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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger May 23, 1906

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 7HT  The Ladysmith Dai ly fc  VOL.,2  WEDNESDAY  May 23, lflOf;  HiNNAY Will  ACCEPT FtHAHHDEZ  CHAILEM6E  ' Challenges are coining thick and  fast from Hhe Lovers * since List Saturday wight's g,o. Yesterday'������ic  Ledger published two challenges, one  from Jeft Haniuy asking for a ������l#������t  with Fernandez, and one from By  _ ers,' stating'that he was lc'ady ' to  , meet IJilbcrt in a 10-round go. Today the following appwu-s in ihe  Colonist. Just where they ������ol their  information to the efiect that Ilau-  ������ay was suit to hits Inees and neatly out, is not known, but it is cer-  tainlya' little oft, a*> neither -niaiij^vasl  eft his feet m the fourth, and at no  stage of the match did the lcfcrcc  commence to count. The article re-  feried to is as follows: <��������� ���������.  -"The boxing' contest Uiat took  place at Ladysmith between Raima}  and Fernandez 'came to an ' abrupt  finish. According,, to those who. witnessed the go, - Fernandez" put IJan-  nay "down in the fourth with a  straight left to the" jaw. Tins'floated a distuHhance, and the hall he-1  came a turmoil. The ring was clnai  , ed and the fight continued, and it  was then declared a draw. Fernandez is not satisfied with the decision, and has forwarded the following  challenge. '  "I, Frank Fernandez, heieby challenge Jeff Hannay, of Ladysmith, to  box' any number of roumls with a  decision for any "side .bet he wishes  to ma\e and winner take all .gate  receipts. The ficjht to take place in  Victoria or any' place outside of  Ladysmith.  (Signed)   "BERT  GRIFFITHS?"  "Manager for Flank Fernandez  '���������P.S.-AVill fight at .any^late Han-  ."  nay'Wishes,  if he , accepts   >the������ dial'  <    lenge.  '     " '   B.,..>. '  . Mr. Han~:fiv said today that the  Above is just wltiat he has been looking for,, and he will today, write,  ^accepting the' challenge, -the' nvateh."  t������ be for any sum exeecd.ivj? $1*0,  and to be pulled of? as , soon- as possible. Fernandez stated that he will  box any place outride of Ladysmith,  and Mr Hannay is m favoi of Na-  naimo.  LATEST FOR THE SEASICK  The modern Vikina, when he is oh  Hf.erl to lea\p the land, which he  tto s with the utmost leltictancc,  ?n~i aboard his rakish rraft nervously, and asks the steward wit'i lll-  ernefaled anviety "what it's like  ��������� outside." To which the steward  nsking his tip for the sa'c of tiurth  reidies "Waves mountains high,  sir." In which circumstances tine  Viking feels extremely uncomfortable  and wishes ���������he had   some sure    pie-  CONFESS TO HtlP-  IN6 THEMSELVES  A Seattle" despatch sajs f  A scandal that may have far-ieacJi  ing result's was unoaithrd > ester day  in the local fiic departincnt as the  iesult ol the finding of goods that  were taken from the ' Ailingd'on doc\  at the time, of the- fire on May 7,  by firemen.-Assistant Chief Latham,  and Capt, C. C. Graham, of Truck  Nt>. 1, are implicated, in dJi&mattei,  which was called to the attention of  the mayor by the 'quartermaster's  dcpaitment Jof'the United'States A i-  my.  Mayor Moore      immediately   issued  rdcrs to Chief of Police Waprer-  stcm Jto investigate it, tUoivn^lilv  1 le detailed C'apt Vwllaud to .u-eomi  ���������any Capt Crale, of the r hoi hei-  master's department to the engine  hou^c'on the corner of Fourth Avenue a,,itl' Ba'tteiy street, wlrre part  of the plunder" was said to he ' The  mcmi'eis of the rngiiiic and truck  cojiipiwues were called in one at a  time, and questioned, with t-Iic" result that first oivc and then the o.Uh-  er tpld of what he had taken and  what he had seen obheis with  Fircunan F. Lynn had a Lalcscope  basket, a Filipino knife and one'  shitt which he claims Alanes fiava  him.  J. Mingo had two shuts,' two pan  of socks, one 'bottle of toilet watei  add one bottle of witdiliazel, fin'  ho was wearifur a pair of pro',eminent ' socli, ?X .the time of his being questioned ^ i ;  M. , L. Goodwin confessed to taking oranges, awl said that all the  men  took shuts'.tiul unlet wear. /  Frank <Manes confessed to tabling 1  talescope. basket, one.shut, two pair  of" drawers, one, blue mershut, .one  pin-fire" nevolvei, one pair of operja-  glasses, one field glu^., one can of  salmon, one can .of ham, some can-  'dyP"eight^or;-'taii ��������� pair- of -soc' ������f- -V  carving'set,'and' steel 'shell  \alued at  "' Second"Assistant Chief Latham con  fessed to *��������� having five cans ot salmon, five cans of ham, owe side _ of  bacon, one shirt and one bottle of  wluskev.  . Capt. Graham acknowledge, riiavang  token * some oianges and a snuiH  piece of .bacon, which/Jie claims was  given to him  by a stevedi^e.  S A. "Oliver confessed" to takan/j  oia������>ges, and at the tune was wearing go\ernmcnt socks '  Victor Millei said he took 2oonjhs  some oianajes, one shut ani'l soino  candy.  In sre,ikmg of the scandal, last,  night Mayoi Moore said  "The mat lei  was  bi ought  to     ny  3,000 MILE  TRIP TO SAVE  A OCG  The tollawnig is an lllusti.ition of  (lie evtraoiduiary stones which r re,  told in Ihe East ieluding Scatt'c.  'Ihe Mis, I saddle Adams who /.g-  uiis as the owner of the wandeit'ul  dog told of in tlie clipping fu.m the  \oa Yoik Herald, is mil nowu in  Seattle No tiace of hei lcsrlenee  in Seattle has |>een discovered, i ml  tity, f-aneicis h.we no knowledge of  the viininul W('iich she is said to pos-  sj'-s The famous Indian chief "( hi -  c.uiila, who livrd near Seattle," i.s  unknown, to the old residents of 1ho_  town, and his name appears onh ill  (he Eastern papeis.  The   'lollowiiirr      is fiom the    N't \v  Yoik Ifeiahl  "Philadelphia,      I'a ,      Suiwlaj   ���������  Biought on a    three tlioasairl    n ile  tup  fiom  the Pacific  Coast  to  tins  city   to ihe   opeiate'l   on   foi     tin< at  IrouTile,    Chicanita, a pii'tly     ^<i  shire    ternei,     h?.s   l#o.n complet lj">  restoied, to  health      The mistiess of  the can ne  is JHr,>.   Isubetle    Aidan s,  a  woman "of much  wealth, who     ie-  sulcs  at    Seattle,  Wash.    She    Jus  Leon  stopping at Nineteenth and ( n-  lauo stieels  while  in this city, '_ to  attend   the     oi>ena<tion on  hei     ynt.  She   will  leturn   to   the  West   eai ly  this week  "The  Yorkshiie>t.eruei   \-, now  -\\  yeais  old lie  has  been   in     Aliv  A"lams' possession    ssmce he w.is  few days old, and   was nan el   afi r  Indian chief    called    Chkanila,  GOV. MIKES  INTERVIEWED  IN SEW E  \V. W. B. Melnnes, gu.'ernor of Yu-  1 q-j territory, arrived in Seattle on  Tuesday on his way back 1o Ihe  Yukon from Ottawa, where he has  teen during lite wintei in the interest of chafes in file mining and  inllicr Jaws of the Yukon country. f(e  made ihe return trip via Scat tie in:  onlr-r to ir.i������el wiih somr' of-IImj directors- of (.hi* AlasI-a-Yulon e\To.i-  tion. |     |    ' j  '.In an interview, Gov. Mclnucs paid';  "While at Ottawa 1 haveMicen fMc  to secaue some desired changes in  the mi'iing laws and laws' relating  lo the holdin.r of water ri/hts, that  the  peo;le     of     the   Yukon country  hue  i:eeii   Iryinn  to j-^ure :for   ,sev-  'i  CHILDREN ME  CE< EBRATING OH  BUNKER GROORDS  NOTHING WO- BE  DONE UNTIL FALL  New Westminster, May 23.���������Mr.'G   be built after the style'of the forge  A, Kcefer, Dominion resident   engin-'dredges at Montreal, which aie   pio-    ,    e^r, returned     last     night from Vie 'batoly the Ijest  on  tlie  continent ^  I East, after having interviewed tl-ie j A report on the work done .In \he  At. one-thirty today the school 'jrovernment regarding additiens to 'depaitment on this coasi will -je  children left the school building in'the local plant for maLnt/aumig in, forwarded to Ottawa by Mi. Kef lei  charge oi the ,teaching staff for th-Uood condition Uie harbors and wa-' Vnout, the end of June, and the goV-  llunker Oround.. all marching Y, line I ������*������������������������������������ on Ihta coast. Final ar->mna.< will, i������ ,af "^s^;.,|e  .������l leepmg excellent order on the ran^mcnts have been made for ������,f guided argcly by the .eeonunciHa-   ,,   *(+A.    _.,,:..���������  .,���������   r,lA    coiistrucMcm of  a new dipper- dredro   Uons contained tluicin,  in tin-    con-  \entative of maJ-*le-mer.  very latest American remedy, which j.paitaienf of the" Un7tcd"&ta'tos aim  has been invented by the ship's doc-'and i jmuw;diatelv oidcicd a con  tor,  is, as    Lefits  anything emiimh  ing from t<he States, of an energetic  .even hustling nature. A German  remedy, it will be rcmembeied, was  mentioned a' few weeks ngo, the.  mam plank of the <in\entoi's s\s-  4em 'being the ainpheaticn 0f boiling water to the distressed legaons  Perhaps the most curious of all is  one set forth in a monthly .magazine for February. The sufleici is  (directed    to     lie   flat on  his    0*A  But    the  attention  by  rne quartermaster's de-  \  complete nujcstieation of Ihe matter b\  Chief of 1'olice Wapptenstcm and Ins  men They went to the h uise of  Hook and I.atVlei 'No 1 with tihe  result .that \oii ate awnie of v The  miattoi will he sifted down to tihe,  \cry tll^ttoin and every step i-osMi'Ja  to detect all the guilty parties tak  en.  Sajs the Wcstiranstci Columbian  L "All ineichants and cleiks of the  with a heavy portmanteau carefully citv ate retnicsto'I to attend Ihe  balanced on that poition of the body meeting in the Boaul of Trade ro<>in  which Mr. J. M Bauic would dcs-^Tuesdav evening foi tin puipose oh  cribe so much more delicately tlun rhsctissin^ (he Wednesday half-holi-  we        We    recommeral this    metho!   