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The Cumberland News May 2, 1911

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A Journal Devoted Especially, to the Interests of Comox District,
The News, Nineteenth Year.
CUMBERLAND   B.' C.    TUESDAY,  MAY 2, 1911
Subscription %i.ox. a"\kar
The Store
oi Quality
The Stofe
Of Quality
��     fmJ*\tmia**m^1^*ite1m**m^C^
ii    I
I   3 h-ateln-et
Washington,  and his little
You all 'know the story.   Now the difference
|J between George Washington and ns is  that   while' "George"
y| couldn't tell a lie, we can���but don'c  have  to   when   talking
about our business.    We never say so much to its advantage
1 1 as when we slate "a few truths,"
Our Styles are the latest.     They are original,   novel,.
and 3t'ractive.
Only the best material used in   lhe manufacturing of
our H,afs.
Our Hats have only to be .seen to meet with ready sale,
 1      *
.   Fancy-Shirts:  We   carry a full aud complete-
range and nifty dressers can rely on having the very
newest materials'and patterns.
"Alfwask isloryoirtocompare~our valuesr-
Furniture and Household
y>   ti*f^liT*m'^afi/itv^f>ilfg-^ '
1   'Simbn-'-Lciser- &������ Co,, -"Ltd*-
Dnnsmuir Ave.,
Wallpaper -
Paints  -;-:
Gils' Etcf^
Our Summer   Suits  are    at
hand.      Quality  and   Prices
are Right,
The Magnet Cash Store.
T. E. Bate, Cumberland.
Agents -for"Pilsener Brewing- Company's BKKR
Wholesale Dealers in nil'Kinds'of...
Wines and Liquors.'*
Dr. Kerr, dentist, w,ll he at
Cuni'tonay i'roni Friday, April 28
to Saturday May Oth.
ll, Mnn lock  was 11 piuwmgoi'
hy Sunday's outgoing steamer.
Mrs. Gil landers, of  Vancouver,
diiiighter of Mi', nml Mrs. J,  Ah
raiiiri is in town on a visit to hor
parent n,
W MeLullau won tlio $0. gold
'piece at. tho Cumberland Hull mi
Saturday evening, In future whon
the ticket is drawn mid nono como
.forward to claim tlio prize, iinoth
or ticket will iniinedin'oly ho
drawn, and ko on .until it i�� claim-
"" Ciipl'. Viciii'H ivho I'm' unvonil
'mnnllif pact Imn been vb'iting the
Old Country returned hint, week
to Como.x, accompanied by Mrs,
Dr. nnd Mrs. MoNiiughton nr-
rived hoi no from Vancouver on
Saturday evening. They intend
leaving for tho oust in n few day?,;,
whoro llio doctor will tako n pout,
graduate en mm liol'oro returning
to resume his work hero,
Mayor   MeL< 01    nml Robert
Grunt- nrrivod   homo   on* Fridav
evening from an auto trip to Na.
uni tuu.
Rev. 11, 0. Kreoinnii will  leave
on Wednesday for Vancouver, to
attend lnu Amiiiai iVioiiioihst Lou
forenco to ho hold  thin  month in
lliat city.
It. is with sincoro regret and  a
sense of personal loss thnt we fen)
in announcing rhe death of  lidith
Thomson, oiily   daughter of   Mr.
and Mrs. John Thomson  of this
city, in her nineteenth year.   Tne
sad event took place .suddenly   nt
her   home   ou   Friday   evening
Without a moment's warning she
'was called away, whilst apparently in the best of health ivnd spirits.
Judith was in* her  .00111  dressing
for the   .Presbyterian   outertnin-
niont  in  Cumberland   Hull,  and
her mother thinking her somewhat long in   hor preparations,
0.1 to rod her room to noo what wns
tho oiiiiso of dolny, nnd  found ber
daughter lying on the floor  nn-
coucions,    Tho doctors wero bust-
ily summoned;,   but in   spite   of
overy effort on thoir pnrt failed to
retain iho vital spark which,apparently had   already   beon   extinguished.   Tlm news of her sudden demise camo us a great  shock
tn tho connniiu-ity, for many  horo
know tho bright and liuppy girl
from infancy,  Tho deeply alflicUd
tho uuliro community in their sad
i��,iid sudden bereavement, The
funeral which was very largely at-
ii'iidi'd, look placo from tho family'
ri'sidoiico 011 Monday ititoriioou to
tlm Pivsbvtoi'iiin   eoinolerv. Snnd-
'. Mny. sail with iis,o'er lil'e?s stormy sea;
Vet somewhere, I know,   on   tho
unseen shore
Thoy wnteh nnd beckon and wait
for me "
The following goods have
arrived and are in . the best
.,     "       of condition:
Laees siud Embroideries,
Gingliams, Prints, Vestiags.
Sumz&er Bress Go-oils, Eto. -
J. N. McLEOD, B���**~-
7     CuTV.kirl3.nd
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Ginefjal Manager    '
"Wreaths���Mr��� and Mrs James
Godfrey, Mr and Mrs A Ciossan
and Jam ily,   Mr and Mrs  James
Crossan and   family,   Nanaimo;
Mr and Mrs LA Mouuco, Mr dinf
Mrs C Why to,' Mr,and Mrs John
Matthews, Mr and Mrs li Parkin
son, Mr and Mrs- A Soiuerville,
Mr and Mrs D Walker,  Miss "M
Horual, M inses Cuuliffe and Gray,
Mr aud Mrs K A Wood, Mr aiid
Mrs J N McLeod,  Mrs Iierlolci.
Mrs S.cavnrda, Mr nud Mrs James
Abraun*, Mr nud Mrs J "Walters,
Hoys of 1 he house���Albert Anthony, Harvey Leithhead, David
.Austin, R Uailey, A Grant,
Crosses���The V'ainily. John
Neave, New Westminster; Miss
Mnry Walker, Nanaimo Hospital;
Miss Maggie Milligun, Mrs I)
Piket, Miss Stevenson, Mr nnd
Mrs Colin Campbell, Courtenay;
Mr aud Mrs Tupella, Mr and Mrs
John Robertson and family, Mr
and Mrrt Cyril I'iercy, Comox; Miami Mrs A Cameron, Mr and Mrs
T 10 Hale.
Sprays and Hnquets���Misses
Kate aud Maugie Dudley, Mr and
Mrs ITurrv I''ariner,  Miss   Kate
CAPITAL, - $ 10,000,000 REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of'Commerce will receive deposit:, of $1  nnd.,
upwards, on which inLerest is allowed at curreri  rales.    There i.s no
delay in, withdrawing the whole or., any portion of tlio deposit.    Small
deposits are welcomed. ?M
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more person?., to be
operated by any one of the number or by the survivor. A joint accou-.:-
of this kind saves expense in establishing the.ownci*��hip of the aier.ey
after death,'and is especially useful when a man do*..res to provide for
his wife, or for others'.depending upon him, in the event of his death.
CUMBERLAND,BRANCH.....  ................ .W. T. WHITE, Iffnnngri
Dunbar, Nanaimo; Mrs   Cowan
and daughter, Mrs Anthony and
girls, Mr Henry Traiua, Vaiicott
ver; Mr and Mrs Geo Thompson,
Mr and Mrs Geo Johnston,   Mr
and Mrs Wm Neave, Mrs Annie
Wilson, Grand Chief Pythian Sis
tcrs, Roy anil Jack Jenkins, Mr
and Mrs Crewe,   Nanaimo;   Mr
aud Mrs G Rowe,  Union   Bay;
May and Nellie Walker, Mr and
Mrs Richards, Mr and MrsL W
Nnnns. Mr and Mrs  J   Stewart,
Mr and Mrs Creech. Miss Maggie
Richards,   Viola   Matthews,  Mr
and Mrs Noel MeKarhine, Mrs K.
Woods and Miss Potter, Mr and
MrsT Ilorbuvy, Mr aud Mrs J
Kiddle, Mrs M Magmme, Miss M
Tarbell, Mr and Mrs R  II   K"b-
ertsou, Mr and Mrs T l.ickle, Mr
and Mrs Prank Cloutier, Mr ain!
Mrs (! Segravi*. Mr and Mrs Yar
raw, .1 Weiister, jr., R  Webster,
KvnCoc, Miund Mrs J  Cooke,
Mr and Mrs Uicksuu, ISlx Genv^c
Clinton. Mr   and   Mrs  Smithe,
Cumberland; Miss C Davis, C<nir ,
teuay. ���
���'Globes���Mr and Mrs G   Robertson, 'Mr and Mrs P P Harrisi.ii
Young Britons. Mr and Mr* Rowan and family, Mr aud :YIrs\!-l.
hid'), Mabel. Coe.. Mr   and   M-..-:
Piekup, Gladys limine, Iv I >< Iv.r..
Mr and Mis   CarUvrk'in,   j.av,
reui'C Matthews, Rmb'iV'ie. ���-' pv-
tbiau Sisters,    M.t ,onic   :      ';'.
pillow, Mr aa��'l MvsK H!l'
son, ercftcem; Mai*1-. 1/^ -;    - ;!  ; , ;
John C'uneron, ><,,.,       .,> <    .-..���.
Mr^T Ilnd.-.-... 1.v.!..--   !���:��� ;      '->:
and Airs T l.itiiu* -\.,   .��������.���' ,..
The 1.
a 1:
��� 4"
J. Wh\u1. J;
A. W��dU\
Mr. MoI��;-<! -T '-iu..;M
t'tall. hd't, on Friday i.iflt
risoii llnl {���'piiujj^ fur tun "���������
of hihhu.ilib.
1. or
John McKny, hi�� wile and (ivo
daughter* ai rived hero from Seot-
land hist week,    They hail  from
within livo miles of John o' Groats,
Minn Tranter, who hiir* been lhe
guest of Rev. B. C. and Mrs,
Freeman for the past two months,
returns toiler Iiouiu in Viotoria
on Wednesday morning,
Mr, T.   Banks   will   leavo  hv
Wi'dnesdny' l*��oat for  Vani*i��iivi*r,
to nttoid  the Mtsthodist Confer
., . ���   ,      ,,,    imo.ftns a lav d��*li'galo,
Manager Lawrence of the  Big '
Store, arrived Immu on   Saturday      ������The Grim Reaper"  hns   been
ovutii'ig from a buuiuoBa  trip to j busy gathering lii>t harvest, iti om
Vurieouver, Jeil) during the putt muiiih.
iMrn, J. li, Bennoll.  has relumed to her homo iu Vancouver.
wi.'.?, Rev. T. Men'/.iet1  !>!l!ci'.',ti-ng (JJ
May   time    brings   iih   n.'sig-
uation, and may the shores of eternity that receives her boiiI,   surround il with itverliitaiiig HUindiiiiejlJ
nnd flowers.
"ili}o\' noun return from thouo Spirit
\Vbo eross  with   the   hoalunni
cold and pule,
We hear the dip of the golden
And eateh a jileaiii of t!n�� snowy
**'��Ve only know that their I
I no uioie
* HMM.WH, itltMW ���*������* m*-Hm
- *-.if *
t *aamwa*samr*rm*mamJt*j* maw*
.i i> -1
.���.'' ���'���
T**.r\r-a    "ftl" T-:* -v\ r
VKjix   lii.iks*.\a
m*,,0a****twm*mm,:m-*m %atmam-*i>aw      J��W#iW ���....���*%*_ .
ICinbriic.es all that is imwiTi!,  best and Com-ct,    V,'e
want \mi to call nnd inspect ,;bem    the very \.\\r..n iii
Spring and Ivi.Mei* nppan i for em'el'nl dressers.
. *. v f /
���i,t-~AiPiU��� Lrlm '~Hj
Z.:- :j~?^.vx hiiww\$wr* ^2l~
We have ihe haruliwork ol' Cumda's rnnuiU'1! eh.theR
maker**, tu ilo red from .-elei'ied Km/li-h and .Scotch
fabrics.    Suits that will nii-iiHire up to overy man'*
particular 11 i|tioeiiient,
We inei>i' vou jm  b>ok  now uli'iiicr \i,u '��nv '''��' not.
'    * iftfy. \m\y*% *y.y Har,s .*�����- ft I.      % .J y/o ,*��j   <*����
y,t >>'J^-'��.r*^v .3J
}"\" \"'.w-.,,;-v:.'rT"-K/V'\\'*
�� 1
iiVmWmiWamfimfaXmt~^m^^ {-K-vLi: i^*.r*��-\,r*r ���. .���
a 1 i t ii j u &: t THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  Bhe  By STEWART  EDWARD  WHITE  C^yrigbt. I9M. by th* NeClw* Com-  Copyright, 1907. I9M. by  mtmmatt Uwud Wksla  (Continued.)  Chaptei  24  THUS-Orje. by the sheer good  luck thut sometimes favors men  encased In , large enterprises,  not only frustrated "a plan likely to briug failure to bis interwtfs, but  fllled up his crews. It may b# remarked here, as well as later, that the  "terrors of the Saginaw" stayed with  the drive to Its finish and proved reliable, aiid tractable in every particular.  The Rough Red's enormous strength,  daredevil spirit and nlmblenessof body  made him invaluable at this danger  ous work. The crews on the various  beats now had their hands full to keep  the logs running. The slightest check  at any one point meant a jam. for there  was no way of stopping the unending  procession.  Jams on the river, contrary to general belief, are of very common occurrence. Throughout tbe length of the  drive there were probably three or  four hangups a day. Each of these  had to be broken, and in the breaking  was danger.  Orde after the rear -fcas well started  patrolled the length of the drive in his  light buck board. At times he remained at one camp for several days watching the trend of the work. The improvements made during the preceding  summer gave him the greatest satisfaction, especially the apron at the  falls.  No trouble was experienced until  Heinzman's rollways were reached.  Here Orde had boomed a free channel  to prevent Heinzman from filling up  -the.-entire-river-be*d-with-his_rolLways..  When the jam of the drive had descended the river as far as this Heiiiz-  mau had not yet begun to break out  Hardly had Orde's first crew passed,  however, when Heinzman's men began  to break down the logs Into tlie drive.  Long before the rear caught up Heinzman's drive was iu the water, mingled with the sixty or eighty million  feet Orde had In charge.  The situation was plain. All Heinzman now had to do was to retain a  email crew, which should follow after  the rear In order to sack what logs the  latter, should leave stranded. As it  was impossible In so great a mass of  timbers and in the haste of a pressing  labor to distinguish or discriminate  'against any single brand, Heinzraan  was tn a fair way to get his logs sent  downstream with practically uo expense.  "Veil, my hoy." remarked the German quite frankly to Orde as thoy met  on the road one duy, "looks like I got  you dla time. ehV"  Orde Inughed.  "If you ineun your logs aro golng  down with ourH. why, I guess you  have. But you paste this In your bat���������  you're going to keep awful busy, and  It's going to cost  you something to  Ret 'cm down."  Ordo's driver*  kept n sharp lookout for "H" logs  nnd whorevor pos-  ��������� nlblo thrust tlicm  aside Into eddies  and backwaters.  Tills, of con roe.  merely mode work  for the sa cli ers  Helmsman luul left  abovo iho roar.  Boon they wero In  charge of n very  fair little drlvo of  tholr own. Tholr  lot wiih not enviable.  One day when  Ordo's bucltboard drow Into camp he  ���������cut Dourke awny to repair damnguH  while ho called iho cookoo to help unpack several heavy boxes of hardware  They proved lo contain nbout thirty  miiiill liiitchflH, well sharpened and  each with a Ionlher guard, When tlio  rear crew Iind como In (hat night Ordo  dlMtrlbuted (ho hntchelf*.  "Hoys," nald he, "whllo you'ro on  thn work I 'want von nil lo keep n  watch out for these 'tr logs, and  whenever you striko ono 1 want you  to blaze It plainly so thero won't bo  any mistake about It."  "What for?" asked n Saginaw ttiiin,  A rlvoriinin nudged hltu.  '���������JumI tlu "Wlno .Vim tn loitl tu on x\n*  river and you'll see fun suro,"  Three daj-8 Inter the rear crew ran  Into tho head of the pond above Heed'H  dam. To overy oiio'h mirprlsp. Orde  called a halt on iho work and announced n holiday.  Now. liolldayH are unknown on drive.  ���������Rarely Is tlmo allowed for eating and  ���������dwcplng. Ncveriliclem* nil that day  tho mon Iny about In complete Idle-  newi. The pond tilled wltb lugn. From  abovo the current, aided by a fair  wind, wuh driving down still other  log*~the forerunner* of (he liitledrlvo  hhOth. Al fctuUt uf tUi-.n: w*iue of the  men grumbled. "We're Irmln' what we  inude," said they. "Wo left them logs  and itorted Vrn out once already."  Otde gent a couple of ax men to blaze  Thrust nihil nulde  into ctlil leu,  the newcomers. A little before sundown he ordered the sluice gates of  the dam opened.  "Night work." said the men to one  another.  Sure enough, after supper Orde suddenly appeared among theni.  "Get orgauized, boys." said be briskly. "We've got to get this pond all  sluiced before morning."  The men took their places.  "Sluice through everything but the  'H' logs," Orde commanded. "Work  them off to the left and leave them."  T;he sluicing, under the Impetus of a  big crew, went rapidly. "There's near  a million an hour going through there."  speculated Orde, watching the burdened waters of the chute. And in this  work the men distinguished easily the  new white blaze, marks on Heinzman's  logs, so they were able to shunt them  one side into the smoother water, as  Orde had commanded.  As the last log shot through Orde  cried. "Tear out the booms!"  The chute to the dam was approached, as has been earlier explained, by  two rows of booms arranged In a V, or  funnel, the apex of which emptied into  the sluiceway and the wide, projecting  arms of which embraced the width of  the stream. The logs, floating down  the^ pond, were thus concentrated toward the sluice; also the rivermen,  walking back knd forth the length of  the booms, were able easily to keep the  drive moving.  Now, however, Orde unchained these  boom logs. The men pushed them  ashore, clamped in their peavies and,  using these implements as handles,  carried the booms back into the woods.  Then everybody tramped back and  forth, round and about, to confuse the  trail. Orde was like a mischievous boy  at a school prank.  The blazed logs belonglug to Heinzman, drifting slowly, had sucfted down  into the corner toward the power canal,  where, caught against the grating, they  had jammed. These logs would have  to be floated singly and pushed one by  one against the current across the pond  and into the influence of the sluice  gate. Some of them would be hard to  come at  "I guess that will keep them busy for  a day or two." commented Orde.  This, as Orde has said, would be sufficiently annoying to Heinzman, but  would have little real effect on the  main issue, which was that the German was getting down his logs with a  crew of less than a dozen men. Nevertheless Orde in a vast spirit of fun  -took-diellght-in-inventing-and-executing-  practical jokes of the general sort just  described. One day the chore boy, who  had been over to Spruce Rapids after  mail, reported that an additional crew  of twenty had been sent in to Heinzman's drive.   This was gratifying.  "We're making him scratch gravel,  boys, anyway." said Orde.  The men entered into the spirit of  the thing. In fact, their enthusiasm  was almost too exuberant. Oi*de had  constantly to negative new and ingenious schemes.  "No, boys." said he, "I want to keep  on tho right sldo of the law. We may  need It later,"  Logs rarely jam on rising water, for  the simple reason that constantly the  surface area of the river is Increasing,  thus tending to separate the logs. On  the other hand, falling water, tending  to crowd the drive closer together, la  especially prolific of trouble. Therefore, on flood water the watchers  scattered along the stretches of the  river had littlo to do���������save strand  Holnzmun's logs for him.  Up to a certain point this was nN  very well. Orde took pahiB uot to  countenance It officially nnd caused  word to be paused about thut, whllo  ho did not expect his men to help drlvo  Holnzmun's logs, thoy must not go out  of tholr way to strand them,  "If things get too bad, he'll have  spies down hero to collect ovldonco  on us," said Ordo, "and ho'll jug somo  of u������ for Interference, with his property.   We don't own the river."  Inside of two weeks Orde hnd the  great satisfaction of learning thut  Nelnzjiian was working���������and working  hard���������n crow of fifty men.  "A pretty fair crow, even If ho was  taking out his wholo drive," commented Orde.  Tho gods of luck seemed to be with  tho now enterprise Tho water hold  out to enrry the last slick of timber  over tho HhollowoHt raplda, Weather  conditions were phenomenal���������and perfect. All up und down the rlvor tho  work went wltlrvlni and dash,  After UiIh happy fiiHlilon tho drlvo  wont ti nt II at last It ontored tho broad,  deep nnd navigable stretches of tho  river from Redding to the lake. Hero,  barring the accident of an extraordinary flood, the troubled wero over. On  tho broad, placid bosom of the utream  tho logs would float, As Orde sat In  his burkboard. ready to go Into (own  fnr n first Hlmtwo of Carroll In moro  than two niontlm, he gazed with an  immense witiHlaetion over the broad  river moving brown and glaclerllko, a������  though the logs that covered It wore  viscid and composed nil Iim Ntilwtitnco.  Tho t'literprlHo was practically iiBsur-  eo ul hwu-rti*.  