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The Cumberland News Sep 11, 1912

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'--���'f,   __ ������
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���'.  '^.c-m..'T'y/* ���--/
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m."r-**t___..-_t   ���.--*.. ���**,Yftftli^wtmT^^^:i_n:.tv?*f-n^ vTr:i^TI*T!'>wra*=
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A Journal Devoted Especially, to the Interests of Comox District.
The NEw.vTwRtJTiR'ni Year".
CUMBERLAND   B. C,,    WEDNESDAY,  SEPT*, 11,   :aj2
Subscription $1.00 a Y-har-
Kmmmm._nmt.i_n mawM^aa   uiim si i��^ ���
in the, newest ard correct materials. There ia
something di.-tinctive about the��o coals���IT'S -
THE FIT, "Culture Brand'.' Coats adapt thenuel-
,ve8 to every figure. We do not wish to .he boastful, but fo great is our confidence in the superior
merits of Huh line^ lhai'we think every woman upd
girl should buy at this store. We invite you all to
call and inspect our lines.
Jn Broadcloths, Ser-iiep, Cashmeres,  Poplins and
y_EH_  Slh^S
Jn Taffcttap, Paillette, Noires, Peau de aoies, Japan
Tafft'ttas. Messalines and Louisoines.
New Fall Hosiery for all in every weight and price. See our
Sweater Coats for style & price.
^S 1    fe*r**yfyl**a*a*S*}t*a**&,>if��*^^
-   ��� B_tn*���si_i_Q!U!&&*W.'     v -j*
? Supplies
ousehold ^
atfSsjs&fc^V^^ ty*Wm*^W&kma$fti0$m^
Football Boys Make
Merry Labor  Day
On the afternoon of Labor D.iy,'
a number of the prominent citizens of Cumberland journeyed to
31 r, , Salti    Calhoun's   ranch   at
���Courtenay, to-witness a football
game between the "Thistles"   of.
No. 5 initio, and  tlio "Cumberland   Mixture*."    Tho   weather
���wns not at all desirable, a heavy
shower having fallen   about   an
hour before the game took place,
this, with lhe addition of a heavy
���shower which fell (hiring the pro.
gress of tho game   rendered   the
grass slippery, but   In   spile   of
tbis cut excellent. game was played.    The two   I earns   lined   up
about 3.30, the Thistles.winning
the toss, and   for   the   first   ten
minutes it looked rut   though tho
Mix Mi res were in for a hard time
of it, lhe ball hovering dangerously near the goal, and   had  it
not been for the excellent deletion, there would have been a dii*
forout Ulc to tell.    Alter fifteen
minutes of ha��d playing, Brown
of the   Mixture*   succeeded   iu
scot ing, n hard earned goal.    Kor
the next ten minutes tho Thistles continued to  rush things a
little, wit a ti ice puss by Sutiici-
lnnd, and in m spite   ot  Clark's
strenuous efforts to save it, another goal was added to the Mix-
tun-",-' srnrt*   hy   Watty   Adams.
(Skimps.)    lu the  *ccot.d half,
the Thistles started with    a vim
to   try   to   recover   lheir    lost
ground, but tho Mixture***' deft-na*
v,;.s t*.\i'!c.��'.,��y loo hard fo Uveal*:.
But. 'sleek" wns evident lv taken
oii liis gutud, I'or Willi iii.s idiot
the bail past bim wjtb the ip.-fd
of a JiicVi.it, wliich   m'alted in n
>oal V-t lhe 'iSiJuc.'.    Tbe   rt.sl
although excellent phiyiug \yas
done by both sides;- Although
tbe ground was too slippery for
good combination, the learns are'
to be highly commended on their
excellent work. One ��� conspic
upus feature of the game was
the absence of rough work as is
usuallv   seen    when   two  loenl
a ���
teams meet.   The teams during
the whole play   seemed   ou   tho
best of terms, playing asjriends,
uot as foes.   Hairing one   slight
accident  nobody   was   hurt   or
bruised in auy   way   from   the
wanton tueancss of any   member
of the learns.   After   tho   game
was over, tho players with   their
respective captains and   trainer*?,
retired to   Mr. Calhoun's bouse,
whero an excellent tea was served
by Mr.s. Calhoun, and ample justice was done to the good things
provided.    After    ten,      short
speeches were delivered by'Mayor McLeod,   honorary prouident
of the Mixtures, J'rehidctit Brown
of the   Thistles,   and   President
Dalby  of lhe   Mixtures,    Each
gentleman   >.poke    in   glowing
terms of tbe efficient work dono
by 'he teams, wjd   the   kindness
shown to thoin by Mr. and  Mrs.
Calhoun.   -Songs were  rendered
by  Walter   Adams  and   others
ami,tuo   iiappy     meeting    was
drought to a close by lhe singing
of *-Auhl Lang Syne" and "lie's
a jolly good fellow,"
An entorlaitunont by tnined
dogs and birds wiil bo given In tho
Cumberland Hall on Monday and
Tuesday overling!) of next week
Link-Willie   Fraser,    rain   of
Mr. and Mrs. \V.   J.    Krnser   of
Union Bay. wits taken to our lo-
ctl  hospital 011 Wednesday, suffering fiom   pneumonia.   Willie
Departmental Stores
Under New Ownership
has b��cn having a haul time oi it
):*��� fr-.i-fr WHS   whhoet   t:wnt  j   r .   .
c 'Iuf. M.e.
Probably one   pf " tho   largest
business changes tliat  has   taken
place in thjs district,   took  place
this week in tho .transferring   oi
tho    Cumberland     Department
Stores to   Macfarlanc   Brothers.
Whon tho stock is   completed   it
Is expected that the   actual   pur.
chase price-will exeood #30.000.
This paper we aro sure voices the
feelings of a largo   portion of the
residents of Cum berland and district by expressing their regret at
tlio decision hoth Mr. Wngonhnu-
ser aud Mr. Onnle havo coin.-* If,
to leave us  with   their   families.
Although during tlieir   residence
liero, thoy seemed always  too ty
ken up  with   their   businc-s   V-
have timo to make many   friends,
at the samo lime those who were
fortunate enough   to   gain   tlieir
ncqiiaiiitaueo,  found   thoin  men
of exceptional qualities nud   thoy
were always ready to  tako  part
In anything for tho good of those
!n distress* or for the  good of our
city.    There are  three 'brothers
in the new firm, \V.   M.,   T.   A,
uud M. E.   R.   Maefarlime,   and
they previous to coming west conducted a business for tweuty threo
years nt Campbells Bay,   County
of Pontine- in thu Ottawa Valley,
whero they wore all   raised.    Wo
feel sure that   with   their   long
lumnew experience in thia country and the excellent trading proa
1     . ���     ��� , ���       1 ������   ���
j/CCl*'   ViiC vi i.i vi iv i.   1.1      \.i,\\. 1 1,1^,   M,.,
new linn are assured of success-*,
A�� the hrothcis aro nil married
mid have families they will certainly help us out iu our next
eoiiHiii*. Mr. Uuate mid his mother ��Ui* n'tos'ily ' v.iuiiiin'4 U�� F.'ssy
hind by way of Japan, Auftr.i'.ia
and South Afn'ni, Mr, Wiigi-u-
hauser u-",U m that nftor dUpis.
inj�� uf in.** interest its the N*.��!iolk
Vancouver, he is returning to
Vancouver Island, whero, to use
his own words, "tho money making-opportunities are so great,
that it is difficult for any ono to
pick' out Ihe thing to scart lirst.
The GuBiberland Department ..Stores,
���;'.>   llll***l**********W***��*l***M-^��^������MWWWmW����| IIIH    ��� IM IlliyW��������MMPMII   I     ^    T   ���������I��� �����HMMW��sWyWM>
Mngie Baking Powder, 12 ov. tin, rug 2Dc Falc 20e
Small White Beans, reg 8 H's lor Soo. ... .nrle -1- H>s for :2oc
Speckled Beans, reg 53 lhs for SJPe sale 4 \W fur 25c
'Ramsey's Sodas, 2 lh (in reg 80e, sale 23e
Moonoy's Sodas. 2 lb paih- n*g 85c  sale '25e
.Parisian Bluing,   reg  8 pkgs for .Ibc........ wdi* 4 :'cv 25<;
Liquid Bluing,  2  pt bottles reg ���rjo now 20e,
Queen City Catsup, pt bottle reg 2ue new 2Ce
Blue. Label Catsup,  leg 535c now .'-30c
Dakors's .Sweet Chocolate. 1 lb packet ivg ?35c.... i.-.-\v 530c,
"       Coe.ua, l lb packet reg 35e  no*-'" 30e
.Lvmington's Coflec Kyseuce,  rejl 4-5c .; now -U)e
v O 1 3 i.7)
Canada Corn Starch, ng lot; .."..' now 10c
Olympic Pancake Flour, reg 45c now \>5c
Five Ro.-cs Flower; -10 lb s'nek, reg $2 , .. new $J.iJ0
Marischiiio Cherries.-2 lb bottle reg fioi: GOe
Columbia J-siirie Juice, reg -10c now 8O0
Lifo Buoy and Sunlight Soap, reg 4 for 25c. .now 5 for 25c
Granulated Sugar, 20 lh sack, reg ��1.50 now Si.40
Parisian Bluing, teg 8 pkgs for 25c- side 4 for 25e  b
Wild  Rose Lard, 10 lb pails reg SI M side $1,75   | J -
��       "      ��    20 lb pails reg ��8.80 siilu ip3.10   ' \
 i : I.
-  ��� \i
Phone 10
P. O.  Box 100
1 wHMijua;!
The Mortimer-Chester
\\i Contest
 ������tOt ���
"Slim" Turner was committed for trial by Magistrate Ab-
rams on Tuesday in connection
with the assault and robbery of
several Chinamen soine two
weeks ago. Ho was taken to
Nauaiino by Constable Stephen-
sou on Wednesday morning.
Ho may choose speedy trial or
be tried at tbe Fall Assizes.
Mrs. James Abtams aud Seymour Abnuus arc expected home
from Vaiicc'iiv..'!' Thursday ev-
Mrs. W. 11. Theal * left, for her
her home at Chilliwack l.��y Sun-
Sunday 's bout,
The very latest iu incus' luill
Hats in every style and color ate
to bciscen at Tho Big Store.
Pr. Kerr, dentist will be nt
Cumberland Hotel ou September
Billy Chester, who is to box
Oscar Mortimer iu the Gum berland Hall on SatuM'ay evening-,
Sept. 14th, arrived on Tuesday
evening" wirh.his ���niMiiaeor. C. H.
Campbell from Victoria, where
Chester bus br-en in tr\i 'no* for
tho ]):iiit two weeks, This will
bo an impor'ant event, as il
will deloruiine which of those
boys will havo a cluiiiee lo meet
Tommy -Burns lit Victoria iu lhe
near future. The advance 'side
of seats is going on at a rapid
rate, a uuinber of the" best seats
having been sold. Those jmr-
chasing reserved seats will be
suro lo receive their proper seats
as the management guarantees
to seat every person in his proper scat.
W. J. Go-.rd,  piano  tuner,   (��
Vancouver, will   he  iu   Cm- ber
land and viciiuity from  October
Halifax, N.S. Aug, 28.-At
3 o'clock ycs:eiday afternoon
Thomas \V. Wilby started from
the city hall on an automobile
,lrip whicli he plain; lo end on
the western coast of Vancouver
Island six weeks hence, thereby
demonstiaiitig the j)iaciicubility
of lhe Canadian Ilinhwav.
Tho siiiewuik men aro
grand time this fine weather.
Trained Dog Show at Co'irt-
enry on Sutiirday, Sept, i.|ih,
Don't u.i'.-i it,
liev. TSh. Cooke, of Victoria,
preached in Holy Trinity church
on Sunday evening.
A grand-time is promise,]., at -.
the Mixtures Football Club dauoj
to bo hold iu Campbells' n:-v
*>iore on Monday evening, S?[>t.
161!) Train will leave No. 7 a?-
8 p. ny returning* at 2 a. m,
Mr,'Mills of the Big Store re
turned on Thu: sday* evening 1'nnu
a vacation trip to   Vancouver.
Rev,.J, Hood anivts'l home < k
Thursday evening *frum a meting of the Presbytery held at
Harry Creech.'left for Victoria
by Sunday's boat
Miss Lawrence who has been
veiling her brother,������ Mr, VV K,
L'l'.vreuce, left jor   Vancouv'.r by
Friday's boat.
Mrs. ���C,,ulthard, ot Vieioti.t,
wns the gutst of Mrs, Jauu,*-.
Stewart last week and left ou
Sat ut day to visit her niece, Mr ,
Judge) Bole,of i\'cw Westminster.
Mis.i Deuey Smith, of Court
cnay, will bp at tlie Union Hotel
on Monday and -Tuesday, Sc|>t,
16U1 nnd 17th, with a  lino dis.
play of fall millinery.
1 Hospital Tag Day'' on next
S.ilnriiay,  (Pa)-Day.)
The bite Ccneial l'ootb was 0'
Hebrew origin.
*__.���.._..    n. _.,__...���.._._ n)    ������!!   I IIBII|l��.^WWPIHia lli^MIIIIIH !��� II-WII������I���_-��� t
mmmm.anMatM m nmwim
Table Lineus
A ��pi'i*ial litiu id i.iIj'h.' il.iui,i*>); ;ctfc nliicli arc
miit'ifi in .nr* cm "* ;,<<>sl <je;i!'e/ ofli-.!, i��rr.��*,-,f*ict-
uie. For f-very*iiiiy iwi iliet.i* sutsaie uni'ijirillci'
in firtM-ftfiUUf* anil wear, "iiisl ato ir.��*--;t a(*:<>*i>i-d)lc
An* gifi.*.
Wn Mf 'iluittin;:  a fine  ���.s**iiitiufnl  of ltia��*r*!
linpn*?, (oivaslin-,' uf very dainty 're an <��� i>��i*ccs, ury
flnih'��� s,Ji),-M,onii! 'Iii.ii;-, ruiiii'ji-; ar,s! ('��� -.\-f.r-<.   J'ii-
tt'H, Jilt Id   il CO.
! !
Heoioing siou-eoti ���\irqiiMlio St., "���
Dress Goods
r; ii'.cbti-i *ivi,iV,    A lai^e anr now siiortiv.fr.t.
ff'lir v-rn- ��:"��(*���( t.r-l illintii"**-!  i'i",i"i*)s, r.-f ill i|jC*l
ami nilminn-j,
*! Ci* :v,., -.;!:,i'-'
tn *,*r("
ini-itiuin* -,;l.''ii��.'-* ol a
(hit '.Imwin^ nl tlit'-sc N't-"*- Kail Ai��iv.;i1i lire
l'ie Ij. i c;',". 'h'Hiij   iii  Ciatilx'i'.iiid.   'I'lifH* .us*
���'���uv- i-l' tl f ��i,r,>.t riijuilii fi.alena!;, (ni niituniii
ivcii ;.ii4 m;I! t;u!( i ��/il��*n*J illv; aK'.i fi t��a�� r.'iii,-,n
ul ia:.M ,l :>'��� i '���*.'.��� !<:>i ins-..,*..-,' anil  i IsiUti'i'ii'.**  sdituj
^ *W5
<^-?*����s^ THE NEWS; CUMBEKLAND, B. a  IN THE  BALANCE  By 1.6, MOBERLY  Author of  ���������Dan and Another," "A Tena.la*i  W������b,"    "6ln of Alison Daar-  Iny,"  etc., etc.  WARD,.LOCK  A CO., LIMITBD  London, Melbojrno and   Toronto.  (ConUuiielL  She turned a wuy from the. gate directly the gentleman hnd gone, und  went towards the house.       ���������  You would know this gentleman"  again? ' "    *  ,   Oh, * yes. I  should, know him  any-  whoro.     Vou couldn't mistake hini.  Thank you. You may stand down.  1 am su'raid I must recall Lady l-lerno.s-,  by, Mi*. Wynne added reluctantly. As  Dorothy again rose, every face in the  room was turned towards her, in that  intense interest, roused in the least  Inquisitive amongst us by anything  which promises a dramatic moment.  Along.the serried masses of people  there passed an electric thrill. They  realized subtly that the evidence of  Uu*! last witness.', was of peculiar moment. They felt, it would be especially enthralling" to observe what  Lady Hernesley might, have to., say  about the dark handsome gentleman  from whom she parted in the park on  the evening of the murder.-The-men  und worrien in that, inn room were not  presumably more callous than others  of their kind; each of them individually would have said, and probably  meant what was said, that he-or, she  felt deeply for Sir Miles' wife in her  present painful position. Yet they  nil stared in her face as eagerly as  I hough she were merely acting in a  play for their entertainment, and the  proverbial pin would certainly have  been heard to ring on the floor, had  it taken, this opportunity of falling  down. ,'  I am sorry to liave-to worry you  again, Mr. Wynne������sah) courteously as  Dorothy turned her flushed and  troubled face towards him;, but I. am  afraid I must ask you whether you  saw anyone In the park, on Monday^  .after Sir Miles left you?  Yes, I saw an old friend "of my husband and mine, Mr. Oliver Dynecourt. ,.  For an instant (he room and its  closely packed people wavered before  Clare's eyes, then a mist seemed to  shut them out, and through the mist  Dorothy's voice, sounding thick and  muffled, appeared to be repeating over  and over Again those two words'���������  Oliver -Dynecourt���������Oliver- Dynecourt  - Oliver Dynecourt.  If she" hacTbeen ^Tg^~t7rsay7jiow"  long a time elapsed, before the mist  rolled away, ajid her surroundings  became clear to her, again, she would  have answered, "Hours and hours."  In actual fact' only a few seconds  passed between Dorothy's utterance  of ..Oliver's name and tho Coroner's  next question, which si ruck like a  knell upon Clare's ear.  Did you observe anything unusual  about Doctor Dynecourt's appearance?  Dorothy* hesitated, for a tick of a  clock only, but. sho perceptibly hesitated, and lipids were thrust eagerly  forward to observe her more closely. For the second time that afternoon she looked across at her husband and again his smilo (lashed out  tn response to her look. How could  sho answer the question truthfully?  This thought tilled Dorothy's mind,  wallst the new horrible fear that had  spruiiK Into being when John Dawson  gnvo his testimony took more definite  .���������shape. Oliver' liarrasscd face, his  hurried, nervous manner, tha'excitement of his whole bearing on that  fatal Mondny, camo. back to her now  with the forco of a blow, Could It  bo possible that, she might hnve to  face one of two jiwful nltornallvos?  That either thoiinnn who had been  her lover, or tho man wlio was now  hor husband, woujd bo found guilty  of a cowardly crime?.  Itching and Burning  on Face and Throat  Sores Disfigured So He Dreaded to  Appear in Public, No Rest Night or  Day, Cuticura Ointment Curodi  "Bir rnontlia nco my tacts nml tlirnat ill  tsrntn nut nnil tumi'd Into u nimilnu nor*.  J did not liollu-r iilmut It nt lii>i. Imt in  ono ni'ok'w limn Iho iIIm-uno luul Npivad ta  raiiiilly over my faco uml tliruut nml the  Imriilnir Iti-hlnii hoi'ivi lii'c-nini* ko painful that  I bi'itnn lo wi'lf relief hi illHi*n*ni iiii'iia-litM,  Isiit non** Ntirsiiu'il lo kIvii mn nny Hli*'. Tim  niri'H illnliitiiriiil my ftiiio lo bitch un extent  tliat I dii'iiili-il to upi'i-iii- In imhllc.  "I Hulfurisil ti'irlltly uinl rouM r,*itt no runt  nlrlit or duy, At Inst a frli-ml advisi'l inn  in iry tho Cuilciirtt IImihmIIi'.i. I Iiml nliout  j;lvcu up hiiiin, Ivtit tlmiinlit T wnulil huvn  onr* moro try, mid no I imif a IHflo UuiiY-iir*  <i!nliw*nt, uml ll liol|n*y| mi* from tins Mint.  t Vonilnuml nihil: It nml In .Ix ww.*kti* time  'tM ������:oiii|ilotcj|.v .Hied, uml i-ati nny I nnnld  mlvUo unyono siiirirlnu from nilln ill*n--n������ss  to imn Cuticura Oinlmnit, iih It li ilu, hut  IifAlhiK halm In dm world." (Hlum-sl) Idwcoa  liuu-J, tiitwu l'ciooiw, Alia,, Feb, IB, lull.  FOUND RRLIEP ONLY FROM  VtJ 1 iCUi<A 2>OM' At\U UllN I till^%{  ' My liitC������ KirUvhim nniy a nw ".mm old  tmlii- mil mi llm i,/p ,.f Uu In .id nnd It he*  fiuuo a iiollil ncuIi, 'llii'ii her i*lici*|rs ln-raiim  jaw nml -una nml nllir ii.hii*,' liiiri-n-nt  ���������winciHe* found i->-lii*f nniy fimii us*lnif (,'iul-  ������ura Hnnp uml (tinl m< nt, It la-iKd Kit  in'isiihn nr iiiiui Iiiii i'(l,������r n ������lirirnm������ii tri.,\t.  iif-iil wllh i|ki Oiitu-iua Odiij) mid tiiriliri'-nt  niivor tiatV uny ruiuni." Miitm-il) Mr*, W. 8.  tiwen, Yadltln Collide, N. U., Mny 20, Iti I.  I'or moro tlimi a t;incrntlon fiitli.iira Hnt,.  ami OJutim-nt liitv,- trtsinls-il llm ms>*st uio  is-s-fiil irfiiluwnt for nl.m uml oi-iiln inmliUa  ������������f niraiilii, i iilldrs n nml chilli. A t lm*ln i*aki������  ���������if I'ulkiira 8s*a|i ami t,<ix tit Culls-nut oii.*t������  ins-ill (tin nils i, Miin.*ii-iit. /.litiniirii *,ni'l ny  ���������ln-McM* nml dial,is throiiKlio'ii ihe wnrl.l,  II  'Ihl-fll Mlinidr 1.1 1-,,1-f,   H'ljl  .'l'*.f������,   I,,,,'-  r ,1  tlii) t,\t',n, will Im s-.-iit fi<-*., .iu nt'l*l!s-!**t]'iii ',<,  lullet tWtit A i-l.i-in. tjii)., i.i Coliimii.ji  Ave. Iio-km, V. M. A.  vv, rt u. <ia  And how much would depend upon  hor evidence? By some thoughtlessly uttered word, slie might do infinite" harm to one of those two men;  and although she knew (oh! yes, in  that moinont of torturing anguish she  told, herself she knew quite well) that  neither Miles nor Oliver could have  had any part or lot in the crime she  was nevertheless well aware that  much might hang upon the words she  spoke. All these reflections raced  through her brain during her brief  hesitation following on ..Mr. Wynne's  last question; theu she answered  quietly���������  Doctor Dynecoirrt looked Worried  aiid upset, he only spoke to me for  a fow minutes.   . ,,  Did ho mention Mr. Tritton to you?  Oh! no. 1 do not konw that he  ev^n knew Mr. Tritton at all.  Hut. he seemed upset?  He was surprised and'a little startled at seeing ine. We are���������old  frlondt: and we had not met for.  somo time.  Then 1 take It your conversation  was purely personal?       ���������     ������  Purely personal. Dorothy's color  deepened, bint her eyes met the Coroner's without flinching, and that  gentleman said quietly���������  Mr, Dynecourt did not mention to  you why ,,he had come'to Mansmere?  No, Dorothy answered, wondering  for the first time what, could have  brought Oliver into the neighborhood,  whether he had any actual business  or���������whether���������he had come down on  the mere chance of seeing her?  No, she repeated, Mr. Dynecourt did  not. tell me why he had come. Possibly to see a patient, .,  He was with you only,; for a few  minutes V  . Only for a few minutes. A stab bf  recollection went through Dorothy's  heart as she remembered the packed  emotion of those few minutes.  And, when he said good-bye to you,  where did he go?  1 do not know. Dorothy's clear  voice faltered, then regained its clearness. "I imagined he was going  'straight to the station. He went out  of the wicket gate and along the lane.'  "You have heard nothing of him  since?" "  "No tii ing; But," she paused, "but I  should:'not be likely to have heard in  any case, There was no. reason why  Mr. Dynecourt, should write to me."  Once more Dorothy was allowed to  resume her seat, and Clare put a sympathetic hand ".over hers. After all,  she thought, even though Dorothy had  thrown over Oliver Dynecourt for his  richer rival, it must have been terrible for her to meet Oliver unexpectedly, and still more terrible to be  giving syidence which might fix guilt  of a dreadful crime on one of the  two men. '������������������.'������.  , Sir Miles had nothing to add or  take from his previous, eyiueno-i. He  had been detained at the Home Farm  on that Monday evening; he had  walked .back to thel-Iall through the  copse, and by the lane. . He had met  TS5H5Her7i-i^iraa~ffrd^  him, but thought he must have left it  at the Home Farm or have dropped  it. He gave a brief account .of his  meeting <vith young Tritton after his  sitting to Mr. Bevan, but declared  emphatically that, the interview had  been an entirely friendly one, and  that they had parted on good term*.  He absolutely denied'-having met. the  young man again. it was at this  point in the proceedings that, the  Scotland Yard detective, Inspector  Donaldson, whispered to the Coroner  that the police woultl beg for an adjournment of the inquest, pending  iho'i further enquiries. ���������  It is plain that we. must, hear what  this'Mr. .-Dynecourt has to say, he  murmured, a.nd thero aro ono or two  other matters of more or less importance which must he worked up,  For to-day we can collect no further  evidence.  ���������Mr, Wynne nodded nnd wns opening his moujh preparatory to proposing an -adjournment, when a stir at  the far end of the room, an opening  door, and a little hubbub of voices,  checked liis words. He glanced impatiently towards the point from  which tho turmoil came, and seeing  that the constable at tho door wns  holding a heated colloquy with somo  person or persons Invisible, ho beckoned the man to his side.  What's all thin disturbance? ho  sald Irritably, if you can't keep things  quiet by tho door, your work iiiuhI, be  given lo someone who can,  Tho honest country policomiin reddened and looked uncomfortable.  TIh n lndy, sir, he mu.nblo l ;\ l.u'iy  who wouldn't keep quiet, mil I nouM-  n't nml-i) hor hold her tongue, (1  should like to know who ran still n  woin'nu'H tongue, the Coroner Interpo-  lati'd under his breath), She nays  Hhe liiiH Homolliing to tell yoti, sir, nnd  hIh* must come In.  Die Coronoi' lookod nt Inspector  D.mnliU'ou, InHpector Donaldson loclt-  ml at tlie Coroner,  You hnd br*tli*r ner* what It Is,  wild llie former, nntl--  I'D soon hoi I le*1 lier, replied tin* hitter, but when, hiivlug renclicil lhe  door, hn snw lhe radiant, vision which  confronted lilm there, lie drew In his  brent!) shiirplv. nnd for n moment  looked HpeochleHKlv nl tin lndy who  wouldn't  ���������p.f)\) inik't.  (To bo Contihiifii!)  UNBURN  Blisters,  IsorI feet.  Everybody now admits  Zam-Buk best for these.  Let. It. give YOU ease  end comfort. ������������������  Drueet'sli and Stores tvetywAtr*  am Buk  Glcsgow'8 Great Night School  In a big, five storey-and-basement  building in Glasgow, where the Technical Collego. Is located, 000 young  specialists work amongst test tubes,  text-books and assay furnaces daily.  But at night the visitor sees the enrolment jump from 600 to more than  5,000, and along with the night course  collegians two regiments of student  workingmen march In and the whole  building is packed.   "  For ten shillings ($2.50) a term, a  Glasgow man. may learn at the night  trade classes the first principles of  the plumber's or printer's trade, says  the Technical World Magazine, and  for seven an', sixpence ($1.87) boileiv  making or sheet metal work; for five  shillings ($1.25) how to cut cobblers'  patterns or a course for a shoe store  salesman. -  There are rooms full of looms and  fabrics and dyes, if the student cares  to learn the principles and practice of  textile manufacture,, and there are  other laboratories for bakers, watchmakers, tailors, furniture designers or  sailors. Three in every four of his  classmates will be older than twenty,  so he need feel no. shame at going  to school again. Hundreds of the  men he passes in the halls will have  only e,. common school education.  That Public school buildings should  be used only a few hours in the daytime implies an inadequate return on  the taxpayers' investment. In Gln.sgo*w  Scotch practicability has seen thia  and applied a remedy. Result: the  ���������efficiency,-of. an education plant was  multiplied by, ten.       ''���������'-.  It is characteristic of the Scotch to  solve a problem by commonsense,  whenever such a problem arises. Are  their schoolrooms empty at night?  Then ihey must bo -filled! I'he invitation is given and the thing is done.  Character In Walking  Obhliiinto peoplo who. In argument  rulv iiiori! on iiiiiHculuilty thnn ou In-  ti'lleetiuil   power rr-sl, the  feet   flatly  and firmly on lhe ground, walk heav-  I],.     ,,,,,(     ;,!,,...,*(.,_     ,,,,,|     H;ni,|     v||l,     top-,,  (irmly plnnleiViiiiil fnr nnarl. Quick  KtopB ii ro liiillciitlvo of energy unit  iiKltnllon. Tiptoe walking nynibo*  !!;'.i*-k Mirprlfi*, mrlofdty. din* rotlo'i. or  inyuti'ty, Turnlng-in loon are oftni  found with preoccupied, absent-minil*  . y f. ....,,...      ���������v\,ri ,���������t,,.,.',. ,!������������������,n- !<��������� >v  pr'*neiitei| nn ntooplng nud noim-Iims,  wllh whorl, nervouo, rtnvlnua Htepn,  Slow iiierm, Ioiik or chorf, niggfRt. n  emiillo or n-flfftllvn idnle of inlud,  When a revengeful imrimKc In hidden  under n filgned nmlle thi* step will  he slink Inr* nnd nnlHeli*,",?. The prouij  sli-p Ih slow nnd iiii-a:iii'*''il, the Iuch  uiu ei ii-.ii|i'I|siuhIv Iiu*iii>i1 " mil, the  let*.*- iiirii'uhif-iii'il. Where ihi* sti-  l.clloii of ih������ hi r-t) v-'fiveiw a inl fnlloWH  (-���������,( iv f'lii'M.'Ing linii'i!;'!- nf (lis* in I lid,  ll hit'sitnlilv bclravs un. s rliiliity, lies-  it.'t'isis  and  'mil I'Mon.  Piece of Newton's Apple Tree  The British Royal Astronomical Society has recently become the owner  ot an interesting, because apparently  well authenticated, relic pf Sir Isaac  Newton. This is a small log from  the* apple tree in the garden at Wool-  thorpe, on which the famous.*, apple  (the most'famous apple since Eve and  Eden, with the possible exception of  -those-of-Hereii-of-Troy-and-Wilhelm.  Tell), grew. Mr. -C. W. Waller, of  Burwash, Sussex, who presented the  log to the society, sent the following  history with it.���������His father, .born in  1807, was at school when ten -or  twelve, with the rector of Stoke, Lincolnshire, named Pearson. After a  heavy storm news reached-the school  that Sir Isaac's apple tree'had blown  down. Tho rector and some of Uie  boys at once set out for Woolthorp*?,  which is not far from Stoke. They  found the tree, whicli for many yeara  had been propped up to preserve it,  lying on" the ground, The rector obtained a saw, and cut a number of  small logs from one of the limbs.  Mr. Waller's father received one of  these and preserved It, with great  care until his death, when it came  down as one, of the heirlooms to hla  son.  Putting Him at His Ease  " When Fred Hall was the city editor'  of tho Tribune, Bays Drury Underwood  in the Chicago Post, lie was characterized by an extreme gravity,, a full  beard, an office straw hat with holes  punched in It and u' corncob pipe.  Courteous nnd consldorato, he did not  invito fiimillniity, and when s6me old  timer around tho shop called hlrn  by his lirst name tlio recruits looked  A reporter, budding Into metropolitan journalism after transplanting  from a Binal'. town, failed to take proper cognlznnce of the gravity, the  heard, tho hat and tho pipe. Approaching llio bourn when the majority wero to go to mippor, be went to  the main desk and said;  Anything moro jiiRt. now, Fred?  Mr. Hall looked up, nnd replied:  Why be so colrt ami formal? Call  uie Freddie,  The Way In Manx  A Manx 'employer him Invoked the  aid of a 17th century Ht.nlutti penal-  l/.lng n laborer who leaves hla employment without dun notice with Imprisonment on brend nnd water, Thoro  ia another unrepealed Manx law the  enforcement of which would entitle  Komu agitation "In the Island. It. on-  Joins nil Bc.otH I-i avoid lhe land with  lhe next, vessel that goclh into Scotland, upon pain of forfeiture* of their  giodH i.nd bodies to prison. This*  law wnu tho remilt, of a series** of ralelB  on Hie Manx ooiihI by a, Galloway rover -immud MacCiillock, whoso nume  Inspired a prayer;  Cod keep ihe good corn,  Tho sheer and the bullock,  From Satan, from Kin,  And Ciitlnr .Mne.Cnllock!  inventions by Royalties  One of the eight daughters of the  Archduke Frederick, the eldest brother of the Dowager Queen of Spain,  is taking out-a patent for a new form  of candle. She is only following an  example set by several other royalties. The most successful of these  is the Grand'.Duke.bf Oldenburg, who  has patented a screw which has been  adopted by several German shipping  companies. Prince Henry; of Prussia holds tlie patent of an invention  for preventing the clouding of wind  screens on motor cars, and his nephew, the Crown Prince, has patented a  special form of sleeve link. The Kaiser is credited with the invention of  a brake for automobiles, but-lip to  tho present this has not been patented. . "       " -        ������.   ���������<  Cherry Garden  Londoners, in cherry time, used  formerly to flock to Bermandsey to  regale themselves with fruit at the  famour, Cherry Garden. Pepys, in  Juno, 1664, records a visit to the  place���������To Greenwich, and so to the  Cherry Garden, and thence by water  singing finely. The site of tho did  garden alluded to in later tlmo" by  Dickens, ls now covered by a street  whose name preserves its memory���������  and little more. You can still take a  ticket to Cherry Garden pier.  The Passing of Punch and Judy  And is it true that Punch and Judy  dear to youthful English citizens, and  a pleasant memory to their parents  and grandparents as well, are.to vanish from the land; that Punch and  Judy with his, inimitable squeak, and  Judy who took her beatings with such  unmoved calm, are to be read out  of court It is to be feared so, for  the London l?ost. says the law books  look on the old puppets and their  showman as "an* obstruction" and  one that should be removed. London is so full that'the Post complains  that busy meu pursuing their relentless way down Spring Gardens must  najt be forced by bunches of crowd to  diverge from the mathematically  straight line which,is, the shortest and  speediest way between- two given  points. But one cannot help remembering that once upon a time there  used to: be a. Punch and Judy show  in Palace. yard and all good . Britons  were friends of the show and the  showman. Now, it appear, old  friendsi are forgotten, or considered  simply as a nuisance,' and Punch and  Judy must succumb, and molder  away in the the hands of their present owners���������or, in happier fortune-  be cherished as specimens of old and  once popular divertisements.  Speaking of the days that, were, the  London Post says: Every Wednesday  at 6 o'clock the house used to rise.  Prompt to the minute came that loud  and arresting crow which for so long  as any of us can remember has announced the arrival of Punch and. his  consort. The: legislators used to  -gathei'r-and���������with-care-ahd-solemnlty-  Ihe ancient drama was played through.  Punch- could not have got much nearer to the national heart thrin Palace  yard. Now the national heart beats  to other, rhythms, and Punch is "an  obstruction." That long road which  he has followed through so many decades of unwearied journeying is  leading him at last to its end in the  land of shadows. He is almost the  last of many figures that once were  with him on the road to make the life  of the wayfarer joyous. Where, for  instance, is the old dancing bear that  when we were little children so often  used to bring ui* terror and delight!  Years and years, ago that rough and  genial beast, shouldered his ragged  staff and marched away out of our  lives for good."  The Museum Lecturer  It ls reported in Nature that the  installation of an official guide to the  collections of tho British Museum  has been-such a success that the Natural History Museum at .South Kensington has added, a-similar, functionary to its staff. He will make two  trips a day through the Museum,  each one "lasting an hour, and presumably, involving a visit to.and brief  explanation of the most interesting  and instructive habits; To say that  this plan will' double the educational  value of the Museum is to state the'"  case for it very mildly; For many  of the visitors, probably the vast majority of them, ths collections In such  museums undescribed, mean nothing.  The same thing is true to a lesser degree In. zoological gardens, and even  art museums.- The provision of a-lec-  turer, sufficiently-..'.(and* obviously)  scientific or artistic, so that the tipping problem was eliminated, would  add enormously to the value of every  public museum. There seems no way  in which the amount of money necessary tc secure (lie services of "ii really  competent man for this position could  be spent to better,, advantage.    /���������  Minard's'Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc.  j. Potted Roses  There was a time when Englishmen  could celebrate St. George's Day by  feasting on roses as well, as wearing  them. Old cookery books abound iu  recipes into which rose leaves enter.  One writer tells how to make potted  roses. I.first pound some of the  most fragrant roses in a mortar, then  I take the brains of birds and pigs  well boiled and stripped of every particle of meat. I then add the volks  of some eggs, some oil, a little cordial, some pepper and some wine  After having beaten and mixed it  well together, I place it over a slow  .V.r ;,Whe.tt tWs'dish- is brought to  table the most delicious fragrance issues forth, covering the guests with  delight. Every good housewife In the  seventeenth century made rose water,  which was tisfed for flavoring food.���������  London Chronicle.  na-:  Extract ol  Wild Strawberry  Compound   /  is safe, reliable, and most  effective iu all cases of  Diarrhoea,Choleralnfautum,  Summer Complaint, and  Cholera Morbus, "  Iu 25c. and 50c. bottles,  at your Druggist's,  , NATIONAL DRUG AND CHEMICAL CO. '  OF CANADA, LIMITED.     211  DURO  TRADE MARK REG.  Sheathing Paper  ���������a high-grada paper, odorless,  tasteless, free from tar,  waterproof, exceptionally strong.  ,���������will not tear. A durable  and effective Interlining for  walls, floors and ceilings.  Examine DURO carefully at  your dealer's, or write for sample  and Booklet to tho 85  Solt Canadian Manufacturers  THE STANDARD PAINT CO.  ol Canadn, Limited,  Estontrtxl. Winnipeg, Olgary, Vancouver.  ..������������������';-. One He Didn't Make  _ The colony or artist!? living in St.  Botolph street are having a laugh on  a mariH'lio has been considerable of  a nuisance, to them the past few  months, ;This man prides himself on  a brusquenessithat he mistakes for  wit. The other 'flight he was introduced to a young sculptor whose fame  is getting beyond the confines of Boston.     *.���������*..'���������������������������     ���������-,.- ���������������������������:, ...   ���������       -; ,  So you are the chap that makes  mud heads, are you, asked the witty  man. -,-.  ��������� *. ,   *  ; Not all of them, the ��������� sculptor   remarked quietly.���������Boston Traveler.  A Slander ��������� Is it true that your  daughter has married a highbrow,  Mrs. Rockingham?  ^No,ahat-st6rjCwas~started-byi-some  of. the girls who. were jealous. Dais-  ie's husband is a writer, but his royalties amount to over $40,000 a yeur.~  Chicago Record Herald.      .  Thera wero times when McKoo  gloried in the fact that ho was the  father of nine --children,' even if thoy  were on tho lines of the proverbial  human stepladder, but on tho day  when he wuu taking them out for a  walk J.e felt chargrlnod.  He was walking along at a fairly  good gait when he was halted by a  policeman, who asked,  I say, you, what you beon doin'?  Nothing, replied Mo.Fec.     Why?  Well, what's tho crowd following  you for.       ,       '  Tho British Empire supplies about,  thrc'o-flflliK of Hie world's demands for  gold.  SALLOW  FACES  tarl/ Klsing in Kansas  1 reckon, tsnid tlio tlrst farmer, that.  1 get up rnrlter ihnn anybody In this  neighborhood,   1   nm  always  up   beforo :t o'clock In the morning,  rjM.   ,    ..,.,,���������.,,,-!    r ,,,,.    ���������,,|,1    J,���������    ,,.,,,,    ,,1  wityn 11> before ihat and had part of  tlio chorcH done, The (IrHt farmer  tlbiight, he waa a liar nnd decided to  find out. A few mornings Inter hi)  got up at " o'clock and went, to the  neighbor's Iioiiko. Ilo rapped 011 the  back door, and the woman of the  liouiio opened 11, Where is your  hiiHlitiud? nuked the farmer, expecting  Hi tlnil liut iieU/iilxil iu livil. lis* wuh  firounil here eaily in the morning,  tin-wired the wife, but 1 don't Unow  whin* he h now.���������tJrovo Coiiiiiy  (Kiiu.)  Adw.uttt*,  Often Caused by    Tea    and    Coffee  DrlnUIno  How ninny peri-ons rnallye thiit tea  nnd coffee m disturb digestion that  they produce 11 muddy, yellow complexion?  A ton dap' trial of I-ohIiiiii Iiiih  proven a ineniiii, In iIiouhiiikIh of  cancH, of clearing up 11 bad complexion.  A WiihIiii. young lndy tella hor ex-*  perlnnee:  "All of ur���������-fit I her, mother, Hlsster  nnd brother���������had uhciI tea and e.offcn  for ninny years until llnally wc nil  had stomach troubles more or lew-.  "Wo all were sallow and troubled  with pltiipleH, breath bnd, dlHagree-  able triHtn In the mouth, nnd all of  iik simply mi many bundle."* of nerves,  "Wo didn't real I en that tea nnd coffee caused-the t*>ublo until ono day  wo ran out of coffeo nnd went, to borrow hoiuo from a neighbor, 8I10  gavo ub sbino PoBtniii and (old uh to  try  tlmt,  "Although we started (0 mako It,  .set, SSI . ,    I      , t  ,-. C    U.I    ti.ll    iitli i>     ��������� t<     I, MM.,I     ./s.     .,,,!.    n  we ml-Rett ouv (strnni*; enffee, but we  tried PoHtum and worn Hurprlsed to  find It dollcloiiH,  "Wo read tho olntemc-ntit on tbo  pkg��������� got more and In n muulli and 11  half  you   wouldn't  have  known  na,  , ", S1 .It.,,.,       IT,,....   I       I 1  V, ������������������        .~,.       :..,,.,       .*./.'        .-,     i..r.\..-      >_,.������,       .1.11,/ij,  without any trouble, each one's skin  became clear, tongues cleaned off,  j and riorvoH lu lino conditio-.!. We  I novor uso anything now but Postum,  I Then; Ih nothing like it." Name  1 given by Canadian Postum Co.,  i Windsor. Out.  j 'TIwi'o'h a reason," and It is r.\-  I plained In the littlo book, "Tlio Road  ��������� to Wi'llville," in pltga.  j Ever read the above letter? A  j new one appearn from time to lime.  i They <ir������ genuine, true, cntf full cf  ; humun  Interest.  Both Experienced  He���������Dearest, you are the first avo-  man I ever kissed.  Sho (cynically)���������You, don't do it  like an amateur.  He (wrathfully)���������Deceitful one,  how do you know the difference?--  Baltimore American,  Could Not be   Worse'  Old gent���������'Pon my word, madam, I  should hardly havo known you, you  havo altered so much,  Lody���������For tho better   or   for   the  worse? '.,���������,*������������������'  Old gent���������Ah, madam,   you   could  only change for lhe better.  When Hollowdy's Corn Cure Is an  pliod to a corn or wart it kiUs ilia  roots nnd the callosity conies out  without inury to tho flesh.  The Home of the Death Flower  Tho cVow of tho vcosol which is sotting- out to -solve tho mystery of tho  mammoth otatutes of KaBter Island  must Htoor'cloar of El Banoor, another  Island ot tho Pacific; Ono, of our  early explorers, Hugh Arkwrlght, who  sailed tlio Pacific in 1581, wnrna travelers ngalnst visiting El Banoor���������tho  homo of, tho death Ildwor, This  flower, wo aro told, Is so largo that a  man can Htnnd upright, Insldo 0110 of  Kb blossoms. Hut it ho does so bo  will surely fall asleep, lulled by tho  HtranRo fragrance it distills. Then  tho flower folds its petals and mif-  focal.es him, And so ho pusbch Into  dmlh through aploiidld (Ironinn, and  gives his body lo tho death Ihwor for  food.---London Chronlclo.  The Wires All Carry The  Same Message���������"I Want  TABLE SALT  You 11 ave got to use koius  Siml of suit 011 the tabic.  You must use salt iu your  cooking nnil bilking.  Are you usinjf tlie hot  kiU-WINDSOR TABLE  SALT?  It's the little tliltiRss thr.l  count'. It's "Windsor Salt,  that will help you to make  dniiity (lislus���������aiid flavor  food as it slioulil he  flnvornl. WINDSOR  SAT,T- ia j'surean.l"jii-n;";Tnri==  good.  to  REST AND HEALTH TO MOTHER AND CHILD.  Mrr. Wikrlow's BOOTIIINO 6VRUI* lini htm  tietdtorovfer SIXTY YHAKSby MU.I.IONH of  MOTHKRS for their CUII.UHUN WUII.It  TKKTHINO, with PERFKCT SUCCHS!*, It  tSOOTHUS th; CHILD, SOI'TRNi) the GUMS,  AI.U.YS nil PAIN; CURES WIND COI.1C. ������ud  Is the bent remedy lor DIARKHU-A. It Is ������*>���������  folutely harmlesi. lie mie and nak for "Mm.  Winslow'is Soothing Syrup," and take uo other  kind.  Twenty-five cent* a bottle  New York City, below ita man-  piled coveringR, ia a huge utone lizard  sprawled flat on its belly, its head  oroct at Spuyten-Tuyvel, its arms and  legs touching the two riven*, ita tail  flopping the Battery. . All along the  spine and flanks of thia reptile of  gneiss tormenting men dig and boro  nnd blast; driving tunnols through ita  vitals; scooping holeH for BUb-nellara  /flf.i?\, floors underground; riinninR  water pipe*!. and gaa mains; puncturing its skin with hypodermlcH of  steam; .weighting it with skyscrap-  ers, the dismal streeta below dark  as.sunless ravines; plastering Its  fildos with grass bordered by ns-  phalt Into which scraggy trees aro  stuck nnd���������iiH a 'crowning Indignity���������  criss-crossing its backbone with centipedes of steel, highways for endless  puffing trains belching heat and gas.  ~~V. Hopklnson Smith, Jn the World's  Work.  An OII Without Alcohol.���������Home oils  and many medlolnon have alcohol  ns a prominent ingredient. A Judicious mingling of six essential oll������  compose tho, fuinoiiB Dr, Thomas'  ICIcc'trin Oil, and thouo Is no alcohol  in It, bo that Its effects are lasting.  Thorn Is no medicinal oil compounded that onn.equnl this oil In Its preventive and healing power.  Mre You Blue and Worried?  Ntrvoui ? Some of the tlmo really ill P Catch cold caiily ind frequently MilTer  Irom bllioutnoaa or headache P The reaion ii that your tyitein doei not rid ilcell  of the poUoni In the blood) juit a������ Impoatihle -at It ii for the Irate of ��������� ttovelo rid  Itself o( cllnlten. The waite doei to tin exactly what the clinker* do to the stove)  make the flrei burn low until enough clinker* have accumulated and then prevent  Iti burnlntf at tit. Your liver It eluMlih���������you are dull and heavy-ilecp doei) not  rest, nor ie food appetizing, In thia condition illneaa develop!. Dootor Picrco'e  Golden Mcdloal Diioovery eradlcatei the poiioni from the body���������o glyceric alterative extract made from bloodroot, golden icul and mandrake root, atone and  queeo'a root, without lhe uie of alcohol. No mitter how iitroog the comtitutlon  tbe itomech ii apt to be "out of kilter" at llmeijin come.  quence the blood it dliordered, (or the atomneh i( the lelw  ralory for the comtint manufacture of blood.  