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Creston Review Apr 26, 1912

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Array ik^tStfjftal
* **i        .M-
AH ms&ms im Bmt mm4
I ... ��� i
B all T��a wawsr
of the CRESTON
��'����v��*��-a��a��j,r   &**-
S    I
���S_iB'��.jH j ��
W-<      ; " rfn:.fcf.jry-g.3_i?--oi
%*-3T I    SENT TO
V- "V^      ����o - ��
m      ^
No. 36
II ra ^5_�� ^sv
rH_i_i inr
��� ���-��B��!tm     -*.BE_m3
Sing, r    opihs1 545;-
��ka ttajvan
Rules   for    Fall  Fair  are
Laid Down By Gov-
���*   ^ **-*���-'���* M fit.*.   ���***,*�������-. ��^vmia��-(*��*'��M    �����
Town Plays Here
Sunday at 3
Every member of the packing sohoni
held here last fall attained au averng*
,of ;75.^5 or over according to' a list sent
est by the Provincial Hcrii'inltnrisr,
R. M Wirislbwytbia week. Jnst wha<
the individual percentages were has no
been unnonnced bat ths fast that all
juavv i^sisges the rs
T*C��*iT����. GCT.Gn ..g . tH     A
.fl���*,-,^  4
"i -Vs=     a ��� r*"*=    *i��    }V-:
5WO   CiiiBoe:
that were held here.
Accompanying the announcement
that all have attained a grade of 75% oi
- orer, is a circular stating that all thos,
in the packing school are now eligibl-
to make entry in competitive exhibits o
packed fruit at the Fall Fair. , The Ap
pie show held in Creston last year wai
a most successful event   and the fail
mw j��5j   niuua   itugo?    uuutuct    Ol.   Oil
giblo exhibitors and contestants shoal'
be much more successful and benefioia
fio the district. The riles for coxnpeti-
���"sjor ia the fall fair are ��3 follsvrs;
"No entry fees. Each competitor t<
exhibit five standard hoses of apples o
five or fewer varieties to be packed bj
the pupils without assistance; five pacse
5a the diagonal style; all layeia exoept
the face, "wrapper]; no layer paper* *,
fruit may be wiped; cover need net
J��ave-Ben nailed down.
The fruit will be, scored on the fo -
Grading 20 jtcitr?
Alignment SO point
Bulge 20 poin��
Height at ends 20   "
Firmness "20   "'
The Creston has�� ball team went to
Port Hill last Sunday and beat the
Boundary town hoys by 15; to ll. A
goodly number of Creston ropteiss
went along and turned the afternoon
liafco ii. pleasant outing.
This Sunday the Port Hill team Will
come to Creston, and the two teams
will face each other again at Recreation Park, Bulf MePeake was in the
box for the Creston team'and was
���ffective until the fifth when he'allowed a couple of healthy hits to be mixed
up with some errors by his team mates
ind'Port Hili. tied the score. "Ward
then went into the box and was invincible until the 0th when 3 runs
crossed the plate. The rune by in -
1 ninorR -wppa as follows;
0   0   3  0   3   1���15
0  6  0  0  0   SI���11
gary came to Creston Tuesday. Mr.
Trexler says'that it is too cold in the
Calgary district to suit him and he is
buying land in bhe vicinity of Erickson,
m aaa-assort
_^_���_���_���.!��    I. II , -I       - .-..i-,..���i,   .        .W,.,..  gn|1    _
I have 75,000 plants consisting of the
choicest varieties of Tomatoes, Onions,
(flowers, etc. Green hon ;e chnok fall.
Seeds purchased from the leading seed
houses of Europe and America, they are
fine. Call and see them. T. M. Ed-
���Tryott? tess.   The leading line in
Oreston at THE CASH STORE.
��S��_  55 as.a. ass . 555^5 ir
*? f^tifi^^^S.
I 1191b
��� ���ft!
���^�����. ^	
Delegates    will
Throw Weight to
Bffe_aitfi b bi_ii7r<n��i^mirw
aiiiilj^ IWiiil/JhfafflSHi%l.
a uii i y my i litiui I
FBA B'F-f-
Creston     3  3   2
Port Hiil 110
The teams lined up as follows;
V1COUUU,   ^y(JblLI*i3j.VXJs   C)    ^Xi.4.4. CCW.O,      ^�� \W
Jb; Bundy, lb; Tucker, ab; Kennedy,
W; "ward, 3b & p;. Burton, If; Telford,'
;f; Malone, i _: Port Hui, Bales, c S; rf;
jllenn King, p; Compoton, lb; Prichaid
sb; JoliDSOu, ss; Gale, SI**, King If;
Juscroft, rf & a and Salee, cf.  .
AHows Name to be Used
as Patron of Canadian   Highwaw
Moved hy the same high public spirit
aid the single purpose of bringing the
Ldei il
mm >mb ww "*_��
i    H��rr�� Wirighi, fcezasr IS. P. ?. _ii_
Will exchange a 6 room modem \ M pre8e0t a caDdidate to rocceea A>g/
Goodeve to h's ee&t io   the I>ominio9
parliment from the Kootenav distric4u
I wis in Ofrs-ton, Satardsy, Bandar sa_i -
house located in Spokane, Wash., for
property in good fruit land neaiiby.
Aa_res9,'G. E. McComb, 1621, Indians j
*��TT*��     &r%**.t*.^*.**  f.._   ��-~ v-L. ��� t---^.
c&/�� .... J
The rifle Association is getting
twelve new rifles which will be a sub- ���
afcantial addition to the arms aiready I
in its poaoestjion. These guns are of
the latisfc pattern military rifle and
the local body ia especially fortunate
in getting so many of them. The first
shoot for a prize *^sll be held on May
���I and 5.
A. Ii. Hoyt who started a barber!
shop in the new Grady block and later]
in the Siaklep black left with his wife J
for Cranbrook Tuesday.?
| Monday, electioneering in his own - he-
] half.   "Wright is confident Shaft be mo
Fruit Picked Last October in  good conbition
Total 100 point.
The Fruit Judge will forward hi
ficrjre to the Department of Agrioulfcoi
nnd the pnpilb awarded first, faooom
nnd third will receive prizes of $15, $1'
nnd $5. Pnpila whose paok soon
1$% or over are credited with the**
points for diplomas whether they wer
puccosflfnl in receiving prize money <���
Those that attained a peroontngo ot
755J5 or over last winter woro as followi*
J. Hay don, J., Sllnoo,  J   Kennedy, J
fipratt, J.  Hobden. Mrs. H. B.   Dov:
*MlB8 O. MoOarfchy, W. .TnoltBou, W. J
Iiittlpjohn,   H;#Qobhott, ?Mrs, StJean
P. Wutaon, Mr. Ingram,  Mrs. In gran ,
JWTr, Wyhn, Mru. D Larmouth, Mrs. U
;B. Downs,   R. HnokinH,  J. E. Man*ioi',
Mrfl. J. BherwQQd,   W. B. Murdook.
3B-. B. Callnudur, Miao R. Hood,   W. A.
MoMortrle, A. Miller, MIbh Hugon, Mil-
Wlgon, W. H. Gunn, O. O. Frouoh.
. A number   of Spitzenbe'rgs,  Ganos
tnd Hyslop crabs which were, picked
'rom the ranch of W. S. Watson, last
ictober are on display in the window
'if R. 'Walmsley's office and   are "Bne
���vidence of how well Creston friiib will
.tandup when kept in an .ordinary
oot cellar?   The apples are firm and
w'ich in coloring.   They look as though
chey had just been  picked from  the
roe and taste if anything better.    In
���very.way they show their superiority
ivor the fruits grown in irrigated aoc-
Mr. Watson this week marketed con-
iderablo rhubarb and asparagus grown
���ut doors on his ranch and has a- fine
lock of tomato, cabbago and caull-
lovvcr plants which ho has for sale.
���EYESIGHT-- aemember the datf
-�� S. Ij. Taube'e visit. BSyesight Specialist of the Taube Optio��!| Co., of?Cal
gary and Vancouver. If there is anything wrong with your eyesight, don't
fail to conshlfc him, all work absolntelj
guaranteed to suit the eye as tested.
Wall be at Creston Drag & Book Store,
Creston on Wednesday afternoon; and
Thursday morning. May 1st and 2nd.
���FOR  SALE-Choioo 10  aore��   m
fruit land,, mil�� and half north of towi'.
Good   two-story  re��ldonoo; Wator ��
loud; uoarly nil land fllimhocl, half not
olonrod nnd plnntorl.    Apply to ownoi
H. C. Gebrko, Creuton, 20-tf
m*   wwm
Get your uhoos from Mlrabolli. Nov
���took jnttt arrivod. Lito��t style* niu
1owA��f oft^rtt '�� ���,,'rr'"t'*::. Ui
ihuMO barguinfi.
W. O. Taylor has   been appointed a
..io inspoctoi' on tho C. P, H.
-Mrs. J. B. Lorimor prlyate maturity mime Ir now ready for ongagomont.
vpply to Room 7, Burton Hotel. Phone
Stanloy Watson Ih now road fore-
nan, working out towards Canyon
��� A einnll honao  to  let  on Victoria
vvonue,    Apply to J. Cook.
Buff McPonki Ih working at Bhulmr,
���Frank .liioltBon'H now mtoro In now
���u. I'j. ivicUomit or Hpokano  wuh  In
Cre_ton Thuvuday and today.
roods of Canada np, to a standard -.that
--'*��� '    - * >. *
��-ill.be a credit to the nation, and an
example -to the  world at large, His Roy-
il Highness the Duke of Connaught, and
W. J. Kerr,.hold the two  highest posi
turns in the gilt of the Canadian High-
vvay  Atssociation, that  of patron and
president; respectively.
The Canadian Highway will he an . .....~��
iccomplisbedfaot within the next few  ho underwent In the hospital there.
years, and the outside world will then " *
���Ten colonies pure bred Italian Bee's
free from any disease 10 dollars pejt
OJlony, hive and all complete f. o. b.
Cranbrook. Address T. S., Gill, Box
187, Cranbrook, B. O.
���FOR SAL,;E-9 thqiuroughbred Rose
comb Slack M_aoros, W��i-aa��. Sxceilent
layers. Apply to Rev, iPhslip Gs Hay-
���TOMATO PLANTS.     .Place year]
order now.   Pcschin, Erickson, B, O.
*l>��    v��jlv    boiv   auSL
The secoud: base ball dance of the
season will belteld tonight.
-The best 'In points and  ���9_��*s*_he?.
gain the nomination
eays he will make .the fight of his life
for it. ,.
Wright was accompanied here by A.
I A. Douglas, of Hslsoa aad t��he two
covered considerable of the Velley ia
their- csmpslgsisg. As iafcnual
meetscs of the voters cf the district wm
\ beid in the dining room of the Oreston
S hotel Saturday evening ssd Wright
addressed them giving the strong points
of his candidacy, W. S. W_4_s_* waa'
chosen chairman of the meeting and he
also addressed the voters. An ��_dre*�� ;
was also made by N. A. Bcrritw
Although Wright has a large nan-t--
ber of friends in this district there is
�� tor sale at SpserB.
���;������ ���Where asre the largest andbast col-p
jored apples grown, ��lso peacbes taed *
oherries?   Olotrerdsle Ranche. ���
BapcoPamt ^d Berry Bro*., V^tehe.1 a^^ ^ ^^^ ^^
tni>iii>l��>ni.0^.nu. t ,-   -. " ��
Arthur   French   came   back from
Spokaac Tuesday/   He  is still weak f-o.h-R-M      ;~ ,      ..    ,
r��^-��� *���     /��   ._    ... , . ���  I    Bob Reid got m a couple of ducks
from the effectsof the operation which Stw,,.--!^
now that in this broad Dominion theie
vis a road more than 3,000 miles long
over which an antomobile can travel
Erom coast to oonet in safdty and with
comfort. The country that offers the
wealthy tonrist the splendid roads that
Janada will have, the magnificent
noenery and exceptional opportunities of
Investment, will reap a large harvest
from its visitors.
The^Dake of Connaught has long
been interested in good rocdo and has'
shown in many ways that he is strongly
in .empathy with any movement that
will tend to better tho transportation
facilities of this or nny othor country ���'
Travelled man as ho is and trained in
o'iBorvatiouH of things that mako for
the public woal, His Royal HighnoBS
him put to praotioal use the knowledge
gained in Canada, England, on the continent, and in foroign countries, and he
behoves he him noted wisely in allowing
bis name to booomo assoolutod with the
nntnrprifle fntherod by tho Canadian
Highway AuHuuiatiou.
"Good roadH aro a social and ooonomio
noaeBflity, and good roads wo will hrive
all ovor Canada boforn T nm ready tc
acknowledge that tho work of tho
Canadian Highway Association is finished, ������ snyB Proflidont W. J. Kurr und
ho moans every word of It,
���Why pay Middleman profit wb��n
Olovcrdnlo ranch lu for mile, Com�� and
wpo it.
.    U-.wi.. .i.
Gnnt, Andron oamo up from Kitchener
Mr. and Mrs. D. Lyons, of Bonn;
Brook ranch, Osnyou Oitr, will give a
bonne worming nnd dance in thoir new
honeo on May 3rd, 1912. AU their
friend and aqaaintanoee are oordialy invited to n tend.
���For sale. $800. $100 cash, balance
Q% int. % interest in Silver Star mineral olalm, 5 miles up Goat river from
Kitchonor. 26 inch lead, 40 foot shaft,
140 foot tunnel, Good tnnnel site. Av
orago asHay $73 per ton in silver, copper
nnd lead. Address  J. O. Hiberly,
Copeland, Idaho.
George B. Wiokos of Neison, camo to
Ottuton Wednesday.
���For Halo. 4 1ot8��0xll6 each, having 81 hearing fruit treeB, aud. a house
04 s 18. For price apply to owner, A.
E. branch.
What do tho residents think about
having a -"clean-up   d��y>-
���BH% ot headaches is tho remilt of
.jvuxuiu, <i,^uuuiii uImuiiiuu    rullltl. VVIiy
coufaiill 8. I��, TmiIw, ��y��*Might sprciulibt
At the Orenfcon Drug Ss Book Store
Oreston on Wed. afternoon and Thnr_��
day momiritr. Mar 1st and And.
������-Protect your garden witb poultry
wire., In 2 ft, 4 ft and e _t., vidths a
Speers' store.
xom iuawson nas bought two acres
in town from John Hobden and will
build a home here. He and Jiis sons
will also soon be hard at work jnaking
improvements to their 80-aci** ranch
at Canyon City.
���Theearly bird catches the -worm.
Get oome early tomato plants' fwnti
Poohin, and catch the dollars.
i     ���
G. H. Fish of Port Hill was in. Ores
ton Monday.
tion will stand for Ed Mallasiuiuae,
who is a resident' here and who bos
| been  put forward    as &  c&nMd&t--
Cranbrook will also stand for ISaUan*
daine on the first ballot at least.    Tbe
general opinion is-however t-h&t; the ss.=
pportof the administration will go to
y Robert Green and he will probably be
the one to succeed Mr. Goodeve.
���We have just received �� consignment of nlothos baskets at $1.60 eeoh.
S. A, Spoers.
E. C. Gtbbs who hn- beon sick;-, for
ten ui.y_ roturned to hie duties at the
Post Office Thursday,
���You got five per ce��fc discount- at
'I'UH Cash axomc,
Iva ami Victor Tnmibly niece and
.uphmv of Mrs, %Mlf nrrE-ved in C re��-
tnil Thursday from Manlsfeh-ue, Mi ch.,
and will make their homo Ihere.
We hnnd!oDaviofl& Co., Ontario ci ired
uouta(bt��oau��_ thoy give bettor vftlnw- for
their money,   a. a. 8peere.
On May 4th, beginning at -g p. m. ip.
the Public School, Creston, will he held,
a rally of the town nnd surrounding
district A treat Jb in store for ,bot|h
young and cud. All adults JUntne^iate-
ly -interested in Ahe highest we^ere ,qC
the ohlldree are KesjpectCtHy i(uvHed 1p
be present. A programme will be rendered, some of the numbers of iKhioh
tare; an opening address *ly iRe-r, B,l^|ce,
i short talk by Miss Johnson, remjii'gs
or recitations by Mrs. Frauds, Mies Vcw-
ta Smith, Miss Gerfcv Gilpin and others.
It ie expected that Mr. Goodwin will
give some report ou Band of Hopo work
In iSogland and aid in tho orgaui-atlon
of a dtiQyal Temperance Legion as well
? tnipoulnteud    tho muslsal part ot the
-Miss Stfargarot Bnttcrflold is -prepared to inake ihiits aud bonnets for
womon and ohlldven. Alteriug and re-
modelling a Bpsoial'iy. Three ^year*
previous oxporlonco in a large iLonflqn
(England) firm. Chargea moderate
Apply care of Mrs. B. Mailandalne.CrfS-
ton B, O.
Rev. M. F, ICby B. A. will preach in
Methodist Uburoh Sunday morning ami
evening. All are heartily invited to
Joseph MTro*rier  and/i ii'.l/, .>.'o
- ChtUitte'a f ��e>ili sodat at m o��n�� m m
in at dpAAr*.
���Olovordalo rancnistor aale.120 aenres
bottom l��nd and 40 aores foot hill; 20
ftcrea in orohnrd, all can he <onltlvaU>d.
asaw&iimsa^^  sffg
.i   ..fi*5\".
