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The Evening Sun May 22, 1908

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Seventh Year---No. 30.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. May 22, 1908.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Current Year's Expenses Estimated at a Total of
Case Against Tale-Columbia
Lumber Company Will Be
Tried Next Week
mittee reported   the following estimates for the current year:
School trustees 811,485.00
Water and light  14,310.00
Police department    2,000.00
Board of works     3,205.00
Health and relief    1,850.00
Cemetery committee....'..       100.00
Oflice help    2,200 00
Janitor, fuel, etc       200.00
Legal     1,000.00
Audit       250.00
Elections       175.00
Printing and stationery...      400 00
Insurance       472.50
Incidentals       450.00
Debenture interest  11,537.00
Sinking fund..    8,00n.00
Mayor's salary       250.00
The regular bi-tyeekly session of
the city council was held in the
council chambers last Monday evening, all the members being present.
A communication waB read from
H. C. Hanington, secretary of the
school board, complaining that stock.'
was allowed to run at large over thn
school grounds. The letter was
ordered filed, and the poundmaster
was instructed to do everything possible to abate the nuisance.
The city solicitor, in a communi
cation to the council, stated that the
city's case against the Yale-Columbia Lumber company for damages
done the First street bridge
would come up at the Greenwood
assizes next week, and he asked for
permission to summon witnesses.
The mayor reported that all negotiations for a settlement with; the'
lumber company had apparently
collapsed, and on motion of Aid.
Clark and McArdle the city solicitor
was instructed to go ahead nutb'tne
case and to report progress at a
special meeting of the council"af""3
o'clock this afternoon.
A communication from the W. Q.
T. C. asked the council to endorse
he anti-cigarette legislation now
pending in the federal house. The
request was granted.
The mayor thought it would be a
good thing if the city could dispose
of some of its lots to the Dominion
government for a postoffice site. On
motion, the mayor appointed Aid.
McCalluin and Rutherford as a committee to investigate the subject.
The usual number of monthly
accounts were ordered paid.
, Tbe finance committee recommended that Miss Jda LaBlunc be
employed as an assistant in the city
office at a salary of 850 per month.
The council adopted a resolution
allowing city officials a two weeks'
vacation each year.
The water and light committee
recommended that the city charge
P. Burns ifc Co. a Hat rate ol 820 per
month for power for their 5-h.p.
motor. Adopted. A recommendation that the water rate to the Kettle Valley line be temporarily reduced to jJlO per month was also
approved. A recommendation that
the arc lamp be moved from the
steel works to P.D. McDonald's new
hotel failed to receive the assent of
the council.
On motion, the board of works
■was authorized to. enter into negotiations with P. Burns i Co.' regarding
the proportion the firm is to pay for
the grading of the '.alley near its
shop. H^^^
The health and relief committee
reported having had a conference
with the health officer regarding an
isolation hospital, but up to the
present no definite action had been
The chairman of the finance corn-
Needed in Provinces Where
Lists Are Not Based on
Municipal Lists
'Thin Red Line" Scandals
Refuted by Actual
Total 858,484.50
The mayor thought it would be
well to hold the matter of salaries in
abeyance until the end of the yeai,
when the financial condition of the
city could be ^better gauged. After
considerable discussion the estimates were approved as presented.
The board of works was instructed
to have the bursted water main in
the North Fork river repaired.
Aid. Woodland was granted leave
to introduce a temporary loan bylaw, which passed its first and second reading, was considered in committee, and then under a suspension
of the rules passed the third reading
I The council then adjourned.
Mr. McArdle's Bucephalus
I -Our esteemed fellow prevaricator,
the Grand Forks correspondent of
Nelson Daily NewB, informs the people pf British Columbia add adjacent
provinces that Alderman James
McArdle's priceless horse is missing,
and that diligent search bas proved
futile in locating his present whereabouts. Mr. McArdle was seen by
tbe home reporter of The Sun last
night. The alderman felt quite indignant over some of the statements made by the News correspondent. He claims that $500 is
too low a valuation of the animal,
and is seriously considering the advisability of offering a $600 reward
for its reward. The fact that he is
lame in three legs makes him worth
this sum as a curio, as horses with
even one game leg are exceedingly
scarce in the Boundary, and bring
fabulous prices for exhibition purposes. Mr. McArdle was inclined
to pooh-pooh the idea that his horse
had gained fame as a racer, but admitted that he might go around the
track in a week, provided some one
tempted him. witb a pailful of oats.
The animal possessed many peculiarities seldom associated witb horseflesh, the most pronounced being
that it could see a tiny speck of outs
a mile distant, but when the pound-
master was around it became stone
blind in both its eyes.. This was ono
of the "tricks" of the horse. While
Mr. McArdle feels his loss keenly,
he consoles himself tho fact that, if
the animal depended on its own legs
for locomotion, it must stiil be
within the city limits.
Correspondence of The Sun.
Ottawa, May 18.—The Liberals of
lanitoba   say  to  the Conservatives,
We will not have lists  prepared  by
the partisan ollieials of your friends,
the Conservative government of   the
The Conservatives of Manitoba reply, "We will not have the lists prepared by the partisan officials of your
friends, the Liberal government of the
If the lists prepared by the province are used, the Liberals of Manitoba will be dissatisfied. If lists prepared by Dominion officials are used,
the Conservatives of Manitoba will be
The remedy for the situation, said
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, is to take the
matter entirely out of the hands of
either party, and let the lists be wholly
prepared by the judiciary. This the
government proposes to do, and the
opposition is invited to help to amend
the Dominion elections bill so as enable the government to satisfy both
W. J. Boche (Conservative member for Marquette, Man.—What we
object to is the singling out of Manitoba for special treatment. You accept the lists of Quebec, Ontaria and
other provinces.    Why not ours?
