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The Hedley Gazette Dec 17, 1908

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 AND SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume IV.  HEDLEY, B. C, THURSDAY,   DECEMBER 17, 1908.  Number 49.  Dr. C. A. JACKSON  DENTIST  [18 years' practice in Vancouver.]  S.O.L.'Co.'s Block  PENTICTON,      -      -      B. C.  w.  H. T.  gAhan  Barrister,  Solicitor,  Notary Public, Etc.  Murk  PENTICTON,  Block  -      -      B. C.  MILL DOWN  MINE STILL WORKS  Shortage of Water Has Caus-  this Temporary Shut  Down.  ON  THE G. T. P.  D. H. CO. MILL O0SE1) F01UVLTO  Expect to Resume at End of March���������  Development Work at Mine to Go  On Most of Winter���������Repairs to be  Made at Mill and Ore Bins.  Charles E.   Betts,  a  Railway Engineer  Returns to Vancouver After Three  Years in the North  Country  J. W. EDMONDS  Insurance and  General Agent  Agent for TnF. Gkeat AVkst Life Insurance Companv.  PENTICTON,  B. C.  R. H. ROGERS,  M.A., B.C.L.  BARRISTER, SOLICITOR,  NOTARY PUBLIC, ETC.  Vernon, B. C.  A. MEG RAW  NOTARY   PUBLIC  Conveyancer,  .Real Estate, Mines,  Crown   Grants   Applied   For  Under Land Act and  Mineral Act.  Agent for:  London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.  Office  at   HEDLEY,  B.  C.  HOTEL PENTICTON  Headquarters for Tourist Travel.  Rates Moderate.  A. Baknes, Prop.        Penticton, B.C.  \ Nurseries  Now growing in our Nurseries for  the Fall trade:���������        #  90,000 Peach, Apricot, Nectarines, Cherry, Plum, Prune, Pear and Apple  . ���������in all leading varieties.  100,000 Small  Fruits.  10,000 Ornamental Trees,' in all leading  varieties for B.C.  Strictly home grown and not subject to  damage from fumigation.  Stock of Bulbs to arrive in August from  Japan, Franco and Holland..  Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps, Seeds, Etc.  HO-pago CATALOGUE FREE.  Office, Greenhouses and Seetihouse:  3010 Westminster Road,  VANCOUVER,   -   B. 6.  I H O T E L I  I HEDLEY I  Under  New   Management  Quiet and Convenient  Special Attention Given  to the Tbaa'ktxing Public   Rates Moderate ,  For several months past it has been  evident .that the shortage of water  supply would necessitate a shut-down  of at least the greater portion of the  Daly Reduction Company works at  Hedley and' also at the mine, hut it  was hardly thought likely that this  Avould take place until after the iicav  year.  The cold snap at the end of Novem-  her, however, shoAved that theremain-  ing supply in the lake could not be  counted on to keep things going steadily in all kinds of weather until after  Ncav Years, and as a result of it, the  extraction of ore at the mine was discontinued and the1 mine force that  Avere engaged in-taking out ore were  paid off. . -  ' The mill which had shutdown for a  couple of days during the cold snap  started up again but was only run on  the reserve supply of ore in the bins.  Had all the ore in the bins been milled  there would have been nearly another  week's run ; but on Friday morning  last the real thing came and the mill  force were also paid oil" except those  who Avere retained for repair work.  : At the mine a force of 18 or 20 men  are employed on development Avork  and while these may not nil Avork  clear through to the end of March, at  which time it is expected that the  water Avill have gained sufficiently to  set all the wheels moving again, it is  believed that at least a portion of them  will be employed until that time.  The season has been one of exceptional dryness, the amount of precipitation being far below that of the 'average year, and it all goes to show that  the question of power is one which  must be grappled Avith before mining  operations can be carried out on a  scale worthy of the ore deposits of the  camp.  It seems strange too that we should  talk of shortage of water for power  purposes with the Similkameen river  flowing past our dooi:s, not a pound of  which is utilized to turn It wheel. The  water which flows through Twenty-  mile during "the course of the year  would be far over that required to  drive everything if it could all be  utilized but unfortunately there are  three or four months of the year  when a larger vplume'of it is being  Avasted than that which is being used  during the balance of the year.  Whether this \vaste could be stopped  by some system of storage which  Avould hold the water back is something for hydraulic engineers to look  into, but it would seem that the simpler solution of the difficulty would be  to use the water of the Similkameen  river where there is always an abundance.  Those Avho   resided   in    McKinney  during the last four years of operation  of the Cariboo mine will be interested  in the following reference to Charles  'E. Betts taken from  the  VancoiiA'cr  Province.   Mr. Betts, who was a civil  engineer of good standing looked after  the books of the Cariboo Co. and did  surface and    underground  surveying  for the Cariboo mine from the summer of 1898 to the close of operations  at the end of December 1903.   Driven  there by ill-health,  he found the climate of that camp suitable, and during  his residence there,  proved his capability as   an engineer   and   sterling  worth as a man, and made many warm  friends in spite of a slight tendency to  cynicism." He had formerly done   a  great deal of railway engineering with  Van Arsdel who is how the Chief Engineer on construction on the G. T. P.  and Van Arsdel put him in  charge of  a large section of location work in the  northern part of B. C.    Some of his  old time friends  at  McKinney   occasionally heard from him Avheh he was  in camp at Great Sliive Lake, and all  of them will be pleased to knoAv that  he is making good.   Indeed their confidence in him is such that they could  not expect anything else.  The Province   says.  "Mr.   Charles   E.   Betts,   a Grand  Trunk Pacific. Railway engineer, who  has been engaged on the location  of  the  route   betAvcen    Edmonton  and  Fort George, is a guest at the Hotel  Vancouver.   For nearly   three years  he has been occupied at this  task,  his  sole companions being his assistants  and Indians.     Mr.   Betts    expressed  himself as'delighted to get within the  pale of civilization once more.   It was  like coming into a new world  to see  railway trains,   electric  lights,   telephones and trolley cars.     He Avalked  every foot of the distance between the  prairie country and Fort George.   The  route he   said,  provided    the lowest  grades of any  transcontinental road.  It has  been  located   from  tideAA'ater  and across the central portion of the  province to 'rail-head east of Edmonton,   Mr Betts, while decliuing to go  into details owing to  the secrecy imposed by the   company,   stated  in  a  general Avay that the resources along  the route would soon attract   Avide-  spread attention.    He came out via  Ashcroft, where the last survey and  packing parties were disbanded."  GOLDEN ZONE INCORPORATED.  , J. Marks and Associates in the  Bond  have   Stocked the Property and Expect to Start Work Before Spring  THE LONG AND'SHORT HAUL  C. P.  A iioav mining company to operate  in Camp Hedley is The Golden Zone  Mining Co. Ltd,, which has been formed to take over and work- the Golden  Zone group.  , The company is to be incorporated  under the Companies' Act of 1897 Avith  limited liability. The capital stock  authorized- is $500,000 being divided  into two million shares of 25 cents each,  par valuel  The property owned by the company is a likely group although the  amount of deA'clopment so far is  limited. The work done so far has  shoAvti up a lot of ore which in places  is high grade and would certainly  giA*e an average of good payable ore.  There is a five stamp mill on the  property Avhich during the period of  high water would serve to thoroughly  test the milling qualities of the ore  and this iu itself is a very important  advantage for any company taking  hold of a new property.  The first thing to be done to show  the bona fides of the enterprise is to  undertake a vigorous development  scheme so as to test quantity and  quality of the ore and Avhen these are  fully settled a mill large enough to be  worked commercially might be erected  in a spot Avhere a continuous supply of  water might be obtained.  It is from all present appearance a  legitimate enterprise in which any  purchaser of stock would have a fair  run for his money; and in any mining  investment at the initial stage, that  is all that any one* has a right to ask.  Much always depends on Avise capable  management and it is up to all stockholders to see that they get this.  The Gazette wishes the new company every success and we see no  reason why they should not have it.  R.   Rates on Canned Goods from  Ontario and the Okanagan.  Geo. E. Winkler writes a letter to  the Penticton Press complaining of  the manner in which the C. P. R. is  discriminating againstOkanaganfruit-  giowers anrl canners in the matter of  freight rates. The car-load rate from  Penticton to the coast is 71 cents per  100 lbs and from Ontario it is $1.00 per  100 lbs. Thus with the lower wage  scale and cost of living in Ontario, the  eastern fruit-grower and canner is  given an advantage over the Okanagan  fruit-grower, for the coast'market.  Mr. Winkler says that when theC.P.R.  assistant general freight agent was  appealed to he said that Okanagan  should dispose of its out-put on'the  prairies and leave the. coast market  alone, and to facilitate that arrangement as well as to swell the C. P. B.  freight receipts, the- Calgary dealer  has to pay $1.29 per 100 lbs for Ontario  goods Avhich the railway Avill deliver-  in Vancouver for $1.00.   _������������_   FOSTER WOULD DISFRANCHISE  OVERSEAS MAIL RESTORED.  Imperial Government and C. P. R. Make  Terms for Re-establishment of Fast  Service to Hongkong.  Moral and Social Reform Club Discusses -  Ways and Means of Dealing  With Bribery   *  The opening session of the moral  and social reform council of Canada.  \yas held in Toronto last week Avhen a  large number of leading churchmen  Avere present. Archbishop Sweatman  primate of all ' Canada presided. It  was decided that-various provincial  councils should adopt constitutions  similar to that of the Dominion council.  Speaking along the line of political  economy, Hon. G. E., Foster, representing the Baptist denomination said  he thought the only way to stop political bribery was by disfranchisement.  He thought the public should be  sponsible for prosecutions instead  individuals, as was the case to-day.  re-  of  AGE OF FLIGHT AT HAND.  KINGSTON  GROUP   IMPROVING.  The Dike was Struck on Saturday Last.  Cross-cutting   Ore   on  the  Metropolitan  HOW  J. J.   HILL  ESTIMATES  Says U. S. A. Will Have Population  200,000,000 in 30 Years.  of  $   VANDER J. ROSE   I  x x  jj Proprietor g  Peoria, Ills., Dec. 9.���������Surrounded by  more prominent railroad officers than  ever before visited Peoria at one time,  James J. Hill last night addressed 500  persons at a banquet given in his honor  by the Commercial and Crevecoeur  Clubs of Peoria. Mr. Hill advocated  the developement of the agricultural  interests of the country as its future  salvation.. He held that no country  ever prospered unless it was based on  agriculture as its chief industry.  In the next thirty years he predicted  that the population of the United  States Avould increase to 200,000,000,  and the present methods of agriculture  Avould be inadequate then. He declared  that it Avas an utter impossibility at  the present prices of material and labor to build and equip a railroad from  Chicago to Ncav York which would pay  a dividend of 2 per cent, per annum on  the investment.  Since the Gazette write-up of the  Kingston group in last issue we have  learned that the past ten days has  shown still further improvement in  the situation. The tunnel referred to  in last issue, that was being driven  and having for its objective point an  ore body believed to lie on the upper  side of a dike which outcropped on  the surface farther up the mountain  side, broke into the diKe on Saturday  last, thus far bearing out the truth of  the conclusions arrived at. In about  tAvo Aveeks' time this dike unless it has  increased its width far over that  shoAvn on the surface, should be cut  across and the ore body reached. Of  course there may be a possibility of a  pinch in the ore body at the point  where the tunnel breaks through the  dike, but if so it -will only be a matter  of following along the contact for a  short distance until it is found, unless  all evidence from surface indications  has given them a "wrong steer."  On the Metropolitan, too the ore  continued strong in the shaft, and now  they are cross-cutting to see how  large it really is, and also to ascertain  Avhether it will hold the satisfactory  values all the way across that was  fo und on the andesite footwall.  Altogether the Kingston group is  looking very well, and everything  points to better things in store for  them, as development work  continues.  Foster's severe storm which Avas  billed to appear between the 13th and  18th is being looked for intently and  the effect Avhich it may Inwe on the  Avood-pile duly considered.  Cabled advices from England to-day  state that the imperial government  has renewed the overseas mail service  with the C. P. R. for the sum of  ������15,000 per annum and has agreed to  allow a longer period for transportation, namely thirty-five and a half  instead of thirty-four clays between  Liverpool aud Hongkong.  As a consequence of the conclusion  of this new agreement it is expected  that the C. P. R. will at an early date  re-establish the overseas mail transcontinental express service Avhich was  dropped when the former contract expired.  According to the terms of the contract, dated October 12th betAveen the  post-master general and the Canadian  Pacific Railway company the agreement is for three years, and expires  on April 0th, 1911. '  The agreement provides for a mail  service once in every three weeks during the summer, and once in every  four weeks during the winter in each  direction. The mails are to be taken  from Liverpool to Hongkong or from  Hongkong to Liverpool Avithin a total  period of S18 hours when the conveyance is by Avay of Quebec or  Rimouski, and within 852 hours Avhen  the conveyance is by way of Halifax  or St. John. The masters, officers  and three-fourths of the crews of the  mail ships employed on the Atlantic  must be British subjects, but this requirement does not apply to the mail  steamers between Vancouver and  Hongkong.'  The company is put under an obligation, in regard to the conveyance of  persons and goods by mail ships, to  give no undue preference to traders or  other customers or persons outside  British possessions. During the continuance of the contract the admiralty  is to have poAver to purchase or  charter the mail ships, and the company is prohibited from selling them  or letting them upon hire without the  consent of the admiralty and the postmaster- general.  