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The Evening Sun Mar 15, 1912

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 L*l_i.l.ti»e Lihmry
Eleventh Year—No. 20
Grand Porks, B. C, Friday, cTWarch 15, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Eight Government  Candidates Returned by Ao-'
clamation   .
Vancouver—Liberals, Ralph Stnirh,
Aid. 'C. W. Enright, Aid. W. 8.
•Cameron, Maxwell Smith, J. N.
Ellin; Coniervatives, W. H. Bowser,
H. H. Watson, C. E.'Tisdall, A. H.
B. MaoGowan, Dr. G. A. McGuire;
.Socialists, J. Heid, J. A, Macdonald, C. Sayers, J. H Aetiderson, J.
P. Lord; Independent,  Sam Green.
Victoria—Liberals,. II. H. Brewster, R, T. Elliott; Conservatives,
Hop, Richard McBride, H. B.
Thomson, Frederick Davey, H. F.
W. Between; Independent, B. J.
Perry; Socialist, V. R. Midgley.
New1 Westminster—L beral, Geo.
Kennedy; Consertive, Tool  Gifford.
Grand ForkB—Conservative, E.
Miller: accamntion.
Rossland—Liberal, L. D.Taylor;
Conservative, L. A. Campbell; Socialist, G. B. Casey.
Nelton—Conservative, W. R. Maclean; Socialist, A. W. Harrod; Independent Conservative, Hi Wright*
Cranbrook—Conservative, T. D.
Caven; acclamation.
Kaslo—Conservative.Neil T. Mackay; acclamation.
" Ymir—Socialist, R P. Pettipiece;
Conservative, J. H, Schofield.
Fernie—Conservative, W. R.
Ross; Socialist, William Davidson.
Columbia—Conservative, H. G'
Parson; Independent Conservative,
II. E. Forster.
Greenwood—Conservative, J.. R.
Jackson; Socialist, George Heather-
ton. , ,
Slocan—Liberal, AnthonySbilland;
Conservative, William Hunter.
.   Alberni — Conservative,   3.   G.
Wood; acclamation
Saanich—Liberal, \V. Noble; Conservative, Hon. D. M. Eberts.
The Islands—Independent, Percy
Winch; Conservative, Hon. A. E.
Cowichan—Liberal, A. A. Herd;
Conservative, W. K. Hayward.
Esu.uin.alt— Liberal, M. II. Jackson; Socialist, George Oliver; Conservatives, John Jardine, II. D.
Hei nit-ken, II. R. Pooley.
- Newcastle—Soiiinlist, Parker Williams; Conservative, R. B. Dier.
Revelstoke—Conservative, Hon.
Thomas Taylor; acclamation.
Similkameen — Conservative, L.
W. Slintlord; acclamation.
' Richmond—Liberal, J. W. Wert;
Conservative, Carter Cotton.
Delta—Liberal, John Oliver; Conservative, F. J. A. Mackenzie.
Skeena—Liberal, Alex Manson
Conservative, William Manson; Socialist, W. II. Montgomery.
Yale—Liberal, John P. McConnell; Conservative, Alex Lucas.
Nanaimo—hiberal, H. Shepherd;
Conservative, ex-Mayor Plants; Sochi I ist, J. Place.
Okanagan—Liberal, 0. T. Sterling; Conservative, Hon. Ptice Ellison,
Atlin—Conservative, Hon. II. E.
Young; acclamation,
Chilliwack—Conservative, S A.
Cawley; acclamation.
' The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.       MIN.
Friday _ 33 8
Saturday  34 7
Sundiy  38 TO
Monday '..  41 20
/Tuesday   45 20
Wednesday  41 15
Thursday  34 15
Ranfall during week, 0.00 inches;
snowfall, 0 0.
Orand Forks Liberals Decide
Not to  Contest the
.   Constituency
Work at the Napobon
Last year the Napoleon mine
shipped 14,134 tone of sulphide
ore, which was used at the Greenwood smelter aa sulphur flux. The
stripping of the oxide ore body at
tbis mine has proved the oxide body
to be greater than was expected. The
Napoleon mill was completed last
March. The mill did not work with
entire satisfaction, causing too much
loss in the tailings, and was shut
down in order to install a filter press
at a cost of 95000. This will be
finished, and the mil) in operation
before the end of May.—Ledge.    .
Autocrats at Flay
There appears to have bean some
.trouble at Golden yesterday between
Premier MoBiide and the mote independent members of the Conservative
party in tbe Columbia constituency,
A Mr. Harold Forster announced his
inteutention of running in the constituency as an "independent" follower of
Mr. McBride. The premier intimated
to the convention that if the constituency did not elect the candidate chosen
by the convention there would be a
vacancy in the party caucus, and both
he and Mr. Bowser intimated that the
party nominee—H. G. Parsons—must
be elected. - Mr. McBride is reported
to have wid that as long as he led the
Conservatives in British Columbia he
was determined to keep the party together. This was as clear an intima
tion as any czar could make that if
the Columbia constituency elected the
candidate of their choice the constitu
ency would be "disciplined," and no
one knows McBrido'* but must fear
what that would mean. Not satisfied
with the abject subservience of the
members of the legislature who—
without protest or open criticism—allow the premier and his Man Friday
to carry on the business uf- the country, with the most unbridled effrontery the premier has now intimated
that he intends to exact the suine subserviency from every Conservative organization in the province. We should
think the independent, manly and
self-respecting voters of the province
would come to the conclusion that it
it high time for a reasonable number
of members to sit in the opposition
and take same of the conscienceless
Neroism out of Hon. Mr. McBride.—
Victoria Times.
British Columbia last year imported 117,000,000 worth oi farm
products. British Columbia alienated to speculators hundreds of
thousands of acres of land from
which rhe settler was barred.
A meeting of the Grand Forks
Liberal association was held on
Tuesday evening. Everyone present was very emphatic in the opin.
inn that Premier McBride had
shackled the Liberal party by hiving control of voters' lists and bringing tbe election on without giving
sullieient notice, and it was decided
not to place a candidate in the field.
F. M. Sylvester, assistant genera)
manager nf the Granby Consolidated,
has returned from a trip of inspection to the company's Hidden Creek
properties. He states lhat the establishment of a smelter at Observa-
vatory Inlet has been definitely decided on by the company, and that
construction work on the plant will
commence' shortly. When completed, the smelter and mines will
give employment to ahout 2500
Next Sunday will be St. Patrick's
Taxes on speculators' lands for
the current year should be $800,-
000. The estimates show expected
revenue on all lands, limber and
otherwise,.of $450,000. Who gets
the unestimaled revenue!
way.. The licensees of the district
naturally resent this imposition, and
it is said they are all working against
Premier McBride and Attorney-
General Bowser will spend a couple
of hours in the city tomorrow afternoon. A public reception will be
held in Davis hall.
Mrs. W. J. Mclntyre returned on
Tuesday from a two months' visit
with friends in Toronto.
Dr. Acres and family have moved
into their Winnipeg avenue residence, recently purchased from A.
W. Fraser.
A. F. Michener returned on Monday from Halcyon Hot Springs,
where he. had been receiving treatment for rheumatism.
Mrs' J. W. Rutherford and Miss
Andrews left yesterday for Vancouver, where they will reside in
futurer A large number of their
friends bid tbem good-bye at the
CP.R. station.
Forbee M. Krrby was elected a
member of tbe - board of school
trustees on Monday last by acclamation. He will fill tbe unexpired
of J, W. Rutherford, resigned.
The Rossland Liberals on Monday laBt nominated as their candidate in the provincial election, L.
D. Taylor, ex-mayor of Vancouver
and proprietor of Tbe World. Mr.
Taylor on Tuesday wired his acceptance of the nomination.
The entertainment in tbe Presbyterian cburcb on Wednesday night
was well attended, and waa very enjoyable. Principal Fleming, of the
high school, gave an interesting lecture, "The Poetry of Kipling" being
his subject. A choice musical program was.also remb-ri-d.
Constable I. A. Dinsnore, of
Greenwood, was in tbe oity on Wednesday.
F. II. Knight, of Spokane, was a
visitor in tbe city on Wednesday.
The stonecutters on the new post
oflice building started to work again
thiB morning.
Danny Deane haa purchased the
Marsh block in Phoenix. He will
move his restaurant to it next
Tho concentration tests on the
Lone Star ore have ho far proved
highly satisfactory. A mill will
probably be erected at the mine this
If tbe people in the Greenwood
district vnle tlie same as they talk,
the gnveriiiiiriit candidate will be
defeated .there. During the past
year many charges have been made
lhat "blind pigs" have been ojfit*
oted, with tbe full knowledge of the
authorities, all along the line of construction of the Kettle Valley rail
Tbe Overseas club dance, announced for March 20, will be postponed until after Lent, and instead
the club will have a smokerand
general round-up on that date—
Friday, March 29. The entertainment will comprise a musical program and cards. A good turn-out
is requested. Voluntary contributors to Ihe program will be wel
Eva Millar entertained eleven of
ber young friends at a birthday
party on Tuesday laet. ■   _
Cooper Bridge Is Considered
Unsafe for Any Kind
of Traffic
The suffragettes of Ferry county,
Washington, scored their first victory last week, when Mre. J. W.
Slagle was elected school director
over O. E. Fiober by a majority of
almost three to one.
Jamos MeArdle returnhd on Tuesday from a two weeks'visit to Victoria.
The Conservative convention ou
Monday renominated E. Miller fur
member for Grand Forks riding.
B. M. Cudwortb, of Bridesville,
and Miss Minnie HoSmiere, of .Molson, were married at Ihe Grand
Forks hotel Tuesday,Rev. J. Calvert,
D.D., performing tbe ceremony.
J. A. McCallum is expected to return in about ten days from southern California, where he bits been
spending the past winter.
Since tbe McBride government
obtained control of the province
taxes in tbe Kettle Valley have
more than trebled. Thc ranchers
do not like tbis kind of prosperity.
Fred Clark returned   on  Monday
from a trip to the coast.
Len Mader made  a   trip to Spokane this week.
At the council meeting on Monday night Miss J. M. Barlee was appointed assistant to tbe city clerk.
Applications for the position were
also received from Miss M. Miller,
Miss E. Nichols, Miss G. Galloway,
Miss C. McCallum, Mies Idenherr,
and W. E. Harkness.
City Electrician W. J. Shannon
tendered bis resignation, to take effect at tbe end of the month. It was
The council decided to barricade
the Cooper bridge, as, after being
carefully inspected, it was considered to be unsafe for traffic.
The reservoir question wus discussed at length. ' C. A/ S. Atwood
offered the city one acre of land for
a eite for the reservoir for $10. Tbe
matter was referred to the chairman
of the water and light committee, to
obtain more information and to. report as soon a4 possible.-     t
The question of giving the Royal
bank a portion of the city's business-
was referred to tbe finance committee, witb instructions to report.
A bylaw to borrow $10,000 for
current expenses was put tbrough
ita initial stages.
Mrs. S. J. Dibble offered $21 for
lots 11 and 12, block 21, plan 131,
and Arthur- Webster offered iho
same amount for lot 21, block .'•,
plan 22. Referred to Aid. Morrison
and Henniger to investigate and report.
Tenders for carload lota of lumber
were received as folfowe, the figures
given being per thousand feet, f.o.b.
Grand Forks' Republic Lumber
company, #12.25 for 2 inch and
$11.25 for dimension; Karamin
Lumber company, 812.50; Danvillo
Lumber company, $12.50; Dominion S. & li. Co., Cascade, $15.25.
Tbe tender of the Danville Lumber
company was accepted.
Provincial Engineer Griffiths,' in
a communication to the council,
stated that an appropriation had
been made for the it-building uf the
A number of protests were made
on account of tho poor lights in the
West end, but the mutter was laid
over until the next meeting
Mrs. S. Davis and  Miss   Freddu
relurned yesterday from Spokane.
Mrs. W. Farmer is visiting friends
in Nelson.
Paid surveyors of the government
form syndicates of tbe friends of the
government to buy government lands
wbich should be free to the settler.
Land speculators owe the British
| Columbia government 97,000,000
overdue first payments on land.
Tbe McBride government appropriated #200,000 for roads in Alberni as a bribe to the electors lo
defeat H. C. Brewster; bo that MoBiide could "finish hit work" in
peace and quiet nest.
Development at Wellington
Last year 000 feet of development
wurk wu. done at Wellington camp,
and 27,261 Ions of ore shipped to
Greenwood. Owing to the suit nature nf the ore and country rock,
this mine requires a large amount of
timber, which materially increases
the cost of mining. Active development is in force on the lower
levels, and naw ground will be explored this spring —Ledge.
Eggs for Sale
From thoroughbred utility birds.
Single-comb Rhode Island Reds and
single-comb White Leghorn*. Won
18 firsts uid 9 seconds, besides s specials, at Grand Forks, Greenwood and
Trail last fall and winter; cup al
Trail for best pen in shew on S.C.
Rhode Island Reds, also special for
beat Red iu show, either comb. Eggs,
$3.00 and $5.00 per setting. T.
Bowkn, Grand Forks (Columbin V l)) THE SUN. GBflAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Dr. Moree'e Indian Root Pill*
Healed Mr. Wilson's Bores
When the sewers of the body—bowels,
kidneys and skin ducts—get clogged up,
lhe blood quickly becomes impure and
frequently sores bleak out over the body.
The way to heal them, as Mr. Richard
Wilson, who lives near London, On!.,
found, is lo purify thc blood, lie
"For some time I had been in a low,
depressed condition. My appetite left
tne and I soon began to suffer from indigestion. Quite a number of small sores
and blotches formed ull over my skin. I
tried medicine for the blood and used
many kinds of ointments, but without
satisfactory results. What was wanted
was a thorough cleansing of the blood,
and I looked about in vain for some medicine that would accomplish this.
At last Dr. Morse's Indian Hoot Pills
were brought to my notice, and they are
ene ol the most wonderful medicines I
have ever known. Hy blood was purified in i very short time, sores healed up,
my Indigestion vanished. Tbey always
have a place in my home and are looked
upon as the family remedy."
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills cleanse
the system thoroughly. Sold by all
dealers at 25c a boxj 6
How A Gold Mine Was Discovered.
The death in Sydney ot Mr. Waller
Hall, a Mount Morgan millionaire, recalls the story ot tbo discovery ot the
famous Queensland gold mine. It
sounds more like some startling fiction than a piece ot real lite. It was
a portion of a selection owned by a
man named Gordon, but tbe pasturage
was very poor, and his existence,
which he maintained by keeping a few
bend of cattle was miserable enough.
