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Creston Review Jan 22, 1926

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'XX- '**>
y?yV7?7-' T^*Xr^^*^5'-^V"^ -^'" 'w~*>-f, kk ^'*: >"'" . ''
, V
.������ **��� ..'������"
:- - -���.:-���:.
r-    **.'-���
. * -*?
Vol. XVII.
No. 49
George Cowan, whp'Ttesis jbee- visit--
ing withkhis parents at Detroit, Mich.,
returnned on .Sunday.    r_ -  7
~- .   .   . _. -
0.'-R."v Paulson ����, Spokane~ is- a
business visitor here at present.
Sheiiff Jf;' Hi Doyle pf Nelson" was a
business visitor here 6*n , Sunday,
going back on Monday.
... Miss Ellen Andeen' went  to- Crahbrook on Saturday, and later will visit
at Si
?y with her aunt.
Alfred Speaker of Eriekson nns a
business vlsitor^hei-e between trains on
X Latiff of Fernie arrived here on
Saturday, remaining, until Sunday,
when he left for Sirdar. **    s
E. JEL Muckum of ti-.ep.P.B. Natural
Resource*- Branch, Calgary, Alberta,
was a business visitor' here on Saturday, leaving for Cranbrook*, Sunday,
- ��� - "*-.
G. A. Hunt was a-business visitor at
Crestpnon^Monday, making the trip
by horse and cutter, and getting? back
the same evening.    ' "  A
Miss- Edith Geroux returned on
Saturday from'Moyie, where she hit's
been yisiting, her sister, Mrs. M. St.
Denie* .   '* - "
-MtXvAtmtAm  ftl*>Tj_xr��-4   rt.* *��Ta
_J ���mm'm* myjcv
eoupfe ;df - yeUrs^ago. :Mrs. Dunn
arrived and was with, ber daughter at
the last, the funeral taking, ftiace at
Cranbrook dn Tuesday. A wide circle
of friends will extend sincere sympathy
to the bereaved husband and parents
In their great Joss^
Aliee Miffing
Guy Constable left at' the first of
the week for Vernon, where he is this
week attending-the annual meeting of
the B.C. Fruit Gaowers* Association*
of which he is the East Kootenay
-Miss Teresa Churchill, who has
been on a visit with friends at the
.coast, returned a few days ago.
"Victor Carr is making good use of
the sleighing to7 haul .in supply of ten
or twelve cords of wood to the school.
BroTH���On January 11th, to Mr. and
Mrs.-Dick Smith,
a son..
- y*jj.
 , n-aafc-aTOeJ-*
. .Kitchener to
well known optician, was here on a
business visit, arriving on-Sunday.    -
Elmo Walbjr and Fritz M61an<iej_v
who are working at '" ihe -Rodgers?
camp -At Arrow Creek, were here for
the dance on Saturday night.
Robert Maxwell was a Canyon City
visitor on Friday, returning Saturday.
TO. "OS**- Thnwiftg who has bssss with
the Continental .Lumber & Pole Company, Ltd., went to Creston on Monday.
AJflwa. 2 J_*��*^     TUTtae* ,    %?.
.  <��afi'�� ~**m.ixM\      .-aca^a.-**.V _m'
Canyon have moved to
reside,, with the former now employed
with his brother, William Strong.
Ros. Lidgate, Bill i-ong and ������Spike",
" Hayden of Creston were motor visitors
here oh Sunday.
Harry Spence of the Sash & Door
Company, Ltd., spent the weekend aj,
his home In Cranbrool', getting back
on Monday.    ,
A Whist and dauce was held in Hunt
Hall ou Saturday night. The winners
at cards were Miss L. Ly tte and Mr.
Simpson. The music for the dance
wt**t hv Mm. XAT- Arh. nin.no: Vernon
/Bush, violin.
Mrs. Other Geroux is a Cranbrook
visitor thia week, leaving on Sunday.
-Frank Romano, who. is working at
Hunt's camp, had a few days* vacation
last week, getting over a shaking up
he got when he fell off a load of logaT
Now tbat the snow is bete in good
quantity lumbering ojierations are
going at top speed. .Geo*- Hunt ���is
employing more men and the Sash &
Door Company have at lenst 40 on the
payroll. , .--; -..'���������
Hunt's camp was   favored   with u
visit -frpmv a ��� uurab^yor^^
ladies on' SivtWrda-j**^ a
sleigh toad made the trip out, in which
wore M^-*iil^ibrii^h';M|n>. G.::A. Hu��^
Misses G.Riindall, Laura Ahdeen1 and
Clara Hunt./ -\.\.Z-.-  '������:��� ���'. '-A- k ���
"Walter Wttlhy, who is em
Hunt's camp; had his leg broken In
two places while at work on Thutsday
and wad immediately token to the
hospital at Cranbrook, Mrs. Wiilby
accompanying him. _ D. McQce hud
his kneb rather severely injured at
the time Mr. W��lby waa hurt.
Kitchener has been in mourning this
��� week due to the death, of Mrs. Gordon
Burns at St. "-Eugene Hospital, Cranbrook, on Sunday afternoon, to which
Institution she was taken about, six
weeks ago " The death in particulhrly
pathetic nw Mr. and Mrs. Burns were
only mnrt led on AuguntlBth !ast,.-imd
wns an exceptionally popular member
of Kitchener's younger aot��; As Mjaa
Eva Dunn she was employed at the
Kitohener Hotel up to the time <*>f her
marriage. She was born In the United
Stated, and for u time resided at Crcs
ten, coming h-vrc a fow years ago with
her parents to reside, nnd romalntng
luiui.- ihk* ��MiM��iy iiiovwu to  i��Iiii|i_/UiJ*a a
^Jeffrey Collis left on Wednesday
last for Invermere where he' will be
making a short stay to get acquainted
with the newest methods of fanning
and dairying atthe Dominion Experimental Fainis at that point--as well* as
at Wiuderuiere.
- y   Alice Siding has  the "Valley record
for   the  early   arrival,  of - robins   in
vfitKuiiLy.    Mrs. Fred Ash tepo��-i�� see
ing $. flock   of about 40 of these birds
oh January 5tb.
" Mr. ad_ Mrs. T-om Dalton of Corbin
'.were visitors here a few days last
week, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Hilton, the latter being a sister
of Mr. Dalton.
*�����*��� ~-    "V "
od antfptife Club
^       ���- '.    - * �� "*_*^!-_ V   7^
^ _���__&<_���- * _!_______    ^m *m\
Elects Officers
considerable.d iscussftm
to stock Arrriw   and   Meadow
Tom Mountford. who  has   been   at
Hillcrest,.Alberta, for the   past  three
t_#^la^#^"l^^raeat---*0:V|_4js ,pljee_p'
here on> Tuesday.   He reports- workr
only   working
part time. -
Miss Walsh got - back from - ber
Christmas vacation on Sunday, and is
once more in charge of the junior
room of Wynndel school.
Mrs. A. R. Rosindale left on Tuesday for Vancouver, where* she will
visit her brother, William" Piggot.
Mrs. K. Sadler of Cranbrook was
here a few days last week, h guest of
Mrs. Rosindale, leaving for home oh
Monday. .'......- ���"<
There was a fine turnout of members
at the annual meeting |>f Creston Rod
and 6/un Club on Friday night*, which
was followed by the usual dinner* and
speechmakihg, - withy-the president,
Major Mallandaine, presiding at both
functions. - ;     '
The fore "pat t of tfe^ evening was
given over to the winding up of 1025
business, which included a letter from
the fishery overseer -who wished * to
know what creeks"the Club intended
tb stock with trout in 1929. 'and after
it was decided
and if any surplus to place them in
Duck Creeks and the secretary was
authorised to request* a supply of
40,000 for Arrow Creek* and 40,000 for
f-^eadow Greek.   ,
The club decided"- that in future
mem bets would be elected hy ballot
only, and following the adoption "of
this resolution five upw niembers were
admitted, bringing ~y"tbe roll -up" to
thirty two.' Then came the election of
officers, which resulted as follows:""
Hon. President-^-Col. Lister, M.P.P.-
Presidents-Major ^Mallandaine.
Vice-President���L. T. Leveque.      -   *
ttn       TTr_   �����*_-  i   *
jJiKawmti'-���rn; _u__.ntvnUi.il. _. .
Secretary���W. Hendy.
-Executive���F. C. Rodgers, Creston;
C. C French, West Creston; G.
Holder. Eriekson; Col. Lister. Camp
Lister; F. Smith, Canyon Cityj. W.
Jacks, Boswell, A. Arb, Kitchener-
Mr. Latlamand, Alice Siding.
A committee was named to enquire
into the cost of a hut suitable for the
club, -which will be- erected on the lot
next the CSrand. Theatre, arid for
which F�� C. Rudgerahas donated free
electric lighting. The 'committee
I made up of Major Mallandaine,:' F.~-
[Smith and H. Christ^y are to report
on Ftebrnary 5th, at a epfecial meetings
Sectefcary   W.  Sendy,-presented:k*
included *fThe King.'* The toast to
the Club we.s taken care of by Vic.
Mawson, and F. -Q. Rodgers. -handled
the toast to "A Successful Year," W.
Hendy bad - the "final* toast, one to
"New Members,*1- in which lieygave the
Jiew conters- good_ arid wholesome
instruction for their tabors.
' r-
Otto and John Johnson * are employing a few men-getting out mine props
in the timber along Goat Hiver, -
The Ladies( Aid gathered in $15 at
their tea and concert on Saturday
evening. The snowy wet weather
that prevailed kept down the attendance considerably,
G. A. Hunt of Kitchener was a
business visitor hereon Monday, hiring
teams to work'on his log haul at that
point. His luck was only fair, gettihg
but one team here, and another at
The Ladies* Community Club are
having the best dance of the season at
the schoolhouse tonight. Friday, Jan
uary 22nd. The best music'obtainable,
has beer engaged, and;the' supper will
be of the same high crder ahd a good
time is guaranteed all.
An entertainment thai, should be
liberally patronized is a Scotch concert
to be given in the church on Monday
night, 25tb, which is the anniversary
of the birth of the immortal "Robert
Burns. Geo. Davie is the chief prom
oter of the affair and the proceeds will-
go to the Boy Scouts. Everybody
~ Miss- Geo_rgie Barton ' "of Vaacoiiver
waaa--weefeend visitor at   Eriekson, a -
guestfpf Mr. and Mrs. Bundy.
The.Whirlwind Clnb had _ a meeting'
at the Home of Mrs* Long on Monday
night* at which arrangements were
completed for the putting on of
another whist and darice on February
--Mrs. David Scott of Champion,
Alberta, is renewing /acquaintances at
Eriekson and other Valley points, and
is.a -guest of her sister, Mrs. Kobt.
'W.AR.M^'imS was a weekend visitor
with frieji^9 ^t Crow points.
EricksoSlScotch arcr greatly interested in aJ*3_6ices posted on Tuesday
announc��3K:^ "Nicht wi Burns,"-at
O&nyon City j&n Monday, January
25th, at'8.80 prompt.
Creston Valley Co Operative Associ-
tion have sent out notices to shareholders of the annual meeting at the
store at" 8. p.m., Tuesday, January
-- *        "7
Quite  a   number  of the   Eriekson
ranchers  are   busy getting in' - their -
supply, of wood, with  gasoline   power
replacing the perpetual motion. _hand~
G. A. Hunt of Kitchener was a
visit->r here on Monday in- guest of
teams to help with his log h&ijl at that
point," and was successful in securing
tbe services of Bert Boffey.
Tbe Junior Guild of Christ Church,
J which is   under tbe direction of  Mrs'
The   senior   room    of   the   Canyon 1 Thurston, met in j_nG��a! _��� .
i school was closed' a couple of "days thi-*  home of Mr. and Mrs. Palfreyman.
week due -to the   illness   of   Principal
wm��MM <W> ULK?
Saturday night was a very successful
affair. Besides, quite a good local
crowd, there .were parties from both
Sirdar and Creston. y
Mr und Mrs. Cherbo of Sirdar were
visitors here lust Saturday at. the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Benedetti,
leaving-for home on the afternoon
. .-/���.
arrived   on
after  some
A. Spencer of  Canyon
Monday   and   is  looking
clerical   work    for  the   Co Operative
Fruit Grqwei-s' AsHociation,
Miss Phyllis Fpxall left on Sunday
for Nelson to resume hor attendance
ht high school. ;,.
C. O. "bgllvie, who is running the
engine at the Rodgers" mill at Arrow
Creek, spent a short weekend at bis
home hero, returning to the mill oh
The K.K. Klub held its flrjpt meeting
of the year at the old sehooihouse on
Tuesday. A winter's programme was
discussed nnd It was arranged to have
the annual meeting for the election of
officers, on Tuesday, January 19th, In
the old Hchoolhootm.
A. B��-nedetti was a buBiness visitor
to Sirdar on Friday for tho purpose of
taking tjie P. Cherbo team into town
to have them shod, read^ for the bay,
hauling, which he ia, starting next
Tlie first meeting of the club formed
by tho young girls of Wynndel waB
held on Thutadlay, January 7th, and
by roquest was 'presided over by Miss
G, Towson.-     (a '���'yv'
-There will be the iiBiial Chureli of
England servlco on^Sunday   moining
at 11 o'clock, ,'ji.u thiik" will bo Rev.-,
Mr. Varley's last narvloe hei-o n very
iartje turiKjuia iu looked for.
activities foi*- the._ pasty ye r,' stating
that the. club" was instrumental in
having a one day shoot of t>heasants.
100 pounds of wild rice j were planted
during the season in various sloughs
and wbich has been reported as coming along nicely. The Club had 45,000
native cutthroat trout placed in Goat
River., and have applied for fry to
restock Arrow and Meadow Cteek this
The spread of good things to eat
included most everything desired and
"after full justice* h<iu been done to the
spread President Mallandaine spoke at
some length on club matters, stressing
the necessity for the conversation of
our   game   and   fish?   The   toast  list
Kolfchammer. "- '
A. G. Samuelson expects" to   finish  _
his^tie cutting contract m^^rwh^'f^l^Lt' *
the good sleighing comes* just right to
facilitate hauling.    He will bavs.aboat
2000?to take to the siding.' .
,. xa. Jdwoers wub ai Diisines�� VistbOr nt
Fernie a couple of days the latter part
of the week.
Saturday, JAN.
