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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jun 20, 1906

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 srars.nstAxr'J=  CBOisi������TiyE  /���������'  {.'iir^-'C -*:  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  VOL.,2  WEDNESDAY  June 20,   I HOC  PRICE FiVE 0>NT������  THREATEHEO TO  HANG ALLEGED  CUIM JUMPER  WOMAN DIES  ON FflilME, LEAVInG  ML CHiLDHEN MONE  Fairbanks,  Jine.   l'l    -Mouers     ou  Uoldstream placed a, iopc .aound. tho  neck of -Joe  Coo'*' and then ga*-c hi in  the    option     ol  leaving the co������'iitiy.  They claim he  is ,i i-iofcssiona'l claim  jumpei.    The   p.iiticuhir  case    which  aroused   the  indignation of  the   min-  eis  is   th-al   of .loe   Vocg-elci  and. his  parlriei,    who sank  an 8f������-oot     hole  on No.  l."������ -ijcIow on Goldstioani. Thev  paitnt'i  was tal-.cn sick and placed m  the liospilal, and since  then Voe-gcler  has l>een -douig  what   woiK he could.  A  lew  days ago Cook and   Mornsou  aie allegied'to have jumped  the claim.  "Don't    yet     me  into a lawsuit,"'  plead od \ ocgelci  to Cook      "I   have  <-ent the last,  dollar J   have   to    my  my wife, who .will  aruve hcio>   soon  with hei.    little haiby.     I could   not  scrar-e together  moic  than  $18     for  them  beloie they  left.    My   paxtnei  has  hcen sice four mo iths and all I  possess in the world   is  111- my claim "  This,  he &a\s  had   no ollect     upon  C'co!:,  who went ahe-a.1 with thc view  of seeming lhe claim.  Miner*>   weie discussim-; the sub\ect  at MeDuie's load house when    Cook  e.������iic past the  place.     They  secured  a io|,,c anl  (iiiicK-ly suiLoiuided   him  He pleadad    anl    piomisrd   to leu\e  the coitntiy, m>     he     was     given a  chance to get out.  When seui to-lay,  Cook said.  "The i������.ul\  against  me Was led by  a dun'en    miner who  \ilely abused  me 111  the piesence of a> buge crowd  and  said  I    must      leave  ol   swin-  from a  telegraph  pole   When I learned  that  Yoegelot's  pailnici Was sick  I  told  them I     would     not    bother  them a'* I     sold     them niv out hi   at  cost      The claim  I   wai altci  is, un-,  der  ihe  law, open f<>t  entiv.  TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE  Of A UOY  ON BURNING  lkoadview, Sask.,  June 17.��������� Wo- 1  has just reached heie   ol   thc    .lagit  acath ot Aii.s.  llauy Long, who wuj!  hei  husL-iivl  and  two chUdicn,     h-ii  jli ladvicw  a httlo'ovci   a   \0.1i .  to lake  up  a  homestead at     llu/ci,  iu  Uie  Yoikton  distncl ' .vfiM   seeding this spuug, 'Ml.   Long  s\asOhli(;-  ed  to  look    lor  woik  which     wouiu  oi ing 111 some ready  money foi     th  maintenance  of bis  family,   and   ui  cepted a   situation-   with a    G.T 1*  suivey  paity.    This inecessita-tcd  It.-,  being fiom home lor long   intervals,  and Mis.  Long    bad  to look     aitet  the cows  in    bis absence.     On     the  evening of May 2!1, she  went  oui a*.  usual to fetch them, leaving; llietlni-  dien at home, but lost- hei   way and  llnnginig the twehc siiivivor,-, o  the hiiinod gasoline siJJrionci A limits,  the levenuc cutter Peiry, Capt Dun  woods. 1 cached poit at 11 AH o'cloc-.  lasl night, fiom Neah Hoy, when-  sJtie had lescued the sliipvviecl'i-d  ciew, sivvs a Seattle despatch  Woin and wan, and showim-, tiaie,  ol the teinhle experience lliiough  which ihey 'had passed, the smvivoi-.  ga,theied on the deck of (he tut lei  as she slowly ,swi ng lo the bnov 11,  the h,ul,oi, and with sighs of thank  tul-'rs-s piled into the launch <-f tin  Post-Intelligicncei a.-\d weie taken  ashoie The most pathetic gioup oi  ihe rescued people jya*> lormcdj , the  captain of the schocnui. Aigu-., Capt  Malon-ey,     v. ho clasped  111 his     arm/  PROGRAMME FOR  DOMINION DAY SPORTS  After Long Session Last Evening Ithe  Celebration  Committee Adopt Programme as  Printed Below  Collections Have Exceeded the Expectations of the  Committee and an Excellent Celebration is  Anticipated������for July Second  At   last   evening's   1  celehiat it 11  committer  ueeiing  of     the  never let-iiiped-     She was  riot  loun.i   hlsv llU1, tiUCe-v car-old daughtu  an-l  until ine day* afterwards,   when  lb. \n])Vort(id h,s x0ung wile,   who    had  body    was     discovered,  accUt--utallv,' {l0 C(1    Jl0,self    suth a  hcroiiw    all  ..uile neai    the   home.     'Ilie    nci^li    ,: IoWiMhe mad Mnu.sir n of th::-.-v-  ���������ols had hoard hei  cues but thougiu 1, , ,,���������;���������_  t,,lC ,Jluning an<1 Ul(1    SUlbse.;oI   n,,  7  it  was some boys dining cowl  and lt[lenl aua|1.ionmcnt oI lhe %essc, 'gl%e U-������  -aid no attention.     A messenger was j    ,,,  WlS ])ing dcMvn ,���������   tihe t.a1 in al   aml    ,-e, mission   to  uso the     Bimkei    thud pn/,e, goads to  value of J2.."SO  iv. o miles, hist pn/e $."������ pel   j addle,   pn/e,    and     furnishing   traps,   birds,  the    following, second  puve, J.i JO -<r paddle, thud , etc ,  for a shoot  to l,e held on cele-  ktU-i   was  u-.id   |,)   Secietarv   Adam |/(. M   .,Pl paddlc                                  '  Victoria,  15.<-'., June  18.  Deal   Sn ,���������Ke|d\ mm  (o"\oiii   letteis  t-h and   121)1   nisi      I     will ",M!   |)1 l/e'  -;.0->ds  u'  'u'll*l<-* of   ?10 -   1*1C committee to add to  the    dona-  U)    lowuids     lhe ccleliwUion, ������ ootid   l-iue,   E^o&ds   to   \alueol   V> .  ibiaticn  day   lietween  Nanaimo,    Vic-  .")   Two   mile ssiuidc  scull foi    nun, I toua  and    Ladvsmith      They   asketl  .-.ent loi  Air   Long but did  not    UJ  Upon hi  him   wdia-t  had  transpnod  ictuiu the awlul news  met him thai  his wile was dead and buned. It ww- { , )tl_ m,, nll   th'e  {\a s  i  tIi2 tmic of t!iie explosion," .said  AIis* Mjilcm-cy. 'Capt AIalonr\ was  ���������.ntiinr    leading    aiul   ilie |^Ij\     was  It,   w\e    then  believed   Uut she  had  been dead l\\0 ' ���������ial ,, ,0   n   (������������������. e-,0���������mB of  tfie  13th  TYEE GUN  CLUB SHOOT  In the 'I uc CJun Club sh lot last  e-ennie;, Mi Geo Ilepjile lost the  lead winch he has thus 1,11 maintained, and IVli II Wnght is n|< ������v at  the head ot the line, he having oh-  lanud siv nioie In 1 its last evening  than did Mr Hepple I'limious to  this Mr. Hepple was leading) .by two.  The scores last evening w-cre as '  lows:  JL Wright ...  W. Mills  ......  J. McDonald  G. Hepple ....  T.  White    GuHinils. j    (!   qih,   nule  (|oubic  sc-uii  race,   fc 1  '\ OLllS   tlllh , ' ,                      .                 .                                 ,    .          ,  J \S    Dl'NSMUIR >S  "      f  t'u1,een  5"ears'   Jst   I-11"-  'ihe leltei*. rofened t'j iVth-eaU-oU* ?0Ofls 1o valui'  a *7-5U' ^cendpn/e  v.eie  one  as' liu  foi   .1   donation    to t^ols to  \aluc of H.  or thiee da\s when, found.   How tin Jsiwidenlv   theie came a"shaip icpoi I, ' wauls    the   hinds,   and   a   latei  jiu- 7   due nu!������- u*>et race, free foi all,  childieii, Elsie aged  six, and Waltei,    _,\{K\},  although    not   as   loud as     a   asiiiiin' pcnnissH n   lo   use  the     Biyi- inst pn/e, goeds  to  value of     MO.  aged  loin,  spent  those  long     drean   jK.aiVv    explosion,   soumlcd   as  though   Lei      (iiomuls         \ftei   leading,   Mr second  nn/e,  goods  lo   value 01    Vr>,  days and  teaiful nijjhts, ahnu\it with ��������� ]MI t   tll {iiQ ^un u,aS (j,g0Wl, flll   pA     Dunsimui's   leplv,   a   I'n.inimoiis  vote Muni \.u/e, g> oils to \11lue of  V2 50  out food ol   any Lmd,  tan  he  bettei ',,,,, timhci   \ihiatod   foi   an    mslaiit,   of   llianl-..',   was   passed  In   the    meet- s   Two  mile,  11 paddles,   Klootch-  iuia,?ined than desenhed.                         lltl,|  t|ien    ������,.eLC    came  the  noise   o.   uij-   to All    Dunsmuu,  and   the     sec nian s  mi?,   lust  pii7e,   1.3 pel    pad  r      ������                                   riishiiny  leot  and  the  h'juse cues   01   lot.uy   msliucled   to   wnte lum     to dire, second pu/-e $2 per .paddle;  thir. I  Mash ma 1 on,  .lime  it>.���������Wah   "j.iau    (|1P lll( ���������        -p|f(>    captain   nisliod    on   that   erics t ]lU/e $1 pel paddle,  mull;,   unanimity    toda->   the    llou*.������'' t|(.ck and   loo'*-tomman I      An instant i    'lhe   eolluiuiti   committee   le-poite-l <i   (;ne mile, Niiii?le scull, lor ladic-s  adopted    the amendment lor  the   l������e\   later and   the  (a!