One day about thirty years ago, two
brothers named Morgan, prospectors,
passed his ramshackle hut, built unsuspectingly over untold wealth and
partook of the hospitality which Gordon ottered to them as to all other
travellers in the bush. Something
attracted thc trained eyes ot the two
brothers, and picking np Idly a few
samples of stone, they bade Gordon
goodbye. They reappeared soon afterwards, and altered to buy his poo.
selection from him, and he cangralu-
lated himself on getting rid of lt al
£1 an acre. Even then the Morgans
had no Idea ol the real -value of their
new property, though they were cor.,
fident it would pay them to work it.
They proponed to a Hockhampton resident a sale of hall tbelr Interest for
£2,000 iu order to bny mining machinery, and eventually this gentleman
and three others put lu £500 eacb.
In a few years they and the Morgans
were all millionaires.
A Clock That Talks
The newest timepiece which Is
shortly to be placed upon the market
actually calls out the hours, half hours,
and quarters, day and night, unless
shut oft and will tell you the time to
the minute any bour ot tho night if
you press a llttlo button at your bedside. The works of this remarkable
clock actuate a stout belt which rune
over a roll connected with a sounding
box. Upon this belt, or rather film,
the hours, which have been recorded
by a phonograph, are pressed by galvanisation on a copper plate. The
mechanism which moves the hands is
connected with tho sneaking device,
and with this a funnel, which reinforces the sound and projects it outward through a finely grated opening
attached to the narrow side of the
clock. At night a touch on the lever
reduces tho clock to silence. Bat if
one wakes and wishes to know the
time without striking a light, an easily found button la pressed, and the
clock Immediately starts the time. The
speech film Is practically Indestructible and occupies very llttlo space,
since, because of Its elasticity, tt may
be wound upon a very small roller
Whistles It Open.
Burdened with the necessity of having to rlso from hie bed lo unbolt tlie
bedroom door, bo that his breakfast
could be brought, lu, a Londoner has
Invented n door which opens to hts
whistle. This Is accomplished by
means of a simple electromagnet
which draws tho bolt when a current
passes through It, a platinum point,
and a piano wire attuned to a certain
note. By sounding this note or one
of its octavos, the wlro vibrates in
response, and this vibration brings lt
In contact with the platinum point,
thus completing tho circuit aud bringing a very sensitive relay Into operation.
Eve.—"Soo here, Adam, I've been
the making of you. Some women
would have taken every rib you had."
fl   '•*./  KiDNP
\     fltlD^CUM-l-'5-
I.I •<!__.   °la-.|,L-
W. N. U. No. 883
Interesting Facts and Figures of Its
Wonderful Development
When Lord and Lady Dufferin set
out from Winnipeg In September 1877,
on their return journey to Ottawa,
they passed up the Red River by
steamer.to the United States frontier,
where Ihey were able to take a railway train and so travel by way of St.
Paul and Chicago to Detroit, where
they crossed again to Canadian territory. Between Western and-Hasteru
Canada thero waB then no railway
connection, and in the West Itself
there were but a few •miles ot roughly
built railway lu Manitoba, not then ln
operation, -for on their way up the Red
Kiver the Vice-Regal party passed a
barge carrying to Winnipeg the first
locomotive that ever turned Its wheel
in that city.
That was a little more thnn thirty-
four years ago. Today there are in
the Canadian West 10,100 miles of
railway—more tban one-third of the
total mileage in all Canada, and tide
refers only to the three prairie provinces—the country between the head
of Lake Superior and tho Rocky
mountains, la Manitoba there are
3,706 miles of railway, in Sasjtatche
wan, 4,202, and ln Alberta 2,111—an
Increase ot 1,400 miles over the mileage of 1911, and an increase of six
thousand miles over the mileage of
ten years ago.
And the great fact must be borne in
mind—great ae are the railway facilities of tho West, (hoy aro not adequate to the needs of the country, and
although construction work is being
vigorously prosecuted by three great
railway companies the needs of transportation services keep ahead of the
railway companies.
The West outgrows Its railway facilities about, as fast as a healthy boy
outgrows hie clothes.
The first census taken after Canada
acquired Prince Rupert's Land from
the Hudson's Bay Company, waB tbat
ot the year 1871, and that census gave
Manitoba a population of 25,228, and
the Northwest Territories 18,000, a
total of 48,228, for the area now comprised within the three prairie provinces.
According to the census of June last,
Manitoba has a population of 454,691;
Saskatchewan 458,208; Alberta, 3..,-
919—a total of 1,281,118, or more people than the province of Quebec contained when It entered Confederation,
or a third of a million moro than tie
present population of the Ihre. Marl
time Provinces. The present population .of our ^Veet, In co-nparisj.i
with the numbers lt Is capable of sustaining, making independent and well-
thy, Is but as a vanguard to the main
army. The West Is tn reality still an
empty country.- Its farms are ouly
patches on the prairies, and yet those
patches have passed the million bushel
mark in the production ot wheat alone.
There Ib room in the west for millions
more of people. They are steadily
pouring ln, and the day ts not tar distant when Western Canada, will contain more people than will be found
ln Eastern Canada.
The progress and wealth of the West
is briefly told by a few other facts
which speak so clearly that comment
Is unnecessary. In all Canada there,
are 2,020 banks—including bead offices and branches. Of tbat number
27.7 per cent, or 727, aro located in
the wheat-growing provinces of Western Canada. Ten years ago there
were only 71 banks In the Canadian
West—not quite one-tenth the number
there are today. And the number
grows weekly.
The bank . clearings at WeBtern
points show a splendid record—an increase of 27 per cent, during the past
year. Last year the bank clearings
in the Eastern Canadian cities amounted to $4,850,846,587. In the cities of
tho West, Including those of British Columbia, the clearings amounted
to (2,422.106,595.
Building operations hear testimony
to the progress ofthe West. Last
year in twelve of the principal centres
of population the outlay on the new
structures amounted to fifty and a
half million dollars—three times bb
much as was spent tn 1907. During
tlie same period the postal revenue
collected ln theBe same cities ras Increased from $594,550 to 1,722,816.
while thc postal revenues ot the East
Increased 30 per cent., that of the
West Increased 119 per cent.
Grain Is the basis of the prosperity
of the West, and the centre of the
grain trade Is Winnipeg, and Winnipeg
has outstripped the two groat American cities that sre rivals ln this commerce.
Last yoar thc wheat receipts at Winnipeg amounted to 101,326.250 bushels.
At Minneapolis the receipts were 90,-
647,850 bushels, and at Chicago 42,-
629,751. Tro oat reoelpts at Winnipeg
were 20,128,800 bushels, and at Minneapolis 11,400,820.
Thc West Is making rapid strides.
To the homeless It offers laud, Independence aud wide opportunities, lt
provides an enormous and steadily
growing market for the products of
the East, and It also offers a wide
field for tho Investment of eastern
capital. East and West oach neeus lhe
other, and the prosperity o_ t'io one
Is shared In by all. Both Ei.it a.id
West havo before them.the np-bulld:
Ing and prosperity ot their common
country.—The Montreal- Standard.
'Vou .are not -pursuing the same
lines ot argument you were somo
years ago." "No," replied Senator
Sorghum; "the way they dig up' olth
speeches Is annoying. Those old lines
of argument are now pursuing tne."
Young Wife.—"Bo you think It le
justifiable for a wlfo to take money
from her husband's pockets?" Older
Wife.—"It isn't a case of Justification
at all: It Ib a case of finding any to
The Duke of Connaught's Criticism of
the Palace Bears Fruit, -
Buckingham Paluce Is-to have some
much needed attention given to its
exterior. This Ib due to the outspoken remarks of the Duke of Connaught
upou the appearance of the Palace.
Last year Mr. Harcourt, tho First
Commissioner of Works, found himself with a surplus of $750,000. in
hand, and this he purposed to devote
to the painting of the interior of the
Palace and other highly necessary
works. He waa overruled, however,
by other members of the Cabinet on
the ground that with such large shins
required for the Coronation and otho
Royal purposes the sum should be
expended elsewhere. It Ib understood
that work will be commenced on ih-i
building about Easter, when the
Court will be at Windsor, and that it
will be pushed forward so as lo be
completed by the time the Lonion
Beason proper commences iu May.
The root of the Palace is In a wry
bad state of repair in places am! ; .In,
too, is to receive attention.
"The coal supply of tho earth is
limited," eaid the scientist. "No mc
can say how long it will last." "Ur.a!
Scott!" exclaimed a man i'u the back
row; and here we've gone and wasie-1
more'n a bushel of it heatln* the hail
for this lecture."
"I had to let thai uew maid go. 1
found that she was neglecting thc
children when I was attending my
club meetings." "That so?" "Yes.
PoBitlvely she couldn't think len of
thein if they were hev own."
Well. WeU!
can uae
M dyed ALL *he«e
of Good*
•pS^iHhtte SAME One.
'       I used
NO dome, ot mint rW WRONG Dy. tot tern Coo*
on« ha. to color. All i-ofon fromjaour Daii,..flt oi
Dnlear. FREE Color Card ud STORY BooUH to,
TS. lohnooa.aiesu,reOo. Co., Uotlted. Hoolml.
WHEREAS five years Mo the word Zam-Buk
was unknown in Canada, and Zatn-Buk is to-day,
admitted to be the finest one tor skin injuries'
and diseases;
AND WHEREAS it has bsen represented to
us that there are still some good Canadians, and
even some mothers and heads of families who
have not yet tried this great balm, we hereby
offer a REWARD of one free trial box of
Zam-Buk to every person who has not yet tried
this wonderful balm t
PROVIDED they send by mail to us this
proclamation together with one-cent stamp to
pay return postage of such box;
address such application to our offices at
Given under our hand this day.'
Man, the Deceiver
"That's funny " exclaimed the Innocent wife. "I won't need a new hat
or costume this winter."    ,
'You won't?" asked her husband in
surprise, ""surely you-will need-something new?"
'Not a single thing! I've been looking through this month's fashion paper you brought homo, and there's
rial the slightest change in the styles
since last winter. Everything I have,
will ..do."
And sbe sighed over her disappointment.
Then the crafty husband gloated
.llently over his little scheme.
He had slipped a December 1910
fashion paper into the cover of a December, Mill, and lt had worked.
A lady called on a friend, who was
not at home, and, finding the piano
dusty, wrote upon It "tUtty."
They met the next day,-and the
lady said, "I called on you yesterday."
"Yes, I saw your card on the piano,"
was the calm reply.
Shopping Up-to-Dats
"No, none of these hats suggest my
personality at all. You see, I'm a
great racegoer, adore drama, read
classics In the original, sympathize
with tho.Woman's movement, travel
a good deal and am-intensely tejapcru-
mental. The hat I want must convey
all this.'*
nny mgilfof S.*e ft* .
cannot aford to die.
po.e of t»»lr collect.
Idas without  fitv .
obtaining our prlcen
sent upon request
Remitter-en- forwarded dar Rood, received.
Bxprtt. and mall charge, on all .htpment.
(•Id by na.   Caaada'a I -rde.t Tme Ope.aloe.
Your correupmidence solicited.
John H_.ll__.rn
uncus eon bo made from Clay, Shaw
or t_ami. iauil mtoi umtion upon request.
The Berg Machinery Mto. Co., Limited,
specialist, | College SU Tereate.
To those whose vitality Is exhausted and who find themselves, young In years,
broken down wrecks of what they ought to -lie. thc Dr. McLaughlin Electric Belt
is full of encouragement, It it thc success of the age lu elevating the condition
Of theso suffering from a loss of vitality. - •
Mnny people would give all th-.-y porscss to regain thc health they h'tve ;cit.
Many havo spent their list cent ln its sorsult—and thrown dull, money awny.
Suoh people-are misled liy custom and' tho. well-meant advice of friends.    They
take every new drug under the sun aiidllnd- them useless.
. Yet bere Is a simple, natural remedy. Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt, that 'does
what other things fall to do. It does not poison the system nor.depress the spirits.
On tho contrary. It starts tho life current anew and produces health. It Invigorates tho ni'.n.l. Without knowing how. the patient Jumps trom despondency to
health and ambition. -
There is nothing wonderful In this change. It Is all te
natural. Think whnt the effect would be If you wero auddenly deprived of all the electricity In your body. You could not
live an Instant. Xo mental or physical life could exist without Electricity. Naturally, when thc amount Is below normal
yeu aro less vigorous, less ambitious.
Then Is the tlmo my Belt does great things for yea., It
recharges your nerves with lite-Elviras current, Soon strength
and vitality nre restored. You feel tho old, stimulating glow
of health. You now hnve lho right amount ot Electricity,
and you feel "equal to anything."
What Is my Belt? Jt la a body battery, made for the purpose of applying Electricity to the human system In the most
scientific and effective way. It Is inflate on an entirely different Plan from the worthless devices known by "Eleelr'o Belt."
It* current Is at guaranteed strength and constancy. It
Is provided with a regulator. This enables you to change the
current to suit varying needs. You wear It at night. Its
soothing currents sen* you lo sleep. You wake up refreshed
nnd invigorated. Before long you feel like a different person
—and you are different.    Your friends tell you so.
The benefit* of irty Belt are being dally demonstrated by
thousands of patlenti. and It Is heartily endorsed by those wbo
have been cured.
It you arc sick nr weak, nnd your doctor Isn't helping you
much, you ought to try my Bell,    it's a grand renicdy.     ill
such troubles as Indigestion, Constipation, Torpid Liver, Tired
Feeling  Weak Kidneys   niiouinatlsin, Neuralgia. Lfiiue Back,
t..____._.____  o-!_,,,-«  ai.»t_L..n<a«. Veevnnsness and Headaches oro cured completely with Electricity applied with my Belt;
\tSSs*\m\\^^ <"* *oraen*     Mir **" "°l °n'y CUrM lhC "<*' UUt »'?" "" WWi
a greater sent In life.
It you haven't confidence In Electric..,-.let m-Jr*^^^ *%'®S*& ■* °n ** """^ 'M
nt of risk to yourself.
!n^rm« ««.onabi; secirhy; and I will like n. case, ind yeu can
Dear Sir,—I have had your Belt In my home for some
lltllo time; my family havo used It, olso myself; snd I
find lt a great cure.    Wo could net do without It.
