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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 2, 1913

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 Kflinle ValUy Orchardist
twelfth-\e;ar-No. 27
$1.00 PER YEAR
Western   Lumber 4 Pole
Oompany to Opera* in
North Fork
J. W. On-, manager of the Western
Lumber & Pole cuiupauy, of North-
port, waa iu the city last Monday,
'-.his oompany will carry on exteusive
operations in the North Fork district,
in the viciuity of Moody creek, daring
the touting summer. It is the inten
tion of the company to get out #50,-
000 worth fet poles alone, in thia dis
triot during the «e»son, and" the
amount of ties aud sawlogs to be eut
will probably double thia sum. Mr.
Orr w«s accompanied by F. M. Turner, "ho will have charge of the work
in the North Fork country.
Infantry for Grand forks.
Capt. V. W L. Moore of tbt* bead
quarters •taffmillitary district No. II
wag in the city last week to enquire
into tbe pjoepecta for raising.a military oompany in tbis.eity. Gie bad
an interview witb 8. G.Kirk, range
officer for the local rifle association,
wbo gave bim all available particulars, in which waa a list of some '10
signatures of rasa willing to join a
oompany.. Mayor Fripp waa also
conferred with and gave bis official
assurance that the city would grant
a free site for the drill ball which
will be required.
The captain espressed satisfaction
witb the efforts being made to raise
a company in Grand Forks and out
lined tbe scheme tbat tbe military
authorities bave in mind. It is,
. briefly, to raise a battalion of infantry in the Boundary-Ko'otenay district. Ue was of tne opinion tbat
Grind Forks would be tbe battalion
headquarters. Then each oompany
wouldfhave its own headquarters and
would train eepauitely, and instead
of being obliged to go into camp for
I'i days aa heretofore, the companies
would be allowed to put in 12 days
training at ibeir own headquarters,
as convenient to themselves, and five
days in battalion camp or in manoeuvres. A oompany c nsiss of 42
men all told. In the event of a
company being formed in Qrand
Forks a drill hall aod armory would
be built by tbe government. .
Tbe authorities, also hope to raise
a battallion in east Kootenay lo in-
clu le Nelson, Crawford Bay, Rosa
land, Trail, etc.
arrival of the- Great Northern train
and it was very largely attended by
citizens generally. Rev. M. D. McKee conducted the service and inter-1
ment took place, at tbe Evergreen
mi a
Judge Brown presided over a sitting of the County Court in the new
Court House yesterday. There were
no cases on (he docket, and the only
business transacted was naturaliza
tion line.
Express Bates on Ff-uits to
be Reduced in Time for
Season's Harvest.
Last week announcement wan made
by the Railway Commission that a
reduction of 20 per cent -nn express
pi reels throughout-the west had
been arranged for to take effect on
July 1Mb Since tbat announcement waa made puplic James Rooke
president of the Agricultural Association bas been busy in endeavoring
to bave the reduced rates take effect
in time for tbe small fruit shipments.
Tbe result of Mr. Rook's untiring
efforts,are very satisfactory and the
fruit growers in this district will reap
the benefit of bis energies in securing
more reasonable express rates as the
following telegrams will show.
Ottawa, April 29th.
Grand Forks Fruit Growers' Association.
"Re fruit rates by express. Board
regrets owing to great quantity of
work necessary in revising tbe tariff
express boinpaa.es cannot have tbem
ready before July Fifteenth."
A. D. Cartwriqht.
This did.not quite satisfy Mr.
Rooke who still further exerted himself and on the following day   re-
ci-ived a more definite wire.
Toronto, April 30th.
Grand  Forks Fruit Growers Association.
"Rave seen Mr. Stout of Dominion
Express as to small fruit rate. He
is going west and will 'arrange for
reduction for this seasons harvest if
possible. H. L. Dayton.
Thirteenth Anniversary of
Gateway Lodge No. 45
Good Attendance.
Death of Thomas Kelly
The death nf Thorns* Kelly, aged
52 years, occurred in- Spokane on
Saturday, the 20th inst, after a painful illness of three or four mouths.
Mr. Kelly was lineman for West
Kootenay Power and Light (Company
and last fall while in the -regular
performance of his duties be fell
from a pole near Phoenix and injured
his spine so severely that his entire
body from bil waist down has since
Automobile Accident
Four motorists had a miraculous
escape from instant death a mile
south of this city last Sunday afternoon. - Shortly after lunch R J.
Gardner, city electrician Anderson,
of Grand forks, James Thompson,
of Hedley, engaged a car at the
Grand Forks Garage and went out
for a pleasure ride When a short
distance east of Al Traiin*ei-*er*s
ranch tbey ran too close to the edge
of the road.. Mr, Gardner who was
acting as chauffeur, gave (he wheel
too much of a turn, tbe result being
the car ran sideways and turned
turtle. The four occupants were
burled from tbe car. All. were,
stunned, but only one, Mr. Anderson
been paralysed     He hss since been received any injuries except a few
in an hospital in Spokane, hut his
case waa hopeless from the firat. Dei
ceased was unmarried, and so far as
is known leaves no relatives in tbia
country. He- waa -an industrious
workman, ■' of strict integrity, and'
leaves a wide circle of warm friends
in tbe Boundary and Kootenay districts.   .,-   _., .m^.m.. -..,™-,.«-^„,„.-
The funeral was beld in thia cily
slight bruises. Mr. Anderson waa
hurt in the chest, snd was taken, to
tbe Qottage Hospital, where he will
be compelled to remain 'for/a couple
of weeks.   When Mr. Gardner was
Gateway Lodge No 45 10.0 F.
celebrated the 13th anniversary of
the founding of their lodge and tbe
94th anniversary of the order, by attending divine service in Knox
Presbyterian- Church, . on Sunday
April 27th conducted by Rev M. D.
McKee. Over one hundred members
and Rebekahs were present and enjoyed the service throughout. Tbe
pastor delivered a powerful and instructive sermon from 1st Samuel 17,
26 "For who is this uncircumcised
Philistine that he should defy the
armies of the living God " In his
opening remarks he extended'to the
Oddfellows, Relieknhs.aud friends a
very hearty Welcome Taking a survey of tbe'past year and realizing
what bas been accomplished along
the lines of charity through the
channels of Oddfellowsbip, it is be
coining to offer gratitude to God for
the many metci-e during tbe yesr
tbat is past.
Tbe power, tbe growth, the pros
perity of any institution is necessar
ily dependent upon tha. Divine force
dominating in it. ' The member of
any organization whether it be lodge
society or church is of true value to
it, only as tbe influence of bis or ber
life is in harmony with the will of
God.   Any conception of life which
falls short of tbis is inadequate and
misleading and harmful to any or
ganisation.   We feel we cannot emphasize too strongly   the   value of
character in the individual.   If
man has not got character what bas
he got? If he bss not thia possession
he bas nothing of real value.    With
this thought in mind let  us remember that Oddfellowship stands today
■ia a hun.an agency universal in its
influence for tbe betieunenl of man's
condition and the strength and value
of the order will be according lo the
character of lbe life of the mem here
in it. I And let   us remember also
thut it is not nor never csn he n substitute lor the church of God.   No
Oddfellow who understands the sym
bulk* meaning in the ritual will ever
teach or act   in opposition io the
best interests of the church iif Christ:
Today the Oddfellows have a mem
b-whipol 2,080,801 of this number
456,288   belong   to   the    Rebekah
b anch.    i.ssl year over' $5.851,7*.'l
was paid for lhe relief of the sick
and  distressed   •107,6*0,68  being
paid hy the Rebekah  branch     The
order has a surplus revenue of 118
303,210,86 an increase of 1408,439
over the preceeding year.   The net
gain in membership in the subordinate lodges for last   year wss 41,437
and ior the Rebekah branch 20,602.
Tbe number of inmates being cared
for at tbe present time in Oddfellows
Homes is 3637 mid,the enormous
sum .paid out for relief since the year
1830 amounts to 1142,552,661,72..
At the business meeting  of  the
Grand Forks Conservative Associa-j
tion,   held  in tbe Davis Hall laBt
Saturday night, the following officers Contract for BuildingCement
Sidewalks has been
were elected:—Honorary presidents,
Hon. R. L. Borden,-Sir Richard McBride, Hon. Martin Burrell and
Ernest Miller, M.P P. President, F.
H. Hutton. Vice-President, J. D.
Campbell. Second Vice-President
W. J. Mclntyre. Secretary treasure,
Donald McCallum. Executive committee, Robert Gaw, W. B. Cochrane,
B- Norris, Charles Allen, F. M. Ker
by, William .Dinsmore, H. Lutley,
H. C, Kerman, R. J. Gardner, C.
C. Heaven, L. Mader, E E. Gibson,
S. J. Miller, S. G. Kirk.
On Tuesday evening the managers,
members aiid adherents of* the Pres-
uvterian Church assembled at tbe
Manse to tender John Hay a farewell reception, wbo has been so
prominent in Church work during
bis sojourn here. The evening was
pleasantly, but all too quickly, past
in social intercourse, songs and
music. The refreshments whicb
were served by tbe ladies of the
congregation added greatly to the
enjoyment of the evening Mr, Hay
was presented witb a purse as a
slight token of tbe esteem in which
be is beld by the members of Knox
•hurch. Mr and Mrs. Hay leave
on Saturday for Vancouver.
B. Jewel, a prominent rancher in
this district, haa been summoned to
Ontario owing to the death of his
father. Mr. Jewel will Re absent
several months as it will be neoes
sary for him to wind up his father's
estate valued at over $60,00*J.
F. Shaw Hake"r, late nf Butte,
Mont., is building one nf tbe finest
residences in the valley oo hia ranch
blow the Riverside Nurseries. It
is stated that the contract price for
getting outjthe alone for this building
alone amounts to $7,000
Fracbe Bros,' of the Columbia
greenhouse,|have finished the cement
basement for their packing, house.
The building will be .56x34, constructed of concrete blocks, and it
will be as nearly fire proof as it is
possible lo make it.
G. T. Moir, local C.P.R. agent,
will leave in a lew days on hi-annu
al vacation II. A. Nl-hol, of the
Smeiler Station, will fill hia position
wli le he is nway.
What The Suu had intended as a
nucleus for a woodpile next fall has
now entirely vanished. Ii may therefore he concluded^ that sum maris
Five   new Overland  automobiles
arrived in the  city  lut   Monday
Among the new   owners  are  N. L
Mclnnes, John Donaldson, and Mr,
French, of Hedley.
on  Monday  afternoon   after   the Tbe car was badly damaged.
Joe Allen, and Pete Lac'ey were
badly-burned at tbe Granby smeller
thrown from ihe oar, the /steering'on Friday night by the blowing nut
v*.bee! broke and he took it wilh bim. j of converter. Mr Allen was burned
If this had not occurred, he wonld about the face and on the back, and
.SSd.??!-!^J). „^ "'••• be lit the hospital for a couple
under the car wIiotT uijrnSabier. \ of weeks.   Lacey was injured nn the
Rev. Haynnin, nf Creston, vicar of
the new Church of England congre-
gstiqp here, arrived in the city yesterday.
W C. Chalmers has disposed nf
his moving picture circuit in P. C.
McWha, tbe well known hockey
back and other parte ot the body.
The Woman's Auxiliary of Holy
Trinity Parish will meet every Monday afternoon in the parish ball.
Mrs. McKe-rTwill not receive on
Monday May 8th nor again this
A regular meeting of the City
Council was held on Monday night
in trie City Chambers, Mayor Fripp
and all the councillors present. A
deputation nf citizens comprising N.
McCallum, J. Donaldson and E C.
Henniger representing ratepayers in
the west end of tbe city asking wby
water bad been refused certain property holders for building new
houses in that part nf the city, The
deputation asked that water {mains
be laid down where -be houses are
bunched together.. This matter was
left with the Water and Light committee for investigation.     *
W. J. Gallipeau's tender for the
building nf cement walks waa accepted as follows:—
et'Mt. walk with curb. $2.25 lineal ft.
8 ft. walk with curb, ftl.70 lineal ft.
4-ft. walk with curb,  75c lineal ft.
Tbe work is to be started immediately and is as follows -. A
12-foot walk ou tbe north side of
Bridge street, from First street to
Second street, and on the west side
of First street along' lot 1, block 5,
plan 23, from Bridge atreet to the
alleyway; a 12-foot walk on first
street along tbe west side of the Yale
botel, and on Rridge street along
north aide of the Yale hotel; an 8-,
foot walk on Winnipeg avenue along
tbe north side of the Winnipeg
botel; a 4 foot walk along the southwest side nf Observation to the alley
running southwest from the end of
Bridge street.
Board of Worki reported on fill
of sleugh at Fraser Ave. stating that
a tbree plank sidewalk on trestles
would. cost'$75 and that tbey bad
received an offer from S. Carruthers
to grade the fill with earlh three feel,
high and three feet on top at a cost
of #125. This matter was left with
the Board to be dealt with.
Water and Light committee reported that resevoir bad been in use
and after being emptied and examined the found tbat two sections nf
c-ment had been displaced, hut that
no leakage had been shown.
