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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 4, 1925

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Array Aieinjoo HHrnaa ^hot (maho • vm ott
*Z. **-*.** ***.*.*.    **m.   I     -M"-| Mit,.   ,;,!>.,,    ,r\;   ■,...;    . ,'       , ...    .... j    I   , , =-*m=*m?
u-bsim.** M|fp ins'-
«U    t~fj*0    \ltm-mOO,    JC.lt*}!   OllfJJOl-
(-.'■*& (M*>?%
Ition of lix-
\$Kj-»g , Nely/ Vice-Presi--
Associated Growers of ll
tors  of the
,*--*„*-.-.*.-,-     .British Coil*
ia. Limited; was ia  session  in
Vernon last week.
1 "' Reports from the president, vice
',' president: sales manager and sesren
^ary-treasurer covering flaapy posses'
, , ol tbe operations of the A-iaociated
and containing recommendations as
to future policies were before the
b.ard for consideration.
!l The question of centralization of
the control  of central and local op.
■■ eratione was discussed at some length
it waa decided to go as far in this
direction as the contl-Sct with
growers permit. It was shown tbat
under a centralised organization
many savings would be effected and
the   whole   process of    marketing
.,:vna%e more smoothly,
'CoflBpariion ol opfratingj
for the first seven months of the:
present fiscal ve** with; tl-y* same'
period of 1924 show tha'tv-expenses
have been reduced this year by
some $10,000 and, while the volume
of fruit handlied is slightly less than
,iln the previous fear; the reduction
in expenses is greater than would be
indicated by tbe shrinkage in output
Conspicuous among the; reductions
ia tbe telegraph account, wbich ie
•4,778 76 lower than Mri rlWlJViid
the cost of prairie representatives,
which ie lower by $3,076.62 On
the otber hand, Associated inepec
tion costs are #2,121.70 greater,
showing that it has beep found
necessary to exercise more care in
order to maintain a bigb standard
of pack. Considerable saving has
been made in government iufpec
tion chargee, whicb laet year
amounted to 111,652.68 and this
year are some $9,500 less. This
saving does Dot show as reducing
tba Am >oiUe 1 expenses, as govern.
ment inspection is charged directly
to the fruit pools, but it-does rhean
that tbe pool prices will bs cor
respondingly higher.
Theeslei-msnagin'* report showed*
that- fmriti had n moved: ju a fairly
satisfactory manner eo far this year,
the ohipf ^»fttou;lJ^ b^og dt-ifl to^e-l
bad weather during October, which
greatly hampered distribution io
the prairie provinces. Wrapped
" l*;| itfstf frlvta^ vj^jr ^refly
I    P
i.«**M&ijP. u,;\'i)i<tTt*1
I ■ «*i-''\-**ynifc; I'fjV
"Telljpe what you Know Is trn»J
I oantaMSH as well as yon.'TJ
■'».   [tu , l ■'■   RCsCJCIsM VI*.
wi h the_execii'ive committee'for
Several change* in lbe * personnel
of the board were made. H. J. Camp J
hell of the Kootenay district  and D.
It;!.   -JIG   ',,'.t-.i-     Mi-Gstf |>»-'i."-J
p., Siqri pspo pf th-a Oliver district
resigned, ^rpBli thn , board, as they
vere- unable to attend. In tbeir
places' 3 D. Macdonell vras elected
to repre9e"n't"the Kootenay district
•D,dC»P:^A ,HvO.;ant rt;).,repreaent
Oliver.  ;.■ ■ *■■■
• At lhe diss nf the meeting resig*
nitions were received from J. Kid-
ston Of Vsrnoh' and Cap '.' C. H.. P
b/rnepf Kamloops.. 6''W. Hemb-
ling was appointed as,a member of:
the executive aod as vice president.
nivisioiv v.
•Fames Allan, Bo-bie Carlson, An-
gelo Colarch, Peter DeWiidis, Katie
'Dorner, Mary Dorner, Albert Euerby
-Edith Gray, Harry Hansen, Brice
Harkness, Bessie Henderson, Chester
Hutton, Mary Jones, Mary Mc
Kinnon, Helen Pell) James Robertson
Tony Santano, Alex Skuratoff.
'•:' ; ■'■'■■'• '"    ' blVIs¥6N Vti  "-0
' Alberta Bi.ldlecome, ' Catherine
Davis, Dorothy'Iiines, 'Eyftle Kidd,
Batbara Love, Jack Lb<-e, Gordon
Mudie,LolaOgloff, Winnifred O'Keefe
Stewart Ramsay, Edna Scott,
Phylli* 8irambm-,Polly Vatkips, Gor-
;'    division vti'      j
Margaret. Baker, Mike, Boy ko, Steve
'o, .Mary Colarch, Junie Danielb
son, Wilma Davis, Willi-a*, Gowans,
Geraldine Gowans, Ernest Heaven,
Lola Hutton, Elsie Kuftinoff, Janet
Mason, Jean McDonald, j Eunice
Patterson, Bennie [ Rella Christine
Rosas' j Jimmy
?re wai a 'surplus of crates in a
few varieties.'' : * '-"' '"
--^Tbe British apple market was now
in very fair shape, al tbougb due to
'"%hlje shipments from the  United
States at   tbe time   our Wealthies
wero arriving, tbat  variety did uot
do well.   Otber export markets hsd
taken larger-quantitieeuhan in pre-1:
vious ye^WflqV |ri|s.   'I l_% 0
, Cmpai«i«s»isv-e4>^oosw'-e*roB*<,d ?u 'lar|
thia year with those for 1924  tho".
tbat, witb the exception ot summer
apples, -dearly ail lin s sbow  better
pricea.tf)*|if0wierel ■^tajfled^laftt; year,
The work of the committee ct
control wbb shown ss having hatl a
stabiliz^.p^f,*, pp ^t^up^k-H^ ■**(***
its continuance was strongly recommended.  000,8   moil -gfii-gnBi*
A s^teais-Qt.waB pretebled -ebott
ing that by tbe end of the season
nearly 90 per oent of tht purchase
price of the buildings and equipment
aoquired in 1923 would be paid off,
tbese purchases amounting io all to
some $350,000. pjfJ
The operations of the Canadian
Fruit Distributors (ibe brok rage
ooncern controlled by the Associated) showed to date a very satisfactory surplus of earnings over ex«
- iV********* !»<fil Vae ^'owi| 'tii*, these
officers had been of great assistance
in the distribution of the crop.
