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Kelowna Record Aug 5, 1920

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 Eitotmrc Retort,
VOL. XII.  NO. 38
II JO Per Annum
Bettter Housing Scheme
Keeps Council Busy
Refuse Applications for "Near
Beer" Licences from Chinese
Restaurants .
The "Better Housing" scheme
continues to provide a large pro.
portion of the buaineaa to be disposed of at the regular city council
meetinga. Monday was no exception, for in addition to several new
contracts for soldiers' houses tu be
•warded, there were many adjustments to be made to existing loans,
and alao arrangements to be made
regarding the issue of debenlurea
for the purpose of securing the
loans advanced by the provincial
government under the "Better
Housing Act."
The two new contracts let were
to H. Ryan and G. L. Dore for a
house for Dr. Wright, and -to W.
G. Millar and Geo. Sproat for a
house for Geo. N. Kennedy.
Increases of loans were granted
to Mrs. Lupton, F. M. Neill and H.
G..Pratt. A letter was received
fronvH. G. Marshall cancelling his
application for a loan, in con-
stquence.of which Aid. Shepherd
informed the cquncil that the committee had recommended that
where the contract price of the
houses exceeded the amount of
loans allotted to applicants, the
necessary increase be granted in
view of the funds thus liberated.
A number of applications were
also received for the purchase of
the city's tax sale lots, several of
which were accepted.
Three firemen at the city power
house sent an application for an
increase of wages which was referred to the oommittee.
The local lodge of Oddfellows
applied for permission to hqld a
picnic in the cily park. on Labor
Day, September 6th, intimating
that membera of all the Oddfellows'
lodges in the valley would participate. The cleric was instructed to
give a very cordial invitation to
the Oddfellows to make use of the
, park for, this purpose.
A* letter was read from GP.R.
Superintendent Macnab of Revelstoke regarding the provision of
spark arreatprs for the power house
smoke stack, it being considered
that their absence was endangering
the freight sheds and other C.P.R.
property. This was referred to the
The letter from the Director of
War Trophies, Ottawa, regarding
the German field gun which had
been presented to the city was
read. The Mayor informed the
council that the gun had arrived
during that •fternoon, ■ and had
been placed in a temporary position in the park by aome of lhe
returned soldiers.
Applications from a number ol
Chinamen for licences under the
new by-law to sell "near-beer" at
the Vancouver Cafe and the St.
Louis Cafe were refused.
A letter was read from J. T.
Barratt resigning his position as
junior clerk in the office in order to
take another situation at the coaat.
The clerk expressed his regret at
losing Mr. Barrat's services although
he had only been in the city's
'employ for a short time. The
selection of a successor was left
with the city clerk.
> In the consideration of the month,
ly police report and in reference to
the testing of milk samples, it was
decided that the chief constable
should prosecute all licensees
whose tests were below the standard fixed bv the by-law without
waiting for special . instructions
from the council.
Next Saturday Decides
District League Cup
Rutland and Glenmore  Are
Contending Teams
Wednesday and
August llthfc 12th
The Okanogan's Principal
Summer Event
On Saturday afternoon next will
take place the match which ia to
decide the winner of the cup pre
sented by Dr Wright to be con.
tested for by the Kelowna District
Baseball League. The game is to
be between Rutland'and Glenmore
which learns are, in fact, the only
ones left alive to tell the tale.
Last Tuesday there should have
been a game between Rutland
and Kelowna, but the Kelowna
boys for some reason could not
raise a team, thus giving the game
to Rutland by default. In order to
avoid disappointment to those who
had turned out to see a ball game,
A scratch team was eventually got
together to play Rutland, but the
match was, of course, only an exhibition one and did not count.
Rutland won by 4 to 3. After the
game the executive of the league
met tqgether in Dr. Wright's office
to discuss the slate of affairs and
decide upon the best course to
wind up the contest.
Ellison had dropped out of the
league some time ago and it waa
evident that Kelowna's interest in
the matter was approaching a fade-
out. . There was also a dispute to
settle arising out of last week's
game between Rutland and Glen-
mote, in which the former protested a run claimed bv the latter.
All these matters were discussed
at some length, and it was finally
decided that Kelownn should definitely drop out of the running
and also lhat Rutland should withdraw their protest. The effect of
these adjustments was to produce
a tie between Rutland and Glenmore and lhe winner of these two
teams will therefore carry off the
Favors Amalgamation
• of Valley Creameries
Committee Appointed to Prepare Details of Plan
Plan to Share Running
Rights Abandoned
. President Hanna, in an interview
with the Kamloops City Council
and the' council of the Board of
Trade on Friday promised that
within thirty davs all • Canadian
National Railway passenger trains
would enter the cily. \"t ork would
be started on the freight sheds
within a day or two and a temporary station would be erected. The
permanent elation would be ready
when the Kamloops-Okanngan line
was completed.
Mr. Hanna gave little ground for
hope nf the completion of the
branch line from Kamloops to the
Okanagan this year, atating lhat he
feared it would be impossible to
procure the rails in time for laying,
this seeaon. It had been thc intention of the Canadian National to
use the C.P.R. line for the first
fourteen miles of the branch line
but this was likely to be abandoned on account of the cost pf interlocking service. The construction
of a C.N. line would be cheaper,
unless the C.P.R. made a better
Rutland News
(From oar owe sornsnnndsat).
The Rutland Rustlers are giving
a lawn social and concert on
August 9th, at 8 p.m. at the Rutland schoolhouse. Admission free.
Refreshments on sale.
The Women's Institute will hqld
a meeting on Thursday evening
pext, the 12th, at 7 p.m., on the
iawn St Mrs. W. Gay's house, when
the Rev. E. D. Braden will give an
address on "Good Citizenship."
Aa the meeting is an -open' one a
hearty invitation is extended to
the men as well aa women to attend on this occasion. This being
the last meeting before the vacation it is hoped that members will
do their beet to attend. Roll call:
Prominent men in Canadian History.
The naval department at Ottawa
has received word from the British
Admiralty that the new oil-burning
cruiser and two -destroyers, which
have been donated to the Canadian
navv will reach Canada about the
end of September,
The suggestion originating with
the United Farmers that the four
creameries of Salmon Arm, Armstrong, Vemon and Kelowna should
be amalgamated, was the subject
of discussion at a meeting held in
the Court House, Vernon, on Friday last.
