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The Hedley Gazette Aug 12, 1915

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 AMD SIMILKAMEEN ADVERTISER.  Volume XI.      Number  HEDLEY, B. C, THURSDAY, AUGUST' VI, 1915.  <e^^>    $2.00, In Advance  JflS. GLflRKE  HBDL,EV,.B'.C.  CloGks ant! Watches for Sale.  /���������'w-v-'rv/-*  "Rock of "Aces  Cleft for Me"  ���������i  _   |'     N.-TH.OMPSON niO.VK SEYMOUR 591'*  I1 MQH. WKSTKRN CANADA  Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd.  Steel Manufacturers  Sheffield, Eng.  Oftlccs and Warehouse, 817-03 Boatty Street  Vancouver, B. C. .   N  -  A. F. & A. M'.  KKGUIjAR monthly meetings of  Hedley Lodtre No. 13. A. K. & A. IU.,  aro held on the second Friday in  each month in Fraternity hull, Hedley. Arisiting  brothren are cordially invited to attend.  A. CREELMAN,  AV. 1Y1  S. E. HAMILTON  Secretary  L. O. L.  The Koitulat-    meetings of  Hedley hodge 1714 are held on  the  first and third "Monday in  every month in the Orange Hall  Ladies meet "iml and 1 "Mondays  Visiting bi-cthcr-n are cordially invited  A. J. KING, VV. M  ���������  C. P. DALTON, Scc't.  Loading Boy Scout Goes to His  Last Resting Place���������Most ���������  Impressive' Service  R. F������.  *                     I  BIROWiN  British Columbia Land Surveyor  Tel. No. 27  PENTICTC  P. 0. Dhaavek 1(50  )N,       -       -       B.  C.  P. W. GREGORY  CIVIL KNGINEER and BRITISH  COLUMBIA LAND SURVEYOR  Star Building       -       Princeton  U/alterCIayton  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  MONEY TO LOAN  PENTICTON,  B. C.  HEDLEY OPERA HOUSE  J. HOWE, flanager  Roller Skating: on Tuesday and Thursday  each week, from 8���������10:30 p.m.; admission  25c, skates supplied.    Mondays from 2:30  to 5 p.m. for ladies only, free.  Also open for Dances and Other Engagements.  GREAT  NORTHERN HOTEL  HEDLEY B.C.  Bar and Table the Best.   Kates Moderate  First Class Accommodation  JOHN JACKSON, Proprietor  EGGS FOR HATCHING  From impoi-ted heavy laying  strains of  WHITE WYANDOTTES    and ������������������  Single Comb "White Leghorns  Day old chicks for sale about end  of March  A few White Leghorn Roosters for  sale  Thursday evening news was brought  Lo town of tho death by drowning, of  Ronald Oritchley, of Hedley.  He bad gone to Kerenieos for a;visit  Avith George Christie, his boy friend.  They had been together several days  and he bad written Lo his father for  permission to extend the visit, which,  was granted as the parents had planned a visit to Kerenieos foi the weekend. In the joy of tlie extended pleasure the boys Avent down to the river  to swim,, the one never to return alive.  The neAvs was brought to Hedley* by  H. A. Turner, of Penticton, Avho was  passing through Kerenieos Avhen the  lifeless oody was brought up from the  liver. It came as a surprise and Avas  the occasion of the deepest sorrow, for  of all the boys in Hedley, Ronald Avas  exceedingly Avell liked.  He AA-as the most gentlemanly, fearless, manly and upright boy in the  district and it is with genuine regret  that the community beard of his sudden death.  At the funeral service which .Avas  held in St. John's Church, Friday  evening, there Avas a large attendance,  a,nd<o\T.ery available vehicle had, to ' lie  requisitioned for the crowd avIio folio wed"to the grave sk.e to" see the last  of their young friend. The services at  the church and grave were ' very im  pressive and when the old hymn,  "Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me" Avas sung  there Avas hardly a dry eye in the congregation.  Scout Master Rev. Stanton assisted  Rev. G. D. Griffiths at the grave.  The people of Hedley and Keremeos  extend sincere sympathy to the bereaved family.  Harry Etches Writes  to Hedley Friends  GOVERNMENT    BULLETIN  ON   SWINE   RAISING  James Murdoch  Sterling Creek,       -       Hedley, B.C.  AVHEN  WHITING ADVERTISERS PLEASE  MENTION THE GAZETTE  I Grand Union f  S Hotel S  X x  3 HEDLEY,  British Columbia x  * X  X  X  K  x  X Rates���������$1.50 a Day and Up  X First-Class Accommodation.  j������ Bar Stocked with Best Brands  St of Liquor and Cigars  8?  X ���������  ������������ ~  X  *" A  X -A-  X  a?  WINKLER,     Proprietor,  X  X  X  %  %  X  X  X  X  i  "���������W^^'!^'������'R'������������������^^^^p������v^���������������^���������������^-^^,^  The second edition of   Bulletin   No.  17 of Federal live stock branch,   entitled SAvine,Husbandry in Canada,   has  been issued, and may be had on application to the Publications   Branch   of  Department of Agriculture at Ottawa.  The interest in Swine Raising stimlat-  ed, no doubt by   the   high   values   of  pork products, made such  a   demand  for information on this   subject   that  the first edition printed last year   was.  quickly      exhausted.   This      edition  brings up to date Statistics   with   respect to pedigree registration   and   the  trade in hog  products.   It  is  shown  that the total  exports   for   the  fiscal  year end March 31 st, 1915,   amounted  to 166,048,519 lb. as   against   27,561,140  lb. the previous   year.   This    bulletin  covers the Avhole field of swine raising j  giving the  results   of   official   experiments as avcII as the pratices of succes-  f ul farmer swine raisers.    An interesting section   describes   the   system   to  feeding hogs in Denmark where combinations of food are prepared according to their food units   in   Avhich   one  pound of grain,-avheat,    barley,   peas,  corn,   etc.-constittites   one   food   unit  which is equal to S lb. mangels,   4   lb.  boiled potatoes, a lb, alfalfa, 6 lb. skim  milk or 12 lb. whey.    It is shown  that  that the diet is   varied   in   a,  definite  way for pigs of.different ages.  In a letter Lo Mrs.' Rotherham, H. C.  N. Etches, a former Kereiaeos boy.  with numerous, friend* all over the  valley, tells of tlie; pleasure derived  from receiving a -'letter and parcel  from home.  "We at home can form no idea'of the  life of these brave fellows who are  giving up everything for the Empire,  for the home, for King and comiLry.  