-in   was   iille-l    with   1h.1t   couiiling   Mi     Dunsnniu's   dona- iin.t! pii/e,  poods   to  value of ^i.OO  ei-idg������ amendment   to the Agriculture  smoke ansd  flames.     It was   teinhle    tiou,   the    Ct nils    now    coIHectod,   01 second pii.'e, goods to value ot 1-2 50  Bill 'elating to meat inspection   The  '1 heie  was   file eveivwheie.                      tbo**? on  which   they  can count,    will ]0    100    \aids    amateur  swimming  obiictiotutijlc le.ituies   ot lofiuer wm-      "The   vvatei   aioimd  us   was  ilium-  amount   to Soinethnia; o\ci  cijyht nun- race' foi   championship  of  Vancouver  cndiiients  being  < liminnted    and    the  inaltd  |*v   the felaie   flnd   the so���������l ap    died  doll.ns,    and    aftei   some  Ion-: isl.md     Kirst  piize gold  me<bl,  sec  umendiiient   being  perfected    to  meet   pepied  to   |e    01     a     liquid     se.ulct   (aK'.ilations  hy   the  meeting,   it     was osd   pir.e  silvri   medal           ,  the wishe., oi Ui<j Vi evident                     Jiom    the    icflcclion.     Theie  v\ns  a   (igiued    that  the expenses   would  be il    Tub  lace,  50  yards,  for   -toys  A.    ,     .-_.__���������.p-                  Jieav \    sea_, ruiiinint!,,    niid  the white   in  the*" iiemjliboilioofl   of eight     him- m dei  11    years    of age, contestant  1 ips   weie   tinned   fiom   their  snowy   died dollars ?nd a   motion was pass- i0   furnish    their    own   tuLs.     Flist  hue  in    one    that    icsembled  l-loud    ed  tn  the elTett  that , this amount  he puxe, goods to value  01 $5,    sre-frid  rtiw.iid     we  could  see  ihio-ugh, the   not'cxcof.deri pir/e, cjoods to value or $2.50.  smol e and   file, men  woi'-inj;  li-e de-j    'lhe sports  nml te^tta tommntc.es 12    100   yaids   swimming  race    iot  moiis      'Ih-ii   heads   weie   visi.hle and   pit-sen tod   then   ivpoi ts,   which    were | ov s undei  sixtes 11 years   1st   prur,  it  sieiped  as   though   thev   weie    the  adopted   with  hut  one  01  two small goods   to  value of  1.3,  second    pii7e  EAGLES MAY  RUN EXCURSION  At the celehiation commit-tee nic-el-  mg last evening, All K. Rowlajids  icpoitcd that while in Victoria ie-  cently,   hc had  luteiviewed  ���������������������������<������������������  olhcials of Uie i-ailway legarding the  iiiu-ning of special -trains on the da.  of celehiation here 1 le bad .been 11.-  furiiKKl.that the. J-raglf-i;. of- that-city  had received an offer "from, ihe company t'n take p'fasseiigers .oe an evil) ciiivsiou train, the 'company to re-  18   eeivc''.- one     dollar   . per  ticl.iet,t and  IV I those    rumning     the    excursion could  . 1 .   , ,      *n* * . - -       -  B13  charge     as    much    as  they  pleased:  12 i This  offer;'"-the* Eagles    of , Victoria.  1 had  refused.     It was  ttlie opinion of  souls of  the  piople  111  torment     ()c-   1 bailees,    and    the    i'iogiamine     for   noods to value of   1*2 50.  casio'l.llv a    gust      of    wind  woild   .lulv   Second   will  be ^is follows  ^w(ei)  ibe  iliclv oKir Un   an instant, ���������    Has '-all���������Reliance1 team   of   Naiui-  aii.l   lli'-n   ve  coiud  see  lbe  men     as   mo, vs   L.-uivs-nilh I earn      Pn/.e val-  vaiious^j,,.,   S11()X0   |0  ,iiec]c   (he   blaze      II   iu- o! filly dollais  w,>.s      nnp,ossildc   to  pass foiw.ud  01 '    I.'ooti'iall ��������� \anco.ivci     \s.     L.idv-  loi   those  101 wiiii'd   to come   aft      Wc   sniilli      Medals  weie     separated   by a  sea  cl   flame  '    Tug  01   vv.-i  ��������� Lo^geis  vs       Lady  Coii-iitiiig the captain, there/were only  smith,   11   men  aside.     Prize t-o-val-  fpur .men    ou      the poop,  and those   ue of $33.  lion A fur some, discussion, it was  decided to g-rant them an additional  *2-f>, and have the slirot takie place  on the new sports grounds at the  uppei end of the tity, the gun cluh  io airan^-e  time of holding same.  Air M Celle asked thc comm ttee  tot a donation for a handball toiu-  uament to be held on the Espl-made  ball couit After some discussion,  it was deei'led that in view of the  othei appropnations which had al-  if-ady been passed upon, i'fr would be  imposs'ilde for the committee to promise aid in  this matter.  A letter from the Boys' Bri-Ef-r'le of  Vanaiimo, offering to come up for a  half day for the sum of fifty dollars, was discussed, and tine secretary instiuctod to write them to the  effect that the committee has al-  reail y v made arran-gemHits-tor. in us ic,  and thfiHwraiie will not require th������ -  service's of the Brigade.  Dtn ing. the ev������Ung, ALs. Jeff Hannay addressed the meotung. He stated that he had been- instructed by  Mr. Nicholson., proprietor of tlie Op-  (ra House, to mate arrangements if  he could   for  thc  use of the halt ei���������  I'd Lo������ lolling contest for loi, tliet on the afternoon or eveniiiir of  geis, fust pn?e, goods to value of t'le tjecond, for the puipose oi hol.d-  K10.  scc-o ������tl prue,  p;oods  to value   o.  ���������j3 no  II    Wall  m*,  gieasy   pole,   1st   pn/e  ing a boxin-g contest He understood  lh.it the committee wanted the hall  in  the evening  foi   a dance,  ibm     11  WILL   DIVKRT WATER  1 lhe  meetimg    last    evening  that   : it  FROM.*. Tl-i'Iil PR AS EI I'   would he  an  excellent idea'if     some  The    irrigation     system,   which  is   arrangements could  be made   to have  projected    hy  th-e White  Va.1 ley  Irri-  somebody    takfe/hold of   the matter,  gation and  Power C-o.,  Ltd.,   will be   and'run "an excursion train on    thesu  the greatest in  British  Coluimbiia ac-  condilions.     Today   there  has     brrn  cowling to the Vernon News,' arurl will  be of immense benefit  to  the   White1  and '���������  Coldstream     Valleys, ' enoibJing.  comparatively    iiin|M'o fit-able areas   of  range and  grain land  to produce the  excellent   fruit  for  which, the' Ok-ana.  gan Valley is justly [aimed, a������d. leading directly   to   that- su-h-divisiinn    of  large  holdin.*j,s  winch,   in every     district,   is   the first step   towards     in-*  creasing    prosperity  and   population*.  'J'he sou rue of  water-supply   for     the  system   will  he  Lakes   Aherdeen   and  riaddo, situated some  11 miles soulh-  east of Vernon.       The  former     late  has  an   elevation   of 3,02.r)  feet,    has  an  area   of   I2f0   acres,   and   receives  the drainiaifve  from  a Cittchment  area  of   100    syi'iiaro      miles,     whille   La-ke  Hadd-o    is. ;���������!,.���������)7-fi     foet -high, has    an  area  of 8110   aoros,   and   has  a catchment, or -drainage area of  fifty miles.  A dam 00 feet  long and   10 feet high  between  .Lakes  Aqerdecn  and  Haddo,  and   another' 1C0  feet  long an<l     ten  feet high  at the outlet   of Lake Ihi-d-  do  is expected  to   mi.se   the depth of  the water  in  the   two   lakes   fo     an  average of  eight- feet,   and give, them  a  comibinod  capacity  of  10,000  acre-  feet.     An  intent-sting point in     connection    with    the  projected    irrigation system  is   flie fact  that  it  will  divert   wft-ter    (hat   would'naturally  find  its  way  hy way  of  Mabel   Ln,ke  and   the  .Spallurncheen  River in't-o lhe  Frascvr,  so   th.at.it  passes   iailo     Ok-  anigan  I a'.e and eventually into  Ihe  (V.luml k.     By pursuing  a cireuitmis  route,     ihe    effects     of  the nat-.iial  trend of th.; watershed are overcome*'  sonic-talk a111011'^ the" local Eagles,  of taJ<ing hold of the..matter, and  this evening it will likielo bOibcoiighl-  up for 'discussion at their meeting,  which is being held in the,���������. aerie  rooms.  The .steamer Joan, left last night  for \'ii-toi'i->. whore she will go 00 tin-  ways for repairs." !r?he will resume  her rej-'uiur run about, t.he. end of the  month, 1 ho .stunhum- (.'ily of Sinui-  inio taking iit-i- rim 1 o \ uucouver in  1.he- meantime.  New West 111 ins-ter, .June IS.���������^A 1>.  ('. Telephomo Co. employee was hit-  est ed yestei'duy oil the i-hai'j;'..- of as  saultin^- a newsboy in the eily who  asked   him   if he   was  a   "s.'ali"        Ae-  llie*  pi������, secoiiil  puze gooi's to value   he  could    male    anan-gements   with  of "i2 30 them,  he    would guarantee to    have  (In any   of the above events  wlter.?   the boxing match over  by  7.3-0.  