Mrh. JfrMJ. tliifitli, of PoH Dovfir, Ont., rtox llfl, wrlUf!  "I liava  liaen t itttai mttartsv for yearn from throut troubio. catarrh, liullirflMlon.  fwnale traiiblM.bloatlnr. (onittpatlon and finrvousiicm-Ht timed I wuiM  lio In lifssl, then able to he nn ennlii.   Wnu umler mm/ ulflcreitt flortovst"  Mn*. Umkis.  r������r������, and would ������������t baltar far a little-while, then 1 would vo down with  rVironlrs (nflammitlon all thrfliurh mn. K01* nineteen yonra I had tlila  polton in my lilooil. Mxar tiyinti nearly everjrutinif J tiot woi������������, i icwi  In 'Hsu Pantile'* f'.<smn\ftn fl������rsi������ Mertli*ttl Aslvlner fit Or. Plnrra a lltililen  Medical Ducovery and Ur, baua'o Cauirh Kemedy. 1 tsuva taismi (lie  Gulden Mmllral Dlieovery' and 'Pleaiaril Pellrt*,' and lmvo uri*������ live  lottlee of Hr, Bairo'i Catarrh llemedy. I am now ahln to ilo iny work  unit walk with fleamr*. I reel Ilk* a new -woman. I enjoy everything:  urniiml mo and thank tlmf tor letting ma live long enough to Iiml aom*  tliinv that maila ma well again."  Dr. Pk-rce'i Pleaiant I'elleti regulate liver and bowels.  The Northern Trusts Company  HEAD OFFICE,     WINNIPEG  This rompnny acts in the eapaelly of  TRUSTEE, EXECUTOR, ADMINISTRATOR  nud wu uluiU be glad to forward copy of   cur    Uooklet    "Bomothlnj  rbout Trusln. Trii������l.oi'������ and Trunt Companion." on rcqucul.  MONEY TO LOAN ON FARM PROPERTY AT CURRENT RATES  OF INTEREST  ���������.���������sapft1?-*'.*-'****��������� __^}}{_^__J_Z__f������_r_W  maA&s^z. 5^^.'.ia^������-]Udftarf6a^^ -^liirtaiiiHWi* TOe.fiasiaaaa **? aft^AKtf������i;ffl!aafrrai...na  in r?rw������'**^F^^-,&*^^*'w*���������*i--1  ��������� w^a K7..3'.'5fffi-f ^satiwr.^ais'.-g  i������,-KEi������������S������B������!!������������?S?.''i  M  -     >  I  THE XEWS. CUMBERLAND, B. C  HOW THE FARMER WOULD LOSE  BY A SAMPLE MARKET  ' Every day It la becoming more and  moro evident that the most ruinous  results* to. the farmers jjf the "West  would-; follow the establishment of  .ample markets for grain at Winnipeg  mid Fort William.  ���������As t. striking instance of, the' harm  that- *n culd follow such a move, was  ���������brought out at an Investigation of tho  traffic congestion on the Canadian  railways boforo the Railway Commission at Ottawa. In giving thoir testimony J. W. Leonard of the C.P.R.  and \V. H, Biggar of the Grand Trunk  Pacific, stated that tho congestion was  very largely owing to their inability  to secure rolllug stock from the manufacturers as fast as it was required.  'All tho ear shops aro behind hand  with 01 dors. In fact it ls impossible  i'or-the car shops to turn oul. rolling  mock as rapidly as the development  ot Iht? country requires it. ln this  connection it was stated that the director-', of ono company had authorized tho.expenditure of $19,000,000 in  rolling stock, but could got no linn to  fill the orders.  It will be seen by these 'itatements  which wero uncontradicteti, that the  congestion of tralllc and car shortages  on the railways of tho west are owing  to the exceedingly rapid development  of the country rather than to the neglect of tho railway companies, And  this wonderful development Is as yet  only In its early stages, and when it  is completed how will our transportation companies be ablo to handle the  traffic? Tlie grain congestion of last  fall was bad enough but with the increased acreage under cultivation  each year the conditions will grow  worse as time passes, unless radical  measures are taken to pr&velit "it.  ��������� With these facts In view, vvhat can  he said of the criminal foil*! of establishing a samplo market that will  at one stroke take away twnnty-flve  per cent of the cars now available  for the' grain carrying trade. Before  many years pass tho grain crop of  the west will be xfver five hundred million bushels. And when that time  comes, even providing that tho sample market, is a qualified success,  which is impossible, the t\ventj-:five  per cent loss of cars will still be as  great in proportion as it would be if  the'sample market were established  today. Any intelligent ivrmer can  figure out for himself wha1* the loss  would bo to him, wero the sample  market established and ^iio cars de-  tainj.'s1 at ."VViiiiJlpes as they would be  ���������N-Tii-oni twenty-four to 'forty-eight  hours on overy trip, and how much  wheat would be left in his granary-  that, would otherwise be shipped, Bold  and paid for. Remember that it  would mean, 'under ordinary condi-  tloini, that one bushel out of every  fouv~i3-"left~ori"hi3~-hand8~at_tli enclose"  oi navigation.  Ami why, in the name of ordinary  common sense should the farmer be  put io thiH loss and inconvenience?  Thero is no reason whatever for he  stands to lose at every turn. * The  only persons who could possibly, be  benefited are the men who would  handle the wheat on tho sample mark-  el, and would mix it, and tlx it. so as  , to bring tho most profit to themselves.  It is lo the Interests of every farm-  vr to carefully study thia sample  market question In all its bearings.  At p'resent, the tanner is safeguarded  on every hand by statutory laws  which are fairly well observed, and  , (he fanner now has full control of  liis own wheat on tho market. If  he don't llko to sell to tho local dealer  Jor nny reason, either on account ot  jrade or price, ho ran Bhip himself,  The railway companies are compelled  by law to furnish him a car in his  turn i.nd place It at. a loading platform for him. Al Winnipeg' an honest grale Ih .assured him by a g-ovorn-  ment inspector and tho wheal Is 'sold  at a f 1111- market price. In short, he  U mas'er of Ihe situation.  FREE ADVICE  TO SiCK WOMEN  Thousands Have Been Helped  By Common Sense  Suggestions*  ��������� Under,the system ot a sample*-market the 'opposite is tho - case. The  fanner is master. of nothing. .Hia  wheat goes to Winnipeg, a sample is  placed on iho tahle ln the grain exchange and If is sold for whatever the  buyer chooses to give him. All the  guaran'ees ot. fair play which .he now  enjoys r.ve sacrificed, and his grain is  placed at the disposal ot a crowd of  spectators, who agree amongst themselves not. to bid ono against another,  but to play into each others hands  for tlieir mutual benefit.  An j-ulempjjjjvjs being made to injs-  l.*ad the farmers on this matter, and  false ideas and spurious arguments  are bring used to trap tho unwary. It  is tho old game of the spider and the  fly. Thoy make tho statement that  wheat, which is between grades will  bring a better price on a sample  market for purposes of mixing with  lower qualitiiwc! This is a fallacious  argument. The farmer knows by  past experience ihat the only people  ro profit by the mixing of grain are  the dealers. In this regard a recent  interview with Mr. J. II. llnslam who  is well known throughout, the west ls  worthy, ot careful consideration. Mr.  Tlaslam who has just returned from  Europe states that, the western Canadian wheat Is losing Its pre-eminence  ou the British market, and lfe-warns  Iho formers of the west that they  must r,ee to it that they send their  best wheat pure to the Old Country if  they wish to retain their hold on the  market nnc1. secure the best, prices.  Tn the light of this, what becomes of  the mixing argument? Two qualities of wheat, cannot be mixed without, lowering one of.them, and in doing so you reduce (he standard of all.  It must never be forgotten that the  men who are seeking to establish a  sample market are the men who have  always sought, to exploit the wheat  trade of the west to further their own  Interests ani deprive the farmers of  a legitimate price for their grain.  Frost & Wood Binders  Widely used  everywhere.    Perfect,  light running,  meet the hardest conditions of ratting and  binding.  AVise mothers who know the virtues of Mother Graves' Worm(EA:'*ei*m-  inutor always have It at hand, Ce-  cause it proves* Its value.  MIGRATION  OF   BIRDS  Women suffnriiiflf from any form of female ilia nro invited to communicate  promptly with thowomBn'uprlvatecorre*  Hponilimco dopartment of thn Lydia E.  Pinkham Modlclno Co,, Lynn, Mofin,  Your letter will bu opened, road nud  Riwwort'd by a woman and held in strict  conftdonco, A woman can freely talk of  hor prlvuta lllnona to n womun; thus hn'i  b������on OHtubllnhod tx conlhfcntUl corr*>  ���������poniluiict) which had extendml over  ninny yearn nnd which has never been  broken. Never hayo they published a  testimonial or used a letter without tho  written connent of tho writer, and never  Imn the Company nllowod Uiobo eonflden*  tial lottors to ro tout of their po������.ic3flioa,  m tlio hundrodn of thousandn of tlicm in  their fllou will attest.  Out of tlio vast volumo of oxporlenco  which thoy havo to draw from, it In mora  ihnn tiMflibta that they ronsens tba vory  knowledge nmodod In your ensu. Noth*  ing is uhiu'ii in rotmii except your good  will, and their tidvico has helped thou*  *an<I������. Surely any  woman, rich or poor,  ahould bn Rind to  ..", ������, , -I,,,..,!������������������,���������   ������f  I.U.. vi    u.1t.,m.....ff,-i   w������  thii generous oltor  of assistance.   Ad������  droM LydiaE. Pink-im  ham Modlclno Co., WJ  (conlldontial) Lynn, ($!&������  Mass.  ' Every woman ought to havo  Iiydlft   13. Plnklmm'i   80-paso  Toxt Hook.  It la not ft book tor  fonornl dktrllmtlon, a* it to tno  erix-nmlve.   It la free and only  obtainable hy mall,  Wrlto tot  It today.  Some Fly Two Miles High, Faster  Than an Express Train .*-.���������  The problem of how small birds  were able lo manage,,long flights from  other countries exercised the minds  of naturalists tor centuries. The .Irs!.  maii to collect accurate information  on the subject was the la's Hon-  Gatke. Llving,on the little inland, ol'  Heligoland, in the direct roul. of migration, a*;it entirely devoted lo his  biiVJect, he was al.e to verify for himself many facts which had until thesi  escaped notice.  ���������ForHnstaneo, -he - pointed- out���������tha t-  birds on migration often flew very  high���������probably as much as 12,000  feet (over two ' miles) above the  ground. That they do fly af a great  height has been corroborated by astronomers, who have seen birds flying,  across' the face of the moon at a  height of nol less than ono mile.  Galke's ideas on speed were probably exaggerated, but only by a theory  of a tremendously swift flight,at a  high altitude could he account for  the fact that certain birds were never  or rarely seen in the countries between their Winter and Summer  quarters. Vov instance, he pointed  oul Ihat the blue throat, which winters lu Africa and breeds in Scandinavia, is hut rarely met. with In any  of iho countries on the line of route-  Italy, Greece and Southern Germany.  When they arrived in Heligoland  thoy came in large flocks, and were  11 rod and exhausted; also they always  arrived at, the same hour���������somewhat.  Inlo in the morning. He thought It  probable that they loft Africa st, dusk  tho previous oven lug, and hy flying at  tho rate of 180 miles an .hour would  hn able to reach Heligoland in the one  flight.  Uelvvecii 1880 and ,1887 tho British  Association grunted some money to a  sjiociHl committee for tho study of  migration, and by menus of schedules  niuoh' information wuh collected'about  the birds that nro killed annually at  coiiHt lights. Although many fuels  were thus obtained tho observations In  I his respect aro almost entirely 'dependent on weather conditions, In  fact It may bo suid thut tho only  nilgrnl Ion 'tliat can he actuiilly seen Ih  that, whtch hus partially failed, for It  Is' only when delayed or hold hack hy  Hforiiii- or fog that, birds obviously  on pnHHiigo are encountered along tho  oon si. or In other places where thoy  are not. nsuully found.  In Denmark and Gorrnany nrnllli*  ok'RlHtH hnvo been experimenting by  ringing hlrda nnd having Ihoso Hint  nro caught returned to tho nrtdreaa  given on the aluminum hand plnced  ou thn hlrd'n log, In this wny llio  habits of'migration, speed, nnd diroo-  Hon of flight nnd othor fuels nro din-  covered. Storks hnve given llio most  ������������������striking results from ringing, Without, oxcepdon all storks thut have  boon recovered In the tlrst Autumn  after ringing hnd traveled in a duo  south-easterly direction,  From Hungary fo Palestine no ringed birds havo boon procured, hut from  PnloHtlne four have been relumed,  from Alexandria one, Bluo Nile one,  Vlclorla Nynn/,ji one, and no l( fewer  Ihnn sovon from the Transvaal. Natal.  Unsiiloland, etc, while ot uio .iiiiugui-  iuh tuifha ltM>i'U"<\ by lhe Hun'prhn  ollluc) no fewer than Hs'vetiloen have  been recorded from Hie various localities In South Africa, It Is. there-  firo practically certain I Imt norlh  Orman and Hungarian storks travel  HOllllH'JiBi in I'HieHlliie nun viieiici* tun-  south to Sofith.Afrlcu.���������Tlio Sli'nnd.  Blind Men Now Seo  Sometimes blindness is entirely due  to nerves. A young farmer, hailing'  from Ohio, had beeu stone-blind for  Ave years. The farmer had been under treatment by many eminent specialists, and had also entered a first-  class eye-hospital, but no cure could  be effected. The doctors were of  opinlou he was suffering from paralysis of tho optic nerve, a disease considered hopeless. During last month  the blind man began to suffer very  much with his teeth, and at last' he  visited a dentist, who advised him to  have three teeth extracted. Worn  out with a long spell of toothache the  farmer agreed; but no sooner did tho  dentist start to draw the second  tooth than he jumped up and exclaimed:���������I can see! I can see the  light,-the crack in the window!. And  turning to the dentist with glee, he added, joyfully;���������I can see you. * The  whole ���������nffalr seems to have been a  miracle, as up to now no scientist  has been able to' connect the blindness with teeth. To a common-sense  person the bjinduess appears to have  been a caso of 'nerves,' Possibly  the man feared liis sight was failing  and worked himself into losing the  sight of his'eyes. '.., . --'���������*. ..  Another remarkable restoration of  sight was the one* which happened to  a stonemason. He had been unable  to see out of his right eye for over  30 .years, but .during one of tho fierce  gales which, happened at Easter he  had to cross a bleak common" with  the wind in his face, and n quantity  of dust got into both his oyes. His  right, eye felt It the most, and began  .lo stream with water. To try and  reIi'eVfi''Tli^TiSRi the stonemason rubbed that eye gently but continuous!v  for some seconds. When he reac ed  home he discovered to his.ioy that ho  fiid .perfect sight in both his eyes.  Possibly many years' ago . a ��������� .small  piece of stone had got into his ey'iV,  and ilie exlra flow of water aiid~dyn>t  had enabled it. lo work its wny our.  Tawed   Birds  Curiosity is a strong feature In  most bird's. They will always investigate, anything new and bright-looking:.  A 'small blue titinouso wo once  kept indoors for a week was a regular Paul Pry. His littlo body found  its way into everything. Indeed, he  was nearly drowned because, if a  pitcher wns on the tablo, he was suro  to go into it; and to get out again  with wet wings was not easy.  The human voice is a great assistance In Ihe taming of any wild creature. A soft, gentle tone and kind  mauner will go far to win tho confidence of birdish hearts. It fact.  It is only a matter of time and patience; tho wildest specimens will,  become friendly,  At lirst their apparent lameness is  mainly cupboard love, but in time  it does often result in real personal  affection, ' Then It' is delightful to  possess a bird who will welcome your  coming with out-stretched wings and  every sign of overflowing joy.   ���������    ���������   -  A Chrdinal grosbeak which I once'  possessed i'or fourteen years would  thus greet me, and the very tempting food would remain untouched  while l*e -warbled to me in tlie most  gushing manner. '    ��������� '  -rr-t.  Shearing  Sheep With a Machine   ���������  Shearing sheep wiih a machine is  practical for most, farmers, says the  S>uthe*.ii Agriculturist. As with' any  other machine, a 'man should ' have"  some knack witli machinery to do*the  best work. The greatest advantage  in using thin method of shearing is  f .at i'v/ii get practically all ihe wool.  Duija-g I1 heJWorld's_ Fair _at St. Louis  they had a con test, between the old\  fashioned method of shearing by'hand  and t! e hewer one of clippings the  sheep with the machine. After the  expert hand shearer had finished a  sheep the machine would clip about  thirteen ounces of wool. So'the saV-'  Ing of wool would soon pay for the  'shearing machine.  A man with from 2f> to 100 head of  sheep should use. thp- hand machine,  but. wiih larger Hooks the power machine ia more practical. If one's  neighbor raise sheep, they can  Install a power plant with a lino shaft  to run as many machines as they  wish" with a small gas engine. When  shearing tlmo comes they can set a  day. collect their flocks aud help  each other, I have such a plant, in  my barn with three machines run  from a line shaf'.' wllh a loose pulley,  so each machine cun be operated or  stopped independently, ns tho shearer wishes, by shifting the belt from  Iho tight to tho loose pully. AV'o shear  with this plant, running throe mns-  ohlnos, about !!00 uheop in a, dny  with the. average farm hands, A  quick, strong young mini with practice  should ah oar 100 or moro. while the  expert will turn oil 200 wllh one ma-  chine. Uu! Iho nverago farm hand,  to do a nice job, will a'verngo about  75 a'l'.ny,  Otto of the greatest advantages in  having n shearing plant.with several  machines is that, you shear your  whole flock in n day, thus getting  thorn bnck to grass with their .lambs'.*  If you uro two or throo days shearing  thero Is considerable loss to tho lamb  crop from hooping thorn up. Mnchlno  Hheiired uheop also look much belter.  --Southern Agriculturist.  Digby, N.S.  Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.  Gentlemen,���������Last August my horse  was badly cut in" eleven places by a  barbed wire fence. Three of the  cuts, ^ (small ones) healed soon," but  the  others  became  foul  and  rotten,  ��������� and though I tried many kinds of medicine  they had  no' beneficial  result.  ���������At last a doctor advised me to use  MINARD'S LINIMENT und in four  ���������weeks' time every sore was healed  and the hair has gi'own over each one  in fine condition. The Liniment, -is  certainly wonderful in its workiug.  JOHN R. HOLDEN.  .Witness, Perry Baker,  v  Bicycles in War  A correspondent, interested in the  hitherto neglected branch of the service,  will be gratifled" to learn that  ihe authorities are beginning lo take [  serious notice of flip possibilities involved in the use of the cycle in war.  A great .advance has been made of  late in its employment for purposes  of defence at home, ia proof of which '  It is only necessary to' refer to Jhe I  "iucrenVe"in~theniumber'lbf"pri7ery cy-"[  cle battalions maintained in the Territorial   Force.      But above and  be-1  yond that is; Uir information contain'-]  ed in the new 'War Establishments." J  which shows an Increase in tho num-j  ber of bicycyes in the regular Army,'  and a greater recognition of the mo-'  tor cycle.     A cavalry   division   has ]  now 18 motor cycles and 371  ordinary  bicycles,  as against .118 of the  latter hitherto.     All this is very encouraging  to  those  enthusiasts  who  have hitherto met. with n somewhat  cold  reception  from  the Authorities  iu the advocacy of the cycle,     Bul.  we regret there is no sign of any cyclists units in the Regular Army so  far.  .straw."  "These granaries come in compact  bundles. A boy can set up and bplt  one together in a few hours. Four  padlocks protect the grain. Separator  delivery into a spout on the side or  into roof manhole���������saves -jcofk during, threshing. Your grain is protected,  from vermin, wet and thieves, tJ.Self  it when you are ready, loading direct  from the granary into your wagon,  . or bagging it. Na musty or heated  grain. -Q Get my granary and be independent of elevatorB for selling.  Sell at the highest price, no matter  how long you stort your grain.  The Pedlar Granary protects you."  ''Write me for my booklet. It shows how profitable my  l.ranary.is even on ,-������, sinifle quarter-section-(nrm. Ut>e  it for 1912.   The Hook Tells of Big Mouey for Vou."  The PEDLAR PEOPLE Limited  Write for Booklet No.63 OSH AWA. ONT.  WnWIPEO   CAI.OABT  EDMONTON  70 Lombard 31.    Crown Black       C63 8rdSt.W.  HaveMyNenr  PortaWi ���������  Granary9  "I have a money-saving invention-  handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Move them about  each year. You save long hauls at  harvest time.   In  spring you scatter  small straw stacks,  ���������no burning of  Many  Sizes  ISO l  200  300  400  SOO  600  ���������nd  1,000  Imperial  Bushels.  Full Measure  Guaranteed.  VwAi, *  "My JuC-bwlMl Granary, ���������bowing door. Aim without dow,  IS detlrnd. Shewi h������w t*tj to  ban grain, when want������d. Othnr  rutat left ahowa apout for hand  tilling aa attached to (iranaf."  ^'  SABKATOON  ' Drawer 1615 '  *. MOOBE JAW  esraWblt'ock&Marlatt  tETHBBIDQE  Ei'3 Fifth St. S.  Direct your Inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you.   They will .ruwer you:  promptly and     save you time.  "The   Pedlar   Granary   Is   fire- proof,   Think what that' means!"  Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   In  Cows.  /-  ^  EATON'S^  HIGH-GRADE  o*  0-  LUMBER  FREE FROM constructional DEFECTS  W. ,1. U   *<ii  Whlnkers vs. Hamlet  TiPjidlnB mon In travailing company  ���������Wi* play lliiiiiit'l. to-nlKlii, liulillo, do  xvt* not'1  Hiili-niumiKor-Vi'H, Mr. MonlRom*  iM-y,  Lt-wliiiK niiiu--TUtm I uuihI lionuw  lhi> hiiiii of two pone*.  