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Creston Review Jun 5, 1925

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 ��� Sr _&��.. ^ft:-".x --"
|i v<M
'     **OP_W._-
'���" v.^_��_^' ":���"������ V'^-'c:^,li-kI.--''"'l'.^'-*'-:i'|V. ;\"-'-'
. '- .***���-<���' ���;.. ��� (-.-.."���. ,'^__���*-_;/;-*..a?,:i_V. ',1-;..--'���*'���, .>_���", i;���,.,,-^-v~.-:-.��� ���-���,-������> .-.;���.>i,J-'-.-.-."J :���-._:.--���,_ t ,. .<���-_-.;_;_-_. 7.- �����
���'.--���;��������'-���'���^-^________Hi��w-*i.'^''^''- *"--. ' ,*���"". -���'��� .--"   ��� ta  ���������    -   ��� ���*���-���"��� " ������- '!���*���>'. */-���-��- -�����. ^-'i'"'^.^^!.'"/_,'-' .-^.-'i'^
There, was a lair  tnrnqtjt  of. hay-
mft��e^~on^atux-d*-.y afternoon for the-
- anncta! meeting:, of the Stockbreeders* ���
Assbcfatton, which wa_r presided over
by President 7?. F. Bose,   with    last
year's supef vis^,Jphas @uieli-*e,   set
ingassecretaryV iatod^Tj. P. McjKenzie
- of Victoria. jfs-ovinciai  grassing com-
Die supervisor's report showed .that
almost 2000 tons of rushes and hay
~re**��'cat on the-area handle-d fey (he
Assovfatzon and general satisfaction
was expressed by those, present, as
well as by Mr. McKenzie as "to ihe
handling of haymaking. last-yeas?, and
bo well pleased were the members
with the work done an ~ 180. that the
old board of management', was re
elected almost en bloc* as.follows:
Free vaccination is .being prayMed
at Crass brook;-Si _r-Green nnd' HcJtOg)--
boh taking on th-- work, exclusively
each Saturday afternoon.
They  handed   out  individual j?r��
grains at the "Gyro dahc-^itCmnbrook
on the 15th���the^first thne these have
been used in several, years.
Y&6& for a few days at the weekend Sal
order to take in some of the Cbautau-
fu\ ��?B*UUK He **** ***�� flood,
fftta�� did so much damage at Kitchener
Mife the end of May also took, out a few
C-P-R. dams, flukes,  etc., nt, Yahk,
thai,    will    take  possibly   $75,000  to
Manford Sanmeteon |er home from
Methodist conference at Victoria, and
the "information be gathers is thnfe
tvhen the United Church come* into
betnjT Oanyot,, Lister and S.it_ben_i?
t5**!I be Ou a circuit of their Own, and
Canyon will probably have evening
service each Sunday.
���>s���yo__ p?.-.plc stern &ut in force for
the costiime parade of the children ��t
Creston op Saturday afternoon. Canyon school turned out fairly strong,
bnt not quite So targe as Erick*on or
Miss Sigse Nelson, who has been at
a. c-tmmercial college at Calgary
Ho. 1��
* J^^^l^k ��^erof education.
Inspiratfo^^^;enfcsrtainmeat lathe
the _J3250S_a__&Uq��H, which c1o8ed m
*****$*'**&%&^i8ls-Ftt��f the musical
!t^^ ^-l,l^reater "wi* as well
Cranbrook council is subsidizing the*
251ks band to $26i>'for* whieh ��h'��ba*-'-^ -  ��� -
will give six-Jopen. air  concerte  thisl   ^lf* kelson was right np with   ������,
year���one every two weeks.:" I ea rlv birds ��,6 shipping strawberries' at
j Eriekson having  a   couple  of   crates
ia_     _���;  *���������������-w��ij5��ry. Alt**.,,    r^^*'""-��-!*���-<*��� �����*��* azigasos
��u*-~pa--b   four, months,   returned  on M��R ^i*X" *WMH&al   number.    I
Friday, and wall have her old position ���"���L-Wtajf-<Jbe largest crowd yet s
with Creston   Valley Produce  Com- *" **��*"���" "���*J*%�� -���"������*	
nany at Creston.
fiL Nouguiergot back on Tuesfiay
from a family reunion at" McKenna,
near Tacoina, -Wash., where he met a
brother .whom/he had not seen in 23
year&y. His mother returned with him
President���J. F. Rose.
Vice President-���J. W. Dow.
XHrectors���John Spratt, Cfaas.,Snt>
cliffe, _-eo> Hood, Jos. Stephens, Geo.
Nickel, the latter beinj? named to
replace  Ch s. Moore _��s secretary for
-for 1925 expenses, will be cat slight
ly. "Instead of a levy per ton to meet
supervising expense it ie an-noncced
that the department will take charge
bf this -work, direct, and tevy a nominal
sum for the year's work. The price of
hay will remain at the tsgwal 50 seats a
ton, but rushes have been i educed to
S&jcente. _ _'   '   ~x#d&
' -!_?fe�� necessary^ .-r^paaKSL^^-beSws*^
to fences  an-��^ bridge^. ;The  ot-_est
from th>7B. H. Ono   ranch   out   on
Tuesday, paying #4 a r crate^spot cash
Mrs. Hetherington and two^hildren
of Nanton, Alberta, are visitors here
this week, the guest of the former^
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. Kickey.
- Mr. and Mrs. Harrison (nee Midford)
of Kooky Mountain House, Alberta,
were visitors here laat^week   looking
^ , -    ~,- . ^ &m\fe:m*mmi*JM&i
fit_��__"_ 1-j.^y .     - ----aMa..   ,* ,.Jl       -i
^*^*3 *a ^aata^rnteJp^a few weeks.
to  fences  an*i   bhdges.   TAe  ol__5_��tl^iM-^C��-t   5^-       *        .
oldtimer cannot retaOl^eatwhet S�� ^"^J**** left at the end   of
year, and aa the *mhw*ki%^J*�� ***9*��? Vt-^Albeita.;  -
^ gene from the higher peaks,i hay      ~��� J&aS^^^s  Ncfer.n   visutor si
*a�����* _..-.���__-__      -��� i cnlip|e of da3^ ttt. lhe n,^^ ti^-^^fc {
^^A.       ��_^_S��_ "*"* -VMM *��-     a���' ** '       1
��8 moreraried^whilst the half de_^n
le*r*^��te*** -<s��-����i��t*-5isa-ifr- Am.__ ___ _ _   __ . . .
oi-deras to fot^sic ability, buiwSe
ad of f^actic^^veryda^ interest and
bound te- hRve^ marked effect on the
<�� iutnaunity.^^1** --
The coinfuu^ty church services in
the tent on both Sunday morning and
eveniog^were ^fiw> j��st a little superior
taOth_.se off ofch|�� years. In the morn
'2?^^��a?C:iSavea straight fm.m
tbe sho-.;!dtr talk ��n * ~
nizefl Chrlst^'^^h th.
tnu^teal   number.    In   the
- _--- . -.. - ------      crowd yet seen at
J commumty service was on hand to
hear Nprinan_|pb_*e*s masterly address
ontT^i Measu^i of a Man." At- both
services u umS*d choir furnished the
music, t*ith ��%s. James presidingat
the piano, and the collections wer�� the
n-^.#��ttei��ttS:-yet taken.
Saturday nas ^children's  day, ,aad
fs��:a -illlir/iutfei  in   she   Valley* Yne_e
wae a gathering; of  F<JUngst6ras   ehs
coalume  parade   being  th^  magnet.
IJisappomtmenttwas   felt  tha*   the
Wynndel children   were   not out  in
larger  nuD.bers,;  though   tbe  othei-
^chools "-espoTBde^wholeheartedly Miss
Cherrieigton bririging in 20 of the 25
pupils    enrolled    at     Camp     lister
costumed to win the applause  of  the
host off   spectators.    Hisses Trembath
and K.chter paraded a big  delegation
from Eriekson,   and Miss   Wood  and
Mr. Kotth-tmmer had    a    creditable
showing from Canyon.   The   number
from Creston Wassjoifse-np to expects,
tions and kept ttg�� ^bdges   busy pjck-
-M8-*a*u*iin~<|r     .^^5-*-*--- i  * ** -*"--* a*.    ->���
^-SP     J^*m*mmmm%^ girl,
s��*=��. 5^*ffi- ttwsatt
^y&fo^^1^8-^   ^
fs-f   r.      *_* Ge��**K��' Mitchell. Comic,
Wynhdel:  Best dressed girl, Gladys j
Creston: Best dressed girl, Frances
Moore; boy, Herbert Uoddt Cosstic,
girl, Marion Burnett; boy, Ftask
 Grand JPrizese     8e->t  dressed   girS.
ilelen. Dnddfc. Eriekson; boy. John
Blinco. Comic, girl, Norman Bentley:
boy, J(tck*_fcftobb, Canyon.
Special grand prize���Jimmy O'Keil
and Hazel Pendry, as Indian and
squaw with papoose and trappings.
The parade *was headed by Piper
Boss whoTVas most generous with his
music*-.! selections, and almost -00
you3jg**te_*o are certainly of tbe npln-
Utn that druggist Kelly is a regular
fellow for supplying free ice ��ream
cones to all children whethpv in
costume or not.
Better infield support and  a  shade
the best of it in-the  box   enabled - tbe
Browns to carry off  the first  of  tbe
series of six. baseball games scheduled ,
for this month,   in   the  initial  clash
with the Blue* at Exhibition Parle on
"Wednesday night, there being quit * a
{good turnout of fans to cheer the rival
nines. . Charlie Cotieriii.  who twirled
for the- wispers,   allowed   hut -eight
Jhiis. and fanssed half a  dozen of  his
opponents in  the  seven   frames  the
contest went. " Hitting for extra bases
was prominent, Xvan Staples getting a
doable, whilst triples were collected by
Holmes, O. Christie. Ted Staples and
Jo HaU.   Tha official score: ���-
12"* ^^*s-&e���2 *��
F.^_j_3st��e,p i i q
-    All the children hadi-B:!^^^-^!
a free afternoon at Cbautsa-qua.   t_e^^_^~ - ~f ? ��
"Q\ Spi-ns, If o 0 Q
prizes being handed out before the
afternoon programme was put on, and
included" the Chautauqua cup *~��n by
Crest-on for the biggest children's
ticket sale in 192&, the silverware being
borne from the platfortu by Jacsy
Blinco aud given into the keepsBg of
Chautauqua cbairnaan Jas. Adlard.,
Although there * has   been .a   sin alii
[-deficit for the 40 guarantors to make]
' up again this -year,   Creston   will   be
favored   with  Chautauqua  again   in
1926, when tfae"programmes wilt be cut
to four days- and' a  30 per  cent    cut
made in the guarantee, which  the SO
persons   who    are    underwriting   its
appearance are confident  can   be met
In the sale of season tickets.
B!uea___. _0   ��
BtaVBB-nc>_3   -O
g. GravfoE-tL cf'g 2 0
J. MimrelL wF 1 o 0
CL KolntM, im .sr 2 l
Maione,F. 2b. l Q l
15X3 4
S   0
The next game of  the seH-s*
played  ojet- Wednesday  night,
T. Rogers   was a   between   trains
business visitor at Creston on _*uesday.
Mrs. Cam and children, Dorothy
ana Herald, went to Cranbrook on
Tuesday, where they will visit for a.
fewdays.    , ���
TheB&Bcrew, which is still 3j_
charge of Foreman Brown, was shifted
���^--��r..k__._^_-'���- abg^Wi^te|_^ii��So_"
"*��e��w_fc-_ ^wr the J&WKSB.
*Tfn^jthe mill at *th&t
cutting season jto start fully as early
*Q last year is looked for.   ;       ""
eVrt^n^T-b^^^^rfSf8- ��^^Sf?;*"?t??,dft��;^lwn^ *8-l��S
Mcttoht, ^^fejyyyp^ *���* ^: Geo. Ca_^who ba3 ^ off ^k
��� '^    "* ' .. 7-     ��� ��-����������   aaaavvaaasr^ 40.1^.   J.  ���lOO���OU.     - - "-.waiaa.
Mr. and Mrs. Portergejd of Spokane
were vioifolrs heie last week with the.
latter's father*,*Egrift Olsen, who went
hunlr'to Spofc-nst v.'Jtfc thens on tuuir
return, Monday.
The population increased by two
duriucrthe w/eek, a ^0**J arriving to
Mr* and Mrs. Jim BaK-ntap on Tuesday of last week, whilst on Thursday
'still another boy arrived for Mr. and
Mrs. Alf* Nelson.
Rev. G. XTnox will make his final
appearance ot Canyon on Sunday
afternoon and a very large%congrega*
tion is looked for on this occasion* In
his live years as pastor here he- has
eertataly accomplished much for the
religious life of Canyon*
W. Wetberhead    was .. home   from
Creaton and District Women's Institute  will   hold  tlieir A-innal."
Flowon Show in   the PAttlSH
UAhh, CltBSTON. on
Saturday, Jiitic 20
���'to fi^Opun.      ���!'���   v
^. Afternoon^ Tear Served.
Sale of Home Cooking.
Non-membew. of ttw XneHtaK. ^M J
FlratttIf.^ ��" ^'t^ of ^^
i.' iret and  Seoond   Frizea  when
:���. ^ -twp^ or more; cntx-jcis.;;'"
feoretary, WTm Chertin
before, Xmio lOtli.
returning itn'tTuesduy.
The strawberry \ shipping season
Opened on Tuesday^" June 2nd, when
theR^ed ^-fa^fier rAnch had a ship'
ment of fifteetr ctrates' to go etist The
beavon opens about the Same date as in
10S4. ���"���*- ' .-hsv-'"'���'   '
Mr. Skilteen.. who   purchased   Mrs.
Stace Smith's ranch at < the  corner  a
few-weeks ago, t8|husy. with  consider
able repair   work 'on ,the   barn- and
oiHbuiidings.    v '
,-lectin*  Stewart and John Parkin
were t&tt trying the .fishing  at   Corn
Creek en Sunday jtnd thei former cahfe
Phome with a nicecafch c��f trout.
The lilacksntith shop closed at the
end of the week, dife to Mr. Watcher
leaving on Tuendny on un extended
holiday trip east, and he will be away
until at least August.
H. F. West.left on Thursday last on '
a^-ombined business and pleasure trip
to'   Magrath    and    other    Southern
Alberta points.
The rumor persists that Alice Siding
will have at least one' June bride
But, of course, we are not in,-,. *W*ynnf
del's class. They have three of these
happy event*- in prospect for June.
Tent caterpilla ro are un usually
numerous in the. Veinou area again
thisycar, and the burning process Is
urged to got irld of them.    ;    y
-' At' Fernie the ,frafersml mwieib.oti aro
coming^forward le splendid faahion to
flnanc^tlie upkeep of two or more
beds each nt the'hoapltai. '������'***
Tho "tlootcnaiau complains becauBO j
the grav��. and weoda are allowed to go J
uncut around the noldlerA'tnonument'
1   "-fostoiBH-e
Frl. & Sat., iltHre !��. Ia|��rl��
m ��� ._i	
J*^ c?**ple  of  wreeka  vacatioQ at"
foBtotucs inspector Stetvart of Csl-. I ���tesr'!iro0k **""�� ��eisou, started work
���     *,fc- r   made - his semiannual IRfa!,s ^ "** fiwiteh crew at theSrofc
on   Posimastvr Bird   on'0**1*"
'. ��,nd found, everything runn-
nccot^ding    to    standard   in   aS!
.& w-^k.
and town park at Haslck.
Saturday, June 18th. Should   se^ a
^jge  crowd *of   wrastling,   fans  nt
ZTTSr?- ^d *��**��?*>�� of Kitchener
._ jf^^el* Jep*owof"S__hk.   There Will
.eow*. -oa. w I oe gooii preUmlttariea'm   well  m   the
,������*!main bout.',...   ���;./'"-'   *- '
jT/^ foments story of
Robin Hood and his
y/wfli^ Marian told
anetiiAfor 20ih'
century eyes,-The":
M^ptendid ag^ofk
chivalry an&T6*'
mmice brought
4 forward S00 years
and presented with
ihe. nw&nijicent
pomp and pagcaiihy ��� * j
of medieval       *" ]
Wilfrid   I_ing6ton,   -who   has * been
working^at Kellogg;  Idaho, for some
weeks past, is home for a short stay,
I .arriving Sunday.