O. H. Phillips of Kimberiey spent
the weekend at his ranch in the Lister
district. He reports the several men
from here who are working at Kimber-
I I��V mtm trf4t.t\r\cr julj-vnor itioolv-
Miss May Littiejohn j>f Eriekson
was a weekend visitor, here with Mrs.
Fred  Power.���
A number from here are arranging
to take in the dance at the Huscroft
school on Saturday night, 23rd.
Alf. Latoille hiiB : the lumber on the
ground and will he starting Work in a
few days on the erection of a house on
his ranch here.
X Warren
and a  strong suppbrting
cast in
from the famous novel by
George Barr M-cCtateheon.
Amatory of Hindu intrigue,
laid in India Seas I
A Drama of Beauty, Ro-
mrnce, Love, Adventure
A Picture of Thrills Su-
preme, and the Greatest
Hand-to ~Hand Battle
���-.������'.���      m X. ...:.�������� *
t��Ht<&V , at*I.-M$f ��*-����4.      .
Tbe snow and rain at the. eiidof the
will benefit to the extent of
providing heeded ground moisture but
something in the line of wetness that
will put water lu the wells is most
needed.''.-..''' _ ^_
Although biit eevpn ricks pf wood
have been delivered at the school to
date, if the present mild weather con-
tinuea It Will probably \e enough to
see the school through the winter.
-" Notices are up for the annual meeting of the Lister Stockbreeders Association, which 1b called for Tuesday,
17 th. John Bird In tho retiring
president. 7
, , Sunday school opened again on
Sunday afternoon with a a line turn-.
out of children, nnd . Pastor Harback
taking.nb.argo* aooisted by Mrs. Jory
and Mrs. Bird.
W. Demchuk and Mr. House have a
little lucre at trapping this season, each
of them getting a coyote. These
animals are-not so mit-neroo*- about
tho area as they were early In the fall.
-Even at the Continental mine at
Kioekntann tj^to shortage of enow is
felt, th^ro not being enough an yet to
make the sleigh haul possible. Chas.
Pipe got bnck on Monday from a trip
tp the River camp and ulutes the mine
are baking on no more help until the
needed biiow arrives.
Murdock McLeod of Vancouver was
a Monday and   Tuesday   visitor   with
;Mk, knd Mrs. F. 3. Klingensmitb.
-"'^^rc77;"-y--'-"    7- '-~*'~ ^Z~- --.-  �����-���.,- -
sThe old   United -.Farmers justified
their existence- at-least., when* they ���'
went to the Board''of  Railway  Commissioners in their efforts to get the
present station we   have,   and   Agent
Bundy is keeping Eriekson on the map
and incidentally giving thisf ruit centre
a great deal of worth   while. advertis-'
ing, also ably demonstrating the valne
of irrigation"-'ioy the  superiority-of his'
garden over any Sther in its class.
The Whirlwind Club had anothe
very successful! whist and dance on
Friday night at the R. J. Long pack~'
ing shed. The honor, at cards ,went
to Miss Lyda Johnson' of Creston and
Hilton Young of Canyon, whilst the
low scorers were Mrs. Bundy and Mr.
C. Kelsey of Eriekson. Music for the
dunce was by Mrs. Putnam and Mtaa
Jeanne Hall, piaaists. and Geo. Davte���
drums, a special feature being the spot
dance at which the prize went to Mien
Long and Mr, Ailau. Abojit thirty
couples were on the floor, people from
Canyon and Eriekson in unusually
large numbers helping to swell the
crowd. The pioceeds of the evening;
were jibout 5S5. '
8Hav Fob SiUDB���Good quality alfal-
hay, will deliver 1h Creston, Eriekson or Canyon for $20 per ton. Also
Gold Coin potatoes. A grade. $2.50 pet*
sack.   John Garfteld, Creston.
Village of Creston
NotiGB of Hiopiiialloii and
Flflf��timm nf -ftiimmkeliiiinrc
*���*��!�� mm* ���*)** m W <**** Umt    ,  W m
Pursuant to the provisions of
the Village Act notice Is hereby
given that nominations of Commissioners to-serve the village for
the term 102QU27 will ba held at the
Courthouse, Creston on MONDAY, JANUARY 25th. 3020. from
the houns of JiSooon to 2 p.ui.. local
time, and if a poll Er necessary to
select three tlommissioners the
s:ime will be held ��t theOiurhouso
Jn tho Village of C*r��aton from 0
am. to 7 p.m., on THURSDAY,
JANUAKY SflUi, local time. By
order. _
W. O. T AYLOR. Clerk,
Returning Officer.
Duled at Creaton,  B.O., Jannary
ssut, <wao.
r j-
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Vou stand to gain hy it in every way. Remember the old saying: "The  early bird catches the worm." Well, early shopping means that you have the  pick of the goods offered for sale, while the late, shopper has to.be content  with what is left over and previously rejected by thevmore alert and discriminating shopper. Early shopping gives time for suitable selection of gifts  best designed to meet the needs and cater to the tastes of the one Cor whom  tliey are Intended. It means leisure in getting them suitably inscribed^ with  appropriate messages and neatly and properly packed. And an attractively"  .Led or packed parcel adds much to the pleasure of tho one who receives it.  Jt conveys an impression of thought and real love on the part of the sender.  -Finally, in mailing, observe the ins true tion a of ihe post office authorities.  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Hon. 3k II. Whltloy,  Hpeaker of the Houne ol' CommoiiH, and  Mi-H. ".Vliltley; lion. J. MacNolll, high  coini'ulHHloji'.!!" foi* tlio liiah. Free Statu  In London;, and Mrri. MacN'ollI; lllght,  Hon. AuHton Chatnbertalii, British (or-  elHn HveiJ'lui'y, nnd Mi-H, Chamhoiiaiu,  Prince Took'Part In Sports  British bluejackets who wero seeing  the Prnlcc oC Wales home from South  America aboard, the Repulse displayed  their versatility in a series of 'cdmecL-  ios which thoy gave on the quarter  deck. In ono of those tho -Piiaco.  himself appoa'red with groat ruccoss  in tho role oC a woman,  Man. Is the animal that uses a'.cook  book and employs a physician.  ���������"-"VThon lovo takes its tllght from a  window it iiHunlly selects tho dining  room window.  URNS  Mix Minard's with  oil   and   apply  Quick Relief,  at  sweet  once.  .Unrjorle: "Dorothy Is not very clcv-  ���������������r, in Hh-������? Thn I'likos sho nerved at  yeiitertlay'H tmi worn as hard as rocks."  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JrJj-n  ..ji^LL^Ajto^K., .jto.. hi^aM V  _3feg  "j  'I   "'  /  -    1      '  THS   -EEVIBW.   TJRESTON/ B.   O.  Raclio   Play s-  Keeping     lhe  A,: C^reat   Part   In  "Xfl/'estern    Farmer  x  In  1 oucL. ^/^lth V^/orlid At Large  The popularity achieved by radio in  Canada is as great as is to be found in  any, other country and. greater than in*  mogt. The general ^adoption and j  iap|d expansion are. but further indi-������  cations ��������� of t Canada's ^position in the  forefront with those countries.devolop-  ing? along modt,i*n lines, and bending  Invention - to national progress. Radio  _ has sensationaljy, swept over the country, engulfing all sections, of the Do-  , minion" and entering most intimately  into the country's commercial, business  and social life. In its peculiar relation to certain phases of Canadian life  radio would seem to have Imparted  greater benefits than elsewhere.  Radio licenses  were issued  hy the  Profitable Crops  \  deportment of marine and fisheries  during the twelve- months ending  March, 1925, to 01,996 persons. Ontario led all provinces with a total.of  41,847, followed J>y" Quebec with 18,-.  211. . Registrations in other provinces  were:���������Saskatchewan, 9,3.03; -Manitoba, 6,563; British yColumbia,'5,409;  Alberta, 5,843; Nova Scotia, 2,772;  New Brunswick, 1}240; Prince Edward  Island, 163; Yukon and North West  Territories 17. Licensed broadcasting stations in the Dominion numbered  51 at tho end of the year."  The number of licenses issued in the  western prairie provinces is striking.  According to the sales .manager of ^t  leading company, the west is Canada's  best radio field, and prairie farmers  buy more sets than any other class of  people. Radio is plaj'jng a great .part  in the life of the Western Canadian  farmer and he is - finding increasing  benefits in it every day'. Constantly  in touch with the big centres of the  continent, he has. instantaneously the  latest market reports whilst the diversions of cities can be brought at will to  his isolated home/ In the war and  immediate '.������ost-war years the general  adoption "bf the automobile in Western Canada did a great deal to revolutionize the   Ire of the Western Cana-  Yield of Nearly Sixty Bushels of Wheat  Per Acre In Alberta  -The following is from the Camrose,  Alberta, Canadian, of recent date:     '  Once again Mr. M. G. Kehoe, pioneer Tarmer living five miles southwest  of Camroae, has proven that goodTseed  properly sown will give an abundant  harvest. Mr. Kehoe has always maintained a high average year after year  and this year is no exception, 7,834  bushels of Red Bobs wheat from a  total of 207 acres bearing testimony to  the statement, or over 37 bushels, to  the acre." On a field of 130 acres ot  summerfallow the yield was, 42 "i>  bushels per acre:  Nine acres seeded to Marquis wheat  by C. Jacobsen on his farm in the New  Norway district, Alberta, yielded 546  bushels or nearly sixty bushels to the  acre. Mr. Jacobsen put the seed on  new breaking and threshed- his harvest-on October 1. - The section in  which the nine acres are included was  formerly the P. Ramsey farm.  M. sF. Cole, Dinant, threshed sixty  bushels of excellent wheat from, two  bushels of Renfrew seed, sown on a  one and one-third acre patch.  Was Elected President  New Varieties  Of Wheat  Two Have Been Tested At University  s ~A of Alberta  . The University of Alberta has been  paying special attention to two new  varieties of wheat which, it is thought,  will -meet the requirements of certain  districts better than Marquis.   '  Renfrew wheat is later and higher  yielding "than Marquis and will likely  be suited to southern areas of the  province where there is a limited rain-  No Need Of Exaggeration Or  ���������***������    ">������������������' " *!r* ^^ .     i w  '':'-*]^;&]represent-ati6n _ To- Attract  British   Settlers   To- Canada  E. Garrett,_o������ The Signal, Watrous,  Sask., who was elected President bf  the Saskatchewan Division of the Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association  at the recent- Convention held in Regina. .  Triumph For Alberta Butter -  Wins F'������*t *>*-!*-e snd Geld Medal' At  y*"-*" '" 'London Pairy Show  The''greatest triumph yet scored by  Alberta creamery butter in competition, .was recorded recently, when it  was" announced from London, England,  that an exhibit of Alberta creamery  butter, 'salted, -"made in tho plant of  the P. Burns Company, at Edmonton,  had won first prize and gold medal in  the colonial ..section- of the London  dairy show, one of the largest shows  of its kind in the worldv    This means  A��������� party- of "��������� British, newspaper correspondents and editorial writers re-'  cently toured Canada as guests of the  president ofthe Canadian Pacific Railway,- and have now returned to the  British Isles freighted with a volume  of impressions gathered in the course  of a most complete and exhaustive investigation of Canadian life.  The members of the group were  specially appointed by the most important and Influential of the journals  of the Britisii Isles and are all experienced/ hard-working, and conscientious journalists with the faculties ot  observation and analysis acutely de-  The papers they represent  that this  exhibit from Alberta stood  ahead of all other exhibits from other j veloped  parts  of* the  British  empire, not in-) 1������ a very adequate manner cover the  c. onm  to  fall. It does net  sow it in the Edmonton district or in  northern areas when frost lias to he  reckoned with.  ing progress of the radio has further  lessened^any disadvantage he inay be  expected to sustain by* reason of his  position and imparted sOmctliing unique and peculiarly enjoyable an the  way of nionaer farming._   "  Cattle Plague Is  Spreading In England  Famous   Warminster   Fair   Cancelled'  For First Time In 400 Years  , The Prince' of Wales. may have to  abandon, his fox hunting this..season  owing to the spread of foot and TnouilV  __ disease and public interest In the epidemic, which is affect big 13 counties,  centres on this feature. 7  Hunting is not ������������������'.���������'allowed in the afr  feetcd areas .because It.::.; is' .'���������"believed'  that, horses and. dogs crossing cow  pastures    carry    lhei, infection    with  them.    ,     :..l"Ar ,....'y ���������;li.::.x k.,yj>~Ay  ���������':>   j'-  Officials ot the:ministry,of agriculture are Invest igaUng '-.a* theory  that autojnVibiles are ajs"^, carriers or  tho disease. "They bel love, that .mud-  covered automobile wheels spread  "tho cattle Kcourge.-'nspecifllly * "machines^ arriving ,Tro-n,.^th&ycontinent/  whore the diseaseIs ''-prevalent."-k';;x  ,.^Sev<"r������l 'eattloi'./'ttho-jys: y .Jia^o*!,',- been  abandoned,' Including -they, famous  Warminster: fair in Wiltshire,;, which  lias boon held'. bnch..'.-3*������'ftry'wl!lbouty..J_n.V  te'rinis'slo'ri .for 400 years.        ���������   ' ^: .    -  ��������� ���������;        .-.��������� .it ��������� ������������������;��������� < ��������� ������������������<��������� -J.:...  Good  Outlook For Fat Cattle  Market* 'Can   Always   Be'Found   For  'Choice   Anipiale  Prospects at th** present. Uroo oppeay  promising for.Alberta fanners,wb������. in."  tend to feed ...beof. cattle... during'. tho  fonVlng/ winter,  in   the  opinion   or  P.  Burns,    veteran,   cattleman    of    that  province.'     Faimpi's    who    lulvo . an  -abundance of feed.-.j-fateH Mr. "Burns,  rvmnot mnir ��������� better ime "r-rMt I hun by  buying a numbr.r of good feeders' and  flniwhiiifi tbV-ni at Jiome, .aiT'thoru. wil.  nlwriTM   b������*  m   vntirlcet   for   .���������holer*  beef  ���������nil vn.nl:;.   *  Saskatchewan C. W. N. A. Meet  Good   Attendance'   at    Ninth    Annual  Convention in Regina  The Ninth Annual Convention of the  Saskatchewan  Division  of the   Canadian  Weekly   Newspaper   Association  was held at Regina, on Thursday and  Friday, Nov. 5"and 6,-and was an unqualified success.      A large representation^ members attended from every  corner of the province, and the business sessions proved mostTielpful. The  delegates received ?n offieliil welcome  from Mayor Mason, who handed over,  the keys of the eity.      The Saskatchewan Co-operative    Wheat    Producers  gave a luncheon at noon on Thursday,  and in the evening the editors were the  guests"   of the  .Leader  Publishing  Co.  -at a dinner.      "Later the delegates attended a theatre party as/the guests ot  the  Toronto Type Foundry Co.      On  Friday at noon the Saskatchewan Cooperative Elevator Company entertained at a luncheon, and ;a the evning the  Weekly Newspaper Association gave a  banquet,   having   among   their  guests  Premier Dunning,-Hon. *--S.- J.   Latta,  Mayor    Ma_ron    and  other .-prominent  citizens o������ the city, and province.  -  At   the  closing  session   on Friday,  officers    for    the    ensuing-year Were  elected  as  follows:   Hon. S. J. ILatta,  Prairie New3, Go-van, honprary president ; Jr,  Garrett.,    Signal,    Watrous.  president;    W.   G.   Redmond,   News,  Mapl������ Creek, vice-president; S. J. Dor-  Alberta    Board    of    Directors    Decide i nan.    Despatch,    Alameda, secretaijy-  Against  Project For Thj8 Year       i treasurer.     James McDonald, Courier.  The    Alberta    Wheat   Pool will not ' Unity,   was   elected     honorary    vice-  cluding Britain Itself.    -  Two other exhibits from Alberta,  made from the plant of the Woodland"  Dairy- at Edmontdn, and 'the Innisfail"  Creamery, were given high com men-  elation in the show. The first prize in  the unsalted butter section went to  the - Co-operative Creameries of  Regina, Saskatchewan.  In the colonial section of the show,  Canada won four out of the six prizes  offered, for "^empire-wide competition,  and Western Canada took three out  of the six. This means that Western  Canada" creamery butter is recognized in. the most discriminating market  in the world, as the highest quality of  butter prduced in any of the British  dominions.    ___  The eAuibitjd fiom Alhetrta in. the  salted section were made under the  -auspices of the dairy branch of the  provincial department of agriculture,  avhich gave substantial assistance to  the exhibitors fn enabling them  make the exhibit overseas.     It is the  ,, , _- -   ,*    Another variety, University No. 222,  dlan iarmor, and now the same sweep-1 j   -    ..   -,    . - --   ���������        *      -  . ..  '      _.;-'   .     ���������  .    ,.f     is .entirely beardless    and    resembles*  Red Bobs from which it was "selected.  It is about four days earlier than Marquis and in tests on the University  farm at Edmonton has -given better  yields. The shortness of tbe straw is  a disadvantage in the drier areas.  *uttii.eu      jtvmgdom.      Their      arduous"  Itinerary took them into every section  of Canada and furnished opportunity'  to penetrate Into all  the channels of  Canadian activity.  The party^ was given an unique  chance to briefly but adequately observe Canada at work and play and to  sum ug the total of the life of the-  country and estimate its opportunities  and possibilities. Men of the calibre  of these journalists, trained in the arts  of analysis and expression, should be  able to make tlie most of such* a visit.  The ^people of the British Isles should  welcome their impressions and Canada should materially benefit from the  results of their dissemination1.  Along certain lines Canada has of  late suSereu s-avereiy in the British  Isles from publicity of an adverse nature based oiT the unfortunate experiences of a few Britishers who from  one reason or another proved unas-  to j simllable. There has been too great  la tendency  to generalize  from  these  first time that Alberta has exhibited  in the London show, and it Is regarded as a -unique triumph for the Alberta  dairy industry that the gold medal  came  to this  province,  even,  beating  stray examples and to overlook the  overwhelming outweighing evidence on  the other side. On pracxicaiiy aii  phases of Canadian life there exist the  weirdest    and    vaguest    impressions  N.  Drops - Coarse  Grain  Pool  operate a pool for coarse grains this  season. At a meeting of the board ol  directors of the pool held in Calgary,  it wa.** decided that the number of contracts received ih response to the inquiry^ sent out by the board; was not  sufllcleh-r-yto warrant organization for  .tlm'present sdason at least.  Accordingly all contracts signed by  ���������riiose wishing to have a coarse > grain  pool, have been declared void and  omcikl" notification of the bpard's  decision will be sent to eVery farmer  who signed a, contract uiider the provisional terms of the proposed pool.  Frond Farm To City  Luxury. Costs Are  Double  For  Urban  y .Dwelle^B   ���������  "Do a little figuring before leaving  tho   old   homestead    for tho cit^V' is  president. The following y; executive  were elected; C. R. Mcintosh, News^  North "BattTofoid; S.'J... Dornan; DeV"  patch, Alameda; TiS/McCul lough,  Review, Weyb urn';'. T. E. Scriver,  News. Wolseley; C. H,. Ash,"Gazette,  Birch Hills; and E. N...'.Cartei\>Press,  Wilkie.  out in competition the famous" New \ which distance and. total dissimilarity  Zealand dairy butter, which is made j of conditions render it most difficult  under almost perfect conditions. S*.     \ to-eradicate.        - .-  Naturally, there is considerable, ela-}     The British Isles Is in constant and  tion among Canadian dairymen over  the fact that Alberta butter has scored  so highly. r The grading**systems in  effect in the province have had considerable to do with the rapid improvement of quality of the butter  manufactured in the plants in Alberta,  and with this latest triumph Alberta  butter is likely to be more in demand  than ever in the British market, where  last year a'considerable quantity'was  sold.  Advertising Creates  Demand For Fish  ; urgent need of information on Canada  which its people can feel assured Js  authentic and free from bias. Tills  should be_to some extent met by the  work of these newspapermen trained  through years to observe and express  accuratelj* and clearly, and given peculiar opportunity to see into the workings of Canadian life. Canada bas  not the slightest apprehension over  the conclusions they reached. It cannot he too strongly or too frequently  reiterated tlm Canada has not the  slightest'need of exaggeration or mis-  | representation. AH she keenly ������e-  -. ; sires to assure her own future derelbp-  ' [ ment is to be adequately known as she  Poultry  Shows      ,.V.  Two Dressed Poultry Shows to be Held  At Saskatoon and Regina  Saskatchewan ls putting on two  dressed poultry shows, one at Saskatoon, December 2, and one at Regina,  December 3.  Excellent prizes are offcrod and tho  feature of-the'two-shows-'will bo that,  a special car will bo in wa'itih*s������at  Saskatoon,' December7^, and immediately the show Is over the .birds will  be loaded into the car"; which will pro-  tho advice of ri   university   .pvofes.sor  who has mode a study of rural econ-. I reed'to Keglna, arriving thoro Just as  bmics. In his investigations hu  found that ������ farmer, whd proposes  moving to town' must fissure himself oC an ip-comi1- twice ai* big as ho  had���������OJi the farm If he exports to live  ns cprnfortablyyri.s he hn-s been aceus-  tom.ee] io, lie discovered' that 200  average 'Tanners hud an income of  "f 1,000 a. year. To live as*well In tho  city they must havo. $2,200.���������Vancouver Province.  Ami" in - Japan, bread is bought by  tlie yiinl, And maybe thoy my Ik  !u<-|]--H iH^neiter than none. ,   ���������  brag |  British Channel Trader Speedy  For -speed among t,he trndinip vob-  ������o1h of the world pride of placo must  be glvr-n to a DrillBh Channel'-trader,  the S.W. J'*ordftdnlo, which has accomplished, the journey from Freeman tie,  Auslrulln, -to Swansea In the record  time Tor a trader of 27 days' j-tenmlng  time, as ng'ilnst the uniml j-ix weeks.  ..   Anct'.-try   hi  a   good  thing  to  hi  nhnut'Jl' you haven't anything of more  recent o'!*.uiT*.iicf>.  Ai'tifleltil flhrr- f-Jlk Is tran8par-.nt to  Ultra violet rayh of tin1) sunlight and  W,    N.     ������'  J ������l������3  I  la/a      ������ ������J_l.l     , u ������4..a4.a*.    ������4,  than '411< or wool.  a.un,,a<ai .1 la    ullii.'.  the Regina .show Is concluded, pick  up their birds and at once proceed to  Montreal, whero already certain -firms  have arranged to feature ^"Saskatchewan exhibition poultr*>" for tho-Cliristr  mas trade. It is expected that there  wilt bo about 2,500 birds in the car.  Three yonrs ago, when the drosHod  poultry nho.v waw atnrted at SitHlta-  toon, one flliow case, "Six foot long,  contained all Iho ' birds .offered. for  exhibition.  PrqfeBfcor. IJaker, of Iho viniyi)i"������ityj  and W. Waldran, ot Tlio department  of ogricultur**', Kcglha,,r have the grading, packing and whipping of tin* ear  in uha!'������-'.    ���������     .;  Publicity Campaign of-Last Few Years = reajlv is  -      y Produces Results J    | "   'if every-Nova Scotia fishing boat i   ==_        *. . .      _      -^ ������       ������.���������������'������������������"'  and every Nova Scotia fishcrma-T were   -Wany   Lntnes   For  Dairy   5hoW  tnwork {he full limit of U^irc^a-AI|.Canada Competitlon Ta^a  ^CQ  city for th/e next    six   .mouths    they ���������  would, be unable to supply the demand t    rpi_   ������������������_.-,���������.,���������.,���������   .1���������r���������.. _, which  that liad been created as a result of  the intensive newspaper advertising  campaign that has been carried on by  the flstying indiyistry," declared Arthur Boutill I ?r, pre Rid ent. of tlio Canadian"* 'Fisherman's Association, addressing tho Rotary Club on "National  l?iHh Day." Mr. Boutilller gave the  club a brief history of tho advertising  campaign atarted soma years ago by  Iho fishing industry of Canada, and  wlflcli, he said, had created an unpre-  cedehted demand for fit.h food In Canada.  Quick Thlnkln-j Saved H|l������ Life  Robert ICeating, nlno^pf'Jersey City,  >t.J., icrabbed the bumper of a s'peed-,  Ing sedan which wos about to run him  down, Btuck hl������ feet-onto tho front nxle  nnd was carried threo blockn before  ^aa..   .a.������^M.J"A   ..Uaa. .a,   l^iL.   L.... w.-a.   .1   .....IA _>i*-iu'*������������  Tho Inrt received only slighi. hrulMe-",  Britain's Egg Import Bill  i ���������,       ,       i ��������� y,1. ������������������'  Last Year Amcunt Ran Over Seventy-  seven Million  Dollars,  Tho London Dally Mall is carrying  on a campaign to reduce the big Kng-  Ush egg Import bill. Last year the  bill for eggs imported into Britain vnxa  approximately $77,500,000. This vast  Hum repreHuuts 2,00,0,000,000,  During the last few years there has  been at notable Increatio ia the number ot laying hens kept In Great Britain, aH well as a luarkedLlmprovt-iui-nt  in their productive powers.  , Million*- of Canadian egg* go to.  Britain every year, and are likely to b������-  in demand there for many years to  come.  In Winnipeg This Year  The all-Canada dairy show  will take place In. Winnipeg, February  a-12, in connection with the Western  Canada Dairy Con vention, -is. already  attracting entries .from creameries all  ox or the Dominion. Out of a total of  64 already received, Alberta has 25,  Manitoba 14, Saskatchewan 9, -Britisii  Columbia 5, Nova Scotia 3. Prince Edward Island -6 and Ontario -1. Tho"  all-Canada competition was first Instituted by the Manitoba Dairy Association and Js now held In a different  city each year. The forthcoming  event will*"*lake place under the auspices of the Manitoba Dairy Association and the Dairy Manufacturer-!*'  Association.  U. &. Chicken Population  The chicken population of the Unh-  ed Statoa is placed at -1*0,000,000 by  tho  department of agriculture.   This  number,  the department  said,  would  ] snake ������ procession of chickens 100,-  1000 nilb-H long   and    ihey    could   lay-  enough   eggs    each   , year   to   reach  from tbe earth to tht* moon n������d~bHc.lc  again.  Turkey Buxxarda In B.C.  Bird lovers at Vtetorln,  B.C.. havo  been mystified by the appearance over  the city of-b-stweoa ICO and 200 liu-lu-y  1 buzzards.     Many say they have their  j homes in the southern states and are  in 1023, 31 per cent, of all hospital  seldom seen so  far north, especially  !!���������!-.     Ilu-     T"v������|.. .-������     r.m..t,.,     ...*.,, ' "Ivi    ���������������****!*>   "T*** IT������*''"'H"-I, "N"wt niM* |l������*������   RI'.'   ���������������.  lia-aUiaiuaai  given free  "i a-     T"-  * I     ���������*     **** ' ' ' "  a lose to explflaln their presence her*.  %%%.  gtVfff)f|' ���������l-.r-lfcaf ���������'V,'*"'"'"ti_!fcv'*"a2  '���������'"ft -*w J*iST- Sif". Tj^J ',  \  y  ���������XHJR .CllEiaiTeik  JBKVUSf?  THE CRESTON REVIEW  Issued every Friday at Oreston, B.C.  Subscription t $2.50 a year in advance*  83.00 to U.S. points.  C. P. Havks. Editor and Owner,  ORESTON. B. C..  FRID AY. J AN. 22  WHAT OTHER PAPERS SAY  Creston's Demands  Creston boa-rd of trade   is   after  the     paovincial*     government     to  spend some $40,000 in   the district  this year.    They want  ^20,000  to  complete the highway   north   and  south to Porthili.    $10,000 for  the  Arrow   Creek   diversion    and   the  -regular grant for the   maintaining  of existing roads.    Creston   is like  many other places in the province,  they want heaps of money expended  and   then demand economy   of the  government.    