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Creston Review Jun 24, 1921

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Full Text

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1�� m..mamA..,J ���������.j.~m-������m<.<At-li4X,xt.r..,  ������"-**.f'fT^**"- -tTTjf  .,--.0-'.   pnH-l-f  atmmtmi'mtStum-  w-  -.If   "- 'C    fr  xMr  :r'~r."A^~'<L--  -rer-?  j-'i-V"  THU ~ BEVIEW.     CRESTON,     B.   ' C  %  jfeL  y  z^Z-S^^^z^^^^ji^^i^^  Yy^Y^^YT*^'*^ys>^*:-:A-/Y.-'*1-V/:>-:��������� -* >; <-������  1 ??Si -\-m-m ~\m\.\\m~,\\m\  M-W il I l i : i 3 I'i ���������������'. J-4 V, V. y  H?///,!!, MIS  ii.  V Tfolcirig Pbwderisknown  Japs PlasvT������ Raft  Timber From 15. V~  Think   B&vis   Structure   Will   Stand  Trans-Pacific Passage   -  A Japanese^fitfm'prooos'es^O'ip^i'ke  another attj^ptjip raif  British G^imbi^^j Jaj|_  licve~that^'the.'*i*DSir"is- raft str3l*ture<r-o*  which the outside rojws  of logs , are  laced with cable, can be made' to stand-  \he - trans-Pacific passage.   ^The'first  will  New Camera's CJreax Ranges  Can Photograph From Height Where  Airplane Is Invisible. .  United " States  Scientists  'Af      -���������'������  of.  the  'ISM  Matins Greatest Asset  raft will leave thisy coast ^bout  August. , It wijj have a, super-structure of 'piled, Clogs','" stftuigly laced.  Hitherto rafted'logs have hot witfe������"  stood long sea journeys, except one  which' was -talccn fromTSan Francisco to China^, about twenty years  agor Favored by calm seas the raft  \v&s safely iand������d. The Chinese,  However, unused to big logs, took ten  years- to cut -up this, boom, using  long, hand-rip saws to make the  boards. **    ���������-  ~ %  "btft recently pwfefited. The discov-  cry is expected, to ,be;of tremendous  military yalue ������to the air service,- -as  well as to have incalculable scientific  " andL commercial application. . It will  give to the eye of thejeamera power  which nature has never endowed to  the huxrian eye, for it will be possible  for airpianes,to make ^photographs  from heights so -great that the planes  themselves will be invisible from the  earth, athd'to penetrate haze that the  human eye cannot pierce.   " -  The universal membership cnr-elmcnt campaign recently conducted-by  the Red Ooss Society throughout Canada had for its object the arousing  ' of the people to the vital need of greater personal interest in the matter of  health. Tt was not a campaign to raise .money, but a Dominion-wide and  well organized effort to secure au active and intelligent public interest in  "*��������� measures for the prevention of disease, it being realized that an ounce of  prevention is worth main'- pounds of cure. j. Tlie average man, woman and  child gives little heed to their physical well-being until they are afflicted  with some ailment, and then there is a hurry-up call for a doctor.    '  That there is need for a gveat awakening on the part of the public in  regard to matters of personal hygiene and public-health was demonstrated  by the enforced medical examination of men for military services during the  war years, but, startling a"-? were the disclosures from those examinations,  even more staggering are some recent figures and opiniort contained in an  article in Thc Journal of Health and Sanitation, written by Dr. J. H. Kel-^  iogg. superintendent pf the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium.  Races of men have sometimes-died out -and utterly disappeared and Dr.  Kellogg is of the opinion: that this may happen to^the whole human family  If we continue to live under what he considers present unnatural conditions.  Man, says Dr. Kellogg, is a very old-fashioned animal trying to live in a  ii ev/- fang led way, in a manner, that no animal ever before adventured, and  so unnatural and so ill-adapted to his constitution and his requirements as  to render hi> ultimate undoing inevitable. "Man is bx nature an open-air  dweller.      But the business and professional men, incarcerated behind the  19 -  door* of their offices,-,with their assistants, die years before their time, and,  ou the average, twenty years sooner than the farmer whose vacation keeps  ���������   iiim in the open. .  ��������� Present-day ^habits and methods of living are held accountable for the  physical deterioration of the race, and for the prevalence of diseases which  are  carrying off people by thc. million.      According to Dr. Kellogg,  the  United States loses from-its population  of 100,000,000 by death 1,500,000  people everv vcar, while 3 000.000 oeoole are sick all thc time.     In other  words, one-fifth of the population are inefficient or lost.     He estimates that  an average of seven days arc lost   from   labor   by   sickness    every    year.  Tuberculosis is gaining ground, and kills one out of every ten of the population.      Cancer kills one in twenty.      Other maladies are rapidly gaining  ground.      In England and Wales the insane are increasing twice as fast as  .the sane, and in France ten times as fast.      Coxipled with thefee alarming  symptoms, there is the serious fact that thc birth rate in nearly all civilized  countries is rApidly declining.  Dr. MacXeill, superintendent of the Mental Hospital at Battleford,  Sask., made thc statement recently in a public address at Rcgina that-at  the present rate of increase of mentally-deficient people there would not be  enough mentally efficient people to look after them fifty ycars hence.  In support of his contention that present habits and methods of living  are responsible for existing conditions, Dr. Kellogg draws attention to one  of the interesting lessons  from the war, namely, thc notable lowering of  the death rate in several countries.     In Denmark-the death rate fell 35. p<j#  cent., due m the opinion of Dr. Hindhedc, jj^e Danish food controller, to  sintpic.r habits ot living, and especially "the low-protein diet and the use  . of coarse bread.      In Germany, too, diabetes has practically disappeared  from the same cause, and gout, formerly very common, is now unknown.  Good health is tbc greatest asset any person can possess.     Wealth is  of iutfe value to a man if he docs not possess good health so that hc may  enjoy ic.     Without health no one can get much pleasure out of life'.**-**   Lack-  in** health no person can be wholly efficient.     Ill-health is waste.  *. Yet' thc  best medical experts agree that, by taking proper precautions there is little  *>on for sickness, and that many diseases which now number their victims  ��������� ilic millions could be readily stamped out. Z  "  Heal'.h studies and health conditions must be -given first place and fofe-  ���������r.<:>~:. attention in our public schools. People must be made to understand  ���������*h.M st-jund;>e������i������ of body is'fundamentally essential in-business,* art, literature,  policies rind* religion, as well as in warfare, sports and industry.. By'.creative- in er<tiiusia������m for health promotion and physical perfection a long step  fo-.vird v.-iil be taken towards the realizationjof that better state for all  people towards which the world is blindly groping. A popular,, nationwide CYu-udv* for Good Health is imperatives' Governments can do muchj  !>-.r i.Uc. main cs-.r-ntia! ".i an aroused and active interest on the part of every  individual citizen. The promotion of health is the only real, lasting and  b-isic national policy for any country.  One of thc most effective vermifuges on "the market is Miller'-s Worm  Powders. They will not only clear  the stomach and bowels of worms,  but will prove a very considerable  medicine for- children in regulating  ths infantile system and maintaining  it in a healthy condition. -There is  nothing in their composition* that will  injure "*the most delicate stomach  when directions are followed, and  they can be given to children in the  full assurarice that they will utterly  destroy all worms.  ggHUIMUHllUSgiltauSHSUBIIIltaMMSmU^^^  |  OPPORTUNITIES IN THE VETERINARY PROFESSION ������  s      If you desire tb 'enter a profession you should consider what the 3  55 ~    new field of Veterinary Science haa to offer.     'Graduates'havc . js  S      splendid opportunities for a successful career.   You should-inquire. 5  g      z m��������� Write   for*^ Bulletin   and    ~~r-  Auuiatea  vrnn  usu-  vQrsitv    of   Toronto.  Calendar ^to C. D. McGil-     ^adef   *���������   ?T?a   '  _ .    .    .       Dept. of Agriculture  -yray./  M.-*...,   .frmcipsu.   > -   ss  Canada's Huge Wheat Area  Prairie Provinces Have More Than  Ninety Per Cent, of the Wheat  Acreage.  The total area sown tc wheat this  season in the Dominion of Canada is  estimated at 18,654,100 acres/ an "increase of half a million acres over the  1Q20 area, constituting a new record  this grain. -    Seven hundred  for  ���������auu  nine thousand one hundred acres of  this, is seeded to fall wheat, leaving  17,945,000 to be sown this spring.  The prairie'-provinces have more  than ninety per cent, of the E^omin-  ion's wheat acreage, with" 17,418,900  acres. This shows an increase of  577.000 acres over the previous year.  I ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE .        i  s * TORONTO, ONTARIO.    * ' ������  s������SBaaiiiiiii6siieiiuiiiiiiiiiniiuiiiHiiiiifiaBiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiaiiilaiiiiiiiitiBiiai������H8BiiBiiiiiEiiR  m*m4*H^m*m^maxm*^i*mmmmmm4mmtt*mmmmm44m^m4im*mmmmmm*mm***a*mm^  nanaaDDnnnaDnnnnnnnaaauaaanDuuDDnnununuaQnDnDGnn'nrA  a  a  D  a  ���������  a  Q  D  ���������  ���������  u  a  a  Mo need to suffer with corns, or to  run the risk of paring them.y Remove then^surely.and painlessly"with  Hollo way's Corn Remover/  Crossing Stock With An Automobile.  If a motorist runs down a pig, it is  sure to be a blooded Berkshire, remarks the Boston correspond-tnt.  Every chicken slaughtered is a pedigreed bird worth $40 to $50. A yellow barnyard cur is-a wire-haired fox  terrier. A' calf is aWvays of Ald^r-  ney or Guernsey blood���������in fact, nothing seems, to improve stock like crossing it with an automobile. ������  ���������  D  O  a  D  a  a  ���������  a  a  ���������  a.  a  a  ���������  a  a  a  ���������  ���������  a  ���������  ���������  , a  a  a  a  a  a  Put  the whole !**5T  familyin  i  a  a  ���������  a  ���������  ' a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a,  a  u  a  a  a  . a  a  a  o  a  a  a  a  ���������  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a _  ������������B~  ���������OQaDDDQQ'aDQQQQuuuuuQuQuuuuDuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuQuuQuS  ENJOY the comfort and economy of FLEET  FOOT^ shoes right through the summer.  There are heavy FLEET FOOT shoes for work  in fields, garden and barn.  ^There are FLEET FOOT,whitej>h|>es, ^uinps  and oxfords to wear, when worlc is' done���������in  styles for men, women and children. Genuine  FLEET FOOT shoes have the name  stamped on them.   Look for it.  \1  ^  RUBBER^  Ask your Shoe Dedlerfor Fleet Foot  ondmdke sure you get Fleet Foot-  Fiction is less strange    thati    the  .truth because we miss it oftener.  bv  WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT  BABY'S OWN TABLETS  ** i        , .       . '.-,*'  Mrs. W. Bccslcy, Mille Roche, Ont,  writes "I havc used Baby'? Own  Tablets for the past eight nipnths  and would not be without them. I  used them for indigestion and; teething and my baby is cutting his teeth'  without any trouble whatever. I can  highly recommend^.the; Tablets tp  other mothers." What Mrs. Beesley  says thousand of ' other mothers  say. The* Tablet?, are a mild but  thoVough laxative which regulate the  bowels ?xnd sweeten" the stdmach,  thus driving^out constipation and indigestion and making teething easy.  They are sold by medicine dealers or  by mail at 25 cents a." btfx'."from The  Dr. Wimams Medicine Co., Broclc-  -rtlle, Ont.  ������=S  Friend or Foe?  Aany people Hnd that  t������a ana coffee are Foes  ��������� to their health,-but that  Instant Postum is a  friendly table drink..   ,  This pure cereal beverage  is rich in aroma and flavor ���������fully satisfying���������anej  contains no element of harm  for nerves or digestion.  There's a Reason'  Jor Postum.  ���������fi     *     >\  23,  "Equinoctial" a Myth. 1  That the equinoctial storm is a  myth is demonstrated' by an" astute  co-operative observer of the United  States Weather Bureau, says the  ���������Scientific, American.' This '...popular  belief is probably the result of teaching hahded down from father to aoti.  Old weather saws krt very hard to  eliminate, ,  A ���������   ;      "'.'