Sometimes they try Lo tell us a little  something just by'.Avay of letting us  know something about their.mode of  living and their impressions, Out the  hand of the censor blots it out, so we  have to read betAveen the lines and  form utir own conclusions.  There is one thing'the censor cannot  hide and that is the fact that the fighting spirit of the boys is just as great  as it ever was, and Avith such an asset  what has Britain, -France, Italy or  Russia to fear from the Kaiser and his  hordes? Britons fight and die like the  -free men they have ever been, but tlie  Germans, poor mis-guided, tyranny-  ridden patriots, fight because they  must, because the years have brought  to them no other guerdon than the  mailed fist of a tyrannous emperor.  Here is the letter:  Somewhere in France, July 19  Dear Friend���������  You hardly would know how glad 1  was Lo receive your kind parcel.  I Avas in the Lienehes at the time  a'ndiiotmany yards from the Germans.. Will do my best to get a German for every cigarette, but its pretty  hard to Icdoav which you hit as so  many are popping away. Nevertheless Ave know Ave get a few.  The sensation at first-is'.not what  you would call delightful, Avhen the  machine guns and shells are turned on  us, but What Hoi we-give them as  much medicine as they can handle in  one spoonful. We are in Belgium, but  cannot tell you just where���������but its no  picnic���������the Avorst time of course is  when you are standing to at night���������  but Ave seem to get used to it.  While in the trenches there is not  much solid rest. * * * expect to be  out for a feAv days today.  While crossing a field back of the  lines, metLillicot who drilled in Hedley with C. Christianna, who also is  here.  Hello, here tney come for mail.  Thanking yo so much for your great  kindness, I remain, ever your friend,  H. C. N ETCHES  War Annivcrsanr  who was responsible .to' no one, and  who being the head of the army, had  the force wherewith to  carry   out  bis  ~ ._ I Lin- xi'i 1 t- iwieifiviiu in   <;a rry    inn.   ins  m Hedley Uuifdiesi������-!-���������-*-------"- -ii1 ������p^���������--[*y^*-���������*-  J } cession  of  William   II,   Bismark  had  Bible Class will be held in the church  on Sunday August 15 at 2:30 p. m.  Subject:- " Jereboan leads Israel into  Sin." Come and bring your Bibles.  Teacher Mrs. Creelman.  Warsaw is one of the most important cities in Easterm Europe. Its  history dates from the 10th century,  through the first castle was erected  there as early as the 9th century, and  Cassimir the Just is supposed to have  fortified it in the 11th century. It is  situated on the left bank of the Vistula, 387 miles by rail east of Berlin, and  695 miles sotluvest of St. Petersburg  (Petrograd.) With its 800,000 population, its beautilul river, its ample accommodations and its commerce, its  university and scientific societies, its  palaces and numerous important places  of amusment, Warsaw is one of the  most pleasant as Avell as one of the  most animated cities in Eastern Europe. Also from a military point of  view it has great importance, being  the chief stronghold for the defence of.  Poland. Connected as it is by six  trunk lines with Vienna, Kiev and  Southwestern Russia, Moscow, Petrograd, Danzig and Berlin, it is a commercial city surpassed by few in Eastern Europe.���������Ex.  The'anniversary .of the declaration  of Avar bj'Great Britain was observed  in the"/churches by special ' sermons  bearing on the great topic.  Rev: G! D. Griffiths drew a parallel  between the city of Jerusalem 1 ejecting Jesus Christ, the King of Pi-ace,  and the. German Empire rejecting the  great opportunity for peace and bring-  ingstrife into tlie world.  Jerusalem did not know '"the things  pertaining to lier peace"; and when  Jesus beheld the city he wept over il.  .It weisgrief to Him when Jerusalem  rejected peace: what must it mean to  lliui to see nation after nation, practically the whole Avorld engaged in this  Leirible Avar.  "View this present war from any  standpoint'avo like one, thing Ave are  certain of, over it all the eyes uf Jesus  are weeping tears of shame and sorrow. Shame because this is possible  1900 years in which men and nations  have, been nurtured in the fruits of  His-- Passion, and sorrow because  amongst His children whom he loves,  bodies are shattered with bullets and  hearts are torn with grief. We are  convinced that the cause of this Avar  is to be found in the policy of the  German government and I propose to  submit a short sketch of recent German history.  "The German Empire is a union of a  nlimber of small states,' the head of  which is Prussia. ' Previous to ISIS  these states were separate.  "Prussia has always been a state  ruled by force. Under; Frederick the  Great, Prussia became like an immense  arsenal, Avith a very highly trained  official army and an organization of  resources in the country which practically always kept it in a state of preparedness for Avar. As the French  minister, Mirabeau, said,'War is Prussia's national industry.'  "During  the first half of the 19th  century it Avas proposed to form a union   of the German states and in 1847  a confederate form of government Avas  drawn up, each of the 36 states to retain local self government Avith a federal  government superior to all.    It  provided tor the first time freedom of  speech, freedom of public meeting, of  press, and security from  arrest except  under legal warrant;  all of this \Aras  rejected by the princes of the empire.  Twelve years later  there  was  union  only in a different way.   Bismark, the  chief minister of Prussia, secured union   by. the only way Prussia worked,  force of arms.    He forced the  various  states  in  on  his  own terms and to a  form of government the very opposite  to  the  constitution of 1847.    Popular  government Avas to be unknown, and  poAver Avas vested in hereditary rulers  and not in parliament representing the  will of the people. The chief executive  authority  AATas a secret council corn-  posed of  nominated  ministers  of the  princes and the king, and these ministers  AA'ere responsible not  to   parliament but to the head of Prussia���������the  Kaiser.  "Bismark stood for ascendency of  Prussia by force of arms. He first  used it to gather in separate states.  Then he aimed at forcing Prussia to  take ascendency over Europe, and so  he crushed and aimed at permanently  crippling his neighbor France in 1870.  "Bismark, hoAvover, in later years  became an advocate of peace rather  than Avar. But his policy Avas essentially a dangerous one. He centralised  poAver in the  hands of the  Emperor,  made  Germany  one  of the  foremost  powers  in  Europe.    That  is   what he  had  aimed at.     On   the  accession   of  William   II,   Bismark   was disc-aided!  William II would have no other.strong  will at his side.    He Avould  rule alone,  and taking the power and   the  means  that Bismark  had built up he showed  his policy to go far beyond that of his  late  Oliance'loi,   and-aimed at the as---  cendenc-y of Prussia in world politics,  "Now William does   to   united   Germany what Fredeiirk the Great did to  Pi us-sia.    lie  makes  of his einpii e-an  immense arsenal, for he   know.-   nfl-no,  might  other  than  that of strength of  arms.    The peace strength of bis. army  is inci eased from time to time. Schools  are built and well provided for by the  government,   but every school had to  teach a syllabus provided by   the  government.    It was an   education   fitted  to produce a soldier.    Self sacrifice ,to ,  duty for  the  Fatherland, personified  by   the   Kniser,   and a   belief in  great  destiny of the German people, were its  first  lessons.    The commercial genius  of  the  people was utilised to build up  great commerce,   which  provided  the  government Avith  ample   money, and  hy  its  era of  prosperity won over to,  the government side the radical party  in the country.    Public opinion   was  fashioned   by   air   official press.     No  school   teacher,   college   professor  or  public  official  of any kind could hold  his  post. for. Jong did h*������ ������4..-:n*i? timo_  criticise the Imperial policy.    Colonisation was discouraged in order to keep  the men at  home.    Political  philosophers arose  preaching a new doctrine  of  war as a  "thing   inevitable'*���������the  glory of a strong  nation, etc.   Then  came the building of a fleet, aiming,at  supremacy on sea as the army assured  on the land.    Now  the  Kaiser was in  the  position  of a bully at school Avho  got what he liked from the other boys  by threatening to sttike- them.    This  was what is  called  the "mailed fist"  diplomacy.    It  was first used in the  Morocco crisis in 1005,  Avhen Germany  forced France on threat of instant war  to back down and discharge her minister, M. Delcassi.   Again in 1909 there  was a dispute betAveen Austria and the  Slavs, including Servia. Germany supported Austria and Russia intervened  to protect Servia.    The  dispute drugged on for some months and itwas  proposed to hold' a European  conference, Avhen Germany suddenly sent an  ultimatum to Russia to stop supporting Servia or she wo.uli at once declare  war.    Russia, disorganised by the Japanese Avar, had to get out and let them  have all their OAvn way.    She did  the  same thing in 1911 in the Aegean crisis  to France, but then England declared  her intention of supporting.France.   A  military conference was called at Potsdam which decided that Germany Avas  not yet prepared  to face England as  well and a friendly reply was sent  to  England.    She had to back down that  time, but Avhat happened in 1912?   A  new   army   law   added  to  the  peace  strength of the army; a new navy laAV  added three battleships and 15,150 yoe-  men, and provided that 4-5 of the fleet,  should be kept in commission ready to  strike at a moment's notice.  "In 1913 neAV and this time truly  terrific additions were made to the  army, raising the peace strength to  S70,000, and at the same time a special  levy on property was announced of  $250,000,000 to be all paid in by July 1,  1914, to be spent on fortifications,  equipment and other preparations for  Continued on Page Two  -m  W>MS-  .1 THE HEDIEY GAZETTE. AUGUST 12, 1915  Cbe Dudley Gazette  and  Similkameen Advertiser.  Subscriptions in Advance  Per Year SAM  "   ( United States)  '���������'.50  Advertising Rates  "Measurement. 12 lines to the inch.  Transient Advertisements���������not exceeding one  inch, ������1.0(1 for one insertion, 25 cents for  each subsequent insertion. Over one inch.  10 cento per lino for Ih-st insertion and a  cents per line for each subsequent insertion.  Transients payable in advance.  Contract Advertisements���������One inch per month  $1.2i>; over 1 inch and up to I inches, S1.00  ' per inch pur month. To constant advertisers  taking larger space than four inches, on  application, rates will bo given of reduced  charges, based on size of space and length  of time.  Certificate of Improvements ������10.00  (Whero more than one claim appears  in notice, SAS0 for each additional  claim.)  A. B. S. STANLEY, Editor  Last'quar.  ���������i  New Moon  10  ���������-SL  Kirst quar.  17  Full Moon  ���������JI  1915  AUGUST  1915  Sun. Mon.  Tues. Wed  Thu. Fri  . Sat.  1        2  3       4  5  ,6  7  S       9  10     11  12  13  14  15      1(5  17     IS  19  20  21  22      23  24     25  20  27  2S  29     30  31  ��������� treatment of Belgium, her hel-  I lishly elaborate plans for tlie  ! complete and sudden occupancy  of that illfated contiy, her ruthless and wanton destruction of  property and treasure in the  territory which she has overrun, her Zeppelin campaign  against undefended and harmless women and children, her  submarine campaign against  enemies and neutrals these call  for measures of retailiation  commensurate, to some extent  at least, Avith the offenses.  To listen at this time to peace  proposals from Germany or her  allies, would betray a weakness  the consequences of which  would be most disastrous to the  Allies and the principles which  they have engaged to defend.  "How long Avill the Avar last?"  