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Sunshine Coast News Aug 12, 1980

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 Retiring Mayor Boucher was one of the voters in a  heavy turnout in the Sechelt elections.  It's Koch and Lee in Sechelt  Bud Koch and Charles Lee have been elected Mayor and  Alderman respectively for the Village of SecheL in an election  clouded by eleventh-hour rumours of conflict of interest  surrounding one the Mayoralty candidates.  370 voters, more than half the eligible 645. turned out to elect  Sechelt businessman Bud Koch as Mayor by a clear majority over  former Alderman Henry Hall and Joe Benner, a last minute  entrant in the race. Koch received 200 votes to Hall's 111 and  Benner's 54.  The Aldermanic race between regional board representative for  Area C, Charles Lee, and retired Sechelt resident Henry Otten was  a closer contest, with Lee garnering 198 votes to Otten's 169.  Five ballots were spoiled in the Mayoralty race and three in the  aldermanic contest.  The by-election, forced by the retirement of Mayor Merv  Boucher for reasons of ill-health and the decision of then  Alderman Henry Hall to seek the Mayor's chair, took a turn for  the melodramatic early last week when aldermanic candidate  Charles Lee discovered a hand-written note, accompanied by a  map of the area north of the village, accusing Mayoralty  candidate Henry Hall of a conflict of interest involving the rezoning of property north of Ripple Way.  According to Lee, whose letter to the editor in this week's Coast  News clarifies his part in the drama, the letter and map were left on  the hood of his car, anonymously, sometime after 11:30 pm. on  Sunday, August 3. Lee passed the letter on to the Sechelt  Ratepayers' Association.  The unsigned letter specifically refers to a by-law being  processed by the village to change the minimum lot size from I  acre down to I /4acre for thc area north of Ripple Way only. The  letter alleges that Mr. Hall's daughter owns property in the area  and that Hall is negotiating to purchase more property in the area.  The by-law in question is Residential IA Zoning By-law No.  214, specifically affecting the area "north of Ripple Way and east  of District Lot 1472" and the minutes ofthe May 7 Sechelt council  meeting show that Alderman Hall seconded a motion by  Alderman Kolibas that the bill be read a first time.  Though the minutes of the meeting do not show Alderman Hall  indicating a possible conflict of interest in Ihe vote, Hall insists  that the Mayor and council were well aware of his interests in thc  area.  "I informed the Mayor and council of my position at an in-  camera session," Hall told thc Coast News, "I also told them at  that time, that if a motion was made to extend sewers into the  area, I would consider that a conflict ol interest because lots zoned  RIA must be on sewer to be developed. I also told them I would be  opposed to Ihe extension of sewers into that area."  Alderman Kolibas confirms that Hall did make council aware  of his position at an in-camera session.  Hall said he felt that the rumours circulated last week were  timed in such a way that they could not he verified publicly before  thc election, seriously damaged his chances at the polls.  "I'm thc winner, in spite of the dirty tricks," Hall said. "It's the  voter of Sechelt who has been defrauded. In any society when  allegations are levied against a person, it's done for one of two  reasons; to harm the person or to reveal thc truth. I explained my  position to the Mayor over a month ago, and if anyone had raised  these questions then, it could have been cleared up, but they  waited until the last minute to try to harm me. If this is how we're  going to conduct our business, I won't run again."  Ian Hunter. Vice-President of the Sechelt Ratepayers  Association, deplored the clandestine tactics used to bring the  allegations to light and stated that his organization had been  unable to substantiate the charges made against Alderman Hall.  Of his own part in the affairs of last week, newly-elected  Alderman Charles Lee said, "If anything, it would have been  adverse for me."  lee said he felt that thc rumours had not circulated among the  majority of voters and did not substantially affect the results of the  election.  lee said he urges citizens ofthe village to take an active interest  in thc council's conduct of their business by attending meetings  and said he would suggest to Mayor Koch that the council hold a  monthly public forum to answer questions directly from  newspapers representatives and the public.  Ice said his election "enhances the value of Area C and the  village" since Area C now has a representative on the village  council and the village now has an added three votes on the  regional hoard.  "The village has also acquired the services of a representative of  thc Municipal Finance Authority and a delegate to both the  Association of Vancouver Island Municipalities and thc Union of  British Columbia Municipalities, which means less duplication of  expenses.   The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  15C per copy on news stands  Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  Delivered to every address on the Coast.  August 12, 1980  Volume 3, Number 32  In West Van meeting  Gambier's future underdiscussion  This beached scow has been disintegrating in Gibsons harbour for over a year. This week, Lome Lovell and  residents of the Bay area asked Gibsons council why this and other debris is allowed to accumulate in the  harbour.  Beauty spot or junkyard  Concern for Gibsons'harbour  At their regular meeting last Tuesday evening, Gibsons council  heard from a group of about twenty Bay area residents concerned  about the condition of Gibsons harbour.  Mr. Lome Lovell, spokesman for the group, pointed out that  derelict vessels, scows, concrete anchors, decaying floats and  other debris have been allowed to accumulate in the harbour,  unnoticed by council. Lovell documented his presentation with a  number of photographs and pointed out the negative impression  made on tourists visiting the area.  Loved also expressed concern that the debris deposited in the  harbour constitute- an additional hazard to swimmers and the air  and water traffic in the harbour. Lovell pointed out that boats and  scows abandoned on the beach break up and the debris spreads all  over the harbour.  Mayor Lorraine Goddard thanked the group for bringing the  problem to the attention of council and promised immediate  action. A meeting has been arranged between Mr. Lovell and  members of his committee, members of council, Larry Sorkin of  the Provincial Lands Branch, and Charles Brooks, Regional  Manager of Public Harbours and Wharves for Transport  Canada.  The meeting has been set for 9:30 am. this Tuesday at the  Gibson Municipal Hall.  Sechelt discusses tidying up  by John Moore  I V Wed ncsday evening meeting of the Sechelt Council was the  lasi ,n. Ik 'ore thc by-elections, and several items of old business  were discussed Oik- of the topics was the request by Alderman  Hall that $75,000 be taken out of thesurplusand be put into a  Capital Surplus Expenditure Account. This, he said could be used  when something unforeseen arose.  Under normal circumstances, a directive from Victoria is  required before expenditures outside the budget can be made.  This would freeze any money needed immediately till approval or  until the October budget revision. Hall added that a two thirds  vote would be necessary before any money would be released.  After a lengthy discussion, it was noted that the motion had not  been returned to the floor. A vote was taken and it was decided  that it should remain tabled and discussion ceased.  The other two items of old business were, the failure by  Anderson Realty to clean up under the power line as p-r council's  request and the failure by the resident to tidy the Newman  property on Ebb Tide.  It was noted that the allotted period of grace had expired and  action should be taken. One suggestion was that council contract  the work out and add the cost to the property taxes ofthe lands  involved.  At this point Alderman Hall pointed out that there was no  allowance for this in the budget and without a Capital Surplus  Expenditure Account they would have to go through the time-  consuming application to Victoria.  It was decided to look into the costs of the clean-up operations.  ON THE INSIDE...  Entertainment  page 4  Community News pages 6 & 7  Sports page 12  Hospitality  Directory page 14  Classified Ads  pages 18 & 19  Business  Directory page 16  Thirty-six representatives of the parties concerned with the  possibility of an open-pit copper-molybdenum mine on Gambier  Island met at West Vancouver's Gleneagles Golf Club Thursday  morning for an exchange of opinions described by West  Vancouver Mayor Derrick Humphreys as "partisan and  particular."  Humphreys, who 'chaired the meeting, refused to admit  members of the press to the morning session, saying he wanted  participants to have an opportunity to informally state their  positions without "grandstanding".  Islands, Trust Chairman^ .lohti Rich,reiterated t|ie, .Trust's  position that continued metal exploration on the island is a  violation of the Islands Trust Act, a point disputed by James  Halley, lawyer for Acres Consultants Ltd., consultants to 20th  Century Energy Corp., the company conducting explorations on  the island.  Conspicuous by their absence were representatives of the  Attorney-General's department to comment on the legal aspects  of the legislation in question. The Provincial government was  rep'esented by Jim Files of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and  Petroleum Resources, Brian Hawrys of the Ministry of Lands,  Parks and Housing, and Erik Karlsen of thc Ministry of the  Environment, all of who confined their remarks to the manner in  which metal exploration on thc Island touched on existing  guideline's laid down by their ministries.  Representatives of 20th Century Energy Corp. also failed to  appear, but the company's activities were eloquently defended by  Halley and by Dr. Si Brown of Acres Consultants.  Halley and Brow I repeatedly stressed that the company had  "bent over backwards" to meet all existing guidelines and  requirements and had expended considerable money on visual  and recreational impact studies well in advance of the point at  which such studies are usually made.  Somewhat paradoxically, Halley and Brown also underplayed  the urgency of the situation, stating that the final decision on thc  feasibility of the mine could take ten to fifteen years to determine.  Lions Bay Alderman Mike Broughton pointed out that 20th  Century Energy Corp. is a small company and that small  companies in mining car. seldom raise the capital to develop a  mine themselves, so they sell out to large corporations.  "20th Century might have the best intentions in the world,"  Broughton said, "but that tells us nothing about the company  we're going to be dealing with five or ten years down thc road."  Alan Emmott, Chairman of the Greater Vancouver Regional  District, also made it cleai to Halley and Brown that the amount  of money expended by the company in advance of a proposal  should in noway be expected to influence the decision on whether  or not the proposal is acceptable.  SCRD Chairman David Hunter, who attended the meeting  with Gibsons Mayor Lorraine Goddard. and directors Jim  Gurney and Peggy Connor, expressed the feelings of many elected  representatives present, demanding further local input into any  decision which affects the future of Howe Sound.  "We're not for or against a mine at this time," Hunter said,  speaking for the board, "but what we do want is all the facts and to  make sure that we have a say in what happens to our side of the  Sound. I know thc people in West Howe Sound are largely  opposed to thc idea of a mine on Gambier Island. We'd liketoscc  Howe Sound as a recreational reserve."  Gambier Island Tiustec Elspeth Armstrong cited figures, some  from the SCRD's own yet-to-be-released Economic Base Study,  which indicate that tourism and thc sports fishery in Howe Sound  and the Sunshine Coast jointly generate an annual income of 20  million dollars.  Armstrong also took issue with a number of statements made  by Environment Minister Stephe.l Rogers when he visited  Gibrons Sea Cavalcade August 2. Armstrong stated that she had.  in fact, formally proposed a moratorium on individual  development in Howe Sound to allow further public input in a  letter to Rogers dated July 15.  "As for his statement about "going retroactive" on these  things," Armstrong said, "What about the blanket seven year  moratorium the government slapped on the development of  uranium mining? lhat hit the mining industry a lot harder than a  two year moratorium on the Sound ever would."  Armstrong also dismissed Rogers' suggestion of an  underground mine, pointing out that the ore is of such low grade  that it could only be mined economically in an open-pit.  Save Howe Sound Society Director Doreen Wakely was  critical of Attorney-General Allan Williams, member for West  Vancouver-Howe Sound, for his failure to become involved in an  issue that so closely affects his own riding and pointedly asked  Erik Karlsen of the Environment Minis.ry if the provincial  government has any overall environmental policy for the  province.  "I think you could say that there is a comprehensive policy,"  Karlsen ^replied carefully, "but it's not stated in any one place. It's  rather a combination of different policies stated in a variety of  places."  "There are so many controversial issues in B.C. as a whole."  Wakely said, "that I think we are entitled to better than this from  our elected representatives.'  Police are seeking information concerning the  whereabouts ol Marnie Jamieson, age 17, missing  since Thursday evening.  Police seek  local girl  RCMP in the Gibsons and Sechelt area request assistance in  locating a missing 17 year old girl. Missing is Marnie Jamieson of  the Gibsons area, described as being 5'8" tall, weighing 135 lbs.,  with collar-length blonde hair and blue eyes.  When last seen, Marnie was wearing brown cords, a white T-  shirt with "B.C. Volleyball Champions" in blue letters on the  front, a blue hooded kangaroo jacket, white sports socks and blue  sneakers. She was carrying a Navy blue Adidas sport-bag.  Mamie was last seen by her boyfriend in Sechelt at  approximately 10:30 pm. on Thursday. August 7, and was  believed to have been going to hitch-hike home from the area of  the Big Mac store in Sechelt.  Anyone with information concerning her whereabouts is asked  to contact thc Gibsons or Sechelt RCMP detachments  immediately.  [For 35 years the most widely read Sunshine Coast newspaper!!  *- ��' " >  ~^��^* -~*^  LMBOi Sunshine Ha  Coast News, August 12, 1980  m/UG!itf!!   IT)  BLUE  RIBBON  AWARD  1978  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published at Gibsons, B.C. every  Tuesday, by Glassford Press Ltd.  Box 460, Gibsons, VON tVO  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Pander Harbour enquiries, and all others, II  no answer Irom 886 numbers call 885-2770  Editorial Department: Production Department:  John Burnside  Ian Corrance  John Moore  Accounts Department:  M M Joe Copysettlng:  Wendy-Lynne Johns  SUBSCRIPTION RATES LiseSheridan  '���m Ida S20 pet year, SI2 for six months  : States and Foreign. $24 per year  ���  ; i.'fri Free to ail addresses on the Sunshine Coast  Sonia Trudel  Nancy Conway  Advertising Department:  Allan Crane  Fran Berger  The Sechelt election  We would congratulate thc newly-  elected Mayot ol Sechelt. Bud Koch, and  ln> newly-elected alderman Charles Lee.  Both won decisive majorities in Saturday's  election, majorities which probably went  unaffected by thc charges and counter-  i harges that were being hurled around last  week  Il is always deplorable when election  campaigns become contests in abuse. If  Ihere is any truth to the allegations of  ��� onflicl of interest one wonders how they  got pasi members of council when they  ' 10k place. One queries Charles Lee's  decision nol to ignore materials which  were   apparently   presented   to   him   in  ml slim- and melodramatic fashion and  under ihe cloak of anonymity.  One can sympathize with the newly-  elccted mayor who has had his winning of  office somewhat marred by the cloud of  alleged wrong-doing around his opponent.  Could Bud Koch have been elected mayoi  if thc charges against Henry Hall had not  been made? Probably, but we will never  know for sure.  Certainly the fact that such serious  charges could even be made and apparently, according to Charles Lee, to some  extent corroborated should lead the people  of Sechelt to keep thc affairs of their village  under constant scrutiny in the future, a  task in which we would expect that Mayor  Koch would want to take a leading role. It  has long been apparent that considerable  rivalries exist amongst the developers in  the Sechelt area and it is to be hoped that  Koch will be firm and fair in his  stewardship of the village and as active in  seeking out thc feelings of the people of his  community as he promised he would be  while seeking election.  Well done Gibsons  Il is always a pleasure to pay tribute to a  government which at any level shows that  it is capable of prompt and responsive  gjction ami such is the case this week with  tin- (iibsons Council.  When Iheir attention was drawn by  sonic residents of the Bay area about some  unlovely objects which were littering the  harbour,  iheir response was immediate  and discussions with representatives of  senior governments were scheduled to take  place less than a week after the complaints  were received.  This is effective and responsive government and we congratulate the village  council for the prompt action and the  citizens who brought the matter to their  attention.  The latest indignity  How shoddy can the B.C. Ferry  Corporation make its service to the  Sunshine Coast? Ihe latest indignity  Jicapcd on our heads, long inured as we are  ��� ii' paper cups only and no french fries, is  '(In- ins-, ul teapots.  I in im reduction in cost we are expected  m consider carrying a paper cup full of  bulling water plus a tea bag up to the  ca'shici and to our tables. Gone are the  little silver tea pots. We are told that the  reason is that they are stolen. Theyarealso  stolen on Ihe boats which serve Vancouver  %���  n  Island but that has not led to their  withdrawal on that service.  If one is fortunate enough to make the  crossing on one of the boats from the  Vancouver Island run one can enjoy a  teapot and real cups and saucers. The  Queen of New Westminster offers paper  cups and no teapots. It is an outrage.  A couple of years ago a columnist in the  Coast News suggested that the way things  were going we would all be sharing one  single tin cup on a chain on our ferry trips.  With the loss of teapots it begins to appear  less far-fetched.  ..from the files of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AGO  In order to give the staff their annual  holidays and to permit the publishers  to attend a convention in Saskatoon,  the Coast News did not publish for the  weeks of August 13 and August 20, five  years ago.  TEN YEARS AGO  Gibsons second Sea Cavalcade,  hnld ten years ago, was hailed as an  unqualified success. Colleen Husby  was named Sea Cavalcade Queen with  Princesses Eileen McKenzie and  Wilma Mandelkau. Pete Coney won the  long distance swim from Keats Island  with a time of 42 minutes.  Coast News editorials observed that  fashions of 50 years ago were on their  way back, with department store  catalogues featuring belted Norfolk  jackets for men and young girls  eveloping themselves in shawls and  affecting granny-glasses. The editor  speculated that perhaps ten years  would see exposed ankles once again  regarded as daring.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  The Coast News announced that it  would not publish for two weeks in  order to move from its old offices on  Marine Drive to its newly constructed  premises in the rear of the Bal Block.  More than 900 persons visited the  Gold Medallion home of Mr. and Mrs.  Norman Burley during a three-day  open house. This Gold Medallion  residence on the waterfront boulevard  in Sechelt was the mecca for many  women who marvelled at the numerous electrical conveniences incorporated.  With Ottawa laurels fresh on his  brow. John Carson, newly appointed  chairman of the Civil Service Commission, found time to get back to  Hopkins Landing to lead community  singing at an evening get-together.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  Mackenzie riding Social Credit  association members met Saturday  night   in   Sechelt   Legion   hall   and  nominated Vince Bracewell of Gibsons  as the party candidate in theprovincial  election.  Newly elected trustees of the  recently formed South Pender Harbour Waterworks District have pledged  themselves to keep costs at a minimum, stressing that the costs to  subscribers will depend entirely on the  number who sign up; the more  subscribers, the less the cost to each.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  The Village Commission has passed  a $25,000 building permit sought by  Ben Lang, druggist of Gibsons and  Sechelt, for the construction of a store  and office building in Gibsons. The  building will be located on Marine  Drive, on the property occupied by the  John Coleridge office.  Fae Cherry was voted Queen of the  Pender Harbour Regatta last Saturday  at the annual picnic leading to the  regatta on August 13th. The regatta  will feature a decorated boat sail-past,  canoe-tilting, surf-boarding, inboard  and outboard boat events and logger's  sports.  Sechelt Motor Transport now has an  operations manager. Mac MacDougal  from Vancouver. He will make his  home in the Sechelt or Selma Park area  and bring his wife from thecity as soon  as he can find a house.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  The Sunshine Poultry Club, which  swept clean the local exhibition slate  last year and took second and third  prizes in an all-B.C. show, may quite  easily repeat their triumphs again this  year. This area has a junior poultry  club which may well take the lead in  Pacific National Exhibition, accoruing  to UBC Professor A.G. Lloyd, following an all-day tour of the club here.  It has been officially announced that  Union Steamship schedules to West  Howe Sound ports will cease on  November 4. The same rule applies to  West Howe Sound Ferries. The Board  of Trade are now trying to effect  substitute service.  The Olympic Forest, early 1900's. This was called "touring" in the early  automobile days. Open seats and split windshields provided maximum  view and ventilation at 20 miles per hour. The motor vehicle was still a  novelty that had as yet by no means replaced the horse on roadways.  Hundreds of makes came into being. Some were powered by steam, and  some by batteries. The chain drive remained popular for many years.  Steering wheels soon replaced tillers, but they were set on the right side  in many vehicles, as they are in the Stanley Steamers seen here. These  tourists could not have gone far on the road systems of their time. The  continent was not crossed from Seattle to New York until 1916, and that  trip took ten weeks in summer weather. Highway developments began  during the 1920's, but the Fraser Canyon section of the Trans Canada  was not paved until the late 1950's. Postcard sent by Emil Peterson to his  family home in 1910. L.R. Peterson  Potpourri  Reflections  My brother and I played ��  round of golf on the local  course last week. Actually I  suppose we played two rounds  for a total of eighteen holes  We were going to play onlv  nine but 1 won the first nine  by a single stroke and so he  decided that we just had to  play eighteen. I should have  held out for him to pay for the  second nine but I didn't think  ofitintime.  Now when you learn that  I won the first nine by one  stroke and that I lost three  balls on the first hole alone  you will readily understand  that when the Burnsides take  to the golf course there is  absolutely no danger of anv  records being set unless thev  be for maximum number of  strokes taken.  Strange game golf. The  better you get at it the less  you get to play.  1 only had four balls to  begin with and when I lost  three I had to become conscious of my lack. There was  a brief hold-up at the end of  the first hole during which I  scoured the nearby woods and  found a second ball. Halfwav  down the second fairway 1  came across a ball lying right  on the open on the right  hand side. Ahah! I thought to  myself now I'm up to three  again. I swooped the newcomer up and into my pocket.  "Excuse me," said the  voice nearby. Coming up the  right hand side of the fourth  fairway was a gentleman to  whom obviously the ball I  had just pocketed belonged.  You know how it is when  you are embarrassed. You are  almost certain to say something which only deepens the  embarrassment. There I was  with the man's golf ball in  my pocket and him approaching and all I could think to  say by way of explanation  was, "O, er, um, I didn't  see you coming." He was  quite nice about it. I hope he  understood.  For those of you who insist  on the shameful details I  will confess that after eighteen  holes 1 had swung my clubs  with more enthusiasm than  skill a total of 128 times at  the ball.  No. I had swung more than  that. I connected 128 times  Only the Scots could have  invented a game so masochistically infuriating as golf.  My brother finally beat me  He always does. It's the onlv  reason he plays at all and his  holiday would have been  entirely spoiled if I had  refused   to play  the  second  nine and sent him back  to  Kelowna a loser.  This same brother was  responsible for my first exposure to the game of golf  There was a really fine pitch  and putt course at Annanhill  near Kilmarnock and V he  occasionally took, me there  when I was a child so that he  could enjoy beating roe  Because of the diligence with  which 1 played pitch and putt  as a child I still feel more  comfortable with a #5 iron  than I do with anything else  A mashie, I believe it was  called when all the clubs had  names instead of numbers  What a loss to the game and  the language when such words  as mashie and niblick were  abandoned.  In any case he went home  triumphant once again when  he managed to win by two on  the second nine, registerinp  a modest 64 to my 66, therebv  winning the total by one  stroke.  I suppose in the course of  the single round I did everything that it is possible to do  wrong on a golf course. Mv  very first two mighty swings  off the first tee sent two balls  directly and deeply into the  woods on my left. A third was  to follow them before the first  hole was played out. 1 parked  my ball behind trees, I fired  it into two different ponds  I went off course on the ninth  hole and bounced the ball off  a few tree trunks in the maintenance centre. I missed putts  of six inches. I had to plav  out of several sand traps and  I finally managed to get mv  ball onto the fourth green  without ever having had  it  land  successfully   on  the  fourth fairway. Two or three  shots were played on the  second fairway on the way un  the hill and then when I got  back on course I overshot  and had to play back to the  fourth hole off the fifth  fairway."  Nonetheless, the game retains some allure. I did in the  .course of the 128 strokes that  actually connected hit the ball  well at least once with each of  the clubs in the bag. I can look  back with some pleasure on  one or two drives which soared  in decent fashion. With each  of the irons I managed at least  one clean sweet crack at the  ball and I played a #9 shot on  the eighteenth hole after mv  adventures in the maintenance centre which would have  done full credit to the giants of  the game. Seventy-five yards  from the hole and the ball  took lovely flight and dropped  and stayed within six feet of  the pin. It enabled me to  salvage an 8 for the hole and  nearly caught up with Burnside the Elder who struggled  up the hill in thirteen strokes  and barely held on to his  victory.  So it is human nature, is it  not, to forget all the miserable  failures and remember onlv  those few sweet blows when  the magic of the game. revealed itself and one felt that  there was after all a golfer  within struggling to get out  I can't quite agree with Mark  Twain who observed that golf  was a first class way to louse  up a good walk. I can see the  fascination of the game and I  think before my brother  returns I'll practise up a bit  and see if I can crack his  thirty-year supremacy at last.  by Vera Glesbrecht  A potpourri of notes and  comments this week, startinp  with a blast at would-be arsonists who could've ruined a  pleasant hiking area.  On the way to Chapman  Falls last week, iwo friends  and I found debris scattered  neat the bridge. Collectino  the garbage on the return  trip, we found two full packages of matches amid the  paper, tin foil and ketchun  packages. The same campers  who left this dangerous mess  behind may have also been  responsible for lopping off  the tops of several saplings  nearby, who knows for what  purpose.  There ought to be a way of  keeping irresponsible hikers  like these out ofthe woods.  * �� *  While I'm in a critical mood  was anyone else bothered  by the potential for serious  trouble during the Fridav  evening Sea Cavalcade festivities on the wharf? When 1  arrived for the talent show  drunken adults and youno  people were smashing bottles  in front of Molly's Reach  During the show, a scuffle  broke out near the stage  between some teenagers and  an adult who objected to their  language. The wharf was  packed with people, includinp  more than a few who were  "loaded" and itching for  trouble, yet security seemed  non-existent. Perhaps the  security was just unobtrusive  Anyway, I felt uneasy and was  half expecting something tn  happen. It didn't, so mavbe  most of the trouble-makers  were at the beer garden.  ��� * *  On a more positive note  how about a good word for  the beleaguered B.C. Ferries  crews? Having waited in the  line-up for hours and also  having had the good fortune  of dashing on to the last ferrv  from Horseshoe Bay a minute  before she sailed, I've been  impressed with the efficiency  and courtesy of the crews  Dealing with hordes of tourists, many of whom find hand  signals as foreign as Braille  and creep up the ramp as if  walking the plank, the ferrv  workers display infinite patience, most of the time  anyway.  P.S. I love the carrot cake  too.  I was in Seattle on Thursday  afternoon when Mt. St  Helen's erupted again and  was able to get a fairly clear  glimpse of the huge cloud of  ash and steam that billowed  from the volcano. I think '  came home with a few specks  of volcanic ash on my car but  it was so dirty I couldn't be  sure.  �� �� *  Having a long vacation  gives a person a chance to  indulge in a passion for old  movies. I loved the Garv  Cooper - Merle Oberon movie  Cowboy and the Lady, also the  Burns-Allen comedy, Manv  Happy Returns, last week  Cooper was great as a Montana cowboy who was pursued  by an heiress and quicklv  capitulated, after a brief  predictable, corny, shipboard  romance. The violins cried and  sang for all they were worth  when Cooper and Oberon  unable to sleep after an  embrace on the deck, left  their cabins for an encore in  the fog.  The Last Hand!alters  They're coming up the trail  big blueriver hands  cramped from a lifetime  of tyrannical wooden handles  of gnawing the big ones down  the hard way  of hearing the undercut timber cry  as it grudgingly gives.  They have stoical Swenska faces  white-stubbled  cured to creased red leather  by a many-weathered craft.  They have crinkled Swenska voices  like wind in the branches  of the countless killed trees  who have given them their tongues.  They are older than rumours  unchangeable by all but death  They have been lured from boozy retirement  to fall that sky-high setting.  With their tedious steel  they will topple the rockslide cedars  spitting snoose  hoping to lessen the breakage.  They have returned to the resinous hills  like ancestral gunslingers  for one final showdown  with the reluctant trees.  Peter Trower Letters to the Editor  Coast News, August 12, 1980  Lee's part in the drama  Editor:  With the voters going to the  polls tomorrow I indicate that  on Monday last, my wife  brought from the garage ��  package of papers, placed on  my car sometime after 11:30  p.m. the previous night. The  contents disclosed some verv  serious allegations of actions  by an elected official not  in the public interest, leavinp  me with two choices of either  hiding, destroying or ignorinp  the papers, or in the publir  interest disclosing them and  damaging my election chances. 1 chose the latter.  Not willing to be used, I  checked out certain real estate  facts with a local developer  and Anderson Realty whose  printing equipment I was  currently renting. The information which came to light  lent credence to the allegations. I also checked out the  village council minutes and  spoke to the planner. This left  me thc options of confronting  the accused person, not mv  responsibility; or reporting tn  the deputy mayor. This was  not realistic to ask her tn  investigate a member of her  council; or filtering it into the  rumour mill, definitely"mv  bag"; or passing it to the  Ratepayers Assn. which after  taking the advice of one of our  most respected citizens is  exactly what I did.  I don't give a damn about  the product of the rumour mill  going full blast. I am ready tn  appear before the Sechelt  Ratepayers Assn. as and when  the enquiry, which now is a  must, is convened. I do not  pronounce on the facts or  suppositions of the matter, but  state that a number of people  have a lot of explaining to dn  for the satisfaction of the  people of Sechelt.  The question of my election  to Sechelt Council is at this  moment,  to me,  quite  ac  ademic. In my letter tn  electors and my 2-300 one tn  one meetings at the door, I  studiously and meticulously  refrained from comment on  the mayoralty candidates  unless in answer to a direct  question.  As the target of some trash  circulated a day before the  November election, I am not  too surprised at the turn of  events. Elected or not, I have  done my civic duty to the  people and, as long as I am  still breathing, that is what I  am going to continue doing.  I will not be bought, frightened or cajoled.  I have been completely  delighted with the people of  Sechelt and the conduct of  their courageous Ratepayers  Assn. executive and their  handling of this very difficult  delicate matter. In or out of  office they have my undivided  support.  Yours trulv.  Charles Lee  Thanks for Sea Cavalcade  Editor:  (iary Puckett & Terry Amiel  would like to say a particular  thank you to a few ofthe many  people who did so much to  make this year's Sea Cavalcade  Ihe success that it was.  To Sgt. McDermid and the  RCMP for all their help &  cooperation; to Melany Mahlman and all the people involved in the Queen's Committee;  to Dan Tohill for all the effort  and time put into creating a  lerrifie new addition in the  Great Sunshine Coast Talent  Show'; lo ihe CBC in general  und Hugh Beard and Morris  Moses in particular for their  help with communications,  lighting, sound and a great  special effects team.; to John  Smith for his efforts helping to  set up waterside activities; to  the Navy League Cadets for  their Sunset Flag Ceremonies;  lo the Kinsmen for their  organization of a terrific  parade; to our local Arm  Wrestling association for organizing a very successful  national event; to Sue Rhodes,  Jim Stobie and 'the gang' who  made Saturday's Childrens"  day a big success, and for their  help throughout the three days;  to the firemen for all their help  and manpower over Sea Cavalcade weekend and especially  for a great Sunday children's  water sports; to the White  Tower Medieval Society for all  their effort in putting on a good  show; to George Giannakos for  putting on the moto-cross; to  Jim Peers Sr., especially, and  all the booming crews who set  up for the Sunday water sports;  to Archie Wiggins for everything he did in setting up the  Pacific Northwest Beachcombers Boat Race; to the UBC  Sky Divers for once again  entertaining us on Sunday; to  all the girls who were contestants in the Queens pageant for  all their time and cooperation;  to Lome Miller and his crew  who did an outstanding job of  setting up the P. A. Systems and  sound equipment for the entire  three day event; to all the  contestants and competitors  for   their   participation   and  sportsmanship; and last but by  far from the least, a big thank  you to Barry and Keith at  Gibsons Building Supplies for  all their help and support  without which we would not  have been able to get this event  off the ground.  There are many others who  deserve recognition for all their  effort and time in putting  together an event of this size.  We do appreciate these people  and hope that they will continue to support the committee  in the future even though they  haven't made front page reviews. Not the least of these  groups are the families of many  of the above-mentioned and  others who have had to put up  with infrequent attention during the organizing and carrying  out of the Cavalcade.  Thank you all once again.  G. Puckett  T. Amiel  for the  Sea Cavalcade Committee  Results  Editor:  The classified ads in your  paper sure get results! Within  hours after my ad appeared  offering for sale a propane  stove and tank the phone  commenced to ring.  I sold it to the third person  who called and since then  have had two more enquiries  and expect more.  Thanking you.  Gratefullv  D. Cruickshank  Thanks  Editor:  We wish to thank Delta Ten  Television for coming to the  Sea Cavalcade, and the many  people here who helped with  our television productions. All  the shows taped on Sea  Cavalcade weekend will be  aired on Channel Ten at a later  date. Watch "Community  Forum" announcements for  the time and schedule.  Thanks.  The Volunteer Staff of  Coast Ten Television  Thanks  Editor:  The Gibsons & District  Chamber of Commerce wishes  to thank Mrs. U.S. Viitanen  and Mr. & Mrs. M.P. Tram-  pour who judged the decorated shops and costumed  participants in the Sea Cavalcade celebrations.  Chamber of Commerce  Energy Commission dissolved  lit  Date llarnll  Ihe month of July marks the  demise of yet another commission under the Social Credit  government.  This lime it's the Energy  Commission, a legacy of the  NDP, sel up to act as an  independent agency to research  the province's energy requirements. Its death was inevitable.  Nol onlj did il represent one of  ihe positive contributions of  he NDP government of 1972-  "5. il also ran afoul of the  Social Credit government by  lispuiinu Hydro's figures on  ihe province's energy needs.  Il was an annual embarass-  ment ui ihe government. The  I nergj Commission would  regularly publish figures that  were at odds with those of B.C.  Hydro. While Robert Bonner  was issuing press releasesabout  possible brown-outs and the  need I'or more Hydro projects,  the Energy Commission was  rinding fault with Hydro's  projections and was actually  suggesting that there was overcapacity in ihe system.  Hydro's figures have since  been leviscd downward but it's  important to note the watchdog role of the Energy Commission. Had it not existed,  projects like the Hooding of Ihe  Pence River valley, which  contains some 16.000 acres of  farmland, would have been  speeded up. Future generations  would  have paid dearly for  Hydro's cheap energy policies.  