Sir Wilfrid Laurier—Because yours
are prepared on an entirely different
basis. The basis of the provincial
lists in Ontario and Quebec are the
municipal voters' lists, made up from
the assessment roll; and the assessor
certainly would not omit from the
roll anyone liable to taxation, and
anyone placed on the roll through error would have an interest in having
his name taken off. The municipal
voters lists, therefore, are prepared independent of any party influence, and
they form tho most reliable basis you
can have for the electoral lists of a
provincial or Dominion government.
But the basis of the provincial lists in
Manitoba, as well as British Columbia
—which is similarly dealt with in this
bill—is, not the municipal assessment
roll, but personal registration. Tho
lists are made up by registration
clerks, appointed by the provincial
government, and are .subsequently
revised by county court  judges,  each
Dune's Thoroughbred
Dune Munro imagines tbat he
bas already won the race for delivery
horses, which is to be one of the leading events at tke race track next
Monday, simply becaused he has
daubed 5 cents' worth of red paint
on his rig. He thinks it is sufficient
to scare the other horses off the
The Sun ia read by everybody because it prints all the Boundary news.
triet, to enable a number of qualified
voters to gel on the lists. He there
registered 38 duly qualified electors;
but, when the lists were taken to the
attorney-general's office, those names
were contemptuously torn out of the
lists. It is true their registration was
illegal, iiccoi'diiig to the law of Manitoba but it was only in accord with
natural justice that they should have
been allowed to remain on the lists.
Should such a law be upheld, when it
is within the power of the Dominion
government to prevent such injustices?
I propose an independent preparation
of the lists in Manitoba, British Columbia and the unorganized districts of
Ontario and Quebec, and that basis of
independence which is to be found in
the municipal origin of the lists in the
organised districts of those provinces
and in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
Prince Edwaid Island, Alberta and
Saskatchewan vill then become common to the lists in Manitoba and
British Columbia.
Apart from these eonsidei'ations,the
government was obliged to bring in a
bill to provide the machinery to dis
tribute the voters on the provincial
lists among the Dominion constituencies. In Manitoba there are 41
provincial and 10 Dominion constituencies. The boundaries of the Dominion constituencies cut through
provincial polling divisions. The
voters on the provincial lists for such
divisions have to be carefully separated and placed in the , respective- Dominion constituencies to which they
rightly belong. At the last Dominion elections, this work was done by
the returning officers. A "thin red
line," as described in the Manitoba
act, was struck through names that
had to be transferred to an adjoining
constituency. The Dominion govern
ment thought it had provided for this
in a clause of its own act; but it was
held by the attorney-general of Manitoba that the returning officers had
a-ted without legal authority. The
returning officers and Mr. Leach, the
Liberal organiser, whom they had ju
diciously called in to help them, were
accused of having fraudulently disfranchised voters, and prosecuted,
The cases were adjourned from assize
to assfze, from year ■ to year; and, in
the end, were all dropped. Mr. Leach
was on bail until this year, and he had
to demand to be brought to trial or released from bail. The attorney-general
then said he had no evidence to offer,
and Mr. Leach was discharged.
The government has to face this situation, said Sir Wilfrid Laurier. It
will not be able to get respectable inon
to act.as returning officers if there is
a prospect that, after the elections,
they will be again subject to prosecution by the attorney-general of Manitoba. More explicit legal machinery
has to Iii! provided for tho Reparation
of the voters into their respective con
stitueucies;   and   the polling stations
Brehany Company Delight a
Large Audience at the
Opera House
Most Finished Performance
Ever Witnessed in the
Imve to be ho arrabged as  to  conform
of whom Iiuk the time and place of \m,
sittings fixed for him and may-not ex- to the shaPe ttnd ,ize of tlie c'"nstit"-
tend the appointed time, even if the! e"c,es ttml wlth on oye to the oon-
revision is not complete, and may not veme"c0 o£ voters ln out of tho way
*j change the place of sitting.even though places) and, morever, there has to be
he may find it necessary ti do so in classification within the constituencies
order to enable qualified voters in dis* | tliemselvesi, so that the lists shal).con
taut parts of his district to get their ,orm to tho Don'inio1' Pollin8 divi8**
names put on the lists. It has been,ion8' This work necessitated the in
stated that on one occasion an  agent j I'"*™*™   °f   •"■ <>\<xt™ •>■■■.ln a"y
representing one of the political par-;oa8<!-   aml t!l° government, realizing
ties occupied the whole   time  for   re-; tl,at P''ol"*l>'y the provincial lists, pro-
,|     pared under an act, manifestly   defective, would not be as complete as any
appointed   to  sit at Beausejour, ad-|fair-m*nded   ""!"  woukl   (]esire-  re'
solved   to   give   tl
vision by his opening address   to
judge.    On another occasion a judge,
journed his   court   to sit  at Lac du
Bonnet, in the same registration dis-
to   give   the electors another
(Continued on Page Three.)
The largest audience every inside
the Grand Forks opera house assembled last Friday night to hear tbe
Louise Brehany concert. Notwithstanding the fact thut a large number of extra seats had been installed
for the occasion, every one was occupied. The concert was the best
given in this city during the past
ten years. The company is made
up of artists who have gained international fame in their respective
lines, and those who did not avail
themselves of the opportunity to
hear them will regret it. Every
number was loudly encored, revealing the fact that the members of the
talented quartette stirred the audience to a high pitch of enthusiasm.
The first number on the program
was a trio between violin, 'cello and
piano, played respectively by Maximilian Dick, Edith Adams and Alice
McClung. This was followed by an
aria from Gomez. 'II Guarany,' Bung
by Miss Brehany. The number was
rendered with brilliancy and intensity. Her flute-like trills captivated
the audience. In response to a rapturous encore, the singer gave a simple ballad, "How I Got My Uncle
John." Her next number was "Because," by d'Hardelot, and "Somebody That I Know and You Know
Too," which were given to display
the range of her voice, which extends three octaves, and which she
sang in three different voices. "Ave
Maria," by Gounod' was the last
number by Miss Brehany, and was
the closing one on the program.
