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The Evening Sun Aug 4, 1911

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Tenth Year—No. 39
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. August 4, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
To Prevent Suff.ring in thn
Northwest, It Is Placed
on the Free List
Hon. Mackenzie King, milliliter
of liilior, has inmle the following
announcement; "With h view tn relieving the situation ns it has developed in the Canadian west in
consequence of the prolonged cessation of operations at the coul mines
in Southern British Columbia and
Alberta, an order-in-council was
pawed by the government on Tuesday, providing that on and after
August 7 next the duties on cuul
will be removed on the southern
frontier west of Sault Ste. Marie tor
consumption in British Columbia
(east of 122nd meridian of longitude), snd in the provinces of Al-
berin.Saskatchewan and Manitoba."
Following are the locations, certificates of work, hills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government olliee ut
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Korks mining division, from June
it) to August 3, inclusive.
Mountain View, Fruklin cump, B.
J. Averill; Horn Silver, Franklin
camp, part relocation of Cracks j ick
and Aspen, IC T. Engelskjen; Treasury, relocation of Treasury. Geo. A
Jackson; Wonder fraction, Burnl
Basin, Geo. A. Jackson; Marx, relocation of Marx, and Moose, relocation of Moose, Wellington camp,
I) B Buchanan; In victor, relocati in
of New Pollard, and Frisco, relocation of-Fri"'co, Gloucester camp, B.
Bainhrldge; Union fraction, relocation of I'nion fraction, Gloucester, J.
C. Henderson; Silver Spoon, Franklin cump. Charles Hansen; Diamond
Hitch fraction, relocation of Diamond Hitch fraction, Brown's camp,
A. E. Savage; Belle, east side of
Rossland trail two miles from Cory
ell, Jnmes Bell; Curtis, Gladstone
mountain. 11. S. Curtis; Vancouver
World, Gladstone mountain, C. T.
Curtis; Chief, relocation Minora n
Chief, Gloucester camp, James Mc
Donald; Chief fraction, relocation of
Mountain Chief fraction, Gloucester
camp, Lewis Johnson; Tunnel fraction, Burnt Basin, Fred Kettner.
Lauretta, McKinley camp, Bonnaeci et al.; Morrell and Black Bear,
McKinley   camp,   Bonnacei et al.;
Plants Now Ready for
Electric Current
Seattle camp, Stewart Carruthers:
Blue Grouse and Uul v, Burnt Bn
sin'McNelly etal.: Tiger Summit
camp, Joe Buron; Bluesloiie, Frunklin   cump.    B,   J. Averill;   Nelson,
Franklin cump.Chas. Hansen; Thor- j A Number of the Irrigation
, void, Frunklin camp, Lewis Han-j
sen; Wave* fri c ion, We.'-i igton
cump, T. II. Richards; Tennessee
and Tennessee fraction, Wellington
cainp, C. F. Ruulstoii; B. C. und
Copper King, surveys, Franklin
cump, Paulsen et al.; White Pine,
Weleher mountain, Waldon et al.;
Silver King, Silver Queen and U.S.,
surveys, Frunklin cump, Paulsen et
ul; Keystone fraction and Yellowstone, Franklin camp, J. S. Boyce;
Highland Chief, Coryell, Catherinu
Munro; Alpha. Delta and Omega,
Christina lake, Beach et al.
All of Mountain View and Little
Harry, Franklin camp, B. J. Averill
to James McDonald.
One-half of Lone Star fraction,
Pathfinder cnmp, W. Sbuw to Ida
One fourth of St. Joseph, Central
camp, H. Johnson to P.  E.   Blukie.
Maine fraction, Biovu's camp,
Patrick J. Byrne.
E. J. Hughes und Wm. Huffman
have finished installing their irrigation plants, and are now ready for
the electric current. Cooper Bros.'
plant will be completed next week.
C. W. Dyadale nnd party of three
men, who are now engaged in mapping 'the geological formations of
Franklin and Gloucester camps for
tbe Dominion government, this
week moved their camp from Franklin to the Newby property in
The road from Eagle City te Eholt
is in had condition, ami it is expected that it will lie rebuilt.
Bert Mclnnis and William Johnson are driving u tunnel to tap the
ore ut depth on their chums at
Fraud Petersen and Ellen Petersen were married in Phoenix Inst
Rev. Mr. Levine performing the
E. E. Gibson, of the Wost KoOte-
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Gives a
History of Reciprocity
Sir Wilfrid Laurier in an address to
the Canadian people says:
Tu the Canadian   People:-—At   all
The record of the rainfall at this
since the installation of thu government rain gauge on Cooper Bios',
ranch is: u
Rainfall. Snowfall
In July, 19It), the rainfall wns
Highest temperature during the
month, July 25, 100°; lowest, Julv
5 and 12, 45°.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer oh Cooper Bros.' ranch:
Saturday  90
Sunday   87
Monday  78
Tuesday    82
Wednesday  82
Thursday  78
Friday  75
Rnnlull during week, 2:1 inches
The following ure the returns  of
thenre production of the Boundary
mines for the week, nnd ulso for the
vear lo dnte:
Granby 16,284
During thc electrical storm Tuesday night, the Granby compressoi
at Phoenix was struck by lightning,
and two of the highly charged wires
were burned off. The up-to-dates
emergency brakes saved the big
plant from serious damage.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Love arnyed
in the city this week from the east,
and remained for a few days. Mr.
Love was formerly publisher of the
Pboenix Pioneer. While here he
stated that he intended to take-
charge of the Grund Forks Gazette
ut once. The Ga/.eite people, how
ever, do not appenr to know anything concerning such uu arrange
The Granby coinpany hus madu
arrangements for an option ou
second group of claims on Copper
mountain, near Chesaw, Wash.
The Grand Forks brass bund is
giving its first open-air concert of
the season this evening.
The harvesting of the grim  crop
in   Kettle   vulley  is  now   well ad
Vunced.    The yield of ull   kinds  of
cereuls   promises to be the heat ever
recorded here.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley uud son
and daughter, of Danville, and -Mr.
and Mrs. F. Bradley and children,
of Republic, are on a pleasure trip
up the Kettle river in a Hat bottomed limit lilted out with a gasoline
engine and stern wheel.
nay Power  &  Light  company, left] times duriug the past forty  years it
today for a week's trip to the const | has been the constunt effort of all po-
cities.    A. Willey, of Cascade,  will
k after his business in this city
during his nhsence.
E. G. Warren, manager of the
British Columbia Copper company
at Greenwood, was a visitor in the
city on Saturday.
W. K. C. Manly has reopened his
hardware store in the Opera House
Mock on Winnipeg avenue.
A passenger train is run to Lynch
creek over the Kettle Valley line
every Wednesday.
H. B. Cannon returned on Saturday from Gloucester camp, where he
has heen looking after his mining
,,.   „ ,  „ ,.. , ., i Athelstan	
Big Raymond, McKinley  camp, X. |)_....., St|ir
F. Bonnaeci et al,, two years; Son-] Napoleon	
oru and Lenorn,   Wellington   camp, : Insurgent	
II. W. Yuill; Nettie,  Hardy  moun- Snowshoe	
tain. R. W. Yuill; May Queen and £?' 7'.' "'• ";	
. ..     ,   ..   ,   *„    .    ., Phoenix Airuil... .
Layover, Nortli Fork, P. J.   Rv.irie; 'nihMg
Orient, Summit camp, I). R. McKI-'
mon; Criterion and Monongehela,
Bentley's cnmp, Emma Bentley;
Hobson, Hardy mountain, and Morrell and Ruby fraction, McKinley
camp, Morrell et al ; Idaho, Gloucester  camp,   Lewis  Johnson;  Paper
Total 25,301
Smelter treatment—
Granby 10,310
B. C. Copper Co... 8.170
A crew of eight men, in charge of
, Ed Berryman, is   now employed al
672,602 t|ltj jjoKiuiey   mine,   in   Franklin
185   .15
18*496 *-''l,llP" which  was  recently bonded
128 133 hy   the   British   Columbia Copper
8,864  company.
2,777    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The  Danville  Lumber  company
has run uut of sawlogs, and  opera
tions at the mill have been suspend-1 "\i„^,,|.y MoArlr
ed   until   a   new   supply   can   be     Two pupils failed to past.
shipped   in.   About 2,000,000 feet     Junior Grade, Preliminary Course.
of lumber have been cut during  the  Edna M. Stuart  685
Margaret E, Harrigan  647
  j Dorothy Covert  603
I Gladys Traunweiser    649
Cb*B. Mu, fire  warden, returnod   |;,a Sutton ... 648
this week   from  a  trip to Franklin  Alexander B. Donaldson  638
John Simpson, who owns a young
orchard west of the city, returned to
Grand Forks on Saturday from Pale
Alto, Cal, where he attended tin
convention of the National Educational association. Mr. Simpson
I a been connected v ith the teach
ing Bluff of the Waterford, Out.,
schools during the past yenr. During the forthcoming term he will he
one of the instructors in the Dauphin, Man., high school. He will
remain in the city Ihroe or four
weeks. The. Pain Alto Times says:
"Another interesting visitor wss
John Simpson of Grand Forks, B.
C. ' He was formerly an editorial
writer on the Argonaut and on one
or two occasions dined with Senator
and Mrs. Stanford ut their Palo Alto
home. Hu slates thut II. Nash wns
u guest nt the Slunfords' house at
the same time and that a fifth place
was set at the talile in memory of Leland Stanford .Ir"
High School Examinations
J. B. Fleming, principal of the
Grand Forks high school, Ihis week
received the result of the r.c-'iit ex
animations. Tha showing made is
very good, and reflects great credit
both on tbe instructor and the pupils.
The following arc the names of those
who passed:
Junior Grade, Advanced Course—
Alice L. Kerr  869
Lottie Sutton  027
luiiel I.. Munro  590
900,o.J3 ■ present season.
F.   M. Kerhy   has finished   aur-
r, ,, _.   .     ,. .-,, , i    R. K ll ipiii. c-istiiuis nlllcer at  this
Dollar   fraction,   Gloucester oamp, pott, makes the 'oik-win* detailed reporfi „.„,„„   ,.     „,,„•     ... ,
Johnson et al.; Sunrise, Wellington j if the customs peoelpti at the various, ve> "*8   the  bllv"   Kl,l8 group of
_.«,..  i   . miiu.. ui... i»„n  _.„ snb.customs jofHere. is reportad to thr ( mineral claims in Franklin camp,
camp, J. A. Miller, Blue Bell, near; clllef 0ffl0, in ,llj8 cjlyi (ur th, lnonUl of   '
Fife, Graham et  al.;  Viking Chris- July |    o. A. MacLeod, of Spokane,   was
Urand Forks  $2,!h/.)!).>   .     ,      . —      «
      y_i7..')8 m the city on Tuesday.
Holm et al.; Golden   Axe, Welling- |t'»r8un        4!> 5tl |    Sereral road  gangs are working
ton camp, John Holm; Piper  Led,
Three pupil, failed to puss.
tins lake, Ole Johnson; Centre Eagle .,.
and Mabel   II ,  Hardy   mountain,! Cascade
Reciprocity is a business proposition. It means free trade in the
products of the forest, the sea, the
farm and the mints. On the manufactured articles the  I nitnd  States
litical parties ill Canada to make witli
the United States uu agreement for
the freo exchange of natural products
between the two countries. In 1854
Lord Elgin on behalf of Canada and
the Maritime provinces negotiated
with the United States a treaty for
this purpose, which lasted until 180G,
and which, within the meiuery of
iii.inv mill alive, was of great advantage. Even since the termination of
that Utility all public men of anv
prominence in Cunada, whatever their
differences on other Canadian questions, have been unanimous in any
attempt tu again secure this free exchange of products; uor is this to be
wondered at, seeing that in the industries of agriculture, fisheries, lumbering and mining Canada possesses
advantages not enjoyed qy any other
country un earth, and that upoa the
markets s -cured fur products of these
industries depends the growth of our
manufacturing and commercial interests, and the prosperity of all classes
in the Dominion. The latest attempt
of the Conservative party to that end
was made by S r John Macdonald
himself, who dissolvod parliament in
1891 for the purpose of submitting to
the electorate of Canada the expediency of his approaching again the
American authorities for a renewal of
the treaty of 1854.
In ]8!).'l thu intention to obtain
reciprocity with thu United States
was made a prominent feature of the
platform uf the Liberal party upon
which that party obtained power in
After the present govermneent took
otlice it   renewed in vain this oiler   to
the United Status, but   u ting   with
no response, declared that no further
overtures of this nuture would be
tuade by Canada.
Within the past twelve months the
president of the United .states sent to
Ottawa two commissioners froinWa h
Ington for the purpusu of opening
negutlatiobs looking toward lowering
of the tariff barriers which have hitherto stood in the wuy of a freer exchange of commodities between Caus-
dti and the United states. These negotiations in January laat culminated
in an agreement between the two gov.
uniliieiiu by which the duties of each
country   on   moll   products   might be
lowered or altogether removed. This
agreement was strenuously resisted iu
the United Slates bv various interests
on tho (.Hedged ground that it was all
to the advantage of Canada and to
the detriment of the ui her country,
hut the view that it wa« mutually ad
vautangenus to buth countries finally
' prevailed in congress and the agree-
mont stands today as an offer by thu
United State, to Canada of that very
measure of reciprocity which for more
thuu forty Vears hat engaged the earn-
em and constant efforts of every lead-
reduces its turilf to  make it equal >"K <ilize" »nd statesman,   The pres-
^^^^^^^^^^^ our  own.    A  square  deal. * Equal  <*'»» Conservative party in   parliament
Total -. t3.4W.lG between thieoity end Lynch creek.' rights on^iptb aides of the line.       ' (Cbnfmutd on PageFive.) THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Author ol
Th. Crlm.on Blind; Th. Cardinal
Moth; Th. W.liht of tht Crown:
Th. Corner Hou«.; Th. Slave, of
Silence: Craven Fortune: Th.
Fatal  Doe.:  N.lla.
Phantom Gold.
Vera hud entirely recovered her
self-possession by this time. She
was able to regard the men coolly
and critically. There was nothing
about them that suggested anything
wrong or underhand; on the contrary
the girl rather liked their appearance. All the same it was a strange
and unique experience; and though
Vera had heen through a series of
trials and tribulations, she thrilled
.now ns she recognized how near she
had been to the man who was thus
running himself into the hands of
"But how can you know anything
about me?" she suid. "You surely
do not mean to suy that you suspect- "
"Not- at all, miss," Egan said civilly. "Only you see, it is always
our business to know it great denl
more than people imagine. I hope
you won't suppose that we are going
to take any advantage of our position here, or that we want you to
betray Mr. Fenwick into our hands;
but since we hnve been discovered by
you, we will ask you to go so far
as to say nothing to Mr. Fenwick.
If you tell him, you will be doing
considerable harm to a great many
deserving people who have suffered
terribly et that man's hands. I think
you understand."
Vera understood only too well, and
yet her delicate sense of honor was
slightly disturbed nt the idea of continuing there without warning Fenwick of the danger that overshadowed him. Personally, she would hove
liked to have told him exactly how
lie stood, and given him the opportunity to get away, Perhaps Egan
saw something of this in Vern's face
for he went on to speak again.
"1 know it isn't very nice for you,
miss, and I nm not surprised to see
you hesitate; but seeing that Fenwick
has done you ns much liiirni as any-
liody else "
"How do you know that?" Veru
"Well, you see, it is our business
to know everything. I feel quite certain thnt on reflection you will do
nothing to defent the ends of justice."
"No," snid Vera, thoughtfully. "In
nny ense. it cannot much mutter.
You nre here to nrrest Mr. Fenwick,
and you probably know where he is
to be found nt the present moment."
"There you nre wrong, miss,"
Grady snid, "We nre not in a position
nt present to lay hands on our num.
We came here prepared to take a few
risks—but 1 don't, suppose you would
care to henr anything about our
methods. It will be n grent favor to
us if you will retire to your room and
stay tliere till morning."