The   peculiar   thing  about Creston   is   that   the    taxes  collected    by   the    government   is  around $9,000  a year, or about 25  percent   of   the-amount asked   by  the board of trade.   _Who  will pay  the difference?    It looks  like Fred  Lister, member  in   the" provincial  house, and after   whom the famous  Camp  Lister was named* will have  to stick around   the farm   a   little,  and get some more acreage   under  crop, thus   increasing the   reverne  - for the government.    The   Creston  board of trade nor the   member for  Creston   cannot     expect   "Honest  John" to bleed   other parts   of the  province to the extent asked for by  our friends down    in    the   Banana  Belt.���������Cranbrook Courier. V  Lumber Industry   -  In   this   important   industry   1  regret to report a decreased activity  due in a large measure to  the low  prices  offering for ties,   and to an  over-production   in   lumber."   This,  condition "does not pertain   toT the  Creston district  alone,   but   exists  practically throughout  the interior  of  British    Columbia. - There   are  indue ^tions,      however,     that     an  adjust: scent is   taking   place,   that  exist jot-*    supplies    are    becoming  depl.t:d _and   the   fact   that   the  majority of mills are arranging for  extensive logging operations, would  seem to prove that better conditions  may be looked for in the immediate  future and    that   local   mills   will  again    be   operating   to   capacity.  1925 shipping was:  reasonable chance of  meeting their | ffyf y^ SUf-P WfflTftR.-. Rft*if*43**  I favorites as "Fight the   Good   Fight"  1; J   ������4Cla.--4  TT-������     C_av..n_l     TT������>     fnl> '_I_P_MJSI_.''  Lumber,  feet   Ties ,   Cars of slabs.--.   Poles   Posts   16,398,759  118,7"i6  33  1800  44,250  Livestock Industry  Conditions in this industry would  seem to indicate a slow but steady  improvement arid that dealers have  been able to more than hold their  own. The - records show a 1925  outgo of  Horses..  Hides   38  311  93  Board of Trade  President Report  AS- . '  ' X ���������'     ���������r ���������  -Following the usual customs I  would like at this the eighteenth  annual meeting of the Creston  Board of Trade to review in brief  the work���������covered by our efforts  during the year, as well as to lay  before you the statistics covering  our exports for the year ending  December 31st. 1925.  The Fruit Industry  The total value of fruit  shipped  during 1925  shows a   reduction as  compared    with  the corresponding  period in   1924, this being  due, of  course,    to     the   severe   freeze   in  December of 1924 and   the damage  sustained by the trees at that time.  The figures submitted are, I believe,  higher than anything we anticipat  ed, after hearing  the report  of the  government experts   early   in    the  year, and serve to indicate that tlie  partial failure of the apple crop has,  iyy a large extent, been  offset by an  increased     production   in    ground  crops.    It is gratifying to note that  the trees have made  a much better  recovery  than   was expected under  the circumstances, with indications  that thia year's crop will more than  double that   of last year  and  that  the year   1927 will   see production  on a normal basis again.    Prides on  the whole   have   been    satisfactory  and,profitable to the grower.    For  1925 the frnit and vegetables shipping was as follows:  pj-ckagoB,  Apples.-.���������.-���������.���������,��������� .���������  Crabs    Oherrles Hour.     Strawberries���������    Strawberries,   Palls���������   Raspberries . ���������.���������   Logan berries _. ���������.���������   Cattle    Village Incorporation  Turning to matters of local interest I feel that the year just closed  has fully vindicated the strenuous  effort, made by the board during  the latter part of 1924 in bringing  about the incorporation of Creston  as a Village. The task of organiz  ing the new Village has not been a  light one and I think we all fully  appreciate the many details and  problems our commissioners have  had to contend with. I feel that  great credit is due the commissioners who have given so generously  of their time in the protection and  promotions of our interests. -  payments and of securing a comfortable living to wrhich they are  entitled. I* am happy to state that  our representations in this con nee-  fcionjjave been successful.  Reclamation  The question of the reclamation  of the KootenayV Flats was not  overlooked. Following the visit of  ���������.he Minister of X_ands during the  summer an option * was obtained by  a local syndicate pn 10,000 acres of  land and I understand   that at the  ** - __>  present time  a responsible   firm of  engineers have under consideration  the question   of. undertaking   the  drainage of same." *  Irrigation  As a result of adverse moisture  conditions during tho past few  years the  question of an  adequate  I water supply for irrigation purposes  has again come to the fore aud  following rrepesentations made io  us by prominent growers a special  committee was appointed to thoroughly investigate the matter. It  is too early yet to report the result  of tlieir findings, but I feel safe in  Stating that if after investigation  the matter is found to be not only  necessary but also an economical  possibility, the growers can rely on  the full support of thss Board  towards making irrigation a  practical reality in the near future.  This is not a question in which th������  growers alone are interested, but a  question which vitally effects the  interests of. us all. ^~  .1 propose to leave to the~ chairmen of the various Committees the  task of outlining in detail Just  what has been accomplished in  their respective spheres during the  year, but before, concluding this  report I would like to extend my  personal thanks to   the   executive-   ____   ucia.���������A TT_~     _������-..���������A  ilUU     -CliajlU   w>������#,   aJ������<aaa������  Married 50  Creston vili&ge had its first ever  golden wedding celebration on Friday night when, surrounded by  their daughter,' Mrs. Oed. Nickel  and five grandchildren of tbe Nickel  family,*and a.party of about forty  local friends ��������� Mr.   and   Mrs. John  -��������� *and were ably assisted by the five-  piece, orchestra under the leddtrjship of  IV. Hendy. The church was "Hilled to  capacity and the innovation .has been  so freely commended that in future th������  young people' will be given more frequent opportunities to take charge���������  the Q.j&.I.T. to have their chance next  month when a missionary service will  be given insimilar, fashion. Tbe boys  work of the United Churcb attracts a  steadily 'increasing   membership the  Berg, in right royal   style observed [Rangers ������*d   Square  now   having   a.  membership of fifteen eucu.   _a.rra.nge-  the "fiftieth., anniversary   of   their  marriage,    which     took   place   at  dtratford,     Ontario,    on   January  15th, 1876.    Bev. A,   Appelb, Creston's Lutheran pastor,  was master  of   ceremonies,    and   with   music,  songs, stories and a very' fine.midnight lunch   the   guests .certainly  enjoyed the  auspicious occasion to  tlie limit, among   the  guests being  Rev. C; Janzow   of  Nelson.'  Both  the bride and .groom of   half a century ago were born near Stratford,  Ontario.    They   were'   married   in  tbe .Lutheran Church at Sebastopol,  and    remained   there   until   1886,  when the lure of the west got them,  and they   left   the   same   year for j  Plymouth, Nebraska, leaving there  in 1899,-when their next move was  to Laird, Bask., at" which point they  endured the  hardships -^and   other  experiences of  the   prairie   farmer  on a homestead*.    For 23 years they  engaged successfully in   agriculture  at this point, but   in    1922   rented  their farm and   moved to   Creston,  where they have resided -ever since.  The Berg fatally numbers   sis,   being Mrs. George Schmidt and John  Berg, still resident  at  Laird*  Mrs  C. A., Reisch  of   Berkley.   Calif.?  Mra   A.   H.    Schroeder   of  Coeur  d'Alene, Idaho: Mrs. Geo. Nickel of  Creston, - and    George'    Berg, who  resides with his parents.    In   addition these Mr. and. Mrs. -Berg have  26 grandchildren   sis great   grand  nients are being made to take a num*-~  ber of the United Church boys to the  East Kootenay boys' work  conference  which will be held in Cranbrook about  the middle of ^February. - '  TEWPETRS. FOR TIES  .,  Tenders will be received by the  undersigned for the supplying of 350  (Three hundred and nfty) number two  Peeled Railway Ties to be delivered at  the siding under construction at Duck  Creek on" or before April 1st. 1926.  Tenders to be in before February 1st,  1926. iJowest or" any tender -not  necessarily accepted. * CG-OPEK A=  TIVE FRUIT GROWERS ASS'N OF  WYSNDEL, B.C.  _~        *,  DEPARTMENT OF LANDS  NOTICE  APPLICATION FOR GfttZ.HG PERHITS FOR  THE SEASON 0? 1326  :woo  301  20000  1580  273C  111  Gooseberries  _....���������....    2481  Black   CurrantM.'. - ~     501  Red TCorrantH .���������     28M  Khnbitt-b ~      T&  Tomntoei Green      207ff  Tomatoes Hips ���������  2080ft  Cucumbers, I"*"c*-.lingr      47$  Cucumbers, Table ~    5842  Poppers, lb3.   ���������  18*77  Ctibbnge.  ������>������ _  UJ680  Corn ���������      fiOft  Potatoes, lbs  "7K0  Cflntafoupt-fl  ���������        78  fto(iwiiM.  \hm 2WT.2  Carroll*- nnd par*-nfp*i  lbs     "SIXl*)  Citron, elr..   Hih _...     Gl-2fi.  Our Highways  Despite strenuous efforts  on the  part of the Board it cannot, be said  that much headway has been made  iu this connection   and    there   sjrill  remains   to be completed   the connecting links between Arrow Creek  and Goat River   Crossing   and    to  Porthili.    I   am glad,   however^ to  be able to refer to   one outstanding  accomplishment in   this direction-���������  namely the Crawford Hill diversion.  You are familiar with the stubborn  battle we   have consistently waged  t i have this completed������and   I   feel  proud indeed to  be able   to report  that our efforts have   been    finally  rewarded during my term of office.  The benefits of this   diversion have  already made   themselves apparent  not only to the citizens  of Creston,  but to   the farmers and   to lumber  men who   perhaps more   than any  one realize to the   full   extent   the  saving effected  in this   connection.  During my term of   office I have  endeavored   to    guide   our   efforts'  along channels calculated to do the  most good not only for Creston but  for the Valley as a whole and with  this object in   view our programme  has covered a more   ambitious field  than hitherto undertaken.  Electric Light  Realizing that if Creston Valley  is to maintain i"s name as tho  premier frnit growing area in  British Columbia negotiations have  been conducted with a view to  supplying the town and possibly  fche district with eleotrlc power and  there are indications that our  efforts in this connection will not  tie unsuccessful.  fZamp Lister Lands  'Sol forgetful ai our good iriuitds  in the Camp Lister section and also  with th*) viaw of wir-oiiragittK  settlers to take up land, we  approached tho Government with a  view to bring shout a revaluation  of tlio   lands   in that district   with  a"     .        .!..���������.������      ,   a������    *.% ~  *im  rm    ������.!.,.���������     ���������>......,_������.,...    J,,  ������/������ll������)   ty������>J ���������������.���������_. v   ������>a     }/a*������l.>aa.i_,    a,aiv   a,.a a.auau   ������.J  a poaifcion whorft they would havo a  I to the heads of   the   various   com- J children.    Both Mr. ar.d Mrs. Berg  mittees,   to    my    secretary,     Mr. 1 are enjoying thebest of health ami  Bevan, with whom it has been a  pleasure for me to work and to the  members as a% whole for the generous support I have received during  my presidency and 1 trust that the  same measure of support will be  accorded the newly elected officers.  It has been a source of. pleasure ������to  me tp carry oti my duties which I  have 'endeavoured to ^perform, al-  ways in the best interests of the  district coming within the jurisdiction of this Board.  Sirslmmr>  * Mr. and Mrs. Brawn were  weekend  visitors at Cranbrook.    .,  Miss Cooper of Wynndel is a visitor  here at, present, a guest of Mrs.  Walthers. A -  are highly respected eitizens.������.Their_.  host of friends felicitations on the  happy occasion and will wish them  many more years of happiness and  health.  Applications for permits togs&ze livestock ok  the Crown ranee within -easa srs������,la__r ciscne"*  ol the Province of British Colambia. must be  filed -with the District Forester at Fort George,"  Kamloops. STelson. Prince Rupert, Vancouver,  and W__tuns Lake^on or'before March Slst,  Blank forms upon which to submit -applications may "be obtained from the District Foresters at the above Earned places, or from the  Department of I*aiids at Victoria, B.O.  G.JSL. NAUKN,  Deputy Minister of Xaxuls.  Department of LandB, Victoria. B.C.  January ������th. 1838.       .      . > y  e SYNOPSIS GF .  LAND ACT AMENDMENTS  Tho showplough made itg, flrst  appearance of tbe season on Tuesday  afternoon. Road master     Fawnett  made the trip with tbe crew. So far  only two trips have made by the  flanker this winter.  Rev. H. Varley^ who took his final  service here on Sunday delivered a  striking address and was busy on  Monday paying goodbye to his parishioners. During his four years /in  eharge hero ho has invariably drawn  Rplendid congregations, and enjoyed  the friendship of all.  A. R. Swanson, who was agent  hero up till 1A17, since when he has  been located at Creston* and later at  Misuion, waa renewing 'acquaintances  on Sunday and Monday, on his way to  Kimberiey, where he is taking charge  of tho C.P.R. depot.  