Of course, the Social Credit  government would not be so  foolish to disband the Energy  Commission altogether. It will  be tucked under the wing ofthe  ministery of energy, mines and  petroleum resources but stripped of its function as an  overseer of Hydro. Such political manipulation on the part  of the government is part of a  pattern.  The Land Commission, for  example, was gutted of its  independence in the first term  of the Social Credit government. To axe the commission  completely would have been a  foolhardy move. No, the government   cleverly   kept   the  Covering  the (  ,overain  by Jim Ansell  T-  worm, warmer, warmest   <?  daniadown  CiMf ���'���"��� t'i Bl ���!*.!> *���" a Dinilllown cotit.nenl*1  qu.it turn n !*" "i" f>��t to sue ew _y ind W ''�� ol  tedou: bedmikma 'oxter   Ast aboul ov< unique  S-iaunife ,1 *j "ir   >Vi ������J>p * ..mitjiliy fPiM.ng  Si'lKlM"1 ut (JeS'flns m ptHMjirm pt'WItund iTIUShni  In; fldtimImg pnsvtMiiies ate endless  WjU-n g duff ��ivce available Please contatl us lot  our colour bmrhme and cross Canada dealer list - Bttji  Ctfldiin  daniadown quilts ltd.  /ancou,e> 8 C Esiabwwd W  SUNSHINE INTERIORS  NOITMUD.l KIWANIS WAT  raBOM��.m.74ll  Homeowners  Standard Form  As mentioned last week,  the key figure on any  Homeowners Policy is the  limit carried on the house  itself. Once that amount is  established, the other coverage limits fall into place as  follows:  OUTBUILDINGS - automatic limit based on 10% of  house amount. It will cover  separate buildings on the  property such as garage,  tool shed, etc.  CONTENTS - automatic  limit based anywhere from  40% to 60% of the house  limit. This covers virtually  all personal belongings  normally found in the home.  A further 10% of this  amount is usually extended  to cover contents while  temporarily removed from  home.  ADDITIONAL LIVING  EXPENSES - automatic  limit based on 20% of the  house amount. This is intended to pick up additional  costs (hotel, motel, etc.)  incurred by you if forced to  leave your home due to a Are  or other insured peril.  As the liability coverage is  a totally different section I  will leave that to a later date.  Although the Outbuildings and Contents limits are  automatically provided,  they can be increased if  required.  Next week I will explain  the importance of insuring  to value via the COINSURANCE CLAUSE.  SUNSHINE COAST INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD.  Box 375, Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  885-2291  Why?  form of the commission in tact  and simply allowed appeals  directly to cabinet. That way  the various IOUs that were out  to real estate developers could  be paid and the public would be  none the wiser.  The authority of the Land  Commission and the Energy  Commission has been the  target of the government since  1976. There are others on the  Social Credit hit list. Collectively they are known as the  Justice Development Councils.  Once again, they are hallmarks  of the NDP days of government, as they were set up to  oversee the justice system in the  province. They were not particularly controversial until the  government got into hot water  this past winter.  Editor:  Would it be possible for yon  to find out and publish an  explanation of why an expensive and near-professional  Pipe Band was imported tn  lead the Sea Cavalcade while  our own Sechelt-Squamish  Band was back with the fire  trucks?  This would appear to be  a most extraordinary put-  down for this hard-workine  though small, local group.  Yours trulv.  Sunshine Coast Citizen and  Pipe Band Fan  CLINIC  HAS MOVED  FROM  the Gibsons  Realty Office  TO:  the Port Mellon  Industries Credit  Union   Building,  beside the  Coast News Office  Lower Gibsons  CLINIC OPEN  WEDNESDAYS  To make an  appointment,  please phone  Nancy at  888-8121  or call the  Vancouver Office  (collect) at  883-1515  Fee brochure  available on  request.  Supertelu  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Better ���������You Bet  100% Locally Owned & Operated  Price* Effective: Tues.-Sat. Aug. 12th - 16th  Quality Meats  CANADA GRADE   M BEEF  prime rib roast ��.. '2.69  REGULAR CUT  short ribs *'1.59  CUT-UP ��� PREVIOUSLY FROZEN  stewing fowl * 49*  GOVT. INSPECTED ... a-    ^^  quarter pork loin   ^   t '1.69  CUT IN CHOPS  GOVT. INSPECTED PORK  shoulder butt steak     , '1.29  Fresh Produce  B.C. Grown  peaches  .lb.  49  ��   B.C. Grown  head lettuce  Baked Goods  Oven Fresh  coffee cakes  Weston s ^   - rt- . ^ ,  .      .      .        .   . .   (jyi|        Cinnamon and Caramel  cracked wheat bread OH    ,...��� __u  Oven-Fresh  Oven Fresh  french bread  397 gm  CQQ   scrumpetspkg.<*e  >��w  ' Plain. Cheese or Raisin  $1.59  $1.39  Grocery Value  Super-Valu    ..  ice cream 2mrectn  Monarch  margarine  1.36 kg. Pkg.  Niagara - Frozen  orange juice    355mn  By the Sea  $1.69  Super-V^lu  salad   .  dressing  1 Litre Jar  $1.29  S-,.99    = mouth   ^^  Mrs   Smith s - Frozen g,   .  75*    fruit pies $1.59  Apple or Apple Crumb  Si*per-Valu  chunk Si  hq    long grain  lite tuna mqmtin    I ��� 1 9   rice  lb. Bag  s1.09  Oven Fresh  french bread  Oven Fresh  397 gm  Grilltime  charcoal  20 lb. bag  $3.99  Royale  coffee cakes       $1.59    bathroom  Cinnamon & Caramel 11SSU6 4 Roll Pkg. I ���*?��/  i. n r    ri'^n  n fiair r ir n ��� nu 4.  Coast News, August 12, 1980  THE TIMBER TYRANT  PART III  The camp is still short-  handed as hell in the way of  rigging-men but Ominec is  bullhcadedly determined to get  the colddecker going anyhow.  He leaves Chris alone on thc  trackside and takes Finn Dills  and myself to move the other  donkey up to thc setting. Chris  is understandably disgruntled  but since more men are due  imminently, he agrees to tough  it oui I i       i!iple ol il ij .  The mi",. to the loll, ^ctimu  is an onerous one: 1,000 feel up  a precipitous slope. I have  never seen a machine laken up  such a sleep pitch before and it  is blood, sweat and tears all thc  way. We pull struwline until  our hacks arc aching as thc  small Skagit shudders and  grunis its waj Irom hold to  hard-won hold. Finn Hilly  chooses his stumps carefully,  Should one pull, the donkey  will bobsled right back to thc  bottom again. Fortunately, Ox  lull) is with us and his great  strength proves invaluable. He  does the work ol three men.  Al long last and with infinite  relief, weal lain the sell ing to be  i nine< ��� I confronted with  i,.'v. n hi Hi-, i he ground  around ic spartrec is still  comparatively steep and there  is no place level enough for the  machine losit. We are forced to  take ihe lire-tools and gouge  out a ledge al right angles to thc  hill. With the machine backed  into place and tied down. Finn  Hilly undertakes to rig the spar.  He is as catty a man up a tree as  I have ever seen and this work  goes quickly. But as I send the  blocks, straps and guylines up  Pages from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  to him. I keep looking round  with a sinking feeling. There is  virtually no landing at all. How  am I supposed to build a  bloody colddeck pile in a place  like this? It looks utterly  impossible. Chris is having no  easy go of it singlehanded on  the trackside either. That night,  we talk seriously about quitting, But thc next day. several  new men arrive as promised  and we change our minds.  I don't have a clue how to go  about stacking lots in that sort  ofaspotso I consult Finn Billy.  He si/es up the situation.  "Whoever engineered this  goddamn selting shoulda had  to log the bastard themselves!"  he agrees. "For all that Ominec  knows about logging, he  shoulda stayed in Ihe bloody  Army!" He Indicates a big fir  snag, barkless, bug-pitted and  aboul seventy Ice high, standing dead-level with the spar and  about thirty-five beyond it.  "You'll have to lay a bunch in  longways behind thc tree and  that old fir - make a kind of  crib and then build back from  it. Once you get a lew stacked in  there, it'll go easy enough."  "You figure thai old snag is  going to hold'.'", I wonder  dubiously.  "Sure, she'l! hold. Those  bastards look rotten but  they've damn near always got  solid wood in thc centre.  Anyways, we ain't got a helluva  lot of choice. I'll give you a  hand to get her started, once  we've got the lines strung out."  Capuchino  .        _       & Espresso  A different  SPECIAL DINNER  every day.  We pack Hearty Lunches!  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  The logs start crashing in and  we throw them behind the spar  and the snag as Billy has  suggested until we have a sort  of rough dam that compensates  for the slope of the hill. Using  this as a base, I begin to build  the pile. Since all the timber lies  on the upper side, it is technically only a half-setting but the  wood runs a long way back. We  are reaching out over twelve-  hundred feet in places, into the  huge rockslide where the last  handfallers briefly toiled.  Soon, 1 have over a hundred  logs in thc stack and the going  gets a bit easier. But every time  I enter the pile to unchokc a  turn, I am conscious of that  snag and the deadweight tons  pressing against it. Somelimes.  I swear, I hear it creak  ominously.  The engineer is a dour,  pessimistic little man called  Happy Winston."! never seen a  goddamn crazy setting like this  before", he keeps saying.  "Friggin' walk up in the  morning's enough to kill a  man!" I certainly echo his  sentiments but a job is a job and  it will buy our way out of this  dismal valley in the end. Apart  from this constant complaining, Winston is an attentive and  careful donkey-puncher which  is something to be thankful for  on this risky, crow's nest show,  1 suppose.  The ground behind thc  spartree still slopes, though  more gradually. Every so often,  a choker comes unhooked and  a log takes off. Sometimes they  stop at the pile; sometimes they  carom right past it and batter  wildly down that awesome,  slash-strewn hill to the valley-  bottom. I shudder to think at  what speed they must be  travelling before they crash to  rest. One slippery hemlock  buckskin, without the friction  of bark to impede it, outdistances all the others, leaps the far-  below logging road and toboggans amazingly, two-hundred  yards across the fiat. Winston  lets go a long, warning blast on  his whistle when these runaways occur, to alert any  approaching vehicles.  Most ofthe biggest logs seem  to lie at the back end of the  setting and Finn Billy has his  fair share of hang-ups. I can  hear his profane and heartfelt  imprecations as he is forced to  fight yet another jammed turn  free with roll, kick or parbuckle. I look forward to these  delays as they afford me a bit of  breathing-space. After a week  or so of pretty tough yarding,  wc have reached square-lead  with the lines out almost at a  right angle to the donkey.  Winston has begun to gripe  more than ever and one day, he  gets a gilt-edged reason lo  howl. A wild log comes scooting down the hill and passes  right over the deck of the  donkey, only missing him by a  few feet. That does it for Happy  Winston. He doesn't say a  word. He just shuts off the  donkey, grabs his tools and  gut-bucket and heads down the  hill. We have no recourse but to  close her down for the day. The  next morning, Ominec delegates his ubiquitous man of all  work, Ox Tully to fill in until a  new engineer is acquired.  Tully is not an articulate man  and at first, says little. My  initial attempts to engage him  in conversation, lead nowhere.  For all his apparent denseness,  Tully is an amazingly versatile  logger. There seems to be no  job on the claim he cannot  perform with some degree of  competence. He is not as good  an engineer as Winston but he  can certainly run a donkey. I  can admire him for that if I  cannot for the way he stolidly  allows Ominec to exploit him.  EHinaham 's  At the Twilight  The Twilight Theatre presents two ideal summertime  entertainments this week  Wednesday through Saturdav  August 13-16, the entire  family can be entertained bv  the perennial classic from the  Glynis Johns, Hermione Bad-  deley, Elsa Lanchester. Thi*  musical fantasy was filmed in  colour and should appeal tn  all, especially if it is a few  years since first it was seen  Dick   Van   Dyke's   chimnev  Waft Disney Studios, M��rv sweep dance is worth the price  Popping which will be followed of admission alone.  by Burt Reynolds and Leslev- In Rough Cut, Burt Rev-  Anne Down in the light- nolds gets a chance to play the  hearted story of jewel thieves kind of lovable rogue he does  Rough Cut. so well. He gets great support  from Lesley-Anne Down and  M��iy Popping is currents from David Niven as Scotiatuf  charming a second generation yar<j-s chief Inspector who is  Those who first deepiy jnv0Ived in the case in  of film fans  thrilled to this whimsical  story of an English nannv  and her marvellous, magical  adventures as children themselves will in many cases be  taking children of their own to  the theatre. Besides the star  Julie Andrews, Mary Poppfam  also features first class work  by such as Dick Van Dyke  a personal way.   Interesting location shots  in Antwerp, Amsterdam and  London and an upbeat musical  score by Duke Ellington make  Rough Cut a film to be enjoyed. Not least of its att-  Tactions is the stunning visual  attractiveness of the lead  actress.  Community Forum  All about Good Show  Good Show is Tourism  B.C's 1980 Resident Awareness campaign slogan and  theme. It's a completely  innovative approach, and one  that is sure to keep British  Columbia in the leadership  position in Tourism and Hospitality communications.  Good Show gives visitors  an opportunity to recognize  outstanding individuals in  the industry who have gone  out of their way to make the  visitor's stay a happier one.  When a visitor completes a  Good Show reply card, which  will be available in dispensers  and tent cards located in  hotels, restaurants and stores  throughout the province, it  can be mailed back to GodjF  Show Headquarters in Van-!  couver. We will then mail the  industry member a Good Show  pin and certificate from the  Premier, recognizing their  award winning ways.  Materials are now available  through Good Show Headquarters, or the Good Show  Representative in your area.  Please feel free to give  us a call - we will be happy to  fill you in on all the details!  Channel 'I'm Gibsons  Wednesday, August 13  6:30 p.m. "Behind the Scenes at  Beachcombers".  In this part 6 Kelly Henry  talks with the child stars of  the CBC series, "The  Beachcombers".  7:00 p.m. "Tourism on the  Sunshine Coast" This is a  co-production of Delta  and Coast Ten Television,  taped at Molly's Reach  and featuring Peter Bandi  and Gary Puckett.  7:30 p.m. "Senior Chef" Part II  8:00 p.m. "The Sea Cavalcade  Parade". Taped by Coast  Ten Television through  the facilities of Delta Ten  Television. Melanie  Mahlman and Craig  Amiel are the commentators.  Airport to get  $15,000 grant  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  NOTICE  SPRINKLING   RESTRICTIONS  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY SPRINKLING  RESTRICTIONS ARE IMPOSED ON ALL USERS  FROM THE MUNICIPAL WATER SYSTEM AS FOLLOWS  1. ODD NUMBERED properties on Highway#101, from Henry  Road to Bals Lane, Wyngaert Road, Martin Road, North  Fletcher, Fairmont, Hillcrest, School Road, O'Shea, Abbs  Road, may sprinkle on: Odd Calendar Dates from  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.,  Also, ALL properties on North Road, Poplar Lane   Shaw,  Davis and Henry Roads may sprinkle on:     Odd Calendar Dates from  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  2   Ever, numbered properties on Highway #101, (from Henry  Road to Bals Lane), Wyngaert Road, Martin Road, North  Fletcher. Fairmont, Hillcrest, School Road, O'Shea and  Abbs Road may sprinkle on: Even Calendar Dates from  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Also, all properties on Reed, Park, and Crucil and all of  Creekside Subdivision may sprinkle on:      E\ien Calendar Dates from  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  3. Odd numbered properties in the Village not listed above  may sprinkle on: Odd Calendar Dates from  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  4. Even numbered properties in the Village not listed above  may sprinkle on: Even Calendar Dates from  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  5. Soaker (soaking) hoses are NOT permitted and the use of  same will be considered to be in direct contravention of the  Village of Gibsons Water Regulation By-law.  6. Sprinkling is permitted from one (1) outlet only per parcel  of days of permitted u^eage.  ALL SPRINKLERS MUST BE TURNED OFF IF ANY FIRE SIREN IS  S0UNDED- Ron Webber  Superintendent of Works  Transport Minister Alex  Fraser wrote to Sechelt council  informing them that a $15,000  grant had been approved for  the Wilson Creek Airport. The  grant was approved under the  Air Transport Assistance Program.  The grant will enable the  airport committee to hire a  consultant to undertake a site  development plan for the  airport.  To date council has received  correspondence from four  consultants. These will be  turned over to the airport  committee for study.  by Rw Ellingham  Week commencing August  llth. General Notes:  The Sun and New Moon  square unpredictable Uranus  indicating another week of  shocks, surprises and strange  developments. Dangerous  Mars-Pluto configuration is  still prominent and may coincide with explosions, assassinations, bank hold-ups and  sabotage.  Babies born this week will be  independent, self-confident,  strong-willed and idealistic.  Those arriving Friday will have  to learn to control their  tempers.  ARIES (March 21 - April 19)  Social activities, pleasures  and pastimes are subject to  unexpected, unusual interruptions. Spontaneous amusements please all. Organized fun  and games flop. Resist urge to  speculate or take a chance with  others peoples' money or possessions. Child in your life  may become cranky and unmanageable. Partner, mate,  lover will be in eager, aggressive mood Thursday night.  TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)  Expect sudden, stange domestic developments. Person  sharing your living space may  announce unusual household  plans or ideas. Don't rush into  kooky real-estate or rental  agreements. Many Taureans  contemplate seeking alternative shelter towards end of  the month. It's a good week to  finish those arduous, overdue  GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)  Short-distance communications face a series of unexpected obstacles and diversions.  Prepare to receive peculiar  letters, notes and phone calls.  Unforeseen health upset may  necessitate postponement of  local journey or visit. Rebel coworker is likely to obstruct job-  scene messages and requests.  Don't hitch-hike on Thursday.  CANCER (June 22 - July 22)  Accent is on surprising  financial developments, unexpected gains and losses. Sudden  speculative opportunity may  ease recent domestic tensions.  Resist impulsive spending  Thursday. Say no and mean it  to child's greedy demands. Offbeat social activity quickly  drains petty cash, savings,  secret bank account. Venus  enhances beauty, appearance  of those born June 25 - 30.  LEO ( July 23 - Aug. 22)  New Moon in your sign finds  you cranky, irritable, unconventional, anxious to establish  more exciting personal identity  or image. Desire for change of  scene is strong. Mercury also in  Leo promises more local trips,  phone calls and correspondence for two weeks. August 10 -  14 birthdays ex perience sudden  domestic upheavals during the  next twelve months.  VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)  Expect strange occurrences,  sudden happenings in out-of-1  the-way  places.   Where  you I  usually enjoy seclusion, privacy'  and   relaxation   is  scene  of  frights and  consternation.  Being alone is perfect opportunity to examine the weird I  workings of your mind. Recent i  financial uproar should have'  settled by now. Lucky Jupiter  favours those born Sept. 5 - 7. ���  LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)  Looks like your long-range  plan or goal is subject to abrupt  changes, modifications and  revisions. You may be forced to  consider more daring, original  financial route. There's news of  friend's brave decision or  acquaintance's determination  to shun expert advice. Pluto  still urges Oct. 12-14 birthdays  to bury and forget old lifestyle  conditions.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)  Your honour, position, career or public standing is linked  to hasty decisions, suspensions,  hirings and firings. Seems  you're bored with dreary  routines and responsibilities  and crave more stimulating  day-to-day challenges. Realize  boss or superior may engineer  erratic show of independence  or self-sufficiency. Nov. 15-16  birthdays feel strong desire to  break free of present restrictions.  SAGITTARIUS  (Nov.  23 -  Dec. 21)  Anticipate quick change in  your basic life philosphy,  religious or spiritual convictions. Disturbing, private incident awakens your need for  smarter, up-to-the-minute i-  deas and approach. Longdistance travel plans face rescheduling. Letter, phone call  announces surprising developments far away. Neptune  continues to bewilder those  born around Dec. II.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan.  19)  Close associate's financial  situation becomes affected by  unforeseen changes in your  long-range plans, hopes and  wishes. Stubborn partner,  loved one or mate may still  wish to channel joint savings  into unstable venture. Advice is  to convert your share of the  funds into cash immediately.  There's surprise news from  those handling matters linked  to your taxes, insurance,  alimony, debts and loans.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb.  18)  Relations with business  partners,   daily   companions,  special person in your life hints'  of  peculiar,   unpredictable  conditions.   Your   deliberate  new  attitude towards others  may be viewed as odd, unconventional,   rather   awkward.  Good friend may ask why the '  change? It's not the best time to  sign   contracts,   agreements,  important paperwork.  PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)  Employment or health conditions are subject to sudden,  unusual occurrences. There'll  be whisperings of disruptions,  stoppages, suspensions where  you perform daily tasks and  duties. Anticipate conflict  between old work-scene philosophy and updated techniques,  procedures. New helper at job-  site may prove to be all talk and  no skills. Emotional shock and  stomach upset could be linked.  Ask doctor.  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Mon.-Sat.: 9 a.m. -6 p.m.  Fridays until 9 p.m.  Sundays: Noon til 4 p.m.  FREE I  PRESCRIPTION '  DELIVERY  within the boundaries of  the Village of Gibsons  to all Seniors  65 years or over.  MAXWELL'S  PHARMACY  Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  Call Jim or Haig for info  886-8158  # Off the shelf  Organ recital  Coast News, August 12, 1980  by John Moore  One of my personal favourite authors of short stories  is one whose name is largelv  unremembered, I get the  feeling, by anyone but me, in  spite ofthe fact that his short  fiction has been published  fairly regularly by one of the  largest circulation magazines  in North America.  His name is Gerald Kersh-  an Englishman, ex Coldstream Guard, former barman  and iiwcer arid a prolific  producer of short stories  Perhaps the reason nobodv  remembers his name is that  his stories have appeared in  Playboy magazine.  Several collections of his  short stories were published  by Deli paperbacks in the late  fifties and early sixties. Dell  has been one of the great  producers of pulp literature in  the last couple of decades, so  the chances are fair that yon  could turn up paperback  copies, probably in dubious  condition, if you keep your  eyes peeled in second-hand  book bins, flea markets and  garage sales. (That's right  I'm sending you on another  wild goose chase. I don't think  you II find any of Kersh's work  still currently in print).  If you find them, as lonp  as all the pages are there  they're worth the time it takes  to do a little salvaging with  scotch tape and cardboard  You'll have a book you'll be  glad to pass along to your  friends. (If you're that foolish).  One of Kersh's finest  collections goes under the  title, Not More Than Once  Upon A Time. A number of  the stories in this grouping  revolve around Kersh's extensive knowledge of the  somewhat specialized field of  oriental rugs. Several stories  occur in the London shop of  an importer of such collector's  items and one of the best  consists ofthe rug merchant's  dealings with a difficult  customer. (Don't ask me to  remember the title of the  story; I lent the book out ten  years ago when I first acquired  it and haven't seen it since.)  At any rate, the customer in  the story is a middle-aged  lady of obvious breeding and  means, conservatively and  expensively dressed, window-  shopping for prestige knick-  knacks. The merchant approaches her, exuding the stock  oily and obsequious charm of  the bazaar merchant. The ladv  plays hard to get, insisting  that she is interested onlv  in the very finest, the rare  the uncommon.  The merchant invites her to  peruse his stock at her leisure  since he, of course, deals onlv  in the very finest and rarest  examples of the weavers'  craft. However, he cautions  there is one rug on displav  from which no amount of  money could induce him to bp  parted. The object in question  is by no means the most  prepossessing of its kind, but  this, the merchant explains  is not the source of the rug's  inestimable value.  This rug has an infamous  history. It belonged to one of  the last wild nomadic sheiks  of the desert, a Prince amonp  his people, noted for his  wealth, his prowess in war and  his fiery good looks. The  merchant then launches into  an embroidered version of the  ALWAYS AVAHABIE^  Our Skill and j ,  Knowledge    v.  [FOR ONE STOP SHOPPING]  -Leave your prescription and  I do Ihe resl ol your shopping in  Lthe Mall or phone in advance ,  and we will have il ready  We fill PHARMACARE  WC.8. and are Agents  I for ClltC prescriptions.  We have a complete '  PATIENT RECORD PLAN  for your protection and  convenience        A  -We will mail out  vour prescriptions  Ihe same day if you  cannot call for them.  Thank you for your patronap  BOB GRANT  ED FOCKLER J  I 886-7213 J  RIRSONS    SUNNYCREST MALL  j   UIESTERII DRUG H1BRT  -wi nur roe am-  story that made Rudolph  Valentino the idol of millions  of women; he even, if memorv  serves, suggests that the storv  of this Prince was the basis of  the movie "The Sheik".  The climax of the storv  predictably, is that this verv  rug is the rug upon which the  beautiful English lady, captured by the Prince and  carried off into the desert  was flung just prior to events  about which the movie was  obliged to be discreet. Naturally the lady becomes obsessed with the purchase  of this rug and none other.  She offers the merchant a  reasonable price. He cannot  possibly accept. She offers  more. Again he declines with  regrets, pointing out that the  rug is a family heirloom and  simply not for sale. She offers  increasingly exorbitant sums  until, at last, he reluctantlv  accepts.  The denouement to the  story is, of course, that when  she has left the shop and he  has tucked the check into his  wallet, he turns to his assistant and, all charm vanished  snarls contemptuously, "Hassan I Bring out another number fourteen rug I"  The story itself, right down  to the twist at the end, is  predictable,    certainly,    but  Kersh's great skill as n  story-teller, which enables  him to pack in an incredible  amount of incidental fascinating information about rugs  sucks you into the merchant's  tale completely in a few short  pages is what makes him  worth reading.    '  Kersh, like Jorge Luis  Borges and some other writers, delights in playinp  games with history and  current events. In another  volume of short pieces under  the title Men Without Bones,  he offers his own unique  explanations of such enigmas  as the Mona Lisa's smile, how  Shakespeare came to write  King Lear, and a comment on  the scholarly theory that  Francis Bacon "ghost-wrote"  the works of William Shakespeare.  Kersh, like Ray Bradburv  is one of those professional  writers who never disappoints. Whether he's dealing with a twist on a stock plot  or a plot creation of his own  he always handles it crisplv  economically and with a  profound sense of irony that  makes great stories. Yon  never finish one of his stories  and start counting the page  numbers to be sure they're in  sequence. Good hunting. AH  for now.  Does the memory of the  great Wurlitzer rising from the  pit at the Orpheum Theatre  bring a lump to your throat? If  so, indulge yourself. Thc days  of Mary Pickford and the other  silent greats will come to life  again in the NOSTALGIC  ORGAN RECITAL at 12  noon on the Saturdays of  August 9th and 16th. If you are  fortunate enough to be a senior  citizen, then admission is  FREE.  The organ at the Orpheum  was installed 53 years ago and  is ihe only one in Canada still in  its original location. It will be  played by veteran organist  Doris Miller whose career  predates it by one year. She  began playing to audiences in  1927 at the Princess Theatre.  Ihe Princess has now fallen  from glory and survives as Ihe  Lux on Hastings.  Doris is a protegee ofthe late  Sidney Kclland ofthe Capitol,  a man she considered to be the  greatest organist she has  known.  When the talkies came along,  Doris, like most organists was  out of work. From then until  the '40's she raised her family,  playing occasionally at  weddings and benefits. In 1942  she was 'discovered' while  demonstrating a new line of  instruments at Kelly's in  Vancouver, and began playing  at   everything  from   hockey  games to nightclubs. At the age  of 45, Doris once again went  into semi-retirement (this time  self-imposed) and it was not  until 1965 when Nat Bailey  talked her into playing for the  Vancouver Mounties that she  began performing regularly  again. She stayed with them  unlil thc team folded in 1969.  Doris's last major concert  was at the Save the Orpheum  Drive in 1974. Since then she  has kept her touch. She can be  found occasionally in the  cavernous Orpheum alone,  playing the giant instrument  with a single lamp illuminating  the key boards.  The opportunity to attend  concerts of this nature are  dwindling. It is an occasion not  to be missed. Use the Seymour  Street Entrance.  Carefree gardening  by Sandy Loam  The difficulties of commercial and industrial planting are  self-evident. Vandalism and  ripoff creeps simply have to be  tallied in the cost which seems a  colossal shame but we are all so  pleasantly delighted when  anyone is successful that surely  it is worth the effort. I enjoy the  lovely little Petunia garden so  well maintained by the Imperial Esso station at the very  difficult blinking light corner  on the highway into Sechelt.  How much prettier our  villages would be if more shops  made a stab at planning and  maintaining a little tub garden  or even just a few pots to be  taken in at night. Pentangle  Plants is a charming little  island of flowers on Cowrie  Street. In the case of the  extended Trail Bay Mall, it is  much improved with the new1  plantings which were nicely  done and I'm sure, expensive,  but some of the trees are dying  and weeds are taking over  through lack of maintenance.  August is a lovely month for  puttering, amiable ambling,  prodding, propogating and  general touching up...not much  heavy work but most of it  relaxed except taking an axe to  the slugs. So sling the hammock, lay hands on a good  book, mind your sprinkling  hours and enjoy all the sparkling colour and fragrance,  particularly the friendly little  volunteers brightening unexpected corners where you  didn't   plant   them.   As you  wander try to pick off all the  dead flowers and your plants  will continue blooming for a  much longer period.  Some puttering hints for  those looking for small tasks  are: Any perennial seedlings  should be at their second  leafing by now and it is time to  move them to a nursery section  of your garden, in full sunlight,  where they can fatten for fall  placement where you want  them to stay. Any blank garden  area will do with plenty of  compost in nicely turned soil  with plants placed about six  inches apart.  Remove some of your Chrysanthemum buds allowing'  about two buds per stem for  plumper healthier flowers and  a fine compact plant.  Begin to think about splitting the Primroses (Polyanthus, Primula). Older plants  will have multiplied and will  have fewer blooms if this is not  done every two or three years.  This is a great time for  gardening generosity, as you  split your plants and rearrange  your garden, you can make a  great sport of yourself by  making up little flats of spare  goodies for your beginning  friends.  August is a good month for  Geranium cuttings, a little  root-tone and damp sand and  you'll have a bundle of new  plants. It is also a good time for  layering Carnations, Cleman-  tus and Hydrangea. Pull an  outside undowered shoot down  into the soil, use a little root  tone, peg it and bring the shoot  end up for air. By late autumn  or early spring you'll have a  new plant with very little effort  as the mother plant will feed the  baby until it is on its own.  Mostly, though, August is  the greatest month of the year  for loafing and enjoying.  Happy Gardening.  Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday  2-4p.m.  Wednesday  2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  886-2130  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  886-8023    Let us pave your  driveway or play area!  B.A. Blacktop have been paving  driveways and home recreational areas  for twenty-three years. It is quite likely  that some of the better paving around  homes that you have seen was done by  us. If you have a paving job in mind, let us  quote on it. You'll discover, as mapy have  before that B.A. Quality costs no more.  Sometimes it even costs a little less.  B.A. can "JET SEAL" your new or  existing blacktop driveway to protect it  from oil or gas spills.  PAVING OF  INDUSTRIAL SITES  ROADS  PARKING AREAS  TENNIS COURTS  Also grading, gravel sales,  soil cement, drainage  fi curbs.  B.A. BLACKTOP  *  .��  Porpoise Bay Road, Sechelt, B.C.  885-5151  Head Office: P.O. Box 86340, North Vancouver, B.C. 985 0611  "Quality service since 1956"  AMALGAMATED  MEMBER     Alftt  *UCKTOP|  CONSTR ASSN  Transformation of the core of Roberts Creek is well underway as this picture shows.  KIDS EAT FREE!  Kids age nine & under can  EAT FREE EVERY WEDNESDAY DURING AUGUST  when accompanied by an adult  your BIRTHDAY is AUGUST 14th,  21st or 28th, bring in your Birth Certificate  FREE COMBO DINNER  PEOPLE COME FIRST AT  PRICES EFFECTIVE: WED. AUG. 13TH TO SAT. 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Inspected  YOUNG TURKEYS      ��,. $1.09  Frozen ��� 6-10 lbs. - Utility  New Zealand Lamb Blade or Round Bone  SHOULDER CHOPS    ib $1.59  Pork Shoulder Butt Ready to Eat  SMOKED  COTTAGE ROLL ,b. $1.99  Sunny Morn - Sliced  SIDE  BACON SOOgmeach  $1.69  FROZEN FOODS  Minute Maid Regular or Pink  LEMONADE ui�� 2/79*  Minute Maid  LIMEADE 6.25 0, 2/79*  McCain Strawberry or Raspberry  SHORTCAKE 25oz. $2.39  PRODUCE  B.C. Grown Iceberg  LETTUCE .ach 33*  Sunkist  ORANGES S,ze88   3,bs/$1.00  B.C. Grown Fresh  ZUCCHINI SQUASH 3ib/$ 1.00  Come to (jUacteiAa - uU' Qmd  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Park.883-9100  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO IIMK QUANTITIES" Coast News, August 12, 1980  Port Mellon News  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  by Ruth Forrester 885-2418  This past week has been  such a busy one for yours trulv  that there has just been no  time to gather any news of  happenings other than those  which are "happening" a-  round the Forrester household. Two nieces with husbands are guests at the  present time and there is  never a dull moment. One  niece, Ruth Lee, is a film  director in Hollywood - Tom  is a film producer and they are  really interesting folks to havp  around.  Maureen Bull, Ruth's sister  is a physiotherapist in Hemel  Hempstead just outside of  London and has very limited  sight, while husband Geoffrev  is totally blind. For this couple  however, blindness is no  handicap ��� they do everything - and more - than most of  us do. For instance, they have  invented a tennis game for  the blind which has now  become quite popular in  England and which caused  quite a stir when they were  seen playing this game as  guests at the Redrooffs tennis  court. The rules are the same  as in regular tennis except  that the game is played with *  large rubber ball with ball  bearings inside it so that the  player can hear when the ball  is coming in their direction  They have special heavier  type racquets with which thev  really wham that ball. Needless to say we had a go at it  too and found it to be an  extremely difficult game and  they beat the pants off us I  On Thursday evening we  were all guests at a beach  party at the Ted and Arliss  Peters beach at Gower Point  where Geoff was the hit of  the evening when he managed  to get up first time on water  skis on some pretty rough  water. This was a farewell  party for Elizabeth Gillham  who is studying criminology  and who spent the past few  months at the Probation and  Family Court Office in Sechelt. Elizabeth was a verv  popular addition to the office  and will be missed by the  staff at both the probation and  the court offices.  Geoffrey and Maureen will  be leaving from Vancouver in  a few days to fly off to Louisville, Kentucky for a business  trip, then back to Hollywood  and from there they will  return to London. Just a few  months ago they were in  Moscow, also on business.  Geoffrey's job as a director  for the Royal National Institute for the Blind takes  Maureen and him to manv  countries. He is in the process  of standardising the printinp  of Braille throughout the  world and the production of  tapes and various forms of educational equipment for the  blind. He is also captain  of a cricket team in London  and is a very busy man.  We are >o fortunate to have  these folks as house guests  and are having a marvellous  time with them. Of course  they are loving this part of  the world and we are grateful  that the weather has been so  great during their stay.  There is another visiitor in  the area who may be known tn  many oldtime residents. This  is Mrs. Elizabeth Pearce who  lived on Redcrooffs manv  years ago and who is visitinp  with daughter Helen Boyes.  Glad to hear that Mildred  Swain of Halfmoon Bay is now  home from hospital after  having had some surgerv  Take care of yourself Mildred -  you have all our good wishes  that you will be well again  soon.  Congratulations to the  Murphy girls, Dierdre, Sheila  Louise and Stephanie for  having placed second in the  talent contest on Gibsons  Sea Cavalcade days. Hope  that many people had the  opportunity to hear these  talented girls with their  beautiful voices.  by Sharon Astle  Volunteer Summer Camp  counsellors required  by Joan Cowderoy  Here is an excellent opportunity to grow personally and  develop some skills in working  with people. Three or four  young women between the  ages of 15 and 20 are needed  to work in a camp setting  on a one-to-one basis with  physically, emotionally or  mentally handicapped girls  from August 18th-21st. Volunteers will work closely with  a fully supportive staff while  participating in the whole  range of camp activities. A  complete orientation will be  provided one week in advance  of the camp at Wilson Creek.  Some personal flexibility and  the desire to learn are essentials for this task. If you are  interested or want more  information, please contact  Joan Cowderoy on Wednesday  or Thursday at the Volunteer  Bureau, 885-5881.  