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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 25, 1912

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
oa n im
$1.00 PER YEAR
Granby Company Oan Easily
Pay for Development
Out of Earnings
Granby directors will probably
take up andd iapoie of the financing
question when tbey meet next
month, says Geo, L. Walker in the
Boston Commercial. As there is
some confusion concerning this matter in tbe minds of a few stockholders, I will explain it briefly.
Less than (1,300,000 will be required to complete the development
and equipment work at Hidden
Oreek and put that property on a
producing basis. As Granby bas
about 1800,000 of cash and quick
assets and is earning from (100,000
to $140,1,00 a month, it can readily
meet this expense without calling on
tbe stockholders for assistance.
The only point for consideration
is whether the stockholders are willing to forego dividends for another
year. If bonds were issued and
sold to raise the needed money, dividend payments could be resumed
immediately at tbe rate of 15 or fl a
share annually. Some stockholders
are in favor of such a course, but
others think it best to pay for the
new property's equipment, etc.,
from earnings, and thus avoid any
increase in capitalization, it seems
to me tbat tbe Utter couse would be
. the better one to follow.
Granby is not being conducted as
a miniug company simply, in tbe
older acceptance of the term. It is
rather a smelting and mining enterprise. From $50,000 to $160,000
annually is expended by the company on exploration work witbin a
200-mile radius of its smelter. If a
promising property is found which
can be had on favorable terms it is
eptioned and diamond-drilled or
other exploratory work done. In tbe
carrying out of this policy tbe company may purchase other raining
property at almost any time, and it
will make Granby a permanent business enterprise, in contradistinction
to one tbat is digging out and gradually exhausting a single body of ore.
Although tbe Hidden Creek property is located 000 or 700 'niles
north of Vancouver, it is on tbe
coast, and the climate tbere is not as
severe as one would naturally suppose. Tbe winters are not nearly as
cold as tbey ure at Pboenix and
Grand Forks, where Granby's operating smelters and mines are located.
An average of about $107,000
monthly bas been earned by the
company for some time past on ores
from its Phoenix mines, which yield
and smelter, and only half as much
coke will be required to smelt a
given tonnage of Hidden Creek ore.
The freight charge on a ton of bullion from Grand Forks to the refinery in New Jersey is $14, and
from Hidden Creek only $12. It is
figured, therefore, tbat Hidden
Creek copper output will not cost
more than 8 to 8J cents a pound.
There is a good reason to eXpect
tbat Granby will gradually build up
a very large and profitable custom
smelting business at Hidden Creek.
The managements of .several mina?
in the vicinity have approached
Granby officials on this matter already. Granby haB made a conspicuous success in this department, its
expense per ton of ore smelted at
Grand Forks being approximately
the lowest maintained anywhere in
the world.
Undoubtedly millions of tons
more will be developed in its prop-
eaty in Phoenix; but these is no occasion for extensive exploratory
work tbere at present, tbere being a
seven or eight year ore supply
blocked out now. Viewed from
every standpoint, therefore, Granby
is in a very strong position and its
future outlook is most promising,
It is not surprising that its stock is
advancing steadily. I figure that
it is worth at least twice its present
R. G. Hargreaves has been elected
manager and secretary of the Greenwood City Waterworks company.
Hugh M. Lang, of Greenwood,
and Mrs. Alice Moore, of Phoenix,
were married 4n Greenwood last
New Addition to the City
Has Been Flatted Near
O.P.R. Shops
The Woods addition to Grand
Forks, adjoining the the Canadian
Pacific railway's machine shops and
BJUiulliouse in the West end, hus
just been platted, and will shortly
be placed ou tbe market. The addition comprises about eleven acres.
The balance of Mr. Woods' ranch,
consisting of 56 acres, bas already
been disposed of.
Louis Gri, of Anaconda, B. C,
aud Francesca Cataneo, of Torrina,
Italy, were married in Greenwood
this week.
Several I. W. W. agitators were
recently deported from Midway.
They bad slipped across lbe line
distribute their literature.
Five tons of concentrates are being hauled daily to Eholt from tbe
Jewel mine for shipment to the
Trail smeller.
Contractors' outfits are beginning
to arrive at tbe end of the Vancouver, Victoiia & Eastern track, about
a mile and a half beyond Coalment,
Bays the Princeton Star. Tbe commissary building, 20x80, is. located
about a thousand feet from the
present end of steel; a residence * for
the manager, Mr. White, is also
there, the whole being located on
the right of way through Thomas
Babbitt's farm, situate about balf
way between Coalmont and Tula
Fred Keffer, consulting engineer
of  the   British  Columbia  Copper
Personal Christmas Cards
about 174 poundB of copper and company, was in Princeton
$1.10 gold and silver per ton. The week inspecting Voigt camp and
gross recoverable value of this ore,! Copper mountain. Satisfactory pro
therefore, is about $4.25 per ton Ve»» is being made with develop-
with the metal selling at 18 cents. | ment. Four diamond drills are
At Hidden Creek it is expected that1 working in Voight camp
40 pounds of copper and 20 cents in
gold will be recovered, giving that
ore a gross value of $7.411 with the j A new sample book of the "Art'
metal selling at tbe eame price. I series of Personal Christmas Cards
It is figured that tbe cost of treat- for 1912 has been received at Tbe
ing a ton of Hidden Creek ore will Sun oflice., These cards proved
be about 75 cents less tban it is at very popnlar last year. Tbe de
Pboenix or Grand Forks. Tbere signs this year are prettier than last
will be a saving of 22 or 23 cents a year. Tbe prices range from $1 per
ton on ore transported between mine dozen upwards.   Order early.
day. The afternoon session commenced at 4 o'clock, and the evening session st 8 o'clock. Experts
in Sunday school work had been secured for the meetings by the
British Columbia Sunday School
association. Many helpful addresses
were delivered, and mueh inspirational music, with illustrated views,
waB rendered by a male quartette.
Rev. Geo. T. Pratt, general secretary,
Washington; Rev. C. B Fisher,
general secretary, California; W.
\. Brown, international missionary
superintendent, and I. VV. William-
sou, general secretary for British
Columbia, took part in the proceedings, assisted by W. A. Crowcroft,
soloist. The attendance of local
Sunday school workers and church
adherents waa very large.
The foresty branch of the land
department at Victoria has sent six
parties of foresters to examine and
report on the land and limber of the
Heinze blocks. H. K. Robinson is
in charge of the work, witb headquarters in Greenwood. Eacb party
consists of tbree men, and the work
will be carried on for several weeks,
tbe government desiring tc close the
deal with Heinze during the coming winter.
Charles Lund, powderman on
tbe wagon road gang at Ebolt, had
bis face blown full of sand and
gravel one day last week by a premature blast, caused by faulty fuse.
He was pot seriously hurt.
The Bishop of New Westminster
has appointed Rev. A. M. Lloyd, of
London, England, to the charge of
the Kettle River valley, from Midway to Carmi, with headquarters at
Rock Creek, where a small ehurcb
has been built.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woods and
family will leave tomorrow for the
coast cit es, where they will visit
friends for a couple of weeks, and
then proceed to tbeir old borne at
Brighton, Sussex, England. They
intend to remain in England for a
number of years, and probably permanently. Mr. and Mrs. Woods
bave been residents of Grand  Korks
Scientific Investigator Finds
Original Wheat  Plant
Growing Wild
The Grand Forks Poultry and
Pet Stock association will hold ils
annual show on December 4 aud 5.
The prize list will be issued next
There is a large acreage of potatoes in tbe valley yet to be dug.
The probability is that some of the
tubers will remain in tbe ground
over winter.
Next Monday you ean give give
thanks that you alive, and on Thursday night the small boy will attempt to scare you to death. Hallowe'en closely follows Thanksgiving this year. Grand Forks people
bave received many things to be
thankful for this year.
A bank building will be erected
at Rock Creek.
Mayor  McLaine, of Greenwood,
was in the city on Wednesday.
Berry Logsdon, a farmer living
near Danville, has on exhibition at
J. H. Grunwell's store a hill of potatoes weighing thirty pounds.
About twenty thousand bushels
of grain were thrashed in the vicinity of Danville this fall.
Mrs. Fred Whipple and ber niece,
Miss Anna Blair, of Canyon City,
Col., have returned to their home
after a week's visit in Danville with
for  about  five years.   Their many! Mrs.   Whipple's  sister,   Mrs. J. J,
friends bere will regret to  learn  of
tbeir departure.
A pleasant and successful "smoker"
was given in the Miners' Union
hall, Second street, Wednesday evening, by Grand Forks Miners' union.
Tbere waa a large crowd present,
and a program consisting of music
and speeches was rendered.
Some of the automobile, motorcycle or bicycle horns in tbe city
sbould be arrested for creating unnatural noises.
AH but two road crews have now
been called in for the winter. Tha
road between tbis city and Greenwood has been improved to such
an extent as lo permit of travel between tbe two points by way of
Fourth of July creek and Eholt.
Mrs. W. H. Osborn, of Portland,
Ore., is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.
F. Van Dyke, at Danville.
Next Monday being Thanksgivii g
day, tbe general delivery wicket at
tbe postoffice will be closed all day
except from 3 till 4 p.m.
Doubling of the wheat crop of
Canada and the United States is the
possibility raised by scientific discoveries made by Prof. Aaron
Aaronsohn, of Jerusalem, according
to an announcement made this
week at the University of  Chicago.
Prof. Aaronsohn is tbe director of
the agricultural experiment station
in Palestine, an institution financed
by Julius Hosenwald and Judge
Julian Mack, of Chicago.
The investigator, who found the
original wheat plant growing wild
in Palestine after years of search, is
engaged in crossing the plant with
better grades of wheat in order to
produce a superior one.
The experiments, Prof. Aaronsohn
asserts, shqw that a type of wheat
can be produced adapted to the
semi arid regions of Algeria, Tunis,
Syria, Egypt, Turkestan and other
Eastern countries ahd to similar
land in America' Plants grown by
the experiments thrive in rocky,
shallow and dry soil without cultivation, and are said to withstand
Prof. Aaronsohn told of his work
on a former visit to Chicago, and
Mr. Rosenwald and Judge Mack advanced funds tor the station in Palestine. Botanists of the University
of Chicago have followed the work
with interest.
•'This is really the biggest proposition regarding the food supply of
the world now before us," said Prof.
Coulter, head of tbe department ol
botany at the university, who talked
with Prof. Aaronsohn. "The crossing of the wild wheat witb otber
grades will insure crop io drouth
aud in arid lands. It will be the
salvation of  the Eastern countries,"
Grading for lhe Cooper bridge is
now nearly completed, and pile-
driving will be commenced next
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests at the public school
this yveck for the attendance banuers
resulted as follows:
Percentage of Attendance for Past
Week—Division I, 94 87; Division
II, 98 53; Division III, 92.72; Division IV, 1)5.5; Division V, 94.5;
Division VI, 95.1; Division VI1,
92.9.S. Hence Division II holds tbe
banner for the highest percentage.
Number of Pupils Late for Past
Week—Division I, 2; Division II,
I; Division III, 3; Division IV, 7;
Division V, 2; Division VI, 4; Di
vitaion VII, 5.
