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Daily Building Record Sep 12, 1912

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 M*i*&*&SS~*=?&i*&&Z?,  -snTEwrrrsracp  ���������^.^J"^'''-?;**-'*'-----''!*'?-'^^    .__ Mllllllllllllftll������-������J*I!||L^__. _,^..,_,=?-==Y.  SS^S  Jigi"W,'"^^r  ^zHgi&^si^;*'gfc5&t--*Rv^ > ���������*" ������������������"��������� Maaixaami**  Sep iSVvi ,;  fa;  h^iSp^d  _ tracting, Engineering, Irrigation and General Improvement News.  >evoted to the interests of Ar^fte'-C'Es, Contractors, Engineers, Material Dealers and others interested in the building trade of the N.\ya  Accord   Publishing   Co.,   Vancouver,  Publishers.  Covering British Columbia.  VoL 3, No. 81, Thursday, Sept. 12, 1913.  ktrr:  Wm. N. O'Neil Company, Ltd.  IIVATE EXCHANGE,  SEYMOUR 4795. " 548, 550 SEYMOUR STREET  [ERRING BONE "LATH  *rALL BOARD  JPLKX HANGERS AND CAPS  fDUOIJTE (i'or Waterproofing)  INOFELT  MANTELS  GKATES  TIL'ES  FIRE PLACE FURNISHINGS  ART GLASS  PflffinM  Estinialcs cheerfully  furnished on Tile, Marble, Terrazzo, Terra Cotta, Structural  Steel Brick, Hardwood Trim, etc., etc.  P  PLASTIC FLOORING  WATSONITE FLOORING  30! Pacific Bldp.     Sey.8144  TROY ROOFING CO  Tar and Gravel Roofing  Water   Proofing  Roof Repairing  AH Work Guaranteed  Phone Seymour 7417.  814  Metropolitan  Bldg.  WIRE ROPE -BULLIVANTS'- THE BEST  WE HAVE SPECIAL CRANE ROPES FOB CONTRACTORS.  THE ANGLO-BRITISH COLUMBIAN AGENCY. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 3425 Sole Agents 318 Homer Street  complete stock    RANSOME CONCRETE MIXERS  RANSOME   Hoist Buckets, Receiving Bins and Run Carts  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMITED  Phone Seymour 9162, Private Exchange.  Office   and  Bunkers,  Granville  Street  Brldgf*.  ?Der.  ���������Description.  BUILDING  PEBMITS AMOUNTING TO  $1,000  OB OVER    ISSUED AT   THE VANCOUVEB CITY HALL YESTERDAY.  Address.  Cost.' Street Address.  ���������1 .slo con Sz br sto & ri-ns....$G5,000 771   Seymour  st   1���������2  t-to  fi"   res $3000 3162  3rd ave  \V    -J.  sto  fr  res *f]00������ *|I1C Charles SI   I--(iHpi*   office    $1500 23 Hastings St   j-  l.sto fi' res ?-������0������ 177S   lltli ave E   l~2  .sto   fr  apmls $0000 712  9th  ave IS   Lot and Block. J Subdivision.  Architect.    Contra  li.   Whitbuin      Owner  ..���������ib,   20���������53   511      ..15 1-2   of  2���������21   j-10 J.  i <   3���������a   Sec.   10        Somervell'& Putnam   15���������lfil)c!2Gla   Owner   7���������157a   20 la   Owner  Contractor.   ii. L.  Stevens Sz Co 21G Duncan blk.  XV. :P>.   Bond Central Park  Owner    R.   C.   Douglas -; -   Owner    Owner  ���������"   Owner,  Address.  J.  AV.  SIcFarland 1SG5   Haro  St.  J.  R.  Cook 731  Jervls-St.  J.   Subback      Merchants Bank     Earle  & Barrett 1S1G   13th  K.  John  Egan 710  7th  ave E.  ALL. KINDS  OF  GLASS  Seymour 8488  Phone 2988  Jt.ofColumbiaav.  Alca Lime  Hard as Cement  Pure White in Cotor  Liability. Accident and Health  Western Plate Glass  & imp. Co. Ltd.  BEG. OFFICE:      318 WATER S3.  VANCOUVER,' B. C.  PLATE GLASS WINDOW &MS  Leaded Art Glass  -Thome  Metal Store  Front  Ban  Bevelling and Bilverinjf  "Store Fronts GlkEed  ISO  Our Office Issues Your Liability, Accident and Health Insurance  adjusts losses without delay or referring to any remote Head  [flee  British American Trust Company, Limited.  insurance Department  er-Cotton Bid?. Plioue  Seymour 7620  7ANCOTTVEB,  B.  O.  PLANS FOB  THEATRE  FILED   WITH INSPECTOR  Bogardus. Wickens,  Glass Importers and Manufacturers.  B. C. Manufacturers of Hester store front  construction^ .  Phones   7385-6  .1000 Homer Ht.  Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Limited  The   attention   of   Architects,   Contractors   and   Builders   is   called  the  NEW   ERA  REVERSIBLEWINDOWS, which'we, are  now manu-  [ctur*rs-o'fi* Call at* our factory and see them and learn of their fnany  ���������Jvantages'o'ver.arty.'other"wirjdows made. , *."  '������������������',4.     ( .'''jFactflry:   .Foot of -Salsbury  Drive.      "'"'-;"-./  [ranch  Factory at ;I618 Vhird;; Avenue  West, Fairview:'yaneouVer/R- C.*  ,1. *'    . ��������� ';'" ;"���������    *������"-.BEYMO'd'B--i961        '      ������������������.,'.', ',   '**''      ' ,'.    ���������...,'  '.'..-'-���������'      *   .      .-"-������������������        '<��������� ' ' '...'���������  .."--"--;'     ���������')  "'  Plans were filed with tlie bids' inspector yesterday for the proposed Vancouver opera house now being built on  Granville st near Robson. The structure will be live sto In height with a  seating capacity "of 1900.  Four floors above auditorium and facing Granville &t will be occupied as offices. The fittings tlnoughout will be of  selected materials. < '  The supersttuet'ure is of steel for  which J. Coughlan & Sons have the contract. The front elevation will be faced  in  brick  and  terra cotta. "  ,T. J. Donnellnn is the archt and the  estimated cost Is $150,000. The plans  as yet have not been finally passed. Upon approval of the plans other contracts  will' bo let.  MATERIALS TO BE USED.  The following* -material Is mentioned  to be used in the structures called loi  in the permits above, whose numbers  correspond to those preceding1 the following1  items.  3412���������50,000  br,  10,000 yds  pi,  1000 bbls  cmt.  3-U 5���������2500  br,  100  yds pi, 4 bbls cmt. _  3 116���������1200  br, -300 yds pi,  3 bbls cmt.  3119���������1500 br, 050 yds pi,  6 bbls cmt.  3420���������600  br,  300 'yds pi,  2  bbls  cmt.  3421���������3000 br, 750 yds pi, 12 bbls cmt.  2ii���������w. X. Abbott, 515 Robson "st, 1  sto fr res, lot f, blk 2, DL 63C; R. Simpson;   ?400. '������������������ '  VANCOUVER  BITILDINCt  PEBMITS  Only Permits amounting- to less.than  91000 will be found under this head.  ARCHITECTS  CHOSEN   FOB,  CEDAR COTTAGE CHURCH  -U.  Aichltects  Uoiel & Roberts, Dominion  Trust "Building, have been thosen to pie-  pare   plans   for   the   proposed    Robinson  fjMemoiial Church for the Methodist eon-  [gregation,  Cedar Cottage.      Preliminary  ,,plans   are   now   being* .finished   and    will  be   submitted   to  the  boprll  of  management  at an 'early dale..   -        .  '  The. plans  prp\ ule^'for: a  building     to  cost about $35���������OO0     tj'tfu'dti notion will be  of  b'riMc ami  ������stoiii*-.iu)d'the t,i/.e of   tho  , -., ,     ���������!   ; i    J' ���������  -building will be-ft-t;i{:4*fle/t'-,' The auditor] uin will' )}a\i$',&*iseQfihg capacity of  ���������appioximately, 7j'(C.*\*,i������i'i''l3*i-/)visiori  in-tlie  3 111��������� W.  XV. Beard,  1  sto  fr res, 1906  lltli a\o W; owner; $1.")0.  3 113���������City Hotel, alter front, Columbia  St;  \\V R   Warner;   $150.  3 114���������Far West l_br. Co,  1  ������to fr factory,  915  Main  st;  owner*;   $800.  3417���������W.   II.   Morrow,    alter   laundry,  1115 Richards St; owner; $100.  3120���������A. J. Vol vert,  1  sto fr res,  1S35  1st ave XV;  ownei';  $700.  Dominion Sash & Door Co., Ltd  212ocedarst. |  Phone Bay. 646   Near Sixth VV  Standard Glass Co. Ltd  AST GLA0������  Phone Seyniour 6478.   839 Barnar* St.  !:  BRITISH COLUMBIA  HARDWOOD   PLOOB   CO.  - Flopr, Layers and Desifnsra'; *   I  Sey. 68S3���������Bay. 139R. 557 Qrsjrrtlls 8ft'  C. GardinerJolinsoii & Company  . BUILDING M^T^MALS OF ALL KINDS. c     .*���������  MT-:-Dl^Biio CEMENT.... .'."'  SA$AoN*. PLASTER.     '  ... PLASTER BOARD., ���������  SHERARDIZED METAi,L;ATK!XND CORNER BEAD,  TERRA COTTA, FACE BRICK,* FIRE BRiCK,     ."  MALTHdlD ROOFING,  PAINTS; 'OILS,' VARNISHES, 7 "  /������������������-RIcliatdB.St  ���������w:' M '"  j. F,'v^,fe'sWi.1TM.'^it co-" *".''.^."jj:/-s^ffl^ 1196  SASH &  ea.  kanufactarers'Jof :all ilnds  of 'k\mte'B*adeaifnlilx &WJjl$buj&riS mould-  ^  u . "       ��������������������������� inffS-'s-tsli Und do-rs,   cabinet, wpr.^-etc..   ���������������������������:���������������������������.���������,.,  j, ". ' detail" V6������k a ' sPEC-tAia^y:    .*>.���������.   Mi MM  ��������� '     '���������   '   Estimates "furiiislied from p lans and si-eefficatijons.  R,y   4U 311  Nortli  Wost Trust Blc& -''.���������'," >     G- A- E*211. KSr-  CONTBACT AWARDED POB  SHAUOHZTESSV HEIGHTS HOME  Sunday   scl:  hoCft^cififj^i 6a u*^''  tional  500.     TlxsNTjaTl'iVl^-Vill  be st-e  heateil.   ,;reiuleiV(*'a*i*e,**;Vi!it'.'WiintC(l for  * ��������� ��������� , j. ...    -a} * '  > )  jire-ejit,  1jm4-\V1-il*n"rrf.nly;  the nrcliiU'cts \  v,c,/ T   ' ���������' j       - < ��������� ' *  will  mnU'e an au^pUAccDncnt thro'ugh, the  '***vi . -���������' a,.' ���������      *' -.-* .  an'  adill-  t-ea m  the  Western Steam & Oil ^n& Co. Ltd.  io'l'O    DOMINION .i TRUST    BMO,'.:.;' Sey.  707G  MACHINE SHOP IN'. BASEMENT OP. 109 POWELL ST.  '���������';.!���������" ':'���������:."..    ]    Plione  Sey 3732  -���������.Entrance In rear  Van'cou ver' M-^.i-'ble" &��������� Tile; Go., Ltd -   ���������  LARGE STOCK pF TILE-.AND^ARBLE ALWAYS ON  HAND AT  OUR. W.ORJJC8J. TMEREflY,ASSdRING  PROMPT  DELIVERY.  ���������'r*HOr;i.E" SEVMOUR 'l518  848..BEACH AVEi  ltccord.  NEW,'.BOOMII^O.,k*0������SE  POIf  ' ���������   '.'���������   ���������    .'"^PQE'SEYMOUB -STREET  A-   .        -        , *��������� . "   i  A-.ciieri'iYi^s-wtM.-.g'i'Aiucd   yesterday   t'J  l-f. 'l.;;";;Kf.v\''eTi^ &'.'���������&> for tii'u':'erection 'of-  ���������H.   u,_.  ���������ft: fo'L't-iS't'orciy^a'Dd7 1-aseinelit.* store  re  and  ld3 Winch Building '  *    Phone Seymou**S*r,*3929  EnglishK-B & S> COKD0R "and  CALIFORNIA "GOLDEN GATE" CEMENT.  Partition Tile For A!E BuiSdirsg Purposes  .     REINFORCING and STRUCTURAL STEEL.  Lime, Plaster, Fire Brick, tin Plate, Pig Iron Etc.  ���������ooliVi'tvfe'hoii.se'.'to.'bo erected at  i71   S'ev'-  ���������''���������<-*���������.'���������������������������'     ������������������';';<. -������������������'���������:- -* ���������"  input slz.fo.V J.-j.^y. Mcl-'arland,  ISO;"  I lino  st' -���������������������������I 'i'i ������������������ '!': ������������������ '---...,  '-,,'���������-���������...��������� ��������� '     ^'i-'lt'r.  ���������TiiestriicUii-e was designed for'b ^to;  and will .'be built of rein forced concrete,  faced .with  brick and   terra'cotta.  H. I,. Ste'vbhs & Co arc the Archt-* and  contrs and   the bldgr will  cost $C5.0U0.  Architects  Alexander & Blown,    Fairfield'Building, lime let a Freneial contract  to.the   Ualloran   Construction     Co.,     25  Ha-,tni{fs' St.   E.   for   the   erection   of   a  i residence  on   Shaug-hnes.sy  Heights     for  | Dr.   I3r.vdone-.lack.     TIiq completed   total  I cost ot the huildintr and a fireproof Rar-  iige in'coiiiiection is. appi oximately $30,-  000.' ''..-,        '���������  The   residence   is   of   frame   construc-  ' t  ti.on on u .stone foundation and contains  ���������4bout IS roonW. . Aihouh: some of the  leatu'i-e-i ;ne seen liieplacps, four bath  rooms, billiaid' loom, libiarv and study.  Pie- ���������..,. ���������  The general contractor is  now  taking  ,.��������� -  -.. ���������       '- -  lenders   for   excavating   and   stone   and  co'n'drete. work   In,  connection    with   the  residence and garage.  Canadian Builders Supply Co., Ltd.  Doalsrs In  SCREENED SAND AND GRAVEL  CRUSHED STONE, LIME, CEMENT ETC.  Office Bnnkera  1901  Georgia  St  Sey.  7175  Electro Plating  ELEVATOR SUPPLY & EQUIPMENT  ,    CO., LTD.  1090 Mainland, foot of Eelmcken Sey.  3479  "APOLLO" GALVANIZED SHEETS  AND  American Bessemer Black Sheets  Stock carried in a large range of sizes in Birmingham gauges -  CORRUGATED GALVANIZED SHEETS  In 6, 7, 8, 9 and IO foot lengths  WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED  846   BEACH  AVE.  * Phone Sey. '7915  Vancouver,   B.   O.  WANT WESTMINSTER BOAS ���������'  PAVED POB  THREE  MILES  ICITY MAP AND WHITE PRINT CO.  ���������DRAPTING   TRACING   MAPS  BRILLIANT BLUE PRINTS  Phone:! Seymour  6693''  ���������   432   Cordova   Street   West  Palm Vacuum Cleaner Company's).  ..;   SYSTEM OF STATIONARY PLANTS ���������  791  Granyille St.    ������������������  Plione Seymour 1487  Vancouver, B. C.  Sole  Agents  THE DUNTLEY STORE  A meeting of ratepuyers held at Col-  Jjng.wood East decided- to ask the council, of   South   Vancouvei*. to   block   three  ���������'miles' of Westminster Road at an Coti-  r'rhated',co.st Of $1,000,000, the money to he  :'i'ai������e(J by local improvement bylaw, and  by, municipal and provincial grants. Tlie  subject will be. brought before the next  hoard of works, meeting, pn  Sept.   