For awhile now Orde wiih to have a  breathing spell. A large number of  men were hero laid off, The remainder, under the direction of Jim Donning, would require III I to or no aetuul  supervision. Until the jam should  hnvo reindict! the distributing boning  nbovo Monrovia tho affair was very  simple, Itefore he left, however, ho  called Denning to til in.  "Jim," *sild be, "I'll In* down to ueo  you through the sluiceways nt Redding, of course. Hut now that yon  have a good, Mill .siicnIi of river I  u-inf j-nti fo Include ftl ,,ur drive alt  the Helmsman logs from nl������ove you  poHBtbly im. tf you cun (U It. lot  their drive drift down into our*."  "Then we'll huve to drlvo their lagi  for them," objected Denning.  "Sure." rejoined Orde. "but It's easy  driving, and if that crew of his hasn't  much to do perhaps he'll lay most of  them off here at Redding."  Denning looked at his principal for  a moment, then a slow grin overspread  his face. Without comment he turned  back to camp, aud Orde took.up his  reins.  "Oh, I'm so glad to get you back!'  cried Carroll over and over again as  she clung to him. >'! don't live while  you're away. And every drop of rain  tbat patters on the roof chills my  heart, because I think of it as chilling  you. Dear heart, don't leave me  again."  She shook her head nt him slowly, a  mysterious smile on her lips. Without  explaining her thought she slipped  from his knee and glided across to the  tall golden harp,' which had been  brought from Monrovia. The'llght and  diaphanous silk of her loose peignoir  floated about her. defining the maturing grace of her figure. Abruptly she  struck a great crashing chord.  Then, with nn abandon of ecstasy,  she plunged Into one of those wild and  sea blown, saga-like rhapsodies of the  Sir William Van Home  on Reciprocity-  writes  Following Letter   Expressing  His   Views on Reciprocity Agreement Between  U. S. A  subject of reciprocity���������a dignified attitude which, was. assumed after repeated snubs. We have been told  that if there was anything more to be  said about reciprocity it must be said  at Ottawa. But at the first sign from  Washington Ave have seen Canada's  representatives   hurrying   there   and  and  Canada  Sir,���������I regret that, having to leave without consultation "witli one of our  for England on Thursday I shall not!business interests, and apparently  be able to attend the meeting of the j without consultation with their col-  Anti-Reciprocity League next * week, I leagues, hastily assenting1 to terms  arid to give my*-views in person on j vitally affecting our vast and compli-  the ' question of reciprocity. What I j cuted. trade arid commerce; and per-  have to say on the subject has no re-! hnPs involving our political future,  ference to party politics (for,I   have) Serious Consequences  nothing to do with politics)^, nor toj   i refUse to believe that our honored  "Oh, it's you, you, you!" she cried.  Hungarians, full of the wind in rigging, the storm in the pines, of shrieking, vast forces hurtling unchained  through a resounding and infinite  space.  "What is that?" gasped Orde.  She ran to him.  "Oh, it's you, you, you!" she cried.  He held her closely. "Do you think  it is good to get quite so nervous,  sweetheart?" be asked geutly then.  "Remember"��������� ���������-.*  "OtCl-Ao'. I do!" she broke -iiii earnestly. "Every moment of my waking  and sleeping hours I remember him.  Always I keep, his little soul before me  _as__a lighti on a shrine.    But tonight���������  oh. tonight, I could laugh and shout  aloud like the people in the Bible, with  clapping of hands!" She snuggled herself close to Orde with,a little murmur  of happiness; "I think of all the beautiful things," she whispered, "and of  the noble things and of the great  things. He is going to be sturdy, like  his father���������a wonderful boy, a boy all  of fire"-  "Like his mother," snid Orde.  She smiled up at him. "I want hln  Just like you, dear." she plended.  (To bo continued.)  DREAD THEIR ANCESTORS.  So the Gwnrl  Pagans Aopease Their  Spirit! With Food av* Drink.  It is always a matter of g-reht difll-  cuhy to get any really satisfactory  idea of the religion of pagan tribes.  During a stay of. some three yearn  among tho Gwarig, however, I wac  able to form some notion of what was  at tlie back of their minds. They  have an idea of a supreme being,  but do not worship him in any way  that I have * been able to discover.  Probably this idea is just their png.  anized conception of the Mohamrae*.  , dan Allah.  Their actual worship is more close,  ly connected with tho spirits of thoii  ancestors, Thoy appear to livo in  dread lest these Hpirits should work  damage to their farms, and with thin  in view thoy nro careful to supply  thorn at regular intervals with food  and drink, whicli are deposited near  their graven. Theso tombs arc in tha  eiiHO of chiefs in tho royal compound,  and huts are built ovor thorn, wonderfully decorated with bright colors.  In other wises the graves niiiy be dug  in some lonely place away from tho  houses of the living and often In tho  depths of tho forest.  A spirit house which T hnvo often  visited is in a woodland glado within  Imlf a mile of my compound and bo.  longs to tho family of tho chief butcher of Ktitn. Owing to its proxim-  ity to my abode it has fallen into disuse, as tho pagans became somewhat  chary ot perfo-min<r 'heir mysterious  rites so nonr the white man,  Somo departed spirits aro supposed  to inhabit tho largo trees which nro  to bo found in nlmost every pagan  town, and   Rmall   earthen warn   pot*.  pnttHlnln"   fiwl    nviy    ho   aeon    sur-  I rounding those trocn,  t It ir not often that one can nee the,  J fiwaris nt their religious exercises,  hut n fow months ngo, on enterinc a  flwari vill.ige, I saw a mnn kneeling  in front of one of these. Rmnll spirit  hxttn with * not of some drink in hi*  any particular interests. 1 speak  only as an individual, who for the  past thirty years has been working  heart and soul for the upbuilding of  this country, and one to whom the  great development of the past two decades has been a source of immense  pride ond satisfaction.  To my. amazement and distress and  shame.I now see tho magnificent work  of a generation traded away for a  vague idea or a childish sentiment���������  tlie splendid commercial and industrial position we have reached and  our proud independence bartered for  a few wormy plums, and I feel it my  duty'to-join" "in, the protest which is  heard from every section of the country. Today we are in an enviable  position, with a commerce three times  as great per capita as that of the United States, and without a cloud in  our sky .save the one which has just  now been raised. Does not common-  sense tell us to stay where we are  and let well enough alone?  Was Heavy Blow  The terminiation of the old reciprocity , arrangement by the United  States in 1866 was a heavy blow to  Canada, and- the fourteen years which  followed were full of, trials and despondency, for ��������� Canada then had no  west; she was thrown back on her  self by the Great Lakes, and she had  not in herself a great market for the  support of any manufacturing con:  cern of any consequences. She cut  her. trees, and lived as best she could.  During these .years annexationists  were bred of hopelessness and many  good and honest people urged annexation as the only future open to the  country. Then came, in 1879, our national policy, and factory chimneys  began to appear above our,tree tops  and their number rapidly increased;  arid then came the Canadian, Pacific  railway opening up our great "west,  and from that time Canada advanced  by leaps and bounds.  The United States by the McKin-  ley tariff added brick upon brick to  her wall against us, but Canada prospered more and more. She was beginning to find herself. Then came  -the-Dingley���������tariff-,���������which-cro wned-the.  United States tariff wall with broken  glass bottles and barbed wire, and  then Canada quite "found herself.,  Hear wliat Senator Beveridge, the  chief mouthpiece of the administration at Washington in the reciprocity  matter, says about this policy of his  government: "Not the Bourbons of  France in the time of Louis XVI., not  the Tories of England in the period  of George III, ever insisted on a policy so blind so foolish, so ruinous'as  that so-called statesmanship which,  instead of fostering a purchasing market in Canada is making Canada n  manufacturing competitor." And hear  Senator Beveridge again: "There must  be reciprocity with Canada. Our  tariff with the rest of the world does  not apply to our northern neighbor.  That policy already has driven American manufacturers across the Canadian borders, built vast plants with  American capital on Canadian soil,  employing Canadian workmen to supply trade.  Keep Capital at Home  "That capital should be kept at  home to employ American working-  men to supply Canadian demand. We  should admit Canadian wood pulp  and Canadian paper frees in return for  Canada's admitting agricultural implements , our engines, pumps and  other machinery froo. Wo should  freely admit, Canadian lumber to American pinning mills in return for  Canada's freely admitting other American manufacturing products to  Canadian markets,  "W^o should have a special tariff arrangement with thiH intimate neighbor and natural customer, This Would  mean millions of dollars profit evory  year to Canada's factories. Hocipro-  city would mean vast inoronsos in  Canada's purchnses from us,"  As 1 said twenty years ngo in  speaking of this same subject of reciprocity, it is not necessary tliat a  small boy should be. a school hoy to  know what all this^ moans. And if  Indiana, whicli is n second rate state,  is to gnin millions by reciprocity,  what millions must tlio great manufacturing stntes gnin? anil who would  nay all theso millions? Canada.  What else? Tho other dny Mr. Field,  ing, itr a cable niessngo to tho Canadian high commissioner in London,  said that for llfty years the people of  Canada, and both of its political parties hnd wished for reciprocity. That  was truo nf tho sixties and Heventios,  but it has not been true since. For  tho post twenty yearn we. have hoard  only an occasional whine from some  survivor of Canada's dark nge. Wo.  h'nvo hoard nothing for many years  bnck of commercial union, reciprocity nnd nil timer. ' tnifa whloh rvrow  from empty pockets,  TnrlH Was Accepted  Thn Liberal party came into powor  TELL  ii  ))  premier was a willing party to what  lias been done; but whether he wns or  was not, the certain consequences to  the country are so serious as to quite  overshadow all personal considerations and"these consequences should  be averted somehow. Anyhow, the  well-being, of the country and its self-  respect are at stake, and the shameful thing that is proposed is surely  against the wishes of four-fifths of its  people, and I doubt if it would, if  clearly understood, find a dozen supporters in the dominion. It is perhaps not possible to make a tariff!  quite satisfactory to every community, every interest nnd every indivsd-1  uni, but rightly considered, our tariff  has come pretty near to this. Some  of the farmers in the Canadian north  west want reciprocity in the-v hope  that it will'bring"them'better prices  for wheat and cheaper agricultural  implements. It will do neither to  any   appreciable  extent. ....������'���������  They should remember that our tariff wall has made them prosperous.  They have only to compare our exports of wheat and flour to foreign  markets with our total production of  wheat to realize the extent and value  of this home market. And as .regards to agricultural implements they  have only to compare -the, prices paid |  immediately south of the boundary to  see that in most cases the American  manufacturer pays the,duty and tht;  extra freight; and he can do this because the. cost of his works1 is only a  fraction of what the farmers pay,  nearly all the rest going to profit and  to that of the middle man. .Reducing the tariff will not cheapen the  implements; it will only add to the  American manufacturers' profit. But  if a comparison is made , with the  selling.. prices south' of the boundary  cash prices should be compared with  cash and not cash with credit.prices.  Gain Very Slight  We are told thai some farmers in  the maritime provinces fa^or reci-  proeity in the expectation that it will  bring better prices for their potatoes  and apples. All the possible gain in  that way may be easily known by  -looking-^at-^theiprevailing-prices���������of  these things in the New England  states." It isn't much and our neighbors expect reciprocity to bring the  prices down. On the other hand,  there are easily reached and ample  markets for these things where the  farmer of Nova Scotia .and New  Brunswick may with a little effort secure twice as much as they are now  getting from their potatoes and apples, and at the same time quadruple  the demand by reducing tho prices  one-half to the consumer. Take Cuba  for instance, where a barrel of potatoes yielding the Canadian farmer 75  cents reaches the consumer at seven  dollars, and so with apples. The  Canadian trade commissioner at Havana will verify this statement. Our  farmers count on exporting potatoes  and' apples to the United States while  these same things are exported from  tho United States to Cuba and elsewhere. Ontario suffered in her butter, eggs, cheese and such things until the Din^ley tariff compelled a  turn to bthti'r markets, which proved  to bo more profitable. Aside from the  fisheries, of which I do not know  enough to speak. I do not believe  there is nny industry nnywhero in  Canada, that cannot find a way to be  bettor off without reciprocity thon  with it; and with many industries  the question is a vital one. And  even with our codfish, judging from  the prices to consumers in the \Vest  Indies-unci Central America, it may  he well that we are, as with potatoes  and i apples, overlooking what might  easily be mado our very best market.  Cannot Correct It  Lot ns not run away witli the idoa  that if wo mnke n mistake in this  matter of reciprocity wo shall bo ablo  to correct it nt pleasure, Wo may  not he permitted to do it. It Hhould  be remembered that there aro such  things as vested interests of nations,  which, real or allogud, aro terribly  binding upon tho weaker party. When  .Mr, Hill lias extended his sovon or  eight lines of raihvny into tho Canadian northwoRt���������linos which hnve for  floinn years heon roMing their iiohor  on the boundary lino waiting for reciprocity or something of tlm kind to  wnrvnnt thorn in arousing, and whon  other American chnnncls of trade  havo been established, nffecting onr  territory, nnd whon tho American mil-  lorn have lasted our wheat and tho  American mnnntacturorH havo got  hold of our markets, in it probable  thnt we shnll lie permitted to recede?  Nnt a bit of il. Wo nro making n  bed to lie in and din in.���������Sincerely  yours,  .(Signed) W.  0.  VAN  HOIWTC  One says, "I have Great Faith Iff  Cuticura Remedies." Another^  "They Always Bring Results."  "��������� ' a --  "I wish to let you know ot a. couple of  recent cures which I h������To m&da by the ua*  ol tho Cuticura Remedies.  Last August, Mr,  ��������� ot this city came to my office, troubled  with a severe akin eruption, At first I could  not understand the nature ot the case. I  Anally traced It to his occupation, as he wu a-  painter and decorator. It was dermatitis in  Its worst form. It started with a slight eruption and would affect most parts ot Im body���������  thighs, elbows chest, back and abdomen ���������  and would terminate in little pustules. The'  itching and burning, was dreadful and he,  would almost tear his skin apart, trying to  fet relief. I recommended all the various  reatments I could think o( and ho spent  about fifteen dollars on prescriptions but  nothing seemed to help him.  "In the meantime my wife who wm continually suffering with a slight skin trouble'  and who had been trying different prescriptions and methods with my assistance, told  Se she was eolng to get some ot the Cuticura  emedles. But as I did not know much about-  Cuticura at that time I was doubtful whether  It would help her. Her (kin would; thicken,  break and bleed., especially on the fingers,  wrists and arms.������������I could do nothing to relieve her permanently. When she first applied the warm baths of Cuticura Soap and  applications of Cuticura Ointment she saw  a decided improvement and In a tew day*  she was completely cured.  "I lost no time In recommending the CutU  cura Remedies to Mr. , ana this wa������  two months ago. I told him to wash wltb  warm baths of the Cuticura Soap and to>  apply the Cuticura Ointment generously.  Believe me. from the very first day's use of th*  Cuticura Remedies he was greatly relieved  and to-day he is completely cured through)  ihelr use. I have great faith tn the Cuticura.  temedles and shall always have a good word  for them now that I am convinced of their  wonderful merits." (81gned) B. h. Whitehead, M.D., 108 Dartmouth St.,, Boston,  Mass, July 22. 1010.  As though In confirmation of this most  convincing statement, 0. M. Fisher, M.D.,  Big Pool, Md., writes: "My face was affllcte*  with eczema in the year 1807. I used the  Cuticura Remedies and was entirely cured.  I nm a practicing physician and very often,  prescribe Cuticura Remedies in cases of  eczema, and thev have cured where other  formulas have failed. I am not In the habit  of endorsing patent medicines, but when I  find remedies possessing true merit, such as  the Cuticura Remedies do, > I am broad-  mlh'ded enough to proclaim their virtues to-  the world.'i Thave oeen practicing medlcln������  for twenty years, and must say I find your  Remedies A No. 1, I still find the Cuticura  Remedies as good as ever. 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"Thoy gay," remarked the fttmhnt,  "that truth lit* nt the Ixittnm oi n  well,"  "I p-iien* that's right," rejoined tho  old lawyer, "judging by the amount  never before dreamed of. The govern- "My husband is junt awful when he  ment, ami particularly Hir Wilfrid i wants tn find anything, You leur  Laurier nnd Mr. Fielding, had the re.) saw a man throw* clothes around the  s^peet nml eonlideiiiM- mid good will of (way hi- due*," "Wlu-n; did lu- learn  pverybndy, even of their political op-1 to be ni untidy!*" "Why, he tv������n in  ponentM.   Now out  of    a    clear    wkyttbe New York custom Iioumi. for four  . .  , conns Mr.   Fielding,   plunging   like j years. "���������Cleveland l'lain Dealer.  j of pumping we have to do in order to (Icnrtu into darkness and threatening!    i fffit a little of 11. j(0 (���������!(,. us all with him. 1   Cobweb designs in veils    nre    not  , ���������-���������.���������_ m. |    Wns there ever such nn oxltiUttion, m-w.  but hold their popularity.  Friend of Hum*. U,{ crawling ami aiuitiu������ mi Canada'.'.'   C\Kl coffee may  mako the hnnrdnr  !     