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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 26, 1913

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Array r   '•    '    /   /   /
Kettle Valley Orchardist
«1.00 PER YEAR
an   educational
any event, the
Ideal Weather Conditions, a Large List of Entries,
a Good Racing Program and aLar^e Attendance
Contribute to Make the Event Eclipse All Past
Ideal weather was an important factor in assisting to
make the fourth annual fair of the Graud Forks Agricultural
association an unqualified success. The exhibits, however,
were of sufficient merit and volume to have attained this re-t
■suit under less favorable climatic conditions. The sporting
program alone would have attracted a large crowd.
The fair was opened at 1:30 yesterday by President
Clark of the agricultural association. Addresses were made
by Judge Brown, Mayor Fripp, Mayor McLaine of- Greenwood and Mayor Matheson of Phoenix. The s| leakers congratulated the directors of the fair and the prop of the
city and valley on their enterprise in collecting such superb
displays of the products of the district. These exhibits,
they pointed out, could not be surpassed anywhere, and the
citizens had ample cause to feel proud of the resources of
the valley.
The attendance was very large. The local people turned
out well, and the surrounding Boundary towns were better
represented than in former years. |
The exhibits of fruit and vegetables are very complete,
the plate displays of apples, pears, peaches, plums and grapes
being quite numerous. The quality of the fruit, both as regards
size and coloring, is excellent. In the box exhibits there
are fine displays of all the standard varieties grown in the
valley. Thomas Powers' display of five boxes of Wealthies
is the finest specimen of that variety every seen here.
Equally good exhibits of other varieties are made by the
leading orchardists of the valley. All the fruit exhibits are
artically arranged. In the vegetable department, big squashes
and pumpkins, elephantine beets and cabbages, and huge potatoes may be seem, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The mining exhibit is on a larger scale than in former
years. The Granby company has a fine display of blister
copper and copper ore. Specimens of ore from all the North
Fork properties, as well as from Fife and Laurier, are also
shown.   In this section local polished marble is exhibited,
Something new this year is an exhibit of hops, made by
Frache Bros. C. C. Heaven and H. S. Broad have displays
campeting for a prize for the best display from one ranch. C,
Hesse has a vegetable exhibit entered for the Burns special
prize. Another new feature this year is an excellent display
Mrs. A. S. McKim of apple products, entered for a special
prize. The articles of food made out of the apple appear to
be sufficiently numerous to fill a good-sized menu card. Mrs.
H. W. Collins also has a similar exhibit.
The poultry exhiqit, as usual, is exceptionally good.
There is also a fine display of eggs.
Tlie fl.Hal exhibits are very handsome and complete-
Krache Bros, and  otlier exhibitors havo Inrge displays of
j cially as it is from
point of view    In
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ j directors have reason to
W AlJ  A   DlVI   oUvCEbtb     The races at the race track  yes-
.terday and >oday resulted   as   foi-
I lows*.
Freef6r-all, prizes 150 and $25—
Buster (Sands) flrst, Del Norte (Fry-
ett) second.
Mile running, prizes £40 and 120
-Charles Or *n (W. A. Rtgsdale)
first, Posting (B Tenasket)  second.
Pony tace, prizes $10 and $5—
Hattie (A. Stout) first, Nancy (C. C
Michener) second.
Urand Forks Derby, prizes $100
and $50-Posting (Tenasket) first,
Charles Green (W. A Rags-tale)
Relay race, prizes £75 and $50—
Joe Adolpb first, J. Bernard sec-
Cowby race, prizes $7 and $3—
Sandy (Ferguson) first, Jack (J.
Adolph* second.
Consolation race, prizes $IC and
$5—Red Bird (W. A. Ragsdale)
first, Daisy (Arcber Davis) second.
Motorcycle race, prizes $10 and
$7—Cbet' Smith first, S T. Hull
Named race, prizes $10 and $10—
A. McCalluin first, Fryett Becond.
Three-eighths mile running, prizes
$20 and $15—Lime Shoelock first,
J. E. Woodward second.
Boys' pony race, prizes $5 nnd
$2,50—H. Coryell first, C. C.
Michener second.
There were nearly nine hundred
paid admission persons at the race
track thiB afternoon.
The football teams of Pboenix
and Grand Forks played two games
yesterday. In tbe first game tbe
■core was 4 to 1 in favor of Phoenix
and in the second tbe visitors had
two goals to the home team's one:
Tbe teams from Greenwood and the
Mother Lode failed to put in as appearance.
In the baseball tournament Pboenix defeated '.ioseland by a score of
2 to 1, and Grand Forks defeated
Phoenix by a score of 6 to 3. Both
names were keenly contested, and
the spectators were treated to a fine
exhibition of ball playing.
Vic Johnson and partner won the
log sawing contest at the rink.
Ti*ne, 1 min. '.'5 sec.
A marked improvement over
former years is noticeable this fall
in the pains the merchants have
taken in decorating tbeir store windows fair days. The most striking
and original designs may be seen at
Ibe stores of N. L .Mclnnes ct Co
and Jeff Davis & Co. Very attractive windows may also be seen at
the business houses of McKim &
Leroy, Woodland & Quinn, the
Mann Drug Co., Miller & Gardner,
Manly's hardware, R Campbell, R.
F. Petrie, Clark Bros., the Grand
Forks Furniture company and John
J. F. Krnus, lhe plumber, and
the Riverside Nurseries had attractive booths in the fair building.
knew him better nor valued bis
friendship more tban Tbe Sun man,
and it iB therefore with profound
sorrow that we record tbe fact of
his passing Concerning his career,
the Vancouver Sun says, editorially:
"Among newspapermen throughout Canada there will be a feeling
of deep regret at tbe news of tbe
death, which occurred early yeeter-
d y morning, of Mr. W.'A. Harkin.
Among working journalists in tbis
country none was better known,
perhaps none was so well known
throughout the Dominion as Mr.
Harkin, and certainly none possessed a gie iter number of - friends
among the members of tbe craft.
Fur upwards of thirty years be followed his profession and died con
stderably sbort of fifty years of age.
His career, except for two years on
tbe staff of tbe New York Times and
brief period in Chicago, on the
Tribune, was confined to Canada,
and in this country be filled many
important positions, both in the east
and west. His forte lay in correspondent and it is doubtful if he
bad, in this department of work,
any equal in tbis country or any superior oft tbe continent. His tbor
ough intimacy with the political
and industrial history of tbe Dominion, bis comprehensive and sane
gr»sp of affairs and his wide acquaintance witb the prominent men
of the country, together with his
aptitude for bringing situations and
facts before his readers, vividly and
interestingly, made him an invaluable workman in tbe newspaper
world. HiB genius in this respect
was recognized by men of affairs,
for many of whom, among tbem
some of tbe foremost of tbose we call
captains of industry, be performed
legitimate services of great value in
tbe pursuit of his chosen calling.
. "Personally he was a man of a
most lovable nature, modest and unassuming. HiB loyalty to his friends
and his fidelity to a higb code of so
eial and professional ethics will keep
his memory fresb witb tbose wbo
knew him well, while tbey live."
Tbe late Mr. Harkin, who came
to the west many years ago, was at
one time city editor of tbe Montreal
Star and was associated with lhe
Ottawa Jsurnal when it was started.
He really Biarted bis newspapei
career when he was sent to cover
the Riel rebellion for the Star After
yeara of service on that paper he
went inio the "mining game" in
Rossland, where he was also con
nected with journalism. From
Rossland he came to Grand Forks,
and he remained bere until 1907,
wben be went to Vancouver, and
since tbat time be bas been engaged
in newspaper work in that city. A
recent biographical sketch by him
on Sir Charles Tupper has aroused
interest both in Canada and the old
A Fine Display
C. A. Coughlan, manager for P.
Burns A Co., bad the windows of
' bis market decorated with every
a_^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^_l_^_l I; thing choice to eat in his line The
Bowers and plants of every variety grown in tho valley, ihe * W(iri, WIW tn»>tily done, and the dis
exhibits have lieen very prettily arranged. P'»y attracted much attention and
The department devoted to ladies' work is the most com- j JJ,*8nt e 8U 'ec  u    avo^,,
plote ever seen here.   It includes needlework, painting and!   At the fair the company had one
home cooking.   The committee who had charge of arranging Z'.ih* nice8.1.noo,h8 *" lhe bn,M'?«*
"        . ...... . -. ..    ° °    . The decorations were very prettily
All tbe members except Aid.
Smith were present at the meeting
of the city council on Monday
night. Nearly the entire evening
was devoted to routine business.
It was decided to undertake the con
struction of the concrete sidewalks
around the new post ullice- building
uuder the same conditions as were
offered by W. J. Galipeau. Nu tenders were received for the construction of the Bridge street bridge, and
nothing was done in the matter.
William Fifer, one ol the pioneers
of Grand Forks, returned to the city
these exhibit has done artistic Work, and the appearance of arranged,  and the display of food , on Monday Hfter an absence of ten
all  the   delicacies! .-'**_.'
the various articles shown is very effective,
this section a creditable showing of work done by the pupils
in the public school.   A largo display of photographic work
is made to good advantage.
The attendancce at the building last night was very
large, and everyone present took keen interest in minutely examining the exhibits,
There is also in'»rt>oles included an  m«   neiicacieej Mr. Fifer Ib now located   at
usually  carried  in a metropolitan; ^.-^ WaBh„ where he is   inter-
ested in the Laurier   Mining  coin-
Death of W. A. Harkin
W. A. Harkin,who wai connected
with the Grand  Forks newspapers
——^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—■ in pioneer daye.and who did|effective
Pleasm^was added to the occasion by work in making the potential re-
the presence of the Grand Fm-ksTbrass band, which kept the B?urce**> °'lbe Boundary known to
r, ........   . ,   . ,     ,• i *        the  outside  world,   died in Van-
crowd in high spirits by rendering a splendid program of ex- couver ear|y last Sunday after a
cellent music. 8hort illness.   Mr.  Harkin  had a
Taken all in all, the fair of 1913 must be voted a big ^ ^T^tn'"":
success.   It is to be hoped that it will as big a success finan- grieved to learn of bis death.   None
pany. He brought up some fine
I samples of ore lo bave tested at the
Granby smelter. The ore assays
from $16 to $30 per ton, and he
says they have forty two feet of it in
the mine. If it is the kind ore the
Granhy wants, he will endeavor to
make arrangements for starting ship
ments to this city.
#6sociitf$v B&rfls
\0jana Forks^^fts
The Associated Boards of Trade,
at the sixteenth annual convention
in Kaslo yesterday, decided to meet,
next year in Grand Forks. Tbis
year's convention was concluded
with yesterday's session. The convention adopted resolutions urging the appointment of a minister of
mines and a mining commission,
and tbe establishment of compulsory telephone call station.
Harper Arrested
J. L. Harper, general manager of
tbe Harper Consolidated company,
was arrested here yestejday afternoon on a warrant issued from Spokane charged with having obtained
money under false pretense. His
bond was fixed at $3000, which he
The arrest of Mr. Harper is a culmination of investigations into Ibe
operations of the company by
George Forsythe, of New Vork who
has been here for several weeks
in the interest of clients in New
York who have purchased notes
issued by the Harper Consolidated
Henry Russell, one of the principal promoters of the Harper Consolidated company, is said to be in
jail at Colville charged with having
obtained money under false pretense, and according to rumors here
other warrants issued from tbe district attorney's oflice in New York
are in tbe bands of tbe sheriff of
Stevens county ready to be served.—
Republic News Miner.
A New Motor Plow
An English firm has made a new
plow tbat is propelled by a four-
horsepower gasoline motor. It is
much like the ordinary horse-drawn
implement, and can be used for any
of the ordinary agricultural tasks,
Btich as plowing, cultivating, scuffling, skinning, hoeing and drilling.
As it is only three ft high and two ft
four inches wide, it can be used in
places where horses can not work,
between fruit trees in orchards, in
vineyards and hop gardens, and in
rubber, tea and coffee plantation.
Unlike other motor plows, it has
only two driven road wheels, and
the attendant who walks behind it
runs the engine and guides the plow
by means of star wheels. With one
wneel running in a furrow, the plow
virtually steers itself, and needs little attention excep at tbe end of
tbe furrows. Tbe makers assert that
the machine will do nearly twice as
much work a day as a horse drawn
plow, at about one-half the cost an
acre. Thn correctness of the assertion naturally depends somewhat
upon the nature of the land on
which the machine is set to work.
W. J. Galipeau commenced work
today on the cement sidewalk
around the new post oflice building.
The following iB the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, os re
corded by the government thermometer on E. K Laws' ranch:
Min.     Mux.
Sept. 19—Friday  31 70
20—Saturday  .... 33 77
21-Sunday,  43 60
22—Monday  46 62
23—Tuesday  32 68
24—Wednesday .. 31 69
25-Thursday  32 71
Rainfall  0.19
The free library at the public
school has been placed in new quarters, increased in catalogue, and is
now open to students of tbe public
The Usual Kind
Have you any al-iran clocks? inqulr-
<) :
te rnst-flnev.
s. li.u'am, said t'ae   man
eoiiatjv. About what price do
o.i vis-i in pay fir one?
TV? pilce Is no object If 1 can get
_**}; k'i.J I am after. What I want is
ine .be*-*, vill arouse lhe girl without
iraklng the whole family.
i do.i't know ot any such alarm
;-iock as ihat, ma'am, said the man.
