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The Hedley Gazette Sep 20, 1906

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Vol. II.  No.  Ol  HEDLEY, B. C, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER  20, 1906.  $2.00, in Advance.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000  HEAD OFFICE.  TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  HEDLEY RIFLE ASSOCIATION.  BRANCHES THROUGHOUT CANADA, AND IN  THE UNITED STATES AND ENGLAND  BANKING   BY   MAIL  Business may be transacted by mail with any branch  of the Bank. Accounts may be"opened, and deposits  made or withdrawn by mail. Every attention is paid  to out-of-town accounts.  Match Shot Off Last Friday Morning-  Unfavorable Conditions.  Penticton Branch  J. M. Christie, Manager.  OLIVER & GLADDEN'  -tor-  Civil & Mining Engineers  -:o:-  MINES and  REAL   ESTATE  HEDLEY, ,B. C.  WILLIAM E. BURRITT  BARRISTER,  SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUULIC,  COMMISSIONER,  ETC.  HEDLEY,  B. C.  CHARLES JE. SHAW  Civil Engineer,  Dominion   and   Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Orders may be left at Gazette office.  HEDLEY,  B. G.  H. ROGERS,  M.A., Ji.C.L.  SOLICITOR, CONVEYANCER,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Another rifle match was shot oft' by  the Hedley Rifle Association on Friday  last, when eight competitors took part.  Two others entered but did not compete, and the rule requiring ten competitors was waived to allow the eight  contestants to shoot on the same  standing as if there were ten.  There was a little practising before  hand, but most of the competitors had  done no firing since the last match,  several months ago. This will account  in a measure for the nidi Here nt scoring. The light was variable and so  also was the. wind. In fact, the. range  is, on the whole, a difficult one to  shoot on, but nevertheless some faithful practice should witness a great  improvement on this.  When conditions become a little  .moie settled here, it is to be hoped  that the Association may increase its  membership, and more important is it  that those who are already members  may take a greater interest, both by  regular payment of dues and by attendance at the matches.  On this last shoot the. medal was  competed for on the 200 and 400 yard  ranges, and the cup as before went on  the aggregate. Tlie winner of the  medal this time was E. D. Boeing,  who got it on a total of 30 points for  the two janges out of a, possible 50,  and the cup was retained by L. C. W.  Rolls on a total of 5+ for three ranges,  out of a possible 75.  Below is the score :  THE SIMILKAMEEN  RIDING.  How It Looks To Its Representative In  the Legislature.  After completing a tour of the Similkameen riding in which almost every  settlement was visited, Mr. L. W\  Shatford, M.P.P., returned to Hedley  about ten days ago. To inquiries regarding the conditions prevailing in  various parts of the district, Mr. Shat-  ford replied in a manner to indicate-  that not only was he a close observer  but had taken particular pains to  ascertain what causes contributed towards or militated against advancement.  The Similkameen riding is one of  the largest in the province, embracing  many settlements that are at present  very much out of the way, one settlement or group of settlements being so  effectively cut off from others by  physical barriers that some portions  of the riding have very little in .common with others.  The  riding has  a  road  CREDITORS  MEETING  Assignee S. L.  Smith Meets  the   Creditors of the Hedley Lumber  Company.  mileage of  'Vernon, B. C.  HOTEL  PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  Kates Moderate.  A. Maknks, Prop.       Penticton, H.C.  ft ft. WRIGHT  BOOT &  SHOE  MAKER  HEDI^E-V,  B.C.  Edw. G. Warreiv  Electrical Engineer and  Contractor  GREENWOOD,        -        B.C.  Estimates Furnished on any Electrical Project for Power or Light  'jut-  ''Ol  400  ��������� Total  E. D. Boeing  is  io  18  ��������� 52  T. D. Pickard  1+  1+  IS  ��������� 40  F. M. Gillespie  11  13  20  ��������� 44  P. H. French  14  14  12  ��������� 40  L.C.W. Rolls  15  19  20  ��������� 54  H. li. Swan  18  20  14  ��������� 47  J. C. R. Cootes  J 3  12  13  ��������� 88  H. D. Barnes  17  -������������   10  18  ��������� 51  Grand Union  HEDLEY, B.C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  Trees! Trees!  "p LANT YOUR TREES IN THE FALL. It stands  to reason that a tree planted in the fall becomes  settled and ready to grow in the spring, when climatic  conditions are suitable. AVhy plant a. tree in the spring  that is half dead when planted, through being out of the  ground from four to six weeks, besides being over-taxed  at the fumigating station, Avhen you can  GET YOUR TREES RIGHT AT HOME  and have them already acclimatized. We have 200.000  trees now ready for planting and guarantee all trees  planted in   the.  fall.  We make a. specialty of Hedges and now have on  hand, ready for shipment this fall, 1,000,000 plants.  When hedge is complete under our patent, it will turn  all ordinary stock, such as horses, cattle and hogs,  and adds beauty to the home.  Our Mr. Curtis will shortly be through the Kiinilkaiuecii  Valley.      :      .Scud your address and he will call on you.  . Looking* Out for Power.  It is learned that the gentlemen who  made so thorough an examination of  the   Nickel   Plate,   were,   interesting  themselves with the  power question  to the extent of taking the precaution  to stake 1600 inches in Ashnola Creek.'  This is regarded as a favorable omen,  that they have found matters so well  to their liking that they are seriously  considering ways and means of operating.   Of course it was a wise step  for them to take in a urease, for there  are always those, who, like good old  Capt.    Shorts,   might  consider  that  "the surest way to success in life is to  get in somebody else's road," and who,  by anticipating  their  wants,   might  feel disposed to head them off by staking  this   water  supply   in   advance.  The staking of this water will hold it  for them pending negotiations, and if  the Nickel Plate is taken over, a lai-ge  volume of power may be developed at  comparatively   light   cost and transmitted to Hedley to supply the. deficiency which   Twenty   Mile   fails   to  produce.  