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The Evening Sun Oct 2, 1903

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-»=ts_; ;;;--
Vol. II.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, October 2, 1903
Mo. 96
Clement's Platform
A Manifesto Which Will Be Heartily Supported by All Cti-
zens Having the Province's Welfare at Heart.
Fellow Electors:
At the request of tin.1 Liberal Association of this riding 1 have consented to contest the coming election in
the Liberal interest. While I personally regeet that the honor of carrying the Liberal standard to victory has
has not fallen to other and stronger
hands than mine, itiswith.no rais-
giving as to the result qhat J enter
on the campaign. I am in this battle
to win, if by strenuous straightforward fighting any political battle can
he won. I believe it pan. What is
needed is united effort on the part of
the Liberals and all others who desire
to see reform in the government of
this province.
The condition of tiie province lias
become intoltrable. Blessed by Provi-
yence with vast stores of wealth in
mines, forests, agricultural lands and
fisheries, British Columbia has had its
very good turned to evil by a long
series of personal sectional, clique governments of men who have exploited
tiie people's property for private gain.
We have a population of 177,000—
men, women and children, Indians
and Orientals—and ;i public debt of
$6,300,000, representing 835 per
head, or $176 at least for each adult
man in the province. The average
cost of government in the other provinces of Canada is about $ 2per head
per annum; with us it is seven times
greater, or $14.26 per head. In
sala.iies alone we pay more than S2 n
head, or over $370,000,
Every year we spend more than
our income, List year wewent further
into debt to tha tune of sjT^oOO;
aud Mr. Carter-Cotton, a former Conservative finance minister, says
that if the accounts of the last four
years were properly investigated it
will be found in that short 'time we
have spent $5,000,000 more than our
revenue from all .sources.
The present premier was a member
of the assembly during those four
years, and he has never protested
against the prodigal scale of expenditure, on the contrary, the very assets
from which a fund might he derived
to meet the costs of government have
been wasted. As a minister of the
Crown, .Mr. McBride was a party lo
the orders in council granting large
areas of valuable coal and petroleum
lands in Southeast Kootenay hi the C.
I*. H. -a fraud upon the legislature,
which was prevented, not by Mr. McBride, but by tiie watchful zeal of a
Liberal member. Ihe excuse given by
Mr. McBride for Ins official act in
agreeing to the grants shows that In1
is utterly unworthy U> be trusted
with the care ofthe people's property,
He took the word of a colleague that
it was all right. What guarantee
have we that another colleague will
not again hypnotize Mr. McBride into
giving oway further tracts of the
public domain '(
But when bona fide locators comply
with the law of the province, stake
coal lands according to law, and tender the price fixed by law, Mr. McBride refuses to grant the licenses
which the law says shall be granted
those who have followed the requirements of the Act. He prefers U> keep
the question dangling for partizan advantage—the last refuge of a weak
politician. Or is it that he still hopes
to "deliver the goods" to the C. P, W.i
By a piece of trickery quite in keeping with the traditions of the political
and still is associated, the honorable
premier has cut short the campaign.
It will he almost impossible for mc to
have the privilege of seeing you all
personally in the three weeks left lie-
fore the polling day. For this reason
I publish this open letter in order that
you may know where I stand on the
issues before you. It is now your
turn to take personal part in the government! of your province. Act in the
way you want your representatives in
parliament to act. Vot*; with a tingle
eye to the best interests of our common country. As the candidate of
the Liberal party, I respectfully ask
your votes »nd j'our influence to elect
me because I believe that neither at
the hands of the McBride government,
nor at the hands of theorizing Socialists, will any practical business-like
improvement upon the past misdoings take place.
The Liberals have hail no Opportunity to show their mettle in the political
arena of his province. But the administration of public affairs by a Liberal government at Ottawa since 1896
is a striking example of what Liberalism iu action means. National
unity from ocean to ocean; a loyalty
to Hritish connection evidenced in
devil instead of mere lip-loyalty; a system of taxation equal in Incidence and
in protection to home industry instead
of a system of government aid to favored manufacturers; a determined stain!
against the Oriental deluge of low-
standard civilization;an honest 'effort
to bring capital and labor into harmonious working for tho good of all;
energetic workjtoward peoplingthewest
and toward providnig adequate transport facilities; all these and whatever
else tends to the betterment of the
Canadian people are the planks of the
Liberal platform in the federal field.
The same broad ideas dominate the
Liberals of British Columbia.
I am in hearty accord with the platform and manifesto of the Liberal
party in the province. When elected,
I shall endeavor to put the principles
set forth in them into pruetice. I
shall particularly support the follow
ing principles as of immediate interest
to this riding:
1. The people's property, whether
land, tjmber, minerals or the fisheries,
should be administered for the bene
fit of the whole people, with a view to
lessening the huge burden of debt and
taxation now resting on us. Only
those who in good faith will utilize our
public property in forwarding settlement and developing our natural in
dustries should be allowed to acquire
an interest in any part of the public
'2, The mining laws should be
amended and simplified after a careful
enquiry through a competent commission. Then tinkering with them should
cease, In the develmenl stage there
should be no taxation of miners or
mining property.      Developed   mines
should hear their share of the public
burdens iu proportion to the net out-
3. No further aid in land or money
should he given by tins province to
transcontinental railway projects.