Mr. R. A. Copeland, President of
the United Farmers of B. G, was ]
elected chairman of the meeting
and Mr. W. E. Chappie, Central
Secretary, was elected secretary.
Kelowna was represented as follows : W. G, Benson, secretary at
the Kelowna Creamery and A. H
Patterson of the U.F. of B.C. local;
Vernon, by W. H. Knigh, manager
of the Vernon Creamery, and A,
T. Howe, President of the Vernon
local U.F. of B.C.; Armstrong, by
Messrs. Aimstrong and Nash, Directors of the Armstrong Creamery
and Messrs. Makovski and Chappie
President and Secretary of the
Armstrong local U. F. of B. G;
Salmon Arm, by Messrs. Karnackle
and Reid, manager and director of
the Salmon Arm Creamery and
Messrs. Miller and Patterson, director and president of the Salmon
Arm local U. F. of B. C.
The resolution thst "We as a
committee favor the amalgamation
of the four creameries" was carried
without a dessenting voice. A
committee was appointed consisting of Messrs Howe snd Makovski,
representing the United Farmers
and Measrs. Karnackle, Armstrong,
Knight and Benson representing
the various creameries, and W. E.
Chappie, secretary.
This committee is to draw up
the details ot amalgamation and to
place same before the shareholders
of the various creameries, and to
report to another meeting which
will be held very shortly, when
each delegate appointed by his
creamery would have authority to
act for the creamery he represented.
Mr. L W. Makovski pointed out
that there was a field to work on
somewhat similar to the Fraser
Valley, an*M eventually the Okanagan should have not only a successful organization, run on similai
principles to the Fraser Valley
Milk Producers' Association, but
in conjunction with the associa
tion in the marketing ot dairy products.
This meeting originated as the
result of c re olution recently passed '-.y the Armstrong Local ot ihe
U. F. of B. C and forwarded to the
Northern Diatrict Assn., where it
passed unanimously.
Mr. R. A. Copeland, the president, emphasized "he fact lhat the
lour centres were competing with
one another when they should be
co-operaling. They were all paying different prices for the bulter
product. Farmers were jumping
from one creamery t/> another and
demoralizing some of the creameries in, that they could not depend
on their full supply of cream.
A fuither resolution pasted asking the secretary to communicate
with Mr. Berry, president of the
Fraser Valley M. P. Association,
to give hia advice and assistance
lo carrying through the amalgamation, was heartily endorsed.
Al the same lime the producer
wiN get his but er standardized
and will obtain his cheese, ice
cream and other products regularly which under the present system
can only be obtained spasmodically.
During the past week Princeton
has been the scene of a series of
rain and hailstorms such as huve
never before been experienced by
the oldest settlers in the district.
Commencing with a heavy rain
later developing into hail and gathering in fury until the deluge upon
the roofs and sidewalks became a
deafening roar, this storm continued for about fifteen minutes, and
when it ceased the ground was
thickly carpeted with large balls nf
frozen rain. Some business men ol
the town gathered specimens of
the hail and the measurements of
these varied from thiee-quarters
of an inch to an inch and one-
quarter in diameter.
C.P.R. Train Held Up
Near D.C. Border
Get Away With $600 Booty
from Passengers
At the point of revolvers and
punctuating demands w th a few
shots three bandits held up and
robbed every male passenger on
board C.P.R. train No. 63, Westbound, Lethbridge to Cranbrook,
in broad daylight Monday after
noon, secured booty estimated at
approximately six hundred dollars,
and made their escape at Sentinel
Gallant to a degree they did not
molest women and children. Posses
headed by the R.C.M.P. aie now
scouring the country I or the robbers. Boarding the train at Leth
bridge the three bandits waited
until the train was well on its way
before thev started operations.
The first intimation that Conductor
Sam Jones had was a demand to
surrender ss he was passing through
the smoker. Not taking the threat
seriously Jones started walking
down the car when a bullet whizzed past him.
All the passengers were then
herded back by the three men
with automatics and driven into
the first-class coach at the rear of
the train. Stationing himself at
the door one of the robbera held
guard while another drove the
conductor, trainmen and baggageman to the rear platform. The
third robber then started a systematic search of his victims. Only
male passengers were searched
and relieved of the cash ihey had.
When the train reached Sentinel
the bandits alighted and ordered
the conductor to start the train.
Posses are scouring the hills for
the hold-up artists.
Recover Goods States |Httvn Ml Salary
Indications Point to Incendiary
Origin - Two Arrests Made
Two arrests made during lhe
past week on charges of theft st
the time of the fire at D. Leckie's
hardware store during May seem
to give some confirmation to the
rumours which were freely current
that considerable pilfering had
gone on. This wss found to be the
case later when the stock was gone
over and a large quantity of silver
piste, cutlery and other valuable
stock proved to be missing. Ai
though at, the time the cause of
the fire was put down to defective
wiring, there was also a grave suspicion that it was of incendisry
Thia view was also strengthened
Monday and Tuesdsy when Fire
Inspectar Thomaa, from Vancouver, conducted an inquiry into the
circumstances of the fire. Acting
upon these suspicions, investigation has been quietly going on
during the past few weeks with
the result that a portion of the
missing stock of the value of about
$250, has been located and recovered.
Certain information coming to
hand last week caused the provincial and citv police together to
visit the shack occupied by John
Fleming on a ranch near Duck
Lake. Here, after a search, a new
washtub (presumably used for carrying off the goods) was discovered sunk in the well, and buried
elsewhere a sack containing a large
number of articles easily identified
aa missing from the Leckie store.
Fleming was arrested and charged
deques Uncasked
Sir Edward Kemp   Declines
Remuneration for Services
Sir Edward Kemp, now minister
without portfolio and forn erly
minister of the overseas forces ot
Canada, has written lhe finance
department, returning uncashed
all cheques received bv him for
ministerial salary during the war
period. In all, the cheques amount
to $25,219, covering lhe whole of
the payments to him ss minister of
militia and later as minister of
overa-as forces.