J. F. Gillespie, who. have been
occupying the settlement house for
tho past few months, is moving to
Canyon this week, where be bus
purchased a ranch property.
Mrs. Cannaday and family, and Mr.
and Mrs." Ed. Gardiper, who have
been on their land here for the past
eight months, have moved frac*; tm
Creston to reside for a time*
' *���
Miss Vera Lister is amongst the
successful studepts at tho Victoria
Normal school this term, and is staying a tew days with coast friends
before ret tin*'ing for the summer here.
The rains of the past week have
given us sufficient moisture to nsaur*.
bumper first, cuttings of both clover
and alfalfa./ ' . .
Lister, junior baseball team was at
Canyon on Wednesday afternoon for
a game with the Krlckson juniors,,
losing by a score of 28 to-ZSL
^ Jan. Duncan is down from the flume
camp at Klockmann for a short stay
on his ranch here.   a
'.T2it"i"ij-' la iaui-ci to be a' large congregation at the Uhiied Church sorvi.ee on
Sunday morning, which will be-the
last appearance at XJster of Ptustor
Knoic, _ His all. round effort��� has Jbeeu
very genuinely appreciated at Lister,
and all are sorry to see him leave.
m *
Ben Whiseside is again ia chaxge of
the switch essgane after operating one
of the work trains on the fill haa**. Bathe past few weeks,
Mr."and  Mrs.   Roy Proctor  were
! visitors at Cranbrook for a couple of
��� days at the first of the week.
The work trains are mow baay on the
haul of rack for rip rap on the fill that
is completed between the steel spaa
and tbe old station- at Kootenay Landing, the material conning from near
Yahk. After thia further fill will be
proceeded with and the traina may be
at work fbr another two months.
a�� r ��   **
'Mr. and Mrs. Loaaby with Mrs.
Brawn were motor vtsitoro to C*rcsto_t
on Monday.
Rev. H. Varley is due here ot�� Sunday for Church of England aer-fcea at
�� and 10.80 a.m. at the ecbooihonse.   v
Mrs. Mohondro and two ehlldron of
Portland, Oregon, were visttors hero
for a few days with her slstcn 'SSm.
Roy Proctor.'  -    ,:
��� .'.-'���' ��
A number from here were at Creston
on Thnrsday last for the Lombardo vs.-
Ya t Lee.' action,   for  damagei-: whjch -
Was tried, brforo Judge Pou^n and in
which the derision Was in favor of the
Jotter.   .'.-'��� '���'"������
Geo.' Cam, junior.., feji^.thc ftwuS 2u_L
to got kicked In the face fe^ a horse on
Tneeday necessitating. h*s being taken
to Creaton In tbe "Cbaehy auto for
medical treatment. ''The' "cot^wjwri Just
below the left cheek boue and necasit-
ated four atltJtthea. Fortunately the
a-aimak had no shoes on, otherwise the
damHprn vroiild fcttve fbiys-a 'rrsac;!!. moiMs
a    few  from   here   were'at
Creaton on Saturday afternoon for the
school children^costume parade and) Klghboperator W. Goodmstt, who
were justly proud of the showingl^ j^ on ^ni0tt Mtt th0 p^^
made by the Lister school. About I y0Bl.# ^^ ^q tmnstetr^ to Cran-
twenty of the local pupils were in the fc^jg WHere he ��*H1 wtftr'ln #*��-�� ya-rd!
par_do~nd tholr eofituiulng wmpared | oij^^   jie ts replaced  by Mr. Ooxoff
very favorably with the other echoed   jSf**   Hf
who   tm�� relieved   here
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Tlie   fr iendstirp   wliich   it   was   ber  great gift to command in all she mot  grew   steadily   between   those   two  ia ;  Utiles   limo   remain ins*,   until   the**1  ev^nl    befell    that    ma-t-rocj v,iia{  si a  i   ....  It .L.J  Peter Blood. ,.a rebel-convict und el-  Kin g James, becomes ' a buceaneer  ���������vvilH headquarters at'Tortuga. He is  In love with Arabella Bishop and has  rescind Maaelon d'Ogeron, d<vugiiter t the  ol* the governor 3t Tot-tugst from* Le-'  va*_-5a-*i.:-.  :i  French   ruflian.       This  in- '  sures Jtini   ships arid men  for hi.--  en-   l>i*omusing to be Hie pleasant c.vl  terprises.      King James sn-nds to tho   of his lordship':* vova;_<>.  SSiaE-". iS* *ES.J 5J������'X"i.;������-m-.^ ��������� _- -������^ *v������-  Arabella    is    on    the-   same ship, the , *sh- admiral,   whom   they   encountered  Koyal il.-ii-y. *- Jon Lhe second day oui, when half-way    j across the Gulf ol  tlonaves.      A sliol  CHAPTER   XVI.���������Continued) ; from   ihe   Milngiot-a sot   among  some  She  had  turned  to face him."     She | howuvi    ,-,U������ri_-d   iu   lb.'   iluyal   .V__ij;_ '_>  was   pale   to  iho   lipa.^and   iter 'hazel S i'oreeasth   and blew np  half -he ."--hip  eyes were blazing, as sins" cut into his- almosL  be fore   the   light   had   Mai-ted.  apologies for Blood. -    :*"Bel'ore   Hie   nit-ii   ot   rhe   Royal   Mary  ' tion, 1h*__i* captain   Kilh d  and a ihird  of  Ihfir  number  desi roved  wiih  liim,  "10   ship,   yawing "and   rocking   helplessly   in   a   ciippled   stale,   the  Spaniards boarded her.  tlu  ihusl,  indei-.l. if  allowa.'d     hint  his  other ,-is-  lo live-  al ler  "They  soci ates  ���������that-"- , ,  "Oh, the thing was done in-fair fight,  I am told."  "Wbo told yt)u;?"  ���������"'A. man who sailed with them, a  .Frenchman named .Cahusac, whom 1  ��������� found '"in a! waterside tavern in SI.  Xicliola.*..- lie was Levassc-ur's' lieu-  /enanr, and lie was present cm the _..-  land where -the thing happened,, anil  when Levasseur was killi-d."  "And the girl?       Did ht.- say tlie girl  was present, too?"  "Yes.       She   was   a  witness   of  tlit  encounter.       Blood     carried ". her    off  in  when he had disposed of his 'brotht i  buccaneer." ' ;  *'���������' ''And the- dead"' mans followers al-;  lowed it?"      He caught the note of in-'  ' credulity-in her voice, hut ������������������missed ihe'  note of relief with whieh it was blent.'  "Qh, 1 don't believe ,llit:*vtc!l('-.      I won't'  . believe if:" -     '  "I honor you ]'or that, Mir>s Bishop, i  It\ si rained my own belief that' men.  should be so callou.-*-, uni.il this Calm-;  sac 'afforded me th-: .t-xphuiaiion. ���������  Bloodpureha-sed thi ir consent-, and  his right to carry ih-. '"girl off. Ha* I  paid them in pearls ihal. wen- worth,  more than iweniy llsonsaiid pieces ot j  eight." His. lordship laughed again'.  with a touch of contempt. "A hand ���������  some price-" I  "Your Cah������?...tc  set-ms iTi  have been  .urcurats-.- enc-t.gh.      Alas!"  "Vi.hi   an-  sorry,  then?"  "As   w>'-   are   sorry  "to   li*  death   of   oiia-     we     have  Once- 1  held  Eiiiia  in   regard  tor .-an vm-  ivwiunaie but worthy g.-mU-man.    Now  7.   "F"u<*h   a   man   is   best    forgot.-  t4'tlA*.''"  cuptaiu's    cabin, under the  poop, to which Id's*.  Li shop liad been  eon-lucu-d for .safety, Lord Julian was  j-.et.kiug to coinl'oit ahd encourage her,  wilEi assurance.- that all would yet  be  -well, *at   the   \.c"ry  moment  when  Don  Miguel \v;_s stepping-a board.      Fortun-  I alely,  Miss   Bishop  did  not  appeal"  (o  ! be in desperat*- n^od of lhe poor coni-  ', lorl.  he   was   in   case   lo   offer.       The  '���������cabin tloor Hew open and  Uon "Miguel  'siiode in.    Lord  Julian span round to  [lace  him and   clapped a   hand   to  his  ! sword.  SM DICERS always prefer their tobacco ii_|>erfe^t  condition; this is assured, when they demand it  packed in the famous Vacuum (air-tight) tins.  The following well known .brands are now packed in tfee  famous Vacuum (air-tight) tma-  OLD CHUM Virginia Hake CUT SMOKING TofcTcco  REPEATER FINE CUT (Pipe or Cigarette Tobacco)  REX Smoking MIXTURE (for Pipe or Cigarette)  DIXIE Bright PLUG  /  :ft*"*-ft**������������������?��������� ft"-������**���������' *���������*-*-   imvi-tt-i-ivi iwrcco  OLD VIRGINIA Bright PLUG SMOKING Tobacco  ODGEN'S CUT PLUG Smoking Tobacco  OGDEN'S FINE CUT (Pipe or Cigarette Tobacco)  Always ask for the Famous Yacyym(Air-Ti|lif)Tln  The Spai-iard { was bri.-lc and to  the point.  "Don'I be a fool," he said in his own  1on*.u*. "cv .ou'll come by a fool's  end.       Your  r^ltip   L_   s-inkin*..       Come,  instill, he lurneil.oa his licolw abrup-tly,  , and  went  ovit without answerinj..  I     'J'Ue Milagrosa, Willi li������_r consort, Lhe  Hidalga,   rclltng  after- her,   hLeered   a  | south by wes.t-rly s-ourta*, then veered  ar  of   Ihe  esle������������nied.  .way  ot  Fortune     that    Don     Mifruol  supply     .then'..      then     ,      ::-_:   ., ���������' "        ..       .     ...  .���������.._7iIj7._ i ..  t_-i..j-   should   thus   come ,iiRC*j-.k.tho. Araliolla  at  a  1im<} when, scparatod  from, ihe  rest of the fltve-l-,.sliq was alone ftiicl at  a    disadvantage.      If   looked to kbon  Miguel a.s If the luclc'; which' ao Ibttf.  had been on Blood's i^ide liad jit laaJ.  veered Jn'liis own"favor. ,   '"-  (To be continued)   ,7  iHtrsi  twtj.^Wf^'WfiWtwiWit^^  *'-"- Be-st Ar; 30 VcaVs: .  .,., ...'������������^SDtst.emper,:Pi-ri    "Irif'i-vients*. Laryj-igitiS, -  ��������� CataarhalFevei1, Epizootic,  . .f-sk   '.  Couglis.,or",Golds',: ;'���������.''���������.  --, ^--yjiic.arses,'.'.':������������������'',w"'"  ���������S^nn^tj^^^tOiA  DISTEMPER.  COMl������OUND  w  &vMeM  &*cHmu$  With the  ���������"   "    ^i^feS  Keep, a supply  in your pantry  rrt-f tJff'ipm  Kt-������ot<-������ -  V/r-ltetlit. **-'>r-"--it������ r-*a,  LhiiitctJ,    JVlo tut i- cut.  HT,   ������.|������ll-<J-ai  ���������Ml  i": n  all   of  you.  aboard    my     j-lifp."    Don  Mipuel iriviit-d 1liem. antl strode out.  As for Hie gui *. ivor.3 in thai ghastly shambles that had been the Rpj*al  Mary,, they vere abandoned by the  Spaniards to Uieir own resources. iLef-  thtJTri take-Lo the boats, and if those  did not Kunice-(hem, let them swim  or drown. If Lord Julian and 'Mi&s  E is hoy -were retained, it was becau.<*e  Don Miguel perceived their obvious  value.    He received them in his cabin."  Lord JjjJian -commanded himself witli \  d Uri cully    Lo  hauglnlly he demanded to know, in his  turn., the name of thc-lr aggresssor.  "i. am Don Miguel'de Esptnosa," Tie  answered.  v  "Admiral of lhe navies of  the Catholic King."  "Will   you   tell   nie,  1lien,   why   you  behave    like    a damned pi rait?" T_ovd  Julian asked. "It will cost you dear:"  i "All things tire possible. Moan-  ; Unie it Ih your own lives thai will cost  : yon il'-sir. Colonel Rishop is a rEcli  ���������ninti;   and   you, milord,  tire*  no doubt  also rich.      1 Avill consieler and llx your'  ; ransoni."  "And   you   have   iho impuilnice   to  ] ej������ll yourself I li<- Adniiral oi' ihe navies  1 o.f   the   Cnl'hollt!   King:"   alarmed   his'  i le; nl:-hi p. j  |     "li  is lhat. I i,r.-ai you Kiigllsh here- I  jilc   dogs   just  urt   you  JOngltsU  la-rot le i  <lo*rs Imve ircaU'd  j-*i������ani;trd.c- upon lh<< 1  i st-.is,  yon   roliber:*  a,n<1   Ibii-vcs  out  of {  h������'M*        r  h:t\'������'  the  litincsly  lo tlo it In 1  i u.y own Tiauif', bui: you, yon pi-'i*ildJotiH  1 Iiii-ii si.-', you send your ("sip In In Ulood's,  jviiiir    llitgl horpr.*-.    it������i<I  yout' Morgann  |}ig;il������>t  u������ and disclaim  rej-poiiHlblllly  l'<j|- vvhai   lh'-y do,"  "CnpinIn HWio.1 and tlie resl. tire noi  '. ml ittli-.il.-- of I-'npi'iud!" r-rled Lord  ! .InUan. v   /  "Ai-t* tiir-"_- noi?      "ll'ow  do  I! kno\v'?  ' How does '-"pain Imow?     Are-you aiot  ��������� ������J;������rs   all.   yon    l.nglMi   hiTeUttH'.'"  !      "Kir!"     I.m-il     .IiiIIii.i'h     volet*     wa-t I  ' l*stJ'-l������ an a  limp, his eyes  llindietl,    In-  i .r-iiit-m t-iy   y*.   hAViing  a   bsintl   1o   Ihej  ������������������   r,<<-,* t-        "lit'i'i bf.'        i-ii-^i-tt        .ll.hl'Mlltly   !  I Inmig.       TU'-ii   li������-  wlirilggeil   ;uit|   HTI'H'r-)  ] ������������������-! ; -���������<>( etnii-M".'" .'.s.ilii. he, "Jl sorlK M'illt |  J.������ll I have heard ol" Hpnnb.il" Iioiwn* mill ;  I all fl������;i* r haU-'Ji Mr en nf yours ilutf yoti :  j ;-ill-oil Id   In-'ul I   ii   ui.aii   t,\ ho  ,:'   itiiariiietl ���������  , ., ud   y mi r   \it'd,.(n>*}." '���������  j      Th'-   iuluiii'ii";'    lacr   lliiiiii.it   ticai'h-l,',  |!h'   Ita If  Crl/.a-il   hi-,   lliill'l   lo Hli'lUf,   Alltl .  Il-lt-ll,   ������ i-Ml IHIIl'-ili.   pK" t'llll|������.-i,   tl)     MM"   HIT)'  waiiilM   'luii    liiitl   ido-iiltctt   tin.-   t'i'liii'l i 111 *, ;  lo the southeast, round Cape Tlburon,  and Iherenlter. sinnding well ou( to  sea, with (hat* land npTmore than a  cloudy. ouLline to larboard, she headed directly east, and ^o ran .siraighl.  into thtif amis "of Capt win Jtlood, who  was making for the . Windward Pas-  f*a-ge7 - .*1"liat���������'-. Iiappened early on the  f olio wing in orning. -; j After having sys-  teniatically-; hunted his enemy in vain  for*aiyetir,-Don Miguel chanced upon  him in this* unexpected and mlirely  fortuitous   fashion.      Tl   was   also lhe  OUR CROSSWORD PUZZLE  i     ULL       la* ���������      "'"���������aWilC'lP"'''''''  AND PAINS  Toronto Mother Found Relief  by Taking Lydia E. Finkhanrx's  Vegetable Compound  "Toronto,   Ontario.  I  kiavo   found  Lydia E. 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W WHB mm\mf ^*a"a"a.   mmmm\\\\m\\W^ H0  _I   _- -"*������������������-  not a  a a*.  ge in au Canada  ������t,%^,P "t  Mi6y_ r: -'���������  *7fie Standard oF  QtgttiUtyfbx'tnaf'e  than  SO  years  \  *=r<������U  \   Prince -Buys Real Aristocrat  Shropshire   Ram   From  Ontario  Farm  going to "E.P.f" Ranch.-  Ex-Maj-or   E.   S.   "Little,   of   London,  who   owns  and.'operates  tlie  famous  ��������� Belvoir  Stock:  Farms,    at    Delaware,  Ont., comprising more than 800 acres,  has -just "sold a thoroughbred yearling  Shropshire    ram    to    the    Prince    of  Wales, and he will be shipped sh'ortly  to the Prince's ranch in Alberta.   The  i ram is a real aristocrat and can trace  his lineage back almost as far as the  The Ensemble Costume  One of the smartest modes o������ the  costume,  ��������� season is the ensemble  which is worn in both tailored and  anore dressy 'rnodets. An attractive  ensemble "is; here shown. The coat^  -is-of wood-brown charmeen, lined  ���������with the same printed silk of which  the  dress  is made.     Coat -No.  1052  _ is a straight-line model with slightly bell-shaped sleevtes and convert!