Division II also holds the banner
for punctuality.
Householders and licensees who
wish to vote at the next municipal
election must register their votes
this month.
Tbere never wsb a time in the
history of Grand Forks wben commercial travelers were as numerous
in the city as they have been during
the past two weeks.
Geo. Rumberger has returned
Pboenix from Regina.
The Kettle Valley line will  soon
There will be no square  corners | be ballasted to Peanut Point.   It is
in the new skating rink at Phoenix, not   likely   that  there will be any
The ice surface will he about 70x170 train   service  to Carmi until next
feet. summer.
Meetings of tbe Grand Forks Sun- j W. J. Goepel, of Victoria, inspect
day School Institute were held in . ted the local government office ihis
the Presbyterian church on Wednes- week.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
MAX.        MIN.
Friday  46 24
Saturday   43 34
Bunchy  45 25
Monday  41 29
Tuesday  43 36
Wednesday  45 30
Thursday  4fi 24
Kan fall during week, 0.35 inches.
The (iranby company bas a force
of men pumping out the Carmi mine
Buffalo Furs
Out In Western Kansas one still
frequently sees an old plainsman drive
into town covered with a buffalo overcoat or a buffalo laprobe In tbe winter tlm8. However, buffalo robes
are becoming very scarce and in a
few year,! they will entirely disappear.
Tbere was a time when Kansas furnished buffalo robes for the world.
No well regulated family on an Eastern farm was without one. They
were not only very warm but reasonable ln price.
It was the Kaw Indians who flrst
marketed buffalo robes. Later manufacturers, seeing the vast profit in
, them, made them by .the thousands
and supplied the world. But the
manufactured or patent tanned robes
didn't last as long as the robes tanned
by the Indians. .In fact, It ls said
that the robes now in service were
those tanned by these Indians many
years before the white men began to
tan them.
The Indian women did tbe tanning.
They fastened the green hides to a
• sot of frimes just like grandmother
used to fasten her quilts to, when she
made them. The squaws would then
take a blunt Instrument, resembling
a hoe, and work off all the flesh and
membrane from the hide.
They called It fleshing. Then
they would rub the skin for several
days with a heavy, smooth surfaced
club until all the grease had been
driven out of the hide. They used
no chemicals at all in tanning. Only
hides from buffaloes killed late in the
winter were used in making robes, as
the fur was then heaviest.
Before the Kaws threw the robes
, on the market they used them ln making inoc.a-ia.Iii9 and 'winter clothing, also for covering their tepees. But
when a market was established for
them and the Indians could get real
money, or real food or real whisky for
them, buffalo tepees soon disappeared
from the reservation. ,
May—Girls, what do the papers
mean whpn they talk of the seat of
Ella—I don't know any more than
I do what a standing army ls for.
Bell—Why how Ignorant you are.
The scat of war is for the standing
army to sit down on when it gets
Baiy's Rash Became
a Mass of Humor
Parents Decided He Could Not Be
CureH. "Cut:cura" Soon Made
His Skin. Perfectly Clear,
A Toronto trtn. Mr. Robert Mann, of 7M}
Queen Bt. Eatt, says: "Our boy was born In
Toronto on Jet. 13, 1008, and wben three
montnl old a slight rash appeared on his
cheek. What appeared to
be a water blister would
form. When it broke,
matter would run out,
starting Saw blister, until
his cntira face, head aod
shoulders were a macs of
scabs and tou could not
see a particle of clear skin.
' Wo did. not know what
1 to do for htm and tried
v about   every   advertised
2 remedy without avail, Indeed some of them only
added to his suffering and
one in particular, the —
Remedy, almost put -the
Infant Into convulsions.
Tho family doctor pro-
scrlbed for him. This did
not do any good, so wa
took him to a hospital.
Re was treated as an out-patient twice a
week and he got worse, if any tiling. We then
called in another doctor and inside of a week
the boy was, to all appearances, cured and
the doctor said his work wes done. But the
very next day it broke out as bad as ever.
"We decided that It could not be cured
hnd must run its course and so we just kept
his arms bandaged to his side to prevent his
tearing his flesh. The Cuticura Remedies
were recommended. We started using tbem
In May, 1000, and soon the cure waa complete,
Cuticura rasaio his skin perfectly clear and
he is entirely free from the skin disease."
(Signed) Robert Mann, May 3, 1010.
In another letter, dated June 29, Mil, he
adds: "My boy has never had any mora
trouble since using Cuticura." ,
For more than a generation Cuticura Soap
and Ointment have afforded the most site-
cil. ..ul treatment for skin and scalp troubles
nf infants, children aad adults. A single set
ts often sumcienl.   Although sold by drug-
Ilists and dealer, throughout the world, a
fberal .amnio of each, witb 32-p. book on
thc skin, will be sent free, on application to
liberal .amnle of each, with 32-p. book on
the skin, will be sent free, on application to
Folter Drug ft Chem. Corp., 83 Columbus
Ave, Boston, V. 8. A.
When troubled wltb fall
rashes, eczema, or any ikia
diseaae apply Zam-Buk 1
Surprising l»w quickly It **,*,
the martin* aad stinftaf I Alio
cumi cull, hum,, ior«f and plUi.
Zasa-luk it maiattompart herbal essences. Ne anlaal fats - ae
aaiaeral polios,. Final! heater I
Onjjiili and men, Simymsn.     n
am Buk
From the captain of industry to tbe
aod carrier—from milady in the auto to
die woman with the scrubbing brush—
.lie accomplishments of every one of tu
aepend absolutely on the accomplish.
nents of our stomachs.   Backed by a
nod digestion, a man can give the best
•jn t is in hiin.   When li is stomach fails,
* becomes a weakling.
To thia loss of power no one need
submit.   Right habits of eating.
drinking, sleeping and exercise, aided
by Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets, will
restore and maintain the full efficiency
of thc human mind and body,
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets contain
the active principles needed for tbe
digestion of every kind of food. They
go to the assistance of the weakened
stomach, and enable the sufferer, tight
from the start, to assimilate aud get the
benefit of the food eaten. With thia
assistance, the digestive organs regain
tbeir tone, and soon the useof the tablet!
is no longer necessary.
If your stomach is not working properly, try Na-Dru-Co Dystxpsia Tablets,
joe. at your druggist!*, National Dnuj
and Chemical Co, of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. in
Most Ornaments Worn by Red Men
Are Symbolical
Few ornaments worn by the Indians
are purely decorative, as we are accustomed to believe. Almost every
fantastic part of the braves' garb was
symbolic, and as such, lt was honored
by the onlooker and esteemed by the
proud possessor. Such was true especially of the feathered head gear
known as the war bonnet. This ornament stood for the social relation,
Interdependence and was not directly
connected with the supernatural, as
were so many of tbe Indian's symbols.
Wltb the Omahas, tbe materials required to make the bonnet were gathered by the man who wished to possess lt, but its manufacture depended
on tbe assistance of many persons.
A sort of skull cap was made of dressed deerskin, with a flap hanging be-
i-lnd; a border of folded skin about the
edge formed the foundation of the
crown of golden eagle feathers, which
were fastened so as to stand upright
about the wearer's head. Each one
of these feathers stood for a man;
the tip of hair fastened to the feathers and painted red, represented the
man'B Bcalplock. Before a feather
could be fastened on the bonnet a
man must count, his honors which entitled him to wear the feather, and enabled him to prepare the featber for
use in decorating the war bonnet.
When a warrior counted hlie honors,
he held up the feather which was to
represent them, saying: In such a battle I did this, etc. At the conclusion of the recital the feather waB
handed to the man who was manufacturing the war bonnet, who then put
the feather In Its proper place. As
many of these bonnets contained 50
or more feathers, and as each feather
must have an honor counted upon it,
and no honor could be counted twice,
the manufacturer of a bonnet required
several helpers and the task took
considerable time—often several days
Strips of .--rmlne, arranged to fall over
the ears and cheeks, were fastened
to the bonnet. The ermine represented alertness and skill in evading pur
suit. A bird or some other symbolic
object could be fastened on the crown
of the skull cap. Tbls object was
generally some feature of the man's
vision through which he believed he
received supernatural aid in time of
need. Sometimes the flap was embroidered with porcupine work or
painted with symbolic designs. Songs
were sung during the making of the
Before the advent of the horse
among the Indian tribes the flap of
the bonnet did not extend below the
wrist, thus avoiding Interference
while walking of the wearing of other
ornaments; but after the borse became plentiful the flap was extended
to a man's feet when standing; wben
the man was mounted it lay on the
back of his horse. In former times
a man could not deck his leggings or
shirt with a fringe pf hair, except by
the con&.nt of the warriors. Honors had to bc counted on the strands
of hair is on the feathers used in
making the war bonnet, therefore
each lock or tuft of the fringe stood
for a war honor, and no honor could
be counted twice. It was tbls custom that made garments of this char-
iflCter so highly valued. The hair for
the fringe was generally furnished by
the man's female relatives. Bach of
the locks forming this fringe was usually sewed In a heading ot skin,
Irequently ornamented with quill work.
The reason for the passing of these
ancient and honorable decorations Is
obvious, since Uncle Sam has so rigorously forbidden war.
Didn't Sound Right
Ma, what does d d stand for?
Doctor ot divinity, my dear. Don't
they teach you the common abbreviations in school.
Oh, yes; but that don't seem to
sound right here.
Read it out loud, my dear.
My Dear . (reading)—Witness —I
heard the defendant say, I'll make
you suffer for this, I'll be doctor of
divinity lf I don't.
Quarter-General Edwin A. Taylor,
of the United Sons of Confederate
Veterans told at a Memorial day banquet ln Memphis this story:
A southerner, he Bald, sat in the
lobby of a New York hotel discussing
certain campaigns with a northerner.
Well, the northerner ended, with
a laugh, well, we licked you, anyhow.
Yes. you did, the southerner admitted, but it's plain from the size ot
your pension list that before we gave
in we crippled every bjessed one of
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
sa mercury will surely destroy tbs Hue st sbmII
sod completely derails* the whole system when
•Meruit Jf  tbrouih  the  mucous  surfaces.
inlets* stTould never be UMd except on preemp.
tion, from reputable physiclsne, ss tbe damsse tbey
will do Is ten fold to tbe food you eaa poealbly de-
rive trom them. Hill's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney _k Co., Toledo, O.. contains no mer-
wry, and a taken internally, acting directly upon
the blood and raucous surfaces ot tbe system. Ia
buying Hall's Catarrh Curs be sure you get tbl
—mine.  It Is taken internally and mads la Toleda
Smut—  _. _ __  ., _.     .
hlo, by F. J. Cheney a Co. testimonials tm.
Sold by Drags'..!*. Price. He. per bottle,
lake Hair, Family rills for eohsUMIka. J
How Tailors Sew on Button!
•Tailors double their thread used to
sew on buttons and make a knot and
hold the knot In the teeth while they
twist the thread; then they wax lt,
and that keeps lt twisted. Then tbey
put a pin across the button, and after
the buttons are sewed on they remove
the pin and wind the thread around
several times, making a kind of a stem
as this makes lt more easy to button
the garment. The buttons on children's waists should be sewed on
this way so more than one garment
can be buttoned on the same waist.
