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Creston Review May 25, 1928

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Vol  XX.
�� J1JJ* W.%
CRESTON. p<p^MI>AY. MAY g5, 1928
s/   "**,
Ko. ie
Institute Having
tC?I_ ���	
Creston iind  District'Women's Institute met in' May session on -��� Friday
fifSSITSSO!..    '   ISfirSa    ��1.    Steves?      nrasi.
dent, being absent on uccVmnt os��
illness, the chair was taken by fche
vice-president, Mrs. . C. *'F. Hayes*
Nineteen members were f.n attend-,
.ance. -    :���   -
It was decided to hold 1��be usual
annual flower show, wittf sale of cook-
in j?, tea. etc., in June, "fn response to,
;s. Setter- jfi-'Oin cite cbairmau^of the pro\
gramme comuaitt^ of f the. IJoroinion
Day celebration-r^he following.-Sanies
were appointed-tto serve1 as-jttie Insti-
tute delegation on- that', committee,
Mrs. W. Kernaghao. Mi*. J. E. Hay-
den and Mrs. Jas. Oberr��ngjK>ni *
A vote of thanks .was passed to all
wbo helped --��with' t>he -recent., bulb
show, and to the ladies of the L.O,B.
A., for the nse of their tables. Mrs.
Cherrington -.spoke- on the Queen
Alexandra Solarium and explained
the Othoa Scott endowment fund, tp
-which each Women's Institute in
B.C. is being asked to contribute ��103.
En many instances this contribution
is being spread oyer three years. It
Was decided ,to  vote on this question
at tho Jnjj&;liii&eting".
Mrs." WyBT^Crat^ard, for fhe cemetery committee, reported that recent
works' have- made a very decided improvement in the burying ground.
After the udjnnrnment. of tho sneetiuK
tea was served by Mrs. G. Cartwright.
-Mrs. Beninger and Mrsl Hopwood.
,*��� Mrs. M. Young, who is si*tr*rtiy leav.
Jng.on u trip to England,.was the
���recipient of a shower of handkerchiefs,
and the good wishes of a��H .present t&.
-"a deligtitfid tfelp^^&^^liE^^ll^^l
for the Crippled Childress F��irad.
J^nesday night last, with president. A*
tiihclatr irr charge Through tho
agency of the Institute two purebred
breeding rams are being brought in
and will be at the farms of John Hub-
iS]coft and Bert He bden
"P E, J. Maithouse has just completed
seeding &o alfalfa. Hve acies or the
Niblow ranch. .recently purchased &y
���Jack BLewitsort..
'Mr. aaad Mtb. Hewitson of jftosedale,
Alberta, who, have been here for a
uiouth. iifn a visit with* his brother.
Jack, left for their home at the end of
the week. -   '  . *  ^
^Ph*?~ anRtial -r<����nnt�� unity wienie will
be held at the Huscroft recreation
grounds on Jans 3rd. The {farmers*
Institute are hack of the affair and a
-��t>iiinittteeof-nine has been appointed
to-make all arrangements.
4 .
Mrs.   Healay>��:and   daughter,   who
*....     &���������_     __e~ti:���~    _fn.    ���_��� 3-    i ���
Iowa, returned ^h��me at the end ojF tbe
week.  '  .     .  ^P ���
Henry Camnliell has returned to
Btellvae, Albert^, after spending most
of last-Week'dalbis ranch ��t Erickson.
This -Week W\�� wind up the shipping
of cmC flowea-sf seSlcb has* been -prinei
pally^from thWE.ltt!ejohn r��neh. The
outgo of daffodils and tulips has * been
well up to lfl27"atand��rd, and in tithps
has averaged'almost 100.dozen per day
the   death   of
John Marshall.
their- f&tker, the Jatel
Raspberries are coming idto bloom
In th?*- Alice Si*'*!!***' ^eci-ioi?* ��^lld*
roees are also well out in flower.
A couple1; of teams and about, six
men are at work this week-shaking
some needed improvements on the
Hester ranch road.
mam***r*mf *7M ��-^m^^m   *|i��M Ui^MVl  *��������
BlBTH���At Victoria Hospital, Kasljr, :
on    May   14th, to   Mr.  and   Mrs.  C.
Mnore, a daughter.    Irene Beulah.
K. C. Phillips, the m��w Watkins .re
psesentatsvA, was making the acquaintance nf the Wynndel customers of
the firm last week.
Schgol inspeeto** Manuring was in*
this district last week, making his
apnoal summer call on the teachers,
and while here whs a guest of Mr. and
Mra. ^V. J. Cooper.
C. Hindley spent a few days at
Harrop, visiting his. brother, wbo
leaves shortly for England.
* Wilfrid -Mason of Kimberley. was
here on a visit with his mother at the
Mr. Caniptielljs'wno haa heeia. relieving as-G."P.IV-&geht here Jthe post two
weeks^j ieft for'^ingsgate on Tuesday.
,        -. ���>'*���*'
Mrs. Bundy was an enforced visitor'
at Cranbrooky-fpn Wednebday last
where she had p^rtof a needle removed from, one 'off her fingers at St.
Eugene hospital, returning .on Thursday1. -     \"     '. ' -
Ray Crisler wafe a business visitor
at Cranbrook?at the end nf the week
and* brought?hack another Whippet
Overland. Earji&r in the month he
soid the arstywhippet seen in the
Valley to Harr*ffReda��ile of Kitchener.
Geo. Cart%vt^ght is breaking some
records'^.L ���nnu'li;r>v jwsincr this spring.
Five of -hfe-ciuekter Barred Rocks have
accounted For bringing out 15 chicks
from fifteen ��ggv! 'in twss -cases, while
the other threeTiiave fourteen each to
their ycredit.    -;''*'
T. V7. Bundy, went, hack to work at
the depot od Tuesday after the usual
two weeks vacation, most of which
has been spent>in getting" the station
garden  in shape fur 19SS&   This year
Mrs.? Wearmouth Ieft^on -Sunday on
a visit with her daughter, Mrsri^
Whiui;, ;:t Fernie, for a -couple Qt
weeks. *     "=
Bill Cl^trtn was' 6,r visitor with
Kiniberley friend** at^ the week end,
making* the trip hy motor.  ������'
The  United Church .Ladies' Aid are
��� "  v*** ^
having  an   ice  cream   social   at the
church    on" Sat*raday�� evening.   May
1928 Crop
IBuIle^ii Issued
The first 1928 crop bulletin has just
made its-stanewtmrnr^gr. "fOVrifclKg uudsje
date of May I9!*l Mr. Twigg sizes up
the focal ��*imttssss-as ��rjgj.w-�� ���
J * ���**
v   Ihere Js some \�� inter injury to the
buds of Bang Cfaecries and Cuthbert -.
raaph^rries   where   situated   in   low.
places.. Strawberries are just coming
^ntr^fttl^ bloom and promise a heavy
.^ats-'WB&aad cold aisd the
~ v>X*^   .StvKt ��>in
\   The stork   was unusually .active in
rtbe Canyon area the past week, leaving a son with Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
Olson on May 20th. .and a daughter
with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hale on the
The road gravelling vcampr&ign is
.well under way and at present the
;!.Mif-u�� uw�� hauling it for ifasprovem&nfc
on the road over the Sarnuelson hill,
starting a& Kaott's corner. The gas
she ve! is at-work in. the pit and three
trucks, and  two tea was are engaged.
Jtsfein "Bsitle?*,-" who returned frons
Lorn beitoi\ last Week, reports the sale
of his raoch to Bofc Iiowerison, who
gets immediate possession. StLi: But*
leri- intends ' moving ' to the Nelson
di strict to reside. " -��� "~ -
apple trees
wew^eariy ��week iate coming into
the "pink". There is lots of moisture
in the soil, hut the last * two weeks
have befcn dry and windy with bright
Apple orchards are in full bloom
and a heavy crop is expected, and
should be a record year for Mcintosh.
They.pomprise at present-about 25% of
our trees and should yield around one-
third of the crop.
Pears are light compared to last
year especially the Flemish Beauty.
Plums and- Crab Apples show-an excessive quantity of bloom.
Bush fruits will be about the same
as last year as very. little increase in
planting is expected, and expectations
ass for a fuSs crop.
Mrs. Mv J�� I*anktree, who has been
a visitor at .Cranbrook for the past
few weeks, arrived home on Saturday.
The Community Society are having
a; dance at tbe schoolhouse on Saturday night, 26th, for which music wilt
be provided oy��� Mrs. tester. Gentp,
60 cents; ladies, 25 cents. AU are invited,  f
, Poultrymen report their flocks' doing splendidly at egg production this
season. Right now about ten cases of
eggs per week are. being shipped from
Lister.   ( "?���*-.. ...
Rev. A. Oai lick is a regular weekly
visitor here at present, giving instruction to a class of three confirmation
There was a fine turnout for tbe
statutory meeting of the Farmers'
Institute at the schoolhouse on  Wed-
Fri.-Sat., June   2nd
Alioe Joyce. Neil Hamilton, Noah
Beei*y,   Mary  Brian,   William
Powell, Norman Trevor, Ralph
Forbea. Victor MoLar] an.
Ronald Colman
"Beau Geste
Tho theft of a million dollar
oapphire. Tho flight of the gallant
MIioaw" Qcato and his two brothers
ut'i^ar bliuwtJoH' of clib^raca. ta
Africa to aavo tho houot of an
Engliob lady and her beautiful
nieoG. Tho wild oareer of tho
Qeota in the ���Foreifljn Legion! Pio-
turo what'a in otoro for you in this
ok el
JTuet when you believe every poa-
been pumped out of thia ono a now
one popa npl
No Advance in Prices
Spokane \were weekend visitm-s with
their. arrjiridn**re!ifeSi Mtv -and Mrs. J= Jc
The Co Operative Fruit Gi-oweis
Association had a meeting on the
evening of the'23rd to arrange for
berry pickers and packers.
Wynndel baseball team was at Creston on Sunday for a game with
Erickson and were beaten by a margin
of 24 to 23.
J. B. Winlaw "turned over the
machinery at the sawmill on Monday
tuning up for the season's cut, which
will probably start'this week.
Dance in the schoolhouse, Saturday,
26th. Music by Hiid brothers, Creston. Proceeds to baseball-club, and
Women's institute.
Remember the whiat and dance in
the old schoolhouse on Thursday evening. May Sist, by the Wynnde8
Liberals. Admission free, and everyone invited. All the crops in the.
district are looking good but a sod
soaker of rain would be much appreciated. Monday wus the warmest day
of the year so far, the mercury x-egis-
terlng 84 in the shade,
Tbe whist and dance by Wynnde*
Catholic Ladles waa a splendid success.
The winners at cards were Mrs Watson and Oscar Hagen. Consolation
prizes went to. Mrs. R. Uri and l��ted
Wilson. The providing of refreshments was under the direction of Mrs.
J, J.'Qrady. A jardinere donated by
Jaa. Wood and bon boo dish donated
by 3. A,. Spoors. Creston, were raffled,
tho winners being Miss Augustine
Bendette and Douglas Butterfleld re
spectlvely.   The Intako was about $-14.
I&uv. A. and Mi-h. Gariick were
guests of honor at a reception In the
old sehoolhoueo on Friday night*
when a vary pleasant evening waa
anont, Mr. and Mrs, 13. G. Greenwood of Creaton wore also guests;
During tho evening several membera
of the congregation entertained with
Q.ong�� nnd ^aitiwiictiii 4��c-k-ct,ioub, while
bridge and whist wero also played.
A dainty supper was served by members of tho Women's Auxiliary. In a
few well chosen words Mr. Gariick
thanked Mrs. Slxsmith, who as presi
dent of the W.A., was responsible for
the affair, and expressed the hope
that by worHng in porfoct harmony
with ono and other, and with thone of
all faith*, the district would profttc&e
and prosper. The gathering dispersed
with the singing of the National
tulips, some of his imported hitlbs
from Holland -producing* tulips with
three-foov st-rrajs ksu just sis atbi'aetive
aa to colors. - **
Frank Martin of Stavely, -Alberta,
was a <��� visitor last 'week with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Martin,
returning on Sunday.
Tom Anderson is on the crew at
work - doing the balance of the clearing' on the Kuskanook road right of
way east of Boawell.
Frank Similiter who is working on a
road crew at Sirdar, wan home for the
The  Hats Bond, at the first of the
week was up to within two feet of last
year*s high water murk.     The yo.nng
sters tried out the sw-hsimihg. on Sunday but found ita bit too chilly.
The second spray is completed in
this section, and the hot weather of
the p��Pt two weeks has been very
much to the liking of the orchardibts.
Tom Marshall, Mrs. McNeil and Mi>*.
Moul of "Vancouver were visitors "here
last week, culled home on account of
completed in which J: F. Gfllespie veils
his .(Cleave} teta-aes-e f jraneh ��� to K
Unuguier. This is the second ran��h
buy Mr, Nouguier has made in two
nionths, as a few weeks ago he purchased tbe Wetherhead property.
Canyon Lihf*nils"ace having a social
evening at the Community Hall on
Friday, June 1st at which there will
,be bridge and whist along with a
musical programme and refreshments.
Mrs. H. A.'Mclrtowan of Cranbrook
will he present and deliver a fifteen-
minute address; The admission . is
free and everyone invited. Cards at
Mr. and   Mrs.