-'  ble   collar,   and , may - be   made   in  either of two lengths;    The pattern'  is cut for ladies and misses, in sizes-  34 to  44  inches  bust,  and  requires.'  3-J4   yards   of  o4-inch   material   and-  3J--2  yards of 36-inch lining for size  38,    The dress,  No.  1056, is a'one-  piece frock with box-plait in center  front,  small   front  yoke  and  cldse-  ntting   sleeves.     The   collar,   cuffs,  front plait uand. pockets are of contrasting colored crepe.    Gut in sizes'.  34  to  44.  the  38- size  requires 4%  yjtrefs of 36 or 40 inch material, and  ���������yi  yard  contrasting material for  Irimming,  a         ' ..      .">     /  How To Order Patterns  But Can Teii of Genuine Relief by  J)odd's Kidney Pills  Quebec Man-"Tells How Quickly They  Built Him Up and Brought Him Back  to Perfect Health.  - St. Fulgence, Que.���������(Special).���������That  there'is not. a village or post office- in  Canada that cannot provide a- case of  genuine relief" b. Dodd's Kidney Pills  has been snown again and again. In  this little village many    people    bear  grateful   testimony   to   the   wonderful i Prince of Wales.      Experts of the fed-  healing powers of this simple remedy. I era! department of agriculture seleci-  i-Mr. Philippe Gagnon is one of these.     \ ^ the  sheep for tlx& Prince.  \     "Your-pills are very-good," _Vlr. Gag- ���������  non states.      "I have suffered a long  time with IcidneT* trouble.-- ��������� Six  boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills have  done me much good���������tliat I intend continuing the treatment until I-am completely relieved of my trouble. I tell  all Jny friends who suffer with kidney  tremble to take them."  There is uothing repulsive in Mil-  le-r's Woa-ia Powders, and "they are as  pleasant to take as sugar,, so that" f������5w  childreu will, refuse'them'. In some  cases, they cause vomiting through  tlieir action in an unsound stomach,  : but this-is onls* a manifestation of  ' their   cleansing   po~w,  no  Indication  an b������.;  a'lfijti"  waste matter out ot the.- blood. If the  kidneys are out of order they- fail to  do their work, and the washp matter  remains in, the -blood,-, cauisng se-'ious  diseases. .        ,  Splendid "Pattern   Service  Pink Pills when "the    system    is"    run! ���������������������������-7  down "is   shown, hy   the  cuse   of   Mrs. ! Address-*���������Winnipeg Newspaper Union*  Lillian  Lewis.  South   Oh io, N.S., who j    -=   175 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg  say,.:-~'.iAbout a year .ago I was badly . v '  run down. ; My aiipel.ito was poor, I  did not slee_> well and my nerves wen-  all lins I ruing. I could not go upstairs  witliout slopping to rest. As I was a  long way frc.m a doctor rxdecided lo  lake'Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and in  Ihe course bf a few weeks 1 felt..like  a new person. * As an all around restorative! I can hoar lily recommend' this  mo'licine.*' **���������  .*' You can get these pills thVpugli-'any  dealer in medicine or by mtiil, at,. DO  cents a .box from The 'Dr. .Williams.'  Medicine Co., Brockvillr', Ont.  Pattern .No...  .Size.  Name.  Town.  Authentic   News  and   Illustrations-  Modern Styles For Women and  Children  " We take great pleasure in announcing    that    arrangements    have    ht-en  niade whereby  authentic    news    anth  illustrations   of   the   prevailing   styles  for women and .children will-be shown  in this paper regularly.  Not'only the .newest things In outer  apparel, but also designs and  siigges- ���������  fEons for more intimate garment.*-, such !  lis lingerie, etc'    -       " '"' |  Perlutps the most atlraetive pa'rt o.f ���������  Egypt Controlling Drug Traffic  A royal  decree has   been issued in  Egypt jpromulgatang a -hew taw for control   of the, iraflic  in   narcotic drugs.  The decree was'mad-? necessary by the  [ alarming increase in the drug habit in  Oj*|Egypt in recent years. .-  ^:y:l^"rhC3-lJgh.t';;'-', -���������>?  EMULSION  Tracing Cc-mmissioris  Pinkerton- detective.s are employed  by the government in art effort to  trace the die-position  of the -.fifty odd  this announcement is that, in eonncc-| thousand do;htj;s, allt*gt-d to have been  i  Province....:  "V^liy B_������<p Sitcccctslicsi  From hard work on a farm lo tliet-tucly  of medicine in Cincinnati, where he was  'graduated in 18(52, waa the course which  Dr. R. "V*. Picreii took.  In hit- younger days he practiced medicine over a large district. Itwas tlicnrthe  new oil fields near TJUisvUlc, Pa. Finally.  lie determined to. .put up, some ^f .his  prescription*, ih rcady-to-uae form iri'oidcr  to Tenr-ii it *lnr*-^r nun*l>cr!nf faniilteH;  ile tl|UJi'cai'ly nioved to lluilalo.jl**. Y,,  and e&tabl'iHhed the World*s Diaptsheiary,  where lie put up Dr������*������Pierce's CJoldcn  Medical Discovery for tlte blood a. well as  tli������ Favorite I'rcucripiain' for women, care-  hilly preparing them from roots, barks and  herbs and placed them with clI'tiggiat** cv-  crj*where, - .      -  Dmini*; tin* hint -tisty year. Dr. Pierce's  Dii-ct-iviMy, for tin; hlonrl, lia*������ been sold in  lui-ger quantities by ilruggi-tl.*- than any  elltet- niedicine, ll ir. a tunic in its effect!"  on the i-toniat'lt, and digestive apparatus;  nn uhcrativc in Uh aetion on tli������ blood, liver  and ink in, It incroarMc.i the a|ipetitc������ -ttim,-  ulatua. the digestion, enriches the l-ltxid,  and mukc^aWli nteihfliid wonifri feci as they  did ivhci'i  they-wore young ami can: lice.  A:!: y:;*.:-.' dr*.:;^!*t for Pr, "Pi-rr-'it HN-  ruvfiy, in tiildt-t or, liquid furin, or .end  llle fur trial ->*a;<>-. ������������������!' liibh t:. in Pr. Pierce's  LuboraUivy, at nrid^buij;, UtUv  StTcceeds His Father A������ Engineer  Many :, yeprs ago ..Pal rJclc Asli, of  South Orange, N.J., for (ho "last  twenty years-1 ho engineer" of-a big  I). L. nnd \\,. locomoflre, fold his "v-ufo  thai Home day their son, .'llmmy,!would  be nn Engineer. '���������'lloeenfly his prediction .-cam.j, true andy.,1,1miny- "took  over his. dad's engine.  World's Highest Hotel ���������  . The rbnl* of the Kttliu Jlolel in the  Alps Is ul an alfliuile of .1!. tlnit-H higher than. Hit .Vc-oUvorfh Ihiildlng,, Prom  this hotL',1, which Is near Iho lop of n  i inountatn peuk. 5J) 'glacleiH and 50  '. wi*ll-kitii\vn peuk.s euii In* seen. m  | ���������    ./        ' .      '      '      -"-'  i     Worms   in   t*hlldr-*n.   If they   hi- not  attended   io,   c������ui'.t'. ' eohviil'dot).*-,   und  |i  deilib.       Molher (livives*  ASrornt  tor will pr.il-.cl  the ���������children  t'roni tliene dlHlrt.'Hshig ullliel ions.  don with this fashion news, tin:-re will  I be a pattern service, whereby you mny  Sc-nd 20c  coin! or stamps, (wrap  coin'obtain the exact pal ferns of i lie pretty  carefully) V      ...'..     fthlngs   illustrated,   so   that   you   tnay  niake them tip at honni*. from your own ;  choice ol! nuit<Vial's nntl rubrics.  Another attractive feature! No!  mnllt-t* how elaborate the paiu-ru, nor*  how Hlmple���������the price will be the *  same. Just twenty et-nls (20e)-T*aelu :  Inside lhe, envelope will be found!  lh'cssmakiug Illnin, while eluiri and j  lull dii'(.'0|.loiiH will be printed ami;  i3hiHlrnU'd on every'envi-lope. .   \  - It-   has    Many    Qualities.���������The man  ^ I who possisses a botlle of I >r. Thoinns'  j lOcleetiic Oil is armed again*-"*, many;  i lllr-s, Il will relieve a euugh. bi'enl. a  | cold, prevt'-nt nor** ttir(-ut* II wilt re-  j iluee ihe swi'Utui^ IVoiu it s-prylu, jv-  { lieve lhe most pt rsi tl������"iH i-'ores and  i will speedily lienl ftil.-*- and eoimiMEos*--,  I it  is a  medicine ehes������ in  it^tli*.  paid   in   co.umlssions   tit   lhe Patiia-  nient.. P.uilditigs on     flnv *!1'!>19' Home  15ank  loan,  it  was.  announced In  the'  but arlo T-.es is hi I tire.     " .y '  Use  nl'U-ii  deull  Kxterntlnni  After a man Ims exprcssetl his opinion lie often wlsln s he had p:ilr������nj'*i't1  a y-r1*; l*!*fl'.ht. '     x  .VV. H. V  I Wi I)  Mif'ard's Liniment Fin^s for the Hair  Anoint Irritated Scalps  With Cuticura  On retiring, gently rub spot������ of  dandruff and itching with 'Cutlcura  Ointment. Next morning shampoo  yvkh a audfl. of Cuticura Sotap -tn������l  hot water. Thia treatment does  much to keep the scalp healthy qikI  promote haii giowlhi,  B������m|.|������ E������.ct> Time 1>y_!Ma.llv AiMrtTfl . ^nnmlliaii  l>ii|,a*| : '' fcattUwaa*.*! ->.. v. ..M^ Jt,Z.*. w i.;t',i it.',,'  Prlt'ta. !.oni>'aiVi-, Oliltlin*ilt *J,-altilil MKt. 'IialiTUmyj.!.  WOT' Try our waw Sl-aavine- StScJ-.  I  Tlie tup oi hap.iiiit  a   bale   jn>'1.   before  over*- *������ '  it  UMUilIy  begin--  .���������aprtnus  11������   run  lion'l. -Imiigine Unit brcauso one ot'  Ihe part it'lpii nls ln a attar ni Is wrong  I Vie oil lev I::, altogeiher vlj:b������.  GRAIN FUTURES  Ttiiy n.tln nutl Off������-1*3*. i������������ Whe.ntt, f������ui**.  l-'lu-ic or ltnrlat-y iiawtt tor na-vvu *luyM In  \Vi������mi|t������">r Mhi li������rl-ill. only  a.  tow  I'tatinis  :t������-,iv-, M-tfllCt    -ai-ry   ctfUlA'a-   Ji������������VV    tllitl  iittitiy |>t-ttpli" hnVo tautda* Iii). Haiani-.v  luiyt'tiK |������-ivile,|_<-s. Ti'li -OlTa-r-" .or Ten  Uiai.-i on .-'.titiifl taai-hiclH outy JJl.-.tm. U*--  t-.iiL   t"j-  a-t'r��������� irh'U   ������-*ilna-*nn',   ������ni.iii-y  <������t-tlt;r  (.;-   11 -1 a - -; r -1 J'll. j  .i OH ������������������I *���������.!���������*"   TO*3!W  801 Union  B.-ink tMclQ., "Wlrt-tipen.  M"***.  THE   NHVW   rnQNCH   nEMEOV.  IJl Em IkM 1*^1 w In  ImU.    I  T J*^ Pi**!t 5*5mOm9xW^_r"b^S I^SUa *CS"  ������.--. ! Tnr Hindder CaaUkrrkt.    No. 3 tor Hlootl >1  Skirt Dlmiit't,   "No.3 rorC������tt"<-r>ir. -.Vej������������int-������i*n������.  For   Sote   Throat  merti-t  Use   Minard'ttt   Lini-  ii*.t,t .:;,��������� a������.i v:aj l.  ������.- Vltatl-9t . lOILaW  .t -tak    iwt.a,  - * VH ������������������������. ���������  . I ' _ . a-r '.V.a  I- - ,. >. r S i.  ��������� ;   >a ti   *, a  .i.r. v* !> a nt., , a  . I neti". I o. U\t  .. Ln i V,  ���������y  NIGHTS  MORNING: & I  KEEP  YlOUR  EY.BS  CLEAN    CLEAR.  AND   HEALTHY  WfJttfa ton. rn.D> I_T������ CA������V������ ������0&k- MUAl>a������������Q.eatlCaaaaa.UU������ OGIL VIE Goods are dependable  TT~A1'*3      l*ArMt������y>amaCT_y_������T  \mMimm  to keep the Mill-  Supply  _"____    ODPOTnil   _-t_-t������sv>ias  int. untdiun ttCWC-W  Issue, oyery Friday at Creston, B.C.  Sabsoriptioto : $2.50 a year ill advance.  83.9a to U.S. points.  C. P. HAYB8. Editor and Owner.  OBliSrON. B.97.. FHJtDAT. JUNE  5  *  -I  and  ivie*s  Baby  for healthy Chicks,  A car of Ogil^ie Products  just unloaded. ^  v A-4^ ItS C| 1I9  LETTERS TQ THE EDITOR  "STenS" caterpillars are unusually  numerous io tbe Vernon area again  thi-- year, and 'the' burninjf profeess is  urged to &et ridyof them. - ***  At Fernie the fraternal societies are  tmir.g forward ta splendid fetstrion to  finance the' upkeep  of  tw>o* or more  each atthe hospital.      ; -"  *N.  The 3ECootenaian complains .hecauae  tbe grata*-, and weeds ate allowed! tb go  uncut around the soldiere^monuihent  and town park nt I-oelo.  Camp Lister Lands  Editcb Review  Sib,���������I am writing to enquire if  you noticed the article in The  Saturday JSveninj? Post, of recent  date; entitled "The T*aie of Uncle  Sam's   Voyage   iny an   Irrigation  GOVERNMEKT LIQUOR ACT  Notice of Application for Beer  License  Notice is hereby given that on or after th8  ?a_. uo7 Of July Hiiav u_6   auxucrSiifu.&d ill tends  to amity to the "Liquor Control Board for a  licenfee in respect of premises being part of the  buildine- known as the-E"rlckson Hotel, situated  at Eriekson, B.C., noon the lands described as  Hall Blocfc. Blocfc .'K." Block 24. Lot 822, Kootenay District^ Nelson Land Registration District, in the Province ofBritish Colombia., for  the sale of beer by the erlass or by the open  bottle tor consumption on the   Dated this 4tb da  lay of June, li _  JOffi* B. EAYDEN, Applicant.  WM6ABLE WATERS' PROTHCTiuM AGT  R.S.C. Chapter U&.  Tbe Minister of Public Works,. Government  of British Columbia, hereby stives notice tbat  be baB. under Section 1 ox ,the said Act,  deposited with the Minister of Public  "Works  Qaret Garrett, is the- author, ahd,  if yon have uot read ii 1 would  recommend it to yon, for it gives  some rather interesting facts,  figures and theories, on the Aineri  can troubles- on several subjects,  which I think, are of the greatest  interest and importance, to anyone  who, like yourself, have the welfare  j'of the Creston Valley so much at  heart.!  Apparently the government tat  Washington started ont in 1903-  with just such a scheme of land  settlement as the Oliver administra  turn brought into being in this  province recently, and* af ".er  twenty two years of experimenting,  and the expenditure of many  millions of dollars, they-- have not  done better than the Oliver people.  Recently, a Federal Commission,  after months bf investigation, have  recommended an astonishing change  of policy. which has been accepted  by the Minister of the Interior, and  transmitted, to the President, who  accepted it aud sent it to the Congress with a*':fspecial message in  which he - said *^_Che y heretofore  adopted   repayment plan   is errim  Ferry, jpropOsecLto be built- over tbe West Arm  of tbe Kootenay Lake adjoining- Harrop Wharf  about li miles east of Nelson, B.C.  And take notice that after tbe expiration of  one month from tbe date of the first publication  of _tbia notice the   Minister of  Public  ������<L--   -*���������- ������a*i.~nc-> vmju   ������*j.o    -u>_u<i>o    _xi  city of Ottawa, for approval of tbe said site and  plans,  and   for leave to construct the said  Ferry Landings.  Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 4th day of May,  isaa. _*   W. H. SUT-HERLAND.  Minister of Public "Works  Province of British Columbia  LAkVa REGISTRY AGT  Section 160.  at Ottawa, and in the office of the Registrar of   eoUS IIV prjllClple. and rtt. many cases  theLand Kegrietry District of Nelson, at Kelson:   .Ii'7'���������'    H/r "'  ^i^   '''    7r'?i*> t_ m       t.  a description of  the site and  the plan  of aj UnpOSSlbte   of   accomplishment.      