Many items of future policy were
discussed by the directors and left
The following pupils of the Grand' Reynold"?  Norman
Forks Central school  ware   neither Graham,
late nor absent during the month  of
% ff        PBf0Ils|l,'
Marvin Bailey, Eric Clark,Patricia
_ nine Davison, Raymond
ueTii Myrtle Fisher, Carl Han
sen, Ellen Hansen, Clarence: Hardy,
Vilmer Holm, Dorothy Jones, Mary
Kingston, Jean Love, Freda Lyden,
Gordon Massie, Betty McCallum,
Eugene McDougail, Agnes McKenzie
Donald McKinnon, Louise McPher-
soo,James Miller, Elizabeth Mooyboer,
Francis O'Keefe, Gladys Pearson,
Ruth Savage, Fred Smith, Allan
Stewart... .v
'division II. *
Welholmiua DeWilde,Lillian Dnnn
Olive Huggins, Marie Kidd. Eathel
Longtaff, Arta Montgomery, Walter
Ronald, Charles Robertson, Lonis
Santano, Winnifred Smith, Roy
Walker Beverley Benson, Irene
Bailey, Helen Beran, John Chahley,
Elvera Colarch, Norman Cooke.Graoe
Crisp, Elsie Egg, Leo Gowans Kath
erine Henniger, Ernest Hutton,
,Sereta Hutton, Marjorie Innis, Delbert Kirkpatrick Fred Mason, Es
tber Newman, Mildred Patterson,
Gladys Smith, Frank Thompson, Annie Van Marsbergen.
Harry Anderson, Chester Bon.
thron, Ian Clark, Nathan Clark,
Ernest Crosby, Bernice Donaldson,
Effie Donaldson, Lora Frechette,
Melvin Glaspel, Charlie Harness,
Margaret Ifaog^hfil, Betty |M»ssie,
Peggy MoCallum, Bfuce McDonald,
Madeline McDougail Elsie Ogiloff,
Marjorie Ctterbi'ne, Donald Robs.Bill
TptyWjjbels-Qinst Weber, Edn*: W<spr
HaroW Jiailey,. -Evelyn Cooper,
Chstfliepocffl, Charlie*%g,Alma Fie
cnene*; 'Maffie Hencrerso'n, Dorothy
Liddicoat, Joe Lyden, Daisy Malm,
Hazel Mason, Richard Michener,
Thomas Mudie, Harry Murray,. John
McD.' nald, Florence McDougail, Hon.*
aid' McKinnon, Charlie McLeod,
Miunie McNevin, Elise Pru-shomniH
Audrey Reynolds, Qeorge Savage,
Mildred Smith, Jessie Sweezey, Fied
Wenzel, Winnifred Lightfoot;
Lindsay Clark, Nick Chahley, Win
nifred Cooper,' Freda Dorner, Lois
Dinsmore. Dori s Egg, Fern Honniger,
John Hlady, George Howey, Irene
Hutton, Robert Kidd, Veronica Kuva
Irene Ligntiott, Mabel Miller,
Aulay Miller, Francis McDougail,
George. Ruzicka, George Robertson,
Carl Wolfram. .
Gladys C'ark, Jobn,Gowans, Mary
Kuva, Crystal Mason, John Marsbergen, Wilma Miller. Joe Pohoda,
Alexander Ramsay, Annie Ronald,
May Thompson, Rnby Wilkinson
Jean, Dinsniore, Helen Dorner,
Audrey Donaldson, Leonard Huggins
Effie Knight, Ruth Kidd. Fred
Massie,.Beverley Mehmai, Mercedes
Walker, Glen Willis, John, Vatkin
Howard Carter
Famous excavator who has reached
the mummy of 'I htankhamen which
he found covered with g(ddwork and
jewelry of thft! ft-aest wctrkaianBhip of
ancient Egypt. The king wears a
crown of Egypt, but thc mummy can
not be removed from the coffin iri
which it rests owing  to   faulty em
It h'ts bv en announced tbat
special rate has been granted by the
express companies on fruit and vege
tables in les • than carload lots he-
tween British Columbia Shipping
ooiots and the prairies. The rate ie
only 10 per Cent ^above1 the summer
scale, wbich will be a welcome reduction from the former winter rale.
For eome years repeated efforts
have been made to have the commodity iates for frnite and vegetables extended bo as to encourage thn
movement !n early1 winter and spring
of l.o.l. shipments. The immediate
effect bf the change will be felt particularly by the heav, shipments of
apples and celery which go out dur.
ing the winter, wbile tbe quantities
of greenhouse vegetables and rbu
barb, wbicb in the past moved out
io tbe spring before the commodity
rate vas in effect, will be benefited]
by this reduction.
I'd have been 'granted tbis cone
cession by the,express companies,
a ti mrce of great satisfaction to tbe
metubeiB of tbe British Columbia
Fruit Growers' association', j Hod
should prove a great service to the
fruit and vegetable growers jjpi this
province. ^^H^~
,    Ion      ~   "H1"*
According to  a   dispatch   ifrom
VernoD, R. R. Earle, K.C, of |Ver».
non, along witb James H. Chrstie
of Armstrong and some Vancouver
men associated with them, have recently taken over the rihorii'e j:rs?W
coal property aod have given ab op
tion on it to the represeufatlyts' iu\
Vitucouver of some old coutitry uajir:
italists. It is expect d tbat ^he engineer from Wales will be sent out
in the spring to inspect tbe property
and report on it.    -
No More Lorns to the
Line •«* Any Extensions
to Be Made by the ^.New
Victoria, December 4 —
There vvill be no extension of
the Pacific Great Eastern
railway next year, but strong
efforts will bv made to dispose of the,|ine.,tb pi;i,yate in
terests for colonizBtion purposes. This has become certain during tho last forty-eight
hours as a, result of careful
consideration of, the railway
problem by members of the
Definite announcement of
its railway policy will be made
by the government early next
Members ofthe government
refuse to anticipate the official
announcement, but it is learn
ed definitely that unless some
unexpected change is made at
the lust moment, it will not
include the borrowing of more
money to continue Pacific
Great Eastern construction.
It is also certain that tbe
Pacific Great Eastern will not
be abandoned.
