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Creston Review Jan 13, 1922

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^ 1% 'KS
Vol, XIII.
No. 49
Annual Banquet
Board of Trade
rr. 0
The largest and most representative
gathering of citizens that has been
-seen at a gathering of the sort in at
least four years was in evidence at the
Board of Trade banquet at the Creston Hotel, on Tuesday night, Januaiy
Dth, the dinner preceding tjti
annual meeting, and the aecomP"uy*"
ing speeches following at the conclusion of the regular business of the
board, which included the election of
Retiring president R. S.-Bevan'
made a competent toastmaster-*, -and at
the outset took occasion to present his
yaledictory addressL which in addition
to reviewing in soiud detail the.good
wark the board hadVc'eOmpKshed during I92i, he at the same tmiu^uuiuitt'-
-ed the export trade statement coyer*}-
ing the shipment of orchard, field and
forest products' from Creston Valley
points���included in which .is the area*
f rom Sir4ar to Kitfchener. *   ,'"
The shipping statement is quite the
most complete eyer prepared, and has
���been carefully revised by a close check
of the reports submitted'* by selling
agencies and firms with the shipping
statements. as supplied by C.P.R.
agents at the several points in�� the
Vallev. '
In the lines mentioned the presidential statement indicates that the export trade pf t^e--V^lleyiu" the lin'^ Jw^jfoion tj"i "freight rates^
mentioned mounts up to a grand-totadj'^'
of $613,260/ being almost a quarter of
handled them dm-ing-"the evening art
as follows:.*-.The King. , "The Province," Col., Lister, M.P.P., -and R- E.
Beattie," M^., Cranbrook. "Our Vis-
itorsi"* Major Mallandaine and W." B.
Embree. '.^Industries," G." O. Rodgers
and Jas. Adlard. "Reclamation," C.
1*5. Garland and Guy .Constable.
^Transportation," A. R. Swanson and
RY-B. Staples. -, "'The -Press.". C. F.
Hayes and C." G. Bennett. ' The Lad
\et~i*-1 C. W. Allan and Efc JO. Gibbs.
*!he Retiring President." Dr. Hender-
���*gw~ and R. S. Beyan. *'Creston
Board of Trade, R E. Beattie and C.
F- -Hayes.     - -
\ /The ���'. outstanding feature of, the
speeches throughout wan the care that
most of the speakers had taken and-np
small amount of oratical ability showh
in handling the sutiieets'^tssigRed each,
ai|d'eyeryone of them. On Reclamation Mr. Constable gave hearers'
some exceptionally optimistic infoniV**
ation that'has just come in hand from
the Idaho authorities"*'concerning
drainage, on 'the strength *��� nf which
the speaker looked for ' something th
the way of'a definite statement regarding the project to be forthcoming
during the present year.
'In his remarks on the transportation
toast Mr, Stsples also presented some
pertinent information' regarding the
existing discriminatory freight and
express rates on ft-uit shipments outof
CreSton. ajnd urged .that the Board be
prepared,' tt$ " seek readjustment of
these griejvan^ces at the first opportunity that presents itself in the way.jif a
i.i  i-ftr-iO.
i%0 pughe^m
Creston Taxpayer
:$-   ityONBOFTHMM
 i i i" "j���<'"fr""'"
A series of bombshells, was exploded
int-his districtrbn Japiiary 2nd, when
we t-ee'eivt-d, bu(r New.-' Year greetings
from the collector, off taxefe at Nelson
'�� r-< '���   ���       .-i-i-  .r\     - ".    ���   "
So much,indignation ;;wp felt si,t, th��,
inci-eased 'flsiessnientsYpn every hand
that it hu# Wome, the p0nci pal topic
'of 'teonvefSKtion and-:!th**^H>pinion. has
, 4    *. ' ��� "if ttrftlt    ** ^- k
beehfreelv expressed * that some, com-,
binfed action  must be^tapen,  henceJi
meeting has been   called |to v consider
the formation of a taf^p^yers" associi
utionv        : -        J Y, -| .    >
"   , " ** " *1     V'.   '
Of course every owj|e��J-fof property
fi-ecogni-zes that he is Ilkjble to pay in-
aceorda nre wfth.the Viilsie of his pro--
perty^his share hf the exp^tise'of funn-
agains^ $5 per annum previous ��o I917t
and $10 per annum from 1917 to 1921."
and in^the. opinion of the o.wners the
valine Qf thjk}^ property has increased
yery slightly, if at all.
lt is impossible at short notice to discover what. the provincial* taxes now
call for from this district will amount'
to on this year's' assessment, but ap-
parently'it will Work out somewhat as
follows: Amount required by"school:
trustees is
pn the dollar shows a yaiuation for
School, tax' purposes of, say, $545,000
for the   district; j This   yaiuation   io^
^545,6bd 'is ^a\jou
g the* government of.
Board of Trade	
- Annual Meeting
**. .���
The banquet feature in connection
tWith .the annual meeting of Crestpn
'Board of *Trade on Tuesday night had.
the'effect of attracting"'about the,
largest tur&oiit that has ever graced
,^"^^r"^^,"i^C"",V1lI*fche yearly*Windup proceedings of this
.700 which at 12.308 mills^ell-knowirbrganiLtion.     Not only
did the spread 'of good -things to eat
ejacourage attendance but. true to the
old fcwv that has it that "a good dimmer, lubricates business,'' after th'e inner
man -had been amply satisfied, the
purely routine features of the "annual
eonclftve went,, through v with neatness _
and despatch,  with President Beyan
a million dollar gain on the best previous year, which was 19JL9, during the"
twelve months of which total ship*
ments accounted for an income of
some $400,000. The hlige amount
shown for tjhe.year just closed is^iyid*
ed into $242^700 as the. total s^ i>t
lumber,^ posts, pol*^, pJH��?g�� M-#/*W^'
whiletbo twrn^^on^imit^hdE^e^g^
tables, and' hay takes-itciKnii^^af al*-
uiost $400,000.00. ^; ^ry i,-,^ f/r*- &i
The statement shows that the^shipfjJ'
ing of apples has reached the respectable total of 142,800 boxes, and the estimate is that there is still possibly another 8000 boxes in the growers hands,
which would indicat-e a total yi-ildijir
the year of around 150,000 bo^es���al-'
most double the big crop of 1019 and,
according tp unofficial estimates, treble
the apple crop of 1920. ..' *
In strawberries, too, 1920 is shown
to be the biggest year eyer, the outgo
of this fruit being 16,800 crates, tp say
nothing of a quantity that went olit
" in pails to the jam faQfe^y.:^J^ crfttta^"
of raspberries,were shipped during the
season, and the export of tomatoes' account for just" a  few less ' than 6000
crates,    ^h^^^iof:!?
crop is computed at a totJtl of $238,458,
while the stiiawberry money runs into
$53,084, anfr raspberries almost $18,000.
As compared   with  oteher  years   the^
other lines,^Iveiage up to or_sligh|ily
exceed any preyious years' output.   '*,;
Following the presentation of  the
tradejstatement the toastmuster read
letters aud telegrams of regret at inability to be   present* from  Senator
King and Dr. Fry,   president  of  the
Buhners   Fei-ry.   Idaho,   Commercial
Olnh;     President Fink of Cranbrook
Board of Trade,and President Boles of
the  Nelson,'board   of trade;' .F.  A*;'
Starkey, cohimissionenpfJthe Associated Boards ,^f UWde -of BasWn-B.O.,
Ha^es dealt quite exhaustively
with the ^board's publicity work d^ir-
ing_th6a.5|jar, expressing fdll apprecia-
tiorTllf the.jenterprise and public spirit
of Messrs. Stark'.' JCSffclejohn; and Jack-,
son in preparing their-exhibits for tne
British Apple Show, their prize-winn
inga.at.which fia<|given the lValley no
and he can assume that ^ the assess-
��� ���- "* -ji. -     0*
ment   throughout    this^disti-ict  was
equally  done   yery  litt|e   vrbuld   be
heard in the way of -complaint. .Bnt it
has been common knowledge for sevc
et-al years that the assessment in this
district has b.een,.to saylt^e least, yery
erratic. '   Whether this*, has'been due
to carelessness, .incompetence and political favoritism or political jspite, it is
necessary to enquire.    iThe  fact  remains that while many-properties are
or   haVe.. been    greatlj^-undervalued
many    other ,'��� properties * have,    in
the .ojgjtiion   of   thei^ yiwners,': been-
^greatly over valued.     And such over
yaluations cannot.longer retuafu  xxxh-r
Challenged.     Many    complaints    are
madtr* of    assessments  having   been
"doubled this year.,   while , la*st  year's
valuations were felt to be as high as
they could be fairly placed. '
the same
year's assessment," while *"this year's*
', assessment for provincial tax purpos-'
es appears to be in most cases approx-
imately double the school tax assess-
nieret. We may, therefore, assume a
yaiuation for provincial tax* purpose"Of-
say^ $1,006,000''���which, at 1 ner cen^,
will yield $10,000. ' - ��� .
,. Novw. if this district has tb raise $10,"'
t000 xbefore , the end . of;'April under
threats of all sorts bf''pains and penalties is it not pertinent to enquire what
benefit we shall receiye in return?
Judging from past performances, not
.manyY Assuming that 'during the"
past-ten years we have paid in"1 taxes'
the huge'sum of $70.000���a very mod
erate Assumption���wh^t benefits havet
we received during that period? One.
cati call to mind a little road work, a
few hundred ���^��11
af the' helm.'"      -> ""     '
.     r      , ..   I
In order to get into the real banquet
proceedings business was confined solely to disposing of correspondence that
had.acciimulftted since- the'December
���-   -* k -j -
gathering; a^l unfinished and^new business standing over until February by
resolution to that ^effect.    ,
Y_The treasurer's statement' showed
that the board had., closed the year
clear.of debt-and^a balance of some $12
*Xk ��j|_ic ��OOu.     jMsyiytua. t~0 vsic  *jG&T<jLS
resolution asking, that a goyernment
liquor store,be���established in Creston
the board is informed   that a  letter
dollars wortiis!ofiumib^|,^*e^^aI^w?t  Creston
for sidewalks gcudginglyfeiveu^n the J 8w?eabyC' ��* Q,*is^ intimates yery-
.     .     v.      ..   . ~t -, ..    i-.    * isistmgly that a liquor vendor is  not
���desir^d'at Crestpn, and that. before
any announcement is made regarding
the stove a very thorough examination
of the' situation in Creston will be
made. For* 1922 the assessment, system
wilL be dropped and a straight mem-
wi��e*fti��P^te ^zr*z?m
ei^.*f-axcelle,ntafublicityin a port of I    �� must nrtt be   forgotten^ that  the
t^worldthat4t has-hitherto been I Rental eifect of these mere^es is that
f *^l$tf&fc$aifa 	
ana phssfWlit^l^'^ston Valleyr
:<]&�� excellent "supply ��SL music was
presided by a Brnr.sv.ick gramaphone
kindly placed at the disposal ofvthe
banque5 committee by Mawson Bros.,
apd on all hands host Small of the
Creston * H��)t��l  was ��vonndly '* coihpll-
understanding that we find the labor
���and after that.- what?.,- ^or:this.dis-
trict- is ibelbg milked^' a*ad: other c|is-��-
tricts are getting the cream. ;M\" ~ '-"
��� ' What are we going to* do Ub8n.it U?
Are we meekly to submit?   I say NQ.,
Let us get together. "" Let us obtain a" u����,tv:�����--,^    . ~,~     .��� ., ..
--������ * r*- x     *.     r A bersnip fee of $5 will prevail, on the
full copy of the assessment roll.   Let| ������j������%.- ~,A-~.yz.-. x--~\:  a.'--      -~- -^ -
,      .      .      . -e, -        .m   ,    ,5^, I undprbtandmg that if the five spot axi-
us en.ploy tega assistance, rf- ^^-Uiission doe�� notpravide the revenue
advisable, and let us   present collect-  needed   fchen   ^   ^^^ -wilrbe
mented oq the excellence of the dinner,
menu, ihe prompt seryu-e' given; and
the splendid taste shown/in the deco.B-
atiye effects in evidence, at .all piiiii'ts"
of vantage in the dining room."
M      Ck'*Mlt4PV       fr*^i
siiWply twice what we should pay, but
four times what we wei-e payirig. ""Let
us take a concrete case where the, pro-
perty was valuetTat $1000. Preyious
to 1917 tlie proui:ses.i! t4��s*��-**<-n this valuation amounted to $5. Ihj.917 asur-
tax/>f an equal amount was called feu,
it being generally' understood that it
wasNvaJid for that year only. But in
1018'on the same yaiuation $10 was
erdled* for, and, t^e, same amount has
been collected annually since. Now,*
for 1922,- the assessment has been
doubled,    and. $20   is   called   for   as
Nelson; J. S; Cilrteif district passejfi-
ger agent, Nelson, and C. S. Hall,
C.P.R. divisional superintendent,
CranbRftok.    .r,!"   ''!".-* -i-a-   .."'    -,.*
Following these ean��o the letter just
to hand, from King Geotfoe;" tyhfy-
through the must et- of the royal household, expressed, thanks for the board's
most acceptable, Christn����is gift of a
box of Oreston Vaiiey Dellcloiw appleB-
and the splendid yuletide and,patriotic Bentlment expi-esHptl In the letter ao
company Ing the gift. The king deep*
ly appreciated being thus remembered
and returned In full measure the compliments extended Mi.,1 and trusted
tho future of" Qreston-v-.-Viritey would,
keep pace with the upendld achieve*
ii\ents of the past. " The letter was receiyed with an outburst of cheering
and ap equally Vigorous rendering of
the national anthem. Y  , ���
The toasts and   the  speak era  that
FoB^RBNrr-fSiijte  qf rfour'fi*t**oins.
Enquire Mawson'Brothers;.'" *   "''���:'��� '-
"Cow Fob SAtE���Jet-tiey, juHfc-.fresl|r
ened.   A; Wealing, Canyon.   *
8 DhJsk Fob SAlS*���RoileV vtop : desk,'
in good shape, $20. Mawson Brothers.
J.W. Dow spe^t: a* couple Af*'days'!
with old friends in kelson this week,
returning on Thuisdtiy,. ..;
���' :**-' *   ���      "^*H"    ���      ���-& *
Rev. E. W.'MacKay of Cranbrook
is announced to take both services in
Creston Presbyterian Church on Sunday.
.. \; FtMic SALB->-Aiito knitting,. ^m^hinej
with iwo   cylinders,   in   perfect "condition, $30; coat'$50 new,"  Mis. Jtfffii:-
Hamilton, Creston.
-A meeting of all interested in the
forination of a Fifteen Hundred C-ub
ia called for SpeersrHall at 8,80 p.m.,
Thursday**J��nnary,'19, ;.*,
Spib"bli*a ' CoBSBTHmK���For appointments call or write Mrs. M. B.