Says in War, Flying Machines Will Be  Used to Bombard English Towns.  LONDON, Dec. 4.���������Sir Hiram Maxim took the British nation to task for  its small interest in aerial machines in  a lecture before thet Society of Arts.  He reproached England for being behind other fust-class European countries in progress towards a solution of  this form of locomotion.  "Does anyone doubt for a moment,"  said he "that in case we find ourselves  at war Avith a continental power flying machines will bo used for bombarding English towns both on the  coast and inland? The City of London within a year's time can be attacked without our enemy needing to  fear the boasted British fleet.  "A French engineer of international  renown tells me that by this time next  year there, will be plenty of machines  on the market capable of crossing and  recrossing the channel several times  at night and in darkness without  stopping," he continued.  "There is only one way of combating this danger and that is by constructing machines ourselves. Our  achievements in this line thus far are  insignificant because Ave lack the  agination of the French and  Americans. They begin by believing,  we by doubting."  Sir Hiram went on to say that he  thought the Wright aevoplaneja rough  and imperfect piece of mechanism, but  if equipped with a trustworthy motor  it could be made much more serviceable.  Other speakers seconded Sir Hiram's  Avarning that it is full time for England to wake up unless she Avants to  find herself at the mercy of the conti-  mental military fliers.  MAY FIND DIAMONDS.  unfile  OTTAWA, Dec. 12th.-(Special)-Dr.  H. M. Ami of the geological survey  says it is quite possible that there is  truth in the statment that diamonds  have been found in the vicinity of  Cochrane, NeAV Ontario.  He believes that it Avould be an excellent thing if a geologist was appointed to follow the construction of  the Transcontinental Railway. He  thought it would be the moans of making many valuable new discoveries of  mineral. THE  HEDLEY GAZETTE, DECEMBER 17, 1908.  ������rffeei������ ttuKfte.  and  ,   Similkameen Advertiser.  Issued on Thursdays, by r.he Hedley Gazette  I'mXTINO AND l-'Ulir.ISIUNG C'OJIPA.VV.    "  Limiticd.. at Medley. B. C.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year ....S2.0C  '������������������������������������-{ United States).  2.50  Advertising Rates  Measurement. 12 lines to the inch.  1 Land Notices���������Certificates of improvement, etc.  $7.00 for 60-day notices, and ������5.00 for 30-day  notices.  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New Moon  23  First quar.  30.;  1908  Sun. Itton. Tues. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.  6  13  20  27  7  14  21  28  1  8  15  22  29  2  9  16  23  30  3  10  17  21  31  4  11  18  12  19  26  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  The freight disability referred to elsewhere in this issue,   is  only  another echo  of the oft  debated anomaly of the short  and long haul.    It is  not  only  the C. P. R. which is the sinner  in    this matter for   the   rate  schedules of all transcontinental raihvay lines sIioav that they  all practise this peculiar creed  of   making inland  toAvns pay  about 30 per cent,  higher  than  coast toAvns have to  pay  that  are 1000 miles farther on.     Fifteen years  ago  a merchant in  Vernon avc.s getting a  car-load  of sto\res from Ontario and instead of having them  shipped  to Vernon direct he  had  them  billed   through   to Vancouver,  and on their arrival  there had  the car hauled back to Vernon,  paying the local rate for the last  portion of the haul.    By doing  so he saved $15.00 over what he  would have been charged  on a  direct haul.   Thus he compelled  the C. P. R. to haul his car-load  of stoA'es 900 miles for $15 less  than nothing.   It is understood  that since that time the C. P. R.  rates have been modified somewhat so as to lighten the amount  of the  discrimination but the  principle   is   still   maintained.  The Spokane Chamber of Commerce has been for years fighting the same kind  of discrimination practised against them  by   the  Great   Northern   and  Northern Pacific railways,   but  so far as known they have   not  succeeded in forcing these  railways     to   lift   this   handicap  against them.      Spokane   was  willing to pay the railways  the  Seattle rate from the  east,  but  was not willing to have that  rate increased by the amount of  the local rate from Seattle back  to Spokane.   This piece  of extortion on the part of the railways ought to come under the  power of the  raihvay  commission    to   deal  Avith,  for apart  from   any   railway   mode   of  reasoning as to the justice  of  it, the whole thing can only be  regarded by the lay mind as  a  vulgar piece of grab  ing paragraph relating to postal  sayings banks Avhich will be  interest to Canadians : "I  reiieAV my recommendation for  postal savings banks, for depositing savings with the security of the gOA-ernment behind  them. The object is to encourage thrift and economy iu the  Avage-earner and persons of  moderate. means. In fourteen  states the deposits in savings  banks are reported to be  .$3,592,245,402, or 98.4 per cent,  of the entire deposits, while in  the remaining thirty-two states  there are only $70,308,543, or  .1.6. per cent., showing conclusively that '"there are many localities in the United States  where ������������������sufficient opportunity is  not given to the people to deposit their savings. The result  is that money is kept in hiding  and unemployed. It is believed  that in the aggregate vast  sumsof money would be brought  into circulation through the instrumentality of the postal savings banks. While there are  only 1,453 savings banks reporting to the comptroller, there  are more than 61,000 ^post  offices, 40,000 of which are  money order offices. Postal  savings banks are now in operation in practically all the great  civilized countries with the exception of the United States."  maintain a  tariff  British goods.  Avail  against  THE BANK OF  The policy of the Laurier government in respect to preferential trade is not viewed-, with  favor by all classes in England.  This is made clear by the follow-  ing Canadian Associated Press  dispatch, which is dated London  December, 5: '-Commenting on  an article in the Toronto Globe,  the Manchester Guardian says  it leaves little doubt that imperial preference, as imperialists understand it, is utterly rejected by the party which has  just been given control of Canada's destinies for its fourth  successive term."  Christmas stamps have been  issued by the Anti-Tuberculosis  Society with the object of contributing to the support of indigent patients at the Tran-  quille sanitarium. We trust  they will be largely used by the  charitably inclined.  K. E. Gosnell is doing good  work for the province in collecting excellent data for future  historians and writers of romance. Some of his sketches  of by-gone days in British Columbia are most interesting.  1908  ���������  A Strong British Bank, with connections  throughtout the world.  Agents in Canada and the West Indies for the  Colonial Bank, London.  Drafts   on  South Africa,  Australia, China and the   .  West Indies bought and sold.  Bills on any town where there is a bank or banking  negotiated or taken for collection.  Hedley Branch,    -   -   L. G. MacHaffie, Manager  NURSING WANTED  MATERNITY or other  erato.