day"  to our readers, adding that we I What is (lie nulfcei of the Lad>-  should like, if possible, to he there Jsmrilh.'mer'ohan'te and clerks . doii'12;  to see  the fun.     ,  1.likewise?  IMMIGRATION LAWS    J  AREAMMENDED  Washington,   May   22-aVlr.'   ]MllinK-  should   go tor   to   relieve   'uipi.uylit 11-  ham, chairman of the   xbiulnittcc on .sious .regarding     the ' foeeij-'h    i.uvh's-1  immigration  today   called /upon   the  'ion, and. also" show!   the effect ivem-ss  United   States  Senate   with the    bill  amending   the     immigration      lows,  Presenting the merits   of    the measure he said   it was 'intended to stron  m-.    Dillinglmm   rapVmd  "fethen the law of 1903   which.is worl<  ing admirably.     He "did    not', accept  somo    of  the   popular  theories     concerning ..immigration,    but held    the ; t!xisliny.    law.. excluses    agricultural   RCe    llhe   sights.      The   rural   visitor  laborers'under contrnct. and which engaged ' no oms at a hotel, and be-  admii.tc-d other asserts and coinpln- f0r<> retiring asked the clerk ahoul  ined of the discrinnninatien. the hours for  dining;.  He thought that, if the barrier were "We have break fast 'from, six to  removed most of the Soulhoi'ii Sin- eleven,, dinner. from eleven to three,  l.es would bring over immigrants aiM] supper from three '"to ^ei^lvt," e\  from Vha agricultural districts of plained ������the clerk,  the.old world. ''There is a grow-1 "Wa-nl, say," inqaiircil the farmer,  ing- need of laborers in agricultu-1 in surprise, "what time air I goin'  ral   pursuits" he said. ter get ter see ther ' town?>"���������Judge.  hi the present .law-'which he regnrd-  oil a.s a master piece 01' leg-islat inn.  .Senators Piles aiul ll'erkins criiicis-  ed   the  present law    as  too. lux, ��������� but  that the  law had not been suflicionl ly tried  to justify the condemnation. 'Senator Bacon made the point    th'ut the  an  wh) lived near Seattle     The canm>o  is valued-at irtore than ff������00sanHis  name  i~.  m    s-weial  of. the pedigi e  catalogues of the  Pacific Coast  "Mis. Adams is t^o much attached  to him fiat siae has an entire fciohl  seivice upon which to serve dam!\_  meals to the little dbg ." Early- in  the year Clucan iA showed sympton m  6i becoming a vi\tim of tutoereulo^ >-  His mistress Leeaiine alarmed and  consul tod without success the authn-  ntus upon dog dissases i>eai_ her  home 'Ihe animal fell into a' rv ���������-  id decline and Mrs Adams took bun  to San Fiancisco There she was  toll that Uie dog hja-d throat tion-  I la, 'jut none of the physicians  would operate upon the dor, Tiny  told Mis Adams that if they did  so it woi hi pio5ial.lv mean instant  death foi hri jet Mrs Adams has-  toned ncioss the Continent inseaicb  I01 hojlth for Chicanita At Wa'h  un^ton and JSiew York she met with  disappointment In this city, she  took her dog in Di William If t\  Neil, of No 2211 jVoi th Second St ,  who performed the ojicrition with  Mis Adams as his most inteiestcd  spec tat r. This was about 2 weel s  ago, and s^ice- 'then the canine has  imjiowd lapndlv I)i Xcff' icmo\-  ed a Iai������;e lumoi in the throat,  which was gnaduallv chokuin thcaiu-  mal lo death  "Including  the  cost  of the    operation,  the    tup  across   the cartin^nt,  aivl Uie other expen^o^  it   is cstui'f  ted tiiat   it cof>t Mrs.   Adams .llnuM,  ���������SfJIM) ,to  save   the life  of hei dog"   o   BAD FOR THE  C. P. P. ROBBERS  Seattle, May 22.���������W. S. Seavey.  local .manager of the. Thiel Detective  Agency who was in the hunt for  .Canadian Pacific train rolmers. which  resulted in the capture of Bill Miner, William Dunn, ami Lewis Col-  vpihovm, has'returned to Seattle. As  a result of his investigations, Mr.  Seavey claims to have- discovered  ;t clew which'he believes will es.tab-  lisli the fact, that Miner and his  gang held up the Great Northern  near Ballard lash October. (Officers  who have been working", on the  Great.'Northern holdup always maintained . that. Minor was the lender of  the  bandits.  rial j ears. The pat Wcultar feature  of Iho'ijcw laws is fha abolishment  of concessions and free miners' li-  cjiifcs. I'ikUt the new conditions;  the greater evpenditure o.f. capiital  will IX! permitted on a. beijt-er busi  ncss basis, more prospecting will he  done 111 the .district, which]will tend  to open new sections and m he , gen  cral tendency will 1/f'to give greatci  security .to mining title.  'Tn 1ho nvittci of water rights,  the chan,c in tbS I iv.vs provides Uiat  no cwcoiKsion s of tin's character car  ���������"e held unlrss the same'<nrc used.  Thil will 1 levent the location ^>f  watr rights ]>y people who have  no intention of usmg the water, arwl  simply ietain tluii alleged rights foi  t.'ic purpose of prohibiting some legitimate enterprise fiom operating  "American capital is becoming  largely intr'sied in the Yukon country, and .iii Ihe ir-ainrily' of htstan  res-(lie - in vestments ate ndi.sf.au t,uil  The greatest ontlcok for the  - year is the advent 01 tV  Ou/ggenhornis, who Jij.ve. p.utcliasor!  practically all of tliej^ojdintp on Bo-  rui-fr/a 'cree" 7ir'������T*i'ue ''nolv^ huiKliiig"- a  ditch thirtv miles ,, u_> to cany the  water to this iripeity."  Gov. Mclnnes was (he ig-iie^.t. of  Ji'dpjc Thomas Shepherd at dirner  last n:������ht. lie left, on the Princes?  X'ictoria for Victoiia at. midnight  and will s-\il fiom Vivncouver for the  >"ortih in   aiboiit   a   week.   o   WILL PRESERVE  THE FALLS  sums.  1 resent  way and alfcei reaching tlie field,  Xongs a:|l a speech by Principal f)a-  lijn were the first items on tlw; pro  gramme, and the singing was entered into with a \im by the youngsters.  Mr, Dakin, in addressing the children and spectators present, dwelt  on the object of the celebration an I  impressed on- the minds of bis youn r  er hearers, greatness of their country, and their reasons for being always patriotic. Ife did not wish  lo take up much time, as the children were all anxious to get on with  their sports, but ho wished to men  tiofc befcrc closing his address thai  he was very proud to be able to  represent such a' splendid gathering  cf children on this occasion, who|io������'.  come together fcr the purpose of  celebrating Empiie Day. l  Speeches which were' to have been  made by the Mayor and some of the  Trustees, were omitted fiom the Jis1  as today .Mayor Nicholson is in Victoiia, and Trustee Carroll was the-  only trustej present. When called  ipon, Mr. Carroll Wagged to fee excused, as he was suffering from a  cold.  \fter the singing of  Cod  Save the  King, the   first" part, of the program  pper- dredr;.;  for harbors, as well as the new ' sideration of further equipment ' foi  ���������.nag hoat ' for the Skecna river, the" coast. The res' dent cng-'n er  which will he. 'built 111 this city with says that 'the'tush to the ������west si ill  out delay. '   ' 10ntinu.es and c\ii|e:ices of the gicu  Mr. Keeter reports that the go. number of p-cople who have. aruV.l  eminent will probaibiy find it adv.is on the'pr.ailies' this spring areioiml  a le to construct another hydraulic in the presence of 1<jit \illii)y������ ah'ug  diedgc to assist 'the King Kdwar I the'line. At some stati. ms as manv  #.n this coast, but he was infotnvc.l "as "fift-aen tents were visible. The tc-  tlat no further provisions for plan' ' gular train, on which Mi. Koefu  will be made l>efore the fall sessio canic .through from Winnipeg, was  of the house, when the matter will divided/in three sections as far .1.  li'ely 'he taken up and'dealt witli. Calgary t0 acCommcSlatc the travel-  Mr. Ket'fer states that the new- Iqis to tlie farming districts. - die  dipper dredge for harbor work which- states .that as many as 400 people!.  will le ready by Jail, will .be up-to ba,\e >leftMontreal intone day via-the  (date   in every particular.   " It " will   C.P.R. for the west.  FOOTBALL  TRAIN SERVICE  lNNANAlMC  Tomorrow 1,1 Natnatmo, Lodysnwti  and Nanaimo will unite in an attempt to defeat the Vancouver Celtic football   team.    The  playing     is  expected     to     lb������     fast, and if tin.  mainland  team can   get away    with  the following team,  they  will     have  was closed,  when the children   were ' to play remarkably  good  ball:  marched    to the  side     of the field,,  end the    vnioiis    sports commenced  tioal.���������C. Graham; fullbacks, J as.  Ninvmo, T. O'C'onnell, half-backs, M.  The fusk was a fifty-yard race for j Wilkinson, P. Gilmxur, E. Snowden,  little girls, and aftei. this e\'cnt the forwards, .1. Blundell, W.. Graham,'  tates came olf as fast  as could   be!-'.  Adam,  (centre);  N. A. Morrison,  J.  Kichards.     Reserve A,    Michie,  He'ferce.���������Thos.   B.   Dooth.   t  Tlie  Nanaimo Herald,  m    speajcing  ot to-morrow's match, in  a    recesrt  arranged.  Dwi.'g'to tlie lateness of fhe hour,  -when the sports wete started, it is  impossible, to gi\e a list of the  winneis and prices in this issue, but * issue, says:  TO-MORROW  The train sen ice between here" ami,  N'onaifno for tomorrow will he ~as  foll'avs: Leave Ladysmith at 9.3<1,  11 00, a.m.; 2, 3.30', and 7.3(1 p in*.  Leave Nanaimo for Ladysmith at-  S.20. 10.00 a.m., and 1.00 2.30_ 1.13  5.SO and 10.30 p.m.     '  Several cars have been left oft' at  the local station-for the accommodation of passengers.    "  , <   , 0   " STOLEN SILVER   IN CASTLK  ap-ST     The  team that has tm.-en picked    U.  jrejni   > nt  ^anallno   in \hf   great tool  ,   . bail  tnuich against   the      Vauuouvoi  L'oltics  on the   iMth  of May is     on  oi the  best  thai has ever" wore     tin  Ul������ I existing  belief   t'hat the influx   of    foreigners  is regulated, by'this labor ninrkct.  That.in dull tinu\s tnc- luiniber. is  small,    and  in  good    times   large.  . He ; also found encouragement . in  the fact that oyer"..80������������������per cent, of  the immigrants arc between the ages  Of 14 and .44 or at the. age when per  sons are least likely to become pub  lie. charges.     These facts he thought  George Adc, the humorist .and play-  writer, told a story recently of a  farmer who went to a large city to  Washing-ion, May 2:2.���������The House  committee, on livers and harbois, to  day agreed to an amendment to the  hilt for the pivsvrwilion of Niagara I'Vills, calrolnti'd 10 meet  the demands 01 the Chicago drainage canal. The amendment established (be principle that tho Looted  States government rescrve.s the nghti  to be the sole judges so far as olhai  nations aio conc.-i nr.l 01 the a-  nioiint of water Unit may bo taken from ihe Great Lakes for sanitary purposes. The quantity is to  lr.1 fixed so far as't lie domestic users ni'C concerned either by 'Congressional Act, or regulation by the  Secretary uf War. . The bill . Will  not ;deril Wit li tho amount. that'may  be  used  at   Chicago.  The. .afternoon session of the committee reached no. conclusion re-  ffiii'dintr' the amount of water to'be  allowed to be diverted for power  and other jmrpioses 'fit. the falls. The  slatonienl'. was nuthoril ively 'made  that it is'n. reaso'nn/..vle certainty- that  the bill will contain no provision  for the diversion of more water  than i.s now actually licinjv use-d liy  power companies now operating  their plants. , Tho b'ill doubtless will  be limited in its- -operation' 10 three  years. The coin mi Hoe will , 'meet  tomorrow with the hope of taking  final action in the matter if possible.  THE AUTOCRAT.   ,  WIumy,  after   a,!l  the   play   is done,  We tall; about the game/  The  home  team very  nearly  won,  'Ihe umpire gets-the blame.  The youth who yearns lin IV/.������:ile nioodj  For  literary   fame,  Declares  the editor's jvogood;  The umpire gets  the blame-  The  man  who  to   the law. applied  And   finds  his case  is  lame  Against the  juufte in linger cries;*.  The  umpire-!  is  to bla'me.  Yet   all   men  st.ru^i;lc  to (decide  Eaoh  issue  just  the same;  Forgetting,  in our  mortal  pride,  The umpire gets the blamfi.  ���������Washington Stat-  on Friday  a complete list will  pear.  CHINESE TRY  VY/CCT'CDM CDAOT'"-'"' eo'������" *"' "    ta "���������������'"*-"'  WCj 1 tlCvlN   urV/Ivl   ,'ipon to put   up    a. yroat game      a  ��������� tjtiinst     the   Mainland        champions.  "*" I On   the   hac-up   will   be  found       six  1  Banliol;.���������A new phase of China's ,ocaJ aud five Ladysmith. players,  awakening was shown a few weeks tnnn whoso abdiij on the footbul.  ago 111 the first .great athletic meet- fi������'!d is tl> well known to need am  ing ill that country, s'a}S Siam Kic..> comment, and that they will mak(  rress. Forty-seven schools or aiioiit their opponents travel a fast pace  J,000 students competed in various and give the spectators a rare- ox  abuts of races and sports. The gieal hibition of the great soccer garni  event took place at Canton, and s<)( s without saying. In donating  e-auscd much excitement. 'a purse of   S75 tor the event,    and  A booth on the field, Rcutcr's cor- knowiny the strength of the Celtics,  respondent states, wa>> devoted to the Celebration Committee wishec  the Uise of the hospital corps which that as strong an aggregation ar-  was composed oi sc\enlecn young ' was possible to select would be pit-  doctors, all wearing- tlie 'Red Cross u.f| against the boys from acros^  .hade,e on their arms. This corps had th0 gulf, so as to make the foot-  not a little work to do in reviving ' ban mateh one of the drawing cards  the boys who were overcome iby the OI- the celebration,  unwonted exertions of the contests, j owing to Urn tact of there bav.-  I'he unusual number of such casts', m,, be<.n n0 association teaim in tlu  showed clearly enough that the Chi-'cilv for ftC\e.al seasons, which as  11.se boys hav,e not l>een used to such'a consequence would make it im-  \10lent games.    , (possible   to secure a   team   in   iVanci.  Tho runners from o������ school weie {ino |U to haMo wilk thp Ct.ltic8i  stripped, to thin shirts, short; .run-'those-;n -cl^rge oiihc evwn tlcci,,0{,  ning breeches and ru^r^otol sCioes, I {q S(xwe several of Uip UuiyRmUh  and t'iieir hardened muscles showed I  vigorous training. What a contract,  to tho long-nailed, languid-aired students of a generation ago.  There were bugles, a drum corps  and a niiili'tary ibarid. Tlve la-ttei'  aniiiotinced the  beginning  0f each  ov-,  eat by plavinff  "Go   Tell   Au-n|l Nan-'lI,,ac0 ������"  ^ ^'^ haV" h,"n  P,'aC"  "   ���������r    .,���������^t,i.n,. .,���������.      '!',..���������     ���������:���������^������������������ ��������� tisintr   steadily of late   and will con-  to     do  so   up     to  the    21-th  when thev feel  confldont   of being'   in  seniors,    champions . of   the       .Pacific  coast,-, who ���������.together  with   tho      pici  from  this   city  would   form   a    team  capable    of  holding   its   own   against  any combination   in    the province.  The local bovsr who   hn\o    won    a  cy,"  or    luiot/hei- air.     Two     pieces  appeared     t0    constitute their ���������reper-  tiniU!  toire.  SUBMARINE  VOLCANO.  Yolcjihama. ��������� Mr. K'ajiura, an engineer of the department of comanu-  nicat.ions, who is attached to the  submarine cable tender Okinawa-niA-  ru, has made the following report  ���������to liead).'|.ii-arter.s, says the Japan  Chronicle:'  "On April It, when the '.steamer  was about ten miles to the northeast of Reynon's rock, whioh lrias  roiilJv. :'st of Aogasbima, a small  island, nfi Izu province, dense volumes of white smoke were seen rising from the sevi close, to the rock.  It was then about 11 a.m. On- Uie  3rd or -llh ini-taiit, wJirn in the vicinity, npthiriir unusual was noticed,  so it is conclude,-! that the'smoke  i-i'Siiji't.i rise only a few daysll^fore  (ho llth. The1' volume, of rcmofjn  miicli increased in the afternoon and  a rough, survey made by the ship's  otliecis showed, that it was ri.sin.2;  1o a height of 01 er 1,(10(1 feet, and  was still visible on the lfifli-, Avhon  the steamer left. Pumice stone was  seen floating upon the sea about 20  miles from the rock."  such   fine   fettle as   to   put  up        the  game of. -Uieir  lives.  WOMAN   KILLED  IN  AN  AUTO ACCIDENT  fcrie>, Pa., May 23.--One woman was  killed and three other persons are in  the hospital here in a serious condition as a result of an. automobile  n'cekteit. shfiirtly after midnight- th.is  morning  near Girard,   this county.  In turning a sharp curve, at higMi  spseerf, the machine crashed into a  telegraph pole, throwing the occupants out,  and  the machine    turned f tjieeks and jaw's are. yellowish while  contracting with a dark colored neck  years   Th]e fordhead and a line down to the  muzzle  axe a deep  red chistnut- aud  tlxe large   ibrqnd '   cars  arc of   .Ihe  same bint fringed with black.  The n3ck, shoulders and   ijndy rann������  Berlin.���������The discovery'in a Ci'erman  piince's castle of an enormous t,imn-  (ity of hotel-mariied'-'silver and 1hc  alleged kleptomania- of-the -princess,  ais, wife, s������:emi5 likely'to'lead tr, u-  elations which will cause no little  scandal in ihe. princely house.- The ,  siher, marlfed with the names of  Paris "and Berlin hotels, was found  m the 'silver room of the ~ castle  Basedow, near Match in, Mcckilcrii/urg-  Schwerin, which i.s'the residence of  Pr'nce Adolph  von U'rcde.  HOW  C1I1NKSE BVY OIL.  Fiham^hai���������There are in people who  -ui teat' the -Chinese, in the ptac-  tiice, when ucces) ary, of. v.hit is pro  ���������.'erilMlly l-wnvn as "whipping the etc  \il rornd the stiimp." The North  China Duily NTev\s'Kashing correspondent writes that the oil shops  there are. prohibited by the boycott  from buying American l-eroscue oil,  bui their cuslomeis refuse r<> iann  substitutes on any pretense. Tic  consequence is tha-t the oil shops do  not buy, -but '''borrow" American  Kerosene oil in Shanghai, and thus  calm their consciences and platats  their patrons.   0__- :��������� -  REFt'SED $500 SCHOLARSHIP  London.���������The council 01 tlie uon  and steer institute announced a I n  meeting today that it' has recommended th? award of a (%f>0() scholarship %���������> F. Hess, of Coluni'liia uni-  versi-ty for metallurgical resiwieh,  '711! that Mr. f-Tess had v.-iitten ic-  grctting that he was unable toln'e  up the award.   _o   KXPEDITrON SAW      --\  -A'LI VIS (i   OKWM  1,'ondon, May 23.���������C,a<iif. Hoyd Alc\-  andes, of tho Ale.vanderTtioslinu c\-  liedition, reports frpai.A^igii dislnct,  on the river Welle';JX^hg^l'lree Slate  that be has ��������� sedur'ed^a rs|>e.cimen ni  t-h-D okupi which iihe^^^tiitmh '-s.iw  alive. ... .���������-::,.;"''.,  Nowiiite man ei'er before has 'seen  a living okapi. The okapi was In si  described by Sir Henry . Johnstoi.,  who found a dead one in the Sein-  li-kd forest .amd drew a picture otthe  animal. '  The head is dcscriibod as ijeingthat;  of the giraffe,.'but. .there arc 11������ external' horns, The okapi in aljnu1 !