IS.   ���������  '  DEBENTURES  SOLD.        "'  ALTERATIONS AND ADDITION  '   '���������"���������'.,; TO  HARO   ST.  RESIDENCE  Architects K. Stanley Mitton. Williams  Huilding, is receiving tenders for general contract, .carpentry and lumber,  plastering, painting and plumbing in alterations to be made to" fi residence. The  .owner is  Mrs.   Darling and  the proposed  w'orii" is situated on Haro St. An addition' of one .storey Is to be made as  well  as a number of minor changes.  KOEHRSNG  CONCRETE   MIXERS  .ARE THE'BEST.    ASK THE OPINION OF THE  60 Satisfied  Users   In  Vancouver  PRICES  ON   A.PPUCATION  CANADA FOUNDRY CO. LTD.  1065  Pender St. Phone   Seymour 571f  Dominion Pressed Brick  "' The municipa'it.v of West, Vancouver  has disposed of debenture bonds to the  amount of ?;".0.000. This amount will  be spent Equally upon* school and ferry  projects. . ���������.  RECORD   OP   EMPLOYEES  The dept. of labor, Ottawa, has recently  issued a circular imposing new restrictions Tin Canadian railway contractors.  The requirements specifically mentioned  are that a record shall be kept showing  tlie names, nationalities, places of birth  and last Canadian address of all employees on railroad work. ' Tile object of  the plan is to provide a means of. identification in the event of serious injury oi  death resulting from explosions or.other  accidenf-s, '       '.-.**      ��������� ���������' ��������� ..���������'  "USE BLACKWELL'S  LINES"  E.  G.  BLACKWELL Builders' and Contractors' Supplies.  _ Metal Lath, Motal Calling's.  108 ALEXANDER STREET Corner I-ead. Tool and Drill Steel.  Vancouver, B. C. Wllliamette Donkey Engines.  Phone.Seyniour 1733. .'Blaisdell Vacuum Cleaners.  See mo about Ready HOOPING. I have tho beat In the market.  ley ^H^^B,  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK, SAND AND GRAVEL  All Kinds off Building Material  Phones 15 & 16 ��������� New Westminster, B. C.  DRYDOCK AT NAN.fiI"MO  ��������� i -  Nanaimo���������It is rumored bore  that  the  Dominion   govern men t   con template.*   the  f.'irly   erection   of   a   largo   drydock   and  that   da ia   is   now  being   gathered   upon  '..lli.^l U* rrorare I'lans and specifications.  CLEARING..T0WN5ITE    ' '  Prince Rupert���������D. Kcan .of this city  as secured a contract for.' clearing and  grading the new townsite,'of GrixiibV-Bay.  A number of lots have b'rcfi .sold and  several buildings are under .���������course or  construction. ...  HOSST9NG ENGINES  Electric Hoists,  Gasoline Hofsts  And Elevators  ^Ifr Ail Sizes  MUSSENS OUSTED  365  Water  Street                                           .-���������....-������                 Phone   Sey.  3237  H������|-*������ilMI*������H!!*^^ BRITISH COLUMBIA  DAILY    BUILDING    RECOKi>.  Published Dally Except Sundays  ttECORD PUBLISHING COMPANY  Address:   5S3   Homer-Kichards   Lane  Rear  of   431   Dunsmuir  Street  Telephone Se\mour 7S0S  DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  ���������tubscription Price       -        $1 00 a month  Payable  in  Advance  BUILDING  PERMITS.  Permits for the various municipalities  frill appear under this head on the following days:  Monday���������Victoria.  Tueada>���������South Vancouver, Victoria,  Kew Westminster. ��������� ,   ,  Wednesday���������North Vancouver, Point  Grey, Victoria.  Thursday���������South Vancouver, Shaugh-  ���������essey Heights, Victoria.  You will save two doilnrs toy paying;  A year In advance for the Record, be-  ajla������s saving* considerable time and the  annoyance of paying* a small bill each  toonth. Sixteen and two-thirds per cent  Is pretty good interest on your money,  tsn-ft it? Worth saving! The price for  One year paid in advance is ten dollars.  VICTORIA PERMITS  VICTORIA���������Bldg permits/ have been  Issued to Jas. Simp-jon, greenhouse; G. S.  Ford, for two fiame houses, eacli $1700;  J. M, Caskell, 5 room house, $2000; S. A.  ���������Virtue, house, $3500; \V. Hinder, 3 loom  house, $2200; G. AV. Mcintosh, C room  house, $2400.  VICTORIA  VANCOUVER  99  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Lime, Sewer Pipe, Tin Plate, Roofing Slate.  BULLDOG o" Wire Rope WHITE'S Cement.  CONTRACT BONDS Promptly Issued by NATIONAL SURETY COMPANY,  OP  NEW YORK.  "Santa Cruz"  BLUE CROSS Cement.  British Columbia Produces  The Best Lime In  All North America  201   Carter-Cotton   Bldg  99.5 %tPURE  Pacific Lime Company, Limited.  Rhone  Sey.  9506  PROPOSED ���������"-��������� INEW  Plans for Buildings in this Table are in the Hinds of the Architects,   and   the '.Date,..-Given ��������� for   their  Completion is Approximate only.   When the Contract is Let. Name,of Contractor is Given in Last t-olumn.  Character.  . Estimated   Cost  .Location  Owner  Architect;  mta IMPROVEMENTS FOR  X.XVE AI.BERTA   TOWN  iBASSANO, ALTA.���������This city is advertising for tenders for labor and mater-  Mftl.-S required for construction of water-  "Works and sewer systems. Contract "A"  ���������calls for a distribution system of about  -JM.000  feet of  loin  to  6   inch  pipe  with  ���������fe-peclal   valves   and  hydrants.     Contract  "&" calls for construction of sewers and  -&*U*J$>ly of 20,000 lineal feet 18 inch to 4  "-thfeh vitrified tile and pipe junctions, and  -SteW-fet" castings consisting of man hole, and  ���������fcfttchbasln covers,  flap valves, etc   ���������  iPlMis and'specifications for contracts  "A-" ������tfid "B". may be, had 'from* John  ������������������ftaft Engineering Co., Ltd., Winnipeg and  tMgary, on deposit of {25.   Specifications  "^���������frt* supply of pipe and' castings will be  JSfctit on application to engineers. Tenders  \b be addressed to Geo: B. R. Bond,  fc*etr*tary-treasurer,   Bassano,"by   whom  <t>td������ Will be received until September 30.  PW. J. Harrington vs Geo. F. Mann et  til;   Wl-2   lot   94,   Hastings   Townsite;  BAA-aftcB pebicits.      ���������  VICTORIA.���������Saanich * building - inspector has issued -a -permit, to J'-Mrs.  -ilobbs for a dwelling /at Cadboro Bay to  -���������test |3,000. '''   "   -   '-    "  ���������sTEtrSSBS FOR SCHOOL.  WEST COLLINGWOOD. ��������� The muni-  fctpality of South Vancouver school board  VilUtake tenders until September 24 for  the erection of a two-roomed 'frame  ���������school building on the West Colling-  "wood site. Tenders are wanted also for  & supply of desks for four South Van-  fcouver schools. Further information  Upon application to C. M. Whelpton,  -���������Chairman of the school board.  3 sto brk sto & rms   riiijttirs of Good Shepherd   8 sto cone oflice   3-sto apt hse  k.'.   5 sto brk & cone offices   Brick   church    ,  4-sto  brk  add   to  hospital   6-sto brk oflice bldg -..  Club   bldg      6 sto.  oflices     8-sto  hotel   add   3-sto brk apmt   8 sto cone club bldg   3-sto brk.apmt hse   4-room add      Brk and fctone church   Provr Girls'   Home .-...'. .-.  Factory bldg.  & plant   Brick   Church    :   3-sto, 80x90, apmt   "5-sto br & mill oonatr, hotel   Police Headquarters    3 sto bank &.offices    ,1'0 sto .steel &' concr offices    10  sto  store....'.   Women's  Club      Brk. or. cone school   Potr'er'plknt'   University .bldgs '   Steel   bridge      Hippodrome  ....'....}. ..   Stope- church   Convent" .���������.'.:."..."..r..'. '.-.'���������   10%'to." theB*tre\&' offices   10-sto  ofc  bldg   7-sto  cone bldg   Cold   storage  plant.'.     Br.   hotel      G-sto' brk' whse-.   Bridge     4-sto, store .& lofts   10 ��������� sto office*, bldg   15 sto Office bldg   4 t-'to.i.; concr.' apmta   8-s"tD  brk'*office-bldg   3-sto   apmts      5-sto   hotel.' bldg   i-sto brlc apmts   2-sto ��������� f r apmts   3-sto 'brk-stone res   10-sto brk apmt hse   s-sto   office--bldg:;   6-sto   whse   bldg   U-sto store & rooms.   6-sto ctmc,-add.   S-sto steel &-brk office bldg..  Stone church -.   Rmg house    .".......  1 to 10-<5to cone stores & rooms  Brk and stone church.."''.-    $45,000  75,000  ,..?200,00'0  611,000  ...$240,000  ....$12,500  . _fin,oOo.  " 200,000  230.000  ....$50,000  150,000  40,000  .$350,000  o 35,000  25.000  160,000  100,000  ..$250,000  ....$35,000  76,000  ..     80,00'0  175,000  ....160,00.0  ..  500 000  .2,000,000  160,600  60,000  _������9'6-0'0'0-  " -6VO.O0O  "ioo;ooo  ..$500,000  ....$2,5,00.0.  ..?ioo;ooo  .$375.!0tHI  1,000,000  225.000  ....$65,000  ....$40,000  76.000  2.100.000  ?6,000  ..$350,000  ..$550,000  ...$75,000  110.000:  65,000  60,000  76,000  22,000  20,000,  250,000;  S.  Tamura  Powell  & Dunlevy  Sts.  .  ���������Pomt Grey .......: .......:.............  Hastings & Hornby.. : E. A; Morris*  Kitsilano .' .':..T.  H.. Calland  New Westminster .......West. Trust.;,Gd;'  Quesnel ..:.... Anglican  -Nelson, B. C,.. .Kootenay Lake Hospital  New "Westminster....v.....Pe'oples Trust-Co.  Hastings   and   Hornby. . Vancouver   Club  Ha-stings St. E Mrs. C. Dawson  Hastings and  Main L.  L.  Mi,I.s  Hastings st E   Georgia*& Burrard  *=-t������    Y.  M.  C.  A.  Broadway XV   Central .school    School  Board  Victoria 1st   Baptist   Cchurch  Govt. ;.i Hastings Town&ite  Coquitlam   Call   Switch  Co.  Cedar .Cottage  Presbyterians.  .Victoria..' Lindsay & Roberts  Hastings bet Jackson & Carl Henry Pope,  City.of Vancouver '.-.*..'..:..Powell st  .Hastings. & Carrall Merchants-.Bank  Seymour-Street  Yorkshire'Guar. Corp.  Georgia ������&, Granville Huds'on Bay Co.  Thurlow St   Women's  Club*  Nanaimo School  Trustees  Krfmioops���������-.:*.-. .t. .-...-. .-".City  Point Grey   Province  Georgia-Harris st  ..' J*.-.:v,.'fCity  Gran. Sz Pac.'-.Brit.-Can.5 Amusement Co.  Victoria .*......'  St. Barnabas  Haro' St; .*.-...-^.'...Churclu of 'Holy* Rosary  Sndecided   Alex. Pantages  owe & Dunsmuir....Can. Home Inv. Co.  Howe st'. B. C. Bible Society  Richards & Pacific....Brit.-Can. Securities  .Coquitlam   Frank. Pyle   :." attend Narrows.. Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Pender/; nr Columbia. .Story-&, Cam,pbgtl;  J-Instings & Abbott A.  Grosspian*  ."Richard-*  &  Hastings....Inv.   Guar.   Bur1*"  ���������West.End, L. R.,L*iurie  Blk'IS.'Hast. StV.McDougal- Sz Cameron  .NO. -Vancouver.'-1 Stevenson- 'Bros.  Powell" and Heatley  st *   'Alberni; st'. **... J McNeil Bros.  608-1,8 Semlin Drive....,.. Savainar Bros.  Shaughnessy Hts '......'.*���������..  ...- Dr.   Robt.   Telford   :.Dom.   Trust  Co.  . Flans' Ready  Campbell  ��������� S. Jones  230.000!, Victoria..'. ......  36,000 Water-1 st  :   60.00ftSeymour, near Dunsmuir.. .D.  60,000Victoria*.;���������.vi..;*...: --..  85.000200 -blk,  Hastings E '.   Sfl.OOQ-Snaufih-ncssy Hts   .... .-.i ..... Methodists  21.00i*"powell and Haw-kes Chas. Putnam  100.00!) Homer & Georgia Sts E. Mahon  lOC.OOOCarl and Pender Church of St. James  ��������� .���������>��������� ��������� ���������  Townsend'&��������� Townscnd.lt. : .....Now  Wallingtori  &  Wheatley ...Bids closed  Tho.-*.   Hooper....... :.:.Bids   closed  W.   F.- Gardiner ....:......-.'..-.Bids   Closed  Gardiner';i5ii,Mercer.���������...-,.:;..'.'-..!.-Bids ..closed  Twizell ,&'4',wii{ull .................. Bids Closed  Competitive   plan ; '.. ...:..  Gardiner  &   Mercer..'...,.:...................:...v.Now  Sharp   Sz   Thompson    ...Now  J.  .Dawson   Now  F.  M.  Bender   Jones  &  Beatson..'.'   H. S. Griffiths   Horel & Roberts July 1  N.  A.  Leech July  J. M. Warren July  A. A. Cox  :   Owners      Not  chosen      RobU Knipe ' .-.���������   F.*H. ;Perkins     Aug.'-28  W. A. Doctor   Sept. 10  .Somervell & Putnam Sept.  10  Somervell  & Putnam Oct.  16  Burke, Horwood & White Sept. IL  Npt chosen*- .'. *  Not chosen ....' i   Dutcher &Maxwell...:   Not chosen    ,...  Not chosen    ."...  M. de RV-Puval ...'.   Jones &' Beatson ."   J.  J.  Donnellan     B. M. Priteca, Seattle =.  Not- chosen :   C.' P.   Jones      Not' chosen     Not chosen, :*...  Not ,Chosen. _   John Wolfe-Barry.*..; .Now* being drawn                                                                     m  Producers Rock & Gravel Co., Ltd.           1  Washed and Graded Sand and Grave!                 M  CRUSHED ROCK                                    1  ( GRAVEL WASHING PLANT, ROYAL BAY.   *   ROCK CRUSHING PLANT, ALBERT HEAD.     I  OFFICE AND BUNKERS FRONT AND MANITOBA STS.                     , ,1  Head   Office  and   Bunkers:                      Vancouver Office and Bunkera:           m  Store St., foot of Chatham                    Front and  Manitoba  Sts.                ,M  Phone 305                Victoria. B. C.          Phone Fairmont 552.                         ������f  CANADA MOSAIC TILE CO.  : Manufacturers Of  "Argilla" Mosaic Flooring Tiles  Telephone 1045  1318 Wharf Street  ���������'*. O. Box 1171  VICTOBIA, B. O.  Newton & Greer Co., Limited,  " N. A.'"G. "  Roof Compositions  For Waterproofing Or Fireproof ing  1118 Granville St.  -���������,.',  Vancouver  1328 Wharf St. J  Victoria,  PERFECTLY VENTILATED  .$ia������.4!(6^^  AH^&ilitClURAL TERRA COTTA  r~~s-AZ'-.;y~ ;.--'} ���������    PRODUCTOfC,'  'izZMZ^Z-'r  THE NEW YORK ARCHITECTURAL TERRA COTTA CO|  .; Supj-em������ For^QtJffKty^,^ .  REPRESENTATIVE FOitB.C.   '  Mi     &.&. MULLEN-"  '-'  418 Pacific Bldg.       Vancouver, *Z'.'fi.' "~   Phone StyMour 5021,   .  ...n  .,,,  Jones  &  Beatfeon Delayed  'VanSicle'n &"> Macomber   Delayed  -Townsend' & Townsend- Delayed  M. D. Campbell'. ". Delaved  Townsen'd  & JTownsend Delayed  Townsend  &  Townsend Delayed  W. F. Goodfellow Delayed  W.   M.   Dodd Delaved  H.   S.   Griffith : Indefinite  K.< B.- Wat-=on   Indefinite  Hush .Braunton   Indefinite  Thos. Hooper -.._  Indefinite  Parr,  McKenzie Sz Day Indefinite  ���������G.   A.   Horel.- "." Indefinite  M. D. Campbell   Indefinite  XV.   F.   Gardiner Indefinite  Alexander & Brown "Waiting fund .       Less Space Required For Beds  Ventilation Simple and Perfect  PERfECTCOfSICEALED BED CO.  Display Boom, S70 Oranrille St.,  VANCOUVEB, B. C.  Phone: Bey. 5093   !     WILKINSON COMPANY UM87������D._  ^-       CA^EGni'sTTtEL BAW'TLAtES, ETC.  :<  V ^EINF0RCX������G-STEEL-FRa������rSTOiDK & IMPOllT, ���������-  SaCUHICITAI, HALL BEADY.   ~  The West Vancouver municipal hall recently erected at a cost of $1,000 will  be occupied for the first time next Tuesday night. J. C. McKenzie was the  ferchitect and R. Band the contractor.  The building is of frame construction on  a concrete foundation.  SO.  VANCOUVEB   SITES  South     Vancouver  posseses     fouiteen  school '"ites,   five  of  which   are   held   in  reserve foi future building.    Tlie demand  Tor  school   accommodation   is   now   sucii  that .steps  aie   being  considered  lor  the  erection   of   additional   buildings   on   at  least a pottion of tlie lemaimng sites.  SOUTH VANCOUVEB PEBMITS  210J���������G. I). P!iillip.s, f,. a,i,i��������� to tes;  lot  S,  blk  -Jl.   DT,   I!).**,;  nwner;   $100.  2103���������.1. .1| Hanil.ci. .������ -to i*i -(oie Xz  apmts; lot 1'. hlK 1 ,uul 2, DI. :,*.'; Be-  bean & Court; J.T.ViO.  2105���������I. JJiivies, Km-ei n\,.. i j.j st()  fr res; lot 7, blk 2S, DI, SI9-1'; ��������� l-l. If.  Stewart;  $1 2ii0; 'I'lirnaee.  2109���������K. .Temple, filir. Cirove st, 11-2  Sto fr res; lot i,3. blk Sii 1-r H, DL ;!.*IS:  owner; $1000.  2110���������.Mrs. Marg'.-init Williamson, 1 sto  Jr re.������; lot 10. blk IS, DL ?,yi-'.'; owner;  $1500; furnace.  TttABEB BIVEB PIZ.E SKIVING CO.  P.  A. Jones',  MgT.  ;  ���������Wharf   Bnlldlngr   and   General   Con-  ���������traction "Work; Pile Foundations  a Specialty; Estimates Furnished.  New Westminster, B. C.  "Phone 948 638 Clark-son St.'  S. Rl&ZO Contractor  Bower Connections a Specialty.  Excavating-, land Clearing*.  Phone Sey. 7532. 224 Harris St.  THE Z-OSXrOWING TABLE SHOWS B  UITSXW WAT, OB ON WHICH CONTB  Character     Coat  Hospital          323,000  Brk.   &   concr.   church $76,000  6  hto.   brk.  rms $50,000  \Iterations         $15 000  Br.   school   bldgs      $100,000  1 sto.  br. sto.  & rms    $30,000  Immigration   bldg    $300,000  3 sto br!: ������tore and rooms 25,000  l-t,to   brk   hotel           45.000  S-sto office bldg       300,000  10-sto hotel          620.000  Water extension         750,000  Convent           300,000  3-sto  stone & cone bldgs       750,000  1 4-.sto  hotel    1,000,000  I'uwer  plant          500,000  letty          171,000  3-t.to store and offices      100.000  'onrrete   docks       1,000.000  \dobe res           25,000  10-sto cone apmts       400,000  ; sto store-room bldg $145,000  ���������5-sto   brk   business  bldg         SO.00U  "i--to  gaiage           75,000  .onsdale  -chool  bldg         42.000  %sto   apmt   bldg       135,000  l-s-to   cone   rm   hse         35,000  ij-sto  brk   apmt  bklg       125,000  ,-sto bik  sto &  rmg hse         sn.000  ���������;-sto bi k hotel       100.000  i-sto  bank  bldg       100.000  .->to    hotel             100.000  i-.to brk  hotel       1QU.000  \dd to Cecil  Rhodes school         7S.00U  .-sto   apmts           100.000  I-sto   bik  sto  Sz apmts         55,000  irv    dr.c-k            260,000  \ lise  bklg         75.000  ,-~-to bik hotel add            30.000  ;-sto   btk   img   hse                1 "..000  ������������������-sto   bik   apt-      2.-.n.noo  :-sto   brk   wh  e         3.-..000  irk   scliool   bldg           9O.000  iiw.Min    eli<j,j|          150.00*"'  ���������nwor house            4 0.000  ! 0-sto cone office bldg        350.000  ::   S---to   school   a-!d.<...       120.000  *>   sto   brk   lodge..: $30,000  C   sto   brk   apmts $S5.00fl  ::-sto  stone  and   brk  hospital..      225.000  i-sto apmts         60.000  ������������������-room   school   bldg         53.091  :i sto  brk  apmt-* $40,000  Depot & offices    1,000.000  I-sto   rmg   hse         30.000  1st   Pres.   Church.   Victoria       100.000  1-sto rmg hse         35.000  12-stall   roundhouse    50.000  Frame   Church 1 5:000  5 sto   store   and   rooms 35.000  Cone.   Lighthouse $22,000  4 stO  brk store & rms $30,000  2 sto stoneft frame res $-'5,000  3 sto   brk   rmg   hse .$30,000  3-sto'apmt hse         55.000  4 sto bfk store & rms $60,000  3   sto   brk  apmts $60,000  3 sto   tr  sto  &  apmts $12,000  4 sto   brk  sto  &  rms..... $29,000-  ���������Rrick and stone church         26.000  6 sto. brk  wrhse  &  offlce 62.000  3'sto'brk apmt^""Z;";!""���������  i   sto   brk   sto   &   rms J45.000  3 sto  frk sto & rms.: $11.S00  1   sto    brk   apmts :. 45.000  sto   brk   sto   &   rms $45,000  i  <-*to  reinforced  concr  theatre...  3nn nn'1  I sto.  brk. store & apmts $70,000  3 "to  brk stores & offices $40 0.00  3 fire haXs  41.500  UXX.SINGS   COSTING   *8O00   OB   OVEB,     ON     WHICH     COWSTBUCTION  ACTS   HAVE  BEEN   LET  BUT   CONST SUCTION   NOT   VET   STABTED.  XS  Location       Owner Architect  Contractor  Burrard & Comox Sisters of Charity  Victoria    Congregational  ��������� Pender  near Abbott John   Walker  G40 Hastings W Canada Lite  ' "t.  Grev  Western  He".  Schools  Powell St  Mark Toi  ���������.Vaterfrunt C. P. R. & Dom. Gov.  Keefer   nr   Main Sam   Kee  Princeton. B. C Peter Swans-on  Pender it Homer Dom. Trust Co  Melville & Burrard XV. H. Rambey  Seymour Creek City of Vancouver  Point  Grey Sisters of Sacred  Heart  Victoria,  B.  C.. . .Provincial  Government  Georgia and Granville C. P. R.  Pundledge River Canadian Colleries  Steveston    Dom.   Govt.  Victoria T. N. Hibben & Co.  Xorth    Vancou \~er Jits.    Fell  Shaughnessy  Hts Mrs.  Dr   Mackay  Georgia & Hornby Mr. Evans  S'lS cor Homer & Duns. .Wilson Sz Harris  Hastings   st las.   Borland  Thurlow and Alberni Beggs Auto Co.  Lonsdale.���������No; Vancouver School Board  Thurlow. and  Haro T.  F.  Paterson  Seymour and Dunsmuir........H. Pybus  M27   Rob-on.  Chas.   G.   Muller  Gore 'Sz "Hastings Hooper & Snider  Hastings and Dunlevy. .Dr. T. H. Wilson  Hastings and Main  .Molsons Bank-  Abbott & Peiulrill ;.'. T. Mathews  Keeler Sz Gore Mrs.  W.  Sanford  ..'ity School Boaro*  Bute  &   Nelson .Lightheart   Bros.  Gore   and  Pender Lee   Kee  Prince  Rupert: G.  T. P.  R.  R.  Davie   and   Hamilton....Otis-Fensoine   Co.  Harris and Main........ D. MeClaren  Powell st Mr. Snngulnetti  Bench Sz Chilco sts A.  D.  Goldstein  l.iun.--imiir it. Beatty...... C. A. .Godson  Tippernry   Park,   New   Westminster.    . ...  'Va'r'ls 'i-iniirf '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.VZZ.'Z.'.'ZZ.bZc' 'li' it.  Granville & Georgia. . IT   nir'--- Snn������'  Lid.  So.  Van.............: So.  Van.  School  Board  Victoria K. of P.  Hastings, &  .lacl'son A.   G.   Ferrera  New   Westminster. Roy.   Columbia   Ho.sp.  Cardero & Comox D. D. Hutchinson  D. L. 301 ......City  Thurlow  Sz Pender Mrs.  S.  Wood ���������  Granville & Cordova C.  P.  R.  100  n'k.  Cordova  B ...A.  C.   McNeil  Quadra  &  Flrguard l.st  Presbyterian  Richards   st Haley   &   Sutton  Coquitlam ..C.   P.   R.  So.   Vancouver    Baptists  A'exander st Brown & Howie  Pt.   Atkinson.... :...r>om.   Govt.  Powell nr. Gore K. Tsuchida  Sliaughnessey   Heights :....T.   Greenhow  New   Chinatown...    Chine-e  11th   and  Main.. J.   P.   Mathers  Eburne    Mr.   Grauer.  GlO-lOth ave W ...J. G. Chalmer.s  2S3S-46 Granville H. E. Selman  633   Granville   St Akrovd   Sz.   Gall  Fraser ave South  Hill  Baptists  Water  St Dr.   A.   Thompson  436 Sth .ave -E   767-75  Hastings  E   736  Powell  st   Burrard  &  Eveleigh   Albert   St   ....T. J. White ide   R. A. Wallace   J.   B.   Johnson   B., T.   Roger-   !....- Chine e  Pender St. W M/*'*HoH ^"Tfli'iv  fi50 Seymour St....D. S. & D. J. M'cLach'an  Kam'oops       ;������������������*vr-d'en*-.<-*  C. P.  R. Reserve Stewart & Cromie  R.  F.  Tegen Norton  Griffiths  Bresemann   &  Durfee T.   11.   Brown  Braunton  Sz Leibert F.   L.   Langer  Darling & Pear.son....Macdonald & WiUon  Maclure Sz Fox J. J. Dissette & Co.  XV. F. Gardiner E. J. Rvan  Contrs.   Westinghouse, Church, Kerr "Co.  Bryan & Townley ill. P. Forshaw  Bresemann & Durtee C. P. Stanley  H.   S.   Griffiths Norton-Griffiths   Co.  Quandt & Creutzer Ferro.   Const.   Co.  U .  S.  Lea Burrard  Engr.  Co.  et  a,  C.   G.   Badgely S.   J.   Lund  F.  M.  Rattenbury. ..McDonald & Wilson  W. S.  Painter Skene & Christie  Conii.any Grant-Smith   &   Co.  Govt.   Engineer T.   F.   Sinclair  Thos. Hooper. .So.un'd Const. Sz Engr. Co.   '. ..'    Norton   Griffiths  W.  A. Doctor.*..- Egdell  & Dixon  E. S.  Mitton Egdell  &  Dixon  Dalton  & Eveleigh Baynes & Horie  Parr, McKenzie & Day B. David on  L. E. Gordon.....;..Dom. COnst.  Supply Co.  Jameson Sz Blackadder.J'EWright & Co  XV. D.  Van  Siclen Dom.  Cone.  Co.  I-I. L. Stevens & Co..H. L.; Stevens & Co.  W. D. Van Siclen.. .Dom. Const. Co., Ltd.  Thos. Hooper ;.. .Frantz Const. C>  L. IS. Gordon. . .... .Dom. Const. Co., Ltd.  H. L. Stevens Co....'.'.H. L. "Stevens Co.  A. J.   Bird .......R.   McLean   Sz   Co.  Hugh    Braunton ...13.   G.   Albin  N.  A.  Leach ; . . McLain  &  Co.  Owner--     Owners  S.  B.  Birds C.  L.  Williams  Co.   Engnrs British   N. -A:   Const.   Co.  'i'lios.   Hooper .McDonald   ,1   Wilson  Townsend  &. Townsend E.  J.   Rvan  Owner  : : ���������'. E.  .1.   Rvan  W.P.WIiilc.Bookor, Campbell  &  Whipple  G.   P.   Boxvio: A.   Adam-.  Gardener X- .Mercer ........ Adkin  on Xz Dill  N. A.  Leech..Canadian Forro Conci-elo Ci-.  B. C.   K.   It .McPhalen   Bro *.  Somervell  &  Putnam Norton-Griffiths  .1.   IT.   Bowman   .McPhalen   Bro .  Bresemann  Xz  Durfee Anderson   Bros.  F. IT.  Perkins   Davis, Sanders Sz Co.  S.-B.  Birds  .-.  Adkin.son Sz DIV  R. M. Frlpp  F. J. Kelly .t Son  X. A. Leceli..Booke-r, Campbell & Whipple  W. P.  White S. C.  Briscoe  Contrs....We-tinghouso, Church,  Kerr Co  J.  P.   Matheson  &  Son....Dom.  Const.'Co.  XV.   R.   Wilson Parfitt   Bros.  Braunton  &  Liebert....Dax*i.s-Sanders  Co.  Company ....S.  Gordon  Sz Son  J. P. Matheson & Son Mr. Thompson  Braunton  & Liebert... Egdell  &  Dixon  Govt .Rourke,  McDonald  & Moncrief  W.  M.  Dodd J. J.  Frantz oCn:t Co.  G. P.  Boxvie.         ...W.  W.  .Terrett  Stuart,  White & P Wood. & McDonald  W.  P. White Booker; Campbell & W.  Russell, Babcock & Rice........A. Williams  Perry & Nicolais  ��������� E. J. Ryan  J.  P.  Matheson & Son Alonzo Smith  S. B. Birds :��������� C. L.  Williams  Horel   &   Roberts .Day   labor  Sharp  &  Thompson.-.Rourke,'  McDonald*  &��������� Moncrief.  .H.    A.   Hodgson Owner  Braunton  &  Leibert Allen  &  Jones  Contr;    .....Alex   Dunlop  K.  Bryan ..J.   H.  Vicker*  Stuart, White & Peters....W-.ood & :McDon-;.  '���������'  aid. ���������    ' ���������*  '-������������������-' ' ������������������--.   ������������������"������������������'*: ':  E. XV. Houghton ..I. J.  Frantz'Con. Co  F. .T.'PeteTS  It.-'McLean  & Co.  G. B. Kaufmann..W. Can. Trust Co., Agts  G. P. Bowie .* Adams Const. Co.  NOTICE.  Our - Office ,aiid .Warehouse Remoyed^to  839 BEATTY ST., COR. ROBSON."  -v.     .;   . . Phone Sey. 7155.    ���������"���������������������������     ; ;r  DOilN EOUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO^  > The fmpgal  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND NOVELTIES CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES  Phone Sey. 6122       VANCOUVER, B. C.       409 Hastings St. W. .(Raar)I  Vancouver Roofing Co  Contractors Tor -  r������r and Gravel Ro-sfln***-*. Dampprooflngr  * Expert Roofing; Repairing;  Sheet Metal Work of all ���������Descriptions  'actory, 1921 Triumph St.   Sey. 4130B  Vacuum    Cleaner- Plunts.      OhnroL  Xtodere and School Purnltttro.  Theatsg  and   Opera   Choirs,     Metal   XiOofeer  Ind   Office   Fixtures.     Wall   Barlap*  'i BtO.        ' I  Phone, Sey, S476     533 Perdsr St. "WS  T"  E very th fog  Pertaining;'  To Floors Of  WOOD  VANCOUVER rS-QOR CO.  Hardwood   Floor  iayors  and   Finishers.  Sth Ave. & Glen Drive Phone Fairmont 1GtZ\  FIRK AND BUUOL.AR PROOF  SATES  See.  E. G. PARNELL  Phone: Sey.   1584 567  Hamilton   St  G. E.  &C0.  T'jrnbull Elevators & Lowerators  Contractor's Material Hoists in Stock.  319 Pender St.    Phone Sey. 6910.  CARPENTERS  ���������*- )  Contractors,������Bui!ders and  Others   Requiring  Carpenters  RING SEYMOUR 1380  No Office Fee    Competent Kelp  FURNISHED  Dunham Vacuum  and  Vacuo-Vapor Heating  Systems  Ask  for  Latest  Catalogme  and  Particulars.  157 Water St. Phone:  Sey. 5632.  HEATING AND VENTILATING FANS  BOiLERS, CONTRACTORS HOISTS  Office Suite 614-615-616. B-nk of Ottawa Bail-Una;,  B.C. Screen & Manufacturingr Co. Ltd]  SLIDING AMD CASEMEMT WINDOW SCREENS  CHURCH AND LODGE FURNITURE  STORE AND OFFICE FITTINGS  266  Dufferin  Street  Bast Phone. Fairmont 1643 ...     VANCOUVER,.B.  Of  ALL KINDS OF  WhoBesale and Retail  Tlie Contractors'  [Phone Sey. '41,0*5.;  Supply Co.  310 Richards $t.j  Producers of ;and. Dealers In  BUILDING MATERIAL  SAND.    GRAVEL,   CEMENT,    LIME,    BRICKS,   ETC,  Office and Store: 1527 Main Street  phone Fairmont 105O  Vancouver B. CI '"T^^m'Ly2\&i&������zi������/!=S*������&*F2Zrir*2  r-^^T^rri"-*-" s2^^^������r^fr:ii^^^^irss^^-2  ST1*, s J^rT^.-fyv- fy^f^r-rr���������  ���������sgwwmaiiwiiiiwiiiii  rr-" ?v,.T������g^?r, Tr;r?JrXKgiCr^-i!^b*^SS  t-������j^-ij:^iiiji /jii^d&ifWu.  DAILY BUILDING RSCORD.  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  RNEYOXFORD  The GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., LIMITED  Wholesale  Distributors of  Steam and Hot Water Boilers-'  Hot-Water  and   Stsam   Radiators  Warm-Air Furnaces and  Registers  566-570  BEATTY ST.  PHONES Seymour 7596-7597  ���������ARCHITECTS.  .Sey   SS4fc  ������������������Bill  Toronto  / London, Eng*. "  ROBERT WTHUNT & CO., Limited.  ���������fSPECTION       s TESTS CONSULTATION  Jet ion of Steol, Cement, Building , Bridgres, Pipe, Balls, Cars. Locomotives  pecond-liand Equipment, Creosotod  D-laterials,   Coment    Testing1,  Physical  Laboratories and Offices. ,  In Bank of Ottawa Bldg*., Vancouver, B. C,  |   nuiui vaiiuuuvci uudi t  s OUJJJJiy UU.r LIU.  HLERS   IN   COAL,   BRICK,   LIME,  CEMENT,   SEWER   PIPE   AND  HiRAL BUILDERS' SUPPLIES.  RS6 Lonsdale Ave,  -  Wharf foot ot St, deotge Avo.  U                                           Phones 198,  178.  na Sev  220  Sev  550*-  Hcv  j'jO.  ,Sev  5'������.  ...Sey.  6677  ...SfV  1,6  Scy  SI 62  he>  613  ..   Se>  fi'lR  Sov  ow  biM i  Sey  2912  ,ei  ���������   ���������   .  .. Se\  909<  ... sev  493.  ...Sc>  5473  .. .Sey.  2615  Sev  841.  ..  Sey  6G94  Sey  1391  .Sey.  4921  3C  66  Se\  5.")������'>  GET  YOUR  ESTIMATES   FROM  |adian and American Contracting and Investment Co..  Limited.  Plastering, Cement, Brick, Stone and Tile Work.  Quality Work, mig/ht Prices and Promptness Quarnntesd.  Bay. 8460 Offloei  104 Bmplrs Bids;.  BuragaSow Magazine  T������ Builders and  Centracfors  CONTAINS SUPPLEMENTAL  { *'     *    ISSUE.  . M-. L. TAYLOR  '< '*  rOII CANADIAN SECTION  703 DOMINON TRUST SLOG."  soz we c-fiMEsrs -rcsTiira nu>w������ ������������y. aestm.  J. P. WrigSii^F. C. S. Eng. rVS. A. C. S.  Specialist in Portland and Other Cements  . , 888 Bnttard atfMt  ���������AHCOVVSB,  s  jirt Advisor on Building* SCatorlals, Etc.  ISUCZCAL ANALYSIS  C.  Btrumbfert: Virtue &Co.  POLYGON CONCRETE MIXERS AND SPfeEADERS  BUILDER'S HOISTS, GASOLINE OR ELECTRIC  AGENTS FOR WILLSON FLARE LIGHTS'  ie. Sey. o9i0 ,  319uRender  St.   W.  I Alexander & Brown, ran held Bldg  ��������� Badgelv,  C   D ,  Rijgs-belman  Bldg     Baiber & B.uber, North  Vancouver   |Baikei,  II   11,  Hutchinson  Bldg Sey   SS31  , Bayl>,  G   M.Dom   TiUstBldg ,Sey   5643  Bud, A   J,  Winch Bldg .Sey   -USS  I     '-flu S. B��������� A.B k.B.A., 205-6   Duncan Bldg- Sey. 4o97  Eirkenhead, G. A.   71") Cambie St  I u.uLiniuuei,   ti     .No    "ancou   <_] 351  Bl-ickmoie,   E   C,  306  Loo  Bldg   .              .      Sey   2379R  niiir   r>i..'l    - >>   ppndei   XV..  &ej    <lu  Rov\ie, G  P, 203-07 Bank of Ottawa Sej    351  I jiuw.i.a..., a    K., Crown .Bldg*       .       Sey. 5021  Braunton S. Liebeit,  bl   Exchange  Bldg '   Sey   392  I Rre-CMiionn ,*i ��������� miee   Holden  Bid's. Xz Victoria Sev.  I Hi \.m,   Kcnnerl \    Noithvve^t  Tiust  Bijan   A.   Gilia n, X W   Ti-l and Victoi U  Campbell   Jl   D L\change  BPg  o\     Ulliur A, Caitei-Cotton  Bldg   Da'ton Sz l.voieigh. Davis Chambers   Dawson, J, Ho den Bldg  Doctoi,   XV    A , Aits Sz Ci aft-, Bldg  <������nl   \\    .\I    Can   Hank ol  Commpice  ....  Duncan   &  Sj monds, 717  Holden Bldg  Doijiicll.in,   J    J ,   K<-,������   -.liniiii   Blug ,  oev  Dutoui,  J   B,   Kl,'0s-belman   Bldg  Dew at, Andievv, 84 Lonsdale, Noilh Vancou\ei  Frasei, Kenneth, Mctiopolltan bldg....   .  Ftipp, R  MacKay, Hutchinson Bldg   Gamble & Knapp, Davis Chambers   G-ardlnor, Wm. FrodX, Hartney Chambers  Sould & "Wood, Kogu.s   Bldg  Goodfellou. w. D    303 V4  Hastings St.  \V.  jiant,   Henderson A. Cook, Williams Bldg  O-nintlis, il. ti., Dom. Trust Blag.  Gardiner fr Mercer, M.S.A., Hew Westminster  Gillam, "W   C   F   .\oith\M*st   Tiust  Ilammei, P.,  1116  Bute  St Sej    .1310!  Haigiea\es>,  L.  W ,  425  Saywaid  Bldg,  Vlctoiia.. . .274,  Heath, Go\e <������. N'euse, lletiopolitan Bldg Sey   783  Heijer & Archei    Dom   Trust  Bldg Sev   449'  Heide, A   P. Metropolitan  Bldg Sey. 534  Hodgson,  Hugh A, Carter-Cotton  Bldg   Se.v    6'6  Honej man & Curtis, &21 Pender W  Sey   lb.'  Hoopei,   Thomas,   Winch   Bldg Sej    535  -Hope. A. Campbell, Empire Bldg Sev   592  Hoiel & Robeitb,  1101-2 Dom   Trust    . Se>    190  Hoi ton & Phlpps, Pacific Bldg  Sey   709f  ���������Hoyt���������-W.-T   S.  709 Dunsmuir St be*>   2S0  James,  C   D,  Bank  of  B   N. A Sey.  953  Jameson & Duggan, 70S  Metropolitan Bldg...Sey     99-  Jones & Beatson, Hutchinson  Bldg Sev   502-1  Jones & Aupell, Hattney Chmb.3 and No   Van..Sey   441**  Kaufmann,  a. B., Savfe  Chambers  . s... Say. 443(  Keagey. J   XV, 82'  Pender St   W Sey. 274f  Keains,  N   A,  Rm   30,  Exchange  Bldg  -Machine & lnt   Pacinc  .'"���������dg...., Sey   439t  Matheson, J   P & Son, 809 Noitln\est Tru'st      Sey   753i  ���������Milton.   1,   Stanley,  Williams  Bldg i.bey. 542.  Moberg, Otto, 41   Inns  of  Court .     Sey   7171  Parr, McKenzle & Day, 570  Gunville St Sej     73i  ���������Perkins, T. H��������� Bntehlason Bldg; '.. .Bey. 473t  Perry  &   NicoUls,  Paciho  Bldg Sej    S99-,  F. X Peters, ^Metropolitan Buildiiia; -      Sey, SSi  Pracna,   A    B..,"8'21'Pender  St.   W Sey. 102:  W. D.'O. R. Boohfort, 407 Vembtrton BIds;M Victoria, 180<  U'en\on, Geo. H. MSA., Lie R.I.BA. Glencoe Lodge  Russell, Babcoc v & Rice, Metrop������itan Bldg ,. Sey.    987  sharp ������c j. nw>np������0h, .Old tra'" Bldg "i :S-������y. 10b  Somervell  &  Putnam.  Pacinc; Blagy.u Sey.'6231  Stroud, Angus 3, Carder-Cotton Bldg -..Se.v. 846'  Stuart ft Whit*, Metropolitan BnUainff,  ���������������������������rm-tuir esii  Taylor,-J. D - S., Bower ���������\1g Sey. 83H  Thornton & Jo ties, Old Safe Bldg: '. Sey     Sl<  Tnwniend *,To'vi������i.end. 620 Granville.".: Sey. 177<  T-wlEell'* TwizCll, 1*419* Metropolitan Bldg Sey. 792ft  Van Siclen & Macomber 51 Can  Life*Bldg    .     Sey. 415f  Wallington & Wheatley. Davis Chambers. ���������   Watson���������H   B, Holden Bldg Sey   3451  White, >W. P., HutchlnsoiB'Bldg Sey. 873-  Whiteway,   W    T..  Molsona   Bank ���������;.   ...Sey. 302'  Wickenden. C. O, 1062 Pender St   W Sey. 174  Wilson, John, 2n Pemberton Bldg, Victoria;1 1591  Vf'iieht.  RuMiforth St Cahill   709  Dunsmuir.. .Sey. 280!  j   R   Morrison,  712  Richards St Sey   2151-2152  -.o   Van   Coal & Supplj  Co, 56 Lonsdale,. ..V V   198-17*-  \m. N  O'Xeil & Co, 548-50 Seymour St   -Sey   4715-479;  titchie Contr & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sty, 91b  i   V. Winch & Co., Ltd. Winch Bldg Sey. 279-194-*  FLOOKING.  J   C   Hardwood Floor Co, 557 Gran-, lile....  i C Lumber Coip, Ltd, 1605 Geoigia ..  J   C   Supplj  Co, Dom   Tiust Bklg   an   Pac   Lumber Co , Ltd    Rt\ j   iSalsbuiv  Join   Sash & Door Co, 2120 Ccdai  St ".  I jle Smith A. Co.   1320  Richaids .Sey.  'rudential Buildeis,  Ltd, 101 Duffuin St.  W..l*ah  , Sev  ,  Sey.  bey  .Sej.  .bej  6S5-*  650,  bib  6S0'  bl 3<  1191  10  FUIHTACE AND SHEET MESiL.  cr>ie Plumbing 4c lltg   Co, 131  loth Ave. E ..fair   53  .rmsuong S. Wolfe,   1540 Sth Ave W Baj      2!n  i:   Cmnii'i'll X  Co,   10b4  Pender St   XV    Sev   2731  Tiandvlew Sheet Metal AVoiks, 1CS5 Venables    Sov   S70:  Pease Pacific 1 oundry, Ltd , 324 Liuke bl bej.  8397  uncouvui Roofing Co, 1U21 Tilurnph St bey.  11301  QAI.VA-NIZED IROH WOEKS.  rmstiong & \\olfe   1540 5th Ave W  ..       ..  Bav     2fli  Jiandviov.   shoot Meial   Wks.  1729  Venables.  Sev   52S-  ancouvei  Roof ag Co , 1921 Tiiumi-h St Sej    4130R  GAS   APPLIANCES.  lurnslde Gas Appl   Co, 1037-9 Granville St...Sev. 370  wiltei  Klnsej, 1J66 GianvilleSt fcej    905  'ancouver Gas Co, 16 Hastings St  E Sej   500i  GLASS���������ALL KINDS.  ,'m   N   O'Xeil ,t Co, o4S-50 Sevmour St..Sey  4795-479  tandaid   Glass  Co,   j_td,   S29  Bainard Sej.  b47i  vest   Plate Glass & Imp. Co, 1S3 Coidova E Sej    467  1S3 Coidova E Sej  HAaDWOOD floobs.  1   C   Haidvvood rioor Co,  567 Granville   an   Pac. Lumber Co, Ltd, Rwj   S, Salsbury,  aile,   E   A.,  Ac  Co,   532   Pendei   St   W   m   X   O'Neil Ac Co, 54l>-5u bevinour St.  Sej  .Sej'. ;'6S5  .Sey. 680.  .Sej 5471  4,95-479  titchle Contr. & bup  Co , Ltd, Oran St Bridge. Sey, 91b  Strumbert-Virtue AV Co.,  319  Penjjler St   W...Sej.  b91  CttOtinfeBl-UB.  Brown, Philip P, A.M.I C E , 419 Pacific Bldg    Sey.-8937  Kobinsoii,   *-   v������..   211   Holden   Bldg    .     .. sej   341.  Pea^o Pacific Foundry, Ltd, 324 Drake St        ..Sev  8S������  livtl^. W���������J.k&Sons-,'809-lpth ave E     Fahr. 27Ot  Dom. Sash & pobr Co.^liVce'd'a^St ZMMV. .".Jey^613i hlake Diether CoB������9^Main0itf0,,X,XCl,f'  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   AND  .  GUIDE.,  BUYERi  ���������EASE PACIFIC FOUNDRY LI1TI  Furnaces, Boilers, Pipe and Fittings.  School Heating and Ventilating Apparatus/  '  Office and Warehouse, 334 Drake St., Fhone Sey. 8397.  WESTERN MARBLE AND TILE CO.  British and Foreign Marble and Onyx  loo and .Works, 3149 Btaiir St. . ��������� Plione Pair. 810  a -   .   ,. ' ���������  \ -        -1. ��������� t% '      ���������.',.,  Vanoonvor, B.  o/  CANADIAN BUFFALO FORGE CO.. LIMITED.  tans, Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, Spiro Steam Turbines  Pumps and Air Washers  |A. Browning Vancouver, B. C.     ��������� 1361 Alberni St.  iONDS" LIABILITY  CONTRACT, JUDICIAL AND FIDELITY BONDS  EMPLOYERS, PUBLIC, TEAMS AND AUTOMOBILE LIA-  [LITY INSURANCE. PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND HEALTH  rSURANCE, PLATE GLASS; BURGLARY, MOTOR BOAT,  TEAM BOILER, SPRINKLER LEAKAGE, REGISTERED  JLAIL, TOURISTS' BAGGAGE, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS'  LMPLES AND FIRE INSURANCE.  London & British North America Co., Ltd.  WITH WHICH IS nrCOSFOKATZO  iVIahon, EVicFariand & Procter, Ltd.  ion* Sey. ease 543 Pender Street West.  A*KCKXTSCTVSA& TBBUa>. COCTA.v  Cullen,  E. G,  -tcS Pacific Bldg .        Se>.  2330-5021  Wm   N.  U.'iNeil & Co. Ltd.  648 Seywwnr   w������..Sey -��������� 4Ti,  Thomson, Wau C. Co.,^403 Dunimuir St     Se>   3394  Ritchie Contr. St Sup Co;' Etd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 91-6:'  .    ABPHAX.*   TBI.T.  