D,f Juoxobardo,.
A meeting of tho ladies supporting the* candidature of
Frank Putnam will be held
Trinity Ghiireh Basement
L E^HifiMtfiififl    ' B llfflill ��� fkw
ftfc   .1. Jo. K Iii Hi p.TSfl.
BUSINESS:     To   otganizo
and discuss plans for the
approaching campaign.
the   well-known   Canadian
authoress, will  be present
nnd   nnealr.
Local and Personal
A get together of the ladies supporting the candidature of Prank Putnam,
Liberal candidate, will be held in the
basement of Trinity United Church,
Creston, Friday afternoon; June 1st,
at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Evah McKowan, of
Cranbrook, the well known authoress,
will speak, and all the ladies are in
H. J. Armstrong^of. Victoria, inspec
tor of equipment for the provincial
public works depurtnient, was here on
Friday making an inspection of scrapers, gracU-ra, truckt>v etc, in use in this
district. Accrirding to Mr. Armstrong the official records show that
the Federal truck that haa been used
by the department in Creston Valley
the past eight years, has cost less for
upkeep than any two-ton truck used
in public works En B.C.
Shippers through Creaton Co Operative Fruit Exchange aB well as the
Co-Operative Fruit' Grower-* Association, Wynndel, were enabled to^'cele-
brate Victoria Day appropriate^ aa
at the end of the week $2100.00
wao distributed ntuongst. them being
the usual annual rebate paid out on
the Associated Growers handling
chargca. On apples und peartt tke
s-i-lrttOi; f.,ni to tliret* t'oate a box, nnd on
bttrrlca It was almost four cents.
Work commonccd at the end of tho
week on the commodious new residence W. M, Archibald will build on
bin ranch property adjoining town.
Tt will be solid brick, and will cost
$12,000.       Mr.    Archibald     Is    mine
nirtnii-jirpr   for    *.*���*��    Ar>��y"��!1df,.f��*d   with
headquarters   at  Trail.      About   ten
ytuiv0 ago he bought the Win. Hooper
j ten-ncro   ranch,  and   since   then  line
aco,i)ltWl    aootliHK    24   aci*<w   in   that
usve' heen s^ssitlog witu- i-elatives here
the past-'few weeks, returned to their
home in  Revelstoke on Wednesday.
Vduee on Saturday night, with music
by Carl JDavasella and Ji TalerSeo, proceeds going, to the Community Hall
fund., -   fr
Jas. Wilson left on Sunday on a>
business trip to Cranbroojk.
Bev. A. Gariick of Creston was here
for Church of England service on
Sunday evening. There was a .good
Miss Rosie Pascuzzb, who has been
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Walthers
lit Yahk for the past week,! returned
home on Saturday.
Miss Eileeu Heap was home from
Cranbrook for the weekepd.
Mrs. Martin was a Creston caller on
Friday. On Saturday Mr. and Mrs.
Bleumenauer, Mrs. Whiteside and
Jack and Victor Grundy were at
Creston for the picture show. Mrs.
Talerico was another Saturday caller
at the metropolis, while on Monday
Ml89 tiily Wilson was there.
Village of Creston
Fall Fair  Grounds
irurciiase t^iemscite
By authority of rosolutioiia passed hy the Cowimiasionera of the
Village ot Creaton, I am instructed
to take a Plebisoite of the rate
payers o^ the Village of Creston on
THURSDAY, MAT Slot, 1928, on
the following undertaking:
Corporation of the Village of
Creton purchasing the buildings
and grounds of tlio Creston Valley Agricultural Association at a
price of $2500.00 (Twenty Five
Hundred Boilara), with payments made annually of $500.00
(Five Hundred Dollars) until the
aaid $2500.00 is fully paid, with
deferred payments drawing interest at Seven Por Cent?
Municipal   Hall,
tr ii.iii.   to   t
Polling place:
���WW ,  ��� 1 �����
p.m., Towni Time.
Returning; Officer.
* r .  ,
t r>
J. u.
���r nr^t%
IttJtmtJt. THE   BEVIEW,  JDEESTON,    B,    C,  (j****.  WorU*^ Grain Congress  Will  Mark JFlktleth  Anniversary   Of  Coming Of the:}Efca'il,way and Birth  Of Prairie Agriculture  as  i&wood tea.  Red Rose 'Orange Pekoe is the finest  lea In llie best package���������.Aluminum  Eternal Vigilance Is tlie Price Of Safety  Because of the appalling' loss of life through motor car accidents, Governments and munlcialities are enacting ever,more string*ent laws governing the use of nigyaways and the operation of automobiles, juaws regulating the speed of driving-, governing the xxse of headlights, compelling cars  ���������to come to a full stop "before proceeding to cross railway-tracks have been  passed, while signalling- devices, signs, guard rails at curves, embankments,  and other danger spots are erected,���������all with a view to protecting" tl^e public.  For the same reason laws are passed and regulations enforced govern-  ing* the management of factories, mines, operation of railways ami snips,  laying down conditions under which women and girls may "be employed, and  stipulating a hundred and one things which must be clone to safeguard workers in all departments of industrial life. *  According- to figures, tlie correctness of which are vouched for by the  Midwest Safety Conference, as reported in a San Francisco paper, there  were 24,000 deaths in the United States last year through traffic accidents,  and 23.000 deaths through industrial accidents almost all of which, were  preventable.  But it will be a surprise to many to learn that aecid&nts occurring in  the homes of the United States took an even greater toll of life than did  traffic accidents, or accidents in industry. Avoidable accidents resulting m  death in United States homes in 1927, numbered 27,000, and, according to  the report already referred to, "the bathtub and the stepladder were among  the deadliest adjuncts of domestic life, and the two Combined contributed a  large proportion of these 27,000 home fatalities."  Traffic regulation and industrial safety laws are the business of the public as well as of the individual: hence the interest displayed by all governmental authority. Because they are susceptible of public regulation the  problem,  they  present,   and  which  fills  the   newspapers  toaay,  scheduled for Reg-ina, in 1SS2, will  mark the 50th anniversary of the  arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the birth of prairie agriculture, outside of a comparatively small  earlier settlement In Manitoba. In  outlining seeps preliminary to the  summoning .of the congress, Hon, W,  R. Motherwell, federal Minister ot  Agricultiu'e, announced: "Tbe proposal to hold a. world's grain congress  iii Gaiiada has been quietly uiscusaed  and eanyassed by a few enthusiasts  in the west for tlie past two or three  years. Iiv thc^ meantime, .the pronounced success of the world's poul-  try congress has stimulated and  crystallized the proposed grain congress into liossibiiity and visibility."*  Sooihintf  -*������������������������ j^%  yet. a man's smoke  mZOOsU ANU .FEA-SEAHf  Named After Lindbergh  Will  should  be  easier than that of the household fatalities. As the San Francisco paper  says, "it is not possible to put the equivalent of a traffic cop into every  home to supervise the hanging of draperies, the dusting of walls and tbe  training of the climbing vines. Nor would it be desirable even were it possible to have a uniformed public official handling careless people in and out  of slippery batbtubs. The law cannot direct the turning- on and off of gas  cocks. It cannot keep matches out of the reach of children. It cannot "be the  keeper of the family medicine chest. It cannot make itself the custodian of  the houshold arsenal and see that unloaded guns are always unloaded. It  cannot prevent the starting of stove fires with kerosene,���������or tbe use of  gasoline near a lighted lamp or a burning fire."  These and a multitude of other vigilances rest solely with the individual.  Until the individual exercises the necessary cautiSti the lurking dangers of  the household will continue to take their toll.  Throughout this great Canadian west not a week passes but tbe newspapers tell the terrible story of a calamity in some home, resulting in death  and maiming for life, the direct result of downright carelessness. A destructive prairie or forest fire rages because someone neglectd to put out a camp  fire, or dropped a match, or started burning straw or rubbish without taking  necessary precautions. An explosion wrecks a home and takes a toll of life  because gasoline was left where it should not have been. A child drinks a  cup of lye in mistake for water, and dies or is crippled for life. And eo on,  and on, and on.  And all the laws, and regulations, and prohibitions that all the Parliaments, and Legislatures, and Municipal Councils in the country may pass  cannot stop these tragedies. In the forceful slang of the day "it is up to  the individual" to exercise caution, to be vigilant. Only so can the daily loss  of life through the3c accidents in the home, in industry, and on thc highways of our country be reduced and practically eliminated. Ninety-nine out  of every one hundred of such accidents arc preventable, It is for the people  to realize this. When they do the accidents will cease; until the.y do realize  it ancl govern themselva accordingly, sorrow, pain and loss will continue to  be a peramncnt visitor in our midst.  Canadian   Island   nnd    Station  ll������ar Aviator's Jtfaute  Colonel Lindbergh will have the  honor- oi having an islet in British  Columlbia and a station in Alberta  named after him. Paul L.ambert, of  New York, owns a small island in  Scottie Bay, near Nanaimo, B.C., and  asked the Geographic Boards of British Columbia and Canada to approve  of the name Lindbergh for it. Neither  board has objected. They claim as  private property he can call it what  he likes, as long as it doesn't interfere with present names.  The Dominion Geographic Board  received an application from the  Canadian National at Winnipeg to approve naming- a railway station in  Alberta after the famous aviator. The  board has given approval.  Save the Valuable  <<r���������������rER HANDS"  ������  I  Wireless SavetJ the Situation  Baby's   Own   Tablets  Are   Fine  For Nervous, Sleepless  Children  From. Canada tlie, fame of Baby's  Ovjfti Tablets is spreading" over th.e  world. Mothers recommend them to  other mothers and -wherever they are  tried nothing' but words of praise are  heard for these pleasant "tasting* little tablets that promptly relieve the  minor ailments of young children.  "Baby's Own Tablets are one of the  best remedies for children's ailments  I have ever used," says Mr3. Arthur  T. Allen, of Auburn, Me., "My little  girl was nervous and could not sleep.  I tried the tablets and she was relieved at once. She was also troubled  with constipation and nothing seemed  to help her. I had used the Tablets  but a short time before her bowels  were regular. All mothers should  keep Baby's Own Tablets In tbe house  for they are a valuable remedy."  Baby's Own Tablets are sold by all  drug-gists or will be mailed on receipt  of price, 25 cents per box, by Tho  IDr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.  First Thing Man Exploited  Egypt' Able To Greet Afghan Ruler  With His "National Anthem  A very embarrassing situation was  averted and Egypt greeted King  Amaimllah. and his queen with proper ceremony upon their arrival from  Bombay, thanks to wiresess.  A frantic message picked up by the  P. and O. liner Rajputana,, from an  Egyptian operator bemoaning- the  fact that Egypt was not acquainted  with the Afghan, national anthem.  The purser had it wirelessed to Port  Said, where it was deciphered���������note  for note���������and upon, the arrival of the  royal pair they were greeted with a  perfect rendition of their anthem,  Fort Vermilion Wheat  Wheat Grown Close To Arctic Circle  Weighs Gi lbs. To the Bushel  Wheat from Fort Vermilion, 250  miles north of Peace River, weighed  64 pounds to the bushel and graded  No. 2 without dockage. It was sisnt to  the Alberta wheat pool by James Mc-  GraW, a farmer In that district. Although Fort Vermilion is close to the  Arctic eirlce, wheat growing is not  new in that "area. In 1876, wheat  grown at that point won the championship at the Centennial Exhibition  at Philadelphia.  Secured; a Homestead  f     Cheapest Of All Oils Considering  . *V������r������ minliHna  rvf Til"    Thnmoa'   T7,.r>1opl-l'tr������  the qualities of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric  Ideal Tourist Camp Of Calgary  The Calgary Automobile Club is, Qu ft ig th<J chea]>egt oC all prepara-  planning to equip and operate what. tions offered to the public. It is to be  tliey claim will be the most modern found in ovcry drug store in Canada  automobile tourist camp in Western. from coast to coast and all country  Canada. The camp will be well light-1 merchants keep It for sale. So, being  ed and equipped with gas for cooking,  water, shower baths, car shelters and  other conveniences for the accommodations of motor tourists.  