Police Constable  WVuhW  stated at (representatives havo jti.it now given hot.  ! tlie Southwell*��������� I'oliep Court, Lon-   at Washington?  d<������n. that ho had obtained MX) con- I    W������* haw heard much of the digni-  Hardihips attending work brought or>  Kldnoy Disease* which thr������ntoned  his llfo-Dodd's Kidney Pills curea*  him.  Ohicoutimi Villo. 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If given half a chance, the pig  would demonstrate otherwise, and  then too, as far as the farmer was  concerned, he would find he was undoubtedly repaid by an increased  price when he took hi9 stock to  market.  Too Easy  "A tradition," explained the teacher, "is something that has been  handed down from father to son. Can  you mention some familiar tradition?"  "Yes'm," promptly answered little  Tommy Goodman, "my clothes are  traditions."  "That's too threadbare, Tommy;  you will remein half an hour after  school is dismissed."  mm\  BRAIN WORKERS  who get little exercise, feel better all round for  an occasional dose of  InQtefc*.  Mrs. Crawford���������You can have all  tho bread and butter you like but no  more cake.  Willie:���������Say ma, how is it I can  never have a second helping of any  of' the things I like?���������Lippincott's.  Famous  British   Admiral.  Brood  Sows.  Along about March and April each  year the complaints are pretty general with many farmers about tough  luck they have had with their brood  sows���������small litters and a sickly-looking bunch of pigs.  The farmer then realizes his mistake in not making the proper selection of his >brood sows before the winter began. He also figures that the  sire wasn't much good either. He  does not, however, figure that very  little bedding and damp" floors had a  great deal to do with his present misfortune. Seldom do wc ever count  our own errors, it is always the other  fellow's. As a matter of fact the dam.  age in done, now to get on a good  permanent footing for the future.  In picking brood sows bear this in  mind:  Look for the past records���������1st, prolific; 2nd, careful mothers; 3rd, good  sucklers, and pass up the closely built  gilts that are inclined to fatten.  Don't allow them to follow- the cattle, they may get too fat.  Give them plenty of, exercise, dry  bedding and ventilation. Flesh forming , and not fat-producing food is  .whnt-they- need. _ ,   Unless tho sow is in good health  at farrowing time, she stands a  mighty poor chance of rearing a  bunch of healthy pigs.  Tells What Zam-Buk Did For Him.  Many famous persons have testified  to the great value of Zam-Buk, and  amongst the most recent is Admiral  Rodney M. Lloyd. Writing from the  Royal Naval Club, Portsmouth, England, Admiral Lloyd says:  "I have found Zam-Buk most reliable for healing cuts and abrasions;  while for the relief of skin irritation  it is invaluable;"    (  Another famous user of Zam-Buk  is Mr. Frank Scudamore, the War  Correspondent, who supplied Canadian papers with their dispatches  during the Boer war, Mr. Scudamore  says: "Some poisonous dye on my  underclothing came in contact with a  small ulcer on my leg and blood  poisoning set in. Inflammation, pain  and swelling followed. My medical  man's treatment did not seem to do  any good, as ulcer aftor ulcer broke  out, until my left leg from knee to  foot was one mass of sores. I had  seventeen deep ulcers at one time.  I could not put my foot to the ground  and was really in a pitiful state. A  friend advised Zam-Buk, and I applied this herbal balm. It was really  wonderful how it soothed the pain  and aching and gave me ease,  "I continued with it, leaving off all  other treatment, and at the end of a  week's treatment my leg was not like  the sajme. . A few boxes of Zam-Buk  healed all the sores, and bit by bit  new, healthy skin covered the places  which had been so deeply pitted and  scarred by ulceration and blood poison. The limb is now perfectly healthy, and with no marks of the old  ulcers. For this splendid result I  have only Zam-Buk to' thank."  Zam-Buk is a cure for piles, eczema,  cold cracks or chaps, ulcers, ringworm, poison, cuts, abscesses, burns,  children's rashes, abrasions, and for  all skin injuries and diseases. All  druggists and stores sell at 50c. box,  er post free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price. Refuse imitations  "andssubstitutesr"������������������~~   "NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives  They tone up the liver, move the bowels gently, but freely, cleanse the  system and.clear the brain. A new, pleasant and reliable laxative, prepared  by a reliable "firm, and worthy of the NA-DRU-CO Trade Mark.  25c. a box.   If your druggist has not yet stocked them, send 25c. and  ^  we will mail them.  NATIONAL DRUG A. CHEMICAL COMPANY  OF CANADA, LIMITED. MONTREAL.   2<  \w^  Coal More  Important  "Edison says some chemist will  presently discover how to manufacture gold."  As Good as an Inch  "Do you call getting within a mile  of the pole discovering it?"  "Well, it's as near ns 1 should want  "What good will that do as long as; lo come to discovering it, and have to  nobody finds out how to make hard ; got back."  coal?"  Complete   in   itself,   '  Mother ,, Graves' j  Worm  Exerminator  does  not  require the:  assistance ot any other medicine lo make  it effeotive.  work.  It docs  not  fail to do its  "Where you goin', Mamie?"  "Why, I'm just goin' to make a  bon-fwe of dis box of love-letters from  my former admirers. I'm engaged  now, and I promised my fiance that  I'd destroy 'em."  Scratched for 40 Years.  IT  Appleford  Counter  Check  Book  Company,  Limited.  The best equipped factory for producing Counter Check Books  in Canada.  Factory  and Office!:  Capacity  509 000 Checkbooks  =  per Day.  We are supplying the Largest users of Counter Check  Books in Canada with our  IMPERIAL BOOKS."  HAMILTON,  ONT,  (Net In the Trust.)  APPLEFORD COUNTER  CHECK BOOK  COMPANY, LIMITED.  WHEN IT COMES TO  PAPER BAGS and  MATCHES  We ere  svsrywhers with tht   standard goods,  Paptr and Matchas art our specialties.   Lst us  know your warns���������ws'll do tht rtst. '  TheEB.EddyCo.Ltd  HULL, CANADA  TEES It PER88E, LIMITED, As**nts, Wtnr*in.������  H,|R>ry, Edmonton,  Rtglna, Fort William and Port Ar hur.  est  t  iflW  MIRPS SFFfl. SHIRR  Established fll Yenr*.  The excellence of our Stocks, which  are carefully tested for purity and  germination, our long experlninee nnd  connection with the best Growers of  the World, nnd the grimt cure fixer-  clsed In every detail of our business  Is the secret of our success. All we  ask is a Trial Order.  SPECIAL OFFER.  We offer the best grade of Onion  Sets ns follows:  Dutch Sets, White 30c quart  Dutch Sets, Yellow    3Bc quart  Top or Button Onions .... ,15c quart  Multipliers, English Potato, 30c quart  Multipliers, White Potato,   30c quart  Mutlpliers, Shallots 25c quart  Heaped Measure.  All Post Paid.  Druee's Sends ar* Cheapest because they are the best.  Clltf-On^li������ii.l-om<,l������llln������lr������t������llM-M*������<-������UWii*nf V������������i,t������ht������, f*rm *M Flowertiaait, tltau,  k\Mr*. l'i>ul������> Mu|ii|*ltM, UftcUn lwf.lnw.av*, ������U., lul UU.    U������iml lu( i*u  John A. BrtiOft A Co, Ltd.. Hamilton, Ontario  ���������n.. ,������������������ ��������� ��������� ���������  ,���������,".i. nt,i n. .,7        KiUhllthsd Nlttr-nnt Vttrt  Shipping Dressed Poultry.  .  After the fowls have been dressed  and nre thoroughly cooled, they will  be ready for packing. Poultry  dressed for market should be kept off  food at least 24 hours previous to  .slaughter, and should be drawn before it is packed for shipment. The,  action of the air on tho inside of the  fowl will cause it to spoil, and make  it impossible to keep in good condition. Use a flat box in which two  layers of poultry can be packed.  Wrap the head of each bird in paper  so that any hlood; that may be loft  in the head will riot come in contact  with the body and soil it. In some  cases the whole bird is wrapped in  waxed paper.  Start a layer in'the bottom of the  box; take each bird separately and  fold the head to one side, and plaoe  it in the box witli tho head tip. Continue, in this way until tho bottom  layer is filled. Put the upper layer  in tho same way except that tho head  is in the.middle iind.the side of the  box may bo opened when it reaches  tho market and a nice uniform lot  of poultry will moot tho oyo of the  purchaser.  The��������� poultry may bo packed in barrels or lorger boxes, but small flat  boxes are preferred, because they aro  easier to handle and thoro is less  danger of, spoiling while thoy arc being shipped,  Jt is a. good plan to establish a  permnnont trade with bomo commission firm, mont donlor, or a largo  hotel, to Rupply thorn with poultry.  Thia will insure a bettor price than  when shipped only occasionally.  Poultry Hhould bo sent by express  so as to ho on tho rond tho least possible time. Tho oases, whon shippod,  should bo -plainly marked for whom  nnd from wliom thoy nro, tho number  of birds in tho oiiho, and tlio weight.  Mr. V)���������- wont to thn club, leaving  Mrs, T)������������������ with n lndy friend, whoso  abilities nn n scandalmonger anil nils-  ohiefmakor woro prcemineiill. Whon  ho returned ho just poked his bond  into tlio drawing-room, and snid, with  a sigh of relief. "Tho old cut's gone,  I suppose?" For nn instant thoro wns  a profound silence, for as ho uttered  tho lust word he encountered the  stony stnre of tho lady who hnd boon  in his mind.' Then his wifo onmo to  the roHcuo. "Oh, yen, donr," she sni'l  "t sent. it. to tho oat's homo in a  bnskot first Jhing this morning."  "Ro T honr you've mndo n lot of  money on tho Stock I'.xcluuigur" sni-i  tho young mnn'H uncle. "Yon, Hir."  "Thnt shown, how one mny. with  proper luck nnd promptness, succeed  if ho will only take iiilvonlogo of bin  ,..-.,.nriuniHnu " "Hut T Inst thnt nnd  m'v'TiiI thousand more lo-dny."  "Young niiin, how often havo 1 told  you thnt such transactions jiro merely gambling, nnd thnt you nro bound  to come to grief poonor or lator if  you dabble in thorn?"  Little George���������"Oh, mother, I made  a fine swop with one of the fellows  who goes to school. I've traded my  mouth-organ for a spelling paper  marked one hundred."  If a cough makes your nights bIcopIosb  nnd weary, it will.worry you a good  doal, and with good cause. To diapcl tho  worry and give yoursolf rest try Bloklo's  Anti.ConBuraptivo Syrup. It exerts a  soothing influence on the air paR&agcs  and allays the irritation that leads to  inflammation. It will subdue tho most  stubborn cough or cold, and eventually  eradicate it from tho system, aB a trial  of it will prove to you.  Tho creaking of a door can be  stopped at once by rubbing on tho  hinge with a piece of soap or with  tho lead of a black pencil.  Used D. D. D. Six Months���������All  Itching Gone  This is the actual experience of  Anne Croman, Sunta Rosa, Cal., with  the wonderful D.D.D. Prescription.  D.D.D. is the proven Eczema Cure,  the mild wash that gives instant relief in all forms of skin trouble.  Cleanses the skin of all impurities  ���������washes away blotches and pimples,  leaving.,the skin as smooth and healthy as that of a child.  . Write today for a free trial bottle  of this wonderful Excema Cure to the  D.D.D. Laboratories, Dept. T.F., 49  Colborne Street, Toronto. It will give  you instant relief.  (For sale by all Druggists)  "What kind of an appointment^do  you want?" "Well," said the applicant, "what I'd like is one of those  positions in which a man can make a  bit by seeing that nobody,else has a  sinecure."  A SEVERE CASE  OF NEURALGIA  Minard's Liniment Co., Limited. ���������  Have used MINARD'S LINIMENT  for Croup; found' nothing equal to  it j suro cure.  CHAS. E. SHARP.  HawkBhaw, N.B., Sopt. lst, 1905.  Nature makes tkc cures  if ter all.  Now and then she gets  into a tight place and  needs helping out.  Things get started in  the wrong direction.  Something is needed to  Cildivf ui^caoC   ������iiju   Suiii  the system in the right  direction toward health.  Scott's Emulsion of  Cod Liver Oil with hypo-  phosphites can do just  this.  1  -The into count T.,u������������i Wm������������.,ij     lt   strengthens   the  physi.*inn*4,".������nid a Itiminn diplomat   ncrves feedsfamished tis-  Mit n dinm-r in WtiHliuiKtuu. ,  "You* remember how Tolstoi ridiculed phvHicinn* in 'Wnr nnd 1'once?  I Well, I henrd him ridicule three ol,  them to their faces over a vegetarian  I dinner nt Ynsnnya Polyann.  j    " 'Physician*,"   ho   said, bitterly.  ,l������x>kiim���������m������ fiom a plate ot lontth,  ���������may ho divided into two cla������se*-th������  radicnk who kill you, and the con-  Bervutivt'*, who let you die."  MrB, Woggs���������What ia tho highest  compliment a man can pay a woman?  Mr. Woggs���������Whon a man says; "If  sho in on tho committee at thnt  church supper, I'll go."  "What him become of all tho wirepulling senator?"  "Thoro Is an improvomont on it,  my dear.  Wiroloim pull."  Cured.. After. Long Years^oi Suffering  by Dr. Williams' "PiinR PilTs.  There is an excellent reason why  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have cured  the most severe cases of neuralgia,  sciatica, and other complaints in the  group that aro known as disorders of  the ncrves. This group also includes  St. Vitus dance and paralysis, and  the common state of extreme nervousness and excitability. Each of  these complaints "exist because there  ia something the matter with the  nervous system. If the nerves have  tone���������are strong and healthy, you  will not.have any of these complaints.  The reason Dr, Williams' Pink Pills  cure nervous disorders is that they  restore weak, run-down nerves to  their proper state, of tone. They net  both directly upon the nerves and on  the blood supply. The highest medical authorities hnve notftd thnt nervous troubles generally attack people  who are bloodless and that the nerves  are toned when tho blood supply is  renewed, It is thus* seen thnt Dr.  Williams' Pink-Pills cure nervous  disorders by curing the cause of tho  trouble.  Mrs. J. C.  Adams,    Norris   Lake,  Mnn., 8iiys:"I am'writing you at my  husband's  request to  let you know  the great benefit Dr.. Willinms* Pink  Pills hnvo been to him,   Ho is n river  driver and therefore much exposed to  nil kinds of weather and wetting.   As  a result he had an attack of rheumatism, and then to add to his misery a I  severe typo of neuralgia set in, locat-i  ing on tho loft side of tho faco, nnd,  causing him such terriblo pain that  it would drive him almost wild.   Ho  wns treated by soveral doctors, nnd  finally went to Winnipeg, whero they  blistered  his  head  and  applied  hot  plasters which really only nddod moro  to his misery, nnd he returned homo  (dill uncurod.   In this wny ho suffered  for nearly, six years, trying "nil sorts  of medicine, hut novor finding a euro.  Ono dny while ho   was   Buffering T  went to a storo  to got a liniment,  but thoy did  riot hnvo the kind  I  ivnntod, nnd tho storekeeper   nsked  mo what T wnntod it for,   I told lilm  nbout my husband nnd how ho suffered, and  ho  placed  a box of Dr.  Willinms' Pink Pills nn tho counter  saying,  "Tako   my   ndvico, this is  whnt your husband should tnko."   I  took tlio Pills home with mc find my  husbnnd started talcing them.   I nm  not suro how  many lioxos ho took,  hut ono thing is certain, they   completely mired him, nnd lie hns never  since hnd a touch of thoso torturing  pains.   You can toll   how   nnieh ho  suffered whon I miy Unit tho hair on  tho side of his bond   in   which   tho  pnin wiih located turned qulto gray.  It. looks  odd,  but  hn  snys  It does  not matter since tin: puiu in umn-.   I  )f]'n-\'t: hn xruuh) iv'f h:\i.-<- Wn llvint?  now had Dr, Williams' Pink Pills not  mired thoso terriblo   pains,   nnd you  may ho suro wo   gmtifully    recom-  inond them to ull our friends and all  suffering ones."  Wiui   i>;������    'nil   dv.iwrin   ���������...    ������������������,,    .....'!   .-'  f������0 cents a box or fdx box*1* for $2.M)  from Tho Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Hroekvlllo, Ont,  BLOOD BAD IN  THE WINTER  Indoor Life, Too Little Exercise,  Breathing Impure Air, Eating Artificial Foods.  Is it any wonder that the system  becomes poisoned with impure waste  matter in the winter time, when you  think of the artificial' life we lead?  With doors and windows tight shut  wc breathe the same air over and  over again until it is incapable of  purifying the blood.  In vain effort to cast the poisons  out of the system' the liver and kidneys are worked overtime until they  too are played out. Then comes the  pains in the bnck, the headaches, the  attacks of constipation and indigestion.  The quickest .and-most certain way  to overcome this condition is.by the  use of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.  They act definitely and directly on  the liver and kidneys, awaken them  to renewed energy in filtering poisons  from the bowels and remove the cause  of indigestion, backache and other  body pains. ;  You are not experimenting when  you use Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver  Pills. They are unique in their combined action on the liver and kidneys and for this reason stand without a rival as a means of purifying  tlie blood and cleansing the filtering  and digestive systems.  One pill a dose, 25 cents a' box at  Lall_,doalers,���������,or__Jidmaiison,_Uates_&._  ' Co., Toronto.  A * mnn feels Important about most  anything that seems of no importance  to  others.  'Tl* n Marvellous Thine.���������When tho  cures effected by Dr. Thomas' Eclectrio  OU aro considered, tho speedy and por.  inanont relief it has brought to tho eut.  ferine wherever it has been used, It must  be regarded as a marvellous .thing that  ho potent a medicine should result from  tho. six ingredients which enter into ltd  composition. A trial will convince tho  most skeptical of Its healing virtues,  Outside the sun is shining,  The sky is clear nnd blue;  Don't let tomorrow's foreenst  Get anything on you.  You will sneeze, perhaps feci chilly.  You think you aro catching cold.  Don't wait until you know it, Tako  a doso of Hamlins Wizard Oil and  you just can't catch cold.  Reuben: "Josh says that city fol-  lor gov him a hundred an' somo odd  dollars for that horso of his'n."  Silas: "You ain't been! tho hull  of it. Whon ho took them dollars to  tho bank ho found they wan all odd."  MORE  PINKHAM  CURES  Added to the Long List due  to This Famous Remedy.  UlniiforilMtnUon, Out.���������" I lmvo tnken  Lydia K.Pinkliatn,_  Vegetable Com-  pound for yearn  nml. no vor round  any medicine U  compiiro with It. J  had uloorsand tali  Ing of the uU/rtu,  and doctors did m������  no good. I suffered  dreadfully until I  began taking your  medicine.   