During their stay in Hedley, the  gentlemen created a favorable impression, and should the deal be consummated the people will look forward to  much brighter times.  something like 550 miles and an additional 200 miles of trails, and to obtain sufficient money from the Government each year to keep all this in  order has been no easy task. With so  large a mileage to provide for, the  representative is made to act as buffer  between the government and his constituents, for sums that inay appear  extortionate to the government when  pressed for by a representative, may  look very thin to constituents when  spread out over so great a- mileage of  public thoroughfare. In this way the  representative is often between the  npper and nether millstone, and to  justify his position it becomes necessary for him to get his information at  first hand by going over the whole of  the district to see for himself, for it is  he and not the government officials  who are entrusted with the expenditure of public money, who will be held  responsible by the electors.  Nor is it alone the condition of exist-  isting roads that must take up the attention of the representative, for demands for the construction of new  roads are always coming to him, and  no amount of correspondence can explain the merits or demerits of any  particular case like a personal visit.  Land hunters in quest of a location  look to acreage, quality of land and  water supply,  first of all,  and these  conditions secured to their satisfaction I A quiet but very pretty wedding  they peg out their holdings and put took place on Monday the 17th hist,  up. their buildings before it occurs to  them how they are to obtain means of  egress and ingress. But 'soon' will  come the demand upon the government for a road," and this is a question  which the government and the representative must determine on the principle of the greatest good-to the greatest number, after the probable cost  has been ascertained with a reasonable  degree of accuracy. Where the number to be benefitted are few and the  cost great, the representative will  have an up-hill task with -the government, and when he. fails to secure it  the wrath of the petitioner will await  his return.  The meeting of creditors of the Hedley Lumber Company called by S. L.  Smith, assignee, wa.s held on Friday  last, when a congregation that for  numbers would turn the average parson green with envy, assembled.  J. A." Schubert   occupied the chair  and-   brought   the   meeting to order  when  the assignee was called on to  give the meeting the  result of his  investigations.    This 3Ir. Smith proceeded to do.-and did not draw any doleful picture, but pointed out that if the  creditors would work in harmony and  allow the logs to be sawed into him her  there was a fair prospect of everyone  getting his account in full-   The most  pressing matter he claimed was to protect the logs now in the river and prevent   them fiom   being swept away  with any sudden  vise of water.   The  loggers were asked whether they would  be. willing to allow anv  necessary  expenditure of this kind to be taken out  of the first proceeds from   the estate,  and all those present except the loggers withdrew for a  short time to allow the in to talk it over.   The conference, however,   was   unproductive  of  any good for the majority* proved obdurate and insisted upon   their pound  of flesh.    They said  that  unless they  were paid their claims  in full,  forthwith, they would take steps to force  a.sale to enable them to realize. While  this might strike some of the unsecured creditors as arbitrary, no one could  blame them for it.    It was to  protect  themselves that they put on the liens,  and not to pursue   the  matter  to the  end provided in the statute, would be.  to throw away any  advantage which  they possessed under their liens.  The meeting then proceeded to election of inspectors, when all the secured  creditors were required to withdraw.  The inspectors elected were W. F.  Revely, L. W. Shatford'��������� and L. G.  MacHaffie.  It is understood that the inspectors  and the assignee decided to take steps  at once for the protection of the logs,  and that some of the more available  assets were used for that purpose.  A Charming September  Wedding  KETTLE RIVER.  an Nursery Co'y,  F. Rowe, Sec-Treas. PENTICTON,  B. C,  WHEN   ANSWERING   ADVERTISERS,    MENTION   THE    GAZETTE  The Southern Route.  Engineer Amburn, who has been in  charge, of one of the V. V. it E. survey  parties  endeavoring  to  find   a   more  direct route to Hope than  that over  the   Coquihalla,   reports   satisfactory  progress between the Skagit and Cedar  Flat, the route being both easy as to  grade and probable cost of construction.     It  had   always   been   thought  that the main difficulty in securing a  feasible,  route  over the Hope range  was the descent of the western slope,  but   now   it   seems that the eastern  slope is the more doubtful proposition,  although  the   chances are still  very  good that a faverable route mil); be  secured.  School in   the Lower Similkameen.  Mr. W. J. Manery was in town bust  week, and spoke of the difficulty which  they find in procuring a teacher for  the assisted school which has been authorized as arranged for by Mr. Shatford some time ago. Temporary quarters had been secured, and as sooii as  a teacher can be rounded up the school  will begin.  Commencing at the eastern end of  the constituency, the road upon which  important  settlements must   depend  is that from the mouth of Rock Creek  running northerly   up   the river  for  ten miles to Westbridge,  where the  river forks into two streams, that continuing on northward being known as  the main Kettle and the stream going  northwesterly being termed the West  Fork.    This ten miles was built during  the Semlin-Cotton administration at a  cost of about $12,000.     A road  was  constructed up the main river 30 miles  farther to Canyon City by the owner  of   the  townsite  up  there,   who  was  paid by the Dunsnmir government for  the work  put on it.    This has given  good service  to the ranchers on the  main river, and would stand more expenditure for repairs than tlie government have been able to give it.    The  road up the West Fork,  however, is  the   road ' with   a  history,   but  that  history is much too long and thrilling  to be given in full here.     