The fear of residents along
the line that  they would be
deprived of their railway never] tQf^
had any basis in fact. <
» H (1011
A generons grant of railway
land.-: is proposed to induce
tl^e purchase of>thj^^'q   g|fltft&©
If a privat^sffwrjern  took
over the Pacilic Groat Eastern
so with the intention of colon
.    .'nil,,   j    •!!   11I1IJS   */ ll J   ,')'.)!l  ■'   Tl.   iiJ-.tttA
lzmg  the.lilwj«0PR*tvifiOunti!y*|
Otherwiseic ii«ou-id- tyeVe-r 'be'
The idea tbat a government
rtpresei^e1 ft#"K^
i '»
The  Government's  New
Policy   Will  Make the
Commissoners Respon
Victoria,    December   2.-
First fluttejing of the breeze
which is expected to devejop
into the heaviest storm of the
legislative   session    was   experienced in the house yesterday  when  the government's
Sumas; validation    bill  was
brought jlown and J. W.Jones,
Conservative, drew Hon.E.D
Barrowi (minister of agricul
ture, into a vigorous defense
of,;the  government's   whole
policy in connection  with tbe
great reclamation scheme.
The bill is a sweeping one.
All proceedings of the land
settlement board as dyking
commissioners tor Sumas are
declared to be legal and binding.        '
The assessment made by
the board on all the lands affected by thte recjamft^icm,
scheme are declared to bo
binding and inviolable by the
courts,'. en lierfi «■
According1 ' tid Mtv Barrow'
this works to the advantage
of the I'I indowners, as the
crown lkn ds1 iri The false bot-
iuot llegallj/'' 'assessable,
are. beinif assessed tb share
their bur4eh.'ll";"'; ■
Wl-pfoWdek' that (friel
Uk :«*i«"be boVne'by
r*U.*-l*i'i3A*,uUL.U os
LondoOiftaktvyeaBrto promote icouncil mjiy' sxHijU*. Veguf/aii'ons"
in the house 'yesterday by
Charles Vd^^^;:^;,.^'
cpuver, ift jiiiding.considor&ble
8apfmfc'*iiK)tigi;riWfftyll-f^ ' '
It doesn't fatten a hungry mab to
make him laugh.
.      .   i     "O
Some people are
they get everything backwards
1 aydaY--
laili IV.) iim'ii nn.;
Nursing a grouch ie a  poor  way
to make jt get woll.
the land dff^t^'aWd'ariy'ar.
rears or 'defaults17' sbaii''"!be
thvied   ovef,'^Hl^iriaining
la,M|«*.    1 be i'tftjfe'di-'pwn lkrla
ictrthrtiissii.H; vVhfd'1,are' made
::Wsponsib;ei:fdi-1,Ws 'd'everppi'
mftttt, A Tbth'er^e'ctfbn pro-
^■'^- that-"' tHrJ^'^eVncir'm'
Canadians Sweep Field
Glass at International
Livestock Exposition in
Chicago, Decembers.—Canadian
entrants in tbe bay and |rain ebow
of the International Livestock exposition yesterday cleaned up in tbe
field pea class. In the yellow field
pea class, large sise, C. W. Sterling,
of Sydney, B. O., took first prise
and James Connell, Falmerston,
Ont., second.
In the olass for small yellow, peas,
Canadians took every prise bnt one,
J. T. Hill of Lloyd minster, Sask.,
taking first place, with Mrs. M. E.
Graham, of Riverton. Alts., second.
R. P. Robbio, Sbaunayon, Sask.,
was third. In th: general class,
William Darnbrougb, Laura,, *%stk„
was second. _.,
Io the timothy hay class, A. Long-
bead, of Bowden, Alta., was'second
and O. Moproe, Warren, Man.,
fourth. Alberta entries also cap*
tuied sixth, eighth, twelfth, tbir.
teenth, fourteenth and fifteenth
positions. T. H. Busteed! of Mona
tana, was first.
, In the/.sbeep department, F. B.
Glagfpells, of Hampton, Ont.. took
the reserve championship in the
Cotswold ram division. In all,
Qlaespells captured ten prises, including several firsts. , I A •
_.    .. „ i   '■iiin-yi-jiriis'l   ,
The following   jubtations    have
been receiVed' b^'darjfe (o the Do- (
minion dapirtintefat' 'bf"^culture
ftoou U»»€»iiadiasafrmi»tWde coma
imi*?5*WM!Wi^-"»>*)  iwlJ
liiJ?jf*»1!f^Wftr«--*^«jLM*? Bald"
'iiih, limey- #2.18 to |2.«J; C, 12.18
to #2.66; Spy, fancy, #2.36 to #4.42;
#MW- v^» IWOWftUW to •2.06;
r-MWMb pw jVldBiloti
-Hamburg, Nov. 24.-j-JJrU.ieb Columbia ap'ples; ex. S.S. Deutcblaod,
Novian. Jonathan, extra fancy,
»B.6eto'#3r63; .iaa&Wm-to 93.39*,
Prime-*Golden; fat*c-y, #2190.'
|lLop^OB,;N(oy. 87i-Msx.);S.8. 8co-
tiao. Cox, Omijge,. ftstra fanoy,
11S!84- fancy, ,#3,3^ Washington
fs/onat'bans.   extra   fandv. *S 30   t~
fonatha'ns,   extra   fancy, #3.39   to
| « feai;■fiirHJy:,'*3.ii)3'; fc,:'f2.66;   Spit.
xenberg^extra i-nci, l#3.16; fancy,
|#:i,&0',N.ewt4w» Kf)*pid,extra fancy,
#3.6,3.1,0 I3.«7;|aoogt,|29a to#3 03;
Found quoted at 14.8-4.    .
' ^-l-Jis'Hy.ni i its- "i/'J71*" ? .
All pries are for Wednesday   and
st.   wholesale,  'unless    otherwise
quotisd,-for stock r,f gboil mtrchanU
able quality and condition   >
th'^l^pd o\Mete wHo 'ire prq-
teiv year:
testing ag tins I the' excess! ve
febstolf the ftd&VttaHotf yc^eroe,
is eased cmlsiirtiabr^ liy ihej
provision tHaf d'urihg the first
years 'froiH"'J14,^ry"a1,
t< xes shall be levied
to raise money to  retire,thc
principal:;  tblat 'rhtere^t"ra/tes'
durinB-.the firstteh'peiii-s tih\iii
av^ga JJ p-t c-Sitt','"'Bii-j fe'hill
jlbejgli.p.iPti,/-i-per ft'eht'alisd'ih
crpase -artn nally to 7 1 5 per
cent.,^jheentire debt to the
gflverflfli^ra ii iB"iftin'''t6' ''ijie1
amortized c uring the1' tWe'nity
years*-period beginning Janu-
>,:!'H(i iiii'i!/--, ili.-ismiiilli
,. Caopda'j,^^ indM^ry ,,» .worth
W,0o0,0uQ.in , nuual production.