,��, i
irtiliiifiniiKiii THE    CRESTON    REVIEW,    CRESTON,    E. C.  St  14F A W  J- ii&^&ihiN__������__>-  PMIEH  i_r^_____55>  ���������"l i grow   worse and  worse."  T j "Not my tault, my dear," tlio Major protested. '"These things are in-  1 evitable amongst ncwspapev men.  i I thought 1 should be ai home by  I eleven, but something important turn-  i ed up at tne last moment and they  i told me off to attend to it. aThey  | are Rood enough to say they can de-  j pend on me, Alice. That is one  j the advantages of  being  steady  BY  i  FRED  Ml,  WHITE-..  LONDON  WARD, LOCK & CO.. LIMITED  CANADA BEATSTHEU.S.  .1 -.   . -    ' y  MORE HONORS FOR GIN PILLS  Holyoke,  Mass.,  U.S.A.-  "Havlng taken two boxes of your  excellent GIN PILLS, they relieved  mi-*- so much that I am quite satisfed  v.ith the res wis.    1 gave- ������n order to  DRESS  OF  JAPANESE  BESIDES  ������ ������������������ ., .���������-  White   Worn   for 'Part   of  the   Ceremony, But for a Strange Reason.  Brides in Japan follow" th������ sair.o  custom whic'. prevail** in the Western  world, that of weaving white at the  wedding ceremony, at least during a  part of it.. But the significance attached to the choice of this color .3  quite  different   on  the  two ' sides  of  (Continued, j  CI1APTER XXII  A Soldier of Fortune.  "Major Garden sat over the breakfast which his daughter had prepared  for him. He had been unusually late  the night before and showed it in the  additional piukness of his cheeks and  the siightly red rims under his eyes.  Tsot that lie was feeling much the  worse for the previous evening's  pleasure; indeed, in his philosophical moments, the Major was fond of  speculating which was the wiser���������to  take his'fill of enjoyment's cup with  its concomitants in the morrow of  suffering and tribulation, or abandon  such courses, however delightful.  One mode cf life was jolly to a point,  but. on the other hand, the man who  exercised prudence and some measure of control had a compensation in  his economy. As a matter of fact,  the Major never had been economical.  "Sufficient for the day is the evil  thereof summed up his religion to  its. fullest extent. After a stimulant  he knew he would be himself again.  so he ate his breakfast  with a zest  who had spent the last four years  in London she was wonderfully simple.  "I saprose it can't he helped," she  said. "How few men there are who  would have endured your misfortunes  and turned to and made a living as  you axe doing.   I wish 1 were clever."  "Oh, so you are. my Gear, so you  are," the Major said magnanimously.  "The great thing is pluck and perseverance,    'without egotism, I think I  am endowed with those qualities, and |,  to some extent, so are you.    And you J  will  make a name as an artist yet.  Stick to it.  my child, stick to it.    At j  the same time, it is good to have an |  occasional change, and 1 am glad you j  are going down to Haredale "Park.    I J  suppose you can manage to put your j  painting pupils off for a week or two? ���������  Probably you will find It lonely when j  1  am away.    1  shall only be able to j  run   over  from   the     Continent  occa- j  siorially." j  "Oh, I shall miss you,4' Alice said, j  "But I shall be safe enough. The 1  landlady is always motherly, and she |  will see 1 come to no harm."  The Major dismissed the subject !  with a flourish of his cigar. He had I  rather feared his daughter might give I  way to tears. He thought she miKht 1  ask him to take her along with him !  and so put him to the pain of refusal. !  Possibly   tho   girl     was     looking  too  once as I am not quite so wall when  1 am without GIN PILLS."  .,'"���������'���������      . .   : ���������-���������  AGATHB; VANE'S SE-  G.in Pills must-be good when -peoplr  in Massachusetts send all the way to  Toronto to get them.    There is noth?  ing   like  Gin   Pills���������nothing  just;. the  same or just as good.    Don't accept  substitutes if  you  value  your  health  and want to be cured of .-Kidney?;ahft'  Bladder Trouble, or Rheumatism.-: Insist on having Gin Pills. 50c a box. G  for |2.50.    'Sample  free if yon": write  National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited, Dept. N.U.. Toronto.   92  'Good-bye."  Lily    u-ccii-,  ~?,������\ n *t j*\t*  ,;,!  CHAPTER XXIII.  A Change of Air.  About the same time that Major  Garden was sitting over his breakfast, Sir George Haredale was gloomily contemplating his own.; He had  road most of his letters and had impatiently pushed aside the sheaf of  bills and applications, for money  which poured like a flood upon him  at every poin. Some of them were  peremptory and some imploring. But  they had been coming in for so'long,  that the master    of    Haredale Park  t iiuujio <������..*������* __u uuu i was going back to It even thought.  i -���������.^,��������� ~���������ix- t^T. ������ lutle time.    She had  that was truly amazing after the car-, eagerly forward to her visit to Haredale Park to think of anything else.  She had not forgotten the days whoa  Major Garden was a man of position  and they occupied a fine house in the  country, when she had her horse and  nu j plunged into the dear delights of  ; 1 country life,    It was good to feel she  iVt& l_-k^ ft +, *,     1    -V^-���������,* V'-t-VTH���������,1J>-|I ^   -  was only for a  | already    made    her modest prepara-  \ tions.     She  only  honed   there  would  __  \ not he too many visitors at Haredale  J_ i Park.    But May Haredale had assured  her they lived  very .quietly  and  had net many friends.  "I am getting nervous about it." she  said. "It will seem so different to  the life T. have been leading here. If  I had only foreseen this I might have  saved up and bouaht mvself another  dress or two. Still. I know I shall  enjoy myself."  "Of course you will." the Major said  "heartily. "But you won't get much  gaiety   at  Haredale  ousals of the night.  iTor .Major Cai-oa always appeareu  lo  k/<3 xxj, 4.^.0 ucoi t/J. u^aibu ti*hj.v. ^^... xi.a.  Xj^j UJXU.     I..O     Jul^CVliUlUiaiW1      UC     lAwil     Ju.1--  IA**    \.\J    _>Ow.JAV   fc.*i_,   auu   ������%w    ������m.C    L*M\s**lG������x*.  _^uu.cjr    Out.   01  Wl>\*~J,    OU.OJ.CU.    iX    IU, JUQ    C^.tn ..I.WtfAWjO.    VAs  i>_kj   ^ouc.ucut.   ivr   jL,u.biiuoc   ix\ji.aca   iu,  )uq    anctj     I01     wJ.lfec   ui    luu.  bin,   ixio   uutcUiuj,   cAjJiilocj   l������c.t;   11  Klixif   _������,    ������vuUi,u.   ������/t������v' u,/   ai.   t_.es   ucsoi.   i������kj-  iCio    auu    euju.    jjuuxiaCJ.1.    iu    A    j-_o.ujllv:i  ������.vjaouuu.ui   vu.a u.a mission aud d;_-  _,v    nu^   guu.Q   iiMiuiAu   uu   ouxxj-c:   Ji/ikj."  ilAlL**ifl\*.   ^..JUJuilau.uu,        k\Ji;     t^JC     Jtkwj^l,  *lu    iao    llx^u    ju^v.ivc,    Wuuiu    ucc;    b\.^u  lULXl     i.l/1*    A.*.*<,C     l\J     _X1U������      4~.l     UiC     CjkjJC-  Clj.c.j.i.0   ilc   itouncu   iu   iu.   cti.* _,i.u.&   *jaa  His love for his daughter was the  OLit3    vv xxvii.c^o_AC   pl/ui   xix   axl*3   u ljj.n.x"Vv j_������v;  bualiy caioh;ui,c. He u_a L.^c_. i*.  tec-.ii->il mim iiii Jl.a lllc, ilUU bocui  X1&0    ovV,_,    iuiluutf   u._U    iJi.o    l^iic la,    u..^v������.  U.O.U    UlOlVtSU   UW   UCiIU   Ul    LlltLL,    UuUul^j...  V, uxuixu JU .1 Di.ui.,i;.udUii >Vc^. .^Ciji  X������l,U - jiCtiu u.\j V .vicuvt;, liu wptJU. Uax~  _.x_UU.Coo,     IjUL     UO     iti.UtUJtu.     ul     ixv:-  tieut mat auu^i'Uu..co ucaltu Uuu  bjjfilli..        V.UUU    UJU   UuuU   huo.iij    tjixixiu  Luo i.iajor i euiu * cu iu iiuuucu w .>.u  liiti >uuug UaUuiiLbl. Xj.M tuid il<ix  Jii^l Ub UluOil ixo uo cwiloja^j. UU uetco'  biiiy Wlui liiti Cuij.at;tj.u.v.'u.iJt; nia.i. sue  lt;_aruwu iiuu uo ouc ul iuu  uo^t auu  1UOUL   blill-UUlli li������ti   ^l-   llleU.      xVHUti   uuu  ltsw iTic-uu������, uuu none Knew u������iyiinug  iiuoui luo Major's meana, t>u uai luo  jouiiiiiiioUC Iicligu iuniaiauu Un.wouu-  iiuio uuu aiico ij-uuiu apt.a��������� tieeiy ot  her lamer as aiming* uinu lutuiuge-ui.  quahncfe to ins ouiur yii.i.s. nib ua-  ������uUi;iiL luio abaoilcetJ lioui homo we're  tsxpiaineu hi una way, and it u������ uever  baid auytliiug iluihuio uuoul his worii,  hia diiiidciioo uuyiit be atcnuiitod tu  natural modesty.  Jn tin* civciirnstnuces, thnrofore,  the Major vva.s not sorry his uauyliter  had uad an invitation to soend a holiday at llarc-daie Park, lie hud  thought of inviting hlnisolf also, but  hia new coin mission put that out ot  tho question. After in* had fiuisluid  his breakfast he helped himself to a  liberal- doso of brandy ami soda and  had juat. lighted his first cigar when  ��������� his (laughter came in.  "You arc very late," Pho said with  playful     fondness.    "I    declare    you  out ouc coai������v������.un!c-ii.icn  ly out of th������.. eoiumou  hiKX excessively,  (TO bO COiitiTiUtHl;  Japanese brido is dressed first  :dent garments,of white silk,  es   of   the   costume   usually  ing about three feet in. length,  while the sash, an important feature,  measuref about 11 feet-.'in'-.length,...  But white, as the Oriental Review  explains, is the mourning color in  Japan, and the bride, leaving h'sr.  parentc* house, considers herself dead  in the sense that she will hover return alive, preferring death to divorce, and in consequence \yearing a  white costume.  After the exchange of cups of  sake with the bridegroom, which la  the most important part of the Yv'ed*  ding ceremony, the bridge changes  her costume to a?; red one. This is  called iromao.s1.il������������������"'���������'.(changing' color).  Ked is supposed io havo: a purifying  power, and perhaps clears the minds  of the parties of all association of  ������������������mourning. - ':?'.:���������    -  This is the origin of "the Japanese  custom or using white costume at  weddings, but many people in modern Japan do not any longer have  time to bothor their heads with these  questions of color, -ajid ���������'simply��������� go  ahead and marry according to the ac*  cepted sustom, with.-'ho thought of  what the colors signify.  Now Orleans expects to be the  centre of the richest country in - the  world when the plans for reclaiming  the extremely fertile lands in that region are, carried out  A luxuriously iitted privte car for.  the use of bridal and theatre parties  is maintained by the company whlcte  controls Londbn's street railway system.'. '���������?.'.  Ths Primitive Kubus.  *  A peonlo without any form of religion,  without  superstition,  devoid  of  was distinct-   any thoujxht of the' future state, has  and .worried-}'been found in..the interior forests of  Deafness cannot tse Cured  by ioco! t.i>p!!cil!ons, as they c*nnot reach tne db  saacu iwrucn ol tu������ car. '1'liete Is only ono *vay to  cure deafness, tuid that Is by constitutional remedlea.  l>catneaa is caiaed by an inflamed comlitlon ot this  mucous ltulns ot the Eustachian Tube. When this  tabs !s UitJamel vnu have a rumbling sound or im-  ' S-ci-IcCl hesring a:-.i ���������.vh'-y; it !s entlr������!y CMed; r**aj-  .-vess i? the result, had unless tho indammatloa can be  uiken out ami ihls tube restored to its normal oocdi-  tion. hctu-luit v.-iu be destroyed forever: nlue CUKS  out of ton are caused by Catarrh, which B nothing  bus an innsmeu condition oi the inucdus surlaces.  Vl> will give One Hundred BoUarn tor any case ot  DeatiitSBS (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured  fey HaU**i Catairh Cure.   Send tor circulars, tree.  5". J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. Ou.  Soia t>y Oruwilsts. "*>c.  Taie Hall's Family "Pills for constipation.  An Advertising Genius-  He was an old merchant who had  built up a big business by advertis-  5-nr-  in for society much. You see. there  are very few of the old families left.  Times change my . dear, and w*e  change w*ith them. I don't suppose,  plainly speaking, that Sir George is  much better off than I am. I happen  to know that much depends upon the  Blenheim colt winning this year's  Derby. I was in the Post Club yesterday Avith one or two of my  "John,"    said  his wife,  "what dO  yon want on you tombstone?"  *'Oh,'    he answered,  "it isn't very  Theydont go j important what the text is so long as  it gets  good  space and  is well displayed."  vuicbly stops coutibs* cartes colds, bes's  the tbroat ������:id luaiis -       US cents.  ta  ars  Cured by "Guticura  iii  Lcg'L&e Raw Flesh from Knee Down  ���������"* lin-������ h������***n trnatftl l>y doctor* for  twt-uty-uvo vcam iwt ������. ,m-1 l^.o vi t-.^*.i.u  on my le,*-*. Thry did tln!r Immii, but f.-uli.-d  t3 cviro it. My own doctor IjoU inlvii.i-il inn  to aiivij imy li:-** cut 01T, t-ut 1 Raul I v.<>uUl  try tltu Cuticura lknujitioj tir.it. :io imiJ,  *try thorn If yin l'1'0 ,)lil I do not UnMc  llu'y will ������lo any Rood.' At tlii������ time* my  l������-������ wan pi'tiloa from tho l.in-.i iIoimi, (j.y  toot win lilm 1 pi<'<-'" ������' twi iinah an.t I  liul to wiilU <-u txutcLtd.  "1 houf'ht 1* <"ftV������ of Cutlr.ira Roup, n. hox  of Cuticura Ointment and n. bottle of (juurajia  ���������jlcnolvcnt.    After llio tirut iw-o trcaim.iiiiti  .   I    ,���������. n    n^rl    IT)    t....r,    tM.il'fl*.'  III.I Hnt-utui*   ������>-"-  ���������'���������   -��������� ���������' ���������   T      '""������������������  nan of the Cutlcuru. Iii'm-MJli-Ji ������oy li:������ u_i 1 ������nw  The Major coughed hastily as if  his cigar spioke had gone the wrong  way.  "What am I talking about?" he exclaimed. "Anybody would think I  am still interested in sport. Do you  know, beyond an occasional day at a  small meeting I have no time for.that  sort of thing. I was in the Post Club  on business, purely on business. It  is a very sad thing to see young men  wasting so much of their time and  money on horses. But I can't prevent  them talking and am bound to hear  the gossip that goes on. And that is  how 1 came to know so much about  Sir George's affairs. Every penny he  can scrape together goes on the  stables, so you'll probably find that  Miss ilaredaic leads a very quiet existence."  "I am glad to hear'it," Alice said.  "I shall be happy with her. She was  the greatest friend I had at school,  and l can't understand how I ever  managed to lose sight of her. Is it  a nice place?"  "Very pleasant," tho Major said  critically, "it is a grand old houso,  full of works oT art and furniture and  that kind of thing. Of course, all  those things go with tho estate, so  that Sir George could not dispose of  them, which is a precious lucky thing  for the hoir, for thero won't, be too  much for him when tho time comes.  The, stables are very lino, too, and  S!v 'George has some of the best cat-  \\o in tho country. Oh, I havo no  doubt you will enjoy yourself. When  do you go?"  "To-day." Alice said.  Thr> Major appeared to be slightly  cn-iV'firni'-fd.  "Oh. ywt." ho said, "T had forgotten. It Ih a triflo awkward, becauso  I have- only 1 Uttlo money just now.  The en shier nt. the ofilo������ Is ho ciivo  lepfl. Ho omit ted to draw my chonuo  on Friday. Till to-morrow T nm not  Mire *vhMhor T "hnll be nhlo to find  r-nmigh money for your fnvn. Noxt  wook  It  would  ho nnlto different."  Alice Card on kissed tho spinakor  affor.tlonnt.oly '��������� '  "How thoughtful you nro." she snld.  "Vou am always thinking about other  pooplo. "Rut plonflo don't worry about  thnt. T hnvo unvod a littlo nnd nhnll  liri'v ^noiirh to koon mo for tho no\t  ��������� ���������yrv    r\r    Itii-no    WOotm     nnd     bvltlg    lllC  ho'vi<������ nI'nIn,"  Tho Mnlor oxprofiKoii bin gratification. T-Vr onoo nt Ion"! ho wno sin-  or>t-<������, ft wan rtift'it unfnrtunntn. ho  nnht, thnt h" fiho'thl ho In tomnnrnry  nood of r.inh, TTo InM ntt*|ot Inluno.-  Ihins unon .M'op to ftnond wlifit <*ho  Ii fid iro,Ay n ml not for nn>* moron**-  to forgot thnt eho wmi n, Cordon: If  i-l.f. -������'iini(.|i tiwvi*. inonov Mho wnn to  . A.-ll,-- to V,!"i *.vlth''',*t !ior*!tnt1r������n. TTo  hor   off   nt   Vntorioo   nrownllv.  A concern in Buenos Ayres, Argen-  .jtina, is about to instal machinery to  be used in a factory for producing  fertilizing materials. It is proposed  to utilize grasshoppers and their eggs,  thus converting a destroyer of the  crop into fertilizing material.  Sumatra, according to Dr. "Wilhelm  Valez. the geologist of the University  of Breslau, who has made extensive  journeys through the island.  There ho found the Kubus, as ho  named them, who are scarcely tangie  distinguished from the small mannice  ape of the Indo-Malayan countries  They ars wanderers through the forest seeking food; they have no property They are not hunters, but simply collectors? They seek merely  sufficient nuts, fruits and other edible  growths to keep them alivsv  The Kubus wage very little war  fare upon tho small amount.of animal  life in their silent and sombre land.  Tne only notion that Prof. Valez  could get from them of a difference  between a live and a dead person was  that the dead do not breathe. He  infers that they are immeasurably  inferior to the paleolithic man of Europe, who fashioned tools and hunted big game with his flint-tipped ar-  r-jw and knife. Intellectual atrophy  is the result of the Kubus' environment. The words they know are almost as few as the ideas they try to  express.-���������London Globe.  m    _  bj M.'f? ,4 ������T\ J     KtiJtiTa    L7   A /J A CTTTID I/1  a  at the Neat Institute wiii absolutely cure the excessive Drinker  ������f- all craving and desire for  akcholic drink in any form/ and  this without the use of hypodermic injectior*.?. There are no bad  after-effects. Booklet and complete information on request.  The Neal Institute Co., Lid  S02 Seventeenth  West.  "C/lJUU-  A A  "L   A  sea  Ave.  405 Broadwav.  WINNIPEG  2244 Smith Street,  REGINA  NERVOUS DISEASES  IN THE SPRING  Cured    by    Toning   the    Blood    And  Strengthening the  Nerves.  It is the opinion of the best medical authorities, after long observation, that nervous diseases are move  common and* more serious in tho  trpring than at any other time of tho  year. Vital changes Jn the system,  after long winter months, may cause  nuch more trouble than the familiar  spring weakness and weariness from  which most people suffer as the result of indoor life, In poorly ventilated and often overheated buildings.  Official records provo that In April  and May neuralgia, St. Vitus dance,  epilepsy and othor forms of nerve  troubles are at their worst, and that  then, more than any other tlmo, a  blood-making, nerve-restoring tonic  is neoded.  The antiquated custom of taking  purgatives in the spring Is useless,  for tho system really needs strengthening, whllo purgativoB only gallop  through tho bowels, leaving you -wenleer. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are the  host inertIclno, for thoy actually make  the vow, rich, rod blood that feeds  tho starved nerves, and thus euro  tho many forms of nervous disorders*.  They euro also such othor forms of  spring troubles as hcadachon, poor  appotlto, woaknosu In tho limbs, as  well lis romovo unBlghtly pimples and  eruptions. In fact thoy unfailingly  bring now health and strength to  weak, tired und dupiomied men, women and children.  Sold by all medicine doalors or by  mall at GO nont.s a box or six boxes,  for $2.50 from Tho Dr. Will lams' Mo-  dlchirt  Co-, TVroekvllln. Ont.  ��������� ���������������������������-������������������-  ���������-   ������������������  Thero aro six hundred professional  story tollers In Toklo, who wandor  from hot.so Lo hoiino to spin ynrnn nt  ihe v'lto of V'O ooritn nn hour. Tho  story toiler learns a now not of morion when ho fiiidn tho old ones got ling  wo**n.  Troublesome English.  The Liverpool tramway authorities  have furnished two quaint additions  to tha literature of notices. Some  years ago this notice was posted in  the Liverpool cars: "Passengers are  requested to pay no more pennies  than the conductor in their presence  punches holes in their tickets for.".  This was criticized, and another effort as made and posted: "Passengers are requested to pay no more  pennies than for which the conductor;  in their presence,. punches holes in  their "tickets!" This, too, was pronounced a. failure, and the official  concluded that language had not yet  been Invented which would express,  what they felt. But don't you know  exactly what the official notice  meant?���������The London Chronicle.  REST AND HEALTH TO MOTHER AND CHILD.  Mrs. WtNst.ow'8 Soothing Syrup.has been  tjsed for over SIXTY YEARS by MI-t-ClONS of  MOTHERS for their CHILDREN WHIL������  TEETHING, with PERFECT SUCCESS. It  SOOTHES the CHILD, SOFTJBNS the G CMS.  ALLAYS all PAIN ; CURES WINJO COLIC, and  is the best remedy for DlAREHCSA. It is absolutely harmless. 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"Yoa," agreed tho tooth tuggor  cheerfully, "that In truth was my  contract for the  performance."  "Well," queried  tho tormented ono.  "But you yelled so loudly that  you've scared away three other  throo dollar patients!"���������-Now York  Mall..  are honestly made ana -zhelr absolute  perfection in every detail is the result  of our 5G years experience In High Grade  Shoe Building. They are absolutely tho  most popular and best shoes for the price  In Canada. Stocked hy leading dealers  everywhere. *  the john Mcpherson co.. ltd.,  Hamilton, Ont.  Wwm Your Eyes Heed Care  -Try Murine Eye Remedy. No Smarting���������Feels  ITino���������Acts Quiukly. Try It for Red, Wea������v  Watery Eyes and Granulated Eyelids. Illuu-;.  trateil Rook iu eaeu Paekuge. Murine iu  cuuij-'iumlftd hy our OoullruR���������not a "Patent Mea������;  Uilno"���������but usod In uucuobbCiU lniyflicliuis'l'rao-  t.li\o for wmny years. Now rti*dlcni*������'l to tlio Piil*-  llo nnd sola by OrunKlRts ut lifto nnd BOoi per nottle.  