Pearirs,,'Box 67, Cres|ton; .Residence,
over MaWNoh Bros, poolroom.    ,',
J' Mifes Evbiyri and ATthurvHipry-got
back the latter part of the jv'eeic fiom
Cranbrook, where they had been In
th��h hospital for a, ffiw dayn haying op-
eratiojns for tonsolitis. ' ',-  ;
The Ptesbytor|nn Ludiefl' Aid announces that they will have their
usual St. Valentine's tea ancl nude of
homo, cooking' --this .year In Spe-ora*
Hallron Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 14th.
. 0. R. Ward of Crarfbrook was
shaking hands with Oreston friends a
couple of days the foro part of the
wee?k. He admits the divisional city
Ivad a little 21 below aero weather during the cool spell the middle .of last
iyely such a case at the court^of revision that the judge will b-e obliged _to
���f-���-.n ��� a.-,,- ��� a,-.^.-^^***y* *i��^f^e-^tS^?^5;'
TLn concluding_I want^to^^m|Kpasjze
the gross injustices and hardships that
are inflicted on the fU'rming^ommnn*-
ity in  fixing the latest dafceYfor-pay-
ment as April 30. instead  of Dec. 31
as heretofoi-s���to say nothing of the
cancellation of Lhe  10   per   cent,   dis-
count for early'payment.    How many
farmers haye much cash ayaila*hl&*f>&.
tween February and April, and wha t
was    our   farmer' premier   thinking
about to permit dueh an alteration.
. _,.  11*
Local and Personal
Under4h& Palronageot Col. and Mrs. Llsler
The Ladies of .Mom Crossv.Chijiiroli
announce, af'^Tew atid, Old-Time   .,
1 Ityhce \i\ the-     f.���> '^\y
Piano WANTBD--Wanted to rent,
piano.   Mrs. jH. B. Downs.     .
WAHTBD���Fl'at top d��?fik. abbut^S.M
feet.   Enquire Mawson Brpthers.
Mrs. F. H. Jackson is spending a
few ciiays* with', friends in N elson this
weeiti' '���'" '>   '*      y'':���'?"���    y.'P.'l.
, House Fob Rent���Six-room house
for rent, newly builti?cotrifortable. j-jpL*
Driftll, Creston. ..!""'    ;
" Cb&LiB t��u'ps FobJ SAJ^BTe^Jiosb: four*
of them, purebred, $8 each while they
last.   8. Moon, WynndeV.
Fob Sale���Set team alelgha, new;
set -cli ivin^ slc>jl*gh|j; ijiew; second-hand
cutj.i?r ih" gft)6d-��� :R*piiir.���'��� MbbrdiiwJje
���v.,' irT..*. 'I . -J',,    ���>     ���'�� ,'���        ,
Mondiiy evening, January 28rd, has
been named as the date for the annual
ineeting of the Creston Valley .A-gri-;.
cultural AssocWttoh. ,    '''������"���      ���;���;      : ".'
Nvr        rl ��� vv    ��� A 4   ,. i
Owing ,.to a ^hortage of spacy thia
issue budgets of liews^^from-ErlcHwsMv^
Oan von City, Lister and Alice Riding
are unavoidable cvowdod out.       f    *
���iGBAND M'ABQH ttt";0 p.m.
looked to for his pro rata -share to
mafc^good any deficit. & * ���.
^iWi& thee^eptio&ortu?executive .
��lttla�� ofiicers'<v.ere elected by acclamation,, the pronation system hfiw being in vbgtieJir^connectioa^with -tbe
selection of bo^rdofficers. -These who
will be^fi>-ch��rge.o�� the board's efforts
this year are: ���
Hon. President���R. S. Bevan.    "
. President���C.oF. Hayes.
' Vice-President���G.- G.- Bennett. *
Secy.-Tre-is.���.C. B.. Garland. -
Auditor-^-Dy. H��if��aerBon.r':,-,-- *
Executive���Geo.    Johnson, "EC.   B,
Staples,  S. A. Speers   0. W. Allan*
Guy Constable, E. Mallandaine.
Befote adjourning the meeting retiring president Bevuii   concisely  reviewed the work of the board during
1921, in  which   it   was  quite  clearly
shown that the organization under his
direction had had U Very Useful twelVe ���
months'existence,  Mr. Beyan  taking
spegial;satisfaotipn -out of- the;knowledge that in the year just *Mosed* very-
definite and satisfactory progress had
been    made  tMfa'ro, getting  a' pi;o-
nouncement as to  the feasibility  of,
Kootenay Flats  drainage, -and  fehat;
tang ble eyldence had: been  adduced
that in the building of. A he i>orth and"
south    to|iri8t   highway   across,'the-.,
United States the route would be via
Bonners   Ferry    and    Porthiil,   and
thence to Creston to make connection*,
���Wifcji ��� tl|��4 ,transpr��*v.incial   highway
acrosh" Canada.   In closing he thanked*
for the very hearty support the meni-
barship had accorded him ahd bespoke
the same consideration for the president-elect, .. ..
/ ��� .',*     .*     ������ ���,      ,.,   '*, .*.,���., I       i*.
Feb, 14tjh,   with  a wbl*<t drive and
dance in the Pariah Mall.
'" {.it".>--
tiiwi'fiyiS' Q&tta$ii&M��i j&mWj ^>^nS^^^^i>eshipped..
i   &,. ^nmt\n6^^mTtmam, .*tel^lli:K.ftS����Oll SLASHIN
i��l*��   IllK.     tutl.l-i    ii.    whkt.    dt-lvA ' nt\A Jr.. ��� -
Gentleman 75c.   Ladies 50c
'k"?  "      Supper iJiLQlpdpd.
Muaic by Mrs. Foreman and
!   ,v    Mr. Lidgate.
' ml .-j'
ready started in at the work,
pi <j)aeot sho i^s^opping at fhe Ojrfepton.
Hotel.     ** V ,:,v�� ; ���',:'���'*.'' . J*tfr'$
At the annual meeting of Creston
Board of Tnule onTnesduy fitght.Cr
F. Hayes was the unanimous choice
for president; "CO. Bor net t moves
up from secretary to vicepi-eiiident^
and C. B. Gasland is tho bnt-.rd's new
B^retjjrv. I
Bids will be ti>ceived by theundi-r-
signed until Feb. 1st 11)22, for aleiah-
ing^acwaji% VJfi'St CrejiUm,     Lowest
.v JTOk^!fiL^"�� "?w5��*��:My accenteit
J. SMM^PT, Bank of Montreal, Roi����i
l��ndvB.Ci "'������ ������*'*'.��� r
I     >      <
Fruit shipments nut of Penticton last*'
y^ar jy^re^ore "than doubl4 thdsV fyZ.
"1020, accordihg~to tfie statements of
railway % fficinls. and llieie is htill a
��� . .     .  m44tp-m\mtatmm~i \
Kotlce h* heit'bv given that the annual meeting of Croatou Valley Agri-
nu!^iN��l-Aea<iclation will l>e hold ��t
SpeeiV Hull. Crelton*. ��it8 P.M.-, Moh-'
day; January 23rd, H>22. BuoineaH,
Adontiufi .or annual reports, election
etc.     R.   WA LM8LEY;
of  offlcei*.
Secret* tiny.
t" Hma
4 HH
rf MMTHil
��� **h*RhSS
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��� f jaJe-jaWJIjeHJi^JCtt.Vh.  U-y;"f"*������a-**"  1  ������������������^**ir  ssimsrt lasssxs^A a^  lilt.  !i|"i ���������  ]|Y  *$!'-*���������  Wooiien Mill For Victoria  In  NEVER COOK UP COLD MEAT WITHOUT IT  Canada's Needs  British  Syndicate Will  Specialize  Worsted Materials  r A British syndicate proposes the establishment of a woollen mill in the  city of yietoria. The company state  that* It is thcir intention to specialize  In worsted materials of high quality,  and-earry through the entire process  from cleaning ahd preparing the raw  wool to the production of the finer  grades of worsted suitings.  "YOUR TEETH  99  CLEFT PALATE  By  &EA  PROCTOR  McGBE.  D.D.S..     M.D.,     Editor       of   "Oral  Hygiene"  No. 2���������Agricultural" Prosperity  Concluding the first article in this series in which the greatest'  need of Canada," ia order that it may become the nation natufe intended it should be, was declared to be adequate population, the  view was expressed that, first and foremost, it should be definitely  ascertained why so many people left the country; it a word, why  Canada failed to hold the people who immigrated to the Dominion,  and even failed to hold its'own native born.  The fault should be clearly established, and, in the opinion of  the writer, it is not far to seek. It is, we believe, to be found in the  fact that, despite Canada's enormous area of fertile agricultural land,  the wonderful productivity of its soil; and the virility of its clirriate  and people, the business of farming is not a paying one, with the  inevitable consequence that agriculture languishes and thousands  of people who engage in it give, tip after years of struggle, while  other thousands go on froni }-ear to year without snaking any material advance and become wholly disheartened.  As long as such a condition continues, and millions-of acres of  arable land remain unsettled and unproductive, all industry in ^Canada will suffer, our railways will continue to be operated at a loss  cr be forced id impose such heavy rates upon the commerce of the  country as to constitute another and serious obstacle to settlement,  development and the business of the Dominion. -  All observant men must admit that there is something radically wrong when the second largest grain crop ever raised in the  Prairie Provinces, that is so far as quantity is concerned, proved to  be, not a debt-paying crop but "a debt-producing crop. ���������. The hundreds of millions of-bushels of grain grown and harvested in 1921  should have given a great impetus to business in Canada; should  have paid off millions of debt contracted in the preyious poorer  years, and should have started many people on the road to prosperity. But, alas, taken as a whole the crop of .1921 cost the  farmers more to produce it than they realized from its sale. And  this disheartening experience of the grain grower was duplicated  in the case of the livestock producers.  Under conditions such as these it is. quite futile, and a waste of  time,'energy and money to endeavor to secure thousands of new, settlers to come to Canada and engage in agricultural production.  Conditions confronting and governing agriculture in Canada must  first be righted.  There will always be years in which adverse weather conditions  occur, years when plagues of grasshoppers, or rust, or some other  pest-wifl prevail to a certain extent, but every farmer is prepared  for these. These things alone did not bring thousands of Western  farmers face to face with disaster and ruin this year. Despite such  drawbacks, and hotwithstandnig the high costs incurred in connection with the raising and harvesting and marketing of the 1921 crop,  there would have been a profit had anything like a price comparable  with the costs of production been obtainable. -But just as soon as  the xrop began to move the bottom fell out of the market and the  grain had to be sold, if sold at all, at a price less than the costs of  production and transportation.  That's the situation in a nutshell, and the result is that not only  the Western farmers, and the West generally where prosperity depends upon the success of the farmers, but the whole industrial  world in Canada is suffering. Business in the East as well as in the  West is in the doldrums, is vitally, seriously, affected.  Agriculturists, we repeat, expect to face the vagaries and cope  with the vicissitudes of nature, but as individuals they cannot combat such a combination of circumstances as confronted them during  1921 and will'confront them again unless Canada wakes up as a  nation and grapples with what is our outstanding national problem.  A solution must bc found, and found speedily, if Canada is to grow  and prosper.  Canada can only live and prosper by developing a large and profitable export trade. The chief exports of this Dominion are, and  for many years must continue to be, the natural products of its  farms, its mines, its forests, and its fisheries. World markets for  these products must be found and developed. The fiscal policy  of this Dominion should be so framed as to encourage such a development.  A home market for factory products is of no value if the home  people have not the money wherewith to purchase the manufactured  goods, and the great mass Qf Canadian consumers cannot havo  money if the products of Canada's farms do not command a price  in excess ot the cost of producing grain and livestock.  Thickly populated countries may be self-contained, with all industrial urban population sufficiently large to consume all that the  agricultural rural population can raise, and vice versa, but not so in  a country like Canada with an enormous undeveloped area of arable  land and other natural resources and a sparse population thinly  spread out in a line three or four thousand miles long. Canada  must produce more from its land than its own people cau������consum*i-;,  and a profitable market must be had for the surplus in order that  the whole country may prosper.  WHEN WOMEN SUFFER  Look for weakness or ill-health. See  if there is. not a side ache headache,  restlessness Yand-the "blues." The  symptoms indicate that you need the  gentle assistance of Dr. Hamilton's  Pills. This sqdthiiigfaedicine is a  great friend to womankind.- They are  a wonderful relief to constipation,  they clear up sick headache, remove  wastes and poisons from the.system.  Girls and women can use Dr. Hamilton's Pills with great success. Thousands use nCother medicine and rely  solely upon DrY Hamilton's Pills to  regulate the system and keep it in  smooth running order, 25c all dealers  or The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal".  "Zyxt" is the last- word  English language, according  new Oxford dictionary.  in  to  the  the  THIN, WATERY BLOOH  MEANS ILL HEALTH  Rich, Red Blood Brings Bright Eyes  -. arid Rosy Cheeks  The -girl who returns home from  school or from work thoroughly tired  out will fee fortunate if she escapes a  physical breakdown, because this  getting tired 'so easily is probably  tlie first warning symptom of a thinning blood that must not be disregarded if her health is to be preserved.  When the' blood becomes thin and  impure the fcatient becomes pale. She  not only tires out easily but often suffers from headaches, palpitation of  the heart, dizzy spells and a loss of  aooetite.  In this condition Dr. Williams' Pink  ���������Tills will be found to have a beneficial  action on the blood. Miss Delima  Lafreniere, St. Ambrose, Man., has  proved jfchis in her own case, and advises others to use these pills. She  says: "Before I began the use of Dr,  Williams' Pink pills I felt like a. complete wreclc of myfformer self., -My  blood was poor and thin. I suffered  from faint anel dir^zy spells, and had  backaches ahd ^headaches almost  every day.* I decided to give Dr. Williams' Pink Pills & trial, and by the  time I had used three boxes I - felt  much better". and t_ continued taking  the pills until I felt as well as I ever  did. For what .they did in my case  I cannot recommend these pills too  highly."  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can be obtained from any-dealer in medicine,  or' by mail at 50 cents a box or six  boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.  The roof of the mouth is called 1he  palate. There are two parts to lt,  the hard bony part surrounded by  teefch, which is naturally called the  hard palate, and the soft part that is  so sentitive, at the back of the mouth,  called the soft palate.  Some unfortunate children are >)orn  with a separation of "tlie" palate lengthwise. Iu these cases the nose and  mouth open into each other.  It is very difficult to feed cleft palate children and if they do grow upr  they have a lifetime of suffering and  embarrassment. They cannot speak  distinctly and have great difficulty  with the fluids of the mouth and nose.  Usually through the border of the upper lip.  Two methods'are used to give relief to these children.     One is to perform an operation, or rather a series  of operations, to close the roof of-the (  mouth and the opening in the lip.  