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The Evening Sun Jan 9, 1903

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vol. n.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, January 9, 1903.
No. 20
Power House Loses Its Roof
and Ceiling in a Blaze
Thursday Night,
For the first time since its commencing operations, two years and
one-half ago, the Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting company has suffered loss and a temporary close down from the devastating
About 11:30 o'clock on Thursday
night William Shannon, in charge
of the Jpower house of the big reduction works, discovered flames in
the ceiling of the building. From
the nature of their starting place—
between the ceiling and the roof—
the fire had a good srart before it
was noticed. But upon the alarm
being given, all the employees at
work came rushing down from their
labors above and set to work extinguishing the fire with the appartus
on hand for just such an emergency.
But before they succeaded in over-
oming the flames the roof and ceiling of ahout three-quarters of the
building was eaten away, and fell
across the floor and machines below.
Chief Electrician Lane, who was
in Phoenix on a supervising trip at
the time, was immediately informed
of the coUdition of affaire, and arrived home before daylight on Fri-
diy. It was a badly disordered
state he found things in, but with
his staff he succeeded in righting affairs so that within twelve hours the
power was turned on over the temporary system.
In the meantime the carpenters,
under Foreman O'Keefe, had been
doing their utmost in cutting aud
clearing away thc debris overhead
and under foot, and had mode such
good progress that a protecting roof
was up before night; and the|whole
work, except the shingling, will
probably be finished by Saturday
General Manager Graves came up
from Spokane on the Great Northern
afternoon train and took a look over
the works and studied the situation.
As a result the works are to start! up
again tomorrow (Saturday) morning with two furnaces, Converters,
samplers, etc.
The cause of the fire was not announced, bin wa* probably due to a
short circuit caused by the wires
becoming. Thc loss sustained was
not large, as, beyond the ceiling and
roof, the building was very slightly
damaged. How the intricate generators, motors and pumps escaped
as they did, with the amount of
burning boards and timbers crashing
down upon them, is a marvel ; but
that they were slightly damaged, if
at all, is infeered from the fact that
they were all in running order so
soon after the mishap.
There will be a grand masquerade
carnival as the Hockey rink, Victoria
avenue, next Monday evening, 12th
inst., at which prizes will be given
in each class for best dressed lady,
gentleman, girl, [and boy. Skaters
in costume will be admitted free, and
will have exclusive use of the ice
from 7:30 to 9. The admission for
the general public, inaluding skating
after 9 p.m., will be 25c.
Mrs. John A. Manly and her sister, Miss Josephine Ainsley, and
Mrs. Chas. Cumings gave an enjoyable entertainment to their friends
at the Hotel Yale last night. A
musical program was rendered, after
which dancing was indulged in. At
11 o'clock an elaborate lunch   was
served. About 25 c6uples were
Thomas Cunningham, commissioner of agriculture, arrived in
Grand Forks yesterday, and is a
guest at the Hotel Winnipeg. He
will remain in the city two or three
Chas. Cumings returned to the
city from Seattle yesterday.
Klondike pool table. Only one
in city.    Grand Forks hotel.
Of the Municipality of the
City of Grand Forks, as
Now Incorporated,
Ladies aud Gentlemen:
At the urgent request of a large
number of the electors of the municipality, I have decided to allow
my name to be placed in nomination for Mayor at the forthcoming
election. I shall consider it my
duty to impartially use my best efforts and past experience to advance
the interests of every part of the
Thanking you for the generous
support accorded me in the past,
and soliciting your vote and influence on this occasion, I shall, if
elected, do my best for the interests
of the whole city.
Yours respectfully,
Peter Taylor McCalli'm.
i wm tl
An Open  Hot   Air Switch
Ditches the Engine and
Three Cars.
A bad freight wreck occurred on
the C. P. R. at the Hot Air junction, across the Kettle river, just
as dawn  was   breaking.
A west-bound freight was coming
along at a good speed. The Hot
Air switch had been left open, but
as quite a heavy fog prevailed at the
time, Engineer Blake was unable
to notice this fact until the train'
was within 100 feet of it. He then
reversed the throttle and prepared
to jump, which he did just as the
train crashed into the open switch.