���������-  SUMMER  TO  Manitoba Pree Press Crop Report.  , The Manitoba Free Press crop report, published June 7th, stabs that  crop conditions are, if anything, more  favorable than at May I7tli, "It would  be difficult to think of a more generally satisfactory report of conditions  spread over so wide a territory," says  the Free Press.  Keep Minard's Liniment In the house  AND PACipiC COAST* POINT&  /���������N  THROUGH * CANA-  DIAN RO/CiciE8  CHOICE of ROUtES  ON LAND AND SEA  GOING , AND RETURNING. ;  ROUND TRIP TICKETS  Z- ZZ Y*',,FR;bM'l������OINTa^.*.* :*���������������������������-. v*  (Western) ONTARIO, MANITOBA,  SASKATCHEWAN and from all stations CALGARY and EDMONTON  (inclusive) in ALBERTA, _(Via  LOOMA, C.N.via^OFIELD,G.T.P.)  *v ;.y.;">i^  Liberal Sttopovers  Pinal Return Limit October 31, 1021.  m������w���������������������wwi������������~���������m���������iiii n. ��������� m* iiii ������ m* m w������i������.<i'������ii������i.������i.|,.. mn������<���������   i  SEE JASPER PARK AND MOUN* ftOBSON  wmwmmmmMarmmmmmm  n\smmaima4~^mimmmm  wntmrnttmammmm  POR FULL INFORMATION  AS XO FARES, SERVICE^ RESERVATIONS, teTCw APPLY  TO ANY AGENT  CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS  ,1 .   ������������������������ ���������-���������.*.,��������� .   ���������     ���������   ..*���������*.. ���������. * * ���������  mmtmamam ^  Xr t     i *        U^l. ���������tf  S lY     '     ���������*.      ' Y     * *n $-t*~  tito '- ni.vmwp  <M&T<m,  s.   cr  -?-*-  /  *���������*���������  ^    ;^   Of Anglo-Japanese Treaty  }  u~r I    * ,    S^d'ThatPreimer Meighen Will Use His Influence"!������ Have  .,    *-'    '-" "   "-Treaty, Denouaeeil* ''-���������"' *"~ *-p>-m  London.*-*r-T/he~" advisability - of *r*p-1 / Secbria���������T^aVrenew'al oi. the treaty  'win or   -t*Ti*f>    A rtc/lrk-Tnnan/������GP    Allianr*^  J VFniiirt   K*������   ���������ritcrOf.'Af-A'- ea= *q   .-l-.,i'!?.s;*-..-T.������   *,-..  newing,the,Anglo-Japanese Alliance  a question in ^hich Canada isT vitally  ^hsterested^wil! be thc first subject before the conference of Prime Ministers in session here. - .      \  Premier'-Huglfes',- oi Auslralia,,in-  terprefing the public sentiment koi his  cojintfy,- will urge renewal, >but Pre-;  mier Meighen is also certain to throw  the'wliole*'' weigh t*bf liis. iniSuencc^ io-���������  -ward " having "fthe   treaty!* denounced.  ��������� The- Canadian-premier was willing to  support a renewal of the. Alliance providing it'could be/shown that/such renewal wasynece'ssary,: to^Sritish interests, but itiias become clearer that no  ; vital empire interest is involved and  there is a strong sentiment here, both  in Govc'rijnicnt.circles, and^- in - thc  press;-kgainst,the .treaty, he has ^practically; determined ;to fight against renewal-to the utmost of-his power.  The Premier ef .Caffada'will base  his" opposition.; to "the -treaty on three  grounds:- First���������r^That . the_.reasons  whieir made it necessary in 191J- have  .. since disappeared.-: ������������������������������  wouia oe regarded as *a challenge to  the, tfaited States where the Harding  administration and the new Congress  have Just'tafen^a step in the direction  of disarmament;" andi -  t Third-^Th'at ���������" ihe /formation of  special ^alliances'is\nta:gonistic to the.  'spirit of the times atid to the endeavor  that th-s-world* iS'malting toward disarmament and peace.  *w ? '      X        - ' *  In this".Jat"^i).ude 'Mr. Meighen is certain to' encounter strong opposition.  Premier Hughes has be������n talking and  giving interviews to the British'press  and is demanding the treaty be renewed. He urges, of course, that it  be framed in such a way as to' be satisfactory to the United States,- but  few here believe suchs a thing to be  possible** r. The'Australian Premier's  strong card will be the attitude'which  Premier Meighen is almost certain to  ���������adopt  on   thc. question   of  naval  de-  **��������� *  fense. Thc Canadian. Premier urging  that this questioft bc^postponed until  the next constitutional  conference.  Ke-tlectsd By Acclamation  WGtJd Be 56i  s Matter  Rofarlans at idinbiirgli  Many Countries at Rpt&ry Convention  Held In ^Scotland. "  Edinburgh.���������1 fwas"reported ~.. the  annual convention of the International  Association-'of .RQtaty*. Clubs,/^ that  there were represented at the session  669 clubs from the United States, 33  from  Canada,_31 ~from  Great Britain  and   Ireland,   5   from .Cuba,   3' fronr  South America, and, 1 from India.  Prior to thc beginning of the business session, Frank Wfaedon, ,pf New  York, led the delegates in "the singing  of popular songs^thus .upholding :the^ found unconstitutional. In such event,  any pea-son wko wished to would "be  able to peddle whiskey without interference from the law. If the Canada  Grain Act was found to bc ultra -\ires  of Parliament, .this condition would"  obtain in'the grain business. His  Lordship^intimated/ihat he considered it possibly the mos't seribu's situa-  * v-  tion which had confronted Canada for  a ioi>g time.  Invalidation "- of -.Grain Act .Would  Make Chaos in ^Canada.  <Moose JawY-^A chaotic condition of  rfttairs would exist-'in the country  shquld the Canada Grain Act be found  ultra v^res," is fhe opinion expressed  by Justice Kyndman, chairman of the  Royal Grain Inquiry Commission. In  discussing the iegai. status of lhe commission andjbe Grain Act,-His Lordship "pointed out that thc situation  would bc similar to that which would  exist should the Temperance Act be  unconventional  *e~-bly.  natur<*    of   the.  as-  A Farewdl Gift  Hon. :C. A.'Dunning, Provincial  Treasurer, who was returned by acclamation to represent Moose Jaw  County in the .Saskatchewan Legislature. '  -*"*���������* *-  *_ "'"'������.  B.C Would Restrict  Japanese Immigration  - -.... t..  Victoria.���������The provincial Government, through Premier-Oliver,  ^has forwarded to the Rt. Hon.  Arthur Meighen in London, a  cablegrarri strongly urging that  any renewal of -jthe Anglo-Japan-  j ese treaty should preserve to Gan-  -X~lrx       Xtm���������      ���������Zr���������txX       Xrx       ���������. ��������� X ���������* ��������� X -   *T. . ^  aua  euc ngue.   iu icauiki JdjJctllCbC    *  immigration, someth'itig which the  existing treaty does not stipulate.,.  In connection -with   this   subject,  Unn     T2,     tt     Tj>n~~rx..-     ~:rsHxLr.-    ~.c  uvu.     X?.     xj..     S~lxxxO-vtr,     Ullig^lvl     xrx  agriculture, has collected data  showing to what extent Japanese'  and^ Chinese are engaged in the  business of agriculture and horti-  ���������culture in this province. This -  information has been forwardeel  ^ to Hoti. Dr. Tolmie, who accom-  . panied Pr^mieir Meighen on his  mission to England.  ������.w  m  Qld^Time Yayns in the West  By 0-G������-MAS-������S (Little Clerk).  ,   s * CCopytighted)  I- was managing theYFairford Post"'  of the* Hudson's Bay Company ia the  s .*��������� ���������S-' "   * ��������� -    /  winter of 1874-5 and, was fortunate  enough^ to own a splendid tjcain of-  dogs 'that I have mentioned in former*-  sketches. Mr. Jsaacs Cowie at Mani-  toba House was ,my immediate chief  and at his"- request I took a ybun'g'  slecigh dog to train wi-fti my 'own' as  these had a peculiarly fast slinging trot  which covered the ground in-an amaat*--  ing way. ^        "  I   had  odcasion   to  visit   Manitoba  House,, or the  Post as it 'was^com  morning in the dead of winter, hitching up the strange dog with, my'own.  As I was taking a cariole .and travelling light/'l ^intended riding all, the  way and dressed very w-armly accordingly. My dogs, were not at all  pleased with the interpoler and quite  often -would give hint a sly nip be-  hind^to which he would naturally retaliate, and this mad,e the train go  even at a faster pace than .usual..^We  were about fifteen miles out froni  Fairford and j&ell on towards the centre-of the frozen  lake, when-feeling  Narrows at a steady trot. >  ,"- Providentially for me an enterprising  Yankee had built a log cabin right in  the'-centre of the right-of-u-fty of the  old., Canadian Pacific location which,  as.old-timers will remember, had decided" on ,this route. This cabin I  struck just about sundown and I was  about-all iii, .no food* during-tkc day,  the overheating in the morning and  now chills had come on and my legs  felt like lead. My hqnds were too  numb to srap at the.door, so I ran  against it, and on its opening, collapsed on the floor.    Like all pioneers  monly called,  and  started* early  one^ "lie was extremely hospitable, and -tak  ing off my outer clothes placed me in  a ivarm  bed,  Vubbed my-limbs  and'  gave mc small doses of whiskey and  water, so in a shorj time I was able  \'o sit up andjelat some supper.  Xext morning I. was at the Post  bright and. early hoping to find the  dogs there, "but no signs of them. We  sit once sent out a search party as  there was some valuable furs at the  back of the cariole, a silver fox*  atnong������.t them, but the searchers returned in the evening, reporting no  luck.      Several.days elapsed   and    I  tireel and cramped I called alialt ^-nd ��������� wss disconsolate, s? parties had bcen  out daily but could find no trace of  the   dogs.       One  evening,  as   I   was  got out of the-cariole for a few min  utes to stamp about and bring^the circulation back. Turning my back on  the dogs for a minute I heard a clash  of bells and off they went in a flash,  f/\rf*Tl!-SP fr^l-i- *i.*i -M*S*= trtr.-.- 4. ^Z���������rt-04.-r-i~i  .^.-���������.��������� SZxxr.j .tx xJxt- x.j^l.X XXIX t-VrLXUAl.  Running at top, speed, I managed to  keep-near them for several miles, but  noted with dismay they were gradually gaining ground and I  -*s-x~'~i c    Kl������������***  Wives of Cabinet Ministers/'Present*  *   Gift'to Duchess."- ./  Ottawa.���������The wivjes of" thcYfedefal  cabinet ministers__prescnted as.'a ������arcr  well gift to ihc.Buchess    of '���������pevog-  - shire, a'silver casket with -the Cana-<  dian coat.>of arms ciiaajjfelled thereon  and lined with gray'satimV-1 The presentation was made    at''Government  House * by Lady Foster," wHfe^of the  acting premier.   * Xady " Foster ' expressed the regret'   of ^.tlie,,.   cabinet  ministers'-wives over the", departure of  Her Excejlcncy aiid their Appreciation  of ."the tender sympathy shown dur-lto an  official announcement..'   They  ing all thc times of storm and stress'are keeping up a rigid inspection from  Picdras Negras to.-MatamoTas.      To  ,datc most of-their captures have been  persons      bringing      tobacco      into  Mexico.  through   which -wjc^iiave passed ^together.  \-  *, Z .Geifman HaWai^Ui)..-_.--  ' Bcrlin,r-Jf<ir.many,^is"vb.eing forced  into an 'allitfnc'c witlv thc'sPolshevik.  Berlin barbecs^ar&iW-bilanjte. ^iycy,  announce that" on?accent' >oiJ high  labor, cost,'- price'.'-, of'."*Jiaircuts and  sh^cs will be'bopsted 2d per cent.  "l.lLiii i r i n uanmW^iammamatWmW^tmmmmimmtitmmmmmmmmmaaammmmammamimmmam  COULDN'T DOJOUSEWOKK  ���������Z HEART SO E^D  Many women become run down and  -worp'outby thcir houscholdcarcs and  duties never ending*-stud sooner or  later find themselves with weak hearts  andjishattcred* Inc/ves,  When tbe heart becomes weak and  the ;,ncrVc's unstrung,- it is impossible  * for^ womafT. to look after henhousc-  hold-. or- social duties. The least little exertion pr. excitement leaves her  in aiti exhausted condition, and not fit  to do anything. *  On the first '-rgvZ of any weakness  of live heart/or nerves, you will" be  wise'if you -take a course of Miiburn's  ., Hcaj;t and Nerve Pills.  Mrs. Daniel .Bezanson, -Loganville.  N;S.P" writes ii���������"As I was troubled  with'a wejile heart for nearly two  year,s I am wHting to tell you what  your great remedy, Miiburn's Heart  and Norve Pills, has' doiie for me.  My. heart was* so bad at night I  could not sleep; I would take smothering spells*, and I was so wcajc I  could hot do my housework. I tried  two doctors, but got nor results. A  frictid advised me to try Miiburn's  .*,.. Heart and Nerve Pins. J have used  elx boxes, and I am completely relieved^ ZT- think ,thcy ^are thc.Jbe$.t me^i^  cine tor heart trouble there is.'*:-  Prfie 50c k/bbx sat all dealers or  .mailed ������llrec������ off receipt 'of p'ricef !������y  Airmen Block Smugglers  Official Announcenieji^ State-Mexican  Aviators Doing Good Work.  .Mexico .City.���������Mexican aviators  patrolling thc -ijio-Grande border arc  declared to bc doing good work in the  apprehension of "Smugglers iccording  - '��������� Printers Strike Moncy^ ^  , Toronttj^'-'Ont.