Mr and Mra, Walthers wore agree  ably iiHHlbtod in celebrating their tenth  wedding annivoraary, and also Mr.  Will thorn' birthday, by a party of  about two dozen Sirdar friends who  happened In entirely unexpected on  TiuM-riay night., taking poHHPHHion of  the home -*.*.(l 5w0ep.Rdf.nj; to"entertain  the bride anil groom of 1010 along  with themauivt'ti at ciirds^and dancing  with muiste ������wppl������ec! by Rfro, Jac. Wll  Hon, piano, Jerry Cooper, harmonica,  and Vincent March on, piano accordoon  The Invaders brought along a bountiful supply of good Ihlnnu Lo eat* ftnd.lt  iw bard to recall a dull moment in the  Presbyterian Church Annual  ."'.".    ���������_ ���������*������������������";':���������'":���������% ���������kk^A...A',    .;��������� *-  ,  'There was a large   and- enthusiastic  turnout of members and  adherents-ttt  tbe annual  meeting of Creston Presv  bytertan Church   on   Tuesday   night.  With S. A. Speersi-.elected  to presides  Encouraging' reports   were, -presented  by   the   board   of   management,   the  session. Ladies*  Aid,   Sunday   school,  Mission Band, Standfast Club,  as well  as the Women's   Mis*������ionary   Society..  Three new members   were' elected to  the   board   of   m������������nagemenfc  for   1020  which will be made up of Mr. and Mrs-  John Sherwood, Mrs. W, B. McAlpine,  H. W.  McDonald, Dr. Henderson and  O. W*   Allan,   with W. S.   McAlpine  're-elected',   secretary   and    treasurer.  After the buainess session  there w������h a  short    programme    to    which    Miss  Georgie Barton of Vancouver contributed a recitation; Mrs. (Rev.),  Daly   a  vocal, solo,   with   Mra.    Beninger   as  accompanist;   and   Geo.   H.   Kelly  flute solo, with Mrs. Kelly accompany  ing him on ihe   organ.   At  the   close  the ladies of the congregation served  refreshments.  ���������     ui      '      '. ���������  *"  PRE-EMPTIONS  V Vacant,  _   unreasrved,       surveyed  Jrown lands may be pre-empted by  British subjects over* 18 .years of age.  and by aliens on declaring intention.  to   become   Britii-n.   suoj-sots;  eoa������5i-  . tional   upon   residence,    occupaf.' in, -  ind   improvenient   for    ffcgrtcultura.1  purposes.-.'.  Full inforoiatlon concernlnB r^gu-  ationa   regardlner    pre-emptions    ls  Siven In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series/,  ���������yijow.-tb "Pre-empt l_and,"-copies of-  which: <can be obtained free of charg-e  by addres-dng   tha    Xlapartpaent    of  "jahds, VtotorliL, B.Gv or to Bxiy Government Ag������nt,yyyy.---Vv:.,yj": ..-���������; ���������:���������-. y'..y-j:.'::  Records  will  be  granted  covering  only land suitable   for    aericultural  purposes, and whloli is not tlhiber-  land;  t.e^  carrylngr  aver  6.000   board  .fciet por acre west of the Coast Ranse  and 8.000 feot per acre east of that  Hanffie. ,':,������������������ A-'Ay k-A": :x:  Applications for pro-enoptiona ara  to bo addreoBOd to the X������and Commissioner, of tho Land Recording; Division* in wnioh the.land applied for  is situated, and are mode on printed  forms, copies of -which can bo obtained from th* "Land Commissioner.  Pra-emptlona must be occupied for  five years and Improvements made  to value of $10 per acre, including  clearhiK and oultlvatln������- at least Ave  acres, before a'Crown Orant can be  received.  Wor more detailed Information aee  .-tho.'.ySttBlaftin'    "He-* --to---,'-.*re-empt  "',  **r .  Boys Take Church Service  tUHM-l M-l-MJiOJIk.  almost t.lKlk.  .1  VwIDNOjI  JM������������IA3������������  ttlllaK'  Ohuroh history was made at Oreston  on Sunday night at the United Ohuroh  when for the flrat time to tho town's  knowledge the Trail Rangers and Tux-  is Square   hoys   of   the   congregation  took complete  chnrge   of   a,   religious  service���������Jind    acquitted      themselves  creditably In every detail.   Tho Tnxls  pretor, Clarence Staples, presided, and  four short addroBaes appropriate for ii  boys'   work    service    wore  read    by  Ronald Gibbs, Prank  Omwford, Dick  Randall and  Lloyd Oaitwrtght.   with  ,llnv Hnndlov' reading?    tbe   neripfcure  IcRHOin   Poroy   Robinson,   usher-  and  Stewart Punaoo aojl Jim Cherrington  taklnjr up fchooflPotory.   The members  of the Rangers and Square furnished  tho music, and with tbe regular choir  members scattered    throughout   the  edifice it may well be nalrl   tha c.or������Ep;re-  gational pinging was the heartiest ever  amj*r,l4.m  MH1IMl.'**4   mJ4Jt..m   <y..v     muju     aw_u  ing   in   with   vigor   on   such ohltlmel  4.V4..  _v_  ������       PURCHASE     .^ ;,.,',��������� .,  XppllciAtibns are received .for pur  chase of vacant and unreserved  Crown lands, not being; tlmborland,  for a--ricultiiral purpose** minimum  price of ftret-olase (arable) land ls IB  por acre, and sec-ond-elosa (erra*Bin������)  land |S.R0 per' acre. Further - infer-'  mattorx regarding* purchase or lease  of Crown lands, la given In Bullotln  No, 10, X<and "aeries, "Pjirohaao and  Laoase of Crown Lands.'*  Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on  timber land,nbt excoodln-s 40 acres,  may be purchased or leased, tho conditions lncludlne payment of  .atumpovo. ������������������  .   '������������������--r"  HOIVHiaiT-   LEASES  I   Unourveyod oreaa, not e-foeefllnir 20  aorft*,  may  be  leased as homeaStea,  ,ao.i'iOitloaiil upi-iith a, Uw*al*l3uy- bd"n_:  1 erected In the first year, title being  obtainable after re*! donee and lm-  Iprovement oondltlons ara fulfilieil  Lond land ha* been surveyed.  T      " ,      .   t, LEASE������  For uro-ina and , Industrial pur-  pone* areas not .exceeding. <I40 . acru������  may be leased by one person or h  oonmany.  GHAZiNO  ITnder the CraitlnBr ��������� Aot the Prov -  inoe la divided into B-ra*ln_c dlatrlcU  ahd Uiu ju.������kK������* a-ltmbiluttbro-il under -1  CSraclnitr . Cemml**loner. Annua;  fi-rotclnar permlta' are iBBUod "baaed on  nurobora ranarea, priority bolng* given  lo establliahed ownord. Stock* owner������  may form an������eolatton* for rnnjf������  manaifoment. Free, or partially free,  '[.iwinlt*   are available   for    aettlera,  '   ... . *.    ,    ,,...* ik.  oh   jm\ ������<*w������������*.ll| <i,.������w*������J������        ���������   ta^yt    ���������   '4-P*'- *���������>-���������������.  Scad, ,    ���������    1      ���������      ��������� "  ���������*_  ���������w  ti  H  m  nl.  ' \'L  '...I  1  P  1 Noxiee  Local and Personal  j   Canyon City Lumber Company,  Limited, are., closing- out- their  busfhrsa and- **!!- those-indebted to  them' please" make^ettlesnent at.,  once/, ' '''Anyphe*-' \navihg- '",' claims  against the Company please presen t  samp. CANYON CITY LUMBER  COMPANY. "Limited.  BULL CALFiESTRAY  -  'Came to'tbe.premises^of the under-  signed at Ganyon, oh or about November leti 1925, bull cal*, _ red* about one  year old- - Owhei* can 'have same on  proving property and ".paying all  expenses.    FRANK CLARK, Canyon.  M&gl&  -For    SAI4E���������Set .of    bob  Apply O.- Blair/ Canyon.  For' Saes���������Loose leaf  ledger -and  binding post..   V������ .Mawson.        ���������-. >./  The United Church Ladies* Aid have  I appropriated the 35th  of February for  their annual bean supper.  ' Mrs., Cbas. Moore ~ is - leaving this  week for a few weeks' visit with her  mother and other f ciend3 at Kaslo.  *' Mrs. Stanley Patterson returned at  the end of the week from a few weeks*  visit with her sisters at Dover, Idaho.  H&rs For Sajsse���������Quantity of No.. I  .alfalfa for sale. Price is right and will  deliver it where desired. A. Wealing,  Canyon.  Fon. Saxje���������Half ton otmeadow.hay,  cheap for cash;   V. Mawson. \      -���������'.'  . . .     ,    Fob Sai_2���������Fresh beef, any jquanV  sleighs. I it��������� afe g cents per pound.   Appjy-Fred  K. Smith. .Creston; .-*    '  :m  ��������� New Stocfe of  Harness  Second Hand Stored*  ^connection  M. Mimrstbetti  Shoe and Harness Repairing  WAT BR /VOT/CE  Horse: For Sams-���������Ranch horse,  weight 1325 lbs., well broken and  .sound, 8 years old, price $60. John  Garfield, Creston.  Mrs. Paine of Coronation, Alberta,  is a Creston visitor for a couple of  weeks, the guest of her parents, Mr.  and Mrsr T. Dickson,  {-   .Jos. Heath of   In verm ere,   who has  J been a visitor with Mr. and Mrs. F. O.  Rodgers for about three weeks, left for  home on Wednesday last.  Miss Blanche Henoren of St. Paul,  Minn., arrived in Creston on Thurs-  d y last on a visit with her parents.  Mr and Mrs. Geo. - Hendren.  LosT-r-Between Crestow and Eriekson on the evening of January 1st,  gold bar .tie pin. Reward to party  leaving sh nie at Review Office.  -"'"*'*-"-   v. - \'A    % {  .B.C.   Mutual    Senettt  Association,;  'Vancouver, 'B.C.y-An'y:''person Setweeh*.]  the ages of Id and -50-d.esiring to join  this (2500 Club) .apply   to P. R. OVus-"  cott, Creston.     '      , ;       *  ' *"'*    ���������.- i~'-      .A*-j i "���������>. -"  Fon SaflLDB-^1 portable forge, 1 bench  grinder, lrpipe stock'and dies,, i to 2:  inch,' 1   pipe"' vise'-and   cutter,   and  ?'uantitty,of pipe unci fittings;   Cheap  or cash.    Apply 'ladgate Bros.    -  J- r" "   m 4S " ^  v Miss Jerome* a former teacher . of  Division-II. - of Oreston school; ..went  through from. -Nelson' on' Saturday/  en route to Kimberiey, where she took";  charge of the-new rooGQ of "the school  io that town* oh Monday.  TheJRbd and Gun* Club had a iargej  turnout tttlthe annual meeting Friday  night, which -was followed by a dinner  put on by jefub" members. Major E.  .Mallandaine was , re elected president,  abd W- Hendy," secretary. v ���������  Hay For" SAtis-rGood quality alfalfa hay. will deliverin Creston. JErifk-  son or Canyon for $20 per ton.   Also [  Gold Coin potatoes. A gt ade. $2.50 peri  sack.    John Garfield,* Creston.  r ������ " - "   - I "*  Mrs. David Scott, of 'Long Coulee,  Alberta,-is renewing acquaintances in"  Creston at present. A number of.  people are desirous of renting -the*  Scott rerich, and anyone -wishing,to,  close the deal can do so while- Mra.  Scott is here.    >  Mr. FRUIT GROWER  -  f - --".-*       r   ��������� ���������* _ z" -r  " ������_>i-"*' ��������� ���������**       -*  "  Why not place'your order for your Box reqmre-ments  no^v, and have them delivered*_-t:6nce-so.you can  make them up in your spare -time and save the  cost of having them made/ We will give you 5%  ** off on them; payable March IsV 1926. This offer  good only until the 15th day of Febroary,. 1926.  CHAB. O. I*_OI>G������  ���������    - BOX MikNrrFA.OTXJSUBR "  >nw  Radio Supplies!  _ i -  Take notice that The Nakusp Electric Light  & Power Cbinpany, whose address- Is Nakusp,  B.C., will apply for a license to take and use 75  ������  -*      * *^*^ ^ _. _l���������      ____._.     __���������_.     a-.-  cubic feet "per second bf water eat. o'f  ~ ich - -   -    -          ._ Goat  River, which Hows westerly and drains into  Mootenay River at Creston, B.C.   The water  wiii-ijB diverted- from Ms** "tr*"****" ct a ~p������&_it  about'1600', feet   down  stream' from C.P.K.  bridge, on. BJeck 291, of Lot 812, and will be  used,for -power purposes upon the area described as* the undertaking of the. Company  ���������within a radius of twelity miles of the power-  site.   This notice waa posted, on the ground on  tbe lOthday of January. 1926. * A copy of tbis  notfce-an& an application pursuant thereto and  to'the->"Water Act will-"be filed  in the office of  the "Water Recorder at Nelson, B.C.   Objection to the application may be filed with the  said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller  of  Water "Rights. Parliament Buildings. "Victoria, B.C., witMri thirty days -after the first  appearance of this notice in a local newspaper.  NAKUSP ELECTRIC LIGHT & POWER  COMPANY, Applicant.  GEO. P. HORSLEY. Agent.  The date of the first publication of tbis notice  ts January 15, ""  Ha"S _Fo:r "Sale���������Alfalfa buy, in  goOd cond tion, price $15 per ton. at  barn. Apply John Bird, Land Settlement Board, Camp Lister, B.C.  * *  For, Sale���������Flooring and Drop Siding *tt reduced pi ices. Also a quantity  of Ho. "������. boards and wTiipljin. "Wynndel  Box & Lumber Co., Ltd., Wynndel.  Sotm-thing new,  Watkins" cocoa  in  tone    pound     tins,    50c.     Sally    Ann  Cleaner, 2 for 25c.    Don't forget to try  a pound of .tuy special blend tea a I 75c.  lb.    V.  Mawson. '/  Another four inches of wnow-CHme  on Saturday, and although Sunday  was mild the weatne** tightened up on  Monday and the Valley is now enjoy  ing reasonably good sleighing which  lumbermen are making good use of.   ,  Those who have money carry on  fct-teii? work in life v/itH greafercohJi-  dence. A Savings Account with this  Bank if added to regularly eyen with  small sums will soon give you the  confidence that only the possession  of moaey can give. There is a Savings Bank Department at every  hranch bf this Bank. * 41  g-fvfp'cpi^.i    w^zt<i\C-  A %\ yp A A  jw ja-"?^jLjr; j^iiw_ _   ������������*     "���������^   *���������������������������---  C. W������..A*L1,AN,  OF CANADA  CRESTON BRANCH,  Manager.  ��������� 'OOm  The Touring  CoU-x���������Bb "     **"  I^aJJtwlaMOoTiltlrOT.-WM'Ji.l  "   ��������� Hi"*  T^l^pwd  AN nU-steel iliody <>n tlie Improved cha*������aMrW^  * top deafened toharmonke with the reduction In. height,  gives Ac TotuHlnB Car a grace end ttmactciea* heretofore  ua4&$ipp'&Z������b������&.'" 7.-_; ���������.  Advan^Btecomfort^h^ pace with Imj-^ement*  In deuiitft. Placing the fuel tank under tho cowl had mnna  It possible to lo-#er the %***������> fAyinu greater lea room and  hdded comfort for drive* mnd pa-isengcm. VentUotlorv  - and drlvlnk. viilotjt are Cmproved by the new touring wlna-  ebleld, the lower half of which hi adjustable.  