Fireman Dewey, who was in the
back part of the tender at the time
followed his example, and both men
escaped without sustaining any serious injuries. The engine, tender
and three freight cars went over the
bank. A wrecking train and crew
were immediately sent to the scene
of the disaster, and all day was spent
in clearing away the debris.
The west-bound passenger train
was delayed about an hour and a
half by the wreck.
To the Electors of the
Amalgamated Cities:
Ladies and Gentlrmen.
At thc request of many of the
ratepayers, I have decid ed to become a candidate for the Mayoralty
in the coming elections. My attitude towards civic matters will be defined from the public platform before
election day. If elected I shall endeavour, fo the utmost of my ability,
to discharge the duty of the Chief
Executive in such a way as will
tend to promote the best interests
of the whole community. I shall
be grateful for your support, and
may assure you that I will do all in
power to merit your confidence,
I have thc honor to remain,
Yours faithfully,
Martin Burrell.
Ixidies and Gentlemen:
At the request of many ratepayers,
I am a candidate for Alderman
from the First ward, and would respectfully ask your support. If you
elect me I can only say I will do the
best I can for the whole city.
Yotirs respectfully,
H. A. Sheads.
Uulies and Gentlemen.
At thc request of many   citizens,
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for Alderman from the Second
ward. I respectfully solicit your
support, and if elected I will work
to the best of my ability in the interest of the whole city.
Yours faithfully,
M. R. Feeney.
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date.    Rates, $1 and $1.50 per day.
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Boundary district — the "Club,"
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ley, Prop.
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Grand Forks is indeed fortunate
in possefsing such an enterprising
and persevering institution as the
Granby smelter, Not many industrial concerns of its size in this country would have received the many
setbacks and sustained as many
shut downs as this corporation has
during the past year, through no
fault of its own, and still be ready
to resume operations as soon as each
succeeding difficulty is overcome.
What with coke strikes, low water,
fluctuating power, overdue machinery, inadequate coke supply, delayed
ore trains, devastating flames and
what not, the mrnagement have displayed great pluck in continuing to
overcome difficulties as fast as they
arise. Here's hoping these troublous
times are at .an end, and that the
Granby company are on a smooth-
sailing tack for many years to come.
Such perseverance deserver the very
greatest reward.
In our Tuesday's issue we printed
an item stating that the entire right-
of-way for the V., V. & E. smelter
spur had been secured with the exception of one parcel of land, and
that active construction work wonld
not be commenced until the matter
in dispute as regards this piece of
land had been settled by arditration.
Since that time numerous enquiries
have been made of The Sun as to the
cause of this blockading of the road,
the construction of which would, indirectly, benefit every citizen in the
community. Nearly all of "these
inquisitive people want to know if
the Hot Air road, in its somnambulistic state, is responsible for this
intorable delay, or whether it is
merely some of its emissaries
who are to blame. As The
Sun railway reporter is at present
too busy talking politics, we are unable to give the desired information.
But we will make an investigation
at an early day, and give our readers thc true facts in the case.
The people will not be likely to
take kindly to the referendum plank
in Mr. Creitz's platform. For labor
unions the referendum method of
transacting business may be all right,
but if applied to civic affairs we
think it would prove too cumbersome. Besides, it would be an unnecessary luxury. The municipal
government is costly enough now,
and additional expense saddled upon
it in the form of experimental legis
lative methods should be well considered before it is embraced. As
substitute for this plank, the people
should elect honest men to fill >.he
city offices. This would the best
and most inexpensive referendnm.
Mr. Martin Burrell is now in
the mayoralty contest. It was stated
for a long time that he would not
enter the race. We wonder why he
changed his mind ?
The New Year's issue of the
Spokesman-Review was a mammoth
paper. It was very complete statistically concerning the progress
made during the past in the large
territory it covers, besides containing a large amount of choice literature.