Small but Potent—Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are small, but they are effective in action. Tbelr fine qualities as a corrector of stomach troubles are known to thousands and they
are ln constant demand everywhere by
those who know what a safe and simple remedy they are. They need no
introduction to those acquainted with
them, but to those who may not know
tbem they are presented as the beet
preparation on the market for disorders of the stomach.
What time is it?
I don't know.
Isn't your watch going?
Worse—It's gone.
Mlnard'e Liniment Cure! Colds, Etc.
Proof of an Old Adage
The First Cornet Band of Plaln-
vllle, was giving Its regular Saturday
niaht concert on the four corners, just
previous to calling on the merchants
for their weeklv payments on the subscriptions for the new Instruments.
The bass drummer, who was the
local cooper, ln an absent-minded moment busted a hole in one side of bis
instrument, but kept on the job.
Hi Higley, who was among the assembled populace, listened on for
awhile after the accident, and Bald the
music wis proof to blm of tho truth
of the old saying that two heads are
better than one.
Good  Food the true Road te Health
fcj- ; TORONTO - ONT.
Sent Far Away
What do you think of this scheme
ot having the countries exchange children?
What's the Idea?
An English family, for instance, exchanges children for a couple of yeara
with a German family. Thus both
sots of children get a chance to learn
another language. References are
exchanged and all that sort of thing.
It's an elegant scheme. My neighbors have a kid that I would like to
see exchanged with some family In
W. N. U. 91S
The teacher had been reading to the
class about the great forests of America.
And now, boys, she announced,
which one of you can tell me the
pine that has the longest and sharpest needles?
Up went a hand In the front row.
Well Tcmmy?
The porcupine.     *•*
More About
The Loading Platform
The presant ceacritlon of Western tarmero will never know the
difficulties hnd V'xallms experienced by their predecessors in the
earlier years when no one could get a carload of grain shipped In
bulk except by lotdlng it through an elevator. The system forced
the majority of farmers to sell their grain to the elevator owdera
at arbitrary irlcs, and oft times to submit to heavy dockage Ud
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now however
the distribution o. wars as fixed by tbe Drain Act, and the use ot the
loading platform, provide facilities which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory treatment In the disposal ot hla grain, and the highest
market prices at time cf sale. livery farmer therefore, should Aore
and more cideavor to use tbe loading plt.ttorm ln shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators. It ie the safeguard ot tbe farmera' freedom In disposing ot bis grain to the best advantage for himself.. It
farmers refrain Irom using tbe loading platform freely, lt might result In its being done away with, because railway companies and
elevator owners are strongly opposed to It. It ls easy to under
stand why elevator people desire the loading platform abolished.
The railway 'eople on their part say lt delays the loading ot can
and helps ta cause car shortage. This we know .to be nonsense,
because frequently after cars are loaded whether with grain, coat
lumber or other merchandise, they are sidetracks', for daya and eTeft*
weekaJnstead of being promptly moved forward to destination. It
is engine slinrtage and shortage ot competent trait men that mostly
causes gram llockadea on railways and not lack of can. Let every
farmer therefore, is all he can to use to loading platform and become an indtpe-ideit ahlpper. In subsequent advertisements we
will state In detail the savings and other advantage! ot direct loading into cars compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmer! grain strictly on commission, make liberal
advances on car bills ot lading, supervise the grading at time cars
are Inspected, se.uro the highest prices at time ot sale and make
prompt returns when sold. Write ui tor shipping Instruction! fad
market information. V
Thompson Sons & Company
John Alden Explained
I  am  an  instructed  delegate, be
Not understanding politics.     Priscilla manoeuvred a stampede.
Natural History
I never saw a white Bull Moose
I think that I sbould fesr one;
But If they ever turn one loose
I'd rather see than hear one.
The pernicious habit some persons
still have of relying on nauseous
drugs to relieve stomach trouble,
keeps up the patent medicine business
snd helps keep up the army of dyspeptics.
Indigestion—dyspepsia— is caused
by what Is put intc the stomach ln
the way of Improper food, the kind
that so taxes the strength of the digestive organs tbey are actually crippled.
When this state is reached, to resort
to tonics Is like whipping a tired
horae with a big load. Every additional effort he make! under the laah
diminishes his power to move the
Try helping the stomach by leaving
off heavy, greasy, Indigestible food
and take on Grape-Nuts—light, easily
digested, full of strength for nerves
and brain, In every grain of It. There's
no waste of time nor energy when
Grape-Nuts Is the food.
"I am an enthusiastic user of Grape
Nuts and consider It an ideal food,"
writes a Main man.
"I had nervous dyspepsia and was
all run down and my food seemed to
do me but little good. From reading
an advertisement I tried Grape-Nuts
food, and, after a few weeks' steady
use of lt, felt greatly Improved.
"Am much stronger, not nervous
now, and can do more work without
feeling so tired, and am better every
"I relish drape-Nuts best with cream
and use four heaping teaspoonfuls as
the cereal part of a meal. I am sure
there are thousands of persons with
stomach trouble who would be benefited by using Orape-Nuts. Name
given by Canadian I'ostum Co., Windsor, Ont Read the little book, "The
Road to Wellv.lle," ln pkgs. "There's
a reason "
Ever read the above letter? A
naw ont appear! from time to tlmt.
They art genuine, true, and full of
human Interest.
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual
"Empire Navy Plug" ia
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
|A Ifo  Safe Investment
'■'Money returned at end of one year
or at end ot any aubstnutiii >«ai. on
«i> days' notice If desired.
jThe above security is the best Industrial ever offered ln Canada. Business established 27 years.
jg Write at once for particulars.
i National Securities Corporation Ltd
| Confederation Life Building, Toronto
A few doom south ef C.P.R, Depot
| Ratti 11,50 to $2.00 per day
f- Culilne unexcelled
Hot and eald water-In every room
| ———
:] Hotel  practically  Fireproof
'j        All Outside Room!
his the bes' ever made and are iuu*
anteed to give you satisfaction. At
all adealers, or send -us 25 cent! stab
Ing -stylo and size required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd!,
58 Praaer Ave., Toronto, Ont,
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers   ot   all     kinds—Engines,
tumps, and Heavy Plata Work
••}       Write ua for Prices
ti Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Moral Bunion
I don't want oatmeal, screamed tlte
Ton must hive oatmeal, said Us
Never force anything on a cnOd
like that, Interposed uncle, who haa
theories. Alwaya give the child a*
AU right, said the father. Now,
kid, you can have oatmeal or you can
have a clip on the jaw. Which ls
The child took the oatmeal.
Dysenta-ry corrodes tbe intestines
and speedily eats away the lining,
bringing about dangerous conditions
that may cause death. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial clears the
Intestinal canals of the germs that
cause the Inflammation, and by protecting the lining trom further ravages
restores them tn healthy condition.
Those subject to dysentery should not
be without this simple yet powerful
A St. Louis travelling man, making
bis first trip through North Dakota
woke up one morning to find the
ground white witb snow.
For Heaven'e sake, he asked the
hotel clerk, disgustedly, when do you
have summer out in this God-forsaken country.
I don't know, replied the clerk. I
bave only been here eleven months.
Good Newa
There la one thing that I hav* kept
from yon.
Tell me the worst.
I failed to get a diploma at the
cooking school.
Come to my arms, dear one; I love
you more than ever.
Ce^teV^Utf "&• 'W«^-^^ «>*r*f
Minard't Liniment Curet Diphtheria.
Superflului Wealth
Woodrow Wilson, at a dinner at
Spring Lake, said of tbe multimillionaire:
After all, most of the wealth is superfluous. When I think ot a multimillionaire's millions, I am reminded
ot a story about Oobsar Oolde.
I have four English men servants,
said Oobsa Golde, on the terrace of
his marble cottage at Newport—four
English men servants, whose sole
duty It ls to look after my sea bathing
He cleared hts throat pompously and
The flrst has charge ot my bathing
suit, the second takes care of the
boathouse and the showers, and the
third, ln n small boat, acts as a kind
of life guard to me.
But the fourth—what doea the'
fourth—what doea the fourth dot a
listener asked.
Oh, he takes my bath. Sea bathing always has a. depressing effect on
my heart.
Phono St. John 1024 Elmwood, Winnipeg
Wo successfully treat the following diseases:—Rheumatism,  Nervous    troubles, Stomach, Kidney and Liver Complaints, Skin Diseases, Catarrhal conditions. Constipation, Gall Stones and Obesity.
For further particulars apply to
DR.   A.   D.  CARSCALLBN, Superintendent.	
Complete ln itself, Mother Graves*!
Worm Exterminator does not require
a the assistance of any other medicine
fto make lt effective.    It does not fail
•to do Its work.
If .you want to purchase a carload
a> °'
■Good Ontario Apples
a      Communicate with
tO Colbourne Street, Toronto
The Feeble, Wasted    Nerves   Were
Restored and  Revitalized  by
If "-your Clothier  does  not
} sell
■i .    ■ ■
3 see (hs other fellow
Bladder Stone, Gall Stones,
Kidney Stones, Gravel and
**ll Ailments of Uric Acid
(Hundreds   ot   cured   patients   can
prove our statement).
Sufferers will receive pamphlet freo
on request.
Sanol. PRICE $1.80 per bottle In
liquid from Druggists, or direct from
tho   •
LTD., Winnipeg, Man.
Nervous prostration Is a terrible
diseaae to all who understand Its symptoms. At times the sufferer feels
comparatively well, but with slight
exertion the dreadful helplessness returns and ail strength seems to
leave the ayatem.
This letter from Mrs. Martin very
well describes the terrible condition
ln which many a sufferer finds herself. She also tells how she regained health and strength by using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food after all other
treatments had failed.
Mrs. Edwin Martin, Ayer's Cliff,
Que., writes:—"Before I began using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food I was In a
terrible condition from nervotis exhaustion and prostration. Dlziy spells
would come over me and I would fall
to the floor. The weakness was so
great that I could not so much as
sweep the floor without fainting, but
the nerve food helped me after the
doctors tailed. It has done wonders
ln building up my nervous system. I
can do my own housework now and
washing, and feel that this great medicine has been a God-send to me. I
think It Is thes best of medicines.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food 60c. a box,
6 for $2.60, at all dealers or Edman-
son, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Thinking It Over
Ma caught pa kissing the hired
What's she going to do about it?
That's the trouble. She doesn't
know. She can't make up her mind
whether to get rid ot pa or the hired
girl. Sometimes the saya she thinks
she can get a new husband easier
than she can get a new servant.
Eager to Help
He—My dear Miss Gladys, I have
been converted, but I Snd there are
some things I must do. The minister has told me, for Instance, that
where I have done wrong, I must make
She (sympathtzlngly) —Sometimes
that cannot always be done, for ministers ask hafd things.
He (doubtfully)—Now, Mlsa Gladys, the other day I stole a kiss from
you, and, according to the minister
I must give lt back.
She (promptly)—Well, I suppose
you ought to do what the minister
tells you.
