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The Hedley Gazette Jan 17, 1907

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Vol. III.  No. 1.  HEDLEY^ B.C., THURSDAY, JANUARY  17,   1907.  1.00, in Advance.  BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000  B. E.  HEAD OFFICE,  WALKER, General Manager  TORONTO  ALEX. LAIRD, Asst.  Gen'l Manager  McBRIDE VERSUS  McINNIS.  What   Smith   Curtis   Thought of Each  in 1903���������What Has Mclnnis Done  Since to Secure Smith Curtis'  Indorsation?  BANK MONEY ORDERS  < ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:  $5 and under..........;;.....;;>...' 3 cents      ���������  Over $5 and not exceeding $10......    6 cents 0  "   $10   ,.:���������.".., v.- ������������-...      $30.:....  10 cents    ;  "$30   V":\ ' V"W.:''. $50..-.'... il5 cents    ."-���������        .   ������������������������������������'.���������..������,  These Orders are,Payable at Par at any office .in Canada of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and.at the principal banking points in the United States.,  NEGOTIABLE AT A FIXED RATE AT'  THJi CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with safety  and at small cost.  Penticton Branch  J. M. Christie, Manager.  WILLIAM E. BURRITT  BARRISTER,   SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUU L1C,  ETC.  Offices:  441 Seymour St.  VANCOUVER,   B. C.  CHARLES M. SHAW  Civil Engineer,  Dominion   and   Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Orders man be left at Gazette office.  HEDLEY,      :      :      :      :       B. G.  HOW CAPITAL LOOKS AT IT.  Prominent  American    Mine    Managers  Operating in This Province Tell  Us About It���������What Mr.  Hobson Says.  R.  H. ROGERS,  M.A., "B.C.L.  SOLICITOR, CONVEYANCER,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Vernon, B. C.  Edw. G. Warren  Electrical Engineer and  Contractor  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  Estimates Furnished on any Electrical Project for Power or Light  HORACE F. EVANS  GEOLOGIST  (College of Liberal Arts)  Will report on geologic conditions in the  vicinity of iVickcl Plate Mine, and Siniilkaineen country generally.'': : Dependable  and  disinterested reports furnished.  HKDLEi",   B.C.  Grand Union  Hotel ___  HEDLEY, B. C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  JflS. CLARKE  U/atchmaker  Clocks and Watches for Sale.  A. MEGRAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Convevnncer.   Heal  Kstiite.  Mines.  Crown   Grant*   Applied   For  Under  Land  Act and  Min'cral Act.  Mr. J. B. Hobson, manager for the  Gugge.nhe.ims, in Cariboo, is a man  who knows no party, but takes a keen  interest in all that pertains to the  welfare of the mining industry. Interviewed in Vancouver he re-fused to  give information re his properties uii-  until he had reported to his principals  in New York. But the reporter for  the News-Advertiser says:  "Although Mr. Hobson could say  nothing in regard to the Consolidated  Cariboo, he was not averse to discussing the mining^ situation generally.  He said that a marked improvement  was noticeable, and that the change  had taken, place within the last couple  of years. This, was undoubtedly due,  to a large extent, to the legislation introduced by the administration of Premier McBride. His steadying ha nd upon the helm of the government had  the natural result. Before then capitalists looking upon British Columbia  had remarked, "Oh, yes, that country  has fine mineral .resources, but things  are so unsettled that investment is  rather precarious." This sentiment  has been altered. It was very different now. People with money were  eager to come in and to assist in exploitation of rich mines, which, had  hitherto had been lying dormant.  Referring to-mining in particular,  he expressed the opinion that the rise  in the value of all varieties of ore had  resulted in a stimulation of the industry. But another, and a factor more  potent in its influence than any other,  was the fact that the Guggenheims,  one of the largest and soundest 'mining institutions of the world, has entered the British Columbia field. That  alone, he thought, was bound to'encourage investors and to result, generally, in giving those with capital,  confidence in the future of the Canadian West as a mining center.  'As to British Columbia as a mining  country generally,' said Mr. Hobson,  'why, I believe there is nothing like it.  Its hardly likely that I would have  spent twelve or more years here,  working uphill all the time, if I hadn't  the utmost faith in the future of the  countrv.' He went on to say that  there, was every evidence that the  trend of feeling had altered, and that  the prospects were that British Columbia, from now on, woidd enjoy an  ever-increasing share of the prosperity which was being experienced  throughout the. whole of the Dominion of Canada."  When a man who lays claim' to abnormal "unctuous rectitude", and who  is so much exercised in pointing out  right and wrong in  the conduct   of  others,   expresses   the   opinion    that  others are bad, heshould be able to show  some good tangible .'reason; for afterwards taking that man to his bosom;  and vice-versa, when he states publicly  that   still   another   man   is   good, he  should be able to produce something  better than mere opinion   to  the con-,  trary, before removing him from the  high pedestal upon  which he had for-  lnei'ly placed   him.   Mr.  Curtis   has  been talking about both  McBride arid  Mclnnes,   but   his     present   position  would look   as   if   most   of   this high  moral rectitude with which   he buttered himself all over the other night,  was merely   put  on.   To   join  hands  withMcInnes   in   tnis   contest he undoubtedly   stultifies .himself,   besides  snowing  that,  like  the   parrot,    "be  bilked too.much."  WHAT HE  SAID  CONCERNING   MCBRIDE  To the Rossland Miner Mr.\ Curtis'  said:  "Mr. Curtis then devoted his attention to the Canadian Northern bill.  pointing out that the Hon. Richard  McBride opposed the bill, while Martin quietly and MeThnes openly advocated it until, the case was hopeless,  when Martin opposed. In this connection Mr.   Curtis- stated   that Hon.  OLD DEMOSTHENES  Couldn't Succeed in Bolstering Up A False Position.  That Is TheTteson Why  Duncan Ross And His Associates Were  Put Over The Ropes at Various Intervals In Saturday Nights Meeting��������� Bear-Baiting Forced The  Editor of The Gazette On  The Platform.  It doesn't require any renowned  speaker, but simply one who has  the truth on his side and the evidence , in his hands to drive it  home, to meet the fallacies of men  who are trying to bolster rip a false  ���������position and who have only subtle sophistry, blended with bombast to carry them through. A ten-year-old'boy  could do it if he is dilligent enough to  look rip aiid lie sure of his facts. That  is the .sum a nd kernel of Saturday  night's meeting in Hedley.  