The Similkameen Star issued a very
handsome Christmas edition, containing a beautiful half-tone bird's-
eye view of the city of Princeton.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the
electors of the municipality of the corporation of the City of Grand Forks, tiiut I
require the presence of the said elector* ut
the building at which the clerk ofthe old
city of Grand forks has his office, being the
City Hall, situate on First street, in the oity
of Grand Forks, British Columbia, on the
fifteenth day of January, A. D. 1903, ut 12
o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing
persons to represent them in the Municipal
Council us Mayor and Aldermen.
The mode of nomination of candidates
shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated in writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two
voters of the municipality as proposer nnd
seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between the date
of the notice and 2 p. in. of the day of nomination, and in the event of a poll being necessary, such poll will be open on the 22ml day
of January, A. D. 19 8, at the building known
as the city ball on First street.in the said city
of Grand Forks, and being the building; in
which the city clerk of the old oity of G rand
forks has his office, of which every person
is hereby required to take notice and govern
himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated for
aud elected as the Mayor of such eity shall
be snoh persons as are male British subjects
of the full age of twenty-one years, and are
uot disqualified under any law, and have
been for the six months next preceding the
day of nomination the registered owner in
the Laud Registry Office, of land or real
property in the city of the assessed value, on
the last municipal assessment roll, of one
thousand dollars or^more over and above
any registered incumbrance or charge, mid
who has otherwise duly qualified as municipal voters.
The persons qualified to be nominated for
and elected as Aldermen of such cily shall be
such person- as are male British subjects of
the full age of lweuty-one years, aud are not
disqualified under any law, and have been
for the six mouths next preceding the day
uf nomination the registered owner, In the
Land Registry Office, of laad or real property in the city of the assessed value, on the
last municipal assessment roll, of five hundred dollars or more over and above any
registered incumbrance ar charge, and who
lire otherwise qualified as municipal voters.
Given under my hand at the city of Grund
Forks, in the province of British Columbia,
this 5th day of January. A. D. 1903.
Returning Officer.
Province of British Columbia.
EDWARD VII., by the Grace of God, of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, aud of the British Dominions Beyond
the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith, etc'
To all  whom these presents shall come.—
D.M. Ebehts, IU/HEREAS it is pro-
Attorney-General, j VT vlded by section ;i of
chupter 29 of the Statutes of 19-2. being the
"Grand Forks und Columbia Amalgamation
Act, 1902," that it shall be lawful for the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council forthwith
after the passing of said act, by Letters
Patent under the Great Seal, to incorporate
into a city, under the name of "The Corporation of the City of Grand Forks," all the
lauds at the passing of said act comprised
within the corporate limits of the cities of
Columbia and Grand Forks; that, save as in
said act provided, such Letters Patent shall
have the same force and effect as Letters
Patent issued under the provisions aid after
compliance with all the formalities of chapter 149 of the Revised "Statutes of British Columbia and amendments thoreto, notwithstanding that such formalities have not been
observed or are inapplicable; and that the
said Letters Patent shall fix the first day of
Januarv, 1903, as the date of such incorporation;
And  whereas the Honourable Sir  Henri
Gustave July De Lotbiniere, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our Province of British Columbia, by and with the advice of the Ex outive
Council, uuder and by virtue of tne powers
and authority conferred upon him'by the
said acts, and of all other powers and authority him lu that.behalf enabling, hath
ordered that all those parrels or
tracts of land on the twenty-seoond
day of April, 1902, comprised within
the corporate limits of the cities of Columb a
and Grand Forks and the Inhabitants thereof, shall, on, from and after the first day of
January, 19 3, be incorporated as a oity municipality, and hath made further provision
to the tenor and effect hereinafter appearing?
Now Know Ye, that by these presents We
do hereby order and proclaim that the said
parcels or tracts of land, and the inhabitants
thereof, shall, on, from and after the first
day of January, 1903, be incorporated as a
city municipality, uuder the name of "The
Corporation of the City of Grand Forks,"
under and subject to the provisions of the
said Acts aud udder and subject to the provisions hereinafter contained or referred to.