Vera went off without any further
ado. feeling that once more the current of events had come between her
and the sleep that she sorely needed.
But she had youth and health on
her side, and in spite of everything
was fast asleep in a few minutes.
It wns fairly late when she came
down the next morning nnd she was
rather surprised to Hnd that Fenwick
had not finished his breakfast. He1
sat there sullen and heavy-eyed, and
had no more than a grunt for Vera
in response to her morning greeting.
He turned over his food with savage
disapproval. Evidently from the look
nf him, he had not only been up
lute overnight, but he hnd also hud
more wine than was good for him.
"Who ean eat rubbish like this?"
lie growled. "The stuff isn't fit. to
feed a dog with. Look at this biienn."
"You can expect nothing else,"
Vera said coldly. "If you choose to
try ami run this large bouse with
practically no servants but ii enre-
taker and his wife, you must put up
with tint consequences. You tire an
exceedingly clever mini, hut you
seem to have overlooked one fact,
and that is the amount of gossip
you are providing for the neighbors.
It isn't as if we were still in town
where the man next door knows nothing ubout you and cares less. Here
people are interested ill their neighbors. It will cause quite a scandal
when it becomes known thnt you are
occupying Lord Merton's house with
nothing more than a number of
questionable men. As far as I call
see, you are far worse off here than
if you had stayed in London. I may
lie wrong, of course."
"I begin to think you nre quite
right," Fenwick grunted. "I must
see to this. It will never do for all
these chattering magpies to pry into
my business. You had better go
into Canterbury this morning and
see if you can't arrange for u proper
staff of servants to come. Well,
what's the matter now?"
One of the men had come into the
room with a telegram in his hand.
He pitched it in a contemptuous way
upon the table and withdrew, whistling unconcernedly. The man's manner was so flippant and familiar that
Vera flushed with annoyance.
"1 wish you would keep your subordinates u little more under your
control," she said. "One hardly expects a man of your wealth to be
treated in this way by his clerks."
But Fenwick was not listening.
His brows were knotted in a sullen
frown while he glunced at the message
| he held in his hand. He clutched the
I flimsy paper and threw it with a passionate gesture into the fire. Vera
could see that his yellow face hod
grown strangely white, and that his
coarse lips were trembling. He rose
from the table, pushing his plate
away from him.
"I've got to go to town nt once."
he said. "How strange it is thut
everything seems to have gone wrong
of late! 1 shall be buck ngnin in
time for dinner und 1 shull be glinl
if you are good enough to see that 1
have something fit to eat. Perhaps
you had better telephone to town
for some servants. It doesn't much
mutter whnt you pay tbem ns long
as they are good."
Fenwick walked rapidly from the
room and n few moments later Vera
could see his cur moving swiftly
down the drive. On the whole she
wus not sorry to hnve Fenwick out
of the house. She wns pleased too,
that he had mode up his mind about
the servant question, and she was
not satisfied until she hnd set the
telephone in motion and settled the
matter so far us the domestic staff
was concerned.
Then a sudden thought flashed into her mind. * Here was the opportunity for examining the little room
where Fenwick and his satellites hod
been busy the previous evening.
Vera hod not failed to notice that
three of the men had gone off with
Fenwick in his cor, so thot. in all
probability, they meunt to accompany
him to town,   tf this turned out to be
was some moments before she could
make the old man understand what
she needed; then, with the air of
one who parts with some treasure,
he handed her a little tortoiseshell
box, remarking at the same time,
that he had hud it for the lust sixty
years and would not part with it for
anything. A moment later Vera was
back again at the end of the corridor.
Venner hod not moved, a sure sign
that no one hod approached in the
meantime. Taking the box from
Vera, and leaving her to guard the
corridor, he stepped into the little
room where he proceeded to stir o
little pellet of .-snuff into the glass
of wine. This done, he immediately
hurried Vela away to the other end
of the corridor.
"1 think that will be all riglit
now," he said. "We have only got
to wait till win man comes buck and
give him a quarter of un hour's low.
Snuff is a very strong drug nnd within ii few minutes of bis finishing his
wine he will bc sound uslecp on the
It fell out exactly as Venner had
prophesied. The man came back
presently, passing Vera and her companion without lhe slightest suspicion of anything wrong. Then he
turned into the little room and closed the door behind him. Half an
hour passed before Vera knocked at
the door on some frivolous pretext,
but no answer came from the other
side. She knocked ngain and again,
after which she ventured to open the
door. The wine glass wus empty, a
half finished oigurntte lny on the
floor und beside it, lay the man in
a deep and comatose sleep. Venner
fairly turned htm over with his, foot
but the mon guve no sign. The
thing wns sufe now.
" We*needn't worry ourselves for un
hour or so," Venner said. "And now
correct then there was only one man J to see if we can discover the secrets
to be accounted for. Possibly with of the prison house. Evidently no-
the assistance of Gerald the fourth | thing is going on at present. I should
man might be got out of the wny. like to  know  what  the table  is- for.
It was nearly three o'clock before It is not unlike a modern gus stove
Vern managed to see her husband, i —1 mean a gas stove used for cooking
Eagerly ond rapidly she told him all purposes, and here is a parcel on the
thot had taken place    the    previous | table,  just  the some  sort of  parcel
evening, though she wos rather surprised to find him manifestnting less
astonishment that she had expected.
Venner smiled when Vera mentioned
"Oh. that's no new thing to me,"
he soid. "I sow all that going on ill
your suite of rooms ot the Grond
Empire Hotel, though 1 haven't the
least notion what it oil means. 1
should hove thought thot your interesting gunrdioii was manufacturing
counterfeit coins. But we managed
to get hold of one of them, and a
jeweler pronounced that it was genu
thut the mysterious new sovereigns
were wrapped up in."
"Oh, let me see," Vera said eagerly as she pulled the lid off the box.
"See, this stuff inside is just like
asbestos, and sure enough here is o
layer of sovereigns on the top. How
bright and new they look. I have
never seen gold so attractive hefore.   I "
Vera suddenly ceased to speak and
a sharp cry of pain escaped her as
she dropped on the floor one of the
coins which she had taken in her
hand.   She wns regarding her thumb
Cold Trick That Trapa the 8hy Little
Fur Priio.
Tou are doubtless aware tbat the
ermine of wblcb yonr muff Is made
nan been the emblem of royalty aimoat
elnce royalty began, lo Russia, until
very recent yeara. Its uae being forbidden to those not of noble birth. But
1 wonder It you are likewise aware
tbat it Is brother, or at least Brst
cousin, to tbe weasel. Ermine, au a
matter of fact, la nothing more tbnn
tbe weasel or common etoat tn Its
northern coat, for, like otber arctic
and subarctic animals, tbe weasel turns
wblte tn winter ln order tbat lt mny be
aa Inconspicuous as possible In Its environment of Ice and anow. Yet so
abnormally keen of sight are tbe Siberian trappers that they can distinguish at almost Incredible distance*
the little black tip of tbe ermine's
tall aa It whisks acroas tbe dazzling
It Is very shy. Is tbe ermine, and
special snares must be devised by tbe
trapper to avoid Injuring tbe delicate
skin. Even the smallest of tbe steel
trapa are too heavy tor such tiny animals as these, and here lt ta tbat tbe
trapper's fertility ot resource is most
strikingly displayed. Smearing a little
grease on his bunting knife, tie lays It
serosa the aucceaalon of dots and
dashes whicb show tbat an ermine nus
paaaed tbut way. Along comes tbe
tiny wblte form on It* erratic course
again. Tbe grease appeala to It, and
it begins to lick the knife blade!
which In those far northern lands,
where tbe mercury drops to 20. 30. 40
degrees below aero, la Inconceivably
cold. Did you never as a child on a
winter's morning put your tongue to
some piece o( metal only to And tbat
It did not easily come away? So It Is
then wltb tbe ermine, whose tiny red
tongue ta Instantly froien to the ateel
an though with glue. Tbe knife being
too beavy fnr the little animal to
carry off. It can only wait until tbe
trapper cornea upon hla rounds, and
you, my lady, have a muff ot snowy
unmarred skins.--B. A. Powell. K. R.
G. S., ln Everybody's.
Still there is no question of the j and forefinger with" some dismay, for
fact   that   some   underhand   business j they were scorched and swollen,
is going on and 1 am quite ready to      "Those coins are red hot," she soid.
assist you in finding out what it is.] "You try."
The point  is  whether    the    coast is;    Surely  enough,  the  coins  were  ol-
clenr or not." j most ut white heat, so much so that
"There is only one mnn left be-1 u match placed on the edge of one
hind," Vera explained. "All the rest t (lured instantly. Venner looked pun-
have gone to London with Mr. Fen-, iled, he could not moke it out. There
wick, who received a most disturb
jng telegram ut breakfast this morning. Of course, the old coretuker and
his wife count for nothing, they ure
quite innocent parties, and merely
regard their stay here as temporary,
pending the arrival of our staff of
servants." ,
"In that cose, I don't see why it
shouldn't be managed," Venner said.
"You hud better go bock to the
house, and 1 will call and see you.
There is not the slightest reason why
1 shouldn't give my own name, nor
is there the slightest reason why
you should not show me over the
house when I come. I daresay all
this sounds u bit cheap, but one cannot be too careful in dealing with
these people." ,
It was oil arranged exactly os
Venner had suggested, and a little
Inter Vern wns shaking hands with
her own husbund os if he were n
perfect stronger. They proccded
presently to wulk up the grnnd stair-
ciise uud nlong the corridor, Veru
doing the honors of the plnce nnd
speaking iu o manner calculated to
deceive onybody who wos listening.
She stopped presently and clutched
Venner's arm excitedly. She pointed to a doorway leading to a little
room down the steps at the end of
the corridor.
"Tliere," she whispered, "that is
the room, nnd, us fur ns 1 enn see, it
is absolutely empty. What do you
say to going in there now? The const
seems to be quite clenr."
Venner hesilnted, for n moment,
it would be just ns well, he thought
to err on the side of caution. A
casual glance from the corridor disclosed nothing, except that on the
table tliere stood a bottle apparently containing wine, for a glass of some
dark ruby liquid stood beside it.
Very rapidly Venner run down the
flight of stairs and looked into the
"There is' nobody there for the
moment." he snid, "but thnt bulldog of Fenwick's can't be far off for
there is a hnlf-smoked cigarette on
the end of the table which has not
yet gone out. 1 think I can see my
wny now to working this thing without any trouble or dnnger. Do you
happen to know if that rheumatic
old caretaker uses snuff?"
"Really, I don't," Vera said with
o smile. "But what possible connection is there between the enretnker
and his snuff ?"
"Never mind about that at present.
Go down mid ask the old man for his
snuff box. By the look of him, I om
quite sure he indulges in the habit.
Tell him you want to kill some insects In the conservatory. Tell him
anything, so long as you get possession of the liox for o few moments."
Vera flew off on her errand.    She
wos no fire in the room, and apparently no furnace or oven in which
the metiil could have heen heated.
Then he suddenly recollected that
Vera must bc ill poin.
"My poor child," he soid. "I um
so sorry. You must go down to the
old housekeeper at once and get her
to put something on your hand.
Meanwhile I will stay here nnd Investigate, though I don't expect for
n moment thot 1 shall mnke ony
further discoveries."
Vera's hand was dressed and the
pain of tlie burn had somewhat abated when Venner came down the
stairs again. He shook his head ill
response . to the questioning glunce
in Vern's eyes.
"Absolutely nothing," he snid. "I
found u snfe there let into the welll
but then you see, the safe has been
built fur years, and no doubt has
been used by Lord Merton to store
his plote and other valuables of that
kind, lt is just possible, of course,
that Fenwick has the key of it, and
that the safe hud been cleared out
for his use. I am afraid we shall
never solve this little pusxle until
Fenwick is in the hands of those detectives who gave you such a fright
lost night."
"But there must he some means
of heating those coins." Vera protested, "They must hove come
straight from the furnace."
"Of course," Venner said. "The
trouble is where to find the furnoce.
1 am perfectly sure, too, that the
sovereigns were genuine. Now what
on earth eon a mun gain by taking
current coin of the realm nnd milking them red hot? The only chnnce
of o solution is for me to find Egnn
ond Grody and tell them of my dis-
oovery, 1 shall be at the same spot
to-morrow afternoon ot the some
time, ond if 1 find out anything 1
will let you know."
There was nothing more for it than
this, whereupon Venner went awny
and Vera returned thoughtfully to
the dining-room. 8he was just a
little bit in doubt as to whether the
man upstairs would guess the trick
played upon him, but that she had
to risk.
(To be continued.)
The party line-"Hello! Is this
Bender's?" "No." "Is it Ludlow's?"
"No, it's— "Is it Horkly's?" "No,
this is—" "Is it Prendergost's?"
"No, it isn't, this is—" "Is it Hallo-
woy's?" "Nol let me talk! This is
Jameson's!" "Good! Just whom I
wanted to talk to!"—Puck.
"Your husband su>'r he always feels
so refreshed after one of my sermons," said the parson. "Yes," replied the wife absent-mindedly, "a
good sleep does refresh one, you
know!"—Washington Star.
On. Future In Which Brussele Out.
does London or Pan*.
Tbere are many bewildering street
namea In European cities, and of
tbese Loudon presents a bewildering
variety. Bermondaey posseasra a Pickle Herring street Near Gray's Inn
tbere la to be found a Cold Balb
aquare. Most of the Nightingale lanes
and Love lanea are bidden. Ironically
enough. In the an ma ot tbe east end
of tbe British capital.
In Brussels some of the street names
are really blxnrre. Tbe Short Street uf
tbe Long Chariot tbe Street of tbe
Red Haired Women and the Street of
Sorrows are remarkable enough lo
catch tbe least observant eye. The
Street of the One Person Is. a* one
mlgbt guess, an extremely narrow one
But tbe cream of tbe Brussels atreet
name surely belongs to Ihe Street of
the Cncrarked Silver Cocoanut Thia
In the original appear* aa one ponderous word of thlrry-alx letters.
Tbe 7.000 Inhabitant* of tbe Rue de*
Mauvals Garcon* signed a petition
praying that the nnme of tbe afreet be
changed. They contended fbat tbe denomination of tbe thoroughfare In
which they reside produce* a bad Impression on those to whom tbey are
obliged to give their address.
This Street of tbe Bad Boys waa. It
appear*, so named In the sixteenth
century beeanse of tbe noisy cboraeter
of Its Inhabitant*. But now It need*
nn such designation, those wbo reside
tbere being fnr the moat part peaceful
and respectable citizen*.
Among tbe peculiar atreet name* In
Parte mny he mentioned Ibe Street of
tbe Little Wlndnwa. tbe Street ot the
Mule's Poot the Street ot the Holy
Father*, lhe Sireet of tbe Haiigfiier*
of Calvary, the Street of Ihe Dry Tree,
the Street of the Empty Pocket and
the Boulevard of the Good News,—
Harper** Weekly.
■eokselloro* English.
Bonkaellers' English Is sometime* a
peculiar product. In a recent catalogue lb* author of a work under tbe
beading of "Mystical Theology" le referred to In a footnote a* "next to
Ignatius Loyola, perbapa the greateet
soul sexton tbat ever bandied shovel." The simile Is startling and not
quite Intelligible to tbe lay understanding. But It ta In reference to a volume of church music tbat this bookseller really let* himself go. "Religious
harmony mu*t be moving, but noble
withal; grave, solemn, seraphic, lit tor
* martyr lo play aod ao »ngel to
bear."—London Chronicle,
Dusting Apron.
One of the greatest household conveniences la a dueling apron, or. rather, an apron to wear on tbe daya when
you are dusting and cleaning. It can
be made'of denim of a dark color, with
a long pocket for Ihe feather duster,
another for tbe dusting clotb and still
another for a email whisk broom. With
these article* at band yon are saved
many a step to Snd tbe duster needed
fat different articles.
Uncle Sam's Assay Office In Wall
Street Not a "Fence."