The three big guns, (including the  "long Tom") that were imported to  make the assault upon Shatford's citadel have fired-- themselves off, and  what has it all amounted to? Last  week the Gazette noted that Similkameen was to be made the pivotal point  of the Ottawa machine's attack upon  this province. The events of the past  week go to bear this out.  On Thursday night Mr. Curtis spoke  in Hedley, and the first point was to  impress  the   audience  with  the idea  Agent for:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office   at   HEDLEY,   B.  C.  OLIVER & GLADDEN  -:o:  Civil & Mining Engineers  :o:-  7VUINE3 and  REAL   ESTATE  HEDLEY, B. C.  "It is an  ill bird that  fouls its own  nest."   What do the people of Hedley  think of business men who make their  bread and butter iii this town asking  voters on Kettle River to vote against  Shatford because he has caused $7,(XK)  to be spent at Hedley in building the  Twenty-Mile wagon road.    The same  person also signed the petition asking  Mr. Shatford to secure this appropriation  and   kicked at the smallness of  the amount when  the appropriation  was secured.  Such tactics as this, goes  to show  how desperate  is  their case  when the opponents of Mr. Shatford  in this riding  have  to resort to such  methods in the hope of defeating him.  The Gazette appeals not only to Hedley voters but to all electors throughout the riding  who love British fair  play to pass judgment on such conduct by marking'their ballots on February 2nd for the man who has treated  all portions of the riding alike,  and  who in doing so,   gave  to  the men on  Kettle river the first money expended  in the riding,  because they needed it  most.  <L.   \V.   SH AT FOB I)  LlUKKAl.-CONSKUVATrVH  CANIUDATI-;  KOK   SlMir.KAMEEK.  Richard McBride was the only man in  the opposition who could have led the  fight against the government successfully. The present premier had shown  marked generalship and talent in  preventing the passage of the Canadian Northern bill and of other legislation of a dangerous nature.  'Out of all the muddle, Mr. Curtis  continued, the labor people secured  more favorable legislation than thev  got in any other province in the Dominion. One of the bills under this  head was the Laborers' Compensation  Act, granting $1500 to the survivors  of men killed by accident. All such  legislation was opposed indiiectly hy  by Martin and openly by Mclnnes.  At the last moment Mclnnes had  sought to insert into this bill a clause  that would have made it useless. Another act passed was that protecting  trades unions."  WHAT HE 8AIIJ ABOUT   MCINNES  In a memorable interview to the  Rossland Miner in the fall of 1903, Mr.  Curtis said, "Mclnnes is absolutely  impossible if liberalism is to emerge  from the cold shades of opposition by  putting honourable men at the helm  of the. liberal ship." And again, No,  No, Mcinnes wont do at all for leader  and should not even be allowed in the  caucus of the party."  Not a word did any of the three  liberal speakers, on Saturday night,  say about "better terms," or the financial position of the province,  two rital issues mentioned on  hand-bills and adhered to in the  speeches were, smelter fiat and why  Duncan Ross didn't receive all the  credit for bringing the railway, which  is not yet here.  The  the  that Mr. Shatford. was afraid to meet  him. At Keremeos he had been preparing for some grand-stand play by  going to Mr. Shatford with a letter requesting an arrangement to be enter 2,  into for joint meetings. Mr. Shatford  who had his own plan of campaign to  attend to, informed him that he reserved the right to conduct his campaign to suit himself. Later on Mr.  Curtis went at him again, this time  accompanied by a little knot of faithful heelers, to be witness to tin; play.  This h;tter was displayed with great  flourish in Hedley, being read by the  chairman, at Thursday night's meeting, and said heelers were on hand to  identify it if need be. Mi-. Curtis is a  lawyer you know.  He also indulged in a little cheap  claptrap to the audience about having  written and wired Premier McBride  to come and meet him, as if Premier  McBride had nothing else to attend to  but trot around after him. The balance of his address was devoted to  giving himself a testimonial for possessing the choicest brand of integrity,  and as for ability, the only difference  between him and the prophet Jonah  was that instead of being Jonah he  was the whale.  Saturday morning he again appeared on the scene, but this time, instead  of having Mr. Shatford to badger on  the subject of meeting him on the platform, it was the editor of the Gazette,  that he was after. The Gazette was  informed that Mr. Ross was to be in  town to speak that night, and that the  presence of the Gazette editor was  very much desired. They didn't exactly say that Mr. Ross' mission was  to eat up or burn up the Gazette editor, but that inference was unmistakable. The invitation to represent  Mr. Shatford or the Conservative party was not   accepted, and then  the  next tack was to state,, that certain  statements that had been made in the  Gazette concerning Mr. Ross were to  be attacked by him. That altered the  situation and they were given to understand that if the Gazette were attacked, the editor was prepared to defend.  Mr. Ross and Grigor, the Liberal organizer arrived during the day.  At the meeting the hall was' comfor-  bibly tilled, and Miv F. Fraser occupied the chair.  , Mr. Grigor opened tlie ball with the  characteristic crow' about no one being  present to defend, but the burden of  bis speech was the transcendant probity of himself and Mr. Curtis, and  the futility of retaining Mr. Shatford  Avho had said nothing and done less.  He was followed by Mr. Ross, who  started in on smelter, site, claiming  that the McBride government had  made the transfer to Mr. Rogers instead of to the Daly0, Reduction Co.  th.-itlthfev had given' too much land,  and that no restriction, whatever;, had  been placed on the use to which it should  be put. The main head of his fierce  sermon, however, was the Hedley  Gazette. The Gazette had pursued  him relentlessly throughout his entire parliamentary course; it had  blamed him for not doing his duty in  connection with -suielter-flat; it had  blamed him, for not bringing in the  mails by rail before the rail way-  was built; it had accused him of having the Greenwood branch built before the road was, completed up the .  Similkameen ; it had blamed him for  not bringing the railway tracks across  the river at Hedley, and it had robbed  hiin of the credit that was coming to  him. on the railway question by daring  to allow Mr. Shatford to share any of  it. '"'���������'.  He treated of the V. V. & E. fight,  but all his discussion on this was from  the standpoint of the amount of credit with which the Gazette should have  loaded up Duncan Ross.  