It hu  ������mi.  r t'i $$/_'!  It.-!--*.1-**'  sues,   and   makes   rich  blood.  to*. SAUt BT iLl. HMWHHTi  turn* Urn.. *.%\t tt miMr t.i (kit ��������� I t-t <-**  kMtHlIM Solium Ranlramt I'titlf* "k.trk H.������A  lul tail *HiUlM ��������� flnnl Luck V-nm.  SCOTT * BOWWE  !MW������!U>������U������Str������������t,W**4     X*tmmla,C*a*.  Mr. -Tames Payn, speaking of Indi-  jvidunl    interpretations     of    general  'rulos. snys thnt. in polmr his rounds, ,���������,���������������������������.���������������������������,  I one night with the oflj.vr on guar, j flbroid turoo  'nt one of the English dockyards,   ho1  henrd the original view* of thn Irisdi  i sentry on this point. "If you wr- a  ' convict esrnping," *nid tlie ofllwr,  I "what Is it your duty to tin';" "Sure  i wir, and I'm not to lire till tho Infct  extremity." "Quit* right. Hut uhnt  idn yo������ consider the hixt extremity to  hot"  ".lust around the corner ot the  dockyard thero, sir," was tho practical reply.  rt ������������������"'��������� '���������; -  ti.'.1 ' "tl  also helped other  women lo whom I  hate recommended it."���������Mrs. Uknut  CiTiAiiK. OUnford Station. Ontario.  flardlner, Me.���������"I wan a jrreat mif-  terer f runt a leinale uiKeaijo. ihu doc  tor said I would have to go to thi  hospital for nn operation, but Lydia fi.  Pinkham's Vegetable Compound com.  pletoly cured jn* in three months,"*-  Mrs. ft. A. WiUtAMH, R. F.D. No. 14,  Jiox M, Uitrdincr, Maine.  HccAiise your case U a difllcult on������,  doctors having done you no Rood, do  not continue to suffer without gi-vlng  Lydia K. I'inkharn's Vegetable Com.  pound a trial. It surely has cured  many ca**s of female ills, such as itv>  flammatlon, ulceration, displacements,  irrejpilarities, periodic  KrtLin  Ins,  tncVtrha,   that Vtf>������rlnff-down  Kiln*, indigestion, dladnes*. and tier-  vou* prostration.  It costs but a'trlfle  to try it* and ths result is worth millions to many sufferinf women.      <  If you want Npeel*. ad?iee write  $orllt<0_rt.IMnkham,LTnn,MaM.  ft is tram and always offlpfuL  W. N. V��������� No. M7. THE   NEWS,   rUMBERLAND^BlfnSlI   ftOLUMgjAt,  -VI" .k*U.  Tub UumhBt Jauil um  \,.-d   liverv   Tuts'*iv   >������v   the  ���������IV    >>v  C-wil">.' x    Jt     tiU:fJ :-i 'iaxr.'.l  ���������"'ito ishmg   Cj vjP *i^y  "I" lis p-.i^M* will n<i. iiol-i i'si'lf  r,,-,, ni-iUio for tho ii:>iii*'>n- ��������� I <>' ii-  *,*���������<, :is nmy rtjipour m i*-> column*  from time iu turn'.  T'.'iiSlVVV,   May   2.ui.      r.Ui,  I-'OUSAUS*���������AC-1-i..um'ilhimPc  ���������ni Maryport Awnm, b.-iw.en  St'cnnd ami Third Ptrut-ts. Apply  tliis.uilico.  SUMMER SCHEDULE.  The SS. Princess Mary will  sail as under:���������  Leave Vietoiia Tuesctav. 7.00  a.m., for Nanai;;io, Union and  Comox.  Leave Comox Wednesday 8.00  a.m., for Union, Nanaimo and  Vancouver.  Leave Vancouver Thursday,  9.00 a.m., for Nanaim<>. Union  and Comox,  Leave Comox Friday, ������..00a.m.  for Union, Nanninio and Vancouver.  Leave Vancouver Saturday,  9.00 a.m., for Nanaimo, Union  and Coniox.  Leave Comox Sund.iv.  a.m., for Union, Nana-mo  couver and Victoria.  12.15  Van-  ,IF YOU WANr  &00DPMNTIJQ  GIVE US A  TRIAL  FOR SALE���������Onf i .mbator  and two brooders, Cnp-n*itv BOO.  J'rice $u0 Tor the lot. Apply this  oflice.  (e.) Th* character of the proposed  !������oik   dam a -d tiuico gate*.  it.) The premises on which the water is to ha used (describe same): In  ;-l8 mu p" ,,i      t, e luud 11 o.iij   1 he  bauk  '. of t! e Campbell Rivfr, nl<ont one half roiV-  U'l-i.   Ci i.pl,ai Ri\e  F������il-.  (g.) The purposes for which the  wtHor in tn ������������������(( uaad p >*t-.r pur^osta.  (h.) If Iof Irrigation describe tho  land intended to be irrigated, giving  acreage   None.  (i) If the water iu to he used tor  power or mining purposes describe  the placo where the water in to be  returned to some natural channel,  and the difference In altitude between  point of diversion and point of re-  'iiru; The watoi is tu lx* r������- n m-d t'l lhe  Campbell Rivor nt a p int about oue mil*.  Mow tho Campbell Rhnr Fa'ls nnd idio  ditfuWonco in aiti'ndo will tin ah������nt 800 ft.  (j.) Area of Crown land intended to  be occupied by tho proposed works:  About MvO a CI OS;  (k.)Tlils notice was posted on the  'econd liny oi January, 1911, tun ������;jplic  tion will be mado to the Gotnmfs-  rio eron tho twcuty-iouitli uuy i,i tfebru-  try, 1911.  K) Give tho names and addresses  of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely to  be affected by the proposed works,  either above or below the outlet:  The cr i*u. ihe British Aim non Timber  Co., Ltd., of Viotoria, B.O., North P.oifio  Lumber Co., Ltl,, ol V*noouver, B.C.; P.  Cufahy, of Chicago, Illinois. Internttion  ai Tin bar Co.. ot Vudo u er, B C  Attach copy of such parts of the  Company's memorandum of association as authorize tbe proposed application and works.   ���������  (a] The construction oi operation of  wc rk-������ ������<��������� the unpply V r utilization of water  nnde.Jho-W ter Aot, 1909,"  h) To apply for and obtain nnAor thn  provisions of the "VVator Act, 1909," or to  purchase or ot hoi wise acquire wa'er records or water lie n*fs.  Tub Qampbkij, Hivhk Power company,  Limited.  G. H. Bum-.: W. Wai'ace Grime,  P.O  addiesu Kox 724 Directors.  Victoria, B.C.  COURT.OF'REVISION.  |^"A Court of Revision will be held in the  ^C^'D^ciTTliTnTb"ers~^irTlTurrday;  M.-'y i8:b, 1911. at 7.30 p.m.. f"i the purpose of lT-arina coinpl������inis,if.iiiv, against  lh.". assessment of properly in ilie City ol  Cumberland for the year 1011  Any person or persons having complaint mest give noticr in wri in.* at least  ten days before the date of mertimj.  Aux McKinnon.Cmv Clerk.  Cumberland, H C , April 5th, 1911.  W  SUBSCRIBE  for the  EWS  a Year  10% BONDS 10%  'An  Attractive   Offering  for a Short Term  Investment.  auaamia���������at.  We can offer the conservative  investor for a short while only  an opportunity of placing his  surplus funds in.a high-class se-  ' turity benriug a rate of interest  ot tern per cent,  Only 150 of these Convertible  Debentures Ut a par value ot vioo  ea:h, available,  Do uot gamble in stocks,  shaves aud other forms of speculation, but INVEST where your  priiicifi.il and interest, is secured,  Wkitk lor further particulars  o" thi< B.jikI issue whi ii ifl par-  1-oulurly attractive to investors,  Prompt application is necessary  a: number is limited,  (U3AliUii S1S0U3JTISS,  UHTfiD.  Vancouver Office*:���������  1101 Dominion Trust  Building,  Vancou/er, B. C.  WATHR NQTICM.  NOTICE in   hereby r.lvnn that  ta  application will he made under Part  V. ol tho "Wnter Act, IWi," to  ob-  1   . *. i >.<������.. u.t . p. j  um-i 11   it  V    t  Hit \\ .tn   t'l t  .   'I L 1 omn * nt Com in   lu Mill   The  (' '.       .    !!;,...      '������ .    I'    .....        ,,   1,,.,.(l(.,l  V e hud "ih f OiHm  t I) r   r   ,k Hob  ��������������� nimK      ���������      V* ��������� *.C.  Thn Cftplt'l,    hnvr dlvldod, nhowlng  k . Oil   t ;.'*!���������!       ii'i'-'. 1 Oil .IIV'I  M       II 0  fi ������i  h       f,  -,l f-Yr-lM . 'I.    ,. .Ill   111     i till Op.  i'i ym  1 If Ur minlncr -*>nrT>OHM) Vm* Mln>  ������|-*������ <>r������!rtfntt Na   i*:}  Tbft  iv r.'^  cf   th"  1-v*.   Btr^frtv  or *oiiic������    (tf uiin/imfld, the deicn[������-  t   u ������    b     I.     , ^'    ni       ��������� 1*  1  (e.) The yfrit cf diversion*. About  Tii" ' 1 f <i  ('    m- II 1.   ���������  (d.) The qiinnvty of wnter npplied  for tlu cubic foot p������r KKoud)   '������'������������������"  ie taut.  WATER NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that an  application will be mado under- Part  Y&J>i^e^^1w^rt,J909l,JJp_^*lh  tain a licetiso in the Coniox Divinou uf V-.<  to' ia Water District.  (a) The name of Company in .full;  Tim Campbell River Fower'Com^aay.Llil  The head .ffioa: Olfit^o, of Barnard ^*  K-.l c. ta ii, SU Fort S*. , Votori*. B.'-'.  The capital, how divided, showing  Aiuuui.t paid up $50,000, < ivided into 50.  shares  ofSUOeach;  amount paid    u  J40.000.  (If for mining purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No   (h.) The namo of the lake, stream  or nource (if unnamed, tbe description i>i Upper (>ajii>boll Luno, V*ucouver  IhIuwI  (c.) The point of diversion; At thq  toot of Up|ier Oumpboll Lii'u*.  (d.) The quantity of water applied  for (ln cubic   foot   per   second)  81) oubo fi*et.  (e.) The cbaraoter of the proposed  ���������Wuikrt duin auu uluicu ^utirn.  (f.) The premiBen on which tho water is to be used (describo same)  At noma pulut ou xhn land hlui.y ibu i.auk  of tiu C.\mijb.ll rivr 1ho.11 ouo lulf mile  below Uampbull river FaIIo.  (g.) Tho purposos for which tha  ^u ur u i������ bu ixi,,\ |ioMui' \ -ii'ii ��������� i������ "d.  (h) If for irrigation deoenbo thn  land intended to bo irrigated, giving  None.  (i.) If tho wutor< is to bo UBod for  powor or mining purpoBos doBcrlbo  tho placo whero tho water lo to be  returned to Rome natural chanuol,  and tho dlflorenco In altitudo between  point of diversion aud point of ro-  turns Thn wuler iu 11 to leimuvii to ihu  1 iimpl'tll nvur ut ������ point Riirmt one ������i'l  liulow t e 0>������rophi*l| rlvoi* T'MU and the tlif  foremto in altiuule wil* 1������������ nbout !M0 'oet,  (],)Aren of Crown land intended to  bo occupied by tho proposed worku'  ������h.nt :j'20������o en.  (k.) Thin notice was posted on tho  HkIhii ihiy of J miiri, lllll, 11 m iipplKii'  tion will b< oimiii to tlm CoiinntHM utimr uu  tlio twenty-fovrMi day nt Fubrimrj,  1011,  (1.) Olve the nnmeu and addrcsuos  of any riparian proprietors or llccn-  ������o������ who or wbooe lands nro likely to  Ul     i...l^\t.i.,t     Itj *#.i.     ,'iM,.y^.M      ,.is������...i,  tWitr above or Mow tho outlet.  I'r- ll 1 ibh AuibriMn Tinihr Co., Lid.,  ofVlct������iri������( H.O; Willi I'noiilo Lnmbr  0 i., LH, of Vimoimvur, 11 0: l������. Ourlnhy,  ul 'iiu'dfio, III110111 Intoriutiniial Tlinlier  Uu , <������t Vanoouvur, i'������.^, MijuunMi. & N������-  iiahtio Ilailwiy Company.  Attach copy of such parte of the  Company/* memorandam of nssocln-  tlon no authorlie the proponed application nnd work*,  ������, T ihwIih rut'l'inioropcratiimot ������������<rki  r.r M.f* -iipiilv <<r iitiliiati'in nl wn!������i- umlfr  *.-|.i,*lV������i,,.r  A   1,   )%'i "  ''     To ������pply for 'in I ot tn,i<  "ml r >h  It  And Neatly Done,  i%i0mzw& Qs^^^'fflsawa^^w^^^  ,������������������������>������������������������������������ ���������**.  SPATES  The TAILOt.  CLEANING, PRESSING  and REPAIRING.  Uadlea' Work  u Specialty.  BAYWARD LAND DISTRICT.  District of Snywurd,  TAKK tiottoe that, Ooorgo Lelooitnr Ui-  niinKton, of Vancouver, U.O., ineehnnlo,  intttmln tn npply for pt'rmlwiuutovurohatu  the following tlcwcrilied lands:���������  ("oinmeiicInK at 11 lioat pluntod at the  South won nnrtiw of lot 552; thenou north  W olimnii. tlmnuo w*int 75 thniim, ihonco  Hnuth 80 chains, lliunoe������a*t7fi ehuiiw, tn  poiut of uoiiiVUHniumnut, eotitniiiing UOO  nort>������, mft'noi* leM,  lil.OitUi; lA.Mr.ftr.li  KlMiNiilu.-*,  lloiiert 111" iv (IniuiniH., i\gir\t.  Dntoil MnrohUth Hill  ������\VWMMi l,\>ir>  OTHTIUCT  11 DMriot of Mnywrd.  TAKE NOTICK tUt Patriok William  Lo-He Clark, 't Viinoouv*r, B.C., law  *l<:rk, I .tends lo upply for p*rmlu������l-ni ������o  i.nioh������**������ Iho folioiiinjj u>������orii"0'1 lanila:  (3.-m'������������nolng at a |������>������|���������. plnnled a' iIih  r,,ntiu*/������ I noi-nir <*'f!���������>* .ri"'2: tlw"ipi>eii������t SO  <lmi;<H. iJi'U'iv "iitli 01 i-lidiim, ihi-noo  ,v������bI 40clmi 1*. the;**! couth 10 e.hiilnii,  1 in- Hini'i! *f to* ���������MV.t.r A������������. rJ(CJ," nr t<> \ i\_mm woh 40 olminH, th*uc������ noith 80  ,������ur ha-i- o' nhttm hn annua wa* or recoiil j ^ j, fl to -plnoo of comitH'u.Miueiit, (Mmt-iin  i i. tf h"iG SA-'ttm. mnn or !���������������������������,'  1       I'Attucik Wuxu'.t Li'"i.u; Ci.\tH;.  H<������'' ti He. ry Cluvxiiut, fi|(enl.  i iM'iid Match Ulh, Ittll.  I' o *i<J ������"���������' D *7vtV tt'.i * li.0.  01 ������������ na H*v* * ���������  'vur, C^Mi'itrr.r. Hiv-'t Po������RncnfiM.w,.  I.IHirRtit!   . 'I   Ill'IH, W   \kll.|������������.������-l������a.i.-, j  J"e t   ���������  C BALED TENDKRS nddr^-Hed to tho  *^ uuilerninued, ami endor od ''Tundi'r  for Kxiinii.inff Warbboune, V������uoi'Uv������r,  B.C.," will bo vooeived until 4.01) P.M.,  on Mondny, April 21, 1911, f<r thu eon-  itruotion of an Kxumining Wurohoiuo,  Vancouver, B.C,  Piium, ppeoihontion and furtn of eou-  trict onn bo uoon mul fortnn of tondor oh  tainuil ut the oIHcuh Of Mr. .1, K. (lyr, tin-  porintendetit of Public !ttiililin_nfiif Mau-  itolu, I'ol Dflloi) lluililiog, Winnipeg  Mali,, Mr. Win, lloncU'iHiiii, UoHldunt Ar*  Oliitvut, Viotoria, H.C., at the LVhi Ollleo,  Vhiuouvit, und at thin Du|Mitin������nt,  I'urHOnH to .iloiiim lire uoUliod tha1' tend  urn will mn Im ooniiil<itrd tinlu,-n mndo 111  tin* priiittnl fin uu mippliel, ai.tl hIrukI  with ih'ir hotualnignnluuHj Htitnu their  Oouupati ns 'nud plncou of M-iiloiiO.. In  Iho cu������o of linn*, th Boniul ���������iunuture, the  uaturo of thenooiiin'i'ii nnd plnonof roai-  (leiioo uf imoli nioinber of thu tirm munt hu  given,    *  Kuch tiimUr mu t he aooMnpanled hy an  itoocptod ohoqtie i<n n olunoitd bank, pay-  nhlo tn tli.* orilnr of the Honourable the  Miniator of Puh'it W'������rkn,opal to tun pir  1 flnt (10 p.o.) i-f ti 0 umotilit of tlio tendtfl-,  Wilijll  Wiii'idJ 4Ull(.Jn;>i ii kin. (-(ill..;.. U������.i-  mC'tux <hv) uv I" u- U'j- hi'.on ������xin1r.ii't-\vhpn  oullod upon to do to, or f >il to oomploto  tho vtork o> n- rneted for. I f the lender Im  not iiucopUid iho ohe<-uu will bu rotuniod,  Thu Dupariinoiit douu sol himl itsolf to  aocOjit iho lod't-ht or any teaiUr.  Hy orler,  n. u. uEsnociiKiw,  ' Sitirttaiy,  Depnrtment of Public Works,  Ottawn, Mnroh'.'_, 1011,  NcwspKpcrii will w<t bu paid tor thia ail.  vertUemi-nt if they insert tt without nuthority fr-m Un D pur nmil.  IP VOU WANT GOOD  IPRINTfKG GO TO THE  , N EVVS. VI li ST-Cl ASS WORK  SAYWARD LAND DISTRICT.  mmaatmmamm  District of Snywurd.  TAKE NOTICE tint William  Ciildwt'll, of Lanark, Ont., mining  man, intuiid* to apply for puriuis  Biou to purchitdo tho, following described land*:���������Commencing at a  pout plnnted nt thu northwi'Pt corner  of Lot 490, Ciirringion Bay, Say-  w������rd District. Ihonco follnwinj; tho  norlh houriiinry of ot 490 easterly  for 40 ohainH, thence north 20  dim 1 iih, thonco wort tothuohorolino  ihonoe pouthwosterly and following  tio chore line to the point of com-  n.O'icemont, t'ontuinlng 1������hh than 80  uorw������.      WiiiLiAM Oaldwkm.,  Jno, Manion,agont  Dft'odFob. 28th, 1011,  8AYWAUD LAND DIHTHIOT.  DlBtrlet of Snywnrd.  TAKK notion that Hidnoy Hoasmnn, of  Vanuotivor, I) C, moohnniu, inteiula to  apply for permission to purobnso the fol-  lowinit dimoi ibed liimla:���������  Qnnimoneinu nt a poet planted at the  Hiiuthwoat corner of lot CD2; thonoe aoutb  VO ctuvlo*, th������non ������/o.t, ������0 nhnlnn, thennp  n������rth 80 nlinlnt, thfltiwi naat 80 ohnlni, to  pi 111*11 of o itutnonooiiient oootniuinfr 640  nuros, more rr laaa.  HinxKV Hhasm.vm,  Koh rt Henry Cnoitnnt, ngont.  r\ i .' \*     ' "i   tot i  SAYWAED LAND 'DISTRICT.    .  DiBkiot of Buy ward.  TAKK NOTICE that Arthur Rowland  Bout, of Vaneouver, B.C., transport aueiit,  ItiteuilB to upply forperuiiaaton topurubaHO  the following doioribatl Undnt���������Comnaoiic-  iug nt n pout plnnted ut the ni>uth������ast oor-  nor of lot 010, on iho north boundary of  lot 6t7, theiioa uorth 80' ohaine, tlience  en������t 75 cluiue tbener south 80 ohainH,  thenot|weHt 75 ohaina t<> point of commence  meut, oontaltiipg 000 aor������������, more er leui.  Aniiiuii Uowland Dhbt,  Robert Henry Chestnut, agent.  Datod. Mirah 7th, 11)11,    , sAVWAKI) LAND DISTRICT.  Distriot of Siyward,  TAKK NO I luK that Sntnnpl Heusraan,  of Vanoouvor, 11.0,, int-obanlo, intend* to  apply for pirrabslon ������o purchase tho fol  lowji d deso'lboil Tniitl*:���������Conmienoiojj at������  post plnnted nt tin south^t oomor of lot  fiSOi thonoo omit 160 ohains, thenoo aiuth  40 ohnins, thtneewe-t 75 ohuiim (more or  Ibihi) thonoe north 8 ohams, thonco west  85 chains, thonoe uorth .15 chains to point  ot commencement, contalninn COO ucroa,  nioreorloxB,     SA������uni< .Hkahman.  Robart Henry Chestnut, agent  Dated Maroh 8th, 1011.  *&.*.    ,.mt+fU" ***'**  i w-imn^iiii  \  SAYWARD LAND DISTRICT.  District of Sayward,  TAKK notice that Nanetto Joseph, of  Vancouver, R. <\, Spimtur, intends to  apply for por������i������������ion to purchase tile fol-  lowing deHoribtd lands;���������  Comm-noinij at a poat planted nt tlie  8* utheiiBt ooruor of lot 547) tbenoe north  BOeiiii'.B, tho-'Ce o������s' SO chains, thence  Houth HO olulnt, thenco wn*t 8.') ohnius  t ||,o p lot of oiiinm������������'canent, contain*  ing ilW  ci������4 ra >re or Iws.  NAUtllli JoAJtl'U,  Ilobirt Henry Chtitnnt, pgant.  Datod Mftiou 7th, 1011  SAYWARD LAND DISTRICT.  DkwIcUfSiiyTr.w!.  TAIDC uoUcy Ihat- FruJicc* UringbDoi,  wife of W, Y. Broughnw, of Vuncouver,  R.C., Intendt to apply for permlvslnn to  purohaao tho following dosorllied Nnd<:���������  CoinmenoiuK at a post planted 40 oIirIuh  westot tho soiiihcBt coruer ot h- bVl;  thonoe OMt 120 ohtlus, thenoo south 40  ohainu, thenoe wait 120 chtiiin, thonoe  north 40 ehaius to point nf coifmonoiiuou',  oontnlnins 480 sores, more or less.  France* Rrououau.  Robert Henry Chantaut, ngent  Dated Msrch 8th, 1011.  Wooi'fl Phoipliodini,  fin Orritt KaglUK llmttiy.  tmntm and lnvtoMrtu*ilL������ w>*ofo  H9Itous      '        "    "   .0  i\f-i-.- 'WV/'!' ,1?,",,, .,,,;W  HicMlln ola Volnik CurM Aft-c-  oui Dtbliiiy. iitntni nml Jlrain Worry, Ik-  foinitmrif, StmHtal fVtuitAftis, l-:>niu������U������iii, tir '���������  tw*tarrkrt,,% unit Rf tela ctAhuatnr Kttt*u*.  HrlMltporbitx, Mil������rl& Oi*a������ltlp)on*f>,i:.>;  wlllmir*. Mim br all dranitfts or mallcti it  plidn pfeg, on reoolpt or prft^������, AVw imnftlct  maiWfrr*.  TH������VVood Mod lei n������ 00.  UtfmmWtu ivituimti TarantfvOaW Ri  wmmmmm  THE   NEWS, :.CUM-BERLAND,   BPJTJSH, COLUMBIA.  APPLICATION POR STORlNtt WATER  (s ) The place of the proposed re������3rvoir  for storing Comox Lake, B.C.  (t.) Tho means by vhich it is proposed  to Btore the water by a. dam at outlet of  Ltke.  (u,) The area of the reuerToir ait* or  aitea at each foot iu dtoth abovo the outlet  6000 acre*.  (v.) Uowisitpropo-ed to acquire the  kndnecesiaiy for the purpose By purchase  ifmccssAry,  (*.) Approximately the number of acre  feet iutended to bo impounded 80,000.  (x.) Wither it is proposed to lower the  w������t������r in any uatum'l Uke or Btanding body  of water, aud, if ������o, th-n���������  1. The anticipated entautof the lowering Not lowered.  