Precaution* Taken ta Keep Jewelry
•nd Sold end Silver Article*, That
May Have Been Stolen, Out ef the
Government'* Melting Pot
The way In which the United State*
aaaay office In Wall atreet keeps Itself from becoming a "fence" wbere
thieves and crooks may bring tbeir
stolen wares to bave them melted and
receive cash for th* eame waa recently
explained by tbe superintendent
The federal statutes make It difficult
for those In charge to refuse any gold
or allver handed In. The statute read*
ln part tbat "any owner of gold and
sliver bullion shall be entitled to deposit tbe eame, and It aball be melted
and assayed Immediately." It doe*,
not designate that only tbe rightful
owner may apply for service, and inasmuch as possession la aloe polnta of _&•
law of rightful ownership tbe assayer
I* not allowed to be a doubting Thomas
"Several yeara ago.'' said the superintendent "tbere waa a city detective
stationed In tbe building to watcb for
Jewelry and gold and silver pieces that
were presented for assaying to determine whether or not tbey were stolen
gooda. Be remained bere for eighteen
month*, and during that time be did
nut catch a single thief. Tbe reason
waa tbat tbe newe undoubtedly went
out to every 'fence,' crook aud thief of
every description in tbe city that ■
guurd waa at the assay otlice and to
wutcb out for him.
"After the city detective was withdrawn It became more necessary to ae-
cure aome otber means to prevent our
offices from really becoming a 'fence*
for stolen article*.
"Tbe one provision we finally Incorporated, Into our rules that hae sept
away from lie tbe greateet portion of
stolen gooda thut mlgbt otherwise ter
headed In our direction was that we refused to accept aay bullion that will
assay lea* tban $100. In thia way w*
ere able to refuse any ordinary quantity of rings, walcbes and otber trinkets tbat would be stolen and which
we know will not contsln pure metal
to that amount Ot course sometime*
we will accept stuff and It will turn
out to be worth a few dollars under
tbe amount but we cannot always
guess correctly wben looking at gooda
"We hove many otber ways of determining whether goods presented to u*
bave been stolen, but It would not h»
wise to let every crook In town know
wbat they are. Sufficient to say that
every time we have suspected thing*
were not right we have secured immediate co-operation of tbe New York detective bureau, and I believe we bav»
eecurcd better result* tban wben a
man from tbe central office waa constantly on watcb. Tben tbe *tuff did
not appear. Since tben we have been
of assistance In tracing down several
burglar mysteries.
"Wben goods sre stolen thst vain*
or would aaaay over $100 It la mucb
easier for u* to beep tbe Hata of th*
same wblcb aro furnished by tbe police department and to be on th* lookout for what la wanted.
"Tben wben the valuo of the article*
la over tbat amount we are In mucb
eafer position lo put a few question* to>
eur customer, to discover wbo be I*
and wby bs wants to get money for
tbe articles. If we are still auspicious
tbat all la not as It sbould be It la a
simple matter to make a few luvestlga-
tlona before w* complete tbe transaction.
"I am perfectly aware tbat tbe idea '
Is prevalent In many quarter* tbat lb*
United State* aaaay office la a 'fence*
for thieve* to bring tbeir ware*. Thi*
may have been tbe can* In New Tork
ln lb* old daya and It may be ao now
la otber places, but 1 feel tbat It Is a
pity tbst sucb feeling still estate la
New Tork. It may be tbat tbere er*
eaeee wbere etolen articles get by nt,
but we ar* constantly on tb* lookout
for crooks snd wbat ihey bave looted,
aad I feci safe In aaylng tbat there to
less Justice lo the term fence' being
applied to ua now than at any other
time In tb* history of th* office."-New
fork World.
S*iir>-ed Ovttse*.
Chop twenty-live large oysters One.
add the lieaten yolks ot two eggs, two*
tanleM|HNinf!ils ot creum. sufficient dry
breadcrumb* to thicken snd salt and
pep|»er tn taste. PHI Ilie cleaned shell*
wltb this mixture. Put little piece* of
'.utter ou top und nuke In a quick
oven until llgntly browned.
Good For Seasoning*.
Celery ts sometime* very scarce, and
a good plan Is to save I be .ops nl IBs?
celery this time ot tbe y.-ar. Cut and
wash Ibe nice leaves, tie wltb a cord
and bang up to dry. Wben dry pat
.hem In s paper bag tind save for **>
jonlng soups or dressings. THE  SUN,   GRAND  FORKS.   B. C.
It gives the income yields and Ml descriotions of a 'electedrange
We shall be pleased to send a copy en request.
DoHEiioTiSECURrnEs Grporatioti
Municipalities and
School Districts
Ws Invtts eerrespendenee with muni,
elpslltlss end school districts dealt*.
Ing t* dlapes* sf thslr securities.
Our connection with Inviaters In
Canada, Qrsat Britain, and th*
United State* enabl.a us te offer th*
lull marks! valus lor Municipal and
•eheel  District  Debentures.
Wood, Gundy & Company,
London, England Toronto, Canada
Established 1817.
Members Standard Stock Exchange,
Corraapondsncs Inv'ted,
To take orders In spsre time. No
experience necessary. Our lines
especially used by mothers and girls.
Apply Women's Department, 938
Albert St., Ottawa, Ont.
A study ol other sgeney propositions
convinces ua thst none can equal
ours. Tou will always regret it II
you don't apply lor particulars to
Travellers' Department, 328 Albert
St., Ottawa, Oht.
**H*s. Winslow's Soothimo syrup bu beta
■Md for over SIXTY VBARS by MILLIONS ol
SIOTHKKS fir their -_3II.__.REN WH't-S
I. the beat remedr for DIARKHQ.A. It la ao-
Hliit.lv hannleaa. Be .ure aod a.k for " Mra.
Winalow. Soothing Syrup," and take so other
hind.  Twenty-five cent, a bottle
Send ftr Fro Samples md Measure
136 Bay Street Toronto
No News
Visitor (who had been going tor the
last hall hour)—"You know I'll not
physically strong, but 1 have good
staying powera."
Hostess (wearily)—"Yea, We noticed
In tho csuse* ot lnl»nt mortality
cholera morbus Blurts frequently, and It
may be •»ld th**- complaint* el the
bowel* sr* sre»t destroyer* ol child 111*.
II all mothers would svsll th*m*»ly«* of
•o effec'.lve a remedy aa Dr. J. D. K*l-
loss'* Dvaentory Cordial many a little
on* could bo saved. This Cordial can be
liven with saloty to the smallest child,
as there Is no Injurious aubstanoe ln It.
"They say she's an enthusiastic motorist." "She is. She'a acquainted
with lour gentlemen who own six-
cylinder car?."—Detroit Free PresB.
A Good Retort
Dr. Rutherford, ex-stock eommis.
sioner for Canada, who used to be in
politics, got back neatly at a member
of Parliament, a short time ago.
The doctor wag under examination
in the agricultural committee, and in
speaking of Canadian cattle he produced an old photograph which . he
stated he had obtained In the province of Quebec. He said that he had
found it In the barn of a farmer, and
he smilingly related how, by a little
careful manipulation he had managed
to carry it away with him.
H. H. Miller, the member lor South
Grey, thought he saw a chance to take
a fall out of the doctor, so he interrupted with the comment, "I hope
you left the barn, dootor."
"Yes," said Dr. Rutherford. "You
see, I've been out of politics for some
Marks—"Yes, I'm working day and
night to put that scheme through."
Parka—'You're foolish. Do nothing
about it and it will fall through."—
Boston Transcript.
A HouHhold Modklne.-They that are
acquainted with the sterling properties
ol Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil ln tho treatment of many ailments would not be
without it in the house. It ie truly a
household medicine and as It Is effective
in dealing with   many   ordinary    com-
Slaints it ia cheaper than a doctor.   Bo.
eep it at hand, as the call for it may
come most unexpectedly.
"Happiness," declared the philosopher, "is the pursuit of something,
not the catching of it."
"Have you ever," interrupted the
plain citizen, "chased the owl car on
a rainy night?"—Toledo Blade.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs—This fall I got thrown
on a fence and hurt my chest very
had, so I could not work and it hurt
me to breathe. I tried all kinds of
Liniments and they did me no good.
One bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT warmed on flannels and applied on my breast, cured me completely.
Rossway, Digby Co., N.S.
No Marvellous Mice
After he had waited outside for ten
long minutes, the iloni" was opened on
the chain and a woman's face appeared at the aperture "Good morning,
madam," began the street hawker in
his sauvest tones. "I have here a lit-
tls article of universal utility. It is
called the Marvellous Mice Exterminator, and the price "
"No use," interrupted the woman
grimly. "We have no marvellous
mice in this house—only the ordinary
Then the door was shut and the
hawker was once more alone.
Worms feed upon the vitality of children and endanger their lives. A simple
and effective cure is Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator.
"They say the young bride across
the way is vety fond of her husband." "So she is. I believe she
thinks more of him than of anything
else on earth, except her pet French
bull terrier."—Baltimore American.
Minard's Liniment Curea Colds, Etc.
The Supreme Teat
Brownly—Is Jonea contented?
Townly—I should say so; I never
heard him complain of the way his
shield is taught in school.—Harper's
No other fly killer compares with
Wilson's Fly Pads.
Miss Young—"In Turkey a woman
doesn't know her husband till after
she's married him." '
Mra. Wedd—"Why mention Turkey
especially?"—Boston Transcript.
To Enjoy Life
tou need a healthy stomach, active liver, kidneys and bowels.
These organs—and the nerves
and the blood—are better, do
better, when helped by
.S«U Bvavywhen. lakes** If*.
A Good Dog Story
One would have it that a collie is
the most sagacious of dogs, while the
other stood up for the setter. "I once
owned n setter," declared the latter,
"which was very intelligent. I had
him on the street one day, and lie
acted so queerly about a certain man
we met that I asked   the   man his
name, and "    "Oh,   that's an old
story I" the collie's advocate broke in
aneeringly. "The man's name was
Partridge, of course, and because of
that the dog came to a set." "Ho,
ho! Come again!" "You're mistaken," rejoined the other suavely.
"The dog didn't come quite to a set,
though almost. As a matter of fact,
the man's name was Quayle, and the
dog hesitated on account of the spelling!"
A Curs
"War with Japan seems imminent.
These dreadful rumors alarm me."
"Too bad."
"What would you do?"
"Well, I think I would switch mag-
asines."—Kansas City Journal.
Marks—I married my wife a month
after she accepted me.
Parks—That's nothing. I married
mine three days after she refused me.
—Boston Transcript.
New Health and
New Strength for
Suffering Women
In silent patience nearly every woman endures suffering that casts a
shadow over half her existence. An
aching back, tired limbs, attacks of
laintness, and headaches and backaches need not be part of a woman's i
life. Such trials indicate plainly I
that the system requires the new
blood that is supplied through the
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I
These Pills are valued by suffering
women who hnve used them above all
other medicines because they give the
rich, red' blood that makes women
well, bright and nt their best. Mrs.
Fred. Collard, Poplar Point, Man.,
Rays: "I can give you but a very
small estimate of the suffering I endured before I began using Dr. Willinms' Pink Pills. Afer the birth of
my first child I suffered intensely from
ailments thnt too often afflict my
sex. TRis was complicated by an
attnek of bleeding piles, and the
agony of the days and nights I endured is almost past comprehension.
1 tried ninny remedies but tbey did
not help me in my trouble, nnd from
a healthy young woman weighing 140
pounds I fell awny in weight to 95
pounds. I grew'so weak I could
hardly walk across thc floor, and
there were times I hardly knew what
I was doing so great wus my agony.
1 went to Brandon and consulted a
ilnctor who suid that nothing would |
help me but un operation for both I
my troubles, and that I would have
to remain 111 the hospital (nr nt least
eight weeks. .Being n farmer'! wife!
1 felt thnl this was impossible, nnd I
while in Brandon I met n friend who I
stvcngly urged tne to try Dr. Wil-!
llama' Pink Pills, telling me Hint
they had cured her trouble similar!
to mine, after an operation had proved
of no benefit. She had such strong j
faith In them that she guve me the
first box, and I began using them.
It wns not .long before I found much
relief. I continued to use the Pills
all thc rest of that summer, and the
result was they restored me to perfect health. I told the doctor what
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills had done
for me, nnd his reply wns thnt he
considered what they had done for
me a little less thnn n miracle. I have
since recommended the Pills to many
others who have suffered from woman's troubles, and they always produced beneficial results. I hope that
this statement will be of benefit to
some other suffering person." *
These Pills are sold by all medicine dealers or may be had by mail
at SO cents a box or six boxes for
S2.50 from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
United States Haa Surplus Production, but Our Superior Quality
Attracts the Yankee
Such prophecies as James J. Hill
has been guilty of, in depicting the
United States as almost at the limit
of her productive powers, are vain
babblings, when the actual agricul-
tuinl condition of the United Stntes
is considered. Those people like J.
J. Hill who argue ' for Reciprocity,
simply wnnt Canadian wheat for
milling nnd export purposes nnd nothing else. Northern whent from
Canada has n reputntion for qunlity
and it is this qunlity the American
desires to inject into his brand of
llntfr and grain shipments to Britain.
The facts of the cuse ure evident in
the following extruct from un nrticle
written for a Winnipeg daily paper
a fortnight ago:
"So far as wheat is concerned, and
it is the chief breadstuff that United
States would like to get from Canada,
our neighbors do not need Canadinn
wheat for their own consumption.
Their chief purpose in getting free
wheat from Canada would be to export it through their ports and to use
it for milling purposes, thus benefitting their own courses of transportation. Prices would not be helped in
any way, because the United States
has a surplus production of wheat
that will make that country an exporter of flour and grain for the next
hundred years. The following figures
show how the volume of wheat production is increasing in the States:
1908    634,000,000
1909    684,000,000
1910    737,000,000
"In connection with these statistics showing the increase in the total
nnnunl yield of wheat in the United
Stntes it is most important to note
the words of Mr. C. L. Olmsted, chief
of the Bureau of Statistics at Washington, who has just recently issued
the results of a study on the subject
of population and subsistence. He
combats the view that ngricultural
production will fail to keep pace with
the growth of population, and he
shows that the agriculture of the
United States, after passing through
a phase of decadence incident to the
exploitation of new land, has obtained a secare footing in the contrary direction toward improvement.
"The general trend of production
per acre was a declining one during
the two decades 1876-1885 nnd 1886-
1895, but in the decade 1898-1905 and
from 1908-1909 the mean production
per acre has steadily increased. Mr.
Olmsted shows that the mean production per acre for the lour years,
1906-1909, has increased over the preceding ten years as follows:—
Wheat (per acre)      &B per cent
Corn     7.1 per cent
Rye     6.5 per cent
Potatoes  15.5 per cent
Buckwheat         8.6 per cent
Tobacco  '...   9.7 per cent
Free Library For ths Blind.
Of all our public libraries, une of
t..e most interesting aud most deserving of public support is the Cauudiau
Free Library for tne Bliud, which was
established ut tne village ul toarkliaui
in 1908. It is uow proposed to wove
the institution to Toronto, in order
tiiat it may be more easy of access,
and to improve its usefulness by placing some hundreds ol additional volumes on ita shelves. Au effort will
also be made to install a press tor the
uiauulacl-re of tactile books, iu order
that some of the gems ol Cauadiau
literature whicb bave never been reproduced in ruised letters may be en-
loyeu by tue blind.
Tbis library uas also a department
ai free instruction in the art ol reading tactile print. Vthilt* il is difficult
tot tliose u u. who ure blessed with
.liht to reulue tuny how much tactile
uouai, una uie uoilliy Vo read tliem,
.Mil mean to our live liluusunU lellow-
Canadian., who ure djouied to past
then uuy4, ns well as tneir nights, iu
jlter darkness, Una l.'urary . uppeal
lur public support on huiiia.ular.au
vruU.iU I. e_ou,ueiil.
Tue library is available to all the
nlilld ol Canada, Iruui Halifax tu Van-
louver. Hooks are transmitted tree
uf postug.', ul.. the librarian promptly,
mails bu< .<* ordered Irom the caie-
.ugue.- -Montreal Standard.
Relationships Changed.