Although Port Mellon didn't  have a float in the Sea Cavalcade Parade, we did receive  recognition through the participation of some local residents.  The Port Mellon fire department won first place for the  oldest fire truck, and second  place in the firemen's water-  fight. Firemen representing the  Port Mellon fire department  were Greg Collins, Marion  Reynolds, Brad Rowan and  Norman Belanger.  Trevor Anderson won second place in the bike parade  for best decorated bike, and  first place for the best costume  by an individual. Gwen Kof-  tinoff was on the Bank of  Montreal float, which also won  honors.  Congratulations to Diane  and Pat Winn on the birth of  their son, Jason Robert. Jason  was born at 5:34 am, on August  3. He weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. A  brother for Alison.  The residents of Port Mellon  area would like to welcome  Roger and Barbara Lencez to  the community. Roger and  Barbara have a son, Scott aged  10, and come to us from Fort  McMurray, Alberta.  Rainy River  The first mention of Rainy  River is an entry in the Port  Mellon History Book telling of  a Gold Rush reportedly in  1891. At that time, it was called  by its Indian name Thluam  Creek.  The Cates family acquired  the seaside property in 1891,  and in 1907 when the hotel was  built, Thluam Creek became  know as Cates Creek. In 1915  the Cates family built the wire  suspension bridge across Cates  Creek, although an artist's  sketch of 1908 shows a bridge  already existed. No record can  be located of who built the  original bridge.  Some time after 1915, Cates  Creek was renamed Rainy  River.  The log bridge for automobile traffic was built in 1953  by Mr. Enemark, who at that  time was connected with logging, taking place at Longview.  It was the completion of the  Port Mellon Highway that  inspired him to build the  bridge.  ACCOUNTING  AND  OFFICE SERVICES  Ideal for small business  Reasonable rates  Call 886-8263  V  HELP  WANTED  Mature person required for part-time office  work. Some bookkeeping knowledge & retail  experience would be  an asset.  .  Phone:886-7112  B008EHDAL FARMS  Tomatoes.. Long English Cucumbers  Carrots Beets  Cauliflowers Cabbage  Lettuce Zucchini's  Next 2 Weeks  Freezing or Canning Time  For Beans & Broad Beans  -'��� '  ������������* ��� -- '   ���---       - ��� ��� ��� .       .r..:...::..^  Orders taken now for DILL CUKES  883-9910  Barton Bav m. I Kilometer on Hwy. 101  * Farm Road Now Improved! *  \  N  Pender Auxiliary  by La Verne Richardson  Harbour residents have  again shown generous support  for the local auxiliary to St.  Mary's Hospital even though  our annual fishing derby had  to be cancelled. As we were  only able to carry on with the  draw portion we did not have  the success that we have  enjoyed in the past, but the  support of the people who  displayed our posters and sold  our tickets as well as all  those who purchased tickets  made it all worthwhile.  Lou Farrell who won the  first prize of a Trip for two to  Reno last year was also the  winner of the same trip this  year. Hope your luck stavs  with you in Reno I Second  prize of $100 was won by Rod  Webb and Peg Riley and M  Hall each won a storm door  Albert Edwardson, a floater  jacket; I.H. Morrison, a life  jacket; Bette White, a rod  holder; J. Wiley, a tackle box:  M. Wiley, $20; D. Peterson  Sechelt, $20; N. Carswell, $10:  R. Nelson, Sechelt, 10 Silver  Dollars; and P. Grabenhof  a reel.  The Auxiliary wishes tn  extend special thanks to the  following donors for their  generous contributions and  prizes: Irvine's Landing Marina, Alcan, Garden Bav  Marine Services, C.P. Leckie  Madeira Marina Ltd., W.  McKibbin, R. Webb, J & S  Cameron, Bank of Montreal  and Secret Cove Marina.  Although police made several arrests of intoxicated  people at the Sea Cavalcade  both at the wharf and at the  beer gardens where they were  called after the Lions Club  closed it down, they felt that  from their point of view,  everything went off well.  There are still about 10  bicycles at the Gibsons detachment. People who have  lost bicycles should identify  them at the station.  August 2nd: Police answered  a complaint that people were  shooting off high powered  rifles at the north east side of  Gambier Island. Several weapons were seized and three  young males and two females  in a small boat will be charged  with the dangerous use of  firearms. A residence on Han-  bury Road in Roberts Creek  was broken into. A gold chain  and a quantity of liquor was  taken.  August 5th: The glass door at  the curling rink in Gibsons  was smashed.  August 6th: A Vancouver  man reported a robbery with  violence on Marine Drive in  Lower Gibsons. He alleged  that three men jumped out of  a pickup and robbed him of  approximately $30.  News of  arthritis  Sally Hacking, Occupational  therapist with The Arthritis  Society, B.C. Division will be  at Gibsons on Monday. August  18 - Tuesday. August 19 -  Thursday, August 21 and  Friday, August 22 and at  Madeira Park on Wednesday,  August 20.  Miss Hacking will treat  arthritis patients on referral  from family doctors and will be  working in co-operation with  Mrs. Joanne Rottluff,  Supervisor Public Health  Nurse at Gibsons and Dr. R.H.  Estey at Madeira Park.  The visit to Sechelt is made  possible through the support of  the annual arthritis campaign  for funds which takes place  during September, Arthritis  Month.  Residents of Glen and Seaview Roads in Gibsons tucked into a delicious smorgasbord  pot-luck supper at their "block party" on Friday evening.  Block party in Gibsons  Residents of Seaview Road  and Glen Road in Gibsons held  a unique party last Friday  night. Earlier in the week, they  applied to Gibsons council for  permission to block off Glen  Road at its junctions with  Beach Ave. and Bals Lane,  between 6 and 9 pm., so they  could hold a party for the  whole neighbourhood in the  street.  "We've been concerned a-  bout our little area," said Kay  Owen, one of the organizers of  the event, "We have so many  new people in the neighbourhood. We began to notice that  some of the younger people  didn't know the other residents  and that many of the parents  didn't know each other's children. We started to wonder,  'How do you get to know  people?'"  Inspiration for the party,  Mrs. Owen said, came from a  book Georgia Kirk, another  resident, was reading at the  time which mentioned apartment block parties as one ol the  ways urban neighbours get to  know one another.  At 6 pm. Friday, neighbours  of all ages turned out with lawn  chairs, tables and contributions  to a pot-luck smorgasbord  supper to kick off an evening of  good food, games, and good  company. Residents wish to  thank the Mayor and council  and Municipal Clerk Jack  Copland for helping to make  the party a success.  885-9666  Dispatch  Box 172,  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  Swanson's 885-5333  L & H Swanson Ltd. Accounts  sand. Brauel  DUMP TRUCKS  THOMAS HEATING  INSURANCE  PROGRAM  This insurance program covers all  working parts on oil and electric forced  air furnace and boilers.  1. All working parts  2. Service calls and no heat calls  3. Annual service  omy*57.95  All regular Thomas Heating customers'  applications will be processed immediately.  r ^g.  I   Thomas Healing O  [   Box 398  I   Gibsons, B.C.  J NAME   1 ADDRESS   j PHONE#.    1 AMOUNTSENT: tl(l(  *r opinion  Robi: You know fishing has  never been an easy thing, and  you've had your good years  and your bad years. Maybe  now it's a few bad years. The  ones who have fished a long  time will probably stick with  it. There are always going  to be a few that got into it for  a fast buck.  Frank: Yes - that's right.  School teachers, lawyers, brokers. Everyone's got into it,  especially with the herring  ballooning in price like it did.  Robi: Well the depletion of the  Herrint; last year didn't help  the salmon any.  Frank: It takes a certain run  on an industry. The same as a  gold field.  Robi: Yes, that's true. We  have to expect this, so it's  only going to be thc tried and  true that will stick.  Frank: Those who have their  own boats and are established  will survive and scrape  through. Last year a bonanza,  this year a bust - next year  maybe another bonanza. 1  always found during my years  of fishing you have one bad  spot somewhere, finally the  year would come around  to being a good one. The  seasons were never great,  even. I can tell you, I've seen  back in Ihe middle 30's when  the fishing was supposed to  be good up in Boswell  Cannery and Smith Inlet.  When the fishing was supposed to be lots of fish. I saw  the Cannery Manager - he had  a baseball bat behind his desk,  to insure his settlements  with the men. 80% of the  fishermen would leave there  another year in the hole. They  had nets, boats - this that  and another to pay for, and it  was always the same.  Robi: So by the time they  settled up with him there was  very little to take home.  Frank: As a matter of fact  in the last few years the  fisherman on the whole has  made a tremendous amount of  money. That's what led up to  the build up of the fleet.  Under the free enterprise  system it is pretty near  impossible for the government  to jump in and not allow  any more boats, but what is  going to become of the boats  now that are out and there is  not enough salmon around to  pay for it.  That's the  big  question...  Robi: Do you think if they took  some really drastic measures,  maybe even - close the  Georgia Strait to only a  hook - cut the herring fishing  down for a year. Would the  effect be great enough?  Frank: Well - they are going  to have to. When they were  fishing herring by reduction,  the herring became so scarce,  that they had to lay out with  lights all night and make a  drag line around the boat to  get a few herring in the  morning. It was the fishermen  themselves, who stopped that.  I have high hopes for the  spring salmon and coho  eventually. It still hasn't had  time, to build up from when  the herring fishermen were  using lights to catch herring.  They not onlv gathered  ���v~.  herring around the boat - but  also - coho and spring salmon  grilse. The Union right now is  stressing to use caution on the  herring.  Robi: You figure the union is  the only hope.  Frank: No, not the only hope,  but a major one.  Frank is a practical man.  He does not expect immediate  change. He has faith the  Federal Government will deliver. Not for this year ���  sometime in the near future.  Let's hope so. Not only for me  if I wish to catch another  salmon, but for all my neighbours who need to.  A friend of mine pointed out  a quotation from the 'Reader's  Digest' which we both agree  reminds us of Pender. "We're  all in favour of progress,  providing we can have it  without change".  Egmont News  Coast News, August 12, 1980  byJonvanAndeD  Once again the town was  deprived of power. This  morning it was turned off from  6 a.m. to 11 a.m. to facilitate  work on the Pender Harbour  sub-station. Now here is the  rub. A lot of people were unaware of the outage, because  it was only publicized in the  Press. Bob and Jack Bathgate  did not know about it, neither  did the CBC. That's two fairlv  big and important outfits who  work on Sundays. It seems tn  me, the outage should have  been posted in both newspapers and that a few sign*  about town would not have  been too much trouble.  It was good to see Bill  Banting hobbling about town  after his unfortunate accident  of a few weeks back. He i��  still on crutches but is healino  good and navigating well  He says he can't wait to get  back to work next week  shooting pictures for the CBC.  John Seabrook phoned from  Prince Rupert the other  night and is on his way home  Dave, the skipper of the  Tequila, decided to pull the  pin for the season, as he  figures they have got it made  Must be nice I  The executive of the Egmont Community Cub will be  meeting today to discuss the  tennis court proposal. Also  will be talking about some  rather nice goodies that the  CBC will be leaving us. I  guess everyone knows thev  ate moving their Ritter's Cove  series to the Vancouver area  next season. In a way it'��  too bad, as it's been a good  relationship all and all.  "Societies Act"  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING  St. %wf'i Hotfttd Society  To the members ol St. Mary's Hospital Society:  Take notice that the Annual General Meeting  of the members of the St. Mary's Hospital  Society will be held in the Senior Citizens Hall,  Mermaid Street, Sechelt, B.C. on  dJedmkt/, tk  StA day Odeim, 1920,  at tkt how 0/ 7:30 fn.  Dated in the village of Sechelt. in the province  of British Columbia this 16th day of July, 1979.  By order of the  Board of Trustees  Parks and trails  by Christa West  Philinda Ludwig's pottery was one of the many attractions at the two-day Craft Show  held in Hackett Park last weekend.  Floral art in Sechelt  The Sechelt Garden Club  does not meet in July and  August but this summer  members from Langdale right  through to Halfmoon Bay are  busy attempting to grow and  process dried flowers and  foliage for the Fall Plant Sale  by W club.  -Most of us think of straw-  flowers (helichrysum) and  everlasting flowers (helip-  terium) when the subject  comes up and of course these  are the easiest to grow and to  process. When the flowers are  about two thirds open and the  day is nice and sunny vou cut  the flowers leaving long  stems. The leaves are stripped  off and the flowers are tied in  small bunches and hung  upside down in a drv room  for two or three weeks.  Actually a great variety of  other garden flowers and seed  pods may be processed in the  same way. Among this group  are Chinese lantern-plants,  celosia, dahlias, dustv-miller,  globe amaranth, honesty,  marigold onion or allium  flowers, sage, statice and  many others.  Another method of processing involves dry sand or  borax. The flowers are cut on  a sunny day and stripped  of their leaves. Some drv sand  or borax is poured into a box  and smoothed to a 4" level.  The flowers are then placed  carefully in the box, head  down, on the layer of sand or  borax. The flowers should not  touch one another, then sand  or borax is carefully added  until the flowers are covered.  Store the box in a drv cool  place for two weeks, then  carefullv remove the flowers  hi  pouring off the sand or  borax. A great number of  varieties may be preserved  using this process. Among  them are asters, balsam,  buddleia, candytuft, canterbury bells, carnation, coleus,  rudbechia, coral bells, cornflowers, marigold, pansy,  rose buds, spiraea, veronica  and zinnia.  A third method of preserving using glycerin is used  largely for leaves. The glycerin is mixed with water  using one third glycerin and  two thirds water. Mix sufficient to provide about 5"  of mixture in a jar. The foliage  material is cut when it is the  most colourful. Pound two  inches on the lower stem with  a hammer to split the bark  and fiber and place in the jar.  The foliage material will  slowly absorb the glycerin  in place of water. As the glycerin enters the various leaf  cells the foliage will turn to  a slightly different colour.  When the material has completely changed colour right  out to the edges it is finished.  This should take about two to  three weeks. It helps to spray  the foliage several times with  the glycerin solution during  the process or wipe the solution on the leaves with, �����  cloth. Leaves treated with glycerin will last several years.  Almost all foliage may be  treated in this way. Beech,  flowering crab, forsythia, barberry, aucuba, plum, laurel  and broom are some examples.  A few dried flower arrangements in your home this  winter will add a friendly,  cheerful touch. Try some  processing and arranging  yourself or obtain the material  at our fall show and plant  sale on September 13th at  the Senior Citizens Hall  in Sechelt.  With only 3 weeks left in  Sechelt's 1980 Parks and  Recreation I am beginning tn  realize that my biggest fear  at the beginning of the  summer, that we would run  out of work by the end of  July, was totally unfounded*  This is not to say we haven't  done anything, for we have  accomplished a lot. We've all  learned a lot, too.  Some of the most valuable  skills that participants of ��  programme such as ours can  gain are those that will be *  benefit anywhere, not just in  the work place.  I think everyone at one time  Wilson Creek reading  Wilson Creek Community  Reading Centre at the Wilson  Creek Hall is doing very well.  We are now open every Fridav  9:30-4:30. Our yearly membership is:  Children up to 12: $1.00  Adults: $2.00  Family Membership $3.00  We feature: pre-school  books; juvenile and' adult  fiction and non-fiction. We  also have a good supply of  reference books and a recent  encyclopedia. They cannot be  signed out but any member is  welcome to use our facilities  to study and refreshments are  available all day. We have  copies of Hansard for public  use.  Storytime for pre-school  children is from 11:00 a.m. -  12:00 noon. We also have a  recreation time for adults from  2:00 - 4:00 p.m. with cards.  crib, backgammon and what'  ever is suggested.  Coffee and tea supplied.  Anybody for bridge? For more  information call 885-9024.  New Acquisitions Include:  Non-flction  .Toe   Hairowsmlth    Source  Book Bethune  by  Roberick  Stewart.  -How to Immigrate Into Canada  At One with the Sea  Fiction  Till Summers End  Class Reunion  Proteus  The Matearese Circle  Comes the Blind Fury  Adora  Pre-School  Busy, Busy World  The New Baby  Timmy the West Coast Tug  Mrs. Christies Farm  Stork Spills the Beans  Me too Iguana  The Surprise Party  or another has been guilty of  asking a question, rather than  attempting to solve a problem  by themselves, of "passinu  the buck" and letting someone else do the heavy mental  labour. A supervisor, however, who is in charge of  five other people cannot spend  the entire working day holdinp  each crew member's hand and  thinking for everybody without going slightly crazy.  At the beginning of the  summer there was the usual  raft of thoughtless questions  but it was rewarding to see  that only one or two nonsensical answers were needed  before the entire crew began  to make an extra effort to think  for themselves and the process snowballed into a chain  reaction. When people made  that extra effort to think  they discovered that thev  could solve problems totallv  new to them. When problem*  were successfully solved, or  even successfully attempted  self-confidence increased  Now, with new-found confidence, our crew members  are bouncing out new ideas  about our projects faster than  we can keep up 1  Our crews are alreadv  showing enthusiastic resourcefulness that will be invaluable to any employer  fortunate to hire any of them  in the future. If the fourteen  of us leave the programme at  the end ofthe summer with an  increased ability to cope with  our daily routines, then the  success of the programme will  have increased also.  BUNDING BEAUTY!  ABBEY DECORATIVE  WOVEN WOODS  With WOVEN WOODS in radiant colours or  soft muted tones, we can outfit any window  whether its angled, arched, bay, mitred, or  floor to ceiling.  And Woven Woods control heat and light-  beautifully.  Also Colours Galore In 1"  VENETIAN BLINDS  DELIVERY TIME for both lines  FOURTEEN DAYS  Free estimates without obligation.  All Products & Workmanship Guaranteed  hen l)<> Vries & .SV>/i Ltd.  CLASSIFIEDAZ7S  Local weather  July 1980 compared quite  closely with July of 1979  There was a little more rain  more than the 19-year average, but well below the record  amount set in July, 1976  Rainfall for the month wa<  7.61 cms. compared to 5.20  cms. in 1979 and the record  12.73 cms. in 1976. July 196S  is the driest on record with  0.69 cms.  Total precipitation recorded  up to the end of last week if  68.67 cms. For the same  period in 1979 a total of 53.49  cms. had been recorded.  I* >< x >��4: # s|. ^ * % ^ % ^  00*SrO,9  Gibsons Harbour Area  Greal Canadian and  British Paperbacks  886 7744  No Need to  GO THIRSTY  this Summer1  We have  BEER  MAKING  SUPPLIES  available!  886-2818    ,  ''Hill**  COME CHECK US OUT  we Supply:  All Plumbing & Electrical  needs for the  do-it-yourselfer  as well as the  contractor.  M PRICES COmPETITIVE WITH SECHELT.  eiBSOnSIVAHCOUVEJI  FRANCIS PENINSULA PLACE  ���_ 883-2585  . dn > iill,nmi ii Hi mm11 mi  m  m  sa&fiina Coast News, August 12,  Arts Centre Anniversary  It was a musical welcome for those attending the Arts Centre's presentation of The  Glass Box Clown and Mime Show.  Ferry schedule  B.C. Ferry Corporation have proposed two possible schedules  for the fall period from October 15, I980 to December 16 in a  letter to Director Ken Sorko of the Ferry Corporation.  Under date of August 1, Chief Operations Manager for the  corporation. G. Baldwin suggests thc following two schedules and  asks Sorko for his recommendation for implementation:  Lv. Horseshoe Bay  0600  0805  0850 Nanaimo  1020  1235  145(1  1705  1X45 Burmrbv  1920  2130  2.1.10  Lv. Horseshoe Bay  Lv. Langdale  0500  0700  0915  1000 Nanaimo  1130  1345  1600  1815  1950 Burnaby  2030  2230  Lv. Langdale  Copy of a report from  Baldwin to Ferry General  Manager C. Gallagher points  out that thc additional costs of  having thc sailing provided by  one of the Vancouver Island  boats as is being done during  thc summer months would  amount to an estimated  $4.11,000 per year in overtime  expenses.  by Allan J. Crane  The first anniversary of the  building ofthe Sunshine Coast  Arts Council's Art Centre in  Sechelt was the occasion for  the Sunshine Coast's First  Annual Arts Festival, a most  promising entry into the  decade for the Arts Council,  The three day Festival ran  from Friday, August 8 until  Sunday, August 10 with  events variously scheduled in  Hackett Park, the Arts Centre  and the Sechelt Legion Hall.  The weather smiled on the  Craft Fair which featured local  cooking as well as arts and  crafts, and the Fair ran  in Hackett Park from Fridav  evening until Sunday at 5:00  p.m. Also spanning the period  of the Festival was the continuing thematic exhibition of  the work of ten local artists at  the Arts Centre entitled  Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  There were few people at  the first concert which featured some of the Winners  from last year's Sunshine  Coast   Music   and    Drama  \  06.10  0815 Nanaimo  0900  1115  13.10  1545  1800  1845 Burnaby  2010  2220  00.10  Both ul t he suggested schedules would provide a sailing close to  the 7:45 am. sailing which the Ferry Committee of elected officials  has stressed as being highly desirable by the expedient of having  the Queen ot New Westminster begin earlier so that it could  provide the sailing. XTX"^^  NOTICE BOARD      .  0530  0740  0925 Nanaimo  1010  1225  1440  1655  1905  1950 Burnaby  2120  2325  1 ~\  ���  I���II  m      i  ' v**. ��� -,  B                           9r '     m  t&Sj         j i j  Hmti     v        ���  Pm  ^E          -'"^  li      ^  KT'-~'' . '-j  I'i-J  j4  Uti  E>":  F]  W�� **  *mt   ''���Sf"ijB  f*  r*m JH  W/$���ti3K^P^i  ���si'.n  ���         ^       ��*��!'  mWm\M\^mVM [         M         *  L         > ��� * ��� t'  ^m^m^mWutt^    "    W  m.  .            *$f  jx&L  *^            flF^  ..  ' j?4uf     |  ������..f.i' m\:   1 ;���'-���'-������. ���  ^P^^^K-  -���--' ���zis'^r^jBi  fflP* '^^immMWi  H  T^"  ^e:-"  ^^iB*'  886-2622  886-7817  Sponsored as a Public Service by the Coast News.  Glad Tidings Tabernacle  Motion picture "Corrie" will be shown at Glad Tidings. Gower  Point Rd on the 24th of August at 7 pm Free admission, everyone  welcome  Square Dancing  The Country Stars Square Dancers. Gibsons United Cliurch  every Friday 8 to 11 pm Round Dancing: Elphinstone School:  Wednesdays B to 10 pm Beginners Classes: tor more information  886-8027 or 886-9540  Al-Anon Meeting  Every Thursday tn Gibsons at 8 00 p m   Fof information call 886-  9569 or 886-9037  Men's Flag Football League  Mens Flay Football League is looking for players. All games will  be played on Sundays Contact Rick 886-7386.  Tol Lot  Moms and tols meet informally at Dougal Park. Friday at 9:30 am.  weather permitting Call Eileen at 886-9411 tor inlo.        T.F.N  Bingo Roberts Creek Legion  Starts May 1 ��� every Thursday till October 2nd. Early Bird 7:00  p m Regular 8 00 p.m  Davis Bay Summer Play  Davis Bay Summer Play for 6 - 12 year olds Registration info.  885-5422, 9-4 weekdays All Summer Long  Sechelt Garden Club  Nexl meeting Sept. J. St. Hilda's Hall. 7:30 p.m.  Robert Creek Legion - Ladles Auxllllary  The Legion Ladies Auxilliary Fall Bazaar. 15th of November.  From 11am till 3pm in the Legion Hall in Roberts Creek.  TFN  Sunshine Lapidary 1 Crafl Club  Club meels 1st Wednesday every montli at 7 30 p m For infor-  malion phone 885-2375 or 886-9204 tin  Sunshine Coast Arts Council  Regular meeting 3rd Tuesday ot every monlh at 7 30 p m at the  Arts Center m Sechell T F N  Thrift Shop  E,e-, ��� una,   1 -3 p m  Thrill Shop  Gibsons United Church base-  Al-Anon Meetings  '.   A'inn Meetings every Tuesday nighl   Roberts Creek   For  ���*   I ' 4tion call 886-9059 or 886-9041  Wilson Creek Community Association  Meeling 2nd Monday each month at Wilson Creek Hall 8 00 p m  Bargain Barn  Ihe Bargain Bamol Ihe Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary  is open on Thursday and Saturday afternoons Irom 1 00 until  3 30 TFN  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary  Second Monday of each month���11 a m St Aidans Hall  Elphlnstone Pioneer Museum  Open daily except Sundays For information phone Museum at  886-8232 or 8B6-9981 or 685-3171  Sunshine Coasl Navy League of Canada  Cadets and Wrenettes ages 10 to 13 will again meet Tuesday  nights. 7 00 ��� 9 00 pm. United Church Hall, Gibsons New  recruits welcomed  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre  Open every Friday from 9 30 a m - 4 30 p m For enquiries call  885-9024 Hall rentals call Reg Robinson. 885-9024  Western Weight Controllers  Now meets every Thursday at 1 p m in the Armours Beach  Athletic Hall Gibsons New members welcome  Women's Aglow Fellowship  Meet every third Tuesday of the month at Harmony Hall Gibsons,  Transportation and Babysitting available Phone 886-7426  One of the entertainers at the Arts Centre First  Birthday entertains the youngsters.  Festival, but there were  approximately sixty people at  the Arts Centre for the Fridav  evening concert featurinp  Clarke Steabner, classical  guitar with the participation  of soprano Alice Horseman in  two selections.  The music performed was  mostly from the sixteenth and  seventeenth centuries but also  included a set of variations on  a Mozart Theme by the  Spanish guitarist, Fernando  Sors (1780-1839) and two  twentieth century pieces. The  performances were very well  received.  I was not able to attend the  Clown and Mime Show on  Saturday afternoon, but reliable sources report these  performances as truly outstanding for young and old  alike. Outstanding in a different way was the cocktail partv  at the Arts Centre and the  evening dance which followed  it at the Sechelt Legion Hall.  During the course of the  cocktail party, several people  involved with various aspects  of the Sunshine Coast Arts  Council's activities were interviewed by Sheila Page for  television broadcast in Gibsons on Wednesday, August  20 at 7 p.m. and in Sechelt on  Thursday, August 28 at 7 p.m  on Coast Cable's Channel 10.  The programme co-ordinator  Martha McKown, promises  further details of these broadcasts in her Communitv  Forum column in next week's  issue of the Sunshine Coast  News.  The combination billed for  the evening dance as The First  Annual Sunshine Coast Arts  Council All Star Memorial  Jazz Band was a pick-un  group, but I hope we do not  have to wait until the next  anniversary before they pick  up again. The group consisted  of: Randy Rayment, Murrav  Rayment, Dave Pearson, Ken  Dalgleish, Coro Dyanne  Budge Schachte and Phil  Knife. 1 was familiar with all  of the musicians from other  combinations. Presumably  the rehearsal time was limited  but this seldom showed as the  Band played music from the  Big Band era and from the  early days of rock and roll  with a frenetic nod or two tn  the beer hall polka. This was  great sound both for listeninp  and for dancing. For my all-  star selection, literally amonp  all-stars, I would have tn  select Band vocalist, Corn  Dyanne but the memories of  the brass sounds of the  Rayment Brothers (trombone  and saxophones) the piano  stylings of Ken Dalgliesh  Phil Knife's drumming and  the various guitar sounds of  Budge Schachte and Dave  Pearson are indeed stronp  also.  The Evening Dance was  certainly not lacking in elegance as several ladies and  a few men used the opportunity to display seldom worn  finely including a silk chiffon  dress from the twenties.  Elegant in a more formal wav  was the Early Music Brunch in  the Arts Centre from 11:30  a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Splendid  cheese blintzes, the creations  of Donna Shugar and Judv  Gates, were served by formally attired waiters, and  music was supplied by two  different groups.  Hugh Sandfields (Lute and  Recorder) and Norman Stan-  field (Renaissance Flute and  Recorder) performing bicinin  (published by Rhaw in 1545*  on Renaissance recorders and  flute and lute versions of 4  part French Chansons from  about the same time. Hush  also performed solo lute  compositions from Renaissance England and France.  The second group consisted  of Clarke Steabner, classical  guitar, Charles Neville, voice  and Christine Johnson, voice  and spinet. Songs by John  Dowland and Thomas Cam-  pian dominated the programme of these artists.  Charles Neville's diction was  good and his singing was  rhythmically sound. His intonation, however, was quite  often uncertain, and I found  his vocal production rather  constricted by nasality, 1  much more enjoyed Christine  Johnson's singing.  The high point of the Earlv  Music brunch for me was the  rare opportunity to hear the  velvety soft sounds of the  Renaissance flute. Unlike its  modern counterpart, the Renaissance flute is made of wood  and it has no keys.  By any yardstick, this first  Festival must be counted an  outstanding success, and the  numerous people who obviously expended much time  and effort to bring it about  deserve the heartiest congratulations. I am delighted  to know that this is but the  first, and I will be lookinp  forward to subsequent ones.  KEEP COOL  this rammer  KEEP WARM  next winter  Convert your old windows  to * DOUBLE-GLAZED  WINDOWS  air space sealed glass *2%" width frame  Hi  JS-t-'i  Hwy. 101,  Gibsons  mm  m  886-7359  Used Furniture  and What Have You  ���LS USED  FURNITURE  686-2812  We're back  and will be  OPEN  Wed. August 13th  Hours: Tues. - Sat.  9 am. - 5 pm.  JANE'S^TQ  TITO A.  T/in        /      v<>y  886-7621  A full Line of Plumbing Suppliei  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  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Pete was coming on the run  as I walked back down the  staging lo find out what had  happened. Singh was pointing  at me and bleating. "He burn  me! He burn me!"  I didn't know what he was  talking about but Pete did. He  looked my way and motioned  me over. "Did you tamper with  his water?"  "His water?". I puzzled.  You know what I'm talking  about!", glowered Pete.  "Honest. Pete, I don't!"  "He go! He Go!", screamed  Singh, pointing to Granville  Street. Ihere was no doubt. He  wanted mc fired.  Pete >��� ', Singh by the arm  ana said. "Kiist aid shack!"To  the rest of us he said. "Back to  work!"  On Pete's return he beckoned me down off the slab  platform and told me, "You  had better get out of here for  the rest of the day. He has a  friend to take your place. He  wants you fired from his gang  and I have no choice in the  matter".  "But why. Pete? I didn't do  anything to him. What's it all  about anyway?"  "You must know about their  water cans?"  "Well. I know they use water  instead   of   paper   to   clean  themselves, but what has that  to do with me?"  He was leading me away  from the conveyor site as we  talked. "Every now and then  some joker gets peeved at one  of these boys and will slip some  thinners or turps or a strong  chemical into their water cans  that they perch around the  crappers. Before they get wise  to the water being tampered  with they have pretty well  anointed themselves. At times  the screams from down below  are heard up in the head office.  To keep peace in the lamily,  someone has to go. It's not  something you can prove one  way or the other, but he wants  you out, so you're it. Sorry to  see you go."  I was too dejected at being  fired to see the humor of the  situation at the time, but later  had a hearty laugh over my  erstwhile friends loss of desire  for nice young boys and  amorous passes, at least until  the effects of the hot stuff wore  off.  I was in pretty low spirits  when I arrived home that day.  Mother had an idea something  was wrong even though I had  told her it was a mill breakdown that gave me some time  off. I didn't have the heart to  worry her.  I had recently taken on the  responsibility of owning a car  which I had purchased from  Bcgg Motors for $50. I think it  was $10 down the rest when  they caught you. I still had a  couple of payments to go.  Four of my buddies were  riding with me each day and  they paid me their carfare. This  was helping the budget a bit  and buying the gas. Without  that job I was going to be  grounded.  Added to the problem was  the fact that Pete was our  landlord. It was only going to  be a matter of time until  Mother found out what had  happened. I would have to land  another job in a hurry to be  able to pay the rent. And my  buddies would be bugging me  about their ride each day.  There was no putting it off. I  would have to tell her. Right  after supper!  When dishes were done that  evening we all settled into the  living room to listen to our  weekly comedy show of Fibber  McGecand Molly on the radio.  I was just screwing up the  courage to spill the beans to  Mom before the program  started when someone knocked  at the front door.  "Why don't you tell them  boy friends of yours to come to  the back door?". I complained  to the girls.  I was ready to give some  poor blighter a blast and send  him to the rear when 1 opened  the door. But instead of a boy  friend, there stood Pete. And  again he came right to the  point.  "Come on over in the morning as usual. A planer man  smashed his foot today on the  timber planer. You can take his  place". He was turning to walk  away before I could find my  tongue or believe my good  fortune.  "Holy smokes, Pete!", I  finally gulped out. "That's  great! How can I thank you  enough?"  "Aw, that's alright. Just keep  up the hard work. That's good  enough for me!"  As he turned to go I asked  how Singh was. "Aw, he's  alright. And the millright is  installing water to their outhouse. That should cure the hot  swab business for good.  'Night".  Frank Roosen, who delighted the crowd in the Sea Cavalcade parade last week is  capable of growing more than vegetables as this picture shows.  Corrie Ten Boom tribute  A new colour motion picture  honouring the life Corrie Ten  Boom will be presented at Glad  Tidings, Gower Point Rd.,  Gibsons. Entitled Corrie: The  Lives She's Touched, the film,  produced by World Wide  Pictures, will be shown on  August 24, beginning at 7 pm.  Filmed in Denver before a  live audience of more than  2,000 persons gathered to pay  tribute to Corrie's ministry of  love and compassion, Corrie:  The Lives She's Touched  shares in greater detail the  events that have taken place in  her life.  During World War II, Corrie and her lamily, residents of  Haarlem, Holland, became  involved in the Dutch Under  ground following the invasion  ,of their homeland by Hitler's  Nazi forces. They are credited  with saving the lives ol scores of  Jews, by hiding them in a secret  room in their home, and by  arranging safe passage out of  the country. For their effort,  they were arrested in a surprise  raid, and sent to prison. Corrie  was sent to Ravensbruck  Concentration Camp, and is  the lone survivor ofthe immediate family.  Corrie's story has been  shared with millions around  the world through the book  and motion picture. The Hiding Place. A 1975 World Wide  Pictures release, The Hiding  Place has been dubbed into  several foreign languages, and  Gibsons Ready  886-8174  IX  Drainrock "Washed Rock  *Sand *Road Mulch  Fill "Concrete Anchors  Mon.���Friday 8a.m.���5p.m.  Coast News, August 12,1980  Beachcomber co-star, Pat John and Terry Bolger were married in a civil ceremony in  front of the council chambers in Gibsons last Friday. Village Clerk, Jack Copland  officiated.  In Christ's service  A theology for Canada  by Rev. (ironic W. Iii(ili-  Canada's theological  seminaries are slowly coming  into the last half of the 20th  century, but the process is slow  and awkward.  In the' beginning of the  decade of the 80's, Canada has  one of the most exciting and  adventurous seminaries, and it  has some of the most  hidebound and traditional  seminaries, as well as a few  timid, middle-of-the-road  institutions.  The problem is magnified by  the lack of a theology that can  be sharply identified as. a  Canadian theology, clearly  bearing the stamp of Canadian  thought and developed into an  authoritative, systematic.  national understanding of a  truly Canadian approach in  our relationship with God.  Theology, which simply  means "discourse on God,"  covers the entire range of issues  concerning man's relationship  with God. "i  It would follow, then, thai  theological seminaries should  be institutions aimed at  teaching the students how to  confront all ofthe issues in this  relationship, and how to pass  on this knowledge to others.  lt would also follow that  graduates of theological  seminaries would be theologians, able to grapple with new  and challenging problems that  would confront them in this  dynamic and changing world.  Further, those theologians  who chose to seek ordination in  the church would be "pastor-  theologians," able to confront  their flocks' problems with a  firm theological background  and work out clear and  reasonable answers for the  memtheir church families.  One of the pitfalls to this  premise, unfortunately, is the  fact that the post-Reformation  plunge    into    the    field    of  theological studies was  undertaken almost predominantly on the European  continent, and largely by the  German scholars.  The reasons for this  monopoly were clear-cut - the  Reformation originated on thc  continent at a time when there  were splendid universities  thirsting for knowledge, and  when there were inquisitive  Renaissance scholars, well  versed in the humanities, to do  the probing.  At thc same time, North  America was a crude frontier,  with a greater emphasis on  survival, than on scholastic  inquiry.  The churches in Canada  were frontier organizations,  too, and their energies were  centred on missionary work  and establishing churches  across the vast new land.  The emphasis on training  new ministers was largely  concerned with the traditions  and doctrines which they had  brought with the various  denominations of the church,  from the Old World.  Hence, it was not an  uncommon practice to ordain  ministers with a knowledge of  how to conduct thc church's  affairs and practices within the  community, but very little  knowledge beyond that.  Seminaries turned out apple-  checked young pastors, many  of whom had never experienced the world beyond the  academic walls, and these  dedicated but under nourished  ministers had to learn their  theology the hard way. by trial  and error.  It was a standingjoke among  Protestant churches, particularly in rural areas: "It takes the  congregation at least 15 years  to train a new minister."  