easily procurable and extremely moderate In price, no one should bo without a bottle of it,  If a thing must be clone there is no  time like thc present for doing it.  Nugg---Did you hoar of my father's  death? Do you know, he loft Sl>0,000?  Tagg-���������That's nothing, My grandfather loft the earth."  &    mm B B B  \sPm\AM  Stomach  In   1300   B.C.   Hlttltcs   Mad    Laws  Governing Bees  The bee   was   probably   the   first  created thing whose labors were exploited by mankind.  In .the Hittite code of laws, dated  1S00 B.C., punishments for tlio theft  of bees and hives , were mentioned.  Abot 4000 B.C. the "beo was adopted  as the symbol for the King of Lower  Egypt. Hieroglyphic beca wero  found from the Fhrat I>ynasty down  to Roman times, a period of some  d,000 years.  Bee-keeping was regularly practised  In Egypt in 2000 B.C.; reliefs exist  showing thc conformation of tho  hives���������mud Htructurca placed ono  ovor tho other���������and the men engaged  in pouring out the honey and scaling  It hi jars. But thousands of years before thia Lhe wild honey waa extracted from rocks aud trees. It was only  In comparatively recent times, aomo  aijc or seven thousand years ago, that  l.fc occurred to mw to reduce thc beo  to slavery.  Two   Brothers    Maintain   Long  and  Lonely Vigil For This Purpose  Determined to file on a homestead  near his father's and    brother's    at  Loyalist, Alberta, when tlie cancelled  homestead rights were thrown open  to the public at the Dominion Lands  Office in Calgary, Cyrus Buxton, 18  years of age, assisted by his brother  Paul, 24, kept first place outside the  building for an entire week prior to  the  opening'.  A blanket waa  drawn  across a corner of the building within  ��������� a few feet of the entrance and here  the  brothers   slept   during  their   six;  hours' shifts. They were successful in  securing  tho  desired homestead.  That Stomach of Yours!  London, Ont.���������"I was in a general  rundown state of health.  I had indigestion and my stomach  was weak and so sore ~  I could not bear to  touch it. I got where  I did not have any  health at all, was not  able   to   follow   my  usual line of work. I  saw Dr. Pierce'sGold-  *jj?f/M ������  J/J/JI/^   ��������� en Medical  Discov-  W//YaWt/vM/A       ery recommended for  . _ , stomach trouble so I  decided to try it ahd it relieved me of my  indigestion and weak stomach and built  me up in health, I can highly recommend  the 'Discovery' to anyone who suffers as  I did. It is excellent."���������Francis Henry  Cook, 471 Elizabeth St.  AU dealers. Extra large bottles, liquid  $1,35; Tablets $1.35 and 65c.  Write  Dr.   Pierce's  Invalids  Hotel,  Buffalo, N. Y., for free advice.  Just a tuatelcmi   douo   of   Phillips'  Milk of MagncHla hi water. That Is an  iJltnH, etl'ectfv*", yot hrirmltwi. It has  b'.cn 1h������- Mi.nnfluni nritadd for B0 years  uinong phyHiclunM everywhere. Ono  ������������������r.r^.viiui will neill i n.M/>- at otuto muny  tirncii its volutin* In aclrl, It ia tho  r:;;Jit vvny, 11������*- quirk, jilcn.mt.nl. and f-ttl-  chr-Jit- way lu 1.111 Him e.vuiH.'J ueUl. Tho  fctoraach bccomu.j ttweei. ,tho pain tfc-  partn. You aro happy again In five  mlnutcx  Don't depend oa crude methods,  KmnUiy tlio best way yut evolved In  till tho yearn ot" ttcarclUug. That la  rhlllti>H' Milk or Magnesia,  lie pimi-a in. (>;(���������������������������  tlio j;*������rmlnp VHMII'jv-ii'  Milk of MajfnoHla proHcrlhotl by phyul*  ������*!nmi   l'or  Hint  ycnrH   In eov reeling   nx-  cctriH ackl-j. Kach bottle c-ontttlUEj. full  , directions ��������� any drug'Htoi'e.  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A;  SA   little thought will *how them(  ^X\that this: is all a building; paper  L-A.������hould be.*  And above all, hy" these very^  qualities, Hercules, becomes tha  protection oC the moat precious  treasures of the occupantsof  'any home���������their health/'  A sample of Hercules Is youre  for the asking,,^  'ifiSm '*. A # iVrrrii^  V  VF .., 4m   + ���������������  mmmt,   t mmmZZymmmm K,* :y^'  BJreiiW*   UBESTON,-   b.   a  ADYOCAIEPI  PUR IlNl?MPIrt������EIl  OUawa.^-The' House of Commons  committee on industrial and mterria-  ttonal relations endorsed the principle of unemployment insurance based  on compulsory contributions by the  state, tbe employers and the employee in its report tabled in the"  House." "  The report states that the necessity  for providing: some- method of unemployment insurance, "will .inevitably  liavc to be dealt with before long as  a  solution iri part,  of  the  industrial  problems  v^������.     LUC    JJICOCUL    iu*y.  The report indicates that the success of any plan of unemployment  insurance depends upon several of tho  provinces being willing to act simultaneously.? y.yf.f .  It is of the'opinion that the matter should be referred to the provinces to find'"lout, the extent to which  they willIbe^jsfjLliing to.adopt legislation respecting unemployment insurance and to'what extent they will be  willing to; go;   y     ...... ���������,:'-'s a..- ���������'���������,..**  The committee experienced difBt-  cultv in arrivins- at annroxiroate costs  of unemployment insurance because  there was rib definite method of ascertaining unemployment at any given point for any length of time.  The  committee  recommends:  "That the government immediately  devise some means' whereby the  amount of unemployment over a period of a year could be reasonably  ���������calculated."  The committee also recommends  that the government secure from  Great Brit^bi advice, on the .subject  and that the subject be. dealt Hviffa  further by the committee at: the next  session of parliament, y  File Anneals h Libe! Suit  . JDefrmlant 'In'.: Currh������ -.Action.;;blaims  ���������/-New. Evidence Discovered  ; y Toronto:~Appeals from the: veridict  of the special jury at the Cobourg  assizes last -xtionih. awarding - Sir  .s.ri.iiur -^urne, comniiauder of -the  Canadian corps in France, $.500 damages "in bis libel action against W. T.  R. Preston and F. W. Wilson, of Port  Hope, were filed recently. Mr. Pies-  ton-and Mr. Wilson were not accompanied by counsel.when they visited  Osgood o Hall to. file the appeal.   '[  One of the chief grounds - of. Mr.  Preston's appeal is contained in a  statement that new evidence has been  discovered. He claims that an order  was.issued to the respective units of  ^"Ahe Canadian corps about 4:.40 p.m.,  November IO. 1918, that operations  would be concluded and hostilities  ���������cease at. 11 o'clock oa; tbe morning of  November 11.  Other grounds include the assertion that the judge mis-directed and  non-directed the .Jury, that certain  evidence was ' erroneously . excluded,  and that the-judgment was contrary  to the evidence.  Mr. Preston-and Mr. Wilson filed  separate notices of appeal.  Formed Permanent Organizaiioa !  J  r*������  i/iscusses  Plans  Wilkins   Hopes   To   locate   Suitable  Base por Meteorological Statiosa  Tromso, "Norway.���������Captain George  II. Wilkins commenting oh Spitzberi  gen's place in the future of Arctic  airways, sa|d: "Tt likely will be_.the  half-way house between Chicago arid  China.    ' ."���������'. -.  .Wilkins said, in discussing, his plans  for an Antarctic flight, that he hoped  to make an aerial can^rasstivveyyof  the coasts *;of the; B-phayySeTfc; to dra-  ham's Xarid, *for the, purpose of locating a" suitable base for a meteorological station,. Such ,a statiori -would- be,  of great importance in forecasting the  weather for Australia, South Amer-  ��������� lea arid Southern Oaliforriia.  Farm Workers Scarce  Demand In Northern Alberta Exceeds .Supply Is  Report  Winnipeg.���������The influx of immigrants this season has- been well covered, and in northern Alberta there  is scarcely enough farm help to meet  the demands, according to J. S. Mc-  Gowan, western manager of the colonization department of thc Canadian  National railways, who returned here  front a tour of the west.  Ho estimated that well ovor a million acres of new land will,be cleaved  and brought under the plow this year  In northern Alberta and northern  .Saskatchewan.        . ' . ' .  i  New immigrants, ho said, wave being used extensively In this work.  Acquire More !$.���������. .Laud  SnrdlH, B.C.- -The John I. Hans  Hop Company,, of Sun Francisco, that  .now lias 100 acres of land in hops at  ,Sui*dIs, IXC, recently 1i.oq.itijv.-jcl' additional 80 acres just south of its present holdingfl, which will bo trclltacd  during Lhe coming hoiihou, Tli.ei.'e were  n ppro.Kim aLcly TBO tonii of hops  grown In British"Columbia, laat year,  prunI ically all of which have boon  whipped.  ��������� AimviMhnnit TIoIHcmI  Ottawa. -The Senate deleted tho  luuendment to l,ho act respecting in-  *tcr-provlnc:ril and international trafllc  ir\ I nucleating liquors,: which permit-  itrdthe traw-iporLal.lan from ono province to another of a half gallon, ot  Sercri. .Senator- Dandurnnd rend protests  ���������from nearly all Iho provinces n.p;ain������t  1ho amend ment.  VV.     N,    TJ.    17XX  Staff Is Kept Busy  Requests    For    Beturas    By    House  Members Are Numerous  Ottawa. ��������� Returns requested by  .members of tlie House of Commons  are so numerous and voluminous that  some of the Government's departments are having" difficulty in keeping pace with the demand.  This was stated in the House of  Commons by Hon. J. A. Robb, Minister of Finance. Mr. Robb informed  the members that Government departments stated that the requests  frona the House were- adding materially to their work. Some of them declared that they must either have  more time to get out the returns or  more help to , do the work.       ��������� '  ' Mr. Robb made this statement in  explaining"why it took some time'to  furnish, certain returns requested by  members. - ������������������  Make Separate Pict.  flTfi MAT  MABir  I>r. ���������vj. M. Hmcks, meoical director  for Mental Hygiene, was elected  president of the Canadian conference  on social work held in Montreal. Due  to the success pf this first conference  a permanent organization was formed with. Dr. Hincks at its head.  Ask Higfeer Tariff  Ou Dairy Products  Not  '���������%-���������    '.���������-��������� >    Hy   .-..  ���������'->-,"- -���������������������������;--  Wiiiingdoii Opens  Findings   Of   U.S.   Commission  Yet Submitted To President  Washing-ton.���������The tariff commission's recommendation on milk arid  cream duties has not yet been sent  t<> the president. The Canadian Press  learned two weeks ago that the  findings of the commission which recently investigated the cost--of production in    Canadian    dairies,   were  British      Dominions      Could?      l*eai  Directly   .With     Washington  On - Peace    Plan y  Washington.���������-The possibility that  Lhe Bi4lisli "Dominions inay make separate treaties with Washington to  outlaw war is being: discussed here.  Secretary of State .Kellogg, whose  proposals for treaties" between the  great powers to disavow -war as an  instrument of national policy have  been tentatively approved by Britain,  said that he had no official intimation from Liondon that any reserva-  tioris would be demanded as indicated in news dispatches. He agreed  that if any difference of opinion existed as to the exact basis on which  Britain would negotiate with Wash-  In���������ton, tliey probably were between  Great Britain and her Dominions. He  had been informed that London was  taking* up the whole question.With the  Dominions before replying to the U.S.  Secretary of State's overtures;  Asked if the Dominions would have  separate treaties, Secretary Kellogg  said that was a-matter for the E>6-  i^^tiSMM 4*W^wi a*^kZ-iv^.^s ��������� *���������������<?-������.- J^������\J^\r\m^ * 5*T3 sten>7n^,-  lliijj.i.MAi^     bJU-vU4iavA������ w������3   -.**������v   -uv-wv-vj    ���������������*    **���������*-*. .^  sultatiori with? the British government. In a. general way the opinion  is expressed here that it would 'not  be inconsistent with the policy of  Canada in recent years if Ottawa  elected to deal directly with Washington when it comes to'a declaration  of policy on the arbitration of disputes and the outlawing of war.  MR MrMTTRR&Y  QA������Q HON F0RKF  jy for  ������*"$���������������������������������>     +-fiA    IWHit-A       tTjn-iioo  and  in  SM������  instnute ror mm  Now'  Building    Provides    Trcatincnt-  For  Sightless In  West  ,- Winriipeg.^The opening bi the new  building of f the j^Canadtari;; National  institute for'the Blind, at Winnipeg,  will he the means of not only comforting and supportirig* lumdi eds of  those now afflicted,.'but,'of .'saving .the  sight of, at least half of those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba whose vision would otherwise be doomed. '.  