Till Germany is conquered, if  it takes years, that is the sent-  ment of the powers.  The Kaiser shows poor sense  in approaching Russia, looking  to peace proposals, at a time  when the armies of Czar, supposed to have been caught within the .jaws of the German vise,  were fighting such a glorious  action as the retreat from Warsaw. Wait till Russia is defeated Wilhelm. Beaten she never  will be by Teutonic hordes.  ���������'Government positions as far  as possible for crippled soldiers,  is the slogan of a number of  eastern members of parliament-  Let us hope that when this war  is over, it will see the politician  place seeker pitched into the  gutter and all the appointments  filled by eligible men who considered this country worth  fighting -for."��������� Well said, Phoenix Pioneer.  War Anniversay  In Hedley Churches  Continued from Page One  war.    Then  August 4th, 1914, shav the  nation committed to slaughter.  "If Jesus Avept for lost ideals of the  Jews, surely he must weep for those  of Germany. Previous to 1S48 they  were a people loved throughout Europe and renowned for their music, art  and simple piety. Today it is a nation  that breathes slaughter and hatred���������a  menace to the peace and security of  the world, a nation led away by a. false  ideal; and Avhen. we pray for victory  on the arms of our allies we pray not  for the destruction of the German people but for the desruction of militarism  and the Prussian spirit that had Avan-  tonly led them to this catastrophe.  "Oh pray for the peace of Jerusalem;  they shall prosper that love thee!"  That certain air   of   business  with which  Great Britain  and  the allies entered into the great  European war a year ago,   still  seems to   control   their   movements.    Recent   reports    from  the capitals of the great powers  engaged, are to the effect   that  the Avar will continue until Germany has been   crushed.    This  is   exactly     what    the    Allies  agreed to at the beginning  and  there has been no   thought   of  retrenchment as far as any   of  them has been  concerned.    According to Sir Edward   Carson  the   word   "peace"'   "does    not  enter into our vocabulary at the  present' time.    It   is   banished  from our conversation as something immoral   and   impossible  under existing   circumstances."  After all this is the only logical  attitude in view   of   what   has  transpired during the past year.  Germany's open   and    flagrant  violation of all understood,   ac-  cepted and recognized usages of  war, her adoption   of  methods  so  absolutely   opposed   to  the  tenets   of   civilization,    brutal  In his address on "The End of the  "World" on Sunday evening. Rev. R.G.  SteAVart established eleven principles  on the omens of the consummation of  the  Gentile, era:  1. The gospel preached to all nations  as a Avitness.  2. Great tribulation.  3. Spiritualism, Socialism, Christian  Science.  4. Armageddon.  5. Distress of nations.  6. Timothy's catalogue of 18 sins,  2nd Tim. 3, l-o.  7. Personal coming.  8. An erroneous;Plymouth Brethren  view,  9. DoAvnfall of Turkey.  10. Thief in the night.  11. Tribes of the earth shall mourn.  Regarding the 3rd principle, he said  Spiritualism calls irs to the secret place,  and against this Christ says, "If they  shall say he is in the secret chambers,  believe it not.  Socialism, which is the last defiance  of God as expressing the latest effort  of the natural man to go out like Cain  from the presence of God arrd build a  city, a society and a civilization, in defiance of Divine order, Divine laAv, Divine revelation and Divine warning, is  a witness that the Avorld, like a ship  now on the breakers, requires only one  more Avave to dash it to pieces, it is  the sign that the Avorld needs the hand  and touch of its true and coming king.  It is a warning that the coming of the  Lord draAveth nigh.  Christian Science, that tells us that  God is only a principle, and that there  is no such thing as sin in the world, is  "mental assassination," a system of  absolute immorality. What would you  say, if eA'ery minister in the land were  teaching that lying, cheating, swearing, drunkenness, robbery and murder  were not crimes, that there Avas no sin  in any of these things? It is a huge  importer.  Plis closing peroration was, live as if  Christ had died yesterday, were risen  today, and is coming tomorrow.  "Rough on Rats" clears out Rats,  Mice, etc. Don't die in the House. 15c.  and 2oc. at Drug and Country Stores.  ST. JOHN'S CHURCH  ���������ANGLICAN���������  Services 2nd (Morning) and 4th (Evening) Sundays in the month  Additional Services as  per announcements.  G. D. GRIFFITHS, B. A., Vicar  Travel by Auto....  Call up Phone No. 12  IT A good stock of Horses and Rigs on  Hand.    "If Orders for Teaming  promptly attended to.  WOOD   FOR   SALE!  PflLftGE,  Uvery, Feed & Sale Stables  Phone \2.  HUDLEV   B. C.  0. J. INNIS  Proprietor  Don't Send Money in a Letter  \\/HEN you send subscriptions to magazines, or order  * * goods out of town, or pay small accounts at a distance, do not place the actual cash in the envelope. Thousands of dollars are lost every year through fire, robbery  or mis-direction. Use the Bank Money Orders, issued by  the bank. They are payable in Canada and the United  States in any sum up to fifty dollars.  Their protection is well worth their small cost.  58  THE  BANK  OF  78 Years in Business.  Hedley Branch  Capital, and Surplus $7,884,000.  C. P. DALTON, Manager  II  e ���������  Beaver Lake Gold Fields  Herb Lake Gold Fields  HEDLEY GAZETTE  JOB DEPARTMENT  WHEN YOU ARE IN NEED OF  THE PAS  MANITOBA  is the point of entry, and  outfitting ' station for the  "GOLD FIELDS" of NEW  MANITOBA.  BEAVER LAKE is  reached from THE PAS by  steamboat and road ��������� HERB  LAKE by the Hudson Bay  Railway and trail.  Numerous ���������< prospectors  are on the ground, and  many promising veins have  been located. Work, now  progressing, is most encouraging, both as to ore body  and value of quartz. The  extensive area furnishes an  ample field for hundreds  of prospectors.  