In a few  months in the fall of 1900, WlC. Wells,  the then Commissioner of Liands and  Works, had about $������20,000 spent, which  failed to complete the road' to Bull  Creek, half-way to Beaverdell.    Only  in tlie slimmer season when the river  Concluded on Pago Four.  at the residence of the  bride's father,  Atherton's Corner,  B.   C.   when  Miss  Maude   Elizabeth,    only daughter of  Mr. James Bartle,.fo.nne.rly of Hamilton, Out. was united  in  marriage to  Mr. George Nelson   Cochran, contractor, of this town.    The. ceremonj* was  performed by Rev. R. W.  Hibbert at-  3:30 o'clock.    The  drawing-room   was  tastefully decorated with cut flowers.  The bride, daintily gowned in white,  an"d carrying a handsome  boquet of  roses, was given away .by her father.  The groom was supported  by Mi'. W���������  T.  Atherton.    Only     the   immediate  relatives and friends of the bride were  present.    After the ceremony the wedding party adjourned  to the dining  room where a sumptuous wedding repast was served.    Among the presents  to the bride were substantial cheques  from her father and Mr. W. T. Atherton.    It is the intention of the newly-  married couple to reside in  Spokane  this winter.  Again Practically Assured.  Molson Independent  It is now practically assured that  steel will be laid as far as Molson by  the 25th of this month. As soon as  that is accomplished, it is said on good  authority, ballasting will be done this  far and the road between here and  Midway will be tinned over to the  company by the. contractors. It is  said that a train service will at once  lie instituted this far.  The people of Hedley are very sorry  to learn the intention of Mr. W. E.  Burritt to leave Hedley for a time.  Mrs. Burritt's health has not been  very good of late, and, besides, the  slowness of the railway in moving in  this direction has heen trying to those  who were waiting for brisker times.  Mr. and Mrs. Burritt have made many  warm friends in Hedley and all will  regret to see them go away,' even foi-  a brief spe.ll. THE   HEDLEY.   GAZETTE,   SEPTEMBER 20,   1906.  Cbc Ibediey Gazette  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  N-iur ! ���������������! Thursdays, by the Heim.ky Gazkttk  i'iUNTINC! AND PUM.IKIIINO COMI'ANV.  Ll.MlTKn.   at Hedley, 11. C.  Subscriptions in Advance  I'tr Year   Six Months   ...92.0(1  ...   t.(HI  Advertising Rates  Measurement. 12 lines to the inch.  Land Notices���������Certificates of improvement, etc.  JjiT.'H) for lio-day notices, and S;*).(H) for 30-duy  notices.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch, ������1.00 for one insertion. 25 cents for  each  subsequent insertion.   Over one inch.  1(1 cents per line for first insertion and 5  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month.  $l.:!"t: over 1 inch and up to 4 inches, ������1.00  per inch pornionth. To c-.instant advertisers  taking larger space than  four inches, on  application, rates will bo r-ivuii of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time.  Advertisements will be changed once every  mouth if advertiser des.i-cs, without any extra  charge.  For changes oftcner than once a month  the   price of composition   will  lie charged at  regular rates. .  ' ''.'"'  Changjs for contract advertisements should  be in tli j 'oHI-jc by noon on Tuesday to secure  attention ft>v that, week's issue.  A   MEGRAW,  Managing bditor.  British Columbia will meet with  the consideration which they  deserve from the premiers of  other provinces who may be  bent only on securing for them  selves all that they can, regardless of right, is almost too much  to hope; but the opportunity  to improve tlie occasion for educative purposes, is one that it  is well not to let slip. It will  be bread cast upon the waters  to '-return after many days."  M ETEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings showing temperature, etc., for the^wwk  ending Sept. 15th :            '  AT THE JUNE.  Maximum Minimum  Sep.   1)           .. "���������'     47   '    ... '    30  10 ..         m  '    .. '   31  11 ..          55       .. 27  12 ..          10       .. 32  13 .         id     .. .:���������������������������������  14 ..          42       .. 30  15 ..         58       .. 31  full Moon'  2nd.  Last cfuar.  10th.  ������������������&���������������  ���������IP  New Moon  18th  First quar.  25th  Rainfall for week   .74 inche  S    ;        .  SnoA\fall  1.75  AT THE-  .MILL.  Maximum         J1  iniimim  9  77       ...."  42  10  05  38  11  05    ������������������"..  38  12  .:          &\~      .:  36 '���������  IS  ..      ���������   00  40  14  04  30  15  08  40  Rainfall  2      :  WotC^'uSS-*                            j  1906  SEPT.                1906 j  Sun.  Mon.'Tues. Wed. Tim. Fri. Sat.  1  ���������2  o       4  5       6       7:     8  9  10     11  12     13     ,14     15  10  17     IS  19     20     21     22  28  21     25  2(5     27     28     29  30  For some time past opponents of public ownership and  operation, of public utilities*in  Britain have'been bewailing the  large increase in the sums .borrowed by municipalities foi* local purposes. These sums are  described as debts, irrespective  of.'their'nature. But it is clear  enough that a sum of money  got by a municipality for the  the purpose of operating a public franchise is neither less nor  more a "debt "than tlie capital  obtained by a private company V(^uirenients M tlie  for the same object. The main nu;11twith reference,  difference is that whereas tho  municipality is repaying the  capital all the time by means of  the statutory sinking fund, the  company is usually engaged in  extracting as much as it can out  BRITISH  BANK OF  NORTH AMERICA  Capital���������������������������$4,866,660.  HEAD OFFICE IX CANADA,  II. STIKEMAN, General Manager  Reserve-$2,141,333.  MONTREAL  .1. FXMSLY, Supfc. of Branches  parties  living- at -a distance  receive our  be made thi-ough the .mail, and sums added  umo.    A General Ranking Busincss,,Trans-  Drafts issued, payable at all points in Canada and abroad. ���������'..  BANKING BY MAII���������Accounts of  special attention. Deposits can  thereto awl withdrawn at any'  acted.  Hedley Branch,  L. Q. flacHAFFIE; Acting Manager  The conviction of Jini Steve for supplying liquor to Charlie Squakim is  likely to prove more far-reaching in its  effectthan was at first supposed.  