Murine lflyo Halvu In Asoptlo Tul-oB������'2fio awl B������o.  ���������Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chloaso  ARI^NG^)|^Gi^^  ^���������^EcRTWM  i''&&&^^^  9  Ihaf ANYONE  can use  cTiwl'and theiiftWJiUlaKrownon. 'i'liedoi ler | ijo nnM for 'ho onb In Iho moiit lord-  mull! not h-MI-vi" Mi* ovy/i ������\V<-������ V..V-li li" saw . ,v fr,���������>,),���������, ,,,���������* H,,������|m|..," nil hlH ������li.l|i-."h-  th������t Cuilriif* ������md cured innfciiil t.i������i.l tl.i������i ho . -rnvollim' flrfit rhiHn thoiifh ho  ���������woiiUl me t'uuftiim for bin own |,atl>iHi. T,,r rn*.������i"m, nrni riiiHii, uniiii.o ie  luit for ili������ CiiHiiii* Itiuri'dlri I tiilirht lmv������ ] 1,-irt not tho uioriov' to tmv for tho  lout mv lir*.    I ,*m truly (tr_t������-jui tut J.I10 |i|/.i.^',     Tint.   M'oo   wpm   hiokl������*������   for.  "I ������VwaviJ rwommetid It moit hlirluy tum nuio I *a"i   n������������   '''"'''"    ������������������"   '��������� ���������!>".>    ���������-���������  ������n<1   nmiiMii.^.   v     '....    ���������',������������������������������������"      *    "--   ''���������-������-   ''ilnr-w  (MijtnB'D Mmo. J. ", JU>h*ui1. -J.7 Mt-utiim*. 1 "r;,,r,iM,vo," nho orlod, "Von will  BUKontrcal. 1l!|v.,,  ,,.f(   for  Mu,  mti������lnr-������i|  br.fnro T  m������ft!RX������il*J!^ !'���������"���������"- 1"*Mr   ��������� *'���������"���������' ���������"��������� *hn ���������������������������"������������������'  ������tul most (urotiomlnni 'rVn'tmi-nt tor uku\ and  i������rmlp liiiuuili*.   ������U-,ld by druER'ntf* and d-n������������������r������������  Vitl'^T���������*&$. l������rtol&ru[To'.\V^ to too! yo,������ ^ViM'i, not 1,'oilhllllK  Co������p��������� 40 tolumbui Avo., liostoa, V.ti.L  < about  un*.1  f  mv   1'oliifr  nlnno   in   1/uhiimi   mo,-,--  r,.r,.  s*!ih    your    plnvuiro.    T nhould  'Mi^wmrsrxtMow.u  A plon for tho relndeor nnd tho  musk ox Is made hy Knud RnsnuiHHon  nnd Tutor Froucohn, tho Danish polar  oxploiors, who have sent a report on  tliclr !nvc*s1.lgntlons from North-western Greenland to tho Itoynl Geo-  ���������iraphlcnl Society In Copcnhngon. Tho  explorers way that the roindeor nro  nil but. extinct In uio Capo York (list-  nipt, only thirty-live head remaining.  Miitdc oxon aro now only found in 131-  l.'nmovo Tjiind, and Amorlcnn hunters  aro snid to bo oxtoi'inlnnting tliom ut  u rapid rate.  ranscngor���������"Why nro wn so Into?"  Ounrd������������������"Well.    sir.    tho    train    In  front was bohiud, mid tills -tr-ilu wan  behind heforo bosldos."���������Punch.  Too Much.  A local author, whoso name wo  aro loath to print, was called upon  by a friend ono dny early this week,.  "I am g->lng on a long Journey by  train," ho snld, "and 1 know you  have a dandy library, and I want  Homctlilng to road on route. What  havo you to lend mo?"  "I hato to boimt, but I havn an awfully l'unny onu.. Hero Is my latest  book, 1 won't, mako you givo u  bank If you'll ndvortlHo It,"  "Hut how can 1 do that?"  ��������� KC.Ul   lk   oil   iii,]   1.1,iiu    hih-u.   ,...,,...,  o.,r. '-'"'' ''", T>'' Innch honrtllv  tivory  few  inlnutoH."  Tho book wiih accoptod, but a Tow  dnvs later tho author rocolvod thin  telegram:  "Iti'ltu'it I'uok lmiuwllh. Don't  , want It 011 terms quoted."  Waiting For Tho Ego-  Mrs Johnstone, tho wife of the  now mlnlstor in a Now England  town, ask ml a neighboring farmer's  boy to bring her a dozen eggs and a  roasting chlokon when ho brought  tho vegetables the noxt day. The  boy appeared promptly but In his.  basket    wuro only eleven eggs.  "Ma says she will send over tho  other ogg aftor a whllo," ho explained.  "nut what about tho ohlclcon?**  Mrs ,Tohnson asked. . "That, does  not seem to bo hero olthor."  "Sho will send that, too," was tho  anew or.  "Thit," complained Mrs .TohtiHon,  "I want to cook the chick on for dinner. Why didn't you bring It over  with you this tlmo?"  ������������������ThieniiBO," replied tho boy, "tho  hen isn't, ltlllod yet. , You son, ma's  walling till oho lays tlio other egg."  ������������������l-ilppincott's,  Idyerl AUL these  DIFFERENT KINDS    of Goods  -j������������������- with the SAME Duo.,  ,r^      I used  "AILK1NDS0|,po������ps]  OU-AN and QINIPLB io U������ft,  l-TOchino* of uilngr lli<-WnOMODy* for Hi* Mood*  on* liui lit color. All color* from yniir Pi-uuul-it o������  pe.l.r. 1'llUltColorC������rJ������iul BTOItY llooUI������ll(  Tha Johnioii-nicliRrtltoa Co������ 'JmlUil, Muntrua  ���������*_���������>-  ft  ft  Bine���������"Shall I put on my maclcln-  lo������di and nni out. nnd por.t this letter  mother?"  Mother���������'No, dear; It's not fit for  a dog to bo out a night llko this.. Lot  your father post it!"���������London  Opinion.  English "as alio Is. apolcon, and  wrote" on this oontlnoht, is a funny  language. A portor carrying over  two thousand dollars to a hank oiv  Ilroadway met a thief, who tried to  knock him down. This In dosorlbod  In tho papers as an "attempted holdup."  Mlnard's Liniment relieves Neuralgia.  There Is probably moro trashy stuff  sold In tho biiKiiig powder Jiiw  than In any other lino. Most  of it contains largo quantities ot  nlum. To avoid tho uso of this dangerous nrl:l, hoo that, all ingredients  aro plalnlj' stated In lflngllsli on tho  PIICKUKO, AllO     V������������"������ li.l      '������"w    .*m....        'y  M:..  ;���������:*."'_���������;**���������:'*- <*r *lo ������n   "������'1. In not huHI-  clcnt. I  Londou -.iiunloju moro factory workers than any other city In tho Unltod  Kingdom.  "Who In you opinion In tho great  est hero of polar exploration?"  "Woll," replied tho ovoryday citizen, " I don't .protend to bo a Judgo,  Hut tliat follow who camo hack and  owned up that ho wasn't tho Jlrst ta  arrive appeals to ino pretty strong*  ly."  It v/ao a girl's baskotball toam and  play had bem atranuouu.  "Irf.no hns fainted." cried someone.  "Steady, gins." cried tho captain  "Give her a Uttlo air and pass th*  fudg-V'���������Washington Herald.  W. N. U. NO. 80b.  uat1 ii.iiMj'aU'.a'? 'bwwiu'Ww "���������" >������ i. "*iw  'wwaif���������'   -1-III,II������W.II1MIUIII|II<II!III^MW������W������<W������WWW  -<3l C.P.R.   CALGARY   SHOPS  3reat Car Shops to be Erected by the  C.P.R. at Calgary, to be Known  as The Ogden Shops.  A. A. P. McDowell publisher of the  Press, at Jlaysland, Alberta, is a native of Ontario, having been born at  Tillsonburg  in   186G.       Shortly   after  Tlie great car shops which the Can  ~idian Pacific Railway Co. is erecting  jear Calgary, A-herta,  will rank am-  ������������������������������������ -mgst    the r biggest    undertakings of  ���������Canada's great - transcontinental', road.  They are happily named the "Ogden  i Shops", "in honor of Mr, I. G: Ogden,  one of the vice-presidents of the eom-  iyany, and the town which will grow  ���������tip around thenv is also to be called  Ogden.    The shops are of course, to  be of the* mOst modern construction  and equipment, and will consist of a  group of twenty buildings, and occupy an area of 120 acres of land, the  locomotive      works,   alone    covering  trom six to eight acres.    The Ogden  ���������shops are intended by the C.P.R. to  ���������provide for the repairs to equipment  *on it" western lines.    That they will  have plenty of work to do is evidonc-  ' <ed  from  the fact that  the  Canadian  j Pacific  Railway makes it a point to  ��������� completely overhaul its rolling stock  ;at least once a year. Tht3 company  ���������does this so that its equipment' may  ��������� always be in the highest possible  -state of' efficiency. A few years ago  -:the Angus shops at Montreal and the  .-shops at Winnipeg* were sufficient for  *this work, but the C. & P.R.'s equip-  oneht "has increased so greatly within  last few years, that the Ogden shops  .are  a  necessity.    .Between   two   and  three thousand men will be employed,  ���������-and they will be systematically hous-.  -ed oti a uTOueiu plan taut will make"  "the town of Ogden one of the world's  v model hives of industry and an ideal  ��������� residential place for the workingman.  The naming of the shops after Mr.  'Ogden is a particularly happy choice  'hy Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, for that  , gentleman is one of the real old  guard of the C.P.R., a veteran in-  --deed, having for thirty-one years giv-  ��������� en the best of his talents to the com-  ipany's service.  A New Yorker by birth, belonging  to a family of financiers, his fore-  1 fathers having been bankers, Mr. Ogden has spent the larger portion of  his busy life in the finance departments of railways.   In 1871, he became  ��������� paymaster    and    accountant    ot. the  Chicago    &���������   Pacific     uaiiway     and  ������������������five  vears later was auditor of that  , company.     The  high    refutation  he  gained with the C. & P.R. attracted attention towards him, and at the birth  -of> the Canadian Pacific Railway Company in 1881 he was selected to take  --charge of the finances of the western  -division of the/ road,  with headquarters at Winnipeg.    Two years excellent work in the west was followed  "toy his promotion to. the position of  '-chief auditor of the    entire  system,  - t_e higher title    of controller being  "~bestowed upon him in 1887..    Other  ."honors quickly followed, and in 11)01  "he   was  made  vice-president  of  the  ���������company,  having    naturally the fin-  -ancesof the large? corporation particularly node, his charge.  During all these years Mr. Ogden  -displayed rare financial    abilityjfj-md  ��������� -acumen, and in the. struggling days  ���������of the company���������and there were not  , -.a few of them in the eighties and the  ���������early ���������nineties���������his advice and "knowledge materially aided in tiding the  *C.P,R. over, many a: financial diffl-  '���������culty. His "work, indeed, would form  a large part of the history of the.C.  P.     R. " ;��������� ;"    '  In    having    the:   Company's; huge  --. -works at the foothills of, the Canadian  Rockies named after him* Mr. Ogden  "-?������������       V.A*^I       A        <..������.*!..       Jl ..������..*__��������� .a        J.^1%...!..        .   ���������  ju    |,um    c*    juDu;    uosciveu    t,riLmtl>   - -������  ���������tribute none the less to his many exponent  qualities .of. head . and  heart  v -than-tohia fereat financial genius and  -to hla long years" tit loyalty and faithfulness to th*-* great corporation with  which he has been associated from its  Infancy, and with which he has grown  "to see it take the foremost place amongst the  great transportation companies of the world.  '"..      i .', '. i"���������   ������-'  Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator  will drive worms    from    the system  without injury to the child, because  Its action,    wnile    fully    effective, is  ���������mild.  the publication of the Liberal began,  Can-    j-.,,- ���������������-*.*./,������>,���������������.     x>-   *iT^r*..!������.^   *-w���������   ,...ui���������..i  by Dresser & McGuire, the subject  of this sketch began the mastery of  the pi-inters' art, and'when William  McGuire assumed entire charge of  the Liberal'remained With him, putting in more tha-u four years in one  office. , He was afterwards employed on the Tillsonburg Observer,  spent some time on the Pacific Coast  where he was employed in Seattle  and Whatcom (now Bellingham).  In the latter place he '.'bad ''charge of  the job department in the; office of  the Reveille, but gave! up the position to return to Ontario 'just previous to his mother's death' in the  fall of 1889.. In 1890 aiid .18.91 he  served a.i foreman in the office of  the Hera Id-Record at Wallaceburg,  Ont., then went to Michigan,' accepting a position on the Enterprise at  Cass City and in the following year  buying a half interest in that,paper.  In 3894 he became sole owner'of tho  Enterprise and continued as such until the spring of 1906, when he sold  his business' interests to a competitor and came to Alberta. lie at  first accepted a position, in the office  of the Edmonton Bulletin, first in  the news room and'later in the job  department. In the fall of 180S he  went as foreman in the office of the  Mail (now defunct) at Camrose, remaining until the spring of 1901, when  he located ir. Dayslar.d and?conimen-  ced . the publication of the Press,  then the only paper between Cam-  rose and oaskatoon, - either on the  C.PiR. or the G.T.P.. Notwithstanding the fact that now nearly every  town oii both those lines of railway  has a paper of its own, the Press  continues to hold a good patronage  aud has moved to very desirable  quarters of its own, on one of tho  very best corners in town. This  has only been possible because of  the editor's high ideals of journalism  and his determination to carry them  out as far as can be made practical  in so small a town in so new a district. It is generally recognized as  being one of the best local Weeklies  iii Alberta.  ivIOONEY make their biscuits.  They have found that"iMOOr*SEY'S  BISCUITS are just a  little crisper, just a little creamier, just a little thinner, just a little  more appetizing.  MOONEY'S BISCU ITS are just good enough to take the place  the product of the home ovenl   Use   HB. BB^vJ Bm  m am,  -^ *" '  1     <W  e   iw-r^a   &__���������%*���������* e bv/i^s  qODA BteuUi is  Made in the big sanitary factory Sri Wiaiilpeg*  The biscuit that's good for every meal of every day0    tn  air tight, dust proof, damp  proof packages or sealed tins, 9  1^ B  iViany  And  Colds are the  Starting  Point of  Serious Diseases.  Red snow is often seen in Spring  at the head of Aipine glaciers,    sci-  was due to the presence of innumerable tiny reddish insects; but it is  | now known to be caused by a micro-  ' scopical plant, which is pink when  growing and a deep crimson when in  a state of maturity.  B  Internally and Externally it fs  Good.���������The crowning property of Dr.  Thomas' Electric Oil is that it can be  used internally for many complaints  as well as externally. For sore  throat, croup, whooping cough, pains j  in the chest, colic, and many kindrel  ailments it has curative qualities that  are unsurpassed- _ A bottle of it  costs little and there" Is no loss in always having it -at baud.  When Oranges Were Taboo In Holland.  ���������Oranges .were for some years a prohibited fruit in Holland. When tho  Batavian republic was established the  Tiadgo and color of the Stadholder'B  family beeama so hateful to the popular, oarty that not satisfied with expelling their prince, thoy passed a  law forbidding the sale of oranges  and carrots, and ordering all persons  who grew llilos or marigolds In thoir  gardens to pluck up the plants and  doBtroy thorn. This prohibition remained In foroo until 1806, whon Napoleon made,his brother Louis King  of Holland.���������London Chronicle.  No Unusual Sight.  Mr. Newlyrit- (who has at last  manoeuvred his ruby ring under the  eyes of the great foreign banker)���������  Ah, baron, I see you've at last noticed  mj* beautiful rubies! '  The Baron (sadly���������.Ach, yes! Dey  make me think of home. I haf a  mah^lepleth of dem dere.-���������Sketch.  "I have always wondered," said the  newly-arrived missionary to the genial cannibal, "what became of my  predecessor."  "Oh, he," returned the cannibal���������  "he has gone into the interior."  "Did you hear about Plckleham?"  "No."  "He   went    home    last  night  and  broke up the furniture and a lot of  dishes and chased his wife out into  ihe street."  :  "What was the matter with him?"  "Why, some woman in one of th^se  suffrage meetings alluded to him as  a model husband-"���������Cleveland Plain  Dealer.  "My dad knows mor'n George "Washington did*' sa,id the small boy.  "How's that?" queried tho grocer.  "Last night," continued the small  boy. when I told dad I hadn't be<*n  skathv he said lit* kiieWu better, an"  gimme a llckln' fer lyln'. George  Washington couldn't tell a lie, but  dad kin tell one the minute her hears  It."--Chicago Socialist.  You Can  Make Short Work of a Cold  bv Using  DR. CHASE'S SY^P  UNSEEDANB  TUKFliN lINfc  Sudden changes of tenaperature are  fatal in results. The shock to the  human system is more than most people can standi, and everywhere you  hear sneezing and coughing. r  You may be sure that some of  these colds, will develop into pneumonia or consumption. Others wiL  settle on the kidnsys, and result in  serious disease or bring on rheumatic  or bodily pains.  The danger is in lettincr colds run  on/ By beginning promptly with Dr.  Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine and taking small doses .frequently you can keep the cough loose,  check the inflammation, and soon rid  the system entirely of the cold, and  all tbe many possibilities for evil  which it possesses.  Don't think that anything is good  enough for a cold. There are lots  of cough mixtures. But if you want  a standard medicine of proven merit,  something that you can depend on in  time of sickness, you will be satisfied  with Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed  and Turpentine.  Children like it- Being composed of  simple ingredients, It is particularly  suited to their needs. Its enormous  sales prove its effectiveness. 25  cents a bottle, family size (i0 cents, at  all dealers, or Edmauson, Bates &  Co., Limited, Toronto.  Itiiment fo** saie everywhere  Matching Them  Up..  Mrs De Style���������"Marie, I shall take  one of the children to church with  me." ���������''.'.  The Maid���������"Yes'm."  Mrs Be Style���������"which one will go  best with my purple gown?"���������-Answers.  '" J.  Ancient Well Uncovered.  An ancient woll has been uncovered during , excavations at the old  Castlo of ArdroBBan, Ayrshire. A,  flight (it twonty-soven slop,.- led down  to It,'imd Uio water'was clear and  wholesome though tlio well has boon  covered  f������'r  centurion.  Nearly half of tho fatal accidents'  in coal mines arcs duo to falling rock  or con,l and loss than one-fourth to  ���������oxplosldns    or fires.  The Beauty of a Clear Skin.���������The  condition of the liver regulates the  condition of the blood. A disordered  liver causes impurities in the blood  and these sho wthemselves in blemishes on the skin. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills in acting upon the liver  act upon the blood and a clear,  healthy skin will: follow intelligent  use of this standard medicine. Ladies,  "who will fully appreciate this prime  quality of these pills, can use them  with the certainty that the effect will  be most gratifying. ?  To lessen the fire risk a German  company is making a specialty of  steel, furniture for ships, painted and  grained to resemble wood.  Austria-Hungary has tho least tele-  phono service. Ih proportion to population, of a-iy Eurnponn country..  C.LEIAN   HANDS  Six horses draw the State coach of  the Lord Mayor; and Its weight is  3 tons 16 hundredwelghta.,,. ..:  Canada possesses over 1,200 newspapers, of;'which 117, ;arej published  dally.  Nothlnfl To  Regret.  "You find* a NvoIn of humor sometimes behind tho bluo unlrorm of a  railroad conductor," said the old  traveller.  "I had occasion to go up to the  Susquehanna Railroad during the recent cold shop.' It; \vas hard steaming for the locomotive, and when wo  got to Newfoundland tho train waB  throo-Quartors of an hour late A  fussy paBBdhKor across tho alBlo fromi  mo was, tun-drnr at the delay.  ��������� '"t wonder how late we shall bo|  at Stroudsburg?' said ho to tho conductor, who camo through tho car  just then.  , *" 'Maybe an hour and a half,' was  tho response.  "Tho funny pasenger ripped out a  cuss word.  ������������������My friend,' said tho conductor,  Rontly, 'how long are you going to  Btay In Stroudsburg?"  '"All night and all day tomorrow.  Why?"  " 'Well, my friend, after you havo  been in Stroudsburg twelve hours  you will wish ' that this train had  been v.bout twenty years late.'"  Growth -of The Aluminium  Industry.  Although the early expectations of  the wholesale substitution of aluminium for steel and iron have not, for  very good reasons, materialized, it  has shewn such a perfect adaptability to certain of the arts that the do-,  marid for the new alloy has grown  enormously.  From a production In the United  States of less than 100,000 pounds in  1883. in 1893 tho output had grown to  350,000 pounds, in 1903 to 7,500,000  pounds, and to-day It is In excess of  60,000,000 pounds.  The skeleton alone of an average  whale weighs twenty-five tons.  Warts are unsigbtiy blemishes, and  corns are painful growths. Hol-  loway's   Corn Cure will remove them.  "Shopping again! I should think  you'd save your money and prepare  for a rainy day!"  "That's what I'm doing. What uo  vou suppose I bought all these sua  stockings for?"  Strange Bird on Liner.  When the Pacific liner Oronsa,  which has arrived in the Mersey, was  on the Patagonian coast, a valuable  white, bird, with brilliant orange-colored, beak, struggled gamely on board.  It had been blown far out of Its latl-  *J fl rl si,  KUUL>  English natural history it was carefully looked after by the bos'un. The  wings stretch out some rour feet, and  it is of the crnne or hpron family.   i. , ..  A friend was onco talking with a  crazy woman, when a stingy man  passed by.  "Do you see that man?" she said,  with a cunning smile. "You could  blow his soul through a 'sparrow's  bill into a fiy's eye, and tho Hy  wouldn't wink."  A LOVELY BABY BOY  This   Mother    is    Quite   Enthusiastic  Over a Well Known Food.  _"������IMi  ���������������������������**jSS2������  1Bo * Tii*.  ������tlll������'i. (li* <>niOlNA*.v������nd UttflT. JtUND  "OMClNffll Will '.���������#_yy������ ������>.������������������������ *������<". ������Ui_������  ���������tal'ltlniU.  The Siamese Twins.  