Tmi year, on \h-
Dpwa^erQueen Alexandra
Wbo   died   at iher (-biintry   hbinei
I Sandringliam     House,    and    whose
like blotters— .funeral was beld  last  Friday.    She
had lived in England sixty two y eara Juvenal.
u-.'fV odw iiiiin ;m
■•wy*ii,|",i,9fe|& ^^^^^^
, i$uoh lis tjie proposed le'g'M-
lation which the premier has
igfteS-d shskll' br/i^etiW ko' k
cooatuittee ! 6f'lhe! house Ijje-
fore which the farid-ownersf
wil! be allowed to appear and
r*Jgistectheir obiecklbb^.''
The guilt? are alarmed and grow
pale   at  the   slightest   thunder.—
_^^Jw6ole', the yield
ha6   been     generally    Btefsctory.
Small fruits have dotiewellln every
pro vinos except  British   Oolu m bia,
h,er« the   unusually low tempera-
ure had a bad eff^--ttystrawherries
ahd raspberries.    Prices have: also
beeu   helpful   to tbe grower, strawberries running from «' \6  14 cents
per quart Soompsred   with  4  to 8
cs/itsi(ini. 1924..   Applas, however,
owi-ig   to   their  exportabilitv  and
[ t eir possibility of etorsge   sre   our
'maincrop, and of tbem in tbe total
the1 re haB been 'a' y ield rather' stove
the average, thanks to the abundance in Ontario, wbere an increase
pf Half 4 million barrels for the year
•3 re*-;j^e(j,|1J|i|i^ra**n S<!v>|tja,iUinfor-
tunately there ppearB to hsve heen
a decrease of balf ol the quantity.
Sucb, in brief,is the test mony given
by'the Oouiinion fruit 'cbmmi<<eion->
G.   E.   Mcintosh,   before   the
er,     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Pomological Society of Quebec.
iiavru—■-■■ '■■' ' srrfj   i
Rudyard Kipling' the   notM aoe
tbbr, is lying dangerously ill *lth
double pneumobia in his home in
the Httle village ol Burwasb in Sussex. ..f!
"Conceit of ayoong man ol I - enty
doesn't disappear when he's forty}
Wm <&ratt& Jfarkii Bun
•        •
a. a. evans. loiTon aho publismsr
sr*<jWpew»*rie)N rate*—payable in advance
OtuS Year (inCadada and .Qifeat Britain) $1.00
One Tear (in the United States)     1,50
Address* •■" 'cations to
I /in i
.Thb Grand FoUlh Strii
; GiiAifD For«s, iv- ci
lil l   l   •    •   *23mm-mm±m.
-Notes • Notions« Notables
■ ■
The absentee
  vote   in  British   Columbia
came only after very careful consideration by
the,whole legislature, claims Premier Oliver,
aud|it wiil be retained, despite attempts to
have it abolished. Opposition members are
inclined to agree with thu government
'tn* Reader that the present elections act is a ont
' as foolj-prpbf as cau be. However, minor
amendments, which will further strengthen the
statute, will be passed this session.
During she luncheon ititer'varat "a country
havtng presented the most promising budget
iu years. Material tax reductions bave been
provided for and it will uot be necessary foj
the government to borrow much money in
order to carry on during 1926.
Radio receiving sets are to be distributed by
a British missionary to natives in tha South
$ean islands. Coconut palms, 80 to 90 feet
feet higb, are to be used fur aerial masts.
Every time the legislature meets there fs a
complaint from opposition members and a
certain section of the press that the business
of tbe house is held up becuuse the government has not prepared its new legislation.
The truth is that it is impossible under the
present system of government through elected
repeesentatives to have all legislation prepared
in advance. The views of private members
from all parts of the country must be secured
flrst, ahd that appears to require on the avei
age about four weeks. At present legislation
is before the house which will have the con
sidsration of" all parties and repr sent tht-
views ot the entire elected body, instead ol
those of the executive council alone. For n
cabinet to force its own legislation upon the
house   would : be  little less  than autocratic
-     ■
Constituting a record for Canada
and probably for the world, 3,447,-
624 bushels of aU grains were marketed on the lines of the Canadian
Pacific Railway in Western Canada
on November 19. Tlie nearest ap-
preach to this fi-rnre was the 8,406,-
000 bushels marketed on Octoaer ll,
1915, in tha year of one of the, greatest crops tke Dominion las ' ever
harvested. .
Reports received at Canadian Pacific Railway headquarters thia week
show that four more accidents occurred -In cases where' motorists drove
their cars into trains already tn tke
process of crossing levels. This
brings the total of accidents of this
kind up to thirty for the year. In
all four cases the automobiles were
damaged while the motorists escaped
witb minor injuries.
1 '	
Eighty-seven black foxes, valued
at about $100,000, shipped in 44
crates, arrived, at Montreal laat week
from Buffalo. Twenty-five of the
animals were prize-winners at the
Black Fox Exhibition which concluded last week, and were on consignment to the Borestene Mountain
Fox Ranch at Onawa, Maine.
most tolerant
golf match.the refreshment stand was besieged I government,
by-a hungry and thirsty crowd. The girls bo-
hind tbe stand were going their best to cope
with the situation,'but one man,;waxing impatient at the delay in beiug served, attratoted
the attention of one ofthe girls by shouting to
hpr, "Heard the story of tho mines?" "No. I
haveu't," retorted the girl', "and I don't want
to jnst t.ow." "Well, you've been listening to
it fOr some time," replied the man; "mine's a
u       r  x        J    i«
chocolate soda.
- i'   ■   ■* I' .: :
A broad1 generous policy of immigration is
needed for Canada and British Columbia, declares Hon. T. D. Pattullo, minister of lauds.
Participating in the annual budget debate,
the minister claimed that the provincial government was doing everything possible to encourage land settlement, and he predicted
that the expenditures made on reclamation
projects would return handsome profits.
— -m-
Wben we say people spend their money
foolishly, we raeau they spend it for   things
-    we'd like to have.
Surely, the Scotch, aro the
people in the world, as they bear the brunt of
uost of the socalled humor. But there is
••nsiderable basis for tha well circulated
theory that the Scot is canny. Here is an au-
;. lien tic yarn, vouched for by Harry Furniss in
its 'Some Victorian Men" thit illustrates the
uint. When Bessemer, the genius who gave
to steel bis name, came to make his discovery
public, he put a lump of the famous steel in
ids pocket and made his way to Nasmyth, of
-Heel-hammer fame. Placing the metal on
Nasmytb's desk, he told him that be had made
in extraordinary discovery which would revolutionize tha whole metal world. Then came a
littlfi incident which shows what wonderful
'leads tbese Scotch financiers possess. What
do you think Nasmyth said to this excited
inventor, "Eh, mon, it's very risky to show
your wonderfnl invention. The world is very
dishonest." To which the inspiring Inventor
replied: "Right, Mr. Nasmyth. I just calculated whom I was coming to see, so with my
last half crown I registered the invention on
my way,"
Doctor Copeland, of New York,   says  we
should "exert   ourselves lightly" in summer.