The other way is to make a plate  that will mechanically cover the open-'  ing in the>palate. x  The nature of the deformity makes  the wearing of *: this plate very unpleasant for the patient.  When a child is born with a harelip and cleft palate, the first thing to  do is to get a cleft palate nursing  nipple, because these children are so  very bard to feed. Then have the  palate closed as early as possible. If  these: children are successfully operated on before they learn to talk, the  voice will be normal. If the cleft  is left until the child becomes accustomed to the faulty use of the tongue  that-is necessary, with the open palate, his speech will never be perfect,  MISS  FRANCES  NEWMAN,  Chicago, III.  "Only a medicine of truly wonderful  merit _c-6ttld have done what Taniac  did for me and there is nothing half  good enough for me to say about it,"  said Miss Prances. Newman, 2639  Hirsch, St., Chicago:  "I don't think anybody e*v:er suffered any more from indigestion than I  did and for over a year I was, in  wretched health. I had smothering  spells and'my heart palpitated so violently I thought I had heart trouble,  but I know now it,was all caused from  ray stomach.  ~ "Since taking Tanlac I feel and  look like a different person. I have  a. splendid appetite and my digestion  is 'just perfect. I sleep eight or nine  hours every night, and get up in the  morning feeling fres,h and happy.   My  friends   tell   me   I'm always smiling  * *  Counting House Genius  An electrically-driven instrument is  now made which moistens the gum on  envelopes, turns down the flap, seals  them up, then stamps them, counts  theia and turns them out ready % for  post���������all at the rate* of one hundred  a minute. *  Asthma t3 Torture. No Zone who  hasn't gasped for breath in the power  of asthma knows what such suffering  is; Many do know, however, from  experience how immeasurable .is the  relief provided by that, preparation,  Dr. J. * D. Kellogg's : Asthma Remedy.  For years' it has been "relieving the  most severe cases. If you are a sufferer do not delay a day in securing  this remedy from* yottr druggist.  now and I certainly ought to be, for  I'm enjoying life again."  Tanlac is sold by leading drug  P\ everywhere.     iggists  Leads West In Honey Production  " Manitoba's honey production for  1921 amounted to 903,000 pounds, derived from 14,721 colonies - of bees.  This province now leads all others in  Western Canada in the production of  honey, followed by British Columbia  with 309,072 pounds.  Prefers Horse to Auto Truck  One ��������� of the largest department  stores in Chicago, is reported to have  recently offered for sale, nineteen  used auto trucks, and the same week  placed an order for fifty heavy draft  horses.   r~      - ���������-...-.  It Is usually safe to say that when a  child is pale, sickly, peevish and restless, the cause is worms. These para-  . sites range the stomach and intestines, causing serious disorders of the  digestion and preventing the infant  from deriving sustenance from food.  Miller's Worm Powders, by destroying  the worms, correct these faults of the  digestion and serve to restore the organs to healthy action.  .  Killed By Blood Poison  Xlsed an old razor for.paring his  corns. Foolish because 25c buys a  bottle of Putnam's Corn Extractor  which for fifty years has been removing corns and warts without pain. No  failure if you use "Putnam's." ��������� Refuse a substitute, 25c everywhere.  It Will Relieve a Cold.���������Colds are  the commonest ailments of mankind  and if neglected may lead to serious  conditions. Dr. Thomas' Eclectrie  Oil will relieve the bronchial passages  of inflammation speedily andY thoroughly and- will strengthen them  against subsequent attack. And as it  eases the Inflammation it will stop the  cough because it allays all irritation  in the throat.     Try it and prove-* it.  The first stockings were bandages  wrapped around the feet.  Light   penetrates   3,000 feet below  the level of the ocean.       .  To Extend Railway  Line North From Cochrane Will Open  Up Rich Area  The Ontario Government Is calling  DODD'S  '  MKIDNEY  1 ^ a hpiL^py  A tlfeatre ticket stamper of" Munich is said to have invented the  lithograph process in 1790.-  w.  N.  V.  woa  for Cendftrs to extend the Temiskarn-  ing anrl Northern 'Ontario Railway  from Cochrane 70 miles toward *Tamos  Hay, The cost Ik expected to bo un*  d������ra *f$,i)00,000. This railway will  op*m up onc of the finest agricultural  arena in tho north country; also groat  timber areas and almost unlimited  water power. It Js estimated that at  thc Tin Can Portage, where the pro-  poH������ri extension will end, are water  power,** running to waste which would  prod ii r,������ 200,000 horsepower.  Coldest Place in U.S. *������  Havrn, Mont., Ik said (o he the cold-  *M plane In the United Btates. Its  winter tftmp<"ratur������H are lower than  Hie winter temperatures ot Alaska.. At  Point Harrow, t.hci northernmost point  of Alanka, thrt IowpmI recorded tern*  rmraturn 1������ f#4 Arwrotin below . y.oto,  whlM Havre not Infrequently recorda  ternperitturt-rt below 60 degree*).  Mlnard'n Liniment Far Garget In Cowa'  FACE WAS FULL  OF PIMPLES  ForThree Years. Hard and  Awfully Sore. Disfigured.  Cuticura Heals.  "I had been -suffering with a pimply face for three years. My face  was full of pimples and they were  hard and awfully sore. They festered and dried up, and were scaly,  and disfigured my face. They caused  me to lose a lot of sleep, and were  awfully itchy, making me scratch and  irritate my face.  "I started to use Cuticura Soap  and Ointment and I used two cakeB  of Cuticura Soap and two boxes of  Cuticura Ointment when I was  healed." (Signed) Clifford Yeomano,  Eaat Chenzelcook, N. 8.  Use Cuticura for every-day toilet  purposes. Botha with Soap, soothe  with Ointment, dust with Talcum.  Sm-p* 25c, Olnlmtnt 28 and Me.   Sold  tlirotiifhoiit the*. Dominion. CanacllanDcpol;  t,fmtHMi. Limit*-!. St. Paul St., Mo**i������r-������������l.  flPHP"Cttticitf������ Soap ���������MVeM wriuMrpt nu.,  wxmmmmmimm4mmimammtiimaliimii4im*iimiiiaAiaiamimiiamiiim-  Training Canadians To Speak  Value of Teaching the Youth How to  Speak In Public  One of the most Important projects  undertaken, in connection with public  schools, high schools, universities  and by professional instructors, is  that of teaching tho young. Canadians how to speak in public.  ���������Ideas and thoughts only have value  in direct proportion to the extent,to  which they are spread.   ���������  The crusades would never havo  materialized had Pater the Hermit  not inspired the Christian world with  his fiery eloquence. Without his ability to talk, the capture of the Holy  Land would have remained as a"* magnificent dream in Peter's brain.  Peoplo go to church and hear a  sermon. If the minister is a trained  spoaker, his ideas are twice as effective asthe ideas of tho preacher with  a halting tongue.  Upon the clarity of a school toach-  er's delivery depends the thoroughness with which pupils receive, anil  dlgOBt now ideas.  " Business men meet together to discuss business problems nnd now  Bales methods. Tho merchant who  can clearly put his thoughts and discoveries before his colleagues, ������lo-'  vatos business its a whole.  ���������  ^  Organs of speech wero given man  to use. It Is man's duty to bring  them to as groat a state of efficiency  as his muscles, his brain or any other  pari of hlH,body,--Vancouver Sun,  Minard's Liniment For Colds.  Etc.  The first teal stove was constructed by an Englishman in 1821.  atmmmtaaimmammtaaammmmtmtmm0mmattmmmmmaaaam0ia0aamatm  STRENGH AND HEALTH  Red Blood, Vim, Vigor, Vitality Foi-  low This Advice  Niagara Falls, Ont.���������''As my parents have used Dc Pierce's remedies  with such wonderful and quick  results I take great  pleasure In sending a good word ,  to boost the -cause  of 'Freedom from  Illness.' I have  used the Golden  Medical Discovery  at times for tho  past three years.  Am a pressman  by occupation and the labor is quite  fatiguing and Injurious to the system.,  But today business has no drawback  for me. Three cheers for Dr. Pierce's  Discovery!" ��������� William H. Dempsey,  Jr��������� 32 Bridge St.  As soon as you begin to take this  "Discovery" you begin to feel its  bracing, appetizing effect. 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'  ��������� ��������� >        '?-'-- e  3  y  ui iLltenLative; Scfrem  A * -       - -mr~  Advanced JBy De Valera  Dublin.���������Following is the text of  the most important provisions of Mr.  De Valera's alternative-proposal:  "^Status of Ireland���������That the legislative executive and judicial authority  of Ireland shall bc derived solely from  the people of Ireland. ~*        "*-*  Terms of Association���������That i'or the  purpose of common concern Ireland  shall be associated with the states of  the British Commonwealth, namely,  .the Kingdom of Great Britain, the  Dominion of Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia, the Dominion of  New Zealand and the Union of South  Afriea.*.....-^,*wtal..���������  ���������,..,..     ���������   4  Tfeat when acting as an associate,  the frights, status and privileges of  Ireland shall "in n*o���������-respect. _i>e less  thai those enjoyed by'any-, other component state of the British Commonwealth; that vthe matters-of common  concern shall include defense,- peace/  vva.i", yOiitiCai treaties s,nej 3,1- matters  now treated as of common concern  among the states of the British commonwealth and that In these matters  there^ shall be between Ireland and  the' states of tHe British commonwealth such concerted action founded  on consultation as the several governments may determine.  ������������������That In virtue of this association of  Ireland with the states of the British  commonwealth the citizens of Ireland  in jiny of these states shall not be  subject to any disabilities "which a citizen of one of the component states of  the British ^commonwealth would not  be subject to; and reciprocally for the  citizens of these states in Ireland. -"  That for the purposes of the association Ireland shall recognize His**  Britannic Majesty as head of the as  . sociation.  That so far as her resources permit,  Ireland shall provide for her own defense by sea, land and air, shall repel  by''force any attempt by a foreign  power to violate the integrity" of her  SOU or territorial waters, or to use  them for any purpose hostile to Great  Brgtain and the other associated  states.  The document1 set8 rorth in detail  in' somewhat similar ierrna to ihe  , Downing Street treaty the particulars  regarding coastal derense, with.'a list  of^harbW facilities andkan agreement  tojbulld no submarines except by the  consent of th e British commonwealth  of|states, makes a convention for the  Settle Shantung Case  New York.���������A cable message  from Wu Tung Fang, one time  Chinese    minister   to the United  , States, saying the Peking Government had finally accepted tho  Japanese terms for the settlemeiri  of the Shantung^controversy con-  ' oerning the loans from Tokio, was  made public by Dr. Au &00, Can.  ton Government representative In'  ^-this country.   -  WESTERN EDITORS  regulation pf civil communication by  air, assume an arbitrated shaTe of the  British debt'and war pensions,., agree  to endow no religion, and arrange for  the" election of a provisional government and for ratification.  An . annex ; names; Berehaven,  Queenstowri, Belfast*and Lough Swilly  as harbors remaining in British care,  with facilities for the 'coastal defense  by air.   -  A resolution added to tlie document  expresses willingness to' grant the  northeast six counties any privileges  and ��������� safeguards not less substantial  than those provided for in the document signed at London on December 6.  Discuss Important  Western Matters At  Conference In Winaipei  in  eny  BA������.  I?  ROV G. ASHW1N, *  Secretary - Treasurer Saskatchewan  Press Association, at present in  charge of "the- office handling the Saskatchewan Farm Loan Debenture  campaign. "Publisher of the Milestone Mail from July 1, 1915, to Am-  gust, 1921. Elected to present position May, 1919.  Popularity Of Prince  London.���������The Prince of Wales,  speaking at a dinner In Rangoon,  according to a Reuter cable, said  that nowhere during his three em-  pj***e tours had  "fie    received    a  warmer welcome than In Rangoon.  -The extent to which,, the  Prince  has captivated the warm hearted  . Burmese has been strikingly dem-  enstrated en every possible occa=  sion.      During a garden party at  Government   House   he   received''  ono - prolonged    ovation.        Also  while motoring to a dance at the  gymkhana, along a   route   ablaze  with Chinese lanterns, the Prince  -.va3    greeted    with s,n unbroken  roar of cheering In striking refutation of the popular belief ihat an  Oriental crowd was never demonstrative.  Merchants Bank Shareholders Wi!) be  Paid February 1  Montreal.���������It was officially announced here .that the shareholders of the  Merchants Bank are to receive a IVz  per cent, dividend on their stock for  the current quarter. It will be paid  February 1 to shareholders of record  January ������J. This i3 about equal to  that which shareholders will receive  quarterly on their stock when it is exchanged for Bank of Montreal stock  on the proposed two-fotone basi3.  Alarms Port Arthur  Announced Opening of Shipyard  Draws Many Unemployed  Fort William.-1���������As a result of the  announcement that the car works at  Port William and the shipyard at Port  Arthur wpuld re-x������pen this month, men  from all-over the Dominion are coming, to the head of the lakes. One  man even paid his last cent to come  from Vancouver, only to find that  there was no work to be obtained as  the works have not yet opened and  there is ample surplus of labor in tne  two towns when they commence operations.  ' Civic officials are becoming alarmed at the prospect of a big Influx of  unemployed from outside,    with    the  Says Canada Does  Not Need Titles  Winnipeg.���������Joint action by Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, xo  bring about substantia] reductions Jo  freight rates, a reduction In the tariff,  transfer of natural resources to control the western provinces and tho  adoption of similar immigration poll-  cies was approved by representatives  of the prairie provinces in conference  here. Those present: at the conference included Premier Norris, of  Manitoba; Premier Greenfield, of Alberta; Hon. J. H. BrowBlee, Alberta;  Hon. C. A. Dunning, Saskatchewan,  and members of the Manitoba cabinet  . The "deliberations of the confer1*  ence, according to the official state*  ment, were in the nature of an exchange-of views on matters of mutual interest "to ^ths three ^provinces  and the trend of the discussions  had In view the Improvement of conditions of these provinces, particularly .from an agricultural standpoint.  