Thoy woro coming out of tho  thirty-fourth Stroot sldo oftho hotel  wheru ono a- the most important of  thoflpoculativo olinuos now In control   of   hr>   Tf-iovlrnt   mnlrnn   (to   T,.ln'!*;t!**'  hoad'innrtoru.  The young man was enthusiastic,  "Thoro'o a small fortune In this  turn In Union." ho was saying.  "I've got Home, und to-morrow, Just  nfter the onenlntr I'm ~nln~ to <*v������>  some more. You don't got a tip  itHM unit iivtiij uiiy, r��������� comes  ntralftlitifroi,: th** Inijildo."  "flpr*,",, fdmarkod tho. other, cynically "It comes with tlio utock." ���������  Puok.  Mrs. J. W. Pntoman, 34 Harriot St.,  Toron'to, In writing about Ncavo's  TOood snyn ".When I flrnt knew ono of  my friends, hor baby Jaok was eight  months old nnd dying by Inches. Sue  had tried throe foods bocauso hor.  Jack could not digest milk. Xt Inst,  I letchod her a tin of Nonvo's Pood.  At the cud of a month, Jack was rap-  Idly gaining flash und was bright and  happy. Ho Is a lovoly boy now and  alio declares Neavo'a Food saved IHr  life.    And It did.  Then I recommended It to a friend  on Victoria Avonuo. Sho had a baby  ti months old that was nut. thriving  a hit. Sho put thw baby on Noavo's  Food und at tho,end ot three months,  the baby was twlco tho slzo.  I havo novor soon two bigger, stronger boys than mine for thoir ages  and wo owe It all to Neuvo'R Food.  I havo the utmost faith In Noavo's  Food."'  ������ivl.uC.'M      uttii      iw������ ont������.-������.;ii M,     illl'llltnM  can obtain a free tin of Neavo'ii Food  and a valuable book "Hints About  Uuby" by willing Edwin Utley, Mil  Front Stroot Euut, Toronto, who Is  tlio Canadian tigum. For uule by all  rivitrr'lol"  8MIc������ah Hmv,  qiilcttiy atoD* cnutlha. our*)** colili, lipals  tUa tliro-tt mid Inntis . ���������       lili conl.i.  A RELIABLE  Baby's Own Tablets are a safe medicine for all little ones. They are  guaranteed by a government analyst  to be absolutely free from opiates and  other harmful drugs���������that is why so  many mothers will give their baby  nothing else in the way ,o������ medicine.  Concerning them Mrs. John Thompson, Coutts, Alta., says: "I have  "given* my baby, when needed, Baby's,  Own Tablets and think they are the  best lemedy for constipation, I have  ever used. I would not be without  them in the house." The Tablets are  sold by medicine dealers or by mall  at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine  Co.,  Brockvllle,  Ont.  A Jolt to Romance.  "How about that young doctor?  Has he proposed?"  "Not yot. Papa nearly ruined  everytliing last night."  "Just as the doctor was pleading  for a noep at my cyos, papa camo in  nnd'asked him to take a look at my  tonsils."  Tho   total   number of Territorials  In Now Zealand exceeds 30,000.  Mtnard't   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.  "Last night my wife and myself  had the most foolish squabble of our  married career."  "What was tho nubject of your dla  pute?"  "How we would Invest our monoy if  we had any."  Couldn't Help  It.  Simeon Ford was talking to a New  York reporter about the breakages  that happen in hotels.  "An average amount of breakages  you don't mind," he said, "but now  and then you happen on a waiter or  a chambermaid whose breakages  pass all bounds of reason."  Mr Ford then recounted the breakages achieved in one day by a chambermaid of this Gtamp.. ���������  "I found out after she left," ho ended, "that she wasn't a genuine chambermaid at all. She was an elot-  phant trainer really, but she had  been compelled to give up that profession bocauso she couldn't handle  the elephants without breaking their  tusks."���������Ney York Press..  It was his first visit to Amorlca,  arid he was anxious to see as much  of it as possible In a short timo. In  a brlof visit to the South ho mot an  aged negro who had been a slave.  "How Interesting!" he remarked.  "And aftor the war you had your  Croedoiii?"  Tho old man looked at him half  sadly, half sheepishly, shook hie  woolly head, and said:���������  "No sah. I didn't git no freedom���������  l went and got nuuvlcd."  ������������������'#���������1  ���������"How do I.know tfiat Windsor T������_h������ Smtk>?!$|  v'^'5r  fa pure ? I'll ������how vou;r".:." "- T"       "*''.-  ���������Xoolc at the^ealt us*lf--������ee he*- clear an*; - *  it^'iv*!  instantly  Ma'am���������It's tlie only salt we irecominend^.i'^]  for tabic use and for cookinu". ���������  ,'���������: . l\l-4A  "'        "'      *' ' 'vW''$^"|  ��������������� 1��������� _f ���������i  BM.B*w������fl?**_T^_k_T_i  TABl������  ���������tim  +m  Old Screc!_l,umns'-;,T.7^|  In Breast, Growt  removed and !ieaS������>. ������,'.  ed by a Dimple       *; -iVj..  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The farm laborer mis employed * u-,,  a solicitor of Landrindod Wells to de- f,'.  vole his time to scouring tho Inheri- ��������� A  t.ance, and Price Goodwin Boavan ftaa .��������� W'  left tho farm at Llwynlllly, oxchang-'. fc  Infer his slouch hat, corduroys and *"  gniters for a new black suit and hard  felt bat. Beavan is now being, dolus- ' \'J\  id with hundreds of bogging letters \  and leitu-m suggoHting investments \  for his money, besides which ho is  nskod to conti'lbuto to scores of bono- .  volont nnd church projects.  f'ft  Nature's law* aro perfect if only we obey tlietn, but dinewc follows diaobedi*- ������*>;  ���������nee,   Oo ntrfliiht to Nutiire for tho euro, to tbe forest; there tire mv������teri������a there,   ,,.  tama ot wliioh we can (hthom for you.   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No. 005.  proportions, and you have  DOCTOR PIERCE'S GOLDEN MEDBCAL DISCOVERY.  It took Dr. Tierce, Trim the assistance ol two leurnad oberaists and pharma*  oists, many months of hard work experimentin-* to perfect  V.'.lz v������.j*w*.wl>lw Mi������u<Mt.(va uuii lonio estreat ot tlie Kreatest  eflicieuoy.  Mm. c. W. r\.mMY, ot Mlllvllln, Ciillf,writes: "1 wish  to toll yon that 1 have usod -your'Golden Medical Discovery' in my.family for twenty yearn.   Wo havo had ������  r.^rl."T ";.',,!.",;. !., .,;,i...... ^^i,./������.th *.in������-i< i.uiui. i juivo u, i^uuiy  of tmi eblldrrtn all w<������ll *..ii k~������-.-������������) f-������ ,..j.j������j:> ���������- ^ ^-;-;.^-,  oxtont, w������ owe thanks to you and your 'Goldim Medical  Discovery ' and ' Pollots,' which wo u*w when lick."  t4  f  1  ,  __  r-  I  ���������  A  <  \M  .  'm  .  -���������  ������  1  #*���������  1  c xv. r*v������i-_ii, emi*.  Dr. 1'ieroe'��������� Pleasant Pellets regulate and invigorate)     ���������  ���������touiaebj, liver aud bowels.   Sugur-^oated, tiny granules. f& 'Jtjjj  a.-i i������-iii������iia it,-n������ni-tiia)iiiii,������������  iii)riii'ft'i*i-iiffiiiiifirriirWiir  MMMWIHHkw  _-���������aaa__  Mfew^MMaAM^^t^'i^^^  ���������������fc*M***to*rt^i&mm&&i8itti  mm*wmmmmmmmWm/aa%  mmmmm*mmmmmmmm mti  ���������Et-':'-'...- ������������������  i&Y*..--  W&ti  ti ������������������  Ef."  R;.  *:  ft*.  _S>:  I.  J *  *  .",    PuhMAed every   Friday at Oreston, Bsifeish Columbia, by the Creston Print-j  (sir ������ttd Publishing Company, Ltd.  |\  "  *  ".*  v  li.'  L  CHEWIER L.  WYKN  Editor and Manager.  __^T_fe������5vieW is the acknowledged advertising medium of tbe Creston valley, cir- c.,iy  eclating ia over one thousand homes throughout, the Crestou district sua j w  Teaching out in a broad manner into other communities.   Our advertising rates j (������0  are based on the scale of the Kootenay and Boundary Printers' Board of Trade. ��������� ^n  - Band purchase and land lease notices, $7 for statutory time.     Displnv' adver- j V.->  tisements, Si per inch per month; other advertising 10 cents per line first issue ��������� ($?j  and 5 cents"per line in succeeding weeks.   Subscription rates $3.00 a year m -x-  auivi&nce.   Our colanms are open to contributions dealing in matters of local interest and the welfare of the" community.    Contributions must be brief and  .- sigsed, -.      -  "Clean-up Day" ! Would it be possible for Creston to  have one of these most necessary annual celebrations? Tliat  is the wav thev are looked unon in the other cities and  towns of the Dominion and the United States. Once a year  everybody in the district turns to with a will and cleans up.  Not the house ! The good housewives attend to that. But  the town, the front yards, the back yards, the areas around  ^he business establishments, every bit of space in the city.  It is not looked upon as work. It partakes more of the  nature of play, with the men, women and children the players.  Certainly so town in the Province needs a. cleaning up  ^v^%v^>#^l \/-&KJ   wul   make   no   mistake  "^ --���������������������������  3;"   - ���������- \ I        when 3'ou get oft the tram  1 ii" you sign the register at    <&  \ T"r.-   r /;.._! th"*-    f\-.-.qf->i*     TiT^+p]            T*_^-.ol:_._.      /5&  ���������"'   '! ���������                                                                      o     /_*i  Hotel o* tbe I men   Vv '^   substantiate ..this.    We    W  "          '���������*      | study   the   comfort of our guests*  Fruit    joelt j The  rooms are well furnished in  \ a uiauner up-to-date.         '.���������',���������'������������������..'���������''���������.������������������'  ������  pum-tMftrfis**..,.^ B mrrttrssam  Oar   Guests I .  r> i ���������    s?    '   ii Headquarters  for Mining Men,  I -Lumberrueu,   Ranchers,   Tourists  |_ _| aud Commercials.  8<*s'*3/ xss:-v xs*^* NiK.-;  **irT-T,-itt-ff���������g-il^-sasgea:a.-wscw������;.^i������������-'  /* B* Moran  i-aiuiiy . xiemeaies has just been received.    Below is  a partial list of New Goods.  r>3Tals Quinine and Iron Tonic,  Spring Sasfiparilla  Blood purifier.  Stone root Compound  '  ii  Dollar bottles  __B_i  SSI  it  ii  ii  ti  ������{  ��������� <i  ii  u  _r2i  Digestive Tonic?.-  Dyspepsia Tablets-  Fac  e Cream  rmy ������weiit comes  Fifty cent boxes  %%  25c Tars  #*   aud uume.ous other good preparations;  3&   = -- -  'V  ������%  ���������-���������������������_asfas^~  Prop,  #  3_^_*^  _������������������ r_ _s **������������������   f,,*!^a^_"'^-**  I    ^,T������ C* *-**-���������>������*���������*<  IT  Wworrv  ^pbB _5   B  are littered with  papers, tiujj  /������a������c  f\rtA   niopae  <-vf t-t-i V������|>i ell     r������-f  !.?**'_!! ���������������^l^W.WI.,,..,.,|lfc..    ^.m   i,,,^!,!^..^,   ������n 1 i 1 ���������   ' 11 Trrrrii i-__M"a"- tttiV i,"ir~i" ���������  V     ���������g^-P,���������!T*rt'ffSia     iH������i������r?o !^^_-vll*--     _^*^r^     "5!  Phone 51  yv1*" ���������������*****���������*���������***��������� ��������� ii eiwswi^ia'iJi  ���������n "i'itVMiuiWri"������iiiritii>_iBi  IC"^^  ?������?  ^  3-  ill  rlesorinfions-     The   back 11  ���������*" j| ���������--������...���������. ���������..ivi>   iui.i  pt-ouaciive  varieties.    Propagated  under tne  yards are worse, however.   A stranger coming into tovvu the ||  *'w',st f'lvw'-b'^ oimditam-' fwm tho r. ai. Keiiogg strain of pedigree plants.  '__._! 1    _ _ _       *ui ^i j**- *   4.1     1       5!rirt,*lfl������li'rfhiufflDaF.O. B. \Vynu,h-l.    i0������o discount on  all  orders  other day remarked most lorciblv upon the condition ot the-  u uu i-eimiiaiti-i;' iu iiiu voceived before March 20th.  K&5  S%������&     SSL.     BU.  place.    What one stranger noticed others surely make nieuj]   ^*!*H?-!W-!^-^*^^  tion of.    Such a condition certainly   does  no  good for the IJ  commnsitv.  tnfsU-^itAU WBG-g;  ���������S--@@������&:@S#:&&&'������&:Sg������g;&&^:������J.@C>:g&:g;@  1 Transfer, Livery and Feed Stables I  I (Best equipped Livery in Town) 1  |? All class of TURNOUTS supplied as shore nofcj:ce.    The latest styles of **  | CUTTERS and BUGGIES for sale and hire.    Saddle and pack horses a jjj  fA, .        , c,   ^   .^t. '        ' ���������   ��������� ��������� ��������� "a?  ijjj opco_i.u-sy. ^  ���������ffi Feed for sale.       Agent for the McLaughlin. Maanffr- Co. ^   Horses for sale _������  i _>  t^   I am prepared to fill all orders, both by wiire afid mail, nnd meet all trains  &  <  "iS* . ������������������  ; ������?   nt any hour of the day or night.    Comaaeroial tnen and landseekers.,  will    eg  ' t^ receive prompt attention  Hi  ���������iS  ������^  rj-Tii  Hi  , 4S  H . (IT.  3   .     '.<,'  OT  8 i> u, sviGL/rSoifi; 8   i up  Sirdar Avenue " Box 14  Phone 56  ""' ' ...,,.��������� Ji!g*^LUa-^S������|LUU������J!^������   "   ���������   ���������.,' j l_ '.JJ���������U U-g-ggfflBBB--.  ProbahW the residents show the most carelessness   after!    (OkJWyWWkW^ _ ������adam laval-s  ,    -_,.-- ^^^^.--^^^..i^^^^^^^^-sv^^w-a^^^^^^s^^^.,^^^^^.,^^ Sstt^ 3t������qt Ssnipeunci Tablets  j V'^_^,*  obtaining their mail*    A bystander can daily see the citizens 1 ^^s-  ���������~* s,i -si.-f, ^e*������s������ SSSli*SlfS_i-l  Baas  iBB@������BQ���������S_S|  coming out of the Post Office tearing wrappers from  papers j <^^  and envelopes from, letters.    These almost invariably are let  flutter to the four winds.    As a result each day a string of  papers can be seen turning over   and  over  along   the path  ���������3o*������������ towards the C. P. &.. tracks and along the roads in all  -t  directions from the Post Office.  It has been suggested by some of the citizens that a  -mass meeting of the residents be called to discuss the possibilities of having a clean-up day. The Review heartily  endorses the move. If one-half the citizens join in the clean-  up idea the other half will get busy after they have seen the  effect of a partial work along that line.  It has been suggested  also  that  the  Board of Trade  take charge of the work and name the day for cleaning up.  This is not the right idea.    It is not the work of the  Board  of Trade but of the citizens as a whole. Why not get  together in mass meeting, then get up enthusiasm and  at once before that enthusiasm dies out have the town  clean up. It can be done. This dojs not apply to the private homes any more or any less than it does to the business  places in Creston. A majority of the back yards and  cpase around these places are disgraceful aud the owners  know it. Creston is not like a big city where the back yards  cannot be seen except by your next door neighbor. The  refuse can be seen and is an eyesore. Incidentally, Creston  is one of the most healthful towns in the Dominion in which  to live" but all this uncleanliness tends to breed disease.  In some districts the law makes it a criminal offence to  allow refuse to be piled up near a dwelling. It is a shame  that such a law is not in force in Creston at present.  ~?       KW|  EM /?!  ENVtLUrtd  rSTDW--'  tSJiSL���������  TIr/3e PilJ3 at a compounded with the gre&H���������t  c-ye from the rn ost reliable ren-iedies .'.nown to  ^cic Ace; such as a re being used with much success  fc>5*_' .ho most celeb -tited phvsicians known.  *?.'hey are a sped( Ac for the distressing disorders  which the fciruii 2 constitution'ib liable.  to  Price s2 a box. No. 2 (wm.'i stronger"), ������3 a  ������ ox. bold at all dr --K stores, or uy mail from Tha  '���������av<~a Sit-as- Co.. ,3t. CalliarAnes, Out.  PUBLIC   OPINION  Editor of the Review :���������  Sir;���������  With regard to the crack shot who  ���������visited Oraaton laat week, it was not  necessary for un at Oreston HelRhtH, to  ���������read the Creston Review to aacertain the  newattra*; handed, as I should judge  decent* of shots in qniok anonnHsinn fonntl  their    way   over Oreston   IleifthtH in  ^������_���������������     .,_*������l_l���������������    .,.    ���������������/.���������,.     T*l ������-*...,        ll-,   *0UUMOK**-*">K      <���������-*>    UVtm   til.   uwy     l������;iri,,j|  ItmvtUiUK on thla toaA, And it ia only J  a ohanco that your paper is not called  to chronicle the death ol' houiu ono travelling on this roiui. Who is responsible for this :��������� Havo wo no poliao in  Crouton or Ih law and order dinnoiifiod  with? .Tost, fancy a plnno pnpnlntod ns  thickly as OroHton where tho froo oho of  ilrc-nruiH may bn carried on a mnnricn to  the nalni,/oi tin* puliliii. 1 ihhIithIii'ki  this niftttcr will b������? brought bf-forc tl*.,-  Chler or Provincial i-oiico and nuriily  not before time.  Y'������������**'u   *t������h1,������ ' I  I  T. M. Kdmondnon. I  |j   THOROUGh?.SRED     ROYAL  }j SOVERE!������������3N STRAW  BERRY   PLANTS  S/O PER T HOU&AND  w**t*eB*g-*KK-**iagaai~t*e������ mas;!*- *j**avric^*&f!TMn*&wa&  A L.L. F>L.AMTS GUARANTEE^ TO  GROW,  r l**1-!-*^ f������r~������ r~*^*i m+%f*n  ��������� a- i-wj-���������JJia-  WWbS%b  m  .L-.IT,,I.  @tarfee$ Si 0,0.  WholVisale  Provisions.   Pi "oduce,    Fru.'t  Goncral ComniiK. don Merchants  NELSON  u.     v ,  i���������i���������Bail���������lamiwiii������������������mm  iries-sman!!  SS  ini  $  iiery,  mvamtm*ivrmto*xiamam*.,mimv������*wmtN������immam  mmm  BURN S9  COMPLETE  Aiiima!   Fenlslizers  /ARE  SW@M������������        SEl/DS  Sow Burns*Ferti'lizers  And B-Jeap Dollar b.  Call or .scud for" our  New Pamphlet \vh ich is  full of useful inform mtioti  for Fruit Growers et ft.  P. BURNS & -Do.  .B.C.  Llmltftd  CRKSTON.  $>������  Jl  I-Teail  Oflic������  CALGARY; VANCOU-  V VM;     V, DM OKT-AN.  "^WMM   &2M   M   WM  l^VVII  v    v *-���������   *-���������  ECSt  tifimw^mm^m^mmmwmwpmmMs  laMM-ai  H!ectr!c Restorer for Wtvn  PhOflollOnol ruHtoriui ovory n< ri'fl In th* lloriv  |',,'^..*     IU    ..i.UII   ,   *k..,v,M...  vim mill vltnlllv.   I'rrnifttiiro <lmn ��������� mill nil Mrf������n,'.'|  >n .IKUUi.i     IKIMUI    rtl   oner,.        I'llO  H|tllOMOI    *'lll  niiitu Vou ������ new 111.111. I'rlca Sll;i * )ok. nr iwiv for  itn. Mullnil In liny inldrr>rii-. *l'Ual icoboll l)*ni|i  Ci������MMt. catliailiiss.Ont. ^*  W  mm  *...fc**������  ���������...-<-^>;v^..- ;������������������#������������������.  ������������������"V.,'"'i*  mmmm't ininiim i wiirwaiMiii^M iiiiTrimniani������-miii������iiiia>ti<������ww^  '   li   ill  I.  111 I'll II Hi III  Bm__������__m_i_1_-m_u *JJ.--���������.   .J.   I'mig-!  THE   CEESTON    REVIEW,    CRESTON,    B. C.  ��������� > - \' ��������������������������� L'M-ifla-m   tr j*'        i     ���������������    "fwwi fsj  _*������" *���������    'srr4i-vvi  ".���������pi  "''���������  *      I  1 851 Hill, Wm. D.  Harrop  ;.ssr   Farmer  ���������_ SG2 Kodson, Jno. Saiiuo  Rancher  80!) Hollis, Win! A, Proctor  Laborer  872 Holmes, Axel Trail  Smelterman  891 Hunter, Thos F. Oolnmbia Gardens Rancher  ctc^Tinu APT  LLLUisus^ nyi;  Take notice that I havo received objections in writing to the "kfoiiowing  names being retained on the register of Voters for the Electoral District of Ymir  oii the grounds stated below, and that at a Court of Revision to be held on. the  20fch day of May i9i2 at II o'clock in the forenoon I shall hear and determine  the eaid objections, and unless snob; named persons or some other Provinoini  Voter ou their behalf satisfies me that snch, objections are not well fonnded, I  shall strike snch names off the register.  Dated at Traii this 12th day of April 1912. i *  F. B. DOOKERILL,  xv^gitstrur ui vOierS, xiiui, x>.   kj.  The Following Have Left The Riding  17 Allan Harry  Kitchener  .;.. Bushman  19 Alexander Robt.            Salmo   ..Farmer  04 Athertbn John  Creston  ..........Editor  66 Atyeo Joshua  Balfour  .....;..... farmer  69 Bngley Ohas. x  Creston  .......... Blacksmith  o9 SanmiiK j-������avid x������.  Proctor  ...... Lumberman  Salmo  T  ���������!,������..���������_  m. uiuucui, aiu  .......... JJUUUJ.UJ.  99 Bast, Frank  Oreston   -...Rancher  101 Batchelor, Wm  Salmo   ......Laborer  106 Bateman, Edw. W.  Kariop  109 Bavin, Chas.  Trail   .Laborer  108 Baverstock, Win. JV  Nelson .   _ _ Miner  113 Beaumont, Heur7  Ymir   Farmer  116 Beddiugfield, Robt.  Sirdar   Merchant  -126-Bell, Bryant W.  Salmo  134 Bentlsy, Sam.  Nelson  155 Blanchard, Jos.  -  Salmo  ... rti.... ..Hotel-keeper  160 Blaylock, Stephen  Erie   .Miner  162 Bioudin, Jno. R.  Salmo-  ...... Teams.'er  166 Bohle  Henr"  Trail   Labcrcr  190 Boyce, Wesley J.  do  193 Bradley, Wm.  Kokanee  ...........Rancher  194 Brassey, Robt. N.  Harrop   .Manager  215 Brown, Jas. B.  Ymir   Miner  2JL������ AlOVvu, tiuuu  Balfoar  231 Bryan, Wm. Henry  Trail   farmer  246 Burdett, Jas.  do   , Plumber  267 Byrnes, Harry  Waneta    .Rancher*  273 Coldwell, Fred  Balfour  .'������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������         ULI j������JNj  a\r%e\   s*,,i~.-������v������->>.V_>,1|    TaiTW-w^o-irtVa  Ymir   ..Miuer  294 Campbell, Jas. B.  Sirdar  ��������� -...... Hotel-keeper  301 Carr. John H.  Trail  ���������  Boilermaker  802 Carr, Geo. A.  do  ..........            uO  328 Chapman, Fred,  Fairview  ......... .Machinist  313 Carver, Jno W.  Creston   .Merchant  S38 Clarke, -Jas. C,  Trail  340 Clark, John B,  Ymir  '. Tram-man  341 Oiark, Geo. A.  Harron  .......���������., -wiarpeuii^r  347 Clarksou, Roger  Ymir   .Lumberman  857 Cliiton, Geo. F.  Sidar  .,  Brakeman  874 Colley, Jos. H.  Traii   ..Rancher  876 Collins, Frank E.  Saluio  888 Oonley, Wm. H.  ��������� do  407 Cowley, Ohas. A.  do  411 Orabb, Thos.  421 Crooke, Jas.  Arrow Pat  Ymir  429 Crowe, Hermann  Ymir   Teams !er  437 Cunning, Wm.  Trail  452 Damerou Viucenzo  Trail  ������  458 Darbyshire, John  Creston  400 Davios, John  Salmo  461 Davies, Edmoud  Sirdar  472 Davis, Leslie IX  Harrop  474 Day.Wm.  Waneta  497 Dixon, *>oo. H.  Creston  507 Dougun, Jos.  Trail ,.  C18 Dorans*, Ross  Kitidiouer  520 Doyli-, Peter  B2(i Dabio, Jon. H.  627 Dunne, Will'i'od  5������7 Dutson, Harry B.  C5h Kldridgo, John D.  Bircinv  Kiiuhoner  Sirdar  Trail  Kite boner   Pn.^peofcor  C58 Emerson, Jackson  Sirdar   Hi'i^^cumu  502 KHlcridgo, Arthur B.  Havrn-j)  573 Fallor, Olins. L.  Ymir  51)0 Fleming, David G.  Slrilnr  593 Flftohcr, Kd.  