This is the latest story which has
namlered up here from the Province
il Quebec, and it is typical ul the
(uauit b'rencii-L'unudiun sen.e ul hu-
uur. Jean Baptists na. lost in. wile,
in-1 as a mark ol respect and a visible sign ol aiouriiiug ue put a black
sand an lhe sleeve of his coat. He
jrew lonely, and three months alter
ihe deatli uf ti.s wile be married her
lister, but he did not think it quite
proper tu remove the muunung band
to quickly, and ot course hia new
wile did not object to it.
Une day Jean Uaptiste met a friend,
kIioii: hu had not seen lor suine time.
Noticing the badge ul mourning, be
inquired, "Jean, who ees eet die in
/our family P"
"My seester-in-law. Che die," replied tlie ham'* hride_rroi.pi.
Could Bs Wens.
Sate th* African anu: "What can I tor
I never felt quite ao bad.
Tbey  crippled  me  when  they  shot off
And thst'* why I'm lookins so aad.**
Said  th* wise  old  foi:   "Your ear* W*
should bos
For Allowing yourself to feel small.
If they had .hot off your U what could
you do?
Wby, w* couldn't pronounce you st »ni"
—Chicane. Maw*.
J. Y. EGAN, Specialist of Toronto
Delay Is the. common error of the ruptured.
Vou mnj hive been ruptured arm. time and i.o
rhans* noticeable. But no rupiure .uud. itllt.
Ives UlMt getting larger tlie Dowel la (rowing
last to ae inside ana any dav .our ordinary
tnu. ll liable tti slip mill. Ilr.ii, j or coughing
and more ot tha bows! escapes. In suoh a can
alraugulated itemia may reau.tUi death. People
come to me constipated, irritable, wbo seldom
rharfr mis to run ure, but here la tbe cauae. A
rupui.-. «u-_.__i_i .be w! ow physical organi.m seai
la s constant nerve Irritant. Yonr rupture mind,
Smleel like a new being: your nerves recover '
lelr normal tone, your r.uidown condition rs-
plaoHVby vtyoroua health. Act now snt rs*
move the dally danger of death, wblcb, .Ik* a
thin -Wclnud, banga over every ruptured ter-
.in Don't di-lay, to eullcr snd die. Let bis
Imp you tn live snd enjoy life, mist I haw
done lor tlnmiauda the paat fifty yeart I ean do
lor you to-day. Awaken to Ibe .act wbat a cur*
mens t yuu—viz., Immediate necurltv, i-omlort
and a perfect physical comiitton. 'Ill a la aii
yours to-day for tlie asking. Out-o.-tow n patten is
consult me and ret rn home same day.
m.h.hi Afflicted wltb rupture, dlapbc*.
I LADIES I ment, weakliest, lame back,
~__*11~T| stooped shoulders, corpulency
"•"■•""■■m or weakness after an operation
eaa be permanently relieved by my luteal Invention, via., "Tke Cenaftaii," which gives ele-
gance and ahapelliieaa to the figure and over
tomes the direct causes of womcu's troubles.
Mm of all ages antler
from this .miction In
some way. No matter
bow serious, Ume afflicted, or failure ei-
perlenced trying to Secured by medicine, free
trials or eleotrlc belts, my BI itone method will
cure. No pain or detention Inv work. My
cuargu ste within the reach o.' all
 Tear ol lr*s coupon now. •
Fees CensuKatlsn Ceupen.
. Thia coupon, upon presentauoa to J. T.
kgan, nip ure specialist. r_BI treat King
Street, Toronto, who will visit the towaa (on
dates mentioned below) will entiUe bearer to
lree consultation and examination of hla or
ber cane. Aak at hotel lor cumber el av
eonjulttug nam. Met* dates.
WtNMiPBo-q.nnSon HM.I. dar'na K.hibl-
lion. 10 dan only "l.y .nS ni|.ht--Jul> U-U-lMt-
ll-ln-H._0.-l.__i. Writ, to Toronto II j on do aot
vl.lt Winnipeg.
The Wsy ol It
Harker—Didn't I understand you to
say he wns a tried and trusted man?
Parker—Not exactly. He was tried
alter he had been trusted.—Chicago
*•*_* M Narttftn Smth. tSatt, Ma. Ha. IMS
Mwriw. tae Siie., l» A.e,tlo jg**, Ms. SI JO
Murines Ey»IUsa*^t<yr<>.,rhlt>s_aa
Mrs. Jnhbe—"Jones practically lives
in his automobile."
Mr. Jabbe—"Has to—lie sold his
home to buy it."—Chicago Dnily
If allowed to ronin over your houso
those few innocent-looking house Hies
muy cnusc a reel tragedy any day, as
they are known to he the principal
agents for the spread of those deadly
diseases, typhoid fever, diphtheria
and smallpox.
Honesty is the hest policy, cspeci-
nlly when you wish to borrow1 something on your policy.—Puck.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
The bachelor should be arrested for
contempt uf courtship.—Life.
on the
Wt offer yon   frat
this book thai telleyotf
I ill about hone du-
I (■•cited bow to cure
i them. Cell for It et
your loceldniffUt or write et.
I la tmnaMai    tl in*. •*>•!.. 0»t>. SHW. I
'-    -  q.Srklr an. Mttly I
Bt»__».w_«».ltolM-MMt»*alraiiS.e*» I
al SmS nr**- **»> «**» U"HWmSS I
_»w..o,.l.r_.j».''liBMv«iSp.rtaCai. ass I
1»» Sal raaiMtMhl** ll -en* **** I* I
INr.rii«a_riie**_,i«S*wka,0»a. I
k.in.iM.     **r»%aa »ihI "».»"» I
valaaM. TraeWe M U» fcna. I
i iten_a>MUn«_MU_ewfM_r I
*      SMvIn Cum lot. mmm wilk I
,mt m. us ,., II . I
NnMr.tKSMrlMpn.ln. I
k.aaaaU ainiariaMMM
.SH. I. tal MIS.
[I fo. MMOte.1 II I
HoaaT'        f£,r"to*i anna*, I
IUBANCS wHwjua. '
_.   es.s.j.m»tuc*w>irr
tS  Sana. a»eUa. Sa_mas*.eaA.
W. N. U., Ne. ISJ. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
®iji>£uimttt0&tttt w
hrnats   of   the  people   of Canada,
hat in tbe world does   the   News
ubllBhed at Qrand Porka, British Columhl
. A. Kvahs ..
A Hie of tbt. pallor oan be aeen at the offloe
jf Mnaara. IS. & J. Hardy A Co., 3H. SI mid 82,
Fleet, stroet, B.C., London. Biifffniiil. tree or
rhurffe, mid that Srm Will be glml to receive
iili-crli liniiH nnd advertisement* on our lie-
A contemporary remarks that two
Liberal candidates have  met defeat
_ , in Yale-Carilioo ciurinp; the past few
Bditorand Publisher years.    The paper intentionally for-
 got to state that during   the same
period two Conservatives—one of
tbem being Martin Burrell—have
met their Wa'terloos in the district
■ tue Veor M.H0
•'tie Year (In nilvaucol  I-0"
One Yenr, lu lulled Slate.  1.M
Address all cuiiimiinioationc to
Thk Bvbning Sum,
fHoiia R7I Qhand Koiiks, H.C
Goodeve is a purling snlntatio i
Thursday, September 21, the people of Canada will be given an opportunity to decide whether or not
they desire a larger market for their
products. Reciprocity means progress; "let well alone" means to
Btand still, and to stand still eventu-
'ally leads to retrogression. On the
merits of reciprocity alone the government should be returned to power
w tb an increased majority. But
the Conservatives are attempting to
introduce a number of irrelevant
issues in the campaign, with tbe object of diverting the attention of the
electors from the real question. The
most absurd of these side issueB
which is atpresent being persistently
paraded tit*Iore the Canadian people,
is the claim that a freer commercial
intercourse between tbe two nations
will eventually lead to annexation.
The absurdity of this claim is bo apparent that it will not influence the
voter who po-sesses ordinary intelligence, allhot g i it may catch the
votes of a few ulira-imperialisls who
have conceived the mistaken idea
that the man who works consistently
for the advancement of Canada,without taking the time 'to hourly proclaim his loyalty to the mother
country is necessarily disloyal to
the empire. Tbere is no occasion
for protestations of loyalty at the
pnsjiit time. The allegiance of
the citizens of Canada to the empire
has not yet been questioned. The
man who shows his loyalty to Canada by endeavoring to further her
prosperity, tlius enhancing the
glory of thu empire, cannot be called
a disloyalist. A man's lirst duly
should be to tbe,country in which be
lives, of wbich he is a citizen, and
where he bas property interests.
In eastern Canada thoy are betting four to nun that tbe I.nurier
government will be returned to
power. It is an indication Unit the
consumers desire tho cost of living reduced.
In this province the Liberals will
gain at least two members. Comox-
Atlin, Victnrin nnd Vancouver arc
sure governmenl scuts. In the other
constituencies there will be nn even
Hon. R. McBride, ns has already
been noted, states that Quebec will
be the storm centre of the political
campaign. In one sense our premier wns right. It was in Montrenl
that "the interests" met and volunteered to contribute half a million
dollars towards the Tory campaign
fund provided Mr Borden consented to obstruct the passage of the
reciprocity agRement. But half a
million is not enough to corrupt the
electorate of ull Canada, even if the
people were susceptible to suoh in
fluences as a party in alliance with
curporate greed can exercise.—Victoria Times.
Howe's Great London Shows
There are many novel acts with
the Great London Shows which are
certain to be well received in every
oity lucky enough tu secure a visit
from the consolidated enterprises.
There are acts which were never
seen/ in America until this show
opened its season of 1911, forthe
reaton that there was no amusement
enterprise great enough tn affnrd the
large salaries which the artists demand, and no iuslitation with sufficient prestige to attract the aiten-
ion of such  celebraied  perfomers.
The Eddy family of acrobats, f r
instance, perform feats which have
never been seen in other shows.
The Great London Circus will exhibit in Grand Forks August 16.
Don't forget that The Sun hns thi
best job printing department in thi
Boundary country.
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
A new lot of. latest designs of urn
grain nml menu cards just received at
The Son job olliee.
Martin Hiiiiiki.i. has one defeat
and a victory to his credit. With a
true spirit of reciprocity in political
honors, it is his turn to give way to
a new member this fall.
P. O. BOX 1353 448 SEYMOUR ST.
Men i. Croatia? Hr,,.., Manobeiter, Bug.
(Jn.iuiil ml KiminB.iiml  tin.   Proiluc-r
Mi'ssra.  blok,  Kerr .*_ Cn.,  [.til , Preatoil
ami London. Riifflaiid.
hlei-trluil .Uai'iilm-ry, Mliilug nml Contracting I'llllll'lneiit.
Sponier'., Ltd.. London, Knaland.
IdoulOni    Iglitlng ami tii-atlng I'lani
liir  -iniill olttci -l -n.-.fhi,,-li - fnr,ii-
tiouaea. private hona>-., oto.  Thli lilanl
i.   min-iaI'I.iisivi.. „ num,    nnd
i'li<iiin-r  than i'Ii i-it-li'   light   In   niiiiiy
Wo   invite   correspondence fur   ma
cliimirv Installation, nf nil   klndx
and everything eleotrlcal.
Stock Carried in Vancouver.
Holy Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated ut
the 11 a.m. service as well ns at 8
a m. Weekday and apecinl services
ns they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would bo
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Churoh—
Siibbtith services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Siilibiit.li school nnd Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Kev. M. D. McKee, pas-
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pustor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and J-.'AO p.m.;Sunduy school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
nt 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Churoh, Bev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Servioes on Sunday
nt 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
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Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Practical Plumber
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cause Thf Sun gives thorn
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save* time and trouble. If'
you want Ut bringyouV wares
to the attention of this coin**
itinunv, our advertising columns
In the heat of the campaign during the next six weeks, the fnct
should not be overlooked that Urand
Forks will have the best agricultural
lair in its history tbis fall.
Tiik gentlemen who could snvp
the country if given nn opportunity
to do so, have made their appearance in front of the bars.
AFTER submitting the question to
the country, the Nelson -News says
that Sir Wilfrid Laurier is determined to force reciproctiy down the
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olear. t876cadh, balance terms.
For further particulars npply
Fnr Side nt n llmiinin—Two hiiiss-
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Pliith, Jkix 10, citv.
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tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Form No. 1.
Form No. l!
Norit'Kis hereby Riven that sn appllc(tton
will be marie under Pnrt V. of ilie "Wator
Acl, 1909.'' lo obtain a llcenie In the Similkameen DlvUinn of Yah' District.
(u.) Thu iiiiine.Jttililri'SBHiiil nee n nation of tbe
HVIilli'Hiit: I'eter Vereifln. of (Milium. British Columbia, Fanner. (If for mining pnr-
•iiisvs) Hree .MiiiHr'BCtjriitii-al.* No	
(I).) TU'mime of the lake, strenm or miliree
(if nit tm mud, ihe dem-riptlon is): Twenty
fourth of .May Creek.
(e.) The )i*ntit oi diversion !b about IflOO feet
ahove thu raOlifh of Twenty-fourth of Mny
■.'reek, where it eni|>tleti into Fourth of July
* reek.
(il.) The quantity of waler applied for (In cu-
hn: fcetpul second}: Four-tenths untile ft. per
(e.) i'he diameter of tin* propmed works:
Pipeline anil small renervoir.
(i.) *ne pruuiikuf. un .vtiich the wuter Ik to he
n-eil  (describe name):   1-ou 17H7, 518, -.15  und
(ir) The purposes for which the water Is to he
lived:   Domestic.
(h.) If for Irrigation describe the land Intend-
fed tp be irrigated, giving acreage	
(i.) If the water Is to be used ior power or
mining purposes describe the place where thu
water is lo be returned to iome natural chilli-*
iiul, anil the difference iu alt tude between
point of diversion und point of return	
(J.) Area of Crown laml intended to be occupied by the proposed work:  Nil.
(k.) This notice was posted on Ihe ninth day
ol Junc,jl9ll. and application will lie made to
tin* Cnininif-sloiii i nu tbe eighth day of August,
(I.) (iive tbe names snd addresses of auy
riparian proprietors or licensee* who or (Vhose
lauds are likely to be affiled hy the proposed
ivorkSi either abovi1 or below the nutlet, 	
(signature) I'KTKK VKKlv.IN,
O'.O. A-idress) Hrillliint.lt. C.
J. A. (JoitYKi.i,. Agent.
Nolo—One cubto foot per second U eiinlv.i-
lent to-t"..71 miner's inches.
MOTI h is hereby given thnt an apnllestloti
am Vill fe^m«V\* tsi«lw Pert V, of to VWater
Aot,W9,' tot obtain A license in the Him Ika-
meen Di visit f Yale District.
(") The nnme.  address und   occupation of
!!!?*iuip,nli,u,,i.1,etA'r V*»«Kl»- of Brilliant,
HUtUb Cnlmiihiu, Farmer. (II for mlnine
purposes) Iree Minor's tnrtilleute No
(h)   T e   name    uf    the   lake,   stream or
soiireui nr  unnamed,   ibe   description   in):
* i'ourth of July Oreek.
(0) The point _>f diversion Is about M\
leet above the head of the VaughaO JC Mc-
<d) The uuuiiUty i f water applied for (in
entile feei |. r second): Three-tenths cubic
V, per second.
(e) rhe character of the proposed works:
ripe line uud -mall reservoir,
(f) The lireinkeson which the water It to
he iued (describe ume): I,ot.> -M mul 2M1,
similkameen Division of Vale District
(B) Toe mi'Toses for which the water is to
be used;   Domestic.
(hi If for in itratlon de«-rlbe the land In-
tended to be Irrigated, alvihg acreage	
(1) If tbe water is to be used for power or
mining purpose*, de-cribe the place where
the water is to he returned to some natural
channel, and the (iillireiice in a'Utude between point of diversion aud point of return.
U) Area Of Crown laud Inten led to be oc-
cui'ii'd by the proposed works.   Nil.