Fullest liberty should he given to the
V*, V.tfc E. Railway company to complete the construction of their line.
Although I was at one time professionally employed against that company, and did my duty, J hope, to my
lients, I am ready to support any
action which may be deemed necessary
to place beyond any doubt the rightof
the V., V. it E, to build their con
templated line throught to the Pacific
coast. In reference to tin? North-and-
South lines   through   the   valleys   of
British Columbia, I should support
government construction, with tin'
idea of leasing tin? completed lines as
feeders to the through lines on such
terms as will keep the province in control of passenger and freight rates and
secure a rental sufficient to pay the
interest on the cost of conrtruction.
4. The province should set the example of obedience to its own laws.
if under our statutes individuals have
acquired right in the public domain,
such rights should he at once transferred to them.
The course of the government in
reference to the coal lands of Kootenay shows that in their opinion we
are governed, not be law, but by their
whim as influenced by the count of
voters' noses,
I have the honor to be your mosi
obedient servant,
William 11. P, Clement.
The British Columbia Electric Kail-
way Company is to be heartily congratulated on the system it has recently inaugurated in dealing with it-
employees. Last week the company,
through its manager, J. Buntzeii, of
Vancouver, handed each employee ;'
cheek for $25, winch represented the
men's proportion of the net earning-
over a four-percent dividend made by
the company during the fiscal year.
The sum of $7,100 was thus disbursed
among 284 men employed on the com
pany's lines in Vancouver, New Wesfc-
minster and Victoria.
The company has more than 1,000
men working, bub only 284 worked
steadily one year up to June 30th,
1903, and to participate in this dividend they must lie iu the employ of
the company one year.
If tills system was followed by all
the large corupanys and corporations
in the west, who employ labor extensively it would tend to a great degree
to do away with strikes aud other
disturbances between employees and
employers, The men would feel that
they had an interest iu the welfare of
their employers, and would naturally
strive to advance their interests,
knowing they would participate in the
profits over and above a fair interest
on capital invested: It is to be hoped
many other large concerns will follow
the good example of the B. C. Electric
Tbe staunch est friends of the V.,
V. it E. among tho solid citizens ol'
Grand Forks are supporting Clement,
lie pledges himself tosupport whut-
ever legislation U necessary to place
beyond a shadow of doubt its right
to build to the coast.
A house divided against itsolf cannot stand. Every forecast shows
that the interior is going to send a
strong, united Liberal delegation to
Victoria to compel a change of heart
on tiie part of the political clique at
tiie coast. Grand Forks simply
cannot afford to he at variance with
the rest of the interior. If we really
want reforms that will help the
mining districts, we of the mining
districts must stick together. Elect
('lenient and Grand Forks will he as
strongly represented in the House as
any constituency in the province.
The (lazette prints a list of Acts
passed in this province which it
credits to the Conservative government at Victoria. As a matter of
fact, these Acts are nearly all copied
from Liberal legislation in Ontario.
But notice the admission. The Conservatives were in power and passed
these Acts, it is claimed. Then who
should nmv he held responsible
for the bungling, incompetent government, the civil service extravagance, the stagnation of the mining
industry, the debt of $6,300,000,
tho annual deficit of $750,000? The
Gazette is right. The provincial
government of the past has hecn a
Conservative government, and you
will get the same government in the
future, it you wfcet the Conservative
candidates. A vote for Fraser is a
vote for the "old gang." the old
lack of policy and the old deficit,
The electors of th's constituency
know that the people of British Columbia have been for years "agin
the government." Discontent with
conditions al Victoria has been  the
universal feeling. The electorate has
simply been waiting for a chance to
oust the men who have hecn responsible for these conditions. Now
its chance has come. The McBride
government cannot stand tin1 storm.
The interior in particular will assert
itself. See that Grand Forks is in
the forefront of the movement for
new men and new methods. Fleet
Warn your friends lo look but for
false telegrams, false reports anil
false issues just before election. Clement is carrying ou his campaign
in full daylight in the open air.
Tin-Senate at Ottawa divided on
party lines on the Chinese-$500 tax.
The Conservatives opposed it in a
body, and the Liberals voted it
Why is it that even good Conservatives among thc old settlers of tho
valley are supporting Clement? It
is a fact; and their confidence in
the Liberal candidate as a friend of
the district is well placed.
The candidate who has to he
helped with "road money" loses the
respect of even the government thai
supplies it. His influence with tbem
is nil; and he is under .an obligation
to them that distroys his independence. Vote for Clement, who will
go to Victoria independent of any
one but the el-  t<Ms«f (irand Forks.
There is not a Liberal of any
standing in tbe constituency who is
not heartily supporting Clement's
Little Irene Haverty is laid up with
typhoid fever, Dr. Kingston is attending her.
Vote for Clement and show your
approval of a daylight campaign.
BECAUSE of the three candidates he is tho strongest man, and
will make the most efficient representative]
BECAUSE he is independent of cliques and is free to represent
his constituents, Liberals and Conservatives alike.
BECAUSE tli'1 Interior needs strong, united representation at
the Coast, and the election of the Liberal candidates in the
great majority of Interior districts is assured.