John Wright's upplicalinu for city
clerk, treasurer and other affiliated
duties waa accepted by the council
to take place nn May 1st.
Tbe time for the completion
the assessment roll wns extended
May 12
R. It. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub-customs offices, as reported to the chief otlice in this city,
for the month of April:
Grand Fork*  $4,664"4"
Phoenix        891.88
Carson        148.24
Carcade...        104.95
Total .
The sale of needlework and homo
cookery which wae held in Holy
Trinity Parish {-fall'on Saturday
April 10th was io every way a decided socceas, the ladim clearing aimoat $80. The social in the evening
was enjoyed thoroughly by all present.! ' TTIE SJJNV GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Extremists    Say      That      Germany j
Should Have Attacked France      '
Years Ago
Paris, France.—France's reply to i
the Increase of Ihe Oerman army la:
utscussed not only In military circles, i
but al.o everywhere by the man in the j
street. The news tnat the French'
government proposes to spend $135,-
1100,000 on Increased armaments haa!
given Ihe country reason to think furiously.
Germany is filled wl'h confidence
about the superiority of hei- army over
all others, and has proudly declared
tlmt so long as she was all powerful
on land she could well afford to leave
Great Hrltnln tlie command of the
Bea. .
Now however it is becoming clear
thui (lermnny's claim is not to go tin-
'challenged, and lhat the defensive and
offensive value of the Trijilo Entente
ia about lo be fundamentally changed
for the better.
It is realized here that the united*
yiwcr. of Great Britain, France, and
ltus-flia will In a tew years become the
mightiest ln the world, both on land
and sea und in the air, and tbat Germany Is faced after all with a very
-heavy task.. -
The adversaries of the Triple Alliance are now busy showing that It
ought never to have been renewed, as
the association with Austria and Italy
is bringing nothing but difficulties for
The bill for Increasing the German
peace army to 865,000, at an additional
cost of (40,000,000 a year is being discussed by the federal council, and will
be passed without difficulty by the
relchstag. lt must be stated that
public opinion is not over-enthualastlc
about this new expense, and that any
further development would meet with
Among the wildest of the pan-Germans Frances reply to Germany's armament has caused only fury. Germany ought to have attacked France
several years ago, U*_ey say, when the
French army was In a more unfavorable condition. Germany missed her
chance, but lt is urged that even now
It would be better than two years
hence, when France haa reached the
maximum of her defensive strength.
Fortunately for European peace the
government holds a more reasonable
view of the situation. Still, the war
party is hard at work and nobody
knows where It may lead Germany
Swift Current, Sask., situated in tlio. centre of Ihe largest grain ei-awlng
area ln lhe British Empire, lt Ijt now an established Railroad and Banking
Centre ami srin building fast. Having Iho largest nmount of bulldingpermlts
for the first month of this year of any city west of Toronto .except Winnipeg,
leading such eltles as Vancouver. Calgary, Edmonton. Saskatoon, etc. Buy a
lot now fit ground lloor prices in Mount "Royal, situated h.>_t.. of and overlooking lhe station. Prices 1125 each, $10 __fT.Ii and |!0 per month. Use the
knife today, cut out the coupon and enclose deposit.
SCOTT, HILL & CO., 22 Canada Life Building, Winnipeg, Man.
Messrs.  SCOTT, HILL ft CO., 22 Canada Life Bldg., Winnipeg.
Dear Sirs.—Bnclosed lind "tin for wlileli please reserve me the best remaining
lot In Mount Royal, Swift Current.
NAME »••'. '.. .....,...-
■ > ...W.N.U.
The Sweetest Sto*y ever
told is to tell you of
the purity and
sweetness of
Mill Boy to town Clerk
London.—Smith Terry, who has
been appointed town clerk ot Kelgh-
ley, at a salary of 12000 a year, rising to (2500, is n native of the town,
and had to go to work in-a mill a3 a
half-timer, when 11 years *ot age.
London.—Complaints have been
made of the disreputable appearance
of the gravedlggers present at funerals
at Fnlham Cemetery and they are to
b- provided with a suitable uniform.
Superb Collection of Chinese Porcelain
to Find Abiding Place in This
London, England.—Another highly
Important collection ot art treasures
is about to leave England for the
United States. Mr. Gorer, tbe Bond
street dealer in Chinese porcelain,
through whose hands have already
passed the Alfred Trapnell and thc
two Bennett collections, has now acquired the superb collection of Chinese porcelain formed by George It.
navies, and has arranged to send It
across the Atlantic before December
The collection comprises some 600
Mecca, without exception of the finest
quality. Among the numerous great
examples Is what is acknowledged to
be the finest known famllle-verte vase
ovoid In form. Ihe black background
decorated on either side with a large
panel containing birds on flowering
trees.     It Is vuiued at about $25,000.
An even more precious piece, valued
at r:*.2.r,00. Is the largest known piece
o( reticulated porcelain of the early
Knnghe period. It is in Hie form of
n circular incense box and cover decorated with figures ot thc eight Immortals, very brilliantly enameled In
colors of the period.
Tlie collection also Includes many
examples of whole-color porcelain,
among tliem what is perhnps one of
Ihe finest Sang-dc-boeuf vases In exist-
ence. and certainly one of the most
superb and Important apple-greens.
New Point of View
li'.ch Man—Would    you    love   my
daughter jusl us much If she bud uo
Suitor-  Wli*. certainly! ,
Rich man—That Is sufficient.      I
eWl wnnt any Idiots In my family.
Something to Avoid
My wife has   lost    Hie   power   of
Well, jusl see lhat she doesn't receive uny sudden fright.
-   Would I but make her disability permanent'.'
.No, It might restore her voice.
ll will i lean your hands thoroiiilily and quit-V-
  ly nomaltcr liewioilnlltiry
mound leave them wnootli
ami toft Ink,paint, oil or
Itrnw vtaitvi, off thf y como
witb Snap, tri iCuTo-iij.
W. N. U. M2
Just fresh picked fruit and
granulated sugar   •
You can-get them from
your grocer
English People Beginning to Realize
Importance and Need of Aerial
London, England.—The publication
of the king's, telegram to Mr. Gra-
hame-Whlte, congratulating him upon
.building a biplane strictly tor military
furposes, Bent a great many people to
the aero show at Olympia to see what
the new war machine is Uke.
To begin with, Its very large inclosed body filled them with surprise.
The public in England has not followed the recent development of the aeroplane with enough attention. Comfortable seats (the army bilane has
wicker chairs), wind screens (as in
the Vlckers monoplane), self starting
devices as In the Short waterplane,
which abolish the tedious process ol
turning the propeller to make the engine Are; electrophones to magnify
the sound of the pilot's anil the passenger's voices and so enable them to talk
freely in spite of the motor's roar (as
In the Handjey-Page exhibit)—all these
Improvements are making flying more
attractive and foreshadowing the day
when It will be a recognized and favorite method of travel. •
Another feature of this Grahame-
White biplane whieh struck those who
have some knowledge, of aircraft, was
the smallness of Its . wing surface.
This It may be.necessary to Increase.
It will almost certainly be found also
lhat Its OO-horaepower motor (Austro-
balmier) is too weak for it. It was
designed for a motor of 1?0 horse
power aud tbat power is   none   too
The Idea ot the construction Is that
Iho machine shall be used both foi
scouting and for attack. To give the
observer n clear field ot vision the propeller IS put at the back and driven
from the motor in front by shaft and
chain. On tbe nose ot ihe machine
la mounted a Colt quick-firing gun,
which cart be fired either, up or down
or In a straight,line. In a brush between air-snouts thls-would be an awkward enemy to meet. The machine
can carry enough petrol tor a six-
hour flight.    .
Other British machines designed for
war. which are on view at Olympia
Include the Royal Aircraft Factory biplane, ttie Bristol Company's M-horse
power monoplane, and the Vickers' 70-
horsepower, all steel biplane, with
VTolseley engine, which is also fitted
with a gun:- In this,case It is a Maxim gun. There Is space for 1500
rounds of ammunition and for n man
to work lhe gun, so It could conceivably do a vast amount-of damage.
The controls are so arranged that II
anything happens to the pilot lhe pas-,
nenger could work them without
changing his poslilofi.
Another very Interesting war machine is the new Blerlot 80-horsepow-
or armored monoplane, of which photographs are exhibited at the Blerlot
stand. It has not yet been Bhown
In public hut the secret trials are said
to have given excellent results. Thit
machine is designed to he a destroyer.
Juat as one object of torpedo-boat
destroyers is to blow-up battleships.
so the task of tbe Blerlot. destroy*!
win be to seek to annihilate airships.
A Coincidence
Black—Told   our   laundress    4his
mornlsg tbat It was -to be a great ttay
for,us. because my daughter comes
out today.
.   White—Was she Interested?
Black—Sure. She said. You don't
tell nie, mister? So does my man;
he's been In for a month.
. "  -■ -   u
F^r Vlti'tor—Why arc you  giving
Fldo's teeth such a thorough brushing? . •   *
Voud Mistress—Oil! Thc poor darling's Jin-., bitten some horrid person,
land, really  you  know,-one can't  be
I too careful.
German Chancellor Would Havo His
Country an Armed Camp in Peace
Berlin, Germany.—At a banquet of
the German Agricultural Council held
recently, tho Imperial chancellor, Dr
von Bethman-Holiweg made a speech,
In whicli he said:
The desire for peace which J believe animates all the great ..owers,
and which I hope, 'will help ua over
the Balkan crisis, has Its soundest basis in the universal aftd vital necessity
for developing the strength ot the nations In every progressive labor. We
shall be compelled this year to
strengthen our land armaments,
It is the will of the people, if I understand it right, that every able-bod-
led man shall be a soldier.
The empire, the state, our hearths
and homes are too sacred for:us not
to be resolved upon ttii adoption of
the extremest measures to secure and
defend them against war and the danger of war.
In this the nation Is united, and It
will remain united when we discuss
the bills ln the' relchstag at Easter.
. W <■    .
All In, Too ,
Mrs. Racey (as the hunter returns)
—Were you In at the death, Jack,
Jack (who has met with an accident)—In? No! Hn out a slxtygulnea
horse, a ten-pound suit of clothes and
four front teeth.
We otter One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case ot Catarrh that cannot bt
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.  J.  CHENEY li CO..  Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney fer the lut 15 years, and ber
lleve him perfectly honest In all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by bis firm-.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous .urfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent  free.   Price 76 cents    per bottle.
Bold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constlpa*
Munich.—Two young- waitresses
employed at a Munich cafe fought a
duel with revolvers to settle the question ot the ownership ot a $2 tip left
by a wealthy guest.*. One wae killed.
none sn
Su fTragl nes
Geneva.—The women of*Chaux-de.
Fonds, Switzerland, who have formed
a league to demand the vote, do net
like the word suffragettes', and they
have substituted suffraglnee, which
they say is more harmonious.
Ten Times Beat Man
London.-^Harvey Stapleton, ot Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, who bas
acted as best man at ten weddings, has
been presented with a gold medal by
his friends as a memento of these occasions.
Recognized as the leading specific
for the destruction of worms, Mother Grafea' Worm Exterminator haa
proved a boon to suffering children
everywhere.     It seldom falls.
Flowers by Air for France
Brussels.—A bunch of flowers waB
carried thirty-one miles ln his aeroplane to his sweetheart at Louvaln,
Brabant, last week by Lieutenant De-
manet ot the Belgian army, who flew
there and back from Brasschaet, near
Antwerp, where he Is stationed. He
made a -flight over Louvaln with his
Inveterate Tea -Drinker Feared Paral-.
Steady use ot either tea or coffee
often produces alarming symptoms as
the poison (caffeine) contained in
these beverages acta with more I potency in some persons than In others.
"I was never a coffee drinker,"
writes an 111. woman, "but a tea
drinker. I was very nervous, bad
frequent spells of sick headache and
heart trouble, and was subject at
lines to severe attacks ot bilious colic.
••No end of sleepless nights—would
have spells at hlglit when my right
side would get numb and tingle like
a thousand needles were pricking my
flesh. At times 1 could hardly put
my tongue out of -my mouth and my
right eye and ear were affected.
"The doctors told me I was liable
to become paralyzed at any time, so
1 was In constant dread. I took no
end of medicine—all lo no good.
"Thc doctors told me to quit using
tea. but I thought I could not live
without It—that It was my only stay.
I had been a tea drinker for twenty-
Ave years; waa under the doctor's care
for lllteen.
"About alk months ago, I finally quit
tea and commenced to drink Pos'.um.
"I have never had one "spell ot alck
headache since and only one light attack of bilious eollc. Have quit having those numb spells at night, sleep
well and my heart la getting stronger
all the time." Name given upon request . *
Poehim now oojnes In concentrated
powder form, called Instant Postum.
It I* prepared by stirring a level teaspoonful In a cup of hot water, adding
sugar to taste, and enough cream to
bring the color to golden bfown.
Instant Postum ls convenient;
there's no waste; ahd the flavor Is
always uniform. Sold by grocers
A B-eiip'irlal tin mailed for grocer's
name anl 2-cent stamp for pontage.
Canadian Prtturn Cerw.1 Co., Ltd.,
Windsor, Ont.