(k) This notice was posted on the ninth day
of June, mil, nml application will lie made to
Jh«* Coniinlssloieri.il the eight day of August,
(1) Give the noun ■ and addresses of any
rluarliiti i>roprletors or licensees who or
whose binds an* likely to be affected by the
proposed works, elthur above or below the
(Signature) PR I'KU VEREGIN,
■    .   . (P.o Address)Hnlllant. U,C.
.1   A.< (HtYKLi.. Agent.
Note-One cub!" [uot per second Is equlvao
lent  'o IB.jl in  ui-r'i. iinhes •*• '
form No. 1.
NoTU'K is hereby given tliat an application 1
will he made uniler Part V, ol the '"Wator
Aot,HJuD.' to obtain a license iu the Slmilka*
meen Dlvfsloii of Yalo District. ;
(a) The nam**, address and occupation nfihe
uppllufll t:    Peter   Vereuln, "f Brll iunt, Brit-1
it.li Coluiiibla, Farmer.   (If   for   milling pup
poser) i* tee All Iter's Cet tilleiCe No	
(i.) Tho name of the lake, stream or source (If
unnamed, the description l»)  *a hite> tMeli.
(c) lhe point of • [version Is TLO feet above
crooning of Central Camp  road  uud   White's
(d) The quantity of waler applied for (iu eu-
hiefCCt pel   sei d):  Two-teillllSCUblo  n. l'Ci-
(e: lhe eharaetcr of iln* proposed WorkSI
Pipe line aud ■*lnall reservoir,
(t) Uiei.reiul iii which tne water !st» he
use.:   (dcscrHic   Mime):   Luis   LftiB    and    |U_H,
mtip tine, tilmllkamecn  hh Isloti of Vnle Dis-
. i u*i.
(L-) Thcputi s for which the water Is tone
Uscdl  Domestic.
(I.) li rnrirrlpn Inn describe the land lutend-
eo hi heirilmile.l.   glvltl I   acreaui' .     ..
(i) If lhe water i*- lohu used ior power or mlnin l* |iurpi'SeM|iM*i'llie the place wnerc lbe WStOt I
I- to he returned io sonic nstural nhaniiel, unit
He  dllhrvncc   In   allilude between    point of,
diversion mid point nl return        I
(j)   VreuofGrowil land Intended  to he Keen-;
pea bv iliepropmed works;     ii.
(i;) This notice was punted on the «ti day of
lime IMI ami application »ill '«• luadi !••'
iiicCotniulsstbuer on the Btll iiav ol AugiiNi,
I -11.
(I) Hive the   names •Add  addresses   oi   any
ni* ,1'liin proprietors or lloen*ecs who nr whose
latins are   .si Iv to healteeinl   hv  th-*  pto|M*
works eln-e ibov belmi thomillei 	
(Signature) IM-.TKK VRKKOlN.
{!'■<> Address)Brilliant 11 0.
t. A. OoiiYKL.. Agent,
Note  Oneeiibic foot per second is eunlv
em to :c.il • iue m Inches
v*^iV^*. ^^      t*fli
ClassiJicd Want Ads.
wi.!l ful ail your rc-
quirerfipn.9. They net
as tk 1 .ns which will
concentrate ail your
nee Is, nn<." larinfi them
fo a perfect focus of
sn«i-««rtory results.
WORK     VV thMC
JKKIll.KtVIIKK willltmlt   ilo.il    Cull
I   un »irs. Wm  Keron,s.Mni atrepl
GOOnPASTU'    UK fur i lltli, I'ln.rli, I'ltv:
•ul.' I. : ulnui'lace ut IwO,   For levin i
llMltlv ti, .lulu, Hamim-i. 1' tl, ,,l ,tn|y omDK
OriL'lunl   Mineral   Clnlni.   Hllunte   In   tin-
;i mul  Korki Mlnlim Ulvi.lun ut Ynle Hi--
When' Ini'n'eil:   Iii Drnwn'l eiunp.
TilvK KOTII K   Hint   I. Aliiximilii  (' Bll r.
I    Free    Insrc* Curtineate No. SASWRi (m
nivs.-ir in il il. iiiru'it for rluiilf- I. Biiltf.i
(I'rso Miners' (■.■rtllimile X". :l Mill, In-
tei.,1. .Ixtv ilir. fruniltiii ilntf lien-uf. In l»-
uly to ths Mining Recorder lor a tlerllHciiii
u'luiiiritvi'iiipiit. furtliu piiri'Ohe of obtain
Iuu ne in u 'Iran t of the n'-ove I'lnim.
Auilfiirtlu'ltiike ii'i'lee Mint   ttetlOM.  Ilii'li'i
M'l'tliui  :I7.   Illil.t   lie eniiilili-iiroil l,fl,.re the
Lauanoe o(   such rerttnoat, ol   Iniprovc-
llnleil thl« HHIIi ilny nf .lime, \ 11 IJJJI
rt'ltXISHIii. ItllilMS-Amili   ilr., K. Cru»-
r   i ini
• "VKItTISINi! BPAOB In TheSiui.thn moTi
wlilely rt'iiil iiett-aimi, r In the.Kettle Vul-
fltTOvmTEU-pllveri  new.    App)y s,„,
I A Nil-Ui'i iii'fea iriiuiillmutliy  Inml.   Aliuly
L    Uu-ullii'i'.
S's'tl '°r  ",,vl"'"*1"1'   nuriiu.u.   In  1l7e THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
^fO&rr" »V"
yg&%*v*****-^*      ^^^^^
Aeroplane Races Every Day.
"Pioneer  Days  In  the  Palouse"
ThU  Exhl-     i i
$126,000   Will   Be   Spent   on
bit on     *■	
Greatly Increased Prizes
Mtny New Classes. Open to All
ll'rllf  For Pl'emlttill   Lint mill  Dtlllll  i'li'lli-aii
217  Hutton  Block.
States. It is impossible to treat such
an argument with any kind of re-
spect,if indeed it can be dignified with
the name ot argument, for if it has
any meaning, its meaning is that the
people of Canada would be seduced
from their allegiance bv the prosperity
to follow the larger flow of natural
commerce, for experience of all ages
abundantly justifies that trade is the
moat potent agency of peace, amity
and mutual respect between natiuns.
Nor is this all. The agreement, which
in no way impairs our fiscal policy,
which still maintains at top mast the
fecund principle of British preference,
this agreement hy opening up new
avenues of trade- hitherto closed,
would further improve the friendly
relations which now happily exist between this country and the mother
country on the one hand anrl tho
American republic on the other hand,
and which it is hoped may at no distant date eventually join in a general
treaty of arbitration, the effect of
which would be to remove forever all
possibilities of war between the great
empire of which we are proud to form
a part and the great nation which we
are proud to have as neighbors.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget tliis. k
(Cowludeil frnm Page Onr.)
Hotel QoWn
Opposite Great Northern Station
.gjgg!^.^-E~>'**■»-■ smm--^..--j-r.._ , --"„.■■ ___^_i;_L'__J*_g.
Recently completed and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. Klrit-
class accommodation* (or
transients. Hoard and
rooms by the week at prevailing rates, fine line ot
Wines, Liquors and Clear*
always In stock at the bar.
^S^^^i^mmm=^S    Grand Forks, B. C.
 ' seems absolutely to reverse  the   life.
The high price of living has |()llg poiioy ()t it8 !<reat ]eajten in the
not affected our ,joh printing pMtj deolurine that it will oppose to
prices.   We're are still doing tho bitter eiKi the verv prjncipieenuu.
high class commercial work of cittted by both  Sir jo)ln Macdonald
all kinds at prices satisfactory an,i Sir John Thompson in the last
to yOU. | election addresses upon which each of
You might as well cut off^#^W«irf to the
your legs because you are run-', °ttna',."", PeoP,e;. Not eoatent to de
ningwellina footrace as to:^''>'» proposition upon .u merits
Cllt Off youi* advertising be- :the CWjatlve party in the house of
cause your business is too «=omn.ons has adopted a system of ob-
,_nfi \ struction   to prevent any vote being
°   Itaktm   in   parliament   by  which the
Some business men are bo fond of, opinion of your  representatives there
being   deceived   that they even en-1 could be expressed.
deavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.
Show cards for widhows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make tbem brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
-ItmOO mall, lisl-
iiiu'i' lerma. One
ni liekt linlel. in
the bualneff i*eti
$15,000 _ „...
tre of (iraud Polks; ii"W doing a profitable
hiiMiiif'ti; owner deilrei to remove to the
rnuNt. Till" 1* the best Imraniii in this part
of the province, as there ure hut i<'veu hotc
licein.e__.li* the Uratld Korks.   'ity is growing
rapidly.  No otlier town In southern British
Coluiuhin hu>< Bl hritfhl future ptolpMt*.
PHONF 64        HAND FORKS, B. C
(lui'lUhod Annually)
Knu'le*  fruiters   tliruliulioilt   the   world   to
cuininuiiictttc direct with Lut: lull
in i-tii'ii
nii-ii. in
'III., nl U" nl-.    ".'-Iiii". I'l'iiiU 	
iiiini'ii-iiil  -ulil'- tn I.imiiIiii  mill
. tin' illr.-' ti"> i tilt"- Mat-nl
with tlie floods thel" thip,
and l'or«'iirn 'lurketx  Sey
ami ihe Uolonlnl
iriiiniffl Under tin- Porta tu wlilel) they Mill,
ami Indicating the approximate Sul|lu|[ii_
of lending Matiufavturfis, Merchants, etc., lu
tho principal nr"Vlnelul towns and ludustriii.
centre* of the United Kluudnm
A copy of the current edition Will he forwarded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
Order for 203.
healer* "et'klitg Agi'iieleii ran advcrtl-c
iheir trade cards lor 11, or larger advertisements from £3,
26, Abchuicli bun', Ixiliilon,   E.0,
Day after day when the presiding
ollicer has tried to put the question he
bas been met by diliatory motions, by
enilloss speeches, by obstructive de
vices of every kind, each put forward
on some specious pretext but in reality nothing else than to abuse the free
doin of speech in parliamentary debate. Such pretenses are simply a
clumsy attempt o give color to unwarranted and undignified obstruction.
To overcome that obstruction after a
session whicli has already luted eight
months would uot only mean the continuation of the unseemly spectacle
presented by the opposition in the
house of commons since the resumptions of its sittings on the 18th inst.,
but woultl also mean weeks and
months of wasted time and perhaps
end in the close of tbis season to the
Canad.an producer uf a free American
market. In this condition of things it
hai seemed tu his excellency's advisers
more in accordance with the dignity
of parliament, with the traditions of
those British institutions which all
true Canadians value so highly and
which the present opposition degrade
with Mich a light heart, ami with thu
best interests of the country as a
whole, to remit the iss.ie to the people
ihemsolves, so that the peoplu themselves may judge between the govern-
Parliament Prorogued
Ottawa, July 27.—Parliament was
prorogued today bv proclamation, and
immediately afterwards a proclamation was issued dissolving the house
and fixing nominations for September
14 and polling on September 21.
When this morning's sittings of the
cabinet council broke up, Sir Wilfrid
Laurier authorized Mr. Fielding to
announce the news.
The minister of finance pioinptly
said; "Gentlemen, parliament has
heen dissolved and elections will take
place.ou Thursday, September 21."
Rumors of dissolution were alloat
all morning, but it was not believed
that the announcement would come so
soon, and it caused the wildest excitement.
The members of the house will
pack up and get away to their constituencies at once. Hon. \V, Tern
pieman expects to leave for the west
about the middle of next week.
The Conservative, members will get
away without delay.
First Thought Not Sold
P. Burns, the big Canadian cattle
man and packer, has made the following announcement concerning the reported sale of the First Thought mine,
located at Orient, a few miles south of
this city:
Caumuy, Alta., July 28.—Reports
have been circulated from time to
time ii'uiiiiling the phenomena! value
fouu'l in the First Thought inlnej
also regarding the prices which have
bi'i'ii offered me fur this property and
I wish to give these the fullast
measure of contradiction. The First
Thought mine has had no phenomenal
records, has encountered no fabulously
rich ore und has paid uo dividends for
two years. It is at present closed
As the stock is in very few Irmids,
Vou will realize that I have no inter
est whatever in giving you anything
but a true outline of conditions.
1 he Oliver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
Please rend the headllnL'rovcr again. Then its
tremendous MnulUcauce will iuwn upon vou
,Mt Oliver TypuwrilLT-thu st.ui.Innl vljdblo
writer—the 1110M highly per, led typewriter
on the market—yonrs Ior 17 rents     day!
Thc typewriter ffhnneconquest of the com
merelal world la a matter of nUtor*/—yonrn t<"
n cents a dayi
The typewriter l hat Is equipped with scores of
SUCh etinveiiUiieew n.» ' 1 hi? I.hIuikv Shift"—
'The KiiIiiit_ri»evi(*e"-"Tliu   l>mil.le Kelenso"—
"The  -Locomotive   Hum-"—"The    Automatic
Spurt I*'—"Tlie   Automatic   Tn huhitor"—■•The
-"The Adjustable Paper KiiiKci^'-'.'Tlifl .Sei-
eniillc rotideiiseil Key-
p   board"—oil »-*■>
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
^^^^^^^^^ We anonneed   this
new miles plan recently, jnsi to feel the jmlse of
the people, simply a small rush payment—
then 17 cunts 11 duv. That is the ulnn in a nut
The result has been such h deluge of applications for machines Hun we are simply aB*
The demand comes from people of all classes,
nil Hues, all occupations.
The majority ol Inquiries has oouiS,froia peo-
lent known ilnainlai standi uk who were attracted by the novelty of ihe propos. 'on. An
Impressive demonstration of the Immense pup*
marltyof ihe Oliver Typewriter
A startling confirmation nf our belief that
lhe Km of Universal TypeWriling lb at Hand.
A   Quarter  of a Million People
are Making Money with
The Standard Visible Writer
Tbe Oliver Typewriter is a mnney-nuikw
rluht from the word "gol" SoeAsyto run lhat
beginners soon get in the "expert'1 olass. Karti
us you learn. Let tbe machine ray lbe 17 cents
ii dav—and all above that Is yours. *s
Wherever you are, there Is wnrli to lie dn-ne
snd money to bc made hy uslllu the Oliver. The
business world Is calling for ullver operators,
There are uot enough lo supply ihe demand.
TheirsuitiricK are considerably above those ol
many classes of workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tbst is the battle cry today.   Ae have made
lhe Oliver supreme In usefulness and absolutely
I ii dispensable in business. Now comes the con
quest of the home,
1 be ■simplicity aud strength ofthe Oliver tit It
for family use. It Is hi-comiup an important
factor In the home training of young people.
An ed urn tor as well as a money maker.
Our new selling plan puts the Oliver ou tht*
threshold of every home It) America, win vou
ciose the door of vour home or ottlce on this re
inarkahle Oliver olI'rT
Write for further details of onr easy offer nnd
a true copy of tne new Oliver catalog,   AdVreiH
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Ollv.r Tj |n'u Til or BiiIIiIIiik,
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dti'/t'ii books in ono, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, ininci'iiliigv, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. Ifc is {i praeical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
■nines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propei ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about   mining, milling investments and copper  statistics. .
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is SO in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace  J. Ste vena,
Editor and Publisher,
403 Postollice Ulock,
Houghton. Michigan.
Mining Stock Quotations
BobTon,   August .'! —The   folio*
ing ure today's opening quotations f"
6 ou
ment   ami   opposition   mud     declare
whether they   have   changed  their 1 tj,a stocks tnentianed.
mind or whether they ure still   iu   fa-j Asketl
vor of reciprocity in natural products, Granby  Consolidated.    I
ami   whether   they    will   ur  will nntl 	
have   the   American   market  forthe! fl^j  Quotatjons
promising crop soon to be gathered in i
Canada, |    New ,Yo,1K' Augusts-Silver  53;
.„,   . , ,, standard copper, wl *. __!>(» IJ. 85, hun.
ll.e_.ssue,   my  fellow   countrymen,;     U,slll,s/'Aaf,Ml  3.—Silver,   '.Ml;
is iu your hands, and to your decision i ieft(j £|;( cIH ;j() ,
his majesty s government in Canada'	
ara well content to leave it. The only policy holder who
It has been alleged by  the opposi- tlot-sn't need to pay his |ilciil-
litin that this  agreement  if con sum- illllls is llt'illl.     Till,   lilllv   111,'UI
mated would imperil connection   with will) doesn't 111*0(1 to adVGl'tiSO
the mother country, and finally  bring is   till*   1111111   who  lllls  retired
the uniioxtion of Canada to the United I'l'Olll lmsillt'SS.