BECAUSE   Clement  is  sound on labor questions, on the cool  •«
lands question, and on all other questions affecting  the dU     u -
tri.-t. ^
BECAUSE lie is pledged against the ring at the Const, which
gave the eoal lands to the C. P. R, and is running the province into debt $750,000 a year.
BECAUSE he will Bght hard for a olean .-ehiMiii-ti-iitir.il.
BECAUSE he is pledged to assist the V„ V. ,v I-;, t., eei  nccos- ^
s.-u-y legislation to build to the Const.
BECAUSE lie is opposed to unfair taxatiori of the Interior; to
the expenditure of puhlia money tor election purposes.
BECAUSE helms conducted aclean, open, manly campaign.
BECAUSE baseless slander has been circulated secretly against '[^
Good citizens of all parties should Vote for Clomenl!
V Uilir Hmtutn :§nut
One year....$8.00 I Three-months. .60
Sixmonths.. 1.00 \ One month 20
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices, WandS Cts. perline.
Address all communications to
Tin-; Evkxixo Sun,
PilONE 55. ORAND  PORKS, B. 0.
Who is responsible for the deception that has been practiced Upon
the people of (Irand Forks? We
have been solemnly assured that Mr,
McBride would come to us and
make in public, the promises that
have been attributed to bim as to the
coul lands and tin' North Fork railway, lint thc day of election is
upon us; McBride has not appeared.
Who is responsible? is it Mr.
Fraser that bus misled us? Or is it
.Mr. Goodove that has deceived Mr.
Fraser? Or is it Mr. McBride that
has deceived Mr. (loodevc, Mr.
Fraser and us all ?
In any case, the electors who are
interested in these matters have good
reason to complain. We havethe
right to learn the government policy
From the goverment itself. Tbe people know that when a government intends to keep its promises, it does
not whisper them in back-alley conversations.
What is to he gathered from the
fact that Mr. McBride has not ful-
tilled the promise made that he
would speak here?
Simply lids: That he will not bind
himself to the coal locators to give them
their licenses', and he trill not hind himself In thr people of Grand Forks to assist the railway up the North Fork.
These are campaign promise only;
made to be broken. They are not
made in such a way that the government is hound in the least. If you
vote for Fraser on any such grounds
ns these, you will be sadly disappointed. Mr. McBride will have
collected the price but he will forget to deliver the goeds.
There is another interesting thing
about this. II' Mr. Fraser has so
little influence with McBride thai
be cannot get even bis public promise before election, what chance is
there that he could get the licenses
afterwards, even if the government
should be returned I
The Fair Wage Clause is imposed by the Liberal government at
Ottawa not only on the Grand Trunk
Pacific, but on every railroad now
obtaining Dominion charters. This
clause shuts out Chinese and Jap-
ancso laborers from railroads incorporated by the Liberals. T.he Conservative government at Victoria
huve refused lo adopt the fair wage
clause iis a condition of public eon-j ];;,.,..,] candidiit
tracts of any kind.
should rememberthathifichicf oficrtcr
in the eyes ol' the Conservatives of
llritish Columbia wns passing thc
eight-hour law. Half their hatred
of .loo Martin is hatred of the eight-
hour law. If Mr. Martin's sins of
nil kinds are to bo saddled on the
Liberal party, they nrent least partially balanced by ibis Art. which
no sane man in the province today
would venture to attack.
if labor wishes to be strongly
represented at Victoria, it can do so
by united action. Rossland, Nelson and Ymir labor arc solid behind
the Liberal candidates. What good
can it do labor to send Mr. Fraser
as a Conservative member from hereto help kill tbeir votes? ('lenient is
sound on all questions affecting labor and unionism, Vote for Clement.
Mr, Riordan has done what he set
out to do. He has placed thc labor question and the Socialist ideal
before the electors. If they are not
convinced, he has made them think.
That is the limit of the usefulness
of his campaign, even from the Socialist point of view. His friends
admit he cannnot be elected. Then
why should Mr. Riordan or any
other Socialist or labor man throw
away his vote. Of tho other two
candidates, Mr. Clement is most in
sympathy with labor movements,
and will make tbe best representative of labor, ns of all classes. For
every labor man it now becomes n
choice, not between Mr. Riordan
and the other candidates, but between Mr. Clement nnd Mr. Fraser.
In other constituencies labor endorses the Liberal candidates. Labor men here will act most in hu'r-
mony with labor men elsewhere if
they cast their ballots for ('lenient.
With all good citizens, n campaign
of secret slander should condemn
itself. It is n simple fact the insinuations that have been made ngainsl
Mr. Clement, were started almost n
year ago for a purpose which i^ wi li
known and fully understood. It is
also a fact that not one of the men
who have made them lies ever had
thc courage to assume responsibility
for them. All through the campaign Mr. Clement has in' bis
slanderers to com-.- upon the platform and discuss tbem in I
ence ns a campai ru issue. Vet not
one of these in1, i bus ever dared
even to whisper them in Mr. Clement's present ■■■ The n nson is plain.