W? keep Just the ordinary kind—the
kind ihai will-wake the whole fain-
Uy without disturbing the girl.
Moulding the Future Race
Human eugenics need not be and
j is nor likely to be a coltt-blooded se-
behtnd j lection of partners by some outside
Spoiling the Visit
I he Aiuiai-lt:. Woman- Did yjtt enjoy
/our visit TTfSirat.oril-on-Avon?
The American Visitor—it was per-
feetly horrid, that's jnst what It was!
Why. Shakespeare's tomb -was guard-
id so closely ihat 1 didn't get an opportunity to chip off a single souvenir.
•»r c-ven to write my name o.i it!
Yoo women never keep posted on
em-reni  events.
Why, yes we tlo. 1 read all about
the finding of the Pole.     But John?
How did ihe Pole happen to be lost?
Their lecupati no
Stranger c«tt Oxford Station)—What
kind ot a town is this?
Native—A university town.
Stranger—Um. What do the people who don't attend the university
Native—They do the students.
The Morning's Surprise
Simeon   Easy,   after   living   sixty
3 ears on a I'ai.n. finds his quarters on
.shipboard somewhat cramped. He ob-
ilaiesthe lack of space, however by
sowing his trousers and shoes into a
round cupboard In the side of the vessel on going to bed.
Seven a.m.     Startling disclosures.
Steward, last night I put my clothes
in that cubbyhole, an' they ain't there
Thai ain't a clothes press; that's a
port-hole. sir.
Doing Well
Young man. said a rich and pompous old ge tleman. 1 was not always
tl.**.. 1 did not always ride In a motor-ear of my own. When I first
started In life 1 had to walk.
Yo« were lucky, rejoined the young
man. When 1 first started 1 had to
crawl. It took me a long time to
learn to wall..
scientific authority. But lt may be, and
is very likely to be, a slowly growing conviction—first among the more
Intelligent members of the community and then by Imitation and fashion
among the less intelligent—that our
children, the future race, the torch
bearers of civilization for succeeding
ages, are not the mere result, of
chance or Providence, but that In a
very real sense lt is within our
power to mould them, tht the salvation or damnation of many future
generations lies In our teaspoonful of
boraclc acid In a halt pint of hot water and letting It stand until the acid
crystals are dissolved.
A Tombstone to a Trout
A tombstone erected many years
ago to the memory of a trout may be
seen at Blockley, Worcestershire,
England, as proof positive that, this
Is not a 'fish story.' The following
text upon the stone tells the interesting story of the fish:
Memory of the old fish "■* tinder the
Old Fish do He. Tweniy years he
lived and then did die.,He was so
tame, you understand, he would come
and eat out of your hand. Died April
20, 1855.     Aged 20 years.
Sorry He Spoke
Scientists state tbat seafaring people should always keep chocolate
handy, remarked the pedantic youth.
Chocolate contains many heat units
and Is valuable ln time of emergency.
How nice, responded the girl. Better
take a two-pound box when, we go
rowing this afternoon.
Another Complicatict
Horse racing has always been complex.     You have to allow for wieath-
er, wind condition of the horse and
condition of the track.
And now you have to look out for
interference by suffragettes.
When you want to clear
your house of flies, see that
you get
i nitations are always unsatisfactory.
Just What Did She Mean?
Miss Naberly—How long were you
in attendance on Mrs. Smith before
she died?
Young M.D.—Fourteen months.
Miss Naberley—Dear me! The old
lady must have had wonderful vitality.
State of Ohio,  City of Toledo,    \
Lucas County I   **
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Chen" _fe Co., doing business ln the city
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid.
ani that said firm will pay the sum of
UflflB HUNDRED DOLLA-S tor each and
every case of catarrh that cannot be
cured bv the use of Hall's -..atai-rh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in hia presence, this Cth day of December.  A.D.,  188C.
(Seal.) A.  W.   GLEASON.
Notary Public'
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally,
ana acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.-r Toledo, 0.
•-old by all druggists,  7&c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constlpa.
He Knew
The professor of tbe class in English
history was telling his students of the
impressionable age, about the Elizabethan era, when, suddenly turning to
one of the young men*who seemed to
be In a dream, he saitl:
And how old was Elizabeth, Mr.
Eighteen last birthday,
instant reply from Mr. Case, who was
thinking of someone else's sister.
•Mr. Isaacs—I sells you d-t coat at a
Kiand sacrifice.
Customer—But you say tbat of all
your goods. How do you make a
Mr. Isaacs—Meln frlent, I makes a
small profit on de paper and string.
The boy is all right, said the doc-l
tor, but yon want to talk to him and
arouse his ambition. Promise him
lhat you will take him somewhere
when he recovers sufficiently to go
out. Talk to him abont playing
hockey wltb the fellows. There are
lots of ways In which you ean interest him.
Then the doctor addressed the little
chap, who was just recovering from
the fever, saying:   •
Come, Billy, ctc.er up. Wouldn't
you like to go out and slide on the
ice with the other kids.
A faint smile stole over the boy's
face, but that was all.
Wait a minute, doc—I'll rouse him,
Interrupted the kid's father. Look
here, Bill, how would you like to go
out and steal the milk bottles off the
, neighbors' porches, drink all the milk
and then smash the bottles ln tbe
street so that the automobile tires
will explode.
The child sal up and asked for his
...  I street  so that
came   the  „,„ .„„,„
The Boy—What does arbitration
Teacher—It. means that when two
powers of equal strength get hold of
a snull«- country tbey agree to divide
it equally.
Also on Face. Began to Ooze Waterlike Matter. Torture of Itchiness.
Pimples Festered and Enlarged.
Cured in Two Weeks, Thanks to
Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
Mt. riKlii, Ind. Institute. Muncey, On-
Uirio. —" I suffered from skin troublo for two
mouths before taking Cuticura Remedies.
The trouble started from
Itchiness on tho back of the
bands. When Irritated, this
Itchiness turned to pimples.
These pimples soon began
to spread up the arras, from
. t be arms to my whole body.
' They also came up on the
face. Having spread over
my body they became Irritated by my clothing. They began to ooie
water-llko matter. Then began an almost
killing tortureof Itchiness. When I scratched
I seemed to scalp the pimples and make
them extremely sore. They festered and
enlarged, then tbey opened and left son
spots. These spots became scabbed and
sore beyond expression.
"I sent for a sample of Cuticura Soap
and Ointment which I received quicker than
I expected. I waa much relieved at the
first application. 1 continued applying th*
Cuticura Remedies for two straight week*
then I was completely cured, thanks to
Cuticura Soap apd Ointment." (Signed)
Mm Junk-son, Mar. 6,1012.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment at*
•uld throughout the world. Send to Potter
D. * O. Corp., Dept. UO, Boston, U.S.A.;
lor free sample of each with 32-peae book.
W. N. II. MS
He Old
Tommy came out of a room In whicli
bis father was tacking down tbe carpet.     He was crying lustily.
Why; Tommy what's the niat.er, asked his mother.
Papa hit his finger with the hammer,
Well, you needn't cry at a thing like
that, said the mother. Why didn't
yon laugh?
1 did, sobbed Tommy disconsolately.
Not for Him
An unexplained Incident with a humorous tide occurred at a railway station. A train waa drawing out from
the station wben a man came running
along the platform. Smith! Smith!
Smith! he shouted.
In a car at the rear of the train sat
a passenger, who, hearing the cry,
thrust his head out of the window. Immediately the runner on the platform
struck btm a smart blow across the
Every moment the wheels were revolving mor_> swiftly, and before the
Insulted passenger could call an official the train was clear ot the station. He went at once to the conductor's quarters.
What kind of nn outrage Is this?
he demanded.^ Here am I, an innocent passenger, sitting quietly Just as
the train pulls out of the station. Suddenly a man runs doven the platform
shrieking Smith! Sm! h! I look out
ot the window, and he reaches up and
almosts knocks my head off! Now, I
want to—
Pardon me. Interrupted the conductor.      Is your name Smith?
No It isn't and that is ji.st what
Well, then, sir, what did you look
out of the window for1! There was
not anybody calling you, was there?
Worms in children work havoc.
These pests attack the tender lining ot
the Intestines and if left to pursue
their ravages undisturbed, will ultimately perforate the -.all, because
these worms are of the hook variety
that cling to and feed upon Interior
surfaces. Mille.-'B Worm Powders
will not only exterminate these worms
of whatever variety, but will serve to
repair the injury they have done.
_ Horse Always Lost
The passenger inside the cab suddenly put his head out of the window and
exclaimed to the driver: Ge on, man;
get on.   Wake up your nag.
Shure, sor. 1 'aven't the heart to
bate 'Im.
What's the matter.with him. Is
he sick?-
No, sor, 'e's not sick, but it' unlucky
he Is, sir, unlucky. You see, sor,
every morning afore 1 put 'im in the
cab. I tosses 'lm whether 'e.'U 'ave a
feed of oats or I'll have a drink of
whisky, an' the poor baste bas lost
five mornings running.
. ASK YOU* DEALER.      t
The case concerned a will, and an
Irishman was a witness.
Was tbe deceased, asked the lawyer, In tbe ht.bit of talking to himself
when alone?
I don't know was the reply.
Come, come, you don't know, and
you pretend that you were Intimately
acquainted with blm?
The fact is, said Pat drily, I never
happened to be with him when he was
. When tbe doctor called to see the
baby It* mother Informed blm tbat
the medicine left for the Infant the
day before was all gone.
Impossible, declared the surprised
physician. I told you to give him a
teaspoonful once an hour.
Yes, but John antl mother and I
and the nurse have each had to take
teaspoonful, too, in order to get
baby to take it.
I   m ■
Man may declare that he Is tSe lord
of creation, but all the same he fears
his wife above everything else should
he happen to reach home very late at
night. Recently a certain husband
arrived home much later tban usual
from the office. He took off his boots
and stole Into the bedroom, but vain
precaution, his wife began to stir.
Quickly the panic-stricken man wen*
to the cradle of bis first-born and began to rock It vigorously.
What are you doing there, Robert?
queried his wife.
I've been sitting bere for nearly two
hours trying to get this baby to sleep
he growled.
Why, Robert, I've got him here In
bed with me. said the spouse.
Antl he never sah) another word all
that ulgbt.
.lones is mighty solid with his wife.
How does be do It?
Simple enough. When be goes to
see hts mother he tells bis wife that
he like to (tt back to wife's cooking
The big red touring car struck a
pedestrian, rolling him In the mud. ahd
maltreating him in general. The
owner ran back, greatly excited, after
stopping his car.
ls he dead? he- asked anxiously ot
Ihe medical man who was attending
the victim.
Oh, no! replied the doctor, cheerfully. He's not dead; lie's merely run
Such Foolish Questions
Mother—You were a long time In 1Ji#
conservatory with Mr. Willing last
nlgbt, my child. What was going
Daughter—Did you ever alt iu the
conservatory wltb papa before you
married blm?
Mother—I suppose I did.
Daughter—Well, mamma. It's the
eame old world.
He Lived There all Fight
An anxious father got wind of the
rumor that his son wa- leading rather
a convivial life in Town. But the
son strenuously denie.'. the charge In
letters to his father. Still unsatisfied, the father made an unexpected
visit to his son's lodgings, and giving
the bell a manly pull, was met by a
grim-faced landlady.
Does Mr. James Smith live here?
asked the father.
He does, replied the landlady. Bring
him right in.
A fool and his-money are sometimes
a bo: proposition.
Minard's Llnltrent Cures Dlttempe*
Difficult to Catch
An E-igii-fhmau who was appointed
to an important post In China git married soon after. Amongst tie recipients of the usual little cardboard boxes containing r. piece of wedding cake
was a Chinese merchant with whom
tbe brldegroo-. had an outstanding account for goods supplied. After the
honeymoon one cf the first persons the
newly-wedded husband met was bis
Celestial creditor.
And how did you like the cake? said
the Englishman, laughingly, after tbe
usual congratulations.
Ab, ha! returned the Chinaman, with
a cunning leer, me no such a big fool
to eat him, sab. Mo put cakee In
fire.     Burn him up.     He! he.
Ob, that's too bad! said tbe Englishman, very much hurt. You might
have tasted lt at least, out of compliment to my wife, and myself. Why
didn't you?
Me too clu: , sah, said tho Celestial,
with tbe same cunnin smile. You
owe me monee, sah! sendee poison
cake; I eat him; I die; you no payee
np. Honp-la. He! he! be! I
know you Engleesh.
Championship of United States
Shooting against a field of more than
three score of the leading 'shorfarms'
marksmen of the country, Peter J.
Dolfen, of Springfield, Mass.,-registered the winning score of 469 Out of
a possible 500, the second highest
score made In thirteen consecutive
years In this event, and became champion revolver shot of the United
States. The contest for the champ
lonship was designated as Match 'A*
In the United States Revolver Association's League and waa
participated in by menibeis of- revolver clubs In several large cities between the .wu oceans. The shooting
was conducted under the management
ol U.S.R.A. officials on the ranges of
the various clubs and the ta'getB for
warded to the Association's headquarters at Washington, D.C., for the fin-
al decisions.