It was in the discussion of the Columbia it Western matter, however,  that his mendacity and crooked distortion of facts reached the highest point  of malignance, when he made .the assertion that the C. P. -Ti., knowing  that their right and title to the lands  along the Kettle river specified in the  Subsidy Act of 189(5, had lapsed, had  no thought of re-asserting ownership  therein had it not been at the instance  of the McBride Government which  told them of the legislation which they  intended to introduce in the session of  1903. Shatford, he claimed, was tied  up with the C. P. R., and had no more  to do with bringing the Great Northern  than an Eskimo at the North Pole had  to do-with yellow fever.  On the completion of his  speech, - A. Megraw asked the  privilege of ��������� meeting the attack  upon the Gazette, and in doing so had  to go more minutely into the question  of the Smelter flat- and also of the part  which Mr. Shatford played in bringing  the railway. To show that Mr. Ross'  attempt to fasten anv blame upon the  McBride Government- or upon Mr.  Shatford in connection with any transfer of land to Mr. Rogers who represented the Daly Reduction Co., he pio-  duced -a letter from W. S. Gore,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and  Works, under date of July 3rd, 1905,  which stated that the order-in-council  under which authority for the transfer  of 194 acres of land to M. K. Rodgers  had been passed on the 20th day of  March, 1903, when W. C. Wells was  Chief 'Commissioner of Lands and  Works. Hon. Richard McBride was  leader of the Opposition and- Mr. Shatford was a private citizen who had not  yet entered the political arena.  The railway question was more complex, and after obtaining an admission  from Mr. Ross  that it was the V. V.  it E. legislation at Ottawa, and that  only, which was responsible, for bringing the railway, he produced evidence  from various sources showing that the  Great Northern did not want any legislation   at   Victoria   concerning   the  building   of   a   railway   through   the  Similkameen,   or    to    put    it    more  strongly, what they did want was no  legislation   to   that   effect  and   they  would   build,  but   if   legislation   was  passed they wouldn't build.    Mr. Shatford knowing this from Great Northern officials took care that there was  no legislation.   This end attained, two  courses were open to the Great Northern.    One was to secure legislation at  Ottawa to restore to  them expropriation rights,   which had  lapsed from  them   in   the   original   V.  V.  <fc E.  charter which   they  had   purchased.  The   other   was    to    build   in   from  Republic without Dominion legislation  and   negotiate with  land-holders for  right-of-way.      To   show   that   they  were prepared to do the latter if need  be,   the   first   work    done   was   not  between Midway and Oroville which  work didn't   begin  until   September,  1905,   but   between  Oroville   and  the  B. C. boundary on tin;  Similkameen  which work was begun in May, 1905,  or over 2 months before the bill passed  at Ottawa.   To further clinch this he  read from a letter written by Mr. Ross  himself under date of June 29th, 1905.  in which Mr. Ross admitted that the  Great Northern were prepared to build  from Republic without Ottawa legislation ; thus Mr. Ross was taught the  lesson that the man who fibs has need  of a long memory.    A further important link in the evidence which showed  that Mr. Shatford played quite as im-  Coneludod on Page Four. 'VIVA   HKDLEY'   GAZETTE.   JANUARY  17,    1907.  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  ough to run the risk of placing  the a d'airs of the provinces in.  their hands. Biit there in not  the slightest  probability oi"' the  :ysii������(i on'i.'hiirs.lays. hy the Hkdi.kv Oazi-h-k   electors   <)f   this   province doing  ..!.m:ti-'.;������. i;r !!i.-.i!i'.y. is: r. so    insane  an   act.    VVli:;;-   the  EDITORIAL  COMMENTS  Subscriptions in AJv.'iiSCcs  l'i: -Vmir   Six' Months.  1.0(1  people of the province -desire  : before all things is a stable-government and a business govcrn-  . in cut. The record oi; t-ie past  jt'our years has shown' thai, we  ihave   got these.     'What-   hope  Land Notices���������C'urtilii.-att-.'s of linpi-ovomeiir. etc. ' .,,,.,,iri -i-l,������,..-. l-������<������ of iv<1(.iii'!->Kv ,-nr.K  .97.00 for 00-day notices, ai:<! $5.00 for M-day ! WQIUCI ilieie.be oi. seCUlt.lg SllC-U  not .ii:es.  Advertising Rates  Measurement.- 1- lines to the inch.  where   warring   elements   are  inch. 61.00 for one insertion.' So cents for j thl'OWn  together. .   Look   at   the  each sub������!t|iusnfc insertion.   Over one inch. I personnel,of the men who \V6 {.ire ' -    10 cents per line for llrst insertion mirl .->   r -, ,  cents per line fur each subsequent, insertion. I'tolCl   Would   llialce  lip their  g'OV~ j     The electors of  ! eminent if the Liberals should  ��������� The Curtis boom, which was de-'  signed to attain such overwhelming,  force.as to sweep everything before'it;  on Saturday night lost, has spent it; j  self-in one v'ain effort. ��������� i  The Hedley Gazette appears to have  become a, very interesting journal to  certain, professional politicians. "It  w'll never do to let'that interest wane,  at least not until tins .election   is ovei\  Trni'.sientK payable in advance.  Contract Advertisements-One inch per liiontli. i      . -j-. . ,-,      .. ,     r.       , . .  ������!.:������; over! inch anil up to i inches, S1.00 1 Will.     .railCVD 1111 til   Olll'tlS   and  per inch pernionth. To constant'advertisci-s  Hedle.T  listened, in  j vain on Saturday night for the, grave  .charges which Mr.   Curtis  announced  t\vn night* before that he was going to  only cohesion''that eoiild  exist lining against Mi.  Sliatl'ord.    If Mr.  among such; an aggregation of  men is that existing in the wolf  pack.    They may run. peaceably  Billy Mclnnes sitting down together   in   loving  unity.     The  Curtis knows   anything   moie about  f  Mr. Shatloid than the electors of the  application, rates will lie given of reduced  ciiarj-es. hascd on sh:e of s.iae.c a:id length  or time. .   , ['"      \ .   "  iAdvertisoinenis will be changed once'every  month if advot-tiser desires, without any extra  eliartro. [<"or changes oftener than once a month  the "price "of composition  will  be charged at  rcffiila:-rates. , | ������        ,,        .���������-'      a \~\i-,.n,Ji- i.-m'   ,.,i,;fi. ' Siniilkaineen do,   now   is  his  time  to  Changes tor contract advortiseiiKMits should j together 111   One UireCfclOll   Willie i  ' he in riie ptlice by noon.on 'I'uesdayto seeure j ^* oiui,.,.v '.^ \n sio-lit but'if tilOV ' bring   ii   out.      Hour-backing   is   the  attention lor tlmt week s ls.mie. .     | uie 4Uiur,v ,i,j iii oiBwi/ uui,,u  uiiuj   , o a  a megraw, j should succeed   m 'making ..the ' .method of the pi Divisional politician,  Managing fc'ditor.     I l   'ii    ;������.   ;.,-'���������,,,,,.,.  <-���������>,-. ��������� ���������,'.-,,-.,.,,.���������..,'  41,,, l '  ikill.it  rS  o\er l,-ie carcass  ? ha l , ,lua U1C electors uiirknow how to take  I  CapitalT-$4,866,66b.  HEAD OKFIXJE IX CANADA.  K. STIKKMAN, General Manager  Reserve- $2,141,333.  -    -  MOXTUKAL    ���������'.."