The Northern Trusts Company
Tfcll eompany seta la tke tapaclty it
nod wt shall bt glad to forward copy et   tw   Booklet   "SomeUlag
r.bout Truiti, Trustees aad Trait Companltt." on requit
\     RIFLES ~"
8uitable for any list of game.
Made in all desirable calibers and
•-     used tnd endorsed by hunters tht world over for
hard usage, reliability and strong and accurate shooting.   Nt rifle will give better satisfaction than the
Wiachester.   Wit-cheater rifles are told by all dealers.
Send mill fie complete. Illuslriled eilel.1
Did her wedding go off without a
hitch? '
It did, Indeed—the man she
going to marry didn't show up.
I always us*
YOV cant Ruotubty exptct to make a Uiht,
flaky pie-crust, lithe nit you uie U gritty,
lnmpyaadbitttx. *
When Tw Bay Matches^
Ask for
SEvAta"! Tqilly g«S '«th. table, for
coking and taking.
They hav* a true safety has*
head, wRk dent   tip.    Wii|
•ever explede it Stepped em.
■Wi MatohM tart utlsttd Out
adUai atatt lill-teetpt nt tthtr*
Hn E„B. ItWy Company, Hull, Can.Ha
Washboards, Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
St. Isidore, P.Q., Aug. 18, 1904,
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—l have frequently used
MINARD'S LINIMENT and also prescribe it for my patients alwaya with
the moat gratifying results, and I
consider It tho bost all-round Liniment extant.
Yours truly,
Hercules bad been driven In a tax-
tcab to the Augean stables and told
to get busy.
What's the use, he bitterly mut-
tered.i Just as soon as I get 'em cleaned up, they'll be turned Into a garage.
Nevertheless he tell to work.
is aa enemy within the camp. It will
undermine the strongest constitution
and ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, bilioumew,
Impure blood, bad complexion, sick
headaches, and ia one of the most
frequent causes of appendicitis. To
neglect it is slow suicide. Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills positively cure
Constipation. They are entirely
vegetable in composition and do not
sicken, weaken or gripe. Preserve
your health by taking
Dr. Mont'i   "
Indian Root Pllla
WfN. U. »1S     i
Remarkable Luck
From Chicago, Isn't she?
Yes. A very unusual woman. She
has such remarkable luck ln keeping
her help.
How's that?
Why she told me she had had four
husbands and only one cook.
Warts will render tbe prettiest
hands unsightly. Clear the excrescences away by using Holloway's
Corn Cure, which acts thoroughly and
Just In Self Defence
Bus fishing was out of season, and
the game warden who happened to
find a small boy holding a rod and
line, took the precaution to satisfy
himself that the string on the sand
held only catfish, perch and suckers.
But a few feet farther along he found
a large black bass wriggling and
weighted down with a stone. The
boy's conscious look proclaimed him
the guilty person.
What are you doing with this lish?
asked tho warden In terrifying tones.
Well, you aee, returned the boy,
blushing, but untroubled, he's been
taking my halt all morning, so I Just
tied him up until I get through fishing.
a^^^^^^J        THE DARK HORSE _
iTU on, candidate* ca whitk M tortus in theUniUdStoUs ogrss.)
_    .        ..   ,. „ s\0!^m\\      ^^1   A better shine" in
^combination AllTfjl |   half the tine,
shine your shoes.   ^*K^tafu\9mW u«       2    ^ • .       j
" in i» is liquid ^ M g™* *«* •*"■*
and paste combined. ^BePolldl JR"" Be8t by te8t       » THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   fi. C.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you Imw vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
are export optometrists skilled iu
the science of refraction. Examination free.
Jeweller and
gband forks, b. c.
*%vmih #urk-0 §tt«
'uhlLheai ut tlraaial 1'nrkat. Itrlllflli Cailllllllil
.Kalitaar nan! PublUlixr
A Hie ol thl«_paper oan be teen at the office
of Maun. H.. Al. Hardy A Co., HI, HI and 82.
Fleet Strtaet, K.C, London. England, tree of
..harge, and that Arm will be f lad to receive
iiiba,cril.tlo,i8 nnd aalvertl.emeiit. on our he-
Jne fear    »|J0
'Ine yeur (In nalvance)  ,,on
"lie Vear, In lulled Slates   IM
Arldreaaa, all communications tat
Thb Evening Sun,
Hhonb B74 (.hand Kalian.. H.C
Thk muddle in connection
with the contract for the excavating work for the city
reservoir still remains unsolved. At present it looks
as if the city would be mulcted
out of $250. The history of
this case is: When E. Crawford's tender was accepted, the
council adopted a resolution
instructing the city solicitor
to draft a contract, and to'give
it to the chairman of the
water and light committee.
The contract was drawn up
liy the solicitor and handed
to the chairman of the wator
, and light committee. The solicitor supposed that the latter gentleman would have
the contract executed before
work was commenced on the
reservoir. This, however, Aid.
Downey failed to do. There is
therefore no contract in existence, and the case hinges
on the veracity of the con
tractor and the water and
light committee. When the
work was finished the contractor put in a bill for .fttoO
extra, claiming to have removed hardpan from the bottom of reservoir. Whether
or not this liM'dpan was encountered in the excavating
work appears to be a debatable question. Persons who
visited the reservoir when the
work was in progress say that
the ground was sufficiently
loose to be ploughed to the last
shovelful of earth. One thing
appears to be certain. There
is no evidence now in the
vicinity of the reservoir of
hardpan having been removed
Anothea plea set up in favor
of this extra amount is, that
the contractor claims to have
lost money on the work. Persons who should know say that
he made quite a sum. He has
refused to make an amicable
settlement on a basis of $5 a
day for himself and $7 per
day for his teams. It looks
like a bungling piece of work.
It is quite possible that the
frightful increase of insanity
may be caused by the people
endeavoring to locate the humor in the "funny" .Sunday
supplements.    '
With four kings against
her, Turkey has a hard hand
to beat.
In the Spot Light
On the stage of busmen the spot
light is on the man who advertises.
Our Classified Want Ada will
place you or your needa in the lime
light of public attention.
If you have not tried them, their
illuminating power will surprise you.
Our Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong, Horse-High and Pig-
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do business with you.   You'll find our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the place to supply tliose needs.
Most Important Events of
Past Week Told in Brief
Greece, Servia and Dulgnria sini-
ullaneouely declare war against
Foreign citizens in Mexico are in
danger from rebels.
While not yet out of danger, Col.
Roosevelt is progressing   favorably.
Resignation of Mr. Monk alleged
to be in the hands of Premier Bor
den as the result of navul policy
Industrial accidents'' death roll in
Camilla for September amounts to
total of 89.
Laymen's missionary movement
results in great increase in church
Shareholders of defunct Farmers'
bank declare whiskey was used to
obtiiiri their signatures.
Turkish doctors are scattering
typhus and cholera germs among
ranks of opposing forces.
Hundreds reported killed by typhoon that sweeps Philippine islads.
Col. Roosevelt says he feels as
"lively as a bulldog" and is anxious
to make more speeches.
"Jack" Sullivan says that "frame
up" to fix murder of Rosenthal on
Lieut. Becker was arranged.
Visiting delegates to Dry Farming Congress are flocking to Lethbridge.
Resignation of Hon. F. D. Monk
not yet accepted by cabinet.
Immigration to Canada during
the last year exceeds in numbers the
entire population of Montenegro.
Dastardly wholesale murder plot
unearthed in Montreal Chinese circles.
Manitoba judge is impeached upon charge of obstructing course of
justice in connection  with  election
Turks are defeated by Balkan
allies in many engagements.
World's championship for wheat
won by western Canadian at Lethbridge exposition.
President Taft declares that Col.
Ri o'f-velt is out of the running for
presidential honors.
Homestead figures for August
shuw alecreaseover suine month lasl
year 111 rough tlle middle west.
A Welshman, inheriting a million
dollars, refuses to give up his job as
farm laborer, or leave his old country (-ullage.
The PaiMmrsts announce lli't
they will drop corrosives info hi:Hot
h axes at London eleolions next
in inih ami render polling void.
Various rumors at Ottawa ni.me
two favorites to step into cahii et
-iioeai nf Mr. Monk, whose resigna
lion is now certain.
Wild scenes of disorder characterize proceedings in Magistrate Mc
Milken's court at Winnipeg. The
judge threatens lawyers with bran
isbed chair.
Seventh International Dry Fnrm-
inir Congress opens at Lethbridge
with enthusiasm.
Trial nf Lieut. Becker will probably go to the jury without him giving evidence.
Go* ernorgeneral. after a 10,000
mile trip through Canada, declares
that the Canadian people nre the
most loyal Britishers in the empire.
It is thought that the victories of
the conlition are only small and that
the Turks are slowly retiring in order to establish complete mobilization at many points.
Hebrew investigator claims to
have discovered wheat which will
double America's grain crop.
Executive of Iron Workers' union
accused of juggling accounts t.   pre-
PRIC.ES |2 to $12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
P. BURNS <®, CO., Ltd-
t^Always  hnve on hand all the
Delicacies of the Season,
including ,
Fresh-killed zJlfeats        Chickens        Ousters
Beef       tJVlutton        Pork.       Veal
Finan Haddies Kippered Herring
Still at the Old Stand
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Silver King and Silver Queen Mineral
Clnjmi. situate tn the (irand Forks Mining
Divitilon of Yale Divtrict.
Where Located: On the East Fork of the
North Fork of Kettlo Rlvor.
TAKK NOTICK that 1. Jacob M. Paulsen.
Free Miner's Certlfimtc No. 85818H, fur
myself and as agent for WUllamlH. Hoffman,
executor, and Rosa Major, executrix, of the
will of Cut her ine Hoffman. Free Miner's
Certificate No. 85817B. Intend, sixty days
from date hereof, to apply to the Miniug
RecerderfornCeitiflcatcoi Improvement.., for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above claims
And further take notice that action, undei
section 37, must he eoinratmwd before the ism-
ance uf such Curftlca.es of Improvement.
Dated this 4th day of Mny, A.D. 1912.
jacob m. paulsbn.
vent discovery of funds used to purchase dynamite.
Majority of dry farming prizes at
Letbbridfie won by Canada, although open to tbe world.
According to Sir Edward Grey
persons naturalized in Canada are
not British subjects in the strict
sense of the term.
That the resignation- of F. D.
Monk from ths Borden cabinet is
the beginning of the end, is Ihe belief of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who addressed 70(10 people at Sorei, Que.
Owing to thorough censorship.the
most important information concerning the Hilkiin situation is not
earned. Bulgarians are preparing
for a buttle at Tarabosch.
Lieutenant Becker confident that I
he can not be convicted on murder
charge on evidence submitted.
No further trouble to he experienced with ice in Hudson Bay.
is lhe statement made at a banquet
tendered Judge Senkler,. who leaves
Manitoba for Vancouver today.
Native population of Canada
shows nn increase of only a few
hundred dining the year.
Dry Farming Congress ends today. Instructive lectures heard by
delegates. Next meeting in Oklahoma.
Balsom, the Nelsoni murderer,
found guilty of manslaughter.
Three days' battle ends in Bulgarian victory. Bulgarian casualties
30(10; Turkish losses enormous.