The Council of the said new. municipality
shall consist for the period of two years after
incorporation, of a Mayorand six Aldermen;
two aldermen to he elected from each of the
wards mentioned inpararrnnh 11 in Schedule A of said o' apter 9 four men her. of said
council shall constitute a qu-ir.tni, and after
the expiration of sai I period the council
shall be subje t, as to num'er and representation, to the provisions of tl.n ".Municipal
Clause Act" and amendments.
The nomination for the first election of
a Mayor aud Aldermen shall be held in the
building in which the Clerk uf the existing
City of Grand Forks has his office as such
clerk, ou the fifteenth day of January, 1903,
from twelve o'clook noon until two o'clock
p. m„ and the polling (if unyXshall be it' said
building on the tweuty-secoiid day of January, 19.3, aud shall continue fur one day only,
and the polls shull be kept open between the
hours of nine o'clock a. m. and half-past
seven o'olock p,' m., and Ernest Miller, of the
said city of Grand Forks. Esquire, shall be
the Returning Officer, and William B. Bower,
"f the said city of Grand Forks. Esquire,
John Aylmer Mc< allum, of the said city of
Columbia, Esquire, and H. C. Kerman, Esquire, shall be Deputy Returning Officers
The persons entitled to vote at the said
election shall be the persons whose names
appear on the voters lists prepared uuder
tiie provisions of seotion 25 and following
sections of said chapter 29.
Each person whose name appears on the
list prepared under the provisions of said
section 25 shall be e .titled to vote for mayor
and for two aldermen to be elected to represent the ward in which his name appears in
said list; Provided always that he shall not
cast more than one vote in favour of any one
candidate, or vote on more than one occasion; Provided further, that in distributing
into the respective wards of the new oity the
names appearing on the several voters lists
mentioned in said section 25, the Returning
Officer shall have regard to the qualifications
in respect of which such names were entered
On such voters' lists, and iu ease no municipal record shall be produced to him in evidence of such qualification sufficient to enable him to determine to which ward any
such names should in such manner be assigned, the Returning Officer shall have
power to require such evidence by statutory
declaration, or otherwise, as he may deem
proper, to show to which ward or wards such
nameshould so be assigned; and in default of
such evidence, after such notice, public or
other, as he may deem sufficient, the Returning Officer may refuse or omit to enter such
name in any ward except upon order under
section 11 of thn Municipal Elections Act, but
shall forthwith enter it instead upon, a
list to be prepared by him of such names,
and the persons whose names are so entered
shall thereby beoome entitled |to vote for
mayor, but not for aldermen, of said new city.
The qualifications and disqualiflcationsfor
nomination and election as Mayor and Aldermen respectively at the said fi rst election,
shall be those applicable by virtue of the
"Municipal Clauses Act" in respect to elections subsequent to the first election.
The Mayor and Aldermen, elected at the
first election shall hold office until his successor, or a majority of their successor have
been sworn in, unless he or they shall die or
resign or become disqualified.
At least six days' notice of the time and
place of nomination and of holding of the
poll (if any) shall be given by the said Returning officer; such notice shall be posted
during that period in the manner provided
by <eetioi 30 of the "Municipal Elections
Act "
The Returning Officer shall, on the day of
nomination, ut 2 o'clock p in., uniiouiioe the
names of the persons put iu nomination in
that behalf as candidates for the offices of
Mayor and Aldermen, as prescribed by the
"Municipal Elections Act."
At the close of the time for nominating the
candidates the Returning Officer shall deliver to every candidate, or agent of a candidate, applying for the same, a duly certified
list of the names of the severul candidutes
wliosluill have been nominated; and any vote
given at the election for any other candidates
than those so nominated shull be null and
if at the expiration of the time appointed
for the election as aforesaid, no moro candidates stand nominated than there are vacancies to be filled up, the Returning Officer
■ha11 forthwith declare the candidates who
may stand nominated to be elected, and 'return their names to the Registrar of the Supreme Court.
No speeches or interruption to the proceedings of Humiliating candidutes at the hustings shall he permitted by the Returning
Officer between the reading of the notice of
election and the closing of the qrocecdings
ou nomination day by the Returning  Officer.