���������Eightcen tliousand  dollars in strike money was' handed  out at* the'Labor Tcihplc to members  of the'Typographical Union on strike.  Married men receive $25 a wcc!k,  single men* $20 and apprentices $12.  Union leaders,, report that seventy  employers haVe signed up with them  conceding .the forty-four week;  Treaty Money For  Indians in North  '' . .     ., 4  Edmonton.���������The Indian treaty  party distributing government  money to the Mackenzie River natives,comprises six me^n, with H. -  A. Conroy at their head and will  be in the north till the.end of August. The party its travelling on  a house boat towed by the Hudson's Bay power boat Hubaco..,  -Side trips will be made up some .'  , of tht smaller streams by canoe.  Abqjit $10,000 will.be paid out in  treaty to .the Indians .north ; of  Fort Providence. The money  was sent ahead to Fort McMurray in care of the Hudson's Bay  Company and is now being taken  with *the party / for* disbursement  along the way. The itinerary of  tJhe treaty cashiers ^1 extend to  Greek Offensive Beginning  British. Reserves  Relieving  Division  -/ On Sea of- Marmora.  ^Constantinople.���������Opening.,.* of the  Greek offensive a-gainst^the Turkish  Nationalists >in Asia Minor is believed  to bc immineiit.- British reserves are  relieving the Greek eleventh division  at Ismid, on thc. Sea of Marmora,  which is proceeding to - the Ushak  froiit," near the Bagdad Rail\vajr,  northeast of Smyrna. .-   *-  Thc allied high commission srs.-Jicre  h^ive authorized the'Greek fleet to  operate from Gallipoli, at the southwestern end of thc Sea oi Marmora,  up through the Bosp.horous and aloug  the Black.'Sea to^Bakum on thc-Georgian coast. , Thc GrecT-cs have assigned to th.iswork a ^squadron, consisting of/25 yrarships.  ''lZ.'.. yY^Ice Cream Is Luxury.  OU:awa.*-~In a judgment issued, the  Board of (Railway Commissioners refused tlie application of the manufacturers of-ice cream .that this commodity should bc placed in the second  class for express purposes and not in  thc first-class as at present. In rendering his judgment, Chic.f Commissioner F. B. Carvell declares that ice>  cream is essentially $ luxury.   s  B.C. Forest Fires'.;  Victoria.���������'Forest fires in British  Columbia*' during thc last week  brought iip thc total for thc season so  far to 158, according to the r.cport of  -P, I, Caver-hill, chief forester. ���������  Fori McFhersonjHft the end oi thi������  line, this being i\ip fitist tjpie;that  The % MUbVn Co���������;   limited. Tor- ;   the��������� Matketuie River tribes have  ���������nto;i Ont..  pZ >* ^       ������    tvtr been included in the scheme.  also sweating profusely, as I had far  too many clothes on for a dog-runner.  I stopped and rested a minute or twOj  then taking off my heavy coat jogged  along at -*q_ steady pace. But gradually the train drew further and further away until lost to sight, and then  I had only the marks of their claws  on 'the hard drifted snow fot a guide,  and even these gradually disappeared  .as'some-light snow wasf-failing. My  hard running at the star* had been  too much ~������d then it was a long/time  since 'Breakfajst and naturally all my  grub was-on the sleigh. ^1 began to  feel very, much exhausted s atid an  overpowering desire to- rest at any  cost came over me. Placing my  capot on thc ice I lay down o!s my  back and stretched out my arms. My  eyes closed a*fd I verily Ybelieve I  would have been fast asleep in two  minute's, but I found my right hand  .holding something and on, holding it  to my sleepy cyes/loYand behold, it  was a little* frozen mouse, one ���������of the  kind with long noses. " Goodness  knows how he ever-had got out here  at least-twelve miles from the shore,  but on gazing at him a sudden conviction cam eover.me.thatjf I once  fell asleep I would'���������be/like''the/mouse*  in* a few hours���������frozen stiff. With  that I stiffly regained my feet, piled  up my heavy coat,; muffler and -mittens on (the ice and started for- the  looking out over thc  lake, I' saw a  dog-train coming in from the northeast at an unusually fast rate and call-y  ir.g Cowie to' bring the field 'glasses  we soon decided they were, the r-.iss-"  ing dogs, but as %they    reached   the  Yandhig    there    were  only  ~omt.  thc  stranger having disappeared.  .   A yonng Indian was -riding in the ,  cariole and told the following, story:  ,:I vcent out on foot to visit a-line of  wolf traps  and on getting near  the  last one on the .east side o* the lake I  noted some large    animals    Avalking  round it.      When  they caught  sight  of  they came tearing in great  and ���������   thinking    they    wer������  Kbunds  wolves I prepared to defend myself  with an axe (the only weapon I carried). But when I saw they were  dogs I then knew these were ^the  .train that had ran a%vay from; Ogc-  -inases, and' my,- but they were glad to  see me and licked rny face and hands.  On going up "'to the cariole 1 found  Mr. Cowie's dog in my trap with a  solidly-"frozen foot and theYharness  still on-hiin. '- So," as he would" be of*  no further use, I knocked,, him on thc^  head for wolf bait."  On ^examimng the dog harness, I -  noted that three of the belly Ksshds  were chewed in halfYand on"lus-tcll-  ing this .I at once realized'what'had  happened. Nero, my second dog,  was a'sHm, thin haired.creature with  a very small head and "could get,out  ���������of his traces at any time4- iny -simply  slipping the, collar over , his head.  Tihen he-apparently had set io v.-ork  and rele������yred his brothers one by one,  leaving the unfortunatg strange.-, to  his own devices.      y  / (To be continued)  "Patronize your local merchant and  the standard,  thereby help to. build'.up four home  town'and"community.'  Manitoba   May   Insist Yon   Higher  QualificationR "fo-f TeacherisY  Winnipeg.-r-A movement.,has been  launched to raise the stahdard.bf education . in.,.Manitoba*.;by.' insisting on  higher qualifications \fdr public  schools tcjfchcrs. A couple of years  ago the province w^s short of teachf  ers.. *Todaiy, according to those ��������� in  touch with the situation, there are  plenty to go, round. - >   .  Under these circumstances it is believed the time is opportune.to raise  For Stiff Neck;    <:_  And Sore Throat  Immediate relief c^omes from' rubbing Nerviline over-the chest and  lower part of the neck. Rub in deeply���������Jots of fobbing helps. Nerviline  reaches-the congested* parts at once,  relieves tightness, take? out the soreness. A bottle of Nerviline in the  home relieves a hundred ills, internal  and'external. Used for yearly half  '^./century, as a 'general .Kb'usehc.ld  remedy. .Large bottles 35c at all  'dealers': ��������� ���������" '���������'.. ���������:'' ,-���������*/':  ..���������*..,,���������,������������������������������������ .,,,. ���������,     ^���������,..li.l<,,ll.wil,���������...,lll i, ���������,., ,;,,,.,  ���������"""        W." N.'"u. '' 1373 "Z'~"  Britain Sends Warning To Turks.  Constaritindple.���������-The  British have  warned the Turkish Nationalists thai  any   attempt   to take Constantinople*  will mean war with Great Britain.  /.-The, purp'oie' of* sending k' British  brigade   from   MaltaY td Telieve the  Greeks air Ismid is to frustrate any  such ��������� Nationalist* attempt to occupy  Constantinople.*  Franpe Hindering  ent  Mm  Lack j$ Cc^d|era#n ;ss|Pro<%cinc '  v .Se|io|s^������raa!|ionu .y-feY |;, ..  Londln.-^rfet^i&rilain^ln a%uV-  ther communication/to France on.  the a. Silesian, question dclsi^-rcd  through Lord H^rdinge, British ambassador to France, calls attention to  co-operate *m*the;^estoir^tion of oirdcr  in Silesia, and declares that the.lack  of concerted a,<;ti.on,i*is plrldducing *^in  increasingly serious situation. / Great  Britain suggests th^t/allttfic Britisli  troops in Silesia be placed under British command which would, involve tlie  relinquishment of French..'.military  control at some points, it is. explained that this would have tke -titect  of freeing more British forces for independent action.*. -        '  New Rotary President  Edinbiirgh.-���������Dr. Crawford C. Mc-  Cullougli, of Fort William, Ont.������.waa  unamimousiy ejected president International Association,of Rotary Clubs  now in session here for the ensuing  year. **  Corns, Warts, Bunions  Painlessly Removed  Don't limp any longer, don't suiter  another hour from corns. The oldest remedy and the best, the one that  for fifty years has proved a true success, wiii lift out, your com? in''*%  hurry. Putnam's Painless Corn and  Wart Extractor is the one remedy to  use, Refuse a t>uh&titutev 25c <>'������>"  * where*.  *   .:.���������'.*>  ' *'-  '    "*t       it   ., W#       * tt* "**������*���������'    i     , i'   **s       J     *  Tjf*"*!-  ,'. i. SW^*''.>'*������������������������������������������������������''  ���������JBt^s-'-/'���������''���������*w, '���������'','..z..  .-....1 *.'*-������������������,   ���������'::--���������.'.���������-'.���������*"������������������''..".*���������'.   -���������*���������'.-    ���������*��������� ' . ��������� , ���������. -���������*...  -       "   ������������������-*���������*.   ��������� ._'    , .;> ,*.*'Ar' &ri~p&'f^'^^&i^^^C*&iXZl3$  RF VlEyy ^"es'  each prp-gr^m^ ^ivbiiu  ''������������������-v;*,v^������-,K^^ j waaloleawi ^tibiesbn^;^^^  ^So^^l^pileai in <#vane������* spectgl^^ugua. Jiaa mea^i>^uph,  Y^^fl^^SSi?^*^:.*^. '"'������������������' ���������- P:'c ������������������ '^M^Ml$^^  -feZpa.xi-e-wOmffi  O. F*# Hayes, Editor and Owner,  tt3mWSESStt&B������BS~&B������BSl^  ^YY/Yy/Y/yy^yY/Y^  "r:~"Y'Y^v^^  lihes   each p^r^m<r ^  was clean,   wholesome and eduoat- see-jn  that thousands upon thous- ^roweretothin anlith������i^iarly.Y It    >?���������*���������,.;.. -^  ���������' --Y .*;���������-. ������������������'': '       ;, -*'     ���������"-'���������   .���������' l'--'-r.- v *.-���������;?';,/"- ;;���������'���������: i^^Y-^*>'^^;^^;.:S.-.*':;*Y^,s>-;.-'".-.   '.'i'':^*.v.^V-^/������AV^;;S,c:^*Ti,^������^ .-���������'.* ���������"���������     ������������������ .:'.-' -ri*i~-p.-.:;:. ���������?���������-,��������� --rT>;"'.".-'r;.'-.;. /./> ^������������������i,**V������;--=^-v*-"^^^^^ ���������j*"'::k''**';-^jl^^''''''"''''-'^*5S^1r  'pMir^^k/FBlbAY- JUNB'M;  came, they played, and  ���������the^oon^ueired.'' The old saying,  ju8%8li8btly revised, fiils the bill trO*  a nicety in: describing the all round  .   ��������� _. , ...    . ��������� .,..,_���������..,. rj-j.ir.L4iL  deporfcmel^Ybfyth^^  whoy.'.i������^mRfttM|||iSJ.  programmes. ���������* ZTher^'jvei^niii^l^^yi  ���������"���������people'-'-'ii^  women and the men of Ctiatauqua  were ladies and  ge^tle^n^ytiistfc Ifc  wae.as;*ip1ea^  stage ;^it.',YK^  3|*S|P^^  asids ?^reywsstiag this Snai ' pass-*  fcake advantage, of it; and the courts11  will ha,ve all tfcev can do for^many  *S>'*^*>^^^ .?V:.i y-  > -Wantriv���������-nnpLhiirso  nln������* ��������� h������JlciHa  saiq that this same appreciation or  the quality of. Ghaistauqua people  will apply as effectively to the sev-  WkWs~f������ :^������ciiryceau^30^  .LipmrA'LrL- ���������?-    ^'LI^LOlimA^irrV;.  taay^npv^iyget^a' ' "   "������'������������������������'**-''-'"-���������'-*.'���������'���������.--^- ..r.mx:.*a..^.������������������~��������� ��������� l- ���������f ��������� -���������-.* .....i-j.-.i ...   .."x-, ...r-:..rx. ���������-���������-., -....���������.-������������������������������������ ���������;.   . ...   ������������������..-.-���������������������������    ��������� ......,���������*...���������   success of: Creston's six-day GbauY  tauqua,  which/ concluded its stay;  Ker^;la8trweek. ��������� YAnd just hbwc-bm-  pleteis their coiiquest is best indir  cated in the fact that the attraction $**���������*��������� :t������ ******!^^^I^K^P^^  lias&ewY^S^d  for 1922,   with a one capacity Mya^h^and /pa*;  ���������)j-s>#y:^pl^i^^umbering /at* tibu^rlj^  ' Jeasfc'ipr^:||iS|ip|red ' with  not] '"^^^^^^^/-^l^^^r  "-"-"���������'���������-���������*-���������~-*^~- ���������"-'��������������������������� .qua;.#a8/pirese^  ..^s;sa aldyto, fostering^the cosn-  Sbiar a^^^or^coihcerned it'mmiity .^piniy\;:������^t^^lj|Jif^  (^n^^y5/be/ said ^| at no timo> 2^^^u?