It  fixes an   an mial   arbitrary amoun t  that the farmers must   pay on the  construction   costs," regardless   of  ^production,     limits place should be  a new polioy   providing   that   the  Gktverinent shall assess on the crop  producing possibilities of the farm."*  Congrens nosy has a? new com pi i  cation, what, if they pass this, will  they do about the men who have  paid for their farms. Have they  fa complaint or have they not? If  they have, there is some more  esciK-nse. and if they have not nu  O'-e else will ever be so foolish as to  pay a single cent and quite natural,  too.  If the settlers have to leave home  and #o great distances to work to  repay their loan, because the farm  cannot yet stand the weight of it,  they will not own live stock which  menus it will be longer until the.  farm can carry the payments and I  think, personally, ib is a duplication  in miniature of the Germanic repayment trouble, where Hugo  Sfcinee said. '"Tour folding us this  yi������ar to payin a penny, hinders us  nex; year from paying a pound.'*  A. It WEBB.  Ooean Italia B.C.  IN THE MATTER OP LOTS 17. 18 and M, la  Block Sof Lot BBm. Plan 851.  Proof having been filed in my office of the I  loss of Certiticntea of Title New. 16O0O-A and I  lGOll-A to the .above-mentioned lands in -the  names o# John William Baines, Thomas Baines  <tbe Kldor) and Thonveui Balnea <the Younger!  and dated the tat, April and 16th April, 1912.  respecttwsly. I HEBS3Y GjTVE NOTKJE of  my intention at tbe explratinn of ono calendar  month from the flretpuhllcation hereof to issue  to tbe said John William Baines, Thomas  Baines and Thomas Balnea (Jr.). provisional  CertiHcatos of Title in lieu of such Iost-Certifl-  Any person baviajr any Information  with refcre-acs to *s_e_ lost Certificates of Title  catan.  -witlii   .  ia requested to <-omxcmnlcate witb the under-  ji^Sod at tbe Land He������iBtry Offlce, Nelson,  B.C., thia 18th day of.May, 3925.  A. "w; IDIEN8. Rcffistrar.  Date of first publication May 22,1924.  ������������������aa������������������������m~m  aM���������a������aaaa���������������������aaaaaa���������������a������a������  GOVERNMENT UQUOn AGT  Notice of Application for Beer  JLtcensc  Notice in hereby siven tbat on or after the  itttb day <*I June next tho undet-fctirned Intends  to apply to the Liquor Control Board for a  licenne in retipoct of pretniseii betnfl* part of the  bnJlrtlnj. to bo known an tbe To*-riiit Beer  Parlor, hItuatod at iSrickuon, B.C., upon tlio  landm described as Ix-t 8, of Lot UWK1, Group  One, Koolaenny DlMtriet, Nolnon Jjand lt������tft*itrn-  tion Dlntrlcb, in the Province of Brltlnh Colombia, for the nale of beor by the ffbuia. or bf the  open bottle for eonmunptlan on tlie premuMM,  Dated thia 14th day of May. 19_i  PRKDEHICK W. BPKAKKK, Applicant.  mmmwrnmrnrnmrnm     Jm^ffmlmuM     _y_i__l____ mmW lUf  ,SS'______|_.i_|_5_S?      SvrSmSlfSLMi  ' tfn _0_f*_riEf_t#0>  New Stock of  Flarness  Second Hand Store in  connection  _mi ^    MSB' mB^J^^iwSM^MiWM  jfiS^Ta G?     **JE**%CiaT JSaaS*"     Itmtrw ^"ttftr "*_jitF*'.l^"r**r r-**  Shoe Qtid Hauf.iCMs R^/MMiritiMi  NEWS OF KOOTENAYS  K*v. W. T. Tnpncott. Baptiflt piiBtor  at Cranbrook, haa been Invited to liilc*  clmrgft of th*- work at Che Fort Genige  chuN-ii for the ii������Kt xix ruontlm.  Roualand council favoi-r. having   line  (provincial    flrovi-rniiia-*nt     fM������H<*������    ili������*  j tj*wn, th** roiioHl ������-*"r**-������l;nj3- to p������ty ftfJOO  annually for th#- dolnj* of the job.  The- policing? of Ilonnlnnd lu likely to  be turned over to I lie provincial pollco,  the Htta*nrn#y |-4*n������r*a1 hnvlnn; off������retl to  takif������. ar������* of tho work for an annual  payment of 41B2D.  JRCSiftbtsrlfly-tt#r<"h-*nt*a as-a ss. suruxa  [u-.-t-a wi.K %*.*, 0',<r;*"n!J-!���������*r:S l*Jm\r.lsx ������i  ������"m.*ieing Company, which will op*r������  up a. gonaral atoi-n antl well goodi. at-  jiiint enouprh   profit   to   pay   overhead  1-lKpriKHt-M.  I  I  1  latest in L;repe  <a     \r,.\r ��������������� ��������� ���������  and White.  Window Screens and Screen Doors���������all s___.es.  Wire Netting, 14-inch snesh, Galvanized and Black.  SEE US FOR FISHING EQUIPMENT,  Fresh  Fruits  and  Vegetables  in Season  Qrv goods  Groceries  niure  Htriwaro  ^JJMWfffigS  /  For the  Summer  buy  VMS   _^ rnkW^rn. _^ ^ ^.   ���������* ~  rr uisun s  for  Underwear  or  M  Vests,   Drawers,  Bloomer^ kkor  ....  MERCANTILE COM  LIMITED  yJI  V.A-i.'  S*TJ"JvX-'M  a/^'T'T  g*^     Avl   k I-    I-'  B   a������*f -af    m_ imtmy^ ���������ytmmJ  -j^^____________l___l  -     On f_Al������ DMIy���������May S5 to 8������r-t- W  Pacific Coast  CRESTON to-  Vancouver _��������� $37. GO  Victoria   3T.60  SmtatiU .    37.60  FOR VACATION TRAVESILi  **"    On. fta3n "Dal!*-���������"Mivy *S5 to Bcg-t. 03-  Eastern Canada  CRESTON io      r  Toronto ~~X-fc* 10.&S  tmmmmm^mmmmmmmm^mm.'.mmmL   ijP*.  Ottawa -_\ 13S.HO  tm4ontr*aL...~~ ���������...-.���������^_-  1U9.0S  United-States  CRESTON to-  ���������    Minnmapuli* or St. PktaL. $S8>.SO  ���������GnfrlltfOiai-ta#MWi>.>.������*(������>HA.H>a4 a#M "������3������ f ������2F*0  rMOPOl'HONM^ -FARES tfO. OTI-_t__l*������   JPOIN-TS*  GhoksHQ of Tltr������ft Tralnn l>ally������ InoUnltnK ^  '������������������������������������'      '  THE TRAN8-OANADA LIMITED  Fail afikflt Lwtxm AU SUsplng Car TwUn ttttmt Train May J 8)  Fait information and UUratars /mm any A&*nt of th* "CANADIAN PACIFIC**  *i^ggf|HkiMHa^^  "'t.llWlW'**!^^  itiwiwvywMwiwin immmvWMmf ps*.  $  THE C&BS-20H BISTSSW  5 VIU 408AI Inf.     . 1 1  Tractors  We also handle a lino* of GUARANTEE!* SECOND  I   -. HAND USED CABS.  !   **~  ���������^saregag-ss ami. ^^rcsfei_ -'ana :^itcHener.  with a full line of Gar Parts* and Accessories, ��������� . :���������-  IK   1"    f_f    Bm.   HI       -^_  |       It S. BEVAN, Prop.  {^_aBa___l_B_a_B_HaB_B_B__)H__B8MBBBH-aKH  -H_AAr  ������M������������a>ewe6V*S   fi   W������ J__Pa_G_$'_'!r  JT.' JL7_.^1   JL ������ JHL X  Chevrolet is finished  in  the  new DuPonfc  I>aeo���������the  finish  that  improves with  stge.  s  W   bBh__ arm A  ILlUtiAIL  ������-& SR_ _R_ _fo  I"_BservValley������r on Wednesday , i|f last  week.., Deceased was in his 83rd_year,  and was an.eld tinner in tbe province,  arriving sit the, .coast just about? the'  tlmo bf tfc^.KJjs'-sdik������ rush in IS8S, in  which nepar^it^pHted.  - Alex. iftsfiter,- Ifc.C.. of Ferine, was  here en ������*. professional visit onThure-  d_y :i������st���������~r appearing for If at ������_ee, the  Sirdar Chinese *-o_k/_t-?h������ was sue-3- by  P. Jjombsirdofor $150 for injury to a  cow last- yetM?." yThe jSecision was. in.  favor nf the Ghinantai-t. O. B. Gartend  appeas^e^/for' I-osnbardo, add Judge  Italia of Nelson presided.  The ladies of the VaHey are reminded  that tlie aTnne meeting of the Women's  Institute; off Friday.- 12th, is an open  one. to which all are invited, and will  commence a*. 8 p.m., "in Parish HalL  The speaker will be Mrs. L-tshley Hall  of Trail, whose ^'addre-jw -Will be on  Psychology, on which subject she ie a.  uaQnt interesting speaker. Everybody  come.  ������1. Taylor arrived at the end of the  week to take away the half doze n  bend of, pack ponies that the 1924  geological-survey party had wintered  at tbe Rectemation Farm and before  ttlunj? the drive out to -Cranbrook  made the-purchase of three or four  -more head. This. bea������tin work will be  carried on in ' the  Fernie-Cranbrook  cteetiirii.   .j  Wv*__.' McAlpine got home on Toes  day from a three week--" holiday visit  with friends in Proctor. The weather  was idea) for his outing, most of which  was spent in fishing trips at Kootenay  Luke points, having great luck with  the char, particular!*?, s_kes*. every day  out, with'the "exception of his .final  day when tt sample in the sturgeon  class was-hooked but b.oke the line  a nd goa'away.  ���������"3*  ANNOUNCEMENT!  Stsrtlug MONDAY, JUN_������ .8th, we will be found  in the old Oitjr Bakery building, next the Review.  " J *> ��������� -"  Right now we are. needing sll the StEawbeirles,  Gooseberries, Khubarb, etc., that yon stave, and are  PAYING CASH "ON BA������ QF DELIVERY.  We'have a select direet-to-tHe-retailer trade established and in consequence can pay, we believe, a  higher price than our competitors.  Drop in, and let's discuss the season's selling.  iston Valley Produce  AL.F. "NaBlaSON, Monager  CHEVROLET MOTOR CABS AND  ��������� TRUCKS >  /IGEATS  McLAUGHLfiST-BUrCK  CARS  The" policing of "Rossland is likely to  be fbrne_ over to the provincial police,  the attorney general having offered to  take care of, the work for an annual  payment of $1320.  ��������� synopsis or;  LAND ACT AMENBIIIEN^  ^    ���������       " \-*-     \lfC     ?': ^  ~~ PRE-EMPTIONS  Vacanfi. unreserved, surveyed  Crown lands may be pre-empted by  Brttlsh subjects over' 18" years of age.  and by aliens ~ en' declaring intention  to becosne _ts-_tSsh' siibje^a���������, coaiM-  tional upon residence, occupation,  and improvement, for agricultural  purposes.  E**oX| Information concerning **e_u-  .atlons   regarding,    pre-emptions    ie *  given _** Bulletin No. 1, _ta������<3 Ser3������s,  "How to Pre-empt Land," copies of  which can be obtained free of charge  by addressing   tho Department    of  Lands, Victoria; B.G4 or 4o. any Oov-  t>tnment Anrent.       .���������""���������..'.      :���������:.''''��������� ^'���������:!>.~ -A  Records Will  bo  ffi-nted  covertns \  only  land aiiltable   for    aerserultural  purposes, and which la not timber-'  land, l.e-, carrylns over 5,000 board  feet per acre west -of the Coaat XUuure  and 8,000' feet per acre east of that  Ran-fe.  ;.. ���������.,;-. ���������, _._.:, ���������:-'.  Applications, for pre-emptions are  .u-.bt addressed to the Lent") Commissioner of tha Lend Recor-iner DI -  vision. In which lhe land applied fox  is situated, and are made on printed,  forms, copies of which can7.be obtained from the "Land Commissioner.  Pre-emptions must be occupied for  fiveyyo-trs and improvem-rate mode  to Value of v10 per acre; includlns  cle&rinE and cultlvatln-r at least five  acres, before a Crown Grant can be  received.  ! *  I^r moro detailed Information b*m)  the Bulletin , "How. to Pro-ompl  "Land/*   -  !..���������'"������������������..     PUROHA8E H  Applications ore received for purchase of vacant and unreserved  ,,Crown lands, not->cb*_ tfmberland,  for agricultural purposes', m nlmuni  prloe of flrst-olass <arable) land is %&  per, acre, and second-class (_r_"-i*__r)  land t_,B0 per acre. * Further infer-  matlon resardlna purchase or least  of Crown, lands -is- Biven In-Bulletiti  No. 10,-Ejond ������lerIoa r'Purchase and  Iaeaote of.-C-*own..*Landi.'*     ��������� ���������  .Mill, factory,, or Indoatrlnl sites.on  timber land, not oatoec-llnfr*l0.acres,  may be purehoaed or loosed, tho con-  ditlons hncludlntr payment ol  stumpsae.  '    WOMEBITC   UPA'RPa  "'  i Unsurveyod areas, not exceeding 10  acres, may be leased as homesltes,  conditional upon a dwelllngr belne  .erected In the first'year, title betas  obtainable after residence and Im-  prov-asnent oond������Uo_is aro fulfElle>i  and land has been purveyed.   ���������  Wot G-raainff hhd hidustrtal pur-  <fn\������������m'mrni4*4. not eretjedintr fW a-cr-r--  may be leased by one person or *  eonioany.  QRAZINII  Under the OraKlna Act * the Prov*  Inoe is divided! into ^raclnc dlstrleu  end the ran������e admin lateied under i  dmalnv ��������� Cc-mmlssjentsr. Ant-uaJ  firroslnv pejsnlts ore hurried based on  numb^-iraiiMa. piHoiriby being ntwen  to cctu.i_aE������MiM������.u ownmrn.  trfu>cts-ot-"ncrt  may   "form -���������������������,i������������n*������.ta..((4Q-������.!at     ;������.���������������    j��������� j-~������  mana������-m_atm,i, Trm.' or rportislly' free"  Itermlts una n-mllable ffor aettlera  campers   and   -travelterst^   tip ��������� ������e   ten  bead. -  gAARC AND COLT ESTRAY  ' Strayed from the ranch on or about  April 22nd, mare and a one year old  colt. Mare is a" bay, weighs about  1300 pounds, 11 yeaiB o_t*li hind ft*et  white. Bi-RMal--: Left hip. Mt>; left'  shoulder, TS; right shoulder OJ. Colt  has same marks, hut, no brands-.  Both have hatters. Reward. JACK  BARRACLUGH (Alice Siding). Creston.  Local and Personal  The baseball clash on Sunday after-  ntson between IKitfbener and Creston  %vas the "best nf the season, the-visitors  going* into the ninth inning leading by  a Tnaif(in of 4 to 3. tn their final turn  at bat, however, Creston put four runs  across and won hy a margin   bf 7 to 4.  J_ W. Eaatham, provincials plant  pathologist of J/ancc������uver, was bete on-  ah inspection trip the fore, part of the.  wreek^ *! and I in Company with Mr.  TwIrr inr-per-ted many of the" orchards:  The recovory po many of the tree*-  havo made was a great surprise to the  -visitor. , 7 ,.:' "*  - Mr. and - Mrs. Norman Moore of  Lttmberton Were Creston visitor* -oh  Sunday, when the foincierdelivei'ed his  address on'���������*The"MeaMire of a Man" to  a lj-irpe nudience iri-the Chatitnuqiiii  tenfc in the evening. During their  stajr in town they were guests bf Mr.  ant*^I Mrs. Hayes. ~  Showery weather has prevni_ed  since Thursday la-it during which time  Valley points have received at lenub  anothetyinch of motntitre and asisurinB  a heavy ci-e-ap of the early slrawberrlts-  The Foster prediction that 1026 ty-HB to  have no va.rTfr-nn. Mttjjr to Aufl-tiHt hae  missed Are In these parts.   *    "  A large lurnoufc Ifi lookfi for at* the  M-t-thorliBt Ohutch on Sundwy night at  which' ^Msto-i1';Kno* willhmnke^lils ifure  well appearance. |nci-|entjajly, this  will bo Creston's Inst Method'at bet-vl<:e  on on June 10th the drnoniiiiatlon will  become the Orewton congregation of  the United Chu rch of Can ndn.  jf. ML lirlcksoo, of Calgary, general  mrtnageir* of the Dominion Chautauqua,  waa here on an oUTtclal visit on Thura-  day, whew lie spoke briefly at the big  brown tent.on Ciiatttauqiia work and  effort, skating that If the big entertain In-  mebt is bonked for 1020 It will, tjinat  likely be reduced to a four day baaiw.  