���������  L-'KLMSLV.'Supt. of Branches  BANKING BY MAIL���������Accounts  of parties Jiving- at a distance, receive our  special attention. Deposits can boTiitulo.tlirough the.mail, and sums added  thereto and withdrawn at any Jme..   A Gcnor.-ilJlanking Business Trans-  ���������'���������.. -   ' actud:   Drafts issued^iiayable at all points in" Oanada and abroad.  Hedley Branch,     =     L. Q. fiacHAFFIE, Acting Manager  CGCCGCiGaaaaGCiCGcas&3&z&������&^  S.-13 --nrriR u.i jn3J=!i;.'x  at =r^yaagias.'*3srr~Jni������  Can  :vS&?*&  f:.:ii mo.,.,  iMm$m  ���������2JtH   Slte'tefe*  i.a.-r I'umiv  .N'cw Moon  ���������Ilv.li'  ��������� irst. rpiar.  ���������iist."  '  3 OUT  ja:  JUAKV.           1907  Sun. Won.  lues  . Weil. Tim.. Fri. Sat.  i  2       3       -I       5  0       7  8  9    10    11    12  ���������If)     u  -1 -  10     17     IS     19  20    21  22  23     2i   .25.    26  27     2S  29  30     31  THE CURTIS BUBBLE BURST.  The   people  of   Hedley. who  went on Saturday night to the  hall to hear the issues discussed  By  men who  claim  to  be  the  leaders  of   the   Liberal   party,  have   now   an   opportunity to  judge whether there is any sane  reason  to  turn  out a  government    which    four    years   ago  found the province on the verge  of bankruptcy, with confidence  lacking    both    at    home   and  abroad, and which has so completely restored confidence and  credit that a period of expansion  has set in that is unequalled by  anything    heretofore     experienced   in   this   province.-      To  honest   Liberals  in 'this  town,  whether  they   are   electors   or  not, and to all men and women  who  will lay aside party prejudice and judge a question on  its merits, we appeal for a verdict as to whether any  petty  local issue that has long been  settled   should  now   be resurrected and falsely presented, in  order to inflame the prejudices  of   the  unthinking   portion of  the electorate.    That, and that  only, .was the course pursued on  Saturday night, by Grigor, the  XDaid  organizer  of the  Liberal  party,   by   Duncan   Ross   who  should   now    be     in    Ottawa  attending to the affairs of Yale-  Cariboo, and  by Smith-Curtis,  who is asking you to turn down  a man who has given as faithful  service  to  his constituency as  any representative who has sat  in the legislature, obtaining for  public    improvements    in   the  riding ajipropriations altogether  unknown previously under any  representative  01  any government.    There was not one Avord  about " Better Terms," a question in which $10,000,000 of this  province's money is involved, to  say nothing of the outrage being-  perpetuated; not one word about  the finances of the province, or  the   government's     efforts   to  place   them   on   a   better   and  .sounder   basis, and  nothing, in  fact, but misrepresentations regarding  Smelter Flat, the Hill  Railway and the Columbia and  Western matter.     There   were  bitter attacks upon the Hedley  Gazette,    almost/    everyone    of  which we are prepared to prove  by the files in this office, to be  false,   and   there   was  personal  vilification   of Mr. Shatford ad  libitum and some of it most inhuman   and   ghoulish   in   character.  Ant!   yet,   these are   the   men  who are represented by the Liberal press of ilris province to be j  Xesi'ors   in  the   Liberal   ranks;!  the fighting would begin.    w,������.. ,     ,       ,,   ,    ..      .  . .,,,.       .���������-,      i   ������   ,.   j.i ��������� "    ���������        .     ,    anv campaign  sl.nuleih   that   may   bo,  5    the people or   i/his province at j  I.'the present, juncture  afford to , si)lim- (,il tlu' l'Vl'(,i tllf' l)ol,il,S "h��������� j  ���������;ruu-that risk.'? ���������' ��������� ' llice ma\  be no   tunc   lelt   to   refute j  I    Smith Curtis by his own nd-  them.  Imission before  the electors  of  *   i Hedley is a man of short atfili-     cJojipei- Mounuh. is beii^ exploited  ations.    He. told   boastingly oi   ..       .... ...    ,,.  ,-, t      -      -, x -, 1 ���������'-!       i     lor all il is  v.'orth   111   this  campaign.  the men he had turned his back l   ������  upon.    His restless nature pi.c_ ��������� ^'hat c-xpl.inntioii   has  .Mr.  Curtis to  chides any hope of him working ' ������>v<' <->^ l<> why  Copper   mountain has  harmoniously    with   colleagues , not long  before  this   been exploited,  for any length of. .time, for he, Ilot ;ls ., c.,m|Mligll im.-eieci ion promise  lacks the patience and the con-  .. ,., t     .   t  ��������� t        j- c i.i' ������������������    ��������� "   i'  ironi   a   candidate,   but   with     pick,  sideration   for    the    views    of, ' l  others  to  ever permit of hfm; shovel .md drill ?    Besides look  how  making   a    successful   ad minis-   embarrassing it is going to be for those  trator.        These   .violent     rup-   of his lollowers, who, mav perhaps, in  tures  and   endless -somerisaults j>ooci R(ilh) tllot'lhis  inh\* behalf to  lie may try. to  uistify on' the] - ........     t,     ,.    ,  plea of high-sounding 'devotion j "tig-itf in.-h.in the disadvantage of  to principle, but there are other I lwi"K m> mitsider, should this prom-  side-lights on his conduct'which   ised development fail to connect,  enable the public ;toguage more ,  truly his worth than, to take his 1  own estimate.    One of these is  HOTEL SIMILKflMf EN    HEDb&y,  B.  6.    There is no  man  in the  legislature  found in the manner in which [tlw,ttIu:(J'R R' hils:.il" ]:ttK; llst: for  he has carried himself since he I a������ L- w- 'Shatford, who had most to  do with thwarting   their   plans   for a  entered this campaign. His ungenerous and intemperate language towards Mr. Shatford in  the eastern end of the riding  calls for judgment at the hands  of the electorate. He knows  the despicable tactics that are  being employed in his behalf  such as the false cry in the east  and the Avest that Shatford has  kept   most   of   the   money   in  bonus for the,route between Spenees'  Bridge and Midway, and yet Urigor,  Curtis ana Ross are silly enough to  tell the people of Hedley that C P. R.  money is coming into the Siniilkaineen to aid in the election. The  McBride government also trebled the  amount- of taxes paid by the C. P. R.  Heelley, and he condones them..{<>n Us P">P������i-ty. in this province, and  He was red-hot on Saturday for   is therefore  not   in  favor with the C.  THE LEADING HOTEL OF  TflE  SIMILKnMEEN VALLEY  This house is new and strictly first class  in every respect, being equipped with all  modern conveniences���������electric light, telephone, baths, etc.       :  :       Rates model ate.  A.   McDERMOTT,  Proprietor.  Keremeos New Town site  Now On the Market. =====  the resurrection, of the smelter  flat affair and his discomfiture  is said to have been painful to  witness by those in the audience  who could see him when the  tables were turned on hint and  it was shown that any blame  that attached in connection  with that affair belonged to  W. C. Wells, the late Liberal  Commissioner of Lands and  Works, who was in charge of  the department when the order-  in-council authorizing the issue  of the Crown grant was passed  on March 26th, 1903.       ;  On the railway question too  he maintained that Shatford  had no part nor let in bringing  the railway which would have  been in the same position as it  is to-day if Mr. Shatford had  never existed. The complete  demolition of his little hypothesis, which occurred when the  facts were given to the audience  was another knock-down.  The grand rally developed  into a grand fizzle and the  Curtis bubble is burst. All that  remains is some greenbacks in  the pockets of the faithful to buy  a few votes that will still be  marked against them, and to  blow in over the bar with a  " never mind the change."  P. R.  Mr. Smith Curtis complained that  "he had failed to hear Mr Shatford's  silvery tones in. the'House," Which  would the-electors of the Similkameen  rather have���������Mr. Shatford's silvery  tones two or three times during the  session, and always setting forth the  the merits and needs of the Similkameen, or the shrill strident notes of  SmithCurtis eternally harping on some  malodorous, scandal real or imaginary,  that he. had nosed out, in which Siinilkameen lias no earthly concern ?  Mr, Curtis made his complaint in a  manner to convey the. impression that  Mr. Shatford never speaks in the  House, but when taken to task, was  eager to qualify it by explaining that  during any of his visits he had never  heard Mr Shatford speak.  The V. V. & E. Railway Station will be in the  centre  of the town.  Now is the time to get your lots, before the first  train comes up  the valley.  Choice 1, 2 and 3'acre lots all around' town site.  The 10 acre Fruit lots are going fast,    Just a few  left.    Now is the time to double your money.  For Full Pai'ticultvi's Apply to  Keremeos Land Co., Keremeos, B.C.  J. J. Armstrong, Manager  Town Lots  $100, $200  and $250  1, 2 and 3 Acre  Lots $300 Acre  10 Acre Lots  $200 per Acre  Terms Easy  Smith Curtis at Rock Creek said to  the electors from the public platform:  "Shatford has rubbed it into you; he  has stamped it into you: he has rolled  you in the manure;" and yet this is  the campaign whic.lt he assured us was  to be kept clean aiid sweet-smelling.  Always look out for the man  who has much to say of his  own      inf "f-gritv.       Honesty     is     one  I  The. Greenwood Ledge has numerous  references to the return of Duncan  Ross, from Ottawa, accompanied with  the "barrel." When he came to Similkameen he had Mr. Grigor along to  help manage the barrel. Since the  advent of that brace of purists, evidences have not been lacking that G.  T. P. money is being used without  stint in Hedley to defeat Shatford.  When local men whose frugal habits  are proverbial, and whose bar expenditure will rarely exceed 05 cents in a  period of twelve calendar months, are  seen immediately after the departure,  of Ross. Curtis and Grigor, to lay  down a $���������"; bill on the bar and tell the  bar-tender to."neyej'.mind the change;"  it is pretty safe  to  say that it is G. T.  When in Keremeos  STOP AT  The Central Hotel  TWEDDLE (B. REITH, Proprietors.  Good Accommodation and Strict Attention to the  Wants of the Public.    Livery Barn in Connection.  Venison on Potlatch  May be all right for a  change,  but look out for our  at i  at  at  at  at  at  at  at  at  at  i  at  i  at  at  at  at  K  s>  at  at  st  at  ������.������  HOLIDAY MEAT SUPPLY  Prime Beef, Pork, Mutton and Veal kept in stock.  Oysters, Pish and Poultry.  SKK OUR  XMAS DlSl'LAY  Cawston & Edmond  *  I  I  *  $  x  X  '5  :?  fct*������to*jw ������**��������������������� ������j*^^  01      those     peculiar    qualities   which j P. money . that   is   being   used.    Tha.  reserve   the   right   to  speak for them- ! one act is so dead a. give-away,  that if i own statement  1  selves.      Thereto: e.   be   assured   that, j Smith ('urt is conies in here again wit h I higher   up   to   go   to   be as honest as  "tilT     aboiitl '^'"'t'l Curtis 'upon whom he  sowed a  .Mr. G rigor's testimonial to the.  probity of the electors of Kootenay  'was that "Vmir electors^ could be  bought." Xow, Mr. Grigor is a  very honest man. According to his  las   only  one step  when a man finds   it   necessary   to ex-  mi'ii who. (heir followers say,)1*'1 l" lh'-' *'<���������������*, hi* >w������ hum-sty. that  would be c;iilinef minister.-; if i estimable ipiality. alleged to be witli-  this   province  were   foolish   en-j i,, }iini, must be too weak to sit, nil.  any such iiyprocritical  bribery a.s he did on the night of the  IDth, he ought to be hooted and jeered  out oi' the town.  pair of wings. And yet there is a.  shrewd suspicion that .Mr. Grigor.  who was here in Hedley lastspring as  orgiuu'/.er   for   the   liberal   patty   (of  course organizers are never paid anything) was here again for a purpose  that would hardly warrant him casting tin' slur upon dwellers in the  Kootenay which he did. !t was 11  nasty thing to say and Siinilkameen  electors don't, think anv more of him  for saying it, and al'ler hearing if,  they take any tally which he may attempt-to give them on. the.same score,  just for what it is worth. THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,.   JANUARY 17,   1907.  (F  REVELY'S  STABLE  Headquarters for all Stage Lines  Express Office in Connection  .Your wants for Livery or Tenia  Work will bo attended to  by calling l-Miono 12.  W.   F.  REVELY,   Proprietor  ^  CLAUDET & WYNNE  ASSAVERS  METALLURGISTS and  niNING ENGINEERS  MINKS a no .MILLS EXAMIXKI)  sampled and nicpoRTicn ox.  Samples   by  mail  receive  prompt  attention. Correspondence solicited.  PRINCETON and   ROSSLAND  TI. TI. Ci.audgt, Assoc, tn.st. M.M..  Member Am. Inst. M.E.. Rossland.  L. C. Wvxxk, As.-oc.  Late Assay or LeRoi.  Inst. M. :\r.,  Pkincetox.  Town and Distrkft.  With this issue the Gazette.enters  on its third year.  A number of miners came down from  the Nickel plate on Monday and Tuesday.        '.-.-*     Y       ��������� '     .''  Mrs. Gibbon received a letter from  Miss Ireland announcing her marriage  at New Years'.'- ;  .. ���������   p       ���������    ��������� ,     ���������  Dave Day has recovered from a severe attack of stomach trouble and.js  able to resume work at the case.       .-.-'.  Mr. Tveenan, a blacksmith, from  Kaslo, came in .on Tuesday's stage,  and is on the look-out for a location.  S. L. Smith, accountant for the Daly  Reduction Co.. has been laid up for a  week or more with an attack of  la-grippe.  The ice harvest has commenced in  Hedley and the quality,'of congealed  aqua pura being gathered in is pronounced number one hard.  A  social, dance   will   be   given   in  I  Keremeos on  !���������   CIS.   Oliver went to.  .-Monday's.stage.  '."