^^/^ife^^^^  in the ^alley's.his^ry Has such ex  price;  as the ijecessit^fbr,fiirther informy  ���������aMMiZZ^^  m^poie^^|a^;:3i|^ft^  >iIis*ytoJ^^iBifi^'^^i^^  much other work to do he adopted  moreythaii/twogt^Yiyhp   were   re-  sponsible for Usisy^r*s;^ppearan  oral: ��������� iadieM^b^y^Mted^i^*^     ^i^^ra^  ^Km^i^*tSK^  188|9������cr^s/i^sj^     -in/piie/.breaih^  ",~~""'^s^^i^BNil?le'8s/tfis^  K  - Calient eiitettaihment beert afforded  at^aiiy priceYahd it eeema; equally  fl������fe to s&jr.' th^t/jnOw'- Ghautauqua  has -i������e^;.ytri(|i::fpia't' allB^liscKnable  citizt^t will agreeHihat i|i;,iofe^ind-:  ing ^^arant^of ^if500  taj^^a; m  thaii^ustifiedf-Isci^reirs ^ th^ cial'/  ibre/^fed^ ������a^^iiidlid^^  on '*^^ei;^in:;^(^^^i  raand%s^l������Bb'ttirers,/or too busily engaged in thoir regular avocations,  tr esp-set ,theiB to visit centres that  are not progressive enough to guarantee them an,audience such as an.  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"    ~\l\ AX-."0-0.1.0 ..      -,._.:"���������������.-- m    .   ���������       .'.    ���������  SiOVSixiCS SSilS GT.~*fpi.ti\S$J!i, WOrttlOi i>iCi&-  ets assures.      -And this, same argu-  ". ment ^$y^p������yy -equally ^ffeotively  as concf*3iing   the company   that  presented 'The Biya^"/and J^i^*s  '-���������   ance's^SSTnpfebmeOrebiBSt^^  Z . supporting t^entL-^''/���������^1''*^:^^yr^ '"  This ^is  the/sRirit^iihffde  effort sindwas, every.wliere^Siiife^1  in the ftddresses of /tiie^ai^^ie^  urers,^ while^Miesy ^  Messra    Spurtiii^y^mirii^//a^  Evans   of Weuran^-s/YO^  gave a most pra������tip^f|jUi^^  turn-, of -their/^^^Bi^^^  by -appearinglit ths Sunday incrn-  ing united service in: the big browii  tent' and providing .a musical sett-  ���������~* ;-.--VV:.*5'.i-.,%'i^������^S*ir<Vfo.^^^  ing for the most lmpressiye  ious service thathas yet beeiistai  isi the  eomiii������JiityYfetbe/*^rvic^;b  '^M^^^^'^S^rWt^^  .?:J??:M??iiA?L  ?PpZZzPMiZyp?r^  $pH*^/^  .-.v.'. ���������������������������������������������. .- ���������*.- ���������. *-**;������������������. .'*-vt',*; ',*:.*..Pj, ���������" fi'.'Ai7lT-''���������'- -~-'--."Zr$Mm.$���������������������������.���������??_:,<*���������������������������<$??& ^t^A't^������'*'-i--;-'",.,^.*<|f^7*!f'a.'a,'r-'-'??ti''t--:.^***'*.*ai *.*  "-    .P>^%??-r'm4^-im->''-'--J:~v-~-!������'t5i'2 -?���������', ."-';"-'P--r;���������p'y-.Pi.mX ''t  yZZZzZ^ZyjWy^^  '^*.������-'i ,��������� 'm.'..'-rA^-r   -'   ���������������������������']. 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"---������������������������������������-- ���������' - *:*!*'. ���������*.."% *i*-.1* :���������T*"r,f':.>;  ���������*. *'".-*..      **.-���������-,  ipearaiicjfi he^fe ybf a similar line of,  enteirt^^ewt are-to l>e commended for respcmdjpg.eo readilyinsucl^  an excellent caiiselY    In a commun-  -���������*���������' ���������, *       ��������� j." ,        -   *  ���������*.        *.-��������� -*-    .* V- ���������     : .: ' "- '*   *.*���������'...;" .**  ity such as thjs Ghantanqua serves  the dual purpose of bpth'eritertain*  ing and educating���������and tiie youhg-  ������ters in equal measure with-ythe  jjrown-ups-Yalong "very essential  lines, and even a$ double tlie price  ltJ woulcflbe a igilt edge; community;  [*z*mZr-y^^  Z;^r?1$'P?.:P:ZzZZZp,M^^  a������d; not only :a^*hje.;Orohards^^iv������'  ^e^ent in a ~^^tter^<^diti^/t^y  f���������wct.-,-.m.  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U.S. divorce  record   was bhe in every Chirteeii  *,   --',',.-       ������������������    ,:���������'���������', " '���������"       .���������������...;���������*���������     *r'**,   ... ��������� i..J] - j-r .if.  marrriag^s, he certaihl^^^s^tft^U*  the breailii away from,even thbae  who like to think -the Americans  are the prwze performers/when it;  oomes to doingy things thit ought  n't. to be done, and we trnat his  figures epiifttitutea record that w'ill  stand for the present at least.    ;  However, while onr^n.eighbo.f* t<v  . i-a* ������������������'���������'." ���������'���������-.-'-    i*0  P''iijl,'*'-%    -P "t    -���������!*",' "t *    ','      *-"  the south w^jiil^  clasfi by tbemsoives -in this regard,"  it miist he adnritted that folks have  been going Homo in the same direb-  :tion in Great Britain  of late, ft re  ofiiit London paper announcing that  tfe������ Rfty^l CriurtR   of   Justice   are  now granting uncontested divproeH  at wie raitb of one in' every' seven">  and<a-hftlf minutea and   that   the  queues at the. doors grow longer;  ���������very day.   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'**���������*" -JSrw*5W-J������  ���������0-.viirmmvt0-Av ���������ypt'-i-*}  Sub-lot 54 of Lot .4595," containing  .30 acres;- -aj>p^-������5|paa������������?yv?5^Yac������%ss  good land, considerable fjaaberY^snaall  stream on "property, situated about &  tffil$ from" tbe "Alice . Siding������*cl������odl.  Price $4000. Terms., For fut-thei-par-  ticulars apply to the, owner, G. A. M*  YOUNG, OrestonyB:CJ ^^  \8-T-~  5cbre oni^uflaws  /Tbfe O^laws^Cp^fbH'dafeiy oi^anr  ^j ize^haseball teaifo made-^n*\in^ucceus-  ^.^jj������,������-, ���������������������!.'- w**���������������������A^9l debut into-fast ������  w^w-Kjr, -wheti-thei  ������|newiry|   "Vr |  -^'���������.*  5-    ���������  - singulars downed them, inj a free hstt-  -'"Mng and .big' scoring  exhibitionYhy a  -*-A      '   ������****  &  iS;thejr^<my  -ttie burling for this. Regulars negleet-  ,^i| -ected 'ia/**waTrwrup*!- prior to tbe start  -^ftofbostllftSe^tid fd^tb'e^first three er  4/VJ^#i  v^-J*.  "^l^iA^ ^-e*;  ���������  Y^ie, ������s-the,.first qnesyf,,.^ j  tion that presents', itself  to, the^ housewife if'an'  unexpected visitor drops  in for a meal;-- But wl^f?   v >,  worry?    < \   .?IP   \'Z  Shamrock Brand,  ^40*'fS0^~>000.x^<!0jri,va?i       r   LtXjXl00.0xt~r.mt~   m^x ���������--.     it. f,   vsx, 4ie ie������* -J  deemed hhneelfj^/the;bat, baying aj  home rujTto���������hi8/credit;.'   .Craigie also  poleff put a homer* beeidds* plying the  ^piddle garden'positibn" in good shape.  Telford's bat?ing was alt������o noticeable  eosnecting^a^ly-^^s^ time* upf and  w������i|f Q& ?������*w8������P-.%B������ H-mea..-.    The  osneias^scos-e.^. / <  ' Y  Y  BBaUJLABS    ���������>,.:%OUTLAWS   ..  Long. *2t.������;zpZ..Z.3; GtobbetiL^C..:.���������-^  Te!fcrdrc^..^^.^5 r*Si4msrbn, lb lil  Craigie*. cf-X-^ifi '"���������Ba^lerc'..-.^^ _���������-2  &&&.  -%.  .*;$*  Hams and Bacon  Cooked Hani  Lunch Meat  *~,"i-* -**���������>  **    '*TS*ji"  ���������*       -l^i^ljjj"  A^e always  to';be Ihad^^^."  here. \ In meats" nothing  quite equals ''Shamrock*  products.  D  ������>i  \*^  &  ������������������j  Ti-     ������ -*V*_ r, <<-������������ j*������c *   ''ir***'  jeY /*  '^Kr^'V^^^  ���������vf������  ,-fouu ft^me^tbelosgiVWeVe Veiy niuch  /in eviden������<?,v'geJiK,^ ioSf. *tos a ��������� five-run  f l^ar^in-the opening stanza, and it was  '^iwt.s^Btii^tlie fiffeb ,that^Avis hit His  jj^j^e^-getting jfcher.tb^et of tlieno by  , ^^sti-^eoue )E]Q}]fier:?n~}^h������t  inning���������  and .then retired in   fayor of Bruce,  ^hP wm equally euepessfal until- the  liitith:'when; t|sre# ico������ut������r& Were put  ���������overi/   z?~~  '"^-V-*J-Tw,������  ;; Tho Opwaj^li^re weak in the pitch-  ing depaitmen������    \JVbite, wh^started  for them, :had laot* *platye'd>;^at pd&  ition: previously this aiiSson. "andTOgil^  rvie>who-followed bim, cert������in|y did  not .pei form   up' to  standard, -_ while  .jSwanson.^who occupied," the ������nound4n  tbepinaf^oiined stayed with it/only ,un-  ���������fclS-SSsi    ������1*������."SS    TiT..<3     t-xrxrtmm'  r.~~.m.~L������   P'P^       -.'ill  -4.AA0.j0f mvmmix,   jxrtvx     xivivixt 0 SbUl CU   t-ltVA rem  norie'out; and then Qgilyie went back  and ended matters. " The fX)ntlaw������  Oiio^t notable pei-foi-niers were McLeod,  who"had a'great day of it*at second;|-  and ^EL; Gobbett. wb^>>was equally as  brilli^tatfleldingra^fekceptlbnaili  l^ticcefrful With tbeljafc. <���������>. / ���������    "  -',-^6 Segulars Se!dedV-eWy v.-eli up  to'form, with-thc exception of Taylor  at thudi who jumped into the game at  the second innings'lfrrinediajtely on ar-  f'sff-i.       -   Z j   -     '���������^      -,?*-���������--  Taylor,^ ~W~ ^1���������6-^Swanson, lf���������* .1  C. BottenlI,^ld - X Long. rf. . 1  Boniano, lf.^t.������i._0/?'Wyiite,.8s,������:;... I  Bruce, p���������Y -:���������Ip,.   ���������    t -  **,     ������ "       **r.*-        C&9 .C -. -   -     0 j,  Hegiilare-ZX 4-;!--,-3 Y2 8". 5   S  s���������27  Ont!aws^.!l _ 2   2.2 ,00   0   ������: 3���������1*  Frank. Staples^mpired the game,  which was witnessed by. the usual  generous turnout - of fans, who came  through generously when the hat went  round.    <     ' ~    '���������   >~-~v-  ;dj --'"���������;.4;'>;  ���������"-_tV  I  H  '**H-  w  LAKE  03 Yuiii oiiinine  *���������-..'���������  "B_ S-HiS13  .0* -      ^  y^'-Y5X������������>7^  THE ?iEE0S DF THE h'GUR  [V?ith Niipologies ta~ sundry fiifel-  O, needs rof' the/h~������ftirYhow; reads ^our  ^ luessagr-tP men;    "^���������"^-j ���������'  Giye us vision to gi^Mfp it as .with fear-  ������ less pen,' P'^ ~ J~X ' '-Z  ~ ~    -  The^triitBT As;it"edawrt������on life's turbu-.  lent sea;- -m.,.l .-*-.., -       ;."        ��������� '���������  Qnefet" of   the^ges, still   cdnvnlsins  socifetyv-   ���������^ *&- -     j;  Se������king social salyaiipn, reign of Jbrue.  " dembcracyX./ ~~Z' " ~" -        ~   .  True bal������p fot thei&btnjf heart of hu  _ -'W^ArP'^eUiiig-   Cheaper Mileage  ���������^Ypij may get extraordinary- mileage oj$t  of .any one tire-*~-bnt tbat!s not .the" way -  '  ' to figure mileage. ,     -.:. "     . ;-.-".  oct tiiC.avsra.ss o~ uii.*z&^~ given-by ������%  ''���������' pair of ;tires'^or a set���������and you will get-  " n-Sarerto the actual cost of milea-^fe to he  :v charged^-fofthf upkeep ofyour"car/* ->*   '  ] " It*s jusrbecause we*ve taken tbe taroiiBle"  ~~ s to*figure values that way, that-we\e������bib*^~  mend Ames"Holdeh^*Auto^Sh"CNe*s.,,'  Weknow they-are giving real njileageover ih&*  worst roads in the country and their '.'average'* --  performance leaves no doubt iirour -minds that  ^ Ames -Holden "Auto-Shoes" .sell 'give you'\ReJ  'cheapest mileage you can buy.   And "they are  -  gu ranteed without time or mileage limits. Drop,  m and iet us show you and ttsii you about -/       \  ASfESMOLDEN  "AUTO-SHOES"  Cord and Fabric Tires in all Staiwiard Sizes'  more  Phone 90  The moderate-priced ^^^lov^/eapspyori.v^h^ sairay beacl&s ot  Lake Windermere.-' Enjoy Bathing, Boating, riding W  mountain ponies to great canyoijs and glaciers:   <������������!f,-    -  -  MotoHhg and Fishing:   then in .the eyeniugi>anciug in Ui~ -  -  ,. Y-%:; . ^%\     '^%0oiiiiinunity^HaH.^*:^;-.<i^>Yr"eV ZZ^*Z  i  Full-particulars irom Ganadian Pacific Bail way  1 *Dt~\ x ' A x    "  jiijDWb-nipair  l~-7~-\Zl\-&m-&-k2-V J  maniliy. zs*^-'-������-m ^ ^.  Co'jre^ 1st us.re^pp^jinls thing .out to-  ���������^efehsr" - "^*- ��������� Z-'^rZc .*<- j" -.  Locate ; bed^ iwck-^truth   'inidT  life's  stormy Aveftther.^'-"'''      :   .    "   "���������  Seekcause. sense eo^jltipn of the prob-  ���������~ - !sa;s that be,        -  Eor.a ������*r6ag ifef^li^ ������ ri^������l,'-as we  -r-t  reason logicality. \���������    %/Y  Mere skiouniing'the sin-face, as spiders  dovwater,r���������=*-{'-*i&       - _*>  Av^ilet,h,us^no^hing;r, ji-elieye&not the  - _ torture.        ,",.-, -  Handing 'UB-'-'sha3ow������,-^ot- the  sub-  w���������������..~V    X0.    ������J...ft������,j������cJ    ^. .  , . ,. .  Is straying from the .point���������angels  may iiavewirigs.***"^7'      * "y  Woujd tha^, the int^#<j.tnaj'>%-bear ihe  u������rch "viil iantly^  I?i������r,tt������e've:yet*io^wfn the War fbi-social  deiuocr������ey^rf.,T/tl 9Xt -o=-i->,si   '  To voieje J^begwhoie-AriitSg; >^eh"ewing  - hvpocrisv;     ���������Z -*.   ^.2  E~?&t^tsH\x^pT'a^&tMt  ��������� ^      \ xx *        V r.   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Z  Urgent nee������tof the hour for exploited  ��������� -hiinianity "  Tu fight the-.liairot  battle;   yote our  "--   way to .victory^.,-   -'������������������     -������������������ ' ���������-  Then take up the torch, brother, aid  ' -*   triitfi to" stitne;    - 's  Organszs, Oil*- .ssHttssed. forces^ "irsits.  ,x --fallin lineY  ^  _ rS  There's no other way but;   bi-ing'oth-  The needs of'the hourx involving man's  * destiny.- ;-:     " - '-">*��������� ������r'y;-'-^ .   ���������*  i -* ���������     0    - ' ���������Jx^jZtZlJyQA.'^B.  ���������  Cow FobSaxe���������Justfresbe^ied.   Ar  Anderson. Victoria Ave.vOeston.'' -  ^-,Y%H^^'������f  tesd Set LraessiffiEersts  To the Dailpnaii  I"'!  >���������'-���������*���������   *:   <*.  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To'a^ytitem that" exisls^and thrives  upon human slavery-^*  Exploiting the common mass of toiling  humanity- r, .  