^  feet high at the withers. The tail  is rather short and the neck short  a,nd tiiick.        . ��������� : . ��������� ,/  The coloring of the animal is its  most    extraordinary  'feature.     The.  2G  over on  top of them  Mrs1. .Julia G-. Young,  old, wife of Albert W. Young, of  Cleveland, is the name of the dead  wonvajn. She was killed almost instantly by being clashed  against  the  teleigjraphpole  and sustaining  a    fnac-   in  tone from sepia'and jet' itdack   lo  t,ure of  the skull. ' red|   the belly   is. blackish  and     the.  The injured are: Carl E. Sciutr- tai] chestnut;' .'-'with' a small black  mer, Cleveland, both legs broken; W. ^,ft_ The hind quarters, and le-:s  II. Schurmer, father of Carl, right' ,are either snow white of P������l<? cream,  shoulder broken; A. W. Young, hus- touched here.-and .there with orange,  band of the woman who was killed, .1 aI1^ marked with beautiful purplj  badly bruised. i horizontal stripes and blotches. DAILY      LKOGiiK  THE DAILY LCD6ER  t xblubed   every day except Senday. j  ���������ft   ,    tHE       DAILY        LEDGER  ������������������>���������     .-    COMPANY.  '��������� OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  . SUBSCRIPTION ?RICE  '  itreiice.     Advertising rates on ������p.  elteatli*.  -ei  WK|l.^KSDAY  May 2S, 190t;  ' ' .WILL li'i.y TO THE NORTH ROLE  ,-.-^!?t.'s=-'l,aiis.'May    2:!.���������Alajiu   If. J$.    Dei  Ho.v.'left here   this  eve/ioitr  tor     Noi-  ���������&*"ay,.. where  he  will    meet   and  con-  .< fciuci   ' io   Danes   island      the      tirat  Jtaity   of  the    Welluiau  i.ul.a    expeil-  'itioii.      Ihghteen    joinliua   will       ui-  to;i.puny   him    to  imi    together    ihe  '   .    timber  and    canvas    slu d    in    which  ilie , Dirigible   baloon  will be housed.  *Mt\   Wellmtm  is t.upci iiiu-iiding      ihe  iun*uucUoii  of  the   InUooii   in    oidei  lo  bo able  to   loa\e   l'.u i^>    us   euilj  ������u*  pos.sible.      One     l.iiudiod ineohuii-  i*.*   ntu oitgu^cU ui  the   construction  ������', I be uiotoi-A.     Foi'LA   men aie   ' at  c iwork, on (the     envelope,   nlieeu      uie  'liuiidoiy sleds,    and hllj   are at woik  on   the   various  applumu"-     comiect-  '���������     tn.l uilli  the air ship.  NANAIMO M/iES.  All'.   K.  K.   Pciser,   the   well known  lJy   {Victoria    travelling   nuin   returns   to  Jtho Capital city today*.  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  SEE  J    KEMP.   OR L.EAVE    ORDERS   WITH  -- W.   CARTER,  LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE  Esqtiimalt   & Nanaimo Raifw  FIRST  AVENUE  PHONE     6 (.1  NOTICE  LADYSMITH'  WATER WORKS  Consunieis are requested to call al   the office     on   Roberts   Street ������  pay Water     Jiates, between ihe 10th    and the 2f������tIi of eaeh nv nth.  Office H urs (P.M. 4.30  T, J BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  First Clnss  K1GS FOR HIRE  WOOD   anti   BARK  For Sale and   Delivered  EXPRESS WORK       DAVfD JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  PIANOS,  ORGANS    ANDHOOSEHOLD     nUKMI'l  ED PROMTTLY  A    ND   SAFELY.  MOV-  I eave ordi-rs at   <.h  Stables in the rear of the Lai' ysmith hotel.  AbbotB      ford  A.    J    WASKETT,    PROP  -innMUn-.^*fj  SHAVES & BUHS  Having takm ������������ver the barber shop  Known as ������ht Ladysmith Shaving  Pallors, High St., I inland, by keen  ing competent workmen, lo conduct  a first-class establishment, ami respectfully solicit, your i������itronage.  THOMAS  LEWIS  Best  accommodation  lor  transient  %nd permanent boanlcis and lodgers.  ORAND       HOTEL  This new  Hotel  has been cornfort-  ,' Julius  Franek,   of   tne   Simon  Laser    Company.    Victonu,   has     been  inloiviewing' Nanaimo  h .siness  houses iii? the interest    of his    Arm   foi  t'lho jiast^day ov two.  *���������.*.   "  Mr. T Tom   Barnaby at rived m town  '   last night from his ii-apping grounds  _ ju   life vicinity of the JSnmiimo lakes  '"'.Tom brought  with   him a  line speci-  ���������ibeu  hide    of      a  big    black      bear  '."which he is shipping    to St. Louis.  .������������������..������..���������..���������..#.....������..������..������..������..������..������..������..������..������..���������������������������������������������������-���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT   NOTICE.  SHARPENED  BY US      ALWAYS     (JIVE SATISFACTION.   PICKS  HANDLED  A   ND  REPAIRED   DRILLS  ,   *- On Monday    evening      the officials,  -^mii-ising stall, and parents of the Ra-  uaiino Hospital   were  mlertained   by  ' "a number 'of local urli.Ms   to a   first  ��������� class entertainment   w Ii u h   was   held  r'-iu<-lho mens' surgical  wind.    All   the  lad.v patients  and      nu n  patients   01  ~other wards were assembled together  :'  to"tislen,   to   the   ^.olos,   recitations,  - aruf; instrumental    selections,   t'xcelJ-  '������ ttiitly. rendered.  .'.* After, the conclusion      or    tho pio-  .ifl'aiimio   ice     >creaiu   and c-aKc   werr>  *s������i'%4'il. '   The      following   programme  was rendered undei  the chairmanship  ol" Mr. E.   Jones.  ; \ Selections���������Oi-aino|>hiiiii'  ������������������' - Violin  Solo���������Miss    Kvott  Solo���������Miss.  iTilne.  Solo��������� Aliss.i Lobley  \Vi'>lin  Solo���������Mr   Mnchm  Solo���������Miss.  Miller.  Hesitation���������Mi.ss.   T>i< k.  Sol<i���������Miss   Lobl^.v  '   Solo���������Miss    Kirliy.  Instrumental   Solo~\lr.   fngbtim  Chorous���������By  the pntieiil'?  ���������SHIP SMI TIT I N Ct    IN      UL   ITS    B R A,N G HKS  Horseshoers and CJencre1 Blacksmitns."  R. WRIGHT  i  BuHer Street -    - Ladysmith, B ,C  aMy furnished and the bar Is up-to-  iM* . Rates J!.������0 a day and *p-  w>rda.  WM   BEVERIDGE, Prop.  HOTEL  DOMINION  , ��������� IJptir .������1 2-rj miU1.ro���������  F-u to  all Ftvamboat   la. d -.wS an"  rfiilwnv dppots. F.lectr e iws every fi *  uiiiriten to ail parts ol tie city., Ba������  aniUlftbleJunexeelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, C  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������WHITE   COOK ���������  and  ���������\V HIT E. I- A IM>lt���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith  ITCAM IIHATni)  FURNISH    ROOMS  ABB0TSF0RD  A. J. McMURTRiE, Proprietor  i\Te\vly fitted up and  Furnished  BAK SOlTOKD*Tl������B������T "  WINKS, LIQUORS, CIOAKS  ��������� 7  S  I AfcYSAJIIH,' .C,  Good tables and good  ,: Rooms  PORTLHND  DAVID IIYNDS,  Prop  INDIANS WANT    BAD START FOR  NEW WIVES1 THENORTk  Boatd at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  . Slocked      i-..=ga  I  -:o:  Tho Indians about Altn t Uay wai-j \'icto'ia, May 22.���������Capt. Jlikklcson  Uicd with luluiubt, thu bigamy pio- and his ten associates, who were  uiednigs ayumst Jvak-Kuiuuub, who to leave for the north last evening  was biouyht boioru Ohiul Justuu (mil an iiiaiisincious Mart. A tug  JUuntei    at   the   lust  assi-su. ^i'lui   was'pillhng   the  schooner    out       of  chief justice dihinissc-d    thu c;.lso     on   |lt������r   berth   preparatory       to      80l,1B  Lho yiounils.      tb^.L  Uio  JniliJ.ns>    hud ( tinough  the   1:'..   &   N.   Bridge,     when  HORSEMEN, READ   THIS  .    J have used MINARD'S LINIMENT  in uiy stables for ou-r a year,   and  '���������consider it the Very  best for Ivoise  flesli" I can g������t,  and  would  strongly  "recoinmend itr to all horsemen.  oilo. nouon.  Jiveiy    Stables,  Quebec,  95   to 103,  .  "Ann Street.  been used i'or coiiturius to doalmy  Willi women in the- uaj oiitlinu-d b^  tho probuoution, ami that thmo was  not enough e\idonce that a mm riu������o  ueionioio was u\er actually iiou'oim  ed ui nil   by tho Ludnuib.  Parties \\lio know thu ciistoin.s 'ol  the Indians ol Alui I Ba.> ruporl'thug  the abonyineb uiu pu'pan,ii|i lor a  ^big "luu-lnu" on tliu lolurn ui  tliosu in lores-Led ui tliib pailiciilar  bigamy case buiuio ahaiuloiiuig wo-  uiwi with whom the\ hu\o U\cd lor  ^eais    in   thu  appio\uil   tudi\(i   fnsii-  1011.  The only witness CMiuunud in tho  bigamy < aso was Thonius N'owoll,  who has lived with one woman foi'  some L\\Guly-h\e >eai^ Jhii uigLllnit:  time she has beccMiic old nipph'd  and  decrepit. ~"  At tho celebiuLiou it is expected  that many old uonu-ii will he thrown  upon then own n'scniics and left  o bal tie fiyainst sl.ii \<-ii ion alone  Authorities, which c.-umot Ii-' rloiibt-  e(l stale that liidnin \\oiiicii w lu-n  tliov   bocniuc   the   \\i\cs       el then  11 ibesnieii, ore lori-cd to woik to  snppoi t their own clnldt'-n .mil to  tnni o\ei- an\ sin j il i)<. (,, iheir Iuids  and uuslei-, who use lilt- lnoiie\  thus obt.iiiiod lo pui t u ip.itc m the  "poLlntch" al whuh i-elebini ion llu-  wnes aio hi-oimlil us ih.itii-K and, ai  cording- lo the I est uuou\ kim-ii bv  one of the clinN in ,> < oin I ol iii'--  tite, the wives ihus olit.tiiwd uie  put aside ;il un\ 1 inn the husband   < booses  in  A  Great   Boot!  i  for Prospectors!  'They  arc   all    leather,    and  made to  stand   Gtienuous   us-i  kg������ in mini* or  forest.  L117. Men's Tan Chip  1 _,  pewan Veal Kip Pros-1  pectors'   Boots  Ineh    blucher   cut,     with  ii    full  bellows  tongue    to  tip; have double silver eyelets  and  stud  honKs;     double  sole and slip;   standard screw  fastened;  slugged    Kfuiuul   the  forepart and heel.      