In view of the fact that, the actions advocated will require to be  considered and dealt- with by each  of the legislatures shortly to convene no definite decisions were ar-  -j rived at pending action by the respeo-  Toronto   Paper  Is   Against   Proposed   tlyQ provincl^ parllamenta  Restoration of Honors '  - Toronto.���������Under the^ caption "A  Frivolous Proposal," a Toronto newspaper says:  "It' is reported from Ottawa that  French Liberals will make a strong  fight for the restoration of knighthoods and similar honors in Canada.  It is strange that such a notion  should occupy the minds' of public  men at a time when so many serious  problems demand solution, the tariff,  the railways, unemployment and im-  There was general agreement on the  main principles of the subjects discussed, the statement continues, moro  particularly that every effort, should  be exerted to bring about substantia!  reduetioips in the freight rates, a reduction in tho tariff and transfer o!  the natural resources to the western  provinces.  The sentiment of the conferenco  favored joint/action, and dose cooperation on the part of the prairie  I provinces with respect to    these    is-  certainty that most of the new com-  Blckefis would not shine    any    moro  migration.  "No worthy cause will be advanced 1 "J*8' an* ^������ ccmclusiona arrived ai  by ministering to the vanity of a few*.?711! ?e -Hftmitted to the respective  socially-ambitious men and women.  "Th^    name    of  I legislatures    for    full    consideration,  Shakespeare   orj^e official statement saya.  \  Decrease1!n Calgary Accidents  Calgary.���������Four persons "were killed.  iSl were more or less seriously injured aiiu  3,000 autOuuOuijeeS damaged  iu  a total of 1,310 automobile and street  accidents, reported to the city police  during the year ��������� 1921. * Thfe death  rate  from accidents ,was  the  lowest  this year of any -year  years.; ���������     '.  for   several  ers will become a public charge.  ���������   ��������� ���������Ma*a%>*ii w������ w  r������mw    mrm-m  .      j^r 9      ,   . ^ \     -.--���������p..L   ,r?,',  ��������� ������*  ������;Y  New Official Was Decorated By King  Edward VII.  Toronto.���������Dr. Margaret Patterson  has been, appointed wom^n police  magistrate For Toronto a'fa salary of  $3,500 per annum.  ,'' The new magistrate was born In  South Perth, Ont, and graduated  in medicine from Northwestern University, Chicago in 1899. Sho was  decorated by King...Edward *vn., for  distinguished service In organizing  the national resources of India  against tne bubonic plague.  brightly if it were prefixed by Sir or  Lord.    %  "In England, such" titles"'' are' the  natural gVowth of the social set and  their roots are struck in history and  tradition. In Canada, we have neither the tradition nor the social environment. A title out here Is as  mi^ch out of harmony with our surroundings as a cocoanut tree."'  ..  y ��������� -���������. y  . ������������������ .   ���������������������������   ���������-���������������������������'������������������  Alberta Exhibits at Seattle  Seattle, Wash.���������The Washington  State Poultry Association's midwinter  show.opened here with, stock entered  from the northwestern states, British  Columbia and Alberta. The most distant shipment is that of Charles  Bikert's White Wyandottes from Ed-  montoh.  Direct Wir'ele-ss to Australia  '*..  of  B.C. Seed,for Great Britain  New Westminster, B.C.���������Fifteen  hundrejj pounds of Douglas fir seed  and "1,500 pounds of stika spruce seed,  tho first Bhipment of British Columbia forest seed for the reforestation  Domimoii Lands Reserved  Soufh of Main i-lne* C.P.R. in Saskatchewan and Alberta " -  Moose Jaw���������All Dominion . lands  south of the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway in Saskatchewan  and Alberta have been reserved from  homestead or soldier grant,' entry,  sale or grazing lease, pending the settlement of the land settlement policy  of tKe ^^vendmient^lll: Notification to  this effect litis been frecelved at' -the  local|ijranc^of the i>omlni6n Land  OfflcjTfjrpin fj|e Bepartrnent of the In-  teri^jot Ottawa.  ZZ    -4.,       , .  Sent    From    England    Distance  Z>   Twelve! Thousand .-Miles    ; ^ ,���������,���������M, Uv~������  1U*   ...������ *��������� v.~~���������w   Sydney, ::New, fjSputh   Wale^���������Tho I schemed Great"Britain," bas~2st i  * ^wireless, press *inossage to  begn mado from    the   government's  To Join Expedition  Sherbrooke.���������Dr. A. W. Wakefield,  of Lake Megan tic, Que., will be a  member of the Britlab Mount Evjerest  expedition. The doctor has received  an urgent request by cable to join the  expedition and has accepted the invitation.  -^ %flTBi idir^Ci. ,wireles8. press *ni6ssage to  ������ *:Y|Australia: from; England was putfllsli- ,^eed extractlcm plant hero,  od-December 3 In'tlio S3un.     It was P a-   V  &*iwB****zi  B  W  ���������fA.������?**-e������������o 4ffLM\  *,,.    -  r'i-      **..;,.'        *   * **,*.*'������������������ v\;v**'*<.>;'; ���������>*���������"'  ���������,*r*Rf,\w; *  ���������'������������������%/'���������'-    " Yk--,"'     '-4  VV* ���������>-Z:'P^.f''i^PfZi^c.-yA^  A rf^Oiher- Go6d3^irii$s  . ,*,'*.*i..* /���������?,*.  sent from the wireless fj'tatlori at Car-)/*'  narvon, ���������HHngland, a distance of about  12,000 miles.  It wjis picked almost simultaneously by tho powerful wireless stations  nt Perth. Western Australia, and Melbourne, Victoria, and thonoo retransmitted to Sydney.   ;-���������  Panama Hao Record  Nervous Breakdown  COULDN'T SLEtP NIGHTS  Lowest Insurance Paid  Toronto.���������According   to   steamship  underwriters,* tho   navigation   eoason  _     _      ,       ..     . ^    * .. ���������.Atl     To those on the verge of a nervoue  Panama.���������in spite of the world-wide ,breakaown the following symptoms  business depression tho volume of present themselves; nervous head-  Bhlpplng trafilo through the Panama aches, a feeling of depression, fitful,  Canal in 1921 set a new record.   The 2Jfi^be^^I*st\e^llK?511? Jf^^ijfSS  ���������   ,,   ���������     ..        .  ������������������.    ���������  m.f. sleep,   often    troubled with frightful  tolls ior the calendar year were HO,- dreams, avoidance of crowded places,  325,718 approximately   $30,000   moro dread of bolng alouo, horror of society,  than tho previous year, according to *l<^        _.. ^   . ������   . ��������� .  When the nerves become affected In  tho official report.  this way. the,heart generally becomes  affected too, and on the first signs ol .  any weakness of the heart or nerves,  C.P.R, Shops Re-open .     r       ........  Montreal.���������Clpsed doyvn for a holl- nagging energy or physical breakdown  For vTired Hotisewives  ������������i-No potatoes to peel-TnoSttgdUb'es to prepare���������no  >    iehc cooking over, a hot Btove^-almply heat and serve ���������<*  CLARK'S CANADIAN BOILED DINNER  o* complete and delicious dish well cooked and well    ���������  ���������seasoned in the great Clirk Kitchens ��������� Like all  **' CLARK GOOD THINGS" the cost Is rocflSfeat,      I  Good at any time���������essential for the unexpected guest.  Keep an assortment of "Clark Good Things'* on handi  ���������,;'ii'  * Made ffom Canadian Farin>roduce  and oold everywhere in Canada,  just closed on tho Creat Ibices will go ������,     8lnce about tll0 midd]     f Decem. do^not waU unUl yoju-cwe ^<>ni^  down an a record from  he standpoint  boV  th0 Cnntvman    pacific    Hallway ftScTqiffit^  of Insurance paid for Iosbob.     it IbYAngua 8hopa hav0 ro-oponed hero with tho heart and build up the entire ayo-  many, years s^hoo Jhe losses were so ;the UBUal c6mpioment of men. There torn  small', notwithstanding the fact that win bo ft worUlng weeU ot fourdaya.  the navigation, tieapon was the (long-  on record,  y  A*������-*ai  LUMBERMAN'S FRIEND  The OrlQlnal jwd Only Genuine  smmttmtmmmi   utmmmmmmtmtmmmumm <������ .        am  ��������� -m^^BSSSSFSHBK^B^mm���������  ta" ^m*^amM0Rtt^m ��������� '^  varmouth, N.e.  Thlo you will find In  MILBURN'8  HEART AND NERVE PILL3  Mra. M. Damgand, Young'a Cove  Road, N.B., writea:���������"! waa bothered  very much with my heart and nerves;  To Reduce U.8, Feroea  Washington.���������A bill proposing to r-a*  duco tno por8onnol of tho army, com*  mlsaioncd and enlisted Include*!, to n^* newts' headacheaT ^Tdteinesa,  75,000, and of the navy to 60,000, was could not eleop at nlghta, and my ap*  introduced by Senator   King,   Demo- PoUto waa all gone.    I waa on a nor-  oral, Utah,  voua breakdown when a neighbor told  me to try Miiburn's Hoarflind Nerv������  Pllla. This I did, and before I bad  the second box used 1 was better and  would advise anyone who has nervo  trouble to take thom."  < No Declaien Vet  Ottawa.���������It waa staled In the highest official circles hero tbatrthe*Uber-;wpS5fl^oTi! boTat all dealers, or  a) Government had not y������l discussed'mailed direct on receipt^of price by  v| tho proposal to bury a Canadian on- ^ T. lailhiirji Co.. Limited, Toronto*,  j known soldier in tho main 4,t.tTo.nt*t\ Ont'       .      , ,    ���������������������������. *        . , ff  I of tho new parliament buildings,       I w,   N,   u#   noa  Ns* '  I  '4,  9  1  'zm JmjYY  UN*  ������z  jffeYo  ilkZP.  tm-  lis*.  mzz.  \'P? *r  -i K-  I?*'.  Ill:  IH;*.'  irn  ii >���������������-���������'���������  i'Y  ;;}������������������*-  Ii:||:**  |>*j*f.  i;  |:%*  *i;*R ���������������������������  IslY  la*. ������������������  ii>s -*  lit**  Ki**'..'  /  ^^?^.*:ri"TY*^^^*'^  SSHB  iiiiifi  v ;*���������'���������  THE CBESTOff  REVIEW  THE CRESTON fiEVffiW  Issued every Friday at Creston, B.C.  Subscription : $2.50 a year in advance.  ;.^.08toU.S.pointa;'-:YY   -y^*, fp,-  C. F. H-VYKS, Editor and Owner.  CRESTON,   B.C.. FRIDAY- ''-IAS. 13  B&Bsae*&������Se* ������2&e2������s  which were used fpr the-first .tjjpe  at the Christmas service,  and  the  the time-honored, processional imin-  Iber with a slight^ altered, Jbufc  none the less 'distreksing phraseology, running something fijce.thls in  the opening stanzat ��������� -���������-      *  not lie with Mr. Hamilton; he  showed 100 per cent, efficiency in  his effort, and' there- are* those optimistic enough to assert that' in  due course Mr.Y Stark will he noti-  fied of his .app^itfbmefttW'Fruiter  to His Majea^Jbbe King. -  ***������������������������ u'^t. *7 j>������  When it comes to being socially  stratgetic credit for evolving sonrie  thing that will pass as original in  these parts must he awarded one of  the higher-up social somebody8 of  Kaslo, whose name we are not at  liberty to divulge, but whose cunning in this respect is none the less  worthy of being disclosed.  The'Settingf for the incident was  at the EldeijY drugstore, during the  Ohristntas vjfeek shopping, when  tlie male .fjf the household approached tpe store assistant and  enquired: I^Keep music machine  records?" fXll kinds." "Got any  loud ones??' "Plenty of them."  "Jt want the loudest vou have."  March, waltz, song or what?"  "Anything; so long as it is loud."  "What's the ideaf "My wife  it on the machine  the room so -  that the folks will haye to stop  talking until she returns, and she  won't miss any of the gossip.'*  isarK. tne tieraiuangsls sing.  Beecham's pills are just the^liing;  Peace on earth and mercy mild.  Two for man and one for child."  wants to put  vy  when she has to leave  It appears that hy some circuitous  method-the well-known pill manufacturer had*" secured the privilege  of supplying the* presentation  hymnals to the Liverpool suburban  house of worships and with malice'  aforethought had seat them an ad-  vfertising edition of hymns ancient'  and modern. ^  As yet Mr. McAlpine has not  definitely stated who he suspected  might he likely to duplicate the  Beecham incident on the local congregation, but so much hssheen  seen in verse of late about YEoyal  Household flour that it was not al  together .unnatural th&t he shonid  he on the lookout for something a  la Edmondson referring to - millers  to his majesty the king, or gain a  pound a week ^y* using Qgiivie's  rolled oats.  Another report that President  Bevan refuses to deny or confirm is  to the effect that in"*acknowledjgiug  receipt of ithe apples and telling of  their outstanding excellence, the  king enquired as to the truth ** of  Creston Valley being' in the ban-  tana belt, and could he be pnt in  communication with some recognized growers of Winter Bananas  Should there, be any truth tfothis  'y    *i  being the' garden spot of. Canada  must indeed be all that the phrase  implies���������and then1 some. r ***  Word, toQ, has also reached the  ears of Britasu's first oitszen th&tfsi  this locality we have a big drainage project toyput through, and his'  majesty once again assures that in  the reclamation, of Kootenay Flats  with another of his countrymen,  Guy Constable, directing the effort*  witb a long pull, and a strong pull,  and���������a pull altogether, there can be  nodoubt as to the undertaking being  shortly tackled in earnest and  pushed through to a most satisfactory completion.  emus jr  ���������.I���������   1 ix 3  UUC    llUttiU  -xG   Xx.-~S~    ...ill    rxrx-..  *JL  Vi aeuo   w iu uoi *i-  the soldiers uietn-  the reference to  orial which .he understands is still  under course1 of erection. .2- ~  While expressing'the hope that  its completiop will! be pressed forward with all possible speed, assurance is given that tne Prince of  Wales may t>e making another visit to Canada in 1925 to look after  his ranching interests near High  River, Alberta, ind 'that "should the  memorial be ready for unveiling by^  that time it will be a pleasure for  him to arrange for Britain's future  king to lend a hand with the unveiling ceremonies.  ft ������ i -r. ���������:  alnSy jnsist on the names of Messrs.  Lyne And Goodwin being-forward-  ed. ylri these parts certainly that  variety has no more douhgty champions than the two gentlemen  above mentioned.  If there is a note of. disappointment* ��������� anywhere in the royal correspondence it ������?Qi|!d seein to be in  The Ledge says that the attendance  ab-the town's Saturday nigtit only  picture show is increas-idg from week  to week. The admission is 50 and 25  cents.  