Fifty shots were fired at 20 yards on
tbe standard American target by each
contestant, Mr. Dolfen shooting Remington-UMC metallic cartridges in
making his exceptionally high score.
The retiring title holder Is Dr. J. R.
Hlcks, who made 463 out of 600 at.6
fell into third place.
The new revolver champion is a possibility who has beeu looming large
on the horizon of the sport for some
time. Mr. Dolfen Is a consistent
maker of remarkable targets In his
work on the Springfield teams. Last
year he was made one of the American
contenders f..r world's championship
honoi-B at the Olympic Games at
t ockholm, and ln competitU... with the
picked s'totB of many countries won
second place in tbe individual pistol
match with 474 out ot a possible 600,
this score being exceeded only by A.
P. Lane, another membti of the
American team who, shooting Remlng-
ton-UMC ammunition, won the event
with 499 out ot 600, establishing a new
world's rec.rd.
A Lady Finds Help from Simple Food
Civilization brings blessings and also
The more highly organized we become the more need there Is for regularity and natural simplicity ln the
food we eat.
The laws of body nutrition should
be carefully ob.yed, and lhe finer
more highly developed brain and nervous system not hampered by a complicated, unwholesome dietary.
A lady ot high nervous tension
"For fifteen years I was a sufferer
from dyspepsia. I confess that an
improperly regulated diet was the
chief cause of my suffering. Finally
nothing that I ate seemed to agree
with my stomach, and life, at times,
did not seem worth living
"I began to take a pessimistic view
ot everything and see life through
dark blue glass, so to speak. My
head became affected with a heavy
creeping sensation and I feared paralysis.
"Palpitation ot the heart caused -
me to fear thnt I might die suddenly.
Two years ago, hearing Grape-Nuts
so highly spoken of by some estimable friends of mine, I determined to
try it.
The change In my condition was
little less than miraculous. In a
short time tbe palpitation, bad feeling ln head and body began to disappear and tbe Improvement has continued until at the present time I
find myself ln belter health than I]
have ever enjoyed.
"My" welgbt haa Increased 20 lbs In
the laat year and life looks bright
and sunny to me as It did when I
wag a child.'
Name given by tbe Canadian Post
um Co., Windsor, Ont.
"There's a Reason," and It le ex-
plained in the little book, "The Road
to Wellvllle," ln pkgs.
Ever read   tht   above   Wtter?    A
ntw ont appears tram tlmt to tlmt
- .      -        .   1      .....      m
Wise mothers who know the virtues
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator always have lt at band, because
It proves Its value.
Safe From Disturbance
A spider one day was crawling
down the aisle of an old church, looking very disconsolate and with a decided limp, and on his way met another spider, who accosted him as fellows: Well, old chap, what's tht
matter. Lost a couple of fat files, or
is your liver out of order7
Neither, dear friend. The fact s
I sleep under the pulpit cushion, and
tbe vicar will persist ln banging on the
cushion to emphasise his points, and I
am suffering from three broken legs.
Oh! I am sorry for you; but lf you
don't mind sharing my bunk-you art
quite welcome.
And where may that be?
In the poor box. Nobody ever dis
turbs me there.
I Should Worry
Mrs. Smith was repeatedly reminding her hus'-jand that she owned the
silver, tha. she owned the furniture,
that the plane was her own private
property, tent, so on until poor Smith
beg_.ii to wonder what she'd claim
The other night MrB. S. woke In
alarm. Strange sound, we.e beard
In the lower parts ot the bouse, aod
quickly rousing ber busband, sbe
John, John! Get up! There are burglars In   he houje!
Eh? inquired Mr. Smith, rubbing
his eyes.
Burglars dow-.staire, repeated Mrs.
Burglars? said Smith, as be turned
over. Well, I sbould worry. I don't
own anything.
'Miner (to recruit who has missed
every shot)—Good heavens, man,
where are your shots going?
Recruit (nervously)—I don't know,
sir; they left here all right.
Minard't   Liniment Cures  Garget  I*
A Slight Mistake
The tourist stood and gazed in wonder at the hill—such a hill. It was
amazing! lovely! gor_?ous! magnificent! enough to make an emotional
poet 6wc.ll with ecstasy. The beautiful flowers studded here and there
among tho deep-green fleldc, opening
out their gaudy petals to drink tht
warm r.,ys of the summer sun were
The tout ist almost ran past'the g.rl
who was sitting there—to climb tbls
fairy mountain, but he had scarcely
taken two steps up its sloping bank
when the girl jumped ii). with a
scream. You—you brute! she shrift*.-
ed. How dare you trample over my
Going fishing is good exercise fot
the Imagination.
A girl who paints well may hi
homely, but It Is her own fault «
she ls.
Do Yon Feel Chilly
——*********, OR —■—.——
Feverish and Ache all Over
Feel Worn oot-blde and tired T Don't let your cold develop
Into bronchitis, pneumonia or catarrh, llw reliable alterative and tonic which tut proven its value in tbe past 40 yesrs te
Mother—Wby <l!d ye strike my child |
tor naetblng?
Teacher—I struck him because he
wouldn't tell ue where the River
Thames was. Ke only stood and
looked at me. ,„„ _,„_, _._,_, _.
Mother—He wad be dumtovoded at  Thty sit genuine, true, and full tfi
J yer Ignorance, likely, human Interest.  im*A-r*****a************am
'olden Medical Discovery
Hastens stttttlf ttthttlvtf sod tt tht tlndsUen-tha bleed is
nut-tad. Ok digestion aad appetite lapmed end the whole body
tm*, tht lavintsth-f ten* of this extrast ef native -aed-etaal
plaits. Id ussiqtwss, tht heert, or*.-, tad nerves feel tht
nf--Ms«ts«U»sii. Ibt ever 40 reus this reliable reasedy has
been soldi* Saaid term ky ell medicine dealen. Il can now alee
U obtained tn tablet form is «L00 tnd Me bows. If your chemist
JOOS petam  **t»*et ett msSteml aamlbme,
*%**S*9slasm swfito-Mtfr&y.ftoras.JfcflC.
Wrong all tht Tlmt
A political speaker was attacking
ths Government with mqfe venom than
reason. A man at tht back ot the
'hall at last cried out: You're wrong,
sir! A little nettled, the orator continued without heeding.      *
Presently, In answer to another
strong assertion, came again: You're
wrong sir! The speaker looked angry, but continued on the, war path.
You're wrong, sir, again rang out.
Angrily addressing the persistent
one, the orator cried: Look here, I
could tell this -man something about
■th-t> Government which would make
his hair stand on end!
You're wrong again, sir! cams exultantly trom the critic as he stood
up and.removed his hat. His head
was as bald as an agg.
Knew Him Well
A certain cantankerous old gentle-
Han not long ago advertised for a
coachman, wbo was required, among
other qualifications, to possess an In-
tin-ate acquaintance with the neighborhood; but, to his great surprise, he
received not a single application tor
tho vacant post.
I cannot understand lt at all, ht
said, as during a chat one day with
tn old hostler at the local livery stables he had mentioned the tact.
Let me sea, said the latter, as a
gleam of Intelligence flitted across his
face, ye lu.dvert.sed, I believe, for one
is must be well acquainted with the
neighborhood, didn't ye?
I did, replied ths old gentleman,
shortly. I want some one who knows
his way about.
Ah, that explains it. was the answer.
Te see, Ihey who knows the neighborhood well knowB ye, too.
And Found a Cure In Or. Chase's
Nerve Food
It ls always better to prevent serious diseases of tbe nerves. There are
many warnings, such as sleepessness,
irritability, headaches and nervous Indigestion .
Prostration, paralysis and locomotor ataxia only come when the nervous system is greatly exhausted.
Even though your ailment may not
yet be very serious, there Is a great
satisfaction ln knowing that Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food will cure paralysis ln its earlier Stages.
Mrs. It. Bright, 215 Booth Avenue,
Toronto, writes: "Two years ago my
husband bad a stroke which left hiin
tn a weak, nervous condition. He
started taking Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
and Kidney-Liver PIUs, and we saw
the good results almost Immediately.
They have made a new man ot my
lusband and we cannot speak too
highly of them."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, BO cents a
box, 6 for In.SO, all dealers, or Ed-
aiatieon, Bates & Co., Limited, To-
Ths Scientific Farming of ths Woodlot
."There ts no P-trt of the farm which
WlU give bigger returns for so llttlo
expenditure of time and labor as tha
woodlot." This statement in the
July number of the Canadian Forestry Journal, 1. made by Mr. B. R.
Morton, B. Sc. F., the sllvical expert
who ts engaged by the Forestry
Branch at Ottawa to demonstrate to
tbe woodland owners of eastern Canada just how these btge-er returns may
be achieved. But lt It is not possible to obtain such expert advice, there
arc yet three ways ln which the farmer, by the exercise of ordinary common sense, can vastly Improve the
composition, production and reproduction of his woodlot.
Tin flrst thing necessary ls to Improve the cha-.acter ot the crop,
which can be done by cutting down
and using for fire-wood all diseased
and deformed trees, as well as such
species whose presence In the wood-
lot ls not desirable. Only too frequently ls the method of cutting exactly the reverse. Ths best trees are
cut, often for purposes for which an
Inferior, wood would serve, and the
poorer species are left seed-In the cut-
over areas and to gradually crowd out
the better varieties. Before cutting,
the farmer should consider flrst the
use to which the wood ls to be put,
and second, the species-composition ot
the woodlot which ls most desirable.
Firewood probably yields the best
returns for a small acreage and for
this purpose rapid-growers such as
poplar, ash and elm should be encouraged, which should make an annual
growth ot from one-halt to one cord
per acre. Basswood too, will be In
Increasing demand because of Its rapid
growth, because lt coppices readily
and because ot Its value ln small sizes
for the manufacture of excelsior, cooperage stock and other small articles
for whicli the wood is particularly
adapted, Maple reproduces readily,
and although not a rapid grower, lt
nevertheless yields a substantial revenue when It becomes large enough to
tap. Soft woods like spruce, balsam and -.me grow much more rap-
Idly tban hardwoods and might be
advantageously grown for fuel or pulpwood.
When the most suitable species have
been selected and the weed-trees removed, the woodlot must then be thinned until the crowns of the best-formed remaining trees are seen to barely
toucb. An acre can only produce a
given amount ot wood each year and
tha fewer trees there are to share
this yearly Increment, and yet fully
utilize the crown space, the more rap-
Id will be the growth of these trees.
The third requisite In the scientific
farming of the woodlot, is that the
cattle be kept out, especially atter
heavy cutting, when reproduction Is
most dctittd. Cattle are Just as Injurious to a young crop ot tree-seedlings as they are to a young crop of
grain. They may Indeed eat the
grass In the woodlot, but they would
Just as soon, lf not sooner, eat the
young and tender hardwood shoots,
and the same can be said of sheep.
Even coniferous seedlings are not immune to that certainty In reproduction
ts only assured by fencing off the cut-
over areas. Dr. Fernow predicts that
"There will be a time when tha wood-
lot will sell the farm or will, be a necessary part of the farm to make lt
valuable. In the seasons when hit
other work slackens the farmer could
very easily Improve his woodlot In anticipation of this tlmi of increased
wood values.
No Pigeon
The old lady was about to makt a
railway Journey for the flrst time, and
when she arrived at tht Btatlon she
did not know what to do.
Young man, she said to a porter,
who looked about as old as Methuselah, can you tell me where I can get
my ticket? - * *
Wby, mum, he replied, you get lt
at the booking-office, through the pigeon-hole.
Being very stout, she looked at the
hole In amazement, am", then she burst
out ln a rage.
Oo away with you! How can I get
through there? I ain't no blessed
Builder's Man—HI, guv'nor, that
new row of 'ouses ln Maple Grove ara
all fallen down like a pack ot cards.
Builder—Idiot! Didn't I tell you not
to take the scaffolding down till you'd
put up the wall-papers?
Waiting at the Church.
A young man lived at some distance
from his bride-elect. In tbe eventful
day he set off tor the station ln good
time, but, being delayed by friends,
he missed his train. Then hs bethought himself of a telegram.
Dou't marry till I come—William!
was the message he wired.
Bottsm Ejection; Solid Breech, Hemmerleu; Sets
V^HATS tho  uie of a repeating gun that
throw* the shells, smoke ana gases ia
the way of your aim ?
That's the question that Halted ui working on tht
Remington Bottom Ejection Puma Cun—tht only gun of
of its kind on tht market, and used by thousands of
gunners til over lhe country.
,   S*U Bntch. HemmeiW   P«l«l» B_____Ktd.   Th™ UtnmS) S-_Mr D--xex-x*x\ietitm ix-
elwte unseeable.  Simple Tit».do«m-« quitter ten ol the bxtT-l.xtfMnd Ms.
Wowill be tltd to MnJyo-i a booklet that ospU-nt xlmtAy many technical point, of
gen conanuaiaa which are wall worth your etoeatt etuov. Your namo and oddieee
tn apoetcc-d htinax it by return mail.
Remington Arms-Union Metallio Cartridge Co., Windsor, Onuri*
Tt.) Real Worry
Chief of Detectives—Now, give us a
description of your n-lsBlnj cashier.
How tall was he?
Business Man—I don't know how
tall he was. What worr'es me ls
that he was $12,000 short.