Under the heel of a prnfit-mongi*i'ing  plutocracy.   .- " ��������� Yc   ." * r������-  I (W������th  humanity nearing" the   crossroads, civilization"off the tfaek,  O spell us the solution, holding nothing back )    ���������--,.,-'7.".   ^. - ,, .     .  ���������  While <is> dumb, di-ive.n cattle cry ont  /  for telief -<.**���������  In bandage blinded by ignorance the,)  chief, ..---,    .  Our. portion, to serves^nd suffer until  ������������������ we get wise;      -Y. -  Search fctrptlv get {^knowledge,   and  ..E-  horn ina'chinei' with ID  goiid   shape., -$20; *' Bhcjiili������felii;yie%v  Office.       ��������� 04,  ,     Z'-   ���������,-.jiis.i,:^ZZ ^  Bob Sale���������Cook ...stove, %i6;" loom  heater. $5^ ' sheet iron heatei*, $2; six-  week old'chicks, 30c. each,,   i. lEnquire  ���������"Review OflQce.  n������jmi'V>i  Bi  . 'm  <**..  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''K  Fob    S-ALB-^Edisosi'   ^  --   ^  Ford Prices  Our true position and^cohiQition in bu-  - "man society;    , *<   py-"       -,   C ;  Urgent need of tbtT hour," pregnant  fact, decidedly. ;������4, [ '   ' '     . - *- ��������� ���������  Mark well the vitul lthe'rcleaying pres-  . "ent duy society        -'     ���������  As betweess producing mass ahd-para  - ~ sitle class that be",' wy  Crux of.conflicting intereRts ecoii^ntic  we see, ,..->'     -   .',,^,4'  Of life's strugglesiindf pttoblemsV^efiHe  it���������thc* key.  'Mid all this brutal stjtffe And struggle,  ���������* '   O when 'fit '���������������'"   , - ��������� *'% "��������� <  Will the giuits do thefr-piti-t hb rhtelli-  gentmen. ,'L������'   . u J������-"*-������ -i  Ubw reasoning powers, veek,ing' truth  ., r diligently,        ;   *,,.'"'������   '  Trace effects to,thelt;lcause;.the,fiudt  /,'��������� totheti-ee.      , s- -���������-, '���������","'* Ty,-  Till we-'sense exploitinto-fsysteui, the  --.archenemy,  "   VwtJ..   ,  :   .  Upheld' by ^a prnfttcortyg privileged  \; plutoeraey.     '������   ;    Y,y'j , .  That denies pcnnnmi^biicWlJhibtic&and  .v?>vtiMielIbMrty,       Y/  <^.v   ���������  XVMne workers of the ^rld; he it on  ' ..���������') land or sea. '. '*''���������,'  fCxploitlng without .mbi-Q^^the whole  i p human wee -.[ *&/,  To gratify theirj^reod fo^gold���������bt-ntpl  %.- i?.������j>rce und d"  Oonritmg an n*v  ei ties of mem  , Profit their goal and godi with golden  '   . diadem. ���������.'       / .  O, i������}eo endowed with thinking brain,  A������ worthy eitj^ns thon ���������Bettwthf'pjith  9fduty plifUij ���������>'       i  Why longe^ .endure,the.flaming���������ln-  Qii^stlnn ol thf hour lo us of the great  - ''nmlnji'l^y.  " ���������'���������Initio l>e "rep, -ij i,i /' -. -.  Oivtlteattftn haltrt audi faltum, unnor-  .-��������� ��������� *.tain*������>fjU������ deetlnyy5 ' ������������������ .��������� /,  Het^MiNctal duty enlls, then let uri arise  And hrufththP cobsvolm from our eyes.  -With vi������Jon clear, mm true num and  worthy; *^ -<��������� "  -Touring Car... ..........$889:80  .   Ranabout  823.72  Truck .������       973,04   '  \mX00 ' ' '  wittrLlghting and Starting.  Tractor, wifcijioii^feer, $828  OHVer T^fBdpp<i^  , ..  or; 14 hirjrPlot^������.���������,L  170  Oliver Double Diso,:,..A,A������ 3wS,  AU the abovepricesf.o.b. Calgary.;������������������  Guaranteed Overhauls  f ������S    1  J tm ' m  in*  Mlslmess jsica  ~i  arat-daes land.  L   rodu������������d U> So ��������������� mG&i <ee~jna-oli=s ~~K  t-f~.~0 an acre. ��������� ; ��������� .- ^ .-  Pr*-emptloa  now  confined  to' ������nr-  ~~'  . v������yed laafls only,  ^j ,  XtocordB will b-frgranteA covertes onbr  -  land suitable fotfegrlcsilturaJ parpsss?^,-*,  fcntl-which Is n-bir-tlmtfer land.  ���������   )-������������ajrtn������gssS������S3 srs-assptl*ss aSK^J^sS, ,  -but-p������rtlaB-<flf-Dot*Bw>*p*B-tlitt������"loUr x~~v.'  ^BSrmxsg*-   f<rL aaj-ysssist   pra-e-naptioftp  * 'wtt& S-xSt T-v^XCxSkSSi feat ������������cli *maki^������  -.   u������fc*������Bai������y ImprorvettNNRt* oil respective  clalaaa, -������ -*--'..  ':rt-.- Prs-^ea&pgosw sa������������t ocsapf,������IalnsB for  .flve years ������pd makttTini^niy^xients U>.  "'value of |10 per acre, including elear-  i~\g s~~~r ������m.tsvft~ti~~i 4/sj-A least B.Rcree.  ' vbefore recetvtfie,Ct-*wn^Oraat.'r- ' -.  -- Where pre-emptor in occupation not  less than S years.'and Imb made pro- \.  portionale Improvement's, lie nay, because of Ill-Health, or other cause, be /  , created -fntennedl&te c������ctlflcate;.ef to"--**--it  --.Droyesaent &nd"&anszer his. claim.-"   ,   "Y  ,. Records   without  permanent   resi-    -,  dence"~msy be Issued, provided appU-  -c^wit maites improvements' to extent of  WOO per annnm and records same eaeh'"  ; -.year.   P������iiq[re io mat.*- Unprov^noen^Srt-.  .or record same will operate ^r fort    ���������  . felture.   Title cannot be .obtained Jut. >;  less^han 6 "years, and improvements '-  ;of 910.00 per-acre. Including- B acres -  cl-eared and cultivated, and residence '-'  ��������� of at least t years are required.������  Pre-emptor -. holding *���������? Crown >������r*nt *  may record, another pre-emption, tf :h������ Y.  requires land in1 conjunction with his  farm, without actual'oecupaUoti, pro*;  vided statiitonr improyemenui^maae,  and residence mamtataed on Crown  /granted land.   *  t/nsurveycdaJreas, not exceediiur id  acres, maw- ba leased as homesliets;   ,  title to be obtained after'fulflUinv resi-  HjAentlal and Improvement conditions.  Por, vmainyand industrifil purposes-,  areas   escsealnv - ~-~  acres   m������y  be ^*  leased by one person or company.  - JAUll, Yjwctarr or tadustriaf, sites on  trmber land not exoeedins -4a acres  may be purchased; conditions Ineiude  payment of stumpa������e..  ^.^ Natural Siay meadows Inaccessible  Tby exlsljffis roads mjgr be purchased  condiUoMj^������oxi4>anstructIon of a road  to them.  lUVste of -aae-ltrjf z~ osst of  ,i road, not-(MMseaing half of purchase  price, ;is ������������������������.    >  GRANTS  PRB-JUiPTOIir^rilslB  dlrgiace^  f.     .  iiAiglit -the alves and )iH  Ifiybii cbnsiattf^ttiflgyoiir  car oyerHauletl-^f^nyYroake^  or any repairs, 'we;nave ^oei  nhanics that can do it; and we  guarantee the work. \ ������" *  We' have several good buys  in. second-hand -cars. Call  and see them.    .������.   -V     -*���������������  ' ������        m  V  .v'l'i ���������':  Creston Auto & Supply]  -; k; "������ win, pro^  Shoe Repairing  Me^s Half Soles, ������&  Women'sHalfgolesJtOb  Oiyttsitecd for 0 mdhihft.  A-.. -< *' * v ������������������">��������� p. i,   v y*ir.  fc^'^sF*sj^^^sj    *w^r iyfs*ttmm������,   mm-W-^m^^mt^m~-mmwtA IY^"*"     l^*Syi���������"tt^^^^J^jfjOIB    *50y   JTXUi'BSfi*"1   -^^A^^^-dBSSsA  Shoeiiiaker' --'-- J dRESTON    TiffvA3^^^^^  :AC1  Of this Y  The soopo ������f this Aet to enlarved to  inoiuda efl^personsiolnfnf mod aonr-  in* wtth HJs Uajestys Ifaroes.   The '  , time ^hjAjrhieh tha hein or devisees  for%|tle uu������erPthlT,jRPris������������ftin3(S  >. from, for one year from tha death of  -~-l\. person, aa formerly, until one  year after the conclusion of tbe jpreseot -  '* W*r. This prrvffeveila also made r*-  troactlv*. #  -���������- No ttaa rsUthMV to ptrtHempUons are  due or,-payable'* is/ <ao|dleni' ws^.'j>re- *  asBPtioM recorded^after Jane ������. i������li  /Taxes ar* remitted for ftva, "Mfe*.  ^yAPro^rtsion for r<Hurn;-oft *������*#���������������.ac..-Yv.^4  ero^ttsb and been paid sffioi^Uaust f.,.  '4. liiei^'^n aoeount.of payments, fees y*-Z4>  ���������nrrtaxaa an soldiers' pM.empti<ma  ���������. . x lotereet on urrMMetrt* to, purchase r->~---  toiwi mater, kas held-by tuembeni of  ���������Allied- I-Wee*. -or dependent. ooQUlre������3  elu������i.rie  ITOvlHMMDi  litasuDe   of  , n������hts  OIK _  irareham ^Uvolvl  flUnMakt af ooodlt  tfti^a^tSSy..  mmWm~% vMMt emtw w  S*H  vinjlf  ���������sSjaS^fll*^a nlmMia'  aSfc#^^^B^m     Wmwi-mr  efCmUiMration  AMnpi gn-urirur  *^'yanse  oner.  .,���������������  ,!"...'ji-;  ��������� t,  '.������������������'."'Ai '," F^'g'^.V******^^ ;���������&������*?,  fete;*  \.n  YSY  Heai  PX-Pr,  When  vour -ears   ring, your  head  , aches^and you seem slightly hard of  . isearing, beware of Catarrh.      Mr. J.  ���������*'; A.    Hammil,   writing    from    Green-  :; mount,   F.I..  was   similarly  troubled;  7 arid writes: "No one could have worse  Catarrh  than  I  had  for years.      It  caused partial deafness, bad taste, up-  " aet my sfo^nach; made me y sick   all  over.      "Catarrhozone"    cleared   fny  nostrils, stopped the cough and gave*  me  a clear  feeling in  my breathing  organs. -"I am now absolutely Well,  thanks  to   Catarrhozone."      Nothing  - so certain as a Catarrhozone Inhaler  to  strengthen  a weak throat,  to rid  , you    of    Bronchitis,    to    drive    out  -, Catarrh,    coughs    and    cold.      Sold  .- everywhere, 25c, 50c and One Dollar  ' for complete two months  treatment.  .Dealers, The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.  eetn  ~~ "V7"  I ���������  By   Rea   Proctor   McGee,   M.D.,  D.D.S., Editor of Oral Hygiene.  ..   CHILDREN'S HABITS.  Copyright,  1921,  by  McGee.  Rea  Proctor  Habits formed in childhood are  very difficult to break. '.' The younger  the child; the'more quickly a habit is  formed.  Their experience' having been so  limited, they very, quickly become accustomed to almost any new diversion  that may come their way. * .Many  little  things  that,  at the time,  seem  trivial, will have a severe effect in af-  . ,.__ -'  in years. -���������  tCl-rt A. *       r*t tVtr, x.-^t ��������� rX     S-,~~r'x-  ' *%* rtX     r,  ��������� --tr xr. ...tr V, \JA S L      UaUiO        illOl      Xx  young child forms' is that of thumb  sucking. Many mothers would rather  have the baby quiet than dissatisfied  with life in general and raising Cain".  But the pacifying of the youngster by  this method will cause a great deal  of difficulty. .'*,*.���������  When a child sucks its thumb it  pushes the roof of the rjloutlvupward  so that it makes a. very high arch.; and  as the roof of the mouth is ithe floor  ���������of the nose, the" nasal space is reduced and the septum of the-nose'is  pushed over either to the right or to  the left���������usually to the left, y  The upper teeth in front, along  with the bone in-which, they are imbedded, are pushed forward and upward, and the lower front teeth and  thc surrounding bone are pushed' inward and downward.     ,  Medicated dentifrices should not be  used by children. What they need  Is just thorough scrubbing of the  teeth twice each day with clean water  and a mild, pleasant tooth paste or  powder. .Yj...-  WHEN WOMEN SUFFER  Look    for    weakness or, ill-health,  Sec if there is not a- sidS*' ache, headache,   restjcssnessv and   the "blues."  The symptoms Indicate that you need  thc gentle assistance   of  Dr. ."Ha.mil?  Ion's Pills.      This soothing medicine  Is a great friend to womankind. They  ai������ a wonderful relief to constipation,  they clear up sick headache, remove  wastes and poisons from -the system.  Girls and women can use Dr. Hamilton's Pills with great success.    Thousands use no other ni^-dkine and rely  solely Upon  Dr.  Hamilton's  Pills  to  regulate  the  system and  keep  it  in  smooth running order, 2ac all dealers  or Thc Catarrhozone Co., Montreal,  Four Men  MacDonald   Tobacco   Co.   Stamped  Letter Writing and Telephones.  ���������' Recent circulation and disprovaljof  an unfounded rumof to thc effect that  W. ���������?. Mcdonald, Reg'd., Inc.," has  been acquired by the "Imperial^"Tobacco Co., recalls-an industrial history which is perhaps the,most remarkable in the chronicles of Canadian business. In these --days of  gigantic corporations (among such  the Macdonald Company is to be considered as -one of the llargest' manufacturing enterprises'' in Canada), we'  seldom think of a "one-man. business"  otherwise than as a good prospect fdr  the assignee; yet t^re Macdonald institution has always been, still is-and  will continue to be during the lifetime  of its present owners, at any rate, a  one-man business in the strictest  sense of the term.  The largest producers of piufej tobaccos in . this country, and now  among the largest, too, of, cut tobaccos,., it employs an-office staff of  five persons!. Modern business men,  recalling personal experiences, may be  inclined to scout this statement, but it  is none the less true. A business aggregating many millions of dollars annually is transacted by five .office employees. This condition, presumably, is a survival of the form, of efficiency for which that enigmatic,,taciturn business genius, the late Sir William Macdonald,-was distinguished:- In  fact the spirit of the late, founder still  looms large in the conduct of the  company's affairs,  William      Christopher    -Macdonald  founded    his    business    of    tobacco  manufacturer in 1858, and since that  time  the name  Macdonald has  been  "sue to conjure with in    this    country.  