City and Suburban
110X17& PT. LOT IwtwMn
Stroud and Third ttreeU,
ju>.l ulmvi* -lutlpv lA'umy't
_ -_ and I-a.Gftw'i |dnrf>i; «ep-
arat-vd from all other tirujHTtlM hy H>U,
litye: si lame ti- seven or i-luht ordlnnr> lot**.
itdjuinJi^r lot* nn- worth *|H; would mnke
nine home, nltti tHifflrifMit ltimid for clili-U-
i'in. fro It, irnrdf-ti Aim) lawn; inittit dpblrit1'!!'
oontloii in city.
rourn ■ oupfli born f
huoffy.dQiiblo hnroo*
motiU   Allfur$8WiO.
irwi. trim ireei,ber"
"■ ill nltotoll fiitiiitn
iini'-liiill <*»*«li btiHtii
gooieberri >. nnrront*,
irti*,t: tho belt locfttl m
nloiit) "1 j-'"*'1 wotoi
:'•'.   ACItKS   ftiljollillill
ill j limit*, on   •••uth I
u acrei clear*11 i.-ti
h mi treoii now tour
f <r i>lx   Iiuthi'm; hone
-  nu*  t»rininK  implfl
Ba<i) torini.
.md Ihrte lutii within
one id" k nf i.ii-ini".-
^^^^^^   ei'itU,.;    lit'M,.   -Inid
hut ireeitberrj huihot. lorjrenirdoii
tt Hi hlto mil fuiuiiiiii- ol Iioiim* if (foalroe
One-hall oaak, balanoo termi.
m inllei frnm towni
•room Iioiiioi ploat*
r» di Iiiilm- Im rtrj ibod
• mililird: IV) frull
ncrea iirnM l>«'i rtt»*<
rni|iberrlei; ftoe f mn
iroui'd Qrnnd Porkit
; hull end orop iu
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANT available Dominion Lands within tlm
Hallway ivlt nf ItrltUh Columbia may he
bobieateaded by any person who li tlu> iicud
nf a f ii in 11,v. nr any muir over eighteen yean
nf anl*, to tho I'xti'iit of oue-nuurter leotlou
uf hKi aeru. moro or Ion,
Kutry mint in* tnadfl poraonally at tin* lui*al
laud 11tlii i* for the dlitriot in whiuh Ihe Inml
Tint liuuienteiider li re<|iiired to perform
tho ennilitloui vuuuejted therewith under
one of the following plain:
(I) At li'ii-.t «lx inouthi' reildeuce upon and
I'tiltlviition ofthe lnnd ln eaoh year fur three
In If tin futlior(ur mother, If tin* father U
di'cuiM'dj, ofthe humeiteaderreHldc- uiiou u
farm In the vicinity of the laud eiit<<n>d fur,
the ret|tilremeiiti ai to reiideuve mav be tat-
titled by inch pereon reiidlnc Wltb the fattier
or mother.
(I) If the Mttler hai hli permanent nil1
deuce unon farming land owned by him lu
tbe vicinity of hli homeitead.the nqiilre>
mentaai to residence may bo eat titled hy
roildeueo niton the mid land,
six moilthl1 notioe In wrltlnir ahuutd he
tilvcii iln* CoipmlllloilOr <>• DninTiilun   I.iiihIi
at Ottawa nf tiiteutlon iu apply ror patent.
Coal *Coal rin.ii ,- riiflits iuu*' ht* leased
fur a period of tweuty-ono yoan al an minimi rental uf || mi per aore. Nut more-Mian
Siflflhaerei aball lie leaied tn one Individual or
pomimuy. a royalty attbo rotoof flveoeuta
per ton ahall be oolleeted on the raenbant*
able (mil mined.
Deputy <>f theMluliterof the Intorlor.
n.h. *Unaiithorlaed   publleatloii nf   thli
advertl ■ will uol bo paid for.
llotween •* and -i aoroi
In We-i  cud ur city :
lir-t clau •.oil. all un-
    tier i-ul Ivalinu: i I
home, woodrtied and otiibtiilillntf'i moiI and
Jill If  : 1'lie.il follQO,     1 III*. I- U-nllCI'il'eiMii. tilt II •
e: iiaboni to leave city. Terma.
Fur further information to
aardinn tho above pi'opoitlea
cull or mlrlivs*.
1e,*# -
Receive both Ladlei and Oentlemeu aa rc<u
dent nr dav vtudeittn: baaa oomoteto Oom>
merelal or Biiiinon Cotiraei prep*na itu*
dentato nlti Teapbera' OertlHcatea nf nil
vradeai flvea the four yeara oourae fur the
II. A, decree, ami th« flfil  vcurnftlie  BohOOl
nfRcleiiepcoiir**. In affiliation with the fo»
rnutt Unlveriltj : bin i ipi - tal l ruil" '"rt-
coin-" fm   ninei - w I     -vuil   lu I   Qt I* ■ ■ ue*
tini. Ik alio irlven in An. Uune, Phjnli-aK u)
ture   and   hlnciitlun.   Term  n|ic:i- Sept.
For rilendum.ctc.. ruldrcsi.
il THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Give and Take
"What're ye comin' home with your
milk pail empty tor?" demanded the
farmer. Didn't the old cow give any.
"Yes," replied the boy, "nine quarts
and one kick."—Sacred Heart Re
51.'! James St.,  Hamilton, Ont.
"Five yeurs ngo 1 was takeji down
with what the doctors called inflammation ol the bladder—intense pains
in the hack and loins, and difficulty
in urinating, and the attacks, whicli
became more frequent, amounted to
unbearable agony. 1 became so weak
that 1 could not walk across the
My wile read in the papers about
GIN PII.LS and sent for a box. From
the very flrst, 1 felt that GIN PILLS
were doing me pood. The pain was
relieved nt once and the attncks were
less frequent.
-In six weeks, the Stone in the
Bladder came away. When I recall
how I suffered and how now I am
healthy and able to work, I cannot
express myself strongly enough when
I speak of what GIN PILLS have
done for me."      John Herman.      48
GIN PILLS are sold at 50c a box—
6 for $2.50. Sent on receipt of price
if your dealer does not handle them.
Sample box free if you write us,
mentioning this paper. Money back
if GIN PILLS do not give full satis
faction. National Drug nnd Chemical Co., Dept. N. U„ Toronto.
The original
ain Pills made by
I National Drugnnd
Chemical Co. ol
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are sold
only In thli box.
_ '<_.^*T_.V-,
The Cautious Tongue
Singing   Teacher—"Now,   children,
give us 'Little Drops of Water' and
.put some spirit in it."
Principal    (whispering) — "Careful
sir.   This is n temperance school. Say
'put some ginger in it.' "—Woman's
Home Companion.
Minard's Liniment cures garget in cows
Voice from the tee—"Why don't you
go and help your opponent ■ find his
Man in the way—"Oh, his ball's all
right; it's here. He's looking for its
"Mother, I know what   elephants
tusks are made of."
"What, dear?"
"Why, paper knives."
Mothers Should  Realize What
Neglect of Skin-Troubles
May Mean to Children.
A lifetime or disfigurement and suffering'
often results from the neglect, In Infancy ur
childhood, of minor affcctloni of the skin and
icnlp. A mother overlooks a little rash or
attempts some simple treatment and in a
day, perhaps, the little one Is covered with
severe eczema or a similar distressing trap-'
tion.   Then the struggle for a cure begins.
A multitude of remedies are tried, doctor
after doctor consulted and hospitals visited,
but ton often the suffering extends, without
substantial relief, from days to weeks, weeks to
months und month-, to years. Added to this ia \
the evcr-prpsr.it (ear that the itching, burning
und disfiguration will become chronic, mar-
rime future welfare and making life miserable.
Jn thc prevention o( the simple skin troubles]
from which all tills suffering so often arise*
and In establishing a condition of skin health
that makes eruptions impossible, mothers ara
rjsured that nothing Is purer, sweeter or mora
effective than Cuticura Soap aod Cuticura
Ointment. And greater still, if possible, is
thc success at these simple household remedies
tn the treatment of tlie severer skin affections
Ihenwelves. With the lirst warm bath with
(.uticura .Soap and gentle application of
Cuticura Ointment, the Itching and burning
of ecxema cease, the child falls into a refreshing sleep, the mother reals and for lbe firat
time, posfllblv, In many weeks peace falls on
a distract "J household. Frequently a single
«t\ke of Cuticura Soup and boi of Cuticura
Ointment are sufficient
Positive as Is this statement, It Is Justified
by more than thirty yeara of pronounced
euccess. To quote but a single Instance,
llobert Mann, of Proctor, Minnesota, says:
"Our hoy was born In Toronto on Oct.
13, 1D08, and when three months old a slight
Tish appeared on his cheek. What appeared
lo he a water bli-tter would form. W^en it
broke m«t i "r would run out. starting new
blisten until his entire face, head and shoulders were a mass of scabs and you could not
see a purtHe of rl-ar skin, we tried about
every advertised remedy without avail, Indeed some of them only added to his sufferltg
and one In particular, the   Remedy,
almost nut the infant Into convulsions. The
iam.lv doctor prescribed for him and told us
to bathe the baby In buttermilk. This did
not do any good, no we took him to a hospital.
He was treated as in out -patient twice a wet*!<
wid he got worse. If anything. We decided
that It could not be cured and must run Its
course and so we Just kept his arms bandaged
to his side to prevent tils tearing his flesh.
We left Toronto and shortly after our arrival
Id Duluth, the Cut Inn a Remedies were
recommended. We ctarted using them In
May. 1 you, and soon the cure was complete
You would not think he was the same chili
.for Cuticura made hLs skin perfectly clear arnl
he Is entirely free from the skin disease. Thee
has been no return. We still une only Cuticura Soap for baby's bath."
Cuticura Soap, Cuticura Ointment. Ciittcura
'Resolvent and Cut'»ura Pills are sold by drug-
. fists everywhere    Send to Potter Drug \
■Chem. Corp., Boston, Mass., lor a fret copy ot
. fiats everywhere send to rotter urug «
Chem. Corp;, Boston. Maas., for a fret copy ol
Iheir latest 82-page Cuticura Book .oa treat-*
Tbe Ro ler-Baarlng, Light Draft FROST A WOOD Is Perfection.
See Our Nearest Dealer To-day.
Tales of Cities.
At tbr present rate of Increase Bar
Minna will Duv, a population ot a million in a tew years.
New York city's Indebtedness Is
•even times tbat of anv otber'elty IB
tbe country. Tbe debt la about $14'_*
lor eacb inhabitant.
Tbe city nt Milwaukee bas adoptee
the thumb print system ot paying off
Its employees In order to protect tba
eity aitalust traud by forgery or Inv
College and School.
Chicago bas eleven colleges and universities, wltb la.tlSO BtlldeutS.
New Jersey maintains Its high stard-
ard ot piuillc schools at an average
cost of abuut 20 ceuta a day a pupil.
The Chilean maritime province of
Entre Rlos has equipped two Boating
schools to enable tl> residents of lt>
Islands to obtain an education.
Household Hints.
Wben wiping silver take care to use
a towel tree from lint Silver, like
glassware, shows every particle of llm
tbat touches It
The most effectual remedy tor slimy
and greasy drainpipes Is copperas dis
solved and left tu work gradual!)
through the pipes
When the knohs of kettle lids are tot
hot tn handle, cover rhem wltb n rub
bar nipple nr with several thlcknesset
nf adhesive paper and tbe bwi wl).
not He fait
The life ol every baby is threatened during the hot summer months by
that dreaded trouble summer complaint. Thousands of children die
every summer Irom this trouble—
thousands of happy homes are made
dark and sorrowful because a precious
little life has been snuffed out. But
mothers, though you fear this trouble,
you can fight it—yes, fight it and defeat* it with Baby's Own Tablets. Concerning them Mrs. Jos. Steffs, Coutts,
Alta., says: "During the hot summer
days my little boy took ill with summer complaint. He was seized with
vomiting and nothing helped him till
I got Baby's Own Tablets. They relieved him and made him a strong
healthy child." The Tablets are lor
sale by medicine dealers or by mail at
25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Loses Color St. se.
That the human eje, though trained
lo distinguish colors, may by want of
use forget how to make such distinction was proved hy the unique experience of Dr. Hartley, a fellow of the
Royal Society in England. In his ca.."
it was shown that color can be Ior
gotten as well as learned by human
The doctor in order to save the siirht
of one, perhnps of both eyes, when
one wa? injured, voluntarily immured
himself in a room made totally dark
lor nine months.
The fortitude which enabled him to
adopt this course and the ingenuity
by which he preserved his health and
faculties in this the most mentally
and physically depressing of all form.
of imprisonment are sufficiently remarkable. But the doctor also kept
on accurate record of his impressions
when he at last looked again upon
Vie light after the supreme monies',
at which he satisfied himself that he
wa. not blind.
He found that in the nine months'
darkners his eyes had lost all sense'of
color. The world was black, white
and gray. They had also lost the sense
of distance. His brain interpreted, the
picture wrongly. His hand did nnt
touch the object meant to be grasped.
Practice soon remedied the last induced delect of sight. Experiment
with skeins of various colored wool
in the presence of one who had normal color vision restored the 'first.
Whan Baranats Wart Bald.
The title of baronets ia exactly 300
years old.
It was in the reign of Oood King
James that' baronets first came into
existence. To-day, you could hardly
tell a baronet Irom a banker. But
in the year 1611, when James I. needed ready money, and created two hundred "little barons" to supply him
wi'.l. cash, they swaggered about in
the baldrics and sashes, and behaved in the courtliest of fashions.
Each baron.?., in order to justify
hi. title, had to maintain a small
army ot thirty soldiers for three years.
In this way the crafty king not only
increased his revenue, but actually
lightened his expenses!
It is not generally known that tha
title of "baronetesa has twice been
bellowed on women. One ol these
waa the mother ol a Dutch general.
The other was a Nottingham lady
named Dame Maria Bolles, who won
her war into the good graces ot
Charles'I.. and reoaWad tht title from
hit hands.
Misunderstood ,
Excited lady (at the telephone)—I
want my husband, please, at once.
Voice (from   the   exchange)—Number, please?
Excited lady (snappishly) — Only
the fourth, you impudent thing.
There Is no poisonous ingredient ln
Holloway's Corn Curs, and it can be safely used without dauger or Injury.
Farmer—"According to the papers,
the world is full of uprisings."
Housewife—"Yes, it seems to be
contagious. I notice that even the
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I perspired freely at the slightest
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Indignant Stranger (mistaking visitor for proprietor of inn) "Here I coming through your garden, I've been
stung by one of your confounded
Visitor—"Which one? Just you
point it out, sir, and I'll deal with it
PHI* for Nervous Troubles—The stomach is the centre of the nervous system,
and when the stomach suspends healthy
action the result Is manifest tn disturbances of the nerves. If allowed to persist,
nervous debility, a dangerous ailment,
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restore the stomach to proper action, and
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Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. Thousands
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"Those Japanese," said Mrs. Lap-
sling, "are wonderful people. My
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shoulder with ease. The little man
understood the science they call jew-
gipsy, you see, and the sailor didn't."
—Chicago Tribune.
In the Springtime—Disease is Ready
to Make You a Victim When
the Blood is Thin
Rich,  Red  Blood  is the  Greatest of
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Dr. Chase's
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When the blood is rich and red,
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corpusles, there is little chance for
disease germs. They cannot thrive
in the system which is filled with
good blood.