A    com-  ~"?ortable as well  as a  durable  boot,,    #i ...Vi    .   ,,_...      ,,   ,  -   A*'M,foi- tiniih at ytntr Healers  j. LECKIE Go. Ltd  VANCOUVER, B C.  some cx( ihe bow stilus weie broken  by eoiuiiig n ton Hie I. w th one oi  the wh.iiM-s. This damage is beiiu<  repaired .it lr.sc|iiuuault, into whuli  jjltue she put  last evening'. There  was a big crowd at the wharf waiting for over two hours before the  depn.it 111 e At the last momenta,  number of good subscriptions wore  retched, irichidme, an additional  one fiom the Duchess of Bedford  The uneinbeis of tho TTnion Club also  pul up     a   good  subscription Oi>  Satin day Rurroug-hs & Company of  London forwarded a model tablois  medical chest containing a complete set of drugs put up in compact form for use on the ship. if  the wind vises she  will    go  out    th'S  afternoon   0   STTATICH  CURED AFTER  20 YEARS SUFFERING  For more than twenty years Mr. J.  B. Massey, of 3322 Clinton St., Minneapolis. Minn., was tortured by sciatica, (lie pain and suffering which'  he endured during this time is beyond comprehension. Nothing ga\e  liini any permanent- relief until he used Chamberlain's Pain Balm. One  application of that liniment relieved  the pain and made sleep and rest possible, ami less than one bottle has  eflccled a peimanent cure. If troubled with sciatica or lheurnatisin,  why nol tty a 2.1-cent bottle of the  Pain Oalin and see for \ourseIf how  ifinclly il relieves pain. For sale by  the I-adysiniUi Pharmacy.  This  Hotel  has    been  completely       renovated.'  Board -aid lodging $1.00 per day. '   .  HOTEL    PRETORIS  JOHN TKA, Proprietor  VICTORIA    DAY   CELiB RATION  '    At  j VICTORIA. B. C  7VV-a-*y    2 4,    2 5'/ 2 ���������������  Automobile Races, Uoise Races, Aquatic and Field Sports of all  kinds Spectacular water- Canmal at the Goig,e. . Grand Pyrotechnic  displays. - ,  . , ������  Fare from  Ladysmith to Victoria nnd  i?eturn $15o  1   i  -    (hilditn  under 12 ye.irs of age To  cents. _  Ticloft ycoil  from  Thursday,   May   2'l(h,   to   Sunday,     May   27th   inclusive      A  SPRCIA,L:TRALV will Iea\e  Victoria for  Welltn,:������lon   tinil     all  inleimediate stations at 10:00 p.m.,   on Thursdav, May 241h.  1  O, Iw. Courtney,  ]  District"Pesseiigrcr Ag'ent,  58 Government "St.*| ;Victoria, "R.C.  '-  -T-.  liar Supplied  with  the Resti Wines, let Aienue  Liquor^ and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C. -  TicUcjt. and. Freight Office, 75  Government Street.  '.  2  Transcontinental ":i  vTrktns Daily     ,i  .   ..      The Hew Train  ORIENTAL; LIMITED  ,,    The Train of  Ease,, Elegance)  Excellence.  Every- mile], a;- picture;   and  no smoke. to ,spbil the   view.  Through .Compartment,   Observation -and,, Pullman Sleepers;     also   .Through    Tourist:  Cars to Chicago.  At antic Steamship' Bu������ines������' to Europe  '   r is ourSpecnlty .."  - Union.   Terminals  with  all  Steamer lines.  lierth reservations by, fwirel;  Great. Northern' S.S. Co. ,f,  FOR JAPAN AND CHINA;  Steamships Muuicsota an<I Da-,  kota sail from Seattle for Julian - and China' ports at fre-  <fuenr datas. \ Exact sailing'  dates can- be secured upon application to any Great, North-  em representative.  S. O. YERKES,  \  ' A,G.p;a., Seattle, AVaslu  (jenv Agent,^VjcUniat B.C.  Low Fxcursion  Kates       *;  Round Trip."      ;*  Trains N"8^: Trains  On Sale Mav 21, 23, 2G.'' '  "   ������������������' 'J-  New Haven, Con.  July  10 to  15.  Denver   t  Aiif-u.st  7, 8, 0  ' Milwaukee  Se|.t. 8, 9, 10.  Toron'o  To  T������  To  To  $81,1  $������5.00  . '.-I  $83,75  x  TH6 CITY MHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  Tlunsday, 21th ol'Mav. beiu^ a holi d.xy  this  stoi'e  will  be closed all dap  1st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  A'j kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53  P. 0. Box 42  Ask for  wnasyga.w;  WATSON'S  DUNDEE  mm  j~Vrw>-^-^^~i^^:to:r,i  WM.   MUiVSII'1,   President     J.  W.  COHUIIN, Managing  Director.  Telepliaiie -J-fi. "~"      IJ  The Ladysmith Lumber Co. Ltd.  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TENDERS addressed to the undersigned at Ottawa and marked on the  envelope "Tender for the construction  of a Hydrogrnphic Steel Twin Steamer," will be reeehcd up to tflie  22nd DAY OF MAY, NEXT, foi  tlie cotusljiictiou of a Steel Twin  Screw Steamei for thcvHydrographic  .Service in British Columbia  waters  Specifications; plans 'and forms of  tender can be seen at the office of  Uie Agent of Ihe Department of Marine and Fisheries at Victoiia, H. C.  at the Custom House  at Vancouver,  B.C., and  at the department  here.  Each -tender must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque equal to  10 per cent, of the whole amount of  the tender, which will be foifeitod  il the person sending the accepted  tender declines to enter into a con-  Uact, with the department Cheques  accompanying tenders win on aic not  aciepted will be returned iniinediafe-  ly* after A decision has been arnved  at.  K'ewspapois copying this ad\ertise  mint without, authority fiom lliede  pari men t  will  not  be paid  F.   GOURDEAU,  Deputy Minister of Mai ire and .Fisheries.  Department of Marine and  Fisheries  Ottawa,  28th  March,  lilOfi  HALIBUT MEN  SWELL CATCHES  Monster  Celebration  $ 1,500    in prizes     $ | ,500  Big Calithumpian Procession  Nanaimo  CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL  VANCOUVER CRLTl'CS   VS.  NANAIMO*  CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL  LADYSMITH-    VS.   NANAIMO.  Thursday, May 24th, 1906  Professional Jind Amateur and   Childien's" .Sports.     Excursion rates  from  all points.     TWO  BANDS.  *      ..'','*-,  FIREWORKS DISPLAY  MAYOR J'LANTA, Chairman,   E.  II.  BIRD, Treasurer;  WILL  F  NORRIS,  Secretary.  GODSAVE THE KING  | ICE!    ICE!    ICE!  Vancouver, Alny 22.���������During Uie  lust hi() months a gwnt deal of attention has bc-en atl.rni.tcd lo the  'lifiiomcnall.s Luge catches of halibut reported to ihe credit of  lLeainoi.s limning into Seattle. As  all these vessels fish on Canadian  banks    in   Hecate  strait,  and     Dixon  ' Lot ranco,     interest     is    taken        'in  i  i Vancouver    m.  those   catches,        and  i<ithm    IJ.e   past   Unity    days       one  oi   I'hesc    Sound steamers     has claim  ed-   the  world's   rccoid  catch  j    This  steamer    is   the  Zapom,    anil  on   a   I'ccent    ictuin    lo   port she  hailed   ior    27.">,00(i  pounds  of    halibut,     I hough   as    a   mutter     oi   fact  she   is  not  as  large  a   vessel  its . the  . steamer      New      lingland   ,   and   she  i-ould   never  ensry    20o,000     pounds  I of fish       An additional    circumstance  'which   bears   against   the   truth       'of  tlie  hailing   report    is  that  from this  (cargo   the  Znpurn    only   shipped     '_8  inrlonds.  which at the rnle of      22,-  000   pound--,    lo  a  car   would      make  iihoul   the  amount   the ZnpoiMt would  hn\e   provided had she  , had   a    full  cargo.  'Local fishermen hnving figured tin*-  mat for out, ha\e come, lo the conclusion (bnl Sound fishermen are  faking i heir reports insofar as the  press oi Seattle and Tneoma are  concerned. i  Steamer   New      Kngland      reached  the  HOW ISAIAH DORAN  METj HIS DEATtK  j. >  poit yesterday moniing from  northern banks. She brought down  1 MO,000 pounds of fish, after being  absent from port four days and iw  half She fished about half way between Cape St ftameq and Cape  Calvert.     fih ��������� discharged   yesterday  M. P SIMPSON  St.  Solicitor., Kt*  Money  to    loan  town Linvsvi f  iuiO->  T  Will be Delivered on Mondtys,   Wednesdays.  Fiidiysand Saturdays  -   Orders must he, in-by eleven: o'clock' on day of  Deliveiy,  Brewing Co  Limited  NANAIMO    B. C.  ^EMEBAL* EXPRESS AND  -     DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  nt-1'  Leave orders at, the Abhotsford.  (tf      ���������      ��������� ,  ���������->   ���������  i      ���������  Dr.R.B. Diei  Sur^e^n Dentist  AH work ������-"'���������'-      iied, and at'-"rcast,  -  -!'���������������  rates.  RESIIV V  Gatacre St.  ..... OPKN . -  ���������10 AND OFFICE  Ladysmith  i-'J..  HOURS  J. PIERCY & 60.  Mamifactuicrs Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ��������� .ETC. "'���������  EXCELLENf  Train Service  s.V- -f 1 T������  ir-il'-fijj  CHICAGd, wffiwi  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And the I'rlucl;)al-nusliica������ Centers of  Ontario; Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO,' HEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALL*.  Pol Time Tables, etc., addresa... *.?  CEO. W. VAUX,  Asatstunt "Ocn'l Pasnenger aud -Ticket Agent  135 ADAMS St.. CHICAGO, ILL.  WHOLESALE DRY-GOODS  HILBERr  VICTORIA, B. C  Dear Mother  Tilt' llcdi>-.\ Cu/etle and Sunilku-  .iieoii Advertiser ot May loth, contains an account oi the death oi  Mr Isaiah Doran, u former Xanu-  inio resident, i i.o nnnouiucinent ol  whose trag-is death was clirnuicb'd  m these coluiuns shortly nilf-c the  unfortunnto .tcculciit oieumM The  t.awtto ol  ila.v  to,  says  Fearful   Accident  On   Tnesdsiy   afternoon   I In-       wuiil  acciaent vviiRh   lias    jet   intended  mining operations at the .Nickle  i'liite   occurred,    \>i    wliub Istnah  Doran and Joseph Dumas were lulled m.sjtanlly and A, Andcison injured.  Tho accident occurred iit, the tunnel in this Sunnyside.s, niul at the  time ol writing ihe c.