���������Apply to  40-4  cases.    Terms inod-  BOX 18. Hedley.  No 35(1.  CERTIFICATE OF  THE   REGISTRATION  OF AN EXTRA-PROVINCIAL  COMPANY.  NOTICE  WOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  1 ^ from date, I, Joan M. Smith, of Bcavcr-  de!l, B. C. intend to apply to '.the Superintendent of Provincial Police, F. S. Hussey, of  Victoria, for a retail,liquor license for Smith's  Hotel, located in Bcaverdell, B. O.   .  JOAN M. SMITH  Beaverdcil. B. C. Nov. 3rdr 1908. - -44-4  NOTICE  The Toronto World gives the  following estimate of Premier  McBride which goes to shoAv  that the fame of British Columbia's premier is spieading.  The World says:  "Walter A. Nichol, proprietor  of The    Vancouver    Province,  intervieAved   in  Montreal,   declared    that "Dick McBride   is  big enough for any job in   Canada.     He  is young, however,"  Mr. Nichol admitted, "only 36,  and has a good  deal to learn.  But he  can learn it.     He  has  brains, ambition, a strong personality, is a magnetic speaker,  and possesses that indefatigable  quality that Macdonald possessed, that Laurier has, that sets a  man apart, in the minds of his  fellows,.-as born to lead.     That  he can groAV and learn is shown  by the fact that  Avhen  I went  west, some tAvelve years ago, he  was regarded as a political force  in a small way in  his toAvn of  New  Westminister.    He greAV  in public esteem as he  became  better   known,    and to-day is  easily   the  most popular   and  powerful man in  the province.  GiA*e him a feAv years' experience in Ottawa and I wouldn't  like to  set limits  to hoAv far  Dick McBride would go."  Every' part of the district should  make an effort, to be represented in  the B.C. mineral exhibitlit the Alaska-  Yukon-Pacific Exhibition. Small  pocket specimens sire no good and  will not he taken. Chunks of ore containing about a cubic foot are the specimens sought for. This is what Mr.  Brock says and the man he is sending  to make the selection from specimens  offered will no doubt observe this distinction, and choose accordingly.  The vacancy on the railway commission and the portfolio of mines are  tAvo plums that are kept dangling he-  fore the eyes of sundry politicians.  Regarding the railway commissioner-  ship the public is not much concerned,  but now that the political fight i.s over  there seems to be a pretty general  Avish that Mr.  Laurier should retain  Teinpleman as Minister of Mines.   o :   METEOROLOGICAL.  The following are the readings shoAV-  ing temperature,   etc.,  for the Aveek  ending  Dec  12  AT  THE MINE.  Maximum  Mini  mini  Dec   6  #   t  32  18  7  29  16  8  30  22  9  20  20  10  t   .  28  9  11  ,  .  33  17  12  ,  35  21  President Roosevelt's message  to congress contains the follow-  The  burning   question   now  betAveen England and Germany  is the hop question.    It  would  be a funny thing   for  two   nations to go   to   war  over,   but  they have been known  to precipitate wars for less than this.  English hop-growers have been  complaining for some time that  their occupation was rendered  unremunetative from the fact  that hops grown  in Germany  and    imported   into    England  free of   duty   was   taking   the  English    market   aAvay     from  them.     Of course the Asquith  government is a free trade government, and while they put no  duty   on   German    hops,   they  have   hedged   with  difficulties  the   importation    of    German  hops by   loading   on other restrictions and the Germans are  getting very angry over what  they consider an embargo being  placed on their commerce,  notwithstanding the fact that they  Average maximum temperature 30.42.  Average minimum do 17.57  Mean temperature 23.99  Rainfall for the week   5.      inches.  Snowfall     ���������������������������'-        " 0.  CORRESPONDING WEEK OP LAST YE Alt  Highest maximum temperature 35.  Average maximum  LoAvest minimum  Average minimum  Mean  do 30.57  do - 7 ���������  do 15.85  do 32.21  AT THE MILL.  Maximum        Minimum  Dec   6 .. 29 .. 14  7 .. 35 .20  8 .. 31 .. 20  9 .. 31 ..17  10 .. 31 .. 15  11 .. 36 .. 22  12 .. 42*       .. 27  Average maximum temperature 33.57  Average minimum          do 20.14  Mean                                  do 26.85  Rainfall for the week    .     inches  Snowfall        "       "     2.  CORRESPONDING WEEK OK LAST YEAR  Highest maximum temperature 39  Average do do 36.14  Lowest minimum do 20.  Average do do 27.14  Mean do 31.64  "Companies Act, 1897."  T HEREBY CERTIFY that the "Keremeos  * Copper Company" has this day been registered as an Extra-Provincial Company, under  the "Companies Act, 1897," to carry- out or  effect all or any of the objects of the Company  to which tho legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends, except the  construction and working of railways. r  i The head office of the Company is situate at  the City of Spokane, County of Spokane, State  of AVasnington. .  The amount of the capital of the Company is  ono million five hundred thousand dollars,  divided into one million five hundred thousand  shares of one dollar each.  The head oflice of tho Company in this Prov--  inec is situate at Olalla. and Chas. AV: Jordan,  miner, whose address is Olalla, aforesaid, is the  attorney for the Company. Not empowered to  issue and transfer stock.  The time of the existence of the Company is  fifty years, frem September 30th, 1908. -  The Company is limited.  Given under my hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  22nd day of Octobcr.ione thousand nine hundred  and eight.  [L.S.] S. Y. WOOTTON,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  That the objects for which this Corporation is  formed arc :���������  ��������� (1) To locate, acquire, procure, take, hold,  bond, buy, lease, sell, develop and operate  mines, mineral lands and mining claims of any  and all kinds and descriptions whatsoever, and  oil lands and gas lands, and generally to carry-  on the business of mining in all the states,  territories and possessions of the United States,  in British Columbia and clsewhorc in the Dominion of Canada:  (2) To carry on the business of purchasing,  selling, milling, smelting, matting, stamping,  treating, refining, handling and reducing, for  hire or otherwise, ores and minerals of any and  every kind and description whatsoever, including coal and coke, oilsandgases, and to acquire,  take, own, construct and operate smelters and  smelting and refining plants, in all the states,  territories and possessions of the United States,  in British Columbia and elsewhere in the  Dominion of Canada:  (3) To convey water by ditches and flumes,  pipelines, tunnels or other means, for tiie utilization of water power; to acquire, own, develop  and maintain, operate and use water power;  to acquire, construct and use dams and water  and electric power plants, and to acquire, construct, maintain, operate and use all works and  structures incident or necessary thereto, and  to manufacture and generate power, light and  heat, and to use such power, light and heat for  any and all purposes whatsoever, and to  transmit and distribute such power, light arid  heat to any place or places, for any and all purposes whatsoever, for hire or otherwise; to acquire, construct, maintain and operate all pipe  .or wire lines, or other means necessary for the  transmission and distribution of such power,  light and heat; to acquire, by purchase or by  eminent domain or otherwise, all lands, water,  water rights and