Golden Emblem of Authority Stolen
Frbm  Mayor's Oflice
Naples.—The mayor-of Naples ls
endeavdring to recover the great golden keys of the- city which are at present lying In a pawnbroker's shop.
Some time ago a baker named Clrco.
lo obtained a verdict of $1350 damages. The court of appeals-decided
against the municipality. • In default
of prompt payment the tnan's bailiffs
dropped Into the mayor's oflice one
morning duripg his worship's absence
and seized the ancient geld key and
some fine oil paintings and marble
busts ot Italian sovereigns. He put
the lot In pawn.
The mayor Is now suing the bailiff.
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Children's Walking Feat
London.—Linda Benton, aged G;
Farrow, aged 0; and William Far-tow,
aged B, walked from Peterborough to
Whaplede Drove, a distance of. sixteen miles, on Sunday, to see their
grandfather.      f
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets.    DrugsiRts refund money It It falls
lo cure.     IS. W. GROVE'S signature Is
on each box.     _5c.
15 Victims of Mad Dog
Berlin.— Considerable excitement
has been caused In Berlin by a mad
dog which bit between fifteen and
twenty people and two horses In the
streets before it waB killed by a policeman's saber. Tbe police are
searching for Ihe victims, only eight
or nine ot whom have so far reported
themselves for Pasteur treatment.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhsrt,
Military   Enthusiasm  of   Lads
In Tragyly
Paris.—Four boys,, whose ages run
from 12 .to 13, left Sedan one morn-
Bombay Railroads Consult Expert
About Big Scheme
Calcutta.—Charles H. Merz, i an
electrical expert, While on his way
from Australia to England at the
end of December, was Invited to visit
Bombay, where he was consulted ty
the authorities of tbe Great Indian
Peninsula Railway and the Bombay
Baroda and Central India Kaiiway with
regard "o the proposed electrification
of the Bombay railways. He was also consulted by the Karachi Port Trust
Railway and the Northwestern Railway and he conferred wltb the railway
The details of the proposed scheme
have not been made known. Possibly
a trial will be first made on short- suburban lines.
Mr. Mere was also consulted' by
the authorities In Ceylon.
Baby's Own Tablets are Just -the
medicine for little ones. They sweeten tbo stomach and regulate the bowels, thus breaking up colds, curing
colic, expelling worms and making
teething easy. Concerning them,
Mrs. E. J. Ayer, Westmoreland
Polut. N.B., writes: "I have beeu using Baby's Own Tablets some time
and And them just tbe medicine baby
needs." The- Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mall at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
' Whsoplng-Cough Vaccination
Paris.—A protective serum against
whooping cough is claimed to have
been found by Doctor Nlcolle, director
of tbe Pasteur Institute at Tunis, says
the Petit Parislen. Virtually every
case In which vaccination with: Iha
serum has taken place Is said to have
been cured.
Ths Pill That Leads Them All —
, ,   , ,, , .. Pills are the most portable and coni
ng last week to follow a regiment of  -^ of „„ Btt,,c|M7 Md when „,„
infantry on the march.
Their enthusiasm for the army and
thc regimental band fired their youthful patriotism and kept them marching ull day, until one of their number,
Andre Lenulon, a boy of 12, fell out
from the ranks and, collapsing by lb*
roadside, told bis companions that he
could go no further.
The boys were penniless, and their
pride prevented them from begging.
They went Into a wood nnd dragged
themselves, footsore and weary, lo a
hut among thc trees.
There they spent the night, a/id Len-
nion's companions did what tbey
could for liiin. It wu not until next
morning, when they could get no reply
from him, lhat they went for help.
Then it wus found.that the boy was
to take are the most acceptable ol
preparations. But tliey must sliest
their power to be popular. As Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are the most popular of all pills they muat fully meet
all requirements. Accurately compounded and composed of Ingredients
proven to bu effective In regulating
the digestive organs, (here Is no surer
medicine to be had anywhere.
Wounded Girl's Appetite
Paris.—A 19-year-old Alsatian girl
Mile. Adf le Bartl, wot run over by a
train at Rosny-sous-Bols, on the way
to Paris, und had a leg and two arms
cut off. When the doctor arrived,
says the Mdtln, be was amaied by ber
first words: I anv very hungry. Have
you got some bread and a sausage.
That Wonderful Event
IF THERE U * Wm above all timet whtn *
woman should be In perfect physical condition
It U the time previous le Ue emaxS *t Am UU.
Dwlin this wtod way ****** isfn lim lisjdsilii.
and s boetol otb—._   — 	
Jiulkt to Iks otw Ills abosi to t
tbill _
Your drusslil can mpsIvvmi
It It your pi
given Sss
mage lo mils to th. «Jt*» (er iMurrf II tstS te££»
cAwtye.  Of (rant sll ctmrntrnkstmAi sts amiMinlto/. 1b
>OveriMsnt. ia a Street-Car.
There's a Usstm rtffektlNrtl
Little blemishes ef com-
pjexta, null tores, eruptions,
ipoti, we not oily uspletMut
to tks person afflicted, but are
tke'fint tfcisf noticed ty other
J A little Zam-Buk applied at
off kt to spots, eruptions, sore*
of any kind will do wonders.
Zam-Buk ie not a greasy
preparation wkick wjll go rancid ai yonr dretiinj table.
It it made from kealing, herbal
extract* and essences. Always
pare, fresk and ready for ue.
Doesn't lwe its power. Keep*
indefinitely. Healing, toothing
and antiteptic all the time.
Ity itl
60e. bom all druggitti and etoret.
.t}ssest uW-T-MlBlr
"ifts^l^t -**.( ^i ill'
IW«^IUlHlW—« I
If • tht CLEANEST, SttlK-UT, sad BEST HOME
DrC, ont earn fcuy« Wfcy ftm don't arraa hara to
kaoeir whit KIND ml Ctath toot Goods ore asads
•t,**Sm Mi-rtakM Mm l-wyosslfcU.
$*rni tttt Frew Color Cw4, Herr BooHejt, and
■eajklst flrUc rawrtta of Dyaing orer other oolore.
TM JOHNtOM.MCHftftMON CO., I lain I,
Momtnml. CiMtft.
irreufserouiorsoa-ra"         _ 	
ii.rrit* from kionkv, u.i adder, nimvoui disk as tt,
writ* far my Fftf I book, the Mo»r ihsmucnvi
piinsfi and tbo rkuarkablk cukkh trrscirn br
I nCilUirivRroii yourself
KlfatkarMniityfortoiiBowitanoiwit. Doa'tstidaceet.
AbaolutalyPIICC. -Wfollowee'clrcuUrt. Dr LiCLBKO
Th*j Heart of a Piano ia the
":■ Action.   Insist on the
lotto Hlgel"
j     Piano Action
BMk rm>  a f
lass, frssttMeUdr*. Waa*
OM mt.., linn.Sad
■yam ln.U. I tt. will mi Unix mt tealkaeelala
Happy In His Misery
Dear me, I think I sm thc most
miserable creature ln the world.
What's the matter?
I'm trying to follow this magazine's
advice on how to be happy.
Please don't bother to see me to the
door, pleaded the departing visitor.
Really, It's no bother at all, the
hostess assured her. It Is a pleasure.
',   PILLS
New Type of Ship, Whieh It I* Said,
Will Revolutionize Naval Warfare
London, March 8.— A disclosure ot
supreme Importance affecting the naval position of Great Britain Ib made in
the Engineer, a technical paper of the
highest reputation, which does not
make statements without reliable authority.
Tbls journal gives-details of a formidable and entirely new type ot warship which Is being constructed for
the German admiralty. The design
was first offered to the British government, but beyond a hare acknowledgement, no further action was
The new type Is described as speedier than any dreadnought. It lies
low ln the water, not much more than
awash, and lt lights end on. The only
target It presents to the enemy's fire
Is a bow shield sloping backward and
of such shape and thickness aa to be
virtually Impenetrable.
It serves as the carriage of a single
gun of maximum power, furnished
with projectiles that play the part of
aerial torpedoes, and the gun remains
perpetually screened, except at the
moment ot firing.
The vessel can be kept at sea in all
weathers and can light effectively at
the longest ranges. Twenty of these
destroyers can be built for the cost
of a single super-dreadnought and the
German naval experts hold, with ample reason, that a super-dreadnought
must Inevitably succumb tt attacked
by even five ot such small craft.
It ls stated by the writer of the article ln the Engineer that the attention
of the British government was drawn
to this type in a letter sent to Mr. Asquith some four years ago on behalf
of a group of confidential, engineers,
who had been made acquainted with a
certain design prepared conjointly by
the late Sir Edward Reed (a former
chief constructor ot the navy) and the
writer of the-article.
The design was prepared ln 1884,
and the engineers alluded to had elaborated the design On accordance with
the progress of- naval architecture and
armament between 1884 and 19D&, and
had also taken part ln the development
of submarine vessels for naval pur-
Mr.' Asquith formally acknowledged
the receipt of the letter, says the
writer, aud there the matter dropped
so far as England was concerned.
A different fate, however, awaited an
analogous communication addressed
by the same group ot engineers to a
high quarter In Germany. Action
thereupon was at once taken under
conditions of a most profound secrecy
which have been successfully maintained for nearly four years.
Matters have now reached a development of such magnitude, however
adds the writer, that certain particulars ot what Germany ls doing have
begun to leak out.
He considers that ln vi«jr of the
astute attitude that,has lust been
taken up by Grand Admiral von Tlrpit*"
It seems desirable for the British public to be given an Inkling df the true
state of affairs. The German dreadnoughts he declares to be a ruse.
They loom large In popular estimation—and, lt ls feared, ln that of the
British admiralty also—as the lirst
line of battle; but in reality they are
Intended to play a secondary part. The
stress of conflict will lie with the German destroyers and submarines.
In regard to submarines, the writer
makes the equally startling assertion
that a German physician of eminence
has Invented a way of bottling up light
and redistributing It round a submerged submarine. In the daytime, when
the surface of the water If absorbing
light, these rays can be caoght.up and
reconverted Into light under the sea
to enable the commander of the submerged submarine to see his way
fairly well. This means, he claims,
that German submarines can be eni-
nloyed for relatively distant-expeditions without detection, as they need
not show themselves ln the daytime,
and can wait for night before comlug
to the surface to renew their stock
of air.
Asthma Doesn't Wear Off Alone.
Do not make the mistake of waiting
for asthma to wear away by itself.
While you aro waiting thc disease is
surely gathering a stronger foothold
and you live lu danger of stronger and
yot stronger attacks. Dr. .T. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy taken early
will prevent Incipient condition from
becoming chronic and saves hours of
awful suffering.
That was an awful mistake the
surgeon made. Tho man he operated
on didn't bave what he thought he
Didn't have appendicitis at all, eh?
Oh. he had appendicitis all right,
but he didn't have any money.
Blind Scientist at Work
Stockholm.—M. Qustaf Dalen, the
young ..Swedish engineer who was
awarded the Nobel prise tor physics
last year, Is now totally blind as the
result ot an explosion while he was
making an experiment last September.
M. Dalen, however, returned to work
and as a thank offering for his escape with hts life he gave his workmen an extra week's wages, amounting
to about 11650.        -
Ito. a box or six boxss ter f2.se,
et all dealer* or The Dodds Medl-
a a* Osmpany, Limited,   Tsfonte,
Agents' Prices
will be given you by ns on a 1913
leaf spring frame INDIAN lt you
are ln a district/ where the Indian
ts not represented. Nearly two
carloads sold in Winnipeg already.
Pay your deposit now and be cer*
tain of delivery. "
Prices $280 and $345
Ask for "50 Reasons"
Comolidated Bicycle & Motor
Co., Limited   .
187 Notre Dame, East, Winnipeg
Smallpox on a Wsrshlp
London.—An able seaman ot the
new battleship Conqueror, now at Dev-
onport, was found to be suffering from
smallpox, and was removed to an Isolation hospital. The origin of the infection has not been traced.
cf the Nerves
^ffam^e/hu. • Co    Jr^ti^^t.   'rtTtXsfaer
iCe€/ht*A"l£<f ^^° >7t«w&. /Q^rrJ' U-9T-&
The Last Man In'District to be'Suspected ef Crime Waa Criminal
Paris, Praace.—After being terrorised tor five yeara by a mysterious
bandit, the Inhabitants of a district
hear Grasse are able to breathe freely again. The bandit has been captured at last. His name ls Paul
Chlapali, and he Is a farmer, aged
25 and the very last man the people
would have suspected.
The crimes wlh whicli he Is charged
number at least seventy. Tbe series
began with Ilres at farms and private
houses, and later on other places were
ransacked and horses and cattle were
At nlgbt people were flred at and
some were seriously Injured. Tbe
criminal always left notes In the places
he ransacked, and ln spite ot tbe utmost vigilance on the part ot sixty
special police he has only just been
captured. Three detective* from
Paris Identified the handwriting left
behind as that of the farmer Chlapali.
He has confessed.
Miller's Worm Powders destroy
worms without any Inconvenience to
the child, and so effectually that they
pass from the body un perceived. They
are not ejected in their entirety, but
are ground up and pass away through
the bowels with the excreta. They
thoroughly cleanse the stomach and
bowels and leave them ln a condition
not favorable to worms, and there will
be no revival of the pests.