Bnli'mir   Onrpiintor  500 Font, Portilval W.  604 Foster, Thus.  613 Frasor, Jno. A.   \  fllUZ Frotift, Harry D.  610 Gardner, B. Ohim.  Oreston  do  Ymir  Sirdar  Trail   Bdiikor  651 Qnvnett, floury  Oroatou   La buret'  657 Goor, lOldrldgo B>.  Bnlmo   1 uborov  OtW Gluuu, Jut.  BU'dnr   ^''i^niJiima  683 Glondonning, Tho������.  003 Gonlsbork, Frank  70ll flrnham,. SUmrt M.  ������ Proctor  Trail  GlUHlOU  732 annnorano, Piotro  740 Hall  Matin, w A.  747 Hull, Harry  748 Hall, OhaH. R.  Trail  Granite  do  Oreston  7A0 Hamilton, John P.  760 Hnmnl, Philip  Kriokson  Sirdar   Kngincof  702 Hammond, Jno. D.  772 Huvdy, Thou.  Silmo  ivtiiditmei'  780 Hnrrlnuton, Clarence, Balfour  .'........ Ojiirntor  7*<8 HnrriHon, E'U'Oh M.  r.nv    ���������������������������rris. fl. i"',, 12  -I'Ji'ink-ion  IV  <: or  bo<             ���������   ",  . *  ti'M    '  ���������     ��������� i   i  ������3l) lli-rron, Edward F.  do  8f)4 Hutchinson, Robt. F.    Salmo  909 Hyde, John H. Erickson       ...  927 Jackson, Allen Sirdar  9554 James, Ernest Harrop           ...  9i)3 Jenson, Jno. A. Sirdar    965 Johnson, Gro. H. Fruitvale  980 Jones, Albert E. Creston  902 Kelly, Thos= C. Sirdar    1000 Kenna, Tinothy Balfour  1009 Keongh,��������� Micbael Balfour         ...  1012 Kerr, Finiay, "Waneta  1032 Kirkpatrick. Wm. Ymir  1043 Lambert, Jns. Fruitvale  1045 Lampier, Jno. '  Ymir  1046 Lancaster, Hugh. W."   Salmo  1070 Laviolette, Alphonse," Creston        ....  1078 Lecuyev. Frank Trail           ?.,....  1101 Loekwood, Wm. Hitchener  1127 McAndrew, Jas. M. Nelson          ....  1138 Malcolm. Wm. Salmo  1153 Marshall, John Kitchenei?    ....  1180 Masse v, A. F. Trail  1192 Metcalfe, Harold O. Williams i??idg". ��������� ..  1193 Medcalfe, Rupert  1214 Miller, Andrew  1229 Mitchell, Henry-A.  1234 Mitchell, Jno. A,  .. .Prospector  ...Mill Owner  .. Bridgeman  .. .Rancher  ... Corn Inspector  ...Carpenter  ... . ���������-������.*o ���������  ,.. Hotel Manager  .. Sectionman  .. Merchant  , .Liveryman  . .Farmer  ..Mhier  .Lumberman  . Smelterman  "H,ai!roa;l *snan  .Waiter  . Miner  . Hotel-keeper  do  Oreston.  Erieksoio:.  Ymir  Hail  Ericksoru  Salmo  Samlo  Creston i  do  1230 Mitchell, Harry A.  1239 Mollins, Clarence B.  1240 Monuey, Danl.  1246 Moore, Jas. B.  1248 Moore, Hugh S.  1286 Murphv, Donald McK Salnas*  1293 Murray, Thos. Ymia-  129,7 Myres, John R, Nelson  1329 McDonald, Jno. Ymir  1330 McDonald, Jno. J. do  1332 McDonald, Robt. E. do  j.333 McDonald, Jno. A. Salmo  1336 McDougall, Duicao, Nelson.  1337 McDougall, Archie Ymir  1338 McDougall, Jno. D. Creston *.  1339 McDougall, Saml. C. do  1342 McFarlane, Geo. S. Kitchener-  1315 McGillivray, Deugal Salmo  1356 McGratb, Michael Jm; Granite-  1361 Mclnnis, Lewis Nelson  1383 McKenna, Saml. Ymir  1387 McKinnon, Jno. J. Sirdar ���������  1390 McKinnon. Alex.F. Ymir  1400 McLean, Chas. A. Frn; ^tjjjjg,  1430 Nay lor, Jas. Arr  ������-*vPar  1438 Newell, Fred A. Fa" ^E\������iQvv '  1489 Newhouse Jas. H. S iiinjo  1440 Nowhouse, Richard J.      ,&&  , .Millman  do  . .Baker  , .Rancher  ..Miner  ,. Miner  .Farmer  . Miner  . Miner  1447 Nicholls, Fred A.  1464 JSorthridge, Chas.  14S2 Oliver, Robb.  1485 Olson, Swan  1489 Oneill, Robt.  1504 Parker. Geo.  1513 Paul. Jno. A,  1537 Pender, Geo.  1538 Pennell, GeoY  1538 Pebygrew, Edgar  1553 Piatt, Jas.  1507 Powell, Ohas,  Y'Hair  'Steo-reacreH  Erie  Sa'lino  Sirdar  Salmo  Nelson  Fruitvale  Oreston  Salmo  Sirdar  .Rancher  , .Olerk  .Miner  .Broker  , .Miner  ..    do  ..    do  .. Millman  .Clergyman  ..Miner  . .Laborer  ..   * do  . .Teamster  ..Millman   Miner  ....do   Bridgeman   Oyenider  ... .School teacher   Farmer   Agent   Millniau  ....      do   Book-keeper   Miner   Rancher  ...Miner  ..Woodman  .CShef  Merchant  ���������Go-borer  1597 Ramsey, Melbourne  Salmo  1016 Reopelle, August,  1619 Reynolds, Cbns. H.  1049 Rooke, Saml.  165S Ross, Robt.  1659 Ross, Robt. N,  1004 Rowland, John J. B  1676 Ryan, Jas. A.  TraiL  Hnrrop  Erie  Harrop  Sirdar  Orastoni  Salmo  ���������pynter  'Jher  i- a  .Oar  .Ram  .Sawyi  .Smeltt    VBiaaa^  .Olerk. 1  . Miner  .Rancher  .Rancher  .Millman  1678 Ryckmao, Ernest E.    Oreston        Plumber  1686 Sanders, Jno. W.  1688 Suvngo, Jas.  1703 Soott, Geo,  1707 Soult, Andrew  1,709 Soott, Walter .1".  1722 yiuvw, Mivloom  17*24 Shuyv, Wm. F.  117S Sprntley, Win.  1779 Sprango, LohHo W.  1790 Stnplotou, Wm.  1101 Stophons, J������o.  1790 Stophons, Jos.  1813 Sullivan, Jno. A.  1821 Svooting, Gno,  1827 Swan, Howard  ia4������ Toller, Roy MfoG  li-i-lb Thomati Qv\n 0,  M)5I rhompHon, Goo.  Ymir  Miner  Fairview     Hotolkeepar   Miner   Rauoher    Bridgeman   Snieltorinnn  ��������� ��������� Minor   Itiinohor   Rancher   ..'. .Qnnrvyman   Ratiobor       do  Salmo  Ymir  Siuliir  A.-JOJ,lO������l.  Salmo  Erie  do  Nolflon  Creston  do  Kitchener    j*Hl,  nior  1877 Tattle, Albert, II.  101 r; Walker, .Inn.  10-Jl W.'.Uaolc HMvry  1944 W������gn������r, Atiolph  1946 WntotB, Bam  1918 Way, Hllnry  1961 Whlto, Jus  1JI80 Wllklnnon, B. H.  2000 Wilnn". Wm.  2009 Winder, Hobt.  ���������l),vl   \V;.������Uil>S lj- V  21"22 Woitb, llb'bd. T.  7     A 'bli-.-An.   I* J I'll.  1(1 Allan, Allied  90 Barton, Unlou A.  Bait our ....  Proor.or    KviciiHon    Riiliuo  Oroilon    Ymir    . Sirdar ....  Nelson    Sfruitvnlo  Raiiohor  ..    do  . .Rnnclioi*  ..Lumberman  . .Carpenter  ..Raiuihor  ..Mining ninn  ��������� .Euginem*  . Sm ol tor m nn  .Minor  .Minor  .Laborer  Salmo    Faivvlow  Mrlo    I-rootor    Oroston  'l**  Rniiciir'v  Nclsnn  HmcltM-mtivi  Trail       (j���������  Hit* l-olSowIuir AroDinj  Ymir  Ildi fop  Fiii-in, r  Nullum  Miuor  W. H.WOS4WSON,   Proprietor  THE   HOME  OF   THS.  TRANSIENT  m  .i.-  OOMMODi'OUS  SAMPLE  ROOMS  This Hotel is one of the  best known and popular  Hotels  in  the   Kootenays.  The dining room is strictly  up-to-date  and   the  bar sup- f  plied with only the best brand  of goods.  a^rest  "���������Tg^f^'-ff-l-frVtpj^  THE CANADIAN: BANK  OF  COMMERCE  SIR  EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., L.L.D., D.C.L., PRE8IDEMT  v ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager  CAPITAL, - $ 10,000,000  REST, -   $8,000,000  farmers; business  The Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every faciiity  for the transaction of their banking- business including the discount "and  collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes are supplied free of charge  on application.  BANKING   BY   MAIL  Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian Bank of  Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same careful  attention as is given to all other departments of the Bank's business.  Money may be deposited or-withdrawn in this way as satisfactorily as  by a personal visit to the Bank. A23i  CPERCYCB.  KnVST.TtT?  siu~~ti.���������   /-*.  !���������  \  Tli������ Britisli Ooiumbla Nurseries Co. Ltd,  Of Vancouver, B>.  Have just received an 8o page illustrated       .  and descriptive   catalogue of   their  fruit  trees, shrubs, roses, etc., which is free  for  the askiug to intending  planters.  Apple direct to this ofiice or to -W. S. Watson  at Creston, B. C.  ATRIAL ORDER will convince th most  cHtical of the superiority of our one-year'old  tr es on three year roots.  [i  Si  l  ������������_ ^ MB3B*s������ff*������&s2 ������5m>~  aura*���������  t^B3 7ih A&&* %VB WmBieouver, B. G.  189. Bowman, John  830 ChesiDUtt, Jno. R.  339 Clark, Hugh S.  349 Olaffey. Wm.  503 Dolau, Martsn B.  850 Hill, Wm. O.  8H5 Houle, Cryril H.  922 Irving, Wm. F.  1223 Mills. Wm. B,  1807 MoBride, Jno.  1341 McFarlane, Lewis  150S Patterson, Jno.  1550 Pigeon, Stanislaus  1602 Road, W. Balfour  1821 Sutherland, Wm.  277 Oailot Gilbert,  430 Crowther, Jno. W.  1040 Labev, Frederick  1504 Raosbenk, OJiaf*.  1U������v. Salisbury. Wm.  1757 Smith, Wm, H.  1022 Wallia, T. P.  Bonnington  Ymir  Harrop  Salmo  Trail  Harrop  Proctor  Granite  Granite  Nelson  . Ymir  Nelson  Ymir  Erie  Salmo  Burton City  Salmo  Burton Oity  ���������Arrow'Park  Nolpon  Crouton  Fi'incvalo  E   Engineer    .-.Miner   .Rancher  .. .. Miner   ..Landlord   ..Farmer    ....Rancher        do        do   Smelterman  ��������� Miner      do  .'.     do       do   Millman  Farmer Not a British Subject.  Miner   Reapeater, . seo 431  Farmer   Not a British Subject  Ranohor   Rea-peater, see 1698  Toams'-nr rlo       , sen 1084  Uuncrnr        do boo 1753  do do        Bee 1045  LESS  V������lr.  fe  M<  D?  \ ii  iSB.S������  <fJk  M &  k$s>  , YOUNG MEN AND,MIDDLE-AGED MSE,  tlie viciiniBoi1 early iiiuluL-njUomj uiiil later os.  coshup, who aio failures in Hfo���������you oro tho  onoswo can rowtoro to inanhood ond rovlvo  tlio titiark of energy nnd vitality. Don't give  up in desputr bouuuno you havo treated with  other dijotors, used olectrlo bolts and tried  viii'ioua Uruit Htoro nOHtrums.  Our Now Method Tn-atmsnt han anatched  Inu.ilrcdH from tlio lirlnlc of dospali*. has re*  r-torod liapplneuu to hundreds or honius and  }iii;i mndo MuceuiiiiCul mon of ihouo who woro  '���������iluwnandout.'* Wo prescribe npoclllo r������m-  cdli'3 for each Indtvldusl caso according to tho  ujmptomu and complications���������we lmvo imj  put nnt. morilolnAR, "I'IiIh Ih otirt of Mm mirr**** of  nm* xvomlnrfulHiiccem-UH our treatmont oan*  nnt full, for -,vn pr������iHorll>������ ruin*Mllan udupMl to  iino'i Individual (*aiin. Only ourablft oasoa aw  cptcd. W������ havo dona butin������M UuroueboQt  C.inada tor ovar 3.0 Yaars.  CURABLE CA .1CS  GUARANTEED  * OR NO  PAY  DRAHCD Aro you a vIctlmT Havo yon Ioah  ni.HULIi hope? Are you iiitendliiB to morryt  ll.ii your Wood imou iilsoanod* Ilavs you any  WJ-.iknnwT  Our N������w Mathoai Traatmant WlU  rm-i> yftii. 'What. It,ban rtnnn for othorfl It vrtH  rlr. for yon. Co-Minl*������ilion "mm*. No mattar  wlio  inn   rrontad you, wrlto for an lions**  ���������Mloyhoofl, JInnhcSiil. FatlJiorhood.'' (blustfat-  od) on Ulseaaoa of Mcu.  ���������i NO NAMES USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. No namas on Was or ���������*-__  3 o-oai. Ev������rri l>inc Confidontinl. Qucttlon Lilt nnd Co������t of Traalmant FlUQ- FOR HOMK  *) ^mATMENT.  Dins.KENNEDY*&B(ENNEbY  ijj       Cor. Michigan Av������. snd UriswoldM.,   Untroit. Mich.  W   ..               r?--���������������������������������������������������-���������������. ���������"��������� ������i������ -)_4,-_. /���������.,,��������� r>A..^.1~ .....el- Ia. nA.lr*.  S  l  si  list  Kwur^t  All letter.; from Ci::.rli must be a<lilrcase������3  to our Canadian Cort������Hr������oiiileuce IJtrpnrt-  mentin Windsor, Ont.    If you denire to  see nn pi't'sonally null ut our Medical Institute In Detroit nu we boc nnd treat  T.'ibor.itorv   for Canadian luiMiiifwi oiil\'.    AiMi-i*.hk all h-tb.-iM tin followa:  DRS. KENNEDY & KENNEDY, Windsor, Opt.  -.-���������sii  Wrllrt for our pi'lviito mMwiu.  .'U.'  mimtkimmm  iMi|Mka_Mt_l_i_U-������i  MimmM^Mem  am  MH-M  BSsi  n~winm-jj  '      ��������� ..ttJMf l>*  BfBfma������ n������i.ms,xmSmmMimiiimmt im  i&n .eahinent scientlsUjthe other day,  gave his opinion that the most won-  8erful discovery of recent years was  the discovery of Zam-Buk. Just  tbirilTl XsTsbon as a:'sTn^Te"nifn''la"y&r  Tif Zam-Buk is applied to a wound or  i sore.^such injury is-insured against  bloo"d"*poison: "��������� Not one' species of  microbe has been found that Zam-  Buk"*does-'not kill! "'   Then again. As soon as Zam-Buk  Is applied to a sore, or a cut; or to  skin disease, it stops the smarting.  That is why children are such friends  of Zam-*Btil���������' They care'-nothing for'  the science of the thing. All they  know; is that- Zam-Buk - stops their  pain. Mothers should never forget  this:-- - -   Again. A3 soon as Zam-Buk is applied to a wound "or to a diseased  part, the cells beneath the skin's surface are so stimulated that new  healthy-tissue is quickly formed. This  forming of fresh healthy tissue from  below Is Zara-Buk's secret of healing.  The tissue thus formed is worked up  to the surface and .literally <5asts off  the diseased tissue above it. This is  why Zam-Buk cures are permanent.  ' "Only"'the "other day "."Mr." Marsh, of  101 Delorimier Ave., Montreal, called  upon the Zam-Buk Co. and told them  thqt for over twenty-five years be  had been a martyr to eczema. His  hands were at- one time so covered  with sores that he had to. sleep in  gloves. Fo*ir years ago Zam-Buk was  introduced to him, and in a few-  months it cured him. To-day���������over*  three years after his cure of a disease, he had for twenty-five years���������  he is still cured, and has had no  trace of any return of the eczema!  All druggists sell Zam-Buk at 50c.  box, cr we will send free trial box if  you send this advertisement and a  1c. stamp_ (to_ pay_ return postage).  Address  zam-tfuk uo..   iorcur.o.  White Worn-for Part of the Ceremony, But for a Strange Reason.  . ..Brides in Japan follow the same  custom whic".. prevails in the Western.  World, that of wearing- white- at -the  wedding ceremony, at least during a  part of it. But the significance attached to the choice of this color is  quite different on the two sides of  the world.  The Japanese pride iS dressed first  in resplendent garments of white silk,  the sleeves of the costume usually  being about three feet in length,  while the sash, an, important feature,  measures about 11 feet in length.  But white, as the Oriental Review  explains, is the mourning color in  Japan, and the bride, leaving her  parents' house, considers herself dead  in the sense that "she will never return alive, preferring death to divorce, and in consequence wearing a  white costume.  After the exchange of cups of  sake with the bridegroom, which is  the most important part of the wedding ceremony, the bridge changes  her costume to a red one. This is  called iromaoshi (changing color).  Red is supposed to have a purifying  view Oj. m8 stage  Turkish   Women   at  the  Theatre.  A notice which is to be seen in one  of the theatres of Constantinople effectively solves the problena of people at the back obtaining a clear  view and is very much mbre radical  than the polite request made in English ar.c'. French theatres that ladies  should not mar the  with huge hats.  The notice reads: "In order to render the performance agreeable to all  those present the management of the  theatre has decided that the spectators of the first three rows should recline, those of the next three rnwg  he on their knees and all the others  be standing up. In that way everybody will be able to enjoy the play/'  This notice is followed by a-suggestion implying the Turkish Woman's  lack of romance: "It is strictly forbidden to laugh,  for it is  SHALL WE GO INTO  MIXED  ������iiiilu  a tragedy  power, and perhaps clears the minds I that is being performed."���������Le Monde  of  the  parties  of  all   association  of  mourning.  This is the origin of the Japanese  custom of using white costume at  weddings, but many people in modern Japan do not any longer have  -time to bother their heads with these  questions of color, and simply go  ahead and marry accorditxg to the accepted c*ustom. with no thought of  what the colors signify.  The Primitive Kubus.  A people without any form of religion, without superstition, devoid of  any thought of the future state, has  been found in the interior forests of  Sumatra, according to Dr. Wilhelm  Valez, the geologist of tbe University  or oresmu, vvitO ii<is niauc eXi-cnsivp  journeys through  the  island.  There he  found  the  Kubus.  as h<->  named them,  who are scarcely  to b*>  distinguished from the small manlik������  ape  of  the    lado-Malayan   countries  They are wanderers through the forest  seeking food:   they  have uo pn������-  ; perty    They are not hunters, but. sim-  l piy    collectors.    They    seek    merely  : sufficient nuts, fruits and other edible  i growths to keep them alive  I     The Kubus  wage    very  little  war  ,       i fare upou the small amount of animal  ���������...-        , ���������        ,    rePo*"ts   tkatjnfe in their silent and sombre land,  several pokes of coal were brought; T^e 0���������,��������� nn>-;*n h^t prnf vai<*-7,  from Durham to Newcastle by one of j ,,������������������-.��������� ^e\ from "them of a'difference  the common carriers, and sold on the ��������� K-rween a llve and a dead person ������.aS  ~?������^\Sro9d- ! P������keV b>i whEh hei-hat  the dead  do  not  breathe.     He  Sfe B ~London CUron-1 infers that  y^y    ^   immeasur_bly  inferior to the paleolithic man of Eu-  The  Word   ���������''Strike."  TIi���������    earli���������st    ua=    *-**    tn?>    "-rvrr*  c,strike"   in   the   sense    of     stopping  work occurs in London Chronicle for  September,   1765,   in  connection  with  a   coal   strike.     This   publication   reports a great suspension of labor in j  the   Northumberland     coalfields,   and \  the colliers are stated to have -struck |  ou-.    i.or ��������� xiigiier uouSty befoie eutei"- '  ing   into  their   usual  yearly   "bond." \  The  time-honored illustration of pro- ���������  fltless labor, "carrying, coals to New-i  \rtiste.  After 10 years of Asthma Dr. J. D.  Kellogg's Asthma Remedy proved the  only relief for one grateful user, and  this is but one cure among many.  Little wonder that it has now' become  the   one   recognized     remedy   on   the  .���������.-.....I./vj- i.    '***?,    -\^'j' .-..l    ������tS   j'*.-1 !*���������*'**���������    "^--  its never failing effectiveness. It is  earning it to-day, as it has done for  years. It is the greatest Asthma  specific    wi'hin    reach    of    suffering  humanity.  over were found in  trouble patches, some of us could  nick a loaO of them with our eyes  shut!  *ca������tle," appears to Save  first  slap   in   the    face  strike.     The   Chronicle  j ���������*������ *# _*  t.-.U._  CUr  Wouldn't   Be  Cheated.  An old north-country farmer visiting London put up at one of the big  hotels. He had. barely turned in on  the first night when the "buttons"  rushed into the room and switched  G������   tha  electric  liehi.   exclaiming:  "Make haste, air! Get up! The  hotel is on firei"  The old man slowly raised himself  on one elbow and, fixing the boy  with a determined look, remarked:  "Mind  the  bed.'  ye, it i ao  '���������Tit-Bits.  wmi  2*3  Men prominent in Hallway, Banking, and Commercial circles have  been advising the West to adopt  mixed farming. It is 6asy to give  advice, and frequently those who are  ao free in banding out advice,  do so without having comprehensive knowledge.-*<o������- tut* aubjject  on which their advice is tendered  It is not to be wondered at that  those in charge of tho railways  should seek means to divert the cri*.  ice from themselves. When all is  said and done, however, It would appear that men charged with tho conduct of large operations, aud whose  success depends upon the confldenoo  which tiiey are ablo to lusth in the  p.ibiic, would be cuvei'ul before expressing their views on any subject  publicly.  It will be conceded'that all parts of  our North-West are not equally suitable for mixed farming. Tho  greater part of tlie North-West, however, is entirely suitable to raising  of cattle, hogs, and horses. .  At the outset, it might be pointed  out that this year, while-the amount  of grain shipped from Southern. Alberta, which is* almost wholly grain  raising, has been live times as much  as it was last year, the credit in that  ection of the country is not as good  us it is in .Northern Alberta, whero  mixed farming is the rule.  Ever siuce the railways first penetrated the    West,    the    people  have  ���������shouted every full for cars to ship out  ihe   grain,   but   notwithstanding  that,  thousands of miles of railways have I  been   buiit,   no   greater  proportion   of (  grain  has been shipped    out    before:  the close of navigation than iu earl-1  ier  years.      It  would    seem that  no  matter  what  is  done,  the  most  that  can ever be expected is that sixty per  cent, of the wheat crop will be shipped  before the    close of navigation,  and the amount that will be shipped  from    the    close    to the opening of  the "severity of the weatrter, which, as  we know, is very uncertain.  But, assuming that ,the railways  were built to transport the grain as  fast as it could ��������� be marketed, is ex  L  **��������� S:ckheadach������M*���������neuralgichcadaches���������-splitting,  blinding headaches���������all vanish when you take  Na������Hrial������p S-eafia-cSaf y Wafers, ;  They   do  Wot' "contain 'phehace'tln,'Yacetahilta, '  morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug.  25c.*ab6i at your Druggist's. *,23  National onwa r. chemical Co. or Canada. Limited.  j Harness Oi  Keeps your Harness SO FT AS A GLOVE  tOUGH ASA WIRE, BUCK AS A COAL  So id by Dealers Everywhere,  The IMPEfflAL OiL 0QS. Limited  Women's . disorders always yield  from the very beglmiine of this*  treatment   to  the    mild,   but  effec-  i.vc,   aCuOii    uj,    vraiiy^    e������ny,    ������v ������������u>Et  two or three, days after commencing*  Its use tho Improvement becomes ',  noticeable, .and this .lmDrovement  continues until the patient is completely cured. Orange Lily Is an  applied or local treatment, and acts  directly on the womanly organs, re-. -  moving the congestion, to'iiu**: and  strengthening the nerves, and re-?  storing perfect circulation In tbe  diseased parts. In order to convince all suffering women' of tlie value o������ this  remedy. 1 will send a 35-cent box, enough for ten days' treatmem, absolutely FRET3  *e each ladv sending me her address. MRS. FRANCES E. CURRAH. Windsor, Ont. ������  W01EJI 61IREB IT KOBE  Cautian.  A commercial traveller at a railway  restaurant in one of our southern  towns included, in his order for breakfast, two boiled eggs. The old darkey  ���������who served him brought three.  "Uncle" said the travelling man,  "why in the world did you bring me  three boiled eggs? I only ordered  two."  ���������Yes,   sir."   said     the   old   darkey.  bowing  an������l   smiling.  T   know   you  ���������did order two, sir. but I brought three,  because I jus' naturally felt dat one  of dem might fail you; sir."���������Harper's Weekly  rope, who fashioned tools and hunted big game with his flint-tipped ar-  r'w and knife. Intellectual atrophy  is the result of the Kubus' environment. The words they know are almost as few as the ideas they try to  express.���������Lidndon Globe.  Lady Smuggler's Ingenuity.  One of tho most ingenious of modern smugglers lias been trapped. A  Jady who travelled frequently across  the Atlantic had a Belgian dog which  was always with her.  Not until many trips had been mad?  Old tlio Custom ofllcials discover tha*.  in addition to the shaggy coat provided for it by nature tho dog had  been furnished by its owner with a  tsecond skin, formerly the covering of  si larger animal. Under its artilicial  coat tho dog carried a siiiall fortune  in diamonds every time it landed in  New  York,  Troublesome English.  The Liverpool tramway authorities  have furnished two quaint additions  to the literature of notices. Some  years ago this notice was posted in  the Liverpool cars: "Passengers are  requested to pay no more pennies  than the conductor in their presence  punches holes in their tickets for."  This was criticized, and another effort as made and posted: "Passengers are requested to pay no more  pennies than for which the conductor"  in their presence punches holes in  their tickets." This, too, was pronounced a failure, and the official  concluded that language had not yet  been invented which would express,  what they felt. But don't you know  exactly what the official notice  meant?���������The  London Chronicle.  Lost  Trade.  was at the dentist's  JUST ONE MOR  PLEND  cessive  grain  growing    best  for  tho  cUrYDDTKrip!:  fcJJ, ������11  a.  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Telia How She Keeps Kes!    "WhaU  ,   ���������n?   d,������narK?     w,\y*  * *������,-wl0-   *������'-*   yoll    promised    to   charge   me  only  threo!"  "Yes," agreed the tooth tugger  cheerfully, "that in truth was my  contract  for tho  performance."  "Well," iiueried  the tonnonted one.  "Bur. you yelled so loudly that  you've scared away three other  thm> dollar patients!"���������Now Yoi*U  Mall.  Health������������������ Happiness Fear  Those Who Take  Her Advice*  RHEUMATISM   WAS   VANQUISHED  BY  DODD'S  KIDNEY PILLS  Amable Lamarche Tells How His Kidney Diseass Developed and Hew he  Got Relief When he Used the One  Sure Cure.  Lefaivre, Ont., (Special).���������Another  splendid cure by Dodd's Kidney Pills  is the talk of this village. Mr. Amable Lamarche is the parson cured  and" the~cure is vouched for by his  numerous friends. ���������''..,-������. *  "It was a sprain and a cold that  was the beginning of my trouble,"  Mr Lamarche says in telling his  story. "I could not sleep, my appetite  was fitful and I felt heavy and sleepy  after meals. I was always thlrBty,  had a bitter taste in my mouth and  perspired freely. My -limbs were  heavy and I had a dragging sensation i cross the loins.  "When my symptoms developed  into rheumatism I realized that my  kidneys were the cause of the trouble and I started to take Dodd s Kidney Tills.   Six boxes made me a well  man." ...     ,     Y  Kidney trouble quickly develops  into painful and often fatal diseases.  To ensure good health, cure the first  symptoms with Dodd's Kidney Pills*.  They never fail.  PatVupr���������what!   Another new dress?  Daughter���������Yov needn't be cross. I  bought it with my own money.  patnet���������Where did you get It?  Daughter���������-I sold your fur coat.���������  Illustrated  Kits.  With a view to making farmers'  dmightovs more conUnt to remain at  homo, the Government of the Nether-  lnndfi has established in various nans  of tiro nation schools of housewifery,  lo which other branchoa eventually  will be added.  Scottville, Mich. ��������� ���������' I want to tell yotj  how much good Lydia E. Pinkham'H V_g-  ���������-ff.,.!,,;.,,;.!.,,,.,),.,...,,....,,M.i;r| ctabloCompoundand i  ������-MYYY;;t/^-YY^.'/<-. Sanative Wash havo j  done me. I live on a ',  A   pica   for   ihe   reindeer   and   tho  ,,, ,   ,   nv.ud: ox is made* by Knud ItasnuisHen  farm and have worked i;imj p(.u-r Froucehn, the Danish polar  very hard.    I am jexpioiwH, wlio havo sent a report on  forty-live years old, i their  liiv^blUatious  from   North-west-  f;/?i:/v..l and am tlio mother '{ ;ii    Greenland    lo    tho    Royal  Geo-  'titi;Y nf thirtcm children, irniihlnil F.oeletv in Copenhagen. The  Many peopk*  think   ' ^:������',>',">'fi   H0>'   that   the   reindeer   are  it atrari-ro that I am !������������������������ ��������������������������������������� <-x.lnct in u������o Cnpo York dlst,  rot-   brvil'en   dov*i   rU"> nnl-v   ibirty-uvo   head   remaining,  not   orjucn   _ov,n.M|jHU (mn)  nn, |)OW nj),y {oun|| Jn  ,,,,  I Hinore Lnuil, and Amerlnan hiintcra  iin- haul lo be uxLeriulnatin^ l.hom itt.  ii rapid rate.  with hard work and  thu care of my fam  ily, but, I tell them of my good friend,  l,ydin   E.  Pinkham's Vogetablo  Com-  fiounil, and thnt thore will bo no back- |    \ concern In Buenos Ayioa, Argon-  ai_ho and hearing duwu puiu.*i fur tlieiii if   (inn, is about,  io  IiihI.h1  inueliiiiery  to  It,-    lltii'il    ill    a    UU'H'l)     iui     i������i wijiii;itig  |'i'rllll'/.lii|" ni������l"i'liil,a. V. Ih proponed  lo utilize ni'iiv-ishoppoi'H Mini their I'ggn,  Mum eonvei'l lug a drHfroyor of tho  ci-')|i into I'orliU/iiig mutoiliil.  tJiey will tako it, u-sl have, i tuutscuiix-iy  -iiver without it in tlie hou^i.  "twin aayalnothatl tliink tVro !a  no bettor medicine to be found for young  |i*irli. My. oldest. Uaught/.rr luw taken  JLydia K. Pinkliam's Vtj������etal������lu Oim������  ���������pound for painful perirvln and invgular-  Ity, and it hna helped her.  ''I am alwaya ready and! willing to  ���������jni-iiV n wood word for Lvdin R. Pink-  liuin'n VegHtublo Oimfiouiiil. I Udl ev.-ry  I consider MINARD'S LiNlMuiNT  the BEET Liniment In nso.  I got my foot badly jammed lately,  I bathed It well with MIN AMD'S  LlNuMlijNT, and it was as wed ns  over noxt day.  Yours very truly.  T. G. MeMULLlSN.  farmer and for the country? The  history of the world shows that land  cannot be cropped continuously with:  out destroying its fertility, and tha*  after a time ' the vitality of the soil  has to be restored through fertilizers.  The amount of money spent in  ISurope and elsewhere for fertilizers  of all kinds reaches a tremendous  sum.  We know that the average number  of bushels, of grain raised per acre  in'-the United States has steadily  dropped off:. ' .We also know that in  the older parts of Manitoba the average number of ushels of grain raibse.i  per acre is steadily diminishing, an!  we all realize that it will be but a  A/.w,novnl-l,*n1.' nl-..^���������...      4'������.w������**      -_1������ >_       .1.-  ...uulpcljauicl;        ouui t    uiua    vmeil    i������n������  same thing will happen in the newer  portions of the North-West.  We must not only look to the present, but to the future. A God-fearing man who .is tiilii g the soil looks  to. the time when 'he will be succeeded by his children, and he should  preserve to these children their birthright, instead of wasting It.  Is it not a shame when we go  through the country in the fall, to  find our whole North-West lighted up  at night from burning straw, straw  that might be.. used to feed, cattle,  which would bring a handsome return to their owner.  We must recognise the fact tthat  more or less capital is required to en-  pure success in the dalrj industry.  Borrowing money at 10 to 25 per cent  is out of tho question.  The Government ougnt to establish  farmers' banks, where farmers could  git loans to buy cattle, erect buildings on the most modern principles  In which to house them, said loans to  bear a low rate of interest, say at  four or live nor cent, repayable in installments running-over a number of  years, secured on the- stock purchased, aud the buildings erected by  the money borrowed. The Government ought also to appoint thoroughly -qualified men to superintend the  erection of the buildings, and teach  tho farmers how to mnko butter and  cheoso on tho moot approved principles. The lVi'ui'otlng of the pro-  duco should bo done by men appoin-  itid by tho Government, who know nil  about the market, mid Uio value of  dairy jiioducls, so that fiirniorfi may  got full value  for thoir products.  Thin plan was adopted lu Dcnninrk  many yours ago, nnd Ih iu operation  to-day. Follow out this scheme and  the farmers would have money in  the bank aii the year round and  would pay cash for everything they  needed, and get a* substantial dis-  t^.. count on their purchases.  It would be  a wise expenditure if  fh<rmany     pohhohhoh  uijli'ii of railway.  only    nri,2!>7  A  nun)   who had  gone to AiiHtnillii  on  ii   vlnl'     met    with    un     aeeldenl  winch  iii'<',������<M<iu<ii-d   i.in- .uii|/i,l.ii luu  ol'  ..in. r m.-i-t that I own my health und "���������"' !'f ���������.'J"   ,'"���������������      W1?"?,. J"S ''J  ^rpin^toyourwon^m-.diHner   -^J;';;;^^.^..^^-'^|^ J ^  --r.lrii. ,I.G. Joun'.son, Scottvilb*, Mich.,  ttt V I), il.  mi ^I'litly mi liMMi'lblo lii'fori* they miw  lu>it.      After   fully   doHorlblng   lila  in:-  Tlv. two hundredth annlvorwiry of  tho ionization of the Iloynl Society  ot* London will bo celebrated July 10  to 18. 1912. ,   Mrs. Brown novor hiiw np io waii  for hor huHhand."  "No?"  "No. When nhc oxpects him io be  out Into huh roUivH early, nrts the  ulaiiu-olock at three o'clock, nnd'wh'jii  It noon off Mho gciiH np nnd dr>nfi������n,  and Ih r<.'ady, rofrnahed and reproachful."  Mlni.rd'rt  I Inlir.ont Cures Ourno,  Ctc.  the Government were to import tho  best breeds of dairy cattle, and establish a dairy farm as an .object lesson  to the dairymen. The increase of  the herd could be sold to t^e proprietors of private dairy farms, at a reasonable price.  Forty years ago Denmark butter  was unknown in England; but at the  present time it is acknowledged to be  of the best quality, commands the  highest price and is in great demand.  Those who prefer the factory system could unite and establish creameries and cheese factories on the  same principles and operate them in  the same way. *  The benefits resulting ,-f rpm dairy  farming would be manifest on every  acre of farm. It would increase the  fertility of the soil, and there is uo  branch of the farmers calling that  would give beter returns on the capital and labor invested. The breed  ing and fattening of "nogs in connection with the dairying industry would  also be a source of large revenues..  In addition to loaning money to farmers and dairymen, the Government  should furnish capital to assist in the  erection and equipment of Hour mills,  beef and pork packing houses, beet  sugar factories, and other organized  Industries to help farmers to dispose  of their products in a concentrated  form.. By this means, farmers  would be encouraged to.grow less  wheat and direct their attention, to  other branches of agriculture.  Finally, the establishment of dairy  industries would lesson the acreage  devoted to wheat raising, and thus  tion companies, and tend to prevent  relievo the pressure on the transportation companies, and tend to pro-  vent such a wheat blockade as the  western farmer is now suffering  from. '  May Ado.it The Metric System,  Tho civilized world has only ono  unit of measurement in common���������  time. Tho second Is based upon a  00th part of a COlh part of a 24th  part of the time It takes the earth to  revolve. Other weights and measure Ryatema vary. Howovor, it now  haa been ropposed that this country  shall adopt tho metric ayBtem, which  wan invented lu Franco. It has for  Ha basic unit tho meter, a fraction of  the distance, from Uio earth's equator to tho polo.  "I thought that in fifteen years ol  my practice of medicine," said th-a  physician, "I had answered almost  every possible fooiish question; but a  new one was sprung on me recently.  A young man came in with an In-  flamed -eye.: for which: I prescribed  liniment ���������f >to be dropped into the eye  three times a day. He lett the surgery, but returned in a few .minutes,  poked his head in the dor way, and  asked:��������� '    ��������� ,        ������������������'-���������������������������   -  " 'Shall I drop this in the, eye before meals or after?'"  FUTURE   SAILINGS  Summer Sorvmo.  Montreal - Quebec - Liverpool.  Empress of Britain .. Friday. May   3  Lake Champlain  ....   M hurs.. May    **  Empress of Ireland .. Friday. May 17  "Lake Manitoba      Thurs..  May 23  Empress of Britain. .. Friday. May 21  and   weekly  thereafter.  Rstcs*  $92.60  Saloon,   $53.75  Second, $32.50 Third Class.  Other   Ships:     $50.00   Second,     JM.25  Third.  R^ner-atlons*   end  details   from   any  RaUw**v   AKent   or  write  J. S. CARTER,  Genl.  Aqt.  _1*J   Portage   Ave;;   Wlnnlneq.  Empresses:  J  Special Notice  Agents wanted to buy junk for  B. SHRAGGE  Cor. King & Sutherland, Winnipeg,  Man.  - .'  :**-'"   ^'-'���������--. ������������������������������������������������������������"������������������*'���������"������������������������������������������������������������'!i.,.*-!..��������� '.ml linn/  tlu-v toolc   him down  !o Svd-  contninu no narcotic* or harmful di-iiir*-, n*')*, Im llnhihed by niiy:iiu;:  and today ImlilH th������ record of li-ii.K th������ ' ������" ������������,������,������vul    1  Interviewed  the inir-  VV.wtOTii-reaafulr^m.-flyforwoman'iiill* ������**������iih--      Uonwforwurd    I  "ball   ro-  <��������� ,��������� -iili'o only ono boot.'  T-nvuoii���������"Well, deacon, I hope my  tiermon thin niornlui* proved rem ml  to your doulit.i"  Mm. Deacon -"It certainly did, par-  imn 11.' tdi-jV MV" n bnbyJbrnimh It  all."  The  Nnvv  of  tho Gorman   Kmplre  In \in���������lor tho    iiupremo    command of  tlio (Jennui '���������'niporor*  PURIHEDJIS BLOOD  Dr. Moroo's Indian Root Pllla  Honied Mr*. Wil������on'������ Sores  When the sewers of the body���������hbwrlti,  kidneys and skin ducts���������get clog-jod up,  the blood, quickly becomes impure mid  frequently sores break out over the body.  The way to heal them, as Mr. Richard  Wilson, who lives near London, Ont.,  found,   Is   to   puriiy   the   blood.    lie  *.,*-.,...������  tV&.l.,..'.  "For some time I had been In a low,  depressed condition. My appetite left  me and I soon be(*nn to suffer from Indigestion, Quite a number of small sorea  and blotches formed ull over my skin. I  tried medicine for the blood nnd used  many kinds of ointments, but without  ���������"ntlaiactory results, What was wnnteti  Was a thorough elenusiuK of the blood  nnd I looked about In vain for some medicine that would arco.nplteh thh.  At last Dr. Monu's Indian Root 1'illi  were broujjht lo my notice, and thfty are  one of *iho moat wonderful medicines I  have ever known. My blood was purified In \ very abort time, bore a healed up,  mv iniliimiiiion vniiit-hen. Vhev nlwiiy������  have a place in mv hottiti and are looked  |  tipini uj liiv. i'.i.iniy i'_iiu itj," |  Dr. taoroc'ii Indian Hoot Pilla cle%nse  '  the uystem   thoroughly,  deiilriHiil 25c u Lou.  Sold hy  -11  ���������0  Bowors���������"11 you lovo tho girl, why  don't you propose?"  Mowors "I'm afraid sho would In-  atst, on having tho plcturo of hor father and molhor banging In our parlor."  Julius, a negro, who lived on a plnn-  tntlon at a dlslanco from town, con-  lldod to bis master that he wanted to  i<Oit married and nakou if ho would got  him a HoeiiHo.  "Oh. yea, Julius; I will hpo to that."  nut wlien lie wont to the court hoiitui  to got 'tho lleouHf-i he did not. know  the nainu ul .iuiiun' iuLoiiiii.u iuii.it'.  Ho inought, howi'ver, thnt he had  no!lead tho man paying attention to  a covtaln girl nnd had the llennsn  mad������ out In hor unit in, Martha.  "You-ntl didn't forgot, thnt Hnoime,  did you?" linked Julius, anxiously, mi  noon  an  an hla employer  returned,  ������������������No, .TuIIuh; but yon didn't tell mo  tho gliTu ltnmo.   Wnn it Martha?"  "No, Hiih; It. waou't Martha, It wn������  " "Well,    thnt'H    too    bad.    You will  hnvo to wiili. until I go to town ugaln  and I will gel. another lU������������iiHe."  "How  much   dat lleoiiHo  coHt?"  In*  quirt'd Jiiliiih.  "1'lll.v   con in. ���������_���������  "V,re!!     !    '1"'*      virion    fhr>'ft   flfl v  /���������onto' worth ������' dlffetvuice 'twoen dem.  Jen' gib nio do liceimo an' I'll marry  Martha."  Maypole Soap  CLEANS  AND    DYES  Givei tich slowing  colon, fadeless in.tun  or 'udn. Dyes cotton,  silk, wool or mixtures,  Use   il   youriell   nt  home.  No Iroubl  no muss. 24 color*-���������  will give nnv ���������liodc.  Colors I Ocblack 13c,  ul   your dealer's   oi  po������t'>uid with booklet  "How lo Dye" Irom  F. I. BF,NF.mr,T ft On. Monlrn'-I  AGENTS  WANTED.  Wrllo for agency for our upoclal to-  order tallorlnw for your town.    Th(.-r������  la inonoy In lt^* John Dawson, LtilM  Church Sf.��������� Toronto.  DR. ELLIOTT, SPV'JCIAUST. PRf  vato dlHeiiMOH nnd drink habit  Wrlto 81 Queen larmt, Toronto.  wmiMjtMdim  l-M-WMWMNMMM  W. N. U. No. 805.  1L'l.u-liull'HiJlll-.lli:.'.ii���������..j.l.li',lijilUL.il.i.i  __���������__L_t__ti'jM__iiiiiiii'iiiiiia^^  llJ-iJLO^IJ_M-____-__^^ 1XU-  /-*i-r* 1-mci or*/-*, *\T  ...  '   '.I'V*;*'"-".  *'   1 si  _^_"ff*l S "171 "PS*'  VbAMfc  ��������� jS* ������3  3������   g   ������*-���������������* B       riini       uaa n__ H    a in     "*������     IS H m    w w  m mn������    m   . _^ ��������� ��������� ���������   CONTRACT  LET  FGR .NEW*. LINE  The Titanic,  the  Largest  Ocean   Liner   ever   Designed,  Siruck a Submerged iceberg and went down, Carrying  Hundreds oi Victims to a Watery Grave  New York.���������in the darkness of ,the  night and m water two miles deep  the Titanic <*������������������ "*.*e "White Star fleet,  and the greyest ot all ocean steamships, sank'tA t--i-* bottom of tne "sea.  Of the 2201 T'Vr&ons' who were -i-  "hr>ard the ,rrfi-"*t ���������vef-se!, wh������n '���������ho received her "mrrt--*] wound in collision  with a iceberg more than 3200 wont  to thefl* deatb hi T������ie shattered hull.  The loss *>f thrj Titanic, costliest;  most powerfel, greatest of ail ocean  fleet, while steeling westward on her  nisi do n voyaj-.e ta^es run J*- in maritime history -Is the most terrible of  ail recorded f Isaslers of the sea.  When the 1 ".tanic struck Tie mountain of ice tha! sent her to the bottoir  within four hours after the impact,  she was steam'ng at the iai;e of 18  knots an hour. Th'' shoclt also de  mollshed the proud vessel which her  builders and ner captain had _be������  lieved nothing *-ould master. rlit-.  ting the irnpene' rable ice ma ss fairly  with her towering .boom, the ship  was almost reni asunder'"at/"the first  uiow.' /  Her   decks ? w> re  ripped   and   torn,  her  sides   and   *������ulkheads  were? split  and shattered af with the hammer of  some Ti tali, from the bow to a point  almost amidshipt.     Her upper works  and some of her boats were splintered, while a shower of debris from her  spars fell upon  the decKsiike giant  nniL      Though    the ship had  struck  the  monster "obstruction -head-on,, as  her bow    rose  Yslear    of tbs water,  smashed to an unrecognizable mass  of bent and shivered steel, the vessel'  listed heavily tx1 port and threatened  to    turn    turtle    before    the    recoil  brought what wj-s left of her proud  form back    to    ^n even keel-      Tbe  .Titanic  had    fo;ced ,ber  giant  bulk  away -ip ������m a submerged spur of the  iceberg,'' a": phenomenon.;.which is not  Infrequent'"���������'  in 'most?disastrous   coV  listens with these giant-like sentinels  of the banks.     Ia mounting upon the-  jagged ice spur, and in sliding? back  from her position, the ship had torn  out many oilier bottom -'"���������v- from  the midships section, forward to bow.  As a result her compartments; from  amidships    forward,    were    speedily  flooded.     She took in water at a rate  that Y.efled the efforts of her pumps  and soon began to settle by the head,  listing heavily to port and rolling in  the trough   of the sea.      As she became    gradually     disengaged    many  tons of iceYwhich had fallen upon her  upper    deck   contributed   to   the   de-  ���������   moiition and: iDtricate "confusioni The  force-of the blow had 'heen so^tremen-  dous that theYyast sii/p?., was  started  American     Concern     ������������������ul    Build    IOC-  Miles of Edmonton And B:G. ,  Railway.  Edmonton, A-lta-,���������Tlie .contract  foi  steel for 100 miles of the Edmonton,  Dunvegan  and; British Columbia  i ail-  way has been -awarded to an< American  concern   and   before   the 'end , of  June material will' be on the ground.  The line will be completed and track  laid for 10*0 miles  before  the eaci ot  the const motion season, .of If 12.  Tn tnf>t-e words Dr, J. K. McLennan,  general manager of the road to be  constructed under provincial guarantee by j. D. McArthur. intimated that  the worlc on tne new Peace river .line  will be carried on wrth all possible  s.peep, tfiat the .company intended to  fulfill their bargain With* the province  co the letter.  and  man    leaped    to his  pofat when      "Canadian   mills,"  said  Dr,  McLen-  r-nr.l.,5,,       Q.^IMl ���������,���������rr���������*,���������r,���������       l-r,        1, c ��������� ,1        jjjjj^     "COU],J      nC������     feupply     ffa P     Steel   Kltl'l  .,iu,,i   ,  ~3t     ",*?