Steve is a ticket-of-leave man, and the  ' Justice Depart-  to men in that  position is'that in case they are found  guilty of any other offence, they must  be sent back again to ..penitentiary.1"  His present position seems to be due  more to thoughtlessness and love of  booze than to any desire to be vicious;  17  "saszm  of the public, first by stock wat> * bnt once he   gt,tis the |i(]iinvill| the'  EDUCATE THE HEATHEN.  A conference of provincial  premiers will be held in Ottawa  about the middle of October,  when British Columbia will be  represented by Premier Richard  McBride who may be counted  on to put up a good vigorous  fight for his province.  While British Columbia more  than any other province in the  dominion, is deserving of better  terms from the federal government, little hope can   be entertained of any material advantage resulting to this province  from this conference of the1 pre-  ���������miers at Ottawa.     The  premiers who assemble there will all  have an axe to  grind,  and  unless  they can  go   home    with  some trophy to  exhibit in  the  manner of a, concession gained,  they will consider  that no  object will have been accomplished from the conference.     British Columbia's case is  altogeth  er different from that of any  other province,  and  to  obtain-  justice,   special  treatment  will  be necessary.   This province on  entering confederation gave up  important sources  of   revenue  to the federal government that  are retained by other provinces,  and   the   amouut   per   capita  which   is   contributed   by .this  province  to the dominion treasury is in some cases over three  hundred per cent greater than  that paid by   other   provinces.  Even if the government of British Columbia were in possession  of all the   sources  of revenue  controlled by other  provinces,  and if her contribution per capita to   the   dominion   treasury  were no greater than the average amount per capita, paid  by  tlie  people  of other provinces,  there are still reasons why special treatment should be accorded to this province by the federal gavernment,  for owing  to  the physical barriers that exist  to  impede  communication   between diffei-ent points, the cost  of public works is increased enormously thereby.    The longer  distances to be traversed in  a-  voiding steep mountain grades,  gives a greater road mileage to  construct and maintain; besides,  the greater cost of constructing  roads    that  require   in   many  places to be blasted out of the  solid rock, or requiring expensive crib work, call foi  special  treatment when compared with  the  more  cheaply   constructed  roads of other provinces.    This  also obtains in the comparative  costs for administration of justice in the various provinces, the  reason of which is too obvious  to require any further explanation.  That these special ciaims of  ering and next by charging ex  tortionate rates in order to provide a return on its extravagant capitalization. Manchester corporation owns the city  gas works; in Liverpool a private company. Up to 1897 Manchester spent $9^160,000 on its;  works ; the Liverpool company  $9,590,000. The amount spent by  Manchester is called "debt," but  the sum spent "by Liverpool, is  called "capitah" Yet there is  no difference. Manchester's  city council has handed over  $12,500,000 of profits in relief of  rates, but the Liverpool citizen  has not received $25 in profits  from the private gas company.  He has paid a higher rate for  gas, but he does  not  own  any  mean streak of the Shvash is apt to  come to the surface. The white tilli-  cuin who supplied Jim with the win's  key can now take all the satisfaction  he can get out of the reflection that  ,the paltry profit which he obtained  I out of the sale, of that bottle of whis-  1 key has cost Jim his freedom.  MARRIED.  COCHRANE���������MARTLE.   At Atberton's Corner on Sept. 17th, by Rev. R. W. Hibbert,  George N. Cochrane to Maude E. Battle,  both of Hedley.  .1-  gas works.    The moral is plain.  ���������Toronto World.  HOTLvL SIMILKAMEEN    HEDb&y,  B. 6;  Chinese government officials  have the reputation of being  the greatest grafters in the  world, but they had better look  to their laurels, now that Preston has hied himself thither.  LOCAL NEWS.  A tidy letter-head or bill-head commands attention from those with  whom you do business The Gazette  print-shoo can fit you out in style.  A trial will convince you,  A Fairview reader asks whether an  order-in-council had not been passed  prohibiting the killing of otter for a  term of years. The Gazette has no recollection of such, but will look the  matter up.  Fred G. White, formerly storekeeper  and accountant at the Nickel Plate  mine is now in Victoria, having left  Ottawa about ten days ago. His peerless bird dog "Bobs" which has been  in care of Mr Gladden was this week  given in charge of Mr. Smith who will  take him with him over the Hope trail  to the Coast.  THE LEADING HOTEL  OF  THE SIMILKAMEEN VALLEY  This house i*-. new and sttictly first class  in eveiy icspect, being equipped with all  modem comeniences���������electiic light, telephone, baths, etc.        : :       Rates modetate.  A.   McDERMOTT,  Proprietor.  Five work horses of the Hedley  Lumber Company wandered off on  Sunday night, Dilligent search whs  made on Monday, and when evening  came without any trace of them, it  was thought that they had been driven  off and the wires were used to head oil"  the thief. On Tuesday, however, they  were recovered down at Atberton's  ranch quietly feeding along the river  and brought back.  While in town last week, Mr. .11. P.  Christie's presence was taken advantage, of to exercise his powers as a stipendiary magistrate in a certain case,  and as a result all licensed houses have  been served with notices with reference to furnishing liquor to the party  prohibited. To correct a- misappre  hension as to the extent of the prohibition, it is advisable to state that  when a man has been adjudged a  drunkard under the drunkard's protection clauses of the Liquor Traffic  Regulation Act, it is not only the  keepers of licensed houses who are  prohibited from selling or furnishing  liquor to such person, but all others  whether licensed or not, are equally  prohibited from "giving, selling, purchasing or procuring for," arid the penalty for infraction cannot be less than  $20, and may go as high as $100. (See  R. S. B. C��������� Chap. 124, Sec. 8, sub-sec 2)  THK IRON PLATE FRACTIONAL mineral  Claim, situate in the Osoyoos Mining  Division of Yale District. Where located:-   Camp Hedley  TAKE NOTICE that I, Chas. E. Oliver, of  Hedley, Free Miner's Certificate No.  135420, intend (i0 days from the date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  AND FURTHER take notice that action,  tinder section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this 31st day of August A. D. 1006  34!) C. E. OLIVER  Now On the Market.  