sa  in order Jbo take care of the -in-  creased attendance at Christ  Church a new lot of hymn books  have had to be procured arid the  yolumes of praise came to hand a  few days prior Jbo Christmas  In connection .with tlie' opening  np of the package Mr. McAlpine,  sr.,=the people's  warden, exhibited  great anxiety until hehad perused  the contents of several of the books,  and a considerable   sigh   of   relief  having gone up after his careful examination of  the sacred works, an  explanation of his uneasiness in this  connection   was request^ of hini.  His reply was to the effect that  some years ago an EnglishjOhuroh  in the suburbs of Liverpool had  been unwise enough to accept a  donated supply   of   hymn   books.  And talking about rendering  "Hark, the herald angels sing"  with an   altered   literary   setting,  A0~m-_J  levOits  juav  CG������ne3 irGt-i vTn;  Cook,i  who is wintering at Ontario points,  that a great to-do was caused in  Brampton on Christmas day when  a popular Grit vocalist, so overcome with his party's triumph on  December 6th, so far forgot his lines  as to. open his solo number with  "Hark, the heralot angels sing;  William Lyon Mackenzie King."  After, looking   into   the   matter  MIm    f^r\cklr   oovo  iia   ~r\ai-������i.     taV\t\t\\g^   V~t%*\*a  +.%M.������w_-  ^^^trt^mm   mjmmj mr   ������*^-r     -������^*������v^       oMwutvi    "-'U* * ^-*  been surprised, at the happening.  In his opinion the Peel county  Gritfe are ju^. ss jpeia-Jon-proof politically as the Bruce county Scotch  Tories���������both- of whom, like the  laws o? the Medes and Persians; alter not.  Mr. Cook also tells that everywhere in Ontario the old line Grits  are so rejoiced over the party victory that many of them are again  forgetting themselves in their daily  Supplications to deity, and instead  of petitioning for daily bread are  unite innocently enough saying  '*<$ve us this day "our Daily Globe."  -President-  Bevan is also mvster-  ~ 0.  iously quiet as to still another re-  port current that the king made  some mention of that having been  now convinced of the superiorccok-  ing qualities of the. Valley apples,  could the board of trade secretary  secure the for-muales _o������ the 125  apple dishes Mrs. Maxwell had on  display at the Creston fair last fall.  -ttx.tr.  lA-A  At.-  *r~S*~  ��������� ~-~0x.      1x-xSx.Z--.r0  i.-pJjTOaiV-iixi,^  We are Offering Special  Values in these Lines  Fresh, Cured  ?  V        ' ' '' ,        -'       ���������      - 'Y'  and  Smoked Meats  and  Fish  Cooked Meats  and  Sausage  Our  Peaixieal Bacon  is good  marriage of Princess Mary is sus-  peoted that his  majesty wishes to.  - V r- *  include these recipes in the Lascelles scullery records.  ' -In addition to these 125 culinary  perfectos it is more than likely a  copy of the new Women's Institute  cook- book will also be sent. If for  all and sundry occasions the prospective new household's dietary  supervisiory follows the Institute's  baking encyclopedia there need be  no worry. as to* t^e rftrtnre .health  and happiness of the" bride and  groom elect.  Already a great, many air line  despatches are reaching Creston as  to the reception accorded the box.  of Delicious apples Crebton Board  of Trade sent King George for a  Christmas present.  From all accounts the royal  chef has tried them put in. pies,  diiplings, fritters, turnovers, etc.,  as well as for apple sass and apple  jack, and in every case they have  been appreciated to the utmost.  Even those that were eaten whole  report goes on to say, that there  wasn't a core tone found around,  the palace when tidying up took  place the morning after Christmas.  T-mm    tm    tA/^A^nAMirttf   4~w<~   Blita I-affo*>   *\*   as**,  X4J    Oi    IIVOVOVI l^fV    V\a.     *���������������������* a^wtsw*.     w*    *~ma  knowledgement his majesty briefly  expresses fullest confidence as to  the future of the Creston Valley.  This assurance is, doubtless, based  ou the fact that Britain's sovereign  is aware that the place was found  ed by suoh a well-known, fellow  countryman��������� as Fred G/. Little, and  an equally renowned Irish subject,  John W. Dow; any p!������ce that such  characteristic Irish ancf English citizens could mutually agree upon as  FLANNELETTES  K White, at 20c., 25c, 50c. yard    '  Striped, 32 and 30-inch, at30c yard  Grey, at 30c. and 36c. yard  Honey Comb Quilts, 72 x90, $3.50  Cambric, 36 in. wide, at 21c. and 25c  Long Cloth, pure finish, 36 in.", .at"30c.  Crompton'sa la Grace Corsets  priced 1.60, 2.00, and |2.2& up  Child's, Missesjand Women s Sh  Mahogany,   Brown  and  Ounmetal   leather,  v#\^o,  V/UlIUtt ,  'JS              _        __        ami       lixcx t.m  _      nips,       v/uJiua, J5i������t?H   ,*a   iai_ /-j, $p~4.x>o.  Misses,llto24, $435. Women's, 3 tx> 7, $5.25  t J      . *.-_ .. * * t X - a** ....**>". *  'N;E?W;'"E;fcB:Slr|  4.   -   I -   \  ^>������*1>.J  -*������*r-:  ti.'..  II  These goods are made of the best Para Rubber, afid  are freshlv made seeds.    AU widllis in Stock. ' '  .'- "      . r' ' ���������?*-'-::; V   "  Scotch Fingering 4-ply Heather, $1.75  Monarch, Cozey and Belding's Australene  .    ..  Sweater Yarns.   .-.;���������   *:^;   ^  J  mUmim  m  -���������HIT  20  PER  GENT  Off all Furniture and Stove  ,v  .-&  ���������������p,  CrestonMeatMarket  Postoffice Block.     JACK BARRACLOUGH  Rich in Butterfat, and from  Tuberculin-tested Cows  '   CREAM FOR SALE  at alt times  7 Quarfca or 14 Pints for 'jii. 00.  BrntJUNTAIN   wIJS vv   ttAI\f%fJt~f  WAXItFM V, .IAC!K������4W  In connection with the letter  which went forward under separate cover telling of the shipping of  the apples President Bevan wishes  ue to state that complete credit for  the literary excellence of the missive must he accorded J. W. Hamilton, who was both architeot and  builder of the all-round satisfactory message of greeting that accompanied the fruit.  Tn addition to heing faultless as  to phraseology the letter skilfully  but quite uncommercially called attention to the success of Messrs,  Btacfc and Littlejohn at the recent  British Apple Show, and certainly  if the incident does not increase the  consumption of Valley frnit at  Buckingham Palace the  fault will  3������5  'f',S'  "if  We have too much Furniture and too many'Sjoves, and very��������� shp$ly ^e,:i^.n'^nnJ  more room for spring goods.   This is a combination pf circumstances tliat we  propose to^cope with by offering ,20% off these lines during January.  All these goods have been very recently purchased, which means that the original  price fairly represented today's selling value, and emphasizes the fact that 0ti*  decision to make such a substantial cut is to effect a speedy clearance.  ���������    ���������       ��������� ���������   , ���������   "��������� '���������     y Z    . p<i.' -  While everything in the Furniture Department is offered at 20% off,  ; we would specially emphasize the splendid values in  ..'���������������������������<��������� ��������� - ��������� ''���������',-*  Kitchen Chairs, Tables and Cabinets, Mattresftes  Bedsteads, Springs, Dining Room Sets, library Tables  Daveneites, Dressers, Children's High Chairs, Rockers  , * ' ' ' *' * ' * ���������    *fe>,     *',,'"        ' '   '  '        ^--   -   , y- ������������������ ��������� ��������� ���������  Heating Stoves included in the lot for January clearance are the well-known  and there is quite a full range of sizes.  ***'  *-*������  ,������*!-���������  Dry Goods  Groceries  mf^^0.~-\    *mt&m      Imm-WLm-  iitritltisri THE  CRESTON .llEVIEW   z"  '.-    *  CATTLE ESTRAy  *   Caine to the premises of the under  signed at Camp Lister:     Two  mulley  cows; ont? red, with -' brarid,Y'j������nd the  other light roan.    ���������' Owner   can , have  same  oil. paying    all   expehs-ws.  FRAMPTON, Camp Lister, B;C;  *���������������  Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 2095  MeetWTlilRr>TH.UttSDAY������f:   -  each    month. at    Mercantile  Halt.    Visiting brethren cordi-    *  ally''invited. *   ������   .      *-    -  ERIC OLSON..W.M  HEWS OF tOOTESAYS  -        X       A-     iK"  on  Gliscaico Radiator Fluid  Can't freeze.  Best on the  market'. : $2.50 per gal.  Ford Power Plants  20 horse power.     $200 laid  down.  ' Complete )ine of1  Dayle Eveready Flachllghts  and Batteries  Batteries Stored and kept  Charged for $1 per month  * 670 birds were on exhibition   at   the  Grand Porks poultry show last month  . .    .   * a/ -  ' Even-jst-Greenwood the*Christmas  postoffice.trade 'was.  better   th-in   in  11*20.   "    "'        " - v ���������;:*  ��������� ...*'���������  Policy court fines collected at Cran-  brooK-all   last, year   totalled   almost  $4000."' \ st,  . Half of -Penticton's $1760 of liquor  prit-ftts^will be added to'the emergency  funds'of the town hospital.  In the J8:ist "Kootenay* forestry di$������  trict final, returns show that for 1021  1,228;786 railroad ties weie cutYiast  yeatC"''  lEven at Fernie merchants complain  that the Christgnas trade was at least  25 per cent, -lighter that the'previous  ynle'tide.      * ~    *" -  I The Herald claims tiiat of ail the  ' stuff shipped by express at Penticton  .last year only one crate had to* be  j turned, back by the Dominion inspect-  I or as unfit for shipments  The Herald .-prints -������>������*, that each  $1000 of assessment .will ojctly be called  upon to pay an adidlifcltjnttl $2.50 per  annum is������ order to prect.the new $60,-  000 public school .tbe trustees are asking for.  .--,**.   , - s  Oranhrook police court-con yictions  for"1821 were only-'231; and Jit~wonld  look as if the Irish Were the wors-fc  offenders, -March being the. biggest  month of the year with 30 convictions  to it������ credit.        ' ,.   ���������   *  UlOdlUtl Htaiu~ uuuuiv  R. S. BEVAH, Prep.  , Letter wise .and" package wise  Chji^tmas mail in..And ont cf 'J  postoffice was the biggest in  town's history.  the  th*  i  i- Synopsis of    -m  *.   * t ������������������ -i  -  Imi Art Amenimdnts  SuBuniSSI  jprloS  cf  arst-cl  jjAjWI */j glf on erawfi*   nqevrmA'-c>laS~. ������0  $2.60 an acre. v  Pre-emption now connn-ed to aaa-  veyed lanao only.  r  Records will be granted covering only  land suitable for agricultural puroooee  and which Is non-timber land.  Partnership pre-emptions abollBhed,  but parties ot not more than four-jnafr,  ���������rranra . for adjacent pre-������mpturap  with Joint residence, but eactt-nud^it  necessary lmprovementa on respeetlve  claims:-,* \Z*>t.-,   iOC-f -;   A   '   .  Pre-emptora muat occupy claims for  -five-years and male* Improvements to  value af yio per sore, including -siear-  isur and cultivation of at least . aetaa. .  before receiving Grown Grant  Where pre-emptor tn occupation aot  less than 8 y*ar*. and has made pro-  portlonate Improvements, he may, because .of JK-jiealth, or other cause, be  granted intermediate certiflcate of Improvement and transfer his dalm.  Records without. permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of  $300 per annum and records same each  . year.' '.Failure to make improvements  or record same. wJU operate, as far*  telture. Title cannot be obtained fn'  l0aa than 5 years, and Improvements  of 910.00, per acre, ..lnoluduur 5 acre*  cleared and cultivated, and residence  of at least 2 yeara.a^rMuTred,  Frw_-eiuptor, holdtsg   CrcsT*  Kaslo Oddfellows Lodge has just unveiled a liiemoi-ial tablet which shows  ihaL 2* of ihe inembei** ������������ri-yed tiT^r-  seasjn the great war.  -* V *  The Free. Press states that ever since  the new cablejwas installed ~ the telephone seryice at' Fernie has been  worse instead of better.  AtRevelstotfe the United Farmers  are preparing to-build a driving shed  for the (accommodation of members  who trade "in that town.  At Reyelstoke 28 families wes-e presented with hampers pf yuletide. good  things to eat in order, to assure them  a merry Christmas. '92HT was spent  in the purchase of tbe contents of the  gift jpackages. - Y  An official statement remarks less  than 30 per cent, of tfee ^.U.G. handled fruit crop was sold on the prairie  market in 1S21. In Othej- years from  70 to 80 per cent, of it was sold lo  prairie points.  The Fruit Farmer  Uk������ tfeg -ante geower, the frait farmCT finds the  ii. services ef m ^ank iaOispensabse m rnxg^-m --������ ^f  v productive ia^wrtary. ^  ,,K yon SUK9������ to ssl^e financial problems in improving,  harvesting eMaplng orjM^mg Paym������gJ��������� sw  ernno- djjjZiaaa^he <ra���������st&6n with our local hank man-  IMPJERIAL BANK  C. W. ALLAN,  OFCANADA,  GRESTON BRANCH,  11  Manager.  Thrift  Accord! n  JL/i>Ov������lVw m.    ������������������������*_���������������   C?V'    *  'vsments made  ,ed on Crown  t exceeding SO  as.homeBrtss;,  *������*#-������*��������������� , ^~0rm~rmm  vlded BtatUtory ir  and resldenee m������l  ���������ranted land.  ���������'  Uneurveyed areas,  acres, may ha Aaaat.  title to be obtaln������4 after ruinmna .~~  dentlai and Improvement conditions.  For ffraalRft attd Industrial purposes  areas exceeding ������40 acres may be  leased by one peran or company.  MU1, factory or lnduatrlal sites on  timber land hot excsodlna 40 acres  msy be-purchased; oondlttons include  NaturU hay meadows Inacoesalble  Moore; $1,250,000 was last vear spent  on'new sawmill buildings and equipment in East Kootenay.  The Herald estimates that tbe day  before Chribtmas trade at the government liqupr,store at Cranbrook was in  the neighijorhood of $8000.  Penticton . had 41 births for the  months of -September, October and  November, and in the same time there  were bt^f? deaths recorded.  For the June 15 to September 30th  period Kayo's bhare of the profit on  the {government sale of liquor is, about  $450.   Crai n brook" gets ^lft*l,'  '^Pej^celVi^rfy finpQ-sateent icton for  for 1920 Wfe orily^ $S,08O- last year���������a  falling'pf^of |M^Cticallxt, ^jtOOOas com-j  pared witb the year.prevh)ii*_ ,-  *��������� -        ���������"***      -*--.-    .      ......    .   (}t *;-*������������������' t       * _  Tax collections at- Penticton for 1021  were $10,900 greater than for the year  previous,,and the aiuonnt of taxes nn*  paid is approximately the same.  During.December $11,400 of building  permits were issued at Penticton, and  i-ohtractoi-s are expecting 1932 to be  qiiite a E-atisfactory building year.  Penticton Herald: General expectation seems to be that apples, averaging all varieties and 'qualities, will  nett O.U.G; members about 80 cents a  bqx..^ , ,-���������������������������.,,,;,. .  Vernon's share of the. first quarter's  profitsi -oh" the" goVerhuieht sale*, of  liquor, amounting to $1700. will he  split fifty-fity between the hospital and  schools.'  Last, year Fernie G.W.V.A, used  $400 of its f undrt to assist returned  men who Htriick thattoiVn in quest of  work, and who were broke o?s arrival  or departure.  