Conservative convention opens in
Jtiry finds Lieut. Charles Becker
guilty of murder in the first degree.
Liberal candidate is elected in
Richelieu, Que., by 300 majority.
Arnold Morley, chairman of the
Overseas Dominions Royal eommis
sion, has resigned.
Forty-seven women's institutes
have been organized in this province.
Canadian llrotherhonn of Railway
Employees may strike.
SunrUn MlnaTiil Gliilm. .Itiiute In Ilia
Ilranil Kuril. Mining Division uf Vnle III.-
WIiitc located:   tn W*lllugt.>n aiiaaji.
TAKK NOIII-K Ilmt I, Jimppli Allrnl Millar.
Kri-n Miliar.' Orlllli-iilc No. IM7786, Intend, sixty daa. from the date hiirt'of, In npply tu tlie Mining Ri'i-nriler for n Gertlfloatp
of Imiirovomcnt, for the purpoie of obtaining a ('niaa n a a unit of thu alaovc claim.
And further ttike notice lhat acllott, uniler
flection HI, muat be oomnu-iiceil before the
iia.iiance of  aani'h Certificate of   Improvement..
Dated thi. Will dny or A pill. A.D. UM:!.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoinhonol restores every nerve in the body
-*1"'       ' to Its proper tension i restores
vim and vitality. Prematura decay and all sexusl
weakness averted at once.   Fhosphoaol will
make yon a new man. Price 18 a box. or two tor
U. Mailed to any address. Ih* looWeU Drag
Co.. It. Catharine.. Ont.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even en-
(li-iiviir to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without adverti.-inpn The Sun.
wm THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
When you
Steel Range you
make a permanent
investment. The
is guaranteed by
f makers and dealers alike'
to be a strong, durable
range and a perfect
cooker and
? 11
Made lspbcially to born b. a furn
Repairs, when necessary, always in
stock at Vancouver,   Sold by*
W. K. 0. MANLY
When Sir Wilfrid Laurier made
tbe announcement during his On
taria tour that there was bitter strife
in the cabinet, somebody laughed.
The laugh echoed across the continent, from one Conservative newspaper to another, and it grew heartier with repetition. They asked of
themselves, and of the world at
large, wbat does Laurier know about
it? They have receieved tbeir answer in official form, and their
hilarity seems to bave subsided
rather suddenly, lt would be wise
for tbe government to realize early
in the game that there is very little
going on at Ottawa which Sir Wilfrid Laurier does not know about.
He does not need some one to take
him by the band and point out the
objects of interest around the capital.—Saturday Sunset.
Here is a good one that comes
from the mill. Walter Lammerc,
the mill superintendent, caught a
salmon and gave it to Gus Knjulu, <
who attached it by a piece of hay
wire to the end of tbe dock and let
it float in tbe stream to keep it
fresh till he got tbrough work.
Along comes John Hlyna and sees a
line salmon heading up stream close
to the end of the wharf. If he goes
after a spear he may   be   too   late.
j With the nearest weapon, which hap
pens to be an ax, he decides to cap-
j ture his prey. Cautiously he up
i proaches, ns a good fisherman
sbould, and raises his ax to strike.
The Btroke must be quick and true,
for the salmon is a nimble fish. .In
a moment tbe blade has fallen and
John is assured of a good supper.
The ax was sharp and the salmon is
cut in two. But to John's surprise
the fore part of the fish remains in
position, headed up stream as before. Abont this stage of the game
enter Gus Kujula. Kujula talk
Finn and Hlyna talks Dutch, so
peace negotiations were ahout as
slow as between Turkey and Italy.
At time of going to press we are not
able to state the amount of indem
nity agreed upon. —ChaBe Tribune.
For ten and a half hours, hy
means of insufflation—lhat is, fore
ing oxygen into tbe lungs—the surgeons in Ihe Royal Victoria hospi
tal at Montreal kept a patient alive
who had ceased entirely to breathe
by any natural means. Sii Richard
McBride has succeeded for a much
longer period in keeping alive the
loyalty of his party in British Columbia by the same method. Vic
foria TimeB.    ■
The Canadian Courier has hopes
lhat  Mr. Bordni   will  soon   come
hack   to   his   first   position nn the
naval   issue.     The   Courier  says:
'Mr. Borden   has always been  in
favor of a Canadian navy, built as
far  as   possible   in   Canada,  and
manned by Canadians. He opposed
the Laurier policy because Sir Hugh
Graham and tbe Hon, Robert Rogers
bade him. How that Sir Hugh bas
come around there iB a possibility
that within a few months Mj. Borden will be back to the sound position which he took in his Halifax
speech in October. 1909." These are
the words of a not unfriendly  observer of tbe character and disposition of the premier of Canada.  "He
opposed the Laurier policy  because
Sir  Hugh  Graham and the Hon.
Robert Rogers bade him.   Mr, Bor
den is a leader who follows.   And a
leader wbo follows tbe counsels ol
the Hon. Robert Rogers Is an exceedingly poor leader for tbe people
of Canada.   Mr. Borden is a man o,
excellent intentions, but the  insta
bility of purpose that made him tb
despair of bis followers  in  opposi"
tion has been increased rather than'
diminished   in power, and will in -
evitubly wreck his  administration.
Canada is a difficult country to govern at best. It can not long be governed   by  tbe  amiable gentleman
who, against his own  better  judgment, opposed   the   Laurier   naval
We cArt Series      \
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policy because Sir Hugh Graham
and the Hon, Robert Rogers "bade
him."—Toronto Globe.
Youth's Companion for 1913
The Youth's Companion appeals
to every interest of family life, -from
housekeeping to athletics. It begins ■
with stories of youthful vigor,
with articles which disclose the se-
rets nf successful play in the grent
gnmes, with charming tales of life
at the girls' colleges. But The Companion does not surrender these
readers when they have entered the
more serious paths of life. Mothers
will welcome the pnge for little children and the weekly doctor's aiti
cle. Fathers will find the important
news of the dny as it is, and not as
it is rumored to be. The entire
household will appreciate the
sketches which touch gently on common foibles or caricnture eccentricity; In short, for less than 5 cents
a week The Companion brings into
the homse clean entertninttien',
pure inspiration, fine ideals, increiit-e
of knowledge.
Names rarely seen in talilns nl
contents will be found in The Coiri
panion's Announcement for 1913,
which will be sent upon request—
with samples of the paper, to those
not familiar with it.
Bvery new subscriber for 1913
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panion souvenirs. The Youth's
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Bridge Street,
Hot and Cold Bathe
Bl._t-C._Mi. Bar, Pool
Band illiard Rootae
la Connection.
Emil Larsen,
Don't be misled by false state
ments of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
people tban any other paper printed
in the Boundary district.
Motor Roads
The work on the Hope-Pentictou
section of tbe interprovincial auto
mobile road is proceeding rapidly
from both ends.
Personal Christinas Cards
A new sample book of the "Art"
series of Personal Christmas Card-
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JU.7, Ci-,-.. smIEB SATS
Ma. C A. AllH"TT, Austin ii, i«oj.
txt Am. lit , i-.a-a. Vail* City.
Tiea.rS.r: 1 bave laanmni l „ over 40 years of tb_t
efla-cta. olWalia,- iKemnly [Wilson's Pnpanllaa,
of -.yiKa.-al-aaaapla!. fl aa Ln,. -.todetttl] i(1 CAXcxot pul-
mnncaay trnui.,... _., Itjip (....tit I will aar to yarn
lv-iat y..it laave nit _....<; 'mown of: tbat t* yeara
t'aajce, while I w.-.s c rraldent of N.Y. City, I waa
eeverely ill a-allilaaa--t troula'e. Physicianssaidlwee
acon-umptiveanitrr.y.-i.n ly phyncaaa told my wile
that he thnuKlit I cut!. net recover. My attentloa
was directed n i... wtlsoa Remedy, wblcb I esai
with splendid affect, I have b.ea on tay fact aad at
work ever si_i__ ny .-„■-..   Yours truly.
Fastor M. -t.Cnti.ch, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N.T.
On Pec t, ton, Mr. Saacr wrote Mr, Abbott;
"My health is vety guaad.'r
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will glatlly furnish you any further
information yuu desire.
Wit £fankrfc
THE STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It la national in all its
It uses the moat expensive encravings, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Ita editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs 12.00 ptr year to any address In
Canada or Qreat Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co.,
Limited, Publisher*.
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the Uw) when a subscriber does not take his paper out of
the postofliee, and state tlle reason for
its not being taken. Any neitlect to
Ho so makes the postmaster responsi
ble to the publisher for paynients.
2. If any person onli-rs his paper
discontinued lie must pity all arrear
aiges, 01 the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are mude,
and collect the whole amount whether
tlie paper is taken from the otlice or
nut. There can lie no legal discontinuance until payment in made.
3. Any person who takes a paper
out of the post office, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
tlie pay
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, 1 he subscriber is hound to
pay for it if he takeH it out of the
post oflice. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5 The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
The OWer Typewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
I'I .'Rsi- read tlit hea-lllnelover attain.  Then it*
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Ieo! ku..."  i.iii.t i>u   ■ lint whu wr r* «
fiii'ied h lbe imvyltyol the ph po». «m. .»
imprenive ■Icinoiiairaunn ■•■ tn* hnuiunra \**j,
ti ariiyui iiif'Mtft r ftucrri ur
A Mnrilii.it irji.flhi iiMmi •( *•*•' U-tUl lh«
lbeEmoMJiilVei>al Tjp .vriiii.tj UaUinn-l.
A  Quarter  of a Million Peoplt
are  I.;. i ■   Massy with
The Standard Visible Wriiei
That li iln* UuilvbT) lixJn), Mt have mail
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qiii-m of thf home.
M-.'-i'iii i.iiu lunUtii-huth in ll.•' uiiM-i lit i
for tiiimly   Uw,    ll   )• tt, in'   m,   i    portftl
I'li'mr iii tue imiiiu training iif)Qinitf |/ti<j*li
Au -ilu.nt* i av wit ti** a ni v mau i
iiurii-n telltiiR i.lriii pun )'.•- >»livtr n ■■
ihrwhnlU of» very hunie in Ann rl<*a ■• id \*
ItiM the "l.tn til y.-ur UuuiQ ■ i ntHeO tin Ihll '•
iinrl'abb Oliver oip rf
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a fnrtCOpI ul Ilie lli*w UllM-i int-flliu'   All* li--
The Oliver Typewriter Compuny,
Hlia,r*l)|., aalla... Ill itla.1 IU,
JOTIQKInharah'liven ll'ol n«o»a Al,->-
 Inr-llln'l Hell  pf I ol .111.  I'. II   I ..»
Hi,Orand Porka, will ai:ial> faa allponorln
M I-., aal ii.an nilP a.illila. T-...* IHT CfCOIIll nl
«ni' i- aanl |i| Ni.rlli Cork Ka-t la- i 1,-f.r , ,,. k.
wltli-li H'a-.,« In II MtlltliPrlv ,11 tl.aaa lliroilitll
Lot Wil and cnvhlln laat" K.-»ll,- Hlv..r m-na
'Iritnil I'aa'l.-. I laa' wailiflr nil1 tao ,l|vi'r'ral,,|i.