Tours with much respect,     Mrs. R. B. McElroy,
Areola, Sask.   .
Dear HU*,—I beg to report that the Belt 1 Teeehrcd
from you some time ago Is doing good work, and wish to
any that I am feeling better tn every way. My stomach Is
very much better; also my nervousness ia rapidly leaving.
1 can now sleep quite soundly nnd get up quite refreshed.
Sincerely yours, C. B. SeantUtin-y,, Supt. Hy. Mali Service,
Calgary, Aita.
If you cannot call and soo nre personally, yon can write-for ray-
book. It will cost you nothing, and will tell you lots of things you
ought to know. Bend coupon tor this beautifully Illustrated 84-page
Freo Book to-day, "Electricity Is Lite." I know best how to npply the
remedy, and thousands of men owe their health and happiness in-day
-their success In llte-to Dlt. SfcI.AlWHI.IN** Kl.Et-TRIC.WILT.
Office Hours: * a.m. to 6 p.m.! Wednesday and Saturday till 8.30 p.m.
Dear Sir,—I have felt no pains In my baric since, t
discontinued to wear your Belt noma mon Wis since. 1 must
say it was a marvel how quickly it ctfeoted a aure on mo
and I shall have great pleasure In recommending your
Belt ta any one who suffers from a bad back. I Thanking
you, I beg to remain. Wm. Butters,
. . OuH Lake, Sask.
"Dear-mr,—J-aiO-grad te-«*y that I am completely-cured
*t my Rheumatism by tho u.o of yanr Belt. 1 certainly
felt the benefit ol It and am glad lo say I am qulto clear
ot Rheumatism and my Belt Is worth more than what 1
paid for It. You can refer any sufferer, to ine who Is ln
doubti TrVIShlog-you every success, I remain, -
Ed. aWtneon, lot Ilmwood Ave. B., Winnipeg,; Man.
m. g. Mclaughlin,
214 ftt. dames Street. Montreal Can.
.Dear Sir,—riease send   me,  postpaid,
free book.
Heaving the Log
"Heaving the Log" is one of those
pioturriiiue • phrases; of natural; li tor*-
ature which is only hazily understood
by the laud lubber. .The'"log" Ib a
quandrant-shaped piece of wood loaded with lead at the curve. The line
to which It Is attached ts 120 fathoms
long and Is divided by knots Into
equal distances of 47 feet each. Tiie
. distances are the same fraction ot u
nautical mile (a knot) aa 28 seconds
Is of one hour. Consequently the number of knots that Blip off a reel in 28
seconds after the log Is in the water
is the speed per hour that the ship is
Go University St., Montreal.
"Jusl a word of praise (or GIN
PILLS. About fifteen months ago, I
could-not walk across my room, suffering severely with Rheumatism. 1 took
GIN PILLS and became quite well.
Two months ago, I had Rheumatic
, Pains with Neuralgia and Diarrhoea.
I resorted to Gin Pills again for one
week and became quite well."
Here is our straight guarantee, giv-
. en with every box ot GIN PILLS. We
know that Gin Pills will positively cure
Rheumatism, Sciatica and Lumbago—
as well as Pain In the Back, Irritated
Bladder and weak, strained Kidneys.
We  pledge   ourselves—the    largest
. wholesale drag house in the British
.Empire—lo promptly return your
money should Gin Pills fall to give
satisfaction.   50c. a box, 6 for $2.50.
.Sample free if you write National
Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited, Dept. N.C., Toronto.   *      .90
Mrs. J. L. Story, who has just published a volume of reminiscences, tells
of a lady relative who had all her lite
been afraid of damp sheets. Wben
she was dying Mrs. Story entered the
room, to find tho fireplace barricaded
with-a-large- assortment of bed-linen;
She was having her winding-sheet
wanned. . v
"I never have lain in damp bedclothes while-I was"allve^'-Bald the
•Id lady in a feeble whisper, "and I'm
aot going to do it when I'm dead."
$100 Reward, $l00.
Ibe rtodet. ot this paper win t» ptaml to lean
ttiat toearo I, alms.one dreamed tUKaae toat letence
laa been obic to elm In all iu huh, and Ibat n
CatMrta, 1U"'» Clttrrh Cure la UM ooly paxlllva
eure now. kntmra to the medical tratefntly. .Catarrh
Seine • cwalilatlontl aMeoxe. reaulne a conatllu-
Uona. imtinent. mil1. Caturrti con I. taken ln-
npully. acll»« directly upon the bleed tad mucraaia
.HittQct-a  ot  the  System, thereby. da-stroyoiK. tba
afcunaikttoai ot' tl» atteoxt. and slvlnf the patient
•ieoi(.|i by. buMInf tip tbe axUMI.a_.k_n and ulab
I Datura lai dOkut Ita ..tad.. -Tbe propelelOT hn«
» eaurli falUi tn- Its cuiatlva power, that- tbey Oder
. One HuMreU lfla>la«an br my eaatr that It talla to
•are. Send Ioc list ol teatlmoauila
™.-j F. j, CHENEY. 4 CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold br atll Orumta, tie.
MiHsiri Fwolly Pllu Br constlpatloa.
Tommy.—The papers Bay If yon
smoke cigarettes it changes your1 complexion.
Willie.—That's right. I'm always
tanned when'I get caught smoking,
Call and let us explain our Special Anti-Sagging, Anti-Friction and Accurate Sowing features.
Not Tender All Over
A beggar had been.for a long time
besieging an old gouty, testy, limping
gentleman, who refused his mite with
great irritability, upou which the med-
leant said:
"Ah, please your honor's honor, X
wish Providence had made your heart
half as tender as your feet."
Through indiscretion in eating green
fruit in summer many children become subject to cholera morbus caused by irritating acids that act violently
on the lining of tbo intestines. Pains
and dangerous purgings ensuo and tho
delicate system of the child Buffers
under the drain. In such cases the
safest and surest medicine is Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It
will check the Inflammation and save
the child's lite.
Wiggs.—D'Aber has had his picture
Waggs—Mayge hanging was too good
for It.
cans colds, beata
aa caala.
A party were talking ot success. A
certain man who bad made a fortune
was mentioned.     '
"When lhat man came to London
In "19," one-sold, "everything he possessed was Ued up ln a handkerchief.
Today ''
.   The. speaker smiled and stroked his
close-clipped moustache.
•Today, everything .he possesses is
tied up In his wife's name," he added.
If we are on earth to help others,
what aro others on earth tax*.
because it is made of
the purest and best ingredients, because it
contains more healing,
strengthening and upbuilding material than
any other Emulsion, and
because it is a perfect
product of a scientific-
aBy perfect process.
Doctors the world over
Scott's Emulate..
as the Standard preparation of Cod Liver Oil
W. N, U. No. 811
Hev. T. A. Drury, Beamsvllle, Ont,,
writes as tollowsi-^Toi- eighteen
years I havo been Increasingly im-
pressed with the wonderful effeels for
good wrought by Dr. Williams' Pink*
Pills. For some years I had Buffered
almost constantly with chronic dyspepsia ot the most stubborn type, attended by different other troubles
which invariably follow or accompany
.It. a» its .results,: prominent among
which were kidney trouble and piles.
Against this complication of diseases
1 waged-: a vigorous warfare for- several months, using many different remedies-, none of which gave permanent
relief. In my discouragement l was
about to discontinue treatment -altogether when I was advised by a friend
to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, tha
use of which, though under very unfavorable circumstances, soon revived
my drooping courage. The medlclue
struck' at the root of my. weakaesB
and the. different troubles of which
dyspepsia was the prime cause .released! let go," and disappeared/In ono
month 1 Increased fifteen.pounds in
weight arid received a now lease of
life, Only nix boxes of pills produced
this wonderful change In my health,
which was miraculously permanent.
"Later my sister became so reduced
by anaemia t though under the care of
our family doctor) that sho could
Bcarcely walk. In thiB dangerous extremity Dr. WtlllnuiB' Pink Pills were
resorted to and ln a brief space ot
time restored her to perfect health.
"Being a minister ot the gospel
many test cases bave come under my
notice, Jn all of which Dr. WHllums'
Pink Pills have fully sustained Uielr
world wide reputation. ThiB Is nhy
I can conscientiously recommend Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills as being anpe-ior
to anything known to me In tho treatment of many diseases for which [ho*
aro recommended."
Private Tom Jonea (lo colonel, who-
■has.brought him to see. a memorial
brass in the church" to those of the
regiment who had fallen in the way
ot war)—Well, sir, It I'd 'a' known
your name warn't a going to bo
amongst 'em, blessed it I would V
given a penny to the thing.'
Minard's Liniment Cure* Colds, Ete.
"I've got the bost mother-in-law ln
the world. She never says a harsh or
cruel word to mc.  I think so much of
her.that " .
."Well. I've Been some liars'In my
time, but "
"Wait until I finish. As I was saying. I think so much of my mother-
in-law that every Sunday I go up to
tho cemetery to see lt she's still
Tako LAXATIVE nnOMO Quinine Tablets;   Druggists refund money ir It falls
lo cure.   fl. W. 	
each box.    15c.
GKOVIi a slcnaturo Is un
A fine composition tor the pianoforte, by the famous ' composer, J.
Michael -Watson, has been published
by the Zam-Buk Co., ot Toronto: and
wo are able to make our readers the
very useful otter of a copy. of this
March for simply paying postage on
same. The composition is not vevy
difficult, Is quite within the reach of
young pianoforte players, and is a
wonderfully effective piece of work.
To obtain a copy, forward 2 cents
(cost of postage) to The Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, asking for a copy, and mentioning this paper.
Merchant (to stranger).—I thank
you, sir, for helping my clerk throw
that hook-agent out. Now what can I
do for you?   .
Stranger.—I'd like to sell you tho
"Life of Washington."
Tho publisher of the host Farmer's
paper ln the Maritime Provinces in
writing to us states'.        ......   -
"I would say that I do not know ot
a medicine that has stood the test of
time like MINARD'S LINIMENT, lt
has been an unfailing remedy ln our
household ever since I can remember,
and has outlived dozens of would-be
competitors and imitators."
Tho largest plant In the- world Is
probably a species of seaweed, which
often attains a length of 300 feet. The
stems aro dried and ueed as ropes
hy the .South Sea Islanders...
Fresh Supplies In Demand.—Where-
ever Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil has
been introduced increased supplies
have been ordered, showing that
wherever it goes this excellent OU
Impresses its power on the people. No
matter in what latitude It may be
found its potency Is never impaired.
It Is put up ln most portable shape In
bottles and can be" carried without
fear or breakage.
Opals are bo sensitive that exposure
to moisture or beat, or eVen sudden
atmosphere change, sometimes ruins
Master (to new pupil).—What is
your name, my lillc man?
New Pupil.—Tommy.
Master.—What Is your full name?
New Pupil.—Tommy Jones.
Master.—Then Jones Is your last
New Pupil.—No, It lsn*t. When I
was born my namo was Jones, and
they didn't give the other namo for a
month afterwards.
Corns aro caused hy the pressure
ot tight boots, but no ono need be
troubled with them long whon so
simple a remedy ss Holloway'a Cora
Cure Is available.
"Wbat la the difference between
valor and discretion?" remarked Mrs.
Brown, looking np from the paper in
which she had been reading a leading
article on the operations In Tripoli.
Valor," replied Brown, "is bawling
Into the ear-of tho champion pugilist
the assertion that he Is a ruffian you
could knock Into fits."
"And discretion?"
- "Is doing lt over the telephone."
Just because fools and children tell
the truth is no reason why they should
monopolize the conversation.
Sudden Changes
Many Colds
And  Colds Are the  Starting  Point
ef 8erlous Diseases
You Can Make Short Work    ef    a
Cold by Using
Sudden changes ot temperature ara
fatal In results. Tho shock to tho
human system Is more than most
people can stand, and every whore you
hoar sneezing and coughing.
You may be sure that some of these
coldo will develop Into pneumonia or
consumption. Others will settle on
the kidneys, and result in serious disease or bring on rheumatic or bodily
The danger ia ln letting colds run
on. By beginning promptly with Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine and taking small doses frequently
you can keep tho cough loose, check
the inflammation, and soon rid the
system entirely of tlie cold, and all
tho many possibilities for evil which
it posbcsbcb.
Don't think tliat anything Is goad
enough tjt a cold. Thero are lots of
cough mixtures. Uut If you want a
standard medicine of proven merit,
somcllilng that you can depend on in
tlmo of sickness, you will be satisfied with Dr. Chase's Syrup ot Linseed and Turpentine.
Children like lt. Being composed
of simple Ingredients. It Is particularly
suited to their needs. Ils enormous
sales prove its effectiveness. 2u cents
a bottle, family size CO cents, at all
dealers, or Kdmanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronlo.
If a cyclist were to ride around thc
oast coast of England and Wales he
would cover a distance of nearly 11,500
Mlnard'e Liniment Curat Distemper.
"Do you havo trouble when you are
learning your lessons. Tommy?"
"Yes, sir." "What seems to trouble
you most?"   "The teacher'."
When Your Em Nnd Can
Try Murine Kyo n«mrty. No 8tr.nr_.nj.—FmI»
tinea—Acta Quickly. Try It fair Bed, Wok,
Watery Ryes unit UranuUted KyolUlK. lllus.
.rata.ii Bock lu each Package.    Murine  la
CaUFUUDSC.a by OOV a|>caUBtB~m,t «"I*aW!!lMCa__.
fclMs-fiil wed In aoecosafol Ifhyilfl-lMii'Rjc-
lice, tur many yean. Bow MIssMio .no Poo.
lie and sold 6» lramolnii. ai «o art Mcinr Boula.
MurliM Hya SaWo In A>ciiilc TuMa, Su a-uit He.
Murln* ty* Ramady Oo., Chlcaga
The Arlincton Co. of Canada, Ltd.
58 !'ra._l Ave .TorcDlaj, 0-;l_uio
Mrs. Winslow's Soothinci Syrup lia* bees
med tor over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ot
M.?,?iI.?.RS_ '°r. 'W' CIIII.UURN WHII.K
is the best remedy tor DlARRIItEA. It I- eb-
raoltitety harmless. _3e sure and nsk for " M_«.
Wlnslow'a soothing Syrup," nnd Uke tw otker
kind.   Tweuty-five ccnls a bottle
Tp sell tho greatest Labor Saving
Washing Compound on tho market.
Sold by Eaton & Simpson of Toronto.