The Herald states that at Pentiutorr  the growers have not as y������**t received a  final state-menu covering the sal*������ of  htt>t season's pear erbp,but expectations  are that prices will range from $1.30  to $2.30 per box.        Y.  rl ' '   '  Oranbroc������k takes some satisfaction  out of the fact that .while its coldest  spell of 21 below lai-t' month was quite  bad enough it was -worse at Wycliffe  where on one occasion the mercury  down to 23 below zero.  At Grand Forks* the school attend-***  tince averages 42 pupils to each teach  er. ami with an expected increase of  at least 35 at the "first of February,  tbe trustees have decided to open another* rbbifiand hire an extra teacher  br|ng4ngthe staH-up to eleven.  Por Sale���������Milk cow, just freshened  Also set light buggy harness. F. K.  S.mith. Creston. <     --  HEIFER ASTRAY  Came to the premises of the under-  " | signed about Noyembei 1. 1021, roan  " i heifer 1 year old; ni-.'151-ands  visible,  consists vol. spending less than  you earn,. ...  If by careful economy you can.  save money- ryou have taken a  long step toward contentment*  We pay interest on Savings bal  ances  and sbali  account.  V  welccnis your  650  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  OAvryt n> CAPITAL    - .        -        -il 5-000.000 ~  Reserve fund       ���������     -     $13,000,000  CRESTON BRANCH, C. O. Bennett, Manager.  .-i-i-,  oall  %BSmi  Imperinl Lump ^Galt Coal^  always in stock.  -  road,  .mmtt, not cxoe-idins half of purohaM  prtc������; ta mad*.  .  horns ttirn ^ackwai-ff-and downward.  Owner can. have sasias. pn-naying all  expenses.   PAUL HAG^BiC^ynndel.  h\ *     '-'      '"* * '--'- -      "       - . -it'   C -  Notice tt Delinquent Co-Owners  -_. ..     .   .. J ,ivJ.tt~-.-'-    ZV-Lm-.AX  mm-  tcegaratng tm* o������������������������v������������ v~.������~������- -.  *     Mineral Claims.  \  .-*.   a vt r* vr- t^ f. '      _*���������-!���������  nn AVTXTr  *.- ;  fretr  m-Li  Pi.  -i- x&rir:  Office:    Opp-i Methodist VChiirch,  *-^*������* S"  ~-ri  Phone* 56  ;f^:.=;-*^i;^/*,  PRC.BMPTORr  . JfRBB  wP  QRANTt  \ngwith HwM������Jeat5*f Iroi    _^,  ttrao within whtoh the hitrn or d������vlM������i,  enlarged to  * and ������erv-������  iroes.   The  r to pre-emptions 1  by ���������oldiere on . pre  rafter June M, it  Thli prlvtleire lVaieo mad* *-^-  ;tlve.. ���������*''-*.*'   * '���������������������������.���������  '��������� -���������������������������        ������������������     *"���������������������������"  ,M Jo fo** reiatlnt  4ue cr payawe  emptlona recorded arter June 18, WJ8  Taxes are remitted for live years.   '  Provision fer return of money* accrued, due and been paid ainoe Aucuvt  ������i IQU* on account of pajrVnent*, fee*  or taxes on soldier*' pra-eftiptions.  Interest on aireementa to purohaa*.  town or city lot* held by member* of  -Allied IToro**, or dependent*, acaulred',,  direct or Indirect, remitted frdm en- f  llstmt^t to March M. 1������M.  suB-PUROHAjana of dhowN  provision   made   for   Unraano*   of  Crown arant* to *ub-purcha*er*   of  n Land*, aoautrin* rUrttU from    who failed   td   eomj    jtvolvlng forfeiture, on   nllment of oonditlon* of puroha*et In  Is tttefe a  iVleait in the  H6use?  purohaa.r* who, filled   to   oomplet*  t������reflt and  er* do not ������li  .whole  mad*  m,wS?f������L  loe due and:  on'ful-  '. In.  urooa*-  orfaflnaJ par-  irehaae price due and'tax** may *  ���������trtbuted   proportionately   over  ^ar^ -fl/P*** n������������L*.  deveklo^ment ������tf Uv  QflASINO.  Act, X*l*, tor  ������f*t������matlo   u Industry pro  WMLi*? trraains diatrtot* and rang*..  a4m]nUtration   und*r   Comm|a*lon*r,  J^BtlUM'   ���������r1'-**'n������   tuermU-i   tmm*.mA   I  A*nu*J graiunf jp������rmtt* Uwu ���������  ���������  imber* rati**red: priority for estab-  ���������-...s.i  owner*.     Stock-owner*   may  fjWrri* ABM-rw-latlon* for rant* manage- -  ujAnt  Free, or partiiyur free, permit*  i������ t*������,h*ad. N  Uj������  This is tho flrst nnoB-  . tion that present* Ttpolf  to the housewife if nn  unexpected vialtor drops  ih for n meal.   But why  Worthy  Shamrock Brand  Hants and Bacon  Finest Quality  Cooked Ham  Lunch Meat ���������  Bologna, &c.  axe always to bo had  how. In meats nothing  quite equals 'Shamrock'  products.  Notice is hereby given that I, John  A. Sullivan, co-owner^vith M: J. Dyer,  Hannah E. Larson and Charles flan  son, or any person to" whom they-may,  have transferred an interest "in- the  following claims: Canadian Copper,  Golden Copper. Yellow Metal, Diamond CrosB, Larson*. Sullivan and  Alice, recorded at Nelson by me, unless the said M. J. Dyer, Hannah E.  Lurson and, Charles 'Hanson, or any  person to whom they, may have transferred'an interest within the period of  ninety d������tys from this notice, pay lo  me''.'the''':8UjiiH..8hpw/p/',h!ei������witht./.8'atd'  sums being due for work done on, and  expenses incurred in-connection with',  the development of the aboye-men-  tioned claims, an follows:.:'  :'^M.'*jr'Dyei% f76.W..v-YYY:**;^*-���������  Chiu-lea Hanson, $33.00. f  for this year's tisseMgiiient work, from  1020 to 1021, oh said mineral claims,  together with all costs of this adyer-  ttaement; andv -   *  Hannah B. Larspn, $159.00  for the years' assessment work from  1018 to 1021, on said "mineral claims,  together wlt'a all costs of this adyer-  tlsement.  And further take notice that unless  these sums are paid ^within the time  ahove stutod your lnterents In thu said  claims will become'vested in hie, your  co-owner, who has made the reoulred  expenditures im snid mineral claims,  under Sections 28 and 48 of the  Mineral, Act.  Dated at Kitchener, B.C. December  27,1021. J. A. SULLIVAN.  - ������.--.  IF  only the best of materials  together with careful and  efficient workmanship mean  **ood repair' work, then we  do good* repair work.  Should YOUR Car need  an overhaul, now is the  -  . time to have it done.  ���������  GRESTON SERVICE GARAGE  LIDGATE BROS.  PHONE at  Grey Royal Granite  Memorials in Granite  designed, quarrledjind constructed   .  Dcfligna and Prices Free  X S. WILSON? Sirdar! kc.  Atbara Granite, Quarries      Z  IF YOU ARE THINKING  OF BUILDING NOW  is  TIME!  P. 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Harris  or his 3on, but Gardiner assured* them  it was one to conjure with in the financial world. Riles' excitement was  scarcely less than Allan's. Gardiner  choked a Spod of questions, on his lips  with a quick imperative glance; Even  Riles did not know that the telegram  had been written a few doors down  the street by a stdatish man in a pepper-and-salt suit. - ;- ���������-.*.������������������  "I'll take a chance," said Harris, at  last.     "I'll take a chance."  YyY ������  "Chance nothing!" Interjected Gardiner, with momentary abruptness.  "It was a chahco a minute ago; it's a  certainty now. If a the cinch *gf a  lifetime."  * "Where some "paper?" asked Allan.  "Let's get a telegram away right/off."  Gardiner produced a notebook and,  at Harris's ^dictation, drafted a telegram to Bradshaw, directing him to  dispose of the farm at once along the  lines of the instructions already given  him. He was to cash the agreement  and wire the proceeds to Harris.-_  Then followed long anxious days.  Fortune seemed to hang on Brad-  ghaw's success in making an immediate sale of the farm. It was a large  order, and yet Harris felt confident a  buyer would be found. The price  asked was not unreasonable, especially when It was remembered that tho  crop would go to the purchaser, and  was now almost ready for the binder.  Bradshaw was in constant touch with  well-tb-dbrarm������rS'from the South who  were on the look-out for land, and his  own banking facilitates would enable  him to forward the cash as soon as a  sale was assured, without waiting for  actual payment by the purchaser.   So  ��������� ���������i-'iJf. :->   - .   ������������������- - J,      \  Harris was confident In the midst of  his anxiety. ft 5   A gentleman^ agreement had been  made with Gardiner and Riles that  not a word was to be said concerning their investment until It was a  completed, fact:. Gardiner, dropped In  occasional*? io learn if afiy word had  come from "Plainville, but it was not  until the afternoon of the,fourth day  that the fateful yellow envelope was  banded in at the hotel. As it happened, oairdingr and Riles lwere present at the "tnoment. .; They slipped,  into the back room and waited in a  fever of expectation fof Harris to announcethe ������on;t&nt3Y     Y Y*  Harris 'arid * Allan read the message  twice before speaking; then Allan repeated it aloud: *    -  "Twenty thousand dollars proceeds  sale goes forward by wire your bank.  Correspondence follows. Will explain failure to get price asked.  "Bradshaw."  Harris was torn between epiotions,  arid hiBrYfacSks.worked with unwonted  nervousness ;as   he   struggled    with  them.      That Bradshaw should  have,  sold the farm for half the price he  had stipulated seemed incredible.     It  was robbery; it was a, breach of trust'  of the most, despicable nature.      On  the other harid, if the amount avail-"  able" would enable them to buy the  mine,  the huge  profit Vassui-ed   from  that Investment would    much    more,  than offset ths' loss    on    the    faring  Gardiner and Riles, too, were visibly?  downcast -when     they,    heard     the}  amount, but Gardiner promptly grapf  pled with the'situation^  "It's less than we figured on," he  said, "but perhaps we can get through  still. "^he thing to do is to get out  to the mine at.once with this money;  It will be sufficient to prove the genuineness of. our intentions, and induce  him into town.- : Then Riles can put  up some arid I can put up some, and  thai, with the twenty thousand,  should hold-the deal until Riles can  realize on his farm. Within a very  short time we can turn the whole  thing ;oyer to the New Yorkers, arid  take In the profits." _  "Say, Gardiner,".,said YAJlari? speaking as one who ha,d been struck by a  new and important thought. "Where  do "you come in on'this- dear*? Is your  old gink up in the hills -ecoming  through for half?"  "Not accent," said Gardiner. "As  for whereYI'Ycome" In, well, dealing  with old friends like Riles and the  Harrises, I considered that a secondary matter. I fancy that when they  feel the profits in their pockets they  will "be disposed to be not only fair,  but generous, and. of course. If 1 put  up part of the' money I will expect my  share of profit. But I'm not asking  for any. assurance; I'm just going to  leave that to1 you." v .  "Well, that's decent', anyway," Harris agreed, -x. "I haven't as much  money as I expected, but if we can  pull'Jt'through**,It may'be all right yet.  Of course,^ you remember that I haven't promised to put up a dollar unless  I like the'ldoks of the mine when I  see it?" Harris still had qualms of  hesitation about entering *nto a.  transaction so much out of his beaten  path, and he took occasion from time  tq time to make sure that an avenuo  of retreat-was. still open.  That's the understanding, exactly/"  a value out of all proportion to the  price asked.  "I'll take it," he said, and paid down  the money. There was a momentary  darkening of Gardiner's face which  nobody noticed.  The little party then moved out.to  the street. (Jafdiner had regained  his .smooth fanner, and gave some  final.directions about the road.-*    . ���������..,  "Oh, we'll find it all right," >aid  Allan, in high spirits, "and we'll beat  you to the shanty unless you'vo some  faster nags at home than any I see  you driving.     So long."^     "    ' ' ������������������  "So long," called Gardiner. "So  long, arid good luck."  "So long, an',good luck," repeated  Riles., He was trying to play the  game, but, as Gardiner often- reminded him, he had no. imagination. '-���������.Y. It  would have been quite impossible for T  Riles, on his- "own initiative, to have  thought of wishing the Harrises "good  luck" ojVrth������ journey they were about  toi* commence . . . They were  Interesting "types ������f villains���������one,  gentlemanly, sua ve, deep and resourceful; the other, coarse, shallow,  slow-witted and brutal. The offence  of one against society was wholly intellectual; of the other, aimost wholly physical. Gardiner, fully . appreciated the. difference, and in his heart  he felt a contempt and loathing toward Riles which he concealed only  as a matter of policy. And he had  worked, out in his mind a little plan  by which Riles, when his usefulness  was ended, should be shuffled off without any share in the booty. At pres5  ent he tolerated him because of necessity. There was work beofre them  for which Riles was peculiarly qualified.  The Harrises went at once to a livery stable, where they arranged for  a team- and outfit. They then bought  some cartridges for the gun, and a  small handbag in which to carry the  money, "  son, and his eye fell on the gun which  the latter carried under his arm. "But,  I guess," he continued with a laugh,  "there isn't much danger on that  score."  "Nothin' V speak of," said Harris.  And while I don't want V break your  bank, E do want t' get that money, and  t' get it in bills, or part of it in gold  an' silver would do. The fact is, I  don't mind tellin' you I've a deal on,  an* I've undertakenN t' put up this  money In caBh���������to-night."  The banker ruminated for a ie'w  minutes. Experience had told blm  that., with a certain class of men  money in bills was more valuable  than money in a cheque or draft. The  impress them. He had seen an old  ������imer refuse a twelve-hundred-dollar  marked cheque for his property, and  ye������ surrender greedily at the>sight of  a thousand one-dollar bills piled on a  table before him. This was a trait  of human nature found in many persons unaccustomed to the handling of  CASTOR  ���������       For Infants and Children  lie Use For ������������������jr30 Years  Always bears    -**������?  the y^^���������  Signature of ***<TjryJ5 "  considerable sums of money, and  sharp traders considered it good business to take advantage of * it, Tho  banker, thought he understood why  Harris wanted,all the money in bills,  although the sum'was largeT than he  _ __ ���������      _     bad even seen, handled In that way  very bulk of the-currency seemedx to,^baftfre,  A' young man emerged from somewhere and locked the Irout door of  the bank.  (To be' continued)  E  Stops Hair  Coming Outi  Thickens, Beautifies*  irigers  Gardiner assured him. "You're the powerful frame Of the farmer to the  man with tho money, and if you don't equally powerful frame of the farmer's  like it, don't pay." *._ .   : i  Harris at once visited the bank, and f  returned shortly with the information  that the amount, less a somewhat  startling -percentage for transmission  and exchange, was already deposited  to his credit.  "Then let us lose no more time,"  said Gardiner, with enthusiasm. "You  will need a team and rig, and vou  better pack a couple of blankets and  Borne grub. . Make the stableman  throw in a couple of saddles; you  may have to ride the last part of tho  trip. Riles nnd I will make it tho  wholo way on horseback." Gardiner  then remembered that It would be  necessary for him to go back to tho  ranch and change horses, but he ^escribed in detail the road they should  take, and assured them they could  not miss it. It wa3 tho main.road  up the river valley-���������up, and up*���������and  if they drove hard thoy would reach  that night a spot whore an old, deserted cabin stood back in a clump of  poplars. It would bo a good place lo  spend the night, and Riles and Oar-  dlner would ineot them thoro, if, in  Doesn't hurt a bit!      Drop a litti*  "Freezone" on an aching corn, instant-  ly that corri stops hurting, then shortly you lift it right off   with   fingers,  -  85-cents buys a bottle of "Dander**   Truly! *.'���������'���������  In������ at any drug store.     After one ap-      Your druggist sells a tiny bottle ol  plication you cannot find a particle of   "Freezone"*for a few cents/sufficient  u dandruff or a falling hair.      Besides1; to remove every hard corn, soft corn,  When Harris presented himself at  every hair shows    new    life*,   vigor,   or corn between the toes andsthe cal*  the bank wicket and asked for the full   brightness, more color and abundance,   luaes, without soreness or irritation,  amount to his credit in cash, the sallow-faced teller turned a trifle paler  still _and slipped  into  the manager's  office,     A moment later the manager  blme-Mf appeared before them.  : "1   at *'s a bretty heavy order on a  country bank," Mr. Harris.    Of course  we could give it to you lit exchange,  but to pay twenty thousand dollars or  thereabouts infills wiii drain us to  almost  our  last  dollar.      Can't  you  use- a marked cheque, or a draft on a.  Calgary bank?"    -'-- '���������'���������  "Well, no^YHarris said; "I'm afraid  we can't." PZ '    '*."���������'���������'-.  "A.'marked  cheque is as good as  bills." the banker argued, "and much  easier to carry, not to speak of being  aintav* "   Piax   nrtrlarl     on   nn   nftflr-tbrMIP-bt,**  "Travelling with that amount of  money on you is a sort of defiance of  natural law, especially with the country full of strangers, as it is at present."      The banker looked from the  WARNING! "Say "Bayer" ^henyoti buy Aspirin,  Unless you see the name "Bayer?' on tablets, you are  not getting Aspirin at-all.   Why take chances?  Accept only an "unbroken'package" of "Bayer Tablets of  Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by  physicians during 22 years and .proved safe by millions for  Colds .Headache'     ^Rheumatism  Tootha'che        Neuralgia*        Neuritis  Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain  Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets���������Alao bottles of 24 and lO-^-DruggiatB.  Aspirin lo tho trado marlt (roslnter-Hl In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Mono-  aootlcactflcator of Salloyllcocld.   Whllo lt la well lmown that Anpirln mean***. Bayor  *>   '-inufaoture, to ansliit tho publlo agalnot Imltatlono, tho Tableto of Bayer Company  y*~ ntampod witb tb-Mr general trade mark, th* "Bayer Cross."  IS  Strength  Strength ���������*->������ muscle does not indicate strength of nerves.    On this  account  many  people who   look .     ��������� __,     .    .  healthy enough suffer from nervoua I deed, they did not overtake them on j  .     ii j .        i    .     i ' tho road.     Neither Harris nor Allan  tTonbk3 and   cannot   understand      had any fear'of. a Btrango trull; thoy  had been bred to a flense of direction  and location all their lives, and wero  confident they would find "no difficulty  In reaching tho rendezvous.  "Better make your own arrange--  mem about the horses," Gardiner  whispered n~ they left tho room, "Wo  can't be too careful to keep our buBi-  neafl'accret"   ,  An they ������tood --for a moment In tho  waltlnR-room lt occurred to Allan that  Borne Bhooting might bo found tn iho  mountaJnH, "You haven't got ri gun  you could lend me, I^nuppono?" ho  aaid to Gardiner,  "What do you want a ������un for?"  Oardlner demanded bruflquely.  "ftfjRht ml ft "hot at a pnrtrhlKO,  or nomethinR. No harm in having  one alonK. Ih there?"  "Oh, no, but i don't expect, you'll  mn anythin������ to JutiUfy tho tvoublo,  Anyv;ay, 1 hnvftw't f.ot one,"  "Theren' a uhc-t-gun liere/'-^ald tho  Hotel cl������rk, who hud overheard tho  mat remarkfl, "If that would nult you.  A Cholly who wan taklnt? a nhort  coiir'*������ tri jM>ke*r |Mtt lt up a few dayn  nm m a Htand off on hl-i ent ncoro.  TltnfiiH im honeh <i^������ln������t It; it It'a  worth thftt to you, tako It."  He hamdotf tho ������rum ov*r counter,  and Allan *vxamJno(I it with Interest.  M- reco������fnl*eftd an KnKlinh weapon of  what is ailing them. Sleeplessness  and irritability are jmiong the early  symptoms. Indigestion and tired  feelings soon follow.  Head thia letter fTom an Ontario man:  Mr. W. L. Cre������ory, Omrlw  St. E., Ingcraoll. Ont., writes:  "\ hnd hr,fn ,-mi.hUiA for quii������ n  whflfl with mdigeiUion. Al timet Ihejro  would hn ������ lwUfJ������i������(J| of th* nerve* of  my -jtoTnach; and I aUo foundl il diffi-  cvill io g������l n good ni-jlil'* *\tep. 1 am a  monlder, and ow'mg *o the -nohue of  my work my ny.tetn he<*������fn������ mn-down,  i took n JreiwfmenJ'of Dr. ChaM!*������ Ne**rv<s  Food, mkJ found -3r������*< h*-,ntin from thi*  ���������medicine. They did mi a we*, deal  *t, Bqod. I havo not b#en botheyred at all  wiih indig-ctri-Wi nm������, ������nd tan *l������������p  much htiXitsr, 1 h������vn r*jcommcnd<!-| Dr.  Chasio's Merv������ Food to many of my  fyi������nd*������ an I think it npUndid for any������  *n*������ nm-down nnd nwding a Jonic,'*  Dr. Chawt'a Nerve rood, 50c o  hern, oil deale������������ w Edmanson,  Bate* & Co,, Limited, Toronto  W*  %  ta   uoa  Zl'M  %n  rl  i -.  ���������'*������ "M  r~\  AS^Sm^^^BTQ^ p.Ca  NEURALGIC ACHES  i x Y*  FOR forty years Sloan's ^Liniment  <>_> has been the quickest relief- for  "neuralgia," sciatica and; rheumatism, tired muscles, lame backs, sprains  and strains, aches and pains.  Keep Sloan's handy and apply freely,  tvithou. fubbingf^at the first twinge.  It eases andr brings comfort surely  and readily.'- You'll find it clean gad  non-skin-staining.  !   Sloan's Liniment is pain's eflemy.  .Ask your neighbor.  At all druggists���������35c, 70c, S1.40i  .Made in Canada.  Mnimeni  0~mm~~m~~~~B~s~.m~-m.mW-,  World Happenings  Briefly Told  rroniaoie mining  Cobalt -District Produced $200,000,000  Worth of Silver in 1921  ��������� According to statistics already gathered and estimates being prepared for  1921 It .is evident that the value of  silver produced up to the end ot-1921  from Cobalt and the surrounding district, will reach an aggregate of close  to $200,000,000. " Total dividends  from the silver mines will exceed  193,000,000, and -with " the treasuries  containing surpluses, which, combined  ���������with disbursements actually made,  show a net profit of over 50 per cent,  of the gross yield. This is an  achievement' without parallel* in the  history of any other metal mining  area.  Tho wedding of Princess Mary to.  Viscount" Lascelles-has been set-for  February 28, aceordingto the London  Saily-Jalaii.  Building permits in Moose Jaw for  1921 were $500,177, as against $1,533,-  095. The 1920 permits included one  million for the C.P.H. station and office building.  Unless ' 100 border amateur radio  operators apply for Dominion licenses,  the Windsor, Ont., patrol of the Canadian Mounted Police has received Orders to dismantle all_ their wireless  ���������equipment.  A Belgian passenger on the steamer  Zeeland, who had been deported from  New York, jumped overboard at sea  and was drowned, the steamer's officers reported on her arrival at Plymouth, Eng.  A bomb was exploded, among the  crowd listening to a hand in the market place of- Pinkelsbuehl, Bavaria, on  New Year's jEve* injuring 50 persons,.  20 of them seriously. The thrower  of the bomb, a youth, and several  other persons, were arrested.  The wedding of Charles Phillips,  Leondon, had progressed to the point  where the registrar asked the bridegroom's .full name. Then . 'it *<was  learned ^Phillips had delegated \hjs  brother ^o'tako^his place ..while he  went tos-Wanc#W^mp0^nt^us^i"ness;  ._.The wedding ^as postponed. Y;  The NewYYear's ;toll, of casualties,  from poisonous liquor amounted to  four dead and six dangerously ill in  New York hospitals, with uncounted  scores of cases of acute alcoholism  -and accidents attributed to holiday-  liquor. One case of alcoholic paralysis was reported.  The Austrian Government has permitted the fact to become known that  the Vickers Armstrong Company, a  British ^concern, has made an offer to  .purchase the great Woellersdorf Ar-  -���������enal, which it is proposed to convert  Into a plant for theYmanpfactutfej oj������  locomotives on orders received* from  the Balkan States^  For Hiccups and Heartburn  Here Is a Good Prescription  Nothing brings such satisfactory  relief jas slowly sipping a few- drops  of "Nerviline" in sweetened water.  Nerviline relieves those conditions  that cause the hiccups, just as it does  &our risings,* gas belching and fermentation in the stomach. For acute  stomach pains, bloating, nausea and  similar ills, rely on trusty old Nerviline���������the true friend of every family.  Sold by all Dealers, 35c per bottle. *  Growing Tobacco In Manitoba  Tobacco* growing is the latest phase  of agriculture introduced into Northern Manitoba. Messrs. Jacob and  Guspin, two Belgians, who experimented with it this year, produced a  tobacco said to be the equal to the  Quebec product. They announce  their intention of going into tobacco  raising on a large scale next year.  m   avim   m mt  lea frock oi Uiifton  And Crystal Bugles  School Survey  A careful survey of the youth of  Winnipeg between 14 and 18 years of  age has just been completed by the  Winnipeg School Board. The results  show there are 10,708 boys and girls  from 14 to 18 years of age in the city;  the boys .numbering 5,066 and. the girls  5,652. The survey was undertaken  to ascertain what proportion of the  children completing studies in the  public schools have proceeded to the  secondary schools.  Dyed Her Skirt To  Make Child A Dress  WINTER HARD ON BABY  The winter seaspn is a hard one on  the baby. He is more or less confined to stuffy, badly ventilated rooms.  It is so often stormy that the mother  does not get him out in the fresh air  as often as she should. He catches  colds which rack his little system;  his stomach and bowels get out of  order and he becomes peevish and  cross. To guard against .this the  mother "should keep a box of Baby's  Own Tablets in the house. They  regulate the stomach and bowels and  break up" colds. They-are sold by  medicine, dealers or by mail at 25  eenfts a box.-from The Dr. Williams'  "Medicine, Co., Brockville, ������tot.-".  Each package of "Diamond Dyes'* contains directions so simple any -woman  can dye or tint her old, worn, faded  things new. Even if she has never  dyed before, she can put a new, rich color into shabby skirts, dresses, waists,  coats, stockines, sweaters, coverings,  draperies, hangings, everything. Buy  Diamond Dyes���������no other kind���������then perfect home dyeings is guaranteed. Just  tell your druggist whether the material  you wish to dye is wooi or siik. ot  whether it is linen,    cotton,    or    mixed  froods. Diamond Dyes never streak, spot,  ade, or runr  OUT   OeF*  Bases ended In death!   So a recent  -Canadian     investigation     showed.  These were not cases of infectious  diseases ��������� of consumption**-3- of ty-  ���������phold!    They were cases where a  person had  sustained some alight  injury���������a cut, a fcurn, a -wire-prick  ���������and   where   tho   wound,   being.  thought not -serious enough for careful treatment,* had been neglected.  Blood-poisoning and death resulted.  .When you or your children sustain any injury, ensure against infection by applying Zam-Buk. This .  balm soothes-the pain, stops bleed--*  ing, and by/destroying all germs  prevents blood-poisoning, etc. Hence  ao time need be lost from work or  pleasure by those who use Zam-Buk.  '������11 dealers. 50c. box.  Chili has opened an official pawnshop to advance loans on reasonable  terms to workingmen.  a- Worms feed upon the vitality of  children and endanger their lives. A  simple and effective remedy is Mother  Graves' Worm Exterminator.  By making your purchases from  your home merchant you are contributing direct-to the prosperity of  the community in -sshich you live. \  By Marie Belmont  Crystal bugles effectively cover this  frock of orange chiffon. The dress is  simple in design, showing a straight  wide panel dropping free in the back  from shoulders to hem line.  The importance of little things in  costume detail is here symbolized in  the tiny band of silver which draws the  neck line together in front. The silver note re-appears in the underbodice  which shows beneath the slit, and in  the narrow silver girdle.  Silver bugles are stunning on a  background of white, and this  frock is very youthful and charming in white and silver.  Apples For Scotland  Aik initial shipment of 770 boxes of  apples has been sent from Grand  Porks to' Vancouver, for shipment  direct to Glasgow, Scotland, by way of  the Panama .Canal.  C*uts and Bruises Disappear.���������When  suffering from cuts, scratches, bruises,  sprains, sore throat or chest and any  similar ailment, use Dr. Thomas' Eclectrie Oil. Its healing power is  well-known in every section of the  community. A bottle of Dr. Thomas*  Eclectrie Oil should be in every medicine chest ready for the emergencies  that may always be anticipated.  The War Horse  "General -Braddoek," . wrote . the  small boy, "was killed in the late  war. He had three horses shot under  him, while the fourth went through  his clothes."  minard's Liniment For Distempe  y-: Canada's First Hemp  The hemp ^crop for IS&l���������the first  year that it" has been cultivated extensively���������will be large, according tb  a Winnipeg company, under whose  direction farmers in the province seed  and sow the hemp. Five hundred  tons will be realized at Ptfrtage la  Prairie.  CATARRHAL DEAFNJSSS  is gre������,tly relieved by constitutional" treatment. ' * HAI*I/S> CATARRH MEDICINE  is.A * constitutional'. remedy. Catarrhal  Deafness is caused -by an inflamed qon'-.  dition of the mucous lining of the Elista-"  chlan Tube.     