Exerting ourselves ts hold thc job makes about
the same demand on vitality and time in sum-
i mer and winter.
There is usually a vast difference between
a man's worth and What he is worth.
Traveling in three specially built tnotoroars,
an Austro-German expedition will start fir-irSiii
Vienni and visit every important country in
the world in the next eighteen months. They
Will tour, the Balkans, Turkey, Asia Mi.W,
India, Siam, Sumatra, Java, China, Jap-ui,
Hawaii, tne United States, Mexico, South
America, Portugal, Spain and France,  i
Greater protection for motorists and pedestrians alike will result from the amendments
to the highways act, introduced by Hon. W.
H Sutherlaud, minister of public works, and
the motor vehicle act, introduced by Attorney
General Manson. Stricter enforcement of
traffic laws, uniform loads, tbe insuring of
lives of passengers in motor busses, are covered by the amendments.
Electricity is an efficient salvager. Electric
cranes equipped with electro-magnets handle
great quantities of metal junk at the 300 scrap
yards iu the United States. The larger sec
tions of scrap are chewed up in, enormous
electric shears or smashed with tremendous
electric "skull crackers.'1. Nearly half the
manufactured steel of that country comes from
reclaimed iron and steel junk.
- '	
Poems From Other Lands
All things might come to
if starvation didn't get there first.
the man who waits
The annual legislative Crop of predictions
that the Oliver government was through have
* 'proven false, as usual.   The house has now
been in session five weeks and there is no
.   issue looming   that promises any paaticnlar
danger  to   the   administration.    Hon. J. D.
MacLean, minister of finance, is credited with
From the "King and Betfger"
Parrot, sweet of voice, thy song now raise!
All thy words purify in Love's fierce blazel
Every point of Love as whole book shows;
Every mote of Love as bright sun glows.
Drowned iu one drop thereof Time, Space, in sooth;
Lost iu one grain thereof Both Worlds, iu truth,
Man becomes man through Love, Pure, Bright,
Teacher repected, guide of the right.
Through its beams everything man as chief owns,
Rays of sun into rubies turn blaok srones.
He wbo a Lover is on God relies;
Oq, on, upward still doth he rise.
One day he secrets shall descry,
Love makes the soul from sleep raise the eye;
Unto him all thiiJjgr<i shall oped be and shown,
Off e'en the curtain from Ood shall be thrown.
—Yahya Eeg,
The Far Eaat has heard about
Canadian apples. The Canadian
Pacific liner Empress of Asia carried 8,000 boxes of apples when
clearing out of Vancouver last week.
General trade conditions between
Canada and the Far East are quite
healthy as there was also on board
the vessel 800 tops of Canadian flour,
100 automobiles and 160 tons of.Alberta beef.
With each succeeding year Great
Britain is relying more upon British
colonies.for agricultural supplies. In
the seven months of 1925 ending
July, Canada supplied Great Britain
with 4,927,266 pounds of butter,
compared frith 164,224 pounds fpr
the same period sf 1824, and 40,-
468,644 pounds ef cheese, compared
to 20,158,604 pounds for the same
period ef last year.
Two hears, six coyotes and fifteen
chipmunks were shipped to England
on the Canadian Pacific liner Montclare last week from the Toronto
Zoo te the London Zoo. In exchange,
the Curator ef these gardens has
been asked to supply Toronto with
Ceropsis, Bean, Magellan and bar-
headed geese; shell ducks; a female
Comb Duck; two Rheas (ostriches);
-tear Jays; two young leopards; and
• Bartary Sheep.   A stiff order.
She champion Juvenile swine breeders, winners in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, have been awarded medals and trophies by the Canadian Pacific Railway and are now
the guests of the latter at the Royal
Winter Fair at Toronto. The hrouf.g
people, who competed in clubs nn
Canadian Pacific lines in the Weat
arsei Vera Johnson and Oscar G:*.d-
Ht****-, Alberta; Lorne Joynt and
Fred At-goa, SsStUsid, Saskatchewan;
Oersaack mil One* Ewen,
•xaas. %rs\ jo
-fee* auipuodsevuoa »m --raaptai ooo
-'fiM'it Ml!» saiueduioo _e mit- pue
-a*-*, snouajd sift pj-iidi*,* g*,8'vlfl
-'ZXlt UW- sapiBduioD 06 •»!* pexed
-moo ss '000'899'TSli jo js-tidao pea)
-loq-ms q-jiM peuuo; Me* sanieduioa
**** IS '9861 '18 -raqo-po Suipua **-.»**
oin Ju-jnp 'j-ije-1 „u|tu en-pi, P»«;
up{f seadep f P»q peSe-je ailds»a '
-sun en--; 1° ao.ii***. t*.A.
m\*\ iqinsD }noa} jo [pij ssMpii t.iut
-punqe ui dsaqs up**iunoui pus sural
iuoqumu u| punon \\s pa\-to*d %*am
arseq iduraa o% dn %*sJSi- ya*tt\st* %*t\%
jeep jo p\o% '*.\.Suy goq p <^3S\
-ItVjr -UU furs SH 'i*l% *u--|utu* i?p
-08 a tu\*to_\p_i •%*/. „dn ioqs„ -|ou
sis sepi-Mg oijpsj u«ipiu»o; euj, . |
isnftiy jo qjuora at**} Suunp period
-xe s-twjsq 86»'*80 J° J***°1 **•*.* V*
spiieq 000'08I ua"W *UA«t '•mou
teaqja ioj iauio-)sn-> -)*eq s^puueg s|
u|*nHa VSojo -js»a aq-| joj X|}sow .
*t«H eujoipsji moif pajjodxa sua
■mou jo S|aiwq 09i'i»g aeai siqx
-)ueuo eqi ui X(p|d*j Sujfeanui
S| 4U0U u»|p»uB**) aoj puauwp eqx
ovqt je^eq paijodaj eve *-t>\i}y
q^nog pue B;p:j)snv 'vi'V *<>!»»HH
va.mQ ui s}9i(j*3ui jij ji*n39J tuojj
ipusuiSQ -si*}uoui texo} *tBBi aqj uj
-qilA pe^esjo 8qo*i.i*;iu mou 'eqno pue
spiion o) jij 'i*.iox mon puv uo;
-sojj or; eoruds 8uipuos aie oiquinjoa
qsjiug ' Jo    BDU^npu;    lor-iuti1*!