Send 10c tor sample to Henry Arlund,
Berkeley  Apartments,  Toronto,  Ont.
A train ln Arizona was boarded by
robbers, who went through the pockets
of tho luckless passengers. One of
them happened to bo a - travelling
salesman from New York, who, when
his turn came, fished out $250, but
rapidly took $12.50 from the pile and
placed it in hia vest pocket.
"What do you mean by thai?" asked
the rohb'er, as he toyed with his revolver.   Hurriedly came the answer:
"Mine a frent, you surely would not
refuse me five per zent discount ou
a strictly cash transaction like dis?"
Every woman who attempts lo make a dress or
Ehlrt waist Immediately discovers how difficult it Is lo
obtain a pood tit hy the usual -trylita.on-method,' with
herself for tlio .model aud
c. looklnar.Kir.ss with which
to see how tt tits at lhe
back. .
"HAl__.-BortCHt.nT Kg.
do away with all discomforts
nnd disappointments In luting, and render tho work
ol dressmaklr.^ at one
easy and eallsitia-torv. This
faaviaa ean be adjusted to 50
different shapes and sizes:
Inlet raleed or lowered Also
made lonser and shorter at
tho waist line and form rals-
, . r- cfl or lowereat to suit any desired skirt length. Very easily adjusted, can not pet out of order, and will
list a lifetime. Will,, for Illustrated
booklet containing complete line of
Dress Forma with prices.
Dept 2D. 6S-76 Pearl St., Toronto, Can
aSeml for l-'i-eca Book tflvlni.
lull particulars ot TRENCH'S
REMEDY, tlio , World-ftunoUH
Cui-o for Epilepsy and Fits.
Simple home treatment.
25 years' euccess.
Testimonials    from     all
\jUIIL.Uports of the world.   Over
w ' ' ""■* l.Otto In one year.
107    St.    James'  -Chambers,    Toronte.
So surely as the day and the night
alternately follow ono another, does
every day when lt yields to darkhes.i,
and every night when It passes int.,
dawn, bear with it its own tale of thc
results which it has silently wrought
upon each of us, for evil or for good.
—W. E. Gladstone.
and Pistol Cartridges.
U The proof of the pudding is the eating *, the proof of
the cartridge is its shooting;. The great popularity
attained by Winchester ride and pistol cartridges
during a period of over 30 years is the best proof of
their shooting qualities. They dways give satisfaction. Winchester .as caliber cartridge* loaded with
Smokeless powder have the celebrated Winchester Greaseless Bullets, which make them cleaner to
Handle than any cartridges of this caliber made.
Backache Means Your Kidneys o
Want Help! q
The kidney* are among ths most Important orfant, _^.
They are mo&t subject to periods of depression, Imperfect lTj
action and lowered vitality.   Invariably, they give warn* ^BXW
,y.   I        .   .
iny, in the form of backache,  headache, pains in the ,
"■•iits, eto.   Wise people, careful of their health, act ^
it-lly when any of these symptoms appear.   Car-elie* ^^^
eaur*goinf persons of ten perjut a. slicht affection of (H
the kidneys to grow into aent* or chronic kidney trouble, -^**m*W
ignoring the
Prompt help is Riven inactive kiL__„   „   	
PILLS.  TUoy cleanse, tone, ttimulate and restore the kidneva to normal vigor
■inly-givm wanting of unhealthy kianey*. -—^.
s by DK. CUHK'8 SWEET N1T£K ^^.
£^     In quick time'.   Sold every Where at fifty cent* aboa or mailed direct by     4* f-*^
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
HariieSS Oil   The IMPERIAL OIL CO., Limited
- A winter's Instruction, with (un and amusement thrown In. Open to
boys, girls and adults. You can't tall to win one ot the hundreds ot
prizes. The Farmers' Tribune, Winnipeg, is inaugurating a great popular
Booklovers Contest tor the benellt ot tho pcoplo ot tbe Wost. It will bo
a great boon during tbe lonely evenings.   It costs nothing to enter.
Send to the Tribune tor (ull particulars, and get in line tor one ot tlio
hundreds ot prizes and (or a winter's amusement. You can't at lord ta
delay as tho contest starts almost at once.
Economy in Utile thing* it juat m
important m economy in big Uifi
will answer one of your "economy questions." 60 yews
of constant betterment has brought them to such perfec.
tion that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make.
Tired Eyes
H you Imve any trouble with
yonr eyes, it is th* height ot
fully to neglect them. Properly adjusted glasses afford
the only relief for tired, over
worked eyes. We make a
specialty of relieving tired
eyes, aud guarantee satisfaction.
'uhlliheal at Grand Forks, BritishGolnmhl
I. A.lTataa
.. Kdltor anrl Publisher
A Sir, of tbli paper oau ba Man at tha office
Jf MeMi-a>. B. IJ. Hardy A Co.. •>, II and K.
Slaat Star-net, B_C., London. Bnglatnl, free o(
'barge, and that Arm will ha clad to reoelve
aiibterli.tiaMia and advertleetaente on onr banal*.
sussosiptios aaiaa:
Jna Tear   S1J0
n»e tear (In advance) 1.00
One Year, In United State.  I.M
Addrew all communications to
Tna Kvihiso Sua,
fnona B74 Oiasd Fossa, B.C
FRIDAY, MARCH 15,; 1912
Highwaymen are often credited
with generosity. Cases vere they
robbed the rich and gave to the poor
have been attested. The McBride
government does not possess this attribute. It robs the poor by taxing
them beyond endurance, and then
banbs the swag over to tbe big rail
way corporations.
Ths Greenwood Ledge some
times goes out of its way in order tn
inflict a poniard wound in tbe back
of this city. Its editor should ust-
a little moro diplomacy. Green
wood, with ils Midway tk Vernon
soandal, and unfinished big tunnel,
-cannot afford to accuse any otber
town of being engaged in the hot air.
exploitation business.
It is said that fifty men with
teams have been promised work on
the public roads in this district.
This makes fifty sure C mservative
The fact that the Greenwood
Ledge is fteiling at the puhlic
(rough, may possibly account for ll e
fact its i-ilitor holds distorted  views
regarding the integrity of the oppo- QRAND FORKS OPBRA HOCSE
sition press.   He is therefore excus-       ■ ■■      a. t. mOu. Man-eta.' "
able for judging others by, his own
political standard. *
Tiia-clerk of works on the Grand
Forks court house is the president
of the Grand Forks Conservative association. He holds a regular situation at tha Granby smelter, and
draws USO per month for making a
couple of weekly visits to the building. Toryism, thy methods are
Tug contest in Rossland is pec u
Hsr. Tbe Conservative candidate
lives in Spokane, U.S.A. Here is a
golden opportunity for tbe Liberals
to repay tbe Tories in tbeir own coin
by indulging in a little flag-waving.
From present indications, we will
probably have a wbile St. Patrick's
day and a yellow British Columbia
this year.
Provincial Finances
Estimates   for  current
year 116,000,000
Revenue  10,000,000
Deficit  16,000,000
Population of B. C  300,000
Per capita debt for this
year alone  120
The following are the returns of
tbe ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 23,479     217,891
Mother Lode  8,740       77,045
Rawhide  8,474       15,918
Jackpot      327        3,£47
Athelstan  340
Emma      4,495
Others .'      476        2,413
Smelter treatment—    •
Granby 24,090  263,560
B.C. CopperCo... 1.4,040. 106.039
Metal Quotations
Naw YoRK,March 14.—Silver 58};
standard copper, tl4.20@14.37f
quiet. r   .. j*
London, March 14.—Silver, 26};
lead, £15 16s 3d.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, March 14 —The following are today's opening quotations foi
the stocks inentijned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 36.00 3900
B. C.   Copper      4.00     4.75
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
i moth£r
Mrs. Housewife, you will find in our store many
things for the Kitchen that will make cooking a pleasure. You spend more time in tlie. kitchen than in tho
parlor, so why not have nice things for the kitchen, too
—a nice range, shiny new pots and pans, and so on ?
When you need Hardware come to the Square Deal
Wednesday, Mar.
1almatier  listers
All-Star Company
Under the Auspices of the
Grand Forks Band
Quintette   of   Real Entertainers
Orchestra Selections, Mandolin
Orchestra, Cornet Solos, Vocal
Solos and Duos, Vocal and In-
Ktrumental Trios, Honioroua Readings, and high-class Specialties,
Tjfc cAnvil Chorous
With full Singing Chorous, and Electrical Effects in the Beautiful Gypsy
Scene.   New Costumes.    New Music.
Tickets on (Sale at Woodland
& Co.'s Drug Store.
Hansen 8 Mullen
Omen I
F. Downey's agar Store
Omen, BUS CIK| (Innl
H AMSKifl'. REIIDlics, IU8 rilOl 1IIHBI
Holt Trinity CHUBCH,Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a. m.j evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Week-day and special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Pkbsbyterian Chuucii—
Sabbath services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
ni.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
.Seats free. Kev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.in. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth league, Monday
nt 8:00 p. m.; prayer meeting, Wednesday, aS p.m.; Junior I_eaguc, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Chuucii, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—aServices on Sunday
at II a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
uIsum and Sundav school at 10 am.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
C rices. We're are still doing
igh class commercial work of
all kinds at prices Satisfactory
to you.
Wit ataitafc
THE STANDARD la. the National
Weekly Newspaper ot the Dominion
at Canada. It la naUonal In all Its
It uses the most expensive eftgrav-
Ings, procuring the photographs trom
all over the world.      -
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs %iM per year to any address tn
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publishers.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOf nhonol restores every nerve la tht body
r' '.to Its proper teuton| restores
•in sad vitality. Premium decayand all sexual
weakness sverted st net. rhaephoaol will
mike yea a new msn. Price Ms Hon, nr two lor
ft. Mnlled to sny sddnrs. The Scabs!: Srng
and Gourlay
We purchase our Pianos outright and are therefore prepared to give our customers the best
price and the best terms. We handle only
High-Grade Pianos,
WOODLAND   &.    CO.
Ttie ^OXoJJL Store
we are prepared to give the people of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Shop Neil CM Hotel, Columbia, B. C
ftfe Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Neit CP.R. Intel, CetamMi, B.C.
P* O. iOX 1363 44t •lYMOim ST.
Mats i. Cro«at«y Broi., Manchester, Bnjr.
Milters of Oal Producer Planta and Oil
Kngtiieifor general power or electrical
ltffhtinr pur pom*.
Meson. Dick, Kerr & Co-, Ltd , Pn-tton,
Kiiftland. Equipment for Mine* ami Contractor* Light Locomotives (iteam and
eletirloa), etc.
Starling Telephone Co., portable shut-
firing machines fur miners, contractor*,
Sritripectom.   The best on the  market,
'ritefor particulate.
Motors, (ietieri-itoaj, Kh-ctMcal  Supplies-
Klei'tnenlHeatluff  and Cook lun Apponi
tiiH, storaue batteries, etc.
Tuiir eniniiiies will receive our prompt
attention,  write fur information.
(Published Annually)
Knable* traders throughout the world to
commiinloate direct with Knglish
in eaeh class of mods, Resides being a com*
pitta commercial guide to London and Its
outturns, the directory contalus list* of
with the (Ioods they ship, and the Colonial
ami Kort-ign Markets they supply;
arranged under the I'orta to which they tall,
aud iudieatiug the approximate Sailing*;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc.. In
the principal provincial towni and Industrial
eeutrcsof the United Kingdom.
A copy of the currant edition will he for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20ft.   ,
Dealers "eeklng Agenoles can advertlw
tbelr trade cardi for *1, or larger adverttte-
monih from £3,
ih, Abuhuroh Lane, London, K.C.
Our time, knowledge' and
experience in the printing
business -is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't for-
.ei this. '
tba ■•
a Motoa.rela.-l*.'. Ih* mnal fascinating of sll mod.™ vehlolae. Glvee iron
ne to go any where at any Una on a
 _*e notice- Caa, of operating la only
lo par rails. Visa eattaa elutoh aud magnet,
on all Hit models, for particular, write or
' ato. w. ooopih. AaiNT
•HAND-CORKS. ■. o.
Original Mlnural Claim, altuata In tha
Uraud Korka Mining Division of Tala DU-
Where located:   In Brown's oamp.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Alexander C. Burr.
Pree Miners' -ertlHcete Ho. SGWH, fur
myaelf and ae agent fur Charlea K. Dakar,
Free Miners' drilhoate No. 358MB, Intend, alxty dara from the data hereof,, tn an-
pi]- totheHlnliifKeenrder for a Certlflealr
of Improvement, fur tha purpose of obtaining a Crow, i, (.rent of the anove olaim.
And further take nutloe that aetloa. under
•eotlou 87, muat be eomtnenoed before the
laauanoe ul  atit-h C'ertlfloata  of   Improve-
Dated thia tSlli du.v of June. A.D. 1911.
fobm or NOTIOI
Tale Land District, Ul.trlct ol Simllkameeu.
TAKK notice that Robert f. Page of 01,1..
Alberta, uontpatlon Farmer, Intendt i»
{apply fnr Ipa-rmlulon to purohana the foi-
owing deaerlbed landat
Oommenolng at a poet planted about On
ehaina north of the northweat oorner of Lot
1118 a., ou Deep Greek, aud about Bra mlle»
eaatof ths town of Caaoade; thenoe north
40 ehainat thenoe wait 40 ohains: them*'
■outh MohalnaithenqtaaatlOahalna tu point
of oommenoeuient.
3 R. rranati-ra. Aeent.
Dated Seineuaber Hnd, 1M1.
Your Money Back If You Are
Not Satisfied    ,
We pay far all the medicine used;
(lilting the trial, if our remedy fails to
completely relieve you of constipation.
Wo take all (he risk'. You are not
obligated to us in any way whatever,
if you accept our offer. That's a
mighty broad statement, but we mean
every word of it. Could anything be
more fair for you?
A most scientific, common sense
treatment, is Rexall Orderlies, which
are eaten like candy. Their active
principle is a recent scientific discovery that is ordorless, colorless, and
tasteless; very pronounced, yet gentle
arid pleasant in action, and particularly agreeable > in every way. They
do not cause diarrhn-a, nausea, flatulence, griping, or ar.y inconvenienae
whatever. Kexal Orderlies are particularly good-for children, aged and
delicate persons.
If you suffer from chronic or habitual constipation, or the associate or
dependent chronic ailments, we urge
you to try Reitall Orderlies at our risk.