If they ere made in public they can
!»■ met. Thc charges.arc false. The
men who are making them know
that thev cannot stand the  light of
WoiiKixoMliN : A. S. Goodove,
who wns Mayor of Uosslund during
the labor troubles of three years
ago, is n member of tin- McBride
government. A vote Eor Fraser is u
vote for tioodeve, who wantonly culled out the special police and foreign
detectives iiguinst organized labor.
Organized labor in Rossland is solid
against Goodove, who is now the
Conservative candidate there in the
McBride interest. Labor men in
Grand Forks will stand by their
ml brethren, end support the
Tin- Liberal government nt Ottawa     j>:isr",|     Ihe   Alien    Lllbul' i.nw.
and thc Conservative government nl
Victoria failed to enforce it.
Vote for Clement.
Is il fair that the free miner -nnd
leagues." The order in council
granting lots 4593 nnd 4594 (thc
coal hinds i tothoC.P.R, was passed
ni n council meeting on Aug.10,1901.
Mr.Melii-idewnspresent.nl that meeting, At tho time, ho knew perfectly
well tbnl they were iii proximity to
he Fernie coal lands, Mr. McBrido
has admitted every word of this on
oath, Is he worthy of your confidence as premier ?
Sir Thomas Shaughncssy sayB the
C, 1'. I!,   hopes    to   gel    those  conl
lands yet. Now, the C. I'. I!, got
them in the lirst place from tho government in which Mr. MoBride was
Minister of Mines. Whom do they
loiik lo for them now? Certainly
not lo the Liberals, for the C. I'. 1!.
and tbe Liberals are not on speaking terms. If you want tho C. P.
R. .to get those 000,000 acres of the
finest coal lands in Canada, your
only chance is vote for for the McBride candidates.
Careful forecasts made at the coast
.show 24 Liberals and IX Conservatives and Socialists as tho composition of the next House. If it.isa consideration with you to be on the
snme sideas the coming government,
vote for Clement.
What the Liberals have done nt
Quebec nnd Ottawa, tiny will do ut
Victoria. Good Government and n
"We have no railway policy." —
lion. Chas. Wilson.
MUSTN'T ot) ft) /-'.I/;.
it    is    to   In-   hoped that tin' 1)It'll
who have been placed upon th
voters' list in Grand Forks without
being properly qualified, will not
carry the matter lo more serious
lengths by attempting to vote. The
affidavit accompanying the application lo be placed on the list stales
distinctly that the applicant is a
British subject and is of full age.
The Liberal canvass shows numerous eases in which this affidavit has
been taken nt least carelessly, nnd
-'Hue enses in which il is a certainty
licit the offence of perjury has been
A further oath will face these men
nt ihe polls. No further warning
should be nccessnrv.
Rev. .1. (i. Shearer, M. A., general
secretary of the Lord's Day Alliance
uf Canada, will be in the city next
week, and will hold a public meeting
in Knox Presbyterian church on Tuesday night, October fltli, at H o'clock,
Mr. Shearer lias been hereon two previous occasions, ami all who heard
him will not fail to hear him again as
he is a man of wide refutation, a first-
class speaker, and one who speaks
with authority on one of the greatest
questions the day. In connection with
this meeting also tin1 annual election
of officers of the local branch will be
held. A united choir will render
suitable music; no admission will be
charged, and ail are cordially invited
to come and hoar Hev. J. <!. Shearer.
News came to, hand  yesterday of
the death of Dr. G. II. Mtmzies, Mqd-
cal Missionary of the Canadian Presbyterian church,in Mhow, India. .Mr.
j,  Menzies had done faithful work on the
u|,|    ,, v    ;L  s1,,,. ! coast of British  Columbia  in  two or
the   interior
rial   lax  ni'  go   for the iii'ivi!c"i-oi ■ the  fields, and wont to Mhow, India,
i     ii (»• lu.li.in.r I,,    iii.v    1,m     mo-     l-nunilViW? M>'ith lltS bride   last   fid'.       Mo WIS 611-
Ino Conservatives hold   olliee   nl   neipmg io  ue\eiop   mil    lesoiucesr
,.,, , . ,- ,    ,      , orwi i lAVKv   ubnnld   wit  ivn- ftR   u-lil'lf* thn fffl-ffed in work an n mi; the fin nine aud
Ottawa   from   1-S78   to  lS'Jt;,  and   " **J   biiouiu we pa\ eo, \unn mi  e o
i   ,i      ,.? ■ i     i   <       i,riinle -ii thn i'ii'ni  iiov  83*   Takopla/iuo stricken parts, and was  seized
never   got   llio   ( hincsc   lead   tax   I'1"!"1 IU lI"   l,)a»i  1M>   * ■•■     1,,K'   l   ' '
above 850.   The Liberals   raised  it ul1'   ,l,is   l,efttl   lax, or reduce and|^ u"' °ub™ic plague, of which 1-
to 8100 soon nil r taking office, nnd oqunlizc taxation.
have now made i, 8500 against  thc
i:i          -.•       e.i     /.'          ,• \\\% jMcBrldii tmvs ■    "Erarvthinff companion durinir college days of Rev.
solid opposition of the Conservative ■In'1""   "',' *     l,ul.11"'-        '                 b       b ,  •
geaatora that happened while I was a  metu- »• R- Robertson of this city.