Vancouver Roofing Co.. 1921 Triumpli St Sey. 41301  .was ���������psiK-zxwa.  City Map & White Print Co, 432 Cordo\a \V..Sey. 669  B1ICX~ALI   SZH9S.  Blake Diether Co., 9J5 Main St Se>. 141i  tu.i  i bliaie  Brick Co,  Ltd,  luU8 Metropolitan scy   Slo'  Cullen,  E   G,  418 Pacinc Bids Sej.  .'3^0-50-1  L.\ai.������, Coleman & Uvan&, ,1't. Columbia Sey.  2SS.  Greai West Sand & Gravel Co.; Ltd.. 1029 Main; Sey. 84!'  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New Westminster, B.C;, Phones 15, If  C. G^iuiner juniioon & Co., Jo'linyoii's Wlir'i'Sey 9146-aH  No   Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,.'.N.'-V: 19S-17  Wm. W.O'Neil..& Co.,.64S-50.Seym,our.St; ;Sey.' 4T95-479  Port Haney'.Brick Co;,v 6T6'Hastings. St.? Wi>. ^.v-Sey.'lSS1  Hitcme Contr. & Sup. Co,., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916  Van. Pres'd-vBrk & Stone; Ld; 101 Dufferin XV��������� Kair 10  R. V. Winch'.'& Co.. Ltd:.*;Wjnch; Bids:.. ... .-.Sey.,.279-194  BVXT.OXHG PEI.T8 AVO PAFEBS.       *     '  Blake Diether Co.,'925 Main St.........-...............:y......Sey. 1415  Heiuy Ijaning, 2b .Po'iveh- dt..... ........ ....'. .Sey. 51  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia...... .'Sey; 29S  C. Gardiner Johnson & Co.,'Johnson's Whf; "Sey 9146-914.  D.R. Morrison.  712 Richards St.........Sey. 2151-216:  Thomson, Wm. C. Co.,  403 Dunsmuir St.  ; Sey. 3394.  Vancouver Roof.ng Co., 1921 Triumph' St.*.....;...Sey. 41.30R  Wm. A. u'is-eii'<& <J"  :f'4s-Sn.-Scviinnir sjl. .tjey. ii������5-iia  BONDS���������STTEETY.   ���������    Ldn. &Brit. N. Am. Co., Ltd., Si3 Pender W.-.Sey.  62S'  rt. V.   Wii-K'h X- Co.. Ltd.. Winch BldR. .Sev. 279-194  Seeley & Co.,  3 :4 Winch-Bldg....:...:.'.-. '. .......Sey. 4911  CEMENT.   ��������� ������������������������������������..���������* ,'���������'-���������-���������  Blake Diether. Co.. 925 Main St........:................ Sey. 1415  Balfour, Guthrie & .Co., Winch Bldg.......Sey: l������7-592b  Canadian Builders Supply Co., 1901  Georgia . .Sey. 7175  Evans, Coleman &'Evans, Ft. Columbia. ......Sey. 298*-  Great West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029 Main, Se.v. S49 i  "'(.?; Garrtinpr Jnhnson'& Co.. Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-914'.  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New. Westminster, B.C., Phones 15, 16  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale.. .N. V. 198-17>  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-S0 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479."  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916:  R. V. Winch. &:Co., Ltd;, Winch' Bldg..-;'..- .Sey. 279rl94.  "; ���������   CEMEHT TBSTI������0"*AND.',ASSAY-bTO.   .  Eldridjre.  G.   P. <z Co.;  426  Richards  St.... ...J.Sey.  412.'  Falkenburg & L -.ucks, .152 Trounce Alley :..Sey.  7159  Wriuin' SS   h.:i:i-ni-Si ...        .ciey   i'2ou  Hunt,  Robt.  XV   Sz Co., Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  CONCRETE  MIXERS. -  B. C. Equip. Co., 606-7 Bank of Ottawa.. .Sey. 7056-781S  -ullen,  E. G., 4  S  Pacilic . bldg ...Sey'. 2330-5021  Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.,   1065 Pender St.....Sey.  571'  Dom.   Equip  & Supply Co,  508  Holden Bldg..:.l.Sey.  715;'  Robt. Hamilton & Co., Bank of Ottawa. Sey.    38:  Mussens,   Limited,  365   Water  St) Sey.  S23  Wm. N. 0"Neil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479  Ritchie Conti*. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 916  Strumbert-Virtue  &  Co.,   319   Pender  St.   \V...Sey.   691  CONTBACTOBS,   BBICK.  Dixon Sz Sutton.   1624 Grnveley St ....Sey.  85051  CONTBACTOBS���������GENERAL.      v  Armstrong, Morrison it Co.. Ltd., Bowel* Bidg  I'-!.  C.  Gran.  & Contr.  Co.,   Excliangc  Bldg. . .  Burrard  Const.   Co.,  301   Pacilic   Bldg.......  Itobin-'On.   I..   G..   211   Holden   Bldg .-  Expert Bldrs. & Fner-*,   Carter-Cotton   bldg   I    r>fe Smith  & Co,   1320  Richards". . .V "..Sev   119  ancouver tloor Co.;.Sth Ave and Glen Dri\e. .Fair. 161  <  EAKOTOOS LUMBER. '  -Smith. J  Fjfe & Co.  1S20 Richaids St     Sty. 1196.  HEATING���������HOT AXS,, SJEAW? AND VENTILATING.  .cme Plumbing t\- Htg  Co, 131 10th A\c. E ..Fair   537  vrmstiong Sz Woite,  1540 5th Ave W Bav.    2i������  larr & Anderson,  114  Hastings St   W Sej-   618>  ���������Jurnhide Gas> Appliance Co, 1037-9 Granville, bey  370  Jan   Buffalo Foige Co   (G  A. Browning. 1261 Alberni St  1   E   Campbell & Co,   10b4 Pender St   W Sey   273i  Dunham Sjstems,   157  Water St Sev   563  \   G   Langiey  Sz Co, Ltd. 319 Pender W Sey   3Rt  Pease Pacific Toundry, Ltd , 324 Drake St     .      Sey. 839  oimth,   V\.  J   X.  Son,   809   10th-Ave., E  aozsTxna sxaacate.  J   C  Eqi)ip. Co.   6u6-7 Bank of,Ottawa.. .Sey  Oom.  Equip & Supply Co, 508 Holden Bldg  Z  G   BiacKVvell, lou Alexander St   Mullen,  E   G.  418  Paciflf  Bldg Siy  Henry Darlins, 28 Powell St.' is.*.   Hallman Macmner^ co , ^,iu , .ji-io .���������k.n.Atti.ue,. .^^  Robt. Hamilton & Co , Bank of Ottawa Sey"  Mussenu. Limited, 365  Water St,     Sej  7056-781  Sei 715  Sey   17J  .Sey. 512  3b  623  nr-rtinxoB rzyxaz.  E  G. Blackwell, 108 Alexander St Sey.  B.  C. Lumber Corp.,  Ltd.,   1605  Georgia Sey  173  650  B.+C.-Screen &Mfg..Ooi,v&6������ib*AfIferj*n Si 03--- FiilB}l6-<;  Can.'Pac. Lumber Co,'Ltd., Rwy./& SWsburv . .Leyz 680  'Jom. Sash & DoOr Co., 21i0 CedarTSt.s Sey.- 613i  : Gardiner Johntrott Hz-iQoAvf^ljimwn'.aZtft&t, Sfry'VUtRlflW,  Vm. jN. uNeil iz Co, 548-50 -jesmour St..Sey  4795-479  .itthie Contr. & Sup  Co, Ltd, Gran St Bridge, Sc\. 910  Thom-on, Wm. C. Co.,i40S Duru.muir St     Se>   3394  ancouvLi 1 lour Co., Sth Ave and Glen Drive. .Fair. 161  zmov aits B-rxxz-���������a-fbvctit&aiu.  ullen, E. G.,  4 8 Pacific Bldg   ' Sey. 2330-502)  anada 1 ouiiui.n   Co., Ltd,  1066 Pender St fc>e->   oil  .vanu.jColeman & Evana. Ft. Columbia��������� Sey.  298  ..-^G-UMi-ner John*-en-&,Co., Joh������*ioo'������-'-Wlif, Sey SCU6-914  3oteghIan, J. Sz Sons. Exchange BidK_, ..    Sey. 794-  ������   G. mingiev   & Co..  Ltd.. 3������ ^Fender TSV Sey.  S89  lorris, S   M. & Co., Istd.. 2139 -Cedar 6t_L: Bay 104  .itclue Contr  dz bup   Co , Ltd,'Gran  St Bridge, be-j, 910  .m   N   O'Neil At Co . 548-50 Sejmour St..Sev   4795-47-1  _  . Sev  \ ilklnson Co, Ltd, S46 Beach Ave Sey.  XBOXT AND   XTESL���������Om-aAKENTAL.  791  . Se.y.  1S3<  .Sey.  229'  .Sev.  '814-  .Sey.  311:  .Sey.  7331  GAS AND STEAM ROAD ROLLERS  ;-:':-:-:BOILER^;: -^"'ENGINES^'  vHYbiAUL^AND -ROAD MAKING ^MACHINERY  ""���������������������������?���������������������������. '-��������� ���������-���������'-'.;Besti-fofthe'West"'"���������.'���������-" :.   "'.'  M8 Main Street.  Vancouver. B.  CO-NTKACTOBS-EXCAVATINO,    ETC.  llly.y.0, S., 224 Harris    St : Sey.  753*.  CONTBACTOBS LAND CLEABINO  Penny, J.  S���������  319 Pender St Sey. 4702  CONTBACTOBS���������MASON.  Can.  & .Amer.   Contr.  &  Inv.   Co..   Ltd.     ,  CONTBACTOBS���������PAINTING   AND  DECOBATING.  Abbs, Job. S., 2125 13th Ave. W.  Mui-pny,  Jas.,  Sz oon,   112  Crown   Bldg. .......Sey.  870',  CONTBACTOBS���������TILE���������TEBBAZ3SO.  B. C. Supply-Co., Dom. Trust Bldg Sey. 616  IX  R.  Morrison,   712  Ricliards  St  Sey.  2151-215.  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479.--  Thomson, Wm. C. Co., 403 Dun.smuir St.    Sey.'3394.  ���������Van. Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave Sey. 15U  Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St Fair. ���������81(-  CORNICE AND BOOriNG.  Armstrong & Wolfe. 1640 5th Ave W Bay.    296  Cullen,  E.  G.,  418  Pacific Bldg Sey.  2330-5021...  Grandview Sheet Metal W'ks.,  1729  Venables. .Sey. 6284  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St...  .Sey. 445S  Troy   Ronfine  Co., .814   Metropolitan.... .Sey.  7417  Vancouver Roofing Co., 1921  Triumph St Sey. 4130R  EX.XSUTBICAL    CONTBACTOBS.  Alltree & Churchland,  976 Granville St Sey. 2707  Elec. Construction. Co., 544 Howe St..'. .. .Sey. 1336-7951  Imperial  Agcys- Corp.,- 314  Pacific  Bldg Sey. 6122  .    ...,/..���������..���������.,>ni.i...,.lo.-.     '���������';..' ...Sey. 1409  G   Blackwell, 108 Alexander St        Sey   173  :. C. Supply Co., Dom. Trust: Bldg............Sey. 616  Jullen,  E.  G.,  418  Pacific Bldg .........' Sey,  2330-502  ..aiiu.ua Foundry Co:,'Ltd., TOMS'Pender St Sov.  57 i  lords, S.' M. &' Co.,, Ltd., 2130' Cedar St.l ���������:...Bay 104:  . in. N. O'Neii <fc Co., 545-50 rieyiiiour'-si. .Sey. -ii;.-j-4i'  ���������-Ebomson,Wm.C-Co.,-403 Duni-muir St.. ;Sev. 3394;  iiicnie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 91C  LATH���������METAL.  .. G. Blackwell; 108 ���������-'Alexander St .... .....Sey. 17."  ��������� lake. Diether Co... 925 Main St:..;....���������...:...... .......Sey.'1411  .'ullen, E.  G.,  4  8 Pacinc Bl'dg'!X*.. ...Sey..2330-502  -.vans, Coleman &.Evans, Ft. Columbia . ..Sey. 298.*  . Gardiner Joiinson 6c Co., Johnson's \V hf, Sey'9H6-91-*  ���������.- R.  Morrison,   712  Richards   St Sey.  2151-215  vm.N. O'Neil & Co., 548-60 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479  .itchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 916  LATH���������WOOD.  C.   Lumber  Corp...  Ltd..   16M5   Georgia Sey.  6Ri-.  lake Diether Co., 925 Main St.:....:....... Sey. 141f  an. Pac. Lumber Co., Ltd., itwy. & Salsbury. .oci. 6So  Join. Sash & Door Co., 2120 Cedar.St . Sey.  613  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., 56 Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-1  LISIE.   .-,���������������������������'  salfour.' Guthrie & Co.. XVinrh -Bidg.....' ..Sev. i R7-5"  -Jlake Diether Co., 925 Main St....... ....Sey. 141C  anadian  Builders Supply. Co.,  1!*01  Georgia  :.otj.   ������������������-  iCvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columbia..... ..Sey. 29K  Jreat West Sand Sz '."ravel Co., Ltd.. 1029 Main, Sey. S4I-,  ..Gardiner Johnson dz Co., Johnson's Whf. Mev 9146-Hl  MUey. Bros., Ltl., New Westminster, B.C.; Phohes-15,'1  'o;-.Van.'Coal it* Supply Co.. 56: Lonsdale.. .N.  V...198-1'  .Vm, N: O'Neil'Sz'Coi;. 548-50 'Seymour St. .Sey.. 4795-479  pacific Lime Co., Pacific Bidg... ......... I'.Sey. 950  iitchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd.-Gran. St Brldge^Sey, 9H-  ���������-nover & Thomas, 959 Main  St Sey.  136  *.. V. Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch Bldg Sey. 279-19^  LIME���������HYDBATED.  .lake Diether Co.. 925 Main St :. ..Sey. 141i  'vans, Coleman' & Evans, l>'t.  Columbia. ......bey.  2U.V  U-eat West Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd., 1029Main, Sey. S4',  uni'.iii'fi* .l-'-itnson Sz Co.. JohnsonV'Whf, Se.v 9146-91-1  illey Bros., Ltl.. New Westminster, B.C., Phones 15, 1  !.'ucilic Lime Co., Pacific Bldg. . .".. .Sey. 95n  .itchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd, Gran. St Bridge, Sey, 911.  LUMBEB AND  SHINGLES '  ialfour, .Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg.......Sey. 187-592  ���������.   c.   Laimlicr  Corp.,   Ltd.,   16ut>   Georgia Sey.  65(������  an.'I'ac.  Lumber Co.;  Ltd., Rwy. & Salsbury. .Sey.  680  ��������� >m.   .-'���������������������������'ll  Xz   linnr Co..  2120  Cedar St.... . Se.v.   613  Prudential'Builders.  Ltd.,  101   Dufferin St. W...Fa!r  in  ertninai Lmbr Sz Shgl   Co., 308 Cotton Bldg...Sey. 799  ���������sew ton Sz Gieer, Ltd,  Vancouver, 118 Gian.... sey. ItlS  Viclona,   1326   VVhart St    847  /ancouver Roofirg Co , 1921 Triumph St Sey. 4U302S.  Wm. S   O'Neil & Co, 548-50 Sejfliour at  -Sey   4795-479-3  I -.RTITIOJN���������ri-.-BPEoor.  31,'ike Diethei Co, 92~> Main St Sev. lll������  ,unen, E   G,  118 Pacific Bldg Sej   2SuO-j02i.  -vain, colemai, &z L\an->,  i t.  (^olumoia Sey   2SE3  J  Gardiner Johnson d^ i_o , Johiiaon a \\ hf, Sey bi46-ui43  .Vm   N   O Neil A. Co    548-50 be> mour fa--.,   bev-4795-471#S  Thomson,..Win   C   Co,   503 Dun.smun   St.    Sej. 330*.  Kitchie Conti   <L bup  Co. Ltd, Gran   bt Budge, sej, 91C4  PATENT   BEDS. ,  Holmes Disap   Bed Co, 3l'j Pender S<ey  642%  t-eilect Con   Bed Co, 570 Gian\iile bey   609.  iteverbible Cons   Bed Co . Holden  Bldg Sey   15S  PLASTEB.  Blake Diethei Co, 025  Main St .       .    _Se-r. 141S  Ballour, Guthrie Sz Co, Winch  Bldg     Sey. ikl-MZ.  u'len, E. G, 41b Pacific Bldg Sev. 233*i-jJ21 _  ^vans, Coleman & Evans, Ft Columbia...'... .be) 298.  ������ieat West Sand & Giavel Co , Ltd , 1029 Main. Sey 849������  Jillev Bros Ltd New Westminster. BC, Phones IS. t<5  Vo Van Coal & Supplv Co, 5C Lonsdale,. .N. V. 198-17������  >Vm N O'Neil A: Co , 548-00 Sevmour St Sey J795-47S4  titchie Contr & Sup Co. Ltd, Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 9162  ���������Shover & Thomas, 959 Main  St Sev   I3CS  PLASTEB   BOABD.  Hoke Diethei Co, 925 Main St . .    Sey. 1413  l   C   &ui-pl\ Co    Dom   Tium Bldg t,c*,    61Sj  ullen, E   G, 418 Pacific Bldg Sey. 2330-5021  G.mlinei Johnson it Co, Johnson's Whf, Sev 9146-914?  ..o Van Coal & Suppl.v Co, 56 Lonsdale,, ,N. V 198-17<5  Vm   N   O'Neil Sz Co , 548-50 Se> mour St.   Sey   479E-i73������  Thomson, Wm   C   Co, 403 Dun.smuii   St.    Sey. 3396.  titchie Conti   & Sup Co, Ltd, Gr.in  -St Bridge, Sey, 9US  PLASTEB PARTITION BLOCKS.  i   C   Supph Co. Dotn. Tiust Bldg   Sey. 6l������  ullen, E   G, 4i8 Pacific Bldg Sey. 2330-502*1  '   Gaidinci juhii^on At Co, Joiiii-son's VVhr, bey 9140-9U7  Utchie Contr iz Sup Co. Ltd. Gran  St Bridge, Sey, 91������S  PLASTEB���������ORNAMENTAL.  '  Gaidiner Johnson & Co ,'Johnson's' Whf, Sey 9146-9147  >   R   Monison,  712 Richards  St    Sey.  2151-215*  ���������,'m  N   ONeil & Co, 548-50 Sevmour St.  Sey   4795-47S3  titchie Contr & Sup Co, Ltd. Gran  St Bridge, Sey. 9l������S  PLASTIC  PLOOBING.  ���������aecollth- rioprin*g Co.,  301'Pacific  Bldg. S������y.  8l������  PIGS���������IBON AND TIH.  3alfour, Guthrie & Co., Winch Bldg Sey   187-592-9  *   Gardiner Johnson & Co . Johnson's Whf, Sey -9146-9147  -t. V. Winch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey   279-L944-  PIPE���������SEWEB.  "ullen, E G, 418 Pacific Bldg Sev. 2330-5021  Dom. Glazed Cem, Pipe Co., Dom. Tr Bldg..���������.&ey. H28S  uvans, Coleman & Evans,'Ft. Columbia"..... ivc*-y. iU86  Gardiner Johnson & Co, Johnson's Whf, Sev 9146-1147  rilley Bros , Ltd., New Westminster, B C, Phones 15. t������  No. Van. Coal & Supply Co., BS Lonsdale . .N V 198-178  !iit������h-������,Colltr 'H,t>up, Co- Ltd> Gran St Bridge, S<>y, 9162  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd, Winch Bldg Sey. *78-19������  PLUKT2ZNO.  Vcme Plumbing & Htg. Co, 131 10th Ave. E...Pair. 6W  \rnistrong.& Wolfe, 1540 Sth Ave W Buy     29C  Barr & Anderson, 114 Hastings St. W Sey. tlio  I. E  Campbell & C,o, 1064 Pender St   W. Sey*. J?3������  & ���������������  Sm.ltU &S,������,n,'.89,9 Ten*h Ave E Fairmont tUZ.  vValter Kinsey,  136S Granville St Sey   ������06i  Little & Lee, 682 Seymour St.   sey\ 445������  Murray Bros., 721 "Wain St .' s������y. tilt  PILINO AWD POLES. -   ,  ederal   Lumbar Co., 624' Pacific Bldg  Sey. 204*  The B. C. Powder Supply Co., 310 Richards St . Sey. 4105  BASZAVOB8 AW������ SOX&SS0. '  Tiihada Foundry Co., Ltd", 1066 Pender St...'..Sey. b"������  rfallman Machinery Co , Ltd.. 37-43 Alexander, .toy. ������SS  Robt. Hami ton & Co,, Bank of Ottawa :'.6ey* 4(5  V   G- ^n,5le:C&'C0.. Ltd.' 319 Pender W.j.^.BeyZSfW  Heitry^t>araitigi>|iJ>"oweTl "st ."7t.:..;.%..,,".. SeKf'iu  van,, Uuien.mi tz Lvaiio,  1 L/'ColuiiiDla....'.. .bei-^aw  Gardiner Johnson ���������& Co , Johnson's Whf. Sey ������146-������l������  >ewton & Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran.'...Bey. 1393  Vm  N. O'Neil * Co. sy^^^y^ur^MeyfVwwIS  ftaecolith Flooring Co., 301 Pacific Bldg,'....Sey? !i������  tiichtctJor.tr. S. fcup-ccr. Ltd, Gran  St Bridge.^v. 9L������  Thomson, Wm, C   Co , 403 Dur-bmuir St.    Sey. 339t ,  .Toy   Roofing  Co.,   814   Metropolitan Sey   741-3  ancouver Roofing Co., 1921 THumph,St Sey  4138*  , ttoortsa���������vBxsT ^Etsatss,., Z>  tSee tjornlc'e and "flooJlnK.)  Henry Darling. 28 Powell St.. 7?...\\\ ../.'.'.'..gy^  .i   , v-*".'    ������������������ ���������- 1..-1I.J,  n   iwoiuiubia bey. 29&������  Gardiner Johnson iz Co, Johnson'.-, Whf, Sey 914<"*-9l<L7  ewton & Greer, Ltd, Vancouver, 118 Gran....Sev   1297  ,    . ,    ��������� 'Victoria, 1326 Wharf St        . RXZ  itchie Contr  & Sup  Co , Ltd, Gran   St Bridge  Sov  9(fi������  dward  Tlmmnns, S38  7th AveiW..   ......[ ">!*?' 1^7  r'.nU-  Jolms-'M inville Co., Ltd., Winch Rldff.-Jaev  4t-?7  rhom oi,,.,,i ,. C. Co.,  403  Dunsmuir St. r Sey. 339i  ���������.Toy  Roofing Co., <������������������ 814   Metropolitan    .ii.Sey   ULZ  ancouver Roofing Co,,, 192i Triumph St ...,,Sey.:4130E  . ���������'.,'���������-������������������'^SABBS^VAtTL-T^DOdkB!'"'' :'."r'���������~  '  R. Morrison.  712 rcichards  St..  ***?��������� 0*AVEL AND  CBtTSHED BbOCK.  Uake Diether Co:", 925 Main St........:.....'.,���������.__. .,,'fi'ey"'-WIS  . aiiadian  Builder.s Supply-Co.,  1901  Georgia ..Sev' 7i-T  . A. Dewar Co.,  429 Pender St.   W.-; ^Sey   4534-S7S     ^  Teat U est Sand & Gravel.Co., Ltd.. 1029 Alain, Sey. Sit**  i.rl.artyner-?lin,son.& Co- -Johnson's Wlif, Sev 9146-916    \  ���������Illey Bros.. Ltd., New Westminster, B.C, Phones 15   lfi  ��������� o. Van. C6^1 & Supply Co.. 56 .LonsdaeT    S.  V   i������tl7  Toducers' Rock..& Grav. Co.,  Vancr., Front & iUnltaht  titchie Cnntr x Q���������n">���������    t ..v'ctorla. 4tp.re ft Chathaja  ShotVe������������fo^  Vancouver Sand & Gravel Co., ft. Victoria Dr. '.ley. c?|f  BASH,  DOOBS,   WINDOWS,   EXC  ^iLtTft 4<rrPac^-B.uy5   Ge0rg'a-- ��������� ��������� ���������^'^  Can. TD"~   ' ���������'��������� -���������-    -    ���������    -        1UCEINEEY.  .Sey.  '7rt58-7Sl  .Sey.   173,   Sev.   260'  1261  .-\ll."i*nt Si  ...Sey.  2330-5021  Jarvis &'Callv1'670.Rictiar'ds' St:-.  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES.  Mltree & Churchland,, 976 Granville  St Sey. 2707  Elec  Construction Co., 544 Howe St Sey. 1336-7951  Tmperial   Agcvs   Corp.,   314   Pacific   Bldg .Sey.  6122  \o. Elec. & Mnfg Co.. Ltd.. 313 Water St Sey. 740P  ���������RL^TA TOR CABS AND ENCLOSURES.  Cullen,  E.  G.,  418 Pacific Bldg Sey.  2330-5021..  ���������ui-,..;. -i-n'-i- '������������������v Co., Ltd..   1065  Pender St .Sey. 5710  Brennan,  G.  E. &' Co., 319 Pender St XV ......Sey.  6910  Am   .V O'.sei: & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St..Se.v. 47fl5-4^9.,<  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd   Gran. St Bridge. Sey, 9162  ELEVATORS 1*  Brennan,   G.  E. Sz Co.. 319 Pender'St W Sey.  6910  TTR-R   CLAY.  Blnke Diether Co.. 925 Main St Sey. 1415  Halfour. Guthrie & Co.. Wincu.jB'dg Se.v   I*'--;-;';-'  -���������vf.n<--    '"'"tr,-.���������-   Sz .F.vnn*-*    Ft.   Coliimhla . F"--    2!1S1  Gillev Bros., Lt"    Ni-w We-tn'l'n<--t.er, B.C.. Plione1*  15. 16  C. -^ardjiif-.r .loinison * <^n . Johnsnn's'Whi. Sei* ������ "'.'5-91 4 .  '.. C. P.-iuip. Co., 606-7 Bank of'Ottawa  :. G.  Binckwell.  10S Alexander St......  .   G.   Uiwvii-.l������nil.'on,   1048   Main   St...  ���������an. Buffnln Forge'Co*  <G. A. Browning  ullen,  E. G.,  4:8  Pacific  Bldg. .*   'anada  roundrv Co.,  Ltd.,   H>ti5  Pender bt Se.v  -"    Fouln   Sz S">->"'v   f'n.  i,dS   Holden  BU - Sey.   715S  Henry Darling. 28 Powell St.  Sey.  512  iiiiliiiiun  .viuciiiiiury Co., Ltu., 37-43 Alexander.'.bo.  a.  Kobt.-Hamilton it Co.. Bank of Ottawa Sey.    3S  '.. Gardiner Johnson dz ^o., Johnson s Whf, Sey 9146-914  ..  G.  LaiiKiev & Co..  Ltd.,  319  Pender  W Sey. 389  Mussens,  Limited,   365   Water  St...  Se.v.   S2.".  Wm. N. O'.-seil & Co.. 54S-50 Seymour St. .Sey. 4795-479  .Mtchle Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 916  Strumbert-V'rtne   &   Co..   319   Ponder   est.   W...F-V    R"'.  hompson. Wm. C. Co., 403 Dunsmuir St Sey. 3394  MANTELS���������BBICK, TILE AND WOOD.  Blake Diether Co., 925 Main St....:.: : Sey. 1415  D.  R. Morrison.  712  Richards  St... JSey.  2151-215.  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-4791-  Ritchle Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd. Gran. St Bridge, Sey. 916:  Thomson. Wm. C. Co.,  403  Dunsmuir St.    Sey. 3394.  Van. Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave ..Sey. 15H  MABBLE AND  ONYX.  D   R.  Morrison,  712   Richards   St... Sey.  2151-2152  Wm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Sevmour St. .Sey. 4795-479!-  titchie Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd. Gran. St Bridge. Sey. 916*.  Thomson. Wm. C. Co.,  403  Dun.smuir St.    Sey. 3394.  Van   Marble & Tile Co., 848 Beach Ave Sey.  151?  Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St...... .Fair. 810  OIL  BURNING   PLANTS.  Vestern  Stm. & Oil  Plants.  Ltd.  Dom Trust..Sey.  7676  PAINTS AND OILS.  Itenrv Darling.  28  Powell  St Sey.  51 r  Vm. N. O'Neil & Co., 548-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-479.*-  PAINTS���������"TIRE-PROOF.  ���������������������������ewtori & Gr^er. Ltd.. Vancouver. 118 Gran Sey.  1397  ���������virto^a,   lsofi  Wharf St 887  PAINTS���������DAMP   PROOF.  Tenry  Parllnsr.  28  Towell   St... .*::. Sev.   51;  '. Gardiner Johnson .������ Co.   Johnson's Whf. Sov 9U6-114';    ���������-dg..'.Sey   ,  :;SHINOLE. KANUPACTUBEBS   AND  DBALEBS  (See Lumber and  Shingles.)  ' SLATE.'--.--'r-- '-'-������������������-���������'-_':.'.:-.  u,Sav?ln-e������.J?,1,Ps2.n & Co- Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-91 <t  '} "h *V,������ ^elJ % Co- "8-5������ Seymour St.' Sey 479L47S������  {.;M;,vv'ncl1 & Co.. Ltd., Winch Bldg.7... Sey noliJ55  tchie Contr & sup. Co., Ltd. Gran.^St Bridge Sev- 916f  Western Marble & Tile Co., 3149 Main St..;.!'.Fair. St������  SLATE & TILEBOOFEBS  timmons,  E. & .-jons, S3S  7th Ave W...Z  STEAM PITTEBS.  .rmstrong & Wolfe,  1540  5lh Ave W.....  '������������������-^: Ca,"'l)be" & Co*.  10G*I  l'ender St   W  \Tl,ter������K,i,?sey'   1366  Granville  St..?  ....  ��������� ittle & Lee, CS2 Seymour St   -Fair. 1257X.  .Bay.    294  .Sey. 273������  '.Sey. 305*���������  ..Sey. 44SS  TANKS.  an. Pac, Lumber'Co., Ltd.. Rwy. & Salsbury.  Gardiner i*"." ^ "-    ���������- ���������-���������-   --    -'  Sey.'fi.SM  . Gardiner Johnson Xz Co., Johnson's Whf. Sev* ������n������.  i(J  .    G    Langiey & Co.,  Ltd..   319   Pender   W.7 . .Sey   ������Sfi  .Ittlfc A: Lee, 682 Seyniour St  Sev   m������  c-U'-rn, bieam.t uil Plants, l-.-.m. Trust bldg.. .Sey  7575  TILE���������DRAINING.  -���������vans, Coleman  &  Evans,   Ft. Columbia Sev   *-9fi(B  rreat West .Sand Xz Gravel Co., Ltd.. Iu29 Ala n, Sey  till  . Girdlner Johnson & Co., Johnson's Whf. Sey 9146-314?  *-mCJller)COntr;^Su|.)- Co' Lt(i- Gr������"   St   BMn   Sey -9Ifil  r lley  Bros-    Ltd., Now Westminster.  B.C., Phones  is   ir  Shover & Thomas, 959 Main St....!.......... seyi3-������  TILE���������FLOOB  AND   WALL.  '.].   R.  Morrison,   712   Richards  St   ��������� Sey.  2151-2 if;  J������*  'm. N. O'Neil & Co., 648-50 Seymour St'.'.Sey   tfVi-if'  Thomson, Wm.'C. Co.,  403  Dun.smui? St.    Sey. 339L  TEN  PLATES.  alfour  Guthrie & Co., Win-*h  Bidg...'. ...Sey. 187-S������l������  Wlfln^^^td0.? 8&46CBeaJc������rA%0en:a..Whf: ^Ve^t  R. V. Winch & Co., Ltd.. Winch Bldg..... .sVy:  279-l9������  VACUtJ-KiCLEANING  8TSTEMB.  *5a^���������& Anderson,  114  Hastings  St.  W.....   ..Sev   ������!*<������  E   G. Blackwell, 108 Alexander St.  . /. %!���������' I7M  The Duntley Store, 791  Granville St. Set' liS  Earle,  K.-A...& Co.',  632   Pender St:  W.......ley. 547S  I WATERPBOOP   COMPOUND.  Blake Diether Co.. 925 Main St  qPV   141c  ���������Ju.len   E. G    418 Pacific BWS.*....:....::.::::sey:T330-303l.���������  r.V       kt ,%-I.J?.n,.l;Jon ** Co- Johnson's Whf, Sey 9146-9Ur  Wm   N. O'Neil & Co., 648-50 Seymour St.lSev   4795-4798  Thomson, Wm. C. Co.,  403  Dun.smuir St.    Sey. 339.4.     .  WINDOW  SCREENS.  B. C. Screen & Mnfg. Co., 266 Dufferin St   E...Fair   16<t  Am. N. O'Neil & Co.   648-50 Seymour St..Sey. 4795-47SB  WINDOW   SHADES.  Howes, F. W. & Co..  '257  Granville St.... Sey.    S������  tVIRE   ROPE  ^nt'lo-B. C. Agency. Ltd.. 31 S'Homer.    Sev. 34"5  '���������Slake'Diether Co., fl2f.Mnin St '. Sey. 1415  '*    C    Iviuip. Co..  Hiih-i   Bank  of '")ilawa. .iiSev    ie&6-7.SlK  "    n    Blnrt-we'l.  ins .Alexnri.ler St I1...'..Sey   173*  '"ullen,   E.  G., 4'S  Pacilic   Rid-,'.' Sev    233fl-5(VV  v    G.   Lan-i'ey   *  Co..   Ltd..   319   Pender   W..'..Sey   389*1  Gardiner .lohri'-on X- Co., Johnson''-  Whf, Pcv 91 16-91 47  titchie i^ontr * Sup  Co., Ltd, Gran   St Biidge. Sev, 91R2,  ���������>      "      n--.,,.',   a.   r-���������      X ,,1       n-l���������,l.    ���������IAa c������,. -t   ,n.  I Wilkinson Co., Ltd., S16 Beach Ave. Sey. 7915  MMIMMIIMllimiMli^^^ JBITISH COLUMBIA  DAILY BUILDING RECORD.  Phones "Seymour," 2151, 2152  Mantels, Grates and Tales.  