He also hss refrained from drawing any of his sessional indemnity
for the last two sessions of parliament. Sir Edward's contributions,
under these heads, apart altogether from his large contributions to
pstriotic funds, tke, run into a considerable amount. Sir Henry Drayton, minister of finance, has
appropriately acknowledged Sir
Edward's generi sity on behalf of
the government.
with being in possession of stolen
goods, whereupon he claimed that
he was simply acting for another
man, A K. Roberts, who he alleged had actually stolen the goods.
He als>~ «ed Roberts with set
ting iiic iq iik Store.
Roberts, who wss a former employee of the Leckie store, and
dismissed only on the morning of
the day preceding the fire, was arrested on suspicion but denied
any knowledge of the theft. Both
men were brought up Friday, Fleming in the provincial court and
Roberta in the citv, but were remanded until Saturday next.
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The usual  cry of shortage of labour will no  doubt be raised, but other firms in  the cily-seem to be able to get  veterans and what iB more retain  them.  Vernon appears to have aeveral  aspirants for political honours.  They are all anxious to get the  veteran vote and no doubt will endorse our policy, but there is plenty  of time yet as the bye-election for  this constituency is not likely to  come off until October. It will be  interesting to see if any candidate  will pledge himself to propose the  taxation of war bonds, The  G.W.V.A. lavour the payment of  income tax on bonds exceeding  $10,000 held by any individual.  The war profiteers hold millions of  these and called the investment  "doing their bit." Objections will  be made thai the government  pledged their vow that these bonds  should be free of income tsx, but  during the war the Prime Minister  promised to conscript wealih as  well as men. He did the latter  when almost too late, but the big  interests were too stiong for him lo  touch wealih, and now the veteran  has tn pav tribute to the war  profiteer in interest.  New Road Over  Anarchist Mountain  Weather Report for July  Compiled by G. R. Binger  July  Max.  Car For Hire  (McLaughlin Six)  Day Phone 116 Night Phone 5502  J.  OH ANT  Good progress is being made on  the reconstruction of the road over  Anarchist Mountain involving a  new and aomewhat longer route  than lhe present highway bul with  considerably easier grades. Seven,  ty-five men are now employed on  lhe contract for the first six miles  up from Osoyoos. This contract  is held by Major Angus Davis with  Col. C. C. Donnelly as resident engineer and Mr. P. J. Salvus as  superintendent of work. Mr. Ssl-  vus has also a subcontract from  Major Davis 'for the first three  miles af the contract.   V  It is expected that the contract  will be completed by the end of  October. Good material for road  work has been found on the upper section of the new road and  this will aid materially in getting a  good foundation. Two camps are  now running.  1   82  2   82  3   80  4   82  5   74  6   82  7   81  8   83  9   86  10   85  11   76  12   73  13   84  14   82  15   88  16   84  17   64  18   82  19   78  20   83  21   78  22   75  23   78  24   75  25   76  26   81  27   83  28   83  29   90  30   83  31   80  81.12  Min.  58  55  50  48  51  48  49  51  50  60  55  56  . 58  61  54  58  57  58  62  57  58  62  57  55  47  50  54  54  50  60  45  54.70  Professional Cards  BURNE Sr stfEDDELL  Barrister,  Solicitors and  Notaries Public,  E. G. Weddell.    ���   John P. Burne.  KBLOWNA  B.G.  R. B. KERR  Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Public.  KELOWNA.  B.C.  John curts  CONTRACTOR & BUILDER  Plans and Specifications Prepared  and estimates given for publicBuild-  ings,Town and Country Residences  JOHN CURTS, KELOWNA  P. W. GROVES  M. Can. Soc. C. E.  Consulting doll snd Hydraulic  Engineer  B.C. Land Suroeyor  Survey, and Report, oh Irrigation Works  Application, for Water Ucsnses  KELOWNA. B. C  Dr. J. W. NELSON SHEPHERD  DENTIST  Pendozi Street  and   Lawrence  Avenue  R. C. DUTHIE, V.S., D.V.Sc  Veterinary Surgeon  Office Phone 443  Residence      313  Vernon* B.C  Cells left with Dr. J. E. Wright, Dentist,  Willits Block, will be premptly attended to.  W. G. SCOTT  Plumber and Tinsmith  Jobbing and Repair.  Phones: Busines. 164; Re.idence 91  P.O. Box 22  Mm. P. C. A. ANDERSON  TEACHER OF DANCING  Cla.ses Forming (or the New Year  Phone for an appointment  Moose Jaw, Sask., is now the  recognized horse marketing centre of the province. The market,  which was established in February  last, .haa already handled nearly  3,000 animals, drawing them from  an far west as Medicine Hat, Alta.  With a view to assisting the  dairying industry in the province,  the Saskatchewan Government is  spending $10,000 in the purchase  of dairy cows. About 100 head of  cattle are being acquired which  will be distributed among the  various dairying centres. Besides  having an educational value, these  will form the basis of future purer  herds.  F. WIGGLESWORTH  PIANOFORTE - SINGING  STUDIO  ov.r Ihe Ma.oa At Risch slot.  Phoee 1462  R.sid.ac.  ^^wvww,A^AArwMvwwww^^,  T. R. GRAINGER  CHIROPRACTOR  Graduate of the Palmar School of Chiropractici  Offlc-: Houra. 1.30 to 5 p.m.  Euminetioii and consultation Free  OAee In Haw-rtsoivMantle Block  Local Boy Scouts  Edited by Pioneer. Aug. 3rd, 1920  All iqtending recruits to the  troop must hand in their names  and sign recruit forms before <we  commence our regular meetings  next month. If we are unable to  find quarters we may not hold any  meetings then, but in the meantime  we shall cairv on as though we  did have a roof to cover our heads.  The Patrol Lenders will some time  soon hold a Court of Honour, when  the annual reorganization and  placing of recruits will take place.  It is quite possible that we shall  limit the number of the latter tha.  we shall take into the troop so as  we have pointed out any boys who  wish to join should lose no time in  handing in their names.  ���        a  a  There is one race for scouls alone  at the Regatta and that is a SO  yard one with clothes on (not  scout uniform). It is to be a handicap race and all scouts intending  to enter must have their time taken  by Mr. Edwards st the Aquatic  Pavilion before next Tuesday. We  must show our appreciation of  having a race provided lor us alone  by furnishing a large entry. In  In other worda be a sport and as  the cubs say "Do your besll".  The camp diary by "Wolf" con-  tinued;���  "Bathing parade followed and  Second Mantle and Scout Winter  passed their swimmer's badge be  fore the Commissioner. Alter free'  in bounds we were to have had a  Court of Honour but everybody  had been so good thus far that we  called it off, much to the regret of  a certain scout, who said that camp  was a failure unless somebody appeared before this Honourable  Court. If he happens to be the  one to appear it will remain to be  seen if the camp is a failure or not.  We organized ourselves to make a  concentrated attack upon the evening meal and did so well in our  effort that the A.S.M. seized the  opportunity of snapping a photo  of the camp in full working order.  At 7.15 a strenuous football game  began. Patrol Leaders Ball of the  Vernon and Kelowna Troops respectively being opposed to each  other in this game, somebody Was  hesrd to say during a struggle in  centre field. "Don't kick Boll, kick  the ball. Ball." After a concert  made lively by the gramophone  and mouth-orgon selections front  Second Mantle and Scout McCarthy  we withdrew to our tents for the  night.  Thursday.���We awoke at our  regular hour, 6.30, and after washing and eating prepared for the  regular routine of the day. Tent  inspection was won by the Eagles  and physical jerks and camp tidying was followed by Semaphore  Sending Competition won by the  Beavers, After a swimming parade  we had lunch, alwaya a delightful  meal at camp after the strenuous  work of the morning.  As soon as dinner had settled  properly a competition was held  of a mile at scout's pace, won by  the Owls, represented by B. McCarthy. The Commissioner took  a 2nd clasa ambulance test, which  was followed by a bathing parade.  During free in bounds we noticed  on the field several scouts with  gloves and lacrosse sticks and if  we look into the future ��� few years  we shall probably see them on the-  field wearing black and yellow  sweaters, at least we hope so.  After supper a football match was  arranged which was interrupted in  its first moments by an uncalled  for shower and which caused all  scouts to scatter for their tents to  lower and fasten the sides. In due  course the game continued and  waa won 3 to 0 by the other side.  There may have been a feeling  after this game that it was 'put-up'  as both of our celebrities, namely  the Commissioner and Scoutmaster,  were on the same side and undoubtedly caused the score to run  the way it did. After our night  game called 'bomb-laying' we turned in for the night."  (To be continued)  ���       a  The following Cubs have been  recommended to the scuutmaster  for transference into the scouts this  fall: Gordon Haug, Alwyn Williams, Gordon Meikle, Ellis Todd,  Donald Loane, Billie Knowles, Jack  Packham and Billie Longley.  Thursday, August 5,1920  ���   i  *sy       ���  asosi  v^iftW^AWVwwwvwwwvwa^v  Twenty million dollars is the estimated value of the "tourist cro��"  in British Columbia this year.  This is not guesswork, but is baaed  on calculations made by Mr. J. K  Davison, publicity commissioner,  on a very conservative basis.  Canadian yachtmen have decid  ed to build a boat' to compete for  the American cup. The cost will  be defrayed by public subscription.  FRIDAY AND SATURDAY  Joseph M. Schenck presents  NORMA TALMADGE  "A Daughter of Two Worlds"  The absorbing novel by Laroy Scott  This is Norma's first big picture for the First National Exhibitors  Evening, 7.30 and 9 , Admission 20c and 35c  Saturday Matinee at 3.30, 10s and 25c  11 ���    ��� ���  MONDAY  AND  TUESDAY  KATHERINE MACDONALD  in  "Passion's Playground"!  A thrilling and dramatic atory of Monte Carlo, which givo. Miaa Mi  Donald an opportunity to appear at her bait.   Her rn.gni6c.nt gowns, nr  which aha i. photographed againat the magnificent sellings provided, make  her striking beauty more affective.  Also the Cheater-Outing, "Korearing Around Korea," and the Chriatie  comedy, "Salvation Sua."  Evening 7.30 and 9 Admission 20c and 35c  WEDNESDAY  AND  THURSDAY  Thia ia one of the beat comedies ever put on tha screen and give. Wallace Reid a perfectly fitting role. He waa never mora amusing or acted wilh  greater finish.   Directed by Jamaa Cruie.  Also the two-reel comedy, "Lady Bellhop's Secret."  Evening, 7.30 and 9  Admission, 20c and 35c  CONING-"Huckleberry Finn.'  WHY WALK TO VERNON  WHEN THE  OVERLAND STAGE  LEAVES KELOWNA DAILY AT 12 A.M., RETURNING LEAVES  VERNON 8 A.M. SINGLE $i t RETURN $5.  PHONE 298  BOX 151  D. CHAPMAN  MOTOR HAULAGE CONTRACTOR  Motor Trucks (or every  kind of hauling.  Speedy, comfortable Pneumatic  Truck for Picnics, &c.  Furniture and Pianos  MoYtd with care.  CHALMERS CAR FOR HIRE  DAY OR NIGHT  LIVERY AND FEED  STABLES  AT THE  Johnson Barn, Lawrence Avenue }  Thursday, August 5,1*920 ��  -I 1������ LLJS-iU Uil-  EBLOWHA  BKCOfto  PAGE THREE  /7c,vt<*<-��^*i^T^-^"  PHONE   361 KELOWNA  fioj/3* GW 5/wes  WE PRIDE our-  saves on oar  assortment of Children's Shoes, both  for boys aad girl*,  and can safely say  that you save money  on   purchasing   thru  Black and Brown Oxfords in fine calf skin  for boys come with  welted soles.   Priced ". $3.95 to $6  Fine Black and Blown Boya Shoe* in a lame range of  different style* and qualities all of which we guarantee  to give perfect satisfaction  $3.95 to $6.95  Rompers reduced to $1.50  Here are many Children's Rompers made in  sturdy materials such as Gingham, Drill, Crepe  and Chambrays, all good washing material* and  reduced to such a price that one could not obtain  the material for this price. Regular prices up  to $2.75, this week for $1.50  Casement Cloths $1.15 yd.  