Remember, you can get tliem in Grand
Officers Elected and Rouiine
Business Transacted
10 cents; 36 tablets, 26 eoents; 80
tablets, 50 cents. Sold only at our
store—The Rexall Store. H. E.
v Thet annual meeting nf the local
poultry association, on March 8, wax
well attended, tind much interest was I
manifested m the proceedings. The
treasurer's report showed a balance of
$71.19 on hand, with a membership
of about fifty. In order to save confusion in the list of members, a motion was made that ull subscriptions
expire on December Slst of the year
in which they were offered. Another
motion was that, accepting the offer
of the Successful Poultryman fnr one
year for 25 cents for each member
sending his name through ' the secretary of the poultry association.
J. T. Lawrence and W. lil. Hadden
were present to'ascertain the wishes
of the poultry association in regard to
the next fall fair. All present ox
pressed the opinion that tlie agricultural association and the poultry association could be mutually helpful,
and Should eo operate as far as possi-
e in order l< wnvtns.it successful ex
lubition for euch. The poultrymen
feel   that   a   winter  poultry show is
Forks only tit '«u_*r,stol*. '^fi_S^&l»M6t^:f^^t<%,&afiSf*a^i^S5f^3t'^*5*45__SB^^ffiil^^l^*s?!^^
The Falatier Sisters
The Palmatier Sisters scored a big
success on Thonksgiving day, having
the largest attendance on record for a
matinee here. The various nnmhers
ware received with hearty applause
and continued encores, and the program was in every way a most unqualified success. Every number
reoihed such a high   point of -excel
lentje,   it  is difficult to specify any .   ... _j*a--- o.-n
particular one. - Th* company is of ;Bj treasurer, t.Kttdcrf deJegat»to-K 0,
high order which cannot. faHvtp wiir Poulti.y m**™*"1"01*. A. plJf^M
"season better than a fair held in September; still by motion they, pledged
themselves to exhibit at the lull fair
and to endeavor to make the poultry
section of the exhibition a creditable
display, but in the event of a winter
poultry exhibition being held, that
the government poultry giant and the
poultry specials shall be reserved for
the winter show.
The election. of -officers then took
place, with the following result:
Honorary president, Judge Edwards;
honorary vice-president, E. Miller, M
LA.; president, A*. D. Morrison'; vice
president, E. C. Henniger.; secretary-
-     -fl"- -■«•»—- .'.    '       _-   ■    .'.3.1..-.._.<_    fly. -_-V
Following are the locations-, cer'
tificates of Wbfk","bill8 of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government office at
Grand Forks, II. C.,- of the (iriui-l
Forks mining division, fnr the past
Snowdrop,   Summit   camp.   Euovh
Moore, -   • ..,.■•   \
III auk Cat. fraction, Summit cam1*,
relocation of Black Fox, Victair Belle-
fontaine. — - ,i
Jo-Jo, Wellingtnii camp, J   J. Bassett.
Long Willie fraction, Wellington
camp, J. J; Bassett.
Monte Cristo, Seattle camp, Ella
Shannon. ,
Copper Butte fraction, Welliilgtttil
camp, Antlersnh et ul.
Centre Eagle, Hardy mountain,
Audi-son ut al.
Willis fraction, Summit cum|i, Alex
All of June, Wtillihgioil canip, Din
dnro Peiessiri tai en owners
All uf Julio, Wellington-camp, Dai
memo- Jj-ngi to en nWilers" * *■ -V. ;>-,*
One half   nf     Lnckpulf,-    SUinniit
camp, Sames E. .-Cuiuiiiighaia to hy.H
Hallett, '.'. ••..    •' •■"' :
All ut' Comstock, Wellington camfa
jjamjis Si)thej;laiiii;,tO;b'((jt J-oyuir,..,^...
Big Cull, Gloucestet camp, U. C,
Kerman '9 12, Maggie M. Kennun
212, David Shannon 1 12.
Black Bear, Gloucester canip,H. C.
Kerman 9-12, M. M. Kerman 2-12,
David Shannon 1-12
Little   Cub    fraction,   Gloucester
cump,   11    C   Kerman  9 12, M. M
Kerman 2-12, David   Shannon   1-12
Lockport, Summit camp, I H
Hallett i, J. F. Cunningham h-
W. S. Longhurst of the local
brinch of the Canadian Bank of Com
merce, is relieving Manager F. Birnie,
of the Phoenix- branch, during the
ratter's vacation trip to'Califo.nia.
Hotel QcWn
Opposite Great Northern Station
KfCfuti. I'omi-ti-tpil ami
irfwiv Illt'iiUlifil throng-hoof. '*'ntive'.f#-»*tl% l»i-ate<l
f«r iiiiltMiy u -ti- Hr»t-
i-'usv nccuiiiriitiilHtiniife for
fraumlfiir-i. (in u i <1 a u d
i-iM<(>>_> !>■ r|n< tti't'li at pre-
Viiillu;; n te*. 4mmp line ul
■' iucK, li<|ii'>r-ai.-l Cijrar*.
jjlrtiiv* in •ii.n'U nl ihp bar.
Grand Forks, B. t.
1 he O'iver 1 ypewriter
popular approval wherever manifested.
—Regina Capital. Tha Palmatier
Sisters will fill a ons night's engage
ment at tho Grand Forks opera house,
on Wednesday, March 20, under the
auspices of the Grand Forks band.
Their talents are well known here,
and they should be greeted by a
crowded house.    -
executive committee,   H.  F. Broad
A. S. McKimm, H. M. Luscombe.
Tne number of "independent Con
servatives" in the field in various con
stituencies indicates very plainly the
need of a very strong opposition. The
independents evidently think the
"regulars"have had their full share
of the spoils,—Victoria Times.
I'la ai»a. la'i
• h-aililnu'nvcr Huniii.
Thell III.
Iriallia-lnlaaaiS a-lvll
ilh-iint* »ill l„w ■< ai
laaall .Va'la
Ml   llllve
r Tvt.uavrii.ai—tlaa.- «t..i>.t,tr
a,    v,,'	
llliiM   lah'laly   pal.,    it-. 1   aa
.ii aha- mi,r
■a, I—J
aan is hli  lTi'a'lltfl      ilaa
'1 ha'   tyjaa
r  Wha,la|.a-iai„|iiia.fli   I.I
aiai-iiani vanrlal ts
H nmtter ail hiatal,,-
y .a r,   I'..
17 cents «-I
The tyjaev
a'riier (Knt lRQiiui[i|aoil avtla
natures ol
.lla-ll   etaiivt
',•*  HS   - J .|u   La ll.,,'*--
"IhU ..ailin
11 ll„,
lasa"-" 1 ha-   li aalale 1
•Haa.-    Uf
VL>      Hi,..- "~-Tta«       >
lii'aiiaiaa le
Alllaalllaltla'   T,,r.l. tlt-
■r"— -The
nrs        |iimii.[. ■!< _l
fit     -en* A.ijai-
Initio l-a-
BS       iB-rHi.ii.-i,1 -
•■I'laa- S,.|.
JU       fl-K-tn.-  I aaa,l,.|
.s.-.i Key
f|7|P   haiiirir'—all
nffi     Yours for   17
w^k  Gents a
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers •
thia Season.   c_/l_n Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<-_^4 Picture that will be like a
Member of  the Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
'pHl1. Family Herald antl Weekly Slur of Montreal, acknowledged to he
I tin- greatest and best-family and farm paper on the continent, has on
- mnny occasions given Un readers most delightful premium picture,
hut this season they have secured wbat is beyond any question of doubt
the hest picture ever offered newspaper readers. It iB entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation. e
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for bis beauty and gentleness, winners
ot mnny prizes nt dog snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
bus been stolen, nnd after many days' absence he escapes one night from
bis captor antl returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
wbich bring her mother and'brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Homo Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, wbich in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
Tbe sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
nnd parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with bair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
I'irl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
Hie beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
oil the walls of any home.     -
The picture-is by the celebrated artist, [Arthur J. Elslcjy- famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals, £
The beautiful picture "Hom9 Again"4n heavy plate paper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
Tbe Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1912.
The small sum of SI.50 will secure tbe two papers for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which nlorfe is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at that price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big $1.50 worth thiB
J9hB-.W'righe,;it^i«iagent  of   thel
Great   Notthei-B railway,  and   Mrs
Wright,   returned   the latter part of
last week'from a .(too  months'   vacation to Mr. Wright's former home in.
Miss Huffman has returned frnm a
month's visit with friends  in    Mani
_ We a linn need   this
av pules ftlan recently. Jnst lo fa-el Mac inline ail
lhe  iaa-aa|ilaa.    Slluely   a,  small   lan*!,   laaajllll-llt—|
thel, 17 cents a duy.   Tl.aal ia. the aalaaii lu a nutshell. .
The result hss taatuli fllieh 11 ueliiKU ut a|,|,llca-
llaaiis fair niateliliies thin we are   alaiifiiy ns-
The ata-aaiHlial mas .mm |ien|ale nf   till a-haa-Kcfl.
all antes, alt aai-eiipulloiis. ,
Tl.-- IllSj.arlay aal lll((llin  fl llllfl elllUU .fralall   ('a a.
la-aaf  IcilalWI)   liltalia  l.al   stall IJ   aa  a, Ilaa  ttt'.ae.l
litn-lu.i b   Ihajsiatav- lay an'  [lie  etata-aa.. '<i|a.   All
imiai'e.AR ve alean aimltailliaii ..f lata, [aiaiiien-e |ia,|a-
II sally alf Ihe'i'ly-T I'ytae Vn.aaar
A   fliiirllilil.   a-aiiitlrii attiiiii   aaf  aalir   lailial    lhal)
lhe Krai aaf Ifnlrersiil Typ.vvrlr.litg lhal Initial.
A  Quarter of a Million People
are H;i t tf Mney with
Tlje *_
The Standard Visible Writer
Th*,1 (iltvcr Typewriter fi a ninney-inalttM
rii'lit frrnn the wont "gol" Soi.Mivto run thut
tieuli.nerM oonn uvt in Die 'V-xpert" dsn-*. hum
nf ymi It'iirr. I.i-r th« mnr>iliie r*>>' iiw 1" l•e»t^
it iIiiv—hiiiI nil above that in yours.
Wherever you are, there In wurk to lio done
and ininiey to be made by tiling tbe Oliver. Tbe
itii-.tienn world In calling for Oliver n|M>rat'iri>.
there an uot enough tn mtp|ily the demand.
■•'Iiuinaiitries are roimfderably above tliose ol
i aii y clasK'iuf w or kern.
The Greenwood Miners' union will
hold its thirteenth _Ltinn.il ball next
Good Indian Motocycle for mile
cheap. Geo. W. Cooper, Winnipeg
An Oliver Typewriter In Every Home!
That in the battle cry today. Ao have made
the Ollvor ftipreine iininef ulneot aud absolutely
tiulispcnsitlile In liu-lut'iK. Kuw coniei Uie eon
ijuent of the home.
The Jdmplfclty nud iirength of Ihe Oliver fit ll
for family um*. It in becoming nu i-nportuui
iHdor fu the home training of voting iieople.
A ii educator w well aa a money maker.
our new leltfng plan pud the Oliver ou the
threshold of every lioinelu America. Will vou
Ohm! tlm ditor of ymir home or oitlee on thin re*
nmrValde Oliver oH'-t?
Write for further detail'' of our eiwy ntl'cr and
a free copy of the ueiv Oliver eutalog.   Ad< row
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver TjpoWtilsr Bnllillng.
PHONF 64 ,       GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Our "Want Ad." column *r«
•lon.S'y growing ao pooplo op-
prool££«f tnolr value.
Tt*' / i. ' t ono owor mnny of
litv'o dlTRdu.lltUi
Hava you rot oomethinK you
do not ftocri, or nood loirtntlilnj;
H*w Hava not got ?
Do you want ta icoa, borrow,
buy or tall?
A Want Ad will do tho worn.
HA \L)HO< >K
Ni-w Kilitnm |s4u»mI Ni.v. 15, !!)()(».)
Is a (lu'/en Imiiks in une. uovfi'inu 111*-
hint (fry, urography, gctilogy, (.'henuH-
try, iniiu'mltigv, uietalluru^i twrmiii:
nUiixy, iim's, «tat 1stioH and _in.ince8 of
ucfpp'pr. H is n pracii'ttl Imh»I;, useful
tn till ttrxj noi'ossm-v to inn«t Hit-ii en
ga«»?(i in itnv bnincli of llu* copptifs
Its faotfi will ('Hss muster with tlie
trained soientiMs. untl its lunjrnaye ih
eiwily iitiilt;i*ioc(l Ity the everyday
num. It givHn the plain f'u-t- in plain
Knglish withnui fear <«t favni
It lists and ilf'sei' ht»s 4(i*W- copper
mines hu<1 euiupiiiiies in ail [ants nf
tlit) world, descriptions runniiii,' from,
two lines to sixteen pnyes, amirdiny
to ititpiMtaeee nf tl-e propeMy
The Cupper llanfl'itHtli (is ennceded
In he the
World's Standard Kelcrcnce
Book on Copper
Tlie mining mun heetlri iln- Imnk fnr
tlie fm-lH it giv.w Iii sn nliout initios,
mining und the liiett.l,
Tlie inT6Htiir m-t-ils the IxMik for- the
fnet.-i it gives liiin iilnaut iiiiniiig, milling inveHtttlPliU nni-1 CUlilier fl.lntisl.ics.
HundreiiM nf swindling cnni]Mliie8 are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in lltii-kruin with gilt
top; 87.51) in full library tnoi-ocoo.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of re
eeipt if not found fully satii.fw.tory..   '
riorace J. Stevens,
,. ..    Editor antl Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
City and Suburban
iinitnl frnm ull <
litnc: us li_.r_-.ri__.* st*
Htljolnliifr lot** urn
nice home, with bu
mm. fruit, i:tinlfn n
Mention in city.
mh mi lu i tt tit*: hnru f
hiKiry.ildiihle hnrtiei
mtut--   All for 8J.'UU.
• rep*, fruit. tntM.herr
Will nUu wil fiiniltir
0 no •hit If cuvh, hit Inn t:
wMcn-'i pt. i/>r t.ptwpt»ii
S-i'uinl Ntid Thiol fttrofilH,
Jnst uhnvi* Ji|(l(ii> 1^-Hiii.v'a
Htld It. Guw'n |ilin*i'-; Mp-
iinttfil from ull other iirnpfrtipH Ity 20-t,
Inite: un litrL'Pu- a+vru or t'ltcht ordiiniry lot*.
itdjoitiiiifi lot*" urn worth *l-'-0; would iimkn
nice home, with •.utttcitMit irrniind for chluk-
etm. fruit, Knrdeu nnd Iuwn; limit di-Hirui'li
(iciition lu city.