If, at the expiration of such time, more
candidates stand nominated than there are
vucaiii'lef to be filled up, the Returning Officer shall declare the names of the candidates,
aud publicly proclaim the day previously
stated in his proclamation, find the place at
which the poll shall be so opened in the municipality, for thc purpose of taking the
votes of the elootors according to law; and
shall then adjourn the election, and shall
t ,k) a  po 1 by ba lot, and shall cause to be
posted up notices of his having granted such
poll. Indicating the nniues, residences, ami
occupations of the candidates so nominated,
iu the order in which they shall be printed on
the ballot papers, which notices shull, as soon
as possible after tbe nomination, be placarded iu all the places where the proclamation
for the election was posted up.
If, after the adjournment of the election by
the Returning Officer for the purpose of taking a poll, one of the candidates nominated
shall die before the poll has commenced, the
Returning Officer shall, upon being satisfied
of the fact of such death, countermand notice of the poll, and all the proceedings with
reference to thc election shall be eommenced
afresh: Provided that no fresh nomination
shall be necessary In the oase of a candidate
who stood nominated at the time of the countermanding of thn poll.
In cise of a poll being held the candidates
(du y qualified) who shall obtain the greatest
number of votes shall be Mayor and Municipal Al lermen respectively.
In thn event of the number of votes being
found to he equal for any two or more eiin-
dldates, on* or moi e of w hom, but, not all of
such candidates, being by the state of thn
poll entitled to be declared elected, the Returning Officer shall by a ousting vote or
votes, as thn case may be, decide whioh of the
candidates for whom the votes may be equal
shall be elected: Provided that the said Returning Officer shall not vote except In case
or mi equality of votes as aforesaid.
All expenses attendant upon the suid election shall be borne by the said "The Corporation of the City of Grand Forks."
The opening of the ballot boxes and counting the votes shall be hi the presence of the
candidates if they attend for that purpose.
The Returning OffWr, after Ihe declaration of the poll, shall retain the ballot papers
and boxes until a Clerk shall be duly appointed, to whom he shall forthwith deliver
the same.
Any vacancy in the office of Mayor or Alderman shall be filled as provided by thc
"Municipal Elections Act.
The first meeting of the Council shall be
held ou the first Saturday after the day of
election at the building iu which the munition shall be held, at two o'clock in the afternoon.
All the provisions of chapters 68,143 and 144
of the Revised Statutes of British Columbia
and amendments thereto shall apply to the
Municipality of the new City, exeept when
the provisions of such Acts are repugnant to
thn provisions of said chanter 29.
All rights and powers he|d enjoyed or exercised bv both or either ofthe said Cities of
C diinihia am. Gm-d Forks by virtue of the
Statutes under w ic they, or either of them,
were i ucorporitted, or by virtue of any other
law or statute, and all rights and powers conferred by law or public statute now in force
upon city municipalities within British Columbia shall, upon incorporation, be forthwith vnsted in tbe new city.
Now Fcbtheh Know Ye that, under and by
virtue of thn dower conf• rred, by seotion 13
of said Chapter 29 of the Statutes ot Wifii, and
of all other powers and authority in that behalf, and upon the nomination of the City of
Columbia, we do hereby appoint Charles
Hay, Esquire, John Aylmer McCallum, Esquire, and Isaae A. Dinsmore, Esquire, Commissioners for the purposes mentioned in
said section 13 and other sections of said Act,
and in Schedule A to said Act, and »1th   the
Cowers, authority and functions conferred
y said section and Sehedule, and with such
other powers, authority and functions as
shall be found necessary to carry out said
purposes and which We are authorised by
said Act to eonfer. '
The said Commissioners shall reenlve such
reasonable remuneration for their servioes
as shall be fixed under seotion 18 of chapter
181 of the Revished Statutes of British Co-
luinhie, wqieh, by said ehapter 29, ia made
applicable hereto.