Because in his later life he consistent-  ly refused to take cognizances of such  modern adjuncts;of^business   as    the  telephone, the office building elevator  the    automobile,   etc.,    it   has    been  alleged that he was not a progressive  individual, but his success affords ample disproof of such a contention���������a  success unparalleled, perhaps, in  the  history -of Canadian business, a  success,such as ^enabled .him iq be, next,  to the" late LordStrathconay Canada's  greatest phHantrophist.      In'the person of his secretary he found a talent  like to his, and that talent, transmitted    to    the    son's  of the secretary,  Howard iand Walter    Stewart;    still  controls, solely, the business of W. C.  Macdonald, Reg'd.yTnc, for to these  two men Sir 'William left the wonderful enterprise he built/up.      '  While tlie Stewart Brothers have  recognized the merits of advertising  with the result that their company is  today one of. ihe biggest advertisers  in the Dominion, while thcy have taken cognizance of the,automobile and  of modern (equipment, it is none* the  less ���������truev that the industry they control is still guided, and will, l>e during  .plains,  ���������yffBRE ABE MANY WATS M>aby fckpf expressing any pain or Irregigarity  ���������V or digression from its normal condition of l^altbTa^aJappin^ss.' ,A7sliort  itarn .cr7s' it Drolon^ed irritated c.?v=  "RfiatlfigsnftRs, a  nonsfiiTyhYfsirnffiff of fh^. Iigad  donot act naturally are the cause ofxnost of baby's sufferings. ;A ball for the^doctor  fa t^e first thought, but in the event of any delay there.shouid be ready ,at Band  a safe remedy such as; Fletcher's Oastoria. v:y  Castoria has been used forJ)aby's ailments for over ������0 years ahdhas mer-  And remember this: Castoria jsessentially h, baby's remedy and not a cure-?  zs~U for every member of the family, wnat migfit help voir is too oft^ dangerous  when given to a babe. " ,.     ~   * v" z .*"z^~'  -**-**��������� a a ������ u %** a   'use? a a       -vsop a PSf     ���������������������������  ?**& 8  Let's Think It Over  There is such a thing as saying too much on any subject, aad  the "grand-stattd" talker sooner or later becomes a bore,   She, truth  leeeil "~   i-.i=i!a  MAa&S&rSiBII  73tdo-<������0Ui   'm xSx .������**?  lSX~*4?m  -..mi &*  ek������-~~i^!Z-,  ays ^relccsied, aad the truth reiterated and eosflnned is isdro  msmi  f'.(^e^inessaaa^gj^a ^ ^   ^M^wft<W!^ABOOTIfl t^ian welcome---It reaches^our innermost soul.  Fletcher's Castoria is al! its advertising'has claimed for it.'  Scrutinized hy the microscope of public opinion and used for ove^r thirty   :  years it stands Vithout a peer in the hearts of t&oughxrul, cautious,  discerning Mothers. And once used, mothefhree���������tffere-is no substitute  for mother love^���������will scorn to try a *'substitute,, ������f a4<just-as^good"*  Masquerading under many names drugs that are injurious, to the  tender babe have found their %ay into some households, but the light of **  experience soon casts them out.   Are they cast out before it is too late?  MOTHERS SHOULD READ THE BOOKLET THAT IS AROUND EYERY BOTTLE OF FIETCHEB'S CASTORIA ~  QENUS&3E CASTORIA'"Always   ..  Bears the Signature of  fe(kmSipa������ofl^D^  * ���������tSSSSSS J  ^xtZ&o-i  v0..0���������--r.0  ..i..^?!..".-   Itll 0m..O~  Exact Copy of Wrapper.  TUBE CKNTA.UR COMMNV, NSW YORK CITY.  -I % *  their lifetimes at least, solely by the  spirit and unrivalled commercial wisdom of the late Sir William Christopher Macdonald. Hence, any  rumors of thc purchase of this business by other interests are at once  untrue and illogical.  If the whole of ;tlie watery vapor  in the, atmosphere were to fall at once  in the form of rain it would not, according to experts, cover the entire  surface ��������� of the earth to; a depth of  jniore than fi\fe incites.'..  OZEM  .   You are not  >��������� experiment.  ting  when  ' vnii  nso Dr.  base's. Olnt-  you  Dhase'a  ment for Eczema- and Skin- Irritations, lt relieves at onco and gradually heals tho skin. Sample box Ur.  Chase's Ointment free it you mention this  paper and send 2c. stamp f<3r powtage. coo. a  box: all dealers or Kdraanson, Bates & Co.,  Limited. Toronto.  e  Moving Slowly. -  Washington is moving for a repeal  of -the utterly illogical and irritating  $8 head tax on Canadians; native Canadians, who want to come ovcr our  bolder on business or pleasure/Some  immigration laws get pretty close to  the climax of legislative absurdity.���������  Brooklyn Eagle. ��������� h ���������  A, town cannot grow without business. . .By helping your; local deiaiesr  you assist the community. ; *  When the first phonograph was  demonstrated to tbe French Academy  of Sciences- the assembled scientists,  pronounced it nothing "more than; a  feat of ventriloquise on the part oi-  the operator. ������    ,.  Morning  'OI���������������������'���������������*.r������--'*CI'te.-as'^tiis* I   Writ* for freer fyt CmrmBocU jMurlna Co.Chic-������o.V.i  "C,  bur.e  Then It Happened.  you    -would!"    mused  the  Cheerful Idiot.     ���������*  "Sure you cor.id what,?, demanded  the Witt Guy.  "Why i! % coujjc of dca? nibtns  are on thcir honeymoon, you can -.ay  that thcy arc' unr.pcakbly happy  can't you?" T������?j������lied tbc. Cheerful  Idiot.  mtttimtmttimmt&ttmm  W.   JM.    U.   Wtx  Requisite' on the. Farm.-^-Evcry  fanner and stock-raiser, should keep a  supply of Dr.; Thomas' Eclectrie Oil  on hand, not only as a ready remedy  for ills in the faniilytj but because ij  is a horse and cattle mddicinc pf  great potency. As a substitute for  sweet oil for horses and cattle affected by colic it far surpasses anything  that can be jadminisfcred.    '        ������������������*  Many mothers can .testify to- thc  virtue of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, because they> know from  experience how .useful it is-  Ore^ent To California  _____������ i -  Regulations Forbidding Export For  Smeltine Ara Waived.  About 3,000 tons of silver-lead ore,  which has been mined in the Mayo  district of the Yukon, is X6 be ������ent  to Sciby, California, for smelting. An  order of the govcrnor-in-councH has  allowed this export, despite regulations of the department of the Interior that' sueH ' ort shall not be  miiHd unless it <an be refined In  Canada. This exception lias been  made in view of the fact that there  aye at present no Canadian "flmelters  who are prepared to accept the shipment for treatment,  Minar-tl'-a     Liniment  Friend.  Lumberman'*  ���������?i<~tikfX-)..- ���������  ttiiiaaaaa^^  -^^uiepj^WiW-yi***^  n m* .,t*n������P,*������-i+~.'*.������'- w-^.  imis.mni^tif'14011 lie- *mi.m ������������������Pr  ���������ASii;^t-^ typAi'T-rP*-*-?  <* pr%.  '������f 1"  *?*���������>,*'  --v  It K v  ,OU*i)'**������si*v-  -r   rtr    rr  s*-  /THE   . RE������IE*W;   : GRESTON.     B. , .&,  ft-  World Happenings  Briefly Told  THE Mf  huil$,    costing  A new wing to St. Joseph's Hospi'-   ReJ~������Ved W Lydia fe.~ Pink-  * P^.  Ji  _      **������ *. .���������     _      ���������*..- 1   ��������� f _^ ^    / ",,* e^^      j ~       A* * "*  Ka'm's %g������ltafck- Compound.  ;tal, Sudbury, .-will be  about 34,000.--  ' Colorjid . Robert" Olds, 'European"1!"*' :Meaiora,? Gntj���������*'I iouit iiyriia iu.  commissione?'of the-Red Cross, hqs ftnkhMn^ ���������Veggfajfo. Compound, for  announced his resignation  Malie Shaving a Pleasure  ������/tth Ciiiiciira ?aicum  After stiavlngwSth Cuticura ScajJ the  Cuticura way, Cuticura Talcum is an in-  -dispensable aeljanct. ���������  Antiseptic and pro^-  phylactic, it tii soothins and refreshing to,  the Etio8t tender akin.    ^        y .  . vy  Soap^S^ 0fahiiert2SM^& T-deramZSc. Sold*,  througheutthsDcrninicn. CanadisnDepot:  ILyaJM*, Halted, 344 St Peel St., W.. Mectrwd.  "-Ll    ��������� *   vemviua -avt.���������* bm&TCS w.*m*SU* SSSS.  ;'s ������si!S2 Roof CosspotM'  J. ssft, '*r~-is������-~ **i������irei*������g  tntoiiUm. Sold to ������*S3* fa������������  artfes ot strength---No. Z. ������1|  No. 2, $3: No. 8. SB per bob  Bold t>������ ������U drwKflWU, or ���������������������  'btopald oa,*-,n<$oitift ������t.?"e*a  - Era* ; p������*B������pW**4.!*i   Addresaj  ^T^B.COOKMSOiCllfC COj  .������I0HT������,0HS. (fifiuff Wafts*,}  Blind Men at Work  keport of St.YDunstaii's Shows-Soldiers and Sailors Busy.  Blind sailors and soldiers ready and  willing to dQ"their share in building  the-ne\������ world are~~to "Be kept busy.  Sir" ArFhu'r- Pearson states, in the  sixth annual report of St. Dunstan's  Hostel, tjaat ^increasing schemes are  in formation to create activities- for  blind sailors and soldiers.' "We are  still hard at. it with the aftermath  of the war," writes Sir Arthur. There  are* now 1,772 names on the books of  St. Dunstan's,Y and more than 1,200  men- are already at work; _  v At -the agej of 107, Hejiry Jones,  ^Cumberland county's oldest citizen,  and pdssibly the oldest Nova Scotiaa*.  died at Brookdale, IfcS.  ;��������� Donald Maclean, barrister, of Saskatoon, has been appointed a judge of  the court of king's..ben-eh for Saskat-  *"chevva\a; it is officially announced.  The    southward    migration of- thc  Mennonites to thc United States will'  not take place until "the fall, according to railway officials.  Fifteen job printers employed- "by  the Kerald Press, Montreal, went on-  strike when given work to dp' which  came from a Toronto -shop, where the?  men were on strike.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dill, who 'have  '-lust stepped over" frofn Halifax, are  the second pair of trans-Canada-hikers  to finish the Halifax to Vancouver  journey on foot. * w  Two aerial police will be-added to  the Chicago force to regulate aerial  .traffic} assist in-hunting'bank and  auto bandits, and patrol the lake  front for persons andvessels iii distress.    X ' '   m     >  1 -  ���������"��������� At X military track  meet in   San  Wt A.A  -.Ciaiicisco, J twin    brothers who look  and run alike, so confused the judges  that they gave them first and second  'place alternately in   the,   six "events  fi*  Catarrh  ���������-j?  '-.disease ��������� greatly influenced  HALI/S  ���������and  Cat-irrii is a !���������  hr     constitutional -* conditions,  CATAKRH  MfiDD&INE^ts.   a    Tctoic.   .._..  Blood purifier.,   -By clea'naih-j the blood jjnd  -buildinf up tlie System, HALL'S CATARRH  MEDICINE_raitor.es  normal  conditions and  allows Nature*.- l-a-^do. its, work., i ^ P' -Jf.c,. -  .  -All Druijgrists.'"    Circulars free. \;   *'  F. J. -Cheney* & Co., TAedo,'Obife  The .patriotic-man is loyal to his  ���������country an-d . to ,-the community in  which he SiyeS/. If he is'.consistent  he' will give first preference to Canadian made goods when making pur-  chajes. .^ He will also stand loyally  vby his. local dealer. - . -  Pains About  the  NY   derangement  of   the  hearts aetion ia alarming.:  iTreqa^tly-,y|aintf "iboirt   Jth#  heart rfto chmed by "the formation of eras arising from indigestion.  . Belief from this condition is  obtained by the use of Dr.  Chase's" Kidney-Liver Pills.   ,���������  Chronic, indigestion results  from sluggish liver action, cbn-  rifcipation of tho bowels and  Inactive kidneys. ��������� v   ' ' - N  Because Dr.' Chase's ICl-Jney-Itlver  Pills nrouso those orfrans to activity  they attord-last ing* relief for indigestion and overcome the munjr.annoy-  innf symptoms,  '������     - ,������    '  'Klciiicu Tv^:iU)ilis:  mmm0mtmHmmmmm  x.*.*.**,**     \, ca.rw  Dread of Asthma makes countless  thousands njiseiable. Night after  night the attacks return and -'even  whejci brief "respite is given,, the ^nind  is still- in* torment from continual anticipation Dr. J. -D. .Kellogg's  Asthma Remedy .changes all this. Relief comes, .and at -once, while future  attacks are warded off, leaving the  afflicted one in a state of peace-and  hap.piness^ he once believed he could  nev.er -enjoy. Inexpensive and "soid  ralmosf��������� everywhere'.  backache, and Lais������  had a female weakness. I - felt. dizzy  and nervous, and  was without energy.  I had to force myself  to do my work,-aiui  waa always tired.  