other real estate, for the purposes in this paragraph enumerated, in all the  states, territories and possessions of the United  States, in British Columbia and elsewhere in  the Dominion of Canada:  (1) To supply anyand all cities and towns,  or the inhabitants thereof, with pure and fresh  water, and to acquire by purchase,, eminent  domain, location, or in any other manner, and  to hold, own and operate the same for the purpose of supplying such cities and towns 'With  pure and fresh water, lands, waters, water  rights and real estate, of any character whatsoever, and to acquire, construct* own, maintain  and operate all works, plants, conduits, canals  and aqueducts requisite for the supplying of  said - cities and towns as aforesaid, and to  charge and collect tolls therefore in all the  states, territories and possessions of the United  States, in British Columbia and elsewhere in  the Dominion of Canada:  . (5) To build, own, purchase, take, sell, lease,  equip and operate, for hire or otherwise, steamboats, tramways, wagon roads, trails, ferries  and steam and electric railways, and to construct, purchase leaso, sell and operate, for  hire ;ana otherwise, telephone and telegraph  lines, and to acquire land therefore, by eminent  domain or otherwise, in all the states, territories and possessions of the United States, in  British Columbia and elsewhere in the Dominion of Canada.  (6) To construct, lease, buy and operato  hotels and boarding-houses, merchandise stores,  and to buy and soli general merchandise of  any and all kinds whatsoever, in all the states,  territories and possessions of tho United  States, in British Columbia and olsowhero in  tho Dominion of Canada.  (7) To acquire, hold, purchase, tako, sell,  convey, dispose of, rent and lease real and personal property of any and every kind whatsoever in all the states, territories and possessions  of the United States, in British Columbia and  elsewhere in tho Dominion of Canada :  lVTOTICE Is hereby  given  that thirty-days  afterdate, I, C..H. Thomas, intend to  apply to the Superintendent of Provincial  Police,V. S.Hussey, of Victoria, for a,retail  liquor license for thcMyncaster Hotel, situated  at Myncaster B. C. ���������''  Novembor 10th, 1908.  C. H. THOMAS.  45-4  NOTICE.  ���������**.  SIMILKAMEEN. LAND DISTRICT.,  , District ok Yale.  X^KE NOTICE that Hubert J. W. Green, of  *     Horn Lake, occupation���������farmer, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the follow-  ing described lands:���������      -  Commencing at a post planted 20 chains coat  of the S. W. corner of F. P. Howard's P. R. No.  4037; thence east 40 chains; thence south 40  chains; thence west 40 chains; thence north 40  chains to point of commencement, and containing 160 acres more or less.  Hubert J. AV. GREEN.  September 21st, 1908. 3S-10  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND. DISTRICT.  District ov Yale.  TAKE NOTICE that K E., Burr, agent for  *    AV. A. Burr, ofHcdl -.>,,occupation���������blael  smith, intends to apply io;-  chase the following describe!  Commencing at a post plantedi at tho northwest corner of Lot No. 303, then south 40 chains j  thence west 20 chains;thence north 40 chains;  thence cast 20 chains to point of commencement.  Sermission to pur-  lands :���������  Oct. 15th, 1908.  W. A BURR.,  43-10  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  District ok Yale -  TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Dundee, of  Rossland, miner, intend to-apply for permission to  purehaso the following described  lands:��������� . .;";���������'���������''���������    .'���������-'������������������  Commencing at apost planted about 40chains  in a southerly direction from Fife Station on  the Columbia and'Wcstcrn Railway and about  50 feet on the east side from the railroad track,  at the south-west corner of lot 28?8 thence  north 40 chains; thence west 20 chain* hence  south 40 chains ; thence cast 20 chains to point  of commencement; and containing 80 acres  more or less. ... .'  CHAS. DUNDEE.  Dated October 17th, 1908.  46-10  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date. I. Frank Richter, intend .to '-  apply to the superintendent provincial police,   '  F. a. Hussey, of Victoria, for a retail liquor lie- '.  once for the Osoyoos Hotel, located at Osoyoos  B.C. /  FRANK RICHTER.  Osoyoos, B. C, Nov. 21st, 1908. 46-4  HOUSE AND LtVT FOR SALE.  P70R SALE at a bargain, Residence and Four  ���������*��������� Lots, in tho Eastern Addition, Hedley.���������  Apply to  J. L. CALDAVELL.  Novembor 6th, 1908. 44-4  NOTICE  (8)  soil  To locate, take, hold, purchase, lease plat,  convoy, disnoRO of and rent tqwnsito pro-  Similkameen Valley Saddlery  Company.  HARNESS and SADDLES  "WHIPS, BITS and SPURS  Boots and Shoes made to order  Harness Repairs   and   Boot  Attended to.  First-Class Work.  Repairs  HEDLEY BRANCH  J. CRJTCHLEY, Mgr.  ,-���������   -'!   --   .--  porty, and to build houses and buildings of any-  kind, for salo and rent in all the states, territories and possessions of the United Statos, in  British Columbia and elsowhere in tho Dominion of Canada:  (9) To issue stock and accept payments of  subscriptions therefor in such instalments, or  in such manner; and in such money or property,  real or personal or thing of value, ns shall bo  determined by tho Board of Trustees; to borrow  money, to issue notes, bonds, debentures and  other evidences of indebtedness, and to mortgage any or all of its real or personal property,  and to acquire, in any mannor, hold and dis-  poso of opinions and stocks, bonds notes and  mortgages of other corporations and of indivi  duals ; to acquire hold and dispose of tho stock  and bonds of this Corporotion, an " '  and all things convenient, proper  APPLICATION for transfer of-Liquor Lic-  ** ewee^nder Section 48, on desertion of  premises b^Liconsee.,  I, E. A. C. Studd, of the Commercial Hotel,  Hcdloy; hereby apply to the Superintendent of  Provincial Police for a transfer from Thos.  Guiney to E. A. C. Studd of the license to soli  intoxicating liquors under the provisions of tho  Statutes in that behalf, In the premises known  and described as tho Commercial Hotol, situated at Hedley, to comiYienco at once.  E. A. C. STUDD,  Vancouver, B.C.  Dated at Hedley this 10th day of Doc. 1908.. 49-5  this Corporotion, and to do every  _s convenient, proper or requisite  for tho carrying out of the objects and purposes  in these articles sot forth, in their fullest and  broadest senso, in all the states, territories and  poscssions of tho United States, in British Columbia and olsowhero in the Dominion of Canada. 46-4  NOTICE  COMPANIES ACT 1897  KTOTICE is hereby given that Frank A. Ross,  **       Mining  Engineer of Hedley B. C. has  been appointed tho new attorney of Yalo Mining Co. in tho place of M. K. Rodgers.  S. Y. AVOOTON,  Register of Joint Stock Co.  Dated at Victoria this 10th day of  Doc. 1908  49-4 THE HEDLEY  GAZETTE, DECEMBER 17,  a������mfemiftMraara������Matfefe^<������raftfe)ife  x  I  i  THE  Great Northern  Hotel    ������������������  Princeton  Is noted over the entire district for excellence of both table  :   :   :  :      and bar,;     :" : ���������: ,;  if  X  %  X  X  8  Town and District.  All the wants of the travelling"        <g  public   carefully ��������� attended   to.       - *  I s  Grand Union     ~  HEDLEY, B. C.  HERRING & WINKLER, Proprietors  "A ...   A. P. &. A. M.  