And did you enjoy your African
trip, major? How did you like ths
Oh, ttey were extremely kind-hearted! They wanted to keep me there
for dinner!
Rejected Cabinets
Irate Woman—The photographs you
took of myself and husband are not at
all satisfactory and I refuss to accept
Photographer—What's wrong with
Irate Woman—What's wrong? Why,
my husband looks like a baboon.
Photographer—Well, that's no fault
ot mine, madam. You should have
thought ot that before you had him
Her Misapprehension
He   (desperately) — Tell   me
^rutli.     Is it my poverty that
between u»?
She (sadly)—Yes.
He (with a ray of hope)—I admit
that I am poor, and so, unfortunately,
ts my father; but I have an aged uncle
-who lt very rich aud a bachelor. He
U an invalid, and cannot long survive.
She (delightedly)—How kind and
thoughtful you are! Will you Introduce him to me?
To Men Who Live Inactive Llvet.—
Exercise In the open air Is the best
tonlo for the stomach and system generally; but there are those who are
compelled to follow sedentary occupations and the inactivity tends to restrict the healthy action of the digestive organs and sickness follows.
Parmelee's Vegetable PIUs regulate
the stomach and liver and restore
healthy action. It Is wise to have a
packet of the pills always on hand.
Willis's Threat
Willie was -i little fellow of eight,
who with his mother, stayed at the
hotfse of an aunt without having made
provision to sleep. There being no
small boys In his aunt's family, Willie
was put to bed ln one of his llttlo cousin Deborah's nightgowns.      He   was
Not Hurt Soolally
I wouldn't associate with him. I
understand he's served a terai in prison.
That's true, but It was for an offense Involving a million dollara or
more; nothing really disgraceful, you
I am sending you some manuscript,
wrote the budding authoress. I also
inclose a letter of introduction from
the vicar, ono from my teacher, and a
paragraph from pur local paper, telling of my adoption of a literary career. Is there anything else I might
send you to Interest you ln my writ-
Dear Madam, wrote the perspiring
sdltor In reply, you need send me but
ont thing—a good short story.
*   the very indignant at having to wear any-
stands th|ng Wuh bo many frlls and so much
laco round the   neck   and   ou   the
hI _________ v&a
1 won't stand It, mother, he protested loudly on the second night. I
won't wear anything so glrlyl I'll
run away, you see If I don't, before I'll
put that thing on again. Why, rather than wear that—that horrid nightgown—I'll sleep raw!
Minard's Liniment Cure. Diphtheria
Try Murine Eye Remedy
B you hava Rod, Weak, Watery Eyes
sr Granulated Eyelids. Doesu't Smart
-Soothes Eyt Pain. Druggist* Bell
Murlnt Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Matin* Eyt Salt* In Aseptic Tubes,
«c, 50c.   Eyt Books Fret by Mall.
HSmtla* Eyt t\*m.tt Ce., Cklette
W. N   U   943
Requltite Knowledge
As a country physician was driving
through a village   hs   saw   a   man
amusing a crowd with tho antics ot
his trick dog.   The doctor pulled up
and said:
«_,My dear man, how do you manage
to train your clog llko that?   I.can't
teach mine a single trick.
The man looked up with a simple
rustic look, and.replied:
Well, you see, it's this way:   you
havo to know mor'n the dog or you
can't learu him uothlu*.
I have been talcing soma moving
pictures of lite on your farm, .aid the
photographer to an agriculturist.
Did you catch my laborers In motion? asked thV favtiur
I think so.   \
Ah. well, telenet li a wonderful
Must Chew the Pill
Is there any way you can suggest
by which we can euro her ot her Infatuation fir him
Oh, yes, that's easy.   Just—
I mean without letting her marry
Not that I know of.
Eaty Markt
Some men haven't any more caution
when they happen to get a little money
than to show lt to the family.
Ths teacher had been telling tho
class about the rhinoceros family.
Now, name some things, tald she,
that are very dangerous to git near to
and that have horns.
Motor-cars! replied little Jennie
Jones, promptly.
Writer's Crimp
Pa, what Is writer's cramp?
It't being cramped for money,
son.     All writers suffer from It.
Critic (as the composer played hit
last piece)—Very fine indestl. But
what ts that passage which makes
the cold chills run down the back.
Composer—That la where the wan
derer bas tbe hotel bill brought to
it an enemy within the camp. 11 will
undermine the strongest constitution
aod ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, biliousness
impure blood, bad complexion, tick
headaches, and it one of the moot
frcaiictil cauKt of tppendicitn. Te
aeglectltijiloweuicldt. DrMortet
Indian Root Pilla potitively cOlt
Constipation. Thty are entirely
vegetable In composition and do not
sicken, weaken er (ripe. Preserve
four health by taking
Dr. Morae'a   *
i Indian Root Pilla
George't Error
On a wet, cold, February day, George
Farmer stood coughing betot   n chemist's window.
His eye rested ou a placard, which
No more Coughs.
No more colds.
25o. per bottle.
George entered tbe shop. The chemist said he could guarantee the anti-
cold remedy, and tbe young man
bought a bottle.
Two days later he returned again
through mire and sleet.
I have drunk the mixture, he gasped, and it seems to have plugged up
my throat, I can hardly breathe!
Tha chemist started.
You drank It? he cried. Why man,
It's an lndlarubber solution to put on
the soles of your shoes.
To be Healthy Yon Matt Keep the
Blood Rich. Re-land Pure
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are useful
ln any disease caused by thin or lm-
pure, blood, and the list ot such diseases Is astonishingly large. Anaemia
literally means a condition In which
the blood ls thin and watery. In rheumatism the blood becomes thin more
rapidly than ln any other disease.
After an attack of la grippe or acuta
fevers the blood is always thin and
Impure, and Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs
are the tonic to use during convalescence. When the blood is poor and
thin tho stomach suffers. The food
ferments, gas and certain acids form
and tht trouble ls pronounced Indigestion or dyspepsia. Tho nerves reoelve from tbe blood all of their nourishment to keep up their energy and
repair waste or damage. Some forma
of paralysis are caused by thin blood.
The progress of locomotor ataxia ls
stopped In many cases when the blood
ts made pure, rich and red. Tbls ls
only a partial list of the troubles having their origin in Impure, watery
blood, and aU can be cured by supplying the blood with Its missing constituents.
This la exactly what Dr. Williams'
Pink PIUs do. Their chief mission
It to make rich, red blood, and tbls
good blood reaches every organ and
ovety nerve ln the human body, thus
driving out disease and bringing renewed health and strength to thousands of weak, despondent people.
Ask your neighbors. There ls not
an Inhabited corner In Canada where
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills hava not restored some sufferer, and all over this
country there arc grateful people who
do not hesitate to say they owe
health—In some cases life Itself—to
this great medicine. If you are ailing begin to cure yourself to-day by-
using Dr. Williams* Pink Pills.
Sold by all dealers lu medicine or
by mall at GO cents a box or six boxes
for t'i.mO from The Dr. Williams'
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Eptom Saltt
A distinguished foreigner visiting
Epsom Downs ln Thackeray's company
noticed many men dressed as sailors
who wero not, to native aud experienced eyes, the real article.
Ah, said the visitor, these are, I
suppose, what you call your British
Oh, no, replied Thackeray. Only
F.psom salts.
A Long Time Ago
John, that is a very shall*.* office
coat you're  wearing,    remarked    his
Yes, sir. ..aid the old cleric meaningly. I got this coat with the Inst rltte
you gave me.
Teacher—Now, hoys, here's a little
example in mental arithmetic. How
old would a person lie- who was born
In 1875?
Pupil—Plea*--**, teacher, was tt a
man or woman?
According to Passport
An amusing story—which shows tha
value of the passport system—conies
from Russia. Princ. Metchersky,
who ls a Journalist by profession, was
commissioned by the Czar to Investigate certain agrarian troubles. Tht
Prince went to Roum.-.nla, and thero
obtained one of the permits necessary.
for taking livestock across the front-
Then he went to a Russian frontier
pest end presented the document to
thu offU'tai as his warrant to pass.
The o'Hoial could read but little la
Russian and know no Roumanian, but
the bli: document, with the coat ot
arms und seal, greatly impressed him,
and he clteerlly put the Russian official stamp on It.
His investigations ended, the Prince
went back to Moscow, and at the first
oppoitunity presented the passport to
ths governor, saying:
With this document I entered Russia, and traveled about for five months
yet you mutt admit that the description ot mt It tcarcely correct or flattering.
The amazed governor read that tht
Prince was one black sow, full grown,
with one ear partly torn away.
When Holloway's Corn Cure Is applied to a corn or wart lt kills the
roots and tbe callosity comes out without I-jury to the tlesli.
Mile. Gaby Deslys, the French dancer, ls an exceedingly slender young
person, and for purposes of better demonstrating her art she waars, when
on the stage, exceedingly slender
clothes. A person trom the Interior
who had aeen the lady , came forth to
tell about her.
What does she look like? asked a
Well, said the visitor, If she'd shut
one eye she'd look llko a needle.
Minard's Llnimtnt Curtt Colds, Eto.
Children, said the minister, addressing the Sunday school, I want to talk
to you a few moments about one ot
thc most Important organs In tb*
world. What Is lt that throbs away,
away, nevor stopping, never ceaslug,
whether you wake or sleep, night and
day, week in and week out, without
any vtoUtton on your part, hidden
away as lt -aere, ln tht depths, unseen by you, throbbing, throbbing, rhythmically all your llfs long?
And during tht paute of oratorical
effect came a small voice: The Oat
Ona day an Irishman met an Gaf
Ushman and .-ccosted him thus:
Do you know ln what month of ths
year my wife talks tho least?
Well, I suppose when she catches
cold and loses her voice, sal 1 the t.ug-
Notat all. It Is lu February, said
Why Is that? asked the Englishman.
Because February has tbo fewest
No Occasion
Photographer—Go away, hoy! T wan;
to take t photograph ot tills lady I
Bdy—But why?
appreciate it when you bring home
a can of SNAP. For cleaning her
hands, after filling the lamps, milking thc cows, peeling the potatoes
and onions, there is nothing to equal
It leaves the ikin smooth au<
soft.    Order from   your
dealer to-day.
ktasCMNsy.Ua-ltH.-hatred. THE  SVJN,   GEAND   FORKS,   B.C.
G. A. Evans, Editor and Publisher
subscription aalta:
Jne Vear *IJW
One Year (ln advance)  1.00
One Year, In United Statea  1.60
Addreii all oommunloatloni to
Thb Grand Forks 8un,
t>__o-i« Kit Qband Forsb, B.C
day from tbe J. T. Shell company,
of Alexandra, Ont., who was awarded the contract of supplying them.
A representative of the company,
D. B. McDonnell, arrived in the
city on Monday, and he,is now engaged in installing the fixtures.
It will probably be the. first pf November before the building is thrown
open to the public.
Roadways Appropriations
The Vancouver organ of tbe provincial government says very truly
tbat no other country in the world
witb the same population is spending so much money in highways as
British Columbia and lhat no other
country has so much yet to be done
to mnke the natural resources avail
able. It did not tell its readers,
however, that the chief purpose of
this large expenditure was not to
open up the province to settlement,
but to provide jobs for innumerable
hanger* on, wh i<e votes and influence keep the government in office.
Had the road grants of the pas ten
years heen honestly applied British
Columbia would today havethe heit
system of highways in Canada and
would in addition have an agrioui
cultural population, with, fertile
farm lands behind it, which woul I
have challenged competition wilh
any part of America. As the News-
Advertiser says, no country has so
much yet to be done to make the
natural resources avail ble. This is
only in a sms-ll part 'iue to tbe difficulties of roud building in this
province. The real trouble ha-c been,
and ii", that the enormous sums ex
p»nded hive been devoted to keep
ing up a political machine which
could always be depended upon to
stand between the \ Bowser McBride
administration and puiiic* opinion.
The provincial appn priition for
roadwayB this year is larger than the
estimates of the five eastern prov
inces, which have, as the News
Advertiser tellB us, a population
twelve times as great as that of British Columbia. The re.son for this
grent appoptiation is not far lo
seek. The unv-rnmeni feels its hold
on the province loosening. It is
awakening to the knowledge tbal
tbe voter* are now alive to ils shortcomings, to use no worse word, and
it is making a last desperate effort
to maintain its hold on the coun
try.—Vancouver Sun.
There will be special Sunday
Bchool rally day and harvest festival
song services in tbe Baptist church
Sunday at 11 am. and 7.30 pm.
No afternoon school. The morning
service will be of special interest to
the boys and girls; a junior choir
will assist, and at tbe evening bit
vice a senior double quartette will
lead iu tbe song. The audience
room will be appropriately decorated
with harvest fruitage.
The map who is instrumental in
breaking up another man's home re
sembles a snake in the grass. Such
a person, or snake, it is reported on
good authority, was discovered in
Orand Forks tbis week.
Tbe chairman ofthe hoard of works
says that if drivers of trams do not
he d tbe signs regarding slackening
their spe-'d while passing over city
bridges some one will be pro.ecuted
in the near future,
Harry Peters and wife left today
for Urnnby Bay, where tbey intend
locate permanently.
James McArdle returned yesterday from a two weeks' visit to Halcyon.
All Kinds of Draying
Wood and Coal
-       Is best done in a
I      semi-dark  room.