Maximilian Dick, the famouB violinist, was only down for one solo,
and that was Sarasate's "Faust ban-
tasie." Mr. Dick's appearance was
tbe signal for an ovation, as the audience recalled his visit to the city
two years ago. Since that time his
qualities as a violinist have ripened
considerably. Mr. Dick gave a very
tuneful und correct rendition of tbe
number. Several recalls gave tbe
audience a thorough conception of
what the artist can do on the king
of instruments. To use a trite sny-
ing, he   is  able  to iiiulic the fiddle
Miss Adams, tne 'cellist, gave
Lindner's "Concerto." Her playing
was a pleasant surprise to the audience. Few had an idea of how well
a woman can master an instrument
like the violincello and bring out thc
soul-stirring notes that dwell in it,
which can only be produced by
master hands. She was rapturously v
recalled, and delighted her hearers
with Schubert's great "Serenade."
Miss Alice McClung is an excellent
pianist, and gave "Rhapsodic No.
12," by Liszt, a florid brilliant selection, rendered so as to bring out
all of its lights and shades. "The
Witches Dance" was well rendered
in response to an encore.
{Continual on Page Tko.) Good, Clean, Fresh
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Right  Prices
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We are continually adding
new lines to our stock of
Men's Furnishings
John Donaldson
Phone A30        Columbia Avenue
Mrs. P. D. McDonald made a short
visit to Curlew on Tuesday last.
C. S. Baker, the Greenwood assayer, was a visitor in the city last
Mr. Justice Clement arrived in the
city the latter part of last week, and
is spending a week with his family
Jeffery Hammar, Mr. and Mrs. A.
J. Stendal, Mrs. Geo. Ciiapple and
Mrs. W. T. Stuart havo returned
from Victoria, where they attended
the meeting Knights of Pythias grand
®1?p Stifuing B\m
Pulilisheil nt Grnnd Forks, British Columbia.
 Editor nnd Publisher
A Hie ol tbis nnpor enn lie seen nt the office
of Messrs. I',. 4 J. Hardy 4 Co., 80, HI and 88,
Floot Street, B.O., London. Eueiund, free of
charge, mill thut film will be irlnil to receive
stiliseril'tioiis und udvertl.emeiits on our be-
One Tear 11.50
One Wiir (In advance)  1.00
Advertising rates furnished on upo
Leirul notices, 10 and 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
Thi Evening Suit,
Phonb till Gb»nd Forks, B.C.
FRIDAY, MAY 22, 1908
AN OHIO doctor says he has discovered tbe paresis germ, and
claims that the disease is curable.
Now, if some philanthropical member of American Medico Physiological association will hasten to discover the germ of knowledge, the
vustsuni8 of money that are now
annually being squandered in an attempt to educate people with
shrunken brains could be expended
for useful purposes.
1**HE political situation at Ottawa
at present is as uncertain as the
elements in Grand Forks. When
Thk Sin went to press the Laurier
government was still doing business,
but by the time our large edition is
run off the dissolution of the house
may have taken place.
/PHE Vancouver Province says
X. ■ that the Dominion elections
will be held next October, and that
Sir Wilfrid has already decided upon
the date. It muy not be out of
place here to remark that the Province knows no more on this subject
than Thk Sun, which is absolutely
V'OU will probably hear a great
X deal ubout the "thin red line"
during the forthcoming federal elections. If you desire a clear exposition ofthe real meaning of thc term,
read tbe Ottawa letter in this issue
of Thk **tx.
XTtTHAT IS NEWS I asks the Vic-
W t>>i in Times. Sunn' nl the
"stuff" printed under that caption
in out of town papers from this city
is certainly not news. Fairy tales
would be a more appropriate name.
Wm. Garrison, who has been running livery stables at Midway and
Princeton, has sold'his business at
Midway, and has taken the horses
and equipment a Princeton.
Work Wanted—General housework or hotel work by the day or
week. Call Mrs. H. Laird, Clarendon Restaurant.
On account of the absence of the
rector, there will be no services in
Holy Trinity church  next Sunday.
Three bottles of cold Phoenix Beer,
50c.    Lion Bottling Works.
Selected Postoffice Site
A largely attended meeting of the
Grand Forks Liberal association was
held in Alberta hall Wedesday evening for the purpose of selecting a site
for a federal building for postoffice
and customs office quarters. The
committee appointed at the last
meeting to select a number of sites,
ascertain prices und secure options
OO the same, reported have obtained
options on lots at Winnipeg and
Second street, Winnipeg and Fourth
and the triangular block at the
head of Bridge street, owned by the
Hall estate. On a vote being taken
the last-mentioned location was
nnanimouslv chosen.
In Grand Forks, on Thursday
morning, May 21st, 1908, to Mr. and
Mn. R. A. Henderson, a son. Both
mother and child doing well.
Dominion Copper
The Boston Commercial says:
Dominion Copper interests state that
the company expended its treasury
surplus of about 8100,000 on mine
development, equipment and smelter improvements last year, and that
il was a heavy loser when the price
of copper from 26 to 12} cents, as it
had a large nmount of metal in
transit and in process which had not
yet been sold. The company's increase of production hnd only fairly
begun when the decline in metal
p-ices occurred. The company is
said to have about $60,000 worth of
supplies, and $15,000 in cash. It
owes $27,000, and has $800,000 of
bonds outstanding. Some of the inside interests express a determination to raise the necessary money
and pay the bond interest, and also
to provide for a resumption of operations at the mines nfter copper
prices advance a little further. They
have every confidence in the value
of the company's properties.
ter; for leave to serve ex juris; order
for personal service made.
Judgment SummonB—Flumerfelt
and Galer vs. Wm. and A. Carter;
Hunter-Kendrick Co. vs. Mowatt;
order for service ex juris made.
Supreme court chambers— .
Dunlop vs. Peter Arena and Kettle Valley line; re garnishee; application abandoned.