This was the repeated statement of  successive speakers representative of  th institute whew His Excellency Viscount Willingdon, governor-general  of Canada, officially declared the hew  building open.  Amendment Defeated  Anti-Dumping; Move Lost By Large  Majority In House  Ottawa. ��������� A Conservative antidumping amendment to supply was  defeated in thc House by a voto; of  110. to 59. The amendment was  moved by R. K. Anderson (Conservative, Halton), and was that the government shoTild take necessary action  effectively to control the importation  into Canada of natural products of  a class or kind produced ..in Canada,  under conditions that operate 1o tho  detriment of lhe Canadian producers,  A. W. NoilL (Independent, Cbmox-  Albcrni), voted with the ConHorva-  tivofl, while iho ^Progressives and  U.F.A, voted with tho government.  was  understood  that  an  increase  the duties would be recommended.  The ��������� farmers'-i-f co-operatives, who  claim to represent 981,000 farmers in  this country, risked for upward revision of the tariff on practically all  products of the farm, except grain on  which they already have a prohibitive  tariff. In most cases tlhey ask, in.  their resolution addressed to Congress, aboutyiOO3 per cent, increase in  th������ existing duties.  No Opposition From Britain  But Chinese Troops Must Not Enter  Legation' At Peking  London .���������?���������Tlie   British   government  liasferiq intention tofoffer? *^y; opposition - to the advsto.ee Toi. the * Chinese  Nationalist armies on.... Peking, Godfrey Locker-Lariipson; under secretary for'foreign' affairs told the House  of Commons.  Mr. Lockcr-Lampson said the Government's only care was to see that  these troops did not enter the legation quarters. ���������  Exports Cut In April  Imports   Were   Hihger   and   Income  Tax Revenue Increased  Ottawa. ��������� Canadian exports in  April were 16w6r in volume than a  year ago, whlje iriapbrts were higher.  Revenue from, customs and excise  were lower by nearly a million dollars in April last than in April, 1927.,  Revenue from, income tax was  nearly two million dollars more last-  month than in v April a year ago,' according to the monthly statement issued by the Department of national  Revenue.   " i  Sending Observers To Geneva  Washington.���������While the United  States has declined an invitation, to  participate in the eleventh iiiterna-  tional labor conference at Geneva beginning May 30, it is learned that  both the United States government  and tlie American Federation of Labor, will send unofficial observers to  watch proceedings.  Railway Manager. Arr������sle*V'  Warsaw,   Poland.���������Police   arrested  Stanislas Turek, assistant manager' of  the railway administration;, and three  other men, charged with'selling secret plans for Polish railway mobilization in case of war to.Moscow. The  men also are accused of betraying' se^  crets of Polish airplane manufacture.  Ottawa.���������E&mph'itic denial of any  knowledge tfiat Hob. E. J. McMurray,  former Solicitor-General, had trafiick-  ed in special iknmigration permits wag  made at the parliamentary immigration inquiry by Hon. Robert Forke,  ���������Minister of- Immigration.  "I can. state emphatically that I did  not make any of the statements  which Mr. Coldwell says I - made  about Mr. McMurray;''���������'���������.��������� Mr. Forke de- *  clared, in- referring to the statement  by Aid. M. J. CoJdwell, of Regina,  that Mr. Forke had named Mr. McMurray in this connection.  ."Mr.  McMurray's  election  was  in  ;1825}   two  years before I  came into  ;,thef departnsent,"    Mr.    Forke   continued,, 'land I  knew  nothing about  Mr.^cMurray's transactions with the  department,  if any  took place,  and  ^sinee  10 came into the department I  hav^ had^j,no dealings with Mr. Mc--  Murray, directly or Indirectly."  'Regarding Mir. Coldweli's state-  oaerit about n������y telling him I had  checked?up;the records of the department re^ardin0* ths "numbeir of permits issued by my predecessors, &.nd  that I said I wi'ote my predecessor  and that he wrote his :predecessorf I  want to say positively, that if Mr.  Coldweil got this information at aali,  he did not get it from me," Mr.  Forke continued. "  y "At no time did I ever examine or  check up the previous recordg of the  department in regard to the number  of permits issued by my predecessors, I have no knowledge of the  number .of permits issued by them  a.nd I did not write to any predecessor in connection with the number  of permits which had been issued."  Hon. R. J. Manion, (Consei-vative,  Fort William), was given permission  at the outsefe of Oxe sitting to make  a statement in respect yto the casual  mention? of his name by Aid. Gold-  well. .  sS *'-  "I'lywish to state emphatically that  in. the iimci was acting minister of  immigration in July, 1^26, I personally issued no '''permits to anyone and  no permits were Illegally or irregularly issued to anyone,''/'Dr. Manion  declared. ���������-.-���������"  "In fact no permits of any kind  were issued which were not wholly  within the lawyand the regulations."  "Or. Manion emphatically denied  that 'he had communicated at any  time by word or letter with Mr.  Forke regarding permits. He felt  tbat-.Mr. Forke would agree with him  in this statement.  TWO IS COMPANY  lOxplorer ICeporled  .Sui;������  , Berlin, Germany.-T-Ueporta rcuoiv-  ed hot'o from Leh, Northern India,.  Kays the Gorman ox-ploror, Wilholm,  iviichner, the liiitiwb mlaflJonary, Mat  WUeiou, and tho American missionary,  Playrairo, arrived safely thoro, Filch-  ner, In 1020, had been reported murdered together with Huveral memljors  of his Tibetan expedition.  NrtmlhiK I*I������no To HKalew  OhIo.- The plane In which Captain  Cioorge If. Wllldnfl and Carl Ti, TCIel-  son flow from Alaska to ftpltjjbor^on,  has loft Tromnb alK>arcl a whip for  por-jr-ii. Tt v.Mll TvtntuaHly be rscnt to  America ou a Norwegian Hnor.  .Will N'od; RcnIkii  liiicharcMt.���������Premier Dratlanu will  Rolf Hansen and Anna Auguzon, of Onlo, fmmiijrnntH, were married In ieU ihn Rumanian parliament that  the Cjinatllnn National Railway*-' Colonisation Oillcoa by Rev. T, J, IJunj*Ioy, the cmbhict ha;i no Intention of roof tho Norwegian Lutheran Church, on. thoir arrival in Winnipeg, Thoy Mlgnlnf* or heeding- other of the pi������us-  iflcalract to face tbelr new lift la Canada, nil .Wt-a. ,f������������d, wife u4.ho*' i\iu.i tw|aj|(������' (iwmunciw, it Im lewrnud from  weparafeo.    They will jjo on a furm near Birch Mllhi, Sutilc, I jacpii-oflldal quarters.  Salary Increase For  Judges Recommended  House Will Have Xo Approve Jtejiort  Of Committee  Ottawa.���������An increase,In salary to  Canadian judges has been approved  by the special parliamentary committee. The committee's report will, it  is stated, recommend an increase of  $2,000 to county court judges; the  same amount to provincial court  judges, and $3,000 Increase for judges of the supremo court of Canada.  The committee held Its sessions in  camera. It Is understood that the report- was only adopted on the casting  vote of tho chairman.'  The committee's recowimendatlots-'  will have to receive the approval of  tho house.  An Increase in salary of .1?2,000 per  annum is also recoanmended for judges of the exchequer court   of Can ada.-  The conclusion reached fly the committee was tliat tho remuneration  paid-to judges in Canada was ina'do-  quule und hIiouIU .he increased.  May Be Envoy To Canada  Washington.���������It is rumored hero In  diplomatic circles that Setsu::o Sa-  "wada, counsellor to the Jmpnncaa embassy hero, wljl be the iflrat Japanese minister to Ottawa. Tho Japanese embassy declines to comment ou  the rumor. a?I  :JllSi^fesTN������N ���������.BEVIBWL':  1  .m  ���������������������������a  i  .rM*al ���������*������  1.  Fob Sajlb���������Early tomatoes.   J. Pas-  cuzzo. Sirdar.  New Victor Records just received at  Creston Dtur & Book Store.  = ���������- ??'?!  Fresh supply off Neilson's chocolates  is bulk just received at Creston Drug  & Book Store.  Fob Sale���������Chevrolet light delivery  truck, in good condition. John  Kendra, Creston.  Fob Kent��������� Four-room nouse on  Barton Avenue. A. Anderson. Vic-  toria Ave., Creston.  ������������������������������������.      121.������_1   tI1..HM M.^.nA**   ������H.3    ~.*^.*~.^*    .Am  iura. 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Colville brave would.  iKlAO*1   nrA*  Tenaie then returned to ber father's  camp, and watched^&nd waited until  her father had smoked his last pipe  for the evening, knowing' then that  deep sleep, would soon overtake him.  Then she hastily gathered her trinkets  and beads and arrayed herself in oridal  attire, and wiii! a bag <iS "ncokhik"  <Indlan corn parched and ground to a  powder) she entered her father's tepee  and, crept Upon tiptoe to where he lay  sleeping, and looked long and lovingly  at the wrinkled yet placid face of tlie  old Chief.   Then, with a pang at her lit glanced-^doiag me no fatal Snjury0  hreasi whicii. "ainK>*^tth^ ofew.y'say- v/Sx elsab. 'Ssw2' upon Ids',  passed out through the entrance of tlie head,���������toe fell.   Oseepie is dead.'5  tepee and sped down the river's bank, T   "Oh* walled Tenaie, "T'sl! me where  where her Ut^f ysas^ was moored.;':.:- ! ^ nfe hov^ wo^ Z ms^ see hiak once  The moon was just peeping over oio. more." Sufe" said SSee-^-Sa-sec '"*���������"  Bear Paw and lighting up the river, the ^.cannot show you his oodyT~I dragged  tall white ciittonweods standing out like . it to the edge Of the cliff and pushed  ghosts here and, there along the bank {it over into the stream."  '*.������������#  /VH.      Vjna������Sp*������   WJM  UUS   IMS IIMI  come for peace, but that he loved you  and would never return without vou.  Then you will never return,* I said,  and drew by war club from my side.  Oseepie placed an arrow in his bow���������  as the moon's teams shone upon them.  On went Tenaie. with strong strokes  cf her paddle.   She left the river and i  entered this stream at Its mouth, and i  soon reached the cove at the foot of!  Oseepie's tepee.   She listened for Osee- '  pie's   voice   of  love,   saying,   "Tfenaie,  pretty one, come to me," but all was  still.   She drew her canoe partly on  the shore and started towards the tepee, her heart now beating loud with  fear.   A shadow glided from ihe tepee's side, a figure moved towards her,  and a voice, but not that of Oseepie's,  greeted her. y It was the voice of Mee-  ga-la-soo, she -remembered it well*  "Tenaie; little night bhxl of the mountains, what brings%������u here when lhe  moon's beams are shining? Do you  seek Oseepie? Oseepie is not here. You  have been deceived by the Colville  brave-������������������"   ; -ff  'TTou lie," cried Tenais, "Oseepie  would never deceive ine. "Sell me, tell  me, where is he? What means this  stone club lying here? It is not Osee-  pie's." At this she darted towards it  and picked it up. Her fingers touched  something soft and?sticky, and along  black hair clung to her fingers.  -MOiif..yDu^''1dllea^lilm1>> erled Tte-  naie. ."Where have you put him? Tell  aae. tell me," she pleaded, her hands  arid form shaking with terror and grief.  Then all seemed dark to Tenaie; the  moon's beams ceased glittering, thrrtigli  the boughs of the trees, and Tenaie fell  to  the  ground.   Mee-ga,-la-soo raised  her in his arms^and Tenaie opened her  eyes. --.-.���������������������������.:    -.  .. "Uttle bird of the mountains." * he  said, "listen to me. I lo^tS^oWdi^0y^  you must know. Tour fattier .sent for  isss to come to "������u, and has told my  fattier to prepare for war en the Colvilles In a few days. Your father told  me Oseepie was here and enticing you  m������Atestate .  "Listings solicited.  . ';.  CRESTON.    B.C.  '���������"  ������������������!������������������������������������ ���������I ���������   ������������������-������������������- ���������!-.���������������������������  .������������������������������������^Il^l.ll       ���������   I-  ��������� ��������� ������������������������������������������ l������H  ^���������  B.C. MAfy-J SyWjE/Of?  MINING ENGINEER  ARCHITECT  "Oh," cried Tenaie, her arms extended towards the stream, "Oh, Oseepie  Mee-ga-la-soo stepped towards her,  and would have taken her In his arms;  but she darted down to the edge of the  cliff, and with'."one pleading cry/'Osee-  pie, take me to yourbreast," threw herself into the stream below.  Almost at that -very Instant a heard  a terrific crash aud;o^, an avalanche  was sweeping down the mountainside.  You passed the rock slide at Cedar  Cove���������well, that was when it happened, and In the morning the Couch  Bocks appeared, bridal couches, as it  were, right where Oseepie and Tenaie  lie sleeping. ' y  ��������� And what happened to l������ee-ga-la-  soo, you ask? He fled for his life,  leaving his war club just where it fell  from Tenate's hands. In recent years  it was. found, and presented to -Kis  Royal Highness the Prince of Wales  for his Indian relic collection at Pek-  isko���������the war eluo that killed Oseepie  of the Colvilles."       \ ?  The old Juniper sighed and drew in  a long breath and I feared this would  end what she had to ftel! me.  "What about the Indian Paintings at  Lizard Bock?" j*. murmured, sleepily.  "Oh," she said. "It wiU not take long  to tell you about those," and at this  she quivered again until ths little seed  beads, hanging like pendants, almost  bumped their tiny heads together.  GRESYGN,  jf5������*������3.  SHOE REPAIRS  **���������-  at  afk^ClfliBOSCt ��������� *v aTE.C������-S5S.  Men's Half Soles $1.00  Men's Rubber Heels....     .50  Women's Half Solea......    .7S  Women's Rubber Heel    .35  Workmanship guaranteed  Second Hand Store in  connection  In tha nailer of tbe Mineral Act, R.S.B.C.  1924,, and la the matter nt sections  28 and 40,n.S.n.C.1924,Chap!fir 16?.  To A. H. GIBBS, Esq. (fVw������ Miner).  nWHICHlOAB you nro a co-owner of tho mineral clalmn known and doaovT '"       "    "  Iolantl������o   Na.1,'  Nan/"���������""  CHAPTER HX.  Ijegeaatl eff the w������������j*u������w *j������s<ES:ia~?.  What meati these daubs of red,  Oost question thou?    -  Perhaps twer^ from a brush  Oft dipped on gory brow���������  And Nature'seared it there.  lolnnthn Na4,  %nA AoaeU'lhOfX ������wi -'-Iolantho,"  Iolantho Ntt.S";'"   "Iolantho  >���������~...    ..,.....,,... ...u/^'Inlrrtntho No.*V' "'Conn-  try Girt," "Country Girt Ntt.1," "Country Girl  Nu2," "Cu.iHWy Gix-1 Na3." "V������c!tu-3u," Ulna  m\A sltuatod on tho ICaab nl������lo of tho llootonny  I^vku. iicmu- Qlnol LniulIiiKt In U������ti Nelaon 61 U������-  Inst l>������Yl������^i������. l������wvlrrtco orhrttf������l������ Columbia;  AMU WllICRiqAa you hnvo noulcotod and  rof������H(vl to oontrllmtxi your ivroporblon of the  oxpendituro nn required by Bootlon 48 of thn.  "Mlnnral Ant," holn������ Ohaptw WT, K.B.II.O. KKJ*5  TAKK NOTIOIC tliat ������|������i>llontlon will Iio  made aftor nlnoty dayu and wltldn one hundred mid tvvuuty (VX>) uiiyH fi������������in Uiu dukw of th������>  tlwit pnbllnatlon of vIiIh nntlnn to havo tho nald,  nlrovo-monlionod mineral cIivhriH rooordod In  tho name* of tho romalnlntr ������o-ownem.  fiat* nt *I������T4*. oiihliiiHt.ion. Maroh ������nd. Ift2A.  DATKII ot   'l>all,   U.V.m Oilu H3wt rtay   or  r>.*Miv������m������NAijiVk.  Bol l������iit������r for ������M������wn������rw;  T. W. I>oar������  Tobmary. A.D. MttU.  "It was like this,'' she continued.  "When Chief I?eeslp!e hssMPfi -what had  happened to Tenaie lie was more incensed than ever, and also Mee-go-la-  soo was very wrath **������t losing his promised bride through, her love for a Ool������  villc Indian. So as, arranged previously the Kootenaies and Peigans made an  attack upon the Colvilles, but the Colvilles were successful in repulsing them,  and drove, them back fto that place  yonder now called Johiiston's Point,  which is almost an island. You know  it is accessible. from almost .any part  except the south, where the cliffs arise  like perpendicular walls from the moat  below. It was about dusk when the  Kootenaies and Peigans retired to this  point. Some of them went to the top  and built campfires, but most of them  came to the north side and hid themselves in the tali grass which grows in  tho swamp. In the early morning the  Colvilles made an-attack upon the  point from the west and ascended to  the top. Then the Kootenaies and  Peigans, led by the young Peigan brave  Mee-ga-la-soo, with a deafening war  whoop closed In upon the Colvilles, ascending from the three sides, taking the  Ceivilles by ourprise. and completely  overwhelmed them, forcing them to the  edge of the cliffs, over which many WI  Into the moat below."  ��������� At this the ' old Juniper shivered  again. "It was terrible, terrible," she  said;! "to hear those blood-curdling war  cries, the clashing of the atone clubs  and axes, tho twang of tho how string,  the ones and moans of the wounded  and dying, and the splosh and thud of  the bodies a������ they fell Into tha moat  below.  Needless to say, Mee-ga-la-soo, with  a number of his chosen, braves'from  both the Kootenolee and Peigans, gave  those of the Oolvilles who might have  survived no chance to escape from tho  swamp, and the pointing at Xdsord Rock  show the picture of Mce-ga-la-soo <Big  Wssard) which swallowed up the Col-  vM!es.  "Yes, yea," she aaid, "I have eeen and  heard many things, but nothing quite  so dreadful as that."  'Xong after, that beautiful spot of  nature was chosen by a young Highlander fresh from the Scottish hills, as  a home for hlmnnlf and hef.rothnd���������  young J0hnstone-~after who the Point  was named. *   . -.���������  "Now. shall I tell you the story of  b*.lW     Jm������j>4<������U4i     ,Jtlt<HflU������ U44JU     u..������<u. ������.t;m>t.t..V  everyone likes to hear of gold, don't  they?*'  "Olrt, yes," t eaid, "do tell me.   I am  most anxious to hear about that."  (T������ be continued!  The ������emi������eBt8 most farasoua people that ever lived ias a hewepaper! Evcrv  Saturdays PROVINCE now carries a completely NEW* Twelve-page  Section, with eight fuIl-Bizc pages of comics and ������our pages of abort stories,  fashions and cartoons.  Jiggs, ^r-^^Jfe8*:.^ Ka^enjwpnier ICids. Dingle-Hoofer and his  SSS A?������,fiJ1^ Nic O'Mally, the Parrot Laura, Peter Rabbit, Regular Fellers,  Tilhe the Toiler, Van Swagger, Felix', and all the others!  Suty your Ssiiir<Bsys* 'fVovInee mad read fiiim l^&w Sectloa���������it's a winnerS  lB",lllajfcl        jMl        ���������***���������** "*W    ���������msmr       ff *W''"''*aV '^r","'������-^     ^0m>^L,^mt       ar mi   aaw      <mm ^"~*m.  p    m    /Si      S3    TS       ^k   * B    55    iff      mm    ��������� W   m   ISu   B m      \^  SL^^JL^mkmML,, m m$  Mm JUL     JBL ^L������^������>^  ^f   Mm JL ^H ^y,  X '  ;-������mts<:  *'Kl4-:'^iyi������^|^t*g,'1������.C-^f|ti.'' fi.������7%-j,ffti|f>ty{\'I    y'-Jfti*"?'^'; ��������� "J-^T-^mmm-m-ttii^^^f^^i *V  TWK    TTEVTEW,    CRESTON,    B.    C.  i^pspmzs^  ^- rJ- ������-* Black.  e?i-.y  aJHfg  afer voior West ������1  Was Frightened To DeatL  Mrs. Waite, New Brighton, writes:  "That deadly indigestion and gastritis,  caused by constipation made my color  'go black. I was frightened to death,  land I feel your laxative saved my life.  ;1 take them every night now- for precaution, and do not fear an attack of  constioation noisoning any more."  CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS  All  druggists���������?5c and 75c red pkgs.  /Z=  "W  Farmers55 Marketing Tour  ,. ���������' ������������������^��������� ���������. ��������� '������������������  Canadian National Railways' Tour  'r������ nront Sril aire and    "Denmark, 192S  Cigarette Papers  Large Double Book  B������.is   e-essaves  Finest You Can Buy-'  jj jSpi/Gits iHiTATiOHS  JflTI  VVIW  a 3fHfMH "I WWW  f:MA3"y2j7;s"*V-.0    a ���������������������������X- Vi  WORLD HAPPENINGS  BRIEFLY  !  we reacnea jctymouth in the eariy  morning,while it was yet dark.:Hw  strange to find our ship suddenly still  after days and nights of throbbing  movement. How eager we weire to get  ashore to feel our feet at last on  English soil. ?���������'���������������������������  Our itinerary promised Us great  things, hut who would have imagined  an official reception at the hour of T  a.m. We were'?scarcely ashore when  we found ourselves greeted by the  Mayor of Plymouth' (Councillor W.  |H. J. Priest) who...warmly hade ua  welcome to Plyjnouth and England,  awakening that sense of kinship  which we were to feel more and'-jn'ore  deeply.'every day of. the totu*-.."  Here also we rhade the.:accrtiaint-  ance of Mr. E. A. Weir, organizerf of  the programme and itinerary, ������nd  Mr. I>. tt. Johnson, ISuropean Colonization Manager, of the Canadian  National Railways, London..' Out*  programme told us that we were to  j have landed at Liverpool, but elrcuro-  _    ..       tava H mje mm  ^a-Ec.j^.r������ins*s   __  ftw^JP^ Bverywoman'a  0    -"^       Sisii-kt'mSl.'mvtk  Tin has been discovered, in Northern  Manitoba aeeoi'ding to a wire received   by   Premier  J.   Bracken   from   a  prospector named Vina A. Lacker, of [stances had ordained that we should  The Pas, Man. [ have the pleasure, not only of seeing  The  House   of   Lords   unanimously \the Matoric town of Plymouth  ���������adopted a  ^solution     presented  tout of  I travelling through some of the most  "y i beautiful countryside tliat the west of  Lord Reading that the proposals for' England can boast.  the outlawry of war, presented by Lhe]     We were taken  to Plymouth Hoe  U.S., should have prompt and favor  ���������Canadian cattle being practically nil.  On our returft to Liverpool we had the  novel and delightful experience of a  reception by Liverpool's Lord Mayor,  Miss Margaret Beaven.  (To Be Continued.)  tfcliE WICKED  HUSBANDMEN ;,  Otolden Text: "Jehovah knoweth the  i way of the righteous: But the way of  the wicked shall perish."���������psalm 1.6.  Lesson: Mark>12,3������12; 13.1-37.  Devotional Reading: Fsalrn 1.  Kxplanatlons and Comments  The Parable Of t^e*Wickedf Husbandmen, verses 1-8; Thia is the para-  pie which jesus spake to the Pharisees. A ahan' planted a vineyard and  provided it with all things necessary  for the making of wine, protected it  with a hedge and watch tower and  dug a pit for the.'winepress'.- Recall  thc question of the owner in Isaiah's  "Song of the vineyard": "What could  have beeit done more?" This Song  was well known'., to.'.''.the enemies 6*  'Jesusyasid "when .'Jesus began in this  Avay they functoiibiedly recalled it and  its direct condemnation of the leaders  Of    th'*    t*'d������3^e    D***    I������������>-* a"'--s    H-rr������<������      nnd  *J *��������� ������������������������* \~l *-* ^m^,������m^m  Vrf W.������, *MV"S"a>.   ���������"���������* *������������-*������������'"������W|       ^,���������-w ��������� ��������� i-w  know that, Jesus was about to utter  , Always have the magic  WttI(51>EY package in  your pocket.  Soothes  tierveSj  allays  m  tmrst, aias  STRENGTH FOR  ALL WEAK GIRLS  We were shown where Drake finished!  his  game of bowls  before   going  to  able  consideration.  Sir Frederick Stupart,  director of | spot where  the    Plymouth    Father's  the meteorological service of Canada, j embarked; and the ladies of our party  and of the Toronto Observatory, will;  retire at the end of the year. He had j  been  connected  with the  service forj  tour  more than 55 years.  Cheques amounting to over SIS:000  have been distributed among beet  growers of southern Alberta by the  Canadian Sugar Factories, Limited.  This represents an. additional payment of 50 cents a ton for 192" beets,  bringing the total amount paid for  last year's deliveries up to "?T pet- ton.  were taken for a private naotor  over the moors of Devon.  We could have had no better introduction to the beauties of- the Old  Country than our trip from Plymouth  to Liverpool, for it took us through  Devon, Somerset, Monmouth (by way  of the Severn Tunnel), Hereford,  Shropshire and Cheshire, unfolding  before us a complete panorama of  English life���������rich rolling* iahds, quiet  towns and villages, bustling industrial cities: and it was Casein atinsr to  Conies From the Rich, Red Blood  Made By Dr Williams'  Pink Pills  There'must be no guesswork In the j  treatment of pale, anaemic girls and  children. If your daughter is languid,  has a pale,    salloiir    complexion,    is  short -of breath  after slight exertion  or on going up stair's, if she has pal-  Theri. the lord of the vineyard let it  to husbandmen and went away. (Possibly it may be necessary to explain  to pupils that the husbandmen were  the farmers. One pupil when asked  the meaning of the word said they  were the married men.) When the  season of fruits came round he sent  one servant after another to collect  what -was due to him, but' the husbandmen beat one, badly treated another, killed a third; in like nlannei  they treated yet other servants whom  he sent. "Which of the prophets <lid  not your fathers persecute?" Stephen  cried to the mob which soon" stoned  him; "and they killed them that showed before of the coming of the Righteous One." "Jesus treats the whole  long series of violent i*ejections as the  acts of the,same husbandmen.      The  After  izvery m.eai  V>Sk  us as Canadian farmers to note the  ��������� different breeds of animals that were ] food and gentle out-of-door exercjpe.  \ seen in the fields as we passed into j The    new,    life-giving   blood    which  > the counties famous  for them;   they I comes from  a fair, use  of Dr.  