Many colors in fine Casement Cloths are being  shown at this price for this week's selling.   This  is a fine English cloth and comes 50 inches wide  in   colors   of   Pongee,  Brown, Sage, Green and  ("ream, 50 inches wide.  $1.15 yard  Ribbons, 25c  An exceptional opportunity to purchase Hair  Ribbons in a fine quality Silk Taffeta which  comes 4�� and 5} inches  wide. Colors are Saxe,  Brown, Navy and Red.  Price 25c yard  The Celebrated Randell Patent  Fruit Picking Bag  4, Thi* bag was used last season in  some of the largest orchards and recommended over all others.  3. Orders for this year specify tha Ran-  ell patent when requiring  a  farther  aupply.  Q Thev are made of Metal and Canvas,  the metal part conforming to the body,  and the canvas is so arranged it makes a  further protection to the fruit and allows  for'emptying into boxes.  *J   Perfect fruit without a bruise brings  profit.   Expense saved in gathering fruit    ��.  ���more profit.  f Get a Randell Patent and save these  profit*. Sold only by  W. W. LOANE  Opposite tke Kslowna Sawmill Co.*. Office  ���,  The Jenkins, Co., Ltd.  Livory and Transfer Stables       ���    -  WAREHOUSING CARTAGE DISTRIBUTING  Touring Cars always on hand, day or night (all new)  Excursion Tally-Ho  Capacity 25 pauerigers.    Special ratea.  Contracts taken for Heavy or Light Freighting  Furniture and Pianos moved with care  Our Trucka an all naw and up-to-date  PHONE 20 DAY OR NIGHT  TOWN AND COUNTRY NOTES  Mr. T. 9. Turnbull and daughter  left this week for Camrose, Alta.  Miss Riddell and Mis* Wilson  left for Winnipeg on a visit to  Mrs. E. Patterson.  Wid Thompson is a visitor to  the coast this week.  Miss Grace White was a visitor  to Vernon yesterday.  Miss Annie Reekie is visiting  friends at Okanagan Centre.  Messrs. E. A. Cleveland and E.  Davis of the Water Rights branch,  have been in town for a few days  this week.  Visitors from Kelowna and Vernon took part last Monday in the  installation of a new Chapter of  Royal Arch Masons at Kamloops.  The regular monthly meeting of  the Jack McMillan Chapter I.O.D.E.  will be held on Tuesday, Augast  I Oth, at 3 p.m. at the home of Mrs.  D. W. Sutherland.  Frank Fraser, at one time manager of the Kelowna Canning Co.,  later the Western Canners, Ltd., is  taking a similar position with a  new cannery plant being erected  at Oroville, Waah.  A large brick addition is being  built this week to Knox church to  afford additional room for the Sunday School.  A gang of C.P.R. repair men  have been down during the past  week re-planking the wharf, obviously a temporary measure in  view of larger plans which are  rumored to be under considers,  tion.  The proprietors of the St. Louis  Cafe pleaded guilty Monday in the  city police court to selling "near  beer" without a licence. They  were fined $25 and costs.  Miss Annie Gaj returned last  week-end from a viait to the coast,  Mr. and Mrs. G. Monford are at  present away on a visit to friends  back east.  Two motor "launches left this  .afternoon for Peachland bearing  the Rutland baseball teama and  their friends, a match having been  arranged for this afternoon at that  point.  The Peachland municipality is  protesting against the Lakeshore  road being classed as a secondary  highway, thus thrusting a greater  proportion of its upkeep upon the  municipalities through which it  passes than would be the case  were it described aa a primary  highway.  Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Hight were  arrivals Monday from Calgary.  G. R. S. Blackaby came up last  Tuesday from Summerland to  spend a couple of weeks vacation.  Mr. and Mrs. C. Dark left yesterday on a visit to friends in Vancouver and Victoria.  Misses F. E. and A. J. Perry  were passengers to the coast on  Wednesday.  Mr. and* Mrs. C. W. Cope and  R. E, Cope were visitors this week  from Brandon.  District engineer Gwyer came  up yesterday from Penticton to  look into road matters, with superintendent McAlpine.  The annual picnic to Summer-  land Experimental Farm by members of the United Farmers, Automobile Association and Farmers'  Institute haa been arranged for  Saturday, August 14th, leaving by  the 9 o'clock ferry. Sufficient eatables for dinner and tea should be  taken, but Mr. Helmer kindly supplies the sugar and milk.  Il is stated as quite probable  that a soldier csndidate may be  brought forward at the forthcoming Yale by-election. Unless the  government or anv other candidate  is prepared to endorse lhe principles laid down bv the G.W.V.A.,  especially in regard to re-establishment, this action will be taken,  according lo a decision of the sub-  committee of the B.C. command.  Quite a slide occurred last week  on the Peachland road within the  jurisdiction of the municipality and  autoisls and others who use this  thoroughfare were compelled to  take the upper road. The trouble  as in other years, was caused by  irrigation water seepage or wastage, resulting in huge quantities of  mud and silt blocking the Iraffiic  For a time it was feared that a  portion of the upper road would  also be rendered impassable but  energetic work on the part of  municipal employees averted the  danger. It will be some considerable time before the obstruction  can be cleared away. A passing  csr was almost buried in the slide.  VETERAN VULCANIZING  Comer  Elli.   U/flQIfQ end Barnard  Street lYUlallU       Avenue  NET PRICE LIST  Complate repair,one vulcanising operation  Puncture., Blowout., Rim Cote  from $3      ,  Treed Cats, Sand Blister., Loom Treads  from $1.25  Casing Repair, new section, from   $2  Bicycle tire, from 50e  For quick and correct repair,  ���hip your tirea to ua  Reinforcemeats Vulcanised  3-inclt Tires ~  $1.50  31-inch Time  $2.00  4-inch Tires   $2.50  4i.inch Tiro   $3.00  5-inch Tires   $3.50  5i-inch Tirea  $4.00  Relinerri from $6 to $8, according to size  K) pSr cent of above cemented���  your option  Service and Satisfaction  Tuba Repairs while you wait:  Small Puncture     20c  Blowout, 2-inch  30e  Blowout, 4-inch   40c  Blowout, 6-inch  50c  Vahre Ssats  50c  Valve Inside.  