The V. V.-& E. Railway Station will be in the  centre  of the  town.  Now is the time to get your lots, before the first  train  conies up the  valley.  Choicer 1, 2 and 3 acre lots all around   town site.  The 10 acre. Fruit lots are going fast.    Just' a few  left.    Now is the time to double your money.  For. Full'Particulars'Apply, to  Keremeos Land Co., Keremeos, B.C.  t>  .7. .1. Armstrong. Manager  Town Lots  $100, $200  and $250  1, 2 and 3 Acre  Lots $300 Acre  10 Acre Lots  $200 per Acre  Terms Easy  Notice of Assignment.  Creditors' Trust Deeds Act, 1901.  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  , S. Mineral Claim, situate in the Osoyoos  Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located :- Camp Hedley  ���������"pAKE NOTICE that I, Charles de Blois  *��������� Green, Free Miner's Certilicate No.  B/it'ft'i, for myself, and as agent for .1. Cory,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B5H24, intend sixty  days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement*;,  for the purpos of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 31st day August, A. D. WOO  31-U C. de IS. GREEN  NOTICE-is hereby given that .lohn .1. McDonald and Angus Stewart, both of the  town of Hedley, lumber merchants, did by  Deed of Assignment, dated the 31st day of  August. A. D. WOO, assign all their estate and  effects for the benefit of their creditors to the  undersigned, Sydney L. Smith, of the said  town of Hedlev, accountant: and take notice  that the first meeting of creditors for the giving  of directions with reference to the disposal of  the said estate and effects, will be held on  Friday, the 14th day of September, A. D. WOO.  at the hour of two o'clock in the afternoon, at  Fraternity Hall, in the said town of Hedley.  All parties who are indebted to the said John  J. McDonald and Angus Stewart, will please  |jay the amount of their accounts to the undersigned  upon receipt of this notice, and any  lurties having claims against the said John .1  mild ana Angus Stewart wi   same with the undersigned, duly veritieu oy    "   "       "     "5th  par  Me  Stewart will kindly flic          . .���������.     .        .   verified b;  affidavit or declaration, on or before the 15  day of September, A.D. I'm  Dated at Hedley,  B. C,  this  31st day of  August, A. D. WOO.  S. L. SMITH.  County  Court Of   Yale.  J  Keremeos New Townsite  SITTINGS of the County Court of Yale will  be held in Fraternity Hall, Hedley, on  October 22nd, and in tlie Court House, at  Princeton, on October 25th.      By Order  HUGH HUNTER  30-td - Registrar  NOTICE.  NOTICE.  SIXTY DAYS AFTER  apply to the Hon.  NOTICE  SIXTY days from date hereof I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds  and Works for permission to lease for pasture  purposes the unoccupied parts of Sec. 35 & SB,  Tp. 8!) Similkameen Dist, containing 720 acres  more or less.  Dated Aug. 1st  CHAS. DE B. GREEN  WOO. 30���������9  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after  date I intend to apply to the Honorable  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for permission to purchase the following described land, situate on the east side of Okanagan Lake B. C. Commencing at tho south cast  corner post of M. L. Crichton's purchase land,  running thence south 20 chains, thent'c west  80 ehaiiisi thcne.e..north 20 chains, thence east  80 chains to point'of 'commencement; comprising tlie'south half of tho south -west' quarter  of section. 15, tp. 28, and tho south half of the  south east quarter of section lfi, tp,'28.'  B. E. CRICHTON  Dated August 28th, WOO.  34���������H  DATE, 1 intend to  Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works for permission to purchase HiO acres of pasture land in the Similku-  nieeu Division of Yale District, described as  follows: Commencing at the S. W. corner  post of Lot No. 2551, thence south 1(1 chains:  thence west 40 chains; thence north 10 chains:  thence east 40 chains to point of commencement.  A. B. LAURANCE  35-i) per M. C. KENDALL, Attorney.  Dated Penticton August 21st, WOO  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements.  SPOKANE Mineral Claim, situate in the  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.   Where   located:-   Camp Hedley.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Charles do Blois  Green, Erec Miner's Certificate No.  D5023; for myself and as agent for J.. Cory, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B5024, intend sixty days  from date hereof, to apply to th'c Mining Kecorder for a' Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown, Grant of the  above claim.  , Aiul, further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must bo commenced before tho issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 21st day of June, A.D. lfKMi.  Ode B.GREEN  OIXTY DAYS after date, I intend to apply-  v>3 to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works for permiss-ion to purchase tho following described land situated in the Similkameen district : Commencing at a post marked  S E corner Lot 3202 and running in an easterly  direction along the banks of the Similkameen  River 00 chains, thence north 20 chains; thence  west (Kl chains: thence south to point of commencement.  31-1)   . HENRY WILLIAMS  Dated Hedley Sept, Ith l!KMi  NOTICE.  SIXTY DAYS afterdate, I intend to apply-  to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works for permissson to purchase 100 nurses of  pasture land in the Similkameen division of  Yale district described as follows : Commencing at the S E corner of the west ������ of the east i  of section 21. township 85, pre-emption No 225-1  thence 40 chains east: thence 40 chains north;  thence 10 chains west, thene 40 chains south to  point of commencement.  ANDREW A. HAMILTON  Okanagan. Falls, Sept. 1st, WOO 34-0  NOTICE  Certificate of Improvements.  BONES FRACTION Mineral Claim,, situate in  the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yalo  District.   