\act cuuse of  O*,.   |."u.nuio  bln->i    is unknown.  The hk-ii bad in Leu in tho powder,  fiif.0 and cap^ to I ;:ifl "lovon boles.  rhcy had tuken all the explosives  in q gniniiy suck', but whet her the  detonators were jti ln<'lied to the fuse  is not   known.  JDoian and Dumas wore in at. tbo  face of the tunnel when tbo hlast  wont oft and vvcic blown back a-  gntn.st the wall, about 40 feet a-  uay, wliore (ho tunnel changes direction. The bodies wore frightfully  mangled. Anderson, who was near  the niouih of the tunnel was taken  out unconscious. Whether he bad  been blown against u wnll dosen't  appear. ]Ic was bleeding Irom tho  ear, which the concussion ot the  blast would account toi without  any lother injury.  Lloruu leaves n widow mid one  son about 12 years. lie was mai-  nevt twice and the bov was lrom the  former     marriage lH'ieiiseM    was  born j'n Scotland and vvny an :old min  er of Nickle I'lnle Diuiins w.-i������ un-  niari'ied. ICeonost sympathy is felt  for Mrs. Doran in hor hcrenveiuent.  The-'C!azotic ot the 17tb has the  following in reference lo the lnqtnest  as to "the calico of death of the un-  irtunate  men.  Co>'onor's Jncniost  Th<>   unfortunate   accident     in    the  SiinnysidCB   tunnel,    wbi.-b  cnused the  death    of   Isaiah  Doi'mi  and     Joseph  Dumas on  the Rib* inst .    was    made J  ihe subject of inquiry by the co'S  oner, IIr AfeiOwen, on Wednesday,  May <Jth *- <    ���������  X jury was cmpanuulLed, cousi^t-  uig ol Messrs. Wolti, .McAithur, ,piea  &acil, ltuich, JJiirgstroiu and J^md-  stoim.  'I'he jury In-.1 viewed the bodies  and identified tliem and then visited the .scene of u-cuhrit, m So1''2  tunnel of (be Sunny sides. All ihe  fuse which had boon taken into the  tunnel l>y-ihe deceased was collected  aiu\ w.is found to he unhurni Ko  powder  noi 'caps   were  found.  Tho jury ie-asseiuhled at the .school  bouse and evidence was taken by  the coroner.  Dr. Williams testified to the examination 'which he had made and  expressed , his opinion I but the  explosion of dynanule had caused     the   death   ot   both.  Chas.   liurcb,    shift boss, stated m'  bis   evidence       that  he   had       heard  ������  tho explosion and with McAri'htir  bad attempted to enter tho tuniifl,  but they were unable to do so - on  account of the powder smoke. They  waited for ten minutes and tried  again but- were unable to remain.  In ajbout ten or twelve minutes more  they reentered and saw lights in  the tunnel and heard Mr. .Tones say  "Here is one of them." They found  J. Anderson, whom they carried out  They nevt louhd the deceased ��������� and'  carried them out. Witness testified  further that Doran and Pumas  had been loading holes and bad ">1  pounds,   of   powder  Tlie evndence of CJ Bergstrom and  Geo Me.Arthur was corroborative  of t'hal of C   Jlurch.    "  G.  I*   Jones  testified  that the   explosion    had      occurred   at       sixteenf  minutes    to    four  o'clock,   and    also  as   lo the finding   and   bringing  out,  of  the bodies  The jury brought in the following  verdict. "We find that ,Isaiah Do>*-J  an and .loserh Dumas came toj  their death by the accidental ex-^  plosion of dynamite on May 8th,{  1-900, at sixteen minutes to four!  o'clock p.m. at the Sunnysdie.  mine."  It is not the price you pay for ft furnace that makes it cheap  or expensive, but the fuel it afterwards consumes.  A common furnace may co.ct you ������5 or ������10 less than a  Sunshine," but if it eats this up fciie first winter in'extra fuel.  what do you,gain? , Nothing, but all the annoyance and extra  work that, go with a poor furnace,  The "Sunshine." h in ute from Halifax to Vancouver,  and we have hundreds of testimonials from pleased users.  Sold by enterprising" dealers everywhere.    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A, 0.  i'  Aleuts   in the  I' (i   O .K  Mail,  I...  dysnn'tli,     the   SpcoikI    anil      (Tour 11  Wednesdays ot each inonLli, coiiinm  leg  Wednesday.   l������lh.f  J905.  Visiting  Druids     are invited  ton  Irnd.  By 0t:ier  WM. .RAFTER, Reef Sectv  PATRICK 1JTIRK, N.   A  NOTICE  From      this date the, undersigned  will  not  be  responsible  for  any Indebtedness     incurred except on      ������  written ortier signed by the secretary  Howland  Machiri.  V.   I   EXPLORATION .<*. DEVEI  OPMENT f'O..  LTD.  Non Personal Lfabll.'ty.  Victoria, B. ('., M*y 18ttt1 '������0������  Synopsis  ol Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  Any available Dominion Lands  within the Railway Belt in British  Columbia, may be bomesteaded 'by  any peison who is tlie sole head of  a family, of any male over eighteen  years of age, to the extent ol one-  quarter section of JCO acres, more  or less.  Entry must be made personally at  the local land ollice for the district  in   which the land is situate,  The-homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following  plans:  (1) At'least-six months' residence [  upon and cultivation'.of. the land in J  each year for  three years. ; ���������  (2) U the father, (or mother, if the  father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the laud entered for, Ihe re  uuireincuts as to residence may lie  satisfied by such person residing with  ���������the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land own  cd by him in the vicinity ofh.is home  .stead., the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by residrnct  upon., the said land.  Si*    monthe'    notice     in     writi.  should be given to the Commissioner  IT ISDANGHROUS  TO NF.GI.liCT A COLD  How often no we hear it remarked "Its only a cold," and a few days  later learn that the man is on his  back with pneumonia. This i.s of  such common occurence, that a cold,  however slight, should not be disregarded. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy counteracts any tendency of  a cold to result in pneumonia, and  has gained its great popularity and  extensive sale by its prompt cured  oftlit. most common ailment. I  always cures and is pleasant to lake  For sale by   r,adysniith Phannaoy.  Your little ones are a constant care in  Fall and Winter weather. They will  catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh's  Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and  what it has done for so many? It is said  to be the only   reliable  remedy for all  diseases of the air passages in  children. , r   .   . _  ,  Itis absolutely harmless and pleasant to    ������[  Dominion   Lands  at  Ottawa  ol   ill-  take.   It is guaranteed to cure or your money  , tention   lo  apply  for  patent.  !nrri'U|Md'i ThBP2?������25c.Perbotile.-'    Coa1 i.m,,s jnav ht purchased at $10  and all dealers in medicine se I ,,* ��������� ' ' ,      ���������������������������    ,  per acre for  soft coal and     $20   for  'anthracite.       Not,     more ,  than ,320  I acres  can  be  atfifiiired  by  one indivi  dual   or company.   , Royalty at     the  rate    of ten  cents per  ton of   2,000  pounds shall    lie    collected     on   the  gross output.  W.   W.   CORY,  .T)oputy of the Minister of Interior  3'4  iSHILsQH  This remedy should be in every household.  Mannfacturers of the Famous  CUHAiN BLOSSO.i  None bn   Union X/abor    Employed  H. J.  BOOTH, Prop  LADYSMITH  BAKERY  CHOICE    CAKES     AND    PASTRY  AI. \\ A' \'-S     l-"R E.S 11   0 N  HAND    ,  Wedding    Calu*  -Made    to   Order  FRL'JTS   AMI) ' CANDU  KINDS.  DAY  SCHOOL  Usual subjects taught; also Iftu-  guage<": drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given In classes  or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith,  B   V.  LADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5.-  Rathbone Sisters,, meets in tlie Odd  fellows' Ball every 2hd and -itb  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS.  KATE TATE,  M. of R. ifc C.  OF  ALL  /-TtESU   BREAD  EVERY    DAY  Prices    are     Verj Reasonable.     AH  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP   LEE * CO.  ON THE JSFLAN;ApE.  Leads Them    AH  IN  QUALITY  R. P. RITHET,  & Co,,  Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :-: :-; ���������-: .-: :���������B.C.  Japanese and Chinamen got so  far on in the lumber business, but||  wore shut out from the higher pos-J  itions The milhnen went to East'  era Canada and the States for ex|  pc-i lenced men lo fill tho higher}  positions, and tho young- men ofj  British Columbia went to the States}  for hig'lwf wagx^s, and tor opportunij  ties of learning the business, whichj  the presence oi the Mongolians madei  unattainablu bote. With the start-j  ing up of ��������� so"-, jiuiiiy new mills, and!  the prohibitivo tariff on Chinese,S  all this has own changed. Tho demand for skilled labor is greater--at  present; than it Iuik ever boon before.  Ther* is plenty of labor of a sort  to be had, but. the demand is for  men who know  the work.  The lumber industry, offers -greater  opportunities than e\er befoio to  young men of Vancouver. To acquire the hig'hest degree of skill is  only possible to the young man, and  the exclusion of the Mongolian has  opened to the young-'men of Van-  coinx-i-- an opportunity hitherto denied tliom. Every Chinaman eliminik.'|  ted means the employment of . &.  white man and the addition of another white family to the population This means increased pow  er of development of natural ������������������o--  soui-ces. The recent rise of a doL-  lar on the prices of lumber link  boom swallowed up in wages u fact  siiHieicul itself in ilseli io '.bow tho  groat demand for skilled ' labor. '.'  '���������The. first necessity of the industrial situation," said Aldcrmaii  Heaps, chatting' with the World'  this morning, "s :i supply of suit  nbie  white     labor. This   is   rtfally'  more -important' just at present  tint it the provision of sites, or the  securing- of cheaper power, or any-^l  thing else. This is British Columbia's opportunity, and should not Ikv  disreg'ii'-ded."  WHG WILL !  get reward:  Calgary.   May   22.���������It   is  generally  believed    that  the  Calgary   Mounted'  police   . who   really   arrested threo  prisoners who have been committed  for trial on charge of /train robjbeiyi  lit Kamloons will receive the largct  'portion of the reward, if the pris-;  oners ar.- convicted. Mounted police  ai-e debarred from accepting   icwards.  !,  i^-'-i;  Of  Job  an  J?i:  Done Promptly and  WEIX  At  TIJE  offered by'the   Dominion   gv.-emmenu  but  are not debarred from accepting,  rewards  from  the   British   Cob.'^ljia^  government,-   the  C- P.   il.     or   the.  United   States. tf  Colquhoun worked in this city a  couple of years ago and comes from  Clifton. 11. is said that he is a  university man nnd that he taught,  school near Clifton, where his people lived.  > ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY '  f Notice in "Inventlve'Agte"  f Book ''Howto obtain IJal^nts" |_  I Charge* moderate. No fee tilTpalteut is secured.  [���������E^^^ffif^Mn^nrD.C <}    Si. Pelcnbui,.,!!^   22,-Thc lont  fc ,...,.. . '���������^^-'���������y-*-^***^   awaited   politioal  amnesty,    the Associated    Press  Learns   from  a   go\-  crnment   souice    will   be  proclaimed  ilay 27th,  the annner&ary    oi   , the  coronation   "oi"   Emperor     JN'icholas.  'IVib" iiieasuie as> anticipated/ will   be  huliUHi;   " but  the" Associated     Pi est.,  is  in" a iJosition   to  state 'that   tho  Constitutional  Democratic   party   ii,  prepai-ed.  to. acceqt    the fight  giaec-  lully,   rocogniziiig    though   not   publicly,   that   the   government.   is>    not  altogether  unjust in refusing    to set  at large   men   ���������who" will   be as great  criminals    in the    futur-e a.s  in      the  past..      The   administration        daily  i't cutting   down the   number of prisoners  who    may    be aliected  by   the  amnesty, releasing-   convicts by hund  reds    in   the piovmces.        While      a-  t  inong   those released in    tit.  Petets-  burg- an? 25 members of the Council of Woilcmen. who,, drew ihe tam-  ons manifesto proclaiming a raid  on   the    government s    g-old    resoive.  Premier Goiemykin has been s-iiin  inonexl to go to Pet-erof tomorrow  for a conference which will probably  put tho final touches to a specvh  which the premier will deliver unit ss unforseen contingencies prevent  in the Lower UoiKe of parliament  on Friday setting forth the govein-  i)nent's [losition on tho various point"-  mentioned in the speech from the  ���������throne.  The premier and ministers of Agriculture lime been making mournec  with regard to the lorm of pio-  ci eduro to be observed in the Iowa  bouse in the matter of answering  oi the interpellations so as to roach  the \ tews of tho Ministers who P11'-  titipate in general debates M. Stol-  c/pin especially wishing to speak  on the Agrarian question if peimis-  sible.  NOT TF AS RIOII.  AS ROCKEFELLER  If you bad all the wealth of RocKe-  icller, the Standard Oil magnate you  could not buy a better..medicine for  bowel complaints .than .Chamberlain's  Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea. Remedy. The niosi .eminent physician  can not prescribe a better preparation for colic and diarrhoea, both  for children and adults. The uniform sweess of . this .remedy has  shewp it to be superior to all others. '-It never fails, ami when reduced with -water and sweetenod, is  pleasant _��������� to take. Every family,  should he" Supplied with it. Sold liv  ��������� Ladysmitli Pharmacy. -���������  Office  1st Avenue  x   msg*mr������i2������&tF'  lb Notice  AUeiiiion is called to 'be    fact that th'i"     ' " "'   ' '''  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.   Limited,  makers ot  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     bare for some slmt  past been producing flour In ������   mslly improved  and  pHrifl  *  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having ssecured control  of   all the basic patents relating then*  to, ,take this opportunity of a dvising  the  public that  any unauthorised users of the electrloal    fio������r  purifying processes  will <ic pro-  tecHtefi.  Ogilv'eFlonr Mills Coiupaiiyl/ioiitei  are the only millers in Canada whose    Fl)ur is  paxified by the E'ectrio Process ���������������.>*���������*������, *H~UMM ruf*~vrz JXXT^ZZ^SZ,  THE^DrVILY LEDGER  ,11 tr~'  Smith, Fotos;  That's All  mmessssi i    ;  "  NOTICE.  Mrs. A. L. Haskins, will sell Ice  Cream from 6 to 8 every evening.  Victoria Road,  about one mile  out.  Owing to the fact that this store  will be closed tomorrow, we will be  oj*en until a late hour this evening.  Simon Leiser &  Co., Ltd.  2sr  mi*4vmnm*m'*w+*+������ 11������������ mmmi *t **+**-+  Local Items  Mayor Nicholson   is   m Victoria toil iv  on .business.  Mayoi Planta,  of Nanaimo,  is  rWlysnnth todav.  in  WITH THE WITS.  A man was ,sunrnionecl on a charge  of loeep-ing a dog without a license,  and he e\inced a tendency 1o interrupt the evidence. lie was reprimanded, but eventually his oppar-  tunity came. ' The ClcrJv of 'the  Court turned to him. "Dn you wish  the Court to understand that you refuse to    renew     your dog  license?"  "Yes, but "'We want no 'bins'  \ ou must renew the license, or you  will be fined. You Know it cvpiicl  on January 1st." "Yes, but so <lul  the dog."  Afis    ,J    New my  iiotn Victoria  leturned     uxlav  SI raw Hats, Felt Hats, arid Xolijli  P.i|<? at Blair A:   Adam's.  Mr. W Walk-rii will spend tlit*  ^JHi of May in Vancouver w\\\\  fi tends.  /Mrs. G Hill and family left at  ,i.o������,h today on a trip to liei native  home  across the water.  P.al-  k Ulan &   Adain me showing a  nolle6,window  fiu   Uie  21th of  May,  ' yoli   Mill do well  1o have a look a 1  it  '+"'.  ' -~   Bananas, pralines Lemon*, and Oal-  ciifnriiX Apples   , at Simon    Leisei  &.  ^V-'/'Ltd.  OF  COURSE  PecKJiam ��������� You've   smi   D'Auber's  poitrait of my wife, cli"' Veiy lifelike, isn't it?"  Crittick���������Oh, yes,",but it isn't what  yoiiM call a speaking likeness, do  you .think''"  I'eokhum���������Of course i( i.s, how else  could it he lifelike? ��������� Pliiliwlelphu  Ledger.  Til 10 HEADY   WITNESS.  The second trial was on .mil the  witness was told to repeat the story he  had told hefoio.  Foi     a    moment  he    was  pir//lcd  Then'his  face biiirhtened,    "1  fors-et  it," he said,  "but  I can  (ell .mother just   as good."���������Philadelphia   Led  aer.  in excellent hands and Sir VoLei  was alright. .Richard Scott is always good, but is often seen to bet  ter advantage 'than as Lord Xor-  manlower. Mildred Sehvjn( iitla  Shotwoll) was all that an evilinind-  ed woman should be and other char-  acteis in the play were good. Tonight '���������Tinned l>p" is to be presented- If you wish a couple of  hour.6 _of good , genuinu fun turn  out and see it. ' '  Wiiilo the members of tho Kalibur-  ton Street church will regret very  much losing their young and cner-  jjvlic pastor, All. A E. itoberts,  they will Jind a warm place in their  hearts for Rev. 11. fi. Laidly, and  his estimable family, when they come  to Joiow tliem Mr. Laklloy was  lor some yeais stationed at 'Ash-  croft, where the writer thfn lived,  and lie left none but warm friends  and good v.ishef. after his three  .v ears' work Llieie. Unfort imntely ho  is not in Ihe besf of bealtb. It will  lie the dul.N ot our generous 'N'n-  nainio clinuiti' to build him up nnd  help   (u iiinke liiin strong nnd well.   .  asssREs-afflsassfcea*-  ��������� jTonaoriow bemg a public    holiday  r^tlcre  will ific no    issue of Tlie Lod-  M.^gvr, tint on Friday afternoon we   will  "publish'the same as  usual.  .Several Finlanders  left today loi  their,", native shores,  and many ol  tl.eu/friends  were at the ti.un oul-  'iliiig. them  good-bye.  ASKED AND ANSWERED.  "What," asked the innocent youth,  "is a  hachelor  girl''"  "A bachelor girl," answend ' the  knowing person, "is ,A spinsifi mau's  sister."���������Chicago News.  Reports    from    Naxiaimo regarding  the Morris stock company,  which is  ~ billing ' an engagement in  that    city,  -; and "which  will  apjiear  Ucie on Ku-  ; '*t.������y * and 'Saturday nighls  nevt,    aie  (    Ut Ihe effect  that  they  are one     of  -Ihe  best companies  lo  visit  the is-  '��������� '*ndvfor a lon'g time.   The company  "are'billed to  hold down  the boards  '���������-. of 'Ihe Vancouver Opeia House     for  >-sw "!*,/* -weelv'    a.ftei     their engagement  t lie/er*  NOTICE.  F.'Wong Ching kee, have purchased  the business, tools and fixtures of  Chung Kec's shoe making establishment, Ladysmith, and that all prisons having* any claims against tlu>  said Lhi'ii^ Kee, must come and make  that claim to mc on or before the1  first day of June, 190G, and that J  will not /be responsible for any claims  or debits of the" said Chiny Kee after  the fust  tlav  of  June,   lOOfi.  (Signed)     WONC5  CUING KEE  Ladysniilh, 22nd May,  lOOfi.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  We have Everthing you  . may require in this line  ������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������  mm. us  ! Pioneer Soils? Woihs I  i 1st. Avenue, laiijdnuh, B. C.