Tor further information,  write���������  Secretary of  Board of Trade  THE PAS,  Manitoba  Letterheads  Billheads  Envelopes  Statements  Meal Tickets  Milk Tickets  Ball Programs  Posters  Dodgers, Dates  Circulars  Invitations  Business Cards  Bills of Fare  Memo Heads  Butter Wrappers  PAINTING  PflPER-flflNGING  KfUSOMINING  TERMS MODERATE,  DALY AVE.  flEDLEY, B.C.  Tlie Nickel Plate.  Barberjjhop  SATISFACTORY, SANITARY  T0NS0RIAL SERVICE  This shop it equipped with  Baths and all the latest  Electrical  Appliances.  W. T.BUTLER,  -   Prop.  NOTICE  SIMILKAMEEN LAND DISTRICT  District ok Yale  tho contract.  Tenders wiil not be considered unless madefl  but on tho forms supplied, signed-with the ac-'|  tual signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in!  the envelopes furnished. (1  The lowest or any tender   nor  necessarily {*  accepted.  ' . J. K GRIFFITH,  Deputy Minister and Public Works Engineer 11  Public Works Department, ' (I  Victoria, B.C., July 28th, IM.". 29-311\  ^HOTEL SIMILKAMEEN^  HEDLEY, B. C.  An Up-to-date   First-Class Hotel  RATES MODERATE  F. J. DOLLEMORE  Proprietor.  NOTICE  Prospectors I  HERB LAKE  New Manitoba  TAKE NOTICE that George Edward  Tennant, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation  Broker, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following" described lands:-1-  Commencing at a post planted forty (40)  chains north of the southwest corner of  Indian Reserve No. 2899, about four miles  south of the confluence of Stirling- Creek  arid Similkameen River, thence eighty (80)  chains south, thence twenty (20) chains  west, thence eighty (80) chains north,  thence twenty (20) chains east to point  of commencement, and containing One  Hundred and Sixty Acres.  George Edavard Tennant.  Dated 15th day of June, 1915. 25-10  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Prospectors will find  our stock  complete  in  every line.  W. H. BUNTING  The Pas,  Manitoba  CJEALED TENDERS, superscribed "Tender  for Hedley School," will bo received by the  Honourable the Minister of Public Works up  to 12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, the 21th day of  August, Wlo. for tho erection and completion  of a room addition to school-house at Hedley,  in the Similkameen Electoral District, .Ii. C.  Plans, specifications, contract, and forms of  tender may be scon on and after the Ith day of  August, l!IU. at the offices of Mr. J. R. Brown.  Government Agent, Fairview, 11. C; Mr. J.  Mahonoy, Government Agent, Vancouver, li.  C, Mr. S. L. Smith, secretary to the School  Board, Hedley, 13. C; or the Department of  Public Works, Victoria, 11. U.  Intending tenderers can obtain one copy of  plans and specifications of tho above school  by applying to tho undersigned with a deposit  of ton dollars ($10), which will be refunded on  their return in good order.  Each proposal must bo accompanied by an  accepted bank cheque or certilicate of deposit  on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable  to tho Honourable the Minister of Public  Works, for a sum equal to 10 per cent, of tender, which shall be forfeited if tho party tendering decline to enter into contract when  called upon to do so, or if ho fail to complete  the work contracted for. Tho cheques or certificates of deposit of unsuccossrul tenderers  will be returned to them upon the execution of |  Certilicate of Improvements  Oregon, St. Bernard, Winchester and  Saa'age Mineral Claims, situate in the^  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District. X- Where located:. On Sixteen  Mile Creek.  TAKE NOTICE that L.W. Shatford, H.  A. Turner, T^D. Pickard arid F. H.  French, Free Miners' Certificates No. 93,-  216B, 93226B, 90777B, and 93217B, intend  sixty days", from date hereof, to apply to  the Mining Recorder for Certificates of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining CroAvn Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 11th clay of June, A. D. 1915.  22-9 F.' I-I.'FRENCH, Agent.  ������Sr*  Synopsis of Coal Mining* Regulations  /"JOAIj mining rights of the Dominion, ir.  "^ Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  tho Yukon Territory, the North-west Territories and in a portion of tho Province of British Columbia, may bo leased for-a term of  twenty-one years at an annual rental of ������1 an  acre. Not more than 2.500 acres wi bo leased  to one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made by tho  lican'  he di  are situated.  applicant in person to tho Agent or Sub-Agent  of the district in which the rights applied for  In surveyed territory the land must be described by sections, ov legal sub-divisions of  sections, and in unsurvcyod territory the tract  applied for shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  f  Each application must bo accompanied by a  fco'of ������5 which will bo refunded if the rights I  applied for arc not available,  but not other- '���������  wise.   A royalty shall be paid on the merchant- '���������  able output of the mine at the rate of livo cents '(  per ton. .'  Tho person operating the mine shall furnish '  the Agent with sworn  returns accounting for i  tho full quantity of merchantable mined J  and pay tho royalty thereon.   I coal min- \  ing rights arc not being operated su     returns )  should be furnished at least once a year. i  The lease will include tho coal mining rights '  only, but the lessee may be permitted to pur- .  chase whatever available surface rights may  bo considered necessary for toe working of tho '  mine at tho rate of ������10.00 an acre .  For full   information  application should bo ';  made to the Seorotury or tho Department of  tho Interior. .Ottawa, or  o any Agont or Sub-  Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.-Unauthorizod publication of this advor-  tisemont will not bo paid for. !l-6in  '"���������   " ��������� Tl  rtWiMMaMUUiiiifi  4 amm  THE HEDLEY GAZETTE, AUGUST 12. 1915  TOWN AND f DISTRICT  C. F. Williamson of Penticton,   Avas  a visitor- to town Saturday.  Mr. iind Mrs.   Muni-o,   of   Fairview,  were Sunday visitors to Hedley.  