'SroV' ���������    REGULAR monthly meetings "of  /\3r\     Hedley Lodge No. 43, A.F. & A. M.,  ���������   - are held on the second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hall, Hedley. Visiting  brethren arc cordially invited to attend.  J. D. BRASS, _ H. D. BARNES,  W. M.  Secretary  PALACE  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  -     ' ' HEDLEY, B.C.   IP A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.   IT Orders, for Teaming  promptly attended to.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!-  'Phone 14. -  INNIS BROS��������� Proprietors.  THE  NEW  ZEALAND  HOTEL  ���������     ���������     *     *     *  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  Everuthing New and First-Class  Bar supplied Avith the Choicest  Liquors' and Cigars,* and Special  Attention  paid  to   the   Table.  THE ������������������MODEL''  LIVERYSTABLE  Princeton, B. C.  THE FINEST TURNOUTS IN THE COUNTRY  EXTRA AVELL FITTED FOB LONG DRIVES  Broomfield & Garrison  PROPRIETORS  atitirilllttltM^^ltiafetttraifcfefefefefefc  Patronize those who,patronize home  industry.  Work is progressing on the Bruce  claim at Midway.. J. C. Haas, M. E.  the principal owner is confident of  running into an ore body one of these  days.  H. S, Joyner bowled over a marauding coyote with a charge of coarse  shot, one fine moonlight night last  week. The coyote had come doAvn  from the hills tb inspect his poultry  arrangements.  , School will close to-day for the  Christmas holidays and re-open on the  first Monday in January. Miss Davies,  teacher, intends going home to Victoria to spend the holidays.  Dr. McDonald, the returning officer  for Yale-Cariboo, was to have' held a  final recount '" of the ballots ��������� at  Kamloops last Thursday hut OAving to  absence'of six boxes the recount-has  been adjourned for-another Aveek.  The hospital committee have decided  now to postpone their ball until about  the middle of January. This will give  them longor lime to make full preparation for it and if possible obtain a  larger dancing floor than is at present  available.  J. Peck MacSwain left for the south  Tuesday morning. He will Avinter on  his tarantula ranch near San Diego,  Cal.���������and at way points. He has fully  recovered from the" effects of his  auctioneering^ business in Fernie.  "-���������Ledge. , "."'"'���������' : ��������� '  Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Boeing and Miss  Lois left on Monday morning for Mr-  Boeing's old home in Minnesota Avhere  they Avill spend a few weeks. They  Avill spend a" feAV days, with Mr.,'and  Mrs.' Geo. Bowerman at Oroville, on  the way. -    '      .. '.-';.'  "Mr. J. H. - Kennedy, chief engineer  "V. V. & E., went" up the line last Aveek  to note".the,prbgress of work between  here arid .Princeton and also'to further  look over the ground for placing of  the raihvay bridge over the Similkameen at that point.  Shatford's Limited are sending out  handsome calendars to their customers. This year's calendar has a  very pretty woodland scene, being a  copy of Thomas Moran's "Edge of tho  Wood". Moaan is a noted artist Avho  has received $10,000 each for several  paintings executed for the United  States government.  Mrs. Wm. Sampson, of the Nickel  Plate, and baby Sampson spent Sunday and Monday in Hedley Avith Mrs.  Townsend. Mrs. Sapipson whose.'husband is shift boss at the Nickel Plate,  is the only woman living on the hill at  present, and when she went back this  week she didn't expect to get down to  Hedley again before spring.  Dr. and Mrs. Whillans returned on  Saturday night. Thedoctor Avas taking special >vork in Chicago hospitals  and at first it Avas his intention to  spend the winter there while Mrs.  .Whillans remained Avith friends in  Alberta, but he decided to change his  plans and will defer completion of the  course for a little Avhile longer.  " *!   -" '-'���������..'' .'  J.J' Marks has a very likely showing  on the Humming Bird. ; He has the  right geological conditions for a good  ore body; and. to make things look  still better he has found the ore. The  richest portion of the Nickel Plate ore  body Avas where it Avas cut Avith a pro-  phyry dike and this is exactly the condition now found on the Humming  Bird.  Mr  Great Northern has not yet reached  here. This goes to show that the  G. N. R. ean be slow in other things  as well as in getting the rails laid  down between Keremeos and Hedley.  The C. P. R. formerly used to lay  similar shipments down here in half  that time.  Mr. W. A. Maclean has been confined to his room for'the past ten days  with an attack of what is commonly  called "Shingles," but he is now making satisfactory progress towards recovery. One advantage in this complaint is that convalescence is accelerated by plenty of'building-up material.  A little ship-lap to go with the shingles,  ���������and a few other iktas in that line  would fix him all light.  The School Entertainment announced for Sajburday evening 19th inst has  been declared off. This has been caused by Miss Davies being summoned to  Victoria by telegram, requiring her  to be there-, on "the-20th, Avhich will  necessitate her leaving here on Friday  morning. Accordingly the balance of  $10.70 left over from last year has  been returned to the treasurer and all  other money collected-for any other  purpose in connection with the entertainment has been .returned to the  parties contributing:same.  Mr" Roy Clark, a prominent mining  engineer of Spokane, and AVell-knoAvn  in Rossland Camp, paid- Hedley a  visit last week and spent a day on the  Kingston. * His examination it is believed Avas made on behalf "of some of  the stock-holders. He appeared to be  satisfied with the work under Avay" as  being best calculated to shoAV up the  information sought and where the ore  bodies are located. The" good results  that are at present attending development work it is believed will encourage  the stock-holders to prosecute operations more vigorously than they have  done for some time.  It is sometimes a difficult matter to choose  Christmas Presents  In order to help our many customers  Ave  enumerated a few articles from the stock of the  BIG STORE  There are many other things in our big stock  suitable for presents, too numerous to mention; we   '  have just listed a few articles from  each  department to give you an idea of what can be found here.  Dining Tables c  Chairs  Book Cases  Ladies' Desks  Bamboo Stands and  Shelves  Rugs and Carpets  Lamps  Fancy Vases  Battenburg Doilies and  Centre Pieces  Toilet sets  Manicure Sets  Jewel Cases <  Mirrors  Silk Waists  Silk Shawls  Silk Scarfs  Silk Handkerchiefs  Lace and Embroidered  Handkerchiefs  Linen Handkerchiefs in  Fancy Boxes  Gloves  Belts  Fancy Collars  Ribbon  Child's Coats  Child's Bearskin  Hoods,  Toques,  f.'������&,f,vft1i'iv-J,^'������    .'   -  -W  K*Jii  Great Northern  Hotel  A now house containing moro bed  room accommodation than any  other hotel in town. Tablo and  bar first-class.   Rates moderate.  i*i  JOHN LIND, Proprietor *g  When   writing    Advertisers,  Mention the Gazette.  Please  and Mrs. I. L. Dear doi ff left  yesterday morning for Jasper.Missouri,  Mr. Deardorff's old home, which he  left 2-t years ago, although he Avas  back there on a short visit eight years  ago. His father any mother are still  living. Mr. and Mrs. Deardoi-ff will  pick up Mr. and.Mrs. Boeing at Oroville  and travel eastward together as far as  St.  Paul.  