811   ACKKS  mljoliilliR
thy limit* on miitbl
ll niTfN fltMiipil: i.'iti
^^^^^^^^^^^^ fruit trees: new four-
nioin houae: hnru for six Imrsp-; horte.
hiitfiry.double liitrtn>*« untl tirmliiK imple-
ni Hit-.   All for S-I-'W.   Kmy teruil.
und three lottt within
one bl'itii of liiuiiiPN*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ centre; lu.tn, iiliaile
treeit, fruit treei.herry hiuihei, Inrire irurden.
Will hIko -ell furniture of hou-e If de-ired,
Oni'-litilf i-ii-li, hiil-iicc ternm.
Vj niilen from town:
7-rnom huime, idus**
fr-'d: litrifi'liiiL*(o*.he'l.
 woodihed;   ISO    Irult
tree*. 70 heitrhiir: -'-j ucre* tttrnHherrieu.
Kouneherrlci, eurniiits, ru-iiherriei: free from
irost: the luit location nrmiud Oruud Forkii;
plenty uf iro.i'l wnter; fruit Hud cro|> included.
Hetweeti 3 ami 4 acren
lu Wi-*.! enti of city:
ltr*t i-Iu-n noil, till uu-
„_ 'der oui Ivntlon; -mult
home, wood-hed aud ninliuildintr**: *■ ell nnd
pump: food fence. Thia i- UHaoriiice.u-owner unhoiii tulvavucity.  Teriii-.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all the
issues lor the remaining weeks of 1911,
Free. It ia your last chance to get
the paper at this price. On Jattuary
1, 1912, it will be advanced to $2.00.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes of the
heat rrading,' including nearly 3U0
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Dnys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for 1912 and Sample
Copies of The 1'oulns Companion, J-tee.
l-'or further Information ro
^iinliiix tho above properties
call or address
FREE to Jan. 1912
Ev.fr Naw SuWrltaaar who cat. out
and .and. Hals slip (or ■_._>._(,•• thi.
»p.r) wilh $1.75 for Ida 12 lawinof
Th. Coaipauion for 1912 will rae.iv.
AB Um fan., lor tbo ratnalnins
WMln of 1911 fr... iixh.di.fl_r tli.
kawBtalHolidayNiuaaWmalio sn
Tho Companion'. Pktvra Calendar
for 1*12. lithoiraptnd t* 13 colon
aad told (an oatra copy hoint (.nt to
ovarii ono makins a fnt wUcriplia,,,).
Than Tho Companion for th. S2
waak. of ISU-ali for »1.7f. -yoaar
NM chance at this prtc.. Ou J.iauarr
I, 1SI2. it will bo advanced to 12.
Haw StaMcriitisn R«tiva4 al Tli. Office. THE STTT-J. GRAND TT>RRS. BRITIaSH COLUMBIA.
DIXIE tobacco
Different Schools
Bo Smeaf paint—I've been tour dayB
getting this eye on the right shade of
O'llluBtro.—I've got a black eye In
less time than that.
Mr. Ben Gauvang had Backache so
bid he had to quit work.—Dodd's
Kidney Pills fixed him up.
Puellerlng Settlement, Kent Co., N.
B, (Special)—Evory corner   ot   New
Brunswick  tells  of  cures  made  by
.Dodd's Kidney Pills, and this settlement can contribute its share.   Mr.
Ben Gauvang Is ono man who without
hesitation states that he owes his
good health to tho great Canadian
Kidney remedy.
"Yes, Dodd'aS Kidney Pills certainly
did me good," Mr. Gauvang says in an
lntorvlew. "Before I started taking
tliem my back ached so that I had to
give up work and I also had to bo
careful how I walked and moved
about. I took nino boxes, all told,
and they fixed me up. They are the
best medicine for all diseases of thc
Dodd's Kidney Pills are no oure-all.
They only cure kldneyB. But they
always cure tho kidneys and with cured kidneys you can't have backaches,
rheumatism, Bright's disease, diabetes
or dropsy.
Miss Clifton.—YeB, she was furious
about the way in which that paper reported her marriage.
Miss Avondale.—Did it allude to her
. Miss Clifton.—Indirectly. It Btated
that MiSB Olde and Mr. Yale were
married, tlie latter being a well-known
collector of antiques."'
Yqu will sneeze; perhaps feel chilly.
You think you are catching cold.
Don't wait until you know it. Take a
close of Hamllns Wizard Oil and you
just can't catch cold.
Miss Pruyn.—Where did you get tlie
design of your servant's .livery?
Sash.—0. my ancestors used it!
Miss Pruyn.—Indeed! By whom
wero they employed?
Silcfcly atopas condha, carta colda. heals
a throat and luala •      23 taenia.
When tho people talk of "the good
things of life," queerly enough they
do not mean the best things. They
•re using a deceptive phrase. The
wise man or woman will never let the
Sood things stand in the way of reach-
ig higher and better things.   Only
Ignorance does that.
Minard't liniment cures garget In cow*
"Are you honest with yourBelf?"
"I think so."
"Then toll me, do you give up your
ecat In a street car to a strange woman aa quickly as you do to ono whom
you know or think you may know?"
Admitting that he didn't, Old Man
Diogenes went plodding on his way.
it is Criminal
to Neglect the
Skin and Hair
THINE of the suffering
entailed by neglected skin
troubles — mental because
of disfiguration, physical because of pain. Think of the
pleasure of A clear skin, soft,
white handj, and good hair.
These blessings, so essential
to happiness and even success in life, are often only a
matter of a little thoughtful
care in thc selection of effective remedial agents. Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment do so much for poor
complexions, red, rough
hands, and dry, thin and
falling hair, and cost so
little, that it is almost criminal not to use them.
Although Cuticura Soap and Ointment are sold by druggists and dealers
everywhere, a postal to "Cutloura,"
Dept. CM, Boston, U.S.A., will secure a
liberal saronlo of each, with 32-pago
Booklet on akin and Scalp Treatment.
He Will be the Guest of Emperor William and Witt Receive Special
Honors, t
It Is expected that the Prince of
Wales will paya visit to Berlin shortly after his eighteenth birthday in
June next, and that he will stay for
a week with the Emperor and Empress. The Kaiser was extremely anxious to have the prince visit him a
short time ago, but Queen Mary then
held that her son was too young and
that it would be better lo wait for
another year or so. While the prince
is ln the German capital he wjll be
admitted as a Knight of tho Black
Eagle. This order ranks third in Importance among European decorations, being only surpassed hy the
Garter and the Golden Fleece of Spain.
The last named distinction, by the
way, is also likely to be bestowed upon the Pi-luce of Wales hy King Alfonso during the course of next year.
Tlie visit to Berlin will bo in state
and entertainments in honor of the
young prince will ho arranged for
every day, terminating with u review
of tho troops in the garrison, specially
strengthened for the occasion. Before
this review takes place tlio Kaiser
proposes to create tlie prince a colonel
of one of the regiments on parade.
A Standard Medicine.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, compounded of entirely vegetable subBtances known to
have a revivifying and salutary effect
upon the digestive organs, have
through years of use attained so eminent a position that they rank as a
standard medicine. The ailing should
remember this. Simple in their composition, they can be assimilated by
the weakest stomach and are certain
to have a healthful and agreeable effect on the sluggish digestive organs.
A Modern Girl
"Why did you turn him down?"
"He began to yap about two living
as cheaply as one.   When I get married I expect to make the money fly."
Mothern who have once used Baby's
Own Tablets for their little ones always keep tliem-In the house. They
realize thc value of the Tablets ln
banishing baby's Illness when it
comes, or better still, in warding off
illness by giving him an occasional
dose of the Tablets to keep his stoni-
ach and bowels regular. Concerning
them Mrs. Isaac McDonald, Nappan
Station, writes:—"I have used Baby's
Own Tablets und would not now be
without them i\s they are the very
best medicine I know of for little
ones." The Tablets, ere sold al 25
cents a box by medicine dealers cr .by
all from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Out.    '
"Yes. dear?"
"Beforo we wero-married you once
asked mc if I enjoyed a braB3 band."
'Y-ycs, perhaps I did.''
'You did, and I said yes: but it
seems I misunderstood you. George.
My wedding ring Is making a black
mark on my finger."
Small But Potent.—Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are small, hut. they are
effective in action. Their fine qualities aB a corrector of stomach troubles are known to thousands and they
are tn constant demand everywhere
by those wbo know what a simple and
safe remedy tbey are. They need no
introduction to those acquainted with
them, but to tliose wbo may uot know
them they arc presented as thc hest
preparation on the markft for' disorders of the stomach.
Great Popular Contest Which    Will
Instruct, Interest and Amuee
That progressive and popular champion of thc people's right--. Tho Fanners' Weekly Tribune. Winnipeg, is Inaugurating a Groat Booklovers' Contest for the Instruction, Interest and
amusement of lhe boys, girls and
adults, during tlie long winter evenings. Hundreds of prizes, aggregating
ll value nearly $I>.U0U. are to be OIVEX
liciliug—no fiii'iH rililng—no canvassing are Involved. It will be difficult
for anyone who exercises due care to
miss a prize. S-entl to the Tribune,
Winnipeg, for circular explaining the
novel plan.
One of the commonest complaints
of infants is worms, and lhe mosi effective application for them Is 1.1 other
Graves* Worm Exterminator.
"My dear Miss Sti.fklns." wrote
young Softlolgh sadly, "It Is wilh mixed feelings I herewith return your
kind nolo, in which you accept my offer of marriage. You will observe ou
perusal lhat lt begliiB 'Dear Percy,'
Who on earth Percy is, I don't know,
hut I tako this opportunity ot reminding you that my name is George."
Vour druggist will refund money it PA__0
OINTMENT  laile  to   cure  mav
Itching,   Blind.   Bleeding    _
Piles In C to 11 days.    COc.
...   a-nw  of
rroti tidies
W. N. U. No. 883
So .monistic
Thc Complaint.—You sec, judge, I
nas n Utile too happy, as you '.night
say, when. I went home, and my wife
was ironin". We'd had i*. word or two
In the tnornin*. nn' so I steps up* prepared to make peace. I said: "Let's
forget the quarrel—we both wero
wrong," and what docs sho do but
shove the hot Iron against my head. -
The Judge.—Trying to smooth 11
over, of course. You can't harm her
for that,   Go home, both of you.
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
hqo^xs a
The MOONEY way means more biscuits, less home cooking:
Because MOON EY'S BISCUITS arc fresh enough and appetizing
enough to tako the placo of tho product of your own OYcn.   For the daily meal
They're tho crispest, creamiest, most delicious soda
biscuits ever produced and they're made in Winnipeg.   A Western biscuit for Western people.
Ih air-tight packages or scaled tins.'
Two Independent sections, each operated by a
iev.r, making ai flexible harrow. Eacii sca.tlon hu.i a
heavy washer or bumper to take the sud thrust.
Discs of the very best, carefully tempered steel, 1 flinches diameter.
Roarings are cast boxes fitted with all-soaked maple
bushings. Entirely dustproof, lubricated by piro
Tlte eteel bars supporting thc frame are strong
and heavy, plenty of room between disc and weight
box. \
We can supply cither a tongue or tongitoless disc
harrow, Tho Tongueless disc Harrow Is fitted with
truck only, as shown in cut.  Either style of Disc Har
rows is fitted with a comfortable spring seat; levers
handy to operate.
Truck has 16-inch strong steel wheels, and lit-
Inch axle. Frame is of styong malleable steel, and ie
adjustable.  Clevico has three adjustments.
Weight.    Price Price
With Tongue   Tongueless.
41 A 267.  12-Dlse
Harrow,'   6-foot
cut, with 3-horse
ovencr '. ..410-lbs.
41 A 288. 16-Dlsc
Harrow, 8-foot
cat, with 4-
horso eroner. .000-1 lis.
28.00   35.00
Tliere arc certain good points lhat every Farm Implement must possess before It can be called reliable.
13-.it if it hns these essential features lt can be depended upon to do good work. The farmer may safely
consider tho purchase of an implement, when It Is offered by a firm of unquestioned reliability, and sold
subject to a trial test. The fact that It is sold nt a lowor price is no reflection on Its value. Price does
not guarantee value.
If yeu think these are reasonable arguments, and If yeu need a new Disc Harrow this spring, It
will pay yeu te write ta Eaton's. By return mall they will tell yeu the exact eeet ot any style
after freight charges have been taken into account.
Every farmer who orders an  EATON Implement is asked to test It on his own farm for ten days. If It
doc3 not satisfy him, after test, he can re.urn It and get his money baek In full, with all freight charges as
well. If after testing It he decides to ke.p the Implement, EATON'S will guarantee him against any possibility of loss through faulty construction or material. If anything breaks beeause It was net made right er not
put together right, EATON'S wilt eupply a new part free of charge. _
The Girl.—"I'm shocked at the way I What Impressed Him
father treated you.   I've almost v.-or-     "So you got thc opinions of two law-
shipped papa, but it seems that my  ycrs ou the case.  Were their opinions
Idol has feet of ciay."   The SuMor.—' tho sani-'"
"Clay?  Coucrotc, moro likely!'' i   "Ves, *2S each."
Locating the Heat
Smith.—How Is your new furnace
working these cold days?
Jones.—It doesn't give as much hoi
air as the man who sold It to tue. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. 22ITISH COLUMBIA.
What the Doctor Ordered and the
He LlmlMi-s Up Hia Muselse by Seme
Vigorous Exercise, Net Forgetting to
Take Out the Stiffness by Internal
{Copyright, llll, by Anode ted Literary
WHEN Mr. Bowser reached
home tbe otber evening his
looks gave away the fact
thnt be hnd some scheme on
bind, and all through tbe dinner hour
Mrs. Bowser was wondering whether
he hnd bought a family hog or taken
Stock lo an umbrella which could be
carried In tbe vest pocket wben not
in use. She waited patiently for his
news, and at last he said:
"I dou't want to startle yon, Mrs.
Bowser, bnt I feel it my duty to tell
you something. As my wife you ought
to know what the doctor says about
"But whnt enn hs say about you
exeept that you sre Ih flrst class
health?" she asked.