���������������������������Premier McBride ,will  address  tire  electors at Kereineos.on Monday, 21st. I  This will go down   in ithe   meteoro- j  logical history of the Siniilkaineen  as ;  the cold January. ���������  , ������������������������������������'',- |  The cold has got in its  work to the |  extent of.compelling a temporary shut |'  down at both mine and .mill.'  Fred   Revely   started     on   Sunday  driving Grigor anil  (Jm-tis to  Prince.-i<  ton, Granite .Creek and Otter Flat. , <  Harry Evans, machinist at the Diily \'  Reduction Go's works left on Wednesday for Peterborough,  Out.    He expects to be back  in  Hedley  in .about  two months' time.  Mrs. Rudci Perry, of Napane.c, Out.  came in on Tuesdav night, accompanied by her little daughter, and went  out by Wednesday morning's stage to  Princeton to visit her sister Mrs. K.  Barr Hall.  Things, have got turned around a,  bit in Hedley.    Some things that used  $k^<5>0^. ������������������ ^ ��������� ��������� ^���������������������������<||i><������^^0'������������^.4>o<$>.<^-^><$.4,'a>^>^>4i'^<l>  In all kinds of  Fraternity Hall on Friday evening of I to be liquid are solid, and soni,o  that  this week.     Dancing begins at 8.80. I were solid are considerably liquid.    To  The  Hedley   Gazette   and   Mining  World one year for three dollars.  The usual good time assured.  .   Mr. J. 3. Marks recently moved from  Mr.   Caldwell's  residence  in the  east  end and is now living in the building  formerly occupied by \V.' H. Smith.  Mr. I<\ A. Ross, general manager of  the Daly Reduction Co., was laid up  for a few davs- last week with a severe,  cold, but is able to get around again.  Announcement' is made of the  coming wedding of Mr..John Caldwell  and Miss Marie Greenhill. The happy  event is ^scheduled to* take -place in  Hedlev on the 21st.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������%  do the chores, paterfamilias must now  carry the wood and chop the water.  Frank French is going over to!-Fair-  view on iUonday next to commence  stock-taking in the fairview branch of  -"Carl Hairsine is  Fairview to fake  ���������\\n^E have decided to clear out all  winter footwear at greatly  reduced prices' right now, before the  winter is half over, and done want a  single pair left when we take stock  next month. We still have a full  range of sizes in nearly all lines, but  some styles will soon be cleared so if  you will require a pair before the  cold weather is over come and secure  :    :    :    :        them af once.        :    :    :    :  Shatford's Limited,  coming- over from  1    for the Next so Days  fE have on hand a heavy stock of FINE OVERCOATS and  CLOTHING   which   must   be   sold   regardless   of   cost.  By selling them for what thev will bring now, Ave close up  our entire, season's stock���������we won't have to'-put them away in  cases till next fall.   We prefer to give you the chance of buying  them now when they are right up to the minute in style, and  WE   WILL  THROW  OFF   IN  CASH   TO  YOU  NOW  WHAT  WE WOULD LOSE IN CARRYING THEM OVER TILL NEXT YEAR.  ������        That difference represents 25 to 50 per cent, reduction in price.       jgt  43  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  <8$!  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  4**.  ������  ������  ������  ������  So*  Great  W1  Overcoats  $28.00 Overcoats for .. .$16,00  $25.00       " "   ...$15.00  $16.00       " "   ...$11.00  $15.00       " "   .  .$ 9.00  $14,00       " ���������'...$ 8.50  $11.00       " ���������'...$ 7.00  Underwear  .  Regular $2.50 Suit for . .$1.75  $2.30 '.' " ..$1.50  $3.00 " " ..$2.25  $5.50   "     "    ..$-1.00  Felt. Hats  Regular $3.50 and $3.00  Hats for  ,.$2.25  Slioes  Regular $1,50 Shoes for $3.00  "    $3.50 and $3.25 for $2.50  WOO! SOX  Regular 85c. and -Ilie  Sox for..'...::.  cfs.  Men's Suits  In fancy worsteds, Scotch  tweeds, blue and black serges,  and Cheviots.  $28, $25 and $24 Suits  for  $18.00  $22.00 Suits for....... .$16.00  $20.00     "    "   ........$15.00  $18.00     "     "   $12.00  $16.00     "      "    .$11.00  $14.00     "     "    $ 9.00  $10.00 and $11.00 Suits  for .....$ 7.00  FanGij Vests  Regular $7.50  for $5.00  $6.50    "   $4.50  $5.00    "  $3.25  $3.75    "  $2.25  Heavy Reefers and  Mackinaw Goats   .  (Carss Brand)  Regular $0.00. for $4.50  Also a substantial reduction  in all other lines of Men's  and Bovs' Furnishings.  ������  ������  ��������� ������  ���������������  ������  -���������������  Jftt  ������  ���������'���������������  . ������  ������  ,������.  ������  ������  \������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������.  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ��������� ������  ������  9  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  charge hi're in his absence.  Mr. G. P. Jones returned on Tuesday.  When he left, his brother was thought  to have about.even chance ,1'or recovery. In addition to the injuries  he received, there was a touch of pneumonia, caused by the pressure of the  broken ribs upon the lungs.  Mr. D. G. Hackney was married  recently in Vernon to Miss Helen M.  .Bird. Mr. Hackney's Hedley- friends  extend congratulations. He was Hed-  ley's first hotel-keeper and for many  years was landlord and landlady combined. The latter portfolio is now to  be shared with another.  Premier McBride. will be unable to  come further up the Similkameen than  Kereineos, as the campaign makes severe demands upon his time. He  will speak at Fairview, Keremeos and  Penticton going out.thru Vernon on  his way back to the coast.' Mr. Curtis  will have his choice of meeting him at  Rock Creek, Fairview, Keremeos or  Penticton, or at all of these.  The cold snap of this week, following that of last week has made the  average householder begin to wonder  whether it is not advisable to go in for  a, different style of architecture.  Heretofore with our mild winters any  sort of structure would do to pass a  winter in, but when it comes to 30 below zero, and the average minimum  for three weeks in succession will  figure out to a minus quantity, "jini-  crow" houses are scarcely the thing  for comfort.  Railway matters are quiet. The  member for Patwelch is electioneering  and Pat himself is wintering in Europe.  It is not desirable that times should be  too prosperous in the Similkameen until after the election, but Avhen that  event is past and the McBride government returned with a good, big majority there will be no longer need to  hang back, especially as they have a  heap of work to do before high water.  So we may expect to see things begin  to buzz among the Patwelch forces  after Feb. 2nd.  ���������  Laced Lumhbioikn's?       :  2-Buckle LuMiiEiorhix's   :  1-Buckle Lumbermen's   :  Men's Maxitouas, 3-buckle  Women's Empress. 2-buckle  Keg. Price  Sale Price  $8.75  $3.00  $3.00  ���������      $2.25  $2.00  $1.50  $3.50  $2.75  $2.25  $1.75  SHAf FORDS LIMITED  Stores at FAIRVIEW and HEDLEY  ���������/������������������  ���������  ���������  ���������  t  1  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  LIVERY, FEED 8 SALE STABLES  Fairview and Penticton  NEW STAGE LINE.  Men's  furnishings  Boots  and  Shoes  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  .������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  ������  AV. E. Welby is putting on a stage  line to connect Penticton with the  Great Northern Railway, at Oroville.  The scheme is to use the Penticton-  Hedley line as the trunk line, and  establish a branch line with White  Lake as the junction point, and run  the branch southward through Fair-  view and Osoyoos to Oroville, making  the distance from White Lake to Oroville in four hours.- The service will  begin on March 1st and will probably  riot be continued longer than until  there is a regular train service to  Keremeos.  ���������ALSO���������  Proprietors���������FAIRVIEW    AND  STAGE   LINE.  PENTICTON  Good Horses and Rigs and'Careful Drivers.  Teams furnished to do freighting, transferring and  general teaming, and good saddle  horses always on hand.  %rtft%ft*ftfe^^%tferafe3litititftiril3tif  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  It's a, pleasure to tell our readers  about a. Cough Cure like Dr. Shoop's.  For years Dr. Shoop has fought against  the vise of Opium, Chloroform, or other  unsafe ingredients commonly found in  Cough remedies. Dr. Shoo]), it seems.  Pure Food and Drug  recently enacted, for he has  d along similar lines niaiiy  Kor nearly 20 years Dr. Shoop's  has welcomed the  Law  work  vears  Cough ('tire containers have had a.  warning printed on them against,  Opium and other narcotic poisons. I le  has thus made it possible for mothers  to protect their children by simply insisting on having  Dr.  Shoop's Cough  Cure  Sold bv.lOMN LOYK. Hedley.  at  it  I  at  at  K  *  .at  at  at  at  i  at  at  K  at  at  tt  i  at  at  at  at  at  at.  at-  %  at  a  at  at-  at  ft'  s>  &���������  A    rr    ffi      til  \L  $8  f!M.;,iu"j  fiwwaBBgimm^i  Great Northern  Hotel  A new house containing more bed  room accommodation than any  other hotel i-n town. Table and  bar  first--'clttMs.    Hates  moderate.  PKT.KRSOX J1KOS & I.TXD,  Pi-oin-ietovs.  *  I  %  X  %  I  %  X  ;  X  X  X  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  *     *     *     *,     ������.,   ���������  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Everything New and Firsi-.Glass  Bar supplied with the Choicest  Liquors and Cigars, and Special  Attention   paid   to   the    Table.  ^^^H������^������P^������<,������������������������*t^*'^������>'*'X������.������������������'tt������|ll%������?������5R  Tenders Wanted.  Tenders will be received by the niulersisnnil  UP to Um.SOtli .January fur moving one million  foot'of logs from tlio slough and baiMdng thorn  on the island near Ihe null.of Hie Hedley Lumber Co., tho work In be completed before Hie  end of jMiirch.  bo west oi-any tender not necessarily accepted  S. L. SMITH.  5\>-2 Assignee UeiUey Lumber Co  When   writing    Advertisers,    Please  Mention the Gazette.  M. J. HE  NURSERIES and  HOUSES.  RY'S  SEED  Large stock of Home Gtcoavx Fruit  and Ornamental Trees now matured  for the fall trade.  No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.  Headquarters for Pacific Coast  grown Garden, Field, and Flower  Seeds  in  Season.  Bisii Suppr.iKS. Spray Pumps, Whale  Oil Soap, Greenhouse Plains, Cut  Flowers, Bulbs for fall planting.  We do business'on our own grounds  ��������� have no-rent to-pay, and. are prepared to meet'all competition.  Let me price your list before placing  your order.    Catalogue free.  M.  ;r.   HENRY  3010 Westminster Road.    Vancouver. THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, JANUARY 17,   1907.  METEOROLOGICAL.  The following ai-e the readings showing temperature,   etc;'',  for  the   week  ending Jan. 12th :  AT THE MIKE.  Jan    0,  7  8  9  10  11  12  Maximum  23        ..  '������������������,.:         28  30  '.'.          HI  ..29  28     ��������� .'.  ..         29  Minimum  -5  -10  -10  10  19  -5  r10  Average  maximum temperature 27.14  Average  minimum           do.  -3.57  Mean tiii  nperature  11.78  Snowfall  for the week      1  inches  COUUKSI'OMHXM  WKEK OK LAST YKAli  Highest maximum tempera  ture 33  Average maximum           do  27.85  Lowest minimum             do  4  Average minimum            do  Mean                                     do  13.42  28.14  AT THE MILL.  Maximum  Minimum  Jan    (')  7  S  9  10  11  12  ::-���������!'  ::  ���������    ..'          S       ..  ..      To  ..          15        ..  16       ..  ..         10     "'..  -15  -12  -12  -7  -5  -20  -22  Average  maximum tempera  bure  9.28  Average minimum            do  -9.85  Mean do -.7  Snowfall for- the week    0.      inches  COUKESFO.N'MNG  WKEK OK  LAST VKAK  Highest maximum temperature 35  Average do do 31.14  Lowest minimum do 9  Average do do 16.71  Mean do 23.92  OLD DEMOSTHENES.  Continued from First Pace.  portant a role in the matter of the  railway as Mr. Ross, was the following  letter from J. D. Parrel, of Seattle,  then chief executive officer for  J. J. Hill:  Seattle, April 12th, 1905.  L.  W.   SllATFOBD,  M.P.P.,  Victoria, B. C.  My Deak Sir:  In view of the activity and earnestness displayed by you during the  recent session of the British Columbia  Legislature in tin; furtherance of the  interests of this Company, and securing transportation facilities for. the  people of your district, I beg to express to you our grateful appreciation  of your services, and I have, no doubt  that the people represented bv you  will thoroughly understand and appreciate your efforts in their behalf.  Tt gives me great pleasure to state  that it now seems that your work is  soon to be rewarded, and that this  Company will speedily give your district the transportation it so urgently  needs and desires.  Yours very truly,  J. D. Fakkel.  Before an opportunity was given to  take up the Columbia, ������fc Western  matter Mr. Ross complained to the  chairman that an hour and a quarter  had been taken up, and accused his  opposition of wanting to " talk-out  the meeting," which was untrue.  Neither do we believe that the time  taken was an hour and a quarter. All  that was sought was to deal properly  with the questions that he himself had  raised and to put the audience in possession of the facts instead of having  them go away with the distorted views  that lie had given them.  Before the meeting closed all three  of them had to have their little say in  reply. Mr. Ross tried to minimize the  effect of his exposure by insinuations  reflecting on Farrel, which had nothing  to do with the question. John F.  Stevens also left .the employ of J. J.  Hill, and Roosevelt now has him engineer on the Panama Canal at  $2T>,000 rjer year. Farrel was the  accredited.representative of J. J. Hill  when he sent that letter to Shatford  and that is all that the electors of  Similkameen have, to do with.  PR0PE  A  Go d,  HEDLEY  I n vestment  WM -. Jj|A_. is the supply point for the Nickel Plate inouh-  ���������rWJtllvj tain, on which is situated the famous "Nickel  Plate"���������the richest gold mine in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and-prospects.    