Iiaa-'la-Iln- tuwaaa.ll,. af N ina.-a,-„, „l-,l w III I,'
Head fnr lraii/nl:,,ii piiriw a-, a.n tl:>. laiaal  ,1,-
-aa'rilapal 0- Krilll l.aatlll. nl I I'll air-fa !,
Till. II1 ll(-l> Wafl   pilfltl"!   ',11   Ilia-   v-raallllil   a,,a
Iln. aula day ia[ Ma.n-li. Ml-    Tha r,.,,ll i.,..
nil! I,.- Illeal In tho ufflco nf lho Walor )!«•
oonlar at Kalfflow,
DlaJraa-tlnllK    tllllV    laa-    lilPll     with    thp    flltlll
Witter llrraaralpr a.r with thp i'naii,,lr'-llHt of
Waiter Ita-lats. 1 >k> 1 I i a. ila.-i. t lltll|allii|r>. Vlr-
laarlia. II. I'.
O.A.B, I'K'.I.
(New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1911.)
Is a dozen books in ono, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terinin-
ilogy, uses, statistics and finances nf
copper. It is a pracical Imnk, useful
to all untl necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the cnpprt
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
tacts it gives him ahout mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
>_*.posed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, antl
may be returned within a week of re
:eipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
aJKdilur and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
lor 1912 for only $1.75; also all tbe
issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
Free. It is your last chance to get
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1,1912, it will be advanced to £.00.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will contain
tbe equivalent of 30 volumes oi the
best reading, including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics (or Boys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Annonneement for 1912 end Sample
Copies of The Yonth's Companion, lice.
FREE to Jan. 1912
Every Naw Subeeribcr who cuts out
and Modi thW slip (or mentions this
wpor) with 11.75 for tha 52 Usutsof
Th* Companion (or 1912 will rocoivo
All Um issues for tho romahilntf
wmIu of 1911 froo, including tho
beautiful Holiday Numbers} olso SH
Tho Companion's Picture CaUndhT
for 1912. lithotraphed In 12 colore
wid told (on oxtro copy bolnc sent to
•trery ont making o gift subscription).
Then Tbo Companion lor tbt 82
wot'-uof 1912-oil for 91.75-your
lost chance ot thi« price. On January
1, 1912, it will be advanced to 92.
hr Sakicriptiooi Received at Tkli Office. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
American and Canadian
Scientists tell us the common house fly is the cause
of more disease and death
than any other agency.
kill all the flies and the
disease germs too.
Don't Nag
Nagging becomes a h»blt, and the
woman who wants to make her home
happy will avoid lt like the plague.
lt never doea the slightest good,
because lf a man is nagged at his
faults only Increase. He gets tired
of being perpetually reminded of them
and ot having his shortcomings dinned into his ears.
Women generally nag because they
are tired—fagged out and nervy, but
this ls no real excuse for It.
Try being sweet, and it will have
a much better effect.
Minard't  Liniment Cum  Garget  In
Growth of the Game
Baseball Is adopting many innovations.
What now?
In addition to nine men playing
ball. It Is now considered necessary to
have a couple of comedians In uniform on tbe side lines.
What for?
To detract the attention ot opposing
Urn. If that's the trend we'll soon
have a female sextet.
Freed From Bearing Down
Pains, Backache aod Pain
in Side by Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound.
Toronto,Or*.—"Lut October, I wrote
to you for advice at I waa completely run
I down, had bearing
down sensation In the
I lower part of bow-
I ela, backache, and
I pain in the tide. I
I alto suffered terribly
I from gat. I took
Lydia E. Pinkham's
I and am now entirely
I free from pain in
i back aad bowels and
■ am stronger in every
■way. I recommend Lydia E. Pinkham't
Compound highly to all expectant mothers. "-Mrt. E. Wandby, 92 Logan Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.
Consider "Well This Advice.
'  No woman tuffering from any form of
female troubles ihould lose hope until
the haa given Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegetable Compound a fair trial.
Thli famous remedy, the medicinal ingredient* of which are derived from native roots and herbt, hat for nearly forty
yeart proved to be a most valuable tonic
and invigorator of the female organism.
Women residing in almost every city
and town in the United Statet bear
willing testimony to the wonderful
virtue of Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegetable
If tou have the slight-sat doubt
that Lydia E. Plnklium'a Vegetable. Compound will help you, write
to Lydia 1..Pinkliam Medicine Co.
(confidential) Lynn, Mast., for advice. Your letter will be opened,
read and nnawered by a woman,
and held In strict confidence.
Maypole Soap
eat epatliaa, pt-
isf itn.ik.bly
den, btight. lut
colon. Dyei cotloe,
wool, tiik oi nix*
lata. 24 colon,
will lire att*****.
Color. 10c, bUek
let "How lo Dyt'
l—  F. L. lENENOT a CO. Msstrssl
W. N. U. 915
Usually Due to Overwork snd
' Worry—A Tonic is Needed
Overwork and worry give rise to
nervousness, sleeplessness, headaches,
lack of ambition and lack of interest
ln your work, weak back, Indigestion
and sometimes a complete breakdown
ot the nervous system. On every
hand you find victims ot this kind and
often they do not know what to do
for themselves. If these are your
symptoms you need a tonic, and the
only way to tone up the nerves is
through the blood, Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills are a direct nerve tonic because
they enrich and build up the blood,
and lt is through the blood that the
nerves are fed. Under their tonic
Influence nervousness, with all Its attendant evils, disappear, and the worried sufferer again enjoys health and
strength. Proof of the value of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills ln nervous troubles Is given by Mrs. Lara Schevlng,
Lundar, Man., who says:—"I was attacked with nervous trouble which almost drove me to distraction. It
would be almost Impossible for words
to describe my condition. The least
thing would startle me and leave me
trembling for an hour. I had nervous headaches and slept very badly
at nights, some nights not at all. My
appetite grew poor, and I was really
a physical wreck. I had been to
several doctors and had taken many
different medicines, but without any
benefit. Then I read of a case similar cured by the use of Dr, Williams'
Pink Pills and I sent tor a dozen
boxes fully believing lt would take
at least that many to cure me. You
can Judge of my gratitude, however,
when I found that after using only
half a dozen boxes I was again enjoying the best of health, and have since
remained well and strong. I used
the remainder of tho pills among my
children when they seemed out of
sorts, and have found them at all
times to be the very best of family
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer In medicine
or by mall at 60 cent! a box or six
boxes for $2.60 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Apropos ot the numerous accidents
that befall foreign submarines, Lew-
la Nixon, the eminent shipbuilder,
said at the Union club ln New York:
Two French government ollieials
were once discussing naval affairs.
To what account, said the flrst, had
our new submarines, the X and XI
best be charged?
To the sinking fund, ot course, was
the reply.
Mlnard'e Llnimtnt Curtt Dltttmptr
Tha Judge—Have you anything 'o
say as to why sentence ot the court
Bhould not be passed on you?
The Convicted—Before yous do dat
I'd like to Bubmlt de question ot me
guilt or Innocence to a vote ot de
Useful In Camp.— Kxplorers, surveyors, prospectors and hunters will
find Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil very
useful in camp. When the feet and
legs are wet and cold lt Is well to
rub them freely with the oil and the
result will be the prevention of pains
In the muscles and should a cut, or
contusion, or sprain be sustained, nothing could be better as a dressing
or lotion.
Is your daughter going to practice
on the piano thia afternoon?
Yet, I tblnk so.
Well, then, I'd like to borrow your
lawn mower. I've got to cut tha
grass some, anyway.
The illustration shows one of the
many styles of body that we build for
our light Delivery Car.
221-2 H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
■a_j,v, 2.1
.Price of Car with above body lettered as you requite $1300.00
f. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and information from
Not Very Long
How long did your honeymoon last?
Until the first time 1 was late for
supper, lt I consider rightly.
All Night with Asthma. Everyone
knowB how attacks of asthma often
keep their victim awake the whole
night long. Morning finds him wholly unfitted for a day of business, and
yet, business mutt still be carried
through, All this night tuffering
and lack of rest can be avoided by
the prompt use ot Dr. J. D, Kellogg's
Asthma Kemedy, which positively
does drive away the attacks.
Unknown >
Do you know Jinx?
I loaned htm a tenner this morning.
I should say I do know him.
00 0 0000©
Backache Means Your Kidneys
Want Help!
The kidney* ara among Ihe meet Important organs.
They ara most subject to periods of depression, Imperfect
action and lowered vitality. Invariably, they tive warn-
ini, in the form of backache, headache, pains in tha
tomtit, eta. Wi* people, cateful of their health, aet
quickly when any of theae symptoms appear. Caracas
or May-going persona often permit a alight affection of
tbe kldnaya to grow into acuta or ehronie kidney trouble,
Ignoring the plainly-given warning of unhealthy kidneys.
Prompt help Is given inactive kidneys by PR. CLARK'S SWEET NITRE
SILLS.  They cleanse, tone, stimulate ud restore tho kidneys to normal vigor
quick time.   Sold everywhere at fifty oents a box or mailed direct by    44
o o o o o o o o o o o o "o
Never, ne Ntver
Conduotor—You'll have to pay for
that child mum.
Fare—indeed, I won't young man)
I never 'ave yet, and I alnt a-goln'
to begin how.
Olaf Larson, working ln a warehouse, backed Into an elevator shaft
and fell down five stories with a load
of boxes. Horror-stricken, the other
employee rushed down the stairs,
only to And htm picking himself up
unharmed out ot the rubbish.
Ess de bofmad? he whispered cautiously. Tal' 'em Ay had to come
down for nails anyway.
Do you know the nature of an oath,
my boy? atked the judge.
I ought to, tlr, replied the boy. I
wat caddy at your golf club one Beaton.
 __ : -j -
A little learning It seldom at dan.
gerout as a little ignorance.
" ~        "   "   ~~S
IBo a Tin.
nir !• ik. oaiaiKiL u* bhi aim
eLUDOL   WUlM.mirMMu4.UU*
Mits Margaret Kelly, Who    •
Boise* Unole Sam's Coin.
r-   . ' '    'if
Fboto by Amnion Proa Auoclatlo*.
mit -URoinrr t. eillt.
Borne nilsguldcd men In tbe United
Stales bare tbt Idea that their wives
boss their Income*, salaries or wagoi-
dlffereut wordt to we In proportion to
tbe amount tbey receive. Tbit money
tbey receive In bills or coin. Tbt per*
ton legally responsible for tt It the tec*
retary ol the treasury ot tbe Dnlted
Stntes, who It charged wltb making
all of Uncle Sam's money. Uut, getting down to real facta, lt ts somebody
cite who bosses all our money—Mist
Ware-ret V, Kelly, Unclt Stm"t highest paid woman official.
Sho gett $8,000 a year. Sbe It as-
llstant director of tbe mint Actually
Ihe secretary of Ihe treatury baa little
to do with our coin. Miss Kelly attend!
to that- There are but fonr persona
between ber and the secretary of tbt
treasury, and to tbelr abaence ah* rant
Mlu Kelly It a native of New Bimp-
•hire, a product of Boston educational
Institutions nnd tn example ot how
hard work, when one lackt political
pull, will bring suro advancement in
the grent civil service legion that keept
In motion tbe Intricate machinery of
the federal government
Aa assistant director ot the mint
Ittta Kelly holds inch a high official
position lo tbe treatury department
tbat It can be truly tald that there bat
never been her equal ln the service.