Whore located:- Camp Hedley .  TAKE NOTICE that I. Chas. dcBlois Green. '  ��������������������������� j-s agent for Peter Scott, Free Miner's  Certificate No B5435, intend sixty days from !  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements for the pur- ,  pose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above '  claim.  And further take notice that action, under <  section Si, must be commenced before issuance ���������  of such Certilicate of Improvements. j  Dated this 18th day of July, A. D. 1000, j  28-9 C. do B. Green THE   HEDLEY/ GAZETTE,   SEPTEMBER 20,   1906.  Town and District.  Mr. Land, of Peterson Bros. & Lind,  went over to Grand Forks last week.  Mrs.   Greer,   who   has   lieen  living  with her daughter, Mrs. S. L. Smith,  left last week for'Ualgary.  W. V. Revely, agent, for the Vermillion Forks Mining Company's coal,  gives a good timely hint on the purchase of stoves.  Hans Richter went west this week  over the Hope trail, bound for Victoria  to take part in the bucking contest.  Similkameen dollars will go Hans  against the field.  W. C. Brown, barrister, of Ellis &  Prown, Vancouver, is in town this  week in the interests of the loggers  who fiyled liens against the Hedley  Lumber Company's logs.  The good people of Princeton will  not thank the Vancouver World for  the sensational yarn in which Mrs.  Jimmy Anderson is given the credit  of being the mother of Princeton.  Thirty years ago, when ' they laid  track by hand, it didn't take three  months to lay thirty miles. The modern railway builder has evidently do-  generated into a species of summei  coon.  Harry and Burns Bowernian left on  Tuesday for Kruger Mountain. They  intend to take in the fair at Spokane,  and will winter on Kruger Mountain  where they intend to do considerable  work on their claims.  Last week there was a considerable  fall of snow in the hills around the  Nickel ��������� Plate. The effect is quite  noticeable in the change of temperature of Hedley's water supply, which  .hails from that region.  For some time the provincial auth  orities in Vancouver have been keeping track of Adele Lehirge who has  been a resident of - Hedley for several  months and who is a material witness  in the Brothier case. Constable Ew-  art took her out on Wednesday.  Horace F. Evans, who is well known  in his contributions to mining journals, is in town, and will remain for a  short time looking over the camp.  He is staying at the Hotel Hedley and  may take time enough here to devote  some attention to the occurrence of  depositsin this camp.  Word received from Mr. Hardwick  last week stated that Patsy's ailment  had been pronounced by the doctors  as meningitis. Nothing has been  heard within the last few days to  show what progress she is making  towards recovery. Their many friends  in Hedley will welcome favorable  news.  M. J. Henry, nurseryman, of Vancouver, talked good horse sense to the  Pacific Coast Association of Nurserymen on the subject of" advertising.  He uses the same horse, sense and his  wide knowledge of.fruit culture in the  conduct of his nursery business, and  that is of the reasons why he has been  so successful in pleasing his customers  The Greenwood Times gives J. S.  McLean as^ authority for saying on  Monday, Sept. 10th," that V. V. & E.  track was at McBride's and laying at  the rate of a mile a day. The Midway  Star quotes Davy McBride as saying  on Sept. 12th that track would reach  his place some time between the 12th  and loth. Where is that bloomin'  track anyway ?  Rev. D. F. Smith, B. A., preached  his farewell sermon on Sunday evening to a, well-filled house, and left on  Monday for Princeton. He will preach  one more Sunday in Princeton before  starting out over the Hope trail for  the coast. Mr. Smith has to be in  Winnipeg on Oct. 14th, which will be  the 25th anniversary of St. Andrew's  Church of that city. It is St. Andrew's Church which is sending him  as a missionary to India, and to mark  their first 25 year milestone they are  undertaking the support of a missionary in that field. Mr. Smith will be  ordained in Winnipeg, and in proceeding to India, will go by way of the  the Orkney Islands to visit his mother  there.  Miss Eliza Bromlev, who is probably  the most skillful and fearless co\v-girl  in the valley, met with an accident  last week which fortunately did not  result as seripuslv as it might have  done. In"-'their band of horses was an  ���������outlaw colt which none of the men  folks had succeeded in riding, and by  common consent they all declined  tackling it any further, but Miss Bromley determined to try it. After the  beast tailed to dislodge her, it dropped  Suddenly and started to roll over. In  this way it caught her before she  could get- clear of it. A-fe'w rather severe bruises were sustained, but ,no  serious injuries resulted' from the little adventure.  Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Marks have taken  up hoqse in town. They "have leased  a house on the East side of the creek'.  Government Agent Hugh Hunter  was in town last week in conference  with Mr Christie on assessment matters.  Several car loads of V. V. tc E. construction material have arrived at  Cloverdale to begin construction at  the west end.  The assighee and inspectors of the  Hedley Lumber Co. have let a contract  to Harry Swan and Frank Logsdon  for cribbing to protect the logs in the.  river.  Greenwood papers seem confident  that the Midway and Vernon is to  move. No details, however, are given  out as to who the capitalists are who  are investigating the proposition.  V. V. & E, Engineer Amburn with  his wife and children came down from  Princeton on Tuesday, and took the  stage out on Wednesday morning to  connect with , Rover's stage, at Keremeos for Midway. Mr Amburn is going to Oregon and expects to be absent  for a few months.  Mr. and Mrs. Emil F. Voigt, of  Voigt's Camp were in town Monday.  Mr. Voigt's disappointment at the delay in railway construction is very  marked, and like others he is wholly  at a loss to see the reason for it.  