—_— bcr of the government  up to the                      	
When labor nien'aread the vicious 3d  day bf'Beptcmbcr, 1901,  I  am      Elmer  Rice and  Ben Swazy, re
attacks on Hon. Joseph Martin, they equally responsible for with iny col: I turned   Wednesday   from   Franklii
died.    Dr. Hcnzios  was for years#a
class mate, room mate, and  constant
m\r aim
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Pure Cider Vinegar Pure English Malt Vinegar
Pure White Wine Vinegar
We have just received tho Aral consignment of local
uhciii for chickeji feed.   A No. I quality,
The "Club
First Street.
» Highest grade imported
Ports, Cherries, Burgundies, Etc.
C. C. TILLEY, Prop.
cam].,  where  thev completed assess- j
ment work on their  "Copper  Clitic" j
mineral olaim.    They brought down  T^v rp TVT ,TV T ^''T'
some  nice  samples of ore,  of which j ■•—' ■*—/ *■ »    •*•    J-^Z?  X
they have a large body. J    Graduate Pennsylvania College of
  Dental Surgery, Philadelphia,
Itter 4 Co, have received their first 0fc in M<«BW jil<ldi'
consignment of Xmos goodB, consisting of chinnwai'e, glassware and fancy
''Ol Ills.
Plume 188.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Selling off all trimmed goods at reduced prices.    Miss   ShkpArd, Jeff Mobmsoh Block,      grand forks,b.o.
Davis & Co.'s.
Next Sabbath morning, in Knox
church, the "Annual Children's Service"' will lie held. Parents are cordially invited to be present and bring
their children. The usual service will
be held in the evening.
Ready-to-wear hats at cost prices
Ml88 SHKPAKD, Jeff Davis ifc Co.'s,
The Ladies Aid of Knox church
vish to thank all friends who kindly
and liberally contributor! to) make the
BIOrOLES—Clevelands, Massie-
Harris, Imperials, Columbias, Ramblers—all top-notchers—for sale and
for rent. Also a complete line of* bicycle sundries. All kinds of bicycle
repairing. Geo. ChAPPLB, First St.,
opposite postoffice, (irand Forks, I', C.
Fire Insurance
I represent the following
Reliable Tin- Companies!
[ustiranoe Companies.   I am hUa ntrent for
II. O. Permanent   Loan nnd Snvtnga To. uf
. | Vanoouver and the U. 8, Fidelity & Guaranty
Harvest Home festival  such  a com- Co.
plete success. Telephoned Johnson Biooli
Mrs. Moore, formerly Miss Richards, of Phoenix, is visiting with
friends in the eity.
Miss A. Cosgrove has opened up in
the millinery business in the rooms
formerly occupied by the Great Northern Telegraph Co., next to W. K. C.
-Manly's. Miss Cosgrove has a nice
display of fall and winter hats.
Wings, tips and trimmings at cost.
Miss SnfiPARD, Jeff Davis it Co.'s.
Enjoy Photography with
Little Expense
Strength and vigor come ot good
food, duly digested. "Force," a
ready-to-servo wheat nnd barley food
adds no burdou, but sustains, in-
\V. 11   V. CI.KMI'.ST
.lulls' II. BFBHOB
Clement CS> Spence
BfirriHtum, Solicitors,
NottirluM, E£tO.
Biden Block, Corner Winnipeg Avenue mid
Hi r«t Street,
... ,   ;■■:■ ;--mm
* *-ct;    ff
Work l.iko Kodaks,
nnd in Daylight.
$1 Brownies, Also $2
H. E,
T^     D1V   1      WW ^ ^ S  AIM
Dr. Follick  Vt li*In* hi
Oruduate of Philadelphia Dental
OlHeo over Hunter-
Pi  l'7. KendriokCo.'aStore,
Sole Dealers for
oMeLellan C& Co.
Phone 78        Winnipeg Aye. Grain! Forks, B. C.
P~yr -m—^ / -»       Home l.rown.
Preserving Peaches, l'luins, Nectarines, Crab Apples, Etc,
We Keep the Best .Money will Buy.
for $18
that is worth
Case is Screw Bezel—keeps out dust
and damp; guaranteed for 20 years'
wear. Works are full-jeweled, of
American make—can give you choice
of three makes. I like to sell this
waleh, for conscience's sake.
Attached to Tuesday's C. P. K.
passenger from the east was the private car Earnscliil'e. On board was
Win. White, assistant to the president
of the C. P. 11., accompanied by J.
F. Dennis, land commissioner for
Hritish Columbia. The statement is
given out that Mr. White is on a
tour of inspection. But it seems singular, at least, that each time a "party
of Great Northern magnates arrive
in this district, a number of C. P. It.
ollieials make their appearance at the
same time. It was called a coincidence on their last trip, hut surely
there must he more significance than a
"coincidence" in this second collision.
It looks as if they were watching each
other's movements very closely, and
each is afraid the other will gain some
advantage in the territory which both
have their eyes on. The persistent
rumor of late that the Great Northern
will build its Phoenix branch this fall
and complete its spur to the Granby
smelter, may account for tiie "coincidence" of the arrival of the ollieials
of both lines simultaneously.