Useful Suit of Clothes
London.—A resident ot Towcaster,
Northants, has worn the same salt of
black clothes at 287 funeralb and a
wedding. .
A Distressing Symptom ef Mai*.
vous Exhaustion Cured by
Or. Chase's Nerve Food.
Mrs. John McKellar.
What sympathy you feel for anyono
whose nerves twitch and Jerk, and
what resolves you make to never allow
your nervous system to become exhausted, until paralysis of some form
claims you as a victim.
The only way is to watch the warning symptoms, such as sleeplessness,
headache, indigestion, tiled feelings
and irritability. By the prompt use of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food you can feed
the feeble, wasted nerves back to
health and vigor, restore ths vitality
ot the body, and prevent serious disease.
Mis. John McKellar, 11 Barton
street east, Hamilton, Ont.. writes :—
"I was Injured some years ago, and
that left me with a broken-down nervous system. I could not sleep, and
suffered from twitching of the nerves
and disagreeable nervous sensations.
"I then began using Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food, and can say that I never
used any medicine that did me so
much good; In fact, I am entirely
cured of my old trouble. The Nerve
Food not only strengthened the nerves,
but also built up my system in every
wny." Under date ot Aug. 29. 1»12.
Mre. McKellar writes, confirming her
cure, and slates that she has had Inquiries from many people who had
heard of the great benefits she ob
talncd from Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 60 cents a
box, < for $260. All dealers, or Ed-
manson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
W. N. U.M2
Minard's Liniment Cures durns, Ete.
Woman Paid to Act as Bride's Parent
. at Wedding
Parts.—With the help of her uncle
a girl named Bouches has married
a farm hand with whom she fell In
love, although her mother had refused
to give her consent tp the marriage.
Mile. Bouches waa a favorite of her
uncle and lived with him at La Calus,
in the Department of Avcyron. The
uncle gave the wife of his estate agent
$300 and two fat oxen to represent
at the ceremony the glrlls mother,
Who lives In Paris. The estate agent's
wife gave her consent to the marriage
and tho ceremony was performed.
Mme. Bouches now threatens. to
bring an action against the uncle and
the woman who (ictcd ns ber substitute. **•   '
Wanted—Agents tor Hail and Windstorm Insurance.     Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Domla.
Ion License), Winnipeg, Man.
LADIES WANTED—To do work st
home; decorating cushion tops; caa
make from $3 to $5 per day; pleasant
worn. Armour Art Co., Dept N, 43
Steele Blk., Winnipeg.
Out ef His Turn
I understand you went over to Crimson Gulch and lynched the wrong
No, replied Thrce-flnger Sam. Tou
can't lynch the wrong man In Crimson Gulch. We Just got Piute Pete
a little bit ahead of his turn.
••Sample (roe If you write National
Dili* and Chemical Co., of Canada,
Limited, Terohlo."
The Stomach Most be Toned and
Strengthened Through the Blood.
The victim-of indigestion who
wants to eat a good meal,' and he will
suffer lf he cats one, finds poor consolation In picking and choosing a diet.
As a matter of fact you cannot get
relief by cutting down your diet to a
starvation basts. The stomach must
be strengthened until you can cat good
nourishing food. The only way to
strengthen the stomach ls to enrich
tbe blood and thus tone up the nerves
that control It. The only way to enrich the blood, and tone up the nerves
and give strength to the stomach-
strength that will enable tt to properly
digest any kind of food—ls through
a fair use ot Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
The one mission of these Pills Is to
make rich, red bled, that reaches
every part and every organ of the
body, bringing renewed health and
activity. The following case Illustrates the value of Dr. Williams' Pink
Hlls in Indlsct.loii.
Miss Lottie Carr, of Lequille, N.S.,
says: "For severay years I have been
a great sufferer from chronic Indigestion. At times I almost loathed fool,
an-' no matter how hungry, I tou-id
t.vit to eat eveti lightly was followed
by great distress and often nauseas 1
tried many so-called cures, but did not
get more than temporary relief, and
naturally I was going down both In
health and strength, and was greatly
discouraged. While In this despondent condition. I was advised to try
Dr. Wllllaips* Pink Pills. I doubted
that they would cure me after so
many other medicines had failed, but
as I wanted health and the Pills were
bishly recommended I decided to try
them. I nm thankful now that I did
so, for after taking Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for five or six weeks every vestige of the trouble had left me, and I
was again blessed with tho best of
health. From my own experience I
believe there is no cane* of Indigestion
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will not curo,
lf given a fair trial."
You can get theso Pills from any
medicine deuler or by mall, post paid,
at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50 from The Dr.. Williams' Med!
cine Co., Brockville, Out.
Had no Right to Disregard Magistrate's Wsrrant by Releasing
New Firebug
London.—Mr. McKcnnn's troubles
with the suflragettos are two-edged,
for now lt is suggested that the home
secretary was guilty of a serious crime
in ordering the release of the suffragette, Lillian Lenton, who was arrested for ib? Kew Gardens outrage. A
A person wiio knowingly assists a prisoner to cscapo ls liable to a senlence
of seven years penal servitude, and
It Is pointed out thst McKenna's act-
tion was a breach of a Justice's warrant, which even cabinet ministers
must respect.
Would Detsin Her
You used to want to hold my hand
beforo  we  were  married,  sho complained .
I'd llko to now. paid lie easily, but
lt would keep you from your house-
wor'.;, my dear.
It keens your "White Clothes" looking
Just like New.
It does not Spot or Streak the clothes
ss there li no settling.
It Is the "Handiest Kind" tn use.
It Is Guaranteed to give Perfect Satli-
Eactlon or money Cheerfully Refunded.
•d Prove II
Ier Veunell.
A io cent package lasts about
6 montlu, aalt
blues a) Good
Site Wai-lma
LISTEN!    ti
~ and
"J-R Blue li much better
than any other." Miss
Thomson, Bclmout, Man.
"J-R Blue is an Excellent
Blue, Superior to otber
Blues." Mrs. Frank J.
Moore, Conn, Ont.
"J-R Blue Is the best
Blue I ever used." Mrt. W.
Switser, Brandon, Man.
Manufjrtuird by
Tit* Johnson*
Rkliirdson Co.
Montreal, Can.
Sold by dealers everywhere
Mas. WiMHOw-a SooTiiiso svaor haa been
Med foe onr SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
li thebesl remedy for DIARRHCEA. It leiab.
■stately harmless. Be aore aad aak foe "Uia.
Viaalow'a Seothlss Syrup,*' ead tike (O eUHt
Mad.  Twea.y-uveMii.se bottle.
It Pays
to Clip
NSfSSS. aPvfOO ••■ *h**J*a**S. Toey SttFS
beaitfctar ond reader better etnfee.
wkaa tke knn east ttet holds tbe
vet sweat ead dm to n«o*ed. «e*r
a»Mieaaeilr kept eltea. look better
-gel asoiwaoed from their fesd ead
ate hetur tn ewrj war. I****** *•
■all Bearing
_____R_SnlnV ____________-___n__M
eut from solid sto.1 tar.
Vexy ar. aoeloMd, pro. |An
,t«cwl ims mn lu on, fB7S
llltl.metloa.lltll.eser. *W**m*
'Ha. slats* of eat-strls sear funalae
n.ill.1. ee.fr aad tb. e-MUralM
ht.. ut atnsl. tM-lon cllpploi bawl,
bliu-tira-lf. n»h.|««*l
efaty oxxealm ,itmti*Uwa W slaaass.
613 La Salle Avenue      cmmaoo, H.L.
Writs foremuplsto sawoaS-JosM showlae worM-a
lariwt aad neat wmA-rn lie* of lion, ciitiplnc .ad
aswp -heerta, ■echlaw. aseia>d tree aa wgagj.
Invention Rampant
We we living In a gram! ainl wondrous ago, remarked a railway passenger lo a stranger wiio occupied lho
seat beside him. Invention is ram*
pant everywhere.
Yes, said his companion, that Is
about what I observed lo a witness l»
a lawsuit against me recently: thera
are more liars to lhe square yard now
than there used to bc torthe acre.
Aet Quickly
Don't wait until you have some ailment caused by poor digestion,
biliousness, or by inactive .bowels
which may lead to a serfous sickness.
Immediate relief is afforded by
that best corrective and preventive
.U\*.rir,w\t„..   Lbos.fc25c.at-, THE   SUN,   GRAND   FOEKS,   B. C.
Slip (SranhJorka &mt
G. A. (Evans, Editor and Publibhir
•UBBOaiFTtOS aaiai -.
Jn. Year  »..
'ltte Tear (In advanoe)	
One Year, ln United States .
.. I.M
Address all communication.! to
TBS Btskiho Sua,
fuoaa H14 QHitiD Kouts. B.C
FRIDAY, MAY   2, 191S
The Tory association ol Grand
Forks bas adopted a novel, and no
doubt effective, method at retaining
its membership. Whenever a member begins to tvavsr in his party allegiance he is placed pu the executive.
A learned scientist ways that "the
average hutmiiii;l)eiiigCitrfi«sa pound
ot iron in his. system " Yes, and
some people in Grand Porka carry
it in their hearts
Joseph Dai-ragh, of Phoenix, road
foreman, wan in the city last week for
a consultation with Superintendent
J.. Finlay, secretary of the Phoenix
band, has resigned.
The Pioneer says that Phoenix has
too many tinhorns.
It if easier  fur   an   elrphant to
i/limb through the eye  of a  neeille
than several of our  delinquent uub-
• embers to pay up.
The navy bill will die in the senate, even if it ia forced through the
bouse with the assistance of gag
Sinned spelled backward is tbe
name of the fellow who neglects to
advertise in Tbe Suu.
A railroad advertiaement says thai
the vacation season is here. That's
news to us.
It takes nerve to be any kind of a
lighter—except a booze tighter:
If   you read The Sun you  wou't
bave lo aak, ''What's the news?"
The Oranby company's general
store at Hidden creek has been openeil
Ed Davis, of this city, is manager,
and J. Wair, for many years with the
Hunter Kendrick and Morrin-Tlioinp-
son companies in Phoenix, is assistant
to hint. j
During tha past week the shipments uf blister copper from; the
Granby smelter were 435,000 pounds.
For the past three weeks the shipments amounted to 1,197,000 poundf.
A. S llimil, formerly stipendiary
magistrate in Phoenix, lias been ap
pointed police magistrate at Itiver
Inlet, ami lias assumed the duties of
his olliee.
The Granby machine shops at Plioe
nix ure at fresent tut ning nul lift)-
ore cars for use at the company's
Hidden Creek mines.
The following pupils of the public
school were neither late nor absent
during the month of April:
Divsiion I—Eric Atwood, Dall Barlee, Helen DeCew, Don Farmer, Glady
Heaven, Alfred Heaven, Ruth Krischke, Caughty McCallnm, Sain Mont
gomei-y, Aulay Munro, Annie Munro,
Mary Newbeauer, Jennie Simpson,
Ivy Taylof, Renald Tracy.
Division II—Marie Bainuin, Alice
Brown, Amy Frankoviuli, Arthur Gilpin, Frank Hartinger, Rennie Kevon,
Joyce McLeod, Margaret Mcllvaine,
Harold Massie, Emma -Needhain,
Quentin Quinlivan, Pauline Sloan,
Archie Symes,
Div_ais.il III—Chads Krischke,
Kuliy Keeling, James Lyden, Uweiiiiy
..li-.lUaine, Htiien Peterson, Walter-
Petersen, Mildred .Sim*, Ida DeOetv,
Harry Atwooil, Reggie Hull, Abrain
Moybooer, Harry Peterson, JHolger
Peterson, Noo Welk, Susie Brown.
Division IV—Anuie Crosby, Bernard Crosby, Sam Et-icson, Ray For
rester, Alice Galipeau, Cecelia Lyden,
Helen Massie, Ambrose McKinnon,
Lottie Peterson, Rosa Petersod, Anuie
Gilmour, Vernon Siddall, Fay Tryon'.
Divimon V—May Ci*bsby, Freda
Davis, 'ttim. Kirk, Gertrude Krischke,
Ronald McDonnell, Glory Morrison,
Aleeta Nichols, Chris Pell, Jeannette
Kebnni, Joseph Rowlaiiiison, Mildred
Rydell, Helen Campbell, Randolph
Davis, Harry Jones.
Division VII—Margarget Fowler,
Geiini'ieve'U'ritityh, George Hodgson.
Frances Lulling), Annie Moir, Peter
Peterson, Hazel Hart, Jiminie Need-
Division VII—Mary Bren, Freddy
Cooper, Fieddy Galipeau, Reggie
Heaven, John Lane, Vera Lyden, Ada-
line McElliott, Rose Roberts, Dorothy
Latham, Geneva Jones, Jimmy Pell,
John Vissor, Annie Crosby, Lee
Division VIII—Orville Baker, Isabel Bowen, Margaret Bruno, Coryl
Campbell, Cecelia Crosny, Alfonso
Galipeau, Pryce Jones, Ruby Keeling,
James Lane, Lawrence McKinnon,
Leo Mills, Harold Quinlivan, Donald
Rydell, Dorothy Schliehe, Oswald
Walker, Mary Knelt.