Fuller vs. F. K. Hall; application
for leave to deliver reply. Miller for
plaintiff, Hanington for Hall. Leave
Ladies' Rifle Club Score
The following is the result of the
shoot  of  the  Grand   Forks Ladies'
Rille club on Saturday, the lflth
Mrs. Wood- Miss       Mine     Miss    Mrs, Mo-
laud.     Bruce. MUBgrovo. liny,     lniyre.
4 8 o 8'       . • 5
■ 2 2 0 2 0
0 0 0 2 2
4 5 2
We are Btill offering The Sun and ]
the Toronto Weekly Globe and Can- i
ada Farmer for $1 per year in advance. The illustrated supplement
that accompanies the Globs is worth
twice the money we ask for the two
papers. . !
Good, Clean Seed Potatoes for salo.
M. Miller, Grand Forks, B. C.
The Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for 81. OOper year.
Bicycles and Repair Work—A
complete line of 1907 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Chvpi.e, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
We have some of the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing overy brought to
the Boundary.    Sun Job Office.
Agents Wanted—16x20 crayon
portraits 40 cents, frames 10 cents
and up, sheet pictures one cent each.
You can make 400'/ profit or 836 per
week. Catalogue and samples free.
Frank W. Williams Co., 1208 W.
Taylor St., Chicago, 111.
o 0 2 2 o
2 2 0 0 0
4 5 3 0 2
3 3 II 2 (I
2                0              2             0 0
00 -111 27 Sll 27
Miss Musgrove and Mrs, Mclntyre finished in a tie. Another shot
was allowed them, resulting in favor
of Miss Musgrove, making her score
29. t The creditable showing made
by the ladies is said to be the result
of aiming in the opposite direction
From the target.
Before closing your contract for
reading matter for the coming year,
read the tempting clubbing offer we
mnke on the third pnge.
(Concluded Irom Page One)
The concerted numbers, with Mr.
Dick as violinist, Miss Adams as
cellist and Miss McClung as pianist,
were given with fine effect and spirit
and proved most acceptable.
The entire concert was a splendid
treat, and Mrs. Dahl, who was instrumental in inducing the company
to visit tbe city, deserves a vote of
thanks from the citizens for her enterprise.
Mining Stock Quotations
New Yoiik, May 21.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stoek mentioned:
Asked.     Bid
Granby  95.00   '82.00
Dominion Cupper     1.25       1.00
B.C. Copper     5.0U      4.75
Metal Quotations
New Youk, May 21.—Silver, 53J;
electrolytic copper,  12}j(2il2J.
London, May 21.—Lead, £13 5s;
silver, 24",.
I AI1ICC   When you  want a irooil Corset,
LAUICO   (iinlles   or
wuist.BotoTnV01'" lAfnMnLD
ihi Wiiiiviirn
When yon  wiiut iruuil     II VllUkll
Itlbboii, iill hiiitls   of
I alley Art uml Novelties, iro to Tile Wonder
Fruit Lands
A 95-ACRE  FARM—Fully equipped  and  improved,    Excellent fruit land.
A 19-ACRE TRACT—Well improved and equipped.
FRUIT  LANDS—Iu  large and  small tracts, improved and unimproved,
A 10'ROOMED   HOUSE—With   modern  improvements; centrally located; at a bargain.
A 5-R00MED HOUSE cheap.
Cor. First and bridge Streets
Dealers in all Kinds tf
Fish and Game in Season
TAKE NOTICE that August Johnson, of
Lynch Creek, on the North Fork of Kettle
River, 18 mites north of the City of Orand
1'nrks, Yule District, British Columbia, ocou-
1-nt inn HotolUeeper, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
lnnd: Cninineticini.- at a post planted at
Lynch Creek, about oiirhteen miles north of
Hie City o' Grnnd Folks, on the North Pork
of Kettle Itiver, In the Similkameen Division
of Ynle District: thence north eiehty ohains,
theuce west ten ciiuins to the east bank of
the North Fork of Kettle Klver. thence south
following the eust bunk of the North Pork of
th* Kettle Kiver eighty ohains to a point due
west of the point of commencement, tbence
enst llfteeu chuins to tbe point ol commencement, und containing one hundred aores,
more or less.
Duted tlu* eighth duy of Jutmary, 1908.
Synopsis of Canadian Homeitead
WE HAVE selected the postoffice
site.   The only thing   now
lacking is the appropriation for tbej
construction of the building.
School Election
At the election of a school trustee
to   till   the vacancy   caused by the.
resignation of Win. Spier, held at the
city   olliee   on  Tuesday last, Win.
Cooper, the well known rancher,was,
elected by acclamation. Mr. Cooper's j
name   was proposed by R. Hughes j
..and seconded by N. L. Mclnnes.
His honor Judge Brown of Greenwood held a chambers session of the
county court at the government
building in this city yesterday, The
following eases were considered:
County court chambers—
Mcintosh vs. City of Grand Forks;
argument on McCallum's costs and
for cosIb on the higher scale. Adjourned to June 4th.
John Morrell vs. Clemence Clerc;
costs to be taxed ns per rule.
Ei W. Russell vs. C. E. Vernon;
judgment for i?-D and costs.
Jluiiter-Kendrick Co. vs. Curpen-
Prints moro live Boundary news than
any other paper published in the
I district.   Tho   price of The Sun is
• only 91.00 per year—one-half the cost
• of its competitors.    The Sun is never
I on   the   fence regarding  questions of
public interest. The Sun is acknowledged to be one of the brightest
papers published in the interior of
the province. Those who subscribe
and feel dissatisfied, will have their
money refunded by calling at theollics
of publication.
The Evening Sun and theToronto'
Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer, '
81.00 per year in advance.
The Evbnixo  Sun. The Winnipeg!
Weokly Free Press and Prairie Farmer and  the Montreal Family Herald
and Weekly Star, $2.00  per year in
ud vanco.
ANY available Dominion I.inula within the
Itiiilwuy Hell uf llritiali Columbia maybe
hoineatcnilcil by uny iiersnii who Is the head
of u family, or nny mule overeightenii years
of mre, to Ilia extent of oiic*i|iiurter section
of 160 ncres, mora or less.