Mr. H. P. Christie, S. M. land commissioner at Ashcroft, was in town  last week examining into assessment  with a view to equalization. The  work being done by him in this connection is almost analogous with that  performed by the county valuators in  the eastern provinces, where, in order  to put all municipalities in a county  on an equal basis for the purpose of  levying the county tax, it was found  advisable to have the one board of  valuators appraise the assessment  value of all. Tn his valuation on this  trip it is understood that Mr Christie  took cognizance of business conditions  and deferred any radical changes in  the way of increase of assessment until actual movement in real estate establish higher values.  HOTEL  METROPOLE  VANCOUVER, B. C.  American  and European  Commercial Headquarters, and convenient to Business Centre,  Theatres,  Wharves  and Depots.  Steam - Heated,   Electric - Lighted,  Elevator and other modern  conveniences.  GEO.  L. 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When   writing*    Advertisers,    Please  Mention the Gazette. I  THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 20.   1900.  THE SIMILKAMEEN   RIDING.  ^(^......���������i^^frfj:.^;-;,.^..^.  .''Continued from First Pane. ���������'-���������.  could be forded, or by making several  cheap  temporary   bridges fur'''winter  traffic to use with a  tote road, could a  vehicle reach Beaverdell or Carmi,' al-   ]  though good  pay ore,.was; up   there'  ready  for  shipment'.'     This   was   the  condition of affairs when the present  government   came   into   power.     To  complete this road was the only ante-  election   pledge  which  was given by  Mr.   Shatford. in  1003,  and  the. next  summer saw the pledge redeemed and  the road completed for an expenditure  of'something less than $7000.  That the expenditure was justified,  the  elaiin-owneis  and  ranchers (particularly the former) have amply de- j  monstrated  by development of their  holdings and shipment of ore to Boundary smelter*?,   The shipments of ore  from Beaverdell   had   to  be  teamed'  Nearly SO miles to Midway, the nearest rajlway point,  and when ore will,  stand this expense and  yield a. good  profit   besides, tlie public may know!  how rich the mineral res<mrces"of--the  West Fork must lie.    Of the -proper-.  ties that had been working during the  present year Mr. Shatford enumerated-  tlie  ,;SaIly,    Rambler,v ^uneaivv ^  Boutjj������yj f iactioii, and the Washington-  Idaho and Napanee group on  Wallace  Mountain, and spoke of ;a. resumption  of woi.'k on'the Carmi,''where it is expected'that a force.of thirty men will  work during the coming winter.    The  ��������� new wagon road that had been built  had been given a pretty severe test in  the ore shipped out over it from the  Sally and other properties at Beaverdell and the Butcher Boy at Carmi;  and as a result it had been cut up, but  repairs were being carried out which  would put it in-tolerably good shape  again.  AT   ROCK ClilSEIv  he .met host Pittendrigh in the same  old stand,'and here was seen tlie new  bridge over the mouth' of Rock Creek.  On the fertile plateau to the west  ���������he found the ranchers in good spirits  A  Good,  yAJH^*������r    's *'ne supply point for the Nickel Plate nioun-  ��������� Ivlllvj    tain, on which is situated the. famous "Nickel  I  Plate"���������the richest gold mine in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects.    It is the mining and business  centie of the  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  Similkameen  Make  Money  - *��������� ^i,  the new mining district which has already been proven, by a  small amount of development work, to be one of the richest  gold, copper and coal mining sections of  British Columbia.  ��������� ��������� ��������� fi *  HEDLEY is the chief town on the route of the proposed  Coast-Kootenay Railway ; and with the advent of this road,  which is assured in the near future, it will unquestioriably  become a. large and important city, and town lots will bring  big returns on money invested at the present time.  Scott Ave. (main st.)    $400 to $600  Other Streets    $200 to $400.  .... 11~^Iv/YL&....  1-3 Cash; balance in 3 and  6 months, with interest at  the rate of 6 per cent.  Those Who  Invest IN  Purchase a few Lots before the Railway Comes  For Full F-'a.rticuleirs, Maps Etc.,  PIPPLY   TO-  over" the fine crops. Messrs. Brown,  Martin, Johnson, Hawkins, McLennan.  , Christopherson, Shaver, Hatton, J. S.  McLean and others, had all extended  their acreage, under crop and had  every prospect for a most successful  season. Across the Rock Creek gulch  could be seen the grade of the. V. V.  & E., upon which the rails have since  been laid, this portion of the track  lying between the stations of Myncas-  ter and McBride.  The location of the latter has altered  considerably the road requirements of  that immediate' vicinity, for now the  ranchers on Rock Creek plateau and  those on Rock Mountain and at Sidley  must have means of access to  Lhelr  nearest railway station,   which  is at  McBride, while, the  route  to  McKin-  ney and the various promising properties below that camp, among which is  the Davton that has already shipped  considerable ore, must be provided for.  To do this a short piece, of new road  will be required across the south fork  of Rock Creek to connect the. McKin-  uey cut-off road with the Rock Mountain   road;   and   to   provide   for   the  ranchers of the Rock Creek plateau it  will be necessary to improve the. steep  grade at the crossing of Rock  Creek.  The location of the'railway track, too,  necessitated considerable  road   alter  ation  between  Baker Creek and Mo  Bride's.   but  most of this had been  done by the, railway company in compensation for roads spoiled.  The persistent rumors of resumption  of activity in'Camp McKinney seemed  to he taking more definite shape while  he wa.s there.  The farmers on Rock Mountain and  Sidley Mountain are rejoicing this  year in a record crop, and the acreage  is larger than ever before. One disadvantage they have to complain of is  the absence of a suitable road to Fair-  view and other Okanagan points,  there being no direct road,.the present  one necessitating a tour into the  United States. The desirability of an  all-Canadian route will be apparent to  all who have experienced the inconvenience of customs restrictions.  The Hedley City Townsite Go'y, Ltd.  L. W. SHATFORD,  ������������������w,-..:'������������������ ������������������.'