Even after the seminaries  began to include "systematic  theology" in their curricula, it  was almost totally drawn from  Gibsons  Green & Flowering Plants,  Cut  Flowers & Arrangements.  Dried Flowers, Gifts.  Deliveries across Ihe Peninsula \mW  and Around ihe World nmmanomn  cvoww*  SiuuIum JtOUtrU & Gifa  886-2316  k*.  the European theological  giants, whose thinking and  writing came from an entirely  different milieu than the North  American students.  It was a titanic task  understanding the thoughts of  these magnificent thinkers, and  it was even more difficult trying  to put the knowledge gained  from them, into words which  the run-of-the-mill worshipper  could understand.  Anyone who has labored  through the weighty tomes of  the late, great Swiss pastor-  theologian Karl Barth will  sympathize with the task.  The results of such training  were lamentable - either the  erudite young pastor would  bore the people right out ofthe  pews, reeling from such words  as "heilsgeschicte. exegesis,  apocalyptic, etc." or he would  banish theology from his  practice wilh a sense of relief,  upon ordination.  There were, of course,  exceptions to these examples,  and they largely fell inlo the  category of those who simply  tried to do God's work and  were unconsciously practicing  theology.  The entry into theological  fields of the British and later  the Americans has brightened  up the study for seminarians,  but it is still necessary 10 do  some translating lo learn how  to apply theology wilh integrity  inlo the life and times of  Canadians.  God's word is everywhere,  and applies to each one of us, in  whatever culture or social  milieu we may find ourselves.  Should not our pastor-  theologians, then, be trained in  a theology that is uniquely  Canadian, so that they may  interpret the word of God as ii  applies to contemporary  Canadians?  AbinOAL  CEDRR    ,Mmmmi  ������III  I Eh     Product ol British Columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, yet sensible  living.  And every Lindal floor plan permits almost unlimited design  flexibility Over 60 original plans are available. Each can be modified  to fit your particular needs and tastes. Or we can help you design  your very own plan.  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe Bay  --- -AbinOIUiCEDIWHOniES   CIM 1*-B     INDEPENDENTLY DISTRIBUTED BY  M.D. MacKenzie Limited  6342 Bay St., Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouver, B.C. 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Music is featured throughout the one-hour program by  Evie Tornquist, George Beverly Shea, the Bill Gaither Trio  and by Tedd Smith, pianist and  composer  According to the Reverend  Dykes, pastor of Glad Tidings,  the showing is free and open to  the public.  For small business, home or school use  the TRS-80 is a proven success  ��� SMALL BUSINESS - Many small business  computers can pertorm the tedious jobs that hold  businesses back; but the TRS-80 is priced well  under most of its competitors, and TRS-80 otters  security to owners - years down the road!  ��� HOME USE -With well over 100,000 in use in  homes across North America, the TRS-80 is the  most popular personal computer in the world!  ��� IN SCHOOLS - More TRS-80 systems are used  in the classroom than any other type of computer!  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Just pick a handful of leaves, or flowers,  pop Ihem in a lea pot, pour over boiling water and  infuse for about five minutes. Sweeten to taste with  honey and lemon juice and drink hot or iced.  Dill is popping up rampantly all over my garden.  Some I'm going to freeze, ready for when my  cucumbers ripen, bul some I've tried in a sauce for  beans.  DILL SAUCE  2 tablespoons margarine  2 tablespoons flour  1 cup milk  I egg yolk  '/i teaspoon salt  pepper  1 % teaspoons finely  chopped dill leaves  I. Me/f the margarine, blendtn the flour and stir in the  milk gradually until the sauce thickens.  I. Beat the egg yolk and add the sauce gradually.  3. Add the salt, pepper and dill and serve immediately  over cooked green beans.  How about  THYME AND ZUCCHINI  Slice zucchini thinly ��� aboul 2 cups full. Place in a  saucepan with a tablespoon of melted margarine, salt  and pepper plus two teaspoons of fresh thyme. Cover  and simmer for ten minutes.  If your into making your own fish and chips, just  before serving drop some sprigs of fresh parsley into  your deep fat fryer. Sizzle for no longer than half a  minute then drain. The Romans, by the way, used to  wear necklaces of fresh parsley to ward off  intoxication���didn't seem to do some of them much  good, but you never know when something like that  might come in useful.  Another delicious herb is basil. Try it with  BAKED TOMATOES  4 large tomatoes 2 tablespoons butter  2 medium onions I teaspoon sugar  1 tablespoon chopped basil salt & pepper  '/i cup breadcrumbs  1. Slice tomatoes and onions thinly  2. Butter a pie dish and place half onions and  tomatoes in layers. Sprinkle with basil, sugar, salt &  pepper. Cover wilh half of the breadcrumbs.  3. Repeat layers of tomatoes and onions, seasoning.  Top with remainder of breadcrumbs & knobs of  butter.  4. Bake al 350 degrees for 20 minutes and serve  hot with beef.  Don't let the fact lhat Salome1 reputedly hid John  Ihe Baptist's head in t pot of basil put you off. It's a  delicious addition lo any herb garden.  And of course you don't have to eat or drink  herbs���try bathing with them. Wrap a few sprigs of  lavender or rosemary in some muslin and run yourself  a hot bath -just the fragrance to pick you up at the  end of a day's labours.  Happy Herbing!  Nest Lewis  (former Home Economics teacher)  ..>���  ������������ ;tj<  Day by day. Item hy item, we do more op you in  providing variety, quality and friendly service.  Gibsons  Free Delivery to the Wharf     886-2257  Kraft tftfilh  barbecue sauce ��ml89c  Asst. Flavours  Kraft - Jet White _ _ A  marshmallows^55��  Nabob-Deluxe ^m.  4*4*  tea bags ,������� ���3.29  Purina - Tender Vittles A_   j^-^  cat food ^$1.09  Asst. Flavours  Easypoint - Tiny .  shrimp M8m*1.59  Puppy  bathroom tissue  $1.39  Asst. 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BEEF SHORT RIBS  lb.  ���1.  By Bill Edney  -SHOP TALK^  THE SERVICES WE RENDER  PART II  ^^bMJII^^w  Last week I spoke of the services we render, or, at the  very least, those which we attempt to render.  This is the time of year when our store is operating to  capacity, and when some of our family and senior staff  members take their summer vacations. Only those with  young out-of-school family are permitted to take  "summer" holidays. Even then, we find ourselves  operating without Key personnel at the busiest time of  our year.  So, I must admit, there are times when our services are  not as good as I'd like them to be. Junior, and part-time  summer employees are doing their best, -- but the pace  is hectic, and we do ask our patrons to be kind, and to be  patient, please.  Personally, I'm a stickler for correct detail. I get upset  when things are not done as they should be. I believe  every action should be accompanied by reason. The old  quote from army boys "Yours is not to reason why -  yours is but to do or die," belongs to that era.  ��� People often compliment us on the quality of service  that our staff render. And, I believe, as long as they can  be given the courtesy they deserve both from their  employer and from our customers, they will respond to  all concerned.  Last week as I stood in the parking lot trying to direct  traffic, ��� a young man with a short fuse said ours had to  be the worst (censored) parking lot. I've seen our  lot in a state of confusion, yes, but caused mainly by  people who park with no consideration for the other guy.  I told this same young man, who had parked very badly  himself, that it was people like him, - people with no  kind thought for the other guy, that was the cause of our  problem. In fact, he would be a problem anywhere!!  Our lot can park 12 to 14 cars. If people take time to  park within lines we can accommodate a surprising  number of cars in an hour.  Speaking of parking, it's nice to see the municipal lot  in use. Pity it is though, that it wasn't made at least twice  as large while they were at it. Or, perhaps it's not too late  to add still more now that everyone sees the use being  made of it.  Quittin' Time  Almost every day, particularly Sundays after they've  had a long day out in the sun, people will rush in 5  minutes before closing, or right at 5 p.m. and ask us to let  them in. We're human, we feel for them believe me, but it  gets to be a 'bad habit' for which our staff pays the  penalty by getting home late. Please, - although closing  time may be 5 p.m. (Holidays and Sundays), 6 p.m.  weekdays, 7 p.m. Fridays). Do get there well beforehand.  As can be appreciated, a person's arrival 2 minutes  before closing, generally requires 20-30 minutes delay  for shopping and checking out.  Emergencies can be appreciated. I'll even leave home  to serve a customer in an emergency, but my readers can  be helpful by observing the intent of this and telling  others.  We can help each other to better parking and better  service.  "REAL WIN"  $50.00 GROCERY DRAW!  2nd $50.00  'MmW  Mm-  ���1  Grocery Draw  ������*.��!  fimW-  Winner:  "'������'iJE 4  4Hk>''  ^             Mrs. Lilian Child  "V^K*.-*  *�����  #  1. Cut out this Coupon  2. Attach to your Sales Slip  3. Return to Ken's Lucky Dollar 0^  vs;*  DRAW TO BE MADE SUNDAY AT 5 p.m.  NAME TEL NO.   POSTAL ADDRESS  There will be a fresh draw each week from now until the end of  1980, commemorate our 10th Anniversary!  Shoo with confidence. Our prices are uery comoetltlue.  We (Mil not he undersold on these aduertlsed Items.  We tully guarantee euerythlng we sell to be satisfactory.  or money cheerfully refunded.  HI  jSsgmmtmkm Coast News, August 12, 1980  From the Fairway  by Ernie Hume  On Tuesday, Adelene  Clarke shot a net 59 to win the  two day Eclectic 'Marp  Langdale Trophy". In the 9  hole Eclectic, Edna Fisher  scored a net 24'A for the  "Marg Langdale Award"  Bernice Bader showed her  experience to tnkc -op honours  in a Tic Tac i oe Competition  In the Pin Round, Audrev  Jost proved successful.  On Wednesday Night's  Twilite Competition, a low  gross of 37 for 9 holes, shot bv  Don Douglas, took 1st prize  Laurie Todd carded a low net  of 30 strokes to come 1st  in the low net section. Boris  Meda took 15 putts for 9 holes  Thursday morning, Laurie  Todd again held a hot hand  to take the Senior Men's  9 hole Competition, this time  shooting a low net 28. Fred  McLean came in with a low 31  for 2nd place. Bill Bader's 14  putts was good for 1st prize.  A slight rain did not dampen the splits of the golfers  on Saturday August 2nd, the  1st day ol the huge and  successful Sea Cavalcade  Tournament. On Sunday August 3rd, the tournament was  blessed with warm sunshine  and the usual cool breeze.  It is a joy to report that all  events were completed successfully.  A real close finish was  duelled over in the men's  final. At the finish of 36 holes  three top golfers were tied for  top spot with scores of 148  In the ensuing playoff, Larrv  Armstrong, who plays out of  the University Golf Course  shot a brilliant Eagle on the  2nd extra hole to defeat  Paul Docksteader and Sid  St. Cyr to win the Village of  Gibsons Trophy for 1980.  The usual hard fought 36  hole contest was played by a  group of low handicap ladies  Once again, the final was in  doubt until the 35th hole.  The popular Anna Mav  Taylor, who is a member of  the Ladies Provincial Golf  Team, battled our own Connie  Grant for the two day tournament. On the 1st day, one  stroke difference separated  the players at the end of 18  holes - Connie Grant 79 -  Anna May Taylor 80. The 2nd  18 holes proved just as close  Connie Grant 83 - Anna Mav  Taylor 84. Final score 16?  to 164 for Connie Grant, who  was the winner of the "Trail  Bay Sport Trophy".  The Tournament Low Net  Player with a low score of 131  was Bruce Taylor from Sev-  mour, who was presented with  the "Red and White Trophy".  Ladies Low Net was Bernice  Sutherland with a low  141  Low Net Golfers in each flight  0-10 was Roger St. Cvr  11-15 Tom Milstead, 16-22 Joe  Kampman. Once again Rov  Taylor with the able assistance  of Bob McKenzie and the  many volunteer workers are  to be congratulated for an  exciting, interesting and well  run tournament for 1980.  The new 1980 Cordoba  on display at the 5th tee, that  was offered as a prize for a  "Hole-in-One" was not claimed this year although some  of the contestants came  close. Better luck next year!)  Many thanks to Bill Van  Westen of Suncoast Chrysler  of Sechelt.  , Our ladies played an Inter-  Club Tournament with Gleneagles  Golf Club  on   Wed  nesday. It is reported that the  Gleneagles Ladies will be  seeking revenge on August  27th at Gleneagles.  Senior Men Championship  Tournament was started August 10th with the final 18 holes  to be played August 17th  Return match with Seymour  will be held at Seymour on  August 14th. A real busv  schedule for everyone.  Many thanks to the Sea  Cavalcade Queen, Angela  Hilstad and her Princess  Cindy MacLean for their  pleasant visit to the clubhouse. To Mayor Lorraine  Goddard, who presented the  "Village of Gibson's Trophv"  to the tournament winner, the  Golf Club offer you a sincerp  "Thank you".  While you are out in the course enjoying yourself in the  golf tournament, don't forget the volunteers in the  background who make the celebration dinner a  success. Photo by Ernie Hume.  Ron Hartill from Lake Cowichan was the Logger of the  Day at the Wakefield Logger Sports.  Wakefield  Logger Sports  a success  Chimney  Cleaning  & Maintenance  Phone 886-7411 or  886-8023      This antique giant was on show at the Wakefield Loggers' Sports on Saturday,  more modern saws, but you can see from the picture that it can still cut.  may not be as highball as  of Season VI  VLASSIFIEDADS  Health promotion  List $11,300.  i5^?if] $8,995.  1 - 18' Sangster  Complete with conv. camper top  ladder, gas tank, 100 H.P. Johnson  with power train  1 - 18' Sangster List $i6,64o.  Hardtop, cuddy head, ladder, camper   back, 140 HP., OMC stern drive with] Clearance] $J2 995.  power train. ' ^ '  1 - 22' Sangster List $18,500.  Hardtop, cuddy head, camper back,  zip-in bulkhead, raised fishing deck,     icii>a7��nrpi <C 1 Q  QQ��  185 hp, omc thie_aIini!i $ L<3,yyo.  stern drive power train. ALSO  Clearance prices on selected  Johnson motors and sundry small boats  Sunnycrest Mall  Gibsons     886-8020  Cowrie St.  Sechelt     885-2512  Sfwtfo  On Wednesday, August 13,  between 10 am. and 4 pm.,  Action B.C. will be in the Trail  Bay Mall in Sechelt and will be  offering free computerized  fitness and diet evaluations for  all ages up to 70 years old.  Two computerized endurance testing bicycles will be  available, as well as flexibility  and body composition testing  equipment.  The endurance test will  require a mere twenty minutes  and will determine an individual's present level of fitness.  This information could be used  to establish a fitness program,  or to assess the benefits of an  on-going program.  Action B.C.'s micro-computer will be on hand for a diet  analysis. The evaluation requires a person to complete a  form indicating all food consumed over the last 24 hours.  Ihis data is then fed (no pun  intended!) into the microcomputer and a personal printout is obtained, which reveals  daily calorie  and  nutrient  intake break-down. This information could be useful in  adjusting daily dietary habits.  Volunteer nurses from the  Sunshine Coast will also be  assisting the Action crew by  doing Par-Q (Physical Activity  Readiness Questionnaire),'  blood pressure and resting  heart rate screening.  For an appointment, call the  Gibsons Health Unit: 886-2228  or drop by the Mall on August  13.  AS/A SUNSHINF  \jy KITCHENS  FINE CABINETS  i, 886-9411 Gibsonsy  LEARN TO DIVE  IN JUST FOUR DAYS  NATIONAL CERTIFICATION  PROGRAM N.A.U.I.  Food and accommodation optional  Satisfy your deepest curiosi'  ty. Discover inner space. Our  four day courses will take you  there before any other safely  & knowledgeably.  NSouthin Seas Diving  J Box 1713, Sechelt VON 3AO  885-3417  "Watch for new store opening!"  ,*v>c*S ^OC*S ,***�� .,*><*? ,��o<*s  V* *> >* t+pPL  *is D  *i  ^  so*  k.  WE NEED SOME ROOM  So c'mon in with your trade whatever it is...truck, car,  boat, camper, trailer, family jewels....You name it 'cause  we're crazy enough to consider all offers.  FORD  TRUCKS  FORD  TRUCKS  1  ir  TRY us on.  NAME YOUR OWN DEAL  ON CARS AND TRUCKS  ���������������������������������������������������������**���*���**���**���������*  I NEW      NEW      NEW  I NOW      NOW      NOW  N.A.D.W. II  CONSUMER PROTECTION  PACKAGE  CONTAINING  OVER $1,000 WORTH  of  DISCOUNT CERTIFICATES  * Plus Much More  J        ASK ABOUT IT TODAY  *  ������������*���*���*���������***���������*������������������������**���*���*  H COAST  IOI?l��  Hwy 101  across from Banners Furn.  885-9979  M.D. No. 5936A  m_mmmm Route du Rhum  For glory, for gain, for nothing!  Coast News, August 12, 1980  by Paul Herbermann  When I stepped off (he train  al La Rochellc ll:00 September 28, 1 still had no idea  whether Marc & Corinne had  come through the storm safely.  Taking a taxi to the harbour of  Port des Minimes. I asked thc  driver if he had hoard anything  about Marc Pajot. He handed  me the morning newspaper,  and there on thc front page was  a picture of Ppalu. peacefully at  anchor in thc harbour. She had  arrived the ; ��� 'us iiflcrni ><n  at 16:00 hrs. S.ichiid sailed into  the harbour under full sail, and  was then towed thc last 200  yards to her anchorage.  Over coffee, a few hours  later. Marc and Corinne gave  me the gruesome details ol iheir  crossing, and related Iheir  narrow escape wilh death in the  24 hour storm. They had  experienced very litllc wind thc  first five days out of Bermuda  and were anxious about Iheir  progress, when the storm hit, in  ihe middle of the night. Waves  built up rapidly with increasing  winds. Marc rushed up on deck  to take all sail down.  With ccnlcrboards up, Ppalu  started to race down the waves  sideways. "Before Marc had a  chance to throw out a sea  anchor, thc rudder chain  whirled through its stops and  the chain jumped off the cog  inside the steering pedestal.  Now very much at mercy to the  waves. Marc threw all sheets,  lines, chains and anything he  could (ind to make a sea-  anchor, over the side to try and  slow Ppalu down.  By dawn the waves had built  up into mountains. At one  terrifying moment they were  picked up by a monstrous  wave, Ppalu was hurled down  the wave like a giant surfboard.  "I thought this was the end,"  Marc said, "under bare poles  and trailing hundreds of meters  rope, ihe speed log stuck at 32  knots, (the maximum). Ihe  bows suddenly disappeared in  the wave ahead and with a big  crash under Ihe bridgedeck she  hit the wave in front, the wave  came right to the spinpole  fitting 2V: meters up the mast."  He had expected Ppalu to  pitchpole and was amazed she  was still upright. He then  ordered Corinne to take the  lifcring and lie on the aft net,  should Ppalu turn turtle they  would be thrown clear.  Several hours later a Greek  freighter spotted them on radar  and changed course to see  whether they needed help. The  skipper radioed Marc and told  him that they would send them  a lifeboat if Marc and Corinne  wished to save Iheir lives. Marc  thanked him but replied that  they were alright, thc boat was  still in one piece, they would  stay.  "There was no way that thc  lifeboat could have reached us  in those waves, it would have  gone down for sure, we were  safer on Ppalu." Corinne added  to Marc's story. When the  storm finally subsided 24 hours  later, they had been pushed  back almost 200 miles. Before  reaching France they encountered lour more storms, not  quite as severe, but enough to  make them think twice before  ever crossing the Atlantic thai  time of year again.  Thc job at hand now, was to  clean up Ppalu. take inventory,  check sails and make repairs  where necessary. I took it upon  myself to take thc mainsail and  genoa, both in need of repair,  to Gower Sails in England. No  matter how well folded, these  two huge sails were heavy and  awkward at best, making them  difficult for one man to handle.  From Nantes, I Hew to  London   airport   without   a  One of the contestants returns a high flying ball in last  weekend's tennis tournament.  Tennis  tournament  There was some tine tennt<  played at the tournament  held in Gibsons over thr  weekend.  Danny  MacKay  took thp  men's  title,  beating   Dannv  Cardinal   in   straight   sets  6-4 and 6-3.  In the ladies singles, the  winner of the round robin wa��  Bobby Wood.  The men's doubles werp  taken by Eric and Dannv  Cardinal, 4-6,6-3,6-4.  Bonnie and Brian Bennett  were beaten in two straight  sets, 7-6 and 6-4 by Bobby and  Bill Wood in the finals of the  mixed doubles.  /- -^  Superior  ���amiim  1  B  Hw  Bing's Exhaust Plus  (Lloyd Bingley)  is pleased to announce a  Change of Ownership  and will now be know as  Gibsons  lltAKG&TIIN  (Paul Mulligan)  As of August 15th  Our Expanded Service will indue  RAKES & TUNE-L  y. 101, Gibsons                    886-  B  le  IPS  3213  hitch, rented a car, dropped thc  sails of at Gowen. Spent the  next two days driving round  seeing friends, picked the  repaired sails up again, and  went back to Nantes via the  local TAP airline.  Coming off the plane I went  through Immigration quite  normally, and while waiting for  my sails to come up the  baggage ramp 1 noticed thc  baggage handler eyeing them.  They were obviously too large  to fit through the baggage  doorway. He replaced them on  thc trolley and drove thc  bags around the building, out  through thc security gate and  over to the taxi stand. "Now  lhat was nice ol him" I thought.  Not having come back into  France with anything that I  hadn't left with, I was clean,  and walked out through the  green 'NOTHING TO DECLARE' aisle even though no  customs officials could be seen  anywhere. No sooner had 1 laid  a hand on the sailbags when  Starskyand Hutch jumped me,  plain clothes and all, flashing  badges and barred teeth. They  were looking for a raise and in  their minds-eye had apprehended the receiving end of a  large dope smuggling ring. Not  being able to converse with  them didn't help matters any.  They gave me the 3rd degree for  about 5 minutes. After dropping a few names. I hit the  password, "Marc Pajot! Route  du Rhum! Voile pour bateau."  I was saved. The day didn't end  there however, in fact it was  just beginning. I still had 80  miles to travel by train before  reaching La Rochellc.  To be continued.  Enjoy superb dining  and a million dollar view.  Breakfast:  7:30 am.  - 11:00 am.  Lunch:  11:00 am.  - 2:00 pm.  Tea:  3:00 pm.  - 4:30 pm.  Dinner:  5:00 pm.  10:30 pm.  jj except Sundays:     5:00 pm. - 9:30 pm.  Relax in our Smuggler's Lounge  from 9 am. - 11 pm.  The ladies' doubles were  taken by Jean Thomson and  Jo Cardinal who player!  against Bobby Wood and  Bonnie Bennett.  Lennard Jiew took Murrav  Gant in three sets, 6-3, 4-6  and 6-3 to take the junior  title.  NDP  Gibsons Hart), m Amm  Greal Canadian and  Bril'Sh Paperhdi ks  HH6 774J  Luxury Accommodation  Licensed Dining Lounge  Reservations F  Reservations Please    Mtvjw  OJMKjCj \^k   (A\  88S-588B     R.R. #1. Hallmooi  Full Marina Facilities  Marine Pub  Van. Direct  R.R. #1, Halfmoon Bay        684-3541  l^**��V^VfcV*YiV*ViViVi2  Opening  new doors  fc-ito small  Ubusiness  Financial assistance  Management counselling  Management training  Information on government  programs for business  On Wednesday, August 20th  one of our representatives  will be at  BELLA BEACH MOTEL  Sechelt   Tel: 885-9561  II you require linancing to start, modernize or  expand your business and are unable to  obtain it elsewhere on reasonable terms and  conditions or it you are interested in the  FBDB management services ol counselling  and training or wish information on  government programs available for your  business, talk to our representative.  Dear Customer,  We will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary in August. We would like you to  celebrate this wonderful occasion with us.  We have many specials throughout the  store. We will announce our SUPER daily  SPECIALS throughout the week for you to  be able to take advantage of those GREAT  SAVINGS WE HAVE TO OFFER.  We will have a Draw at the END OF AUGUST OF  A WICKER  CLOTHES HAMPER  and a  LEATHER  HAND BAG  J  DEPOSIT YOUR SALES SLIP IN THE BOX  WITH YOUR NAME & PHONE NUMBER.  THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL  YOUNG MEN'S  SEMI-DRESS SHOES  s ONLY * ZZ.9S  PLUS  BATHROOM ACCENT'S  AUGUST TOWEL SALE  Fieldcrest Martex  145 West 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C.   980-6571  -xf-  BRING IN THIS COUPON FOR AN ADDITIONAL  10% OFF  at Campbell's Shoes   Cowrie Street, Sechelt  885-9345 <ln ,he hear��of secheit) 885-9345  m_msum 14.  Coast News, August 12,1980  YOUR SUNSHINE COAST HOSPITALITY DIRECTORY  RESTAURANTS  MARINAS AND MARINE SUPPLIES  RESORTS  p  ,    .          f  ^  �����>  c  X^,^ ���������,.  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Telephone    Full Kitchens Fireplace  MARINA  Moorage       Showers       Laundry  Skm 52  R.R Jl Halfmoon Bay  B.C., VON - 1YV  885-5888    Van. Direct 684-3541  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Gibsons Landing  Skm 5    886-9924        8  Coho <^A/{axino  Mercury Sales & Service  Housekeeping Cabins,  Camping, Boat Rentals,  Moorage, Divers' Air  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  skm 62 42     883-2248  HEADWATER  MARINA LTD.  Moorage ��� Marine Ways  Launching Ramp  Showers  Boat Repairs  Fishing Charters  Box 71, Pender Harbour  M.P. B.C.  Skm 62   883-2406     43  ,ALL SPORTS  MARINE  ' OPEN SUNDAYS'  ICE ��� BAIT  ��� TACKLE  MARINE  HARDWARE  SPORTING GOODS I  Gibsons Harbour  'Skm 5     3      886-93031  IHEIfiHTKIIIK  KK8DKT  "The Bright spot on the  Sunshine Coast"  CAMPER HOOK-UPS  CABINS ��� HIKING  CAMPING  TROUT FISHING  Warm Lake Swimming  Sandy Beach  Skm 74 883-2321      "  CAMPING  Sites - Some on Beach  Full Facilities  HORSE RIDING  By Reservation  Instruction & Supervised  Trail Rides  BONNIEBROOK  CAMP & TRAILER  PARK  Lodge & Dining Room  Skm 9.5    Gower Point 13  886-2887 686-9033  SERVICES  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  &  uccaneer.  Marina  Secret Cove. B.C  Mercury, OMC Stern Drive  MARINE WAYS  LAUNCHING RAMP  SCENIC CRUISES  Skm 51 885-9563       "  CAMPING &  R/V SUPPLIES  SiythTy's  Manna Lid.  HENRY J. SMITH -OWNER  'Ice & Bait  'Fishing Tackle  Gibsons Harbour  Skm 5     4     886-7711  i r r  Canadian'propane  Service work on all Gas Appliances  Complete line ol electric & gas  appliances & camping equipment.  ���ir  CANADIAN  i IL.  GIFTS & NOVELTIES - CRAFTS  Dishwashers  Ranges  Refrigerators  Bar-B-Qs  Washers & Dryers'  Full lint ol R.V. Appliance*  Mon.-f rl, | a.m. - 5 p.m. 99  Sat. 9 i.m. - S p.m.  Hwy. 101, Sechelt between St.Mary's  Hospital end Forest Ranger's Hut at  Skm 27   <*��yi'op"an 335.2360  Duncan  Cove     ^����X^  Resort   ^Sffil'  ' 'follow signs on XX/sJ  Sinclair Bav Road"  Garden Bay, B.C.  Cottages Motel Units Trailer  Sites Laundromat Boat and  Tackle Rentals Ramp Moorage  Propane   SanitaryDump  Skm 74 47  883-2424  nf,     CENTRE  W HARDWARE  tVm    AND GIFTS  </    883-9914  * Fishing Tackle  * Housewares, Giftwares  * Hardware, 1,0.,  * Small Appliances   %3  * Pop Shoppe        ^|fy)  Pender Harbour Centre  Skm 62 ��' to M��leir�� P��rk  The Pender Harbour  Fisherman's Resort  & Marina  Garden Bav, B.C.  BOAT RENTALS  LIVE BAIT  9 H.P.-55 H.P.  Bait. Ramp. Moorage, Waterfront cabins, and R.V.Sites  Skm 72     46    883-2336  AC RENTALS  & BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Highway 101  Francis Peninsula  RENTALS &  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  skm 6i       38   883-2585  AUTOMOTIVE  ACCOMMODATION  PARTHENON  Msuurmt  First class licensed dining  lounge with a billion  dollar view over Trail Bay  to Vancouver Island.  Reservations  Recommended  Skm 28 33  M5. 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I had been issued with a  bloody big double-bitted axe  and it has forever been a  mystery to me how I managed  to learn how u, handle it  without chopping off cither one  or both of my feet or decapitating one of my fellow workers. As "Old John" was wont  io remark; "Stay away from  that boy. he doesn't swing an  axe as it should be swung he  swings it like a golf club!"  With this as a warning it is  not hard to imagine why most  of them kept a respectable  distance away from me or, to  put it another way, gave me a  "wide berth" while I went at my  beaver-like operations. Theoretically, one side of the axe  was siij posed lo be kept razor  shaip while thi' other was  reserved for work near the  ground so should a rock or  gravel be encountered at least  one side would still cut. In my  particular case, in no time at all  both sides were identical and  remained that way till 1 was  reminded sharply by "Old  John" or the foreman to take  my axe into camp and get busy  on the grindstone. Naturally I  had no idea how to use this  machine either so usually I had  to bribe one of my better-  natured co-workers to grind it  for me. The payment being one  plug of chewing tobacco, which  in those far off days cost 10  cents in the commissary and a  dirty look from Sinclair the  clerk.  In an incredibly short time  we were partaking of our meals  in a cookhouse built entirely  from the materials at hand,  liven the tables and benches at  which we sat were made of  small poles freshly cut and  peeled while the floor was also  of slightly larger logs left with  the bark on. About the only  additions of a manufactured  nature were the windows and  the cook's work table, with the  latter being of finished lumber  to provide an easy surface to  clean and to ensure that there  would be no splinters in the  sourdough bread as it was  being kneaded. A large triangle  of steel hung at the doorway  entrance on which the cook,  with a piece of iron, rattled a  merry tattoo to summon us to  our meals.  The largest building of all  was the bunkhouse to house the  forty or fifty men that comprised the camp. It too was  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  Rev. Angelo Dc Pompa,  Parish Priest  Times of Masses  Saturday, 5:00 p.m.  St. Marv's. Gibsons  Saturday 7:30 p.m.  Pender Harbour  June 28th to Sept *ih 'ntlusive  Regular Sunda> Masses  9:00 a.m. Our Lad.. ,il Lourdes  Church, Sechelt  Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  Church. Sechelt  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church,  Gibsons  Confessions before Mass  Phone: 885-9526 or 885-5201  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  Cedar Grove School on Chaster Rd.  Sunday v:45  Morning Worship 11:00  Evening Fellowship 7:00  Home Bible Study  Call Pastor Ted Boodle  886-7107 or 886-9482  Affiliated with the  Pentecostal Assemblies of  Canada  built entirely of logs and  around its walls were the series  of double bunks in which we  slept, with a pole running down  the centre so that each  occupant had his side. There  were no springs or mattresses  and one's bed was as soft or as  hard as one cared to make it,  depending on the amount of  either spruce or balsam boughs  one cut and packed in to line  it with. There were two long  tables and benches, and in the  centre of the floor was a big oil  drum resting ina bed of sand.  One end had been cut out and a  door attached to provide an  opening in which to feed the  firewood, with another hole on  top and stove pipes up through  thc roof for the escaping  smoke. As the winter advanced  this same stove was usually  cherry red and the heat it  pumped out was fantastic, as  was also the atmosphere in the  bunkhouse when all the wet  underwear, socks and other  articles were festooned around  it in the vain hope that they  would bedryenoughtodonthe  following morning when the  much cursed cook sounded the  first or "wake up bell", clanging  on that infernal piece of steel.  Last but by no means least,  the stables to house the horses  were completed and a smaller  building adjacent was built  where the hay and oats were  stored and the "barn boss"  slept. Among his duties was the  task of getting the teamsters up  in the morning, issuing out the  rations for the teams and  keeping the stables clean and  shipshape. He was an old man  called Jake and had not only a  spinal deformity but a peculiar  lopsided gait, bobbing up and  down as he hobbled from place  to place. He was commonly  referred to a "The Hunchback  of Notre Dame" but seeing that  he was stone deaf it hardly  mattered on his part what or  when he was called.  Now the nights were getting  colder and there was a decided  nip in the air even during the  short hours of sunlight. The  shores fringing the lake were a  kaleidoscope of red, brown and  gold as the deciduous trees  maple, birch, poplar and  willow put on their autumn  display. In the morning and  evening hours Grassy Lake was  alive with the quackings and  honkings of hundreds if not  thousands of ducks and geese  on their migratory route south  and, until I learned that we  were in part of Kipawa Reserve  and it was illegal, I wondered  why someone hadn't thought of  bringing up a gun and knocking a few of them off. Their  meat would have been a most  welcome change from the  monotonous diet of sow belly  and beans, as you can well  imagine.  Later on, around Christmas,  we did get some fresh meat  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Sunday School - 9:45 a.m.  Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.  Evening Fellowship 6 p.m.  Bible Study - Wed. 7:30 p.m.  Pastor Nancy Dykes  UNITED CHURCH  OF CANADA  SUNDAY MORNING  WORSHIP SERVICES  ST. JOHN'S  -al Davis Boy '9:30 a.m.  GIBSONS  - Glassford Rd.  ||.I5 a.m.  SUNDAY SCHOOL, 9:30a.m  Pastor  The Rev. George W. Inglis.  B. Th.  PHONE 886-2333  SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST  CHURCH  Sabbath School Sat.. 10 a.m.  Hour of Worship Sat., 11 a.m.  St. John's United Church  Davis Bay-  Pastor C. Drieberg  Everyone Welcome  For information phone:  885-9750 or 883-2736  when the Indians from Wolf  Lake brought in two hindquarters of moose to trade with  the cook for such things as  sugar, tea, molasses, etc., but  we would have been far better  off if we had never seen or  partaken of it. Apparently the  Indians had tracked and followed the big bull on snow-  shoes for two or three days, as it  floundered through the deep  snows, before they eventually  brought it down and so the  meat was hot and not properly  hung when the cook used it ina  magnificent stew. With the  exception of l.arabie and a few  others, we all had three or four  helping that night for supper,  but there was little or no work  done on the following day. It  gave us all thc "trots" and most  of the night and well into thc  next day we were convulsed  with cramps and space up in thc  large outhouse, and distance  from the bunhouse, was at a  premium while some, sad to  relate, never made it that far  but had to scuttle into the  bushes and "let go" there.  Came one morning at daylight when, at the foreman's  shout "All Aboard", we stepped out into an all white world.  The previous day had been gray  and overcast with lowering  cloud. Every one had predicted  snow and now here it was.  Winter had arrived but our  camp was built and we had  shelter from the elements. All  we had to do now was get those  roads built and more logs cut  and hauled to the lake. After all  we were not up here to admire  the scenery, the future of  MacLaughlin's Lumber Co.  depended on us!  Volunteers  active  Local Provincial Emergency  Program volunteers had a busy  day last Tuesday. While involved in a large scale search for a  26 ft. cabin cruiser missing on a  trip to Jervis Inlet, the PEP  Zodiac and the Secret II water  taxi were called to assist the 48  ft yawl Jeunesse, which had run  aground on a gravel bar on the  north side of the eastern most  of the Trail Islands.  During the afternoon, the  yawl heeled over to starboaid  as the tide dropped. Passengers  were evacuated from the vessel  to the beach, but the vessel's  owners elected to wait for high  tide and float her off the bar  rather than attempt to tow her  off at low water, risking  damage to the hull.  "Mercifully, the wind stayed  south cast," PEP Coordinator  Art McPhee told the Coast  News, "If it had swung around  she'd have started taking on  water."  The object of the original  large-scale search operations  by elements of the Coast  Guard, Armed Forces and  local volunteers, was discovered later that evening off  Halfmoon Bay by a Coast  Guard helicopter returning  from searching farther north.  "The boat in question toas a  white cabin cruiser," McPhee  said, "Which means checking  almost every boat on the water.  If our aircraft had been called  out they might have been found  sooner. The joint air-marine  search exercise last May was  designed to deal with just this  kind of situation."  Local PEP volunteers have  participated in 35 marine  incidents since April 1 this year,  and of those incidents, Jack  Mercer and the Secret II have  participated in 29.  Coast News, August 12, 19B0  Banks shown  favouritism  bv Kay Skelly  MP for Coniox-Po��ell River  OTTAWA-Eastern Liberal  rmd Conservative PMs are  attempting to control debate of  the new Bank Act by staging  unusual out-of session committee meetings, Ray Skelly, New  Democrat MP for Comox-  ,Powell River, charged today.  He said the decision of the  House of Commons finance  committee to continue clause-  by-clause consideration of the  controversial bill when the  .House is in recess will be "of  benefi' to Ontario and Quebec  M Ps of the old-line parties who  have election debts to pay to  the banks which are also based  in the East." v  Skelly pointed out that all  major banks in Canada make  donations of over $50,000 each  year to both the Conservative  and Liberal parties. "The haste  with   which   MPs   of  these  parties are trying to push the  bill through Parliament is one  way they can pay back their  benefactors," Skelly said.  He said it will be virtually  impossible for western and  'Atlantic MPs to attend all  committee meetings because it  will require them leaving their  constituencies and flying  thousands of miles to attend  meetings which may last only a  few hours. "While we're away  the Bay Street boys will play,"  Skelly said.  "Nowcver, I want to assure  the bankers of Central Canada,  and the Conservative and  Liberal MPs who do their  bidding, that the people of  western Canada will know  what is going on. They will  recognize lhat once again the  federal government is being  used as ;i device of Central  Canadian colonial policy und  will respond bitterly to the  imposition of bad legislation  that neglects western interests."  *     CUSTOM DRAPES   ^  * Woven Woods by KlTSCK  (as Illustrated)  * Decorative Blinds  * Complete line ol Drapery  Samples  Free EaHnutes  No Obligations  J) Church Services  gwjoch  OFFICE ELECTRONICS  is now  100% locally  owned and  operated for  superior  service  We carry a  comprehensive line of  OFFICE  STATIONERY  and  OFFICE  SUPPLIES  We feature  SAVIN COPIERS  Also a full line  of office and retail  equipment  OPEN MON. - SAT.  9 - 5 p.m.  Tel. 885-3735  ACROSS FROM B.C. HYDRO ON WHARF AVE., SECHELT  jg^Tjgg 16.  Coast News, August 12, 1980  Wildlife  B5  corner  Bear hair.  A lady who had just come  through Manning Park gave  me a call about a sir��nw*  bear she had scon. It was hard  for her lo (ell thc si/e, bu'  it had very light loutish  hair.  My main expertise is in  knowing who to call for  information, so I rang the  conservation officer.  