Kntrv must lie muilc iiersiuiully at tbe local
lum! otlice for the district In whicb the liinil
is situate. , .    .. .
The homestender is required to perforin
the conditions contte.'teil therewith uuder
nun of the following plant!
(1) At leust six mtinthh' resilience upon and
cultivation of the laud 111 euch yeur for three
(li) If the father (or mother. If the father is
tleceiiaeil), of the homesteader resides unoii a
farm In the vicinity of the land entered for,
the renuiremeiils as to resilience may besot-
lslleil by such person residing witb the father
or mother. ... ,
(8) If the settler lias his permanent; resilience upon farming lund owned by him iu
the vicinity of his homestead, the require-
meets hs to residence may he satisfied by
resilience upon the said land.
Six months' notice ln writing should be
given tho Commissioner of Dominion Lands
ut Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal--Coal mining rights niuv be leused
for a period of twenty-one yeurs nt an annual rental of 11.00 per acre. Not more than
S.M0aores shall be loused to one Individual or
eompany. A royalty at the rute of five cents
per ton slinll lie collected on the niercliant-
ultlc coal mined.
*    Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N B.—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not.be paid for.
There's No Other Way
To reach the large and ever-increasing
circle ->f our readers than through The
Sun's advertising columns.
Colleci'tion Agency
T purpose opening an office for
the collection of accounts, adjusting of books of existing
business, and •• also made "up
preparatory to final administration of estates.
Leases and Contracts Drawn Up
Sales of Property Negotiated
Rents Collected
Correspondence attended to immediately Financial returns
promptly made and guaranteed
S. T. HALL. J. P.
C.P. Telegraph Company Bridge Street
High grade Bicycles. A complete line of accessories. Come
in and see the 1908 models.
Wheel repairing.
Irish Twist Roll
Imported Smoking Tobacco
Downey s Cigar Store
Bridge Street
B. G. Land Surveyor
i-M811       Grand Forks, B. C h C<>ov> q^s
Regular Price &3.00
An Otter Which Meets the Special Wants of All Classes of Readers
The Western Canadian reading public is made up chietly of these classes
Persons who have lived in the West for a lengthy period and are out and out
Westerners, and recent arrivals from the Old Country, from the United
States and from Eastern Canada.
Perhaps no one newspaper could cator with complete satisfaction to all these
classes, but by this combination offer every special need is met
The Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer gives a complete record week
by week of all happenings in the Western Provinces. In addition it has spec'i.l
departments for American and British settlers. The Family Herald and
Weekly Star supplies the former resident of Eastern Canada with news of the
Eastern portion of the Dominion in detail, and the Grand Forks Sun provides
the local and Boundary news, which you cannot do without.
43RAND   FORKS   SUN:      *
Find enclosed 62.00, for which send me Weekly Free Press and Prairii
Farmer, Winnipeg; Family Herald and Weekly Star, Montreat; and the Grand
Forks Sun, for one year each.
(Concluded from Page One)
chance to register, under a law that
would make good the deficiencies under the provincial law.
The Hon. Robert Rogers, minister
of public works, Manitoba, declared
that 9399 electors were disfranchised
in 1904 by the "thin red line."
John Crawford, Liberal member for
Portage la Prairie, replied that there
were not even 99.
The Hon. Robert Rogers said 777
Conservatives were disfranchised in
the provincial constituency of Haniota
Reply: In the provincial election of
1903, when tho Dominion authorities
had nothing to do with the lists, the
total vote polled was 740; and, in
1907, when the Conservatives won
the seat from the Liberals, it was only
737. Yet the Hon. Robert Rogers
said the Dominion government in the
election of 1904 disfranchised 777.
The Hon. Robert Rogers said 200
Conservatives were disfranchised in
the provincial constituency of Miiine-
Reply: in the provincial election of
1903 the total Conservative vote
polled was 504; and in the Dominion
election of 1904 it was 521, and in
tho provincial election of 1907 it was
502. The Conservative vote of 1904
exceeded the Conservative votes of
1903 and 1907, and yet Hon. Robert
Rogers  said  200  were disfranchised.
The Hon. Robert Rogers said 147
Conservatives were disfranchised in
the town of Hamiota.
Reply: In the provincial election of
1903 tho total Conservative ■ vote
polled was 317; in the Douiinioh election of 1904 il was 314, nnd in the
provincial election of 1907 it was 317
again. Yet the Hon. Robert Rogers
said 147 Conservatives were disfranchised.
The Hon. Robert Rogers said 172
Conservatives wero disfranchised at
Craiiilull poll.
Reply: In the provincial election of
1903 the total Conservative vote polled
was 199, and in the Dominion election of 1904 it was 203. Yet the
Hon. Robert Rogers said 172 were
The Hon. Robert Rogers declared
that in the whole division of Marquette 1919 Conservative voters were
Reply: The Conservative votes
polled   in   the Dominion ejection of
1904 exceeded the Conservative votes
polled in the provincial election of
1903 by 489.
The Hon. Robert Rogers said 1395
Conservatives were disfranchised in
Portage la Prairie; and even Conservatives who know anything about it admit that the statement is not true.
And ao on with the remainder [oi his
statements concerning the alleged
"thin red line" scandals.
There were some errors, no doubt,
said Sir Wilfrid Laurier, but they
were only such errors as were likely
to take place in reducing the 41 provincial constituencies to 10 Dominion
constituencies, and in distributing tho
votes to each. Some on the border
lines of two constituencies were either
left where they ought not to have
been or transferred when they ought
to have been left where they were;
and the indefinite ness uf the addresses
on the provincial voters' lists would
naturally have rendered it difficult
sometimes to decide in which constituency a person should vote. The Dominion government did not intend
that these difficulties should confront
returning ollicers at the next election,
anil hail, therefore, introduced this
bill to provide the machinery for tlio
work to be properly, done beforehand.
Honestly, don't you feel sorry foi- n
man who looks at jyou with an air of
vacant enquiry when you are trying
to tell him a funny story?