Hull ���������mnnBRfr���������Why?  UwlltiK mun���������1 liavn  BiowlH npmi my *:Uin.  piny llun'ilot In a bean!.  Bul)-inanamM���������I'm- -   VVtfll.  put mi Mitcli������*tU.  four   d������y������'  Ono ennnot  Woll  Queer Collections  follcrlors* Ktillior loRellior artlclRR  moro or bwtx InloroHtlng, but probably  fow go In for micli bulky obJoclH an  I bono fboaoii by n dlmlngulBbcfl llril*  taller. Old doom aro Ibo object of  bin dPBli'**'. IIIh dooi'H como from old  boiiHt'H, eiiHlkm, and nbboyH of blHtor-  iciil Inlorc'sl, Soini* tlmo.nRo bo ob*  Inlned, at oonsldorablo oohI, ii door  rhrmiKli wblidi, diirliiK Ibo .i'rnuoli Revolution, Mfirlo Antolnotlo, Cluii'lotto  C'nrday, Diiuton, and RoboHplorro p������hh*  i>t\ on tholr way io tlio gulllotlno.  Lord Potoi'Bbnm, a noted mini In IiIh  dny. bnd n bobby for acnulrliiK viir-  ioim kiiidH of ton mid Himff. Tbo  OowaKor-Quooii of Italy linn n collect-  Ion of tbo foot and hoiulRonr of Roynl  porHonnROB of dlfferont porlodH, It Ib  Hnid io Inoluilo h B'uidnl worn by Noro,  n pnlr of whlto Bllppoi-H Hint boloiiKod  to Mary, Quoen of Scots; iibooii worn  by Qiiiifiit Anno and tbo ICmprona  .loi-iijjiliiiic, nun movort uiiu. su-m oiut;  lb" j-n-jsi-i-ty (if Marli*  \ntolnolti*.  Ugly Feet Due to Bad Bco'.a'  Parents who desire to save tlieir  children much sulTerliiR* from malformation of the feet, in iifler.yearH will  do well lo pay careful'attenlIon to  Uio . advice given by the London  County Council' Medical Ollicer for  Education, lie wnriiH parents apiaiiiBt  nllowliiR thPlr children lo wear heavy  rigid, improperly-shaped, hoola, and  points out that much of I.Ue' footgear  worn by school children ig made re-  gnrdleus .of-auiitoi)i'bui),*,coiisidenitloi]H  bo thnt tho. Cpo|,.,lB forced to conform  to tlie Blinpo o'l'the hoot*,, ' ��������� ���������"  , Never mind nboi||, aihool, bolnp; or a  fashionable Bhnpo, and whenever possible pay a good price I'or a pair.'Soo  that the loath or In of, that, softness  and pllnnoy which will'conform lo the  shape of the fool; otherwise, ll''tlm  fool or Ihe child is forced Into .a  boot of unyielding loultier, rendered  iinboiiibible by/finllx and rivets used  Id (be process of mannfaelure, It ia  crumped, and (lie end Is deformity,  Tlie result of wearing badly-made  and uuBullablo boots lu that the great  loi'B of many children, before tho age  of 1.1, nro found to be forced outwards  from lhe middle line, nud tho majority  of thoin nre llnt-foolod, Then, again,  many people seein tn think Unit 11 Is  necosHary Hint a child's anUlen should  be supported by a sllffly-lnced boot:,  which miiHoR the niiltle nlinoBl. immovable. TIiIh, of course, Is quite  wrong, The imlilo, lliu* tho foot,  should lie free for nny movement,  ol.horwlHo a child Is apt, to get Into  the hnblt of BliuiTliiig nliuig, or with  nn exaggerated movement of tbo hiine-  Joint, lifting the I'nnl off the ground  and carrying II. forward without nny  flexion of tin* ankle-joint, thus gelling into thai. Hat-foot oil manner of  wiilldng which Is ho uglv and provcnls  I n ilu I uou co In healthful exerciiie.  Our lumber li I1I3S grade in every rasped,. It is tht equal of any  aud' superior to-most of,tli���������<lumber ou th������ market. Wo cau couUilent-  ly recommend our Fir to be. one of tlio most durable -woods to b*  found, Ib ls not jusceptlbU to dry vot anil will glvo canal service to  Oak, but not,.weighing so litnyy, efftttn .1 considerable saving in  freight charges. It liai convinced tht experts, nnd Is now one of the  most eiteusiYMy.imd woods in,the Wait.   Let it convince you.  - 'All common lumber���������shlplap anil dimensions���������is alr-drl������d. Alt  llntHhlng lumber���������moulding, flooring, doors, windows, casings, coiling, siding, etc,���������Is kiln dried, so thnt there is no danger of door*  nud windows warping.  We Invite Correspondence  Our Lumber Department is ready it all times to'quote, on outside  sized dooi'H, windows, etc,, coudlUonolty that the buyer furnishes au  itimized list in order that we may miote roJk-boltom Aspires. If you  Intend building this slimmer, you will do well to obtain our prices���������  quality considered, they are uneqnaUtd, Any of the plans shown In  our Spring and Summer Oatalogito may be hail for 92.00, which  amount will be refunded on receipt of order for lumber. However,  if you profei* building from your own plmi aend us your bill of m������-  tm-inl nnd we will quote a price for all the material necessary, laid  down in your own towu,  We Ship in Carload Lots Only  T EATON  LIMITED  WINNIPEG  f*0  CANADA I  Dolly In Dismay  Dorothy-���������Mol her, when I get, mar-  rbd shall I hnvo a husband like pu?  Mother���������Certainly, my dear.  Dornny���������Anil it I *.-ua> mngm niiall  I be an old maid Hhe Aunt. Anna.  Mother���������I think you will.  Doro'.by (wllh a deep Blgh)���������\Voll  I am lu a tlx.  '    ltiiHHlii'K nrmy In   limes   of   poaco  1 11 iinhrrw l.'iOo.ntHl, and In en������e of war  It canMio nearly (iimdrupled.  Ready for Anytlilnq  The new conic euni"   out,   ami   illi)  very woll her llrBt. afternoon at I.onc*  ville,      Al'tei* dli.Uei' hIu'. approached  the bead <*f the bonne.  How early ahull 1 have to net up In  tho morning? Hhe enijulred. 1  Well.  Bald  Mr. Hubbubs, the flri-t  Iraln for (lie ciiy leaves here at iMfi,  You will liavn to Kei up about   6   If  you vtiutl to m-l.*.* lli.ti.  Regularity-���������������������������;���������  o( the bowels is on absolnli*- ntcen-  nity for K������"d health. IJiib'M tha  waste mntter from the food which  collects thcra Is got rid of at least  oiii'.e a day, it decay**and poisons thft  whole booy, canning; biliousness, indigestion and sick headaches. Silt*  and other harsh mineral purgatives  iuiuis; tins iMicile liuiun of t!i<':  bowels. Dr, Mouse's Indian Root  rills���������entirely vegetable ���������- regulate  the bowels effectively, without wealc-  ening, sickening or gripiitij.   Use  Dr. Morse'i   M  Indi&ft Root Pills  BlnfHtor.���������ThlH bill wiib Innocent  on Kb face, bul, beiientb there lurked  a moBl. Hln later BlgnltU'tuico.  The Hponl-oi', Hennloi' Clarlte, wiib  dlHciiauIng Ii* I,It tin Hook a uiciiBure  of which he disapproved.  The bill reminded mo, In fad, be'  BiHd, of a Little Hock urchln'n queu*  tton. IIIh iiucatlon, Innocent, enough  In nppenvance, dear Iuiowb, whb thlB:  Would' you mind making a iioiH"  like n frog, uncle?  And why? Bald the uncle, with nn  itmusmd Hinllo, why, Tommy, do you  doBlre mo to make a iioIho llko a  frog.      ,  Boeiuifte, replied the urchin, whenever 1 iir|{ da'ddy lo buy 1110 anything  he alwaya naya, wait uu your uucle  fiiiul.A   Sfii' Yi.*j'li Tj-lbiiJic  ot  Pat Knows Everything  Wllllo���������j>aw, what is a   labor  lovo?  I'liw-rThnt'B when a pitcher nnd 11  cnloher help il|g a bimebttll out of an  umpire's oyo.  Johnny Ordered Out"  Vou ought lo hnve aeon Mr. Mar-  Hhnll when ho palled upon Dolly thd  ''):"."."!"-}** j'W'irlr"'! loiium* to til"  HluierV young mun, who wiih taking  t.**a with the f iim Ily. I tell you ho  looked (Ine Billing there ulongBldo of  her with hla arm-  Johnny! gftBped blH bIhIci*, her faco  the color of a boiled lobHtei*.  Well, ho bo did, pei'KlHteil Johnny.  Ilo ban bin nrm---  John, Hcmnned bin motner, minimally,  Why, whined iii** hoy. J  wiw--  John, Buhl bin father Bieruly. leave  tho room.  And Johnny left, crying n.-i he went,  I waa only going to nay that he bail  hit) army clothed on -l.;isl!u������ Home  Journal.  Has 152 Living Descendants  Henry Smallwood, aged !U, formerly  mnployed ao a ohnlriniihor of High  Wycombe, haa 162 doBcendanla living,  Including Oil great-ginmlohllilreii. Ho  lum a brother aged 02 and a Blutor  iihqiI 80. A non, a grundflon, a grunt.*  gi'iimlHon, nnd n great-nrent-grandiioii  nro all named Henry,���������-Loudon Dally  Mnll  I'or toatiug gunn Hsiiciy Uie HrtiUii  niniy IIviib thoin Irom within aioel  cn|(en, made strong enough to catch  flying frngineiiM Bhould they burst."'  NMKttKO  ar* b**t1 tor nerilnrf  mothorj b*caur,e tiny do  n.*)t til'Ct I'.:: r-:t r.f tl'-  jy-item. Mild but sure.. 25o,  ��������� bos at yam dniKf;l5t'i.  nation**-, onus ma chemicu '  c������. *t e������M������M, ituirte.  m_mmmmswj_m ������*_. l.<Tli JQliJ I'-i-l'Va** j,iti ' rTif*<j sag  mm^mmm-i**_. MS^gLM?g>gJife  {UYVV4R$>*pN^ DIq?lUC?  i*  pi.3<ric|; o^ gaywa?dv Ruvigts K  .T^M^Tt^^i I ^lirseia  ^-aaparyby ray -\gept, &w>r-Ra Yf-r I  .d-jptygf 0*8i*-nphell IViyar, Y. ?. aeeu  ^ptttifin 3^ar^^r^y������H)a-a, fatente US  e-pply foj jusrflfiiss-ifin ti> j?urehaH������  ^e fo|'ow'i������g'd������i.cri;h3f}: |a7*tlr���������-r-  , Gt>.mn}p$oiBg a.t is> post p,l anted  $������ar the N. $. eojaer ef lot 351  [slfefm-Ciji 'fyflf-k 1Q ciwj^s t-ter.j tJH*rir������  t*tf4������C *?&���������������#>!������ tyWPti a***������ff  {���������<*W. -i   - x  $at������rff ^p|>^cs*������t  ��������������� i"*? rA.'U'-'j'rj*  Irw: feuV-*c-afo** truV������*.  zzrmjmVft.'ZT  .^.otic|?.fV?|������r*������ti^'(pT������i >$������fc  $*>  ,.i:iy j :ift������7 ?%*������ $ j-tttC'fJsd to jfaflty  :o tti.p 'H-������?������<>������^t^ ^r^f*)*^' pt  \mv\������ ff;f;R: f^jsttP-ff tp prospect for  bf.^1 and jKtrqbmv*- $!>{���������&'���������}: ^p fore  iiiDryfjfjd jmdff flip ;,ntxyr. $p tlie  lanj-lf.^in sriff pppopitj9 thp- ?$io^*  o'.ng jksjji'jib^-1%(!$. ^I1!1^.^'^ ���������������"-  iOs'Tf first rjct r-.p'frt^en^ng $-1 a  tvi*3t pJ*ir^���������i ofy thp j-tf-a. l^o-acl^ sit  !iinh water i^r]! $ ffrp" fn Jersey  Hon ftf '^ejktfe^a if a^f $^*^f*n  ^hi^n*?"^\*9'Ke"������f J*a&8: to- high VS������t������r  jnarfe^-j tf7$- ppirtfe 8!<$e ^ Jpart  j^cKof) ^|.fs.irl|o*Fj: t&e-ncu* pasfcrrly.  a|qp$ ^f &Ji!fiif'������. $n������ ^ fn*qf-*^ee>  ��������� jjti?]i f!-f S^aft^ii-*'i 2^'snii ^? 7^Fn-'  ah ip 2: fhiti>6e *30ift^*erlj $������ ehj^ihe  ^���������q'r? 08 1^& t-a bfg^ >t?vt*j}-? ������p������Fk  f>i*( *$uy>t]> !������t^fc- g^ sa-^ F^rt RTf:fiS.pil  Jiaftjorj;   i))*fn-^.: \rss^||y   &\wg  thorp Ii?i^ to  jvMe& o*F'cji>iTJ'ni1!F'rO'-  inttiif. ,        |t^i������NteA. IvAIR'P'  |)ate.] ti>i^ 8th ^y "pf Aprf 1'J&32  -' ^Qtice is hereby given 'tli^-t 30  fay-i, aJter date I Wtewl tt> *p*ply  |f>' *thc I|pn*OHval)le - Minister of  I'iaiHjff fctsf*.a .km.%e to pro*pet*t ff>r  f^jal ami ptrQ&jijw-* >?r>der tlje %Fe  ���������fhui'e'jjua nruUsi- tlie water 0|i the |  liui^ in 'and"wpoBite-thp jp?)<���������- j^������ March; 12tti; ,10j8,  IWi.Lr','^.".."'?"..' ji.*s������'j...������.'.**?"i  ���������pftyn^ni Jjtt>>i piRfcrrp-t  rP*iHtrNjt of Cpsi  ^'iik-o nja-ppci ^hat I^aM ' Mp"piei\-  n*y. fif y$npp*t$verv ^k ���������������'. -Bicenpa-  ti������i> sprns^ef,. iiiteufltj to-ap^y fo;  nertsj'iBPaon to rsurehaee- thj* Sollow  iug w^-wril^l lan^c-rrr  Po?y??W(Sii*e5ng at ft pa������t. pjanted  i;pTi������ mile ^j e^f the Pounli-wt'H  f<?*if*{3^*r ���������&{ |qt 5'^0-,/^oh-fti'yirejst' SO  |,chatiit!3. thpivsr g^n^K -|0 pbainf,  ;thpn������*5 pa^e ^(> efrn^Sv t*feertct< |  :tio:r(-b <M> (.-.bams'to poitiS of eo'Tn*-  n*ii?ii^erj>evvi;( ^ataiiMBg ^.Or-j^Bes, 1  ^nujjrjf-pr. l$&$.  }$ntyn. ZifM.tsr.rtfr  Ifape fi' ������ji^r)\\x!Sfnt iji-ltil)  fio^eirt Biffsry .iifi-^RB.'k Ageii.1  ; tef if,, iii Vftp������������>r������������etv B. |}..v O^c^ipa-  ;.tl*������japi> enffmc������y Jnt-av^lft   to ������������������>].*]y-  for pori^iss^os-v ^p p-ftrtti1^6* %>���������'������>'-  ; 1 p'\������-ing. defrsrib^xi Ijpinds t^~**  ; C^iiEttancios'^i'- ft pp^ pls>PM  ! 1 pi'i|e ������>ast of 4h-p- ^ctifc ytpti \yor-_  ,������������? of fet 5&Or 'f?i&a*wo*:*_ et* \$0:  jchiin������ysoafrh ^O-chaStis^. "'ePi SO  icfcwnB, Korih 40 cbaiivfi to poiut  ;(���������*,������ ���������soi^nswi-egji'n.^nt jpantaiwinjg, 39()  acres \VtOro or |es^.  .,:  Reginald Watp.-^ 5-..,.'.'"  *.*���������; Uanveof ^ppUoant* in full  Robert 11 e������iy Chset������u^ A.gv111  j\)ff flpscril>s*d'lai)d*i' tjitifate ^v^������)  |>yi^i p^stFie-U-T PjWlfl^sIng 'fit, ft  iiqst plnsited pn ^?e"e^| besj^h ai  jiigii \yater ttiark at ;j}i*e' ii^crsgp-  fipu pi'Sec^ona V4 arjrl ^,/fowtit  --hip a, J'p'rt.^pJJpili; KnpfiH Vt\f!  |rit:tT jhe-fiet! f-prt)) $P jilifjij^s, 8Qr  lliencp vyejjt ten p}fa|i)^ ^Q. ij)Q?'e  pr 1^ tp i**i������}i  -.yatpy }u^r)t   pn  1,-itlgp Ppintj . tV������en*B*a we^pi^y  a-long slipm liiip |:p *M)ters^ttip>}S of  -Suetiqne 2^ ajifl M, ToyyiiB^iip 3|  ih.eiipp eppthpriy -si^ty-elgJit^lMne  ?38, more pr Jess Jp )ijgh \y*}-Mt'  inai'k pn epiit]-! 6Jt|o iff Po-ptl-sjuH  |-IartjQr? tlionpp pfjstejrjy fllpng  ^liprp jjup to plapp pf pqif'tnpnper  }!ier)tr       sJ-^M S. IC-KUHJUpy.  Prai-pii} \\\. Tprdiffp,Agpnt  Dated t]pe gtli day of April 1VJ2  yiiiii!iiii������ii.iisiisiiiis.i;Miiiiiiiiyi.!j|iWlwli>iWsii^ii|iii|iil ��������� lyp^ i iii n  ^yw?)*f|[l -|,*awl Dl5li-|Cl  TAKE Np'JMCK fbat Cliarl.es M'  f'fyBB, of New Yor)<, N.Y, occup^iipp  plerk, iptepc]-; to apply (or perrpfSijiop  'o purpVi-asp thp (olloa'i'pj,' described  |,*intl5:-*Gfl,r^nfi(*p*.inp at a p^tl p|nntpd  .7.24 c\*,i\ini ������aM i)ftjj������ ^. W. porfler *,i>f  Ut ������sp, fh������pfp ipufp 1(16.84. chain?,  lhpnce v������9t 30 chifms, ihaacf ntf\'\, Od.  p4 ehnioflji thiwicsi east, 30 ebain.f, \n point  jsfconompnepmept contrti-nTfig joi) acre*  jniprc f)r le^n.  ���������Cf!*ai,i..s 0'Fi,yN*>*t,  Rob**������*������t Henry Chesirii|t, AK������Pf  Date M-iV !������if������, l^l?.'  iu* ?������ MiffH  ?' -'".'"'���������"������������������"    ���������     . "'   . M"f"llI.IIL'IMU;tJI|lll'!111 '  MM APT.  Sfjyynrfl ^.tpH I)|Mrir.t.  TAKR NQTI"^ t������i������t Jo||ti jUmif  li-ius Cafrol), p( Nfjw Vor)f, )^. Y;j 'PJ'-PH  pation, r������i?in������������������, \f]m'rh p> ajiply f������f  |*icrfnissif|n tp pnr,;llsl,e ���������)>* *nP(P������'������nK d������-  ,^cn^td lnpds:-!f/omni������nc*wn ip a ppst  jWf<ntC(| uf t^c^.Vf. tt\Yi\f.j off.ot jf|a  Ihencp tipmli ^n eV)|pnt?, t))������nir.p Vast  ::.7(j. clMips 10 ijic ptist lip||n*|arypf I.ot  548, ihci)c������! south ^lopij said bopnflary  j}o chains, th������n,c<! I'.-nt 227.6. cbuins to  point of cpipr-pfspcepiept containipjif nj  jiurps pjofp qr less.  ffWfJ STANISI.AtlS GARBriM,  Kohort Henry Chestnut, A^enl.  pate Mny rotbj if)ff  \mt\2 *V(tl-\  ���������^aywai-^ |^an^ Ds^Lrict  .^jij Kft������lsqu, of T.ans&OB**--$**t*,. B. A*  opcnpntii>n gentleman, iuttwuls h)  j^pply for per.jiiis������ion fo> p������ scb������������������r  ||ie following described Iaad.fi���������  Dpp^ftpnping at a posi planted  a| the sohOi f������^ti -oor^pr af 'lot StyT  tltpppe   e^t*  &0   ���������}!ham,?t   thenee  bquth4*^<������l������9in8 fo   iiQi'lh boundary of loABfQ, thenoe west along  eaid bopi)d������-,ry, 80 clinins, thenee  nprth 45 eknim to this po&t.  Kraiieti* Gerald Hudioi),  Namo of Applieont in full  Ii^ljwrt Henry Cii^tmwt. Age-Ht  Pate.tyarpli V2th, 191^.  F()K vSAFJf-A bop|< Mjlypnjig  |������poj;tH tsiipnid rei-sii. p-jjp sj>l.vK������  Ad<lr������59 letters, ������J|,u\yor \\, Nan-  ji'Uiq, *-i ^.  W  MAY FQH $AUi~T!iirty  ^0113 of gpqtl bajpf] \]i)y) pi ice  jfsi4 pet Ion i(t C^untl);ii|i. F,l|,  ]autts, Saiujwlcic, II, C,  lJ_r ������M> NEWSPAPERS KOH  mti AT TMJH 91TOB 4M  Sayward Land .pietript  Distript pf Coaut t  'I*tike noti<������) t'l'tt Minnie Korr,  of Vnnepi)yor, Ii, 0. oceiipution  BpiiiBter, intwiulrj fo apply foj per-  n|i($s?oii to pjjrcliaBp tl^e following  ilsys'tribod latida:���������  Corninit'iitii|(> fit fi p-qst. pbuit'o;  at the snuth-ejiBt enrner of lot  5-V7, tli*v?ie������ wett *K) cliaiiiK,tlienec  epnth 4/5 cltnjriB, tlioneo enBt 40  "ciiajiia alpng tlie rn'tih boundary  pf'lqt J550, tlience north 45 elmiiw  lp pojnt pf -pomjueiieewiwit, eon-  tiijning \H0 nereif,  Minnie Kerr  Name of Applicant in frill  Robert Henry CHivstnttt, Agent  DM? Mareli lSlh. 1IJ1J}.  1 \ ^- *"-V.**'J, 4t*IU l������-^i'-^fc������l,������| 1  nV'i  NOW IN ITS 39CH VP.AR  'lliu lisflilliij; iidiilm; iii'Tlmllnnl if  III',  I, III III, Willi tils! I '.I, jlp'lt <llltti|������is.l  i-talf (sriiiiyts^tiinrsil lsi^nii'Atlsiu,  H*lls������rrrl|,-|i,|| J,r/.i:i| l yisio (ll,silllil-  I'll,- Ul H., (!ai|i|(}|:������n, M^iijisna inii'tJiiif'.  IWlIiJlI'l  <i!|iy  fl1:P.    I,'list   fs.f   IJlisilt  l',-*,! .l.i-isf-  i*i-i,| k vlii",- I'l-rir;-:  MP IVr.rl l-stfutt, New V������r!<  Pissau* .ss.������-*������*i5.-ri-.* ���������  ,-f ^--.-.\-v..  I?;-  *>���������  sTv  i^^iSi  ffi*  Sii^s  ^_  Mi---ft*  \^ft  y,\*  ^������^  sS^i^-'Ss*  ^6  * * '   ^      '      . \  ...   -i V  ������������������ *,*  *,.**, -v- -'--*������������������  . y * ;* j;������,*v*'., ��������� ,*,'  ��������� ���������    .       ,\ *,->   s*,N - , VI  ^ ��������� :>\r-���������������������������������..:.'.t.m  ^Aihi-.; -       -*-'^.j  * * \v*3Btih^ypj?  ���������'      ->-**���������' L>^  '%*?fe'^Cw^-'^?'**--i'---'���������������������������-��������� ���������* *'>:?*;;'  s.-y.  !y ^-'/^'^   HI"  .,,,,-.,...���������..,-.,���������.���������,.,..,.,.-^Ssi..,,.,-,,  t*m  ������OT K  who 1^ to meet   BILLY   CHESTER  jn a 15. round bout on Saturday evening,  next, September 14th, in the Cumberland Hall, f>F the heavyweight champion,  gjiip of Canada.  IbWSw^w's*  11^  Form Of Notico,  Noticu 5b hereby given that 80  days afHir diito I intond tn npply  lo th������ llononruhle Minintor of  Lamlfi fnr a ii-wuine to prospect fpr  coal and potroUMirp under tho  foroBhon* and undor the wator on  tho lftnds in pd opposite the foU  lowing dcBcrilif>d lands Mtnntod in  RupiTt T)istruit:"()oinineiU'ing nt  at n poijt plantwl on tho flea bench  nt high wntor mark itt tho inter  wetion of Suctiona 14 aiid 15,  Townnhip 2, Port MeNdil, Ru-  pert District; thoncp nortl\ fifty.  ftvc, 55 diaiiiK moro or loss to  high water mnrlc on the north  side of Port M-aNuil I*Jiir*bor;  thenoe following tlio mm boach nt  high wiitiM' mnrk nround tlio head  of harbor to placo of o noniuu-u;  mom, J'uancis M Tokuu<|������-h  Datod kids 8th dny of April \wVi  KSQUIMALf   AND   NANAIMO  RAILWAY.  PUBLIC    NOTICE   id   horoby  jdyun   thrtt   llui   Ei-quimiiH    and  Xanaimo Hiiolway   OompHny   did  on tha niriotpcti h dny of January,  1912, diipnuit in 'ho \\i\ot\ Hocictry  Ottlpo In thoCiiy   of   Violoriu,   in  .tho Provinco of llrltiwh Oolvimbiu.  [plan, profile nnd book of roioronoo  Rhowiiitt tbo lo'.'inion of ita   pro  poem! lino of railway from  Hln ole  Ortfok to Campbell   Hivor.   Van  couver Inland,   h*inn   Mile 40 to  Milo 72.3, no   npproved   by   tho  Hoard of Railway  ComtnisijionorH  for Cunnda,  DATED    this  twonty-sccond  day of January, 1912.  W. F. BAi.tmuiiY,  Stcretary.  MWW������l|MU  TOR PA-F^���������A bl.v.k Umm of  hoi'ROs; a goqd   gonci-al   pnrppso  KKlin,    Apply Smith J}ro<j.. S|inc|  wjc|{.   )Vi|| (roll chpiip   "T 'Ml ' ���������������������������[���������"������������������n'P'li' iy.���������-mw  JfOlJ SAI.T''. -Tbo Sonth Knst  oornor.of Murypprt Avonuo nntl  Socond St., with btiildingfi. IMco  $1)25.00, Apply nt this oftieo or  P, 0. Hox (|'H Vftiipotivor.  Mrs. ti'.iinir, will gjvo lc:,.,o'.>3  qn ibp pi,|uo any linn' ;���������> bur .���������������*.���������*-���������  ilpnpo, vxcrntTiioHiiny.  jjW*i Wco^o ^Jjonylwflto  ^M^im-J^LmMAU^.tk.  * -*rn*'t������t������iiioo������llrt ftilVulriH. f-Vr,vi AVrr  .if, l>.-hUilu, Mentiil find limn* tvorry, Ik*  -t, at������inlWf'_n,SHf'',n_M_\<'f'.'j^i.>r.r.  imtiiii'iiry,  it--'- ��������� ' -  hmiliii/ret*. Tli a Wood Motilolno Co.  Mi'B. Simms will givo Iosboiib  on tho piar.p at bor honsp in Jor-  nealpm, formorly owned by Mr.  .Tmnpfl Kff-������wni't, on nnd nftor  March -1th���������until then in Cnmp nn  llbtllll.  f!Jfrml*%ta*m**Ji**tll^^  0. H TARBELL  "��������� " "' '��������� "W"������������������������������������������������������ti|i| JUls wii  HIGH GRADE STOVES  And nil KITeKKN'i'.UTENSILS  3port$men$ Goods  nml  General Hardware  Soyward Land Diatrict,  DUtricl oi Snyward.  TAKE NOTICK that Murray  Gorlay, of Viotorin, occupation,  biokeri intonda to npply for pur*  mippioh to purchnpo tbo following  det-cribtd landB;���������-   .,���������  Commonoiu-j nt a post planted  nt tho K. ... cornor of Lot 876,  thenco woit''20 '.chain-*, thonco  north 20 ohnina Jok phoro lino,  Ihonco following shore lino oasier-  ly unci *outhorly to point of com  inonoonu'iit, oontuining 00 acres  moro or loan.  MURRAY COR LAY  Namo of applicant in full,  Date March 27th, 1912.  Snywurd Land District  District of Snywnrd  TAKK NOTICK tbnt Percy A.E.  Worts'!, of Vii'tortiy rtwuipntinr* bro������  kt-r, intends to np|ly tor porndsBld-n  to purebnso tho following di'&onbod  1 ft 11 d p i ���������r-  OoinmonqinR at a pnHt planted  .il the '4, W. Corner ol Lot 105,  tbeuco norlh 80 ohnins, thonco weet  20 chains to shore, thonoe southerly following eitoro Ijno ton point  tnttldn^ 80 phaina sonthorly, thonco  cnfilcrly folloivlnji; ������horp lino to  point of commoncuipont, containing lfiO ncree, moro or Ichm,  PKUOY A.K.WOOD  Name of Applicant in full  Date March 23rd, 1012.  Snywnrd Lnnd ���������District ."'���������  District of Hnyward  TAKK NOTICK that Kyrle 0,  Symons of Viotorin, occupation  gontlMnan, intends tn npply for  pormisMon to purchase the following described Innde;���������  Co:nmencinn nt a poet plnntod nt  th���������������vN. W oomor of lot 316, thonoo  80-ih 20 chains, thenco west 80  chains, Ihonco north 50;clininn to  shore lino, tbeuco east following  ���������h;ir������ lino 80 ohnins to poiut of  eommoncement, containing 280 no-  res moro or Icbh.  