���������'������������������ Secretary and flanager,  HEDLEY, B.C.  kameen  are many .important settle- Princeton*  ments, from Kilpoola in the south to i, had improved very much in the past  Shingle   Creek  in  the north of that [two years and had important additions  FAIRVIEW AND  LOWER OKAN.VOAN  while evperiencing rather quiet times  during the past year, are beginning to  pick up. The resumption of work on  the Stemwindev, where Mr. Russell,  the. manager,.has a gang of seven men  getting things ready for the installation of a compressor plant, and  where work on a much la rger scale is  expected to he in full blast in a few  months' time, is giving Fairview a  fresh lease of life, and the almost certainty that the . Southern Okanagan  Land Gorii*[������ihy will begin next year  their preliminary surveys in that section, will mean much for the Lower  Okanagan.  Between the Okanagan and Simil-  range, and embracing Shingle Creek,  Green Mountain, White.Lake,' Maroon  Valley, and others. In Shingle Creek  are a number of new settlers and this  year a wagon road is in course, of construction to give them an outlet.  Maroon Valley too, has a lot of valuable land and many new settlers have  taken up their abode there. The crops  in these valleys and White Lake are  specially fine this year. The fierce  hill between Horn Lake and the valley  of Keremeos Creek has always been a  serious drawback to these settlements,  but is now being overcome with improvements to the road by adopting a  system of switch-backing, to ease the  grade. Green Mountain road has also  received considerable attention and is  being put in good shape for freighting  and other traffic, of which it is hkely  to receive a large amount during the  couiinsj- fall and winter.  ON KEREMEOS CREEK  ranching-and mining seem both to  have received attention. The ranches  were looking prosperous, while in  mining the Olalla camp witnessed the  prosecution of considerable development work, and individual prospectors  have done work on their claims.  While the Olalla Gold-Copper Mining  Co. had temporarily closed down, it  was understood that they expected  shortly to resume operations on a  larger scale.  In the lower Siinilkaineen much interest seemed to centie from the progress on railway construction, the  grade on this portion being nearly  finished. A school question had agitated public opinion for a time, but  this had been satisfactorily adjusted  for the nonce.  The region about Keremeos, he  thought, had been so recently before  Gazette readers, that there was little  left for him to talk about.  IN  THIS  AVEHTKRN  PORTION  buildings.  of the riding Mr. Shatford found  steady progress being made, and wa.s  pleased to see the bouyant confidence  that prevailed in spite of the vexatious  delay in railway construction.  The extreme point to which his  itinerary took him was Bear Creek,  where C. P. Law and his associates  were working ft or 7 men and where  good showings were reported. The  Government had put in a good road  for them, and it was possible now to  bring in machinery and thoroughly  prospect the various holdings. At  Graiiite Creek,-''riot much was being  done, in the once famous placers, but  much interest was evinced because of  'encouraging prospects in various  ���������qua"rtz camps near by.  in the way of good class  From conversation with representatives of the Vermillion Forks Mining  Co., who own the townsite and the  principal coal beds upon which any  development work had been done, he  had reason to believe that important  works were soon to follow, and a coal  output of -100 tons a ; clay could be  maintained. It needed but the advent  of the railway to start things going at  a brisk rate.  Copper Mountain, too, had witnessed  a great deal of'important development  in the past year and a half, which justified the expenditure made in building the road, which was one of the  first pieces of new work done in the  riding by the. present Goveinment.  Part of the road which had not been  built by the Government, would have  to lie changed owing to impracticable,  grades. In development work.With  present facilities, E. F. Voigt and the  B. C. Copper Co; had done a large  amount of development work; which  he undei'stood had been attended with  satisfactory results. Provision was  being made to carry out material improvement in the roads, which would  help out the ranchers as well as owners of mineral claims.  ONE  MILE  AND  FIVE   MILE  had become important settlements  where many line l-anehes were. seen.  On One Mile Creek, the United Empire-  properties, being developed by W. C.  McDougall, were giving fine copper  showings that were most encouraging.  On the ranches he; was surprised to  see the largo quantities of hay, grain  and held roots and vegetables that  were produced. Where settlers took  hold in this manner there was every  encouragement to press for ample  road accommodation, no matter what  it might cost, and the road would be  extended up One Mile and .over to  Five Mile, while the One Mile road  could be continued up to or near the  boundary of West Yale, where Mr.  McKenzie of the Tullochard Ranch  was showing what Scotchmen could  do.  Altogether, Mr. Shatford was satisfied with the distribution which had  been made of the appropriations over  the riding, and better still he was satisfied that good value had been obtained for every dollar exoended.    While  he had been able to get as large appropriations as any other constituency,  and much larger than the majority of  them, he. had exact data now to .sho'w  the House that in view of the great  size and iuiportance of the Similkameen riding and the extra large1'; road  mileage to tie maintained, the appropriations which he had been getting  Mhbuldvhot''orilyl)e ccmtihilecl-Uut in  creased.  The Commercial Hotel  Hedley,   B.C.  i  i  I  I  s  I  %  HEADQUARTERS   FOR   MINING   MEN.  TABLE and BAR FIRST-CLASS.  RATES MODERATE.  F ra n k  B. McArthur,  -   -   Manager    f  GEO. K1RBY, manager.  First  Class  in  Every ..Respect.      Commercial and  Mining.  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Princeton   Stage-Line.  KEREMEOS,  B. C  PENTI6T0N  Livery. Feed and stags  ESTABLISHED 1903  Fine New . Covered  Stage  Carrying Royal Mail,  Passengers and Express to  Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton   :0:   Special Rigs for Travellers, and  Every Attention Paid to Wants  of the Pubjic.    :        :        :        :   :o:-   IL  yy, ������, ^E|UBV, Proprietor.


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