T„k. . . I have fitted up
GStlllg tnch a room,
which enables my optician to
do the very best work. If
troubled wite your eyes, have
a talk with him.
tA*  D.  c-TWorrison
Jeweler and Optician
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
The Mann DrugCo. 's Store
Tne long lists of lands now adver
ttswl for sale for taxes in e-ery Tory
newsp»|)nr in the province is undoubtedly an indication that tlm publishers
• ■f these papers are prosperiing. But
how about the poor land owners who
can't pay their tati'x?
Thp   fixtures   for   thp  new  post
office arrive'! in thp oity )»et Patur-
SBALED TENDERS will be received by the
nwlfrsiir'-pd up to Vi nVt-irk ti<*nt) nn
Ttiiir.-.lny,tlii*23r<l 'lay "f i»t.t.il»er. 191.1, for
th*- purohase of the undnrineiitinned mineral t-lami forfeited to thu crown.
All tender** tniiitt be »t \n»-t equal ><> the
up**et prif.r na jiiven below, which reprrienti
the taxe»iowtn, intereit, -tc., Crown Grant
Pe h and ••mt of HdveftUlnjr
The name of the   >- Ine al   claim In   tbe
"Qnemi  uf   the   H Iln " L'-t 221IS.  situate in
Gran I  Forka Mlniair Dhrl<l iti.   Ui>*et price
18017  Eaoh tender must b" aceomiinxled by
a certified cheque payn ble at par at Pen tin-
ton.   Tlie oheque of any iim-ufoi'i.- ul ten-
dorer*t will bc returned at   nee.
Dated at Fairview, 18th Ri'p'enili r. WIS.
Government Agent,
Fairview, It, C.
Sample Books
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, ^Mutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Daily^
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums Cba Co. Limited
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
quajity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls   .$1.25 each
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The Rexall Druggists
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Model Livery P-arn
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Mclntyre (S^StrithW sba office
At the Head
The nun at the- head of affairs
whether al home or in business, ii
the one whose attention you wish
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Our paper goes into lhe best class
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the family. That accounts lor the
results obtained hy the use of
Classified Want Ads.
• in reml The Sun you get tbe
■ if the dty, Iln* province and
nrlcl. It in poRf-ihlf. for a Sun
< lo kt'ep ahreflHt of tbe timet
null tbe aid of the daily- papers.
All Tied Up
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Classified Want Ads.
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reoaetalaalaaa* efcill»»iil>i-l
•f rochlag tlu baring p-ablla.
Their email ***, t* not *m **.
*.*•*. but ua la*MtaMat nkltk
will Miin largo St-tmamS*.
Tbe Sun only costs tl s year.   It
prints all tbe news. p
Most Important Events atj
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
Five thousand dockers go Oo strike |
and the port of Liverpool  ia   closed.
Five hundred busses are idle in  London.    The strike is spreading in Dublin.
Traveling incognito as Wong Kwok
Yin, Dr Sun Vat Sen, former president of the Chinese republic and leader of the revolutionary forces in the *
great rebellion that has disturbed
China recently, is reported to be in
hiding in Vancouver.
The first skirmish goes against the
lawyers representing the deposed ex-
eohtive of New York state.
From seventy-one correspondents
giving accounts of the harvesting of
the immense crops on the prairies excellent reports are given. |
•Hev. Hans Schmidt, the New York ■
self confessed murderer, is anxious to
go the electric chair and says there is
no use of delaying.
Fearing to respond to a call from
President Huerta to come to the national palace last night, Deputy Ro-
dolfo Reyes, former minister of jus-
- tioe, passed half the night - in the
United States embassy.
The Panama government is adverse-
ly criticised by mercantile men.
. Saturday
" Hon. A. E. McPhillips is appointed judge of the appeal court of
British Columbia.
Dublin's streets today were
again the scene of a fight hetween the
police and tbe strikers. Many heads
were broken.
The current report of the fruit division of the department of statistics,
Ottawa, states that there has not
been fnr many years such an unsatisfactory state of affairs in Canada as
far as the apple crop, is concerned.
Another was added to America's
list of victories in international sport
at Brookline, Mass., today when
Francis Ouiinet, a youthful local
amateur, won the nineteenth open
. championship tournament of the
United States Golf association.
The worst storm striking the head
uf the Great Likes for years broke out
on Saturday, when a 30-mile gale,
accompanied by sleet and rain, end-
sng in snow, raged at Fort William
for thres hours.
Bapco Pure Paints
Thejl are the beat made, Pure
Linseed Oil and Pure White
Lead. We have a complete
d_/±lso Varnishes, Stains, Dry
Colors, Colors in Oil, and all
the necessary Tools and Brushes
Miller & Gardner
Home Furnishers
The commission of conservation and
the department of lands of British
Columbia have entered into a cooper
ative arrangement fo.- a study of the
forest conditions and forest resources
of British Columbia.
Figures compiled by the forestry
branch of the interior department re
luting to the annual lumber cut in the
Dominion shows that the cut of 1912
shows a decrease when compared with
the previous year in all the provinces
with the single exception of Saskatchewan, where there was an increase of 16.7 percent.
Governor Sulzer must stand trial.
The court decides by an overwhelming vote that the impeachment is
valid,  i  .
It is reported that thirty persons
were killed when the Mexican rebels
dynamited a train on the Mexican
National railway near Vunegas.
A million spectators in New York
watch the funeral cortege of the late
Mayor Gaynor pass through silent
Worst prairie fire on record sweeps
over a hundred utiles uf ground near
Sterling, Alta.
It  is repotted that W. A. Macdon-
I have re-opened a harness shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
1\Ipw Hnrnpcc and do a11 k,m'8 uf
11CW lianiCM harness repairing. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
aid, of Vancouver, has been chosen
by the Dominion government for the
supreme court bench
The Ulster volunteers drill like
veterans. Uniformed nurses accompany each troop.
The situation in the l.i.lkans is
again extremely threatening to the
peace uf Kurope.
The Labor party of Great Britain
is disturbed by the threats of the
Unionists in Ulster to resist home
rule, and is becoming restive.
The duty of the state of New
Haiupshi-ie toward Harry K. Thaw
was the subjeet of exhaustive argument before Governor Felker at Concord today.
The trial of Governor Sulzer is still
in doubt; the high court has not yet
decided whether he must to the charges
of tnsusedfunds.
Two engineers and two firemen
killed and two brakemen injured wan
the toll today of one uf the worst
wrecks between Moncton und Halifax
in the history of the intercolonial
A delegate to the meeting uf the
American Meat Packers' association
itl Chicago says it is the duty uf the
United States government to stock its
lands iu the west with cattle, put the
army, especially the cavalry, us cowboys to handle the animals, supply
tlle packers with this beef ut eust su
the cost will be lowered to the people,
and n threatened meat famine, due in
six or eight years, averted.
' Wo dispense tho tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and tlie finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We oMann  Dmg  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
Frederico Gamboa, minister uf foreign affairs, was today nominated  fur
president of Mexicj hy   the   Cuthnli
party.    The humiliation was approved
by Huerta.
The conferees ut Washington reach
un agreement un all the clauses uf the
Democratic tariff bill exeept the notion trade tax.
Mrs. Pankhurst does nol auitlcpate
that she will meet with the slightest
difficulty    in   entering   the     United
The embryo parliament of Ulster,
at present known as the Ulster Union
1st council, met Inr the first time In-
duy, with six hundred delegates pres
Thu first witnesses give evidence in
the Sulzer trial favurablo tu  the   im
penciled governor.
An Knglish linn secure, a six mil
lion dollars dontruot fur n scheme of
harbor extension at Vancouver.
The lord mayor ol Dublin proposes
a conciliation cunimittco for the settle
incnt of the strike.
Political activities ure awakened at
Ottawa  by  the approaching hy-elcc-
We Are Fighting
High prices. Every article in our store
is marked at the lowest possible price
in keeping with our ''large Sales, small
profit policy." We nowJiave on display
a wonderful new line at some ot our
record-breaking prices.
Staple and Fancy" Groceries   Fall and
Winter Underwear   Hats and Caps
Stylecraft Clothes  Hosiery and
Shirts    Boots  and Shoes
Fruits and Farm  Produce   Tobaccos
and Pipes
The Balkan crisis is becoming mure
acute,    it has  baen aggravated   by
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is tbe time have it done before the hot summer months. .Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary. t
the apparent determination uf the
Young Turk military purty to profit
by the dissensions among the former
allies. Turkey is reported to have
again called to the colors the Asia
Minor conscripts, while the ollicer
lately returned from Tripoli is said tu
lie leading an uprising against Bulgaria in Thrace.
The main line of the Orand Trunk
Pacific railway will be completed to
the Pacigc coast in nine months.
Eight children are cremated when
a wooden building is destroyed by fire
in Quebec. The mother and father
are rescued.
Physical culture in the public
schools in France in ikes marked im
pi-oveuieiit in the physical develop
ment of the French race
Governor Felker hesitates to act in
the Thaw cuse.
All testimony relating to campaign
contributions will be udmittel ut the
Sulzer trial.
The partner of Hev Huns .Schmidt,
the New York murderer, is charged
with counterfeiting.
The New York New Orleans express ofthe Queen & Crescent railway
is held up by two inns.ml men at
Bibbsville, Ala.
Every man likes to say that when
he was younger he was quite handy
with his mitts, Also that he was a
devil among the girls.
Colonel the Honorable Sam and his
gold glated stall' of drigudicrg have
sailed fnr Enifluinl to witness the num.
isMivres Xerxes hud nothing on Colonel the Honorable Sum when it comes
to splendor of traveling —Toronto
Money is Tight
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The pure and health-
giving Beer brewed and
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Columbia. Original Townsite Lots only.
No Subdivisions.
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
BoundaryTrust &. Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901 First Street THE SUN, GRAXD FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Make the liver
Do its Duty
Nin • timn in ten when the liver is right dtf
oiomach snd bowell are right.
gently but firmly com-
p .1 e Iuy liver t
do it* duty
Cures Coa-
Headache, aod Dittrtn after Eating,
Small PHI, Small Dose, Small Prick
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kit md nam w mother «d win.
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aeedfcrover SIXTY YBARSby tflLMONSot
BoTHBRS lor their CHII,6RBN WKlUt
m the bait remedy lor DIARR-icEA. It la ab.
uoHit.lv -larmleu. Be sure and ask lor "Mrs.
-whukm'B Soothing Syrup," and take no other
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Something  bettor  than  linen  and  no
laundry bills.      Wash lt  .vith eoap and
Wator.     All stores or direct. State style
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EM Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel
Piano Action
President of Eddy   Company   Tikes
Cheerful View of Business
Situation ,
Mr. W. H. Rowley, president ot
the E. B. Eddy Company, wit-i twenty fire or more branches la Canada,
with resident agents la every largo
city from Halifax to Victoria, and with
sixteen or eighteen thousand customers and correspondents la this country, takes a very cheerful view of th*
business situation.
Mr. Rowley told Ths World yester-
terday that their business throughout
Canada was better during the first halt
of 1913 than for the same "Period ot
1912, that ls, sales were greater, although profits are less. Larger sales
show Increased consumption: smaller
profits Indicate greater cost ot material, higher wages and cut prices by
senseless rivalry.
The chief channel of the distribution of Eddy's wares Is through ths
wholesale grocery and Jobbing trades.
Until a few weeks ago, buying was
done with great caution and only for
Immediate need.; now, however, there
is less feeling of anxiety than earlier
ln the year and since the middle of
June business ls flowing more freely
and goods are more la demand.
Correspondence from every city ln
Canada shows that business lu atl
lines Is becoming stronger and healthier. The 'hand to mouth' buying ot
a few weeks ago ls succeeded by unusual midsummer activity because the
wholesaler's stocks got low, the retailer's shelves were bare, but uow
there ls a better, suror and .nore easy
feeling among buyers; and taa neces-
si'ies of life, such as matches, buckets, tubs, paper bags and paper of all
kinds are In good demand for dally
Mr. Rowley said: "The majority of
the orders received at the Works ct
Hull for r. month past are marked
'rush,' "hurry,1 'a.a.p.* while nearly
every order calls for quick delivery,
and that while the demand for goods,
the lack of supplies and material, high
wages and cost of making will keep the
price: firmer, I expect to tee higher
lists on many lines -ni an end put
to cut prices, although our lists do
not vary very much, taking oue year
with another.—The Toronto World.
One for Mathematician
A noted mathematician, considered
by many a wonder, stopped at a hotel
in n small town in the English provinces. There were a number of
travelers staying there aud there was
nlso a gathering of medlca! men. One
of the doctors thought it would be a
joko to tell the mathematician that
bome of the M.D.'s had decided to kidnap him and take out his brains to
learn how It was he waa so good ln
mathematics. He was then asked by
them what lie was going to do about
it. He replied: Why, I shall simply
go on without brains just as you doctors are doing.
A Bouquet
A poetical old shopkeeper was al-
ways doing kind things aud saying
lovely ones. One spring he was having his shop repainted. He told the
painter to leave a certain corner untouched for the time being; he explained that the young people, at that season did all their courting there aal
he didn't want them to get smudged.
But, objected   the   painter,   these
young folks would be   tools   not   to
| know the smell ot fresh paint.