i. 'iho xueana prouoeod to bo adopted to  lower aud retlll ��������� ���������  il. The u������iure aud cliiiraoter, iu detail,  ot tha work* propoaed to be conatruotwl to  . , provide for t*ie discharge and penning book  l,S of the waer Ry concrete dam with rogu-  $'l������ting gates controlling the duoharge.  [Stature]  f/HVELUvSaTON Collirhy Company, LtD.,  W. h. Coulso>j, General Manager.  (P.O. udiress) Viotoria, J3.C.  Jnauaiy lCth,n9ll.  WATBR NOTICE.  NOTICE Is   hereby given that   ao  application will be made under Part  "  V. of the "Water Act, 1909," to ob-  raiii a liaa iso in tho   D.vimo*   of   O uux  Uie1 net.  (a.) The name of Company in full:  Weiliugt n Colliery Ocmp^iy.   Limi ed.  Ths head offlw Viotoria, B.C.  Tho capital,   h w   divided, "ehowinj!  amount ?M up $2,010,0000 divided iuto  20,000 HhttHM of 6100 00 each fully paid up  (If for mining purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No....   (b.) The name of lake, stream or  Bourca (if unnamed, the description  in) Puntle. ge River.  (e.) The point of diversion: At a  poi't above the falls on the funded,i*  Riv������r, Comox Dbtrict.  (d.) The quantity ot water applied  (or (in cubic feet per second):  C70.  (e.) The character of the proposed  wo-.k-: l?merati'iK p.ant, powtr uorkB, and  electric works, and plaut a.d other machinery and conveniences necessary for producing powtT. '__ ___  (f.) The premises on which the water is., to be used (describe same): On  or iu the vuioitv -f tie Wellingt -u Colli  ������ry Company'* Ltd. property and  hold-  ingR in Comox D tstric;.  (������.) The purposes on which the water is to lie u od: UumerAting electricity,  and or light, heat, power, operutiou of  motor*, engine i, and machinery of at. kindB  and generally for thcexerciae of nil power*  an I priyilcgeaof a pOAer company uuder  Part IX. of above Aot.  (I.) If the water is to be used for  '.power or mining purposes describe  | jthe place where the water is to be  returned to some natural channel,  ^nd the difference In altitude between  point of diversion nnd point of return At a i-onvonioHl plaoo h< iow t >e  titongltton P.dls in tho vicinity outlet  Urown Rlvrr, Seotiona 10 aud 14 Tp., 9,  Comox Distriot. Tne po nt of returu u  olrnut 200 feot lower altitude ibau the point  of dberaiou.  (j.) Area ot Crown land intended to  be oeeupled by the proposed -forks:  Nouo.  Ik.) Thia notice was posted on tbe  iixioouth day of January, 1011, and appl-  entlou will be made to the 0'������m*nhuln> er  on the 28rd day of February, 1911  (I.) Give the namoa and addreasoa  of any riparian proprietors or lic-  enties who or whose lands aro likely  to be afleeted by the proposod works,  ntthcr above or below tho outlets  W-'ltiayt ������u < olllory Company, Ltd,  Attach    copy of such parts of the  Company's memorandum of association as Authorize 'he proposed application and works  (Nl������nafctue),  WR[.MKaT0NC0I<MM   HY ���������'  W, L. Couwoif, (font-Hi Mutter.  (P.O. nddrots) Viotoria, 11.0.  Kxtraot-- from thu mbmokaxoum ov ahuooi-  ATIOM OF TUB WlUINOTOM Ull.UKUY  CoMI'AW, MMll'EI),  (a) To aoquUo by purchase, grant, lease  or iu ������ny other m minor  water or  rights to water .........  [<)] To c irry on tho buelnois of   nlootJlo ll^lit, heat and power supply..,..  [n] Ti* manufacture and lino uh a motive  pnwor uluotrloity and to mintifactnru  or iioquire pl������ut, maelltuery, npparauie,  and maUiritlsnf uNcry kind for tho production and dlatributiou of elect* icity. ..  to geiiurat", uao or dupt������e of supply or di������-  trihute oleotrioity ......... for lightiiig or  motivfl powfr and to eoimtruct, Iny  down, oi-t bliih, ati'l carry out cablei,  wites, liuen, nooiimulatoiB, lamps ������aud  work*.  Special  Holiday  .'BretO  For Sale by all  Hotels  in Kegs or Bottles  The UNION BREWING a,      Nanaimo.  COPYRIGHT,  HERCULES Stump Pullers  FOR   SALE   BY      .     -  Walworth-Rolston Co, w*  l020 Westminster Ave.,      Vancouver, B. C.  u  o  R  ������  Pi  \%  s  s  o  a  w  s  4  to  ������ Q -5  a* s  & < M  go s  ��������� o .s  ������i ������   u3  J3   '    "  **        if*  fi  m Jtf  ���������  s .a  m.       ������    ���������*"  ���������"I  S.*|������  I-  a   a  fm&        .  n -. ?  '*\ ���������SI&  X   T   -J\  .2 C2 H  ������a?  S M  "i  W M eft  a -  a  s  ���������m  a  S  *. m  .a h  m. U  5 o  9)     w  ���������S 3  mm  mm      y  ���������V  *������  H     ������  ������ ���������������  *i -^  fi .  **s WZ  *ma,    nm  tt it  60 5  ���������C-    m  13  a  ������  so  c  *5  m  ������  m\  V  JZ  H  ������  ���������E  1  tt  ���������a  tt  <D  Pt  o  o  r>  (ri  <  Makea Your EXPENSES L'ffht  Makes Your DI5CUITS Lleht  Makei Your CAKI_S Li^ht  Makes Your BUNS Light  Makea Your LABOR Light  ORDER FROM YOUR  GROCER.  e.w.c;llettco.,ltd.  Toronto. Obt  NOTICE  Any person or persons, cutting,  removing or taking any blocku,  timber or wood, of any deijcriptiodn  belonging to tlie, Wellington Colliery Co'y., or from or off tlie land  of the said Company, or anyone  tipping rnbliish anywhere except  at the dump provided, or neglecting to level it when tipped to the  satisfaction of the Company, "will  be prosecuted to the full extent of  tn������ law,.  W. L. OOULSOX,  General Manager,  Wellington Colliery Co,y.  NOTIOE.  Kiding on. locomotives and rail,  way cars of the Uniou riblliery  Company by any person or per-  3ons���������except tain crfew���������u: strictly  prohiHted. Employees -re sub-  ipc to liinmissal for allowing sam-  By order  w: L. COULSON,  Geueral Manager.  ,  VR1L  is indispensable in the  camp, and for all  impromptu meals. .  AddalktleBOVRlL  to your canned meats  and soups and note  the difference.  BOVRIL  sandwiches are  nutritious and  toothsome.  RUPKRT LAND DISTRICT  District oi Rupert  ' TAKE notice that Gardiner Alexander Brady Spencer nf Alameda  Oul., occuporion plumber, intends  to apply for permiwion lo purchase  the following described landt:���������  Commencing at a post planted  about 30 chains west of the eouth  east corner of Section 24, Township  21, thence west 80 chuins. thence  south 80 chain., thence east 80  chains, thence north to south ?oore  of Wolf Lake, thence westerly along  nouth' shore to wesr end of lake,  thence eaft along north Bhore about  40 chains, theuce north to place of  commencement, containing 4U0  acres more or lefs. ,  . Scribed on post, G.A.B.S.'s N,E.  corner.  Gardner Alexakdes Brady  Spencer.  Dan Clark. Agent  Dated December 14th, 1910.  RUPERT LAND DISTRICT  District of Ruptirt.  TAKE noticw 'hat Ftxlora Ma������ Le?������oii  of Vauoouver, B. (J.   occapation jW'idow,  i teuija iu apyiy  for per . iu^iriu to jiur-  chaao the foilowii-g d"sciibsfi IrucIj: Com  menomg at at a p-'tt planted   about  one  mile north and 40 ohaii-s *��������������� t of the S. E.  corner of Section 4, Towtuhip  8,   thenc."  north 80 ohnins, theuce ������!tst 60 ch.-ios,  thenoo eouth 80 chain',   tUeuco wout SO  ol.aina io place o' commencement, coutiiu  ing CtO acres, m> r<> or leas.  Soribed ������n po t EML'n S.W, corner.  EndoraMae Lefson,  Dn Claik, Agont.  Dat-d Deoomber llth, 19(0.  RUPKRT LAND DISTRICT  Distriot of Rupert  TAKJi  WOriCR    that  Adelaido  Ester  Oark    Br.wn,   of   Brookfield   N.  Y.,  marrifd woman, icleuda to apply for permission to purchase tho followeng detririb-  ������1 land-:���������CmnmeiioiUg at a post, planted  at souttiweat uonor of St-o'ion  19, Townahip 9, theui-o uorth   80  ohiiinn,,   theueo  eaat 80 uhainp,   theuce   aouth   SO   chaiiiM,  tin net weat SO chaina to pluee of commen-  nieut containing 610 ncrea more or leva.  Scribed on post A.R.CMl'aS.W. cqr  Adklaidk b'aTKR Clabic Buow.v.  Dan Ui.uk, agent,  Dated December 19th, In 10.  C. H TARBELL  aaf*aaamamam+.a*a^maa*msmaa*m**mmm**^mmamam*aaawm*m  _������-^H_____ni__BH)B������iaMMaaH*______R������iu_______---_____^^  HIGH GRADE STOVES'  And|all KITCHEN .!UTENSILS  Sportsmcns Goods  > aud  I Genera) Hardware  EUl'ELtT LaND DISTHICT  District of Rupert  j TAKE notice that John  Henry  Kerriiibb Richiird*on, nf Vancou  ���������ver, B. C,   occupation Sieamboat  ���������Steward, intendH to apply for |>er-  |miesion to purchase   the following  ���������described land.:.���������Commencing at  a post   planted   about   40   chains  noribof   the southwest corner of  Section 3, Township 21, ihence west  80 chains., thcnce_8QUth_ 80 jihuins,  thence east 80 chain?, thence norfh  |80-chains  lo  place of commence  iment containing 640 acred more or  lees..  '' J-.H.K.R'sN-Ecorner.  John Henhv Keuuinsu Riciiaud-  BON.  Dan Clnrk, Ac;ent.  Diitod December 16th, 1910.  RUPERT LAND  DISTRICT  District of Rupert  TAKE notice thai Richmond  CharleBBii's of Vancouver, B. C,  Broktr intends to npply for per  mission to purchase the following  described lands:-Commencing at  apostpliintedat i   post   butween  Secti*in. 18k, Township 9, and Section 13, Township 20, thence west 40  chains thence south 40 chains,  thtincfc west 40 chains, thenco toulh  80 chaini-; thence east 40 chains,  ihence north 40 chains, thence east  40 chains, thence north 80 chains to  piaceof commencement, contaiuing  640 acres more or less:  Scribed or. post RCB'd N E cor.  Richmond Charles. Bibs.  Dan Clark, agent.  Dated December 19th, 1910.  The Courtenay Hotel  Every convenience for guests.   rf  ThoOontial Hotol for Sportamon  None but the Best of Wines and Liquors  at the liar.  RATES  REASONABLE  John Johnston,    Prop  NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC.  Having built a largo warelioiioo and mill  at Oourlonny, 1' will In future koop on  hand a etoolt of ull Ulndu of Hay, Grain,  nml Food at lowest market ratal, A  BjiealuUy will bo mado of roller orimliwl  (oacl fir howa whloh will make a anvlnc  Of hub third In tho cont .of food. Ordon  ulvon tbo tonmBtor or by phono will bo  promptly llllod. Thaiikintf you for your  patn namo in tho pant and KollolMnR a oon  ilmwnoo of tb������ aamo ou bro&dor lioei, I  bog to ina.ubi .  Youra to oomnmnd,  NYRON CRAWFORD.  I  FAIRFIELD  f  ' ~ STORE ZZf  J. JACK,   Prop.  A"Fine Assortment of  *%     the Choicest Candies,  ������      Pruits and Tobacco  *     Vancouver Ice Cream,  *i "���������"-������������������  51 Dunstnuir Ave.  Cumberland  *r4WVV**a$a?VW-slWVW94i**  III!       !��������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ������l���������������������������I���������  ��������� ���������������������������^���������������������������������������������^���������������������������������������������������������������^������������������^  <y  i*  it  i*  i>  RUPERT LAND   DISTRICT  District of Ruqert  TAKE notice that Delia Brooks,  of    Vancouver,    B.    C,   Carried  woman, intends to apply  for permission to purchase  tbe following  described lands:���������Commencing at  post planted at the_ northwest cor  ner uf  Section    30,   Township   9.  thence east 80 ohnins, thence south  80 chaiiiB, thei-ce  west K) chains,  thence north 8U chains to place of  commencement    containing    640  acres moroor less.  Scribed on Post D; B'fr N. W  cor.  ���������    Della Brooks,  Dan Clark, Agent.  Dated December 17ih, 1910.  ��������� RUPERT LAND D'sSTfiloT  District of Kupt-rt     c  TAKE notke tha' Beit-amJamoa  Ts^ker cf Vancouvi-r, B. C.   occu-  pati in Exprtw Manager intends to  to apply for peimibt>ion to pi..chase  ;he  fdimiiiig  de.-.-:ib<<d   h.iidt*:���������  Comniei.cing   at   a   post   planted  about 110 chainB wes oi ib*  s.uih1'  east conie- of Se:tion   24, Township 21,   ibes*ce   we������i   80   chains,,  thence ������omh 80 cl.auift, li.encc easu  SO chwine, thence noith  80 cbjur:  to place   of   Ciiinuieneenitiiu,   ^m-  taining 640 acre? more or In*-,.  Scribed on po.-t Ni M J T'ji S.Z.  Bktrtram Jamm Ta'Kur,  Dau Clr.ik, ;,f;������.:at  Dated December 14th, 1910.  If  RUPKRT LAND DISTRICT  District of Rupert"  TAKE notice that Marguerite  Leitch of Vancouver, B.C., occupation Snletdady, iutends to apply  for permission to purchase tbe following described lands: -  Commencing at a poat planted  at the n^rth eaut corn������r of Fecxion  34, Township 20, thence west 80  chains, thence south SO chains,  thence east 80 chain", thence north,  80 chains to place of- commencement, containing 640 acres, mere  or less.   ,  Scribed on posf, M.L.'s N. E. cor.  Marguerite leitch*  Dan. Clark, Agent,  Dated December 16th, 1910.  RUPERT LAND DISTRICT  District of Rnpert      ,  TAKE notice that Edna Fisher  Spencer of Alameda, CaL, married'  woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following'  depcribfd lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted  at the sooth west corner nf Section.  2 Township 21, thence east 80'  chains, thence north 80 chnin?,  ��������� hence west 80 chains, thence south-  80 chains to place of commencement, containing 640 acres more or  less.  Scriheri on p0st E.F.F.'s S W.cor.  Edna Fishkr Spencer  Dan Clark. Agent.  Dated December 16th, 1910,  P.  Dealer in  ALL KINDS OF  :; Fruit, Candy Cigars  * Cigarettes & Tobacco.;;  TAKK NOTIUK tliat Willium V. Hiulth,  of Vauoouver, occupation, tnrptntur, in<  Untie to apply for porroiMlon to puruhaao  tha followii g .l������ioril>e<l lamlai���������O<imiin!iio������  lag at a pnat planted at Uiiyiotth, eail oor.  Mr of No, t,thauoe uorth 80 ehiloi, thonoo  ���������������������t 80 uhaini, Uieno* iouth 80 chain*,  tbrno* w������at 80 ohalna, to point of ooron.-  ���������ncemntit, ooiiiftining 010 aura", mora ,j  Wm. WILLIAM F.SMITH,  Kamo ui Applicant.  tXitoil Juno 0*h,1910.  UNION S. S, CO., of B.C. Ud  Nakai������o������Umwk Hay- Comox - Campimm,  Kivkii ftourit.  Snilbiffiw unclo'--  Twln-iorew Htoiiumr ���������'COVVIOHAN"  Iii'!������vc<) Viincoiivor Tlnircilnii A ;, m  Arrivo Union (tor CumborlumO Friday  mornlnff  Air'via Cmii'tx Friday morning  Arrivo Campboll Ri������or Kri.lay noon  IU turning;  Lv    Comox  Fri������)..y I p m  " Unioo llay      '������  0   ������������������  ���������' Nuiuhuu uiiiluiglit  Loavet Vanoouvor, flnturdnv H pm  Arrives Nanaimo, Pnlurdny 12 pm  ArrlvcH Unlmi, Sunday 0 n m  [fur CumliorUunl  Arrivwi Comox,  .^miday 8am  ltoturr.lngr���������  Leave* C������mnv, Sunday 4pm  Lbbvoh Un'i.t Huntliiy 5 p ui  fjoivai Niiialm'i, Nmubiy -imliKbt  [<ul>loot ,a attaUji*) Willium uO tj, ]  Bonora Block,  CUMBERLAND, B.C).  ���������������������������������������������*������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������������������������  RUPEUT LAND DISTRICT  Dutrict ot Runei t  TAKE NOTICE thut James Bradabaw,  of Emporia, Florida, en. pouter, iuu-nus  to upply (or permission tt purobuno tliu  following doDorikt'd leui's:���������Commenoinjf  ������t u pont plnnctd 2 miloi wnut of tho S.E.  ouriHi- ot Seouoti 'il, township 20, thence  iiurtb 40 cb i'ts, tbenoe west 80 abains,  tluuou south 40 obuiuB, thenue unit 80  qIiaiur to pliii'C of oouimtiucomeut, aou-  taiuiuR 820 nores more ur low.  Scribod on pout J U'aS.K, oorujr,  JAM'KS BllADSIIAWj  IMh Clark, agent.  Dutoil Dooerabor 19th, 1910.  ^���������1 amtmam *%>*-* amtammatmm '���������> am*maw mama am am am m*i em amm-m  RUPKRT LAND DISTRICT  Diatriot of Rupert.  TAKE NOTICE that Charles Jndaon  Minor, nf Gi-uchou, N.Y., ictirod form-  or, u tends to npply for permission to  pni"*)'*.vo the following dureriboil lnud>:  Cjui ��������� onoluy nt a poBt iiliiutod 2 mi es  west o! tbo HE corner of Keotlou 24. To'wu  bhip 20, thi'liuo imrtii 80 oliuinB, tlionoo  east 80 uluiiiiH, diouce floutb 80 oliuiufl,  thonco w t 80 olmina, to plaoo of o jinm-  o coiount, o ntiiliiin������ 61(1 "oro-j, uinru or  lu*H. CllAllI.lCR JUDHUN MlKlCll  8trtb.ul ou poat CJM'a SW ooruor  Dan Clark,, Atfout.  Datod DomhorlOili, 1010.  RUPERT LAND DISTRICT  Diatriot of Rupuit.  TAKE NOTIOK that Meorgo ClrtUH L������.  rcioiivio Milbir, of Vunnmivu', ll.C, niuiii-  iiniuil out, inter, into' dHionpply for pcrmm-  Bion topuictiiiHd tbe Mlowt'tf do������oribi)d  liiiiiiai���������Coiiimuiiol-iK at n p ih( planted onu  milu Qiw ot tlio i orth 'cut corner ol Hiot-  Ion 18, Township fi, thenco mut 80 0110111',  thonoo north 40olwbiM, tho-00 wttt 80  obuiuB, thonoo Bimib 40 chiiimto plnoo  uf coiiimoucoineiit, co������tniid*������K '120 uoroj,  moo or Ion*.  8orihod on jwrnt OOI.M'a 8W oorhi-r.  Quorum Ouituh LAitocguK Mim.rh,  Dan (Jlarli, A^ent.  D������todDo.embi.r20ili, 1010  RUPKRT LAND DISTRICT  Diatriot of Rnpert.  TAKE NOTICE tbnt Kdw������rd Dyke,  of Bingliiimton. NY. coi.ohniHii,into..d(i to  npply (or permisuicio to puiohusu tbe fol-  Iowiiik dusorihe������i lands:���������CouiiuoncmiiK nt  a p _tpinned 2' mile* wt-Ht of tho  south eiiRt uuinur of dtictioM 21, Towusbip  20, henoi) wo������t 80 obairn*, tbtucj uouth  80 clininu, theuuoe*8t 80 ohaine, tbcuou  north 80 uIk.ub tu pl-iod of O'Mnroeusaniwt,  uoutaii iuij IWOnorun, more or hnn,  Soribed on p *at ED'm N.E, oomur.  KfUWAKI) DVKK,  Dim Clnrli, Anont.  Dated Da. omburlOlh. 1������10.  RUPERT LAND DISTRICT  DiHtriot nt Rupert.  TAKE NOTICE thnt Thomna Froderiok  Tnakor, of Vnncouvur, U.O., toleKraph  oper������ttr,int������wdB to apply for poiml������������  won to vurolMso tho followini? deocribod  liimlBi-Cnmmonoing ut n (mat plauUiil nt  tho nonh tvoit ooruor uf S clou 18, To*u  ahipO. thouto unuth 80 obains, th������n������  oiul Sduhvinn, Uionoo nonh 80 oliiiinu,  tlioi on we t 80 uhni.<n to plaoo ��������� f oon���������  uioiicooiont, oouininiutj 010 noron, morj  01"  ll'HH,  Soribod on ji'iM, TFT'b N.W c rnor,  TUOMAH FlIBIlKUIOK TaHUKH,  . D.mi Clink, A gout.  Dtted I)jromb.������r lOtli, 1010  RUPERT LAND DISTRICT  District ef Ruprrt.  TAKE noticH that Haidee Aj"hby-  of Vancouver, B,C , married wo ma iv  intends to apply for permianion to  purohape the following described  landa:���������  Commencing at a post plftntf-.d  at ihe south enai corner of Seotiuit  8, Township 21, ihence nor-th 80  chainB, thenre wept 80 chainn,  thenoee potith 8(1 chains, ilvtn e  east 80 chains to,, plnca of oi.ni  mencoirioot, containing G-(0 ncres  more or lew  Scrilied on past, II V.'h f-,.E. cor.  H.MHM-: /if.intv  * Dr. 11 Clark, Ac-^it.  Rated Docpmber HUh, 1010.  Cook's Cotton Root Coropotintl  Tho grout Uterlno Tonle, ������iijd  only bu(o oIl'MUial Monthly  lltomiliitoronwhleli wotuuii mui  RUPERT Li\KV DISTRICT  DUtriot ot Riiport'.  TAKB NOTICE that Lillian Shoppnrii,  of Vancouver, B','0., mwrifd wu''.--.mh, ir-  t*ndR to awply for perrnluainn to ptir<hn**>  bo (ollowiua dfRoribed lp-ndBi���������C'ininiPQ  omg at a post planted at tho B'm'.b   c������.t  oi-ru-r nt S'oHon 24, ToivuhIhp 21, tlnrneu  north 60 ohHiti**,  tbeooj -wcr.l 80 ehniiix,  Ihonoe nouUi 80 ohaina,, thonoe eaot ������0  oluinn 11 plaoo ol uommaienoen-tant, e������u~  taiuuttt titOnoreii, moroor liBDi  So-ibedon pint LS's S.K. coiurr*'  Liu.uk tfmprAiro.  Dan Clark, Afient.  D������t������d Docmbei 13'b, lfliO.  .tomilntorpn.T   dopeitJ. Sold In 1  ij'ftroiiBtU-  lOdWOCH"  preiialil  Fro*i "  X  /      >l,    Fro* jwmpiiiot. Auare  QftW������IDItlHl(l9jOIDNTO,AHT. Qermtrly  ..... ttra,������f  CBi-coHBtroiurer.jMi No. I,  all drumlati, or **-it  ������������ttrta  m  W*'|*|*l"l',l"|"|"t"l*>l"|"i>>l"H''l''tHii"l"Hi  ���������a  0  0  WTB m  if) 10 \  JOHN McLEODS  FOR PinS'r-OLAHH  CANDY, FRIIITH,  OrOARfl k TOHAOCOB  NOllfK it linretiy pivon that on tha tint  d,iy nf Deoenihrr u������ it application will lie  made to Ihe ftuperinttudcat nf Provincial  Poltcis VluiorU, for tho wnawal of the hotel he**-** ti> a<ll I qui** by ratal! in tht  bo'nl known aa the Pirt Aiirfutl* h;.tnl. ait  uattd al Comor, B.C. J. D Holmb*  Dnted October II, 1010.  nflPTORT liAN-D DISTRICT.  'Diatriot ot Rupert.  TAKB notice that Harry Pulton  Archibald of Vancouver, B C , on-  rr'.ifier, intends to apply for pitrtnia  Kion to purobuno the following do  ���������forihed'lnndu:���������ComwiontdttK ut  a  pout pluiitod 4 cliiilnn north of IC M  LooBun'n BonlhwcBt cornor,  thence  norlh 40 chaini", thenoo we4  40  cha'nR,  thonco  iouth   40 chains  tbniico HMt 40 elmim*) to   pUie   of  commeneemen'.    oontainiOK   1*50  ������cr������Bt mor or i������������������  Scrihnd on p Bt H.P.A.'b 8.K cor  Harry Patten Arc.hhiam>.  Dau Clark, iiffint.  Datod Deo   llth, 1910.  I  m  'Jt  <  m  r  m  c  y  i  o  .0  G  ri  ii   S  *f*m , mm-  m-mmt lfi  00 ���������������  ^    o  IA   U  P     -  ������    ������   I'  r .17.       ��������� mm  XLTJ  a****tm  as        Cv  ���������ifmi 'ml  bn  \Q  RUPKRT LAND DiaTRIOT  Distrust of Ruport.  TAKK NOTIOK that William Wr. bnan  Sheppurd, ot   Vancouver,    B, C.,   cabinet iniluir, intonda to apply fur perwiB-  aiun t" pnrchftM tho foliowiug Juncr-M  Und������: Cninnutnci.il? nt a pent <.V,wli*l nn.i  milu went of the Koutboan Qorner of Hw  linn 21, Townnhip 21.   1henci north  Hit  ohiiinn, thenoo unit  HO ebniru,   (lot00  aou b 80 ohuh.H, tbonuu (ux*t 30 oha.nn l-  placo of ooiiunviiCOment, oon tain u,b CIO  noron, more or .0 0,  Scribod on |)������������l W \V S'������ & 2, nirr.er.  WiUiiAM WAr.MA.v Sttni'PAjtn,  Dun Clark, A^t.  Datul Pooemlioi lflii,, 10 j it. ,  RUl'ERT LaND rUSTRICT  Di4riotof Rup������i t.  TAKB NOTICE that Williar,. K������nd  rlelt Tackor. of V������noniiv������r H.C. mMUi';,. ������nr  era a������������nt, intfliidii to apply 10 i-t.i rjii-H-. ii  to purohawi thof .lioulil c.fc iliu.. ihmU,  L'oinmtnoInK ut a pint plH'tnl nb.Mit 1  tmlu em- of tlm iioriiiwrm otiin*r nl ������������*--  tii.n lt<, Tc.'.v.n IpO ���������thrnrnra'piWtcbn'iin  t"flno* Houth 80 chai* , tbit'd- vr������t 80  I'ltldnB, hei ot nor'h 80 ��������� IihIhn ��������������� p)ao������o!  CMtiitii'-u''. *w<nf, oui taiuini,* GtO ������oi n  nuire nr >w,  Hcrl I'M "ti po������t WKT'i. N.W, oirni*r,  V.';,.;,;aj; KK.vUfc.. 4 TAAliC*;,  Dtu Clark, Afdif,  Did* D of '*b������r IO'h, 1010.  mipiwijANDniHTRior  Dn-triotcf Ruiort, *  TAKK. NOTICK that IwiIibIU Moiik-  Uu . i-f Vaooouver, fl. C, >tlf������i  el ih. in emtv to apply for pormbiion to  I u.rhiiM. ho follow iv 'Uaii.lb fl f%' t\ *~  OMnmiMmint' at. jMiat pUutH a* hf i-t h  vri i-r-mrif ^oot 11 3',, Tow ahlp ���������������,  thi* ro ������.������uiti 80 iyv,.lnn. thin w������ ������<������ 83  eh in������, tli'i.c tiott.' 80 ohaior, t lt< ih������������������  WfMl HI) b 11 *, 10 viae* of romiiifi'ttu-  wif t. ���������������>'��������������� tnining 'M<j. or*������.mo ������(f ftmi.  Horib il ni> \n-*t I.MV K \V. rn.-i.at.  IHMIKU.A MoXBITOt'ai'.  liltll    )li'U, .:,.������\X.  D Uni D.e������u.b e lOtli,  Uiu  ���������M-HHt*H4>H4444-H-l*i<l^4% . tl* ^.mrml-lttrirWl^m.Q ~'*tC'&m-%a**'Vir'J^ ,    v   .  ������*.,MJj*NfHrtim\aWWUmWW.mmim*>mmimV*���������,**m*Xt-*tm%A*mf*f~**)a*wliiin.. r���������,mi.\m \ih\i. i������ ,|������������nHiiini(tiiiri*tiir"r *��������� "���������������������������������"������������������"* li*n*S*mUS*  THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND.   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  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In building its house the muskrat selects a  spot on the low marsh land that will  be flooded at high tide or high water  if on non-tidal margins. The animal  tunnels from the bank of the stream  or lagoon or pond, as the case may  be, beginning below the edge of low  water murk, to the site it has selectr  ed for its home.  These..* preliminaries completed, the  muskrat cuts with its chisel-like  teeth the broad, strong stalks and  leaves of the flag and long, coarse  grass. These materials the busv little builder curries to the building j  site, where it braids, and twists them  together in circular form and builds  them layer upon layer, gradually nar.  rowing the Structure until a firm,  cone shaped house is the result. This  is further strengthened- and made  ;comfortable by a liberal mixture of  mortar made by tha muskrat out of  the' marsh mud.,  The interior of a muskrat's house  is always divided into two floors or  stories. "Sometimes it will have as  many as four apartments, one above  the other. The number is believed  to be regulated by the expected height  of the water. Access to tiiem from  below is by a chamber'or gallery  built around the inner edge of the  house and rising like a spiral; stairway. The muskrat expects and wants  thp ground floor of its hbuSe to by  flooded, but there must.always be a  dry, warm room at the top. The interior is lined with a sheathing of  dry grasses and leaves. The only entrance and exit to. the house is the  subterranean passage from the bank  of the water, the ground floor being  on a level with, that tunnel.  BUY COCKSHUTT DRILLS  CASTINGS ARE RIVETTED TO FRAME.   NO BOLTS TO SHAKE LOOSE IN ROUGH LAND.  Young Wife���������"Oh, Edward, you do  believe that I am always thinking of  economy, don't you?" ''  Young,, ���������;; Husband���������"Mabel, your  shilling: telegram this afternoon, telling me where to go- and save threepence on a carpet-broom, warns me  that you are thinking of it too much."  The Irishman Had Him. '  John Tolmie; who represents North  Bruce in the House of Commons, tella  among his good stories, of the time  when the joke was neatly turned on  him. - .���������      . >  An Irishman, who knew that Mr.  Tolmie was Scotch -and that he had  been a politician for a great many-  years, asked why it was that Scotchmen showed such great ability in  opposite directions. "Scotchmen are  either preachers or politicians," said  the Irishman.  "The Irish are just as remarkable."  said Mr. Tolmie. "They are either  policemen or���������".The remainder of  the'���������'/remark   waa   drowned   by   the  MIRACULOUS RESULTS  IN DUNVEGAN, C.B.  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M'lii.'rii nn������  row  wlio nn> not   nt    hoiiii>IIiii<<h   hhIi.Iim'I  to   lllllollHIII'HN   tt 11(1    flllllilllll'    witli    itH   ut.  loiidnnt (ivIIh,   Yet ikiiiii 'iiimkI Hiifftn* wllh  tln>H(i |)IIIh ut linnd,  To spenk  carfl" in lo  liingnngp.  of    llii'iu  violalo llio  IIH Hll'I'lHllH  purity of our  Mlnnrd's Llnlmont Ciiron Bums, etc,  .'I  Tlio mnm n. womnn (lfsoi'von to liave  a man love her tliu morn hIio (mil lovo  him.  Tyo Careful,  tn politics as well as in busine^ it  is sometimes necessary to do things  with a rather free hand, and it wns  perhaps the lack of ability to so rise  to the occasion that made a former  occupant of a Cabinet position in* thu  Ontario Legislature not altogether  suited, to hia position.  When this man was appointed, n  nowspnper man got from Mm some in.  formation for a write-up. The Minis-  tor was naked if he would like a few  copies of the paper in which the  write-up waa to appear, and ho snid,  "Yes, send mo a dozen."  The newspaperman saw the Minis-  tor n fow days Inter and said; "I've  given you a pretty good show in thiit  write-up. Don't you think you ought  to get quite a number of papers nnd  send them to some of tho country  editors?"  "It's a splendid idon," said .tlio  Minister enthusiastically. "How  many papers did we arrange for you  to send me?"  "Oh, wn said nh6ut a doxon."  "Well," said tho Minister in a tonft  indicating great 'decision, "send mc  ;two dozen, and .Rend the bill to me,",  A Lucky Find.  Clinr'.ps T. Currelly, thn well-known  Onrindi'iii arelmeoloBiat, tells of a cur-  Ion* piece of luck which befo'.l him  on ono occasion. Ha was working  with a party ot one hundred men on  tho excavation of a number of important tombs in ISuypt, when a nn-  tivo enmi������ to him-with tho story ol  nn lnk*re������Ung discovery some distance  awny, Leaving tho work on which ho  wum ongnged, ho went to the placo do.  soribed hy tho native, only to Arid  that, it was a wild-goono chawi. On  the wuy bnck, howevor, from th\������  fruitless expedition ho noticed a pllo  of gravel which appeared to him to bo  of nn unnatural arrangement. He  slopped nnd sunk'a pit. To his nur-  priso nnd delight, a tomb was din-  onvorod which proved to bo that of  the Pharaoh "which knew not .Ton-  ilph." TliiH monarch hnd completely  hidden hiu tomb, building it in an  .)ui-uf-i.)n.-H-.-iy ������!.'i<'<!, .ind 3)l.'e lh.it oi  tho poorest peasant; underground,  however, a voritablo palaco hnd boon  construcKxl.  State of Ohio, Oity of Toledo,\ss.  ��������� Lucas County. '  Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is  senior partner of the firm of P. J. Cheney  & Co., doing business in the City of Toledo, County, and State nforcRaid, nnd  that said firm will pay the sum of ONE  HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every  caso of Catarrh that cannot lie cured by  tho use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.  ���������   ���������   ��������������������������� FRANK J. 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' -:1    came  home _early last night "  " "AK/"that" probably " "accounts" " for  it."-  AN  INVALUABLE MEDICINE  FOR    ALL    BABIES.  Mrs. E.. McEwen, Thornloe, Ont.,  writes: "I think Baby's Own Tablets an invaluable medicine for little  ones. I used them for my own child  whfen he was small and last summer  when I had a baby visitor whose  food did not agree with him, I sent  for another box of the Tablets and  they quickly helped him." It is testimonials such ns this that have mndo  Baby's Own Tablets ' popular���������that  havo shown them to bo an invnlunblc  medicine for littlo ones, Tho Tablets  always do good���������they can never do  harm. Once a mothet has tried them  for her litle ono she will have nothing  else. 'For with tlie Tablets she fools  safe. They are sold under the guarantee of n government analyst to, contain no harmful drugs. Bnby's Own  Tablet's may bo had at Medicino denl-  ers'or nt 25 cents a box- from The Dr.  Williams' Medicino Co., Brockvillo,  Ont.  "How nre you getting on with your  now motor "car?" "  "Oh, I'm nil right," replied Mr,  Chuggins, "But I'd fool a lot moro  comfortnbla if tho streets wero not  bo full of cnroloss pedestrians."  TypeFdundry^Co., Ltd.  CALGARY  /������������������;  WINNIPEG  REGINA  The Largest Printers' Supply House in Canada.  We Carry in StocR Cylinder Presses, Job Presses,  Paper Cutters, Type and Material, Can Fill  Orders for Complete Equipment from our StocK.  We are the Largest Ready Print Publishers in  the West. We Publish Ready Prints from our  Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina Houses.     :     :  The Teachor���������"Willie, can you tell  what steam is?"  Willie���������"Suve���������it'g water gone cftzy  with the heaf."  ShilohsGure  quiokly stops coughs, oaraa coldw, ticnls  lbs throat and lungs. ���������   ���������   ��������� -6 cento.  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Some yoam lntor Mr,  Pinder  wns  niiiltiui; romc remarltn in tho Il-iu-e  which rather milled the lempcr of a  member on the opprinite nido, who  cnlleil oul; "What about (irand Island  Bur-'"  "I dn not wonder nt tho question,"  ro plied lllr, Pirwler, "fur ul) of tlie  lionor.-ihlc m^rriHer'i trmiMi*������ in Vf������  have ������iiruiig from the work on 'bar*,'  but thero is this diffarenp, thnt thon*  i* phuity of waU'r on urund Uluud  Bar." %*s  THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  H   I  CF  "They wait until mother is seated."  "Walked out -next���������letting his -wife follow."  "One more Illustration," I said. "When'  he thought It was only his wife he  snarled. His mistake discovered, he  cooed like u dove. Yet, as I chance  to know,  he Is  very fond of his  wife,  A BRIGHT - EYED, wide - awake  girl supplies the pivot of today's  Familiar Talk. ,  "1 stepped into fche elevator of  our apartment house this morning," she  tells me, "and found already there a  man and his wife who live upon the  floor above ue. 1 know them by sight  as fellow-dwellers in the building, but  1 have not so much as a speaking acquaintance with them. I bowed slightly in entering the elevator, and the man   InstsyiUy^rei^y^d^t^^at^gnd^Xept^lt^  off until we reached the lowest floor.  Then he moved aside to let me puss out  of the elevator and himself walked out  next, leaving his wife to follow.  "That mnn Is a highly respectable'  lawyer and moves in excellent society,  ������������������He dresses and looks like a gentleman,  I forgot to say thnt he had an unllghted  cigar ln hla mouth when I first caught,  sight of him, and he jerked it out as he  pulled off his hat. The two walked up  the street ahead of me. He stopped at  ���������the first corner to strike a match and  smoked furiously aafor as I could see  them, the wind blowing the smoke right  ' Into his wife's fnco.  . "Tho Incident set me to thinking. Is  thoro any reason why one should pease  to he a gentleman becauso he is married?"  I said: "I once asked thnt question of  one of the truest gentlemen over made,  after witnessing a similar Instance of  boorlshnoss on tho part of n husband.  He:answered promptly and with a fine  disdain that did him credit. 'If a man  has never beon a gentleman until ho Is  married, then Is his opportunity io make  himself one.'"  The hero of the elevator episode was  probably assiduous ��������� in the practice of  loverly attentions during his courtship.  He, so -to"speak, took off his hat whenever he thought of the girl he spent  months ln convincing that she was an  angel and all the rest o������ it. And, having  won her by courtesy and tender devotion, he shows her less respect in demeanor and speech than he manifests  ^P.wai-d,sjrangcrs_pf_her__sex.   By one of the synchronized happenings we misname "coincidences," there  flashed into my mind while the girl  was still talking a message I had to  deliver to a ousinees man, and with a  brief apolog/ I went to the telephone.  "Who wishes to sjeak to him?" asked  the clerk ln the man's outer ofllce, stationed there to protect his principal  from useless Interruptions.  T gave tny name. In perhaps three  minutes the person wanted spoke at  tho other end of the wire. He Ib the  pink of courtesy In society and tt> clients'���������or so I thought���������and his surly  response was a surprise. The "Well,  what Is It?" was very like n growl.  When I spoko I could almost feel the  clearing of the atmosphere. His tone  ���������wns laughingly npologetlc,  "Oh, Is It you? I got the name wrong,  I thouRht it was my wife who called.  Names got cpieerly mangled through Uie  receiver.   What can I do for you?"  I gavo mv message, hung up the receiver, nnd foiled my young friend with  a sad smile.  "Rosea such ns you used to send  her."'  and she Is devoted to him.   They are  rated as a model couple."  Neither of these men Is a deliberate  deceiver. When they were in love, and  in hot pursuit of the one woman upon  earth who, they fondly believed, could  make them perfectly happy, they were  in dead earnest. Every vow was sincere; the promisee of future devotion  were honest. Marriage was disillusion.  In his very clever novel, "The Married Life of the Frederic Carrolls,"  Jesse Lynch Williams says, among  other notable things, in dealing with  this inevitable disillusion:  "A mere boy and girl, carefully  trained to be . uncongenial, utterly  unacquainted, but thinking they knew  each other well, because they had  ���������wanted-each.other-so-much.���������Did-they-  propose to keep on sighing and dying  for blisses and kisses? With the best  Intentions, it is difficult to keep on  longing for what one already has,"  When 1 read the extract to my  young visitor, she added sagely in up-  to-date prose:  "You don't run after a street car  when you have caught It!"  Every word of all this is true. It  must be, or everybody would not be  so certain that courtship and wedlock  are two utterly different states, I did  not begin this plain talk with John with  any hope of disproving the ;acceptod  fact. What I, am driving at is to  plead for .the- wife's lawful rations  of gentle speech and civility, Being  loyal to the core *of her heart, she  * may never admit to herself that you  liave ceased to. respect hor now that  you know her for what sho is. Still  less would sim listen to the suggestion that tho suitor plnyod a part  systematically during the wooing and  tho betrothal. Sho cllnps to hor faith  in your nobility of spirit, your rectitude and h!p?h Ideals, as she holds to  hor existence. She turns a dent ear'to  the mnss of evidence to thu contrary*  WU  hurled   nt   iw   by cynical   bachelors^  divorced husbands and poets of overy '  age and degree.  When Tennyson says of the Locks-  ley Hull lover:  "He will hold thee, when his passion  shall have spent Its novel force.  Something better than his dog, a little dcur������r than his horse���������"  tho woman into whose hands you have  committed  the keeping of your name,  your honar and your heuse   resents the  implication tlimt her John Is of the saint  strain.   ' When   ynu   grinrl  ut  her  ovei  the telephone and uncover your handsome head K> a wisp of a girl you elinnct  to encounter In the elevator, while yen;  sit In your wife's, parlor with your hnt  on    by  the  hour:   whon  you  And  fault  with   dinners   of   her  cooking  and   tell  her, as 1 heard one man say to tho wlfo  who hnd been a bride eighteen months  before, that the gown selected with express reference lo his taste   "looks like  -the devil"; when   day after day goes bt*  without a word  of appreciation of her  continual efforts to serve nnd to pleaee  you���������be sure slip will excuse you to her  own bruised sensibilities and would fight  with her own mother were she to censure you.  More than one of your friends has remarked upon the "quiet tastes Mary has  developed since her marriage. And  what a lively, flyaway girl she was!"  Do you tempt her to be anything but  sedate and domestic? You come home  tired, irritable and hungry. It is the  acknowledged duty of the wife to, meet  you with a smile and to rack invention  for devices for cheating you into cheerfulness. How do you greet these fond  tricks?   ,  "When    the    little   wife   laughs  and  makes cheer���������"  do you untie the knot in your forehead  and curve tlie straight line of the tight  lips? Do you recognize your favorite  dessert with a grateful smile at the  head of the table?   Do you set the boys  tM *Q  "'Oh, is it you?   I thought it was  my wife.'"  an example of affectionate deference to  the pale woman, who. as one loving son  told me of his invalid mother the other  day, ,'l"u^v-<t when nny other woman  would whine"? She slept badly last  night and had a headache when you  went downtown after hreakfnst. If you  had not been so absorbed in thoughts  ������f the perplexities and cares that might  he.set you in oftleo or shop, you would  have noticed that alio o*te nothing but a  hit of toast and washed it down with a  cup of strong coffee, if you had cast  your thoughts back to preceding days,  you mli;ht have recalled that she had  the very 'slenderest: of appetites, although never complaining. Do you  g-.ie->s what it would have been to the  appetlteless woman to receive during  ihe day a plump squab or tender broiler  or fresh sweetbread, a basket of fruit  ur a bi-x of rotes such as you used lo  send to her every Saturday whon you  wero engaged; or a magasilno or book  you know she would never think of  buying fir herself?  Somo writer, whose name deserves  to b������ recollected, tells what he calls  "a preity romance" of a gentleman  of the old school, who mido it n point  always to cut out tho tenderloin frtyn  u sieuk una send i,t to his wife at  the other end of the table before ho  ht-lped anybody else,  I urn proud-to say that I know ot  three households in which neither  father nor child ever draws up his or  her chair to the tablo until the father,  himself, and ln his absence one of  the boys, has seated lhe mother ln her  place of honor. 1 remark as a  significant���������If trifling ��������� circumstance,  that in none of these homes has tho  mother over appeared en dishabille at  breakfast, or failed to dross hecom-  ingly and carefully for dinner. One  man, In commenting upon this, said  that "for his part, he had no time for  frills at home. He was dog-tired by  the time night came, and liked to  come to the table in his shirtsleeves,  if hc felt like it."  It never occurred to him to inquire  how his wife liked tho sight of a  sloven opposite to her, or what effect  his disregard of decencies ���������alias  "frills"���������had upon growing children.  If catechized upon this head, lie  -would have answered that his wife  "was too sensible to care about show  of any kind."  If this be true with ner, she is the  one and only wife I have ever seen  who did not "care," It has been said  that we attach more importance to  keeping up appearances-than men. I  put the feminine characteristic in a  different form. We have all heard the  sad   little   tale   of   the .New*   En^laod  woman who Iny dying in the farmhouse she had managed for fifty years.  Her husband���������a rugged Puritan of tho  hardest grain���������hung over her, with  moist  eyes, and   faltering  voice:  '���������Oh7~T3elsey!���������you-have"*"been-*C~"good_~~  wife to me!'" he groaned out.  The glazing eyes opened wide upon  his; the dried lips moved. He put his  ear to them to catch tho parting  words:  "Why didn't you tell me that before?"  Don't wait no long, dear John of tho  unseeing eye and lagging tongue! I  don't think it Is posBlble for you or  for any other man to guess how we  women hunger and thirst for recognition of what we do and what wo  feel for those to. n whom we minister  nil our life long, Nor how haril it la  to train ourselves to take your love  'for granted. If wo are good wives  we want you to toll us so before we  are laid ���������> upon a deathbed. If you  respect us in your heart, wo long*  for exhibitions of that respect. Put  It to yourself how dlfforohtly you  comport yourself toward your neighbor's wifo and toward your own..  Your wife, "ough/ to know It all by  nr������" "  THE   HOUSEMOTHERS'   EXCHANGE  IMPORTANT NOTICE  nECAVSE of the enormous  /���������*! number of letters sent to  *-* the Exchange, I must ask  contributors to limit-their communications to 100 words, except  in cases of formulas or recipes  whloh require greater space, J  want all my correspondents to  have a showing in Ihe Corner,  and if my request in this respect  tt complied with it will be possible to print many more letters.  I  Salt-Rising Bread  iAM Rolmi to tell "Troubled Housewife"  , how to mnko wilM-lHlnn I*���������"1- *}X  m brothers niuilu and sold It for yeuis ami  seldom limi any broild t Ml Wi ������ IK t I t������o  mul ������wout nm wine, 'limy nearly nvw?  went t������ Ilie iiilll nml not ennrst I JOT" ������  moil, lnu iiivn nmdu my bi'i'iu wji.������"  lino eo'>ltliiK nmn , nnil It is Jum   ������ ^������ '��������� ���������  Irirsl, lmvo wiily n oinirl.liowl, a two.  qunrt Wuln with ii cover nml a bread linn,  po not imn iiicho for iinyililiiK else, .nn ino  brend spoils If nut Into ������n>' rui'U|i.tui*lc tlmt  iny ���������...  In iiiii puneotlv'sweol, At niiiniUnii, mil a  lilt ii nii-iil-i*fliliii|i������ ii...nmll toncii|iful--luto  llio bowl, mill ii iiuurter luumioonfiil ol Hln-  unr mul soda nml n tunspooiilut uf *\\u*'.  but nn wilt. Heiili ihu men wul. Mils Is  wii-ifi wiiihj pcrsum make a nils uke, fur  tlio soiildliiK mum ln> tliniiniKlily done,   Ho  lure i uu every- MiHln l"1w������'ir\',1,i!,Vli!'i^  If the iiihunro looks too ililn.lt will tlili lo* i  done,    Ho  un   even  , ,        I thicken  wll Ilu iWllK, I *r-X '">' howl In ii imii it ml  limn! Mils on thoelotlios bars over a buk flre,  It will nut ho Unlit until the next, inornliiK.  Wu iniiilii a nines tu keep It wiuni, (mull iv  my Y.vntliort hint, by iM.ttlnif a hofe In a  brontl in, sett nn tho bow n tliu other ond  ���������f iim lit nnd imiiliiK ii imij'oil Iin','!' ������"', ,'K  llio luilo nfter milllnir tho tin hi 0���������,w,������  mul covei-lim with another tin. H������li-rln K  hreiiil will slnnd moro hem, thnn ������I'I, find  to keep It ut a temimmturi* Ju������l,U������li>w mold,  inn li nil thiit ������ wanted. I *um������llmo������  hnvo "mil the Weiiil mm tn lull Hint  1 count  iC^himvv:>ii,;hr<uvW'^>i,n;fti  ���������Mr lu diioiikIi Hour to nmlK' ������' Kwil kiioiiH"  m 1 ������t on tlio mov������ irnekei until Unit.  Wmih th" nilxiuro lo *<���������������-,> ll ir������m ���������;-.il,l-  fuS nml il������ m't ������������������'������ ������ diiiimhtmrllte it, linvo  flour in yuiir bread l>mii hIiuUii ll down und  in en liolo In tlm, contor. nnd, whon llio  ������lionK������ l������ llKht. nut It into iho hulti, wllh iui  ."ielireit'miftiiti'ty ������r iIoiikV. |i������<l '������<i{������ ������ nit Jo  ���������alt. Bt r nun n tow ������tm hn tor am) ������i>r nklo  tlTtop with (lour. Whon*lliiht, mnl.l until  lh* duuKli U smooth. Kill tlm nbout two.  ihlnU liill, mill wlii-n tho ilouiih linn rlion  unill It l)o������lnii tn iwci) over llio ed|������e or tho  When llio lireoil In rliliin In thp broad  I mm mid In tho Imtvci, keoji It liluli iiii on  toil of thn cuiiliimi-ji or mi tho.upi^r ulidf,  a* It will not itand cold or a ilmimht.  I Iiok '-T. It.", wll ,}uv������ uort'l brniil. hr.u  I nm iurc I hit * ho wll If idio follow* , In.r-  JlntiS. lircU'EU (l.lmontone, N, V.V  1 hnve given thin Untcr nt lonjjfii,  Tlvre have been ho mnny different  recipe*, and io many conflicting tcntl-  monies with re������nrd to mili-rlaltiij bread,  that I nm sure there nre not n few  housemothers who will be glnd to have  the minute directions of ono who knows  whereof sho spealiH, One mny, aa the  children Bay, "btnln at tho beginning"  with ithilfl "helper' and follow the various swigcfl of bread-malting from  dough to poifoct lonf.  Mint Jelly,  Kindly Rive n recipe for mint icily., v  II, H. VV, (I'lillniiolphln).  Uho nn a foundation for l-ho mint Jelly  ������i uiulli tipple Je*4,v, und In winter, just  beforo taking It I rum tho lire, llnvor with  ummhicc of mini, to he mirehnned from  gioceiH .uul diuggUiH, In mimnier o-io  may brulno nnil press tho lenven of  frc-ili mint, milling JuhI onough BiHildliig  wnter ko mnlM? tho areen Jiilco H"w  freely. Tlio humccmb of the winter product iliipoiidH upon thn exccllonoo und  inmnUty of mint urfflonoe uhciI. Ilo hiiw  to linvn tlio applo Jolly fotindatlun ullff  i>iiougli to iiormll tho mldlHon of the  iiilut Julcu without making tlio Jelly too  thin,  Recipe for Nnt Filling  I'loimo toll mn how to mnlio ii ilro������nln������  for tint  Nnnilwloliei, , ,      ,  Kindly till mi; nlno If uriipo Jitleo li a  teinporanou ililiik, ���������    ��������� , ���������  ,  t M, ll,  (Oonniintown, Vn,),  Do you nol hi win a nut HIUiik IiiHteiul  of a nut (IroHHlng? Watch tho Corner  for a roi'liin for nut miiiidwIeheH,  Ves, unroimentod grupo Julee In eer-  tulnly a toinpenuico drink.  Homemade Ginger Ale  I .potion thill you aas u ri'i'lne for li-iiiw-  mudo RliiKi-r iih; hn* lioon printed In your  roi-noi-i   i rnlloil tn ������oo it.   Will you mail  " l "Mrt.".T. A. N, (Ht, Nlcholn*. Pa.),  I lmvo uxi'v.iiut'il lo >������ii by putit lii.ic  with upward of WO Icttei-H n dny to be  nnaworod It Ih ImpoMilblo for mo to nend  recipes by'ma������. Nor do I recall uu;  unrMmtlft" ono to which yon refer, Will  any midor having trustworthy direction*  far a home brow of 'ginger jilo supply  t,       ....    .t  .......     'v.,.p,'������������������t,iir������'"  but tho brand will dry ia quickly.   I mako  H   with   win, I-.  -  Mm, K. R. T, (Loiiliivlllo, Ky.),  I am sure that othor housowivce besides myself will bo liitoroM-od in knowing of your suecess In uslnir lord in your  cake. Tho Information you give Is welcome In this day when prices nre souring high, and when tho coot of butter la  a considerable Item tu the frugal housewife.  One reason your brend dries out quickly Ih becutiBO you mix It with wntor In-  etoad of with milk. The oily mutter in  milk and In Bhorlenlng-be It lard or  butter-Is an effective agent In keeping  broad moist and fronlt, Tho fact that  many hnliurn put little or no Hliortenlnw  Into their brend uecmintH lor the fnct  that tho "Imkor'H brend" of cummerrn  ilrlOH out no much morn qiilcUly thun  dues the wholesome hnmenriiulo lonf,  Guava Jolly  "I*. I'I. M���������" (jf I-oh Aimole*, null* for n  roclpo for Kiiovn'Jolly, which I now in-iidi  I'loimi-o ilio rni.t by wnnhlnK nml .steam-  Imr, I'liioo in n ili-uliio in lor, iillnwliiu  '���������pound for pmiiul" or fruit luloennil luitnr,  with not n drop or wntor nt nny Htniff,-  Allow the mlxturo lo lioll over n niodonito  flro for iiliout |m)f nn hour, nnd tho result  I* II ili'lloloi  I  tr);  found iiioni" Imiii oxfi'lfiiil.'  ���������ollelouH lidly,    led  ���������Minnie  M'<'.'������'  "idoltli'd  rliiil,'  nlno   "IJ,   K,. i'i..'*"   "Whitney  minw,"   nnd  N. Y, (Cnllfornln).  Tlinnlts for your clear nnd snllsfiii'tnoy  laltm*.   I hone that "P. 10, M." will hoo  the Kood recipe for Kimva Jolly.  /Ingel Charlotte Russe  \ eorruiiioiulnnl mIkuIiih IiomiiK ",N. M.  P." auiiH for llio luprlni of Dn- vi-oliie for  "Anucl'H Churlottu iiiibiio," I Imlosfl n  in-lnlfid roelpo whloh I cut from n imwi-  l-npor mul which 1 think Ih tho ono unue.1  for.      , ^  Aligtl   Cii.uiullu   Ivutjac  (inn imii n  linlf liitdi-niinonfntK nV i'i.\n(tn'*.  i', iiiii ut ould wntor, I ouo of mikiir, hi  iVmrij ntulo iiiiu'iirooim, rolli'di 1 ilozin  nmtufimiilliiw* out Into umuli pli-eoH, S Inhle-  ������ii)onfiiln nt oIioihioiI ramlkil clierrl*������, ;i  pound of clio|i|n>il and IjIiiuuIioiI iilmomlM, -,'������  cup of bollliut wntor mill I pint uf lionvy  crenm, Hon It thn ki-IiiIIiih In enld wntor nnd  iIIuhoIvii In  hnlllnif wulor.    Whon llio nil*-  Lard Instead of Iittltcr  Bomo tlmo wro somo ono imkcil.lf a irond  enkn rould Im mado with Inrd Intttml of  butter. You unlil you iliousht it wmld  Insto nf tlio Uni, but you wlilioil. iinjut  oxiiort enko imikor would iry li nnd lot thn  roKult bo known. Hlnt-o llun I. lmvo tried  It tv/lei', anil ini'li tlmo llio enko-n whllo  unit���������wim iioiH-lnu*. I iiini ii tmit diiM-ii juii-  |ilo tamplo ench onko without tilllnir thorn  wliv I wnntoil them in oipromi tliolr onln-  len*.   Rvory ono prrmnuivi-.l il,,> nilut*  fin.-.  fan vou l������ll m������ wliv llsht broad koI* dry  ���������o ������oun? In two d������yi nllor mnkltiK it it  1* iin*. slthmiith t Venn It In ft tlifht tin  oreadbot.  M? rolls and brcsu aro perf*ct,  niliiiiiirlK, iii.'irniKoriN, niiiiv.liiimllriun aril  cherries. Klnvnr with vniililii or onoktnp  ���������herry. Turn Into n. mold limi dlptiod ln">  cold wntor nml chill, liomovo from tlio mold  nnd sorvo with imsel cak������,  Tlio roolpo Hoiindn dollclotiH. Tluink  you!  Edible Snails  The following letter hIiowii how cosmopolitan wu are lieeoinlnir, as It tells  how one of our readers, a New Yorker,  took* uud ������i:ivi-.i HiinllH lu Ui:r own  home. While 1 know that anall������ vim  he bought at French rcstnurnntg I had  hnt appreciated tlie fact that they art  oorved In American homos. I thank  this correspondent for her Interesting  jotter and well-written.recipe.  In roply to "draco D."t Snails Uo not  rotiulro foodlng. an tlio edible variety Krow  on urapuvlnes und feed ihouiHolvis, Tho  buiiili K>uy ones ure tho best, iiltliouiili they  n,,i)ll und dio moro ijulokly than tlio lnrno  vurloty. I will licruwlth udd a croolo  reelpu for WJ snails*,  li'tvo cents' worth of parsley, 3 dried rod  pepneru, l pound of butter, l Iiiiko olove of  Kurllc, HiiNli thouo Inniedlenu viry Una  until well blended, mid add sail. Honk tha  miiiIIh In stronK unit water for twelve lioiirn.  oi* until the "white wall" which thoy build  ovor thomvi'lvctt l������ noitoiu-d. Wanli sevoi.il  ilnu* mid put Into a kettle, and oovnr with  bi'llliiK water tu whk-h hi.s limn iiinlod a  hiu Ik of pnrsloy, u bit of thyme, 2 or I  cloves, nn onion, H- cup of vlnognr, or, If onit  iirofiTH It. u pint botile of wnilo wlilu ih.hi-  lornt'i, IJoll for twi-nty-llvo nilnules; ru-  moMi iimi ilrnln, With n. tonthplok or nut-  tdt-k tnko ench snnll from its Hholl, lnviik-  li>K off tho tall, or non mil, which I* to be  tin own nwny, u* II Is the rofiiNo, I'I nee tlm  uiiallM In n ,'in,| pinco until thn nnt day,  .N.iw tliorniiKlily clean mid iirimh tlm clml s,  whloh Is tho only nimbli-soiim part of tliu  protiimitlon. Uiy iliom mvlty nkln down  mull ihey nro ilrnliud of nil wntor. In  Hicli shell |,Imn n Kiinl!, piihhliiK II lis fur  buck us nomillilo with tho pick or lliu lluitor,  und enyor with tho hushed prcpnrat on. l)lp  fuels filled shell In llnely inniiil main b.i"i|.  orunilis, mid nbout flvo minutes hoforn Hi*  tlinn for sorvlnit iiliu-o In n hot oven,   Knl  llllliodllltoly, im Ihey become tousli If ui-  lowed to stnml, Thoy see delicious. And  whllii I nm nlniost (inhumed to cnnfiss It,  my liushnml nml I could out 7,1 or 100 nt a  inoul. The "niKimliiK must be wry slronn  In iinrllc.  Mrs,  A.  U  (Kuidliiiin,  N.  Y.).  Genuine Spanish Soup  Wooing thin ono of thu mimbdrs wants n  rt'i!l|>o tor uonulno Hpanlsh soup, I slvo you  tho followliiR rcclpo, which I follow very  often! ,j  For a family of six boll hi onousli wntor  10 supply nil civ slices nt tnnM in iinntlier  'l������������i oiurtii iiiiui Ui������i> a iivuti ul Ktirllo in  11 h.llf cup of sslnil oil, When well tirnwnxd  ink, ..nt t!m t..iil,i!, pi,ur inn l.umiiK w.iior  nml thn tonst Into tlm oil nnd lit nil simmer slowly fur a few minute*, midlns suit  smi  pepper to tame,    Horvo  In  Indlvldunl  1'OWIS,    pilttltlk'   III   tlllt  btllillln   (,f  cnoll   IlllWl  nrnw pkb before pnurlnir In tbo n,ni|>.  ���������Ibis Is thn lomulnii "snpn do nto" which  my liUKbnnd, beliiK Hpiinlsli, tnlies every  evonlns.  1 ft,iil Kiiiuiy uim. u, nny nl nn. inniitifi-s  uclpei for Hpnnlkli or M������xlc������n dlnlirs.  II. ds 11. (Mexico), !  I reoelvo ta mnny ouorlON with reKuni  to Bpanlsh dliilii-s that I nm sum ninny  nf our renders will lio nlmi to avail  themselves of your kind offer. I tlm nil  ynu, in their nnrne nnd my own, for  your letter and your kind siiKirestli>n.  An Inexpensive Pie  Mat s fflllfn'mln rne-mW r,,������ir l-ule n  roclpe uho knows t<i 1* Irustwullbi 7  Pinenppla pjo  One cup of tusrsr. 1 ngi, t iab!'*i������������mful������  of cornstarch,   pleco  of  butter tlio slao of  V  up  ���������   VKH*  rJtlr nil Into thn Juicci of ono cnn of Pino-  miple; boll toRothu- for Ii nilnuics. whon  .-old, ndd tho pin .applo cut Into small pieces,  This will mnko illllnir for two pies, llnko  Ihu crust tlrst; put in tlio plnoiipplo mlxturo  , and cover with whipped cromn,  KIHTI1 N. (Snn Krnnclsoo, Cal.).  A  tomptiiiB dessert and eus.ly made.  And   If you  will exanilno It   you  will  perceive''that It Ih not expensive,   Our  California ineinliur is Invited tu favor im  Ulilllll,  Lard in Cake  In answer t" "It, I'," iOIiIcuko) I cnn say  coufldi'litly tlmi laid may bu limil In ni.Kli i;  plu I il cuke   1 h.ivn m iisoil It lur live yiiii'S.  Iluttor Is uim h iik-ci', nl iMiii'M', bin I  would never, tumor any conditions, u������o n  cupful in- nvcii Imlf n ciiiiliil ur lui'ii, A  liuipliiK t ji I >1. hi in. ,ii. ii I Is pleiits' nml Kiif,',  No one iouIii uolict It, Many of llio  iiiiiiiiiih' wived hi-renliiiiils uso It, II wns  by cIiiiih'ii thut 1 In'.-t liiiinii'd id' tlm |>im-  lfen, iih I nm fi-.im liroolilyii, N. V., mid  have IIveil Ip-ie bin nine >uus. Tin* oak"  in whicli Urn luuplnu rpooiitul of hint is  used unlls for from i to !) t.'ii|>fiiln of  lluur, As a inlo, tho cnok������ aik Ihmim,-  kiepors hero ilu n���������l care ui mlmlt tlilil Huy  uso luril lu this way, but thoy do!  Ami wliv imt? II is us wholesome, nml  i-honper thnn butter,  I'lense toll me how the bnklnn" sudn Is  uilili',I In the roeipn rnr iiuvci'-fnlllnii cuke.  I* It mixed with ihe creiim i>r with tlio  lluur?  I mn muloiiH to ksow,  H.    ������.    (Allien.    III.).  I should Btlr the Miula Into lliooieniii,  und hu sure 11 was illssulvinl before ndd-  liiK It to the rest of the IniJi'edlniits,  The old wny uf lihimilvliiK it In Imt wuler meets wllh little favor nowadays.  Uow to Cook Snails  A conosnon.ioiit iisks fur loclpes for cookie,.    <.,i-ill ,|     ... I    v   f,        -l .     ryl. >...    I,.    ,.  ciiinlnlltoii uf the ivpule. II IM II plillHUro to  r,cpfinrt In the be-! ,.f n," iil.tlhv <lnlv  Hut, iiirsn hIi-iIijiI ur "ltum.ui siisll" l������  iiei'd iis fund, ur nilder ut' a ilelli'iiey. In  southern countries. They are unod In tlm  winter aion*. InillliK thut teuton it 11,1 l������  fnillliid Willi I- Mill Ilex tlie ulieit lilr-lltlM.  .N'uile Illlll I'll* Id ttpi II Kllolllil be call II.  Hero It Is:  Wash mul I1..1I ittoiiti'-llvo niitipcned mii.iIIh  me iillll hm iiiilt ml 1)10 boiled muiIIn fioiii  111" sIh-IIm. ('hop them mid add 'i OI>na-j uf  butter, -J tulileupimnluls of bresili-iunil ������  nnd the inm.