Divis.ou IX—Laura Allen, Aurena
Barnum, Fred Bailee, Mary Cooper,
Merle Galloway, Uuin Humphreys,
Eligeman Jacobson, Bieuda Hum
plireys, Kddie Mcllwaine, Frances
Sioau, Frits Schliehe,Thelma Walker.
Tbe following * is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, ae re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Mill.     Max.
Friday, 25th  4a «,       70
Saturday, 26th  43 66
Sund*.y,27th  32 53
Mondav,'28th..  31 46
Tuesday, 29th......... . ?0       ; 60
Wednesday, 30th ,  27    _,.   57
Thursday, UU.......... 28 55
,-       . . .. Inchee
Rainfall  0.05
For Sale—Ne* Peerless Incubator
and Biooiier; 2*.'0egg   Hubert,  Clark.
Tne Sun job olliee is the Ileal
equipped for all clasaeB ol work in
lhe Boundnry.
we've cot what you
■   Ore Shipments
- The following were the shipments
from the Bouudcry mines during
the past week, t&runby mine, 26,-
002) Mother Lode, 6 «i_7; Rawhide,
5,043; Napoleon, 971; Victoria, 650;
Smelter treatirienta: Granby, 24,-
4.4* toha; Greenwood, 13,701.
The first Canadian Pacific railway
passenger, trains piiased through the
business section o' the down town
district yesterday over tbe Kettle
Valley tracks. There was a large
crowd of people on the Union station
platform no Third street at 1,30 to
welcome tbe first train: The new
arrangement makes it more conveu
lent tor lhe traveling public having
business in the' down-town district.
_ At a meeling of the mfemhera of
the Women's Christian Temperance
Union, held at tbe home of Mrs.
Robt. Gaw, the following officers
were elected; President Mis. M. DeCew; corresponding secretary, Mrs.
A. R. Mann; recording secretary,
Mrs. James Rooke; treasurer, Mrs.
Robt. Gaw; superintendent of parlor
and social department, Mrs. E. C.
Henniger; superintendent of mother's
meetings, Mra. J.R Brown
--For Sale—Two room cottage close
to G. N. depot on two lots. Nice
large rooms, cellar, woodshed attached. Two chicken houses, yard,
good pump. Also Barred Rock
Breeding pen, 1 two year old cock, 9
hens and pullets, 2 setting. Price
$375. Terms balf cash, balance
six months. Reduction for cash.
Mrs A. Dick,
C. A. Mix of this citv has been
appointed forest ranger for ihis district, with ihe following fire wardens:
S. Dinsiinife, stationed at Paulson;
W. McKay, at Rock Creek; E. Col
lins at Canyon; E.G. Smith at Carmi; William Dinsmore at Grand
T. K. Needham, engineer on the
CP.R. is erecting a beautiful residence on 'his property opposite the
Centual school. This building will
cost $3,500.
For S'tle—Second hand boggy,
nearly new. Apply at Moybooer's
lilacksinilh shop.
Victor Davis tins been appointed
bind muster of lhe city band, taking
tlie pUce nf M, C. Davidson, formerly bandmaster, who ia lit present
confined to the hospital. It is understood that the organisation hus
nearly perfected its program for the
free hand concerts which will .hortly
be a feature of the evening entertainments here. *
Don't forget that Tbe Sun has the
best job printing rlepnrrment in the
Boundary country.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. "They
run light.      ••_  ■ ■' ■        • j;
Tliey arettiwltfof strong, tough, seasoned .wood andjwiH
stand the roughest wear.
lf you l?uy a.^agon from us and anything g()es wrong
with it, drive up in front-of our store aud see if we doni
■make good.  '
Mclntyre CS, Smith
IN-THB M'TTI-K of an Application lor ihe
Iutis of Duplicate Certificates of Title to
Intel to im.iclu.lve, Block 4. Miip'22. and
Uit. « and 15. Biook USiihdlvlilon of Lot
&U. Manll. j, *fl
NoTIO-tlS HKREIlVOITKS that H'll mv
Intention to '■•ue at the explratl. n of
cue month after the Stat publication hereof
ituplieatei ol the Ccrtllle-ti'i of Title* to tha
ahuve-mentltmjNll-otalnthenanie „} Henrv
While, which Certlfloiitei nie duttd the 19th
rlay ol liecemhe., 1(W. and tha Mb day of « ar,
I'm*', rcapectlvelv. and numbered M78__ and
88MA, respectively
HatadatKaeiloopa.B.C, April-JUti 191.1.
niitrlf t Keiil.tcar.
Special for Saturday
14-lb box New Zealand \C OC
Creamery Butte^ **90*LO
P. BURNS 8 CO. ltd.
i^^-^AV*" GOODS
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnajity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls'- etc.
Reach Balls.  .$1.25 each
Woodland -<&> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
R.S. B.O. 1911, Cap. m. Sec.■ fl.
in the matter of the Eatate of Harriett
Amelia leach, late of l.rand Fork., 11 U.,
Widow ileueaaed.
nont having any elalmi axaltut the
Kstate nf the late Harriett Amelia Lcucli,
wh'died on or about the lutn day of April.
1919, at Qrand forki afnraaid, are requested
io -end by poit prepaid, or to deliver to the
iiuderiliined Solicitor he»eln for Margaret
Rebecca Brau ami -.valine H. Thominsin,
..xecut.lxen and Triutee, under the will ol
the aaid Harriett Apulia Leacli. their uamei
_tu.ladilre.ii_e* aud full partlou'ariiit writing
nf their claim, and _t_.tetnetite of ttivli ae-
cnuntfl and the nature ol aeoiirlty llf any)
neldby them.
An I take uolice, that after the 21»t day ot
un-,1911!, thena'il Kaecuti Ixea and Truitee.
will proceed todtstrlbut- the a-veta of the
.aid deceaird amoiiK the pfiriotil eiitl.led
thereto, having regard only to the claim! of
whioh th y ahall then have had notice, and
tbut the aaiil hxei'utrlxen and Trustees will
not be llalut-foe tbi'aaid aflieta or any part
thereof, to any person whose claim they
-hall nut ha)'i-' had or received notice.
Hated at Qrand Pork., B c. thi, Pint day
of May. UK.
-     JAME8 H. BYI.K.V,
Urand Korka, & C„
Solicitor for the aaid Margaret Itebeoca Brau
and Eveline H Tli.mpiou.
(1'iii'Hihed Annually)
t£n«blei> trmlcru tdroiifcbout the world to
communicate direct with U"tftll«h
iuefkobelasBof ffoods. KeHldei belnji a com*
pk'te coiunieioml guide to Lumlnii and iti
■tuburbsi the directory eoutalux IUtH of
with the Uoodi they nhtp, anl the Colonial
and Foreign Market* they auppty;
■lrrauged under the Fortito which they nail,
and Indicating thu approximate Sall-nti";
uf leading Maiiiifactiiritm, Merehanta. etc.. In
the prlnvtpa. pruvinclul towiih Hint lnilu_itrl»_
•ntrckitf the Unttiil Kluttttoui.
A copy of the current edition will be for-
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Foxtal
Order (or 20s.
Dealer* Peking Agcnolea can advertise
ihnlr trade cards for t\, or lurger advnrtlM-
meiiti* from £3,
26, Ahchuruli l*ne, T_nnHnn,  E.C.
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing ol Every Descrtptlm
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoaohonol mtona every nerve la the body
vim and vitalltr. Premature decaT and all uiual
w'-ikne-a evarteo. at ence; jntmrnmel will
(•nil. OMbMlnee. *H»,
'   Change of Program
Each Week
' pHE Great Northern Hotel
1    has added a
Barber Shop
to its already well equipped
Pompeiim and Electric
Massage given.
Razors  sharpened  by -
an expert.
Softly o'er Galeiin.'t. mountain,
Lingering coiiien the npl.-nr.id moon
Spread" its twainx o'er rill and fountain
(n the lovely month ot June.
Upon s liainli'l now he nhine-s
Where the Virginia creeper climbs
Nettled in among the trfiea
Home for people^irda and been.
Sits the blue bird upon bar neet
While her mate ia nearby at rest
The robins aing their evening song
Meadow larks join in the throng.
Tbe fruit trees green, there beneath
Tbe walk where grows tbe  bridle-
wreath,   -
Shedding Its fragrance on the night
Just a patoh of virgin white.;
Lovers tempted now linger near   ,
While from tbe far off mount they.
Two Engines going up to ihe mine
On to Pboenix they will olimb.   .,
Then'they see again the. flowers
That have felt the'summer ehowern,
Thef smell again the patch ot white
As tbey jay, dear things, good night
Mbs. Pel... THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   fi. C.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
—■* Ambassador Bryce bida farewell to
the United Stales.
Good progress is being made with
needing1 in the prairie province*.
Despite snow and rain, prairie firea
are still raging south of Moose Jaw.
Highway bill reaches third reading
atage in the house at Ottawa. Private
bills passed. '     ...
The first large contingent of Brit
ish Columbia immigrants arrived in
Calgary today. J
The Duke <if Connaught, while
guett of the Canadian-club iu -fciiit-
don, says be never spent a happier
than he did in this country.
■   ' The powers are not anxious to cum
pel the   Mjnteiiegnns   to   evacuate
jlcutari.     The    iinpreasian   prevails
. that Europe is  endeavoring to   hide
Che critical situation.
Fred VV. Lang Jr., of North Tono-
Wanda, NX, who-was taken in February to. Pasadena, Cal., suffering
from pulmonary tuberculosis in an
advanced stage, haa returned apparently cured by the' Friedmann treat
• ment.
The pope's health continues to" improve.
Prominent Americans urge congress
to repeat the Panama tolls act.
International exposition at Ghent
is opened by * King Albert of the
Belgians. '.
-Hyde park is again turned into a
bedlam "-by the London suffragettes
arid their opponents.
The Brooklyn Eagle's Loudon correspondent ' says that King George
will visit Canada in.1-91*1.
Canadian Northern men on paasen
ger and. freight- trains secure tbe
award of the.arbitration board
. Dr F. F- Friedmann sella rights in
his tuberculosis serum for stock and
substantial cash- payments in New
Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice, K.
C.M.G., the new British ambassador
to tlie United States, arrived in New
Yj-rk today.
E lad Pasha, defender ot Scutari,
proclaims himselr king of Albania,
lie haa f.irty thousanil troops to sup
port him in the assumption of power.
<    Monday
Houses are shaken by an earthquake in Ottawa.
German navy yards secure the contract to build destroyers for the Argentine navy.
Six farmers near Moose Jaw urn
burned out by a fire caused by a spark
from an engine.
Four v leant senatorabipa from  On-
HaveYou Seen the New
Refrigerators at
Miller & Gardner's
If not, do not delay. Call and
inspect the stock. We have
nothing but the moat economical ice users and neatest appearing Refrigerators manufactured.
Oil Stoves and Ovens
Electric Irons and
Hot point Electric Appliances
J&   Hardware Home Furnishings
tario are   likely to be filled by the
cabinet this week.
The federal government hopes to
end tht- present session of parliament
by the 24th of May.
It is reported from London, that
the Duchess of Connaught will have
to undergo another operation.
S'u Th"mas Shaughnessy, president
of tfie Canadian Pacific railway, says
his road will spend $100,000,000 exclusive of new rolling stock.
The Balkan alliance will resist
Austria, and the Montenegrin army
prepares to repel an attack. The
Austrian troops will advance today.
The business district of.. Gretna,
Man., is destroyed hy a disastrous fire.
A big cleaning elevator and flour
mill will be established at Port Co-
The operation on the Duchess of
Connaught in London yesterday Was
Sir Arthur—(Jinan Doyle fiercely
denounced the militant suffragettes at
a meeting at Wells today.
Chinese leaders want to start an
other revolution, and are endeavoring
to purchase millions of dollars worth
of arms.
Third reading of the highway and
West. Indiea bills iu the house of coin
moils. Debate on the third reading
reading on the agi .cultural aid bill.
Secretary, of State Bryan's trip to
California proves a failure. The bill
dirorted at Japanese land ownership
is passed by a unanimous vote of the
California state senate.
Austria is awaiting the result nf the
conference of the power. She wants
Italy   to   join   in   a war against the
Seeds, FertilizfiW, Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds    '
Mail orders given careful and .prompt attention
Balkan allies Albania is shrouded
in silence. Rumors of war among the
Italy will aid Austria in coercing
Congress at Washington makes good
progress with tariff bill.
The Dominion house extends the
time for locating scrip.
An important international conterence on safety at sea will' V-e held
in London.
Ernest Gilleouix, a French airman,
wins a 810,000 prize and the valuable
Ponnnery cup at Paris..
j The Duchess of Connaught passed
a fair day, but ber condition causes
The London police make raids on
suffragettes. Tlie militant newspaper
is out of business, and a' mob attacks
the suffragette offices.
Partridge Wyanpottes.
Partridge Rocks.
Blue Andalusians
Silver (Spangled Hamburg*
Empire Strain of Brown Leghrirns
Indian Runner Ducks.