three prize's arc  offered,  there,  must |.  Some  of the committee were of the  four men  worked like heroes to save '    100 yard  footrace,  amateur.   Pri'/e.s ! e four    entries,    or nl - third   prize  tiie vessel,    .)nit in  spite of  all  that   io the value of $',, $.'5 and $1.50. will   be 'given.)  could   be done,   the   tire   gainc<l,  and |    100  yard  amateur  foot race,    open Amongst  the letters  received     aiul  was  approaching nearer and     nearer   only   to W.ellingiVfli  Colliery Employ- ac'tcd   upon     iiast  evening, was     cue  where vve stoc-d.     Seeing-..'ihat. furth- 'ces.     Priy.cs to value,  of $7 ,-and- $-1. fr. m\ Mr.  Kirk, the  proprietor of the  er   elToit was   useless,    the     captain  crdend-the bOat-oi.it.  i:l  vvas let  down with the baby in  Oliiildron's    races,    five  in  number,  with  suit-able prizes. \  Regal ta.  merry-so-round,    and that .gentleman  opinion    that    this    would not give  (hem sufficient time in  which to'put-  the hall Into shape for 'dancing;  The matter was settled, however,  by 'Constailzie Callendar stating that  he.  had   yesterday been  speakdng     to  as'.s   for   information    regarding*  the j the Mayor,   and   ihe latter  had     in-'  ���������cele!-ration,   ��������� slating     that    he will   ti mated   his  inten.tion of not   allow-;  my'-arms,    .and    then    the boatWas |    l.. Two  mile double  scull  for  men,   bring  his  niti.cli.ine  over,   and offering , ing the  fight  to take place   on    the  pulled forward'to the how,  where the ' first  pri e  goods , to  value,   of    $2.0;   alienation  towawls   the funds of the: ,'day  of  ccleb-ration anyway,  and     he  other'men were fig-li ting the     flames,   second,  goads'to .value  of $10;   third   lefebratiou. ���������     The-    secretary     will 'practically    had    orders    to stop it.  The  captain  clinnhed   up  and     under   prize, goods  to  value of $:1.        ' write liini to come ov-er. . The matter    was thus left in     a-bey-  his instructions another.ihpat .wia-s Hn-      2. One    mile   single scull  race   fir.   The   .secretary ol  the Victoria Ea-,aiice-  ally lowert-d, and all lhe crew v.-fre . hoys under sixteen years of age, 1st i-ie.s wrote exprel.vSin;'-; regret that tb:*: At the conclusion ic������f the general  saved. I prize,  goods  to  value  of $5;    secomid   aerie will-he- una-VAe to run an excur-   meeting, the sports and regatta c'om-  "I  had not time   to get- any  of my   prize', goods to value of  $2.50. :   sion   to ladysniith this year. 'mittees    -held    a  short  sessio-n,    and  clii'Miiiig, save that' which I had on. j .'J. On.- mile double scull race for The Tyee Gun Club's letter, which the programmes a-: drafted ai.o'-e fin-  Koiiiumalcly, 1 bad iio.r retired for ladies over sixteen years of age, Lst had hern referred lo the sports com- ally agreed upon. Both meetings  lhe uii-ht,, but was fully.dressed, but   prize,  go.-sd.s  to   value  of $7.f>0;    sec-   unit tec,    was brought up  for   discus,   then adjourned  until Monday  evening  owl,   goods  to  value of  ?-l. sion.      In   this  letter  the club     had   next at  8  o'clock,  or at the conclu-  I.  li-dinn   C'-umi!   Race,   11   paddles,   | ro;osed    advancing ���������$���������15   towards     a  sion of the  Council  meeting.  in. the boat 1 was frightfully cold.  There was a 'heavy -sen running and  the spray at limes came- over the  boat and drenched us to i Ik* Ion.  We pulled oil' a short -lisl.iMee ;,nd  by by lhe b-irn.;ng schooner. U '."as  a   terrible and  yet grand    i.-;,i!.  ���������'U'e were half frozen and almost  dead from exhaustion. Ifnur ifler  hour passed aii-d dually ,at daylight  vve saw the- land n.it i.-o very fur  away. As we got, cl per the land  t-ievv hit'i'.er. Slowly we approached.  There was joy   in our  hearts as   we  W11M IIMiMllill  LIFE ISA  GAMBLE  New   York.���������"Life    in     a    gamble.  Man   is  a   born    gambler,   and    there  o.-ding- lo  Lhe story of tbe hoy ll-u'- M'lzi-d    on   the     tall   forbidding-  cliffs  and     ilie    beach   which    swept   down  from   t-liem.'    Then,   f.nallv    we    saw  i'.'.' llug'hes, li-;* was, waiti-n-y up C'oluml  bin Street nboui ten n'eloc-U yosu-r-  day when he .saw, a man'c*. idenlly  '.-njoyinu- a joke or oilu'-r at his. th..-  lto>-s" exkense. ���������llugbi-s went iip'tind  jfol talking to the man who voluu  tec-reel the information lhat he vvas  a telephone lineman over fiom Vancouver. Tbe bo.v enquiivil wb.-iher he  was  one  of  the scabs,   whereupon the  ment you gamble for a (better pl������ce.  You go to an insurance.compiany and  have your property insured against  lir*. Don't, you gamble l.liere? Don't  v'ou Ifet the company that you will  have a lire and 'don't it .(bet you thai  you will not'? When you have your  life insured you enter into a gamble with the company. When you  always will be gamblim*;. Adam and jnVest money you gamible again, and  Kve wore   tlie first gamblers." so on all along the   line.    Everybody  Richard  A. t'annvld,  prince of gam-,is*  interested  in gambling���������even     the  biers,  sealed   in  a  big  arm chair   in  two  canoes  coming towards us 1 the parlor 01 the Hotel Gotham on  through the snr.f. l.t. was delicate . I-'ifl-h apenue, made this declaration,  woric haiwlliii-g���������-tJiem, but the .lu-iians j Continuing,, lie said: '"there are only  at the oars werc'-experts -in thc surf three, things you don'.l gam-hie for  land managed to get close to us. ���������your room, clothes and food. Ev-  The boats were clutched .in the grip er.vthing else connecteil with difc is  of the waves and rushed towards the'gambling. When you seek employ-  beach   with    the  velocity    of a  rail- j ��������� : *   road train. It Was hero that the'child and the rest of the brave fel-  man-struck him iii the in,',-. S|diLlma assistance of the Indians came in , 1 <ws were safe awl that was all I  the  boy's  nose  and  noecpsit lUiug   thel|Rrfl||i     wi|h   Hicir  &w  ^   t,m,    of I wante(L  services  of  a  doctor.     An   infoniiat-  th��������� .ki.ruMj-   Inlian   agent,  Mr.   Regan, !    "Mr.   Jie.aan  took  ion   was   ldid      and  Delect iu.     Read-   W(>   f)I1.llly   1,-in(lod'.      (-h>   the   jnv     of   w,(jch     ,1(1   t,ur(  shnvv   later   arrested   the    roan      wh<  DRANK BAD  COCKTAILS  Xdw York, .Iu 11c 10,...It ts Ixdieved  that cocktails containing wood alcohol were ii'S[>onsi|Jle for two deaths  which occurred in Brooklyn today  A pitcher of lhe collection was drunk',  Sunday evening by a party, among  whom  were Mrs.   Jessie Bosquett,    a  so-called reformers.  "And  this  has been  the   way  with  things   sii-oe   the   beginning    of 1    the  worid. Why, don't you know Adam sch������o1 'cacher. 23 years old an-d Jc*4  and Eve were gamblers'? They gam- Ilirseh. ji^ed 17. Doth Hirseh and  bled iu the garden and lost. People Mrs. l'.os-pictl died today. Mrs.-Eva  usually refer to gaimbling in only one  form,     when      they      talk about  it.  There are many forms of it, and you  can't stop it. No, sir, you cannot.  And why should honest gambling be  stopped?"-���������Chicago   Tribune.  to his    house  tiiuou.     in,   tlie  joy    of   which    he   turned  over     to us,    and  " getting ashore and  feeling   the    firm   (here vve  wen- fed  and  warmed   and  ffavo bis name ns Andrew Harris.   He  -.round  heneatR' our  feet.     I   fell     on . lif*   was  luirsed   back  into us- It vvas  was later released on hail nud the niy kners and gave bhanks to God ' I'ar worse than I can describe, but  cane will be tried in the police for the rescue from what was al- ' I feel than' ful that we are all  court    on Tuesday  morning. ;. most sure death.     My h'.is'band,   my alive."  Kullwoori also a momher oi the party is serioolsy ill. The others who  drank of the cocktails suffered sever  ly ns the  result.   x���������  I    "I  thought,    Alice that you   Were  Major RlUiblud���������Well, sub. and what   engaged to Harry  Smith, and now I  are your habits, sub? hear you  are ������*oing to marry bis ia-  Dalighter's   Lover���������Well,    major,   I   ther."  gamble occasionally,  pi-ay the   races,      "That's right, Maude. Tne old genua..! drink whiskey. tleman  said  he  would support     one  Major Rlublud���������And have you   any j ^ us- and  I decided to Jr-e that   one  bad habits, suh?���������Life.                          land took the wddower."