The Hat of Htir-rewflftil candidate*) at  the provincial Normal school at  Victoria was given out u^ the endi of  the week. MEb-icb Lou lee Bo van.  Marguerite Cra wford and Vera Dmler  Lave pa������-M������d In all ei'bjects, whBlivtt  Miwr.ca Bva Holines'and Ha_e]'Hobden  nave ocen granted jniorim eertincatea.  Ilev> O. Knox received  tlte unpleas-  i'&ul.  iiuwH   oa   Thturmlay   lant   of   the  death of hla father ut Hoeedale, in B-ho  B. Johnson, ..accompanied by T.  Campbell, left on Tuesday fot Moose-7  jaw, Sask., where- they will spend a  couple of weeks.  Mr, and MrsA C. Fransen, who have  resided in Kitchener for several years*,  left on Monday for Creston, where  they will make their home in future.  Kitchener people Hi*^������orrv to lose &ueh  highly esteemed residents*.  --*-������   r-' "'  Mrs'-T. Brown of Seattle,  Wash., is  spending a few . weeks in Kitchener,  the guest"of her sister, Mrs. B.^John-  soiiv-, -^ ,    -^ j_^  C. H. Paulson has started to rebuild  bridges -which __ ws^re destroyed during  the hitrh water ih*. latter part of May.  A. LePage left -������n Monday for  Kelsonr whete he is spending a few  days Shis week.  A large it'umher of Kitohener people  were a-t Creston on Sunday ft.r the  bttsebull gutne in which Kitchener led  up to the eighth inning bui in the last  frame Creston put over four runs and  won by a margin tif 0 to 4.  Kitchener Community Club gives a  dance in Hutu's Hall on Saturday,  June0th.  .. ���������k'.-  Miss McOregor,gprinciptil of Kitch  ener ("chool. has h-sued the following  report for June: Grade la���������Mm*le  'Arb, Charles Booh, Maty AndrpHoff.  Grade 2h���������Frank Abar, Hazel McGoi ���������  egal. Nt-ttie Androsoff, Billy Faystan,  Myrtle Andersoni Celina Langlottt,  Dougtttr McKee. Wrath- 2.1=���������Tom Ftty .  stan, Margaret Hatniltron. Mildred  Hamilton, " Wilbert Dorey, Grnco  Strong not ranked owing to i'lnesB.  Grade Sh-Vivian I^inglois, Vera Mc-  Gonegitl, ���������Margorie Stronpr,/, Selmer  Anderson and Clara Rnyfitun equal,  Willard Blair, Clifford Dorey, Blmer  laindblonm. Grade.������li���������Richtttd Molan-  tler, Wewley Blair, Clarence Anderson,  Myrtle Strong. Grade 5���������Claude  Simpson, Beatrice Molander, Dennis  Bush, Beatrice Mnir not ranked.  Grade 7���������AJiSdred Ancte*>-n, Clarii Hunt*  Lndwlg Anderson, Ethel Mnir not  ranked.' Grade   8���������Alice   Molamter,  * *   '      . ��������� -  Elh'n Andeen.  Bxllemely reticent aa to the extent  of their discovery, prttspectoro who  hare recently loot tod a group of mineral claim h near Goal fell have, how*  ever, noun*what guaHedly admitted  their discovery of hematite ore. The  men were in the city In the latter part  of last week. Theie are good grounds  for believing them tu be th-* reptrcBpnt-  atives of certain well known buolness  men ������������f Albortti and the city of Fernie.  No one. other than tlie parties- con-  cerne-d, have any Information in  roBpect of probable preliminary eatplnr-  atlon of tho new discovery thin summer. The number, of- claims recorded  ���������������*/0'"!*l "'."-k*.*"**'.*-'", !'***--w|i������,r*������-.--,# thtt'fc *hc  property must bo of considerable  importance from the angle of the  prospectors.��������� Cranbrook Courier.  Keep  the   B^by Chicks   Growing with  Purity Chick���������Feed and Miik Masli  then  vzrowing" iviasn anus jL/eveioper  j  will see them? through!  mm*mmmmmmmm^^c*^m*mmmmmmmam^m*0mmmmmmmmmKmmmmmmmmm^memmi*+m^**mmmm0*^zs������=S5=-  FLOUR and BREAKFAST FOODS  Ogilme*s Calf Meal  . Linseed Meal and Oil Cahe Meal  Plow Shares. Barbed Wire  I  sss  Our Service  -  . -" The Bank -was established hi 1875, aad ia  the course of fifty years Branches have heen  established Irom time to time -at carefully  chosen points. The service at all Branches is  local and personal, but it is also world wide iia  scope; A moderat:^ sized^Banlg���������not too mach-  ine'ltke^-^with a friendly interest in its clients.  - " *-  _      ' ������  tSar-'-'MBm  G W. ALLAN,  OS" <_A_ta[_t*������JSaA.  CRESTON BRANCH,  ���������m  Jbfsssjlsr*  in  BON*T risk loss bv eiidfafrfng ca___  ia ym__r letters. You *wi|l ���������fij*ad__o  Money Orders isstUMl by dhla Bert-; at  ft&fe and convenient wtyp- c������ -paying  your oot^cf'i^wa &vccxn������ntmm  Our Tails- can lsnse:dMm-t������i__a������ift tiMatytttt-*  io dost iu Post CM-ee or B-gsmii Otd������������s.  WB WSLOD14B "XOUR BtUtSKNBfifi ������3  THE CANADIAN BANK  strve Fond $2O/IOO������000  TO. T. SU_5ingii6o-_r, S**_twg������v'  C-ptotl Paid Up $20,  Cccston JBrfi&db  mmU  '*JgS*g'"S*BS!^^  B__"  D  MEAT MERCHANTS  =  pqflj*m#f^fi-imi>fi  fTHYOVH  SHAMROCK PORK SAUSAGE  An economical dish, easy to .serve.  Sit������stvzir&-dz &T������������$z������f IIAM*j4 BACON ssstis^LAI^U.  GLENBALE CREAMERY BUTTER  Government graded, hfgheat-qui-tBly.  _p^vMr������*-������ jc r ���������   yvvrnf-n    _r*rrf*������ire  FRESH and CURED FISH  nil varieties.  Choicest BEEF, -PORK, MUTTON,. VEAL, LAMB  BoRMS" OjEAL M^uLIicf FwMj  .hctvssea tt-Kfi* production; and pw-Hflaeee better pnn'Jtry.   Buy the> best. THE    REVIEW,    CRESTON,    B.    C.  French Girl Discovers New Fuel  jPlSiS isgooa cqti6@  B_C  ,W^li3r Boys Leave They Farm  Solution of Sugar is.Basis For Gasoline  Substitute  Remarkable-claims aro made-for a  new''auto luel, named Iroline, after Itys  discoverer, 15-ycar-old Irene "Laurent,  daughter of a. well-known French  ohemisl. The product, which 5s un-  dersrood lo Lave for its "basis a solution ol* sugar, is said to cost le������������- and'  go farther than .any oilior of the so-  called f-iib-i'Uutes 'for gasoline yet  irkd. j ���������  -  A partv of prominent automotive  ..engineer;, who te.sted the new fuel in  a  long  run  on  an.ordinary  machine,  .'.The'question  suggested  by the above: heading has  been the  subject  of  countless   discussions,' debates,  newspaper  and   magazine   articles.       It   has j ,irc  (luotod  as expressing   themselves  :iever been satisfactorily answered, nor has the problem itself been solved. : astounded  by the results.  A.-: a matter of fact no completely satisfactory an.--.wer can he given bec-iiis**.* ���������      The   IroKnC'used  in   the   test   was  the reasons -why boys leave their farm-homes are as Varied as the characters  ol" the boys, and the farms iroin which they come., ....     X-'      , ,.., k  Although iio one general "reason can be advanced foi* boys lea ring the  farms, it is nevertheless well that continued attention should be devoted to  the subject. To some extent the subject should receive community'attention,  but more-s.particularlj- it is one* to be studied and the problem solved by ;the  patents, of the boys. As lias, already been stated, what..influences: .one boy.  to leave the farm does not make any appeal -whatever to anotherboy. In  ih lease'of the second boy the.urge to go arises from some entirely different  eaiise. - - ,. "" .���������   7. "  I If a boy. on the home farm is becoming restless, losing interest in the  ��������� farjn,* becoming discontented' and unhappy, it is inevitable that sooner or  -later he will leave itnleas the reason for his' dissatisfaction is leai-iie-I, and, if  possible, removed. Because father and mother have been satisfied to remain  cm the farm is no reason in itself why son or daughter should be -content  to do so. The important thing is to develop-a keen desire_for farming nntl  Sarin life. "--"-'-:..'.       " '". ". .'."-.-:���������.:������������������'"'���������. -  ) Among the reasons usually advanced why the boys���������and girls, loo���������leave  the farm aro the" at Ira ci ions offered by the bright lights, the amusements,  tii ti companionships of the cities. Undoubtedly they havy their drawing  power, although, all too:"frequently,'they- 'prove wilt-o'-the-wisps. Again, the  shorter hours of worlc in city olhc*:-.., shops and factories make strong appeal  to the., farm lad who has* a continual round of chores and "tasks from dawn to j ti;J"7^",J  dark. City worlc*" appeals lo hi in as easier, more-pleasant,, and-.'as. offering ; 1>emi on. .  creator-opportunities"for advancement iind culture. . Too often the.- boy feels  tlirit he is merely, a hired man oil the. farm, instead of a partner in a faiiiilyen-  ior.prise. The- present is not satisfactory to him while the fxiture. holds out  no-'-great promise, of anything better.  . ��������� , ..*..'.  "Then there, is, of course, those boys to-whom farm life does not appeal,  but who have...a real yearning to become doctors,:'lawyers/ teachers, merchants, ''mechanics, business executives. On the farm they are, and always--  would be, square pegs in round holes, just as there arc- city residents who  yearn for the-land. It seems, to be easier, however, To i-^ the farm boy to drift  into a city job than it is for the city man to establish himself in rural life.  But is there not another aspect of tnXs question to which, too little-attention has been given-in-the past? Is it not a lact that farmers do :iot  "magnify their calling*" as they ought to do? Recently a! farm boy wrote  ������n article on this much discussed question as to why boys leave the farm,  and : his "boy's views are worthy of serious consideration by . farmer's and  farmer's wives. 1 To-asked what encouragement there was for boys to remain on the farm when their fathers and mothers,���������'.were continually crying  down the'fariu and its work. Instead of helping to-keep their boys on.!the  farm such tactics simply drive them -a'waj-. '   "���������'"'  Further,   this   boy'.s   observation' led   him. to   the   conclusion   that   :aumy  1 miners only .provided full educational facilities for those of his children who  -.���������.-ore going into some other occupation .than farming, and that-'the'boy'-who  was willing to stay with the farm, was only given as much schooling as  Ih-  inw  insisted upon.       In  other words,  the boy who  elected to  .stay*"*wi_h the  farm was denied those ad-vantages and privileges of self improvement granted  i. ihose who had determined lo leave tlie farm and go into ether Ike- ul work.  It  is hot denied  thai, many  farmers have had hard struggles and many  di.seotmigcnient*".  but   c������m.ia*it  dwelling upon  them  doc,-."-  not help -to. better*  conditions,   nor   is   ii   ealeuhiied   to   ins_-ii*T'   .he   children  to   remain  wiih  the  'avnV.      And if  many of t-he.-u-  fat*mors could   fully realize  the struggles and  disecmvagt m-'ti's  i v-r present, wit It 't>sln-r ihou.sant  !-.i-xr month, tin--.- wmihl gi-t a truer perspoeiive of their own  situation.  It'cannot   b������- i.'r.pot-U'il  ihai  tt  high spirited ambitious boy looking, forward'  en 111������������ it. going"io s-t;'i>   wii'u ihe farm if ids pim-nts are constantly running''!'.t-'-t  ilu-vn,'      *->ueh a bo.   in.--.-n.-ndy male- s up his mind that his home is going to be  (iLTT'-i-ent. that -\\hi-n  lie- inanii-s ht* is not going to cot.ih.-nin his wife to a life  o ' wliich h������* h������.rvi!*s his *.aih.t*r and mother make constant com plaint.  After ail, it..is'not   ><> much  the isolation  of rural .HIV���������which  is largely  j.;.--ing --.villi.,5l*-- advent tni'ie rural.��������� telephone, radio and ihe motor car���������nor  !<���������  long  hour-   <n   woik,  am   even   iie*  disttp|ioiu: .men Is   wtiicii  .some  seasons  *g, ih-ii  e;,.u.-a���������-.   i.::;n:    bin- and  skirls  lu  h-ave the  farm.       Rather it  is  lhe  made the night; before by the chemist  "Laurent, in "ilsowii.,kitchen.  Drives Out Rheumatism  . Subdues Lumbago  Brings  Ease    and -Comfort  Sufferer at. Once  \o    the  ERiCLINE  _A.King.Over Pain  Those who seek permanent l^lief  from the grinding pain ol", Rheumatism  and Lumbago should read the letter of  F! !E. Normand,'t'ronih<jeorgetown, who  writes: "       .;���������"'        ���������*"������������������' '.'"*' .  '"!' was fairly" crippled with aching  joints and Rheumatism. Nerviline  must, have been what J needed, because it cleared un' my trouble quick-  ly."   -    '   '' -X-:-..-:  "If yoti need a relia-ble, strong, pene-  tn remedy,  one you can.de-'.  get a 35c bottle of Nerviline  to-day; it will make you well quickly.  Advise Nature Lovers  ... . Camp Craft Secrets  New   Booklets   of   Canadian   National  Railways   Gives   Useful7~Htnts"i<-r"_  Fishermen,       Campers    , .and'   5-  > Sportsmen       y__  The out-of-doors" appeals to all Can;  adians and few countries in the* world  have been so favored in the matter of  . Consider your own faults and - you  will have less to say about thj? faults  of others. . * r\-  r-^_      ���������*        ^i _v->"-a  _*- '- "- -    ��������� '    '"4       L "^  mm ON BABY  .  The  Canadian Spring weather���������one  day mild and bright; the next-raw* and  ,   ,., . - ._        {blustery,   -sh~f   extremely    hard on the  holiday   places.^   In   every   province - baby       Conditions are such that the  are-Tjnagnificent fishing streams and' mother cannot take "the little one out  lakes, hunting or camping grounds. In i for the fresh all* so much to be desir-  maiiy cases, howxver, the novice about   p<|*. . 3fe  is  confined    to    the    house  ��������� ���������_-    .    '     ���������, "     .,"���������"..,:     -������������������-.,-������������������_      ������������������*!*- which is-often over-heated., and badly  to start out for a holiday in that ont-   ventilated:.     He catches cold; his 1 it-  Good  Price For Land  A price of $������%aji.aei*e for a farm  near Claresholm' Albe-rta, was reported in a sale, made recently. This is  the highest price:paid in that district  for some -years, according to the-Lethbridge Herald, i x  Of-doors wonders just-whtit provision  he should make'in the way.oi' clothing  -and but fit, and also what, food s"U_>piies,_  bedding, et--., lieis lilcely toiieed.  -To.  xnefet the::retiuirtSme-nts of such Ganay  dians, planning for ^txtings ii^thc lake,.  river   or   woods^ districts   of  the   Dominion, a splendid hook,  etc., "Camp  j Craft and Woodlqre," has been issuett! at 25c it^'box from The Dr: Williams'  Kby   :the   ��������� Canadian yNati������nal-.!Railw"ays, "M  tie stomach und bowels become disordered and the/mother soon has a sick  b*a"by""to.  look after.     