Each Commissioner, before entering upon
the duties of his offioe, shall give security to
His Majesty the King for thn due performance of his duties, and for the due account
ing of all moneys received in the performance of said duties, by a bond of an incorporated Gnarantee Company approved by the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council, in the sum
of five thousand dollars,
Forthwith after giving security as aforesaid the said Commissioners shall have, within the territory of the present oity of Graud
Forks, such powers and authority us are
necessary or reasonably convenient for the
purpose of carrying out the works within
•ueh territory expressly contemplated by the
provisions of said Schedule A to said chapter
29, and subject thereto.
The Lieutenant-«overnor in Council may
at any time, upon cause assigned, oancel the
the appointment of any of the said Commissioners, and thereupon, or upon any vacancy occurring by reason of the death,
resignation or refusal to act of any Commissioner, or otherwise, may appoint another in
his sfead from among the residents within
the present limits of the City of Columbia,
upon recommendation ofthe Board of Commissioners, and pending in default of such
appointment the remaining members shall
exerolso all the powers of the full Board.
The Commissioners shall make a report to
the Minister of Finance or the Commissioner
of Public Works whenever and on such matters as shall be directed by the Lieutenant-
Governor in Council.
All authority and funotions vested In the
Commissioners shall cease so soon as thn
works mentioned iu section 13 of said
chapter 29. and iu Schedule A |n said chapter
29, are fully competed, and u proper report
of said commissioners shall have been accented bv the Lieutenant-Governor In Council:
These Letters Patent shall not extend nor
be construed to extend to any f ranohlse or
privilege granted by the present City of Columbia or the present City of Grand Forks to
any ten itory other than that to which it applied ou the twenty-second day of April, 1902.
As soon as practicable the Council of the
new city shall proceed to hold an election of.
a new Board of School Trustees for the new
city in aeoordance with the provisions of the
"Public  Schools  Act" and  amending Acts.
The day to be fixed by the said Council   for
said election shall not be  later than   the
twelfth day of-Februury, 1903.
In Testimony whrekeof, We have caused
these Our Letters to be mude Patent, and
the Great Seal of the said Province to  be
hereunto affixed;   Witness, the Honourable Sir  Henki Gustave Joly  de  Lot-
niNiEiiK, Lieutenant-Governor of Our said
Province of British Columbia, in Our City
of Victoria, in Our said   Province, this
thirty-first day of   December, one thousand nine hundred and two, and  in the
second year of Our Reign.
By. Command, >
Provincial Secretary. 0HCfi8)CIB)C(fl(SCt$Btt!OSSfiC8O8Cfl8!fc)C88:
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close connections with all trains east
and west, and afford a choice of rive
distinct routes of travel. The equipment of these trains is the best, including free reclining chair cars,
standard and tourist sleepers, a period dining car service, and also
personally conducted excursion cars,
each iu charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
crossing the continent can be found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address J.
I). Mansfiel(l,|Gen. Agt., Rio Grande
Lines,   No.1" 124 Third'Street,   Port-
'land, Ore. "
A number of series of the latest
styles in type faces have lately been
added to The Evening Sun job department.
Mining and  Real
Estate Dealers
!• •
Insurance III
Lots For Sale in Alt.
Parts of the City.
Choice Garden Lands
at Low Prices.
The Windsor
Grand Forks, B. C.
Only the best
_   Curried
N.    Taylor,   Prop.
Rose Hill Dairy
Milk and Cream
Delivered to all parts of
Grand Forka and Columbia,
Attended to.
PHONE   Clod
don't want to  reflect   old
ideas: you  -want it up-to-
date.   There is a certain desire
for the  antique, but it should
be up'to-now in execution.
Nicely Furnished Rooms and
First-class Board at Reasonable Prices.
Workingmen's Patronage
riverside av.      GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Pacific Hotel
Phone 58.
Opposite C.P. R. Station,
Column C
TAKE NOTICE, that I, the undersigned,
I intend, 30 days after date, to apply to the
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
License to prospectior coal and oil on the
coal claim situated about 52 miles from
Grand Forks, B. C, on the west bank of the
West Fork of the North Fork of Kettle
river, in Yale District of British Columbia;
said claim consists of 640 acres.
Notice of location is on northeast corner,
claiming 80 chuins west, 80 chains south, 80
chains east, and 80 chains north to point of
co ninencemeiit.