The reference to the lonp  hair leads him to think that  it was a grizzly, althoueh  black bears can come in  almost any colour. One which  is almost white, is the Ker-  moeclt Ih. fellow is found  north ol Kmniai Another i��  the glaiitr luiar. It actuallv  has a blue covering and i��  found in the northwest corner  of B.C. between the Alaska  and the Yukon border.  Cougar.  Last Friday a cougar bumped off a couple of ducks and ��  goose on Maple Road in  Egmont. The predator control  officer from Abbotsford wa"=  up that evening with threp  dogs and returned the favour  It turned out that it was n  young   inexperienced   cat..  It hung around and there wa��  no problem dealing with it.  Thc marsh gets goosed.  Thc latest additions to the  Sechelt Marsh are a couple of  barnyard geese. Apparentlv  someone has either not been  able to handle them or become  too fond of them to stick them  in the pol. I guess that the  actions of whoever put them  there Has tempered by kindness, but it creates a problem  for the Marsh Society. What  the heck do they do with  them? Right now we're looking for a new home for them  So if you want to add to your  goose population give Billie  Steele a call at 885-202.1  She's been feeding the bird��  al the marsh and will give yon  a hand.  I've been hearing people  complaining about the poor  female ducks al thc marsh  They are having a rough time  of it, bul Ihis is not a problem  restricted to here. I remember  a headline in the Province n  while back. Il read HOMOSEXUALITY RAMPANT IN  STANLEY PARK. What happens when mallards and such  end up in semi-domestic  environment is that more  males than females are produced. Consequently one poor  female has more suitors than  she can handle and things  gel a bit rough. The onlv  alternative to this is that the  drake's love life continues, bu'  not in a way that is guaranteed  lo propagate thc species.  The experts at Stanley Park  have found no easy solution  to this, so it's understandable  lhat the Marsh Society has no  ready remedy.  The people who are drooping their unwanted* domestic  animals at the marsh are  adding to the problem, so  unless you want the place to  turn into a barnyard, have the  supper you intended to have  before you named your bird":  and became faint of heart.  Where Ihe flsh are.  It looks like it's pretty spottv  most places. Things have  reversed a wee bit and the  most  hopeful  report   comes  from Merrill at Hyak in  Gibsons. Mooching at Camn  Byng is showing a pretty good  rate of success. One fellow  trolling his way up towards  Gibsons hooked into a 10  pound northern coho at  Passage Island on Sundav  morning. There are several  stories about the ones that go*  away, coming in from Salmon  Rock. Naturally they are all  huge springs. One hardy soul  reports that he played a fish  for 45 minutes before it  decided to come off the bottom  and head for Vancouver Island  with no stops on the way.  Sewell's report that they are  seeing a few cohos come in  When I was on the phone, the  poor guy sounded run off his  feci, so there may be more  fishermen than fish in that  area.  Lord Jim's also reports i>  slowdown at Sangster, Thor-  manby and Merry Island, but  if you do a bit of moochinp  at Ihe Seal Rocks, your  chances of getting that furrv  striped creature out of your  boat will be increased.  Maurice Green says Irvines  Landing is also spotty (so is  the fishing). There is fairlv  good fishing at Francis Point  Cohos in the 10-pound ranee  are being caught. Some nice  springs in the 17 to 20 pound  range are coming in from the  A-frame, so nip out there  early and avoid the crowds.  Odds 'n ends.  I see that the Japanese  have brought out the first  modern freighter to be partially powered by two laree  metallic sails. It is expected  that it should cut the fuel  consumption by half. A great  idea, 1 hope that more people  adopt it.  It's sometimes hard to sav  good things about politicians  but I can this time and believe  it or not it's about McGeer  The program that comes  under his ministry is the  study into the feasibility of  mm  These two geese have  running our cars on natural  gas. a product thai we hav  lots of in B.C. I wish him all  success with it.  Along the same lines  I sec that thc solar plane, th'  Gossamer Penguin has made  it off the ground. It didn't fl>'  very far, but then neither did  the Wright brothers.  There are still bear reports  coming in. Do your bit and b'  careful what you do with your  garbage. That's whal they am  after.  Is it just me, or are there  more rats around in Gibsons  this year. In the past week  I've seen three of the creatures out for a stroll in broad  daylight.  That's all for now. If yon  want to contact me, mv  numbers are, 886-2622, 886-  7817and 886-9151, ta.  Power  Squadron  Do you know why a sailboat  under sail has the right of way  over a power boat? For  further information contact  David Fyles 886-7714 or  or Roland Hawes 885-3748 of  the Sunshine Coast Power  Squadron.  been dumped at the Sechell Marsh. (For more details, see the Wildlife column.  More Cavalcade results  Results for Men's & Ladles'  Water Sports (Sunday)  Log Burling:  1st: Tommy Kurucz  2nd: John Crosby  3rd: Ken (the Rose) Skytte  Broomstick Race:  I si: Mike Elvin 25 seconds  2nd: Ken Skytte 28 seconds  Tie for 3rd: Bill Henderson  Randy Drummond 29 seconds  Women's Event:  1st: Coreen Brown  2nd .Colleen Kurucz  Pulp Packing Competition:  1st: Dave Newman - 500 lbs.  2nd: John Stamvay  3rd: Crcig Norris  Kids Day In the Park:  S.P.C.A.  Pet  Show:   Prizes  donated by Kits Cameras.  1st:   Best   Dressed:   Pamela  Clark with her hamster.  2nd: Largest: Darcy with his  dog named (iris.  3rd: Smallest: Jill Venechuck  with her hamster.  4th: Most Unusual: Adrienne  Rogers with her chicken.  Children's Poster Contest:  1st prize trophies, 2nd prizes  certificates  from  the   Great  Canadian Dough Factory, 3rd    Tied for 2nd: Ken Skytte and  poster paints.  5 and Under:  1st: Winston Skea  2nd: Gary Grey  3rd: Ross Pearson  6-8 Age Group:  1st: Rachel Goldman  2nd: Danielle Grey  3rd: Patricia Hammond  9-11 Age Group:  1st & 2nd: Brian Klassen  3rd: Michelle Mason  I2and 13:  1st: Michael Charters  2nd: Claire Bujan  3rd: Heidi Brongers  Bike and Costume Parade t-  Cash Prizes:  Best Decorated:  1st: Trevor Anderson  Tied for 2nd: Maureen Cook *  Kim Watts  Best Comedy:  1st: Ross Pearson  2nd: Harmony Winter  Most Original:  1st: Kathrine Stewart  2nd: Christina Stewart  3rd: Bruce Stewart  Side Winder Competition:  1st:  Billy  Vaughn - and  Ian  Brown (3 min. 15 sec.)  Rob Shore, Jim Pearce Jr. *  Don Bosch  3rd: Jim Peers Jr. & Lome  Jones  Police  news  Although police made several arrests of intoxicated.,  people at the Sea Cavalcade ,  both at the wharf and at the;,  beer gardens where they were, ������  called after the Lions Club .  closed it down, they felt that,.  from their point of view  everything went off well.       y.  There are still about 10  bicycles at the Gibsons de-.  tachment. People who have,  lost bicycles should identify.:  them at the station.  August 2nd: Police answered  a complaint that people were  shooting off high powered  rifles at the north east side  of Gambier Island. Several  weapons were seized and  three young males and two  females in a small boat will  be charged with the- dangerous use of firearms. A.  residence on Hanbury Road in  Roberts Creek was broken  into. A gold chain and <���  quantity of liquor was taken.  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The project came under  some fire locally after it had  been advertised in the local  papers. The protests centred  around the fact that the controversial chemical 2,4-D was  to be administered to the  alders. The application was  given provincial clearance and  work begun on Wednesday  July 23rd. The lands involved  are two areas adjacent to  Crowston Lake, another beside Carlson Creek and a final  plot at Burn:l' Creek. All of  these aie in the Porpoise Bay  section of the Sechelt Forest  Management Area.  Work has been completed  on the Crowston Lake section  and is presently under way at  Carlson Creek. The program  is scheduled to be completed  by the end of August.  In order that the public be  kept informed, Paul Kuster  from Forestry Crew H7 invited  the Coast News to inspect the  work under way and examine  the results from previous  projects.  ' The following is a report  by Kuster, explaining forestry's reasons for the hack  and squirt program.  2,4-D Hack and Squirt Projects  "Why do we have to do Hack  and Squirt Projects?  1. to release established  coniferous trees that are  overtopped by shrubs and  undesirable trees.  Accidents  increase  Both Sechelt and Gibsons  RCMP report an increase in  traffic accidents for the first  half of Ihis year.  From the beginning of this  year up to July 31, Gibsons  recorded 195 accidents. Forlhe  same period last year, the figure  wus 133. Injuries in 1979  numbered 35; in 1980 there  were 47. Incidents of property  damage in 1979 were 98 and in  1980. 148.  In Sechelt from January to  June 1979 there were 102 motor  vehicle accidents. In the same  time period this year, there  were 123. Injuries were also up.  going from 15 to 33. Reports of  property damage in 1979  totalled 88 as opposed to 99 in  1980.  Bill Lasuta, the foreman at the hack and squirt program  in Crowston Lake shows the application method. First  Ihe tree is ringed with a series of axe cuts, then.  and  2. the sites that are easily  inhabited by shrubs and undesirable trees are also our  best coniferous tree growing  sites. With a wood shortage  anticipated in the future we  have no choice but to try and  get maximum growth on all of  our depleting land base.  3. if we do not carry out  conifer release projects:  - we lose shade-intolerant  coniferous species to mortality  e.g. Douglas Fir is the best  producer on a lot of these sites  but it cannot survive under a  canopy of alder; and  ��� we hinder growth of the coniferous species (as long as  they remain under a canopy of  deciduous trees they will grow  at a slow rate).  Why we cannot do conifer  release work on a mechanical  -some of thc alder stumps will  sprout vigorously (new sprouts can grow 6 to 8 feet per  year.)  How do we do 2,4-D Hack and  Squirt Projects?  1. Using a hatchet you make  hack cuts around the circumference of each deciduous  tree. The hacks are then filled  with 2,4-D. The 2,4-D is then  absorbed into the tree, thus  killing the tree.  On the Site.  Between June 24th and July  24th 1979, two areas at Earle  Creek and Thornhill Creek  were treated under the hack  and squirt program. 2,4-D  was applied to a total of 88  hectares - a hectare is 2.471  acres. The cost per hectare  was $547.79.  On July 24th this vear an  inspection of the Earle Creek  site showed that the bulk of  the alders had ceased to  produce the foliage and were  allowing sunlight to penetrate  to the forest floor, where the  young conifers were growing.  The alders still producing  leaves had either resisted the  chemical, or the spaces  between the axe cuts were too  far apart. By using this  method the alders die while  still standing and break down  gradually. Falling the trees,  either for clearing or for  firewood risks damaging the  young conifers.  At a site near Wormy Lake  Ihe alders had been double-  ringed during the winter of  1978. A large proportion ofthe  trees were still bearing leaves.  The double-ringing consists of  making two cuts around the  tree, below the lowest branch.  The cuts must be deep and  complete. If a piece of the bark  1. mechanical girdling (double  ringing) of alder can take up  to 5 years to kill the tree. If the  girdling is incomplete in any  way the tree will remain alive.  2. mechanical girdling (double  ringing) of alder is very time  consuming and my guess  would be that it would cost  twice as much as doing it  by hack and squirt. Also the  results would not be as good.  3. felling the alder is no good  because:  - a lot of understory conifers   .- the 2,4-D is sprayed into the. grooves until they are  get damaged and flattened      filled.  is left after the ringing the  tree will continue to grow.  At Carlson Lake - one of the  sites designated for treatment - Paul Kuster drilled  core samples from different  species of trees. From counting the rings he showed that  large healthy alders were  growing beside stunted Douglas Firs of a similar age.  Examination of the core's  growth rings showed that as  the fir grew, the spaces  between the rings decreased.  The outside rings were close  enough together to make  counting difficult. The retardation of growth in the Douglas  Fir corresponded with the increase in shade from the  adjacent faster growing alders.  At the time of the inspection, a crew headed by Bill  Lasuta under contract to the  forestry were treating the  forest at Crowston Lake. The  Forestry was making daily  inspections to ensure that  adequate prescribed safety  measures were being taken  and were checking sample  trees to see that the chemical  was being applied in the  proper manner.  Kuster stated that the  target for a sustained yield  B.C. forests was not being  attained and the forestry  were intensifying their reforestation program to bring  them within their goal. In  1979, 65 million trees were  planted in B.C. The goal for  the future is 100 million trees  per annum.  Some of the problems that  arise locally are that in the  past areas have been allowed  to establish naturally, instead  of by replanting and that  juvenile spacing has been left  until the 25th year of growth,  instead of the optimum 10  to 20 years of growth.  Approval was given to treat  190 hectares, but after deleting the buffer strips surrounding water, maple growths - 2,4-D is not effective  against maple - and other  areas not suitable for the hack  and squirt program, 80 hectares were slated for treatment this year.  To be continued  On the  Seafood Platter  by Chak-Chak  First of all I must correct a  mistake I made last week  when I omitted the name  'Omega' from the list of places  serving seafood. Sorry George I  This past week quite a  number of people took advantage of the fresh sockeye  salmon at the Gibsons Fish  Market. This small member of  the salmonidae family is also  known as red salmon because  of its bright red flesh and bodv  colour at spawning time.  During the time spent in the  ocean this fish is silvery on  the sides shading to greenish  blue dorsally, with fine black  speckling on the back. The  sockeye reaches a length up  to 33 in. with a weight to 15  lbs. and is generally caught  by commercial fishermen with  nets.  If Anne and Jane at the  Gibsons Fish Market still  have some left I would suggest  that you do it over charcoal  or under a gas or electric grill.  BROILED SALMON  1. Brush steaks or fillets with  oil and sprinkle with a little  lemon juice. If you like herbs,  rub in a little rosemary, dill  or tarragon before you oil  the fish.  2. Place fish in a clamp grill  for charcoal or in an oiled  broiling pan which has been  pre-heated and broil for  approximately 5 min.  3. Baste the fish with heated  Please turn lo Pane Twenty.  tt  The First Canadian Bank  Bank of Montreal  Gibsons Branch  announces  NEW CUSTOMER HOURS  Starting August 16, 1980  Monday  - Thursday  10:00 - 5:00  Friday  10:00 ���  ���6:00  Saturday 10:00 ���  ���5:00  Marine Dr., Gibsons       886-221 6  "W  \    -  FOR TOUR HOME  We Sell ���Service ��� Install  ���r   Si,  &*V  Almost perfectly camouflaged, two grasshoppers enjoy the afternoon sun at Wilson  Creek.  <tit<Q)ffl1QMMWffl  PLACING & FINISHING  PATIOS ��� DRIVEWAYS - FLOORS  FOUNDATIONS - SIDEWALKS  All Types of Concrete Finishes  Including Coloured or Exposed  OLD CONCRETE BROKEN & HAULED AWAY  RESURFACING of ROUGH or DUSTING  CONCRETE  CONCRETE DEGREASING  or ACID CLEANING  WATEK PROOFING  on Concrete or Cement Block Structures  ( for any water problem )  Call Any Time  885-2125  ^    SERVING PENDER HARBOUR TO PORT MELLON    ^  NOTICE OF DIVORCE ACTION  f o: Robert Arthur Murphy  Your wife, Margaret Johanna Murphy, also known  as Margaret J. Murphy, has filed a Petition,  Numbered 5936/D036569, in the District Registry,  Supreme Court of British Columbia, at Vancouver,  British Columbia, Canada, asking for a divorce,  costs, maintenance, and an Order pursuant to Part 3  of the Family Relations Act, S.B.C. 1978, Chapter 20,  for the distribution of the family assets including  those referred to in paragraph 8B of this Petition.  Your whereabouts being unknown the Court  ordered service of the Petition on you by this  advertisement. The ground alleged for divorce are  stated in the Petition. If you wish to defend or  counterclaim, the steps you must take and the times  within which you must take them are set out in the  notice endorsed on the Petition. A copy of the  Petition with notice will be mailed to you on request  addressed to District Registrar, Supreme Court,  Courthouse, 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver. British  Columbia.  If you do not file an Answer in the said District  Registry and take the other steps set out in the  notice endorsed on the Petition within 30 days of Ihe  date of publication of this advertisement then you  will not be entitled to further notice and 15 days  thereafter the Petitioner may proceed and the relief  claimed may be given in your absence.  DISTRICT REGISTRAR  THE FIRE PLACE]  WOOD HEflTIHQ CEHTBE,  Euerythlng to Heat with wood  Stoves  Chimneys  Fireplaces  Custom Screens  Glass and Mesh  Chimneys Cleaned  m Chimney Cleaning  m  "Equipment FOR REM *  For vour  SUNDECK  Baked Plastic Finish on Aluminum  In Stock   RdlllnyS    No Waiting |  ornamental iron Railings  Deck   FIDrOOlaSS Coating  We Build Sundecks from Scratch Coast News, August 12, 1980  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  Births  rimnt' (he ( n^iNt Newsjpr tIt!����� free  en Ice,    f\\  Personal  ^  \1i .v. Mrs. Gary Russell are  pleased lo announce the birth of  iheit second baby Nancy Angelina,  sterol Gary, born August I, IWO'  i Grace's Hospital, weighing?lbs.  12 m.  Obituaries  Rowling, passed nwny August 7,  ��� niiiii.il  Konning, late ol  Sechell in his 84th year Survived  ���\ in- loving wife Ruth; one son  r oil luncun It (   und .1 sister  S;iitth in Noruuj General services  d  Mondii>   \ugusi  II  at Si  lohn's l nitcd Church. Davis Hay.  Re\    \i    Dallman   officiating.  Interment,    Seaview    Cemetery.  Devlin I uncral Home Directors  (arnatlon Corn (ups  Whj suffer agon)! Relief is now  yours Irom England Carnation  Corn Caps have been sold for over  a eenlurv wilh effective results, a  medicated pad thai really does the  job! Corn Caps or Callous Caps -  available at Pacifica Pharmacy,  #32  Stavert, (I. Florence (Ho) ol  Nanaimo former.) ol Roberts  1 reek, passed awa> in Nanaimo  hospital on August 7. 1980, aged  b(] years Survived hy her loving  ishand \ndrevv, one daughter  1 n llolman (Margaret),  two gran . inns. I rin and Warren,  iwo brothers and lour sisters.  I ininul service was held Monday.  Aug 11 111 the Chapel of first  Memorial Services. Cedar. B.C.  Rev. K dates officiated. Cremation In lieu ol flowers, donations mav be made lo (he  ' anadian Cancer Society. 1926  West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C.  \rrangemcnts through the Memorial Societv ol B.C. and First  Memorial Services, 1505 Lillooet  Rd . \01th Vancouver. B.C.  MUSIC  MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS  Guitars, amplifiers, music books.  Horizon Music   tin  885-3117  0      MUSIC  "     LESSONS  YOU ENJOY  886-9030  Jessie  Piano Hi Organ  Begin at age 4 and older  16H Marine Drive, Gibsons  Announcements I Announcements  '<8>��  Wc wish in thank all those who  participated in any way inwards  my retirement parly. Ihe delicious  dinner, presentation of the exceptionally nice watch, and the  fellowship were very much upprec-  .ilcil. I hiHtlv'-iigitin '.none and all.  George and l:!m Hack. 3.12  Grandchildren  coming  to visit?  Kent a crib or high chair, play pen,  stroller, or 171... Phone 886-2809.  #33  Transcendental Meditation  program (TM) as taught by  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  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Mill, Secretary-Treasurer  School District 46 (Sunshine Coast)  L,    Box_220   Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  '',m^^m^mt^^^Hmf^^^m^m^^t^^^m^  wanted to Rent      Opportunities  For Sale  Would the person who humped  mio the driver's side door of a  wine-coloured Mori/on in the  parking lol at the Roberts Creek  l>.i/e Dante please contact thc  Coast News, l.'nlortunatcly, the  name and address left on a napkin  went to the laundromat in a shirt  pocket and all was lost. 886-2622  or 886-78I7. TKN  Ucoholics Anonymous 88t>-92()8  T.F.N.  Needed by August 15 or sooner, 2  or 3 bdrm. house. Prefer quiet  w/forview. Refs. available. 886-  9634 #32  Local doctor & wife need 2-3  bdrm. house to rent/lease by  Sept. 1. Ph. Gibsons Clinic 886-  2221 days. #32  For the Middle of August: 2 to 3  hedrm. home. Prefer between  Langdale & Granthams for family  just moved from Edmonton. Refs.  886-9103, #33  Small house or cabin anywhere  between Gibsons and Sechelt.  Roberts Creek preferred for Sept.  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LEPORETILE  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097  BUSINESS  Wanted to Buy  $100,000 - $200,000  All Replies Confidential  Box 20,  c/o Coast News,  Box 460,  Gibsons. B.C.  For sale  Wanted late model F250 super-  cab camper special. 886-8034 #32  Older Iurniturc, china, etc., bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons. 886-7800 T.F.N.  Any young women requiring living  space in thc (iibsons. B.C. area  please write P.O. Box 1074,  Gibsons. B.C. VON IVO for  complete details. #33  Wanted to Buy: Logs or Timber.  Fir. Hemlock. Cedar ��� Porpoise  Bay Logging I id,. 885-9408 or  885-2032. T.F.N.  18" Cedar shake blocks. We pay  the best prices for good wood. Also  custom cut sour blocks. 886-9856.  TFN  Private party desires I - 2  plus minus acres. Rural. Hopkins  to Wilson Creek. 886-9634.    #34  Private Local resident needs  large level building lot in (iibsons  area. On sewet and niew preferred.  886-2694 anytime. #33  Fun freth Batteremnch lettuce, Cabbage, Chart, CamKa,  Black Currants, etc. Tony Arcntr  886-7046 ' TFN  Franklin stove. Used 4 years. $120.  886-7153. #32  Speed Queen washer. $200. Phone  886-2416. #32  Starcraft hardtop trailer. Sleeps 6.  furnace, icebox, sink, 3 burner  stove, closet, privacy curtains, 110  V or 12 V. Excel], cond. Spare tire  andcover.886-9810. #34  30" Admiral range. Almond 1980-  modcl. Never used. $325. obo. 886-  8224. #32  Older 15' travel trailer. As is $300  or swap for Utility trailer. Phone  Sal.-Tucs. evenings 980-2154. #34  Queen size boxspring mattress &  frame. Very good condition. $75.;  two new wood casement windows,  double gla/ed w/screens. 4'0" x  3'0". $160. 3'0" x 3-0", $100. Phone  886-7098. #34  Garage Sale: Aug. I6& 17th, 1709  O'Shea Rd. #32  JC Penny Electric range. 5 years  old. In good condition. $100. 886-  7140. #32  Garage Sale: Sat. Aug. 16th. 2 - 5  pm. 1526 Sargeant Rd. Carpets,  bed, lego set, etc. #32  Frailer Park Garage Sale: Sunday  Aug. 17. 10 am. Rain or Shine.  Comcau's Trailer Park, North  Rd. #32  Acme oil range, water heater,  $100; also Suburban automatice  wood space heater, $75. To be  removed by purchaser. 886-7803  weekends or 926-4832 weekdays.   #34  Kenmore Mark II electric range,  excellent cond. $200. Also Beatty  wringer washer, good shape $50.  886-7601. #32  Inner spring mattress, matching  box springs (regular size). New  condition. Call 886-7389 rcas.#34  Iwo Hollywood beds. $90. each.  Phone 886-9128, #34  40" Stove, good working condition. $50. 886-2127. #32  Complete household furniture,  beds, bed chesterfield, table & 6  chairs, 2 dressers, swivel rocker,  etc, 885-5619. #34  Check  Summer  Clearance  Prices  at  MACLEODS  Sechelt  12 ft. by 8 ft. Cantilever  rear door with security  locks, ramp bumpers,  & lighting. Suitable for  1 ton to 2Vi ton. Excellent Roberts construction.  OFFERS  Phone 886-7469  after 6 p.m.  wanted  PENINSULA  ROOFING I  INSULATION LTD.  All Types of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Henry Rodriguez  Sechelt      885-9585  zxc  WANTED!  Property with or without house on  Abbs,  Winn or Stewart Roads, or  reasonably priced acreage.  Please call Denise at  886-2440 evenings or  886-2818 days  J  ���.',  For Sale  For Rent  Free Sofa bed, 885-3354.  #32  Western Land Radio WRI55 VHF  FM, 30 watt tone squelch almost  new $600. 886-7290. #33  La Caravana now has FROES for  shake-splitting in Iwo price ranges.  885-2711 or 885-9626 #33  Available Oct. 1st. 3 bedroom. 2  bathroom house, with 5 appliances. Possible lease. 886-2127.  after 5 p.m. #3T  Bonnlebrouk Resort  2 choice mobile home sites  available. Near waterfront. 886-*  2887. tin  Bushnell 3 x 9 Scope. $200. Never      SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  been used. 886-8074. #33    Peninsula Hotel 886-9334 TFN  Aquariums, 15 gal. 20 gal. & 27  gal. 886-7877 between I & 6  pm. #32  7 square 24" tapered shakes, thick.  $50. Square. Ph. 885-9516      #33  Firewood $60 per cord. Alder and  maple. 886-7713 #32  Foundation Forms 2' x 8'for 1300  sq. ft. $245.. 886-9102 #31  16 cu. ft. white frost free 2 door  freezer���fridge. Good condition  $200. Deluxe G.E. white self-  cleaning range. Self-timer, rotisserie, temp, sensor burner and  griddle. A-l condition. Original  value $675. for $275. Phone 886-  2791 or 886-9941 #33  DFVMh Bread daily. Whole  wheat, rye & white. To order call  Cafe Pierre! 885-9962.  We cater small birthday parties,  dinner meetings, anniversaries  etc. Cafe Pierrot 885-9962 for  info.^   HOT  WATER  TANKS  are sold and  installed by  MACLEODS  Sechelt  3,000 to 4,000  LINEAL FEET  2x4"  2x6"  FULL SIZE  $330 @ LOAD  PLUS DELIVERY  6" CHANNEL  SIDING  $650 @ 1,000  DARRYL 886-9739 B  a a ��� n n nvn-t-a-vm  HOTPOINT  APPLIANCES  BEST PRICES ON  THE COAST  at  sechelt  884-5240  CAM PRENTIS        Prop  DUNHAM RD,. PORT MELLON  VON2SO  Duplex 2 bdr��� wall to wall, elcclrle) |  stove, fridge. Available Sept   1st j  Also sleeping looms 883-9676. ;  #39  3   bedim   house   in   Gibsons,  5, I  appliances.  Refs. required.  I -3 >  year lease.  Prcf. retired couple ���  $450. 886-23(15. (I hurs, -Sun). '  #33 I  Executive waterlront home. Oow- '.  er Point. Available mid August '.  Refs. Gordon Agencies 885-2013.,.-'  Evenings. 885-9365.               #32 "  Sept. to June:  I  bdrm. cottage. ��  furnished. Near ferry, no pels, lor jj  couple   who  will  upkeep.   Rent ^  $250.   Ph.  Sat.-Tues. eves. 980- I  2154.                                     #34 I    ;*  One   or   two   bedroom   cabins, 1  Housekeeping facilities, $201). per >  monlh. 883-2284.                   #32 I  Two bedroom beach-front cottage  for lease Sept. 15 - June 30. $300.  per monlh, Refs. required. Granthams Landing. Phone 886-7905  or 886-9123 or write Box 199  Gibsons. #32  3 bedroom house with fireplace,  stove   and  fridge.  Gardener's  delight, mountain view. 886-  9842. #34  RENT-A-BOAT  a motor too if you  like at  DAVIS BAY SECOND HAND  STORE  across tram  Govt. Wharf  88S-S264  680sq.fi.  $300. e month  School Road &  Gower Pt. Road  581-0995  ���   t  MMMMMMWNMMNNM 'v  OFFICE OR  RETAIL SPACE  AVAILABLE  Approx. 1200 sq. ft.  Prime Hwy 101  location in Gibsons,  PHONE 880-7112  IMMMMMMNMWMM  For sale  Yes, Wendy !  SECHELT  CARPET  CORNER  Opposite    the    RCMP  has another load ol  Ulnvl Floor  Remnant  $4.95 per yd.  Imagine !  885-5315  (days)  885-0355  ZjmWMMimW.  OLIVER TRACTOR  Complete with hydraulic front end loader &  hydraulic trip bucket. Two buckets, one  toothed. 3 point hydraulic hitch. Live power  take-off. Near new rear tires. Gas engine.  Excellent condition.  Got a small farm? Don't miss this'.  OFFERS TO $2,900  (^  WILL TRADE FOR BOAT OF EQUAL VALUE  Phone 886-8414 days,  or 886-7469 after 6 p.m. PPODeMv  Property  1 'A yr. home 64x138 lot. 3 bdrms  up, finished family room, work- Lot for sale in Village of Gibsons  shop. Landscaped. 1 block from on Glassford Rd. on sewer and  !fflw  s        -Z wa,er-This '<" h" �����"  Ph.(HK>-/��4                         ��33 886-9581.                              #32  PORTABLE OFFICE  or  Perfect for Hot Dog Stand?  Constructed of  finest quality material.  Fully insulated & carpeted.  Electric heat.  Fluorescent lighting.  Exterior flood lights.  On skids.  Don't miss this buyl  Cost $5,600. to construct.  10 months old.  Without office equipment:  $3,500.  With quality office  equipment: $4,400.  Phone 886-7469  after 6 p.m.  886-8414  8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  View Home. Two year old custom design. 1900 sq. ft. finished. 2  1 / 2 baths. 4 bdrm. custom kitchen.  2 FPs. Energy efficient, landscaped. Excellent assumable 1st  mortgage. F.P. $74,500. Ph: 886-  7668. m  A number lo note:  885-5171  WHARF REALTY LID.  Property  Waterfront home, duplex zoned,  75' x 180', Porpoise Bay, Sechelt.  2400 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 3  bathrooms, rec room, etc. AH  rooms are large. Built-in Jenn-Air,  telephone & cable in every room,  sauna, 3 garages, I carport, large  workshop, sundeck, built-in Bar-  be-cue. Excellent condition. Landscaped & many extra. $117,500.  Phone 885-3771. Excellent buy.  #33  Campers & RV s  Coast News, August 12, 198C  19.  FOR SALE  WATERFRONT  Lol In Wnl Sechelt, level,  wilh Umber, 73' �� 320'. Price  $102,000. Eicellent holding  and/or prime building properly.  Phone 885-3771  1972 FORD  CAMPER VAN  6 cyl., 3 speed,  44,000 miles, excellent  shape, high roof, stove  furnace, ice box,  2 way water,  AM-FM cassette, C.B.,  H.D. shocks,  lots of extras, canopy,  theft alarm, 2 wheels &  tires, etc. $5,500. or  best otter.  Phone 886-7927  after 5 pm.  King Road, Near Gibsons - 1 level acre  zoned R2L, subdividable. 4 yr. old. 1,300 sq. ft., 3  bedroom home. Post & beam construction with red  ceo���.! ceiling, sunken living room, rock divider  heatilator fireplace, galley kitchen, dome skylights,  single carport with storage shed. Includes 4  appliances and all drapes. Many buil.t-ins. Separate  300 sq. ft. insulated workshop. Fenced for complete  privacy. Landscaping complete. Large developed  garden area including 4 dozen fruit trees. On  regional water. Cannot be duplicated for $99,000.  By Owner  886-7422  After 5 pm.  and weekends.  CAMpbcll's  FAMILY SHOES and LEATHER GOODS  "IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN SECHELT"   885-9345  Your friendly neighbourhood  drop-off point for  WbMSBW WEW8I  . Classified Ads.  Solid Utility trailer 4 x 6. Very  good condition. $225. with new  tires. 886-7993. #33  1974 Parkland tent trailer. Sleeps  6. 3 way fridge, 3 burner stove,  furnace. 1/2 closet. Privacy  curtains. 2 propane hollies. Spare  tire, 12 volt battery. Call Hob. 886-  2977. #33  Used Campers (for import pickups), eicellent condition. Priced  for quick sale. La Caravanna,  7 days a week. 885-9626.       TFN  Husky camper with three way  fridge. Three burner propane  stove, Porta Potty 883-2425.  #34  VW Wcstfaliacampmobile$3,600.  Phone 886-9256 alter 7 pm.   #32  Cialaxie 9'6" Camper with furnace  & blower, 3 way fridge, stove/ oven  2 propane tanks & regulator. 12 V.  water pump, storm windows, 4  hydraulic jacks and more. $3,400  obo. Phone 886-7216 eves.     #34  8'   Camper.   Jacks   stove/oven,  J   furnace, ladder and roof rack.  $1,695. 886-5522 (DL 6266)   #34  II' Frontier camper. Real nice  shape. Loaded with options  $5,395,885-5522(1)1.6266)   #34  Mini frontier Motor Home. 1 ton  chassis, flush toilet, stereo etc! I'  owner. Low miles. Immaculate  condition. $14,950. 885-5255 (DI.  6266) #34  Comeau Mobile Home Park.  North Rd., (iibsons. Two Trailer  pads for rent. 886-9581. #34  BIGFOOT  at  Sechelt RV Sales  885-5522  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  Minimum $2.50 per insertion.  Each additional line 50��,  or use our economical  3 weeks for the price of 2 rate  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  This offer is made available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS In the event of an error,  ARE FREE ,he publisher shall be responsible  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found for one corrected insertion only.  DROP OFF POINTS:   Campbell's Family Shoes - Sechelt  Centre Hardware & Gifts - Madeira Park  (Deadline FRIDAY before noon)  Print your ad In Ihe iqum Including Ihe price of the Item and your telephone number. Be auR to leave a blank apace after each word.  In order to keep rates for classified advertising to a minimum, no billing or  telephone orders are accepted except trom customers who have  accounts with us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.Cash, cheques  or money orders must accompany all classified advertising.  ""       ""���"" CLASSIFICATION:  Please mail to Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Glbions, B.C. VON 1VO.  Or bring in person to  the Coast News Office In Gibsons.  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  J   x  ::: :  im  DEADLINE SATURDAY NOON -  mobile Homes  I975 Embassy 12 x 62 Mobile  Home. Fridge, stove, washer &  dryer, fireplace & outbuildings.  $17,500. Phone 886-9713.       #33  1973 Bonavista Mobile Home.  Set up in trailer park. 12x68'.  $17,900. Ph. 886-2635. #32  Automotive  coast mobile  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  We tans trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  Quick sale  WHARF ST.  SECHELT  885-9979       mdl 6393  1977 Ford F1504x4,4spd.50,000  mi., good cond. Asking $5701).  I'honc 886-8261. #33  F60-I4 Radial on T/ A's on slotted  aluminum mags. 3 Unilog and I  Ford Dodge. $500. obo, 886-2407  after 6. #33  1972 Dodge Dart Swinger, slant 6,  A.T., 52.000 miles, near new tires,  plus snows. Good running order.  $1.51)11 firm. Call 886-2320.    #34  1962  Chcs  4-Dr..  VS.  Good  runm  lg con  lition. Ne  .1 ||a  lank.  $100.  obo. 1  hone 886-  ���M40  iflei 6  pm.  #32  1974  Mum:  ng Ghia  P.S  I'll.  sunn  ol.   Sll  vet gi;i\.  (iooi  con-  ditioi  $3250, 885-21,7  1  nl.1  IOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC  Sunshine Coast  Mobile Home  Park & Sales  1 mile west of Gibsons  Order your new  "ATCO" Home  Direct and  SAVE $$$ on  Stocking Charges  We welcome  Consignment Sales  on your  Used Mobile Home  Pads available  in our lot.  Phone 886-9826  isooooeoooooeeeooeeoc  I975 Dodge Monaco, I door,  Needs some engine wink. S7IIII.  886-729(1. #33  69 VW Fastback, new clutch and  new battery. 5550. 886-7854.  #33  1969 VW Beetle, Automatic, runs  well, 35 mpg. Oilers. Phone 88..-  7369. #32  1978 Ford Thunderbird 302  engine, PS, PB. $7500. Ph. 886-  2635 #32  '69 WHITE FREIGHTLINER  COE ., 1674 Cat. power, most  everything rebuilt, new brake  linings & rubber, stereo. CB.  must be seen for $15,000. Lots of  extras. 885-3155, 9-5. evens. 885-  5003 132  Trauel  Going to the City?  We'll be glad to  BOOK YOUR  ACCOMMODATION  NO CHARGE for this service  Book your Winter  Holiday NOWI  peninsula  (raved  886-9755  Registered Travel Agtnl  Automotlue  Pick-Up Wanted  Old pick-up wanted in good  condition, Plume Raymond 884-  5284. TFN  RENT-A-CAR  motorcycles     RENT-A-TRUCK  74   Pinto,   4   spd,   new   radials.  51.800. obo. 886-9753 evenings.  #34  1973   Triumph   750   Bonneville.  10,000  miles. Good running  condition. $1,200. obo. 886-9058.  #32  1974  HONDA 750 C.C.  Set up for touring.  Windshield, saddle  bags,  back rest & carrier  Michelin tires  overhauled engine  Completely  serviced  Two helmets.  OFFERS TO $1,900  Phone 886-7469  after 6 p.m.  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves Ihe right lo classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  page location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves Ihe  right lo revise or reject any  advertising which in Ihe opinion  of the Publisher is in questionable taste. In Ihe event thai  any adverliscmenl is rejected,  thc sum paid for the advertisement will be refunded.  All typesetting, artwork, and  layout, etc., done by the Sun-  , shine Coast News becomes the  properly of the Sunshine Coast  News, and reproduction by any  means, without the written  permission of the Publisher, will  be subject to legal action.  1980 1-TON TRUCK  c/w 12' VAN  1980 F-250  3/4 TON PICK-UP  1980 FAIRMONTS  1980 MUSTANGS  DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  SOUTH COAST FORD  .    885-3281  72 Triumph Spitfire. 886-9168.  #34  1975  Volvo 245  DL., AM FM  cassette deck, real good condition  54.11110, 886-7069. #34  Rentals  CHECK OUR RATES  Motorhome still available  for part of September only!  Call for reservation  885-5111  0  SUnCDHST CHRMSLER LTD  Sechelt  ,1 ��  TR  HARDWARE & GIFTS  PENDER HARBOUR CENTER      oao ....  MADEIRA PARK 000-7? 14  Is now serving PENDER HARBOUR  as drop off for        r^ ^  P2��S/Jf Ms. wis)  Classified Advertisements  Deadline 1.00 p.m. Fridays  Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-written.  All information in Classified Ad section of Coast News.  Trauel  Trauel  Tht Only Way To Gol  Bookings lor ALL your Travel Needs  at No Extra Cost to You.  ��� Tickets ��� Hotels ��� Charters  ��� Cruises ��� Tours ��� Insurance  Fully Authorized  Travel Agent #880-1  tattwHeart 8*6-8155  of Cedar Plata  886-8156  Toll Free: 669*1521  66 VW, no rust, new radials, side  diimttgcd 5250.; good belted tire  178 - 14, $20.; .auto bike rack;  Speed Queen washer; $125.;  Lowtimc 2 111' Johnson outboard  52(1(1; mooring anchors; goose  decoys, shells, calls; stroller, old  rocker; dresser, stools; swing set;  antenna tower; leal rake; brass  firescreen & grate. 885-9545.  #34  2-69 VW Dugs. I, Ex. cond.; 1 for  parts $1,000. obo. 886-9058.   #32  1973 Ford F250 tamper Special.  I'.S. I'.It.. Canopy. $2,100. obo.  885-9551. #34  marine  HICCS MARINI  SURVEYS LTD,  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-  9747, 885-3643. 886-9546. T.F.N.  IAN MORROW & CO. LTD.  Marine Surveyors, condition and  detail surveys for Evaluation.  Surveys for insurance claims.  Phone 886-2433, 886-9458.  T.F.N.  8' Hydroplane with  15 HP Evinrude.   Completely   overhauled.  Boat built by owner. For more  info, call 886-8282 7 pm. to 12  pm. #35  17' Glcnell hull with trailer &  Warner gear $2,500. 886-2127.  #32  30' Monk-designed classic cabin  cruiser. Flying bridge. Fully  equipped for cruising and fishing.  $25,000. Will consider property in  trade. #34  14' Fibreglass Sangstercraft boat  and trailer. Canvas top $ 1.200 obo.  886-9410. #34  One owner 1972 Olds Cutlass, 350  cu., 2-ch., P.S. P.B., Auto, trans.  Immaculate condition. 885-3981,  #32  64 Beetle chopped off. Road use  only. 72 Ford Pick-up. perfect for  parts. Accept offers. Call after 6  pm, 885-3946. ��34  Summer Special  72 triumph Spitfire. V.(i. Condition throughout, no rust or  dents, runs great, burns no oil.  Over S4.000 invested, 5800. spent  last 3 months, many extras, asking  $3450. but will accept any reasonable oiler. Phone 886-9826 or 886-  2726 and leave message. ��.H  I (JOKING KM Tilt BEST'  16' to 22'  We've got it!  P O 60. IW   Maue.ra Par*  Peter Allen (604) 883-2248  20 H.P. MERCURY  OUTBOARD  Set up for controls.  1977 Model. Never  seen salt water.  Low, low hours.  Guaranteed in ex-  cellent'condition.  $700.00  Phone 886-7469  after 6 p.m.  B.C. Vuhon  EXPERIENCED, to work in  Vancouver with our Spruce  Supply Team. Attractive salarv  and incentive program. Please  reply in confidence to: Personnel Manager, Ralph S. Plant  Ltd., Box 2089, MPO, Vancouver.  B.C.V6B3T2.  QUALIFIED BRAKE and Muffler  specialist needed. For information contact Mighty Brake and  Muffler, 338-1721 (days), 335-  3351 (evenings). 416 Puntledge  Road, Courtenay, B.C. Vancouver  Island. #32  BE YOUR OWN BOSS I Earn  $50 to $100 weekly in your  spare time. Write to see if you  qualify. Fuller Brush, 5501-  47A Ave., Delta, B.C. V4K 3P2  #32  URINE-ERASE saves carpets!  