���������Exchan^-e,.  *&  -W  1  '|.i��������� '&//?/&^%Mr.'r,?j  3j^*S5s*^������sfe3Sa  wtwi-iMrtte^^^  ���������il  THE LADTSMITfl DAILY  LE1K5ER  I  'It  III  11  18! ���������  Hit DAILY LEDGER  Published   every   day ��������� except Sunday  ���������BY���������  THE DAILY LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  Orossan,  Flora C.  Fisher.  Katherine   \V.     Johnston,   lp   vOU  Lawrence' and Howard  J.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One  Year (in advance)  One Month   -   ....   $5.00  50 cents  WEDNESDAY  June 20,   IflOG  SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS.  Vieloria, June IS).���������William Hums,  H. A., principal of the Normal behool  announces that lhe following students of the Provincial' Normal  seho-ol for the -���������'advanced'' : session  just ended hu\e ueen granted diplomas, \nlid foi life, they having ful-  ldled a" rifrjiuieiiicntb m aye and non  jirofessional standing entitling them  to be the holders oi tlii.s diploma  Passed with honor, Brunton.. Lulu  .1,, Cameron, Alable A., Dyke, Kathleen, A; ilortou, ilarion,. Passed,  Hate, Kveljn ii.,, Belleau, llary T.  Calvert, Fianklm C; Cameion, Tilly  -J , Centre, Lola L,; Chappell, LCate  L; Corder, Florence w.; Crossan,  Mary A ; J lie key, Alberta F.; Fisher,  Howard J.; Frame, May, (Janinio������.  A genes E.; Grant, Floicnce .1.; Harrison, William II . Hill, Xo'-a J .  ilornh*,, Diiicie AI Johnston, Kath-  c,riiic W; Jones, Mary L.: Knighl,  Edna, X.: Atorton, Pearl; McPhalon,  Alary M., MeVicar, Margaret-. 11 ,  Painter, Emily; Purely, Ruth O ;  Reinhard, Annie H,; * Robson. Con.  stawce 11.. Sol man, Mary "F, , Shanks  Gertrude *������I , Shepherd, Elsie W ,  Wade, Annie ],- Wardell, .fames L ,  Lawrence. Flora O . Alonleitb. 'Mary  E  The following aie tho names of  those who reside in Xanaimo, and.  who were stucjents in the TTig-h, school  in   this  city    '.May  Frame,   Mary    A.  WANT .AGO'O'D-  ^lass  fc/S  CALL AT���������  J. X. Smith's Restaur a it  ALWAYS OPEN FIRST  AVENUE.  ���������a*������������^3it-Sea: I  Attacked by Chinese.  London,   June   IS).���������-special  despatches   received  here    irom    Hongkong  report that ^hinese -attacked and dai'/ ��������� ������������������ ��������� . ���������~  gerously wounded   Dr.  Llorne tUe iu������d nieiUS h A (atsasi i ophe is   l., be laical  iepreseiiLati\o    of   an    American   erled."  Insurance   Gom-joii^   at Turgan,    and I "  .slightly  woujuled his assistant. j     The     Dominion      P-ii-henes      .Mui*-.er  la these  1U.1.S   when      ominous,     re-    Ivesliel     was   in   Albenn   on      Friday  ports of the  lecruilesi-ense ot    lmlm)   h\si.     lea\ ing     the   n  -O      day   for   a  risings,   in  youth  Al'rua  are being re-   cruise   up   lbe   west    mast,   and   keep  i eived,   mi i-xpert  \ tew   of  the suuat-   big  a  good louUo.il   iov Yankee poach  ion,   written   with   all   the   weight,    oi   ers -        local  coloring,   will   lie   received   with \rGTICl\.  i ons-iderable   mtcieM,     at    the    same j     '-;���������,,.  pal (nership     hilhcito   cvisl ui',  i mie    being    highly   ..ducational. between   Messrs.   I'a mell  A:   Pln'sl.o-st  The lollowing art.ii le, appearing in fouteheis, has Ibis il.iv bwn tli-ssuh-  Gie New Noil*. Post, is irom the pen ed. The business will be car ri oil  oi Capt Artbiii II. Ulekslay, * m-I- on by Mr. 10. Cl. I'annell, who will  eran of the '1 runs*, anl. assume   all   liabilities,   and   .ill   dob Is  ���������'Phe Zulu is ewi hoping for a owim; to l-u- -s.'U<l firm, shall /) c pajtl  iliniii-t). to   ill row   ol   the    yoke.   He  is  & Nanaimo Ra'riifey  DOMINION BAY, JUli /.  it*  txcursifji   !-';������lcs  L\  EFFECT BETWEEN  All Slutior,5  Hflfji  &      rJJ2l'?  g_^>-- Ci ���������*.������'  \      , i icket.s.on sale Saturday June 30, Sunday, July xst. aud  j Monday, July 2���������Good to'return uot later than Mon., July 2  :X-i:..  i\  R. P.-RITHET,  St Co.',  Ltd  Double Train Service in effect Each Day  11, L  Courtney,  !>.:*.. l-ic.l Pjisse'n&or Agent  "18 Go\frmncnt SI., Victoria, V..C.  J*.      JLJ .   J      Vtlj Ji-     rf*  dreaming- of lealfing lhe great Cha-  ka's prophec,\ 'A great wai will  taino, and tho -sjniiis of .n our \sai-  rior aneestoi.s Shall i i**e from ' the  mists, and !<-,l b\ those greal chiefs,  MozelUafzie, Dingaii, Ililsa, /.andili  and Masesb, they will aid their de-  siendau-tw to du\e m*-' white man into thc set*..' \J  ���������This is lbe dream of the Zulu  to come wh'-n his n.ilnc anil tribal  customs and habit*, shall be restored. The vast \eldi. be believes, will  again abound with game, now driven away b.\ the guns of the white  man, and the tribes will aflei't a '->  establishment of a naii\c oiean and  fiom  the Zambesi   to  the    Oa|������'  "Arany Moors tear that a xoU'ano  of rebellion iv<>y '*"'st beneath the  settlers at any moment anrl South  \lrilan'- are united iu lbe opinion  that it will repine d most ion**oi-  valhu handling of lhe situation b\  the   British    and   -   Colonial    govern  Ask for  WATSON'S  DUNDEE  -WHISKEY-  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   The Cream of Scotch Whiskies  to hitin.  Dated 11th Juno, 100R. " ~  Sunlight So.ip is bcllcr thiin other soaps, but  is best when used in till- 5un!ij;lit \vny.  liny Smi!iy>!it Soup iiml lollnw Oiicction<s  Union made-Capital & Nu.������get Cigars  HOW TO WliEAK UP A COLO  It may be a surprise to many >o  learn that a severe cold can be completely broken up m one of tv-.o  days' time. The first* symp'j)tns of  a cold is a diy, loud cotujli, itr'10-  fuse watery discharge lion t1 e v &e,  and a thin, white coatinu, on U.e  tongue. When Chamiberlain's Cough  remedy is taken every hour on the  first appearance of tlics**, sjmplotus,  it counteracts thc effect of the cold  and restores the system- to a Kcilthy  condition within a day or s-vo. ft'or  mle_by LadvsmHh "Phnrmncy.  DAY SCHOOL  Uiual subjects taught; also language? - drawing in pencil an'l crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv-  ������*n lnM'lasse*? or individually  M-ISS BERTRAM,      Ladysmith, H.C  RAYMOND & SONS   |]  ���������Dealers  in���������  Lime,   Plaster Paris,   Uric!;,  Fire  Hticic and  Vancou\er is--  viand cement.  3 Pandora St.  Victor.La  H.C  i'e.eillC   I  'M*i  ���������KJTOIi'A.    ���������-���������    ���������  f-'oi  a cool, iff resiling*���������  BATH  During the Summer  Mon \ hs Ca lion   1H0MAS LEWIS  Shaving; Parlors,  etc.,     Jli^h  Street  FOR TIIE BIGBEST BARGAINS IN  Wall Papers  Ci 00 J, Ei' \  iSou'ss' aiid Si^n Painter  ���������  Ai  t Ion (Join? M ���������  &  Tiie-B  be sure your tickets read   1 !r  th������  North Western Line  The only line now making UNIOIv  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS wit������ thc  rhrou^h trains 'from the Pacifl������  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, TF  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWEF'"  RATES.  TUE  FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CIU  OAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CIT^  tnd ALT, POINTS EAST.  For complete  information  ask y--  local ftgent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General   Af*  1W 'Ini Ave.. SmUU..  I  ricUet and,freight  Olhcf,   75*  Governmcnt-StriJcu-      :  Transcojitinental  ���������  Trains ������ally      i  The New Train   "   "  CRIENTAL LIMITED  The Train" oi "  Ease,   Elegance,   Excellence.  Every  mile' a .picttue,   and  no smoKe to spoil  the   \ipw.  Through ^Compartment,   Ob-���������  scrvatiqn  and  Pullman  Slee])-  ers;     also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago..'  At antic Steamship Business-to Europe  is our Specialty  Union,   .Terminals   with , all-,i  Steamer lines.  Berth  reservations ,hy  wircl  Great  Northern  S.S.  Co.     -  FOR   JAPAN    AND   CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Da-.  kota sail from .Seattle for Ja-..  pan    and China ports at   frequent- dates.      Exact    sailing,  dates can  hc secured  upon application  to any  Great Nor I li- ,  01 n representative.  S.  G.   YERKES,  A.G.P.A.,  Seattle, Wash.  13. li. STEPHEN,  Geii.^Agentr "yWpria," B.C.  t^fc". J. ISPENRVS^  ^E' "      NUR&IES   GREEN-  ^      HOUSEi AND SEfD  ^6a HOUSES  **!&a  *',l-������  T"*,,nins'er Road'  r.    