The aide cart-In*, g������nemlly^rc-dj-^ to l������.dy  and fop <chasiisc*"������ ftdil she ISb'bI detail of towring confront.  When In place* the c-priaafciji ^^vj-l wiilu -ilkw- (JcK*rii> axucS  combine wide -t-filonwlth lanttng durability;  But one   name   was   added   to   the  voters list court of revision on Monday  at tht- courthouse,. nt   which  'village  coju missioners Jackson and vMcCre-ith [  atfended." "The   revised list shows 133 j  pel-sons entitled to- voee   if there is - -  contest pn the 28th.  * Vic _yE"twso?*! h^-3 movsd his s*-os** 1  from "Wilson Avenue to a site on  CanyorrStreet just about opposite the  Grand Theatre, and to celebrate hi&  establishing at a new location he is  next week ^having a special sale bf  ladies' and men's hosiery.,  A new rector having been spcured  for Christ Church, Creston. the bishop  of Kootenay .has now consented to the  transter of Rev. -H. Varley to hit-  hew parish at Smrey, and he will lute j  his final service at Greston on Sunday !  evening, Jan nary 22-Ith, at 7.30. >  The colder weather that bas obtained  .during this week has put. the-cnrling  rink .n".sb������rpe* for operations and^all  six rinks had.,������ woi-ko������*t on Wednes -  day niKht, preparatiiry ,to.startlog the  berles of guinea by rinks repriei-.encing-  the president'and vice president.  H. S. McCreath "hits jnst secured a.  lease- of a 50 foot site of *g.P.R."  of trackage between the oil warehouse  atfd the auto unloading platforru and I  will be starting the erection of coal  sheet very shortly so that in future a  supply of this fuel will be on hand  const.* ntly.  There waa quite a good turnout of  uiemhera and _a<"hereuts of Chribt  'Church ������t the January social evening  .it the Parish Hall on Friday night at  which the winners at card������ were Mrs.  Jas. Coi-k and Andrew Miller, Lunch  was served And dancing rounded ouL  the evening. ��������� ���������       ...  Figures   submitted   at   tbe   annual  meeting of the feoard of Trade oh  Tuesday night lnat show the Mcintosh  Red to be the bijj-g'-st shippei On th������J  apple list for 1025. The lightest������hipp-.i-  of the year was the Cox Orange-���������the  records showing an outgo of 13 boxes  of.-.this variety. .  Due to an outbt-eak of smallpok  'among some of the childien at'Wynri--  del that area was put under qiin'rim-  tine on Wednesday. None of the  residenta are allowed to leave, nor cun  anyone from outside visit there. The  schoe������l is closed and, we-.-heart bheHriiln  atop is.ciincelled.  *"Mvs. M������, Cannaday, who "loa hwn  conducting a clothes pres.Hing establi-lh  ment in ,the Old City Bakery for som--  t|mo jjust," closed the shop lai������b weioU,  niulflti Thursday left������#or Moyie wiih  tl^a foinily. whoiye- i-lio intends to,  ,teniain for a few months. ,������n(l the*n  will be reUu'.jilog tu hor ranch ������,t OompJ  ������ l���������a.... .*..'        ������������������   ���������'..   ":.'���������       .::'"7,.;y    .-  I  Lleter.  i'.A  ''Cgtfi CZ#  ^f   |r*% i tI      %utmF        \ti!iM W*\ Wm mT"% \tuM Vmm  EXCIUS1VE FORD DEALER  MNMP  "   TE'WPE^S;ytrPP:Ti,ES  TendeiH will' bi*i received yby the  imderstgiied For the anpplying ofUoO  (Three bundled timi liftyl .nnndier two  Peeled Railwav Tiia������ to toe 'cleLlvereri at ,|  I he Hiding. ������������������rt������,������^W^y'.^. *>������������������ %������&.  Oreek on^or   before   April   *"w    -������*"������  wy^i;M  f**0*W>*  ���������''f^r***-**1  jersey. au.^fqij;;;s,erWl*CE  ^ui-ebred VJri;i-<\W Uut!. * "Oi;:vki:'>C3.���������'3.  O. NICK El -, M rl m������V HitrtchrOi MUiii.  ,  s  STRY OUR  SHAMROCK PORK SAUSAGE  An economical dish, easy to serve.  Shamrock Brand HAM, BACON analLARD  GLENDALE CREAMERY BUTTER    ^  Gfovernrnent graded, highest quality.  FRESH and CURED 1FISH  ���������-   ' .all varieties. - '  Choicest BEEfi, PORK, MUTTON, VEAL, LAMB  BURNS9 IDEAL POULTRY FOOD  increases egg-production and produces better poultry.    Buy the best.  ~1  We^have Tor sale about T tons of No: 1  Timothy, arid 5 tq.ns of Alfalfa.    This  hay is grown  in the Valley, and   is of  first-class quality-  OGILVIE'S FLOUR and FEEDS���������the^ best quality  and always the same.  FARMERS'SUPPLY DEPOT  'fT**        O JS   Ik. AT  To SendMoi^^  use   the  Memey  Order^  sold at all braticlies of this'  Bank*  They are safe, cheap and  'Coiiv'c.iti-csxity artd are  readily cashed in all parts  of the world.  THE CAJMAmAM 1MJS1K  mf\Y2'^T*Wmi'\%mt% JW> <OH?      ������  Capital P������14 Up $2Ojb0OMi^   A  tXemerimragM^  Creaton Dranch  D. T. Sc-nmgco������tf������Matu^������r  umiimni turn,. 4m,i,m,,mm^mm.kmm.4mm4lt44imm>l4M4l44mmm4mmm  ������rn**i' ne  ataWSattftANiW**!"-  THT*.* REVIEW.   CRESTON.    B.    C.'\  "I  *��������� m  K  ^-gj-aaa^  w  |77yyyy__7^  HEADACHE. BILIOUSNESS  7?;yy-^N:S$IPi^  ^73ki^N-EYS^LlV-tRi^  AWAkAgQWZi&BmMk  To Save Old Sailing Vessel  The Benjamin F. Packard, last of the  clipper ships, has been saved from the  : ignominy of the junk pile and is to be  converted into~a floating museum.  Announcement was made by Cornelius H. Callaghan, secretary of the  Maritime Shipping Exchange, New  York, that thirty members of the exchange had decided to buy" the old  three-master from its present owners-  He said the. vessel will be stored with  marine trophies and anchored off the  Battery.  ,S0N OF  fames Oliver CurwoDci  A LOVE EPIC OF THE FAR NOfSTH  Copyright, 1917, by Doubledaj*.   Page   &   Co.  ~BAREE, SON OP KAZAN," a Vitagraph Picture," With Wolf, tho War Dog.  ���������__���������;    Is an Adaptation of This Story  SYNOPSIS  I,  id been  come that for which Uaroe h������*    j -waiting.  Pierrot,   the   trapper,   and  Nepeese,       in an instant Baree  had sensed it.  ?iS^a+USMer' ?'\de '\he ^������UU,a ?f ihelr  His  muscles  grew  taut  as   pieces  of  traps to see what animals    had    been i .  ,    . ***       ,       _,_,.������  caught. Pierrot never left the girl! stretched rope as he stood up in the  alone, for lie. was tearful of MeTag-j moonlight, facing lhe direction from  gart, the unscrupulous factor, who was i which floated the mystery and thrill  determined to marry her7 Baree, the  wolf-dog, always accompanied them.  Nepeese made a pet of the dog, but  Pierrot occasionally - struck the dog.  "If I make him hate me, he will hate  all men," he explained  was  looking into the future���������for Ne  I>eese. -  of the sound. They could hear him  whining softly; and Pierrot, bending  down so that he caught the light ot  the night properly, could sec him  The  father j trembling.  |     "It is Mee-Koo:" he said ir a whis-   -��������� j per to Nepeese.-  Xvil. Continued* '     Tbat  was it, the  call  of the  blood  CHAPTER  Now the tonic-filled days,and cold, jthat' was running-  swift  frosty nigh?s of the Red Moon brought  about the big change in Baree-. It Was  inevitable. Pierrot knew that it  would come, and the first night that  Baree settled back on) his haunches  and howled up at the lied Moon, Pierrot prepared Nepeese for it.  "He is a wild dog, ma Nepeese," he  said to her. "He is half wolf,-.and  the Call will come to him strong. He  will go into the forests. He will disappear at times. -But we must, not  fasten him. He will come back. Ka,  he will-come back!" And he rubbed  his hands in the moon-glow ..until his  knuckles cracked.  The Call came to Baree like a  thief entering slowly and cautiously  tnto a forbidden place, y He did not  understand at first. It made him  nervous and uneasy, so restless  that Nepeese frequently heard him  whine softly in his sleep. He was  waiting for something. What was it?  Pierrot knew, and smiled in his inscrutable Wviy.  And then it came.      It was a night,  a glorious night filled with moon and  stars, under which the earth was whitening with a film of frost, when they  heard the fir^". hunt-call of the wolves.  Now and then    during    the    summer  i here   had   corao   the   lone   wolf-howl, i  but this was the tonguing of the pack;  and as It floated through the vast sil-1  once and mystery of the night, a song  of savagery that had come with each  Red   Moon  down     through    unending i  age*.,   Pierrot,   knew   that   at   last   had!  in. Baree's  veins-���������not alone the call of his species,  but the call of Kazan and a Gray Wolf  and of his forbears for generations  unnumbered. _$������.was-the' voice of his  people. So Pierrot had whispered,  and he was right. In the golden night  the Willow was waiting, for it was she  Who had gambled most, and it.was she  who must lose or,win. She uttered  no sound, replied not to the low voice  of Pierrot, but held her breath and  watched Baree as he slowly faded  away, step by step, in the shadows. In  a few* moments more, he was gone. It  was then that she stood straight, and  flung back her heady with eyes that  glowed in ..rivalry- with the stars. ^  PAINS IN BACK  AND SIDES  Ended  by Taking  Lydia E,  Pink-ham's Vegetable  Compound  will help  youtohavt  air  a  lovely  ^w v������ i ������|JJL"W*_!_"tt ft  fXJsG Cuticura Soap  / daily t<o keep your  / skin clear, Cuticura  / 'Ointment to relieye  and prevent irritations; Keep the scalp healthy  by shampoos with Cuticura  Soap, assisted by touches of Cuticura Ointment when needed.  ss=--a-> saga *sss %y Ssa Addresa Canstima  Dqpoi: <**feni__sa_iB,-Xa_d. aicotreal." Price, Soap  2&h. Ointment 25 ���������������i 6C1. 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With one hand 'still on  B.irec'w head, Hhe pointed with the  other Into the plt-lilte blackness of  the forest. "Go to tlieni, Barer.!" she  whI.".i'-.T."d. '"But. you muni, come  back.      Vou muiM.*    Clir-amao!"  half an hoar'he could no longer hear  it. But the lone wolf-.howl to the  west was neaier, and three times  Baree gave answer to it.  At the end of an hour ho heard the  pack again, swinging southward. Piey-  rot would easily have understood.  Their quarry had found safety beyond  water, or in a lake, and the muhekunjs  were on a frosh trail. By this time  not more than a quarter of a mile of  the forest- separated Baree from the  lone wolf, hut tho lone wolf was also  an "'old wolf, and' with the directness and pijeeision of Tqng experience,  he swerved in the direction of the  hunters, compassing his trail so that  he was heading for fi point half or  three quarters of a mile in advance of  the pack. ;     .  This was a trick of the Brotherhood which Baree had yet to learn;  and the result of his Ignorance, and  lack of "skill,-'was that twice within  the next half-hour he found himself  near."to ..the paclc without being able  tb join it. Then eame a long and  final silence. The pack had pulled  down its kill, and iiL their feasting  tliey made no sound;  Baree had not"forgotten Nepeese-?-'���������������������������- A  dozen times he turned -his head "back  and whined, and always he picked out  accurately the direction in which the  cabin fay.. But he did not turn back.  As the night lengthened, his search  for that mysterious something which  he had not found continued.-* His hunger* even^wlth the fading-out of the  ljioon, and the* coming of the gray  dawn, was not sufflcigntly keen to  make him hunt for food.  It was cold, and it seemed colder  when the glow of the moon and stars  died out. Under his padded feet", es-  pecialy in the open spaces, was a thiclt  white frost in which he left clearly at  times the imprint of his toes and  claws. He had travelled steadily for  hours, a great many mlleB in all, and  he was" tired when the first light of the  day came.  At last it liad come���������-tho meeting  with that for which he had been seeking. It was in an open, lighted by  the cold dawn���������a tiny amphitheatre  that lay on the side of a ridge, facing  the east. With her bond toward him,  and waiting for him as ho came" out of  the shadowf*5r"]iis scent strong in her  keen noso, .stood Mahoegun, the young  wolf. *  There w.ia not a fortnight's difference in their ago and yet Maheogun  was much the smaller of tho two; hor  body was. an long, but sho was Blini-  mcr; sho nlood on slender logs that  were almestllku tho legB of a fox, and  tho curve of l.er buck xviis that of a  slightly bent bow, a ������ign of swiftness  ulmotg:_ equal lo the wind.  When the Rim rose, half an hour  later, it. found Hiem still "In tlie .small  open on tho .side of tlio ridge, with n  deep fringe of forowl: under thorn, and  beyond  Unit  ii  wide.   Umbered"  plain  which looked like.a ghostly shroud in  {ts .mantle of frost. , *  Maheegun, too, had ,<?qught the  hunt-paek, and like Baree had failed  to catch it. ".They were tired, a 3it-  jlle discouraged for the time^ and hun-  gry-r-but still alive' with the fine thrill  of anticipation, and restlessly sensitive  to the new and mysterfdus consciousness of companionship.      -"  To the flesh-eating wild^hings of  the forests, cawed and winged, the  Big Snow was tlie beginning or the  winter carnival of -slaughter and  feasting,' of wild adventure in the  long nights, of merciless warfare  on the frozen trails.' The days of  of spring and airamer���������were over; ou.t  of the skywcame the wakening of .the  Northland, ^ie call o������ all __le*sh-eating  creatures to the long hunt, and in";t'he  first thrill bf it*-. Jiving things were  moving but little this night, and that  watchfully and with suspicion. Youth  made it all new to Baree and Maheogun; their blood ran swiftly;' their  ears were attuned to catch the slight--  &S i SOUnuS.  In this first ol* the' Big Snow they  felt the exciting pulse of a new "life.  It lured them on. It, invited them to  adventure Into the white mystery ot  the^.silent storm; and inspired by that  restlessness of youth and Its-desires,  they went on. s~  (To be continued)  .Fine for catarrh  -j-fh-sa asels-sd In a  sga-oea ot;- -muffed  up tbe (BOM and  vapors  inhaled.  