Guarantees removal dog, cat  human urine stains, odours from  carpets. Free brochure. Dept.  'A', Reidell Chemicals Ltd., Box  7500, London, Ont. NSY 4X8   #32  FAMILY RESTAURANT, licensed, on busy highway. Separate  two bedroom home with fireplace.  Excellent view in orchard country. Price $155,000 plus stock  Contact Zodiac Realty Ltd., Box  2460. Creston, B.C. VOB 1GO  Phone 428-71II #37  marine  12' Aluminum cartop boat and  oars, (iood condition $350 885-  3337. u.14  Sloop Dclphineous 32 foot Hrand-  lymcar stainless and teak. Lloyds  register. Recent survey al. S25.0OO.  I'honc 885-5038. ��32  22' boat, Rinnell. 188 Merc,  cruiser. Kitchenette, sleeps three.  Top speed 35 knots. Motor  recently overhauled. $7,900. 885-  3165 or 885-2522. tin  2-30' STYROFOAM DOCKS,  $900. each. Monday lo Friday 8  am.- 4 pm. Phone 874-4257   #32  Marine Supplies etc, 40(.c off.  Quantity of steel store shelving and  gondolas 2' x 4' maple drawers.  Very cheap. 883-9676. #33  B.C. Vuhon  Beer and Scottish Rice Whiskv  Tested recipes. Easily made at  home. $5.00 post paid. CAM-  WAY SALES, Ste. 3, 22409  Mcintosh Ave., Maple Ridge.  B.C.V2X3C3 #32  HARDWARE STORES have a  good future. This business is  designed for the owner-operator  with annual sales approaching  $200,000. Located in the Central  Fraser Valley. If you are seriouslv  interested in this opportunity  to have your own business call  owner at 859-3138 #32  MAKE money in your spare time.  Learn Income Tax Preparation.  For free brochure, no obligation,  write V&R Tax School, 1345  Pembina Hwy., Winnipeg, Man.  R3T2B6 #32  D-717A CAT with two way blade  and winch. Good working condition. $15,000 with or without  job. Mike Hughes, General  Delivery, Quesnel, B.C. V2I  3JI. Phone992-2057 #32  $2,800 DOWN buys 5 acres of  sunshine on Gabriola Island 20  minutes ferry ride from Nar\a,m.  Hourly schedule. Price $28.��t;  Neil Wark, 247-8852 or Cal nol.  Realty 247-9622 ������>  WANTED: Experienced Out-  board mechanic. Preference In  those having Mercury experience. Full time position, five dav  week. Excellent working conditions. Write 735 MacKenzie  Ave., Williams Lake, B.C. or  phone 398-7111 #37  ���WS-/1I1 mj  IF YOU ENJOY GARDENING,  do it year round, using an aluminum and glass greenhouse I  Write for free brochure to:  B.C. Greenhouse Builders, 7425  Hedley Ave., Burnaby, B.C.  V5E 2RI. Mail orders now available. #32  WHOM DO YOU BELIEVE?  God said thou shalt surely die  Gen. 2:17. Satan said ye shalt  not surely die, Gen. 3:4 For lhat  which bcfallcth the sons of men  bcfalleth Beasts; even one thin?  bcfallcth them; as one dieth so  dieth the other: yea they have  all one breath - all are of the dust  and all turn to dust again, Feci  3:19,20. the soul that sineth it  shall die, Ezk. 18:4 His breath  goeth forth he returneth to his  earth in lhat very day his  thoughts perish. Psa. 146:4  the dead know not anything.  Eccl. 9:5. There is no work, nor  device nor knowledge nor wisdom  in the grave whither thou goest.  Our only hope is in Jesus Christ  who promises us there will be  a resurrection of all the dead  and a return to paradise on earth.  Matt. 18:11. Write to Divine Plan.  Box 373, Duncan, B.C. V9L 3X5.  Send for free booklet "The Divine  Plan Where Are The Dead".   #32  Sunshine M had repairs bio or smaii y$$$^  MDL 5792   Guaranteed better than city prices. G ^^     v^    O  we Do  Them All  Sunshine  Wharf Rd., Sechelt 885-5131  mm Guess Where  Coast News, August 12,  The usual prize ol $5.00 will be awarded to the first  name drawn Irom the barrel which correctly locates  Ihe above. Send your entries to the Coast News, Box  460. Gibsons. Last week'swinnerwasCindy Inghamof  Fl R No. 1, Sechelt. who correctly located the pictured  object as being on Wakelield Road in West Sechelt.  Traffic fatality  A local girl was struck and  killed by a vehicle on August  7th. Gibsons RCMP issued the  following statement.  'At approximately 5:30 p.m.  the 7th of August, a pedestrian identified as Natasha  Lovrich, 13 years of age, of  Chadwick Road in Langdale  B.C. was struck and killed  by a vehicle. The victim and a  friend    were    walking    east  bound along the Port Mellon  Highway near Smith Road,  when the victim was struck  from behind by a half-ton  truck driven by Gerard Gerrv  Hupe, 47 years of age, of  Langdale, B.C. The accident  is still under investigation bv  the police.'  The police added that Mr.  Hupe rendered all possible  assistance.  After Sechelt visit  Invaders leave  The Simon Fraser University Summer Institute in  Environmental Education which opened in Sechelt at the  Chatelech ,luni<>r Secondary School on July 2, 1980 is wrapping  up its activities on the Sunshine Coast. The Institute run by the  Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser as a university credit course  included sixty-four participants; most being teachers, either in the  process of doing their Professional Development Year, practicing  teachers or principals.  The purpose of the course was to assist the teachers and others  who arc interested in the field of Environmental Studies to  become familiar with Ihe options available in the area and the  possibilities that exist for the implementation of Environmental  studies in the school system. The program has involved the  student teachers in many activities and has brought them in  contact with not only the natural environment of the Sunshine  Coast hut also with the many many people whoeithercamc to the  school to participate in programs or who assisted in providing  information, services and just plain friendship. The program has  been a success because ol the cooperation and friendship extended  by these contacts in the area. It is these people whom wc wish to  salute.  We especially want to salute our good friends the people ofthe  Sechelt Indian Nation. The Renegades, both men and women,  who came out and played with us sharing good friendship, food,  sportsmanship and a lot of fun will always be remembered, even  though the scores from the games are already long forgotten (we  hope). Wc also want to salute the wonderful elders of the Nation  David Paul, Cecilc August and Mary Jackson for sharing Iheir  wisdom with us and adding one hundred fold to the quality of our  experiences on the Coast.  We also salute the children and staff of the Wilson Creek  Summer Play School for sharing their 'Magic Eyes' with us during  the nature Awareness Exercises.  Thank you Harry Robertson and the Country Stars for coming  and sharing their fun and expertise in the Square Dance  Workshop.  I he list ol salutes goes on and on. The final one and the one that  meant a great deal was the assistance of Lyman Nelson, the  Custodian of Chatelech School, whose assistance was daily and  hourly.  I hank you Sunshine Coast. Wc the participants ofthe Simon  I raset I niversity Summer Institute in Environmental Education  hope thai in some way we have contributed to your community as  mhi base contributed to ours.  No chemicals  for Lei Lake  On Thursday, Dr. Larry Albright from the Simon Fraser  Biology Department confirmed that there would be no  application of the chemical Orthene to Lei Lake this year.  Orthene is a chemical presently being tested as a deterrent to the  spruce bud worm, a major pest in Canadian forests. Originally  SFU had planned to treat Lei Lake in the Porpoise Bay watershed  and Placid Lake in the UBC research forest with Orthene and  monitor the results.  When plans for the testing were made public, concerned  residents and local environmental groups protested the use of Lei  Lake as an experimental site. A public meeting was arranged and  those protesting the use of the chemical in Lei Lake met with  members of thc SFU biology department to air Iheir views.  Dr. Albright stated that field testing of Orthene for this year  would be restricted to corrals two metres wide and five metres  long on university property. These corrals will be treated with  Orthene. The strengths will vary from one part per million to 25  parts per million.  SFU will continue monitoring both Lei Lake and Placid Lake,  although there has been no chemical application to cither body of  water.  Madeira Park's  water complaints  In a letter to Municipal Affairs Minister Bill Vander Zalm.  Andy Tapio Chairman of thc ad hoc citizens' committee, Ihe  Concerned Waler Users of Madeira Park, has advised the  Minister that Ihe committee has been "formed to deal wilh a  perceived crisis in the South Pender Harbour Water  Improvement District."  The letter reiterates the group's recommendation that the  capital charge to developers, which has remained at SI,000 while  land charges to subscribers to the system have increased by 300%  in five years, be doubled immediately or at least raised to "an  appropriate amount."  The letter specifically refers to a "73-lot development planned  on Francis Peninsula by Intercommerce Developments Ltd." the  approval of which, at the prevailing rate of $1,000, has been a  particularly controversial point.  Chairman of thc Water Board, Lome Smith, has stated that thc  board gave its approval to the subdivision at the {1,000 rate last  October and cannot go back on its word. Critics ofthe board have  charged that approval was not given by the board until after the  May 5 general meeting at which the board was urged to investigate  thc possibility of raising the charge.  Mr. G. Fleischer of Intercommerce Developments Ltd. told the  Coast News last week that he supports the board's contention that  approval was given at the earlier date.  "When we heard that this question was still being debated, we  were ve.y much surprised." Fleischer said, "We were told that this  was the tec that was required and we made our committments on  that basis For them to raise the fee now would be a definite  hardship I) us."  Fleischer stated that it would be the legal position of his firm  that approval had already been granted at the prevailing rate of  $1,000 per lot.  Seafood Platter  5���%  Tops  Shorts  Dresses  Playsets  Sun Dresses  Summer Skirts  1/3 OFF  Terri Lure  Loungers, etc.  25%-  50% OFF  Many  Other Items  Helen's    ^  Fashion   Shoppe  Continued from Page Nineteen,  oil or the oil from the broilinp  pan and turn over and broil for  approximately 5 min. more or  until the fish flakes easily with  a fork. Salt and pepper and  remove to a hot platter.  4. Serve with plenty of lemon,  steamed new potatoes and  garden   peas   with   a   few  sprigs of mint. You might also  include sliced cucumber in  vinegar or a cucumber salad.  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Take your plan  and measurements lo your helplul Tim Hit  marl store.    |,um(��"l   *j��-  mmm.  iiilun    '24.00 ROLL  Rails, posts and fittings extra  GIBSONS  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  for Ml vour Bunding  �������  HdSDS  8864141  Sunshine coast Hw.  Gibsons. B.c.  A|f7rry^  688-6814 SMALL INCREASE IN INTEREST RATES  The following figures showing the monthly mortgage market picture for July 15th were compiled for the  Investment, Commercial and Industrial Division of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver by  Cumberland Realty Group Limited. The figures were released on July 18th. After a period of declining  interest rates, the mortgage rates stabilized in July. As the Sunshine Coast Realtor goes to press, however,  one local borrowing agency reports an increase of %% in their rates for 1,2 and 5 year term mortgage rates.  Demand for mortgage funds is reported to be heavy on the Sunshine Coast, but funds are still in good  supply with the lending institutions contacted by the Sunshine Coast Realtor.  ODDP  ii  NHA  JULY 1979  1. Housing new Construction  a) Direct  11.25%  b) Approved Lenders - New  11.00%  11.25%  Existing Homes  11.00%  11.25%  2. Apartments & Townhouses  11.00%  11.25%  CONVENTIONAL  3. Apartments & Townhouses  11.00%  11.25%  4. Housing New & Resales  11.00%  11.25%  5. Housing-Builders Loans  11.00% -  11.25%  6. Industrial & Commercial  a) Major Leases  11.00%  b) Small & Multi Tenancies  11.25% -  11.50%  7. Office Building  a) Major Leases  11.00%  b) Small & Multi Tenancies  11.25% -  11.50%  8. Motels & Hotels  11.75% -  14.00%  SUPPLEMENTARY FINANCING  9. Residential, 2nd Mortgages 14.50% - 16.50%  10. Commercial, 2nd Mortgages       12.75% - 15.50%  11. Interim Financing 14.00% - 17.00%  12. Federal Business-Dev. Bank        13.00% - 13.50%  JUNE 1980  13.00%  12.75%  12.75%  12.75%  12.50% - 13.25%  12.75% - 13.25%  12.75% - 13.25%  12.50% - 13.00%  12.75% - 13.25%  12.50% - 13.00%  12.75% - 13.25%  13.75% - 15.00%  15.00% - 17.00%  15.50% - 18.00%  15.75% - 17.75%  16.50%  JULY 1980  13.00%  12.75% - 13.25%  12.75% - 13.25%  12.75%  12.50% - 13.25%  12.75% - 13.25%  12.75% - 13.25%  12.50%  12.75% ���  13.00%  13.25%  12.50% - 13.00%  12.75% - 13.25%  13.75% - 15.00%  15.00% - 17.00%  15.00% - 17.50%  15.00% - 17.00%  16.00%  Prepared for the IC & I Division of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, f>y Cumberland Realty Group  ^^S=T^- Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  Olli Sladey  REALTY  LTD.  Toll Free From  Vancouver:  689-7623  M.mb.r ol Multiple Listing Sank*  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE |  GARDEN BAY ESTATES approx, l,440sq,  It deluxe modular home, 2 BR. master BR  ensuite. Fireplace, double windows, 5 appli  ances & drapes, On landscaped & naturally  treed lot, close to marinas, stores and post  office, $69,900  GARDEN BAY - approx. 250 ft. water  front...approx. 5 acres...4 waterfront homes...3  cabins...    mobile home pads..,$235,000.  .;��*:  \  GARDEN BAY 4 BR home, total of approx  1728 sq. It. on 2 levels. Large sundeck. double  carporl and nicely landscaped lot. $67,500.  I  LOTS  I  1. MADEIRA PARK     serviced lots. $9,000  lo $22,000.  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA     serviced kits.  $9,000  lo $14,900  :t. EARl. COVE Several lols to choose Irom.  Priced from $13,000 to $21,000.  ���I. KENT ROAD 1.5 acre treed parcel in  Bargain Harboui area, Hydro pole and power  on property. Existing septic tank and drainfield  could possibly be used Only WK) ti to public  waterfronl access on Bargain Harbour.  $25,000     open to oilers.  5.G ARDEN BAY AREA  building lols. some  with view $9,000  $29,000  6. ELLIOT ROAD - GARDEN BAY LAKE  -   Partially finished  cabin on  large semiwaterfront view lol. $20,000  ACREAGE  I  permit appt  I $28,000  MtMMK MOKEI  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  MADEIRA PARK - approx. 1280 sq. ft. 3  bedroom home, partial basement. Lot is  partially landscaped and very close to a Marina.  $57,500   MADEIRA PARK - 4 BR waterfront home,  large living room with slone fireplace, 2  bathrooms. On approx. 55 ft. beach lot.  Beautiful view down the Harbour. $110,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - Approx. 78 ft.  waterlront with septic tank and drainfield  installed. Dries at low tide, but would suit a  small boat. $55,000.  AGAMMEMNON BAY - Approx. 1,800 ft.  of waterfront on 40 acres (more or less) with  road access from Egmont Road. Older home &  year-round creek. Beautiful view up Jervis Inlet.  $192,500.  EGMONT-Approx. 3.8acreswithapprox. 550  ft. low bank waterfront. Float, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $165,000.  ST. VINCENT BAY - Approx. 400 ft.  waterfront, 5.97 acres, water access. $29,500.  HIGGINS ISLAND - Approx. 26 acre treed  island with sheltered moorage. Located in False  Bay, Lasqueti Island. $185,000.  EGMONT - 7 acres with 540 ft. tow bank  waterfront. Site has been prepared (or possible  use as a large WF trailer-camper park and  fishing resort. This is an excellent property  adjoining the Egmont Marina. $180,000���  Owner will finance at bank interest rate.  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  MADEIRA PARK       3 BR view home on  Dogwood Drive, built 1972. Master bedroom  ensuite. basemenl with 4th bedroom. Cov  sundeck, carport. $79,000  MADEIRA PARK - 2 bedroom home, full  basement, fireplace, large sundeck & carport.  Close to shopping centre, post office &  marinas. $45,000   MADEIRA PARK - modern, approx. 960  sq. ft. commercial building with room foi  expansion. Central location. $53,000.  FAMILY FASHIONS - Clothing business,  with good potential, located in the above  building in downtown Madeira Park. $8,000  plus slock  J LAKEFRONT t  t PROPERTIES E  HOTEL LAKE - Approx. 2.200It. lakefront ���  87 acres (more or less), merchantable timber.  $292,000  MIXAL LAKE near Garden Bay approx.  113 acres with 1,200 It (more or less) lakefront.  Merchantable timber. $264,000  SAKINAW LAKE - 165 acres (more or less),  with approx. 4,840 ft choice lakefront. Road  access from Garden Bay Road & jeep roads  throughout property Owners would carry a  large amount by agreement (or sale. $305,000.  GARDEN BAY LAKE 46.9 acres with  approx. 2,200 It lakefront, situated on Garden  Bay Road and Claydon Road. Merchantable  timber. $285,000.  SAKINAW LAKE- approx, 165ft.lakefront,  7 acres (more or less), small cabin. $41,000.  MADEIRA PARK: Approximately 2600  sq. It. revenue building containing Post  Office, Dept. of Fisheries office and one  apartment. $125,000.  CONTRUCTION COMPANY  FOR SALE  in one complete unit  Situated in Pender Harbour. Approx. 16 acres  of hard it) find industrial land containing the  following:  One acre leased to Readi Mix Company,  A Gravel Pit,  32' x 80' metal clad building, divided into 3  units,  Owner's residence  24' x 48' Moduline home,  ensuite,  The   following   construction   equipment   is  included in the sale:  1970 Mack dump truck,  1975 Mack dump truck,  1980 450c John Deere Track Loader.  1979 Case Backhoe with 4 in 1 bucket.  1961 Champion Grader.  1979 John Deere 544B Wheel Loader Welder,  tools, spare parts & slock.  FULL PRICE: $450,000  Qualified purchaser could possibly assume  existing financing.  1. KLEINDALE. PENDER HARBOUR  approx 90 acres proposed subdivision ot 14  parcels, averaging 5 acres or more (see  proposed plan at our office) Owner would  considei carrying a large amount by agreement  lor sale. An excellent buy foi $160,000 lull  price  2. Near MADEIRA PARK - 15 acres,  approx 2150 It on Hwy   101  $44,000  3. KLEINDALE - Approx. 5 treed acres on  Highway 101 $21,000  4. FRANCIS PENINSULA - 2 lots ol  approx 9 acre each, partially cleared &  driveway in One lot has septic tank & drainfield  installed $18,000 & $19,000  5 HOTEL LAKE 9 86 treed acres, semi  waterfront, southern exposure, good Mew 314  It toad frontage $39,500  6 END OF FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD  approx 1S acres clmce semi-waterfront  treed view property Westerly exposure  $40,000  7. NEAR RUBY LAKE       approx   7 acre  parcel on Hu\ 101, short walk to lake Asking  $23,900  8   KLEINDALE      approx  2.2 acres wilh  bu|drg sue cleared, good driveway, septic  PENDER LAKES  PROPERTIES  Choice lots still available in this  desirable location. Most have view  and sunny southerly exposure.  Paved road, water and hydro.  M.L.S. Priced from $11,000 to  $29,700.  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  New Low Rates on House Insurance  MADEIRA PARK: Here's a good buy... Large lot within  easy walk to stores and Government dock. It has water  connected and power pole. Price is just $10,500.  MADEIRA PARK: You can stand in this lot and heave a  brick to the shopping centre. A lovely half acre with power  and water on for $16,500.  WATERFRONT: 2 adjacent 4 acre parcels with deep  water and quiet moorage. Buy both for $115,000...  Separately $60,000. each.  LOT - Level cleared and ready to build on. Water and  power - paved road - pleasant location - just $15,000  F.P.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: Here's a good investment  property - 6.7 acres on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  $35,000 (try offers).  VIEW ACREAGES: Several excellent parcels with good  soil and privacy. Priced from $19,000. to $27,000, with  good terms.  DO YOU PLAN TO SELL?? WE HAVE  MANY PROSPECTS. CALL US AT 883-2794  FOR OUR NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE  OF YOUR PROPERTY'S CURRENT  VALUE.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  ^  EMLOCK REALTY LTD.  REDROOFFS  MUST SELL - Bring your offers to $47,000  Two bedrooms, large kitchen & living room,  outbuildings, V2 acre.  SELMA PARK  3- VIEW LOTS 60 x 130  1- VIEW LOT WEST PORPOISE BAY  1- VIEW LOT MASON RD. W. SECHELT  2- COUNTRY LOTS SECHELT VILLAGE  r      WILL BUILD TO SUIT ON  ANY OF THESE LOTS  CUSTOM HOMES, SPEC HOUSES  SOME UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOWL  Compare our NEW HOME PRICES!  Paul Flett 885-9630  VANCOUVER  (24 hrs.)   526-1626  AELBERS  REAL ESTATE  886-9238  Van. ToH Free  922-7814  Harry M. Howard  Res.886-7307  Located at the Old Granthams Landing Store  Marine Drive, Box 1189,  Gibsons  CAPA  APPRAISALS  INC.  COMMERCIAL RENTAL SPACE ON HIGHWAY 101  675 sq. fl. comer location, fully finished well suited for after hours convenience store. Lease  includes heat. Share of taxes and utilities on top of monthly rent of $365.00.  OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN SAME COMMERCIAL BLOCK  625 sq. ft. at $235.00 per month which includes heating. Share of taxes on sq. ft. basis and  utilities are separate.  SERVICE COMMERCIAL RENTAL ON WYNGAERT ROAD  75 FT. OFF HIGHWAY 101  Complete self contained concrete block building with 16 ft. ceiling presently used for storage.  Concrete driveway ��� Oitfired forced hot air ��� reinforced concrete floor. Completely free standing  and in excellent state of repair. Available within two weeks ��� three year lease available. Tenant  pays for all utilities and share of taxes. Landlord only responsible for exterior maintenance.  Available at $425.00.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  EARL'S COVE FERRY TERMINAL  Same owner since its creation in 1973. Fully licensed restaurant and store. Good owner's  accommodation. Completely self contained except for electricity and telephone. The operation  has always been and shall remain a money maker to an enterprising individual. Owner prepared  to carry good first mortgage. If and when you want lo become independent, you can not forego  this opportunity.  WATERFRONT SECLUSION  Earl's Cove area & Skookumchuck Narrows. Approx. 2100 ft. watertront and 32 acres, 2 acres  cleared. Access by water, with good ramp and float in place. Rough road through Crown Land  for four wheel drive, which could be improved (Length: 5500 ft. in total).  Improvements are 1071 sq. ft. ��� 2 bedrooms - full bath, Living room, dining and kitchen.  Fireplace ��� Sundeck on three sides - Floor to ceiling windows. Built in 1974.  Also a 510 sq. ft. 1 bedroom older, but renovated caretaker cottage.  Water by gravity feed ��� Electricity by light plant.  This offer includes all furnishings except personal belongings.  BARGAIN HARBOUR  11.6 ACRE ISLAND WITH ALL SERVICES & HOUSE $265,000.  At the entrance ol Pender Harbour. Privacy ��� Good access from the mainland. At low tide, one  could almost walk to it. Protected moorage. All services, including Regional Water. Complete  natural surroundings. A four wheel drive included to take you from the landing to a Panabode  house which is located on the top of the island overlooking the Strait of Georgia. South-westerly  exposure.  SANDY HOOK ROAD - NORTH-WESTERLY EXPOSURE  LOT 16, 17, 18 $12,500 EACH  Three legal entities with a 10 ft. gazetted but not constructed lane along lot 18. This lane gives  good access from Deerhorn Drive. Any improvement has unobstructed view over Sechelt Inlet.  Water and Hydro present. Percolation for septic tank is good. Total size of all three lots is 189.26  x 150 equalling 28389 sq. ft. or 0.65 acre.  CARMEL PLACE ��� TUWANEK ��� 2 LOTS $13,000 & $16,500  Westerly exposure - View over Sechelt Inlet. Large in size, allowing two residences. Services  available ��� One lot (0.6 acres) has small creek. Well treed & driveway in. Within walking distance  of good beach and boat launching. 12 min. drive from Sechelt.  VIEW - SOUTHERLY EXPOSURE - SPACE & UNIQUE HOUSE  BAYVIEW ROAD OFF REDROOFFS ROAD  This unique improvement is offered fully completed. Owner is one of the principals of a very well  respected construction firm, and will complete under signed contract. Situated on 0.55 acre 157  x 160 with a southerly exposure and excellent view over Strait of Georgia. Design and actual  construction is completely away from the normal standard and can only be viewed as very  superior.  GRANTHAMS LANDING HANDYMAN'S SPECIAL  1025 sq. ft. house with beautiful view. 3 bedrooms & large living room upstairs. Self contained  Studio Suite downstairs.  ACREAGE SAKINAW LAKE  37.5 ACRES - 2400 FT. WATERFRONT $282,000  The ideal combination of over 1000 ft. ot level waterfront with Westerly exposure. A 1400 sq. ft.  older house, the plumbing and wiring are brand new. Interior to be finished with gyproc. Over 8  acres cleared, creek through property with water rights. Also on property is an oldercabtn. The  four legal entities making up the 37.5 acres are allowed to develop as a campground. Hydro and  telephone are on site. Subject is short distance via gravel road Irom Hwy 101. Location is second  to none.  ACREAGE ROBERTS CREEK  5 ACRES AT THE END OF LOCKYER ROAD $48,000  Complete privacy, well treed, partly surrounded by Forest Land. All services available, including  water from private source. South westerly exposure. Received approval in principle for subdivision from 10 acre parcel. Available at the end of August ��� middle September.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION Sunshine Co.tsi Realtor, Augusi 8, 1980  A/ cr      B0X 149��-  Ay(} WHARF ROAD  VJy SECHELT, B.C.  ,CV VON-3A0  Im  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)   CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES HOMES  LOTS  ONLY 5 ACHES BETWEEN  LANGDALE AND GIBSONS No. 480  Beautiful land only 1 mile from Gibsons, 1 . mile  from Langdale, 300 feet road frontage! Plus 2  bedrooms, 24 x 60 Esta Villa home with  conventional roof. Spacious living, dining room  with built in china cabinet. Family room, all  carpeted, 2 baths. Large sundeck, chicken house  and 2 stall horse barn, Two dwellings permitted  on property, ideal tor 2 families or build your  dream home Asking $110,000 For appointment  to view call Eva Carsky at 885 2235 or 886-7126 at  any time.  LEASE LAND - WILSON CREEK   No. 276  2-bedroom double wide with assumable morlgage, prepaid lease. Why pay rent, buy this with  low down payment and live happy in your own.  Asking $32,000. Eva Carsky 886 7126 or 885-  2235.  NEW HOME ��� NEW WARRANTY   No. 498  Well built 3 bedroom home, with 2x6 walls ���  heavy duty insulation great for economy ��� brick  facing & chimney ready for airtight heater.  Complete with well designed kitchen, patio,  carport and a nice level lot with sewer hook-up.  All this and five year new home warranty. For only  $54,500. Larry or Ruth Moore at 885-9213.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE No. 463  Of 7.3 acres well-treed attractively sloping  property with over 650 feet of tidal waterfronl  facing south $1 Gunboat Bay. The charming  rustic home of 1100 sq. ft. has 3 bedrooms wilh  large living room and brick fireplace. Foreshore  lease availability and some nice timber make this a  very interesting properly at just $134,900. Call  Berl at 885 3746 or Larry at 885 9213 lo view.  PRICE REDUCTION No. 386  Don'l miss out on this great buy! 3 bedroom view  home in sunny Wilson Creek. This split level  home situaied on a corner lot has a greal new  addition and an almost completed lower level.  This house can be yours for only $$76,900. Call  now for your personal tour with Leslie Fitch 885  9057 or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  Ip^ppppF^T^  CONSERVE ENERGY No. 468  This 5 bedroom home has two kitchens, 3  bathrooms, tamili,1 room, large sundeck all on a  large lot Onle 5 years old and $89,500 C  Dowman 885-9374.  REDROOFFS HOME No. 455  1325 st] It . 3 bedroom home. 3 levels modern  features galore, situated on an extra large lot  complete with large well built barn. Some  landscaping needed to create jn absolutely  beautiful home Asking price $89,900 George  Longman 885 3400 or Larry Reardon 885 93211  "MAKI NATURI VOUR NEIGHBOR,  Till CITY ACLOSI FRIEND"      No, IS5  9.43 acres in Roberts Cork 1520 si| Il I  bediooiu home wnh ocean view, a lew extras to  mention aredui k pond, barn, corral, .lolled well  and wrap around sundeck Asking price  $139,000 George Longman al 885 3400  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  HOWARD HUGHES No. 436  Would have loved the privacy on this 2.3 acre  estate on Redrooffs Road. The beautiful  contemporary design 3 bedroom home spells  quality throughoul, A well known architect has  created this cozy lamily environment while also  allowing for lavish home entertaining in the quality  design floor plan. A view of the sparkling blue  waters of Welcome Pass and Halfmoon Bay is  affordable at a price H. Hughes nol so-rich  relations could afford! Only $115,000. Rila  Percheson at 885-5706 or Lynn Wilson at 885  5755.  BEAT THE RENT RACE      No. 422  Move inlo this energy efficient contemporary  home on landscaped lot on quiel cul-de-sac in  West Sechelt Brick fireplace, quality catpeling  and cedar accent wall in large living room. Sliding  doors from dining room to garden. Carefree  kilchen, laundry area, den & powder nxitn on  main floor. 3 bedrooms & large bright bathroom  upslairs. Short trail to lovely swimming beach.  Assumable ll"u mortgage. To view ihis home  priced al $64,500 call Lynn Wilson al 885 5755 or  Rila Percheson at 885 5706.  LARGE NEW HOME No. 326  Built of Yukon Logs on spacious corner lot.  About 1200 sq. ft. living space on main floor.  Electric heat, full basement. Asking $70,000, call  "Tiny Bob" 885-9461.  THE NEIGHBOURS THINK  THEY'RE CRAZY No. 486  And (he sellers admit they'll nevei tind as choice  an area to live in but ihey told us lo sell so here's  your opportunity! This beautiful family home is  situated on quiel cul-de-sat in Gibsons only one  block to beach and you guessed n has beautiful  ocean view. Back yard is completely fenced and  done in lawn and a vegetable garden lhat looks  good enough lo raid1 Newly listed at just 867,900  Rita Percheson 885 hlOb or Eva Carsky 886 7126,  LARGE FAMILY ���  WEST SECHELT No. 410  Modern, 2:.. year old home. 1360sq. ft. main floor.  completely finished basement 3 bedrooms main  floor, ensuite off master bedroom. A must if  you're in the market for a fine home Listing price  $79,000. Call George Longman for more details  885 3400  WHY RENT? No 457  ll(K) sq ft.. 3 bedroom home in neat and iidy  condition, nicely landscaped, covered carport,  and a good size slorage shed Plus a fantastic  i�� e.in view, lease presently $600 per year. Asking  price $35,000, reasonable offers will be  considered For more details call George  Longman at 885 3400  JUST STARTED No. 483  Three bedroom home in desirable West Sechelt  location with basement. Partiai view and quiet  location. The yard has greal exposure for your  garden. Your chance to pick your interior finish  such as colours and carpels. Only $68,900.  Chuck Dowman 885-9374.  FJORD HuMF ��� GIBSONS No. 444  Architect designed 3 bedroom in West Coast  contemporary style with many features Brick  heatilator fireplace dividing living and dining area,  cedai ceiling, quality carpeting. Lurge bright  kitchen, family room off the kitchen w i|h Franklin  stove. All i bedrooms are spacious, largeclosels,  private bait one off mastei bedroom wiih  southern ocean view. Attached double garage,  fenced back yard wilh privacy, landscaped,  access to back lane. One block to the beach,  walking distance to shopping For viewing  anytime call Eva Carsky 886-7126 or Rila  Percheson 885 5706.  BUILDING IN VIEW? No. 382  Then build on this lovely view lol Wilson Creek,  location in an expanding area of fine homes. All  this and the lot is cleared leaving Dogwood trees  and view. For only $11,200 Larry or Ruth Moore  at 885 9213.  CHECK WITH BOB No 250  Want a commercial site? An industrial area or  residential or combine all 3? On well travelled  hwy. Call "Tiny Bob" H85 9461 (or all cash pi ice.  JUST ONE LEFT NOW No. 467  Be sure you see this fine view lot on Deerhorn  Drive, fairly good size (75' x 120') power, water  and phone loo and, at jusi $10,200 il won't lasl  long. Berl 885 3746.  ACREAGE  8.3 LhVtL ACRES No. 491  Tins beautiful acreage runs between Prall  through to Hough Road Older collage that's  liveable while you build your dream home. This  property is on Regional water and has a small  orchard. $75,000. Chuck Dowman 885 9374  BIG LOT - BIG VIEW No. 4%  This fine 1.6 acre parcel on Francis Peninsula  Road offers a unique view of Pender Harbour.  Power, waler and phone at the road, these small  acreages are in real demand so take a look al this  one real soon. We think Ihe asking price of  $29,500 is realistic too. Bert Walker 885-3746.  YOU CAN CLIMB  YOUR OWN HILL No. 315  And view the lake below as well as gelling  exercise in a natural treed selting on this 6 acre  parcel on the Irvines Landing Road. Excellenl  fishing and boating jusi around the corner and  enough level area for your building site, so be sure  you look over ihis nice parcel al just $28,500.  Vendor will consider some lerms too, Bert  Walker 885-3746.  YOU'LL LOVE... No. 469  To go awandering over this West Sechell  acreage. Because of its location in the A.LR., this  25 acres is not subdividable at present bul who  knows what ihe future holds. $85,000 FIRM. Pal  Parker 885 5615  HEAVILY TREED 1.31 ACRES        No. 427  On paved Redrooffs Road. Hydro, phone,  cablevision & regional water at property line. 129'  on Redrooffs - $27,500. Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  2.16 ACRES - GIBSONS Nu. 474  An excellenl holding ot development properly!  Ou'r  2 acres in Gibsons zoned residential  SUBDIVISION   ANYONE?  $33,000.   Rita  Percheson al 885-5706  "BETTER THAN GOLD" No. 478  Roberts Creek waterfronl 95' x 675' approx  Drive through! 600 It. ol large evergreens lo the  building site ol youi choice. Regional watei and  drivewav installed Chance ol a lifetime, asking  $135,000. George Longman lo view 885 3400  5 ACRES ��� RUBY LAKE No. 241  Invest in youi future with 5 acres at Ruby Lake  Excellenl fishing, boating and swimming. Low  price of $29,500 Leslie Fitch 885 9057 ot Eva  Carsky 8867126.  WE'RE THE NEIGHBOURHOOD  CHUCK DOWMAN - SALES MGR.  RITA PERCHESON    PETER SMITH  PAT PARKER  GEORGE LONGMAN  LESLIE FITCH  LARRY REARDON Sunshine Coast Realtor, Auaust 8, 1980  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  im  ifrZl.  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  \%  LOTS  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  x  %���  LOTS  GOWER POINT  YOUR  OWN   PATH  TO  THE  BEACH  1 beautilul building lot with beach access and the  besl view you ever saw. Nearly 'j acre, priced at  $59,500. Call Chuck Dowman, 885 9374 or Ken  Wells at 88fi-7223  ONE FORTY FOUR No. 499  Yes lust $1 44 pel square loot for a good cleared  building lol in the Village ot Sechelt. Build now or  hold. Call Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  YEAR ROUND VACATION No. 461  Sechelt Inlet Road, Tuwanek. Make tomorrow's  dreams today's reality. Build your dream  hideaway. Creek flowing through property. For  more details call Leslie Fitch 885-9057 or Larry  Reardon 885-9320.  BUSINESS  OPPORTUNITIES  BONANZA! No. 495  This thriving business in Garden Bay is ready to  expand. The only Grocery, Drive-In food oullet.  Barber shop in the area. Year round business  guaranteed because of this unique combination.  Add lothisa 1200 sq. ft. homewilhamagnificieni  view ol Garden Bay and combine business with  the pleasure ol a view home. Be successful on  bolh accounts, see ihis loday. $175,000. Bill  Walkey 885-5327.  2 STORES & 4 SUITES No. 405  All suites have fabulous view ol ocean and at  certain times of the year the salmon are plentiful,  jusi of! shore. This income producing property  shows a good return while you earn appreciation.  Assume a 10".. no term first morlgage $239,500.  C. Dowman at 885 9374.  PENDER HARBOUR $98,900 No. 350  This 8 acres zoned light industrial and, or othei  uses, has great potential. It lies almost opposite  Francis Peninsula turnolf on both sides of  Highway 101 next to the building supply and  laundromat. Il has good water access and is a  fairly flat piece easily developed. Larry Reardon,  8853924.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY No. 243  Trailer Park West Sechelt located on 6 acres of  prime property. 20 pads available, 17 presently  rented at $85 per month. Owner also has  approval for 10 more pads, bringing the polential  io 30 pads, Owner's residence is a modern 1425  sq, It.. 3 bedroom home complete with sauna and  a 20 40 healed swimming pool located at the rear  ol the property secluded by a bank ol evergreen  trees Asking $230,000. Finanf ing is made easy  because ol a $118,000 A S at 9 1/2% no term until  paH George Longman, 885-3400 or Chuck  Dowman. 865-9374.  INVtSI IIN A LOT NOW No. 180  While the price is still reasonable. Close to beach  & boat launching. Sewer, phone, hydro and water  available in area of better homes. $14,900. Lynn  Wilson 885-5755.  NEARLY HALF AN ACRE... No. 487  Ol prime Inlet view property. Lots of this quality  are hard to find. Pick a site to build your new  home en this cleared, sloping lot. To help speed  construclion the driveway is already in. Don't  wait till it's gone. Call us now. F.P. $18,000. Bill  Walkey 885-5327 or Pat Parker 885-5615.  BROOKS COVE LOT No. 351  Large view lots in a lovely quiet location. These  are rock lots but there is a promise of water going  into this area this summer. Adjacent to gcod boat  launching and sheltered moorage. Parcel "A" is  owned by the same vendor and road access may  be granted through parcel "A" il necessary.  $13,900 Larry Reardon, 885-3924.  WELCOME WOODS No. 497  Large treed lol approx. :_ acre on quiet cul de-  sac, paved street with hydro, water, phone &  cablevision to property line. See this to day with  Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  REVENUE No. 348  Thinking of a building a duplex? Then seriously  consider this lot in the village of Gibsons 192' x  63'! This property is fully serviced, well located  and priced to sell at $18,000. Leslie Fitch 885-  9057 or Rita Percheson 885-5706.  MAY WE -  Give you the grand lour of these fine Sandy  Hook, Tuwanek lots. Some large, some small,  some sloped, some level. Some with GREAT  VIEW. All well priced. See Larry or Ruth Moore  for information, call 885-9213.  LOOKING FOR A... No. 462  Challenge? This half acre lot on McCullough  Road will reward the builder with a panoramic  view of Georgia Straight. $13,500. Pat Parker  8855615.  GIBSONS No.430/431  Seamount Development Park, two lots side by  side, zoned industrial, paved roads, sewers, 3  phase power, 50' x 125' equalling 6250 sq. It. each.  Get down to business, Asking $36,000. for bolh  or pick one for only $18,500. George Longman  885-3400.  SKOOKUM IN SANDY HOOK       No. 494  Family sized lol in Sandy Hook with beauliful  view. Serviced and located next to park. Bring  your family, build in Sandy Hook and enjoy ihe  ocean amenities. Be part of this warm  community, it's only 4 miles from Sechelt's  services. $13,500 will put you there. Bill Walkey  885-5327 or Pat Parker 885-5615.  LANDSCAPED OCEAN VIEW       No. 346  The neighbour got carried away when landscap-  ping and gardened this beautiful ocean view lot as  well as his own! This lot has it all - ocean view,  short distance to beautiful beach, serviced by  sewer, water, hydro, cable and in an area of better  homes. Priced at $13,500. Leslie Fitch 885 9057  or Rita Percheson at 885-5706.  INCREASE THE VIEW No. 437  The higher you site the home the better. Vacant  lol facing Redrooffs Rd. 100 x 186 long, includes  $400 Debenture pari ownership of a waterfront  lot. Paid waler connection sale! $12,500. Dial  "Tiny Bob" 885-9461.  