To .prevent-this  an:, occasional dose ^of; Baby's Own  Tablets feliottld beygttfenlvvTl-iey regulate tlie stomach ^hdjhpwelBv t^lms^pre--  ���������veriting. ; br relieving ycWft^? fsimpl^o  fevers, colic or any oilier of the maiiy  minor ills of childhood. The- Tablets  . are sold by medicine dealers or by mail  HEART WAS WEAK  NERVES ALL GONEf  TNIrs. J. ii. Hallenbeck,:dl"r%yWel-  land Avenue, St. Catharines, Ont.,  writes:-���������-"I was in a gas xexplosion;  it left me with a weak heart," and niy  and is being placed in the. :hands oC  ticket.agents for "distribution.  ~ ''Camp Craft and Woodlore" is  dedicated to those who would answer the  call of the open, according tb'lho forc-  ���������w-'ord' of this booklet.      In it ai'e found  masiy helpful hints gleamed from the  experience and learning of years anil  related in -the hope that their telling  may .widen, the    appeal    of    Canada's;  g-re-at natural i lay-grounds and add to  the    numbers    who   hUve discovered  their ch^irm and delight.*'.'-.    -"       .!  The   booklet  gives   the .prospective  j camper information on what to wear i  [nerves    were    all    gone.      I    suffered ' hf)^ to carr r equipmenh;  what to eat>  [everything;   couldn't  sleep,^ or endure j how to iocate camy sites and how to  sleep well.       Health instructions-and  -first aid in accidents are given prom-  There is a "bright side! Tho husband or w He who feel's abused get s  even by loving'the children more.      !  thousand.-   of ���������unemployed" in  the  cities,  and  of  the  fear  that   they may be "laid  off"* next week or  any excitement, and when left alone.I  felt as if I could scream.      I took dizzy  spells, often, falling and  bruising myself.      My    mother    read about;your  Milburn's Heart and  Nerve Pills, and  bought -me a box, but having taken -so  many   different;   kinds   of   medicine   if  just seemed that I  did not have any  confidence   In>  any   of  them.       I  took  one box of H. & N. Pills, and felt so  j much better I continued with them tin- j  I til I had used five boxes,  and after 11  j had  taken   them   I   did  not need  any J  more.      I   cannot praise,    or    recom- i  mend, Milburn's Heart and Nerve'Pills |  I too highly after all they have done for  I me."  Put up only by The T. Milburn Co.,  Limited, Toronto, Ont.  "inencc, as also are weather signs, compass -^variations, and instructions on  what -to do when "lost in the woods."  Altogether, the prospective .'cainper  will find this boqltlet one of the -most  valuable tiiit has yet been -placed-at  his disposal  MTnard's  LinirV-etit for Colds  /  Shingling, now a popular mode of  bobbing, was regarded as an act of  penance among the* early Chrlnlian  women of Komo,  ,       ^^     ���������:���������.".."���������.���������"��������������������������� ������  After   eatin*  or smoking  *W-rigley*-i freshens the montJi  and  sweeteh*. the breath.  Nerv������*������ are soothed, throat la  rarc*������e������l and^igestleM jaided.    J=  So easy to caKs-yth-* littie pwss*~t!    IB  v  \^lafier eVerymeal/vml������  'I Pi...    lll'al     t";i.U.-'  d : ^-I'lnjaait-i"-"  i.���������'���������'"   :!������-���������   i':j tiii  f i-nr;-g-*ni'-:'it ���������������������������   uri-   aiwelr  i;:..'i<������!ibie<*  mi ''i-'i ���������;.:'.:<������������������   in  11" in th'.i^'-  li.viii  ht������u  Ji    ���������   ilj*-v't-]e|n-d.   1 li'-.- a"   11  b-r-       '.V'I'IO    a-|i,|-|.      It)    ;-(;(.'.  the  farm.       Rather  kuiiii*  ami   lhe   laei   tha'f   its  tlisailviintages  and   dis-  u.'on  ���������-"> intieli  antl  s-ih-ne'- niainiaitiod ivgnrdlng :11s  s������j niaity way*- ovir c'uy life.  st-.--  "vh'"i i  uli-ni-ie.--  i.iili  lite   farm  was  glvi n   efjv.al  advitrtlnges  wiih   (lit  ;t l.'t'ling ni* gloom antl a .ooniphiinlng spirit ��������� InveKfnieius  wen    ri'h'gai.ed   Ut  the  background,  and   the  otli'-rH, it  i.--  pi'Hhiibh    ;hai  moi'i- boj s wouhl  chtitiM1 l.o '"lay   wii'ii   (lie*  larni.  Finances  In   Good  Shape  Britain    Receives   Substantial   Income  From Foreign Investn-te'nts  The Hritisli botird of trade Issued an  eslimale   the   other   day   of   I hat   par'  of the- national income whieh. is earned abroad.      The earnings* for British  n   foreign   countries  are  ptit, down   at  slighlly  more  than  one  billion  dollars.      II! the average interest,  rait*  w.*.s  r.  per cent., the investments must have mounted  to nearly  eightimmi  billion  dollars.      The bURlecl  I'riii'sh   seems,   lo   have   saved   a   hit,  from lhe wreck.      Yon have to luind'U  lo John Ihi'aI.  Ing ou! for  Slar.  lie has ti way of look-  hI nisei f.���������Knn sits    CUy  A Corrector of Pulmonary TYoubles.  I ���������'iviitiiy teHiliuonlnls ctiulil be pri*sonl.-  i ed   showing   lhe  great   <���������Money   of  Th*.  i Thomas' Keleei lie  Oil    Jn    correct lag  [disorders ol* 1.1 h- respiratory procesHes,  | hill  the best   tesl Inionlnl In -"Xperlonc-*,  ' and lhe Oil is reeomniendi'd to all'who  I HUl'ft't-   from   ilieitn  disorders,  with   tlm  eeiliiliily   llial   Ihey   svil'l  iltid relh'f.     If  will   alia;'   Inlhiiiiintilioit   in   the   brou-  c'llul   lube.*-.-  x  Proved safe t>y millions and prescribed loy physicians for  .Fever i si m v s;'  ;i r i:-. i i ������,^  lhe re ft't  -tiul   I'tivvcl';, air!    ������lir* ;i-.--.*-,jfiit"  'ia, ;,,Stilt imita'tri'iti-a, alwav ������ l<.nk' f  Ah'-.nlillr'lv    I farml"!. - ,\'<i   < l|ii:tlf  Fletcher''.  is    -.������������������', fiorially    pvc-  roiK'vr;   In fruit <i   in  arm-:, .-tritl ("ItiFlreu .'ill ajjfs of  'on'-ilJi.ali'Jii,   Flaltilcticy,   Win'!  Col ie    nnd    {ilarrFc'i'    rt1layti"if-  iii, and, hy. regulalhig the .Stotnach  alifiii of 1'Vjod ; f.'iviii;f natural ''leeji.  I,n I v hi hu,-  road.  only ..Mil    miles  in II-  i Many have In en relieved t������f eoriiM by  j Hollows.yV t!oin Uetnover. If hns a  ; |(OWer of ilH r>\vn Ihal avHI be found  ] i-nVeilvf,  Colds  Piflit    ^  Toothache  Neuritis  Headache  Neuralgia  Kumbago  Rheumatism  f * 11 i **i 11*������ ��������� it i.  I.an,   Alaska.  mini' ;tio\v 'ban Ki*t<*hl-  4  %.  mtT^ mmfi,  ^t^V_7 #  ^>-Acccpt   only   ���������'Buyer"   package  *^        .  f .....    I    ..- ,-Ja.a i a i    a a i ������a -���������--,.    -    -      -  which cevn U i us'pi'oven directions.  ' Handy   ������������������H-iy**!*1' 'bortof-'  of   IU   InblidH.  Alf.o hofllef-'fif 'M  i-tntj-l  1'>H���������llnex|ilMlt������.  ������it  i  a f   //    ,t //'/A',//', , For Sore  Fajet-���������Min;������rd*it Liniment  riiy.ici.iii.'. t-vcrywlicrc nxonitm-nd it,       |  W.  I*.      I'm 6  ~ I  AUilrht   li*  IH*-   IrmU-  mitrli   frt.-tl-tlt-Mil   l������t   C|.������tri.ln>   <ir hii.y������; Miii.jiriii'liirf   ������i-l   **""������     ��������� ;  a.a-1 l.-Ht.-t- a.f  snUi-ylU;u.*U1   lA.viyl  ���������Sullo-ll.:  A.-lil,   "A.   S.   A,M>.     nHldlv        lj  "Vitll  hi-* ������t  U...I  A-Miifii.  tn.-nn:, liayr j.,.ii..iru.-iiii... i ������\������i  I l.a- j.ltWtr  n*t -il.f'l   l������t   |" ^V,'    1,,'i'/,1,    *]L\.  t>t I5.iy.-i- i\tiii|.u.i������y   nlll  1..I hlu:tM������-it uliu thch- tfi)������c>rul  tfu'li* murt.,   Un*   >"i'i..i"-������, THE   REYJJ-VV  ^rry-tTtcjrjnr\-vr  "OXVJ-jO X V������X"-i. ���������  ���������Af*:  V.  larger Yields Per Acre Will-  Be The important   VV^ork.For  "Farm Boys Of Tlie Future  /  Meets Grave Crisis  Fish To Be Tagged  to   Determine   How   Salmon  Pacific Coast Migrate  at  (By Charles W" Burl-ott) .  I  Farms boys .sometimes thinli that if j~"  vthey' only  v, ere " differently ' ^situated ! Pla**  they might accomplish something ihc-Li  would be outstanding in benefiting '1 lijtt. lifforts .to secure an/international  human race. They somehow feel that | salmon. Ireacy between Canada and the  to do this they must, live in a city or I Unit-.-d States will be made immedi-  b<_- possessed of much wealth, eitherpalely by government authorities on  in lands or money. But in reality j both sides of the line, according to J.  this is  not the  case,  nor lias it ever   P.  Babcock, chairman of the new.in-  ^.been the case. For the most part the U-rnational fish'eries commission,, and  large fortunes of today came from -assistant commission*.*!- ol fisheries,  .small    beginning*-.  *  The    big    -.-nter-   British Columbia. " - "  pride*-* so numerous in all parts of our p Arrangements have been made pro-  land once were small and unimporl- priding tor'-California, Oregon, Wash-  ant, but industry, faith and unswerv-' ington,  Alaska and   British Columbia,  respec-  July,  said.  ing devotion to an idea' mado them big. j to tag salmon  taken  in  their  'In the past the world was busy de-1 tive waters between April aud  veloping unused natural -resources. Wo ! this year. Mr. Babcock also  shall continue to" build railioads,-but' These measures are expected to*show  the larger work of railroad., building J whether ' salmon migrate from one  has been done. The most important 1 part of the coast to another, or wheth-  mines liave been located. 'Gas ami I er the various runs are native to par-  oil have been accorded their places in ' ticulav districts.  human effort. Electricity, si ill in j Similar experiments will be carried  its-infancy, will one* ol these days j out north of Hecate.Strait.-- in respect  heat and light all otir farmhouses and j of halibut. <jj������rhe two governments"  do much of the work on the farm��������� j will send out a specially ^rpifippod  and it will come from natural water-' halibut' schooner to catch, tag and lib-  power. So, too, many other me'ehaivi-< erate halibut. This *������ ill be the first  cal agencies will be improved. i attempt made to murk this fish.  But   Ihe   form���������what will  the farm j _       '_      _  _  boys do?     Many of them win go to j Total  fc "sports of Dairy Products  Lhe development oTj ���������   Others  will   stay   Considerable    Increase'  is   Shewn    in  rrcr  Vantages  fo Prairie t-armer  "Which. Will  Result From  Tke Planting Of Skelter Belts  Hebridean  Colonization  At Vermilion,. Alberta  Scottish  - Have you ever slopped to >um up  all the good things trees will do tor  the prafh'fe' farmer?  In the fir^t place they will make his  place noiic-'abie.      Not a person pa-_s-  | ing  or  looking   in  its   direction   Srom  Immigration    Aid    Society's  - New  Scheme  The     settlement     of Ilebrideans in j even miles away but will see it. Trees  Western Canada lias been one of the'are  the  most  conspicuous   landmarks  most* satisfactory phas-ps of Dominionj; anywhere   on^the   prairie;   and  plant-  colonization in recent years, regarded i ed farms alwavs catch the eye.  from all the various viewpoints.    The  t  delegation-trom 1he Hebrides, headed*"  by the Very  Rev.  Canon  niavdougail,  which  toured  ihe   Dominion  la*������t   fall  and    closely    investigated    Hebridean  -And, as long as so manj- farms are  unsheltered,- not only will his farm be  noticeable,     but    it    will  be   notable  so msny treeless neighbors. It  will be at the same time attractive, for  anions.  T  THE  EAFt4- OF YPRES  formerlv     Field   Marshal     Sir     John  French, who underwent a severe oper-_  ation recently. ~~ ������  Saskatchewan   Poultry   Pool  settlement with a View to stimulating j nothing is so attractive as beauty .or  and expanding such col on ia a tion it j so pleading as contrast; and there are  found justifiable, expressed itself as 5 fev.--things* more attractive or more  completely satisfied with what had] pleasing than the contrast afforded by  been accomplished and the happy and ' a green clump of tsees������*n the midst of  prosperous Mate of-Hebridean setUer-s ! the brown/prairie.  All   these   things  add value   to   the  ! in Canada  The Scottish- Immigration Aid Society was formed by**-a group of philanthropic individuals who were keenly appreciative of the benefits of  Hebridean settlement in Canada, and  place, for be it remembered it is th**-  purchaser who place-s the final value  on anything; and can anyone doubt  which place he wrould be willing lo  pay a premium for, the treed, place or  large enterprises,  on the farm; "and in my opinion will  do as great anuV important work as  those who hoed the call to.the city.  The truth ot the matter is Ihe biggest  work of the next !100 years will be or-  Botli Quantity and Value  Including butter,, eheese, "milk powder and condensed, canned aud preserved milk, Canada exported in the  twelve   months- ending January,  1925.  Exclusive   Marketing   Agency   Formed1  On   Five-Year Contract   Basis  A five-year contract for the Saskatchewan poultry and egg pool was approved at-a meeting of the provisional j were  desirous  of  extending it  to  the* j the  treeless,   everything    else     being  board of directors.    The contract pro- j mutual    advantage    of*   Canada    and j  vides that the Saskatchewan Co-oper-i Scotland.      It introduced a novel note j  ati.-e Poultry Producers Limited shall iinto Canadian colonization by erecting;  y  i  equal.      The   farmer's plantation is a  wonderful creator of values.  To the farmer himself and his fa to-  be the exclusive mark-Ming agency for j a. number "tit cottages  on land  in Al-j ily, the benefits are quite material, for  the  producer^ s-ign.ng the contract.        {  The.producer undertakes to consign   and  training of newcomers   from  the'j shade from the sun in the summer and  and deliver to the pool or its order in  good marketable condition all poultry  produced   or  acquired   by him  during  ganization of agriculture  anft  the in- S according- to ofliciai statistics* compil-  erease ol" acre, yields- ".of    crops*   and j ed  al 'Ottawa  and v issued  by  the  de-  agriculture,    193,913,982  it   $36,293,205   compared  with   171,126.779   lbs.,  valued  at  $33,-  10*. ,52(5     in     tlie     preceding     twelve  months.      