Fifteen yean ago, fresb from tbe
Boston schools, Mist Kelly tackled a
civil service examination. She passed
tud fourteen yean ago entered the
service of the mint burean at a stenographer. Since tbnt time tbe bu been
successively private secretary to tbt
director, adjuster of accounts, exnmln.
er, assistant director, tnd now, when
the director Is absent from Washington, tho tlgns herself acting director.
Dainty Afghan*..
Fascinating dainty afghant for tba
baby't carriage ure of wblte handkerchief linen, Flrel a strip of tbe material It cut Into threo-qnartcn wide
by one and a half ytrdt long proportions; then a balf yard of the length It
turned back from what la to be tb*
upper end of tbe spread. This turnover It daintily embroidered In white
and trimmed at either end with buge
bowt of pink or blue satin ribbon. Tht
lower end It rather more closely band
embroidered, and Anally the entire af-
ghan, Including the folded over edge.
It bordered with wldo cluny.
Mncrrme lace makes a substantial
and mott effective afglinn, of appear
ance similar to tbose of handkerchief
linen, but instead of folding over tht
top of a yard tnd a balf long strip ot
the macrainc all ever, tbe apparent
turnback veils coarse, unbleached net
and to tbla la attached tho under tec*
tion, after which the macrame edging
la flatly tewed upon the tides of tht
satire spread.
Easy to Estimate Th.m According tt
United Stat.* Army Ruin.
It Is remarkable how the average
civilian overestimates the number ot
persons iu a parade. Take, far exam-
pie, the recent suffragist parade ln
New York. It wat said that tbere
were 15,000 women ln line, nnd soms
enthusiasts put lt even at 20,000. But
It Is easy to estimate sucb numbers
approximately. Bere Is tbe rule as
laid down In the "Field Service Regulations" ot tbe United States army:
"The strength ot a body of troopi
may be estimated from the length ot
time It takes to pass a given point
Assuming that Infantry lo column of
fours occupies half t yard per man,
cavalry one yard per trooper and artillery In tingle column per guu or caisson, a glveu point would be passed In
one minute by about 175 infantry, UO
cavalry at a walk, 200 cavalry at a
trot and Ave guns or caissons."   -
Allowing for spacing between companies, battalions und regiments, all ot j
which Is according to mathematical |
rule, It takes a regiment of 1,000 men
divided Into battalions, Just ten minutes to past, or at tbe rate of 0,000 an
hour. And this supposes no breaks in
the line.
These rules, It must he remembered,
ire for trained soldiers used to a long
ttep and to keeping up without straggling. No civilians, even militant suffragettes, ever bare kept up or could
keep up this pace, and In the women's
parade many of the organizations
walked In column of twos. This parade took an hour and a half to pass.-
New Vork World.
"Mother, may I go out to swim!"
"Sure, my darling daughter.
.With *uch * stunning bathing suit
•   Tou'll nev.r go near tho water."
—Seattle SDol.csiuan-R.vlew.
Hetty Green'o Cauttio Comment, en
Present Dey Conditions.
Mrs. Betty Green, New Vork't woman financier, bat never growu accustomed to modern manners.
"Girls tnd young matront In my
young day," tald Mrs.. Green recently,
"enjoyed balls and parties wbere gentle folk mingled. Nowadays such affairs are but scrambles for men who
bave made fortunes In stock gambling
In order to parade their bejeweled
wlvet tnd daughters before each
"Some of them wear to few clothes
tbat It makes me blush. 1 went to
tbe opera once. I saw one woman
there whose frock wat cut so low I
could count the Joints in her backbone.
I am almost tempted jto tay I could
count her ribs. -
"I don't know whnt society' la coming to, Tbe men nre about as well
mannered it the average borse Jockey,
while the women are mannish and
hoydenlsh and altogether the reverse
ot what tbelr grandmothers should
have desired them to be.
"Theso dayi, too, women are forever
gtddlng about Instead of remaining at
homo and making things comfortable
and attractive for tbelr husbands and
children. There's no home life."—Ohio
Journal, . .
A Lien it tht Plane.
"When seals were taught to do tricks
In balancing and to twirl Sninlng
torches and ordinary barnyard cocks
crowed a duet at tbe command ot a
trainer we thought the highest point
In that commercially valuable line of
education bad been reached," says a
writer ln a Berlin paper. "But a new
'Dnt .place' hot been created for a
grass green cockatoo. This educated
member of the purrot family rides a
tiny bicycle at command and seems to
enjoy the sport Bo does many tricks
for which professional riders receive
applause. Tbe tame 'collection of animal wonders' contains n monster Hon,
which Is shown In a cage provided
wltb i grand piano. A woman trainer
enters, seats herself it tbe Instrument
aud strikes a chord, at which the lion
leaps upon lbe piano and glares at the
pianist Then she plays, aud the Hon
roars In time wltb tbe music. Wbe*
«Cel*r H.«rlng."
Some persons associate particular
colon wltb particular sounds. In a recent presentation of this subject to
the'French Academy of Sciences It
wat polated out that then ara two
forms of tbit phenomenon. In one
can tbe person bos a sensation ns If
a transparent colored Dim, like a rainbow, appeared before his eyes when
certain vowel or musical sounds strike
bis ears. In tbe other case letters or
written wordi, representing tbe toundt
heard, appear In colored tints. The
tints ire very definite and characteristic and do not vary wltb laps, of
time, but two persons teldom associate tbe tame colors wltb tbe tame
sounds.-Ncw York Sun,
Mount Vernon's Visitor.,
During the fiscal year -'111-12 vtt-
Itors to tbe home of Washington at
Mount Vernon numbered 11*1,000. The
total receipt,! reported from tke fees
of admission to the grounds wit $28,-
250. which will be used for the general expenses Incurred In preserrlnr
Mount Vernon. Among the Improvements planned Is a concrete pier tr
ref,!.-.?? the wooden dock at a cost of
Beauty on Pintry Shelf.
Bow many women realize the many
lids to beauty which cau be found on
tbelr pantry shelves? We use olive
oil every day, but how often do we
think to rub a few drops on our roughened banda when they have become
shrunken ind toft from remaining a
long while In bot water?
Tbey are then relaxed, and the porct
ire opened ready to receive the oil.
Try lt the next time you are in the
kitchen. Olive oil massaged Into the
scalp at night will Improve the halt
wonderfully, while it may bo applied
to the brows dally witb excellent results.
Wiping the bands in starch Instead
of using a towel is another kitchen
discovery, while oatmeal makes a
very acceptable soap when the hands
are not greatly tolled.
Some women mnke tbelr own toilet
soap, using a pure white soap ai a
foundation. It ls melted ln bot water,
ind when boiling a pinch of borax
and sachet and enough orris'robt to
give a pleasant odor are added; then
i handful of oatmeal le stirred In and
the mixture turned out Into small
molds to harden. A few drops of
lemon Juice idded will aid to whiten
the bands.
When making tbe soap use a small
quantity for a ball to remove the
stains too deep for tbe other cake. To
i imall amount of the melted soap stir
In a teaspoonful of powdered pumice.
Let this harden beforo using.
Wben It Is necessary to do work
which will discolor the hands rub them
over with vinegar and allow to become thoroughly dry. Tbls will form
l protecting coat over them, ind lf
white soap Is pressed Into the nails
no ugly stains can form, A sulphur
match Is excellent for removing Ink
stains. We are til familiar witb the
effects of lemon and tomato on new
discoloration*, and unpleasant odors
may be removed by dipping the bands
la warm mustard water.
Cornmcal alone or mixed with orris
root makes a most acceptable shampoo,
while for white bair wheat dour, orris
root tnd starch In equal parti ihould
be used.
Oue should always uie great care to
massage the scalp carefully wben giving a dry shampoo, and tbe hair must
be brushed well to remove all traces of
the powder; otherwise tbe hair will
bave an unpleasant, dingy appearance.
Bnklng soda ts a useful beauty old,
l weak solution used to rinse th*
mouth after cleaning tbe teeth neutralizing adds in the moutb, preventing decuy.
It Is also ■ great remedy for sore,
callous spots on tbe feet The feet must
be soaked twice a day ln warm water
containing a little of the soda, though,
ef course, the pressure mutt be are-
moved from the spots before inr Permanent good will result
Strok. Yeur Hair Fer Beauty.
A woman wbose hnlr ls always soft
ind glistening hu disclosed tbe secret
of ber attractive coiffures. Sbe buys a
package of absorbent cotton from the
druggist's. Next she strips a layer
from It and places tbe layer over the
bristles ot a wire hairbrush, pushing
It well down until the bristles penetrate the cotton, whicli sbould lie close
to the back of tbe brush. Then sbe
strokes the bair, beginning near the
scalp and giving a vigorous stroke to
tbe ends. A few of these firm ttroket
will reveal how large a quantity of
dust and smoke can be taken up by tbe
cotton, the result being the same u tht
cold cream bath to the face it tbe end
of the dty.
Just is cold cream leaves tbe fact
bright ind fresh, Ihe cotton brushing
leaves tbe bair with a brilliant sheen
ind a natural flufflness.
Tbe cotton stroke should be admin-
tercd every nlgbt Just beforo retiring,
in open window being tbe ideal place
for tbe beautifying process.
A Fine Salad Mad* From Left Over
Spinach Salad.—The spinach" left
over from dinner makes a salad which
may appropriately be served with roast
beef, mutton, game or fish. Dress with
a highly seasoned French dressing,
using about six tablespoonfuls ot olive
oil to a pint of the spinach. Slice three
bard boiled eggs. Remove the yolks,
leaving the whites In rings. Chop th*
yolks. Form the spinach into a neat
mound upon a salad platter. Place th*
golden yolks on top and around tbem
arrange the whites, letting the rings
overlap each otber, thus giving the Idea
of a big aster or daisy. Decorate tbt
base of tbe mound wilh tiny lettuc*
Sago Fuddlng.-The following U a
very old family recipe for a sago pudding which used to be served after tht
simple Sunday dinner of olden times.
Aa lt Is rich with eggs, such a dessert
Is very appropriate for a simple meal.
The recipe calls for six heaping tablespoonfuls of sago, a quart of cold milk,
one of boiling milk, six egg yolks, a
toacupful of sugur and a little grated
nutmeg. Let tbe sago soak In tbe cold
milk for five hours. Then add the boiling milk nnd cook Ihe whole until soft
Beat the yolks to a smooth mass with
the sugar and nutmeg. Then bake the
whole ln a pudding dish for about
twenty minutes. Wben cold a meringue
prepared from the whites of the eggs
may bo spread over the top, with, lf
preferred, a layer of Jelly between, or
the whites may bo set aside to use for
Monday's dessert ln a fruit whip or a
mow pudding.