Dated on the ground this 20th day of September, 1902.
Jobbing Promptly
Attended to.
The Electric Lighting System of the City of Columbia has been completed.
All persons who wish to
have their residences or
places of business wired
preparatory to installing
the light, should leave orders with
P.   D.   McDonald
Thos. H. Ingram
Books of Firms and Corporations
Audited and Reports Made.
Phone 108
Box 22 Columbia, B. C,
In reviewing the list of prominent
Canadian life insurance companies,
thc "Imperial" of Toronto stands
out prominently on account of its
remarkably successful career. The
board of directors is composed of
strong financiers and gentlemen of
large experience in the insurance
business. Tbis company nas nothing but up-to-date liberal policies to
sell, and the fact that many large
policies have been issued by thc
Imperial, running as high as $200,-
000 on one single life, indicates the
class of people who are patrons of
this company, Mr. J. A. McCallum
is agent at Columbia and Grand
Fred Grant, one of Electrician
Lane's staff at the Granby smelter,
had a narrow escape from almost
certain death one day this week.
While working around some shafting which had just been put up, a
protruding nut caught on the bottom
of the leg of his overalls, and they
were speedily stripped from his person and wrapped in shreds around
fhe shaft. Fred says it happened
so suddenly it didn't have time to
shock even his modesty, as he was
wearing an additional pair of trousers at the time anyway.
Some useful changes have recently
been made to the fire hall by Chairman Sheads, of the water and light
committee. The city's fine team of
horses will in future be stabled
there, and will consequently always
be on hand in case of fire, and can
be hitched to the engine in thirty
seconds. Three firemen will sleep
in the hall, and one of these will be
on duty there in the daytime.
The hockey practices these evenings are furnishing amusement for a
goodly number of spectators. The
whole-souled manner in which some
otherwise staid citizen will wallop
his opponent and boost him into the
fence is a revelation to those who
have never tackled anything more
boisterous than ping-pong. The
audiences are impartial, too—they
are satisfied so long as anydody gets
turned wrong side up.
While unloading ore at the smelter on Wednesday Hugh Horn re-
ceivod a rather severe shaking up.
The dumping apparatus on one of
the cars refused to work, and just
as Horn stepped forward to locate
the trouble the contents of the car,
about thirty toos, went through the
bottom to the bins below, carrying
him with it. Fortuuately his injuries were confined to a wrenched
wrist and back and a few cuts on the
back of his head.
Work has been commenced on B.
Lequime's new residence on, CulUm-
bia street, West ward, the frame being already erected.
The Grand Forks Hockey club are
to play a return game in Phoenix on
Saturday evening, 17th inst. The
local team will charter a special
train, and will be accompanied by a
big crowd of enthusiasts. A good
aggressive game is assured.
Chief Electrician Lane, of the
Granby smelter, was in Phoenix on
Wednesday and Thursday on de*
partmental business.
Mrs. Chas. Ellacott, a former resident of Grand Forks, spent a few
days in the city last week, before
proceeding to Spokane.
Grand Forks and Columbia are
now happily one. The auspicious
event occurred on the first day of
January, and the act was solemnized by proclamation of the attorney-
general. Ve take off our hat to the
nwe burg.—Rossland Miner.
xm*s   CHRISTMAS  )™
If you want fine new (this season's) Fruit
andJCandied Peel for your Xmas Cake and Plum
Pudding, go to Hodson's. He can fill the bill,
and has nothing but the best—no old stock.
Just what you want, and any amount of
Ring IIfl   OH ^e 01d
tlUi dU Reliable.
Don't Forget tne Place
-   -   TO TRV OUR   -  -
Pure Drugs
Prescriptions Caretully
Fraser Drug Co., Druggists
Epps' Cocoa
The Most
Grateful-Comforting   Breakfast-Supper
Good Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Part of the City.
Clarendon Restaurant
Miss Ida Tenkate, Prop.
First-Class Board and Neatly
Furnished Rooms at
Moderate Prices.
Cafe—Riverside and Bridge
Hotel—Riverside Avenue
Under One Management.


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