Mr. A. McVicar, amalgamator in the  Daly Reduction stamp mill did notror  main long after the shut down, but  went out on Monday morning, bound  for.Edmonton, and may pay a visit to  his old home in Middlesex, Ont., before returning to B. C. Besides being  a good mill-man, Mac i.s a good citizen  and made many warm friends in Hedley, avIio Avill miss him.  Dr. McGregor, who was relieving  Dr. Whillans for the past three months,  returned to Penticton on Monday  morning. The doctor made many  Avarm friends during his short sojourn  in Hedley. He has gone into partnership Avith Dr. R. B. White of Penticton, and thus will continue to be a  resident of the district in which he  has unbounded confidence.  A shipment of paper for the Gazette  which left the mill in Ontario about  the beginning of October to come via  Another of the old timers passed  aAvay on Sunday morning last when  death claimed James Jacobs at the  residence of his son-in-law A* H. Souk-  up. For some time past he- has. been  in indifferent health, and during the  past tAvo days had taken to his bed.  He Avas a placer miner in Cariboo before coming to the Similkameen, Avhere  he took up a ranch near the mouth of  Wolf Creek. This he sold over three  years ago to the'Great Northern, after  Avhich he bought from A. Nissen the  ranch upon which he has lived Avith  Mr. and Mrs. So.ukup for the last three  years or thereabout. He Avas industrious and inoffensive and had the  good will of all.  The Gazette has received a communication from Anarchist mountain  complaining that in our issue of Nov.  19th, Ave had arrived at a wrong conclusion from the Sidley vote cast in  the recent election and had*placed  credit Avhere it did not belong. As  some of the sentences in it appear to  bear the construction that it is intended more as a private letter to the  editor than for publication, and as no  good purpose Avould be sewed by its  publication, but rather the reverse, we  merely call attention to the .point  raised, in this general way. The Conservative campaign secretary in Green-  Avood is also blamed either for lack of  discrimination, or too much unwise  discrimination, in sending out notices  of meetings to the wrong parties.  There are several good old .trusties,  Avho haA*e in rain and shine upheld the  Conservative cause in that locality,  and it Avould be a mistake to over-look  their services as appears to have unintentionally been done. But of  course Greenwood being iu another  provincial riding the Conservatives in  that town sould scarcely be expected  to know (as Ave do in the Similkameen)  Avho are the friends of the Conservative cause in that portion' of the  riding.  Muffs,   Ruffs,  and Buggy Robes.  Nice Warm Felt Slippers for Men, Ladies,  Boys and Girls.  Shatfords, Ltd.  fit *^  X  WHEN YOU HANKER FOR  k  *  %  K  K  K  *  *  H  I  x  $ ���������.'��������������������������� jl  Fresh Beef,  Cured Meats,  Pork or Mutton  Fish or Poultry  CALL UP PHONE No. S  AND TELL YOUR WANTS TO  IR.,,J-E]D)M������NID)8  15������  lufeteir  their progress. Had these trees still  been standing it is clear that fewer  boulders Avould have reached the  bench ; for Avhile the stumps stopped  some of them, others Avere bounding  so high in the air that they jumped  clean over stumps and other boulders.  Altogether, it has probably been one  of the biggest rock movements along  the face of this mountain that has  occured Avithin the memory of the  present generation.  A rock slide about midnight on Saturday night last sounded a  trifle  uncanny to dwellers on the Avest end of  "the 1-oav" as Kinston avenue is sometimes called.   The soft weather of Saturday folloAved by the brisk rain in the  evening and frost a few hours later  had evidently given  a mass of loose  rock a little bit of a heave that threw  it out of balance and started it oil  down the face of the cliff.     As a rule  the sedimentaries forming the cliff on  the west side of TAventy mile are so  decomposed that no matter how large  a mass.breaks off itflies into fragments  before    it    gets    half    Avay    down  and   spreads   out   over    the    talus.  The mass  which   broke off on Saturday night Avas, however, a little firmer  and as   a   result   some big   angular  boulders weighing several tons reached the bench on the north eastern corner of Pinto flat.   The cutting down  of trees on the hill-face to put in' the  creek   cribbing,   left clear scope for  Holders   of United   Wireless Telegraph Co. stock should pay no attention  to    the  "hee   haws"  of certain  highly  tickled  parties around   town,  who base their talk  wholly on   the  authority of a paragraph in a medical  paper  that the stock  was  selling  in  New York for less than it is selling on  the Pacific coast.   Sensible people do  not    go    to   Mother   Siegel's   worm  syrup almanac for light  on  questions  of finance, and financiers are not  supposed to go into a panic on any financial pabulum which any Mother Siegel  or other phisicky publication may contain.   The fiscal agent of the United  Wireless Telegraph Co. on the Pacific  coast,  who is also a director of the  company and therefore responsible for  Avhatever he gives out to the public,  has said in print that the concern is  noAV on a paying basis,  and  that the  only use being made of proceeds from  sale of stock is to help the pi*ofits, part  of Avhich are now being used  in extending the system by  the equipping  of   new  stations,  and  building   neAV  factories for the manufacture of electrical equipment.   If this be so (and  there   is no reason to doubt it) the  price of stock Avill cut no figure, for  Avithout the sale of another share of  its stock the concern is bound to succeed, and the only ill effect Avhich a  stoppage of stock sales can  have is  to  delay the time when handsome dividends can  be paid to   stock-holders.  There never was any financial enter -  prise that achieved success that Avas  not assailed at its inception   with  the  braying of asses and United  Wireless  cannot expect to be an exception.  Okanagan  College  The Fall Term will begin on  Wednesday, Sept. 23,1908  College Matriculation, junior  and senior; Commercial Course;  Stenography and Typewriting;  Vocal and Instrumental Music.  For further particulars  address  the Principal,  Everett W. Sawyer  SUMMER.LAND, B.C.  Try  ������vvw\vaaiKMi!  Vidoria  Cross  CEYLON TEA.  Pure and   Invigorating.  Gluistmas Groceries  Choice and Fresh  Just what you want to give relish to  your Chrismas dinner.  May be had at  The Cheap Cash Store  Mrs. Q. B. Lyon. THE   HEDLEY   GAZETTE,   DECEMBER 17, 1908.  NEW RAILROAD IS A MARVEL  Regarded by engineers as a marvel  of consti-iietiou is the Spokane, Portland and .Seattle railway, -123 miles the  most direct line between Spokane and  Portland, which will be completed Jan.  1st VM). The road built jointly by the  Great-Voi them and Northern Pacific  systems-, i-? the must expensive in  America, the coat of it ranging fiom  $2.-)(),0!)l) Lo $"il)0,0()0a mile. Twenty-live  niik-s of track remain to be laid between Spokane and Pasco, and this  work will be completed in two weeks.  Besides this there are two bridges a  mile apart near Devil's canyon. One  is 1,100 feet in length and 220 feet high,  while the other i.s 1,000 feet long and  1G0 feet above tho ground in the centre.  The road has been built without regard to expense, tire purpose being to  make it permanent and safe. An idea  of this may be gained when it is known  that 20 miles of line between Pasco and  Kahlotus, cost ,-p.5,000,000, or ������250,000 a  mile, while a mile of road along the  bluffs OA'erh-iiiging Snake river involved an expenditure of .