Wil-  pitabon of the heart, a poor appetite, <, class or nation-was one, as a stream  or a tendency to faint, she has anae- j is one> though all its particles are dif-  mia���������-the medical natae for poverty ��������� ������erent, and the Pharisees and scribes  of the blood. Any delay in treatment j wePe the jjving embodiment of the  may leave her weak and sickly for j spirit iV-nich. animated all the past."���������  the rest of her life. When tho blood l Alexander Maclaren  is thin and watery give Dr. Williams' I ������The terrible nemesis of evil is that  Pink  Pills,   coupled with   nourishing j it  ever  tends  to   reproduce  itself  in  WAS VERY WIAH  iiiVOUS Aii MElIEi0!g������L������  time   ago  also-marked the boundaries! Although  it was January, men in many parts  were working in the fields preparing  the land for spring.  mir _     -.     n       i,,.   a   !     Liverpool "was  reached in the eve-  MeKenwe,   Campbellford- I n|ng. where we found our hotel  one  ' j of the finest in Europe, with steam  heat and running water in every bedroom. Here Mr. "Weir explained the  objects of our tour and presented  each of us with a volume containing  much information on markets and  descriptions of most of the places we  were to visit. The next morning,  sharp at nine, in bright sunshine and  a crisp  air we were on our -way  to  Mrs.   Geo  Ont.,   writes:--J":A   short  ���������was troubled veey badj  and  nerves,  th.ey;ca-ase  of  it,  I   think,  was my  going through  the change of  life. y  **I was very weak and melancholy,  ond so uerro-ua I could "hardly bear  to hear a clock ticking, and I did not  eleep -well.  141 was advised to try  so I sent at  once  aggravated forms. Think of the influence of habit; the searing of conscience, so that we become able to do  things that we would have shrunk  from at an earlier stage'.' Remember  how impunity leads to greater ��������� sin. So  here the first servant is merely sent  away empty, the second is wounded,  the third Is killed. All evil is an inclined plane, a steady,' downward progress."  '- y '    -  Write to  The Borden Co.  Limited, R1ontrea.k.9 for "book- =  let with 85 tested recipes. 5  Notjs:���������One tin. of St. Charles Milk, H  diluted-with equal quantity n  of water eauela FOUR cuds H  rich, creetmy milk.            Ii-  , them and got an.-  1 other, and before  they were all gono  I felt good, sny  nerves are fine, I  do not naind tfny  noise, and X can  Bleep -vrell. I cannot recommend them too highly to  those suffering aa I did." .  Price 50c. a "box at all druggists B������<3  dealers, or mailed direct on receipt of  price "by The T. Milburn C'o.j Limited,  Toronto, Out.  the extensive dock system of the Port  .of Liverpool, through which passes a  for   a   box;    took i y^.^ of the ocean-going traffic of the  Hams' Pink Pills, increases the appetite, stimulates the nerves and brings  a glow of health to pale cheeks. Mrs.  Robert Jackson, R.R. No. 5 ,Shel-  burne,. Ont., praises this medicine for  restoring her daughter's health. She  says:���������"When my daughter was nine  years old she was so weak and thin'  that, we feared" we tvould lose her.  She was very nervous, and going to!.   ���������__.���������    ,     ���������r        -     "'- .        ,   j  school seemed too much for her. \ Miller's Worm Powders not only!  Often she would have to stay at home " "make the infantile system untenable ;  for days: aj; a time. > At times she for worms, but by their action on the j  would have a very, high fever, i-nd  the doctor's treatment did  her.  "With       JUIV.       *,^<^������*       ivuu������tn ._,u. uu tv  friend   advised   me   to  give   her   E>r. i thrive upon them and no*matter what ,  is  Will Open Marhlo -Quarry  Marble found near the Hudson Bay-  railway nortli of The Pas is being investigated by a group of "Winnipeg  men with" a view of opening a quarry.  bothered him  for over 17 years  Then Gin Pills  relieved hia pain.  Berry H. Euss o������ Egmont,B.C.P  Buffered from a lamo back for o\Tor  17 years. Every spring he was laid  up from work. He tried many remedies, but could not obtain relief.  Ho wns advised to try Gin Pills nnd  immedlately obtuinod relief. Read  liis letter:  *'Tli������M'f- Jft nr.n-.inc to <ro-omi������nro with  Cinl'ill*. 1 iJUll'ori.-U unnin-alcaWy with  ������K Inm" \><%t'k fin- ovor J7 yrnrn. 3 iric������I  r.lriKut (���������vcrylhlni**, ovi-n to kint pout-  ilccn. T <?nulil notnlt-op. Aflci' (nldwr  iwn nnd n linlf licx^n nf C,\n I'Htu I  nm nt "work ������tjain unci f������-nl fln* in f*  flddl*-. I -will nut txj -wltliwit Gin  J'llla from now on, IniTitolllnjeovcrj--  <,nr> in ihl* nfHI.������iti���������������n������, ivho htw tdd-  iK-y <ir l������ii������-k ������n>ul.]o in ������lv������! G'n Pill*  ������ irlnI. I'tililluli my 3������-(l������>r a������n I vnuliJ  llUu ������.t'i<-i\* io hnmvwlintirii'i-nt n-Ucif  Ola I'ilU ifitive me." ���������     ���������  Pnin.n in tho bncl<,co33Htnnfc hoad-  i.o/u.-.1'., ;.Wi>ii������-*������ jull.C;i, jJjiiuil'uL UJ'ift-  i.ticn, murky uritio, brick dufib  di-pohitHj .scanty or too frequent  voulintt of urine nro nil ������?ymptonia  ������jf ltidnoy trouble. Koltcva ynui*  ���������f.nlTr'rin*'*: rni<l pntsnrfl rt future froo  from ki'lrify .'lilmenlf*, Got n Ijox  ���������jijC <iiu rill.'j toiluy. J������0c *r������t Jill- druK-  j?Ir:1n. NalEmmfll l>ru|*f fa Ghnmli'al  Co. of Canada, 1.Unite'!,, Toronto,  <:.*-! >���������������<!���������������. UT  U'  N.  17 rn  United Kingdom.    The docks  extend  for 7 miles, and our visit was to the  most recent  addition,  the  Gladstone  Docks, which were opened last 5rear by  His Majesty the King. The Gladstone  Graving Dock which forms part of it,  the largest dry dock in Europer can  accommodate the biggest ocean liner.  | We were shown through one of  the  j three-storey warehouses of this dock  whose  combined  warehouse provides  ���������0 acres of storage space ."Even the  roofs accommodate goods in times of  emergency and from one of them, we  obtained a view of the whole Gladstone Docks system.      Hundreds    of  cranes, ships upon ships, and piles of  merchandise gave us a vivid impression of the important part that Liverpool plays in the everyday commercial life of Great Britain. One vessel  alone was unloading 8,000 carcases of  frozen   Australian   mutton,   yet   this  we were told was considered a very j  small   shipment.     The   previous ship  from Australia    had    brought    live  times a,s much  in addition  to  other  cargo!       4  Thc docks of tho Port ol: Liverpool  aro under the jurisdiction of the  Mersey Docks and Harbour Board,  and during our inspection of thc  Gladstone Docks, we were the guests  of this organization.  The great tobacco warehoxiso was  nexL visited, where we saw wtorage  space for 70,000 hogsheads' of tobacco,  each viiluod at about *F2.;'J00, tho  value of the tobacco in ntorc at the  timo of our visit being more than  one-third of tho total vu'uo of Canada's wheat crop lasL year, and wo  noted with pleasure a largo quantity  oC CmuHliiin tobacco. Outi-'ii.le tlio  building is an Incinerator, known, as  tlio "King's pipo" where all condemned rind Hpailt tobacco iu destroyed.  We wero now taken to the Liverpool Com l<*3:-:chnnge whevvr wo ww  n spot market and wero able to examine the tlU'i'ercnt. Jcinds of grain  11 tal coinc to the British marhot fi*<*������m  other ronntrh'H. \V������ also visited tho  main tr.'uHnj.r; hall whero British grain  dqnln'.Vgather tor d'lroct trading; and  completely i.T|iifpped laboratory for  I die gru.iing oj" (gruijis, licivru Jeuvi/J^',  wo wont ruldv<*Mf)0(l l>y It, Ci. Haiicor,  the Prwsidt-nt of thc lOxchaufyo, who  in rm informative talk told u������ that  onr-llfth of Iho wheat imported  through tho port ol! Liverpool wns  C'unadliin nnd ono Half of that; was*  ah;,oib<d l>y llie mlll.s of the Liverpool nivfi.  After lunch we paid a Hying vlHlt  Im   llu-   r>xli������iiMlvo   cnllle    la.ti*'ig<-;s  I'lrUonlu'iicl.   aoi'OHH the   river,  whero  Iat and ntoro cattle aro received, now  inoMtly   from   Irelnnil,  the  supply  of  stomach   , liver and  bowels tiiey cor  not  help  rect such troubles as lack of appetite,  I tried several remedies,  but i biliousness  and other  internal disor-j shanghai from  no  good  results.       One  day  a' ders that tlie worms create.   Children  ._     , 4.i...r.._ u them and iioth  condition their worm-infested stomachs may be in, they will show improvement as soon as the treatment  begins. ~ '���������'.   ~\  Williams' Pink Pills, and 1 did so. It  was not very long after she began  taking the pills'that I could see a  change for the better. She kept oh  taking the pills for several months,  and through them grew into a strong,  healthy girl. Since then, if a tonic  has been needed at any time, it has I  always been Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills" j  The pills are sold by all medicine j  dealers ox will be sent by mail" at 50'  cents   a  box   by  The Dr.- 'Williams'  Medicine Co., Brockville," Ont.  ^^ASSS^^<^dP^P-:pSASPPpp--Sp--  Trade With China  American tourist business in-China  having a far-reaching elfect upon.  the dairy industry of British Columbia. The American tourist bs.s carried  to the Orient his well known appetite  for ice cream and to meet his demand, fee cream is being shipped to  Vancouver. There is  also growing -Oriental demand for  Canadian fruits,, butter, beef and bacon.  If you are anxious to become a  prominent citizen locate in a small  town.  Simple and Sure.���������Dr. Thomas*  Eclectric Oil is so simple in application tliat a child can understand the  instructions. Used as a liniment the  only direction is tt, rub, and when  used as a dressing to apply, Tho directions arc so plain and unmistakable that they arc readily understood  by young or old.  Better swallow your indignation  whon you thirst for revenge.  Tho older the pessimist is thc less  faith he has In human nature.  Crow and Gopher Campaign  Manitoba Department Of Agrhailture  Offers Prizes Totalling $:������;<MJQ  The Manitoba Depart me,nt of Agriculture announces -a campaign.against  crows and gophers in which prizes are  offered for the persons sending in-the  greatest number of legs, eggs and  tails to the Chief Game Commissioner. For each gopher tail-one-"point  will be reckoned, for each crow's egg  two points and for each crt^.v leg four  points. The first prize is $100 and minor prizes will bring the whole amount  to $2,000.  Eggs must all be taken aud gophers and cj-ows all killed not later  than September 1, 1928, and within  the province of Manitoba.  Men who speak before they think  have eccasion toy offer raany apologies.  Boivt Make sflhyj  Out of Baby������  -���������Babies HaveTferves-  J\y TttJTH BR1TTAIN  Mliiard's Liniment for falling hair.  To th'c victors belong the privilege  oi: lighting over the spoils.  NEW WHITE STAR LINER LAURENTIC  ^mmimmm^g^B^mmsmPmm.  mii,-A'-fi "  ������m0mmmjmmtssm  Thc new White Star liner "Laurentic," 10,000 tons, completed late In  1027, especially for the .St. Lawrence route, which arrived in "Montreal on  at!May Rr on hoi* mahli-n voyaf������i to St. Lawrence porta.     With the White Star  liner "Albertlo" uho. shares the honor of being tho largest cabin liner ever  Co iconic vip the .St. Law fence to Montreal.  Much of the nervousness in older  children can be traced to the overstimulation during- infancy, caused  by regarding baby as a soft of animated toy for, thc amusement of parents, relatives and friends. Bulay  may bo played with ,but noLfor more  than a quarter of ah hour to an hour  daily. Beyond that, being handled,  tickled, caused to laugh or qven  scream, will, sometimes result in vomiting, and invariably causes irritability, crying or sleeplcssnosa.  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C.  //  f l    try  Srm quickly  JtjmSfokWSm&L K  m***W9MmV6&i ms ssmms  u  u  ������E  fAJLJN 1 J&.U>  FIRES  Q  n  NELLIE  BV ���������������������������  L.   McCLUNG  3E  ac  ���������  a  M  I !  -.������    ~~~.������>,    WM.U..U   ������*J.   u<JM.aa������������   .lC*uglJ.VGl .    AMO  Major was a prince of story-tellers.  "Say, boys, did you-hear thia one?  One  of the boys  who  had been on  >������_.'������ V������r    .... XT.O&ta   v*.    laugmBl    1UJ-  lowed, then more beer. "Too much  hard liquor is bad," laughed the Major, "but too much beer is just right.  No danger of being pinched for being  noisy ���������we have both the * proprietor  and the policeman. iNTow, listen to  this. There was^a JFrench girl * . ."  . A-t one o'eiuck the party broke up.  TTbie Major had secured six names.  Ke -decided the next morning to let  Private Crowe go back to the City.  .The kid was all right, but he lacked  "pep." This was a job for a real he-  man, and after all, the best little recruiter apart from himself, "if it ever  could foe considered from himself,  was the amber-colored bottle. It gave  ju������t the proper warmth and glow.  