B. C. Hay, the explosive   man,   was  in town for a day or two this week.  Mrs. Prank Logsden, of Princeton  came to town for the funeral Friday  evening.  H. A. Turner, came into town Friday evening. He brought Verna and  Reginald Shatford for a short visit,  the former Avith Mrs. Rotherharn and  the latter Avith F. H. French. They  returned home Tuesday morning.  the special reserve of officers, the rieAv  army, or the Territorial force. The  right men can be transferred, although  they may have already enlisted in the  ranks.  O. H. Carle, of Keremeos, avus a  visitor to our toAvn Monday. 0. H.  ���������says there are no tires in this district,  the smoke of the past few clays coming  from the coast fires.    I  Our local moving picture show hits  had some improvements this .week,  the electric current for the fans Avas  .put on a separate circuit from the  lights, Avhich is a. great  improvement.  If arrange merits can he completed the  band will give an open air concert Sunday afternoon. Just where they Avill  locate has not heen dicided, but they  will endeavor to procure a shady place  for themselves and their* audience.  Boeing i&Brass are putting up a residence for Dad Beam, it is situated just  'the other side of Stewart's store and  when completed Avill be. one of the  nicest and most comfortable homes in  the town.  Quite a crowd attended the shii t  waist ball given by the Princeton' ball  team Friday evening. They nil claim  a splendid time and report that their  return in the early hours of the morning "as among the pleasant features of  the trip.   "  Members of the Gulf Club will compete in the August competition for the  monthly medal this week. This Avill  in all probability be the last competition prior to the Merrill Cup , contest  and it is hoped that there will be a full  turnout.  H. A. Tuner and W. A. McLean  took a run up to Princeton audi Tulameen Saturday. They Avere looking  ���������over the roads in that vicinity, and  report lots of,placer Avorkers all along  the river.  Mr. W. R. HaAvthorn. who is running the placer mining camp at Brad-  shf'iws, Avas in toAvn for a few hours  Tuesday.. He reports that they are  getting down and expects to strike  good bottom soon.  ��������� H. A. Lound, of Lou rid. &0o., brokers, avith offices at Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancover, avus in Hedley yesterday. He Avas accompanied hy Mr. M.  Taylor, the B. C. manager. The firm  is an extensive buyer of Alaska Salmon, and do business in England, Japan, Canada and in fact the whole  Avorld.  Fred Neal, of the firm of Neal &  Neal, the Oroville attorneys, Avas in  town the first of the   week   with   the  y  McKinnon boys who have a. claim up  Sterling Creek. Mr. Neal represents  Eastern capital and if the proposition  looks good his clients will make a purchase Avith a view to installing a twenty-stamp mill.. (  FLOUR TALK  WITH the present increased cost of living it is  , really a serious question. If you can get a  f'eAV more loaves each bake day, would you not be  prepared to at least try the flour whicli guarantees  this result V���������OUR BEST. So why not order a sack  , next time? and if-you don't like it���������if it does not  suit you���������Ave will cheerfully refund you the' full  purchase price.  CREELMAN &  LYALL  "STORE OF QUALITY"  ���������  X  ���������  ���������  ���������  X  E. W. Vans is raffling a $35.00 morris chair., He is going to give half of  the proceeds to the Red Cross Society,  the tickets are on sale at Herb Freeman's and only 50c. Try your luck  and help the Red Cross at the same  time.  Chas Burch and C. Greer, of Penticton, passed through Hedley yesterday  morning on their Avay to Princeton,  Avhere the latter Avent to; deliver a  Ford car, the agency at Princton having made a sale but lacking a car.  This was a good try-out for the new  Ford and Mr. Greer was making the  trip in almost record time.  The Rev. G. D. Griffiths has consented to act as an Advisory and imforma-  tion Bureau for the Inns of Court Officers Traning ' Corps. Suitable men  are required to proceed to London for  training Avith a view to commission in  From Princeton comes the neAVS of  the narrow escape from death by  drowning, of Air. A. A. Robertson,  who keeps a chicken ranch near Princeton. He Avas bathing in the Similkameen River near that place Avhen he  got out of his depth and sank in a hole  in 10 feet of water. Lance Spoonei-  skilfully dived and recued him after he  had been down a minute and a half.  This heroic rescue is certainly a matter-  that demands recognition from the  Royal Humane Society.  ADVERTISE  IN THE GAZETTE  The sAvimmiifg hole seem to be a  very popular place these hot days.  Owing to the fact that the mill will  close doAvn for Labor day, September  6th, the company is going to drain the  river Avith a view to releasing the accumulation of slime and waste. The  swimmers are also going to clean out  the snags and other obstacles which  may exist in the sAvimming place and  Avhen that is done it will be much  more pleasant for both young and old  who frequent it.  Information .has been received from  the Secretary of the Canadian Mining  Institute, Montreal, that Mr. Gbmer  P. Jones, of Hedley, has been elected  a Councillor of the. Institute, instead  of Col. J. J. Penhale,. of Sherbrooke,  Quebec Avho is serving with the colours  in Belgium. Mr. Jones is also a member of the Council of the Western  Branch of the Institute, having been  reelected at the annual meeting of the  Branch held in Rossland on ,luly 15,  ulto.  Mr. Paton has received Avoid from his  paptners in Greemvood that the Duncan mineral claim on Wallace mountain, West Fork of Kettle River is  shoAving up particularly - well. , They  are taking $400 ore from the neAv strike  on the Duncan.  From the Gazette of August 10, 1905  Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hall and Mr. and  Mrs. J. D. Andras, of Princeton,  motored into Hedley yesterday afternoon. They came in the interest of a  patriotic dance to be held in Princeton  on Friday August 20th in Odd Fellows  Hall. The funds from this dance will  be given for the purpose of supplying  the soldiers at the front Avith the comforts as Avell as the necessaries of ��������� life.  