ROBERT CLARK winnipeo^bridqe
Plymouth Rocks
and Rose Comb  ;
Rhode Island Reds
Eggs for Sale
Puff Orpingtons are now
ahead in the heavy-weight
varieties in the second
International Egg-laying
J. A McCALLUM, Proprietor
Qr..d (orb, Pho.e L IOS
Mirth 2nd, 19U.
Columbia Poultry
Single Comb Rhode .Island Eeds.Single
Comb White Leghorns, Houdans.
Eggs for sale, *3 and S5 for 15. Winner of 1st cock and 2nd hen in single
comb Reds at tho Provincial Show; 10
cups, over. 70 1st prizes and other
specials in 1912. bur birds are tested
layers as well as winners in the show
room. * A few good cockerels for sale.
T. Bowen
Box 291        Grand Porka, B.C.
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
ill)t (_fc....li -fforka $ttn
and the Montreal
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasures," for
Practical Plun iber W
.   Steam and Hot Watet Fitter.    Sanitary/and Heating Engineer.   .
If it is in the plumbing and heating line and
we oan t do it—it can't be "done
(or (latching from QA    eich,la «ay
S Biiiibiiloa Stock siVQ
eac lt,lit 1
7 q««ntitj
Kennedy's Improved Champion Strain
ROBERT CLAnh winn.pcV Iriooe
If you read The Sun you get the
news of the city, the province and
the world; It'tfipossible for a Sun
re del* tn keep abreast of the timea
w  hout tbe aid of the daily papera.
160 Acres in
Franklin Gamp
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber-on the property"
1500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley Line  survey
crosses property
Deed Clear, S875 Gash,
Balance Term
For Further Particular Apply
The    Sun : -Office
proves the <pul.ty of breast milk
—it supplies the material for bone
and muscle—if scanty or thin,
it makes it rich and abundant.
J For bottle babies a few drop},
of emulsion with every feeding
produces marvelous effects—
makes new, firm flesh and ruddy
health.     ■**•
cream of the purest cod liver oil
delicately emulsified into tiny
particles resembling maternal
milk and each particle is coated
with glycerine—no alcohol or
stimulant—a wholesome, nourishing, strength-making food. -
Mothers everywhere are enthusiastic about Scott'* Emu-no...
Imiit on titling SCOTTS.
Scott St -town-, Toronlo, Ontario 12-64
Most Deadly Insult Ona Can Offer to
Parla Policeman
Paris—The most deadly insult one
can offer a French policeman ls to
say to him: Death to the cows.
A tew days ago in the Rennes appeal
court M. de Savignon Laromblcre, the
Judge explained to a policeman that a
cow was a noble and beautiful animal,
and therefore its name could not be
considered a term of opprobrium. The
next day a vagabond who came up on
appeal before M de Savignon Larom-
Were had hie original term of imprisonment doubled. Ou hearing the sentence lhe prisoner called the Judge an
old cow.
Immediately the Judge, forgetting
his philosophic defense of a few days
before, ordered the vagabond'a term
of Imprisonment to be further increased by five years for Insulting
Officer Bites Through Artery In Wrist
of Soldier and Latter Collapses
Geneva.—Recently a terrible struggle on a mountain pass, near a precl-
plce ot 3000 teet, hu taken place on
tbe south elopes ot the Bernlna range,
between an Italian officer and a private.
An Italian custom houae patrol, under the command ot Lieutenant Boc-
cla, was visiting the Alpine posts In
the Valteline on the Swiss frontier,
when the officer had to reprimand a
soldier named Cell. This man determined to have revenge..
When the patrol waa away on other
duty, Cell attacked hla officer on a
lonely Alpine pass and attempted to
throw him over the precipice. A long
struggle followed, the men being of
about equal strength and unarmed.
The officer, to save hit lite, bit
through an artery in the wrist ot his
subordinate, who collapsed, owing to
the lost of blood. Soon afterward
the patrol arrived and carried Cell to
a hospital in the valley, where he recovered .
The military court, which has now
tried the case at Milan, took Into consideration the sufferings and former
good conduct of the soldier, and above
all tlie refusal ot his officer-victim to
prosecute, and sentenced Cell to alx
months' Imprisonment.
Peril of the Kiss
Paris.—An action for $10,000 damages has been brought before. the
third correctional court in Paris by a
young woman who declares that she
contracted germs of insanity when her
fiance kissed her.
Minard's Liniment Relieves; Neuralgia.
Candidates for the Flitch
London.—The committee of the
Dunmow Flitch ot Bacon totals have
decided to hold the ancient court on
August Bank holiday. Already one
couple have written asking to be al-
. lowed to atand their trial for the matrimonial prise.
Pilgrimage by Motorcycle .
London.—Several Irl* priests propose making a pilgrimage to Lourdes
by motorcycle, says The Motor-Cycle.
They Intend to land in France, ride
to the Pyrenean town and return to
the coast via Paris.
Common Sense
Women suffering from any form of female ills are invited to communicate
promptly with the woman'sprivate correspondence department of the Lydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
Yonr letter will be opened, read and
answered by a woman and held in strict
confidence. A woman can freely talk of
her private illness to a woman; thus has
boen established A confidential correspondence which hai extended over
many years and which baa never been
broken. Nover bave they published a
testimonial or used a letter without the
written consent of the writer, and never
has the Company allowed these confidential letters to set out of their possession,
as the hundreds of thousands of them in
their files will attest
Out of the vast volume of experience
which they have te draw from, it Is more
than possible that they possess the very
knowledge needed in your ease. Nodi*
Ing is asked in return except your good
will, and their advice baa helped thou,
sands. Surely any
woman, rich or poor,
should be glad to
take advantage of
this generous offer
of assistance. Ad*
dresa Lydia B. Pinkham Medicine Co.,
(confidential) Lynn,
Lydia E.
Text Book. It ti not • book for
General d-atritratkra, as It Is too
expo-Mire. It Is lies enti only
obtainable by mail, write fot
New Brunswick Woman Tells How
She Was Rescued from III Health
By the Twin Remedies, Dodd's Kidney Pilla and Dodd's Dyspepsia
Neguac, Allain P.O., N.B.. (Special).—Mrs. Joseph 0. Savoy, a well-
known resident ot this place, whose
Ill-lieaHh has been a matter of much
concern to her friends, la telling of
the cure she found tor all her troubles
in Dodd's Kidney Pills and Dodd's Dyspepsia Tablets.
"My health ls line now," Mrs. Savoy says. In an Interview. "The
paina are gone from my side and
back, and when I go to bed I can
sleep. Before I started using Dodd'a
Kidney Pills and Dodd'a Dyspepsia
Tablets I could not eat anything
heavy such as meat, but now I can
eat practically what I please with so
ill effects."
vJttrs. Savoy was in a generally rundown condition and her cure came
about by using the natural remedies.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured and Invigorated her kidneys, thus, purifying her
blood and improving the circulation.
Dodd'e Dyspepsia Tablets insured
proper digestion of her food, thus furnishing the body with the nutrition It
required. Women with healthy kidneys and sound digestion can afford
to laugh at the minor ills of life.
Attacked by a Tame Lion
Rome.—The young Hon which Princess Radslwill recently took to a factory fancy dress ball In a chariot was
being taken ont tn- exercise on a
leash in the Zoological Gardens recently, when It got loose. The animal-sprang on the Infant son ot Count
Maehl, a- former Italian minister at
Buenos Aires and inflicted, a serious
wound on the boy's foreheiM with .Its
Twelve Drowned in Wreck
Hull, England.—The   trawler,   Admiral Togo, was wrecked off Reykjavik, Iceland.   The   crew   of  twelve
were drowned.
W. N. U.942
IS^SSSKSSl J"1" refund money lf PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cure any case of iJSi.
Ing, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles
In C to 14 daya.   60c.
Long Range Airships
Berlin.—Great radius of action,
rather than speed is, according to a
statement by Admiral Tlrpitz in the
relchstag to be the chief requirement
of the German admiralty in their plant
tor the development of the naval air
For Croupy Children
Keep 'Nerviline' Handy
It Positively Brings Children Out of
Danger and Relieves at Onca
A Mother Tells Her Experience
"Bringing up young children has Its
responsibilities under the best ot circumstances,", writes Mrs. B. Q. Fagan, of Holmes' Corners, "but croupy
colds add considerable to the worry.
My little family of four all went
through Uie croupy era, but I always
had Nerviline on band and never felt
nervous. I lust followed the directions, and I can tell you that nothing
I know of Is surer to cure croupy
colds than Nerviline.
"In our home we use NervlMne frequently. For cold ln tbe chest, pleurisy, hoarseness, etc., lt Is simply wonderful. My husband uses tt tor rheumatism, and I often employ it for neuralgia and sick headache. Nerviline
has so many uses that no mother can
afford to be without it."
The large family site bottle, which
sells at 50c., ls the moat economical;
trial size, 25c. Your storekeeper or
druggist sells Nerviline, w.hlch Is prepared by The Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.Y. .   « .
. "Wormy,", than what's the matter of 'em Stomaoh and
Intestinal worm*. Nearly as bail aa distemper. Coat yoo
too much to feed '.fin. Look bad—are bad. Don't physio
'em to death, 8Mhn'« Cura will remove the worms, tmprova
the appetite, and tone 'em up all round, und don't "physio."
Acts on glands and blood. Full directions with each bottle, -
and sold by all drunlsts.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO.. Chemists,        Osslien, Ind., U.S.A."
Prisoner Escape! by Answering
Name of Another Man-
Paris.—A clever escape from prison
lias Just been made by a man named
Charnpeau, who was detained at the
Sante Prison.
He was placed ln a cell with other
prisoners, including a man named
Bruteau, who waB about to be' released.
A policeman went to the cell and catted the name Bruteau. A man stepped
forward, was taken to tbe office, and
after signing a paper ln the name of
Bruteau, was Bet at liberty.
Next morning the real Bruteau applied for his release, and the ruse waa
then discovered. But Instead of getting his release, Bruteau haa now
been charged with helping his cell
companion to escape.
One.Half dotrk
Earned Him $50
■l> BAD lit
lR Lna'g Iflttttt.
I Sm hovr one-bsll tM<
|Cmi* famarlVa fw.
iTht ithtskiii tithfl
Ibtrttla may  sst* V.m '
Isren more. Many tuts 1
■Hk* • trttitaiss al 1
flViyUf Iiim hsrnt u4 1
■ curing ihca'up with lit*. I
|flail'a.   TliMifcty sell u I
_ S big ixMlt.
|HswtbmtVOHrkMMt   WkyBotgcHbotitos!
Spavin Cura
' wirl Utm-ir!« mrt esses ot Cnb, Spail* Mill,
fclafl-unt.    Bony   Crowihs of ».
Isnesess    Iron    bruises /^^*w^     74
•»__, .ttfctf   earnest     Tho»f/*^|r^fc«ii«fc
Ridicule .Evoked by Sensational Article In British Technical Journal  .
Berlin, Germany.—The statement
published in the Engineer that the
German nav/had adopted and was ae-
oretly completing a number of deadly destroyers, furnished with an aerial
gun capable of destroying dreadnoughts, causes considerable amusement here, especially ln naval circles,
where lt Is relegated to the category
of phantom airship stories, tales of
army corps disguised as German waiters ln London. -,
Needless to observe, the story from
beginning to end is Inherently absurd.
What ls the British intelligence department about, what are our naval
attaches and the naval attaches of
other powers about lt this extraordinary vessel has escaped their notice?
Thousands of people In this country,
must know about the vessel It It was
planned, and it presupposes a colossal piece of duplicity on i-e part of
the German* admiralty, which Is unthinkable. .    ' _
This fairy tale has often cropped
up In former years. The press here
pokes great fun at the Idea. One
Journal says the 'Engineer" forgot to
mention that by pressing-a button the
vessel could be transformed into an
aeroplane. Another points ort, that
summer Is the proper time for such
stories—summer, when the sea serpent and the gigantic gooseberry
J •-,
Given Sweets to Keep Them Quiet
During the Ceremony
Bombay.—Four hundred weddings
were celebrated simultaneously at Sur-
at among members ot the Lewa Kua-
bi caste. •■■
None of the brides were over lt
years ot age, the majority being from
1 to 7 years old, while the bridegrooms
varied trom S to 9.
Most of the contracting parties sat
or lay on the laps ot their parents during the ceremony, and were given
sweet* to keep them quiet.
The caste only celebrates weddings
every ten or twelve years.    -
Marlon Bridge, C.B., May^SO, "02.
I have handled MINARD'S UNI
MENT during the past year. It Is
always,the flrst Liniment asked for
here, and unquestionably the beet seller of all the different kinds of Liniment I handle.
■ .1 other I'lrmn, xnc.<fl
«... fi
irnitl  .
All* rottf   dr-EiUt l-r J
.book, "Tr-iilia tt. th.
florae," or writ. I.
A $300,000 WHALE
Half a Ton of Ambergris In Huge
Monster's Carcass
Wellington, N.Z.—What Is described as a record lump of ambergris (a
secretion In-the bodies ot whales resulting from disease) has been discovered by Captain Larsen, ot the steam
whaler Norvegla. Ambergris, -which
Is sometimes found floating tn the sea
ls highly valued as a basis ln perfumery.