Hi  %  il.U  Ifead������Liiarters for   PACIFIC GROWN Oar Jen,  field  anil flower SI:I*I)S  lov- distribution. ;  Large   stocic   of Ilome  Grown FRUIT and OR-  NAalUNTAL     TREES  now matured for Spring.,  No expense, loss or  de-  - lay of  fumigation or inspection  Let mc riice your list  ' hefore  placing your   order, dreennousc Plants,  h'loi'al Packaaos. Fertilizers,  etc.  3(11(1   -iVcsLmiuster Road.  VANCOUVER, 11.  O.  IP  1  THE HUDSON'SBAV CO.  Sole   Agents for B.  C.  :  Y*  MINARD'S LINIMENT is the only  Liniment ask-ed for at my v-'-ove and  the pnlj'. one wc keep'.for sale. All  t.he  people Use  it.  PIARLTN  Ffjf.TON.  Plpasonl   Ray, C.   B." ' '  ^v*  /:'  ?.<���������'.  ....;.-. ���������.->"-*"- rvl.  V-.~J.'.i'-J&  .-./���������V't, !���������'���������:'���������%*?'"  Try Capital and Nugget Cigars  THE VERY BEST REMEDY  FOR BOWEL  TROUBL1-:  Mr. M. F.   Burroughs,  an old   ami  ���������welL-known    residen-t     of      Bluff I a-  Ind., .says:   . "J. regard Chamlh-erlainV  Colic,  Cholera iand  Diarrhoea Kcihr  dy as the very .best'remedy for bo  wel trouhle.     I make this statement  after having used  the remedy in    my  family for several years.     I am -.aver without it."     This remedy is almost sure'to he needed before  . th  Bummer   is   overf      Why     not     buy  it   now and   he   prepared   for    sut-l  an emergency?     For sale by    Lady  smith Pharmacy.  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Jones, agent for  HBNRY CREW  ,  The  only    place  you can   get  Them.  .Sole  Agent in B.C.. for    the  French    Wreath  Co., of    Lon:'  don,   Paris,   Melbourne,   S.A.,'  Cor. Comox Rd: & Miilrin'St;J'''  NANAIMO B.C.  UnderJNew Managanent  HOTEL WILSON  Jus* R. KcKinnelL Prop,  NANAIMO  Commercial Mens'  head Hitters.  Modern  aud     Strictly  First Glass.  Fire Proof    Buildim.  HOTEL   DOMINION  ��������� Pati-s Sfl.tfi ar.ii^l.50���������  Fre '..      lo-all etoamboat. liuidings antl  railway depotR.'    F>lectric������--arf|^vevy fKe  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������AV111TE   COOK���������  ami.  ���������WHITE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (ITalf Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  Best accommodation  for  transient  *md  permanent boarders and lodgeri.  fiRAND       MOTEL  This new Hotel  has been comfortably furnished  and the bar is up-to-  mirmtf-a to all pnrls of   the cily-   i5arj(]���������,;p      Rates J.l.flO a day    and  n-uii table.n'nexc'slled.  F. *BAY*NfiS,-IJropriefor,.  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, G.  ���������P-  w<\rds. ������������������-,-������������������...-...'  WM.. BEVERIDGE, Fro*.  E**sla.B������ata r���������: :*������������������ ���������������������������'..���������'***���������- Ladyamltk  Sn-IAM HEATIil>  r-URjNlSH    KOOIIS  BAR.SUPPWTiD WITH Bli* T  WINES, LIQUORS, CIOARS  A  J. McMURTRiE, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  Ftirnished  : lAliySKWlft,   . C  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLHND  DAVID  IIVNDS,  Prop  Board at reasonable  Rates  Jbi^ i~*  The bar is extra  well  Slocked  Fletcher Bros.  . . Dcai-srs In  Pianos   & Organs  Ijldysmith; B.C  Ijlumbiiig and ^Tinsmithing  ������    . DONE  AT  Reasonable Prices  ���������������>   J. ANDERSON  Leave orders  at  Peterson's  Furn-  ture Store, or telephone No r,h.  ���������^.^���������^.^.^���������f++^������������������^���������+���������^.t**������������������^.���������^.���������*I-^������������������^^*^.���������^���������������������������^���������M-*+  ���������7*  **>  **  **  *?"  ���������*  -.*  *5>  ���������^  **  **5<  *>  *i<  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  S1LVERORES.  :  Smelting /^orks at  T      HEAD OFFICE  | DUNCifNS^TATION-  I     L Vancouver Island, B;C.  *���������, ..,.'������������������������������������*--���������..*-'-.-���������...������������������,' ----**���������.���������.������������������....       . ...  ���������- ��������� ,.^.  ******.f&*W*rrh*fr**-l"l:-h-+**A'*iJ--f.^-}.+^..I.^.^"I..I..l..'f..f ^..;^-^.^..|..{..|.^.4..|. t.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.  General Manager.  ��������� +.'  4>  ���������5*  .*  '*'  * *;'���������  *.*-*���������.  .'. + '.  -���������-���������' *-'  +  *  ������������������:+:  ���������{���������  :-*���������*'.  ���������*'  5T0������feS! STOVES!  we are making JiEATBRS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns-- We do  A!| kinds of Foundry and Repair Woik  Nickei Plating  in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  '-���������..������..������..���������.  TELEPHONE 53  P.  0.. liox -12.  This   Hotel   has    been  completely        renovated.  Board and  -odgiBg $1.00 per d*y.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHN THA, Proprietor  Bar.-'Supplied   r.-ii'li   the   Best    Wines, 1st  Avenue  :-:  :-:   :-: T.adysiniLh  H.C.  Liquors'  and  Cigars.  >'���������.-������������������<������������������������������������.-������������������.���������..���������..���������..������.  t-**^*^-^^-^^*-������.^^^������^*-������,-������     ^^^^^^-.v*.^**.^-**-**.***^  WM.  ?ti  MUNS1L',   President    J.  W.  COnURN, Managing   Director.  , ��������� ��������� .        ..-.-.,    Telephano -1-f.. "'-'",      *-'  lb Ladysmilh Lumber Co. Ltd,  MILLS   AT   JTIODIOK    AND   LADY SMITH--      -.   >' vr-0"  Shingles &. ������pocae*Sty  MANUPAOTURER-S   OF '  Hough ami Oro.sso-il i^irnnd (JtHlar Tjumbers  LATHS,   SHINGLES,   MOULDlNfiS,..    I2TC,     of . the  BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.      AND   DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  FINISHING LUMBER IN  STOCK  THe CITY MRR K6T  R/Willianison Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith -B., C#  ^s PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done   Orders  Promptly   Execute  -~ ~ -.;-��������� LADYSMITH  S.  ROEQDING  LAD /SMITH .TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,      ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     KURNITURI  ED PROMPTLY  A    Nl)  SAFELY.  MOV-  Stables In the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abbots    ford.  .cave  ordt-rs at   t\lt  A.    J   WASKETT  PR  OP-  Iff, 9  *********^**** ************ ***^A-*4****-***^ * THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  LODGrES  LADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5.���������  Kathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' IJall' every 2nd and -Jth  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS.  KATE TATE,   AL of R. & C.  UMii.D   AMJIENi'       OIlDfc'i.   Ol  U1LUIDS  Wellington  '.wove   -No   -1   U.  A    i'.  i  ftiet-is   in   the  I    u��������� O  .F.  Hail,   i *  ilysmith,    the   Second   and      leu!.  llcdncsdavs  -.,( e.u h  inont-i. con-iuti  tng Wednesday.   13th ,   100?.  Visiting  D'-iiuls      nre u-vitcd   1r-   u  11 nd.  Ily  Oi iei  ��������� WM   RAFT lilt,  Uccf  Sectv  ������������������^Tl'lt'K  HHl.'K.  V     -v  Dr. Dier can he found at an> ('!���������������������������  at his office on Gatacre st. His de*.  tal wort is gi arantced'To be up-i  'lass and rates reasonable *���������  HILBERT  NOTICE  From this date the undersigned  will'not l*<*, ii'sponsible loi any indebtedness incurred except on *  written orfn-r signed hy the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V. ,f.   KXl'f.ORVTfOM  &   DKVEI  OI'MNNT CO.,   LTD.  Son "Persona-  Liability,  ���������(������������������/������������������ntla    n    i"1 .  v,v   18th    *"*n������  j������a>3E*r:i;s������5aaj3^e^*fcl.*ii..x������. -    1  Dr. R. B~nSiei  Surgeon i>entis:  All work gtia rant ood and   al  reason-  -    able rates.  -'RlOSinENOl*:   AND  OFJ-T.CK  Gatacre z. t Lad> emi . ii  0| en, at all hours.  LADYrfiYUM    iiAlsEkV  t'ilUR'b:    OAKErf     AND    l'ASTin  ALWAYS     KilliSH   OX  HAND  Wedding    Cakes  -Undo    lo  Onli-i  l-'LUiTS    Af**-!)    (JANMKS  OK  ALL  KINDS.     /-'ItKSil    HI* UAH  EV-   '  ERY    DAY  'Trices    are     Very Reasonable.      All  Ouslomers are  Treated Alike.  HOP   LBE A CO,  ON THF   ESPLANADE,  P>-^=  L^Sfcal  <^  WMW"  M. B. srnpson  Solicitor.    TXt  r.   Ave.-.u. LAWVSVI H  CUBAN CIGAR F  Manufacturers of the Famous  .   CUtSAN   BLOSSCTl  None bu   Union Labor   Employed  H J. BOOTH; Prop  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  '    And tho Principal lluslncss Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Time TmblcB, etc., address  CEO. W. VAUX, i  Asslcip.nt Gcn'l  rnHsi-ujjer nnd Ticket Aitc-nt, ���������  "13S Adams St., CHICAGO, ILL.  fe*--  The grates in the  "Sunshine"   consist  of  two pairs (Lburs), with  short bulldog teeth, and  aro operated by two difl'ofenfc shakers  It' any part bnnis out it can ea.sily be removed  by simrjly taking out a pin, and replaced williout  getting  an  entirely  new  set. \y  It's a real comfort to have so many simple features  in   your furnace���������means   constant ease and  economy.  