It takes a good many years of
strenuous experience to enable a man
to profit by the knowledge he ac
quired at college.
If a woman is unable to keep a secret she can always find some other
woman who will gladly help her not to
keep it.
A boy doesn't begin to havo good
sense until he admits that his father
knows as much as he does.
There would bo a lot more silence
in this world if wo talked only about
the things we know.
Real widows and grass widows sympathize with each other, but why they
doit is a mystery.
| Some men seem to have that dire
lisease known as spring fever all the
year around.
About the only time a man is master in his own house is when his wife
isn't at home.
People who claim to know everything lire seldom able to accomplish
Honesty is the best policy, but a
good policy will make honesty much
A wise man is satisfied to appear
great in the eyes of his wife and children.
A man will forgive a pretty woman
anything as lung as she doesn't neglect
In these days of incubators it's a
wise chick that knows its own mother.
Do all the good you can and you'll
find this isn't such a  bad old   world.
What society needs is shorter engagements and longer marriages.
Even the woman who is color blind
knows when she is feeling blue.
If you have a worry that interferes
with your happiness cut it out.
The more favors a man asks the
fewer he is willing to grant.
Query—Does a man suffer more by
ignorance or by knowledge?
It's too bad that some people can't
buy sense witli their dollars.
Promises other people make you are
seldom worth remembering.
More people want to get married
than want to stay married.
Let a woman talk herself to death
and she will die happy.
Knox   Presbttebm**   Citohch—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
2:30 p.iu.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:30 p.
in. All are cordially invited; seats free.
Mctiiojhst CHURCH, Rev. Schlioh-
ter.—Services next Sunday nt 11
ii. in. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and'Bible class at 2:30 p.m. All
arc welcome.
Baptist Chukchi, Rev. F. W. An
vaohe, pastor.—Services "ii Sunday
at II a. in. and 7:30 p. in.] Sunday
sohool and I libit' class at 3 p.m.
Fur Sale—Brand new Nu. 3 (li
phophbne; eust 850; also 814 worth
at unci!.
will sell at a sacrifice if taken
Particulars at this olliee
You might as well try to reach
the orb of clay by walking on a sunbeam as to attempt to reach The Sun
readers by advertising in any other
Cedio Murder Trial
Mr. Justice Clement last week
concluded the assizes in Nelson,
and on Friday beard the only case
on the list at Rossland. Next Tuesday Mr. Justice Clement will open
the assizes at Greenwood, where tbo
Cedio murder case will eomo up.
For Sale—90 acres of good land,
also two new milch cows, Apply at
this office.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Bouri
dary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
jorreot material for printing it. The
Sun job office.
A derrick will not help a man  out
when he falls in love.
Learn to say "no," but never say it
unless you mean it.
The man on crutches has a lame excuse for begging.
Money makes the man  who makes
the money.
The dyspeptic whines after he dines.
I will sell my No. 2 Smith-Premier
Typewriter at a reasonable figure, us
I am leaving the city.
F. B. McKeehan.
For Sale — Full blood Black
Minorica eggs; #1 00 per setting. A.
C. Uren, box 294, Grand Forks.
For Sale—Two brass chandeliers;
three arms each; also one mission
clock, about six fed high. For full
particulars address P. O. Box 51(1,
Grand Forks, B. C.
The surest way to evaporate busi
ness troubles is to give your stationery
the n.K'essiiry .talking qualities by
having it printed in i. modern offlee
by  competent  workmen,   The Sun
jub office is the must up-to-date iu the
I'uuuilury, and uur workmen are capable and uf wide experience. This is
the reason why we do the punting for
the best firms and corporations in this
We have a large supply of all kinds
of visiting cards in stock, und the
most fashionable styles uf type to
print them with.  Tin: Sux Jub Olliee.
When remitting money get an express order. Cash on demand of
payee. To all parts. S. T. Hall,
branch agent Dominion   Express  Co.
Before closing your contract for
reading matter for the coming yenr,
read tbe tempting clubbing offer we
make on tbe third page.
(New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, cheinis
try, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men engaged in any branch of the coppel*
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 462(5 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco,
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
uiiiv be returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens.
Editor and Publisher,
' 453 Postoffice Blook,
lluugliiuii. Michigan.
Always Carries in Stook
a Fresh ."Supply uf
Ice Cream  and   Summer Drinks
{4.00 Per Year.    Single Copy, 10 CIs.
Sample Copy Free.
.Him sr„UnvYoiik.
"Words of Praise
For the several ingredients of which Dr.
Pierce's medicines are composed, us given
by leaders In all the several schools ol
medicine, should have far moro weight
than any amount of non-professional testimonials. Dr. Pierce's KavorlUi Prescription has the hadok or honesty on evory
bottle-wrapper, In a full list of all Its Ingredients printed fn plain English.
If you aro an invalid woman aud suffer
from frequent headache, backache, gnawing dlstr/M in stomach, periodical pains,
disagreyatile, catarrhal, pelvic drain,
dragging/down distress In lower abdomen
or pelvis, perhaps dark spots or specks
dancblg before the eyes, faint spells and
kindftcd symptoms caused by female weakness, oKafthnr derangement of the feminine
organs, Wy can not do better than take
Dr. Pler/els Favorite Prescription.
The hfSoital, surgeon's knife and operating tali/may be avoidtd by the timely
uso of saTavorite Prescription** in such
cases.   Thert'hy the obuoxlijiis pxamln-
cmirse ol siicivs.-fiil tr*"ii mi'iit curried on*.
'■Till*.', EWBBB   U"!   E5E  "-r'uvnrim
Prescription" is composed ot tne very best
native medicinal roots known to medical
science for tho cure of woman's peculiar ,
ailments, contains  no alcohol and no
harmful or habit-forming drugs.
Do not expect too much from "Favorite
Prescription;"it Will iiot perform miracles ( It will not dlsolvo or cure tumors.