"Yes; I look to he In flrst class
health. Men pass me on the sireet
aad envy mc; but. alas! they don't
about my condition. I think I hare
taken It In time nud will come out all
the Alcohol Cure.
It was into that a pain under hts
shoulder blade hnd sent Mr. Bowser*
to a quark doctor and thnt he bsd
been laid to exercise more snd eat
less, lie had Imagined about all tha
reft. After getting out of tbe house
he let no grass grow under his fee*
beforo reselling his club. Be wns
warmly welcomed and* was told that
the first thing In order was to take s
drink, it csme ont soon nfter bs hsd
swallowed his glass that ht wu st
tackad with dscay of tbs muscular
lystem, tnd by advice bt took an-
>ther. Tbs twenty men it the* club
tbat evening were all thoughtful, kind
hearted men, nnd when Mr. Bowser
got his cost nnd vest off snd his suspenders lied around his waist snd was
resdy for bowling they suggested thst
be have a little something lo drink to
So Many Shapes Modish That
Rebloeklng Pays. ..
The Way to Renew Color In Felt and
Straw Models Explained hy Woman
In the Business—A Freakish Pleoe tf
Millinery Is the Bird Cage Hat.
"Bat shapes this season make money
tor women ln my business," ssld s woman who earns a good living rebloeklng bats, cleaning plumes and freshening millinery trimmings.
"Tbere are so many different tbspet
that women are bringing out nil their
eld bats and bavlng tbem reblocked.
mkoTbBStiirness'W'orhlssh'onTd'eii i When only large hats are fashionable
JiT-jSi v..
1  A^mm**V^«Jxi\l
w f
Mfl     ^L_____
■•m '^Lm^r^^m
"ataxia*!. Dto/>T nr tae uuscdlsb sts-
know. I have suspected It for several
months past, but only today bave I
lieeu fully satlsHcd."
"You hare gone io some quack doctor and let blm stuff you wltb n lot of
nonsense. You've got an appetite like
a horse, you sleep like a hog. and I'd
like to see n healthier man than you
are. What dld-ibe fool of a doctor
"Mrs. Bowser, you are addressing
your husband!"
"I know that and he's got another
fad on hand. I really believe thnt It
anybody should come around with a
Uu born you'd buy it und try to get up
• new tbut!"
Hit Impending Doom.
At  almost  any  other  tlmo  those
word* wonld have Jumped Mr. Bowser
• foot high, but on this occasion bt
remained calm and placid, nud there
wat a touch of pathos la bis tones at
ht replletl:
"Very well, Mrs. Bowser: we will
let Iho subject drop right here. .If I
lie a few yenrs before my time, odds
la lbe difference."
Be droptted Into a chair and held bit
head In his hands, nud Ibe cat come In
from the front bill tnd sat down In
front of blm und looked so mournful
that Mrs. Bowser melted enough to.
"Welt, what did the doctor say?"
"General decny of the museulnr system above lhe wnlst," answered Mr.
Bowser. "I forgot whnt ntedlrnl term
fat used, bui that's what it amounts
to. Too vigorous action of the heart,
Combined with link of exercise. Is
srhiti hss brought It abuut 1 may collapse nny day."
"Did tht doctor tay there wat a
remedy ?"
"Yea; be advised Immediate nnd vlg*
srous exercise-something fur the nrms
slid shoulders tn particular. I went
riglit out nnd Joined a bowling club,
autl I thought I'd drop ln this evenlug
anil roll n few bnils. If It wasn't a
case nf life uud dcuih, you know"—
"I nee." '■  ■
"And under the elgpumstsnecs -yen
won't raise » row ubout my being out
tbls evening'/"
"No. It you hnve decny nf the muscular system you must sve lo It at
•Thnt's whnt the doctor snid. You
needn't sit up tor tne."
.-"It might be t Utile bite, yon sre. It
i And my muscles ilml.erlng up I shall
keep right at It.   .lust go right to bed
•I the usual lime nml duti'l  worry
or Hat hats or round bats tben art a
number of old shspes tbst are useless.
Now wben a patron comes In to consult
tbt about rebloeklng an old bat I tell
ber to bring It tn. Tbere is certain to
be some desirable shape lt will lit ts>
ictly. Besides, all sorts of materials
irt used—felts in the widest variety,
velvets and even the plush which wsa
fashionable a dozen yean ago.
"Borne, of the most successful reblocked shapes that I have turned ont' tbla
leason bave been plush hats more tbsn
twelve years old. I havo found that
the majority of well to do women art
loath to throw owsy any article good
of Its kind.   Xbcy realise, with tht
When he rolled bis flrst ball it Jumped
out of tbe alley and knocked a colored
boy Into the middle of next week end
tben crashed through a window, and
■ome enthusiastic Individual suggested
cocktails. Bis second remained on
tht alley and Jumped over tbe pins
snd knocked the side ot Ibe house
oot, snd tbst Incident created- thirst
for mure drink.
Bowling Extraordinary.
Mr. Bowser was limber on Ms legs
snd seeing twenty-four pins snd tbree
or four alleys wben be made ready to
roll bis third ball. Be meant to make
it a winner. He got a firm grip and
swung lt fo and fro aod tben took a
snort run and let ber go. The action
caused him to sit down on tbe wniy
planks with a Jar Ibat shook bis teeth
In their sockets, and he beard shouts
>r excitement and enthusiasm as tbe
ball knocked down four plus nnd a
post nnd followed lhe flrst out of the
window. When they bsd assisted him
to his feet and alt bad taken a drink
over his miraculous bowling tbe
thought suddenly struck blm that be_|
| ought to go borne. He,also got it Into
his head lhat be must carry tbe victorious ball with blm to show Mrs..
Bowser, and as be seemed Inclined to
be crusty about tt he waa permitted to
have his own way. He departed with
His coat and vest on one arm and the
ball under the Otber. and half an bour
later lbe sleeping Mrs. Bowser,was
awakened by a racket wblcb scared
Iter bulf to dent h. some one was moving about on the floor below, and. there
were hiccoughing and chuckling nnd
gurgling She threw nu her wrapper
and descending found Mr. Buwser bad
lighted the gas snd was Jnst nttont td
begin bowling.. lie.was hntlesa, t-nat-
less and vcsilcss. and bc wns weaving
snout on bis legs.
When He Reached Hems.
"Whnt on earth aus ydU'i*  sbe demanded ns she took in tbe situation.
"Noszln* alls mo--uozzln at sill" be
thickly replied as be looked at ner, mujoaoi em.
slankly. "Now. then, everybody shtand ,M B"»D0MI ■"•
ishlde while 1 knocker down niore'n a ' fashions changing ns tbey do. that any-
million pins!" ' U>lug whicb bos beauty within itself
Bo stood in tbe front window snd  Is apt to come back Into style within
sent the ball rolling and leaping and  t few years. .. .-•'•;•:
bounding down Ihe parlor sfter the I   "Besides rebloeklng women s bats I
:at, cresting n noise that woke up peo
. pie across lbe street, and then, with
a i happy expression on his fare, be sank
I Iown on the floor and murmured:
"Mlsbus Bowser, I'll roll you fr er
I Jrtnks.   I will.   Shay, yon oner shet
I ihome of er shots 1 mode tonight
Knocked down shix drinks and more'n  jjuamm	
s million pins.  Shay, now. shut doctpr J""?-   £•» *lmP|-T ,•*•«*>■*. •*»■»
was rlght-henllh   back-got  er   life  to* th* h,m,,nB "B'1 Detb"n' ■>■* •*"-
bave been rebloeklng men's hats for
children. You remember the green velours bats which u few men wore two
or three seasons ago? 1' bave done any
number of tbem over for the email
daughters of the men for wbom those
huts were bought. The men soon tired,
of them, but tbelr wives stored .them
The Idol ef tht Students, Whom He
Bullitt tnd Charms by Turn.
Assistant Professor ot English
Charles X. Copeland Is known as
"Copey" by tbe university and hy hundreds of Harvard graduates, oad tbe
nickname shows bow mucb he it loved.
But there la no ono ot tbe teaching
force more feared and respected than
If you wnnt further proof go to tht
Union, the great university clubhouse,
soma night wben Copeland reads aloud.
The dining room Is crowded with
"sports," "grinds," athletes, dilettanti
—two or three hundred ot them—tbe
most represcntntlro crowd ever gathered at Harvard except for a football
Tbey greet blm ns tbey Would greet
one of their classmates suddenly become famous or a newly elected class
officer, os some ono friendly and particularly ot themselves. When ht
rends they are unconscious ot anything
else. Kipling, Bret Hnrte. Shako-
spenre. Burns, Conrad, Hardy, tbe Bible, Boswcll-thcy will take anything
bc gives tbem and ask for more.
let be hns n wonderful gift of knowing what will please the fellows.
Sometimes be will rend something of
his own about grent men be has known
or studied or a Christmas sermon or
sometimes be Just talks.
In between be scolds his audience,
bullies tbem, sbnn.es them for their
Ignorance, tells tbem tbat tbey ought
to read, grumbles ut the light or the
stuffiness of the room witb sucb droll-
ness ot phrase, such sympathy with
youth, that they lovo It ull.-Aniericau
Magazine.  ■"	
Its   Wonderful   Possibilities   Fer   the
Generation of Electricity.
While "the  hydroelectric source of
power Is still In tho beginning of Its
development, sucb Is the number of
unlnrnl sites available thut ho calculation can be accurately mnde ns to tbe
extent to which It will be Installed
throughout Iho United States for Industries, illumination and ;otber. purposes. -'
, Wo hnve fairly accurate knowledge
of  the principal  water power sites
through the Investigation of lhe geological survey and hydrographlc ex-
pcrts.   It bas been estimated by Professor W. C.  Unwln that the total
available water, power in the' United
States ts more than 30,000.000 horse-
l power and tbat. this can tie Increased
j to ljO.ono.ooo horsepower by storage
j reservoirs.    It Is estimated that the
| difference tn eost of stennt power snd
j water power is Sltt per horsepower per
t yenr at thc minimum.   Thus the man-
; ufnrturlng  regions  of  tbe southern
| states nlone. which are depending on
stenra instend of water power, would
! save •fSO.OflO.OCO per year.
The development' of Ihe wnter power
nt Mag;-.i'ti indicates tlie possibilities of
the manufacture of electricity. Tho
power Unit Niagara might generate
Is estimated -by Professor Uuwlu at
7.000,000 horsepower. Tbe same authority estimates thnt tbero Is fully
2.000,000 horsepower available on tbe
upper Mississippi, while the southern
Appalachian region cnn furnish a minimum or 3.000.000 horsei.oncr.-Cas-
sier's Magazine. ' -
. JVKrror
back-whoopee fr me! Where's er
eat? Where's Mishits Bowser? Wbcre't
aid msn Bo-how"—
"And so this Is tbe way you go to
l bowling club nnd come home to me,
Is Itr sbe demanded.
Hain't got er tlyln' mnsheen.
"Tou have been drinking, sir!"
"Not.over thlrthirty drinks. Minium
Bowser, tnd. every drink helped my
muxk'loc system Imve wnlst. You shet
(bat rat? Autl now ynit slice sis ball]
Er Iden Is to bring cr rut and ball together    One-lwn-thrci*"-
Mr Bowser fell over a rug and wns
isleep In two minutes. Tbe gss was
turned down, and be waa left there, lie
was still slumbering when Mrs Bowler came down in the morning. As
ibe shook tilm uwske ho rubbed his
eyes snd «nld:
"Oot borne Inte nnd didn't wnnt lo
disturb you nnd sn camped down bere.
I' Where wat it l went inst nlgbtr*
Toa prayer inei-tlng. I believe."
I   "Must 'n' been, fur I feel tbls morn-
'. ing ns If I should live to he a hundred
rears old!" .
Ing the binding und perhaps Ihe addition ot a feather or bow I bey get as
smart a bat aa any girt eonld wish and
of mucb better material than must.
"Only tbe other day I bad a young
girl come in with nn old derby of her
brother's. It wss a lovely shade of
brown    I reblocked It to u shape very
How else should .corns home? j J^ming* to"S_a"™Ko Mt. "tmlrrtiTor
stieen. nave 11     | rovtKti. tbould be thrown away this
Tht Lttt Resort
Matrimonial Agent- Yo*. sir, 1 think
we csh suit you perfectly. Ah-our
preliminary fee Is !> guineas.
The-Cllent-1'lve guinea-:? My dear
laddie, don't be furclc.il Why ever
should 1 want to marry If I possessed
sll thai money ?-I.ondon'Opinion.
A Trifle Suspicious.
"Does your husband piny poker?"
"I don't Ibinlt so." replled'young Mrs.
Torklns.   "But I  must sny the sick
friends he visits In the evening borrow
rough, should be thrown away
season. There- never bus been a Urns
In my recollection when women could
bave so many bats and st sucb a small
"Iteblocklng costs from M rents to
Ave times thnt much In lbe-average
rebloeklng nnd cleaning establishment
If it womnn goes Into the business as
I hnve. doing the work In her home
wtthjpnly one assistant, she should bs
able lo do the hardest lint for fl nnd
ot n One profit. I also dye shapes In
felt nnd sometime* In straw. Tbe
frenklsb piece of millinery aeen Ip tht
rm It called by Its designer 'lhe bird
cage bat'-a goud nnme since lbs
foundation Is line gold wire, such as
traps and rngt-s ure mnde of. Heavy
wblte lace covers the shape nnd facing
and bow are of burnt orange satin."
A Kitchen Convenience.
. For the wouinn wbo Is tier «wn maid
a small semtrnhlnrt will, nfter t trial,
bt found Indispensable In (he kitchen.
Tbit little convenlenrc consist* of a
drawer, a shelf nnd a mirror It should
be fastened to the wall In n good light
a In Ibe drawer ran be kepi o brash snd
comb, face powder, s fresh collar, tit
tnd handkerchief.
When the unexpected caller drop* It
on the housewife's busy day she ean
freshen up wonderfully In u few moments without wasting time and ta-
New Views «f Mart.
itt-mnrknble photographs of lhe planet Mars hnve been taken by M. Tik-
bulf. states the Gazette of tbe Itusslan
observatory at Pulkovo. Tbe superior
definition ot tbe new photographs Is
due to lhe use of Improved plates aad
colored screens, which Imvo enabled
tho astronomer to obtain Une contrasts
In lils pictures. The best photographs
of Ihe "ennuis" uf Mars were taken
through red nnd orange screens, and
from these, It Is claimed, It would appear Hint tbe "canals" are tilled wltb
water or nt any rate something which
has n sen green color. Further studies
of s similar, kind lu connection with
the polar cap indicate that ice ts present there and not snow.
itrcut deal of. OiurlcVa .money."-['•** ln 8«"n! upstnln.