Young fellow, said the old shop,
keeper, you have never had a girl,
that's plain. If you had, you'd know
that when folks are In love, everything
—wet paint Included—smells Uke violets and roses.
Goodbye to Atthma. Persons suffering from that extremely trying trouble known as asthma know what It la
to lung with til their hearts [or escape
as from a tyrant. Never do they
know when an attack may come and
they know that to struggle unaided is
vain. With Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy at hand, however, they
can say good-bye to their enemy and
enjoy life again.     It hell'*! at once.
Mlnard'a Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on my vessel and iu my
family for years, and for the every
day Ills and accidents of llfs I consider lt has no equal.
I would not start on a voyage without it, it it cost a dollar a bottle.
Sc-hr.   "Storke,"   St.   Andre, .Ksm-
Wnat May be Expected
Chug, chug!    Br-r-r,   ti-.-r!    Honk,
Hon!:! Zip, zip!
The pedestrian paused at the Ip.'er-
section of two busy thorough fares. He
saw a rar making at lilm from one 6lde,
a motor-cycle on the other, a motor-
lorry In the rear, and a taxlcab
threatened hi I waistcoat buttons.
-.liiH-glliig! Ho looked up, and
saw u runaway aeroplane In rapid descent. Thore was but ona chauce.
He was standing on a manhole-cover.
Quickly sel.tiig It he lifted the lid and
jumped Into the hole, but alas! ouly
to b« run over by a tul* traiu-
He lay urion his dying bed.
His time was nearly o'er;
And with a feeb'.o voice he asked,
What Is the late3t score?
Weep not for me, my boy, ho cried,
I bow to Heaven's high will;
But tell me quickly—tell me—Is
The home team leading still?
No, said the boy, they muffet*. a fly.
Then said the old man, let tae die.
~  DODDS   v
i.. Hh, -*.,„-_-riV»V*-
i u   '1 I- U M A ■; f l*r
30c. • box or six boxes for 12.60,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
One day a young colored man of
sporty appearance dropped In at a
country livery stable and eald he needed a job. Ho looked promising, so
he was set to work greaslnj the axles
of a buggy.
In a remarkably short space of time
he reported the task finished.
Look here, tald his new btas, do
you mean to say you've greased all
four of them wheels already.
I    Well, rejoined the  new   man,   I've
greased the two front ones.
And why haven't you greased the
two hind ones?
Well, said the new man agala. so
long's the two front one's goes al! right
the two bind oue3 Jes' nachelly got to
Won ths Wager
At« oertab. club ths other day tw*
members wars arguing about -will
power. Ths conceited man, wbo wu
In ths habit ot boring all present with
his pointless tales, said that his will
was stronger than thst ot his Mend,
You ara wrong there, said ths quiet
man, and I will prove lt ln this wsy.
Tou go and Bland ln that corner and I
will will you to com* out ot It. Ton
will against ms, and I'll wager I will
hav* you from that corner lefor* I
have commanded you • second tlm*.
The smart ons took up ths challenger and put himself ln the corner. Ths
quiet man said, ln a commanding
Come out of that corner.
Ths other grinned and shook his
head, Ths quiet man sat down and
looked at him steadily. Flvs minutes passed, and then the man of will
said, with a sneer.
Hadn't you better give lt up! I
don't feel any Influence at all, and I
can't stand hers all ths evening.
There ls no hurry, said ths quiet
man, and I have a very comfortable
seat. There ls no time-limit, except
that you are to come out before I ask
you twice, and as I don't Intend to ask
you again until this dsy week, I think
you'll soon begin to feel the Influence.
Ths smart man came out.
An Oil for All Men.—The sailor, ths
soldier, the fisherman, the lumberman,
the out-door laborer and all who are
exposed to Injury and ths elements
will find ln Dr. Thomas' Eclectrle
Oil a true and faithful friend. To
ease pain, relieve colds, dresti wounds,
subdue lumbago and overcome rheumatism, lt has co equal. Therefore,
lt Bhould have a place ln all home
medicines and those taken on a
Our Funny Children
Little Ralph, an only child of four,
had been permitted to stay up one
evening when his parents had company. At the table he made a quaint
remark, at which all the guests laughed. He Instantly saw that he had
made a hit, and with commendable
enterprise Bought to follow lt up.
Dad, he shouted,   what   was   that
other smart thing I said yesterday?
Not Guilty
Mistress—Bridget, whatever becomes ot the cutlery? I am continually missing some. Really, I suspect the dustmen as they come
through the scullery.
Cook—Faith, marm, ye're wrong
there entolrely. They're too honest
at all. Why, they brought back
thray knolves last week that they'd
found In t',.e dustbin!
Ctse for a Good Lawyer
Why are you so Bad? sn acquaint-
ance asked a young man whose aunt
had Just died.     You never appeared
to care much for the post lady.
I didn't said the youth dolefully;
but I was tbe means of keeping her ln
a lunatic asylum during the last Are
years of her life. She has left me
all her money, and now I have got to
prove that she was ot sound mind.
Pshaw! exclaimed Miss Yerner Impatiently. I am sure we will miss
ths first act. We have waited a
good many minute? for that mother
ot mine.
Hours. I should say, Mr. Slow man
retorted crossly.
Ours? Oh, Oeorge! she cried, and
laid her blu-hlng cheek upon his shirt
Pistol and Rifle Cartridges
■Winchester cartridges adapted to
•Winchester rifles are made to get
tits best possible results out of
them. As the same equipment,
organization «nd system are
employed in making aU Winchester cartridges, it naturally
follows that Winchester cartridges produce the best result*
in all firearms. Winchester cartv
ridges are made for all caliber*
and makes of rifles, revolvers
and pistols. Sold everywhere
Ask For The Red W Brand.
Dangerous chemicals art net ussd In tip.
ping EDDY'S Sts-qul Safe Light matohss.
See that you get EDDY'S and   ns   other ..
"Just as good." -*
Safety—In Its complst* ssnss—la absolutely guaranteed, but vou muat aak for
EOOY'S new
Has Them
A Valuable Secret *
Father Dooley had Just tied the knot
and looked expectant. The bride
looked sheepish, and Fat, shitting
trom ons foot to another, looked
guilty.    At last hs began:
I__I—don't Uk* to bs mane, father,
but I changed ms clothes in u hurry
and left me money In me other pants.
Then he added, ln « whisper: Take
me down In the cellar; I'm a plumber,
and I'll show yo how to fix ths gas-
meter eo't won't register more than
forty per cent.
At ths Supper Table
Ths young maa who had taken ths
debutants In to dinner was talking
art. ,  .
Are you fond of etchings? ne asked.
As a gsneral rule, yes, shs answered, looking up Into his eyes with an
engaging frankness tbat threatened
havoc to his heart; but, she added
hastily, aa hs started to say something pretty, not tny to-night, thank
you. It is rather late. A small
piece ot Jelly will be sufficient.
enough Said
Brown—What did your wife aay
about your being so lata home ths
other night?
Jones—Nothing at sll • Bhe just sst
down at ths piano and played 'Tell
me the Old, Old Story.
Wben he comes soft soaping around
with an ax to grind Just suggest to
him that hs gst a motor attachment
for his Jaw and do ths whole Job
HI* Explanation
At the breakfast tabls thp other
moralng hs was relating to his wits
an Incident that occurred at the Club
the previous night. Ths chairman ottered a silk b» to ths membor wha
could stand up and truthfully say that
during his married lit* hs had never
kissed auy woman but his own wit*.
Ahd, would you believe lt, Mary?—
not ons stood up.
Oeorge, his wit* said, wby didn't you
Stand up?
Wall, hrreplled, I was going to, but
I look awful la a silk hat.
Ths Optimist
Crash! Down th* kltehsa stairs fell
th* entire traytul ot crockery from
the dining-room. Not even the saltcellar remained unbroken.
In the dining-room sst husband and
wife, staring blankly at eaoh other.
What did It all mean? But this was a
time tor action, and the mistress rushed to the door. Jane, Jane! she cried
whatever have you done?
Jan* smiled. Ob, mum, she replied.
It's only ths dlnnsr things, mum.
What a good thing I hadn't washed
'em up!
Would Dscslvs Completely
Show Girl (bursting into manager's
office)—Quick! There's a 8m behind
ths scenes, ths gang ts rushing about
like mad and screaming thslr hsads
off. Looks Ilk* a panic. What
will we do?
Manager—Do? Ring up the cw
tain, ot course, and let the audience
think lt ls the opening chorus.
W. N. U. 18}
Nothing Extriordinary
An American tourist ia England
was out sightseeing. Tliey cook him
aboard the old battleship Victory,
Nelson's flagship. An English sailor
escorted the American over the vessel,
and coming to a raised brass tsblet
on the deck he said, as he reverently
removed his hat:
Here, sir, 1» the spot where Lord
Nelson fell.
Oh, Is It? replied the American
tlandly. Well, that is uot surprising.
I nearly tripped oyer the darned thing
Unwarranted Pride
Professor (coming from   his   club,
holding up his umbrella to his wife)
—You see, 1 Laveu't forgotten my umbrella.
Mrs. Professor—But ruy dear, you
dldu't take your umbrella wits youj
you left It at tome.
Look for this
label on eveiy bag
IT means best quality—tasted
quality— full measure aad
thorough satisfaction.
It is on every bag of
CANADAp-rtiand Cement
JNLESS you have facilities for testing cement, you must
*-"•' depend upon the manufacturer for Cement that is
reliable — Every car of Canada Cement is thoroughly
tested, and unless it passes every test it is not allowed to leave
the mill, ■-■■.m.--.f
Yeu can depend upon Canada Cement
Be sure you get it.
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
• ._>■
There is a Canada Cental dealer ia your neighborhood.   If yeu do aal
know him, ask ut for his asms.
We** mr lefimati,* Bunaefir afrn i
let Farmer Cee Pt r
■■ i
i im H-i-i mmm i in nun
Garnet Heart
::   Wbat It Meant Was a
Secret Until Its
By  r.   A.   MITCBEL
.    ...flflflfl*flfl*..flflflflflfl.fcflfll
It I I  ■  I   I '*' I   I   I1 J1 I   ."_' 4   l' I I   I  l   I'I1 I1 ,"l
Melville, having worked bis wa;
through college and received a legacy
at {SOO a few days after graduation,
concluded to spend tbe money ln a
trip abroad before settling down to his
Hfe work. To take the outing on so
limited a sum he was obliged to economize in his traveling expenses and
proposed to do a good deal of walking.
Switzerland being the favorite country
for pedestrians,' be took steamer for
Senos, from wblcb dty n short rail-
Nad Journey brought bim to Geneva.
At the botel wbere he put up in tbst
dty was sn American family, consisting of father, mother and a daughter
about twenty years of age. Tbey wer*
tourists drifting from point to point as
the spirit moved tbem. Something in
the appearance of the young lady attracted Melville's attention, not to say
msw tii oAtxxtn to mon bsr bosom
*so riU-D IT W BIB 30*111*.
cariosity, mingled with admiration. On
her face was a sadness. Indicating tbat
she bad suffered; vindlctlveness,
pointing to some injustice that had
been Inflicted upon ber, and tbere was
so sir about her of Indifference to everything and everybody.
Rut Melville's curiosity wns especial-
ly excited by Inn ornament tbe young
lady wore upon ber bosom-n stickpin,
the bead of wblcb wns n garnet heart
It was not lu ber necltwenr, lint stuck
In ber dram directly over ber real flesh
and blood benrt.
Melville bud Intended to walk eastward around tbe norih bnnk of Lake
Leiutiu. stopping frequently by ths
way, buc ou the morning of Ms departure be saw Ilie A rue. lean family
leaving for Ibe lake bout, nnd be yielded to a lempintlon to Bee more of tb*
girl wbo hnd attracted bis attention by
making it pnrt of the Journey blmself
by wnter. Su, going down to tbe landing, be took passage for Ijnisnnne.
Tbere Is n quick telegraphy between
two young persons of opposite sez, and
very little time wns required for tb*
• girl to perceive tiint Melville bnd especially   noticed   bur.    He  spoke some
Kugllsb words with bis American accent lu her heming, nud this mnde ber
swaro that he wns a fellow country-
[ man.   Ue  scraped   au   acquaintance
wltb ber father, hoping tbat It mlgbt
lead to nu Introduction to tbe daughter,
but In tbls ke wns for the tlmo dlsnp-
l pointed.   Wben the bost rent-lied- Lou-
[sanne, Melville disembarked with re-
I fret tbnt lo must leave the object of
| bL. jurloslly unsolved.
tbe next day he walked to Mon-
I Ireux, and the flrst person be saw on
(the piazza of the botel as be mounted
[lbe steps wns lbe girl of tbe garnet
I heart. As tbelr eyes met it seemed to
I Uelvllle thnt he saw In hers that re-
I vengeful look he lind noticed, tbougb it
I suddenly gave place to one which be
[ could only account for as an Invitation
I for blm to seek an acquaintance.
Sucb Impressions are usually vague
I and readily give place to others. Of
lthe two mentioned Melville remember-
led only tbe latter. He was by no
[means sure of bis Interpretation, but
lbe proposed to act upou It at tbe first
I opportunity. Trom tbe botel register
lbe learned that tbe family nam* tas
I Huntington." Melville again addressed
[the rather and found a bond of fellow-
[tblp In tbnt tbey wer* graduates ot lb*
I lame university.  Thus followed tu in
troduction to tne inidiiy.