The price of admission is very small,  only 75c and a representative crowd  ought to go from Hedley. The trip  itself ought to be an attraction these  hot days, and you will enjoy besides,  the hospitality of the.people of Princeton.  TEN  YEARS  AGO  t  STOCK OF   BOOTS   AND  SHOES,  CLOTHING AND  MEN'S FURNISHINGS TO  BE ENTIRELY SOLD OUT  | Everything Must Go, Regardless of Cost. . j  *&      . mm  Sosne St^i-tling Price Reductions  CLOTHING  $9.00 Suits. .....  6.45  15.00    '- ��������� .-.  9-95  18.00    "  <   11.50  20.00    "       15.25  PANTS  3.00 Pants   1.75  4.00      "       2-95  4.50      "       3-45  1.35 Overalls.  I.I5  BOOTS and SHOES  Solid leather Amherst  Boots, $5.00 for     3.95  Tan and Black  Oxfords 5.50 for   3.95  Gun Metal and Box  Calf lace and button, 5.00 for.... .    3.95  Geo. A. Slater,  5.50 boot for . . .    4.95  Ladies Invictus, all  kinds, 5.00 for. .    3.85  1.25 Bathing Suits  85c  UNDERWEAR  50c Underwear ... ..    35c  1.00 " ...    65c  1.25 " ...    75c  1.50 " ...    95c  SOX  25c Hose, now 6 for  1.00  35c     "              4  1.00  50c     "              3  1.00  SHIRTS  1.35 Shirts, now. . .  (55 c  1.50        '-           05c  1.75        "           1.15  I    1.25 Ties for. .....    65c  PUT IN A STOCK WHILE THE GOODS LAST |  ��������� *���������*��������� - t  Only Two /Weeks to Close Out This Stock j  Sale Now On, With Whitehead & Branston, Vancouver, B. C, in Charge |  (From the Hedley Gazette of Aug.  3rd, 1905.)  XV. A. Mclean has received instructions to get out the poles for telephone  exchange in  Hedley.  A Avaterspout east of Oroville was  responsible for three hours delay to  the Flyer on one of its trips last Aveek.  Mr. Crawford, auditor for the Daly  Reduction Co., who has completed his  labors in Hedley for the season, left  for New York on Monday  morning.  A couple of men are at Avork on  Scott Avenue clearing off the rocks  and levelling up, and on the portion  already done a Avonderful transformation has been effected.  Work is progreesing rapidly on the  building in course of eretion. Fraser's  hall is coming on in good shape and M.  Shatford's residence is assuming good  proportions.  Campbell & Shier moved into their  new building last Aveek. Delay in getting lumber prevented them getting  the front in, and they have had the  pleasure during the hot spell of "sort  of camping out, as it Avere."  J. N*. Paton Avho has been doing   de-  voloping Avork on   his   claims   up   on  .'.Twenty mile Avas in toAvn   last   week.  60   YEARS  EXPERIENCE  W. A' Mclean is adding to his residence on Scott avenue.  P. Heldstab started in this Aveek pre-,  paring for the building of Mr. Shat-  fords residence on Kingston avenue.  The Ncav Zealand House opened this  week for despatch of business. The  speech from the throne Avas short and  the speaker just said: "what'll ye hev."  Good progress is being miide in rebuilding Frasers block. The loss in  material was not nearly as great as  appeared at first. Extra" precautions  are being made to have it particularly  strong, and it is now almost as far on ���������  as when the-accident took place.  A diamond drill has been installed  at the Nickel Plate. Page Bayle who  has done a great deal of exploratory  Avork Avith the diamond drill in the  Boundt-y has a contract for 2,000 feet  of drilling on the Nickel Plate or other  properties of the Yale Mining Company and last week the drill was set in  place.  The Hedley Lumber Company have  started in earest on their season's cut.  The drive is safely boomed on the river  a chort distance above the mill. The  logs will be kept watered until sawn  and thus the cost of extra handling in  draAving out and decking will be saved,  and the quanity of the lumber improved thereby.  NOTICE  Liquor Act,  1910.  (Section 49.)  NOTICE is hereby given that, on the  6th day of September next, application Avill be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the transfer of the licence for the sale of liquor  by retail in and upon the premises  known as the Similkameen Hotel,  situated at Hedley British Columbia,  from Frank Dolleniore to Willaim  Bryant of British Columbia.  Dated this 6th day of August 1015.  FRANK DOLLEMORE,  Holder of Licence.  WILLIAM BRYANT  Appicant for transfer.  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights-Ac  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  'illicitly ascertain onr opinion free whether an  Invention is p-obably pittentable. Communlca.  lions Btrictlycontidentiiil. HANDBOOK on Patents  sent free. Oldest ncency for securing patents.  ratonts takon throneli JIunn & Co. receive  ctte.ialnotice, without clinrge, in the  A handsomely illustrated weekly.  I,nr,iest clr-  Terina, %'& a  dilation of any salentltlc journal.          .. .   _  Tour: four months, fl. Sold byall newsdealers.  _;;;;& Co.36-B'&adw-* New York  3ranch 'lfflcr, 6% T St.. Wash teuton. D. O  HEDLEY MEAT  MARKET....  All kinds of fresh and  cured meats always on  Unhand.    Fresh Fish on  sale   every   Thursday.  R.J. EDMOND, Prop.  ttiOTiiriifii'ii'iiiiM THE HEDLEY GAZETTE. AUGUST   12. 1915  KEREMEOS  (>. H. Carle av.-is in Hod ley between 1, .cins Monday.  Mrs. Morrell. ol: Nelson, avus  in town last Thursday.  This is the busy season for  fruit-raisers and gardeners.  The Hod Cross social was a  success in numbers and ii nance.  On account ol' the strong- .wind,  several parts of the program  were omitted.  Mrs. W. H. Quant gave a  Thimble Tea last Wednesday  afternoon in the honor of her  aunt. Mrs. Tloberison. .Sixteen  Lulies were present.  Miss B.-igley, ol: Spokane, arrived iiero on Friday. She went  by auto .to Green Mountain,  where she will spend a few  weeks Avith her aunt, Mrs. L. A.  Clarke. ''  Ben Barlow has opened a  fruit and vegetable ' store in  Princeton, which is taken care  of by his wife and Miss Kathleen. Me attends to the buying  and shipping from here.  