\  j V. I Mmi Prop, j  j     MANUFACTURER OF     j  | Carbonated Beverajres. |  I (linger   Beer     |  I Fruit Syrups |  t P.   O.   Box '24S j  ..������-���������������������������#..���������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ..������������������������������������>.^.^..������-������.^.i������..������.  laDYSMITH OPERA NBE  D. Nicholson, Manager  T w'o "Nights  Co m m enchig  ffidaj, flay 21.  Moiris Con.pany  in (lie 1 Great Eastern Successes  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Store Open  Until 121 M, on  Thursday  1  Walter* &  Akenhead  ��������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������  Coal  . Oil   Epgii es i  For LiuucU(.s. Fishhur Boats, Etc X  Stationery Engines X  for all Power Purposes ���������  Simple, Economical, Keliuble ���������  Absolutely  no danger,  J' h Electric Spacers or Bat-  teries  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  to get  out of oider.  Write us lor Particular* ���������  Rochussen & Collis.  7 Yates  St.   Victoria, B. C  Machinery  Agents.  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������. ���������������������������������������������   FOR-  ^1  Jlinard's. Liniment cuies  bums, etc  TENDERS will be tecehed by the  undersigned up till^5 p.m., on. Alcii-  dav, 28th May, 1906, for clearing a  portion o! Third Avenue, opposite 1 luj  public school. Particulars can be lud  fiom the iRaad Foreman  Ttfe lowest or any lender not ncc-  cssirily accepted.  JOHN  STEWART,  C.M.C.  .Minajd's Liniment cures Dandruff.  I  OLASSj GLOBES  When you want a Glass globe  'see that   you get the    globe  with the rubber ring on    it,  as it is the only   kind    that  can keep the water out ��������� the  glofbfBS without the rutjtier ring  cannot    keep    out water, you  Can    see that    by examining  _lhem.      The artificial    flower  that is  put into  the     globes  with the rubber rings, is guar  an teed to be the best, and   if  ,you    want  a globe   with     a  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T  X.   Jones, agent for  HENRY    .CREW.  The only    place you can   get  Tueni;  Sole Agent in B.C. for the  French Wreath Co., of London, Paris, Melbourne, S.A.,  Cor. Comox Rd.*'&: Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.   Friday Night   ������*%. n h tinii n������*  [  HIS  SOLICITUDE.  Mis .1 u,lih.���������Wake up, John, I'm'  sure a huiglar is down in the gantry, and he's eating all my pics.  "\Ir J.���������Well, T don't e.ire, |iist so  he don't die in the house. ���������Ameii-  ran Spectator.  SPOUTS IN   A   NUTS1IELI,.  In (he mattff of towly c^'duct-  on the fielil, N'ew Yoik's Nationa.1  Lruspii^ teams srem lilncly lo win  the Pennant aga,in  withoiili dinicnlly  If profile at whom Toil  Sloan   formerly threw money will be Kind  en  ough  lo    make  a leturn   throw     he  will lie  gTeatly obliged.  Theie is no trouble in filling up  the ChiealgTi bleacher seials m the vicinity of the spot where the mavi  who won a MO.OOO suit on a hit b\  a  foul argument used   it.  New York's' ("Hants Arc a great  ball team, ^considering that so lew  ol Ihein evei play lliroiiajh .i whole  game  '1 hen  again   the    sch0oll)f)v     mighl-  e\en  things  up   by making   itanoini      .- ,    f  ,r ,.,       r,     ,  f#   ��������� ,. '     3   ,.        b  , ,   ���������      Now arrival of Holidav Go''Is, in  to cam-   on the    olhei    side  a  bal      ,   ,.,     r    ,.A ,   r   ���������    .,,.',    ��������� ,,        ,-  eluding  Ladies'   Lace   1 ies��������� P.elts and  and  lut   that   would   be just   as Jwa    attractive style  of Collars,  ftl Sim-  vv  as  hishooks. ^    0n  f.eiser ^ Co.,  Ltd.  Saturday Night-  1 fool's Paradise"  PRJCF.S    25c, 35c, and .'iflc  Children 15c.  A RANOKOF���������  Up-to-date Suiting  now oa sale at   -  TAISANU & CO.  150 Gov't. St., Vlctoiia,   P.. C  LADI10S' and GENT'S  Stilish  Clothing  MADl'l TO ORDER  Workmanship   Guiaranlcad.     llov   (117  ���������'  ��������� ���������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Tennis Coeds  Lacrosse , Sticks   AND   Bi?se Ball Outfits   writi:   J. &ARNSLEY&00;  VICTORIA, B. C. ,  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  FOR SALE  Twelve   head   of   cows   and Milk  onto.    Apply P. O. Box 99.    ���������  Minaid's   Liniment  for  sale  where.  eveev-  NANAIMO  NEWS NOTES  AT Tim OlMM'.A   IKM'SK  Last o^<���������llll]g ,i( Uk> Opera lfouso  the IiC-e-IMon is Co pr< si'iiliul "The  Fool's Tiu'ikIis!'" Again I ho house  was nof wiiii' th'- cliai arlci- of the  pla^ wari'ftnU'il 'I'heie is not onu  111 tin- enlne ldhiiwiij bm (hat  ciLet) any jiait nssignfrl thorn vvull  and the i.mblic by not ij;iMiig- a better patronage lo (.be company are  making a mistake-', if they wish lo  sec some good aci ing-. T.fis-t eveii-  in{? the ' lending chiirncier was Hir  Pelnr -Lund. I lie doctor, taken by  Mr.    .las.    0." IMorlon.   the  part wns  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������  Get Your  NOTICE.  I," the undcisigJicd Jane McMillan,  administratrix of John Jlugh McMillan, deceased, heieby gu'e notice  that I intend at the next sitting of  the Board of License Coniaiussioners  for the distuct of South Nanaimo,  to be holilen at I.all j smith on Hie  15th day of Junie, IIIUO, to make application to that honoialile body foi  a transfer oE the hoi ' license*, to  sell intoxicating hLjijois uinlei the  piovisions of the Statutes on that  behalf, in the picmises l.nown ami  described as the Tunnel Hotel at  Extension, Jk.itish Columbia, fiom  the said John Hugh McMillan to  AleXttiidcL   J.   McMillan.  .Ianjo McMillan,  Administratrix ol John Hugh McMillan.  e  Granite and Maibie Works  Gianile;and    Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at  tlie  ^ lowest    , prices ���������.consistent  wiili'first class  stock " and  - woriunanship.   ���������". Write   for  catalogue.  ' A.   STEWMtT;  IIS.Yates St. Victoria B.C  ,  H  We show a large assortment of Dainty Novelties  in up to-clote -BLOUSE WEAR, a,'so a large stock  0fJ : : :    - '  -  and  DltSt-ttODS  AHraclive Slyles Economical Prices  StMiN I RiSER&CO Ltd.  BifmwwwwlihWfifw  ^=   Owing-lp the 24th. of May being a Holiday  H   Thi? Store will be Closed  E     ,  . : <?**      ' T ll e   "E ������1 ������re    D'ay  S^ ..1     ._������._������  __    .. _���������. ._. .._:_- ^  I A. HOWE Phone 2-0  E -' MEAT-MARKET  ^UiUiUlUMluiuiUiiaUiU'lUiUlttlUiUiUUiUlUililUiUill  mmm&x^i3sss&>������  ������  v. Millard's  gi*.  I.inimciit   relieves   neural.  AT  K������ BOOK M  Tlilfc   STOHE SHALL  CLOSED TOMORROW.  B E  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������  Smoke Dig H. Cigars  RAYMOND& 50NS    |  *���������Dealers in��������� r  Lime,  Plaster  Fans,    Brick,    f-  Kire Biick and  Vancou\ci island cement.  3  Pandora St.  Victoria B.C.  ������?������������������233SfcSKia2S  BARGAINS IN WATCHES  ^t^������iWvtffVf������iif������rVfffV������  ^ To-morrow is the Rig Holiday  ^ AND  g We   ate all going to Nanaimo  Have you got-that New Shirt yet?  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STEWART,.  Box 2C8 Ladysmith, B.C.  Sporting Goods  Juat "arrived-rtke^best line-of���������"' ' ^"  _   " c  Tennis Goods, Baseballs,  * -o -  '  ������!   Bats, Gloves, Etc.  LADYSMIfH HARDWARE COMPANY LIHITED  L have just received a shipment ol  .   Mills'  High Grade  1M.IISH lObMCOS  'and  C!ti4REl IFS  al ihe^   -  .  , .  DRUG STORE  BLAIR   3c  ADAM  !  PANNELL and PLASKETT  T  '������������������������������������������������������������#���������������������������������������������������������������* ������������������^  'V-'.  *���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������J  Now,i.s .Sprint!; cleaning time. Coat  your walls with   .  Church's Alabastine -  Will not .rulj  off.    A perfect ami sanitary wall coating;, sold in  50 & 25c. Packages  Also-paint your woodwork'    with  ���������"Pyramid  Brand1'  of Paints.    The best in the marlcet,  only  $1.75 Per Gallon  We also carry a  large line of  Fine Varnishes  Enamels,:    Brushes,     Window Glass,  llooTiv and Picture.Mouldings, etc.  Try a  gallon of out  Granite   Floor Finish  to   preserve  yo.ur  LLnlTewns.     Firing  votir pictures to  he framed  to [  li.  KAY'S       j  WALL PAPER DEPOT  tA++*j***V*^iifA*^*^*^*A*^^**+A'**r>*AA***+AS A*AM  THE FENCING GIRL  FOR  33 White Swan Soap Wrappers  Send us 35 WHITE SWAN WRAPPERS  and we will mail you a Beautiful Picture of  THE FENCING GIRL A number of others  to choose.from  The Dritisn Columbia Soap Works. Victoria 11  P.S.���������We will ma!l you fiee ine  of  our Premium Lists, on aPPllcarion-  ^/VSAJWyi ^yAM^^^f^^^^^^^^^r^A^i^AA^^A^^^iy m m *i0*4Vi4\i  Merchant tailor  : -       FIRST  A  VENUE.    :  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction.-Call-and see Stock  Plumbing and  DOJIEvAT  Reasonable Prices  J   ANDERSON  Leave orders  at Peterson's Furn-  ture Store, or telephone No 5b.  Dr.  Dier can  he louid at any tim  I at his office on Oatacre st.  Mis   do*'  tal   work  is Riaranteed.  to  lie firs1  j class and fates raasonahle it  t. ���������      FOR THE NICEST .  ���������  f      Ice   Gream  ; Milk Shakes, Soft Drinks  ��������� Candies, Fruits, Tobacco   |  t C igars, etc;. t  CAlit ON - ];'X  W- L- CARTER, l  FIRST   AVENUE        I  Parlors for Private Parlies.     t  t  Try a Province Cigar.


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