Let us figure on your floor  and wall tile. We have competent men to do the work,  our prices are rig!  712 RBCHARDS STREET  R & ANDERSON  FiMING and HEATING  international Automatic  Sprinkler Equipment  Fto Seyniour 6180  1063 Ho,mr St.  Vancouver 6. C.  APPLICATION -DEHXED  The application foi a tidiiifei of the  G.T P. hotel license to the Sullivan blocl:  has been denied 1>j the license lomims-  sioneis on the giound that tlieie .tie now  19 hoteli in tlie teuitotj .sought in the  applicitlon lor ti.mslti This lefusal  blocks, it is said, the intention ol the  ouneis to spend $100,000 in ,u i anting  Hist tUss hotel .iccommodatioii in the  Sulllvm bloiK  1 ' ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO.'  Limited  Public Works  Contractors  Office: 813-815 Bower Bldg. Vancouver B.C.  I A*nchlfc>ald Moir & Co  "TheMapMcn"  BLUE PRINTING  Draftlns TraclnB  I       gat-eli-abifity and Dispatch  loans TIB, 217 Empire Side Phone Seymour 5378  SHOVER & THOMAS  '  Sand' Qravel   and  ' Building Material  '���������patcne, Seymour ,1365.    Office and  i Wharf  P.   , 959 Main Street  HUNS   PILED.  O ^I.icdonald \b C CI itisen  1 I.   blk   IS.*),   DL   5JO,   $110  .1 1 Jluiu> \s If A youn  of le-suh div of lot 1, blk 17,  No.  Vnneouvei,  $70  Columbia Cla->  Co   \s R   "Wallace  26, 27,  blk  CO,  Dl'iSC,   ?2H6"1  lots   13,  ;    lot  13  DL   311,  lots  LOCAL TENDERS WANTED.  Notices for tenders wanted will be  published under this heading- until time  for closing* tenders has arrived, or until  all fi glues desired are in.  No charg*o is made for the lnsortion  of notices for tendeis in this column  unless they aie in the regular legal  form of official advertisements.  VANCOUVER  GENERAL  CONTBACT.  ���������"*"* ���������  Cammdn, Jmp'b-yiousw3?ace,  Vl and Building Pavers. ;/'  GoastShaie Brick Co. Ltd.  ��������� if30S METROP&LITAM BUILDING  '������ SEY. 8450 VANCOUVER B. C  t r ������.        ���������*  , ** ' "   I ���������   _'.lj   ^WALTER, KINSEY  PLUMBING; -HEATING  ,    ' AND   ' -   ' *-������������������-    '  ' ,GAS CONTRACTOR.','"->  1366 Granville St.       Vancouver, B.C.  ���������Phone  Seymoui' |9������5a;  CITY OF VANCOUVER.  Tenders for Pavements  Tendeis will be iecei\ed bj the undei-  ���������-iernf'd up to Tuodav Sept 17th 1112,  at 2 p m foi the constmctioii ot the tol-  io\\ Ing pavements ���������  Cieosoted Wood l51ock Pavement on  .Nelson Stieet, tiom Gianville to Homei  Stieets  leo oted "Wood Block Poiement on  Davie Stieet, fiom Jlichaids to Homer  Stieets.  Plans and specifications ma\ be .seen  -it the oflice of the Uit\ Engineti, and  foim of tendei  reoeneel  A deposit of an .imoiint equal to the  Pfi cent of the contiact must he made  with each tender, bv m.tiked cheque pa\-  ablp to the Citv   TieasuiOr,  The Iov\e������t 01 tnv tcudci, noL ntfees-  sanl\   accepted   ' 1  , WOT. McQTJEEN,  ���������   , '    City Clerk.  City Hall, Ya/irou\ei, 13   C.  Sept   10th. ,1912.  MUNICIPALITY OPET. GREY,  ���������'   ,Z   Water Supply/.  "t   CONTRACT NtJi 21.        <���������   . -  .J. ,  *:"������*M'? c jPlpo "Laying',  Qenl. Conti.���������By Aiclit 1' K Peikins,  lititchiii'-on hit1 (j po Itlvolv liom selected (.onti 5 onlv, loi election of 5--to Ink  and mill con-t hotel bldg* on Hastings  St E loi H Pope Hitls to be in b\  .MoncLiv.  Sept   -1   at  2  p in 9  Genl Contr.���������By \icht A\ m IT Paw -  >on, Utli A\e between Willow and  Ileathei sts until Sept 10, loi election  o1 i sto bik and mill const apmt-. loi  R   JI    Moi^an '" 10  Genl. Contr.���������By W'estei n Bnsalovv Co,  Dominion Tiust Hldy*. foi election ot 3  loom  bungalow 10  Genl. Conti.���������By .Aicht 12 Ptanlov  Mitlon. \A llliam--���������-ljlclpr, itn genl conti foi  aUeiations ind addn *of 1 sto to ic-i-  dence of Mis   Djilinf?. TTaio st li  Genl. Contr.���������By C M Whelpton,  chanman of school boaid, South Vancou-  \ei, foi election of two loomed haine  school bids   at "West Collingwod 21  BRICK   WORK,   BOIX.ERS.  Brickwork���������By AYiles & Flshei Tenth  A\e and Jlain St, loi bnckwoik in 4~to  bik and mill const loomniK house on  Hastings St   foi  His   TI   B   Hamilton   12  Brickwork���������By E-idell & DK011, Welton bldg, toi bnckwoik In ie idence on  Shaughnessy Heights toi Mi Justice  Jlomson 6  CANALS,   CEMENT,   CONCRETE. I  Concrete   Work���������By    Halloian    Const  Co   25 Hastingst bt E, foi  conciete woi k  in iesidence and gaiage tor Di   Bijdone-  Jack.  bhaughno&sj   Heights. is I  CXmHaaXuG A-iHii  trtcUBBING.  Clearing*���������By N01 th Vancom ei Lai;d &  lmpio\ement Co , Ltd,   5 13 Pendei St, 101  'dealing block 232, D '-L   o46, .\01th  Vancouvei     Specifl������������Uions on flic 111. the com-  panv't, VaticOtivei   0(fii.-c., ' ��������� 1-  Cleaiing-���������ByLlJo'w,  Tiaser &> Co , Ltd ,  ���������517  Cambie.-tit    foi   <J earing*  101  lot>>  in  U     L     26 IA,    "jTWiflMen-  Ceived until Sept   9 "���������- -  Tenders    le-  Painting*���������By   Aicht    G     13    Kaulman,  Da\is   Chambers,   loi   painting  lesilence  cn Shaughnessy Heights loi Gi_o E T101  ey 5  Painting*���������By Aicht E Stanle\ Mit-  ton, Williams bldg, loi painting 111 al-  Unitions and adtln to iesidence on lluio  st,   lor  .Mi s   Dai ling IS  Plastering*���������By Aicht i: Stanlev Hilton. Williams bldg, loi plasieiing In  altLiatioiis and addn to ie-ldcnce on  Jlaio  st, foi   Mib   Uaillng lb  PiJisteriugr���������By Wiles dz 1'ishei, Tenth  Ave and .Main M , 101 pla toi ing in Isto  bik and mill const looming house on  Hastings St   loi   Mis   IT   B   Hamilton  12  Plastering*���������By Aicht   G   13   Kaufman,  Da\is    Chanibcis,    loi    p.asteimg    iesidence on Shaughnessv Height", lui   Geo  E   Tioiej 5  I Plumbing*���������By Egdell Sz Ui\on Welton  bldg, loi plumbing in iesidence on  bhaughnessv Hei0hts loi .Mi Justice  Moiiison 5  Plumbing*���������By Aicht G 13 Kaulman,  Da\is Chambei s, foi plumbing in iesidence on bhaughness> Heights loi Geo  12   Tioiey 5  Plumbing*���������By Aicht IS 'Stanley Hit-  ton A\ ilhams bldg. loi plumbing in  alteiations and addn Lo iesidence on  Haio bt, toi   Mis   Dailmg IS  BOOPING,   RESERVOIRS.  Roofing*���������By AViIes ^ l^ishei, Tenth  Ate ,t. .Main st loi zooimg on 4 sto bik  and mill const looming house on lias-  tings St loi Mii II li Hamilton 12  STONE,   STEEL,    SEWERS,    STREETS.  Stonework���������By Halloian Const   Co   25  Hastings   st   E,   loi    stoneuoik   on   iesidence   foi    Di     Bnilone-Jdck,   Shaughnessv Heights IS  I              '     SBEET METAL WORK.  j Sheet Metal���������By Wiles & Fishei, Tenth  Aie and Jlain St, lot sheet metal woik  in Isto "bik and mill const looming  house on Hastings St foi Mis II B  Hamilton 12  I Sheet Metal���������By Egdell & DK011. Welton Bldg, loi sheet metal woik in iesidence on Shaughnessy Hoighta 101 injustice  Monison 5  TILE, TERRAZZO, TERRA COTTA.  Tile���������By Aicht   G   B   Kaufman, Daws  Chambeis,   foi    hollow   tlio   in   iesidence  on   Shaughness}    Heights,   ������01   Geo    15  Tj 01 ey. 5  WHARVES.  '       WIRING, WATERPROOFING,  ' Wiring-���������By Egde'll' &= Bivon, Welton  bldg, foi olectiical w 11 ing in iesidence on  ShaugJ)nessy Heigjits tor M.1 Justice  Ifoi 1 Ison ,,,���������**��������� 5  GASOLINE AND OIL STORAGE  The "Wayne" Gasoline and Oil Tanks and Pump]  Sole Agents. '[  A. G. Langiey & Co., Ltd  Phone Seymour 3892  319* Pender Street  B. C. EQUJPMENT CO.  Machinery Dealers  CONCRETE   MIXERS,   STEEL   CARS,   ROCK   CRUSHERS,   ELECTJ  STEAM    AND    GASOLINE    HOISTS.      WHEELBARROWS,  TRANSMISSION  MACHINERY, GASOLINE ENGINES  PUMPS  AND   ROAD   MACHINERY.  Phones: Seymonr  7056-7818.  Offices: 606-607 Bank of Ottawa Bl  IN STOCK.  Three 15 Cwt. Hand Derrick Cranes.  One 2 Ton Hand Derrick Crane.  Two 2 Ton Electric Hoists.  Phono  Seymour  512  i<  HENRY DARLING  28 Powelll  We are the sole manufacturtriS  "Machine-made  Glazed   Cement Bel  Pipe in British  Columbia. '  DOMINION GLAZED CEMENT PIPE CO., LTI  Office:   Dominion  sTrust /Bldg*.,    Vancouver,  B.. C.     Phone:   Sey. 828(31  i,.     PHONE SEYMOUR'4670  DOMINION BLUE PJRINT-' -&  DRAFTING CO.  ���������35-37   Inns, of   Court  t  '���������Km  7 ���������-,���������, /  VANCOUVER, B. C  TERMINAL LUMBER & SHINGLE CO.  ���������LIMITED.   ' ,' .-*  ���������flt^ITTTrACTUBBBS  OT  FIHTS  LUMBER. AND SHINGLES  W. B. COOKE & CO.  308 Carter %o^J^monl^9?,  GRANDVIEW  Sheet Metal Works  Warm   Air   H������atingr  IMirnac<������B  and   Oenoral^'d'obbing,_  a-jHng-Ali'  -1  the  JAi),.  ���������.,         ���������.T.... r. _  Uin*fa*t;5.-Ti������i<?ii ;ai"}.-.ra\**ia, iincl jofntn/K  "���������nbijiStfO fnVl-Er^. ot pipes,'ia--i^in^: lji* c11Jli*ii-  Ctcri frojiT*2 iij, to'lS.iricliev^. ... ,' , /  * .^���������ROGlftcaboji, SCtieilulo of jjQifiihtivies  nna,'roim" of iTendei Jfia-\ be oJjtSlned at  Xhfi offlce'6f tlje EnKine*ei*n, rifossis "Cl/'\ c-  i<w6\'Sz Cameion, 1001 Tlo&tii- Bpililm!?,  y.tnat������i,xpi on paMnent oi *-,sJ'.l.' u'lich  ^mH/a^TU'bo K5fumle<l on leceipt o't j'bona  Iflp tSiYffd'Lsand I'eiOV" of t1'0- tlocuiftents  av*ntleis made ourdri'tbe- fichecUtles of  ,Tn.ii*rfltlos_an<l r.oims suppliji^/oiilx   -nill  enrloi'erl on outMde 'of en-  e L<u hik"  And  arldiessed   to  lie 'rndei -iKried, and ^coonipamcd b\ a  eiy.tilled cheque foi  a ftftln -ccjunalent to  %  of itj\e  amount   ol   tendV-i   to  be   de-  tor, Vancou\ei JIai Ked checiue*--for  -52,000 is lequned Teadei-, leceived until Satuulay, bept   14  JZj , .���������,      1  i.-1.-  ^ff.L.l^ ..       Geo   Cu tei--& Son  Excavating*, Elevators, 'Elecrtti'ft^Fisrtujtps  TENDERS WANTED.  dF- TOfaN. .  Z4XftI,XaHGS. '"  '  Victb-rfllkj-By Aicht    Thomas   Htroper,  ���������Ro^al   ftanlt    ^ha-mbci s,  foi   al fetation-.  tstoic  and."Nvaiehoiibe  foi  , OouiCi-Tiyy   St , 12  ancT addns   fo i  GRADING,  GLASS, GftA.*y?������,I,  i\<?ied dt tlieiMtinlcipal Hall   Ivemsdale,  ot   'atei   than   ?;-'p in   on   Monday,  Sep-  tembei   16th, 1912 '     ��������� .  The Council do not.hind thqniselvesvrio  accept the- lowest 01  anv icnder  (SffU )     ' B. A. punliffe,^.  ,Cleik Municipal CouncHt- ^  ^Ke'n lsdfile, B   C'Augubt   1912"     .,  ".  clpal   Englneei,   Kemsdalt  LUMBEH, LATHING, LIME.      ,  Bum"b6r���������By   Archt    E    SA%^pjiv    Mitlon,   A\ i.llams   bids,   loi    lumBer , to   be  (i-iffa. m   alteiation9,aniJ   addns  lence  -"���������3aDW.E  ""B^ivSj-IR.-T-Bjr C   HV'Munav  of the "Vaiico.iner-.&chool boaid  1 dance with a -schedule on tile;"with  '''��������� ''jy-j-'-. '.flio chief cngrmeei ol the.Dept ol, Hall-  Grading*���������B\ the municipalitv $1'Jfyfitfl! J;f,\ a\ s and Canals and at the office of  Gie\ until Sept IG/j^oi dealing ami-'the Chief Engineer of the lludsoi/s Baj  contour   giading    1S t n l&fiji    tiom    Mc-,Rail\\a\    Co,     Winnipeg Faii^    wage  Ken/ie  to   McDonald  Sts" TSpc}(.*Stio,xt.ions 1 schedule   and    condition-,    must   be   ob-  ind  luithei   nilorTnation  tiom  th'fivM.'Uni'Wjei-ted and a maiKed check  foi   S1JOO00  -  ���������   ���������      ��������� -   .jAjable to the older of the  Mi/iistei   of  liailwavs   and   Canals,   must   accompaii}  each  bid     Tendeis  will  be leconed un-  'til Thuisday, Sept   12  Penticton���������By Mather YuiU Sz Co,  cont-ulling electi ical engineci ���������*;, 121 Pendei St, Vancouver, and F Ff Latimer,  municipal cnglneei, Penticton, foi election of conciete powe:  station   about 35  ' too MANUFACTURING CO.���������  Electric Supplies ami Telephones.   ��������� n 313 Water  "*:*iS!'7������-|  in   alteiationC ,nnd   addns   to   lei,  Onj.Haio st, foi"Wi.*j>* failing        1  WE, SEA-TING,  HOSE?1 HD VfiOOp.  seci 6t&f y  fpi  heat-  CIJY OP'DUNCANS,   B.  C.   ,  188& Venables St  Hi-rliland 642  JAS. MURPHY & SON  General    Painting-   and    Decoratingr  CONTBACTOBS  Oflice' 112 Ciown Bldg*  Sey. 8707  ft    squaie,   and   equipment '    Plans   and  ... v..-    ���������.... ��������� -^i.-     ;���������. spec  on file witii the consulting and mu-  mg irddition  to sciioor^ boaid ofIi������e>J.aDti   nitlpal engineers     Walked check toi   ;%  the 'janitoi's   iesidence,, at- Nightingale-;0ii bid is lenuiied, and also a bond    Bida  u,.    ,-cliooU    Fuithei   pjaj ticulars up*on-,appii-   taKMajutU Sept   25   ���������  TENSERS   POB   ELECTRICAL  WOB#fcation to !V.' A   Leedi.'.-vt^ool arejrt   "W*3-r ^Calg*a'ryiiBy,- A;chts.   i/awson   &   Foi-  '    Sealed  tendeis   addiessed   to   thfc;. g*Jt\ j MkeiPuntil bept' ii^     _ .   ^ -���������jdyeff,  Gorman ���������hilt', rufitil  Sept    16    ten-  CleiK, -Dncan: K'C, vill be le'ceinjrt, t'P'f-������iA<rHINEd'S-. <-MABfitE, 3������ILL'WrOBK. ders foi, -Srutxlon of"2'st/o bik b^ mess  to  noon.   Septembci   lltli    lni-1.   foi   tlidlTT1* , '"    '*   i       ���������   JTT,,, , block on 'Elghtlr-AS^,. ; 16  materials and laboi lequnbd-fyj. the f -Jlrarble & Tile���������By XXj}^ Sz I ������s')<a. Holberg*, B. -^O-.-r-fiy- Dept ot Pub'lc  constiuction ot the electi ic lierhtitflf HiQvl -Tenth A\e and Main St, loijinaiblo awl Avorks��������� Ott.H*._a. foi efeetionof whaif al  powel   tinnsmlssion  and di -ti ibution oiij~, tHewoik   in   4sto    brk     aiu]    mill   corfst     riolbeig,  colts In-the Cit\  of Duncan   B C    Pla"n .. ..  ��������� ....      , .-.,.  and   specifications   mav   be   seen   at .th  '"' U"-.'1  T!  GREAT wM^SMDj&GRAVErattW^  All KiBids of EuMkmM^^rl^l.  O^^^^ARE  ������!;m  sl-roomTn-jjs-house on llastinga'-St, tor Mirf*sj>i<ins   ipec    and   foi m   of   cot ti act   on  e   H   B   Hamilton^ 'r   >,     ,\2   applfcAyoa I  B.  C    disttict  of  Como\-Vtlin  d   foim   of   cot tiact   or  c^yon to the Dept  of Public Woik������, I  '1                    Phone Sr\    7t311 j  j                  WILLIAM H  PAWSON  I  AHf I1ITLL 1'     \M*    HNGlNni  'n       ,  1070   11 no   *st      Vancc)U\ei     B  C      1  EDWARD TIMMONS  SLATER & ROOF TILER  838���������7th Ave. W.    Plione Fair..l257L.  EXPERT BUILDERS & FINANCIERS, LTD.  Successors  to  R. NELSON FINCH  Will  finance   your  building  for   you.  Sey. 7381 207V4 Carter-Cotton Bldjf  CONCRETE MIXER FOR RENT"*  Koelning    conciete    mKel     foi  -tent.  Phone Pan   19 IS  MISCELLANEOUS.  ' I -, fall's Landing**���������By _   _^ _..  ,   1 nail's l^anding, via Ue\ol[ toke, toi   eiec  Carpentry���������By  Aicht  i: '.fcUanle}   illt-   tl0]v    f  lljme  ton,   Williams   bldg,   toi   < aipeiHi r  *"vPH-v unt)l Sept   11  in  alteiations  and   addn   to  ie Hknce  on ,M>    Gie,^un  Haio  st   toi   Mis    Datling        -  . IS   MCH;Y     misc.  Scliol   Deslts���������By     C     M    -^ help ton, I       ^   -   *"'"���������*-���������*"-  chanman   of  rschool   boaid    bouth   \ ail-'    ,Bassaho���������Ey  Geo  fc.iippl\    of    desks    In  IS  Giegson,  THE BURNSIDE :: ::  GAS APPLIANCE CO.  1037-39   Granville   Street  Telephone  Seymour 3704  J. E. CampheSI & Co.  PLUMBING  &   HEATING  I1<H P������i1-!-*JtW.  P^nn^ l.v-no^r 771':  ���������������..���������������������������������  " Good Cheer" Circle Water Pan Furnace  ARMSTRONG & WOLFE  .        SHEET METALWORKERS  ,   BUCK'S LEADER and GURNEY OXFORD  ;^FU RNAC tS       .'  Phone 'Bay^ .298 1*540 :5th. Ave., W.  nyr^RR-Ay bros.  ; PLUMBlNGand HEATING  ���������72JMain.SVreefy/ ���������  "'. Plione. Seymour 8614  "-..LITTLE &L\������E~M;  Sheet Metal WorkerB  ,  ' Boat-Tajik*:, Cornice, Rooflne, Furnaces,  582-Seymour St.     Phone Sey. 44o8  DEPARTMENT  OF   WORKS.  NOTICE  TO   COMTTKACTORS.  School, 'Po-well River.  feEALEU      TKXDCRS,...   sui'ciriu'lb.ed  "Tender for School-house, Powell River,"*  will  be received   by  the  Honourable  the:  Minister   of    Public:    Works     up    to    12!  oVlock nooi: of AVfdiiesda.v, the IStli day  of Septetnhei-,  till 2,  for  the-erection and i  completion     of     a- ��������� lour-roomed     frame  ���������chool  building: at  Powell   River,  In  the  Comox  Klectoral   Dhtrict,   B.C.  1   Plans,    specifications,    contracts,    and  forms of tender may be seen on  and af-  ti-r' the *iSth dav of. AitRust.. 1U.12. al the  olllces of Dr.' A.  Henderson, Secretary of  the School Board, PowelrRiver, B.C.; the  Oovernment  Agents,   Vancouver,  .Nanaimo,- and   Cumberland;   and   the   Department of Public Works, Parliament Build-  Jnus,   Victoria..'  Eacli proposal must be accompanied  bv an accepted bank cheque or certificate  of deposit'on a chartered ban kof Can-  an'a, made pavable to the Honourable the  Minister of Public Works, for the sum  equivalent to 10 per cent, of tender,  which shall1 be forfeited If the party  tendering- decline to enter into contract  when called upon to do so, or if he fail  to complete the work contracted for.  The cheques or certificates of deposit  of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution of tlie  contract.  .Tenders will not be considered unless  made on tne forms supplied, signed with  the actual'signature of the tenderer, and  enclosed   in   tlie   envelope   furnished.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  J. E. GRIFFITH,  ,   ���������   Public Works Engineer.  Department of Public Works,   '  Victoria. B.C., August-23rd, 1912.',  couvei,    loi  school   Bldgs   booth   \ancou\ei  Flag* Poles���������By, C   W   Mm ia>.    -"emu-  Uu, ol  \ancou\Li scliool boaid, loi election   ol   fl.ig   polos      l'"urthet   p.u ticul.u s  on   application    to'   ������<.hool   Aicht    X    A  Leech      Rids   t.ikm  until  Oct   1 fi  Copper Wire-'-By lames, Stuai t tIt^  puicha mg agent, loi 1" mile- oi No 12.  t.\]e B twlvted pan haul diawn lioppei  wire, and 1-5-miU-s ol D. B. -\\-e.ithe.ipio.ot  hard drawn copper wire.- -Pripe to/Include  delivery-at- old No. 3/fire hall at corner  of Broadway and Main st,. and* tenderers  must slate time of. delivery. Tenders  received  until .Wednesday;���������Sept.  11.  Co-mpetltlve Flans���������By I. 13'.' 1,0we, secretary of .school board, Ladysmith, until  Sept 12, competitive plans for ��������� 2-room  high scliool bldg. not to exceed $G,U00 In  total cost for all work. - 12  Carpentry���������By Ai'cht. G. B. Kaufman.  Davis .Chambers,.-for carpentry work In  '���������esiden.ee on Sliaugnessy Heights; for Geo  K.  Trorey. ���������' . ������  Carpentry -2��������� By Archts. Sharp, ami  Thompson, 53(! HaotingsSt. W., for carpentry work In.proposed  Vancouver Club  bldg! . ' M'  FLASTER,    FAINTING,    FLTJMBING.  Palntlnir-���������By Wiles & Fisher. Tenth  Ave. and Main St., for painting in Isto.  brk and mill const, rooming house on  Hastings St. for Mrs. H. B. Hamilton.   12  school   bldg      Bid-,   taken  r'uithei   paiticulais fiom  IS  MATERIA!..    MARINE.  B    TI    Bond    *-ecie-  four   letal'-t-tiejsmei  munlCI[-lallt^  of Ra-,sanoM  2 1   Alberta^lvn-td. Sept    10    loi   contiact     \  /(  All laJ)or"ai'd cei tain matenals lot  ���������-teel'  oi   ca"*",t   ii on-supplv    mam   and   di-,tiibu*-  tlftn  s^steIn   compii-lng about  21000  i(  ol   10-in   tot-in   pipe with --pec lal v ilv/e  and   hvdianu    conciete   fdn    loi   staiyv.1-  pipe    Contiact    B'     all laboi   and ceitajn  matciials    loi    >-evvei    --\stem     including r  upplv   oi   20 000   lin    ft,   lS-in    to   t'-in |  ELECTR  /     siV^HoflrJr^^^.  ���������in %.���������  ���������^���������JPJioneir Soj^virotJ,   7951  ir)ir"*- - . ���������   -I.?-,.,.  S*  --'^-^  /  SLABS.  /FHONE SEY. 31,90.  Clinton WeldedF^br-k:  THE. IDEAL REEBPFTQ-BCEMENT.  SEWERS." ?   ��������� ,.    WALLS.  L."AVjNQRRtS- CO.  Exclusive  Facliic COaijt Sales'.  "*--���������-������   -   - .  RESERVOtt  406 BOWER BX.lI  Sev.  *   L. G. ROBINSON  Consv.l'tiiig*   Eng-lneer   and  General  Contractor i  3a]2 211   Hol-len   Bldg. I  VANCOUVER-SCHOOL BOARD. ,. .  ���������BOiiTHE   FtAG .FOI.E   CONTRACTORS  Tenders...aro   invited:  and   will   be- i*e-  (���������cived bv' the 'Undersigned- up  to OctoHet-  'i-"-15tli,    1   p.bi.    ' ���������   '  *:?F.0isfull   particulars   apply   to   N.-: A.-  Leecli;-Kti(j.'-,!,Seliool Architect.  Tlie   lowest"!*)!'- any   tender   not  necessarily..* accepted.       ���������-".--  All   contractors   must- fo"eV--Brj.ti.sh  subjects. . ;.. %���������'������������������-:  '-'���������;.'. C. XV. MURRAY,  ���������",--  ��������� ���������'    .       '       Sec'y. School 'Board.  Sept.   5th,   5912.    . . ~ ...  "WTJTSiVSiTlrr& so%  Heating En-gineers  Steam,'Hot Water & "Vacuum Systems  Fhone Fair. 274-R      809-10th Ave. E  ,.    NOTICE  INSPECTION OF GAS FIFING  Architects, Builders and Owners are  notified that all g*as piping must be  tested'before walls are closed in. Otherwise this company .will not be re-  sponsible , for. supplying- * gfas for the  IJuilclinB*.        '  ' ���������'..' ;      .  ���������  Information and estimates re gas  pip-Trig., furnished without charge.  GAS COMPANY  TTetSiC. Business Deiifti-/jyh6ne Sey. 5000  --=. ~"-v  vitilfied   tile  and   pipe   junctions,   .srfvvti  castings, 'consisting     of   manhole ��������� Z-andi-  'C!itcliba.= hi covers, flap valves, etc.   Plans-i'  and speu  for. contrs.   "A" and   "B"Z'rrtay.  be lifiM- from .John Gait Engineer Cd'tipl"''  Winnipeg and Calgary on deposit ������|lf;-$if5f :  Spec for supply of pipe and castlngs..'-rt*ll!.1  be sent on application to tlie engli/ecr.s'. ���������'*'  Fernie���������By the city clerk, Bern/cr.'B.C,  the coniniandlng oflicer of "A" Conipany;  Kootenay  illflos,   Pernio,   B.  C.   the coin-;  mandlng  oflicer  of   military, district   No.  11,   Victoria;   tlie   director   of   Hnglneqi'  Services,  headquarters  Ottawa,  and Col.  ICugene VI 'et, deputy minister of militia  and defence. Ottawa, for erection of new  drill   hall   at   l-'ernlo,   B.   C.     Plans   and  spec on file with all of the above named  persons.    Bids received  until noon, Sept.  21,   and  addressed   to   "Director''of Contracts, Dept, of Militia and Defence, Ottawa."    A marked check for 10 percent,  of bid   must accompany ea'ch   tender, "'������������������*������������������  FORT AIBERNI���������By    R.    P.    Blandv,  city clerk   for the. installation  of a waterworks system, including 5 miles"of 16-.  in. wood stave pipe, 2 miles of steel pipe  and tlie lateral distribution.system. Plans  and spec on file with Anderson, Warden  &.   Wilkin,   engineers,���������'���������'.Williams-   bldg,  Vancouver, and Carmichael &'Mooreheacl,  501 Sayward bldg, Victoria. , "    ���������������������������-.���������  VICTORIA���������By the dept. of . Public  Works, provincial govt. for.the construction of concrete sluices until Sept. 12, as  follows: I'   -  'One -1 gates, in Maple Ridge di-trict,  near the mouth of the Lillooet River;  one, 2 gates, in Cotiuitlam district, near  the ferry; one, 4 gates, in Coquitlam,  near the niouth of Pitt River; one, 2  gates, in Pitt- Meadows district, Tract  No. 1, near junction of N. and S. Lillooet;  one, 2. gates' -in Pitt Meadows district.  Tract Xo. 2, near the mouth of the Lillooet  River.  Plans and spec from tlie Provincial  Government Agent. New Westminster.,  and at the office, of the Provincial Timber  Inspector, Vancouver. Intending contractors, on giving reasonable notice'to  Mr. R. D. Ii-Vine. Coquitlam, will . be  .shown the site/, of the proposed sluices. '���������*'  . Victoria���������Ffer. construction of breakwater in Victoria harbor. Plans''arid  ���������-���������pec. with .the Dominion arclit.. AVm.  I-Tender--on. Victoria. C. C. Worsfold, dist.  engnr.. Nevv' Westminster, and on apjjli-  c-ition   to  the postmaster,  Vancouver;"BJ\  ���������*.i^ ^  JtJU  /'���������������  ���������TElRA&Z������ ;.v.  Fioor, Wall and Fireplace"',:J  *      . :��������� TILES  Best Work arid Lowest Prices  GQMf^Ny^tTD,  Lj^Jbor TFemple  Phone Scy.339^  Support Home Industries   By'Specify!ne  THEA^VIL ISLAND BRICK COv LTD:  ...        BEST P^ESSEDr RED BRICKS; "������������������--., / ''' .-.-.., ,   ,  Office"and Works:   Anvil Island; ;H.ovye' Sound, B. C. '  .   : ���������.;.'���������������������������'. 1, ��������� '.'������������������'���������.- sBiiwo AaisMr-rs ������������������''��������� * ;'���������������������������,������������������'     .���������'������������������:.-.*..'  RITCHIE CONTRACTING & SUPPLY COMPANY, i_TD. '     '  -" OFFICE AHD-WHAEPvOBA-(rraiM. SX. SBZSO'd  V-..-1  Briip Canadiaii Lumber Corporation Limited.  ���������.j  1S05 Georgia St.  Manufacturers  Vancouver Phone. Seyniour 650-J  c  'A.  iU'A-  z<.r?>  I  9  yt*>-  Sept.  18  Electrical Contractors  'Phono,  Seymour  2707      976 ��������� Granville Sti*������et  KOBTHWESIEBN LEAOUE  Base Bail  ,Week Comnienclng' Sept. 16  'i VIOTOKIA VS. VANCOUVER  ';..    Becreatloa Park  AdmlEBlon 25    and SOo  Great West Mfg. Go., Lti  CABINET  KAKEB8  BANK, STORE AND  OFFICESSftS-TS  FIXTURES fSUf  Phono Fair. 1471    52 Dufferin Bt. 'ft^S  Estimates Famished RSv^Jli  -'*  .St.'1"  i..-^S=.-  7ir������$9'i-:iV-"  MmmmmmwmEmmammm


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