- -it croim, I tabli'spoontul of  piuslev: mil', pepiior and 'ilco to timlo,  IP-IIII lliu eleilll.���������l hIii-II*. lelient mul nive  hot. MilMHI'!   K.   II.   M.   li'hloitK-U.  Kiirelitners   who  eat and   like   snuMs  nsk,  in return  fur our exi-lniiintloii nr  wonilcrinii tllSKiist, "Why not, as well  nt oy.tiurK iind .-* 11. '.11.,..-.,'  "Or, for thnt mutter, why Is a dean  land   snail   nmre   ohjeetl ituitile   ns   un  eiliiiiii    tli.ui    >m,l'   tllailiiiti<l-li,uki'il    III*  Mpln,   your suft-shilhil  crab   ami  tlio  tnillfroK |eKH you rnto ns a delicacy?"  It may hf,  us they atllrni, a matter  of prejudice and custom that wo dosplso  the snail and enjoy oIiuiih ami turtle, It  Is posHlhle that, dlsimsoloiuitely considered, the Bt-uylHh, bIuIIhouh, growaomo  ni;u*H devjiireil In my sinlu by a Kus-  slan count oiiposHe me at u Roman  hotel wus not a whit more otTeimlve to  him than a bowl of oyster bisque lo  1110. All tho * Hiimo, prujudioe und custom aro inlKhly nnd prevail In the  American eulslno unit home, Vour  ini'tii.xl of disposing of ilio miHtitci-ati  cieepors Is i|i��������� loust trtijcutltmnhlo uf  whli'/i 1 liave any liiiowledmi, ami wo  thank you for the recipe,  Limewater  STAT1MTICH prove tlmi n larjro pro-  Iio.tlon of ull the bullies horn illit  while li'i'tltlnif, it biHMimes u ser|.  oiih i|iiiisilon lo Uiu anxious mother  how she enn 11I1I nnture at this critical  Uni". When the tooth |H almost nmdy  lo appear, a judicious mbbliiir, or al-  IowIiik iho ehllil to hit<i hard, safo  HiihHtunctiH, is often healthful and  hoiinili.'ial.  Have vim never been alarmed nt  sumo midden 111tuck of sIi'Iuiohs, and.  when your trooil dootor wiih summoned,  hud lilm nitli'm the cause to ho tceili-  Inir. when uolhlnw In tlm n|i|ionnini|o  of iln> un,uili would Indicate tlm com*  hi|f of 11 new tooth? We tliluU any  motlii'i- who imh taken careful ohser-  vntIon   ii'lli   en-.���������   ib'ii   ,ift,.,,    m-i . ..   11 ,,  tooth is tirst formliiK. the whole or-  kiiui/itiloii is mint* illsturlieil ihnn  when Uie tooth Is a limit ivmly to make  lit appi'oi'aiii-t'.  Vow, how mil we help mutiers morn  Hum   by   supplying  it  child   whnt   in  111 t ', ul  I       ,. ...    I. I. . . I  mitUliiK?    If   wo  lakv  the  trouble  to  look   Into   the   matter,   wc   shall   tlmi .  tlmi  every tooth Is composed  Imwly  Of   Illlll',  As soon nn your Imhy has reached  a suitable uko for cutting iin������tli, put u  few drops of llniewnter In hit milk rtt  eiiih meal. Ily thus snppl.vlnK your  ��������� blltl Willi Just what be iipi'iIh nt ibln  eriiieal time, you will old itutiirc in  her work, and prevuni many trouble,  nume, If not fatal, results. ..*������V, *-* *V+1 -i**.* ������*, iu-A-1? SAaftfeilS^^&* .l^t.* * ,- VI Vuhu-ffr<*^U������)U������A������K .1  Is   mt,T^\t-)l*,tm.a^t.W.v.mr-,*���������m,f\!^^,^i  m^*mmta*yr^M<m^i*rmtmiMt ���������*.**  THE NEWS, CUMBER LAM 0. BJUTISH' COLUMBIA. :   m^>������. ..nf,.. ,.   .i.b^mM^..,������������.w.w.^,  ,nmtm.**.>if~.fmtfm.fffMm**     i.^������������,^A**ifcM.w...,vuw������*-"-^-"������������������-������������������-���������  ^ ^   .,...  ...      ���������   ,��������� ~~. ,-.w*~ ������������������  .������ ���������  -zrxM-i.fJ-j'  r. ht 'Vttr J Iff t._  mmmt        Si  ,ssxc  :UXSTiarXm%mmmJam  t       *f  FU "' -'TURE STORE  1  ���������Si* C=v   " -- ~ -"      $HH  -.mtftk.arsvtmamri-ami'* *im*  NLW-STOGfc  X  -OF  LACE CURTAINS  ^i;^^^-'K^  kriu.kd madras  PLAIN  SCRIMS and MUSLINS  KnS]_'^'<^.,p.fi\''S^*4jA ������������������-.,  ffiWr /n&*'v ^-"������m\\ ''A Choice Assortment, with a  full range of-*]it iocs,  K_  A.MoKINISrOW.-B  ^^^[^^ hlcVhec. mock, Cumberland U  V*.,.W .-���������.'W.,-.-> - ���������-   ���������" .tjA-|!flB-H3S������.TOWBXgB-tHB������^^  ya G������sKff;_^_a'������*Ks^ (Ei_a__a_s'BaEKi'^^  TVTtf..     /    f /     ;���������   p  COURTENAY LOTS  FUR SALE  I   $15G UP.���������EASY TERMS.  .U'fisli ai\d Farm Lands,  Sea and Biver Fro&ta&e  !  BEADNELL & BISCOE,  Real Estate A|:ents   Offices: PHOHL6.-g������SoIBNAV  !  '>*)  .5)  '������")  (ft  (Si  w  ������  (?)  0������>  ���������iJ.!'\J1 iM&ky&Jl  S. 1SAKA. PROPRIETOR  y/2a^/^i>e'))da-fo-je  e^������t{i'ijsisffir������ax?,i..i.  .SOSffiMS^^  We are staitiii'.: a eampaigu to  advertise   Victoria  and   the  Island   generally in all parts of Canada,  Great Britain il'r.d ihe United States, and we want  Noufa-^istanci in tliis work.  There is going !o he/great development on the Island in the inir.u-d. ate future, and you and we must  do uv.i part iu this expansion  Developineni *''e as the influx of people and money  and we want \mi to assist us in   properly   placing  ' \ both.  What have \o;i for sale?      Write  and give us the  (, !-./ lowing particulars:���������  Description of-property and numbe** of acres  Number of acres of cleared and wild land  Number of act cs of good soil  Number ot acres under cultivation and the  nature i 'fr-of. ���������  In a word, t-L us all about your property  and,; if  p'.-'.-sihle, send us photos of it.  Quote price-ami terms, and   make   the   price   an;  .,',.     appeal to reason.  Temple Buildo g  !&-&mmmmmnm3tfmm*aim\3-iZ VS  v City Cora: oil  The city council im' in regular session on Moiubiv t veiling,,  there being present Aid-. Banks,  Stewarr, Barn ham. Maxwell,  "Willard and the Mayor  Tlie minutes of previous meeting were read and ado;,led.  The matter of city ..workmen's  wa'yes was left in  the  builds   of  the board of works.  Accounts:--J. Potter    . .*.S 1.50  Klectric   Li*;lit 40.60  R. Grant & Co    2.13  The matter of uightw itehinan's  wages was brought up nnd discussed.    Aid Willard moved, sec  ouded by Aid Parnham, that the  city pay hall'the nigh 1 watchman's  salary, and do away with public  subscription to help sup) ort same.  City Solicitor 11 an is< >u present  ed a list of registered owners of  property in ibc ciiy as ti-quetitcd.  'Hie City Clerk'was again in-  strue'ea to write Uu- ^"eminent  re   I'.-cteusioii   of city limits, he  having rvpor'.cd th.it In* had not  received an answer to  the  com-  niuuiea'.ion sen! some time ago  Liquor License Hy law of iqii  was read, und {.tenuis-ion  asked  io inlr' uueesanu* fit next regular  meeting oi' council,  Tin; lie liriga-k*. Jin i-ented the  following n*(jui* Is I'ci'ii't! being  1iil;eii ov er b. die ci \ ',-���������-  That it shall lu a volunteer  comnaiivofnoi more huti twenty  Cigll'  llli'iilbtis.  That ihey 1 led 'heir own ofii-  cers, ,'iti!j������et to the ajtproval   of  the euuiu'il,  '1 1 .������, '��������� .'i- < b "��������� .i'i '.''. r?,r'<"* nf  Z,: '���������},- {..'. I'.. ���������:��������� ���������;��������� 5 ���������.���������."'.!'������.! of nn  lioul", for n x- lii'it hoiiii and $2.5,0  fui-t;\c������\ fiu'e*--,-\'! liot'.r whi'e  ilu* ,,v;iu-r is ut'iied on iiie build-  Fort St., Victoria, B.C.  asn������'axs_3-BB������'SX'C3s_s_KS{i  Applications Wanted.  CITY CF CUM HER LAND.  /V 1'PLICATIONS marked "Applica-  **��������� lion l"oi City Police "* will be received by the undersigned up to Monday, May 2,2nd, 111 6 p.in., for ihe pom ion  of City Police for night duty. Duiics to  commence; Mny 31 si. ���������  '' Saniry $81 per mon'.ii .ind one   suit  of  doilies per year.  Applicant must be W good moral character and of sir cly lemperaie habits'  ���������      A. "McKJNNON, Citv Ci.khi;.  City Il.ill, May 2nd, 1911.  COMMUNICATIONS  ...--EniTor Nkws:��������� -There has  been a vast quantity of alarmist  criticism in the Conservative  press, .soiue of which is in bad  taste as well as bad political judg  merit., It is really the opinions  of men who are either directors  or servants of corporations who  arc interested in high tariff in  Canada and the States, They,  argue that oiir railways will become lines of rust, etc,, but Sir  Donald McKenzie approves of  the agreement, and Mr. William  W ayte, of the G. P R., Bays it is  bound to come. :,,  Its opponents appear to, fprget  that Canada is part and parcel of  the North American continent,  and that it is impossible to make  her a part of Europe, We can  no more continue to keep up a  high tariff wall between us and  the Sta-es than you could between England and Scotland. It  is natural that we. should desire  to trade with our nearest, neigh-'  bors and be the best of friends.  To do ..this ought not to be a s'.ir-  'piise or a reproach.  It is argued tliat. the tariff is a  ���������solid buttress .against, union,' between us aud the Spates. But  .Cauada^oesJ.ti_foji_j:o^iigxaiio_r-i  cnanafactut������et������'of  MINERAL    WATERS  P.O. Box 432  Phono   2-9  Bonora Blook  CUM Bl  ^LAND  _  I"  Ladies' and Gentlemen's Suits Made  'p  from ��������� 826 to..3.35    -AU Work First Class  Perfect Fit Guaranteed.  "Vder  /*^A>Va^^>v^l^A^v^l<^A(^^A<^  ti/afyty*^**,**^  j? , ���������'.���������������-������������������  "~ Merchant  ���������**������,v"4"U������W  HAVE  PHOTO  :      TAKEN!'-.'-  * -���������AT���������   ��������� "   ���������,    .'  Powell's iStudio.  Work guaranteed. .,  ��������� Prices reasonable.  LADIES' TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES A';-SPECIALTY  .      SUITS CDADE TO   OI^DEIR fl^D  IN AJiY STYLiE YOU UlISH.  FEHFEGT FIT GIIARAWTEEB.  ,      Prices Trom -SSO -to $4.0. '  wm������uauM������������tauxJ2t������ar,i%rTiir-U^riieU7iJj|'w-^:  5>  B. C.  FOR SALE���������A . i'nuno c-ottnge  situated'on tlio eonier of Deiwent  Avcmtui and Third St. AVwll fen-  ceil. ForTiii'tlnH" pniticuiars up  plv A. McKiiuion, Cuniliei-laii(l,  IJ.'C.  RETIRING FROM BUSINESS  SALIC, Consisitia^ of *.w\v\\ .^t-ig-  iij^, ladders, step hu'dors ik,   nu-,.  II, J/riieolmid  WHITE WYAMDOTTE aud  PEKIN DUCK hatching eggs  ���������-86.00 per 50; 3jo 00 jv.- too.  IMPUOVKD SlIAUl'I.KH STRAW-  ukrry Plants���������!j������4 50 jjer 500.  L. E SOLLY,  Lakkvikw Poultry 1'Arm,  Westhohue, \',. Ik N. Rv.  -*V,"  Owiujr to the iiUiH'iico of the  piihlor, KTvions will not, bi* held  in tho Muthodi.st cltureli on Sunday next.  WANTED -A f.sw Imnr.lf.MM in  jiriviite family, Apply,this utiier.  ���������, ^   Lndien Hospital Auxiliary will  meet, in K. of P. Hull on  Thm-*-  ���������)  "|.,i,,Ut       ill      I  llw, IJoliertHo,". ol   L'ldyHiiith,  whilst in the States it has never  succeeded; consequently,*c6rppr;  ations are supreme there. Therefore, if we succeed incorporation  if will prove a stronger buttress  I than auy tariff wall.", "Besides the  1-State's can throw down their wall  to-morrow if that would mean  annexation. The feeling of the  west is even more of opposition  to monopoly than to the tariff.  The C.P.R., in many respects,  is an admirable corporaiiou. It  has eujdyed a monopoly of our  carrying trade, but it has ���������piled  ou excessive freight- rates to the-  cost of everything we import  Even competition appears to give  iittle relief to the economic situ  at ion. The rail ways,were, and  si ill are, hard masters. The con  su.mer groans uncier their despotism, hut reciprocity will end all  that us it will open up new outlets for Canada's products and  trade. As the C.P.R. has recently paid a ten per cent dividend.  cMTving millions forward, it sure  ly now should reduce height  rates, popularize Canadian tnule  routes, and begin to serve the  Empire as well as itself, It was  their combination with the cattle  shipper* that killed our live s;oek  trade, a trade that would encourage mixed fanning, uow a ueees  sity in the. West.  Purl hov. under Ihe agreement,  the monopoly ofthe millers and  elevator companies will disappear  to the advantage of* the fanner,  tlie producer and consumer. It  wib also wipe out tin* carrier and  middlemen monopolies. Surely  it is the legitimate work of a Liberal government to put the inter  c.'its of the. people the workers,  1,.'', ",'C .".UV (,init,iVL'i*Miinn fnr  : nnd w*,-abhy corporations  &&  General Blacksmith  Horst'shosmg a Specialty.  ���������.,"C U.M H'E RL AN Dv -   /,-  .^tii:iii;ii!iii;iiiiii!iii!iiiiiiiiiii!iiti!iii!i:iiiii!:iiiiitiuiii!iiti!tti!iiii:iw ������������������}    - \  I  Capital $6,800,000.  , /, Eoeerve $7,200,000 |  j   The Royal Bank of Canada.   |  I JOINT ACCOUNTS may be opened in ihe immos of two ot more j  I iiemiiis, lo bo operated by any ono of thorn, and io the event of 'g  I death to be paid tp the survivor without;fuiy formality |  I, SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS & 'interest p  I u t highest'' Current Rater allowed .on l'Jeposils of $1 and upwards. |  1 ������      ' CUMBERLAND,'.-B. 0,,, Branch,;Open Daily. ������' *7     |  it COURTENAY,   B, 0 ,  ; Bub-Bran cli,   Open  Tuesdays, and -g  I'  " '   ".    .FRIDAYS.     - '"���������" ������-  i UNION 'WHAR^i B. C.,   Sub-Brach, Opon Thurndays (, 1,  ������ ���������    ,  _���������: ���������  - *   ii'  ������ H. P. MONTGOMERY,. Managei'.;' |:  %l|tllllli!lii!ll!!lllllllinil!lllll!lilllllllllltililllllll!ll'.illll!lillllil!l������lt||l|ll������11"11^  W^*'ftiB "' "gn1!���������^  A  (L'.ciipird the   I'l'fi-hUt'i'iau   palpi  on Sninluv 1'i^f.  n  The  The rxlimivi'ii-ht-filre hall:     N(, (1(Mll(l: it   WHS      ,���������,  .U1ummv.������������������-,1 ..ISO ;.,  tu   up   a   lMlf Uc.M-l l������t.'H<M- Ii.itr ������l..!  I'll    .OV   IP". -..)'   ',!      ')   ' il'l'l"  'V)i-   V'f,\  t'i   in  <������\-i. I'liaul all  :<���������'���������.���������.  ll - -Ir ill's. <t������  at th'* pic'iiri! 1M1 o*\ it-  lihti'i'    Tako lii'i'liinii'  WiU'ii l.'aau, wi!] h  iimin-  lit- V'ii*i(������l'i:i i-li  Sio-e ai'.f 1  I  Ti������i.'>.i.' ;Lip:'- - '���������'   ' f'i- a,.;-. 1 >.-o lo  "'���������1  i-i'i rf   . .!  l.V '-!>* l*H'i  If'il,   The  (ifi).ir'. mi      ���������'. *��������� *������ !>-��������� 1,it vn over un  .5   1*.   t  ',    ' ���������' .0. :*'V' :. .iv. l:ii;c:<.  '!'!"-���������   ���������iii,,i.,!i '.. iH 1'o'd -1 SP-ci;*:|  nu ;iing 11'\ Monday evening iivni  ;' eon.v(Ur the ma'er oi se������'ci-  ,,  ^(.   bt' it nn 1 V,-'J' '"!'f- '  inanufai'turei's shrewdly  fear tha' if the farmers of   hot ii  countries abandon .protection for  ih- irown products thev will want  Alex,! to know why the  liiauiifaciitrcr.s  kiss you I should coutiuiu* to Tfceive it and  uni, 'tlir I make them pay two   profits on  I manufactured  articles   of   17 14  I per rent.      If  you want to get  Mr.. Walton,   uiolli.������' in-law of,a,,wn l" Ulc  'Ul! <r,v,U:'c  ������''  c.  '1 hi- ������Mii!inu;oi  Tlmr-iJiiv. Mnv -l'!*,  The city snlin'or viii  jc l'.".d   t<>   be   prtsftit io dm 11 a  b'.'-iaw.    (:oti"cil-"''i'liaiifd.  \ 1 'iiii'Mlay.  i , v,'i*'1 "���������',''  !.v-.Mi������ tu'li  ^ r-|������,i-,������i|i'i|  Ut'.;  ("ouselvalive opposition to reci-  j, i.'-itv it is ��������� 'iniily ]-'*,ipi(-:i! *-���������',���������-f������  ;.-.h',ii-:-S.       'i'l:e  iiiOvitl-.;  fore in  !;i\'iv|' 01" l"Wet tin in,, ;uid chcapi-r  livinv, is the giidn   pjo-.m is'   ,i.--..  uf.   the   wt-.-ii,    30,001/  Tliird *A\e., CKEflitoerlaitd  '""'nan',:  . EntertainmePat.  Cumberland Hall lust Friday  iiyoiiing was well filled with nu appreciative audience, when the  Sunday school children ussi&'od hy  11 few of their older?-, presented  tlie very pretty and unndosil opor-  ettu '"A I'Wtof   Flowoi-.s."    The  solos and elioruses were all well  rendered, as was also lhe drills,  which 'included fairies reprcscn-  tinp;, the dilferent seasons, The  Queen of Flowers, her bodyguard  nnd tiny train-hearers, llnclo .lake  ami wife and sevorul others.   After  crown ino the Queen, ench in turn  eiitni'taiiied and did hoinnim to her  Majesty.    The iwtuiii'.'s woro   all  vory pretty and iiiiifofiu, and the  stti^o iirtiiHically'(hcuf-iited with  trcllis-wot'ls, roses, corn stall;, cur  erpillnrs,|otc, (ireat prai.-o is due  to all who contrihated in nny way  lownrd the siiccosh of tlm uutcr-  luiiinietit, and "speeiully to .Mr.  and Mrs. l'liriiliiim for 1lieir,l pains-  tukiuu; earn iu trainino the ehil.  dreii.  Aiuonir the mourners nt Mis*,  Thomson's funeral were Chief of  J V'!;,<v l '!'"��������� "'i'ti -Mid .ImIhi limviir  of  y.:\',������������������:i',"'.n.   oUI     fli"Uilu    nf    llle  I'aiuily, wim caine I'roiu that city  to pay the !nt ti'i������>ute of iv-;p.i<'t  lo Iho daiiehuti* of tlii'ii* friends.  x'Alll) OV TMANKr;.  To the deal* fiiiiuls ami nei^li-  bors ivlwi sn kindly nssi-ted ns iu  life's iireati';-,' trial, also for the  beautiful and numerous flotvl of.  Ici'iii}.'* and h'ttoi'M of ������*������ 1������t'������������1 ������-..**���������������,  we 1������->tnlt r our fdncerc thanl-:s.  Ihe  Wave; iil ,'('! Dn', I'i r.il; lip' il >��������� V ",'V  -b<-'o, :iin! Me e:(;i : ip hi-| e tli.it  I'rii'ti'i; a-   ri".e '     '-, ("ai'le-r auni' ,\  I  __E Phillipps Harrison  BA ISTER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC CONVEYANCING  DUNSMUiR AVENUJS  CUMBERLAND,  *A,-������������i"nmw  ������,   ff  tiitlKaKii   \g  am\\^lmmXXamli*\\amX;Altm*tm%ml-'-l*   ,  Wholesale Dealei" in Wr^HS, HIQUOR 8t BEE^  P. 0, EOX 4S3  PHONB SO ....  CUMBERLAND  unut^2XT.r:v:  a������������iMiiMialiiii������wiiBnni������w������MW������igiw������������HM������w^^ mrvmrnam.11  taii������������jJiaj:������3*uasi!n������������������i������J*i������o������.������wi������>JKur-^aun-Tj������������������ti^  iiii.  This,is the first spring in the. history of Coniox  District that the local demand for eggs has been  equal to the supply. Nothing pays better than  poultry, iiUhey are rightly managed. Begin  with the little'fellows and'f(ed them CHICK  I'OOD, whicli in'a mixture of bone meal, wheat,  oats, com and bther grain, cut and blended in  the right proportion to make "them thrive and  grow.    For sale by  A, fl CRAWFORD,    -   - Courtenay, U 1  | DKA-LKIt IN FLOUR AND Kli'MI).- |,  BW^Sil'  mm  K inn or  Standard  Humber  English  Canadian  English  $35  $36  $45  $45  -������ho will I'CMinii* In')*   iciiu! run on  NlHil.ilt',, Mnv   IUh.  -. iiatiOii  S'lOI'g.  J'iiC'.l ������  uc- of  lii-in  iitUi'l  Mil l*OV  iiivii'io 'lieu ii'ioii  t  (Corilimiccl in i<ui va-Hl ismh:,)  ��������� j    John Thomson a::d 1'amii.v.;  Massey-Harns Cruuulian  fctuieiu i.u^u.~.h  Singer i^n^Iish ���������i'6n  Massoy-Oushion   Canadian $65  Singer 3 speed      English $80  oin&t;r Dc l.UXC     E:^.-!:::h $90  Seeston Humber English $100  One, Two and Three Speeds added  to  I any machine at extra cost,     Send for  j! Catalogue.  THOS. PLIMLEY,  y  "     orfici: ArioSron-ilZOBLAMCLGY OT..\/,i���������rAni a      K> C  fi      OAhAOK. 7 27 JOHNSON ST.. V ll- ��������� UhlA'    '-*'1*-  I -If you ������et it at Plimley's it's au. uu;irr."  ^ pg _W(������ DoK'ij.iiiriiia:  \_\.. -Mtutror. wwifiowir VKWttmxmi.'amamm.ypHmW y.-%M*mM..*:���������,��������� mi ri  x<& tranrnm'tT***-9��������� icuuKU.������onn_inWAauMtlImmmmmawamwemmik


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