IOc  Material and workmanship guaranteed  UNIVERSAL TIRE  FILLER  Geo. Lane - Prop.  ADAMSON'S   VVLCANIZER  A Daughter of Two  Worlds  Probably no man knows the underworld of New York, nor can  write more entertainingly of it,  than LeRoy Scott. When he published "Mary Regan" it created a  sensation, because of its vivid  action.and the story it unfolded.  Even better than "Mary Regan"  was his second book "A Daughter  ot Two Worlds." In this as in hia  previous work, the main characters  were of the lowest strata of society  In neither book did he attempt  any character delineation, bul let  the actions of those in his book  build up and betray their characters aa the atory progressed.  Action is the only thing which  can be shown in pictures, and for  that reason Mr. Scott's greatest  novel has only been msde more  vivid bv its tranaferral to the screen  under the same title as the novel.  The production which will be  shown by the Empress Theslre, on  Friday and Saturday, August 6th  and 7th, was made by Miss Norma  Talmadge and her own company  as the firat picture for distribution  by the First National Exhibitor's  Circuit. To say that Mies Talmadge haa made a more striking  character of Jennie Malone, than  even the book, is saying nothing  but what can be believed bv those  who are familiar with former pictures by this young star.  At the  Local Regatta  next week there will be Footwear of varioui deatani, thapet,  stylet, lixes aad appearance!,  -with white predominating. In  my ttore you will find a duplicate pair to any you may aee on  thii occo.ion���in fact, the probability it moat of them came  from my ttore. The White  Shoea have been much in demand, but the early fall will  bring calla for famout K brand,  the agency for which I now hold.  Keep watch on the window.  Chas. Dark  The Fair Shoeman  t.-��****tt***mg**^^  HAVE YOU HAD A LOOK AT THE NEW  1920 Gray Dort Models  i  fir Don't neglect to drop info our show  ^11 room and see the most snappy and  Jj attractive little car in town ��� lower  in price than most of the car* in their class.  We are prepared to give first-class service  with every car sold. Don't listen to criticism ; come and see for yourself and we  will guarantee that Gray Dort will fight its  own battles. We also have some good buys  in Second-Hand Cars.  W.R. GLENN <5c SON  Pendozi Street  Phone  150  Warning to the Piffle  The 1920 Fire Underwriters Report gives Kelowna  a very bad name on account of defective electric  wiring.  The provincial electrical inspector when here this  week demanded that some recent electric installations be improved and brought up to conform with  standard requirements.  The local electrical inspector has refused to pass  several jobs and even had to bring a case into the  police court to enforce the by-law.  Why run the risk and danger of improperly installed electric work or the annoyance and inconvenience of having your wiring condemned and done  all over again ?  HAVE YOUR ELECTRIC WORK DONE BY  RESPONSIBLE ELECTRIC FIRMS  J. R. CAMPBELL    JAMES H. TRENWITH  Pendozi Street  Kelowna, B.C.  "The Electric Shop,"  Kelowna, B.C.  Phone 40  P.O. Box 613  PEMBERTON & SON  BROKERS  FOR SALE: INSURANCE:  Farm. Automobile  Orchard. Life  Houae. Fire  Listings Solicited  ALSO AT  VANCOUVER,   VICTORIA, CHILLIWACK,  CLOVERDALE. MISSION, PENTICTON, ore.  A. B. BARRAT.  Manager. Bernard Ave., Kelowna, B.C.  Kelowna Regatta  Wednesday & Thursday, August 11 & 12  Don't mis. theae two big day. of .port.  Our Souvenir Spoon, in sterling silver are extremely nice and a very large selection.  Souvenir  Brooches,  Maple  Leaf,  Flag,  and  Flag  with Oar.  Theae ere in Stirling and bronze. Maple - Leaf  Brooches enamelled in natural colors, Flag Brooches  enamelled in black and yellow.  W. M.  PARKER & CO.  IEWELERS  W. W. PETTIGREW -       -        ���        MANAGER PAGE FOUR  KBLOWNA   SECOSB  Thursday, August 5,1920  Canada's Apple Crop  Huge Last Year  That 3.334,660 barrels of apples  valued at $24,396,210 were pro-  duced and sold in Canada during  the year 1919, is stated in a preliminary bulletin on Inrft season's  Canadian apple crop iaaued recently by the Dominion Bureau of  Statistics and based upon lhe information gathered by. the fruil  branch of the department of agriculture.  Nova Scotia, Ontario and British  Columbia are the great apple producing provinces of the Dominion.  Nova Scotia produced 1,600.000  barrels, valued at $9,989,680, Ontario, 878,860 barrels, worll, $7,-  030,880, and British Columbia  2,236,000 boxes, equivalent lo  745,300 barrels, valued at $6,540,.  000. The Quebec apple crop  amounted lo 70,500 barrels, valued  at $527,950, while New Brunswick  had 40,000 barrels, worth $307,400  Delco Light  Electric Light and Power  for the Farm  WILLARDa BATTERY  .     SERVICE  STATION  Batterie. Sold, Repaired 8c Charged  GENERAL WIRING CONTRACTOR  W. R. Thomson  Phone 342  FOR SALE  CEDAR POSTS  Inquire NELSON H. SMITH  oLnagan Centre, B.C.      16-9  Stewart Brothers Nursery  GLENMORE   VALLEY  Growers of Fruit and Shade Trees, Roses, &c.  APPLES  'Delicious  Mcintosh  Stayman  Winesap  Yellow Newtown  Rome Beauty  Wealthy  Jonathan  Wegener  Grimes Golden  Yellow Transparent  PEARS  Bartlett  Beurre de Anjou  Flemish Beauty  Winter Nelis  CRABS  Hyslop  Transcendent  The above selected nursery stock, guaranteed true to name, it offered  for  sale.     All in excellent condition and one year old on three year  French roots.    Inspection i.ivited.    Place your orders now for fall nr  spring planting.  CHERRIES-Bing, English Morello  -   THE   ���  Okanagan Brokerage  Real Estate and Farm Lands  Opposite the CP.R wharf  WANTED  Listings of House Property within the  city limits. Mutt be modern, with  bath, toilet, city water and electric  light. Cement cellar not' necessary,  unlett guaranteed free from water in  the spring of the   year.    A few fruit  trees for family uae detirtble.  Write or call, giving beat price  and eatiett termt.  