But in the spring the blood is
generally thin, weak and watery. It
lacks the vitalizing *■ red corpuscles
nnd you become an easy prey to the
germs of disease which seem to lurk
everywhere at this time of year.
You can fortify yourself against
the germs of disease by using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food. This great restorative treatment forms new, red
corpuscles in the blood, makes the
blood rich, red and healthy.
Weakness, tired feelings, stomach
derangements, and disorders of the
nervous system soon disappear when
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is used.
This medicine cures by tlje building-up process, and for this reason
its benefits are lasting. Nearly everybody needs something in the spring
to enrich the blood and tone up the
system, and is would be impossible
to get a more satisfactory spring tonic
than Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 80c.
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the most perfect " Strike Anywherb "
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Hit Nerve
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A Medical Nud Suppll.d.-When a medicine 1. found that not only act. upon
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He—"Smith told me thc other day
he thought I was suffering from brain
8he-"Oh, the flatterer I"—Baltimore American.
Alter making a most careful study
of the matter, II. S. Government
scientist.! state, definitely, that thc
common house fly is the principal
means of distributing typhoid fever,
diphtheria nnd smallpox. Wilson's
Fly Pads kill the flies and the disease germs, too.
Up Against It
"In the days of the ancient drama,"
said the pedantic person, "performances were given In the open air."
"What a discouragement that must
have been," replied Miss Cayenne,
"to. the man who insists on going out
of the theatre to get a breath of fresh
air."—Washington Star.
Minard't Llnimtnt Curtt Diitomptr.
Could Do It, Too,
A female lion-tamer, young and fair,
beckoned to a big lion, and it came
and took a piece of sugar from between her lips.
"Why, I oould do that trick!" exclaimed a gentleman in the front row.
"What! you?" retorted the fair
"Certainly—just as well as the
lion.'—St. Paul Dispatch.
Triumph of Rtaton
Damocles saw the sword suspended
by the hair.
"Since it can't cut the hnir, I judge
your wife lias been sharpening her
pencil," he remarked to the king.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, \„
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Htr Career
"Has your college daughter decided
upon her career?"
"Not as yet. She is hesitating between a chap who works in a hardware store and a fellow who is part
owner of a garage."
<j   PILLS
_.">nr. ti > '  i
W. N. U., No. 153. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. fi-
SHADOW   ..'«
It Warns • Man That He U
ln Danger
Copyright, 1910, by American Press
Sorrento. In southern Italy, la a colony
ot villas und hotels, ninny of which aro
surrounded by orange grovea. The
place la built on a crescent shaped
rock at tbe foot of wblcb Is the margin of tbe Mediterranean. A part of
thia margin laps a beach, and on tbla
beach are fishermen's boats, and tbere
alto the women do tht family washing.
One morning Seymour Wilcox, a
young American traveler, was looking
down over a low stone wall built for
tbe protection of persons on the cliff
above, wben he saw a young girl
washing clothes ln tbe sea. Being
aome VNIO feet above ber, he could not
tee what she was like, but "distance
lends enchantment to tbe view." and
he could, even from tbat distance, detect a certain grace In ber movements.
Be went down on to tho beacb for a
nearer view.
He found a girl of fifteen, though
at that age and even mucb younger
an Italian girl la a woman. She possessed the dark hair and eyes of her
people and a good figure. Ber arms,
from exposure, were brown, but they
were abapely. Wilcox watched her for
a time, then walked past her and
smiled at ber. Be not only smiled, but
spoke to her. for he knew something of
tbe Italian language. He learned that
ber name was Marie and ber father
was a fisherman. After a brief chat
be returned to tbe town above.
But thc next morning be looked
down again over tbe wall. a?nd. although be knew he would be playing
wltb edged tools, seeing Marie below, be yielded to a temptation to go
down again und bave a few words
wltb ber. This time the girl met bim
iwtth a smile Indicating tbat abe waa
very mucb pleased tbat be bad come
again. On this visit he talked to ber
longer tban before.
Wilcox continued these visits. Be
found a wineshop down among tbese
fishermen's quarters and would go ln
tbere for a liter of wine and to smoke.
Sometimes he would take Marie ln to
bave a glass with htm. There was
nothing unusual In this In Italy. The
Italian wines bave very little alcohol
In them and are drunk by the women
and children the same as tbe men. Betides, a wineshop In Italy Is a very
Afferent affair from a saloon ln Amer-
The landlord of the hotel where Wil
cox was stopping knew nothing of tits
descents to the fishermen's quartern or
he would have warned bim against
going tbere. Tbe young man mention-
ed the matter to no one. He knew he
waa taking a risk, but not bow much
of a risk. Besides, he was a fearless
fellow and at an age wbere a man of
courage Is more apt to court tban
avoid danger. Nevertheless be did not
sufficiently realise .the position In
wblcb be was placing himself to go
One night Wilcox went down to tbe
beacb and. culling for Marie at her
father's ivtlnge. invited ber to go for
a ride out on the water In her father's
boat, tbe father to sail It Marie transmitted the request to ber father, who
agreed to the plan. Indeed, no one
bad manifested a desire to Interfere
with Wilcox's attentions to tbe girl.
Whether those nearest ber were expecting to get money out of tbe Americano or whether they were permitting
ber to lure bim Into a position wbere
tbey could rob him didn't matter lo
bim. bent as he was un enjoying ber
After a couple of hours' aall the
party returned to tbt abore. and Wilcox uked Ibe father and daughter to
go Into tbe wineshop for refreshment.
Too father declined for both himself
and bla daughter, aaytng It waa late
aad ht must be up early In tbt morning to begin bla day's fishing. Wilcox bade tbem good nlgbt. and, aa It
wat early for bim. wont Into tbe wtne-
abop alone for bit tipple and bla
There waa no out In tbo place except tbo woman, wbo tet tbe wlnt before tbo American and left bim. There
wit a fireplace lo tbo room, and. tbo
nights being chilly tn Italy, Wilcox recalled her and atked ber to bring la
a few fagots and build a fire. Sbe
waa surprised at tbe request for fuel
la enormously expensive In Italy; bnt
knowing bim to bo an American,
which to tbtte people means bavlng
plenty of money, tbo acceded to bla
request Wilcox tat down beforo tbo
Art with tbo wine betide bim and
drank and trooked and, without Intending It foil asleep.
I Be awoke with a atari. Wtat caused
him to feel tbat be was In danger be
did not know. It might bave been a
blow that wns threatening him or it
might bave been tbe fact of a sudden
realization that be bad been ever since
be first taw Marie taking a frightful
risk. In any event he was conscious
that death was ln the room. The
fagots had burned out There was a
bright light near the entrance, which
shone on Wilcox's back and which
cast a shadow on tbe wall directly
over the fireplace. Tbe shadow waa
that of a figure with the right arm
raised above the bead. Tbe shadow
">.Kt liy the end ot this arm waa dim-
cult for Wilcox to make out It seem
ed to be a pointed stick beld by a fist
The mind works quickly ln tbe presence of danger, real or fancied, and ln
a traction of a second he bad determined that a man woe behind him
witb bis right hand raised and holding
a dagger.
"Senora!" cried the American sh'irp.
ly, calling to the woman wli i
served tbe wtue.
The shadow flickered and .Usup-
There was no reply to the summons,
and the young man called again:
Presently the woman, yawning,
fame slowly Into the room.
"1 find myself, senora." said Wilcox,
"with not even money enough about
me to pay you for tbe wine 1 have ordered. Bave you any one here who
will go up to my hotel with a check,
get It cashed by the landlord and bring
me the money?'
"Yes. senor, but you can as well pay
for the wine when yon come for
"No. senora; I go away early tn tbe
i morning to Naples.   Besides, tbere are
otber payments 1 wish to make down
here among you good people.    I Intended to bring money, but forgot It"
"Very well, senor. If you desire lt
I will send my son. Be Is ln bed, but
1 can awaken bim."
Wilcox took a blank check from bla
portmanteau and filled a check tor
!i00 lira ($1001 and wrote on tbe back
of lt a request to tbe landlord of hla
hotel to send him the money It called
for by bearer. Tben he gave It to
the landlady, and. ordering another
litre of wine and lighting a cigarette,
he made it appear that he would await
tbe return of his messenger.
But be hud no Idea of watting for
the money. Be knew tbe man who
was about to kill him wben be awoke
from slumber would waylay the boy
who bud gone for It Possibly others
who knew of the fact that riOO lira
was to be curried at midnight from
the town down to tbe fishers' village
would also make an attempt to appropriate It There was still another
possibility. Tbe landlord might surmise thut bis guest bud been cornered
und required the money for a ransom
In this event be might bave the messenger sbudowed on bis return by a
Wilcox realised tbe fact tbat be waa
at the fishers' 'village near 12 o'clock at
night wbere It was as dangerous to
remain as to climb to the top of the
cliff. He kept his eye on the wail for
awhile, but. seeing no reup|iearuiii'p nf
the Hlindilw. Dually arose from his chair
aud paced the Door, castlug glances at
the entrances of tbe room. Presently
be walked out tbe door tbrough which
the landlady bad gone aud made bis
way Into a kitchen. Tbere. among otber things, lay a carving knife with a
long, thin blade and a sharp point He
grasped It and for the first time since
be bad seen the shadow drew a breath
of relief. So far as be knew, no one
taw bim take the knife, and. concealing It under his coat he went buck
Into the room be had left
Wilcox was uncertain wbat to do.
Should be remain wbere be was till
day, or sbould he risk going up io the
town wltb no other defense than a
carving knife? If beset it might be
by several persons, if be remained
wbere be was, lu case of attack be
might put his back against a corner
of tbe room and stand off a number
of UHSulluuts. Every vestige of recklessness had deserted him. Be was
mad. fighting mad. but In that state
a man's faculties art often tbe sharpest Be resolved to ttay wbere be
Sufficient time for a messenger to go
to tbe hotel and return had elapsed.
Wilcox had no Idea tbat tbo messenger would come back or, It he did
come, that he would have the money
wltb him. He waa not thinking of bla
500 lira, which be would be glad to
pay for bis life. He was wondering If
tbt msn wbose shadow bc had seen
or some one else bad appropriated It
This occupied bis thoughts when suddenly tbe outer door waa opened and
In stepped two persons
Tbey were a boy ot fourteen and—
Marie, approaching Wilcox, handed
bim an envelope containing tbe money
be had tent for. Be looked at ber,
plainly asking wltb hit eyes an explanation.
"I knew, tlgnor.'* tald Marie, "that
there la one who since you first spoke
to me Is Jealous of you. I found tonight tbat be would attack you and
watched the place. 1 taw bim come
In here and followed bim. I beard you
call for a messenger to go tor money.
I did not believe Giovanni would too.
but 1 thought It best to go witb the
boy. Giovanni disappointed me. Be
waylaid us and demanded tbe money,
but wben be knew 1 bud It be upbraided me and went away."
"So you are disappointed In your
lover. Marie—tbat be should rob, but
not tbat he should murder?"
"The oue was for money and tbe
other for love."
"1 see.   There Is a great difference."
Tbe matter being explained. Wilcox
lost his apprehension. Since there
appeared to be but one man concerned,
be resolved, armed wltb tbe carving
knife he bnd captured, to go up to bis
hotel. Having paid his record, be set
out ln the darkness and arrived without being molested.
The next day Wilcox sent a note to
tbe father of Marie that he would fnr
nlsh the means to send the girl ti
school. Tbe offer was accepted, and
sbe went for three years to a convent,
at the end of which time ahe married
and emigrated to America.
Wilcox at tbe request of tbe girl wbt
had saved him did aot report tbo mat
ter to the oolica,
Sculpto*-'* Early Struggles.
Mr. Bertram Mackennal, A.R.A..
has been mentioned aB the sculptor
commissioned to execute the King
Edward Memoriul to be placed in the
Mall facing Marlborough House.
Mr. Mackennal is an Australian by
birth, and the son of a sculptor. From
hiB earliest years he determined to
devote himsell to the art wbich his
father had, followed, but his path to
success lay by no means in easy
places. In Paris he had a terrible
struggle lor actual existence, and endured such trials and privations as
would have quenched the spirit, and
perhaps killed the art, in a weaker
He came to London, and has gone
•tea-ily forward ever since. Mr. Mackennal live? in a quaint, old-world
house at Marlborough Hill, a Temark-
able feature ol which is a courtyard
that divides the house into two parts:
there are three studios attached to
th. house, in one of which Mr. Mackennal is certain to be lound at work
at any time between breakfast and
dinner hours. He it, indeed, an Indefatigable worker—snd smoker.
Ntw Combination Footwear.
One of the latest blntt from Paris
Is tbe flowered stocking combined for
effect wltb tbe gemmed slipper. Tbe
designer of this pretty combination
made richly embroidered stockings,
tbt figures being flowers ot any kind
to ault tbs wearer's fsney, and set
j •*!!____■
■- ♦ -,* *
' Pi
-, -*■
" -.' - ..-;..:-,*.-\.,"et-\
rLowins oa stocxdios, ants on tois.
gems in tbe toe part of Ibe velvet slippers. Only tbe rich, ot course, can
afford blgbly gemmed slippers, but
tbe beflowered hosiery Is cheaper and
may be had at a nominal coat, though
some of the designs are very elaborate
aod aro priced high.
(    .in ol Patents,
talent.,  (irom  pntoe,  I   lie open)
originated with the so-called nobility
of France.   Lest their superiority to
Other l< ks should be in doubt, the
nobles got out titles of nobility, to
that the fact that they  were bettei
than the rest ol the peoph might "lit
open" to all the world.   It was !n
connection with the printing ot books I
mat the first real patents were issued, about 1550.   By 1625 it began to '
be customary to issue patents protect, j
ing the  rights oi  inventors in the
arts and manufactures.    Since that
time the people in the various "pa-1
teajt offices" ot the world hsve had a
steadily increasing business.
Tht City ol Parlt.
The founders of Paris, emigrating
from some Oreek or Etruscan country
on the shores ol the Mediterranean
Bea, rowed their galleys up the river
Seine. They took possession of tha
island in that stream on which their
city is built and, according to the legends that have come down to tht
present time, called it "Baris," which
is Greek lor a boat then used upon
the river Nile, whence Paris. Tha
island on which the adventurers landed was held to typify a boat, and to
this day the coat ol arms ol that ta-
moui city is an ancient galley.
Remarkable Obstrvsnees  Art   Found
In Rural England.
It would be idle to inquire the origin of some of the extraordinary customs which still obtain at Whitsuntide, for the beginning of many ol
them is lost in obscurity.
All the history that can be gathered
of them is that they have been observed Irom time immemorial, and
that local sentiment will not permit
them to die out. ,
Not the least remarkable ie one that
is dear to the hearts ol the good'peo-
ple ol Birdlip. a usually quiet village
in the Cheltenham district. Down a
hill which the neighborhood boaste a
substantial round cheesj. is set rolling, with the younger and more active
ol the population in hot pursuit.
Before it can be captured many cf
the pursuers are rolling, too, but none
so last as the cheese, which generally
lulls to one ot the crowd who is able
to keep his feet. It would be interesting to know the why and wherelore
ol this cheese-rolling, but there Is
nothing to show thiB.
The County of Northampton has a
Whitsuntide observance which is only
kept up once in twenty years, the
next year for it being 1928. It dates
from the reign of "Good Queen Bess,"
and the scene of it is the village of
Its object is to commemorate a
charter granted to the Inhabitonts by
Queen Elizabeth which freed the
knights of the shire from certain military duties, and other folk Irom serving on juries at Northampton.
In the small hours of Whit-Monday
morning the roads and byways of the
parish are stopped up, and toll is de.
manded ol all who would pass thereby. Should this demand not be com.
plied with, the pedestrian is seized
and hoisted on to a stout pole, upon
which he is carried through the village, escorted by the jeering populace,
whose lung-power is given lull scope
for the occasion.
Whitsuntide is essentially a religious season, and perhaps one of the
most remarkable celebrations ol it is
that which takes place in Cornwall.