Alum llucti-gton on learning tbst
Melvllje wns fond of walking sympathized wltb bim, telling him thst sh*
was devoted to It herself. Throwing
•side conventionality, sbe accepted Invitations to go about wltb blm freely,
unaccompanied by s chaperon. Melville found an additional feature tn th*
puzzle Id nn evident dlsapprovsl on
ibe part of Mrs. Huntington of bis at-
lentlons to her dsugbter. Tbls disapproval did not appear to result from
nny antagonism to him personslly, nor
.Id tbe Isdy appear to blsme him for
the growing Intimacy witb bsr daughter.' It wu plain from the mother's
treatment of him that ahe wss holding
Alma solely accountable for lt
lt was also plain that Alma was bent j
on following ber own Inclinations.
Wben she suggested a morning walk
witb Melville to Vllleneuve and back
or- sn excursion on the lake her moth
er would look pained ratber tbsn sn
gered, and wben her efforts to indues
ber daughter to desist met with 11)
success tbe good Isdy would sigh si
one much troubled. '
What all tbis meant Melville wss a*
a loss to discover. Tbere was evident
ly something bsck of It of wblcb bt
was unaware. Tbe young lady wss
evidently bent on an affair Witb blm,
and ber mother was trying to dissuade
ber. Had tbe girl really become attached to blm? He did not believe
that she bsd. Her interest lu blm had
come too suddenly and developed too
quickly. Now and again, wbile rest-
ing on tbelr walks, turning his eyes
upon hers, be would catch ber looking
It him with a singular glance tbat bt
could not Interpret Tben sbe would
arise, and as tbey strolled on would,
pnt her arm through bis confidingly.
Tbe Huntlngtons lingered at Mon
Ireux, and Melville lingered too. Alma
was pleased to remain, and sbe apparently dominated ber family. Foi
Melville there was something so curiously fascinating about ber tbat be
could not tear blmself away. And
•very day tbat fascination grew strong-
er. He wished that be dare ask her to
solve the mystery hanging about ber,
but something ln ber manner, he knew
not what prevented blm. Once be
ventured to refer to the garnet heart,
but sbe gave blm a look so strange,
to forbidding, tbnt be stumbled tn bit
speechrtnd was silent
At lost Melville, seeing tbat his attentions, or ratber Alum's encouragement of bis attentions, wns producing
something tbat looked like discord in
the Huntington family, resolved to de-
part He announced his Intention tt
Mrt. Huntington before speaking of It
to Alms, the mother appeared grateful to bim.
Wben he announced bis Intention to
depart to Alms tbey were standing on
sn eminence overlooking tbe lake.
"Clear, placid Lemsn," as Byron bat
described lt. its bosom dotted with various kinds of craft, was spread out before tbem, and tbe view had its effect
on Melville. He did not wish to lest*
tbe girl wbo In so short a time bad become so mucb to blm. She did not
hesitate to dissuade blm from bis pup
pose, and she was aided by tbelr beautiful surroundings. After a long alienee between them, during wblcb sb*
was waiting for bis decision, he said:
"I will remain on one condition. I
love you; assure me tbat my love ls
As he spoke the words be turned snd
faced; ber. A struggle was going on
within ber. but what that struggle wat
be could not tell. Sbe put ber. bands
to ber face to conceal it from blm. He
waited for ber emotion to pass. At
last sbe took away ber bands, snd,
looking into bis fsce with an expression entirely changed from tbat seeming revengeful spirit be, bad at times
noticed, she drew tbe garnet pin from
ber bosom and fixed lt In bis scarf.
No words passed between tbem, only
a caress. Then she added, "Go to mother; tell ber what has occurred and sbe
will explain wbat bas naturally been
a puzzle to yoa," S
Wbeu Melville told Mrs. Huntington
tbat be bnd captured tbo garnet heart
sbe gave a deep drawn slgb ot relief.
"Tou have broken a spell, Mr, Mel*
ville," sbe snid to him, "that 1 am very
happy bas been broken. When Alms
wss passing from childhood to womanhood she met one of those young men
wbo consider a girl's heart a tblng to
bs played with. He may bave been
excusable oo account of his youth; In
mnny esses such flirtations are Innocent But Alma Is a girl of deep feeling. Wben sbe discovered thnt wbst
was an absorbing passion to ber wat
a mere matter of amusement to tb*
mon sbe loved sbe was so far broken
down tbst we at one time feared for
her reason. Her lore was turned to
hatred, not only of tbe man who put
no value upon lt, but of all men.
"Not.long after tbls 1 noticed tbo garnet heart on ber bosom. Sbe never
explained Its meaning to me, but I
knew. Indeed, ber actions since sh*
bas worn It have couflrmed my Interpretations challenge to men of
her clnss wbo mlgbt be inclined to repeat what she had received from tb*
one ahe flrst loved. These tournaments of tbe heart bar* worried at.
We have tried to prevent them. Your
having captured her signal cf rerengt
Indicates Hint vou bar* ended a con
dition wnicn sboum never hsve existed."
Melville accompanied tbe Hunting-
tons ln their tour, wbich they adapted
to bis requirements. Indeed, they
were making tt entirely on account of
the daughter tbey idolized. Melville
was too deeply ln love to blame ber.
for ber past unreasoning desire to
punish blm for tbe fault ot another.
Indeed, tbe fact tbat be bad succeeded
like a knlgbt of old In slaying tb*
dragon and winning tb* Imprisoned
maiden was a matter of pride with
Mrs. Melville Is now a young matron
bringing up a daughter, wbom sh*
watches with tbe utmost care. Sh*
declares tbat a young girl's heart
needs more guarding tban tbe great
war cbest of- tbe German empire.
After sbe bsd become old enough to
feel asbamed of ber youthful freak sh*
asked ber husband to return ber th*
garnet benrt. But be deollned and bat
never since consented. He says bs
prizes it more tban he would a medal
of honor acquired ln battle. Therefore tbe strange situation exists ln tb*
fsmlly tbst wbat the wife considers a
token of ber folly tb* husband cherishes ss a decuratlon for'hla prowess.
Shy, but Ferocious.
No European bus ever lieen nble to
meet lu their own dwelling places the
Kukububus. a shy, yet ferocious tribe
of New Guinea. Otber tribes of tbe
country, while tbey huve n great fenr
of the Kukubnhus, manage to do a
bartering trade wltb them. They
bring salt, enrtbeuware, dried fish. etc..
aud deposit tbem In a certain Indicated
plnce. They then retire for a few
hours, being notified to do so by a cu-
•ilous cry from tho distance. Tbe
mountain dwellers then descend to
view the goods offered fnr sale, if
they want them Ihey put down otber
goods, sucb ns skins, feathers nud otber Jungle produce, nest to those artl
clcs wanted by them. Then tbey retire In turn, nud when the way seems
clear tbe const dwellers approach
again. If the Intter nre sntlslled with
what Is offered In exchange tliey take
tbe goods pnt down by the mountain
people -and go nwny; If not satisfied
tbey retire ngaln as before wltb empty
Memory Erased by Sandbag.
Writing on "Confessions of Self Hob
bery nud the Rctronctlrc Amnesia" It
Case nnd Comment, Professor E. IV
Delnbnrre of Brown university tells
the Interesting fact that u concussion
or blow from u sandbag will erase and
drive from tbe brain or tbe memory
occurrences happening witblu from
three to five hours previous to tbe concussion, but will not disturb the Impressions ou the mind of previous occurrences. The author describes tbe
effectiveness of this knowledge In securing complete confessions from "self
robbed" individuals as follows: "I
talked tbe mailer over with J. ll-
Hume, ut that time chief detective for
Wells, Fnrgo & Co.. und he forced n
number of self robbed ngents wbo
were short nnd reported sandbagging
robbery, to confess because a windbag
would not show nny murks, but ns
they lu each case told nil particulars
up io the blow of tbo sandbag be mude
them owu up."
A Blunder Transformed.
tn tho '-Memoirs of the Prince Imperial," tbe ill fated heir of Napoleon
III., it Is related tbnt as the prince
grew up he developed royal tact to a
mnrked degree. On one occasion be
met the will kuowu aulhor. Alberlc
Second, and, mistaking blm for Marshal Lohoeuf, remarked, "1 am delighted to shako thc hand of n friend of
my father." When Informed of his
mistake nnd seeing that Second was it
little put out over It, bc begged M.
FIlou to find him again and give blm
tbis message: "Tbe prluce knows be
mnde a mistake, but has nothing to
change In bis phrase." "I managed to
carry out my commission," mlds M.
Filon, "before many witnesses who,
like myself, saw the delight of tb*
amiable writer."
Tht Mysttry.
Visitor—1 understand lhat you had
so amateur dramatic ticrforuiauce Ir
tbo towu ball last ulgbt?
Native-Yes.   The Sock aud Buskin
club played "l.lttle Mac, or tbo Moun-
I lain Mystery."
I   "Alii   And what was the mystery?
I   "As near as I could make out th*
. mystery was how tbe audience stood
It till the Inst act was over."—I.oodo»
I Tit-Bits.    	
Toe Kind to Lett.
"Yonr husband Is willing to allow
you the custody of the automobile, tb*
poodle nud tho rubber plant wltb liberal alimony, while he takes the chll
dren and the grnphophone."
"Stop the divorce!" sobbed tbe wlfc
"l'll never get another busband llko
ihat."-Louisville Courier-Journal.
A Ring difficult te Wear.
"What do you thlnkl Maude's gentleman friend offered her an engagement rlug by telephone tnd she accept,
ed It"
"Well, th* can do at tb* likes, bnt
really, I do not believe tbtt I tbould
can to w*ar a Wlepbon* ring."
Curious Sacred Symol That Hat En
dured for 8,000 Yeart. |
The scarab, Uke the swastika, is a. j
example of  the   curious   persistenci i
with which certain forms ol symbol
ism have held the popular Imaginatiot
and endured from the earliest timet !
down to the present day.    It, is not.
■used as a decoration for clasps and
buckles and also as part ol a head,
dress or fastening for cloak or gown,
with the peculiar oval beetle worked
either in beads, enamel or metal.
The use oi thy scarab as an emblem
of the ancient Egyptian religion cat
be traced as far back as 6,000 B.O.
It was, in fact, commonly employed
in connection with religious observances, archaeologists being ol tin
opinion that when strung together is
numbers, ss found on ancient monuments and in papyri, they represented
the rosaries used by worshipers In
The practically invariable presence
of the scarab among the wrappings ol
mummies and in the decoration ol
-mummy cases points to its having
been regarded by the ancient, Egyptians as an emblem of resurrection.
This symbolic interpretation is, in
fact, connected with the old belief
that beetles arose from the dead, a
belief whicli doubtless owes its origin
to the habit of these insects of rolling
their eggs in balls of sand, so thai
when the young are hatched they have
the appearance of issuing unaided
from the earth. Scarabs (ound in
tombs usually bear some inscription
from the Egyptian "Book ol tin
Dead," referring to the exchange of an
old heart for a new. Hence arose, no
doubt, the custom of placing scarabs
over the heart of a dead person, the
preservation of whose body they were
supposed to secure. In many cases
the heart was removed altogether
when the body was embalmed, and
was then replaced by a scarab.
The earliest scarabs were (ormed of
soft stone; later examples were made
of pottery or engraved on pieces of
hard granite. In color tl.ey either resembled lhat of the green Egyptian
oockebafter or were of that fine, deep
blue to characteristic of Egyptian pottery beads. The back is always in ths
form of the sacred beetle and the fiat
bate is engraved in various' ways, ac.
cording to the period to which the
scarab belongs. Some bear the nsmee
cf Egyptian Kings, while others art
engraved with the portraits (isthei
impretsionistio in style I) of Queen,
and various royal personages. Amen,
hoteo III. was accustomed to issue hit
royal edicts on the face of enormous
Fcarabs, especially constructed for the
nurnose, and smaller ones were used
by him as gilts or to convey to friends
the assurance ol his good feeling.
The meaning of those peculiar spiral
decorations which so olten appear on
scarabs as well as on ancient eastern
monuments, such at Cleopatra's
Needle, hss been entirely lost sight of,
but thst sll snch devices hsd a specifio
meaning, however obscure, has been
well established by antiquarian research.
During the thiird century B.C.
scarabs were frequently fashioned
from gold and precious stones, and
the fact that tliey were wrought in
certain fixed sizes seems to point to
the (act that they represented money
values and were employed as a medium of exchange. But for whatever
purpose they were used, their mysteriously sacred character always remain-
ed, and this has endured wherever
they are fouud, without regard to cen.
tury cr tc country.
The Quetn't Gown.
Brilllfflit though the dresses were at
their Majesties' fourth court, that
worn by Queen Mary outthone them
all. Her Majesty appeared in gold,
her gown being ol Indian gold brocade, with a colored (lower design interwoven, and an embroidered panel
of colored diamonds, the train being
of Irish lace lined with sold tissue.
As one courtier put it. "Her Majesty
was a picture of magnificence."
It may lurtlier interest lady readers
lo learn that fashion decrees that
green figs, black currants, and strawberries, at 11.16 each, will 1 e the pre-
i dominant millinery effects this season.