Turkish Cholera Ramtdieo,
Tbe Constantinople correspondent of
tbe I.o t'.nn l.nucet giro* the follow-'
ing Turkish cbo'.era remedies prescribed by old fashioned Ottotnues during
the recent epidemic: first, drink Infusion of Juniper berries! second, carry
with you an agate sloue or on your
neck n stone of hrtit.-t.itli: third, never
full to Imve In your pocket it bone of
n dead child: fourth, masticate plniper
I ncl. ntid, llftb. since cholera le mostly
j mused by ttie moon, drink decoctions
: of hiurol frtllt when the planet Mnrs or
Mercury la In the nscetidntit an these
planets nre the enemies of the moon.
A sort nnswer his got mnny n inst
Into trouble.
Wben n mnn gets s swelled head
be rnu't belp wondering bow be uevee
before noticed whnt s lot of dnbt hit
j friend* nre.
|   A married mnn never wse known te
Iconic hone to supper when iho rest
of the family havo in exceptionally
I toed nnnetlte.
Bttuty Recipes of French Chemist
The following recipes ere formula*
used by a noted Frcnob chemist:
The womnn who lives at home end
haa the necessary leisure may enjoy
heating her llttlo "bain marie" aad becoming ber own chemist The busies
woman can girt tho prescriptions to a
reliable druggist, -who will put tbem up
for ber. Tbe orange flower skin food It
specially recommended. Tbe hair recipes will fall of their full effect lt tht
skin (or scalp) to which tbey are applied be not thoroughly cleansed flrtt
Tba scalp lotions are useless, mow
over, If the, scalp be tlgbt In nlnt
esses out of ton both skin tnd tcalp
r.ra somewhst neglected In the turn-
mer. Now Is the time to resume th*
steady care of ono't tresses. And sa
the soil is the thing to mind abont *A
gardening, so the scalp Is tht thins tt
mind sbout wben lt IS a question ol
tba hair. The beauty of the hair is*
pends upon the nourishment lt receive*
and the -nourishment lt receives depends upon the circulation.
Blond Halr.-Tbe Juice of one sad
one-naif lemons, one-half onnce of saltt
ot tartar, one pint at water.
Dry Hair-Tincture ot cautharldsa,
one ounce; tincture of Jaborandl, twa
drams; bay rum, ten ounces; oil tf
nutmeg, oue dram
Oily nnlr.—Powdered bicarbonate tl
sods, one-half ounce; borate of soda,
one-ball ounce; enu de cologne, twtt
ounces illuldi: tincture ot cochineal,
one-quarter ounce illuldi; distilled water, thirty-two ounces. Mix thoroughly, rubbing und working it Into th*
scalp every night.
If the. hair-is very plentiful, doubld
all the quantities.
The following nre for the tramples-
ion aud bauds-, ,
Alnfond.Mllk.-To every fifteen almonds add one tnulespoonful of granulated sugar to mix tbe oils. Pound tht
nuts to a powder and while doing it
add to every Hfteen nuts one gill ot
rosewater until tbey are a fine paste,
cover and let atnnd tor twelve hours,
then strain and add ten drops of tincture of benzoin.
Barley Water For Washing tbt Fact.
—Bring three onnces ot best pearl barley to a boll in n pint or cold water,
after which It should simmer for Hfteen minutes. When It Is thick, but
not sticky, strain, nud wben cold add
twenty-flve drops of tlurlure ot benzoin and one-half Ite bulk of rosewater.
Orange Flower Skin Food (this doe*
not grow bain.—Wblte wax, one-half
ounce; spermaceti, oue-hnlf ounce; cocoaout oil, one-half ounce; orange flower water, one ounce; lanolin, one ounce;
oil of sweet almonds, two ounces; tincture of benzoin, three drops.
If msde ut home melt Ingredient*
1, 2, 8, 5 and U. adding 4 and T whtn
the others are melted. Beit briskly
with an egg beater. Wash tbt tie*
well wllb warm water and castlle or
anjt pure soap beforo applying and apply at bedtime only.
Oatmeal Waler.-Boll on* cupful ot
oatmeal-In a gallon of water forts*
bour. Strain and bottle and ns* tot
washing the* and bands. It Is a Sn*
Tbo Famous Lett Virginal.- Orange
flower wnter (or rosewater), one pint;
simple tincture of benzoin, one-hilt
ounce; tlucture or myrrh, teu drops;
glycerin, fifteen drops.
French Complexion Pnste.—Tincture
of benzoin, teu drops; wsrm water
ior rosewater), one-half cupful, snd
enough almond meal to make a pasta
wltb tbe foregoing. Tear ont whltt
rose to pieces und stir In iln bsln merit
-I. e.. double holleri until quite warm.
Smear on tbe face until It draws, thet
remove with n little water and rub 1*
a good cold cream.
Paste For Night Clovcs.-Myrrh. ont
ounce; honey, four ounces; yellow wsi,
two ounces; rosewater, six ouncst.
Powder ths myrrh, melt lhe wax tnd
mix while hot. Heat thoroughly, stir
In hooey nnd rosewater ond sullieient
glycerin little by little to mike a paste.
Put the paste on tbe hands, then slip
on gloves a size too large at bedtime,
Strenuous Effort.
"It Is s tremendously bird task,"
•ays our red faced friend, "but 1 bt-
leve I can accomplish It"
"What Is that?" we ask.
"I nm learning to play golf, and t
nm trying my best to get so I can say
-Goodness me* as my minister does s*
thst It sounds like a real cuss word."-*'
Chicago Post.
The Old Cost. '
First Moth-Smith must be hard np. >
Second Moth-Ves: I hud to eat last
jenr's dinner warmed over.-Ncw Tori
Itis. THE  SUN,   GRAND  FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.   Simmons,   dentist,    Morrison
block. ' Phone K 39.
•\V C Chalmers, who has been engaged in the tobacco innl confectionery business in this city for the past
seven or eight years, has suhl his
business, ami will go on tlie roail selling teal estate. Allen Jt Bugbee have
purchased his tobacco stock, while It.
K. Petrie will take over the confectionery line.
A row caused by whiskey ami politics occurred in tlte f)raen*iinrl "lull
Inst week. During the piejee the lute
member of tlie legislature had one o(
liis enlarged liy au employee of the
L'tiveiriinent otlico, who Inn sine" lieen
matiliuil that his services nre no longer
The Kettle Kiver Valley Kine as-
sticiiition added twenty-six new lialnus
to its naeniliershiu roll Inst week,
biingiiig the total U[i to ninety, three,
Regular weekly practice shoots will
conimence next uiontli, when the um-
inunitioti is expected to a'rfive hore.
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Elliott left
on Friday for Ontario, where they
will spend the summer. They intend
to return to this city next fall.
Jim Miller was sentenced to ten
days at hard labor, in Greenwood last
week, for striking Gus Manuille with
au axe handle.
At the Conservative cainvention in
Greenwood, the late member, J. R
Jackson, was renominated.
Nearly all the logging camps on the
North Kork of tlie Kettle river have
resumed operations.
Take your repnirs to Armson's
Boot nnd Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Iuthe hills around Greenwood several black-tailed deer have recently
died from starvation.
Silkstone destroys the labor of
housecleaning. Choose a sttitahle
tint for this spring, and wash it
Henri in the fall nnd spring. It lasts
for yenrs. Call nt our store and ask
about it.    Thus. A. Mclnryre it Co.
A young deer in search of food ran
into the smelter yard at Greenwood
last week, but received nothing but a
shower of stones.
The Palmatier Sisters' programs
are brim full of just what a tit-ail man
or woman needs te forget their troubles.    Opera'house, March 20,
D..J. McDougail is in the Greenwood hospital with pneumonia. His
In-other, the well known railway rain
li-utni of Spaikiiiit., is al   his bedside
I hnve fnr siilo, S:'*.hi' * iniigh-'l
H-tillbill'gs.Purlrl-lge -Vv ,.. I i'I.-a. sill   l.-'gliairn    keri-ls;   ai'»"  *".."-'-   "I
Hl-.a«rl     l.aaajll'.ln-,    II III'    A'l ll'llsitHIS
and SiI-.it Sr.fi a'a.,1 H.iiuiiiirgs.—
Hubert park, mil ill of Winnipeg
liven ue luitlgu
,\|p-t   MllD-lllallll,   l.iha-1'ill    Cllll'liilllt"
mi iln-   laa-t.   i ..aviiici.il    cleclion, is ill
||„. (In .a.aaaal   lliaS|aitlll  suffering ft'olll
tln-ell'a-eis of a biolten lest.
Shorn of Her Grown of Beauty, Loses Love and
Hair is certainly most necessary to
woinun. Wiio could love and marry a
bald headed woman? What charms
could one array to offset such disfigurement!
A woman's goal is usuuly love and
marriage. Her clowning glory is ber
hair.. The loss of her hair mars her
beauty, happiness, and success. Yet
right here in Grand Forks there are
thousands of women who 'are neglecting or injuring their hair to such an
extent that it is only a matter of time
when it will be utterly ruined.
Many women destroy the beauty of
their hair through thoughtlessness or
ignorance of certain facts They use
curling irons Over heated, or to exi e-ts,
which destroys tlie natural oil of the
hair, causing it to split, break, and
come out. They do not shampoo their
hair often enough, or too often They
use soaps or preparations which contain ingredients positively harmful to
the scalp and hair.
As a result of such treatment, dandruff is created, the hair looSens, loses
color, falls out, and baldness com-
mences,unle8s propel- and prompt precautions are taken in time. Then
again, microbes and certain diseases
bring about unhealthy sculp aud hair
Almost any woinun muy rid herself
of dandruff and diseased scalp and
hair if she will but use the right
remedy. We have that remedy, and
we will positively guarantee that it
will either cure dandruff and baldness
or it will not. cost thn  user anything.
That's a pretty broad statement,
but we will buck it and prove it with
our own money. We will return your
money if you do not find thst Uexall
"93" Hair Tonic is an entirely satisfactory remedy that will promote hair
growth and overcome scalp ahd hair
troubles; that it will grow hair ev.it
ou bald heads, unless all life in the
hair roots has been extinguished, the
follicles closed, and the scalp is glazed
ahd shiny. It gets its name from the
fact that itgiew hair iu 93 out of IUU
cases, where it received a tliorougnly
hard, impartial, and practical tost.
We want you to try Uexall "93"
Heir Tunic ut our risk. You surely
con not lose anything hy doing su,
while you havo everything to gain
You hud better think this over, und
then come in and see us about this
offer. You will be well repaid for
y.aur visit to our store. Itpineiiihe ,
you can get Rexall Remedies iu t I.i -
community onlv at tiur stole—The
Ita Mall Mme      II    I'i   Waiiadi.atlal,
We nn* pleased with tlie rei-eptiiu
ail nor new ctisli syslim. ll will -iiva
Villi oiiioey ns well ns os. A dish
prue is tin- t-hi.ilpelt mid best (or ull
Tims   A. Mi-lnlvr- ATa
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe tbat they cat) reach
the consumers of this district without 'advertising^ The Sun.
.Show enrds for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Sun job office.
Grand   Forks, B  C,
PHONE   A 14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
Bridge Street,
The best and most
"iihtttantiul lire-proof
building in the Boundary country* Recently completed and
newly riirninhed
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences. Centrally located. Kirst-clnss at-
travelling publio.
Hot and Gold Batha
R.nt-ClaM Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
Ib Connection.
Printi n
■* •
We ore prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We hnve the most modern jobbing plant
in tin* houndnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, nnd curry a complete
line of Stationery.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rcl nble l-rciaili raKulnloniiuvAr lulls, '1 ln-pc
f 111!, nro cxcccdini-.lv li awcrlnl 11 r cuiialim- tlio
UMieratlvc p -rtlaaii iif tlio faam.ile r,c*tol.l Ni-faan!
nil clii-iaii imitations. l>r. ilo Van's nre sa.lal nl
flT»n lanx. a-rtlira'cl-arSHl. Maialcal ia»aiiav aalalacflaa.
This SCO-Mil llrnir (Jo., Hk. Catharines. Ont
SuitS tO   Order   S18   Upwards
" We tiro agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in tlio east. When you order from us you have
the mi vant age of lining measured by a practical tailor,
(insuring perfect fit. We guarantee satifaction.
• Onr spring stoek of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds will be in shortly. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the best made clothes in the country
afc the lowest prices. We always have men that know
their busines making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
von satisfaction,
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Uillhemln and Statements,
Lelh-rlu-nds and Enveloped,
1'nst.ers, Dated and Dodgem,
laii.-iiH-t-B and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Kill* of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
afltiniiiincementi.   and Counter
I'liits,   Wedding   Stationery.
IJfl'ervllilllg turned out in an
llp-lii-ilau- I'lintary.
-the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship nrifl nf the best. Let us estimate on vour order.
We gunr-imtaM* satisfaction.
©lie g>mt pnt g*njj
Furniture.  Maijn to Order.  '
.    Also Repairing of nil Kiwi...
Upholstering  Neatly Dime.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
A CnMPl.KTK gflllTk OF
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Freih (ionilRiiment ol
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Honing a Specialty,
J**____N_.-V. ***
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Nonm op Uhanbt i Hotki,
First Struct.
Copyrights bo.
4nr«*> ttniSat a ekateh andaeaertputm ma?
Ekir aacartain our opinion fnojrbemer an
ln».nlli>0 !»!ito»!Wp«W1S|SlJ*2B0_i____!'
MM !«•> Ola)o<« Xfeoor torMCMWCIJWritJ.
-     du uaao tbroueb hunn IT*. WWI
notice, without (turn, la tF"
■.JaUoii otxitr Ktantlflo Journal   T«r__i for
£«..!* la^Bi rear.pouan ,n*Ua.   8.44 b,
Of time ind energy can be avoided
by the utc of our Clauilicd Went
Ad*. Time and energy rcprfieiit
good dullatf in this age. Do not e»-
hauit Ihem in an aimtcu Kerch for
good help. Uk our Want Ada. and
the help will come to you.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
otlice in this section that have the
eorreot material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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