Sold by all enterprising  dealers.    Booklet free.  LONDON.  TOEONTO.  MONTREAL.  WINNIPEG.  VANCOUVER;  ST. 'JOHN.  HAMILTON.      ") W/fW^W^'^^^W^'  ;."**=r������r?*?-jrT'���������<-**���������"- *_-.-.- j������*X. .."''-'���������:-: , AT*-- ,.-1'-'--..t'.-^<--c--,t:-  Ladysinith Hcird������/are Co*, Sols Rgenfc  WANT RESIDENT DOCTOR  ]k  Paisley Dya Mfjrks  Fancy Dyeing :>n<l  Cleaning. Chargr  cs rcasonail-U-, etc    Work Guaranteed  Commercial St. ��������� Nanaimo, 6. C.  J. PIEBCY t GO,  Manufacturers "Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  WHOLESALE OBY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. G.������  NOTICE  LADYSMIfli   WATER WO.'?KS  Consumers arc m-uusti'd lo tall  ������l.   the office     on   ll'Mii-rls   SUoi-i  lay Water     Itatos,  between  the  101 ii    and  the 2.*HIi of eai'li 111 ,-iMi  Office H.urs I P. Id.4.30  T, } BLAND  SUTHRINTKNIMmNT.  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDEtt and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE.      DRlLl..**-  SHARPENED   BY US     ALWAYS    GIVE SATISFACTION.  ^PICKS HANDLED AND REPAIRED   -SH;IP:S;M1^HI;^<>^       ;-VLL ITS   ���������BRA^CllKs  fiorseshoers and ���������Qenera* Blacksmitns.  R. WRIC5HT.  Buller Street   -    ��������� .   -     ' I^adysmrth, B V  XPRESS VVORH  /���������  Light  Teaming.     \\'oc>fl  --nil  Orders  With   Haik   for  sal p.     See  .1.   KI-JMI'  or  le.i.\e  W. CARTER,  IMRST AVENUE  PI ION hi      (il'  ��������� '.(!���������    .3..*..  AMjwiii, .iiiii.* 11*.���������(,S;)ci.i,ilJi���������Ou  S.iiuiila.N i'iyii .1 l.iucLUit; u';ih hold  o.-. <x iiiiiiiiji-i oi -VIIjcj 111 i-coi'li- in  ill-- hulls.- ^,1 .luilil l*-lt.g Willi icga.1.1  L-i 111 {j iinloi I iiiia.c *.iio'>"l'{jr JH.i-lll-.-nL  \vlie.(.-lJ\   Jaiin-*^   Iti'-iioid   losi   lus  til.'.  IL was lhe iiiilIii11ih>i"> uiniuoii ul*  nt- iin-i-l mg ui.il a *-u!):,<. ri[>t 1011 li'L;  ii.- oi'tlii'd, lii.tt lii.jn!.-> would in 1}  .in (ipj-ori 11 r ul \ in .is*>i-.l iind iiiiiiJ'-  h ���������,( 1 lit*,i- s\ mini 1 li,\ I <l 111.' I)IH"U\-  i-u   l':in,il\  I'Ju- uillouiii^ t-oituiul iL-i* \\i-i.- clui-5  >ii lo la'.i I'h.i1'-;.- ol (.-olli't-l ion**, t.'Lc  AI.-ssi-s '.il.i~.-,|(ii il, 'I o.\ , -Mot ion ami  l.i,\l..r    wmIi   .li.lin   Kiii-^   a*,   ut.imii'-  L'l  S<> man., n-|'i'i-i.s li:i\.- In-i'ii c-1 ft-11-  liilcil us in 'ill- niiiiHici' 111 Win. h  V e I{.-.ijomI v,.is Midi h\ .Mr. Unl-  Ims, lh.il Thi' Ili-i\ild has ln-on as,s  I'll 11) jmlilisli ihe 11 no siaii-iiu'iii.  One i-i>{itji-( sliili-d tli.-il tin* nn'ii \*.*-'.'.;  hiinling di-i'i toyi-ilioi- Aiiollii'i- 11'-  [joi L uns ��������� li 111 I'ollms -aus aHi-r -i  wild .sii'L-i- wlii'n In* ���������.'ami- fii-ros-s Kc.l-  foril nji.i .-J)ol  Jinn '  Tin' I I'.ii* Lift.-, as lii-oiisi-ii!. out .iL  llic- inijii-si arc, that a I alioui 7:-'id  on -MdiiiI.i. jiiylii- last JJeilioril li-i't  lll.s I'mllll- 10 -^o tin if look at a pit'n*  oi liis prujiL'i-Ly alioui a niilf dis-  Lanl. In .umiiq u\i'r lo tins |.is.n>  111' land In* v.i'iit .!> wuv i>i <m  olil roail ilirouyli I In- bush. It was  while- wali.ing alony, Llii-- loadlliat  hc was- shot b.v 1! oil ins. who w..>  hunting, but for w ha(. is not kntn\ i<  An\wa.\ 1k> 'had t.hol al. 'a iki"  and missul il. l-'ollowint; up ';\tii-r  his i|iian.t. Ilolims stcppi-d unto .1  lay 1 a not r\ yocul {iliinpsis of I hi  surrounding -conn'ry ft was wlii'  slaiirtiiii. on tins Ion Uiat ho spi .1  an ol'H-cl mnAin.;. alon**,' lhroug-li U.e  tall fin.-! aiul uuit.".'iirusli. WiLhoiit  11 nionir-ius h.-silu1ion he raised hi-  l-.'flu and fhed. and upon .-iislunn' to  the spot whei'.' lit- expected to find  :i tlwr. he formed lhat he had fihi.t  poor 7'i'dfoirl v ho was walUini;- a  i.inj;- (Iir- old road unconscious nf th.-  deal h dial awaited him in the fo-  i-sl    d.-pdis.  DOMINION  P ARL1AMENT  uiiawu, June IS.���������A lai-tf-- ttumbt-r  ol i.i'uatc lulls woiu broiiglu up to-.  il.O. a.Jicl yood i>rogre.ss wa > made,  witli the OVaitd Truaii l'ucihc ))i*nch  Jui.'.s as ,wt*lJ as with interior uSLun-  ates. i'l-oi-ugalion will be reached ia  a liCtie o\er  two   WluIcs.  The I'ai uu- iC JOastern Huilway bill  was ^i-.Lii a third reading in the Sen  ate loday Jiicorpoial ion v/us ������isl.-  >-i) n-uiii \ ict.n'M, li. 0., to Pi-ial-o  \lheit, and from lliei'u lo Furl.  I'iiiirchili. The pari from I'riisco Alii, -i t Ui l-'ort CliiirchiU vvas ilropp������-J.  'I iie Commons loililj sum I in- MttC-  uiniosli DiMiri-e liill' bai;i.* t������ th.*  1'iiuil.' Kills CoiruuiiU'ij fo.' l'urthei'  i-oiisidei nl ion 'J'lie appla-ani.s, ' Kil-  eeu Alaelwlil osh hull piesenlid evidence 1 li.it induced the Si'i-uin to dia  sul\e 1 lie marriage she conl racted  .sesi-ii sears ayo with Chark-s Mac-  'iinio.sii, son ol ex.Omi'i-iior -MacKin-  lush.  A motion for i-ceonsidurat ion. was  passed on lhat as.sur.anco that thd  at tenilance in i-onunit ti.ii, last week  was small and Unit lhe case was <Ik  j.used of without Lime for due consideration. Tin* minister of justice  in .supporting the motion, deelaiwl  thaL the case lirom the Senate's evi-  flence was one of 'the clearest he (jv-  ei* saw ia his life.  Sir AVilfi-etl   Liaiirier   stated    m   tho  liou.se   today   that-morning   .sessiom  would  begin on   Wednesday when tho  Sunday Observance bill would  be pro ,  cecik-d   wiih.  The   House   went   into.,Supply     (to-  First   Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD  AN'D  HARK   FOR KAhl-I    AN'D  KXl'lll'l   SS  WORK  nR!.ivi-:Ki:n.  L,vx-t_-****������������_^ :.***.���������  DAVI  PHONG 66  %J %J  LADVSMITH  -���������������������������������.���������������..#, ������..������..*..t..a..:.������..:������������������������������������.������������������������������������������:���������*���������.t..t.  ���������������..������������������������������������������/>���������.���������������������������������..  .���������e..o-.e..c..tt"e..-3-<  1.. fO -c- *. -  Washington, p. C, .June 19.���������The  State depart iiienl received a des-  patih from Aiiio> . China, announcini!  that two Urili.sh suluects were killed  Lhirly-tlu'iv miles fioui Ainov.  4..j.4-.:.^.,t<^,.lh..;>>-;. ���������������;.4 .l.-������-K������.r-������-H-^���������������������������������>*h-������"i--������-'*!������-*>-4*4^*-*>-������|--������-'T- -  I ICE!    IGE!    ICE!  ������������������?" Will be Deliverod on   Mondays.   Wednesdays.  T *  1 Fi id ays and Saturdays  Orders must be in hy eleven  o'clock on' day of Delivety,  IQWill  Limited  NANAIMO    B.C.  4.j.^.j^.-j.^,j.^^.^.^j.4.'.j.*>.j..;..j.^>.]^^  I  ::.-;?.������  The cheques of iiJisticeessful 'tenderers will be return-eel to thein ujion  the execution of the contract."  The successful tenderer will -be rc-  itjuirecl to furnish bonds himself an.l  two sureties, satisfactory to lhe  Chief Comm-issio'icr, in thc sum or  eight hiin-drod   ($SO0)  dollars  cadi.  Upon the execution of the bond the  clidquc ahovc mentioned will he returned to the contractor.  Tenders will not  he cons-iden-nl  1111-  Iosk  made out on   tho forms r\ipi.ilu-.il  ,c uudcrsiKiiiMl    up to   ..100.1   of   the   .������������������,  si,,um,     wi(.h     t,he aclimi,   si  l^adysinith Wharf.  SUALr.:!)  TKNDERS,   properly endorsed  "Tciuler  for l,a-dysinKh TOiarf  and   Approach,"   will   he  received   by  Tan" iff, AI-ii-ihc.j, ,I une I1.).���������Th  Su'lail li.-i.*. \ires.-nt.-il the Ak\eeii';>.  Tieat.i to In-, ministers and llu-i  .Ti'ceplance,of the slip-illation's is coi  siderc-d   certain. '���������':'.  Try a  Province  Ci-rar.  day 011 the .������50,000 supplement ai-ie.s  ��������� iru iimnigration. Mr. .Monk aslcod  lion. M'r Oliver what he was goiuy  to do with .Mr, Preston.-as all- the  Lahoi- bodies wanted him .-.dismissed. ,,   - .;.       j  Mr. Oliver replied that the .Gov-  erinnent .would make an investigation into the London office- There  were defects in if, and they would  he  remedied.  Air. Mon If insisted upon getting a  definite answer,   hut  Mr. Oliver said that th������ Government would rer-uire time to look  info ihe matter.  Mr.    Monk  gave    notice    thai     . he  would  move   a  resolution    on   going  info 1  Supply'   lo   dismiss  Mr.    