FARM LANDS  Wanted,  listings   of   amall   holdings  with good buildings, within the four-  mile radius of |��elowna.  K.LO. BENCH-FOR SALE  Several  bearing  orchards, with first'  class buildings and   modern  conveniences.  Full particulars at thit office  Okanagan Brokerage  Phone  116 Box 116  KtLOWNA  BRAN, SHORTS &  FEED FLOUR  Large stock now en hand  Kelowna Growers' Exchange  Phones:  Feed Store 29 ;   Office 37 Free Cily Delivery  WM. HAUG & SON, Phone 66  Get your order in  EARLY for your winter's  supply of  COAL COAL  OVERLAND  LIGHT  A new consignment just unloaded. The moat popular  Light Car of the year.  100-inch Wheel Base  I urns in the narrowest  road  130-inch Spring Base  Rides like a big "Six."  s  Powerful," snappy,  economical motor.    The lightest  car on tires and gas at present on the market.  Price f.o.b. Kelowna, $1475  For demonstration see the car itself at  THE OIL SHOP  OR  PHONE J. W. B. BROWNE AT 287  Several Second-hand Cars for sale at right prices.   Ask for particulars.  Want Ads.  FOR   SALE  FOR SALE, $13,000, the hojue of G. E.  Seon, Harvey Avenue, Kelowna. Apply  Messrs. Mantle & Wilson or other agents  or owner. 29tf  REVISION   ���  OF  PROVINCIAL  VOTERS' LIST  Notice is hereby given that on  Monday, the 13th day of September, 1920, at ten o'clock in the  forenoon, at the Provincial Court  House. Kelowna. B.C.. a sitting of  the Court of Revision will be held  for the purpose of revising the list  of voters for the above-named  Electoral District, pursuant to the  provisions of the "Provincial Elections Act."  And noticr is further given that any  person claiming to be entitled to be regiatered as a voter in the above-named  Electoral District may apply in perton to  hnve hia name entered on the list of voters for the aaid Electoral Diatnict at the  said sitting of the Court of Revision, not-  withatanding the fact that his name haa  been omitted from the liat of applicanta  for regiatration, or that he haa omitted to  apply for regiatration at the time or in the  manner otherwiae provided by the "Provincial Elections Act."  The liat of applicants for regiatration is  now posted and may be inspected at the  oflice of the undersigned Registrar of  Votera.  S. GRAY,  Regiatrar of Votera.  South Okanagaa Electoral Diatrict.  August 2nd, 1920.  $2,200. Well - built Cottage, Manhattan  Beach. Concrete foundation, cellar,  roomy attic. House 32 x 28. Chicken  house and workshop. Apply P.O. Box  25. 21 tf  FOR SALE, Houses, Bearing Orchards,  Cattle Ranches, City Property. Pern-  berton it Son, Bernard Ave. 27tt  FOR SALE, a anap, (i-roomed Houae and  large lot, garage, woodahed, cellar and  good chicken house, $2,200. Half cash,  balance on eaay terms. Apply J. A.  James, Lawaon Avenue.   Box 69.  31 -2tf  Plastering  BY   SKILLED  WORKMEN  J. ROSSI  P.O.Box 110.  St. Paul Street    Kelowna  SYNOPSIS OF GOAL  MINING  REGULATIONS  CAR FOR SALE. Chevrolet Runabout,  1919 model, can be aeen at the Kelowna  Garage. 37-8p  FOR SALE, Cow., Ire.h.. Craig Bro..,  Rutland.   Phone 3506. 38tf  AYRSHIRE COW for uie, good milker,  very gentle. Apply P. Harding, Bernard  Avenue. 38tf  FOR SALE, first-class Alfalfa Hay for  immediate delivery at Glenmore Ranch.  Phone 3305. 38-lc  RIPE PEACHES for sale after the 9th ;  3c on trees. R. W. Ramsay. Okanagan  Mission. 38p  8ITCATI0N8 WANTED  WINDOW, Oflice and House Cleaning,  and other odd job. wanted. Arthur  Gardiner. Box 4S2. Phone 404 after 6.  SITUATIONS VACANT  FEMALE COOK wanted at once for the  Summerland Hospital. Salary $65.   Ap-,'  ply Secretary. 37-8p  LOST AND FOUND  t  LOST, on Vernon road, between Vernon  and Kelowna, Ansco camera. Will  finder retutnto Box 209, Kelowna. 38-9p  FOUND, a Lady's Parasol.   Apply Cily  Police Office. 38p  LOST,  gold   bracelet    Watch.     Finder  pl.asa return to P.O. Box 375.    Reward  38-9p  MISCELLANEOUS  WANTED, good Mare, about 1,500 lbs.,  to work single.    Apply Norris, Ellison.  22tf  HAVE YOU ENROLLED for your I.CS.  course yet ? Free booklet on request  to International Correspondence Schools  Canadian, Ltd., 6 Leckie Block, Kelow.  no. 25tf  NOTICE. All persons are warned against  purchasing tne property at Benvoulin  known as the Lytic place (north 20  acres), on which is a canning factory,  from anyone save the undersigned, who  is in possession of the same. H. J.  Turner. V      28tf  Miss Dillon will be pleased to meet  ladies requiring Spirella Corsets at Room  5, Oak Hall Block,on Saturdays, from 2.30  to 5.    Phone 115 for special appointment.  NOTICE  The Aquatic Pavilion may now be booked for any Monday night until September  30th, for private dances. Rent $25. Apply  H. G. M. Wilson, secretary, Kelowna  Aquatic Association, Ltd. 32-8-42  Automobile  For Hire  H. B. BURTCH ���   Phone 180  Coal miuing- rights of the Dominion  ih Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northweat  Territories, and in portion ot the Province of British Columbia may be leas-  ed for a term of twenty-one years at  an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,500 acrea will be leased to  one  applicant.  Applications for the lease must be  made by tho applicant in person to the  Age*nt or Sub-iigent of the district ln  which the rights applied for are situated.  Each application must be accompanied hy a fee of |5, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton, *  In surveyed territories the land must  be described by sections or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurveyed  territory the tract applied for shall be  staked out by the applicant himself.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. * If the ooal mining  rights are not being operated, suoh returns shall be furnlBhed at least once  a year.  The lease will Include the ooal mining rights only, but the lesBee may be  permitted to purohase whatever available surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10 an acre.  For full Information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to the Agent or sub-Agent of Dominion  Lands.  W. W. CORY.  (N.R - Unauthorised publication of  this advertisement will not be paid for).  