KYRLK.C. SYMONS  Nnmo of Applioant in full  Date Marob 26th, 1012,  ��������������������������������� ��������� ���������IIIIIHISWIII s <  FORM Ol. NOTIOK  New Westminster Laud District,  DMrtct of New Westminster DC  TAKE NOTICE.that I, Henry  Pietcy, of Sandwick, H. 0. occiu  pation Fanner,'intends to npply  for permission tq purchase the.  following described labels :-~Com  niinuing at n po^t planted at iho  South-Hnst corner, cbout one  and a half miles from Lloyd  Point, in Horn fray channel,  thence  ao clinins north,  tlience  20 chains west, thence 20 chains  .south, theuce 2*0 chain* cast,  lo,  point of commencement, containing 40 acres, more -���������'��������� It -s.  HKNKV P^RCY  Applicant.  j'l  <**-f������f^. i^w^&w.'t-.x.tfi  "���������%��������� **JS] ****)(;* IB^    *������"**_ tfUft.'m*M������i������������s mw&tvunummix&wm  &K-i!*.;X3. *v,r���������^ ^x> ay .-^y^-^wa^;. ^-^^ w BTW[1 lrl^., ^tf^flr^pp ������>fJ, -^y-.  a6sfai^atJi^i)tfft-^iJsikaLiSu3..v^w^at,-^ffi ,Y^Tift^n;,^Tw������,^rti,v,f?^i-,,^,^c^w. ������fl.Jifr<tflftT^vthil^i'Aj  aaasaasmajtkjujiii am i rm^mmmmmmii i    ij        i     " I  14$-)} ACT   .--" y    :  ���������Sayward Land District..  Wistnc-t .pf .Coast,  ���������TAKK NOTICE that Wilii.-iro Hawy  jDurley of Vancouver, *���������.<&, occupation  .Broker, intends   to apply fef y������$mission  ito leahe the -followiing described landsir���������  (Cotmnoncing ut a po<*,t pUmed at  high  ' water mark about 40 clia'ms east of $Iay-  ���������her Point, 'Read island, thence east 20  ,eha ns, thonr.e south 40   chains,  thence  west 30 chains* thence north  40   chiins  ito point of commencement containing ,?o  .acres niore or leas. <������������������  Wiii^iAM Harry Uvrusy,  Name of Applicant  Jerty (iienazrie,- Agent,  pate-iytay *28ih, 49*2,  THE   NIS'WfS.- C0U13ERt;ATCU,   ttftlTHStt  e<^*fc&*&,  ^^ * '   , mi iii.   unrrri���������  Titwwtnyf���������"  HQTlCEi* her ,\������y gwen th&t at tho  _ext:Hi-w(ttogtif Abo .Board cf Licenso Coin  ���������mi^U-aiora of tho City of Cumborlnud,'* wo  .intend to apply fir a rouowal U tho hot-  ���������& lie nf������e ield hy us for the VeLdonie  ���������Hotel, situated,011 .lot f>. Lh ok 3. Cumberland Tpwr,������itsS.  WILSON & BRAMBERO.  NOTICE  (Cumberland & Union Waterworks Co., Ltd.  Sprinkling will be allowed  ���������ouly-two nights a week, viz.,  TUESDAY and KliJDAY, from  ���������7 to 9 o'clock in the evening.  Leaky taps must be attended  ito at once.  Any changes or   additions   to  existing piping must be sanction  ed by the company.  By Order,  L. W. Nunns, Secretary,  ���������Cumberland, Is. C, June   29th,.  The Courtenay Hotel  Every convenience forgueetar  The Oenttal Hotul for Sportsmen  N.one.but the Rest of Wines and L'quors  al the Har.  RATES  REASONABLE  rzu_zt*v������_?-rs'.i.  Oohn Johnston,   Prop  ^4^44H^K^iHHHHhH,4^iMi<'ii<Mi  "3  0  0  I  u  ������  'Si  T3  O  'O  '���������* .PUBLIC NOTICE  .NOTJCK is hereby given-that  all property, owners are requested to connect their premises  with the .new sewers, wherever  same are completed, on or before  the 15th day of March, "1912,  aud if said connections are not  made by the above date, the City  Council will proceed \o complete  same at ;the expense of the property owners.  By order of  Tbe City Council  A. McKINNON,  NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days 0 ^.    pwu  ���������after date.T pplicaunn   will be made to   ,      ,    ,     ,,���������������-.' '  lhe .Superintendent of Provincial Police.. Cuillbcrlaud, B.C. I'd).   20, 1912  Victoria, 15. C, for a uansler of the  ho  Datod this -Jth d������v < I' Nov., 11)11.  NOTICE h lion-bv given that at th-  next mtttiiig uf the Hoard f f Licemo Com-  misfciouera of tho City ot Cumberlnt*d, I  ntoud to app y for a renewal ssf the h >t-  ol it^emse hold by mo for the Cumborlrmd  Hottl, aituntid oulot 1, blook ll, Cum! er-  land Towiiaite.  WILLIAM MERRIFIELD.  Dated this 7tli duy of Nov., J91 f.  lei license to sell liquors by vet.111 in the  hotel known is the Fort Augusta Hotel,  situated   at   Comox.  B.C. fiom   John  Chat his Clarence to Amos Cottington.  John Chaki.es Clauknci*:,  Holder of Licence.  Amos Cottington, -  Applicant.  Dated Mav 15th, 1912,  An Ad in the   News  pays.    Try it.  ROOMS for r������nt at Miirinelli-s  Rooming IIou3t-, Derwent Avo-  FOR SAcE-rThrce milk  cows, first class milkers, also two  heifers in oalf, graded stock,  three horses, two drivers aud a  general purpose mare, age three  and lour years. Apply to D.  Roy, Roy's Beach.  Union Steamship Co. of B: 0. Ltd;  THE S. S. COWICUAN WILL SAIL AS UNDER  POWELL RIYER-COMOX-UNION-CAMPBELL RIVER route  Leave Vancouver-Thuvs. 2 p, mArrive Comox Friday 6 a. m.  Depart 7 a. m,  Arrive Union Bay Friday 7 ia.tn/depart 9 a iri. (For Campbell River, way ports for Vauoouver.)  NANAIMO DENMAN ISLAND-UNION BAY-COMOX ROUTE  Leave Vancouver Saturday 8 p.m.  Arrive  Nanaimo, j.2 midnight  Arrive Union Bay, Sunday 6 a.m. Depart 5 p m.  Arrive Comox, Sunday 8a.m. Depart 4 p.m.  Subject to change without notice.  aCi  CO  ������������5    B  CO  03  i  ������  i  i  c  m  I  0  NOTICE.  Jtfimi������  "^ILvS   The purest and best BEER,'  ���������%^fp$^ made iu Cumberland.  COPVRSi7.Hr.  ^IIIIIUIIIIJHIIIIIIIIIIilllllllUllllii!!Ei|ilillilllllll!lll|lllllllll!llilllllUII!Uiyi!ltllUllill  *3  isniH-iti^aiianuuuaiiiuBiiaunuiuiuHiuiuuiaii'.uiiiJiuiaiuiiiiiuai^  ������lJW^iMMn������iiiwi  and  j*f. ffmamimmfn.m.-*m  yu}*'!.rd L'l.f  iii :n������t,  District of !-!;\y*.v,ir.l.  TAKE NOTICE Uiat-ChiuMJiiig Stuar  Dunbar, of, JNew York, Now Joft  -ocupation cl������rk, intend lu apply for p������v  mi^siou to piucbasu tho fallowing ijiv  cribed L-nd.: C(iuimoii<5in<; at npo t jJauU  dd nt uorth-cast corner of lot OSW, the,p<!������������.  aonh {<n oh .iis, tlience wont 80 ohainp  tiieneo s-)������'h 80 ohniu������..-thftBon ia������t 83  Mhniiw to p* int of c iii.ip'.T.Osjin.-ot ountniiu  '���������ri'i 010 acria miwe ork'^K.  "CJIANNIKG S'lVAHT .������UXBA$  Fishor M.Qaikiin,.Aijeot.  Onto June 23n't, 1912  Ha) wsrd Land 'I/itftiio";,  District cf Say war .1.  TAKE NOTICE tbat Julm Ar,h������r Diil^  *-t' ^'o\v Jt'ork, N������w 7ork, s.eeus>Kti, ji dor^  intends to  apply   for ���������pt-rnuvji-n to  pur  uiiiiso thi>  folls-i'iriuj! deflcrihflsl Iauuu:-r  Coinineuciug it   a   pod ^hnl d  at iho  south-east   orucr. of Leiso -1G,   theuo*  aoutli *0   ulnuns*,  .tluuuo  west 60 -.'hnii.s,  theiico (joi Lb  80 ohiiiim,   tliwme  mut tyfi  olmisiB to lAoiii. of oommou������tiin.at contain  iug OW iicr-es nic-jro or lei*.  JOHA' AUIHUlt DAU*  FioLit jl. G.������.slti������j?, Ageut,  DAn Juue 24th, \Q12.  ���������������������������-���������������������������   ��������� ,      <.-������������������ j  J-Miyuunl Luid Distill.  Uiutrict (,\ Sijwiinl.  TAKE  NO LICE   ih*t.   "Wolter   Beilirll  B st,     vi    Kew    York.    .Ke.v     Yoik  ocoupntioa    Jnborcr,   i.i,'vav!s  to    apply  for i'cr:)i!3sion to i,uic'li,i-.(; tlie   fol'otii-^-  Jesj������rtl)������.lla**3dn.*-'<Joiun:vM*ii)jj. ar.  ������ pi,4  pliiritcd .130 chuin.1 wo-t ar.d  10 c'iMb*  north of the snuth-e������st  c^aei ���������>(���������  Luuge  fi}, thenee soiuji SOob ins, tlioi.ee hmx Hi  ohaina    thenco ant tli .SO cl>ai*������*},   Iheuce  west iO cbaius to point of comia<)iic iuoi.*i  couldiuing 320 acroa won? or la n,  iVALTEH llKbhU, BEHT  Firliar M. fhsliim, Ageijf.  Date Jmu2*th, l������1������.  .mm . .���������-.,   .    , ..._,m,.., ._..,.    ���������_  ���������������    ���������>-��������� >> l-m���������m *��������� 1*   '        -S*^"-��������� ������������������ *&.  H-iyvraid Lund DUtriot.  District oi Sa> wtii-J.  TAKE NOTlCii that Gharloi l\nny of  Viiuccover, B. C; occ������.-.-artios.i eu'Vifcroo-to-,  lutsadi lo.np:^" fur m-rftii'.������iftu i. futr  yijiso fiSie foilontag tieMTih.-i lauiU:^.  Coujiuststriug at  r������   pais  plashed   ai   tji*  J<������uihe*w}i corner qf lot 57S, t,ti������>"?* ^'6*1:  iU cbaiuu, thence south 8'J ciiaiiw, tb������voc  cast 40 cbnitis, UieLc.) uor- li SO cteiiiB ^>)  point of oomuieuceuieut cont*������imtig 3_������  iKi'oa more  or laa.  CH-VSt-sa Pi.-.v:,*r  Fieher  M. Gasliius, Aier.1,  I).-,ted Juue Ulih,  MIL  sMiMMAMw*) ������MiiyM mm-_tm*mm_amaa^m*a*anataaaatmm_mta_m_mmmr-m  S������)-������-ftrd  Lin j. Oistrist  Uic-trti, of'Sdynard  TAKE NOTf(3K that Mjrde lioanotte,  ��������� sf Vaucouver, occupation   Nurse, iutenil.t-  lo apply for pcruiiu������iou lo  purch.<������e  th*?  followiug  dusoribed. laudsc���������(J������ay!iciiciui{  at"Ti"poss"plaste(l"at*tbe"K"oTtb"ea3t"curiI2f"~  tsf lot, 584, thence oa->t" 40 chaiiis, tlieace  Ihtince nort'11,40   olihit's,  iboiibo','*.*w������8*e '  40, chiiine,. '-tlionce " aouth' 40 obaiue  t������>  poiut uf   comuittiiccuiciit  coutaiaiiig   100  uereB more or lesa.  M?3m.r. BossiiriT  Fisher M. (> .ukiwi, Agi-ut.  Dried June lOdi, J012.  if-  To whom it may concern:���������  This is to notify the public  t}iat all freight charges on bonded goods cleared at Uuion Bay  for the'Oomox Valley must be  paid before goods can be forward  qd. By order  Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir]  Co.l  NOTICE.  TENDERS for tho routing, of  IlarniBtou Farm, Sandwick, will  be received up to Augiiut 81ft,  1012; All particultirH to bo luul  from L. R. ClilFo, Sittidick, 13. C.  ,Tho higlioHt or any tender not  ju'ccupiti'ily iteccptoil.  Lucius R, ClifTc,  Are you insured? ���������  Is your life Insured?  Is your home Insured?  -' Are Insured against sickness and  accident?  MOVING  PrANOS  AND  FURNITUKK  FrcigUr, Wood and Coal Hauled  INDEPENDENT  TRANSFER  RICHARDSON & HAYWOOD  PHONE 5.7  Windermere Ave,  Liability, Burglary and Automobile Insurance.  Say wu-d Lund Distriot s  Dintrict of Saynurrl  TAKB NOTIOB tlmt William Join  Whiliugof Ne*' Vork, N/Y., o������oup -.tion  Kngluoor, intends to upply for permit's!-'!'  to purcliaoo the foliowmjf dnsoiibed lnndn:  ���������Ooinsneuoiug nt "a ixjsl plimted 00 ohuiuH  nouth and 80 oil uiu (ant from ��������� tho rcirtli  oast oornor otlut 579 (on post 5,"4) tliancsj  north 20 ohii>Jn, tin noo weal 30 chaius,  thonce aoutjj fid vkaiux, thonoo oust 30  chains to poiut of oonimor* cement aon-  tainiujf tSO "uoie-j moro or le^M,  Wau.ni John WmTiNU  Fisher M. Gttukim, AgKiit  ���������Dnted Jnrie 28tU, 1012.  for information write the  Vancouver Island  insurance Co.,  820 fort Street       -      -      -      -      VIQ0RIA, B.C.  iiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM^  mmi  FOR SA Mi���������Edison 'Home'  Phonograph nnd 4 dozen 4  jninnte records; will sell cheap.  Apply Cutnborlnnd News Office,  ^, ���������.,   *��������� -~m.   m~-   *~  ---,���������  -*'   ���������**������- -V-   ���������*���������' "*   "** -*���������   *���������*"  ~*   '"- "**       ' "*���������  Change ot d.hctLliiciiiciilH w\\)  not be rcceiv������d ^t this oflice Inter  than 1 a o'clock noon  on   Tucs  tlixya.  TEAOIIEU WANTED for Mln  to jniblic school, flnliiry 875,00  |W)r month. Apply to Alex Soin  crvillo, SocroUry, Minto, B. C.  tmmm*mmWmrmmaiamtm%mTi__t*fmlKmammWm-a^  K<>H HAIyH���������Mtiritielli'8 room  ing imnse on I)*-vwi-nl Av*'inic  (ifiMitl pitying hiwlnuiw, and exec't  l(ii:i. location. Uor pnrtieiilurH  npply to V. MarhicHI, l)������������rww.t  A von no, City.  KOTIUE  Any jwrson or persons, cutting.  reiiiiiving or tulcing any blncki*,  timljcr or wood, of any doncriptiodn  .lolottgiitg to tlio Wellington Col-  dory Co'y., or from or off tho laml  uf tho miid Company, or anyoiu!  tipping rubbish of any description  tuiywUe.ro upon Uie wnnpmiy's  lnnd will be proaocutod to thw full  ORDBKS TAKt'.'N  FOR NUT   COAL  ;Snis\vnid LamlDisiriot.  ."' TMntMotof fliiywnrd."  TAKE NOTICE tint Charlie Hnary  Ueifc, it Now York, N. Y��������� ccoupatiou  nuloam.in, hit *ih1h to npply for permission  to purclituK* tho following lUsoribetl Undm  piiin'mnjiolng lit n pmt idnnt^d nt tho  noi'th-omt ooruor of lot IM,.thenco north  ���������JO obsT-nfl, tlionoo ������'(Ht '20 ohlilnn, tlionoo  aouth '.'.0 olnuvf*, thonoo cant at) oliulno to  poiut ol coiniiiwiiuoousiit. ooiitiitnu.B , -ib  iici'ou inoro or lem.  UIAKU'..*! 1IUNUY IJKSjT  Kinhoi' M. (i-i*kinn. ixu-nt.  I) to Juno20.h, i������ia.  Snywurd Luml Di-itriot,  IiUlrlotof Pnywtml.  TAKI*; NOTICK tl.nt Wo������r������o Ktuotrp, of  Now York, N.itY.( ciamp'-limi  mi|-liiiifr,  iiitoail-* to npply h i' i-tumind'sii to pur.  uliitso   llio  fotlowiiitf   ilouoiihsjil liindH;-���������  Commo.' eiii������ ut a poet planted 20 cb*in������  kimtli of tlm nuitli's-'ithV -Jii.snii- nl hi. D5I,  ihoniii* oust 50 ohdiis, iliuiuo uo;lh  40  itlinliif, Ihonco .wort  'JO  clmii)*,   tluiiico  mnUh *10 uhtiiiiH lo point nt wu tr.tin-o-  mont omit iii'iiu tO in rn-i iin.ri* or Ihhh.  (iliOltiM*: STU'lKK  Kiiiliw M. (Jiiflkiiiii, Ai.otit,  . yayward Lnnd Dislric".  I)i������:riot <.f :���������) jviani  TAKE NDTK.'li tint Joseph Htwiy  U.-oi- if New York, oc-vUpntivii SultBuiii*-,  uitciid.') to apply for p-j-iuist-km to ,pur-  obu.itj tho lolloping (\(:{0i;rib9'4 luodnir���������  Ooimneuoiuijf at npoat-jkutud 90 cliaum  went iuul top ch(s.inf) north of* the Houth  t)d!,l,"coi'nor'.'of lnusa 40, theuou no.tth iit-1  oliiuns, thouoo east 26 pti|iins, theno ijiijuth  ���������JO (:lmiufi,,1t!iauce,\von20o)iuiuH to point  of foiniuonceiiicnt ;Ooiitoiuing * 40 uorou  more or leas. ,  Josai'n tliCMBY IUub  .,,    Fishor M.OnuUinB, hgmx.  Dated June 25th, 11*12.  1  cr.t'M*t of the l',w-  AV   J     f,()I.TIi;(^N 1 Dat.������ Junn ltlth, 1H1?  Oonoral Maniigor,  Wellington Colliery Uo,y  Siij'Y-'ordXii'iil District.  I)h.tii'jt 0^,8-iyi-iirJ.  TAKli *N0TICK ilU Usury Alfa-d  Ho fl, of Now York, Now Yorlt^ ocoopfiti-  on elootriclun, iutfiin'fl to upply f ,rptiuih  Bion to purmia ir>:i in purohu o tho ''illosv-  inn douoribod londt*:���������t'ouin-iinoi'if' "f a  ppHt'plimtflil it������ thn ���������.iouth'onst crsci- cf  tlio north ynm\ spiurti.r of lot 58!i, ilrnou  40 ohainH onnt, thenou 40 chimin rorth,  thouoo 40 o'taiiiH wodI, thonui 40 ohtiina  aouth top'sintssf (!oni'i,i.>i)(tMiif>nt uoiittin-  \t>% lfiOavren moro or lsai,  llc.Miv Ax.nu;i) llv,-**  Fiulicp m. iholiIu*, Ajjout.  u������u4JuuoiWti-, una,  'Saywnrd I.-uiil Uiftrht,  Uiotr ot of tan; wu* d,  TAKK KUTll'Ji that Wlll.iain John  Sullivan, Now York, N, Y., oom-pittlon  ijhtrk, inhmda to tip| ly for poriiii-N'ou t ���������  pujoliami tho fo'lo^iny lhe folUiwina don-  crlbid !������;*.,lti:--<'ou-in������o������oi'R M a pout  pinutod 10 c.hiiiim nouth fmin tlm 'uouth-  oiut .i-r.Mioi' *f lot 1*179 (on pmt fi'/1) tlitwoo  lisii'th 80 olHiliii), Ihr-nim nm1, 80 ohninn,  thonoo (South ������0 oli'iln**, tbenon wcit 80  olminK, to point of co-uuuhiucui'hU oon*  titinini; OK) *t)r������n msirn ov lusi.  "Wll.ldAM JOHN UULUVAN  FiiJiurM, Ouaklui', AjjoiH.  l),tto June 21-;t, ���������I0la, ,i  l*~  *.,f..m.m.f  S w o  w m Wt  1  (4  mm mwrntn-mmmt- ,y  8UIWOIUI113 VOR THK NRW'8  ONf.V ONIO DO I.T.Alt A YEAR.  NOTIUB.  Riding on locomolivog und rml  way cur������ of tho Union flolliery  Company by ttuy purimr*. or \si-r  wnB--fixci')it tuin ovt-w���������i.t ntrictly  piohiLUod. KinploytcB in- *ub-  lo*: tudwmihwil for nllowinR mw-  Uy order  W. I*.  COULSON,  CiVtiual Jlatui:;*;:.  .*in)s)iis������ Lii.il V if. *>  Diatiiot of rijjwuil,  TAK,IS MOTICD that WlUUm Autrn������������t  WflhchoO, at Now York, N, Y , coo^n-  Hon cl-Btk, intanli* to ipl'b' tor pr-nniMiion  ��������� Sayward Ltmd Dietrict  1) strict iif Snywnrd  TAKE NOn'UJJ thnt James B������nur4  Dunn of New York, N, Y., ocoupiition  Tot'chor, inteiulB to m������ply for pbrwiBnio*  to puiohiiiii* the fol'owit>K doBortbed luud ;  ���������Usiiiiu.ousjlnflf ut i post phuitoi ut tho  norlh (-slut t'Q'fiior of lot SHfl, thiuioe uortl^  80 y.i.iins, tnoi.co west t������0 chujim, theii'm  uontb 80't-hiihiH, thoiK*o cuut 30 chulnu tsi  p.im! of o'.'oimi.'iK'Ouiu'it uoutuiaii'V 640  sK.'i'i):- moro or 1vi>b.  J'AMBB  IJUUNiKl) DtlNJf  l-'i,ihcr M. UiukUin, Agciir.  Piitu.lJuno24th, lill'J -  sSaywurii Land Dintriot,  DMiiot of Suyward;  TAKK NOTICE tint John UornirJ  Hy ni of New York, 1'ow York, ovoupi'ti;  nu broker, iiiU'iispi lo npply for permliiiioq  to purolvao the purdmo (lit follo-^'isiyde:  Horib.'d liiiistj:~Coi.)inu)ni,-iiiK ut i\ po'il  ylii'itoJ nt llio iin*-tl*.cv������ti cornor nf tho  im th,owii,'lUiti'tur of lot C\i'J, tliouci) uai.it  80 (.-hiiinn, tlii.*in.'o norlb *|0 elr*i������*, Uiauco  wi.Ht ������0 oliiiiiiH, tlioouo aouth-10 obi-1 na to  poiut of ciuiiminioomoi.t oontnluluu t'20  n<.un mors) oi lauii,  JOIINLKONAHDKYAN  l'uhur U. Uutkiun, A|(������iut.  UuloJuuw'24t^, ���������lllltt.  Snywurd Land Uittri*������t  iJistrict of Snywnrd  TAJ*IS iH.lici"  tlmt  Juhn Cm-  sidy,    of    N������.'w    Vork,   li   Y���������  vccinyition     Kirvman,      intend*  ���������to upiily for pi'iinuiuioii  to  pvr-  c1iu*h'   tho   . foltnwingf    degcrilwd  I^iuU!���������Conunenf|in'g   nt ft   pb*t  plnnled 'JO chainu iwuth   und  SO  r i-\,  .iiftf  \   ,ify\>,\(\r <\  Hay ward Lnnd Ulit iot,  Diflttlet of Wiyward.  'VMiV. Nni'l, V. ihat, <l������orB������ (liarhx  Ston^.of Now Yoik, N. Y., oa������tlp,������tinii  olork. Intonda to app'y for pormiwiwa to  purolimo tho fol'owb.K do*nrih*wl' luwta;���������  Coni.mor.clnK nt a P'wt plurtnl 40 chiilna  woil and UJoliainMiV'ii th of d-.o nm lh t'U������t  w������n*������ ii������ ���������������������<������. -���������-���������    ~ ;  a   , .r,.,.,,, ,...r(i.   MO iilioiim hi  wn.rSifloir,'!. <f,*.���������"s> enat 40   .haiiw.' 40 ohnin.i muhIi   uio. y  nut lwiH.-Ury   if | ...units', tllOKCO DOltll   J������������CM������tll������W  Uii'tue WUtli   20(1)1101   thenco  \>M   IDflotWl, thi mw ^nt fi'lghailiu liis-.- -. nr In.ij p,,jut ,,f coiUlllCliCi'llUnit   U'llttUU  tl.iu .!,iUu.������".-.'.!; :"'.���������'��������� .1-������'���������������"���������'" "'   t..lM������M"'.    t'.i'.m*. n-rP. ���������'*'���������) .;h.di..������   to'.^ -K! uciv;; iUUVt) or h'li.  C0r.sim*.i>c*ra'-i.tc*.>>i';>*..ii* Luuni won-  pom; tii  *....u.ii.u/,ci mu���������'. cisiit..i|ii"|?   .'������������|     ��������� ��������� jOJJ(.  (^A8-lu1fi  ttcna uioru ������.r li*.':*. ,,,,,.,  WILUAM Al!OAl>r HIHlltJllOt'l* I hJiJiCT   Ol* C.'ukinf, .V^%,  Vi>ht-rM.aMl*ii.������, Agiint.    1 Untvd Junu ilOtb, J^liJt        i  to nurohM* tho followinfi: iu*"itii������i������i ;  !���������nd:-Couimindn������ ut tx ,,������t |.ln..t������j|l������������t n31, tJicw-n wwt B0 ft!.������h������ to  {Woh������lpn6flBtntid*10cbnts,iino.tli ������.f, t������'������* ,..;s, hound ry ol' lot '^51, theuc.0.  north.������Ml oornoroUistWJ, tl.uiouoa, , u ^^ ^ m  NlcU-mmorcorkw,   to Jot P.,1. 0���������,.y   *(   .  or lo^.  CKOHOK'MrAJJTi^KTONK  *'   Fu'.l.i-r M, tl Hdnn, A(;rmt,  Dau. Jum ltMi, !VI2.  t THE "NTEWS. OUMBEKI,AND, B.  KIDNEY PAINS  IN THE BACK  COULD    NOT    STAND    OR    EVEN  TURN      IN      BED '��������� LEGS  CREATLY SWOLLEN  Al! Doctor's , Medicine   Failed���������Cure  Effected   by Use of  DR. CHASE'S  KIDNEY-LIVER PILLS.  Again this great medicine lias trl-  yiiuphed ovor kidney-disease of ii govern typo. From a, bod of suffering  and helplessness'Mrs. Walsh was re-  stored to healtli nnd strength hy us-  lug Dr: Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.  Kldiiey pains iii tho buck tortured  her. Dropsical .Dwellings had set in  and she bad no reason to hope for  euro, since the doctor's medicino failed lo even relievo her. Read what  tlm-Iiusband says about this remark-  able cure.  lUr. TI103. D. Walsh, Piotou,. N.S.,  ���������writes:--"Two years ago my., wifo  took to ber bed nftor suffering, for a  long time froin kidney pains in'tlu**  back. She wa������ not able to stand on  .lier fort, or oven.turn.herself in bed.  The doctor's medicino. was no benefit  whatever, that we could see. Sometimes her legs would swell considerably. Reading about a, woman Iu  similar condition being cured by Dr.  Chase's Kldney-Ll.vei* Pills, we purchased two boxen and "���������wh'en " these  were used ahe . was able to''sit up.  With three niore boxes she was restored to health and doing* her own  housework.  "As for 'myself I also found these  ' pills all thai is claimed for them, I  give l.liis statement iu order that  others may obtain the same ease  from suffering asj that experienced by  toy wifo and myself."  Ope-pill a dose, SfJc. a box, nt all  dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,  Limited, Toronto,  Better   Meat   Nowadays  ,T. Ogden Armour defending packing house .methods' at luncheon in  Chicago, said:���������  ���������    ������������������>.  We cat, thanks to the packers, more  wholesome ..meal, than we formerly  did. My father used t.o toll about a  farm hoy who once called at a house  and took an order..for a leg of.mutton. Then, a day or two later, the  boy called again..  You'll havo to countermand that  mutton order, ma'am, he said.  Yes.     Why so?  The sheep's improvln', said the hoy.  ^linard's  LinlmenyCures  Diphtheria,  ;Cudi1/.,.the "white city" of Spain, has  a centenary celebration this year,  commemorating the adoption of a liberal constitution by the Cortes and  the raising of lhe ..French siege lu 1812  by tho Duke of Wellington. Once  ono. of the greatest ports oft.be world,  Cadiz Is .still a most*.picturesque'city,  iind i3 said lo extend' a M'arni welcome  to ���������American tourists.  Tho Undervalued Banana  Tha dictum tbat fruit should bo eat-  on in their season^ finds its limitations  as regards variety in tho ^temperate  zones ut certain periods of the year.  There is, however, ono fruit which is  readily available fresh ln American  markets at practically all seasons, although It grows best from Novomber  to April iu its tropical or semi-tropical home. It is uufortunate that an  article of diet which meets certain nutritive requirements so well and Is so  easily obtained nt reasonable cost as  the banana should bo tbe subject of  much misunderstanding among both  physicians and laymen. For defepito  the fact that ovor 40,000,000 bunches  aro reported to have boon brought to  the United States last year, it Is popularly stated iu many quarters that  the banana Is difficult of digestion and  may givo rise to alimentary distress.  