An enormous whale waB harpooned
by a boat's crew and nearly half a
ton ot the precious substance was taken trom Its body. An expert chemist has pronounced lt to be real ambergris and worth about $300,000.
A Remedy for Earache.—To have
the earache is to endure torture. The
ear le a delicate organ and tew care
to deal with it,' considering lt work
for a doctor. .Dr. Thomas' Electric
Oil offers a simple remedy. A few
drops upon a piece ot lint or medicated cotton and placed' ln the ear
will work wonders ln relieving pain.
London.—Applications for increases
of wages by carters and laborers made
nearly twelve months ago were dealt
with by the Macclesfield town counoil, recently.
Massage at the Workhouse
London.—Lambeth guardians propose to establish a massage department at tha wofkhouse infirmary.
Only the uninformed endure the
agony ot corns. Tbe knowing ones
apply Holloway's Corn Cure and get
relief.    .
.Help to 8uppre,i Opium
Pekin.—The -National Anti-opium
congress, with a ' view to assisting
China to suppress the opium trade,
will appeal to the Young Men's Chris-
tlan '■■ and Missionaries societies
throughout the_world to open funds
for the purchase ot as Urge a portion
as. possible ot the opium stocks at the
treaty ports,. The stocks wUl bs
Do not be milled—
am] look fot Ae trade-mark.
PerrinV Gloves
' are famous (or their
Style, Fit and Finish.
Glovet that ara MOT stamped
with either ths trademark
or the namo"Perrtn'i Make"
are not the genuine.
One Calls Him an Amateur Sailor, Un*
able to Command a Fleet
Berlin, Germany.—The kaiser's activities as a sailor were bitterly attacked by the Socialists ln the relchstag
during the discussion ot tbe naval estimates.
It was proposed by the government
tbat $2,500,000 should be spent on rebuilding the royal yacht Hohenzollorn,
on the ground that tbe vessel, which
was built in 1890, Is now old and not
luxurious, fast or sato enough for present purposes.
Herr Ledebour, the socialist, opposed the proposal, declaring thatMhe
naval estimates took into consideration only warships and not pleasure
yachts for the kaiser. It the kalBer
as commander-ln-chlet requires an official vessel, said Herr Ledebour, every battleship has special suites ot
rooms tor that purpose. If the kaiser wants a private ship let him pay for
tt himself.
Another Socialist member went
further, declaring that the kaiser was
utterly unlit to command any naval
maneuver, never having passed any
examination or test. Me was merely
an amateur sailor.
Admiral von Tirpltz, tbe naval minister, protested warmly against the
last speech. He declared that the
kaiser's knowledge of naval matters
waa complete, as he bad often had
reason to ascertain personally during
the last twenty-flve years.
The government's proposal waa finally adopted ln spite of the Socialist
Growing younfiteri work herd.    They aaed '
food thst Is noiiriihinl-lood that satiates the '
hunter and diftitt easily.   Nothlal is better ior \
Ihem  than  Cowaa's   Perieetioa   Cocoa.    Ground |
froaAhe fresh Cocoa Beans, It hu all the Iood value I
oi pure Cocos.   It builds up. the musolea and makes I
children healthy aad strong.   % A. cup el Cowaa's j
■ade with hall or om.-t.ilid milk li a properly J
_____ balanced (ood -on, that the moil delicate stomach _
tllMclpa        \ca*«llgeil. Aad It is io delicious that It teaaptsi
it's blltl trieHI 80Me^kt'M *PDCtit* watn •" »*•' lee's fall.
COWAN'S"    N^ your orocb»
HABIT     ^mtss*^ »|
THB oewAN eoMPAHV. LiHi-rao      Toaoirro. ont.
Comfortable     and
Natty Is This Suit.
Belted coat* are tery fashionable
this season, and tbere la something
comfortable and Informal about tbe
new loose, belled school coats.
Little girls adore them, as they are
especially fond of huge patch pockets.
In which tbelr hands may bc thrust
ln the cut thero ls shown a belted
coat made ot tan worsted that It worn
with a skirt ot Inn and brown mixture.
I'he bat ls of brown velours, with a
shirred wblte ribbon band, and the tan
leather boots bare buttoned tope ot
Winter Fabrics Saver ef Upholstery
.' Keer fabrics are the fascination ot
tbe hour to every woman, and tbey are *
. being shown In sucb gorgeous tints and
weaves, especially'In brocades, that
winter gowns promise to savor more
of the npbolstery departments than
dress silks. Some whicb are newly Imported lu silks and bare quite omitted
the freakish element -are oriental brocades aud Persian crapes- Fortunate,
Indeed, will tbe woman be who pro-
- cures one of tbese dainty makes for ber
evening gown et the winter. These
silks are soft and cliuglng, ns the mode
dictates, and In the oriental brocade*
tb* pattern Is merely Indicated by the
weave, but not by a different color.
The Persian crap* I* la * two tone affect One In blue tnd grayish green lt
odd tnd very lovely. It cost* $3 ft yard.
She other kind Is $2.50.   In red thit
-shows tbe oriental dye, wblcb etn never be brought ont In thit color In tn
Imitation. Taurlokouy crepe* is $4 a
yard tod It very wld*. It It tntin Dabbed ou one tide. "****•
■ead and Nourishing Oaintiea ths Wee
Tots Will Like.
Madeleine Sponges.—Dissolve one-
half ounce of leaf gelatin In a saucepan with half a pint of boiling water
end wben the gelatin has melted add
the juice and. grated rind ot a lemon
and tbree ounces of castor sugar.
Strain into a basin and leave until tbe
Jelly begins to adhere to tbe sides.
Then beat the Jcltf up and add the
stiffly whisked white ot an egg and
Whisk all together until It Is stiff and
spongy. Divide in two and color half
a pale pink with a few dl-ops of cochineal. Fill some small paper souffle
cases with the mixture half white and
half pink, letting It come well above the
tops of tbe cases. A band of paper
sbould be pinned round tbe cases to
keep tbe mixture ln, .When set remove the bands of paper and decorate
the tops ot the sponges with whipped I
cream and strips ot angelica and a
preserved cherry or other fruit
Moss Baskets-Take two'large eggs
anil their weight in butter, flour and
sugar.   Cream the butter and sugar,
add some of tho sifted flour, then nn
egg, then more flour and tbe other
egg, beating well betwecn^each addi.
tion. Bake in well buttered round patty pans for fifteen to twenty minutes.
When done scoop out a bole froiv lbe
Center ot each, warm some dprlcot I
Jam. Cover the cakes with a thin coat- I
Ing and then roll them ln chopped pis- '
tschio nuts.   Leave to get cold, tben
arrange some strips of angelica across j
the cakes to make hnudlca.   Fill the-;
centers with whipped and sweetened '•
cream, flavored with vanila, and serve *■
on a glass dish.
Apple HedgeboE.-Prel six apples,
core them without breaking them and
stew them in an enameled saucepan
with one-balf pound of sugar and half
a pint of water. Be careful that tbey
do not break and wben done arrange
them on a fancy dish. Cut up. into
thiif slices another half a dozen apples
tnd pnt tbem Into tbe sirup with tbe
rind of half a lemon and a little of the
juice and boll gently until the apples
are reduced to a marmalade. Fill the.
cavities In the apples with the marmalade and put some more all around,
the apples. Whip the white of an egg
to a stiff froth. Add about two tnhje-
spoonfuls of caster sugar, then cover
the hpples smoothly with the meringue.
Stick slice's ot almond all over, sift a
little sugar on the top snd put ln slow
oven to color a pale brown.
Simplicity.the First Requisite of the
Costumss For Littls Onss.
Simplicity Is the first requisite of the
costumes for tbe little oues, whether
the costumes are Intended for the
schoolroom or for the- flrst party.
Tbere ls a certain charm ln tbls simplicity wblcb is entirely lost in fussy,
elaborate frocks and which Is far more
appealing tban any amount of trim*
mlng. A gown, bowever, may lie simple and at the tame tlmo smart. It is
really remarkable how chic many of
Pressing Plsilsd Skirt*.
Now tbst plaited skirls tre creeping
hack to the realm of faebloo women
who like to attend to their own clothes
will want to know just how to go
about keeping them well pressed tnd
In good condition.
First ot all. you mutt baalt tbe pltllt
In pltce Just a* they wee* when th*
skirt wtt new. Hun • Un* of basting
on Ihe outside edge of each plait tbe
full length, catching It down firmly to
tbe material underneath. Liy It over
Die Ironing hoard wrong tide out
place a damp clolh over the pltlta and
press wltb t hot Iron until the damp
clolh It dry,,  a '
Allow the balling thread* to remain
In the tklrt oiler It It pressed for scv-
ertl boun. Then remove them, tnd
yenr tklrlt will keep Iheir thtpe tnd
look nicer for a loug time.
Thit sain* rule applies to all plaited
garments. ■*'
Trials ef Wealth.
'Wealth doesn't tlwtyt bring hap-
I'lness," renurked th* youngster with
ine largo spectacles. j
"Ntw," asserted Ik* other kid.
"Look at m* cousin yonder. He's gol
'. cents, (Wl lit can't deride between
lollliiopa tnd le* cmra."-l'l(ttb::rgb
Amateur Cooks Will Have Ne Trouble
Making Thess Sweats.
Any girl unversed In candy making
may turn out the following sweets of
the recipes are followed exaeHy:
Danish Nougat-ltoast three ounce*
of Spanish nut kernels, remove tbe
skins, Iben chop them up finely with
five ouuc.es of bltncbed sweet almonds
end one and a halt ounces of candied lemon peel. Mit witb this three-
fourths ot a pound of sifted sugar and
mix tu a paste with the stiffly whipped
whites of twu eggs. Spread on u sheet
of wnfy pnper In a layer, about halt
in Inch thick, cover wltb a second
sheet of wafer paper, press well between two sheets uf tin to a solid piece
and place In the uven fur ono nnd a
bait hours. The oVen should be a very
liow ono (100 degrees). When cold cut
luto bars.
Glazed Caramel Walnuts. — Have
ready tome shelled and halved walnuts. Take a piece ot fondant or
marzipan paste and place a walnut on
either side;-leave them tu harden*
Meanwhile put half a pound of granulated sugar, half a gill of water and a
tiny pinch of cream of tartar Into a
pan and boil lt all to the "caramel;"
tben dip tbe walnuts Into tbis, covering tbem thoroughly and leave till set
on an oiled slab.
Orange Cream cterries.-Sonk some
dried cherries in strained orange juice
for twelve hours and drain tbem at the
end of this time on a sieve. Stand a
cupful of fondant In a saucepan ot
boiling water and stir the fondant over
lhe nre* till creamy; tben add a few
drops ot orange juice. Put tbe pan
containing the cup or fondant on the
table and dip the cherries in this one
at a time, coating them well and lifting tbem out wltb a spoon. Place them
to dry ou an oiled dlsb or paper. When
set place each cberry ln a small paper
caie. -  '
Housewives t* Have Publication Containing "Inside Information."
The Housewives' league ot New Tork
city will publish a magazine to-be devoted tp solving the cost of high living
and the proper way to buy supplies tnd
tbelr current price.
Young Mrs. Housewife will be educated to discriminate, ns ber grandmother could, between shoddy nnd til
wool blankets, pure taffeta silk and
"tilled" silk which cuts after a few
wenr'iga. Sho will not only learn
what not to buy, but what manufacturers and producers sbe can trust
One ot the alms of the magazine Is to
bring producer and consumer into com*
mon knowledge for their mutual benefit
Moreover Sbe will have t chance to
exchange ideas with otber housewives
in the "clearing house." It she it tn
expert In some branch of household
art sbe may contribute her knowledge
ln a special article.
Nsgliges dt tuxs.
The negligee pictured is a luxurious
affair that is suitable to be iucluded ln
tbe trousseuu of the spring bride.
Embroideries done In shades ef pink
Policewoman a Great Hit
at   8ulfrago   Convention.
Cooking In Casserole Dishes Gives
Food a Nice Flavor.
The high cost of living la a problem
Ibat Is troubling many a wise person
aud seems to overtax tbe poor housewife especially. The meat question ll
one of tbe most serious, ns tbe brat
cuts sre nlmost as expensive as jewels, and the cheaper cuts If cooked In
tbe ordinary way are so tough us lu to
unfit tu eat
There Is a solution to this problem.
It Is this*. Buy tbe cheaper cuts entirely and cook them "en casserole." Thi*
term may frighten tbe home coak, who
avoids Frencb dishes aa she would a
Chinese puzzle, but there Is nothing at
all terrifying about this style ot cook-
Ing if one understands tbo art
For the beneflt of those who have
never used'these "little brown servants" let It be known that a casserole
set consist* ot one good sized covered
baking dish large enough for a four or
fire pound cut of meat, two open baking bowls that may he used for such
articles as. have to be browned wbile i
cooking and so need not be covered j
aud six squat brown "cocottes," or In-
dividual dishes. The first cost of this
set will be saved a hundred time* over
by the Inexpensive but delicious dishes
derived from Its use. |
All foods better for long, slow cooking
should be prepared In one of these Ore- ■
proof covered dishes.    Fur Instance, j
take an ordinary put roast   lt is de-;
licious cooked In u casserole.