The Harvest Some Dinner, given
by the ladies of Knox church, Tuesday evening, was a decided success,
both financially and socially. The
proceeds amounted to §05. The
ladies desire to thank the citizens aud
ranchers who assisted in making the
dinner a success. The display of
fruits, vegetables and grains was certainly a credit to the growers.
E. Lane, chief electrician at the
smelter, arrived home early this week,
accompanied by his wife and child.
Thev were visiting in Spokane.
J. A. McCallum, city treasurer,
accompanied hy his family, arrived
home from Toronto Wednesday.
.1. 0. Hamilton, of Walla Walla,
Wash., lias accepted a possition with
the (J. P. H., and will take charge of
the Granby office recently vacated by
li. G. Thompson, who was transferred
to Midway. Mr, Hamilton had been
in the employ of the O. K. A N\ Co.,
south of Spokane, for eight months.
Dr. J. Westwood will remove to
Coleman, Alta., tins fall, having received the appointment of medical attendant to the men employed by the
International Coal «fc Coke Co. of that
place. Dr. Westwood has been a
resident of Grand Forks the past six
years, and will be greatly missed by
his many friends in the city, and surrounding country. He will carry with
him the best wishes of them all.
Little Ellen MoEwan,who has been
ill with typhoid fever the past month
at the home of her sister, Mrs. Had-
de-i, is much better, and will shortly
be around again.
W. I. Bassett, civil engineer, am-
ployed witli the G. X. R. Co., left
Wednesday for Kaiispell, where he
will remain for the winter in charge
of some work at that point.
her return from Spokane, where she
recently underwent an operation at
a hospital,
Supt. II. C. Morgan, and H. L.
Shepard, general roadmaster, of' the
S. F. & N. R. Co., arrived in their
private car over the G. N. H. Tuesday. They are on a tour of inspection of the Spokane Falls it Northern
and connections.
J. H. Pallet left Tuesday for Spokane where he expected to remain a
Donald McCallum made a businee
trip to Eholt Wednesday.
Harry McLaren, son of John McLaren of Carson, .icturned tins week
from the Lardeau country, where he
has been employed with a surveying
party since last fall.
The bridge at the Yalojfs open for
traffic now. It has been raised about
three feet aiurl is a much stronger
structure than ever before.
Next Sunday, Oct. tth, Harvest
Thanksgiving Services will he held at
Holy Trinity Church at 11 a, in. and
7:.'J0 p, m. You are cordially invited
to attend.
The Elkhorn mine in  Providence
camp, claims to have shipped last week
a car of the richest ore ever sent out
of the Boundary.
The reason  for drinking Graham';
beer is that it is known to be pure.
Thos. Price, postmaster at Fife, was
in town Wednesday.
We all know that Graham is reliable.
There's a hot time on the coast this
week and the cool breezes from the
sound don't seem to cut much ice. Hib-
bert Tupper and Joseph Martin are
smiting each other with jaw bones, on
the rostrum.
The C. P. li. has placed au order
for a million dollars' worth of new
rolling stock for the passenger department—five dining cars, fifteen sleepers,
twenty-five passenger cars, twenty-live
tourisl cars and six suburban cars.
I strike at the Morrissey mines was
narrowly averted last week. Both em-
plyeo and employer remembered former
troubles and their costly results, and
better judgment prevailed on both
The ant i-( J rent Northern bluffers are
still at it. The McLean Bros, are
again reported to be preparing to begin work on the Coast Kootenay railway, for which the provincial government voted a bonus at the last session
of tin1 legislature. The Great Northern was anxious to build without aiil
from the government) but was opposed
for the sake of bonuBing an opposing
line, a sort of "hot air" opposition
all in the interest of the C. P. H. monopoly.
Frank Miller returned from a three
weeks' vacation spent at coast points,
Tuesday, and is feeling much improved
after his holidays.
Mrs. Chas. Cusson is seriously ill,
liavirg contracted  a severe cold since
Graham's beer is the best.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
tbe City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.   Baths 25c.
Tbe Grand Forks hotel, tbe oldest
hotel in the city, bus a capacity
lor 70 people. Everything up to
date.    Kates, $\ and $1.60 perduy.
If you want lo buy Halcyon Mineral Water call at the Grand Forks
To the Electors of Hritish Columbia,:
At a Liberal convention, Held at the
city of Vancouver, on the 6th and
7th of February, 1902, the following
platform was adopted:
1. The immediate redistribution
of the ConstituenCes of the province
on a^basis of population, but allowing
a smaller unit of population per seat,
for the outlying districts.
2. Government ownership, Dominion, Provincial and Municipal, of
public services or utilities is sound,
and should be carried out in British
3. Should it be advisable at any
time to grant aid to a railway company, such shall be in cash, and not in
land, and no bonus of any kind shall
be given without definite and effective
means being taken to safeguard the
interests of the province in the management of the road, control the
freight and passenger rates, and provision made against such railway having liability against it, except actual
•1. Immediate construction of the
Coust-Kootenuy railway; the Cariboo
railway; the extension of the Island
railway; a railway from Alberni to a
point on the east coast of Vancouver
Island, and a road in the northern
part of the province, from the coast to
the eastern boundary, with an extension to the northern boundary; the
railway from Vernon to Midway by
the West Fork of the Kettle river,
with all necessary branch lines, ferries
and connections.