Jack made his journey around, by  Edmonton  to  Eagle  Mines,   arriving  Experience of more than  thirty years proves that  aluminum is the only completely satisfactory material  in which to pack t%m. Red  Rose tea is put up only in  aluminum, and a "'money-  back9' guarantee goes with  every package. xl.w  CHAPTER. XXIV���������Continued.     ..  Then he exalted war and military  life. Jt developed Lhe best in a man,  and at this the Major beat his fe* east,  directing his audience to tliat storehouse of accumulated vrirtuos. Then  he appealed/to" the young men to  "get into the game.". He painted the  glory of it, the freedom of it; the  army was the 'olace y^here a man was  ��������� a man. The nation's hero was the  warrior���������mollycoddles have" no place  in the world, especially with women.  There was truth In the-old song yet:  "If: a lad a-lass would marry  H* must learn a gun to earry."  Then in .a lighter vein the; gallant  Major hinted at the charm of the  French girls and. how -they admired  the Canadians. His manner indicated  that bu������ for the presence of the ladies he could tell more..  While he was >? speaking, Pte.  Crowe's hands -, were^neyer still, nor  did his lips cease from, trembling. "  The Major then called for recruits.  "One volunteer," fhe said, "is.better  than-ten conscripts. Conscription is  coming, though"���������he gloated oVer  this���������"we cannot desert our Army  now. If men will riot fight of their  own accord, there are other methods."  The Major unconsciously tapped his  sword. ���������'.'���������* '������������������''  Suddenly it became apparent, even  to the Major, that the spirit hadgbne  out of the meeting. His audience sat  .stony-faced and rigid���������the fires had  gone out���������rthe current was off. There  was no response to his call.  The appeal had not gone home to  the men of the north, who love the  long trail, with its camp-fires and its  peace; brave men, who do their duty  from an inward sense, but to whom  the thought of force brings not fear  but rebellion.  The chairman tried to save the situation by calling* for & song, but  something had gone from the meeting. The people began to straggle  out.  As Jack made his way. back to the  hotel lie was 'deeply disturbed in  mind. There was no. mdop, but'l.tlie  night was bright with stars. Looking  up, he saw the North Star, like an  old friend, looking so remote, serene  and undismayed, though nations were  rocking with war and hatred. Tho  Major and his fiery. eloqueftce were  easy to turn aside, but Pto. Crowe.  so pale and shaken, -quivering with  the horror of war, walked beside him  In spirit.  The hotel that night sounded with  jfojigling noise, shrill voices, snatches  there on'the" first day of February.  There had been no reply to his wire.  He stepped off the train with a  strangely beating heart. Helmi would  be there, svirely, but the piatrorm was  almost bare. Not a person whom he  knew, did he see as he hurried across  the "street and over to his own houst*.  .The door was not locked, and he  went in. A strange scene met his  eyes���������dirty dishes on the table, the  remains of a slovenly meal; ashes  from, .cigars on the plates;* the bed  showing that,--it had t.been slept in;  the coffee- pot was-"on the stove. The  floor had been tramped by muddy feet  and spat upon by tobacco ch^w-ers,  and a forgotten pipe was jon the window-sill. The air was heavy with tobacco smoke and,J3kj> stale fumes of  beer.  Jack's heart was "heavy with apprehension. He went up to the loft by1 the  ladder On the wall. The bed there had  been tised too, and a man's coat was  voice was not beating like his heart.  "Two have,"just come for Mrs.  Doran," said the postmaster, handing  them to him. ^"Glad to see you ?jaek  to us again, Jack. People come and  "*o a*- Eac*i**' "Mines���������co**1**--. an^ co���������it  makes it hard.; for a postmaster."  Jack went back to his own hotise���������  he must get under cover���������the eyes of  the people he met hurt Iiim��������� they  bored Into him, twisting, turning,  screwing,, gouging, red-hot and sharp  as ice. Ke must get somewhere "where  he could shut the door.  In his own house, Jack sat with the  letters in his hand. Helmi Had gone,  she had not -waited. He was a month  late, but Helmi should have waited.  Where had she gone?  The letters might tell him���������-it would  be better to know. He opened the first  one and found it contained a Government cheque, for fifteen dollars payable to Helmi Doran, and it said it  was on account of Pte. Arthur Warner. Jack stared at it without understanding.     ,P-P'A- /. f  The other letter was ���������'" from Mon--  treeii. "Dear Helmi," it sald> "I have  made over ..my separation allowance  to you, and I hope you will accept it  from me. You are the only person in  Canada who has any claim on me. I-  have paid every other person in Canada for everything they have ever  done for me. Tou, dear Helmi, I can  never pay in money, for you gave me  Teeth and Health  Issued     F,y     The     Canadian     I>entat  Myglcne    council    ana    lJubilsiiea  By   The  Saskatchewan  !>ental   '  Socftey  WHY   'NEW TEETH FOR OL.B"?  Perhaps you were wondering why  littlo sonny had ;o lose his "baby"  teeth and have them replaced with  new ones. '  -  TXTThtr     -������r������vii    a air ft ri   \rf\ttytsa1-P     An   +\tm\t  not remain permanently and- develop  in size during the growing years just  as do the ears and eyes.? - *    ^  "Because ��������� they become decayed"  you J3ay; but not necessarily" so since  tooth decay, is a disease and is therefore abnormal and preventableV" and  for that "matter, when yiou lose a  tooth through decay at-six and twenty, does a new tooth replace" it? ������v  But consider: You have seen a littls  sapling grow to be a big tree���������"large  oaks from little acorns grow"���������but  did you ever hear tell of a small pebble growing to become a, larg-e stone ?  Not likely so, and, -fcor obvious reasons for, as you,know, the tree is of  organic matter, while the stone is of  inorganic.  Now the tooth, being composed  largely of inorganic matter, especially  the outer enamel covering, which, id  almost wholly so,^like vthe pebble.,  cannot of itself change Hn form, and  so grow larger, once it is fully developed. -" *    '  Obviously too, sonny's little jaw has  no room for the larger teeth that he  will need when he is fully grown.  .So unlike the potatoes that "from"  little ones do big ones grow" we have  instead, "new teeth for old."   y.  These baby teeth then serve temporarily for mastication until the  maxillary or jaw bones are sufficiently developed to accommodate the  larger permanent, teeth of adult age.  They are mother Nature's expedient, as it were, and a good expedient too, if given half a chance.  -THERE ia nothing quite equal to  Aspirin for all - sorts? of aches and  mains.-hiit be sure it "rU.-Aspirin. The  name' Bayer should appear".on every  tablet. Bayer is genuine, and the word  genuine���������an vred���������is on evfery boss.  You can't go*-wronger? you wiU Ju.sv  look at the~box when* you buy it:   *  tvMfn    r������f������T������  IJAG      *4J.\JOt*     ������JM.^.-y������\JlA..J      ."*"5  have who goes out as I. am going, a  thrown across it. There it was���������thef memory of  something    tender     and  sweet. I have made my vrill, leaving  everything I have to you. I will never forget your last words to me. Nobody ever spoke to me like that before.* Will you write to me, Helmi ?''S  Ever Yours,  Arthur Warner."  (T^o Be Continued.)  SICK COULD  NOT WORK  Helped by Talcing Lydia E. Fink-  ham's Vegetable Compound  Crainland, Sank.���������"I'am glad that  I heard of that koocI I,yiUa K. Pinlc-  h am'ci medicine and  I will not bo without It aculn. I was  to rlelt trmt T t-oiiM  not work at nil und  could not new on  tho machine. My  aunt told mo of  Lydia H. Plnk-  hain's Veffotablo  Compound undnow  t am tellittK wU of  my    friend*-,    how  jjood it is und I will  iin'r.vor all lcttcro X j;et from women."  - ]Mkb. Makv Kcuuwiias, Gruinltmd,  (task.  w.   ni   tn   rm-t  house he had built���������defaced, defiled.  What did It mean? He would know  what it meant* he would go over to  the boarding-house.  Mrs .McMann, a few minutes later,  related the interview to her friend  Mrs. Turner. "He bounded In at me,"  she .said, '-just when I was puttin'  the -potatoes on - to boiL "Where's  Helmi?" he-almost shouted at me,  without even biddin' nae the-time of  day. How could I tell him where Helmi was 7 "She's not here," I said,  "arid I don't know where she*is���������she's  been gone over a month;" I says.  "Where did she go?" he said. 'To  Ednaonton," I said.  "Why did she go?" he stormed!  Didn't she know I was coming back!  "Where did she say she was going?"  "Well, Helmy never confiided in me,  as you know," I said.,  "Land! I couldn't tell him why she  went. I never was one that ,eould talk  about those things. I don't believe any  of my people could. The Wcekses  were funny that way.  'Where's Sim?" he said at last,  staring at me as if he didn't see rue.  "Sim had an accident in the mine, and  went out the last train." "Well, look  here, Mrs. McMann, who has been  stayln' in my house," he says, "can  you tell mo that?"  "I knew very well a party of hunters had spent the night there���������swells  from town out deer shootln*���������drunk  asi fools, too���������I wouldn't lot them in  ���������"I certainly have no knowledge of  what's been goin' on. in your house  since you've gone," I said, very stiff.  Mr. McMann always said there was no  ono could be stiffer than I could when  I wanted to be. "Do you know of  anyone having stayed there?" ho  Bald. "Yes," I says, "the craay Englishman from English Creek was  there for a' week, about sis weeks  ago."  "Lord, ��������� I thought he was goin' to  strike mo���������but none of the We.okos  was ever cowarcla, so I just glared  back ut him stiff as pork, i could give  him eye for eye, let mo** toll you. He  wont out nt that and over tho the  office. I think miiybe ho expected n  letter from Helmy, but if gibe's, written to him it's more than she's done  for any of ub. Gone ovor a month aiid  not a word from hor. And I was good  to that girl, though I ain't tho, ono  to tell what I've done for anyone.  Now, If Jack Doran had com������ .iri a  better spirit ho might havo hcu,rd  more from me. I'm funny that ,wi*y,  anyone can load mo, but strong hors-  ew can't drive me."  Jack Doran went to tbo poatoflloe.  131a, voice Mounded "qutrer to hlw/wl  bin tongue felt llko a piece of rope.  "Are there any letters for me, Mr.  Annatroug?" lie united,   boplnfi*   bin  No matter how deep-rooted the  corn may be, it must yield to Hollo-  way's Cora Remover if used as directed.  utile Helps For litis Week  JXMVtttt.  is tbo  trade mule .  .  (registered  In  G*s*te) .   - . ���������..     _   .  tadlc������tlswr Bayer Manufacture. While tt te  ^elKicowK tbat Aspirin asssas Bayer jESEts-  faoture. to assure tha pabllo aninst imitations,  tha Tablets win be. stamped with thoir "Bayer  ,.Croa������" txad������ mark.,  Enlisting Their Sympathy  Counsel for the victim of a motoring accident: "Gentleman of the jury,  the driver of the car states he was  going only four miles an hour. Think  of it! Think of the a^-on-" of ihv client  the victim, as the car drove oyer hi?  bodv at four miles an hour!"  Could   Hardly   SJve   For   Asthma,  .W������'H,t*.E*>    OjUt3 .  jajlkXXx , W*xO :.-.aA������."S*-  suffering lias found'-' complete reliefy  through fDr. J; I>. Kellogg's ^sthmatj  Remedy. Now he' knows how need-,  less has been his : suffering. This  matchless remedy gives sure help to  all afflicted with asthma. Inhaled, as  smoke or vapor it brings the help so-  long needed. Every dealer has it or  can get it for you from his-wholesaler.  ."Inasmuch as" ye did it not to 'one  of the least of these, ye did it not to  me."���������Matthew ssv. 45.      :  Living, thou dost not live  If mercy's spring run dry,  What Heaiven has lent thee wilt thou  freely give,  JDying, thou shalt not die*  He promised'eveu so:  -.yy- p  To thee His lips repeat,  Behold,  the   tears  that   soothed  thy  sister's woe  Have washed thy Master's feet.  ���������Oliver Wendell Holmes.  i  Biii:-li.   A^mZm: si*  A i\eiiaiiie Aiiiiscpiu;.  ff  Make sure no infection of cuts  "   ;and?������woTonds takes    place,    by  applying Minard's -Jjlniment.  Jap Flier Was Ambitious  Not satisfied with his first record  for night flying, Captain Toshio Kato,  of the Japan aviation school at Tokyo, immediately;flew again and established a new record. He hopped off at  5.3.0 o'clock iix, t^ie cjvening/and broke  by 35 minutes his previous record of  six hours in the night air. Ho. Immediately flew again and remained up  until 0.25 o'clock in the morning, besting his previous record of the night  by three hours. Most of his flying wus  in dense fog.  