Lemon Layer Cake.—Tbls calls for
one generous cupful of butter, two of
sugar, tbree of pastry flour, ono small
one of milk, the yolkt of five eggs, the
whites of three, one teaspoonful. of
cream of tartar, half a teaspoonful ot
soda and the Juice of n fresh lemon or
one teaspoonful ot lemon extract
Cream the bulter and sugar, add Hie
flavoring and the yolkt well beaten.
Stir tbe whole into the flour, tods and
cream of tartar, which should be sifted
together tbree times. Beat the egg
whites to a stiff froth. Fold them
through the batter and bake lu two
layer tins. Ice when cool. One teaspoonful and a half of baking powder
may be used Instead of the cream of
tartar and soda.
The Maligned Prune.—Prunes cm bt
cooked to advantage In a tlow oven In
a pipkin closely covered. Add a sliced
orange or lemon and sweeten before
cooking. Cooking Ibis fruit up quickly
ls wbat hat given It ltt unpleasant rep*
utatlon. The average cook stewa
prunes for a few minutes In a little
sweetened water without any addition
ot orange or lemon nnd then sends
them tasteless and tough to tbe table,
Just th* Thing
Fer Cool Day*.
For Summar Frock..
Lingerie collars wben made of fine
lace and linen are expensive luxuries
of the wardrobe, but lf one ba* tha
tiiLon oouin or tics md LimtM.
leaat knack nbout putting inaterlilt
together a smart collar may be easily
made by tbe amateur seamstress. The
sailor collar illustrated Is of fine handkerchief linen aud cluny lace.
Smart St*tl*n*ry.
Frencb gray I* the smart shade for
correspondence stationery. This ton*
comes In oblong shaped ibeett which
fit into nearly square euvelopes that
ire lined with wblte tissue. Alto fitting Into tbe same envelopes are small
sized correspondence cards, and tbt
latest way of marking these it to hivt
i long, slender Initial done In gold or
silver. Another type of summer stationery hit I narrow border In a deep
shade of i color upon pale toned sheets,
cards ind envelopes. 8tlll deemed modish, although not especially D.«, an
the sheets with ragged edges, which,
However, fit into plain edged cnvelopea
fury of the devll'i tending
Comes to rack my tired brain
When th. barber's talk's unending
And h. sbavM (gainst th. grain,
•fljlew Tork Malt
To open a stubborn fruit Jar Invert
the top of tbe Jnr In bot wator (boiling
hot, but not boiling), taking care tbit
the water Is not deep enough to toucb
tbe glass. The principle It to expand
tbe metnl top. Then open ns usual. A
minute or two Is sufficient. Should it
remain too long the glass would alto bt
Do not throw away vinegar In which
homemade cucumber plcklet bavt bren
preserved. Keep It nnd use it In salad
dressing Instead of the ordinary vinegar. Tbe flavor Is delicious and one
tbnt cannot bo gained In any otbet
To uie sour milk for grlddlecake*
never ud* baking powder, but Instead
tu even teaspoonful of baking aodn lo
each cup of milk.
Potato bills wblcb are salted In hut-
ter after being boiled an* dellclon*.
They should bo served with n generoui
sprinkling of minced parsley.
Stale macaroons, which cnn bo bought
cheap at the baker's, mako tbe moil
delicious addition to pudding and cue-
lords If pulverized and sprinkled ovei
tb* top,    	
Haw H* Oot Thrnn.
"Dat feller Rittut Shlnnib done bin
talkln' a powihtul lot 'bout bow bet
l-ralilo- chickens."
"Knot H* doan mean raisin', h*
means HftlaV-Celbolta Standard ssS
Tbe cblna silk blouse It a very po(ra.
Isr one thli lesson, and th* cut show!
a charming model In white tiik witb
black dots.
Black and wblte plaid silk It used foi
the deep collar and cuffs, a rather ua-
usual combination.
Tht Pocket Sleeve.
The mora commodious sleeves of thit
rammer will glv* women an opportunity of using tbem aa pockets. In many
easel beneath tbe ruffles ot a sleeve tt
la quite easy and practical to pltce a
tiny pocket into whicb one of tbe tmill
handkerchiefs that women favor caa
be tucked.
Anything solid, like money, cannot
find a place in the pocket unless the
■leeve be a sturdy one, inch it thit of
a traveling milt ln which cite a band
of tuede tecurely fattened witb inapt
can be Introduced for paper money ind
a few cents.
Th* fact tbat tba bell tleeve It fin-
Isbed by meint of taffeta, lace or net
frilla makat tbe contrlvinc* of a little
pocket eaiy to accomplish.
■lack and Whit* Chin* V.gu*.
Along with tb* vogue of blue ind
white draperies and garden, furniture
haa come the fathlon for using blue
ind wblte china. For breakfast tbe
chntelalnei of country homes in using
plate*, cups, saucers, toatt racki, porridge bowlt, suits ind pepper* of Geo
man porcelain decorated In delft design*, and one easily carried outfit for
serving breakfast In tbe bedroom con-
tlits of a round tray supporting a toatt
rack and flanked by depression! for
milk, salt and pepper.
Afternoon tea tett of blue and whit*
Japanese cblna are in dragon pattern.
These sets, wblcb may aa well be nsed
for breakfast ae for luncheon, consist
of plate* ln on* size, cups and saucers,
a sugar bowl, cream pitcher, teapot
chocolate pot bowl for outs or fruit
and accompanying dishes, a pair ot
cake plates and a square shaped, good
ttzed clock to wire loitering guest*
of time's flight
Ift Very Smirt
Tbt vogue for silk thli tummer hia
retched even the  realm of Juvenll*
clothe*, md th* small girl of 1912 la
wearing a lovely frock ot coin dotted
littli oinL** ouaa or foulard sile.
ctrlte foulard like th* model pictured.
Tbe skirt It box plaited Into n gathered blouse, which In turn Is cut out it
the neck and finished wltb t deep cal-
lir of Irish lace.
Tb* *ld* closing of tbls smart frock,
I* covered wilh a piece of black velvet
I ribbon ornamented wltb large button*. THE  SUN,   GRAND  FORKS,   B. C.
$1 Per Week Invested in Bassano Will Start
You on the Road to Fortune. Full-sized Lots
$60 Each. Nothing Down. $1 Per Week.
No Interest. No Taxes. Lots Guaranteed
High, Dry and Level.
Real Estate Investments,
Next Monday being Thankfgiv-
Jng day, tbe regular weekly meeting
of the Woman's Auxiliary ol Holy
Trinity church has heen postponed
till 3 pm. next Tusday, Octoher '29
"Our Boys," a two-act comedy,
was presented at the opera house on
Monday night to A large audience
by local talent, under tbe auspices
of tbe Woman's Auxiliary of Holy
Trinity church. The play was very
funny, and those who took part in
the production did very well.
J..M. Doyle, district manager for
P. Burns & Co., and AG. Carpenter, of Nelson, manager of lhe
Boundary branches, inspected the
rhelocul market on Wednesday.
The members of "The Missouri
Girl" company, at the opera house
ou Saturday night, failed to show
the audience that they knew a great
deal about acting. -The performance
was, In fact, very commonplace. A
"barker" was employed to draw a
crowd—the usual method pursued
by performers wbo mistrust that
tbe merit of their productions is sufficient to attract audiences.
A Western Favorite
The Family Herald and Weekly
Star of Montreal have announced
their programme for 1913, and sub
scribers are to receive greater value
than ever before, and that is laying
a whole lot. In this western country, such a paper is a great blessing.
It interests everybody. The hints
and information it gives are worth
hundreds of dollars in a year. New
settlers cannot afford to be without
such a paper, no other fills the bill
for the West like The Family Herald
and Weekly Star. In addition to
tbe paper for a whole year, each
subscriber receives a most beautiful
picture entitled "Mother's Treas
ures." It is 23 by 29 inches, all
ready for framing. The picture alone
would sell at a two dollar bill in
any art store in the Hig cities. Any
borne not now getting The Family
Herald and Weekly Star should give
it a trial for 1913. Tbe will never
regret it.
The high board fence has been
removed from the postoffice building, and the people can now see the
structure with the naked eye.
J. L. Manly, of Chesaw, is visit
ing friends in the city.
Take your repairs to Armson'B
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Orand Forks.
Copper Shipments   .
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
to 435.000J pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 17,444,
500 pounds.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 25,458     922,315
Mother Lode  6,682     360,092
Rawhide  5,181     176,770
Jackpot        12,230
Athelstan   340
Emma  4,900
Napoleon      268 7,686
Belcher      460 460
Lone Star  2,022
Others        55       10,865
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 25,530     974,200
B.C, Copper Co...12,290     503,807
Don't forget that The 8un has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Mining Stock Quotations
I Spokane;, Oct. 24 —The follow
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentbnad:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper      5.25    5.76
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Tbim-hosksi __   .
lll'FII K, KII6 Efr*t Strppt
IIHUBS.,'* -US-DMCS, R18 '•**" «™<
MU1,KNL'8 RkUDBNCiT, 1118
I_oi.-i.teil in the central part uf the city
nf Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and, fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typo-
writing, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupila prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
l/iiidon Koyal Academy and Koyal
College of Music,
^fe Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Sbop Next C.P.R. Hotel. Columbia, B.C.
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
SmtS  tO  Order   M8  Upwards
If We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being mea-sured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Hev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, af
ter suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known, to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
luiig and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York Citv.
(Published AiimmUy)
EnaMeR traders tli roue hout the world to
communicate direct with Kuirllih
in euoh cIbhuof (foods.   Beuidei being ti com- ■'
plete commercial guide to London and Ita
■ttburba, the directory eontalua Hats ot
with tbe Gooda they ahtp, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged uuder the Porta to which they aall,
and indicating the approximate Sailing*:
of leading Manufacturers, Merchant*, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and I ml in.tr la!
centres of the United Kingdom;
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight ptitd, on receipt of Poatal
Order for 208.
Dealers seeking Agencies cun advertise
their trade carda lor «, or lurger advertisements from £3,
25, Abohurch Lane, London, E.C.
Metal Quotations   .
Nkw York, Oct. 24.—8ilver 61J;
standard copper, •17.25®17.BO;
Loudon, Oct. 24.—Silver, 28$;
load, £10 10b.
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. CALLOWAY. JS» Columbia t. o.
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modem jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statement*.,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Pouters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Rills of' Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
r^AAR PDTOTTOfi-•*"« ltin<-' *e do—is in
\__"*UVl-»  ElhlLlllLlVI   »n advertisement, and a
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best.    Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
U\\t 8am print Shop
Grand Forks Transfer
'coal, wood, oil, cement
draying of all hinds
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   S Clayton, Prop*.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A crarLrrit Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Krt'sh l-onilRiimentol
Htnlreil Wei'kly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
ur Hon'mr a t*
iii I
ICettir HntiCnfr a Speola£y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooh Noutii or Uhanbv Hoth.,
ea vcam*
ear. postal* mM  Ml M
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator soever lalle. These
Villi «• exceedingly powerful In refulattu the
Mutative portion ol the lenjsle system. Keluse
sllehMp Imitations, at.A•*•»•• ara eold «t
M a box'or three lor 110. Mailed to any address.
Tke hiMI Drag Co., St. CMharlnee, Ont,


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