0. The enforcement of the Act now
on the statute book compelling the
scaling of logs by government sealers.
6. That such legislation should be
enacted as will result in making the
lands included in the various dyking
areas available for cultivation as
quickly as possible aud secure p.iompt
payment of assessments when due.
7. That the government should
keep in touch with the conditions in
connection with mining, protecting
that industry against combines and
trusts, and, if necessary, foi* that purpose build and operate smelters and refineries. No radical change should be
made in the mining laws, with ait full
notice to all parties interested, giving
full opportunity for discussion and
8. As the province can only advance by the settlement within its
borders of thrifty and prposerous
citizens, and as Orientals never become citizens in any propea sense of
the word, we declare it to be the duty
of the government to discourage Oriental immigration and employment by
every means within its power, and we
appeal to our fellow Liberals through'
out the Dominion to aid us in our efforts to protect ourselves against the
ruinous competition of men having a
standard of decency and comfort immensely below that of civilized people,
and who shirk every duty and obligation of citizenship which the law will
allow them to escape.
i). The government ought to, prevent the waste and Buffering caused by
sirikes and lockouts, and an earnest
effort ought to be made lo provide
some means for preventing such
strikes and lockouts, anil we approve
of the adoption of compulsory arbitration.
10. The fiscal system of the province stands in need of revision, Taxation should bear upon privilege rather
than upon industry, and no addition
should be made to the debt of the
province, except for public works
properly chargeable to capital.
11. The retaining of the resources of
the province, OS an asset for the benefit
ofthe people, and taking effective mens
ures to prevent the alienation of the
dublio domain, except to actual settlers, or for bona liile business of industrial   purpose-^, putting au  end to
Shelf and Heavy
Large Stock of Heaters on Hand.
the practice of speculation in  connection therewith.
12. The construction and maintenance of roads throughout the province, to aid in the development ofthe
mining and agricultural districts.
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St.Paul Railway,known
all over the Union as the great railway running the "Pioneer Limited"
trains every day and night between St.
Pan! and Chicago, ami Omaha and
Chcago. "The only perfect trains in
the world.'" Understand: Connections are mods with All Transcontinental Lines, assuring to passengers
the best service known. Luxurious
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verity equaled by no other line.
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point
iu the United States or Canada. All
ticket, agents sell them.
For rates, pamphlets or   other   information, address
Et. L. Ford, H.S.Rowe,
Trav. Pass. Agt.,      Gen. Agent,
Spokane, Wash,     Portland, Ore.
A Stylish Finish and
Lasting Satisfaction
Get Your Clothes
Made hy
oan & Savings Co,
a responsabilite limitee,
CAPITAL $250,000
with powers to issue $1,000,000 bonds.
You May Borrow
Any Amount cf Money
with which to buy a home,
U farm, or pay off a mortgage, ou your personal note
with absolutely no interest
to pay, taking I'O years or
less to pay it back in Biuall
monthly payments without
Why Pay Rent
or be troubled with mint
gages when Thk Loan and
Savings Company will fur-
nisli you with tho money to
buy your home or pay off
your mortgage in any I"
cality "ml charge you do iv
TBHB8T, No matter whore
you live, lose no time bul
commit ai onco
Head Ofllco: 30 St. Alexia St.,
Strictesl investigation courted, Agents
in nil parts ut' tin' Dominion uf
Canada wanted,
Pork* .1. it. Rotiorttoni B.A.. naitor,
Borvlces every Sunday at Ila.tn.aru liBOp.
m.iSunday■ohpolnodBlbleelan, » p.m.:
Weitml niter Guild uf 0. V... Tueidayi s
pfR8T?MBTHbDIBT0HUB0H-Corner Main
unit KiithstH. .1 l* Batti,pastor. Service!
overy Sunday »t 11 a, m, nnd T,80 p.m.s<
olaw meeting at elonof morning eorvlcei
Sunday ichool nnd HIM.- o1anat8p.ni.!
prayer meeting every Thursday evening
JitsoVlm'U. Tne public.! cordially Invited.
land), (1 ruiid Im»rii<i. Henry Steele vloar-
Huly Communion. 8a. ra.i morning prayer
andtermon, n a. m.tSundaysenaol,8n.m.i
evensong end sermon, Tt«U p. ■<■- All gre
cordially Invited.
Mining and   Real
Estate Dealers
Lots Por Salf, in At.l
Farts of thk Citv.
Choice Garden Lands
at Low Prices.
j      Goods Bought and Sold *
i __ *
I    Cor. Bridge and Second Ste.     2
Pacific Hotel
Oppoilt.O.P. It. Station i
■ '•il OolimbU, n. 0.
Consignments send to mo will.
In' passed Customs and distributed speedily by unexcelled fa-
Bastcrn Townships Bonk.
Notary Public
Real Estate Dealer
The following tab!
11)00, 1901, 1902, 1903, »
Granby Mines,Phoenix.,.
Snowshoe, Phoenix	
Brooklyn, Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood.