No medicine will. It will do as much to
establish vigorous health in most weaknesses and ailments peculiarly incident to
women as any medicine can. It must be
given a fair chance by perseverance In Its
use for a reasonable length of time.
yo4 tan'*, pirn"1 '" **"*'''
trum as :i substitute for
"['*" aaaei nag;
_ Dili "(*r""'v "(
women are invited to consult Dr.
Pierce, by letter, free. All correspondence Is guarded ns sacredly secret and
womantv eorilldoncee lire protected by
professional privacy. Address Dr. It. V.
Pierce, HufTalu, N. Y.
Br. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets tho best
laxative und regulator of the bowels.
They invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. One a laxative ; two or three a
cathartic   Elasy to take as candy.
Carpets Clemied and I-ni-l.
Furititurf* Repaired, Upholstered mul Cleaned, nnd
other jolts in the Iioiino-
cleaiiln-*-line. Rubber Tirea
for Baby Carriage-*.
Second Hand Goods
A. J. Stewart
General Blacksmlthlng
and Repairing
SIMPSON'S OLD STAND -****JK.£■£,:■*■•
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors and
First Street
Grand Forks. B. C.
ll.it and Cold Bathi. Nicely PurnUbed
Stove-Heated   Roomi.    Entirely re-
fin in*.!,..! uml renovated throughout.
Plnt.clau board by day, week or
month. Special ratei to iteadyboard-
t>rn. American '>>"' Buropoan phin*.
Kin.-hi itiir In < It*, in r,,1,111,-ii.,,,.
Receive both Ladies uml Gentlemen hn re**!-
dent or day itudentiihttra oompleto Commercial or Husim-ss Courie; prepare! ■*■•
il.-nt-.tit train TeAaherr Certlnoatw of nil
orradeil tfivei the four yean* oouite for the
B. A. decree- and the flrat year of the Sohool
of Science eourie-Inllfitlatloti with tbo Toronto University; hat-a Special protpeatort*
oourte for mineri who work In B.O. Lnitruo*
iii.it Is alBo.glven hi Art.Miiilo, PhyilealCulture   find  Elocution.   Term  ppetU .S--|.t.l tb
1906. For Calendar!, etc., addren
ipBull Dod Suspenders
I Tl !: SUNT)'1:1* tmcsu'i'tln-y fit. bocauie tho;contain mora
ami battel ' ■■ '"■' "i hi other makes,   all'iwint* aas-r, fn*'
cniint ■>*. the'b.-*iy in evt ry pMlthun; iM-tauw tlicy In*.**** C4l!d-*;ift
 .il flirts. i;iiiiratiti>t;-l  DDtto runt iir tnriiish, ami MCAUH tlio C,,','l
mi ham FimnivT than uniially f mi nil fn kuitiundvrs, iiravontlni thou
tiont frayfticaiid Wwrltlf Uiruurjli.
Tho M-i»t rmnfortaMo SuFpomliri Maito fnr Han. V mi tli nr Hoy
In l.litlil. n.nvTi.rl-Mrrill.i.vvWei'.'lm. IMra |.<.nL*IN'. Kxlrii fimt)
KaiicHnii. In^ponslvudifti Evert Man anil Buy Will Ulailly Rccelvo
IirwES & POTTEH. Dept.
87 Lincoln St. Boetoa, Mass.
ur uiofn. Bill I>«i SuKitvuaa Cobb   Attn OUI molml (or Mc. por-Usr-.
luttrtititivo tumklet,  "Stylu, or   How to llr-w*. Corroellj.*'
tm » you iinuit...ii tliii. |Hiiiiii".i...ii.
.Show cards for widnows anil inside
art! a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be rend at a
Local advertisers should make a
note of the fact that Tim Sun is the
most widely read paper in Grand
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
Tim Sun job olliee.
The Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for 81 per year.
c/4 Snap
fc—J3UYS seven-acre
tract adjoining tlio
southern boundary
nf the city limits; three-room
house and good well; thirty-
seven bearing fruit trees and
a quantity of small fruits.
$500 cash;'-pn la nee in three
years. Hest fruit'land proposition in the valley;
For full  particulars ball at
Application for Transfer ol Liquor
HJOTIOH is hereby given that I intend
to apply, at thu next meeting of the
Board oi' Lioense Commissioners ofthe
Corporation ofthe City of Grand Forks.
B.C., for the transfer of the license to
sell liquors at retail on the premises
known as the Queen's hotel, Lots S and
wes' half of 6. Block 4, on Government
Avenue, to tire new builpfina- on Lot- 0,
7 and S, Block 1, Government Avenue:
psrmissionis also asked to change tin
name of th-* house from the Queens
Hotel to the H >tel Colin.
Duted ut Grand Forks. B.C., this  1st
day of May, 1908,
p. d. Mcdonald.
Grand Lodge Officers
The grand lodge of Knights of
Pythias, in Victoria last Friday,
elected and installed the following
officers: Grand chancellor, H. A.
Brown, Revelstoke; grand vice-chancellor, R. A. To'wnley. Vancouver;
G. P., J. Thomson, Cumberland;
G. K. R. and 8., Emil Pferdner,
Victoria; G. M., E. Walker, Victoria; G. M, A., C. Rollinson, Nanai*
mo; G. I. 0., J. Fleishman, Fernie;
G. 0. Q., E. S. Hi Winn, Rossland;
P. C. C, Jeffery Il.unniar, Grand
The grand lodge of Pythian Sisters elected the following officers:
Grand chief, Minnie Agnew, Revelstoke; grand senior, Mary Harries,
Ladysmith; grand junior, Anna
Wilson, Nanaimo; grand manager,
Elizabeth Campbell, Trail; grand
mistress of finance, Maiy Stewart,
Grand Forks; grand mistress of records and correspondence, Vone M.
Collis, Rossland; grand protector,
Azza Rose, Nelson: outer guard,
Minnie Dempster, Victoria. The
following were re-elected past grand
chief, Margaret Neave, Nanaimo;
supreme representatives, Elizabeth
Brown, Revelstoke, and Lillian
Thomas, Rossland; supreme alternates, Laura Chappie, Grand Forks,
and Ida M, Roberts, Rossland.