It is the mining and business  centre of the  Similkameen  the new mining district which has already been proven, by a  small amount of development work,'to be one of the richest  gold, copper and coal mining sections of  British Columbia.  HEDLEY is the chief town on the route of the proposed  Coast-Kootenay Railway ;   and with the advent of this road, .  which is assured in the near future,  it will unquestionably  become a large and .'important city, and town lots will bring  big returns on money invested at the present time.  ...PRICE OF LOTS.;.  Scott Ave. (main st.) ..  .. .$400 to $600  Other Streets    $200 to $400.  .... 1 dviTld...*  1-3 Cash; balance in 3 and  6 months, with interest at  the rate of 6 per cent.  For Those Who  Invest Now.   Purchase a few Lets before the Railway Comesss===B  For FultParticulars, Maps Etc.,  ��������� rtF������F������l--V   TO���������  The Hedley City Tonnsite Co'y, Ltd.  t. W. SHATFORD, ^ _      ��������� HPHI   FV      R   C  Secretary and flanager, ~ * iUI/jUI-^ i 9    LJ������ w������  TRAVELLERS'DIRECTORY  Hedley and Penticton Route.  Wclby's Stage, carrying mail and passengers,  leaves Penticton for HetlToy at 7 ii.ni. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, arriving in  Hedley at fi.30 o'clock same days.  Returning, leaves Hedley for Penticton at  7, a.m. on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays.  Connecting each way at Kereineos with  Koyer's line for boundary points.  Hedley and Princeton Route.  Revcly's Stage leaves Hedley for Princeton  at 7 a.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Returning on Thursdays and Sundays.  Only the Wednesday and Thursday stages  carry mail.  NOTICE.  f HOTELj  |HEDLEYJ  Certificate of Improvements.  GKEKNWOOD, PINNACLK, SWKDE.V. Uii:  10X   JACK,   CABIN   XO.   3    FRACTIONAL. COLUMBIA FRACTIONAL  and VALKNTINK mineral claims, situated in the Osoyoos ininins division of  Yale District.     Where located:   Camp  Hedley.  TAXE  NOTICE that  I. Fred M. Gillespie,  ���������*���������       acting as agent for Duncan Woods, free  miner's-   certificate  Xo.   B79-J"!),   intend  sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to.the mining recorder for certificates of improvement  for the purpose of obtaining  crown   grants   of  the above claims.  AND   FURTHER  take notice that action,  under section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 27th day of December A. D. 1SW������  (50-8 FRED M GILLESPIE.  Notice of Forfeiture.  \o Thomas Farquharand any person or persons  to whom he may have transferred his interests in the Maple Leaf and Long Shot  , mineral claims, situated on Dividend Mountain, in the Osoyoos Mining Division of  Yale District.  Forty-eight below zero in Princeton  on Sunday morning last. This ought  to he cold enough to suit even a red-  hot politician.  A tidy letter-head or bill-head commands attention from those with  whom yon do business The Gazette  print-shon can fit you out in style.  A trial will convince you,  The shut down of the works has compelled the shutting off of the domestic  water supply, and townspeople will  now have to fall back on more primitive methods for quenching their  thirst.  If Duncan Ross really believes that  he carries Similkameen in his trousers  pocket, as he pretends to do, what is  the matter with him resigning his seat  at Ottawa and trying it u whirl himself.   Faith without works is dead.  ���������yOU arc hereby required to take notice that  1 I have expended for assessments and for  recording certificates of work done on the  above claims, the sum of three hundred and  forty-five dollars and fifty cents  ($343.50), being an expenditure necessary to  enable me to hold said claims, and yon arc  hereby required to contribute your share or  proportion of such expenditure, together with  all costs of advertising. If you fail or refuse to  contribute such amount, including advertising,  within sixty days from date of flint publication  of this notice in the Hedley Gazette, your interest will become vested in me, your co-owner,  under the provisions of the "Mineral Act and  Amending Acts."  Dated this !)th day of November, 190fi.  31-4 W. .]. GAHBUTT.  THE   MINING   WORLD  and  THE  HEDLEY  GAZETTE  for ONE YEAR for $3.00.  Constipation  Jinked sweet apples, with somo people, bring  prom.it lvlii-f for Constipation. With others,  (���������.i:i"*'all.whi'iit bread will havi! the same effect,  i-.'riur.'iiiidfiuliti'dly has a vegetable remedy to  i y,-\-.- u\vr..\..il'iiijn,',U i.:iv,-ii tojuan.if physicians  n " !."I-m- ' "'��������� ���������'-: ivj-to l,i,,i|t|,. And thisis  s: i'.-   -..'. y ri-L'.'  ii.i rugnrd to Constipation.  ': h ��������� ���������:��������� -k of a certain tree in California���������Cas-  (������������������������������������. .1 s,in-ii!il:i���������olTi'i-sii most excellent aid to this  . ���������'!. H'-t. I'oiiiliio.-i-l Willi Egyptian Senna, Slip-  lK-ry iChii linrk. Solid Kxtnict of Prunes, etc.. this  s-:" ��������� fii.-scarii bur!: is given its greatest possible  I'.r.'.--!' tu coi-rc'-t constipation. A toothsome  <V>n<i-'J'!i������j!(������r. wiled f.ax-ets. is now made attho  L>:\ Slioop Ln!,<Miitoric.-i. from this ingenuous and  most ellVctive prescription. Its effect on Constipation. J'.ilinusness. Sour .Stomach, Had Breath,  siiilnw Complexion, etc.. is indued prompt aud  sutisi'ying.  Xo griping, no unpleasant after effects are experienced, and Lax-ets are put up in beautiful  lithographed metal boxes at 5 cents and 25 cents  per box.  For something new. nice, economical and  effective, try a box of  Lax-ets  JOHN LOVE.  The Commercial Hotel   ���������      Hedley,   B.C.     ��������� '-��������� ���������  $ I  I  X  $  X  HEADQUARTERS   FOR   MINING   MEN. 2  TABLE and BAR FIRST-CLASS. $  RATES MODERATE. X  X  I   =    ,  ���������       &  ���������   f  Frank  B. McArthur,   -   -   Manager  %  &*i**w*&ii&wi&&te*m*^  Hotel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, flanager.  First Class in Every  Respect.     Commercial' and Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Princeton   Stage Line.  Try  ������\\v,\\\vnA  Vkftoria  Cross  CEYLON TEA.  Pure  and   Invigorating.  KEREMEOS,  B.C.  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  Rates Moderate.  A. Baknes, Prop,       Pknticton, B.C.  PENTICTON LIVERY  FEED and STAGE STABLE  From March 1st, 1907, W. E. Welhy's Stage will have  connection with the Great Northern Railway at Oroville.  Leave Hedley at 0.30 a. in.     Return Tuesdays and Saturdays.  "   Kereineos 11.30 a.m.  "   White Lake ......2.00 p. m.     Leave Oroville at 5.30 a. m.  "    Fairview  4.00 p. m. "      Fairview..; 8.00 a. m.  Arrive at Oroville 0.00 p. m.      Arrive at Hedley 0.30 p. m.  Fare from Hedley to Oroville .' $8.00  ���������     Fare from Hedley to Fairview JJIfl.OO  W. E. WELBY, Proprietor  A beautiful drive over the best of roads.  Fast Stock  and  tlic best of Drivers.  Kxpress   J cents  per lb.   to   Oroville.  Express  i cents  per lb. to Fairview.  j


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