������  ^r$,rr&./til  AN' K-iftffll-iUf TR������ISS C"LV 460 M,!-ES"r0 ������"���������"** jTffjj.' mmkv  srsiflnif ������  ,,      ���������    ,     , fhtf   q^    -fS    jn    EgsJeBt  Portion   of t -��������� *   *  -s��������� -f    v* ������ rt   >t 1  THE     ALL-CANADIAN     TRAIN     IS        Mount^li* district���������No Difficulties       LESSON    IV.-SECONn     oi i'/^rf&--fe&*v  \ "-I  in her ev*?ry joint and ei-'*>ryth.ng  movable throughout her superb  equipment of luxurious cabins and  saloons, was tossed into neaps like  discarded junk.  ^t^    British .seamanship   and   discipline    prevailed     and  It   did   what  little might be done as well as daunt  less nifii  could  do it.  ISvery ofRcev  Captain Smrh, megaphone in hand,  hollowed his, orders over the rolling  hulk that an hour before had been  the proudest ship in chistenaom. Sufficient order was maintained to  launch safely most of the do***-* th *  greater number of.jwhich had remained seaworthy despite the ordeal  through which they bad passed. Thi?  work was progressing at once, the  womtn and children being givon the  prefeience Jn the lifeboats. At first  the evidences of panic were twell suppressed, " though there were many-  painful scenes: as -Wives and>'sisters,  sweeiheai cs> ?^hd '?mcih.er������,'"parted  from their dear bttes^. -whom th ���������*/"  were leaving- to an unknown, fate a&  they took their   alloted places In the  Several' times as the compartments  rapidly fillied, the veisel lurched hea-'  vily. Then the cry? went up that -the  ship was; sinking and there was' a  riish for the small^ boats; that for the  first- time threatened to transform a  brave and orderly scene into one of  freaaied panic As the Titanic, settled lower under the weight? of, the  rapidly gaining water in her hold, it  was sa,id that some of the boats Were  stove in before they.eould have been  freed,from the davits, and?that a few  were swamped in the effort-;to launch  them..-..,-;Y Y;-?;Y ���������.'/?-'"?���������  Withing less than an hour after the  doomed queen* of the ocean ,fieets h?id  struck, she had settled' so fast that  the water had flooded .her engine  rooms and then her wireless apparatus went out of commission. At the  same time the failing of her dynamos  extinguished .���������*- her . electric lighting  system and the mammoth craft was  plunged into a Stygian darkness,--except ; for siich? feeble gleams as were  afforded ''��������� by. the ?use of torches and  lanterns. ? These? served only to emphasize the horror of the midnight  darkness, made more weird by reflections and shadows cast by the towering masses of Arctic pinnacles, surrounding : the, stricken ship. In the  darkness the, vjork of launching tbe  remaining boats ��������� was made more diSi  cult,; but ail?the h'bats,' or nearly all,  had cleared the wreck before the Titanic had taken her final plunge into  i he : obscur0 depths of a grave tw o  ?niles deep.  year if we had. to rely upon them  it would have been in*spo*3sibl'e to go  aheud with the tr������iok. layins th;.->  yeai, but rather than tnat this should  take ol ace. the contract went to an  American firm. Eighty pound steel  will be laid on the new line and the  load-bed will be nt the same standard  ss the Grand Trunk Pacific road.  "We expiect to start work within  the next couple ot weeks'. The first  grading outfit will be ready for op  eration within a few days time and  then we shall gb.i-fli^ail/a^piioev'T'here  ftT-A ������������ ���������mt*n"#l\*it������ -~������-r ������^v--������ i \'rir%i-'a    i^^V      I'.zi  --���������.��������� ��������� --���������������������������������^,-w������ -       vj-x vi^AlWuy'yi'-*'*-*.      >--v-  awarded but we shall iii the meantime   carry   on  the   wot-k;���������'. oursslve-s."  Ma  Principal Towns or Prairie -Pro  vi*r>oes, and Will Attract Much Attention.  Winnipeg.���������The "Made-in-Canada"  exhibition train, which is to give wi������i������������  publicity to Canadian manufactures*  m a new and novel way will be a re-'  cognized reality next month. The  first sign of the preparations will  manifest itself when on May 1, the  Winnipeg ear, "dead-headed" (i-e..  sent empty) over the C.P.R., will ar-  5 iVfc ia the city. It will be un the  track for about ��������� two weeks to give  local manufacturers a chance to in-  ibtal their exhibits, and >vill then be  sent to Port Arthur, to be attached  to the eastern section of the tram at  thE-t* point.  The train  will be on exhibition at  ������*its#y- Pseparod!,*.  Hy Rev. D. M. Sterns. ^     -/OS-  through to the Pacific coast.      - |  This is the report "which is brought j  back   by   Mr.   Collingwoodi Schrieber  C.N.&.,  Government,   ������-..o   nas  msi   recurnea j with tins and whicL ^ill be oni* lesson*  trom* an insnection of the G.T.P.   *      Vneit week Mook������    ������*ojuewhat like tbtf-  Mr.  Schrie',"**** w?nt rhroi������"gh  as farj������.4-rnp  diseoursV-   r"h  as" Tete "Jeunn������    ---' __*_.   -^   .  1.  Mr.   Collingwoodi aenneber     Tbe  lesson  to-day and   the ������������������oortion/  consulting    engineer, of  the    row  Luke   vi  suggested   to   l������  rea%'  ent,   *-ho  has  just   returned iwith tins and whicL ^ill be ou^lessoW  insnection of the G.T.P.    ������      Vneit \vp?k Mook������    ^ojuywhat like  thtf"    '  hrle',-- v������it rhrongh  as fari^jn*  dlscoureV;   ^but,, while  the sui>     '  .,  Tete  Jeunn.o    Cach������,  a  point  50 ,ject matter isaimilar the v>ords Wertf    >'"l  les beyond the V^-ov.J-Tead -Pass   spoken  on  two - different    occasioha:"-;   ���������,  I  ie line is now railed for 276 miles j This is been by 'comnarin^ Matt, v.iti  ''   l  mil  The hub is uuw ra.ii������ci iur i,o miif������ | i nis is been ov comnarinff  west.of Edmonton, namely, to a point and. Lnk������> vj. 17.' In the former -de  30 miles west of the Yellow Head. iread that "He went u*. tntn ������ <nft���������*��������� ���������"  From Prmce Rupert eastward rails |tain and when He wis set His'lite- \  are laid for a distance of 164 m.Ies. jcipies c=?rue unto Him" and * in th^*" -  The intervening gap of 450 miles does latter. " He came down with������ thdn'  not present any very difficult ensin-,and stood in the plain.-' Bofih" Joan^' "  eering problems; in fact, Mr. Schrie-jtbe Baptist and Jesus hail* 'been' *  ner says; it is probably the lightest ipreaching. -'Repent, for the k|ngdopi ,.  section of the inountuin uibtiict. ^of heaven is at nand" (Matt. ia. *J;ii*,^'   ?  From   tne  western   terminus of-stool ' 17).  and Jesus had   been  through"  all"  grading Is completed   . for a  further Galilee  preaching the   gospel .of   j;bfe'    -  the  Union  station,  Toronto, on  May I distance of 25 miles, over which por-j kingdom  and   healing  all   manner"df'    a  18,  and   will  leave  for  the  west  the   tion  cf the line track  laying  should isickness    and     disease   (iv.   23)..    Tn>    ,  following day.    It  will  be  composed f^e finished by the end of this month. I Matt v to- viLwe> have th������-principles'���������d'f  of  ten  exhibition  cars,  one  sleeping I Beyond   that   again   there   are   some , the kingdom which was then at 'hand,'  R.NAA/.M-P."  ia o o mir������ ������������������i r\ m e  Five New inspector's Are Announced  ' To "Be Added Tc Force At Regina.'  ROglna, Sask.-*-Proniotions in the  RoyaJ North West' Jylohnted Police  have been announced here; atui. the  new oflicers will begin their? duties  'immediately.; ' ,y     ?':.-.'r??  cbmes_ inspector; Sergt.-Major Ac  land, I/awson, "fukon, becomes an inspector; . Serg*-. Major' Spalding, Bat-  tleford, becomes on inspectori i ..-.  ' ^Appointments td1 R.N.'WM\P. ?are:  Lieutenant Irwin ojt'^iihe Canadian  Militia, Ottawa, and Tji-eut'ariaht--'K������������?������*  ult, of the Canadian Militia, are:made  inspectors. Lieut. Irwin ' has al-  readJ -arrived in :Sep'inisi to enter  upon his new duties.; . ?? Y  ���������'���������"-$o word has been received, by the  R.N.W.M.P. office here as to when  the other inspectors will arrive.  Lleutt Irwin is a son of Col  Ottawa.  car and one dining car, the latter to  be also used as a lecture room.  The cars are specially built,'60 feet  in length, and of the standaraYfteight  and width. Some of. tlae cars will  have centre aisles'; other?"sideYaisles,  with booth compartments: In the lecture car will .���������'be: ^iveri 'Stereoptican  lectures illustrative of the ��������� breadth  and diversity i-of OaunuH.'s-.' aiauufae-  turing industries.  '  The whole.?, idea, of ,the /-' "Made-in-  Canada" train is similar to that of-  the special- agricultural train/which  toured Canada' recently; exceRt that  the present one will be.,^.g. industrial  train from ������������������"tender' to tail-end." Toronto and ' western "Ontario - manufac  Staff     Sergt.   Gordon,   Gtlawa,   |fe-  turersVhaye reserved about^foux* cars;  The  tour  will  commence  at  Mon-  eight  steam  shovels at  work ,on the*which   was   postponed   because   %'aey  grading.    > '        ^ '   y - rejected it and  Him    (Luke xix,~ li,     '.  At  the   other ,end   the, contractors j 12), but wh}ch He will set up.^on^b^.  are working    iip    to  the 245th?  mile :ear:h  at His' coming again   ivi ^oMif;ti\  east of Prince, ;;.Rupertj or within >a The,-teaching of these chapters*. ?do^^;,  mile or' two of-* the-v*]-;ase of ?i!dir-  nM'^ beforo ������������ q ��������� i*f���������������-��������������� ho ^������^vi.--fits*  'tnere.-";  While there appears to beZ no  actual scarcity 6f labdrY all coritrac--  tors are somewhat" hampered by  its  ,.r,C!/3 + *1j3rl     rtnnrlftlnn  THE GRAIN   BOARD.  Messrs.?    Magil',   Gibbs  and  Staples  Arrive st Fort-William,     *  Fort   "William,   Ont.���������Professor  Ma-  procure salvation, bi*t?a life tfiat can*Y  be Tived only by^ayedlpeople.-Jorit^? ,.  written;- "His disciplesS!caiicje-jiinto?? ^~  Him. and He or^ned His moiith ami? .*  riaughf tivem (versi-s i, 2 ,?to?;*ffiM^;- -;  those who say that this sermcAr ^ut^fY ^  them.and is.gospel enough, forTthOi^/; *  do not know what they, 'are|i^ayuTp"^'' ^  for-His-, first utterance;;v^nde^ns?;aji&; v  pride afid self sufficieiicy,'.'-'just^as>;t^'>''. ,  first of the Ten Commandmetflts.".YJacfcsjf;?-  ,  gill, chairman,.and M-e^srs,^^ Gibbs and ......... -   ,- -3-.~  Staples, of the grainYcoaimission. ar- all low^ hi', the dust and  ringsfin������������������.���������gfegj.-  **������. 1���������   .A* : J-1 '.^'.    ' J^ : 1      'I_'il J-������ ' TT_  .������>1*ii-.1ri r>Am1/I   .      .        .v..:U������...        ., - *U.-.f ���������.1*^   i -t. -/>"���������i*'*jj,' *���������'  rived; from.: the -east -recently. ���������/    Pro-  feasor  Magiii  vstated   Uiat   the   only  treai on. ivi_y  xo, ai>u  ai  a day each in Ottawa, Toronto, Fort  ���������Williani- tand?i.Pcrt,;Arthur,;. the;, train  will reach 'Winnipeg oh-May 22.   For  the evening of that day a^peciai il-  ifteE- spending'tI!1^ th^-^o-iild' be: drtiie?n6w would  be to securei temporary 6ifi.eei acconi-  modat!on> and they ha|d -4 locations  under consideration. 'Oflic&s'--would  only be    taken for;  a year,  and tho  Iustrated: address is'���������:&fojQsfee$^^}te>di$T^te^ 'have^to,-^feelv-ik,������.;  delivered in the lecture eaF".    The?of-. ^^ as  to  "what wduld lie?required  ficial .lecturer will be Tr it Race,; of tn'.the matter of.office,, staff,"etc," pjr;o-;  -���������������^ ���������^^���������Z������%Zi.:^A feasor- Ma^ill will 3e������Ve for"'ffali^'y  at once to qlose matters there be-  fprel taking- up. the work -of - the commission fully.  Canada at world's ?fairB'-.V^.t Christ-  church," New Zealand *Y at Melhohmoj'  Australia; at Glasgow^ Scotlantl-;* and  in Belgium. ' #iv':>Y' '?xY:^ ���������."'''.:.. ���������  LeaviEb? Winnipeg' on May ^23, :$&p\  train will call������at 100 of .the^ principal?  WORKING TO IMPROVE AGRieULTURE  PRAIRIE GROUSE DANCE  EVERY PRECAUTION TAKEN  Distinguished Naturalist Tet's of -..s  Observations  in Saskatchewan.;  London.���������"Animals      and      Human  Parallels"  formed  the   subject  of  an  address  given at     me    Times   Book  Club    Saloon,    by    Thompson-Seton.  .Th-jre -was a Iai*ge attendance.  Mr.  Seton   said  that  when  Darwin  first made good the  theory  that we  and  the  animals  were  akin,   it gave  n wonderful impetus to all such studies, and they found that by studying  at'.imals   tlmy  could   learn   much  concerning      themselves.      In    their  studies  they   should   always   set  out  ���������with a theory, and they would get results which they had not looked for.  Having pointed out that.the;' polygamous and polyandrous annuals had no  chance with tlie monogamous, Mr. Seton  gave  an  account of the  manner  in which  wolves when  they wore in  no need  of  food,   and  in  no  danger  from stronger enemies, took part  In  the form of social amusement.    Foxes  .had a similar practice, and gamekeepers could, if they chose, tell  them of  occasions  on    which    these  animals  played the game of "King of the castle,"  in  Saskatchewan.    The  prairie  grouse  hud   a   spring-time   dance,-15  or 20 of them joining in round after  round, and making all the noise they  could. Ho had hud pointed out to him  tho  places  whore   these   dances  took  place,  and  on   one  occasion   lie  had  watched  until  the-    growing 'daylight',  revealed  him    and    drove  the  birds  away.    All theso things had a meaning, and'when'  they  got enough of  those  evidences  to   put' together,  he  wan quite Hiiro they would spell utmio-  thing- lntcrotJtln,K,< and opon out tho  roots; of  somothing    which could bo  developed later on. ?  Managing    Director  of   Hamburg-American Line Gives Views.  Hamburg.;���������Albert Ballin, managing director of the Hamburg-American Line, in reply to an inquiry said,  referring to the possibility of incorporating further safety devices on  large, vessels: "The great shipping  companies must try to enlarge and  improve upon, the extensive measures of precaution which' they have taken and which in their opinion and in  that of the underwriters already are  the highest possible security. It will  be clear to any reasonable man that  the size, speed and other qualities of  the unfortunate Titanic had nothing  to do with' her loss. I am further  firmly convinced that the vessel was  fully provided with all mbdern safety  appliances. ��������� Why they proved insufficient is a question" that can-only.''bo  answered after more extensive re-.  ports have been received and examined by experts and the results studied with the greatest care in order to  improve as miich as possible the  present measures of precaution."  JAIVrAICA TO .HALIFAX.:  whole . world   ^guilty���������������������������v^hQfc'i-G YilSSdi?  /T3������������������   .     "J- 1(11 +V.~-������^.   'i~'    ~    -'.^..ft~ j'i'-ti'-'.-'--.      I!  t ���������"-������������������v^w    j.,*,    .***,,.. btxt=* c ...ia- ;a  . w*��������� JAiiof-^  ful- analogy between? tuos0"beat!tnas3S- :  of our lesson and the petitions; df?H^(g; "  prayer in chapter vi, 9-1^ cbh>&oalp| *  known as the    Lord's    Praye^^tnorisl -  correctly the disciples? prayer^n?ep?f? \  (tome ^f all tr ae prayer,;��������� j:: OhiyJ fei^i \  aif*?are' "saved, who have''~oeco)cA&$^& \  dren of God by receiving .Jetliis'Y <  t'-hriSst as vtlifeir-.'Sa^-our^^-Jon'ti!' irYTRSf;:  can truly say "Our Father who axtjifol?  IJe^aven;^ John viii,,44v applies to^K"  others. Only the poor in^ spirit-jwjlfc  say " hallowed be T#y?������&ne/' fior^iS||^  pthers: prereic toY;;inagn^y    thei:  ?1V.'**'  T  "iii-r  ���������f "Hi*  - .PrMvi_pHn^'������:' -! oirici-iti/������a:) a*n#iV:V,ftt_i53Mjv..:VJ^;,.'|  arid! cry because^!br?&e ,ab6minatio|������?iY^?  Negotiations; Toward' aY Wrsct  '"? ���������".-'   ?     :.. . of- Steamers......'?-,.     ., v.,  Kifi'giton, Jamaica.-���������The Jamaican  government has authorized the negotiations; with;, the'; Canadjai;   ffoyerh-   , -.   .... ��������� ,, w  mdht for the subsidizing of a line of ol>ey  ,vi*IthoutYasking. why;?/they ^{Sh?,?  steamers to run between Jamaica,,and ]?^rtil^vSayYYThy:^  Halifax "thence to England, With Bos-j-earth'aa it-is in heaven.;" ,tha'-, wiitpB^,^!  ton as a pojrt of call in the winter.      fth"e 'kingdom,  and  nothingness ^th^iYYv:?  A proposal has b&sn subrhitted tol^bat.��������� wilt->suffle'e. These Sr������tV*^Y?K  the government by Canadians with Petitions refer to ^isnam^'V^sAYkY  regardito itfte formation: of a; million i*Ki^#0^?^d'^i^^1^ ^^ ?US*=^S"I^'??^  \eMti''M-M  dollar     company   to   acquire \50,000  afcres: Of -banana lands - on  the > northV  idfe,    recently Ytalcen :; over irom /-a:  us the father, the Sori, Who wiiV st _  flue: all 'things. to -Himsratf; and *hoii?d^?;;i5  itv-ar?--ap  the'.:'kingdom.i;-..t6 theYFath^Yji?  bananas to- theYport&i-"'"--  ....:    ONLY  ONE  COMMISSION.      : ;  Imperial     Trade     Commiosion    Will  Take Up Crown Colonies Question "  ??,;:?J;::?.??>Y'   Also, ���������.; ���������'.*?������������������ ': ! _ '?. ;  '...XiOhdon.���������Replying  to  question's   In  the house? of commons  recently,  Rt.  'HohY Le\vis Harcburt, colonial secretary, stated that the goverhrhent did  .ci^lieif; -four, ^petitions; .cqnceiyi   ns,Y^s^titi^-l  aiso do the beatitudes, becauss of-bulitYM1  '���������'-   ���������������������������   ��������� -- - ���������-������������������ ���������- - ������������������-������������������-- -   ���������-���������'��������� ��������� -��������������������������� -"-"-^Y*;  JOHN T, felpFSNS  Lethbridge,  Alberta  DR. JOHN  A. WIDTSOE  President of Utah Agricultural College  '"' "t ������������������*���������'��������� '���������     Logan, Utah. . .' ,    .'.\ ..,.,.,.  President and   Executive Se'cretary-Treasurerr of the(-Seventh'lnternatlona.l  Dry-Farming Congress, to be held at Lethbridge, Alta., October 21-26.    "  C. P. R. OPENS 25 FARMS  Attracting Miinufacturera  Cn1*;avy, Alta.���������Not lens than 1/iO  wholeHnlo und ninniifiititurlng , Iiohhom  now niulntuln bmndhos, In Calgary,  Bending out some 700 conunoitelal  travollets oneh week . 1hron_lmii't the  Immediately adjacent 'trade territory.  Tho city Ih now offering nianufactur-  oi'a Hheral inducomen.ts lo locate Ji^t'e,  hi tho form of exemption froiii>'taxation upon plant, and bulldlng������ until  10J8; altjo power, light, water; and  factory alto with Hrackngo faullltlos  nt coat. It la pointed out that under  ��������� t,hlB policy, many., largo plants have  ivKnuil.ly boon titicurvil, lnchnlhi/c tho I  wofitorn oar,Hhopn of tho C;P.U.' with |  2,DO0 niun and tho Dominion UrhlKo  company employing 1200 men. "v  .     Jmmmmmm^*tmmm*>'*ii*mmmmmm^mimmtmmmmM*m������  "''',''���������' l ,  Han Ancient Bible.  ,'Prince Albert, Saak���������A copy of  Marlln LuUuji'h cejobrakut odlllon of  tho Tllbhi ban boen dlneovorod here.  Tho YBlblo la tho proporty of John  Klein, of Molfort, father of J. A.  ���������Klein, of this city, it lo printed In  Gorman and wao ptihllished In four  fiart.H at Frunkf nil lion-Main, Gor-  ;nany. Mr; Kloln ntates thnt the fly  leaf of tho  flrnt hart.  whfr������h  i*  now  Instrument to Detect Icebergs  Ottawa.���������The disaster to' the T1-'  tanic has. aroused Interest in official  circles, and in the experiments which  havo been conducted' by Prof. Barnes'  for the porfection of the device invented by him for the detection of  icebergs. It has been .docidod to  send ono of tho government boats to  tho icefield area during tlie summer  -months. The. Invention la a thormo-  metric device, which "Indlcafos the  prosenco of a floltLof Ice by recording the si If?h tost MiajiQ������ .In- tempora-  tiiro duo to tho Tro^on^o; of 'frozen  wator. ,,..       ������������������ ���������       Y  Bad   Prnlrle  Fire.  ���������JTorbort,. Susk.���������A bad pralvlo lire  In raging north of hero, and ah-ouily  muoh daiungo, hilH.boei* dono.i,��������� Rlttity;^  lioineHteuderB'. shucks;have foooiv.flpo-.  relation to?God.     The:��������� hun^ringj^ai^Yj  tiiirstihg!;'afte^? righteous i^ss--?-?com���������^^;y^  ponds with "Give us?this day''?byj^^:  daily; bread>".-Tho ,-thewtful are Oii^^?f;  who have been forgiven ��������� much';^^:?|?  arp always ready���������,to foi'jrive ?offie������s:������?;??  The pure in heart are: grlevecl by?|ijl&^Y^  thought of being overcome by ���������tert0p??;;������  tatiohs and pi-ay n6t to be led inf^J|^?YK  .   . . while the children of God who belbinfeYiY  no.tdeem; it* desirable to appoint,a to, tne God of Peace are peace mafcefov^:,  separate Empire . tntde commission . nd^iob peace: breakers^ like the ,'ev^Y^  which would include an enquiry into one from wlioni they pray to b^ :d6-:^ Y-  the resources of the crown colonies. Hvered. All such may expeet: ttt'; V  Sir Gilbert Parker asked if tpe''hoiii'e know miicli "of the haWea aud pbwpr? ^^  government    had   been  requested   to bf ,the adv0i-sary,4QF.nll4hat willi'ljive;    ?  godly in Christ Jesiiis shall 'suffer' pef-<,:-  aecution  and be hated by the  world,;   '  'no-operate   'with    the, Canadian 'and  ;Westr'Indian    governments  in  establishing a steamship  service between  the cpuiitries, to which Mr Harcourt  replied' In the'negative.  W.ant  Railway Wound   Up  k Londbn,OTi*\PPlic,at.Jpp \v-ns made'-.be-  fore Mj*v. 'Jy^tice Kadle for compulsory  ,���������������.v.v, h;oon dp.  troynd, whllo tho' rin.mhf-'n to hay,'-oj;'ef.  Ih uneHtimnted.    '     '' ':" '''���������"'m  Wi  J.  8>  Dennis    In     Making  Announcement Says Time Has Come to  Grow Mixed  Crop.,  Calgary, Alta.