The exports of butter in the  year  ending** January,  1925,  were  22,-  539,327   lbs.,   worth   $S.043,SSl,. and   of  cheeso    3 22  larger unit i. loduction ot" rami animals. I partment    of  To   accomplish   these   things   will   ro-j lbs.,   valued  Oiiive the biggest** bra ins of the nation.  .Rut it will develop out of farm-minded  people, not those concerned with city  understanding.  And the iarm boy does not need lo  "wait.      His most important crop is the*  berta   for   the  reception,   assimilation j they have shelter from the winds and  *i  Hebrides, where the immigrant, after ��������� the fierce blasts of winter pass them,  travelling  the thousands  of miles  by j over.  lattd  and  ������ea,. instead   of  facing  the!   _Then there are the material advant-  1925 and all poultry and eggs produc- j hardships of pioneering, found a home i ages   resulting   from   a   good   garden  awaiting him on arrival. ! which invariably follow the shelter belt.  t  ed or acquired* during the years 1926  to 1929 -inclusive, except poultry or  eggs ^required by the producer" for  domestic purposes, poultry used for  breeding or exhibition purposes, eggs  used or^sold for hatching or>Jncuba-  tion purpose's, any other poultry or  eggs which *.lie produc- v may dispose  of in any other mannei* after first liav-  ing obtained the written consent ol the  pool  The society's^ plans for 1925 are' Abundance of tbe finest kind of vege-  cqually novel and ambitious. - Re- tables, small fruits, and even betU'-r  cently, through taking advantage of! than that. Rarely, for instance, do  the provisions ot the Empire Settle-1, you find a man trying out apples,  mentrAct, the society was able to com-! pLutns or cherries till he has a shell et-  plete the purchase of* a substantial i belt. * Rarely still do you find a tlmee  block of land just north of Vermilion j or four-year-old plantation that is not  in Alberta, consisting of nearly 30.000 I sheltering the first plantings of an or-  acres. This "block is diagonally in- ' chard. The one invariably follows  tersected by the   "Cut    Knife-Whit ford j the   other,   and  no     successful     fruit  7GS.700 lbs., worth "f-22,-  toot with which he will work. Soon 1 S2S.05G. ,-Iu the previous year the ex-  oiir population- will outstrip present j POitsvvere: Butter. 12,982,658. lbs., val-  production levels. ''-Then-vvh-iU Laws-. uod ���������������* -M.S39,S01; cheese; 115.337,900.  ^er acre -.ields from better bred seed j ,bs**' valued at i>23,171,591. It will be  stocks. That is the idea ol the farm (-forced that in each instance the  boy to hitch to. Moro wheat, but. I quanti-ies "*"���������:-ro greater in 1921-5 than  double the production on tlie "-anTs in 1923-4.  now devoted to the crop." So with  every crop" of importance. But land  handling xillvbe part of the movement���������and there is need, for this, but J B.C. Poultry Men Would Curb Importa  the important factor will bo-seed bred] tion of Eggs, From U.S.  to its work! At a convention of poultry men, rep  '���������-.   Farm boys will do 'this breeding* up! -j resenting:' 3 5,000> memborsjaf .the"indu&������-  Wan$ Egg Tariff  Vrhe  pool is given   authority in   the   branch of tire  Canadian Pacific Rail- j growing has yet been  recorded Horn  contract to make    regulations    estab-1 way,   which  provides   convenient   and   tlie prairie unless yfrom    behind    the.  lishing grade standards and to grade  and classifyall poultry and eggs delivered to it, subject to statutor*. regulations.  Provision is made for the pool at its  'discretion to make advances in one or  more instalmints on account ot the  produce delivered' to it.  shelter of a tree belt.  t  Saskatchewan   Flax  Straw  They will take, what they already have   try in British Columbia, it was decid-  at hand, or use,a better variety if such  .exists, and breed it to larger produc-*  tion; like the crttbapple improved into  ���������jiie delicious fruits oj. present-tlay or-  chard.i; Hike  the  cow from an average \ country  of 2,000 pounds o������ milk "up toy 12,000, J  15,000, 20,000 pounds of milk;  like the  thin, anguiti-r," long-legged bog bred up  and improved into the wonder fat and  meat animal lie is;  like the few oggs  hen or a few decades ago and now almost an egg a day!      What has been  .   With a further  large   importation  done with aninyils can be, and will be,  done '_wll.ii-tho crops of the. fields.  As they crop grjjws this summer,  locate what you believe to be the best  and choicest, plants. Many of them  will show grej*,t superiority as to growing qualU:ie*s; from- the best of. them  choose a few-for seed, your pet seed  If you want to call if such.  -,        ' '. '    ,,V- ,*>���������.���������  The Needful Knowledge  III*,���������"Know tiny thing nbont Itulin?"  liim.���������"Delhi is tho word you want.  *I solved that one last night."  edv to urge tho extension .'.all-over the  Dominion of the Kgg Marks. Act, and  to provide that Jail eggs Imported into  the province be stamped with the  of -origin.  view to curbing the  of American eggs,  it was also urged'that the tariff on  American eggs, imported into British  Columbia, bo raised to eight cc-nts per  dozen, from the present rate of'three  cents per dozen, or placed on ah equtirl  fooling vvith the duty charged on British .Columbia eggs, imported info the  United States. . '  Only tho Fast thinkers become lead-  era.     Ho,who hesitates in boased.  "9  GIN PILLS  FOR THE  -*K.".; ..,.'''���������  KIDN EYS  Kidney disease is dan-  ^croini *uttlcss bhecked.  ��������� Gin-Pills will remedy*  nil kidney, troubles.  Get a box* to-d������y before  it is too late.  Australia's   "Kangaroo"  Butter  A: National "Brand to  be Adopted  for  High-Grade  Export  Being resolved to send to ilie Unil-  ed Kingdom n butter of uniform quality    and    excellence,    Australia    has  adopted a national brand to be known  as :*Ivaiigiiroo"//butter.   }Tho brand is  to  be afilxed  by  expert official  grad-  erst^and to earn this tli.slinoi.ivo mark  the butter inust be mado from past**uv-  it-ed cream, pass severe .grading l(*sl."-  iind ettrir nn tivvnrd/ol! 92 polntf,; which  ineiuis a vo**y high Htandtird In'llavor  and  texture.      It Is expi cUul tlui-t (15  per cent, of butter exported front. Australia to Britain  this year will  be of  thi is br-tml.     At ihe Veoent dairy hIiow  In Kngland  Ihl.s    '���������Kangaroo*'    butter  look  first, second and third  pvla.es hi  the colonial Hcctloti. 7    .  Favorable      Report     on      Quality    is  Received from London  A . very''.'favorable   report   has   been  received b,v_JTlios. Ttfblloy, commissioner of labor and industries, from M. L.  Pritchard,  of London, Who  has  been  carrying out experiments of flax straw-  grown in Saskatchewan.      In his letter, Mr. "Pritcltard states: .  _."The  quality  of straw  for  fibre  in  the seed straw is; excellent and in my  opinion    could    not  be better.     ��������� The  small samples sent me of I2������^' ounces  igave* two ounces of fibre  the  longfla  of the^straw and a small quantity of-  ' shorts- and tow  splnnable.      I would  jllke' vory much to receive sonie'nf the  j threshed flax straw for the purpqso of  working this into a Spinning, tow. Your  province niust be losing si great 'deal  of- money   through   not  utilizing   this  valuable product and I do. not see why  Saskatchewan docs no!, grow flax* for  fibre as-well as for linseed."  adequate transforation facilities.  Throus.1.   funds   secured  by  participating in the terms of the Empire Set- j Saskatoon    District-   To  tlement Act,-the societj-.is at-present  engaged in building houses on each  quarter section of. the block. As  soon as these are ready one hundred  eighty families will bo brought out  from 1lte Northern Scottish islands  to occupy them. "Everything will be  found on their arrival in complete  readiness for immediate residence,  and the settlers be placed many years  ahead as compared with ordinary  pioneer settlement. Each family will ,  be assisted in getting farming operations "under  way  immediately with-'a  Have  Hog  Grader  loan of $1,500. These arrangements,  in combination with the proven qualities of application and perseverance  possessed by Hebrldeans, form -the  best augury for success.  Need of Government Grading  Service  Has Been Recognized  *��������� In recognition of the growth of the  j hog raising industry in Saskatoon  as  | a shipping x*entre, arrangements have  been effected with the Dominion livestock branch to have a'member of the  hog grading fctafT two days a week to  grade hogs.  Representations of the need of the  {government grading service there  were made during the recent shorj:  course on bacon hogs at the univevsity  to, members of the Dominion livostoclc  branch by the Hon. A. P. McNab, *������vVi*-  liam Nelan and Mr. Youns. who t-oiu-  t prise the Nelan Livestock Company.  ���������     .-: -*.--,,.  I  Germany   Is   Large ���������     A1' some v-tenien talk about' isr���������--vcvil  Importer of  Seeds'ahont ^bt^en houvs daily.  taO  .V.     N.     I.".     1570  Alberta -u'ffajo Go To Antwerp     .  A-bvatitifuL   pah*   of   buhttlous   hav<*  stiutetl on .their long trip lo Antwerp  from   the AVal-nxviiRht  Park,  In   coin-.  puny'   vrlth , a"   niagnl(lci*nf  innle  for  T'MJnbui'gii,  to  replace  one   that  died  at  .sett  reci titly  enroutn  to  that  city.  Three magnificent Bpt'ohiiens frorn the  Klk It-land  Park are desllnetl   for tht*  i<vmioiuii    >*,t>i������lfii;*i������'tii    ������'itrtle������iH    of    ilu*  t ��������� ���������  jTtaPHVaal, South Africa.  Great Expansion of Trade  Predicts    fc_'<_'-    Prices   for    Canadian  Wheat For Some Time to Come  "I am-confident the ."world'Is on the  verge ol! Ilu* greatest    oxpan.slon    ol  li'ttde ever seen, and In this movement  toward pro**perlly Canada has obtained a running start," states Sir Oeorge  Palsh,    distinguished    British    economist..'      ,, -.      ... **  ���������.  "I  anticipate  higlr* prleeH   for  Can'ji-  dhui wheat! over a, coitslderjihlt* period  of yoaivi.     CaiuuTsi is rcitUy now l.o In-  ,ci*en-������u  her  producllrin  gCe-illy.      The  railwaya ar".lhere.      All (bill Is needv  ed is farmers lo till the r.oil, and tin.ho  should be t-.ti-y to get.      'PIuih, In the  next decade,*' Sir floorge  aHHorled, "I  (-.Ajteel   tc> ;-;i"o   I lie     Cai.-tdliilV     f-mi*.*~-r  prosperous ������and   Iho vexing ('ivnndlan  railway prohhni   nolved,   tlirough   Jn-  ereased  trafiic."  The ninn who boast-i that he vyorki.  with hiSt he:.d itiHteud of Tuh ImiiuIk Ih  respecttully reniluded Unit the wood*  iieclter clnf*r- the f-run*** Mtlng initl \������ the  .Vlgg'-st l<Iii*l oi' bore.  Ail of Alsike.Clover is Obtained From  Canada  Germany    is    a    large  Importer of  seeds both for her own use and for i;e-  oxporfittton  as   well,^ large  quantitiess  being'sent  to other  parts  ol" Central1,  Etlrjoper      Hamburg  Is   the  seat of a I  largo part ot! this  trade. '.    '���������  "With regard to the  Import trade." j  writes tho Canadian Government trade;  Tells my He Can       7  Now vEai Hearty  commissioner at Hamburg, "Canadian  seed exporters have secured.,a flrni  foothold as suppliers of nl*-iko elover  seed to Germ an' importers. According to the Canadian trade returns,  there were exported to Germany In t"ie  .ImmcEul yenr ending March 31, 1921,  a total of 20,Hi7 bushelt" of alsike seeil  of a.value ol* $123,177. This Is the  only seed which Cunndttm exporter^ j  have been selling to Hamburg' firms in  any qtmntity.  .Dies As Recoonition Won  .TuhI, h"h his. earth measurements had  been si (.copied its .slanthml*. by seb'ii-  tl.sl.s, ,Tohn Pllmpro liny ford, director  of the Northwestern University Cot-  legt* of I'.nr'hiea-rin-*', died In Cbleaco.  Hi- had bo en partly parttlyr/id Hlnee  liiHf. January,  Viut  hi.s  death   wtits  not  expi'cU.vl.  Scats Were Poor  "Uow  wure  your  seai.s."  "Itotiou, oouldn't ae'e a thing.  '"Our:;   v'-Tr   vvrav.-a--   th.Ut   thai  body tioultl Mee us."  ". hA letter v^iti������J������ 1 fia'til Hi ttis paper  about Carter's Little "Liver Pills fitted  my own case co closely *hat I could  not help trying tliem and am very  happy I did." So writes Mr. Frank J.  Trumbull of Jersey City, 5sr. J., wliftFe  letter goes on to** -say, "I had heard  about Cjjrter's I/ittle I-iver J*Ills for  5-ears but never knew they helped over-  co*ne poor appetite and *-t>ur tatomaclt,  until i rca-ii altuut aunilier man iji ������Jjc  same pligliit who Hook Carter'n -with  f������ood rcMihiiu ^ I tried them and <an  hpneitly say that they freer! me of  nai-ty gas oti stomach, so thai ( can  now fat vvltlimit getting; bilious, antl  they improved my appetite fully 100'jf.  Y������������������i can rcs-t: assurecl that from now nn  1 trill !-*>o������_ Carter'*-. Liitle Liver Pills  vvli--never I ran.  Recommended  druc uorcs.  and   for  tale  by  all^  SSEQBL   aaaaawaaaanaammiiiti���������_w  WTlBIWHiaWa*Wt^fW!jjljB  Wi������Wlt������W',������B!iigtia^iWg^^ i-V-  -.*sai^jut-i_if.a!,ai-uffija,Bnga  tMaaaa������aaaaamaHaiHM  i_*ii*���������g.Bwwiwi***'  ���������w. atiratyjijijii mnijimi HMMmmmim LJ-jJ-Ji.jX.''"!'K7"j!-!'.Iw*.'.'y."J'y"C'if",i\^;i--'~40^*iw'a*r'.'^*:t'i\ni"t!CT;,^{-1~'- /V'~'������������������-','-"r'"'*���������?..'���������;���������.T-'i'S'-'"���������'���������"."'-\AA- ?'\k".'mr-.Am,f���������&$*������������.mummv*i*?w'iifa *fih^"?-������ri!$&'���������'���������^''"'^'flfi  THS"'0_^_JTC]?i  The Imperial'Q\t Company hnve just Recent developments in Kootenay  put a -fteen-foot extension *>��������� the Flats drainage is responsible, {or the  unloadingplaiform at their -"warehouse , activity   at *- Ottawa,  in"- getting   this  ores  in Creston, which   "������HI   expedite   the  handling of drum gasoline., j^^. -,  Lutheran ("Khglisb) services- will" be  conducted ori Sunday next, **aJ_une 7tb.  atthe .old schoplhouse at Wynndel at  11 a._h., and at the   residence   of   Mr.  Reinwald, Creston, ut S p.m.  -* - ** ��������� - _  Mr. and Mra. Pransen of Kitchener,  who some months ago purchased Mrs.  d'Felaise house on Barton Avenue,  arrived at the em. of the week to njats  their permanent home in Oreston.  