w  m  WEST SECHELT  DERBY & NORWEST BAY ROADS  No. 322 & 324  There is a choice of fine lots, cleared bts or lol s  in their natural state. Some have good views,  lizes and prices vary but buy now and build the  home of your choice. On Norwest Bay Road  Lots 33,34 & 35 are $15,500. On Derby Road  Lot 20, $19,900. Larry Reardon 885-3924  ', ACRE BEAUTY! No. 482  In developing area ol Redroolfs, this beautiful  wooded choice properly has excellent building  site. Lols this size are difficult lo come by.  $14,000. Lynn Wilson 885 5755 or Rila  Percheson 885 571)6.  FRESHWATER    No. 458  Enjoy privacy on your own island. Buy the southern half of this  Sakinaw special and relax on your own sandy beach. The Iwo  cabins with all amenities add the final touch to supreme  solitude. This rare property is vours for $100,000. Bill Walkey  885-5327.  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  AGENTS FOR  M D. MACKENZIE LIMITED  mm  Plans and Brochures available  FREE ESTIMATES  Call Larry Moor. SS5-2235  LOT IN WEST SECHELT No. 488 |  Quiel cul-de sac street with potential view. Area  ol belter homes close lo village. $17,900. Hydro,  water, cable TV at road. Lynn Wilson 885 5755.  NEIGHBOURHOOD COUNTS      No. 257 I  Sloped southwards to sea. 148 ft. along blacktop I  Norvan Rd. by 85 deep. Water, hydro, cable T.V. I  Few minutes to easy beach access, local pub.  Fish, swim or swill. All close. $21,500 F.P. "Tiny |  Bob" 885 9461,  ONE OF THE BETTER No. 4031  Sandy   Hook   tots  with   nice   view  from  Skookumchuck  Road location.  A nice slope, I  power, water and phone available at the road and |  reasonably priced at $12,000. Bert Walker 8  3746.  GOOD BUY ��� GREAT BUY! No. 3831  A true Village special ��� lowest price in town for this I  super large, well treed lot with mountain view. [  Close to schools, shops and beach. Only $13,900 |  at this time. Larry or Ruth Moore 885 9213,  A GREAT LOT No. 2961  It has ��� view, trees, privacy, of course water, [  phone & hydro. The exposure is south wesl.  Narrow at top, 132' wide at bottom, 277' long. !  Can you  beat   this  in Sandy Hook. Asking I  $12,500 and will look at offers. Peter Smith 885-  9463.  PROFESSIONALS   FOR   YOU.   BILL WALKEY RUTH MOORE ED BAKER EVA CARSKY  R.B. "TINY BOB" KENT   LYNN WILSON        LARRY MOORE        BERT WALKER Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  HENRY  HALL  SUNSET HEIGHTS (phase id  17 RESIDENTIAL BEAUTIES  REALTY INC.  Wharf Rd.  Porpoise Bay  885-5161  Sechelt,B.C.  ��  ir te fs 14 f3 12/����  fo  \  \  \  PROPOSED  MARINA  /  ROAD  \7  9  2  3    *    *   ���  a  l<  FIELD ROAD  / I I  / Adjacent to Chapman Creek Recreation  Reserve & close to the proposed Wilson Creek  Marina.  $2,000 DOWN PAYMENT  BALANCE at $143.31 - $191.44 per month  including 12% interest  Full price of only $12,100 to $15,500  COMMERCIAL  PUB OR MOTEL SITE  Ideal location across from the proposed  Wilson CreekMarina. High building site  with view of White Isles. Two homes  provide revenue while development is  planned. Priced to sell at only $249,000. or  close offer.  RESIDENTIAL  SUNSET HEIGHTS (Phase 1)  WILSON RD. (Lot 4)  Fantastic value dtfVhis fully  serviced lot - pn[Mr. must be  sold at onl��na?500 with $2,000  down and Balance at $149. per  month -12% INTEREST.  MARBLE ROAD (LOT 28)  View lot ready to build on bright  sunny southern exposure.  $13,500. $2,000 down, $163.08  per month 12% INTEREST.  INDUSTRIAL  -2-  LOT   JLO  3.80 ac.  10T ���  .0.247 ac.  0.247 K.  urn  0.247 K.  Tit"*  0.247 K.  1 J20.000  Utl  1.021 K.  ^  UTI  0.200 ae.  *K  in 4  1.133 K.  UTI  0.611 ac.  Iff!  1.4(2 ac.  $&  iff n  0.6(2 ac.  2.70 ac.  iff If  0.568 ac.  101 M  0.(41 ac.  iiiio iom   to iicmii   cutout mipmt  Sunrise Ridge Industrial Park  Eleven lots varying from 1/2 acre to 3.8 acres with prices  starting at only $20,000. The geographic location of these  lots qualifies for a government manufacturing and  processing grant. Close to airport on Field Road.  WILL BUILD TO SUIT  MIKE BALDIGARA  Res. 885-5645  Vancouver  (Toll Free)  685-9828  HENRY HALL  Res. 885-2520 fpH   BLOCK 922-3911  ���*��� DDHC 203 -14th Street>  DKw3��West Vancouver, B.C.V7T2P9  k2  SECRET COVE  SUBDIVISION POTENTIAL  Are you aware of the development taking place  in beautiful Secret Cove? Two condominium  projects are already under way ��� one  completed & the other well on stream.  Amenities include ultra deluxe dining & lounge  facilities, living accommodations & moorage.  We have available for purchase, adjacent to this  development, 8.9 acres of gradual south sloping  view property which is subdividable into 1/4  acre lots or possibly cluster housing on Strata  Unit Entitlement. The availability of regional  water is anticipated in the fall and sewage  disposal can be arranged. The property is  reached by paved road. Vendor (adjoining  marina operator) will provide some amenities to  the developer. Price at $145,000 Call for more  details and arrangements to view.  INVESTMENT HOLDING  OPPORTUNITY  4 continguous building lots, 3 with potential  view. They are across the road from and  overlooking the prestigious new Gibsons future  Marina complex. You can purchase these lots  individually or as a whole. Priced from $22,500  to $32,000. Call for more details and  opportunity to view.  INVESTMENT  Would you like a yield in excess of 30".. on your  investment? This business (a coin laundry)  showed a yield of 26% on gross income lasl year  for present owner after allowance for major  capital replacement expenditures.  The business is located in a steadily expanding  area on the main highway near the community  business intersection. This well run coin  laundromat is a self-employment opportunity  requiring minimum time and effort to operate.  The equipment is in top condition and paved  parking is available for a minimum of 20  vehicles. Expansion was contemplated by  present owner, and tentative approval has been  given to accommodate this and a long-term  tenant. The vendor (an equipment technician)  will provide regular-preventative maintenance  inspection fora minimal retainer, if purchaser so  desires. Financial statements available to bona  fide purchaser. Price $38,000.  REDROOFFS ROAD  Large (1.42 acres) treed lot in Welcome Beach  area, Hydro, water, telephone and cablevision  ready for hook-up. Market price $25,000.  LIGHTS OF NANAIMO  This modest, immaculate ocean view home is  located on ihe West Sechell Waterlront  overlooking the Trail Islands and Straits of  Georgia. The property is surrounded by  beautiful gardens and terraced landscaping  xtending towards the ocean. A gradual  winding palh is your access In a level beach.  This rare and hard to find property would make  .in ideal reliremenl or small family home Priced  al $137,500. Please call for more information  jnd appointment to view.  ISLAND IN THE SUN  This beautiful 5 acre island is located on the  Sunshine Coast in the middle of the protected  waters of Pender Harbour. The property is  naturally treed with numerous trails in a parklike setting. It has a 1 1/2 storey (1,860 sq. ft.)  renovated log home complete with attractive  furnishings, all appliances, sauna, pool room  and guest cottage ��� PLUS, PLUS. There is a  large, new deep-water wharf that will accomodate a 50' vessel and two smaller craft.  The island has a steady water supply and is  equipped with hydro and telephone. Priced firm  at $400,000  This well-constructed, partially built home is  located in sundrenched Porpoise Bay with  potential view of beautiful Sechelt Inlet with  beach access close by. Present owner's plans  have changed and he will not be able to  complete this quality home. With sub-trades  you could complete this house with some of  your own preferences in a relatively short time.  This property is available to you for the owner's  approximate cost ol $49,900.  NEW 2 STOREY LOG HOUSE IN A  PARKLIKE SETTING  This ruslic home (1800 sq. ft,) is locaied on a  large corner lol on Redroolfs Road. Il also has a  quaint log guest collage. Owner is completing  construction and is asking $79,000.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre walerfront gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. Il has a domestic water  lease & is close to wharfage. This property was  assessed at $12,800 for 1979. Sale Price  $12,500. Call me and we will look at this one  logether.  SECHELT INLET ESTATES  Several spectacular view lots of sundrenched  Porpoise Bay, nearby beach facilities and  moorage. Each lot has hydro, water and  telephone available. Only 4 1/2 miles to the  conveniences of Sechelt. Prices from $10,000  to $11,000.  FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL  How often when fishing your favourite waters  have you thought, "It certainly would be nice to  have a place here!" Well, ihe present owners did  just that at Egmont's bountiful fishing grounds.  First, they acquired a government lease on an  immediate waterfront lot, then transported over  by boat the materials to construct ihis modern  two storey, six room A-frame home wilh a  majestic view ot Egmont and Jervis Inlet. There  is also a new private wharf with melal walkway  and deep water moorage. Price $65,000.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  4$r Mitten  <*  &.  .Harold Jacques Res.885-902;  ealty Ltd J  Trail Bay Shopping Centre  t��C       |��       ������ c  ���J        */       ���:/*     =  . c \ o  .�����������!���< ft)   �������������������������   ��-..��   e Vr  ��> L-S  3 "'    ".  20  Bl  -*/*>  : e  BLIGH ROAD  1  WEST SECHELT  One of the finest controlled subdivisions in West Sechelt. 19 lots,  sewer, water, power, blacktop roads. Most lots treed with possible  view. Priced from $14,500 to $16,500. For more information call  Mitten Realty at 885-3295. ��269  BUILDING LOT $9,000  Good view building lot on Sandy Hook Road -  zoned for mobile homes. Services at roadside,  This lot (60 ft. frontage) is priced to sell below  government valuation. Your offer and terms will  be considered by owner. Call Don Lock at 885-  3730 for all details. #386  PRICE REDUCED  on this very large treed lot in Madeira Park.  Excellenl value al $11,000! Vendor will carry  75"., of financing at 11%, Property has view and  is within walking distance to stores and  government wharf, Call Gronia at 885-9033.  #335  ONE OF THE FEW $16,500  level lots in Sandy Hook with an unblockable  view of the Inlet. This one is BIG. Call Dal  Grauer for details at 885-3808. #377  WATERFRONT VIEW  Scarce waterfront lot wilh a view of Howe  Sound and the North Shore mountains lhat  goes on and on. To view call Frances or Syd  Heal at 886 7875. "383  THIS ONE IS A BEAUTY!!  1 i of an acre in Welcome Woods. Great lol for  building: level, Ireed, privale and excellent  exposure. $18,900. Contact Bronia al 885  9033. H13  WEST SECHELT $18,500  Lightly treed lot of 1 acre plus bordered by year  round creek and ravine. On paved road, off  highway. For details call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 885 9362. ��297B  WEST PORPOISE BAY $9,900  Nice level lol located in the village. This lot is  selectively cleared and ready to build on. Water  and hydro. Contact Terry Brackett at 885  9865. ��287  KEATS ISLAND S8'500  70' x 130' treed corner lol. Close to beach  access and easy lo build on! Call Bronia Robins  for more details al 885-9033. "350  WEST SECHELT $13,500  Quarter acre lol In desirable area. Water has  been Installed mo' building site has also been  levelled   and   cleared.   Ownei   has   copy  of  approved health permit Zoning permits  placement of mobile homes on this lot. Great  family neighbourhood and close Io school. Call  Terry Brackett lor all the details at 885 9865.  ��277  YMCA ROAD $13,5001  Lightly treed, ready for building, this attractive I  lol is partly cleared with seplic tank installed. To I  discuss terms available call Don or Rene I  Sutherland al 885 9362. #345 I  SANDY HOOK $11,0001  Good building site, great view. A level area and a I  slope should result in some interesting!  architecture. Please call Syd or Frances Heal. I  #3161  TUWANEK VIEW LOT $ 10,000|  Sloping lol, southern exposure, overlooking!  Lamb's Bay. Semi waterlront, across from boat I  launch and park area. Foi information call Rene!  at 885-9362. ^3341  LEVEL LOT $14,900|  Good building lot wilh 52' frontage on Cochrane [  Road, Francis Peninsula. Please call Emilie I  Henderson at 885 5225 or Don Lock at 885-37301  for more deiails, "2911  ALDERSPRINGS ROAD,  GIBSONS $13,5001  Close lo beach, shops, lennis court in Lower!  Gibsons. For more information call Don or!  Rene at 885 9362. a29s|  VIEW LOT $23,0001  100-fi. frontage on Wakefield Road. Level!  almost square lot with good ocean view. Will got  quickly so act now. Phone Emilie Henderson al I  885 5225. M05 6|  NO PROBLEM  is whal you'll have when you come to build fin!  this greal view lot in Sandy Hook. Have a look [  with Dal Grauer or Bronia Robins "306BI  DAVIS BAY $25,0001  Almost one half acre in this prime location, f  Fantastic view overlooking Davis Bay. About I  two blocks |o store and wharf. Properly also has I  access road al the rear and many large!  evergreens. Wnn'l lasl! Call Terry Bracket! for I  more details .it 885 986!). ��379|  JUST LISTED ��� $23,000 lol  VIEW LOTS $29,000|  Wesl Sechell 3 larger building lols. These will go I  quickly! Foi details and directions call Emilie!  Henderson al 885 5225 ��390|  ROBERTS CREEK $16,5001  Excellent building lot. 70 x 150. with southern!  exposure, and ntily 5 minutes walk to beautiful!  beach) Close lo school, |K)si office and general!  slore. Please contact Bronia Robins al 885 [  9033. *366|  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATON  885-3295  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  Mitten Realty Ltd  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931  Trail Bay Mall  Box 979  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-3295  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT HOME   , $69,500  Hidden in the trees, pr.i��#Ws lovely view of  Sechelt Inlpt .mdJjHfcl sany Bach add up to  make \hm\ f\; il%\AjjkW' ecreation or  permanfrgeAdJiP^reenhouse, garden,  many e^^YoxAatails call Rene at 885-  9362. #305  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT $150,000  100 feet of prime waterfront in downtown  Gibsons. Zoning is C4 and there is an income  producing building on the property. With  Gibsons growing as it is and a new Marina  proposed gives this piece great potential. Phone  Suzanne Dunkerton for more information at  885-3971. #400  SECLUDED ACREAGE $285,000  This superb subdividable waterfront (170 ft.)  property with 2800 sq. fl. architect designed  home and guest cottage is fast becoming the last  of ils kind featuring 3 bedrooms, master with  ensuite and fireplace, living room with vaulted  ceiling and skylight. Jennaire kilchen and huge  sundeck with southern exposure. Altogether a  unique opportunity for the knowledgeable  purchaser. By appointmenl only - Corry Ross at  8859250. #321  NARROWS INLET $37,500  Seven acres wilh over seven hundred feet of  walerfront. This properly has many large trees  and fast running slream to generate your own  source ol electricity. Small cabin situated near  front ol land wiih the start ofafloal for mooring  your boat. Ideal hideaway or summer home  area. Call Terry Bracket! lor more details.  Phone 885 9865. #332  WATERFRONT $69,900  Luge tidal waterfronl lol wilh 55 x 12 mobile on  concrete pad, This 3 bedroom mobile home has  a large uivered sundeck as well .is concrete  patio, Owner will carry lo acceptable credit  Call Don Lock at 8853730 lor further deiails  #408  ONE HUNDRED  Feci of waterft  ihisperfe'  Sechell  I  DalGiam  $180,000  hou&es on  ��� it m West  1 last long Call  ,1885 3808. #388  TRAIL ISLAND $16,900  Listed MLS Over one and a half acres of nice  walerfront with lots of trees and privacy. In the  lee of the island looking back to Sechell. Great  Hideaway. Call Terry Brackett for all details al  885 9865 "330  w  ��� ��� -F  i  ,f-^*&$��*^,a^ (m  WS����-  r���'m.VJWtU  VILLAGE BEAUTY $62,900  Located only minutes from schools and  shopping, on a quiel cul-de-sac. Superior 1260  sq. ft. floor plan with no hallways. Fireplace,  fenced yard. A comfortable well kept family  home. Call Don or Rene Sutherland al 885  9362. #399  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK $150,000  10 acres of privacy - partial clearing and fencing.  Spacious 3 bedroom home, large living room,  convenient kitchen with built-in dishwasher.  Master bedroom has dressing room and  ensuite. Charming 3 stall Dutch style barn and a  4,400 sq. ft. multi-purpose building too - house  animals? warehouse needed? production style  business? Several other out buildings including  a new chicken coop just waiting for some  pullets. Assumable mortgage of approximately  $55,000. Phone Suzanne at 885-3971.      #362  THOREAU  himself would be jealous if you had a home in  this pastoral selting. Here is ten acres to make  your mouth waler. Small meadow with orchard  and year round creek in complete privacy.  Legal access has yel to be construcled but all  problems in ihis regard have been worked out  with Highways Dept. and vendor. Call Dal  Grauer lo gel the deiails and give your eyes a  treat  $77,600 ��347  17.5 ACRES AND HOME $95,500  All ready to move inlo this 3 bedroom home is  just 8 yeais old owing lo ill health the owner  cannot clear ihis tond require energetic owner  who is willing lo dcai the land and remove  stumps. Owner will consider offers, Call Don  Lock 885 .1730 lor details ��302  PRATT ROAD $157,000  A heritage farm house Charming with ihree  bedrooms, spacious living room and dining  mom newly renovated kitchen in keeping wilh  the Style of home. Located on 4.75 acres. All the  hard work done as most of the acreage is in  pasture grass. 16 fruil trees large productive  gra|K' arbour and vegetable garden also a barn  and a luffing shed Close to all amenities. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton for more information al  885 3871 ��40l  HOMES  LOOKING FOR A RETIREMENT  HOME, CLOSE JO EVERYTHING  Two bedroom home, 2 full bathrooms,  combined living and dining room, family room  and kitchen lo delight milady. Walking distance  to shopping, post office, churches, boal  launching, etc. To view call Syd or Frances Heal  at 886-7875. #367  YOU CANNOT BUY FOR LESS $29,000  A beautiful 2 bedroom home that is spotless on  leased land in Selma Park. Price includes Range,  Fridge, freezer, washer and drapes. Leased (o  1995. A good mortgage is available at 11"., lo  selected covenants. Call Don Lock at 885 3730  for appointment to view. #293  ROBERTS CREEK REVENUE $69,900  Well-maintained up and down duplex on 1.01  acres. 3 bedrooms in each suite, 8 appliances  included. Excellent return. More information  with Emilie Henderson at 885-3295. #346  ROBERTS CREEK $56,900  Like new, this house was finished by masler  craftsmen and is in immaculate condition. Two  bedroom suite down at present rented.  Imaginative lands in a choice location. Call Don  Lock at 885-3730 for further details.        "273  POPLAR LANE $56,000  Three bedroom family home 1144 sq. ft. Large  bright kitchen with exlra cupboards. Cozy  living room, utility area and an extra room for a  den or a fourth bedroom. Large lol al the end ol  a cul-de-sac. Close to all amenities. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton lor more information at  8853971. ��395  VIEW HOME $99,000  Unique double dome in West Sechelt. Ideal lor  couple or as bachelor pad, Large private lol. To  see this exciting home call Emilie Henderson at  8855225. ��368  SECHELT VILLAGE $72,000  Four bedroom home located close to the heart  of Ihe village. Masler bedroom has a walk-in  closet and full ensuite plumbing, Large dining  room and kitchen, plus an unfinished  basement you can finish toyour own lasts. Very  private lot with many trees. Ideal family home.  Contact Terry Bracked for a tour today. Phone  8859865. *397  RECREATIONAL  PROPERTY  PRICE REDUCED $39,000  Charming one bedroom home in Sechell  Village, large lol zoned for duplex. Electric heal,  cozy wood siove, excellenl garden. To view call  Rene Sutherland at 8859362 "300  THE BEST FOR LESS  Waterfronl recreational lots with rustic cabins  lor only $368.00 per year provincial land lease.  The cabins are offered al $25,500and$23,500.  Small annual payments give you access to the  waterfront we all dream of. Rene or Don  Sutherland will provide all details. Give us a call  al 885-9362. ��382  OPPORTUNITIES  WEST SECHELT $86,500  Talk aboul a family home! This home has  everything! Three bright bedrooms, sunken  living room, formal dining area, nv room,  games room. Iwo fireplaces plus largi sunroom.  Outside you find a sundeck, 'jreenhouse,  bricktacing and large workshop and storage  area. The yard has been immaculately  landscaped. Small retaining walls with flowers  and decorative bushes everywhere. There is  also a small creek at the back ol the property  Don't miss your chance loviewihis showpiece!  Cal! Tvrrji Bracket! today!! ��392  Licenced restaurant, garage, 3 rental units,  zoned C2 on 1.5 acres, Adjoining residential!  property on 2.9 acres with large house,  swimming pool and barn also available.  Provisions for good sized apartment abovel  garage. Let your rentals carry the mortgage. Dal  Grauer, 885 3808. *342J  FOR LEASE  2200 sq, ft. in Light Industrial to lease. Will lease  some or all of this area al $4.75/sq. (I. per year or  39C per sq. ft. per month. Ideal village localion  wiih rear lane. Call Terry Brackelt for all details.  mMBE^uNsmmca  AST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  'smr^ssoci  POWELL RIVER  WEST VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER  RAY  BERNIER  885-3295  EMILIE  HENDERSON  885-5225  JOHN  BLACK  886-7316  BRONIA  ROBINS  885-9033  DAL  GRAUER  885-3808  RENE  SUTHERLAND  885-9362 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  Mitten Realty Ltd.  885-3295  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM.  WE HAVE A TRADE PUN FOR HOMES, PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  NEW HOML $61,900  Three bedroom (masler ensuiir) s|Mcinus  combined living timing ntom. walking distance  In shopping, schools, etc. To view call Syd or  Fiances Heal at 886 7875. o37I  BROWNING ROAD $68,500  Great three bedroom home on large nicely  tandcaped level lot in quiet area, large area in  rear with good garden soil and storage shed.  Also fridge, stove and built in dishwasher. Large  decks front and rear. Contact Terry Brackett to  view. 885-9865. #294  DAVIS BAY $94,500  Immaculate four bedroom in |x>pular Davis Bay.  Spectacular view. Three bedrooms on main and  one down. Fireplace on main with fisher stove  hooked inlo healing system in basement. All  windows are thermo pane. Expensive rosewood  cabinets and feature walls in living room. Also  sauna. Close to school and wharf. Contact  Terry Brackett to view this fine home at 885-  9865. #409  WILSON CREEK -^     $56,000  Almost brand new ihrtwb-*^'. quiet area.  This home,m ���mf^_\[l l^T'-'ures three  large bedGuMtiW V"*^P dnd ,ranWin  slove. Ow&eJlrirolnsider all oilers. Call Terry  Brackett loT^I Details at 885 9865. #325  DAVIS BAY BEAUTY $98,500  This newly built home will be finished to  purchasers specifications beautifully located on  Laurell Road with excellenl view of Gull and  Islands, Hot water heat lhal is fired by oil, work  or electricity. A prestige home for ihe  discrtminaling family. Call Don Lock at 885  3730 for details. #402  HOMES  WEST SECHELT $72,900  Don'l miss out on this one! Ground level entry  on this 1340 sq. ft. home plus full basement.  Brand new and ready to move into. Ensuite  plumbing plus roughed-in plumbing down.  Double carport. Take lime to see the quality  interior of this house. Call Emilie Henderson for  viewing, 885-5225 #318  COMMERCIAL IN DAVIS BAY $100,000  This parlly buill house on 60' x 157' lot on  Beautiful Davis Bay. Just across ihe road from  the ocean frontage. Zoned C2. Ideal for your  developmenl as a commercial outlet with living  quarters. Call Dm Lock 8853730 or Corry  K-.ss 886 9250 lor all deiails. ��396  JUST LISTED $32,500  This immaculate semi walerlroni home on a  quiel road is ideal for recreation or reiiremenl.  Well maintained, it has many interesting extras  including a productive garden, well planned  workshop and a lease lhal is pre paid until 1994.  For more details call Don or Rene Sulherland at  885-9362. #411  SELMA PARK $18,000  Cozy one bedroom home within walking  distance lo the village. Purchase price includes  fridge, stove, washer, and dryer. Also a franklin  stove plus lots of storage area. Private setting  ideal for summer cottage or permanent home.  On Lease Land. Call Terry Brackett for ali  deiails at 885-9865. #354  JUST LISTED GIBSONS $59,500  Immaculate three bedroom mobile home on  large level lot. Lot has been beautifully  landscaped with lots of flowers and a large  vegetable garden. Also outside storage sheds as  well as a patio and double carport. Inside you'll  find a formal dining area, ensuite plumbing plus  three large bedrooms. Make an appointment  with Terry Brackett al 8859865 to view. #385  WILSON CREEK $33,000  Semi waterlront ��� A well maintained 5 year old 2  bedroom house wilh an extra large living and  dining room combination. The fridge, slove and  washer are included. Carport and storage shed  and a lovely landscaped lol. This ts a prepaid  lease with 15 years left. Suzanne Dunkerton will  give you more informalion at 885-3971.   #288  PENDER HARBOUR  Three levels of gracious living in this well  appointed home in a quiel area. You won't  believe the view! Three bedrooms and a sunken  living room, ensuile plumbing, imaginative  decor, plus large bathroom wilh sunken tub.  Privacy galore. This house must be seen! Call  Terry Brackett for details at 885-9865.    #389  A FAMILY HOME $69,000  Three bedrooms (Master with ensuite). Brick  fireplace in living room. Built-ins in kitchen,  eating area. Large recreation room with second  fireplace. Separate laundry and storage. To  ��� view call either Frances or Syd Heal at 886- ���  7875. #348  THERE IS NO PLACE  LIKE HOME... $74,900  especially this one with a superb view of Georgia  Strait! Four bedrooms, laundry room off  spacious, bright kitchen; workshop & rec room  in finished basement. This Davis Bay lol is extra  large and fenced-in too! Call Bronia at 885-9033.  #364  WILSON CREEK  Brand new home under construction. Over  1640 sq. ft. with three large bedrooms, utility,  family, and large living room. There is an ensuile  off master bedroom. Fireplace and insert (or  fisher slove in centrat location. Outside there is  a double carport wiih overhead doors. Sidewalk  and rear patio. Shake roof and many other fine  features. Locaied on almost one half acre lot.  Call Terry Brackelt to view plans and for all  details. "412  WEST SECHELT  ���i ACRE ON CREEK $105,000  Casual elegance is prominent in ihis 1620 sq. fl.  one level home. Fireplaces in both living room  and bid room Kilchen designed wilh chef in  mind. Fish (rom your sundeck: Private treed  selting. Call Emilie Henderson for more details  at 885-5225. ��394  SPANISH STYLE HOME  If you would like a he.uitilul 2700 sq, fi. family  home in excellenl condition on 2 levels, Ihree  bathrooms, 2 brick heatilator fireplaces, 4  bedrooms (room for a 5th), Gourmet kilchen  (2nd ready for your appliances) You would like  to view this exceptional home then call Syd or  Frances Heal at 886 7875 *349  LOTS  SECHELT VILLAGE  A lot of cedar located at Reef Way and Shoal  Road (oul towards the Arena), eleven easy care,  lots, some with big cedars. Trade irees for  building materials? These lots are priced at  $11,500 each. Cail Rene Sulherland for details -  a builder's opportunity 885-9362. #299  WILSON CREEK  Where the sun always shines - lovely level bt  with a southern exposure and potential view.  Call Suzanne Dunkerton 885-3971. #414  TUWANEK $9,900  Nicely wooded view lot near Beach access.  Water and hydro available. Look at this price.  Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865. #358  BEAUTIFUL... $35,000  one acre piece off Roberts Creek Road. This  one is cleared, level, has an ocean view, and  affords complete privacy. It won't last long, so  call Dal Grauer at 885-3608 before it's too late.  #393  HOW OFTEN  do you get a chance to choose your next-door  neighbour. These side-by-side lots in Sandy  Hook combine view with easy building. Call Dal  Grauer at 885-3808 or Bronia Robins al 885-  9033. ��306  MOST VIEW LOTS...  are expensive, bul we have three beautiful view  lols al $12,500 each. Waler and power at road  which is paved. Current percolation tests  available. For additional information call  Frances or Syd Heal at 886-7875. #378  NOT MUCH $ FOR A LOT $16,500  of Ireed privacy on very large level site.  Welcome Woods. Contact Bronia at 885-9033  for more information. MLS #391  SECLUDED BUILDING LOTS     $13,900  We have Iwo side by side lots all ready for  developmenl. Located on paved road in Pender  Harbour. These view lots are ready for your  offer with services at roadside. Call Don Lock al  885 3730 for details. #274/75  SECHELT $16,500  Over one half acre in the village. Building site  has been cleared and driveway is in Very  private and good possibility of future subdivv  skm. Adjoining lols may also be purchased (also  one half acre each) totalling over one and half  acres Don'l pass up this opporlunity! Try your  offer today! Call Terry Brackelt al 8859865 or  Bronia Robins al 885-9033. #398  ANCHOR ROAD, SECHELT        $15,900  Level lol, close to everything. Area of nice  homes. Cleared and ready for your fulure  home. For further informalion call Syd or  Frances Heal at 886-7875. ��339  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  SUZANNE  TERRY  DONALD  CORRY  DUNKERTON  BRACKETT  SUTHERLAND  ROSS  885-3971  885-9865  885-9362  885-9250  DON        SYD AND FRANCES  LOCK HEAL  885-3730 886-7875  KINGSWAY  SURREY  LANGLEY Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  HOMES  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt,  B.C. VON 3A0  "Your Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  A BEAUTIFUL PANORAMIC VIEW  of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island goes with  these 4 - 2 bedroom stes, each approx. 900 sq, fl.,  located in West Sechelt. All with view. Plus  owner's 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with 11/2  baths - lovely cedar finish inside. Large living  room, Single car enclosed garage - all this on  approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle slope, southern  exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy to  arrange appointment to view and for more details.  $210,000. Make an offer   mmwn  WATERFRONT HOME - SECHELT  L-211  This bvely (2 yr. old 1285 sq. ft.) waterfront home  on Osprey Street, Sechelt Village, features 3  bedrooms, ensuite in the master bedroom. Full  basement with carport. Electric heating plus 2  fireplaces. Thermoseal windows. R/l plumbing in  basement. Gently sloped 75 ft. x 163 ft. lot with a  lovely picturesque view of Sechelt Inlet and  Mountains. This home is the only waterfront  home for sale in Sechelt Village. First time on the  market. F.P. $87,500. Call Pat Murphy for  appointment to view 885-5171.  SECHELT  L222  Well built home  on 64jxl2�� ajmrox. < orner lot.  Two bedrooms  iaftqJmoi^^r\ose to schools,  stores and t^  ^hwrlMT Park across street  make it your i^  Srhind. F.P. $51,000. Call 885-  5171.  SECHELT VILLAGE L 205  Two bedroom plus den - 1056 sq. ft. with  minimum maintenance located on Spindrift cul-  de-sac. It also has a mountain view. Close to  shops, schools, park and beach. F.P. $45,000.  Call for an appointment to view,  QUIET - COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE  This lovely contemporary two storey 2300 sq. ft.  home - 1150 up and 1150 down has 2 bedrooms,  large living room, stepsaver kitchen, enhance by  skylight, thermopane windows, giant brick  fireplace in living room. This quality home has  many olher features. Close to good beach and  recreation. F.P. $$93,500. Call Pat 885-5171 to  make appointment to view.  LOTS  EAGLEVIEW PARK  WEST SECHELT      ^^ L144  There's one left... ,'jsi A..��h Io buy into this  beautiful area. '>*wl_ iryrwilh beach access  and is just ^nmutywrotn stores and schools.  This is a q'lWiWJsiment opportunity. Take it.  F.P. $18,50fl"Call 885 5171.  SO YOU WANT A VIEW?  This 100 x 120 view lot is ready for building with  access road to building site already in. Call 885-  5171. F.P. $16,000.  PEBBLE CRESCENT L 183  Good Buy! Here is a good building lot situated in  the Pebble Crescent cul-de-sac. Close to the  schools, and beaches. F.P. $14,500  VIEW LOT L 226  Close to ferry. Lol size 50 x 141. Great view.  Make il yours at $16,900.  VIEW LOT L-214  Here is a lot that speaks to you wilh ils view. |{  acre terraced lol with a road in to back ol lot. F.P.  $12,000  THIS LOT IS READY... L 212  It has a head start wilh the septic field and  concrete tank already installed. Lot size 117.70 x  64.82. F.P. $13,500.  HOPKINS LANDING L 94  Commutor special, this lot is 1/2 a mile from the  Langdale terminal. It hasaviewofGambierIsland  and surrounding areas. It is a good building site  with the lot dimensions of 50 x 140. Take alook at  this opportunity and don't let it pass you by. Call  885-5171. F.P. $16,900.  TUWANEK VIEW LOT L 223  This % acre lot would make a nice retreat. F.P.  $12,000.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Industrial zoned ��� 193' x  98' level lot on Wharf Road. 1728 sq. ft. building -  plus older two bedroom house 944 sq. ft. and  extras. Excellent hard to find location. F.P.  $165,000. Call 885-5171.  MARINE WAY  60 x 180 lols $11,000. Call 885-5171.  ACREAGE  ACREAGE & MUCH MORE L 217  3 acres of land zoned A-3 on East Porpoise Bay.  Approx. 1.5 miles from Sechell. Lies waiting for  you lo move into its 1600 sq. ft. home. 3 bedroom  home and inlaw suite. Master bedroom has  ensuite. Acreage is parklike setting, landscaped,  with ocean view. Call now for appointment to  view at 885-5171.   WATERFRONT  700l��toflh��  like, vitw waltri  This RARfpraap��tai il *��� Low  btnl^BAti Jcceit. 3.5 acre  prepamfrlag, ��itt. Acceu road ft  all Mi9lctt. Well found cabin &  trailer.  13 acres:.-  with large  ik gull view.  The whole 16.5 acre* ia  which permit, multi  ���ion or holding oftion'  seelhuoppd  ty snd^iwift VrtaiU on ihe  encellenj^SKnig that is available. $1 VtffXi this is an excellent  buy.  CALL P.T. DALHLE       883-928$  +++++++++++++++++  THE VIEW HAS IT  So docs everything else about this  beautilul one-of-a-kind 500 ft.  WATERFRONT setting.  For recreation, retirement or  investment, this exclrfn^water  front   Strata  everything  PRICE  2deki  so  atti  believe it  prices.  These are a super buy at just  I   $64,500 and $79300 or make your  '   offer for both and let one pay for  i   the other.  J   CALL P.T DAHLE 883-9285  i*****************  has  I AT A  FORD.  n units that are  must see to  true at the asking  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  + $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  $  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  "P.T." Dahle 883-9285 Deirdre 885-9487 Pat 885-5171  REAL  ESTATE  hb GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  PHONE  885-2013  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C.  OWN YOUR OWN ENTIRE  DISTRICT LOT  No. 4282. Approximately 1400 ft. on Mixal Lake.  Small creek. Irvines Landing Road runs from the  northeast corner at the lake to the southwest corner,  close to Lees Bay, THE salmon fishing spot. Signs on  both ends of road. Excellent group venture. F.P.  $180,000  RUBY LAKE: Large corner lot. $9,900.  UPLAND RD. TUWANEK: Small creek on this  interesting lot. Only $7,500. Offers please.  McCULLOUGH RD. WILSON CREEK: Approx.l  . .u re. View building site, $21,000.  WESCAN   ROAD:   Treed   lot   bordering  on  Smugglers Cove, Marine Park. $10,700. Phone Jack  Noble, 883 2701.  SAMRON RD., WEST SECHELT  View lot just off Mason Rd. 90 x 140. Treed.  Offered at $26,900.  SKANA DRIVE, SANDY HOOK: Interesting  deep lot with ravine at back. F.P. $14,900. Trade  equity for Greater Vancouver property?  MEMBER  SAKINAW LAKE - GORGEOUS  VIEW: Dive from the deck into the  water - cozy up to th^iwplace on a cool  evening! SupeivoJkaJe' sleeps 6 plus.  Propane, f��&/ stove, lights. 165'  waterfront, 2$00' deep. 7.1 acres. Just  listed at $63,500 - So hurry!  SAKINAW LAKE -  RUGGLES BAY  Spacious Holiday home. Beamed  cedar interiors. Sundeck facing west.  7 acres lease land. $32,500.  SAKINAW LAKE  PRIVATE RUSTIC RETREAT  RIGHT AT THE WATER EDGE!  Wonderful warm swimming, fishing.  Sleeps 2 or 8. 150' waterfront, with  docks. 1.7 acres of Govt. Lease Land,  water access only. Offered at $26,500.  SECHELT - SECLUDED  WATERFRONT ESTATE  West Coast contemporary design.  Cedar exterior with skylights. Four  bedrooms. Three fireplaces. Under  construction. Price $170,000.  GIBSONS - GOWER PT. ROAD (West of  Pratt Rd.) New, Hot Tub, Skylights, Cedar,  Southwest superb view. Three bedrooms, two  fireplaces, three baths. S/C ground level suite. Details  from John Wilson.  *5_j*   'Bfljf  WEST SECHELT: Three bedroom basement  home. Fully developed lower level, including third  bathroom. Ideal inlaw home. Landscaped. $67,900.  SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  JACK NOBLE 883-2701  H.B. GORDON  JOHN WILSON 885-9365 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  lexander Realty Ltd.  EGMONT: This rare 32 acres has 23 acres of  lovely land and a 9.5 foreshore lease. Stream  runs through property from North Lake, has  two lovely homes and a trailer with other  buildings on property which was formerly a  salmon farm. Over 1000 ft. of choice level  waterfrontage with dock, ideal for protected  boat and aircraft moorage. Spectacular view,  asking $370,000.  5.51 ACRES WITH APPROX. 1000* WATERFRONTAGE  IN  BLIND  BAY. and  known as all of District Lot 6212, this is a  beautiful property, low bank and well protected  with two small Islands in front, very close to  Ballet Bay, full price is $70,000.  CHOICE 1 ACRE VIEW LOT: Located at  Sinclair Bay Rd. overlooking harbour at a  reasonable price of $18,000.  CENTRE HARDWARE IN MADEIRA  PARK: This modern store in fast growing  community located in main shopping centre  with I.G.A. and L.C.B. is ideal business for right  person with rural living in mind, This business  has unlimited potential.  EGMONT: Over 10 acres of choice property  adjoining Skookumchuk trail just seconds  away from Gov't, dock and other services.  Asking $56,000 with access from Egmont  Road.  TAYLOR'S GARDEN BAY STORE AND  MARINA: This renowned, strategically located  business has excellent moorage, gas pumps,  post-office and a thriving grocery and general  store.  DISTRICT LOT 6280 IS APPROX. 20  ACRES LOCATED IN MIDDLEPOINT:  area on the upper side of Hwy 101 with good  view & direct access from Hwy 101, reasonably  priced at $100,000.  GARDEN BAY WATERFRONTAGE: This  spectacular setting with a magnificent view of  the entire harbour and entrance has an  attractive 4 bdrm home on 1.3 acres with gently  sloped lawn to waterfrontage with excellent  moorage, large protected dock with pilings.  Access from blacktopped road, carport, small  guest cottage, lots of property for additional  Home which would overlook existing home., all  for $200,000.  AGAMEMNON  acres Island just a  Pender Harbour,  Island with new  plant, water and  houses, excellent  private retreat at  CHANNEL: A spectacular 5  few short minutes away from  perfect moorage at rear of  dock, excellent generating  other amenities. Two lovely  fishing and diving grounds, a  its best. Asking $300,000.  REDROOFS ROAD: An attractive V; acre lot  know as lot 10 D.L. 1324 plan 12224 for  $15,000.  $83-2491  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0  SUNSHINE COAST  T0WNH0MES  .. .just 20 minutes  from downtown  Vancouver by  scheduled float plane  ...on the bluff at Porpoise Bay  TIM FRIZZELL  885-9683  (Sechelt)  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON IVO  HOMES  ^i_  MARLENE ROAD - ROBERTS CREEK  2 year old 3 bdrm, full bsmt home in area of new homes  (1360 sq. ft. on each floor). Many extras, including  stone f.p. on main, wood burning in bsmt. Range,  fridge, washer & dryer with sale. Large, mostly  landscaped lot with some view. Approx. $41.000.1st at  10 1/2% interest. Could be assumed. Priced to sell al  $69,900  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  1.8 ACRES GIBSONS ��� REID ROAD: New 1280 sq. ft.  home. Has covered 22 x 24 garage. Wood burning stove in  living room. Property has potential for subdividing or?? Must  be seen to be appreciated. $93,500.  GIBSONS ��� FIRCREST ROAD: New 3 bedroom  basement home. Will be finished by October 1960. $65,900.  1270 DOGWOOD ROAD - GIBSONS: sits the home  that has finished basement with wet bar and fireplace for  those cold evenings. Home has 1274 sq. ft. of comfort  upstairs. If you are a person who wants a workshop, this has  a large one in back yard. Landscaped and clean. $77,500.  COMMERCIAL  GIBSONS - INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY - PAYNE  ROAD: Lot size 65 (t. x 160 ft., light industrial zoned. In  regional district for tax purposes. $25,000.  GIBSONS - Commercial building in the heart of the Village.  This 14 year old store sits on 4 lots with a total area of 17,886  sq. ft. The building is 1% stories with 4471 sq. ft. on the main  floor and 1562 sq. ft. on the upper. The overall condition is  good and the building could be used for a wide variety of  retail outlets. The store fixtures are NOT included in the sale  price of $175,000 BRING ALL OFFERS  THIS STORE MUST BE SOLD  GIBSONS - BRAND NEW: Ready to move in to. Over  1400 sq. (t. of comfort. Rec room is 16 x 26 or could be large  master bedroom. Fireplace and large living room. Lot size is  90 x 112. Enjoy the sun from the sundeck and view the bay  $71 900  NORM PETERSON     886-2607  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  lif-t,!^*^ ;.  1 ACRE ��� NORTH ROAD - OUTSIDE OF GIBSONS:  Looking for a big workshop? This one is 24 x 40 with a 10 ft.  ceiling. Home-has 2 bdrms and wood stove for low heating  costs. Cement patio 19 x 19 for that barbecue. Very good  vegetable garden. Vendor is in process of repainttngexterior  of home. $79,400.  ROSAMUND ROAD - GIBSONS: 12 x 68 mobile home  on large lot. Well maintained. Back yard fenced & tree house  for children. Sauna, workshop and vegetable garden in back  yard. Good area for children. $38,500.  LOTS  KING ROAD, NORTH END  72 x 127 ft. treed building lots on short deadend road. Only  $13,000  MARLENE ROAD ��� ROBERTS CREEK: Choice ol two  lots, both irregular in size. Approximately !? acre in size.  $20,000 per lot.  CAMEO ROAD ��� SECHELT: Good building lot in quiet  area. Only $13,500.  MAPLEWOOD LANE - GIBSONS: Fenced, cleared, and  grass in on this level building lot. Located in quiet area.  $17,000.  CHASTER ROAD ��� Bring all offers on 80' level cleared lot,  close to school. OK for trailers.  COCHRAN ROAD ��� 4 65' x 125' level lots to pick from. All  backing on Village park. Priced to sell at $14,000.  DENNIS  CAROLE PLACE (OFF  VETERANS RD): New 3  bedroom home on large cul-de-sac lot. Part basement. 2 flu  chimney. Ship lap Iramed with all 2 x 6ex. walls. R20in walls,  R28 In ceiling. 2 piece ensuite, plus much more. Don't miss  looking at this one. Asking $68,500.  MAPLEWOOD LANE - GIBSONS: New 3 bedroom,  1375 sq. fl. home on eg^i qjrultfeVu Good size level lot.  Many extras ri^il7%il^|^>,ii j in large mastei  bedroom. Lai jt ^^m��*".ffZoncrete driveway. This is one  that should bt aeen. Asking $63,000.  ACREAGE  AGENTS FOR EVERGREEN PARKLAND  Over 20 large wooded lots in parklike setting, located 1200'  from highway on Veterans Road. Drive in and look around  as these lots are priced to sell from only $10,000.  SUVEGES     886-7264 tm  12.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  anderson  REALTY LTD  FREE  CATALOGUE  ^>4 .*..�����*  NEW LISTING - ROBERTS CREEK: This 4 6 acre Hobby  Farm offers complete privacy, numerous fruit trees, a large  fenced pasture, 2 creeks, southern slope plus an older well kept  home and a 1100 sq. ft. near new barn on a concrete foundation,  fully wired and easily converted into an attractive farm home.  Both buildings are protected by professional electronic security  system. Priced at $99,500. THIS BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY IS  A MUST TO SEE. To view anytime call Vadim,  C^  il  JPu  tLm^r' v*li&���  lv'  q5jl  *��� w. f*     ��������� �� ����  fe3pr  ��A(i^Fl,i  W*?&  SECHELT:  Level prope  adjoining ho  large living r  bathroom. L  fireplace wit  double pane  shopping. T  -uvely 1  ly, real  use. Q  >om an  vmg ro  heatila  window  ) view t  rand new 1300 sq. ft. home al  nice for gardening. Large cov  jality interior finishing. Thre  d family/kitchen area. Therm  om and kitchen area share at  tor. Clean electric heat. Well i  s. A few minutes level walk t  all Gordie. $64,900  on one level,  ered carport  ; bedrooms,  al skylight in  factive brick  isulatedwith  3 school and  ISLAND VIEW PARK: West Sechelt - One year old, 1232 sq  ft., 3 bedroom, full basement home on a quiet dead end street in  desirable area of West Sechelt. Large 1/3 acre lot with an  excellent view. This attractive home features thermopane  windows throughout, electric heat and includes two Fisher  airtight stoves. F.P. $68,900. To view call Vadim.   WELCOME WOODS: New 3 bedroom home in a large cul-de-  sac lot. Ensuite plumbing in master bedroom, 1250 sq. ft. single  level. Area of all new homes. Fireplace and sundeck. Very  affordable at $68,500. Call Stan.  REDROOFFS AREA: 3 bedroom 1080 sq. ft. home on 82'  208' lot. Needs some finishing inside and out. School bus and  SMT bus goes by the front door. Asking $48,500. See Doug  INVESTMENT DUPLEX: 2 BR each side 1536 sq. ft. total  60x 150 lot. Vendor would consider carrying some. F.P. $54,900  See Doug.   SECHELT VILLAGE: Live in the village of Sechelt. Only  minutes to schools, shopping and social activities. 1800 sq. ft. of  living space all on one level. Yard level and landscaped with  fence all around. Four bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Large open  areas-Many special features, a treat to show. To view call  Gordie. 885-9986. F.P. $67,000 _____  E  A. Kb PAGE  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  NEW LISTING ��� SECHELT VILLAGE: This ideal starter or  retirement home features 988 sq. ft. of living area, 2 bedrooms,  heatilator fireplace, full basement as well as a quiet cul-de-sac  setting. Presently under construction and ready lor your input.  Asking $59.900. To review the plans call Vadim.  I    Mftl  Sf'" i        I  zPw ;. IP RSMHH  GOWER POINT: View of Georgia Straight from this 1 year  new home is ever changing. Well built. 6 bedroom home (3 up  and 3 down) is on a large lot and has lots of features such as  fireplace, skylights, decks and much more. Priced at $73,900.  Call Bob.  GRANTHAMS LANDING - WATERFRONT: Two cabins  on 67 x 117 waterfront lease lot, Well kept main cabin has a brick  fireplace and a large sundeck overlooking Howe Sound. Asking  $45,000. Vendor will assist with financing. For more details cali  Vadim.      __^^_  __ ___  DAVIS BAY ��� PRESTIGE HOME: Need room? Like a view?  Want a prest .ge home? This is gracious living at its best in a grcaf  aiea & jn a level lot. Don't let the price concern you - have ���  look al this special home. $150,000.   MADEIRA PARK: Lakefront 3 bedroom home, 1152 sq. ft., i'  bath, double windows, 2 car garage 22 x 24, and workshop 12  24 all new in the past 4 years, plus many extras included, on 4.27  acres. Level landscaped yard, a short mile to school. P.O. and  shopping  centre.  Full   price  $85,000.   Call   Don  for  appointment.  _  DAVIS BAY: Family size 3 bedroom full basement home on  large view lot. Two carport, fibreglassed sundeck, rec. room  and landscaped. Immediate possession. Asking $69,900. See  Doug.  Gordon Hall      Vadim Kobasew Bob Bull        Jack Anderson  885-9986 885-3156 885-2503 885-2053 Sunshine Const Realtor, August 8, 1980  FREE  CATALOGUE  ���ii  I A. E.b PAGE  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  anderson  REALTY LTD  Post Office Box 1219, Sachelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  WATERFRONT  LOTS  LOTS  WATERFRONT - SANDY HOOK: 111 ft of prime  waterfront in Porpoise Bay...add lo this an immaculate 3,450 sq.  ft. cedar home with sauna, sundecks, your own private  float, and you have yourself a fantastic mini-estate. See the  ,'alue for yourself by callingBobat 885-2503 for an appointmpnt  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE: Do you want a  quiet waterfront retreat with no roads or cars? We have a few  parcels of evergreen forest, 5 lo 10 acres each. Minimum of 250  feet of waterfronl and stream thru most lols. Located 22 miles  Irom Sechelt by waler or air only. Fly in with Tyee Airways Ltd  from Vancouver or Sechelt. or use your own boat. Call Don.  DORISTON: 660 It. of walerfront. Near level beach. 17.2  acres, well timbered. Good solid 2 bedroom house- Lovely  garden area, good year round creek on property. Located at  Doriston, Sechelt Inlet. To view call Gordie. Asking $120,000.  WATERFRONT ��� SQUARE BAY: 112 feet of superb  waterfront, situated in an area of exclusive homes, Ideally suited  for a multilevel home. Protected year round moorage. Plus- lots  of arbutus trees and southerly exposure. All this for only  $77,500. To view this fine property call Vadim.  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT: 2 acre estate type  property with a gazetted access on the west boundary. A small  amounl of walerfront adjoining the property. A fine water view  and heavily treed. Truly a one of a kind property. Call Stan for  details.  EGMONT WATERFRONT: 8 acres of waterfront. Mostly  level, low bank, treed acreage developed with a 2 bedroom  home. Home rented at $350, per month makes this a good  investment property. Egmont is the lasl area on the Sunshine  Coasl to be developed and therefore the prices are still  reasonable. Imagine 8 acres of waterfronl for only $109,000.  Vendor will carry a large morlgage. Call Bob for details.  LOTS  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS  LOT tti: Nm.' corner lcii on gently sloping land with some nice  irees Powei and waler al property line. Located in the village of  Sechell neat the Arena Call Gordie, F.P. $13,500.  LOT ��3: Extra large building lot in area of new homes. All  services including paved roads F.P $12,000  LOT ��4: Good building site foi youi new home lot ated in the  Village of Set hell near the Arena. The property is nicely treed  and has walei and power al properly line. Call Gordie F.P.  $12,500  LOT ��7: .Jusi up past the Arena. Lovely subdivision large lots  new homes. All services are in  Call Stan  F.P $12,000.  SECHELT VILLAGE: 7 excellenl building lols in ihe lower  Village All are within walking distance lo shopping etc. All  services an- available including sewers. Prices range from  $15,500 in $18,500  WEST SECHELT - NOR VAN CUL-DE-SAC: Nice building  lol locaied in a quiel cul-de-sac. Ideal for your future home. Call  Bob lo view this one of a kind. $16,500.  HOPKINS LANDING - COMMUTER SPECIAL: Just  minutes from the ferry. These are the ideal lols lo build your  permanent resident on and still take pari in all that Vancouver  has to offer. The price is right at $16,900 each. For more  informalion on these lols call Gordie.  BROWNING ROAD: Level lot ready to build on. This 70' x ���  149' lot is cleared, close to beach access and in an exclusive  area. New homes are springing up all around it. Join the  neighbourhood. Listed at $16,500 but make an offer. Call Stan  or Bob.  BAYV1EW SUBDIVISION: Your own "piece of the rock."  Lovely view of the ocean, nicely treed. Nice quiet neighborhood.  Located in Bayview subdivision just off of Highway 101 &  Redrooffs Road. The price is right at $19,900. Call Gordie.  REDROOFFS - FAWN ROAD: Large, level building lot.  Nicely treed. Approved for septic system. 175'of road frontage.  F.P. $14,500. For more details call Vadim.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Only available duplex lot in Village of  Sechelt. Cleared and on sewer. Build now or hold for potential  service industrial use. $25,000. Call Bob.  SECHELT: One of the very few OCEAN VIEW lots in the  village of Sechelt. Large level building site. Asking $16,500. Call  Vadim.  REDROOFFS ACREAGE: 100' x 525'. Gigantic first growth  timber. Level area tobuild, across from Welcome Beach access.  All services at road, Full price $26,000. Call Bob at 885-2503.  WEST PORPOISE BAY: 75 x 150 treed serviced lot, close to  ice arena. Gently sloping land. Close lo a small boat marina. F.P.  $12,000. Slan.  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE - GOWER POINT: 12  acre semi waler front lot. Excellent ocean view with westerly  exposure. Easy beach access. Asking $55,000. For more  informalion call Vadim.  REDROOFFS: Large corner view lol���level, cleared and  ready to build on. All services. Call Bob. $17,000,  SANDY HOOK - PORPOISE BAY DR: Nicely treed building  lot with gentle slope. View up Sechelt Inlet. F.P.$ 12,000. For  more information call Vadim.  BROWNING ROAD: VIEW! WELL,. partial view lot but only  a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for unobstructed  view. Partially cleared and owner will finish burning stumps for  only $18,900. Call Bob.  GRANTHAMS LANDING ��� VIEW LOT: 65 x 130 ft treed  view lot close lo the beach with all available services. F.P.  $17,000  REDROOFFS: Two lots on Redrooffs Road. Lot ��40 $16,900.  Lot "41 $16,900 A growing community, both permanent and  recreation homes. Call Bob for details.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: 5 acre parcels on Highway 101.  Excellenl at i ess and some value in timber. Lot A $24,900 lot C  $27,900. lol D $37,500 Call Stan.  GIBSONS: Small cabin on sea view lol. No plumbing,  Landscaped, fruil trees. Lol serviced with sewer and waler. etc.  F.P. $19,900  ROBERTS CREEK - RICHARDS ROAD: 80 x 140' fully  ���serviced lot. Ideal for mobile homes. One ofthe nicest lots in the  .area. F.P. $16,900. Call Vadim for more details.  WILSON CREEK: A picture view to Vancouver from this 64' x  117' lot. Paved road. Priced for quick sale. $13,500. See Doug  SECHELT: Create your own park on this level treed lot, close  to the water in Sechelt. All local services on paved road. Size is  80' x 320'. The value is there at $23,000. Call Don.  SEAVIEW LOTS IN THE BEST AREA OF THE COAST:  These lots are well over 1 acre each & have a truly fine view of  Trail Islands. Each lot is naturally landscaped with moss & fir  trees. South exposure & only 100 yards to a good beach.  $32,900 each. Call J. Anderson 885-2053.  ACREAGE  ACREAGE ��� GIBSONS: Approx. 12 acres on Highway 101 in  Soames Point. View property septic zoned R2L A great  investment. F.P. $150,000. Call Bob lor details.  WEST SECHELT: 21+ acres with approx. 12 acre* cleared  and fenced h paature. The remainder ��� in tall tree* with  Wakefield Creek flowing through. This is the ideal property for a  hobby farm. With acreage so scarce this is a very good  investment for only $80,000. Call Bob at 885-2503 to have a look  at this piece.  WOOD BAY (SECRET COVE): One hundred and fifty nine  acres mostly view property with nice valley in centre. Easy to  subdivide into 5 acre parcels when highway alignment services  property. District lot 6322 is a potential gold mine for an investor  looking to the future. Large sand & gravel deposits and good  bottom land on property. Bonus is 14 million feet of timber. Call  Bob for a tour at 885-2503.  SANDY HOOK INVESTMENT PROPERTY: 7 acres ol flat  level land with subdivision potential. Some view, easy  development. No rock, partly cleared rough road on properly.  Borders crown land on the south side. F.P. $75,900  REVENUE  'WILSON CREEK: 10 pad trailer park with 4 ofthe units owned  'outright. Room for expansion with very little additional expense.  Property presently grossing $1,600 per month and all rents  could rise. An excellent investment for an ambitious couple.  F.P. $169,500.  COMMERCIAL  SECHELT - COMMERCIAL  Property is on Inlet Avenue. Zoned Commercial 1. Two lots 33 x  122 ft, for lotal of 8052 sq. ft. Possible to put on a Iwo story  building of 7040 sq, ft. and have 15 17 parking spaces. Good  location for an office building. Property has iwo older homes  that are rented oul, so lhat you have a sourceof revenue till you  develop, Call Gordie.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY; Hotel lor sale in Pender  Harbour. Ideally locaied at Hospital Bay on 1 acre of land wilh a  lovely view of Pender Harbour Accommodations (or 34 guest  and fully licensed 58 seat restaurant Separate duplex that is  rented out. For complete information contact Gordie Hall  Doug  Joyce  885-2761  Stan  Anderson  885-2385  Don  Hadden  885-9504 14.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  ���    IBSONS        *V* AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES  $  mi' ttj mi  ��� iiimiiii  CHASTER RD: Traditional styled lfc storey  family home. Four bedrooms, large kitchen and  family room. Upstairs area is master bedroom  plus ensuite. Sliding glass doors open to private  balcony. Kitchen and dining room open to  cement patio for summer entertaining. Fenced  landscaped yard. $79,900.   CHAMBERLIN & BRIDGEMAN: Charming  little farm house on large 6/ lOthtften acre in quiet  wooded area. Large trees �� f��ed lot with  excellent landscapipiy^lentu&pnise has been  completely wjntmim^ha^miirs with new  kitchen and^SJ^rj/Two car garage, laundry  room and m^Jtaster bedroom upstairs. Ideal  starter home or investment, Phone for appointment anytime. $44,900.  1278 HEADLANDS: Thumjudroom home  with huge living room^ituaBd alhe base of the  bluff within walkiBffwmxe Abeboat launching  ramp and >t��efl hoMep^lway from a beach.  School buq0w��p^hildren across the street.  Quiet area. <0ff,900.  YMCA RD: Langdale. Family home surrounded  with beautifully terraced gardens. This three  bedroom home is situated on a large lot with a  very private setting. Master bedroom has ensuite  plumbing. Large living room with antique brick  fireplace. Kitchen with eating area, plus utility  room. Living room and dining room have cedar  feature walls. Must be seen. $62,900.  SMITH RD: Something original! Architecturally  designed mod cedar home with skylights, vaulted  ceiling in living room and two sundecks. Could be  three bedrooms or two with den. $58,500.  SARGENT RD: 'Si Senorita' will be your answer  lo purchase this Spanish style design new home  on a view lot on Sargent Road in Gibsons. Two  fully finished floors, total 2300 sq. ft. complete  with many extras, such as two fireplaces and an  all nighter, triple plumbing, double garage,  intercom, workshop and within walking distance  of shopping and schools. Make an appointment to  view. $125,000.  MALA VIEW RD: Three bedroom two year old  home on Malaview Road. Close to Cedar Grove  School. All rooms are large. Back garden has  large cedar Irees for privacy. This is an attractive  home and should be viewed if you are purchasing.  $56,500.  BROOKSIDE: Large three bedroom home,  Fireplace in living room. Dining room is separate.  $61,500  ( LANGDALE: View. For the purchaser who  appreciates quality in design and construction  detail. Features hot water heat, four bathrooms,  large master bedroom with walk-in closet. 2  fireplaces, separate heated garage/workshop and  finished inlaw suite. All interior walls insulated for  warmth and sound. One of the peninsula's best  areas and close to school. 1740 sq. ft. up and  down make this home ideal for the large family.  Offered at $128,500.  Ifc      ftldlllllM?.:  CHEKWELP RESERVE: Why pay money lot  land when you can purchase this two bedroom  788 square feet house on a 20 year lease for  $27,500. Lot is semi-waterfront with easy walking  distance to Gibsons shopping. Ideal for retiring,  starter home or investment. $27,500. ���  BROOKSIDE:.Nj  three bedn  Dining rool  GRANTHAMS LANDING: Approximately  300 square feet fully self-contained studio on  beautiful view lot. 100 amp service with electric  heat, regional water, three piece plumbing.  Partially landscaped. Ideal for single person or as  a starter home. Only two blocks to beach and  store. $29,900.  [smction. Large  In living room.  9,900.  DAVIDSON RD: Langdale Ridge. Excellent  family home on quiet park-like private road. This  nicely landscaped four bedroom home has double  windows, fireplace up, wood stove down,  separate double carport and many extra features.  This two year old full basement home with  approximately 2400 square feet overall has large  finished rec room and 2 full bathrooms. All this  and an excellent view. $76,300.   HOMES  BONNIEBROOK PLACE: Three bedroom  family home. Full basement designed to  accommodate inlaw suite. Master bedroom with  ensuite. Shake roof and wrap-around sundeck.  Insulation in walls R20 and ceiling R28. Quiet area  with beach access and spectacular view  $75,000. _^___   GOWER POINT RD: Spotless home on large  property. Absolutely fantastic vegetable garden.  Large sundeck, beauliful view. $76,900.  TRICKLE COURT: Near new three bedroom  family home with beamed ceilings. Lawn and  some landscaping done. Open planned living  room, dining room and kitchen. Large utility  room constructed so that a wood heater can be  installed. $54,900.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Bay area waterfront  older home. Very close to proposed marina and  existing boat launch. Very good future potential  in developing bay area. Home now vacant, use it  yourself or hold as revenue. $105,000.  WHARF ROAD - SECHELT: Older two  bedroom home on large level lol. Some ocean  view and Village location make this an ideal  starter, retirement or investment property. All  services available. Priced at $41,000.  BURNS RD: Two bedroom older home on super  large lot in Lower Village. 2 short blocks to boat  launching site. $45,000.  GIBSONS: Gibsons Harbour waterfront. Older  2 bedroom house currently rented. Great future  potential. Lot size 48 x 310. $87,500.  ARGENT RD. ��� ROBERTS CREEK: 8/10 of  an acre in ever-popular Roberts Creek. 2  bedroom, 600 sq. ft. cabin in a natural setting of  cedars and fruit trees. Large vegetable garden  already in. Priced to sell at $33,000.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Urge three bedroom  home on Brookside under construction. Living  room with fireplace, master bedroom has ensuite.  Separate dining room as kitchen has nook  opening onto a patio. Le ge unfinished basement  has room for rec room with thimble for wood  heater, two bedrooms and a bathroom. $69,500.  PRATT RD:9/10of an acrepark like setting with  huge cedar trees and guaranteed privacy for the  1250 sq. ft. 3 bedroom home. A nice start for that  private mini estate this property comes with a  large vegetable garden, numerous fruits trees,  outbuilding for live stock and a brick barbecue.  Home is complemented with sliding doors on to a  lull length deck and inside, an acorn fireplace to  warm winter nights. Don't miss this one. $65,700.  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE ��� GOWER  POINT RD: Semiwaterfront. View and million  dollar sunsets from this completely renovated  and enlarged 1120 square feet, three bedroom  home, Abundance of cedar compliments the  rustic brick fireplace and the spacious living  room, French doors open to a very private palio.  Sauna adjoining bath. Sliding doors to a full length  sundeck and across the quiet street swimming,  boating and fishing. Priced al $120,000.  GOWER PT RD: Cute clean one bedfflbm  house on large lot. The house has to be removi  by June 1985. This is an area of large new homes.  Live in it while you build or tenant will remain at  $200.00 a month rent. $29,900.  MAPLEWOOD LANE: One year old basement  home. Three bedrooms. Wall to wall carpets.  Fenced yard. Basement roughed in ready to  finish. This attractive home won't last long at the  asking price of $65,900.  ROBERTS CREEK: 8.8 acre Country Estate.  Log construction, owner built, deluxe 4 bedroom  home. Features include a forced air heating  system oil or wood fired, sauna located off the  master bedroom ensuite. Family room, custom  built kitchen, formal dining room with fireplace.  Covered by a heavy shake roof with sky-lites.  $179,000.   PROWSE & BEACH AVE: WATERFRONT.  Large three bedroom home on prime waterfronl  in Gibsons Village. Convenient In shopping, post  office and restaurants. This property is also  adjacent to the boat launching ramp. The garden  with its profusion of tall shrubs makes this a very  private spot. Ducks nesl near the stream on the  adjoining lot which has been donated for park  land. 180 degree view of water and mountains  which is ever changing. $112,000.  ISLAND RETREAT: 1. of Sakinaw Lake Island.  The ultimate in tranquility and yet only 5 minutes  from boat launch. Price included two fully  furnished buildings with all modem conveniences, two boats, one power, one sail, two floats,  sheltered swimming beach for the children and  approximately 600 feet of waterfront. Ideal for the  two family purchase. $105,00.  HALFMOON BAY: Waterfront home. Level  waterfront with good garden soil. Two year old  home of excellent quality. Large family kitchen,  living room has fireplace and hardwood floors.  Two large bedrooms, master has ensuite. Fully  finished ground level full basement is rented suite.  Total finished living area equals over 2700 square  feet. $135,000.  BROOKSIDE: Brand new three bedroom, non  basement home. Large rooms and sunken living  room with brick fireplace. $58,500.  LANGDALE RIDGE: Beautiful new 3  full basement home with the perfect blend of  wood and brick exterior. This 1345 sq. ft. home is  situated on a 95' x 130' view lot with all new homes  in the area. The home features dining room and  living room opening fireplace, 2 full bathrooms  with walk-in closet off the master bedroom, twin  seal windows, shake roof, separate double  carport plus large sundeck. The list goes on,  le and see for yourself. $89,500  LJB-1: Some of the best farming land in the  nis 16acre property measures approximately 280' x 2700' with a gazetted road down 2/3 of  the east side. Regional water is across the street.  Gentle slope for easy drainage. The home is 1037  square feet on the main floor with finished attic of  nearly 400 square feet. Large living room and  family room area. Also a targe utility room with  washer and dryer hook-up. You must see to  appreciate this lovely rural setting. $110,000.  ACREAGE  BOYLE RD: 4.6 acres at the end of Boyle Road.  Regional water now to area. Ideal secluded  building site or hold as investment. $35,000.  LYNWOOD RD: Just off Hanbury Road, 5  acres. Land has been logged off years ago and the  present trees are tall and very nicely shaped.  Road down side and across back. A rare piece  these days. $47,500.  RUBY LAKE: PRICED RIGHT. 6.5 acres with  Ruby Creek, a spawning creek running length of  property. Water rights on creek. Paved road and  power to property. End of Halliwell Road near  Ruby Lake. $37,000.  SAKINAW LAKE: Here is 35acreswith800feet  on the lakefront, accessible from Garden Bay  Road or by water. Timber on, good moorage and  adjacent bts have cabins on. South-west  exposure. $125,000.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  STEVE  SAWYER  886-7678  DAVE  ROBERTS  886-8040  JON  MCRAE  885-3670  LORRIE  GIRARD  886-7760  ARNE  PETTERSEN  886-9793 Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980 15.  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  ���    IBSONS   <^AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  LOTS  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Large lot measures 81 x  141 with partial view. Lot has been parked-out  with driveway in and ready for your home. Area of  top quality homes. $17,900.  HILLCREST RD: Large view lot on quiet cul-de-  sac in Village. Paved road with all services  underground. Water, sewer, telephone, hydro  and cable. Beautiful view of Keats Island and  Georgia Strait. $21,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Large lot close to all  amenities. Cleared level and ready to build on. All  services available. $18,900.  SEAVIEW RD: Sandy Hook. Beautiful large 75 x  125 lots with unbelievable view. Regional water,  hydro, easy to build on. Vendor may carry at 10%  down, 13.5% inlerest. Try your offers. $12,900  each.  HILLCREST RD: Beautiful large view lot in  prestige area of Village. Paved no through road.  All services underground. Hydro, water,  telephone and cablevision. View of Keats & Gap.  Creek at back. $23,900.  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  LOTS  27 ���  7r, ���  7f '  c  A  c  "    B  " c  6  $19,900  $19,900  $18,900  Z  Zj  c  Ul  a  ZQ  0  c  <  z  o  *$  $5��  F    5  $17,900  CI)  en  X -  7fi'  ir, ���  GRANTHAMS HEIGHTS:  Six lots overlooking Keats  Island with some view onto  Georgia Strait. 4 lots are 76 x  170 and 2 are 27 x 56 x 170 x  56 x 150. Cleared and ready  to build your custom home.  Excellent residential area  only one mile from Gibsons.  Priced from $17,900 to  $19,900.  REED RD.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Beautiful building view lot  bordering creek in area of brand new prestige  homes. Water, cable, hydro, sewer, paved streets  and view. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 10% interest (or 3 year term. Owner  must sell. Make an olfer. $18,900.  KEATS ISLAND: Ideal spot for summer retreat  in sheltered Eastbourne area. Don't miss this  opportunity to own your own piece of this Howe  Sound Island. Serviced by summer passenger  ferry or perhaps your own boat. Priced below  recent sales for quick sale. $7,350.  MOUNTAINVIEW DR: Nestle your dream  home in the trees on this Creekside Park Estates  lot. Borders on Ihe creek so no one can build  behind you. Area of new homes, flat and easy to  build on. Sewer and water hook-up fees have  been paid. $18,900.  CEDAR GROVE SUB-DIVISION  MMAVXEH ROAD  Off Malaview Road. Large nicely treed lots with level building sites.  Quiet cul-de-sacs close to shopping, schools and recreation. Priced  from $14,900 to $17,900. Lot sizes on map approximate.  INVESMENT- COMMERCIAL- REVENUE  BARGAIN HARBOUR RD: Pender Harbour.  Semiwaterfront. Why pay waterfront prices  when you can enjoy the same luxury at much less,  There is a no through road between you and the  most beautiful beach and harbour imaginable.  Perfect investment and summer recreational  property with 3 modern cottages. Property is  zoned C2L for fishing, resort, motel, monthly  rental suites, etc. Why not keep one for yourself  for your summer holidays. Easy level beach  access and deep water moorage. Owner may  carry first morlgage at better than bank rates.  $79,900.  MARINE DR: Ladies wear business in Lower  Gibsons. Well established business clientele with  greater potential. Present owner wishes to retire.  Price includes all fixtures wiih stock extra.  Information and statement available to qualified  purchaser.  HOPKINS LANDING  WATERFRONT STORE: Excellent business  investment on the Sunshine Coast. This grocery  and sundry store is located in the heart of  Hopkins Landing just minutes to the Langdale  ferry. Ideally situated on 90 feet of level, walk-out  WATERFRONT, being the only commercial  zoned property in this area, the land itself is  extremely valuable. Aside from store profits there  is additional revenue from other sources, such as  collection of wharfinger fees from the government  wharf adjoining the property, plus post office and  an upstairs revenue suite. This is an ideal  husband-wife situation. Always wanted to be your  own boss, then don't miss this opportunity.  $129,000  CREST SEWING: Ideal business for a sewing  machine mechanic. Located in largest mall in  town. Currently has Elna, White, Husqvama and  Imfact lines. Nine year lease period, Operating  statement available. Vendor may carry portion of  financing. This is the only sewing machine  business in town. Unlimited potential.  SANDY HOOK: Level corner lot wilh southwest exposure. Size 69 x 130 with paved road on  both sides. Power and water al sile. Short  distance to beach and boat ramp. $10,500.  POPLAR LANE: 70 x 130 panhandle lot on  sewer. Excellent neighbourhood only one block  to schools and shopping. Flat easy to build on lot  with private driveway. $15,900.  YMCA RD: Large lot in area of nice homes.  Some view of mountains. Good area for children.  $12,000.  ALDERSPR1NGS ROAD: Beautiful view lot in  the heart of the Gibsons Harbour area. % block to  Dougal Park, 1 block to shopping. Sewer, water  and hydro to lot line. $16,900.  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Excellent view and  nicely treed in area of new homes. This gently  sloping lot measures approximately 98 x 125.  $19,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES: New develop  ment in Gibsons off North Road, Very quickly  building up with some lovely homes. All on sewer,  water, hydro and all within Ihree blocks of  schools, medical clinic & two shopping centres.  MASKELL & MILLINER RD: Roberts Creek.  Lot approximately 80 x 100. Close to beach  access. $17,900.  SCHOOL ROAD & SOUTH FLETCHER:  Spectacular view corner property 40 x 150 in thc  heart of Gibsons. Small cabin on lane access. May  be purchased with adjoining lot. $19,200.  LOWER RD & MASKELL RD: Roberts Creek.  Approximately 80 feet on Maskell and 100 feet on  Lower Road. Beach access from Maskell Road.  $16,500  PRATT & GRANDVIEW: Large corner lot in  amongst executive homes. $14,900.  LANGDALE RIDGE: View lot protected on  two sides by the Langdale Creek Ravine. 3  minutes to the ferry in quiet residential subdivision. High quality new homes throughout the  area. Partial view. This lot is an excellent value.  $16,900.  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: Beautiful 60 x 120  building lot with view potential in area of new  prestige homes. Cablevision, hydro, city waler,  city sewer. Paved streets and creek nearby.  $18,900  ROSAMUND RD: Two duplexes of approximately 1000 square feet each, both on large lots.  Two suites currently rented. Potential for higher  rents. Ideal investment, priced to sell. Make an  offer. Priced at $37,900 and $35,900.  MARINE DR.: Bals Block. Commercial building  in Lower Gibsons. 5 rental units generating a very  good return. Building has potential for further  development. For details contact us now.  $190,000  HILLCREST ROAD: Beautiful large view lot in  prestige area of Village. Paved no through road.  All services underground. Hydro, water,  telephone, cablevision. View of Keats & the Gap.  $19,900.  SCHOOL ROAD & SOUTH FLETCHER:  Marvelous view lot on corner 40 x 150only one  block to shops, wharf etc. Lane access at back of  lot. May be purchased with adjoining lot and  cabin. $17,500  GRADY RD: Langdale 50' on Grady Road x 269  x90x 213.05. Should be able to choose a building  site that will give some view. Area ol nice homes  $15,900.  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  ANNE  GURNEY  886-2164  JOHN  HANSON  886-8295  TERRI  HANSON  886-8295  GARY  PUCKETT  886-9508  GREG  GRANT  886-7204 16.  Sunshine Coast Realtor, August 8, 1980  selling vour House or Land?  If you want Action make sure it's listed.  WHERE THE REAL ESTATE ACTION IS  FOR THE SUNSHINE COAST  tm SUNSHINE COAST  REALTOR  A Glassford Press Publication   Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON IVO  5 acres of beauHftMoyom land with a southern  exposure. Large^pfflFvegetable garden, trees, and  pasture areas. PUtffa custom built 1700 sq. it. three  story 4 bedroom home. Quality and craftsmanship have  created an inspiring living space. Leaded glass windows  ��� cedar finishing inside - parquet floors. A sauna outside  that will seat 10 people. An outbuilding which could be  converted into a guest cottage. This property must be  seen if you are looking for acreage with comfort.  UNDER CONSTRUCTOR* BONNIEBROOK PLACE: Executive  Some with beautiful view car easy beach access. This three bedroom full  I sement home is presently under construction and due to be completed by  'hr en:' M February. The home features 2x6 walls with R20 insulation and  R2< i.. the ceilings. The 83 x 121 ft. lot must be seen then review the plans with  any of our capable staff.  Buy now for your personal input.   $69,500.  LOWER Kll^ycedroom home close  Roberts Creek Wre. An older home with privacy  and charm. Lots of potential (or this great little  place. $39,500.  NORTH ROAD, GIBSONS $65,000  4 1/2 acres, just past Reed Road. 1440 sq. ft.  double wide home with three bedrooms,  livingroom, den and J**^ien,dining area.  Master bedroom ^as^wA-in closet, full  bathroom with atfJMlu^lflB separate shower.  Second he^JL hJsTull bathroom of its own.  There's a itjjlifl/ room, a wet bar and lots of  storage space. Oil furnace supplemented by  wood heater.  &eHElf/H^ TT2  Formerly Roct^m��' ' odge. This 1.5 acres creates a  cozy backdroriVJr tL.e lodge. It is within a short walk  to the schools, beaches, churches, shopping facilities  and park. The lodge has seven large, airy bedrooms  and a real heart warming brick fireplace in the  livingroom. F.P. $92,500.  FA1RVIEW RD. GIBSONS: 12 ft. x 68 ft. Safeway 1972,  set onto a well maintained lot which is 130 ft. x 106 ft. in size.  Carport size is 22 ft. x 24 ft. also has sundeck and fireplace in  livingroom. Listed lor $34,500.  CONTEMPORARY HOME $72,900  This year round, well insulated home overlooks  Lees Bay and is ideal for retirement living or  recreatbnal use. Near to boat moorage and  launching and the excellent fishing grounds of  Pender Harbour.  BROWNING ROAEW     \J     $15,900  Great one half y^|e%n ijmricsirable area.  Close to btaA Mci s-M'lp^r-.red building site.  Nice prIvaMMw^jMath all services, except  sewer.       ^J  NORTH RD: Capture the contrast of Keats  Island and the Howe Sound from the sundeck of  this squeaky clean yu'iflfl^me. Two bedrooms,  with workshor^r^RMwr^nt. Nicely landscaped  lot has its owt0FnFest for private walks. Fully  insulated and less than ten years old make this an  outstanding value. Hurry. $45,000.  SELMA Pf^U^S $18,500  Just renir It^ToDiy two bedroom on nicely  landscaped view lot. New rool and gutters, plus  Insulation In floors, walls and ceiling. Home has  ri fantastic view overlooking Trail Bay and  Islands. Nice terms available  Lease land  GOWER POINT RD.: 3/4-Jgrfl of privacy. Full  basement, 3 bettrooflj >"%il Vjj maintained Fireplace  makes it a cozy coJlMy_Wr*Ck)s* to the Village but in  regional district foi lower taxes. Listed for $55,200.  SECHELT VILLASc Panoramic view of Village and Trail  Bay. $69,900, Like new, spacious home with room (or everyone  including home occupancy in lower level. Features are too  numerous to mention.  SECHELT $54,000  Three bedroom home ideal [ot retiree's or as a  starter home. Handy 'm Jjfflk" schools and  shops. This home feat tfeswyNu fireplace and  separate dining r J5rm*(^wrty has been fully  fenced to ent^uJ^yJj,-- while you relax in the  rear patio. Ma^dtln j nice extras.  SEEING IS BELIEVING!!! $54,000  Immaculate 3 bedroom home located in the  Village, Short level wrf^ all stores. Ideal for  starter home o J^Mhejplirly. Features include  a heautiu.wA aiming fireplace, separate  dining ajr.^os 3 bright bedrooms. Also rear  patio, shake roof and many more deluxe  features. Must be seen.  Comfort%0hjWffoom home five-stall  barn, fruit to��/,, fenced and cross fenced  with two meandering streams through  property. Priced to sell at $122,500 with  good terms available.


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