Head and Cbesf Colds  Relieved la a New Way  A  Salve  wbich   Release* . Medicated  Vapors when Applied Over  Throat and.Chest.  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These are being received in  greatly-increased numbers and from all  over the country, asking for 'particulars of the execursions lo the Old tand  and Eastern Canadian points, which  start December 1. Excursion tickets  to the east will be available-at ail C. N  stations from Winnipeg to the eastei-n  boundary of British Columbia until  January 5 at the special rate. Winter  excursions froni Canada to tlio'Western State-Twill be operative over Canadian National lines at special rates  from December 1 witli. a return ]imit  of three months. For the Pacific  coast, excursion tickets will be placed on sale at Western Canada points,1  at reduced rates, on various. dates  commencing December 1 and continuing until February 9.    .  Uvta 21 MuuonJmks Vsed Yzakly  * Only One Remedy  Friend (calling on dentist).���������My  head aches terribls-.  Dentist (absent-mindedly).���������Why  don't you,have it filled.  HEALTH BROKE DOWN  Asthma Brings IViisery, but Dr. J. Ji.  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IjIh warning to all the  wild, rind hirf :"'������������������������<��������� jm .aii"*' of iho  ISrotlwrhood,  He ran Ktral^ht into tlu- i\ufV.tu>n������  to, th������* north and wi-wi, 'tllnHhijc low  und or th** btudie"-, bin f.������ll drooping, htn  i^nrfl ftj-lanr. fhr: wolf tu* the wolf runw  on  the night trail.      Tlu-    pack    had  hwihajk   ������������!.���������������������   aiJ������M*������J,   *i,<id    t-a.JM   1,1 ������t* rridtlK  r  than he. no that at  th������r* end  of  Z^'  fagHmmmm-  KIPUNEY  ,fLif.������.,*HW������:.|B*   . <  I fiU'f*'"  Dominion Government Takes Steps to  Preserve Indian Relics  During the past*" summer considerable, work wa.-f accomplished, hy the  Dominion Government through': Mr.  Hi)rl'an I. Smith, of the Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa, in connection  with the , proservation of* the tbtohi''  poles at Kitwanga and vicinity-,., along  the Jas per-Prince Rupert, lino of tlie  Canadian National Railways, where  considerable Improvement Jn the appearance of theso ^"olos and other Indian totems was affected, which will  result In their lasting for many years.  It is tho intention of*-tho govern ment  to continue tlio work ��������� of ;pr,baervaUbn  of Indian totem poles rtrid other relics  next year In tho Kitwanga district,  and no doubt this policy will be extended lo other ilitdrlctw concerned.  Quite a Family Affair  Two twin brother solicitors, Mr. G.  II. Young and Mr. C, V. young, ap-  vJ_ponred ln a recent case at, Thames  Police Court. J-ondon, one for iho  prosecution nnd tho other for the.defence. Tlio two jiro.secutoi-.s were  aloe brother**, tin were the throe prisoners who Ilgurtd Jn the cuko.  Couldn't  Nui'3e: "I wonder who It wiik who  never folded up bin elothoii when he  went, to bed ?** -_       i  Tomanv:  "Adam!"'  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THE    REVIEW^   CRESTON,    B.    C.  s~  Re-establishes Strength  sedTT'������ EMutiieN  ���������, " The VltaBnln-rSeh Fooe-ionic   .  It's Cod-liver Oil    Pleasant to Take  Planning To Test  Speed Of Light  ArWe_ter_i Editor M.P.  Reports being prepared* by J. I>.  Soper on Canadian expeditions ^to the  Arctic   will be complete in 1926.  Rev. John Carter, ,64 yearsof age,  son. of John Carter, Toronto, has been^  elected mayor of Oxford.       .   .  a i  H. J. Bro-iine, "meteorologist " ot  Washington, D.C., predicts 1926' will  be a year without a summer with agriculture almost.-impossible. .   -   "  ������������������  The new Canadian Red. Cross Hospital was formally opened at Engle-  hart, Ont., by Hon.- Lincoln Goldie,  provincial secretary.  More than "400,000 people travelled  by water between Canada ahd the  .United States during the year ending  June 30th, research bureau shipping  board records reveal. ' * "*"  A memorial tablet to the late. Sir  William . Price was unveiled at" the  Armistice memorial service held in St.  Janles' Anglican Church at Kenogami,-  Nov. 8.  Approximate Velocity Now "Given At  186,300 Miles Per Second.  Further experiments with an object  of determining the exact speed of  light are to be conducted next-summer In California by Professor Albert  A. Michelson; of, the-University of  Chicago, it is announced by the university.. yWith perfection and refinement  of mechanical devices, this noted physicist hopes to calculate to a figure  within-Jive miles per second. The approximate velocity is given at 186,300  miles a second. '" ''- \  Last summer the Chicago physicist  measured speed of light by projecting  a powerful -light through a narrow' slit  on to'a mirror which wa^ spinning at  a rate of about 30,000 revolutions a  minute. This mirror, in turn, projected the light on Reflecting apparatus at  a station about 22 miles distant from  Mount Wilson. Next summer, it is  planned, tests are to be made between  two stations 100 miles* apart and with  use of larger mirrors.  A practical use ��������� for an accurate  knowledge of. the velocity of light is  given as follows: Knowing the velocity; it is perfectly possible to reverse  experiments and measure distance between points with a difference of less  than onepart in 1,000,000. This is an  accuracy which no engineering instrument maker can ever hope to attain.  Find Valuable - Collection  Chest   of   Drawers  in   Mayfair  Yields  _$75,o6o in. Stamps  A collection of postage stamps hidden in an old bureau in a __$ayfalr horde  in London, ysi.ktyJ years ago'has been  accidentally '" discovered, and found  worth $75,000. -The- original* value  was $150/ *: Search for a lost jewel  case led to unearthing the famous collection of stamps. Some of the  stamps were never-before seen hy cot  lectors? - The mos.t interesting are  two sheets of halfpenny Ceylon"  stamps, issued in 1858���������the only  sheets of these stamps existing. The  grandfather- of .the owner's husband  collected' ths stamps wlien he" was  young. Collectors from many parts ot  Europe will attend the sale of the collection.- '    ,  fim-Bitk  POISONED LIMBS!  " It, was jnst a bad ankle that mig_t  happen anyone. _ But it serves to show  how quickly blood-poison develops "unless broken tissue-rliave the protection  of  antiseptic ..Zani-Bui'.  Mrs.- A. Harrison, PJace-de-Armes,  Kingston, Ont., writes ;-**Dnring household-duties my left ankle was injured by  a sharp projection. Stocking dye got  into the-wound and its poisoaed condition  alarmed me. My aakle took* a turn for  the belter,'"almost as sooii^as I began  with Zam-Buk. This powerful healer  dispelled all pain, suppuration and. inflammation. _It healed pertec-iy.'*  Use Zain-Bdk also for ecrema.'cashes, plua-"  ��������� pies, boils, abscesses, cats burns,,->scalds. eta  OUR CROSSWORD PUZZLE  With the 192"i season of navigation  nearing an end, statistics codipiled at  -the port of Quebec show that 78,288  passengei's ^vere landed up to Nov. 7,  bound for Canada and the United  States.  Sir Horace Rumbold. British mubasv  sador to Madrid, will head the commission of the League of Nations,  which will inquire into the reasons for  the" fighting between tho Bui gars and  the Greeks recently.  The Manitoba Power Conipanj- will  spend $2,000,000 in new equipment  and transmission line;! following successful negotiations for supply of pow-  ed to the Manitoba Pulp and Paper  Company mills at Fort Alexander.  "_fhe "death ray" inventor can make  music come from beams of light. H.  GrSndell Matthews has shown how hils  luminaphone works; "He also has a  .device for advertising in colors in the  clouds.  After working on his invention for  sixty years, John Smith", "engineer of  Winnipeg, claims to have perfected a  "stationary engine*capable of controlling and producing its own, self-manufactured power." He has a "perfect"  model on demonstration.  linves uut Kheumatism  Subdues Lumbago  Brings  Ease ^and    Comfort  Sufferer at Once  to    the  NERVILINE  r  A King Over Pain  Those who seek permanent relief  from the grinding pain of Rheumatism  and Lumbago should read tho letter of  F. 33. Normand, from Georgetown, who  writes:  "I was fairly crippled wtth aching  joints and Rheumatism. Nerviline  must have been what I needed, because it .cleared up my trouble quickly."* "  "If you need a'reliable, strong, penetrating pain remedy, one you can depend on, get a 35c bottle of "Nerviline  to-day; it will make you well quickly.  Cameron R. Mcintosh, B.A., Liberal  members for North Battieford. is the  only editor which "Western Canada is  sending^  to    Ottawa.      Mr. Mcintosh  publishes   three   weekly   newspapers,  The North Battieford News, The Tur-  tleford Record  and  the   St.  Walburg  Times.      Mr.   Mcintosh^ has  been  an  active member of   the   Saskatchewan  Press  Associaitoij  since  it was  first  formed, and on the - executive since it  had    an    executive,    serving    several  terms as president.      He was one of  jtlie  Saskatchewan  editors  who  went  over to the European continent with  the Canadian Weekly Newspaper excursion in 1924 and were honored in  most  of the  capitals  of Europe,  and  entertained hy royalty in  Great Britain    and - Belgium,    and by Marshal  Foch-in Paris.     He is an enthusiastic  Canadian Club member, organizer and  first president of tho Canadian Club of  the Battlefords, and for two years represented Saskatchewan as vice-president on the national executive of the  Canadian Clubs of Canada.  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The largest decrease was reported    from   Germany  with a, 100,000-ton drop.     France de**  clined 19,000 tons and Denmark 7.000  tons. , ..; -*'. '. ....   .,'. y ���������',���������"��������� . ��������� .[''���������  Italy and Holland showed the only*  increases Jn work started during this  poriod. y! "  .   .. ���������  May Be. Important Discovery  Cancer Scourge Is Cured By Lead Says  Liverpool Professor  Selecting a meeting of the Toronto  Academy of Medicine for an announcement., of World-wide- interest to the  medical profession and vlctlms^of cancer, Prof. W. Blair Bell, of Liverpool  University, and honorary director ot  the. Liverpool, Cancer Research Institute, told leading physicians of the  city* of the successful treatment of the  dread disease by the chemical agent,  lead. He cited several instances in  which remarkable success had been  achieved^and assured; the ^members ot  the academy that 50 or so patients  were believed to be well, out of about  200���������mostly hopeless cases���������treated.  Horizontal  1���������To drive out from  6���������Clutches. --  11���������An animal.  12���������Girl's name.  1*4���������A    cleansing    agent  soluble in. water. .  "IS���������-Hesitate in speech,  lti���������A goddess of retribu-  . -     tivejustice.  19���������Point of compass.  20���������A flower.  22���������Pester.  24���������Dry.  26���������Performs.  27���������Male descendant,  29-���������Next  in order  after  yv  the eighth, '"..���������<"  31���������-A secretion from, in-  ��������� flamed tissues. ']-'���������  33���������-One of "the stages of  . t'A- life.--" Ax^A':.-..i  34���������Large container;  3 5���������Affirmative.  36���������-Part of verb to be.  37���������Lukewarm-i  1 39���������Color.  I 41���������By.  i 43���������Head cover (.pi.) -  4">���������Fund amental.  48���������Pours.  50���������Man's nickname.  51���������Repeated as a lesson.  "54���������Part *of -verb to be.  55���������Whirl.- -       -  57���������Gone by.  58���������A" melody.  60���������Aa     aromatic    sub  v stance  flowing- from  v certain    plants    and  trees.  61���������A disease.  Vertical  .1���������Cry  of  sheep.  2���������Tunes.  3���������-Negative.  4-r���������Interior.  5���������Thigh of an animal.  ������������������-An aeriform fluid.  7-���������Property.  8���������In this manner.  9������������������Shallow", di sh es.  1C���������Hastens.  13���������Lair.  -17���������Ireland.  i 18���������A constant irritating  ���������   desire. f'  21���������Touching.  23���������To slander.  25���������-One who dives.  26���������A_ garret.  28���������Propeller.   ,  30���������Short  sleep.  32���������Employ:!  36���������A part ofspeecll. .  37���������<*Story.T  j 38���������An edlblo fruit.  " 40���������Appall.  42���������Noblemen.  44���������Treadle.  46���������A mental image. -   "  47���������-Immense.  49���������Servant.  52���������A rotar. -  53���������Man's nanie._  56���������Article (Span).  59���������Royal      Academy'  (abbr.).  t:  1 ���������"���������*���������>*-  Advance In Medical Science  x^'^m^  Alport, Ont.���������"I have much ptcas-  ttre in testifying, to the efficacy of Dr.  Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery  which I. have used in my family of  iiihc children for over .forty years.. I  have no hesitation itv^pronouncing it  to be the best proprietary medicine  of which I have any knowledge for  building tip the body-and keeping it  in good order. If taken according to  the directions, together with Dr.  Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets,  "! i.111 convinced th'it there ?<- no better tonic. . I haVe been treated also  by the Medical Staff nt Dr. Pierce*!*  Invalid.*"' Hotel and I have had no return of the trouble since that date  <1910) which proves tlje thoroughness of their treatment."���������II. F. Bick-  ���������morc.     Alt  dealers.  Write' Dr. Pierce, Prea. Invalids'  Hotel. Buffalo, N. Y��������� foi* free medical advice.  Toronto Doctor Announces New Serum  For High. Blood Pressure     :*'  A serum which may reduce tho morbidity of high blood pressure was  .described, by Dr. F. H. G. Starr, of  Toronto, Canada, in an ad-  "dress before tho clinical congress of  tho ' American . College of Surgeons,  Philadelphia.  