The longer some people live Hih
more unpopular Ihey are with t i m
T&tWiMf Mas Told
to "Bayer" Padtage
■k\ n
Does not affect
the Heart
o4ncient History
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
i   ' "*
A real estate and mining brokerage office
has been opened in P. Burns & Co.'s building
on Bridge street by A. £. Smith, formerly of
Two carloads of clay pipes and smoking
tobacco arrived in the city yesterday for the
"smoker"  to   be   tendered the smelter em
ployees by the Eagles in their new hall next
The Grand Forks sports who went down to
the turkey shoot in Danville last Wednesday
two turkeys and a duck.
A new mud mill, used to facilitate lining
the converters, arrived at the Granby smelter
AC Sutton and Miss Elizabeth Hezel-
wood were married in Holy Trinity church on
Dr. Lejjard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to the Old and Middle aged
Youthfulnetw, Energy and Fit
news, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most immediate benefit. Cain) refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression and Ner*
vousness is banished under the influ.
enee of these I Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blenfishes
disappear. The skin becomes clear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the pos
lesion of few; the joyof a clear Youth'
ful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation tbat Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends,; and
theunbounded satisfaction of yourself. Oan you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass? Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not are there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives tbe entire system a feeling ol
exhaltation With increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at, once
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable bene<
fits. The price of these Marvellous
Tableta inoluding Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard'sS Laboratories,
106, Isiverpool Hoad4Barn»bury,
■'      11
,1 Uii'.ens yi>u Heel tho -,'Bnyor Cross''
,oii package or mi tablets, you are nut
getting tlir* jsenuine Raver Tablets of
Aspirin "proved safe1 by' niilliuiiB and
prescribed by physicians over twenty-
five years fort s'linial
Colds Meadche
Neui-itid■:-..■■-. Ltioibai-o
;   Toothache Khmitmitism
,   Neuwlgiit rujn, ,i|(Un
,. Eaoh ur.bikuii '^Raver'1 panknae
contain1) pruyeii .di|««tions n Handy
boJU'sof twelyo tablets.co<it,few cents.
Druggists also sell bottles of 24 and
1100. ■    '
rujilf)-*   ii'iSil'illimA^^KkUtim-
Applications foe immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prizesi—From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Tcrmsj—Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and  prices may he seen ist the
City Oflice.
'   -
. .
JOHN  \,
Ci<y Clerk.
1*1 \
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of   farm   equipment.     Let us '
figure on your needs. ■.'■■■'
A Complete Line of Garden Tools     |
*■** • ■ iii'us (j£.d
■•       ■ '. '
Furniture and Hardware .,..,,.
\ '     I
Copper Trails
Extending to various parts of southwestern British Columbia, the copper
trails whieh we call telephone lines are
ready to carry long distance conversations at speeds ranging from 8,000 tor
178,000 miles per second. When speed'
counts—Long Distance.
British  Columbia Telephone
'■■/   .i-'i'Sllj t
"*'**'•'"   o>„     ...... .ou.iuy oi'lakei
Y V.ii stre*i-i>s>, offering foany.'mp;
'!':'»•■' trifiR,   anrl   tlie  interior" is
1: fi!'.V   rtioose   prstjirv.    Hur.l,   lc<H
*> tlle moose hunttltj?,' Ircrclirc bdtB
th.' f«< o-; 3and au,loir.obile are used
:}  hu. I rs a'tfit |**t*ides, thus sa\' '
il-iiy :. miles.    ?£..,. we**,*"*-    ni     ,
hrv.jj!i!   tlie    v ilrleruess.,. On. „ip
t.ivpfjool   cl'.i'in   ct   laV-a  1r.C;l>,■.'hi,.
from South   ii.iik'rd via Annapol
Koyal or Eiiiibjjsiu'.d on Lai c KejdU
.eir.akooje,   Li.l.e   RosBlgnol/ Lake1,
- Winfto;<Loori Lake and the Lher-
■ po«.-Riv: r exjiert' Indian and whita
Eudi-s *.ise the* canoes for' tjonn' dh.-'
lanrtps und  even  -wil the moose to
the   si ore   with' - in-ir • birch "i»i-.rk
• fcorns ■•■ Wtirtn IsBrhO Hiptartrioint is;
issrtoitae wakthed •■o-n'.-'I'pl" Thomas'
•.•-0-ith Milford   -:->r;ii>r cs. or*-, guides,
s'lmu-rb aid ti.-tP".. ire. lauded  upon
\ iti^ UiO^ur   UssVCki fui  lite journey.
I     Although ,-tz. nuinocts .ci ii.ou .i
! ire shot each'year, many with mag
;  ificents "spreads*." the annual  in
'  reuse   is   oaid   to   equal' the   kill
Such guides as Louis Harlow, half
breed Micmac and Sam Globe, full-
blood.*d   Indian,   are  expert   moose
callers and Btslkei-s and rarely disappoint the hunter.   The cleverness
with whicli. they simulate the calif
of the cow moose with-a simple roll
of birch Bark fashioner! iftto a horn,
is sure ter fool the  wisest old  hull
in the wilderness.  ,When the callinp
seasoiijla'paat. the mojjse, no longer
, comes'tb the hunter and. the huntei
j must   go   to   him.    Neither   canoe.
! nor automobile figures much in this
The Nova Sootian  moose  -season  phase of moose hunting except thai
Vasts Irom Oct. l fo Nov. 16.. -tber     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Milford  is ;lt\t miles, from
E=*oyal antl B a favorite
fnt. So is the Redg«-;
d and Gun Club, on,
famoua Lake Kedgemakooge, in the
heart of the wilderness 36 miles:
from Annapolis Royal. Both f of
'these camps, have amnle accommodations'told* plenty^-dr canoes ihd
reliable   guides.
are as plentiful as moose, and the
open season for this game laata from
Oct. IS to Nov. »L
one, ot .sloth, may help the hunter
near the place where the q'arry i?
supposed to be aad carry him homa
I whan tha hunt ia over.