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Roman Catholic Church Mis-
■ sion Cancelled
It is witb the deepest regret I inform my Catholic people that Rev.
Father Lawrence, O.M.I., the member of our missionary staff of Buffalo, who was expected lo open a
mission in this city on May -Mlh,
'took suddenly very ill in Vancouver
while actively engaged in his work.
I feel very sorry to have to cancel
this mission, but we trustin God,
who orders all for the best.
Rev. Father J. Habtman,
Rector R. C. C.
AnTonn HomllnR a plictiii nnd <i**flcrli*tlon mny
 - nplnloii free win*!'— ■ ■
idtanuiblft C(inu._	
4Ioubbirlutly<■■ nn,l.-.;lul. IIANDBOOK onfutmti
QniclilT r.s("M:.m nur opinion fr«e whatnor uu
li'v.'iillrn la)ir..l^l':yT*iitenii'.l!lfi:_CoitiiJiunleiv
Scientific flikricatn
srit-tyiinotice, vin.uut charge, lutha
-^vBw-t**-■■•' r- »■-■—■-<- --..-.w
A lin nil bo in «ly U.iaHt.rad'tl ■tyeuKly. LiirncBt clr-
QUiat.OO of nny ft'-tom*fin journal, 'i'ori.i'" Tor
Co ".iuJi":"* a ymr, cu-ituKu pitpald. Suid by
■>H i.n.---'-ii!iti'--1.
brauoh OlDc, BS L'' St., Wuhiuitira. U. 0.
Diamond Drilling
Up to tin; 1st of the present month
nearly six miles of diamond drilling
bus been done ut the Granby mines
in I'lioenix. Probably no mine or
group of mines in British Columbia
has bad so much work of a similar
nature done, and yet wilh the bill
practically riddled with these apertures, the work goes steadily on by
the 1'iovle Bros., ihe contractors,who
Pacific Hotel
Flrst'OlflM I" every rr-spp-jt.
Sample room* for cummer*
i-i'.'I travelers.
Hot anil CoM  I'lit lis
Bar in (Joniieotlon.
l-'inrst Itituulaof W|ne»-
Liquor* ant) .)li.-nra.
K_ ''ACiTK t(n*,.,t..        »   il
The Purest anil Best In the City.
On Draught Exclusively* at
have done it all for the Granby company for nearly four years. The
following figures give exactly what
has been accomplished by the company in diamond drilling, the total
up to May 1st being 29,117 lineal
feet, as follows: Previous to 1901,
4150 feet; in 1904, 3148; in 1905,
8419; in 1906, 9417; in  1907, 3983.
D. 11. McKlmon has planted 300
fruit trees on bis farm at Kholt this
The Rock Creek Irrigation company have about 30 men employed
clearing land.
Owing to increased traffic the
Greenwood-Midway stages have been
doubled in number
All free miners' licenses expire on
the 31st inst., and must be renewed
on or before that date.
Gateway Lodge No. 45, I.O.O.F.,
has elected Geo. Rutherford delegate
and Geo. Chappie alternate to the
grand lodge convention.
The marriage of Mr. IT. If. Sheedy,
local Great Northern agent, nnd
Miss Phila Wells, will take plnce at
the home of the bride's parents in
the   West end tomorrow morning.
The water main laid across the
North Fork at the foot of Bridge
street burst last Monday, cutting off
the water supply to residents across
the river for about twenty-four
hours. The break hns been temporarily repaired by laying thc
main across the bridge at the Yale
Rev. John Leech-Porter, rector of
the Church of England in Greenwood and Phoenix for a number of
years, has been transferred to En-
derby. Rev. Mr. Venables, of En-
derby, will slieeeed Rev. Leech-
Porter at Greenwood and Phoenix.
The following table gives the ore shipments of  Boundary mines
for 1905, 1906  and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoonix.       613,637
Snowshoe, Phoenix       135,001
Mother Lode, Deadwood     . 808,321
1908   Past Week
402,234      24,309
B. C. Mine, Snmmit.
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Bclje, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Camp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King,Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Cam])	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
15. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Hcpnblie.Boundary Falls	
Total,  tons	
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter        637,626
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter        341,952
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter        103,439
Total treated.
392,394       22,402
Namk of Company.
Granby Consolidated—Copper.
Cllrtboo McKinney— 41 oltl	
Providonce— SI Ivor	
B.C, Copper—Copper	
Tutiil to    Latest.    Pur
. OiitR.       Date.   Shore
Alllliot-ized ,—BHABBB—- Paid
Capital.    Issued. Par.       !»ki.       	
*Bir.,l*4(ll,lHat)       Ifi.lKIII  -511*1 Sl.iai.lalll 5,','.ll,s,l,SIISl'|>t. 111(17   S3.ll,,
.    1,860,000   1,860,000    $1           5«,s:n;i''eli. 1W4     .11"
200.000       lllllllO     S5 10.UOO        S-l.aal Sent. 19H0     ,64
..    8,000,000   '.603,000     *5         801,800 .Sept. ISO?     .4''
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
j Palace Barber Shop
Ki./.nr Hon lug a Specialty.
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
l'osteis, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and/Visiting Curds,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Hills of Fare and Menu Cards,        -^
'   . Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date l'rintery.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
* '   Victoriu Hotel,
Bridge Street, Grand Forks, B. C.
Foo Leo
Yale  Tranfer Co.
Light and Heavy Transferring to nnd from tlio depots.
A. Maeki ntosh
Otlice:   WindsorHotel. 1'lionuJ
■pnnn PBiiMTii\!'f-2~t''0 kini1 wc (*o—'s in itse"au
UUUl/ rMLlllLlU advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stoek- and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate ou your order. We guarantee
Geo. Taylor)
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
i All Orders Given Prompt and Careful!
Grand Forks, B. Ci
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from][all trains.
Telephone A129
RimiEHFORn  Bros., Props.


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