1U14;  Upon reading the affidavits of Daniel A. McDonald, Arthur 0. Cochrane  nnd the Petition herein, it is ordjretl  that Arthur Ormiston Cochrane, Official Administrator for the Okanagan  Electornl District, shall be Administrator of all and singular  tho estate of John Smith, deceased  nnd that notice of this Order bo published in tho Kclowna Record.  J. D. SWANS0N  14 C. C. J.  City of Kelowna  DOG TAX  Notice is hereby given that the dog  tax for the year It) 11 is due and payable at the City Court Ilouso, Water  street. Dogs running at large without  a tag for the year in 1-1 will be Impounded.  R. SUTHERLAND.!  14-16 Chief Constable.  BABIES' KINDERGARTEN  Three afternoons a week. Apply .to  MisB Mary Ford, Sutherland avenue.  'Phone 5201. 13-16  ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE  THE LoFEVBE ESTATE  For Sole by Tender  Is order to wind up ths estate this  valuable property will be sold, and  tenders are invited for the purchase of  same, up to March 20th, 1911.  EstaU consists of 143 acres, mostly  under cultivation, with its own irrigation system, for further particulars  apply to Box 157. Kelownn. 12tf  SHERIFF'S SALE  The Okanagan Lumber Co. Ltd.  The Okanagan Lumber Co., Ltd.,  Dalgleish & Harding, Hopps tt Duker,  Ltd., Kelowna Sawmill Co. Ltd., versus British North American Tobacco  Co., Ltd.  Under and by virtue of writs of executions, issued out of the Supreme  Court and the County Court of Yale  in the above entitled action (or tho  sum ol ISI79.I.'! besides Sheriff's fees  and other legal expenses, and to mo  directed nnd delivered, I have duly  levied upon tho following property, to  wit:  Live Stock, Farm Implement., Wagons etc., Stock In Trade, etc.  Notice is therefore irivra that on  Monday, the 2nd day of March, 1914,  at the hour of 2 o'clock p.m., of said  day at The Mission Ranoh, Kelowna,  I will sell hj ;nihl|o auction the above  doscribed property, or so much thereof as will satisfy claim nnd costs.  Dated this 18th day of February,  1914.  SALE POSTPONED TO MAR. 16  WBNTWORTH F. WOOD.  Sheriff, Yale County.  Per. Samuel A. H. Brow,  Deputy Sheriff, Yale County  TERMS CASH. 13-14  South Kelowna Land Co.  limited  MISSION RANCH  Horses   taken in for   winter  feed at $4 per month.  Reduction for large numbers.  R. S. HALL,  Telephone, Mgr. of Ranches  House 75.  Ranch 2305. 7if.  V  y  KELOWNA   RECORD  THUBSDAY, FEBRUARY 3��, 1914  Rough and Dressed Lumber.  Shingles, Siding, Doors, Windows,  Mouldings, Etc.  Kelowna Saw-Mill Company, Limited  You can have the latest news of Kelowna and it's environs  placed in your post-office box weekly for the sum of $1.50 per  year, by subscribing to The Kelowna Record.  ' -��au5  i  ft*  >�������*.  This Book Might Save You  The Cost of a New Building  HAVE you ever heard of  "IntensiveCultivotfoii ?"  This principle applied to  i.'.arket gardening has resulted in a fourfold increase in  yield, with a proportionate  increase in profits.  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