Saw a. Pinkham advertisement which  induced me to take,  the Vegetable Compound, and my back  gradually stopped  aching and I felt lighter in spirits, vl  am recommending the Vegetable Compound with pleasure to air I meet who  complain as I did.'"**-MiLDRED Brook,  Meaford, On|;.  Woman's Precious Gift  The one which she should most zeal*  oyjly guard is her-healtb, but she often  neglects to do so��������� in, season .until some  ailment peculiar to he.csex has fastened  itself upon her. When so affected  women may rely upon Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, -a remedy  that has been wonderfully successful ia  restoring health to suffering women.  .If you have the slightest doubt that  Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will help you,,write'to'Lydia E.  Pinkham Medicine 'Oo. (confidential),  Lynn, 'Mass;, for advice.- Your letter  will be opened, re$&and answerad by ���������  ���������voman. and held-w strict confidence.  . -       He Changed the Place. v  A Chicago banker was dictating a  3-xj..^ it-Tv   it   tr.    *nr:ii*P tt *- _   ���������*j  >ciLci. xcti jl.m.1.   wnuairib,     ue bctlU,  r t '. r  "that I- will meet him in Schenectady."  '"'How   do   yovZspell Schenectady?"  asked thc stenographer.  "C ������ "n ~     ~,~     ~~     .-,        r\  xj~*-,      xj-\r CJU Cl-^-Cl"       r  him I'll meet him in Albany.'*'  Fringe Invades Tlie  Meaim Of Pyjamas  Oh,  tell  s    nn-r ii>n-i.*iv  fk  ^Pl-f<>uiiaii  m/v������Tvn.  inrvii  FOR WEAK PEOPLE  :", EngiandMias reduced hesv war debt  to Canada hyone hundred million dollars during the last"5 year.  C,.  l.       \  O. 'McPherson,  Purniture Dealer, "Undertaker,  -_ _,,*. Armstrongr, B.  Micards Xtntment Co., Ltd.,  Yarmotfth, N. S. ,   --  Dear Sirs,���������Since the start of the Baseball  season we have been hindered with, sore; mus-  clear sprained ankles, etc., but just as soon as  we    started    using    Minard's' Liniment our  troubles ended.     Every baseball player should  ke'ej������ a bottle pf your liniment hand>.  Yotfrs  truly,  w. e. Mcpherson,  Secretary  Armstrong High   {School,  r Baseball Team.  Health of Animals  Provincial Veterinarian Says. Condl-  - tion of Stock improving. ���������  Dr. M:| P. McClellan, provincial  veterinarian- fo^ Saskatchewan/ states  that one'oi the b'est'ways of judging  .how cattle^ came through the winter  is by observing the condition of animals at.the spring sales. By this  test, their condition is incomparably  better than a year ago. ,At the present time the'general health of animals  was never better.' "The steadily increasing demand," says Dr. MoClel-  lan, "for blackleg filtrate and vaccine,  which is handled by the livestock  branch for the convenience of veterinarians* and stockmen, amply testifies  to the intelligent attitude adoptedt by  ti^c stockmen of the- province toward  preventive animal medicine."  ���������*<a  i? RED ^ROB^RXSi  of VanZ  ���������* couver,   B.C.,   say*   he  knows what it is to enjoy good  health ior the first time in six  years^���������Rheumatism is relieved  and .has .gained ten pounds. -  Dr. WiiUams'.Pink Pills Act On the  Blood and Nerves.  Food is. as important to the sick  person as medicine, ���������more- so in many  cases. A badly chosen diet.may retard recovery. In health the natural  appetite is the best guide .to follow;  in. " sickness the appetite is often  fickle* and depraved.     "*p ". Z'" s  Proper food and a good tonic will  keep most people in goodyhealjth.. Dr.  .Williams'" Pink "Pills. .are.Ca!. fine tonic  ~medicinc,rharmless;?������uj$i>Y certain* in  .their action, wfiiqh fs-to,build.lip the  blood and restore vitality to^ the rundown system. - For growing girls  who are "thin and pajLe,'fq'r pale, tired  .women, and for, old people who fail  in strength, Dr. Williams* Pink Pills  are an ideal tonic. .^Thousands have  testified to the benefit derived from  tha use.of this medicine,-among them  is Mrs. William Galiie, Kantsport,  N.S., who says: "Before I began the  use of Dr. Williams' Pink pills I was  so weak and run down that I could  hardly do my own work. I often  suffered from headaches and was  very nervous. I then began the use  of Dr. Williams* Pink Pills and I can  truthfully say I have found them the  best medicine I have ever taken. You  may depend upon.', it I will advise  other sufferers to, take; these pills."  You can' get. Dr..Williams* Pink  Pills through any dealer" in medicine  or by. mail at 50 cehts"a box or six  boxes for $2.50 fr6mTlie{ Dr. Williams' Medicine.. Cpi,rBrocljrvilhs, Ont.  By Marie Belmont. ,     ^  Fringe is in high favor at the^present time for "adorning the varied garb  of lovely woman. These pyjamas inspired by the cowboyjs picturesque  attire. sKOw how effective fringe really is. Thcy are made of pale blue  crepe dc / chine* and the fringe is of  blue and pink silk. Tb?e shirt is cut  generously long, so ,that it may be  bloused about thcHfigure. A soft fold-  of the crepe ' de chine is draped  around the waistline and .knotted at  the side. The collar -duplicates the  gay handkerchief of~thc cowboy, and  is cut from blue crepe de chine. The  turnback cuffs are also made of blue  crepe de chine.  An Oil that is Famous.���������Tfiough  Canada was not the birthplace of Dr.  Thomas' Eclcctric Oil,-it is the home  ���������'o( that famous* compound. Frbm  here its good -name was spread-, to  Central and-South America, the West  Indies, Australia and New .Zealand.  That is far, afield enough to attest its  excellence,' for in all these countries  it is on sale and in demand;  ~tmmmm0m^ammmmm   i   imm\   wimtm  ,   Clerk.���������Do you want a room"for SO  or 75 cents,? '       '  Stranger.���������What's the difference between them,  . ,Clcrk.���������In thc 7^-cent rooms"we put  a rat-trap. .,.        i    '  J , ~. '      Nature has equipped a man for happiness, !*ut he gets strenuous occa**-  ���������^p-nally "and s^^*pog. "*;*, *f, . "\ f,  Attk- tor Mirttii-il'tj -and t������������������*. no oitt-tc**:"'  AmaHar. Ploneir  Doc fiejuf d|e������  '       BOOK ON  DOQ   DISKAJBS  1 . x*~ Hotr to F������������d  ~lxil-&    Vrt. ���������'*��������� ���������"��������� Mr  '    Address ky ths :' *.v;  ���������  Autkor  It  CLAY OLOVBm  CO..   INC.,  118   West   Slst-si;fe������t,  New Y*rfc. U.S-A.  mmmmtmmttmaimmmmmtmmmm  "'Our slogan-- for the coming year  should :be, "Buy at-Home" Add to  your own and your neighbor's prosperity by keeping the'money circulating in our own .district.   ���������. . ���������.  Minard's Liniment used by Physicians  1 -i ���������I.��������� ..-., .m-   ,.���������     -    ������������������      ���������    ,    ���������  I #  Innocent Tots.  Two children were standing-, before  the Venus de Milo.  "Wonder if she was married;" said  one. , .   '     ,  " 'Course not/' said the other. "No  one could ask for her hand,.'cos she  didn't have any."���������Boston Transcript.  "For the first time in sue years I  know what it is to enjoy good health,  and since it was Tanlac that got rid  of my troubles and put me into such  fine shape, I think it is tip to me to  state the facts for the benefit of  others," *sai<L Fre4 Roberts,* 1624  Georgia St., Eas4, Vancouver, B.C.  /,. .J*. .       0 . m 0   ...  ���������" i        nVV-W-JX-t���������Jtr.      0^m     m.mmrmi.      ...x^m���������      *i.*.^..m.    .  ���������      tJmx0m\.XXrX0     J.XIA       Jf *-t.X tt      XXX0XX.      X4X.X\AvXt. --.  ness and my appetite varied a lot.  Sometimes I would hardly touch a  bite and other times I wouid eat a  hearty meal, but, as sure as fate, if I  did eat anything, I had to suffer for it  afterwards. I would get nauseated���������  and bloat tip with gas so bad I'd have  palpitation of the heart" and alriiost *  choke for breath. - I had yiolent  headaches that left me weak and lifeless and suffered with- such awful  pains' in the back that^it was -agony  to stoop ,vcrverY "I_also had, rheunja- "  tism in my right leg-- which/ gave sne  a lot of trouble and which kept me  awaked so. much at night .that I was  tired most .-of" the time. I- .-        _-  "I've only -taken four bottles'of  Tanlac so far, but already I have gotten^ wonderful results .from jt. I  have a good appetite; can eat anything  I fancy and never have a sign of biliousness * or gas or, pain afterwards.,  My fqod seems to do me goodv too,  for I feel much strong^? and have  gained ten pounds in weight. I'-xn  not bothered with pains .in the back  any more and the rheumatism has,en-  LAX C* J     \M.lm.C*}JlJK.*mt ������U*  MONEY ORDERS  It is always safe to send a Dominion Ex*  press Money, Order.  Fire dollars costs tires  ' cents.  j. xxtjY,   aiSt-ni v*0"~ia  at night and get up feeling fine. My  wife also has been taking Tanlac with  wonderful results and she joins me  in expressing our thanks for the great  good we have gotten from it."  Tanlac is sold by leading druggists  -everywhere.   .  drily "Bayer" i^Gehuine  . Warningl Take no chances Vlth  substitutes for genuine "Bayer Tab?  lctes of Aspirin. Unless you flee the  name "Bayer" oh package or on tablets you are not getting Aspirin at all.  In every Bayer package are directions,  for Colds, Headache, Neuralgia,^Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache, Xum-  'bagotand for Pain, y Handy tin boxes  of twelve tablets cost few cents.  Druggists also sell larger packages.  Made in Canada, ��������� Aspirin ii the  trade .mark (registered In Canada), of  Bayer' Manufacture of; Monoacetlc-  acldc^ter of SaUcyllcacIo.     y  ^lIllliniHllHIIHIIHIIIIIIIIinillllinillHIlllllllHlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIHIIIUIIIJIHIIlllH^  | The Endurance of Your      |  | Aiitomobile, Truck, or Tractor        |  E    Depends   n,ot   only   upon   the   time of Lubrication, but the kind of *5  S     Lubrication j , / ��������� 5  ?s Protective Composition |  : Adds 500%f;to Gear, Life; t Thousands g  .-, of   tests   haVeY been    con^tictcd by g  Lubricating" 'experts   to   dfimorrstrate  g  the rcjative efficiency of various lubri- g  cants.    The   result   of   these   tests  s  -    conducted oveKyears, has   fixed   the g  , choice "of   sixteen leading manufac- s  turersr    These     manufacturers     in-vg  elude:���������  - .    g  The largest builder pf fine cars tn the g  world; g  The largest buijder- of trucks iii the  g  world; ^        ��������� =j  The   largest   builder   of axles in the  3  world; g  .   Tlie largest builder,of worm gears in  g  the world. g  Many, Lubricants contain acid.   They, g  not only fail to   counteract* friction,  g  but are themselves harmful and corro- ss  sive to gear and -bearing surfaces.    , g  Whitmore's Compositions Contain No Acida      |  '��������� They are proof agafnst heat and cannot brieak down or squeeze out g  l In the Panama Canal Emergency Dams, six million pounds rest on- g  * an unbroken Blm ot WHITMORE'S.   . .,    ,.. ^,. ,.,    g  ���������. After an cishaustive test th'<J U.S. Army contracted for its exclusive 5  .{ USB. ���������;���������*,,��������� '        ��������� v T'. -. ,   -.  Manufactured by���������  THE WHITMORE MANUFACTURING CO., Lubricating  Engineerf, CleTelandj Olio.  CANADIAN AUTOMOTIVE SALES COMPANY, Toronto,  3  s-  g  MM,  B  g  WHITMOR'ESrtj  AUTO GEAR1/  J3I2W  mimtmt-mm^^m  MtBiOVt&zZ*  *m>m&!Smmi  -mmV-llS-Wv  \  , Y  w.  N.   XI.   1S7S  ���������1  5  g  1~~mp  S3  Montreal,* Winnipeg^ Reginai Canmdkn Selling Agents.  *iii!i?iifijiJ!!mM!iiiiiiimiuw^  /  msmmagmm ^w-K^i-Jr'-r-j-
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Miss Anna Andei-soh left last
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"reminded  that the  sraembership  tee;
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the June meeting of the Women'ts tn^i'ount^;for^iiei:^*e^
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H. Hewafe of Knslo. registrar of yot��  number Cret��tori;;.JBeh(C^iV;suppited,...aixr
ersfeoir W(i?-is^di��!6nstitiiency;-h^
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Voters.'listccMirfc*i>f revision   heyer qnt
Tuesday, when n$*qut ten new  names
were  added ti>: tbe^list.   Mr. HeWat
���" -'. ���'���' ��� ������ - P'-pr' :\   . ������' ���->.1-^-'V-i-V'.'i-iC-*- '^3'���''��������1-��������.���-^������- ���   ���: ���->'���>.    V; ���*-..ii :;!*��*-* rr*   ''
^^ftSie^Jra|^eue^ *rfi Yvtn��.y,rpa��v-��i6a
failing to vote atCthfe ;prbvincia] elfec-
._ -'-:'-���>- m*'i*:^mrm--0^mXf-,i *���  '������'���-,
j *. vm:*-- .;��-** ��� ���������v.*.*-,;
with the land, settlement boaii-d when
the* Lister atM^'wHs opened andtlrst
^iglit;:din3ii^i^ii^? :BcJiSi^^B^
Bevan,  Rt>bert Ci-awford, Hoss^Fieh
Holmes, Freda1 Libwip, Robert .Sfboj're."'