A closer consideration of tho composition of tbo ban ana may serve to  elucidate tbe situation. Tho,fruit is  brought to ,our Northern markets  green,<and is ripened by artificial heat.  This process cat|, bo hastened or delayed within certain limits, according  to the, momentary demands of the retail trade. The color of the peel  gives evidence of tho degree of ripe-  noss. The green banana contains in  tho part exclusive of the skin about  1-5 per cent, of protein and 20 to 25  per cent, of carbohydrate, almost entirely starch. In the ripe banana,  wltb yellow-brown peel, tbe edible  part contains somewhat less <16 to  19 per cent) of carbpbydrate; but  that, which .remains is now almost entirely in the form of soluble sugar;  the green, one-fifth starch. Most of  the remainder of the/edlble pulp Is  water. Intermediate degrees ** of ripeness present starch and sugar in reciprocal proportions, varying between  the limits set above.    ",  Inasmuch as bananas are commonly  eaten uncooked, it is obvious . that  more or' less raw starch' will 'be ingested if,tbe fruit is not ripe, i.e.;.if.  the skin, has not,begun'to shrivel'and'  darken. .'Raw, starch may be singularly irritating to the alimentary tract  of man and is at best poorly utilized  whether it be ingested In the form of  uncooked potatoes,' chest-nuts, bananas or other native starchy foods/ No  one would advise the use of uncooked  potatoes; yet. many people eschew a  thoroughly:ripe banana in- the belief  that the' wholesome fruit is "rotten"  whon the skin becomes darkened,  whereas they eagerly eat the yellow-  green -starch-bearing fruit at a stage  of incomplete ripeness.  Clear Stomach, Clear Mind.���������Tho  ���������stomach ts tho workshop of the vital  functions and when It gets out of order the 'whole, system clogs in sympathy. Tho spirits flag, the mind  droops and work becomes impossible,  The first core slioukl bo to restore  healthful action of the Btoma'ch and  Ihe ber.t preparation for that purpose  Is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. General  use for years bait won them a loading place In medicine. A trial will  attest tbelr value.  | Human Hair Lace,  They are making laco from human  hair now. It Is not for trimming dresses with, but lu used for tbo parting  of wIru. It in nuide by hnnd and tho  knots are held by a solution of wax,  otherwise tbey would unravel, When  this laco Is used It, lakes an almost  microscopic examination to delect tbo  wis is not nuiu ru 1.  Phonograph    Records  The fninily In Ibo next Hat l.o ours  llltH n plionof-Tiipli,  Have tbey any good records?  Yes; tbey have oim record for six  hours eonlliiuomi playing, and anothor  of nlv bourn und 1!0 minutes, nlniost  contlnuou������,---WiiHhingtoii Horn Id,  Whooping Cough  Whooping cough,- which some  mothers think can-be cured by taking children, near gasworks or  through a tunnel, is the subject of  more quaint superstitions'.' than, al-  ���������most-any���������otber-dlsease^t--In-North-  aniptonshlrei it is believed that if a  small quantity of hair is cut from the  nape of the sick child, rolled in u  piece of meat, arid given to a dog, the  .whooping cough .will be transferred to  the animal. In Cornwall thechild is  fed with bread and butter which has  been passed three times- under the  belly of a piebald . horse. In Lancashire they still,tell you that whooping cough will never attack a child  that has ridden on a boar!        -  According to a now Swedish system of making use of pent, the material is powdered finely and blown  inlo tho furnace by u fan blast, and  the dust is consumed while in suspension. Tbo advantages of this  method is that the degree of heat may  be easily and quickly adjusted by  regulating tlio amount of peat powder  delivered into the Interior of tho furnace, This system Is said to ropro-  sent a greater efficiency than heretofore, experienced In, tlm utilization  of peat for fuel, threo purls of peat  representing tho same amount of energy ns two of coal. In this shape It  in also economical, ns thero Is no  diol burned except, whore tbo. power  is n'eeded.   . ��������� __ ��������� ������_   Christianity and Cricket .  Cricket is peculiarly a Chrlstlaa  game. No pagan nation he_ played  it.' So .'(-.'Melbourne paper ls rebuk  lng a couple of church clubs'tor'com*  ing to blows at the conclusion of a  match. Tbo Baptists started the  trouble by.. offensive "barraklng,"  which the Presbyterians indignantly  resented. Words led to blows, much  to the surprise of the spectators, who  came to see cricket, not fighting, This  Is very. sad. We thought football  had a monopoly of that sort of thing.  Happily tho ^Australian and the South  African teams aro not members of  the ecclesiastical clubs, so that there  is no reason to fear that the "triangular tournament" will be marred by  fhtlcuffs.���������London Chronicle.  Just a Starter  In order to Impress upon his congregation the length of eternity, a  colored preacher used tbo following  illustration: ''.'*-  It a sparrow, brethren, should take  a drop of water from tbo Atlantic  Ocean at .Coney Island, and with this  drop of water In his beak Bhould hop  a hop a day until it reached the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco,, and  when it got thia, done should turnabout and hop a hop a day all tlie  way back to Coney -Island, and  keep on doing ,' this very  same /thing until it had carried  the- wlble Atlaritlo Ocean over into  the Pacific it would then only be  early": morning in eternity.���������Everybody's Magazine.  -.;.,.. -���������-...: Not a Somnambulist  What do you mean by laying hands  on this young man? asked the policeman.  Why, replied Mr. Corntessel, them  clothes������������������ *  That's all right. He's a Marathon  miner.  Excuse me', I thought he was* walk-  in', in his sleep.���������Washington Star.  ���������;���������"���������'���������������������������.: ..... 'oid Saw.' ������������������*.  Tramp���������You. know, the sayin', mum:  He. that, glveth to the poor lendetb to  the .Lord.'* T~t  ��������� Mrs. Subbubs���������Very   true, y   And  since you speak In proverbs, I'll refer  you to* anotherr.old saw.'       ���������>,* *���������*.������������������  ..-   Tramp���������Which one is dat, mum?  Mrs. "Si���������The' one back in the '.wood-  s'fe'd. *���������������������������:������������������.���������   ."  Thp Difference  Can any lit tio boy, iislu'il the new  loiiPber, tell mo the dllYeieni'e between it hike ninl nn ocean,  I on ii, replied Kilwiird, wIioho wis-  d(i/ii had been li'iirneil from e.xper-  leitee, Lukes nro muob pleasant er  to swallow wIkiii yon full in,  Vrofwwir Malmffy wuh once exnuihv  lnu ii mun who had put himself down  as an uuiiiiHtln on entering college, lie  was having ti hnnl time at Muhriffy's  h:iiiili> over somo difficult, pUHHiiRflri In  a Greek book, I bellove, tblr, nald  Malmffy, that yon nrc���������uw- ni-s' an  apiMlii- In ri'ligloulli iiiniterlh, The  mini feebly iiciiuleseed. Well, thon,  llilr, i a I.I Iho |irol'i*Mrini', I inn unite  n tliu re yuu thnt you urn an agnostic  in Uri'ok nth well,  j^ff^lyBjH^fiDHHpMM^ m^P^  Cjxofiitfs-,: >>  TMW������*  As Old as the World  Cherries; which nre beginning to  appear In tho market, wero first cultivated In England about a century  before Christ, but tho best modern  species of fruit wero Introduced Into  Kent from Flanders about tbo beginning of the lllih century. Ono of  the very flvn- cherry orchards was  Mini: at. Toynham, near Fuvorsham,  from which much of Kent, was nf tor-  wards supplied, and tho "(Jnrdeii of  Kngland" still inn In till ns Its supremacy, thn chief orchards being along  ibo Kentish boi'durs of tho TIuuihih,  the Ifyi runt, and the Medwny. Huslno,  Venetian AmbiiHintdoi' at the Court of  ,1'uiiioh 1��������� relulep that It. was, a favorite iiiniiHoincnl in the Kentish garden lo try who could eat tho most  cherries, uni gives detail* of one  iniilch wherein n young woman won  wllh "0 poundH nt a sitting,  S^-'^  '������&*!?*  wW  ������  X^\  ONEY DO IT  DON'T BAKE���������BAKE-BAKE IN THE HARD  OLD FASHIONED WAY  It shortens your lifo, (spoils your temper and ruins your looks.  Try tho new way���������the MOONEY way.  No spoiled baking. No overheated kitchens. Lois of leisure in tho homo.  9 MOONEY'S BISCUITS aro so fresh, so criap, bo appetizing that  they are largely talcing tho place of home baking with thousands of Western  people.   Ask for  MOONEY'S PERFECTION  SODA BISCUITS  in air tight, dust proof and damp proof packages  ���������or in sealed tins if you prefer them.  Mado in tho Big Sanitary Factory in Winnipeg,  Hoynl letter writers nniy ovpnet  Hint, In the vIcIhhIMkIoh of the cen-  liirli'H, their populiirlly will como to  ihe test of tlmi, democratic Implement, the iiuclloiieor'H hummer,'.Tud���������-  ei I by Ihl.i Htiuidnrd, King Edward  IU. nnd Queen I'll h/n belli hnve no ren-  non t'i feel nllKlitei.1, In London fho  other dny onn of the KIiik'h letters  s ild for $ 1,450, und u letter from  Queen Kllznbelli to Henry HI, of  Ki'iineo brounbl. %i.'V'Ji,  r.-.r.iily   C;:.-,',.,,  I rnl-ht btivi* mnvrted :������ mlllloiuilre.  <l rehired Kverywnmiiii. flue of my  old Kchoblmnt.cu Ih now one.  And Huvoml uf your .schooliniiti h  iiie woi'l'lu-' right In UiIh town I'm' $|o  u week, retorted Kveryniun, whllo one  .       i t i    i i . .  rjlnjv n obnp KutthiK HMd   ix   yenr  your nverrir.e in fairly Rood.  And then Kverybody t<el up tx howl  nnd iluy hnd to utop iiuiirrelln*.; to  intend to hlrn.���������ritifibiiruh I'oki.  Th" vnlue nf ennneil pliiejip/ileH  nhipiicil from lluiuill diuiiiK Uh* tUctf  yenr of 1*311 niiiuuiits'd t<������ iwu mlllluv.  (lolliiru.  WEAK, TIRED PEOPLE  Are Usually the Victims of Pale,  Watery Blood  Anaemia Is the medical term for  poor or watery blood. It may' arise  .from..aj'arietyioL_causes,y.such_as.  lack of exercise, hard study, improperly ventilated rooms or workshops,  Imperfect ..assimilation of, food, ,etc.  The chief symptoms are extreme pallor" of the fp.ee, lips and gums; rapid  breathing and palpitation of the heart  after 'slight.exertion'; headaches, dizziness, sometimes, fainting spells and a  tendency to hysterics,* swelling of the  feet and limbs, a-feeling of "constant  tiredness and a distaste for food, Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills are a certain  cure for anaemia, because they make  now, rich blood, which stimulates and'  strengthens every organ and every  part, of the.body, , The following Is  one among thousands of cases'-of this  serious trouble cured by the use of  Dr. Williams Pink Pills. Miss Georg-  ina I-tayfoml, St. Jerome, Quo., says:  "About a year ago my health began  to give out. I suffered from head-  aches, heart palpitation, dizziness and  appeared to bo threatened with a  general breakdown. I whs at this  time employed In the family of a doctor, who seeing my condition, gnvo me  medicino. I took this faithfully for  somo tlmo, but with no benefit, and I  grow numb discouraged. Then a  friend .advised mo to try Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills, saying that, sho bad found  a cure through thorn in similar conditions.-. I took bor advice, got a supply ot tho pills and look them regularly for somo time, Gradually I  became Rtrong and in tho course of  a month or so I wns again enjoying  tho best of health, and have not since  bad the least return of the old symptoms. I can bonrtlly rccommeu-1 Dr.  Willinms' Pink Pills to all weak glilr..  Sold by nil modlclno dealers at R0  cenls a box or six boxes for ,_ Tsf, nr  sent by mnll, pos,t paid, by Tho Dr,  WllllariV Medicine Co.  At the closo of overy winter when  tbe Ice from Lake Isndogn Is llonlliig  down the Neva, tho wooden bridge  uci'okr tbe river which abuts on tho  Winter Piilnce. St. Petersnurg, Is  swung round, In'order to enable lite  Ice to pass unimpeded. Tho operation  wuh partially newimiillNliod nt down,  not long since; whon the cables connected wltb the bank Hiiapped In a.  gust of wind* The bridge begnn lo  drift bodily down the Neva, nnd four  tugs In the Immediate vicinity were  uniible to rOHlriilii It. Alarm RlrniiH  were Hounded and nearly n score more  tiign came to Ibo iOHCiie. Thoy Just  succeeded In averting n eatiiHtrophe.  Tbo structure with II������ living freight  of 150 workmen.'was within (if) yiiuls  or the Hlono NIchohiH bridge before It  was got under control,  Scotland's Songs  . The great man had come at last,  and' all the youngsters were on the  alert, cudgelling their little brains to  rememl ei- the; answers to all the  .questions, likely to bo asked tbem���������by  his majesty's inspector.  He had gone' the round- of almost  tbo entire school, and the staff of  overworked teachers felt proud of the  smartness" and Intelligence displayed  by"their pupils. It was now the turn  of the last aiid brightest class in tho  school, who answered all questions  with unfailing readiness. As a last  poser, the great one asked them to  nahie some of Scotland's most famous  songs, ' Quick as lightning the head  .boy answered with "Ye Banks and  Braes," then came a somewhat lengthy  pause, while tbe staff looked anxious.  ; Come, come! Surely you know an-  other^pne. What! Not know tbat  one With a worhl-wide reputation? encouraged their questioner, thinking of  "Aiild Lang Syne." '  Straightway, to-everyone's surprise  the dull one at the back of the class  ,shot_up_bis_hand���������-_,   Well, what is it? queried the tormentor.  In proudly Important tones came,  with, a roar:  "Stop Your Tickling Jock."  Through Indiscretion. In eating green  fruit in Bummer many children become subject to cholera morbus caused hy irritating acids that act  violently oh tbe lining of the intestines. Pains and dangerous purging-! ensue and the delicate' system  of the child suffers under the drain.  In such cases the safest and surest  medicine is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dyseh*  terf Cordial'. It will* check the Inflammation and aave the child's life  A Waif  Hy golly, I call this rubbing-It In.  How now?  I sent this magazine two poems and  theysent'mo back thTee. .  Canada has moro than one thousand two hundred .newspapers, of  which one-tenth are dallies,  Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper.  iflV'yjsv    *u^jin(b ��������� i-^    ^,  When You Buy Matches,  They have a true safety base  v head,   with f silent _ tip.    Will  never explode if Stepped   on.  Bddy'������ Matches havs sitltfled Cao-  adiaus slnott 1861���������acoapt no othsnfa  The E. B. Eddy, Company, Hull, Canada  INSIST ON GETTING "EDDY'S"  WashbcMurdsy���������Wood_Baih^ .and���������_Tubs,  Fibre Pails and Tubs,  My Name Is Chester  The Prince of WaleB' Paris incognito reminds a correspondent of Loudon Opinion, that the late King lid-  ward, who also used to bo the Earl  of Chester when at Biarritz, was once  walking to the hotel when an  American accosted him. Excuse me,  sir, said the man, in the drawling, nasal accent of the Western Prairies,  but are you .*.& King of lOngland'.' My  name is Chester, tho King answered,  with hla genial smile. Confound It!  Thon you've lost mo a ion dollars bet,  said the American, and slapping tbe  king jocosely on the shoulder he walked away.  The Borirch for a cotton substitute1  ban been going on in Kuropo for a  long tlmo, nnd many experiments  hnvo been made with tho common  nolllo, which haa boon a promising  pliml, on account ot tho strength of Uh  11 bor and Its ready growth wild under tbe most discouraging conditions,  wllh a largo yield an aero.  W. N. U* W  Mr j. Jolly boy AVh<*iv on c.'tith have  yuu  beim?  .Mr. J.- I <-aiinot I'll a fb<; l'vi* been  n*  my olll<*������*  Mih. .1. TIihI'h when' ������,-������ dlft's-r. I  cnn t������������it ii ii**   \i.*-t������u I lunir mirt.  A Kindly Parent  n,iii, Niiiii n luniiiiii uiu io iii.h mi hur  !hi- i.'fbi-r i)fy,bt, J  i'.*:int  in },., n.s )'.-���������������  idiow tonight.  A show at night U no place for a  kid Iiiii* you.    You should bu at homo  i:i bed.  Dut  I  peddled blllH and  have livo  Uv.'nv.ii's,   tiilWt   Un-   isssi,   ,s,-i   un   Us'^iiu   Hi  Biilffle,  All right then, niif-twcri'd dad, I will  go wllh you lo Hint that you don't get  Inlo trouble,  Decision    ^impended l*'nlbi'r,    our  daughter Ih bring court ed by u poet.  Tb<* ginnt trouble with lhe nis-n  wbo c**t to thn front la that tbey feel  nn bfp, wo can't sen over their hendn,  I* tliat ro, mother? I'll*kick bim  nut.  Nnt art luul,     luvestigflto flrnt and  \ fitvl out tt'liHInr he work* lor ������ xntir,  u/.lni* or for a breakfiiHl-fiMi) factory,  j ��������� Wnihtngton Herald-  Lll<������ a Grip at the Throat. For a  (llmniHo tbut Ih not classed as fatal  there la probably none which cauaca  morn terrible Hufforing than asthma,  Blno|) l������ Impossible, thn sufferer bo-  comoH exhiiUHled and llnally, though  tho nttnek patisoH, Is left lu unceasing dread of Its relurii. Dr. .1. D.  Kollogg'u AHthma llemedy Ih a wonderful curative agent. It Immediate-  Iv rollovea tho reslrlcled air piii-tmiBOH  iirt thonsnnds cnn testify, ll Is nold  by ik'iilei'H everywhere.  Settled by a Widow  A buxom and winsome widow decided lo continue her late luiabund'fl  biMliioHn (wholusnlo meiit purveyor),  and appoint ml bin conlldcnllnl and re-  lliihlo mini, ono John .Iinv, as hor  malinger. John, though na astute  nnil clever bu&lnesH man, could neltli-  or road nor wrlto, Tho widow'partly  enroll him of the latter ' defect by  touching him lo write, "Settled, ,Tohn  Jinx," when giving a receipt for uc>  TIik bUMlmiHH Improved nnd pros*  pisrcil, us likewise did thn aniaiory  fciilliig'i belwoen the widow and John,  On* lator frulHfylng ln a proposal  and acceplnnco of mnrrlnge. After  tbo iiHiuil preliminaries tho ceremony  iv)l,   ������>i<sc,sj   fnlloM*(,fl   Isy   nu     twllnnrn.  nioiil "to llm vestry to coinpleto the lu*  gnl formnlltli'������.  The neceHHary pnrlleulnrs were  duly entered lu tlm mnrilage reglwlcr  nml happy John, Hoinowhal blushing,  look pon lu hiuiil and dearly nnd un-  mlHlakubly wrolf ns bis slgnaturo In  tho register: "SiMtled, John Jinx.'���������  TIHlKs.  Misnamed  A tourist, who recently returned  from ii trip through the Southern  Slates, relates this ��������� conversation,  which he overheard botween a farmer's wife and a negro alleged to be  looking for work: **  Bo there anv work nround horo.  missus? asked the applicant.  Well, we do need a man, replied  tbo womnn.    Do you want worHV  Yosflum. -       .    ''���������  Woll. I'm looking for a man to do  Ibo odd jobs around tho hou.se, always  bo oolite, willing to work, and never  bo Imnudent.  Did you tnv vou was looking for a  hired man, missus wkod tho negro.  Ves. whv do you ask?  Well, it 'nears to mo tbnt a hired  man isn't what vou want, Vou want  ii husband.  Botany v. Mercury  Tho  Rick  ami  nUins:  will  nnd   a   suiV  restoration to health and vlftov ln  The   Eclectine Botanic Treatment  The wealc, nervous and debllltati'd mo  mnde strong and robust by * Botanla  Treatment. Skin ��������� und Woosl disease*,  syphilis, lout vitality, emissions mid KL*n-  llo-urlnary eomplatnis,' chronic and  complicated dlstiasen of men und women -  yield to 13olanle Treatment when all  oilier means have failed. Our iirepavn-  tions were given tho gold modal as hltfh-  eat award at tlm Internntlrmnl KtUtbt-  tions In BniBHPlH 190!), Loudon 1910, 1'iu-h**  19U. Consultation free, jieiHonal or by  letter.      Open   10���������8.30,  The Eclectine Botanic Remedy Co.  203-265  Yonne  Street,  Toronto.  Ono of the richest, countries In tbo  world Is Ihut part of tbo Malay peninsula known ns the Federated Slaton,  Those ^provinces nro still under tho  rulo ot tbelr native chiefs or sultans,  though thoy are assisted by a Ilrltikh  advisor. The tin mines of thoso small  States are more valuable than most  gold mines, ror they produce nearly  half the world's enpply of .tin, and  tbe result Is an overflowing treasury  for the States.' Vast forests of rubber trooft nro also proving extremely  profllable.  DIXIiiSAcco'  HOW'S THIS?  We off**r One Ilunf������rort Dollnm n^wnrd  for nny ennn nf ('ninri'li thnt ennnot bo  liiirnd by Hall'H niiliirrh Curii.  V, ,1, OHiONKV & CO,, Toledo, O,  Wit llm undoi-HlKnstid . bau������ known V.  il, Cheney for tli *������ liint U J'lUiri* nnd lio-  ll������v������ lilm pt*rf������ully bonoriibUi In all luml-  iii-bh trnnsnet-lons, and flmineliilly able Io  . .i-iy    i*,!l   ������".'*   et>Ui������'sHnn"   ns,s,l,>   Is;-   hiu  fVi'tUViin.   KJiiJi.-u)   Si   Marvin.  Whrilosnlo   nnuwIstH,   Tolmlo,   O,  Iliiir* Calnrrli Curo In iiildui Inturiiiil-  lv,   nntltur directly  upon  th������  Wood  and  mucous fcurfni'i'S of thu HjMletn,      'J's'k-  tliiionliilii Hoiit ficii      I'rlco 7rit*. per but.  tie.     Unlil by nil nriurKlHlH,  ���������I'nUos IIhII'h Kiiintly I'llls    fsir   ConiHtt-  |iillUill.  THE 'ALBERTA' HOTEL  71S MAIN ST., WINNIPEG  A few doors south of C.P.R. Depot  Rates $1.50 to $2,00 per day  Cuisine unexcelled  Hot and cold water In every room  OUR   BUSINESS   MEN'S   LUNCH  FULL COURSES 35c.  rrrr-rs  ARLINGTON | CHALURNOiS'i  WATl*iU'ROOF  COLL/^'  (Hi-    iiir,   ),i\*,i   ,;,-,;,   !S,^rS*,   ii.\\t .,,i}\    !,  ..' siMstrsjiiSjiM/i-,.lsi>'.sXivit'.y<Hsii<K|)*:lMAf's.,Ml  \..Ui'.'l\\ nil ilMhl-lri'i "I -i l������l j ��������� I' r f, j. i' I. ���������  _,'-,  i    . 'Iiiii,Iii    I ���������'������-'������������������    Mfill. ;m������s,   'j.w.,,|.Vn.l , ,|,  The AriiriRtiin <������; 'ol'*Cnno������fii; UdJ-'  !iH Vititi A v f , T i> I it r> 11������, OiiUsiii '  ���������' ,-  DU. ELLIOTT, SPECIALIST. PEL  vato dUioanoa and drink ImblL  Wrlto 8t Queen East, Toronto.  WANTED  Hallway ARoutH, Tele^i'iipliers and  Clerics in grout demand throuRhont  North West. Six months will uual<  \%y you. Dny and Mall eoursoH.  