Tost���������On May 10th, between the  Nonguter ranch at Canyon, and the  Milonx ranch.'Ores-ton. brown ostrich  f-������athev ftole. Finder please retain to  either one of these pl^aces.a���������-Reward.  Billy. HairSvas n visitor* here from  Kellogg, Idaho.-a ~f_-w days at th_e first  of the wee*r^niH.klng the trip by auto  and taking Ml_s.'Hall and family'back  with'his  i I future.  information or  Sow. ���������  the   Kootenay*  Rivet  M/mUm.  tlsss. H^ath Passes"  Residents of Oreston and district  were deep.y shocked on Tuesday eve-  is ing when "-he- news spread of the  sudden passing of Mrs.''_oe������ Heath of  Invermere, who had only arrived here  on. Saturday, for a visit'with hgr  daughter, Mj^. F- C. Rodgers, who  had accompanied h-Sr -.mother here,  froiu Invermere, in the hope that the  change wotild be beneficial "to her  health which has' been rather poor of  late, though never serious enough to  cause undue aiarm. 'Deceased was a  former highly esteemed resident of  Oreston,' arriving here from England  with her husband tn 1010,   a���������d��������� waa a  Creston aiid District Women's Institute . will   hold ��������� their  Annual  ��������� _"Iower  Show in   tbe   PAUXSrt  HAXiIi, CRESTON, on  Q  (hi��������� mm^Sm^.'mw  J  ^~*ue!e tht-s-   will   reside   ira-Lcontinnous resident until _e  1  J  Local and Personal  Pigs Fob Sale���������Seven week1* old,  $8.    G. Davie, Canyon.  Birth���������On Jane 2nd, to Mr. and.  Mrs. Ed. Gardiner, a daughter.  Fob Sale���������Auto knitter, good as  new, will sell right, W. Miller,  ISrickson.  VlNEt3-A������--Oider vinegar in prime  Shane, 50 cents a gallon:    Alex.   Mira-  . belli, Oreston. ���������   ���������  .. _  Mrs. Argue, sr., of Cranbrook was!  *_a weekend   visitor   at   Creston,*- with  Mrs. G. __.' Argue. * ... A.  (gjWilt and Fred Hale, who have-been  , at.   Vancouver for   the   past  month.  returned to Oreston a few: days ago.     -  May revenues at the Oreston provincial police office^were in the ne-ighbor-  hood of $500, of^'which amount $330  came from motor licenses, and $130 for  miner's licenses. and for recording  work on mining claims.  At the Stockbreeders Association  Eae&iajjg un Saturday, J. F. nose was  re elected president. The hay cut on  the flats last season ��������� was almost /2000  tons. This year there will bf a cut of  15 cents a ton on rushes harvested  ��������������� a.-a   *������ OO  ���������������. w���������  t������ bu ���������4jr. uv   (J. Ui.  Anglican Church Services  SUNDAY, JUNE 7  CRESTON  7.30 p.m.  Sand 10.30 u.m.  CHAS. 5MOORE, C.E.  ENGINEER   .ARCHITECT  SURVEYOR  iReg*8tered]  CRESTON,     \    B.C.  Fmr  Pianoforte. Organ ana.  Singing Lessons  AR1HUR COLLIS.  Creston  P.O. Bm7w  Lova! Orange Lodge, Ho. 2095  MeeteTHIRErTHTJRSDAY of  each month at Mercantile  Hall. Visiting brethren cordial!*"- invited.  ERIC OL80NV W.M.  FobBbkt���������4-rootu cottage on Park  Road, possession immediately. Apply  Arrowsmith Ranch, Creston.  ���������y. ���������--..   -  ��������������������������� ...-������������������*���������    -. .jr ���������   ���������������������������    j ���������  ---  Horses : Fob Sai._���������Team wosk  horse's*- weight about 1400 lbs., going  cheap. : H.-SpH i^o-v-, LU-ter.;  "Wanted���������-Five strawberry   pickers-  and one^acker,: accommodation   provided.    I������. -F. Robson,  Wyn ndel.  Mrs. Frank- "Botterill ".-'of Dover.  Idaho,, was a visitorhere last week*  with her mother, Mrs.   H. fit. Taylor.  Piano   Foiti   Sajus���������Good   as   new,  must be sold and .-going at   st   .bargain..  Terms to   reliable   party.    H. S. Mc  Creath, Oreston. . .-" :~  : Mrs. J immy Lockhead was balled to  Lethbridge, Alberta,, oh Wednesday,  being called-to that city owing to the  death of her mother.     ���������  y Fred Boul tori, ledgerkeeper at the  Imperial Bank'left on Sunday for the  usual two weeks' vrcatioh,"which he is  spending at the coast. s- .  Wanted���������-At once.^girl or woman  to work in kitchen, arm laundry.  Wages $30 per month . with room and  board.    Apply Oreston Hotel.  * Fottkd���������Anyone who lost an ������nt-  biella at the Chantatu-j.ua tent, or an  InKersoll watch on Saturday, can  recover same at-R'e-view Office^   * "  The evening of *J"hursday, June 25th,  h-is beeri-hppi-iijpriated by "the Presbyterian Laid lea* Aid fr������r their usual : ice  cream and sti-awberryfestivakl.,    -  Sam Whittaker, a former O.P.R.  roiies"ing apent at Creaton, who. is now  despatches at Nelson,, was a between  trains visitor-at Creston on Monday.  .Major Mallandaine got hack on  Monday from Victoria, where he haa  been for the past three weeks, owing  to the precarious henlth of his mother.  H. Biccum, who opened up a second-  band store in Creston about two yenra  ago, closed up shop at tha������ end of the  month, and with the family ha* movi-d  to Kimbi't'ley.  Fob. Sale���������5 head of horne**. weights  from 1350 to 1550,   agpd    frctm   5- to   S,  With the strawberry shipping again  under way Dominion fruit inspector  Fletcher is bark on the job. After  such splendid May and   June   rains it  AiatatT*          -w-.t..,^  _    at_aj_t/     a  when Mi*. Health received aii a^^'oiat-.  ment to the   staff   of the. Dominion  experimental farm   at rnvermew-, and  where they have   resided   ever' since,  Mr. Heath reaching here oh Wodnes  day evening. * The' funeral took place  on Thursday ..afternoon,   the   re'm-iirfs  being laid to rest in Creston cemeta-Jefo  Rev. H. Varley conducting the fuaef-  ai   service,    with .John - Spratt,- Jonn  Sherwood,   A. A~. J. O0H9, J, A, Lidgate, Geo. Johnson .and   E. O. Gibbs  officiating as   pallbearers.    There wus  a large turnc. ���������_������ of friends  to pfcy"their  last   respects    and   tbe   many- floral  tributes spoke eloquently of the high  esteem in   which   deceased 1 was   fat-Id  both here and at   her   later' home  ut  Afternoon Tea ��������� Served.  Sale of .Home Cooking.  ^Non-members of the Institute will  ���������/be charged an _3ntry^Fee of 25c k*.  , UTirst an������!   Seeond - ifrizes   when .  two or. more entries.  *      CLASS1  *     1    Roses, 6 blooms  2 Pisi_3? 6 varieties. v -  3 Sweet W"Hi-urns, 6 sprays,  , 4   "Sweet Peas, 6 varieties.  ' 5    California Poppy, vase.  $   Snap Dragon, 3 sprays.  "- 7*   CaqtorbtiryaBells, 6 sprays. -  '8 -Fox Glove, 6 stalks.'  9   Shasta Daisy, 6 blooms.  10   Co*, n Flower, vase. _  11* Pansy,-collection,"  12 Gaillasfrdia, 6' blooms.  13 Delphinium, 6 stacks.  J4    Petunia, collection.  15 Columbine, 6 sprays. -  16 Cape Forg������-->-Me-Not, vase.  17 Pyritrum,- collection.  18 Any other vartety of flowers.   19 Collection of .Garden  Flowers. -  begins to look as if   the   282T   crop  V. MAWSON  CRESTON  200 Columbia  and  Brunswick  Records  at _  Reduced Pric  a******  Any 73c. Rfi^nrrf,  *��������� a$1.00 Record.  1.25 Record.  1.50 Recoi'd,  $  ti  4t  .50  .m  1,00  yean*. Also tu-n sets *.A'ork hnrneas,'  loKging truck and chains. H. S. McCreath,  Orenton.  Fob. Sat^k���������-Largo dra-r saw nttttlt,  f'lrcnlrtraitw ana* 6 h,p. gusolenepnginea  almost new, Cun bo seen'at the Bevan  GurHge, Creston, <ir apply Dowd.  Cannaday, OHter.  The   first   strawberries   offered   for  sale in Creston this  year   Were   avail  able on Monday  when   II. Brownrlgp*  of EHcatsntit had a   crate   available for1  th-������ Ifieisl retail tntde^  Alf. Nets no of Creston* Valley Prodi ico Company, hns Iftised tha.old Olty  B.tkei-y hmBliUnp; next, ihe Revlew  offlrra for thia nonaon, unrl wj_ll opon for  bnslnesa on June Sth.  All free ttattaiiat-i-'H Uct-taKO-. e_tj)li<u!l at  micKoigiiit i������������ iBiiiiiiu.y, it mi ������i|> LiJL  yeaati-rdity deputy tntnliiig recordoi*'  McLaren htud i*t-<ued S21 renewals to  part lea in thin Hectlcm.  Chji.iiitt.ki<|HJa clr.Hcd on Tau-iwlay tiB(|iifc  nnd n me-ttl-ncf nf tht������ gitwruntor* will  he h������������bl ah f h������ Kr*at. of M.*- t������'������������h t-n  wlnd opiiffairH,    Dcwpitot tho none too  a^ H ,**   ^ ������^-V ������./*, f, ( ,'������     ft  llafctAli        ���������*Kf-������        I tt% #   ti  I .   *">���������        4 %*��������� I t*t|     1fft*,*.r*t  |^4    .*vkt<it    .     I   '>���������)���������}'     Ui.hla-iia.i.' *.   <W a .������*.,, t J   .-��������������� -.��������� +��������� t,^ i ���������     ^.'   w ta* an  watt grontf-r than   In   11>2-I,    but   thtno  will   be.   tlax*     iiHatttl   Hrttttitiii   tlt'tU'.it   to  J prOVldft    tmrnV.  berries will tie fuHy as large as a year  ago. -.  Menibt-rs of th-������ "Women's Institute  are asked to bejon hand prompt at 7.30  p m., Friday evening, June 12th, so  that the regular business mny be  disposed of to permit of Mrs. Hall's  address conamencipg prompt at 8  o'clock.  - "-Robin Hood," st&rring Douglas"  Fail-bunks, which wijl be seen at the  Grand Friday and Saturday nights,  : June 12lh and 13th, takes you back 800  years and reveals how people looked  and acted when chivalry was at its.  zenitb. - ������������������ ,_   -  O^ H. Robinson of 'Nelson, the  Dominion fishery inspector, was here  on an official visit the latter part of  the week, and with the aid of a Nelson  hatchery official they placed 30,000  trout fry in Goat River In the Eriekson area. .  Ihe Women's Institute Sower show  prize list appears elsewhere in this1  i-*s*te, nnd the ladies who will be  exhibiting are asked to make their  entries before the 10th if at all possible, so as to simplify the work of the  secretary.  Mr. and "Mrs. W. H*t-Watcher left  -on Tuesday on n visit of at least two  months with friends at. Thedford and  other Ontario points. Tlieir flrst7st^p  will be at Toronto, where Ms*. W-stchr  ev will attend the Presbyterian General Assembly. * * -  Rev. J^ A.' and Mrsy" ".lamei-^got  away on Tuesday forToronto, Ontario',  ���������Where they are attending the sessions  of the Presbyterian General ABseT-ihly,  which npt-Etu on 8he 8<.it. .an'i will,- be  remaining for a visit with old friends  for 11 couple of weeks. '    ,,  ��������� - m 1  Since the revision atf the voters lj'"t  for Cteston riding ink'fynyr., 1024^vl'l6.  hnw names httiye been M-ddt-d .ttj-tliittrOll.  Now tlii- list hits befn cleaned u]p;.bf  those who failed .to ��������� vote arid ���������ythose  dead or removed, the rtdinp? ahbtA's "a  total voteVif about 2000fe-  0f I Invermeffe. During her quite long-  residence in Oreston the late Mrs.  Heath always exemplified that which  is best in womanhood and  in, the loss  of a splendid-���������wife and mother the  sorrowing husband anduxlaughter have  the very" _eep sympathy of- a wide  circle of friends. -_,  ���������      CLASS 2���������HOUS-J PLANTS.  1*0    Geraniums.  21    Begonia. _ _"""  ������ 22   Primula.        - - c  _S   Fern. " ,  SA   A-ny    other    variety   of   house  plants.  25   Bouquet of WJld Floweret ^*pen  -to  school  children   under  14  years of age,  SHTSISS feo be. made with th"*  -Secretar,y, Mrs. Cherrington^ on. or  before, June ItHhs*   .  PRAH&  u THEATRE  111  %3U  If you wapt to enjoy yourself t^_- the limit come to  "Manhattan," and. see Richard, the lion-hearted,  starriiig in ail adventure-i*omance sizzling with  thrills aa<i good**fun.  H._cKard Dix -.nd Jacqueline Log".ajt in a scene Gcom tho  Pax.imoi30.t Picture * M"mh-X_3Jiv  mJJStii^Hm^i^mSmUmm  .,;'WjH"ft* ^..-U.������������������J^^^^���������1^���������^ll^^���������l^**  |nt.aa|_ipaajia>aiiilil.__iWraai>i������li  ������������������ K^^..iT.^^;r.ii^^^i\^^i^^'-'  "\>: ���������    'f *. -���������������������������  Minset. Eva Holmes and MuBgiifl'ito  Crawford arrived home nt*the ftrat of  fche week from Victoria^:  where   tfiey  have bi������en   attending   Nor'Ontl   school  since September,   MittHLouieo Benin  in hotithiyini**; at the coast' fpv.' ti. couple  of wret'kE" boforc it-tuininga,.    7  ;  "The ' afternoon   of  Dominion   Day,  W-t-'dtt'-ftdfty, July IM, hiiB feoen. booked  by the Junior Guild of Christ Church.  who nut liuvirig thetr usual ganlcn  feto and nalo of work nt tl^e Vf. H-~.  K<intp hotti*--, "RJrloKnon, fronti' S' to 7  p.m., to which ������1t w* ipvlted.*  DriiKKiwt    Kolly    reports    a   great  -h-toHnd for llit) Ice cream .cpncH he  uiitttflbuiutl, ftuje <if uluu-gc* <t> tho^hii-  cli-cn In coonoctEon with tho ac03tu1.it*  pitt-nde on Hat������i*dii.y afternoon. Al-  rnoBt 400 of them were handed out and  v������**y prompt delivery n-i'������*i takan.  A. Pirl������", who U 1n charge of wmttei-fl  \n Krtst K������ot*iBiasr for tha DAnilinJon  department of tnl������*rlor,   was  lie re  at  ���������4 K*-***-*  r������.������vn A   nf *l|*f.   (N**fi'*t1������      W* ���������*, 11** I ���������**>**>   Ih     >*������**"#*������ f* *������".*  Mrtii^i-H afcpoSntit along the Kootenay.  leaving on iBumi'li-.y to do a nlmihur job  between Porthili and Bonners Forry������  BBS  Jfe  imamtef  [Qmmtmm  ���������  It w������bi> great pleasiire'To serve all the children of GreBton  And 'district'with' Ice, Cream Cones on Saturday after-the  parade: Wasn't the piarade nice? Lots of funny boya, and  sweet little girlies. The ohildron were 11 huh 11 ally oxdtod about  the- free Ice Cream but we never aaw any group of children or  pcrovt/nups; aot so orderly, and well mannered, The otaflF afc the  Creaton Drug ������& Boole Stole wish to thank the ad til to for their  00voperati011.        ' .-��������� -���������" ' -...:,.''',...'���������'.  CRESTON DRUG & BOOK STORE  afa. WJ-afltl "^lET "���������'h-aT'^Ta* ."**_'"'  1 *U"t ..IR*V*a    1%. JUJ JUl H Jl   St   1  ..,,.    MAIL ORDERS PROHfPTLTTDESPATCHED     '  mvxum  anmb  "F  Fruit Cowers, A  We are offering you this year a superior Box, as the  box ends are Pine and Sprace������ and we mppty one-piece tops and hpttomn, unless otherwise specified.  PEICES UPON BEQUEST, Permit ua to mipply your Boxe*.  tfHtf Wi   jQ_a* MMMMtea  *"��������� if .,.   ,���������.., W. ... ,..   -. - ���������������  fir tmti- laCSiril DOX  P.O. Box Bl.  _F_i _f<V _i       tt* Ha C^a   iSKSiB)      WJ W       ^u        eJJ  wc ijiiiiiig'&e iv-iiiiiaf9  Latta*  a(fC|jlJl#4f I     JCT*^U*������  mt+mmimm  tft-frmjS  mmmsm!m!MJ������mmm&


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