Jitipa'u.iivssiy x.n us x„*a i,itt,-—,...—., .. ....       -. ._	
**- in Canada are electrified, but there is no railway
organization* which does not rely to a greater or lesser
extent on electricity aa an aid to e'.Ticiont operation and
service. Electricity plays an important part in all of the
great Railroad Shops through the country. Some trains
a-nd cars are operated by power directly transmitted or
stored in batteries. Bridges arc operated, and a thousand
and one electrical devices are in corsstant use which
beside being labor Saving do away with the human element which might make- for inefficiency. Numbered
among these are the automatic Block Signals which one
finds distributed along the line of the Canadian Pacific,
and notices particularly in the Rocky Mountain passes
where they are more urgently required.
* To the average layman an automatic signal is just a.
signal, and the general public is only interested in it
because it gives added protection, or rather eliminates
possible danger from the portion of track which it governs.
To the railroad official it is more. It acts as watchman
against broken rails, open switches, a fouled track or any
other obstruction. Through a circuit in the rail thia la
accomplished, and if the circuit be broken, for the reason
that another train is occupying the block, or that there li
an open switch, a broken rail, washout or other obstruction, then the train approaching the signal may not pasa.
And while it awaits a through signal, trains following ia
the rear may not approach for the reason that the* are
also stopped by an automatic signal which will-not
release them until the preceding train has passed from
that section of the track which they desire to enter.
A perfect system. No electrical circuit — no thraugh
signal — no train may pass. .   *.
The value of this system in the Rockies ean hardly
be ov.-."-estimated. Not. only ia labor aaved. but the
company is able * o ensure absolute protection.
tt 1
Young Tender Leaves
'{ a aa hs     .
UHI) B 8 0 J a   {
—.vtAi-.i va i
. rll   li
■ -i
THEflCN- CtftA^^P
ars* sealed in air-tight aluminum foil.
Their fresh flavor is finer than any
Japan or Gunpowder.  Try SALADA.
became* alarmed aud a search wae
made. His faithful dog wag noticed -■    •»•   »uj «»"*
•fiaititfg patiently fot his master at m*f A*W\  We can
(T  .      sr..,   ■■■_*;■£_.***--***-.'£ oo-bothjotagaddab
tbe door*>f tthe.,^gfrted| faro^d-D mKrriat■-,.*.'.%*** 1.
the old Malone ranch iha off investigation of the building the body
was found. Provincial Chief Fraser
of Penticton and Dr. White, coroner,
of Penticton, visited the scefie of iiii*'
tragedy.   Penticton Herald.
Sun  Presses  have twice the
of   any otber pressee iu the
save you -money
,      »     ,   a_  ,_„Jort tOoe ofco**d-j
linej!cial;jjriui*ing Mn_\ give you a superior class of work. **-
William McKay, aged about 80
yeare, dird in the Orand Forks hospital yesterday. He had been a patient io the hospital for aome time.
He was a sing!. man, lived at Cascade for a number of years and was
a real old timer of tbe provinoe. It
is stated that he particpated in the
Cariboo gold rush.
Tbe remains of tbe late J. E.
lird* whose body was brought to
tbe oity las; week from tbe mental
hospital at tbe coast, were buried in
Evergreen cemetery on Monday
afternoon. Deceased is urvived by
bis wife and four children, two of
tbem bein  grown up- and married.
A sitting of tbe county court was
beid on Tuesddy, Judge Brown preside, but oo cases were tried. One
of tbe oases had been settled out of
oourt aod ttie otber was postponed
for a week owiog tu the illness of
tbe defendant.
Tbree cars of cattle were shipped
from Rock Creek and four cars from
Midway to a packing plant in New
Westminster last week. Tbe animals
Were in prime condition.
' It is reported that a large sawmill is ro be erected on Johnson
oreek, near Rock Creek, by Minnesota capitalists.
. C. E. Manning, deputy forester,
of Victoria, was a visitor io tbe city
Mr. and "Mrs F W. Russell left
oo Wedoesday for a sbort visit to
Spokane. f
Alphonee Galipeau visited Greenwood on Wednesday.
It is as eanv to suppress a flrst
desire as it is bard to satisfy tbe
"desires that follow.
■ ■-. Eatabllaherd 1010
BealEstate and Insurance
Resident Agent Grnnd Forks Townsite
Oompany, Limited •
Fanne    JOreharda    City Property
Agents at Nelson, Calgary, Wlhnlpeg and
otber Prairie points*. VanoouverAganf i
A tragedy occurred at Fairview
oo Saturday last wheo tbe body of
Frank, Pbelps, a youog mao well
koowo io tbat district, was found
haogiog in a closet of tbe old Ma<-
looe residence. The deceased had
been in bis usual health on Friday
morning laet, bis family state, and
had left with bis rifle ostensibly to
to hunt, accompsoied by his dog.
When he did ■ ot return  tbe family
Owiog to tbe faot tbat the fuueral
of Dowager Queen Blexandra w-b
beld laat Friday, the local Buy
deputs postpooed their daoce uutil
tbis Friday aveuiog.
W. H. Docksteader aod two sous,
Norwood aod Pete, bave returned I
J<i>.^bft^to> -Jrom Vancouver.   Mr.j
•as assumed   the  man
|«o|'pf tbe export liqnor bouse
Santa Approves a
Christmas Gift
Saota Claus bss been dowb a
great many chimneys since he started business, and be is tntimetely
acquainted with a large number of
people. He knows tbat tbe best
kiods of gifts are tbose wbiob please
tbe whole family, and which bring
tbe excitement aod enjoyment of
Christmas every week. That is wby
be looks so jolly wheo be receives
buou eds of subscriptions to The
Youth's Comdaoioo witb whicb to
fill bis'pack. Aod, being wise from
loog experience, he knows, that
people are likely to overdo things
around Christmas, so he chuckles
wben be sticks a Companio  ioto    .      , ,      A«mtt
..    . 'i '*!***-*     i.n .*       Jaasnliusjn Monumental Worka
the top of a stocking. ••Beas greedy |arMNptag Pfodact. ^ Bo^:
as you like,' he thinks, "the more.
mskt&d taiJiwfey %bffi&3
Neutral Soap Pulverized
Will not injure any fabric. For washing woolens,
wool socks, lace curtain *, dishes, and for all
household use. Washes clothes sweet and clean.
j Phone 35  "Service and Quality"
Bst-sbllshed In 1910, weare iu i. position lo
furnish reliable information c-iueerniug this
Write lor tre. literature
as you like," he thinks, "ibe
the better for you."        .,">'. _
The 62 issues of The Youth's
Companion for 1926 will be crowded
with* serial stories, short stories,
editorials, poetry, facts, and fuu.
Just send your order to the address
below and Santa Claus will take care
-i delivering the paper to your
home or to the home of a frfeod.