Every kind of flower snd fruit, in fact,
I ll b< ink used for hat trimmings in
England, the (lowers being so perfect
and expensive that one can pay $5 lor
a single artificial rose.
Etiphantt Rsrtly Sleep.
It is doubled whether, in the wild
state, elephants ever lie down. Gordon Gumming thought he had lound
evidence in marks upon thc ground
that the adult bulls did stretch themselves out at full length for a few
hours' rest at about midnight, but he
contended that the young and the
cows slways remained on their feet.
Another authority, Selous, has expressed doubt whether even the old
bulls lie down. He tells of on. herd
that was known to hsve kept moving
and feeding throughout 24 hours.
"Except when rolling in mud snd
water," ho says, "it is likely lhat au
African elephant never lies down io
its whole tile."
To* Much Far Him.
Howell-DId your boy past all hli
entrance examinations?
Powell-ITe wns conditioned Id tbt
college yell.—Woman's Horn* Companion.
Coming Out
"Jameson It * man wbo will eon*
ent on top tome day."
"He't gcltlug bald aow. Isn't haT-
For the Children
Princttt     Mary,     King
Gtorgt't Only Daughter.
Princess Mary, only daughter of th*
king and queen of England, recently
celebrated ber sixteenth blrtbday. Shi .
Is a pretty girl with a clear skin, very
blue eyes and curling golden bair, Sbt
used to be mucb of a tomboy, insisting
on Joining In ber brothers' games, but
sbe ls growing more sedate. Though
very fond ot Jewelry, sbe Is not nllow>
ed to wear any except a string ol
pearls on state occasions and a little
gold chain and locket In tbe bome dr
cle. Tbe pearls were ber mother'*
gift to ber nt tbe time of the coronation, and the locket wns presented M
ber by the Prince of Wales, her brother. Queen Mary, wbo Is very firm with'
ber children, bns let lt be understood
tbat no one ls to give Princess Msryi
Jewelry of any sort until sbe Is seventeen, which will be n year hence. So
the princess must content herself with
wbat she has for awhile.
To Imptrtsnate a Dwarf.
For tbls humorous deception a tabid
should be arranged between two rooms
separated by portieres or In a deep
window recess. One ot tbe performers
tben puts ber bands Into n child's
stockings and little boots or shoes. To
disguise ber face put a small piece of
court plaster over one of ber front
teetb, darken tbe eyebrows with a lib-
tie water color and arrange the bair In
soma unaccustomed fashion. Add a
little rouge and powder to tbe disguise.
Then put on a bonnet and shawl. As
two performers are required, another
yotiug lady, carefully concealed by Ibel
window curtains, stands behind tba
flrst and, passing ber arms around her,1
supplies the dwarfs arms and hands.'
The 'able Is tben drawn up, and tb*
booted bands rest upon It, and a per-
feet dwarf appears to stand upon th*
table. She -may Introduce herself at
Mrs. Melcblzcdek Stady Canton and
speak lo favor ot exteudlng woman'*
rights to all women less tban four feet,
blgb, etc. 	
Bird Ventriloquists.
Ventriloquism Is not confined sold*,
to tbe human race. Tbere sr* many,
birds wbose notes It is almost Impossible "to place.*
Tako tbe corncrake, witb Its harsh)
"Crake, crake!" One moment the
sound Is by your feet tbo next flfty,
yards away. Tbe grasshopper Is an-i
otber offender In tbls respect Ita'
sibilant noto Is bard to locate.
Tbe English sedge warbler goes on*i
better. Not only Is lt an accomplished!
ventriloquist, but It will mimic or paro-l
dy tbe song of otber birds. In a lesser)
degree tbe robin and tbe crow poetess these powers, and foreign dove*
come under tbe same category.
In Brazil tbe bell bird is exceptionally skillful with Ita voice, wbile the
cblcksdeo Invariably deceives the listener. Canada boasts of a partridge
which It known to deceive sportsmen
ss to Its whereabouts for hours on end.
Lighting t Lamp With Water.
Wben a bit of potassium tho size of
balf a grain of corn is dropped luto a
tumbler of water some of tbe oxygen
ot Ihe wster leavos Its hydrogen owing
to the Intense beat wbich tbo chemical
sctlon produce, and combine! with tb*
metallic potassium, causing a violent
bluish flame. Wben tbe piece of potassium ls plsced on tho wick of a coal
oil or alcohol lamp tbo flam* produced
by touching tbe potassium with a bit of
snow or Ice or s drop of waler will I*
lis me It
What We Wash With.
It Is said that tbe ancient Briton**
were the flrst makers of soap and tbat
Ibo Romans when tbey conquered tbi*
Island took th* luvcntlor back with
them to Italy.
Mo t of v, at we wasb wltb It road*'
from fit, but In foreign lands tber*
ire natural toaps. There sr* the tost
root of Spain, tb* totp berry of Chll*
and the bark of the PcruTlan soap tre*.
Jack Maktlt-How can w* marry?
I'm  only worth 110,000,  aaa tttt
wouldn't buy your clothtt. Mty I
ait-Ob, /tt, It would, Htw, tn I
*»* r**m-n*fc THE  SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to -fly.
Sherwin-WiHiams High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Ask Us
Oar Paint Advice it Free
William J. Meagher, foreman of
briquette plant, met with a serious
accident at the Granby smelter at
noon last Saturday. He had just
finished repairing the pulleys on an
overhead shaft, when tbe than gave
snd fell to the ground. Tbt shaft
fell on Mr. Meagher's left leg, break
ing the bone in tbree placet near the
knee and lacejatinv the muscle in a
terrible manner. He waa removed
to the Cottage hospital for medical
treatment. His condition is now reN
ported to be as satisfactory as can
be expected.
. J. D. Campbell, John Beckett nnd
Harry Sheads returned yesterday
from a.couple of weeks' fishing and
hunting outing at Midge creek, on
Kootenay luke. A good time is reported. They caught lots of lish, at
tbeir supply of bait wafc practically
unlimited. Mr. Campbell landed a
7^ pound salmon, Mr, -Shpada
caught another H pound beauty,
and Mr. Beckett hooked a very large
fish, hut it got away—and thiB fact
breaks the contenting link in a very
promising li»h etury.
Monday was tbe date tet for the
nomination of candidates for school
truestee lo fill the unexpired term of
(ieo. T. Moir. No one wat placed
in tbe field and tbe election was allowed to go by default. Tbe trustees have not yet decided on what
course to pursue, but the vacancy
will probably not be filled until tbe
civic election in January.
Rapid piogress is being made ou
the construction of Dr. Kingston's
new concrete block hospital oo Win
nip g avenue. The masons are now
working on the second siorey. The
plant were drawn by Wm. Farmer,
who is kii| erintending tbe work on
the bu ding.
W. MT  DeCew  is attending the
mei'ting of the Associated Boaids of
Trade this week in Kaslo at a delegate fioni the local hoard.
H. Kaincsou's new atora building
on Winnipeg avenue is about con •
Eric He: driuksun, a lumberjack,
was brought lo the Cottage hospital
lai-t Satuiday Irom Fife.
Hunters should exercise due   precaution as to what they aim at befote
tailoring will find tbeir wav into
your Suit or Overcoat or anything you order here. It's our
plan to please our customers—
to give all we can—to take na
as little im we can afford. Take
advantage of every advantage.
Hunt among the biggest variety
of the most fashionable Fall
and Winter Fabrics—and pay
not a cent more than ynu ought.
These conditions rule here.
some of the leading tail-    OUI 10
oring establishments in      *%*!%
the   ldist.     When   you      -Till
order from ut you have      QIQ
the advantage of being        .x,-,
measured by a practical
tailor,  ensuring perfect     UPWARDS
fit.   A trial will convince
you  these clothes   are lhe best on
lhe   market  fnr the  money.    We
guarantee satisfaction.
Hring, A buckskin horse belonging
to Charles Carlson was shot by a Nlmrod on the ranch of J. A, Harris at
Kideau last Friday. The provincial
police Would like to form the acquaintance of the indiviual who can
tell a hoist, from a deer.
Feo) le of Orand Forks who are the
owners of machinery are very fortunate that there are two enterprises loca
ted here like the Boundary Iron Works
and the Granby machine shops. AlniOflt
any break down can be repaired at
these shops on short notice The Sun
only lost half a day last week while
getting a new casting for its newspaper press.
Fook Lee Yen, the merchant prince
of the local Chinatown, left on Wednesday for a vacation trip to China,
He will remain in his native land for
a year ,
Looking over our subscription list we
find that we have still several hun
dred readers who commenced to take
The Sun witb the first issue. This is
a pretty good indication that they
consider the paper worth the subscription price.
Eugene Stephens, of the Gratily
smelter office staff, left on Wednesday for a vacation trip to Portland,
Lome A. Campbell, nf Rossland,
manager of the West Kootenay Power
<fc Light company, was in the city on
Mr. and Mrs. Ansley have re:
timed from a vacation trip to New
York, Chicago and San Francisco
W K  C. Manly returned last Sat
urday from  the   Spokane   Interstate
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrra.
(PuMlihed Annually)
KnaMet tmden throughout the  world to
eoiumunioate direct with BtiflUh
In eaoh clan of soodn. Reild«s being a onm*
plcte commercial guide to London and Iti
vuburbi. the directory contain* Hutu of
with the flood* thoy vhlp, and the Colonial
and Foreign Market* Ihey mpplyi
Hrranged under the I'orti to which they nail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailing*;
of leading Manufacturer*, Merchant!, ete., In
the principal provincial town* aud Industrial
centre* of the United Kingdom.
A oopy of the current edition will he for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Pouts.
Order lor %5.
Dealers seeking Agetiole* can advertise
their trade eardi for $5, orlnrger ad vert ine
ment* from $15.
25, Abohuroll Lane, London,  E.C.
fair.    Re nays the fair was better this
year than in previousyears. i >
Miss Marjorie Kerman will leave
tomonow for Toronto, where she will
take a oourse of study in violin music
under Jan Hambourg at the Hani-
bourg Conserratoey of Music.
Holy Trinity parish will hold its
annual harvest thanksgiving services
next Sunday, September 28.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Peterson and
family visited the Nelson fair this
0. H. Frache left for Nelson on
Tuesday, jje was one of the judges
at the fair in that city.
The Sun has never bfcen compelled
to lend its good name to outside parties t<> assist them in raffling off
second-rate goods. That is what all
the voting contests now being conducted by a number of our country
contemporaries amount to.
Armson the shoe man has removed
to his new stand, corner Bridge and
Fourth streets.
Long faces are the - fashion here
now oh the first dav of (be week
Literally and figuratively, if you fVi-l
like "smiling" the act must he p r
formed outside of the city limits.—
Victoria Times
The Sun only costs $1 a year.   It
prints all the news.
Many Grand Forks leople who have
chronic appendicitis, which is not
very painful, have doctored for yeara
for gas on the stomach, sour stomaoh
or constipation. Woodland & Quinn,
druggists, state if these people will try
a SINGLE DOSE of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as compounded in Adler i-ka, the remedy
whii'h became famous by curing appendicitis, they will be surprised at
the INSTANT oeneBt.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
tUiur Honing a Specialy.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Gkanuy Hotrl,
First Stukkt.
Tradc Marks
Copyrights 4c
.nyone rending a iktteb and dwcrirtki
, Jcklr ascertain onr opinion frttjrhotl
JnTeiitlon tiprobatily put
tkmiHrlotlyconfldoiitltti. „_
■ant f rea. Olrtert anncy tot *ecu
Pntcnu taken tfirontita Munn
trptciieUnoUcs, without charge, In
tific American.
(itiruiiutntRivMUr. tiim-tor.
' «nr Klontfflo Journal, 'reran lor
tt.Jtai.toxxistprermle,   Bc44 br
Dr. de Van's Female PHI*
A reliable French ngulstor i never lalji. Then
pills are exceedingly powerful in regulating the
generative portion ol tne lemale ayatem. Keluae
all cheap imitation*. Dr. de Taa'e are aold at
•6 a box. or three lor 110. Mailed to any addreet.
The Kwbela Drag Or.. It. Catharlatf, Oat
Don't Read This
unless you are
interested inget-
ting best value
for money. No words, spoken or written, could convince
you half as quickly as a visit to our store that we give
full measure of values on all lines of house furnishings.
We invite you to inspect our stock and judge for yourself
Grand Forts Furniture Go
Retire Framing Bte,   The Complete House Furnishers
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Ruling, Rossland, B. C.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second-hand Store.
Read The Sun and keep  potted
on current eventt.
Grand Forks Transfer
v Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Propt.
If you are tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee sstisfac-
tion, ahd are prices are" right. -We
have a splendid stock of stationery
on hand.
Don't forget that The Sun hat the
best job printing deparrraent in the
Boundary country.'
imiMM m.i___F_j
\Z Gait Goal
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Tiurao»a; '». _
h'/mI'-.*. Ruidbkci. Bit **"" mUmt
Pr.i nt ing
We are. prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
*- in the Boundary Country, employ com
patent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheada and Statements,
Letlerbeada and Envelope*,
Potters, Dates and Dodgem,
Businete and Visiting Cardt, .
Lodge Constitution! and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulait and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printing-fa^^
tisement, and a trial order will convince you that our
stock and workmanship are of the best Let us estimate
on vour ordor.   We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun Print Shop


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