WATER NOTICE  DIVERSION AND USE  Take notice that Lee Brown, whose address is- Kelowna, B.C., will apply for a  licence to take and use 200 acre feet of  water out of Dowley Creek, which flows  south-east and drains into north fork of  Mission Creek near the south-east corner  of D.L 1306. The water will be diverted  from the stream at a point about 300 feet  south-east of the north-west corner of Lot  1306, and will be used for irrigation   pur-  Cose upon the land described as District  ot 1306, Osoyoos. This notice was posted on the ground on the 5th day of August, 1920. A copy of this notice and an  application pursuant thereto and to the  "Water Act, 1914," will be filed in the  office of th* Water Recorder at Vernon.  Objections tb'the application may be filed  with the said Water Recorder or with the  Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament  Buildings, Victoria, B.C., within, thirty days  after the first appearance of this notice in  a local newspaper. The date of the first  publication of this notice is Thursday,  August 5th. 1920. 38-2  Waltham and Elgin  WRIST   WATCHES  Watches tkat will keep accurate  time���Watches that ara sure to  pleaae.  STANDARD PRICES  KELOWNA  Upholstering  Polishing & Furniture Repairs  Now is the time to have  your Furniture overhauled,  re-covered or repaired. I  can re-upholster your auto,  or buggy seat and make it  like new.  Mattresses  Re-made  Pianos, &c.  ^Polished  Cosey  Corners  Mdde and Upholstered  All Charges Reasonable  A. Homewood  Late with Kelowna  Furniture Co,  Phone 388  E. W. Wilkinson & Co  Established 1893  Real Estate and Insurance  Phone 254 Next door toPost Office  BUNGALOW. S rooms, bathroom, fully  modern, cement basement, in 6r.t-r:la.��  condition, Urge lot, close in, only $3,000  on terms. Couldn't be built to day for  the money.  TWO-STOREY Frame House, with two  large lots, 6 rooma with basement. Close  in.   $3,800 on terms.  BUNGALOW, 5 rooms, good outbuild,  ings, with one acre of choice Und. A  snap, only $3,500 on terms.  TWO-STOREY Frame Houae, 8 rooms,  large cement baaement, fully modern,  .table hold four horae., garage, wood-  sired, including two Iota. $5,000 on  terms. Immediate possession can be  given.  LARGE BUNGALOW, fully modern. 7  room, bathroom, one acre of choice land  12 bearing fruit treea.   $5,900 en terms.  FOUR.ROOM COTTAGE, woodshedsand j  chickenhouae.   $1,400 on terms.  FWO-STOREY Frame House, 6 rooms,  good outbuildings, one acre of choice  soil.   $3,000 on terma.  TWO-STOREY cement block House, 61  rooms, kitchen and pantry, entrance hall J  cement cellar outside.   Stable.   $4,750.  on terms.  HOUSE, 3   rooms,   including   four   lots]  stable hold four horses, two chick,]  house., pig pen, 9  bearing fruit tre  small fruits.   $2,000.   Half cash balanj,  to arrange. ���  We have a large selection of city propertl  for uie.    Call and see ua.    Pricea i  terma to auit.  Office hour., 9 to 6 p.m., Saturdaay 9 tf  10 am.  The Corporation of the City  of Kelowna  TAX  SALE  NOTICE  $125  PER ACRE  Gcod ORCHARD LAND  under a good irrigation system  Also orchards in full bearing  Easy Terms  THOS. BULMAN  Phone 3206 Kelowna  Notice is hereby given that i shall on  the First day of September, 1920, at the  Council Chamber, Kelowna, B.C., at ten  o'clock in the forenoon, offer for sale by  public auction all and every parcel of  land and improvements thereon within  the City of Kelowna and the Kelowna  City School District, the taxes upon which  are delinquent  All property heretofore protected by  the War Relief Act and amending acts  will be included in this tax sale unless the  taxes are sooner paid or further relief is  granted by the courts.  P. T. DUNN.  Collector for the Municipality of The  37-1    Corporation of the City of Kelowna.  NOTICE  Users of irrigation water in my neighbourhood should take notice that turning  their waste water through my property  (Lots 3 and 6, Block 16, Belgo Sub-division) are rendering themselves liable to  legal proceedings for damages.  34tf DUNCAN M. MORISON.  Mrs. A. J. PRITCHARD  L.R.A.M.   A.R.C.M.  Silver Medallist   (London, England),   is  prepared  to  give   Advanced   Pianoforte  Lessons.   Reasonable terms.   Apply care  of Record Office. 35-8p  JUST ISSUED  Wrigley's B. C. Directory  for 1920  Year Book of British Columbia  Official data covering agriculture, landa, timber, mining, fishing and public works.  Gazetteer and Alphabetical Directory.  Describing 2149 cities, towns, villages and settlements within  the Province, giving location, distances and directions from  larger points, how reacned, with a synopsis of local resources  populations, tke, followed by an alphabetical directory of all  business and professional men, employees, farmers, stock  raisers, fruit growers, fitc.  * .  Classified Business Section  The business interests of the province, including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, listing all products from the  raw material to the finished article, are classified under 569  heaslings, alphabetically arranged according to towns.  Trade Names, Brands, and Trade Marks  A list of popular trade names, brands and trade mark goods,,  either manufactured or represented in British Columbia,  alphabetically arranged.  Patronize B. C. Industries  Almost anything which anyone desires can be purchased in  British Columbia, Every dollar spent in B.C. assists the Province. You can assist B.C, by trading with B.C. merchants.  If you are unable to purchase what you desire in your local  town or community, then consult Wrigley's Classified Business  Directory,\ a copy of which can be secured at all first-class  drug stores, confectionery stores, hotels, automobile garages,  in fact, most of the live- business concerns have n copy of  Wrigley's 1920 British Columbia Directory.  Subscription $10 prepaid to any address  Wrigley's Directories Limited  198, Hastings St., West, Vancouver, B.C.  Phone Seymour 2876  N


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