Early Wednesday morning  Ave heard the old familiar sound  of ''freight bells," as another  party of railroad men, that had  been detained here, left for  Oroville. The big ditch is giA*-  ing employment to many.  Last Thursday afternoon the  sad noAVS was brought to town,  of the drowning in the river  near here of little Ronald, the  twelve year old son of Mr. and  Mrs. J. Critchley, of Hedley.  Ronald had been visiting with  George Christie, a boy of about  ���������his.own age and they went in  swimming together and must  have gone beyond the regular  swimming place, to the disaster  of the Hedley boy. His death  came as a terrible shock as he  was well known and liked here  as well as in his. home town.  Scotland and f. of England-, to George  III. and Queen Victoria of Great  Britain.  Geoige   III.   has been traced genealogically  from   King   David,   smd   the  following   living   personages,   more or  less   cohneeted   wil.li  the war, are. des  cended from George ill.:���������  1, George V.��������� King of Great Britain;  2, Mary, Queen Consort of (j rent Britain; 3, William II., Emperor of Germany; ���������', JMaud, Queen of NnrAvay: 5,  Prince Oscar', heir to the. King of Nor  way; (5, Prince Alfred of Saxe Coburg;  7, Marie, Queen of Kouiiumia; S, Prince  Charles Edward of Saxe. Coburg; !'.  Sophia, Queen of Greece; 10, Prince  Liuis of Batlenberg, once chief of the  British Navy; 11, Alcxandi.-i, Empress  of Russia; 12, Prince imperial, heir to  the Czar; 13, Prince Louis of Hesse;  1-1, Prince Albert of Schles wig Holstein;  15, Victoria, Queen of Spain; 1(5, Prince  of Asturias, heir to the King of Spain;  17, Duke of Brunswick: IS.c Duke ol*  Teck, a British ollicor and brother of  Queen Mary: 19, Alexander, a British  officer and In-other of Queen Mary.  He: '"They say after marriage the  husband and wife grow to look like  each other."    .  She: "Then consider my refusal  fin  al."   '  Royal victorias  Nya l, Patterson  --and some splendid  ,   Chocolates in-bulk,  ij    ij -Heclleu Drug & Book Store  *i{| Hedley, B. C.  [^^M^^^M^^^M^^^^^^^^^^m i  mm ubmh mirmiiua������i. nww.'  SEE THAT IT IS  ������ OF   INTEREST  TO |  Full, stock on hand of���������'  twTMCT^nitMjjuaajiij^'mcasgsmam  I Poultry Raisers k  Keremeos Fruit and Vegetables  BARLOW  &  CO.,  Growers  ������  Are handling a full line of Fruits   and  Vegetables in Hodely  Watch For Our  F^ig*  Get   your   gars   ready   for Freestone  Peaches next week.  SING LEE  Laundry, Contracting of all  kinds,. Ditch digging, Wood  Sawing, Clearing land, Cooking and all kinds of Chinese  Labor.  Keremeos, B.C.  H  ft  8  a  g  g  &  Clip this advertisement from  the Hedley Gazette and mail  it to us today. In return Ave  will send you, without charge  generous samples of our famous Chick Food and Growing  Food in order that you may  Lest their Avondcrful values.  State name and address and  nearest post ollice, also name  and   address  of vnnv dealer.  1  The VANCOUVER MILLING  g  and GRAIN COMPANY, Ltd  "���������   Vancouver, B  C.  ft  $  o JS $"*$  U       0*0<L4JJLVS.    ALSO   OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT  ��������� .  1  ���������  ���������*  Divine Service Avill be conductecd in  the church on Sunday August 15 th  morning Service 11 a. m. Subject:-  The fire prepared for the devil and his  angels. Evening Service 7:30 p. m.  Subject:-The Eagles Nest. A hearty  invitation is extended to all. Preacher  It. G. Stewart.  Hedley's Tonsorial Parlors  For a Good Haircut  and Shave  BATHS  IN CONNECTION  R. HILLIARD   =   Prop.  ���������  ISA SPECIALTY WITH US  **'l.*'i'  KEREMEOS-PEimCTO   |  ROYMJAIL STAGE  THE WAR AND  DAVIDIC DESCENT  The following facts, although the  subject of numerous discussions in the  past, may not be knoAvn to many of  our readers so Ave take this opportunity  of presenting them. Their study presents some interesting conditions :  Queen Mary of Great Britain was  taught from her early childhood by  her mother, the Duchess of Teck, that  she was a descendant of King David  to whom God made the promise that  his throne should be established forever. In connection Avith this it will  be interesting to read the following as  taken from The Covenant People.  It is remarkable to notice how many  of those who are connected with those  countries which are carrying on this  European Avar, or are liable to be  drawn into it, can lay claim to the  same Davidic Descent, which Queen  Victoria could.  ��������� In the printed Descents, the line of  consanguinity is traced down from  David, King of Israel, to Tephi daughter of Zedehiah, who married Heremon  King of Ulster, to Fergus McErch, first  King of Argylshire, to Kenneth first  of Scotland,   through  James VI.   of  Auto Leaves  on  arrival  of 9.30   J  and 4 o clock trains.  Baggage arranged for.  TWEDDLE'S   AUTO    STAGE  Cars Call at all Hotels  Where Are  Your Interests  ir Are they in this community ?  II Are  they among the  people with whom you  associate %  1F Are  ���������  they with the  and friends  with whom you do busi-  business %  neighbors  If so, you Avant to knoAv what is happening in this community. You Avant  to know the goings and coinings of  the people Avith whom you associate,  the. little neAvs items of your neighbors  and friends���������noAV, don't you?  That is what this paper gives you  in every issue. It is printed for  that purpose. It represents your  interests and the interests of this  toAvn. Is your name on our subscription lists'" If not you owe it  to yourself to see that it is put  there.   To do so  Will be to  Your Interest  ���������  AVE You  ever  considered  ... \    ..  . .  the quality of your work  from the standpoint of careful  type composition and efficient  proofreading? The reputation  of this house for good printing  has been established through  accuracy and attention to the  little details. Send your printing here and we will do it right.  iMMaaimwMafliaBB^^  edley  ��������� i^.  ������������������:���������-  t  ��������� ���������  t  ���������  ���������  ������������������������������������  t  t  t  ^  m.


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