The final test of religion at. that  last day" is riot religiousness, but love;  not what I have done, not what X  have believed, but how I have discharged the common charities of life.  JBy" what we have not done���������by sins  of omission���������we are judged. It could  not be otherwise .For the withholding  of love is the negation of thc spirit of  Christ, the-proof that we never knew  Him, that for us He lived In vain.  ���������Henry Drummond.  Spring Bull Sale  The spring bull : sate, an annual  event in^sCalgary, since ��������� 1901, broke  all records for prices. Approjdmately  400 bulls were sold at an average  price of nearly $300. The chanrpion  Hereford-sold for $1,125.  Neuralgia succumbs to Minard's Liniment, y'  D.on't'believe all a man says about  his neighbor, nor half he says aboxit  himself.  Recipes For This Week  <By Botty Barclay1)  Love and potatoes must be akin  thoy both spring from tlie eyes.  CUTICURA HEALS  Caused Itching Burning,  Also Disfigurement.  " My complexion was completely  marred by pimplew which varied in  size. Some were large, hard and  ncaly, while others were just ������ed and  Centered. They coowed an Itching,  burning aenvatlqn, also dl������flgure-  iwent.  "After ualni*; scores of xemedlea  for over two yearn, wilh but little  rctmlea, I ucnt for a free earn pie of  Cuticura Soap and Ointment. I wbb  ao pleased with the results that I  purchased more, and after ualn-j  two calte������ of Cuticura Soap and one  large box of Cuticura Ointment I  w������m completely healed." (Slfciied)  W. E. Blu'eUbwrn, 20 Be11evue Ave.,  Toronto, Ont.  1V������>���������> P.mif-.ur* tn r\rmt your (kklii.  Hu������p!������ Jt������������h rw������ ly w*il.  W/*.* Cant**"*'*; I  U.uof,   "mUoAvmmK tt4L, U*mU*U,"  VtUm, Horn*  i, Olnta������������n������ t* *o* ���������'������������������-'  CREAM OFASPAttAGUS SOUP  Wash each stalk of asparagus carefully with a vegetable brush to remove all grit. Then cut In small  plecea (using all but the very tough  .parts). Cook, covered, until the asparagus Is tender, in enough water  to cover. Add salt to taste just before  tlio asparagus Is done. Alloiy two  cups cooked asparagus and cooking  water to 2 cups medium cream sauce  (2 cups milk, A tablespoons flour, 4  tablespoons butter). Season and serve  hot.  Note: Thc less tender part may bo  cooked longer nnd put through a  sieve. If desired, the tops .may be  used for salad).  Why  it*-  &JU40. TaIlWW U.,  A CuUottr* SkfevEnu Stick 3Sa.  FRUIT BLISS  2-3 cup sugar,  1-3 cup water.  2 egg yolks.  ���������4 tablespoons leccton juice.  Red color paste.  3 cups fruit.  Roil eugar and water flvfc ralnute^.  Pour over egg yolks, coolc over hot  water until thick, uUrrlng constantly. Add lemon Juice und red color  paste and chill. Pour over fruit, using peaches, oranges, red chortle*  and QtrawbcrrlcH cut Sn pieces. $crv������  very cold. Serves 0.  The time to take care of the coming yenrs is this year.  Milliard*-* Liniment for Toatlmeb&.  Tires Give Most  !Mift���������?s P-^r Oollsti*  Tl������������ f*cr������������tft*t enemy to tire lif������ >���������  A0f tbe K n rab a rind of city streets  <r������r rounb roads, but ktat which is  erected ineido tho tlvo by intemnt  friction. Ilant not only weakens  the -fabr-ic, but nlao aoltorta the* rubber, cauaihfrf blowouts nnd tir*  -failure*.   ' ���������  The above illustration shows m  oiualo     cord     of     n     F������tre������tor>e     ti r<->  f[r������ntly     mnttinifiad     nnd    untwisted  nto liFt*-o������i nmsllfer  cords  canipos������>d  ������( mariy little fibros.  By means of tho exclusivo Fire-  Hto-n.������ Gum-Dlp-ping proceB������, every  flbrw Is insulated with rubbnr, which  -prevents  internal heat nnd   Friction.  Yctttr local FlrmAl&riti  Dealer  ghat  ytH4 Ihv bbj.&r jwrtil-c* thai jjck:h iPlih  fJtaM belUr Mrs*.-   Ses him today.  jVIRIUVrONJl TJIUt  at KUUHTtR CO.  OV CANADA I-IMITUO  Hamilton, Ontario  MOST MILES PER DOLLAR.  ���������fl.JljT jh A   A*.     ^*m4mmm^mm*..   <*��������� *.    M^.   ���������GUM-piyi'iico ri%nm  mVUmstom* Bul1<ts ttl������������ OaJj* <Hnm-'Dlp(v^it Tares  I THE  CRESTOU BEVIEW  5   j%aa 9  ������UV*V������3Us  J .D  ra:  iSSS^tW  feWSSfcB  Mrs. <3h*f. Murrell left on Saturday  oil   a "visit   with-.her  eon,  J������hss,  at  Christ Mm% Orsstsp.  SUNDAY,  MAY SIT  ORESTON���������7.80 p.m.��������� SvenBotig*  Ortlgary, and will then visit with old  friends at Vet-niiiion, Alberta. She  will 1ms away about a month.  A3������PtJSS���������For sale quantity of small  applet- in good shape. Home Beauty.  75 csr.iis p^r has dcUrered. Percy  Boffey, Oreston.  Foa S-SlzS���������W������irk hot so ��������� and colt  2 years old; set ������������f hars-j^ss* ft^woerats  wagon; 2 wiws, 20 ben*, miich gnat;  quantity of tools and other articles.  Andrew Androsoff. Goat Rivet- bottom, Creston.-  W. H. WILSON  Megi*tmred  O&tometriat and Eye  Specialist, Cranbrook  Will he at Creston Brag & Book Store on MONDAY,  MAY ������8th>    Make your appointrnept-s with Mr, Kelly.  IF YOU ARE PAINTING OR   DECORATING  don*t overlook our large and welt assorted stock  of Paints. Varnish, Kalsoraine, etc.���������the well-  known  Glidden   line.    Everything  in Brushes.  FOR HAPPY  BAKE DAYS  USE  "THE WORLD������S BEST"  ORDER A SACK TODAY.  Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction  Supplies always available  Oreston Valley Co-Operative Assn.  GRESTOM  Tho Stores  EPJGKSQH  Mr. and Mrs. Hutlbert of Moosejaw,  Sask.. -who have,-been visiting with  the letter's mother, Mrs. Frausen. left  on Friday "for Curlew, Wash., where  they spend the balance of their vacation  -r*  Mrs. ������. J. Briyfe is on a visit at  NortftRort,.'WrRsb..   thiB    week. -   Ms*.  5?������^=-S^a Ue*������������ ja. s3Bn.?xv������*fc-*2S^ *w*a5*4**S-rtSrfc 9mW* ���������'.������������������Swal  aji������������jy������*vj  uuc* ������i   **���������*���������%%AmacmM.i-ia    ������*** '���������***��������� ���������.������-*���������������������    ���������������������.     ���������������������������-.-  point and* it is if&elv the family *w>lll  move there to reside at the close of  actions, V~'~ "**  Mrs*. Burkhai-dt andl cln lighter,  Joyce, who have occupied the apart*  ment;* over tlie Maweon store the p������et  few months left on Saturday for  Vancouver, where they will reside in  future.  Rev. J. Herdman, who has been ������t  Vancouver attending; the annual conference of the United Church, occupied the pulpit of the Lynn Vftlley*  jMorfch Vancouver, United Chiivch on  Snndiiy l������s't.  "������I.v������i~~ . -������~      -t_-~     ~ it -    SKj   =.-ts_  V..V...K    ������'���������������    ������"������-",  *j|i������tr������������������������i������������"    .'.   ���������������������������������������?   - ���������������-  tap-fire pm-ohnaing the full fulr grounds  and busldl������������������.������- >������t. a price of "i625(Hl takes  place nest Thut-sdny, May Slut, at the  t iwn hall.' PoIIb open front 9 h.iii. to  7 p*sti., town time.  There was not u great deal o*J? a������ ir at  the voters Hot cotfirt of revision on  Monday, when about twenty names  were added for the polling places in  Creaton Valley. 3*he s-evierd list will  show about 2700 oamet-.  Mr. and Mph. P. W. Willis of Cranbrook were Smwlay visitors with Mr.  and Mrs. John Ryt*kin*������n. They operate a florist shop in 1 he divisional city  and were heFe arranging f������������r -supplies  of plants and cut flowers ffrr.ru local  greenhouses.    *  R. B. Staples of Kelowna arrived on  Monday for a few days* business stay.*  . He states ihe outlook for a heavy crop  is just t as much in evidence in the  Okanagan as here, but that at some  points cherries h?&���������showing*; ���������>* heavier  than usual crop..  W. O. Taylor, former village 'clerk,  jMrive-fS home on Sutisrcliay from a  three weeks' stay st. the hot spsings*  and .sanitarium at ��������� Halcyon..' y The  ������lilphur ; ^haths . and. ��������� accounpanyittR  tt*ei4tment& have pretty well restored";  hjin ���������; t������ iortftesv heaithi c  ��������� Many friends������������������. hem > of *Mis-s: Marion  JSwanson wiii faertrfywith satisfaction  that, she passed well irp in the list of  those taking their-B������A. degree at the  University of British Columbia. Van  couver. ��������� The graduation exercises  took   place about  the middle of May  A get together of the ladies supporting the candidature of Prrank Putnam,  Liberal candidate, will be held in the  basement of Trinity United Chm-ch,  Creston, BViday afternoon, June 1st,  at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Evah McKowan, of  Cranbrook, the well known authoress*  will speak, and all the ladies are invited.  In the absence of pastor Herd-man  at the United Church conference  sessiotns st* Vsisscouver O* M ������**f**L**.!el-  son of Canyon took the Sunday4 evening service ab Trinity Church.,  Hev. 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Pipe and Fittings carried to -meet ���������  the requirements.  o  _i**a  m  4  P  ''1  j  I  ':  '3  1  -8  s  lUCKSHlTU        tlHSMITHIQie       -QKMCEIYUE^'WEOMB  asatK^faaaKSiagBt  that Will Wear and Gi^e  Satisf action in Every Way  ������**+*$ Fisiish? co&shw&sd with,  good   kard-weenring   material  ������k^8.^S������J>jy     S   &m  tf������*<   ������������E  1.25  1.50  2.00  2.m  4.50  ���������St%mjSm\ flCP' BBSrakm  4^ff^piMkW  f������0������90S  English Gingham and Prints, in latest patterns  and guaranteed fast colors, per yard  ;  35c.  Newest patterns Wash Rayons, per yard  50c.  Japanese Crepe, all colors, per yard  25c.  Broadcloth, plain colors, per yard  75c  Shirtings and Galeteas, per yard 1  45c.  Dress Lengths  Large assortment   of Voilo^Sj- yard  Dress  lengths,  from $1.00 to $2.75.  WP tt ttmJsrm WW     BuJrm tt m\\w  Boaters, Chip Straw, Peanut Straw,  C     A      QPPPP-;  Am\**mmm4m*W      0m\ Ami IB*,    ffittj jsWlm....    ���������Jr    t      jjl. tWft. -mmtSf jNQk^MdBlf Mstm.    '^m^ uSmWtsTaW****  m*mm^*S*sm^ mSS* ���������"���������"��������� m^^mn.    ^*^ ^^mSAmml^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^m^^^^/j .. ^������������������Mfc^       ^^^������������������^^-^  Dry Good*.      Gr&c&riss*     F&mitssre.      Hardware  Heavy Blue Chanabray Shirts, sizes 14|- to .-17.  Khaki Qhambray Shirts, 14jto-l7:...���������.^..............  33aricy Check Madras Shirts; all sizes ............ ..  Heav^ Khaki Shirts, triple stitching... .:���������._?:...  Khaki feetiiib Trousers, 5 jkickets^:il^:. j^^^..  Khaki Denimj in fine ^heavy rl}en^^������.....^0. :���������/  Blue pants, red back, splendid wearers .���������.������������������..  Khaki Bedford Cord; T^usera_.���������_._.^.........;_  Our Underwear $tock for spring is complete,  and comprises Shirts and  and   Penman's ^makes,  also  Combinations   in  different weights, from $1.25 to, per suitl .....r ..���������.   3,00  Socks in every weight-^Silk, Silk and Lisjc,  Silk and Wool, and the cheaper styles in lA^te  and Cotton at 25 cents up to 85 cent^per pair,  and all good values.  '"' ;^,v.-^y^f-f:yi',,.,  Our new Felt Kats have arrived at* each 2.75 to   7=75  Forsyth Shirts for Men's wear.  wKlldl'  Itlm ^jftj^.i iltiE  coiva  LTD;  "''^fllRlf5^*!-*-^fllVi^****^������IIRH!*^  Come in and Have a Demonstration of the  BIGGER  and BKJTTBIi  IJFT  ...,..���������-.,���������.11,,,., i,��������� ������������������������������������,,,,. ��������� .ni.    I,, ;;, ,     ii ������miiI,,;���������i,iij���������|i���������ii|f.vii3.'iL-.ffMl.r.w:iry*t*M**.rHwm.-iiig,.'.igtjjypr,r'imr,Tll.lgi"i",rtfl:;."<it\9r.,sr  TOURING, fully equipped.    $830.00  ROADSTER, "       830.00  COACH, "      9S0.00  COUPE, "  m......     9S0.Q0  SEDAN, ������������������*     1030.00  IMPERIAL, *^r     1100.00  SOME GOOD BUYS IN USED CARS  Ford Dolivery, 1023.. .$200.00   Ford Tourin������, 1023. .$150.00  ^Pl^ fl%^M^'.#^4.fljr# BJaHielSH AwSfcTTL' sL    JLSj^C'Ie  VALVK GItIND, any Four Cylinder car... .$5.00  VALVE GRIND, miy Six Cylinder oar....  7:00  Included grinding valvea. ovariin������ out onrtion  clioakin������ ignition, adjuotinfc  cmrbamotor.  M-G-M News  /���������in -i  B     IK *z%  JL    Jt JL \*s  i^homis ees;  i  B4    ������f\ <T\ t" (Ch 4r*\ Cfc H T  C   IB. $S "t* $% ���������$ fa  (' 't' 'Al J1- " ' !*���������'>.*>���������.''' ifV ?������������������" 'A*v* '   ������ t' K% ** : '"i**.:i���������'"���������"[ ���������'��������� Aft. T>'T>."������*'���������*   I t' h* ?>i V^"l"-'!l ������'��������������������������� di'T A'm'A**-'*-  \i -Si'J


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