Pqsllions secured, Free Book ID explains. Dominion Sehool Tel*,  ajrnphy, Toronto,  A Question of Title  After another sennon, snld Fanner  C'orntosHcl, I kiiohii we'll hnvo a ebef.  What's a ebef? asked bin wlfo.  A ebef is a mnn with n IiIk enough  vocabulary in nlvu tbe soup a different name every day.  YOU  WESTERN  MERCHANT  fihoiilil carry a stock of tho Wonder  Plly Killer, a little device of seamlom  lYsntM    |-iTitf*itrnt>lfi    nnd   tbn   aitrn   nv.  tormluntot* of every kind of fly and  mosuuUo, KutiUls at Jtiii*. iSuneral  neent,, Joseph It. Wilson, ������01 Btalr  niilldlnir, Toronto, or Nicholson A  Jlaln In Alberta, and Kscott & Harmor  for Manitoba and Snskiiloliewan.  Whin Your Eyes Need Gird  <M  m  Try lIurlQH Kt������ U.im������*jr. No Pm������rtln*--irMt������  IMri*���������A(it������ ynliiUljr, Try a i-x \\ai\,W*ait.  Witldi-y Kynit and UrannUu>il E/ellili.  Illuf  H*������"������������**s     tfvwm     ������������������������    tiiu  ii     t Himit'|-,,,i viumoii     mm  foiuixitinsioa i>r onr Omillini-mit ������"l'������tiint M������v  Inlnsi" ���������but litis] in miisiicsiirill l'hr������li*!������ni' ,m������  tint Inr mitlT fun, Now sUilluttiwI 11) llio I'ali*  llsi mid i������U br Utiitittiti 4lTti m,X 10) \it;i\ ���������>>'.*,  liuiln* Jljr* 8nli������la Axiipuo I'libM,-������tu in J m,  Murlno By* Romody Co,, Chlomit  FliiT.e Captain of compony fin  briiKqun (otich> Inspecllnu prlvntp's  kit: Have you buttons on nil arflelo^.'j  Private���������No, Bir.  Floren Captain���������What article hns  no buttons on? I  Private���������My towel, nir. i  white ron  PROOF  PURIFICO  fiANCER������ANb"TUNIOR  ���������iMWtnltrstntlu fmMXia Ha., tt\U*a*Ha* QftW  ounio  |^)piRii?^'*'������^������*^^ ���������.m Tiaiwanmn-r-s  ���������*__*H,_rl_ll.f_)- t i    ��������� iM | nffpi nllivi wTfTiil-grinriii-TufW fthnlUf-^-f im iilhir; I  ���������__lLm_������__-*-'>t_iv_i_ 1 vir-iiim������f- -ii-rt[(Y'rA?rw~Y**r*-,r>'>inr.TiiTitj*-ii"i-iii  ���������j������ijnrljiiiniwr~J~'iW,t'-J-'" ���������  _-__*. _-.___-_.K\'___m_*,m]-_iM-_m..    ..fn!TI  m_t_MatuMu_ armai^^fMir, am. ���������MU+ammiis.z.'iTii wt ^-���������arm_vatim*_ttMi1,  ftSSfi^  5.HE NEWS. CUMBERLAND, W. a  (4  BRUNONIA  How a Town Took Its Name  From a Mystery  By [LIZA li. TREAT  were wasctiea Trim a keen interest  For awhile he -paid no more attention  to MissWykoff than to any of the  other girls.    Wheu ln tbe morning he  TIPPING IS ANCIENT. .   (-  tn Bhekespeare's Tim������ It tleed to Bt  Called Vailtgiving.  Tbe word Up is of compartlvely mod-  FREEDOM OF LONDON.  ii  THE SOFT ANSWER.  j Bauntercd down tbe street sbe would  , waylay him at ber gate nud attempt to ^"^rttrtnT as' "it \ised"to"be Valla'."a  ��������� engage hln. in conversation. The ouly _ 8horI(Mlefl form of avails or profits. We  I ndornment In the town wns a flower < ,pcnk uow of lbe avttIl8 of nn ^^  I bed she cultivated In tbe front ynrd , or fo a blIRhies9 transactto* A hun-  i of bor borne.   Oue morning she wns  seen lo offer Brown a posy.    Ho ac  eepted it, but without fervor, and aft-  dred years ago tbey called gratuities  to servants or waiters vails. Dr. Johnson's dictionary, published In.1755, deer having passed a few blocks away , fincs vall8 08 ..u,oney given to servants  froj-.i tbe donor, where sbe would not aa a perquisite or present rather thnn  see him. ho dropped It. ln tbe way of wages."    Dean  Swift  All these incidents were observed by  tbe wnteliful. citizens, nnd some of  them did a little spying. But thut was  after Miss Wykoff had seemed to  make somo headway wltb Brown. If  tbey wished for Information tbey must  mentions a person "whoso revenues,  besides vails, amounted to {13." Shakespeare uses the word In tbe same senso  whero he makes one of tbe tlsbermeu  in "Pericles" say, "But hark you. my  frlcud, 'twas we that made up this gar-  1 ment nnd  there  are  certain  condol-  get It frave another source than'El-    _ _  len. for sho proveH to be very close \ nieiits, ee"itnTu~ TnlFs."    He"wanted Vo  mouthed.   She bnd not beep consider- j De condoled wltb a tip.  ed so beforo she sought Brown's nt- j The practice probably continued to  ,. Names often fasten themselves upon  things or places from some incident  cnn nee ted  wltV them in their begin-  ���������lng.  ��������� There  Is a  town  in  what  lfi  now  Ihe middle west, but half a century  >  .go was tbe.ror west called iftunouiu.' feHlloU8, and every one was surprised ' grow nfte'r"s'bakcspea7e'a tlme."for"l..ie  Singularly enough,   bo town took Its , nt her reticence.   "Can It bo." they snid, I in  the eighteenth  century  a   pbllan-  namo when It wns in the rough from . ..lhut  this  impenetrable  man   makes ' tbroplst and  reformer of tbo  period  a man whose name no one knew.   He ; nny ono wUll wllom bo colneB tu co���������.   publlsbei] 0  tract  agalnst  lndlscrlm.  came to   be place a stranger  without, tact impenetrable!" mate almsgiving, and denouncing tho  In roducllou, and wheu asked his name j    Kllen    poll's   efforts   to   break   vails practice as demoralizing both to  ���������*y,.: , ' through Brown's shell continued, in- | those who gave and to those who ne-  ���������Call me Brown; tbnt a as good a ( t.,.ensjng me  while up  to a  certain' eepted the gratuities.   This early ro-  ���������time as ia->" i point, when it seemed that 6he bad sue- j former wns Jonas Hanwny (1712-1780I,  i his man  Brown turned out to be. coe(j0(].   At any rate, ber efforts censed i who, after writing a book of eastern  Cie embodiment of a mystery which  set  m  abow  on  gosted  proposition was laughed at till a young *    B���������t  here ap06e  nnolher. cause  for  .     college graduate who bad recently set-   tou       cIaUel,   Wm lhe comlltlon bo.  ted   there  suggested    be   Latin   for . twmj Brown and K���������en w koff thiU  ;    Brown or Brimonla.   Ibis euphonious , of lovers 0l. of frIeudgV   Tl)(?ro weve  word pleased tho people, and the town   tbosu who hel(] lo lbe formep aud tbogb  was thenceforth known by that name.   w,,0 ���������eld t0 tbe lfttler     ln,on>    A���������  ,,     Brown was a spare rn^an, who wore , eff01,(g (0 draw an ndraIssi0D of any  Ids  ba r  qulto  long and  dressed  In   Wnd   fl.om  Ellen  ,alIed   and)  as  (0  buckskin, bis bend covering being a   Hrown< uo onc ercr thoug,lt of aBklng  bim any question whatever.  One dny something occurred which  led Brown's fellow townsmen to think  It Carrtee With It the Right t* Keep   General  Scett'e  Retort to  Hia Whla*  Pi_e In St. Jamee' Pariah. . Partner'e Apology.  Many towns ln Great Britain enjoy | After his retirement General Scott  special and peculiar privileges. When, ' passed the summer of 1802 at Cozicn'a  some years ago, parliament deprived , hotel, West Point, where every even-  the Cinque Ports of their ancient prlvl- ;ing a party 0f gentlemen adjourned to  leges. Brlghtllngsea. a Cinque Port the general's sitting room for their  "limb" or "appanage," was in aotna 'game. Being a good player, tbe host  way overlooked. Consequently Its in- ! was usually victorious, but If he and  habitants are still exempt from serv- * his partner were-ever beaten Scotfa  lng on Juries, they cannot be taken br ' |re was made manifest  tbe prrss gang, and tbe town can'stlil j One night it happened that the usual  appoint Its own ale taster. It is at party was missing. What waa to be  Brlghtllngsea that the ceremony ef : done? Tbe general must have his  electing the mnyor takes pta*e in the whist. There happened to be staying  belfry of the parish church. ; ���������t tbe hotel a Judge, who was asked to  In at least one manor, thnt of the a0 the favor of taking the fourth hand.  Earl of Carnarvon, tbe inhabitants ' with bouio protest on his part bo  may cheerfully disregard tbe enact- , ngreed to do it By culling for part-  ments of the ground game act, passed '< Ders the general nnd the Jurfce played  twenty years ago, The ancient right ; together and were benten-horribly  of free chnae and warren over freehold   beaten.  land Is still lu ffcrce tliere. Indeed it j Knowing how It irritated tbo gen-  wns actually exercised a tery few era| t0 jbse the game, the Judge ns ho  yen re ago, mid a private bill was rose from the table said In bis most  brought into parliament designed to do dignified and courtly wny: "1 formerly  nway wltb It Tbe bill however fulled played a. fairly good gnrue of whist  to become law. : but have been out of practice so long  The freedom of the city of London   that I am somewhat rusty.    1 hope  carries wltb It. nominally, at any rnte.   that fact may be takeu as an excuse  the right td keep pigs In the parish of   for my mistakes."  St. .lames, Piccadilly.   But, If any ono j    w.hereupon the general nrose with  WINNING A BRIDE,  Mark Twain's Wooing of Lovely  Olivia Langdon.  NOT HELPED BY HIS FRIENDS.  They Saemed to Agra* That Ha Would  Maka About tho Wont Huabaiad on  Record, but MisS (.angdon'a Fathei  Took a Different View.  In Harper's Magazine Albert Bige*  low Paiue, the authorized blograpUer  of Mark Twain, tvlls bow the great  humorist tlrst met Olivia i.angUoD,  who afterward became bis wlfo. Tbey  met In New York. Young Charles  Langdoo, who hnd been on the voyage  of tbe "Imiucents," brought them together.  "At the old St Nicholas hotel, which  stood on the west side of Broadway  lie t ween Spring und. Broome streets,  there were slopping at this time Jervls  l.angdon, a wealthy coal dealer and  mine owner ot Elniira; hln son Charles  was disposed to avail bhnself of this ' equal dignity nnd retorted. "I am glad i nnd  llls daughter.-"Olivia,   whoae pic-  One looking at bim would  ' aoinbrero,  remark: i  "What a strange looking mnn that  fellow la!"  But be would not be. able to determine wherein, the strangeness lay.  tt wns not in bis costume, for n mun-.  ���������tier of men thereabout wore buckRkln,  and long hair, was a ''plains" fashion.  If It Iny In any. one thing it wns ln a  ���������phiiix-llke expression'the man always  wore on bis face,  appearance was enhanced by a pecul  ZT  or to give gratuities to servants wbo .������.���������.-, .......  received wages.    But his crusade died   0n th* Dead Ruah Because He Had No  with him. and vnlls still survive under j T,me to 8Paro-  the odious name ot tip8.~lndlanapolis;    ln Chicago tliere Is a man whom his  News.  ANTS HAVE FIVE NOSES  The Sense of Smell Is Very Important  to These Insects,  In their autennae, or feelers, ants  bnve five ntses, each of wblcb bas its  tbnt tbe mystery waa solved.   He was ; own dulfcs to perform,  not seen on the street as usual nor the '  next day nor the next.   Then crime a  One nose tells tbe ant whether It Is  , creature, who made inquiries about a  , man, giving a description resembling  \ Brown.  i    If  Mr.   Brown   wns  tbe  man  she  i he strangeness or ; w.,med be l)Jld doubtless heard of her  and taken a timely departure. Bhe  I left, and the next day Brown reappeared. Brown was told tbat a woman bnd come iuto town and looked  for n man answering bis description,  but the news didn't seem to trouble  him. He snid he'd beeu called nway  to look out for a legacy be bad received, and it was not long before  there  were  indications  that  he  had  ren Ily" had-a-wlndfaU;--. ~���������  The womnn who was loqklng for  bim or some one like him did not return, but Brown kept up his watchfulness. Indeed, her.appearance evidently bnd not changed tbe situation. He  was the same mystery as before, and  ns time wore on mnny came to believe  that she had been looking for another  person.  Then en me a man worse looking���������  If that could be���������than the woman  who bad been there wbo was hunting  for one whflse description fitted her  exactly, . Uc did not Bcem to know  Brown, nnd It waa nt once inferred  tbnt Brown hnd nothing to do either  with the III favored man or woman.  Ho snld be hadn't, and there were  good reasons wby he aliould bo believed.  IS very evening nt 5 o'clock the Btngo  drew; up nt tho tavern on its wny  through tbe town. One evening while  the crowd wus awaiting the usual dully excitement tbe conch appeared nt  the other end of the Btreet, nnd Brown,  or nnythlng ot bis pnst or what ho i W|10 was present, wns seeu to chnngo  Blight hope for In the future. j color.    Several persons  wbo noticed  Brown had nol, been long In hi** '. mm looked knowingly nt each othor  adopted homo when It was noticed that! n.q much ns to say: "Ills enemy is com-  lie seemed ellber to bo looking for, \nK, j,0olc eut." The conch cnnie on,  ���������oino onu or wns conscious that some j nud sllllug on tho Bent beside tho  ono wiib looking for him. A boy ( driver wna a comely woman of twon-  ���������ne dny walking' behind bim down the ty. Seeing Browu, bcr face broke Into  um!n street noticed thai nt overy cor- ( ������ bciuillful nuille, and when'tho couch  , In Its own, nest or tbat ot au enemy;   .,.aha^ ,._ .. .,,,. ���������,���������__ ctnnr,  ���������.aut,ar\  woman, a coarse, disagreeable looking i anoU)er   nose   ^0.^ .bctween' "^Sr 'vlneil  ba?k   "PuteVo^ne  odors of anu. of tbe snme species but 00lint/wlHlollt 8toppIng to Bort"the  of different colonies; a third nasal or- j wm.d ���������nd daRhed 0 wlth tbe 6QM.h.  gnn serves the purpose of discerning   er|Mjr hard ^^ AftertWP.  the scent laid down by the ants own d        Washington street for half  feet, so tbat it may be able to retrace  It Wat Not the Minister"! Fault Tbat  Hie Shafts Went. Astray.  Mr. McDougall was n Scotsman, nnd  friends know as Inaburry, Junes. One of him a good story Ib told. He was a  morning about 10 o'clock a man with large, pompous man, intolerably self  southern blood in bis veins Baw Jones, ' coucelted nnd arrogant-ln fnct, his  whose energy be bnd oftcu admired, ' conduct toward bis neighbors was so  tearing down State street as ii propel* * offensive that tbe good people success-  led by the winds of heaven. It came fully requested their minister to preach  over tbe southerner to follow Jones a sermon directed at their vain neigh-  just to see where be was going and   bor. **.  how tremendous a mntter was depend- j    The dty camel   Tbe little kirk was  ent on bis getting there. ' packed, though a, few tender hearted  Jones rushed into tlie Palmer House,   ones stayed at home, not wishing to  witness their neighbor's humiliation,  The sermoii began, and Mr. McDou-  gall disposed himself to listen. Tbe  man's Infirmity was sketched with  bold, severe strokes.    He smiled with  ������&<���������������(!������  ,'     JCUrED INTO BUOWN'fl 1RMB. '  f     ���������  l������r retlctfnce, for Brown never told  whence or why he enmo to the town  the way quite easily; a fourth nof**  Btnells tlie larvae and pupae, aud' the  fifth nose detects tbe presence of an  enemy... ..   .  If an ant be deprived,of a certain  nose, it will live peaceably wltb enemies, but if It retains its fifth nose It  will fight the alien to tbe deatb. -There  is a difference in tbe functions bf nose  one and nose five, although tbey appear to"be" some what a II ker~���������       - r  This eense of smell does not como  till tbe ants are three days old. If,  therefore, ants only twelve hours old  are placed among ethers belonging to  different colonies, they will grow up  quite amicably nnd not understand  tbat they are a mixed lot, because  they will bave grown up with Ideas or  scent Iri accordance with tbelr surroundings. Tbe sense of 6mell to tbem  Ib as Important aa the sense of 6lgbt  to human beings.  a block be dived Into tbe Field office  building and just missed  being jammed by tbe-elevntor doors In his de-  termination not to lose a cur.  The southerner took the next enr up   ers Joined him.  fore Christmas Samuel Clemens was  Invited to dine nt the botcl. Lie went  very willingly. The lovely girl of the  miniature which he had tlrst seen In  lier brother's stateroom had been often  ������ part of bis waking dreams. For the  first lime, now, be looked upon iu  reality.   Long afterward be said:  " 'It Is forty years ago. From thai  day to Ibis she bas oever been out of  my mind.'  "His wns not nn nn ruffled courtship,  iWhen at last be roaclrod tho poiut of  proposing for the daughter of ths  house ucttuer the daughter nor the  household offered any noticeable encouragement to bis Glllt,  "There wns ouly a provisional engagement at first Jervls Lnngdon suggested, and Sntfuiel Clemens ngreed  ' with him. thnt\tt was proper to know  lofty superiority.   As the denunciation  grew more scathing his smile deepened , BoVnetblng of bla'partoawoTl as of'hli  with a touch of complacent pity.   At  present   before   the  offlglal   parental  and entered Jones' office timidly, certain that be wns about to come upon a  conference of at least four of the most  Important men in Chicago's financial  world.   Inside he found Jones smoking  the conclusion of the service be swag- , eanc(lon shou)(] be g,ve|y    When Mp  gered down tbe aisle.   One of the eld-    Lang(ton lnqull.cd a9 to the names ol  persons of standing to whom be might*  .write for credentials, Clemens pretty  confidently gave bim the nume of the  Rev, Mr. Slcbblngs and others of Snn  Francisco, adding that be might write  also to Joe (Joodninn If he wanted to,  "Weel, what di*i ye think of the sermon?" the latter ventured to ask. ,  "A great effort,'sTr," was tbe answer,  "but personal. The meenlster. aimed  his shots too directly. Poor MncTav-  Ms_c]gnrj)eMnd=.^  hundred   times   and   tbnt   Goodman  T  Placid Hindu Servants.  Hindoo eervnnts are the most iw*  pertnrable people tn the world. You  may throw one dowustnlrs or pat bim  on the bnck. He accepts both with exactly the snme expression of countenance. The- Indian's religion Is at the  bottom of nil hla acts, all hla feelings.  He tuts, sleeps, moves and has bla being according to religious formula, and  hla doctrine of relucnrnntlon forms his  wholo philosophy uf life. Tho fact  thnt you aro tbe master now is duo to  tbo fnct thnt you hnvo been tbe servant  ln some previous reincarnation. He  Is tbo servant now, nnd tbo only chance  for bim to bo reborn In the muster's  position Is to lenrn all the lessons of  his present Incnrnntlon. He tnltos ev������  erythlng philosophically. It Is all a  pnrt of tbe day's work.  bis feet on  his desk  and bis swivel   conceit is enormous," sirl'  cbalr  tilted   back   comfortably!���������New j  :  j  York Post j A Sheer Waste of Money.         ' |    "Wheu  I played politics nnd little ;  The Doomed Shepherd Dog. * else." observed "Indian Jim"  Flnlay, |  The shepherd's dog that kills u sheep \ "I wns. delegated to raise a eubscrlp-:  ls iruomed.   Tbe penalty Is deatb. Ste-, tion.to buy a solid  brass chandelier  times and tbnt  would lie for bim if necessary, so bis  testimony would be or no value. Tbe  letters to the clergy were written, nnd  Mr. Lnngdon also wrote one on Mb  own account  "Clemens wns In Jacksonville, 111.,  venson In one of his essays tells a story   for a well konwn politician wbo first j flt ti,e end Qf Mnr(.|i, isoo, and In a tet  ter to his publisher states tbat he will  be In Dl intra two days Inter and asks  that proofs of the book be sent there,  no arrived nccordlug to schedule, anxious to benr the reports tbat would  mnko bim, us Uie novels might nay,  ot bow John Todd, "the oldest herd on saw the light of day In the Emerald  tbe Pentlnnds," once saw a dog be ' Isle. It was to be a present to hlra to  knew maneuvering toward a pool be-: be Installed In tbo pnrlor of a now  bind Kirk Yetton. j house  he   wns  about*to  move  into.  "John lay tbe closer under tbe bush   Among those I tackled for a contrl-  nnd presently anw the dog come forth   butlon was nn Irishman wbo bnd been  upou tbe margin, look all nbout him to1 born   In   tbo same  town  and  came yt|ie happiest or tbe most miserable of  seo if  be  were anywhere observed,1 across tbo pond about thn same time   nicn>>    jervls Lnngdon hnd a rather  plunge in nnd repeatedly wash him-! as the politician.   I told him whnt was   B0|Cran \_v\_ When they were alono to-  self over bend and ears and then (but; to be bought wltb the money, and as   getber.   Clemens ashed:  uow openly  wltb tall  in  ain strike! he put his name down for a fiver, be ,    ���������������������������y0u'vo heard from those gentle-  blurted out: J  "I wns born nnd brought np with  Blank, and It is like throwing money  In the river buying tho likes of bim a J  chandelier, as the dlvll of n note can  he play on lt."-Knnflns City Journal.   ,  homeward over the bills." But the  dog's high intelligence did uot snve  bim. John reported his doings, nnd ho  "wus bnd out to a dykeslde nnd  promptly flhot." He was a sheep enter;  ho hnd betrayed his trust-London  Standard.  ner he would turn bis bend lo tho right,  llien to tho lert, or vlco versa! before'  crossing. Tbe boy snw him cross hnlf  ��������� dostcu BtrcetB, nnd ho nover fulled.to  look In holb direct Ions.  Hi'own wns u linndKomo mnn, and  UiIh, takeu ln connection wllh tho.mystery attending lilm, nttruclcd tho young  .women of tbo plnco to him. A number  nf tbem nt different limes endeavored  to Heetiro Homo notice from him, but  thoy all fulled. Uo seemed Insensible  to fo ml n I no charms, This added to tbo  wonder Iho mnn excited In every ono  and led tu Ibo theory among the young*  ir persons Unit ho hnd been cmused In  lovo nnd nmong tlio older onos tbnt ho  f dii red Bomo womnn bo hud wronged  who wits looking for lilm. There were  men of tho town who believed that a  , womnn wna looking for Brown; but, in  to Brown having Injured bur, they  tliotigjit it moro likely thnt Hhe iind  got 111m In ber tolls and mndo It hot for  bim. ,, -   ,       -  ' Bo tbnt an U mny, tho attention  Brown nllrneled grow InHleml of do  dining,   Ilo wns pointed out to strati'  tfl'itt   iii)   ibo   tOUti   ^.U.iuillj,   isinl   lU)  rnrrlcfl tbe dory of the mystery U  oilier places. It ls qulto possible, oven  probable, thnt this hnd boiiio effect in  fastening tbo nnmo of Brown un tbi  town.  