Clarii-Mr.rrr.% riatilda NickeS, Jaairdld
*^IP&BffiK^&!K8&6^'^POina ^:---'-'--*:*":-��
JUal- js>*. ��.*%f^%P^y.8tf.i'^#, ���jpp.Mw^nw*fi**;*.Sy��*!-:^^:***��a*
Ruth Swanson. QladyB Webster, Eva
'^eb^beM^ 'ZZtr&0> "0^^^S$?PfM-
':0?:tni4irr-r%^0t-i: i.fe.'i*Si*l ^Mi^-.r:-e-U^rjS4^'-A:el^'>^'^'iA^:''
^���^xj^ft.^'.jwie^o;,. *^..Mc��i>.#*i^>*>.^>��v��,.����ve.*t**A5*or:.i.'.��j.*^
v;j.* ���������*.-->+-���
;rp.^yt-r--~0- * v*^*b- ��MMHwwvaaMM.,''^'^^^l/-;*;:;f-V.*.:;*
p-;;*;:i*2-^;4.*''4*^Vr**i**-\'��� i'^Sr"^**"-*^**^?#?u^l;3,iv;vjrj.   ^
by Yusing *;Qiip..^7Hd^^JS^
A good supply on hand but
0- ���ym^^'is-^one'-^^Hly;
be una'ole to procure Efee
-���reiiaBiiiLber the ^^(jin^o '
'vBtty-'-ixid-'^ z
In;the -Cbimfc^GiaTa^t^f West KooteY
;;-nay, holden lit GrestonYB.*G^���: -Y;y
Jl�� S.  BJffi^ANt trading finder
"   name of C|-*esto'n A:nto & Supp
-?? '-.-.-..���������-���--<:���..'������������.,.-,? ���n?"--.?>-,':B}-HnXi~t-
���"*..*.* '*. ':--���;:.:: .rfr**:,-' ;���:���.���-������ **��;* -:v*-:--n ���r-'-^^.-r >.���*���,���--.-���...-* **;
-:"-.. -."Zp:z~ZZrZW?'<zyZrP-P,zYyy
��� JSCiefel^ji^v T^^OfeJsflEJ^^^CWSfe^j.^" -Y JQ^^nd����Kids>^
'��� Under and by yirttteofa 'Warrant
Of Execution, issued out" of?;ih'�� aboy'������
*Gonrt^Raited v.U��e ;J7thydok >�� * June*
TI9i*Jl, and jbo medirected, \\ niiv����,Heisr^d
;all right, title and interest tit the^
a novo';Z^aMvii ";, defendaritfc y-Ed^in
��� Z K.6m&^
A Light delivery; atid will offer 'f~~*~.\C;;
- same for sale at Be van's Gat-age,' V
Yat the Town "of Gi^stifsn; t..O.. on
i Monday, Jnne 24th, 1021, at tM  :
hour of 2p,m, -.;*-:���'.;.'���������p-.-"''pZ'''"'' >���-':'���'';,'
'.^Terms^fSale'r^-pi^    .y^r-pAzZ- "'.
���i-' ������'   -'��� ^ ���'���'.:': JAMES HyDOTfLE, -'** i
.���V?1>v '*..", Sheriff Of-Sowth Kootenay.
*,-^    * ���    .i-"!'   V'     '-" -'"���/' ���'-' '��.-.   J^-\.". ��' "  *   ��������� Y   ;- .   /.:.���".       .* ^:.Y' "���''., .
���   - ��� ��� ��� ��� ���    ' - -   ������ ���**       - ��� ' ���      ���    ��� ��� - -  '��� -. ���   ���	
-orial qommitt*e:onipIonday It was de*; >-
iy-.-- :-rf- -r >���>'���*.- -.j* *.���, .i,���'-_'jV--������v/v**^"--V*^*^***'-^*"-*-1 PA^f-~ri..-.-?i^^r?<i-yx_!-r.-.-\-.rt.r-,.\.yI ._���
:^^^^^feblrSpn1^ If ���'
^'*^;,^SpikHlT8 :l$f t|oa^n**^y^Fy^r^^^
t/ofia io attend ' the"" annual 'se^s^opwnJ:
- - -,.-' "<,'> ���:*;.*..���...'. ""i '"-;"���. Y*.''..;*YVJj'''.v:'E;:.rf-- .--yr^ *���'.^-v^'--���-. ^"T..'-^";.v^J\;v:/-^ ;"  ^Y-".    '     -���''���'-.���-'.���>'''*
'^f*. '"���,������*''-:-.:;��� ;������ ^::'Yy^^YY'-Y----H ���Y^-^tfT *l^:^ '"v: ',- ' ���":';- ���'���Y^'V'-
���. ������������- Z'-PZ?-'      ��� ���   -'V*-- ���''��� ���:-.-*���:������,��� ������   " �����.-'^K*i."W:r-*v: y;-*.-/*?1! ��� ���'.-.-.-:��� ,.r~+<-Zx fei?��.V*\ \?- --' - ���.���>.,���.':..*-:��� '-'i-; :'-���*/; i^-.y "Y* ���"������i'---.     ���*������.��� \- ���'-...    ...... ^ *. ' - -��!-\
-'������^ _C-'l- '^ ���"     Pi-..   -������ )':0+ ?���-'       ' -'.-A ^fy*- '    ���%v*'arS~_    "���'"���'���-' '��� ��������� ?'���"-*!< 'wmfjit   -.v**-VlL   ���������   '-'���T|=5-'*i mW"'-^.---'��i*'*T m^     ������.~A- -'.��� -.-*'���*'   ' : ..  ���-��� ���
��� .���,>:~<>*:-v>V��*-***-i,'%*'��*r^ ���������*:*     *.���*'.���
?���-������*��� :��� yy 13ft^���nIlftnwi������ot, ������ Trniiffer-atavinffyvisitnrs sioffieffynew^v  pPpp-pp
��� ���>���   "j-s.'.*_ ',**��*
the foundipg <ft^|^nl^inMitlB^i6i
vince nod the Oc(:^fort ^ill^ flUififtty
ball being the W^dnesda^
���   *���.'";'.*;Vri^'*V;,��.'���.'..��!*������:.' .i.*'!-*.:*i*i'^Yi^^*y&^y">��Y'v���:""^������^Y^
A noting of'tht^^roiwe^^h^^
:^LS.ip-��0?~. '>:i*i'~lAi2-~ 'P^mr-jteuMP:&^^LiiiL-
���"/ !��.���'���'!' V   *'lt'' Yv ��� o.'
This Ib tbe time of y^a-f^when both the vweather^nd th&*
rashof outdoor <vorlt necessitate a change in the daily
table menu.   Something readily served is wa^le^^^jpyJi'
in the well-known Clam good? we .haV^v'sometHiiigaifel
meet most every need* - Asides its^uti -.
commend it as being just what is wanted to "touch the|
spot"   Here are some of the quick-serve good things :"-f
Tomato Ketchup    ��
Com sBcef
Vienna Style L-ausage.
foetoeak and Onions
Js3ecrnan~- t%~���m-~r
Bcmelttss IHg Feet
Corn Bee f Hash
���t. i1*
; Cooked Corn Bee f
English Brawn*: *
Cambridge Sausage '
Canadian Boiled-dinner
Spaghetti atul Chees-. .���'���"*
_t~it~90~-tm9-f m~t~M^d J*CS5#        "Z
Vegetable, Tomato hnd
alf the other So-t^
M-'w-Z.p-i-Liv-fc.i>->'."*.---.-��*.Pip---i%ii";'��� *"*&':p~* P--Zs^*-**ii��jFB^ ���':";*'���
S"��-i^:r*-w',**u^^y*����ut3��*auwiuu^-T- p-i' pj.-w.t-.wwz-^
Unlnh om6es on "^at^a^tgbtr Jnifie
tunityfo^ffectivo ^^i^^c^^wjin
"...   {UA.r: ������^i.-J*tP.<i--''.<--'i-'AVii'^
beoffered-|p^alongjbime.:rtt)dif fttWll
Pof��!hleHU^ir��J^-^fthnii1d. ^^
play. ';,y1?;'i^s��w;'n;nq!attend^ Skiiuirldjay';
bestdance of tho.*;y^*liii MeHMintlle
Hal)> with .mtt8io';;h#^��^ft^
Man,and ,Llstej^��^^w^y,Gl^
und Lid'gnte,'**wlij\i^
the best Caterer,^'&i^s-^ao'''ip^yi-ilei'
and foi* which ii chi|rjn<i;wiii)' Jbe.^rtde
of SS^ents iiip^te���Mipper,^
be hpujglit ^fl[pn jjna^ipg odminsion t^o
thc dunce, which ^^l^'C^^^il'v
and BO cents to md^.*,YY'\, YY   z*\ *-Zpp
��� r       l,.i.*i      -, ,       ."'- \   *    *������'���..   ~J.'*.~
*% ... . .,     .-,       ' ,,. ., ���   ������- i  r-'" "*""��� ���'���' " *���' ���*''',.;.'��� "i *"���- "*���-.. '-,""* (' "��� -y'Y,*i "i /*"������'*��� ��� "���'������* ��� '*���'-   *-. \" 'P.    '  ;-'������'
-rV. *"j;, ,,.T V ?," .;, v.' t .'     Y' *,,�����",    ��� *    i ->��� ���'.,"���'���,*'��������������- ., -  '-' ' ������'- m '���       >,.'v..,; .���-*"/���   /. ','. ;���',.- ;���, , -   y*-Z '.'?������ ^ Y.-'���';������ ""'   ; >*     ���, ***���   ,*,' '��� " '.-, ''���?.-..
i   -\ A-.z-;^p "';";-, ���;*--,r;'-'? ���-^^"S��tt';w:{;t'. <���;-���.:' *':���- "<v���'*:.; '���;���,;���' ';':',;v^.*,';,-;:;c ^- V- ���"''..''" ���"���
���Xi        ..v..   - t m, .     im "'        . '   <k .. m . _, i ..   *,   . �������-;. ..(.,���.'.*.*        i .   ��� I*. '     iii,.".i'*l** �����   I'live..   J>v��   '��. ��� jt   ..it *..* ,. ,,-v 1.  ,.����,..   ..'' vA.jx .*. ? j-.Ti-
*��� ?1 ���'  'y*' *���������'T t  ������* ���':������ -'���;.:^.r*-y.;' t'.VJ-^'in-'*'-,;������.  ;Y-';-'i:!"���������������i)'::-',,>^,J/,-^t'fc'*','V*.*;;"/.'i^.^***.^*:,''';***'l**,* ���* ..**,
:; e *>���, .��� ^Y:;*y^c��ii^^ili*fcc. v ���
aM of them Canadian-made, to^.
V,        > ��    .
14 /l1'' /^.' '* r,'^BCt i^^CS ���i?^1% 'Wfe^if'>r '"*' f1��>"ri dT\frwf'w,.iiiw iry ^tr> o*
Better Service
Genera- Merchants
lUmer Vrict$
..... %-#''��� ������' *.. * ?���-}.
'''New *jpbtsto:efl',!atfd*f|^^
dinner on Mnnda)f,'Jiino 25thYifl the
record o< the Wi ^im garden ''Aii"IftpS
Midford r<��nch. :' y'TO^fpndis.'wirii 'nV^
most aa big as ajn��j(lJjiJbnnthan apples'
pona were p\n$t$-jcM^^
iroody show a..gw^^|r/inf ^jhireflfjfeo^.:
Foroiu-HnessMn t*��yn*ty-biMi-probably.
er*>it4>d a t-eAoed  thaiY will **. oompnre
favorably ��� with ainyt^ipf ,ln the Vul
, which most of . the tlpio wnt spent
1 *adi��ptlng i^comm^dfitionB to bo tub*-:
n&Hted thr G��m*B Oonsertation Con>-
mli-islon. Locullv It I* d^lred that tho
! tfCoiue shootibg R����*on". nhall 6��t*nd
| tvtm- th�� ftrst. W tm ������nd ��ir" October,'
> with the open season for deer front-
:-;;,��.( ���.-:. :,\pr:,--.'.;.y,iii&4'*'iv['i-0?,,Jar^ ,-���'--. -,',������ '.��.,..��,-'.,*���' -'��"-.*e-,������'.���;,->'.> , ���.   ,.,
^. y.,.;....
������",* i.*��.. P'.P'A-':-��'������''' *
���V-U^:y''��i^^j*^**y-*v''|tt?'-*i.v^'^* "���.-*; rY:* -^ y^js
,-,.,���. w-(.<.��,. **!>(?yy!,;-e;,'r*,;j;  ,:,';.vv:��,v*y ,--r'-,!i~'A>Sj.'i ".lALr
���*-"' y. ^fecifijp ^depen^?v's^ *; -'
icMSSorlis, Tires, Oils, &c.
'   .      '' . *���-.'.". . . "     �� ,'   V    *��.       ' ��        T'.'  *"' ''.**"        ���       J j      *"'       '*....    ''*t'1 '   "^     -***' '".       *
UmxJtm mmtttkm  SstCV^SO w
t    i*|^P|p/|#;*ilC!^ffMO�� , ""
"* '.���q.1*'"*"
��� ' PHONKB1
rt��TWWir^j(jii)ftiiMiu; $jfl. a etf.a(J8uj. r-tf JtCTvji at^T*%
sP'r" ,"��'r."
Mt\Xm 'mm   i   "0*9*  r1 lA^nifm


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