���������J. S. Dennis, assistant to the. president of the,,C.P.R.,  "head of tlie department'of natural resources, announces the establishment,  hy tho company in tho Went, pf 2i>  farms, .,oponited-./on a bnala of the  jvrodnctlon of all kinds of grain on  small areas, together with dairying,  poultry, hog raising, and root crops;"  Tlils'is a further step in the policy  of the company to prove by object  losHOn..that.'mixed I'urniliig is the best  stylo, of ligrlculturo for the West:  It Ih/';iiI'ho in line with (ho* policy,, o/,  tho company to oporato strl-ctly 'Hong  land eolonlzatlon and 'development  linos, Instead of-purely latid soiling;^  Mr. DeniiiH :������taleH tho. limp hn>i  coiubiWhtm Western- i'arin'i?.i1H must do'-  Vfli^p '������������������') il^xoil AuhiJug, intlier Ihau".  .^V-'afelft' r;rAln; -trowlnc;.     .  cities and towns in the-prairie prov- f wlnrijn^i^'of the''--H"������d*-oh' Buy  and  lnces,  reaching Winnipeg-on the re..' Pacific Rdllway ��������� .Company.    CounseJ  One llfo Is roporlod lout, whllo sov-  oral farnioi's .hayo boon moro or loaa  injured in thoir ottompto to fltay'iho  in'ogroHti of tlio flnnioB. .   ,;  RoporlB nro ^ varied,    but tho faot  that tho -reflection of tho flro oun,,ha)  plainly soon from hero ilonolos that  It. Is ot uniniial mngnltudo.  iU-  Novol  Industrial  CarnprtlflnY ,;���������'  Saskiitoon,  Bask.���������Tho 'oppovtunlCif.  Jfi ncj,w to  h(o . oltercd to InveBt.oVnfto'  Hiioiiro ,'nn ���������.tiil^ivMr. In  new Industries  IbpatliigYln   Siifiiltatoon   from  i.liiio';--tnf*  tlmo through the riiodlum of tho local  hidu/Strinl   Jouguo.   ��������� The  idea  is  thai*.  If rnllwnys can  build  wilofl of trab\'<  "MnKVori "i'lilill'S-iWdlt, limn .small IndUvi-  turn journey, about June-3Q  . It is expected that ;vthb Winnipeg  cai's will-h.e tho striking and significant feature ot the equipment." The  Winnipeg manufacturers are contemplating a .second car, this..move beiag.  regarded as a fair,criterion of the Industrial .development and,.progro8fi\ln  Canada's mlddlo.west,,  Many npvel Ideas . will be carried  put in. <;hp furnishing of tho vai-ious  cars. Ono will be, for instance, .fitted  'up llko a factory in opeintlbi'i';' iuT-  oLhiii' will have-u-ooiiiposite p-j-hUjit;1  resembling the room of a house, piio.,  exhibitor supplying tho carpels, an-  *o;lrbei*- the furniture, a third the-wall-  paper, etc. It is expected that, representatives of-each -firm -exhibiting.  't-frUl.-bb on tho. .train.  Woman FUris*Across The Channel,\  ������ >London.-w. It is announced, thai,  MlMh-'IInri'lel Quhiiby, of yViuorJc'v  bad  tl'oWn  acrosn  tlio lOnglish 'Clmii-  for the cpnipany opposed the 'jtnnlicn  tlon stntl' askptl'-hia lordship to allow  the motion to  when the petitioners,  could be paid  raising fund  tho    railway./������������������His-   lordship  readily  granted the cotnpahy'a application.  which livcth Jn the'iWip.ketV;t)ne (II TlriV    <  iii, 12; i'John'--v;,-''W;?R:?-%r-JohnVkT,ii-".-'":-i  1S-20; "���������' xvll.    1-1).    Cut,  thinking^  the klntrdom and the power.and the? '  glory, and that He, has. said thatalil??  who '.aro, -persecuted-fen*, His sake are*    ,?j  nappy 'or' bl&ss6d������iiebl>'e,  we  eariYby^     M  HiH grace rejoice and 'pven be exce'pd'-'    "  AV^.).y,..HJa<������l, {tnd l^ap for joy when;���������;.������$��������� ��������� ?f j  ���������tr<?ato"d for'His *sake  tverso 12;  LulfCY  Wi.  a:*..)" "The  Spirit,  through  Pe&rjv  .Polo Grounds For , B.C, Inimtgrants.,  ,-��������� London.-���������Col. H- OLi. Morgan bus i-'e-  euivd l.'t.OOO 'ici-ps nt Nioolu LnKc;  li.C. \, Do Intiin'iis 'dividing 'It into .ton-  (uir'e' "fruit farms,��������� 'with' golf and- polo  'grounds a.iil a rnec course t'i ni.tniot  retired olileoi-ft of the'army, navy and  iiol.'';,.*Jntor fliavlng poped in rariglnu'iV  <'&ktffm ^,:l1rImtli���������' nnd In Franco as  I'Maihluu.^Alfk're." ��������� It It( fiip,Voppd  ������heJ__5l}ep. to eoneoni hor blontltv for  IfirnVwhibBO iii dbnnoctioii with" her  edltorinl work.  This ,1s tiif- llrb.t IJ mis a voinan'.haH  ci'OLMjod the I3i;*,iifdi Clmnuel pilollnft,  r.ti4 'ftoroplMi'o ' 'and   mono* l������   tho  inn-  be rovenlod we may be.,gla.d also with;  vKix-cillng joy a-tlQ'tV'A'V.'ISS. i:i) "Tlip;  Spirit, through  Paul, says,  "Tho, si'tftfi,.  ferings  of ihln  present rime are. .njqtV,  \voVtliy; to be ��������� ooinparefd- wi th t h o glbky;!  which shall be rovenlod In us"  (Roiji^f.  viU..lS)'.     It' U- ".only as    wo by. H)**V  gia<:e uiniiifest. ,thiu spM'l.t, nt .Uio Uhi������-Y  ildin that." wc 'can  pr0.vp*Yonr*U<lves to',  bo the sail  ol* the earth and tlio HftJU'.'?  of, tbe world   (versos KI, 11).    In Ht^.  UnoBs  and  isolation  dronded  by  the  aupurloi- class of 8������Ulora.  elyll  service an emigrants.  Ho  iimin->j.)Sl   ,���������..,>.,,,. He    ^iu]o    u  very ck^f;  t^ins the seheme will Inviilsh Iho lorn:- tllut Ho  considers    ua ..here  In  HI*!  ���������"tl-'i'd;. for Ho .'mid: "I'ana no moro In?  the >vorld, but.thope ayfc.\i\ tha wbrlqi''  Ait Thou hnsC'Sent me'info tlie worItl,v1,  oven so havo I iiIho. sent: thorn Into,  Ihe world'"'MJohif itvli. ti. l������). CnlbaftV  Lauiioi' .wau lotit Jii Uio wrook of llii:,,jM,  -,iw ui  Je.su.s Im ho  iiuiiilfowU-iI  iin  the children of the .kingdom  (lf..'Co^,  Buttt.of Sir Wilfrid Lost.  Ottawa.���������-A    bust   'of    Sir  Wilfrid  ���������Titanic.     Tho   bunt.,   which   was   dr  tilgued "for'a" pln'cio Ih the rotunda ol'  iv. 10,-11) that the worl*j"$in nee'IIInl^  tho Chateau Lnurlor, was executed in m uh how will thoy    over    l.cnru;\oJ'  Paris by Mr. Paul  Chovro, nnd wasii-iim.  th<>fie  iii)iltlliUlfB"'Who  n-ad-'nq:-  described   i\b  a   splendid   Ml-ron<���������>���������������������  of Jp.ibl'i' aud go to no place of wori'liips  Ijiboral loader.   Mr. Chevrw v/ak nnd yet upon whom He bat, comim.^''  tho-  ampng .thoso saved from tho wreck.  Not Poetry Says Attorney General. "'  .Lopdot1.7--.I00 Marlln received tno  ndKalilvo *��������� aiisw'ef fti tlip Ho'tiHe of  Commonn recently wlion.ho asked  tho attorneyrgoneral '������������������ If h^'lhtjinilod*  to. proHfloute Rudyard Kipling for  sedition for tho veratia entitled "Ul*  ntnr,'/ pii'bllfihed laut Week. ��������� W. UM-  mond raised a langh, asking If such  doKgerol wao entitled to bo!, called)  vei'iip.  -.trios, should.havo, a chanco to dp Utp.^ hin���������,     a week or two n-ro an Kng,  Jiixmo un 'ptlvato credit.   Th   amouiit  pf, the loaguu's  bubscvlptlon iii'fiich1:  liiBtanco. wlU, bo in dlrtj-ei -inbpQJJL'tbh:  to the proposed expenditure of- tno**  cpncerpjoyiitinaf.,lvere. tli��������� in believed  that the idea will become vers-*���������popular  with both large and small invoatork;  The ler.p.lh->ls-criplfnU'/..-d at !|:i,oflO,OOo;  Ha Compromlfte'In the Nesbltt   Cnne.  Toronto.���������That tho forgery ehnrgoH  aurnltjiflt  I>r.  lienttlo    NoHbitt; rnmnln,  Mutiny Suppm#������()d. ( nmj    That    tho    uildiiloiiiil  nbar������o of  Nankin.- -The    m,m,lny,,,fl,uioiiR f.ho .-fraud .wjtli  taevoral  other nllegatlonn  ftoldlm-H    baa    bonn   onlHrly  ������������.n-r������n     ,..oj  ;;r  ]:vi.-t  ������,  (���������,,,  ������������������|   V(M,n|t of the  mlBHlng, bora tho dato IISR0.   The fly | sed.       Of    the thirty thousand nol-1 conferencij  of  crown  and  bunk olll*  U1UIM    IjiUl.Ull^H    ilk     XUUMII,     IH-,Ht   ,111411-  Irryri       W/'Co      lriVolv*������f1    lo    11...    ,>..,, IV,>.  and the remainder promptly aaalHled  lu j-iM'oilng urder, .tfli������. author-  Itlmi nro now in full control of the  ulluullou.  IIh.i hidy eroH.oil nn a piiHwimer, lint  it finis tronminud for ati Anierlnan.to  ^libw.tl|������t lead in rrilH, and ,so help to  maintain'' the pre-einiuehoo ofi hen  cbiiutry in' thin sefonce.  ',..  ,v I ���������  TREATY- FOR 5 YEAR8  Went Indies Agreement May Be With  drawn After That Tlm������.  Ottawa. Out.- -While no ofllclnl  an-  nnd yet upon whom He b,aa eompa.<?������  sion.      Tt Ih  all  dnrjc'ipf's and chaour  with thoni, and uuleiiH tho |Jglit shall)!  North Portal Cuctome. HhJiio upon them Ihrough" iih,}(.. w|ll h^,  North   rortal.-Ciu.loiu.',   n-rci/.l,', at   1-;k1  for them  ami  for ur,  who arc in-       ------ -     triiHl.nl with  the Roapbl for IjhV'in., .WAfi  iniist ihtnii oi t'nobo.   who    are  rit*l!*" ,  blinded bx the God of thlB world ,(IVr  /������.-.,.. ii,. .1   ft������, ' "     :        '.  the'port'of North Portal for tho flu-  cal year ending March ill, 1H12, were  $:M������1,*K2!I.0(J. Tho. receipts for the  pi'ovloua " flttpal .year were $0fl,7r>9,/.'i.  Tho lneroa������o' for the last fiscal year  was thoreforo over 200 per cent.    .  Cor-. Jv. '1. 6)i  .V  Confer Anent Canada's Naval  Plans.  Ottawa,   v Ont.,���������Premier    Uordeu,  TTon. J, T>. Hnaon nml Hon. Col. P:irri  uol��������� MtiKlinH will Hiui lor ibiii'.iuiui ar,; which will go into miu-isi. on iviny;x,"  nouiicement of tho text of the Went tho end of next month, They will Thin Ih iho IIihI oecnnloti the Tranfc-*  liidl'-H' iraih" lmaty  Ih uvuilahlf* until i o</iifoi* with  the  liihn'.ralt.v   iu  roKard   Siborian   road   hiiii  made  conecaaloiia  Arrange Globe Trottlnfj 'Tour*.y,,^",  Montreal.--Tho    Canadian    Pacftjb  Hallway company haa completed  ar-,  raiiKementB  with  the  TraiusfllborlbH,  railway  for  round    the  world  trlpK,',1  Hiiuw   ul   uiu   ui.uur   i.iuoo   uiuM,   uiu  rl-ifnrl    1*"*Trt     1 KJn   o ,> A    1 ���������*���������*!">    .���������.-,n,^l���������n.  ly. If thin book 1������ ������oniilno, mid there  |������ every reiiKon to nuBiirrie that It lu.  It In worth n. "AonBldernblo amount of  ���������money.  Ol.Mll.  tt    TT     T\..ii'np������     Tr f1      \r..,.l,iM'.i   pr>.i������*  nel,  wrote  to  the  govwriinmnl,  offer-  .|iiM| to have Dr. Nwwbltt return vojun- 0<'H|reH uyuii economic -or; < oUtV**  tarlly on condition that no further ircroumln to withdraw. It will be ul  charieofi be laid. *> *��������� ,    iuhertv to do ho.  Jt In ratified by the legiHlature of the  various provlnecK, It la iiiMlerntood  thnt It I������ to bo for a period of five  *u\y  one  of  tho ,cohiui'Ich  concerned  re CatuidH'H plaiin and  with  tho war   in tlila way io other companies.  ofllee In rwunrd to military co-opora- i ������������������m "��������� '"'"���������"'  tlon. / Leaving Ireland.  A *m������,,.^l*j.,,   f*ili>^������w   ������������������">**��������� 0/11   #*!*���������*  I'hrlHi'aiia���������The  S|oi-iiiiin������ |,   " >,<������j  aniuipimly   graijttjd    13C,3Gr. kronsr  (iipproxiin.d-dy    J;i������r,ooi-)  for .\.<iiapi  ' uou'b North Polo oxpediUou.  ijuntiiiii.  , n..>      I .....  -j-V  iJUUill     Ol     UHUU    ULUI.I.VH  'tLOfiH   ImiiilgnintH    lcrt  Ireland  dmw'  Jua;.������������������. ymr 1������1L, -.0������-thl������' number  ��������� I .22.010 went to the United atateu and  ' 6.478 to Canada. i*^*";'  ���������.'<���������-".! J  WLwnmkWmmsMsm  tamtam  u__  ��������� ���������>^-y.?;iN  a. i ; .'*������" ;.-t*  %:  '&*���������;������������������  ,      r;:>.  '%���������'  *^j'  "   it  THE KOOTENAY GARAGE COMRANY  R. a. BEVAN, MANAGER ORMBTON BRANCH  h  Ut     SKI J& liP  gg  15 Acre Fruat Ranch FOR SALE  5 acres planted to trees*    io   acres   ready   for   the 8  B . .... B  g plow.    Frame house and out-buildings, well fenced.   Two ������  j������ miles east of Creston on Canyon road. n  s'F-J  i W   V  _a     "' *     *  *���������  1  H  B  CHURCH OF ENGLAND  Christ Ohuroh  -mntitio, Litany SurjuOu  Eriokaon School House  3 aaday School.  Evensong, Sermon.  11S1U  8p.ni.  3pm  7:30psa  Philip O, KftymaTQ;  rYic������y*.>  Jll���������__8������Il>        I������i������llllfllifl  \/l������Mi?*  U&neh -.18  Best DevSstrs  Phone 9l  5  __���������  S        ������.  I  >������i^rM_H-aw_-_aa_is_  sards and fool |  jnjfrjn  Room  -R--������**������-**-   |  i  I Cigar  a  as  na  Hot or Cold Baths I  At Any Hour f  Srkts i  *v discount on all work if M  "g ���������- *St  g you bring this announce- |  ���������P ":" -s  ���������������   lucilt. g  -".,,,      ��������� ,i -       -     '���������!. ., ��������� '.:  - W  M1������������  ������ speo/^trv  Dealer in   higli   class  boots a nd shoes.  MA&AM (LAVAL"*  Cotton Root ������smposini3 TabliSs  a aaraABXJg kbgpijAtob  Thssa Pill, are compounded with the greatsst  cms l?om the moat reliable temedl-**known to  tcluice; such aa are being used with much succaqs  oj5-i"���������3 Hs^s vsivui'siTO pnysiciaQs kaowa. .  They are a apeciSc tor the dljtrasalt_r dlaordar-.  to which the female const i'u'ion la Matte.  - -���������2 v_ \v9?'. *,a* * (������"*���������=��������������� ���������"ronsrorj, ������5 a  bos. Sold at all drug stores, or by niailTrosn -Mm  Za*������H>reg Co., sl������ Cfttg,*ri_������e������ ������at,  HRiatU  l-KUIi IHfcfeS FOB SALfc  @ss������oftk&temi'������������&&& ia British���������������&���������*' %  0%  ���������\H  99 BSJT ������W������*PS__3CPj--  for the fisherman*  A '��������� __._��������� ������___ ������??���������������������  Zf^Z^^^^^^fa^Afi^^'^^.*ta7^^^J'r^*a^T^  <������"*    ***'**  ���������*&������&&$&���������  #r  ^     iiuiiuL   ueii.i.uiiiUs    ni iliviiuii  nftl--.       I_^^.���������4.^v^l    Vr~������;  0r. ^S.^aslK53  w  I  3&4S^lirSS6tti.^^^.%lf^  %  f-  tjmrt&tommmk.  s and Cigarettes  Razors Ground and Set  _  * i  I  SAM HATFIELD, Proo i  ^*%*^VVWi'|i>i*i%*^M*t������<l>*!>^*,V^  Having ordered a seleotion of Frait  -     ^     ,i . ^ ���������_.-j ���������_ Trees ftom Grand Forks unsseriee, and  ������    For the next tbirtv days 22   .      -^      ,-J.,^.-- ,  | . -       J     %\ 8>������oe sold my land I have the following  I will  give   ten   p������r Cent   |[ i for diaposal*;at cost price.  S    t. . ������   _^__������_   ������r   ������,      Appleer���������S Red Astrachsn, 100 Spit-  zenberg, SO Grimes Golden,   25. Rome  Beauty, 19  Red Ohesked ?P!ppsa,   44  Wasrner, 200 Wealthy, 19Hislop Crab..  25 Transcendent crab, 3 Olivet Cherries  and I Early Richmon, 5 Beurrad'Ari-  jou Fears and 5 Flemish Beauty.    1  Imperial Gauge Plum, and 2 Bradshaw  ������ &m\ m?...a._%^ a  ~=t- ���������   ���������       ,',,.'   Eul*S!i-��������� -.-!_ Ti.-ri.  liNVUWlWBJLt, JLWUOyUGmcat W WlOVIk, .������*���������������������-  pies Currants, 1 year, and 100 Black.  ���������Naples, 2 year,  V To he seen in the Burton Hotel  Cel-  lara.   Fred W. Watson; Telephone #3.  ffi      TSie  Sniportsd Baigiaii Stallion   i AM 15UUK  w   WABR, NO. 38S94 will stand at McCreath's  FRIDAY afternoon and SATURDAY forenoon  f-drthe season.  h  IMS-  Ik'  ll  -������������������������>'  I  ������������s Hs ���������?hB*������&h&������S2s->ti&fagsaa  Dr. de VsEi*s Femai'S S^Site f  A nUable French regulator SBe-wr falls. Thjm  tpttU ara ������ace������dlngly -*K>*_crtaVta-regulatlng the  _������wt-*i������ve portion 01 the iesiial������ayateni. Refuse  ad Cheap Imltatlonv^ Ur. d������ T������m������8 era sold at  95s bosTor Usses !or^!0. Malledtoaa? address.  -S*������ SeeiMB _8rs_-"0������������ SS. CsS-WSsss. Oafe  PROFESSIONALS  DENTISTRY  H.    E.HALLD.D,S.  Office   over  Frank Parks Hardware  Store--*Baker Street.  CRANBROOK,  B. C,  ���������������������-������������������*���������������-**���������  GUY   LOWENBERG  OoMSULTma _>������v<������-aiKXB  CRESTON      .  CHAS. MOORE, C.E.  B O.  ItAVB SUBVBTOB ABC   ARCHITECT  :.'��������� ���������    i    :'i  *  .'vi' l.***  Plana and Speeifloations  CRESTON -       -   ��������� ��������� . B.C.  Creston ������* ^. E* Wo  2095'  B.C.  OKEIX, YOUNG & ^>.  ��������� Meets first * and third Thursdays in  each month, in Speers Hall at 8 p.      m  Visiting Brethern cordially invited.  George Broderiok, W". M.  Walter V. Jaokoan, Reo. Seo.  Real Estate and Insnranoo.  HOUSES TO KENT  CRESTON     -  B.C.  JAS. H. SCHOFIELD  Fin, Life and Aocldent Inirarauoe  REAL ESTATE. Etc.  TRAIL  ������   B.C.  Before Letting  tbe Contract.  For tho 'milding of your Now  House, Store, Office. Workshop  or other building, write or call  on mo. Estimates given on all  kinds of work.  Repairs & Alterations  A QPCOIALTY  Charges reasonable and satisfaction  guaranteed on All Work  I JOHN   BOYD,  Creston  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTHWEST MIMING BmUI^TIO������������. ;������������������������������������ C;.  COAL,���������Coal mining rights -may be leoeea'  or twsnty-one year's, xeoewable at an annual  rental of $1 an acre. Not more than 2,56a acres can ba leased to one applicant. Royalty  nve cents per ton, In ananrveyed territory  tbe tract mast bo staked out by tbe applicant In person, and pemouat application to  tbeAgeutor aub-Ageat of Dominion Lands  lor ihe district must in all cases be made and  tbe rental for tbe first year mast be paid to  tho agent -within thirty days after filing  application - v*     ,  QUARTZ���������A person eighteen years of age  and over, iuvviuyj iuiiuo A dissovcry S2S--7'. locate a claim 1.600 feet by 1,500." Fee, 55. At  least il00 must, bo expended on the claim  each year or paid, to the Mining: Recorder  When 9500.0 haB been expended or paid and,  other requirements eompiiod with, the olatt-  may bo purcbasad at 81 an acre.  PLACER MINING CLAIMS are M0 feet  long and from l.OOO to 2,000 feet wide. Kntry  feo85. Not less than 8100 muatbo expended  In dovelopoment work each year.  DBBDGING.���������Two leases ot five miles enoli  ota river may be lsuued to one applicant" for  a term oi 20 yoara. Rental, $19 a mllo per, annum. Royalty. 2% percent after the output  ex ceds 810,000.  W. W. CORY  Deputy Minister or tbe Interior  -'1 1 li) I '* "IHI'll!1 !!   ���������III'J 'Ml'U1 iWi'.'HH- IHUMWMSM  ailf fitir  ernon,  j_-?������* o������  BlUgBUL  <������> tffll������l_ls 1   'Itf������������^?^  t   QRHA  IN TECS  SUPREME   COURT  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  IN THE MATTER OF THE  "WIND-  * '*.**fi "  ING UP AOT"; AND IN THE MA-  TTBR OF THE INTERNATIONAL  LUKBER     AND    MEROANTIljE  COMPANY, LIMITED.  All our trees are Home Grown and^guaranteed true   ^(  ^  to name.    We carry all the leading! varieties  most    |  ���������  suited to tins district.    Our specialty is budded stock , ^i  ���������qp on three-year-old^ whole roots, '  For further particulars apply to our local Ageut.       <$  ���������  mp ^ft s-FsincGj uox 39, v������r-0s.tony 13.0.  ���������  9'   ^--IWl-L'..!  The Riverside Nurseries,  NOTICE IS HteREBY given thai? 11 Comprising J20 Acres GRAND FORKS, B. C.  the Honourable, Mr. Justice Gregory  has fixed Tncsday the 80th day. of April  1913, at Chambers in the Court Hobs������,  Viotorla, as the time and place for the  appointment of an official liquidator of  tho above named Company.  DATED the 2nd day of April, A. D.,  1912.  (Signed) B. H. Tyrnhitt Drake,  ,       Registrar.  -SmBBMssWSa&BSSB  GOVERNMENT EXPERTS ADVISE BUYING TREES NEAR  AT HOME  Tho Riverside Nurseries nre the neatest nursery company toCreston and  have more trees planted in this district than auy other company. The  trees aro'started under the same conditions that they will havo to mature jl  in this Vaiiey. They can be brought here from the nnrHeri������H ut Grand  Forks in three days by freight or one and one-half days hy ox press. All  trees guaranteed homo grown.  >  75,000 Riverside trees are now growing in the district.  For Catalogue and Prloe list, write to���������-  WALTER V. JACKSON, Ageut. Creston, B. C.  ���������*>������  aeon  :-,-^...,^u.miai-.w������  aa  OROH ARD/STS!  Tkn FaQOfin Ifallnir lUimDnpioe   ltd  UOj  Lllli  ihe Fraser Vaiiey Nurscri  ALDERQROVE,   B.C.  HAVK TUIC FlNKOT  Home-Qrown Nursery Stock  Including: Apples, Pcam, Plums, Cherries, etc.  mKlBeatre  CflANBNOOK - B.C.  ��������� M- ....���������-..���������.������������������",���������������������������������- ���������,_-.��������������������������� I     Ml.    !���������,_.,  ��������������������������������������������������� ��������� "i  ���������,*���������_������������������>*���������������--,.-������������������ ��������������������������� ������������������*������������������   I     it^i  Tha  Funeral Director  Our NewP rints, Ginghams,  immmmm  m���������mm*  and  have  This shipment was delayed on accotrn  of the coat strike in England*  in  DBB  MAWMMIHUMMMMmm  Writ*���������  FORFULL   RARTIOULARB  Oil HM1C--���������  All tlio Vory Luteat Styles in Ladies' Hats, Trimmings, Flower*  and Ribbons.  J   KlOtiAltD MctJOMH,  ���������*���������* ������   ������*r     .  MVUVki**    ���������++,%mw*������+m,m^\..* f  Aklergruve, li.C  awmmamamm  >yi.n. dUiUi'iUiN,  r , i   * i  Ctwslon, B.C  iii  in  LADIlSt;'   ltM4._5Y-_l._DK  WAISTB      Now Lilies of Ladles and C hild-  rons'   Stolikinga and Weailnp*  Apparel suitable to the Season,  Prints include, indigo, red and white  grounds in stripes, dots,  aud  figures.  H-r-saraiiWinii-nMi  __i_3_������_r___"  _2RrfB_ffiKE__U  I  Galateas in narrow and medium  stripes, in Rlno.s nnd flroy grounds.  Price 15 to iuc.  liKiiirirnrrTnit.1 ���������i ���������mwrnnrmtmrnrrin-mTrntfrxi  ���������iVSisnms  -���������-���������-B-n-K-iiBBfia-aa-ttaB-B-Mi  Gingham j in plain grounds, grcvs������  blues, and greens. Che-kg, In *i large  assortment ot black aud white, also  plaids and overchecks in a number of  colorings.    Price from 15c to 25c.  Si-lining s a choice  *A������igc ia   dark  medium ami light grounds, 15 to 25.  ssxsr3?sa*i--r*;ii;i,'i;; ;at)  i.iiii.ii,itii^.i-*fi7riSufiiij;������ii>(;>-?trei  ill  it m  I1! Mrs.  fl. VOUNOll.  I"  *������������������ , ������ ������������������������!������ , nm il I ���������  11s  ii .reston   fvTreri^nriie \ ,nn������iv<inv-  ������   .   -a  I  vltl _  ���������I   *  mm  amWaWmmmmmm  m  mm  -,<* ���������>)���������  ���������t** ���������**.  ���������y,  ;���������-���������"������������������.:���������. -���������./���������"l".   "  ���������\,-,-r.  11 i-W-iiiW' .'���������W.^'IIMkirtiLrtlts'aUwi  lw^^l,ilYui'ii.'Aii������iitoi>_i<iiiiiM'i .; lAikhihimmmmiamaam^^


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