Dr. Starr said that William J. McDonald had been woflciug 011 the  scritni in the research laboratories of  the University , of Toronto for Homo  time, but that It had not yet roachod  n point to permit a detailed description  or an optimistic statement of its probable ofllcacy. Ho said tho sorum was  a liver extract. High blood pressure,  ho explained, usually was due'to'hardening of the artr-rloft, which l*. induced  by an inflammation, poHslhly of germ  origin.  Nation-wide Fame. ��������� Thero is  scarcely a corner of this great Dominion where the merits of Dr. Thomas'  Eclectric Oil have not been tried and  proved. It is one of the world's most"1  efficient remedies for sore throat, lame  back and many other ailments arising  from inflammation. Rubbed on- the  skin its healing power is readily absorbed, and it can also be taken internally.  "��������� I! ' '   *     "  Walking Stick Farms In England'  Walking stick farms aro not uncommon in England. To obtain a right-,  angled handle, the growth Is. pegged  down along tho ground, and from this  reclining stalk the sailing shoots upward vertically.  Answer to Last Week's Puzzle  m  XT  **r_  1GCA  f������he: "My father gives mo a dollar  every birthday.    I have now olghloou."  Ho: "How much dQe$ he ������tLll owe  you?"  Do Her Housework  Nerves Were So Bad  Mrs. X M. Parka, Connocon, Ont.,.  writoflj���������*'l had heart and norvo  troublo, and .became ho short of  breath X cowld hardly do my dnily  hoiiHowork, and wan so noryous I  noulu . not think of .staying alone, oh  ftvory littlo soiind X hoard felt liko  a shock to mo. ,  v- I Saw  recommendod, so I  trind n ho'x, rifid  nft'^r tnl-t-n-*-- th*-  Hecond ono 1 am  now fooling liley a  dia'oront woman.'*  iTlil"! preparation  ha������  -hoim    on   tlio  in n r k c 1;   for  tin*  and   ha������   nchiovod   :t-  for  tho   rcdlef  of all heart and norvo .troubles.  A giant salamander may live to be  more than a half century old.  ������*������-*--.  Broadcasting-'Duck Calls  Oakland, Calif.���������A dovlco for broadcasting duck calls has boon invented  hy J. V. O'Haia, president of the Val-  lojo Gun Club. .Radio apparatus^has  boon installed in the club's preserves,  ahd with tho opening of the shooting  soason In October, an alluring "quack,  quack,: quack" was scattered among  the duck blinds.  EYES  IRRITATED  BV  SUN.WIND.DUSI 6.CINDERS  JUCOHHCNDED t- SOU) BY DIMJGG 1ST* ��������������� OPtlCIANS  *U*LIT* MO*. ������������������m ������V������ CAM.* ������<JOI"   MUKIMS ������O.GK(CM������������AA  ypOHSHES  ALL PURPOSES  'MAKES OLD UKE NEW  AUTO  POLISH  KLEAI^ALL  REN UjALL. DRESSING  THE CAPO "POUSUCS, UE.1ITCO - 'KMUUlTCkM  LESS \yQRK<ft^fiPd  V|^;HKAR"ly:?.y|  IMPROVE YOUR POSITION IN LIFE  Wo   Instruct   In   tho   following   jmbj������ct*_:  COMM33ltCI.vU-~Stiorth*nd.   Typau-rlt-  Iiik.   Jto<-UU������cpliiK.   Secretarial.   Aocount-  I jmicv.    i'on^niwrciml    Ijvw,    Comptoia������.t������t.  To safeguard tho child from damage i Wctaphone.  I-.l������tln������r  Machine;  t"iU������������man������  that worms cause, use Mlller'a Worm} jhU������^ Conimerciai   Art.  -_*e������J������n.   Fashion  Powders, tha medicine par excellence,    Kx������rxREai-Nrc3.~���������i<vct Heat.    M-x-han"*-  lor    children.      Thos<3    powder*    -vlll f ml.    steniu.    n^rrlKcm-Joji.    enernlutry.  ������i������iii.  thn   HVrttom ��������� entlrelv "o-f   worms. *��������� Survc-rlwr.   AtcliWcctunr,   Civil^ EnBln*������p-  cieai    too   Hjnuiii   -nini^ij    v*l  .wumiM,. ( Ad-wnWI-   Kn*rl-i("orlnic,  At-"Innr Rn*  vwlll reguluto and Hiimulatt* the orgauia   [flMori^,  r^dfor^ Prinllnir.  Injuriously affected I13' the worms, and 'Public. Wan aeiiooi & Unlvteralty SubJ-ict*j  Will  encourage  healthful operation ofi    iaxquaQPA-KnRjJ*h, Fnonch. *L.alln.  rui'.������ it can  ho-r**H...l on  fnr 1r^������ offor- . The United Tttohnioal Sohook*-, Ltd.  ''   '��������� i t���������������_,B-i.'"'-al Mil* i'l-itl        Ci|lll|'l.������L-J        S>JlW.JiiO  tlvenesH. I commercial    -&   13iinln������seirl-5������   C0II013   4n  <*rtn:ii(l������.  ruarn  jia.st   ������p   ytiai  wonderful   reputation  Prevent   drlppe   with  mor.C.  Mlnard'a   Llnl  "I  ���������a>    a .. 1, ,.    1.....    mm rn  j. Ill,     ������H|-     I'lajy      ujr       *.������..     1.  .Co* Uiuitcd, Toronto, Out.  Canadian Ayrahlr-m Win Prlxes  A cablegram to the Canadian - Ayr-  shlro'Association of (Iroal Dritalu uiui  Ireland, unnouncoM that Ayrshire** look  Bix champion cups at tlie r**e'*n*. Koyal  Dairy Show, London.  Corner   r-artacjc   &*   t-awqelde.   Wlnnlpefl.  juajulaaaa  inub  the ecalp with Mlnard'a Llni������ient!    58?ratw-iTrV������r������i*M������  IL L.C l������L>E.0lu O *.iiwtt-4.Miow_vffl  *m*KMnmmmi-9\-ammiMt>nrw.t.K.\-rt..������*cr..ciiw,Mm  Da LE GLERG'S TO1MfiEMm  SjHTb ������*"������ urmji-"i.tf ra-.i* tAHkri?!* ������n.-w#wm  11..  I ET PI COt*'0.      -VKOITADUa  ���������t**. Ih, l*..--^.. f44mmi.4i..      TTrnU*.  I*  lfa>������*a<������al   3������  Htm.fUUQi.U.C l������.4.(.:*.������l.������r������������a������J.������ja w,l. A a������.u.oa,a.������  n_rM������JJ Ml-. tOfrva. fl. r*i-KTnrr.K.,������(3ito������������r������. o������������ Nelson  Protective Association  [A 1500 CLUB]  Positively your last chance to become a member of this Club, as the  Government has stated -that-no more Clubs' may Ige incorporated.  Applications are coming in freely.    Why not send in your-*.    A~ge  limit 55.      Entrance fee $8. ���������.,. Persons of either sex eligible.      Fbr    '  application forms apply to  R. J. STEEL, Secretary.  Box 158, NELSON. B.C.  CATTLE ESTRAY  ���������>  One white, mooley Heifer, one red  heifer, one red and white steer about  two vears- old, no brand. Expenses will  be paid to finder.    MRS. J. B. HUDD.  Wynndeh.   -" .. ..,._���������"  Anglican Gnurch Services  SUNDAY, JAN. 24  CRESTON  7.30 p.m.    '^.-  Loyal Orange Lodgejo. 2095  Meets THIRD THURSDAY of  each   month    at    Mercantile  Hall.    Visiting brethren cordi-  :      ally invited.  W. H. CRAWFORD. W.M.  MUST BE SOLD  AS WE ARE CLOSING  OUT THE BUSINESS  Six 10 acre Lots at old mill site,  mostly cleared, with plenty of  buildings on same. Also water  rights that will cost about  $200 per lot with very little  upkeep for years to come.  These lots will be sold'at the  right price. - Call or write.  CHAS. O. RODGERS, Canyon. City Lumber Company,  Ltd, Creston, B.C.  20-������ Off all  Ladies' and  Gents' Hosiery  Commencing SATURDAY,  JAN. 23rd, and continuing  until  SATURDAY,  JAN.   30th.     Store  will  hp. nriRn piverv dmr durino*  this    week    of   reduced  prices on Hosiery.  v. MAWSON  CRESTON.  I  "-Meet*- ^ortnight'!^, under the direction  of Mrs. Thurston.  _. -       *��������� v_ V -1*  Word reached here at the end of tbe  week of the marriage of John Andrew  ������fcy**������_f"t      B.'S-cdoi      Y-*-*_.c>      A nltAM       Bts-fc-t-1--.      ���������Ar*r>������p-_i_n*������  A _**������l*-__s_.  OGILVIE Goods are dependable  Seasonable lines  Local and Personal  . ������������������   ������������������ ���������������������������  ��������� 1 ��������� .aJ^i���������.��������������������������� ���������i..i .        .���������    !.������������������������������������     ���������   -���������U.K.      a*    'f ��������� Ma   ���������   ���������-    ���������-���������-  Monday isnomination day for village  commissionersi 'with Clerk W. O.  Taylor iii charge. Nominations -will  be received at the Courthouse from 12  to 2 p. in.  Within the next two or three days  every resident within tbe proposed  Arrow Creek Irrigation District will  receive a circular letter dealing -with  project. Engineer McCutlough*s report cameto hand a few days ago and  the letter going out oub is based on  the information given out by the  engineer,       **  According to figures given out by  retiring president Allan of the board  of trade annual meeting tbe outgo of  vegetables during 1925 shows a very  considerable gain over 1924. Ripe  tomatoes show an increase of almost  300 per cent., and the shipping of table  encumbers rose from 914 crates m 1924  to 5842 in 1325.  Rev. A.rR. Newby of Edge wood, on  che Arrow .Lakes, who has been  appointed rector of Christ Church,  Creston, spent Monday and Tuesday  witb Rev^ H. Varley, and was making  the acquaintance of his parishoners  during his short stay. He. expects to  take his first service. here ou  Sunday,  February 7th.  * t  The trustees met in January session  on Monday night and the chief "bus*  loess was consideration of���������admitting  new beginners to the school at tbe  first of February. Just at present all  five rooms are filled to capacity, the  total number of ptfpils actually attending running to 181. Under the circumstances it was decided not to' have a  beginners* class at the first of nest  month.  A. B. Swanson, a former C.P.R.  agent here, but for the past four years  located at North Bend and later at  Mission, was shaking hands here witb  friends on Monday on his way to  Kimberiey, where he is taking charge  of the depct. Mrs. Swanson will  remain at Surnaby until at least midsummer as Miss Marion and Ralph are  just now taking their first year at the  University of British Columbia. -  There was a very largo attendance  at the Parish Hall on Tuesday night  last when Rev. M. B. Parnnagin, a  native Armenian, pave an address on  the Canadian Armenian Near East  Relief and S*ive the Children Fund.  The gathering "was presided .oyer by  Rev. H. Varley. and on the platform  with him were Rov*-. J. Herdman and  H. Daly. A collection was taken and  subscription lists circulated .and a  total of $240 was subscribed to be  paid into the fund during 1926.  The meeting of the Hustlers" Tux's  Square of the United, Church on Friday night was particularly impressive.  The niemhers having served a full  three months* probation were regular  | ly initiated its to 1hc Sq-sarc by _K<?v. J.  Herd m fin. who Wa* assisted by D. T.  Serimgeonr. T. Goodwin, nnd W". ,T.  Truscott, the latter having lately been  named mentor in succession to Mr.  Herdman, who, took on that work  when the Square was first organized.  residents of Creston,, who were -weddM  at St. Cloud, .Minnesota, early initio  uary, and "wh0s-are making their ziaevr.  home at, Detroi^^Mieh.,>?^here John *  has a good position^ Therybride r is a  daughter of Mr. Asher,'.who & fey?  years ago conducted a barber shop and  photography business;;,.in; Crestojn and  frequently took tW^etk^^^  services at. Creaton and Canyon. ~ - ������.'-'���������  * *���������       -       * * * <    >-',.' , -*-.-*���������,  =>>    >       *  '       ^    ,'.->.-- -     ~-   ���������  TheXTnltea Church had ya congregation at n3eetingon���������^������fe4^3rnj���������?--1V:-fts^  at which the Tcntef "* item" yof  business  was arranging-for the financing of tne  alterations and additions tb the chorea,  and-parsonage* .jTne . jstdterrient Submitted showed* that a little ,over,&5500  had been .expended on new works,  approximately $1000 of which bad  been met by pledges" given * about a*  year ago* .At the Thursday night  meeting "another. .$1600 was-pledged  and by the "time-all the members are  interviewed the managers are confident the needed total of $2500 will be  secured.  - ^  . ,  IRfSP  j  L  BOYS* -- and   . GIRLS'"  iDbughCand  Nyafe'Pinol, Cherry Cough Syrup, Rexall White* *  Pin? and TarrCherry Bark Cough Syrupy ��������� , - ��������� -  -* _ 4-j .. ** . ,. x _  Kelly's White Pine and Tar Mentholated  New Music!  New  **������"**���������     -  v ictor  New Books!  itecords *  9  e  CRESTON DRUG & BOOK STORI  _������*-_i-*m-_r������.  S  X  ������OR  B  Mj  -OUt; &d* OH*  ...mro linriu- _= *������������___  i7ioi������ o uiiugi wnai,iiuobgs  Manufactured by the .most reliable makers in Cauada.  AGENTS FOR:  Jaeger, Penman's, Watson's and  Stanfield's  All Wool Underwear.  II  -a  i  ORESTON MERCANTILE COMPANY  LIMITED  I  CoteS  sitts  We are   particularly proud  of our new stock of  Heavy Rubbers  Shirts  Socks  Great  in wearing qualities  and priced right.  Inspect   these   Vinca���������its a  pleasure to show them.  I>  _ri__H_______b     _^___________k   _��������� __P .__!__   _^__M__.  ;______ jrfMH_k  The Junior Uuilr" of Christ Church  had their armu-il meeting on Saturday  afternoon, ������b which lhe following  officers were elected for* 1020: Ptesi  dent, Nora Payne* secretary, Edith  Prtlfreyumn; treasurer, Mrs. Thurston.  .Financially the year bus been very  micoesnfiil the girls gathering in a  total of $ft7 at their Dominion Day  fair   and   bazaar   in   December.   The  I  P������m ^""^^l"- %%%  iano Tuning  INTIMATION  1**"_rtgSI_l ^$^0r CHT*Q^ "Hgj_*  m m  !1 At ____'!_ * yaag        W^ tt       0  vmTw Jt^m^TZIju i_____������-������ firOrnlIESjiS  Expert Piano Tuner and  Regulator  WIM, I*K IN ORRHTON within a  month and will mike bin --Mini cull**.  Mr. Perklnn temnvn hssi hu������lner������������ and  m*������k������������ gor-d. ���������f*om**w*.trfii--gly r*nrti������r*������ed  by mniiy leading piano rilanufactnrets  and othersi of note.  Leave calls at Review Office.  MacMnaws  The famous Oarss Mackinaw, 38 oz.  $11.50.  A full range of BOYS' and YOUTHS' MACKINAWS. Th������ prices are right  Stagp Shirts  Double across shoulders  and sleeyes  ^ and single ply .36'pz.. &.50 fco',$7.50. y;'"'  J-:  Heavy  ribbed   106%   Wool  Combina-        Mackinaw, Tweed, made Riding, Stag,,  tions and Two Piece. aud Straight Trousers, 5i9(^ to $7.50.  Mitts and GIovbs  In this line you will find a complete range of Pullovers, Lined Mitts and  Gloves, Wool Gloves and Mitts.  J  'a'I  Dry Goods  Groceries  mW^mm  Furniture  Hardware  mm  fflsffiHsttj^fflj  i_ia������_-ni__a_,  ,.������_a______a__.^������i,___.


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