When this tube is inflamed  There is no poisonous ingredient in  Hollowax's Corn Remover, and it can  be used without danger or injury.  Value of B.C. Minerals  An estimate based on   official  re  turns places tbe valuejof the ipineral  productions" bf BriUsb CdiuniDia for  1921 at..$24.553^09. ... ������ ,..  .;;  .... *--....  you iitt������������p <* , vkuibling SGUiau cl       .   hearing, and when it is entirely closed.  Deafness is the result. Unless the inflammation can be reduced, your hearing  may be destroyed forever. "HAUL'S CATARRH MEDICINE acta through the  blood on the mucous surfaces of the system, thus reducing the inflammation- and  assisting Nature in restoring, normal conditions.  Circulars free.      All Druggists.  F. J. 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' Having brought up a clever  orphan girl, the sick woman called the*  young woman to her   and   said:    "I  shall   soon   leave   my little children  motherless.   They know you and love  you, and after I am gone I want you  and   my   husband   to   marry."   The  young   woman,    bursting into tears,  said:   "We were  just talking  about  that."     The wife recovered.  Grape-Nute  and action.  is the food for health  **There?$ a Reason-  %  Made by Canadian POatum Cereal Co., Ltd.* Windsor, Ont  ;.���������������������������    ������������������'���������{���������������   '     sj       " .-..-li '      ik    ���������     Y'l ���������-;  Sold by go-od gmcen ^cty&hsre I  :-'*4C  mmmmm  tmm'iiii**  The Marvels Of Aluminum  When   Alloyed   With   Other   Metals  Weight Practically Unchanged  Ever since aluminum was;' produced  in a commercial form the greatest interest has been taken inits'appHca-  tion to various engineering structures  where; lightness. wlt^\fstrenjgth- is desirable.    It was soon found that when  aluminum wa-s alloyed    with    other  metals its strengthi was   greatly   increased without any great change in  weight."   Various alloys of aluminum  have been used in the structure" of  airships and aeroplanes, and the re-*  suits have been so promising that a  special   committee   waa   formed   in  Great Britain to undertake systematic  research'   of' the   properties of aluminum alloys.     A report recently issued by this committee embodies the  results of seven years of l-esearch conducted in the National Physical Laboratory, which is subsidized by tho JMt-  _ish Government.; ?Y Tbis researclv|has  resulted in the discovery^6t manyi al-,  loys which are ot groat "promise for"  practically all kinds of engineering,  particularly   motor   car manufacture,  railway rolling stock,  internal  combustion engines and steam engineering.     The   only   problem   awaiting  solution Is tho production of these alloys, on a commercial scale.    Already  a beginning has been made in thin  direction   by.  a British Government'  factory;   and   British '" manufacturers  nvo looking closely Into the possibility  of' producing soma of these wonderful  substances for regular use in placerof  steel.  Uia-flNB NIoM and Mornlnoo  WJUIZ-1* **<">��������� CUm. Healthy  Eyaa. If theyTire,Itcb,  Smart or Burn, if Sore^  r/\.iim E*/cC Irritated, Inflamed or  JVMiiv-ft J^YWGranuIatieuiUScMuriue  often. l������0thest Befrashes. Safe for Infant  or Adult At all Druugistaand Opticians.  "Mfnfeir Free Eye Book. HwJ������l-rtR������t������&C������;ataB������  FOR  eprevenKon of painP  After-,'.eating,, flatulence^  headachecbilibufneti*, con.'1  stipfetion and otiier cE������������giee-i  ableiornu of   P pPp   Y*������  INDIGESTIONS ff)  Mother"Seigel's* Syrup,  the W.I  stomach and liver tonicwith fa'/  50 year*? reputation.    . JU/  MOTHER ���������������J9/  5E1GEEIS SYRUP]  '������$*.  MONEY ORDERS  Dominion Express Money Orders are on  sale in five thousand offices throughout Canada, "n   '  c.G/.tmA  Windsor Castio Is liko a small town*  in ltpelf, containing hundreds of In  habitants.   ,  Mlnftfd'a Linlm*nt Por-Warto, Corne,  "Gascwets" If Side ; x y:ZZ:.  Bilious, Headachy  From the Bowels  Get a 10-cent box: now.  You men and women who can't get,  feeling right���������who have headache;  coated tongue, bad taste and foul  breath, dizziness, can't sleep, are bill-  xous, nervous and upset, bothered with  a sick, gassy, disordered stomach, or  have a bad cold. Aje you keeping  your bowels clean with Cascarets, or  merely forcing a Y passageway every  few dayB with salts, cathartic pills or  castor oil? Cascarets work while you  sleep; cleanse the' stomach of sour,  fermenting food and foul.gajses; take,  the excess bile frofti liver and carry,  out of the system all the constipated  poison in the bowels. A Cascaret  physic to-night will straighten you out  by morning. *  Mother I Open  Child's Bowels With  California Fig Syrup  niiniiiw>iim eiii,������  Your little one will love the "fruity"  taste of "California Fig Syrup" oven If  constipated, bilious, irritable, foyerlBh,  or full of cold^ A teaspoonful; nevw  falls"to cleanse tho liver and boweli,  In tt few hours you can see for yourself how thoroughly it works all the  sour bile, and undigested food out of  tho bowels and you havo a well, play*  ful child again.  lyillllons of mothers koop "California  Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea*  spoonful today saves a sick child tomorrow. Ask your druggista for genuine "California Fig Syrup" which haa  directions for babies and children of  all agca prlntfcd on bottle. Mother!  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The Presbyterians ave haying a congregational '"at home" and annual  meeting in the Parish Ball on Tuee*  day evening, commencing at 0 o'clock,  to which invitations have been sent to  all Presbyterians,  The surprise party season opened on  Thursday night last when a company  i>f abont 40 dropped in quite unexpect-  ��������� edly at the home of Mrs. J. Davis, and  with music, garnet-*, etc., and asmnipt  ou8 supper  night ������f it-  had  a  most   pleasurable |    Mr. JSsnery, a  recent arrival hasfe Saturday   selling they  are  offering I Wlies*   Aid   of    the   SVesbyterian  has  jf������!ir*ehased some exceptional grocery yaiues that j ChureH at the hosneof Mrs.*Boy������|*WJ  tlmtrtmtm    Vl&rxX.  Kootenay  and GsnfsgtlQiienf  n*  BREAD,  PASTRY  "S  JE.E  Cahdy Specials  Mixed 25c. ib.  Peppermint Humbugs, 30c.  Jtiomemaae  Butterscotch  30c.  Saturday S  CRUMPETS  PORK PIES  -m  BERT NORRIS  Next Bevan's Garage  The Staples Fruit Co., Ltd.. loaded  out a coupler of cars of apples .within  tbe week���������one of them at Wynndel.  The official estimate is that there are  still 5000 boxes of last year's apple  crop still held by Valley growei*s.  A meeting of at) Valley taxpayers is  called for Mercantile Hall on Saturday night, Jan. I4th. at 8.30, for the  purpose of discussing all angles of the  revised 1922 assessment, and possibly  forming a" ratepayers asiociation for  the Valley.  A quiet wedding was solemnized at  the home of Mr. dnd Mrs. Maione on  Saturday, when their second daughter.  Miw Annie, was united in marriage  with Duncan Weston, father Bessette  officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Weston wii|  continue to reside in Creston.  i  Mioses Mai-ion Swanson and Frances  Lyne and Frank Ebbutt. iyho have  been home frottt the B.C. University.  Vancouver, for the holidays, left on  Sunday for the coast city to resume  their studies. All three were successful in passing the December exams,.  Miss Vivanne Moore, who was home  -ffrom Kaslo high school for the Christ-  mas vHt^tinn, returned'to resume her-  studies.ox, Wednesday last. Her several duffi- delay in getting back was  due to waiting for recovery from an  attack of mumps, which laid her up  most of the festive season.  Everything is shaping up nicely for  the whist, concert and dance which  the band is putting'onon Burns'-night.  Wednesday, Jan. 25th. Cards will be  at 8. followed by a, fine concert programme and supper, and dancing will  get under way at 11.30 and continue  until 2 a.ni. The admission is 75 cents.  Due to an insufficiency ������f members  turning oi;t to make the necessary  quorum the public library metting  called for Monday afternoon last had  to be adjourned, and .will now be held  at 3.30 at tbe library building on Saturday afternoon,, January 21st. Up  till Monday 28 of last year's members  had paid their dues for 1922.  four lots at thb rear^ of Mawson Bros,  store, and has been busy this week at  stumping operations ancl getting tbe  material onl the ground for the-erection of a, f<jiir-TOOEQ -bungalow. 'Hits  present intention isYto go into tbe  poultry business on quite an extensive  scale. H YY,  ������������ **4- -  Tbe annual' meeting of .Christ  Chuih*crtn^|gatibn will be held on  Wednesda^yeniog 7nsfxt in the Par-  ish HaJI. J. Proceeding^ ;wlll start with  a cx^ngragatf^narsupper at 43.30, and at  8 the'annual|jbusiness meeting will be  convened, ^e I^adies'^Guild are putting on an ej^llerit" spread 4ind a large  turnout of iiiriembers, and adherents is  hoped for.-^f \ '  At an exceptionally well attended  meeting, on - Sunday < afternoon the  Creston branch of G.W.V.A. completed the election of officers for 1822, and  the following will be in charge of Veteran effort here for the ensuing year:  President, Stan. Watson; vice-president. E. W. Pajstei Sacretary, H.  Venus; executive, E. Mallandaine, O.  Harris and C. B. Garland.  Although money is commonly reported to be a minus quantity'in the  Valley Mawson Brothers_report that  up till Wednesday night their business in connection with the annual  stocktaking sale totalled higher than  at tbe sale held the year previons. For  should bring out a. nost of buyers.  '5������. Hv Currie, pews editor of the  Daily News, Nelson, was a week-end  visitor in the Valley, addressing $  G.'W.V.A. meeting qt Lister on Saturday night, and speaking to the  Creston Vets <an Sunday afternoon*  Mr. Currie was thf Kootenay delegate  to the Dominion G.W.V.A. convention at Port .Arthur, Ont., last fall,  and his address was largely on matters  that were discussed ab the convention,  HORSES   ASTRAY  Came to the mill premises of Canyon City Lumber Co.,' Ltd. Canyon  Citv, about- December. Slat, one spire!  mate, white stripe on; face, about 3  years oiq. "and vone bay mare, about 3  years old, white stripe -on face. Owner  can have bahie on paying all expenses.  Canyon City Lumber Co.. Limited,  Creston.  Anglican Church Services  SUNDAY, JAW. 15  CRESTON CRESTON  11 a.m. 7.30 p.m.  * - A large assortment of both new and  old-time numbers, a good floor, good  music and a fine supper will be ip evidence at Holv Cross Church ladies  dance in the Parish Hall to-night,  which is under the patronage of Col.  and Mrs, Lister. . The admission is 16  cents to gentlemen, and ladies 60 cents,  Mrs. Foreman and Alex. Lidgate comprise the! orchestra that will provide  the music. -.  Due to continued ill-health H. ~t.  Oatway has relinquished the management of the local drug'business carried  on the firm name of Beattie-Oatway.  Ltd., and is succeeded by A. H. Bltsaa  enamer of Cranbrooke who for some  tinse past has been with the Beattie=  Noble, Lt&, drugstore at Cranbrook.  Mr. Blumenanier is a graduate pharmacist with considerable experience in  drugstore work, and the people of the*  'Valley are assured that he will contin?  ue to give the same high class service  that has always obtained at the Creston drug" store.  R. E. Beattie. M.P., Cranbrook,  was a business visitor here the fore  part of the week, for the annual Beat-*  tie-Catway, Ltd., stocktaking. The  matter of his retiring as member fop  East Kootenay in order to provide a  seat for Hon. Dr. -King, who can then  become minister of public works in the  Dominion cabinet, is still undecided,  and no announcement need be looked  for until the various Liberal assovir  ations in that riding have pronounced  for o^ against the change.  There was a good turnout of mem*  bersfor the  annual meeting  of  the  [Friday asses-noon S^t-at wn������eV������������le  feature* was the election^ of "officers for  the ensuing year, as follws:  Hon. President^���������Mrs. J. A. Barnes.  President���������Mrs. J. %Dow.  Vice President���������Mrs.W. H.Watcher  Secretary���������Mrs. BS. J. Boyd.  Treasurer���������-Mrs. Hehdersop.  The financial statement shorted that  during the past year the ladies.by way  of teas, sales of cooking and the annual bazaar had raised somewhat better  than $800. ahd it was decided thai for  this year the reyenue would be utilised  tor improvements to both the church  and the manse. Mrs. Dow's re-efe<5-  fcion as presFdent starts her off on the  fifteenth consecutive year she has been  at the head eif the local aid work.  that I have taken over the  management of the firm,  -so   come   in   and get acquainted.  I assure you that my aim  will be to give Saibfcction  by giving Quality, Service,  ~ r* ���������    ink * . * -  ana rair srncea.  I    earnestly   * solicit   your  patronage,  and will   do  eveiything in my power  to merit a continuance of  same.  A. H. Blum-natter  - .        v  Watch this space next week  and saye money.  Beatfie-Oatway  LIbUM  . '. , ,'" '���������'.,.*���������   . ft-   _ -     -   - -~ ��������� .m - _  according to the following a ratio:    1.00 worth of Sale Goods and 1 pound of Sugar for $1.06;    2.00 worth of  Sale Goods and 2 pounds of Sugar fbr $2.12, and So on���������no limit on 6--cent sugar so long as you ;  cover each pound with $1.00 worth of Sale Goods  JH.lHiHf.Ult  Ogilvie's Rolled Oate$reg. 35c; Sale��������� ��������� ��������� 25c  Raspberry-Apple Jam, reg. 90c; Sale ���������"��������� *- 75c  Strawberry-Apple Jam, reg. 90c; Sale���������- 75c  CHEESE, per lb. reg. 40c; Sale---~- 30c  Ensign Red Salmon, reg* 45c; Sale 3 tins���������$1.00  i  e  Butter, 5-lb.pails,  Forest Cream  reg. 1.50;  Sale  Magic Baking Powder, reg. 35c; Sale  PRUNES, 5-lb. pkg., reg 1.15; Salfc-^  Sweet Mixed Biscuits, reg. 45c;   Sale  ------- 95c  ^ - 35c  ...    ,       I     'j.'     .'*!  The above are bnt a few of the matchless values of fered for the closing day  of our Annual Stocktaking Sale  ���������������vi;  .9  ? i  Everything ,must go;  nothing held in reserve.    We are determined'; to clear put as much as possible of our  splendid stock of staples, therefore we have Reduced everything to rock bottom prices. -  All Our Lines will Show an Entirely New Record of Low  i *��������� _ * ,   ��������� "  Buyers who have been waiting for this opportunity will have to confre early.  x  A  ���������22?.  /  riAWSON  ������ ���������  %  ��������� * ^mfpiWA't vw-"1 ���������**���������  i - ������fWW*w tim^.0������l-v--m*\-al*m ������ku������������fe������>MtHV>W  ,ivmet������t&mtwii-vm-  *m0tm*tm*-+'-*m*>x'


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