Use a.coast fromitho round several
Inches thick or any lean cut ut beef,
for the casserole is to make lt tender.
With n sharp knife make an incision
like affidfttlon sign through tbe meat | m, alio* maiiM wan*
In thit place a slice of bacon,  if pr»-:
ferred several incisions may be mad* ""• Alice Stebblns Well., tb* wo-
and several slices of bacon placed man polIcen.au of Lo* Angelci, In id
therein. ! iddreu it the suffrage convention re-
Braise tbe meat ln hot fat until lt IS j eently held In Philadelphia bad th*
"well seared, then dredge witb salt, pep- following to say about tbe need for
per- and flour. Put tbe roast In tbe' women tn ber ratber unusual vocation:
casserole and pour over it sullieient i ..0ne or motm policewomen sbould be
ff* *J^___?2LIL..P__[?_!LUS I ""--"ted with etch police department
lid on and tet the casserole where It
will cook tt ■ gentle beat fur levenl
In the little "cocottes" mtny ta*
vories may be made. Shirred eggi or
rice aad lamb mixed with tomato sauce
ire cooked tu perfection ln tbese dlsb-
es. Oysters, tou, may ba cooked la
these Individual dishes.
Puddings and desserts, which art
better bot, are well suited tu thia style
of cooking, as they may be kept at a
high temperature without danger ot
Ths Laundry Bag.
Every bedroom sbonld be equipped
wllb a good sized, strong and, tf possible, artistic laundry bag.
The bag seen tn tbe Illustration la
one of the best liked models.   One id-
the costumes fashioned for children
may be made by using a certain new
cut or a discreet suggestion of trimming. Tbere Is just ns mtfeb of nn
"air" about these, miniature crcatlous
ns there is in the carefully selected
wsrdrobc of thc older sister or mother.
Pictured Is n wonderfully good looking
snit for the small boy of navy blue
ciievlulT The'coat Is a double breasted
nifiHVJvaru-, loose and comfortable.
Tbe trousers give tho boy plenty of
room for play.
fur ihe sol* purpose of receiving complaint* from women lf fer nothing else.
Women hesitate to go to a policeman
for Information and adtte. Thlr la
easily understood, nnd a* n result it to-
buuves every municipality to provide
women officers, who can render help 1»
many ways wbere a mm is almost
"Tbe policewoman It particularly.
idapted to preventive work. Sbe la
best fitted tu handle juvenile offenders,
fur a woman bas tb* motherly instinct
that enable* ber tu accomplish wonderful tasks. I believe tbat every city
Ihuiild bave a woman attached to It*
' hist person* bureau. Sbe it of great
mine lu traciug missing persons who
bnve become separated from tbelr familial."
Mrs. WeU* told of ber experiences ia
Lug Angeles lu preventing the sate of
| tickets to moving plet'ire theaters or
my other public amusement to children under fourteen unless accompanied by adults.
rentage It possesses not found in the
average laundry receptacle Is the
drop button. Instead of being stitched
firmly at the end then I* an onveluiw
lisp?secured with bullous, which, when
open, allows tho clulUes room to drup
through easily.
ot aorr satin witb suvaa coin.
■nd green on a ground of buff satin
give tills simply cut boudoir gown un
oriental suggestion. Tlio braid trimming aud cord nt tlie. waist aro ef dull
silver cord. Dainty' boudoir slippers
of bull satin have pink crystal hut-.
tons tnd embroidered toes.
A Wire Clothesline.
A wire riothetiipo which becomes
rusty cnn he remedied by painting it
wllb a cent ot whit* pnlnt nnd wheu
dry paint It «g*ln. These two nppiinc •
Hum will keep iha line In good shape
for t ioiib tint*,      ,
' Tea in Thermos Bottles.
'    Something very new in the way of *
tea party Is tu give It with thermos
I bottles Instead of the usual kettle end
: teapot arraii_.ei.ient. , One hostess had
I two therms* buttles wreathed In flow-
' em. In one of which wes tea already
mnde tnd in thc other hot water. Tlie \
; convenience will bc evident, but what
j about the opportunity that pouring (en
I gives for Hie display of a dainty WilM
and hand?
Lengthening Sleeves.
With tbe prcpouderaucu of lung
sleeves in tbe realm ct fashion, milady
must' bethink herself what to do with
the go\gn uf last season, iierliaps a
spring, nr, lt may be, ■ lute winter
guwn of clotb or sl'k sbe wnutt to
bring up to date In tH-ls particular. A
very' practical and withal cblc aud
stylish wny Is to remove tbe cult of
lace, silk or otber decorative fabrics
from the elbow of lb* frock nnd mak*
a lower sleeve lu Ih* form of a tees.
cuff shaped to a polet or In rounded
effect nt top to extent; over the end o{
tbo upper sleeve. TIN may be piped
wllb silk or satin or liruld trimmed al
edge, and the cuff,. If suitable, may to
designed lo finish the sleeve at wrltt
Pi-t<.'._ were  invented  at  Pi.tols,
Italy, ami were first urcd by English
cavalry>uen in 1M4.
A Little Chat en Open House During
ths Holidays.
A mil ot tea and a box of crack-
ent offered in a third story bail room
I* tb* balf dotui people un the same
floor I* n hospitality which msy bars
lu it all tbe spirit ot kindness which
wni demonstrated by the old time
"open house." We ure apt to grow'
supersensitive nnd self consdons
when we ire surrounded by strangers.
We wonder If inytfilug we can do will
give plensnre. We stay alone nnd
wlah that some one would meet us
halfway, yet we do not go uut to
meet tbem. We sigh for responsiveness nml lyropalhy nnd ire not con-
1 it-luiis tbat the slightest Indication on
I our pnrt nf » desire to bo friendly
might bring t cordial welcome from
thos* wbose coldness wu hare criticised.
"Open house" In Its old generous
unso may not be a possibility under
modern cuuilllluua. but those uf ut wbo
live In ihe city mlgbt touch the lives ot
tlio pcoplo whu yearn for companion-
ihlp and bring to sad liearls a glow of
delight lu the enjoyment ot our neigh-
burliness.   There Is scarcely n coroinu-
: lilly ur settlement where one cheery
ind neighborly w-jmn)i may not rout*
! a spirit ut cooperation If sh* exerts
. herself snfllcli'iitly.
It would be Interesting tf more nf ui
Wuuld mnke lhe experiment during lb*
gray winter dnys. especially tlie dayi
between Christmas anil New Year's,
which hang so heavily on Iho hands of
those whu bnve no abnre In Hie merry-
| making of others. If during these day*
we wuuld open our tiny apartment, or
even uur one room in a boirding house.
I tn receive those lest fortnnit* Una
nureelve* for su hour's Interchange of
good will.	
j    "Ten seem to enjuy that orator's res
' marks."
"Well," answered ih* devoted mot la
' er, "I don't rare so mucb for speaking
! myself, bill that gentleman's gesture!
do so amuse tto b*by."-Wasbltigi_*i
\ THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Give your Harness
good    shine?    Wear
Longer—Look Better
ear |
Eureka Harness Oil
..  Oiling and polishing at
" one 'operation.   Quart
and pint this.
Go/den Crown .
Pen quart .60c
Bonnet's Metal Polish
Per quart.
Per pint..
Harness Dressing
in pint tins. For giving
the harness a good appearance this is unsurpassed.
Harness Oil
,  Per pint,  . .35c
Harness Soap
Per cake .".. .35c
\\*X H. Riirmiann, D> moistra
- lion Sproyiiig Exp«rt»,»iid awiisiunt
Provincial Government Inspector of
! fruit pests are in Grand Fork* and are
making tbe Yale Hotel their; head-
quartern. They are at the disposal
of the .fruit, grower* of the valley to
asBist them in the solving uf tbeir
Horticultural and -Entomological
problems and gtve'.advice and instruction in spraying.
W, A. Harris bas moved into his
new residence at tbe west end of tbe
On Monday evening May 12 tbe
students of F. Werner will hold the
second.annual piano and violin recital.      •    -
There is said to be a wemah in
Grand Forks who is such a borrower
that she watches when groceries are
delivered in her .neighborhood, and
then borrows half of everything.
on Saturday by motor' car. Mi
Oiliann returned in his machine on
Sundav. while thf ijn'otur tnnk Ihe
train ihack, and didn't reach " hen
until Tuesday evening-
Ten Minorca Rnnater-i, une year
old, for sale.., A-pply Pick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
W. ,C. Kennedy and Chas. Roberts
arrived in the city on Sunday night
by auto from Spokane un their way
to Republic.
J. D. Haneberger left od Saturday
for Lethbridge.    He will   spend  a
'couple of months in that city and in
the prairrie provinces.
Mrs. N. L.   Mclnnis   is  visiting
friends in .Siinkaiit. thin week.
Mrs. J A McCallum and daughter are visiting witb relatives in On
For Sale—A
about 2500 Ibe.
good  team; weight
Apply Sun office-
E. E. Gibson, of the West Kootenay Power Light company, and
Dr. Gilroy went down  to   Spokane
From a Minister Id Now Tork: "I was
"severely 111 with lung troalilc. My attea-
"tion was fllrc.-teil to Hie Wilson Remedy
"which I uaetl with splcudld effect."
From a lndy In Michigan: "I used yoar
"medicine first .3 or -14 years ago aud It
"saved mn Irom ending my dnys with consumption. There would be no use ot so
"msny people dying with consumption If
"tliey could lie persuaded to try Wilson's
If you are suffering from ANT long or
throat trouble It Is yonr duty to latest!*
gali-.  Send for free full Information to.
WIIks'i BtsKly, Wtstwsoa. N. J.
ErnfBt.Miller; M P.P left on Monday for the coast cities, where he
spend a couple of weeks.
Ballard and Mason are building a
24x 36 residence for E. J. Jonea in
the Ruckle addition.
Mies Rattie. who is a in»mlv>r nf
the board of social serving and
Evangelism nf Ihe Presbyterian
Church in Canada spoke in the Presbyterian Church nn Monday after
ternoon and evening to very appreciative audiences. She spoke to
girls in the  afternoon   counselling
If You
You are
them to keep tbeir erown of beauty
whicb iii purity, unsoiled by - anything in tbe world. As a means to
do this girls should be in tbeir hornet.
at nights. In'the evening abe told
of her work in founding five homes
in Canada in connection witb the
Presbyterian church for bringing
back lo self-respect home and God
tbose girls who have lost tbeir crown.
E. E. Mills of Grand Forks, bas
mated up three pens of White Wyandottes. Eacb pen beaded by prize
winning cock birds. One pen of ij
t). Rhode Island Reds and one pen
of Bull Orpingtons. Settings from
any of these pens at %2, and I will
replace any eggs that are not fertile
uu tbeir return.
Ballard & Mason iiave completed
a live room cottage fur Tom Jewel
near the Cooper bridge.
Five government men connected
wilh' the agricultural and watei
rig.its detriments tre in ib-i city.
Fnr Bale—Strawberry, Rhubarb
and White Mammoth Asparagus
plants. James T. Stt.fl.ord, Ruckle
addition,     i  '. -
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to andfrom Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,' Props.
Suits to Order &18 iwds
11 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices.. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.   ' "
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
The Cheapest In tlte City
We have just received
^^^^^_^_.^^_...^_.__ a new shipment direct
from Scotland, and can sell you the genuine Scotch
Linoleum at the price you would pay elsewhere for the
inferior goods. - • \,-*•"_
£°SwGrand Foifts l^i^re Go
The Complete House Fornblien
-'Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
' PHONE   L14   P
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedtyr* and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention:to phone orders.
F. Downey's Cigar Mm
rrxWHOMKB; _. jm\...
HjTkbbV'-i R«b.o»nc.UM8-™*" mMXtt
We are prepared, to do
all kinds of
Furniture  Made to Order,
,       Also Repairing ol nil Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Commercial Printing!*?*5fe;s,ore
On the shortest notice 6nd in
the most up-to-d&te style
BECAUSE ;      . f
We have the most modern job.iiug4>Isnt
in the Boundary Country, employ. «?m _   ,     'j
petent workmen, and eixtry a complete
line of Stationery.. .
mmm__mmmmm_\Ksati*ra Sirica or      	
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Vrvsh i>niiRlKlimVfitol
Reed veil Weekly.    .
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Billheads and Statements,   i. ::_
; Letterheads and Envelope^,'....'.,'- ,.,_ ..'.  ,-,
■ , Posters, Dates and Dodgea,   ;      .,>.*-
Business and Visiting Q*tvfa,   '  <v. .
Lodge Constitutions aiiii By law*..
Shipping Tags, Circular-. and Placards,
Rill» nf   Fare and Menu   CaMs,
Announcements   and Counter   •*.
Pads,   Wedding  Stationary.
Everything turned out in an •       . '
.  _     Up*10-date Printery. . '    '
0ft j-hm frttit Shop
we do—is in   itself
.... ap advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.


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