It is held in what is known as the
Gwennup Pit, and in commemoration
ol the years gone by when John Wes-
ley conducted religious gatherings
The service ia of a most impressive
character, and'on occasion it has attracted more than 10,000 devout Wes-
leyans to the spot. No distance is
to great for them to travel, and some
have been known to come from such
distant parts of the country as Lancashire and Yorkshire.
The mention ol Cornwall recalls the
fact that in the year 1540 a church
there was struck by lightning during
the course ol the service on Whit-
Sunday morning. Many ot the worshipers were injured, the storm being
described as "awful" and as a "tearful judgment" upon the church.
Superstition is not quite so rife in
these enlightened dayB, taut there are
etill people in this country who get up
unusually early on Whit-Sunday
morning in order to Bee the sun rise.
They firmly believe that whatsoever is asked of the Almighty at the
instant the sun rises on Whit-Sunday
morning is sure to be granted. In
years gone by this wos a widely accepted superstition, in which there
are still believers to be met with in
the hills and valleys of Derbyshire
and elsewhere. They declare, too,
that their requests have been granted.
A veracious chronicler rejoicing in
the appropriate name of "Arise
Evans" has it on record that he "went
up a hill to see the sun rise betimes
on Whit-Sunday morning and saw it
at its rising skip, play, dance, and
turn about like a wheel."
In those days many marriages used
to result from the mingling of the
sexes in the various games and amusements peculiar to Whitsuntide. The
young men and maidens came more
together at that season than at any
other ot the year.
It was looked upon as the first
"blush" of summer, and as lending
itself to outdoor pastimes retarded by
the cold winds ol the earlier days ol
Eastertide and spring.
Did Not Trust Council.
Under a somewhat curious will left
by Mr. Patrick Murphy, whose estate
totalled $517,000. the town of Newry,
County Down, Ireland, has been bequeathed a large portion of the property to pay off the local municipal
debt. Mr. Murphy states in hia will
that as the bequest may be insufficient (or the purposo, and "as I have
no confidence either in the ability or
good sense of the present urban councillors, it is my will that my residuary
personal estate sliall not be handel
over to the board lor a period ol 21
years trom the dato ot my death," tbt
interest and dividends to be invested.
Mr. Murphy directs that certain
houses are not to be sold, but the
rents are to be applied in perpetuity
for the reduction of tbo rates.
A Simple and Girlish
Design For tht Event
Tet, It Is rather early ln tbe season
to talk of graduation gowns, but
tempus bus a fashion of fuglttng
quicker thnn schedule time In these
strenuous days, so before one bus a
chance lo turn around the sweet girl
"grad" will be needing her new gown.
The Illustration shows a delightfully
simple and girlish design for tbe occasion. Tbe tunic lacing la one of tbe
noticeable features, and altogether tbe
gown is "sweetly pretty," as our English cousins say.
"Spooks" Terrorist Family.
A curious story comet Irom Dunfermline. The recent occurrence ol
four fires in rapid succession in the
household of Thomas Wstson, has
had the effect of terrorising the family. These outbreaks have each had
their origin in a cause which it inscrutable to the occupants ot the
house, and Mrs. Watson, who hails
trom the Highlands, imagines that a
supernatural agent hat been at work.
She, with others in the domicile, have
lately been living in dread. Alraid to
go to bed o' nights, members ol tho
family have sat up to watch lor further manifestation! ol tha itraoge,
uncanny, "unseen powtr."
Boudoir 8ttt For Summer.
Tbe new spriLg lines ln fancy boudoir sets, Including sofa pillows,
scarfs, bags, pincushions and a largo
number ot practical articles, aro
brought ont In particularly attractive:
materials and wltb pretty minor variations ln tbe way of trimming, wbich:
makes tbem very fascinating to women In general, says tbe Dry Goods,
One of tbe daintiest of boudoir sets,
la shown In white cotton voile, with a;
pink ribbon design running through it
and large pink roses placed on tbo rib.-
bon at Intervals In border effect .
This design adapts Itself admirably;
to tbe various methods of trimming.
Cut Into strips tbe material is used1
as an attractive border all around tbs
square pillow or In two vertical borders across lbe long pillow. The long
pincushion and corset bag bave this
border running tbrough the center.
An effective new trimming tbat lt a
revival of an old mode, old enough,
however, to be again called new, la
tbe fringe and passementerie border
of macrame cord. By the way, wide
bands of lace crocheted In Une macrame cord, copying venlse patterns,
are being used as blgb style dress
trimmings, and this ts probably responsible for the reappearance of this klncl
of work In tbe fancy goods department
A Guide to Good Manners.
If you are puzzled about a question
of etiquette and bave not time to consult an older or more experienced friend
or relative apply tbe tiolden Itule—to
do aa you would be done by—for this
will almost always bring you out of
your diltlciilty wltb flying colors. Tbe
expression "a nature's gentleman" Is
often applied to some simple minded
and unsophisticated man who Is tbus
guided, for, whether we be gentle or
simple, tbe truest good breeding Is
tbown by our care for tbe feelings ot
others. Tbe real "great lady" Is ss
thoughtful snd considerate for those
beneuth ber In social position as sbe
would be for royalty, tbougb sbe would
show ber thought In s different fash-
loo, and since we may all be "queens
by love" It behooves ns to bc royally
courteous aod considerate. Tbe brusque,
rough woman wbo confounds a pleat-
ant manner of tpeaklng with Insincerity Is greatly to be pitied, for tbe bts
thrown awsy ber tcepter tnd lost bat
Hit Conundrumt.
"Pop, tell me some conundrums."
"Conundrums?  Why, I don't know
any conundrums, my son!"
"Oh, yes, you do!   1 heard mother
tell  Aunt Mary  the  other  day   that
you keep her guessing  most ol tho
Mtktt  t Concession.
"Henrietta is not quite as uncompromising as she used to be," tald
Mr. Mcetton.
"Yes. She told me yesterday that
s'.ie was iu tavor ot votes tor mon," THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
PHONE    A 14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.    Cedar and
Tamirac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
Dr. Simmohs, dentist, Morrison
blook.    PhoneoO.
Mrs.   II   C Hanington, ol Vio
toria, is visiting at tin* home nf Mr.
nnd Mrs K. M  K."riiy.
When in S|i<ikaim stop nt tha Hotel
Antler", 319J Spraijue avenue, opposite tli.' Sprague avenue entra  t"
the Wonder department store. First-
class aooniuinodations at reasonable
rates.    (}eo. Chappie, Prop,
Mrs. Lmigtry and daughter Ethel,
of Carlton Place, Out., are visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff
For Sale—-One good work horse,
chuap.    Inquire Vi'. H. Covert.
Mrs. (Rev.) M. I). MoKee is still
in Toronto, as she was unable io accompany her husband home lust
week on account of a severe attack
ol infill minatory rheunlatism.
S. ;j. Miller, of the Winnipeg
hotel, returned last Friday from a
trip to the coast cities.
Mrs. Chas. Gilroy and daughter
hnve been spending the past week
nt Cliriutinu lake.
overlooked the error possibly bad
their minds concentrated on four
uiws, wbich, if ibcy are backed
with good judgment, are equivalent
to six tons of potatoes per ucre.
The Qreat Lou Ion Shows Consolidated, winch conies to (Irand Forks
August Hi, will bring special importations in the way nf all kinds of new
circus acts winch have been secured in
conjunction with a lung string of the
pick of American performers. Kvery
department ha. beeu increased exten
•lively, and it is claimed the exhihi-
tiun of blooded horses is the best ever
offered, among which are the wonderful Dublin Grays, the Big Six, who
have captured all of the prizes at the
prominent horse shows. Thev are
valued at $25,000. The parade, said
to be the finest turnout any circus
lias ever made in any country, will
traverse the principal streets morning
nf show day.
tlie prup'
NOTICK is hereby given tlmt an nnpllcatioii
will he mnde under Part V. uf the ''Water
Act, I9W," toohttiiii a license in lhe Similkn-
ineen Wliter District, Division uf Yule District,
(a). The nnme, nddress, and ooeiipfltioti nf
of tiioapplioaut: George Washington Swank,
'•iami l-orlis, B.C.', Farmer.
(b). lhe name ol lake, stream, or source (M
mummed, the description is):   Cedar Greek.
(b), llif point or diversion i- where the
creek enters my hind neur the centre of the
East line, on hot uumhered Utie A (l.\) eub i-
vlaiuii of f P.K. Lot number twonty-Beveii
htiudred (8100) in (..roup ) in the Si mi Ik a meen
(lormerlj1 Osoynog) Division uf Vaie District.
td). The quantity of water applied for (In
cubit* feet  per second), One uubto foot per
(e). Thechani
Dam and Hume
(f). Tlie premises on whioh the water In to
I sed (describe same) in on Lot Une A (l A)
■subdivision of ci.lt i.,.i number twoiity
Heven liuudr d(27lH)) In Group 1, in tha Bltrifl*
k'uneeli (formerly Ogoyoog) Di.l.lm «-r Vale
lu)- Themirpo'ses for which the water is to
I si'di  For Irrlirathm anil do mon tlo put-
{hi. If for Ir'liratlfiu. describe the Inml in
teinleil lo he ll ritfiitwl. ulvhitf Herein."': Is mi
Lot one A (I A) stibdlvliiou nf U.P.B Lot
number twenty-seven hundred(27(10) In Group
1 ia ihe Similkuineeu (formerly Osoyuoii) Division nf 'tale District,uontaliiliiB H10.*i6aores,
more or Its-..
(ji. Area of Crown laml Intended to be oo*
ou pied by the proposed works! None.
(k) Ti is notice was pout d on the 5th day
of Aiitru-t, It'll,uud application will be made
to the Commiisioner on the 6th day of Sep-
tern her, 1011.
(1). Give lin* ii'imes and addresses »tf any
riparian proprietors or UceiiM-en who or
whose lands are Hli ly to he affected by the
propohed work**, cither »bove or iielow the
outlet:   None.
Grund Forks,B.C.
NOTICK is hereby given thai uu application
will be made under Fart V of the "Wuter
Act, |i"<iii," to otitain a license in the Sii.iill-.tv
ineen Division of Vale District.
Nnme, address and li-'bupat'on of the applicant i    W.Sayei, itaneher, Unmd Korks, 13,0.
Description of lake; Small body of water
(no name), fed hy springs.
Point of diversion is 40 chains above East
line nf Pre-emption No. 1300 S.
Quantity of water applied for: "ne cubit
foot per second.
' hariicter of proposed works; Ditch and
reservoir, to be used on Fredemption No-
I'urpOse.  Domestic untl Irrigation.
Description of land to ba Irrigated. Acre-
uce, 78.
Acreage of Crown laml intended to he occupied hy works:   Ml.
This notice was posted Oil the I7th day ut
>nly. inn, nml application will he mude lotlio
Commissi! con the liitb day of August, LUll.
'aim* innl address of rlparluu proprietors
or licensees who will he affected by tl ■»•
posed works.   None.
(Sijnatiire) W.SAYEK,
(I1."   Address) Urtttid    YulU H.C.
St. JosephMine-al Ulalm.iituatc In tho Grnnd
Fork- Mlitlmt Division nr Yalo DUtrlot.
When hoeateil:   In Central Cump.
TAKK   NOTICE that  I.   Henry   JoflllgOtl, FlW
Minors c.iMiiciiu* No. u win  f,»r my if If
and ax uiretit for Peter I'_(Iw.itU (tinkle. Free
Minors Certificate Nu. smkuH Intend, sixty
daya trom date horeof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder forii Oelttlioateof Improvements, for
the purpose of obtalulug crown grants of tbe
above Hni in
Ami further tnke notice that actl' li, iii.dci
sect inn 87, muat be coinmenced bofore ne Inhu
ance of such Ccriticu't; of Imprnveafont*.
Dated this _>8th duy of July, A.D 1011.
Bridtte Siren,
Tli«  Sun   Inst  week  slulnil   that
Win. Carter had dug four tine of po- M|NE   SURVEYORS
tiitni's frnm huh acre nf ground. The 	
item should have read six tons. The
compositor nnd  pro it-reader   who Grand    Forkts,  R. C.
AT Grand Forks,Wedn8sday,Aug. 16
The best nud most
substantial fire-j»ro'*f
builtlliiKln thaBoiin-
ihiry country, Recently completed and
ii o w ly furnished
throuuhnut. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences, Centrally locuted. Klrtrt-ohus ac-
rtivelltug public.
Hot and Cold Baths
First-Class Rar, Tool
and Billiard Homes
In Cunnrctlon.
Eui'niture   Made   to Order.
Also Repairing nf nil Kinds.
Upholstering Neutlv Done.
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Full of Honors and Wonderful Triumphs of its Long, Con?
quering Tours of the Continent, and presented on a Scale.
of Colossal Magnitude and Lavish Expenditure
never known before in this country.
THE TRAVELINO       ^,^^1^^^^^^    BRIMMINO  OVER
SENSATION y4tW^ ~^^^*fetl__.    MIRTH
OP THE    ^j&y- ^^W^.   AND OF
c Iiiililin Grays.
The Clack Hunsi.rs.
-The Marvelous Eddys-
The RoyalYeddo Japanese Troupe
And 200 Other Great Acts.
Containing Wild Animals trom Every Country.
Many lim'.'S the' Biggest and Most Bewildering Production
ever in America     Most Stupendously Stirring Spectacle
that Human Eyes  Ever Witnessed.
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercia 1   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
Wi- have thi* must modern jobbing plant
in tin' Hininil.ii v Country, employ competent workmen, nml carry n complete
line of Stationery.
Rillheads nml Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
'listers, Dates nml Dodgers,
Rltsincss.aml Visiting Cards,
Lodge Coiistilutinns and By-laws,
Shipping Thus. Circtllai* and Placards,
Hill- ..I Pare and Menu Cnrtls,
Announcements nnd Cnuntor Pads,
Wedding Stationery.
Ami everything turned out Iri an
Up-to-date Printery
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Kn*«li Ounaigtunent ol
Received Weekly,
Postoffice   Building
Always Catties in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Ka/.tir Hotline a Specialty.
Palace Barber Shop
i/.nr Hotline a S.h
GOOD PRlNTl^U   advortiseitujnt, "jind a trial nriter
«i!l convince yi'ii tlmt our stock and workmanship arc ol
tlie best, Let us estimate on vour order. We guarantee
A*"r_BnNOOW  ATT  St      -     -     Niai3T A.T o
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Diiiik Notvrn uf lliiAMiv Hotki.,
I'VllST S'l'IIKK'l'.
Heavy nml Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers .mil Trunks tn uml
from nil trains.
Tbi.kpiioxk AIl'H
li I "I'M IIIKIIIII.    Hill IS..   l'llOI'S.
60   YEAR8'
Trace f.Iarkb
C0PVr.l0HT3 Ac.
Ap.nno .Mirtlng ii rketfli eml neMrlfttlon nm?
qutrkl. iisrHrunn ,>ir oplnlud froo .ii.iIht .11
reveniina inpr. but 'v T"..*-""''l..'U».„S'"*1,v,un,('r*-
llniia.lrlcll.i'o'illn- 111l.il. IIUitlDOOKoiil'ali.iilj
eeiilfr.-o. HI' .mu', m'y fi.r .,'. iiiiii^piitonl..
r ,,■-•-, 1 itir<nii-i! Munn \ Uu. reoelve
ll(clultl'illi'i", wlllioutcliiirno, Into*)
$&«c flmt\m,e
A linnilfwaioiv illustrated iri'OKly.   Liiniost rtr-
QtuallOQ of .inv HC nii'l IQ jmirtiul.    'lor:it for
f.tiitiiift, »:."'> » yeur.,fortune prepaid.   Qotd by
"1 _l(^w!•.lt;"," ■.
"T ■;> ^■>".*i-orf».,.r-v"-,'j
Wfl eiirr*v tin1 inii^t fashionable stock
inf wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we nn* tlie only
office in this sortinn tlmt Imve the
.•n.TiTt material fnr printing it. The
Sun job o___l.ee.


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