Subscribers will receive:
l; Tbe   Youth's    Companion—52
issues io 1926, aod
2. Tbe remaining issues of 1925.
Mi for only (2.
3. Or, include   McCall's   Magazioe,
tbe monthly authority on fashions
Hoth publications, only 12.50.
• S N Dept, Boston, Mass.
Subscriptions Received at tbis Office
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you aeen the new models! They're as graceful' as swallows! As
bright aa new coin) As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Heal Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terras. We are tbe people to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER SB-&8i&£r&
Open-Saturday Eveninga Till 10 o'Cloek;
Get the habit of
trading at our
E. C. Henniger Co.
'"■.: Grand ForkeeOreenwood riding
h*B been allotted $45,000 tor tbe
..upkeep of roads, trails, etc.,  duriug
John Doughty
Secretary to the missing Ambrose
Small, who was sentenced to imprisonment for the theft of 1105.000
worth of Victory bonds from Mr.
Sma I, is about to be liberated, as
good conduct has shortened his term
by about fifteen months'.    . ,_  ,..ȣ.,
We have reoeived a oomplete
assortment of the Glaasio Series
of Blank Cards, suitable for Personal Christmas Cards, Invitations, Announcements, and general society printing. They also
make Attractive Business Cards.
Interesting Announcement
Word comes from Montreal tba
that gteat family and farm*paper
The Family Herald aod Weekly Star
has been enabled to reduce ite sub*
scription price to Ooe Dollara year,!
Tbis oertainly will be interesting
news to every Canadian home wbere
the Family Herald is koowo aod tb
many who .will avail tbemselveB of
tbe offer. At two Dollars a year
Tbe Family Herald aod Weekly
8tar was generally admitted to be
good value, io fact big value, hut
w' en reduced to Ooe Dollar a year
it will certainly be the marvel of
tbe newspaper world.
Caoada is proud of tbat great
Weekly, and has every reason to be
so, as it bas no superior and few
equals in tbe world today. The
publishers announce that notwitb
standing the cbange io price evary
feature will Dot oly be maintained
but improvements will follow. Tbe
publishers are fortuoate io being io
ao financial position to do this, and
Canadian homes will bave the ad
vantage. When the uew rate is
made koowo it certaioly will briog
a rusb of subscribers to th Family
Herjjld,*! Oae Dollar is a small
amoWHor such a great paper,
We have exceptionally good bargains in all our
Phone JO
Grain, aby
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Transfer Co*
•City Baggage and General
ourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Co.
Wepav the highest prioe and assnre
you th? most accurate test. Give your
local croamery your trade.
Grand Forks, B. C.
(lia-r otit ni ;i
i BdS iol
i "■ ledta io tv
pon nara Ita
Uw   I |
bi -
Ol   3'ji.
oa  -
Columbia's whaling Industry produces about 400 tons of whale
bone meal and 900 tons of meat and
bipod for fertilising purposes annually. This Is exported mostly te
the United States.
According to Q. F. Tomsett, superintendent of the Saskatchewan
Branch of the Employment Service
ef Canada, about 48,000 harvest
hands were brought into Saskatchewan and distributed over the province to harvest and thresh the 1925
J. Stapleton, of Regina, ordered
two springer spaniel puppies from a
dog agent in Liverpool on October
fth. Thirty days later they were
delivered to klm after a voyage aad
Jonrney to-tatting 4,500 miles, the
shipment going at the rate of 150
miles a day. This conatttntea a re-
oord for spaed.
Wholesale and Retail
ealer .in
Havana Cigars* Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor I
Grand Forks, B. C.
(Coal,  Wood and   Ice
for Sale,
Offloe at [R. t. Patrla's Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
SssBkn. ****
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARM ON
Some die   of   heart failure and
some live with head failure.
Chief of Police Docksteader ie out
of town on . is holidays
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds, ■
Upholstering Neatly Done
r. c. McCutcheon
[E value of well-
printed* neat appearing stationery as
a meansof getting and
holdiug desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
elsewbore. ■
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Busimes cards
Vi:'';ng cards
Sh':   iug tags
Price lists
New Type
Latest Style
Colan    in Avenue aud
i :l.c Strasst
P. A, Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalb Horn.,  First i rrkt
Vacant, untnr-(eyed, surveyed Grown land •
marks pre-empted by British subjacts onr
18 rears of aire, and. by aliens on declaring
Intention to become British subjects, oondl-
tlonal upon rasllasuse. e«»*np«tion and Im.
proveraent for agricultural purposes.
Full Information concerning regulations
regarding pre emntiosis Is given In Bulletin
No. 1, Laul Series, "How to Pre-empt Land,"
copies ot wbioh can be obtained freo of cbnrge
by addressing Ihe Depart mem of Lands.
Victoria, B. C., or »n> Oarernmenl Agent.
Reoords will be made ooverlng only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which
la not timberland. I a„ carrying over 5,000
board feet per aore west of tne Coatt Range
and 1,000 leet per acre«aet of tbatrange.
Applications for pre-emptions are to be
addressed to the Und Commissioner of the
Land Recording Division, In wbleh the land
applied for Is situated, and are made on
printed forms, ooplca ol can Ibe obtained
from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for five
yearsand Improvements made lo value of 110
por aora, including clearing' and cultivating
at least five acres, before a Crown Urant ean
be received.
For more detailed Information aee the Bulletin "Bow to Pre-empt Land."
Applications are received for purchase of
vacant and unreserved Crown Lands, not being tlmbeiland, for agricultural purposes;
minimum price of first-class (arable) land la
15 per aere. and seeond-clats (grailng) land
$2.80 per aora. Further Information regarding purobaae or leaae of Crown laiida ls given
In Bulletin No. 10, Land Series. "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands." i
Mil), factory, or Induatrial sites on Umber
land, not exceeding 40 aores, may be purchased or leased, on conditions Including
payment of stumpage.
Unsurveyed areaa, not exceeding M aores.
may be leaaed as homealtes, conditional opon
a dwelling being e- ected In the first year,
title being obtainable after residence and
Improvement conditions sre fulfilled and land
hu been surveyed.
For grailng and Induatrial purposes area!
not exceeding 840 acres may be leased by one
person or aoompany.
Under tbe Grailng Aot the Province le
divided Into grailng districts and tbe range
administered under a Oraxlng Commissioner. Annual graaing permits are
Iaaued baaed on numbers ranged, priority being given to established owners. Stock-
owners may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free, permits
are available for settler-, •tampers and
travellers ap to ten head.


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