Tyjtl) -vr-ry monlh Hint prtR*prt th������  toun'u watchfulness increased. Ho wm  ->*icon nt times to Aart, but bo udept  was ho In concealing the causa thnt  llioao who noticed tbo starling cltboi  thought that Ihey wero mhtnlcon ni  ���������Lbatlt wnsmorcly n norvotia twitching  "VW girl In the town, nml one only,  infused to put tip wllh llrown's Indlf.  fereu*.1*. Tlmt wiih Ellon Wykoff. II  wnt* nppnrcnt Hint alio xx-at tny lng to  penetrate tbe armor which protected  hlrn from llnwi who sought lo gnin nn  Inside view of lilm, and ber efforta  stopped she stepped down on to tbo  wheel nnd Jumped Into Brown's nrms.  Tbo news Bprend throughout the  town thnt tho Krown mystery wns  Rolvcd. But tho curious citizens wero  doomed to disappointment. Neither  Brown nor tho new nrrlvul gave tiny  explanation. Since tbey wont to housekeeping together without any mnr-  rlngo ceremony It wns Inferred Hint  Ihey wero mnn nnd wlfo. But Brown  was it new mnn. Ho became a permanent resident of tho plnco, and ho and  his wlfo���������ospeelnlly tbo Inttor-grow In  tbo affections of tholr fellow townsmen, lint neither ever lisped n word  ns lo tbo story tbat every ouo believed  wns eoDtioclod wllh thorn.  This much camo from Rllen Wykoff,  Sho averred Hint sho hnd formed a resolution to get Brown'R secret Kor tha  purpose sho protonded lo havo. fallen  ln lovo with lilm, Sho found hltn a  very honorable man, who felt It his  duty to'shut off a lovo 'thnt could not  bo relumed, On her promise "not to reveal wlmt ho said he Informed her that  ho was n married man. But llio rest  ut Wit* wj-lu-y shd could nol jet cut  >f hltn.  Mlfis Wyl-toff lonrnod, however, tho  cuuso of liM looking tip and down n  street boforo crossing It. Ho was blind  In ono eye and to avoid accident hnd  formed Ibis hnblt. Tils atnrtlng eiinio  from the snmo cniipe, a shadow on his  blind sldo being tho most frequent  cnjise.  It was soon after Mrs. Brown's nr-  rival when tho Interest In their slory-  n story doubly jntoreBlIng trom remaining untold-flint the town wan  nnntcd. Brown's legacy proved to bo n  bona tide one nud rii(HelenMy large tn  cnnblo bim to do a great denl for his  adopted town.   And doubllens Ibis wns  Kept a Watch on Hie Men*  Sir Edward Hnrlnnd was tbo founder  ot tbo great Bolfnst Arm of shipbuilders. His lynx eyed vigilance wns a  legend nt tbo works. It was snld tbnt  ho used fo survey tho workmen through  a telescope from tho windows ot bis  residence, Ormlsion, All tho men felt  thnt bis eyo was on tlicm. A riveter  who has a spite against a fellow work,  er on a ship can let n riveting Itnmiucr  full, apparently by accident, upon his  victim. It wns gravely alleged thnt  Ilnrlnnd onoo by bis telescope enught  n rlvctor In this act nnd, ns soon as he  arrived at the works, walked up to tho  man ond incked bim.  Bears On* Crop and Dies.  Tbe sago palm treu bears but one  crop ot fruit Us loud of nuts Is its  lirst and Unnl effort In tbo wuy of fruit  bearing. Tbo nuts becomo ripe and aro  strewn In fjiousniids nround tho tree  until tho great stem stands up by Itself,  empty nnd bare, The branches turn  browu and drop ouo by ono to,fho  ground, inside tho trunk tbo work of  deeny la going on until what ui ono  tlmo was n mass of whlto suro and  pith becomes nothing but n collection  ot rotten brown fibers. One dny the  trndo wind blown more strongly thnn  usual, nnd tbe leafless eolumu of tbo  trunic falls with a crash, destroying In  Its fall mnny of tlio young palms thnt  nro already springing from the nuts  bciitiered sor/e months before,  men out (bereV  " 'Yes, and from another gentleman  I wrote concerning you.'  " 'Tbey don't appear to bava been  very enthusiastic from yonr manner.'  ���������"Well, yes; soino of them were.'  "'I suppose 1 may ask what partlcu-  Inr form their emotion took?'  "'Oh, yes; yes, they agree unanimously thnt you nro n brilliant, nble  mnn, a mnn wltb a future, and that  Glaiiy,  "I suppose," snld the mnn In the yol,  low cont, trying to ue chummy, "It  doesn't hurt your glues eye when you  get anything In It?"  "Does It look ns If It would ever be  likely to hnvo a pane In ItV" responded  (ho other frigidly. And be gure lilm a  i-lnssy stare.  Tbe Limit.  "Miss l'ry In the ������.o*l luquLvUJie sort  of girl. Thoro Is nothing doing but  she mnnnges to hnvo her finger In ItV"  "I notleo she hasn't pot (be finger In  nn engagement ring yut"~ Baltimore  TstnlKi-They tell me thnt the Block  Kxchnnf-o Is a most liitumporotn place  Bones-1 should say so. Money gets  tight, and tho certificates often tnke ���������  diop.-Bntlre, ,    .  Still Life.  They were looking at (ho canvnsus  on exhibition In tbe artist's utudlo,  "noes this ono represent a ronllnnd"  ���������cupo?" inquired tbo portly centlomnu  wltb the doublo chin.  "Yes, sir," answered the artist. "Thnt  ftido shack In tho foreground Is a  moonshiner's cabin in tho ntonntnlw."  "Ob, yes, This must be the painting  called 'Sllll Life' In tho cntnlogue."-  Chlcngo Tribune.  <    Boston's Spinning School.  Comparatively few peoplo kuow that  there wus once n "spinning Bchool" on  Boston common.   Wlnsor's "Memorial  History of Boston" records tbat upon   you would mnke ubout tbo worst hus-  llio arrival In  Boston of boiiio Irish   bund on record.'  spinners and weavers a spinning craze ]    "Tho applicant for favor bnd a for-  took possession of tho towu, "nnd the   jorn look.  women, young nijd old, high and low, j    "'Thoro's nothing very evasive about  rich nnd poor, flocked Into tho nplnnlug   that,' he snld,  school, which for wnnt of better qunr* I    "There wns a period of reflective niters was set up In.tho common, In the   lenco.   It wns probnbly no more tbnu  opon   nil*.    Horo  the  whir of  tholr   a few seconds, but It seemed longer,  wheels was board from morning to !    "-Haven't you nny other friend thai  night." Thlrry-llvo years Inter the So-   you BUggest?' Lnngdon snld.  cloly  For Encoiiniglng industry nnd |    ��������������������������� Apparently nmio whoso testimony  Employing tho Poor ngnln used the   would be valnnble.'  common ns a apl nu Ing school, nbout |    "Jervls Lnngdon hold ont his hnnd.  BOO  young  women   appearing   there,   'you havo nt least one,' Ito sold,   'lbe  eon tod nt tholr wheels, ns a sort of ex*   novo In yon.   1 know you butter thnn  ample and advertisement  N Same Thing.  "What Is a den?"  "A don, my son, ls a piece where  wild bensts mnke their homes,"  "No, i uieou a d*n In a muii'm ho/i.-e."  "Eddie," Interjected tbe mu4her, "your  father's dellnltlun applies to thnt also,"  -London Express,  A Curious Will.  By Iho terms of tho will of one Or,  Wlldo of St Ives parish, ���������Huntingdon*  sblro, England, his trustees were dl  reeled lo spend ������50 In the purchnso,, of  a pleco of land In Bt Ives, tho annual  rent of which was to bo set aside for  (ho purchase uf six Bibles nt s cost or  7 shilling* ench. To decide who shall  lmvo them he requested his trustees to  they do,'  "And so came Hie orown ot hnppl*  ness, 'llio engagement of Xniiiuel  Liinghorno Omens nnd Olivia Lewis  Lnngdon wns nilHIed next duy, Feb.  V, ISttO."   ,   ��������� ������������������������  A Fortune In His L������q>  During the reign of Qnn'U Iflllxnhrth  an English gentluimin of wealth named  Corbet, of n distinguished fnmlly neer  KhiowMitiry, bet Unit bin leg wss th������  "prepare n snuecr with throe dlso upon ; linndsouiwll In the country or kingdom  thonltiirtnbloof the parish church snd ������nd staked efciaic* worih Sioo.uoo on  let tbo Bibles bo milled for." the subject. Ilu won llio wager, nnd ������  plcfiis-fl Is silH I'Hwivi'd In tlie tuuilli  If you wish to appear agreeable In  society you must ronsenf to be tnugbt  '      ���������'  '���������,M"       IU ' dn, ' ������M       mm IHtawrtM ������ou ������u������ .to.*  BniuMlss. |;--1.-I���������������r.sssl.  U������*(J to UKss-so^ts-vii.  "Did your liutbnnd ever try bis bund  it sustained (IctlonV"  "Did be? for nl least ten years bo's  been trying to make me bollovo he  ilkes my cooklng^-Chlcago Trlhuno.  Wh������t He Won't Tell.  "Does you husband tell you every*  thlngr  "Yes, everything exrrpt How much  pocket money be spends hlmu'if tvery  Week."-DeUolt .Vrce I'resa.  A Wone Stags.  Mrs. Crnwford-Now that tho honey.  moon Is over l uii|'|iono you und >oui  Uiiribuiiil bun aiowi) ri'imomlcnl wllh  his kisses? Mrs. Crnbshnw-He bns  reached a worso stago thnn that my  donr. ne bns grown'economical with  his money.- Illustrated Bits.  Solitude snd the Crowd,  11 ts easy In tbo world to lire nfiei  tho world's, opinion, it Is easy In noli  MMo to llro nfter our own, but thu  great mnn ls ho who in the mldsl of  (be erowd keeps wllh perfect sweet  no** tint ludepend'-ui'B of sulltmlu.-  Uul|ib WuIdo Emerson.  The ���������hortmt lift* ts long-enough tf ll  li-iid (o n hcttpr, nnt tho louuetit life It  too shatt It It do ont- Cuitou.  mansion  ri'pri'RrntliiK  the  pM-r*-**  nt  moiifiirlng the h'g> of I lie dinVrtttM con  s}i>������!lltll������  The Milav Way.  "(Jrondpii," wilil (he small hnj frou*  tbe city, pointing lo a wnyeldt* piunt  ���������'whnt Is (halV"  "Thiil'*- milkweed," wns ijj reply.  Ull,   I   MI'iVs,     rlClt������i������iiv������t   ti.ti   ittt*���������������  fellow. ."That's whnt von It.a in tin-  ! rows #o they will give inim."--Cbtrflgu  i 1.0WS, ^   f ' ""  I Pine "Miche's.  '    Fond Mel hor-Willie, where dirt ron  Irani   to   ha enr    HUi������   umiV     Uiuin.  Hopi������fill-Pii'*   HhilVlii*-,   UIH'I-KS   gelt.  grnfiUpu'e huui mho yum tun rol<-Lite.  t'hnrm strike* 't** *iutit. nut mrrll  wina tb* soul.--Top*. ������j_ttt mm*������* mumim-m^i brinish eei^flwwjfc-  -���������- *- *>i-*____mM*z*v*i_mzi~-n'wr\-_c_7waiSM.-i  WWWriWlmWiWHWfcm*_iwij ���������ai������������������m*r amaw*****,* <w.  R l *"   'i mm-iii������������������**-'���������'" ���������������������������'-"  ||   Victoii.i, !!. C,  I'hone 964  sGrcvy BJank<������t8 fr,pt|i...,..;....;..,. .....,..|2,76 a p**i*r  c White Blankets..... ........,............  *^O0 .a pair  ,, Comforters froin................. .W.T������5. eaeh fDd tap  ���������mm 11 iiiii  ���������   Ills        mmmmmmmny      . n.n m  A new Stock of Extcnsbn Tahks, Parter Ttjbtes acd Gwfrs ef  rrg^>r>-~,'aH kinds, fesS received ns^r^^3^)  Huad.O^ick 518, iFisgunrd St.  axamam w-n AawuM  We always carry afull stack of Beds and Steddingj  -.r^^S Springs ofld ,&st������resses  ij*  iiP.fiw.eott'sSto'veo ami ftariges aro tbe,host.  McPhee fflwfc A^-lSoKDrarON    Gm&terUtid  (������������������wr***********---..-* mkbwwji  Meeting Of  The Councl  It you wurit anything   in   valises,   s  ciises ������r trunks, try Ths IJiy Store. The  bave the largest and-rnoxt  1 mmplcic ;-:*,  sortmc-nt, ,at tl>e must reasonable prices.  ^���������j-M'io .regular .meeting of   -City  ���������C-.M!i;dI Was held     on    Monday  ,e.-veuing, there being present Aid.:  'teky -MnxwolJ,--Campbell, Wjl!-  ^������������������i'yReverifljjc and''th'o" triay.0!\.  CQtmi;ui.uic/mou   was i* received  ,/yoin .U'. M. W, of A. asking .per-  in'-?i.o!) to collect Union dues on  tho street .on Saturday, Sept. 14tli,  ;ii'r.u, to collect for Mr. Bums, who  .was injured i'n the mines and un  ably to work. Pennimiion was  .granted ���������in"both .instances, Aid..  "Willard niovirig .that the "Mine  ..Workers be permitted   to   ..collect  " iii ������������������nil the. end of the preseui coun-  ,<ii,lV* ter.m'of'-^tQe.. The .Ladies'  ;Ho?plt/il Auxiliary .also .-a'aked*  ^���������l-niifi&iou to take up .*,*. .eollec  yon .on the streetB in aid .of ;locn-l  h.o-spitnl,, wluqlr w'&b granted.  It was suggested that the If.  $&. W:..oi A. fihenild, find .sonve  ,ctt,feveY'-place"?pricoljecfiiTg~cl ues. ������������������������������������"  Say ward kancl T>ii$riot  District of   Co in ox*,  TAKI;, notice that Elinyrio Jinn-  nan,     i-narried-   womnn     Camp  hell _ Rixer,    B.. 0.,     intends    to  ftpfi.i'y ior  psrmirtsion   to  purehape'  the   following  deeoribod   hind :���������  Conimeacuig at a post   planted ut  the south cant corner   ot   Lot   No.  8.^1, thenco Houth, 15 chains   to the  nonh weat corner of Lot 376, then  co oast 2.0 chains to the -shore   liny,  thenre along the ehore line   to   the  pkjoe of commencement,  coiita'n-  ing 16,0 'aeres -more or I-shs.  ELIN.YEUE"'HAN NAN  Qeorge Vordier, Agent.  DWtod July Mod, 1912.  THOMAS' OUOS'SIN't;  Sidney, X- C. Phone K 3',*  Cumber'niuli B.C.  Phone 33  . NAKANO & CO.  .REAL, ESTATE AOENT������  @������������������������-_*<S)_������X?>S^^ BS���������*B<!^<^������fiX^;^^  I  VICTORIA, B. C.  1ta**xS*\**^.'a**^^ imtS^m^itsfiihtifyt^^  AROCCHI BROS    "  GROCERS   &   BAKERS  AND PROPRIETORS  OF  CUMBERLAND  BOTTLING WORKS  .Agents for Pilsener 'Brewing'Company's BEER  \yhojesale .Denlers in all Kinds ,of  Wiiies aud Liquors.  SECOND   STREET  ,.  s Dicycie 5  fl. flakanishii P^op.  ^-GENERAL REPAIRING OF���������    .  Bicycles, Sewing Machines,  Cr uns,Stc. Etc.  Plumbing Done.  W, Copp's Famous Stoves & Ranges.  Stovepipes etc.  P.O. Box 360  Telephone 7-0  iMiiiininii.iiii������w^^  GOVERNMENT ST. VICTORIA,'B. C.  Complete Stock of t%Ye Oldc Firme"  .COUNTY-COURT OP NANAIMO  HO-L,DJ?N:AT CUMBERLAND.  In the goods ,of.��������� Jjimes Murphy,  deceased inteatate.  TAKE NOTICE that hy ordor of  .JlLa_H,on 0 r_ J.dd g-s^-Ba r.k,e r-ra ;i cl e-i n-  The engineer's ���������'���������repoft o,h ,f?id,e.-  .'��������� wa-lis \vii6  vcu'i'ved   to   Finftycp  ',(.!o:mm{^et>.    Tho     fun',lint   due  ,(y>n.tT.������uyK)r np to September' 9^{,  -"2Sh*"������������������ M.������pr  A.^'pity   Cleik  ^���������-eejti ?,Wpewei'ied to   nrrangti    for  .. ,c;-rer<!i-a-ft of.$ ,to pny  to^ch ;  X'l'i giilarins for  August.  AcGounhs:���������Ishindor aeoconut  ii* cori'te.te.l #1.16 08; Telegraph,  1.50; W,  H,  Roberts, 24,00.  Aid, J\I,a,\\yc'll us trustoo of  hand reported thnt ;ba-nd;ui!i������te*r  hud gone, ^lulyshod Hie Council  ;l,0 tako Ktopo in the apptiinting  ,of a new ' l.e������,d������r. Tho ina.tt.oi-  W"fi.s loft y/itji t'ho tt'.t.tsteos, the  ���������new leader 0   h.o   o^i.o   of   .thjt-ir  number.   ....  ���������Tholkjnid of Works were di reeled  itoopen np the alley from Fourth  to, Fiftji  fctruot   between   -Dutifi  jH-tiii ami  l)ej'-,yent nvoiun's.  .Council (tdjoiivned,  AUCTION SALE.  Afi'S.si-s Hardy & liisi/oe hnve  received iiii-'tntetioiiii from Mepsi'K  \\-'aij;eidi!uiner nod Ounli' to sell  ,oJT nl th-'ir residiMH'e o'jipi'iHsiio lhe  Cninbeiis'iinl lm.-'jiitiil, ;i small se-  Jc.'l jj-'H'coI of real Kiiiikm] Onlc  bedi'oom aud (liniiiyrooin i'urni-  tni'c, Tho mi^r will stiu't nt, !'i  (Md.oek on Monday afternoon,  jSepl.   lOtli.    A     yeuuiiio   Iron  Kranu'.sl KngJisli high I'-trtin/f pi  ano hy Sev/iOl iV, Si*wcl), l.ondun  will alsu bo i*ol.(|,  couNiy coi;rt ok n aw aim o  1K)|,1)KN    AT   OUMJU-tHLANU  f      1 1 1       r     iv ! i  i^Viii;i) sliA'SMt-iiU   ijllt;stu<<;,  TAKK NOTICE tliiil. by order  of His Honor Jiul'po .Unrkor nude  in LJuv uhov������ /loutf on tie*. 'Jih dny  oj-ke|iU-nib.i;r VilV*,, \tut i.itui.eri-iyji  wn a ii|)t)oii.tuihidnnt:innitor of.the  wtiilo of Albino Jii!isjin*ovltcl������,' do-  WBtVswIjWlm wiih kllhul a' No.7 ndno  on M1131 llth, J!)l_, iuli:*.-ti\te,  All ucouiiuU's uyniiiBt  tho t*iUal,u  Aiid ull auotitilb  dus*   the   t i-i.itu  tha aboye court oh thp 4'th chyv of  Septeflj,b,er 1912,. the 'uudeiviwtipd  ���������waa"appointed adininistraior of the  .esLatu oJ ,,- Jame3." Murphy, ii..-  ceiii-ed,. who died.ut Rock Buy on  ���������M,ny"7th 1912, inteatato  All accourilfla'grtiust tho   csln'o  aad all  nccouiita  due   tho  elale  must bo praswited   and   p d 1,    *.o  apeelively.on or   before   tho   L5-h  My of Ootobor 1.912,     ���������  WW. VViU.ird,  OfficiBl  Adniinistrntor,  Cumberlr.nd, B. C  CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST,. $12^500,000-  ' s     *       ,  MONEY  ORDERS    "  Issued Uy The Canadian Bank of Commerce., are a fyife, convenient^and  inexpensive method qf remit'ting' small sums of money. These Orders,  payable \yithout charge at i������ny bank in Canada' (eKcept in the-Yukon  Territory) and in tlie pruicipal cities of tho United States,.aro. issupd at  the foUpwiug-* nttes:  $5 arid under ., ,    3 cent3  Over     5 and not .exceeding $10.     G     't  *i yn _xd  IO  it  (*  10  30  SO.  50.  10  15  *4 ,  ao  REMITTANCES  ABROAD  should I* mede.by cru-ai** of our SPECIAL; FOREIGN  DRAFTS and MONEY  PROEMS.   jBsui'd without dn!--*.y a,t reasonable vato3.  -..Uit-IBEBLAND  EUANOH..' W. T. WHITE.   Manager  r^g^KimiHmxmr&BBmaamsamWFB^^  Dominion Pianos, Thomas Organs  Victor Victrolas, Gramophones and Records  WRITE FOR CATALOG AND TRICE LISTS.  Convenient Terms of Payment Arranged.  1  hf-yo#yv;ant-r-   LUMBER  SKE  US  Comox vSawmill Co..,, Limited,  Comox,   }l. C.  I'OR SALK-rSix-room cot'ams  wiih ].iuitry nnd bath. Full  b\'/.,v\ lot, Ivlcirygni-t Ave. Clood  outbuildings Ter.m.s 8500 enoli,  biihmee to pnjt, pnrchasci'. Apply A, H. IWey, Drug Su>ry  Dunsmuir. Avonuo.  'w*  SMIII  Show of  Fall Hats, Auto.  Bonnets,  Children's Bets etc.  NOW-.. ON.  HI  Courtenay,   B. C.  809 GOVERNM^T STREET,   Opposite P. 0.   VICTORIA, B. C  iiiimnurairainin^^  ^--^���������BE![������*U!Hl'ra!���������  I' Capital Paid Up $7,491,980. Iiesorve $8,421,178  |   The Royal; Bank- of Canada.  I DRAFTS   ISSUED   IN   ANY   CURRENCY,   PAYABLE   ALL  |- OVER   THE . WORLD.  | SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS A interest  | ut higbost Currant KaieB nllowid on DcpoKitu of !?1 and.upwards.  ������ OUMJJERLANn, B. 0., Brunch, Open Daily,  I UNION WHAIt'F, B. 0.,   Sub-Brach, Open Thursdays,  ������ D. M, MORRISON, Mannger.  _  ixmmiKrinnTinniwrnmiinvmmM  nxBemMrwsMam.rjLnuvmm  ������pvacxi������Wi-_f������ni*iiiinM.uiMA-is-*ufJmmi������m  \jmJU_c.llltUit''ntMt_M 1  1 lltx******.���������mmenassJSi iuCK-^'^EC..'  . i r  f3 gf^>?l  !J ;^i     ,*'   fi  w>  ' MSIWKSS'iaBBWIBEnCT Kl  . tkj&imilSmTSSEWXx* Q I  V  w  n  w^nmvnamnv-r.-mnK.rm'vfframvat^  m \a.*.m*.v mtruvar .������m*i*xu\ w*w-a*uii'������.-w _vray  Ch  e dxev) oca  .iM'^n������W������n,*WriMlinM*WH������V.V>% WJIM^^WlgBW^irjCW-VWWMitl^WUMIlLWIillf'fTillltlirMI  By  COURTENAY,   B, 0 ,    Branch,   Opon Daily.  WM. HOFP, Manager.  %IIIIIUII������IIUIIII!1tlllHK!W^^^^  JlUuM by pre. son tod und p .i.i cl runpec* {j��������� f^VT^ -*j  Uvfcly oo or bi-fuio iho I5ib dny nf!||       m      K^y, /"\  OutuU������f ior;,  Used Exclusively in Canada  The   METROPOLITAN   OPERA  COMPANY  (of New York.)  1 If you \������i a good reliable Piano, it will pay you to give us a call.  Wp /it-e Sole AgBtita for tho nbovo tmcl othwr "R-oHohJc Makoa. Wo  Ail nJiio carry th������ Victor  Gwimophono tint! Vlctrokm,  h . ���������  f\ WE GUARANtBR SATISFACTION.  Dunsmore's "Music HoUvSe" Church St., Nanaimo, B. C.  ,    NEW GOODS  Our Fall Goods are arriving -by every boat.     We have just  U one nod up n nirc ninp-p of Enrlio.s'  Blouses in   Fronch  Flan-  ne! with huh fXilhtv and double cuffs m all -colors.   These are S  the newest  tiling in the Blouse line at $^.50 and $4,00  WOO!     RI   AMI/CTQ  ^ Made frenv carefully selected Canadian wool.   You shoulil see !S  our line before purchasing your winter blankets, as we consid  br-sl" line on the nirnket fnr die money.  wlr'Le at '|.|.50 lo $'/.*;o per pair.  ^    tl "    fl (l Q        iT*? A  ''��������� '    ' ���������     ti'.'    t%      0.   IKPlA     -I    ' y Wfi*:.     t'f       /ft''  P. Phillipps Haf^rison  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC CONVEYANCING  DUNSMUIR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  =y,;BoflD#ft  hm>hh iwi 11 Tir mitm t  aiannfaoturev of MIHEEAL WATER  umtm..t*m.m..'im  ruwM>4  CUMBERLAND  P. 0, BOX 488  PHONE 20,.r.  mmammumuiamm  ���������MliiiM-m*w������MM^nwn--wiiirnn-tnrr������������������rrrffr.rnr���������i '��������� " r"���������"-*1-������������������'������������������������"������������������-���������a-mmmm  miiuimitiaamnniimtis  AH OZFOBD' *MOTOR WAGON  MEANS MORE BUSINESS.  Hfmfifmmmimp-i****.:���������-������������������*m-ma*.**_______. *_*   ������iniamr^mmuait*w.*_**d%ia_ammitm������tm  i  t:y vye have the  Grey and  \V, W. Wji.i.aho,  t)liH;li{   Ailtr.Mliflt'iltor  ("!)!Ul frliiml, H, (,:  ji h *J  K%,  a  ,vVi ^'jilt-** *\.  iiMmiii  UAI.l-OS iti.' ���������'.  Actnn,      !!a\!!l;\!l.  wwtwyj _ut.fjM  iftr-yv  *f*artKi*mm*m,~"f'A a-i,  ^gajaam^marK^'i p������  t*������r.  *k*i:'!  c*-  % \jxvits* *:&*/&&���������.  .> -.      . .. 4, , ���������    .~. m ,,........ ���������. ���������.^���������^,,m-  ���������''*'*'���������' ���������*.r<J*-v*' V ���������' ������'*v? y-"' '��������� *%i?:.'l**������t'  at  inns'  ������������*  f  "VVit-lc a������vakc uicyiiiUiv-s cvci'vvylicrc iwc lycalhjing  the possibilities of the motor wagnn nn a metins  of trnusportntion nnd delivery'. The "Oxford1*  wns built juii'po.scly for lij������ht delivery, Juts a car--  ryiiig capacity of 800 10,1000 lbs,, uud cokIs only  ^1050. It will do more work than two hor.sv deliveries, ?.t nu annua! wiving of of .ibout |8oo in  running cxpeiiK-.-i. almost euough iu our; year to  p:ty thf nriViinl mst. Wt'i'c or rail nm) nsk us  to provo thenc statements.  S  iiLiwwiM 11���������iiiii iiiiiririnitat* - --inr .T-...T>..r^rr.��������� -,..  **Ja\  I'fiCS. PUHLEY  ���������7..CI   MT!,>r  V   d������������irf  .:   T3<> VATHS STI  i������j    *  h4lllt!������BI lltf,IRIIil=^-=.*^^  B.  1.1 ������������W-s^. ������������1������-������1  w-frifw-wisi  l������  WBJ  MWMUWAKXff^Wfe'*1*'* tfT.**'***^&'.&&���������**>*Wm* *Mm^.itf^af*w '  m ,^,-nu -j ,m*t������na- ������'ww������-������n **���������*.


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