$.300,000. To survey and build this part of the line,  which follows the Columbia river, men  were suspended over the cliffs with  ropes ; but while there were many narB  row escapes, not a life was lost nor  was anyone seriously injured.���������Ephra-  to Journal.  1������  it  Open Your Eyes,  The habit of going through the world  with the eyes shut is an inveterate  one, common in till times. In old time  the prophets and the groat Teacher  himself reproached their disciples with  this failing. "Eyes have ye, and see  not," said they. True, it Avas a failure  to perceive spiritual truth in their  case. All our faculties, bodily, mental,  spiritual, are given to us for use, and  we are held to be responsible for neglect of them, as was that servant in  the parable who went and hid in the  earth that talent that his lord had  entrusted to him. Sufficient stress is  not laid upon the use and abuse of our  bodily faculties or the neglect of them.  Do but consider how much pleasure  we debar ourselves from when we shut  up this the chief of Five Gateways  of Knowledge. I-Iow beautiful is the  world in tho cool, clear, luminous air  of early _ dawn, and yet Iioav many,  t think you, have ever stopped to take  1 in that beauty, if they by chance have  been abroad at that hour?���������Exchange.  British  Military Balls.  It has often boon demonstrated thai  the schoolmaster is needed among tha  British officers. Home queer, quaint efforts at composition have been made  iu brigade orders. A certain major ordained not long ago this: "Reveille  will be at 8:3.0 a. m. The brigade will  parade at 4 a. m. The brigade will  move at 4:15 a. m. The sun will'rise  at 5 a. in." It was during the guerrilla  Avar of 3001-02, after the building of  the blockhouses, that it became necessary to check the habit of the men of  sleeping outside the blockhouses for  +he sake of coolness and comfort. A  certain staff officer thereupon issued  the following quaint order: "No one is  permitted 'to sleep outside the blockhouses except the sentries." Though'  the intention of this order is clear, its  phraseology is not, "Men on outpost  duty are forbidden to strike matches  on the sky Hue."  *  ^  A  ���������  *  ���������  *  HANDBOOK.  (Xew ICrtifion issued "Murcli. 1008.)  Sl/K:   Octavo.  1'AGKS:   12-.-8.  CHAi'TKRS:   25.  SCOT'K: The Copper Industry of the AA'orld.  COVKRINX.': Copper History. Geology.  Gco-j-mphy, Chemistry, "Vlinernlofry, Miniiij?,  Milling-, 'f.i.-iicliiii'r. Snu-ltiiiK. Ucliiiiiig-, Hrands,  Grades. Impurities, Alloys, 1's.os, Substitutes,  Tcrminolopy, Deposits by Histricls, States,  Countries and Continents, *Mliu>s in Detail,  Statistics ot Production. Consumption, Imports, Kxports. Finances, Dividends, etc.  The Copper .Handbook is eoneededly the  WORLD'S STANDARD REFERENCE  BOOK OX COPPER.  THK M'XKR needs the book for the facts  it. gives him rejrurdinfr Geology, Mining, Copper Deposits and Copper "Minus.  TirK METALLURGIST needs the book forth e facts it gives him regarding copper willing,  leaching, smelting and refining.  THK COPPKR COXSU.AIKR needs the book  for every chapter it contains. It tells what,  and explains how and why.  THK INVESTOR T.V COPPKK SHARKS  cannot afford to be without it. The Copper  Handbook gives statistics and -general information on one hand, with thousands of  detailed mine descriptions on the other,  covering the copper mines of the entire world,  and the 10 pages of condensed statistical tables  alone are worth wore than the price of the  book to each and every owner of copper wining shares.  PRTCK: ������n.00 in buckram with gilt top, or  ������7.50 in full library .morocco.  TKItMH: Tho most liberal. Send no money,  but order the book sent you, all carriage charges  prepaid, on one week's approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Can  you afford not tu see tho nook and judge for  VouvsoU of -its value to you:?  'WRITE XOW  to the editor and publisher,  HORACE j. STEVENS  r:.'il  STIKLDtiX   BUILDING, HOUGHTON,  MICH,  U. S. A. 15  <#���������  ������  <������>  W0 UP M mP Ir* b^ U  Pi  nvestment  And  Will  Make  Money  iedley  is the supply point for the Nickel Plate mountain, on which is si United the famous "Nickel  Plate"���������the richest gold mine in Canada���������and many other  promising mines and prospects. It is the mining and business  centre of the  ...PRICE OF LOTS...  SimiSkameen  the iioav mining district Avhich has already been proven, by a  small amount of deA'elopment work, to bo one of the richest  gold, copper and coal mining sections of  srlfisSi Columbia.  HEDLEY is the chief town on tiie route of the proposed'  Coast-Kootenay Raihvay; and with the advent of this road,  which is"assured in the near future, it Avill unquestionably  become a large and important city, and toAvn lots Avill bring  big returns on money invested at the present time.  Scott Ave.  (main st.)   $400 to $600  Other Streets..-.   .... $200 to $400.  ....TERMS....  -(  .;  1-3 Cash; balance in 3  and 6 months, with  interest at the rate  of 6 per cent.  - 1 <c  For Those Who Invest  Now  Purchase a few Lets befere the Railway ���������omes���������   For Pull Particulars, Maps Etc.,  The Hedley  L. W. SHATFORD,  Secretary and flanager,  ���������APPLY   TO ���������  'y, Ltd.  HEDLEY, B.C.  ���������  BY NEATLY PRINT-ED. STATIONERY  ���������heaving imprint of the home office���������is  a. valuable aid to the local business man,  for it shoAvs that he is public-spirited and  loyal to his town II Having this, he can  consistently appeal to the community in  which he resides to give him their trade  THe Gazette jod Department  Is the best equipped of any office in the  district, outside of Vernon and the  larger offices in the Boundary       ::       ::  Latest Type Faces,  fligii Grade Paper &  flrtistlG rlrranfjement  Are the three essentials to good work  :  otel Keremeos  GEO. KIRBY, flanager.  First Class in Every  Respect.      Commercial and  Mining  Headquarters of the Keremeos and Lower Similkameen Valleys.    Post House on Penticton-  Princeton   Stage  Line.  KEREHEOS,  B. C.  Letter Heads  Note Heads  Bill Heads  Memo Heads  Statements  Business Cards  Bills of Fare  Commercial Forms  Pamphlets  Posters, fa, ?c.  IT Anything from a visiting card to a 3-  sheet plain and colored exhibition poster  51 No job too small or none too large for us  Wi  1 HEDLEY GAZETTE P. k P. 60., Ltd.  Nothing like Slae Virfor-Berliner Grara-o-pfionc for  Christmas and the Long Winter Evenings  Did you ever know of a family who had tried a Victor-Berliner  Gram-o-phone that was willing to give it up ?  No, the house would seem dull and lonesome without it.  There is no other way in which a family can get so much  real pleasure and entertainment for a small expenditure���������  A delightful 'Xmas present for any family who has a  Victor-Berliner would be a selection of the New Double Sided  Records���������two different records on one disc, which makes  them cost only 90c or 45c for each record.  If you have a talking machine of any kind and will send us the  factory number of it (it will be stamped on the machine somewhere)  we will send you free of any charge, a handsome colored litho of  the celebrated picture "His Master's Voice" well  worth framing, also special catalogue of the new  Double Sided Records and our regular catalogue  of over 3000 records.  Berliner Gram-o-phone Co. of Canada United  Montreal 42  SUBSCRIBE FOR  THE   GAZETTE!


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