Preston.  The itr-ui   of ftoO.000 was passed.  1  _-_ _ p-   MYSTERY  SOLVED  a m p i". p n s li i p ���������   Baseball  NAXAIrtlO   RUM AN (.'!���������:   VS.  LADYSMITH  M a t c h ' ^  30th inst., for the erection and Completion .of a wharf and approach at  Oyster Harbour,   Ladysmith,   B.C.  Drawings, specifications''aiid conditions of. tcnrlerin^ and, .contract may  he seen at. the office: of Ui'c , .Puihlic  Works En-giucer, Victoria,���������;vf3,('., al  the* office-'of the Government Agont,  Nanaimo, B.C., and'at Laid)smith,-  B.C.,  011 and after Juno the iSt.lL  Each proposal must be accompanied hy an accepted bank 'cheque, or  certificate, of deposit on a chartered  hank of C-aiiada, made pa^'ajilp io the.  nnilersigned, in lhe sum of two hundred ($200) dollars, which shall he  forfeited if the party tenderinp; decline to enter into contract wl.en  called upon to do so.  with  lure of the tenderer.  ���������   F. 0.   GAMRLF.,  .   . Public Works   Fn^ineer.-  Laiuls  and  Works   15ep-artment,  .Vicloria,. B-.C, ' 15Mi  .Time,' I HOC.  ::JE-SikStiXPREss AND  .;...."���������_";" "iPELIVERY  '���������" WORK rUOMPTLY   Pi.vv  Le*ve orders at  t.he A'diilrs'iird.  Keep  Minard's  house.  Liniment    \n  tut'  S3 9JLa..nl P * ������ I] s a l P     F o > t b a 1 i   Match  va\coi'\'i-:r  Childre  ���������^^-"'-���������'^^"la*   l'   2  11   (I  tliiln    ('j'lliui'    l\'a������':������,    l.O"'    'i  I.A1)^.SAIITII  l  jS Championsliip V. J\ Swi=nming. Match- Amateur  ^^=H i ^    T u g���������o f���������w a r-:  LOGGING   CAM PS   \S,  LADYSMTTJI.  i\ ' a '  g p 0 r 1 s   -"  R e g a t t a-irrrzr:  liu.^   ('oiliest*-,  SiiilliJ.'p-   M'alelii-s, eic*  JK  r.\j  11% ui  smiU  -iai tr*������ I-*, **-3irr;*4  ���������^-^*j*.T^-jjrtv--fl*,***hJc*v,*jri ctb  Excursion   Rates From Al!  Points  AIACK1.1N,  t teas titer.  -J A,'  .   A HAM  Secre taf v  mf^szrassm smzzmM*  Synopsis  of Canadian  Homestead  Regulations.  Any available Dominion Landb  within the '.Railway Belt in British  Columbia, may be hoiuestcadeu by  any person who is tlie sole head of  a family, or any male over c ghteen  years of age, to the extent of one-  quarter section of Jliu acres, more  or less.  Entry inust.be made personally at  the local land ollice for the district  iu  which  thc land  is  situate,  The. homesteader is required to per.-  foui) the conditions connected therewith under one of the following  plans:  (!) At least six months' residence  it;.on and cultivation of the kind in  each year  for  three years.  (2) If the father, (or mother, if the  father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity- of the land entered for, the re  quirements as to residence may bi  satisfied hy such person re-siding with,  the father or mo titer.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land own  ed by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the requirements as to resi  tlence may be satisfied hy reside-,c.  upon the said land.  Six    monthe'   notice     iu     writi..  should be  given to the Commissioner  of  Dominion Lands at Ottawa of in  tention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may ue purchased at SIC  sv^jper acre  for  soft  co;tl  and     $20   fen  ^] I anthracite.       Not     more     than 320  arms  can   be  nW.-piirpd   by   one   indivi  dual   or  company.     Royalty  at     the  rale    of  ten  cents  per  ton  of    2,00''  pounds shall    he    collected     on   the  gross output.  W.  W.   CORY,  deputy of the Minister of Interim  i  C**]  Adelaide, .iTunc- l.a ���������The...mystery  of the. disappearance of Coftlain.-.Qka  les' S. Pearson, a London pilot, has  heen cleared up by his unexpected arrival at Adelaide in the. Italian ship  Genista. . , -������������������-"      '���������       !' '���������"���������' -;*  Captain Pearson- had- a remarkable  experience. He left.-*the ..:��������� English  Downs 011 Christmas...Day-, intending  to pilot the G;ebista.as. far as ,* the  Lizard. On the following day a ter  rific g-ale sprang- up, compelling c lhe  vessel  to  keep away frpm the .toast,'.  For nearly, three., weeks ..they;. .I.**at.  about al sea and never., sigh fed ;laiul  until; well down the . .French. ��������� coast.  Then another .great gale - occuri*ed,  forcing' tbe Genista to continue, her  voyage around the cape without iou-  ehing* any convenient; port for Captain  Pearson In land.  >*o opportunity occurred either for  the Captain to hoard a home-ward  bound sh p. so bo was carried, "an  ���������unwiHiiig pus Jengi'i-, n journey' of  I li.OiiO   miles   tn   Adelaide.  Captain Pearson is iviturning- home  a I tin- expense 01' the owners of the  Genista. ll.- Imd .-, siiuiilar experien  ee elcvi'ii years ago. when he was involuntarily cniTieil nearly (o lbe eti-  ualor. On iluit occasion, however,  he Mas ti-niisi'ej-i-i-d to a home-ward  boiui-l vessel, -mil reached London  safely, iit'ler liis friends had given  him  up as  hist.  ���������; UNKNOWN FRIENDS.  There are  many  people  who    have  used   Chamliterlain's     Colic,    Cholera  antl  Diarrhoea  Remedy  withisplendid  results,    tat  who are unKnown1   1h-  cause they have hesitated  about giving a  testimonial  of their experience  for publication.   These people,    however, are none     the less  friends     or  the remedy.     They have done    much  to make it     a household    word   by  iheir   personal   recommendations'.   1o  friends and neighborly    It is a good  medicine to have    in the home.  :i:.-d  is widely Known for its cures   >f   di  arrhoca and jail forms of -bbwel tr0u  hie.     For sale by Ladysmith    Ph*.i  macy.  Ask for Minard's and take no. other  Sitt THE LAOf SJUITI-T DAILY LEDGER
*#**��<SHfc ^^SHHH-fHfc *!��*$"$*#<$�����*$����<��<�� *p*$$**$
*$* ���*$*
���#  *$*
"  __ _ ^
# IIIII1SI1U     VHWS-W *$*
! $2.00 PER PAIR !
c-a, i. i 'rv:���-
Smith, Fotos,
That's AIM
Local Items
���^jrymMfr^^KMU. ���*-*��*.>i**-W
None Better-Capital & Niijricet Cigars
Mrs. A. .J. McMiu Irk* is in .Wuiai-
nio this aflonioon, lm\ ina; t^ottc up
on the noo'i train.
Mrs. 1\1. Ingham was a passenger
to Nanaimo toda\.
The regular m-eeiin^ of ihe Ka.nlps
will be held this overling i�� ihe A uric* rooms.
Ask for Capital and Nugget Cigars a
A 'special meeting of tho Rehc'-.'ihs
will be held in the liaiu-netting
looms, Opera House, Friday cumin*;
June 22,  at 7 o'clock.
Thc Oscar called in port last evening,, and durimg the ni^Jil made a
quick run  down lo  Nanaimo    1 dinn
ing this morning.
We desire to earnestly thank our
friends and neighbors for their sympathy and extreme Kindness dm ine
the past weeks that have been so
sad to u.s. l May it hc many years
before any of you are called upon
to pass through sonow's pathway,
iMid when you must part with friends
or relatives, as all must some turn*
do, may friends return in kind your
favors Lhat will never be forgotten
hy AR". arid Airs. Kobert Koss and
lamily,   Extension.
Smoke* Bi^ H. Cigars
The Colonist today speaks in lhe
highest terms of. t-lr-o conceit in Victoria last evening, when AIiss ,l)ahl,
the Norwegian .singer, appeared.
Miss Danl will- sing here ou Thursday evening,-an-J those wishing a musical treat arc again reminded thai
tickets arc on sale at Mr. 15. For-
ciriiiner's, ,a-ud should be secured be-
lore Thursday noon, as the store
will   I* closed  durin."   thc  attcraioon.
Try a Province Cigar.
Vancouver. .June li'.���The Pa.-ilie
CousL .sLy��mslii]i t,'oiii|inn,\ 's .slcnnioi
Spokaiu', U'lii'.'li tiri'iM'tl hi'iv ,\usii'i--
day irom Skiijirta.v, brought, cml Lin-
lirsl larg-c amount of ireusure win
.sou) Ii ilii.s .siviboii. Sin* hud **;7.">u,uoi)
in gold dust ii ml bullion, and rvn arm
ed ���j.vpres.s luiupnnj giun-d slept on
the gold nil i Iii- way down llu-
The gold i-aiiu* from Dawson nnd
l ho Taiinna i-ouuti-y, mid v\a~. the
fiii-it   lui-g'i- t-onMj-inini'nt e the open
ing   of    navigation      < -     Yukon.
NMien   it   mis   pi-opowd     -)  bold   " Uu-
Spokane-  it!   Ibis  |)iiil   on  account  oi
'ihu   clifhculi ii-s   now  existing-  lit'twe^m
tho   Pni-itic   (.'oust   Company   and   ii>
sailors in   Si'iidli*.  it   wiw decided    Ui
ti'imsfof   tlu-    gold   to   thc     railwa.*..-.
and  take  il  south  Hint   way   lo     Unseat-le iissn\  iillk-i- .iii-1   San  KY-in.-i->
io   Mini.       IIiihcm-i,     when   it      ivn-
known   ilia I    tli-.-rc   was   a   cbniur-   of
tin-  veswl   mill iniiiiif;'  south   tin'    gold
was   held.   ;ti:d   tl    went   out     dm   t he
.I'ssi'l   this   niorning.