Sunset, Deadwood	
Morrison, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Summit	
R. Bell, Summit	
Kniina, Summit '
Oro Dgnoro	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Golden Crown, Wellington
Athelstan, Wellington	
KingSolomon,W. Copper,
No. 7 Mine, Central	
City of Paris, Central	
Jewel, Long Lake	
Carmi, West Fork	
Providence, Providence...
Flkhom, Greenwood	
Ruby, Boundary Falls...
ves the ore shipments of Boundary mines for
ml for tho past week:
1900        1901.        1902.        190,1  Past Week
04,683   281,762   800,858   250,402      8,194
1,721  20,800 51,442  2,880
99,084   141,826
804       7,455
Total, tons  99,730   390,000
Granby Smelter treated... 62,387   230,828
507,515   447,660      16,854
312,340   238,690       8,899
Have iiitivcil next dour to  Hunter-
"andrioh Company.
Do you rend?   If ho, go to Iliem and join their Circulating Library.   It hits no equal in Hritish Columbia.
Santa Clause sent word to them, sny-
Ingl "Oct a larger place, its I am
sending you more than twice a* much
Xmns Goods us you ever had hefore.   Your plao
Stationery, Office and School Supplies, Fancy Goods and Novelties
will st ill ho Santa's Headquarters,"
W.   H.   ITTER & CO.
(loud Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Part of thc City.
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded at the oflice of the Grand
Forks Mining Division at Grand
Forks, September 23 dto 29th, inclusive:
Mountain Lion, Gloucester camp,
Sheads et al.
Honnekin, Franklin camp, Archie
Mossbaok, Brown's camp, A. V.
Prize, Baker creek, Beach ot al.
Extension, McRae creek, G. A.
Paulson; survey.
Tiger, Gloucester camp, White
et nl.
White Bear, Gloucester camp,
White et al.
Frisco, Phoenix camp, Thos.
V. V. & E., north of Grand Forks,
R. Therein.
Hot Air, north of Grand Forks,
R. Therein.
Rattler, north of Grand Forks, R,
Mujubn, Hardy mountain mountain, Couture et al.; three years.
Fairview, Bcntlcy's camp, Wallace Bentley.
Danville, Wellington camp, Jos.
(lustin, Wellington camp, F. M.
McKinley No. 2, Franklin camp,
Ed C. Ellingson and Peter Kelly.
Standard, Gloucester camp, John
King Solomon, Wellington camp,
relocation of Denver, T.  M. Graves.
Eureka, Christina Lake, John
Forsythe Miller.
Hastings, Burnt Basin, Jas. T.
McKenzie, M. 'Smith, Fred R.
['HONE ill
Take a Look at Our Window
Display of the Latest Novelties
in Chatelaine Hags and Purses.
Prescriptions Carefully
H. Hamlin, Republic.
W. A. Williams, Smelter.
L. S. Kirby, Bodie.
C. C. Brown, Rossland.
D. Clark, Spokane.
J. E. Welch, Seattle.
C. H. Spencer, Montreal.
E. A. Harvey, Victoria.
J. B. Griffin, Vancouver.
J. W. Aubry.
C. A. DesBrisay.
Wm. Yolen Williams, Phoenix.
A. H. Napper, Greenwood.
H. M. Harris, Greenwood.
C. N. Bell, Greenwood.
V. M. Snyder, Greenwood.
J. R,  Keane, Wallace, Ida.
P. H. Walsh, Republic.
Thomas Corsan, Rossland.
H. E. MaeDonnell, Nelson.
O. H. ISucker, Nelson.
Wm. Heron, Marnet.
Jas. Hunter, Rossland.
W. S. Miller, Cascade.
Page lloyles, Spokane.
Henrv White, Spokane.
J. F. Ford, England.
Mrs. •Girelingtoii, Spokane.
R. Weil,
H. Deford,
0. Toph,
Col. Ridpath, "
Chas. Sweeney, "
It. H. Johnson, Toronto.
H. F. Fronk, Butte, Mont.
W. A. Clark, Virginia City.
Robert Harkin, Virginia City.
Henry Adkin, Pony, Mont.
Chas. Adkin, Pony, Mont.
B. W. Woolverton, Spokane.
Lewis Clark, "
S. M. Green,
H. A. Rankin, "
Percy Parker, Colfax, Wash.
Have Evans and wife, Eagle City.
J C. Hamilton, Walla Walla, Wn
B. F. Wileon, Victoria.
John Riordan, Phoenix.
H. L. Johnston, Greenwood.
Just what you want
Just when you want it
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two elements
—excellence of the work and promptness in
the execution. Bad work executed promptly is not good service—good work delivered behind
time is not good service; hut the two combine to
make one of the most necessary, but hardest to obtain and often most expensive, requirements of the
twentieth century business man. That we have
learned the lesson in theory we have shown. Our
customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice.
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Businss Cards
Visiting Cards
Shipping Tags
Etc., Etc., Etc.
We Carry a Complete Line of Stationery in Stock.
Our Jobbing Plant is new, and consists of the
latest and most popular faces of type and the
most up-to-date machinery. All work|guaranteed
to give satisfaction.
^e Evening Sun
Phone 55 job DEPARTMENT.


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