Smoke a   Hig H Cigar.
Trondhjern,   .liuu*   19���King      Han
kon VII. his Queen and their son rciff
(onigltl    in    lhe     ancient       capital   cl
Haakon   the   Good,     where     Norwn;.
first .*.\as i-rented n nation. They cam
this e\oning-  in   the   gunboat Jleindu!
amid   scenes-   ol   piet uresquenoss      befitting   tbe    occasion.    The   elaborate
preparation   loi-  then-  reception  lun-d-
l.shad   been   ciunplirled  before    crowtU
began        to      cong'i egiue    along   lhe
.''utile    ol   the     procession.      from   the
pier   to   the   palace:    on   the  break witter nnd  bliifts   marking   the  entrance,
'I'll.*   e.\|H-elaiion    had   made  the    or
dinar*.    j-ra\ e    Norwegians,    Parisians
5,'? tfcj **y
Our Stock is now complete f]
\ in these linos. Ws have many -4
Styles lo choose fio-n and a.'j I
.Mttiu,itjtrttt r -wrtmr-ti*tm*n ��r?*r.v->��*CAiJ     ���*-
wm nit
RI nil
.*** W�� 49
-i* t-*> -A-   *    O-  *..*-��(*.��*����������������{������ C.-i��'0"X��-*"*�� �����"* 1
o ���
] Pioneer Oottiln-g WoiKs I
f 1st. Avenue, Laojsmill!, B, G 1
I If. f. h&>. Prep. !
t     MAXUPAC'iTi..KR  Ol-   ���  t
I Carbonated ISeverajjes. |
i Ginger   Beer       '
I i-fti it'Syrups J
! P.   O.   ISox   2^S        '     ��
i *     -       i
o ���
��  i-oi?  9
��� a
? Tennis  Goods         ���
��� ���
��� Larro.--.si   St.cks       ���
\t   li7so Hn\\  Outfit s
Plain or Fancy, Loiig Sleeve |
or Elbow Lenth���--Anoihsr J
Shipment just io lianri���fitii |
in sivJ sea tlisni mi you wii( |
be coiivinced wa nave the |
Right Styles
���ww in-:	
? j. BARNSLCY d CO, ?
V1H0RIA.6. c.
orset Covers
C/ii os
^.Miiiir I <w��J��^
(jet Your-
/ iniiDUik!
��� ������4��&->��e����������*>o����*��������
1 U <:H
'A /i-a tit   ���._
Han !s-?me Designs, Fine Goierings,
Pricss Lowest
For t-ho Mon Hi of .Inne, antl
until Furtlicr notice, we will
irim all Wall Paper sold by
us l-'ree of Charcc.
Shirt Waists
We have just received
a new assortment of these
Goods for Dominion Day,
and invite you to call and
inspect w
t Notice i
���g- A. Howe olCheanln-jshuopsiieJ IHi Mestmark -^��
***��� lately run by .W.Ward, on Roberts 5trcet  �� th a -*m
^ lull line ol r-lr.it Cla<s Meats -^
| Pork and Sausage a Specialty ���- A Friai Solicited |
^a^_ a*-a>fcj>aiaa*Mt^aTa>B*����^��**a^^ ���*. mi-* 1 WMf m ^IS
1 A, HOWE Phone 2-0 %
I Granite and Mai Me Works  ���
?!**. k.-..^.
in  tlicn- Hiiifi.\      Tlii'.v  wailed in    Ui.-j
noon   (Ui.\   sun  tliiit. stn-'uMis down   on}
Ti'on<lli.|('in   long*,  aft or siiii-i   -;el.      On i     ;it   lhe	
iliu Jin.-'' u-is limit n -Mvilion in th-
old Xm'si- torm ilci-ci-nUs'l wit It urccn
I'l'*. nnd lin.' juil inn'-, iiiliir.1-, Aroun I
I Iii' p.i\ illiou .\.i'.- n.iilii'i-i'il I'irihci'-
<jf llic diiiloii-.it n- ( di! ���-. fiom C'hi'i-,
li.inia. oHici'i'.s ol' the nnny and niiin
K-ipul olla-ui-.s. The anus -of t In* Punish w tu'.shi|) I'i'M.i lidiiniinj; lhe io;
yl   ���iiihili-  aniiouu. ed   iiint    llic   King's
I  liavu jiisl,  iccci*.c*(i  a shipment, ol
Hills'   High Grade
a n i.l
rr'.t jA-^ii ns
Granite and Marble Monuments, T.-vblcts, etc., at the
lowest prices consistent
with first class st-oclc and
workmanship. Write Tor
1-18 Yates St. Victoria  IJ.O
-^���ji-yjL.vtj's-.-iii. wri V >���M
\>iclU   \\ as aii'-n-tin- hiiis.
(8132 li.  s. H.)
At  Johnson';;    T.i\cry   Slah.c   every
Tuesday  at noon,  and  will remain
..       0tt  .,,    ���   , .    lIT nl0_0 'nu; cl'"lV(lsi    i.nlil WVdiirstlav noon, each w.cck.
Says    the    Seattle P.-I..      Lnlebs   U;.;U.,|  Siu.|,tl.\      until   tin-    ilomdal!
some immediate action is taken Se- ,.ll,,-1-(..(l h.-r sh], v.i,,-,, Uu-y brolu- in' TERMS���$2''? TO INSUKE
attle will not celabnvtc the fourth of
July .this year. So far as cam be
ascertainad, no consideration has
been given the subject arid none ot
the bodies -which usually haiuUe celebrations of the mat-ion's hirthiway
liaj's made any movement of u concerted nature to this -end."
Seattle sport-lovers need not be
d.isap-uoiri.'U.d, room can he found for
all  of  shein   in   Ladysmith   on ���'idyl;
lo  ihe   sliui-:.   s',-a'p   linn-ahs  that   t'.\-.
jih-vs      SiiM-.i-.uKui      i lithusiasin-  The !
lirsl     n^in-i-    rlLtci-niljl"   cm   i In*    deck !
was       tlii'      <a onri.'i mi     lit th*     crown !
J'i inc.*    Olal'   in   a   \\lulu   sailor      suii \
hold     high   a hove       the    rail   hy   hii-
nui'si-  'and  slimviii';-   iin'.-ot-ious    inter-
psI   in      I hi'       .'.-'i'ih'.      'I'll,-   lCiii��-  soon
joinr-d   tin'   I'l-ini-i-,    and       llic-  crowd,
bnrlii'.-d   oul   niii-llii-i*  clwor. which   was
t3CK��?y*l" _;t      -.-^^ t. -    ia   ^5^-.   Itf.   r-r* . /-- .
���i a .? i i . 7. ���* J
���i*-JI.   >J*��
i I'oiiifui'd    u'hi-n   Queen   Maud   npiieiir-
^  _ ,   od.
Keep MiAard's Liniment in thc house      Ask for Minard's  nnd take no other
iPYIfP'pff :
A111 b!9   h
I  Picnicers Attention! L
j      Comirieiiciri^j   Sunday   next,    1
will    conduc t   a refreshment
stand for  the convenience    of
picnicers and camping parties
on    the    Green Spot opposite
|j     the  i-oathousc,  and  near Shell
sj     Beach.      Refreshments,       Ice
|     Cream,   Lunches,  clc,    served
t     at reasonable  prices.
;        Canipers    wishing to secure
���j     plots   for  (he  summer season,
i     .should  apply here.
r, C,
HOI    li   u,
i-nai-i st.
S.   W .    P.     $2 Gallon
ELEPHANT $1.75 Gallon
3     BLASR   &  ADAM
if us n        n
n   mil
The Great Norwegian Singer
*��� Notice is hereby given . that' I .intend f0 apply to ihe. Board of Li-
ohnsiiig Commissioners ,-.f the City of
I.adysrnilli, ai; it next sitting,' for a
Imrrsfer from myself to Hanry Blair
01" Hit.- license lo sell spirituous ' and
fcrrs'ienti'd liquors on lot three (-'!),
Block twenty-six (2li), on the. premises  liMiiwn as   the Cecil   ISo/tel, sit-
W. Q. Fraser
Merchant Tailor
Suit��     Made to  Order to Fit and to your
Satisfaction. Call and see Stock
i($(kf. June Mi-
tinted on  l''ini|. A\i-nn.-  in.l.lic cily 01
Ladysmith,   B.C., j
We have just received a shipment of the Famous
Each one carries a special guarantee.     Prices from $1.00  up-.
_. CALL   and   SEE   THEM������
Tickets    ituv     on  sale   aimer's.
1 Ol'Cllil-
i -
Da toil  this  loth   dav    of .1 uric,    A   1
.   1U0H. ' .     I
By his Attorney iM fact,
lleiirv  Reifel.
��� ��� 9 9 9 ��� 9 9 �� 6> �� a iS A) �� d 3, ti Q *0 CS    Q a ffl ��� O �� O
��� *
I have on hand for To- lay a r'rejli supply of .
d    B E E F |
��� *oes*tfa-jise*e<s��)'3��od��so  8ees(��c(c��os(��tt����|get
i Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician
*j^j&;ww.i.K*^'w��imi*t9mmmt(Wiwu!mi u-i**^r'B*��gi!**i**^iwwi-.%*pr***r^ .->---.'>-,���--wa*"*:. >
^AMWA^��>MA-*tMM-*m^^^vVylW��^��j>'**W��^ WSAA^^V^AVV
-z^���FOR- ==
33 White Swan Soap Wrappers
and we will mail you a- Beautiful Picture of
THE FENCING GIRL���A number of others
to choose from
The British (olumiiia Soap Works. Victoria B. C.
P,S,~We will m-ail you- free ine  of
our Premium Lis$s on aPP^cat'on-
���rf��(������..,. JtCZM


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